Albanians Are Neither White Nor Europeans?

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A lot of White Nationalist idiots insist that Albanians are either not White (Whatever the Hell that means.), or, more particularly, that they are not Europeans (!). The reason that “Albanians are not Europeans”, despite the fact that they live in Europe (!) is apparently because “Albanians are Muslims”. So White folks, who live in Europe, but are Muslims, are automagically transformed into “non-Whites”. Nice magic.

First of all, that is not entirely true. It’s true that the Kosovars were mostly Muslims, but in Albania proper, the population was originally about 50% Muslim, 30% Catholic and 20% Orthodox Christian. Albanian Orthodox, apparently. I never even knew that existed.

Pretty interesting phenotype. I like those girls. Love the way they look. I’m not sure quite what they look like; I’m thinking they have a phenotype all their own? They look a lot like Italians. Looking at the guys, I think they look like Greeks. They have a very interesting nose. I’m not sure if it’s a Greek nose or an Italian nose. It’s prominent, but still attractive.

I assume they are just some type of Meds. I’m not down with all those old anthropological types. Notice that there are a fair number of blonds. Nordicist retards say this is because “Nordics” went down to the Mediterranean, civilized the backwards Meds, become their ruling class, did all those great Italian and Greek civilizational Med things we swoon about, then took off back to Germany or wherever to run around in bear skins with rude tribes of White gangbangers called Vandals and such.

Dumb, huh? Truth is, Meds went up north and actually helped to form those great Nordics. Nordics are part Med. I got my hands on this great proto-Nazi Nordicist book once out of Germany from around 1920. Everything was race, race, race. It was kind of cool the way he split Caucasians up into all these groups. But it seems that the ruling classes of all of the great empires – Indian, Persian, Armenian, Roman, Greek, you name it – were all Nordics!

Germanic proto-Nazi dudes were running all over Europe and West Asia forming ruling classes and creating great civilizations and lording it over the the untermenschen darkie types, then high-tailing it back to Germany as soon as civilization collapsed. Back to Germany, one of the least civilized places on Earth, except it was exporting Platos and Caesars to the world. Yeah right. Supremacists are so funny sometimes.

More Albanians! All blonds, pretty much. You see any particular phenotype there? I don’t. They just look like White people. No wait! They’re not White! Only Nordics are! Snark. These people don’t look like Muslims either. They look like young folks who like to have unmarried sex. Have fun kids!

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  1. Lafayette Sennacherib

    You take a very Romano-centric view of the Germans. In fact, worse; the Romans had considerable respect for them (not just because they wiped out 2 legions in the Tuterberg forest), in particular their engineering skills

    ” Nordicist retards say this is because “Nordics” went down to the Mediterranean, civilized the backwards Meds, become their ruling class, did all those great Italian and Greek civilizational Med things we swoon about, then took off back to Germany or wherever to run around in bear skins with rude tribes … ”

    I don’t know any more about Nordicism than what you occasionally offer here, and I expect that they considerably overstate their case ( sounds like nazi occultism – secret underground world whose entrance is somewhere in the Arctic etc), but there may turn out to be some truth in the notion that the Myceneans came from the North (though I think it unlikely that many went back). I mentioned here before that I’d recently come across this book by Felice Vinci: ‘ the Baltic Origins of Homer’s Epic Tales’. Homer, as you are no doubt aware, is credited ( it’s not known if he was one or many authors) with the creation of the earliest European literature with his epic tales ‘the Iliad’ about the Trojan war, and ‘the Odyssey’ about the journeys of Odysseus as he tries to find his way home, with a boatload of men, after the war. Last I heard, the best guess is that it was composed about 1200BC and written down about 7oo BC. Trouble is, there’s a lot of description in Homer, but none of it fits the Mediterranean. You’ve guessed what’s coming: Felice has matched all the descriptions and journey times and directions to the Baltic. Apparently there was a verifiable drastic climate change before which the Baltic was a lot more user friendly. I think ( I haven’t read the book yet), from reviews I’ve read, that he places some of Odysseus’ travels quite far afield up the North Sea coast of Norway, and even to the Shetlands and Orkneys and possibly Scotland and Britain. If you’ve ever seen the ancient underground towns in Shetland or Orkney (the back of beyond these days; in fact even the Romans called them Ultima Thule – the ends of the Earth), which seem to have had efficient plumbing maybe as early as 1500 BC, you can’t help but wonder how such refinements came to be in this most unlikely of places – Felice’s theory would locate them in a lively interlinked maritime world centering on the Baltic. Of course, this isn’t proven, but I get the impression that some serious people are taking this seriously enough to fund more research. Felice speculates that deteriorating climatic conditions caused many of these Baltic peoples to migrate south, and that they took their myths and poems with them, and that the reason that some of the names of towns correspond to known and existing Greek sites is that they named places in their new home after places in their old home, as Europeans have so obviously done in the USA, Australia and so on. I’m sure there’s a lot more to it than that, but interesting stuff anyway.

    • Answered in a post, LS. Interesting comment though.

    • You took pictures of some random people from Kosovo who can be as well as Serbian or Macedonian folk. :]

      Albanians were originally considered to be orthodox but they’ve accepted Muslim during Ottoman expansion in Eu just to take some more lands. They call themselves to be the most ethic people on Balcans, but the truth is that they came to the Eu during 11th century over Italian ships to be mercenaries who will have huge control over the area. Shquip and Albanians are two different things. Shquip were people of originally Greek origin (that’s why they are white in skin) but were mixed up during Ottoman invasion.
      The Gene that Serbians and Croatians have is considered to be pure Balkan gene originating ever since Neolithic period and whole of Vinca (Vinca still exist near the capitol of Belgrade) and ever since three tribes of Croatians came on Balkan during middle paleolithic period.
      Croatians have that gene around 70% of population while Serbians have around 67% and around 20% Slavic in both nations… Albanians have 4% including any Albanian of any religious belief :} which is why they can’t call themselves the most ethic people on Balkan region while they have more than 60% of Turkish Indo-Asian genes running trough their blood.
      Not to mention that they were alongside with Nazi during WW2 and again against Allied during WW1 :]

      Best regards and I hope that your research will have more depth before you publish it on web.

      • know it all....

        I would think that you would study your history before posting some nonsence on here. Long story short..since i have read all the history i need to know about Albanians..nobody knows how long they have been around,first off…so how you would know what they are mixed with beats me…unless you are hearing some folk tells that are usually not true…They are said to be the oldest origin in europe…even the world.. there are absolutly no books or papers that say they are mixed w/turkish or indo-asian,or anything else for that matter.. Also, in the matter with helping the Nazis is another false statement… And i will tell you why…i have a book that a jewish man wrote…(himself) stating that if it was not for the Albanians helping them alot more of them would’ve have died.. It was the Albanians that hid the jewish to save them..And they kept the Germans out of Albania..this is fact not fiction…i will write again and give you the name of the book…But so you know there is more then one book…i suggest you go to the library and check it out…thanks for your input though..

      • niko joanidhi

        you mix up the history dude.during 11th century was slavs who come down to ballkan.
        what about the albanian language?

        • No, first time in history that someone mention something that is similar to albanians are “Arbanasi” in XI century and even that connection is questionable.
          Language is the proof that albanians dont have balkan roots. You see Serbs, Macedonian, Croat Slovenian have 70% of Sanskrit language (Greece have some % also) which put them as part of proto indo european tribes that come to Balkan 20 000 years ago.
          This is confirmed with newest genetical research that Z3liot mention, published in Science andThe American Journal of Human Genetics papers.

        • albanianwhiteone

          haahahha if we are mixed with turks that the same for all those who invaded turkey serbs bosnians all of balkan and it also means that we are lot much more white than eastern regions because the western balkans and we became muslim because russia didn t help us

        • Martnn

          This is supposed to go to Amanda but if it goes to Niko sorry. Gheg Albanians are 100% Catholic(Except for Kosova) and Illyrian. Tosk Albanians have Turkic running through their blood and so do Greeks. After Greece defeated Persia they starting marrying Arabs and Persians and adapted to their culture which now less than 30% of them are White. Yugoslavs have 50% Slav/ Illyrian in them. West Macedonians have Illyrian blood while Easterns are Bulgarian(Slavic). And Slavs started migrating to the Balkans in 600-700. by the way Before Common Era Illyria was all the way up to Scandinavia.

      • franci

        hahahaha omfg dude your History Teacher needs to get killed! First of all idiot we albanians are white and we were first here u serbs,kroatians are no way beside newcommers u are slavic idiots u came lots of years later from Azia so u are not white Racist pig kids!

        • shqipetar epiriot

          Greg albanians . Are u retarded . South albanians are the epiriotes alexander the great and phyrrus of epirus origine. And unlike say that south albania “mix of turk “while geg is clean ahahahah Po Ty turp qe je shqiptar . Se ti je serb. Se jugu Ka nxjerr trima. Marko bocari alexandri pirro

          Ali pash tepelena.muhamed ali pasha. Pushtoi egjiptin per 150 vjet shqipetaret epirit Ben ligjin. Me pas ai luftoj me sulltanin. Edhe vet Skenderbeu tha Ne jemi epiriote.Ne Ne leter degjuar mbretit te italise . Po Ku di gjo ti o injorant.

        • Jeff schultz

          Albanians are not white they are mixed with gypsies.My wife was albanian and her whole family was dark skinned.The. Albanians are niggers.

      • Abedin

        You are so all ignorant people who say the albanians are not white, you are so stupid, you are all sick in mind, for all of you go read dinaric race, read Albanian DNA, and Bosnian DNA is the same like Albanians and they speak different language.

        • jondre

          cti besh, te gjithe popujt bejne cmos te jene superior, me kete rast hajt se po na shtypin dhe vlerat tona….

        • Glenda Roberts

          No, you are ignorant. Albanias are dark-skinned people. Look at the Kardashians. So, they’re not white. They’re anything but white.

      • muhamet

        I’m really sorry to say to u mister “Z3liot”,but what you mentioned above doesn’t make any sense,you were talking about history of 500 years ago,but history doesn’t start there,i want to emphasize your phrase what you said which mean that albanians are turkish or asian,but we all know Otham empire came in balkan only 5 centuries ago,my question is what about before that,where there Albanians or not ???my next question to you is about SLAV origin,are Albanian before Slavs(Serbian,Montenegro…)or they are before Albanians ???

      • ilir

        whu saved you’r a**** from the turkish you fool? yes it was Albanians! just go and do some more home work before comenting enything else and dont name albanians as turkish.. you are just jelous of albanians and i can say very easily that you dont like them but whu cares we dont like you eaither..

      • Zena

        Although the exact origin of Albania is not entirely known, records exist that trace their evolution from the ancient Illyrians. The Illyrians, who are believed to have evolved directly from the Stone Age, occupied the western area of the Balkans, from modern Slovenia to approximately half of the way through modern Greece. Shkodra, now the most important city of northern Albania, was the capital.
        The Illyrians were sociable and hospitable people, much like Albanians today. They were also daring fighters and known for their bravery in war.
        Around eight to six century B.C., the neighboring Greeks began to create a string of colonies along the Albanian borders. Closer now to the more advanced Greeks, the Illyrians were greatly influenced and began to evolve politically and economically.
        Unfortunately, the evolution was hampered by what would become a continuous string of foreign attacks. Seeing Albania as a valuable entrance to the Adriatic Sea, Rome attacked and defeated the Illyrians in 229 B.C. The Romans ruled for six centuries, a time in which art and culture flourished. The Illyrians, however, resisted assimilation and allowed their language and traditions to survive.
        Eventually, the Roman Empire did fall, dividing Albania into halves, and allowing the Byzantine Empire to assume control. Under the rule of the Byzantines, the Illyrians suffered constant devastation by raids from the Visigoths, Huns and Ostrogoths. Once again, however, the Illyrians allowed their language to survive by resisting all attempts by their attackers at assimilation…………..
        The history goes on and on. The fact is that Albania is the oldest ethnic group in southeastern Europe. The Albanian language has been determined to be the oldest of the European languages by DNA/genes studies at Stanford U.(Luigi Cavalli-Sforza). The Albanian language is thus the “Mother-Language” of all the European languages existing today. This explains why Albanians readily pick up any of the European languages and speak them without appreciateable accents.

        • I can attest from two years of teaching English to Albanians that they do NOT readily pick up any of the European languages and speak them without appreciable accents. Shumica e nxënësve të mi nuk shqiptonin dot zanoret e anglishtes që nuk ekzistojnë në shqip, edhe pse fokusoheshim tek ato. Kjo vetëm për fonetikën, pa përmendur vështirësitë që ka shumica e nxënësve shqiptarë me semantikën dhe sintaksën e anglishtes. Kam shkruajtur një dokument të gjatë për korrigjimin e gabimeve më të përhapura nga nxënësit shqiptarë të anglishtes.

        • jim

          The Balkans were divided to the eastern roman empire which was ethnically and linguistically Greek from at least 10th century BC to the 15th century AD; wash your mouth before you say Byzantine next time and learn real history not what the germanic centered “west propaganda” teaches.
          ancient albanians illyrians,
          modern, many-too many brought by muslims from east maybe afghanistan areas; one can see resemblance, just take good look.


        I’m sorry have you ever read a history book in your life? Albanians are one of the most ancient people in Europe. If you don’t believe me, read Wikipedia…Serbs were the people who came in Balkan around 11th century and invaded the lands who ethnically belong to albanians. I have have nothing against serbian, croatian people or slavs as I’m german myself, but you really should think and read more before you talk nonsense.

        • Michelle

          Wikipedia??? I hope you realize that any professor would say “Wikipedia is NOT a reliable source.” Just saying…

        • Secula

          You mixed up the data. It is Albanians who are first mentioned on Balkans in 11th century. Slavic migration is dated in 6th century, for example DAI, etc. You should read more.

      • shqiponja

        omg, you are delusional. Croatian may be from Balkan because they are Dalmat an Ilirian blood, but you Serbians everybody knows that you came in Europe during 1300 from Russia.
        BTW, Albanians are Ilirian, Kosovars are ilirians, you bastards Serb wanted to do an Ethnic cleansing, that everybody knows ,it is just a matter of time you will go back where you came from in Russia.

        • You’re just a retard Shqiponja. Battle of Kosovo was in 1389, the greatest battle of Serbian Empire. Did the Serbs defend Kosovo for Albanians?

        • davi

          john smith you fucking cocksucking english pastey fucker……albanians made up almost 30% of kosovos population in 1300s and made up around 35% -45% of the common soldiers who fought the turks in 1389, it was only the ruling class who was serb in kosovo vilayet and sourounding highlands, the majority of commoners was always albanians making up a majority underclass subjugated throughout history by romans, greeks, turks, serbs, etc. …also ur a bloody cocksmoocher faggot

        • phill

          E3b is not an illyrian marker since exist in crete and there wasn’t exist illyrians the famous painter called elite greco was E3b and in his biography said that he comes from crete and he established in venice exist in pelloponesus and have mesolithic indigenous mutations and there don’t exist illyrian maybe is connect to cyprus

      • Akil

        slavs especialy serbes came with Avars in early 7-th century word serbes asociates to serbez wich in Turkish means lose read more Croats Bosnians Albanians have the same genes Croats and Bosnians where asimilated during the time albanians are a pure race and les mixed than any other nation because of Albanian traditions…..

        • Analbananian

          Shut up ignorant nigegr. It was croats who supposedly came with avars. Stupid negroes are so stupid…

        • Analbananian

          All balkan people have “illyrian” ancestry. Ever heard of Tribali? Ancestors of Serbs.

      • David

        That is the stupid comment I have ever read in my entire life. And all these percentages you just came up with you made up as you were typing. 90% of Kosovo is albanian so it’s a 90% chance those pictures are of albanians

        • Buck G

          No 150 % that picture those kids are Albanian , Albania is very diverse ,I have hazel eyes , my wife got green eyes blond hair, and my son got blue eyes blond hair, so yeah we are naturally diverse people

      • Vania

        “Albanians were originally considered to be orthodox but they’ve accepted Muslim during Ottoman expansion in Eu just to take some more lands”.

        You mean that the Ottoman conquest was with flowers and doves? They murdered those who did not become, or colloquially the “invited” to become, forcing them to pay additional taxes or guarantees they offered them in the public administration. Abducted children to Islamize, desarraigandolos parent. Definitely before fascism ravaged Europe.

      • Jetlir

        So wierd then that I am 100% albanian, I have blue eyes, white skin and blonde hair, and so does my wife wich is also albanian. Go read some more before your make stupid comments dude.

      • vano

        No! Albanians have been around before either Greece or Italy came to Europe. Check your facts@

      • Alban

        the fooliest coment i never read before in my life, the truth is that sllavs and greeks want to ocuppay albanian territories because they are all orthodox by religion and thay say propaganda, why you never hear chatolic countries saying this propaganda because they dont want our territories only this sheet of russians that came from carpathians sllavs and their orthodox brothers greeks which are albanians old greeks dont exist anymore.

      • Kolre

        I am from that the area that is between Macedonia and Greece. I look Irish. Completely Irish and so do a number of my relatives. And they are all Muslim.

        • What language do you speak?

        • Loro

          The only muslims in that area are albanians, turks ang gipsies. I have not met many turks and gipsies who look irish. In albania that “irish look” is very common especially in rural mountainous areas while people in citities especially in the coastal regions of albania look more mediterranian still lighter than greeks italians for sure, a lot of albanians ( please dont hate me) look serb/slavic. If they do a dna check on serbs and albanians they would prob be 90% the same.

      • ulc

        I think thay you must start to read story from zero. Serbinans came to the Balcanian region AKA “Ylliricum” from north at around V-VI sec. DC. Rome called this region “Ylliricum” because there it lives the “Yllirians” and this name was us used for the balkan til the end of the XIX sec. “Ylliricum” literally means: the land of the free people. This is where the Yllirian tribe lived which was the basic kingdom of pelasgians. There were just one population who has the oldest mythology in all europe and this is that population that today is called “Albania”, before was called “Arberia”, even before “Ylliria” and even further back in time “Pelasgia”. The pelasgian language had 56 letters which in the today albanian vocabolary has been lowered down to just 36 (only turks have 42 letters) which is much more than what is needed to speak every language in the world. How can a so new polulation be one of the two only branches of the indo-european language? Did you know that the “Osinchan’s inscription” which is the oldest in europe (around 7500-6500 BC) can be translated only by the help of the albanian language? Pelasgians people were considered like gods allover Europe and Egypt? Please study because ignorance holds you in darkness. (Anyway, the name “Serbia” comes from “Servi” which is an italian word that literally means “Slaves”)… Have a good history reading.

        • Albanians are semitics they come from illyrians who come from turkey. Their language is semitics aramaic and is the base of aryans langage it’s’ proto aryan langage . Their langage is also closed to caucasian langages( except georgian) such as chechen who speak paleo arameic + langage of sumer which means illyrian peopple and caucasian people except georgian are the same

        • Oh my god, that ridiculous “36 letters are soooo many!” talking point. Is this part of the propaganda created during Rilindja Kombëtare? I heard it practically every week when I lived in Albania. First of all, the Albanian alphabet CANNOT represent the phoneme inventory of every language on earth. That’s laughable. It can’t even represent the all the vowel distinctions of English. (Granted, neither can the English variant of the Latin alphabet.)

          Second of all, 36 graphemes is not very many for a script. If you actually go looking for scripts in use today that have more than 36, you’ll find tons, sa të duash.

          E kuptoj që ju mësoni shumë budalliqe për historinë e gjuhës shqipe dhe të kombit shqiptar në shkollat shqiptare dhe rrallë haseni me ndonjë pikëpamje të kundërt. Për shembull kur po jetoja në Shqipëri dëgjoja shpesh opinionin që shqipja është gjuha më e vështirë në botë. Budallallëk fare. Unë e kam dëgjuar japonishten që nga lindja, por akoma nuk kam arritur ta mësoj mirë, kurse shqipen e mësova për 2 vjet dhe tani e flas më lehtë se sa gjuhën e babait tim. Gjuha më e vështirë mund të jetë për ata që kanë studiuar vetëm 1-2 gjuhë indo-europiane dhe s’dinë asgjë për gjuhët e familjeve të tjera të botës.

      • Authocthonous

        You know nothing about Albanians i can show you who Albanians are and you know that.

      • PakDrite

        Have you heard of slawic invasion(history books, encyclopedies, wikipedia)??? Or you are not slawic(sure you are)? Serbs are mentioned in books for the first time in 822(Wikipedia). If albanians come from another part of the world, find a place please that has a similar language with albanian. You will never find it, becouse the only place in the world, where albanian language is spoken is in Balkan. Serbian language is a slawic language. And your brothers and sisters are in russia my frind. So your mammy and pappy came in Balkan during midle age

      • Have you done your research or you just go with what you hear All the studies that have been done are right here all links connect to real studies done by professors of different countries the genetics of Europeans and studies come to show that Albanians have the same genes as the yllirinas and it shows you how Alabanians are the oldest civilization in Europe. Yllirian language is pure albanian even the word yllirian in albanian means free star. Do your research rather than hear something from someone and than beilive it. You have to collect data from official studies from different countries that have come to the same conclusion. Here you are let me enlighten you. Below you will find a website that has links to all studies one by one to prove to you that Albanians are the oldest civilization in Europe. Yllirians prior to that pelasget.

      • macedonians or serbs doesnt even exist any of them in kosovo hahah dumbass

      • Ismajl

        So Illyrian what was they?! And who’s after them?! Why u are so stupid saying those lies?!
        Why serbian young people learn those on school?
        I heard that there is serbian people that also think that Adam & Eve talked serbian 🙂

      • Arian

        What in the world are you talking about??? Are you fucking retarded to the point that you believe whatever you imagine? Albanians are the first Europeans ever. Croatians and Serbs are new comer to Europe. Albanian language is a lot older than greet you fucking imbecile. Albanians are true descendants of Illyrians. Where Alexander the Great came from. Ancient Epirus is modern Albania you retard. Read some ancient history and gather some historical facts before you spew nothing but pure fecal matter out of your filthy uneducated mouth.

      • shqipetar

        Hahaha . My slav serb human being. U Asiatic origine coming from Russian steps in the balkan only on 6th century . Watch your faking history .and your slavic migrations . Is documented by Greek and by roman writers and documents. And Byzantine documents. So don’t comment when your high on weed. Best regards from albania

        • Jim

          Only you can name one in the same people by three different names; Rome existed only in the east during the Slavic migration, and yes it was greek, and now we call them byzantine, but at that time they were the roman empire, known and feared and admired by all. The longest lazing empire ever. Stop reading wiki and all (Germanic centered history propaganda). for the truth, All need to open books from pre-Renaissance era, from eastern rome…

      • Hellraiser

        Absolutely wrong, everything you wrote. It has no proof WHATSOEVER. That’s pure invention to make yourself feel better for having no culture, no land and more importantly NO LANGUAGE of your own. Albanians are a 3500 year old race. You want proof? Their LANGUAGE that’s the proof right there. Albanian language is NOT slavic, NOT turkic, NOT latin like you claim. If Albanians got where they are today from Italy like you say at the very least they’d be speaking an italian dialect. Servs the so called macedonians who are in fact bulgarians and ALL the slavs moved to Europe in the 6th century from the Russian steppes and there’s proof for that, or at least every single historian agrees to that. Your language is pretty much the same. You go to any slavic country and speak YOUR language you’ll understand each-other. Now i know you must be very frustrated but those are the facts that you will never accept so instead you’ll keep on going on making shit up, like i said to comfort yourself for having nothing of your own.
        Go Google “The DNA of Albanians” and you’ll find out that Albanian people moved to Europe some 10 000 years ago during the Indo European migration, at that time you people were living in caves of Russia. I hope this helps all the slavs understand themselves better.
        Peace Love and Empathy!!!

      • Genc

        Ma hongsh karin

      • Qualitymax

        You haven’t got a clue!

      • I think you’re the best retarded man in this world..and before writing non sense thing try to read about albanians you stupid motherfucker serbs you’re from caucas and russia fuck off stupid mongoloid

      • Ben

        Don’t listen to your Dad story’s wile he try to put u to sleep with this story’s.
        Is not hard this days to get some solid information on some real books but yea your dad story will still be your favourite. Albanian did not come there with no ships, I tell you what today serbs need to help Ukraine that’s your origin that’s were u come from help them from mother Russia and in return u might get some of their land..

      • Gysi

        First at all = Në Fillim (albanian), you have to read the bible, before naming Albanians as Turks or Myslims. Do some research why the rest of the world can’t explain “Nefhillim” in the Bible. Ask Google Audio to listen “Nephillim” and “Në Fillim”

      • Crisv

        First of all, the first arival of Slavic people in the Balkans is documented in the 7th century AD by the Byzantines. Most slavic nations (Serbia,Montenegro,slovenia etc.)come from nomad popullation originated in the Poland-Bellarus area of today.
        Most DNA studies conclude that many genes between Albanian-Greek-Italians are shared so they must be native to the area where they live today. On the other hand Serbs etc. have almost identical genes to the East-European Slavs.
        Nowadays it is accepted by most biologist that Slavs are not native to the Balkans. Thanks!

      • Bledar

        this is totally not true.
        Slavic people joined Balcans during barbarian onrush. Large scale Slavic settlement in the Balkans begun in the late 570s and early 580s.By the 580s, as the Slav communities on the Danube became larger and more organized, and as the Avars exerted their influence, raids became larger and resulted in permanent settlement. Most scholars consider the period of 581-584 as the beginning of large scale Slavic settlement in the Balkan.
        Slavs are raiders and barbarians. It is so untrue to talk ill about Albanians.

      • alfred

        Shqip is greek hahaha you are so far like ignorance with wisdom.
        Shqip is Albanian language We call this becouse we speek shqip and we are shqiptare that does mean the people that speeks shqip or albanian. We were call Albanian by Venedic becouse of the albania city in middle of albania today. In that time we called our self arber and our albanien were called arberesh. Now we call albania in shqiperia. During roman empire we called our kingdoms ilirian or ilyricum and it does mean free and our language were called ilirisht. And before iliricum we called our self pellazg or pelasgians (born white). Pelasgians before greeks or time of arcadia is known. And still today albanian and pelasgians are more than 90% simillar. And we are talking for more than 4000 years of civilization. We are the rulers of 5 different empires.

      • Tommy

        Go and fuck yourself you dog of the Slav cause you aren’t from here, Albanians are and always have been.

      • Glen

        Fuck off you retard

      • Visar

        As father of Serbia Dobrica Qosic said: We srbs lie in creative way, we lie so much so we belive in our lies.
        This sheet you wrote even serbs doesnt believe, religion has nothing to do with race cause you srbs orthodox must be black as etiopians. Albanians came from illyrians and are white the first europians.

    • Wade in MO

      ” If you’ve ever seen the ancient underground towns in Shetland or Orkney (the back of beyond these days; in fact even the Romans called them Ultima Thule – the ends of the Earth), which seem to have had efficient plumbing maybe as early as 1500 BC, you can’t help but wonder how such refinements came to be in this most unlikely of places ”

      It remarkable what you can accomplish without writing. The Incas built an entire empire on knotted ropes. The Shona built Great Zimbabwe with out any books to reference. I think that sometimes we exaggerate the importance of certain things that are commonplace in the modern world.

    • mario a.l.b.a.n.i.a

      Dream on it
      . Troy Odysseus akili zeus etc. Is all Mediterranean . And if yt? North engineering skill and knowledge are so good. Why balkan had some of most advanced civilizations. And why in a village in albania city korca village sashimi is found the oldest farm in europe. 6500 bc . ?

  2. Herb Dregs

    Paul Theroux’s _Pillar of Hercules_ describes his arrival in an early 90’s Albania that is completely Third World, but white. _The Accursed Mountains_ is a great book on Albania.

    • Sounds like some interesting books, Herbie. I did read a novel by a big Albanian novelist recently. I was trying to help the guy get it published. As a novelist, I didn’t think he was that great. His characters were rather cartoonish. I think he eventually self-published up in Canada. His work was published in Albanian, but he was trying to get published in English. His name is Neshat Tozaj.

  3. Comrade,
    Don’t fall for the “Disruption strategy.”

    Ignore the disruptor. If you respond to them, they win by forcing you to acknowledge the existence of their world.

    I haven’t blogged directly with a single “white nationalist” website except one case where I happened to know the guy and saw it as a personal thing.

  4. In other words, “white nationalists” are dying to be accepted and acknowledged as legitimate intelletuals. Even pretending they exist elevates them to the status of recognized idiots over unrecognized idiots.

    The remedy. Act as if they don’t exist. MUahahahahahahahahaha

    • Hmmm, I don’t know. I think they are fascinating, and I love to engage them. They are like this dark moldy place in the attic and you shine some sun on it and the sickening mold just dies.

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  6. Tom

    Lots of Albanians are indeed mixed with turks. However, lots are also white. I have never been to Albania so I can’t tell you the exact break down.

    • are you crazy you never been there and your sayin that im a turk.we are white and are own albanian race we got no mix.we dont like turks,serbs greeks and macedonians cuz they all lie about are identity.they are haters cuz we got pure european genes.just alb in albania means white.albino come from the word albania meanig white

      • paulaa

        LOOOOL .
        wow i have never thought about the albino part :O
        it makes sence, am gonna use that next time someone tries to tell me am not white. SUCKERS! (though i doubt its true)

        • Analbananian

          You are not europoids, you look like a negroid+mongoloid mixture. Mazbe albania means land of albinistic negroes I don’t know sory 🙂

      • Wade in MO

        I don’t know about that. Have you checked it. Albanians don’t call themselves Albanians, foreigners do and I though it had something to do with the mountains. I willing to be that it is more likely that Albania and albino just have the same root word in latin.

        Alba – white

        • Rita albanian-not white-not muslim-traditionaly catholic,spiritually i hate any religion!

          While the exonym Albania for the general region inhabited by the Albanians does hark back to Classical Antiquity, the name was lost within the Albanian language, the Albanian endonym being shqiptar, from the term for the Albanian language, shqip, a derivation of the verb shqiptoj “to utilize a correct Albanian pronunciation “. This theory pertains to Hahn and it holds that perhaps the word is ultimately a loan from Latin excipio.[24] Thus, the Albanian endonym, like Slav and others, is in origin a term for “those who speak [intelligibly, the same language]”. However another plausible theory has been advanced by Maximilian Lambertz to explain the endonym as derived from the Albanian noun shqype or shqiponjë (eagle), which, according to Albanian folk etymology, denoted a bird totem dating from the times of Skanderbeg, as displayed on the Albanian flag.[25]
          In History written in 1079–1080, the Byzantine historian Michael Attaliates referred to the Albanoi as having taken part in a revolt against Constantinople in 1043 and to the Arbanitai as subjects of the duke of Dyrrachium. It is disputed, however, whether that refers to Albanians in an ethnic sense.[26] However a later reference to Albanians from the same Attaliates, regarding the participation of Albanians in a rebellion around 1078, is undisputed.[27] The first reference to the Albanian language dates to the later 13th century (around 1285).[28]
          The Albanians are and have been referred to by other terms as well. Some of them are:
          Arbër, Arbën, Arbëreshë; the old native term denoting ancient and medieval Albanians and sharing the same root with the latter. At the time the country was called Arbër (Gheg: Arbën) and Arbëria (Gheg: Arbënia). This term is still used for the Albanians that migrated to Italy during the Middle Ages.
          Arnauts (ارناود); old term used mainly from Turks and by extension by European authors during the Ottoman Empire. A derivate of the Turkish Arvanid (Arnavut) (اروانيد), which derives from the Greek Arvanites.
          Skipetars; the historical rendering of the ethnonym Shqiptar (or Shqyptar by French, Austrian and German authors) in use from the 18th century (but probably earlier) to the present, the literal translation of which is subject of the eagle. The term Šiptari is a derivation used by Yugoslavs which the Albanians consider derogatory, preferring Albanci instead.

      • Well, yes you are a mix, and also quite aggressive mix (when you have a strong back to support you).
        So tell me how is “Great Albania” agenda coming?

        • edita rama

          It is coming quite well, actually. Thank you for asking. So, you tell me now how are you adopting to the idea that Kosovo is going to be a part of Albania soon?
          By the way, I know you’re serbian. I can tell by your poor English.

        • David

          Greater albania is in the process 😉

    • Visar

      The turks and albanians are two diferent worlds, Greece and Serbia where vasal statets of Turkie and where more mixed with Turkey but albanians never stoped fighting them

  7. artritico

    From Wikipedia:

    According to Cinnioglu et al, (2004)[30] there are many haplogroups present in Turkey. The majority haplogroups are shared with European and Near Eastern populations as E3b, G, J, I, L, N, K2, R1, which form 94.1% from the Turkish Gene pool and contrast with only a minor share of haplogroups related to Central Asia C, Q, O – 3.4%, India H, R2 – 1.5% and Africa A, E3*, E3a – 1%.

    So, it seems Turks are quite white as well, and therefore mixing Turk and Albo is mixing white with white.

  8. Robt pidh

    You are joke some writers of coments

    Albanians are Dinaric race and dinaric race is white people and Albanians are most dinaric people in world.

    Turks never settled in Albania…only Greece, Bullgaria and Serbia…

    Majority of lords serbs mixed with turks…albanians never did…just remembers Skanderbeg.

    It like you all euroepans mixex with arabs and mongrels…because we knor arabs, moors, huns, mongrel invaded europe…does mean all europe are arabs, mongrel?

    check read any antropologist what say…about Albanians…and they are one of puru whote of Eurorepans…with oldest language and culture european…

    half of today europeans have origin from asia even dont speak european language and how could be thwy noen white?…hmmm joke dont read storfront serbia propaganda because they serbs are non white thats reason they claim bull shit on Albanians and Bosnaks.

    • phill

      Don’t exist genetic from turks in greece was all killed who mixed go out children was killed but the pure greeks was in the mountains never arrived but turks have greek and Balkan dna….

  9. I thought the original Albanians were Slavs? If true, that could explain why they looks “whiter” than your average Italian. All the Albanians I have seen — two — were blonds. But I need to see more.

  10. dodona

    World history‎ – Page 530

    Hutton Webster – History – 1921 – 755 pages

    No other part of Europe of equal extent contains so many different peoples as the Balkan Peninsula.

    The original inhabitants are represented to-day by the Albanians

  11. dodona

    Discover Albania

  12. Heki

    Dear Mr.Robert,

    Albanians are not original muslims because they accepted this with terror from Turkish side before 300 years,albanians were chatolic people but turkish made us muslims , but we still feel no muslims because in our country you can see our youth like in every other european country , we are beatiful people , please see our President Bamir Topi he is no mixed albanian ,James Belushi ,Eliza Dushku are albanians , but because of Turkish occupation you can see in some parts of Kosovo non white albanians maybe they are mixed , but original albanian is white and beatiful

    • Ismajl

      Have you ever been to Kosovo? Why u think we are mixed? We are purer than you. This Enver Hoxha mixed you with Romes and whatever was in Albania. Why you not talk strait?!

  13. adele

    More information who are Albanians!

    Here you have full information about Albanians DNA who is the original people of the Balkans, from different universities of the world.

    Even Robert D’ Angelo in his book Enigma 7 volumes says:

    Albanians are the oldest people not only in Balkan but of all Europe

    Albanian element material existence and supremacy of the spirit of the Albanian language, which ruled from Kostandinopoli in Kerson, from Athens to the coasts of France, from Albania to Egypt, from the Danube in Rome and to Sicily, and the pillars of Hercules to the Caucasus

    Albanians today with the right view as the typical Aryan people and the people of Ancient Europe by the name its etymological Albanian-born, white or native-born from the white race

    Then continues this nation that is small today but in his time was the largest of Europe and the source of almost all peoples of our continent.

    • Wahaha….Your proof about albanian DNA is printed in to the journal Collegium Antropologicum which have
      imapact factor=0,491

      Well you can check this paper “The Genetic Legacy of Paleolithic Homo sapiens sapiens in Extant Europeans: A Y Chromosome Perspective” printed in SCIENCE with impact factor=31,377
      where croats have 44% of Eu7 haplotypes (the % of Eu7 haplotypes is directly connected with time that group of people is in the same place), Albanians have 19.6% of Eu7.
      In paper “Y-Chromosomal Diversity in Europe Is Clinal and Influenced Primarily by Geography, Rather than by Language” – The American Journal of Human Genetics impact factor=11.680
      Polymorphism M170 from which haplotype Eu7 is derived is most frequent in central Eastern Europe, at 45 % in Croats and 49% in Yugoslavs(Serbian and Montenegro)

      You are falsifying history but science is striking you down

      • Dardanicum


        • Besnik

          That sounds so ignorant what you say about Islam and christianity!!! First off the reason Albanians accepted Islam was because when ottoman empire invaded present day Albania in the 1400s the Albanians we’re raped and piliged and forced By the army when they settled and boys age 8 to 18(as a tax) to be sent to Turkey to believe in Islam!!!! And yes the could have resisted but they were simple uneducated people. Example Armenian people who had the same fate resisted all for one and one for all and not 1 Armenian is Muslim!!
          Then as far as late 1800s you still had Albanians converting to islam for land and prosperity…
          As for Christian albanians, they were taught Christianity by St. Paul himself at the time of christ who as a apostle set out to spread the word of christ. Just like the rest of the apostles set out in different parts of the world to spread the word. This is all in history books not just the bible.
          Google Christian artifacts in Albania and you will see the old ancient ruins found in present day Albania by Muslim archeologists who themselves were amazed!!!!!!!!!!

        • Ismajl

          Yep! That is what you say! Modern Greece is made by Albanians 🙂 Every one should know this! And in turkey there is more than 5 millions of Albanians they even speak Albanian, in Ukraine there is more than 7 millions :S But every one knows that Illiryan was the first in Balkan and Europe!

      • Suela

        Dear Amanda/ White Trash

        Its a waste for us to prove to your degenerate self how pure we are because obviously you lack reasoning . Most likely a pure , handsome Albanian guy must have refused your ignorant ass and you lashing out. Take some Zanax sweetheart and accept your fate. We never mix thats why we are the purest.

    • Roza

      Looking for Europe on the borders of Albania
      Gilles de Rapper

      “The Pelasgians are the ancestors of all Europeans, but only Albanians are their direct and authentic descendants and, as such, can claim for a kind of absolute autochthony in Europe.

      By claiming Pelasgic ancestry, supporters of these ideas are transforming marginality – Albanians are on the margins of Europe – into centrality and superiority – they are more European than anyone else.”

  14. adele

    Isolationist States in an Interdependent World
    By Helga Turku

    Political Science – 2009 – 182 pages
    Page 61-62

    Albania came under Ottoman control during the 14the century, remaining occupied for five subsequent centuries.

    For the next five hundred years, the Albanian peoples periodically fought the Ottomans, Greeks, and Serbs.

    the Ottoman occupation combined with the compulsory conversion of Christians to Islam further divided Albanians, sowing seeds for future political, social, and religious issues that would appear later on in Albanian’s History.

    While there was of course some degree of influence in Albanian affairs, Islam as a movement did not take deep roots in Albanian society.

    For example, as late as the 19th century, parents in central Albanian continued to give boys both Muslim and Christian names, one for public use and other for private use.

    In addition, many forced changed in Albanian society were also rejected.

    Most conspicuously, the Albanian people, despite 500 years of ottoman domination, retain their indigenous language and culture.,+macedonia,+and+epirus&lr=&ei=X1wNTO3vLouezgSnmqzKAg&cd=6#v=onepage&q=For%20example%2C%20as%20late%20as%20the%2019th%20century%2C%20parents%20in%20central%20Albanian%20continued%20to%20give%20boys%20both%20Muslim%20and%20Christian%20names&f=false

    • Dardanicum

      that’s because ottomans never mistreated albanians against we were brothers in religion same skanderbeg was brother in religion with serbs,veneti’s,napolitani’s,romani’s and huhgari’s so there is nothing strange albanians-arnavuts had very powerful place in ottoman’s state ruling all rulers from albanian vilayets-provinces were albanians alot of wazirs alot of commander including here and skanderbeg the traitor- the freemason. EVEN THE SYMBOL TURKEY HOLDS AS NATIONALS TODAY ORIGINATES FROM ILLYRIANS SYMBOL THAT WAS WRITTEN IN CONSTANTINOPLE CASTLE

  15. adele

    Illyr-Albania:the Mother Earth
    James Wm.Pandeli

    The Illyr-Albanian Language, spoken by the oldest continuous civilization in the Western World, and maybe even the world, is the master key to understanding the early human spiritual evolution.

    It may enable us to distinguish between truth and human interpretation – the politics as well as business of religion that has evolved.

    It is the purpose of this writing to record and hopefully enlighten with the documentation of this unwritten knowledge and establish a new source for understanding the concept of God, the real essence of His, ‘THE REVELATION’, not in the context of the history of a particular culture but its origin based on the creation by the earliest man that subsequently influenced most of the people of the world.

    The Illyr-Albanian World is the closest connection we have to the earliest man

  16. adele

    Albanian is the only Indo European language that has preserved the archaic structure of proto Aryan language. Albanian adjectives and ordinals come after the stressed nouns.

    The law formulated in 1892 by J. Wackernagel, according to which unstressed parts of the sentence tend to occupy a position after the first stressed word normally situated at the beginning of a sentence qualifies Albanian as the oldest living Indo European language.

    • Wade in MO

      “Albanian is the only Indo European language that has preserved the archaic structure of proto Aryan language”

      I thought the Baltic languages were the most conservative and kept their ancient features more than any others.

      • Dardanicum


    • First time that albanian language is mention IN HISTORY is in 1285 like “lingua albanesesca”. You don’t have proto Aryan language your origins are from Caucasus, because there are chronicles from 3rd century BC that mention Albania there.

      • adele

        Once More Time, The Royal Institute Of Sweden, The Most Prestigious Institution In The World Of Languages And Other Doctorates Along With Trinity College And Oxford, Has Published That The Albanian Language Is The Oldest Indo-European Language and the Albanians are the oldest nation in Europe.
        The Albanian language has been determined to be the oldest of the European languages by DNA/genes studies at Stanford U.(Luigi Cavalli-Sforza). In addition it has been determine
        d by radio carbon dating that the first Indo-Europeans came to the Balkans by way of Asia Minor and then propagated as agriculturalists throughout the continent taking three thousand years to travel that many kilometers, UK(Colin Renfrow). The Albanian language is thus the “Mother-Language” of all the European languages existing today. This explains why Albanians readily pick up any of the European languages and speak them without appreciateable accents.
        (George Fred Williams 1914)- If we return to pre-history, before rhapsodic homer sang to goddesses and methodology heroes, before Greek language was written, one well known nation lived with the name of Pellazg. Albanians are the only ancestors who have the origins from this powerful prehistoric race. Recently has been established that Pellazg – et were ancient Ilirs. Albanian was the true language of Homer, as the Greeks have copied from rapsodian Pellazg their wealthy epos. Kujtim Shehu, Kacanik – translated from the book by Dhimitri Pilika “Pellazg – Our Denied Origin” who has completed an extensive research on the origins of Pellazg.
        Johann Georg von Hahn in his 1854 Albanesische Studien identified the Pelasgian language with “Ur-Albanian”. In this, he followed earlier suggestions by Giuseppe Crispi (Memoria sulla lingua albanese, Palermo 1831). This “Pelasgian theory” of Albanian origins was shared by some other 19th-century authors

      • adele

        Caucasian Albanians must not to be confused with the Illyrian Albanians of modern-day Albania in the Balkans. The Caucasian Albanian name could be the remnant of the Macedonian expansion towards Asia. Alexander the Great had recruited Illyrian soldiers for his campaign against Persia and later India.

        Until the mid 19th century Scotland is called Albania, also the capital of New York called Albany

        The history of Scotland … to the middle of the ninth century
        By Alexander Low
        Page 46
        He Bays, that this region, which is now corruptly known by the name of Scotia, was anciently called Albany .
        Quod illa regio, yure nunc corrupte vocatur Scotia, antiquitus appellabatur Albania .

  17. Wade in MO

    “But it seems that the ruling classes of all of the great empires – Indian, Persian, Armenian, Roman, Greek, you name it – were all Nordics!”

    I thought it was part of Nazi ideology that the nordic aryans founded every ancient civilizatoin except the Sumerian. Been a while since I’ve heard that though

  18. albanian

    In Albania its a serious offence if someone marries outside albanian race. The Nordics are not prefered because they are too pale( I am not saying they are refused), and Mediterranians are also not prefered because they are too dark(They are refused). The majority of Greeks are considered Gypsies, so are Turkish and Serbs are considered lowlife. In America we still marry within our community even though American girls are beautiful and high class(I am not saying they are dying to marry us). So had we felt inferior racialy we would have relentlesly been trying to marry Nordics.(The way Blacks do). But we doing the best we can to preserve ourself in every circumstance possible. The reason: We love our race.

  19. lina

    Academic American encyclopedia

    Grolier Incorporated – 1994 – 21 pages

    It is widely accepted that the present-day Albanians are probably the descendants of the ancient lllyrians, an Indo-European people who originally settled there.

  20. lina

    The North American review, Volume 227
    Page 753

    Jared Sparks, Edward Everett, James Russell Lowell,
    Henry Cabot Lodge – History – 1929

    HISTORIANS are generally agreed that the Albanians are the oldest racial stock in the Balkans, a remnant of the pre-Hellenic inhabitants of the peninsula.

  21. lina

    Tree of Indo-European languages built in 1974 by Language Institute in Sweden and published in 1975 in the world book:

    Albanian language is qualified – The Albanian language is the oldest Indo-European idiom.

    This tree is still published 7-8 years ago

    WEBSTER’S NEW TWENTIETH CENTURY DICTIONARY, Unabridged Second Edition, De Luxe Color, William Collins and World Publishing Co., Inc., 1975, ISBN: 0-539-048523-3

  22. johnUK

    “20% Orthodox Christian. Albanian Orthodox, apparently.”

    LOL! I don’t believe that bullshit seeing how everything non-Muslim/Albanian has been raised over a hundred Orthodox churches to the ground by the KLA and other terrorist groups.

    Remember the mass engineered pogrom of 2004?

  23. true albo

    hey i am a real albanian and those pictures you have shown are very uncommon in albanians, whatever albanians say, there is very small % that are blonde and blue eyed and its only now that these two characterstics have been wanted
    my mother was born blonde and blue eyed from a very dark family (all albanian) they were not pleased she was blonde and cut her hair because at that time if u were blonde u were not albanian and considered slavic

    i believe that albanians are white but not the whites of all people – the blondes and blue eyes come from the north, if u go to durres albania u will find little blonde people

    this word white is being used to describe sweedish white – well sorry to disappoint any albanians that believe they are this type of white but they are not

    they typical albanian that i have seen are brown to dark brown hair, brown to hazel eyes and skin that is not dark but not light and lacks red pigment (compared to a white looking chinese we both have similar skin colour)

    • Kastro

      Well, don’t know where you’re really from, even don’t know if you’re an Albanian, too, because naming himself “true albo” in the world-wide-web doesn’t make you Albanian for sure.
      I never heard of that myth that blonde Albanians were considered Serbian and constrained because of ther blonde hair and blue eyes (this is ridiculous!!). As for me and my Albanian family from northern Kosovo (South-Mitrovica) I can say that it consists of members with blonde and dark hair. I even can say that Serbs of the other side of the river are darker than the Albanians in the South (Maybe there are alot slavicized Roma, I don’t know their original ethnical background). And believe me, going more and more to the south of Kosovo, you will finde more blondes, particularly in the countless villages in central Kosovo and alot of blue-eyed in the western regions, the Dukagjin region for example.

      Well all I wanted to say is, that the theory of oppressed Albanian people by their family because of blonde hair and blue eyes is totally bull***t.
      So I really question your Albanian background. As I said before, naming himself true albo doesn’t make you Albanian and in the time of Internet there are alot false-flag actions in forums, youtube etc.

    • Ermal

      I believe that you are not a true albanian. First of all no true albanian does not call himself “albo”, only the the serbs use that name, you piece of serb shit. That lengend that you tell about being treated as slavic is totally not true. I was born in Tirana, but my parents come from the north, and quite some of my cousins have blue eyes and different shades of blonde hair color. And for your surprise none of them had to cut their hair for fear of being considered slavic.

      Also it is true that we are not nordic white, what kind of nonsense is that. We are mediterranean, and are tanned for around 4 months of the year. But also you cannot say that our skin color is dark, as a matter of fact I am as white as my german and italian friends are.

      And please stop the skin color bullshit. It does not say anything. The first thing to do if you want to see albanians go in facebook and check their pictures.

      So please I say this also to the serbians, they teach you the history wrong. I am really sorry. Being an albanian I don’t give a f***k about the serbs. But please check the history books(international ones) and read by yourselves that the illyrians had a lot of wars against the romans. Still today in current albanian territories there are ancient ruins of roman time and you can find even earlier. Adding to that, please forget the haplogroups, because if we relate to that and get back to skin color serbs are way darker and also haplogroups please read this:

      So to conclude, stop the bullshit and please live peacefully.

    • phill

      Albanians have vikings Teutonics noric the Muslim are goths armenians romans the turks are the italians but those Armenians in anatolia I read that are connect to paria of India and used I’ll Talmud no one is who think he is they are mixed the people there now greeks was cristianizated but greek orthodox religion is based in the first and ancient religion of Arya mother earth every one has his interpretation thats why every country has his own church and patriarch everyone is different muslim inbreeding heavilly to maintain white but recessive genes permeating between them since they make genetic from thousands of years and they use all of us the Catholic who was moved in the mountains are from there and the others who have same genetic with greeks since we found the same in crete pelloponesus and islands today Venetians are different population and Austrians was killed by turks the today population is not the same as the initially one since we have many invasions all around every religion has their own races change religion means you mix with other races and subraces etc

      • phill

        Illyrians was Christian part of them are still absorbed around balcan part was moved part was killed the moviment of the catari was created by one tribe of illyrians was killed by roman cattolics since claim that woman and man are equally albanians are more connect to ottomans the original albanians was moved in Italy still in some places in calabria celebrate byzantine as I meet some of them who was people with culture have little to do with them part of them was lived more nord come down with varius invasions or like mercenaries since they have a Swedish genome….the original population in big part was absorbed like in all balcans by invasions and varius religious wars christianesim Islam was the death of people in greece and Balkan with Bedouins around who claim are aryans

        • Dave Mowers

          Illyrians are mentioned by the Macedonians as a troublesome tribe. If Albanians are Illyrians then they are Slavs, Caucasians, Celts.

  24. lina

    The resurrected nations: short histories of the peoples freed by the great
    By Isaac Don Levine States, Small – 1919 – 309 pages

    Page 66

    Many races have come and gone in Europe. Mighty hordes from the East swept over it at various times and vanished in the course of history.

    But of the few original inhabitants of Europe, the true Europeans, there still remain the Albanians, populating a mountainous section of the Balkan Peninsula.

    The Albanians are the direct descendants of the Illyrians who lived in the south of Europe since the dawn of history.,+the+true+Europeans,+there+still+remain+the+Albanians,+populating+a+mountainous+section+of+the+Balkan+Peninsula&lr=&ei=zjnrS_ugPJCQkATsz7mICA&client=firefox-a&cd=1#v=onepage&q=But%20of%20the%20few%20original%20inhabitants%20of%20Europe%2C%20the%20true%20Europeans%2C%20there%20still%20remain%20the%20Albanians%2C%20populating%20a%20mountainous%20section%20of%20the%20Balkan%20Peninsula&f=false

  25. lina

    Südost-Forschungen, Volumes 63-64‎ – Page 716
    Südost-Institut München, Deutsches Auslandswissenschaftliches Institut (Berlin, Germany) – History – 2005

    Illyrer und Makedonen sind wegen ihrer pelasgischen Herkunft ebenfalls Albaner

    Translate in English

    Southeast Research, Volumes 63-64 – Page 716

    South East Institute in Munich, German Auslandswissenschaftliches Institute (Berlin, Germany) – History – 2005

    Illyrians and the Macedonians are also Albanians because of their Pelasgian origin.

  26. lina

    The Journal of international relations, Volume 2
    By Clark University (Worcester, Mass.)
    – 1912
    Page 56

    The formation of the skull and other distinct racial characteristics indicate an approximately pure ancestry and certainly one of great antiquity.

    The concensus of scholarly opinion is that the Albanians were derived from the ancient Pelasgan race, the oldest race of Europe.

    More particularly, the Albanians are considered to be the direct descendants of the ancient Illyrians with an admixture of Macedonians on the east and Epirotes on the south.

    Thus the Albanians can justly claim to be one of the oldest and purest races in Europe; and this is further attested by the fact that they are a most virile people

  27. adele

    Journal of the Ethnological Society of London, Volume 1
    By Ethnological Society (London)
    Page 324
    1.The Epirotes and Macedonians were, in Strabo’s time, ungreek or barbarian.
    2. Epirotes, Macedonians, and Illyrians are kindred races.
    3. The Epirotes and Macedonians were the kernel of the TyrrhenoPelasgic race.
    4. lllyrian=Pelasgian in a wider sense.
    At p. 12, Von Hahn especially defines that the present divisions of the Albanians, the Tosks and Guegs, actually represent the Epirotes and Illyrians.,+in+Strabo%27s+time,+in+Greek+or+barbarian.&hl=en&ei=feo0TKfXKoS0lQfgxanTBw&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=1&ved=0CCgQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=The%20Epirotes%20and%20Macedonians%20were%2C%20in%20Strabo%27s%20time%2C%20in%20Greek%20or%20barbarian.&f=false

    • Waahahah… oh, if only science dont prove you wrong…do you know what Pelasgian mean?

      • adele

        Pelasgians means old Albanians S. Frasheri says (in the book “what Albania has been and what is now …” Page. 44). Divided into four main branches:

        1-Illyria that had spread from the old Greek border to the northern edge of the Asian Sea

        2 – Macedonians, who lived in areas of Macedonia that stretched from the mountains of Pindos Mountains to the Rhodope mountains, and in the Aegean Sea.

        3 Thrakasit, which were widespread in the territories of Bulgaria, without having to determine the northern borders.

        4-Frigasit that found in the provinces of the coast of Anatolia to Ankara to Sivas.

        The truth is that the Pelasgians were made of three kingdoms Thrace-Macedonians, Illyrians, and Epirus.

        All three of them had something in common, they spoke a similar language, worshiped the same ancient dieties, had the same traditions which are Pelasgian, and are explained in a meaningful way by the Albanian language of modern days

        Pelasgian spoken language, although it is the same everywhere, usually is characterized by the names of territories and countries where it is spoken as: Illyrian, Thracian ,Argian, Arian, Macedonian, Epirotic, Frigian, Karian, Lidian, Likaonian, Etruscan, Osk, Fenician, Venetia, Ligurian etc

  28. adele


    Illyrians, people of Indo-European stock who are considered ancestors of modern Albanians, settled on the northern and eastern coasts of the Adriatic Sea .

    Included among them were the Dalmatians and the Pannonians. Eventually, the ancient region of Illyria would include the western part of the Balkan Peninsula from the Danube River to Epirus .

  29. edro

    I think many of you have misconceptions about Albanians.


    Albanians are one of those few few races left that DO NOT derive from any known race, culture, and language. Albanians are one of those few pure races might i add left in the world. They are unique in their own way, which is why Albanians are so distinct, and likely you will never meeet someone like an Albanian.
    The intersting thing about the Albanians is the 2500 year old KANUN ( Albanian Law) which can be summarized into 4 sections
    1) Honour
    2) Good cunduct
    3) hospitality

    Anyways, Albanians are distinct and very much interesting.

  30. edro

    Anyways, what i also have to say is that many cultures around Albania have “stole” some of our distinct culture.

    ITALIANS: They have stole some of the Kanun such as the Kanun of Honour and Vengenace and have applied it to their society. SO in a way, Italy is Albanianized in culture whether they like it or not.

    GREEKS: Albanians will never forgive you for your refusal of Alexander the Great being of Albanian blood. Also, much Albanian folklore was stolen by Greeks. Bottom Line: Alexander was concieved by Albanian and Greek Parents. Period.

    SLAVS: With respect to Croatians and Bosnians; The rest don’t like us and the favour is fully returned. Reason is, Albanians are unique and distinct and honestly, some albanians consider Slavs to be barbaric savages because of their disrespectful and dirty faul opinions and belifs. Russians and Serbians ( basically all of eastern europe is Slavic except for Albanians) are in a way some of the most cold hearten, unhonoured people out there- no offence intended but it is the way many see it.

    Comming from a proud Muslim Albanians- I am surely sad that the majority of Albanians are ridiculously Secular. It is unbelievable- completely westernized to the fullest.

    • phill

      He was from epirotan blood his mother was molossian not albanian which don,t exist this term at the time and those tribes was connect to greeks since the rulers was from greek blood and his mother from molossian since was daughter of the king there

  31. Wade in MO

    “GREEKS: Albanians will never forgive you for your refusal of Alexander the Great being of Albanian blood. Also, much Albanian folklore was stolen by Greeks. Bottom Line: Alexander was concieved by Albanian and Greek Parents. Period”

    LOL I knew this was going to come from one of these people. I’ve heard the “we invented all the things in ancient greece” lie before, but I’ve never heard the bullshit about alexander. Normally the people who try the Alexander nonsense are “Macedonian” Slavs. I can understand greek xenophobia when I see Turks, Albanian, “Macedonian” Slavs, and “Nordics” constantly trying to steal their history and cultrue.

    “Comming from a proud Muslim Albanians”

    Sad. What would Skanderbeg think?

    • edro

      First off- forget the Slavs because they came in Europe later on; a couple centuries later. Albanians and Greeks have had a long history together dating back to long before Alexander the Great; so frankly speaking of Slavs; they have no solid history with Europe. Anyways my point of Alexander being half Albanian is supported by many well known historians. From an article “””And how was he Albanian in any way? Well, first of all Alexander was son of Philip II and Olympia. Olympia, was the princess of Epirus, a province in Northern Greece, considered to be modern day Albania, and an ancient territory of Albanian tribes. This relation of Alexander having Albanian blood is considered somewhat feasible and acceptable by the history books, but we want to stretch out the enigma of Alexander. “””

  32. adele

    Religion is not ethnicity.

    Skenderbeg’ father, Gjon Kastrioti, had changed religion several times.

    He was a Catholic as an ally of Venice and turned into an Orthodox as an ally of Stefan Lazarevic of Serbia then returned in Muslim and turned back in his religion.

    Throughout their turbulent history Albanians have shifted from one religion to another, being Catholic, Orthodox or Muslim according to how this best served their interests at the time

    The religion of Albanians is Albanianism

  33. adele

    History and social anthropology

    Association of Social Anthropologists of the Commonwealth, I. M. Lewis – 1968
    Page 275

    Such changes may seem curious to us, but it must be remembered that John Kastrioti, the father of the great Albanian Christian culture-hero, Skenderbeg, was a Catholic in 1407, Greek Orthodox from 1419 to 1426, Muslim from 1430 to 1438

  34. adele

    Here are and 27 others books showing Alexander the Great is Albanian.

  35. adele

    From the regime of King Zog until in 1946 in Albania money was Alexander the Great picture.

    Alexander the Great in ALBANIA

    The National Currency of Albania is called ‘lek’. The lek has taken its name from Alexander the Great, because LEK is the short popular name of Alexander amongst Albanians. What is noteworthy to add is that Alexander’s coins from glorious Macedonian past are preserved down 19 century amongst Albanians. Albanians used those coins as tools of monetary exchange. They called them as ‘Lek’.

    • Wade in MO

      “The religion of Albanians is Albanianism”

      The more I hear albanians say this the more they sound like jews.

      “From the regime of King ZOG”

      Holy Shit! Really? That seals the deal! Albanians = Jews

      • adele

        In matters of religion, Illyrians were pagans who believed in an
        afterlife and buried their dead along with arms and various articles intended for personal use.

        Albanians are the direct descendants of the ancient Illyrians

        All religions are brought by empires.

        Roman Empire brought Roman Catholicism

        Byzantine Empire brought orthodoxy

        Ottoman Empire brought Muslim religion

        Communism brought atheism

        Empire task was: divide and conquer.

        If the Albanians were religious before they were Albanian, will disappear as a nation

        • adele

          International conciliation, Issues 137-143

          by Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, American Association for International Conciliation, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Division of Intercourse and Education – History – 1920

          By American Association for International Conciliation, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Division of Intercourse and Education

          Page 747-750

          The Albanians belong to three religions: the Roman Catholic Church, the Greek Orthodox Church, and to Islam.

          The Mohammedans exceed in number both the Catholics and Orthodox put together. The members of these three faiths all live together, but the Catholics are more numerous in the north and the Orthodox in the south.

          Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, in her celebrated letters, writing in 1717, describes vividly the Albanian guard which escorted her on her journey across Turkey, and mentions as a unique fact that the Albanians make no distinction between Christians and Moslems.

          Marriages between Christians and Mohammedans are common in Albania, in spite of the fact that they are contrary to the respective religions. Christians and Moslems may be found in the same family, dwelling amicably under one roof.

          There are Christian chiefs to Mohammedan clans, and vice versa. Impartial observers have, in fact, written much that is true upon this fact. It will suffice to quote one official document, which destroys the legend of religious dissension.

          Monsieur Aubaret, the French Commissioner at the Eastern Roumelian Commission on the affairs of Turkey, in 1880, presented the following memorandum on the Sandjak of Scutari: “The people live together in perfect harmony.

          They are Albanian before everything. If it be true to say that the Catholics are sincerely attached to their religion, it is none the less true that for them, as well as for their Mohammedan compatriots, national sentiment, love for their land and respect for their ancient customs take the first place beyond all else.

          The spirit of dignity and independence, possessed alike by all Albanians, is strengthened among them by their markedly warlike characteristics. It is thanks to their indomitable vigor that in spite of the frequent endeavors of the Sublime Porte, these mountaineers have succeeded in preserving, almost intact, the privileges which they have enjoyed from the earliest times.”

          The Greeks, Serbs, and Bulgars who, in large numbers, have been converted to Islam, have renounced their nationality and have indeed out-Turked the Turks. The Albanians have remained Albanians throughout.


        • Wade in MO

          “Roman Empire brought Roman Catholicism

          Byzantine Empire brought orthodoxy”

          Both of these statements are wrong. When Rome conquered Illyria it was not a christian empire. Christian missionaries brought Christianity to this area and they were often persecuted by the Romans for the first few centuries.

          The Byzantine Empire is just a continuation of the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire was governed by two different emperors (one in the west and one in the east) from the time of Diocletian (late 200s AD) onward. When the west fell, the east just went on. Later they tried to reclaim some land in the west. The name byzantine was not used by it inhabitants. Hundreds of years after it had fallen, western historians started to call it the Byzantine Empire. Also. Orthodoxy was not spread in the area, catholicism was. The orthodox churches split off from the Catholic Church in 1054.

      • adele

        Christianity manifested itself in Illyria during Roman rule, about the middle of the 1st century ce.

        At first the new religion had to compete with Middle Eastern cults—among them that of Mithra, Persian god of light—which had entered the land in the wake of Illyria’s growing interaction with eastern regions of the empire.

        For a long time it also had to compete with gods worshipped by Illyrian pagans.

        The steady growth of the Christian community in Dyrrhachium (the Roman name for Epidamnus) led to the creation there of a bishopric in ce 58. Later, episcopal seats were established in Apollonia, Buthrotum (modern Butrint), and Scodra (modern Shkodër).

        By the time the empire began to decline, the Illyrians, profiting from a long tradition of martial habits and skills, had acquired great influence in the Roman military hierarchy.

        Indeed, several of them went on from there to become emperors. From the mid-3rd to the mid-4th century ce the reins of the empire were almost continuously in the hands of emperors of Illyrian origin: Gaius Decius, Claudius Gothicus, Aurelian, Probus, Diocletian, and Constantine the Great.

        Christianity had become the established religion in Albania, supplanting pagan polytheism and eclipsing for the most part the humanistic world outlook and institutions inherited from the Greek and Roman civilizations.

        But, though the country was in the fold of Byzantium, Albanian Christians remained under the jurisdiction of the Roman pope until 732.

        In that year the iconoclast Byzantine emperor Leo III, angered by Albanian archbishops because they had supported Rome in the Iconoclastic Controversy, detached the Albanian church from the Roman pope and placed it under the patriarch of Constantinople.

        When the Christian church split in 1054 between the East and Rome, southern Albania retained its tie to Constantinople while northern Albania reverted to the jurisdiction of Rome.

        • Wade in MO

          Sure, but your statements implied that it was implanted through conquest and I’m saying that it wasn’t because for the first few centuries the Roman Empire was hostile to Christianity.

  36. adele

    Excavating Pela
    Page 32- 33

    The provenience newly found in the recent excavation at the site of ancient Pela, the one –times capital city of Alexander the Great, brought to light a document recording a speech made by him.
    These documents were written only in Thrace –Illyrian, and not in Greek an enlightening fact.

    Although the archeological discoveries add valuable knowledge to the world’s history, the geek government loath to give up a national hero is understandably reluctant to release the information to the world.

    All photographers and newsmen were barred from the place of excavation. However, unable to decipher the Illyrian alphabet themselves, they searched for, and found, an obscure professor from the University of Vienna, Austria who rendered the translation for them. Little by little the information of the find has been disseminated away.

    The document reveals the (Bessa –Bessa) pledge made by Kleito, son of King Bardhylus (Bardhyli) of Illyria, and his Illyrian troops, united with the Macedonian forces would fight the over-running Persians, and thereby making an end to the feud, which apparently had existed between themselves.“Brother fight brother, without good reason, the document stated

    The speech itself, seems to have been made by King Alexander in a peace council held at the capital city, Malossia (Malsia) Passaron, it appears, was the only plave wich was government, as well as peace and war, seemed to have been there.

    The pledge reveals many other interesting facts concerning this site of Pledges.

    In the assembly, Alexander got to his feet and invited Prince Kleitos to serve with him, and the General and Alexander shook right hands , placing their other over their heart, after the approved form of the day.

    Alexander‘s speech was as follows:
    100% Albanian

    “Neve jemi nga. Nje ate dhe prej njememex Illyria, Thraco, Malsia dhe Macedonia . Kemi nje gjak nje gjuhe.
    Ndryshojme jo shume ne petka, illyrianet veshin ne krahe lekure dele dhe neve veshim burro kapa prej leshi te dhivet.

    Me bessa – bessa qe tani sapo beme me General Kliton, dhe me ndihmene trimave Illyrian, Malsore dhe macedonasit,
    Siguroj darmimin. Armikut, Persian kete here dote mundim te perhapim ndryten qutetrore tere botes qe jane ne arresyre”

    Alexander‘s speech was as follows:
    “We are from a father and a mother of Illyria , Macedonia, Thraco and Malsia. We have a blood and a language.

    Not change much in garments, leather arms Illyrian wear in sheep and clothe us burro kappa goat wool. With Bess – Bess just now there was the General Kliton, and with the help of brave Illyrian, highlands, and Macedon

    Assure the destruction of the enemy Persian and this time will be spread all over the world the light of civilization that are in darkness”

  37. Rebel

    Albanians are not Iliryan, and they are not white race.. you can find a lots of Jews and Turks who might look white, but the aren’t!!

  38. gjoni

    Einstein came to my mind. Germans were trying to discredit his relativity theory not because they understood it, but because he was a jew. Germans were saying that there are 30 books saying that his theory was wrong. Einstein said: If I was wrong one book would have been enough, but since I am not there are 30 books trying to prove me wrong. Same with people here trying to prove : Albanians are not white. An impossible mission dear idiots!!!!

  39. adele

    The Albanians have largely avoided assimilation by their neighbours, despite centuries of incursion and exploitation, and see themselves as direct descendents of the pre-Hellenic, Hallstatt culture Illyrians

    Illyrians tribes are believed to have inhabited the western Balkan Peninsula since at least the second millenium BC and by the end of the third century BC, had consolidated a state centred on present-day Shkoder.

    Source : The states of Eastern Europe,
    Volume 1, by Francis W. Carter, David Turnock 1999, Page 34

  40. adele

    Geographical review, Volume 5
    By American Geographical Society of New York

    Isaiah Bowman, G. M. Wrigley – 1918

    Page 262

    The Albanians are generally and probably accurately identified by impartial authorities as the descendants of the ancient Illyrians, who were simply the inhabitants of Illyria and who in their turn were the offspring of the Pelasgians—the first people to come to Europe.,+who+were+simply+the+inhabitants+of+Illyria&hl=en&ei=CYn6TZTJC8fq0gGR6-yhAw&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=1&ved=0CCoQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=The%20Albanians%20are%20generally%20and%20probably%20accurately%20identified%20by%20impartial%20authorities%20as%20the%20descendants%20of%20the%20ancient%20Illyrians%2C%20who%20were%20simply%20the%20inhabitants%20of%20Illyria&f=false

  41. adele

    Eastern Europe: an introduction to the people, lands, and culture
    Richard C. Frucht – 2005
    Page 698
    The ethnic Albanian population traces its roots to the pre-Hellenic Illyrian tribes, whose presence has been recorded in the Balkans since at least the second millennium B.C.E.,+whose+presence+has+been+recorded+in+the+Balkans&hl=en&ei=Pyc6TPLiCYW0lQe31dXSBw&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=1&ved=0CCUQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=The%20ethnic%20Albanian%20population%20traces%20its%20roots%20to%20the%20pre-Hellenic%20Illyrian%20tribes%2C%20who se%20presence%20has%20been%20recorded%20in%20the%20Balkans&f=false

  42. adele

    The true history of mankind will be written only when Albanians participate in it’s writing.
    Maximilian Lambertz,

    Albanien erzählt: ein Einblick in die albanische Literatur. Übersetzt und
    herausgegeben. Literatur der Volksdemokratien, 7
    (Berlin: Volk und Welt 1956)
    191 pp.

  43. Svastika

    Fukking albanian dogs are mongol filth…..they sometimes look white due to some misguided europeans who fukked the help…..stop trying to claim noble heritage to these “things”….卐 14/88

    • ulc

      If you have a little bit of logic or an IQ that overpasses 96 and have studied a little bit, not much ’cause it could terribly hurt your feelings you would give at least a basic of scientific proof. Have you ever been in albania??? Have you ever been in greece?? Have you ever been in serbia? Have a trip over these three populations and you will understand that what yo’re saing si just the words of a dumb/ignorant person. In the old times before the roman empire was built there were three major populations that covered all of europe: Pelasgians(south), Celtics(north) and Thracians/Romanians(north-east). If you really want some more knowledge i can tell you that the Pelasgian-Old Sanskrit-Persian had a common root (called Proto Indoeuropean language) which is the oldest language in the whole world. Anyway you can find albanian inscriptions in caves allover EU which are dated back to 7500BC. Look an albanian in the eyes and you will notice the difference with every other population in europe. Do you know the literal menaing of “aryan” in albanian?
      Aryan= Ar + Jan which means: Ar= Gold(is a metal) and Yan=Jan=Are(is a verb). So “Aryan” means “The golden one” which can be related to the hair type or the eye colour or both of them. So…I’m sorry for you deep ignorance.

    • yorgy

      Albanians looks and act like Arabs

  44. Roza

    Albania is a profound European country, the oldest people of the Balkan Peninsula, their origin derived from the Illyrian pelasgians
    Albania, inhabited by a people who uses unique language, encircled by neighbors using quite different languages, also with a different history, different traditions and culture, has had a tragic destiny. Although known as a militant people, the Albanians have never been aggressive throughout their history.

    They have never attacked others but unfortunately always been victims of foreign aggression and, naturally, in these cases they have tried to respond to these aggressions

  45. Roza

    The Independent, Volume 107

    edited by Leonard Bacon, Joseph Parrish Thompson, Richard Salter Storrs, Joshua Leavitt, Henry Ward Beecher, Theodore Tilton, Henry Chandler Bowen, William Hayes
    Education – 1921
    Page 9

    The Albanian race was settled in the Balkan Peninsula before the Hellenes arrived and centuries upon centuries before the Serbs were heard of in the civilized world. Pyrrhus, Alexander the Great, Scanderbeg were of that race.

  46. Roza

    The North American review, Volume 227
    Page 753

    Jared Sparks, Edward Everett, James Russell Lowell, Henry Cabot Lodge – History – 1929

    HISTORIANS are generally agreed that the Albanians are the oldest racial stock in the Balkans, a remnant of the pre-Hellenic inhabitants of the peninsula.

  47. Roza

    Albania: a narrative of recent travel
    By Edward Frederick Knight

    Albania – 1880 – 278 pages

    Page 124-125

    The Albanians are by some supposed to be the descendants of the ancient Pelasgi, and of a far purer race than are the modern Greeks.

    From the uniformly classic features of the people I should be inclined to adopt this view.

    The men have splendid skulls, lefty broad brows and small delicately molded features.
    The women are the most beautiful in Eastern Europe. The children are lovely.

    They have large solemn eyes and splendid mouths—this latter is their most striking feature—slightly turned down at the sides, which gives a singularly
    sweet and thoughtful expression.

    One cannot be long among the Albanians before perceiving that they are evidently of a noble and ancient race, to which the Montenegrin and other Slavs races will bear no compare.

    The language of the Shqiptar, as call themselves, varies much in different districts. Old Illyrian probably in origin,+and+of+a+far+purer+race+than+are+the+modern+Greeks&ei=3RnnS4avLpH8yASf_KSECg&cd=1#v=onepage&q=The%20Albanians%20are%20by%20some%20supposed%20to%20be%20the%20descendants%20of%20the%20ancient%20Pelasgi%2C%20and%20of%20a%20far%20purer%20race%20than%20are%20the%20modern%20Greeks&f=false

  48. lol Albanians not being white is by far the funniest shit i’ve head

  49. Alex

    I dont know what is “White” or “Not-White”.
    But.. about albanians.
    1. They look like middle eastern people (arabs, turkish, etc), their language originally is not european. Who are they and where are they from is good question, but 100% not illyrians
    2. Almost all of them are muslims and they very proud of that fact
    3. Behaviour. They are very, very stupid and same time very hypocrite (really all of them, some of them could hide it until the moment), almost all are liers and disgusting persons, also agressive.

    What is it? Experience of communication with that monkeys.

    • Ares

      Albanians not Iliryans… The funniest bullshit I have ever heard. Who was the first Illiryan King? Bardhyli.. In Albanian means White. How many Serbs Croatian or greeks do you now with that name? NO ONE. I now more than hundred ALBANIANS with that name. Who were the most famous Kings of Illirya? Agron Pirro Teuta. I have friends with these names. Do you have? How ere the Illiryan tribes called? Dardans Dalmatians Adrians Taulants Epirians and ALBANS, yeah ALBANS that’s why we are calld Albania. Because the Illyrian tribe that lived where nowadays it’s situated our capital was called Albans. All the names and the words that are related with Illyria have explanation only in ONE LANGUAGE. Guess which? ALBANIAN. You can bring a lot of bullshits about skin color or genes but history is not about genes or colors. It’s about FACTS. There are millions that show Albanians are the direct descendants of Illyrians. Not a single fact to demonstrate the contrary. Slavs came in the Balkans in the 6-th century. They came from Poland or maybe Ukraine but they have no links with the Balkans before. Their language has nothing in comon with Illyric. There is no single word in comon in Slavic and Illyric. Albanians were the first in the Balkans, in Europe and perhaps WE ARE THE OLDEST CIVILIZATION in the world. Thats History based on archaeological facts. That’s how history is written and is studied all over the world. It’s about serious analyses not demagogy.

    • Roza

      Albanians are the representatives of the Illyrians in the Balkans.

      But the Illyrian people with their distinctive dress, music, customs, and especially their language have persisted in their shrinking territory along the western shore of the Balkan Peninsula.

      With no record or tradition even hinting at their extermination or assimilation or migration, one can only assume their unbroken historical continuity.

      There seems to be no questions but that the present-day Albanians are the historical uninterrupted descendants of the Illyrians who were known to have inhabited the same region in early Greek and Roman times.
      Albania, inhabited by a people who uses unique language, encircled by neighbors using quite different languages, also with a different history, different traditions and culture, has had a tragic destiny. Although known as a militant people, the Albanians have never been aggressive throughout their history.
      They have never attacked others but unfortunately always been victims of foreign aggression and, naturally, in these cases they have tried to respond to these aggressions

  50. Alex

    Do albanians have any history? No
    Nowadays they are trying to create ”beautiful history of Great Albania”, full of lie and idiotism. And they really believe in that shit.

  51. Kleant Alushaj

    This debate has been going on for ages.
    There’s much more to it than just blowing “facts” in the air and drawing immediate conclusions. There are quite a few gaps in the history of our people, true; and that means everyone can make connections in the way they see it. Many well known historians have speculated about our origins, but nobody really studied the ways of our people. We are a small, poor, but very proud nation with an epic history full of bloody wars.

    The way you put it, either we have immigrated to this place for no obvious reason other than following the slave/barbarian stream or we are an ancient nation whose history, unfortunately, never interested to anyone to write during the “old” times. I am quite ignorant, honestly speaking, of the various theories concerning our origin, so I’d rather wait for a plausible one, rather than read one’s work done overnight, during leisure time.

    Perhaps you should take an interest in several authors’ work like Ismail Kadare (or perhaps another one, a foreigner who never set foot in this country) and get a glimpse of what has been going on with these small, proud even though powerless people. Sure, we’ve hated many people and they have hated us back (Greeks, Serbs etc. ) and that might be a reason for a fifteen year old Greek to spit mud over our history every time they get the chance to comment.

    Thank you, though, for at least turning your head upon these unfortunate and forgotten people that can’t seem to get on their feet after the XV Century (The time of Skanderbeg, the time when the whole Europe stood still and watched Albanians holding back the horror of the Ottoman Empire.)

  52. jenny

    prouddddddddd to be albanian and white babee

  53. Thirdiview

    I’m Albanian you could say I look white , italian, turkish , iranian ,indian but that still doesnt mean anything. Albanians or should I say illyrians which means to be free or liberated have always been an enlightened race which lived in peace and harmony, we never invaded or fought any one for we’ve always known the truth so we never judged by your skin color or how you looked on the outside . We saw one another as a spirit as the soul . We are a true pure race of human beings which lived in perfect harmony with nature and our people until invadors came and introduced us to egoism. So perhaps we may not be white or european but we are something greater we are GOD .

  54. Mentor


  55. Dia

    I am from Kosova and live in the U.S. I know the people in the picture (the young kids, group of four). I wonder, sir, how you can post someone’s picture (with or without their knowledge) and say such comments about them? Especially about Abnore and Hana. These two girls are from my church. I know them well. Please sir, a bit of respect. God bless you–Dia Singer


    Obviously Albanians are white and European.
    That’s not even worth for discussion.
    Take a look at this:

  57. Roza

    Descendants of the ancient Pelasgi, the Albanians are of the Di- naric physical type, with flat-backed skulls. Called by the Turks “Arnauts,” by the Serbs “Arbanassi,” they refer to themselves as “Shqipe- tare” — “Sons of the Eagle.

    Source: The Encyclopedia Americana: Volume 1 , Alexander Hopkins McDonnald – 1951, page 325

  58. Isn’t Kim Kardashian Albanian? How do the white nationalists view her? Are they safe to lust after her swarthy lady bits without comeuppance from the Nordic god ?

  59. Juliet

    Well this was fascinating, I only clicked on it because by some random accident I noticed people on the net were arguing against Albanians being considered white. It made me laugh, my husband’s Albanian, he’s white, he has medium brown hair and hazel eyes. I met him in Greece, you could see the difference, they are much darker and have brown black hair and solid black eyes.
    My husbands brother is blonde as are many of his relatives (there’s also a lot of ginger in Albania- but I don’t know what that means). The darkest of his relatives are still not close to Turkish. There may be some turkish looking Albanians but they are certainly the minority.
    I’ve been to Albania tons of times in the last ten years so I know what I’m talking about. Also my son has blonde hair and blue eyes, even though I don’t (it’s in my family). For all you gene fanatics I’m pretty sure that means that my husband also had to have the blue/blonde gene in him somewhere.
    Also, I’ve never met a practising Albanian muslim, ever. Or even one who calls themselves muslim.
    Last note, Albania is an old country, not like croatia etc.. who seem to leave a lot of ‘Albanians are not like us, we are white comments’ on the net. All I have to say to those people is that there was a Croatian boy at my school (last name Lukic or something) who looked like an Italian and was certainly darker than my hubby.

    Thanks for the article Mr Lindsay, I hope the world is less ignorant by the time my sons grow up!

    • NonKoolAidDrinker

      Like most Americans, you’re confusing phenotype with race. If Albanians are considered part of the “white” race, then Albanians are “white”. period. Even the swarthy ones. “White” as a racial term doesn’t mean literally white skinned nor is it another word for Northern European looking. It’s a racial umbrella term for what might be called the “Greater European Race” – native Europeans, descendents of Europeans(white Americans, white Latinos etc.) and non-Europeans with close genetic affinities to Europeans (ie. Persians, Turks, Levantine Arabs etc.).That’s the rational person’s definition of “white” people.

    • yorgy

      Albanians from Azerbaijan-Dagestan and they are majority swarthy, tanned. Russians call them niggers.

  60. hahahah disputing it is really ridiculous ,wish you guys don’t die ignorant and asking again are Albanians white people ? haha we belonged belong and will belong to white race cause God wanted we to live in this land and this land belong to white people no matter what religion we have … i suggest the ignorant just check the albanian people facebooks

  61. Nadir

    Albanians are 70% Muslim and 30% Christian in Albania whereas overall Albanians are about 90% Muslim. There is some truth to some Albanian Muslims being non-white due to having Arab and Anatolian admixture in them, but overall they are definitely white. Also many “Albanian” Muslims are ethnic Egyptians who adopted Albanian language and culture and regard themselves as Albanians

  62. Rita albanian-not white-not muslim-traditionaly catholic,spiritually i hate any religion!

    I am an Albanian from Prizren, a historic city in Prizren. I am a catholic too. We have a catholic church in Prizren built in 11th century and restored in 18th ceuntury. You can find a lot of elemnets of gothic art.
    I am not very white, neither i am black. (i dont know why it is a matter of discuss) Prizren is a city in south of Kosova, where people are not very blonde but neither not very dark. When you go to north part of Kosovo or in villages in high mountains youll find people more blond and white.
    Eventhough I am raised as an catholic, my grand grand fathers name was Hysa refering a muslim-turkish name eventhough he was a catholic. Well i think it is quite normal as Ottomans ruled balkans for 500 hunderd years. You can find the signs of ottoman-turkish cultur in any corner of balkans. You ll find in our language, food, music and no matter from which ethnic group we are, wether albanian, serbian, bosnian, greek or macedonian and even romanian. We all a certain amount of ottoman heritage in our cultures.
    Just like today we share with all world certain amount of american popular culture in terms of fashion, lifestyle, music etc.
    The dominant culture always effect the less dominant ones. The same happened in balkan while ottomans ruled and i dont thinks its should be a matter.

    I dont think my skin colour comes from ottomans but from geaographical conditions of the region where i was born. If id born in Sweden probably i would not look like the way i am.
    By the way today turks are not all black skinned. Their colours also change depending from the regions the live. For instance search for turkish people in black sea cost.

    Please stop this stupid discuss about the colour of albanians. Eventhough my ancestors have been living in this region from generation to generations why do we discuss where albanians come from. We are here in Europe, already live ‘n here and we are ordinary people just like anyone in region. We share all negatives and positives of common balkan culture.

    Please avoind stupid claims of nationalist and racist people!

    • ld

      Omg I have been following this for a few months now and to all albanians I am a bit disappointed! Guys we are not a race we are a people! We look the way we do because we live in the area we do. Yugoslavs look just as dark as as us lol trust me I hang out with a bunch of them.
      I am a pure mix of albanians and I look just as white as most other people from the balkans (if not whiter lol i’m quite pasty).

      Roza, sweetheart, you are wasting your time with the books. My grandfather spent his life collecting Albanian words and finding their origins and it’s pretty clear what the truth is. These people are just trying to upset you. Education has not reached their ranks, reading (provided they can) will not change that.

      I also happen to be a scientist and in all due respect please stop misquoting Science magazine…you’re lowering their impact factor with your BS. Association of european haplotypes to slavic populations does not make them more european that others. There is black people in the US that have the same haplotype and I’m pretty sure they are not white. In fact, any basic genetics book will teach you how you can mix and match donors (even in pure lines) to get the opposite haplotype on a 98% pure line. Also if you bothered to read the article you’ll see the huge genetic gap in haplotypes between albanians and turks/syrians/middle easters people. It’s right there as clear as the impact factor of that journal!

      • Roza

        Facts are a powerful weapon. Whatever, who is interested or not. Albanians are the oldest people of Europe, and we are proud of this, this proves not only our DNA, but and our archeology.

        Here is also something else, interesting

        Unearthed in Albania’s oldest farms in Europe about 6500 years BC.

        One of Earliest Farming Sites in Europe Discovered
        ScienceDaily (Apr. 16, 2012) — University of Cincinnati research is revealing early farming in a former wetlands region that was largely cut off from Western researchers until recently. The UC collaboration with the Southern Albania Neolithic Archaeological Project (SANAP) will be presented April 20 at the annual meeting of the Society for American Archaeology (SAA).

        • Xera

          Well it’s good that Albanians have kept this culture, it’s a very unique “white country”, and we know from their monuments and their ancient culture that Ancient Europeans had their own unique culture and civilization which weren’t really influenced by outsiders or from anything else like the Rig Vedas or Indo-Aryan; now isn’t that right Jai Pail and all you Hinduvta nationalists?

  63. Roza

    It is true, Albania keeps this culture, and there is current information, indicating that the Albanians are the most homogeneous in Europe, and all Balkan populations.

    23 Albanian between 2237 Europeans, a U.S. study on race

    Two professors at the University of California, Peter Ralph and Graham Coop have published a study of the geography Actual Genetic ancestors throughout Europe.

    This study has used a database called POPRES that has taken 2,237 Europeans genetic data. Their genetic data are used to verify the genealogical heritage of the inhabitants of Europe up to 3 thousand years ago.

    Parts of this study were 9 genetic data from Albania and Albanians from Kosovo Albanians 14. (23 words Albanians are living in London and Lausanne).

    This study provides a lot of discussion, however, results in the table on page 37 (follow the link at the end of the note) show that the Albanians are the most homogeneous in Europe and that all Balkan populations have a common ancestor with the Albanians that date back more than 2 thousand years ago, even before the Slavic invasions in these regions.

    On page 15 of the study (Who are) say that modern Albanians may be descendants of people who lived in the eastern part of the Adriatic and today Salento (Italy) during the Roman period. Below is a bit from that part which referred to the Albanians:

    “The highest level of the common identity is found in individuals who speak Albanian, who have a common background growth that comes from 1,500 years ago. It suggests that an important part of modern Albanian predecessors have been a relatively consistent and collect population has been stable for at least the past 1,500 years … ”


    This publication Scientific American authors of July 2012 may be consulted at:

    The geography of recent genetic ancestry across Europe
    (University of California at Davis, USA)


    fukk all yal lil bitchz talkin shit bout albanians i will fuck ur mothers in the ass have a good night.

  65. jnonymous81

    Aren’t the Basque the oldest known group in Europe?

  66. Roza

    Remnants of the Pelasgian language, the mother of the Basque tongue, are indeed to be found in the Albania of today and seem to prove that the
    land was, in very ancient times, the home of one of the oldest indigenous folk of Europe who settled there long before the great migrations of the Indo-European peoples from Central Asia.

    And again, it was two of the first Indo- European tribes, the Thracians and Illyrians, who chose the Albanian coast land as their new home in Europe . Besides the bequests made by the restless Illyrians and Thracians, another heritage from classical times is still alive in the Albanian language and customs of today

    Source: The untamed Balkans, by Franz Carl Weiskopf – 1941, Page 29

  67. Shqipe

    Kryesorja .. No mater what our history says , we ARE Albanians , ashtuh si gjeni femrore apo mashkelor jena trima dhe besa e shqiptarit esht bes ! We live and die for our ppll it doesnt mattar were we live albanians fight for eachother always ! Thats why no serb or turk or anny other rase will ever win in batles or war !!!! Albanian for ever ❤ mutch love for all my albanians anemban BOTES !!

  68. Hello Robert, congratulations for the article (very balanced in the analysis) and for your compelling sense of humour. I am Albanian and I belong “racially” to a phenotype very white, with blue eyes and red blonde hair. I am always mistaken for a German and when I say that I am Albanian people think that I’m kidding. This it makes me realize how much misinformation runs in Europe among its people about Albanians.
    … However, the Albanians are Europeans in the true sense of the word, both ethnically and culturally too, because religion has never been a choice, rather it was an imposition from invasions.

  69. Da man

    Albania the love of my life!!!

  70. Big B

    Albanians are inbred! Which ever people /religion ruled the region at that particular time, they immediately converted. Making them weak mountain/villagers!
    And as for beautiful. You must be the UGLIEST people on Balkan! PERIOD

  71. Roza

    You have the wrong address oh Big B!

    Many Albanians changed religion, but this does not mean that they changed their blood, language, and customs.
    New York Times — ALBANIAN JOAN OF ARC.; Handsome Heroine Takes Father’s Place and Vanquishes Turks

    Physically, the Albanians are the finest race in Europe. Their women are handsome, with dark hair, though their eyes are sometimes gray. To see them walk is a delight. We like to see the ballet is Servia. The first time I saw the Albanians walk it gave me just the same pleasure. Their movements are so graceful, elegance and strength together.

    Yes, they are a very fine and a very gifted race. They are like the Scots in the seventeenth century, and they will be by and by the finest race, intellectually as well as physically, in the Balkans. If you go to Constantinople you will find that many of the finest men, not only soldiers but also statesmen are Albanians.


    1809 – 1810
    Lord Byron:
    Letters on Albania

    About Albanians.

    They are perhaps the most beautiful race in point of countenance in the world

  72. Roza

    Albanians are not weak, many Albanians preferred better to change religion than to remain slaves, while you marred your princesses with Sultan, and your girls settled in harremin of sultan in Constantinople.

    The Greeks, Serbs, and Bulgars who, in large numbers, have been converted to Islam, have renounced their nationality and have indeed out-Turked the Turks.
    The Albanians have remained Albanians throughout.
    The Ottomans sultan Bayazid marries a Serbian princess, Despina 1391:

    The new sultan, Beyazid I, reconciled with the Serbs by marrying princess Olivera, daughter of Prince Lazar.

    Maria, the daughter of the Serbian Despot Djuradj Brankovic. This princess was married to the Sultan Murat II.

    Most of all, the sultan of the Turks loved the Serbian princess dearly.

    Source; Macedonia, By T. R. Georgevitch 1918, Page 52

    Marija, the daughter of the Serbian Despot Djuradj Brankovic. This princess was married to the Sultan Murat II.,+the+daughter+of+the+Serbian+Despot+Djuradj+Brankovic.+This+princess+was+married+to+the+Sultan+Murat+II.&hl=en&sa=X&ei=U9GuT-4g4pXoAeHzgZUJ&ved=0CDUQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=Marija%2C%20the%20daughter%20of%20the%20Serbian%20Despot%20Djuradj%20Brankovic.%20This%20princess%20was%20married%20to%20the%20Sultan%20Murat%20II.&f=false

    Source; Osman’s Dream: The Story of the Ottoman Empire, 1300-1923, By Caroline Finkel, Page 22

    Sultan Bayezid I hoped that the weakened position of Serbia and his marriage after the battle at Kosovo Polje to Olivera, sister of the new Serbian despot Stephen LazareviÇ,+sister+of+the+new+Serbian+despot+Stephen+Lazarevi%C3%87&source=bl&ots=__uFyiT9rF&sig=zXWkoWBnFQD95mv-_aK1zBz_Bbg&hl=en&sa=X&ei=LtSuT9mCIdT0gAfhrqW0CQ&ved=0CFMQ6AEwAQ#v=onepage&q=Sultan%20Bayezid%20I%20hoped%20that%20the%20weakened%20position%20of%20Serbia%20and%20his%20marriage%20after%20the%20battle%20at%20Kosovo%20Polje%20to%20Olivera%2C%20sister%20of%20the%20new%20Serbian%20despot%20Stephen%20Lazarevi%C3%87&f=false
    Especially in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, girls were also taken from Serbian villages to fill the sultan’s harem
    Source; Songs of the Serbian people :
    from the collections of Vuk Karadzic , Milne Holton, Vasa D. Mihailovich
    University of Pittsburgh Press, 1997 , page 215

  73. Roza

    Not only that.

    The endless number of Greek princesses who married Ottoman sultans means, as the scholar Bryer points out, that by 1453 Mehmet II had a much more convincing claim to the Byzantine throne than Kantakouzenos

    SOURCE: Two faiths, one banner: when Muslims marched with Christians across Europe’s,
    Harvard University Press, Ian Almond 2009, page 126

    Thousands of Greek girls were taken from the Turks and settled in harremin of sultan in Constantinople
    SOURCE ; Giorgi’s Greek Tragedy – Page 226
    Pauline Hager – 2010

    She was taken by the Turks and placed in the sultan’s harem in Constantinople, just like thousands of other Greek girls.,+just+like+thousands+of+other+Greek+girls.&hl=en&ei=xv2RTpNwwujRAfy1hE8&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=1&ved=0CC0Q6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=She%20was%20taken%20by%20the%20Turks%20and%20placed%20in%20the%20sultan%27s%20harem%20in%20Constantinople%2C%20just%20like%20thousands%20of%20other%20Greek%20girls.&f=false

    • Lovaaaaa

      First of all the ottman empire werent ‘turks’ to all you ignorant people who pretend reading history, ottman empire were made of people around europe mostly balkans who were taken as slaves (robbed) the ottman empire capital was in turkey and chose muslim religion doesnt mean theyre turks! Turks are completely diff group from ottmans! And to the rest of other comment whoever says shit about albanians are just some angry serb with no life. For something that we re all sure 100% is that albanians came to balkans at least before serbs! So thats what matters hahaaaaaaa

  74. john turk-leshi

    Albanians are and will remain Albanians. Albanians are not a pure race. We have never been such. Dna tests even not that accurate, show that our ancesters came to Albania at least 12000 years ago partly from Levant, partly from Anatolia and 50% from European peoples of continental Europe. Illyrians that are the people I described, minus slav element we have gotten through the time, are our ancesters. Albanians know the beauty of their race and that’s why we have always fought to preserve it. That doesen’t mean that we are all good loking. Albanian men and women here in US are in high demand. Even though Albanians still follow the tradition of marring their own. So don’t play the game of Servs or Grekos who troll on the internet. Being white doesn’t give the passaport for being superior though. Time is telling that there are high achieving and hard working people from other races too. Look at the Koreans.A relatively small country compared with large Slavic countries around Europe, have conquered the American and word market with their products, cars, TV etc..What are Slavs selling other than grain?

    • Athelti Albanoi

      you are dumb as fuck actually albanians are the homogeneous nation in the world which mean in your low vocabulary the “purest”
      googel the study of;
      Peter Ralph, Graham Coop
      Department of Evolution and Ecology & Center for Population Biology, University of California, Davis, California, United States of America

  75. Roza

    The Missionary review of the world, Volume 34‎ – Page 849
    Religion – 1911

    The Albanians are generally identified by impartial scholars as the result of the combination of the ancient Illyrians, Macedonians and Epirotes, who were all the descendants of the most ancient Pelasgians.
    These Pelasgians were the first people who came into Europe and occupied the Balkan Peninsula . Very much later there came the waves of Slavs and drove the Albanians, who were scattered all over the Balkan Peninsula
    The Albanians can claim, therefore, to be one of the oldest and purest races of Europe, their only rivals being the Iberians of the Spanish Peninsula .,+therefore,+to+be+one+of+the+oldest+and+purest+races+of+Europe,+their+only+rivals+being&lr=&ei=3kbKS9OPCIKKzQToieXEDQ&cd=1#v=onepage&q=The%20Albanians%20can%20claim%2C%20therefore%2C%20to%20be%20one%20of%20the%20oldest%20and%20purest%20races%20of%20Europe%2C%20their%20only%20rivals%20being&f=false

  76. Roza

    Essays English and American: Part 28 Harvard Classics
    By Charles W. Eliot – 2004

    Page 273

    There are the Greeks, if not all true Hellenes, yet an aggregate of adopted Hellenes gathered round and assimilated to a true Hellenic kernel. They form an artificial nation, defined by the union of Greek speech and Orthodox faith.
    In near neighborhood to the Greeks still live another race of equal antiquity, the Shqipetar or Albanians. These, as I believe is no longer doubted, represent the ancient Illyrians.;+they+are+a+true+and+living+nation&hl=en&ei=7kmSTbaKFY22twev9fFl&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=9&ved=0CFEQ6AEwCA#v=onepage&q=The%20Greeks%20are%20no%20survival%20of%20a%20nation%20%3B%20they%20are%20a%20true%20and%20living%20nation&f=false

  77. Roza

    Encyclopedia Britannica
    Albania, country in southern Europe, located in the western part of the
    Balkan Peninsula on the Strait of Otranto, the southern entrance to the Adriatic Sea. The capital city is Tirana (Tiranë).National anthem of Albania
    Albanians refer to themselves as shqiptarë, meaning “sons of eagles,” and to their country as Shqipëria.

    They are descendants of the ancient Illyrians, who lived in central Europe and migrated southward to the territory of Albania at the beginning of the Bronze Age, about 2000 bce. They have lived in relative isolation and obscurity through most of their difficult history, in part because of the rugged terrain of their mountainous land but also because of a complex of historical, cultural, and social factors.

  78. The Albanian language, called shqip or shqipe by Albanians, is of interest to linguists because, as a descendant of the extinct Illyrian tongue, it is the only surviving member of its branch of the Indo-European language family.

  79. Albanians are the oldest people in Europe and the cleanest blood in Balkans the 80% of Albanians have a Rh negative blood this blood its same with western Europe . Albanians are white and they are on tree Aryan races (Dinaric people) white skin (rosy skin) long body brown hair color . Second (Alpine people) white (rosy skin) short body than Dinarics blonde hair white rosy skin (short fingers) and (short legs) . the third Aryan race (Nordic peoples) same type of people like Germans, Sweden ….. they have a long legs blonde and open brown hair color , white skin (rosy skin) . The most of Albanians are a Nordic Aryans . The mos eye color is blue ,brown and green , on inside of eye the characteristic its a yellow color who change a eye color in light or dark . Albanians have not mix with Turks Slavs or Greeks . Albanians have a mixed Aryan races but they don’t have mongolism or mix with Asian people

    • Analbananian

      There are no nordid albanians they are albanised serbs. Albanians are nigegrs and have nothing to do with illyrians. Fact. Accept it, nigegr!
      Sory for my engelish. 🙂

      • Athelti Albanoi

        very ironical that some slavic gypsyblod which comae as a normad and travelled from monolgian siberia to europe and became like that white through mixture like the semits calls an native palo-european albanian nigger

    • phill

      The oldest people in europe are the sarakatsani and they speak an ancient greek dialect

  80. Athelti Albanoi

    robert i have to say that last thing that albaninans dont look muslim is highly ignorant

    how can someone look muslim??? beeing muslim is a thing of a belive it is not an orgin hahahahaha

  81. Mark rothschild

    Albanian heritage and language are amongst the oldest in Europe, just type that on google and you will see for yourselves.

    Great hiatorians such as Chmitt, Reigner at al proclaim that Albanian language is the first of on the Indo European Language tree.

    Albanians’ ancestors are the mighty Illyrians, we are not mongols like serbs, look at serbs eyes they all resemble Khan

  82. Piotr Sudyka

    Albanians are certainly white and European, but I don’t get this ridiculous attitude of peoples of the Balkans thinking themselves as God’s gift to man. The Balkans is Europe’s garbage heap and Balkan people (especially Albanians) are a bunch of impulsive, clannish, intellectually inferior, overly impulsive and aggressive shepherds, who have contributed very little to Europe comraped with other Europeans. Albania is no exception. It is a total shithole compared to 9/10 European nations (except for other Balkan nations LOL), known only for crime, poverty and admittedly, beautiful landscapes. Get off your high horses, Balkaniggers. Seriously.

    • Roza

      To offend a whole nation, shows that we are dealing not with a normal person. Around the world have trials, prisons, lawyers, policemen, because everywhere there are good People and bad People.

      Albanians are a freedom-loving people, and very welcoming, and traditions. A nation with wide heart, where they held in the second world war in their homes all the Jews who had arrived in Albania, and save them 100 percent, not only that but Albanian people are being urged to all Italian soldiers in Albania, who were not stained their hands with the blood of Albanians, despite that they were invaders in Albania, the Albanian people helping them, keep them in their homes, saving lives by German invaders.

    • Albana

      Really hahahahaaa , I can tell this is a serbian talk Piotr whatever your name is. proud to be Albanian and ARyan race too with no offence to others!

  83. Roza

    Albania is small nation with big names

    Being the direct descendants of the Illyrians, they take pride in several famous ancient kings like Bardhyllus and Glaucius and Queen Teuta.

    Today as well as in the past, the Albanians are often keen to mention that many Roman and Byzantine Emperors such as Diocletian, Julian, Claudius, Constantine the Great, Justinian I, and Anastasius were apparently of Illyrian origin.

    Jerome, who translated the Latin Vulgate Bible, was of Illyrian, or Albanian, descent.

    There was the incomparable Skanderbeg who almost alone shielded Europe from the Turks for a quarter century.
    With the right important nationalistic figures such as Naim Frasheri and Fan Noli who each wrote versions of the history of Skanderbeg, Albania’s 14th century folkhero, to revive the patriotic spirit in Albanians and to remind the world of just how much Western civilization owed to that small nation.

    While the Albanians never fail to blame the five-century-long Turkish occupation of their country, they always mention with pride that they allegedly gave the Ottoman Empire twenty-six grand viziers (prime ministers) as well as 1 some of its greatest architects like Master Sinan.

    The Albanians are also very proud of the following internationally famous expatriates: Mehmet Isa, a seventeenth century architect, who acted as the chief builder of the Taj Mahal; the eighteenth century Pope Clement XI, apparently the fourth pontiff of Albanian origin after Saint Eleutherius, Saint Caius and John IV in the second, third and seventh century respectively; Mohammed Ali (1769-1849), the founder of the 1802-1952 Albanian dynasty of Egypt; Karl von Ghega (1802-1860), the architect of the world’s first mountainous railway in Semmering, Austria; Francesco Crispi (1818-1901), the charismatic Italian politician who served twice as prime minister; Mustafa Kemal Ataturk (1881-1938), the founder of modern Turkey, and the list goes on.

    In the 19th century Albanian-born ruler of Egypt Muhammad Ali

    The famous Mother Teresa was always aware of her Albanian and European identity in spite of the fact that she went to extraordinary lengths to present herself as a Catholic nun who had gone ‘native’ in her adopted country India.

    Garibaldi and other descendants of Albanian refugees in Italy played a primary role in the struggle for the unification of Italy in 1860.

    According to the well-known French memoir writer Laure Junot, Duchess d’Abrantès (née Permon) (1784-1838), the renowned French statesman and historian Adolphe Thiers (1797-1877), and the French linguist and ethnographer Robert D’Angely (1893-1966), Napoleon Bonaparte also is of Albanian origin. The three French authors maintain that Napoleon came from the Albanian community in Corsica.

    They are keen to mention the Hollywood brothers, James and the late John Belushi; the promising actress Eliza Dushku, and and the 1998 Nobel Prize Laureate in Medicine, Ferid Murad.

    The collapse of Communism in Albania in the early 1990s meant that many talented Albanian artists and athletes chose to immigrate to further their careers, and some have been very successful. The Albanians are particularly proud of many expatriates currently living abroad like the writer Ismail Kadare (several times Nobel Prize nominee, and the first winner of the Man Booker International Prize in June 2005), the painter Alush Shima, the soprano Inva Mula, and a number of athletes who have become world and Olympic champions such as Pirro Dhima, Mirela Manjani, Luan Krasniqi, and Kreshnik Qato.

  84. Roza

    The Albanians: an ethnic history from prehistoric times to the present
    By Edwin E. Jacques
    Page xiii

    Serious scholars claim Albanian ethnicity for the poet Homer, the philosopher Aristotle, and Hippocrates, the “Father of Medicine.” Jerome, who translated the Latin Vulgate Bible, was of Illyrian, or Albanian, descent, as was Pope Clement XI. So was the Ecumenical Patriarch Athenagoras I, who in 1964 met with Pope Paul VI to release one another from the anathemas of 1054, which split the Eastern Catholic Church from the West.,+the+philosopher+Aristotle,+and+Hippocrates,+the+father+of+Medicine.+Jerome,+who+translated+the+Latin+vulgate+bible&lr=&cd=1#v=onepage&q=Serious%20scholars%20claim%20Albanian%20ethnicity%20for%20the%20poet%20Homer%2C%20the%20philosopher%20Aristotle%2C%20and%20Hippocrates%2C%20the%20father%20of%20Medicine.%20Jerome%2C%20who%20translated%20the%20Latin%20vulgate%20bible&f=false

  85. berat


  86. Franco

    something wrong being not White,

    Albanians is not like western. they are better. they dont hate becouse you are not white

  87. Half Albanian

    I am half Albanian half Turkish my father is Turkish mother is Albanian.My mum has pink cheeks and white skin with medium blonde hair and light blue eyes,my dad has black hair white skin and light brown eyes.I have naturally light blonde hair and light green eyes all my mothers family and relatives including my uncle,aunt grandma grandpa all of them have blue/green eyes blonde/fair hair nobody in my mothers family has brown or black hair all of them are blonde but there are lots of people in my fathers family have black or brown hair but all of them have white skin tones.Albanians are coming from Illryians the real owners of Balkania Illryians are even older than Greks theyve been there all the time We are the real Balkanians

  88. Dr Doom

    I have not read so much propaganda before in my life.

    Albanians are NOT descendants of ancient Illyrians or Pelasgians. Albanians migrated to Europe within the 10th, 11th and 12centure from the Caucasian region. This is shown in genetic studies, linguistic studies and cultural studies.

    Are they white? Sure they are! Are they European, of course, they live in Europe! Are they the oldest race in Europe? Absolutely not! In fact, Albanians, together with Hungarians, are the latest arrival in Europe (historically speaking).

    As far as the names people mention, they are NOT Pelasgian or Illyrian, but Greek (take a wild guess why they are Greek).

    Being proud to be Albanian, is one thing, falsifying history through lies and pseudoscience, is just fraud.

    • Roza

      It is generally recognized today that the Albanians are the most ancient race in southesatern Europe.
      History and legend afford no record of their arrival in the Balkan Peninsula
      All indications point to the fact that they are descendants of the earliest Aryan immigrants who were represented in historical times by the kindred Illyrians, Macedonians and Epirots.
      According to the opinion of most ethnologists and linguists, the Illyrians formed the core of pre-Hellenic, Tyrrhenopelasgian population, which inhabited the southern portion of the Peninsula and extended its limits to Thrace and Italy.
      The Illyrians were also Pelasgians, but in a wider sense. Moreover it is believed that of these cognate races, which are described by the ancient Greek writers as “barbarous” and “non-Hellenic,” the Illyrians were the progenitors of the Ghegs, or Northern Albanians, and the Epirots the progenitors of the Tosks, or Southern Albanians.

      Ancient Greek and Roman contacts occurred precisely in the territory of old Illyria, leaving their traces in the Illyrian language from which they later passed into the Albanian language.

      Illyrian toponyms, ancient Illyrian place names for cities, rivers and mountains, are preserved today in the Albanian language, and only in Albanian. The names of Balkan villages usually lasted only a few centuries, for villages were often destroyed altogether during wartime. Cities lasted longer, so their names were usually older.
      But rivers, lakes and mountains endured through the centuries, and their ancient names usually continued in use. Even new inhabitants usually adopted the old names, just as American colonists adopted many old Indian place names in the United States.
      Accordingly, Albanian linguists have found more than 300 names of ancient cities like Shkodra, rivers like the Drin and mountains like Tomor which were mentioned by ancient Greek and Roman geographers or historians and which are still in use in Albania.
      Scholars show how the rules of historical phonetics explain any changes of spelling over the centuries from Illyrian to Albanian, as Scupi to Shkup, Scodra to Shkodra, Lissus to Lezha, Durrachium to Durrës, Drinus to Drin, Mathis to Mat. Certainly the Albanian language is derived from the Illyrian (Cabej 1985, 42-62).
      Today Albanian is spoken in most of the same region where Illyrian was spoken in ancient times. Those few language elements which are known as Illyrian can be explained through the Albanian language, and no other.
      The Albanians have largely avoided assimilation by their neighbours, despite centuries of incursion and exploitation, and see themselves as direct descendents of the pre-Hellenic, Hallstatt culture Illyrian who in their turn were the offspring of the Pelasgians—the first people to come to Europe
      The ultimate origin of the root Alb- has been traced to an Illyrian word (alb “white”).
      In the 2nd century BC, Polybius’s History of the World mentions a tribe named Arbon in present-day central Albania. The people who lived there were called Albanoí and Arbanita.
      The Albanians called their country Arbër or Arbën and referred to themselves as Arbëresh or Arbnesh
      Shqipëria, popularly interpreted as “Land of the Eagles” or “Land of the Mountain Eagle” hence the two-headed bird on the national flag.

  89. Roza

    Croatian Historian Dr. ALEKSANDER STIPCEVIC Remarks that:

    In fact, the theory of Albanian autochthony has never been disputed with such determination and savagery as today, precisely when so much scientific proof has been produced in its support.

    Nevertheless, the number of researchers still today refusing to take into consideration the many arguments supplied by different academic disciplines has shrunk, or, more accurately, absolutely the only researchers who deny the theory of Albanian autochthony are Serbian.

    Serbian archaeologists and historians began long ago to dispute the autochthony theory, but this opposition increased especially after the great Albanian revolt in Kosova in 1981.

    The Wars of the Balkan Peninsula: Their Medieval Origins
    Alexandru Madgearu, ‎Martin Gordon – 2008 – ‎History, Page 171,+the+theory+of+Albanian+autochthony+has+never+been+disputed+with+such+determination+and+savagery+as+today&source=bl&ots=LAMSiXLm3K&sig=dSZ-on1FKYoREMNkJqkrnGrVppc&hl=en&sa=X&ei=prKIU4L9MMzNsQSDpILIBQ&ved=0CCsQ6AEwAQ#v=onepage&q=In%20fact%2C%20the%20theory%20of%20Albanian%20autochthony%20has%20never%20been%20disputed%20with%20such%20determination%20and%20savagery%20as%20today&f=false

  90. Roza

    “Historical evidence links present-day Albanians directly with the Illyrians, Trojans, Thracians, Dalmatians and the ancient tribes of Epirus. Despite all the efforts of politically committed researchers over past few decades, it is difficult to dispute this proposition.”

    source : Yugoslavia and after: a study in fragmentation, despair and rebirth, David A. Dyker, Ivan Vejvoda, Longman, 1996, p. 236

    These Albanians are the oldest race in Europe—older than the Latin and Greek peoples—and have retained their language and customs
    Source: The Biblical World, 1913, Volume 41, page 417, edited by William Rainey Harper, Ernest De Witt Burton, Shailer Mathews

    We must remember, too, that the modern Albanian is a direct descendant of the ancient pre-Hellenic Illyrian, who has persisted for more than four thousand years. Goth, Slav, Venetian, Turkish, and finally, Italian invaders beat about the edges of his land and only partly or never wholly conquered it.

    Source: One America:
    The history, contributions, and present problems of our racial and national minorities.
    By Francis James Brown, Joseph Slabey Rouček – 1945 , page 236

  91. It’s funny because Im Albanian , my religion is Islam although I don’t practise it , my family and I have blue eyes and white skin . Northern Albanians(Dinaric genes) are known as tall people with blue eyes and bright hair while Southern Albanians (Adriatic gene) are shorter have bright brown eyes but still white race . Albanians are not Caucasian? Just a silly Serbian Propaganda

    • Historia Nerd

      I am Greek and consider you guys, genetically, White. However, culturally you guys are far apart from Whites. Many of you adhere to Islam and practice Middle Eastern barbarism. Further, you guys slaughter fellow whites. May I remind you of the rapes Albanians have committed in Greece? So on a genetic level you guys are White, but culturally you guys are non White. If you were a Christian or Atheist or even Pagan, it would be acceptable.

      • lorenc

        I would like to ask how many times have you been to albania? Since you sound so competent. As far as albanians raping greek women , dont greek men commit rapes too? Or is this an exlusively albanian thing? Also theres about 2400 albanian citizens serving time in greek jails out of an estimated 1 million albanians living in greece, how many of them are i jail for rapes? I dont know but lets say 100 ( most are in jail for robery). You are a typical greek sheep that listens to the priests propaganda. And oh yeah me and most albanians dont consider greeks white, as far as im concerned you fall somewehere between turks and egyptians racially and culturally.

      • Hektori

        We look more European than any Greek or Serbians so stop writing bullsh..t here! The Slav-greek propaganda has never ended and it will never end , but one thing you shouldn’t forget that the truth will come out any day, someday!! Let me ask you one very simpler question: you still use the word barbarian right? same word was used against Akhilleus, Hector etc!!
        Hans Tunman 1746-1778, Swedish historian professor at the University of Halles, Germany, was the first Albanology origjininën scientifically studied the language of the Albanian people. He did research in wells, Greek, Latin, Byzantine and Slavic languages studied vocabulary three-Greek-Latin of Theodore Kavaljoti the year 1770.

        Hans Tunman concluded that Albanians are continuing the ancient indigenous population Illyrian nor where Romanized or were assimilated by later invasions!

  92. Boban

    Albanians are Turkish leftovers who retreaded back to Turkey after the Ottoman Empire collapsed. Turks are Mongols. Therefore Albanians are biggest inbred on planet Earth.
    Throughout History Siptari (Albanians) have constantly taken the religion which ruled that region. So they were constantly converted. From Christians to Catholic to Orthodox to Muslim to present day FUCK KNOWS WHAT! Blood for blood crap. They’ve multiplied in numbers in the past century, of course doing that Arab 20 kids per family style. Reason being is so that in the near future they can cause chaos for the Serbian Orthodox. This was once again ENGLISH plan to exterminate the Serbs. Which will NEVER happen. I lived in Kosovo for some time and i must say that this breed of people is still stuck in the PRE HISTORIC era when it comes to being civilised in sense of how they dress. How they pollute streets with rubbish. Spitting everywhere… If anything they are a race very, very close to gypsies. (Please don’t start about how Albanians are White. Of course you’re white. Your fathers and mothers have been sleeping with each other for centuries hence why this had to happen. Following that English in-bred style.) Your History was written by the English trying to convince you to believe in Absolute non-sense.
    Serbs are the oldest people in the Balkan. Dating to 6000BC!
    Every single time Serbia was invaded our libraries were the first to be destroyed so the History can’t be preserved.

    • Hektori

      For Serb/gipsies I really have no comments go back to Russia! Do you know that you came to serve, slav=slave etc.. Go back from where you came. Serbs the oldest people in Balkan? You must be fuc…g joking stupid dumb head!!

    • Roza

      Many Albanians, who are descended from the Illyrians and Pelasgians, trace their roots to Achilles and other heroes of the siege of Troy, and claim Alexander the Great as their own. During twelve consecutive periods of foreign domination, the ethnic identity of the Albanians has been constantly threatened, first by the Eastern and Western empires of Christendom, then by the Ottoman Turks, and most recently by Soviet and Chinese communists. Present-day Albania is located between the former Yugoslavia and Greece on the western shore of the Balkan peninsula, and is the least known European country. As the last Turkish province in Europe it was tightly closed to foreigners over the centuries, and until recently the country was even more isolated by its postwar Communist regime. Historically described as mysterious and xenophobic, the people and the country are both little known to most westerners-but are destined to enter the world’s consciousness situated as they are in the midst of explosive Balkan conflicts.,With the employment of Albanian, French, Italian and many other documentary sources, the roots of Albanian civilization, the struggle of the Albanians to maintain their cultural and linguistic integrity, the impact of foreign influence on the country

  93. Boban

    You have been blind your whole life by the real truth. You collect sources from English based research. Just like media influences individuals to believe what they show, same for Encyclopaedia and Wikipedia has influenced you to believe what ‘THEY’ have written. Don’t be silly. You’re rather a laughing stock! Your points are from English based sources.
    THE people that civilised the world? Civilised? Have they really. The bunch of inbred mangrols. Albanians! What an absolute mediocre! I’m really sorry that you are living your life in total denial. But I guess you don’t know any better. You are aware of Nikola Tesla right? You are aware that Yugoslavs sold American total “SPACE program”. I’m not saying that Serbs are inferior or better then anyone, just that we see the truth when we are foetuses! All the best!

  94. Sarika

    Albanians claim to be Illyrians – Albanian men haven’t progressed much from their barbaric Viking roots as many of them are violent especially towards women – this country is sadly about 500 years behind the rest of the world in its understanding of gender equality – unless your values are just as primitive it’s best to stay away

  95. Their ancestry is ambivalent – although they look white it’s hard to be a Nordic type of white when you are so close to countries like Greece – many Romani gypsies travelled to Albania hence the dark hair in a number of them – Romani gypsies come from India. Albanian is an Indo-European language.

    • Roza

      Albanians did not change neither blood nor language. They were proud of their ancestry. Romani gypsies are scattered throughout Europe, they are called minority.

  96. Roza

    Macedonia; its races and their future
    By Henry Noël Brailsford History – 1906 – 340 pages

    Page 289

    Above all, the unhappy Albanians are the elder sons of the European family. The remarkable affinity of the Albanian language to Sanscrit proves them to be the earliest emigrants of the Aryan race who settled in Europe.

    The descendants of the ancient Pelasgians are not lacking in intelligence, in bravery, in force and independence of character, and though Islam has conquered Albania, their morals have remained intact.

    Their conversion to Islam has only changed their belief, from a faith in the Trinity to a belief in the unity of God, but the vices of Islam, polygamy and slavery, have never infected the Albanians.

    The Ottoman conquest has been able neither to enslave nor to corrupt their indomitable temper

  97. Roza

    Public opinion, Volume 34

    page 587

    UP to the present time the Albanians have been looked upon in Europe as the ferocious auxiliaries of the Turks and to them have been imputed the crimes which desolate the orient, but the fact is that matters are very different.

    If there is a truly autochthonous race in the world it is certainly the Albanian race, as it is formed of the descendants of the Pelasgians and has kept for centuries the unique qualities of energy and intelligence which characterized its ancestors.

    In the whole of Macedonia the Albanian language is spoken and the villages of Janina and Scutari are alone peopled by Albanians.,+as+it+is+formed+of+the+descendants+of+the+Pelasgians+and+has+kept+for+centuries+the+unique+qualities&source=bl&ots=2NGCEXo1n0&sig=cspdmGqE3qr_SfiZgAEoWVJRmgc&hl=en&ei=e5avTYe5GunL0QG6h4WGCQ&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=3&ved=0CC0Q6AEwAg#v=onepage&q=In%20the%20whole%20of%20Macedonia%20the%20Albanian%20language%20is%20spoken%20and%20the%20villages%20of%20Janina%20and%20Scutari%20are%20alone%20peopled%20by%20Albanians&f=false

  98. Roza

    The Albanians are generally and probably accurately identified by impartial authorities as the descendants of the ancient Illyrians, who were simply the inhabitants of Illyria and who in their turn were the offspring of the Pelasgians—the first people to come to Europe.

    Source: Geographical review, Volume 5 by Isaiah Bowman and G. M. Wrigley, 1918, page 262

  99. Roza

    The Illyrians, or a people closely related to the Illyrians and perhaps called Pelasgians, invaded Greece before the Greeks and left there what is called the Aegean or the Proto-Indo-European

    Source: Collier’s encyclopedia: with bibliography and index, by P.F. Collier & Son Corporation, Louis Shores – 1957, page 372

  100. Roza

    The Independent, Volume 107
    edited by Leonard Bacon, Joseph Parrish Thompson, Richard Salter Storrs, Joshua Leavitt, Henry Ward Beecher, Theodore Tilton, Henry Chandler Bowen, William Hayes
    Education – 1921
    Page 9
    The Albanian race was settled in the Balkan Peninsula before the Hellenes arrived and centuries upon centuries before the Serbs were heard of in the civilized world. Pyrrhus, Alexander the Great, Scanderbeg were of that race.

  101. Blackcrowned

    I can safely say that the Balkans are truly the ghetto of Europe and inhabited by absolutely the dumbest possible people that are truly a blight on the European map when compared with the rest of Europe.

    All of them hate each other, all of them claim practically godly origins from some or other ancient folk that have disappeared like a fart in the wind, all of them have an IQ equal to retards in other European countries, none of them can spell (and seem to have this affinity to write like American negroes with their “cuz u r so stoopid looool”), all of them cannot write a single sentence without swearing, all of them have such delusions of grandeur of the greatness of their countries (when their countries are a bunch of poor shitholes in reality), all of them seem to love offending each others’ mothers and finally, there is nothing more rude and aggressive than some Balkanigger if you dare to say anything against their nationality.

    Are Albanians white? Yes. And so what? They, like the rest of the Balkans, are truly the retarded and/or braindead cousins that other white countries are ashamed to admit are a part of our family and their country is practically a third world country – think Borat village scenes. 😀

  102. Islamo-Homo- Negro-Mullato-Beardo Phobia

    Albanians are white.

    However, it is true they are some problems. With help such as positive Discrimination, Albanian History month, rioting if an Albanian is killed by a Cop etc we will, I am sure be able to help them.

    • Loro

      we don’t riot when a cop kills one of us …we lay in wait and ten years later murder his family. and one month of history for a country located at the cross roads of European civilization ( literally between Rome and Greece)is not enough. Just thought I’d point that out. and the comparison to blacks from someone whose commander in chief is black …. Priceless. How long do you think it’ll before you inbreds mix with all those Africans who live in the states and my desendants call yours BOY AND n…r ?

      • pepperroncini

        White Nationalists don’t consider them White because they adopted Islam and there is the suspicion there is Turkish/Asiatic genes floating around in the Muslim Balkan populations.

    • The Barci

      Love your name

  103. Laonikos

    Albanians are mainly rooted from Daco Thracian and Illyrian people . They are native in the Balkans. But they tell also very much bullshit about who and how old they are.

    First of all starting about their pelasgian theory and that they are the oldest people in the Balkans. The Pelasgians was located from the ancient authors in Greece, an aegean populaiton which was located in aegean Greece and the anatolian coast, also in Epirus but in non case connected with Illyria or the Illyrians. The Pelasgians described as a hellenic race and the most ancient of all, most probably they was of mediteranean own type and not nordic nor of slavic looking. This about the baltic roots of Odysse and Iliad is non scence somehow pseudo nordist theories.

    The Illyrians go to the Balkans arround the 11th century BC.

    Also this about their language cant be proven that it is the most ancient language. I belive its a mix of thracodacian and illyrian with proven old greek and old latin elements in it , probably through the assimilations of this non albanians group into the first original albanian core.

    Modern Albanians have absorbate through islamisations and albanisations in and before the Ottoman era also (in this case just albanisation from other populations) also greek and some slavic populations.

    The photos of the Albanians you show specially the males in the second photo are looking complete slavic, like Polish people and most albanian I met also the blondes doesnt look like this.

    They are in big parts their own white, also some slavic white but also meditteranean or a mix of this different kinds. They excist also some exotics looking somehow avaric or mongoloidbalkanic, but they are very few and exotics are everywhere.

    Most of the Albanians are of paleobalkanic looking, dacothracian is the more “white”, when this of more illyrian and greek features is the more mediteran, still white but can have a higher rate of darker hair and features.

    The males in the second photo are so far I have seen from Albanians not a typical represent of their group, their looking more typical slavic. You can find also much white also blonde Albanians , the typical Albanian characteristics are very different in compare to the photo you post. I think they dont like Slavs, how they take it so easy presented through a picture (not from the author) like Slavs?

  104. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog

    Oh look the Jew like white European hating weasel Lindsey still projecting his whinney girl like views, who said WN don’t consider Albanians White? I certainly do. Many dislike the fact that most are muslim (Personally this is an irrelevant point here but still….) but the fact is besides having some non white admixture in there like many southern Europeans do the Albanians are indeed White European, with many showing this point clearly, like these kids here……

    They look whiter than many Brits id say! 🙂
    The same can be said worldwide with Arabs(Assyrians Lebanese etc), Persians, Asianic tribes etc where white minorities are still prevalent.
    As for you trying to sell Jews as white, this is something I do disagree with totally, despite how “white” some many look their mentality is clearly not, with a total hatred of any kind of Aryan racial traits. One only has to see what is concealed from non jews in their Babylonian Talmud to understand this better, but you probably already know this behind closed doors don’t you “Robert” lol…..

  105. Donna

    Everyone seems to claim to “know” that “they” are the pure race of the balkans. I have seen Serbs who look like pure Arabs, pure Turks and i have seen Serbs who look Mediterranean, and I have seen Serbs who look white. I have seen Albanians who look Arab, and I have seen, Albanians who look more white than white than white. My family is from Macedonia, right North of Greece. I am fair skinned with freckles, amber eyes and dark hair. I look Irish. My brother was born blonde with blue eyes. He looks like a Polak. He now has brown hair and hazel eyes. Big wow factor for a dark skin Arab looking Serb he met who thought Albanians looked like “gypsies.”I am sick and tired of people coming up with their own theories on how they are the true white race. As an Albanian, I was astonished when I went to school with Greeks who looked like Arabs, they were astonished and could not understand why I looked so white when I was clearly an Albanian. Does it matter what I look like? Do I care? This sense of nationalist superiority sprouted the Bosnian genocide and initiated increasing tension in the Balkans towards Albanians. Here is the big big joke in the Balkans…have Greeks and Serbs wondered why Albanians are paler, fairer (not that it matters) than themselves? Albanians, out of fear, converted to Islam because if your wife was a Muslim or daughter was a Muslim, no one got raped. Guess who the Turks raped? Keep guessing…and you guessed…the Serbs, the Greeks, any Albanian who did not convert. if you see white Serbs or Greeks, these are the people who hid in the mountains or just plain hid, they dont comprrise more than 10% of the population.

  106. ChunkyShqipsAhoy

    I have heard that there are cognates between Udi and Albanian, but I haven’t really looked too far into it. Upon first inspection, a few of the cognates (i.e. “baba”-father) are borrowings from Arabic, transferred via Ottoman rule. Albania shares it’s namesake with another historical entity in the Caucuses, does anybody know why this is?

    Overall, this whole “Albanians aren’t white” just goes to show you that contemporary white nationalism is American in origin, and pretty much a joke. At least nordicists are willing to use the paper bag test consistently. If Albanians aren’t white, then Italians and Greeks aren’t white. Hell, take the average pedestrian in Athens and put a Turkish flag in his hand, and Stormfront would go crazy, “look at this ugly kebab!’ If Albania did more to throw off the yoke of the Orient, nobody would be questioning the Albanians whiteness.

  107. Fariha

    This article is incorrect, Albanians are ethnically mixed with the Middle East and Turkey. How do you think they became Muslim without being taken over by a Muslim/Asian country?

    • Roza

      Religion has nothing to do with ethnicity. Even before Spain was conquered by Muslim and returned to the Muslim religion all over Spain, and later turned back into the Catholic religion.

      Albanians did not change and neither blood nor language, but fought Turk. Linguistics, DNA, history shows the opposite of what you say.

      Almost all Eastern Europe was occupied by Turks, and everywhere they turned religion, as in Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Romania and other countries. But this does not mean that they were Turks, or were mixed with them. This propaganda is outdated, that today is the science that decides and not several different currents hostile

  108. floresj

    Let me explain you one thing. Albanians have historically been of a Christian religion. Because of an invasion from Ottoman Empire which lasted for approximately 500 years, a lot of Albanians were forced to change their religion to Muslim. This has nothing to do with our European identity. Albanians are one of the oldest races of the entire European continent.

    • Negroess Negroess

      Well if they are European they are white.

    • Roza

      Albanians do not have primary religion, Albanians are Catholic, Orthodox, Muslim and the majority of them do not care about religion.

      Albanians are the oldest people of Europe, as by linguistic and by DNA. They inherit an ancient culture and are very proud of this.

      The Pelasgians are the ancestors of all Europeans, but only Albanians are their direct and authentic descendants and, as such, can claim for a kind of absolute autochthony in Europe. By claiming Pelasgic ancestry,
      supporters of these ideas are transforming marginality – Albanians are on the margins of Europe – into centrality and superiority –
      They are more European than anyone else.

      Religion as it has come as would one day went, language is what remains and that is the dignity of every nation.

      Even the Christian religion is a gift from the emperor of Rome, Constantine the Great, who conquered Western Europe, Asia Minor, Middle East and Egypt. Constantine the Great, he was Illyrian origin from Nishi of Kosovo, which means the Albanian blood.

      He himself was a pagan and was baptized at the age of over sixty, when he was too ill.

      He made Christianity a lawful religion, and spread it with force. Constantine the Great is the key of distribution of Christian religion,
      If Constantine great had not become lawful Christianity, Christianity today would be only as a cult.

  109. siana

    I’m ethnic Albanian, and my autosomal DNA results were as follows: 74% Italy/Greece, 11% Europe East, 7% Caucasus, 4% Great Britain, 3% Europe West, and less than 1% Scandanavian. This would suggest that I’m 93% European and 7% West Asian. Many White Americans have a similar DNA spread between European and non-European, so I would consider myself “white” if I were filling out a questionnaire; however, if you were to ask me my racial identity, I would just simply state Mediterranean, and I’m proud of that. I could care less if others classify me as white or not. Oh, and I also exhibit that strong Albanian nose. It’s what helps me sniff out the BS from people’s mouths 🙂 Have a wonderful day!!!

  110. This is for Glenda Roberts; you need a lot of history reading. We are Albanians, and nor Armenians (the Kardashians are Armenians)

  111. Erm...

    Albanian brief yet historically accurate timeline of key events:

    Ancient Illyrian descendants. Oldest language in Europe.
    Fought against Islamic Crusades for centuries.
    No help from European ”brothers” who conveniently adopted an ”isolationist” policy when it was us suffering. This was the straw that broke the camels back and has left a legacy of internal division among European people.
    Got taken over eventually by the Ottomans (outnumbered 1 to 100 men). Converted to Islam by force.
    Retained historical traditional culture and language throughout Ottoman rule. Refused to mix our identities.
    Skanderbeg was somewhat of a catalyst in keeping traditional nationalism alive.
    Eventually got independence in 1912.
    Land annexed in Treaty of Berlin (1878) and London Conference (1913). Overt mistreatment and confirmation if you ever needed it of superiority complex in Northern/Central Europe.
    It took the perceived most fascist man in European history to finally recognize our history. Hitler respected our culture and European heritage but after WW2, it was back to Europe hating us. Communism followed and then a Republic “democracy” in which our leaders betrayed our own people with disgusting corruption.
    Fast forward to today and Albanians have an identity crisis. Half the current population doesn’t know anything about their history. They weakly still believe in Islam but should have denounced it long ago. They are still weakly married to communist tolerance. Just look at the current socialist administration under Edi Rama. The other parts of the populous are stuck in pointless civil disputes and the police don’t enforce law which has seen a consistent crime level (you can get away with anything if the punishment doesn’t exist).

    I’m tired of this talk of whether Albanians are ”white” or not. There are little markers to measure ”whiteness”, moreover, it is often used interchangeably with the term “european”. Regarding the latter question we have absolute certainty Albanians are “European”. However, this does not imply they are regarded as such and clearly never really were treated as such by those in Europe (with the exception of Hitler, ironically).

    If you really want to know what the community thinks then here it is… unfiltered… Albanians don’t give a toss about pseudo-European nationalism. We know the Northern Europeans have looked down on us as inferior but they won’t admit it overtly (usually).

    When Europe spat from the hand that kept it safe for centuries you antagonized your European counterparts.

    Europe is dead. It’s now a 3rd world immigration haven. Northern Europeans have yourselves to blame (I’m sure you’re content with it). This is a symptom of a lack of historical unity between European cultures.

    For the record, I don’t “hate” anyone. I’m just saying it how it is. I have no issue with Serbia, Russia (I admire Putin) or any other nation.

    Let’s not kid ourselves that this is a topic even worth discussing. For arguments sake, let us assume Albanians are indeed classified as ”white” and this narrative was now accepted by all Europeans… so what? What changes? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. But back to reality, Albanians aren’t stupid. We know the concept of ‘Europe’ to most Europeans means one that doesn’t include Albanians – despite the evidence suggesting otherwise. Don’t expect any love from us. If you can’t respect your mother (seeing as we are the oldest people in Europe and have the oldest culture) then you can’t respect anyone. Enjoy moral decay and pointless discussions about who or what ”whiteness” is.

  112. Another William Playfair Web

    This bullshit has to stop.
    Dann Coulterguiste/his supporters referred to this Armenian Man;

    as a “third world savage”

    These people don’t care about other Whites. They just care about having a funnel for their sky high testosterone since they can’t get laid…..

    They also don’t even realize that’s what they are doing because they have such low IQs.

    I would suggest not even dignifying this nonsense anymore.

  113. Agostin

    Mr Robert u must be very ignorant to believe that Albanians are not Europeans they are more Europeans than the rest of Europe you mentioned something with Muslim’s u shouldn’t have been there when we were invented from the ottoman empire sacrifice to protect Europe from invention

  114. Albanians are not white , 500 years of ottoman rule definitely included mixing of ethnicity. You can only tell by individuals, you have lighter skinned Albanians and darker ones such as me. I got my DNA tested on Ancestry and it showed I had Egyptian and Japanese in me.

    • Roza

      Stop this propaganda

      Albanians were not intermarried with the invaders, but they were proud of their origins and traditions, and by scholars they are an indigenous people who neither assimilated nor lost their language which is the oldest in Europe. For Albanian, Turks and Slavs were conquering.

      Ottoman rule was not only in Albania, nearly 500 years but throughout the Balkans and in most of Eastern Europe. There are Roma and Egyptian population living in Albania, but they are small minority as these minorities has in the Balkan Peninsula and throughout Europe.

  115. John

    Muslims aren’t white, they are dedicating their lives to an Arab invention of madness and shouldn’t be considered European. I guess those Albanians who aren’t Muslim could be considered white.

    • Roza

      Stop this ugly propaganda.
      All religions are ideology and do not have to do with nationality, and most of the Albanian population are not religious.

      Even in Arab countries, has the population of Christian faith, but they do not represent the white race. Likewise and in Africa, Asia.

      Albanians are a native people in the Balkans, and the Albanian state was formed as a nation by ethnicity, language, and not religion. For Albanian, blood is important, which mean DNA and not religion. Religion is not ethnicity.
      Language, DNA, traditions, folklore, and the flag represent the nation who you are.

      Albanian is the oldest language of Europe.

      Albanian DNA represents the oldest people of Europe.

      Polyphony Albanian song is called the old polyphony of humanity.

      Albanian flag is the oldest flag, in Europe.

      They are more European than others.

      • William

        Thank you, Roza.

        I think many White people are realizing they, too are not safe (the only people safe from the Alt-Reich are low-IQ Nordic testocrat males who never associate with those unlike them.

        and then they came for me

        • Dennis

          There was not territory with the name albania before 1914,name albania was given from ostreich and hungary.albanians are if I can use the words greeks first cousins.also macedonia is greek there no macedonians or what ever they call them

  116. SD

    Muslim Albanians probably possess some admixture of Turkic or Arab blood.

    • Roza

      The history and DNA show the opposite.

      To survive and not to remain slaves of the Ottoman Empire, A large part of Albanians by changing religion made to take the lead of the Ottoman Empire, and their benefits were to keep their properties, rifle for protection, and not to allow foreign soldier in Albania, but only Albanians who changed faith perform military duty in their country.

      • Barack Thatcher

        Thank you. It’s a shame you have to spell this out. I thought it was common knowledge?

        It’s like Iberians being non-White because they have Arab influence in the Spanish language (snicker)

  117. Roza


    Here is the 1878 map; you can see Albania here, and Greece.

    South-East Europe 1878. Treaty of Berlin

  118. Barack Thatcher

    What Roza said about converting during the Ottoman Empire seems correct. It just makes sense. There was no “mud invasion” or anything of that sort. It’s silly.

    These hardcore WNs/Nordicists don’t understand religion. They think it should all be ethnic based (they criticize integrated churches- something even Apartheid South Africa had). They don’t get it. Religion is a belief, not an ethnicity. People convert. The irony of these guys criticizing Jews in this regard is plapable.

  119. Barack Thatcher

    The SJWs were having a field day with David Duke’s “Protecting European Americans” statement.

    they’d say “European Americans*”
    *excludes Muditerreneans, Slavs, Alamian Muzzies, Ashkenazis, etc.”

    Duke is relatively inclusive but the point stands. WNs ARE reducing their cause, as Don Black, said “to an absurdity”

  120. Butrint Morina

    All Albanians have been catholic or orthodox.Islam was introduced to Albanians when the Ottoman Empire invaded Albanian lands and forced the Albanians to become muslims.The only reason why Islam is present in Albanian lands including Republic of Kosovo is of their(Turkish) 500 hundred years of invasion.Islam is not a true part of Albanian culture.Albanians are Illyrians which have nothing to do with Islam.Even muslim Albanians drink alcoholic drinks more than even christian europians.Mother Teresa(Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu) is a perfect example of Albanian religious culture.Another example is Gjergj Kastrioti(George Castriot) which is the greatest Albanian National Hero he was taken from his family by the Ottomans when he was a kid and they converted him into a Muslim and changed his name to Skender and gave him the title Bey after his great military skills.But in 1443 he betrayed the ottoman empire and came back to Albanian lands and converted back to christianity.He fought the ottoman empire for 25 years winning over 24 battles with them and created a sort of a wall that stopped ottoman expansion.He died as a chrisitian on 17th of January 1468.After his death the ottoman empire took full control over Albanian Lands and managed to spread its religious culture.Today Albanians are mostly muslims but not a true muslim race they were just forcefully converted.Albanians are probably the most religiously peaceful nation on Earth due to our religious variety and we don’t like to be referred as a muslim nation or christian nation we like to be referred as only Albanians because that’s our true cultural identity.

    Butrint Morina 2nd of September 2016

  121. Dai plum

    Just returned from Albania which by all accounts is pleasantly secular allowing all religions and none to coexist, an example to others. Yes, an incredible painful, yet rich history. The future is going to be good with a new airport between Vlore/Saranda. Be proud Albania as you have a beautiful country and the kindness of the people is unique!

  122. namaan1168

    Šiptar has the same origins as KHAZAR, AVAR, MAGYAR, TATAR, i.e. from the Caucasus. Defo NOT EUROPEAN. With I2 haplogroup evidence, Šiptars came to the Balkans with the Ottoman ca. 10th century. They have mixed wth the local population and have Illyrian ancestry only thru this.

  123. Roza

    Do not confuse Albanians with Slavs of Balkan.

    Slavs of Balkan are from this tribes, which adobtion Slavic language in the 7the century.

    The Turks have invaded the Balkans in the 14th century and in the 10th
    century all the Balkans was under the Byzantine Empire, you have no knowledge of history

    The Albanian people are descended from a non-Slavic, non-Turkic group of tribes known as Illyrians.
    After falling under Roman authority in 165 BC, Albania was controlled nearly continuously by a succession of foreign powers until the mid-20th century, with only brief periods of self-rule.

    Following the split of the Roman Empire in 395, the Byzantine Empire established control over present-day Albania. In the 11th century, Byzantine Emperor Alexius I Comnenus made the first recorded reference to a distinct area of land known as Albania and to its people.

    The Ottoman Empire ruled Albania from 1385-1912. During this time, much of the population converted to the Islamic faith, and Albanians also emigrated to Italy, Greece, Egypt, and Turkey. Although its control was briefly disrupted during the 1443-78 revolt, led by Albania’s national hero, Gjergj Kastrioti Skenderbeu, the Ottomans eventually reasserted their dominance.
    The Albanians are the oldest inhabitants of the Balkan Peninsula. Classical authors give the names of very many tribes which dwelt in those lands when history dawns.

    The Greeks classed them as “barbarians,” and they spoke a non-Greek tongue. They were united in groups under native kings, and of these groups some of the most important were the Macedonians, the Illyrians, and the Epirotes.

    According to Strabo, all three spoke the same language. And it is from the Illyrians, Epirotes that the Albanians of to-day descend. Modern Albania derives from the language of Alexander the Great and King Pyrrhus. Illyria and Epirus, in old days, extended from Trieste along the whole of the Adriatic coast, comprising at one time all Bosnia and the Herzegovina, a large part of modern Serbia, and all Montenegro, as well as modern Albania.

    The ultimate origin of the root Alb- has been traced to an Illyrian word (alb “white”).
    In the 2nd century BC, Polybius’s History of the World mentions a tribe named Arbon in present-day central Albania. The people who lived there were called Albanoí and Arbanita.

    The Albanians called their country Arbër or Arbën and referred to themselves as Arbëresh or Arbnesh

    Shqipëria, popularly interpreted as “Land of the Eagles” or “Land of the Mountain Eagle” hence the two-headed bird on the national flag.

    It is confirmed not only by the linguistic, and also from archeology that the Albanians are the oldest people of the Balkans

  124. #Robert Lindsay, Thanks about this post. I’m an Albanian and so Proud. I saw some stupid comments here, but they were funny. I saw some Serbians saying talking they were the first in Balkans. That’s not true coz they have Vic on their surnames and they came here in the 6th century. I saw some Greeks too, but this are the phoniest people in the whole world. They talk about science and medication, but they stole them from Egypt. They talk about this Byzantine empire, but the flag of this Albanian, Montenegro and Serbian on it.

    Greeks are good for having fights among themselves, nothing else. They used this BYZANTINE Empire to steal from the oldest Albanians all of their ancient things. They tried to destroy ALBANIAN language, which is the most COSMIC LANGUAGE in this planet. It has nothing to do with any other languages on the planet. Greeks keep stealing, even from MACEDONIANS, but these Macedonians are dumb themselves. They say they are ancient, but they talk SLAVIC. This is really funny. In Alexander (His Mother ILLYRIAN father Hellenic) Era, there weren’t any Slavic speakers 😀 😀 :D. But that’s why Greeks are now trying to claim Macedonia like it is Greek, which is more funny.

    They say the people of Thessaloníki are called Macedonians, but this Thessaloníki was Macedonian, not Greek, but like I said, they used this Byzantine Empire to fake everything…they even have a place called Naples in Greece like Napoli in ITALY – crazy…And these Greeks and Serbians under the OTTOMAN Empire asked the emperor to convert all Albanians to Islam by force them and high taxes…so they could say that the Macedonians are are Turks and there was no such thing as Albanians. This more funny you know 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 .. coz we here even in byzantine empire. We were Catholic and some Albanian Orthodox too.

    So they was mad fumy too 😀 😀 😀 😀 about the peoples. It’s not because I am an Albanian, but Albanians are among the the beautiful people of this World. ;). To be honest AUSTRIANS are the same as ALBANIANS, but here Albania comes from ALBINO ===> (Albinism in humans is a congenital disorder characterized by the complete or partial absence of pigment in the skin, hair and eyes. Albinism is associated with a number of vision defects, such as photophobia, nystagmus, and amblyopia.)

    That’s why everyone likes to keep ALBANIA a colony – it’s for these beautiful people here. SURE some are Gypsies -like in all countries in this part of the world, they exist here too. But no ALBANIAN -Haplogroup BLOOD type would tell everything DNY…if someone has any questions, leave a comment or reply.

    • anon

      Its only dumb serbs who will call Albanians and Bosniaks non white just cause of nationalism and hate. Everyone everywhere knows Albanians are white europeans.

  125. Blendon

    Bravo diabblos , the truth will always come to light sooner or later. Love you Shqipe.

  126. Cartrecia DiMaggio

    A historian friend who was a college professor ifrom Croatia told me that Albania means (Albino Arabs or White Arabs). (Ergo this is possibly how skin turned white.) And Arabs have both light and dark skin as well. Africa was the cradle of civilization. 300,000 years ago there was a land mass between Africa and the Middle East. Both continents’ peoples were desert warriors. The Arabs fought in Africa to conquer the Africans to no avail.

    In 2003, I travelled to Contessa Entillina in Sicily. My DiMaggio family goes back 6 generations all being DiMaggios from the records of the city

    The story of our town is the mountain that the city was on was originally called Entilla.

  127. Roza

    The ultimate origin of the root Alb- has been traced to an Illyrian word (alb “white”).

    In the 2nd century BC, Polybius’s History of the World mentions a tribe named Arbon in present-day central Albania. The people who lived there were called Albanoí and Arbanita.

    The Albanians called their country Arbër or Arbën and referred to themselves as Arbëresh or Arbnesh

    Shqipëria, popularly interpreted as “Land of the Eagles” or “Land of the Mountain Eagle” hence the two-headed bird on the national flag.

    Trojan has named himself as the Dardan and Alban and this looks set names that new countries where they settled after displacement that part of population from Troy.

    So Ene Dardania was founded in Italy town called Alba.

    Briti his nephew, as he was decided in Britain called it part of Alban, which is Scotland today, has inherited name the capital of New York

    It has evidence that they were themselves Alban and Dardane, names that come two Illyrian tribes in antiquity Dardan and Alban. But today the only people, who called Alban and Dardan, are Albanians.

    It is no accident that Albanian people today called the old name alban of Europe, with which it is named, that are all the peoples of old Europe.

    Thus, Britain was called Albion and Scotland Albani, Teutono-Trojan German tribes are called by Strabo the name Albania, Italy Trojan rise Alban city name, the Black Sea called themselves Skithet Alban etc…

    Name Alban according to all historical and scientific resources, means White. Even today Western scholars explain Albion name of Great Britain the word fair.

    It is to see the Albino attention from Albanian word has meaning in A- bion, which that means blonde. In all dictionaries Albino word means white man.

    Name Alban with which, Albanians are known today from world has more sense.

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