Face Split Diving Accident Video

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This post has been translated into French as Visage Fendu dans Accident de Plongeon (en Français), into Portuguese as Video Acidente de Mergulho Rostro Dividida Ao Meio (em Português ), into Spanish as Video Accidente de Clavadista con Cara Partida (en Español), into Finnish as Sukellusonnettomuus (on Suomen), into Serbo-Croatian as Ronilačkih Nezgoda Sa Licem Podijeljen U Dva (u Srpsko-hrvatski ) and into Italian as Incidente Di Tuffo Che Divide Il Viso In Due (traduzione in Italiano).

Bad reactions to the video including nausea, vomiting, dry heaves, paleness, shivering, shaking, spinal chills, headache, rapid heartbeat, nightmares, inability to stop thinking of the video and pain in the face, have been reported. Adverse reactions have lasted up to three days. Please exercise caution in viewing the video.

This is one of the latest viral videos going around. It actually appeared on the Net around the third week of July, but it’s only started going viral in a huge way around the second week of September. In general, it never has a name. It first appeared on Arabic and Turkish sites, and finally found its way around the Net.

It’s just referred to by some description of the event like, Horrible Diving Accident, Bridge Fail, Worst Diving Accident, Horrific Diving AccidentAwesome Diving Accident, Disgusting Diving Accident, Jump Accident, Cellphone Horrific Diving Accident and Diving Accident. I named it Dive Fail since I could not think of anything better.

There’s really no “violence” in this video. It’s just a video of a horrible accident.

A teenager, a 16 year old boy, dives off the seaside promenade in Beirut and slips before the dive. The slip causes him to miss the ocean and instead hit the concrete slab below where fishermen fish. He hits the concrete face first, then goes into the ocean. In a short while, the ocean for yards around has turned red with blood. There are people and boats in the water trying to help the guy, and girls are screaming all over the place.

The scene then shifts to a hospital where the poor guy is being overseen by a team of doctors and nurses. His face has been split clear in two down the middle vertically!

He is still alive and conscious, he’s still breathing, and his tongue is still moving around. He appears terrified. The doctor a couple of times takes the sides of his face and pushes them together to make a whole face again. The doctor supposedly says, “Where do I begin?” a few times in Arabic.

People are wondering how he could survive such an injury, and the front part of his brain may have been injured, but others are saying that it appears to be intact. At any rate, basic things like breathing are done by the brain stem. The brain stem appears to be intact.

People are also wondering about pain. The brain has no pain receptors. On the other hand, the damage to his face must be very painful.

There are a lot of rumors saying that this video is fake, but apparently it is a real video. We know this because people in Lebanon are reporting it. Some had friends who were at the Promenade that day, others said it was reported in the Lebanese press and others say that they were aware of stories on the street about the video. There is an article in Arabic from the Lebanese press online proving that this event occurred, but it’s in the archives, and looking through the archives costs money.

This event occurred in Beirut in the second week of June 2009. The teenager and his brother were showing off their diving skills by diving off the Manara Promenade (photo), which is right across from the American University on the shore of Beirut’s harbor.

This part of the Promenade is called Al-Rawsha, and it’s long been popular with divers, although officials have always frowned on it. In fact, like the Golden Gate Bridge, it’s also long been popular with suicides and attempted suicides.

It’s a long way off the Manara Promenade to the ocean, over 40 feet. The first part of the video shows his brother making a successful dive. He and his brother had made several jumps before and everything had gone fine, but this time he slips, and disaster unfolds.

This part was shot with a Nokia cellphone which shoots dark in the afternoon. This segment was shot by a girl at the scene who can be heard screaming, “Oh my God! Oh my God! Someone call the Civil Defense!” in Arabic. People are saying that the video is fake because his friends would not shoot him diving, but the girl filming is just some girl who was there filming the divers. Lots of people film them with cellphones when they dive.

This actually is not the original video from Lebanon. In Lebanon, there were two videos, the first one of the diving accident. It’s apparently two different videos spliced together. This one started going around Lebanon later in the day after the accident. The second video reportedly was shot in the hospital and started going around later. In the original Lebanese video, there is no fade out after he hits, for one thing. The original video from Lebanon is not currently available, but we may be able to get it soon.

The second part of the clip is the same kid in the hospital, but was shot with a different cellphone so it looks different. The hospital staff is definitely speaking Lebanese Arabic. This part of the clip was shot in the brightly lit ER of the American University Hospital, which is only ¼ mile away from where the accident took place. That’s why things are so much brighter in this part of the clip.

People are saying that there is no way that such a clip could have been shot in an ER, however, in the Developing World, it is quite common for family, friends, etc. to be present in the ER right next to the patient’s bed as the staff hovers around them.

It’s also not uncommon that they have a cellphone on them and record the goings-on. That would probably be pretty weird in the US, but in the Arab World, no one thinks anything of it.

As you can see in the hospital footage, they have him intubated, which is an excellent idea. However, he is not on a ventilator, nor are there any signs of monitoring equipment such a pulse oximeter. Also they did not put him in C-Spine precautions (C-collar, backboard, strapped down).

The physician is focusing on holding his face together, possibly in order to protect the airway. Critics are saying that the doctor is “playing” with the face, and no doctor would even do that, but I don’t think is playing with it. I think he’s trying to fix it.

Medical personnel in the US were saying the video is fake because apparently he is not receiving proper medical care. Keep in mind that this is Lebanon. He is getting reasonable medical care, but I think it is safe to say he is not receiving the best of medical care.

All the surgeons could do was to stitch up his very deep and severe wounds in his face. Although some clinicians on the Net have said that a good ENT could patch this kid up good, this poor guy could not be saved. But all they were able to do was to keep him alive in the ICU for two hours before he died. Death was reportedly due to internal bleeding.

The city of Beirut has tried to stop such nonsense by putting up railings and barbed wire where people like to dive, but teenage boys and even young men in their 20’s keep on diving off the Promenade in very risky circumstances. Before this accident, there were a number of other horrible diving accidents in this area, all involving teenage boys and young men.

There is a recent post that details a different video that supposedly proves that this video is fake. In the other video, the hospital footage is said to be of a failed 9mm suicide. However, no way can a 9mm do that kind of damage to your face.

Furthermore, in a longer video version of the ER scene, the two doctors are said to be discussing in Lebanese Arabic how he landed “on a rock” when he jumped into the water. This dialogue would not exist in a gun suicide video.

In addition, some are saying that the victim in the failed gun suicide video had a similar injury that differed from this one in certain ways, in particular, this one has a dichotomy of the jaw at the chin and the other did not.

There are claims that instead of a 9mm failed suicide, this is a shotgun failed suicide. However, there are many photos of shotgun suicides on the Web, for instance, at Rotten.com . In general, shotgun failed suicides do not neatly clove one’s face in two in the way that this injury did.

This is all very confusing, and there is no proof one way or the other at the moment. If it’s really a failed gun suicide, why are they speaking Lebanese Arabic just like they are speaking during the dive accident?

Sources in Lebanon who were there at the promenade and witnessed the dive accident claim that the word on the street in Lebanon is that the second half was shot in the hospital and is footage of aftermath of the diving accident. In addition, the young man in the hospital at the end is wearing swim trunks, just as the diver wore. What are the chances that a video of a failed shotgun suicide by a young man wearing a bathing suit occurred and was filmed in Lebanon around the same time of this accident?

Many people have questioned the nature of the wound. It does not seem to be possible to hit a concrete slab and split your face vertically like he did. However, if you look at the dive footage, there is steel casing around the concrete slab that he hits. The concrete slab has worn away and a lot of the steel casing is exposed. The steel casing runs parallel to the shoreline. Even then, hitting the steel casing would seem to be a horizontal hit.

However, look at the way that the boy is flailing wildly in the air. In his dive, he is twisting and turning like the wind. With such a flailing dive, and probably curving to try to avoid the concrete, it’s possible for him to him to turn the 90 degrees he needs to turn to hit the sharp edge of the steel casing vertically instead of horizontally, which would result in the injury we see later.

There is another theory suggesting that the hospital footage is not even real – it’s faked using special effects. I find this dubious. Looking at the cheap quality of the video especially and the fact that faking something like this is the terrain of motion picture studios with huge budgets, I think it is clear that the guy in the hospital suit is not “some rubber thing.” One problem is that the hospital guy is quite pale, while the jumper is a typical brown-skinned Arab. This is possible is the diver lost a lot of blood.

Another suggestion, perhaps not as odd as it sounds, is that he is already dead on the ER table. The body can make a few involuntary movements after death, there are death rattles, and the breathing is said to have been artificially forced by the tube.

But why tube a dead man? And if you look closely, you can see that his tongue is moving, and his chest is going up and down. He appears to be gasping for breath. A funeral director on the Web felt that he was still very much alive. She also said gun suicide injuries never cleave the head so perfectly. Only accidents can do that.

But until can sort this out, this video will remain somewhat mysterious.

At the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter if the video is “fake” or not, because it isn’t. The dive footage is real, and the kid really did die from the dive two hours later. The hospital footage is of a real person, apparently one who died soon afterward. Does it matter if it’s of the diving kid or of some kid who tried to blow his brains out?

No, it doesn’t matter. When we watch a scary Hollywood movie, do we all scream, “Fake!”? Of course not. What matters is if a movie is scary.

And this video is downright terrifying, whether the two vignettes, one on the promenade and one in the operating room, are connected or not. They are both real footage, and it doesn’t matter if it’s the same person or not. It’s scary like Saw or Hostel is scary. At the end of the day, that’s all that matters.

There is something really creepy about this video that I can’t quite put a finger on.

From the very amateurish trilingual warning at the beginning (Arabic, French and English, suggesting once again it was made in Lebanon) to the horrible screams after he hits, to the blood-red ocean spreading in a large area around the 20-30 people gathered in the water to help him, to the absolutely terrifying scene in the hospital where the poor kid, incredibly, has a face split clear in two.

The labored, terrified breathing of the victim combined with what appears to be a the look of horror on what’s left of his face is something that really stays with you.

Throughout the video, there is some weird, cheesy, hard to describe instrumental music going in the background for some strange reason that really adds to the fear. This music is actually the soundtrack to a medical show on US TV that may or may not be on anymore. It’s either the soundtrack to ER or Chicago Hope.

The amateurish cellphone footage that jumps around jerkily also in some way makes the video even scarier. I think maybe the frightening thing about all this amateurishness of the video is that it makes it seem so real (i.e. – it’s not just a Hollywood movie!)

I was traumatized for several days after watching this thing, and I’ve watched a lot of nasty stuff.

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235 responses to “Face Split Diving Accident Video

  1. tulio

    Ugh, why did I make the mistake of watching this right before breakfast?? 😦

    I’m surprised the guy didn’t die just from the massive loss of blood. He must have landed right on the very edge to split his face open like that. I would think that normally, a guy that hit face first would have a hell of a concussion and broken skull bones, but not have their face looking like an axe murderer went to work on it.

    • Yeah it’s pretty hard to land face first when you dive, actually. There are so many other ways to land and your body instinctively wants to protect its face on impact.

      Damn this video is freaky man. I can’t even watch it. I watched it once and I won’t watch it anymore. It bothered me for like the next 4 or 5 days after I saw it the first time.


      • Tell me about it, I kept waking up last night and picturing that ER image in my mind. I watched it once and couldn’t bring myself to watch it again…but a friend had posted it on Facebook, and now the post is gone….I wanted my other friends to see it but can’t find it?

      • Rustyoldtruck

        Then you probably shouldn’t watch the “3 guys 1 hammer” video about two young men who videotaped a brutal murder from the Ukraine by the name of Dnepropetrovsk maniacs video.

      • Andrew

        It appears to me as if the boy is absolutely unconscious and out of reality what indicates this well firstly he would have drowned if no one had pulled him out of the water and secondly his eyes were fully closed although it is dificult to see with the terrible video quality this is the case I have watched the video 4 or 5 times and can confirm pretty confidently that this kid was practically dead upon arriving at the hospital!

    • Lardinho

      you can lose almost 90% of you body’s blood before the heart stops pumping. The amount in the water could have been created by as little as two pints. Also the body survives a lot of trauma, if you fell from a plane at 30k feet, you’d probably not die on impact, you’d bleed to death internally upon finally being stationary. Also, facial trauma is horrific, as we can see it, but much brain injury happens without any physical evidence. People survive shooting themselves in the forehead, it’s where memory is kept, no one survive being shot in the back of the head, though.

      • Joe

        “…if you fell from a plane at 30k feet, you’d probably not die on impact, you’d bleed to death internally upon finally being stationary.” You would have an extremely high velocity when you smack against the ground, and the force created could probably rip you open. Therefore, it would not be internal bleeding to cause death, it would be exsanguination.

      • behavourial neuroscience

        this is because if damage goes to your medulla, where vital life functions are managed(breathing), then damaging the medulla can easily kill u

    • Eolo

      well i saw it, couldn’t finish it, couldn’t stop thinking about it, then i saw it a few more times. im over it now and able to see carefully every part of his face !!! but it’s still disturbing.

    • when blood loss occours in water the water is almost like a medium for the blood and allows it to spread alot as it mixes. this can cause a little bit of blood to look like alot of blood… not to say he didnt loose alot of blood but it deffinitely looks like he lost more than he did…


      • Edward DeGarmo

        Actually water causes blood to flow more quickly, hence people cutting their wrists in bathtubs. Not a very intelegent statement, then again, ya spell TRAUMATIZED incorrect…

        • Sibby

          Actually GENIUS… Its hot water that cause free blood flow and suicide by cutting wrists is only common because of the Hollywood sterotype created in the films. A wound of that severity is going to bleed regardless but being in the water DOES create a more massive “looking” pool of blood because you have two liquids mixing together… Same way when you color your Easter eggs… One drop of food color makes a full cup of blue dye.. Doesnt mean you started with a full cup of blue dye. And his/her spelling may of been off but if your going to try to insult someone.. Try spelling INTELLIGENT correctly..

    • danny

      He split his face in TWO, of COURSE he is going to have concussion and broken skull bones as the face is very very close to the SKULL, ffs ur a dumb cunt, he was still breathing, that doesn’t necesseraly mean he was conscious, i would think he was at very best semi conscious, but more than likely slipping in and out

      • bluemaya

        Danny boy.. go cry to your mother about dumb cunts. Dont ruin a decent article. By the way try to go get a life. Loser!!

    • mish


  2. I normally can handle traumatic and bloody scenes like this but somehow I could not watch the video twice. I thought it was fake until I saw the hospital scene then it really struck me that this was a real accident.

    I hope the person gets well soon, that is a hard hit to split the face like that. I am grossed out even commenting!

    Thanks for sharing though.

  3. Uncle Milton

    That is very hard video to watch, especially the hospital scene. RIP to the young man.

    • Good Lord that video is upsetting man. I can’t exactly put a finger on why it bothers me so much. Is it the face? Our face is our most precious asset. We don’t want anything to happen to our faces. Is it the cheap quality? Does the cheap quality make it seem all the more real?

      • Lardinho

        its easy to see where the problem is, its when you see a split skull gasping for breath. It’s appalling life support really, he should have been given morphine, NO2 and then tropofol to make sure he was out within minutes of being in the ER. Anything else would result in him having a heart attack through the pain. At that point, if he is still living, in the UK he’d have a decent chance of survival. The Face reconstruction would take months but there are ways. This makes me sceptical of the ER footage, as surely no ER doctors/nurses would be that “relaxed” when something like this was in the room.

        Two unrelated videos imo, although the guy in the first video probably had fractures to the Maxilla and Zygomatic bones.

      • Chontles

        U are smart

      • danny

        my penis is my most prized asset, then its my mind, then my bowels, if a chimpanzee ripped my face off i would still be able to eat MacDonalds and jerk myself off to anything my mind gets off on

      • nem harsha

        I don’t know if u have figured it out by now or not but the reasons for it’s being so upsetting are; first our unawareness of death, second our reckless stupid desires for momentary adventure or thrill, third not taking life seriously, fourth unexpected happening when we are too confident about what we do, fifth “that could have been me” kind of feeling, sixth gasping for last breath with that much serious damage, etc. Yes, these thoughts are coming to my mind after watching that video and it’s already been more than a week now but have been able to it out of my mind either. Damn!!!

        • Angela

          I saw this initially on Facebook and watched it unbeknown as to what I was watching.. It played on my mind for around 2 weeks and I didn’t sleep very well, keeping seeing the images from the hospital scene.. Over a year later I still think about it hence being subscribed to this link! It appeared on Facebook again last week and unasked the person to remove it as once seen, you can’t under it and I dread to think that my children could watch it.. Horrible accident to happen and thoughts gontonhis family and friends x

  4. I never watch your gross videos, but this post reminded me of the book _Obsolete_, a list of things that have passed out of our lives over the years. One of them is the high diving board due to liability issues.

  5. Perez Christina


  6. hoff2

    Darwinism at work. Didn’t watch the vid.

    “Taliban Diving Contest.!!!” —Funny.

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  8. hmmm, i’ve watching it many times searching for something weird and i think it’s real, no fake. A friend of mine asked me if the guy was drunk when he did it. maybe that’s the reason he didn’t protect their face instinctively. I just don’t know and i don’t matter. That’s an horrible accident.

    where it says he died?

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  10. Daniel

    Just say it, and it was horrifying, and I’ve seen al ot of crazy stuff on the net. But this one really did me in, not fun to watch. And I really feel sad for that guy. This movie is better: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86wKWjvUD50&feature=channel_page 😛

  11. Viklok

    I find this video fucking crazy. Gives me the creeps. Im not saying its a fake, but i find rather suspicious the fact that the guy smashes his face against the edge an then suddenly appears in middle of the water.

  12. Franky

    I asked my friends about this video because it was going all around school, and my friend told me the best description: he looks like an elite on halo.
    But really im happy i saw this vid because im 16, im a fairly reckless kid, me and myfriends liked to go to this river and jump off a rock about 10 meters high and i can promise you i am never doing that again!

  13. Mohammed Zietoun

    Truely, that is the most disturbing video clip i have ever seen , i’ve seen many gore clips but this one in particular left me with a terrifying memory. The area he jumped from is an area called Al-Rawsha , its a very famous beach view area for diving , in fact many people use to attempt suicide by jumping off cliff sights at Al- Rawsha. Watching the young man breathing and suffering at the end of the clip , got me more terrified the fact that he knows what happened him and is aware ofhow disfigured his whole head was .

    • Ali

      mar7aba, u seem to be quite familiar with the area this incident took place..was this ever on the news in Lebanon??? do u have any websites in arabic in regards to this horrific incident??


  14. Misswebster

    This is the most horrific video i have ever watched, it saddens me that someone would put this on the net.
    I came across it when one of my friends posted it on a social networking site saying watch this…I will never look at another post without knowing the contents again. It shocked me for days and my heart goes out to this poor boys mother that not only lost her son in this terrible way but also has to deal with the fact that her sons last moments alive are being projected on the internet and probably will be for many years to come.

    • Jonathan

      I feel bad for not only this kids mother…. but also his older brother that jumped and made it before him. I have 2 younger brothers and i would feel horrible if i did something like that and he died trying to attempt something i did

    • tracy

      i agree, i watched this through a social network i was sickened, i was so upset by this video, ive never and hope not to see anything like this again….R.I.P. to the poor man…also let this be a lesson learnt to all the invincible youngsters out there that this does happen….God Bless to all his family..xxxx

    • jadecaz8

      I agree with you there on how horrible it is to have your child’s face relayed across the net after an accident like that. But the positive aspect of it will be that millions of youngsters will see it and think again before jumping. It shows what could happen to you if you decide to do anything stupid to impress your friends. Other clips of diving gone wrong just show the person unconcious but no bad repercussions, which people forget about later.
      This one really hits and horrifies you, leaving you with a lasting memory. Not so easy to shake…….

  15. SweetNAMese

    I can’t believe I saw this video while I am eating also.

    As for the blog. I think it’s true and that the mysterious and creepy thing about it is… I think something caused the accident… Something caused him to slip. Like you said before, there were many attempts and successes in suicide and I think that the spirits of those that died there took that young man with them.

    Looking at the paranormal aspect.
    Other than that, I think that’s one of THE most disturbing things I’ve seen through a uploaded video.

  16. caz

    OMG that poor boy,I can,t get it out of my head, it really has bothered me, having teenagers myself we try and warn them of dangers but they want to take chances,how his family must feel I can,t imagine,a day of fun turned into a horrifying nightmare.

    • Ali

      it certainly has, and to add salt to injury the video of their son dying is being spread all around Lebanon and the arab world via bluetooth and all around the world via net.

      I just want us all to pray for this kid 🙂

  17. kye

    my ma showed it 2 me off of facebook @ first i thought it would be one of those scary pop out things, when i first saw it…i thought he had died rite when he hit and they were just showing the autopsy of what happened…..then i saw he was still breathing…(i heard it first, that was the scary part)…my ma coul;dn’t watch it again…i have a strongr stomach, but that was sad and sickening…i was praying that he had lived, but found out he didnt…i wish people would see that as a sign and not do it anymore,but i guess not???!!!

  18. Gabrielli

    Does anyone have the Link to the video?

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  21. BETO

    hi halo is a video game and an elite is an et.
    Anyway first I thought the same as Kye but later I realized he was alive, I’ve watched the video so many times cuz I’ll be a doctor and I was just in schok how he was alive, and I was wondering what happened with him but I red he died. Bad stuff

  22. Rere

    Yeah…woah…one of my friends posted this and I made the mistake of watching it. Horrifying. Like, holy crap…I will be haunted for days. *shudders* It’s so so so sad. 😦 And yet I could’t look away! It was so gross and graffic you’re like, “Is this for reals?” But you just can’t fake something like that….freaking sick. It really makes you re-evaluate your decisions when trying to do something “cool” to show off…you never know when it can go wrong. God bless his family…esspecially the other guy that jumped…I hope he never does it again and that they put up a better barrier to protect people.

  23. Rob

    I can deal with this kind of video, and the “tragic” death of this young man. Yes it is horrible…but you have to be able to deal with the possibly horrible consequences of foolish actions. What is more distressing to me is when horrific things occur to innocent people….such as getting shotgunned in the face by your drunken husband

    • Stacy smith

      I saw the woman who had been shot in the face by her husband on oprah the other day she’s actually had a face transplant 🙂 too bad this poor guy couldn’t be helped. :-/

      When I go to the beach I see a lot of people jetty jumping… It’s so dangerous I’d like to show them this video and they may have second thoughts about doing it.

  24. Wow. Oh God this was horrible. And that’s an understatement. I feel nauseous.

  25. Jessica

    Ohhh wow that has to be one of the most horrible things I have ever seen. I thought my 9 month old having her forhead split open to see the bone was bad, I was wrong!!!!!! I wasn’t even naseated by that but as soon as I saw this I was. WOW. I’m sure this will haunt me for a few days for sure. condolences to the family of the kids this is a horrible accident for sure, and is absolutely possible. by the law of physics depending on the rate of speed and angle at which he hit on impact could very well split your face like that, and throw you over. Anything is possible, it’s just a mirracle he made it for two days rather than instant death. Most likely the salt water probably done a little to help that situation a bit.

  26. Jesse

    “At the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter if the video is “fake” or not, because it isn’t.”

    1. Yes it does matter if it is or isn’t fake.
    2. Why isn’t it fake? I enjoy how you linked all your arguments to arguments in forums. Might as well have sourced Wikipedia!

    “No, it doesn’t matter. When we watch a scary Hollywood movie, do we all scream, “Fake!”? Of course not. What matters is if a movie is scary.”

    3. Of course we don’t scream, “Fake!”, because we all know it is fake. Duh. Basically, your argument summed up is: “It doesn’t matter if it’s fake because in actual fact it is real”.

    Your whole article bothered me more than the video because it is logically flawed on so many levels, though you probably know this since you have a very high IQ.

    • Sev

      I am glad someone else has the same opinion about this as me. This guy spends 15 minutes on the net and decides to go with what everyone is saying.

      The longer I read it the more and more I didn’t like the person that wrote it, so much so that I want him to be very wrong.

      They are obviously 2 different videos, how did they end up in the same hands? A 9mm could do that to a face depending on the bullet, suicide with a pistol people are known to shoot upwards from under the chin. There just seems to be too many unanswered questions.

      My thought is that the people that were rescuing him would have reacted much differently if the victim looked like what was on that hospital bed. They are all a bit calm.

      The fact that people are talking Arabic in both videos doesnt mean that they are the same accident! Who is this guy that writes this nonsense, clearly someone whose education and opinion is reliant on others and the internet.

      Eitherway it has still disturbed me – But to ruin this guys theory completely. He says the accident happened in June 2009… I saw this video in February 2009. I havent forgotten the day I first saw it.

  27. nick

    I watched this twice. once by myself and once with my father. no wonder he sais dont be stupid and try to show off for the friends. be safe and people will repspect you. im not swimming for at least a year. we pray to the Lord that the kid may Rest in Peace.

  28. Emily

    I admit that the part where his head was split open and gaping was quite disturbing…
    but the part of the video when it cuts out–>cuts in and the water is completely scarlet, is intriguing… I’d have thought that the water pressure would stem the bleeding, but hey, I’ve never dealt with an injury of that degree.
    How absolutely devastating for the family, and the friends who saw what happened.
    I work in the funeral industry and have seen many gun suicides. And I can tell you from experience that NOTHING splits the head open in that straight-on manner other than an accident or a second party.
    This video is not fake.
    Em x

  29. xxxx

    R.I.P feel bad for the poor guy

    his death may now save many other lives

    please think before you act!

    your life is very special to you and people you know

  30. Henrick


    After reviewing extensively this video there is a bottom line: This not FAKE…
    The best thing that could happened is that he passed away because the magnitude of damage was devastating.

    RIP BRO!!!!!!

  31. Texasrigged09

    Ive seen this video twice and it some crazy stuff. You can clearly see that his friend or brother makes it just fine but then when its his turn, he clearly hits the edge of that slab.

  32. i still can get the picture out of my head, i still want to belive that this video is fake, but some things i have read make me thing it is real… fuck if its real, its horrible..
    i hope he had died, not because of something bizzar but i dont think sombody could live like that, i don´t think somebody would wannt to live like that, it´s just horrible the video, if it´s thrue, who was the fucker that films it, at leat the second part, hoe could he recod that, is just sick

  33. Jon

    I saw this a few mths back and yes it’s one of the most disturbing things I’ve seen.
    I think we feel the way we do because, it was a perfectly normal thing for HIM to be doing.He may have done it many times before. Did he expect to get his face split open, of course not. That’s what scares us I feel. I googled “man splits face diving into water” almost 2 mths after watching it as it plays on my mind once in a while. I’m glad I found out he died, not because he deserved it but because I thought if that had happened to me, I’d rather be dead than go through life like that. I felt sad thinking that his life would be massively changed after the incident.

    • Another thing that I think bothers us so much about it is that it’s his FACE that is ruined. The face is really the most special and intimate part of our body. We will do anything to protect it. To have something happen to our face is the worst imaginable.

  34. Ang

    I too watched this on FB and will never again watch something before I’m aware of the contents..I can’t beleive that people “share” this video on FB without any regard for who might open it… some of my childrens 10 year old friends are on FB (I still wont let my daughter sign up, even tho I know minors shouldn’t be on there – I wont give in to peer pressure!). I was left feeling physically sick and it played on my mind for days after an initial sleepless night where I just kept seeing his face. I feel relieved that he didn’t live – imaging the physical and mental trauma. RIP

    • dood

      Hi Ang
      I agree totally with you. I made the mistake of mis-reading the title of this – thought it said ‘driving accident’ and was just another remote and silly clip of somebody doing something daft on the motorway. I feel traumatised by the images I’ve witnessed and so wish those pictures weren’t replaying in my head. What horrifies me more than anything is the undiluted evil of the person who stood there filming this and then decided to publicize it – if this passes for ‘entertainment’ then I’d say man is the most abhorrent creature on the planet. Vile. Totally and utterly vile.

  35. paul

    Poor Kid, When i first watched it i thought he would have survived, although he might not look the same. Now i have read that the poor Kid died it sickens me to think of the video, your actually watching the end of his life. Not a nice feeling in my stomach… It just shows how easily accidents can happen and how that simple choice we make can change the path of our lives with such dramatic effect. Peace be with him.


    that guy got his head fucked

    i wonder what it would feel like to shove your dick in the head wound

    • ◄(°-°)►


    • Victor

      you sick piece of shit. i would like to shoot you in the face witha fucking ak cut off your dick and stick it in your face. BITCH!!

  37. miranda

    o woooowww……..i feel kind of sick right now.
    (btw, r.i.p to the young boy)

  38. Lonnie

    A few days ago someone said, “Hey man check this out!”. Whether it was initial shock or disbelief I couldn’t really look away until it was too late. I’ve been thinking about this off and on for the past few days; the fear, the confusion, the pain, and the thoughts running through his mind. Well I’m not being over-sensitive as I thought, after reading how the video has affected others. Reading everyone’s posts was helpful, kind of like therapy or an AA meeting. Crazy world.

  39. John Doe

    If it’s true, as that LiveLeak user who claimed to have been there said, that this happened the second week of June 2009, then the two videos are NOT related at all. The second video was posted in late May 2009 on a website called TheYNC.com. The video is still there, you can browse back to May 2009 and see for yourself.

  40. hihi

    No way. The second part, the ER scene, is not real. I was completely convinced at first, but there was something too frightening about it, and that made me keep watching. After really observing the face, I started to wonder where all his skull was. I mean, the human skull is not just some flaccid wet sandwich. You cant just “fold” it together. I mean, feel your cheeks, and imagine whats beneath the skin. It’s extremely hard, extremely stiff, bone…just as hard as rock. Where is that in the video? In a brightly lit room, why is there a mere black void where much bone mass should be? Where did it go? And, why are there teeth still intact right where he apparently suffered an 8 inch deep gash to his face? Thats just not what the inside of the face looks like. Cheek bones don’t just dissapear. Although very very well done, this ER scene is clearly just a clever mans way of creating a hoax…taking the first clip of the dive and creating a gruesome ER scene.

    Not to mention, I’m pretty sure its impossible to fight the human instict of putting your hands up. Why would that kid just let his face get raped by that peir?

    Well done, but certainly fake.

  41. Steve

    I can hear there at first man shouting: “Jezisi, nie!” during the fall. It means “Jesus, no” in Slovak. And then the girl is few times screaming: “Rasto, nie!” which is Slovak male name. So I assume that is Slovak guy jumping and Slovak girl watching him.

  42. Sillybpi

    What supposedly happened to his eyes?

  43. Eli Neitzel

    im just finding it hard to be real, it just doesnt seem like that would happen.
    but i heard that he died a hour after the accident

  44. Just watched it – so disturbing. People really should think about what they are doing!!!


  46. I watch it around the time the video posted…i can still remember very weel , how the face look like..n each time ..i gasp…n stunned for a while…i couldn’t bring myself to watch it again..

    N you’re right…doesn’t matter wether it same person, place etc..but that’s real footage…

  47. ryan

    footage is absolutely real….sad thing is the kid could have had a tremendously greater chance of survival had proper medical interventions been performed such as ventilator, monitoring, IV access, blood transfusions….i work in emengency medicine and it simply amazed me that nothing was being done….the doctor was probably just stunned that the kid was actually alive he forgot all the basics and jumped straight to fixing the face…i may be giving him more credit than he is due im not familiar with the extent and level of training doctors have to go through in Lebanon.

    Simple fact is people do stupid things all the time and may be successful 99 out of 100 times but all it takes is one wrong step but no matter how many documentations of such failed acts go around there is always gonna be someone that has the mind set “it can’t/won’t happen to me”…

  48. Well i think it was possible for him to get his face split, if u think about it, When u hit something very hard ur skin rips, For an example, my friend got hit by a bat, on his face, and his Whole Eyebrow opened, so i think it is possible, and that cannot be a failed suicide, No way in hell, because a shot gun can blow ur head off. And idk if that kid is alive, or dead, but i hope he isnt, cuz thats a fucked up Death, and one more thing, u have to be a fuckin idiot in doing that, that is the biggest wrisk u can take.

    Myspace.com/Silentreb .ADD US!

  49. Carol

    Randomly came across this video last year and couldn’t take in actually what happened to his face….was 95% sure it was real. Have been trying to find out what happened since then..6 months later and I find this..can’t bring myself to watch that video again.
    Not sure if it’s real or not from reading comments..but it sure is one gruesome video

  50. John P

    More big government liberalism at work. Just trying to scare people into giving up their rights for a guard rail. Take personal responsibility and you won’t need a guard rail or big government to install it. I will install it for half the price. If we didn’t have guard rails do you know how much we could save on taxes? The Tea Party is the only thing going in America that can save us and Jesus too. All the other religions aren’t as good as Jesus Christ Our Savior. We should convert the worlds other religions to Christianity so we won’t need all this big government crap.

  51. Drew


  52. Medicj

    I dont know if that video is real or not, but I have seen people shoot there face off and still be able to make sounds from the vocal cords and be cao. true there is pain but if you think about it he took out most of his nerves. so in theroy no nerves no pain.

  53. ramcho

    i’ve watched this video several times and i think that he is unconscious, it is impossible to feel all that hell and stay conscious.

  54. ogz5

    arghhhh…that’s what I’m afraid of, what teenagers usually do, “for the sake of fun”, they never think twice , whether it’s going to be harmful for them, and the effect when accident happens. Waste of life, the whole time the parents have nurtured you, the emotions that you’ve caused and of course, financial burden from trying to save you. *sighs* Please think twice people before you do such daring acts.

  55. robert french

    yeah thats pretty bad i hope they put a fence on that bridge.

  56. robert french

    its more of a crack than a split

  57. Victor

    Father God in the name of Jesus i pray that he is in a better place rite now where there is no more pain or suffering. all we can do about this is pray. Amen

  58. Lil' Tommy

    It would have been less disturbing if he had been killed outright. It’s seeing them alive, awake and struggling with the injury that impacts on me.

    What the hell were the doctors doing? Trying to push his face back together? I can’t really think of a solution to that kind of injury. They should have ended his suffering sooner.

    • I don’t know. I think they are trying to help him or figure out how to fix it. Also it’s better to hold his face together.

      He lived for about two hours afterward.

      Yeah, that video hits you hard all right. I was traumatized bad for about 4-5 days after watching it. I kind of dig being traumatized though, lol.

      • Lil' Tommy

        Who was actually filming this? If I was a doctor there or even a bystander, my first thought/reaction would be ‘OMG!!!’ not ‘I’ll just get this on film…’

        What the hell is wrong with the guy filming? Why didn’t the others there tell him to put the phone/camera away? Or failing that, they should’ve discouraged/stopped it being shared on the Net.

        People have recovered from some pretty darn severe head injuries (in many cases with whole sections of their head and brain missing), but this kind of thing isn’t survivable IMO. Even if you could survive, would you really want to?

        Poor guy… unfortunately, reckless behaviour can have dire consequences. I would hope that people have at least learnt from this tragedy, so as to avoid a repetition.

        • when something traumatic happens like this, It’s new for doctors. Maybe they needed someone to tape it so they could go back and watch what they did wrong since he died… poor boy was only 16. That’s so sad

  59. Jappe

    I’m wordless..

  60. Honestly, the real story is this. It all started from a Step-On-That-Banana-Peel daring game. The first guy bailed out, but the second guy was like “what the heck, why not!” And so he got his banana split! Lesson here is stay away from danger.

  61. Ali

    I am a Jordanian arab, and I can assure u that this Video is not fake.. although I have been searching for it in Arabic for hours but have found nothing, the only thing I found relating to Al Rawsha o el minara is that it says so many people die there and so many commit suicide mainly due to love and relationships..

    Why I am sure that this is right is here is the arguments that u present:
    1.the guy in the video is darker
    2. why is it being filmed in the hospital

    1. if u look at the full recording (Liveleak) you will see when they pull him out of the water he is fair.. it is just the recording at the start was dark

    2. lol you can record anything, anywhere in Arab countries… except military places. I seen many recordings in hospitals worse than this… people tend to record disgusting stuff in the arab world, staff wouldn’t stop any family member going into the Intensive care, you’d just have to talk your way if ur refused entry. youll find millions of vids of iraqis killing American soldiers or Iraqis killing Iraqis, would u think the same why are they recording?

    I dont know but if anything happens anywhere in the arab world it would be recorded… even if its in the ER room, how do u think saddam hussain’s hanging video was spread lol.. people in that place where he was hung were searched more than 3 times for anything, including mobile phones.. theyre not allowed to enter carrying a mobile phone.. yet somehow they manage to always get through

    but if any1 finds any links in Arabic please forward them to me.

  62. Ali

    I think this is the vid with the shotgun that every1 is getting confused with, it’s a completely different guy


  63. Lifeemti

    the video is real and is well documented by Mr. Lindsay…it is a tragedy and more could have been done for the young man if the resources and knowledge was available…like others have said he wasn’t on a ventilator or cardiac monitor. I don’t even see any IV access let alone fluid adminstration…i have worked for an ambulance service for 5 yrs and now work at a Level 1 Trauma Center emergency room where we see similar injuries but handle them much differently of course because I live in the U.S. This kid probably had multiple brain bleeds which weren’t handled correctly his H and H was probably in the gutter which means he needed blood…facial reconstruction was the least of his worries…the hospital I work for is in a town that borders Mexico and from which we have received hundreds of patients that have been under treated after very traumatic incidents (i.e. explosions and gunshot wounds) and it is due to the lack of education, standards and resources available in Mexico. Had this incident occured in the U.S. or other non-third world country the outcome may have been different…only a possibility not a fact

  64. tracy

    this sickened me ….it was the most horrific thing ive ever seen , which was sent to me through a social network….cant believe something so tragic was posted on here, i now if it was a member of my family i would want some privacy….R.I.P to the poor soul that suffered such a shit ending in life enjoying what he did with his brother,also have a thought for his brother that had to watch every second of that tradgedy, always in my thoughts …xxx

  65. Dan

    Dear Robert,

    I can tell you a bad story since my accident in 1993 when I was 6 years old. I wasnt not ever easy for me. I often wished I was died. I lost my left eyebrow
    and there scares on my head.I have to to live with it, because I can not change it. I am stronger as before and I got more confidence.


    Your Daniel

  66. Chontles

    I watched it at my aunties house and it was discusting!!!

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  68. SAMON


  69. Disturbing

    My friend told me about this and i was like ” its fake and i can watch it without problem”. I seen few seconds and i just didnt want, nor i can watch it again, i have strong stomach, can watch many things but this is just too much.
    Cant say if its fake or real cuz i saw just a few parts but for what i saw its real.
    From comments i think he could have been alive, there sure is a large amount of adrenaline after that trauma…
    R.I.P young soul.

  70. ntn

    Hi everybody,
    This one is 10 times more horrible than that clip.

    WARNING!!! Very horrific.

  71. Qwerty

    I watched the movie a while ago, truly a terrifying a movie.

    However… although I’m pretty sure both parts of the movie are real, I’m not sure if they’re connected, and I’m saying this after reading the whole article AND all the comments. What is said in the article is very convincing and yet many comments that say the opposite seem just as convincing…

    Personally I was thinking the same as “hihi”, at first, and that there’s no way his face just got squashed and looks like it does, and on the other hand I’ve been told that in critical accidents the face isn’t much different from a watermelon and can easily be torn apart.

    As of now, I’m convinced everything is real. Too many factors that show it’s real.

  72. Less

    I just watch it last night (08/02/10) and it is VERY disturbing! My thoughts and prayers goes to his family.

  73. I’m pretty sure the second half is real. Whether or not it is the same patient… that may be debatable.

    As for the comment about the tube not needing to be attached to something… LOL

    Sorry to say the funeral director is incorrect.

    The tube is in fact securing the airway and that is priority #1 in all types of severe head trauma. Priority #2 is the breathing.

    This patient is unconscious. Even though you see the patient moving rest assured he is unconscious. The severity of this injury and the many others he probably has require mechanical intervention to control his breathing (Even if he is trying to breath on his own) Those are just survival reflexes from the brain stem.

    Normal EFFECTIVE breathing that properly oxygenates an adult’s blood cells should be 12-20 respiration’s per minute. Anything below that or ABOVE that could be life threatening. That is why the breathing must be controlled mechanically.

    In this case it could be done either by attaching the tube to a bag valve mask and inflating/deflating manually or by connecting it to a properly calibrated respirator machine.

    Additionally this patient should be pharmacologicaly paralyzed with some sort of anesthesia or a paralytic drug in order to prevent further injury and facilitate emergency medical treatment.

    The patient has obvious life threatening injuries and is incapable of protecting himself. The medical staff needs to be doing it FOR him.

    Please don’t get me wrong here… It is very possible that the clip was shot in a transition moment and the respiration device may have been momentarily removed to transfer the patient from a gurney to the stretcher or for a number of other reasons.

    I wasn’t there and of course its easy to play Monday morning quarterback. But trust me when I tell you that if an endotracheal tube is inserted, the rescuer should also be ventilating. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

    There is alot of controversy going on about this video, some people say its fake, some people say its not the same guy that jumped of the bridge. Well, I don’t know about all that but I do know this… that guy needed to be on the operating table with an experienced team of trauma surgeons within minutes of sustaining this injury.

    Judging by where he was, I don’t think that was the case and I believe he died. Its a shame. But it happens everyday.


  74. chelsea


  75. Nora

    Whoever wrote this they did a pretty good job.
    very informative and well written.

  76. Abby

    wow.! where can i find thee video at??

  77. Jen

    Is it wrong that I am kind of relieved for him that he died? I would not want to have to live like that. It’s a shame he went so young, though. All around, horrible video. I couldn’t finish watching it.

  78. Tinsley

    Surprisingly, I did not suffer any of the warning effects this video has on most if not all of the people who has watched this video. In fact, I watched it repeatedly for 3 times in disbelieve. I admit that it’s ghastly and that it’s real but somehow the only thing that haunts me is how can such things happen in real life other than in movies like Saw. Is there something wrong with me?
    FYI I’m the kind who could never sit through a movie like Saw

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  80. u SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  81. caribbean person


  82. Tanya

    Robert, I read your synopsis and I agree with the lingering feeling and I too have been thinking about it all evening (I only saw it today) wondering if there is any chance it is not real. Hence, me looking up more about this incident and finding your site. I hadn’t known he didn’t survive. I was trying to find how he is today, but now I know. I had a brother who jumped off a bridge. Now I have an image of how he may have (somewhat) looked. I now understand why they have closed caskets. So sad….

  83. unpredictablefuture

    R.I.P. I was crying no one should go through death like that

  84. unpredictablefuture

    R.I.P. to the person that lost his life on the diving accident
    i was awfully sad watching that video i couldnt stop crying

  85. Susan M Khaury

    I think there should be criminal penalties for people sending out this type of thing to unsuspecting people. ‘My’ copy was called “Lucky by Chance” and led me to believe that it was going to be one of those very amusing videos about near misses with disaster. I was completely unprepared for what I saw. No one needs to see something like this. It has no redeeming value. I was so upset by it that my housemate thought I needed to be sedated after seeing it.

  86. jack

    poor bloke feel sorry 4 him dnt think he will b tryn dat no more.

  87. Joe

    That thing that you can’t quite put your finger on? I think it’s the atmosphere of when he’s in the hospital. You know that he NEEDS world class medical care, and it exists, but he simply isn’t going to get it. That’s the creepiest thing for me, if he was in a North American or western European hospital, I honestly don’t think it would “feel as bad” because you would know that at least he’s getting cared for.

    • c-nugg

      That’s what disturbed me the most, seeing how serious his trauma was and the doctor just holds his head together. Whether he was being transferred or whatever doesn’t matter, like someone else said earlier if this happened in the US or other county with similarly experienced and equipped medical facilities/staff he would have been on the op table within minutes of arrival. But I’m guessing they did the best they could with what was available to them.

  88. Rich

    Wow, i remember the first time i saw that video, and it made my stomach feel all queasy! I dont usualy get disterbed by things like that, but for some reason, as robert pointed out, that video was very erie. I think it was the blood curdaling screems fromt he girls at the top, but i didnt like it. I feel sorry for the kid, but i really dont know how much pain the body can take, and i think that might have been beyond the limit. But he did looka bit like predator taking his mask off in the hospital…..



  90. Ali

    Hi Robert,
    months have passed and I have not found anything related to this case, but I have something which might be of interest, I have an arab israeli friend who said that this accident was in Israel, there is not so much difference between the Lebanese accent and Palestinian, and as soon as I saw the video the first time it seemed like it’s in Akko to me (a town on the mediterranian) and it has a big arab population just like Jaffa but Akko is more known for young men jumping off cliffs and walls to the sea which is a sport because they keep complaining that they have nothing to do, and this friend said to me that it was on the news over there but I still can’t find anything.

  91. candice cord

    true neutral analysis. God bless you.

  92. sutter kane

    My Lebanese colleague here tells me this video is for real, and it happened. Unfortunately the guy was dead immediately. He also told me that there’s a police patrolling there now, and doesn’t let anyone else to dive.

  93. Frieghtened Mom

    I didn’t / couldn’t watch the whole thing, I did however share it, with a warning, in hopes it wil be a lesson to many NOT to take stupid risks.

  94. Hi, I decided to write my thoughts. Let me start by introducing.
    [Please forgive my poor English.]

    Yesterday I watched this movie on the server “video mahzen. View of injuries stuck in my mind. I was tortured by the fact that I do not have any information of the circumstances. This morning I found this article. I read it and most of the comments. Many people who wrote comments here seem to be emphatically, and they have imagination, that produces emotions. That’s good. I have the same and I understand it, but I also like to analyze but emotions interfere with the analysis.

    I decided to watch this movie many times, imagining that I am a medic, who must judge the situation. So what I think was the situation? The man with the crushed lower half of his face. This is not a big deal for medical specialists: crushed nose, dissected skin, broken upper jaw, detached lower jaw. Perhaps damaged right eye. A large blood loss but not critical for life (no large veins). Man in the movie breathes in a specific way which is obvious because it lies on his back so fluids (blood, saliva) flow down his throat. Doctors put a tube in his throat. Intubation makes it easier to breathe in such a situation. That is why you hear “Darth Vader breathing.” In my opinion, he is conscious. He moves his head in a natural way for this situation – he is confused, in shock and he can not communicate. In any situation when we feel the pain it is always accompanied by facial expressions. He has no facial expressions because of the face destruction, but the muscles still work so it’s natural that he tries to use them.

    So although it looks awful does not directly threaten his life!

    The behavior of medics in this case is correct. They’re trying to help sufferer to breathe. One of medics tightens his face, to improve breathing through a tube. They also wonder how to protect his face until surgery. Once on the “rotten.com” i saw a photo of the motorcyclist, who had a detached lower jaw. He was conscious and did not even lay just sat and waited for the decision of the doctors. His face looked very similar to this guy face. Doctors can sew the skin and do transfusion and reconstruct the nose and do a jaw implant. If this man really died, it was probably a result of brain injury or spinal cord injurie. Perhaps the internal bleeding.

    Injuries on his face are quite complicated to fix, but it is not they caused the death. Speculation over what a miracle he survived should not refer to the injuries of the face, but rather to hitting his head from such height.

    I feel sorry for him and his family.

    • Truly amazing comment! Makes alot of things way more apparant

    • Sammy

      A great comment. Also, the man MAY have been brain dead, the massive dose of adrenalin would keep a body functioning for a while. And I agree, the medic tries to push the face together and move the intubation tube into the correct position. An intubation tube is usually strapped to the jaw to prevent it being pushed too far in and cause damage, perhaps we can look on the medic pushing the face together as him trying to find some point of reference to start working on the poor kid.

      • yes but did you see his jaw it was like wow it looked a bit like scooby doo the move (the first one) and they unveal scappy or what ever his name is and you see his jaw and his eyes that video remined me of that
        made me feel sick

  95. Sid

    I feel So bad for the boy…… even If he had little chance of survival i would plead for mercy killing.

    Please Friends ….Think twice before doing all these stunts….I Know The Rush of young Blood….but Are you face the aftermath Like this? What if it was yourself, your brother or your best friend?

    Watching the Video gives you Shock! Wht if it was live in front of US!!!!

    Please be Safe!

  96. Eddy B.

    Please tell me i’m not the only one who started to laugh?

  97. SuckMyCock69:)

    Why is everyone Crying over an arab? O.O On the other hand…. I give him Props for showing a little more creativity in his suicide. I give him a 9.5:) GO U.S.A!!!!

    • aidan_43

      who really cares where he is from you idiot. i bet if it happened to you or your brother etc or friend, you wouldnt say anything like that. i think its quite a sad vid to be honest. and im from new zealand. although to be honest im not the biggest fan of foreign people, but in this case i made an acception. best wishes to his family and friends. it must have been a very sad time for you all and may still be.

  98. Bettina

    I watched this video a few days ago and it still makes me sick to my stomach…I just keep thinking about it. I keep imagining how I would feel if that were my son and i feel so sad for his family and everyone who witnessed that. I cannot/will not ever watch that again, it is truely the most horrific thing Ive ever seen in my life. Im usually not affected by watching people in accidents but this video did something to me…

  99. aidan_43

    i bet if he was in a world class hospital there would heve been a chance to save his life. but even if they did would he really want to live like that??? i wouldnt. but at the end of the day what happened happened and we cant change that. all the best to his family and friends.

  100. aidan_43

    my bad for my fail spelling lol

  101. gaelen

    Hello all , i am lebanese and i heard about the story he did not die 2 days after! he died after 2 hours of being in the american hospital about 1/4 mile away from the nahr( river)

  102. Lea

    Hey Robert,
    I agree with your first posting. I just saw this for the first time today and I can’t stop thinking about it. It had a very eery vibe to it, very hard to describe. I feel that there is a good chance it is not fake based on the observations you made. I don’t care what a person did in their life or where they come from…this is not a way for anyone to go. I can’t imagine how the person felt (if he was even conscious) or how the family coped. There are really no words to describe an accident like this. I do have a comment to make about the doctor holding the face together and apparently stating, “Where do I begin?”…Really, ask yourself, “where DO I begin?” I am simply just a nursing student, not a ER/Trauma doctor by any means. Earlier, a gentleman stated that these injuries could be fixed and if the boy died, it was from brain trauma or a spinal injury. In my opinion, that could very well be correct. There are medical phenomenons we all hear about circulatiing the internet; some true, some not. Obviously, if I was a nurse working that day in that ER I would be more qualified to deal with those situations, lol, so my answers my be a little different at that point…but thinking about what I would do from my stand point now? They tell you to assess for the ABCs (airway, breathing, circulation), so naturally, that would be my first step. However, doctor or not, there is no way you can look at that poor child without saying out loud, or to yourself, (pardon my french, I realize this isn’t professional) “that boy is f*cked!” I’m sorry, but even if he did survive, there is no comming back from that. His quality of life he would have had would make “letting him go” a blessing…

  103. Tel

    Nice blog, your description was so vivid that it actually made me feel queasier than the video itself (well OK, maybe not the first time I saw it). I actually think it’s important that young(ish) people see this, as it is a graphic reminder that they are not invincible, and that diving off a pier is probably not a great idea… It wouldn’t be so bad if he had died instantly (assuming that the vignettes are of the same unfortunate guy), but the fact that he was still breathing, tongue flailing about, with his face split in two – and the possibility that he may have been in this state for hours – is genuinely disturbing.

  104. buster hymen

    I love how people think that if this child had lived after such a horrific accident that it would be less tragic. Imagine living your life from the time your 16 on with that kind of trauma. never normal, tube fed for who knows how long unable to communicate, see or speak, how man surgical procedures you would have to endure. The quality of life would be terrible. I would rather be dead then exist in that world.

    before you all go talking shit about personal experience. my mother die from Lou Gerick disease. she made a choices, quality of life choices. what kind of life is being on a machine keeping you alive.

  105. Mydad

    Im not gonna watch this, neither is my father.



    • Wade in MO

      You couldn’t follow a fucking link? You’re an idiot. If you jumped off a ledge and cracked your head open I doubt that we would see anything inside.

    • Wade in MO


      Odd. From what I understand, ‘asshole’ is an american word and ‘wanker’ is a british/austrailian word, but they’re used together in the same sentence.

      Is the word ‘asshole’ becoming more prevalent in these other countries? It’s the reverse of San Franciso: Now asshole is penetrating something else.

  107. Al

    watched this video about a year ago, still disturbs me now! argh

  108. Ryan

    The first time I saw this video was in an EMT class. I’ve watched it again a few times afterwords. The intubation seems correct, and would have been performed prehospital. I have seen severe trauma cause “case splitting” of the skull like this before in car crashes. Also the construction of the pier would most certainly be steel framed concrete, which in turn would give a perfect mechanism to cause such an injury. In the ER the skin would be much more pale. The combined effects of homorhaggic shock, and likely neurological shock would turn a person of any color pale. Suicide by gun leaves distinctive entrance and exit wounds. The angle and quality of the shot in the ER is poor, but in my opinion the wound observed in the ER is from blunt force trauma, not a GSW. A GSW to the head leaves a ballooning pattern with small caliber ammunition such as 9mm, .40, .45, .38. A GSW to the head with a shotgun or rifle round would have physically removed parts of the head, and as you can see from the video there are no missing parts. A suicide by gun would also leave powder burns on the face which would be easily visible, even with this poorly shot film. As a rule of thumb anything over 20 feet is considered severe trauma and usually involves a helicopter. This jump was clearly close to 40 feet if not more. The damage done to any skeletal structure impacted would be severe. The fact that a grown person hit an angular piece of steel from 40 feet should let you know the victim died.
    This video appears real. And I hope this young man serves as a warning to others. Don’t be an idiot. If it looks dangerous, it is dangerous. Doctors and paramedics can fix a lot of things, but we can’t put your brain back into your skull and call you alive.

  109. Ryan

    Another observation. If the trauma was severe enough to cause massive skull fracturing like this, then there would certainly be internal injuries as well. You’re looking at a speed of about 55kph (35mph for all us Americans =] ) Try to think about it like this…The boy appeared stocky…lets say 160lbs, he would have impacted that tiny surface area with over 8500 joules of energy which is roughly 75000 lbs per square inch. That would be the same as planting 12 tractor trailers on the boys midline. I’ve done my math in explaining trauma for the day =)

  110. I watched the video twice. I’ve seen things like this before, in person. Death, especially when unnecessary is a tragic thing, but it happens everyday. Perhaps I’m desensitized, but it didn’t bother me one bit.

  111. Car Guy

    I still don’t have the nerves to see the video even once.

  112. niels

    Wow i am 14 but i think i am even more traumatiside then other people i was really sorry that i watched this movie. Damn for the brother and sister and parents for him amen for him i would kill myself if that was my brother could’ve you imagine about that Damn for the kid i wich it was never happend

  113. Anon

    The second part is most likely a failed gunshot suicide attempt. It was posted in late May 2009 at this address:
    It’s removed now though, so here’s an archived version from June 5th 2009 (still well before the diving accident):

    The video itself is not archived but I saw it myself back then, before someone spliced it together with the diving video which was pulled from a Lebanese (I think) Facebook group. By the way, the wound does look exactly like a gunshot wound to the face. It happens all the time, and there are plenty of very similar videos on the internet. I could link to some of them but you should probably just take my word for it.

  114. joe


  115. JERM

    OMG! OMG! That”s really all I can say about that video.

  116. I watched this in class. And normally nothing makes me sick just watching it. But I wanted to puke. This is something crazy that happened, and its a shame it happened to him to die like that. May he rest in peace

  117. lauryn

    Give me the fuckin video

  118. Thanks for posting the full story, too often these dramatic videos hit the net, but no story is attached.

    I watched only the bit where he actually hit and stopped there. I don’t need to go further, I got to understand the situation well enough.

    This video directly reminds me of a suicide in town that took place on this last Friday night/Saturday morning where someone jumped off a 7-story parking garage. It happened at 3am, after bars closed, and apparently, he had been sitting there for hours. Worse, some say people shouting ‘jump’ and he did.

    Now, suicide is nothing like an accidental death, but the impact shown in this video is similar. People were witness to the event and they provided more information than the news paper did. The mother even added a comment about her son to the article which never named him. It seems that the situation is the same here, no news articles available, but plenty public commentary.

    Thanks for filling in that role.

  119. James

    As other posters have said above, it seems the man on the operating table is not the one shown diving. For quite a while I doubted those that said the two videos where unrelated, but having recently done research on the incident, I can attest to the fact that the footage in the hospital was posted on several forums (nyc, liveleak, ogrish, and possibly others) in late may and early june which contradicts the story included in the article.

    Furthermore, a picture allegedly of the man on the operating table taken after he had recovered was posted on a forum. I can’t say for certain whether it is him, but there is certainly a likeness and the fact he has a scar running down the front of his face lends more credibility to the claim.

  120. Pingback: Strange Photo | Robert Lindsay

  121. Abraham Shehadi

    Hey, i live in Beirut and go to school right next to the railing were that kid died….In regards to “remember its a Lebanese hospital” the boy was taken to AUB, one of the Middle East’s leading hospital. I highly doubt the doctors did not know what they were doin…Most likely that video was a fraud

  122. Mitchelle

    Ehh… I thought he lived :/ but he didn’t how SAD. R.I.P , I bet he felt alot of PAIN that you can’t discribe, He would of died from that hit just in a flash but took it and suffered for 2 days 😦 They should of FLOW him out to professional doctors,nurses, But he would rather die instead live in such PAIN

  123. zoe

    am i the only one who noticed that you first said he died 2 days later, but further along you stated that he was in icu for two hours and then died??? please could you clarify this? 🙂 thnxx may the boy r.i.p amen

  124. Sick…………………………………….

  125. worpman

    Selber Schuld! Sowas bescheuertes!

  126. Fucck thaats how sad.tbh
    r.i.p ..and peps iets not a joke.
    whaat if it was you or 1 of your family membaahs..

  127. Max

    I’ve seen videos like “3 men 1 hammer”, “1 lunatic, 1 icepick” all kinds of sick shit, you name it, I’ve seen 3 Pedophilic necrophilliac cannibals eat a dead kid together, 100% legit too, and I’m not lying here, but this video seems to affect me the most, my dad told me to never watch this, but after seeing all those sick videos, I thought Fuck it, and man do I regret it.. Haha R.I.P.

  128. Athea

    I watched this vid years ago & it traumatized me so much! Don’t know why I came to look for it again maybe because of the shear OMFG of it! I’ve never seen another vid that shook me like this 1 did & probably never will! Unlike ‘time’ we can rewind the video & see what went wrong which is simply he decided to run & dive, where as the boy before sprang into his dive & cleared the concrete easily. Shame we can not rewind his life to the point that he never made that silly misjudged mistake. Life is precious don’t lose your head R.I.P dude..

    • Shane

      Three guys one hammer is worse…this guy starts beating other guys with a hammer..and one lunatic one ice pick…fucking gross.

  129. Tedd

    My brother sent this to me unannounced well over a year ago. I watched it once but it still haunts me from time. Talk about a horriffic, traumatic injury!

  130. Jenny

    Thank you for the thorough follow up on a video that totally traumatized me…a seasoned ER nurse. I have wondered about the outcome to the point of not being able to sleep, and your article at least puts the questions to rest! Thank you!!

  131. sasha

    oh fuck i must be stupid to be watching this its horryble i don’t want to see anything like this again its too horryble jessus christ its like the video with the asia girl who’s runed down by a car and then another car drives all over her leaving her in the street with broken boones in a pool of blood that immage gave me nightmares for three months and i still remember it why do people show this god trust me you don’t want to see it its too awful ….i hope he is alive and that stupid jump should be a freaking lesson too everyone who’s trying to dive like that! God. i’m in nurse school and if i go to the hspital and ever have to face that live i think i’ll quit my job in the nex second !

  132. star

    Intelligent…. incorrect

  133. Jericho

    We’ll if you didn’t have unqualified people in a hospital he could of lived due to the fact that he died from internal bleeding means they probably just stitched his face up without connecting all or if any of the miniature blood vessels which is why it probably took two days for him to die and the fact that the doctor was trying to push it together does no good for it is just like playing with it because pushing it together several time is not going to magically make it be put back together

  134. Scott

    Victoria ball you can see it on Facebook in the craziest injuries account thing and that’s where I saw it with my mom

  135. Allicat

    I watched this video over and over again back in 2009 just so I could desensitize myself because it was just so horrible. I can still see the images all this time later. I agree with the writer, there is something really scary about this video.

  136. Bob

    His girlfriend said he was a two-faced jerk. Well that hit him right between the eyes. He felt like he should split but he took a leap of faith.

    He was in two minds whether to jump. He made a bloody mess of things but wanted to show off his inner self.

    At the hospital it was an open and shut case. At first it seemed like a mystery but the doctor read him like a book. This hospital brings people together all the time.

    He diagnosed a splitting headache and decided on a two-part treatment.

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