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On Writing

Good prose, ideally, should be musical. It ought to sound something like poetry.

I go around all day thinking up sentences and paragraphs in my head, and I am looking for some kind of music, a rhythm.

I also “think in pictures” or “think in movies” when I write. A lot of times I get stuck, and I try to think of a picture or a movie that represents allegorically what I am trying to say. Then when I get the pictures or movies, I try to find words to describe them. Some people call that “painting with words,” and it’s similar to what James Joyce did.

Really, all of the arts come together, and good prose should be musical (music, the aural arts), artistic (live movies or art, the visual arts), and poetic. I am not sure about sculpture and architecture, that is going to be harder to work into words.

One thing you notice about a lot of artists is that they did not limit themselves. Great artists often wrote poetry too. Poets wrote novels and short stories and vice versa. Poets and novelists wrote plays and even operas. It’s not so common to find writers who also write music, but Ezra Pound did, and there are also artists who do music. The Talking Heads came out of art school.

It’s hard to explain, but on some level all of the arts are doing the same thing with different instruments and sensory organs, but it all comes together in the end. I think that all of the academic disciplines are doing the same thing as each other too, and maybe the same thing as the arts.  I call this, “The search for the perfect relationship,” but you might have your own phrase for what is going on.

Surely, when we saw cave paintings written on the walls in France 40,000 years ago, I can assure you that those folks had language. Why? Because art and language are intimately tied. How? They are both what I call, “the external representation of reality,” but you may have your own phrase.

Another thing you notice about most academic disciplines is that as you go higher and higher in the discipline, it all starts going mathematical. This is true in almost every field. So at the pinnacle of every discipline it all starts coming together as math. We could say that mathematics is “the ultimate language,” and I would not be the first person to say that.

Another thing that I do is I am constantly being influenced by everyone I read, all the good writers I read. That includes my own commenters, bloggers, magazines, novels, books, etc. You realize after a while that there are good and even great writers everywhere, even commenting on blogs. It’s very humbling. So all of these influences are constantly going up into my head and influencing my style, because my style is always open to new influences since I leave it open all the time.

For a while there I was reading a lot of New Yorker magazines. One thing you see if you read a lot of magazines is that many magazines have a “style” about them. There is a New Yorker style and a Rolling Stone style. Most New Yorker pieces have this “New Yorker style” about them. I don’t know how it works that way, but it seems to.

Anyway, after a while, I noticed that my style was starting to sound sort of New Yorkerish. I just let that New Yorker style go into my head and  influence my writing. I did not stop and analyze it or worry that I was being inauthentic, because I’m not sure a writer can be inauthentic.

Sometimes I will be reading a lot of a certain blogger and I notice that their style starts going into my head. I just let that happen and allow myself to be ok with that.

So, it feels like my style is constantly changing and being influenced by whoever I’m reading at the time. All the influences are up in my head swirling around, mixing, mingling, taking each other out, etc. Some new ones are going in and some old ones are heading out. I don’t analyze the process or try to stop it, I just let it happen.

I am insecure, see? I don’t like other writers all that much, and I am very jealous of them. No matter who it is, I am trying to beat them. I am always trying to be the best, the greatest, or if that’s not possible (It’s not) at least to be a great writer, a very good writer, etc. My view of myself is always that I sort of suck, so I’m always anxious and trying to be better.

You might argue that this is a lousy way to be, but a lot of people – artists, musicians, sports stars, writers, filmmakers, architects, sculptors, or really anyone who wants to excel in any field – are trying to be the best, beat everyone else, and are pretty hard on themselves.

This vicious competition of the mind does seem to drive a lot of great work. If everyone was totally humble and didn’t try to beat everyone else, I think there might be less superior achievement in the world.


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“Just Give Me The News,” by Dano Bivins

Dano is a friend of mine who sent me this piece that he dashed off the other night. It was so good, I asked him if we could run it, so we are. This is his first piece for us. I hope he writes more. Dano is a great writer!

We do accept guest writers here, but you have to be good. If you want to know how good, you have to be as good as Dano or Alpha Unit.

Wall to wall coverage of Sandra Bullock’s marriage troubles.
C’mon. Give me a effing break. She’s worth 50 million, Jesse James had a super expensive motorcycle customizing shop and he has “pay up sucker” tattooed on his hand.

Did she think he was a choir boy? No. She didn’t. In fact, his bad-boy rep probably attracted her to him in the first place. Now she’s the martyred America’s sweetheart victim cuz he was screwing around? Now, for 3 weeks straight, the story dominates the TV news and celeb shows?

She’ll be OK. She can relax in a 4 star hotel in Tahiti and pig out on baked Brie and marinated Abalone till she gets over it. The rest of us will fork over 12 bucks to see her next movie.
And as for the news…listen, JUST GIVE ME THE NEWS. Spare me the clever repartee, the lame comedy, and the inside jokes. Don’t make cryptic remarks to the other newspeople on the set like, “Oh what a unique tie, I’ll bet Stewart has that one, ha ha ha! ”

Just give me the damn news. Who what when where and why.
Don’t tell me how I should “feel” about it, or how I should “think” about it, don’t make wrap-comments like a pained, sad faced, “Such a tragic story,” or “How terrible”…okay Katie and Diane? If it’s tragic and sad, I’ll be the judge, I don’t need you practicing for an Emmy and looking like you’re all broke-up and deeply moved over the 412th murder or accident victim you’ve reported on this week.

Don’t try to convey the deep, consuming empathy and compassion you…the on-air talent…experience in response to the teleprompter story as you take every opportunity to repeat your name.

Just give me the damn news. I’ll pass on the manufactured pathos, thank you.

And cut out the teases. Don’t tell me that there’s a serial murderer that just broke out of prison in my county and you’ll let us know what neighborhood he’s believed to be in, “AFTER THE BREAK”. Don’t report that a truck carrying 2000 gallons of cyanide flipped and ruptured a water main contaminating the water in 400 homes and you’ll tell us which area is affected, “WHEN WE COME BACK”.

Just give me the news.

Don’t substitute the 5 “W”‘s for long, lingering shots of grieving parents or siblings and closeups of their tears, anguish and blubbering.

Tell me what the hell happened, don’t just assume it’s such a big story that I already should know that a 15 yr old boy beat a 16 yr old girl into a coma at the local middle school, and instead of actually reporting the details of the story we get, “Poor Amber’s parents and her friends have gathered at the school gym to pray and remember their beloved friend and schoolmate as her assailant is arraigned today in county court,” (cut to her distraught, teary-eyed mother saying our kids are growing up without a conscience). Ummm…what the HELL happened?

Who what when where and why.

Just give me the freakin’ news.


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“The Delusion of White Exceptionalism,” by Alpha Unit

Some Whites have the mistaken impression that what has been happening to Western Whites – and, specifically, to American Whites – is somehow unique in the history of Western civilization.

They seem to be under the delusion that to be White means to be dominant – all the time. The fact that Whites in this country are on the defensive so much of the time, as they see it, dismays them and angers them. Unable to grasp the fact that no status quo is ever permanent, they seek to blame someone, or something, for the reversal of political fortune that Whites, as a race, have experienced in America. It’s Jews. It’s Leftists. As if it matters. Change always comes, one way or another.

Whites are subject to the same vicissitudes of fortune as all other groups of people. White people are not special in this world. They don’t get to be exempt from the problems other groups have to deal with. They are not immune to what groups inflict on one another.

It is a given that groups compete with one another and very often oppress one another. Whites are not unique in what they have done to others. And when the same thing gets done to them, there’s nothing strange about it, no matter how perplexed and upset racists get.

It is a fantasy of White racists that the White race is above all others. It isn’t. The proof is all around. What has happened to other groups of people happens to Whites, too. It is the way of the world.

Racists, who are unable to understand this, are essentially children. They cannot face the realities of the world or of humanity as they are.


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Tory Map of the World

Click to enlarge and read the type.

Pretty darned hilarious! The Tories are the conservative party in the UK, more or less aligned with the Upper Classes and their views and prejudices. In particular, as this map indicates, they are characterized by some pretty blatant racism and a creepy fondness for the British Empire. They also have a Nordicist bent in that they don’t like Southern Europeans too much.

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Some Commenters Just Don’t Get It

Some commenters are saying that the rightwing is not being racist or using racial rhetoric against Obama, or that anyway, even if they are, the Left does it anyway.

One commenter noted that I have used the phrase “feral Blacks” before, and that’s racist.

Well, I used that phrase to refer to a certain type of thuggish ghetto-type Blacks. Blacks themselves make similar comments all the time. If I implied that all Blacks, or Blacks in general, were feral, well, that would be racist.

But what the rightwingers are doing is saying the equivalent of “feral Blacks” and then tying that in with Obama and his supporters, implying that Obama and his supporters are some sort of gangsta thugs. It’s a lie, and that’s racism.

The difference is that they are using this racially charged language to attack Obama! Why? Because he’s Black? See? And that’s racist.

They aren’t just criticizing Blacks. That’s one thing. They are attacking Obama by playing into White racism, and that’s messed up. And yeah, that’s racist. See, when Clinton was in, we didn’t see all this racially charged language on the Right. Now that Obama is in, we see it, though Obama is just like Clinton really. Well, that’s the definition of racism.

Let’s look at the language bit by bit:

Rush Limbaugh: “We need segregated buses… In Obama’s America, the white kids now get beat up with the black kids cheering, right on, right on, right on….”

Wow! Rush needs to start writing for American Renaissance! Segregated buses? Yeah, that’s racism all right.

Fox News’ Glenn Beck went a step further to declare that President Obama “has a deep seated hatred for white people, or the white culture…”

Obama does not hate Whites or White culture. There are Blacks who do, but this law professor – millionaire is not one of them. This is straight out of American Renaissance. The White nationalists are always screaming, “The Blacks are racists who hate us all!” Funny coming from them, since they are racists. Are they opposed to racism, or only when Black people do it? Obama hates White culture. He does? Like Hell he does. That’s racism.

Bill O’Reilly told his viewers that “the left sees white men as a problem” and sees putting women and minorities in power as the solution.

This is a lie when talking about Obama. The Left wingers who talk like that are PC Leftists. Obama is just a liberal Democrat. Liberal Democrats don’t go around talking like Sociology profs who say Whites are the enemy. O’Reilly is saying that Obama is Tim Wise. He’s not. And that’s racism.

Rightwing blogs still abound with charges that a campaign reference to his own grandmother as a “typical white person” reflected anti-white racism on Obama’s part.

It wasn’t racism. I say the same thing about White people all the time. Once again, Obama is not an anti-White racist. He’s more an Oreo who spent his whole life sucking up to the White man.

Accusing Obama himself of being a racist who is deliberately advancing policies that are meant to help people of color at the expense of white people, and foreigners at the expense of Americans is their biggest line of them all.

But it’s not true. There are Black racists, but Obama is not one of them. That’s racism.

Thus, when Jimmy Carter spoke the obvious truth that some of the hostility directed at the Obama presidency is a reflection of racism, the Right went nuts and demanded that Obama disavow these comments.

Denial of racism is one of the techniques that racists use to legitimate their racist bullshit. Denial one’s racism is racism.

Sotomayor’s “wise Latina” remarks were taken out of context to imply that she was some kind of ethnic supremacist, and Tancredo and Limbaugh called her a racist.

Sure, there are Hispanic racists, but she is not one of them. Calling Sotomayer an Hispanic racist is racism.

Ed Whelan, president of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, slammed another potential Obama judicial nominee, Deval Patrick, the African American governor of Massachusetts, as “a racialist extremist and judicial supremacist.”

Deval Patrick is some kind of dashiki-wearing Black nationalist? Give it up, man.

Glenn Beck, for example, has insisted that every single policy initiative that the Obama administration is trying to advance in Congress is grounded in the president’s supposed obsession with getting white Americans to pay reparations for slavery, or as Beck put it, “settling old racial scores.”

This is not true. Obama is opposed to reparations. Accusing Obama of pushing reparations is racism. Really, the whole reparations debate is shot through and through with White racism. There’s a non-racist way to oppose reparations, but they ain’t doing it.

When economist Robert Reich testified that stimulus funds should benefit not only white construction workers but also other groups of workers, some right-wing pundits like Glenn Beck and Michelle Malkin wrongly suggested that the Obama administration was plotting to keep stimulus funds away from white construction workers altogether and have them sent instead to “[Rep. Charlie] Rangel’s pet constituents.”

See, that’s racism. They aren’t going to take money away from White construction workers and give it to inner city Black welfare layabouts. The implication was that all ethnic groups of workers should benefit from stimulus funds. Saying that Obama wants to fire White construction workers and take their paychecks and give them to Black ghetto leeches is racism.

At the recent How to Take Back America conference session on voter fraud and ACORN, Republican activist Kris Kobach, who is running to be Secretary of State in Kansas, asserted that in America nowadays no one is disenfranchised because of the color of their skin; it is now voters like those in the room who are disenfranchised when their votes are canceled out by the supposed voter fraud carried out by ACORN and its allies.

Yeah right! “Voter fraud” perpetrated by ACORN (ACORN Blacks that is) is disenfranchising Whites! First of all, there is no ACORN “voter fraud.” Many people have taken this apart long ago. ACORN paid people, often inner city Blacks, to register new voters. A lot of the registerers were not exactly model citizens. So they made up fake registrations to pad their numbers and collect more money from ACORN.

None of these Mickey Mouses or Donald Ducks are going to be registered to vote, and John Wayne is not going to show up at the voting booth on voting day. All these fake regs are going to be disqualified; none will result in fake new voters. What happened here was ACORN themselves were being ripped off by their own workers.

Saying that ACORN is engaging in voter fraud by falsely registering fake Blacks, or worse! To disenfranchise Whites the same way that Blacks were disenfranchised by poll taxes and whatnot, that’s racism. Straight up, 100 proof.

On right-wing pundit Michele Malkin’s blog, a commenter responding to her Obama is ACORN. ACORN is Obama diatribe, wrote, “Now as President B. Hussein Obama he has credibility as a Marxist, black nationalist and Chicago street hustler/organizer but little else. He could no more disown ACORN then he could Jeremiah Wright or his Typical White Grandmother.”

See, Obama is not a Black nationalist, he is not a Chicago “street hustler” – racist language falsely applied to Obama. Implying that Obama is, among other things, a sleazy Black “street hustler” (What’s that? A pimp?) from the gritty streets of Chicago when he’s not, well, that’s racism.

Investors Business Daily and Fox Nation teamed up to portray health care reform as “affirmative action on steroids” and to suggest that reform is actually a back-door way to implement reparations for slavery:

The racial grievance industry under health care reform could be calling the shots in the emergency room, the operating room, the medical room, even medical school. As Terence Jeffrey, editor at large of Human Events puts it, not only our wealth, but also our health will be redistributed.

See what they are doing? Health care reform is affirmative action in health care. Sick White workers will be tossed out of emergency rooms to make way for worthless inner city Black leeches. Saying that Obama will throw dying Whites out of emergency rooms to die to make way for worthless ghetto Blacks is racism.

At the recent How to Take Back America conference organized by far-right doyenne Phyllis Schlafly and her heir-apparent, right-wing radio host and activist Janet Folger Porter, a panelist attacked health care reform saying it would amount to a reenactment of slavery by our first black president, this time with doctors being enslaved.

But Obama is not re-enacting slavery, this time being a Black slavemaster who is enslaving White workers to supply his welfare Black plantation owners. Equating Obamacare with slavery, except this time it’s Black bums enslaving White workers. That’s racism.

Bishop Harry Jackson, the Religious Right’s favorite African American minister, has denounced health care reform proposals that he claims would divert health care resources from wealthier to poorer Americans as “reverse classism.”

See, this Black guy is playing into anti-Black racism here. He used the phrase “reverse classism” which is a play on reverse racism. Since Whites are wealthier and Blacks are poorer, health care reform is reverse racism, taking money from wealthier White workers and giving it to worthless poorer Black bums. That’s racist language.

Before the election, Bishop Harry Jackson and others suggested that voting for Obama would be voting against God.

Why is it voting against God? Because Black people are evil, the spawn of Satan, devil children. That’s the language of racism, straight out of White Nationalism. Whites have been calling Blacks satanic and evil forever.

But because America did elect Obama, the nation is now living under a curse, declares Janet Porter, and America must repent. Religious Right leaders insist that Obama’s election has put the nation under a “curse” and ask Black Christians to repent for putting “race over God.”

It’s under a curse like a voodoo curse, implying that Obama practices voodoo, a Black religion. He doesn’t. He’s a Christian. That’s racism.

The “birther” movement – the ongoing theory and ludicrous legal campaign alleging that Barack Obama was born in Kenya and therefore not a legitimate president – is all about portraying the president as an African usurper, not one of us.

See? That’s racist. Blacks are not one of us, they are not White people. Black people came from Africa, a foreign continent, you know, like Obama, from Africa. They are not Americans, they are Bantus. This line is straight out of American Renaissance.

Still another theme is the return of “states’ rights” on steroids, such as Texas Gov. Rick Perry earlier this year suggesting that Texas should consider seceding.

But the states rights thing was all about White racism and opposition to integration. For this guy to bring up states rights and secession in the context of a Black President, well, that racism, straight out of 1861.

On MSNBC, commentator Pat Buchanan suggested recently that white Americans are now suffering “exactly what was done to black folks.”

Yeah, right! Blacks are enslaving us, and putting us under some “liberal Jim Crow” regime. Come on! That’s racism.

Republican strategist and commentator Pat Buchanan has complained that presidential candidate John McCain didn’t “drape Jeremiah Wright around the neck of Barack Obama, as Lee Atwater draped Willie Horton around the neck of Michael Dukakis.”

Yeah but see, that Willie Horton thing was a blatantly racist tactic that Bush used to win the election.


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We Are Making Progress


The rightwing crazies are using this poll to show that Americans are turning into a bunch of Commies, which makes no since, as they also say that Americans hate socialism so much that they are going to repeal Obama’s health care reform.

Really, the poll is not as hopeful as one might think. First of all, capitalism and socialism are not defined. Furthermore, while only 53% of Moronicans think that capitalism beats socialism, 70% support some bullshit entity called the free market. Hell, I like capitalism way better than the free market (euphemism for neoliberalism).

This implies that Americans think that American capitalism is not a free market (neoliberal) system, which is preposterous. Instead, 2/3 of Moronicans think that the state and the corporations combine to screw workers and investors (Corporatism?), and this is somehow against free market principles (LOL).

Duh. That’s how society works under capitalism, dummies. Under neoliberalism, it’s the same thing with Premium fuel. You want neoliberalism, but you don’t want all the droppings that come with it. That makes no sense. This shows me that Moronicans are political amateurs who don’t know their political economic asses from a hole in the ground. They can be excused of course, since we have farce for politics, an infernally confusing and dishonest Lying Machine for a media and a culture of stupidity on rocket fuel.

But we don’t even have corporatism here. It would be nice if we did. Corporatism is what they have in China, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, etc. The state is very heavily involved with the corporate sector and in fact works together with corporations to guide the economy and national industrial policy with a view towards nationalism. It works pretty darn good!

We don’t have corporatism; we have a neoliberal system in which the capitalists run the show, and the state just stays out of the way and lets them run wild, or worse, helps them charge through the streets running over everyone in their path. Then the state comes through, sweeps up everyone who got run over, and puts them in jail or fines them for being in the way or something.

We have a corporate dictatorship enabled by a state in bed with the corporations. That’s not corporatism. In corporatism, the state tells the corporations what to do, and the corporations say, “Yes sir.” Here the corporations tell the state and everyone else what to do, and the state says, “Yes massah, kin I fetch it for you?”

On health care, things look grim, but this is Rasmussen. 55% of voters idiotically want to repeal the health care bill, yet right before the bill passed, one month ago, 63% of them favored the public option or Medicare For All. Once again, sheer political incoherence.  Other polls are showing that 49%-42%, Americans support the bill and 53% either support the bill or are like me and think it doesn’t go far enough. So really, the polls are all over the place, and Rasmussen is a flaming Republican kook, and that tends to show up in his polls.

Anyway, it looks like we have our work cut out for us convincing people that repeal of this bill is not in their best interests and that this reform, meager as it is, is on balance a good thing. If you think it’s creeping socialism, we need to end the conversation and part our ways, but even most Moronicans are not that stupid.

If Moronicans really do want to repeal this bill, I say the Hell with em. It that’s true, then it shows Americans are no good and deserve every shitty thing that is going to happen to them in the future, because they’re supporting it all and egging it all on.

One of the lies about this bill is that it has “cuts in Medicare.” There are no “cuts in Medicare.” That’s just another one of the lies that the Republicans said.

The truth is that it’s the Republicans who want to get rid of Medicare. They’ve hated it from Day One, and they will never accept this great socialist program. In recent years, they have been trying to get rid of Medicare with medical savings accounts, Medicare Plus Advantage plans, etc. When we try to point this out, they accuse of us saying, “Mediscare!” and say that they are only trying to save the program.

That’s like destroying the village to save it in Vietnam.

The purpose of the italicized plans above is to destroy Medicare by removing the healthy people. The resulting program will only have the sickest people in it, and it won’t work. All insurance programs work by having good actors and bad actors. Health insurance works by having both healthy and sick people. You get rid of the healthy people, and the program fails. That’s the GOP project, but they never admit it.

Obamacare cuts the Medicare Advantage plans, which suck anyway. These were sold to moneyed seniors back in the 1990’s via a multimillion $$$$$$ and extremely dishonest ad campaign. I know seniors who signed up for these crooked plans, and they are almost all sorry they did.

The Republicans got the US government to pay elevated rates for these gold plans. For instance, say the Medicare rate is X. The Republicans got the government to pay let’s say X + 14% for the platinum plans of moneyed seniors. But why should we do that? Why should we subsidize wealthy people more than poorer people? WTH? But that’s how things work in Weirdo Republican World. The welfare goes to the richest, and the poorest get the equivalent of lashes, the stocks and increasingly, what seems like debtors’ prison.

Well, this bullshit should be cut out altogether. The government should pay X rate for Medicare and X rate, not X +14%, for Medicare Advantage. So Obamacare reduces this outrage from X +14% to say X +7%. Big deal, huh? This is what the “Medicare cuts” are that everyone is so upset about. The priveleged, moneyed Whites are freaking out because some of their damned welfare is being cut.

Oh boo fucking hoo.


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“Why Are You So Fascinated by People You Can’t Stand?” by Alpha Unit

Don’t believe racists when they say they dislike Black people.

Black people and what makes them tick are their favorite topic. They can’t get enough of talking about Blacks, looking at images of Blacks, or analyzing Blacks.

What if there were a group of people you didn’t like? Suppose they had all kinds of character flaws that made them almost impossible to like. Because of this, you wanted nothing to do with them, and you could live happily ever after never running into another one again.

Why would you ever be seen in public discussing them as if they were the most fascinating object in the world? Why would you care what made them tick? Isn’t it enough that they are inferior and to be avoided as much as possible?

If you were serious about having nothing to do with them, you would be getting your affairs in order so as to get out of anyplace that had any significant number of them. Your behavior would show that they’re serious. After all, White Flight isn’t anything new.

Right now, I’m thinking of this person I don’t like. And you know something? I don’t want anything to do with him! I don’t care why he is the way he is. I don’t devote a lot of time to analyzing him and going over his faults with other people. If he dropped off the face of the earth, I wouldn’t miss him. Because I don’t like him.

I have no interest in persuading other people not to like him. I have no desire to sit around with other people making fun of him or debating why he is as awful as he is. Because I don’t like him. I have better, more interesting things to do.

But racists have a lot of time to spend on studying a group of people they supposedly dislike and want nothing to do with. Black people are supposed to be innately inferior, right? If so, why do you care why we do what we do? Why would you seek out multiple opportunities to discuss Black behavior and look at videos of Black behavior, and why is Black behavior so fascinating and entertaining to you?

I don’t think this is the way you act toward people you want nothing to do with and cannot stand. So why do you pay so much attention to Blacks? What do you want?


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“Walking With the Comrades,” by Arundhati Roy

“Walking With the Comrades,” by Arundhati Roy

This is a very long piece by famed progressive Indian author Arundhati Roy, who is an excellent writer. Note: It’s very long at 123 pages, but if I made it through, so can you.

Her famous book is The God of Small Things.

After months of waiting, she got an opportunity to spend time with India’s Maoist rebels. She exposes a seemingly endless web of lies that have been spun about them by the despicable Indian state.

First of all, these are poor people, very poor. They’re actually starving and dying of hunger and disease. This particular group are tribals called Gonds in Chattisargh. The Gonds are the remains of the most ancient people in India, and they do have an Australoid appearance going by their skulls. These people have been failed and worse from Day One by this sickening Indian state. That’s 61 years of utter failure, failure that kills millions of Indians every year.

I’m not ecstatic about these Maoists, but they seem to be the only people in India who care about the masses anymore, or who ever did. Everything else has failed, and it’s time to try something new.

Not only are the Maoist supporters poor, but the army itself is poor. This is a ragtag army going up against one of the biggest militaries in the world.

There is a lie that the tribals are “caught between two forces.” This is standard counterinsurgency bullshit that the Western media loves to play up. It’s not true.

Another lie is the Maoists are university-educated eggheads who are using the poor tribals as cannon fodder for their Utopian plans. Not true.

The truth is that the Maoists are the tribals and vice versa. That’s all there is to it. Even the leadership are tribals. And far from being caught between two sides, the tribals are solidly behind this army. In fact, while Roy is with them, they receive reports that tribals in new areas have issued calls for the Maoists to come defend them. They want squads and guns, but there are no men and guns to spare. A report comes in from another area where graffiti has appeared in tribal villages, “Maoists Come Save Us!”

The leadership of the Maoists has a history of some pretty scary statements in the past, but on the ground, this is not the new Shining Path or Khmer Rogue. They’re just poor peasants with guns, nothing else.

The lies go on and on. The Maoists are blowing up school buildings because they hate education. Not so. First of all, the schools in this region are all long since abandoned. The teachers get paid whether they show up or not, so they just stay home. Further, all of the schools have been taken over by the Indian security forces. Yes, the Maoists have blown up schools, abandoned schools filled with security forces! So what?

An Indian commenter showed up recently and said that Maoism had failed, and the reason for the total failure of the Indian state to provide for its people was over 40 years of Indian socialism with slow economic growth, referred to as “The Hindu rate of growth.”

The Hindu rate of growth this is a lie. The Indian state’s growth during this period was about the same as the rest of the region, such as Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Sure, it’s slow growth compared to South Korea and even Thailand, but the whole region does poorly compared to South Korea and Thailand.

Anyway, we progressives don’t think too much of Indian socialism. It left half the population starving, killed at least 4 million people a year, and left 200 million people living in the streets. You call that socialism?

Economic growth has gone up since neoliberalism 20 years ago, but as usual, almost all of the wealth has gone to around 10% of the population. For instance, the rate of malnutrition has been flat in India at 50% for 15 years. During that period, the economy grew by about 10% a year, but somehow, with all that cash, they could not figure out how to give folks a solid meal.

Further, the neoliberalism that reigns in India is never going to provide for the people. The Indian people need infrastructure, roads, schools, health care, on and on. Neoliberalism guts the state and leaves it with no funds to pay for any of these things. Education, roads, infrastructure, medical care, etc. is all supposed to be provided by the private sector, if anyone. With that philosophy, the peasants are never going to get any of these things.

These Maoists are not even really hardline Communists. Their first project is to switch over to a true national capitalism, confiscating the property of the multinationals and the country-selling treasonous internationalist ruling class who have no allegiance to India. So the vast majority of the private sector, and all of the patriotic private sector, would be left intact during a period, like Lenin’s NEP, designed to grow the economy and develop the country.

At some point, there’s to be a transition to socialism, but who knows when that will come.

The Maoists have issued a document saying that they intend to seize power by 2050. That’s 40 years away. Unfortunately, that is probably realistic or even optimistic, but it’s way too much time. In the meantime, seizure of state power is still a dream away.


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Teabaggers Aren’t About Race

Oh, of course not. What ever gave you that idea?

What a dumbass cracker! Can't even spell nigger!

One thing I think is clear is that Teabaggers are not White Nationalists. White Nationalists for the most part don’t like any Blacks period. Teabaggers are more like typical White racists. If you study White racism, you know that in the US, these folks always had a Pet Negro or two around. Sort of like a pet dog or pet goat. Not really human, but still quite lovable. And the Teabaggers have a few Pet Negroes here or there. What can you say? Every race has its traitors!

Teabaggers are not about race! Michael Steele (R-House Negro) even said so!

So, the Teabaggers do not really hate Obama because he’s Black. Mainstream US racism has gone far beyond that. If he was a Pet Negro, they’d cuddle right up to him. He’d even be advantageous to use as a rejoinder to the racism charge.

Why do the Teabaggers, the Republican Party, and the entire US rightwing hate Obama? Obama’s an uppity nigger; he’s a Negro that just don’t know his place at all. The White folks done told him over and over, “Boy! Now you sit down and be quiet, boy! You hear me?”

But Obama’s one uppity Negro, and he just won’t sit down or shut up and let The Man take over and do what’s best. Obama is a proud Black man who is working to better his people, and we ain’t gonna have none of that around these here parts. Y’all best believe me when I say that!


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Conservative Lie #1,482, 091: The Public Schools Are Failing to Educate Our Children

This lie is very widely believed, even across the political spectrum.

A lot of Blacks even fall for this one. They believe it because public schools suck in Black areas. But public schools are just fine in White areas, so there’s nothing wrong with public schools per se. Public schools are screwed up in Black areas because they seem to be broke and falling apart. I’m not sure why they are falling apart, and I’m uncertain why they are broke.

The kids know that there are hardly any books, and the books that they have are 10-20 years out of date, so the smarter ones are pissed off and disgusted about this. There’s no money for anything in these schools, so increasingly, we teachers are supposed to pay for school supplies out of our own pockets. But why the Hell should we do that? I used to do it, but I resented it, and I would charge the kids for the pencils and pens.

In part, the Black schools are ruined by the Black kids themselves. They destroy the schools. They take the books and fling them across the room, cackling wildly. I could scream and yell and did, but nothing will happen. I could call the Administration, but they won’t come. Bottom line is there are a lot of shithead punks, mostly males, in Black schools who simply do not belong in regular classrooms. Where do they belong? I have no idea, maybe a Continuation School. They destroy things for the rest of them.

There is a trope going around that the Black schools are full of incompetent teachers. I sure didn’t see it when I worked there, and I worked in the heart of the ghetto for years. I saw maybe one incompetent teacher the whole time. Those are some of the most competent and dedicated teachers of all, and they deserve a shoutout.

Sure, private schools are better for Black kids. You know why that is? Because they throw out all the knuckeheads, that’s why! You get three strikes in those schools if you are lucky. What people don’t understand about public schools is that we have to take everyone, special ed, really dumb kids and the worst behavioral cases around.

Sure, we can suspend or even expel the real knotheads, but then the Blacks and anti-racists screech. There’s a lot of talk that Black kids are suspended or expelled on a far higher percentage basis than other groups. Black and anti-racist leaders constantly say what a racist outrage this is.

As someone who spent years on the ground in heart of the mess, I assure you there is no discrimination going on. The hardest thing to do in a Black school, other than teach, is to get a Black kid expelled or suspended. Or even sent to the office.

The Administration doesn’t want to deal with the knotheads, and they figure you ought to be able to control the class. Further, the Admins are heavily Black, and they are not wild about disciplining their own kind, which is logical. I can say with a clear conscience that the only reason Blacks (almost all males, by the way) are suspended or expelled more is because they are dramatically more likely to act bad. If anything, they are not getting expelled or suspended enough! Is there racism? Maybe, but I never saw any in Los Angeles at least.

Charter schools are another fake diversion. I don’t see they are needed. Why do we need charter schools? Because they wipe out the teachers’ unions! Yay! You know, those evil teachers’ unions. Let me tell you something, if you’re a schoolteacher and you don’t have your head up your ass, you want to be in the union.

There’s an argument that the union protects incompetent teachers. First of all, it’s hard to be a fuckup teacher. When I taught school, they rode on my ass 24-7.

It’s true, the riding is way worse in the White areas, and there’s little riding in the ghetto, but there’s little expectations in the ghetto because the students are so awful. Yet even in the ghetto, I tried my hardest. And most other teachers did too. Why? I dunno. Inner city teaching pretty much sucks, and the only people there are pretty dedicated. Anyone else just isn’t even there in the first place, or they leave real fast.

What’s the real reason for the endless conservative attacks on the public schools? In the US, conservatives are so insane and evil that they actually hate public education. I believe that they are ideologically opposed to it. I’m not sure if they want to wipe it out all together, but I think they want to defund it like 3rd World elites do.

Let’s take a look at a graph at how the public schools are failing our kids.

As you can see, public education is totally failing our kids. Snark.


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