Paper On Karelian Available

I have edited and rewritten a seminal paper on the present state of the Karelian language by one of the top Karelian linguists in the world P. Zaikov. He’s a native Karelian and Russian speaker, and his English had problems. On the other hand, it was not really atrocious. So it needed a rewrite.

Rewrites of this kind are quite difficult. You try to keep as much of the phrasing and voice of the author, yet you need to redo it. You also do not want it to sound too much like you, the editor. Kudos to the real editors of the world. They have quite a job.

Karelian is a language spoken by about 90,000 speakers in the far northwest of Russia near the Finnish border. It is closely related to Finnish, but not intelligible with it. Liv, or Livvi, said to be a dialect, is actually a separate language. It is not in very good shape at all, but it may be salvageable.

Part of the problem is the fascist dictator of Russia, Vladimir Putin’s, language policies, and another part of the problem is that many Karelians no longer speak the language or speak it well. In addition, the Karelian Parliament has refused to make Karelian a co-official language of Karelia. It is unique among regional Parliaments in not making the language of the region co-official.

Anyway, the paper is downloadable on my site here if you want to check it out.

It is titled The Future Of The Karelian Language In The Republic Of Karelia. The author is P. Zaikov of Petrozavodsk State University in Petrozavodsk, Russia.

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