New Traffic Record On Robert Lindsay August 1

On Saturday, August 1, this site set another new traffic record, this time for the 4th highest traffic in a day.* There were 3,464 hits on the site that day, beating the previous record of 3,353 set on July 20, only 12 days prior. It’s pretty unusual for that much traffic to come in on a weekend, and Saturday is typically one of the slower days. In addition, there were 218 visitors to the old site for a total of total of 3,682 hits total for the day.

A huge number of hits (642) were recorded on the post, Paper Adds Support to the Aryan Invasion Theory. This post has received many visitors from India or who have friends from India. They are very interested in the genetics of the Indian people and in particular what race the Indians are – Blacks, Asians, Caucasians or Australoids, and how the various types of Indians in various parts of India line up racially and genetically. Thank God, PC anti-racism has not yet taken hold in India!

Quite a few (150) also stopped by to read Thaddeus Stevens, American Hero. This post has the neo-Confederate types hopping mad, but they can bite my Yankee ass. Here in California, Southerners, in particular neo-Confederates, are considered to be a joke. I don’t know anyone who sports a Confederate flag or Confederate paraphernalia. California’s always been the land of the supporters of the Union for a century or so now, though it was not always so in the 19th Century.

It’s really sorry that in order to be a White advocate these days, you need to support the Confederacy, slavery, Jim Crow, segregation and segregationists, Nazism, fascism, the conquest and theft of Indian lands, the Mexican War, Holocaust revisionism and other outrages.

You need to oppose slave rebellions, the abolitionists, the Union Army, the Civil Rights Movement, the US and Soviet roles in World War 2, the Indians’ heroic defense of their homelands, the Civil Rights Act, Brown v Board of Education, integration, Martin Luther King, Cesar Chavez, the Housing Rights Act and other great moments in and men of American anti-racism and basic human decency.

It’s as if in order to be pro-White, you must oppose everything good and support everything bad.

A movement like that doesn’t even deserve to succeed, much less show it’s face in public.

*Records are publicized for the 1st-5th highest days, weeks and months only.

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  1. Wow your ideas about pro-white make me glad I don’t live in Calafornia !

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