Ann Dunham Nude Pics?

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Rightwingers have been passing around these old porn pics from the 1950’s for about a year now, claiming that they are pics of Stanley Ann Dunham, Barack Obama’s mother. I went looking for them on the net,  and lookey what I found. It definitely looks like her. There has been a recrudescence of this Obama’s Momma Nude meme by outraged rightwing US women.

The reason for the resurrection of this zombie theme is that liberals are picking on poor Sarah Palin and her poor glue-sniffing snowmobile freak tundrabillies up in Alaska. The reason the evil libs are doing is because Sarah is a woman, and libs hate women, even though we are feminists. Conservatives, who refuse to pass the Equal Rights Act for women, are the real friends of women. Somewhere, in some alternate universe, I guess this all makes sense.

Obama is the first President who had nude pics of his Mom published for anyone to see them.

The insane rightwing blogs and websites (Is there any other kind of rightwing blog or website?) are going insane over this matter.


These are pics of a woman said to be Stanley Ann Dunham. As she is dead, she can't testify in her behalf to say whether this is her or not. She was supposed to be in Hawaii at this time, and those shoes don't look very Hawaiian to me.  There are evil mysteries in these porno photos! Evil mysteries that would stump Sherlock Holmes! Evil mysteries that will throw the election to John McShame! Republiweenies, get crackin!  We don't normally publish nude pics on here, but as these are quite topical and no sane person would view them as pornographic, we are going to go ahead. This is supposedly a nude pic of Stanley Ann Dunham, Obama's Mom.  There are hidden mysteries in these dirty pics. They reveal all sorts of Commie, miscegenating and adulterous stuff about Obama and his family and their nefarious associations.

These are pics of a woman said to be Stanley Ann Dunham. As she is dead, she can’t testify in her behalf to say whether this is her or not. She was supposed to be in Hawaii at this time, and those shoes don’t look very Hawaiian to me. There are evil mysteries in these porno photos! Evil mysteries that would stump Sherlock Holmes! Evil mysteries that almost threw the election to John McShame! Republiweenies, get crackin! We don’t normally publish nude pics on here, but as these are quite topical and no sane person would view them as pornographic, we are going to go ahead. This is supposedly a nude pic of Stanley Ann Dunham, Obama’s Mom. There are hidden mysteries in these dirty pics. They reveal all sorts of Commie, miscegenating and adulterous stuff about Obama and his family and their nefarious associations.


They are full of all sorts of lunatic conspiracy theories involving some Black guy from Chicago named Frank Marshall Davis, who was a Communist, who was Obama’s mentor, who supposedly was so close to Stanley Ann Dunham that he actually fucked her, who is supposedly “Obama’s real father”, who supposedly has links to the University of Chicago, who has links to the Commie William Ayers.


Supposedly a pic of Obama's Mom, Ann Duncan, nude.

Rightwingers, mostly dudes, are going nuts of these photos. I don’t know if they are jacking off or what, but damn, they sure are excited! They are analyzing the shoes (non-Hawaiian), the floor (the wood is from Oregon), the furniture, the records in the background (jazz), the decor of the apartment (obviously a moneyed man from Chicago), the season (Christmas), on and on. I’m just analyzing the chick. I don’t give a damn if she’s dead. She looks good from here.

I really do not know why any of this shit matters, but it is an issue of overwhelming importance to the rightwing Nutosphere. This is all part of the “Obama is a Communist” meme. Real Communists roll on the floor laughing whenever someone says “Obama is a Communist.” We shake our heads wistfully and chuckle whenever rightwingmorons (one word) say, “Obama is a socialist.” It’s all so humorous. If only it were so!

Here is a real, true, no lies, “Obama is a Commie” Timeline! I am so digging this shit!

If Frank Marshall Davis, member of the Communist Party USA (Just like me!), was Obama’s “mentor”, then that means…Obama’s really a Commie! Woo-hoo! Don’t you get it? Don’t you see Commie stars in Obama’s eyes?

Not only that, but Frank the Commie and his White wife seduced a 13 year old White woman named Ann! They both fucked her! How kinky! Ann was Obama’s Mom! That’s how Obama done got borned! By a 13 year old White Commie teenslut seduced by a perverted sicko Commie interracial couple!

Ann was a slut! Whoohoo! Not like Sarah Palin’s fundamentalist daughter or anything like that, but a real nigger*-loving hippie Commie slut! Just my kinda gal! I luvs sluts!

You know, maybe it is the sick perverted fuck in me, but I am actually starting to dig this story. As a sex liberationist, this is really gonna tear down some barriers. In future, we can expect Presidential candidates whose Moms made porn! Then, we will have the Presidential candidates whose Moms did gangbangs! After that? After that, who knows? Orgies in the White House! Someone invite me!

So, Obama’s real Dad is a Commie, adulterer, child molesting nigger* who fucked White girls! Yeah! If this is true, this is going to be the ultimate nightmare for the White racists in this country. It will be like their worst racial nightmare unfolding right in front of their very eyes.

Actually, a look around the Internet at the sane sites (non-rightwing) implies that this is all nonsense. That this woman is not Ann Dunham. That Ann Dunham was 15 years old when those pics were taken.

A comparison with large photos of Ann Dunham (here, here) shows the porno Ann is apparently not Ann Dunham. Porno Ann has a different shaped nose, a longer philtrum and a longer forehead.

Truth is that those are photos of Marcy Moore, a famous nude model of the era. Proof here. End of argument.

The story apparently originated on Dissecting Leftism, a blog run by John Jay Ray (photo), a 64 year old Australian former university professor with a PhD in Psychology.

Ray was formerly associated with Majority Rights, a large pro-Nazi White Supremacist site.

I call it a pro-Nazi site because it traffics in Holocaust Denial and supports the Nazis versus the Allies in World War 2. However, the site does have a policy of ejecting blatantly pro-Nazi views from the board, so things are tricky.

It isn’t quite Stormfront, but it isn’t American Renaissance either. However, Ray himself, while pro-fascist, is not an anti-Semite; in fact, he is pro-Jewish. There are Jewish fascists and pro-Jewish fascists. It is a common fallacy that all fascism is anti-Semitic. Revisionist Zionist groups such as Betar and Kachane Chai have definite fascist overtones.

*Used sardonically

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146 responses to “Ann Dunham Nude Pics?

  1. alpha unit

    Why do these people consider Obama’s mother fair game in this way?

    Maybe it’s all about shaming a white woman who committed The Unpardonable Sin.

    • Uncle Milton

      As I remember Clinton and his family were dragged over the coals during his administration. E.G. Vince Foster was murdered by the Clintons, Hillary is gay, who didn’t Bill fuck.. etc..

    • alpha unit

      These accusations were leveled at the Clintons themselves. What Obama himself may or may not have done is fair for scrutiny. How a politician handles his or her own family is fair for scrutiny, too.

      But why the attempt to portray the guy’s mother as some kind of slut?

      • koran!

        … why?

        Because she was a rich communist bitch that thought the highest purpose of her life was to fuck black communist assholes? And gave birth to a half-cast child that embodied the essence of half-caste communist assholes, but abandoned him to her parents.

        Sounds like a slut to me.

        • titus

          Bang On Mate – All too True.

        • alex

          marcy moore has much larger, perkier, and fuller tits… its obviously not marcy moore but the leftist media couldn’t handle this being the president/pricks mother

        • Sam Orez

          Those pics are NOT of Marcy Moore. Anyone liberal fool who would say so has never seen a pic of Obama’s mother, who has a Leno-like chin. Moore looked nothing like those pics.
          Sorry, libs. Won’t work.

        • MichaelSSEC

          “Proof here. End of argument” and of course, true to Liberal form, the link goes to a page that doesn’t exist. What else is new? If you can’t beat em, make em up? Liberals are like little rabid animals. All rage, without the slightest possibility of being good for something.

      • Los

        What do mean attempt? There is no one else in Anne Durhams nude photos suggesting that she is willingly portraying herself as you see her – Why are you protecting her the mom of a pseudo president White house usurper? She is not so much a criminal in her ideology but through the actions and conducts of Obscumbo himself – he MUST be incarcerated for life — With him locked up China and Putin will shut the hell up!

      • Dack

        Because she was!!!
        Get your head out of the sand boy.

      • Ken Chapman

        Why portray her as a slut?

        Circumstances very similar to Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton’s father was ten months in Vietnam when Bill was born. Bill was still given his father’s name William Jefferson Blythe. Clinton was the name of the car salesman in town that his mother hooked up with. Bill later decided he preferred the name Clinton.

        Just check the facts for Stanley Ann. The Freedom of Information Act produced records from the University of Washington and the University of Hawaii.

        Stanley Ann started classes at the University of Washington on September 26, 1960, six weeks after the term started. Why?

        Let’s assume Stanley Ann conceived one month later.
        Two months later she dropped out of the University of Hawaii.
        Three months later she married Obama Sr.
        Ten months later she was attending class at the University of Washington.

        In August 1961 Stanley Ann was in class at the University of Washington, 2680 miles away from Hawaii.

        Ok Alpha, you explain it.

    • MichaelSSEC

      “Why do these people consider Obama’s mother fair game in this way?” These people? Not sure who you mean. Is that supposed to be some kind of racist remark?

      Obama’s mother is fair game just like Sarah Palin’s children were fair game to you rage-filled Liberal haters. Whenever we point out this sick double standard, Liberals whine that Palin “put them out there for political gain” and made them fair game. Well, so did Obama. He’s the one who brought his mother into the campaign. Repeatedly. Whenever he found it convenient.

      “Maybe it’s all about shaming a white woman who committed The Unpardonable Sin.” Umm.. we didn’t take the pictures, genius. The only person who had control of these pictures was the guy who took them, and he apparently saw fit to release them. How the hell is that our fault? Typical Liberals, you do something uncouth and shameful and when somebody notices, you start whining about how wrong it is to judge anyone. Funny how you idiots talk that talk but you never can walk the walk. You’re the most judgmental people in America when it comes to people who don’t agree with you. Then it’s “I hope she’s raped by a gang of black men!” and “I hope his kindeys fail!” and “get back in the kitchen and raise your kids, bitch!” And it’s amazing how in 2008-09, you jackasses couldn’t find any XXX pics of Sarah Palin so you Shopped a big pile of them and passed the fakes around instead. Now you’re going to talk about how showing nude pics of a public figure isn’t right? Don’t get all holier than thou on us. You’re nothing but a bunch of hypocrites.

      • Ira "Jake" Jakob USAF (Ret)

        ok…she was a “slut”, she was a communist, she bedded down with communists, she was sleeping with 2 commies when she conceived, not really knowing who the father really was, she preached hatred to Americans, she lived with and married commies who preached hating Americans and their laws, and the person that she had the most influence on is in the Whitehouse, formally doing pot and crack, fighting the Constitution because he doesn’t think it’s right, (hey, remember the slut and her boyfriends?), and totally messing up our country. That kinda puts it all in a nutshell.

    • LOL

      what do you mean unpardonable sin?
      creating dictators or fucking commie nigs?
      i don’t care if a known hippie dumbshit commie fucks blacks
      but fucking fellow communiggers then creating the “masterpiece” known as obama is disgusting
      this child might be the antichrist
      this is hilarious im gonna have a field day with this shit
      everyone i know is going to see the whore known as ann dunham

    • Yaspar Kyashred

      True that. I would never pardon my daughter for getting knocked up by a filthy African, who, true to form, ran off to knock up other foolish white women.

    • upaces88

      Not really. It is about the study of the character building of a young man in an environment with a mom who did things like this. This is very revealing of the kind of parents he had growing up that would shape his character (or lack thereof); and how he would see women later in life.

    • badwhisky

      Maybe it is about tying the pix to the real pictur taker then to Obama. Inthe absents of facts people will develope their own from what ever information is availible.

    • just_an_american

      because, if it was Mitt Romney’s mom or George Bush’s mom… it would be a big deal by the media. The double-minded, hypocrisy that exists is sick.

    • Joe

      Not really, alpha. She was hippie, communist trailer trash, yes, but people just want to know who Obama is and since he is president they want to know where he was born because his whole persona has been created out of lies, forged birth certificates and other deceptions. One theory holds that Frank Marshall Davis supposedly knocked up a very young Ann Dunham, but was already married, so he couldn’t marry Ann. Then her parents made a deal with Barack senior to take the blame and encouraged him by saying he could get aid to continue his studies if he was married to a citizen and could stay longer in the U.S. Barack took the deal and when he was ready, he canned her and split back to Africa where his own wives lived. Another story is that little Barry Soetoro’s father was Muhammad Subud, a man in Indonesia who Ann was banging and who started a Muslim cult with which Loretta Fuddy had connections (yes, the same Fuddy who was health commissioner in Hawaii who verified Obama’s long form birth certificate). Look at the following picture of Obama and the Indonesian man who looks more like Obama than either of the black men theorized to be Barry’s father:

  2. damn, I wanna suck her breasts and drink milk from her boobs..

    Obama’s father was lucky !

    • alex

      she looks run down and tired. She looks like she lived a hard life of trying to fit in like she was some sort of crazy outcast. Oh wait everything i just said was true about her. The saddest part after she had the many trains ran on her in her early teens all of those big black boys ditched her ass. This is so common today. All the fat ugly or misfit white women who cant get in with a white man typically run off to the less desirable more ape looking bunch…..

  3. It was from that blessed vagina of hers Obama was born !

    Whoever fucked her asshole is lucky !

  4. Emmanuel Goldstein

    Speaking of Obama, it looks like Orly Taitz has recently acquired a copy of a certification of birth showing Obama was born in Kenya:

    Strange how this blog is rather silent on this matter. No, no, it’s not strange at all…

  5. GenX in Oz

    She’s no Barbara(‘s) Bush.

  6. Harsh_Henry14W

    O-man is not helping anything by keeping so many records under lock and key.

    Clearly he is trying to hide his Commie sympathies that are contained in his school work.

  7. Uncle Milton

    To Alpha Unit:

    These accusations were leveled at the Clintons themselves. What Obama himself may or may not have done is fair for scrutiny. How a politician handles his or her own family is fair for scrutiny, too. But why the attempt to portray the guy’s mother as some kind of slut?

    Hillary was Clinton’s wife.. her portrayal as a predatory gay woman and a murderer (of Vince Foster..) seemed in my mind, to go well beyond the criticism of Clinton.

    Even hard core racists generally don’t go after Black men like Ward Connerly and Clarence Thomas who have White wives, I think it’s all part of the smear process wherein anybody from the other side is fair game.

    • alpha unit

      No, I don’t think it’s all part of the smear process wherein anybody from the other side is fair game.

      Why are you talking about wives? I didn’t say anything about wives. What Obama’s detractors are doing here is saying there is something wrong with Obama because there was something wrong with his mother.

      • LOL

        there was something wrong with his mother and father
        so there is alot wrong with him
        the commie doesn’t fall too far from the red marxist tree

  8. Uncle Milton

    Clearly he is trying to hide his Commie sympathies that are contained in his school work..

    Umm.. all you have to do is read Obama’s books to learn who he was a fan of in college.

  9. Uncle Milton

    Why are you talking about wives? I didn’t say anything about wives. What Obama’s detractors are doing here is saying there is something wrong with Obama because there was something wrong with his mother.

    I mention Clinton’s wife because she was a family member and not the President… I basically feel attacking any family member whether it be a wife, mother, son, etc.. is the same tactic. I guess you don’t and we’ll just have to disagree.

    In my mind calling Hillary a murderer is a bit worse than calling Ann Dunham a slut.

    If one reads Obama’s books and compares what his friends and acquaintances said about his youth… it’s sounds as he has some personal revisionist history. He doesn’t associate with his half brother Mark, because Mark didn’t subscribe to his racialized view of the world. He portrayed his experience in Indonesia as a wonderful cultural experience and that he learned Indonesia.. his teachers from the time said he picked on repeatedly for his appearance and he couldn’t speak Indonesian. He said he was angst ridden in High School because of race.. his friend Ray who was half Japanese and Black said no way.. that Obama was very popular.

  10. La Reyna

    Is this what makes the right wingers crazy? That BHO is the product of an IR between a white woman and a black man? Please tell me.

    La Reyna

    • In part, that is why the racists hate him, I guess, but to be honest, even they never discuss his “mudshark” Mom very much. As far as the rightwingers, I’m not sure, but if he was as rightwing as they are, I don’t think they would care about him much. Rightwingers in the US are all about ideology now and don’t care much about race per se.

      • microft

        Im not a racist….I don’t like his white half either!

      • Joseph Kleckner

        Your constant race baiting is digusting. Obama is a lousy President who refuses to acknowledge the gravity of our fiscal situation; it has nothing to do with his race. You Libs cannot have a discussion based on his record because his record is one of consistent failure. More importanly, he has no clue what it means to honor our nation as the Chief Executive. God help us if he is re-elected.

        • Actually, what’s disgusting is you, jerkoff. And you’re banned too, BTW.


        • LOL

          actually it might have something to do with his race
          blacks have a average iq of 85
          and his mom looks like a fucking idiot white person and at least 40 percent of the white population is dumb as rocks
          he is clearly a moron with horrible communist genetics

    • alpha unit

      There’s plenty about Obama to make right-wingers crazy. But anybody who’s concentrating on his mother (instead of him) probably can’t stand the fact that he came from a white woman.

    • Los

      Have you yet woken up to the Fact the the USA is NOT a Socialist nation nor will it ever be? The notion of a person who cannot respect the foundations of our countries Governance or American Traditions solely because it is so great of a nation and hence embraces communism which has throughout history always failed is the primary reason. His mom and father have nothing to do with it — Try reading the Constitution Obscumbo does not meet the fundamental requirements of a CANDIDATE for presidency much less to occupy the office. Get real.

  11. wow thanks to share,i always came to visit ur blog 🙂

  12. Ray

    Just a whore who gave birth to a communist, she dated every black guy she could

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  14. cuthean

    died of cunt rot.

    addition by subtraction

  15. wow, the forced hyper-sarcasm in this post is so desperate its unseemly. i’m sure it’s absolutely no problem at all that a president’s mother has posed nude.

    nothing new about that – why, i heard lincoln’s mother and washington’s mother were both centerfolds in their day’s versions of playboy. nothing new here people, move on..

    don’t you see – it’s those ‘rightwingers'(can i say that often enough?) who are defiling this pure woman. they are pretending to be the REAL feminists when clearly ann dunham is ’empowering’ women everywhere by ‘owning’ her sexuality. in fact, i think she’s MORE woman than all the other presidential mothers by breaking the bonds of patriarchy and blah blah blah..

    god, you guys are so pathetic. obama’s mom did porn. its a fucking joke. get over it.

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  18. Iska Waran

    People are just trying to figure out why Obama won’t release his long-form birth certificate. If he was born in Hawaii, then it must have to do with his real father, which is what leads most people on the internet to these photos. Obviously there’s something either incriminating or embarassing in that birth certificate. Obama’s ethnic heritage is a plus in my book, but there’s something fisahy abut that birth certificate.

    • Michael Porter

      How can a man be held responsible for what’s written on his birth certificate? If there’s something “incriminating or embarassing” about Barack Obama’s family background, all the more honor to him! It simply shows that the scale of his achievement is even more spectacular than people first thought.

  19. obamamammajamma

    Mama Obama porked her way across the third world while the poor ‘bamster was huddled in the backroom when Mamster did her version of the goin’ down on the rug for Allah. She has less body hair than I expected. No wonder he turned into a male model in college.

  20. Mary

    Is mother was jew. Look at the features, plus my research shows that. Just like Sotomayor. All these people are in disguise to fool the masses. He is jew but Black Americans do not realize that. Just like many Black Americans have jewish last name from their slave masters.

  21. Obamaforever

    Mary, you are so ignorant, Obama’s mother was not jewish. She is of Irish stock, Dunham = irish and Barack’s grandmother’s madian name was Payne. You need to educate yourself regarding surnames and Obama’s ancestry. And most black Americans have English surnames, not jewish, silly. Typical black American last names are Smith, Jones, Washington and Jackson etc, not Speilberg or Stein. I can’t believe you are that dumb!lol Also, anyone with a lick of sense can see that the lady in the photo is not Obama’s mother. Obama’s mother would’ve never posed nude, she was way too reserved for that.

    • Tim

      I’m Irish living in Cork. When I seen this comment I looked up Dunham in the telaphone book and theres no Dunham’s in the whole book.
      Do you think this is a bit strange is you belive your comment to be true?

    • Ja

      Stein and Spielberg are Ashkenazi Jews, the kikes who lived in Eastern and Central European ghettos. They came to Northern Europe in large numbers after slavery was abolished. The kikes responsible for slavery were Sephardic of North Western Europe who had different surnames. Many picked up gentile names. So it is not impossible that she had jewish genes but no one can be sure.

    • Sideways

      Did you miss the part where she claimed she was “disguised”? You’re not dealing with a rational human being there.

  22. Tim

    If its not his mother you would think that someone somewhere would know who the person in the picture is by now for sure.
    If it is Obamas mother, she sure was a honey in her day! thats for sure, god bless her.

  23. Robert

    I’d cum on her face no problem whoever she is :]

  24. stefaneau

    This is despicable

  25. bunkerbuster

    If Stanley Ann was playing triad with Davis and wife when she as 13, then you have to look somewhere else for the father. Ann was 17 when she gave birth to Barry.
    There is some resemlance to Davis but there is a lot more resemblance to Malcolm X. both facially and physically.
    They are almost identical in the sound of their voice and in speech patterns.

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  27. old1

    You can tell we are at war! Left against right. Communist against Capitalist. We will never agree. But the truth is out there for all to see. Both sides are trying to win the war their way. Of course for the Communist left that means propaganda. Every time the truth is posted the Obots hit the site with their evil propaganda protecting their Communist idol. But any intelligent individual knows the truth. There IS a Communist coup running our America today. We have to destroy it, and take our country back! Join the FIGHT?

  28. Lil' Tommy

    I’m aroused and confused…

  29. Nita

    I love those shoes!

  30. Nita

    Major photoshop. LOL Those shoes are a dead giveaway.

  31. Teddy Bullwright

    Why does Obama blame all white people for his mother being an alley whore and for being born a bastard and half negro?

  32. Odo

    you MFers really are sick. judgement day is around the corner I suggest you get your sorry asses right.

  33. Anthony V

    You may chuckle, but the rest of us scratch our heads and wonder how the voters can just overlook all this….

  34. Brian

    I don’t think that these are authentic pictures of Stanley Ann Dunham. I don’t always believe Snopes when it comes to any sensitive topic. I’ll believe them when it comes to things like whether Coca-Cola once has cocaine in it, or not. I don’t often believe them when it comes to any politically sensitive matter. In this instance, however, I do believe that they may be correct in the assertion that these pictures are of late 1950’s pin-up model Marcy Moore.

  35. Kansas city

    They sure looke like photos of Obama’s mother to me. The notion of it being model Marcy Moore is ridiculous. Moore have very large breasts and very muscular calfs (you can find photos of her on Google), which are clear differences from the woman in this potograph, who is probably Obama’s mother.

  36. DiogenesLamp

    Stanley Ann Dunham had a crooked tooth on the upper left right next to the incisor. The woman in the pictures has a crooked tooth in exactly the same spot.

    You might argue that there is another woman out there who looks exactly like Stanley Ann Dunham, but to claim there is another Woman out there who looks exactly like Stanley Ann, AND has a crooked tooth in exactly the same spot? A Stretch too far for plausibility.

  37. Jim

    The good news is: It would appear Obama was not a Muslim since his mom was definitely celebrating CHRISTMAS!

    • Andrew

      Being of a distant assimilated Levitical Cohen maternal ancestry myself you are confusing another tradition from the Middle East – Judaism… well Ashkenazi Europa at least.

      In Islam the father is indeed the owner of the children.

      Obama himself admitted in a huge gaffe on national TV, with Stephanopolis attempting to correct him… “umm you mean your christian background”

  38. William

    The real issue is what Cashill uncovered in his research…that Frank Marshall Davis may have been the photographer…he was a known pornographer who took lots of pictures of younger women. Look at her tans lines…she’s definitely been to the beach. There is also a jazz record in the background and Davis was a big fan of jazz. If Davis was the photographer, was he also the Daddy? Is it a legitimate question? Not if you stop asking questions…but if you are curious about the unanswered questions…

  39. Clark

    I don’t care that Obama’s mother made private pics after Obama was born.

    What I do care about is the outright lie from Snopes that it was the late square chinned Marcy Moore.

    Drop dead, Snopes.

  40. JPrimus

    Mr. Lindsey—It’s funny. For a man as old as you appear, you sound like a freshman poli-sci. major. Fascinating.

  41. Justin

    It doesn’t look like her to me. It’s just imaginative bullshit that the right is peddling, as usual.

  42. nancygreggs

    Would it really surprise anyone if those photos are REALLY of Stanley Dunham bin Obama Soetoro? I mean, REALLY? The ‘woman’ was into bestiality, for corn’s sake! Back then what she did was illegal in most states of the union. Most sane people would have looked at her and her niglet and spit on the two of them. This filthy wh*re probably got AIDS from getting f*cked by so many niggas. No wonder the whore is dead! This is why so many people hate and despise the nigga~in~chief and why his poll numbers are down: he is the product of miscegeny. The gorilla nosed nigga has done the best it can to destroy America. Look at the economy today. It is in the crapper and even the porch~monkey has admitted that things are worse now than they were when he took office.

  43. K. Sullivan

    I must agree with the findings. The woman depicted IS NOT Ann Dunham.


    Read the 2011 book of Jack Cashill, “Deconstructing Obama,” with an open mind and then decide. The open mind part is important, because faith in Obama and his life narrative will tait your objectivity. Read the quotes and look at the timeline and data. Look at side by side photos of these imagges and those known to be Stanley Ann on other websites. A sadness will sweep over you…

  45. RG

    That’s not Marcy Moore. Marcy had freckles all over her body and a shorter chin. Also much bigger boobs with very large nipples.

  46. he must have got those purple lips from bongo sr and yes she was a coal burner who turned some tricks while she was in indonesia.

  47. TaterSalad

    “Drain the white blood from my veins” is all I need to know about Barack Hussein Obama that he is a white hate racist. His acts as a President support my own beliefs. One term and Gone!

  48. Stanleyann

    A real high class well-bred family — the type to produce your leader? How did this happen with so many upstanding Americans? How about cleaning the Whitehouse? “The bombshell may involve the murder of Donald Young, a 47-year-old choir master at former Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ—the same congregation that Obama has attended for the past 20 years. Two other young black men that attended the same church—Larry Bland and Nate Spencer—were also murdered execution style with bullets to the backs of their heads—all within 40 days of each other, beginning in November 2007. All three were openly homosexual. What links this story to Barack Obama is that, according to an acquaintance of Obama, Larry Sinclair, Obama is a closet bisexual with whom he had sexual and drug-related encounters in November 1999.” The American Free Press
    “I hate evil ways and thieves and twisted words,” (King Solomon, Proverbs 8:13); that’s why I’m drafting Ron Paul for Americans and Hillary as his V.P. to be elected on Nov. 6th.

  49. Vivienne

    I must say, it does look precisely like Obama’s mama: same long receding chin, same distinctive crescent-shaped eyebrows, same short nose, same eyes, same hair color and texture, same crooked left upper tooth. The Christmas-time tan lines are also a clue– the model was recently in a warm, sunny climate.

    But, maybe it’s all just a coincidence.

  50. TaterSalad

    Barack Obama’s theme song:

  51. bob the builder

    because a person can not wear non-Hawaiian shoes while in Hawaii…

    the facts as they are: Obama’s entire life as you know it is a work of fiction.
    It doesn’t take a “right-winger” to compare Obama’s own words regarding his life in his book, with his speeches and historical fact;

    For instance, in a speech he claimed to be a product of the march on Selma, that there is where his parents met. Too bad the march on Selma took place in 1965, four years after Obama was born.

    Or how his Maternal Grandfather was in the first battalion to liberate Auschwitz. – Too bad that Auschqitz was liberated by the Soviet Red army – given Obama’s Communist connections, perhaps this isn’t that much of a stretch…

    • Gay State Girl

      “This is the site of my conception. I am the fruits of your labor. I am the offspring of the movement. So if people ask me if I’ve been to Selma before, I tell them I’m coming home.”

  52. H. Apigui

    It is her, no doubt. There are more photos out here. ears are as individual as fingerprints. All will come out.

  53. Gay State Girl

    Those breasts can’t be authentic.

    • Sorry if this is off subject, but I think someone is spamming me and pretending to be you.

      Did you recently comment on my blog?

      My reply to the e-mail address came back undeliverable.

      maybe you could confirm to me at

      (Sorry, Robert, but I think we all agree that spam is a nuisance. Did anyone ever pretend to be you?)

      • Gay State Girl

        I never use my real email. Lindsay doesn’t mind that.

        • OK – but was it you?

        • Gay State Girl

          Don’t flatter yourself AB. No one would be interested in spamming you.

        • Well, if it wasn’t you, then you’re wrong. Someone WAS interested, because they did.

          But I should have guessed it wasn’t really you.

          They were too nice!

        • Gay State Girl

          Why did you refer to it as spam though?

        • If someone pretends to be someone else and sends an innocent sounding comment to which I reply, and then endeavours to continue the exchange, how would you define it?

          The only reason I became suspicious was the quality of the English. Although you and I rarely agree on anything, your level of English is OK – for an American!

          Listen, it’s not that important an issue – I was just curious.

          And I’ve been spammed thousands of times in the past few months – fortunately Akismet is good at blocking them.

        • Gay State Girl

          It was an obvious spammer.

          Now back to the topic of the post. Did you like Ann Dunham’s nude pics?

  54. No, I did not recently comment on your blog, and I don’t spam anyone, and I certainly would neither spam nor harass you, Andy.

    It might be one of your Jewish friends who thinks I am an anti-Semite and is trying to trash my reputation.

  55. @GSG

    Robert once told me to stay away from commenting on American Politics – so I will restrict myself to the observation that whoever it was in the picture – she had a nice ass!

    End of my political commentary!

  56. noneyadamnbiz

    Love how the blogger says that right wingers are jerking off to these picks…not even close to hardly. But we do know how to get Libbies jerking off, post pictures of Barry or of Barry and Biden nude and doing each other. The Libbie women might get excited about that as well!

  57. Maybe it is the left wingers that are jerking off. Remember congressman Weiner.

  58. rob

    wow. someone needs to stop drinking their hater-aide long enough to LEARN something about history. it wasn’t conservatives or republicans that shot down ERA, it was WOMEN! women did not want their precious daughters fighting on the front lines and shot down ERA because it would have made them equal to men in ALL ways, not just the good ones. kinda like selective service, young MEN are forced to register and you dont hear any young FEMINISTS complaining about being treated differently!

  59. sean

    i always knew that commie was a whore
    she crapped out a masterpiece that is for sure LOL

  60. LOL

    for some reason i think obama’s mom was a self hating jew
    she looks very jewish to me
    it’s a shame she turned to self hatred like all negrolovers do

  61. Phil Rezz

    That sure is not Marcy Moore, but if it makes the lefties feel better, what’s another lie to liberals. Senator Joe McCarthy was right after all, and Obama is exhibit “A”.

    We all know who and what Obama is. We know who his mentors were and how they ‘groomed’ him. Case closed.

  62. chuck n

    THis asshole should be ashamed of himself, some journalist , You moron.!! the woman is dead..I could just imagine how nutty and violent the neocon morons would be if we terrible liberals posted something like this about their lilly clean women or men. You rethugians and neocon mentally ill ‘s out there have tons of prlblems in your closets so clean them up first…YOU hate this president so much, mostly cause he is half black, but spread crap that he is a communist, muslim,. whatever….something different every day. You cannot beat him fair and square so you dig dirt and show alledged photos of his dead mom..shame on you…rot in helll you fking morons.!!

  63. NightFlight

    Cream ‘dem titties!!! Sorry Robert but the picture of you; it is you isn’t it? Looks like the goat boy we arrested last week. With white guys that look like you, no wonder she was shoveling coal. BTW, can I get banned also?

  64. icetrout

    Obimbo !!! 🙂

  65. Kris Jefferson

    I’m sorry, but there’s no way in hell this woman is attractive, whoever she is. I can’t help but conclude that the only reason Lindsay suggests she is is because there’s a chance she’s Ann Dunham. If she was Romney’s mom, we’d have been treated to a point-by-point explanation of how she’s the least attractive nude woman ever photographed.

    The “non-Hawaiian” shoes are the hottest thing about these photographs. The senior citizen Reno blackjack dealer hair, the cross-eyed, gravity-defying torpedo boobs, the broad, glowing white ass…these will be new fodder for my nightmares.

  66. I don’t believe the woman in those pictures is Ann Dunham. This woman is not bad looking, I guess, but Obama’s mother had a sleepy, goofy look to her. (Sorry I had to say that – I don’t articulate well) I think Obama’s mother’s face narrowed from cheek to chin. I’m not an Obama fan (at least he’s not the warmonger Bush was), but fair is fair. This is not his mother.

  67. undertaker ken

    you are nothing but a kkk. fake pics.

  68. Ynakeefan

    It looks to me like a woman who was not particular about with whom she slept as long as he wasn’t white. Oh wait that would be Stanley Ann Dunham!

  69. It goes without saying that no-one gets to choose their parents. So you people need to chill out. The real issue is what kind of man Barack Obama is and what his goals actually are – not just what he says to the public. Look who his mentors are: Valerie Jarrett – Frank Marshall Davis. Go ahead- do a Google search.

  70. It’s not Stanley Ann Dunham. Look at the ear and the type of hair and the arch of the eyebrows and the shape of the lower legs and the curve of the hips. Its clearly another woman.
    If they would photoshop it, why didn’t they take care of the ears? Ears are as unique as fingerprints.

  71. From those who knew here: Dunham gravitated toward an intellectual clique. According to former classmate Chip Wall, she caught foreign films at Seattle’s only art-house theater, the Ridgemont, and trekked to University District coffee shops like the Encore to talk about jazz, the value of learning from other cultures and the “very dull Eisenhower-ness of our parents.”

    “We were critiquing America in those days in the same way we are today: The press is dumbed down, education is dumbed down, people don’t know anything about geography or the rest of the world,” said Wall, who later taught at Mercer Island High and is now retired in Seattle.

    “She was not a standard-issue girl. You don’t start out life as a girl with a name like Stanley without some sense you are not ordinary.”

    One respite was found in a wing of Mercer Island High called “anarchy alley.” Jim Wichterman taught a wide-open philosophy course that included Karl Marx. Next door, Val Foubert taught a rigorous dose of literature, including Margaret Mead’s writings on homosexuality.

    Those classes prompted what Wichterman, now 80 and retired in Ellensburg, called “mothers’ marches” of parents outraged at the curriculum.

    Dunham thrived in the environment, Wichterman said.

    “As much as a high-school student can, she’d question anything: What’s so good about democracy? What’s so good about capitalism? What’s wrong with communism? What’s good about communism?” Wichterman said. “She had what I call an inquiring mind.”

    From thoseShe also showed her politics, wearing a campaign button for Adlai Stevenson. And despite flirting with atheism, she went to services at East Shore Unitarian church, a left-leaning congregation in Bellevue.

    Lets see, Floor from Pacific North West. Jazz, which she liked. Liberial and investigating All Sexes and Communism. OH yeah nah that’s not her I am certain of it.

  72. no one mentioned that the pics were taken by frank marshall davis. or the poem that suggests oblowmo had sex with him. it just goes deeper and deeper. you never hit bottom.

  73. I don’t think these photos look like her at all!! She might have pulled off the porn career and nakie pics though, while raising two children, marrying, traveling, teaching, working for a few governments, getting a Bachelor’s, Masters, the PhD. Seems like something a well accomplished, educated, traveling mother might be interested in- right? Along with that well written 1000 plus page dissertation!!

  74. Not photos of Mama Obama. These photos were found in a porno mag published in 1958 – when Anne Dunham was (a) only 15 years old – which (if the photos were her) would make these pictures felonious kiddie porn, and, more important (b) not yet living in Hawaii. Even Crazy Joe Arpaio has admitted these are not Anne Dunham.

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