Middle Aged White Woman On Why She Only Dates Black Men

Great article. Frankly, these Black guys can have these bitches. We don’t want em! Take them and keep them, please. Better yet, move them out of our neighborhoods so we don’t have to deal with them anymore.

The article sums up exactly what I have been saying on this blog. In a multicultural America, White women will increasingly turn down White men. And Asian women will increasingly turn down Asian men.

Why? In Asia, Asian men are plenty masculine. But in the multicultural US, compared to White guys, they are going to come up short. Asian women in the US complain that Asian guys look like women, seem unmasculine and don’t treat them right. That’s only because these Asian women are comparing them to White guys.

Over in Asia, these guys would seem just fine. And in Asia, as far as not treating them well, the women don’t have much choice, do they? An Asian man or none.

In an all-White society, White males are plenty masculine. I grew up with masculine White guys in a mostly-White society. But in a multicultural US, White women are going to compare us to Black guys, and as the White woman in the article does, we are going to come up short, seem wimpy, lame, depressed, awkward and unmasculine. No way can we White guys compete with Black guys in the masculinity department. Forget it, don’t even try.

This will particularly be the case if we are talking about middle-aged White guys. We middle-aged White guys definitely wimp out hard. I see them all the time. We look depressed, defeated, out of shape, and miserable. Our self-esteem is shot. Young White men do all right, but I don’t know what happens to us White guys as we age. We just seem to lose it hard.

Correspondingly or perhaps in reaction, White women get more masculine, and are often seen carping at their cowering middle aged White partners.

White nationalists scream and yell about miscegenation, but then they turn around and say it barely exists. Doesn’t make much sense. 40% of Americans have dated outside their race.

I run a Yahoo group that is full of middle-aged White women. The % of these women dating Black men is incredibly large. Many seem to mostly or exclusively date Black men. These same women seem to be furious at White men. At the same time, they seem to think we are a bunch of wimps.

These women often love to partake in “ball-busting” where they attack proud, masculine White men and try to emasculate them as best they can. I’ve seen this sorry spectacle quite a few times. They seem to hate masculine and defiant (Who won’t take any crap from women) White men most of all. They’re nearly homicidal towards these guys.

They claim they love soft, almost wimpy guys (though they don’t describe them that way – they call them sensitive) but as soon as they get a hold of one, they make mincemeat out of his balls.

Why are these women dating Blacks? I’m not sure, but let’s look at the article:

A white woman past forty is often passed over by her white-male contemporaries. She goes younger or ethnic or foreign-born or down the socioeconomic scale or darker or she spends lonely nights at home with her cats. Black men are happy to get the babe they couldn’t have when she was twentysomething and fertile.

So this provides a clue as to why these women in my group are dating Black. They say that White guys don’t want them.

However, some of them could clearly get a White guy – they just don’t want one. Some were extremely attractive for their ages – 50-62.

I think they are going Black because they think we middle aged White guys are a bunch of wussies. I also think they are furious at White men. One of the ways that liberal White women, especially older ones, retaliate against all the White men who wronged them in life is to date Black. It’s the ultimate f-you to the White man. “I’m dating a nigger*! What are you going to do about it, pussy!?”

I recall 25 years ago when I was embroiled in a passionate affair with an older White woman. We were screwing so much we barely had time to eat, drink or go to the bathroom. Nevertheless, she still thought I was a wuss. You can’t fuck your way to manhood. How do I know she felt this way? She more or less out and out told me. It’s true, I have the mild-mannered professor demeanor of a Noam Chomsky – I don’t seem macho at all.

One time it was Saturday morning and we were recovering as usual from our nightly Sexual Olympics. She announced she was leaving for the weekend. We had an open relationship, I was a broke student, she had lots of money and paid for everything, so I didn’t care. But she was trying to get my goat. Worse than that. She was trying to get beat up. No, she was trying to get murdered.

I yawned. “Yeah? Ok, no problem.”

She jumped up and was dancing around in front of me like a boxer in the ring.

“I have a date!”

I raised my eyebrows a bit. You can’t faze me. I was getting tons of sex anyway, what did I care? I shrugged.

She was trying to piss me off and it wasn’t working. “It’s with a Black guy!” She was practically shouting and had a look on her face like she was defying me to punch her. “And I’m going to be gone all weekend!” Her voice was getting shriller and shriller.

I still didn’t care, but I don’t know why. Actually, I should have said, “Take lots of pics and show them to me,” but I didn’t. In olden days, a woman saying such a thing would get hit, or possibly even murdered. It’s one thing to make your man a cuckold, but it’s quite another to delightfully do it in front of his face, cackling diabolically the whole time. Overcivilized, we’ve quit justifiably murdering our women for this crap, and now look at ’em, dammit.

Think about that while you read that article.

As far as me, I’ve had enough bitches for fifty lifetimes. Who needs this? Life’s tough enough without some dominatrix trying to kick me in the balls.

White women over 40 are losing their looks, so they need to be nice to have at least one redeeming feature. Guess not. In that case, I’m looking hard at Latinas and Asian women.

*Used sardonically.

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203 responses to “Middle Aged White Woman On Why She Only Dates Black Men

    • I am sorry man, but I really do not like to put down others’ looks, but this woman, well, I just do not find her to be very attractive. She says all the guys are chasing after her all the time; well, I can’t imagine why.

      That young girl sure looks great though. I’m a sick, twisted old fuck. I love young women. So arrest me.

    • jim

      She has no other choice because, No white man worth anything would be remotely interested in that fat piece of shit.

    • obidient4u

      She fucks Black Men because she’s a typical white slut..They can NEVER say no to a Black Man..They are Superior Lovers and their fucking is THE HOTTEST..

      i’m a white 59 y.o. cucksucker faggot..Sometimes i’m fortunet enough a Black Man will let me lick His Cock and Balls clean after He’s tore up a white whores mouth, cunt and pussy..Occasionally allowing me to take one of His Nuts..Swallowing all that delicious white cream..Before He heads back to His Wife or Girlfriend..

      If Your within 40 miles of Waynesboro VA hit me up please..
      Email or IM obidient4u at yahoo..

  1. itnw

    What is the yahoo group that you run about?

    If a fat white woman can get a handsome negro man, and only a fat or ugly or poor white man then she’ll go for the negro man.

    Their hostility to white men is more about being rejected by them. People do this all the time, they create mental walls to feel better about themselves. White men really don’t like fat women much, and white women get bitter about it. I don’t believe that 40% number either. Maybe in California or New York City(probably higher than 40%), but how could that really be in other parts of the country?

    A lot of black men are fat or poor, they’re not all LL Cool J like you seem to be saying.

    • It fights scams, especially the Romance scam. A lot of these women are on Internet dating sites. They’ve either been scammed, or run into scammers, or want to learn to avoid them. All of the dating and social networking sites are absolutely crawling with romance scammers. Most of the ones targeting women are Nigerians.

      Their hostility to white men is more about being rejected by them

      Yeah, that makes sense.

      White men really don’t like fat women much, and white women get bitter about it.

      Yeah, some of these women look great, but it’s true that a lot of them are fat. That’s for damn sure. Black guys don’t seem to give two shits about fat women. I think they even like them like that.

      • Narrniah

        Hmmm…but…what ‘if’ the white woman isn’t fat? Thought of that one? Think for a moment…what ‘if’ the white woman is 5’7″, 115 lbs, and found attractive by many white men, but she knows black men will treat her much better and that far too many white men take their women for granted? What’s your input on this?

        • Brian

          All you folks are so worried about others..look to yourselves. Anecdotally, I do have to say that the vast majority of white females I see with black males would not win the Miss /America pagaent. Quite the connverse for Asian females with Caucazod men.

          Personally I am far more worried about the emotional , social and psychological deviance we call “Gay” and the impact it will have on our civilazation. It cuts equally across all racial groups and is a clear sign of a declinging and decadent society. I wonder how many of Ghegis Khans Mongols were Gay? Even in Alexander’s Macedonians is was by far the exception not the rule. and we all know what happened to Sparta…today it is a few huts in the mud. Persoanlly, like alcoholics, drug addicts, compulsive gamblers etc. I believe it is a social/mental/physical but mainly spiritual disease…we may not be able to cure but it can be controlled with honesty on the part of practioners.

      • Sexy Black Meat

        Please for every dissatisfied fat white woman you created there are 10 completely satisfied fine white women we fixed . . . we respect the game. IF we come for sex we say it and don’t hide it regardless if they are fat, married, white, rich etc. . . If we come for more we say it, no shame. Try it sometimes the results will be astonishing

    • Vincent

      i like fat women i’m looking for one hit on binvincent2001@yahoo.com

  2. Shawn

    They clearly hate their dads.

  3. Uncle Milton


    Susan Crain Bakos was mugged in front of her favorite bar in Harlem last year. Oddly enough none of her friends attempted to stop the mugging:


    I get the impression that maybe the clientele there didn’t like her overt fetishism, an unfortunate turn of events for her and I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone, but in retrospect, not surprising.

  4. Uncle Milton

    She was trying to piss me off and it wasn’t working. “It’s with a Black guy!” She was practically shouting and had a look on her face like she was defying me to punch her. “And I’m going to be gone all weekend!” Her voice was getting shriller and shriller.

    Uncle Milton’s Response:

    Oh wow… ok great.. you know.. I am going to a Violin Concerto for my other lover Su Ling this weekend.. so that works out for both of us. She goes to Whatever State University.. and is getting a master’s degree in Computer Science. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from UC Berkeley where she got her undergrad degree. Isn’t that cool? What’s your guy’s thing?

  5. Reader

    It’s the ultimate f-you to the White man. “I’m dating a nigger*! What are you going to do about it, pussy!?”

    Speaking of being a pussy, I like how you totally ruin your sardonic use of the word “nigger” by putting that lame-ass asterisk after it. Might as well just write “n%$&!r”, or even lamer, “negro”.

  6. Reader

    Tell them to fuck off if they can’t recognize obvious sarcasm.

  7. Elyse

    i read that article and laughed, its sick, this woman obviously thinks nothing of black people and especially not black men, what she basically said was they were a “safety” for middle aged white woman for herself who no longer had it. what black man would want to be that for a woman,any woman. I can see the dilemma for aging/ older white men, many do not age gracefully, and it seems to be increasingly “uncool” to be white. One thing i can say alot of men should do is try to be a little less angry looking, seriously, imean you guys say us black women are angry,b ut i see so many uptight looking middle aged white guys on the train its not funny. Stop being so insecure also, what are white men so insecure about anyway? i won’t even go there. I am not talking about all of them of course, but far too many. Hey we all have our problems, either way this article was incredibly ignorant and i walked away feeling sorry for her rather than pissed off.

  8. I am a white girl and I have no interest in white guys ! I am more attracted to Black, Hispanic and Asian guys ! Besides, I am young. I am 19.

  9. Hi, to the asshole named Jim. I am not out of shape. I am not depressed. I am thin and confident.

    You’re obviously a young man, I can see that. Well, you violated the comments rules. One more time and it’s a ban, ok kiddo?

    • Pahdri


      After being surrounded by the highest concentrations of the most intelligent White, Black, etc,… younger men of the world, I can say that most are quite ‘lacking’ in the quality conversation arena. And, muscles without great conversation rapidly becomes a turn off for me.

      However, I think most middle aged White men who have the mild-mannered professor demeanor and love heated, intellectual discussions

      are super Hot.

      Keeping an open mind & always being able to change & expand your mind – is even hotter.

      Ah,… but what would I know about men & minds? I’m just a recent Berkeley & Harvard grad who left a globetrotting modeling career to learn neuroscience.

      Great blog!


    • Are you a woman, Pahdri? All this time, I thought you were a guy.

  10. Tom

    “In a multicultural America, White women will increasingly turn down White men. And Asian women will increasingly turn down Asian men.”

    The percentage of asian females that date white guys is sooo much higher than the percentage of white females that date black guys. Sure, some white females are attracted to black men but it is a small number at least from my experience.

    And in all honestly it is mostly extremely obese white women that are with black men. I wonder how black women feel considering that a certain number of black men would rather date an ugly overweight white women over a female of their own race. That has got to do a number on a black woman’s self esteem.

    • alpha unit

      Most black women ridicule such guys, and see their behavior as rather pathetic.

      • Uncle Milton

        To Alpha Unit:

        Most black women ridicule such guys, and see their behavior as rather pathetic.

        So are these women behaving in the same manner as some WM are reacting to the author of this article..?

        I remember Abagond’s blog lit up when there was a topic about some Black guy who basically only liked White women. (And note the author of this articles is not just stating her preference in men but putting down White men….)

    • tulio

      Most fat, ugly white women are with ugly white men. Let’s keep some perspective here. Also, most these black guys who date ugly white women aren’t exactly prize winners themselves.

      When I start seeing Tyrese Gibson types dating fat ugly white chics then I’ll start to worry.

  11. Ramesh

    When I read all this I realise how much better is our arranged marriage system in India.

  12. WS

    The fact of the matter is that the vast majority of White women who date, screw, or marry Black men are what is commonly called ‘White trash.’ If you survey the White women who date/screw/marry Black men, you’ll find that they are nearly all of them are severely defective in many ways, i.e. ugly, fat, stupid/uneducated, poor, boring, drug addicts, mentally ill, etc. There are very occasional exceptions to this (Heidi Klum is one), but those are of course very rare.

    Thus the loss of these ‘mudsharks’ to the White race has a decidedly eugenic effect on the White gene pool which is actually enriched by their absence. The poor genes of these ‘dirty Black fuckers’ won’t be missed by the White gene pool, which is being made stronger, better, and more ethnocentric by their leaving it.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    • It’s not really true of the middle-aged White women who go for Blacks. Most of them are just normal middle-aged White women. They’re sort of desperate, but most middle-aged White women are anyway.

      A LOT of younger White women go for Black guys, but they don’t shack up with them or have kids with them. A lot of that type are pretty promiscuous (sluts) but other than that, there’s nothing really wrong with them. I luvs sluts anyway. Haha.

    • Tom

      I don’t know where you guys live but I don’t see that many middle aged or younger white women with black dudes. Yes, I do see it happen but not that much at all.

      Of the white women with black dudes that I do see are usually fat and ugly or very very trashy looking. This usually leads to biracial kids and sooner or later the dad usually leaves. It is rather tragic and I feel bad for the children.

      Raising children is hard enough with two parents; I can’t imagine what it is like for a single mother. This is all on top of the identity crisis that the biracial child will most likely have.

    • I have a Yahoo group that fights scammers. The group is full of single and divorced middle aged women, mostly White women. The % of these women who are dating Black men is unbelievably high. I’m just stunned. Also I have met some young women who dated Black guys. They were single and in their 20’s when they were doing this. They lived in the Northwest and Northeast.

      It’s true that in many cases, when a non-White woman has a kid with a Black man, the Black guy leaves and sticks the woman with the biracial kid.

  13. rocketmanbob

    But in truth, black sisters, we’re after the sex, not the ring and these guys aren’t the marrying kind anyway.

    Wow! Could she possibly make a more racist statement..?

    Black men have something white guys don’t have anymore: confidence in their masculinity, their sexuality. They clearly know they’re men. White men appear to be waiting for the latest sociological research study to let them know if they are men or not. Yet black men are gentlemen, something else white men no longer are. They make me feel like a woman, both respected and desired. I can let go of my inhibitions, my need to control, when I am with them. How many white men can treat a woman like a lady and ravish her too?

    Well a partial aim at least of the entire feminist movement in America in the 80’s and 90’s was completing the emasculation of American men.

    Congratulations-Mission Accomplished!

    You all have made your bed, and now you can lie in it-metaphorically speaking. This article seems like a bunch of tripe written by a teenaged girl who feels like shocking her Daddy… How delicious to see the HYPOCRISY! of a liberal feminist on display as well as the willingness to engage in racial stereotyping and prejudice when, you know, it fits your desired narrative

  14. Uncle Milton

    To Josh:

    I am a white guy who has no interest in white women, they just do not keep me interested. Most white women will sleep with anyone for a dollar.

    Ummm yeah.. gee dude ca you hook me up? One dollar is a good deal…. and you say that like it’s a bad thing.

    • I like the idea of these $1 ladies too. That’s not a bad thing at all. I think it’s a great thing. Even better yet, for the hottest guys of all like me, women should pay us.

      • Uncle Milton

        To Robert:

        Even better yet, for the hottest guys of all like me, women should pay us.

        Damn straight.. line em’ up…

        Where’s my Viagra..?

  15. Vikki

    Well, I don’t think this is a “women” problem as I’ve been cheated on by a male partner, white male in fact (I am white and native american). He actually used to taunt me about it as well. Very mean fellow.

    I’ve lost a lot of money to him, too. I was young an inexperienced, didn’t notice the many red flags he was displaying but you live and learn I guess.

    He wasn’t a wimp at all though, very far from that. More like a bully type. I don’t generally think of white men as wimps but maybe it has to do with my personal experiences.

    • Wow, that’s really mean.

      Yeah, a lot of White guys are mean and bullying. Not so many as we get into middle age though.

    • Hey girl dont feel bad i find lots of women who go for the rude/crude dude who just wants to use her. I know this because thats ME, (its LUST thats blinde and stupied NOT LOVE). Yes if your showin all your curves, and offering free samples YES i will come and get some. And hey if your offering other incentives as well I’M GONA get some of that too. OH YEA if your going to offer offer some free curvy action to me AND more incentives to boot I’M GOING TO TAKE THAT TOO!.
      I know this because i been there, done that you would not believe how many women, (educated well off women, professional women, married women) who have done that for me. I am amazed I got my first car from an educated professional women. I never tried to charge or even considered charging, i’m not that nice, and i am rude and crude at times. I have an apartment paid for, i have a car and a truck and a jet ski given to me and lots of nice clothes given as well. TIP if a guy like me is giving you the best loving you ever had-GREAT. If he is rideing you wild, driving you wild, and he is enjoying your body. Thats what it is he is EJOYING YOUR BODY do NOT offer him more.
      YES dress very hot, lose the bra, panties, whatever, SHOW IT OFF for him make him want to show you off. DO IT even if it embarrases you at that time/location. If he asks for gifts, money, favors, etc.. consider it if your wish, BUT NEVER OFFER such things to any man your not married to. For a guy like me your BODY should be enough, if its not then find another guy like me, were out there in big numbers.
      There are five senses, SEEING, TASTING, FEELING, HEARING, SMELLING. If you tingle all my senses your getting that wild loving that drives you crazy making you lose days at your job, wanna give gifts taxing your financial limites and so on. GIRL ITS A HIGH, and a guy like me is after that high as much as you are. If your getting it that good you just keep your wallet in your purse and enjoy the ride as long as you can, because HE WILL.

      Good luck and enjoy

    • Oh that sucks big time, I know there are white men like that, but other races have men that will do the same thing-be careful out there.


  16. Alex


    Parts of this article have little to do with reality and in relation to black guys being more manly than a white guy that’s not even true, the majority of these soft black guys do not even dare walk into a bar, pub, club or restaurant in the UK.

    White guys are naturally more confident and assertive which is a fact. This maybe the case in some random city within America, but guess what this country does not represent the world, I guarantee that any black guy would fall short compared to an English, Irish or Australian guy.

    Also on middle aged women 40 plus single and maybe with kids who are over weight and luck like hell, the reason they chose black guys is because they have no alternative. It’s that or single forever because the white guys are not interested…..the ironic thing is some of these white women are probably lacking education and are a lil racist, since these women would have never considered this as an option in their younger years. Which means the black guys in there 20’s who go along with this have no SHAME.

  17. jay

    Its possible that older white women are open to dating black men more than younger ones because they are past their child bearing years and are more economically secure. (Whereas the younger white woman has to conform to societal pressures for security sake)

    These women are free from such pressures and can now have sex for the fun of it – not having to think about finding a provider or impressing anybody. Hence they go after what they find sexy.

    If you have been on a college campus or hipster neighborhood lately you’ll see young white women dating black guys in bunches – but i suspect they dont marry – just sex. The societal pressures on both are too great when both are young.

  18. marnie2010

    I find it funny that a group of White men who admit to lusting after and dating women of other races are bitching and moaning about who white women; whom they don’t find attrative anyway, are dating. Puh Lease. If White women are behaving like spoiled ungrateful brats it’s because White men have spoiled them troughout their entire lives. Suck it up, roll over and say hello to My Ling you racist cunts.

    • tulio

      Agreed. And I think this whole thing about only ugly and fat white women date black men is a bit outdated. I’d say that was definitely true at one point, but not nearly as much anymore. I see average looking black guys with average looking white women. I see ugly black guys with ugly white women and I see good looking black guys with good looking white women. I will sometimes see the occasional decent looking black guy with a nasty white woman, but that is becoming less and less the case.

      I think you just have a lot of white males out there that are haters and can’t put up with the cognitive dissonance of seeing their women with guys they really don’t respect. So they have to convince themselves that the women are inherently undesirable. It’s so hilarious when I hear WNs talk about Heidi Klum being a filthy nasty slut that they never would’ve wanted anyway, lol. Yeah fucking right! If they didn’t know she was with a black guy they’d be jerking off to her photos.

    • alpha unit

      You’re crackin me up, tulio….

    • deadcult

      I think you just have a lot of white males out there that are haters and can’t put up with the cognitive dissonance of seeing their women with guys they really don’t respect.

      Read this comment.

    • alpha unit

      Amazing, the viciousness this sort of thing brings out of some men.

      A woman who has sex with a man outside her race is by definition a “whore.” Of course. No “good” woman would do such a thing. She must have an ulterior motive, since the men of her own race are clearly superior.

    • Correct, AU. She is a whore because she is unfaithful not just to a man, but to *all of the men of her tribe, or race*. Get it? I think that’s how it works.

    • alpha unit

      Oh, yes. She is betraying *all* of them. And so now they are entitled to engage in a verbal gang-bang to put her back in her place.

      Dirty whore.

    • I think your mostly right but as far as white women behaving like spoiled brats. I think some are mostly filling needs not being met by their black lover’s counter part, (the white man) or whatever other race we may be talking about.

      Now about the unwanted white women dateing blackmen-UUH-I don’t think so. I see many very hot white women going out with my young step brother and other black guy. A black guy with a fat/unattractive white women sorry thats very rare. The white women I see around with blackmen are very attractive, professional, educated, and finacally secure.


  19. tulio

    I read the comments. I was surprised to see that there were at least a few mature posters who were intellectually honest and said that cheating is nothing unique to interracial relationships and that many white celebrities do the same thing. Making the Tiger Woods thing into a racial matter is just sick. As far as I’m concerned, he’s just another celebrity with a shaky marriage. What else is new.

    • Is he cheating on her, is that it?

    • alpha unit

      Maybe he’s cheating on her, maybe not. To those racists it wouldn’t matter, actually. Any trouble in an interracial relationship would delight them.

      This is something they have in common with other racists. There are black guys who get together on the internet and trash black women who are into interracial relationships. They seem to derive just as much pleasure from it.

    • tulio

      Tabloids and paparazzi have been seeing him with this woman Rachel Uchitel in different parts of the world. This just broke right before the incident at his house. Nobody has come out and admit anything yet, but I’m pretty convinced. Not that I care much about the lives of the rich and famous.

      • Bdoon

        I white, 60 yrs old am married to a Latina and have dated aross the spectrum. They were all mostly good, and I do not worry about what I do not have but focus on what I have, in the Here and Now. I have been treated bad by white women when out dating a non-white and by black men when dating a black woman. Screw them…I have been down and around enuf to defend me and mine and I am not afaid to show it or do it. I do not care who you are…you are an instant from a long sleep…just call me Ambien if you mess with me,
        What do I care if some old white lady dates a black man (whatever that is…most are full of white man’s genes). I remember particular women for particular joys but do not stereotype them because my jewish live-in gave great head, or one of my black loves rode me like a cowgirl or that hot tight Latin lass . Anyone who stereotypes is a racist…whether she is a middle age white lady or whatever. As soon as you hear that comment…”I only dateblah blah…” you know you are listening to a racist or bigot.

    • Uncle Milton

      To Tulio:
      As far as I’m concerned, he’s just another celebrity with a shaky marriage.

      What else is new.
      What makes it entertaining is pondering what kind of golf club she struck him with. (Even so I am sympathetic towards Mr. Woods..) I had never really thought of Swedish women as such ferocious types, perhaps some sort of Viking throwback?

  20. marnie2010

    I don’t know how you silly dills brought Tiger Woods into this but women do not like whinny men. The source of your problems is in the mirror. Take a hard long look at what’s staring back at you. That is all!

  21. Uncle Milton

    To Marnie2010

    I don’t know how you silly dills brought Tiger Woods into this ..

    Because this thread has moved into a general discussion interracial relationships and the way people comment on them. And really Tulio’s comment of “Making the Tiger Woods thing into a racial matter is just sick.” is more on topic than yours.

  22. Uncle Milton

    To Marnie2010:

    but women do not like whinny men. The source of your problems is in the mirror. Take a hard long look at what’s staring back at you.

    Non Sequitur.

  23. Toddy

    I think it’s sad that a middle aged white woman is so desperate for love that she seeks out a black man. The promise of every soul song rings empty after the sex act is over.

    The object is to impregnate the woman, have her pay your bills and move on when the cupboard or will to support them is bare.

    Whenever I see a choco-cream combo I just shke my head. I know, they know, we all know that she is in for major league pain.

    If that’s what these PC zombies want, let them have it. Just like the child who burns their finger as they reach for the flame and the idiot who bets his life savings on a crap roll or lottery ticket, white women have to learn the hard way. Black men have been given a pass so many times they’re like spoiled children. Thanks to our liberal media and school districts, it will get worse before it gets better.

    Black men need to learn what every other man has known forever. You can’t get water from a dry pump. It takes time to build a successful life and world for you and your family. Stop trying to get something for nothing and start respecting yourself and others in your life and maybe you’ll become men of integrity like the rest of us.

  24. Roberto

    People have been fucking each other of all creeds, colors, etc. since fucking first started. IMHO, white guys don’t like seeing bm/wf couplings for two reasons: wm assume she’s with the bm for his cock and because wm are pussies because they are not deemed as ‘primitive’ and ‘exotic’ as bm.

    Oh, and a third one, wm believe wf is naive while the bm is showing off his white bitch in front of the whole world.

    Wm get Asian women because Asian men are repressive.

    Bf get justifiably pissed when they see a bm touting a wf.

    As you can see, their is a mixture of truth and myth, fear and anxiety. We are animals and we feel uncomfortable about some of these things.

    White guys: quit bitching and worrying Mandingo is going to take all your women..LOL. Be yourselves, better yet, improve yourselves mentally, spiritually and physically. It’s a mans world and white still very much owns and controls all the shit.

  25. Ja

    Have you seen this ugly witch. She is the fat old ugly in black you see in this video.
    Who else but black guys would go out with her? White and East Asian men would not even touch her let alone have sex with her. I believe she is a resentful hag, getting back at White guys by fucking a black, but do White guys really care?

    I remember a jewish feminist in Russia advising Russian women to marry Indian men to prevent the Chinese from colonising Russia. Man you should have seen that ugly. Many elated Indian guys on the world wide web lost all their enthusiasm when they had a look at her.

  26. paul

    I have dated women of all races. Asian women are the sexiest, most intelligent, and most feminine of all the various races I have dated and the best lovers. There are differences in asian women and usually a better socioeconomic condition creates a worse personality. This generalization applies to American women but cultural differences and value differences make this women less attractive for various reasons. In addition, American women are in general less intelligent, less willing to work, less skilled in domestic skills and less willing to have a family. European women are a step up from American women in that a higher percentage have some class and intelligence. American women have been downgraded in my opinion through public education and the media. Black women in general seem to be polarized into two stereotypes. One is ethnocentric and the other attempts to take a more worldly view. You can guess which one most rational men prefer to be with in life. I have no fear of any man of any race because I know what they are inside. It makes me laugh at times when I think about it. Be true to yourself, do a good job for your woman and there is nothing to worry about. There will always be people who want to make a statement. I date someone for love and compatibility. That is the only good reason in my mind for having a relationship. I know where to find thousands of beautiful women. Why get so concerned over this pool of women who really would not be good mothers or wives. Be happy and make a nice woman happy in your life. That is life.

    • If I was a young black stud I would be all over you girl. I’m not so i just wish you the best go get it while you can. I should give you my young step brother’s contact info but I think you have plenty of your own contacts.


    • Paul

      If you think asian women “are the best” you are a racist. Anyone who stereotypes betrays their ignorance. Most Asian women I have known , I mean Oriental, are grossly materialist. I have been with ladies from many nationalities (no Native americans or Indians) but the best I have had I still have…my wife from Central america. after 25 years of marriage she loves like it was our first date, she is beautiful, about 10lbs more than when we first met and best of all she has “real” values. I was dating a Columbiano and 4 middle-class white ladies plus occasionally this incredibly sexy white stripper and a black woman I met on a tour boat (boy I was loved in her neighborhood) when I met her.. After a couple dates with my muneca I asked her to marry me. At her age she was so much more mature than any Americans I had ever met and she had values even when no one was looking. Granted she gets a little too religous (I said religous not spiritual) for me sometimes but I now live in a world that would have been blocked to me if I had not met her. Her greatest defect is her temper….but it is a two-sided coin…that energy when let loose in bed is incredible, she was not my first Latin by any means but I was closed emotionally with the others (I was only 19-25 yrs old and thought with my pajaro). Still I cannot stereotype because I have loved others though during my marriage this has only ocurred when my wife put me in the doghouse.

      If some old bag, no matter what her color, is lonely and trying to justify behavior outside the norm , who cares? Loneliness suks and I know.

  27. Hi I’m Kelly a 57yo white professional women, and i do date/sleep with young blackmen. After reading the article and some of the responses to it i think its like anything else you got people that want it and thoes that don’t. I’m financally indapendent and able to do what i want in life for the most part, so i can afford to not worry about what other people think.
    I guess I like being picked up by a guy (black) who knows what he wants and has no problem making that known even before he hits on me. I guess i’m not romantic, for that stuff makes me feel like a guy thinks im an idiot, we both know what he wants come-on. Most black men just come out with it, when a black guy approaches me at a club and asks “how about a drink and lets get to know each other better”.
    The guy mostly white guys will buy me something and have no real idea of what to say after asking me about my job and so on. Most black guys I will go with start out putting it up front, meaning hey your a fox i wanna fuck you and you want me make it worth my while to be my slut tonight. It’s not said in that way but the meaning is very clear to me up front. If I want him i buy him a dring a meal or whatever at the time. I pass up guys too for a better looking or younger black guy, just like guys pass up women for the same reasions.
    If I buy him a drink or dinner he knows he’s getting a ride on my hips were not spending 3 hours of trying to figure it out, (I find that annoying as hell). If I’m not trying to please him with what he wants to see, hear, feel within the first half hour its not happening!
    One time not so long ago I went with a young black guy he owned me in fifteen minuets, he wanted to see me in something different, so we went to a local mall and i tried on several slinky dresses for him. When I got the right one I saw his eyes and knew it was going a weekend long date. Ok so I like them a bit rude & crude & expecting me at my best all the time. And oh yes I still see (service his needs and desires) a lot.
    You can call me whatever you like and I have been called a lot of things from Black cock slut to Zebra bitch and everything in between. No one ever called me just being honest about what I like in a man/from a man.

    Just my opinion,
    Kelly Ann Sill

    • tulio

      What’s 57 year old woman doing hanging at nightclubs?

    • Wade in MO

      Holy Shit Kelly Ann Sill! You sound absolutely disgusting. Reading your post felt like reading about the breeding habits of some zoo animal. I don’t think most white guys would really want you anyway. At best you sound more like the “hump her and dump her” type of women that some immature frat boy would go for after a night of drinking and getting pissed on by his housemates. Fucking you may even be part of the fraternity hazing. You gross me out.

  28. curb your endouchiasm

    I’m a little late to the party, but I want to put a couple of things in here.

    First off, unlike the men you describe in your article, I have gotten more confident in my ‘manhood’ as I’ve gotten older. I will be 40 this year. I’m not using the word manhood as a substitute for ‘fucking’ either–when I was younger, I made girls cry (black and white, btw), I can’t do that anymore. Mostly because I don’t have the energy or interest to pursue women like I used to.

    On the other hand, though, I take a lot less shit than I used to. I am depressed. I am broken. I was those things, though, when I was 16. Now I’m pissed about it too.

    The thing that pisses me off more than anything else is this abstract idea of manhood that doesn’t apply–here’s manhood, and any man, black, white, asian, latino, etc can meet it:

    Deal honorably with the people you come into contact with.
    Don’t be afraid of things that you shouldn’t be afraid of.
    Honor your commitments to your family, your friends, and your job.
    Tell the truth.
    Okay, I’m done. How many men in the public eye white or otherwise behave with honor, truth, and integrity?

    Huge pecs? Huge dick? Plays some dumb fucking sport really well? Bullshit. Huge sense of honor and the courage to contest for what is right?–THAT’S a man.

  29. curb your endouchiasm

    Kelly Ann, more power to you, but could you please learn how to spell? You’re 57 years old for fuck’s sake.

  30. Nita

    It appears many men get more insecure with age. Who cares, let those women get all the dick they want. Go get that Asian, African, Native American beauty you’ve all been wanting and life your life already.

  31. Uncle Milton

    To Nita:

    It appears many men get more insecure with age. Who cares, let those women get all the dick they want.

    Nope, pretty much the opposite for most guys I know.

    Who cares, let those women get all the dick they want. Go get that Asian, African, Native American beauty you’ve all been wanting and life your life already.

    I sure as shit don’t mind if Ms. Sill is getting all the dick she wants… but I am pretty sure a little financial arrangement (likely indirectly…) is helping to lubricate her pussy. And so I take it you don’t mind when 50 something Caucasian men get all the Asian or Latina pussy they want in places like the Philippines or Costa Rica….?

    • Cyrus

      LOL!!! 😀

      Sorry, that last part there was just too much awesome to handle!

    • Nita

      I don’t know, sounds like a lot of concern coming from someone that doesn’t mind if Ms. Sill is getting lubed and paying for a job well done. In the White culture women are considered over the hill in their mid 30’s/40’s and aren’t considered viable mates. Especially if they are average looking and overweight. Why are you surprised she’s going elsewhere for attention?

      And furthermore, what the hell is new about 50 year old White men getting and/or paying for pussy in 3rd world countries? The world is full of mixed raced babies because of old horny and controlling White dudes. hmp!

      Men want to be the ones playing the field. If the woman starts showing similar wanton traits of men you guys can’t handle it. Black men are a prime example. They will flaunt their non-Black girlfriends/wives/side hoes until the cows come home; but if a Black woman so much as stands next to a non-Black male she gets dirty looks or ridiculed.

      • Uncle Milton

        To Nita:

        I don’t know, sounds like a lot of concern coming from someone that doesn’t mind if Ms. Sill is getting lubed and paying for a job well done.

        Ahh nope.. I think you are confusing me with someone else.

        And furthermore, what the hell is new about 50 year old White men getting and/or paying for pussy in 3rd world countries?

        To be fair middle age Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Black American guys are also getting a fair share of third world poon. Sort of their way of supporting single mothers in third world. (Single moms because of the local boys….)

        The world is full of mixed raced babies because of old horny and controlling White dudes.
        Well not really.

        If the woman starts showing similar wanton traits of men you guys can’t handle it.

        Oh I am sure there are men who feel that way…. but I don’t care.

        They will flaunt their non-Black girlfriends/wives/side hoes until the cows come home; but if a Black woman so much as stands next to a non-Black male she gets dirty looks or ridiculed.

        Sorry to hear that….

      • Hey you hit it right on the button, and i’m a white guy who lost his wife to a young black guy. I could cry about it or take a look at the reality of it. What’s happening to me is part my fault too for the same reasions you just stated. Hope other guys can look and learn too.


      • Pete Wilson

        Good point white men did start this bi-racial and multiracial think in America anyway.

  32. India

    Perhaps we in India should stop blacks from coming to India because the Indian women will soon be attracted to black guys over us scrawny Indian men (personally I am athletic), although Northwest Indians are tall and sturdy as most.

    Interestingly, I asked some of my female Indian friends at work and elsewhere a while ago whether they would be interested in black men, and to my surprise, some 25 to 30 percent said they would be open to dating them, as they did not see them any differently to Indian men or any other type of men. The other 70 percent were strictly a NO. I was taken aback because I thought no Indian woman would be interested in black men. That actually left me thinking if some Indian women have done it with black men secretly. Secretly because they know most Indian guys won’t want them if they’ve been with black men. Of course, the women I asked were mostly liberal with Western attitude and the real conservative types (if indeed there are any conservative type Indian women in the UK to begin with as most are fairly liberal).

    • Well, I would agree with you that India should be very careful about letting large numbers of Blacks into the country. Average Indian IQ is 82. IQ test Blacks coming in and make sure the group average is 82. Or better yet be very selective about them and only let in the cream of the Black crop, otherwise you get an inevitable crime increase.

      I don’t think letting in a few select excellent Blacks into India is a problem at all. It should be a benefit for India. But I advise against India or many other countries to let Blacks in willy nilly. Bad idea.

      There is something magical about the raw sexuality of the Black male. Even in societies that are quite racist, a certain # of the women fall prey to whatever it is, the extreme masculinity, something, that is the Black male’s sexual magic. I’m sure it would happen even in super racist India.

      The only country I have seen so far where women mass reject Black males is South Korea.

      I doubt if India is ever going to have so many Indian chicks going for Black guys that the native Indian guys can’t get a woman.

      Here in this part of California, we have many Punjabis. As a general rule, 100% of Punjabi women are going for Punjabi men. So there is little worry about Indian guys losing out.

      • tulio

        Why would large numbers of blacks want to go to India? Most blacks trying to escape Africa want to go to the U.S. or Europe. India is depressingly poor. Outside of a few urban centers where there’s an upper class, I’d say India is no better off than most of Africa. The shanty towns in Mumbai make Brazil’s favelas look like luxury condos. Doesn’t most the population still live off a dollar a day? My uncle who has been there a few times said it’s not uncommon to see women defecating in the street in plain sight. As much as I love travel, India is one country I have little interest in visiting. The thought of going there actually scares me. Not because of fear of crime and violence so much as fear of disease. They do have great food though, I’ll give them that.

        • tulio

          Also, I think there’s more Indians in Africa than the other way around. Like Chinese, there’s just so many of them that you can’t help but bump into them virtually everywhere on the planet.

        • India

          You do realise India is the fourth largest economy in the world in PPP, right? It will overtake Japan in the next 2 to 3 years as 3rd largest.

          India – the ancient, the eternal, and the ever-new.

      • Right on although, I don’t know about South Korea. There is a Tie Kwan Doe school in the building where I work, and I do see quite a few Korean women with black children and at times I see thier black fathers attend. I may only see from the window in my office but they been there long enough to be reasionable sure that Korean women do like black men at least here they do.

    • Alpha Unit

      Of all the things to worry about, why this?

    • Hey don’t worry Indian guys are a hot trend with white women here where I live, my sister went on a 3 month “vacation”. India was her second stop and I know she was not touring the sights there. Kenya, Jamaca, South Aferica were some other places she also went. Dude don’t worry there are some hot ladies uot there for you and some of them may be black.


      • Wade in MO

        “my sister went on a 3 month “vacation””

        Eww. So your wife ran around on you and your sister goes on sex tours? Where do you live? It sounds like a truly demented and gross place.

  33. India

    I meant to say most IndIan girls in the UK are liberal as opposed to being conservative.

  34. India

    Personally I think most white women that go with black men are unattractive with some being really ugly, and only black men are any longer interested in them so they go with it.

    • Actually, quite a few good looking White women go for them too, especially when they are young, in their teens and 20’s. These are the looser White chicks who sleep with quite a few guys.

      Quite a few White women aged 40-62 are also going with Black men, but they are not having kids with them. They range the gamut, but quite a few of them are good looking to very good looking for their ages.

      Bottom line is that good looking White women do go with Black guys, but just for fun. They don’t marry them, live with them or have babies with them.

      We all know the type you are talking about though.

      • Hi I’m not to sure about the not getting married and having children part. My mother at 57 married a 33 year old black man and they have a child together. Ok, i admit its strange having a black step father who is now 35 when i am now 40 and my sister is 38. Seing how our mother married our real father or even akoledgeing his existance, its odd that she married this black man. I have now got a step brother who is 16 now and a baby sister who is 9 months old now.
        I read the artical and several responses to it about types of white women who do this type of thing. My mother is an attractive women who is very confident,(she’s a realestate broker) who makes a VERY contfortable salary for her self. I’m quite certian that she may have married him for what he can offer in bed. He does not work, came into the marrage with an older van and boat filled with clothes and some small iterms for him and his son. According to my real sister he has never worked and his first wife was also oder than he was too. He just made a big step up after his first wife died. Now he drives a Corvett and has a gigantic big schreen 3DHD TV with every sports channel known to man.
        My sister and I hate this for sure but our mother will do what she does and he gets what he wants. Fourtanatly for his son thats a private school education and probably a very good colledge as well.
        I know that whatever his father has his son has too for he gets what ever he wants from the women around him as well. He gets my wife and my sister to take him places and out for practise driving for his license. My mother and her black husband’s relationship does not work the way I and my sister are use to relationships working. May be things are changing i don’t know. It does seem like that more and more white women are being with black me for whatever the reasion.


    • Hey girl have you looked outside lately? I think that was true years ago like back when i was ten years old or something. My step brother is black and i don’t think i ever saw him with an fat or ugly white women and any color women. Hes 14 years younger than i am and he had more different (VERY ATTRACTIVE) women in one year than i ever had dates in my whole life. HO DID I MENTION HES BLACK, you really need to take a look outside. I see lots of very attractive white and Japanise women with black men on the streets.

      Just my observation

  35. India

    Yeah, I have also seen a few very young attractive white women with blacks on busy shopping streets who are in their 20s or 30s, but most white women that go with black men are not pretty. Also, many of the women that go with black men are poor (lower socio-economic groups) who live on council estates (government funded dwellings for the poor).

    Look at this video of white women that go for black men and see how ugly the women are.

    As for the Indian women who I asked, I know quite a few said they would be open to dating black men, but perhaps they also said it because they didn’t want to come across as racist.

    I know that quite a lot of blacks come to India to study at universities but the black immigrant population who have come to live in India permanently would be no more than 50K to 60K. I am not talking about the historical black populations like the Siddis who were brought as slaves by the Arabs here and who pretty much now live in isolation in remote parts of India. I don’t mind well-to do blacks coming to India but not ones that become a drain on every society they exist. Quite a few Indian men have also married African-American women in recent years after meeting online and have settled in India. Some have probably married them as a passport to the US.

    • Alpha Unit

      It seems very difficult for you to believe that a non-Black person can actually be attracted to a Black person.

      • tulio

        I know huh, Alpha? This guy seems to have some issues with black people and interracial dating.

        • I have some issues with Blacks and interracial dating myself. I have a small dick! In high school, in the locker room, they used to call me, “Smalldick.” I’ve never forgotten it, and I have a complex to this day.

          What does this have to do with Blacks? Everything. Black guys have big dicks. White Aryan women go for those big Black dicks like kids’ hands in a cookie jar. They screw hung Black guys and they won’t touch me and my teenie weenie. I’m pissed, and as a result, I’ve been going to a lot of Tea Parties lately.

          Big Black dicks belong in Africa, not America. Send em back!

    • Pete Wilson

      When will all you people of all races learn. Pussy is pussy. Whether white or black or Asian. White women are not the queen of the female race.

  36. Hey guys,
    I am a young black man who has been called well hung. I’m not rich not educated, and not famous i’m just a joe on the street. I read the artical and the responses to the artical and the responses to the responses. I hate to say it but in a sence everybody is right and also wrong, i know of some women that go for well hung men. A friend of mine is and when a girl at school found out, it was like a kid in a candy store he went wild on the dating-plus thing. by the time he and I graduated he had 100+ ladies experience under his belt.

    I as a black man do not see that he and/or any of the girls/women are insulting the black race, or people, anything else about Aferican-Americans. He and whoever he was with wanted to be there having that type of fun, no money exchaned, not for wealth, popularity, or whatever (JUST FUN).

    Before i met any of the women he been with i also though evey bad thing about white women. To include eveything mentioned in the above responses and then some. I find that women (NOT JUST WHITE WOMEN) will date for well hung guys, rich guys, famous guys, and anyother thing else they might want and the guy may have.

    When i date a women (ANY AGE, COLOR< RACE, RELIGION, ECONOMIC STATIOUS) i want someone i can talk to and enjoy talking to, and spending time with. Yes i have been out with women who just want one thing from me and i get that. I guess im saying if she is after only a certian thing and she is up front about it i can have more respect for her, and it will most likely happen. (please, ladies don't get the wrong idea, i have needs too but i perfer the layd i can spend time with doing everything else with also.

    In closeing i think we all should be more patent and tolarent of each other. It is much better to have safe sex then drugs, drinking, and smokeing. I have been told by women that i relax them and hey, i enjoy it too, its a very high stress world out there lets alow people to destress in their own way; as long how they do it does not harm others or themselves.

    Just a thought

    the Big Gonzo

  37. Very interesting sounds like you been around the block a few times and have a good amount of experience in life. I have one question, didn’t the English, Polish, Irish all come from something called the anglo-sacson? In my personal back ground my family came from slaves so white is white i guess (please forgive me). I have slept with at least one white women and i am dateing another, i got into a strange situation (another story).
    To throw my parents off i have a fake black girl act as a my girlfriend, so i dont get into real trouble with them-my parents are as racist as they come. It sounds like you got simlar issues in your family too. I wonder if its not color but religion i always thought religion has been the biggest problem this world has ever had, and it is responcable for the thinking behind racists, war, etc…

    just a thought

  38. Cyrus

    Well, look on the bright side.

    Most Asian chics won’t touch a “soul brother” with a ten foot poll.

    The reason is bio-mechanical in nature. They “hurt” too much “down south,” if you know what I mean. 🙂

    • anon

      If only they had the same attitude towards white guys as well.

    • Wade in MO

      “Most Asian chics won’t touch a “soul brother” with a ten foot poll.”

      It sounds like you meant to say, “Most Asian chics won’t touch a soul brother’s ten foot pole.

  39. Read the clipping, I guess I was stupied when I put greattime and expense to bring back this boy from Kongo region of Aferica. I retired and returned to America last year when my contract expired. Two years before we hired this boy from the area I worked in to help my wife around the house. He is very short and nobody would hire him as I was told at the time. My wife and I are both taller people 6 feet plus for both of us, so it was like having a kid around the house. Except he is musclar and developed just short standing to just under my wife’s bustline.

    I never even saw it comming he did his job helping her around the house shopping and whatever else. It is the whatever else I should have caught on to. I had to take several trips away from the area for days and a week or two douring our stay, so i was busy with other things. He was having his way with her the whole time and even more so here when we returned here. She is a very attractive women lean, firm and athletic even at 59 years old. She’s educated and well read at the PhD level so I can not see any reasion for her to be with this boy or any black guy. It’s embarrasing and degrading to her and myself so i don’t know why she would try such a thing. When I was young a husband could shoot a black for doing that, now I can only watch it happen.

    It sucks royally


    • Nita

      LOL, perhaps your wife fucking a mandigo is Karma for a racist such as yourself. Perhaps that short Black man has more masculinity in his pinky than you have in your entire body.

      You see when White men put White women on a pedestal and held her up to be more beautiful than any other woman and brought so much attention to the genetalia of Black men you put the final nail in your own coffins. Thank your ancestors for that too. Because all it did was make White women curious of Black men and Black men furious from years of slavery and Jim Crow to get even by fucking as many Miss Ann’s as possible. It’s your coffin now die in it!

      • Woo A bit strong

        I know a black man that is actually 39 and 3/4 inchs tall, and he is surprizingly built at about 11 inch and sorta thick too. This very short black guy is very enticing and direct so i could see how his wife might go for some kinky sex and a big guy like that might be put over the line on that one. When i was with the short guy a past black guy i dated got a little offended when the short guy was all over me at the beech this past summer. (maybe its just me i know i am kinky)
        but in all fairness i do enjoy different experiences-give poor old Rober a break he lost his women to a midget and a black one at that.

        • Nita

          You see once again, Black is being used as if it’s something lesser. When you treat people as if they are lesser than you due to race; you lose. No wonder this world is screwed up. People’s priorities are in the wrong place. I have no sympathy for Robert. He can get a new wife.

      • scott

        shut up nigger cunt.

    • Wade in MO

      ” When I was young a husband could shoot a black for doing that, now I can only watch it happen.”

      I hate this kind of shit. So it’s his fault? He’s not married to you, the bitch is. I’m tired of this “Oh this poor innocent white women has been seduced and brainwashed by this primitive negro buck.” The truth is that yoiu wife is a fucking whore. It’s ridiculous that we’re bomabarded all day with this feminist garbage about women being so much better then men, and women are still able to pull this “I’m a poor little girl” defense and there are men who are big enough dupes to go for it. You can fire him or whatever, but remember that she’s the one who has betrayed you. She’s the one who went behind your back and made a mockery of you, and she’s the one who should pay the price. Punish her ass. If I was married to a woman who ran around on me like that, I’d make her more familiar with the trunk of my car.

  40. White women are for white men only. The white women is produced from the seed of the white woman. If a white man sees a negroe with a white woman he must take her from him as she is the property of the white man. Any negroe that preys on our women must be shot. Negroe stop hating our race. You are still in chains.

    • tulio

      I’ve fucked some before. Come and shoot me.

    • Nita

      “White women are for White men only.”

      LOL, not according to the many White women who are seeking men of other races in droves. Get it together, the White American man is seen as boring, stoggy, out of touch and flacid. Not only that you are a bunch of hypocrites, chasing Asian women then having the damn nerve to tell a White woman she can’t have the man she wants.

      Get over yourself!

    • RiverInCambridge

      WTH!? LOL!

      Comedians on here!

    • Oh poor stephen,

      That would be like a bicycle trying to take the road from a semi truck, the end result is pretty tragic. You trying to take a white women from that black lovin would be just as tragic she would probably humilliate you in some way. (I live near a nude beach and go there some times, and i met the short guy there. Some white guy was trying to show off his stuff and impress my girl friend and myself, well the short guy just whipped off his towel and said nothing. Well that shut white boy up and the rest is history.)
      If your gonna talk the talk better be able to walk the walk.


  41. sixft4

    I am a BM and based on what WM are saying I must be living a dream. I have screwed married and single attractive WW and most are the same, they like dark meat, none were fat and most went on to marry or date a WM. I think years ago you may have seen fat WW with BM but unless you have not been out in a while you WM can’t keep falling back on the same lie to make yourselves feel better. The majority of WW have or if given a chance will screw a brother from my experience. Don’t worry about what you see, If I was a WM I would worry about when my wife or girlfriend is out of town without me. I have been with WW so fine that on several occasions I thought it was a setup. I am not a BM who pursue WW but I must say women need some men to buy them things (WM) and then other times they just want somebody to fuck ém and toss ém (BM) and remember all women love chocolate that’s their guilty pleasure.

    • Nita

      Sixft4, while the White women are out of town screwing Black, Brown, Red or Yellow; these same husband or boyfriends will be chasing women of other races. This is nothing more than typical male hypocrisy.

  42. Nita

    Why are so many White men competitive with Black men? Seriously, are White men self consious and doubt their masculinity?

    • Nita men are competitive.

      All men will compete for the attraction of females, go to a beach stay clothed so as to not attract attention to your self then watch. (Read what i wrote to that Stephen above) They do all sorts of weird stupied stuff to get the attention of that one girl/women. And so do we, you think i would go onto a beach without working out for several months first and buying the hottest bikini i can ware? Hell no, i fix my rather long hair very nice ware as little or nothing and i show my best. Any women who says she does not is a lier or got some mental problem.

      I actually do have choices on the beach i do get more that one offer (amazing at my age). I can pick and choose to some degree, so i can look for some other traits in a man beyond his looks or i can just go for looks. Men do the same thing but they want to out do eachother. Oh my god. the short guy i been going out with just loves to show me off. We went back to that nude beach and my girlfriend and myself had our own little slave. We even sent the boy out for stuff that we didnt even want just to see him go. (yea i know we were both bitches) for the record i made up for it latter that night, and he was in EGO bliss the whole time.


      • Nita


        I agree women are absolutely competitive with each other. For some reason I always thought men had much more comradery then they actually do. I am aware of racial competition, could be the blowback of racial diversity.

      • nobody

        Did you just call your Black boyfriend a slave? Am I reading that right?

  43. Matt

    Regarding the masculinity thing, two points. 1) Apparently there is a very small range of personality traits that you are allowed to have if you want women to think you’re masculine. 2) Whatever you think they are, that’s probably not it. Face it, women are insane and don’t know what they want.

    • nobody

      Exactly, and that’s why so much of feminism is complete horseshit. Women enforce standards of masculinity just as much if not more so than men do. Men would behave differently if we didn’t have to jump through all sorts of hoops to impress and satisfy women.

      Of course there are very real, biological differences as well, and that’s why men of any ethnicity (in general) will always have a bit of a hard time with women going outside of their particular group. I’m not saying it’s right. People should be able to partner with whomever they fancy.

    • Hacienda

      They want priviledge and power. If you could surgically transfer a female brain into a male body, they would after some time getting used to behave like men. There was a funny National Lampoon about this. A girl suddenly wakes up with a penis. She starts using it like a rapist and a bully.

      As a male you’ve got to give the intelligent Westernized woman power. What rich men do. Lacking that you’ve got to entertain her. What men of artistic bent do. (Or big dicks). If you can’t or don’t want to do either, then you go trailer picking.

  44. Lauren Harvey

    I am a White woman who is considered very attractive by many. I have the misfortune of living in a city with a large black population and get hit on by “brothers” all the time. Personally, I find them totally repulsive and would never consider having anything to do with them. One thing I can say about them is that the air of confidence that they give off is just so much hot air. I have put many of them in their place with a couple of well chosen words and body language. They are simply little boys in man’s bodies and no confident white man need worry about any competition from them. As for white women who sleep around with them, they are usually either mentally ill or women who were abused at some time in their childhood. White men who go with Asian women are reacting to the nasty feminist agenda, not because of any racial preference. Believe me, if white women in America today were as feminine and beautiful as they were in the 50’s, Asian women wouldn’t have a chance.!

    • Well miss Lauren Harvey
      I am very impressed by your articulate style or writing you must have education and or are well read for a Klan’s women. Before my divorce from a Klan’s men the type of people I got making such statements were just plain ignorant. I suspect that you’re a professional women so am I. While you may be accelerating in your career I know your personal life has some problems just by your statements in this response.
      First thing: All men ‘any race’ want their ‘women’ to be assume in bed, know how to act in public, and how to use a kitchen, and pretty much in that order. That DOES NOT MEAN bare foot and pregnant, even in the Middle East this applies, where the bare foot pregnant thing is more the norm.
      Second thing: Your preconceived notion of black men is due to lack of experience in having a relationship with one, and perhaps you have very little experience with men in general. A real man will satisfy a women sexual needs and wants, he will fill her social needs and wants, and he will meet her financial needs and wants.
      It’s true that these are ideals in a perfect world but they will exist in every relationship that has some time behind it. While you’re looking for that ideal relationship you might try giving a ride to one of those black men who is well hung and knows how to use it. You may find it is just what one needs after being in court 5 days a week plus 30 to 40 more hours of prep work. The next time a black man hits on you feel his cock, if it’s prime stock then just say “let’s go”. This will put any blow-hard in his place and a real man will rock your world even if it’s only for a night or weekend. It won’t happen overnight but those nights can be a whole lot of fun, so don’t knock it till you try it.
      Good luck stop being racist

      • Wade in MO

        “The next time a black man hits on you feel his cock, if it’s prime stock then just say “let’s go””

        Reemphasizing what I said above: you sound like a zoo animal in heat. Gross.

        • wade are you jealous???

        • Wade in MO

          “wade are you jealous???”

          Oh yes I’m jealous. I wish I had 57 year old sluts, who probably have contracted some nasty cooter diseases, grabbing at my cock.

          Honestly, I just don’t get why some guys like sluts. They’re just nasty.

      • LOLROF@ kelly Sill’s comment.

        Before my divorce from a Klan’s men the type of people I got making such statements were just plain ignorant.

        The next time a black man hits on you feel his cock, if it’s prime stock then just say “let’s go”. This will put any blow-hard in his place and a real man will rock your world even if it’s only for a night or weekend.

        *DEAD FAINT*

        • Wade in MO

          ” This will put any blow-hard in his place”

          Yeah, she kind of sounds like a “blow hard” if you catch my drift.

        • in reality that oppertunity happened to me 3 times and it was the last time that I tryed out what I said. PS it turned out he was a real man and put me into my place (his bed)


      • ro

        now that is telling that racist stupid bitch who go by the name of lauren harvey.i like u kelly still

    • AWolSCO

      Well said that woman. Absolutely true.

    • ro

      we know u are 1 of those stupid prejudice racist klan whites.the white women i date is not mentally ill either,they have more sense than u do,i can tell in your writing that u are sick.u are the 1 that is MENTALLY ill.

    • Pete Wilson

      One racist bitch aren’t you Lauren.?

  45. wade Oh yes I’m jealous. I wish I had 57 year old sluts, who probably have contracted some nasty cooter diseases, grabbing at my cock.

    at 57, just hang around for a few more years then when she collects social security and her retirement cash, you’ll be sitting pretty.

    Honestly, I just don’t get why some guys like sluts. They’re just nasty.
    If only more men were like you. althought you like dirty cartoons which says something about what goes on inside you head.

  46. ro

    u white guys are just jealous because your whitewoman love a blk dick better than she do a white 1.most of us blkguys only date young white girls that are in the 20,30 and 40 age range anyway and they are not fat either.most white women that are over 50 are still prejudice toward us blkguys.so i don’t see why u guys get so upset when we screw your white woman.i am from the south and i know how stupid some of the white women are,most of them hate us anyway,u see the blk woman don’t hate u whites like the whitewoman hate us blkmen.

    • ro
      as far as white women hating black men-your around the wrong women or the most likely reasion is your around the right women at the WRONG TIME. As an older women who still looks like she’s in her late thirties by the way, I would not let it known that I love black men around other white men. Get around that ladfy from the south when she’s alone and see what happens.

  47. V

    Black women do the same with black men by comparing them to white men and only dating white men so the point of personal preference is sort of moot.

  48. Amiee Serapio

    LOL, I have to say the on-line dating or electronic dating has come a very long way since the days of easy chat rooms. Far more and far more individuals are turning to online dating internet sites to screen likely dates.

  49. rich

    here in ny there is alot of white woman with black men but most of them are un educated and come from a poor background or a family with no morals and a rotten childhood ,the crime rate is mostly from black men ,aids is mostly from black men as far as statistics go here in ny ,black men are very maculine and have a big ego and beat there woman ,leave them for another girl ,sell drugs and collect welfare ,if u go by the welfare building u will see alot of black men with white woman ,im not racist iam just stating what i see ,its more of the younger woman ussually under 25 ,iam glad i am not attracted to the lower class woman who would date out of there ethinic background not that iam racist but because i believe if u are white u should act white and if ur black u should act black ,iam not against true love but i think these woman love to be treated badly and beaten and left but thats why they become crazy white woman ,im not sure if its a fact that these woman have low self esteem or not but these black men make them feel like queens till they find a better taboo situation ,but as far as them not wanting a white man in my oppinion thats great good ridence cause i dont have to look masculine which iam by the way to know how to treat a woman and i can honestly say i have more to offer than any black man in competition its just they never had a real white man like me they just had a fantasy dream that ussually ends in demise ,but hey i wouldnt mind a good screw from a beautiful black woman and maybe save her from a rough life …hahahhahah and accually had a few chances ,i dont have a problem finding a woman or even a black woman ,oh one more thing statistics say 75% of woman under 21yrs old have or have had an std ,is this because young woman nowa days are more permiscus and are to free with there dirty snatches? well thats good then im glad they perfer black men hahahahah ,black men and ww who love black men dont get upset by this cause it is true weather u like it or not ….yeaaaaa buddyyyyy get er done!!!!

  50. Howard

    In a multicultural society, the standards for beauty necessarily broaden. Although the western world has been heretofore largely white, that has changed in recent years. The United States will soon have a minority white population. I contend that bi-racial dating, coupling and procreation will occur with increasing frequency. This will occur because of access, opportunity, and most of all, because of greater appreciation of the variation in human beauty.

    The white-women-with-black-men is not a monolithic dating block. Whether anyone else approves, it seems to serve the needs of the couple.

    I dated an attractive black woman who shared my professional and avocational interests. She was closer to my ideal woman than anyone I had ever known. At the time, I thought I was a racist because I did not find her appealing. Now I realize that she just did not fit my narrow image of the “perfect” woman. We all have that picture in our heads, only now it is less restricted.

    Celebrate! It’s a good thing.

  51. women of all races love well-endowed men, and for what ever reason black guys fit the bill. All this dumb shit about race mixing is a bunch of baloney. Today its abouit the haves and have nots. Smart whiteboys like Carl Rove know its a bunch of stupid redneck angry white boys that if feed this bs to them they will vote for the devil if you stir them up. They like controversy so the rich can keep their yachts while dumbass racist white boys will never make enough money to move out the trailer park!!!!

  52. So please explain why Asian females would also not compare European and African men and chase after African men like European women do? Why do they stop at European and whore there instead?

  53. Serendipity is always fascinating. Especially for a social scientist such as myself ( History, MA) Encountered this rummaging through “adult” sites. (the word pornography says nothing, but implies such a variety of misconceptions and propaganda for certain agendas) So many posts exhibit astuteness,and simplicities; at the same time. I’ll think about it awhile and get back with a few of my own observations. Everyone is right/correct, and flawed.

  54. Bhabiji

    Reposting something here about the outrage in the Manosphere over the movie MAGIC MIKE and what all men can learn from Black men.

    You know, I have to say, this is not an issue in the Black and Latino communities. That women are visually stimulated and blatant objectifiers of the male physique is a no-brainer to them. Their cultures have not yet, and hopefully never will, lose touch of the fact that physical fitness and rhythm (dance) are two traits that play major roles in female sexual attraction. The only people who seem to be surprised are White men. Anyone here who watches black rom-coms will note the objectification of the black male physique to a greater degree than the white male physique is objectified in white rom-coms. There is always at least one scene of shirtless, muscular, sweaty men playing Basketball in every Black rom-com, and its not there for the heterosexual men in the audience, that is for sure. The half naked physically fit muscular male physique and its accompany swagger (rhythm) is showcased throughout those movies. Displays of rhythmic skills in the form of dancing are common.

    Watch this video of women movie goers and note their language about Magic Mike from about the halfway mark on.

    “if only this movie was in 3D”

    “a lot of asses, I’ll say that, you see a lot of asses”

    “Enough?” “A decent amount, a decent amount, it’ll definitely get your blood goin’ ”

    “Were you so distracted you couldn’t pay attention to the story?”

    ” A little bit, yeah”

    “What made you go and see this movie today?”

    “The nudity”

    “Can a straight guy go and see this movie?”

    “He can get a lot of good tips, I can tell ya that much, us ladies will appreciate it.”

    “What do you think of this growing trend of male nudity in movies?”

    “I’m all for it.” …. “Finally!” … “Us women we always have to put up with it (female nudity) in every movie, and we’re out there and its like ‘ok sure’ but now with the guys there’s finally something for us. I like it!”

    “What was the mood like in the theatre?

    “Very verbal.”

  55. wnyhamburg

    Black men are always open to get a piece of your paycheck

  56. Sexy Black Meat

    to me

    First of all, a white woman doesn’t use a black guy to try to bait your lame decrepit half dead sexually unimaginative ass into an argument as means to retaliate for fucking her cohorts 20 some odd years ago. So her “look i’m dating a black guy (or nigg#r as you so eloquently termed) so this is the ultimate fuck you” is about as effective as your two stroke awkwardly infantile attempts at trying to figure sex out at your age; and this is YOUR mid life crisis. The time and creative energy you spent writing this bullsh*t you should and could have been directed towards learning your own body and how to use your it! Ok so you were young and you had a plethora of easy “lays” but what was so special about this one so called fat white woman who would better serve the “white race” by dating black men because we deserve your “bottom of the barrell” line up. While you have harbored those feeling like a woman would, a black guy was knee deep in your favorite girl from your wealthy stable of gorgeous goddesses. . . maybe lol Think of it like this, the more you over think things the more your penis shrinks and judging by your passage your over compensating quite a bit on a motley of what you feel are your possible shortcomings. (pun intended) You give the good white men who can actually fuck a woman right, who I’m pretty sure are out there somewher, a bad name.

    Whose to say, maybe the black man entertains the desperate women in your race because he feels sorry for her knowing you are the potential highlight of her sexual maturity; thereby feeling sorry for you. Or maybe black men come from a sincere and honest place when they say “hey I don’t need no wife, I’m just gon get you from the back one good time and send you on your way” Cut to the chase! You want to keep her for sex say it! You love her say it! For example, you were with your older white woman screwing 100 times a day and she still tried to rub the fact that she was off to get broken in half by a black man . . . why? I guess because you ain’t get IT right the first time. Please be confident and know what you want and what you want to do. Do you want to be self loathing and depressed or do you want to beat on your chest and deprecate anyone who doesn’t “stroke” your ego! You should know if you “suck” in bed (pun intended again) own it, a major difference is black men don’t second guess certain things and sex is definitely one of them. You’d have a better chance of finding 20 white guys like you as oppose to one black guy who would think he was anything less than brilliant in the mechanics of sex.

    I have friends who are about as masculine as a paps mere but yet they have managed to garner enough experience having sex that it brings to believe that if this is the masculinity your women seek then how confused, naked and inadequate is your self esteem and confidence. But I am not dumb as I do recognize black men are more expressive and project different characteristics of manhood with a certain amount of moxie and style that you should feel as if your manhood is as pliable as an over paid contortionist. You’re fed up with your white woman who is also fed up so you claim to be more interested in asian and latina women. Please . . . believe latin women need to be sexually pleased by the likes of a man and last I checked they are their men have been handling their business and asian women who do date outside their race will have their needs met by a black and or latin man. She may appreciate your value as a status symbol. So with all the stereo types some of you love to attach to us in saying that only deal with the cream of the crop black man or beware of the increased likelihood a crime will occur! The only crime is not knowing that the older you get the more you express desperation and the older I get the more sex I have with white women. I wouldn’t worry you can always rely on scientology for answers when your manhood becomes permanently flaccid. So while you nurse your tender wounds remember WE did not take your WHITE women from you . . . they WILLINGLY walked in and laid in the bed.

    p.s. She’s pregnant! You can congratulate any one of us when the time suits you best.

    • All right nigga, you’re banned. Back to the cotton fields with you, boy.

      • Pete Wilson

        Robert you are quite the race hater. And at first I thought you were different. You know that penis extenders/stretchers do work, maybe if you tried one you might grow a few inches and would not hate black men so much. Racist devil. Now band me like I give the fat white lady’s ass.

    • obidient4u

      I’m a fag and LOVE all Men under 35..
      But, what I don’t quite understand is..If the black Man is suppose to be so well indowed, (I’ve seen lots of white Men and other races with just as big Cocks).
      .And so hot a fuck..
      WHY?.does the white trailer trash girl have to have 2 and 3 black guys screwing her to get her satisfaction?.
      When the girls that go with white guys get satisfied with just one Man..

      • Mike Barnes

        Cro Magnon man actually had a much larger penis than we see today in Europe. The common theory is that it shrunk over subsequent generations due to the cold weather.

        Also, additional body fat was naturally selected over subsequent generations – this provided better insulation.

        If you look at the Massai or Dinka people of East Africa , who were also classed as “Caucasoid” you can get an idea of the “undiluted” appearance of modern humans from East Africa before any Neanderthal contact.

  57. Geeshshshsh!!!!!!You guys and gals are off the chain. This will probably be the only time I utilize this type of forum. I am only interested because my baby boo is as white as the snow. She makes good money, she has two college degrees, manages a fortune 500 company, long hair, light blue eyes, etc, need I say more. Two more things, she has a shape out of this world and she loves the Lord our God.

    Me, well I will just say by the look and the sound of the conversation, this is not my platform. I will say I am black and proud. I was born and raised in Chicago. I am a founder and CEO of a corporation.

    Those comments are really nasty and shameful.


    yeah,,ure a race trader who no white man would pursue,,,.get over it ugly nigger lover,…im just saying what many other r thinking but r 2 pussyfooted to say,,enjoy your nigger dick bitch,,..cause no respected white man would even consider touching u!

  59. vlad the impaler

    what do you mean we can’t compete with black masculinity,you.re an ass kissing son of a bitch i’ll tell you that,last I remember they were shining our shoes not the other way round.the blacks that are strong are slave blood and were bred like racehorces,you avg black from Africa is a skinny pathetic looking sob just like us.i don’t know where you live but I never see white women with blacks except in this porn bullshit,which is run by jews,brain-washing women into thinking blacks have enormous dongs,i’m sure some do ,but so do all races.rap music influences white women too,run by jews,the mind control continues.i wouldn’t allow my kids to have those electronic phones,this constant bombardment of black faces in the media and sports.you have to let em know at a young age they are dangerous bitter bastards that hate us,and keep them away from black schools or any minority schools but that is getting harder and harder to do.if they aren’t there they bus them in,feral minority vermin.thanks to a liberal agenda at our feminist and homo run schools.these older hoes are used goods probably living fat on their ex husbands life savings ,white women owe loyalty to none they are feminist assholes,who need to be reeducated in their heritage and traditions,not listening to rap crap music watching black tv shows or sports,thats how the jew breaks down your sense of brotherhood to other whites.NFL is another jew run org.that is liquidating white players in place of non whites,tim tebow a good example,the guy threw for more yards than peyton manning in college,how can he all of a sudden be not good enough?he’s white,jews want him gone,they replace the whites with light skinned brothas so they look white from a distance looking at their arms,but when the helmet comes off its always an imposter,he only looked white.the jew pest is at his bull again,making us fight their wars,crashing the stockmarket[yes,the jews had infiltrated alqueda and knew the attack was coming ,but opted to make billions of dollars instead of alerting the us.this is a fact,now they are breaking down the white family values.one brick at a time making it seem like its the right thing to do “through deceit though shalt wage war” a famous jew motto.white women that do this should be ostracized but instead seem to be put on a pedestal,like the kardasians.kendra,shannon twins,buch a stank assed gold diggerswho wants to see it.think I am paranoid?that’s exactly what they want you to think idiot.’never before on the face of the earth has there been such a destructive pest as the jew”adolf hitler.

    • All right Nazi, you are banned.

      • Aryan

        An asian here we dont care about asian women in USA as most of them are horribly ugly and cannot even be looked upon their face at once. Most of asian trash fucking ladies have chinese geek faces and small assets., i dont know how the fuck white guys prefer them. also the number of caucasian females preferring niggers is much much much more than number of caucasian male preferrring asian which means most of white trashes dont even have a gal as few lucky ones or rather unlucky ones have to settle for asian chinese and other mongoloid bitches where a white female prefer nigger negroes. Funny part is few muslim living in US and indian women still prefer people from their race and very very very few marry outside of their races which proves that they respect their rootvalues. Indian and muslim women are way better than any other race. Poor white folks., the are losing their race and color by mixing with other races and there will be eventually a time like there is no white race at all even if is it is hard to find like pure bred rare type of rottweiler.

        • Anderson

          This guy is extremely funny in the way he tells., I do believe it is true to some extent. There are more number of black male going out with blonde caucasian women than asian women going the white way. i agree they are ugly as hell., at least blacks got a face with some features unlike ugly asian women with chinese features like a pyramid face and an abysmal puke-worthy body.
          Even with those ugly feature they seem to hit not only on men but also women.. beware these asians are also claiming your women see this video

    • aakash

      Ha ha ha ha!

      Tim Tebow sucks donkey balls you damn cracker montherfucker. Black defensive players are at his nuts faster than he can wind to throw.

  60. vlad the impaler

    s.t.f.u. niggr…..lol..cowards,huh,the race war ain’t gonna be boxing muthr fukr we’ll see who the cowards are,white men have walked on the moon asshole while you and yours were too stupid and scared to ever attempt such things,anything to conquer on this earth was accomplished by whites first,any great feat of mankind,ancient rome,the re3naqissance,we built castles and sailed the 7 seas,while you fools were punting around on reed boats throwing fishing nets around,with a leaf covering your balls,you and yours i’m afraid are the pathetic ones.and if you showed up at my house trying to get at my mom i’d crack your goddamn skull.racist my ass,you people have run all the credibility out of that word,it no longer means anything kinda like the boy who cryed wolf.

  61. Classy White Woman Slayer

    I don’t even know where to start with this… I guess it’s good to “know thy enemy” in which I’m sure I’ll create a few on here with this response.

    I am 35 y/o British Black dude from London and I’ve been slaying women of all races and across all continents from 14 to 32, and then got married to an absolutely beauty and gem of a white girl, and we have an even more beautiful mixed-race (note the most socially and widely-accepted term) son and btw I’m going absolutely nowhere not a chance. I love this little dude. I also make a low six-figure salary from my day job, and abother $60-80k a year from my side businesses (web design and consulting – not selling drugs as I’m sure that’s already popped into your heads). I am safely in the what you white folks would regard to be the ‘mid- to upper-class’ bracket of society.

    Now, it would take me too many hours to dissect and shit on all of the racist comments and ignorance on this blog, and there’s no guarantee that this post will be allowed to see the light of day, so let me just some up my already long-winded post.

    I have fucked so many women in this time and could have had the pick of at last 7 woment to settle down with. This list contains black, white and Indian (yes Indian!!)

    My current wife (did I already mention that she’ absolutely beautiful) also has an awesome and well paid career could have had literally any dude she wanted.

    Guess what..? She chose me.

    Sure, some eyebrows where raised among some of the older less-educated (white) folk on her side of the family, but we never heard anything about it, it’s been all good. Mind you she never ‘intended’ on being with a ‘nigger*’ (*used sardonically), but that’s what happened I guess.

    This blog and the author stinks of self-induced inferiorty and self-hate to some degree – and I love it! Keep doing what you’re doing so that my black brothers can keep slaying and inpregnating white women and then when we’re all yellow in a few generation’s time that will be that.

    And just for some further points if clarification, I come from a ‘poor’ family and my wife was already ‘middle-class’ before we met. I’ve never taken a penny from her and I make more than triple what she does – without the fancy degree either. We are a fantastic partnership that sees no color.

    I know you’re all going to say that it’s a one off, or that my situation isn’t the norm, but trust me you’re wrong. There are LOTS of us, slaying, wooing, and converting your women – whether that be when their young or old.

    What a bunch of utter morons on here.. Some of you need to focus on yourselves and get a fucking life.

    P.S Robert, we all know it’s your blog mate, you sound like a petulant little child with your ‘instant bans’. Lol – I won’t be back with any defending comments, I’ll be too busy fucking my georgous white wife.

    • Goodbye Black man! Banned.


    • big g

      Wow I guess you won white woman slayer. The jokes on you. When you say you’ve fuck many women to you that is twenty. Then you counted as if it really matters. I hope your white wife doesn’t read what you wrote here. She might feel token to a man who believes he can single handedly account for white man pregnancied to slave woman. Someday you’ll understand there are no races. There’s only DNA putting humans into subgroups and not along 1960s era race lines. And of course your in the asshole group.

      • Gonzol

        As a young black I found that white and Asian women seemed attracted to me, I’ve been with quite a few myself since I was 14′. In reality they mostly wanted to try something different sexually in their lives and were not looking for a lasting relationship. I’m under 5 feet tall and I still get offers every so ofter but not for a relationship, casual sex is fun but it’s not what I want for a life time. I hope I can find a women way before I reach 35

  62. Jason Y

    They probably date blacks because blacks are very nice to them. Think about it, if your some BBW (big beautiful women), even a hot looking one, white guys won’t date you. However, a black guy will treat you like a super-model. The problem lies with our society which views only skinny women as beautiful. However, the black sub-culture likes BBW women.

    • Sure maybe he treats her like a queen. But White man dating Blacks is hazardous. On my other site, we had a lot of White women who were dating Blacks, and many of them had been battered psychologically or physically or even raped and robbed. This is far more likely to happen to you dating a Black man than dating a White man.

  63. Jason Y

    Also, you could use the same argument with age. Young black men would be happy to date an older white woman, while young white men would not.

    Of course, there always is a level of “FU” in this interracial stuff (no matter the motivation for it), but I don’t think it’s the primary motivation.

  64. Enkidu

    Met up with an old high school friend last year and she said she had spent 5 years married to a black guy. She knew it was her low self esteem that led her to him. He was your typical racist black man who picks women by skin color. He was abusive and insecure, probably because his dick was small and he couldnt get it up half the time…contradicting the stereotype. He said all that was her fault and she’d get smacked for it because thats how you deal with women. She said she’d never go black again and gives that advice to her women friends….except to her black women friends who already know it and prefer white guys.

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