Do the Races Smell Different?

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From a very interesting discussion over at American Renaissance in an article about how the Pill disrupts women’s sense of smell. The article itself is interesting. Females have an evolutionarily developed sense of smell that makes them prefer males who differ in a set of genes called the major histocompatibility complex (MHC), which governs the immune system.

When they choose men with a different set of MHC genes, the offspring gets a complementary set of MHC genes, or the best of both parties, and has an increased resistance to disease. However, women on the Pill lose this preference. Researchers worried that women on the Pill might lose interest in their boyfriends or husbands while on the Pill.

But the comments were even more interesting. I have been wanting to write for a long time about the notion that some Whites say that Black people stink, or smell bad. There did not seem to be a way of writing about this without sounding like a racist asshole, so I put it off.

A relative told me that many Whites say that Blacks smell bad. He even said that they are called “Stink Bugs” by some Hispanics here in California. I said that I had been around Blacks most of my life, including having Black girlfriends, Black best friends who I hung out with every day, and teaching whole classes full of Blacks every day for months on end, and I never noticed it.

It’s not really known what Blacks smell like to those who say they are stinkers. Some say they smell like sweat or onions, but a lot say that they just flat out stink, period.

There is also evidence that Northeast Asians find the odor of Blacks particularly offensive, perhaps more so than Whites do. Asians also say that we Whites stink too, but not as much as Blacks do. They often say that we smell like red meat. Some of this may have to do with diet. But one White Vietnam vet said that Vietnamese could hardly smell Blacks at all, but could smell a White a block away.

Even Hispanics are said to be stinky by some Whites.

So far, this post sounds pretty racist. Black folks are getting screwed like they always do. The other races think they’re stinky, and there’s no hope.


But there is hope for Black folks. It seems that a lot of Blacks say that we Whites stink too. Equal time! In the comments to the article (which Amren will not keep and I could not get Google too cache), commenters noted that Blacks often refer to Whites as having a “wet dog smell”.

There is supposedly even a type of spray called “Wet Dog” that you can spray on yourself to give yourself a scent that Blacks hate, though this may be an urban myth. What a way to keep  people away!

Along the same lines, a female commenter said that a Black woman told her that Black females can’t stand to take showers with White women in gymnasiums or at school since they think White women smell terrible when they get wet.

Even other Whites say we Whites stink. A White woman said that White men often smell like corn on the cob. A White man said if you get a lot of White guys together in a locker room, they smell like rotten peppers.

I’m a little upset that in yet another lineup between the three great races, those darned cunning, inscrutable Oriental despots come out on top, smelling like a rose even. But alas, all is not lost. It seems that some Whites say that foreign-born Asians and FOB’s (recent immigrants) smell bad. It’s something like sesame oil plus old socks with a drop of rice wine. It’s subtle, but one woman described it as almost nauseating.

A White man who served in Vietnam said that he could smell differences between Vietnamese and Chinese (the Chinese stunk worse), so there may be national variations in stinkiness. I’m happy that some folks think Asians think too. All’s fair.

I supposedly have a great sense of smell, but I’ve been missing out on all these stinky races. I can’t detect any racial or ethnic differences in smell, though I used to work with this nice older White woman who smelled horrible for some reason.

But I find it amusing that in this area of dictatorially enforced anti-racism that so many Blacks, Whites and Asians all think the other races stink.

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  1. Sleep

    One thing that I believe can be proven is that in most parts of Asia it is more difficult to find underarm deodorant than in America or Europe because most Asians don’t have the type of sweat glands that produce unpleasant odors there. Poor Asian countries especially.

      • bowdin

        And smell is the strongest connection to memory, i believe even diet and food tastes could change a races opinion of another race, ( if they smelled like the same food that they ate,or the waste byproducts) then people could relate more.and food ties into geography, and parents( mothers who feed children) more so than any ”intellectual” reason human cultures accuse each other of.

    • Alejandro

      I have been living in San Francisco for two years, and besides this period, all my live I lived in Mexico. It is obvious and natural that no matter what your race is and what community you are raised in, you will always detect people’s unpleasant smells–those who tend to stink by means of genetics or by not taking shower regularly. However, I want to point out that during these two years, I met incredible diversity of different races, both natives and Immigrants, and I found that 9 out of each 10 immigrants being BURMESE, CHINESE, THAILAND, AND VIETNAMESE, are very STINKY. Yes, they have different DIETS, but they share, though, similar STINKINESS. Those who were BORN in U.S., it was about 5 out of 10. It is something I have no words to address–it’s just an inevitable repulsive odour.
      Source: Being a ONE-TO-ONE tutor in a community formed by mostly asian immigrants.

      • asianbeast

        yeah i find that mexican like u stink the most i can smell them even when they are in my yard cutting my asian bonzai!

        • roberto garza

          And fucking your sexy little underloved wife when you are at the office,programming your computer,you gook son of a bitch!!!!

        • Cami


          Asianbeast, It’s true asians smell. Regarding your comment, at least Mexican and Latino people are CLEAN. Not like you asians who leave your smelly pubic hair in the shower walls, cook and don’t clean. Yellowish inavtion all over the world!!

        • lel

          Why you have to be mad?
          Small-dick syndrome is bad, but that doesn’t mean you have to take it out on people on the internet

        • Ichigo Kurosaki

          i find very stupid when hispanics insult asians, because racially both of them are very similar, why call them gooks when most hispanics have some of “gook” in them? hispanics aren’t 100% unrelated to asians unlike white or black people, x) ridiculous, and yes, i do know that some hispanics are pure caucasian, but i am sure the caucasian hispanics have lots of mestizo-native friends in their countries that look too “gook” so they are insulting lots of their friends x)
          plus i don’t believe for a second that hispanic penis are bigger than asian, to me that should be proportional to the height of the body, a taller man usually would have a bigger head or hand than a smaller, with sexual organs it should be the same, and mexicans are about the same size as east asians in United States and mexicans in Mexico are smaller

        • James Crow

          Nigs stink the worst. A hot mix of feces and urine. I’m having stench detectors installed in my vehicles to warn me when jigs are near. I’m hoping it will alert me to spooks in the area to give me more time to grab a rifle.

        • Howard Ng

          It’s nice to see that Trump voters are being taught to write.

      • Carter Cooper

        I too live in San Francisco and can say you’re right on the money with the Asian smell. I believe its their diet of fish and rice.

    • Bobby Boo


      I stayed in Shenzhen, China at a hotel, and I went up to the counter and it smelled like underarms. I thought maybe she forgot to put on deodorant or something. That woman smelled musky for all the four days I stayed in Shenzhen. We became friends, but gosh; she really smelled like she needed to put some deoderant on. Then, some days it smelled like underarms in the store they owned. The women didn’t wear make-up, so I suppose that they did not wear deoderant either. But that woman smelled like underarm day in and day out. I thought at least she would smell bad only at the end of her shift, but no; it was all day (or the whole time of her shift).

      Stop fantisizing about Asians or other races. People smell bad because they either have a high standard of hygiene or a low standard. There is nothing in the genes. My wife, when I met her, she always smelled like spicy Indian food. After we moved away from her parents and washed her clothes, the smell left. The smell of food can attatch to clothes.

      When I was little my grandmother use to cook fish a lot. I use to go to school smelling like fish and I wondered where it was coming from. It was from the t-shirts that stayed in the net room close to the fish cooking. The aroma-molecules from the fish went into the clothes and attached themselves onto the clothes. I discovered that one day riding a bus to school. I just took a shower. I put on the shirt and wondering where the smell was coming from. I smelled down and I finally notice a distinction and the smell on my white t-shirts. I immediately threw the t-shirt (undergarment) off and presto! The whole day in school was so happy! I did not smell like fish anymore. My hypothesis was correct! I finally found the right answer!

      Maybe it is the same case for many people. Maybe they cook their food too close to their clothes.

      We cannot conclude things to quickly without scientific experimentation. Just like it is easy to make a general statement, “All white people look the same or all Asian people look the same, or all black-skinned or dark-skinned people look the same including Austratian aboriginals and other dark-skinned races;” however, if we really look, then we will see the difference in the many races of colors. Not all Caucasians look alike because there are many different kinds; the same applies to Asians and other races.

      • Nichole

        I agree with you 100%, and you also made me laugh haha…..thank you!

      • In my personal experience, this is the order of stinkiness (in decreasing order):

        Iranians (and perhaps other middle easterners)
        Blacks and whites – they’re about the same
        Indians (from India)

        Obviously, diet and hygiene plays a big part, not only genetics. Also, I think that whites and blacks have stronger natural BO, whereas the other races’ odors may have more to do with diet.

        • Anon

          All BO is the result of the bacteria that grows on the body as it feeds on the odorless sweat that the body secretes from sweat glands. There is no such thing as a stronger natural BO, it is the bacteria that cause any odor. And your diet determines what else is secreted in your sweat and that attracts different combinations/amounts of a few different species of bacteria. That explains the different smells.

          Human sweat does not smell, period. Human sweat is nothing more than water, salts and some proteins (that vary with what you eat). None of those three things smell.

        • Emma P

          In my personal experience here is mines from stinkiest to less stinky:
          asians(very musty, over powering)
          Whites(when they sweat or water hits them…its just…no)
          Blacks(when they sweat it smells garlic)
          Hispanics(just oldish smelling when sweating)

          I’ve smelled good whites, blacks and Hispanics. But I have never in my 24 years on this planet smelled a good Asian. Most of them are musty smelling. So when they came out with that study I immediately called BS. Wasnt it Asians who also used “science” to say black women were the ugliest women in the world and that black men were more attractive because of skin color? Their racist “studies” are hilarious.

      • That is a sensable non-racist attitude. I happen to know that people, no matter what their ethnicity, may produce a garlic smell, if they eat garlic. People who take herb pills made of garlic will produce this odor. But its not a natural human smell. Their are a number of people from all races, whites included, that stink to high heaven if they allow BO to develope. I never notice differences in the smell of other races, except in my ignorance before I left my all white roots. Then I learned that it did not exist. It was all in people’s prejudiced minds.

        • victim of racism

          im glad people like you exist eric! its sad how people teach (whether directly or indirectly) their children prejudice. I have herd from a white chick that i used to live with blacks have bad hygiene e and dont wash their hair. she was surprised that took showers and used shampoo to wash my dread locks. stereotypes es suck, even tho some of them are pretty damn near fact (alot of black women dont wash hair because of specific reasons, just ask a black chick with strait hair).

      • No. Blacks have that sweet, burnt rubber, acrid smell that just comes out of their skin naturally. Deodorant can cover it up, but OOPS they it is! Get over it.

        • I have to agree with you. It’s so odd that many here are complaining about Asian body odor, which I never really noticed at all. Blacks, on the other hand have what you describe as this acrid, sweet, burnt rubber odor that they even call “musty”. It’s very nauseating to me. It’s genetic.

        • Transbutter

          I feel this way about whites. Particularly white men. White men have this sour, baby poop, rotten dairy a$$ smell. Almost as if it comes naturally out of their skin. It makes me want to vomit every time one steps into my personal space in public. Even after they take a shower and bathe they still have this scent. I’ve learned many of them do not bathe properly nor have good hygiene. Oh and whats up with the not washing your hands in public (In my personal experience some white women and Asian women do this!!) Who smells like a$$ after a shower?? lol

        • Van

          I agree totally because you are speaking the truth. I wonder what scientifically this negro odor comes from? Not all blacks have this and I wonder if it is genetic or if this comes from a gene that can be isolated and one day be eliminated. No black person wants to smell that way. I do not care how racist they say I am for mentioning it and how taboo it is no one deserves to have to smell like that because of genes.

        • Thank you for this post, Van. This is one of the best comments I have seen in this whole mixed bag of a thread.

        • Anna

          That’s a good descrption. I couldn’t find the right words. The closest to accurate that I could come up with is oil like wd40 especially when black people sweat. The only race that I can identify as having a scent are Indians but I think that is from the curries and spices they eat.

      • shannon

        Diet and hygiene affect body smell. Eat a lot of garlic, you will smell of garlic.

        However, it’s nonsense to deny most black people don’t smell distinctive irrespective of diet and hygiene. I am not saying the smell is bad or good but it’s distinctive to me and to many whites and proberely most Asians. You may not smell it. I can’t smell a difference with East Asians bar the obvious one of diet. Maybe some people can smell a difference irrespective of diet.

        I note a black politician in South Africa saying (proudly) “we are black…our breath is black”. Yes, it is and nothing to go with oral hygiene or diet. There is a distinct black breath smell and body ordor. Not all blacks may share it, bit most do. It’s just reality. Nothing to do with racial superiority.

    • Bobby Boo,

      As much as I agree with you, what you wrote is very funny. It made me lol.

    • Glen

      I think the variety of diet contributes to the odor of human body. I myself, being an asian living in new zealand, am very sensitive about both my smell and someone else’s. I had some russian male friends back in the old days at highschool, he smelled very acute & acrimonious that resembles to smell of ammonia. i wasn’t only myself who has noticed his smell, but as other asian classmates AND white male and female classmates all have noticed his merciless smell. but this doesn’t mean all russians are the same. some were extremely normal, but some becomes stinky when enough amount of time passed after sweating. i had an african friend from ghana, and he didn’t smell terrible – he smelled like firewoods or logs sitting on the side of the road for sales. but some natives here, called Maori, smell ranges normal ~ shit. but the cause of unwanted odor, i think, is not primarily based on races but its more about what they consume for their diet and individuals’ awareness of their external body hygiene. the longterm practice of excessive sodium intake plus chilli spices by consumption of whatever the diet they prefer, will possibly result in execessive perspiration that contains urea and lactate in combination with other bodily excrements (and much more) will of course produce whatever the smells as long as someone out there may describe those in understandable words.
      lets say if a cambodian man smells not good anyway, but if he has bad behavior and personality, then i think those will double his
      smells… you know what i mean. ….and i would end up hating whole cambodia.

    • wolfgirl

      The odor comes from bacteria of lingering perspiration, not the perspiration itself. No matter where you come from.

      • Howard

        Not to put too fine a point on it, but that comment is somewhat incomplete. Bacteria break down the apocrine excretions and it is the breakdown products that give rise to the odor. In that bacteria are ubiquitous, if we were smelling the bacteria, we would all smell alike. If on the other hand, the bacteria were more fastidious, we would find that bacterial disease would be much more unique to certain racial groups. If you believe that different races do smell differently, you must believe that it is something unique to the race and their perspiration, regardless whether it is the original sweat or the breakdown product.

        In line with the immediately previous thread, obviously diet plays a role in the sweat composition. The end result is the variable diet modified by genetics. Do we really need another study to tell us that we are what we eat? If an individual consumes curry in large quantities daily, he will smell differently at the end of a week. If different races consume the same diet for weeks, they still smell differently, as anyone who has ever been to boot camp can attest.

        Does the original post interest anyone? What is the purpose of human smell? Whether some loving creator or random biology created the difference, what purpose does it serve? Was it part of the drive to seek similar smelling people and create societies and armies to drive out the other offensive smelling people? Does the western habit of daily bathing reduce the difference and improve racial harmony? Do we seek mates that smell differently to enhance the F1 hybrid generation and strengthen the gene pool, or do we breed like Appalachian hillbillies to maintain the purity of the stock? Is the infamous “old man smell” due to lack of bathing or lack of testosterone induced pheromones?

        I find these questions interesting and they can only be answered by opinion. Does anyone have an opinion?

        • Howard’s back, yay!!!

        • Amy

          That musty “old person smell” is not due to a lack of testosterone. It is caused by oxidation of fatty acids in the skin. Healthy diet & proper hydration help a little bit, but for the most part, there’s only so much old folks can do about it other than be as fastidious as possible about bathing.

        • Xera

          Oh goody we are going to have more nonsensical pathetic random mutterings, page length paragraphs with sentences that don’t fit together & patched together with semi-incorrect grammer, copy pasted words and diatribes at his half-assed obnoxious attempts at sounding intellectual which further ends up making him look dumb & incoherent. Can’t wait to hear more about his fantasies and ridicules lies about white women liking him. The made up shit outburst and knee-jerk angry reaction he made about having a acceptable sized cock (doubtful & near impossible for a Chinese), learning sky diving, bungee jumping, wakeboarding & other shit to make himself feel he is a “comprrete package” on the “intrenerrrnets” just so he could get a minimal left over amount of “whrite wrrroman” was sad & hilarious.

        • Amy

          Aw, say what you will about Howard, I like having the opportunity to chime in, pedantically, with some tidbit of marginally useful trivia. 🙂

        • Howard

          Thank you for your gracious reply! I am so glad your spell-check is working again Due to the length of time since your last communication and the repetitive nature of your message, I am afraid I must award the position of token camel jockey racist to another applicant. Feel free to reapply when your “Real Housewives Club of the Desert Ghetto” meets again.

          When I was a young medical student in the late 70’s, I thought I wanted to become a psychiatrist. This was before the pharmacological revolution of the mid 80’s. As an attempt at humor, I concocted my “Great Stages of Man” theory. Men could be staged based upon their preferred topic of conversation. A young man talked about all the women he had “known”, while a middle aged man talked about all the great things he had done. Men tend to speak of things that they coveted, but sadly lacked. The older man spoke of all the great meals he had eaten, while the oldest spoke of all the great bowel movement in his life.

          Xera, you speak of your precious white women, penis size, and adventure sports without the slightest hint of self awareness or humor. My condolences. Your life must be terrible. Perhaps you and your girlfriends can recover from your last humiliation and address any one of the questions posed or to the original post….. It would be a favor to the internet in general and a personal favor to me.

        • Howard

          You seem to take the topic of human smells quite personally. You must think yourself to be one stinky Arab. Let me reassure you, middle easterners do not necessarily smell bad. It’s just you!

        • In addition to Amy’s astute observations on the role of oxidated fatty acids on the skin of the elderly- I’d like to add that a lot of older folks leaks urine. Yep, old men with concretized prostates dribble & old women with declining estrogen drip. Thus accounting for the nitrogenous ‘stale urine’ smell a lot of elderly folks have. You may also be interested to know that about 20% of women suffer some degree of incontinence as a result of childbirth.

        • Howard

          Unfortunately, it is an experience that awaits us all. I am all too familiar with the problems of hygiene among the elderly. In the past 30 years,the average age of my patients has gone from 25 to 60. With the age range associated with emergency medicine, I see quite a few 85 year-old nursing home residents. As an aside, there is an excellent essay on elder care of parents in “the Atlantic” March 2012 issue this month by Sandra Tsing Loh.

          I am speaking, however, of the old man smell that comes with the decline of testosterone. Sadly, I speak from personal experience. I noticed a few years ago that my skin was thinning. Scrubbing them 20 times a day was routine during a 30 year career, but they began to crack and bleed. Concurrently, I notice my body odor began to change. Although words fail to convey the phenomenon, it seemed to go from a full, almost sweet bouquet to a thin acrid scent. Discovery of a low testosterone level and subsequent replacement led to a return of my normal scent.

          I understand the problems inherent with being the sensor and the sample. That is why I pose these questions to others. We all seem to know the answers. It just seems that we are reluctant to discuss the issues.

        • Good evening Dr Howard, Dr Bibi here.
          Well, one’s hormonal ‘skew’ or ‘status’ certainly effects one’s olfactory ‘bouquet’. I would also venture to guess it affects one’s ‘flora & fauna’ or microbial ‘ecosystem’. Those carrying a wallop of testosterone often have one heck of a yeast ‘burden’- Candida albicans, Trichophyton mentagrophytes and Epidermophyton floccosum. & their pathogenic cousins often give off a sweet, musky scent reminiscent of ester compounds.
          While those carrying an unopposed lashing of estrogen (and perhaps shedding an overload of glucose or some other insult to an acidic pH)) tend to develop an overabundance of both yeasts & ‘beasts’. Resulting in a nitrogenous ‘fishy’ or ‘mousy’ stench of varying intensity.
          To add to your observations Dr, my Indian hubby says I am redolent of fresh grapefruit with a slight hint of sandalwood. (I am of predominantly northern European descent). My Indian hubby smells like his damned motorcycle, I’ve drenched him with cologne & scrubbed him with Hibiclens- but alas to no avail. Eau de petrol exhaust au Castrol oil.

        • Amy

          That’s fascinating about the testosterone levels. I’ve also known folks whose scent changed (not for the better) when they became diabetic.

          I’ve read that grapefruit-scented perfume makes women appear younger to men–smelling naturally of grapefruit must be even better. (On the subject of scent and attraction, one thing that first attracted me to my husband was that he smelled rather like honey.)

          I posted this elsewhere in this thread, but here it is again–the “B.O. Wheel”:

        • Howard

          Please dispense with the titles. I do not stand on protocol, either in my life or in my conversation. I feel it adds nothing to the discourse.

          I am intrigued by your post. I had not considered that non-pathogenic bacteria could be much more varied due to the substrate of bodily oils and secretions. I am more familiar with pathological bacteria and I suppose they are less selective. I am aware of the differences in skin pH, with the male skin being much more acidic. Perhaps this difference in micro-environment gives rise to a different bacterial micro-flora. I am impressed by your ability to recall the smells associated with metabolic pathways. Also, I initially found it amusing to imagine you trying to scrub away your husband’s motorcycle gasoline smell, only to discover that it may be his essence. Then I realized that is what we all do on a daily basis.

          As always, you are a fount of knowledge. The BO wheel is priceless. Although my memory of biochemistry and microbiology is less connected to aroma than Bibi’s, I do recall similar associations. Your aside on diabetes may be telling. Diabetics have a higher level of glucose both in their serum and on their skin. In addition, the fat metabolism is accelerated giving rise to ketone bodies.

          Finally, my thanks to both of you. My wife is also of northern European extraction. She finds body odor and the discussion offensive. As such, she scrubs and baths scrupulously. She then covers herself with cologne. I have always wondered how she smells. After 20+ years of marriage, I find the answer has been under my nose the entire time. There has been a hint of grapefruit.

        • The BO wheel is interesting.
          The closest thing to sandalwood on there I’d say is cumin.
          Dear me, I didn’t know the name for the pungent scent of wild pigs was called ‘boar taint’, much less it is derived from androstenone.
          ‘Men also perspire five times as much as women, and their sweat is more sugary.’ = Yeasty beasties!
          ‘Male armpits have more apocrine sweat glands and contain more microbes from the genus Corynebacterium, which manufacture some of the strongest odors.’
          As I recall from microbiology some of the fermentive species of Corynebacterium exude caproic acid as metabolic waste resulting in a ‘goaty’ stench.
          That’s interesting, the BO wheel seems to show a pathway of chemical degradation on the male side- rancid butter/cheese (caproic/hexanoic/fatty acids) to goat/boar/wet dog/fish(fatty acids+ nitrogen or sulphur) to gasoline/alcohol/(alkanes/benzene/alcohol) to vinegar(acetic acid).
          The female side I can’t figure out whats going on- grapefruit/passionfruit(floral/ester) to onion/garlic/cabbage (sulphur) to cumin/turmeric(aldehyde).
          Maybe hubby just naturally reeks of gasoline?

        • Nick

          well that is kinda of ridiculous because it isn’t sweat glands that produce the unpleasant odor. So you are wrong. The bacteria live on the sweat “eating” it i guess you could say and turning it into acids which eventually cause an unpleasant smell. BUT the “race smell” doesn’t have to be caused by sweat or sweat glands. It could be different hormones, etc.

        • Xera

          “When I was a young medical student in the late 70′s, I thought I wanted to become a psychiatrist. This was before the pharmacological revolution of the mid 80′s. As an attempt at humor, I concocted my “Great Stages of Man” theory. Men could be staged based upon their preferred topic of conversation. A young man talked about all the women he had “known”, while a middle aged man talked about all the great things he had done. Men tend to speak of things that they coveted, but sadly lacked. The older man spoke of all the great meals he had eaten, while the oldest spoke of all the great bowel movement in his life.”

          Yes exactly, especially concerning Asian males; When Asians talk about all the sexual experiences they had both “in and out of bed” in ages where they were emasculated in masse and seen as “others”; sadly this is an indication of a man that coveted for things that he lacked, namely the holy grail of Asian ultimate pussy attainment through the White women. You just described everything about yourself right there sir!!! An Asian man talking about all the activities and experiences he coveted while wearing large framed glasses, a small manhood, and looking weird while announcing to the world that he got “some”!! Now that is a bummer!!! All the older Asian men had regrets about eating bull penises and having bowel movements due to drinking their own urine and various animal excreta as traditional Chinese medicine pertaining to his great bowel movement experiences.

        • Xera

          Nah I just wanted to figure out why Asians look, smell and behave like fish, is that a philosophical question? Island ghettos with whale gangsterism and hatred is not good for the environment, it reeks of oily fish smells, perhaps that a good basis for the smell of one particular race!!

        • Xera

          “Finally, my thanks to both of you. My wife is also of northern European extraction. She finds body odor and the discussion offensive. As such, she scrubs and baths scrupulously. She then covers herself with cologne. I have always wondered how she smells. After 20+ years of marriage, I find the answer has been under my nose the entire time. There has been a hint of grapefruit.”

          Is that after she had gone through being dumped by several other race men while finally settling for a beta Asian male provider, with visible manhood, whom you wooed with your “education” and monetary worth as that was the only way for you to get any?

        • Howard

          You remain a sad compendium of inadequacy. It has been 14 months since the date of my referenced post. Your speed of thought can no longer measured in the scale of the animal kingdom. Quite frankly, plants respond faster, reproducing yearly. You, my slow friend, are encroaching on geological time.

          I picture you awake, night after night, smarting from my latest reproof. Slowly, but surely, the ugly racism bubbles up in your tiny, little brain until the reply finds its way to the written word. Beaming from ear to ear, feverishly typing the reply, thinking all the while, “I bet Robert will be proud of me!” (see sycophant)

          I am reminded of the agnostic, insomniac, dyslexic who stayed up all night wondering “Is there a Dog?”

          Dear God! Move on with your life, young man! You surely need to spend all your time tending to your daily remedial reading classes at the community college.

          BTW, your attacks seem centered on anger toward Asian males It was probably some other Asian male who impregnated your mother, Luke! Sorry, but I was out of town that weekend!

        • Xera

          “You remain a sad compendium of inadequacy. It has been 14 months since the date of my referenced post. Your speed of thought can no longer measured in the scale of the animal kingdom. Quite frankly, plants respond faster, reproducing yearly. You, my slow friend, are encroaching on geological time.”

          Whoooooooooooooooooooooooh! “Sad compendium” of “inadequacy”!!! Mighty words and over excessive syntax there!! Ah the joys of the English language, so effective in expressions unlike the old Asian language!!! Those words are like lightning striking my heart!!! You seem really angry there, go on and take a chill pill and take a beating once a while!! It goes along with a pint of beer if necessary, but I’m not sure that would work since you and I both know that having a small sum of alcohol would most likely knock you unconscious. Yeah I didn’t search up Wikipedia for that, I recalled perfectly by memory. BTW I am responding because I stumbled upon this while looking up past posts on white nationalism (of all things!) for a research, and here I am again!!!! I thought Asians were geological time itself, they aren’t never supposed to age and their culture involves dinosaurs or some shiiiiiiittzzz!!!

          “I picture you awake, night after night, smarting from my latest reproof. Slowly, but surely, the ugly racism bubbles up in your tiny, little brain until the reply finds its way to the written word. Beaming from ear to ear, feverishly typing the reply, thinking all the while, “I bet Robert will be proud of me!” (see sycophant)

          I am reminded of the agnostic, insomniac, dyslexic who stayed up all night wondering “Is there a Dog?”

          Unfortunately for you old china man, I am actually not typing this at night and it’s actually the afternoon, I just felt compelled to respond after stumbling upon this after a while!! Remember mighty words and excessive syntax does not overcome the pecker ding dong!! “Sycophant” what strong emotional word, you must have read the dictionary alot when you had your glasses on back in the day. Do you take random expressions from a English to Chinese translation and just shoot them around?

          “Dear God! Move on with your life, young man! You surely need to spend all your time tending to your daily remedial reading classes at the community college.

          BTW, your attacks seem centered on anger toward Asian males It was probably some other Asian male who impregnated your mother, Luke! Sorry, but I was out of town that weekend!”

          Aren’t you supposed to be doing math and reading an English dictionary to get that counterfeit green card while tiger mother comes in to beat you to make mrrrrronnnrrrrreyyy and go to schrrrrrrrooooollllll? Community college lol! Is that supposed to be an insult? You seem to be living up the stereotype of the Asian male, I mean of course you have a gigantic thing, and had those “in and out” experiences as they say!!

          I am not angry at all towards Asian males,they can do nothing on me, however they seem to be everywhere these days and can be quite irritating. HA HA HA HA!! You on the other hand seem pretty angry and seem to actually want me to care about the above gem expressions of human artistry above, so you seem pretty angry and off at my comments concerning the realities of Asian males.

          An Asian impregnating? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA no…. No sane other race women would bend down to an Asian guy sorry, you guys aren’t impregnating anything with those smell peckers of yours. Case in point:

        • son goku

          the mexican size is self-reported, of course they would say that theirs is bigger than how it really is, how come mexicans with smaller bodies would have such large penis? all the other races have size proportional to their bodies, how come mexicans could be the only ones the defy that rule
          also east asia is very cool, the major business centers of film making are in the United States, India and Hong Kong, and of of the six major film studios of United States, 1 is Sony Pictures Entertainment, headquartered in Culver City, California, but its parent company, the Sony Corporation, is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan
          Hong Kong in China is the third largest motion picture industry in the world (after Indian and Hollywood) and the second largest exporter of films, it play a prominent part on the world cinema stage, Typically of commercial cinemas, its heart is a highly developed star system, which in this case also features substantial overlap with the pop music industry

        • Howard

          Other than mentioning doing “research” on this blog for your classroom report (I wonder what the citation for this blog will look like) and implying that your mother would only grind it for any other race than Asian, your response seems curiously nonresponsive.

          We have gone over your need to compare your penis size to an Asian penis. Impressive argumentation! I will wager you can also beat up most fifth graders, but statistics being what they are, there probably have been a few that have taken you to task

          I am impressed by your graduation to using other websites to supplement your lack of style and reasoning.

          Whoooooooooooooooooooooooh? Shiiiiiiiitz? I feel somewhat diminished. It seems intuitively obvious that I have wasted my time on education. Your command of the English language and eloquent use of the repeating vowel leave me humbled.

          I am impressed that you are aware of the genetic lack of alcohol dehydrogenase in 50% of the Asian population. Your ability to metabolize alcohol places you in rare company.

          Oh, I have an idea! Why don’t you regale us with another interminable post on Bangladesh? I am sure by now you have learned an adjective other than shitty! While most people would find the situation heartbreaking, you only found derision. I found your callow description refreshing. While others would have ached with the suffering in the world, you raged against your inconvenience. “At long last, have you left no sense of decency!”

          “I am not angry at all towards Asian males,they can do nothing on me,”
          On the contrary, I believe they have been doing everything “on” you, but it should wash off.

          What will not wash off, what stains your every word, is your deep sense of inadequacy. It reveals itself in every racist insult. It rears its head when you desperately sought Robert Lindsey’s approval during your previous postings! Silence suits you better, young warrior princess!

    • kguy

      In east asia (south korea) we can always dectact this horrendous under arm odors coming from white people. And the reason why we do not use deodorant is simple – we do not sweat as much as whites do and we naturally do not stink as much as whites do.

      • mk

        Im from south korea also. im adopted. I don’t need to use deodorant either. I live on anglo saxon food. My parents are from the uk and Germany. I feel that the smell factor is a 50/50 split. Saying that some people from a ethnic backgrounds smell and some don’t. oh and I don’t have any problem with the size of my penis. it’s bigger then average. so not all stereotypes are accurate. Its all about diversity. Some people smell and some don’t.

      • tommy jones

        So YOU say.. I am white and the only time I stink is when I have worked hard and its hot out.. besides that I never smell.. I shower everyday and sometimes twice depending on the temp’..

    • Jamin

      Sorry I know it’s 4 years late but you need to travel more. Don’t worry about packing deodorant, as it’s widely available in every corner of the earth.

    • Meeshie

      Scientists have proven the differences in smells of the races. It is located in the Sam H-2 gene. It was a recent discovery. Race mixing tends to exacerbate the odors. Race purity keeps the original smell of the race intact. Only people of other races can tell the smell of the other. If you grow up with your natural race odor, you can’t tell it.

    • Fack

      As a whitey that used to live in Korea, I can confirm that most Koreans do not wear deodorant and do not stink at all. There is the exceptional old man, but it’s not usual and therefore not much of a market for deodorant.

    • This is how you wish it were. The reality is that Caucasians really smell bad for Eastern Asians.
      Historians know this, but they think it’s because whites did not like to shower until a while ago.

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  3. dano

    Be a caucasion & Play high school football in s. Florida on a team that’s 98% black. You’ll notice the difference in smell. I’ve heard blacks say whites smell like a freshly-opened package of baloney. I know that white peoples’ dogs particularly don’t like Blacks, and vice versa. There has to be smell thing to that. My guess is that the dog identifies with the black or white “pack” and the other “pack” smell tips them off and sets them in defense-mode.
    I lived in France, they don’t go much for deoderant there, my inquiries elicited the concern that the chemicals in anti-perspirant were unhealthy. BTW the French are quite clean, they shower or bathe as often as Americans. They’re not as fat either. I noticed it many times. Americans are fat-asses. The French are rarely captain Ahab magnets.

    • J


    • Clan

      You are an ignorant piece of trash.. I can smell you now… Here are the facts… EVERYONE SMELLS IF YOU DON’T WASH THAT ASS… USE DEODORANT… WASH YOUR HAIR AND CLOTHES… I can see that you are truly uneducated… Oh that’s right you did say you were in South Florida! Lots of stupid, inbred, ignorant, people live there. You say u lived in France I think not? The only way you even got close to France was buying a bag of fries from a fast food restaurant.

  4. M.E.A.

    I found the line about black women not wanting to shower with white women to be interesting. First of all, I think all women stink to a certain degree – happily as a female I prefer a male’s scent. However, while I find the scent of my fellow white women to often be a mixture of faint sour milk and flowers, I find the scent of black women to be enough to make me nauseous. I have stayed in black women’s houses and had black friends in mine, and the odor smells like a mixture of faint diarreah and rotten meat. My friends were not dirty or poor as listed in the article as a reason for odor problems. They were just as clean, if not more so than me, but no matter how clean, still carried the nauseating smell. I never realized that they might think that white women smell more. I wonder what scent is being percieved, and also I wonder why people don’t seem to notice when they are parading around with a constant foul smell.

    • Thx for this comment, Megan. Very interesting.

    • alpha unit

      “I never realized that they might think that white women smell more. I wonder what scent is being perceived…”

      The scent of bullshit.

    • Parfum Bleu

      You’re bitter about the report about some black women not wanting to shower with white women because of a supposed smell so you proceed to accuse black women (or is just your black “friends”) of smelling like feces and putrefaction. Yep, clean healthy people all smelling like excrement and death. That doesn’t sound racist or made up at all….

      • Huh? That doesn’t sound like what Megan’s saying at all. There was no scent (sorry) of bitterness in her post at all, but rather seemed to take special interest in noting that the unpleasant scene she had noted from her black friends could have certainly been reciprocal, with the genetics or whatever reasons causing the divergence of olfactory sensation as being what it was. Seriously chill out and stop being so sensitive!

    • cke

      Where do you live? Black people seem to have more problems with dry skin/hair than white people do, especially in colder or drier climates. Could it be that they were generously applying some body cream or hair gel you didn’t like? I date an African man and his moisturizer routine when he gets out of the shower is way longer than my entire post-shower routine.

  5. White Preservationist

    – Some American Blacks say that ‘White people’ smell like ‘wet dogs,’ or differing forms of bologna

    – Some Asians say that White people smell like raw/red/uncooked beef (probably true considering how much beef we eat compared to them, which likely comes through our skin and sweat glands and they pick up on that excreted scent)

    – Germans and other native White-Europeans who have long been in contact with Jews have noted many times that Jews smell much different than native White Europeans; Hitler even noted this in his book MEIN KAMPF – Jews might actually smell different than all other ethnic/racial groups on Earth because they could partially descend from a whole different branch of humanity or even an entirely different human species, the Neanderthals; see:

    – All of the races agree that Black Africans who are sweaty smell very, very bad – the odors emitted by African sweat glands are, for whatever reason, quite a bit stronger than all other races; I’ve noticed this too, and I’ve been in full-size basketball stadiums during games where you can easily smell Black African sweat from 1/3 of the way up in the seats

    • I’ve never noticed any bad Black smell, or even a bad Black sweat smell, but I’m not sure how many sweating Blacks I have been around. But I have had sex with a number of Black women…let me see…I think 4 at last count. Never noticed any bad smell there either…

      The notion that Jews are descended from Neanderthals is seriously insane. Never noticed any Jewish smell either.

      • Coyote Ford

        My girlfriend is 100 percent Jewish and does not smell differently from any other white woman. Neither do any of her friends or relatives. I perform oral sex on her frequently and there is never any
        bad odor. Scarlett Johannson is Jewish. I dont think any men are going to complain about her.

        • A

          Interesting observation.

          My own personal experience of girlfriends of different races varied But the only Jewish girlfriend I ever had (actually, only about 60% Jewish) did happen to be on the extreme end of the spectrum of being very salty/tangy and altogether unappetizing. For me, Caucasians have tasted more markedly distinct (although I wouldn’t call it unappealing) than Asians who, in my experience, have been odorless/tasteless. Never tasted a black woman in that respect but in my one sexual experience with one there I remember nothing that smelled out of the ordinary although that might have gotten lost in the heat of the moment that happens in the midst of a one off.

          But being an Asian male, it’s interesting to consider that my sense of taste and smell and what I found pleasant or odorless could very well be a product of my genetics. All of which screams for more research in this area, if a grant could possibly be written up that capably smooths over the topic issue of race enough to be accepted and funded.

        • A

          That should be “toxic” issue of race.

        • SWC

          How can Scarlett Johannson be Jewish with a Swedish/Norwegian name? Possible but not too many Jews in those countries. Maybe her mom is Jewish, that makes more sense.

    • White Preservationist

      RL:”I’ve never noticed any bad Black smell, or even a bad Black sweat smell, but I’m not sure how many sweating Blacks I have been around. But I have had sex with a number of Black women…let me see…I think 4 at last count. Never noticed any bad smell there either…”

      Really? You’ve never noticed the very strong Black African odor of their sweat? Maybe it’s just because you haven’t been around enough of them who were profusely sweating – that’s likely. Also, Blacks surely sweat a lot more here in the very hot/humid American South than in the drier and much less humid Mediterranean-climate of coastal Cali.

      Also, the darker a Black is (i.e., the more pure/unmixed African they are) the stronger their Black sweat odor is – that’s a trend I definitely noticed while playing basketball and other sports with them as I was growing up here in Dixie.

      • Nichole

        Really I think that everyone smells reguardless of race, gender or genetics. Its hot ok, take a freakin shower, keep up with your hygiene. Ive got friends of almost every race and Im happily mixed with a lot as well (NOT JUST BLACK AND WHITE). My current b/f and b/f’s of the past have all been white males and I’ve interacted with everyone of there families/friends(parties,sports, diners etc.),….. no smell unless it was athletics involved and thats a given;….and believe me I notice nasty smells! It seriously depends on how well a person takes care of them self. If you don’t, well then you know the outcome.HAHAHA!

    • loni

      Most whites smell HORRIBLE especially in the summer. I think it’s because of their greasy hair. I’m not racist, it’s a fact that whites stink really bad when they sweat.

      • Nichole

        OOOOOKKKKKKK, everyone sweats- EVERYONE! No one walks among us with a genetic code of DNA that has them smelling like roses, its just not possible………so lets see some common sense going on. Keep up on the hygiene and everything is good; some people have to be taught all over again as adults, sad really but true. People can be slack individuals but lets not put it on Black ppl, White ppl Asians and everyone one else in between about being smelly b/c of weather hahaha where did all the other seasons go ? Its up to the individual to keep up with themselfs dont blame it only on race……hell Im mixed with so much its not even funny, is there a specific smell for mixys like me? Huh…..

        • Nick

          and yes people do have genetic codes that make them smell. There is actually a genetic disease that makes you smell like dead fish. Trimethylaminuria. People do release different things into their sweat. So maybe you need to get some common sense.

        • McSmug

          You know….you seem to be saying ‘everyone stinks equally.’ What’s being discussed is how the smell differs race to race.
          That simply can’t be the case. Otherwise, some people wouldn’t assault you with their smelll more than others. There are many different dietary habits, body chemistries, and yes, hygenic practices.
          My japanese grandmother never had a smell I found offensive. It was a little hard to identify but she smelled fresh (almost a little grass-like) even when she was working. It was kinda weird. On the other hand my white father has a distinct smell that I’ve noticed is completely different from the other half of my family. He has a smell that’s almost like dirt, like if you were to be gardening. My white grandfather, his siblings and my second cousins on that side smell a little bit like that, only with a musk undertone. The difference is there, apparently even among groups of different whites.

    • You’re right, we are a bunch of stinky-poos.

    • Aurora

      Ah yes, Hitler, the go-to man on Jews.

    • jason

      Heil Hitler!!! You definitley want to listen very carefully white presevationist, to everything your role model hitler says in mein kamph. Hitler definitley was one of the most logical and sound minded people alive, he knew what he was talking about.

    • choo

      Wait. Did you just cite Hitler?
      I know this is really old, but really – Hitler?
      Anyway, all but Africans have some neanderthal DNA. Now go back to the drawing board and figure out how you can interpret that to mean you are superior in some way.


        No matter what you people say… race/culture/ethnicity all seem to be factors in my experience with body odor. Most european women smell kind of flowery (dark hair with yellowish/olive skin) most blonde haired blue eyed caucasian women smell oniony or milky. When white people come in from the rain they smell of wet dog and sour milk (I am white btw and this wet dog smell is extremely heavy on wet white women) Most black women (african american/southern area) smell of salty greasy food or strong b.o. but I don’t think its horrible, its just different (very strong on the buses of my city). Most asians smell similar. They smell of some kind of chemical or herb that I can’t put my finger on or they just smell of nothing at all – definetly my favorite. I find that vietnamese women smell of the fish oils they cook with. Latino’s smell of spice and musk. Latino women my age (23) smell flowery but its probably because they are conscious of how their fathers smell lol. For the most part Mexicans around here (Charlotte, NC) have great hygiene and smell of gain detergent or abercrombie calogne. My girlfriend is from west africa (Liberia) and has excellent hygiene but her family smells really strong. I believe when Tupac said, “the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice,” he really meant to say, “the blacker the berry, the stronger the scent.” African people smell of musk. Way stronger than their african american brothers but slightly different. India people smell of curry and cumin. Native American people smell wild (like the smell of wild animals such as wolves or deer meat before you cure it [of course this is only when they sweat a lot]) Of course we all smell horrible when we do not practice good hygiene but there is way too much evidence that we as different races/cultures/ethnicities have an overall distinct smell. Just as I appreciate all flavors of Ice cream, I also appreciate all of the different scents of women. How bland would life be if we were all forced to eat the same flavor of ice cream forever? Stay open minded people and embrace difference but please, please, please wash your asses, brush your teeth, wash your clothes, clean your houses, and be aware of your scent! We are no longer living in the wild like our ancestors and don’t need to rely on body odor to attract or
        repel each other. Adapt, Evolve.
        Just In case you were wondering, here is a list of my favorite scents (broken down in ethnicity strictly opinion so don’t get your feelings hurt[most to least favorite]):

        Oriental (herbal/roots/chemicals/nothing)
        White (European) and Jewish (Flowery/milky/waxy/of red meat)
        White (American) (Oniony/milky/of wet dog/of red meat – need to eat less salt, meat, and fried food)
        Latino (musky/spicy/peppers/light)
        Native American (wild/musky)
        African (Very musky/stronger than African American but different)
        Indian/Pakistanis/Middle Easterners (curry/cumin/spicy also but much different than latinos/peppers/also milky but not as strong as whites)
        African American (Aka Black) (Heavy thick Musk/salty/greasy – need to eat less salt, meat, and less fried food)

        Sorry African Americans, I do not hate you guys, I just would prefer smelling everyone else! =)

  6. White Preservationist

    RL:”The notion that Jews are descended from Neanderthals is seriously insane. Never noticed any Jewish smell either.”

    I agree that the Jew/Neanderthal thing is pretty far out there, I was mostly joking. And hey, did you know that Jewish males also menstruate? –

    There is a definite Jewish smell, at least among the Ashkenazim I’ve met in close-quarters – it is not at all a pleasant smell. It is a sickeningly sweetish odor, yet also somewhat musty/moldy; that bad sweetish smell may possibly be related to their higher propensity for diabetes (blood sugar disease) as if their syrupy diabetic blood can be smelled through their skin or something – it’s weird. Many Jews I’ve known also seemed to have chronic bad-breath (halitosis), maybe because their digestion is bad/sluggish or else they talk so much that their mouths just dry out quicker and without adequate saliva to stave off the bad oral germs their mouths begin to fester and ripen.

  7. Wow...

    M.E.A…you are one racist bitch.

    I wonder if your black “friends” know that you think they smell like diarrhea and rotten meat?

    And White women smell like flowers? Sure, whatever.

  8. Ryan

    I’ve never really noticed a difference in smell from one race to another besides certain ethnic food smells. I’ve been around many, many different peoples most of my life but did recently notice something that caught my attention. While in New Orleans, I visited a strip club on Bourbon Street and was greeted by two beautiful young black women. These girls were gorgeous imo, and I was definitely attracted to them as I am by most dark skinned women. Anyways, I ended up getting lap dances from both these women, and during the fun, they both at one point or another were close enough for me to smell them more intimately. Both of these women had a light odor of onion about their entire bodies. It wasn’t an unhealthy smell, but was definitely stronger than what I am used to. I am a white man who has never been intimate with a black women, so this was my 1st experience getting up close and personal to a black women. Not to be crude, but of course their most personal regions was near my face at various points during the dance, and even when they were not near my face, I still could smell their female smells. Again, not unhealthy, but stronger than the other women ( over 25 ), that I’ve been with in my 31 years. I left the club ( Not the 1st time I’ve been to a strip club or the 1st lap dance of that night. I had two dances from 2 different women, one Italian and one white earlier in the evening ) wandering if those beautiful black girls had a different cleaning routine than most girls I knew, or if it was just part of their physiological make up. I definitely would not say they were gross at all, but they did smell stronger than other women I’d been around, and it was something different for me.

    • Yes, this is very interesting. Black men are notorious for not wanting to eat pussy, and I’ve always wondered why that is. They just don’t want to do it.

      I’ve had sex with several Black women in my life. Of those, I went down on four of them. I never noticed anything different at all, but then, I like to eat pussy, and I am almost never bothered by bad pussy smell when I am down there munching away.

      For sure, Black women’s pubic hair is different – it looks like the hair on their heads. And their labia usually have a deep purple color as opposed to the pink you find in most White women.

      Black women are kind of freaked out if you want to go down on them. One was like, “Huh? You want to do THAT? No problem.” It was like even she thought it was disgusting, but of course, like all women, she loved to get her pussy eaten. She just couldn’t figure out why I would want to do such a gross thing.

      • robert wrote I never noticed anything different at all, but then, I like to eat pussy, and I am almost never bothered by bad pussy smell when I am down there munching away.

        Robert we are so getting married and having children. I love you with all my heart.

        the end!

        sorry default, some things a girl just can’t resist 😦

    • jason

      It could be possible that 5-10 hours of dancing in a strip club(not known to be the most sanitary of places) could have a little something to do with the smell.

  9. tulio

    I’d read about a study where they took a group of white guys, and a group of black guys, and then made them work out hard. Then they blindfolded a group of people and made them sniff the black and white men to see if they could tell the difference. The study showed that people could not tell the difference.

    While I do tend to notice differences in smells between races, it tends to be because different races use different body care products. Blacks use grease in their hair, so black can have a greasy smell at times. I have also noticed the notorious “wet dog” smell of whites, and it comes from when their hair is dirty and wet. But I think the dried, shampooed hair of a white woman is quite a pleasant smell. I think Asians, particularly SE Asians have a smell that comes from the unique blend of spices they use in their foods.

    I’ve never heard any science that says there’s a difference in chemical composition of sweat between human population groups. Maybe there is, I’ve just never heard of such a thing. I think most people’s fowl comments about the smell of other races can be explained by the psychological phenomena of “priming”:

    • Yeah, I’ve never noticed a thing, and I supposedly have a great sense of smell. Too good, people say, because I refuse to eat the spoiled food that everyone else is happily munching away on. They get mad when I refuse to eat and say it’s spoiled, while they keep on eating it because they can’t smell.

      I have noticed that some people just smell really bad. It’s a rare person. I remember once an older woman at a place I worked at had a horrible and weird smell about her. She was otherwise healthy. I never figured out what was wrong with her.

      I’ve known some folks who were manic depressive who developed a very terrible smell when they were manic, but I think it was just from sleeping in their clothes, sweating a lot, smoking and drinking a lot, and maybe not bathing enough. It’s hard to describe but it’s really terrible. They would leave the house and it would still smell. You’d have to open the windows to get rid of it.

      Some working class White guys smell bad but I think they are just working all the time, sweating, not washing clothing and not bathing maybe.

      • Well, supposedly the sweat composition of a person also varies greatly between when they’re, say actively exercising as opposed to say stationarily stressing out. So with the balance of apocrine to eccrine gland secretion varying by activity, that would have to effect someone’s odor as well. It makes me wonder about the variability you mention of those with bipolar.

        Also, considering the recent discovery of how a dog can more accurately smell the onset of cancer in an individual far more accurately than any previously known method of detection such that they’re now being trained do just that, did you ever consider the possibility that this oft putting smell in this older lady you mentioned could have had cancer as its source? Just a thought.

      • Raceniffer

        I could drive a bus full of blacks to you and prove they have a unique smell. Maybe you could give a seminar teaching them how to eat pussy.

    • Erin Lormand

      Yes, I read that there is different chemical composition of the sweat of each race. (And other by-product’s.). Even the bacteria which break down the the fluids are different from race to race. And the bacteria within the vagina is different in each race. Personally, I can detect that my maternal & paternal families carry a different scent. Like the Ashkenazi, our genetics are tight. We share an dentical. distinctive diet. Not surprising that people can readily detect unfamiliar odors A study indicates that grandchildren who smell like their grandmother’s are more readily accepted. and even favored. If our own grandmothers feel that way, we shouldn’t take offense at strangers expressing the samr tendencies.

    • tommy jones

      I dont know about that.. from personal experience I can say that black men smell stronger than any other race.. but thats MY opinion..

      • Bomb

        I’ve noticed from grappling with blacks, they have a certain smell. Some black-pussy lovers I know swear by the smell. It’s not like every black smells, I’ve never noticed it with coworkers or blacks that aren’t sweating profusely.

  10. Jen

    I am a female, and I am not saying this to be racist but when I use a public restroom after a black woman, it usually smells bad. I think they must have a very strong smell down there. Smells like sweat and ass. Sorry, but this is the experience I’ve had.

    • deadcult

      It may be that or simply that blacks have poor hygiene i.e., not bathing for days and not wiping after the deeds. So the smells get stronger as the day progresses.

      • Uh huh

        You go to bathroom, but rather than wiping yourself afterwards, you simply leave your genitals soaked in urine, and your butt crack caked with fecal residue. And then, on top of that, you don’t bathe for days at a time, even as your genitals gets increasingly slimy, your butt crack gets even mushier, and your entire body – but especially your nether region – is smelling like a landfill. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense… and sounds quite physically comfortable too!

    • alpha unit

      Not to be racist or anything, but whenever white women make pronouncements about the way black women smell, disregard them. They obviously don’t know that many black women.

    • Perez Christina


    • Lisa

      I notice this of white women. I refuse to use the stall after one because I know it will smell like rotted flesh or unwashed pr*vates. Not to be racist, just what I’ve experienced. Also, white women do not like to use sanitary items when they have ‘aunt flo’ so that’s another reason for their pungent odor. And most white men smell musky and sweaty.

      • Jenna

        So are you referring to pads or tampons? Because if so, yes, we do, and me personally the very convenient wet wipes that come with the pads. As to the general smell thing, I don’t notice it on anyone ethnicity in particular. Just the people with b/o.

    • slim

      wow who in the hell do you think you are, White women smell like stank pussy cause first of all they are shall i say you, dont like to wash your pussy clean, Taking a bar of soap and running it across the top of your pussy just aint doing it, You should practice washing the inside of your own pussy before you try and talk about black women, as for myself i cleans mine from top ,bottom and inside. Do you do that? No you dont stupid bitch so shut the hell up.

    • Ke-ke

      Just for the record, white people do “stank” sometimes not all of them. However I know that white people/women don’t use wash clothes. How can you properly bathe without them. That’s why they make them. I have had whites at my house and I have been a nanny and have never located a wash cloth. I think that is gross. Or a bath sponge!

  11. Perez Christina

    and Jen, you are ignorant

  12. Chi

    “Black men are notorious for not wanting to eat”

    I thought Elvis said they were the one’s who liked doing that? He refused to go down on Cybill Shepherd apparently.

  13. Michael K.

    Without trying to be offensive, I too have noticed that certain black people have an unpleasant, distinct odor. Oddly enough, not all black people have this smell and, in my experience, it is only African-Americans (i.e. not Africans) who do. There also seems to be some sort of inverse correlation with income. I don’t think it’s a diet issue, since blacks and whites in America have pretty similar diets, I’ve often wondered whether it has to do with skin or hair products or whether it’s actually simply an inherent difference. It’s annoying that questions like this don’t get answered since political correctness forbids any discussion, let alone study, of the topic.

    • Lisa

      Yes, I understand. whites in general do smell like wet dogs, and the females when leaving the restroom smell like their privates have rotted. Not being offensive.

    • A

      I’m not so sure the diets are as similar as you might think.

      I remember being in a grocery store one time and an African American guy asking me “Yo bro, do you know where the cornmeal is?”

      I had to respond that I didn’t even know what that was. Which made me wonder what else other types of food African Americans might eat that I, in my admitted ignorance, had no clue about and so would never include in my diet. I think if it affects socio-economic class, then that’s strong indication that it’s more about diet than race.

      • Adam

        Black people also eat tripe (stomach) and chitlins (intestine) pigs feet and other not so appetizing parts of animals! So that may be why they smell! And black women would rather spend their money on their hair rather than Pay their water bill!!

        • Chris

          Your comment about black women wanting to spend money on their hair and not on their water bill was a biased and racist comment and I would appreciate you not commentating on or making statements like that again. Maybe you need to learn about what happends when you get out of line on here as David had gotten banned from derogratory commentations. I have associated with many black women and their hair is unique and different from a white persons hair that can put some cheap dollar store shampoo and wash it and we are done they cannot just do that. I take pride in woman that keeps her hair clean and looking nice as this is a necessity and as for them not paying their water bill as you put it I am sure that happends to all races and all kinds of people with the economy the way it is and unemploymnet at an all time high no wonder anyone can actually pay the high prices of utilities today! You are so wrong for that commentations! You should aologize and furthermore you should be banned from furture comments! Pitiful when people like you come on here and just say crap!

        • Ke-ke


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  15. justin86

    I would say the biggest factor in body odour is by far, your diet. I’ve noticed this when cuting back on egg and meat products and going for fresher vegetables and grains. This actually seems like common sense to me, but most people don’t get it. I think with black people it is a result of their poor nutritional intake for the most part. Their diets are horrific. No offence, just commenting on what I have observed.

  16. Guevo

    Wow!!! you people have serious issues. I may not be a pro but I have been close with several different nationalities, and have only one one occasion noticed that one person smells worse than another due to hygienic reasons. She was a bit loose and worked in manual labor, needles to say it was so repulsive it lasted a mere seconds. Diet and personal hygiene have alot to do with a persons specific aroma, race and nationality attached to a distasteful smell is done through conditioning.

  17. Lisa

    Yes. From my experience Mexicans smell the same: pungent or sour.

    • Mary

      I am Mexican–I wonder if I smell “pungent and sour?” Although I was married to a black man, and he did not have a smell about him. I have noticed that some black friends have a distinct odor about them, but this has to be due to hygene since not all have it.

  18. peopleofourworld

    it is undeniable that the different human races have their different body odors. It is no surprise since physiological attributes are different also there is no reason smell would be the same either. Everybody knows their own smell will seem neutral just because it’s ours. Black people unquestionably have the strongest most offensive smell. Where i work everyone is white when the one black cleaning person crew walks into the office i know it from smell even if i did not first hear or see him. And it’s the african smell no question. It is quite amazing he can be 30m away if he stays for more than 2 min I know he is there. It is hard to describe it reminds most of the smell around cages at the zoo. Nobody’s spared. One asian girl said she would never sleep with a white guy because their sweat is yellow and stinks. She said asian sweat is transparent and does not smell. Sure enough i searched that and found evidences of it. One japanese doctor who lived in europe for years said white people smell was first extremely stinky especially white females but after years he got used to it and even found the rancid, spicy smell of white female sexually arousing by the end. Japanese smell secretion glands are far less developped than whites and their sweat is odorless ! The few exception among japanese women who do have some odor under their arms usually can never get married and for men it is a legitimate reason for exemption from military service ! It appears that on the contrary for whites and arabs odor is part of sexual attraction. Smell also tell how healthy you are. There was a cat in a retirement home who when he would stay with a person would usually mean that person was close to death.

    • There must be something wrong with me. I can’t smell Blacks at all.

      Japanese make a big deal out of smell. There is actually a culturally-conditioned psychosis in Japan along the lines that one stinks of gives off an offensive odor. The person doesn’t, but they are convinced that they do. Often a middle aged female. Kind of hard to treat too.

    • serious???

      God you’re a Japanophile ‘tard. As someone who lived a decade in Japan, I can assure you that dirty Japanese smell every bit as raunch as dirty Americans.

      In general dirty Whites, Blacks, E. Asians, Nat. Americans/New-World Hispanics, Indians/Middle Easters, Austronesians/Melanesians, Papuan/OZ Aborigines, etc. ALL smell pungent and make me want to vomit when they have poor hygiene. They all smell pretty-damned good when they are healthy and take care of themselves though–but, yes different. So far I’ve been lucky enough to have made love (including going down on) with women of all the above racial/ethnic groups except for Aborigine & Indian (but I HAVE made love with with Papuan and Middle-Eastern women which are very closely-related lineage). I am picky about my partners (& am truly lucky to be able to be, I am aware of and thankful for the fact)–I only make love with people who are physically fit… and that makes a big difference in the stink department. Healthy bodies keep odor-causing bacteria in check better (yes, fat people usually DO stink worse).

      But different groups do smell different. For example, since moving back to the US, I have noticed that American women do have smellier vaginas than I am used to–but that is Asian-American, White, AND Polynesian (haven’t been with another Black American since returning). I LOVE the smell and taste of a naturally-clean vagina, but I don’t so much care for one that smells bacteria. I think it could be *partly* diet causing this difference, but the biggest causative factor is likely to be all the crazy nonsense women are doing to their vaginas these days (tampons, douching, non-breathing panties, not sleeping pantyless, soaps, sprays/fragrances, etc.). A vagina should get a gentle rinse with warm, clean H2O no soaps and never internally. It’ll clean itself and become a subtle but deliciously-scented and mildly-salty/sweet delight. If it doesn’t, you probably have an infection of some sort (not always yeast) and should go get treated.

      Aside from the obesity and weird modern “hygiene” practices throwing Americans immune systems and Ph levels out of whack, there are a few dominating cultural practices which can lead to “offensive” odors that exist but are not actually genetic: for example some of the hair products that certain turban-wearing populations use. Also, I used to think a lot of Koreans (and some other Asians) have a really ‘sour-mothball’ type smell. Then I realized: a lot of them actually do have a really ‘sour-mothball’ type smell. And guess why. Yup. Tons of old Asians insist on putting mothballs in their family’s clothing drawers. They just seem to be used to the smell because it’s so common. Everyone else is like: “damn, lots of Asians have BO.”

      The scent differences between racial groups exist, but they are subtle and pleasant. Stink on the other hand is stink. It’s gross, and it’s an individual problem rather than a racial problem.

  19. peopleofourworld

    btw i’m white not asian. lol.

  20. jason

    In regards to smell, I have noticed that men from both races that have high testosterone levels, seem to smell much stronger and pungent than average t-level men. With women I believe that Hygene is the determining factor, I noticed no particular difference in smell between white women and black when I eat pussy. I also noticed that vegans smell distinctly better than meat eaters.

    • Yeah, I never noticed this strong Black smell that all these racists are bitching about, and I’m said to have a good sense of smell. I second your comment about Black and White women above, and that’s been my experience too. The only person I ever noticed who had a weird smell about them was this middle aged White woman in Beverly Hills when I worked there.

      • Raceniffer

        Racial smell is not like a fart you have to be embarassed about. Even the less racially pungient Asian can have a stank ass. The ass region is more universal as everyones shit stinks. Crotch, pit, and the rest as a whole all give a smell that varies across races. I appreciate the different smells.

    • alpha unit

      Racists have been talking about this Black smell forever. This notion might have some usefulness, if you want people avoiding intimacy with Blacks.

  21. jason

    I believe the elderly seem to have problems cleaning themselves properly. I was a caretaker when I was going through Wayne StateUniversity and I really was disgusted at the level of filth that a lot of the oldtimers accumalated.

  22. George

    It’s entirely possible that the whole “X race smells like X” thing is entirely psychological, and that having been told to expect a race of people to smell bad colours (pun unintended) one’s perception, afterall it’s well documented that state of mind can effect the senses.

  23. Matt Simon

    I have noticed the differences in smell among different races, and I don’t think that any of the smells are “unpleasant”. People, to a greater or lesser degree, smell like…people. It is well documented that genetic differences (such as those that govern the immune system) yield different natural aromas, and that women are more attracted to potential mates with significantly different immune systems. From a genetic standpoint, this makes a lot of sense. It is also interesting to note that females are much more likely to select mates of a different race than are males. (I believe this may be due to the subconcious male instinct to continue a “line”, whereas females value generating robust offspring). But I digress… In my experience, Black males have a stronger, more “acid” smell than White males. Darker Southern Europeans and Mediterraneans have a stronger scent than Nordic Europeans. Sexually, I like men and women, and I tend to like the natural scent of other men rather than being repulsed by it. Sexually, I think that Black males have the most appealing and overtly sexual scent – acidic and primal. White males tend more toward “gamey/wild” smells (still very appealing). Asian men have a unique smell as well, but it’s not erotic in nature (and seems generalized instead of anchored to the armpit and pubic areas is it is in Blacks and Whites). Women have a whole different set of great scents. White women smell woodsy and wild, whereas Black women smell earthy and spicy.

    Individuals can smell HORRIBLE for personal reasons. But I have yet to find an entire race that “stinks”. And no race smells like flowers or rotten meat…if you think so, go to the doctor.

    In any case, I like the smell of people. It adds to our unique personas – tells you about a person as much as sound, sight, and touch. Smelling of the “Polo”, “Obsession” or “Poison” is so unattractive – like you’re hiding…

  24. Sean

    I can remember the first time I noticed a unique smell in black people. I was 12 years old and playing a sandlot football game. Through the years I have noticed a few more times, so I decided to look into the validity of my thoughts, when I came upon this website. As I was reading the comments, a possible reason for this phenomenon popped into my head: cocoa butter! Could it be that black people’s usage of cocoa butter to keep from getting “ashy” skin gives them a distinct odor that many of them would share??

    • Mysterious27

      Yes, I think that is very possible. I am mixed so I have black white and native American. I am light skinned, and I’ve never been told by others that I smell nor have I thought “black” people smelled worse than other races. My first thought was hair care products, because I don’t use black hair care stuff as being mixed I didn’t really think I needed to. I DO notice that some of the high maintenance black girls do have some chemical smell to them, but it’s not like a body odor. Now that you mentioned the cocoa butter I think that might really be a possibility. Good discovery!

  25. Ian

    This study suggests to me that different races should be more attracted to each other. I am a white man and I am currently finding myself attracted to Asian girls, and I have been searching the internet to find out how different the major histocompatibility complex is between races. In my opinion the smell difference between the races that you people are discussing might mostly be based on diet, but not entirely. I believe the oils produced in your skin are different based on your diet. I am friends with several girls who are black, and the ones who are more recent immigrants with diets unusual to me have a more unusual scent to me. The American black girls have way less of an unusual scent. But I think its also caused by genetics because I can still detect if I am sitting next to a white girl or a black girl. I should probably also mention that I believe I have an above average sense of smell. Another reason I think a big part of the cause of these smells is diet is that growing up I was surrounded by Asians and there was no doubt that their diet caused their breath to smell very different from mine.
    With all of that said, I think genetics can cause one person to smell worse than another even within the same race. The only really relevant thing in my mind is this: should I ultimately try to hook up with a girl of a different race because her MHC genetics will differ most greatly from mine causing me to have a greater attraction towards her? Just with a similar diet. All these couples of the same race get together because that’s what cultures do and that’s what we’re used to and usually people of the same race have more in common- but now that we have had people of different races living in our American culture for generations and the only real difference between many of them and us is our genetics, why not hook up with a different race and have a stronger desire for each other than you would have with a more closely genetically related person. Not to mention better immunity towards diseases, which is the purpose of the attraction as stated in the study I found.

    • Mysterious27

      So… In your opinion or anyone elses, what about mixed people? Should they just find someone who’s exactly mixed like them? or go darker? or lighter? Personally the closest someone could get to that would be a family member… But I don’t know, someone fill me in.

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  27. alejandro greasy beaner

    Hey there alejandro. I wouldn’t say that Thais and other Asians smell bad. I’ve been around hispanics, and boy do you guys know what a bar of soap is? Please, you hispanics smell like beer and rancid fat. Must be from all the drinking you guys do and all the fattening food mexicans eat. So I wouldn’t talk trash bro.

    • Mary

      I am Mexican and I am offended by your ignorant comment. People smell because they don’t shower properly, period.

    • Kwhite

      ISLAM = I Smell Like A Mule

      • AJ

        GO FUCK YOUR SELF. go was your ass, brush your teeth and take a bath!!

        • Chris

          Using foul language and or telling people commentations like that only means your mouth stinks of words and is negative! Again you will learn the hard way as I can see here! AJ keep your personal comments of that nature to yourself and only express what is pertaining to the blog to begin with. Thank you for taking the time to become better educated my little international friend! Cheers!

  28. soyye

    I work in hospitality industry in an Asian country. I have observed that some white people smell awful while others are extremely good. I don’t think it has anything to do with race, i think mostly it is due to the food you take. Even if you eat meat and eat fruits it wont give you the bad odor. If black people smells so awful, I am sure lot of world leaders who met US first couple would have commented about it. In that case, there will be lot of awful smell in the Oval Office and in their bedrooms too. lol. Don’t be racist, Blacks are human beings and so are the Whites. There is no difference except the colour.

    • A

      Uh, actually I think world leaders would have enough etiquette and common sense not to remark on the peculiar smells, should there be any at all, of other world leaders regardless of race. World leaders would be regularly meeting other world leaders of African ethnicity not only directly but in international forums like the UN. That just goes with the territory of being a world leader, is the necessity of grace and diplomacy of those with all races no matter how different from you.

  29. Lea

    I recently fell in love with curry and have always loved onions and garlic. Recently, I noticed White people sniffing me even though I have good hygiene habits. I’m Black and think my change in diet has enhanced whatever smells people notice. I know one guy who always complains that everyone stinks in meetings. Since he’s white and most of coporate America is too, I believe his sense of smell is off the charts. Now I wash my hair at 1-2 times a week (a lot for Black women) and have stopped recreational smoking completely. I believe what you ingest comes out your pores and out via your breath. Back when many people smoked, there were lots of odors around. Now that most people don’t smoke, there’s nothing affecting their sense of smell and nothing to mask the odors of others. It’s really unfortunate as these cultural differences only further divide us. I no longer socialize with white people because I feel it bothers them and it bothers me to know they think that way about me.

    • A

      That’s really unfortunate that you should choose to no longer socialize with an entire race based on what you perceive they think about you. That’s really sad.

    • Adam

      I dont think people are complaining , just that it’s there, I am white and gay and have been with black white Asian and two kinds of Spanish , and you don’t smell much until u go down “there” and black guys have the strongest smell down”there”

      • Chris

        Pathetic is all I can say!

        • I’m a white dude n the smelliest girl I was with was a white one. She was sweet as can be,but I had to call her my lil stinky. She smelled like a pet store because she was a cat horder. Poor me,but you got to take love were you can get it.

        • Chris

          Good Luck and regardless of smell love is a stronger odor than a body odor and love see nothing including smell that comes with the good and bad.

  30. j wilson

    Im confident that what most of you people are smelling are pheromones thats located in sweat. naturally you will be attracted to the pheromones located within your own race than others. The more you sweat the stronger the pheromones become, it has nothing to do about any race smelling worst than another. its really all about personal hygiene. Another thing that seems to be reflected in these comments is GENERALIZATION, by unconsciously catorgorizing entire groups of people from encounters with only a small fraction of the people.

  31. Annon

    I found this a very enlightening and funny that other races supposedly smell different. I do not know how bad I smell, but if I was flexible enough to smell my own butt I will get back to you on what I find…

    People smell because they smell.

    It is not a racial thing.

  32. mimi09


    It maybe curry, it maybe the fact that they are the hairiest so the sweat gets stuck to their skin easily and is hard to come off between all that hair. But they smell very bad especially under arms and the INDIAN IMMIGRANTS AT MY UNIVERSITY HAVE NEVER USED DEODORANT, UNDER ARMS SMELL SO BAD!

  33. Tony

    Ok, here’s my take on all this (from bad smelling experiences). People from different regions NOT RACES (GENERALLY) smell different to each other. Also there is an (INDIVIDUALS) food intake, hair and body products and general hygiene to be taken into consideration.

    I have noticed over the years that:

    Chinese generally have a sharp strong unpleasant (to me) garlicy ginger smell. I assume this is from their diet. (This does not apply to Koreans or Japanese)

    Most white people (not Scandinavian or Nordic for some reason) have a as described before, a wet dog smell (its weird, I dont where it comes from) but they also have a sicky bad breath smell, I assume this is from milky products or milk in tea.

    Alot of Black caribbean women have a weird kind of hair care products smell (Its very hard to describe, I call it berry juice), but its not very pleasant.

    Alot of old white women (50+) tend to smell of rancid perfumed pussy. Its like they know their privates smell and they have sprayed tons of strong perfume on top to cover it up but it makes it worse.

    African men (not all) tend to have a strong BO smell. I cant speculate as to where this comes from.

    I can honestly say, I have never really been able to match a smell to african women unless its associated with the hair cair products black caribbean women have.

    Also white people dont seems to smell to good after eating garlic the night before. I know no-one does, but maybe its the garlic and sour milk together that makes it worse.

    Pakistani’s (not all) tend to have a curry smell which I put down to diet.

    Even though Indians (from Indian, not red Indians) share a similar diet to Pakistani’s, they dont seem to smell as bad as the Pakistani’s (again I must stress NOT ALL)

    Alot of black caribbean men (in the Caribbean and sometimes in Europe tend to have a slightly dried after workout sweat smell)

    However I have to say, by far the worst smell of all, and I put this down to diet (I assume strong spices) and hygiene (again NOT ALL) is – – –
    The Bengali’s.

    So its not that Races smell, thats a silly thing to say, Its generally regional place due to heat, diet, and on personal level hygiene.

  34. Tony

    I just wanted to add the african strong BO smell is not all countries in africa. It tend to be associated with Nigerians. Maybe the heat and a extra little something in their diet.

  35. Steve

    There is a difference in how blacks and whites smell! When I was in the army and being in the infantry we would go weeks without bathing, you would take a whore bath the best you could but would quickly run out of fresh clothing none the less. Once you ran out of fresh clothing then it became apparent.
    We all stank horribly but differently. When around stinky whites I didn’t really notice because we stank the same,I’m white, but the blacks really noticed when around us and the same was true when whites were near them. We all got along okay and none of the honky/nigger terms being thrown around but we did pickup on the difference. We ate the same exact food and had the same exact hygiene practices.

  36. Rebecca

    People are really that ignorant that they think someones race has to do with how they smell? Personal hygeine people! If someones sweating, they’re going to stink. That’s just how it is, people smell, esspcially when they don’t use deoderant. Doesn’t matter what race they are, it’s weither they shower daily, jeeze lol. And when you say “Not trying to be racist but…” I know, you’re not TRYING to be racist, but you are being racist, weither you think it or not, and it’s rude. Saying that you’re not trying to be, doesn’t make it ok or logical. I’m hispanic and white. And I spend a lot of time around different races. No difference at all. Just shower daily, lord.

  37. RiverInCambridge

    I think hygiene practices will keep the races smelling right.
    Low-income folks that can’t afford soap and showers ARE going to schtink though. lol

  38. Very clean

    I really doesn’t matter what your race is. If any women smells bad down south. I because of lack of proper hygiene. I am a latina gal. I bath twice a day, or even three times. I have my puff waxed and use a good intibacterial wash. It is very import to me to smell fresh. There is no reason why any lady should smell bad. There are too many products on the market to combat that. Some women are just pigs!!!

  39. moshimoshi

    I grew up as a white person in a Caribbean country and it’s clear to me black people have a distinctive odour. I can summon it up as a clear olfactory memory, but the best description I can come up with is that it’s ‘stronger’. There’s more to it than that but I don’t have the words. Anyway it’s intrinsically neither ‘good’ nor ‘bad’. In fact because I had a black babysitter it’s actually quite a good smell by association, because she was obviously a friendly and familiar person.

    What interests me is that bouncing off a random reference to this on a website I find a general taboo on the subject. By contrast I found pretty quickly reference to East Asians and production of less odour with sweat, for which there’s a simple biological explanation. It’s strange, because the body odour difference between black people and white people is as obvious to me as the difference in colour, and to deny it is like someone coming along with a clipboard saying “oh no, black people look the same as everyone else, you only think they look black because of your cultural conditioning.” lol!

    Anyway as an adult living in the UK I tend to notice it with groups of people in the street, say in parts of London. It’s hardly noticeable with individuals, in fact most people don’t really smell of anything except whatever product they use. So I’m thinking whatever difference there is, is magnified by number and heat and sweat, and otherwise the difference may only be very slight. Perhaps with our western culture of endlessly bathing and perfuming I guess we can sort of ignore it but it’s still weird that it’s so difficult to discuss.

  40. that-one-there

    Not going to get all elaborate on my comment. But seriously… blindfold me, then put me in a room with various bathed and unbathed Caucasians, African Americans, and Hispanics… Let me smell their neck/shoulder/ear area, and I’ll be able to tell you what their ethnicity is. Nothing good or bad about it… it just is, everyone emits odor, and yes, the various races, just like difference in skin color, also have a difference in scent. Whether it’s pleasant or not, or not even noticeable, it’s how your sense of smell is effected by those subtle variances

  41. Jay Howard

    Dude….whoever believes that there are people who suffer from congenital bad smell, is an ignorant son of a *****. I remember a friend of my parents back in Greece, she called herself a doctor too, who was trying to feed her kids some bogus medical information about Black people’s smelling because their skin produces some weird oily substance that protects them or something…..I mean when are some people going to put it in their thicker-than-brick heads that people only stink when they don’t use daily soap and water? Oh, and a good deodorant doesn’t hurt either…

  42. Shay

    If different races smell, what about biracial people? My husband is mixed race (half white half black. I don’t notice any difference.

  43. face

    Here’s a twist. Do pretty and exceptionally attractive people smell better than the average or the hideous ? I think most of us would twistedly hope so. Like a bad episode of Boondocks, we would stereotype 9s and 10s to smell like fresh lemons or spring breeze by natural or because of their designer fragrances. Although straight, I asked 100 gay guys do macho bear gays and twink bois differ in their never region smells. The majority said that they would expect to tell the difference blind folded. They said the added hair and weight would result in a more ripe smell, but most preferred that over the clinical non smell they would expect the pretty bois to have.

    • A

      I have had personal experience with one particularly hot girl who did have rank smelling BO. And yes, she did bathe regularly and had excellent hygiene and I found that (hot with bad BO) the exception rather than the rule.

  44. Geoffrey

    This is a very interesting topic. I don’t see any reason why there can’t be any differences in odors between the races, if odor is at least partially a result of inherited biochemistry. Cultural differences (hygiene practices and food) will obviously have some effect as well. I decided to do a little experiment. After I adopted my boyfriend’s Vietnamese diet, he told me he noticed a real difference in my body odor after about 6 weeks, but I still smell distinctly Caucasian. Even I noticed the difference, and most people are far less aware of their own odors than those of others. It’s not a complete experiment by any means, but I’m inclined to believe we smell like members of our own race and are evolutionarily designed to recognize race by smell.

  45. Dee

    Melanin has a smell and darker skinned people have more melanin so they have more of that particular odor. It is not necessarily bad, just unique.

  46. Maryele

    Ima be strait up. Am black my bff is Mexican and she smells GOOOOD. lol. I smell good to but her whole family smells good and most my cousins smell kinda musty!

  47. Oneworld

    OK from my experience i can tell u my first boyfriend who was darker smelled musky and he had a very unique magnetic smell, my second boyfriend who was white did not have hardly any smell and was quite bland, so yes i think skin is not only different colour wise,

  48. rodriguez

    MEXICANS smell like SHIT!!!, YA U HEARD ME, ROTTEN SMELLY DOG SHIT, I smelt one myself. it was disgusting. I could smell her shit from a mile away.

    • You have a strong opinion on the matter.

    • Mary

      Since I am Mexican I will double up my effort to shower properly! What kind of a comment is this? I Shower twice a day, every day. I go to the dentist four times a year for dental cleanings, have a manicure and pedicure once a week, and get my privates waxed at least once a month, all hair taken off! I doubt that I smell like shit, and I am offended by your comment. My boyfriend has always commented on how “clean and great” I smell. You are probably racist, and this has a lot to do with your perception.

  49. gradius

    Perhaps you should’ve listened to your earlier inclination and not written this nonsense.

    Smelling bad is PURELY down to personal hygiene and diet. It has nothing to do with race. (Why do your AmeriKKKans insist on making EVERYTHING a race issue!?).

    For my part, I have met people of all “races” who’ve smelled bad. And yes, that includes Asians. (Only Asian fetishists think Asians are completely scentless).

    It also comes as no surprise to see blacks being maligned once again as it seems that EVERY possible negative attribute is associated to black people regardless. That said, I’ve seen no evidence to suggest that black people smell more than anybody else, quite the opposite in fact. Black people are more than aware that everyone else thinks the worst of them in every possible way, and for that reason, black parents instil sense of hygiene into their children to counter the inevitable accusations of being “dirty” from racists. Also the girl who said her black friends smelled of rotten meat and diahoerrea was blatantly lying. Nobody would want to be around someone who smelled that bad, let alone stay at their home. Obviously, she was just angry at the previous comment about some black women not wanting to be around white women in the shower.

    Speaking of which, that was obviously prejudice on the part of the black women in question. It is a MYTH that white women smell bad when they come out of the shower. Black women tend to say these things about white women to discourage black men from going with them. I don’t know why they bother, though. It really doesn’t work.

    I’ve slept with both white and black women: neither smell any worse or better than the other. Anyone turning personal hygiene into a race issue is small-minded and ignorant. Beyond that, what stinks the most is the level of racism I’ve seen from some of these comments. It’s like reading a Topix post.

  50. johnUK

    You say that my post suggestion about psychopaths is nonsense but you post this?

    If they do smell different it would probably be down to there personal fitness and diet and the environment they are living in.

  51. Monty

    I’ve gotten quite a few great laughs from reading some of these posts. Ok, I’m just going to keep it real. I’m going to go over sexual smells of the different races. I’m Black and Latino. By the way, I love to go and stay downtown as long as possible, and I don’t see race, to me, beautiful is beautiful.

    My job has taken me all over the world, and I’ll just say that I’ve had sex with well over a hundred women, could be closer to 400, could be closer to 100, I won’t specify. I’ve had sex with Blacks(American), Blacks(European), Whites(American), Whites(European), Southeast Asian (Chinese, Japanese, etc.), Southwest Asian (Arabic), and Latina (Mexican, Dominican, Puerto Rican etc.) women. Of these women, I’d give the most foul odor (genital area) award to Blacks (American). I’ve slept with many who had no smell, but about 50% of those I’ve slept with had an unsettling smell, but in the end that comes down to individual personal hygeine. Second place goes to Southwest Asian (Arabic), they were very beautiful, but very hairy, and we all know that hair holds odor. Third place for this award goes to Latina (Mexican). I’d say that 90% of the Mexicans I’ve slept with had no smell, so once again it comes down to the hygeine of the individual. Fourth place goes to White (American). Of all the American whites I’ve slept with, only one had genital odor, and it wasn’t one of those strong odors that burns the hair in your nostrils, but it was a sour milk type odor. Maybe it was just the luck of the draw, but I’ve never smelled any genital odors, whatsoever, from Whites (European), Blacks (European), Southeast Asian (Chinese, Japanese, etc), or Latina (Domincan, Puerto Rican, Cuban).

    As one of the guys mentioned earlier, it all comes down to what the woman thinks about you. In my experiences, obviously the women that had no smell cared about the impression they had on me. Those with smells basically said, “You know what, I’m not even going to have the decency to clean myself up before this guy comes to my house.” So the smell may be more about pride or lack of it, and less about race. I’ve never just showed up. I always give any woman I deal with at least an hour notice, so to me there’s no excuse for having a stank poontang! I’ve never told any of my girls this, but the easiest way to tell that your poon stinks, is when my face doesn’t travel south. My face will travel and stay south for a long time if it smells and tastes good.

  52. Federal Government

    Blacks, especially the ones yet to discover the cosmetics isle at the market, do smell of sweat. Evolution is responsible for that! However when they don’t smell of sweat, they smell like fruit, like Avocado or Melons or something, with a quantity of Dog breath. For Whites, it’s usually very cheap soap. Cigarets and Alcohol too. Also urine unfortunately. Indians, curry. Mexicans, the Rio Grande. Jews, rotting meat that vaguely makes its presence felt routing, ever so slightly the perfume.

  53. jack

    race has nothing to do with this…everyone can and should be clean

  54. smartypants

    this forum just reeks of racism.

    • Geoffrey


      Please try to think more deeply. Granted, the question can and probably will open the door to volatile racist rants, but does your response really address the question itself? The question is asking about facts or possible facts, not how we feel about the original question. Can odor, like skin color, hair shape, or skeletal flexibility, have a genetic basis?
      Also, you’ve failed to distinguish what you mean by “racism”. If you mean a recognition of easily discernible physiological differences, than everyone is a racist. If you mean a belief in an innate superiority of one group over another, you don’t have enough information from this forum to support your accusations of “racism”.

  55. Megan Garrison

    Wow, these comments indeed do reek of racism, but it is towards all races mentioned, and it is fascinating. It’s not just towards black or white races people seem to boil things down to only black and white. But smell in different people is because of diet and hygiene. I have friends of different races and dated girls of different races…I have white friends that I think stink and some that I think smell good. I have black friends that I think stink and that I think smell good. I have asian friends that I think stink and smell good. I could go on the same way for a long time. It is hygiene. Use soap and a washcloth and floss and brush your teeth! People stink when they are dirty, the end…each INDIVIDUAL has a different smell and you may not like it but it just oils hair and skin in different individual compositions . People have become to disconnected with natural smelling people because of so much perfume/cologne use. Also eating red meat can make people smell foul when they sweat.

  56. Lucy Beamish

    I’m a Black woman (Caribbean).

    As usual WHITES think they’re the CLEANEST AND THE BEST. As usual BLACKS cow -tow to WHITE delusion by the comment of one for example who said she didn’t want to be near whites because of what THEY (i.e. whites) THINK O F HER (stupid negro). Now let’s deal with FACTS.

    Although whites claim to have invented everything including soap – they certainly use it the least. Their hygiene practices leave a LOT to be desired, especially the older they get. The men STINK period and so do the women only they try to cover it up. Whites are NOT the cleanest simply because they’re white. The have unique odor which emanates from their hair and skin and it’s vile and repugnant, a bit like their miserable white souls.

    Similarly BLACKS are NOT DIRTY simply because they have DARK SKIN, however the hair hygiene of some Black women (especially those who wear weaves) is questionable to say the least. African men don’t believe in anti-persperiants and some Asians tend to stink of what they ate the night before.

    To sum it up: Whites stink of wet dog. Black women need to start wearing AND WASHING their own hair and then they might not get stinking WHITE MEN (of all people) LOL. saying THEY stink.

    And men in general ought to wash more.

    • Cyrus

      Whites didn’t event soap. Unless you consider people from the Ancient Near East to be “white.”

      Funny thing about your post Lucy, is that you sound just like a lot of white people do. 😀

    • snark


      I have a feeling that you’re some fat, White skinhead with a hairy back and coke-bottle glasses squeezing it in front of your dialup Internet connection from the Spokane WA trailer park. Because your post is just the type thing that sort of guy writes attempting to spark anti-Black resentment.

    • slim

      i can say that you are right white women wear lots of perfume to hide and cover up they funk.

    • Anna

      “The have unique odor which emanates from their hair and skin and it’s vile and repugnant, a bit like their miserable white souls.”

      You are so full of hate, no one cares what you have to say.

  57. KentW

    John Pospisil of Tech.blorge in Australia is a Jewish techie. He has a huge Jew nose and smells like a pig! John Pospisil says he started Tech.blorge to attack all the evil Aussies who have called him “Kike” all his life. John Pospisil has been beaten up by Aussies because he is a typical non-athletic Jew and is an easy target. John Pospisil wants to leave Australia but says he will first rename his website Tech.blorge to John Pospisil fucks ugly Jew women he met in the Australian outback.

  58. slim

    have you washed your ass today?

  59. slim


  60. Mark

    Actually to most people around the world white caucasians usually reek of cheese and pork products, it would make a lot of sense since many Asians smell like soy products and garlic, so it must have something to do with diet. If you look on some Asian forums they all say whites smell like cheese or dairy like odors.

  61. Mel

    I think any person can smell bad if they do not bathe. That said, ALL distinct genetic poluations have thier own odork, which I am sure can smell bad if the person is unclean. I am an indigenous North American and part White, however, I think White Women smell the best, that is, if the lady is clean and not overweight, I have found White women smell like a Pine tree. It all depends on what smell turns on an individual but those white gals in my opinion, thus far, smell the best.

  62. DJ

    It is a medical fact that the East Asian has much less underarm odors than other races, particularly Whites. The study shows that over 80 percent of Whites have armpit odor problems, but only 10 percent of East Asians have the problem. When you pin down to Japanese in particular, mere 3 ~ 5 percent of Japanese populations have such problems. That is probably why there are many literatures about stench of White people and general consensus in Japan that White People smell bad. I also have experienced this when I came to the U.S.A. I was a high school student, and I used to take the school bus in the morning. The bus was full of students most of whom had light hair colors (blondes and some light brown color). And they emitted very strong odors. I thought morning showers that they took (I was supposingthat they did) would ease their odors but that was not the case. The stench was very unpleasant and used to make me very sick by the time I got to school. On the way back home, thankfully, I used to get a ride from another student, and the smell was not overwhelming. I had girlfriends of all races. I conclude that Japanese women have the least body smells, hardly any body odors. On the other hand, White women had the worst smell of all. Also White women have bad breath, and that made me stay away from them eventually! I mean no offense, just stating the fact.

  63. Des

    It’s amazing how awful some people can be when discussing this topic! So much ignorance and racism. I want to say that I do agree that races smell slightly different, and I don’t think it has anything to do with grooming. I don’t think all members of a race have the same kind of body odor because everyone is different ,but many members of the same race do. I’m a “super smeller” and I always smell everything much more strongly than anyone around me. For instance, celery smells and tastes very strongly to me, but my husband insists that it’s almost odorless and tasteless. And the day after my husband eats garlic I can barely stand to be in an enclosed space such as a car with him, no matter how many showers he’s had or how many times he’s brushed his teeth.

    I don’t know if some of these people smelling different to me is a matter of hormones, pheromones, or skin oil, or sweat… I just know that I have had friends and acquaintances that always have a particular smell no matter how their diets or favorite products change. And the “base note”, I guess, of their particular smell seems to be common with some other people of their race. I also recognize it among people of my own race. I don’t think their odors are bad, just different. Just like how flowers or fruit have different identifiable smells. I don’t think that everyone is able to smell the difference, and I think for most of the people here, they are only identifying differences in diet, or being racist jackasses. Rotten meat? Really??

  64. Huax

    I can smell people of all races and honestly its pretty absurd to imply there’s a huge fundamental difference in the “notes” of the smell- given that for the most part BO is just bacteria consuming and excreting some compounds in your sweat.

    Diet and hygiene is a lot of it, but yes East and Northeast Asian sweat apparently doesn’t contain as much of whatever it is that bacteria like to eat, and they don’t sweat as much.

  65. jack


  66. Erica

    Wow! Do you people vote? This whole thing is just ignorant. You can’t generalize and say all white people smell or all blacks smell etc. When you do that all someone has to do is provide one example to disprove your entire statement and you can always find an example that contradicts such a generalization. If someone smells when they sweat its because they are not bathing properly that’s across ALL races. I have friends across all races and I never noticed a smell that I would attribute to their race. I would attribute it to poor hygiene, something they cooked that day, or something but never their race seeing how I passed the second grade.

  67. jokka

    Clean white people have this buttery/musky smell to them. Dirty ones have a repulsive armpit odor. Clean Black people smell like shea butter. Dirty ones have a nasty armpit odor. I once went down on this Mexican chick and I swear it smelled like Taco Bell tacos…specifically. An Asian chick I went down on had a milder vinegar smell. However she had no armpit odor at all in her armpits and she didn’t use deodorant. Remarkable thing was the only real place she sweated was her palms. I think a better test might be smelling their hair on their heads because most vaginas either smell like onions or sour/fishy smell. The smell of their hair is their natural smell mixed with shampoo..similar to how closets tend to smell.

  68. Nocturne

    If you clean yourself (inside and out) you will smell nice. I believe that diet has LOTS to do with it and runs neck to neck with hygiene.

    I’m a black American and my husband is a white American. When he had a cleaner diet (mostly raw veggies/fruits, and whole grains, no processed foods) he didn’t smell at all when he sweated. Now that his diet is dirtier, his sweat smells when it dries. Same for me.

    Good hygiene alone is not enough. You must clean your body from the inside by eating clean foods. (avoiding garlic, onions, strong spices, and such, also drinking lots of water). A diet high in fats and meats will cause you to smell stronger.

    Many of these posters seem want to be as insulting and cruel as they can, which puts me in mind of someone who has had their feelings hurt. Tit for tat.

    It’s a myth that race has anything to do with how a person smells. It’s diet and hygiene that play the largest role. Beauty products and such follow after this.

    A person who is a raw foodist and lives a clean lifestyle will have VERY little to no body oder.

  69. LMAO

    I can’t stop laughing reading all the posts. Funny as hell. 😀

    I think it has more to do with personal hyigene than race even though I accept people have their own unique smell.

    Speaking from my experience, some guys from pakistan at my college have horrible armpit smell which makes you feel like puke. But , I don’t think it has anything to do with race because not all of them smell like that.

    Again, I think some white guys are really afraid to have shower or bath everyday even though hot water is availabe to them. When I travel in the tube or bus in the morning, some of them standing next to me have terrible smell like rotten food.

    Women of all race tends to have weaker smell than males of their own except the area down there. I think those privates has to be paid more attention when washing yourself ,both males and females as they tend to smell bad than other part of bodies.

    Some posts here talk about diets. I think your nose is just accustomed to what you used to eat in your whole life. It is not fair to say other people food is stinky just because you don’t like it much or you don’t eat it. For example, white people think the indian curry and some south – east asian food smells bad. But, believe me, the smell of smoked salmon or the smell of blue cheese make many asians puke.

  70. Jewsis

    Drink water, sweat more and keep the fluids flowing – that’ll help kill the stinky-pinky. Trim the beavers down to help prevent those funktastic puss-boogers from building up as well – that shit’s nasty.

    Blacks – You smell like fucking cocoa butter and fried fish. Not to mention that raunchy blast of ass-air and feet you walk into when entering a home occupied by said blacks.

    Asians – Have you checked that fuckin’ garlic breath lately? back of the tongue and scrape… P.S., your dialects are ugly and loud – speak English please.

    Jews – Seriously? Jew isn’t even a race, people – its a fucking religion. Hebrew you mean? then fucking say: “Hebrew.”

    Whites – Ugh, at least you ‘can’ wash your hair everyday… which begs the question: “Why the fuck don’t you?”

    Midgets – Who the hell knows? I can’t seem to keep my back from hurting by the time I kneel down that far.

    Arabs and Indians – Ok you wipe your asses with your hands…
    So I’m pretty sure you’re not putting puss odor/flavor on your list of priorities as far as general upkeep.

    • Nico

      Asian “dialects” are ugly and loud? Well, fuck you. How does that even relate to the topic of body odors? Your racism is thinly veiled.

  71. Happy123

    I’m an Asian female who is adopted by a white family. (since I was an infant) I have an Asian brother and sister also. I’m not sure if I smell differently from my parents? I dont think so. I have white friends, Hispanic friends, other Asian friends, and black friends. I honestly think that scent is based on a number of contributing factors including activity, weight, hygiene, diet, smoking, products, culture etc. To say an entire race “stinks” is completely absurd. For every Hispanic person that smells bad there is a Hispanic person who smells good. Plus what is the likelihood that you are smelling a person’s natural scent? If you’re smelling a person on a subway, you have no idea whether what you’re smelling is a combination of their dinner the night before a fart they just passed sweat after a workout OR their “natural scent”. One time a black guy I was dating told me I had a smell. He said it wasn’t good and it wasn’t bad–it was just different. (not a reference to any general area of my body) A black male friend told me white women smelled like wet dogs when they showered. But he also dates white women! A Hispanic friend told me that black females smell like hair grease and cocoa butter. All of this may be true. It may all be bullshit. Who cares? Races are different. We don’t all smell the same or look the same or act the same for whatever reason. If you don’t like how I smell or how I look don’t come to my house, dont date me, etc.

  72. lovethesmellofablackman

    Lmao @ each and every post on here. I have to say everyone has an odor to them and if everyone follows the immortal Redd Foxx’s advice “you need to wash yo ass”, everyone would not even have to be questioning why people smell. That being said, as a gay black latin man, I had to take a wipe test and noticed I have that black man smell to me. Mine is not funky at all (I guess my puerto rican blood makes it all balance out) and I’ve been told by everyone I’ve been with I have a great sexual smell to me.

    Now before anyone says anything stupid I also realize that Puerto Rican’s (at least my family) has mulatto descent and we all rep our blackness. That aside, I prefer my blatino and black men’s smell, especially the latter. I went down a black dude today and swallowed all his nut. The scent is such a turn on and perhaps that’s what drives our sex drives; its all pheremone based. I suppose I want to from a primal standpoint, want to procreate with blacks, (my own). Now, I have smelled some really nasty nig-roes, whose odors outta control, but a white person’s butt odor will make Khadfi and Osama Bin Laden throw the white flag up. I would take to the hills if I was Melania and I had to smell Donald Trump’s nasty red bushed, pink dicked, green dick vein having wrinkled nasty ass every night.

    Give me a fine brother like Tupac (RIP), Marcus Patrick, or gay porn actor Antonio Biaggi, and see how fast I drop my boy panties and start giving up the mussy. For anyone who doesn’t know any of these fine brothers, google them. I can guarantee any of these fine specimens will definitely make any racist bitch love “our” smell and the black and latin dicks that smell is emitted from.

    • Now, I have smelled some really nasty nig-roes, whose odors outta control, but a white person’s butt odor will make Khadfi and Osama Bin Laden throw the white flag up.

      Thank you very much for this learned comment, sir.

      • lovethesmellofablackman

        Notice my opening statement, “everyone stinks.” Also take note, my puerto rican side is Mulatto (black, white and caribe indian). So I hope you see the sarcasm in my comment, which, btw, I have been with some super hot, great smelling white guys, but my personal preference lies in black and “blatinos” as they are called on the east coast.

    • Raceniffer

      Butt odor is equally bad in all races. It has a unifying and human quality to it though.

  73. lovethesmellofablackman

    P.S. the worst smell ever, regardless of race, is a woman during her time of the month. I personally can get on a crowded train and go right to that woman. Despite being gay, I can still smell “that smell” from a mile away and I think that’s what makes me wanna stay gay in the long run! Yuck! Aye foe!

    • All Men Are Gay

      I like how everyone is calling out the racist behavior, but it’s absolute crickets when some dicknosed misogynist says crap like this.

  74. Amy

    Here’s a “B.O. Wheel” that organizes types of body odor in a more or less coherent way (not by race–by gender):

    To me, in general, white and black people smell different, but have equally strong scents. Black people of both sexes have a musky (testosterone!), somewhat oily scent to me, either musty-rancid or musky-sweet (almost a resinous, myrrh-like, rosey smell) depending on health and body type. White people also smell oily, but kind of fruity too, either with tangy or rancid overtones or with a sweet, honey-like scent depending on health and body type. Most Asians have little to no body odor that I am able to detect unless it’s from diet. Hispanics smell white to me.

    White people can have the worst, most sickening breath IMO. Not all of us, but egad–floss & use mouthwash, people!

    From personal experience I agree that the Pill changes who women are attracted to. I’ve split up with guys after going on the Pill and vice-versa. Never considered that the Pill might have had anything to do with each change of heart until I read about that study some years back.

  75. dick

    There is a definite difference, put me in a lift blind fold and I’ll tell you if black people have been in there in the last 15 mins.

  76. unarmed

    I have discussed this topic with many people over the last 10 years and this is the first time I have come across this taboo topic.

    It is fair to say that anyone that does not shower regularly will smell, but they will have a bacteria and dirt smell to them if not smelling like mild shit.

    However that is not the bigger more fascinating picture; I live in an apartment complex in England and amongst people of all races, It is my belief that I can tell which race has used the lift before me.

    It is definately more than just hygiene because nobody never showers and I have lived in the same place for 20 years and smelt the same smells. I have similarly pointed this out to friends and girlfriends in the past who have agreed.

    In the lift the smells are as follows: White people usually smell of perfume however older women will smell slightly of unclean pussy.
    Black africans have an oily BO smell that i used to find repulsive but i have since got used to it
    Carribean blacks have about half of the smell level id associate with black africans
    Asians always smell of the type of food they eat and that is inclusive of south and north asians.

    The confusing part comes with those who are mixed race. I have mixed race friends who I think smell just like me and I can smell an incredible difference between their parents.

    I think this is fascinating and those that call it ignorance are ignorant to the fact that it is still a possibility.

    Robert I think you need to try the lift test with some africans some black americans and some asians

    • honyok

      I knew a guy once who always I mean always smelled like an open septic tank. I mean I often wondered if he made it a regular habit of shitting in his pants on a daily basis.
      Man – he literally was a walking turd with teeth.

  77. Pretty Tony

    Well being ex army and living in Korea for a year+ and japan, there is truth to the difference in body order. First off – I’m mixed…Black/White/Colombian/Indian (so i must smell terrible)…haa…

    1) If a woman doesn’t clean inside after sex especially if a guy didn’t pull out, she will smell. Guys if you smell that, its a dead give away she recently slept with’s old sperm. Then there are other issues women, across the board have to deal with.

    2) Honestly, myth is men stink worst than women, but its not true. Men have an easier time washing with our parts being outside and don’t have to spend hour after hour showering. (noted by army handbooks on hygiene – scientifically proven/ doctor approved.)

    Finally in Korea, most American’s could smell a Korean coming easily because of their diet. Their pores emitted Kimchi…They told us all AMERICANS, white, black, etc. smelled like butter/oil because of our diets. Its true. I smelled it first hand and you can ask any soldier who’s lived over seas. I noticed the Japanese smelled more like sushi (not fish, but seaweed). Everybody smelled clean, but their pores emitted a smell. You get used to it because you know its not an issue of hygiene. I do notice when Whites sweat, the wet dog smell, but its due to the type of hair Whites have – stringy – like a dogs hair is. Blacks have more of a wool (sheep) type of hair. I don’t know if the smell is hidden because the hair is more dense or its because of the chemical make up of the hair (hence different hair texture).

    Stinkiness happens across the board from sweating. There are blacks/White, etc that have emit stronger smells. This has nothing to do with race at least from my stand point.

    Finally, let’s not get offended folks. We look different, so why not smell different?

    • becky

      I was on a bus once in the UK, an there was a very foul smell in the air, like someone hadn’t washed up in like a month, funny thing I was the only black person on the bus, and I noticed them white people giving me glances and stares.alas a rather obese white lady got off the bus and wala! the smell got off with her.
      Although each race has a peculiar smell, it only gets offensive due to poor hygiene and sometimes(garlic, onion) diet.

  78. Tyson

    Can’t say that I really notice a difference in smell between races in every day life apart from distinctive smells in different households, but I always put this down to different foods cooked by different cultures. I’ve grown up with a very mixed, multicultural group of friends from a young age and never noticed any difference.. But then maybe I’ve just not been conscious of it?

    BUT.. I do notice a big difference with women. Roughly 40% of previous girlfriends were white, 50% black or mixed race and maybe 10% Asian.. I see myself as being white English , although strictly speaking I suppose I’m mixed race (1/8th black mixed with English, Italian, Jewish and Irish.. Yeah I’m a bit of a rainbow!)

    Anyway, for me there is a clear difference between vaginal scents between races, with the exception of one woman I’ve never liked the smell of white pussy, one white girlfriend imparticular smelled real bad to me, she was always very clean and hygienic, but her natural scent put me off so much that I’d lose my erection just from going down on her!.. On the other hand, EVERY single black or mixed race girlfriend have had sweet smelling pussies! I’m attracted to the scent so much that I would give oral like 90% of the time prior to sex, but with white women I would always avoid it! Asian girls generally smell good too.. maybe not as good as black girls in my experience.

    Just show’s how scent can make a real difference when it comes to attraction..

    • Tyson

      Since writing my original comment I’ve spoken to friends about this, black white and Asian.. None of which say they’ve noticed any difference other than household smells caused from different forms of cooking. And I’ve consciously tried to notice a difference myself, but honestly none of my black white or Asian friends have a particular smell about them, and I have a very sensitive sense of smell.. very funny about bad smells! My girlfriend is black, I mentioned this to her and she say’s she’s never noticed a difference.. and she certainly has no issues with oral sex etc..

      Having looked at some of the other comments on here, seems to be a lot of racist people (from all races). I’m guessing most of them are coming from the USA?? Not saying all Americans are racist, but I just can’t imagine these type of comments would be made my many UK residents.. Not at least here in London. In my experience races have integrated a lot better here in the UK. Makes me wonder if this is just a way of some people expressing their dislike toward another race by saying other race’s are less hygienic?? I dunno, maybe you guys just smell different in the US!!??

      But seriously, some of the comments on here are dis-tasteful, its 2011 man!! And people are still hung up about the colour of peoples skin!? I don’t get it.

      • Hello, very happy to hear that there is less racism in the UK than in the US. Yes, here in the US, some express racism by saying that the others stink. In particular, Whites say that Blacks stink. I never noticed anything myself.

        Still a lot of racism here in the US. We have a lot more minorities than in the UK, and a bad history.

        • Tyson

          We too have a lot of minorities here, I couldn’t say for sure but I can’t imagine there’s much difference, especially here in London.

          I think the biggest difference is (correct me if I’m wrong) black people were used as slaves in the US, so there was segregation right from when black people came to the US.. Where as Britain were unfortunately involved in the slave trade throughout the Caribbean, but we never actually had black slaves in Britain itself, and therefore when black people eventually settled here there wasn’t segregation to the same extent.. There was still racism, but over time we’ve managed to overcome the worst of it, although its still far from perfect. My school day’s began in the late 80’s through to 2000, we all integrated, and racism honestly wasn’t an issue in my schools at all.

          Whilst on holiday with a mixture of white, mixed race, and black male friends in our 20’s a few years ago, we came across a group of black american girls who were genuinely confused as to how we all knew each other!!! I was shocked to hear that where they’re from neighborhoods are split into black and white areas, schools were very segregated.. one said she doesn’t have anything to do with white people unless she absolutely has to through work etc. It was sad, but kind of funny to us, almost seems like a different world.

  79. Anna

    Blacks smell different than whites. Not shampooing the hair is a huge problem. But there is also a natural Black smell that is unpleasant, especially when the smell mixes with some of the perfumes they wear. I think it may be melanin because I have family members who are darker-skinned whites, who smell different from those of us who are more pale. I think we whites are more likely to have bad breath, not sure why. All of this is ok. We are noticing this more because we are much more integrated these days. After a few generations, none of us will notice the difference in smells. But please, Black women, wash your hair daily.

    • Chris

      Anna, it is obvious that you are WHITE cause if you knew like all black women know that you CANNOT wash your hair daily because black women put in the oils and necessary vitamins and nutirents their hair lacks as to white women wash to get rid of the oily and trapped dirt in their hair so it balances out correctly in which race you are so please stop telling stories that you have no ideal of what you saying. Consider this lesson 101 for white blonde women! Cheers!

    • Ke-ke

      No bitch ANNA we don’t need to wash our hair everyday it doesnt get slimy and wet dogish like yours, we don’t get lice. We don’t want to wash our hair everyday. White women stay out of the rain and use a wash cloth not your nasty hand. It doesn’t reach your whole ass!

  80. Wang

    More simpletons talking complete garbage as usual…. White people smell of peaches, and black people of poo, and brown people of curry.

    Please America, do us all a favour and get a fucking education.

    My ass smells, but thats ok because i think shit comes from it. White peoples mouths smell bad, but thats ok- its just because they talk so much shit..

    • You probably smell like a wang fresh out of an arse mr wing wang.

      • Chris

        Your batting for two James LOL I loved your reply to Win Wang! Yes this is exactly what we need straight to the point and we need more people to stick up for certain races that been getting a bad rap all along! Thanks for quality and equality on your reply to Win Wang! Loved it!

  81. mixed chick

    I can say for sure that Asians and Jews smell putrid….Jews don’t bathe and look sloppy to match the smell of sweat, onions and pickles…their breath is like rotten pickle juice….Asians can’t possibly brush their tongues, they smell like fresh garlic and that’s sickening

    • Mixed chicks( black/white) taste like chocolate milkshakes……ummmmm…..ummm.

      • Chris

        James you are so right and the third comment too! Yes mixed chicks do taste quite good although I like carmel I certainly prefer dark chocolate anytime anyday myself!!! YUMMY. Love em!!! Can’t beat em!!! LOL James if you are ever in the Austin Texas area let me know I will buy you a cold beer on me my man!!!

  82. Me

    It’s not that they stink, it’s just a weird smell to me. Different. I know it’s not that they haven’t taken a bath.

  83. Mysterious27

    So I’m just curious here to anyone who could answer from experience or whatever… What about biracial people? what kind of smells have you noticed from them? I am biracial and I don’t smell anything odd or different about myself, but if this smell thing is true than that’s to be expected. So to anyone who has been around biracials and noticed something or not, please let me know.

  84. ANGELA

    Brown peoples underarms smell like Billy goat. Baaaa baaa! I’m serious too , and I know you all is sensitive to it. You people smell like shyt.

  85. Stephendrum

    This isn’t rocket science people. Do animals smell more than humans? The answer is yes. Sure, there are a few exceptions, but by in large, animals, particularly Chimps and Gorillas smell much worse than humans. Now, just take a look at some humans, you know, the ones that most closely resemble Chimps and Gorillas in the hair texture, skin color, and muscle mechanics/body motions/arm length/and IQ. Which race to you think obviously smells the worst? I mean come on folks, call it for what it is and don’t call me a Nazi or Racist because I’m not either. However, I also am not someone that denies the fucking obvious so I “don’t sound racist.” I don’t give a flying fuck. It it what is is. Niggers are the closest thing to a damn primate that we have on this earth. Primates smell. Like always though, there are a few exceptions to every rule, but for God’s sakes, call it for what it is and stop protecting a certain race out of fear of being labeled racist. It is what is is….they smell, period.

  86. Rejahnae

    This is the funniest thread I’ve read in a long time. I’m a black female and not to be racist, but I went to a mostly white school. It’s is true that blacks will say that whites smell like “wet dogs”. I invited a white female friend to stay with me until she could find an apartment. Her freshly shampooed hair always smelled like freshly washed monkey fur lol. I also have African friends who sometimes smell like Lipton onion seasoning mix. lol. I have black friends who smell like 24 hour sweat and Asian friends who smell like wild shrimp. Asians mainly smell like their diet. Of them all I especially hate the way middle eastern Indians smell. UGH! They are they smelly-est! From the food they eat to the soap they use. I hate going in their convenience stores. Even their convenience gas stations stink; just makes me nauseous. Mexicans smell like musky or moldy carpet and Ricans smell like alcohol and cigarettes. They either smoke or have a family of smokers.

  87. Tom

    There are few things as erotic as the scent of a black woman’s sweat. Add her hair-oil and you have the perfect human female.

  88. Chris

    Well from what I can say I love the smell black women have and I have no complaints and they don’t have complaints either!!! Pussy is great! Pussy is not going to smell sweet just like turds dont come in selected flavors to select as cinnamon or vanilla or wild cherry!! Shit smells like shit!! Pussy regardless of what race is pussy and smells like pussy and has been pussy for all times! Dont like the smell then dont worry about going down on her or having sexual intercourse that just means there is more for us that apprecaite a woman and her beautiful fruits to offer whether she is white black brown green orange purple or from planet X LOL I speciafically favor and prefer black pussy but I have been with all colors of the rainbow and it is all the same. So to hell with the racists and haters. I am in it for love and pleasures! HA HA HA. LOVE YA MY SISTAS!! Lonely or need some downtown attention hit me up for a personal consulation!! Texas is local for me! HA HA HA

  89. anonymous

    Hmmm. After 2 years of discussion it looks like Chris just won. Damn, All Our pussy Are belong to Chris.

    • Chris

      Yes Yes Yes Yes I will take all who care to need some personal attention! I was just wondering are you a black woman that replied to this? Mmmmm I just love your comment!

    • Chris

      check out our recent postings baby. Loving the black woman of America and her beauty everyday!

  90. I’ve dated a chinese,a korean and 2 indian women my current gf or do i say fiancee’s black.sorry whites(male and female)majority got real bad BO!probably bad hygiene…puke*black girls should adore their natural hair(my angel plait hers and’s sexier than alicia keys,naturally hotter than beyonce,ever prettier than all the fakey kkkadiashans!)ur hair smells oilly+… when on artificial stuffs.prbly hair care products..aaah>nigz got a strong aura when sweaty i suggest d ladies judge..blaah..i think asian and indian depends on environ and food..plaah.

  91. Did i forget to add she’s Nigerian(best i’ve ever had)that add the real african spice i guess.*wink*

  92. Chris

    Yes I would say that you have hit it on the head once again antiscumbag! I love the reply you wrote and the additional efforts you have taken to detailed. Yes Nigerian women can be monstrous in the bedroom and extremely aggressiveness in sexual actions mmmmm most men can not handle or satisfy them type of women cause they have a big appetite for sex. Kudos to you on that! Yes the one I am with now is a new one in my life and she was so hot and delicious to look at and we met only once in person for a few hours over coffee and the chemistry was high! Two days later we made arrangements to meet again but at a hotel and for 6 glorious hours in the night we made such intense love and it was very good! Almost too good if I can really be honest here. We met again and this past Friday night we stayed again at another hotel and made love ALL night long almost constantly and it was the best yet as we had more time to relax and I never spent so much time out of my clothes than in my clothes at one given time! I just happened to get a text while I am responding to this and your replies as well and lo and behold it is my girl telling me to come to her house tonight and lay it on her for a few hours before bedtime so she can feel good for her day tomorrow YES YES YES my midnight snack will be tasty and I will be thinking of you and your happiness as well. She is my Black Goddess and I am her White Knight and we look so good together making love as our skins blend and melt into eachother as we make love so good so hot and so passionate and the deep kisses as our mouths are locked and tongues are deep within one another dancing and doing the tango together and then proceed down to her fruits the size of coconuts and indulge and the nipples a black cherry delight to be on and suck and lick until she is excited and then in for the oral treat and finally the stick and bat game to the home inning as we connect the most when we cum together deep and hard and never miss a beat! That is true exctasy my friend and another happy moment for my girl! You treat your Nigerian treat like that each and everytime she will beg you for more and more and will not want noone else! Cheers and Happy Times for you! The first stroke tonight is for you!

  93. I use to stay in motels a lot due to my job and I had this beautiful Asian who worked the register after a couple of weeks it happened. I don’t care how fuckin much they bathe if they eat that curry that shit just resonates from their pours and the hotter and sweatier that chick got the worse she smelled. She was great in bed just couldn’t take the smell. To this day I have no desire to fuck another and I gag when I smell it. I’d rather fuck that harry bitch from Hungary again thank god I was trashed.

  94. take a shower already nigger

    niggers smell, the end

    • Chris

      Left a general comment in the main board about your sorry ass! You should be ashame of yourself. It is people like you that are bitter and spread anger and hatred! Won’t you and everybody be surrpised when you one day will be accountable for your actions and words spoken LOL Yeah your time coming my man coming soon! Trust me on this! LOL Then we will see who thinks being an ass is still cool! The big man got his eyes on you from above HA HA. Cheers!

      • Chris

        James I am going to tell you like I have told the others when you cross the acceptable line of commentating you are going to be told about it. I don’t appreciate the terminology that you used in your commentation referring to the African or black community with the “N” word and clearly states you are ignorant. Please refrain from using these particular words. How would you like it if someone calls you out of your name. Did your momma teach you better than this? Obviously not? I clearly understand that when I come across people like you that use this word for references towards this certain ethnic group clearly were not educated or raised right and usually comes from a broken down family background that never taught them values and respect. I can only wonder what your momma was doing instead your proper attitude. Do something to make yourself better and prove me wrong on your backgound and raising up by using words that are more fitting and less offecnsive. Cheerio! In short hand KEEP YOUR RACISM TO YOURSELF AND STOP POLLUTING OTHER PEOPLE IT IS WRONG IT UNETHNICAL AND IS UNCHRISTAIN OF A PERSON.

  95. Chris

    Look your racist comment doesn’t solve anything and from the choice words you are using it simply comes down to it that your a self centered white trash and you don’t appreciate the beauty and love that comes in all different types of people. Some people have preferences and whatever the preferences you have is your choice and if you think black folks smell then that is your opinion. But using the word N*G***S is just plain ignorant and hatred. I could say things about you too Mr. Cracker, poor white trash, trailer trash, cone headed mother fucker! BUT for what reason? I don’t have to stoop down to your level. This is a discussion of different races having smells and odors to them not a racist baddering with name calling! NEWSFLASH you think you don’t smell? I know you smell just like anyother person smells. I don’t know if you are a woman or a man but most likely you are a man cause most men use stupid phrases like that and so I bet your ass stinks like anyother ass would stink. People are people and humans are humans and all living creatures that sweat, bleed, piss, shit , and everything else in between SMELLS something at one given time or another so take your derogatory comments and goto HELL where your momma and grandma should have taught you better and take your racist and evil ways back to HELL where your ass is going to end up in the long run OK. Your a sorry bastard!

  96. Chris

    OH PS I dont stay hidden! My name is CHRIS and I am from TEXAS Mr. Private hiding behind your racism! You are pathetic!

  97. Chris

    Yes David some people do sweat out what they eat and it is common that your typical Asians do tend to have the smell of the curry and spices they are accustomed to from cooking and absorbing into their foods and when they get worked up they will release through sweat and all. Just as an alcholic smells like a winery through drinking and then sweating it out especially if not taking a regular bath or being outdoors in hot and humid weather will agitate the indifferences. Am glad that you had some great sexual fun in either case and yeah I can understand that the smells can be testing at times but when you having good sex who cares lol! Baths are always refreshing after a good time in the bed! Cheers and to many more happy occasions!

  98. Ms. Lashay

    Wow ppl really need to grow up… but it doesnt matter wat race yu r if yu dont keep up with your hygeine your going to smell bad down their and also you r wat yu eat so ifyu eat onions or ne thing tangy on the daily basis yu will have a slitly different smell down their but as along as yu dont smell like fish or ass then its all gud baby … dont listen to wat other people have to say exspecially on tha net lol yu kno mf like to talk shit ..

    • Chris

      Havent seen you post anything lately Ms. Lashay? Come check out our postings lately. How have you been doing baby? Loving the black woman of America each and every day baby! 🙂 I bet your are beautiful!

  99. Chris

    You rock Ms. Lashay!! I bet you is beautiful and tasty and lovable too! Yippee! Thanks baby!!

  100. Howard

    Different races and combinations of races smell differently. If they wash vigorously, they can decrease the intensity of that smell. I happen to like smells. Not all are my personal favorites. I do, however, notice a difference between genders, between races, and between states of health and wellness. It’s not “rocket science”….it’s the beauty of human variability.

  101. Chris

    Yes Howard! You certainly hit that one on the head! I am loving your particular commentation about the smells being the beauty of human variability! AMEN! lol Way to go!

  102. Mirror

    The worst smelling person by far I’ve ever met was an Ashkenazi Jew from Russia. He smelled so bad that the smell stayed in the sofa he sat on, in the bedding and mattress he slept on, and I had to use 2 bottles of Febreeze on my entire house after he left to mask the smell. Afterwards, I had to air my bedding/mattress for days to get rid of the lingering rotting, rancid, putrid smell. He was an educated intelligent guy and surely washed regularly but I guess the smell came from within, some sort of biochemical nightmare.

  103. Prufrockian

    I am chinese and date predominantly asian out of preference. However, i just started dated a white guy and i have to say… i cannot stand his smell. It’s not bad BO but it certainly does not smell good to me. And i find that he leaves this indesirable scent all over my sheets, couch, towels. I’m wondering if its just me or just bc he’s white.

    I need to do something about it. But i have never had to deal with this before.

  104. Howard

    You state that he is an Ashkenazi Jew. There is a long history of endogamy among the Ashkenazi. This is probably an expression of a pair of recessive genes that would be normally repressed by the dominant gene. It is difficult to imagine such a smell being passed on generation to generation.

  105. Howard

    Interesting name. I assume that you are male, due to the use of the TS Elliot character as your web name. I am also Chinese. I have not noticed any unpleasant odors from white females. Perhaps, it is a male-male thing.

    • Xera

      You are a CHINESE male and what do you know about odors from white females? They don’t usually hang around Chinese males ever or even care about and usually look down on them.

      • Howard

        I wish I could attribute it to my twelve inch penis, acquired during a tragic radioactive nuclear accident involving the bite of a contaminated rooster. Sadly, I suspect it was due to my being the total package rather than my being a total tool. I was born and raised in Texas, served in the US military, completed college and medical school in the US, learned to scuba dive, water and snow ski, fly airplanes and race motorcycles all after medical school. I detect your less than subtle derision, but I seem to have had my share of experiences, both in and out of bed. In that you refer to white females as “they”, I assume you are a man speaking from a place of sad inadequacy. Good luck with that!

        • Hacienda

          “I was born and raised in Texas”

          I thought Texans weren’t allowed on this board. What’s next Mississipians?
          Bamans? No, no, no.

          Ski, motorcycle, med school? Overcompensating a wee bit, eh?

          Xera, is no Einstein, but she always qualifies her comments with “I’ve heard”, “usually”, “the people I talked to say”…. etc. She’s harmless. In real life, you could have your way with her for a couple a compliments and a movie. So ease off okay. New day, new way for the Asian man, sport. Back off the resume review.

          I picture Xera as a stripper in a club by the raliroad tracks. Harassed by pig faced Chinamen. Saucy, but sweet.

        • Howard

          I have not had the pleasure of being addressed by Xera previously. I would not presume to try to dismiss her/him as harmless. Although your gallantry rising to her/his defense is quaint and noble, it seems a bit misplaced in light of the inflammatory posts of 12/12/11 and 12/13/11. Neither were particularly deferential to popular opinion. She/he clearly stated a personal opinion on the Arab Indian issue. She/he also declared “white women” unattainable by the “Chinaman” Both posts smack of Eurocentric racism. I suppose your defense is rooted in the Quixotic notion that the damsel needs saving. Remember, however, Cervantes thought Don Quixote to be the fool.

          In closing, the xenophobic harlot may indeed be an incompetent lady and need an arrogant fool to tilt at this windmill. Or she/he can defend her own rant. Your call, sport.

        • Howard

          By the way, it is impressive that you are able to insult me as the pig faced Chinaman and her as the “raliroad” (your spelling) stripper and a defenseless intellectual midget without exposing a single idea or thought of your own.

          On second thought, I suppose you aren’t defending him/her. You are the pathetic coward crawling on the floor in a brawl, smashing toes with a hammer. How proud you must be!

        • Woo wee…yer hurtin that girl Hacienda

        • Howard

          I had assumed Xera to be a man, but I could be wrong. Hacienda came to his/her rescue and seems to know him/her.

        • Hacienda

          “You are the pathetic coward crawling on the floor in a brawl, smashing toes with a hammer. How proud you must be!”

          I am. Thanks. And congratulations on your admittance to medical school,

          Understand, I’m not white knighting here. In fact there’s no point as my chances of scoring with Xera are zero to zero. Even if I had a chance with Xera, don’t think I’d take her up on it. I think I can do and do do, much better than her.

          I didn’t call you a pig-face Chinaman. Actually, I hardly insulted you at all except to suggest you may be overcompensating. You wouldn’t be the first “Chinaman” to do that in this world, you know, sport. Come on- ski, motorcycle, med school? LOL.

        • Howard

          Excellent, JOeb!
          A creative and amusing ambush. It does expose my weakness… that eternal need to assimilate. Initially, I was taken in. The timeline, however, strains credibility. Three flaming posts followed by my reaction and our interchange, then a sudden assault on a post I placed 3 months ago. My ridiculous over-reaction was followed by a prompt rescue from a white knight who seemed to be speaking in third person. I am currently convinced that JOeb, Xera, and Hacienda are nom de plume for Robert Lindsay. Why else would he chime in with” Xera is a white female”? And why did the original JOeb flaming posts disappear? It seems to diminish the purpose of this post. Mores the pity. The questions still remain.

      • Defranco

        You are so weird, why are you stalking this man? actually I don’t really want to know.

  106. Chris


    I am sure that since you just started dating a different race and a different culture you will have to take time to get use to the different smells a person can submit off themselves some are pleasant and some are not. You will get use to the new smells and if you are not able to adjust have him use the Zest body wash 2 in 1 or the Suave dark blue formula with enriched microbeads that will soothe the skin and wash away unwanted smells and leaves him smelling fresh and desirable.



  108. Chris

    BROWNEYEDGIRL: I am happy to have heard that your experience with the African American culture is a pleasant one. Yes you are correct and that semen should not have an odor and should be somewhat tasty but can vary in taste amongst individuals. You are the first one to respond back in reference to the black men that I can remember here and I again have had the same experiences you are feeling with the black women that they seem to be much more cleaner and odor free and again I am happy to hear that your experience with the black culture is in conjunction with my experiences. Yes I have dated other women as well of different cultures and skin colors and most have been unpleasant in one form or another and the best results I have had it the black women. They tend to be cleaner and more coscience of themselves and that is always a plus in my eyes and easier to enjoy during sexual activities. Cheers to your success.

  109. I have noticed that different races all have a distinct odor to them. Alot of it depeneds on what you eat and how often you take a shower. I’ve met people who smoked crack cocain and they tended to have a nasty somewhat metalic smell to them even after they take a shower . People who drink a lot of alcohol also tend to smell aweful. If you eat garlic you can bet your bottom dollar that your bedroom or entire house will smell like garlic and gym socks the next morning. No matter how bad your body odor is if you do not brush your teeth often enough, ain’t no one gonna be smelling your b.o., they’re gonna be smelling your shitty breath!

    • Chris

      Hey James Check out my reply to your submission! I hope this helps and or enhances your situations and preventative measues that can be taken to keep yourself from facing future situations such as these. Enjoy in good health.

  110. Chris

    LOL James Moore,

    Well to a certain degree I think you are right and has been proven to be a fact BUT then again I could say there is always preventative measures in the making. I have found the best experience is to make sure both people have been bathed well and internally and externally. You gotta wash your privates with a good soap and shampoo and not just sprinkle water on it. Then you gotta brush your teeth and maybe a mint or so afterwards to also get a deep throat minty sensation prior to sexual activities. Hopefully you are wearing clean clothes and and some cologne and or perfume for the she to be in question will also go along way. I have never had the experience you are saying with the one person I am with. She is ALWAYS clean and ALWAYS very TASTY! She smells good with a clean bath and clean clothes and body lotions and flavored products ranging from edible fruits to even the tasteful lipstick she wears. She always is smelling fresh and clean and always shaven and deordorant is in full force. I myself always make sure I am clean cut and shaven and bathed and smelling good too and when I brush my teeth I also do my tongue and down half the back of my throat until I am at the brinks of gag refluctions and why do I do this cause breathe can come from the bottom pit. As for what you eat you have to make a call of decision on this. I never eat or eat too recently when I know that I am going to be getting my groove on. So to say that you will experience these things you say has not ever happen to me as I take and my woman take great care and preparations down to the clean sheets and soft fabric softner pillows so that our smells and tastes will accomodate our feelings and when we make love it is the best and all of our senses are in concordance and highly appreciated! When we are done having sex and had out fill we always end it by taking a shower together and enjoy the intimatcy of washing eachother and doing things in the opposite we had to do before having sex. We started off smelling good and have great breathe we end it the same way. If you really do all these things and alot of people are either too lazy to do this or they don’t take the time to want to and if you been outside all day in the same clothes and working or playing or in the heat and sweating and eating lunch at your favorite Italian restaurant or elsewhere and then decide to have sex with someone after all this and you do nothing but drop your drawers and get into bed with her or she did the same thing and if neither one of you did anything to cleanse yourself and this was a sex on demand or a quickie and you were not prepared to take better before sex precautions then yes by all means what do you expect and this will be from any race or any gender. It is certainly elementary my dear Watson! Follow the outlines I have mentioned and you will never run into these scenarios you have mentioned and I promise you your sexual activities will be and feel way more exciting and exhuberant with a little precautions and some time to invest in cleanliness and taking the time to be presentable!

  111. Howard

    You forgot to mention scrubbing all traces of DNA or hair from you body before attempting the act. Holy cow! We are all organic beings; animals, not even once removed. We smell, we have odor. We do and should smell like people. Clean people, but not fruit or mint or any other scent. You should use your nose to find one of you kind; someone who pleases you. Don’t try to anesthetize your senses to make something tolerable. It will only become unpalatable over time.
    !Abre los ojos

  112. Chris

    I have been doing alot of research and experiences in the fields of what we are discussing in this columns. You are correct in your subtle theories but again what I said is factual and will serve for the duration of making love and or having sex with that individual. I never said eventually any given person will not ever smell bad or smell like mint or fruit all the time 24/7. People should read well and think better before they try to commentate on half materialism. Leave the expert questions and advisables to only qualified and experienced people in that subject field and as a student take a seat and jot down some notes and you will learn something and maybe it will apply and help your theories to become stronger over time. Cheers!

  113. Howard

    I am so sorry! I was not aware of your expertise in the field of human scents. Your comments seem to follow most of the other posts. I had assumed that your sample study population equaled one; or at least one observer. If I was mistaken, you have my apologies. I try not to confuse science with my personal prejudice and philosophy.
    I believe this post is not about the science of human odor; therefore, there would be no experts. There are only subjective opinions from individual human observers. I believe we are given all our senses in order to make sense of the objective world around us. If we camouflage those objects, we hide their inherent meaning and replace it with our hopeful delusion.
    Open your eyes! (this is a reference to the Spanish novel “Abre los ojos”)

  114. Chris


    Your replies are not even factual or amusing at all with your commentations and therefore I see nothing of value in what you say and I am sure that other readers will agree with me on this that you are indeed not on the same page as most other readers are. Your insults do not offend me they only make me realize that there should be a new blog opened about the dumb things people say. I am very well educated and I have studies the realm of human behavior and attitudes as well as I am a graduate of Harvard University with three master doctrine degrees and I have taught college courses for Louisiana State University for a number of years in relations to matters of what we have been speaking. I never said you didn’t have your own opinions on matters but you also want the cake and eat it too. Can you actaully tell me that I do not know what I am talking about. You tend to call me out of my name as if I was seven years old by adding the extension of my name to Christopher. Well since you want to get technical then call me by my given rights and earned status. That would be Professor Christopher to you and I will call you by yours. Howard The Duck! Open your ears! Cheers!

  115. Howard

    Professor Christopher,
    Why is every nut job on the internet eventually a graduate of Harvard University with a number of masters degrees and yet not a terminal degree.
    Howard the Duck, MD

  116. Chris


    Your true ignorance is beginning to show. There is no need for your derogratory commentations. I am a professional and well carried and I am sure you can be the same or try to. So please man up and act your age and if you have a general question or comment in lieu of what the discussion board is presenting then by all means do so and if not let us keep the personal commentations and personal attacks to ourselves. Cheers!

  117. Howard

    Professor Christopher,
    I agree! Let us leave this rancor and discord and return to the original question. I believe the consensus opinion is clear. Humans do smell differently from each other. People on this blog seem to agree there are basic genetic and dietary causes, frequently broken down along racial and cultural lines.
    The more interesting question is whether the obvious evolutionary advantages (or perhaps disadvantages when the autosomal recessive argument is considered) of using human scent as a tool for mate selection, has been supplanted by the overlay of American multiculturalism. Do we still use the biological drive of the programmed smell, or do we use the smells that we have associated with pleasant life experiences to guide our primal drives? It is the eternal nature versus nurture argument writ large.

  118. Howard

    BTW, the depth of my true ignorance is great and unfathomable. It is, however, exceeded by my quest for knowledge.

  119. RUserious!

    Everyone has a smell to them. I have used public restrooms behind many different races of women. And I must say that in every race…there are those that dont know how to clean themselves properly.
    Our diets and health have alot to do with how we smell.
    Who cares what color you are..funk is funk regardless…wash that ass..put on some deodorant..floss brush and gargle…eat right…..and ladies:PINEAPPLE JUICE is our best friend….google it!!”

    • Chris

      Good Points RUSERIOUS! Can I ask what race and color you are? It would help with my next reply that I can respond to. People please specify your gender and race when you post comments so that I can address replies properly and accordingly. Cheers!

  120. AJ

    I am of South Asian heritage Pakistani to be precise and I am working as a cab driver here in London. I was born in London so I have meet people from all different bg. I have been working as a cab driver for the last 2 years and let me tell YOU something! every ethnic stinks! I have come across alot of black people who stank of shit! some stunk of piss, some stank of death , vomit, rancid breath, dirty BO coming from arm pitts etc etc.
    I have also had white people who stank of BO, bad breath, unwashed smell, pork and shit smell etc. I have also came across oriental people who stank very bad just like hispanic stink , somalis stink also and i have meet alot of people who are indians, bangalies, sri lankan, pakistanis, afgans who had bad breath, BO, and stunk of curry.

    i never smell,i never have been told i smell. You would know if you smell when you are around people. i always make sure that i take a bath wear anti perspiration, cologne and always have fresh breath,

    I agree that you have to take care with your hygiene but alot of people even if they wash they stink have weird stink!.

  121. AJ

    I am of South Asian heritage Pakistani to be precise and I am working as a cab driver here in London. I was born in London so I have meet people from all different bg. I have been working as a cab driver for the last 2 years and let me tell YOU something! every ethnic stinks! I have come across alot of black people who stank of shit! some stunk of piss, some stank of death , vomit, rancid breath, dirty BO coming from arm pitts etc etc.
    I have also had white people who stank of BO, bad breath, unwashed smell, pork and shit smell etc. I have also came across oriental people who stank very bad just like hispanic stink , somalis stink also and i have meet alot of people who are indians, bangalies, sri lankan, pakistanis, afgans who had bad breath, BO, and stunk of curry.

    i never smell,i never have been told i smell. You would know if you smell when you are around people. i always make sure that i take a bath wear anti perspiration, cologne and always have fresh breath,

    I agree that you have to take care with your hygiene but alot of people even if they wash they stink have weird stink

  122. Chris

    AJ you contradicted yourself on this one my little international friend. You have communicated that everyone stinks and has smells of all kinds of products and by the elements of the environment YET you sum it up with that YOU NEVER SMELL and ect and even go into your subtle reasons why you don’t smell from saying that people never told you and that you take a bath and wear cologne and have fresh breath and so forth yet the same reasons why you say other have a stink problem is somehow made you SUPER PAKISTANI MAN that NEVER STINKS but everyone else does! NO my little international friend, your incorrect or your biased and racial to every ethnic but yourself as I see it and for you to say that you never have a BO problem cause you do all the cardinal rules of cleanliness is still by no means makes you the golden man with a clean hand! Your story stinks and your reasonings are worser than Pepe Le Pew! Cheers!

  123. Howard

    I believe your post points to my central thesis. One is seldom aware of their own scent as offensive or different. I suppose the situation is best described as “How does a fish perceive water?” The character Mary Catherine Gallagher on Saturday Night Live frequently would run her fingers under her armpits to inhale her own scent.

    The original posting and direction of this blog was based on body odor, major histo-compatability genes, and the immunity advantage of the F1 generation.

    It would be difficult to imagine a world where we would find our own scent intolerable.

  124. AJ

    not racial at all but Every person should take care of there hygiene it’s not so hard to take care of you’re self i mean a bar of soap, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorants are not expensive at all! i do not know why some people do not spend money on these things!

    As i have mentioned already that people of S. Asia also have doors such as
    1. bad breath- this is not alarming because bad breath can be cured and alotta people from all different background have gross breath.
    its understandable if some1 has bad breath it might be because that person did not brush their teeth or has rancid breath by nature.
    this is not that alarming
    2. BO! people can avoid this very easily by washing there pits, changing clothes, take a bath and using anti sweating products. Also this is not alarming because people do sweat and any1 can have BO. it’s very easily cured.
    3. Curry smell, ok its not alarming because people of s. Asian countries cook and eat curry and the smell can be on there clothes if they do not change after cooking and do not wash of the smell. Also very easy to cure

    but what i do not understand
    how can someone stink like SHIT, Urine, VOMIT, DEATH, CAT SHIT etc?
    seriously?? i have never ever came across a s. Asian person who smelt like, shit, piss, vomit, death, cat shit, dead fish, meat etc.
    the only people that i have come across who smell like this are whites, blacks, koreans, chinese, thai,other S.E ASIANS afgans and hispanics. hispanics i came across stink of sweat, unwashed smell, piss ,smoke, raw meat and other things.
    why?? do these people wash? if they do take care of this their natural scent?? yuck!
    maybe these people need to learn on how to wash their anus!

    S.E Asias have bad breath and stink heavily of weird herbs and stink like dead fish! if you ever step in a s.e Asian persons shop you can smell that stinky fish smell in there shop and they also have that on them.

    Arabs also have very bad breath, BO and stink of perfumes like they just took a bath in it so do Somalis. Also, bangalies and sri lankans houses are far more stinkier than the other s. asians and are more smelly ethnic. Caribeans and africans have very stinky food! there houses stink of there food.

  125. Howard

    The most telling item in this entire post is the one that is missing. We have had monologues regaling us with how some scrub themselves to antiseptic levels. We have heard how they/he/she stink. No one seems to be willing do discuss how “they” smell and how that might sway the discussion of body scent as an attractive bait for mating or a repellent for others of the same sex.

    • If I miss taking a shower for 2 days I can still get by without any comments on me being funky,but after day 3 I feel like a greasy cooked hotdog and I smell like metallic poop with just a hint of piss. Go 3 days without a shower to see how funky your ass smells before you ride on me please, I guarantee you’ll smell like poop too.

  126. Howard

    As I previously stated, the consensus opinion is that we all smell differently based on hygiene, health, diet and race. I wonder if anyone else has contemplated the meaning and purpose of such a phenomenon.

  127. Patrick

    Meh, Robert doesn’t appear to smell anything:P It’s my opinion (and mine alone, Goddammit!) that as early black men evolved separately (into the asian and caucasian subspecies), one of the changes was in the pheromones we use to attract one another. It’s also possible that my mind is secretly racist, and that’s why black girls smell like horse to me, black girls that I’ve found very attractive but then when they’re within a foot of me that awful horse smell:( Then again, it’s also possible that each race has a unique odor that one must acclimate to, and if I had been raised in Ghana I might find caucasians to smell like bologna.

    • Howard

      Your line of reasoning is one side of the argument I have been trying to pose for the past few weeks. We could be conditioned to accept the scents that are around us, as you have suggested. The other side of the debate is whether it is like a lock and key. The scent could be biologically determined and “correct” for our “type”. I purposely avoid the term “race” or “MHC” to elicit input from others. I do not know the answer.

  128. Joe

    I supposedly have an unusually good sense of smell for a man. I’ve found that different races have different smells but none of them are across the board unpleasant. Black people tend to have a wonderful musky scent, asian people seem to have a woodsy scent. I haven’t noticed a different scent to middle eastern than that of caucasians though. I have smelled bad smelling people of most races and others that smell wonderful. I have noticed a sour scent associated with red haired people however. Although being gay I do think that men smell better than women sexually, but women are often cleaner smelling than men.

  129. Joe

    As far as my own scent. I range from a “chicken soup” scent, to a musky scent to a “cat piss” smell if I skip a shower. There are also days when I smell like my grandmother for some reason which is probably a mix of nature and nurture. Although most folks tell me I don’t have an odor.

  130. nina

    I was in the military and first noticed it at that time, never really around blacks before that but yes Blacks do smell different I don’t care what anybody says I can smell a huge difference..yes all races contain stinky people b/c of lifestyle, food, bathing, whatever, but a freshly clean white and black person I can smell the black persons stink from a mile away….the black women smell worse than a lot of the black men…could be their coarse hair holds more smell perhaps

  131. David Martin

    It’s a shame that, MAYBE TODAY, people are ignorant & say foolish things that simply are not true. However, let me enlighten you. Back prior to WWII into the 1800’s the blacks “STUNK” sooooo bad that they had a cologne & were forced to buy it & wear it due to their “NATURAL FRAGRANCE”. So, on that note, if I were you, I’d actually do some research on the topic I’m discussing or I just look like a fool who doesn’t know snot, can barely figure his way out of his home or tie his…err, Velcro his shoes. Oh, & I can clearly SEE why you had the life you had. …”STRONG GENES”, “HIGH INTELLECT”, & “INCREDIBLE ASSOCIATES”. Please, please, for the sake of your family & the white race, do your homework, (research, research, research), THEN you will SEE what INFECTS our society!!! They have the highest rates of inmates, hatred, crimes, deadbeat dads, poor, diseased & the list goes on & on & on & ON!!!! I don’t hate, I’m just a realist & DO NOT condone nor contribute to such putrescence. …you’d be wise to do the same.

    • Chris

      David your an asshole!!! You will be dealt with GOD for your hatred and racism!! You went well overboard!

    • Howard

      It really is a pity that you crossed the racial hatred line. You make some interesting points about past laws and prejudices that could best be addressed in a discussion of reasonable men. You also inadvertently drew one side of a comparision between what the liberal arts would call research and research in the scientific method. Very few of us are engaged in either type of research. We merely read and “search”. The more open reader will find many different opinions and develop his unique synthesis of current knowledge and thought. Most will read articles that reinforce their current opinion. It leads to a distinctly limited view of the world. Many of the current contibuters to this blog have that same zeitgeist, but much can be gleaned from their words. Although, you have been banned from posting your opinions on this blog, I hope you will use it to broaden your own “research”.
      Life is short and,unfortunately, opinions can be long.

  132. Chris

    I like many different races with many different cultures and my favorite of them all is the African American and please don’t let one white man’s comments be your viewpoint of others. I am white and I love black women and the culture and the people in general. Thank you for all you do for your contributions to our country as AMERICANS regardless of the issues that is the focus of this site. Let’s put the smell factors to the side for all races including the whites and let us salute to the multi cultural people around the world and say We ARE THE WORLD WE ARE THE CHILDREN! AMEN GOD BLESS ALL RACES AND NATIONS FOR WORLD PEACE!

  133. EggRolls

    Well I’m Asian/Caucasian and I have to say that my balls smell very oriental. You put them things in front of a fan and everything in sight smells like trash on a Tokyo barge.

    • Chris

      Well I must say Egg Rolls you are something else to say this about yourself. I am sure that you are not that bad off especially if you are using regular hygeine and cleaning yourself well then this would be almost impossible as the body will smell way better than that but I sympathize with you for your honesty and cheerio to you my firend.

    • James

      I feel sorry for the person who bleeps your balls man.

  134. Chris

    Well this being the Christmas season the only smell of a human body that could be worse than anything would have to be FRUIT CAKE in my opinion! YUCK I cannot stand FRUIT CAKE LOL. Chicken Soup Joe commented on may be attractive to someone especially if they have a cold for the seaosn 🙂 LOL It is good to see a clean and good sense of humor while still discussing the importantcies of the subject matter. Cheerio!

  135. Chris

    Just a friendly reminder to all. Commentations about people and of what race you are talking about is fine and in good gesture but when you begin to take other factors in or ommentate because of their skin color and you say racist things about one particular color begins to be ugly and takes away any credentials to the original subject matter. Please refrain your personal views and thoughts about any races or their lifestyles and or what they do or practice to do. People commentating that certain races don’t pay their utility bills cause they worry about their hair or saying mean and hateful things based on skin color or creed is obnoxious and plain out evil. Talking about someone’s short comings or health status can also be taboo in this subject matter. PLEASE becareful and show some common respect and general commentations about the subject matter in speaking without your personal beliefs that most or many especially people with better manners and etiquette or to leastly say mature and educated to know that talking or degrading people solely on their skin color or to classified a certain race to a subject matter as saying they ARE the only ones or THEY ARE the majority or THEY are the worst is hypothetically incorrect and morally wrong so in a nut shell people KEEP IT DECENT KEEP IT NICE AND NEAT and let’s have a debate without the hate!! NO RACISM NO PREFERENCES ON BODY STATUS AND NO SKIN COLOR OR ASSUMPTIONS AND ACCUSATIONS BASED ON A CERTAIN RACE. If you had a smelly experience with a person in general but not based it on a race issue but simply saying in decent gesture such as I was dating a white guy and……… or me and this black woman had gotten together and there was a smell that …… these are examples for the ones who yet to understand what the hell I am saying here. Don’t talk about a stinky situation and add your own mix into by saying that the world is also corrupt because of this race or this race is the reason why our healthcare system, or food stamp system, or whatever comes to mind while you are commentating about an odor related question. Information like that becomes unattractive and shows your vulnerable side to make fun or lash out commentations that other people may or may not agree on but yet either way there are better ways to find support into your beliefs but there is a right way and a wrong way to express your concerns as a member of society? A political figure moving up? So again thank you for taking time to start proof reading your words and ideas NOW before you send them into the main ariticle blog for others to read and have to get that sad reaction REALLY? THIS IS SAD THAT SOMEONE HAS TO RUIN IT FOR THE REST! Cheerio my friends! STAY THIRSTY MY FRIENDS!!!

  136. bas

    Blonde, white people have the most non distinct smell – it seems the darker a person’s skin and hair are, the more they emit a unpleasant odor. My friend adopted a black girl and she has had body odor since a toddler and it smells stronger and muskier than a white child, which never seems to smell. She bathed her every day. When she cleaned the inside of her ears the wax was black- would imagine that the skin is probably shed in the ear wax, that’s why its so dark. I am not trying to be racist, but I really have wondered if Africans have descended from the apes more closely, as some blacks most definitely look ape or gorilla-like. I know its not a popular theory, but has not even a black person noticed that some in their race look akin to gorillas? I know it may be wrong for me to say this, as it does not further the race problem, but I have been curious about it…Forgive me, blacks have as much right to live on this earth and be treated just as good as any other race. God created us all.

    • Black are no closer to the apes by genetics than the rest of us. We are all descended from apes last time I checked. In fact, we are apes. Blacks are Homo Sapiens, and we are all apes that descended from chimpanzee type apes a long time ago. But we split from the apes 2 million years ago. Homo Sapiens evolved 180,000 YBP.

    • I’ve known white kids that smelled like bad breath n used diaper,even though they were to old to wear a diaper.

  137. Howard

    I would like to hear from other individuals who have experiences of a more inter-racial nature. Specifically, I believe that our sense of smell and our own odor are related biologically. When we stray away from our “own kind” it might be due to our strong multicultural overlay.

    I grew up in America in the 50’s and 60’s. Being Chinese in the South, I had very few other Chinese to relate to and develop an “imago” on. My ideal woman was a combination of June Cleaver and Samantha Stevens. Subsequently, when dating I sought out Caucasian blonde females. The universe of blonde females contains some true blondes and many true brunettes. I have noticed a difference in body odors between the two, but there is a large overlap. Similarly in other races, the subset of each has a great overlap with the other races. Despite this, I have always chosen blondes due to my upbringing, I suppose. I have noticed my sense of arousal and passion has been more intense with Asian females, even though I find Caucasians more visually appealing. Again, I chose to marry Caucasians, despite the sense of a similar but different body odor.

    Obviously, mine is an example of confusing interactions of cultural and biological attractions. I am wondering if any other contributors can enlighten me with their experiences.

    • Jake

      How can someone “marry” Caucasians in the U.S if they are Asian, one of the undesirable male races? Asians are by far one of the least attractive and least wanted male races in the U.S, they are the bottom ranked male races here, there is possibly no way this guy is stating the truth or just plain pulling shit out of it ass. 50’s and 60’s in the SOUTH cross-dating, especially for an ASIAN, a group lower then black males here? That’s practically impossible and could never ever happen for any Asian guy, that’s just not imaginable.

      • Howard

        Sorry, Jake! I already had this conversation with Xera. You may want to scroll down to that exchange. It will save me the effort of repeating the reply to your old tired impression of Elmer Fudd pathetically whining that none of his white women would stoop to allow an Asian male to paw their lily white skin. Maybe you should have studied math as a young man. Your white women prefer men with jobs.

  138. Suzanne Villalba

    I would have to say that I have experienced all of these to be true. I have the most keen, sense of smell of anyone I know. I am a white women who has been married to a black, white and Hispanic man. The Hispanic smelled the best then the black and the white had the strongest and most obnoxious smell of all. Not like a dog but bad! Most of this difference is cause by the foods eaten. After all eat some asparagus and take a wiff of your next pee.

  139. Chris

    I disagree with the white man smelling the worst but OK great article and opinion and everyone is objectionate to their opinions. I think black women are the tastiest and smells very good in my opinion so we do differ in opinions.

  140. MikeShamrock

    I’ve been living in Qatar for almost 2 years and I have noticed that body odour (stinkyness to be more precise) can be perceived everywhere you go, many would argue that this has a lot to do with diet, genes, etc, etc, etc. I have discovered something really interesting: one of my colleagues, he is from Sudan, apparently takes his shower every single day but it happens that the guy smells pretty good during the first day, ok during the second, not so good on the third and then it starts getting nasty. We had a conversation about this because he was making our colleagues feel uncomfortable. What I did notice was that this guy was wearing the same clothes throughout the whole week so I suggested if he would change his clothes for another clean set on a daily basis. He was not pleased, I suppose because it was more work for him and his wife, but he then noticed the change and this made a positive impact driving him to change his habits. Qatar is some sort of melting pot in which you seldom get any chance to mingle with Qataris, and you would mostly interact with people from India, Philippines, South East Asia in general and of course, Middle East and North Africa. Unfortunately, education plays a big role in this part and what really sickens me is the eternal war between Arabs v/s Indians, in which one side would always blame the other for being the stinkiest of the two. We live in a racist world and we have to admit it!

    • LMAO!!!
      I’ve personally witnessed the ‘eternal war’ between Arabs & Indians over who stinks worse!!!
      Geez I used to fly from Delhi to Doha/Dubai/Bahrain a lot & it would get pretty STINKY on those flights between the BO & the cheap ittar.

      • It’s great. Apparently a lot of people really stink!

        • All you people are nuts and apparently have no lives you must live in country ass little towns or places like idaho or wyoming where you only encounter one type of people, I can tell you from personal experience and from living in cities where people or races from everywhere on the planet live and I have actually dating a wide variety of women from other race so i that if a person stinks its probably because they have poor hygiene habits. I had some Chinese food last night, mexican the night before and earlier this week I had italian, If what you retards are suggesting is correct last night I stank like a Chinese, tuesday it was real bad I smelled like a damn mexican and earlier this week you could not tell me from a freaking whop. This has got to be the dumbest shit I have ever heard and if your playing into this dumb ass shit your as retarded as that Lindsey guy the creator of this blog.

    • Xera

      I would have to go with Indians being by far the ugliest and smelliest of the two, I can’t say Arabs are ugly or smelly because from what I have seen they are light years above Indians when it comes to personal hygiene, general body odor, and of course physical appearance. I don’t understand why an Indian would argue with an Arab over this when they have a reputation for having the curry smell from pretty much everywhere they go.

      • NonKoolAidDrinker

        You’re arab, I guess? Arabs are just third rate white people, Indians are a beautiful brown people.

        • Xera

          Not according to Lindsay or 95% of the non-Indian male & white population of earth. Being a third rate white is still better then being Indian , you have to admit that.

        • Howard

          Stirring the pot, Robert?

        • Dota

          KoolAid and Xera

          You’re both wrong since Indians and Arabs both suck. That’s like comparing 2 turds in a toilet bowl. Not worth the time.

        • Howard

          It occurs to me that the persistent thread is that personal odor or scent is offensive and useless. If so, then the non-Scandinavians are indeed inferior. If this quality has a purpose, e.g. mate selection and procreation, then the odorless are lesser beings. Perhaps it explains the exploding Asian Black, and Hispanic populations in America.

        • Howard

          It is becoming clear that when viewed from the perspective of an aid to enhance the propagation of race and species, lack of scent is a handicap. Apparently, Asians Blacks, and Hispanics find their own scent much more irresistible and therefore are displacing a previously white majority in the United States. Fascinating!

  141. Howard

    “…warmed-over stench”? “…your nose will want to fall off”? “…freshly molested lamb”? Forgive me if English is not your primary language, but these are not particularly descriptive phrases for smells. They are merely pejorative expressions masking your personal preferences. It’s as if you recently took an “intro to creative writing course”. Give us what you really think and feel, not some cereal box one-liner. Asians smell like……”sweat and asian food of some sort?” Sweet and Sour? Curry? Black Bean? As for mammals smelling like sweat, I had previously assumed that to be a forgone conclusion. Frankly, your insight escapes me.

    You obviously have something to say and the vocabulary to say it. Please grace us with your opinions, not inflammatory invective.


    • How does he know what a molested lamb smells like?

    • JOeb

      You’re hilarious. Pretending to be intellectual but bankrupt of any real ideas. Please grace us with your descriptive talent, if you truly have any, or just keep pretending..

      • Howard

        I am not an intellectual, nor am I pretending to be one. I am merely curious and interested in the purpose of human scent. I accept your premise that I smell like some sort of Asian food and that my stench is warmed over. I can imagine that smelling a locker room full of black basket ball players will make “your” nose figuratively fall off. As James mentioned, your expertise in freshly molested lamb seems like a self-admission of the worst sort (I can’t for the life of me remember the race that the slur was directed toward). With the exception of Robert Lindsey, we all agree that there are certain races whose scent we prefer and those we avoid. Some of us prefer our own race. Some of us prefer another race.

        Why? Is it to improve the purity of the gene pool? Is it to strengthen the F1 hybrid generation? Is it merely assimilation and culture?

        As for my ideas, bankrupt as they are, they litter this blog. Please feel free to dissect them. I assure you they are not original.

        Your are correct in your assertion on my lack of descriptive talent. I, on the other hand, am impressed with yours. I hope that it can add another dimension to the exploration of this question.

        By the way, I try to be hilarious. Thank you for noticing!

  142. What are them Pakastanees packin I wonder?

  143. KarolS

    As bas says above, the only people who don’t smell are the blonde people. Scandinavians have the blandest food, so there is no stinkiness issues. I guess the Japanese are quite sweet smelling too… tofu etc. Another perspective would be that the food is subtle, not bland. Syrians have subtle food as well, more about the aroma than the taste.

  144. Robert,
    Did you ever think this topic would get so many responses?
    This is hilarious!!!!
    As my dad used to say-
    ‘Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one & everybody thinks everyone else’s stinks.’

    • Sammi

      Read the whole thread and found it pretty funny. Everyone talks about others smelling, but how about smelling themselves (or their own kind)? I’m E. Asian (Chinese) and to me, I stink strongly. My mom calls it “mouse” smell. Ever heard of it??? Anyways, when I ask others to smell me, they say I smell normal or ok, and this being from whites/asians/hispanics. So maybe I just have an aversion to myself. :/ And yes I wash everyday.

      Anyways, being E. Asian, here’s the reasons I think why we may smell (if we smell):
      Mothballs – yes some old folks love using it.
      Fried foods – esp. coming back from Chinese restaurants, the greasy smell lingers on your clothes. This is also a dead giveaway as to if a Chinese person works in a restaurant. They will always seem to carry that greasy odor, which leads many to say Asians smell like grease.
      However if you smell strong garlic odor, 9 out 10 times, they will be Korean. Almost all their foods have a abundant amount of raw garlic, esp. Kimchi, which is eaten everyday. They can stink up the whole elevator with that smell.
      Japanese tend to smell like sushi, esp. their. breath.
      And of course Asians can smell of greasy hair, but very rarely armpit odor. All people smell if they don’t bathe.
      That said, E. Asians tend to smell the least as far as armpit odor goes. It has nothing to do with eating any types of foods. Because if that were true then Koreans should have the strongest armpit odors, for all the garlic they eat. N.Chinese too because they eat a lot of musky lamb but they don’t smell much there.
      As for sweating, our sweat doesn’t smell, it’s true. We do not need to use deodorant. It’s hard to find in Asia. And yes, some of us can sweat a lot. I leave puddles when I sweat at the gym, but I never have to worry about smelling.
      Another thing to consider regarding smells, it could also be how we wash our clothes. I noticed in HK, where it is humid, clothes take on a musty smell or that wet dog odor esp. if too much laundry detergent’s been used. That’s what I tend to smell with white people, esp. after raining. That and sock smell or too much perfume covering rancid smell. Old white people (and Jews) smell like onion.
      When on the train in HK, whenever there was armpit odor, sure enough it was always from a white/middle Eastern/Indian or black person. So strong, it was gagging. Indians/Mid Easterners/blacks smelling strongest.
      Someone above mentioned the public toilet smelling smelling strongly after black women using it, I tend to notice that sometimes too. I don’t know what it is, maybe not drinking enough water? Sometimes if they don’t flush afterwards, I notice how dark their pee is. But the smelliest toilets are bar none after obese people have used it.
      But yeah all people smell, and I tried to point out how we Asians smell to, but I still think we have the least odor, esp. the musky type.

  145. Howard

    Rather than giving the bland and odorless an automatically positive rating, perhaps strong human scent has a purpose. If that purpose is procreation and propagation of species, it seems the non-white people of the United States demonstrate that the preferred aroma is the Hispanic and Black scent. While it is easy to claim that the non-white races “stink”, population and demographic trends indicate otherwise. In the same country, the odorless whites are losing their previous majority to the Hispanic and Blacks. Maybe “they” just smell fabulous. Anyone care to comment on this conundrum?

  146. Marky Mark

    My wife is Chinese and she has a strong Armpit odor, sour and pungent
    and to be honest it turns me on to no end!

    • Howard

      Excellent! Honesty and returning the conversation to the purpose of scent in humans as a mate selection tool. It also addresses the inter-racial aspect. How about the multicultural overlay? Was your selection based on scent or pre-conscious preconceived thoughts about a mate’s racial make up or was it truly a moment to moment decision based on emotional and intellectual factors. I am fascinated. Please continue.

      • Howard, you frighten and confuse me.You seem so focused on the mate selection thing or inter-racial aspects of stench. Overlay? OK you lost me. Are you writing a peer reviewed paper? Your’e fascinated? Or are you like me, we like to sniff things? Here,sniff my fingers……….

        • Howard

          It suddenly occurs to me that there are two types of people writing on this issue. I am interested in the meaning of human smell. You seem to be part of the “Wow! Those (insert your favorite group) sure do stink” group.
          While it is fun to disparage others with a flippant slight, I find it interesting to hear of others experiences and what personal meaning it might have for them. Some of us participate to learn. Some of participate to teach. And some participate to see themselves speak.

          I’m sorry it frightens and confuses you. It is merely a sophomoric “compare and contrast” exploration on my part. There are so many great minds on this post. I am just trying to get a sampling of their thoughts on the subject.

        • My thoughts on the subject is that if you don’t shower then your monkey ass is going to stink no matter what breed of mutt that you are…,white, don’t matter. Anybody you think reaks might think you smell like a pile of fresh !@#$ also.

        • Howard

          I agree with the first assertion. Showers for everyone. There is little insight or disagreement in this portion of you post. The interesting part of your reply was that people whom we find offensive might find us offensive. I doubt that Blacks find Blacks offensive, for instance. Do Asians find each other offensive? The question is why? For what purpose? Is the only reason for this blog to point out that we all stink differently….except Norwegians. Food smells for a reason. It to goes foul and spoils. It, too, serves a purpose. We are attracted to fresh food and repelled by spoiled smells for the most part. Some of us are attracted to normally offensive smells. Goat cheese and Durian fruit come to mind.

          Why? Nature or Nurture?


        • Howard, you are right at pretty much everything you said to my comment.I can’t hold a candle to most of the minds writing on this blog.I really am here for the bigfoot stuff.That right there should catorgorize my level of acumen? Did I spell it right?
          Anyway, I still can’t help but chuckle a bit when I read your posts delving into human stench and such. You come off strange to me.I still think we like to sniff things.

        • Howard

          LOL. I’m OK with strange. I suppose I am.

          As I said, I think there are two type of responses on this thread. I was intrigued by the inter-racial and evolutionary aspects of human scent originally posed by Robert Lindsey, both in terms of attraction for mate selection and domination of others. Only recently have I understood that this train has two types of passengers. I am fine with the idea of others being on the train. I am somewhat dismayed by the attacks for being “strange”. I am somehow transported back to high school, where ideas are pummeled by the school bully. Fortunately, now we have to resort to words to attack other ideas.

          Having said that….. have you heard of the Durian fruit? Some in the far east find it delicious, but it is purported to smell like a rotting human corpse. The smell is reported to be so strong that hotels ban it from the property because of cleaning costs. Although, it is not directly related to the original topic, it is of interest to the “liking smells” contingent. Speaking of which, does anyone know if the smell persists after eating the Durian.

      • Howard. Dude. I’m sorry but in all honesty you come off as some weirdo that likes to smell stinky, unwashed FEET, ARMPIT, MENSTRUATION & INADEQUATELY WIPED ANUS.

        Seriously. Sir. You have posted in no other topic BUT THIS VERY ONE!!!!


        I suspect that a TYPICAL MASTURBATION SESSION OF YOURS consists of:

        Visualizing the ethnic “flavor of the month” in a scenario of being UNWASHED FOR A MONTH. The visualization continues, with you sniffing her feet….then her armpits…then her vagina…then….her ANUS AT WHICH POINT YOU EXPLODE IN EJACULATE!!!!

        Not saying that’s bad. But I do believe you’ve been playing us for the fool.


        Your erudite background & formidable vocabulary has been but a sorrowful RUSE in attaining MOAR JACK-OFF MATERIAL!!!!!!!!!

        You, sir……have been exploiting us.

        • Howard

          I am so sorry that you feel the need to attack me under another nom de plume (OK, it’s a little flattering). Are you that frightened? “anonymous” is just as effective without seeming pathetic. If you will check my previous postings , I have mentioned none of the things you claim. As I said in my last post, “Are you learning, teaching, or writing to hear your thoughts and to feel important and special?”

          Again, why are you frightened. It is only the question why? These questions are not meant for you. The are meant for the ones who have read the original posting about the inter-racial differences in human odor.

          I only hope to learn from the wonderful minds and ivy league educations that you all seem to have. I am only a humble, country doctor, the product of state universities and public schools. It may be a ruse, but I do not have to resort to profanity, capitalizations and MOAR misspellings to make my point!

          Your serve, Einstein!

        • Howard

          By the way, I am somewhat intrigued about two issues.

          What does the “Fapfapfapfapfap…” mean? Onomatopoeia seems somewhat lame and unlikely. Please enlighten me!

          Where in my postings have you found material to misinterpret a sexual nature to my query? Your anger and fabrication of my postings suggest a deep seated psychopathology.

          Also, I apologize for not posting on other sections. I had no idea that I would be missed! In truth, I feel somewhat humbled by the excellent discussion on some of the philosophy topics. I have little to add to the postings. The current “outrageous” events segments seem to have no need of additional comment. I try to limit myself to issues when I have something to ask or when I feel I have a unique perspective to add.

        • Amy

          Howard: Your first impression re: onomatopoeia is correct, it’s a reference to jerking off. (See also the related term “unh unh unh.”)


          The Urban Dictionary is a great resource for keeping up with new slang.

        • Howard

          Thanks, Amy. It seems like just the thing for replying to these young modern insults. Do you have a reverse look up site. It seems that I have the need to generate a fresher feel to my rant if I am to go on the offensive.

        • Amy

          Well, the Urban Dictionary does have a thesaurus feature that might help.

        • Xera

          From Howard’s ignorance of what fapping means to his horrible attempts at trying to sound like an intellectual while coming as a dumb idiot troll, his semi-ackward English, to his fake stories about him being the “complete package” (LOLOLOLOL) and making up shit about doing several activities such as skydiving and lying about having experiences with white women (they are not into Asians and he doesn’t even seem to understand American terminology and slang, which makes his imaginary masturbatory white women claims even more fake). It’s obvious he is a troll that should be ignored that lies, makes false claims and experiences to disprove people on the internet without actually disproving or negating what those people say about him. Of course a lot of you already picked up on this already.

        • Hacienda

          “I feel somewhat humbled by the excellent discussion on some of the philosophy topics.”

          Not me,man. I feel arroganted by the philosophy discussions here.

        • Howard

          Oh, I get now! “Humbled” was the word you did not understand. Although “humble” can be used as an adjective and using the past tense form would make no sense, I was using it as a verb. I did not understand this was a humorous jibe. Arroganted! Clever!

        • Hacienda

          “What does the “Fapfapfapfapfap…” mean?”

          It’s the sound that niggers make when they fuck.

        • Howard

          Apparently, the racist take on “fapping” is idiosyncratic.

        • The guy who left that comment left the email address of a famous porn director. I wonder if it’s really him?

        • Amy, what is the onomatopoeia word for female masturbation. I am so needing that in my vocabulary.

        • Amy

          Happy to oblige. The word you’re looking for is “schlicking.”

        • Amy

          Oh yeah–also “paf.”

      • ricky

        Dr Howard noticed in one of your posts you suggested that the blacker a black is the more african they are, now being a pure breed 100% black african born and raised in africa i can tell you that we have variations in pigmentation in families, tribes, regions and countries. They are some pure blacks so light that if it wasn’t for their hair, you would think they were mixed

    • Marky Mark, I totally agree with you, her odor turns me on too! ( OK, I’ll take that Mcbeating now.) sorry………

  147. Raskolnikov

    The only groups I’ve noticed any bad odour from are some Chinese and a Korean woman. The Chinese people had a musty, stale odour as if their clothes had been soaked in dirty water and not washed. It was very strong, I could smell it from a few metres away. I’d smelt that on Chinese before so maybe it’s their food. However this was a group of around 20 so maybe it’s more than that.

    The only other time was a strong smell of garlic from a 50 something Korean woman. I smelt her before I saw her.

    I’ll take the smell of ordinary sweat anytime compared to that.

    • There are certain “Stop&Rob” Hindu markets I avoid on the way home no matter how bad I need beer. Other markets have the same individual working there constantly that I guess never bathes and wears the same clothes for a week!(He’s not Hindu.) Bottom line is they share the same trait of wearing synthetic clothes like polyester which stinks to high “Be-Jesus” even after it was just washed. Couple that with the air filtration system on low to save money and a lack of showering and you’ve got a
      wonderful room full of gut wrenching ass stink. I would rather hang out with
      my buddie’s hunting dog just after it rolled around on a dead rabbit. carcass…

  148. Howard

    I confess I am somewhat surprised by your vehemence. I was also momentarily surprised by my over-reaction. I suppose one doesn’t have to scratch very deep to find the scars from learning to excel in a white racist society. Hacienda was correct when he surmised that I was overcompensating. High school in the late sixties was less than welcoming for American Chinese when we were all cowering under our desks during drills to protect us from the Red Chinese and Russian bombers. We had to be better than our contemporaries. We were.

    And we did excel. We filled the best schools and jobs. Together with our brown and black brothers, we filled your countries. It must enrage you to understand your only place in the new order is to breed white women for our dark colored hands to paw. LOL

    I am only poking fun at your position. You have me at a disadvantage. My American wife of Danish-English extraction and our three mixed race children make my argument necessarily, less intense. Let me explain it to you in terms you might understand. If you were married to someone who was not a blood relative, even a second cousin for instance, and your brother was insulting their father, you might have mixed feelings about supporting your brother. This is a similar situation. We are all Americans. My wife and you happen to be white. It is difficult for me to reply in a racist scumbag fashion, emulating your behavior, without insulting my wife.

    As far as the obvious, what is obvious is that you have neither the personal knowledge to make these claims about my life accomplishments nor the intellectual horsepower to address the question of the purpose of human scent. You may, however, have the knowledge of the whims and desires of white women, because you seem like a big, white pussy.

    I’m sorry! I don’t have the information to make that judgement. You haven’t really identified yourself as either an inadequate intellectual midget with such a small penis that he is threatened by the thought of the remaining white women capable of actually feeling your member being stolen by the yellow peril with their legendary tiny appendages, or a white psycho-bitch rejected by a possible “Chinaman” suitor who was afraid of a sexual “China Syndrome”. He was worried that he might fall into that monstrous cavern of yours and never stop falling. Enough American slang for you? Most of my vernacular is rooted in the early sixties. “Fapping” seems a more recent addition. I will probably not add it to my vocabulary. If it is, as Hacienda suggests, the sound of the brothers banging, it seems to be rooted in jealously and sexual inadequacy.

    In summation; Answer the question, Dipshit! Even a Numbnuts like you has an opinion! The truth is that even your own race thinks you smell like shit, like the Asshole that you are!

    Thank you for your attention!

  149. Howard

    Just three more issues and I will await your reply.

    First, I am struck by the similarity in the style of the reply from you and “Not so fast, Howard”
    Both use repetitive terms. (LOLOLOLOL) and “fapfapfapfapfap”
    Both seem to rely on courage from the crowd “You, sir……have been exploiting us.” “Of course a lot of you already picked up on this already.”
    Are you one and the same? I have made this claim before about Hacienda and you, but on reflection I seem to have been mistaken. It’s just a thought.

    Second, the reference to my “semi-ackward” English. When you use a hyphen in a word, it defeats Spell-Check. Unless you were making a veiled reference to Bloom County and Bill the Cat, it makes your comment awkward, indeed. Otherwise, it was a stroke of genius! Bill the Cat as an historic reference to my poor, English-as-a-Second-Language speech patterns! “ACKKK!” Simply brilliant! Kudos, my friend!

    Third, during my sport-fucking days, I was unconcerned, if your precious white women were into me, as long as when the night concluded, I was “into” them! (rimshot)

    Oh, look! A double pun! I bet your racist head is about to explode!

  150. Howard

    Sorry! I know I agreed to wait for your reply. Please be prompt though. As you like to play to the crowd, I am sure you realize that taking 10 days to answer my last message make it seem like you either have a slow thought process, or you are having difficulty scheduling the next girl’s pajama party to collaborate on an “Oh-so-smart” reply. On the other hand, that process did work on your SAT essay. It got you through community college. Those were the six hardest years of your life!

    Yes, I now realize it is easier to fabricate things about others than to live your own life. The internet allows no resume or portfolio, only cowardly sniping from those with too little a life to understand any other alternative.

    Hurry, dear! Your fans await!

    • Howard

      Thank you Bibi! I don’t know whether your congratulations is for the defense of my position or my ridiculous overreaction to the internet troll.

      Yes, I have done my homework and discovered the phenomenon of the internet troll. The investigation was an interesting and enlightening update on the flaming-bag-of-dogshit prank. It seems, on reflection, entertaining to a larger crowd than its predecessor. It also offers the “trolled” a chance to exorcise their own demons. It seems a reasonably useful pass time for all. Sparring with an internet opponent with no real convictions or identity is like shadow boxing as a spectator sport.


      • sofreshandsoclean

        I grew up in a mixed race home. I’m white and my sisyer is chinese. I’ve never noticed a difference in smell.we grew up perfeless because. Mother has sinus allerggy to moat perfumes. I have black female friends who have told me they find the smell of white men and blackmen differenut tjey never said it was an unpleasant difference.I’ve had both hispanic and white partners and never noticed a difference that isn’t explained by hyg. I have noticed that when I was a child nd my sister would wash may hair forme shed complain I smells faintly musky and wetdog like.I asume it was just from normal and very human oil secrecion on the scalp. Smelling different on the most basic level like pheromone and oils, perhaps hard for the average nose to detect or decypher, sounds like it could be true but a blind panel if seensitve nised judges

  151. Amber Stevenson

    White Preservationist

    U said that the darker a black persons skin is the more african they are wich is a truly an ignorant statement..u cannot base a persons heritage on the lightness of their skin or lack there of alone. I come from a family with all shades of color varying from a pale light to a deep dark brown, I have 2 brown skinned parents that managed to have 4 beautiful children with 2 light skinned and 2 brown skinned and we all have 4 different complexions and biologically the same are u telling me that 2 of us are from africa and the other 2 not?! What really gets to me is the way your talking as if ur breaking knowledge when you obviously know nothing more then your white skin and straight hair perhaps you should stay in your own lane and realize the world is far more complex then what you think (then lining up darks and lights and seperating them based on your adolescent knowledge). If you are interested in the genetic makeup of your fellow AMERICAN ethnic brother I suggest you take a black history course at a local community college or get info from the real deal but it is truly offensive when u take it upon yourself to relay what you consider to be the truth of someone eles origin. The only knowledge you managed to share is that of your very own ignorance of anyone being anything other than what u said.
    Good day!

  152. Areader

    Ok. as an ASIAN, no, im not pure chinese, im multiracial, and no, i dont smell, because i take more baths than Lindsay Lohan does cocaine. OKAY. Anyway, now, a disclaimer: I am NOT racist, im not being bias, I am being honest.

    I have met many blacks who smell bad. That’s just the truth. NOT ALL. Just many. I figured it can’t be their lack of hygiene, BUT perhaps it is, I dont know, because I am not the only one who thinks so. HECK, my kenyan friend thinks so too. lol. but as I said, not all, but it seems to be quite common

    Whites- ah. IMO, whites don’t smell bad if they bathe often or they have very good diets, know what, I was in Paris lastyear and whoever said they smell good, is right. Oddly enough, BUT, I was otw to Amsterdam and I sat next to cthis whie guy and DAYUM, he smelled realllly bad. Like, yes, bad cheese. Ugh. I swear, when I reached Amsterdam, I felt like puking, I was literally nauseous the whole day. Then, there’s this close friend of mine, who’s white, who smells really bad IF he sweats a lot. LIKE ONIONS!

    Indians- yes. They smell. How would I know? I live in Malaysia and there are many. Am I racist? NO. I am part indian. Do I smell? As I said, I bathe and scrub too much and I pile on body lotion and perfume like it’s a must everyday, BUT, I do notice I have B.O. IF I do not bathe for a whole day sans deodorant. So… ya Ok, I don’t get where I’m going.

    Chinese- Same story. They dont bathe, they smell.

    My conclusion? Everyone smells if and when they dont bathe well, but for some odd reason, IMO, blacks smell the worst, and perhaps arabs too. NOW, IM NOT RACIST, I love everyone, I believe in interracial marriage and all that jazz. It’s just an HONEST opinion, but quite frankly, after that guy I met in Europe, I’m beginning to question whether it’s true when people say whites smell like rotten buttermilk. Hmmm.

    Gosh, this article made me feel all insecure about my hygiene

    • Where I work blacks outnumber whites4 to 1 Most of the whites are managers. When I,m off a few days especially after a weeks vacation and go the work, the first thing you can smell is blacks when you open the door(especially in the winter when the heater is on) until you get use to the smell again it almost makes you gag. I’ve told people about this and everyone I brought to this location agrees with me.

  153. Rufus Dufus

    I love to eat thick black pussy and then slide my 10 inch white penis into it until the black cunt squeals! I I love to leave large creampie in it so the black gets preggo with half white kid!

  154. Howard

    And then we have Rufus Dufus…Res ipsa loquitor

  155. charlote

    I have never personally noticed a difference in smell between races, but I do have an interesting story:

    When I was in high school I dated a guy from Cameroon and he smelled different from the other guys I had dated. Not an unpleasant smell, just different. Naturally, I thought it was just his diet and didn’t give it a second thought. A few years later I had become friends with a guy who was born and raised in the US and he smelled the same way. Again, I just figured he ate something that made him smell that way. After a while I started to notice that every-so-often I would come across a man who smelled the same way. These men were all different races too. One day I had asked my friend if she noticed the smell that her boyfriend had (I worded it differently so she wouldn’t take it the wrong way) and she looked at me kind of funny. Then she said that the only time she noticed any smell resembling my description was when she was performing oral sex on him. Not an unpleasant smell, but something you notice. After a little while talking on the subject she mentioned that he was uncircumcised (which is pretty uncommon in the US). The guy I dated in high school was uncircumcised as well, in fact every uncircumcised man I knew had the same smell! I thought it was a really weird coincidence, but I just couldn’t believe the idea that my nose could tell when a guy had foreskin so I forgot about it altogether. A couple years later I was flirting with a guy at a party and noticed that he had the same smell. I decided to do a little test and eventually we became intimate. He was uncut! No, this is not a jab at uncircumcised men (I’ve had experience with both and I honestly prefer uncut men anyway) and yes, I know it sounds insane that a person can smell foreskin. But I swear I can tell. Can anyone shed some light on why this may be?

    • Howard

      You must have either an outstanding olfactory gift or a poor choice in boyfriends!

      My guess is that you are smelling smegma. In uncircumcised males, smegma collects under the foreskin and provides lubrication between the glans and the foreskin. During routine physical examination, the smell is noticeable. If there has been a long time between showers, the smell is quite overpowering.

      I hope you have found a use for your talent.

      • I wondered when ‘smegma’ was going to come up in this post. (No pun intended.

      • charlote

        That certainly makes sense! LOL I assure you my choice in men has been pretty good as far as their hygiene goes…except one, but that’s a different story. It’s just weird because nobody else seems to notice it, but then again I have an extremely powerful sense of smell. I guess I can smell smegma really well. Is it strange that it doesn’t offend me?

        • Howard

          LOL! Evolutionarily, you would be selected over the females who were offended. I’m not fond of the smell, but that would be understandable.

        • Howard,
          Perhaps we should develop a smegma based fragrance line?
          I can see it/smell it now……..
          Acqua di Smegma- When a MAN wants to smell like a MAN!

        • Amy

          They already made a sperm-scented perfume–why not smegma?

        • Howard

          Again, I am impressed by the breadth of your knowledge. This information precludes my venture to create the first semen flavored hard candy.

          Seriously, only the the French could conclude that a smell associated with unwashed post coital genitalia might be enticing. Prehistoric females might be attracted to smegma, but those who were hard-wired to the smell of semen would be late to the party and quickly eliminated from the gene pool.

          The article also mentions tobacco and sweat in the mix. Now it makes sense!

        • Amy

          Ahh, the French love a bit of skank. (Hell, so do a small cohort of Americans, though most of us prefer to smell like deodorant and laundry soap.) Guy Robert (a perfumer, one of the greats, worked for Chanel and Hermes) once described a fragrance thusly: “it smells like a woman who neglects herself”–this was not a criticism.
          The French use the word “pudeur” to describe that barely-perceptible hint of rottenness that adds depth to perfume. In the 18th century French perfumers sometimes added a bit of baby poo, for a bit of pudeur. I shit you not.

        • Gay State Girl

          Napolean told his mistress not to bathe because he loved the authentic scent of a woman.

        • Amy

          “Josephine–I return in three days. Don’t wash.”

        • Gay State Girl

          Grandma told me that. It lurked in my mind for days. I do enjoy raw scents though and find candied perfumes to be sickeningly artificial.

        • Amy

          I don’t like those sugary lollipop scents either.

        • Gay State Girl

          I do prefer Ralph Lauren cologne to the unaltered male smell.

          For myself I prefer unscented products, but I do have a soft spot for licorice.

        • Amy

          Depends on the unaltered male, LOL.

          The best-scented men I’ve encountered (re: perfume/cologne) seemed to be wearing Arabic-style perfume oils, different scents, but all complex and resinous with a bit of sandalwood. Though I had an appointment with a cardiologist a few years back who wore some sort of lavender–didn’t ask what it was but wow, he wore it very well. (I have an oddly specific memory with regard to scents.)

          Many of my favorite perfumes (that I wear myself) have anise or licorice notes.

        • Gay State Girl

          Sorry I used the term “unaltered.” I did not mean it in that way. I like sandalwood and lavender oil as well but I get reminded of alpine spas and I can’t stand the atmosphere of those places.

        • Gay State Girl

          I like the smell of dogs two weeks after they’ve been bathed.

        • Howard

          To the kennel:
          Don’t wash Josephine, I return in two weeks!

  156. ajaoj

    a very scientifically backed article, good job. “A guy told me that the aunt of his brothers classmate from back in the 90’s said norwegians smell, but not the swedes”. ffs…

    • Howard

      LOL! I can’t tell if you are being facetious. In one phrase and a sentence you praise an article for its rigor, then proceed to offer a 20 year old paraphrase from some guy about what the “aunt of his brothers classmate” said. If this isn’t a subtle jibe, it should be!

    • Ok, the ban on Ajaoj was removed.

      • Robert, whom did you just ban?
        Not Howard, I hope?

      • Howard

        I am going to protest on behalf of ajaoj. Yesterday, I thought he was referring to the American Renaissance article mentioned in the original post. I suppose we all have our dense moments. Despite his lack of judgement, you will have to admit the riposte is clever. It was terse, biting, and on reflection savagely funny! I have not seen his other work and when spoken the comment might seem more malignant, but I am going to say that it passes for dry humor. The combination of both a heresay and a reductio ad absurdum argument in 23 words is remarkably efficient. Admittedly, he did extend the heresay trail beyond the requisite 3 items, but I thought the comparison of Swedes and Norwegians inspired. If you will omit the post suffix, and imagine the remainder spoken in John Cleese’s voice, I believe
        you will find it amusing.

        I hope you will reconsider!

        BTW, the preceding was my attempt to poke fun at the over-analysis of everything I encounter. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

  157. Howard

    Perhaps we should develop a smegma based fragrance line?
    I can see it/smell it now……..
    Acqua di Smegma- When a MAN wants to smell like a MAN!

    Now that’s funny! Homage to the Hombre.

    A decision needs to made as to manufacturing. It would be more cost efficient to synthesize the cologne,of course, but think of the cache’ of using the natural product! Each bottle filled with the secretions of a thousand uncircumcised virginal males, lovingly collected by heretofore unemployed Lithuanian milkmaids!

    I could be wrong.

  158. New Jerseyan

    This- the scent and taste of different races- has been something long on my mind. First might I say that I am essentially a white American man (half Jewish). My diet is pretty much normal and there is nothing special about my ancestry or genetics aside from the fact that every single one of my ancestors lived in mountains somewhere(and I believe it is thanks to this that I have an almost superhuman resistance to cold). That aside, I personally have been told on countless occasions about how ‘exotic’ I smell.. in a positive way. Women tend to find my smell(even after I have been sweating) ‘pheromonal’. I have in the past not showered or changed for several days(not that I do that often- i am a hygienic person) and upon removing my shirt I notice a distinct smell that I associate with the pleasant aroma of cooking curry. Now, I don’t know if I actually smell like curry, because many people do not find curry’s aroma pleasant but find my own nice… But I smell to myself the same way curry smells to me. It’s quite strange, but I have also noticed that the only people who have told me that I smell bad are italian-americans and people close to them.

    As far as the unpleasantness and varieties of smell based on race..Assuming average-to-good hygiene for all the instances following.. I have always found black people to smell particularly pleasant. Sort of a pleasant ‘calm’ smell. Black men in particular, although black women certainly have it when they are not wearing too much perfume.
    Mixed-race hispanics and other Indio-based people tend to smell a bit like butter to me. I’m not much a fan of butter, but I still wouldn’t call it unpleasant.
    I have not noticed the slightest smell off of indian and other south asian peoples. I am told all of the time that indian people smell and whatnot, but I do not see it. I have had many indian and pakistani friends, but there is no particular scent that I can associate with them, aside from the foods that they make(which I love).
    As far as Asians go, I would say Chinese and Japanese have a vaguely unpleasant odor. I think it has more to do with their hygiene habits though. More “westernized” or “exotic” asians (such as Uzbek and Indonesian women) tend not to have any scent at all to me.
    White people have the most variety to me. Anyone who has any connection with Germany(whether ethnic germans, germans from eastern europe, or german jews) seems to smell awful. A distinct rotting smell like vinegar and eggs mixed together. It gets much worse with age. I once had to leave the room because this poor old book keeper was breathing too close to me while he was fumbling to translate some old Yiddish records.

    Oh and as far as taste goes, I have only experienced white women(who typically taste rather foul) and Uzbek and Indonesian women(who taste spicy and quite good actually). So ends my long whatchamacallit.

    • Howard

      Your post coincides with many of my thoughts. First, I have always suspected that we all exempt ourselves from smelling bad, not by delusion, but because our own nose is filled with those very aromatic compounds in nascent form. Secondly, the fact that various races find you either pleasantly scented or unpalatable and that you feel the same about other entire races, supports my key-and-lock hypothesis of human scent. Whether that relates to the original post and the major histocompatability genes vs. being divided along more racial lines remains to be seen. Interestingly, your post is the second one mentioning an unpleasant Eastern European Jewish smell. I have wondered whether this was a result of the substantial endogamy among the Askenazi with a resultant autosomal recessive gene being expressed.

      I appreciate hearing of your experiences.

      • Gay State Girl

        Ashkenazim have long been considered to be ugly and hard on the ears, but I have never heard about about a distinct odor.

        • Howard

          Neither am I. I was speaking of the endogamy issue and the expression of rare autosomal recessive genes. A previous post spoke of a very unpleasant foul odor emanating from an Askenazi Jew. I merely speculated that if it were an inherited trait, that the endogamy associated with the Askenazi might be an explanation. A sex linked or autosomal dominant trait would quickly be selected against and eliminated fro the gene pool. Tay-Sachs is one such profoundly devastating autosomal recessive genes finding expression among the Askenazi. No affront intended.

        • New Jerseyan

          Hard on the ears? Perhaps a bit noisy. Ugly? Hardly.

          And I think you all either misunderstood the point of that particular story, either purposefully, or otherwise. It was not the fact that the man was an Ashkenazi Jew that made him smell. I am around Ashkenazi jews all the time, they don’t smell to me. It was the fact that he was a GERMAN jew.

          As I stated before, anyone with any connection to Germany has a terrible smell to me. Aside from being the (in my own subjective opinion) ugliest people on the planet, they also have a distinct rancid smell like vinegar and rotten eggs. Ethnic germans, german jews.. doesn’t matter. I don’t have the slightest clue why.

          As for my own smell, I’m just curious as to why everyone but southern-europeans(i remember now a greek girl telling me I smell badly) finds my “body odor” to be pleasant rather than rank.

          And yes, I completely agree with your lock-and-key theory.

        • Howard

          Sorry! I see I misread your first post.

          Going back to the lock-and-key theory and your being half Jewish, perhaps that is why you find Germans offensive (as did the French in 1940). Hitler often spoke of the Jews as smelling different. I have never read a more detailed description, but if anyone has further information, it would be an interesting thread. Could the Holocaust be one man’s visceral response to human scent?

          As for your smell being pleasant for most people, the answer is obvious. You are the master key!

        • yo

          I guess u find david beckham, harrison ford, natalie portman, yasmeen bleeth,gwyneth paltro, and bar rafaeli ugly and hard on the ears? I don’t think so. Jews also happen to win more nobel prizes than any other group ethnicity. Jews have the best hygiene which is why they didn’t get the plague in germany. The germans thought itnwas because jews cursed non jews and thats why jews didn’t get the plague so the non jewish germans put all the jews i. Ghettos to get them to stop the plague. The real reason jews didnt get the plague was because of all their cleanliness laws. Read up on kosher laws and cleanliness laws for jews and you will see how harsh they are. Jews kept away from non jews in germany for hundreds of years and only dealt with them when they had to for business. Jews stayed with jews because they felt non jews were not as moral and wouldnt understand their laws. They didn’t want their jewish kids to be negatively affected by non jews. This is why germans had false myths about jews killing christian babies in churches or other gossip. Because jews separated themselves and so non jews were ignorant and thkught it mjst be because they are being sneaky and doing something bad. It was the opposite. It was the same in roman times. Jews stayed away from romans as much as they could because they thought the romans were into orgies and morally lacking. Jews are a classy, clean, smart, talented, wealthy group that has changed the world with ideas and inventions among other things. The smartest and most famous germans were actually jewish germans like einstein and sigmund freud. Excuse typos…I cannot type on this phone. I am half jewish half christian and the jewish cousins smell the same as the christian cousins. Jewish fam just smells more like expensive perfume and cologne.

  159. ‘Anyone who has any connection with Germany(whether ethnic germans, germans from eastern europe, or german jews) seems to smell awful. A distinct rotting smell like vinegar and eggs mixed together. It gets much worse with age.’
    Hydrogen sulfide is the scent he is speaking of. At low concentrations it smells like rotten eggs, at high concentrations it is distinctively ‘fecal’ in aroma.
    When I travel through Germany the overwhelming smell is ‘fried fatty meat’. Particularly pork.

  160. Get real!

    This is the most absurd thing I have ever heard! Nice try! Tell the white’s they smell funny to the blacks. lol

  161. Herb

    Well, yes, people of varying races, ethnicities and cultures, as groups, do smell differently. But the number of variables involved makes it very difficult to establish a control for an accurate comparison. However, I suspect that if three 30 year olds in good health and of the same sex – one each Caucasian, African and Asian – spent 30 days eating identical diets and practicing the same hygiene regimen, they could not be distinguished from each other by any neutral observer strictly by the way they smelled. [I have a goat. He has no nose. How does he smell? Terrible!]

    • Howard

      Ninety days in military boot camp was a common experience in the Vietnam era. My experience would suggest otherwise.

  162. Ruckus

    Coconut oil covers up the body odor. That’s why those 4 black women you claimed to have slept didn’t offend your supposedly keen sense of smell. Black people do smell worse than any other race. This observation hasn’t been made countless times for no reason, or from racism unconsciously affecting the sense of smell. If you’re gonna give a cop out, politically correct answer than why even write about the subject at all? White folks smell like lemon juice and pledge furniture cleaner.

    • MintHenryJ

      Ain’t enough coconut oil in the world to cover you up.

    • Howard

      Do you really believe that all black people think they smell terrible? Do you really think that they continue to congregate in places of worship and clubs so they can all smell the stench of each other? It doesn’t make sense unless you conclude that the sense of smell is an independent variable in this human equation.

  163. Kat

    Personally, I always put on deodorant, and I go training often (weight-lifting and muay thai). However I almost don’t sweat when I train. not that people can see, and I don’t do that girly lifting that I see most of the girls at the gym do. When I sometimes forget to put on deodorant I may sweat in a miniscule way, but it never smells. I’m Norwegian. People are just different in body chemistry. Now that certainly isn’t normal with anyone I know who have similar genetic material. I think it depends on who ya momma and ya papa is, brah. XD I’d say it has nothing much to do with race. (Our innards are all the same, and the like!)

    • Howard

      I don’t know what to make of your post. There is a certain lack of internal consistency in your argument. Please clarify.

  164. mofo

    it’s the food they eat (except blacks). Blacks smell oily.

    • Howard

      This is the goal of all knowledge; a unified theory encompassing all human scent. Amy provided a B.O. Wheel to explain the phenomenon. This was much too complex. With the exception of blacks (who smell oily???),
      all humans scent is based on food intake. I am grateful for the insight.

  165. Arles

    whoever not clean smells. People smell according to what the eat or drink du to the fact that we all sweat. My girl smell like salt and cookies with garlic, but after a bath only perfume. The same happens to drunks they stink to alcohol because they sweat it. Blacks may smell for not washing themselves because of the racism they have to deal with> its complicated to get a better life. But yeah they smell different like the jews or the arabs.

  166. Peter

    I am an old gay man. I was very sexual in my youth which would be the 60s/70s/80s. I loved men of all races and types. I loved oral sex. I don’t know about diet (although that would make sense to me), but if blindfolded I could distinguish a guy with black hair, brown, blonde, red from an Asian or African-American. They all smell different. I will say to the Caucasian nose, African-Americans have a somewhat distinctive odor almost funky. I always thought is must be something chemical because of the climate they were from and the skin layer differences. I do know it was always present. I found it an acquired taste. I never found it particularly horrible. Asians smell fishy and I’m assuming that is from diet. BO is same across the board.

  167. ..............

    Can we all agree that a human smells like what they eat. How well they wash themselves and what they eat is not determined from what race they are. Never in my life have I ever seen so much ignorance in one place. You lowlifes should be ashamed of yourselves.

    • Howard

      I am amazed at your reply! There has been a plethora of thought and discussion on the subject of human scent on this site and without bothering to read or understand the complexity, you have distilled the content to, “You are what you eat!”

      To be clear, here have been racists and bigots on this thread. I expected that they would only bother to read a posting or two before holding forth. You have made a blanket condemnation of the discussion without bothering to read it. I have never said that Blacks, Jews, or Arabs smell bad. Interestingly, I am not White. Before you castigate the lowlifes, perhaps you should read the thread in its entirety.

      BTW, do you understand the difference between ignorance and stupidity?

    • Howard

      Sorry, I had to attend to some of my lowlife functions.

      I tend to comtemplate subjects of marginal utility and can be dismissed as being stupid. You limit your knowledge of a complex subject to one superficial glance and would be an example of ignorance.

      Incidentally, you may take comfort in the fact that I am ashamed of myself.

  168. Alex

    I’ve never experienced a smelly person at my private school. Regardless of race.

  169. Steve

    I was disappointed in the approach to the topic by the blogger and respondents. No one “stinks”. Let’s take an African, Asian, Latin, and Caucasian. Smell them 10-15 minutes after they have showered. None of them “stink”. The reference to people “stinking” of different races is the ethnocentric nature of humban beings. I can smell the diffence between the races, but it is a difference in phermones that is the “stink”, not a malodor. When I go to a friend’s house of a different race I notice the difference. It is not a bad or good thing, but just different. Hopefully, the difference between men/women, and the unintelligent animals on the planet is that we use that intelligence wisely. Know that the difference in smell between the races is BIOLOGICAL, and think RATIONALLY in realizing that we are still working at an animal-like level. We are no where near the place of evolving that we should be. Intellectually we are still crawling on all four limbs. Don’t think that cell phones, MP3 players, and solar panels are the future. They are only the begining…….if we can leave more of our animal nature on the curbside.

  170. @ Steve
    That’ll be of course, the socially more acceptable recourse (or as some would say it, politically correct). But I actually appreciate Robert Lindsay bringing this up. While I think smell shouldn’t be use to further hatred between the races (as it happens, unfortunately), I think people should accept that that the smell of certain people repulses other groups of people and take steps to remedy it.

    We are living in an era where people of widely varied racial/ethnic groups live in multi-cultural environments, something that nature and evolution perhaps hasn’t designed humans for. To get over the smell barrier, I think remedial steps so that the smells of the different racial/ethnic/cultural groups are in a more neutral territory and less offensive to each other. The reponse to an offensive or pleasant smell if very primeval and involuntary, so I don’t think the issue should be made un-PC, as shoving things under the carpet rarely ever solves a problem.

    From my observation, the smell between races has more to do with diet and hygiene than genetics (inconclusive). I have seen people of the same ethno-racial group smell quite differently because of different diets and cultures.

  171. Ah, this is a controversial topic. My nose can not detect any difference in smell between all the races I have encountered. However some of my Indonesians friend claims that Indians smell bad. They said it’s because all the curry the Indians eat.

    I suspect it is because most Indonesians do not have daily encounter with Indians until they travel abroad. They are just not used to Indians BO. We only have 100,000 Indians in Indonesia. Yet Indonesian population is around 230+ million. Indians in Indonesia are not even a drop in the ocean. I had never seen Indians with my own eyes until I went to Australia to study.

    Here is the interesting thing. When I was at one of the commenters there said that South Asian muslims claim to be able to smell non-muslims. This is the strangest thing I have ever heard 🙂 I wish I could go to to a large gathering of South Asian muslims and ask them to guess my ethnicity/religion.

  172. sosusan

    Diet, toiletry & cosmetic products and personál hygiene can temper natural body odour but in my honest experience of intimacy and gym going, black people’s sweat generally has a distinctly different, pungent smell which is like raw onion. It is not awful but not particularly attractive. Sweat is smelly on anyone, especially if armpit hygeine is neglected. The sweat from this area contains phemeromes which, regardless of race can be attractive, benign, or actually very repellant. Phemeromes function is to assist/optimise genetic selection for best health of offspring on a primal level. At college I once dated a very nice natured good looking blonde rugby player, but I found his body odour ‘wrong’, unpleasan and ultimately one of the reasons why it was a shortlived relationship. We underate smell as a socially important bonding mechanism.

  173. I dated a northern German Man and his penis smelled of fish. His armpits had a dense, heavy odor but totally a turn-on. His hair was blonde and was very fair. I even like the way his socks smelled He took regular baths. He was uncircumcised and really cheesy. He was my best lover.

  174. Michael

    I’ve been with Black, Indian, White, Asian, Eastern European Jew….., it’s all Fish to me. Love the scent! Very arousing!!!


  175. Pepperoncini

    I must be from another planet from you lot cause everyone tells me I smell of Lysol & anti bacterial soap. ‘ Course it could have something to do with my obession with hygenie leading to looong showers using a lot of soap:)

  176. Yeire

    I like the smell and odor of Indian guys. They are the best and preferred dishes. Indians guys are the most delicious odor to smell. Oh, these guys I love so badly to smell again.

  177. Tripp

    Absolutely hysterical! Well done!

  178. Anon

    95% of these comments are nothing but racist bullshit from some very bitter and angry people. I feel sorry for many of you who commented, you must be incredibly angry and self-loathing. You have to lie about other people and bring them down to look good in comparison… how pathetic. Maybe if you had any redeeming qualities on your own accord, you wouldn’t have to sink to such behavior.

    Sweat does not smell. Period. Sweat is nothing more than a mixture of water, salts and some proteins, none of which have any smell. And all adults who have reached puberty secrete pheremones and NONE of those are detected consciously. It is only the byproduct of the bacteria that feeds off of sweat that causes a smell (and we are ALL equally susceptible to these things because we are all covered in sweat glands, whether they are apocrine or eccrine glands). Hygiene is everything, with food/diet also playing a much smaller role. Most people in developed countries who also make hygiene a priority have a very faint odor, if they smell at all. And the only reason people in developing countries smell worse to us sometimes, is because they don’t have the same resources available to them. And as far as the diet issue is concerned, you will only smell that from people who eat foods YOU are not used to. It is not because they stink any more than you do, you just don’t notice your own diet and its related smells. That’s what when foreign Asians and Africans come to the US, Americans think they smell and vice-versa.

    So cut the racist bullshit, you al know it’s a lie and you’re just trying to make yourself look better.

    • interesting comments on things that cant be discussed publicly

      Tell me sweat dont smell! Ive had days where I drink 2 cups of strong coffee and then took a shit and I cant stand the way my own SHIT SMELLS! Native-Indians such as native americans and latino have been known to have less body hair so we naturally smell less.

      When I eat ethnic food such as beans-cheese-flour my shit smells bad. Its a combination of body hair , hygiene and nutrition.

      When I eat normally, meat milk eggs greens……….I can go days without showering and have no odor. The only reason I know this is cause my girlfriends have told me…that they dont get how I dont smell although I am man and they know I havent showered in days! ( the ony reason I didnt shower was because of work being so physically exhaustin that Id go straight bed after a 12 hour work day!)

      anyways latinos have a very low odor when it comes to the culture as a whole. Eliminating beans-cheese-flour really stops us from smelling at all. The sexiest, greatest smelling, feminent and hairless women Ive ever been with have been latina.

  179. My cock is actually bigger then a black mans, swear down.

    • howard

      Interestingly,there seems to be an inverse correlation between penile length and facility with the written word.

  180. AlanJ

    Very important subject. Cold temperature and wooden houses trap smell, NY always smelt of Fried Chicken to me, my office room-mate a German farted occasionally and it had no smell, I guess most whites eat bland meat. Indian meat eaters put very bad Masala Smell in their meat cooking, my immediate Neighbor does that at 6:00 AM, It spoils my Holy moment.

    North Indian food is laden with Onion and Garlic. Personal hygiene is also important.

    Brahmins in the south dont usually use Onions and Garlic, we are meant shower every day, Orthdox ones for ages used to take cold shower at 4:00 AM and remain in wet clothes till worship is done.

    Saints smell like Sandalwood, they have abundant Pheromones, no wonder women flock to them.

    Good Smell == Good Culture.

    Please dont use chemical laden Deodorants and Antiperspirants [CANCER]

  181. Frank Garrett

    Blacks smell like BBQ, whites smell like ranch dressing(Jews: kosher ranch), Asians smell like sweet and sour sauce, Hispanics smell like peppers, Middle Easterns smell like a person would after being in 100 degree deserts all day, and Native Americans smell like maize.

  182. Best pussy i ever ate,,,, among german, jewish, chinese, latin, polack, indian, puerto rican, cuban, was a draw between p.r and cube! The german was huge and fine but like a sweaty ham… best tits ever though,,,jewish was unclean,,, the others just fine,,, butthe best taste i ever had as a celtic was brown sugar (sweet) clean smooth taste of the cuban or the puerto rican girl…. sorry no slum girls allowed,, only the milktoast colored of all the ethnics allowed,,, indian was super but only to strong man..

  183. This guy need to put a condom on his head n go fuck the people who made his dumb ass if u like to smell people put your finger in your ass pull it out n smell your self cocksucker

  184. Bhabiji

    Black men smell the most delish. I tell you those mofos got some strong ass pheromones.

    • Bhabiji

      PS: I’m desi so I can say this. We are probably amongst the worst smelling of all, and there’s good reason for it. I know other people complain of a “curry” smell, but curry smells good! We don’t smell of curry but rather of rancid oil. Our houses tend to smell like that too, which is part of the reason we smell like that.

      Steve, don’t worry. I don’t smell like that because I don’t live in the manner that makes one smell like that, but many desis do. But not the ones in South Asia, ironically enough, they tend to smell good (when they are not sweating). Its the desis abroad who smell bad, and there are reasons for this which I won’t elaborate on here.

  185. Ursula

    Someone said whites have a wet dog smell ?! Only filthy ppl smell like that !! I’m white n I don’t !! Plus I kno a gypsy girl hu had thAt very wet dog smell n another one who smelt like monkeys ugh she smelt like the wild , like that smell foxes have

  186. Jay Matthews

    Nigros smell like shit, piss, sweat, marijuana, cheap beer, and cod oil all rolled up in one. There is nothing worse than getting a waft of stale nigro funk up your nose, it wants to make me vomit. I hold my breath around nigros, but sometimes the can catch you by surprise in a grocery line. I do not eat or do business anywhere nigros work, they are filthy sub-humans and I walk out of the store. I think they should all go back to Africa.

    • Gosh! I take it you don’t like Black people, right?

    • Chris Lundsford

      Jay Matthews you are not only crazy but obnoxious for even speaking like that. When you introduce racist words into a statement for explanation on your opinion the world tends to throw that out instantly and ignores your dumb ass! Black folks are no more smellier than any one particular next race. People are people and all people regardless of what race they are have a body odor including you! Some are more worst than others. The best remedy is to stay and keep clean as best as possible. You my friend is nothing more than a hater and racist and I certainly have no interest or even credit you for your comments!

    • Ke-ke

      We would be there if you lice head dog smelling honkies hadnt brought us over here to do the work you were to stupid and lazy to do! No it came back to bite you one the ass!!!!! OBAMA! rules….l….

    • Jagaa

      Most probably those “nigroes” were very happy you leave everytime they see you because of your armpit smell. And they prolly want you to go back to Europe slums where yu came from too

  187. Mixed African

    I have also wondered about that, and when i googled i happened to stumble upon this artical… I am mixed race in africa and i prefer to date white men… i had sex with a black guy last night and i woke up sick and was puking this morning from the smell on my body and i should say it wasn’t pleasant and its strong on the pubes and penis… i have never experienced such with the white guys, but with the other 2 black guys, they had that familiar bad smell! Pretty gross! i have deep regret for doing it, as i still can smell him. He was quiet hang though and cute but apart from that, i don’t see me doing it again

  188. londonerlady

    I’m a black female.
    With out a shadow of a doubt SOME black people exude a distinct odor.
    It’s a smell that I’ve never noticed on any other race – I live in muli-cultural London.
    Perhaps not everyone is capable of smelling this odor due to genetics or their own sensitivity to smell.
    Personally I find the smell repulsive.
    As other’s have mentioned it’s strong, musty – so strong that it lingers even when the person has left the room, and can be smelt from a distance.
    Its nothing to do with racism to note that some people, who perhaps share a similar genetic heritage, have a distinctive smell – that some find offensive.
    The odor has nothing to do with levels of hygiene, or dietary factors.
    I’ve never found the smell of white people either notable of disgusting – I notice no odor about them.
    Black females usually have a stronger smell.
    Its not racist – its just chemistry, or genetics, or sensitivity – or what ever.
    But what ever it is – its real – if you’ve never noticed it just count yourself lucky.
    I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s noticed this – it’s a funny world.

    • Chris Lundsford

      Mmmmm I bet you smell good! I love the way a black woman smells it is very arousal and exciting and sexy to me! Then again I love black women and black women rock!

      • I SMELL A FART

        Yes I agree with you CL 100%
        Black women do emit a certain afrodeshiatic aroma (excuse the pun)
        Kinda like licorice on a hot summer day. They are also better and more aggressive in bed than most white women.
        the White women she just lays there- the black woman she lays it on you.
        the average negress Ho will wear the average white boy out.
        Hi Ho silver awaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!

        • Jay Matthews

          Black women look like monkeys

        • I SMELL A FART

          Hey has anyone checked out the humongous LIPS on that black chick named June who is featured on
          Jesse Ventura’s “Conspiracy Theory” on the True Network. WOWWWWW
          Those suckers are bigger than a fuckin baboon’s ass. How could the average male look upon those huge fuckers and not fantasize about one hell of a blow job? LOL

  189. Insider

    It’s nonsense as far as I’m concerned.

    • howard

      Another thoughtful and considered reply!

      • Velva Jean smith

        I made a mistake when I made my comment on your website. I realize that you have a right to your own opinion. I respect that. Please leave it at that, and send e-mails to others. I have so much e-mail traffic that I can’t answer everyone. Thankyou.  

  190. Chris Lundsford

    I think black women smell the best and I stick to that now and then and repeatedly on this site! Love me a black woman and her natural scents and before me make love mmmmmmmmm so tasty and exciting!

  191. Tanaisjia


  192. lukas


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  194. interesting comments on things that cant be discussed publicly

    I am Mexican American and noticed a smell from Mexicans borne in Mexico. When Ive had a few days eating traditional Mexican food, my shit smells the same as they do. I believe that the differences in smell have to do with diet when it comes to Mexicans.

    I dated a girl who was Mexican and had a very Mexican family [ in California you have 3rd 4th generation Mexicans born in America!] When we begun having sex she had a very strong odor from the vigina area. I never experienced this from any other Mexican chick. Even ones who were twice her size. (she was about 5’1 105lbs?)

    Ive also sexed a girl from Thailand who worked at a Thai restaurant and had very deep ties to ancient Thailand….( she ate alot of ethnic Thai food) her vagina smelled very bad as well.

    I have had sex with about 25 white chicks and 6 black girls , 8 asians or so maybe 10 Mexicans.

    By FAR the worst smell I ever smelt was from blacks. I threw away pillows they had slept on. The smell of their hair was beyond putried. Cornchips and feet….I washed the pillow and still had a odor that made me nauseas. Needless to say when the differences in smell were that strong the relationship did not last……..although they werent happy about it!

    Ive been in some long term relationships with both whites/latinas and they btoh had NO SMELLS. But on average white women have more so a smell than latinas.

    Although their was 1 white chick I was dating who didnt smell in the least bit.
    Ive never had a girl whose smell turned me on….till I dated a latina from San Diego. I could literally still conjure up the smell of her breathe and hair and get hard.

    Do I believe races smell different well obviously YES. But for latinas and whites its on a personal hygenic level. Asians and Blacks have a smell that follows them , irregardless of how many showers they take.

  195. Ryan

    White girls have the worst smelling vagina. No other mixed or other race smells as bad. This is not big girls, healthy young girls, the ones I was with gave off really bad smell.

  196. Ryan

    I have been with mixed black/ native american and I do not find they smell at all. The white girl has a very strange smell that I really did not like.

  197. Real Unbiased

    I hate to say it, but I’ve been with many women (3 digit numbers) and I stopped dating white women because their vagina’s do have an odor that I don’t like. Don’t get me wrong. “She comes in. I kiss her. Her breath is fresh. Her air smells of shampoo. I do the normal foreplay. I even eat her pussy.” The smell doesn’t occur I’m inside her. It’s her lubricant content. It has a odor is strong and heavy. I’m not talking about the dirty smell that a woman has from old cum still being deep in her and you don’t smell until she quiffs. I’m talking just her body has a smell that is a complete turnoff. Me, i usually smell like Nautica Classic cologne. So I usually date ethnic women. I was with this Pakistani woman also and she was clean but has a smell (she kept hair on her body and that and some other smells were very loud) though it wasn’t exactly a dirty smell, but it did fit the smell I thought that those long robes would trap in when they are walking around in the hot sun.

  198. Chris Lundsford

    If you have a comment to make on the subject matter than please by all means speak it BUT people let’s leave out the obnoxious words of racist and prejudice feelings out of the blogs! You not only look like an idiot doing that but also speaks how real dumb your representing your race for looking down on another race. Racism has nothing to do with the subject content. Start thinking before replying to these blogs.

  199. Me

    I’ve dated different races.. They’ve all smelled good.. When they smelled ‘bad’ it was cause they ate something stinky.. I know that if I eat menudo or something fried in lard I stink for days especially if I sweat.. I don’t really think it’s a race thing.. Just a dietary thing..

  200. John Dietrich

    There is a white lady in Mississippi Burning being interviewed by a tv reporter. The way she talks about blacks, well, I can vouch for the authenticity of the character.
    It is funny to watch.

  201. yo

    Just racism. Jews smell the best. Get it? I am jewish…just a joke.

  202. giving never preference

    I don’t think it’s unusual to be able to (even subconsciously) profile someone by their scent. That could be the tiny percentage of DNA difference, millions of years if pheromone selection, and/or it could also be dietary. Just among white people, I know the “rotten peppers” smell among people with mainly Western European ancestry, but oddly a smell identical to goats in Eastern Europeans, myself included. I can smell fat (white) children too. I agree with the “peanut oil plus gym socks plus rice wine” for Asians, though I didn’t believe it the first few times I smelled it because I previously lived in a place with next to zero East-Asian population. I can also normally tell if someone has African ancestry based on how they smell. Of course, everyone smells similar if they have recently showered.

  203. HD

    I agree, some Whites do smell like wet dogs when we sweat or get wet. I smell it on myself…but I don’t think this is the case with all Whites. My ex husband and his family never used or needed deodorant (Eastern European Jewish Americans) but my ex always had the worst breath. My current husband is as stinky and sweaty as I am – we’re both Germanic/Nordic.

  204. Ke-ke

    Some white people smell like a wet pack of puppies. Especially white women. White men you don’t have to deal with that anymore come on over to the dark side=the right side!

  205. Blair

    I think ratchet hood rats,trailor trash rednecks, gross imigrants smell awful. I don’t believe they take showers… They look gross… Their hair is ugly and gross looking they should all get moved on an island… And island called The redneck hood plus immigrants…. America would be so much better without undedicated racist people…

  206. Yoyo

    Oh yes you do knEw the black stink, dont pretend

  207. Cass

    I worked in a hotel for a year, and there were people of all different ethnicities who stayed there and each group….had their own smell

    the black people staying there…smelled a combination of spicy(almost like a hot chili peppery smell) and musty/dusty
    the white people…smelled like ciggarette smoke, wet animal or a chemical floral smell like febreze or other air freshener, the indian people smelled of curry and armpit sweat, the asian people smelled like grease or oil and something sweet.

    my ex, even after a shower smelled like a clean, wet dog…whether he was sweaty from work and then got wet in rain, or just out of a 20 minute shower with good scrubbing, axe body wash and shampoo….he smelled like a clean wet dog. my ex and i are both white

    my friend just told me today that her 5 year old son smells like wet dog after he bathes, they are both white

  208. I have noticed that some white people have in their backs some “ecrin” glands so they smell a bit like urine, like sandal wood. It doesnt have to do with cleanliness. It is not armpit smell. It comes from their backs, areas that are not hairy nor high in body temperature. Personally I find this smell disgusting, Even among people with mixed white race, some of them has the smell.

  209. Tom Alom

    I’ve noticed distinctive smells amongst black people, Asians and white women and yet another for white men. I’m really curious to know the scientific cause. If it’s a hormone, some component of genetic makeup or diet. Perhaps it could be some combination of the above.

  210. John

    At the risk of being labeled racist I find the Chinese women have the worst bad breath I have ever encountered. Some reak from quite a distance away. In planes, restaurants shops etc. can smell from two metres away.
    I have been to China many times and have had my Chinese friends stay with me here in Australia when thay have visited. They have told me that they can not smell the bad breath.
    Admittedly I get underarm Body Odour and I use a good quality colonge which they think it is odd to use perfume as they call it.
    Oh well, It will not ruin my friendships.

  211. Jade

    This was written to insight hate between the races. And look… Mission Accoplished.

  212. Big G

    getting back to the gene and the process by which you pass on your genes. This decision by a male or female is largely by the way they smell. there are a lot of pheromones released constantly and the person most apted to pick them up will be more responsive to that individual. what any studies show is beauty is only skin deep and your smell might be your greatest asset or your greatest obstacle to getting sex. There are no guarantees to any race ( if there were such a thing) being a particular smell or any race liking it. There is a gene war going on even today and a mates smell is the most important tool used to benefit the gene package of the next generation.

  213. Justin

    What? Did you poll the entirety of each race? How the hell would you know what white people think about blacks or Asians or Hispanics? Because you’ve met a few people who think that verysun ethnicities smell a certain way in no way reflects an entire race of people you fucking imbecile.

  214. Joe

    In China they say people with b.o. have fox scent. It’s rare enough to have a name. I guess it’s the monkey scent glands people have.

  215. Lesley

    Indian men tend to smell of curry and dirty feet if they don’t wash (might be caused by wearing flip flops all the time), just sayin… 😉

  216. Jason Y

    Koreans think Chinese stink. At first I thought they were joking, but they are dead serious about it.

    I don’t think any races stink, unless they are too lazy to take a bath, and I haven’t ran into any. In the case of Indians, they don’t stink, but rather smell like curry.

    • Historia Nerd

      I noticed with Indians, their pungent odour came from the garlic and spices. With the Chinese it was more with their breath; at school I was always sandwiched between an Indian guy and a Chinese guy. Lol it was nasal assault from both sides. The Indian fellow reeked of spices and garlic and the Chinese man had a foul, fish smelling breath. Chinese and Indians don’t have bad hygiene, but rather poor dietary choices.

    • Lesley

      @Jason Y

      Re: “I don’t think any races stink, unless they are too lazy to take a bath”

      In the case of some Indian men i’ve come across with really bad b.o it’s been more a case of unwilling to take enough time off work even to have a wash, lol…

  217. Jason Y

    It seems like the “smell thing” is a common excuse to justify racial separation. Whether it has basis in scientific fact is debatable.

  218. Lesley

    Black people usually have oiler skin to protect them from the sun – I don’t know if this makes them smell much more than anyone else though…

    • Pkr

      Blacks don’t have oilier skin. The skin elements that are in a person’s skin is in their hair and we know that blacks have dryer hair. How many black people have you seen with acne? Acne is “an inflammatory disease of the oil glands, causing pimples esp. on the face. “The protection comes from vitamin D, which melanin and the sun work together to create, which protect the skin.

  219. Nessy

    am black but I think it’s true that different races smell different, I wont call it a stink but yesmy white friends smell.different from my Asian friends and black friends…. not a stench, just different and pathognomic

  220. TD 4 Li

    Have to disagree with everyone. Most Asian girls I have smelled and tasted are far less offensive than any other race (except a few pale white girls I have been with). I think Asian women are very clean and have a naturally ‘sweet’ smell about them.

    • Yay! Sticky rice is good. Especially with mangoes.

    • Pkr

      It is ironic that we talk about body odor on a website that ask, “what race were the ancient Egyptians.” One of the geographical adaptations of Africans is sparse body hair. Body hair was frowned upon by ancient Africans in general and by the ancient Egyptians and Sumerians in particular. The ancient Egyptians gave us perfume. Most African/American women I know use perfume.

      The Ancient Egyptians gave us soap, which is also ironic since ancient Europeans had much more body hair and did not use soap nor perfume. Body odor many times is a result of a person’s diet. So, there is no need to ascribe bad body odor to African/Americans and Latino/Americans. We already have the burden of racism weighting us down.

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  222. boo

    I’m a vegan, and I think everyone stinks. I think this had to do more with genetics and type of food. I’m also half Mexican and half Asian/European. White men tend to smell like corn. The more they are unhealthy, the more they get a rotten cheese smell. I know one white guy that stinks so bad that I can’t even kiss him. He will take many showers and that stench never leaves. I have only met one person in my life that I preferred his stench, and he was a mix of black and Italian.

  223. Fack

    If there are white people that think that they don’t smell like dogs when they’re wet, I dare you walk into a room where a white woman is using a hot hair dryer. I’m white and I think it’s horrible! It’s nothing to be offended by, it is what it is!

    I have noticed that some people (black and white) smell like ham when they sweat and I have read that this is because of a high carb diet.

    As an athlete that spends a lot of time sweating with other people, I have also noticed the difference in smell between the races. Who cares? You’re made up of enzymes and these are part from your genetic make up and in part because of the food you put into your body. It’s neither good nor bad, it’s human.

  224. Diet may be one of the more obvious factors that may change odors on people, as smells tend to stick around a lot longer than we think. You are a lot more odious when you consume a diet high in sugar (including carbs) as I can attest to because I noticed I smelled better (though I didn’t stick to myself at first) when I was on a low carb, low red meat, no sugar diet. Perhaps less bacteria and less yeast make for better body odor.

    Although body odor may be a factor of diet and hygiene, I also believe it has a lot to do with finding a mate. Many studies suggest that we are attracted to the smell of a good mate, which may be some reason behind some people sensing a negative smell with people inside and outside their identified race (we are all the same race but may identify as white, black etc.). Their genes may not be a good match. I for one disliked the smell of one of my boyfriends (black) and I am black, but I love how my husband smells (he is black). One study conducted concluded that this is one reason we are not “attracted” to family members, because the closer they are to you on the family tree, the more “unattractive” their smell is to you.

    There is one point that my husband has smelled awful to me though and it had to do with his health. We found out he had walking pneumonia and fluid had built up around his heart and lungs. Hospitalized for a week, and came back smelling like roses again. So, it is also possible that some smells may be a sign of illness. I can “smell” when someone is sick but it is not really a bad smell just a noticeable change in odor.

    It also may be an underlying prejudice that affects our olfactory senses. If you dislike a person of a certain race, I am sure they are not going to smell like fresh daisies to you. On that note, it may say a lot about people because I actually have not identified any race as being smelly. Individuals within each race have smelled odd to me, but they were usually pretty hateful people, so I may have thought they literally stink when they were just being stinkers. For instance, most aged people smell “sweet” to me (of any race) although most people I have spoken to disagree. Is it because I have a lot of respect for elders or because they actually smell nice?

    Environment may be key. Like another reader, I can contend that food on clothing is another “smell” that we contribute to the person instead of the environment. You leaving your house and going to someone else’s home is only going to bring the smell of your home into theirs and make it that much more noticeable. Pets, hobbies (gardening, dancing, cooking, painting) also play a role in perceived smells. The chemicals you put in your hair (mouse, spritz, gel, grease, de-tangler, etc.), the soap you use for your face (Suave vs. Axe) , hands, skin (Aftershave, acne medication, moisturizer, sun tan lotion) also may make you smell different to another race because you may not have encountered the smells before. There is a thread on another site that asks whether other races use lotion as much as black people. Perhaps the lotions used are what are offensive and not the person. Chemicals you use to clean your home, dog, car, trophies, whatever can also linger. Anything outside of your comfort zone could be offensive, e.g. curry, garlic, onions, spices, or fish when even a small whiff of it is found on someone else.

    There are so many things that play a role in how a person smells to you (not actually smell in general), but race is definitely not one of them. Iit were we would probably not copulate outside of our identified race. After all, isn’t that the deciding factor? 😉

    • big g

      Good read fetterden. You sound like somebody with a good nose. Woman are suppose to have better noses than men. It was once thought that a woman’s nose developed as a tool to weed out bad food for the children. I would say that a lot more is going on in that area for choosing a mate. S persons smell is of chemical makeup and its a window into that persons world.

  225. Shannon

    I don’t want to be offensive, but having done extensive sports with Black people, I have to say that most have a distinctive body odour irrespective of diet or hygiene. If you blindfold me and put me in two gyms, one full of black after exercising, and one non black, I would be able to detect the difference in NORMAL conditions be able to tell the difference. Obviously if all the black exercisers had used loads of anti of anti odour spray and not trained hard, it might be hard. Of both gyms were full of intensive garlic eaters, no difference would be n noticed. But black People, do have an distinctive odour irrespective of whether it’s caudex by bacterial reacting with sweat or whatever.Maybe it depends on peoples individual sense of Snell. But my understanding is black People themselves are often aware of the smell. Get over it. It’s reality.

  226. VS

    Asians tend to have lower apocrine glands than other groups. This is a scientific fact. These glands secrete oils that are the main cause of body odor. Anything else on here is conjecture based on biased and probably racist bullshit. If you’re non-Asian, put up with it and argue on scientific credibility or shove it.

    My experience in terms of smell

    1) south asian/ middle eastern
    2) white/latin american
    3) blacks
    4) east asian

    • VS

      Having said that, if aprocine counts are variable between races then they are probably variable between the individuals within a race as well and factors like general hygiene, diet, stress levels, and weight probably have something to do with it too.

  227. Brink

    Interesting, there is no mention Middle Eastern people where do the People of Arabic heritage (rank)? I have noticed the men seem to be without proper hygiene plus adding huge amounts of cologne. The binary agent literally curls your nostrils and I swear like a RANK Champion fart you can taste it. Now that is foul.

  228. JulieK

    Omg…Meximelts are so fat and the stinkiest. Why? So fat they can’t wipe their own a”’! No wonder roaches are their best friends!

  229. hikaru

    Whites really smell bad. When the red cross volunteers were giving relief goods after the typhoon hit my country, the victims could smell the armpits of the volunteers as they pass them the food. Haha. I think it’s because you are hairy and sweat a lot. But, the worst odor I’ve ever smelled was from a new guinean. It smelled like pepper, vinegar and garlic combined. As I entered the internet cafe, I instantly noticed the sharp smell coming from him. No wonder, no one wanted to seat beside him. African students in my country do not stink in general. The iranians used to stink a lot, but due to racists bullying them about their odor, they started showering a lot and wearing deodorants.

    • ricky

      Ok, pure african here, i think you guys should get together and try a simple experiment.1) Find a group of racially different people who have a generally similar diet, eg kids from the same boarding school, or sailors from the same barracks. 2) make them shower with the same brand of soap and make them change into new clothes 3) make them do an activity that would make them sweat 4) completely blindfold the doctor (who claims to be able to distinguish smell of races) and make him smell the subjects without touching them (the subjects should also not make any sound as it may give away accents) if the good doctor is able to pinpoint any particular race he claimed to be able to, then you can conclude that, that particular race has a distinct smell

      • Jagaa

        I can smell a Russian a mile away, they think it is manly smell and don’t wash often. If you wash a Chinese every hour it will still smell garlic from ther breath

    • ChefWong

      hikaru, not sure how impoverished your country is but sometimes food can stink. If the red cross volunteers only smelled bad when they passed out food, perhaps food was the culprit.

  230. Lewis

    I’ve traveled extensively and grew up living overseas. I have had exposure to many different peoples. From a personnel experience I have noticed different people of different cultures smell differently. Not completely across racial lines. Blacks from the Caribbean smell different from Blacks from America; In general though, Blacks smell earthy; Blacks from the Caribbean smell of spice and earth. Chinese smell slightly eggy/sulpherous, while other Asians don’t smell like the Chinese. Japanese don’t smell, or rather smell more like whites. Hispanics in Central America and the Caribbean basin smell spicy but Hispanics of the Andes don’t. Brazilians smell of coconut and spices. Arabs smell of sheep, like a wool sweater, while Middle Easterners from the mountains and the Iranian plateau smell like goat. Europeans smell like wet dog with a slightly curdled sour milk smell. Or like a wet dog that just lapped up some curdled/ sour milk. American whites smell like sour meat but very mild. Indians smell like curry but I don’t think that’s a revelation for anyone. I do love the smell though. Indonesians smell like coconut oil. So yeah, culture + race + diet equal scent. I don’t find any scent particularly odorous or onerous. I do have my favorites though, Indian women and Hispanic women from the Caribbean. I am by the way a white male, I smell like a wet dog, though with age I smell more sour.

  231. Jagaa

    I am north asian.
    I don’t have much experience seeing many people up close.
    An underarm bad smell is called “Khulmas”. It is contagious! If you wear a shirt or jacket of a person who has khulmas, you get it permanently, and vice versa if you let your upper clothes wear to someone else with it, and you wear it later, even after washing it ,you still get”infected” with it for life. %100 of People of european origin have khulmas, it’s their natural smell.
    People with khulmas have to shower themselves at least twice a day, this is the only way to keep the smell down.
    Here is the funny story when I was a boy..
    I used to go to school by public bus and it was always packed. One very hot summer day I struggled myself in and found myself right underneath of an armpit of a russian, the bus was so packed I could not move away! A moment later I woke up laying at a sidewalk with a lady who stopped the bus and took me out of it because I passed out. The lady was very happy to do it because she also felt passing out.
    The so called whites here in the U.S. always smell different types of soaps and deodorants and I haven’t smelled khulmas from any of them. I’m sure however that they all have it. I guess they do a good job of showering twice a day rule+powders+deodorants.
    I can not tell anything about africans or hispanics. Chinese smell like garlic but I guess if you take all their garlic supply and throw far away in to the ocean, and wait at least a week they’ll be alright.

  232. kassandra

    I don’t believe it should really matter, different diet & climate causes different smell. If you have good hygiene you should be fine. Yes I know a few Asian or black people who have and off putting scent. That doesn’t mean the whole race/nationality does.

  233. colin

    I banged over 1000 females. I do notice diff races smell different. Especially the Koreans because many have a tub if kimchi in the frig. But when the hot female pussy is in the air. Just ignore the smell and pound away. Doesn’t matter if they smell a little diff

  234. msdrpepper

    I’m a white lady, menopausal, never been on the Pill, and my white husband tells me I have the nose of a bloodhound.

    I just wrote the following comment on a blog about stinky soap, made from lard..
    I have slightly different experience. I have never made my own soap, but has studied to realize some use Lard. I keep kosher, so when supporting local soap makers, I always check labels or inquire politely as to which have vegetarian oils or which use beef or lamb tallow, and if they say lard, I pass on it.

    I recently received as a gift (somewhere unexpected) of a bar of “chocolate” soap made by a relative who does not keep kosher. She had showed photos on her social media and talked about it being “chocolate” (which it does look like), and I commented on it looking good. Quite awhile ago, the soap showed up. Was a month or more air drying before I got around to using it, and I think I am a few weeks into using it. Just this past week though, I started noticing a gross odor of rottenness or almost like moth balls, not sure. Kept cleaning my sink, baking soda, vinegar, the works and it “smell good” after awhile and then I kept smelling it. Today I went to wash my hands and used soap and got a whiff of that smell on my hands. I thought Oh No, not the soap! But I picked it up off the soap dish and about gagged. Then it occurred to me it must have been made with lard. I giggled stinky lard soap and found this website . There is no politically correct or discreet way to ask relative “what was that horrible mess you put in your soap?” So I thought I would read up. The previous answers make me think I have guessed correctly, although most talk about smell going away after being made. None talk about smell reactivating after being wet from use. I had to clean soap dish (2 part deal, bowl like with a drainer type “lid”) and that helped, but bar itself still rather stinky!
    So then I went to another website suggested by google and I posted this comment on her site (LatinaLikeMe – I think it was called…):

    Curious, do “all” Mexicans eat pork or lard?

    I’ve met Mexicans who I knew kept Kosher and I never thought they smelled differently. I have also met people of other races who I thought did smell – and it wasn’t a lack of soap or shampoo cleanliness – it was from inside, and they would be talking about foods they ate, prepared with ham or lard. And at Mexican restaurants, we have to ask them all the times – are beans or chips fried in lard? Any pork in beans? Etc. (Many are switching to veggie oils because so many are vegetarian etc.).

    So today, and the reason I landed on this site, I discovered that some homemade soap I was given by a relative who does not keep kosher – I found the soap was giving off a horrible odor the past several days (after repeated scrubbing out the sink etc!). I have always checked labels on homemade soap products at farmer markets etc to make sure they were made of veggies oil or beef tallow. So I didn’t know this relative was going to mail me this and I don’t know what she used in this soap to make it smell bad (kind of reminds me of rotten meat or moth balls, but as I think about it, remembering living in apartments where my neighbors of all nationalities, many were cooking in lard or frying up some pork, etc.).

    So anyway I guess I am trying to figure out one answer, and thinking this article is a bit biased and assuming all Mexicans smell bad when I can tell you many smell nice and I believe a lot of it is the foods they eat. I have read that some of the Asian types think Americans smell gross because we eat too much fatty or red meats (beef, pork, etc). Perhaps we should consider that there is room for improvement for all people to eat better and all people to cut others some slack for smelling “bad” when we might be offensive smelling to those who are a different people and ear different kinds of foods.

    It’s a thought!!

    After seeing three different websites, where the only thing in common are the words “lard” and “stinky”, my collective thought is that I am happy to keep kosher, this bar of soap is going in the trash, and everybody smells good if they have no pork in their diets. I have eaten at kosher and Korean and Italian and Middle Eastern and Vietnamese and Japanese and Chinese and Indian and Pakistani and Lebanese and African and French restaurants, even Puerto Rican roadside “pollo” stands, vegetarian places, vegan foods, German restaurants (very hard to find foods not prepared with lard or pork, especially among the Amish or Mennonite Germans), and Irish foods, Mexican, or did I say that already… And the food at all those places is wonderful IF I avoid the pork and lard. I’ve eaten stuff and didn’t realize it had lard in it, until later when I started belching up horrible odor from my gut (alfalfa or charcoal tablets really help get that mess out of my body.).

    I am sure this is more than you wanted to know, but basically all of us are human race, different colors and flavors, and women do tend to be more scent observant, and we just do better and smell better if we avoid eating unclean meats like pork or lard. It’s not a “Jewish” thing. It’s a human thing.

    • msdrpepper

      Sorry for typos above – Siri is rude about interjecting her spelling interpretations in my phone. That was “googled”, not giggle… But feel free to giggle away at any other similar typographical errors.


    • So anyway I guess I am trying to figure out one answer, and thinking this article is a bit biased and assuming all Mexicans smell bad when I can tell you many smell nice and I believe a lot of it is the foods they eat.

      Hello to my recollection, the article says nothing whatsoever about how Mexicans smell.

  235. Dezza

    Interesting that all different cultures have very distinct scents. It’s just what makes us all unique I guess, but obviously some people have a low tolerance for particular cultures. I’m black British of Ghanaian heritage, and have never had any complaints about my scent and nearly all cultures have been comfortably in close proximity with me at work etc. Some Africans can be smelly though, I find Nigerians smell like mothballs mixed with their traditional foods, due to the strong spices and their stubborn noteriety for not keeping windows closed when cooking thus their whole house and clothing smells of their cooking combined with mothballs. I find that Some whites smell like the “wet dog” smell particularly when they perspire, but due to their relatively mild diets which lack strong spices their scent is quite obscure. Carribeans don’t smell too bad in fact they are quite clean people so again it’s rare you get an upset nose around them but some of their diet contains strong spices so there are exceptions. Asians, particularly from Bangladesh or India tend to have a very pungent smell of onions and spices and it’s particularly offensive if they sweat… my goodness there’s some of them that work out at my gym and after a session if I’m as much as 50 yards away I’m having to hold my breath! You get to experience good variety of odours being in culturally diverse city like London. Moral of the story we all smell! 😀

  236. EvilStepMom

    Seriously, the names a joke, but, my son is 1/4 black… how do i get rid of this horrible, over bearing odor? I habe literally wiped him down with vinglegar during a shower…. then he ended up smelling like fish.
    This is not a joke. There HAS to be a solution.

  237. LukJ

    My experience is we all can stink, But blacks have a burned corn smell that’s offensive to me personally. Not all just like any other race but some. Bring on the race comments I’m from Alabama. Iv never meet an Asian person in my life and am thirty seven years old. I know and are friends with many blacks and Hispanics. Blacks smell the most to me.

  238. Dialtwicedailyboy

    Bathe with soap and scrubbing :
    When you wake up
    Before you go out in the evening
    Before you go to bed
    Teach all others to do the same.

  239. Rafael

    It’s all about personal hygiene and culture to some extent. Many people go for “all natural”, and I’m sorry, but there is no other way but you will stink. Human body naturally just does not produce nice smells. If it produces any, it’s just bad odours. It is in our hands to take daily showers and use products good enough to get rid of the particular smell. We have shower gels, nice smelling hair products, perfumes, and what not else. There is a high variety of these products and guess why? Because they have to meet needs of so many individuals. Culture has something to do in a way, for example people from India really do smell like curry but its mainly due to their diet. It’s also a fact that in general black people sweat a little bit more than whites while Asians sweat potentially less than whites. But there’s also individual differences, we cannot just label Asian- Non stinky, because there will be smelly people too.
    I’m a white male in his twenties and if I ever heard anything from people about my scent it’s just compliments. Thanks to Chanel, Dior, and the others.

  240. Jane

    I really felt bad for searching the web because sometimes I notice a special odour with black people I meet.. definetely not bad, smelly or stinking but very nice, and wondered if this is just my imagination.
    And I wondered if there really is a thing as racial odour and how that differs around the world.
    But it is so heartbreaking reading about white people calling others “stinking” so I will never say anything about it.
    (Thank you for your article)

  241. Nick

    I happen to know people of various races, 1 Danish and 1 Polish female, 1 African male, 2 Polish males, 3 Indian males, several Timors and eastern Indonesians (Papuanese). For me, the Danish woman, and the 3 Indians all smells bad. But the smell between the Danish and the Indian are different. Among the 3 Indians, they have a different intensity in smell although it is the same smell. Some of the Papuanese that I know smells like onion, some don’t. One of those Papuanese smells so bad that I can’t stand being next to him for longer than 1 minute. But I believe the problem with him is he don’t take bath cleanly if any as there are other Papuanese who don’t smell like him. The Polish, both girl and the males don’t smell. Thus, rather than race, I think the smell is more due to diet and personal hygene as both black and white can be not-smelly.

  242. Fred Paul

    This is weird…. I lost my sense of small a few years ago and now, after reading this, I feel I lost out? What happened? I loved the smell of a woman’s underarm with deodorant. I talking one to two days….. then it gets a bit too strong. But it was a turn on. I remember lots of scents that were turn ons. OK…. sometimes a person went too far or the smell of cooking got into the clothing… stuff like that… but…. leaving that behind, the scent of a woman was always a turn on. I don’t know. Maybe my nose wasn’t working right back then either.

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  244. Johhnezy

    I lived in China and I found that the Chinese, especially in winter mostly in the North smell like garlic and its strong especially in the taxi cabs or when they get close to you.
    Black people especially from Africa have a large odor, I cant explain it but if you smell it you will know. African Americans are a little bit different than this.
    White people smell like Butter, i once had a teacher in grade 4 that smelt like butter. Also the fat white kids smell like they havent wiped their a** properly. Never met a black kid who smells like that!
    Hispanic people havent really got a “basic” descriptive odor. I think its similar to whites. I think its what we eat or our hygenic standards, and some, well they cant help smelling like s***.

  245. Mark stewart

    It may or may not be relevant but I know several dog groomers who tell me that dogs with darker hair and skin smell different than the lighter ones. hmmm?

  246. Max apodaca

    Knowing that the German cockaroach was brought here by hordes of dirty, filthy Germans and other low life scum from the neighboring countries, and that all European immigrants are saltwater wetbacks, the white races leave a stench cloud over the towns and cities in which they call home

  247. Why do “African-Americans” smell so bad? Makes me want to vomit my guts out which would still smell better than “African-Americans”.

  248. jpodge

    Brits have real bad breath though, possibly caused by bad teeth.

  249. nicolevryan

    It’s probably more about diet, environmental factors and small differences in the oil exceptions and amounts discreted. I absolutely find black men or mix men to smell great! My roommate is a person of color and she smells extremely strong. A sugary musty smell. I can’t stand it but I am sure I stink sometimes too. She says differently but who knows. I think a piece left out should be sexual attraction, I am not attracted to black women whatsoever or Asian persons for some reason. While I am 98% into men only, there are some beautiful women who might make me think. Mostly these women are white, mixed black and white, Asian and white, and Latina. So I think smell plays a part in that but the brain is so complex to try and break it down to absolutes doesn’t work. It’s a collective with several systems working concurrently.

  250. PooBreath

    It’s quite likely that on a genetic basis races have variation in both sense of smell and the odour them emit. Coriander is a famous example for me. The smell is disgusting as well as the taste, like soap but you get people who love it. I think some gene candidates have already been found for that.

    The problem is though, sense of smell is also heavily incluenced by environment. What you grow up around, what smells you associate with things, certain smells you can become numb to over time, smoking and many other things you consume can impact your sense of smell, etc.

    Additionally to that, what people eat, their state of health can effect how they smell as well. Patterns in smell for this reason are very likely to be more personal.

    On that note I haven’t really noticed much racial difference in smell. Most people cover up their BO and I don’t hang around much in gyms. Crowded trains rarely make it clear where smells are coming from when there is a smell. Growing up in a multicultural community tends to dull it out.

    The differences I used to notice a lot more before taking up smoking and are not or do not appear to be based on body odour. Some Asians can have a typical often overwhelmingly nasty spicy smell which tends to make you stay away. Various peoples can smell of tobacco and smoke. British people can sometimes have the dreaded too much coffee breath of death that smells vaguely like turd. Black people and long haired or shaggy people often smell like gangja. A strange thing with black people, sometimes they smell strongly of kind of soap and turd. I am not sure what it is but I’ve noticed it enough that something must be going on there. I would say that it might be washing and leaving a fair bit of the soap on but the smell seems to strong for that and the almost poop like aspect to it suggests another ingredient. Another posibility might be from their buttcleaning habits imported from their place of origin where TP isn’t the norm. A lot here are from Nigeria and I think the ones with the smell on average tend to be particularly dark if I remember right so it could very well be that. It’s very few of them but enough to notice over the years. You also get the fat or clearly not taking care of themselves people that smell like urine and turd.

    I think a lot of the time people are smelling the residue of food on others. A lot of food is surprisingly pervasive. If I eat something sugary, the stickiness just spreads around the lips all over the hands, etc. Oily things are the same. It’s really pervasive.

    What is funny is that if there are some smells that only some races really tend to smell those can be used for a means of segregation. Perhaps the Asians are dousing themselves in some of those spices deliberately? Who knows? All I know is that some of these smells are enough to make me clear the room.

  251. William

    I am White man married to a Black, brought up in a Black area, mostly dated Black. I find Asians smelly. Chinese smell makes me sick. We all smell. Is this why nature wants us not to mix. And why we always fight against each other’s race. I love you all. Be at peace.

  252. dahszil dahszil

    Sigh…as i become older my olfactory seems to be less sensitive. Now it doesn’t seem to exist at all, sigh. I would give up my legs to smell dead rotting fish ! I can only go by memory. In elementary school one of those remarkable red heads with the freckles and hair that seemed to glow had a funny smell. it was sort of like rotting cheddar cheese. honest, i’m not kidding. but this is subjective. i’ve read and heard other people who said red heads had a similar smell. And red heads seemed sort of sticky skin. but this is school boy and girl ages and we probably were all pretty smelly and sticky in our own ways. especially in a catholic skill and your nervous and sweating to get ready for inevitable nun from hell stabbing you in the side with her chalk board pointer or an arbitrary “put your hands out bobby you bad boy” and get whacked umpteen times. the back of your hands always bled

    In high school I was happy to quit prep school in the 9th grade with all that hazing and nonsense.(preppies are like frat boys. individually they are so silently, secretly in doubt of their ability to be a self starter, afraid of going out in the city, country, where ever and can’t start a conversation with the most disarming stranger).

    I transferred to a public school(for those of you in Great Britain i mean a free, state school). I loved it. We had such a cross section of kids from different socio-economic statuses, colors of skin, and so on. Some of my best friends were black or african american. (btw, this is mid 1970’s). There was a different smell but it was not offensive, just different. I noticed that when i met a new black friend his or her hands were rather clammy. And I noticed that blacks seemed to give off more body heat. So if it was cold on the bus or the car i’d deliberately pick out a black guy or gal to sit next to. If it was a rainy muddy track and field meet i competed in, waiting or after my races, i’d pop open my big umbrella which was always in my locker, and scream to fellow team mates who were black hey come and share my umbrella !!!

    i’ve never researched why blacks seemed to give off more heat or had clammy hands. Since they were still a minority of about 20% in my high school and the deep south whites killing and lynching blacks and the turbulent race riots of the late 60’s, i think blacks were still nervous and/or angry in the mid 1970’s.

    I remember reading the part auto biography by Malcolm x, when he was invited to eat with white people when he was a child. He wrote something to the effect that white people smell like uncooked chicken. i’ve heard it from other blacks too.

    In college….hmmm….ah ??? i don’t even remember. wonder why that is ?

    The main thing is we are all homo sapiens. you can take any two fertile man and woman of any ethnicity and they will have a baby(i’d stay away from trying to procreate with anyone left on Pitcairn Island or a blue blood like the despicably wealthy house of Windsor member…I would love to punch that cockscomb Prince Harry. and no its not because he’s a red head). We have slight differences in appearance and tiny differences in physiology but we are the same species. the black capped chickadee can procreate with grey tufted titmouse and have baby little bird. they are in the same bird species and look much different than any two ethnicities in homo sapiens.

    So when it comes to Species, their is only one race, the human race. so lets start treating each other as equals and love one another

    more to write, but i have to get up at the crack of 5pm, give or take an hour or two tomorrow

    peace, love and joy to all

    • Shannon

      I would prefer to use the word “types” to races. There is only one specis of domestic cat but many types. Siamanese cats are a different type of cat from Persians or European moggies. And it’s not just appearance. Siamanese are known to be very vocal. Is it possible that genectic isolation and mutation could produce slight similar differences in human types? I would say very possible. The ancient Romans regarded black Africans as being “musical”. I beleive it possible that black Africans are more able at music. That doesn’t mean other types are not musical or all blacks budding BB kings. Just a slight genectic propensity…

  253. Munimula

    Growing up in a 1970’s white, lower-middle class neighborhood, the only people I noticed that smelled different were the kids who probably didn’t bathe so much…dirty smell or cigarette smoke. As I got older and worked with African American people, I noticed that some had a heavy fried food or cooking grease smell. So I can only think this has to do with the type of food that is cooked in the home. As an adult, I notice the same with Indian people who smell spicy. Even my daughter came home from school one day and asked, “Why do black people smell like french fries?” I never mentioned my own observations to her.

  254. Nini Prom

    We all have smells …. As we are all different & have different diets as well. According to “My Nose”
    Some White people smell like “Wet Dogs” Some Chinese people smell like “Urine”
    Some Hispanics people smell like “Rotten or Sour milk/cheese”
    Some Black people smell like “Onions”
    Some Vietnamese smell like “Garlic”

  255. I have very little to zero respect for people who judge how others smell. I love people of all races and I doubt scents have very much to do with race. People need to stop finding ways to be divided. At the end of the day we’re all only human beings. Get over it.

  256. Don

    Whites Smell differently among blondes brunette and ginger. The ginger is the worst and brunette smells the best. They have this strong sweaty smell idk where it comes from. More so the males than females. It think it books down to hygiene and water intake. Blacks don’t need that much water as Caucasian. Therefore sweat can be stronger. Up the water intake and both smells the same

  257. Federico Delgado

    I don’t think anybody can beat the Russian when it comes to stink.

  258. Cuddles

    I date black guys. As a white (British) woman I haven’t noticed that they smell bad. In fact I like their smell/pheromones. I do get it though.

    I dated a guy from america whos family are carribean. He said white american women smell different to white British women.

    I get this whole smell thing. I don’t think it’s so much smell as it is pheremones. Someone who finds a particular smell nice is drawn to them and vice versa.

    I dated a white guy once who said that he found gingers smell awful and he really didn’t like their smell.

    • Prince Harry

      Well, don’t blame yourself. A lot of obese British women date anything because their sense of smell has diminished, plus if you smell worse then usually you are not too discerning.

  259. Len

    This site certainly has direct opinions which make a change from “political correctness” and such hypocrisy; far better we all know what we all really think. I don’t believe it is “racist” in a pejorative sense to make distinctions between the races – to pretend we are all exactly the same is ridiculous. As for smelling different all I can say is that at a gym I once used some of us white guys agreed that black guys DID have a different odour even immediately after a shower! Genetic, dietary,whatever, but we all used soap.I can confirm that Asians often smell of garlic but whether this is in the clothing from cooking or just sweated out is a moot point. One thing is sure – some smells can be very unpleasant and ethnic ‘minorities’ probably have no idea how life-spoiling endless horrid cooking smells can be to those who don’t share their tastes. It is just one of those things that results in white flight and why my capital city is now Londonistan.

    • Kathy bates

      Len you are obviously unaware about how working class white peoole actually smell then. Either because you live in an upper class society or because you have become so desensitized to the “white musk” that minorities agree smells like wet dogs, cigarettes, and dog poop.

  260. Kathy bates

    I live in rural Northern California, and the majority of people here are Whites, Mexicans, Blacks and Asians. But mostly White. I’m going to be as honest as possible.

    The Mexicans here rarely smell, and if they do, it’s of too much cheap cologne or burnt tortillas. Same with Asians, they hardly smell, but the ones that do have this weird food scent, kinda fishy and curry-ish. I have a lot of friends, and I’ve been to many Mexican’s and Asian’s homes here, and both people are very clean – they obviously value living in a clean environment.

    Blacks tend to smell like hair product or weed.

    Now, White people are a whole different story. I can’t stand their nasty scent. I’d say that about 70% of the Whites here smell like a mix of wet dog, old microwaved processed food, poop breath, musky old man scent, and cigarettes!!

    I am not at all exaggerating, I have White friends who also agree with me, and they think that the white population here is extremely embarrassing (they don’t know it, but some of them also smell really musky and like dogs – I don’t have the heart to break it to them), but yeah, white people smell really fucking bad around these parts.

    It’s like they don’t shower, they don’t brush their teeth, they don’t wear deodorant, and they sleep with wet dogs while smoking ten packs of cigarettes. 5/10 white people I see at stores are always in their pajamas or nightgowns, and 7/10 white homes I’ve been to are really dirty (especially the fucking bathrooms and their rooms), and they own like a million dogs and cats. It’s disgusting.

  261. Elvis

    I think I agree with this article. I’m black and back in Africa all the Americans I knew had a perculiar smell that offended me but to my amazement when I traveled to America I get the same smell from Americans. I think it’s from the hair and breath. I’m not surprised if any race thinks the other race stinks. The differences I guess is from the food and sweating conditions w

  262. DOSED

    i’ve had sex with both men and women of pretty much every ethnicity; without fail white men have had the worst odor from any and every part of their body when compared to other men. white women don’t particularly smell worse than other women but usually have very stinky feet and foreheads (hair oils?)

  263. Stanky

    In my experience, Asians smell the least. Hispanics come next, then Whites and Blacks. Middle Eastern and Indians smell the most. They can be quite STANKY. But here’s the thing, as a man, I don’t give a fuck as long as your pussy don’t stank. I’ll lick and eat’em all. Love pussy from all ethnicities. Good pussy is good pussy.

  264. Lisa sanches

    I grew up a d lived around d many different races blk Americans females due have a musty scent and vaginas a sour fishy fowl odor.

  265. Cznthia

    I think you wrote a very good article on this subject I am African-American and I don’t think it was racist at all.e

  266. Pier

    The distinct smells are likely a function of diet and not race.

  267. IT'soK

    Well, Everybody stinks unless they wear expensive perfume. Even celebrities smells bad..

  268. Simon Cowell

    All niggers smell like dog shit.

    • Howard Ng

      Like the bear hunter who was repeatedly sodomized by his quarry, despite an ever increasing lethality to his arsenal, I suspect that you are not here for the intellectual discourse. While most choices are valid, I suspect you will find beastiality to be an empty choice.

  269. Bobo Brazil

    I am white:

    My lady friends tell me I have a strong scent. They love to smell my neck and temples. They also say my penis and testicles have a strong smell…no, not dirty and unwashed smell but one of definitely manhood. I am amazed how they go crazy once they smell my penis and testicles! They’ve said over and over they love that smell, my smell!

    I believe them as they get close and closer and I can hear them sniff and breath in all the while they are kissing and licking.

    Then they go limp and tame and coo and ahhh and insist that they smell me some more…and that I help them finish…


    Just read this with my mom on the phone. We are both dying with laughter.

  271. Henry

    Whether somebody “stinks” or smells “wonderfull” depends on what you were taught as a child and what the people you live with consider right or wrong smells. Body smells depend on what you eat. That´s why chinese people smell different from europeans, africans or americans. If you eat like a recently washed american, probably a skimo will consider you stink and viceversa.

  272. Vlad

    I have never met a white woman who smells like a wet dog,that was probably your upper lip.

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