Guys: Will Your High IQ Get You Women?

Please…you’ve got to be kidding me.

tulio writes in the comments section:

Some women do appreciate high intelligence. That’s why my favorite type of woman is the “sexy professor” type. Brains + beauty.

I learned long ago that this is one of the lies of females, or rather, their self-deceptions. Women often say, “I love a smart guy!”

Bullshit! No they don’t.

As someone with a high IQ, I can vouch for this. My high IQ never once got me laid. I don’t think it ever even got me a Goddamned date. What good is it? I don’t know. I like it, but it sure never got me any chicks. Back in the days when I did great with women, my one secret was hiding my brains. I on purposely acted like a dumb surfer-stoner idiot. My brothers used to take me to task on that. “You’re acting stupid on purpose! And you’re not! You’re smart! It’s fake! Quit acting stupid.” Oh for Chrissake, man. I was only trying to get some chicks. The dumber I acted, the more chicks I got. Real simple equation.

Young women will openly admit that they want a hulking caveman with a club, a rough and stupid type. It’s sexy. That’s what turns them on. Even high-IQ young women are like this. They often marry big dumb macho guys, and spend years of unhappiness. Finally when they are 40 and their sex drive goes down or their they gain some sense, they marry some brainy nerd for his money. And they are a lot happier.

Once they start getting a bit older, women start saying that smart guys are a turn-on. Yet another female self-deception. It’s a lie. I don’t believe it!

I had one girlfriend who claimed to like my brains, but it was obvious that it didn’t turn her on. She acted like my brains were some weird mystical object in a museum that you can’t understand. Is it weird? Yeah. Is it cool? Sort of, except you can’t understand it. Does it make you horny? Yeah right.

We had an open relationship (my specialty) so there was no such thing as cheating, but she loved to do it anyway, and rub it in my face at that. Being a decadent postmodern degenerate, I really didn’t care. She’d tell me I had go home. She was off for the weekend. Ok, no problem babe.

“I have a date!” she’d scream.

“Good for you,” I was stoned and didn’t care anyway.

She hadn’t gotten my attention yet, or pissed me off, her object.

“With a Black guy! I’m going to be gone all weekend!”

“Great, have fun,” I said, and I meant it. I should have asked her to take pics and show them to me. I was getting a lot out of this nonstop sex relationship. So she wants to take a vacation, hey, go for it, babe.

The more she couldn’t get a reaction out of me, the more pissed she got. I was a mystery, no ordinary man. I didn’t care if she cheated on me, just leave big megahelpings for me when you get back, honey.

Now, it’s obvious this chick did not get off on my brains. Here she was cuckolding me for some hulking Black brute with a double digit IQ and a monster dick.

Chicks dig brainy guys. Yeah right!

I would like to make some amendments to this rant. There are some women who like brains.

Asian chicks! Yo! Especially Chinese women. I’m convinced that the Chinese have been selecting for brains for a long time now. I did a lot of reading on China for a recent piece on the language. There were some interesting anecdotes.

One said that in a village in South China, there was a young man, the smartest guy in the whole village. All of the young women, especially the most beautiful, were lined up for him. They all wanted him. Why? He was the brainiest of them all! This suggests to me that maybe Chinese society has been selecting for brains. The women see the brainiest guys as the sexiest, or at least the best marriage potential. The best women compete for the brainiest guys. What’s the end result? 107 Chinese IQ! Good thinking, Chinese!

There was another anecdote. In central China, in a small village, they had a creative writing class. It was mostly full of women, as such classes always are. But there were a few guys. There was one guy, strong and silent, kept to himself, the best writer in the whole class! All the single Chinese women in the class wanted this guy! The best writer of them all!

Grab him, before someone else does. They hung around his office making fake excuses for being there and asking dumb questions. There was almost a line outside his door. He was also kind of macho for a Chinese guy, so that helps. But the main thing was, his writing kicked ass on everyone else’s. One Chinese woman snapped him up and was the envy of the rest.

I’ve also noticed this in Japanese and Thai women, but both of those cultures are heavily Sinicized.

Another exception: Jewish women! It’s true, Jewish chicks love brains. Being sexy and handsome are added attractions, but brains are definitely not a turnoff. I think it’s actually a sexual turn-on for Jewish women.

Once again, we have evidence for cultural evolution in selection for brains. In the traditional Jewish ghetto, the most beautiful young women were more or less auctioned off to the smartest young men. Say the rabbi had some daughters, really beautiful women. The hottest women in the village would hold out for the brainiest guy of them all.

The rabbi would virtually hold contests in Talmudic scholarship to see which boy was smartest, who would then be given the hot rabbi’s daughter babe in marriage. The smartest guys got the hottest chicks in the ghetto. This went on for centuries, and now you have Jews with average 113 IQ’s. Pretty smart cultural evolution there.

Hispanic/Iberian women. Not this pitiful excuse for an Hispanic culture here in the US, I mean the real deal in Latin America. Down there, especially in Peru, Brazil and Argentina, a scholar is a good thing to be. It’s widely accepted in society. There’s no such thing as scholarly nerds, since scholars conform to the same macho norms as everyone else. I’m not sure why, but hot young Latin American women like a brainy guy. Maybe he has good earning potential and is a good catch, maybe because scholars are highly valued in these Iberianized societies.

I also think that Iberian women have the same values. Spanish and Portuguese women seem to respect a smart guy. There’s a long tradition of valuing a scholar in these places. Iberian scholars were often macho, studly guys, highly respected by society, and they could get hot women.

French women. I suspect that French chicks like intellectuals more than your average European woman, but I’m not sure. Many French chicks are quite intellectual themselves, even ordinary working class women who you would never expect. It’s a very intellectual culture.

Cultures where the women do not value brains – this one is going to be hard. I would suggest right off the bat, the rest of Europe.

German women. Forget it. Even very smart German women want a caveman type, the dumber the better. Why this is, I have no idea.

Turkish women. I don’t think so. This is an extremely macho society, and the females conform strongly to macho norms. This is what they expect in a man.

Black women. Forget it. Of all women, Black women love the most masculine men of all – Black men! A lot of Black women think White guys period are wimpy, so you can imagine what they think of White intellectuals. It must be two thumbs down. This has got to be true for any Black society.

Some societies I am not sure about.

Russian women. No idea, but I suspect that they may respect intellectuals. Even ordinary IQ Russian women read Dostoevsky, listen to Tchaikovsky, etc. Intellectuals in Russia are not seen as effete. They are hardass, macho Russian dudes. They can get good women.

Arab women. I think Arab women are great (Check em out, guys!) but I’m not sure how they feel about intellectuals. Intellectuals are highly valued in Arab society, and they are macho, tough, Arab guys who conform to hypermasculine Arab values. They are well-respected by Arab society too – there’s nothing effete about working with your brain here in the land of dates and Crescents.

East Indian women. A commenter says they like smart guys, especially the middle class and up ones. I don’t know, because I have little experience with these women. We have a lot of Punjabis in my town though, and it’s striking how much they seem to respect education and an educated guy. It’s very highly valued. Further, many of them are either formally educated or if not, self-educated. Problem around here is that East Indian women are totally unavailable. They only go for Indian guys.

But anyway, in general, no! Your stratospheric IQ will not get you women, not in the US. It’s actually the opposite.


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  1. tulio

    I don’t think brains have to be a hindrance to success with women, but they certainly aren’t necessary. We like to think that we humans are so elevated above the rest of the animal kingdom, but we really aren’t. We have the same primal instincts. The gorilla that beat his chest the loudest and scared the other male gorillas got first pick of the females. Humans aren’t much different when you peel away the veneer.

    These is a whole community of highly intelligent guys who use their intelligence to gain an upperhand in the mating game over the brutes, just like the judo black belt uses technique to throw a guy twice his size. There are ways of showing your intelligent that demonstrate you are intelligent through behavior rather than overt boasting. If you walk up to a woman and say “I make a lot of money,” she’s going to roll her eyes and think you’re a douchebag. Yet eschew any talk of your financial success and show up in a Porsche 911 and the effect is totally different.

    Anyway, intelligence is not a minus factor, it’s that intelligent guys tend to be very bad with women because they don’t know how to talk to women in a way that’s emotionally engaging.

    • Brains is not a hindrance, at least I don’t think so. But I swear I did way better with chicks when I on purposely acted stupid like everyone else than when I let the brains shine through.

      Those guys you refer to you boning up on game. I doubt if you need a high IQ to figure out game. The biggest players I ever met in my life did not have real high IQ’s (maybe 100-110?) and they definitely acted stupid on purpose. Not only that, but they had all sorts of other advantages. I used to know some high-IQ guys who did great with women, but it was surely not due to their brains. They had all sorts of other good game stuff going for them.

      Showing your women your Porsche *is* bragging.

      Women don’t get turned off by bragging. Depends on how you do it. I prefer the “false modesty” approach. I brag in a very soft voice, looking at the ground as if I am either terribly ashamed or as if what I am bragging about is nothing to be proud of at all, it’s just ordinary, everyday behavior. It works great! Except for IQ. I can’t talk about that at all.

      Chicks for *sure* don’t get turned off if you tell them how much money you make, especially if you use my false modesty approach. Are you kidding dude?

      I can’t recommend the false modesty approach highly enough. Mention it, but say it like it’s nothing, like you’re talking about getting a drink of water or something. People will almost never accuse of you of bragging. Instead, they fawn on you. Really? Wow! You did that? That’s great! Then act either like it’s nothing or like you’re even ashamed of it. Keep looking at the ground. Finally, look up like, “Really, is it good? I thought it was nothing? Why thank you.”

      Act like you’re trying to win the Mr. Modesty contest.

    • bongstar420

      Sporting your bank account will bag you far more lays than sporting your IQ/intellectual talents. But, really, sport your stacks “covertly” for the best results. Virtually 0 women want a homeless genius.

  2. FrankBD

    I have gotten approached by women after a meeting who said they thought I sounded intelligent and funny.

    But in a general sense, I think mating is like playing Bingo in that there’s no smarter way to do it beyond mere competence: put yourself in the right places and take some action.

    • It’s the funny part they like. Get a woman laughing, and you’re halfway there. Humor makes women horny. If you can make her laugh, she wants to fuck.

      Maybe some smart chicks dig brainy guys. At universities, before the PC codes went in, hot young brainy chicks used to go for their professors, in part because of their supersized heads. But these guys need to have something else going. Some kind of game other than a fat IQ score.

    • I don’t agree at all.

      There *is* a smarter way to do it. That’s what the game and PUA guys are onto. They’re right.

      Having lived various lives, some where it was raining women like a monsoon, and others where I was living in the Female Sahara, I assure you that *it’s all about game.* I was the same guy, looked the same. The only thing that changed was internal – my game.

  3. Gray

    The ideal woman, for marriage at least, is five years younger than the man. The woman should be better educated. See

    So this means it’s almost impossible for a young, high iq man to find a suitable partner. He has to find someone who is both younger and more educated .. Almost impossible.

    To add to your list of ethnic groups that prefer intelligent men, I would include Indians, especially middle class ones.

  4. dano

    I’m not going for your theory, if it were true George W.Bush would’ve been inundated with chicks in college, word is he was shunned and regarded as a creep. As it is he wound up with Laura after she ran over her old boyfriend.
    Now THERE’s a woman who seems like she’d be about as fun & adventurous in bed as Mrs. Hathaway from the beverly hillbillies.

    • My theory is not orthogonal.

      Socrates is a man.
      Socrates is mortal.

      = All men are mortal.
      =/All men are Socrates.

      What I said was brains don’t help you get laid. That is, chicks don’t see your brains, and go, “Wow! What a fuckin brainiac! I so *want* that dude!” Forget it.

      OTOH, being a dummy doesn’t necessarily get you laid either, but it’s no hindrance. There’s not that many young women who are like, “No way, I’m not going out with that guy. I bet he has a 95 IQ. I like my men smart.” Yeah right!

      So, dummies don’t necessarily get laid at all, but chicks tend to dig moderately dumbfuck guys, especially if they’re big, hulking, stooping Cro Magnon with a spear, monosyllabic speaker types. Being a little bit stupid is macho in the US. Being smart in the US is being like a wimp at best, a faggot at worst.

      US culture is the shits man.

      • bongstar420

        Well, I knew 1 lady who would not date a guy with a below average IQ, but here actual “measure” was a bachelors. She’d probably bang em though only to find out they were morons who couldn’t figure out how to handle her correctly. She had a lot of intellectual hurdles to jump to keep in the game. It was pretty nuts really. I had to sport my value work arounds a lot. Fortunately I like racy high IQ ladies and it was kind of entertaining for me. She like to talk a lot about stuff I thought was dumb which took me quite some time to get used to.

    • alpha unit

      Chicks like big, hulking, moderately dumbfuck guys – monosyllabic Cro-Magnon types?


    • Sure seems like it.

      I think they get some more sense as they get older, but that’s what they like. Women want *masculine*, they want *macho*. Big, dumb and scary. That’s sexy, that’s what turns them on. They like macho, and not too smart, please. Women like their men DUMB. Dumb means caveman macho sexboat. Smart means nerdy, sissy wimpboy.

      Everything else* screams wimp.

      Assuming you’re not like that, all the power to ya.

      *They do like some other types. Artist – musician – writer types. That’s the romantic aspect.

      They also like the androgynous type, because some of those guys are sexy as Hell. But they have weird relationships with them, because a part of them keeps wondering if the guy’s sort of gay or not. These guys seem like they are not totally straight, but they are not really gay either, so no one can figure them out. Their masculine side is very strong, but they have this other side too. They’re “too sexy to be straight.” Mick Jagger, Steve Tyler, Prince.

      Women go for them because they like sexy guys, especially young women, but they’re conflicted about it, since they really want a macho guy, and is this guy sort of queer or what? They’re likely to cheat on him with the hulking double digit IQ macho brute type.

      • Aysha

        I actually disagree with you on this Robert. I don’t like cro-magnon guys at all and I’m a woman. When I was in middle school I like the funny guy in class but then something shifted and I didn’t find muscles appealing. I still don’t and macho guys are a turn-off as well. In fact, I have been attracted to tall lanky guys instead who are brainy but not arrogant. My boyfriends speaks 4 languages fluently and its a HUGE turn-on. Being smart doesn’t have mean nerdy. My boyfriend sleeps through Pre-calculus classes and still gets an A without even trying. I admire him, for his intelligence, but mostly I admire him for the way he treats me. Maybe I’m just alone in this whole early-twenties-into-brainy-guys thing; either way, college student or not, I wouldn’t want a dumb, macho, muscleman hanging all over me.

        • bongstar420

          Speaking 4 languages will command a lot of resource access vs some halfwit with big muscles.

          Its all about resource acquisition and potential territory no matter where the dude is. Different areas are dominated by different types which leads to a feedback cycle.

          We are speaking in statistical terms here. There are always deviations, but those typically tend to want to create the new norms. I don’t know a lady that doesn’t think her dude should “have more” if she is into him.

    • alpha unit

      Appearances are sometimes deceiving. Who knows? Maybe Laura was the biggest freak George W. ever met.

      You just don’t know!

    • tulio

      I think they get some more sense as they get older, but that’s what they like. Women want *masculine*, they want *macho*. Big, dumb and scary. That’s sexy, that’s what turns them on. They like macho, and not too smart, please. Women like their men DUMB. Dumb means caveman macho sexboat. Smart means nerdy, sissy wimpboy.

      Masculine and dominant is the key, not dumb. Think of the James Bond archetype. He’s masculine and dominant, charming, never awkward, worldly, in control, has good tastes, and damn intelligent. Now I know he’s a fictional character, but you get the point, that’s an archetype that women would swoon over, and he’s no dumb brute.

      I don’t think it’s intelligence that turns women off, it’s intellectuals that do. That’s the distinction that I think you’re not getting. Women don’t wet their panties listening to Noam Chomsky speak. They don’t get turned on by some guy droning on and on about abstractions. If it’s not emotionally engaging, women don’t respond to it. If an intelligent guy is emotionally engaging, he’s successful with women. Most of them are not though, and that’s why intellectual men rarely do well with women. Women are more emotionally driven than men, it’s fact despite what feminists believe. The dumb jerk archetype is emotionally engaging. Has her mad one minute, then he’s giving her the best sex of her life the next. He’ll do better than a guy who NEVER elicits emotions.

      • bongstar420

        They do if they think they are the rulers or will be the rulers of the world. What woman dreams that her “ideal man” will be forever poor and marginalized? Outside of that, I seriously doubt it matters what he is like.

    • alpha unit

      Tulio, you’re reminding me of guys like Ernest Hemingway. Hemingway was an intelligent guy who clearly had no problem getting women. He was the stereotypical masculine, dominant, worldly guy.

      He was one of those writer/artist types that Robert mentioned as exceptions, although I wonder how many current writers have lives comparable to Hemingway.

  5. Julie

    Many girls like smart guys. I do as do my friends.
    Of course, if the guy is real hot and has a great personality, these two attributes can overcome a lack of intellect.
    Then again, having a great personality is part of being intelligent IMO. Self-restraint and discipline, savoir faire, knowing how to be likable (EQ) is a part of intelligence too IMO.
    So, overall girls do like smart guys IMO.
    I am sorry to partially disagree with you Robert.

    • According to that definition of intelligence, sure. A lot of people who aren’t real smart have killer personalities though.

      As far as intelligence as in having a high IQ type, I’m not so sure. I’ve had a few women tell me that I was really smart and they thought that was sexy as Hell, but that’s only in recent years. They were all 35-50 years old. One was Black, one was Jewish and one was White/Amerindian. That’s not counting the Japanese, Thais, Chinese and South Americans I referred to in the piece.

      One type of smart guy some women like is a writer. Especially a creative type writer. That’s fits in with the women love artists thing. That’s more a certain type of women though. The writer groupie type. They aren’t necessarily the hottest women around (but some are), but they’re often really brainy, kind of weird, artistic types who like to read.

      I do hope you are right though, Julie.

  6. Julie

    To the OP,
    You seem to be selecting for unintelligent girls yourself, LOL. No offense but come on? There are many beautiful smart girls too and they love smart guys. Maybe you are too intimidated by the smart girls’ brains to approach us so don’t put it on most American girls not liking smart or high IQ guys.

    Perhaps smart guys are intimidated by pretty smart girls so try approaching us sometime, OK –instead of assuming we’re not interested??

    As for Asian women and Jewish women selecting for smart guys, you are partially correct IMO. That is a good point but I say partially because I think it is more that foreign and minority women are taught to select for successful men not necessarily high IQ or intelligent guys. I recall asking my dad that question (My dad was a diplomat who mingled with a lot of influential people in different cultures so I thought he might know something.) because I have always selected for highly educated guys and my dad said: “NO, most of the people cared about money most not education.”

    The irony is that successful guys happen to have greater access to education and many (NOT ALL) will tend to teach a love of education to their children so this affects richer people having higher IQ’s too.

    In my personal experience, I attended an exclusive school and a few of my class mates were rich African kids of diplomats, ambassadors, etc who were really smart because they had access. Of course, these guys are going to get girls, they’re rich, smart and have it going on.

    Nice job trying to tie in Asian/Jewish IQ with their women’s selection of intelligent men based on one example, LOL.

    I think it’s the other way around though for the most part.

    Asian women go for successful guys as do Jewish women and education is a bi-product of that as there is greater access to good education from richer people.

    So, this is a case of which came first: The chicken or the egg?

    Success came first then a better education followed. Also, the more educated will also have a better shot at having more money; thus a vicious circle of better education..

    The main motivator IMO is money and success for “foreign” and “minority” women from non American cultures but most smart girls like smart men too. Basically there is a hierarchy, if they can’t find the rich, successful guy they’ll settle for the educated guy but again IMO, it goes towards money. They figure the guy with the better education has a shot at making more money in the future. So, once again it all boils down to money –when you analyze the dynamic further.

    I agree with you about the average American woman going for dumb guys. Many really do not care much about what genes they pass on to their children and that sucks IMO.

    It’s almost like child abuse in a way but what do you expect from women that are the product of a permissive society –who learn most of their moral values from television.

    Perhaps the loose morals and permissive ways being taught on TV are part of the problem?

    • mm8ran

      “I agree with you about the average American woman going for dumb guys. Many really do not care much about what genes they pass on to their children”

      That’s not entirely accurate – American women have a keen focus in this multiethnic country to pass on the white gene to their children; how else can they indoctrinate their offspring with the pious and holistically sound virtues of self-segregation? You know, they key to true success in a globally connected planet of 7 billion…!

      Whoops! Did Oonga say too much? Oonga bad. Oonga very bad. Oonga do better. Oonga want snoo snoo. Give Oonga snoo snoo. SNOO SNOO!

      …that always seems to do the trick…


    • bongstar420

      Take any of those guys, eliminate their social connections and wealth connections, and see them not get laid. Once they don’t have that, they have nothing going on. Many will not retain their charm in those circumstances. The suave males who are poor and pounding booty all the time tend to lose access after their early years if they do not deploy those attributes towards wealth.

  7. Julie

    I am in my 20’s as are most of my friends. Most of us love smart guys. I do not see any of us giving the time of day to a Neanderthal.

    I have to wonder, Robert, are smart guys maybe intimidated by smart girls? Do you even approach pretty, smart girls or prejudge us as being stuck up or worse before giving us a chance?
    I am surprised because so many smart girls like smart guys but many of you guys also prefer the tall, dumb, obnoxious blondes over the smart, pretty, nice girls. You prefer bad girls and they prefer bad guys because birds of a feather and all that.
    Try going after some pretty smart girls then write another blog of that experience??

    I do think it’s the less smarter, less educated women who prefer less intelligent guys though.

    • alpha unit

      I think you are on to something, Julie. How many smart girls try to dumb themselves down so that they can seem more likeable or approachable?

    • bongstar420

      Bad trope. You need to think about your analogies more miss “smartypants.”

      I think its funny how dumb people are anti-dumb then go on to perpetuate dumb while framing themselves as smart….

      I most certainly am not intimidated by intelligent women. In fact, they are the only ones where real long term viability with me exists…but unlike them, I know how much circumstances and wealth matter vs intelligence, and they simply do not know how things play out in a society that won’t put money on smart just for the sake of smart. Notice the intellectual “neg” I pulled. Bang!

      You will not be interested in a very intelligent man who will forever be poor due to circumstances and undesirable social constructs he won’t accept to “get ahead.”

  8. bullshit. the first rule is never believe what a woman says about who she is attracted to. judge women by their actions. who they sleep with is a better indicator.

    another great example of females and the lies they tell…they keep their sex lives very secret. there are few times when a woman will be open about the topic of sex.

    “i love to travel” really means “i love to sample foreign men.” another example…

    i have not yet read the article but wanted to get my less-than-two-cents in early on.

  9. alpha unit

    It’s kinda funny about women liking their men “dumb.” I have, especially when I was younger, been a part of discussions with other women where we shook our heads and ridiculed how dumb men were.

    Please remember that with women, what you see is NOT always what you get.

    • it’s pretty much NEVER what-you-see-is-what-you-get. they specialize in deception like drone bees specialize in collecting honey. not only does it absolve you ladies of responsibility, but it also gets you what you want. more times than not…

      sure, in aggregate womens’ IQ curve is to the right of males’ IQ bell-curve, but the outliers…there are almost no female geniuses. and very few female retards. you know that autism affects males at a 3:1 rate…way more than females. right?

      we men are god’s genetic experiments.

      not that this matters. at all. the only thing i want is juicy wet sloppy *** but my IQ will never get me there.

      thanks for the great discussion on this blog, both of you. now where is your thread about black-male macho-ness? i been meaning to post my reply on that topic. i suspect it’s why so many black men have gay lovers on the DL.

      i’ll find that and put my comments there.

      • bongstar420

        The average woman is slightly more intelligent than the average she can better manipulate….but the highly intelligent women are a factor of 3 less frequent than the highly intelligent men because men manipulate at the very top and dominate all of societies through history. There are several physical attributes which correlate with this; height being primary. You will find that the ruling class in all of societies tends to be slightly taller than their populations average…

  10. Uncle Milton

    To Randy:

    “i love to travel” really means “i love to sample foreign men.” another example…

    To be fair that applies to men also.. well change the statement to “i love to sample foreign women.” unless the guy is batting for the other team.

    Any guy that travels by himself (with the exception of business guys and even then their chase foreign tail..) to Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, and to a lesser degree Western Europe.. is very likely in search of foreign poon.

  11. alpha unit

    How would you characterize American women, in general, Robert? Do you think they value brains?

    • alpha unit

      Sorry, you already answered that!

    • Forget it! No way. Are you kidding?

      You mean White women? No.

      In recent years, I have met some women in meatspace who seemed either impressed or turned on by the size of my brain. One was Hispanic and another was CHINESE. Just like the article says.

      I’ve also met a few other women who did, but they were older, 35-50. They told me that my intelligence was a real turn-on. Some American women get that way when they are older. There have been a few others who were like, “DAMN you’re smart! Are you a professor?” But they were about 40-50.

      My Mom says women get some sense about this stuff as they get older. The “bad boy” types are NOT a good investment in the future and older women often get over the “nerd-revulsion” thing they had in their youth.

      I guess meatheads get boring after a while. But for younger White women, no way, are you kidding?

      There is a type of chick who likes brainy guys: a super-brainy chick. I mean super-brainy. You see it more as they get older. Young women IQ 70-150 are pretty much all chasing meathead lumberjack quarterback types at best, gangsters and sociopaths at worst.

      The weird thing is American women often say that they love a smart guy, but then when it comes down to brass talks, they don’t at all. It’s another one of those things where women say one thing and do another.

      tulio makes a good point. Sure intellectuals aren’t sexy. Most of them are unsexy as Hell. But there are some really sexy guys who happen to be smart as whips. You would think in cases like that, their brains would be an added attraction, but I don’t think so.

      Keep in mind we live in a profoundly anti-intellectual society.

    • alpha unit

      Yes, we do live in an anti-intellectual society. And this is why even a really brainy guy who runs for President has to pretend that he is “just an ordinary guy.” The kind of guy you would “want to have a beer with.”

      Too much brains and you’re out of touch, or something!

  12. alpha unit

    Thinking about how anti-intellectual our society is reminds me of what D. H. Lawrence said in his study of American literature: “The essential American soul is hard, isolate, stoic, and a killer. It has never yet melted.”

    This is often taken out of context, but I think it has the ring of truth.

    That “Man With No Name” character that Clint Eastwood used to play earlier in his career personifies it.

  13. dano

    Thank God for women with loose morals and permissive ways.

  14. Olive

    When did you last get your iq tested. Tests have been adjusted since the 1970’s. I scored much higher on those older IQ tests and only in the 120’s range for the more current ones.

    • The scores are good.

      And no comment on your question. Actually it was last tested in 1988. I’ve got my score, I ain’t takin any more tests.

    • bongstar420

      Apparently I score +130 on culture-fair tests. I’ve pulled out “average” scores on some tests with all kinds of stuff I never saw before. If they were science orientated, I’d probably get +130 though. I don’t pay attention to classical eurpoean intellectuals and didn’t attend harvard (purposely not capitalized).

  15. this whole topic is laughable. but i still have to chime in and leave my comments to dispell the common delusions.

    • this whole topic is laughable.

      It is, isn’t it? “Guys, will your high IQ get you women?”


      LOLgasm X10! I just laughed 6 million times! That was a LOLocaust right there!

      I like how all these chicks are chiming in, No, really, we love smart guys. Yeah right.

    • alpha unit

      No, really, we love smart guys!

      We love ’em as much as you guys really love smart women!

    • Actually, I like smart women. Where are they , though? I never meet em, or hardly ever.

      Alpha seems like she likes smart guys.

    • alpha unit

      Of course. Always.

    • Mort Goldman

      I’ve met very few women who are truly intellectual. They’ll pretend to share your interests to hook you, but as soon as you take them over the threshold, it’s all about TV and shopping.

    • Eman

      RL:”Actually, I like smart women. Where are they , though? I never meet em, or hardly ever.”

      There has never been and there never will be a female genius — some women are indeed smart, yes, but a female genius has never existed –

      “We may now give, with certainty, a conclusive answer to the question as to the giftedness of the sexes: there are women with undoubted traits of genius, but there is no female genius, and there never has been one (not even amongst those masculine women of history which were dealt with in the first part), and there never can be one. Those who are in favour of laxity in these matters, and are anxious to extend and enlarge the idea of genius in order to make it possible to include women, would simply by such action destroy the concept of genius. If it is in any way possible to frame a definition of genius that would thoroughly cover the ground, I believe that my definition succeeds. And how, then, could a soulless being possess genius? The possession of genius is identical with profundity; and if any one were to try to combine woman and profundity as subject and predicate, he would be contradicted on all sides. A female genius is a contradiction in terms, for genius is simply intensified, perfectly developed, universally conscious maleness.

      The man of genius possesses, like everything else, the complete female in himself; but woman herself is only a part of the Universe, and the part can never be the whole; femaleness can never include genius. This lack of genius on the part of woman is inevitable because woman is not a monad, and cannot reflect the Universe. ”

      Have y’all ever noticed that most very smart women are lesbians, or at least lesbianish?

  16. fred

    This may seem a contradiction but I agree with both Julie and Randy. Particularly the part Julie said about women who are into intellectuals really being gold diggers. And the part Randy said about most women lying. And most guys do, too. I would also add Julie sounded a little “catty” about tall blonds.

    Regarding Asians and Hispanics being into smart guys. The topic of interracial dating recently came up on another blog and I found stats from an online dating site. Generally speaking, Asians and Hispanics are more attracted to white guys than to men of their own background. So you can draw your own conclusions about whether they like your “big brain” or just middle class white guys. Probably a bit of both.

    Regarding older women getting their priorities straight. Studies have shown younger women are programmed for studs. And older women are programmed for stability. It’s an evolutionary thing. That doesn’t mean brains are a disadvantage. It just means women are into hot guys the same way guys are into hot girls. And I assume you’re typically more attracted to a woman’s appearance than her IQ. But that you wouldn’t kick her out of bed for being smart.

    As for me, I’m already married. And though my wife is attractive that wasn’t what drew me to her. She was level headed, shared my values and I enjoyed her company. At the risk of sounding immodest, I really wanted to find my intellectual equal and was a little disappointed that she hadn’t finished college. It wasn’t until after we were married that we took an online IQ test and she actually scored 1 pt higher than me. And in case anyone has anything smart to say about cheesy online IQ tests, I was professionally tested once and the cheesy online test was darn close. I won’t say what our scores were but neither one of us would have any problem getting into mensa.

    So ultimately I would conclude the reason women are attracted to dumb guys and men are attracted to dumb gals is that most people are attracted to someone of similar intellect. And I would also suggest the type one chooses for a fling isn’t necessarily the type one might choose for marriage.

  17. dano

    Well, those fake Gel-form-vibrating vaginas and blowup dolls sell quite well so that’s an indicator of guys’ standards of intellect. Then of course there’s “vibrators” and dildos for women. Put alkaline batteries in ’em and give THEM an IQ test.
    “I can’t believe it’s not butta”

  18. Mort Goldman

    True story: A woman in my neighborhood. She’s half Jewish, half black, and is mistaken for Hispanic everywhere. She herself is very bright, with a degree from an Ivy League University you would have heard of. She married a big, burly Hispanic guy with an 8th grade education, who made a good to excellent living as a construction contractor. He got injured on the job. While he was recovering, he started reading books and improving his English. He got his GED and started attending college. The marriage started to have problems. To make a long story short, he received his BS in engineering on the same day his wife threw his belongings from the second story window and told him never to return.

    I find it interesting that marriages succeed when the wife is better educated. I’m sure this is strictly a U.S. stat. Albert Einstein back in the 1920s observed that American men allowed their women to lead them around “like puppies,” and took a lot of heat for it. But it was true then, and it’s even more true now. Women like to have more education than their men because they want to manipulate them and lead them by the nose.

    • alpha unit

      And why do women succeed at this so often, I wonder? Could it be that men like being manipulated and led by the nose?

    • Mort Goldman

      Probably. There’s a heavy downside, but abdicating responsibility for one’s own life has its attractions.

    • Eman

      AU:”Could it be that men like being manipulated and led by the nose?”

      ONLY in the increasingly degenerate ‘nation’ of 20th/21st Century Amerikwa are men led around by the nose by their petty little women — in the more sane nations of the world the exact opposite is true: in almost all other nations the man is always the boss (as he should be).

      Matriarchal and femicentric cultures and nations are ALWAYS subsumed and taken over by patriarchal nations and cultures – thus the current conquest of the modern Judaized shithole known as the Jewnited States, which took a very bad turn in the 20th Century under Judeoplutocratic control.

    • Mort Goldman

      Eman: Conquest by whom? Because if, as I suspect, you think it’s being conquered by the Jews, you’re contradicting yourself. Sorry to get all Jewy and logical on you like this…

  19. ski

    My theory is that women do like guys a smidgen smarter, but no more than that. Every point up to 5 points higher= increased attraction; every point after that to 10= neutral; every point after +10= desexualization. Of course, a man can overcome this by playing dumb.

    • tulio

      It think it has less to do with women not being attracted to smart guys and more to do with smart guys not knowing how to attract women.

      Smart guys that know how to attract women do just as fine or better than dumb guys. I think that VERY smart guys just tend to be more socially inept, which is understandable because smart people often find it more stimulating to think or read a book in isolation because they are bored talking about the mundane things normal IQ people find interesting. So they don’t know what to do in social situations. Typically they are the nerds in high school that didn’t date and had their faces buried in a book in the library while the normal guys were socializing and talking about parties, binge drinking, girls and sports.

    • tulio, the thing is, being smart is absolutely no advantage to being a brainy or scholarly guy in US White culture.

      Certain things are advantages. Good looks, maybe, but not too much. At my age, it’s all just money. Nothing else matters that much. Charisma a bit.

      My point is that I have met women from other cultures, in particular Iberian and Iberian influenced cultures, who think that a really brainy or scholarly guy, assuming he has other attractive characteristics, is HOT. These women were originally from Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Portugal, etc. In these cultures, a man is supposed to have “soft hands.” Here that means you’re gay. Down there it means you don’t work with your hands. In those cultures, a scholarly man, especially, say, a man of letters or a professor, is HOT to a lot of women, once again assuming he has other stuff going.

      I also think that Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Jewish women think smart guys are actually HOT. Once again, it helps to be handsome, confident, charismatic, all that. But brains is not a negative or neutral. These chicks actually get HOT for really smart men. They actually want to fuck your mind.

      Also, in Iberian and Asian cultures, scholars are pretty macho. In Latin America, men of letters are macho guys. In Asia, they’re just as macho as the rest of the guys. Here, scholarly types act like dorks a lot of the time.

      American women seem like they place little value on this stuff. They want brawn, not brains. And I know plenty of really smart White women who have spending their lives sleeping with 85-100 IQ aggressive macho types. Some of these women have IQ’s over 140, but they’re basically fucking the gardener.

      It’s not so much that brainy guys act like dorks, it’s that there is no additive value to brains for a guy in US society. It’s either neutral or a negative. It’s not like looks, charm, charisma, confidence and especially power and MONEY. All of these are additive factors.

      There are plenty of rich guys who act like clods around women. Do women care? Hell no. They line up for them. So much for the social ineptness theory.

    • alpha unit

      I know a lot of guys think that “women want brawn, not brains,” but if you’re a dumbass, I promise you: the woman may use you and take advantage of you, but respect is another issue altogether!

      Do guys not realize that a woman can smile at you and act a certain way with you, and then, as soon as your back is turned, roll her eyes?

    • Then why do I know so many smart White women who are doing the equivalent of screwing the gardener, Alpha?

    • alpha unit

      Maybe it’s the sex. Couldn’t it simply be that she uses him mainly for that?

    • tulio

      Then why do I know so many smart White women who are doing the equivalent of screwing the gardener, Alpha?

      is is kind of a long article, in the Weekly Standard of all things, but it I think it talks about what’s going on and why dating and mating is reverting back to the caveman era:

    • alpha unit

      I’m sure there are people who swore forty years ago that dating and mating were reverting to the “caveman” era.

      I get what the author of that piece is saying. But I’ve also heard what women say about the men they’re involved with. And women can be ruthless in their mockery of clueless guys – even if they are getting some kind of benefit from associating with them.

    • Yeah but most guys don’t care if they are being used. And I don’t think these women are using them for the sex. These are the men in their lives. They actively dislike smart guys and nice guys and like macho, not too smart guys who are really aggressive and don’t treat them that well. Denise Romano would say these guys rape these women. Some of these women told me flat out that nice guys are wimps. I think they think smart guy = nice guy = wimps.

      It’s true in the US, that intelligence is not associated with masculinity.

      Point is that these beautiful women are screwing these gardener types, but they won’t touch the smart guys.

    • Yes, I read that Weekly Standard article. You know, it’s like when you free the women, they turn into cavewomen. And the best women, the women who act best of all from my POV, are the women from the places where they are the most repressed. To my mind, the best women come from Latin America, Asia, the Arab World, Russia. All of those women are supposedly seriously repressed and lacking in rights.

      But those are the nicest women of all. They don’t challenge men. They respect us and don’t start fights with us. They act feminine, and they are very, very nice. Plus they seem to respect brains and scholars – probably as a sign that you are an aristocrat who does not have to work with his hands.

      As I said earlier, in Chile a man is supposed to have “soft hands.” This means you’re an aristocrat. You don’t live in a slum and slave for a living. A guy like that is hot property in Latin America.

      When you look at the places where the women get liberated, it seems like they turn into a bunch of bitches. Furthermore, they don’t act feminine anymore, they challenge men all the time, they don’t respect scholars, and they turn into cavewomen.

      I’m supposed to be for feminism, but why is it that the least liberated women are the nicest?

    • alpha unit

      OK. There are women who like macho, not too bright, aggressive guys who don’t treat them that well. I believe it.

      On the other hand, there are women who don’t have any respect at all for dumb guys and see them as saps and will take them for everything they can, then make fun of them.

      What conclusion can you draw about women from this?

    • tulio

      I’m supposed to be for feminism, but why is it that the least liberated women are the nicest.

      Because the liberated women have options. They don’t need a man for financial security, so they will play by their own terms. This all makes things more challenging for men. 100 years ago, the only requirement a woman had is that a man be hard working and had a good reputation.

      50 years ago, a man like George Sodoni, the man who shot up those women at the gym last year would’ve had no trouble finding someone. I’m not defending that pathetic, miserable guy, he’s a serial murderer, but you can see what drove him over the edge. Sexual frustration. He was a decent looking guy, had a good job, but he was seen at dating seminars so he probably didn’t have much skills in attracting women. In my parents generation, there was no such thing as dating seminars. Nice guys with good jobs had wives by their mid 20s. Feminism has changed the rules. I think the whole PUA/Roissy scene is a reaction to these changes. They are taking a evolutionary biology perspective and viewing this all as survival of the fittest. They are broke down to a science what the female brain responds to and concluded that it ain’t changed much from the neolithic era.

      Unfortunately, there will be more Sodonis. Not necessarily in the form of frustrated men that go postal, but more beta men being left behind in the mating game. Feminism and gender equality has made it so that women simply don’t need them. Unless feminism reverses course(which ain’t happening), the only option is for men to step up the game. And in comes the PUA community to meet that need. When you look at it in hindsight, the rise of the PUA community was a given.

    • alpha unit

      The PUA community was inevitable, as you say, but what’s really amusing is its concept of the “alpha” male.

      There’s some kind of idea out there that the woman-using jerk is “alpha” and the plodding nice guy is “beta.”

      Anyone who really understands these concepts would tell you that this is a complete distortion.

    • Hey, great post, tulio. You summed it up quite well. There was nothing wrong with Sodini. Kind of a nerd, but I think in my parents’ generation, the nerds all got married at least. And you’re right, there was no such thing as a dating seminar. Why would anyone need to go to something like that.

      Of course once women are liberated, they have no need for men anymore. And if they can pick and choose who they want, they will go for sociopathic Alphas who fuck them over, and millions of betas will get a big fat zero.

      I remember once I worked at this place. This guy asked out a chick. She looked at him funny and he figured she meant no, and he never asked her out again. She was an angry feminist type, and she told the whole damned office that this guy asked her out. The entire female workforce rose up in arms. Why? Because this guy asked out some chick! Not only that, but she was a good looking chick.

      It’s like women find this totally outrageous. This guy was sort of weird, but I thought he was harmless. He also seemed like he hadn’t been laid in months. I felt sorry for him.

      But you see, in the world of women, that guy nowadays is sentenced to a lifetime of no sex with any woman ever. Or certainly not with a good looking woman. I guess he can have some nerdy, weird chick who’s like him. They’re totally outraged that this weird guy had the temerity to ask out a hot chick. How dare he!

      You see, in my parents’ generation, there was no agreement that weird, nerdy or dweeby guys should be sentenced to a lifetime of no sex. Most people in that generation would say that if he’s a good person, some good woman should grab him anyway.

      But now women seem to think that there are millions of guys who have to be sentenced to a lifetime of celibacy because they are nerdy or dweeby. The women can all share and fight over the 20% Alphas and all the rest of the guys be damned. That’s cold man.

      You go to the feminist sites and the women are all screaming, “We do not owe you anything! You have no right to anything in life! You have no right to have sex with us, or with any woman, even once in your life!” Wow, fuck man, that’s cold.

      And the whole gist of the thing from Lady Raine and Denise Romano is that they are spitting mad that Game is enabling non-Alpha guys to get hot chicks. According to LR/DR, these guys *have no right to be going after women like that.* Those women are out of their leagues and only Alphas should be chasing them.

      Game is evening things up and is making it so that the hot chicks can’t tell the Alphas from the Betas anymore. It’s allowing a lot of Betas to pretend to be Alphas. Then these women are furious for sleeping with a Loser.

      Game is a response to modern women and their stupid shit. I don’t blame guys for getting into it. Why not? Arms races suck, but unilateral disarmament is nuts.

    • alpha unit

      This alpha/beta stuff is not real. It only exists in the minds of these PUAs and their brainwashed followers.

      You’re only “alpha” in relation to a group that you preside over! A lone individual isn’t “alpha” in regard to anything.

      If nobody has entrusted you with power over them, you are nobody’s “alpha.”

    • tulio

      The PUA community was inevitable, as you say, but what’s really amusing is its concept of the “alpha” male.

      An alpha male doesn’t have to be jerk necessarily. Barack Obama is by definition an alpha male and he doesn’t seem like douche bag jerk at all and rather seems like someone who appreciates a good woman in his life.

      An alpha male is simply a dominant male who is at the top of the pecking order when it comes to choice of mates. That’s all it really comes down to. You can almost judge a guy’s alphaness by how beautiful the women are that he’s been involved with. You can’t get more alpha than Derek Jeter. Look at this “resume” :

      That’s why men place so much importance on beauty in women. It elevates their status. It says to the world, “I’m an alpha male” because I was able to attract this babe that every guy wants but can’t have.

    • Well, ALPHA, we figure that the Alphas are the guys that the women are going for in droves. What else would you call the guys who are monopolizing all the females and cleaning up? I mean, call em anything you want, but there’s a reason why women are going for them, right? Betas, call them what you will. Those are the guys who are being left behind here. The nice guys who the women are blowing off for the Alpha bad boys. Call em thing you want, but that’s the reality of it.

      Thing is that Man World does not work in terms of Alphas and Betas. The PUA’s are wrong about this. A guy who thinks he is hot and acts like he is better than all the other guys is simply seen as an asshole, and I’m not sure how many women even want him. In Man World, you’re supposed to get along with other guys, even if they are nerds or dweebs or lamers or losers or whatever.

      When a guy making $100,000/yr deals with the $8/hour geeky clerk at Starbucks, he’s supposed to respect him, at least in the world I live in. Man World is based on mutual respect. So Alphahood and Betahood is not based on shoving other guys around all that much, but more on relative success. That is, the Alphas will get a lot of female attention, and the Betas will get less, or none. But everyone will be nice to everyone, pretty much. Especially if you demand respect, then you tend to get it.

      But see, if I disrespect other guys, even Betas or Omegas who “deserve” it, that’s seen as uncool in Man World. I’m being a dick, and no guy is really supposed to act like he’s obviously better than any other guy. Also, he’s going to retaliate in some way, and most people in Man World will support his retaliation because I’m being a dick.

      Women think that Man World is all about Alphas bullying the Betas and Omegas, but it’s not really like that, not after high school anyway.

      Man World is about avoiding conflict, potentially dangerous or fatal conflict with other males, who are extremely dangerous by their very nature.

    • Yes, the guys I knew who were the ultimate womanizers who ever lived, like Steve who used to have 3-4 dates a DAY, and he would have sex with all of them, when it came down to it, they were really nice guys. I mean they demanded a certain type of behavior in order to hang around with them. You had to be cool and you could not screw up. I suppose there were a lot of guys he would choose not to be friends with.

      No one ever fought with him, he never started shit with other guys. I remember once we were playing ping pong and I was winning. I started getting mean and teasing him about it. He got hurt and confused. In his world, you weren’t supposed to do that.

      When you’re at the top of your game like that and you have life dicked, there’s no reason to be an asshole to anyone. What for? Let’s face it, a lot of male aggression comes from insecure males and a real Alpha should be ultra-secure.

    • tulio

      I remember once I worked at this place. This guy asked out a chick. She looked at him funny and he figured she meant no, and he never asked her out again. She was an angry feminist type, and she told the whole damned office that this guy asked her out. The entire female workforce rose up in arms. Why? Because this guy asked out some chick! Not only that, but she was a good looking chick.

      It’s like women find this totally outrageous. This guy was sort of weird, but I thought he was harmless. He also seemed like he hadn’t been laid in months. I felt sorry for him.

      This is interesting. This reminds me of why some theorize that men have an inborn tendency to fear approaching a woman. I don’t know how true it is, but they say going back to the caveman days when people lived in small tribes, to be rejected by a woman was the kiss of death. Within this small tribe, you only had a limited amount of mates. If you got it wrong, you branded a loser essentially, word spread quick through the tribe and you were screwed. You can still see some of this in African tribes today. Where teenage boys will have their rite of passage and it’s important that the females see them pass or it’s the kiss of death.

      Women may have some inborn tribal instinct to warn her fellow women of a guy with the scarlet letter, one who has inferior DNA not worthy of being passed on. She probably things she’s being a Samaritan in warning other women to avoid him. She doesn’t realize what she’s doing to the guy though.

    • alpha unit

      Now, Man World sounds fascinating. I am always interested in how different it may be from Woman World.

  20. Socialism/collectivism link to respect of intellectuals

    I noticed that. The Jews and asians are generally extremely collectivist.

    It appears that France is more collectivist than at least west germany.

    This trend is most obvious at the extremes. In soviet Russia, the only way to advance socially was to either be a high ranking political party member, or a great scientist,generally(From my HS European textbook…im only kinda well read)

    This may also be the case in China, with a bit more entrepreneurship. Cultures such as that will obviously value academic achievement, since academia is the ultimate “society builder”, which benefits everyone, not just the individual.

    At the opposite ends are the US and Germany. These capitalistic cultures value the individual over society. And as such, “exciting” things, like sports(football) and manly exciting pasttimes are valued. Unfortunately, they dont take brains or a good heart.

    Women ultimately choose the most respected man. If respect is based on excitement, the individual, they will select for the hot bipolar exciting stud, rather then the hardworking stable man.

  21. Socialism/collectivism link to respect of intellectuals

    “Particularly the part Julie said about women who are into intellectuals really being gold diggers.”

    That ultimately is because money is valued over brains in this society.

    Rich men are respected, smart men are not.

    Women ultimately choose their mates based off of respect. As exciting/rich is what is respected in this country, smarts fall by the wayside.

    • alpha unit

      I kinda understand what people mean when they say things like “Rich men are respected, smart men are not.” But women don’t respect dumb guys at all.

    • PUA culture/feedback loop

      Its not that dumb men are not respected. Its just that rich is valued even more then smart. So a dumb rich man can get chicks, when in another culture where smarts are respected over wealth, this could not happen.

    • tulio

      If there’s anything I want to get smart guys to realize is that it’s not their smarts that are the problem, it’s their social ineptitude.

    • PUA culture/feedback loop

      Who women choose to mate with is decided most strongly by what the men in society respect.

      Nearly every guy pats the great dumb football player on the back, and wants to be chums with him. This makes him the most popular guy in school. Girls then have sex with the dude, since guys respect his physical ability’s and want to be friends with him(if hes not a complete dick)

      Well, I should say, women choose men based off a combo of respect and amount of friends the guy has. A well respected guy with friends gets the most chicks. A respected guy with little friends may get some chicks, and vice versa(class clowns get chicks sometimes). Men who are neither respected or have friends get nothing.

    • PUA culture/feedback loop

      “If there’s anything I want to get smart guys to realize is that it’s not their smarts that are the problem, it’s their social ineptitude”

      1.Just because a guy with aspergers sounds smart because he only studies, dosen’t mean he IS smart. Being good at math is not the only way to be smart.

      2.But, in a way, their smarts cause social inepitude. People tend to only be able to converse with people who are similar in intellect. SUPER smart people can talk meaningfully to not very many people.

      Just look at the owner of this blog. He acted dumb to get chicks. I think this happened for several reasons.

      1. He was smarter then the girls he talked to, so he could not converse fully without dumbing it down.
      2.Girls tend to like emotionally filled topics more then guys. Guys think emotions are stupid, so he thought the way he talked was dumb.
      3.Noam Chomsky/Lee Kuan Yew talk intelligently, but not excitingly. To make a women be attracted to you, you must be exciting. Smart talk is not exciting to even most smart people.
      4. American culture amplifies this. MTV, Football, weightlifting, individualism, all makes exciting talk even more exciting/wanted. Measured conversation becomes even more boring.
      Example. CNN is the most popular MSM overseas, FOX and MSNBC are not. CNN is the most boring. This is small evidence, but evidence.

    • Yeah but in Latin America, Iberia and Asia, smart guys ARE respected for their brains. Of course it helps if they have other stuff going, but if so, the brains seem to be an additive attractive factor. American women act like brains are either a zero or even that they are a turnoff.

      The question isn’t whether or not smart guys are attractive. The question is whether, say, a guy who has other stuff going, looks, charisma, charm, confidence, funny, etc. Is there any additive benefit to that from brains or scholarliness? In US society, I say NO.

      However, I would be the first to admit that many incredibly brilliant men I have met have the personalities of warthogs. A lot of smart people just have shitty personalities. Some are even kind of antisocial.

    • alpha unit

      Where, oh where, do men get some of these ideas about women?

      I’m reading all of this stuff that women supposedly like and go for, and I am wondering: Where do you guys get this information?

    • Experience, Alpha. I mean, I spent a good part of my life trying to be this sensitive feminist New Man that the women supposedly wanted. What a joke. They have nothing but contempt for guys like that.

      Also, I’ve been watching really, really smart and educated women pass me up or worse cheat on me with 85-100 IQ macho, super aggressive working class asshole “gardener” types who seduce-rape (according to Denise Romano) them.

      These are women who have college degrees, go to foreign films, discuss stuff like “ontology,” read all the best literature, are all around educated, and there she is, fucking the gardener. Hell. The same women who treated me like I was a WIMP.

      After a lifetime of experience, you start seeing patterns. Like over and over and over and over. Then if you have any sense, you start to connect it all together and draw some conclusions. If you have no sense, you just keep repeating the same mistakes you made when you were younger.

    • alpha unit

      OK. You’re right; we all draw conclusions from experience.

      But as an example of what I mean: the statement that in order to be attractive to women, you have to be “exciting.” Some of the most attractive guys I’ve met didn’t come across that way!

      They came across as relaxed and confident, but you wouldn’t have described them as “exciting.” One such guy I know has never, ever had any problem getting women.

      I wonder if the behavior of the youngest, most immature women is coloring perceptions of what all women want.

    • Yeah, you don’t have to be exciting to get women. That’s kind of a young woman thing. They want exciting guys. Relaxed and confident guys always can do well.

  22. 1930's Harvard Decision fucked things up for America

    I believe I have discovered another aspect of why Americans so dislike intellectuals, or do not value them.

    Around the 1930’s to 1950’s (Im not sure on the specific dates) officers at Harvard and Yale and Princeton decided to weigh non academic traits like sports, and other EC into their formula.

    This had a top down effect, and today, nearly every college has a favorable admission to athletes.

    In France,Japan,Korea this system does not exist. Athletes there are not given the same special treatment that they are here. That lets high school students and their parents justify spending hours on sports, instead of books. This eventually has effects on all of society, leading pundits to proclaim “sports are necessary for the development of the child”

    That is clearly not the case, looking at well adjusted jews, asians, and high end immigrants. However, the MSM believes it, and it propagates the lie.

    I remember writing a college admissions paper. I have a few weightlifting records, and everyone recommended me to list them in my “Pride” essay. I did, but that pissed me off greatly. I do not care for my strength(max bench of 400 lbs) as I realized that the only purpose of being great at sports in this world is to get laid. Why would I be prideful of that?

  23. PUA culture/feedback loop

    “not that this matters. at all. the only thing i want is juicy wet sloppy *** but my IQ will never get me there. ”

    PUA’s are douches who only contribute to their complaints. By respecting men like MYSTERY, they add attraction to those men, since women like respected men.

    GAME, and respecting players, is like steroids, and respecting steroid users. GAME helps the player who uses them, but ruins their soul, and eventually hurts everyone.

    Game (they way they practice it)should be discouraged. Instead, those men should show respect for the men they consider “Betas” That way, if “betas” are respected, women will like them more.

    By respecting sociopathic ‘Alphas” women like those men more.

    Its all one giant feedback loop, and people like ROISSY encourage it to become a shit loop.

  24. PUA culture/feedback loop

    Robert, can you point out some flaws in this? I want my ideas to be critiqued harshly always, so I can improve my thought process.

    Come to think of it, maybe makeup should be discouraged. In a way, its “kindof” like males taking steroids in sports, but in a loose way.

    Steroids are discouraged because they are 1 man boosting, yet if everyone takes them, no one is better off. They are worse off due to hurt livers, etc.

    Perhaps makeup is the same way. Girls will be decided largely off of looks forever. If every girl wears makeup well, no one is better off. Eventually, every girl must take 2-3 hours preparing her looks for school, with the unselfish/giving girls hurt the most.

    If no one wore it, nearly everyone would be just as attractive. However, wearing it, attractiveness is bumped up for everyone, so no one is better off. Everyone is actually worse off, since they have to wake up early and worry about makeup.

    This is why guys show disrespect for guys that wear makeup to attract girls. Eventually, every guy is worse off. Luckily, female attraction is based largely off of male respect, so makeup is successfully discouraged.

    Things like this should be discouraged, rituals that help the individual but hurt society. Its like selfishness and lying. They should be discouraged.

    • Makeup is good. It makes all women look a lot better. Women who are not that cute look a lot better with makeup. If we got rid of the makeup, there would not be as many hotties to check out. I wouldn’t kill myself, but the world would not be quite as much fun.

      It’s ridiculous for women to spend 2-3 hours every day putting on makeup. That’s just insane.

      But I think women really do all this stuff for other women, at least that is what one woman told me. She said guys will screw anything and there’s no reason to dress up or make yourself up for them. All the makeup, all the clothes, all the jewelry and all that, it’s all to show off and compete against other women. It’s not for men at all. Weird. I don’t know what to think about that.

      Thing is, women really get off on the whole dressing up/making up thing. They don’t want to stop doing it. That’s what they live for. They also live for male attention, at least the young ones do anyway. It’s all about getting attention from males.

      That’s what’s so whack about these women saying they hate it when guys look or come onto them in public. This is what they live for, come one! Women don’t make sense.

  25. Lafayette Sennacherib

    You know, there’s a time-honoured cure for being too smart – get drunk!

  26. Julian

    Women don’t dress up just to impress other females, they dress up because they are competing to be the best, and therefore get the best male. They can get attention and affection from any male by just looking average, but to be chosen by the best male at the occassion, they will have to be the best. So, again they are all in competition for the top male, rather than be able to get all the average guys there. Also, in a way, polygamous societies were fairer to less than stellar women, since even a woman who is not so great can become part of the top male’s harem, rather than settle and marry a poor or otherwise unwanted male.

    • Yeah, great comments, I agree, Julian. It’s a woman who told me that women dress up to impress other women, but women are full of it, lie all the time, and mostly don’t even know if what they are saying or believe is even true or not. Getting truth out of a woman is like putting a camel through the eye of a needle. It’s not that women are liars. Instead: they are merely deluded. They believe crazy crap lies that they really do think is the truth. Cold hard reality is very painful to females, as females are fragile, hence the appeal of feel-good lies that we don’t acknowledge are lies.

      Males kind of get into the cold hard world thing. That’s part of being male, you know, life’s a shit sandwich, SMILE when you eat it! Haha! Guys think that’s funny. Women think that’s horrible. That just ruins it all for them. They want to kill themselves if that’s the way it’s going to be.

      Sure, of course women are competing to be the best guy. Why compete with other chicks? What for? Unless they compete with other chicks to get the best guy?

      One thing this theory fails to address: why do married women dress up?

    • alpha unit

      Yes. Why do married women dress up? In some places the way you dress and decorate yourself are indications of your status, including marital status.

      I think in our society it isn’t so much that women dress up; what matters is HOW a woman is dressed.

  27. Julian

    Read Schopenhauer’s article on Women. Maybe insightful, definitely interesting.

  28. Uncle Milton

    To Alpha Unit

    Why do married women dress up? In some places the way you dress and decorate yourself are indications of your status, including marital status.

    I was told by a (female) friend of mine, men and women treat her better when she dresses up …. she’s not trying to hook another man.

  29. tulio

    Fascinating new study in the WSJ that shows that socialism makes women less likely to date cavemen.

    Kinda goes hand in hand with that one post I made about socialist societies being feminized and less corrupt. This is the proof.

  30. JewGirlIQ132

    I was very horny for two of my physics professors. I also dated this really smart hacker guy for a while… I love men with brains… Maybe it is because I’m a Jew, lol. And yes, that is my real IQ (based on my SAT scores)

  31. India

    Most women are initially attracted to guys for their looks and often date guys that are are good looking, but when it comes to settling down, they will go with guys who have status and money, even if they are average in looks. If they have the looks, well, its a bonus. But unfortunately for women, the really handsome chaps are never the brainiest (usually).

  32. Dave Coe

    In todays world intelligence is what gets you ahead but the problem is females still have the cavewomen instinct to go for the strong dumb guys.

  33. Man, you Nailed it.

    You are lucky you figure this sad realization out when you were still young, I had to reach 25 and eat a lot of female shit to realize that It’s all because I was cursed with a 150 iq. (They got me all measured up when I was serving in the army. They made me a sub-lieutenant because of that) I was 18 back then probably now my iq is significantly lower since I fight against it each and every single day of my adult life. Luckily I am blessed with good genes (1.85, 80kg, 4% body fat.)

    You are absolutely correct about Asian women.
    I once thought about marrying one.. she was a really good looking also.
    Problem was, she was a prostitute .. I was picking her up regularly from a bar.

    To be fair though, I don’t think men like smart women either, you know why? Cause they are never smart enough, at the end of the day, all in all they are just obnoxious bitches..

    I Wish you the best man, have a nice life. Just try not to die alone though, statistically speaking having a female companion will help you live longer.

  34. lqdcrct

    As a woman, I have to say that this guy is an asshole. As a high-IQ woman, I say this article is a load. As a high-IQ woman with Asperger’s Syndrome, I’ll admit that I do get where he’s coming from, at least to some extent. Seriously, this guy has equated what a girl likes to what turns her on physically, measuring her intellectual, social and/or spiritual arousal by her degree of vaginal lubrication. Are women nothing more than their bodies that “what a woman wants” must equal “what turns a woman on”? Guys: this is why this guy is having trouble: he’s an egocentric, misogynistic dolt. Do men really think that sex is the only thing that a woman wants or that men themselves want? What about intellectual, social and spiritual fulfillment? What good is good sex when the rest of the relationship sucks? What good is good sex when the girl is unhappy the rest of the time and all she does is bitch? Do you think the sex is going to remain good very long? Will you even want said sex after years of her bitching in your ear about how the rest of the relationship sucks? Women want the whole package, but some parts can be better than others. You can have a small penis, no bedroom skills whatsoever and as long as the rest of the relationship is cozy, a girl will generally stick it out without bitching. This guy here is obviously an asshole, lumping women by their ethnic groups and equating what a girl likes to what will get him laid. If you want to turn a woman on physically, cater to the physical – a good, long, unpressured massage is probably the easiest way to turn a girl on so that she’ll reveal her interest by allowing you to touch her more intimately. Sure, having a good job will encourage her to think that you will be able to support her and her children through her child-bearing years. Likewise, being smart is generally associated with fame in one’s field, which in turn is associated with privilege, which a woman perceives as the key to opportunities that otherwise would have been closed to her. Woman really aren’t any more complicated than men, they just don’t have everything rewired to connect to their reproductive organs.

    • Bye bitch. You’re banned. Have fun with your Asperger’s Disorder.


      • hi robert, have you missed me 🙂

      • wow stop clock, what have i missed?

      • Look at the way she talked to me. You don’t get to call me an asshole, egocentric, misogynistic or dolt. I mean, maybe I am one or more of those things or maybe even all of them, but you don’t get to point that out.

        You’re doing all right.

        You know the rules. You figured them out the hard way, but so did a lot of folks on here.

        You’re a regular too. It’s hard for regs to get banned. At the very least, they get a warning. As a matter of fact, regs don’t get banned. They know the rules and play by them. That’s why they’re regs. I say there’s nothing to worry about.

        For a few regs, it’s true, I sometimes look for an excuse to ban them and I love it when they fuck up. See Silver for example. But you’re not one of them.

  35. lqdcrct

    I once thought about getting a golden retriever, but it was from one of those puppy mills, so I eventually decided against it. Still, I’ve read that having a pet contributes to overall lifespan.

    (BTW, any woman that spends more than five or ten minutes putting on makeup during the day better be going to an imax studio set for some closeup acting job. Generally speaking, makeup is for people who don’t take good care of their skin or who take issue with their genes. Most women I know take about 5 minutes twice a day, max. I take about two total, when I bother at all. Hair style and clothing selection always take longer.)

    • Good Lord bitch, what the Hell are you going on about now? You sound like you think with your mouth open. Oh wait, you’re a woman. All women do that.

      • Gay State Girl

        Lindsay, I have Asperger Syndrome as well. We are hyper sensitive and get offended by everything pertaining to us even its not related to AS. You basically get undermined and criticized your whole life, people are condescending and your parents try to micro manage you. Give her a break on this.

  36. FrankBD

    If you take out the sentences about Robert being an asshole, the parts about how women think and what turns them on, is reasonably good advice.

  37. Do you really have AS? You seem to be socially clueful and you have a BF. I’m not sure I’ve ever known anyone who had this illness. I keep meeting people who say that they have it but I do not think that they do.

    Who says you have it? Have you been formally dx’d by a doc?

    • Gay State Girl

      I’m formally diagnosed with AS since I was ten. I dont have so many social problems now as I did as a child but I’m still somewhat of a weirdo. I still haved trouble driving, finding directions, or with any kind of physical activities. I also have difficulty with understanding the abstract, which is typical of Aspies. I’ve never been able to appreciate the arts and I am extremely logic/math minded. I can sit for hours playing with a rubix cube or shut myself in my room for hours trying to solve a difficult math problem. Asperger Syndrome is seen as cool now due to media exposure but there is tremendous stigma attached to the disorder as well. You have to work much harder to prove yourself and gain respect. So I avoid telling people that I have it. People have a lot of false assumptions about AS and some try to avoid you or do the opposite and go out of their way to accomodate you but I find that somewhat condescending as well.

      When I was in grade school I used to read or do math problems during class and not pay attention so they diagnosed me with ADD as well but I don’t think I have that because I am not hyper active at all and I am extremely focused when I am interested in what I am doing. The orthodox jewish day school I had attended had never dealt with this diagnosis and people in the public school system were just learning about it at the time so a psychologist whom I will never forgive recommended that I go to a boarding school in Pennsylvania that focused on “lifeskills” when I was in fourth grade. It was a terrible experience. For one thing they combined behavior problems with low IQs and HF autistics, with a few Aspies and dyslexics in the mix. They did not offer challenging classes or which is a problem for me because I performed on grade level for English and Social Studies and was advanced sin Math and Science and Foreign languages. Finally my parents persuaded the school to let me take some courses at a local public middle school and later I was able to take courses at a community college and later Lehigh University! The school did not know how to deal with social skills or extra curricular activities either. The social skills classes were a joke and could not begin to cover life’s complex social situations. The extra curricular activities were childish and the teachers routinely praised you for doing simple things which can be very demoralizing. And being exposed to behavior problem kids, I began to adopt their behavior and language, when I was around them or my family so they diagnosed me with Oppositional Defiant Disorder, which I know I don’t have. My parents finally fought to get me out of there but the jewish school still wouldn’t let me back because of AS’s association with autism and the only school that would take me was a Quaker school so I got my high school diploma there.

      • Ok, but why are your social skills so good on this blog? I don’t understand this illness. I thought they were all social retards…

        To be honest, I’ve never met anyone with this problem.

        When people meet you, do they think you’re weird?

        People actually *do* think I’m weird, but that’s because I’m an obsessive. I seem like I’m off in space most of the time, and people think that’s weird. For some reason, people also think it means “dangerous” which is just ridiculous, but I can’t seem to shake the POV.

        People also often think I have schizophrenia, which is utterly ridiculous if you’ve been around me for any length of time and have the slightest clue about schizophrenia. I guess they think that because I’m off in my own world? Schizophrenics are seen as off in their own world? This is extremely annoying, and it really pisses me off. I feel sorry for them, but I am nothing like those people.

        I’m not like most “mentally ill” people. As my Mom said one time, “You’re rational!” Indeed. If I’m rational, how could I possibly be nuts. Fuck that. I don’t even accept the label of “mentally ill.” It’s stupid.

  38. i don’t have a boyfriend.

    one of my older brothers and a couple of cousins have autism spectrum disorder for sure. I was diagnosed as being mildly AS. I’m not so sure but I know I’m weird thought.

    • Why do you act so normal on here though. I don’t get it. Your social skills are excellent. The dx doesn’t seem to make sense to me.

      • Gay State Girl

        Asperger Syndrome affects not only a person’s social skills, but sensory and perception, visual/spatial skills, gross motor skills, and coordination. People with Asperger Syndrome are not confined to one area, most of us have poor social skills as children, but some develop better social skills as young adults. I’ve mastered social skills from experience but I still have certain deficits. I have a hard time being social when I’m tired, sick, in a bad mood or if I’m really inspired to do something else. I also tend to talk too much about particular interests even if it bores the people I’m with.

        People who know me think I’m weird, I’ve learned not to act weird in public though.

      • It doesn’t make sense to me either. I think I got a lazy diagnoses since I have relatives who are autism spectrum. I’m weird but not so sure it’s aspergers.

        Your social skills are excellent

        Online yes, in person I’m really so so.

        gay state girl Asperger Syndrome affects not only a person’s social skills, but sensory and perception, visual/spatial skills, gross motor skills, and coordination.

        I have a sharp memory but my cordination is horrible. I’m the worst blk female dancer.

    • Do other people think you’re weird?

  39. @uncle mort-

    I see you’ve been travling much my man.

    azn anon better watch himself.

    • I suffer from MCI. At first i was diagnosed with AS but after going to the my local doctor surgery a second time with a different doctor a couple of months after the first diagnosis i was told i have MCI. I’m only 18 and for every 5 years my risk of developing full blown shitty dementia increases 5% although he said the chance of me developing it was less for a reason i forgot. He said boredom and depression which i suffer a lot of at the moment dramatically worsens cognitive ability

  40. Well, I never called you any names. It’s not my MO anyway. I do love shining the spotlight on faulty reasoning, though. (How else are we to learn, right?) Are you cool with that? ‘Cause I’m biting my tongue really hard here….

    Well, if you hang around this section a bit, you will see that regular commenters regularly disagree with me. Lafayette, tulio, Uncle Milton, Ken Hoop, lots of them. They do it all the time. In fact, I encourage it. However, they do it in a certain way that is hard to describe. You can disagree with me all you want, but you have to do so as you would disagree with a friend, in a friendly way.It’s really quite simple, you know. There are regs on here who have been pounding away at me since Day One and never got so much as a warning. It’s all in how you do it.

    You’re basically a contrarian anyway. If someone say’s the sky’s blue, you’ll probably argue and say it’s not. So it’s not surprising when you disagree with folks.

  41. Robert

    jfyi this topic will be mentioned on VOR’s Stark Truth Wednesday Night about females of which ethnic group vauluing innteligence in guys.

  42. Eli

    I didn’t read much of what’s written here. Girls like tall guys, or at least average height but they have to be well dressed and fit. Short guys are altogether not an option.
    Tall guys can be anything – rude, obnoxious, stupid, badly dressed, unfit – they still have options. I’m talking about height range 6’1″-6’3″, anything over that is freaky and is a different category. Brains have nothing to do with it, it’s more with temperament and actually wanting the girl.

  43. Amy

    I seem to regard intelligence the way most women regard height. I’ve always preferred that the guy be at least a little bit more intelligent than I am, if not a lot more.

    Don’t know my own IQ. Was tested but was not told the result. The gifted program I got into years ago had a cutoff of 135 IIRC. My aunt’s is 165 and I’ve no doubt that hers is more than a little bit higher than mine. She can grasp all sorts of things more quickly, more fully, more easily.

    Neither height, brawn, money, social skills, nor popularity were ever important in terms of who really registered on the radar. I’ve fallen for guys of different heights (sometimes shorter than I am), body types (fat, thin, in-between), and income levels–those things apparently don’t matter to me, at least not on a subconscious level.

    Pretty sure I was the only one in my clique in school who was wired that way (everyone else seemed to like ’em big, cute, and dumb).

  44. Marc

    I certainly think there is a difference in being smart and being interesting. I have always had no trouble getting girlfriends or one night stands. One thing for me is confidence….it goes a long way and along with other skills such as wit.

    I am certainly not the most intelligent on the planet and have friends smarter than me and I went to college. They are really high up on the IQ scales…..unfortunately they do not have either the looks or sometimes the desire to communicate and find out what people are like.

    Physical attraction plays a great starting block, but I have found my humor and wit have held them more than just my looks. I find that being true the older you get.

    Have fun people ;]

  45. Louie jacuzzi

    Haven’t read the other comments, but I’m sure someone said this. It’s not the high intelligence that turns women away, it’s uncharismatic, lower beta/omega-male, asperger personality disposition that tends to come with higher iq males that turns women away

    • Louie jacuzzi

      As a follow, I run in circles of smart black guys, many of which are way smarter than me, but they have no problem getting laid by top tier women. They all have what Steve Sailer calls masculine bermishness, which women eat up.

  46. Pingback: Women and Brainy Males Again | Robert Lindsay

  47. kavya

    Punjab is in West India…not East India……. SMH

  48. lua

    i’m 23, female, american. i receive male attention excessively so i’ve had to learn how to choose between multiple men. contrary to your thesis… IQ compounded with education gets me wet. there’s nothing sexier. engaging conversation, especially pertaining to philosophical issues can be awesome foreplay. IQ, intelligence, and experience are attractive to any woman (and man, i’d presume). however, you fail to consider emotional intelligences, which when underdeveloped (seemingly common in men) is unattractive to women. in my experience, many high IQ men are delayed in other realms of intelligence. this article was at times offensive to me because it objectified woman as a group or vague “other” and concluded that all women as a unit (women are diverse, yo) but geography/ethnicity variable, to be fair, simply do not want to fuck high IQ men. the ignorant sexism embedded in that conclusion did make me chuckle. think about evolution for a minute. logically, why would a woman want a stupid low IQ or ignorant high IQ mate? she wants the whole package… in the past i’ve fallen for a man of mild intelligence but with a beautiful soul.
    i don’t give a damn about the height of a man or length of his dick. i care about his personality, his honesty, sense of humor. i care that he can please me in bed and that he can hold a good conversation. i care about his experience, and his abilities (speaking multiple languages, for instance)… thoughtfulness. IQ is sexy!!
    perhaps you just need to reflect and open your mind to the multiple intelligences of your partners. it seems that you could benefit. i don’t know you so i hope you aren’t offended. i hope that you can appreciate some constructive criticism (and get laid). cheers.

    • WmarkW

      This post points up the worst thing about TV commercials.
      It’s not the stereotypes of women, like the feminists claim.
      It’s that most women in commercials are partnered with a much stupider male; even though in real life, women are highly selecting about intelligence in their mates.

  49. The women aren’t lying. Women do like smart guys. Being smart doesn’t necessarily correlate to a high IQ as most people see it. It means someone who is not just blessed with raw intellect but someone who is also socially skilled, a good conversationalist, has a practical common sense and is not a wussy or a wimp.

    Coming to Asian women, I agree, they do tend to have a propensity to go for intelligent men. Since these societies aren’t feminised to the extent that the US is, ‘caveman’ behaviours are way too common here and hence, not all that attractive. It doesn’t mean that a geeky nerd would get laid though, but I guess we aren’t talking about them.

    For example, a lot of the more educated and intelligent Punjabi women I see around in Delhi seem to actually avoid dating Punjabi guys. One of the reason could be that they don’t want word getting back to their family that their virtuous daughter is doing unspeakable things like having sex. Some of the other reasons given by some women are that Punjabi men are way too macho, have hairy chest or have bellies. (The last one doesn’t make sense, since the non-Punjabi men they date seem to have bellies as well.)

  50. lua

    I’ve spoken with Punjabi girls who told me that they felt that it was “impossible” for them to date because of the social structure which supports gender apartheid. I do believe Punjab is as well one of the highest states of gender disparity in India… I think I’ve heard 1:4 estimates and I hope that’s skewed. Perhaps there are just not enough women, and that gives girls greater leverage with mate selection. (and punjabi men are attractive! minus the belly… i guess it’s the whole sikh thing… punjabi men carry swords! or perhaps the indo-aryan blend. what girl doesn’t get a crush on a punjabi?!)
    hah well, beyond intelligence, i’m dominantly attracted to men from far removed geographical regions. i think that this might be because it would increase the ability for offspring to thrive with greater and wider immunities to illness. for instance, i’m american and my boyfriend is european. we’re never sick at the same time…. i’m immune to many things he isn’t, and vice versa. IQ is the tip of the iceberg… a woman has so many factors to consider in sexual selection and huge percent (as for men) is likely attributed to subconscious cues and pheromones. i haven’t really seen enough american tv commercials to know about how relationships are depicted, but i do believe that attractiveness and desirability are socially and culturally contrived and therefore variable. there’s no blatant or binary answer to this discussion, but i guess that’s what makes it interesting.
    gotta pose the question: will a high IQ get a woman laid?

  51. Check out IQ Catch if you have the time, a niche dating site that has a IQ test.

  52. Rocky

    I for one love a man who is smart, kind, with a nerdy side to him who is open minded as well!! The guy that wrote this is not that bad looking too just change the glasses and the hair then we are talking!!!

  53. Amy

    Woah. Did you just claim that 107 is a high IQ? This is satire right? -_-
    I feel pretty special now, as a girl with an IQ of 135.
    If I’m having a conversation with a guy, and he’s clearly not intelligent, I’m really turned off. I start zoning out, or look for an exit.
    Intelligence is VERY attractive to me, however, physical attraction is just as important for (most) people. What I find attractive (physically) in someone will not necessarily be the same for others.

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