Who Says Black Chicks are Ugly?

This is a video of a Black star who I’d never heard of, Kiely Williams, doing a song called “Spectacular.” The song really sucks – stupid, irresponsible and possibly dangerous bullshit. She goes to a bar, gets totally wasted, gets picked up by some guy, goes home with him, passes out drunk (!) to where she’s unconscious, and then gets laid by him while she is passed out drunk. Which makes the guy a rapist asshole and makes her a complete idiot. Nevertheless, it was all worth it because the sex was so great. Yeah, great for him. Since she was passed out, so she could not experience that greatness. The feminists are upset about the video, as they ought to be.

Anyway, this Black chick, Kiely Williams, is definitely a babe. I don’t see where these racists get off calling her ugly. Screw em.

It’s an article of faith among White Nationalists (WN’s) that all Black women are automatically ugly. I’m not sure at what point they have enough White in them to be good looking, maybe 2/3 or so. Anyway, attractive Black females simply do not exist.

This is pretty much the same with White anti-Black racists in general. Black women are automatically hideous. I once suggested to a friend of mine that some of them were darn fine looking. “Yeah!” He huffed. “If they’ve got some White in them!” Then he looked disgusted: “It looks like an ape!” he belted out. Since I was dating a Black girl at the time, there wasn’t much to say .

But this is a common White racist view. Black per se is de facto ugly, no ifs ands or buts about it. The only redeeming factor for Black women, and the only thing capable of making them good-looking, is White blood, preferably the more the better.

As Whites, we are brought to up to believe that Black features are not attractive, but it does take some reinforcement to make it sink in, males being the horny bastards that we are.

I remember when I was a young man, my friends and I frequently spoke of “Black foxes,” and how much we wanted one, mostly for the adventure of it. Black women really hate this kind of thinking, calling it “the White man who wants his jungle fantasy,” but I guess it’s better than writing them all off.

The main thing is that we Whites are not used to Black features. We are brought up with all White people, and that’s who we think is good looking. When I was growing up (pre-MTV era), there were few attractive Blacks in the media. Black features look sort of strange, odd or weird to most of us Whites, exotic at best, even if we don’t think they are ugly per se.

After looking at Black women for a long time, I finally realized that a lot of them actually are beautiful, but Black beauty is an acquired taste, like wine or coffee -most don’t like it at first, but it grows on you if you let it. There are many Black women, even very dark ones, who are strikingly attractive. That is, once you develop that acquired taste.

There is a Black woman who lives next door to me with a 15 year old daughter. Both are very dark, and the mother is quite heavy. But if you look at their faces, there is something knock-out drop dead gorgeous beautiful about them, once again, once you develop that acquired taste.

I’m glad I learned to appreciate the unique beauty that Black women have. It makes the world of women that much more of a beautiful, exciting and exotic place.


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  1. Silas

    And you can also see the unique beauty in a horse, once you acquire that taste.

    Or dead bodies for that matter.

  2. Insightful

    So what about oriental women, is that an acquired taste as well?

    • I am not sure. I always thought they were hot ever since 5th grade when I was friends with a girl named Tina Chang. Everyone teased me and called me a fag, so I quit talking to her. Asian women do look kind of weird to Whites, when you think about it. Their skulls and eyes look sort of strange, but a lot of White guys like that look. I think Asian women look sort of like aliens, but to me they are beautiful aliens.

  3. tulio

    Abagond has a pretty good series of posts on this very topic. I agree with what you said above. As I’ve said before, I’m pretty active on PUA forums and I see a lot of different opinions on guys preferences for women. Black women are always getting sidelined as undesirable, no matter what their national origin. White guys that go to Brazil looking for sex tourism will flat out say they are only looking for white or brown Brazilian women and definitely not black. Many even seem to get a kick out of saying they think black women are ugly. It’s almost like they enjoy thinking it. I’m still trying to understand the psychology behind what’s going on.

    First off, at the heart of it, I do think it’s racism, and not simply a matter of aesthetic preference. Because for starters, black women(at least here in the new world) are very diverse looking women due to their mixture of African, Caucasian and Amerindian genes. The majority of blacks in N and Latin America are not pure black, therefore we have a very wide array of looks among black women. Everything from Quincy Jones mulatta yet near white looking daugher: http://www.superiorpics.com/news/pic/rashida_jones_001_022808.jpg

    to very African looking women like Grace Jones:

    And everything in between that:

    There are black women that have dark skin yet caucasion facial features, or light skin women with negroid facial features, black women with nappy hair, straight hair, wavy hair, light eyes, dark eyes, etc etc. So how someone can just categorically say “black women are ugly and I’d never date one” I don’t understand. It can only be the product of racism and being socialized to think that one should not mingle with the “untouchables” of society. Abagond made an interesting point, he had said that a very beautiful black woman could be walking down the street, and white men will simply not even see her. She is basically a non-presence to them. They might turn their head to look at a beautiful Asian woman, but if she is black, for all intents and purposes, she’s simply doesn’t even show up on their attraction radar, no matter how beautiful she may be. This is all socially conditioned though. In Europe, you see many more white men married to African and Caribbean women. Whereas most black-white couples in the U.S. are a black man and white women, in Europe, it’s much closer to 50/50.

    • It’s, a fact that the overwhelming majority of men of all races view, and continue to view black women as more unattractive than non-black women. Now, you can disagree, and kick that around all you want, but at the end of the day it’s simply what it is! Just, check the National Marriage Stats for yourself to see “who’s marrying, and who’s not marrying BW. In fact “48%” ..yes “48%” of all BW will “never” marry in their lifetime! The question “BEGS” to be asked WHY? So, how are BW the most desirable as BW pathetically continue to say, and believe? Even they know a falsehood when confronted by the valid data elements. I will say however that there are some wonderfully beautiful BW, but unfortunately they’re a minority ..within a minority. Most, of those BW that are viewed as the most beautiful are “light skin” black women, or bi-racial. As, a black man I have to say that it’s been like that for years upon years, with no changes on the radar..especially in the black community today. Even, most BW themselves have that very same mind set…that’s why BW use an array of “skin whiter’s” in their attempts to close the gap between white women, and themselves. But, the gap only continues to “widen”. Because they (BW) already know that they’re viewed by others be they black or white, and even “themselves” to be the most unattractive women.There are a whole host of reasons why BW are the most unattractive.The usual disgusting “fake hair” is the worse of the worse, but they think that by wearing someone else’s DNA validates them. KEEP ON DREAMING! That’s, just the BW’s usual low self esteem, and their legendary insecurity at play again..as usual. Now, to address the “racism” component of this ongoing discussion I don’t think it’s white racism that’s the primary driver at play…but more like the usual, predictable, and convoluted ongoing desire of BW for years upon years to emulate white women, but it’s remains as clear as mud that they (BW) continue to fall “way short”…as usual. Another important point that needs to be addressed is why do BW themselves also believe that WW are more attractive as well? Now, that’s very easy to see…just try looking around at the “droves” of BW that literally bust their butts trying, but failing (big time) to look like not only white women, but also Asian, Latinas, and others! That’s a fact! Lastly, what makes BW the most unattractive is their all too well known “negative attitudes”! Until, BW address that core issue then they’ll just continue to flutter about like a fish out of water. If, BW truly believed that they’re so attractive, and desirable..then they need to also stop doing what non-white people are also doing….that’s hating on dark skin black women too! Believe, me “no one” hates on dark skin black women then do black women themselves! BW can’t complain about what they precieve as racism, then turn right around and hate dark skin BW, or dark skin BW doing the same as it applies to light skin BW. Can’t BW see what’s really going on? They are in and of themselves the core problem in this sad process. I agree that one does see more black women with white men in Europe, but ….not American Black women! American Black women fall into a completely different category than do women from Africa, South America, and the Islands. They are more “prized”! So, for those BW that run off to Europe..do your homework first, because you’re in for a “BIG SURPRISE”!

  4. FrankBD

    There hot babes in every ethnic group. But let’s compare a set of young women who aren’t professional models.

    These are the first four women taken in the 2006 WNBA draft:
    Not bad, but for physically fit 21-year-olds, not great.

    Here’s the 2010 US Olympic women’s hockey team:
    Only a couple of true beauties, but overall better than the first group.

  5. Portland realist

    According to the British, mixed race people are better looking. Of course you can doubt the methodology of this poll, I do.


  6. Ken Hoop

    Didn’t Bob once say he wasn’t particularly attracted to Oriental women? Same here.

    There are fascistic U.S. White male nationalists who privately say it’s okay to dabble, (but keeping a very low profile, so as to not encourage public acceptance,) as a change of pace with Negro women provided there is no chance of reproduction, which is reserved for Whites.

    But Bob, what about the dark black male
    preference for lighter skinned black women?

  7. Bay Area Guy

    To be honest, when it comes to black women, I actually prefer the darker, Gabrielle Union or even Oluchi Onweagba types.

    I’m not really attracted to Halle Berry, Lisa Bonet, or other quasi-white blacks. After all, if I’m into quasi-white blacks, why not just go for a white woman and get the real thing?

    In general, I doubt that most white nationalists deep down inside really think that all black women are ugly. As I’ve said before, I don’t think that even David Duke or Tom Metzger would have problems getting intimate with Gabrielle Union or other hot black women.

    While I find black women attractive (just like most women), I doubt I would marry a black woman. That would simply be too complicated and problematic. I have my reasons, but I’m not going to expand on them right this second. You can inquire if you wish.

    And abagond, if you’re reading, you can add on to your theory of why white men aren’t interested in settling down with black women!

    • Dang! Gabrielle Union is a babe, huh? Whoa! Where do these WN dicks get off saying she’s ugly? What a bunch of tools.

      • Bay Area Guy

        Yeah, she is pretty damn hot! I was first introduced to her in “Cradle 2 the Grave,” and have regarded her as gorgeous ever since.

        Deep down inside, even WN’s have to find her hot!

  8. aah


    Are you deaf? She sings that “the sex was spectacular”. Incredibly Hot Babe. Way too young looking. She would scare the shit out of me.

    Lusting after white meat is all marketing. You put only dark meat on TV, movies and magazines, all the guys will change their lust patterns.

    The only hold outs will be white bus drivers.

    • tulio

      Some people that the most people’s beauty preference for white females are built in. That it’s just a universal constant that white women are the most beautiful and it questioning it is like trying to question an established law of physics.

      I think men are built with an innate desire to seek out women with signs of youth and health in order to reproduce, but anything beyond that is socially defined. I was watching a video where people in Asia where eating stuff that makes westerners gag. For example, the though of eating dog makes Americans shudder in horror. But why? Why is it any different from eating chicken or cow? It’s just the aesthetic of it that bothers people.

      We’ve had it pounded in our heads from birth that eating dog is grotesque, and no matter how much we realize it’s socially programmed, we can’t help but find it disgusting, even though there’s no rational basis to it. I think the same mechanism also defines beauty aesthetics. We are raised by western society to think white women, particularly of the barbie doll variety are the epitome of beauty, and that’s what people gravitate to.

      If these same people were raised in an African village from birth where women had plates in their lips, they’d grow up thinking that was attractive. They’d also grow up not thinking breasts are anything sexual since breasts are not sexualized in traditional African cultures like they are in the west. That’s another example of how we are even programmed what body parts to sexually respond to. Beauty and sexuality is 100% relative to what your culture thinks it is.

    • Portland realist

      Wrong again, I think black women are attractive. For whatever reason blacks have exaggerated sexual features, lips, butts, etc.. I’m not a white supremacist, but a race realist, it’s called nuance, open your mind.

      However, negrophilia is rampant on MTV and Hollywood, that’s how that dirtbag can screw and infect women with HIV all day long.

      Asian women are HOT.

      BTW, my wife is half Mexican, ju no dat? Latinas are the hottest.

      • alpha unit

        I’ve heard people say that blacks have exaggerated features, but this doesn’t make much sense to me. Natural, normal features aren’t really “exaggerated.”

      • tulio

        I don’t think MTV had anything to do with the Nushaun Williams thing. From what I recalled, those white girls were drug addicts and they were paying him with sex in exchange for drugs.

      • They do have exaggerated sex characteristics designed for maximum sex appeal.

        The full lips of Blacks that racists love to make fun of probably evolved as an extreme sexual attractant. Full lips on a woman remind men of the vulva, so men like that. Also why women wear lipstick. The exaggerated breasts and ass of Black women is also an evolved sexual attractant features. The exaggerated penis on the Black male is probably some sort of sexual attractant. This race seems to be bred for sex! I kinda like that.

        This is why it seems crazy to say that Blacks are ugly. Of all of the races, this race has evolved more than any of the others to be maximally sexually attractive. So why would they end up ugly via evolution. Forget it.

        • disgusted

          This is beyond some ridiculous racial stereotypes..mixed with your warped idea of pseudo-science and race theory and some other BS sexual tidbits.

          Do you really think you are doing a service by trying to say Black women are beautiful but giving these idiotic examples to back it up– OH and playing into a racist theoretical framework. Uhmm, did you say you had a high IQ.. we need to discredit whoever told you that.

        • Bye whoever you are. I see you are Black. Good for you. You’re also banned. Not good for you.


          Boy, it’s really impossible dealing with some of these Blacks, isn’t it? They call you racist no matter what the fuck you say to them. Attack them? Racist. Try to be nice to them? Racist.

          Fuck em. Sometimes I just want a divorce from Black people. Not de jure but de facto.

        • Bay Area Guy

          Boy, it’s really impossible dealing with some of these Blacks, isn’t it? They call you racist no matter what the fuck you say to them. Attack them? Racist. Try to be nice to them? Racist.

          Fuck em. Sometimes I just want a divorce from Black people. Not de jure but de facto.

          You said it! You see, you and I, though different in certain and sometimes fundamental ways, agree on quite a bit.

          I’ve simply stopped even trying to engage these black types. There’s no point. The more you argue with them and no matter what you do (even if it’s the complete opposite), you’re a racist.

          As Thaddeus (hardly a race realist or white nationalist) over at Abagond said, simply disagreeing with a black person is cause enough to be called a racist.

          You just cannot win with them, so don’t even try.

          Like I’ve said, when dealing with irritants, there’s three methods you can employ.

          1. Reinforcement
          2. Punishment (ie. negative reinforcement)
          3. Extinction (ie. ignoring and completely disregarding the irritant)

          I say that when it comes to blacks, we whites need to start practicing complete extinction, and ignore them completely. No more pandering or negative reinforcement. That just makes things worse.

      • alpha unit

        You have quite an interesting perspective, Robert.

        I remember watching some program, I believe, in which they were discussing some of these racial differences. Someone said that it is simply more efficient to concentrate fat storage in specific parts of the body when you are living in a very warm climate, rather than have an overall subcutaneous layer of fat.

        This was their explanation of why Black women evolved very efficient fat storage on the hips and breasts!

      • Sounds PC to me. If they say that Blacks have eugenically bred themselves for fucking and maximum sexual turnon material, there would be screams that this is racist, hence you have these weird things about storing fat.

        There’s tons of food in Africa. You don’t even need to be very smart to survive. There’s food everywhere in the jungle, and there’s plenty of wild animals to eat. It’s not some desert where you have to store fat to survive.

        The Khoisan, ancestors of Blacks, have extremely exaggerated asses and also very elongated vulvas. I don’t imagine that they evolved those long drooping vulvas to store fat, do you?

        There’s also no reason for the large male penis of the Black. Was this evolved to store fat too? It’s weird.

        What about the full lips? Did these come about to store fat too? Come on.

        Taking them all together, it appears that Africans have evolved for sex, or for maximum sexual attractiveness. Going along with this are studies showing that both Black males and females have increased sex drives over other groups, have more sexual partners, more STD’s, etc. It all adds up.

        They’ve evolved for fucking! Go Blacks!

      • alpha unit

        Robert, you’re cracking me up, seriously!

        OK, I hear what you’re saying. Maybe that program was PC, I have no idea. But it amuses me when people say Black people have these enormous features. Maybe everyone else has abnormally SMALL features.

        I guess it all depends on one’s perspective!

  9. whodareswings

    Am I crazy, or have Black and indeterminately mixed race people replaced Whites in corporate and municipal advertising these days? I play a game called “Where’s Whitey ?” whenever I go through the inserts in my gas and electric bills. Same with the Sunday paper. If I was from Mars and only had, like, the ads in the Sunday paper to go by to get a fix on race demographics in the USA it wouldn’t be obvious to me that Whites are a majority because they’re always standing in the background in the sale ads looking passively on while take charge minority models grill the hot dogs, sign the mortgage, buy a furnace or kick up their heels in a Wonder bra. The only thing they don’t use Blacks, Hispanics and Chinitos etc. to sell are cat toys and fencing foils.

  10. randy

    the “where’s whitey” game is hilarious. i often wonder the same thing.

    anyway, i gotta say the racist assholes are right. i think there’s something going on with perception, something real. dark skin is more masculine and pale skin is more feminine. “tall dark and handsome” is some evidence of this effect.

    now, i for one definitely love the steatopygous body type of a black woman. i see their nearly cartoonish curves and it makes me want to plant my seed. very very feminine. but i think almost every other quality in black women trends to the masculine.

    • I’ll be honest. When I first see a very dark-skinned Black woman or one with prominent African features (often the same people) my first reaction is, “Ugh!” I mean, I might like her as a person, but there is something repellent about very dark skin and African features on a woman.

      But recently I started opening my mind a bit and looking at these dark skinned Black women more closely. Sure, their skin is quite dark, but if you get beyond that, quite a few of them are extremely beautiful!

      And the African features, once you open up your mind to them, you will find that while for sure there are tons of homely Black women, there are also quite a few Black women with strong African features who are very beautiful! It’s all about opening your mind to new forms of beauty. I found it quite liberating.

  11. ShutUpOrNutUp

    I really do not understand this obsession with constantly attacking black chicks for being ugly. Everything in life is by scale. Black women while are not on top of my list of women, many black women are still more attractive compared to some white women. Also beauty attends to be relative to the person. I would hump Meghan McCain, even though many people find her to be fat. So people´s standard of beauty is not always going to be the same.

    Also because racial differences are due to regional adaptations, racial groups are likely going to have different standards of beauty. Certain physical features are likely not going to appear attractive to certain races, because they would be a determent to that race´s survival in the local climate. Black women maybe unattractive to many white men, will not mean they will be unattractive to men of their own race or other races. I have noticed that many Asian men have an obsession for dark skinned black women. And also I have had African friends tell me that they find blonds unattractive. Standards of beauty are likely to some degree relative because of racial features being natural selective for specific environments.

  12. Portland realist

    alpha unit, you are right, exaggerrated is subjective, all things are relative to ones own knowledge and experience.

  13. Patrick

    Has anyone here even commented on the video?

  14. Portland realist

    I like how the video shows the obligatory wimpy “whiteboy” getting smacked by his girl like a little bitch.

    Wakey wakey hands off snakey whiteboys, you are being emasculated on your own airwaves. We brought the world to modernity, brought every other people to their knees with a supreme military power, now we are referred to as “boys”. Grow a pair! Do you have kids? What do they think of you? As a boy, or a man? Stand up tall and proud and fuck all these liberal masochist whiteys. They cannot stand to see a strong white man, it strikes fear in their heart, we just may bring all these fucks to their knees yet again! Think of the glory! Better than extinction isn’t it?

    Disclaimer: I have been drinking.

    • tulio

      Listening to you, you’d think whites were victims. Tell that to all the Iraqis that had bombs rained down on their cities the last 20 years.

  15. Matt

    The thing with supposing that the fat characteristics between Africans and Eurasians are driven mainly by sexual selection is that it doesn’t explain why AFAIK Black women tend to have lower body fat % and lower relative generalised distributions of fat, since those are both female characteristics that are subjective to selection and attractive to males when they do not stray into the realm of crippling obesity* (and probably play a part in West/East Eurasian men at least finding Black girls unsexy).

    Also doesn’t explain why, again AFAIK, Black women have somewhat bigger, more forward jutting bellies for any given level of fat (which is why waist to hip ratio remain high even with bigger bums!).

    The climate reasoning really explains what it has to without these problems.

    *Remember an American Black guy I spoke to on the net talking about why he liked Korean women because they were “softer” than Europeans and African descendants for a comparative level of skinny stomach and how this made up to some degree for their lack of curves (even though he still liked Black women best)!

  16. Khare

    Dude, I am an East Indian and I know loads and loads of Indians/ Pakistanis and Arabs who think black people look like apes. This tendency to equate black people with apes and monkeys maybe quite inbuilt in our subconscious mind , somehow non-black races tend to feel that blacks are closer to monkeys and apes than them. Of course there are Arabs and South Asians who find black people attractive, I myself have found many black women attractive but deep in my consciousness I feel they are somehow closer to apes. And everybody, please do not forward your rubbish theory that we have been conditioned by the media etc… for this. No this is an inborn tendency, trust me on this.

    • alpha unit

      Why should anyone trust you on this?

    • tulio

      All humans look like apes. After all, human are taxonomically classified as one of the Great Apes and we share 99% of our DNA with the other apes. So one race of people saying, “we’re not apes, THEY are” is pretty laughable. We’re ALL apes!

      • tulio

        I think rather what people truly mean to say is that they think black people look more “primitive” than other races, and they’d probably say the same about Aborigines. The thing is though, there’s so much genetic diversity in Africa that you have a lot of variations in physical features, so you can’t really generalize about such a thing. West Africans look nothing like say a Khoisan bushmen(who look like Mongoloids with copper skin). They both in turn look different from Somalians and Sudanese. And the blacks in the New World look different from the ones in Africa since hey have an extra bit of Native American and white in their blood.

    • FG

      Is the preference for lighter skin also inborn? After all, many South Asians use skin lightening creams and there is pervasive colorism there.

  17. Khare

    You will have to learn Hindi or Urdu mix into the desi community and talk of race and blacks and you will come across blacks being compared to monkeys. Black people are themselves sensitive to this and I suspect a sizable majority of tham consider themselves closer to monkeys which explains their extreme sensitivity to this issue.



    Check the terms Mono and Chango in the list of words used by Hispanics below.


  18. Khare

    Maybe I am wrong about how black people think, it is just a suspicion. I have lived with a few black people and I had a feeling a few do think that way. But I may easily be wrong so ignore that part of my comment, I have no interest in knowing what black people think. I am not interested in telling black people how to think. I do not even have the capacity to do that. All I am saying is I have come across many Arabs/ Persians, North Africans, South Asians (Indians, Pakistanis etc…) who think black people are ape like. Not all of us think this way but a significant number do and I am sure it is not due to Western civilization. Indeed I have spoken about race to many White people and not one of them ever compared black people to monkeys (maybe they were just being careful). I have heard White people complain about black behaviour etc… but never have I personally heard of blacks being compared to primates. But among brown Asians I have come across this comparison many times (We are not politically correct among ourselves). As I said, not all of us think this way, many Asian Indians and Arabs are fond of black people and black culture (some of us ape black culture sometimes so in this case we are the apes) but I have never heard them compare any other race with apes.

    • Well, we all come from apes, you know. And 185,000 YBP, we were fairly ape-looking. Going back further, even more so.

      Blacks are relatively prothagnous (but US Blacks have become remarkably less prothagnous due to genetic selection since 1900). That, combined with a large wide nose, could be construed as being more ape-like than the other races. But the Black nose does not look like an ape’s nose. This is an illusion. An ape’s nose is flat and it barely protrudes out at all from the face. It’s just two very wide holes in the face.

      Some other races are prothagnous too, but no one ever compares them to apes. Melanesians, Ainu, some Amerindians, Papuans, Aborigines, Negritos. How come no one ever says they look like apes?

      I used to get stoned and trip on how people looked like monkeys. If you put it in your head that humans look like monkeys, you will see everyone in a brand new way. It’s humans who look like monkeys, not just Blacks. Everyone you see will look like some kind of ape. It helps to smoke some weed before you do this. I was doing it with Whites, BTW.

      I often think that Amerindians and even East Asians are kind of monkey-looking. I don’t know why. Even Japanese and Chinese look kind of monkeyish to me.

      • People just play-off the dark skin and prognathism of your average black–that’s where they get all this “ape” nonsense from. As a matter of fact, noticeable prognathism is not too uncommon in East and South East Asian populations. I see it quite often. Given the ignorance of these people, it’s understandable why they would make these generalizations.

        I’m a very technical guy, so I’ll get a bit technical…

        Apes have big ears, whereas blacks have the smallest ears of any group (Europeans have the biggest ears). As you already mentioned, apes don’t have nose bridges (just two holes on in their face), whereas blacks have well-developed noses. I have seen East and Southeast Asians with flatter noses than blacks (including Africans). Apes have no lips like Whitey, whereas blacks have full lips. Apes have straight hair on their face and head, whereas blacks have kinky or curly hair.

        If blacks were a lot lighter on average, you’ll most certainly hear a lot less of these “ape” comparisons. I think that’s the biggest factor.

      • Khare

        Car Guy, I agree that you coame across monkey like or ape like featres among non-blacks too. There are many Asian Indians who look like monkeys if you ask me. But with all my dealings with Pakistanis, Indians, Banglas, Persians, Arabs etc… I have never come across a situation where East Asians or Native Americans or Europeans have been compared to apes or monkeys. Asian Indians make fun of East Asians and Whites too and both middle Easterners and South Asians at time hate on each other but none are ever compared to monkeys and apes. This is reserved exclusively for blacks.

        My point is, the reason blacks are considered unattractive by most people in India/Pakistan etc… atleast is not only just skin colour but percieved primitive features as well. One more thing, I have come across Pakistanis/Indians etc… in Dubai. Somalis living in Dubai are excluded from this and are never comapred to apes. It is only the more heavy featured blacks living south of the African Horn that are called monkeys and apes.

        • Historia Nerd

          Khare I have noticed this too, but that is what I like about the South, Central and West Asian communities; they don’t give a damn about political correctness. I remember when a Chinese friend of mine had his phone stolen, after we were going down to Oakland. A friend of mine, from India, proceeds to call the police and notify them about the crime that took place. Without hesitation, both him and the Chinese friend described the suspect as black, rather than saying ‘dark complexion’. Further, they described his movements as ape-like (the ‘thug’ limping) and said his clothes were normal thug apparel. 🙂 It seems like Asian in general, particularly the Asians that are of the Caucasian species (Iranians, Iraqis, Indians, Bangladeshis, etc) seem to poke fun at Blacks.

      • Khare

        Car Guy
        “If blacks were a lot lighter on average, you’ll most certainly hear a lot less of these “ape” comparisons. I think that’s the biggest factor”

        Wrong, many people from the southern parts of India are as dark as Africans. I have come across dark skinned South Indians (Dubai was full of them) themselves making fun of pure Africans, calling them gorillas. Skin colour is only a minor factor.

        Indeed I have heard that black albinos look even more apelike than pure blacks. The dark skin actually helps hide the effect of the primitive features. If negroid Africans would have skin like Whites they would look hideous and nothing like White people.

      • Obviously, I didn’t mean that light. Albinism brings out the weird-looks in every population. Plus, more of those black Albinos look like Aliens than anything else.

      • Albino Blacks are quite homely, I agree. Dark-skinned Blacks look *way* better than those Black albinos. *Way* better.

        But you know, we have White albinos too, or pseudo-albinos. Most Whites think those White albinos are pretty homely-looking.

        I wonder what these WN clowns think?

        Obviously the White albinos are the Whitest Whites of them all, no? So they should be the most beautiful?

        Chime in folks.

        Inquiring minds are dying to know.

  19. Khare

    Yes we are all monkey like anyways and you gave a good explanation, but I have never come across desis comparing other races to monkeys. East Asians are called ‘Chinkis’ or ‘Chaptes’ which mean flat faced. Never have I heard them been compared to apes by desis. East Asians look more like aliens I think while Blacks look more primitive apelike. No desi in his right mind will call Whites monkeys even though you may get the odd White monkey. Whites may be called un-cultured, un-clean or even barbaric at worst but never apes.

    On a different note, I do agree there are attractive unmixed black people out there and I have come across some.

  20. Khare

    Check out this message board where a bunch of Indians are discussing about race. Read the third message from the top by the guy named Vhalior at 21st June 2001, 10:13 PM. Such opinion is fairly common among Asians of all kinds.

    • Khare,

      We get the point — people say blacks look like apes. This isn’t anything new. You seem to have an agenda posting all those links.

      • Khare

        I have no agenda, I am just bringing out a fact unknown to many. Something I have come across repeatedly. Besides Alpha wanted some kind of proof. I did not tape my conversations with my Arab and Indian friends. These links are the best I have got.
        Besides if East Asians can be compared to aliens in looks then why blacks cannot be compared to apes in looks? Why place blacks at higher pedestal? It is better to address this issue common in the brown community rather then bury your head in the sand. That is all.

      • So your agenda is that you want a discussion on why blacks look like apes, right?

        And no one is placing blacks on a “higher pedestal”. This suggests that blacks aught to be ashamed of the way they look because, you know, they are on a “lower pedestal.”

        Just come clean.

      • Yeah right, dude. It’s unknown to many that lots of racist people say Blacks look like apes. Whether they do or not is immaterial. Point is, in White liberal society, it’s considered unseemly to even bring up such a thing, especially in an insulting way. That’s why no one ever talks about it. It’s just downright…rude, you know?

        You want to have a “civilized discussion” about whether or not Blacks look like apes, on a board full of Black people? LOL, come on man. You’re trying to pick a fight, that’s all you’re doing here.

      • Khare

        OK here is the truth. I do find few black women attractive but whenever I discuss this with my Indian/ Paksitani friends they would all say ‘how can you like them, since they look like apes’. Many South Asian girls say the same thing about black guys. That is the reason why I have brought up this issue. You are getting me wrong. MOST (I did not write ALL) South Asians do not find blacks of both genders very attractive. You are actually talking to a person from the minority who actually is attracted black women (only a small percentage of them though). But whenever I discuss this with South Asians I get the ape reference all the time. That is the reason I raise this issue.

        • Xera

          Interestingly in the U.S, i’ve seen incredibely hot Indian girls hook up with the stereotypical swagged black athlete. There is this one hot Indian model that was going out with this Black athlete character, maybe it’s culture?

      • alpha unit

        I never asked you for any proof that people say this shit about Black people. I know they do, and I’ve known this all my life!

        You said we should trust you that this feeling is somehow “inborn,” and I asked you why we should trust you on that. You can’t possibly prove that the feeling is inborn.

      • alpha unit,

        It’s obvious Khare had an agenda. He wants black people to feel bad (inferior) because people think they look like apes. I think he gets some sort of gratification out this.

      • Actually, it is not just apes per se. Ever noticed that it is specifically chimps and gorillas that Blacks are compared to? That is because these apes have dark skin and dark hair.

        Of all the animals you could be compared to though, being compared to a chimp or a gorilla is the most flattering. After all, they’re the most stunningly intelligent animals on Earth next to humans.

      • Robert,

        I’m aware the people who make those claims are referring to the great apes, which is why I didn’t post a list of monkeys.

        Also, even though these great apes are highly evolved, they are still animals and not human. No one would be flattered to be compared to an animal in this regard.

    • Actually, I think Khare was just clueless, a socially clueless guy. He was trying to have a discussion but he was going about it in the wrong way and didn’t realize he was offending people. I don’t think he intended to make people mad.

      • But I for one wasn’t offended. Like I have said, I can see why people think blacks look like apes.

        And I don’t think he was clueless. He had an agenda. He specifically said blacks were on a “lower ladder”, and by them not accepting this position, they were fooling themselves into thinking that they were on a higher ladder. This suggests that he wants blacks, like those people who make such claims, to think that themselves look like apes. He seems to have a superiority complex. He wants all blacks to pretty much scream “I LOOK LIKE AN APE!!”

      • I was exaggerating a bit in my last post, but you get the point.

      • Yeah, I have no idea what his agenda was. He certainly was not very sensitive to the feelings of Blacks though. One thing I will agree with him on: Indian people are *incredibly, off the charts racist* towards Blacks. I think it’s mostly due to unfamiliarity, but other races and groups are the same.

        Chinese, Japanese and Koreans don’t like Blacks one bit. A lot of SE Asians don’t like them. Hispanics are notoriously anti-Black. East Europeans and Russians are super anti-Black. Anti-Black racism among say the Iraqi Arabs is very high. I think Iranians don’t like them either.

        I think Samoans like Blacks though. At least here in CA, they make alliances with them.

        Anyway, I don’t really care why these groups don’t like Blacks. It doesn’t matter. I will say in my defense though that all this Black rage against Western Whites is mistaken. Currently, we Western Whites probably treat Blacks better than most other ethnic groups on Earth. Considering we aren’t that cool to Blacks, it’s not saying much, but it is something.

        Definitely Western White liberals are one of the most pro-Black groups on Earth, I think. I don’t understand all this Black anger against us from the Abagonds. We’re the best friends you’ve got.

      • He was pretty insensitive, whatever his agenda.

      • What are Abagonds?

        Anyways, there is no need to make a list of nationalities because pretty much everyone, except blacks themselves (not including Somalis and Ethiopians), dislike blacks. It’s no secret.

      • Yes, you’re right. Tulio refuses to believe this, as I guess it’s painful but whatever. The ethnics who hate Blacks are all a bunch of racists. Let them justify their racism; it’s not up to us to explain it.

        I told my Mom that and she looked sad. “No one likes the Blacks,” she sighed.

        Abagond is a Black anti-racist blogger, pretty much typical of the type.

      • tulio

        What are you saying that I refuse to believe? I didn’t quite follow that.

        As for all the ethnics that supposedly hate blacks. I’m like whatever…

        Look, if I travel to India or Thailand or Chile, everyone is pretty much cool to you if you’re cool to them. In fact as an international black traveler, one of the first things you notice is how when you’re abroad, your nationality is more important than you race. A black American is viewed as an American first and a black second. I remember when I was in Chile, I was hanging with some locals. We saw this black woman. And I was like, you don’t see too many people of African descent like me here, huh? And she was like, “you’re not African, you’re American right?” She seemed genuinely perplexed that I referred to myself as African in any way. I read a story about a black woman who took a cab in Paris. The white cab driver was angry about all the African immigrants in France and was complaining about it, almost oblivious to the fact that he was talking to a black woman. She said, “well you realize I’m black right?”, and he said, “yeah, but you’re American, that’s different.” I think the rest of the world tends to see things more in terms of nationalities than race per se. Not that race is not an issue, I just think people in the U.S. have a particular obsession with it and racism is much more ideological amongst whites.

        I will definitely agree with you on Russia though. Blacks shouldn’t even think of going there to visit. I’ve heard mixed reviews about E. Europe, I’d probably go no further east than the Czech Republic. Scandinavians I hear are pretty tolerant towards blacks. Most black guys that travel there do pretty well with the ladies. Spain is pretty racist I hear, and I kinda got that feeling when I visited 10 years ago, though I’ve heard some blacks rave about it, seems kinda hit or miss to me. I have an uncle(black) that worked as a contractor in Iraq. He says the Iraqis loved him. Other than the obvious war tragedy, he says he really liked Iraq and the people. I can’t say much about India as I’ve never been there and don’t have much desire to go, but my uncle has been there too and I haven’t heard any complaints. I’m sure it’s fine as a visitor. Saying they are “off the charts racist” might be a bit much. I’ve never even had any problems with Indians here in the state. The thing is with India, there’s so much damn poverty that I can’t imagine why people living off a dollar a day next to cholera infested open sewers would even be spending any time thinking about blacks. They are the type of people that are sort of standoffish, but if you’re cool to them, they’re cool to you. The thing is, with a hardcore neo-nazi type racist, it doesn’t matter how cool I am to them, they hate me no matter what. That’s where I would say white racists different from non-white racist. It’s easier to be judged as an individual with non-white racists and most non-white racists aren’t ideological in their hate like the neo-nazi racists. With white racists(of the hardcore type), they just hate and it doesn’t matter what. It’s at a deep level. A white Colombian racist may still cheer when his favorite black footballer. A skinhead isn’t going to cheer for Reggie Bush. Seems to me that WNs don’t even like sports because there’s too many blacks they have to look at.

      • Khare

        Haha, Man, you are thinking too much. I had no intentions of changing the self perception of black people, I do not care about it. I am not clueless at all. The fact is America’s concept of political correctness vanishes once people like Indians and Arabs talk among themselves in our tongues. So I may seem very direct.
        This discussion is ONLY ABOUT appearance not IQ, not your position on some ladder. Please stick to it.
        What I described was a very common phenomenon in some non-White, non-Black populations and I just brought it to the light. If a person is perceived as looking like an ape does not mean he is an ape or has to behave as an ape. It is only about looks I talk about. I was trying to explain why some people may find black people unattractive. Do not blow things out of proportion.

      • Khare

        Besides Robert, I do not think blacks are unfairly targeted for hatred. I think you will find nearly every race hate each other. Many of my friends who considered blacks look like apes could not be described as people who hated black people. I think most of them just did not care. It was just an opinion on their part and was not part of a larger racial hatred. Though I agree a lot of South Asians living in the west hate black people but you also have many who dislike Whites, who dislike Hispanics, who dislike other Asians and you also have cases of Indians who like black people. I have personally heard of cases of Africans who dislike or hate Indian/Pakistani people. I was reading some youtube video comments where a black guy from Uganda said he was very happy to see Indians and Pakistanis work like menial labourers in Dubai because back home in Uganda, Indians were the business elites who made blacks work under them. According to him the S.Asians in Uganda were looting Uganda. Thus his hatred and dislike for Indians. But for people like Robert, his hatred is justified and he can never be a racist. But if an Indian were to dislike a black person due to past bad experiences he is racist.
        All this above has nothing to do with Africans being compared to apes or anything. That phenomenon is independent.

      • Khare

        Tulio is correct, if a black person were to come to a palce like India he would most probably not be attacked like he would in a Klan meeting. All he would have to endure is people looking at him all the time. There were cases where people would walk to Africans and touch their hair as they have never seen such curly hair before, but that is rare too. It is even possible to even build good relationships with the locals like that gentleman in Iraq for example.

        But if a black person were interested in say marrying an Indian guy or girl he would definitely face quite a lot of hostility. Black-Indian marriages do exist but here a bleck person has a serious handicap compared to a White, Hispanic or Asian person even if he/ she is graduated from an ivy league and working as a CEO of a big company. It is just never going to happen man. Marrying forigners is hard as it is, any Indian family would have their son/daughter marry a White or East Asian or even Hispanic than a black person.
        In the U.S.A there was a case where a nutcase Indian guy had his black daughter-in-law killed along with his half black grandchild. His son is now married to an Indian woman while he is probably getting his ass rammed by some black dude in prison.

      • I met a young woman a while back who was really interesting looking. She was 1/2 Black and 1/2 Punjabi! That’s a really strange combination. Her parents must have had her about 30 years ago too, which makes it even more weird.

        Here, the Indian woman ALL go with Indian guys. Basically, no exceptions whatsoever. Around here they are Punjabis, and Punjabis marry other Punjabis! At least for now they are. I think they are opposed to marrying out. Almost like Jews or Armenians that way.

    • Dude, excuse me, but what’s your point? Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know, we know. A lot of people, especially racists, think Blacks look like apes. As Whites growing up, we are socialized to think this way. Whether or not they really do is immaterial. Car Guy’s comment suggests it all an illusion based on wide nose, prognathism and dark skin.

      I mean, come on, man. We’ve heard it a million times. The racists always say that Blacks look like apes. Even some Whites who are not that racist say it. Big deal. Nothing new here dude.

      I’m trying to understand what your purpose is with this endless line of questioning. We have a lot of Blacks on this board and it seems you are going out of your way to piss them off. What’s your point?

      • Khare

        OK here is the truth. I do find few black women attractive but whenever I discuss this with my Indian/ Paksitani friends they would all say ‘how can you like them, since they look like apes’. Many South Asian girls say the same thing about black guys. That is the reason why I have brought up this issue. You are getting me wrong. MOST (I did not write ALL) South Asians do not find blacks of both genders very attractive. You are actually talking to a person from the minority who actually is attracted black women (only a small percentage of them though). But whenever I discuss this with South Asians I get the ape reference all the time. That is the reason I raise this issue.

      • Khare

        Let me get this straight, if a person thinks that blacks looks like apes he is racist but if someone thinks that an East Asian looks like an alien, he is not. Why this double standard?

      • We like East Asians. We don’t hate them. They’re aliens, but they’re beautiful and lovable aliens.

      • It’s generally considered unspeakably rude to compare Blacks to apes in US White liberal society. People are pretty sensitive to that. It’s just a totally racist comment.

  21. Khare

    And the reason why I provided those links was because Alpha did not seem to believe what I said. Since I had not taped my conversations with my friends this was the only proof I could give of this phenomenon. That is all. Sorry if I have offended anyone.

  22. Khare

    I am sorry for offending you people. I did not realise there were many black people here. It is just that since we are talking about the attractiveness of black people, I could not help raise this issue. Sorry folks.

    • It’s ok man. A lot of people think this about Blacks if they are not used to them. We Whites are used to Blacks, we grow up with them, nothing about them surprises us, so they don’t freak us out. I often find that cultures that are not used to Blacks freak out when they have to deal with them. They think they look hideous or like apes and they think the more ghetto behaviors are outrageously barbaric.

      But see, we White liberals are used to Blacks, even the most terrible ghetto behaviors, we just yawn and say, “Yeah, figures.” Nothing surprises us about Blacks.

      But I have met folks from Europe and other places with little experience with Blacks. They first time they saw a lot of Blacks, they were acting pretty ghetto and the people were *extremely outraged and offended*. I mean EXTREMELY.

      So this is the source of a lot of the extreme racism you see in a lot of groups. They’re just not used to Blacks. Once you get used to them, you figure out a lot of them are sort of fucked up, yeah, but they are easily avoided or dealt with, and a lot of the rest of them are just like you or me. Also you get used to the way that they look, and when you acquire that taste, you can really see the incredible beauty that *quite a few* (numerically) Black women do have.

  23. Matt

    I think also short mouth chin distance, relatively receeding chin, narrow jaw, and wide mouth, also tend to lead to the “ape” perception in addition to the things mentioned, even though it doesn’t actually *mean* anything (in the sense of the old fashioned linear progressive views of human evolution and the conclusions drawn from that). Flat nose and wide cheeks also lead to a bit of an ape-y perception of Asians sometimes (I remember a few racist sorts being reputed to talking about “little yellow grinning monkeys” for example). Same way as the stronger browridge and big nose can lead to White/West Eurasian people looking a bit Neanderthal/Cavemanish.

    One thing I’ve actually heard is that it is common for South Asian people to compare White men to the local macaques, which are blond and fair skinned. Also Indonesians compared the Dutch to the big-nosed and bellied “Dutch Monkey” that they have there. Not sure how true this is, or whether it’s a bit of an overcompensating thing though.

    Re: Albinos – White Albinos tend to have a lot of skin damage and excessive vascularity showing and things + obvious health problems, so I think they tend to look worse than slightly darker people, but if it’s just the White colour vs the Black colour then yeah, I guess, the brighter one “looks” better to my eyes. If a people were White in the same way that White trainers or a White suit were White, then they’d look much better to my eyes than if they were Black in the way that Black trainers or a Black suit was Black. I think it’s all a bit alien to the everyday experience to make much comment though.

    • Khare

      Well, I have never come across Whites or other Asians being compared to monkeys or apes.

      You said
      “One thing I’ve actually heard is that it is common for South Asian people to compare White men to the local macaques, which are blond and fair skinned.”

      If by South Asians you mean Indians/Pakistanis/Sri Lankans, then I can tell you this is rubbish. Never heard of it in my life and I have met people from every corner of South Asia never heard of Whites being compared to apes. Whites may be called unclean or barbaric at worst but never monkeys or apes.

      As far as skin colour is concerned, I believe White or fairer shades of skin reflect more light than dark or black skin, which is what our eyes perceive. Thus both attractive and ugly features can get a bit hidden with black/ dark skin which becomes very apparent with light/White skin. Thus a handsome/beautiful black person will be perceived less handsome/ beautiful than he/she actually is while an ugly black person will be perceived as less ugly than he/she actually is. This is just my theory and can be wrong.

      • Matt

        I think I read that as an anecdote from a commenter on Razib Khan’s GNXP, so perhaps you’re right and that should be taken with a grain of salt.

        Not so sure about your other theory. It’s plausible that a dark color could have a masking effect frontally, but a stronger, darker silhouette with more contrast might have a different effect in profile, &c. I don’t think it’s too likely to have any kind of strong effect.

      • Khare all you have proved is that desis can be as racist as anyone else.

        Don’t forget that South Asians and East Asians have very frequently been compared to monkeys by Europeans. Does this mean there is some truth to that theory?

        Regarding physical features being apelike, you can pick and choose whatever features you like to support any point of view. For example, apes tend to have thin lips – thus making Africans the least apelike on this measure. Europeans and South Asians tend to have the most body hair out of any racial group; so by that measure, they are the most apelike. But of course, South Asians would not consider that perspective.

      • Sparrior

        Weren’t Asians compared to Apes by old British white anthropologists during the colonial era? There was alternate name for a mental retardation /disease, maybe down syndrome, in the early colonial days that was referred as “Mongolian disease” or “Mongolianism” to suggest the person was mentally impaired.

    • Khare

      As far as I am concerned, fairer skin does not always give an advantage in my eyes atleast. To your eyes ‘brighter’ looks better, well not to me. We are all different I guess. I like White skin but if a woman has good features she would look attractive to me even if she were jet black. Iman Bowie looks extremely attractive with all her dark skin and I do not feel she would have been much better with lighter skin though she would not be worse. For me what is important in her case is she has sharper, more ‘evolved’ looking features common in Horn Africans.

      • A lot of those Horner chicks are seriously hot. A friend of mine had an Eritrean woman in his college class. He was never into Black women, said he would never date one. But he would make an exception for this chick! She looked really exotic too, not like US Blacks at all. Plus she hated US Blacks. Had nothing to do with them, wouldn’t even talk to them or socialize with them, really.

        At my university we had some of those women. Some were from Ethiopia. Damn! Some of those Ethiopian chicks are incredibly beautiful! Wow!

      • Khare

        Yeah those horner chicks makes one horney.

  24. tulio

    I was just googling some pictures of monkeys and they are so surprisingly diverse in looks and I don’t know how anyone can compare them to any one human race. Look:


    Now tell me how any of the photos above resemble this guy: http://www.topnews.in/sports/files/kobe-bryant2.jpg

    This blacks = monkey shit is just a racist Rorschach.

    • Jeez, none of those look like Black people at all.

      And Kobe sure is a handsome man, huh? A lot of Black guys are pretty good looking too, I guess, but I never realized it.

      To be fair though, Blacks are not compared to monkeys so much as they are compared to apes, specifically the dark skinned and haired chimp and gorilla. Those are the most evolved and human-like apes of them all though, and it’s almost a compliment to be compared to one.

    • Matt

      Well, none of them resemble that guy more than that guy resembles any another human being ever (by whole orders of magnitude!) but that guy’s group may overall resemble them more than many other humans do, so to speak, even though it is orders of magnitude less than their similarity to other humans. Of course, that probably doesn’t actually mean what a lot of people with strange folk anthropological ideas think, but is probably just a consequence of climate and diet.

      Also, Robert’s right about apes vs monkeys. Monkeys, unlike the great apes, tend to have very narrow noses and interorbital spaces, I believe, which tend to make them less similar to Africans and other tropical adapted persons (relative to say, Europeans), even though the rest of the primate similarity stuff stands.

      On this point about faces generally, I think humans generally have a distortion in their facial perception to exaggerate human facial differences, basically as part of our facial recognition thing (I bet everyone’s read about facial prosopagnosia and that), which really comes out if you see for example skulls of different racial groups or different individuals within group or morphs between them and the differences are usually surprisingly small and subtle compared to our intuitions (though maybe this is just me).

  25. Shawn

    48% of Black women have herpes.

    And I am sure nearly all escorts do (of all races), which is why I have not hired one. Condoms do not prevent the transmission of herpes.

    • That’s cool. I am not the slightest bit worried about getting Herpes from anyone on Earth, if you get my drift.

      It’s not a great disease, but it’s not the end of the world either. It’s mostly really bad at the start for the 1st year or two, then after that it recedes to a low level. The person still gets outbreaks sometimes, but you can take them out real quick with a drug called Acyclovir. Main problem is giving it to someone else.

      All these guys think it’s so cool to have sex with all these women. As someone who has been there and done that, I would add that something that tends to go along with sleeping with scores of women is STD’s.

      • Shawn

        Did that guy wear a condom?

      • Which guy?


        Yeah, Sexmaniacman has Herpes. Sexguy is a friend of mine. He’s had sex with like 110 women or something. Maybe a few whores, like 5 of them were whores.

        Nowadays it’s mostly women want you to wear a condom.

        There’s not much to worry about if you’re a guy. HIV is really hard to get from a woman, and the other stuff is no great shakes.

        Sexguy caught gonorrhea once. He said it hurts like Hell, you know you’ve got it. They give you a drug and it goes away.

        But yeah, you can get Herpes for sure with a condom. Condom will not protect you at all. Sexguy told that at one point, he was screwing all these new chicks all the time. And a LOT of them had Herpes. And he kept getting reinfected over and over in all these different places. LOL.

        I’m not sure if there is a way to avoid that. These swinger types go to great lengths to not get STD’s and maybe they are pretty safe.

      • Freud

        What, are you dropping a hint that you’ve actually got the ‘San Franciscan bone-ache’?
        Still not ‘socially acceptable’ methinks.

    • alpha unit

      You can actually get STD’s from people other than Black women and escorts.

    • tulio

      1 in 6 white women have herpes. If you’re an average guy that sleeps with 10 women or so in his life(and if you’re white I’m assuming these will be mostly white women), then you’ve still been exposed to herpes.

      The thing is, most people with genital herpes are asymptomatic. People think that because they come into contact with the virus, they are going to have breakouts. Most people will not though.

      “At least 45 million Americans are infected with the genital herpes virus, with approximately one million new infections each year. As many as 80%-90% of those infected fail to recognize genital herpes symptoms or have no symptoms at all.”

      • tulio

        Also to Shawn, consider the fact that unless you’ve been tested for Herpes simplex 2, you may be carrying the virus yourself and spreading it to others. You may be amongst the majority of people that are asymptomatic.

        You can also get oral herpes on the genitals and you can get genital herpes on the mouth. 80% of people have herpes type 1(oral) in their blood, though most don’t have outward symptoms and will never have a breakout. Many people that are scared of catching herpes would be surprised to find out that they already have it.

      • tulio

        I wonder if showering immediately after would help protect you from herpes? If this is a matter of skin-to-skin contact, maybe people allow the virus to linger on their skin and infect them. I would think showering immediately after sex would help. But I don’t know.

      • Doubt if showering would help.

  26. La Reyna

    Hello Robert Lindsay,

    I’m glad that you wrote this because this is the standard line of not just WNs and HBDers, but also some paleoconservative White men as well. How can one reconcile their heterosexuality with inflexible racist meme that Black women, regardless of mixture, are ugly? It takes a lot of tension on the part of the men to believe such things.

    What say you?

    La Reyna

    • tulio

      I don’t know what it is, but I’ve been seeing an incredible amount of gorgeous black women walking around the last few days. I was just as the supermarket and this absolute stunner was in the next aisle. It was one of those moments where the clerk had to go “sir….sir” to get my attention because I went into a daze and forgot to hand him my card.

    • I don’t think a lot of tension is required. We are socialized to see all Black females as ugly, so that is the lens that we view them through. Even if they look great, we subtract 5 points just for being Black.

      I don’t know about thinking they are all ugly. I do know about thinking something like, “They are not for me,” or something along those lines.

      I have recently come to appreciate the beauty of Black women, and there are actually quite a few of them who are really hot!

  27. Ó Dochartaigh

    I LOLed at this song, how horrible. She is a babe though.

    • tulio

      I love black girls….and white girls, and mestizo girls and Fillipina girls, and Japanese girls and mixed girls, and…….

      • tulio

        That’s one great thing about a multicultural/racial society, so many different types of girls to hook up with. I almost feel sorry for guys who live in racially homogeneous countries. Variety is the spice of life! 🙂

      • Me too.

        I’m not sure about those Aborigine chicks though.

        Though I have seen some mixed ones that were quite a attractive. There is a famous Australian model who is part Aborigine. She’s really beautiful.

        • tulio

          Yeah, scratch Samoan girls too, hehheh. Haven’t seen a cute one yet. Not to crazy about strongly Amerindian women too, like those types you see with the bowler hats in the mountains of Peru. I think there are beautiful Dravidian women, but for some reason I’m just not attracted to them, at all.

        • I’ve seen some really hot Polynesian babes, but I’m not sure if they were Samoans. They may have been Hawaiians.

          I like Amerindian women. Some of them are really hot, even these short dark ones from Mexico. Most don’t look that good, but a few of them are real hotties. They almost look like Filipinas. I don’t mind Dravidian chicks, but not the really dark and Asiatic Austroasiatic types.

          Famous Peruvian Senderista guerrilla Edith Lagos was pure Indian and a real hottie. She was killed in action at age 19 in 1982 and her funeral was the biggest funeral that Ayacucho had ever seen. Almost the whole town, 30,000 people, came out for it.

          It was held in a Catholic Church, as she was Catholic, and presided over by priests, but her casket had a hammer and sickle on it. As they were transporting her body to the church for the funeral, peasants kept stopping the procession to pay homages to her. In the early days in Ayacucho, Sendero was extremely popular.

          The state kept destroying her grave because it was becoming a shrine. Finally they disinterred her remains and moved them to a safe place. People make homage to her grave every single day in Ayacucho.

  28. Dravidian Desi

    I posted a link to a site with Rekha’s photos. She is a famous Dravidian actress in India. She is now close to 60, but in her prime she was GORGEOUS, and ….. she still looks DAMN GOOD today.

    But the link may have caused issues here and that is why you didn’t post it? Anyway, you can google her.

    “rekha indian cinema” or something like that.

    • alpha unit

      Thank you for posting about Rekha. Because of the link your previous comment is still in moderation, so Robert may still approve it.

  29. Shuvonie

    None of you guys are even African American. Why are you discussing these kinds of things if you are white? It doesn’t make sense because there is a unattractive and attractive in all races. If African American wasn’t the thing to be, people who aren’t one of us wouldn’t be slandering our name so much. If you care, you must be jealous and it’s easy to see.

    To the comment that said British people think mixed people look better? That was very ignorant because light skinned with straight hair doesn’t make someone attractive once so ever. Don’t generalize all British people as thinking as dumb as you.

    People are like monsters and should feel a shame about feeling this way about a certain race. Yes, it is racist unless yall wouldn’t try to say “Negroids” noses this and that. What the hell is a negroid nose? How do you define that? I am African-American and my nose is long and I have caramel skin. Ok? does this mean that we don’t have the same heart? Does this mean we can get sick the same? No offense, but I’m disgusted with the white races that chooses to take this path.

  30. funbacta

    You are a funny moron, spewing pseudo-intellectual garbage.

  31. clavs

    I believe black is always beautiful…please link me back will yah? tnx!

  32. Jesus H. Christ. The amount of race fail on this post is fucking unbelievable, as is the amount of disgusting stereotyping of black women.

    You need to get your asses over to racialicious and take a few classes in racism 101, and look up white privilege.

  33. E.

    This is a joke, right? I mean, you can’t seriously think that turning non-white women into a fetish is helpful right? You’re talking about groups of people as if they are objects. You’ve basically said, “Well, some people think that women who aren’t white are worthless, but I’d like to have sex with them, so that’s better than nothing!”

    It’s not better than nothing. It’s worse than if you hadn’t addressed this “issue” at all.
    But, I’m a white girl, so I’ll shut the fuck up now.

  34. Jamaica

    FUCK YOU. We don’t need your white standard of beauty, judgement or approval.

  35. thunderwunder

    You’re a racist fuck.

    I’ll take my ban now since that’s all you can do.

  36. F.

    LOL what a sad little boy you are. For real. I can’t believe you are that old and still talking and thinking like this. So black women are cool to screw but you would never marry. Instead of being smart and deep they have fuckable bodies and well that’s just dandy. I’m so glad you “opened your mind” and considered them. Black women all around the world can rejoice because your limp dick can grow a cm up by looking at their vagina lips. That’s awesome. The interesting thing is you show how feeble minded and slow most nerdy, unattractive, white males are. Like its some challenge to impress your taste or something. Dog at heart huh? Come on sweety, you know that title is out of your league. How sad that if someone voices their honest opinion about you all you can do is ban them. And sit back and feel good about yourself knowing that you are far more superior than them. Instead of taking the time to defend your stupidity.

  37. H. Tilton

    I was all up in arms over this post until I looked at you & saw how small & insignificant you really are. This is the rantings of one furiously helpless little man who’s only attention in life is flailing impotently on the internet. It’s the ranting of a Tourette’s patient. Honestly I feel sorry for you, Robert. No one has ever loved you, or touched you with love. Not once. And all the loathing & self-hatred you feel inside is now directed at the world. How lonely you must be.

    • You’re wrong baby. Now go make me a drink, will ya honey?

      Lot of people have loved me. Including many women and girls. I have had a good life.

      Now go away because you’re banned.


    Everyone in the entire world is beautiful except niggers.
    >true story


    black people are good for being slaves and also being dead.

  40. petal

    Found your analysis very thought provoking. Thank you for your continual persistance in trying to get people thinking about how they think in regards to their perceptions of beauty.

  41. Peter Griffin

    Sorry, IMHO 99% of Blacks (males and females) are downright ugly. The 1% who have some sort of attractiveness in them have it because of some White like feature in them. Black girls are not somebody who I would like to take home to meet Mother. They are not sweet. They look rough, event the attractive ones. Black females are (most of them) also masculine to some extent. They are just not the type you can ever fall in love with. Just my 2 cents.

  42. Dúnedain

    Most black women are indeed ugly. Their dark skin makes it look like they’ve been rolling around in shit.

  43. WmarkW

    There are racists who make extremist statements about blacks (implying they’re talking about 95% or more of them) are stupid, lazy, etc. Some black women are good looking; but the question isn’t really Gabrielle Union vs. Jessica Simpson. Every ethnicity has a few super hot professional models and actresses.

    Here are photos of the 2011 WNBA East All-Star team (mostly black) and the 2012 US Olympic Women’s water polo team (none black; maybe all white, can’t tell about a couple of olives). These are fit young women in their prime beauty years, but not selected for looks. Who’s better?

    • Gay State Girl

      That is not an apt comparison because different sports imply different social factors at work.

      I would have to disagree. White female athletes who join male oriented activities are typically tough and ugly (often deliberately so) because it is not natural. Not so with black women who are stronger as a whole, so you get a more diverse group in terms of appearance, personality.

  44. Petal

    The problem with sites like this is that it attracts stupid people like shit does to flys. They cannot for five minutes sit back and think about why they constantly put down blacks. It is a form of hatred I will never be able to relate to. And yes if blacks where not on this eath they would be quick to either pick on another obvious trait like hair colour, feet size, eye colour or they willl commit suicide. No one is asking you people to love black people just treat them with respect and stop stereotyping.

    • WMarkW

      If that was I’ll I was being asked, then I wouldn’t spend five seconds reading AmRen or any other white advocacy site. But I get asked constantly to: 1) take active steps to unburden myself of white privilege; 2) promote minority group members at work, despite lack of top-tier candidates; 3) believe that there’s no such thing as differential mental ability; 4) actively work to promote diversity in my neighborhood.

      I don’t have a problem with simple respect or with anti-discrimination laws (they’re a necessary part of legal equality under law). I do have a problem with initiatives based on the premise that differential outcomes are prima facie proof that societal barriers erected by whites are the cause of them; and that as long as there are discrepancies, whites owe blacks whatever interventions are necessary to eliminate them.

      • Petal

        @WmarkW Sorry its taken two years to reply. I think you are exaggerating slightly. You do not ‘constantly’ get asked to do anything. You are using that as an excuse to justify your obvious dislike for Black people. In a way I’m worried that it will affect your recruitment process, You may very well over look a very bright individual who just happens to be Black because of your strong bias. If you hate Blacks its fine. You are free to hate what you like.Just stop with the petty excuses. Of course there are differences in mental capabilities, this isn’t a race thing its a human thing. Every single individual on this planet has different mental capabilities, its lazy to say that Blacks are lesser than whites mentally, its just untrue. Do you also have issues with initiatives for women. We know how oppressed they have been under White patriarchy. Is that an issue too? I think its great to remind (predominantly White male employers) that minority groups need to be seen as an option too, there is literally no harm in this what so ever. You should always hire people based on their qualifications for the job regardless of colour. However, there is no ham in being reminded that you may have a very ‘White’, ‘Asian’, Black or ‘male’ centered workforce and it wouldn’t kill to hire someone a little different.

  45. Black women are hot. I am drawn to their fuck-you-pussy attitude, it’s a real test. It filters out all the simpering Betas. If you can hook up and be with a black chick, it says something of your manhood! Black chicks exist on a continuum like all other women of course. There are some nasty, repulsive, fat creatures, but at the other extreme you’ve got the hottest, best-bodied women around. If you’re a guy who likes women with the bodies of 13-year-old boys, black women are not for you.

  46. Leila

    As a 22 year old, highly educated black woman, I just want to thank you so much for this. I’m considered very attractive, have more “refined” features, and deep caramel skin, but I have often suppressed my overwhelming attraction to white men for fear that they find me unattractive, even though I fantasize about older, dominant white men all the time. It’s interesting what you say about the exaggerated sexual characteristics… I admit that I do have rather large natural breasts, a small hourglass-shaped waist, and a large butt ( I do workout though, and have always been physically active, so this may contribute). Even though I’m a Christian and I’m waiting for marriage, I have a very high sex drive and I’m constantly thinking about white men, especially older. I think that secretly a lot of black women feel this way, and I also think a lot of black women. I also read the rape article that you wrote and honestly, a lot of the sex probably was consensual. Sometimes I feel like those women were so lucky to be used by older white men in that way… I’m naturally submissive so the article kind of turned me on tbh, lol, hopefully I’m not weird… But I do have some kinky sexual fantasies when it comes to dominant white men, lol.

    • Dave Mowers

      As a “white man” I find women of color attractive but unapproachable. There exists an underlying current between races which manifests itself on both sides in their reactions to one another. This complication, along with the myriad of social distinctions, makes it harder to hit on women of color. Maybe I mean to say more awkward. If a young attractive black woman hit on me I would ask her out in a second because I would know instantly this racial ambiguity did not exist for her.

      Don’t “wait” for marriage and start acting on your impulses Leila.

  47. Hizzle

    Black vagina tastes like milk chocolate.

  48. Lesley

    Re: “The song really sucks – stupid, irresponsible and possibly dangerous bullshit. She goes to a bar, gets totally wasted, gets picked up by some guy, goes home with him, passes out drunk (!) to where she’s unconscious, and then gets laid by him while she is passed out drunk. Which makes the guy a rapist asshole and makes her a complete idiot”

    Do we know he wasn’t just as drunk as her? She says she ‘blacked out’, people can still seem reasonably sober to others when they actually ‘black out’. I’ve had plenty people bewildered that i’m unable to remember something that happened because to them I didn’t appear anywhere near as drunk as I actually was. Your body can still be working reasonably, even if your mind is not when your drunk sometimes. My common sense usually goes way before my balance and coordination when ever i’ve had to much to drink…

  49. Proud White Guy

    White women are just beautiful , those black things are not , and anyway , ones that actually look good are not 100% black .You black people are destroying beautiful white race . You can call me racist if you want . I am just protecting my race from your genocide

  50. clare

    Prognathism is a trait that blacks and apes share. The more white blood in a black person, the less pronounced are the protruding lower jaw, lips, and ass that are common to Bantu females.

    No matter how many lectures we hear from Tyra Banks and other black-loving activists about “redefining beautiful”, we aren’t blind. Beauty might be subjective to a certain degree, but in general, most people agree on what’s beautiful and what’s not. Like morality, “beauty” doesn’t need redefining by liberal, God-hating SJWs. Elle MacPherson is beautiful; Michelle Obama is not. The reason there are so few black supermodels isn’t racism, its a lack of beautiful black women who aren’t at least 1/3 white, making them “high yellow” in complexion. Even blacks openly acknowledge that lighter complexions are more desirable than darker ones. No matter how much fashion editors oooh and aaahhh over the likes of Alek Wek, she’s just an average looking black female.

    • “Prognathism is a trait that blacks and apes share. The more white blood in a black person, the less pronounced are the protruding lower jaw, lips, and ass that are common to Bantu females.”

      Actually you should be careful with how you careless alternate between blacks.

      “The reason there are so few black supermodels isn’t racism, its a lack of beautiful black women who aren’t at least 1/3 white, making them “high yellow” in complexion. Even blacks openly acknowledge that lighter complexions are more desirable than darker ones. No matter how much fashion editors oooh and aaahhh over the likes of Alek Wek, she’s just an average looking black female.”

      While evidence of lighter skin being more sexually more sexually attractive is supportable, your note of prognathism alone is shown that’s not the only factors into “beauty”.

      For the most part it’s facial features, because have you ever seen an African Albino?

      BTW, no, Wek isn’t average by the fact that she isn’t prognathic.

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