Why Are Filipinos So Dark?

Repost from the old blog. Explains why people in hot climates evolved melanin protection of their skin. Guess what? It’s not so they won’t get sunburned.

If they hardly have any Negrito genes, that is. If so, what explains their dark skin?

From a question in the comments on the old blog.

I’ve been over this on the blog before, but since hardly anyone knows about this stuff, we may as well go over it again. The commenter asks, if Filipinos only have .02-.11% Negrito genes (and only in certain tribes that have been tested), why are Filipinos so dark?

The suggestion here is the common popular anthropological notion that Filipinos are part Negrito. The truth is that Filipinos have few Negrito genes, but Negritos have lots of Filipino genes. That is because the Filipinos simply swamped the Negritos genetically.

Various Filipino tribes have been surveyed and the Negrito percentage is given at .02-.11%. I am not sure if that means that the average Filipino or tribal has that much Negrito genes, or if that many Filipinos have Negrito genes. It is often difficult to tell with these studies. Filipinos are no darker than Lao, Thai, Khmer, many Southern Chinese groups and types, and Indonesians.

All of the Austronesians are dark. The Austronesians are the Filipinos (mostly Austronesian), the Indonesians (20% Austronesian), the coastal New Guineans (25% Austronesian), the Polynesians (50% Austronesian) and the Micronesians (35% Austronesian). Also Malays appear to have some unknown Austronesian element. There is also some Austronesian in the Vietnamese and the Khmer. All of these are in whole or in part Austronesians.

One of the biggest lies around is that all of these SE Asian groups are part Australoid. In particular, Chinese are very fond of this notion. It is true that many Indonesians are partly Australoid of unknown origin, probably Papuan. The Indonesians closer to the Philippines and Malaysia are much more Austronesian. Getting towards New Guinea, we see a lot more Melanesian introgression.

In the case of the Filipinos, the big lie is that Filipinos are very heavily inbred with Negritos. This is not true, and there is no evidence of it. However, some Filipinos are part Negrito. You can recognize them because they are noticeably darker and they tend to have woolly or frizzy hair like Negritos. It was common knowledge 100 years ago that Filipinos had little Negrito in them, and most Filipinos know this to this day.

In between, somehow the notion among amateur anthropologists got started that Filipinos are heavily Negrito. The Filipino group is very closely related to the Ami aboriginals of Taiwan and the Guangdong Southern Chinese from around Hong Kong. In fact, this group is so taut that I lumped it into a race called the South China Sea Race, with those three groups included.

Filipinos are, for all intents and purposes, a Chinese (Taiwanese) people, even though they live outside of China. Some commenters have hollered about this, saying that Filipinos look nothing like Southern Chinese. Well, that may be so, but looks deceive. In genes, they are remarkably close, and nowadays we prove relation by genes.

The vast majority of Filipinos came from an outward ocean voyage by the Taiwanese Ami aborigines about 900-2,200 years ago that ended up in the Philippines. This was part of the Lapita culture. About 900 years ago, a large infusion of Southern Chinese came to the Philippines, but only 20% of Filipinos have significant Chinese genes.

Much fewer have significant amounts of Spanish genes. The Filipino mestizo is largely a myth, though Filipino politics and especially the entertainment industry is heavily populated by mestizos. Even in the Philippines, Whiter is apparently better.

Why are Filipinos so dark? The Philippines lies from 0 to 20 degrees in latitude. Let us look at the nations in at that latitude and who the indigenous people are.

In that latitude range, we find northern Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, southern Burma, South India, Sri Lanka, Oman, Yemen, far southern Arabia, Somalia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, Sudan, Chad, Central African Republic, Cameroon, Niger, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Benin, Ghana, Cote d’ Ivoire, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Mali, Mauritania, Senegal, Gambia, the Guyanas, all of the Caribbean except Cuba, Venezuela, Colombia, all of Central America except Mexico, Hawaii and the Mariana Islands.

If you notice, almost all of these countries are populated by indigenous people with pretty dark skin. Dark skin is selected for in hot climates because otherwise UV rays will destroy folic acid stores in the woman’s body, which will cause a lot of birth defects. There may also be a protective effect for sunburn and melanoma, but this is uncertain.

UV radiation chart along with zones of skin color. Zone 1 has the darkest skin of all. Note that the Philippines is in Zone 1. Zone 2, which includes Italians and Spaniards, has skin that tans easily. Zone 3 contains light skin that enables residents to absorb as much Vitamin D as possible from the sun due to lack of sunlight at higher latitudes.

So it’s not just latitude, but it’s also intensity of UV radiation. UV radiation is extremely intense in Africa, so Africans have some of the darkest skin of all. Pale, light or white skin is nothing special or superior. It is simply an evolutionary adaptation to low levels of sunlight. Melanin went off the skin in order to pick up as much Vitamin D as possible. Otherwise, people had Vitamin D deficiencies.

Almost all native peoples at latitudes like that have pretty dark skin. The only exception is the Vietnamese, and they have only been there for 2,200 years or so, being products of a massive movement of Southern Chinese into the area around that time. Anyway, a lot of Vietnamese are relatively dark.

So the dark skin of Filipinos is to be expected, and there is no need to postulate Negrito genetic ingression. Filipinos aren’t really that dark anyway. A lot of native peoples at that latitude are a lot darker than Filipinos.

Some Australoid genes related to Papuans have been found in Malays, Southern Chinese and coastal Vietnamese, but the numbers are very small. So really Southern Chinese need to be quiet about SE Asians being heavily Australoid. It’s not true, and they have a few of those genes anyway.

Keep in mind that the question of Negrito genes in any SE Asians is somewhat academic. After all, all of SE Asia was populated mostly by Negrito or “Melanesian” Australoid types until about 5,000 years ago or so, at which point they fully transitioned into the types that we see today.

NE Asians were also Ainu aborigine Australoid types until 9,000 years ago, when they fully completed progression into the Mongoloid types that we know today.

Negrito or “Melanesian” types were generalized throughout Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia until 2,000-3,000 years ago, when they were rapidly displaced by movements from South China. They were also generalized throughout Thailand and Malaysia until about 5,000 years ago, when they were largely replaced by movements from Taiwan and South China.

They have only survived in large numbers in the Philippines, but that is merely accidental.

So, in the background of all SE Asians is a Negrito, and in the background of all NE Asians is an aborigine Ainu type.


Jablonski, N. and Chaplin, G. 2000. The Evolution of Human Skin Coloration. Journal of Human Evolution.

This research takes a lot of time, and I do not get paid anything for it. If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a a contribution to support more of this valuable research.


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  1. aiza

    hi there! I’m a Filipino and found this article superbly interesting. I don’t know before that Filipinos have a large percentage of Chinese origin, thanks to you, now I am aware!

    • Yes, they are pretty much just Chinese people really. They are related to the aborigines of Taiwan, especially a group called the Ami.

      • Kerry

        “Chinese descent” today largely refers to Han Chinese. Filipinos did not descend from Han Chinese people, but from the area which Han Chinese have migrated into. Similarly, Ami are not Han Chinese either. We call them Taiwan aborigines. Your phrasing is very misleading.

        Do you call Europeans “of African descent”, just because they migrated out of Africa?

        • Tell you what. You guys quit claiming Taiwan and I’ll quit saying Taiwanese people are Chinese.


        • Bob

          I heard they’re from Australia aborigines decent

        • If u care to read

          Indigeous Philipinos are from negritos, Malay and INdonessians. No one know how the negritos (proto-austronesian genes become Austronesian genes . It is like why some of the people that migrated out of Africa stayed dark and different looking than other people around the world??????
          We have no other prove than all human beings migrated out of East Africa, but no one knows how some people become Caucasians (arabs, indians (of india, europeans, etc)
          then how others become asians such as east asians, then those southeast asians such as the austronesians. We know that the indigeous Indians of the Americas came out of Asia according that bridge that no longer exist. Then the europeans went and invaded them and you know what else they did. Yes Some Americans have a lot of caucasian blood in them while others may have less. I read that no one is pure blood. I read that koreans only have 40% unique genes to their people and the rest came elsewhere.
          The same goes for China, it must have been like the americas’ where there is 1000’s of tribes. I know people like to stereotype people, but I think it is the hardest to stereotype the chinese cuz they can look very different from one region to the next. Usally the NOrthern chinese have thinner eyes and they look more mongolian = more mongoloid than the Southern chinese . About the nose for the chinese nationals, they can have tall noses all over China, but the southern chinese in general have prettier eyes. I think a lot of the people that is in the North or have ancestors from the North China may have gotton Mongolian genes. The mongos I read mass raped and killed many people all over Asia.

        • The Taiwanese aborigines are not descended from Australians. They are native SE Asians – basically Melanesians recently transitioned over into Mongoloids. The transition happened only in the last 2000 years or so…

        • tammy

          southeast Asians are not the same with south Asians and east Asians.
          Southast Asia is where the people are super poor, many lack a good education, and Southeast Asian as a whole are dumb as shit.
          It is a shame that they don’t rate them as sub -Asian to distinquisj these dumb ass from the steller Asians. Why do you think southeast Asians hate Chinese, Koreans, Japanese so much cuz we out smart all of you.
          Chinese run Indonesia, filipines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, etc. The Japaneses took over the fililpines, parts of indo-china, a very part of northeast china (short period of time), but they didn’t know that A. Eistein already invented the atomic bomb. A. Eistein is a german jewish descent(eastern jewish people are the smartest in the world, east Asians and Indians). The filipines are bunch of dumb asses worshipping Spanish invaders using them as slaves. In 1700’s the chinse revolt and got have pushed these invaders out of the filipines, but the indigenous fillies helped the Spanish to stop the Chinese from successing. This why the world laughs at the fililpinos. The fillipinos that have strong native blood are fucking ugly. Even the ones that are 50% are still ugly. The celebrities are very diluted blood. If u have the celebrities taking all the possible DNA tests, you find out they have very little indigenous fillie blood. I see too many have small eyes and they don’t have Chinese blood in them. I see your natives that lives in the jungle have those fugly faces and that is why many filipines are marrying outside their ethnicity/race . Filipinos are Austronesians with mongoloid negroid looking faces.

        • johnP

          Albino: 2 “dark” Africans can have a blue eyed, blonde haired child..there is plenty of births and evidence to support this, but two “whites” cannot have a dark child. The migration was from Africa into other lands which is why “aboriginals” are all people of color. Spanish families have forever hidden pictures of great great grand dad in the deepest corners of the closet to hide the fact that there was “black” in the family NOT simply due to racial mixing during slavery as most people suggest. There was a significant but small population of “albinos” that resulted over thousands of years of human creation..they “interbred” with aboriginals and that’s how you get “mixed” mulatto’s…Simple logic and reasoning mixed with REAL history will tell you that, but the writer of this story has to stay “politically correct” and say it’s due to the weather…smh..lol..

        • 18-40 million Filpinos have Chinese descent more than 95% percent of them are the descendants of Fujianese immigrants from Fujian province China.

          Filipinos eat Fujianese food like siopao, pansit. and others.

          Most of the richest people here in the Philippines are Fujianese-Chinese Filipinos like Henry Sy, John Gokongwei, Lucio Tan, and others.

          Filipinos who like Chinese are referred as Chinita or Chinito here in the Philippines.

          I am a Historian and my claims are supported by historical documents and also by genetics.

      • samantha

        have you ever read an Asian History book? how about a Philippine History book? did you know that people here in the Philippines don’t actually look like Chinese people? well, partly yes but mostly not… try to go in Tondo, Manila, Philippines.. you can say that they look Chinese because most of the people living there are Chinese, some of them are only half Chinese but Filipinos, the typical Filipinos don’t actually look Chinese at all. the only thing that got into my nerves is that you are indicating a wrong hypothesis of Filipino features. Have you ever faced or seen a Filipino personally? If so, does He/She/They look Chinese at all? Filipinos like us have wide eyes, 5′ to 5’4 (for girls: that’s really the normal size) and brown(nearly black) eyes. The people here in the Philippines with Chinese blood line are whiter than a pure Filipino. Yes, we’re dark but not like Negritos (I’m not being racist) at all.

        • Filipinos area a Taiwanese (Chinese) people from the Chinese island of Taiwan. Their ancestors are the Taiwanese aborigines. They probably look something like those people, but you are right, they don’t look much like most typical Chinese. That is correct.

        • Megaman X

          Not all Negrito’s are dark skinned at all. As a matter of fact Many Negritos have light skinned children without the need to cross breed with someone of a lighter complextion. As a matter of fact there was a dark black couple who gave birth to a baby with blond hair and white skin. Both the babies parents where tested and it was infact both the people’s children. The orginal Filipinos are of Negro descent. The reason The percentage is soo low is because Filipinos 9 out of 10 percent of the time marry European which lessens the black in them. The aborginal filipinos before Spainish evasion had tar black skin and wooly hair with wide noses just like blacks. But what happens after new genetic material enters a small population? Well people cross breed and have babies, those babies have babies and in almost no time at all the face of a people can change entirely.

        • The original Filipinos were neither Negros nor Negritos! Before the Spanish came, they were much as they are now, but with a certain amount less of Chinese and Spanish admixture. The Spanish and Chinese admixture is not large in any case. The Negritos have been being displaced in the Philippines for some time now. The primary race of the Filipino is Taiwanese aborigine. Negrito admixture probably makes up only a small component of Filipino genetics.

        • Money2012

          Most of the people of Taiwan came from Southern China. The part they called Min Yue. Philipines have a high populations of Malay race of people. They are pure australoid gene pool. I also read that Min Yue people (located in the south east coast of modern day China) migrated to Taiwan way longer than you think. Mr. Robert LIndsay I don’t think you know what you are talking about. There are people from australoid genes coming into China through the southern tip of Vietnam, Cambodia, & Thailand area. They live in the mountain are of Southern China but genetically they are not same people as the local population. I looked everything up. China just name for the Chin emporer. Before that it was called Cathay. China in chinese term mean middle kingdom or central kindgom depend on who is translating it. Northern China the closer to Mongolia border the more mongolic or Koreanic looking these people are. It is just a huge chunk of land with 1,000 of tribal groups living there. The super dark skin, short statures, and big wide flat noses are pure australoid people migrated from Malay countries, Indonesia, and other Southeast Asian Islands. Some look very negroid looking. The are the indigeous ancestors of the Thai, Vietnamese, Loas and Burmese people. Modern day people of these coutnreis are mixed with some people from possible places such as India, China, etc.
          Filipines are super dark and they are not the people from Southern China. They are very close in genes to the aborignal of Australia, papuans of New Guineas.

        • This is complete crap. The probability is that the Taiwanese aborigines who came to the Philippines were a pretty Australoid group at the time they showed up. Australoid-Mongoloid transition in North Vietnam is only complete around 2,000-2,500 years ago.

        • Betsy

          Not all Filipinos have wide eyes. The ones that have large wide eyes usally look very negrito looking with those dark skin and big wide huge noses like negroids. What is a typical Chinese???? People are so ignorant. China is super huge and just like India it is made of many different ethnic groups.
          The natives of the filipines are negritos, malays and Indonesians. Not all have big wide eyes. Some have small oriental eyes. Look at the indigenous people of South America that still live in the jungle and prefer no outside influence look like the Filipinos too. They have also have the small eyes, large flat noses, dark skin. Go check them out they look very much like Filipinos especially their oriental looking eyes and negroid noses.
          The Filipinos that are lighter skin or light skin aren’t even pure Filipinos.
          Most of them look the same with Malaysians and some Indonesians. The prettier Indonesians are also mixed blood.

        • Kye-Yoonh

          You said Filipino women are 5′ to 5’4. Then why in the age of 13, I’m already 5’6 ? I even have chinky dark brown eyes and fair skin tho I, even my ancestors have no Chinese blood line. Is that even possible ? Or am I an alien ? Gosh. Lol

        • To Ahhhmedddd
          All womens are beautiful even the taiwanese and cambodian.

        • To tammmmmy
          All womens are beautiful even the cambodian

      • Hoang Yi

        Filipinos aren’t pretty much Chinese people… What the heck?? It is true that they are related to Ami which are an “Austronesian” ethnic group but the Ami aren’t necessarily Chinese. The Han are the real/dominant Chinese. So what makes you think Filipinos are basically Chinese. LOL.

        • light Indonesian

          I think Indonesians have lighter skin than filipinos, Indonesian more oriental in physical appearance when compared to the filipina, now their country has become No. 1 in Southeast Asia.Hei Indonesia ..we will always support your country!

        • Forgotten Mercury

          I believe that most Filipinos are Ami people and not Chinese. Filipino genes are closest to Ami only than to Han Chinese or Southern Chinese. So it means that Philippines are populated mostly by Ami people of Taiwan. To tell you Filipino is just a nationality and not a race. People of the Philippines are just immigrants mostly came from Taiwan.

        • Ahmed.

          There are too many dumb asses on this webisite. Where do you think the Ami orginated from??? Do you think there were islands millions years or billions of years ago?? Itt’s been proven that all the lands are connected and got broken apart. So where do you think the Ami originated from???? The Taiwanese people don’t like to be associated to the Fillipinos either. I think the Taiwanese people are very smart unlike the Fillies. .
          The Filipinos that have super round large eyes have negrito genes and whereas the Ami people have almond shaped eyes and most have slants to their eyes and yet they keep claiming they are Spanish origin. That is lots of laugh. Fillies are the least educated people world wide. I do not believe anyone think highly of the fillies because they are looked down upon as most hold low pay jobs. Over 70% of Filipinos have those big wide flat noses, and big heads/faces, and have slants to their small almond shaped eyes. Many look like the Cambodians, expect Cambodians are much higher class people. They don’t like to pretend they have white blood in them. They are proud to be Cambodians whereas the Fillies always claim to be Spanish origin. Many are short and dark skin. Goosh most are brainless, but they are good as fucking machines. Many white losers marry Filipinas because no one else will take them. Filipinos likes to marry very old guys. Sometimes they marry men that can be there grandpa. They marry these losers to get out of property and ended most of the time being abuse by white losers. Other Asians usually have more brains, so they won’t go for those white losers.

        • Forgotten Mercury

          To Ahmed!

          You can say anything you like to say about Filipinos but genes don’t lie. Here is a chart that shows you how Filipino genes are closest to Ami of Taiwan via this link: https://robertlindsay.files.wordpress.com/2010/07/ami-filipino-relationship.jpg

          hahahaha……You are a fucking loser!

        • John

          The prophet Mohammed looks like a pigs anus, like seriously. The original Filipinos were neither Negros nor Negritos! Before the Spanish came, they were much as they are now, but with a certain amount less of Chinese and Spanish admixture. The Spanish and Chinese admixture is not large in any case. The Negritos have been being displaced in the Philippines for some time now. The primary race of the Filipino is Taiwanese aborigine. You don’t think, goatfucker, you fuck goats. Shit and piss on your child raping prophet. LOL In fact, Chinese people are more Australoid/negrito than Filipnos.

      • hi my name is mimi and I am filipino…As you can see i am not dark AT ALL…Actually i am pale almost…your blog offered alot of good worthy insight, but in some ways to me was ignorant ( meaning that you applied filipinos as being “so dark” altogether)…It would be like asking you, “Why are you so freakin white?”…Thanks for some of your useful insight you seem intelligent so I believe you would know better not to title your blogs as such…

        • Serene

          Mimi you’re definitely brown by East Asian standard, stop kidding yourself. You’re only fairer comparing to your other brown filipinos.

      • mary mary

        By the way enrique iglesias ‘s mother is not a pure indigeous filipina. I heard that is is 1/2 to 3/4 foreign blood. Enrique Iglesias is said to be only like 1/8 indigeous fillipino blood. His dad julio is 1/2 jewish and 1/2 spanish.
        Enrique’s mom is only1/4 indigeous fillipino blood. Isabella is not pretty. She has very strong features and not refine looking. She looks more like a native pervian to me.

      • rob

        when you actually travel the northern philippines, you will notice that people have dark skin but many people have small/slanted eyes especially in the ilocos region,, i always wonder if they have chinese blood in them, my grandfather in northern philippines has somewhat slanted eyes and sometimes i dont know if hes asleep or awake when watching television, the more you go to the north. the more you see people looking more southern chinese but they have dark skin

        • rob

          the budget minister of the philippines butch abad from batan islands in the northernmost philippines, his name is butch abad.. he looks like a japanese/chinese if not for his dark skin color, quite slanted eyes and hes from the ivatan tribe and its proven in the dna research that was made that filipinos closest blood related cousins are the aborigines of taiwan and not from malaysia or indonesia..

        • Ahmed

          Filipinos themselves have small eyes. If you look at some africian tribes they too have small eyes. NOt all natives dark skiin ones have big eyes. I don’t think the Chinese people will marry the dark skin small like natives.
          THe dark skin , wide faces, big flat huge noses, and fugly are genes of the southeast Asian mixed with negroes.

      • lars

        I’m sorry but I don’t think filipinos are closer to the chinese than the malays and indonesians. maybe in manila, there’s a huge chinese population in the pre-spanish era but i’m from cebu and we look like malays and indonesian than the chinese and our dialect (cebuano, spoken 70% as first tongue) are heavily mixed with spanish words and malay/indonesian. we would have been a muslim country if spain didn’t conquer us, our ancestor “Lapu-Lapu” killed ferdinand magellan (sometimes we think he should’ve been our national hero for defeating a super power nation but he was from mactan, cebu not manila). all our names were nowhere chinese, but then again, manila is different, that’s where the east asians and all other races traded before. So basically, checking manila statistics and assuming as a whole nation isn’t 100% true, it’s like saying the people power revolution in 1986 was the whole country revolting but it was actually just less than 10% of the population in EDSA (Manila) revolting, and the southern islands weren’t really.

        • FatAndBeatiful

          Most filipinos that are not mix with any one have eyes very wide apart and big flat noses. I don’t know who they are related too, but it appears they have very african features with oriental faces. This is their original faces.

      • May God give me to power to remove stereotyping.

        Being called Chinese is a very board term. China was a super tiny country and the country grew by many invasions of land. Chinese is just term to definie someone born or have citizen with China or heir ancestors came from anywhere within modern day China which is super huge. Filipino people have many orgins and they are a melting pot of people. Without DNA analysis of each of one of them, no Filipino can say for certain what ethnicities they are made of. I knew many Filipinos with Chinese blood in them that have large round eyes and it didn’t come from the Filipino parent side of the family. I seen natives of South, central, mexica and all over Asia that have those eys that Filipinos always like to associate them with Chinese or Japanese eyes. I seen African tribe people also have those eyes. Look at how the late Nelson Mandella looks like. He can pass as a southeast Asian and also looks like some Filipinos that I saw in the past. In every race and ethnic groups there are people and ugly people . There is no such thing as only the Chinese and Japanese have small slanted eyes. And no all Chinese people look the same either. I was mistaken as Mexican, mix race Thai, Korean, Japanese, and you name it I been mistaken for , except for being someone that has black genes. Some Filipino told me I do not have those slanted slit eyes of Chinese people. They saw only a few and assumed we all look like that. I knew some very beaurtful Filipinos and as well as some really
        ugly onces too, so I know most of people’s perception of how each ethnic group looks like is clearly a stereotyping. I don’t assume. I just ask politely. Everyone is an individual and some can be an As*hole, but I don’t start labeling all his/her kinds are like that.
        I really wish people just see everyone as an individual and not by their race or ethnicities. I hate it when some people label people with black or negriito blood as garbage. They are not “garbage”. They are human beings just like the rest of us. . Once thing I wish I can do is take out the hate out of it human being and program each human being to see everyone as human beings and that all are color blind.

    • Betsy

      Only 20% of Filipinos have Chinese blood in them. They range from 25% and less. I do agreed with some people that Filipinos without mixed blood are super hideous. They have really negroid looking noses, small eyes, big wide faces, short stature, and short limbs. This is why so many Filipinas marry another ethnicity and or race. There academic standard in the filipines is so damn low. A friend of mine said there Ph.d. degree is actually a B.A. degree in the United States. There work ethnic is like negroids and negritos. They are lazy and likes to cheat the system here in the United States. They love to find work with the government cuz after passing probation it is hard to get rid of them. U don’t find too many off them working in high tech companies. Filipinos aren’t Asians. They have their own classification as Filipinos.

      • Sondra


        • Kye-Yoonh

          GOD IS POWERFUL AND THOSE WHO DO NOT KNOW THE IMPORTANCE OF APPRECIATING WHAT GOD HAS DONE AND ACTIVELY PARTICIPATE IN THE WISHES OF THE DEVIL.” (I dunno if that’s the exact translation but that’s what I understood.) Dude, speak in English next time so we can understand what you wanna convey to us. ¿Entiendes?

      • Forgotten Mercury

        Shut up! Not only the Philippines have ugly people all countries have ugly people. Yes, mixed race are beautiful everyone would like to be mixed if that makes people really good looking. Most Filipinos are mixed race even the ones that looks pure Filipino they also have some foreign blood in them.

        “I believe that most Filipinos are Ami people and not Chinese. Filipino genes are closest to Ami only than to Han Chinese or Southern Chinese. So it means that Philippines are populated mostly by Ami people of Taiwan. To tell you Filipino is just a nationality and not a race. People of the Philippines are just immigrants mostly came from Taiwan. Here is a chart that shows you how Filipino genes are closest to Ami of Taiwan only via this https://robertlindsay.files.wordpress.com/2010/07/ami-filipino-relationship.jpg.”

      • Barbara

        Betsy and Ahmed: PUTAIN! BORDEL! Putang ina niyo! You should read the Philippine history to be able to understand what makes a Filipino, Filipino!

        • Kyung

          I must say, Filipinos aren’t really that dark. We get tanned because we love going out of our homes even it’s too hot outside. Remember, Philippines is a tropical country so it’s usual for the Filipinos to get tanned especially Philippines has lots of beautiful beaches. We might not have those pale white skin, at least we naturally have fairly brown skin that we are proud of and besides, too much white or too much dark is ugly so don’t you dare tell that Filipino’s skin makes us ugly. We’re gorgeous people, aight?

      • Paul Ell

        then why many filipinas are always in the top 5 of every international Beauty pageants?

        • KissMyAss

          Please read first. The comment said Philipino with mix blood is not ugly. Those pure ones are fugly and this is why Indigeous Philipinos all like to fuck everyone else to get new genes in their pool.

        • Brad

          Most beauty pageants in the philippines are mixed

      • m.r.c

        Im sorry but how come you and this “Ahmed” keep reiterating Filipinos as dumb and low-class. If you want readers to deem you credible, please mind your spelling and grammar: The difference between of and off, past and present tense of agree/agreed, and the difference of their and there (which was repeated EACH time). To date, Filipinos have the population of 170 million people. It is indeed a third-world country where most of the populace cannot afford education. But it does not mean that they are dumb. Its true that some women from poor and far-flung areas resort to marry white men to alleviate them of poverty, but they are not solely after the man’s money. You will see that those people are happy and content even if they marry an old white guy. Because they are genuine. Filipinos are humble people- most of them take blue-collar jobs because they will do whatever it takes to provide for their families. As for those who can afford to study, they will never settle for low-paying jobs, but you will never hear them boast about it because of their conservative upbringing. Filipinos are polite and modest which may come across as weak to other nationalities, not aggressive and egotistic as most of your comments imply. Filipinos are a happy nation, even through times of adversity. South Korea ranks 3RD in Suicide rate, Japan is at 8TH, WHILE Philippines is at 90, in the world !!!! And as for saying pure filipinos are FUGLY, I will not succumb to ignorant comments. Unless you have traveled the Philippines from North to South, stayed there for at least 6 months, immersed in the culture, and truly witnessed what Filipinos look and act like, your words are a complete B.S.

      • TC

        Lazy Negros? Like the lazy Negros who built the US? Ok. Stop it.

    • John

      What is call CHina today was made up of over 100 kingdoms in ancient time. Not all chinese not the same. Javaneses are not naturally light skin. Many have very oriental faces and dark skin(looks like monkeys).
      All good looking fillipinos are not indigeous blood peop;le. They are mix people. Pure Filipinos/Filipinas looks like negritos. In China there are over too many ethnic groups. The big flat wide noses are blood from the indigeous people (negritos).
      Philipino people thinks they are good looking and keep posting the better looking onces. They don’t post their typical ugly face ones. = big wide faces, big flat wide noses, and over 70% have slanted eyes.
      The ones that are in beauty contest usually have plastic surgery to fix their flat noses or they are mix people . PUre filipinos looks like Thai, southern vietnamese and those dark skin burmese people. I cannot tell the difference.

    • what on earth are people talking about? all philippinos are not dark

  2. latikan

    Have you looked at the indigenous peoples of the Cordillera? You will find there a great diversity of skin color.

  3. Marcelo

    Filipinos are NOT “pretty much just Chinese people really.” It says so in earlier in your blog: “About 900 years ago, a large infusion of Southern Chinese came to the Philippines, but only 20% of Filipinos have significant Chinese genes.”

    To clarify, nobody would say that the English and the Dutch are “pretty much just German people really,” although they certainly share an ethnic ancestry (minus the speakers of their languages who hail from later immigrant waves from their colonies).

    The same would apply to the Italians, the Spaniards and the French.

    It is certainly true that Southern Chinese have close genetic affinities with Southeast Asians (though I don’t know if this applies equally to the two major Southeast Asian ancestral stocks — the Austroasiatics and the Austronesians). I understand (I am not an expert) that this affinity is closer than between Southern and Northern Chinese.

    However, this is the result of the Southern Chinese and Southeast Asians having common roots in the vast cradle of ethnicities in the lands between the Yangtze River and the mountains and tropical jungles of Southeast Asia. The affinities exist because today’s Southern Chinese carry the genetic inheritance of long-forgotten and definitely non-Chinese peoples, before the Northern “Han” Chinese came south and made the entire territory “China” and anyone left there “Chinese.”

    • Filipinos are NOT “pretty much just Chinese people really.”

      They are indeed. They are a very close match for the Ami of Taiwan. What that statement means is Chinese = Taiwanese aborigines. Taiwanese aborigines are Chinese people.

      It says so in earlier in your blog: “About 900 years ago, a large infusion of Southern Chinese came to the Philippines, but only 20% of Filipinos have significant Chinese genes.”

      That’s not what I am talking about.

      To clarify, nobody would say that the English and the Dutch are “pretty much just German people really,”

      Well, the Dutch are. With the English, it’s more complicated. No matter, they are all really close.

      The same would apply to the Italians, the Spaniards and the French.

      All derived heavily from Roman stock, but no matter.

      It is certainly true that Southern Chinese have close genetic affinities with Southeast Asians (though I don’t know if this applies equally to the two major Southeast Asian ancestral stocks — the Austroasiatics and the Austronesians).

      Truth is that Filipinos are closer to Southern Chinese than to any other group out there. You really need to deal with that before you respond here. Also, you need to deal with the very close affinity between the Ami and the Filipinos, as you have misunderstood the post entirely.

      However, this is the result of the Southern Chinese and Southeast Asians having common roots in the vast cradle of ethnicities in the lands between the Yangtze River and the mountains and tropical jungles of Southeast Asia. The affinities exist because today’s Southern Chinese carry the genetic inheritance of long-forgotten and definitely non-Chinese peoples, before the Northern “Han” Chinese came south and made the entire territory “China” and anyone left there “Chinese.”

      In order to make sense of this statement, you need to explain why Filipinos are closer to Southern Chinese than to Indonesians, Polynesians, Micronesians, Melanesians, Vietnamese, Kampucheans, Thai or Malay?

      Filipinos are closer to S Chinese than to any of these other groups. Where is your theory now? Nowhere. Because Filipinos are derived by and large from a Southern Chinese stock of recent vintage.

      • Huax

        I don’t know where exactly the South Chinese sample is being taken from, but that in and of itself is a vastly diverse group. I’d venture a guess and say they’re only testing the Southernmost Chinese and not Shanghainese.

      • Hoang Yi

        Genetic studies have shown that the Vietnamese are very close (genetically) to the Southern Chinese. Why the heck do you think that Filipinos are closer to Southern Chinese when Vietnamese are much closer to them. Even people from Northern Thailand are more genetically closer to Southern Chinese than Filipinos. Filipinos are an austronesian ethnic group and they did not derive from Southern Chinese stock. You really need to think before you put Vietnamese in the same category as Indonesians and Malay etc.
        Research a bit more about the Vietnamese ( Kinh) people.

        • John

          Well Filipinos have much more lighter skin than southern chinese and anything related to southern chinese…..

      • Bob

        They. Are. Not. Chinese.period.

      • Caucasians came from negritos and austronesians

        Where is your evidence?? U sound very dumb writing something like this. Chinese aren’t related to the filipinos. Southern chinese and northern vietnamese are much more related than to your dark skin, short stature, big wide flat nose slackers. You keep making things up. We don’t have those indigeous fillipino faces. If you look at the typical filipina, and filipino without mix blood, you see them looking very much like their negrito relative. The Southern chinese do not have those wide flat noses. Filipinos, malaysians, Southern VIetnamese, Cambodians, plynesians, oceanians, papuans all share the same indigeous negrito ancestors. Why don’t u read the DNA evidence posted by people with a very good reputation. You are such a dumb ass and you embrass the causasian people with your stupid fantasies.

    • Caucasians came from negritos and austronesians

      Don’t listen to Robert Lindsay. The fililpinos and Cantonese = Guangdong people aren’t related. However there were cantonese migrated there. They know who they are. The chinese are not related to the Filipinos. THe filipinos are related to Malay, Negritos and all those brown skin, short stature, big wide flat noses and all these people’s culture is very relax. This is very majority of Southeast Asain countires are poor cuz they are slackers……………….

      • Explain “slacker” if you can.

        It’s a bullshit term because it’s ultimately relative to modern, post-industrial consumerism. If a culture’s values do not prize stupid empty ambition, commercialism and materialism, does this mean they are “slackers?”

        Let’s demote everyone on this planet who doesn’t want the same bullshit I want!

      • dropdeaddale

        You sound dumber than anything I’ve ever encountered on this planet. Just the sheer fact that you can’t even spell Filipino correctly on top of your horrendous English when you so adamantly claim to hate us speaks volumes about your level of education. I’m quite surprised you even figured out how to turn on your computer. Speak English properly or don’t speak it at all. You’re an embarrassment.

  4. mark

    hi, thanks for sharing this. i read somewhere before that filipino’s stock is very related to southern chinese people. this whole study is done genetically by using the y chromosomes as evidence, which shows similarity between the present day filipinos and southern chinese people.

  5. Bob

    You can explain why they are dark but you cannot explain why many Filipinos have non-Mongoloid features. Go to the Philippines and you will see that at least 25% of the population doesn’t look Mongoloid at all. Their features are very similar to Negritos or Polynesians. On one of your other posts, you show some Filipino girls and you say they look like typical Filipinos. Wrong. Filipinos don’t look Chinese.

    • Possibly Negrito ancestry.

      • huh?

        its really infuriating as a Filipino to be associated with an ethnicity that i have no physical or cultural similarities to. clearly you’ve never been in the Philippines.

        the majority of us DO NOT look Chinese, obviously only the ones with Chinese blood do, which is a small percentage. the majority of Filipinos are of Malay stock, when i look at the “Malays” of Indonesia, Malaysia, heck even Chamorro people of Guam, they really look like an average Filipino. Han Chinese DO NOT look Filipino. And stop calling the Ami of Taiwan Chinese because the readers assume you mean they are of Han Chinese heritage, which they are not. The Han Chinese call them aborigines, so it should be clear that the Han clearly think that the Ami are of different ethnicity than themselves. Yes as of the present the Ami people are Chinese nationals but make no mistake they are not of mainstream Chinese people origin, which is Han.

        and why are you just brushing off the fact that Filipino languages are very similar to the languages of Indonesia, Malaysia,etc. Has it never crossed your mind that this stunning coincidence might be connected to the fact that most Filipinos look like the Malays of Indonesia and Malaysia. point is that when i think Filipino i don’t visualize a Chinese person in my head, I see a Malay. And don’t be mistaken the “Chinese” Taiwanese people of present day Taiwan are 98% Han.

        Your main issue here is context error. let me simplify: Chinese=generally speaking and majority is HAN. The Ami of Taiwan you compare to Filipinos with are not Han. Your really confusing the reader here. Saying that ” Filipinos are a Chinese people really” just because the non-Han Ami are Chinese nationals is just wrong especially in an article about ethnicity. Its like saying saying Mexicans or Africans “are just Americans really” because I compared them to their blood brothers in the US who are American nationals. Just please go the Philippines to remove yourself of the ignorant perception that Filipinos look Chinese in general cause if you claim that in a crowded place over there you’ll get laughed at or stabbed.

      • samantha

        hello there!! I just wanna correct you for saying Filipinos look like Chinese because Not all of us here in the Philippines have Chinese lineage… I traced my family lineage and I’ve found out that my maternal great-grandmother is Spanish but I’m not sure if she’s pure while her daughter (my grandmother) have blue eyes. I recognized it last year. on the other half, my paternal side, have Spanish and American blood….. to make it short, we don’t actually have a Chinese descent…

        the history of the Philippines is kind of complicated… We also have native tribes in here and I think you shouldn’t point out that We all look like Chinese.I think Philippines have the most number of race for having cross cultural intermarriages that’s why we almost look the same as Malaysians, Indonesians and other Southeast Asian countries….. Maybe it’s also the thing in here because China is NOT a Southeast Asian country. It’s an East Asian country…

        source/s: my mind, Asian History book and My Asian history teacher. 🙂

  6. Los

    You made good points…but some things aren’t really making sense to me….

    You’re saying that Filipinos are “Chinese” people….but how come a LOT of Filipinos don’t look Chinese…?

    Well, Filipinos belong to the Austronesian group…so saying they’re “Chinese” also makes other SE Asians and Pacific Islanders Chinese…?

    You posted a picture of two women who you say are Amis and look like average Filipinas…..but Filipinas on average look nothing like that….(Yes I know that Filipino ancestors migrated via Taiwan known as Austronesians) but indigenous Taiwanese people don’t really look like those two women.. the two women look like NE Asians…Average Filipinos actually look more like the “Malay” girl you posted….

    I mean Austronesians in general have a distinct look…they have sharper face structures/features….and No, they don’t have Negrito ancestry….

    One more thing is that some of the early Filipino ancestors called themselves Malay….Malay people are Austronesians….They adapted South Asian culture which gave birth to the “Malay” culture….they just call themselves Malay…

    I guess the main question is….If they are Chinese, then why don’t they look Chinese? I mean Taiwan wasn’t part of China before…and the original inhabitants weren’t the modern-day Chinese people either….so why call them Chinese?…Saying they’re Chinese is like saying Indonesians, Malaysians, Polynesians etc. are Chinese as well because Filipinos along with these countries had a common ancestor……

    • Hi. You raise many excellent points.

      You’re saying that Filipinos are “Chinese” people….but how come a LOT of Filipinos don’t look Chinese…?

      Well, to my eyes, Filipinos often do resemble Chinese people, especially Southern Chinese from around Hong Kong. However, evolution happens very quickly in humans. Genetically, Filipinos are extremely close to the Ami tribe of Taiwanese aborigines.

      Well, Filipinos belong to the Austronesian group…so saying they’re “Chinese” also makes other SE Asians and Pacific Islanders Chinese…?

      I have a link on my blog to a paper that shows just how close Filipinos are to the Ami of Taiwan. They are very close. The rest of the Austronesians are much more distant from any Chinese people. Language does not equal genes.

      You posted a picture of two women who you say are Amis and look like average Filipinas…..but Filipinas on average look nothing like that…

      Thing is, people change and evolve. So, even though the Filipinos and the Ami are so close as to be a microrace, the Filipinos have evolved away from their Ami ancestors.

      I guess the main question is….If they are Chinese, then why don’t they look Chinese?

      It might be better to call them a Taiwanese people, but since Taiwan has been part of China for a while, and even now, Taiwanese consider themselves Chinese, if Filipinos are really so close to Taiwanese, we can say that they are a Chinese people, Taiwanese to be specific.

      Saying they’re Chinese is like saying Indonesians, Malaysians, Polynesians etc. are Chinese as well because Filipinos along with these countries had a common ancestor……

      The problem is that all of these folks are quite distant from any Chinese people. The Filipinos are not. They are still extremely close to the Ami, and the Ami are very close to the Hong Kong Chinese. So we can posit a microrace of Hong Kong Chinese, Ami and Filipinos. It’s logical genetically.

  7. tulio

    I’m pretty satisfied with explanation of how light and dark skin came into being as a tradeoff between UV protection and Vitamin D production.

    Does anyone have an explanation as to why narrow noses developed versus flatter noses? I also notice many Asians have flat, unbridged noses, though usually not as wide as negro/aboriginal noses.

    And what sort of conditions might have caused the unique shape of the Mongoloid eye? For some reason Khoisans in S. Africa have very similar eyes. I’ve always wondered what the purpose of these eye shapes are. I can think of none.

    • A wide nose is very smart in a hot climate. A wide nose is probably the norm for humans. A big tall nose is a bad idea in a hot clime because it heats up the air going into your lungs. No benefit whatsoever. A tall, thin nose heats up the air and is beneficial in a cold climate. A wide nose is simply the only sensible kind of nose to have in a hot clime.

      No one knows anything about the Mongoloid eyefolds. There are a ton of theories about them, but none of them seem to have won over. You can go Google them if you like. I don’t think any of them make much sense.

      • Car Guy


        Couldn’t you make a link between the Khosian (San and Hettetots) and Mongoloid people, especially those from the east? Aside from their kinky hair, these Khoisans look very mongoloid. They have relatively flat faces, mongoloid eyefolds, yellow skin, long torsos very high cheek bones, very low testosterone levels, etc. etc. They are also very neotenized.

        Genes might not show a connection, but I think these people have a direct relationship with East Asian evolution (with East Asians having other smaller genetic influences in their bloodlines).

        I imagine that if we tossed a few Khosian people in the near arctic for a few thousand years, they could very well end-up (evolving) looking like many Koreans.

        If these Khoisan-type peoples occupied much of Africa for millenniums, it would only make sense that they colonized Asia, reaching the far east and, to an extent, becoming isolated. I believe that within todays East Asian populations lay their remnants of these Khoisan people.

        Adapting to cold weather does change ones genes, which has blurred the genetic relationship between eh two populations. Their phenotypes, which are strikingly very similar, shows a strong connection. You may say that they evolved independently, coincidentally taking on the same features, but I think they have too much in common for that to make sense.

        • Peeta

          Not all Asians look like what we think is an Asian look. There is more diversity in Asia, when it comes to looks than in Europe. I’m an American, but we Americans look like the British. No difference, very similar. But Asians have more distinct facial features that are distinguishable. I wouldn’t generalize Koreans or other Asians. Their not all the same or look the same.

  8. AlexB

    Mmmm….I’m Filipino with a mestizo background (Tagalog, Ilonggo, Pampango, Spanish, Sephardic, Chinese) and people mistake me for Chinese, Japanese, and when tanned, from Madagascar by two gorgeous looking Malagasy girls in Paris. My father’s side of Visayan stock, are definitely non-Chinese looking, more Malay/Indonesian/even sort of Arabic looking. My mother’s side has Chinese two generations before so although Pampango/Tagalog, they do have some Chinese “features.” But that’s just showing you Filipinos can be very mixed since their Austronesian ancestors’ days depending on their region.

    Using “Chinese” race for the Filipinos or the South Chinese race is very deceiving. The Austronesians who landed in Taiwan, possibly in northern Philippines (e.g. Batanes) were not Han Chinese. They just happen to come from the area that’s now part of China. And they never really crossed paths.

    Historically, the inflows of Chinese into the Philippines is of recent vintage, as the Indian/Arabic, and later on the Europeans. The Chinese from the Guangdong and Fujian areas were traders and settlers and integrated with the local natives. That’s why Luzon has more people with Chinese genes, and the south could be more with Indian/Arabic since they were closer to Indonesia and Malaysia.

    Oh, about the Ami people or “Tao”, I read in one website, the reason they are more Filipino than the other Taiwanese aborigines, is that there was a reverse migration from Batanes to Ami, around 800 years ago.

    I’m not an expert nor academic. But I don’t buy your “South China Sea” race. However, enjoyed reading your post, even about the Filipino “niggers” first time I’ve heard of that. Again, I’m not sure where you got that. (I don’t think it’s racist, but ignorant just as many Filipinos in the Philippines tend to think negatively about Koreans, and Chinese.)

    • The Ami was the group that populated all of the Austronesian speaking countries. They not only populated the Philippines, but also Indonesia, coastal New Guinea, and Polynesia and Micronesia. And in part, Melanesia. They were the Lapita, the greatest mariners that ever lived. From what I can tell is that there is no Austronesian race. The etiologies of Filipinos are quite different from Indonesians and Malay.

      It’s not so much that Filipinos are Chinese, but that they are Taiwanese aborigine!

      I don’t buy that the relationship with Ami and Filipinos is only due to some backflow 800 years ago. Bottom line: Filipinos came from Taiwan! That’s all there is to it. Whereas the etiologies of Indonesians and Malays are quite a bit different. Indonesians also have quite a bit of Taiwanese aborigine or Ami in them.

      Now, when we look at the Ami themselves, we see that they have a close relationship with Guangdong Han, or Hong Kong Han. This stands to reason as the Han from this area are the people who populated Taiwan.

      Bottom line: the evidence for the existence of this Austronesian race the Flips crow about is pretty much nonexistent. All they share with Indonesians and Malays is language, pretty much.

      It’s unfortunate that Flips have a negative view of Chinese. The Chinese are a highly exalted race and you should be proud of being referred to them.

      As far as the “niggers of Asia” remark, I have heard a few White supremacists say that. I don’t think it’s a common characterization. However, the Chinese do look down on Filipinos. This doesn’t make sense as evidence shows that they are both members of a compact human micro-race.

      • Money2012

        Being refer to as Chinese just identify your nationality or the origin of your ancestors. Chinese is a nationality and not an ethnicity. It China, there are countless thousands of ethnic groups that got lumped into 56 in modern days. The genes of the people living in southern china to northern vietnam are very similar.
        Also many filipinos have very small eyes and slanted eyes too. They have a tendency of assoicating that with the people of modern day China.
        Filipinos usually have very large wide flat noses like negroids. They also have many wide flat faces people that do not have chinese blood. This is clearly features of their indigeous people of the filipines. Their noses really sticks out like a sore thumb. The pretty ones for sure have spanish blood. I saw some pretty ones with Chinese blood (very nice pretty eyes, tall slender noses, oval faces, and light skin). LIght skin cannot be indigeous to the filipines. To sum it up the people of filipines are very hideous looking without mixing blood. Many filipines look very oriental already is part spanish blood. The ones that looks hispanic usually have very heavy spanish or causcasian blood. I would say they are more 75% or more euroepan blood. I saw too many filipinos mixing with whites still have very oriental faces. I think Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, and Vietnamese much better looking than malay or indigeous filipino people.

        • fabiole

          I sure like to see your big nose caucasian face. By the way, the Philippines have the most Miss Universe winners in Asia. Who said they are hideous. I was stationed on Formosa, the natives there called the Caucasian GI’s the “The Big Noses.” Nice talking to you handsome.
          A Filipino Mestizo.

        • Hacienda

          “A Filipino Mestizo.”

          Screwy and chewy.

        • To Money2012
          All womens are beautiful even the Vietnamese

      • Money2012

        The ami is not from Guangdong (canton). The ami maybe Min Yue = aboriginal people of Taiwan which is the farest state in the southeast coast of modern day China. However around 500 years ago, some people of Guangdong did migrate to Filipines and married ugly filipino women. I also read there was a documented wave of Chinese from minyue going to Taiwan around 1,000 years ago. I have many filipino frineds and they told me the aborigals of the filipines are negroids with kinky hair and oriental faces.

        • Guest 500

          Filipinos who have won Miss Universe pageants are half white. That’s why they have won. Pure Filipinos look primitive and unattractive.

  9. Seth


    The Ami are NOT a Southern Chinese people. Rather, they are a part of the original Austronesian group who further ventured into the island SE Asia. Saying that Amis are Southern Chinese people would therefore mean that the Micronesians and Polynesians would be Southern Chinese, too.

    On the contrary, all the Southern Chinese people (including Min Nan and Guangdong up to the Yangtze river) are all genetically part of the Yueh people spectrum which includes the Vietnamese, some Montagnards, all the way up to the Shanghainese).

    The Amis were part of the Austronesian people who were forced to flee to Taiwan after the Yueh peoples invaded northwards from the Red River Delta of Vietnam toward the Southern Chinese coasts.

    With regard to a Stanford study of genetics in insular SE Asia, it is MORE correct to say that 55% of Y chromosomes among Filipino males are of Southern Chinese stock; whereas the mitochondrial DNA from the maternal side are OVERWHELMINGLY Ami, withOUT any Southern Chinese introgression at all. Also, in the said study, the Y-chromosomal pattern of inheritance common to both Amis and Filipinos (both having 55% Y-chromosomes from S. Chinese) can also be found exactly among Okinawans – which rekindles a native tale among Okinawans that their original ancestors come from somewhere south, perhaps from the Philippines. Many Okinawans do resemble Filipinos.

    In sum, the suggestion that Filipinos are a Southern Chinese people may be a misnomer; rather, it is more correct to state that they have significant Chinese introgression from paternal lineage ONLY.

    Btw, I’m a Filipino of mixed Chinese and Spanish descent.

    • Taiwan is part of China. Taiwanese are here considered to be Chinese. Filipinos are a largely Taiwanese people. Taiwanese are Chinese, hence Filipinos are a largely Chinese (South Chinese) people.

      I think that it’s possible that Polynesians and Micronesians are also Chinese (Taiwanese) people.

      • Shhh...

        Taiwanese people are Chinese…. yes, this is absolutely true. the only thing that makes them different is that China is a communist country while Taiwan is a Nationalist. I would like to make it clear that Filipinos are not Chinese for having wide eyes, dark or brown skin color and an average height of 5′. You must remember that Philippines have Native origins…

    • Seth

      Well, you’re right in saying that the Modern Taiwanese are Chinese; however, it was only on 1662 when Chinese Mainlanders invaded the island (then populated by the Taiwanese Aborigines only with some Dutch and Spanish).

      Most of these invaders are Hokkien (Fujian people), and they consider the Taiwanese Aborigines as being “inferior and barbaric”. Any Chinese text will clearly reveal this.

      Before 1662, there was NO Southern Chinese YET in Taiwan and Taiwan was NOT part of China. The Taiwanese Aborigines are Austronesians, and they are a population separate from the Chinese, whether Northern or Southern.

      Have a nice day.

  10. AlexB

    It’s right in your racial classifications that “Filipinos” are “South China Sea Race.”

    There was no “China” during the Austronesian migration from that part which is now Southern China. Austronesians were not a unique race but admixture.

    Taiwan (ex Formosa) was not “Chinese” as you point out. Chinese migration to Taiwan was only in the last 600 years.

    Finally, 55% Y chromosome in Filipinos. Who were the samples? Which Filipinos are you referring to? We have Ivatans in the north who are closer to the Tao, the Tausugs in the south who are Visayans, and Badjao’s who are both in the Philippines and Borneo.

    You say “It is possible Polynesians and Micronesians are also Chinese (Taiwanese) people.” Well, it seems you’re the only who seem to say “possible” when all articles I’ve read say they ARE.

    It’s more than language that Filipinos are linked to Southeast Asians, Micronesians, and Polynesians. Again, I’m not an academic but I can read and understand what others have written.

    • Look man, you’re going to have to tone it down here or I’m going to ban your Flip ass, all right, buddy? Read the commenting rules!

      Yes, there is a South China Sea race. It consists of Filipinos, the Ami of Taiwan and the Guangdong Han. The Flips and the Ami are extremely close to each other. We can see this on a variety of genetic charts. No other group on Earth is as close to Flips as the Ami. Hence, they form a small race. Further, it fits in well with the Out of Taiwan theory of Bellwood, which I support BTW. It appears that the Ami tribe of Taiwan were the source of most of the Austronesians who populated Philippines, Indonesia, Melanesia, Polynesia and Micronesia.

      That the Polynesians and Micronesians are largely Taiwanese

      If it makes you feel any better to say that Flips are a Taiwanese people than a Chinese people, so be it. I followed the link over to your Flip nationalist board where you came from. Thing is, you guys are just flatout wrong on so many levels. This is all driven by Filipino nationalist hatred of China.

      A few things I would like to address:

      Of course all of Asia was originally populated from the SE. 50,000 fucking years ago! Where did I ever say it wasn’t? What does this have to do with the Filipinos, who are largely derived from Taiwanese stock that arrived over the last few thousand years.

      The homeland of all Asians is far northern Vietnam and across the border in far SE China on the Vietnamese border. This homeland dates back about 53,000 years. We know this is the homeland because this is where the greatest genetic diversity in Asia is found.

      Indeed, “island SE Asia” has a population that is derived largely from proto-Tai that arrived about 18,000 years ago during the flooding of Sundaland with the melting of the glaciers. In that article, “island SE Asia” refers solely to Indonesia! Yes, Indonesians are derived mostly from this ancient stock. But who are they most closely related to today? But Filipinos have an entirely different genesis, being largely derived from the Ami of Taiwan in the past few thousand years. Indonesians have only 20% of their genes Taiwanese. It was these Lapita Taiwanese who brought the Austronesian languages to Indonesia.

      Taiwan is a part of China now. It matters not that it has only recent been a part of China. The South China Sea exists now. It matters not that it did not exist 1000’s of years ago.

      I do not know about how the individual Filipinos break down. All that I know is that in several studies, people called “Filipinos” line right up with the Ami of Taiwan.

      Filipinos are related to Taiwanese aborigines, not Chinese proper. There was much confusion about this in your discussion on Asiasfinest. Filipinos do not have much Chinese in them, but 20% of Filipinos do have Chinese genes. These Chinese arrived largely in the past 900 years. It is indeed true that only 3% of Filipinos have Spanish blood. That a large % of the elite are mestizos is irrelevant. It’s still only 3%.

      Finally, I support Bellwood’s Out of Taiwan model for Filipinos and reject all of the rest. And yes, I am familiar with all of the theories.

      I do not know where the Aeta Negritos came from. Probably from Sundaland. They are related to the other Negritos in Malaysia, Thailand, and the Andaman Islands, obviously. They show up 30,000 YBP in Philippines.

      Going back several thousand years and earlier, all SE Asians look like Melanesians, Aborigines or Negritos. The SE Asian look that we know today only shows up about 5,000 YBP. Even Southern Chinese looked like Negritos before that.

      Clearly Polynesians and Micronesians are also Taiwanese at least in part. But how much? Some say mostly Taiwanese, others say 50% Taiwanese. I’m not ready to decide who is right on this at the moment.

      Your Asiasfinest tearing apart of my work was really quite pitiful. You have managed to misunderstand on so many levels.

  11. Leianne

    not all filipinos are dark.

  12. John O Connor

    Taiwanese aboriginals are not ‘chinese’ their native language and culture is related to pacific island culture rather than han chinese. The only reason for saying they are chinese is that probably came from china thousands of years ago, but on that logic you could say that europeans are african.

  13. My observation: there are two types in Guangdong-Guangxi. One tends to be pasty with small eyes, the other tends to be tanned with deeper-set eyes. The second set you don’t really see much in Hokkien or most of Taiwan. Seems like the second set would be the South China Sea race set, although I understand that it’s possible that much of the first set would have the same genes.

    As for Taiwan, I’m under the impression that the Holo/Hokkien-speaking Taiwanese that live in the lowlands are a mix of immigrants from Hokkien (and coastal eastern Guangdong!) with native (dare I say “pre-Chinese”) western Taiwanese who were culturally and possibly genetically similar to the Amis.

    The discussion over the use of the word “Chinese” is one big misunderstanding. Possibly for ease of definition, Robert Lindsay tends to refer to places using the name of the nation-state that administers that spot today. So, he means “China” in a totally non-historical sense.

    Using “Chinese” in a historical sense, the Tagalogs, Ilokanos, Tausugs, and Amis, etc., are not Chinese, but I think everybody understands that. Even the Holo and Hakka who took over Taiwan aren’t fully “Chinese” in a genetico-historical sense…

    I totally understand how this ahistorical use of the word “Chinese” could set off the alarm for a lot of people, myself included, actually, but then how is it good to refer to the Tagalogs, Bisayans, etc. using the name of a white person who was born long after these tribes coalesced and took being?

  14. DFM

    If you could enlighten me as to why you call Filipinos a “Chinese people”. Sure, Filipinos essentially, are the Taiwanese Aborigines, however the Taiwanese Aborigines were not actual Han Chinese themselves. Yes, Taiwan is currently dominated by Han Chinese, but that doesn’t mean that the people who settled the Philippines were Han Chinese. See, the people who did settle the Philippines came from Taiwan 2200 years ago. However, the Han Chinese had only colonized Taiwan a few centuries ago, thus, logically the people who migrated to the Philippines were not Han Chinese.

    I’m not agreeing, nor disagreeing with you in particular.

    • You know what the truth is? The Chinese don’t make sense. Either Taiwan is a part of China or it is not. If Taiwan is a part of China, then the Filipinos are a Chinese people. If Taiwan is not a part of China, then the Filipinos are not a Chinese people. So is Taiwan a part of China or is it not?

      Furthermore, Filipinos form a tightly-knit race that includes the Hong Kong Chinese (Yue Cantonese speakers), the Taiwanese Ami and the Filipinos. I call this the “South China Sea race. If you look on a map, all of these people live right around the South China Sea. So, sure, the Filipinos are not that close to the Han in general, but they do have an intimate relationship to the Yue Chinese from right around Hong Kong.

      Filipinos are closer to Southern Chinese than to any other major group. They are closer to S Chinese than they are to Indonesians, Malays or any other so called Malay or Austronesian peoples.

      Clearly, the ancient Yue types went to Taiwan, birthed the Ami and the Ami went to the Philippines to birth the Filipinos. That seems to be the trajectory here.

      • Big G

        How can you say that Filipinos don’t belong to the Malays and Indonesia. In our textbook History of the Philippines we belong to that group. Buy our textbooks and you will find that they were our ancestors.

        • You are correct. I have updated my views. The male line is mostly from Taiwan though. There is little Negrito in modern Filipinos. The Malay group is ancient. The modern group is Taiwanese.

        • Negritios is proto-austronesians & is ancestors of austroniesians

          What is proto-austronesians?? they are the ancestors of austronesians. It is like East Africians is humans ancestors and depending on the path and the time they migrated out of Africia, they branched off to different race of people in the world. Negritos = proto-austronesians, then some changed into austronesians. I read it takes at least 1,000 years for gene mutation.In fact, Malay, Indonesians, Southeast Asia Islanders, Pacific Islands are either proto-austronesians or austronesians. People of the southeast east asia and pacific Islands can never be natural light skin tone. In is the intermixing with non south east asian genes or non pacific islander genes that gave them the pale to lighter skin tone. This goes the same with people living in like Sweden, North Italy, Germany, etc always natural born with super pale skin. The southern Italians usually are from dark to very dark skin cuz this part of Italy have gene throw from over all South of Italy. They are usually olive, medium to dark dark skin and dark eyes. However celebrities like Al Pacino is 1/2 northern italian and 1/2 southern italian give him more of light skin, but still the dark hair and dark eyes. I would say about 70 of the filipinos still look more negrito like their indonesian and malay relatives. The filipino celebrities are usually mix heritage and most filipinos don’t know 1/2 as good as their celebrities that under gone nose jobs.

          My filipina friend always make fun of the dark skin ones, so I don’t know how nice that is cuz it is like making fun of your roots. What the f*cking big deal anyway of why they are so dark. All Southeast asian are born naturally dark skin. Indigeous Thai, VIetnamese, Cambodians, Burmeses, and Loatians came from the same ancestors of the FIlipinos, Malays, and Indonesians. Why do you think it is so hard to tell them apart???? Cuz same ancestors. Viets mix with mongoloid created the modern day population of Vietnam. Why is it Thais are so damn dark except for their celebrities. Some say majority of the light Thai have mixed blood with light skin people. Thais’ also do a lot of skin bleaching. Have anyone been in the southern part of Vietnam and see how they look llike Filipinos, Indonesians and Malaysians. They are super dark and I cannot tell them apart.

          Bottom line is not just filipinos are super dark. All Southeast Asians are naturally dark without foreign genes in them. Why don’t people ask why the Indigous indians of the Central and Southern Americans so damn dark. Look at where they are in reference to the equator may answer your question. HOwever, due to so much f*cking euroepans conquering their land, many latin Amerian countries are heavy with european blood leaving only a few countries left with some indigeous indian blood. Many of them have color eyes and completerly european faces from light skin to tan skin due to tanning in the sun. The indigeous Indians living in the jungles are dark, very negrito looking too. They have very oriental looking faces. Now tell me why they look like that????????

          Sorry folks, no time to proofread got to go. Dog is barking.

        • The jungle Amerindians look Asian because they came from Siberia long ago. They appear “Negrito” to the extent that they actually do (not sure about that) in that “Negrito” is simply a common appearance for many peoples who evolve in humid tropical jungles.

  15. ogz5

    hmmm…very interesting

  16. Albert

    Mr. Lindsay, you do have to send us a visual proof. Most Filipinos do get mistaken for a Chinese (or Vietnamese or occasionally, Korean, but not Japanese) or Mexican (or many other Latin American nationalities), and some reactions are from mild amusement to outright indignation.

    In Philippine history books, Filipinos are claimed to be closer to Indonesian (and to a lesser extent, Malay and Cham) stock. We’d rather be associated with any Austronesian (Ami or any non-Han Chinese, Chamorro, Indonesian, Malay, Polynesian) than to any other foreigner.

  17. Ximenez

    Well, I’m a Filipino living in a Western country with lots of Asian immigrants. I’ve been mistaken for a lot of nationalities: as a Japanese by a Chinese from Shanghai, as a Malaysian by a Filipino, as a Cambodian by a Cambodian, a Latino by one British, one Russian and one Kiwi, and my Kiwi boss sometimes mixes up my name with my Cantonese co-worker. I have lots of facial hair, tall, lean, almond eyes and olive skinned. My point? Lets not argue what a Filipino looks like. We’re a mix race yet large “Asian”.

  18. ThirdEye

    Filipinos are mixed people of Asia. Some of us look Chinese, Mexican, Malaysian, and many of us have Negrito feature also. But if you travel outside Manila and into the provinces you will see that Filipinos are much darker, almond eyes to round eyes (typical Malayo-Polynesian or Austronesian feature). The Ami of Taiwan seems to have been mixed heavily with Han Chinese.

  19. SJ

    When people talke about Chinese, the Han Chinese come to mind since they dominate with 91% of China’s population.
    But, have you seen ethnic Miao Chinese or Lahu Chinese vendors? Some have even brown complexions similar to modern day Filipinos, Indonesians, and Malaysians.

  20. Juls

    ok, not all filipinos are dark tanned.
    i happened to be a light, light tan. A kid in my class looks chinese in all ways, eyes(monolids), cheek bones, skin color ect. but when i asked him what he is, he said he was filipino and doesn’t have any chinese, japanese, and korean blood in him.
    I said “oh hey, im filipino”
    My brother gets mistaken for Japanese because of his white skin (like MANY not all, koreans). Also his eyes since he gets monolids all the time.
    I too get mistaken for Japanese(skin&eyes), Korean (eyes), Chinese(skin), Viet(?), Thai, and ect. Oh and when i was younger i always had monolids.
    Not all filipinos are what you guys imagine them to be. Everyone is different.

  21. IdiotAnthropologist

    Southern han are NOT RELATED with taiwanese aborigins and phillipines.The amis of taiwanese aborigines have haplogroup B4a1 at 44% and is found in about 20% phillipines but is found 0% in southern han.

    Taiwanese aborigines and filipinos are dominated by haplogroup O1a2 with frquencies as high as 90% and 46% and is distanced from south chinese O1 which is classified as O1a-M19 which is found in only 15% on AVERAGE on southern han.

  22. cristobal

    ROBERT LINDSAY, I’m 100% sure that you’ve NEVER studied haplogroups in your entire life. Your claims are unfounded, and you’re such an amateur at this.You’ve make so many mistakes already, your claims have no genetic evidence and is unproven.

    Guangdong Han (n=40):
    2/40 = C3-M217
    1/40 = N-M231
    6/40 = N1-LLY22g
    1/40 = O3a-P197* (O3a-M324*)
    1/40 = O3a3b-M7
    2/40 = O3a4-002611
    9/40 = O3a3c-M134
    6/40 = O1a1-P203
    4/40 = O2a-M95*
    8/40 = O2a1-M111

    B4a1a which is found in 44% of amis tribe have been found 0% in guangdong han

    Taiwan AN populations and found a new lineage (B4a1a) totally absent in mainland China but common in Taiwan and Southeast Asia, a result backing up the

    Taken together, these results suggest that Taiwanese aboriginal populations have genetically been
    isolated from mainland Chinese for 10000 to 20000 years

    they showed that there were enough different mtDNA mutations between the mainland Chinese population
    and the aboriginal Taiwanese to support the archeological findings suggesting a long period of habitation”

    • Look you don’t calm down, I am going to ban your fucking ass. Got it?

      • cristobal

        I’m being protective of my own heritage. I already know south chinese people are different but I can’t believe you would propose this theory. Taiwanese are indeed mixture of han chinese and taiwanese aborigines but definately not guangdong han.

        WHY? guangdong is more related with vietnamese,because it’s true it used to be part of vietnamese kingdom. The han chinese colonized it, and 100,000 qin soldier and han chinese families settled and mixed with the yue people and this is when guangdong han or cantonese came in existence. Saying we are filipino is related with guangdong han is like saying russians are pakistanis. 22% of filipinos have chinese ancestry, this is why there is some similarity.Some filipinos do look like chinese

        But if you’ve been to phillipines. you would see.
        80% have dark brown skin to medium brown skin
        80% have double eyelids
        Nose are much wider,eyes much larger than south chinese.
        Filipino look like malaysians,much shorter too.

      • I’m used to fond of reading your site until your claim that Filipinos are Taiwanese aborigines who are in turn Taiwanese who are in turn Chinese (because the PRC said so) – thus the final claim that Filipinos are Chinese. This is so high in the naivety (and arrogance) scale that makes me think of you as just one of those YouTube anthropologists.
        Let me tell you something quite basic. A Taiwanese CITIZEN today could be a Han Chinese or a Taiwanese aborigine. The Han Chinese just colonized Taiwan hundreds of years ago (Wiki it) and you can ask any of them they don’t want you to confuse them with the aboriginal inhabitants of the island. Saying the Amis are Chinese is like saying a black living in Britain is of the British race – it just doesn’t make anything sense, race-wise.

        IMHO, the reality is so obvious and easy. Filipinos are mainly a mix of Austronesian + small Australoid/Negrito + some recent Chinese admixture -> Thus the diversity in looks, the dark skin, the general lack of extreme East Asian features.

        Well you can threaten to ban me if you don’t want a rational argument. I’m not coming back to this site anyway.

        • The Austronesian is Ami, and the Ami are related to the Guangdong Han.

        • Guess that would settle. Ciao, amigo. By the way, why do you think Ami is particularly related to Cantonese why Vietnamese is particularly related to Thai ? Don’t those groups belong to completely different language families ?

        • Cristobal

          PLEASE PROVIDE GENETIC EVIDENCE.I have NOT read any paper that says amis and guangdong han are related.

          How are they related when their y-dna and mtdna DON’T EVEN MATCH!
          Even the indegenous yue people of china are not entirely austronesians and genetically distance from taiwanese aborigines.Amis mtdna belong to B4a1 at 46%, but this haplogroup is completely absent in guangdong han. Taiwanese aborigines have been genetically isolated in that island for 8000 years.

          DIDN’T YOU POST AN MAP….of genetic autosomal dna?

          The green bar represents austronesian
          The blue bar is completely different.

          Cantonese has 34% green and 66% blue
          Zhuang (yue) 50% green and 50% blue
          Filipino 90% on average 5% blue
          Amis 98% on average 3% blue

  23. cristobal

    East asian is the mongoloid version of european caucasoids- both light skinned

    Southeast asian is the mongoloid version of south asian caucasoids-both dark skinned

    Southern chinese and north vietnamese? genetic showed we are mixed of east asian and southeast asians. We are perharps the mongoloid version of middle easterners and southern europe.

  24. There is a study that shows a very close relationship between the Guangdong Han and the Ami. Most studies show that the Vietnamese and Thai are very close. Viets are also very close to Cantonese if you ask me. Really, all SE Asians are pretty close to each other. They are so close that it is really hard to split them into different groups. I think the Khmer might be a bit different though.

    Language and genes are not so closely related as you think.

    Keep in mind that the Ami and other Taiwan aborigines came from the Chinese coast to the west long ago and settled that region. These same Chinese moved south into Vietnam about 2200 YBP and contributed in large part to the Vietnamese. Southern Chinese from over in Yunnan also moved south to populate all the rest of SE Asia. Long ago, Yunnan types moved into Indonesia about 10-20,000 YBP. South China really birthed all of SE Asia, including Island SE Asia.

    BTW, you might be interested to know that I think that Northern Vietnam and just across the border in very south China was the birthplace of all of the Asian people about 53,000 YBP.

    I have a huge article on the genetics and birth of the Vietnamese people, but it’s still in notes. Maybe I’ll get off my ass someday and write it up.

  25. Thanks for the info. Can we discuss some of your points ? Btw, I’m a Vietnamese student in the States and an Internet anthropologist by hobby, mostly free-riding-ly reading people’s stuffs never put out my opinions.

    “Northern Vietnam and just across the border in very south China was the birthplace of all of the Asian people about 53,000 YBP.” -> Evidence ? Was that the Hoabinhian culture you’re talking about ? Does that mean ancient people from Vietnam and Guangdong moved up North to colonize the rest of Asia and evolve into the Northeast Asian type (Altaic ?) we see today. If so, why the persistent claim that NEA and SEA are genetically different ? Wasn’t it the case that NEA is an offshoot of SEA ?
    In this point, I hold the idea that pure Mongoloid are the nowadays Siberian and Altaic populations (thus the extremely cold-adapted, light skin features). From where do they get there ? Central Asia perhaps (and possibly Middle East before that) How do the Mongoloids get to SEA all the way to Oceania from Siberia ? TBH, I don’t have much clue. Maybe before the Mongoloid expansion, Asia was populated by really primitive hunting-gathering people of the Australoid type and then the Mongoloids who are much more numerous, advanced and organized have wiped them out and introduced agriculture to the lands.

    “These same Chinese moved south into Vietnam about 2200 YBP and contributed in large part to the Vietnamese” -> Who are those Chinese people ? Let me tell you in a paragraph about our history. As far as history goes, the Vietnamese saga holds that 4000 years ago (who pinned down that date ? I don’t have a clue) the Vietnamese people was organized into tribes ruled by the 18 successive Hung kings – those are the people who made the Dong Son drums (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/ee/DrumFromSongDaVietnamDongSonIICultureMid1stMilleniumBCEBronze.jpg). They’re called the Lac Viet (Luo Yue in Chinese) and most possibly an Austro-asiatic tribe similar to the Austro-asiatic tribes now living as minorities in China (Delang, Wa… – Note that at this time the Vietnamese Kingdom was called Van Lang ~ Delang ???) Then at 257 BC (by Wiki – against who pinned down that exact date is beyond me), a guy named Thuc Phan (Shu Pan), the leader of the Au Viet tribe (Ou Yue), invaded and defeated the last Hung king thus united the country into Au Lac (Lac Viet + Au Viet) Historical account provided a dubious linkage of this Thuc Phan to the Shu’s kingdow in what is now Sichuan, China (which is hard to believe because Sichuan is quite a distance away). After that, Thuc Phan was once again defeated by Trieu Da (Zhao Tuo) – a Chinese general of the Qin Dynasty but himself leading a breakaway nation from China called Nanyue (in what is now Guangdong and North Vietnam). Zhao Tuo’s successor was finally defeated by the Han Dynasty and Vietnam was incorporated into the Chinese empire for 1000 years after with some brief periods of local insurgence and independence. This is also the end of mythological account, what happened later was well-documented in history. In 906, we finally gained permanent independence from the Chinese (hopefully, as late as 1979, they still invaded us) And up until modern time, there’s always been a flow of Chinese immigrants to Vietnam, Chinese ethnic in Vietnam numbering total ~1M as of today (about 1% of the population)

    Thanks if you have read this far. So again who were the Chinese in 2200 YBP you mentioned ? The people of Nanyue or the flow of Chinese immigrants in the time of Han Dynasty domination ? Are they significant enough to change the peopling of Vietnam ?

  26. nalang

    yes i think lindsay’s idea were correct,in genetic graphs ive studied the han cantonese genes are similar to tagalogs.&visayans(but low frequency in tai genes)unlike cantonese have higher frequencies of tai).thats why they appear to be more mongoloid than filipinos and also thats the reason why filipinos look more australoid.(the lack of tai genes)people judge what they saw in physical.but its the world of genetics nothing is perfect in making homo sapiens.thanks.

    • nalang

      The first of my comments were very instant,so i tried to leave a new comment.I agreed that Filipinos were closest to the Ami and also closest to Guangdong people.But the probable reason why Filipinos have more Australoid looking(moderate brow ridges,double eyelids,darker skin) than Southern Chinese is that the admixture of Tai(Dai) element is low compared to Southern Chinese groups(Zhuang,Derung,Li and Cantonese).These groups are known for high admixture of Tai and Austronesian.If you compare Filipinos and a Southern Chinese group you will notice the difference,but genetically they are nearest to each other.The Filipinos are more concentrated by an Austronesian stock(preferably Amis) but low Tai gene admixtures and with very low Altaic admixtures(Filipinos are the only group who have an Altaic like gene in SE Asian groups,oh i forgot Vietnam..),So no wonder that they are compared closest to Cantonese.So i hope that this might be an answer to the 1000 nowheres of questions.

    • Cristobal

      Even robert lindsay showed the genetic maps of asian ethnic group.The difference in racial admixture is still huge,cantonese are still racially and genetically closer to han chinese but especially to other southern han chinese of guangdong.It’s like saying the uyghurs and uzbeks should be considered mongoloid even though they are genetically mixture 60% caucasoid and 40% mongoloid. Their appearance are still closer to caucasoids.In same cantonese has least 66% genetically similarity to han chinese and 66% genetic difference to the filipino,amis.Like hakkas who are 70% different and fujiann 72% different to filipino,amis.But of course north han are different to cantonese,hakka,fujianese due to their low austronesian and high altaic, and some hmong-mien dna.

      North Han chinese genetically mixture of

      62% tai kadai
      27.77% altaic
      9% hmong-mien
      5-7% austronesian

      Cantonese han chinese are genetically of

      60% tai-kadai
      34% austronesian
      4.5% altaic
      1.45% austro-asiatic

      (If you attribute the tai-kadai and altaic admixture in filipino and amis to chinese men,than they would have been originally 100% austronesian. About 20% filipino have chinese ancestry due to cantonese and fujianese who married filipina women, and many chinese males that migrated to taiwan also married aboriginal women)


      88% austronesian
      8% tai kadai
      1.25% altaic


      96% austronesian
      Tai-kadai 2%
      altaic 1.45%

  27. Sweetfreedomrose

    I think Filipinos are dark because they are outdoors in the sun a lot like myself and I wasn’t even born in the Philippines. My mother has Chinese blood and my father has Spanish blood. I have curly hair, so perhaps I am part Negrito? People use to make jokes that my dad was a Negrito because he was short. People think I am Hawaiian, perhaps Hawaiians are part Negrito, too! Thank God for skin whitening soap! A lot of FIlipinos use it! Or they use stones to scrub “the dirt” off hoping that their skin gets brighter and lighter! lol Interesting though, my sister is light skinned and I am dark skinned and boy that was pointed out a lot! I tan really nicely, but her skin is delicate and doesn’t get dark. She must have gotten that from the Chinese side! I can get really dark from being in the sun and I can get really light when I don’t expose myself to the sun. I really like that chart that showed the correlation of skin darkness to location of environment. Filipinos come in many shades. When we come out of the womb we are dark red you know! Not all Filipinos are dark. But I am.

  28. Samantha

    Filipinos look Malay, period. They are far from looking Vietnamese, let alone the PRCs. I have a Thai mom and Chinese dad and I feel a insulted when someone says I look Pinoy/Malay. To be honest, I rather have slitty eyes and look extremely chinese than a Pinoy/Malay. Until somebody told me straight, ALL asians look alike.

    • Chi Borealis

      I agree. I am FILIPINO and I get so pissed off when people think I am Chinese just because I am light skinned not because of my facial features. I can assure you my features are totally different from the slitty eyes mongoloid faced Chinese – I too would prefer to be known as “Filipino.” In today’s society people are more educated so they know who is Filipino and who is not .Thank God people can now distinguish between different Asian cultures – I am pretty happy to be Filipino. I am not too fond of the BLAND Chinese faces –

      • Ahmed

        southeast Asians are naturally dark skin to brown skin.. Light skin is not indigenous to Southeast Asia. Light skin people came from European, Japan, China, etc. You are wrong and you know nothing about genetics. Not all east Asians such as Chinese have mongoloid faces. Same goes for Vietnamese people too. Some Vietnamese hate to be mistaken as a Filipino because they think it is low level due to most Filipino people aren’t very smart and most are ignorant like you. Some of the Vietnamese people look very pretty. They have tall narrow noses, light skin, and very pretty eyes. I don’t know why Filipinos can denying their ethnicities. Typical Filipino faces are big wide flat noses, flat wide faces, dark to brown skin and working in low pay jobs. This is why they always to to marry outside of their southeast Asian/negrito gene pool to get better looking children. Filipinos are short, dark skin, and they can look like monkeys and apes. Amen.

        • Chi Borealis

          Sure whatever you say LOL.
          I bet you are not pretty or good looking at all – why do you need to justify that you are better? Do you not see … You seem so insecure and pretty pathetic. Did your parents abuse and / or beat you? If I were you stop trying to justify you are better because the truth is you are NOT. I live in Canada and there’s is not too many good looking people from where you are from. The worst part – you people are known to be rude, crude and nasty. I am not being judgmental – this is a fact. Your “yellow” skin is not considered attractive in North America so before you judge people by their skin color you should look at your face = mongoloid. Like what I said before there are ugly as fuck people where you are from. At times, you can’t even distinguish between female and male – you both look the same lol

        • Ahmed

          I do not have yellow skin and I am not a typist. I made typos, so what!
          Why Filipinos are very jealous of all other Asians??? I am not even Asian dumb ass. I find Filipino people are very ignorant and most are ugly. They look like monkeys and apes. Vietnameses, Japaneses, Koreans, Chinese are much better looking. Yellow skin??? Do you know not all Asians have the same skin type. There is very fair skin Asians and I bet you are too dumb to know this too. Yellow skin???? Filipinos mixes have yellow skin. You apes and monkeys keep claiming to have Spanish blood when you guys are ugly as hell. Indonesians don’t like you guys either. They think of Filipinos as maids and low wage earners which is true. 80% Filipinos are dummies and that is why they are still poor in Canada, United States, Australia, Malaysia and they love to come and suck Arabic men’s dick. Don’t you know that??? These poor ugly monkeys love to do anything for money because they don’t know how to do anything betta. ….. Hee Heee Heee
          Your women are short, dark skin, flat ugly nipples(dark brown so yoking my dick cannot even get hard). They are good fucking machines and must be done in the dark cuz too ugly to see in light.

        • Chi Borealis

          LOL. Don’t flatter yourself. Whatever

        • Chi Borealis

          LOL did a Filipino / Filipina reject you? That’s what it sounds like. By the way, when was the last time China / Hong Kong won Miss Universe? Lol … Look at yourself in the mirror – so insecure and jealous lol. Seriously, you people are not very attractive so don’t try too hard to flatter yourself. I know you need some love but you are not going to get it here – definitely a reject.

        • Ahmed – another SLIT-EYED CHINAMAN frustrated & mad due to always look mad
          1) Ahmed, the SLIT-EYED china man so frustrated ? published size 4.3″ but truth is below 4″ it’s not circumcised – not Catholic. LOL. chinaman taller now by 7″ compare to 1950s so your dick size will grow too, sneaky trick to get the white woman. if your height was same as 1950s – your dick size will be 3″. Ugly Cheaters.
          2) Filis are dark due to location, jobs, & dark ancestors. The studies done was insufficient – only the female genes was tested from 1 of several groups of Negritos. They need to test the male & female genes from several Negrito groups all over Asia. As some groups have vanished in Phil. A few of Negritos have small eyes, but they don’t have slit eyes.
          3) CHENISE ARE THE UGLIEST OF ALL – a level that’s out of this world. Here’s the Proof?
          (for sure the son had facial surgeries & lots of dental work due to yellow mongoloid & does not want to get caught, the mother did not)
          4) example: heidi yeh family – The parents have features that is common to almost all chenise in mainland & in U.S the last 4 decades specially now.
          Big-eyed parents with so many features not matching their slit-eyed elementary kids.
          Before you take the plunge with chenise – ask for pics in both elementary & high school (they don’t exist or blurry for a reason)

          5) Other signs of high IQ is having a genuine discussion / opinions / discipline – they don’t exist with almost all chenise
          6) another sign of high IQ is good car driving skills – chenise are the worst.
          7) why so many southern chenise before ww2 have flat noses & 99% slit eyes – now only very few. Why?

  29. huh?

    its really infuriating as a Filipino to be associated with an ethnicity that i have no physical or cultural similarities to. clearly you’ve never been in the Philippines.

    the majority of us DO NOT look Chinese, obviously only the ones with Chinese blood do, which is a small percentage. the majority of Filipinos are of Malay stock, when i look at the “Malays” of Indonesia, Malaysia, heck even Chamorro people of Guam, they really look like an average Filipino. Han Chinese DO NOT look Filipino. And stop calling the Ami of Taiwan Chinese because the readers assume you mean they are of Han Chinese heritage, which they are not. The Han Chinese call them aborigines, so it should be clear that the Han clearly think that the Ami are of different ethnicity than themselves. Yes as of the present the Ami people are Chinese nationals but make no mistake they are not of mainstream Chinese people origin, which is Han.

    and why are you just brushing off the fact that Filipino languages are very similar to the languages of Indonesia, Malaysia,etc. Has it never crossed your mind that this stunning coincidence might be connected to the fact that most Filipinos look like the Malays of Indonesia and Malaysia. point is that when i think Filipino i don’t visualize a Chinese person in my head, I see a Malay. And don’t be mistaken the “Chinese” Taiwanese people of present day Taiwan are 98% Han.

    Your main issue here is context error. let me simplify: Chinese=generally speaking and majority is HAN. The Ami of Taiwan you compare to Filipinos with are not Han. Your really confusing the reader here. Saying that ” Filipinos are a Chinese people really” just because the non-Han Ami are Chinese nationals is just wrong especially in an article about ethnicity. Its like saying saying Mexicans or Africans “are just Americans really” because I compared them to their blood brothers in the US who are American nationals. Just please go the Philippines to remove yourself of the ignorant perception that Filipinos look Chinese in general cause if you claim that in a crowded place over there you’ll get laughed at or stabbed.

    • Filipinos are not closely related to the Malay or the Indonesians. Those are very different racial stocks. Yes, related languages were spread to those regions by Taiwan aborigines who settled there, but those types contributed few genes. On the contrary, Filipinos appear to be primarily Ami. That is who they are most closely related to. And the Ami are very close to the Han of Hong Kong for some reason. So there is a connection -> Filipinos + Ami + Hong Kong Han.

      • huh?

        Um dude im filipino… i know what we look like. And we definitely look like the indonesians and Malays. I think it was 2nd grade when we were taught of the 3 main ethnic groups that first came to the philippines: Malay, Indones, and Negrito…..

        And by the way the Austronesians out of Taiwan theory is not really true according to recent findings. the Ami folktales always mentioned southern origins and the popular theory now is that they actually came from the Philippines.

        Before the Spanish came Philippines was ruled by rajahs and datus and wasnt united. It was a malay inhabited archipelago and still is. Some of these ancient pinoys came from the Malayan empires of Srivijaya, Majapahit, and Brunei, basically what today is indonesia. The only region of the Philippines where the majority looks Ami is Batanes, its the northern most isle of the country , the closest philippine isle to taiwan so thats probably why they look the same cause theyre the same people.

        In the international circles when you say Malay the first country that pops to mind is philippines, we knew from the first years of school that we are malay. Go look at pictures of filipinos and malays/indonesians i bet you couldnt tell the difference.

        And please dont say that we are closely related to chinese people cause we are not, our culture and physical appearance are very different. That really irks me when you say that.

  30. Medusa

    Can anyone tell me why the Negritos did not evolve just like today’s Filipinos or Asians? Or even the Africans? I was made aware recently that all humans migrated from Africa, and consequently evolved their features as they travelled from Africa to the different parts of the world. How come the Africans and Negritos retained their feature? I have studied evolution, and this still puzzles me.

    • I do not know the answer to this very interesting question.

      • Car Guy

        Robert, there is nothing to answer. How did the Nigrito’s not evolve? What where they suppose to evolve into? What “should” they look like?

        Frankly, looking at how small they are, they did evolve in order to adapt to their environment. Also, I look at negritos and they don’t look like your typical African when talking about phenotype. Aside from their hair and dark skin, I still think most of them resemble East Asians more than the do Africans.

        But what exactly does Medusa mean by “evolve”?

    • Car Guy

      Couldn’t the answer be that Negritos “did” evolve?

    • No, they are the first wave out of Africa. They go back to the same original humans that arose out of Africa 185,000 YBP. Denisova showed up about 1 million YBP.

    • Medusa

      Hmm…perhaps the answer lies in my evolution textbook, lol. I could understand how the Africans did not ‘evolve’ that much – that is, they were not challenged enough by their environment unlike the migrants who had to deal with their new environment, and thus, had to adapt and mutate into what we now call Europeans, South Americans and Asians, etc. But if the Negritos travelled from Africa to Asia, how come they retained most of the features of their ancestors? Or did they go through a short route from Africa just recently, and did not go through the path the others did,and consequentially, did not have to adapt that much? These questions are all based on the ‘Out of Africa’ theory. If none of our eminent anthropologists/scientists can answer this, who can? Then we might as well throw the theory of evolution out the window…

  31. Saah

    Ok, I know I’m late in this discussion but I had the pleasure of growing up all my life around Filipino Americans. I myself am African American, with West African roots. Many times I have seen a Filipino from a distance and thought they were African American, only to finally walk past them and notice they were Filipino. Skin color has never been an issue for me….it’s actually the FEATURES that I’ve seen in many Filipinos that I see in many West African tribes such as the flat nose and no bridge. I have those same features, and people constantly ask me if I’m mixed with Filipino. I’ve never brought this up to a Filipino person because I know the natural reaction would be an argument, as most people don’t want to have any relation to the African culture. But, it is what it is….I just find all of this to be very interesting. At the end of the day…maybe we’re all mixed with each other.

  32. me

    I was Born and raised in the Philippines and I would say that majority of Filipino race is more on Malay race of Austronesian.

  33. Chaelou

    I’m of chinese and korean heritage but I always get mistaken for a filipino by both asians and non-asians. And i’m not even dark! I dont mind cause I always feel at ease with these people. I just wish the chinese and especially the koreans are more like them.

  34. Your findings are very inaccurate by the way. You say the filipinos are chinese people (han chinese to be specific). Also you have no scientific links to support you. By scientific link, i mean real ones, NOT the links that are written soley by you. Its like making a random or fake claim and then saying its true by backing it up with words like self knowledge. Had you provided real links your information would be more believable. In addition what you are saying is that basically just because groups that live close to each other are going to be genetically similar, even though they are descended from different ancestral stocks. For example east asians which definitely includes chinese are mongoloid. Southeast asians which includes filipinos are of the malay race (not the country). Even with facts in front of your face, your ignorance to accept your errors coupled with the fact that you use your admin priveliges of this site over others to threaten them when they criticize you shows that you are just one ignortant s** of a b****. Farewell you “self proclaimed anthroplogist” with no “real” evidence

    • Bye bye. The evidence is listed. Filipinos are related to the Ami of Taiwan, who are related to the Hong Kong Chinese, a very South Chinese people.

      • Lin

        ” Filipinos are related to the Ami of Taiwan, who are related to the Hong Kong Chinese, a very South Chinese people…”
        Those “Hong Kong Chinese” could be the aborigines of HK. A lots of Out of (Guangdong)province people have moved to HK. The most amazing thing is I even met a young girl who told me she came from a mongol village in Hainan Island,the southernmost big island of china.
        BTW,the last emperor of Sung dynasty committed sucide in HK as the Mongol army swept across china

  35. huh?

    Dude you are a fake anthropologist the commenters just showered you with well supported facts yet you reject them. You are in no position to claim such things without being an actual anthropologist, you probably haven’t even visited any of the Asian countries you mentioned.

    Stay away kids.

  36. Dale

    I just wanted to say that your article is very interesting and even though the big question is how certain peoples got to which place and where is up in debate the genetics don’t lie. I have searched this over and over again and all signs, in my opinion, point to the fact that we are closely related to the S. Chinese. Hell, I’m not even that much of a fan of the Chinese and I know the feelings are mutual. However, genetics don’t lie. My family, from the most southern tip of the Philippines have very physical resemblances to the Vietnamese/S. Chinese. For example, we have the epicanthic fold which is prominent in my family, the facial structure and the sinodonty teeth structure. Bottomline: the stories that our bodies and our genetics tell us don’t lie. They are what make us who we are and we need to accept that. Can I dare say that Filipinos are an extended family of the “Mongoloid” race?

  37. Willma

    two=dua in Malaysian language
    two=duha in Bisaya (A Filipino dialect)
    five=lima in Malaysian language
    five=lima in Bisaya (A Filipino dialect)

    Soap – Sabun in Malaysian language
    Soap = Sabon in Bisaya

    I tried some light research a long time ago on this as well. I speak Bisaya, a Filipino dialect. I can’t help but to believe the original people who migrated to The Philippine Islands came from Malaysia. Please see link above. The first link is how to count one to ten in the Malaysian language. Notice my comments above and the similarities between Malaysian numbers counting and Bisaya counting. The second link shows the same. Now I know you would have to either know Tagalog or any other Filipino dialect to pick up on what is similar so if you do, notice the formation of the words in the Malaysian language and how similar it is to the Filipino language. Southeast asian languages do not look like this. It’s different. Given the observations, I can’t help but to believe the original people who migrated to The Philippines are from Malaysia and brought over their language. I don’t doubt other Asian countries migrated as well and contributed to the gene pools. Perhaps they contributed heavily into it over the years. It is possible that a certain amount of Malaysians came into the country in the beginning and then many more people from southeast asia migrated over afterwards. This may explain why our gene pools are very similar to the people from southeast mainland Asia but our language is very much like Malaysia’s language.

    • No. The Austronesians left Taiwan and went to the Philippines and Malaysia among other places.

    • John

      OH NO, sabun and sabon was from spanish jabón. Language has often different origin than race or DNA. Russian language’s origin was greek. But russian as race close to viking.

      • TRASH

        Greeks and Russians are Slavs. There might be some minor amount of Viking blood in St. Peters or Moscow but its real, real, minimal.’

        Finns are more similar to Russians than other Scandinavian tribes of the Germanic family like Danes or Swedes. Way different.

  38. Willma

    Here’s more. I got it from google translate. The Filipino language doesn’t have those little tildes or whatever they are called in the language the way Vietnamese language does

    English to Vietnamese
    I am happy = Tôi hạnh phúc

    English to Malay
    I am happy = Saya gembira

    English to Indonesian
    I am happy = Saya senang

    English to Tagalog (Filipino main language)
    I am happy = Ako masaya

    • Yes, Tagalog, Malay and Indonesian are all related = Austronesian languages.

      Vietnamese is not related to any of these. It is in another language family altogether, the Austroasiatic family.

      • CanadianRoots

        The indigeous people of Vietnam, Burma, Thailand, Laos, & Cambodia is related to the people of the Filipines. All had the same indigeous ancestors of dark skin & short height. This is why it hard to tell them apart.

        • Hoang Yi

          *The indigenous people of central and south Vietnam which are the Khmer and Cham ethnic minority etc. but most of them have fled to Cambodia after there kingdoms we’re conquered and destroyed by the Vietnamese

  39. NONYABiz

    Are you filipino? Or did you just watch the National Geographic or just read about it and put your input? Have you talked to any filipinos and asked them about their history before you start putting out info about my people?

    • Banned. I’m the one who knows about Filipinos. Filipinos don’t necessarily know crap about themselves.

      • huh?

        Wooooow hahahaha this guy failed his degree or something acting like he was alive thousands of years ago and just knows all the facts. This topic still has LEGIT scientists and anthropologists debating and here comes creepy Robert Lindsay with all the answers hahahahaha. You’re one of those knowledgeable experts who got his knowledge off the internet lol you probably didn’t even receive a proper education.

        And for all readers who believe his crap you are very gullible and quite frankly retarded.

      • fabiole

        I’ve never been to the Philippines but both parents came from the Central part of the Philippines (‘visayas). As a result I know nothing about my race. Actually I did read some where that we have links to Taiwan. I’ll try to get the source and relay it to you.

  40. vania

    you want to make the Government of Indonesia to take action to you, the people of Indonesia much prettier than all that you mention in your post post, everyone hurt Indonesia see thou bring our name in your post. If you post something, please do not take the name of Indonesia in the comments your comments, we have feelings,STOP RACIST !!!

  41. vania

    Please see comments from our heartache in this post, many of which are insulting to us but they didn’t know Indonesia has many tribal groups have skin like korean especially bandungnese, west ,minangnese,dayaknese , the minahasan and they even prettier than the people’s Republic of china/Japan.._.

  42. Raskolnikov

    Dude, Filipinos aren’t that dark at all on their untanned parts. Look here:


    They aren’t any darker than others in the region.

  43. sweetfreedom

    I think Filipinos look like Mexicans.

    • I’m Mexican and I had a Filipino girlfriend once. She was very light and had rounder eyes, but she did not look Mexican. Those who know Mexicans can tell Filipino from Mexican. There is a vast difference. Only a very few cases are indistinguishable.

      • MACK35

        Im Filipino and I was mistaken as Vietnamese and Mexican once by an australian guy.

      • Chi Borealis

        I agree with your comment. I am Filipino and if the people here were educated they would realize that Filipinos have many different looks. Some look Chinese (I am not too fond of this look), some look Mexican, some look Indian, some look Black, some look Spanish …. so people stop analyzing where the Filipinos came from. We already know we come from a mixed race. Some are fucking ugly and some are beautiful. Like the Chinks here – do you think you are all beautiful? The majority of your race are ugly as fuck. So please stop criticizing the Filipinos when your fucking race has people who are ugly as fuck too. LOL

  44. vania

    who say to the people of papua Indonesia racist? they are wrong it’s all fabricated. they are sisters. I am a person of indonesia’s Eastern .
    I worked in the Ministry of law and human rights in jakarta I lot to learn the history of Indonesia. the majority of indonesia is islam but islam that is moderate there too there are 12% and Christian, Buddhist and hindu toism. Indonesian culture is the influence of the West and china/india. the latesthttp://www.google.com/images/infowindow/iw_c.png invention of hugo and several study indonesia is mixing of Austro-Asiatic asiatic (kradai tai/dai), austronesian, some hmong and some gen Europe (Netherlands). indonesia such as Celebes (toraja) has a mixture of papua. and filipina they have dna similiar with a population Austronesian of guam, taiwan, Aboriginal and tribal groups in micronesia. It is a fact not a lie you don’t believe please looking at wikipidia.
    many Indonesian people look like chinese and Japanese. and white people rarely see except see Indonesian people of mixed European.

  45. vania

    robert … kristen katolik/ protestant very much in Indonesia, here we are very tolerant

  46. Holly mom of three

    What is wrong with having dark skin?? I seen many very beautiful mestizo filipinas very beautiful, but with dark skin. Nothing worng with that. I can see they have very strong spanish blood in them , but dark skin dominate over light skin. Being a filipina or filipino is just a nationality, but not an ethnicity. People of the Filipines can have blood from Malay race, chinese, Spanish, indigeous people = aborignal = very negro looking . I don’t know why people like to generalize how pepole look like. Malay people can have small eyes or slanted eyes or small eyes with no eyelid creases. I see this in mongoloid and australoid race. I been mistaken as vietnamese, filipina, japanese, korean, east turkemestan (xinjian of China) = people of mixed race, half white/half asian. Gee I even have people thinking I am a mexican. Some spanish people speak to me in spanish. I am all confuse now. Why I get mistaken for all of these people. Lately, many VIets think I am viet cuz I live in San Jose, Ca. I don’t look Viet at all. The reason why I say this is because most viets don’t have nose bridges and rather fat noses. I have no idea where my dad got his tall nose bridge from, and deep eye sockets, and dark skin for being ethnic han chinese. One of my sister have Big light brown eyes. I didn’t notice them, but while growing up people of different race and other asian ethnic groups told me my sister have very big eyes and sharp pointy tall nose. Being the age I am now, I do not sterotype how anybody suppose to look like. I hate it when people tell me they are surprised I am chinese cuz chinese suppose to look a certain way. Whenever I hear stuff like that I usually have no interest of having any conversation with. I see ugly and beautiful people of any race and ethnic groups.

    There is slanted slit eyes in any asian groups except for Indians (india cuz they are caucasian race).

  47. whiteboylovebeingwhite

    Just because there were some soutehrn chinese migrated to filipines does not make filipines are Southern chinese people. I noticed most filipinos are very dark skin and they have very round faces with big huge flat noses and they look rather negro like, so how is this the same with most southern chinese not even looking like this. Malay, indonesians, and those other southeast asians do have mongoloid (not mongolian) eyes. Many these very dark skin people of the southeast asia have very flat faces too and small eyes. I don’t know why a lot of filipinos claim they are spanish orign and the orientals mixed into some of them. People need to realize Spain is also made up of different ethnic group. The Bass (?) are not even european type , but more of african type with dark skin. I noticed malay people mixed with caucasians still looking very asian looking.
    Enrique Iglesias is only approx 1/8 filipino and we don’t know exactly what it is within that mixture. Being filpinio is a nationality and not an ethnicity. HIs mum is 1/2 german and 1/2 filipino(nationality not ethnicity). His dad is 1/2 spanish and 1/2 Jewish. Many filipinos just very in denial of their true faces. They always put the blame of other asians into their population giving them flat wide faces, small eyes, but the truth is that is how their indigeous population of people look like. Majority of the malay race which is what most filipinos have in them are malay origin = very short staure. Super dark skin, Big flat wide flat noses, and oriental eyes. Most don’t have pretty eyes.

    Malay race carry the really flat huge noses and dark skin. I been to Malaysian, Indonesia, and the filipines. The average filiipino is not even spanish looking like most fililpinos on the internet wants to think so. They look nothing like their very spanish looking celebrities, but many of their celebrities just like the ones in U.S.A. undergone plastic surgery. I heard from my filipino friend that filipinos do the most nose jobs out of any asian race. Most filpinos have very huge round buld shape noses and they are avery flat with no nose bridge. So is that suppose to be pretty?????

    • vergearuker

      The Philippines is close to Borneo? They are very negro like? I was just checking a Philipino out and he had a flat Chinese face but dark and negro like?Did they grow cotton there too? Don’t you wish we picked our own?

      • whiteboylovebeingwhite

        Not all chinese have flat noses. Being chinese is a nationality not an ethnicity. Most of the flat noses are southeast asians. Japanese, mongolians, southern siberians koreans and chinese have some population that have have sharp noses (pointy) and super high bridges. You probably don’t know enough of the east asians (chinese, japanese and koreans). The flat noses, and super flat wide huge noses come from southeast asia. People in southeast asia look more negro than the east asians. The huge found faces are also very high in the southeast asain population. I am been to many asian countries so I am going by experience and places that I visit. Filipinos are very dark skin and negro looking. I think the person who put up this article have no idea what he is talking about. Filipinos and Souithern chinese don’t look anything alike. Southern chinese just aren’t dark like filipinos and they don’t have the huge bulb tip noses. In general fililpinos are very large like the hawaiians.

        Some of the southeast asian migrated into southern china to live and you can see the difference between them and the indigeous Southern chinese. Southern chinese people don’t have those super flat, wide, large noses that are filipinos and southeast asian indigeous population have.
        Clearly if you love negros you will also love filipinos.

        • uhmmm … but the negros that you say are very rare in Phil… filipinos nowadays dont have that facial features of a Negro…. most of us got the Malays/thais with a bit of spanish looks…. and filipinos have light tanned skin …some are pale despite of hot weather…and almost east asian looking ….some are dark but not that dark as Negro… actually when a negro(aeta) socialized with other filipinos, they would say 2 things about her/him, either she/he is a foreigner or is an aeta (an indigenous people who live in scattered, isolated mountainous parts of Luzon, Philippines. They are considered to be Negritos, who are dark to very dark brown-skinned and tend to have features such as a small stature, small frame, curly to kinky afro-like textured hair with a higher frequency of naturally lighter hair color (blondism) relative to the general population, small nose, and dark brown)-yahoo answer-…………………..

    • Kazuko Kamenashi

      hello!I’m a Filipina and I have a tall nose without getting a surgery,my eyes is a little bit deepset like that of some Japanese,my lips are tiny like those of the Chinese,my height is only 4’11 and my skin very white when I was born but get tanned as I grew up and exposed in the sun. My aunt is very beautiful.She has very light skin, small lips and small eyes.I was told that we have Spanish blood but my aunt look more like this: http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/kitsune_hikaru/10710142/4241/4241_original.jpg

      and me everyone says I look like this:

      and like this:

      and also like this:

      I have also a cousin who looks in his youth like this:

      and another one like this:

      • Love Life

        Those look you show can be Nothern chinese look, Japanese, or korean, but the koreans that look like that had plastic surgery. Also there are chinese with deep set eyes from both North and South. Being chinese, Japanese, or korean ,etic is a nationality not an ethnicity. The northesast looking face is very mongoloid. Some chinese, japanese, and koreans are actually the same ethnic people all with a different nationality. Some don’t even know what their ethnic background really is until they take a DNA test.
        I don’t know why people think chinese and japanese had to look a certain way cuz it isn’t true. There are both japanese and chinese with super large round eyes and tall noses. There is nothing wrong with small eyes either just as long as they are balance within the face. I have a friend that have a super small oval face and her eyes may look small to some people, but when you actually look carefully at it, you can see it goes well with her super small oval face and small head too. She is very peitte, but with long legs and arms. Another friend of my same height with this peittie girl, but her legs are much shorter.
        I know a lot of filipinos looking like the pictures you shown us. They always say that is an east asian face or they assoicate it with chinese cuz there is at least 20% people from China in the Filipines. I also know some filipinos that are super dark skin with very oriientally looking eyes.

        • Jon

          Hey flip, Asians in general are repulsive to look at, especially the Chinese and Japanese. Filipinos look like little brown Asian monkeys with round butter ball noses. You all hate looking like the stereotypical Asian, and you all deny having small, slanted eyes, flat melted noses, a flat front face and a flat side face. What’s comical is that this is what the vast majority of you Asians look like, except Koreans. I had the opportunity to travel to Asia because of my occupation. I used to live in Korea, and I went on vacation to several other Asian countries while I was there.

          You all deny being ugly and say others are instead of you. I knew Filipinos were related to the Chinese because many of you look like you are Chinese. I knew it!! That’s why I stumbled upon this article. While this article is stating that the Filipinos are related to the the Chinese, Koreans come from an entirely different line of people than the Chinese and the Japanese.

          The Chinese come from an entirely different line of people, and the Japanese come from an entirely different line of people. Unlike the others who live in the region of Asia, Koreans have the most diverse facial features of all. Some look Caucasian, rarely Hispanic, Indigenous, and some don’t. They have various features, unlike the Asians you speak of that mostly look “chinky.”

          I was shocked when I went to Korea. Koreans have an amazing sense of style, they have the most amazing complexions, and the women are hot. The Chinese, Japanese, and Filipinos you mention were the ugliest I had ever seen! God! But really, I didn’t need to go far to see how ugly you are. I see how ugly and putrid you are in the United States. The reason why Koreans are unique and more attractive than you and other Asians is because they don’t look like the stereotypical Asian as you all do. Filipinos, Chinese, and Japanese all have flat faces.

          You all are facially disfigured, and you all look heavily oriental. You have chinky slanted eyes, ugly flat faces that are so flat it goes inward. Flat side faces where you can’t see that you have a face on the side! You people have no profile! Gasp! You look so ugly, oriental. The only ones that look “half descent” are always mixed with some white. You need are magic DNA! Lol!

          All you Asians claim you don’t look like the stereotypical Asian that you are. So if you don’t look Asian, then what do you look like, white??!! HAAA! NO, you don’t. You’re delusional. That’s as believable as you not wanting to look like a white person! You do! Filipinos do not have big round eyes. The vast majority of you in the United States have small eyes, or average size eyes, big, fat, flat, noses, and are dark. You look oriental. You all want to be white European or white American so bad, because you know you have ugly features.

          Asians get so jealous of how attractive Koreans are then them that they always say that it’s plastic surgery because you can’t come up with a better reason as to why they are more attractive then all of you. They come from a different line of people then you orientals. That’s why. I think they got lucky. I see you flips trying to look more white. The most plastic surgery Filipinos get are rhinoplasties (nose jobs), eye surgery to make them look more western, and they have a procedure done to whittle out their wide jaw lines. They have flat, wide faces. Filipinos also bleach their skin to look more white, attractive.

          All in all, Korea is a power house in Asia, and you all know it. They lead in looking aesthetically beautiful and are superior in their accomplishments in either pop culture or otherwise. Most of the electronics you use today have been invented by Koreans or the whites. They are the only ones that can compete with white people in looks and sophistication. I consider them an equal. So while you all drool at K-pop celebrities and want to fall back in a fit of rage because you can’t compete with them on any level, the rest of us attractive ones smile. I wouldn’t shag a Filipino, Chinese, or a Japanese. I lose an erection at the very thought!

      • Is he a girl or a guy?He looks too sweet.

      • Chi Borealis

        LOL – you look Korean, Chinese. I am Filipino and i’m not trying to be rude by I am living in the modern world now and I really don’t like your look. I am not too fond of that Asian “TYPICAL” look from China, Korea or Japanese – and just because you are “light” skinned that doesn’t make you beautiful lol Please get rid of this mentality. We have alot of Chinese in Canada and they are very light skinned but ugly as fuck. There is a certain look I like but it’s definitely not the one in these pictures. LOL

        • I’m Filipino as well, but the way you’re going about thing is not helping the case. Calling people “ugly as fuck,” is just as ignorant on your part. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

        • Guest 500

          This article proves that you Filipinos are and have Chinese DNA in you. You can’t live with the fact that you are from and a descendant of the Taiwanese people. So, you drag other people living in the region of Asia to deflect that fact. Not all Asians look a like, just as you claim not all Filipinos look Chinese, but you yourself said that you get mistaken for a Chinese person and that makes you mad. I also see the Filipinos that immigrate to the States and they do look like Chinese people, not all but many of you. So, then it must be true that many Filipinos look like them.

          Asia, is very diverse in facial features. I can tell the difference between most, but not all, because I have traveled on vacation or because I have friends in Asia and Europe. Koreans have various facial features and some look more Caucasian, Hispanic, American Indian, but not all. Some do. some don’t. I can even tell the difference in the Vietnamese, Indonesians and some other Asians. You Filipinos look Asian and yes, some of you look like Chinese and just because you have brown skin, doesn’t make you any more attractive or less.

          The only reason why Filipinos have won pageants is because those contestants are usually half white. Many Filipinos look primitive, with their slanted eyes, big flat nose bridge and wide nose, and have flat faces. You are one of the ugliest people in the world. You look like brown Asian monkeys. You try to look white and breed with whites to better your look of people, but you can’t because not every white is willing to sleep with you. I can tel some Filipinos apart from others, but for the most part, you look Chinese to me. There’s no difference.

    • fabiole

      How can Filipinos have the most nose jobs in Asia when they don’t have the money. I know. The Philippines have many, many Doctors and Nurses. Maybe they get a free nose job.I don’t think most Filipinos have flat faces that honor goes to the Mongolians and Eskimos. Check these out.

      • California the best.

        U are showing us filipino celebritites of mix races and/or ethnicities. These are not typical malay, indonesian or Negrito people. They look like they have a misture of east asian, caucasian, etc. Most filipinos don’t look like this. Negritos look like negroes, indonesians are dark , short stature, and malay are also somewhat dark and have oriental faces. Southeast asians usually do have flat noses or wide huge wide flat noses. Many southeast asians get nose jobs.

        • The nose job capital is California. I live in Orange county, Bra_duh!

        • Heres another website for those of yhou who believe Filipinos are hideous and negritos.

        • Do u believe in global warming.

          waht website????

        • Ocean Breeze

          The video here features Filipino models and celebrites with heavy foreign blood. Have you seen how a filipino that is 50% white look like. They still have the filipino face. Filipinos always show their celebriteis and models to represent their country’s people, but the truth is only 5% of Fillipinos/Filipina look like those kind of faces. The rest is hideous looking.

  48. I’m a filipino and I would agree with you…. actually your right….Chinese people are the largest emigrants here in Phil. hundreds of years ago…. but I dont have Chinese blood instead..Japanesse… My grandfather is Half Japanese and my Grama has Spanish blood cuz she look spanish for me….My brother looks Vietnamese as well as my cousins……….for me WE EAST ASIANS ARE ALL LOOK THE SAME…

    • whiteboylovebeingwhite

      The indigeous people of Malay people migrated to thailand, Camboida, Vietnam, Burma, Loas, Filipines, all the Pacific islands, indonesia, Malaysia and that is why sometimes it is hard to distinguish any of these people cuz from same indigeous ancestors. I see many vietnamese look like filipinos too. I been study these people and was to my surprise that they all are very the malay (australoid race).

      • Hoang-Yi

        The reason why some Vietnamese look like Filipinos is because of intermixing between Vietnamese and Khmer and/or Cham. Pure Vietnamese are light-skinned and tall. The northern region of Vietnam is where you’ll find the most pure Vietnamese.

        • LovetheOcean

          You are wrong. Tall vietnamese people aren’t indigeous to vietnam. They are from the central plains of China. The real viets are short, dark skin, and have wide flat noses just like all the other southeast asians. The negritos (proto-austronesians) are the indigeous viets, indigeous Thais, Indiegous cambodians and they are also the indigeous people Of the Filipines. Northern Vietnam are mainly the same gene pool with all the Southern Chinese people. But this Robert Linsay thinks he is smarter than the genetists and anthropologist making everyone southern chinese. The kink (jing) people of China makes up 80% of Vietnam population. They originated from China and they pulled into modern day vietnam territory cuz all the war lords wanted to be a king himself and don’t want to be rule by other kings. The vietnamese people and filipino people with dark skin, short stature, and big wide flat noses are the same genetic pool of people. MOdern day , filipinos, indonesians, polyneisans, pacific islands are the same people. Some will tell you they are malay which pretty much mean those dark to medium brown skin tone people. Most of the tall filipinos I know either have chinese or spanish blood. The natives their are so damn short. MOst of the filipinos I know are extremely short. They are nice people so don’t get it wrong.

          Viets that are mixed with austronesian blood or protoaustronesian blood usually looks like cambodians to me. THey still have those slit eyes and flat noses.

      • NoShametoBeNegrito

        The reason why people get confuse with VIetnaemse, Cambodians, filipinos, etc is cuz they are all southeast asians with same indigeous ancestors = negritos. The real Thais, Vietnamese, and cambodians are negritos. The vietnamese is mixed with Southern chinese callled the Jing = Kinh ethnic people and negritos. This is proven by DNA. Vietnamese blood are from both people. Cambodians also have a mixture of negrito, indian and people from China. The indigeous people of Filipinos are negritos. They became indonesians and Malay people. Negritoes are proto-austronesians and modern day non negrito looking people came from negrito ancestors called austronesians. Filipinos can be a mixture of at least 3 to 4 different types of ethnicities. Go and check out the negrito noses and dark skin. This is where southeast asian ancestors come from before branching off and intermixing with people North of them. Oh, don’t forget the europeans went there to fuck everyone up too like they did in the rest of the world.

  49. whiteboylovebeingwhite

    What is chinese. Within China there is currently 56 ethnic group, but I believe there is way more. I bet the CHinese governrment just like the Vietnamese governement is that they lumped small ethnic groups into one making their ethnic groups from over 80 into 54. The main ethnic group is ethnic han chinese, but I think some are already intermixed with other non ethnic han tribes. There is no standard chinese look. That is pretty much the same for Japan, & Vietnam cuz these two countries have DNA from all over the place. Koreans and MOngolians have more uniform looks, but that is because they shut off themselves to outsiders for a long time. But the koreans too have genes coming from China, and Japan. Mongolians and KOreans look most alike. I don’t want to sound bad, but most of them have the Margret Cho, Sandra Oh, and Daniel Dae Kim look. In South Korea, people look very different since 1997 when KOrean wave popularize facial plastic surgery. Most korean women 35 and under had plastic surgery. Some of them changed their faces beyond recogition. This is the current south korean culture . Plastic surgery is very common there, so u will find koreans not looking like koreans say more than 20 years ago. Their celebrities faces changed a lot from the ones from the 70’s and before. In Japan, most celebrities had plastic surgery to their eyes and noses, but overall By far Koreans are getting most plastic.

    Some Thai women are very pretty cuz they have genes from all over the place. Anyway the light skin and the refined or taller noses is not indigeous to the Southeast asian population. It is not possible. If anyone of u like to know then I go into further details.

    • You have TLDR syndrome. Your words are meaningless because you cannot GRASP THE FUCKING CONCEPT OF PARAGRAPH SEPARATION.

      Learn the ways of the paragraph & you will not be considered a brain-diseased FUCKASS.

      • WhitegirlloveUSA

        Ha, ha, ha where on this article saying I have to be proper on Langiage art?? filipinos are negroes. They have abundant people there with huge wide and flat noses Fillies have the large flattest noses amolng any asians. The ones that don’t have heavy outside blood. Oh, don’t forget that fillies have very large wide flat faces without mxiing outside of their indigeous blood line.

        • Have really seen filipinos?? cuz your discription of filipinos dont match what filipinos are…

        • Chi Borealis

          The people here who put the Filipinos down are just jealous because seriously in this generation – the Year 2014 – we Filipinos are getting better looking lol. Alot of Chinks try to put Filipinos down – they think all Filipinos are dark lol and just because they have “yellow” skin they think they are so beautiful – hilarious! meanwhile they are ugly as fuck – round faces, slitty eyes, yellow skin, mongoloid look. Filipinos look much better than you Chinks … @whitegirlloveUSA – are you a Chink? LOL

    • Kristel

      So true about the koreans….

      • Chase

        Have you traveled much? No. Your race and nationality of people get work done, all of us do. Stereotypes are misleading as always. All of Asia, including America, Europe and South America have plastic surgery. Plastic surgery in the Middle East especially in Iran is extremely common. 70% of them get rhinoplasties. That’s a nose job.

        Filipinos get the most nose jobs in Asia, because they have big, wide negro like noses. China and Japan have some of the most staggering numbers when it comes to getting plastic surgery. Let’s not forget the skin bleaching dark skin people do around the world. Chinese reporter Julie Chen, admitted to getting plastic surgery because she wanted to look white she said. That made the front headlining news in national newspapers all over America. The majority of Filipino celebrities get plastic surgery.

        In America, we have so much plastic surgery, that we can’t really point the finger at others and accuse them of doing it. You shouldn’t either. If you have traveled more, you would know that instead of stereotyping. I will say that most Asians, including Filipinos, are so repulsive that even after surgery, they’re still grotesque.

    • Chase

      Chinese people have a status quo look very similar to each other, and they have no diversity when it comes to looks. Their faces are flat and disfigured. Even other Asians don’t like them and discriminate against them. They all have a uniform look like Lucy Liu, Lisa Ling, and Jackie Chang. That’s the best they can be.

      I have lived in Korea for over 30 years, and Koreans look the same now as they did when I first moved there. It’s just that now people get to see more of what Koreans look like because of the media than in the past where we use to lump everyone in Asia together. I have traveled to other countries while living in Asia, and I will say that plastic surgery happens in every country, be it Asia or America, Europe, South America and the Middle East. This is how little you know.

      70% of Iranians get nose jobs. It’s the plastic surgery capital of the world. Filipinos get the most nose jobs in Asia along with bleaching their skin. Many South East countries do but so do blacks and Indians. China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, all of them get work done. We had the reality show Extreme Makeover and The Swan a years ago in the States giving free plastic surgery to Americans, and it was a huge hit here. The Korean celebrities you mentioned don’t even look like a typical Korean because they have various features. You just mentioned the ones you did because you know you were trying to say Koreans are not attractive.

      I find it ironic that you say that Chinese people don’t have a certain uniform look and say that Thai women are attractive because basically they have various features because of what you think is due to heavy race mixing. None of that is true. Thai people are not the result of heavy race mixing. They look more like the Vietnamese and Cambodians, not the most attractive. Thailand is the sex capital of the world. Many white men go there to have underage sex with the girls, and it’s the country white men get most of their mail order brides.

      We see the Chinese that immigrate to other countries, so we know what they look like. They all look the same – ugly chinky.

  50. robert lindsay i have a big PENlS

  51. What is this im trolling myself

  52. Megaman X

    This is what spain found when they discoverd the Philipines


    • Look, they are NOT Negroids, ok? There is nothing, nothing, nothing linking them to the peoples of Africa, except that they once came from there. But so what? As we all once came from Africa. The Negritos are actually a lot further apart genetically from Africans than say Caucasoid people are.

      • Money2012

        where are you getting all this information from?????????
        have you interview aborigal of Taiwan?????? Negroitos are Negroids. Have you seen how some africans look like. THey look like australoid pepole, but except they have kinky hair with oriental faces. I need to find the link on youtube so you know what I am talking about. The aboriginals of the fililpines are not pretty. They are super dark skin, short stature, kinky hair and flat orient faces and facial features. NO one so many are angry with your wrong information.

  53. Kristel

    I’m filipino. My great granfather on my moms side is sspanish and my dads great grandfather is chinese. I don’t know why a lot of yu are getting anry at this man fot comparing us to the chinese. I pretty damn sure don’t mind it. I’ve got the nose and high bridge of a spaniard, the eyes of a filipino and the skin of a chinese person. I look pretty damn good bc of this mix so I don’t mind being compard to chinese or spanish

    • MIxpotofGenes

      People need to understand nationality is just the nation you came to be from or have ancestory from. Within a nation(country) there are always different ethnic group. In Spain, their different ethnic groups. People should dig into that . Also within China people can look different. Even in Japan, the people there can range looking like an indonesia to someone that is very mongoloid looking. higher frequencies of small eyes is usually in the mongoloid group of people. Also australoids sometimes can have small eyes too.
      The indigeous people of filipines are very negroid looking (curly hair, dark skin, short staure, and flat wide noses (very large and bulb shape), then there is the other groups of fililpinos that are from Taiwan aborignal and malay race. The malay people have oriental looks in them at the same time they have dark to medium skin color. The malays that aren’t that oriental looking for arab blood in them.
      I seen chinese, japanese , and vietnamese people that looks caucasian with big eyes tall narrow noses, and causain facial bone structure and they aren’t mix blood. They came from their homelands. I would say I seen more chinese and japanese with the naturally tall nose bridges with narrow nose tips than Vietnamese people. All I can say is the flat, super large flat noses like a bulb shape noses I seen among Fililpinos and other southeast asian groups. The filipinos that have nice noses are usually mix blood. Many filipinos that I know in the past have from as little as 12.5% to 50% chinese blood are very nice looking. Many taller filipino men I met have chinese blood in them. I assume the gene came from their chinese ancestors . Have anyone been in Shandong, China where they have amazon height women all over the city and men over 7ft???? The fililpinos used to be classified as super short stature oriental people. I also seen indigeous filipipnos having very small eyes and some also have slanted slit eyes. This is the real filpino face without mixing outside blood.

      Bottom line is filipines is a melting pot with some of the most glorious lookng people in the world. Mix blood is the best.

  54. MIxpotofGenes

    All I can say is the inidgous people in the filipines are very negroid looking. I never seen a chinese with fililpino noses. The fililpinos are known to have the largest bulb shape nose close to negroid noses. The filipinos that have nice noses are usually have heavy mixed blood. I know too many filipinos and their noses give it away who they are. Chinese people don’t have those super huge noses and also fililpinos without mix blood also can have small slanted slit eyes too . I seen many filipinos with small eyes too. I notice some filipinos always attributed large eyes to people having their blood if they claim to be a filipina/filiipino. I read that is just a nationality and within that it can be a person with no indigous fililpino blood at all. Look at Vanessa Hudgrens. Her mom is a filipina that is 1/2 chinese and 1/2 spanish. Phobe cates’s mom is chinese and spanish. I know many filipinos that can look very hispanic and with siblings that have very mongoloid faces .

    The bottom line is people should be proud of their blood no matter where the blood comes from. This Kristel is a good example of loving who he or she is. Mix genes are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Huh?

      All of you guys are monkeys what an embarrassment. All of you act as if 80% of Filipinos have Spanish and Chinese mixes when in reality the Spanish mixed ones number only about 3% and the Chinese at Bout 20% and they’re not pure Chinese. Filipinos haves no Negritos genes in them it’s the other way around, Filipinos aka austronesians, swamped ( means pushed out for all you retards) the Negritos genetically and drove them back to the mountains. We are not a negroid race. Most of us have almond eyes and bridged noses ( wtf bulb shaped? Lol) and thats natural austronesian features. Doesnt mean you saw a chink eyed filipino every one is. Mixpotofgenes whatever your name is do you live in china? Because your perception of Filipinos seem to be that of an ignorant chink that’s brainwashed by your brain dead communist government. Here in America you Chinese sad to say gets pushed around by everyone. This blog post has become a vent for all types of insecure Chinese, mountain Filipinos, and other loser Asians who get embarrassed by real Filipinos. What a joke.

      • Thx for this excellent post, however, the Austronesians did indeed come from Taiwan as per my research.

      • MIxpotofGenes

        Majority of Filipinos have flat noses, huge bulb shape noses. They look super hideous. Also education in the Filipines is the lowest in Asia A PH.d. is = B. A. degree in United States . FIlipinos wiithout foreign blood are very dark skin, short stature, short limbs and big wide flat noses. Many have slanted slit eyes too! The jungle filipies also have slanted slit eyes. Filipinos always hold the lowest jobs in United States due to their low IQs. Filipinios aren’t mongoloids & a melting pot of shit. Filipinas seen by white men as brown skin fucking machines. Most married white men cuz they are too poor and too uneducated to leave their abusive white husband.These white men view them as slaves. Any pretty fililpinas/filipinos are mixed with foreign blood. I have never seen a pretty filipinos/filipina that didn’t identified themselves as mixed race or mixed ethnicities within a race. Japanese, Chinese, korean and Vietnamese out score you fillies. Ha, ha, ha FIlipinos are seen as monkeys.

        • Huh?

          Lol this yellow no eye lid having monkey clearly gets off on this post so sad. You chinks get no respect here in America everybody laughs at you. Even at school you guys get bullied a lot it’s kind of sad but it’s you’re fault cause you’re too scared to fight back. We are from my experience the most liked Asians simply because we’re don’t look are act like east asians you are right. We can hang with anyone the hispanics whites blacks everyone we know how to fit in and have fun. Meanwhile you guys only hang out with your own people cause no one likes you, so socially awkward. Where do you live anyway lol flat nosed short limbed chink eyed I’d agree with the nose part but the other traits that’s only for you chinks don’t try to connect us with your Ching ching race no thanks lol. And ps were very educated I can tell that you’re not with you’re broken fob English. Of course we have the lowest iq statistics wise in asia because we’re one of the poorest countries which means fewer people are educated but boy with the educated Filipinos you better watch out we beat you in anything you can think of except ping pong lol. You east Asians are smart but lack practicality and common sense in other words you lack street smart which could only mean you don’t go out a lot cause tiger mommy is whooping your ass to keep studying lol. That’s why youre schools have the highest suicide rate. Now shut the fuck up cause I just treated the shit out of you and stay in wherever chink nation you’re from cause you might take you’re life if you visit America or the Philippines cause then you’d realize how pathetic your life is.

        • He’s not Chinese, he’s a Viet. I suppose Austronesians are Chinese though in the sense that they came from the Aborigines of Taiwan. But in that way, most of SE Asia is also Chinese.

        • CanadianRoots

          LOLS Filipinos are well like??? They have low IQs and are not that well like. Fililpinos to many people are like uneducated negroids. I cannot believe that this idiot Filipino guy thinks that they are well like. We whites call you gooks and look down upon you. You are such an idiot thinking Filipinos are well like. Your women are being fuck by foreign men cuz they are easy and brainless. They are used as modern day slaves. Your women are too dumb to leave when abused by their husbands. Most people look down at the Filipinos cuz they are a melting pot of shit. Don’t you know europeans call Philipina brown skin fucking machines. Only the white men that cannot get a women will take a Filipina. What a statement to make that Filipinos are well like. Filipinos are bunch of retards and that is why East Asians and South Asian (India) is taking over. You Filipinos got the Spanish and chinese taking over your country. I think you must be very jealous. You Swamp gook monkeys busy picking fleas and ticks off your short stature dark skin bodies and thinking everyone in the world think highly of yourself. Filipinos are in the same catagory as negroid and you Swamp gooks do have negroid blood and denying it is stupid.

        • It’s not true that only White men who can’t get a woman will only take a Filipina. I have known White guys who totally cleaned up with women and then married Filipinas. One guy I know married two of them. I myself would love to grab me a Filipina, and I’ve dated 100’s of females.

        • Xera

          I feel like HuH? just described Indians in the U.S, now all it would need is a little bit of Robert Lindsay’s “Indian hell on earth”, replace Asians with “Indians”, put in “smelly asses”, and add in the Hinduvta blind ass obviously bullshit overseas nationalism and voila! Shall all Indians be purged by thee smith thee from the unholy internets!!!!

        • Hey: Slantie. Pick up on this.

        • tammy

          Enrique Iglesias is 1/8 indigenous Filipino. His mom has german and Spanish in her. his father Julio is 1/2 jewish and 1/2 Spanish. The indigenous Filipino blood is too little. Look at the Denmark princes of Alexandria. They are very diluated Shanghainese blood (1/8) and they have blue eyes, blonde hair when they were young, and very white looking, extremely fair skin, so when the blood is so damn diluted the negrito fugliness of the indigenous fillipinos are wiped out. Pure indigenous Filipinos are super fugly(f*cking ugly).

        • You stupid. You are full of shit (Ka Ka to you). Here are a sample of girls off the street from the Visayan area of the Philippines.

          If you send your picture I’ll send mine. You’ll see a very handsome guy, ME.!!!

      • CanadianRoots

        Look at where the Filipines islands are located????? It is between mongoloid and Australoid countries. The people that looks like 1/2 mongoloids and Australoid people. Don’t forget that europeans also fucked Indonesians and the arabs fucked the malaysians which adds new genes to your indigeous genes. Naturally people of the southeast asian cannot have tall noses. In tropic weather people have flat noses for better breathing, dark skin to protect skin from sunlight and less straight hair to protect the scalp. You don’t even know your country’s history and genes.
        Most fililpines have at least from 10% to 25% foreign blood in them.

        • Huh?

          Did you not read this article? For the reading impaired it clearly states in italics that we don’t have Negrito genes. Jesus Christ I feel like I’m talking to retards. Like I said in my response, we Filipinos (austronesians) pushed out the Negritos back to the mountains when we arrived in the islands. Tell you what I’ll give you a hundred dollars if you can send me a picture of a pure filipino with curly hair and dark skin lol. That could only mean you went to the mountains. Austronesians are naturally tan which is darker than white or yellow, but we’re not black dark. Frankly I like tan skin more than blindingly pale. You are correct Arabs did fuck Malaysians but that’s another country lol. The only Muslims in the Phil’s are the very few in the south and they don’t have much Arab mixing cause they’re extremely warlike even today. Have you been to the Philippines? I have and I know how much foreign blood is in us. First of all I have Spanish ancestry and back home everyone knows who had foreign blood who has not. It’s sad, but it’s the reality of the Spanish caste system. Most of the country is unmixed and the mixed bloods usually are the more affluent families. Is this you mixedpotofgenes you just changed your name to make it seem you Canadian lol. You’re grammar is still bad. What is wrong with you people
          The article keeps saying and I keep repeating that we are not a negroid race Jesus. People just starting to make up their own facts now.

      • Negritios are proud

        You need to learn real filipino history. It was the ethnic chinese people that tried to repell the spanish out of the Filipino islands, but you filipinos were too whimpy to do it, so you helped the Spanish people to keep your kind in line. You really need to learn history. . This is why most filipinos are maids, housekeepers, nannies, and low paid income people.

        • fabiole

          Canadianneeds a Root
          You need a Filipina with a Master’s Degree to clean up you “Sh…t” You go to Filipino Town and tell what you said in their face. You’ll probably get a knife up you OKOLE>.

        • Kazuko Kamenashi

          “You need to learn real filipino history. It was the ethnic chinese people that tried to repell the spanish out of the Filipino islands, but you filipinos were too whimpy to do it, so you helped the Spanish people to keep your kind in line. You really need to learn history. . This is why most filipinos are maids, housekeepers, nannies, and low paid income people.”

          I don’t buy this idea.I’m a Filipina and I know two sisters that have very different occupations.The younger is a nanny and the elder is an operations manager.Why?Because they grew separately and they have different educational backgrounds.The elder grew with an aunt who is a superior in her job and have good salary and can send her niece to a good school while the younger grew with a single mother with low income who wasn’t able to send her to college.I can say every person has his own personal reasons why he is like this or that.

  55. Jaipal

    Philipinos are cool people. I got some close friends who are Philipino.
    They are nice and decent people.


  56. Jaipal

    @Xera the Egyptian Half-breed Sand Nigger,

    Hey, Hey, Why don’t you go fuck your camel, camel jockey ehh??
    Or better yet, why don’t you do a double fuck up the ass with your paedophile
    “prophet” Muhammaaad. It’ll give you an easy one-way ticket to your heaven.

    • Jaipal

      And once you’re done with the “prophet”, you can take your pick with Osama Bin Laden,
      Saddam Hussein and Ayatollah Khomeini, one on one. Or even better, let them gang-bang
      you simultaneously!

  57. Jamie

    Filipoinos are australoid mongoloid negroids.

    End of Story.

  58. I love asian P*ssies

    My filipina wife does everything for me cuz I paid her poor family in the Filipines $300 a month.

  59. Big Bananna

    Gee, what’s the big deal here. I think the filipinos are a huge melting pots.
    The pretty ones are very pretty which is like maybe 5% of it’s poplulation without the help of plastic surgery fix those noses that most filipinos have. The majority of the people there are poor . The ones that strong spanish blood shows. Filipinos don’t all have big wide eyes. I grew up with many of them. Some claim that they don’t have chinese or japanese blood have very slanted slit eyes and light skin, whereas to my surprise many that do have chinese or japanese blood have the large eyes, but I am thinking they also have spanish blood in them. I don’t think the filipinos (ami’s or whatever you want to call them are chinese people). In fact, reading all the nonsense on this site, it sound like the whole part of asia is chinese. So If everyone originated from China, then u must say that people came out of east africia and all migrated into what is called China today is nonsense.

  60. DAVE

    all the PHILIPINOS I seen were fair/light~
    and even sicilians have black in them,so?

  61. Pepperoncini

    My first introduction to Filipinos was in Abu Dhabi, they are prominent in the service industry (maids, waiters, night club entertainers, receptionists etc..) . The ones I saw were on the whole of fair complexion, like Chinese. People there generally thought any Oriental was Filipino because that part of the world is prone to crude stereotyping and generalizations.

    • Tam Tran

      Filipinos work in Macau, but a lot in Hong Kong . Most light skin one aren’t from the indigeous natives of filipines. They have strong blood elsewhere like from Indigeous people of Taiwan. Natives of filipines are super dark skin, short stature, big flat noses and they look like negritos and maybe they are negritos. FIlipinos that work in Hong Kong we can identify. They work as housekeepers, nannies, and maids. In the United States, you see both the dark and liglht skin ones. Most I saw was dark skin to brown skin. They are usually short. I met one recently from a filipina while shopping. Her husband was super tall and handsome. I asked her if she had chinese blood cuz she is light skin. She told me she doesn’t know for sure, but her husband is 1/2 chinese. She said his chinese side of the family is very tall. He is very nice looking (6′ 3″). Very light brown skin, don’t have the ugly filipinio nose, and he stood out due to his dark black hair and tall height.

  62. Great Australoid pride

    I don’t know why some fililpinos tell me that filipinos are original spanish people and the other people arrived later which is wrong . Aboriginal of the Philipines are negritos. Even the spaniards recorded that. I think too many filipinos wannabe be identified as europeans which is nonsense. The majority of the filipinos are orietnal looking with brown skin and they are short. There are spanish of euroepan blood there and you can clearly see the difference. The filipinos with brown to dark skin have frog eyes and clearly have strong negrito genes. Negritos are proto -australoid people.
    I don’t know why this Robert Linsey thinks filipinos originated from southern China Chiense people don’t have those super dark to brown skin and ,ost of them have very wide & big bulgeous shape noses. I know too many with frog eyes and big wide huge noses with no nose tips .It is like a huge ball shaped nose.

  63. Huh?

    Jesus what happened to this post all these fob Asians come out now with the “bulb shaped noses” lol you guys have funny bulbs wherever you’re from. The ethnic Chinese drove away the Spanish lol wtf is happening to history there were very few Chinese during the time when the Spanish took hold which was from 1521-1898, and they were merchants who got beheaded by the native Filipinos and whipped by the Spaniards.Don’t even try to say “I’m not from Asia” haha your retarded English tells everyone you’re here for a little self esteem boost. What a thread this is lol.

    • Huh? Huh???

      I know too many Filipinos that are leeches. If you marry one, you marry the whole family. Most Filipinos in United States are either low paid nurses or blue color workers. How many of them you see at high tech jobs? LOLs LOLs LOLs I cannot tell apart the Laotians, Cambodians, Filipinos and any of those short stature dark skin people of the Southeast Asia. They are look the same.


    • Negritios are proud

      You can find most Filies working for Target, Walmart, and most of the low paid jobs in places where there is high population of them such as California, New York, Arizona, Florida, Texas, etc . By the way aren’t native Filies negritos???????? So what ethnic group drove the natives to the rural and jungles area of the PhIlipines?????

    • Wow!

      Filiipinos are the original gooks. Gooks = negritos.

  64. it is quite true some ami tribe really look like filipinos base on skin color but not on the looks.. some of them are brown like filipinos and some are white like chinese

    • Chinese are not white, they have yellow skins. Also, Filipinos may have flat noses, but you Chinese other yellow Asians are stuck with slant eyes. Sorry. You are not that beautiful. I was stationed with the the US Army,on Taiwan for over a year. I had many Chinese or Taiwanese friends who were not as racist as some of you in this post..Another thing, Filipinas may be maids where you live but in a country that counts, the mighty USA, the Filipiino are the second most educated group in America with 45% of us with University Degrees. We are second only to the Indian Americans in terms of education. The chinese Americans are third. Hard to believe? Go to google and do a search on Asian America Educational achievement.Someone mentioned that we wanted to be Chinese. Are you nuts, most Filipinos like the way they look. Especially the ones who were born in the good old USA.

      • Asians = Indian, Chinease, Japanese, and koreans are high academic achievers

        The Philipino education is one of the worst in the world. I don’t know where you get the information that 45% are educated. THe educational system in your tiny island country is very poor. Currently the catagory of filipino in the CUpertino union school district of silicon valley didn’t make it on Math and Language Arts. East asian have different skin tones. DOn’t know where you get the idea all Chinese nationals have same skin tones , but the chinese people do not have negrito blood like most filipinos do. Most Filipinos in their orignal form without mix blood are short stature, dark to medium brown skin and have those typical flat flat negrito noses. U can say they look like negroid noses. I have seen east asian in very pale skin even lighter than caucasian people. East Asian don’t like to claim to have european blood as most filipinos that look hideous love to claim spanish blood. This goes for those super ugly ones that have very typical negrito features claim to have spanish blood.
        It is such a joke that FIlipinos come on this site claming they are 45% educated. Not even in the United States you dumbos can beat East Asians in their academic achievement. By population size Koreans in the U.S.A. are doing the best. FIlipinos are like on the bottom comparable to Cambodians, Negroids, and all the rest of the dirt poor cournty. If FIlipines is so great, then why it needs money from U.S.A. for decades . Now you must not know that U.S.A. is in muti-trillion defecit to China. So , it is like CHina is giving you dumb asses free money. FIlipinos are bunch of dumb asses . It’s been known that your filipina women always want to marry an East Asian to get out of proverty. Any the most successful miniroty in U.S.A. is Koreans. CHinese and Indians are the two minitory grouops that owns the most small business followed closely by Koreans.

        Fillies are bunch of people that fantasy too much. The smart filipinos usually have east asian blood in them. Filipino culture is mixture of chinese, spanish and your own negrito root culture. In the Filipines a lot of food that you people like came from CHina like Pancit. Noodles were invented in CHina as many things are. Look at the size of China compare to your little rock islands. I almost can stop laught saying all chinese have yellow skin. You put shame on to the filipino people by not even knowing that is a false statement. You filipinos are so jealous and with no pride to who you are and claiming Spanish people in order to feel better.

        The Filipines always dirt poor. United States gave FIlipines multi-billions of dollars. 45% of FIlipinos are eduated?? You must got that from your wet dream fantasies. . Filipinos are bunch of leehes.In fact one is living in my brother’s house for free for years. HE is shameless and a dumbo. He cannot afford a house in the silicvonvalley and drive home to the central valley on the weekends to see his wife and children. Most of the doctors, dentists and high tech peopel aren’t FIlipino people. They are mainly either causasian and East Asians dumbo. I don’t know too many Filipinos holding high pay jobs in the siliconvalley. They work at Walmarts, grocery stores, maides, and blue collar jobs. I know some filipino dentists, but they always claim to have a mixture of blood of east asian, spanish, and some even japanese blood. As for filipino nurses in the States, my brother in law told me most are imported to the U.S. by agencies and are cheaper than the ones here, but there is a big trade off. My brother in law said they are usually low educated nurses. They can only do simple things and a few can get more education here in the States so they can do more intellectual nursing work.

        The schools classify Phililpinos in their own catagory cuz you guys are like a metling pot country for hundreds of years. Fililpinos as a catagory is not high achievers. This information you can get from all the good schools in California. Check out the Whitney high in Cerritos, Ca. CUpertino school school district, Fremont mission school district for schols like gomes, mission san jose ele, mission san jose high, etc.
        Look at who are the high achievers. Is there a catagory that put filipinos 45% educated?????? Look at Berryessa union school district of San Jose where there is a lot of FIlies and see their scores compare in to other asian scores. Other asians mean : Indian, CHinese, Japanese, Koreans. Vietnameses are like in between east asian and southeast asians Most of the south vietnamese also have negrito blood in them. This is why it is hard to tell between a fillie and a Viet cuz of same ancestors of negritos.

      • Asians = Indian, Chinease, Japanese, and koreans are high academic achievers

        Many doctors and dentists that got their degrees from Filipines aren’t good dentists and doctors. The education training and level is poor. The few that can do it usually get into the States and pass an examine, but most failed. I heard stories of FIlipinos used to be doctors and dentists in the FIlipines ended up doing clerical work here in the States when they migrated here. A PH.d. in the Filipines is below a Bachelor of Arts degree for iike a Phycial Education degree.

        NOw why is it that in the Filipines the number”8″ is a luckynumber??? That is clearly chinese believe not malay or your indigeous negrito ancestors.

        Why was there the holocaust??? Eastern European Jews (means they usally have european blood and not pure hebrew blood). They were blocked out of many professions in their new homeland. Whatever they do, they did it well. They were wealthy and they are intelligent. In European things were going bad especially in Germany, so the Nazis had to blame it on the sucessful people as the cause of their problems.
        So they kill them by the millions. Isn’t this story similar to what happen for chnese nationals in Indonesia and I heard that the filipinos are very jealous of chinese people.

        THe very rich in the Filipinos are chinese people and that goes the same in Indonesia. In INdonesia my friend told me chinese had to change their surnames to indonesian surnames. The Chinese just like the Eastern European Jews are not just smart, but they also willing to hard hard and long hours. NOw what can I say about the negrito races of people in the FIlipines. They love to fantasy and be jealous of others cuz they don’t have it. I am praying my brother comes to his sense and get that leech out of his house. Anyway the filipino guy that live in my brother’s house is an engineer????? This makes me very curious why he cannot afford his own home in the siliconvalley and he is like 46. I told my dad maybe he is a sanitation engineer. Anyone can call themselves an engineer if they want to.

        The reason why you filipinos aren’t as good is:
        1 Laziness
        2. negrito blood
        3. negrito and malay culture do not embrace education as a must
        4 Indians and East Asians are just superior.

        • narut00

          the east asians in united states are your average and common east asian; but i read the indians in united states are all professionals,usually of brahmin blood and they are like 25% of india
          -AVERAGE FILIPINO IQ= 86
          -AVERAGE INDIAN IQ=81
          but in east asia=
          -AVERAGE KOREAN IQ= 106
          so indians aren’t superior to filipinos at all

        • Asians = Indian, Chinease, Japanese, and koreans are high academic achievers

          In the high tech business of Siliconvalley. most majority of employees are either Indian , chinese, and koreans. There are some japanese, but not a whole lot. They do other stuff like dentist and doctors. The filpinos that are in high tech companies work as blue collar workers = assembly line workers = packaging things into boxes. I am not tryng to put you Filliies down, but all high tech companies that have asians are between chinese and Indian people. The next group of asians would be Koreans. In the best public school district which mean hgih property price houses there is usually a lot of INidans and chinese people living there. I don’t know where you get the idea Filipinos are at the level???????? FIlipino IQ of the filipines mean they can get IQs from any body which include malay, chiense, koreans, japanese, pure spanish people, and other people elsewhere. It doesn’t mean it is a so called “indigeous filipino IQ = negrito. The best schools in the world is in Shanghai, China, South KOrea, Japan, and Finland. The Filipines is known to have the lowest educational standard in the world. I don’t know where you get those fake information from. You need to be aware not everything posted on the web is real. YOu must go on websites that have a good reputation. If filipnios are smarter than indians, then why are most filipnos blue collar workers in the United States?????

        • narut00

          from wikipedia: With the recent wave of HIGHLY EDUCATED Indian PROFESSIONALS, Indian Americans continuously outpace most ethnic groups socioeconomically ,Thomas Friedman, in his recent book, The World is Flat, explains this trend in terms of BRAIN DRAIN, whereby the BEST and BRIGHTEST elements in India emigrate to the U.S. in order to seek better financial opportunities
          -The recent wave of Filipino professionals filling the education, healthcare, and information technology shortages in the United States ALSO accounts for the high educational attainment rates.
          –i am not expert,i don’t live in united states but from what i read,most filipinos in america are normal filipinos,also some are the brightest (thats why the article of wikipedia says professional ALSO,i am guessing) but seems that most indians in united states are the brightest sector of population,you don’t see tha same indian sucess in MALAYSIA,since most indians there were normal and average indians instead of the most intelligents, (plus they had a lot more of dravidian blood) they aren’t on par of the chinese there
          PS: i am not filipino,i am a white spaniard by race,living in mexico

        • Asians = Indian, Chinease, Japanese, and koreans are high academic achievers

          It is recorded that the filipinos were the first to enter the western hemisphere into Mexico as Laborer, but when you dig deed and get the information from Mexican Government, it is actually Filipino nationals of Southern Chinese – Guangdong = Canton chinese that entered Mexico to work as laborer ,.The filipinos however were the first asians to enter U.S.A. as sailor, but if you want to go further, the native Indians of the Americas came from Asia, the part that is between Russia and China.

        • Asians = Indian, Chinease, Japanese, and koreans are high academic achievers

          So if there are filipinos in the high tech field where are they?? What companies do they work work?? the big ones here is oracle. They purchased many companies in the past years such as peoplesoft, Sun microsystem, etc. There is google. I only see indians and east asians. Where are the fillies if this is true. Can u name where they are at??? My friend told me they work for governments cuz they get in by being who they are. There is no shortage of nurses. The college graduates of nursing degrees cannot find jobs. The person who posted this most be the same person that posted the fake informaiton on Wiki and pointing to information that he wrote on the internet and supporting proof. Wiki is a a joke. OVer 35% of the informaiton on it is false. THe hospitals import nurses from the Fllipinies cuz they are cheap and this keep cost down for health care facilities. I sure won’t want to use a hospital that has too many fillies. I probably end up dead. My brother in law and al lhis friends are medcal doctors in many special train fields. They never used a filipina nurse from the filipines to do anything of importance. You see them as low level nurses. they do duties like getting bed pans for patients to urine in and do dirty works that other high paid nurses will not do. They are like vocational nurses. that do al the simple chores.

        • narut00

          mmm i don’t know anymore,i don’t live in united states,i can’t continue with the debate,i only think you should be more specific in the future,at least say indian aryans are superior to filipinos,because crearly the dravidian indians are not,and they are like the 75% of all indians,different types of indians

        • Asians = Indian, Chinease, Japanese, and koreans are high academic achievers

          I don’t know what kind of indians they are. I am not saying 100% Indians are intelligent cuz that would be a idiotic statement. I am saying in general 75% of indians I know are intelligent people. What I am saying indians are very smart people. Filipinos to my white friends and east asian friiends aren’t even asians but more of a metling pot of everything. The filiipinos, Cambdoians, Southern Vietnamese, Thais, Indonesians, and other southeast asians genetically share negrito ancestors. This is why it is hard to tell them apart.

        • East Asian are blacker than the average Filipino. They also smell bad.
          I was on the beach in Hawaii and this guy with a straight hair was so black He had to smile so I could see him. Man I never saw a Blacker person than that Indian.He was ever blacker than a Negro. I mean I go surfing every day in the sun and never got that Black. Tell me, ” Why are East Indians so Black?” If you live in California why are you so dumb. Do some simple research and educate yourself. Check this site out before you blabber your mouth.

      • WhatThe

        LoL, I have no doubt that the East Asian slant eyes are much better-looking than the broad and flat noses that Southeast Asians have. Chinky eyes can definitely look good on a perfectly structured face, but a broad, flat nose is hideous and incurable.


    • What is wrong being dark??

      Native Filipinos are not light skin people. It is only the ones from the mongoloid race that is light. The ones from the proto-austronesians and austronesians are dark naturally. Southeast asians genes are dark cuz of their location. They also have wide & flat noses. I read the dark skin and flat & wide noses are due to climate reasons. Flat & wide noses are better for breating in hot climates. And the dark skin is to protect them from the burning sun,
      Negritos migrated from Indonesian, New Guinea, Oceania, etc. upward North. They first entered Indo-china (Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, etc) and a very small population migrated into Southern China and stayed there. Negritos are not aboriginal of Southern China . Some negrito migrated into China then into the Korean peninsula. This is why Koreans have southeast asian blood.
      China is just a name of a nation that was formed by combining too many kingdoms together. China is huge. To the very North, people look very mongoloid like mongolians and koreans. To the South they are less mongoloid looking. Mongolian invasion had changed the genes of the chinese population mainly in the North.

      The pretty filipinos aren’t even filipinos. They can be polynesians, spanish, and a mixture of them with mongoloids. Have any of you been to the filipines and see how their average people look like. They don’t look like their european-spanish looking celebrities. What does this mean?? Most half breeds of native filipino blood aren’t pretty. They still look like negritos.
      Vanessa Millano (spelling) is polynesian and her mom is a polynesian filipino which mean she is ethnic polynesian of filipino nationality. Also Vanessa Hundgren is not of native filipino blood. Her mother is chinese & spanish but was born in the filipines. Her dad is german, Irish, cherokee indian , but too many filipino sites have the two vanessa listed as having native filipino blood. Also phoebe cates don’t have native filipino blood. Her moother is chinese and spanish blood. Her dad is russian jew.

  66. Big G

    Please tell our Filipino teachers and the Filipino authors of our Philippine History textbooks that they were lying because in our textbooks Philippine history it was mentioned that Filipino came from Malays, Indonesians, and the Negritos and then please prove it to them as well as to our government. I hope you will stand with your own facts.

    • We are all asians.

      Isn’t being a filipino/flipina is just a nationality and not an ethnicity. . The people of the filipines originated from several places. And yes, one ethnic group of the filipinos is malay stock. But I don’t know if all indonesians are malay stock or not. I have not the time to do my research on this area. I know just a little that Indoneisans are also austronesian stock people and they have not just one tribal group. Please go and google “malay” and on there you can at least read a little about their ancestors.
      Gee, I love all asian food. It is all so Yummy.

  67. Big G

    Another thing. The inhabitants in the Philippines that look like Chinese are actually Chinese and we call them Filipino Chinese because they were born here but their ancestors really came from China. These Chinese people knows that they have no blood relation with the pure Filipinos. In fact they prevent or don’t even let their daughters or sons marry a Filipino because it is taboo to them. If someone marries a Filipino with no Chinese ancestry they disown them. Tell us more how Filipinos and Chinese are related. Probably even the Chinese in Malaysia prevent their sons and daughters marry a Malay or Indian. Another thing even in the Spanish times the Spanish forces drove these Chinese merchants away from the Philippines with the help of the Filipino forces long time ago because they were growing in numbers. They were merchants at that time and have been proliferating in the Philippines to exchange deals with the Spaniards. For 250 years their goods were brought to Mexico(Acapulco) by way of the Pacific Ocean aboard their ship and these goods were brought to Spain by way of the Atlantic ocean.

    • We are all asians.

      This is funny what @G wrote. I never heard of Chinese disowning their children for marry someone of their choice. Maybe it is a rare situation. Maybe the filipino is a gang memeber, jobless, or someone that isn’t considered good in any society. I don’t believe chinese are even like that. I am korean myself and chinese are the least prejudice people .In fact they are the least. Chinese married Mexicans from hundreds of years ago form history fact findings. They also married Pervian and Mullato Jamacian women when they went there as laborers. They also like korean women especially the cute to pretty face ones. The important factor for them is that their children marry a good person and they don’t discriminate against ethnicity or race like koreans do. Some koreans don’t even care anymore who their children marry if the person is good heart. The big factor for any parents I believe is that their children do not marry anyone abusive!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Filipinos just like any of us are human beings. They all have different personalities. There are mean ones and nice ones. I know all too many filipinos that marry chinese, japanese, european whites, and a few that married black americans. As for me, no big deal. This is what make U.S.A. a great place to live.
      The bottom line is who is the biggest invaders in the world??
      europeans. With Asiam, the biggest invader that killed over 1/2 of asian population in the 12 century was mongolians. Other than that, I don’t see any asian going and conquering the Americas and Asia islands and countries.
      Sorry no time to proofread. I am tryig to do several things at the same time. Talking on the phone and replying to emails.
      Thanks for reading

    • Original Southeast asians came from negritos, malay and indonesian people

      This Robert Linsay is insane. The orignal people in the Filipine islands are negritos, malays and indonesians. The javanese of indonesia however looks very oriental looking with super dark skin. They don’t have mongoloid genes in them. The whole southeast asian population was at one time negritos, malay and indonesian types of people. Because of where they are located they have natural super dark skin, very wide flat noses (for better breathing) and very coarse hair to coarse hair. Some of these people in the southeast region of Asia got mixed blood to give them a different look than their original ancestors look. Genetics is a very complicated issues. Someone that may have european blood, arabic, other east asian blood may not show it on their facial features right away. I see someone who has only 1/4 european blood look caucasian than mongoloid. I am saying this cuz too many filipinos, malays, indoneisans, Thais, Vietnamese, etc (all southeast asians) keep saying they look caucasian is not true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The most noticeable out of anything is southeast asian have those super , super big wide flat noses and no nose tips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some did plastic surgery while others just have gene pool from outside of their negrito/malay/indoneisan race to alter that. Some malay have arabic blood in them and arabic is caucasian people.
      Also besides having those super, super wide flat noses with no nose tips, they also are short stature. Most of the natives of the filipines also have small eyes, slanted super big, wide, flat noses, dark to medium brown skin, very short stature, thick/coarse hair. The better looking ones usually have foreign blood in them. The Thais do prefer lighter skin people, but that is strange cuz the indigeous Thais are naturally super dark skin and are the same people that is spread throughout Southeast ASIA (negritios, malaym, and indonesians). The pretty Thais always are mixed blood. If u go to see the general population of any southeast asia countries, you will see most are short stature, super, wide flat noses, most have oriental eyes, and dark to medium brown skin. The natives of Central and South Americas’ have very oriental features too and their modern day people that have more than 70% of european blood always deny they have mongoloid blood in them until findings from DNA test tell them otherwise.

  68. Big G

    I think the inhabitants you saw in Hong Kong are actually Filipinos because plenty of Filipinos are working there as a domestic helpers or other office jobs.

    • Original Southeast asians came from negritos, malay and indonesian people

      Southeast asians with the except of Vietnam cuz North Vietnam consist of people originated from East Asia are usually high achievers. Southeast asians are not the same when it comes to intelligence either. Vietnam is a country made of three kindgoms. It consists of people of China, champ, mon, khmer, and various similar ethnic people there. Any of the Southeast Asians can naturally have oriental eyes. If you look at some of the Africans, some of them have small eyes too, some have very oriental looking faces with super dark skin and kinky hair, so are some of these brainless southeast asians going to say that they are mixed with Chinese??? Too many dumbos on this site. Humans are known to crawl out of East Africa, so what does this tell you dumb asses????? Smart kids that are asians in United States schools are usually East Asians (Chinese, Japanese, and koreans) plus Indians (India). Sorry Southeast Asians you are only 1% in that catagory.

  69. Matt

    I just returned from a business trip in the Philippines–and I know lots of Filipinos in the U.S.–and one thing I learned is that just about every Filipino you’ve ever heard of has some recent (Han) Chinese ancestry. Also, I’m not convinced that most Filipino Chinese are that separatist, as their strain seems to have diffused far and wide into the population, at least in the north and around the Greater Manila area. There are definitely diverse Filipino phenotypes (Filiphenotypes?), but they are clearly a characteristically Asian people, and I’m not sure where the superiority complex other Asians have in relation to Filipinos comes from.* There is, of course, the same, typical North-South efficiency gap also on view if one compares Norway with Southern Italy, but no sane person would say Italians are inferior to Scandinavians.

    My guess is that Filipinos are a thoroughly mixed people. I know of one Filipino family where one of the daughters looks Malay, the other daughter could pass as Chinese or even Korean, and the son looks Southern Chinese or Vietnamese. And this is one family, mind you.

    *Speaking of poorly endowed Asian nationalists with delusions of adequacy, I wonder where Huax and that Korean Nazi dude have gotten to?

    • Big G

      Actually if you were born in the Philippines you will know that these Filipino-Chinese culture regarding “preventing their kids to marry a Filipino” are very much true. In fact I have some Filipino-Chinese friends and office mates sharing up their stories that they have to preserve their culture and race here in the Philippines. That’s why there is a “China Town” here in the Philippines located in the “Binondo district” and “Divisoria district” of Manila exclusively for Chinese. Their culture is 100% totally different from Filipino culture. We can’t understand them when they talk. Some of them can’t speak Tagalog fluently. Some of them look down on Filipinos as low levels. Before we don’t celebrate Chinese New Year but we celebrate it now in respect of these Filipino-Chinese.

      • We are all asians.

        Do you know that there is a koreans living in China. There is about 3 million documented koreans living in China, but no one knows the number of undocumented koreans. They are usually defectors from North Korea.
        Some koeans have ancestors of the Northeast Chinese. In ancient time they are called Gogurian. There is a huge dispute for a long time about this. So , What I am trying to point out to the author of this article is he doesn’t know enough about the asians and their DNA to write something like that. The low percentage of Negritios living in Southern China is the migration of them from the malay peninsula, Indonesia upward North. They are the indgeious people of the whole Indo-China.
        The authors theory is that filipinos originated from Southern CHina is bogus. How he explain the dark skin of people in the whole Southeast Asia. It is not just the Filipinos that are very dark skin. I saw Thais, VIetnamese especialy from South Vietnam, Burmese, loatians, and Cambodians equally as dark. Most of the dark skin asians have DNAs that trace them to either New Guinea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, all the southeast asian islands, and also an island very close off the coast of Africia. Central and South amerians also have super dark skin. The ones with lighter skin have european genes. Most of them do in the Americas due to them invading everyone’s land.

        And yes filipino people is a melting pot of people. They can look from very latin to Negro looking . And in between I saw too many look east asian or vietnamese..

        • Look sweetheart, you can’t call me bogus and say I don’t know what I am talking about. I ban on that stuff.

          I have revised my theory about the Filipinos. The male line comes from Taiwan, but the female line is indigenous to Island SE Asia (ancient “Malay” if you will). The original peoples of South China were Australoid, Negrito to Melanesian looking. Dark skin in inland SE Asia is an indigenous feature. The original SE Asians looked something like Melanesians.

        • Huax

          I don’t know if the original people in South China were Australoid – are Austronesians being counted?

          There were a lot of Australoids in insular Southeast Asia, as far as I know. And Matt, I wouldn’t be calling anyone poorly endowed – whites have the smallest ‘endowments’ on average.

        • All of the original people of South China are Australoid. A Negrito to Melanesian type was typical in this area from anywhere from 2-22,000 YBP. In the north of China, there was another Australoid type, more Ainuid. The Mongoloid race is only 9,000 years old.

        • Jake

          East Asians have the smallest endowments and female attraction ability on average. Say, what if China went to war with India, would the Chinese steamroll them? Its two of the smallest endowed races there are.

    • Huax

      That’s like calling Ethiopians “dark skinned Europeans”.

  70. randy

    I see a lot of thais, viets and south east asian people looking like filipinos…you just have those han chinese coming over and mixing it up with the locals for hundreds of years and you get the modern filipino with the exception of the aeatas….representing Canton, Michigan by way of Cebu PHilippines….hahahhaa.

    • none of us have all the perfect features.

      the thais’, viets, burmesea, loatians, and cambodians are share negrito ancestors. The iight skin and taller and more refined noses aren’t indigeous people’s features. Southeast asian are naturally dark, shlort stature, and most of their noses are broad and most are flat.

  71. Tyler Lee

    There are some overlapping in term of appearance between Filipinos and South Chinese due to some past chinese miggration to the Philippines, but it is quite obvious if you look around that the vast majority of Fiipinos have looks similar to Malays and Indonesian, with similar cuture and languages.

    • Jenny Kang

      All indigeous people of Southeast asia are naturally dark to super dark skin. It is the other people from other places that migrated there and intermixed with them gave them their pale to lighter skin. This shouldn’t be any dispute. Malay, Indonesians, Pacific Islands, Southeaast Pacific Islands, Thais, loatians, burmeses cambodians and Vietnamese have roots with the austronesians and/or negritos.

      • Hoang Yi

        Ethnic Vietnamese (Kinh) do not have austronesian or Negrito roots. The Vietnamese came from Southern China and the Northernmost part of modern day North Vietnam. People with Austronesian or Negrito roots are Malay, Cambodians, Indonesians, Filipinos, Taiwanese aboriginals etc. and NOT Vietnamese people. The only people in Vietnam with austronesian roots are the Cham and Khmer ethnic minorities. Please research before you comment.

        • Wow

          But Vietnamese people are so ignorant, they don’t even know that majority of the jing = kinh came from central plains of China. Mostly the ones from N. Vietnam are from China. They are light skin, tall, and some have tall sharp noses, but they don’t know it. they think they are real viets. Real viets are austronesians or protoaustronesians = negritos are super dark skin, super wide noses, and flat too. Their noses look like those very negroid looking africans. I noticed how they keep saying they are not mongoloid people cuz they keep thinking chinese, japanese, mongolians, & japanese all have small slanted eyes, but this is their ignorance. There was a DNA test on people across southern china and northern vietnam, and the DNA is the closest. The jing or kinh people of China migrated ther in massive amount around 2,000 years ago.

          Indigeous people of thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Loas, and Burma are all the same proto- austronesians people.
          I know many of these people including filiipinos, indonesians, malaysians keep saying they look more caucasian which is bull shit. Look at the ones in remote villages that haven’t been mixed clearly looks negroid looking.
          The ones that have nicer looking noses usually have genes from whites, and east asians that usually have better looking noses. Look at the Thai celebrities, none of them are dark. Why??? They don’t like dark skin and some bleached their skin and most Thais’ prefer light skin people. OH, check out the Javanese of Indonesian. They look very negroid looking with oriental faces, so some of you southeast asian want to say they are mixed with mongoloid people???? Come on. Malay, Indonesians, etc all have uglylooking people and stop the fantasies that your kind have refined features. It is called plastic surgery.

  72. mccormick

    this article is stupid and needs to be erased! allt eh filipinos Ive seen are very fair/white in color!!!
    and also, there are whites who come in many shades!!!! tan,etc!!! race isnt determined by skintone! there are dark skinned people in every country!!

  73. Hoang Yi

    Ethnic Vietnamese (Kinh) are NOT at all dark only the the ethnic minorities such as Khmer or Cham or the people that have intermixed with these ethnic minorities.

  74. Khalil

    I have a question for Robert Lindsay. I am French/Choctaw and African American on my fathers side. Irish/Mende on my mothers side. My wife is Filipino from Laoag. When my daughter was born the doctor said she had a Mongolian birth mark which means she’s Asian. I found out that africans and Native Americans also have this Mongolian mark. I’d like your opinion on how the Mongolian mark makes my daughter an Asian or not. I also heard that native Americans are Asian and African mixes.

  75. khalil

    Thanks for answering. I appreciate it.

  76. khalil

    Have you heard any truth that in USA the race of the child is what the father is? Also, what percentage would constitute a racial classification? Or is it more complex than that? Like dominant and recessive genes, facial features, culture and society.

    • VietsBringShametoSoutheastASIANS

      The race of the child is what the father is in U.S.A. I never heard of that. That is not a true statement. If you are mix, you catagorize yourself as other or biracial. People should be proud of who they are. But I feel bad for the Southeast Asians cuz they are alway seen as academically not as bright as the East Asians. Most of the high achievers are Chinese, japanese, and koreans. Viets are the worst. They wannabe what they aren’t. It is embarrassing. Modern day Viets are part austronesian. Vietnam from what I read is form from 3 kingdoms. Viets are shameless breed of subhumans.

    • With a few exceptions race in the USA is based on superficial appearance, not actual parentage. If you have any visible evidence of black ancestry, for instance, white people will label you black and black people will accept you as same.

      As an example of this our current president is 50% white and 50% black but people almost exclusively refer to him as being black. Another example is Tiger Woods, who is 50% Asian, 25% black and 25% white but has been embraced by the American black community as one of their own. An opposite example is my half-brother who is 62.5% white, 12.5% black and 25% Lebanese yet is considered to be a white guy because he looks 100% Italian.

  77. khalil

    I am mixed, my father and my mother too. But we are still Black. Since being a darker color equates most with being Black in America I consider Southeast Asians the Black Asians. Watching asian television I can see that the lighter ones are most certainly singled out as representative of those people. Even though I have seen way more dark skin Asians than light ones. Adding to it most Asian women lighten their skin, I would say it’s more than I initially thought. I thought it was crazy to hear that the U.S. government thought of sending Black slaves to the Philippines. What about India, how do you feel about Indians are Eastern Asians but account for the world’s most illiterate?

  78. khalil

    Barack Obama is considered to be an African American, not mixed. He father is Black. I don’t think America would consider him Black if his father was white. I don’t consider people subhumans. I believe the most beautiful people are mixed. Isn’t an austronesian Black? Wonders never cease to how many different categories can be made to identify a person as black, lol. The Japanese have a oral history of their Samurai having black bloodto be a true samurai.

  79. khalil

    Japan, China and Korea will probably blow each other to smithereines, lol. Living with SE Asians I found that they are too mixed to be considered SE Asian anymore. I would say they are colonized. SE Asians are to Japanese what Native Americans are to Europeans.

  80. khalil

    Fascinating discussion. I think dark people are just Black/African. Like it or not. Living in Hawaii and meeting all of the other neighboring SE Asians like Tonga, Samoa, Marshall Islands, etc… I came to a very real conclusion that there is no distinct black/African look. What really seperates people is the skin color of the groups. People trying to keep their race pure have grouped all others in an attempt to control the spread of dark skin people. The Mormons are probably the most famous for this.

  81. khalil


  82. khalil


  83. khalil


  84. mole ladisla santos

    to those who said that filipino are very dark or too dark and with a very wide noses i think they never been in the philippines… majority of the filipino are lighter dark.. its a mixture of diffirent people.. filipino is not a race only a nationality… a melting pot of diff race..malay,indonesian, chinese,spanish and american.. the fair skin filipino are found in the city of metro manila.. the light brown found in the province.. the spanish mestizo spread all over metro manila.. cebu,davao & zamboanga & they still speak chavacano( mixed spanish & local dialect) … the americam mixed filipino found in olongapo city & angeles…( where the US based found ) .. iam a filipino born & raised in the philippines but now living in california.. me my self is a mixture of malay,indonesian,chinese & spanish… i have a very lighter or fair skin.. brown eyes..stand 5’8.. the average height of filipino for male is 5’4 to 5’6 & to female 5’2 to 5’4.. some much more taller up to 5’10 to 6ft… because of my curiosity of my ancestry i decide to undergone DNA test.. i found out that 30% of my genes are european, 20% chinese & the remaining percent austronesian… i knew this because my father has spanish & chinese blood & my mother side has austronesian.. but their is a breakdown on my mother side cause some of my mothers sister are fair skin… while the rest of my family on my father side are spanish appearance…. to those who said that a filipino with mixed caucasian & austronesian are more asian ..thats not true a filipino mixed with caucasian are more caucasian looking … the chinese or other oriental mixed caucasian are more oriental looking cause chinese genes is pure while filipino is mixture of diffierent races… oh by the way the one who posted that obama’s father is white..not true.. obama’s mother is white while his father is black not the other way around..

    • Monkey Do Monkey See

      This is so funny. What is a nationality. China was at one time made of over 100 kingdoms, then down to 10, then to 1. I see many austronesians looking likes apes and monkeys, so that is beautiful?????? I saw many filipinos mix with whites look very asians. Majority of filipinos I saw while I was station there were short, flat wide noses and very oriental looking. Proto-austronesians or austronesians do have big wide faces and big flat wide huge noses with no tips.

      • 陈先生

        Hi Mr. 30% European,

        I’ve been to the Philippines countless number of times – mostly Metro Manila. I’ve been to Clark, Baguio, Cavite, Bicol, Cebu, Subic, Vigan and many places. The only place I’ve not seen is Mindanao.
        Please let me know which place there can I find people whom the majority are not “very dark or too dark and with a very wide noses”. Definitely not in the places I visited. Have I missed any?
        Are you really from the Philippines, Mr. “30% european”?

        • mole

          My genetic test said it! If you are not idiot and read my post u will understand what I said!

    • fabiole

      The topic is really misplaced. The question really should be, “Why are white people so white.” As a person born and raised in Hawaii, I’m happy with my brown skin. I have a question,, have’t any of you seen a white man with his shirt off.? My Lord you’ll need dark glasses to get away from the glare bouncing off their skin. In Hawaii we are proud of our brown skin.
      Brown people arise and conquer the earth. Cast aside the colonial notion that white is beautiful. Believe that Brown is beautiful and how lucky you are. Imagine,you don’t have get a tan.

      • The Mexican is proud of his mixed heritage. A healthy and comforting dilution of disgusting native genes intermixed with the hearty strengthening of the weak and spineless eurogenes. This is the Mexican mark of pride!

  85. Maganda

    I am bothered by your comment, “So the dark skin of Filipinos is to be expected, and there is no need to postulate Negrito genetic ingression. Filipinos aren’t really that dark anyway. A lot of native peoples at that latitude are a lot darker than Filipinos.”

    I am 100% Filipina and I am DARK!!

    By the way, for you to deny the apparent Negrito genes in the Filipino shows a personal statement as though you do not wish to ADMIT that we are strongly connected to the Negritos and indigenous people who were here first. You are a BAD anthropologist!

    • All right baby, you are banned.

      • Original Southeast asians came from negritos, malay and indonesian people

        Indigeous Southeast asians naturally do have super large flat noses, dark skin, and short stature. Some look like negroids while others look less with straight hair and/or lighter skin. The way how filipinos look like today is from a metling pot of other genes comeing from East Asia, European, and Asia Minor (arabs). Arabs had F*ck Malay women. I am sorry to say, but only the mixed ones are better looking. About 85% of the Filipino celebritties are mixed gene people. I see too many flat wide faces and flat wide noses filipinos. It is very funny to see very oriental faces sitting in the classroom with teachers doing roll call and them answering to spanish surnames. I was shocked to hear some Filipinos are so ignorant thinking Indigeous people of the FIlipinos are spanish people and the oriental came and F*ck them.

        • dutchindos

          how do you make an insulting comment,Do you compare the DNA of all the studies, the Filipinos has a lot of nigger DNA when compared with Indonesian. Java has a population of closeness with a population of china dna “zhuang”. you do not believe please seek Dna People Indonesian especially “Javanese” they do not have nigger blood, many are jealous of Indonesia??? why???… I’m chinse Indonesia “cantonese” Vietnamese people most nasty, short body, having a very smelly body odor, , and most filipinos has a negro karasterik most of the population in South East Asian

  86. The

    Problem is, Robert, you have mischievously conflate Taiwanese with Chinese, and using the aboriginal Taiwanese as being Chinese. Filipinas look with Ami – whose nationality is Chinese.

    • jonny

      Why is average philipino IQ is low compared to East Asians???Go to Java Indonesia, Oceania, and New Guineas where some of the purest of Filipino ancestors. They do nor have refined features. There is ones that look very oriental with flat noses and super dark skin. Don’t telll me the oriental faces came from Chinese people. What is CHinese??? China has people having different looks. The filipines is very small. I hate it when I get mistaken as a filipino. I do not have dark skin, short stature, those flat wide nose. Filipinos come and speak to me in tagalo(spellin???)

      • jayjay

        Chinese are same all over maybe there is difference between Northern and Southern Chinese. But maybe Uighurs and Tibetans look different from the Chinese

  87. jayjay

    some peoples suffer from racial snobbery. you know look down on others to feel good about oneself? “Racism comes from the need to feel superior

  88. jayjay

    Yesterday I saw a very dark Dravidian with absolutely white features. Leptorhinne nose big round eyes and small thin lips. So go figure. Indians confuse the lot

  89. jayjay

    If we believe in evolution and evolving out of apes. Can we say that the higher nosed people are more evolved because the ape has a flat face?i.e. ther further away from them a race is the more evolved it is?

      • jayjay

        ah dont be angry Thamir. You might not be highly evolved though.

        • California the best.

          Eastern Jews are the smartest and next is east asians, but the blacks are on the bottom. This is according to be the bell curve book that came out in the 80’s. This explains why the Southeast asians don’t excell in school. I am talkinga about population size. Filipino scores are good in the high API schools of California, but they usually are lower than the East Asian API. This count for the filipinos in high API schools of California is more like between 3 to 1%. OUt of these percentage they usually have some east asian blood. Most of the Thai doctors in United States have chinese ancestory , but with a Thai surname. Eastern european jews are very smart and I have known many. All the rich ones are east european jews like Spielberg, Albert Eistein, etc. I think the Bell curve is so right. In the Filipines a Ph.d is equivalent to a B.A. degree from a college/university that is easy to get accepted. Filipinos only used the metizos as celebrities. Even the ones that look very spanish claim to be pure filipino blood is such a lied!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. BTW, I saw Lou Diamond Phillips on a repeat of one of the celebrity cook offs yesterday. The dude is seriously annoying. I never realized how much I don’t like the guy. Maybe it’s cause he presumed to be Mexican in “La Bamba.” He’s lame and smarmy.

  91. kai lopez

    I am full blooded Filipino and I don’t look Chinese at all my skin is dark and my eyes are round my mom and dad are both from the philipines …. some of us have negro or nigrito gene

    • Joseph

      Thank you for respecting your African blood. Whites people have lied for years. The truth is they are not as good as people of color now or never.

  92. Michael

    vetnam poor countries, full of shit .. body odor, you most humiliated like the philippines is poor but they are very arrogant nation with “Spanish colonial” after they were killed many of their people, the basis of foolish people, Indonesia is a very dignified nation, and we are always rewarded in Asia

  93. Michael

    Our “Chinese” really hate to Vietnamese, they are not part of east asian, because they are a nation of very low,. in Asian

  94. Michael

    how do you make-an insulting comment, Do you compare the DNA of all the studies, the Filipinos has a lot of nigger DNA when Compared with Indonesian. Javanese has a population of closeness to the Chinese population dna “zhuang”. You can not believe just look for particular DNA People Indonesia “Javanese” they do not have nigger blood, many are jealous Indonesia??? Why??? … I’m chinese Indonesian “Cantonese” . Vietnamese people are the most evil, short body, having a very smelly body odor, and the Philippines, most have karasterik negro majority of the population in Southeast Asia.

    • Zhuang is Jing = kinh people. VIetnamese = Negritos & kinh people mixed

      Javaneses are not close to Chinese Javaneses are ancient negrito people. Zhuang people is the modern day Jing = kinh people of Vietnam. Indidgeous vietnese people are negritos. They migrated to Indo-China a long time ago, but the southern chinese didn’t migrate into INdonesia until more recent (with a couple hundred years ago). I don’t know why there is so many dumb asses on this blog. Chinese and Southeast asian are not the same. Philipinos, Malay, Indidgeous Vietnamese, Cambodians, Thais are all the same negrito ancestors. It is hard to tell the indigeous viets, Cambodians, Thais, indonesian, malayisan apart. They all look like negroids with very dark skin, those negroid noses, short stature, and some even have kinky hair like negroids. Modern day Vietnamese people of part negrito and part kinh people. The original people of Vietnam are negritos. They came from Indonesia. That was been proven dumb asses. Filipinos are super dark, short statures, and many have big wide flat noses.
      Why so my FIlipinos keep thinking they have spanish blood even though they look like negroids??? Fililpinos , VIetnamese, Thais, Cambodians, Laotians are very closely related through their negrito ancestors.

  95. Kelsey

    Hi Robert,

    It is a very interesting article indeed. Anyway, I think you might want to consider looking into our Spanish descent as most Filipinos do have “Spanish blood” in them. You’ll never know, you might end up researching how Filipinos are hooked up with the Americans (in a good way). In my own belief, I do despise being called as Chinese as we Filipinos are neat, clean and do not take everything on a bulk basis.

    • In my own belief, I do despise being called as Chinese as we Filipinos are neat, clean and do not take everything on a bulk basis.

      A “bulk basis.” Wow, Kelsey, I think you coined Third World thought patterns (inside and outside the USA) in a simple phrase.

      I live in the scummier part of East LA, and that sums up the expectations of most lower class Mexican Americans around here. Everything in a fucking “bulk basis.” Everything.

      • Philipinos are either or a mixture of Malay, Indonesian and negritos.

        Socially Extinct,
        Manilla is the Ghetto of the world. It is one of the most dirtiest cities on planet earth Philiipino are low class. Where you get the idea most Filipinos have Spanish blood in them. You mean most filipinos have malay, Indonesian and negrito blood The malay, Indonesians and all these dark skin southeast asian all came from Protoaustronesian and some are from austronesiaon . Austronesians came from photo austronesian . Average Filipino IQ is very low like negroids. Have u heard of the bell curve book that was writen in the 80’s. Negroids are on the bottom of the chain. They should also included the negritos which is your ancestors . Ha, ha, ha Filipinos lived in ghettos here in the states too. They score very low and you must be dreaming that filipinos are like the negroids of Asia.

      • Philipinos are either or a mixture of Malay, Indonesian and negritos.

        bulk basis?? WTF does that mean you dark skin, flat nose, short stature monkeys???? Filipino women are a dime a dozen. They are brainless and they are known as the dark skin FUcking machine. Filipinos are much of dumb asses that they allowed the Spanish people to rule them. Gee! bunch of losers when it was so easy to get rid of them and you idiots didn’t. I would be ashame to be Filipino a country of bunch of monkeys.

  96. Michael

    Philippines is a “Malay polynesian” meaning they are a mix of Malay and Polynesian in their tribes .. crap you say Indonesia blacks! I saw nothing like that, depending on the climate in which they live, my china Indonesia we here famous wealth, china Indonesia is the richest and respectable in the world and always ranks the top five. I feel people in the Philippines are often taunted that they are not the asians, as the skin, eyes and posture is very different from other asian,Vietnamese and korean have similarities, have a very smelly body odor,.

  97. Michael

    Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia is a nation of poor, low, always despicable, they are the people who are helpless .. in Southeast Asia … Indonesia is the master in terms of economic, military, and their natural
    properties. we are chinese Indonesia, has always supported every step of
    the government to take any policy,china is the best in asia !!! and Indonesia will be a strong nation!!!Do you know if the Korean and Japanese girls to come together with friends crowded into the Bali and Jakarta ( Indonesia) just want to have sex with men bali / Java, it is the most common here,

  98. Michael

    Chinese feel very disgusted if someone connects them with people southeast asia like the Philippines, Vietnam or Cambodia. because they are black and china calling them “black people” .. china Indonesia has a close relationship with the descendants/genetic with Manchu population.this according to genetic research from a leading university in Singapore. you know Filipinos have 20-30% blodd negrito. this is real because “DNA” can not lie about where you come from .Michael Lee

  99. Michael

    Indonesian Chinese who have close to population genetics manchu .. is the original chinese in Indonesia but not the chinese that has been mixed with the blood of local native…in Indonesia

    • Filipinos Are Asian Negroids

      I thought most chinese that migrated to Indonesia are from the Southern part of China. Manchu = manchuria are not southern chinese people. They are between North to Northeast people.

      Why Filipinos refuse to acknowledge that they have the dark skin people genes? They are not spanish people either. I don’t think all Filipinos have spanish blood. Filipinos, Cambodians, Thais, and the rest of the Southeast asians are related. I don’t know why FIlipinos wannabe have european blood in them? The Philipine Islands is where the smart foreigners made money. The dark skin people are not smart there and this is why the smart ones made so much money there.
      Look up average Filipino IQ is low. They are considered the niggers of Asia. The indigeous Thais, Cambodians are also negrito offsrpings. IT’s been proven by DNA.
      The Philipino Islands are very small. Most Filipinos live on the big islands and packed up like sardines in a can. The Philipines is the dirtiest place on earth, with lots of super poor and uneducated short stature people.
      The author of this blog should post why are the filipinos was damn dark and short stature???????

  100. Michael

    one more you forget, both the government and the Filipino people free in all respects and has always declared itself part of Spain, which makes them often despicable, weak nation but to take refuge in the armpit spain. They do not feel that the invaders are a human tragedy. you can see in Indonesia they have a very good relationship with the former Dutch colonizers, and even the Dutch have 2 million people with the blood of Indonesia as well as Indonesia has some genetic Europe, but they are not proud of, they may be proud but not in the publication. For the case of china in Indonesia, these genetic studies have been aired several times in the media, I feel china Indonesia not only from the south but also north. because they are strongly associated with the dna of the Manchus.

    • Filipinos Are Asian Negroids

      Yes, I also forgot that the Filipinos worship their invaders and most wannabe spanish over being a negrito//malay/INdonesian mixture. This is shameful. Even the ones that look very southeast asian claim to have high spanish blood which is most ridiculous. Filipinos have no pride in being who they are. People all over Southeast Asia can have very oriental faces without DNA from East Asians. I saw so many dark, short stature, and flat face oriental looking filipinos. And Javaneses are accent Indonesian people. The Indonesians that have lighter skin and good looking usually have european blood in them. Anyway I don’t understand Filpinos keep claimng their mother country is Spain when it is not. Filipino culture is a mixture of many other culutres such as spanish, chinese, indigeous people of negritos, malay and INdonesia. Someone told me many polynesians are there,but DNA wise those people also came from the Negrito ancestors. But polynesians are proud of who they are. They don’t like to fantasize about having european blood and they dislike foreigners for invading their islands. I like them cuz they have a lot of pride of who they are unlike the Filipinos.

  101. Michael

    sometimes I laugh so hard if some vidio comparing Indonesia vs Philippines OH Gosh! poor countries philipines, humiliated and helpless is not in alignment with Indonesia, Indonesia strong country.Chinese Indonesian their nation famous for its abundant wealth you know some of the leading banks, airlines, TV stations, reputable companies, Mal / five-star hotel in Indonesia, it is the belongs to chinese indonesian. we are always in the list of richest people in the world.with a wealth of assets that go hundreds of trillions of dollars

    • Filipinos Are Asian Negroids

      Filipinos are more poor than rich. They don’t know how to do business. Also the filipinos are very jealous of the sucessful foreigners. This is so sad that they are such sorry losers. Yes, I know INdonesia is famous for Bali and the Philipines is famous for its ghetto cities such as Manilla. Even the name “PHilipines” is name after a spanish king. Gee! this tell you that the fillie are bunch of dummieres. If Spain no longer ruled then, why don’t they change the name???

    • Yeh. Thats the reason they got slaughtered by the Indonesian Muslims.
      I have alot of Chinese Indonesian friends in the US where I live. They told me the story of the slaughter of the Chinese in Indonesia. Of course it’s nothing to laugh about but don’t laugh at the Filipinos. At least they did not kill off the chinese in their country. I am an American of Filipino descent.

      • Do u believe in global warming.

        The indigeous philipino people are negritos. MOdern day fillie can be mixed blood. I read the chinese was the merchants in Philipines. The Spanish trade with them the most in the FIlipines. The Spanish people in Spain wanted CHinese goods, so the stuff was transported back to Spain. I don’t think the Spanish people will allow for slaugtering chinese cuz they want the goods from them. If the malay or indigeous wanted to do that, then they will be killed by the spanish people.

    • Ed

      Keep in mind that once upon a time. your ancestor leave your homeland coz they can barely feed themselves.. I laugh at you coz your such a disgrace, hope youll be so rich that you get kidnap

  102. Do u believe in global warming.

    No one answer why Filipinos love to fantasize they have spanish blood??? There are Spanish families in the Filipines and they are 100% Spanish, but they call themselves FIlilpinos due to them born in the Philipines.
    In Spain there are the european looking ones and always the ones that are dark or dark and more like non european blood . I read in Spain like any other countries do have people from South of them migrated there. I read the Moor(spellilng) are mixed in some spanish population. THey originated from Africa.

    • Do u believe in global warming.

      Those are heavy into foreign blood. They are Filipino by nationalty, but ethnicity wise, they are not heavy malay, or negrito blood people. Why do Filipinese always used people with heavy foreign blood to represent their people. Real Fillies don’t look like this. They look like the ugly Cambodians.

    • Ed

      Not all filipinos claim they have spanish blood, WHY the fuck are you guys generalizing…

  103. Michael

    you made ​​a comment that makes no sense, you physically like niggers/moluccan peoples, do not look nothing like mixed, the Philippines is Asia Fake people, this is the term” term” white people, and so on to the Philippines. I pity the author makes a post like this, you make the filipina always in a matter of public humiliation

    • Eat good Food

      The indigeous people of the Filipinos are negritos . The author is not wrong about this. . The negritoes are also the same people that lives in Australia and throughout the deep southeast Asia area. THe scientist don’t know why some become austronesians while others remain proto-austronesians(negirtios). The migrations of Northeast Asians and Europeans (mainly Spanish people) had changed the blood of the original people of Philipines. Philipines is known as the melting pot for at least 100 years. They had spanish people and chinese people there the longest. . The Japanese and other like koreans migrated there later. China is a super huge country and the Philipines is very small islands, so of course there is way more chinese nationals. Not all chinese look are the same. I know some filipinos that are actually 100% ethnic people of China .They have large eyes, sharp noses light skin, and their faces are more of caucasian shape.
      Now my question is why philipinos always used people that are heavy mixed blood to represent them??? Majority of philipinos are short stature, dark to medium skin tone and they look nothing like their celebrities. Go to manilla and you see how they really look like. “NOTING LIKE THE ONES THEY POSTED ON TH E INTERNET”.

      • Michael

        Your “asians fake “your physical unlike other Asian people” you make a comment just to cover yourself, you ” filipinos” have the DNA negro / austroloid very high among Asian countries (20-30%), your state adaalah as poor as Cambodia, myanmar a so on. anda bukan level dari Indonesia. you Country are not the level of Indonesia. Always be MATERIAL humiliation in Indonesia, Thailand and malaysia.

  104. Michael "Chinese Han the best "

    did you ever go to a few places in Indonesia, such ” peoples” they have a distinctive face and eyes from east asia are very narrow. they are like a mix of chinese / korean, the majority of them have light skin but lighter again living in cold regions such as the people of the tribe of western Java or sundanese / Bandung, Oh my god,,, there are many women who are very beautiful, wearing shorts .. T-shirts, has an ideal body posture.

    • Southeast Asians are negrito offsprings

      South koreans are mainly people with a lot of plastic surgeries. I do not find korean good looking at all. North koreans and south koreans don’t look alike due to south koreans are all fake faces with too much plastic surgery to remove their northeast asian looks. Koreans, parts of Japan, Monglia and parts of China have the so called northeast looking faces cuz they are the same ethnic people that lived in different countrires. The northeast asians and mongolians are the people with high percentage of slanted eyes.. Some Indonesians are good looking cuz they have mixed blood. Indoneisan an Filipinos I cannot tell the difference?????????????????

    • Chinese woman beautiful? You have to cheat to have a world class winner. Read this article and weep.

  105. Asians = Indian, Chinease, Japanese, and koreans are high academic achievers

    The minority that is doing the best in the U.S.A. is korean. They are the wealthiest amont minorities. I don’t know some of you FIllies get your data from, but FIlipinos are no where on the top. FIllies are classified in the U.S.A. as Southeat Asians and economically disadvantage people. Like I said earlier, the Filipines continuously to get mola from U.S.A. I know U.S.A. used them to spy on countires like CHina and Korea.
    Filipines is weak tiny rock island cournty and has no power .
    Right now in the Cupertino school district thre is high numbers of indians and koreans being no. 1’s. They graduated from the best high schools. There is no filipino holding any of these poistion yet!!!!!!!!!!

  106. Asians = Indian, Chinease, Japanese, and koreans are high academic achievers

    There are filipinos working in the computer field, but it is through government positive where you have to hire them. There is however, none that I know of in the hgh tech busines as software engineers, and those high paid jobs 140 and above. I only seen caucasians, chinese, koreans, and indians, but never a fillie. I know many of my friends work in high paid jobs,and we talkede about why it is all the above groups of people.. There is no negroids. I know some caucasian see filipinos as negroids by intelligence level Fiilipinos look like oriental negroids. I remember seeing many with small eyes and flat noses brown skin looking same like cambodians, but with spanish surnames. I thought it is funny when the teacher calls out a name that doesn’t sound oriental, and a very orietnal face answers to it. More than 40% of filipines have oriental features. Only the ones that look negrito like have the large round eyes. Many filipinos have slanted eyes, flat, wide negroid noses, big faces, and big heads, and short.

    The pretty ones are always have foreign blood . Maybe this is the reason why the people of Filiipines owrships their invaders of Span. The indigeous people don’t like their looks and wanna interbreed with foreigns to alter their true forms.

    • narut00

      “Filipino is just a nationality not an ethnicity” ok i guess is the same for india
      -“They are actually cantonese people that migrated to the filipines” ok i could write something similar: some indians are actually aryans that migrated to india;
      -“They are light skin, big eyes, and nice looking”= is the same to those indians that look more european than dravidian
      -“I don’t believe they professionals that enter the united states have much negritos or any negrito blood.”= the same,i don’t believe many indian professionals that enter the united states have much dravidian blood
      -so maybe in a way you were right; maybe the indian aryas are slightly more intelligent than filipinos,but it seems that the dravidian indians are less intelligent,so needed to be specific,since india is many races actually and not a single ethnicity at all,in this clip you could see how the main actors look more aryan (he even have green eyes) and the other cast look more dravidian:

    • Hey Indie: this is where they work. Also look at my prior US Census Bureau data on the percentage of Filipino-Americans with colleges degrees (44%).I own a house in south San Jose, My two son are Engineers (Civil and Electrical) San Jose State and Colorado State. You are the stupid one for being so intolerant.

      • Tiff Mendosa

        The JAPS have most slanted small slit eyes. The Japs you think is one is actually Ainu (indigenous people of Japan and not Japanese people). They have deep set eyes and the japs that have bigger eyes and double eyelids have ainu blood. Indigeous Filipinos are dark skin, big wide flat nose, flat faces,brown to dark brown skin. Some east Asians do naturally have tall narrow noses like Caucasians naturally. This occurs in East Asian population like 20% of the time. Sorry to burst your bubble but Southeast Asians are considered dirt poor and are seen by Europeans as not smart like east Asians. That is because u guys love to party like the negroids in africia and be lay back.

  107. Asians = Indian, Chinease, Japanese, and koreans are high academic achievers

    Filipino is just a nationality not an ethnicity. Some of my friends have relatives in the Filipines. They are actually cantonese people that migrated to the filipines. The filipinos cannot tell that they are chinese due to sterotype. They are light skin, big eyes, and nice looking. They don’t like the filipinos mistaken them as their kind. They are proud to be chinese of cantonese descent. Some of their relatives of mixed with the people of the Filipines. I don’t believe they professionals that enter the united states have much negritos or any negrito blood. I know a doctor and a dentist that is actually chinese that entered United States to work but listed as a filipino.

    • Forgotten Mercury

      So, what now? Your friends are Filipino now because they have Filipino citizenship. You’re right when you say Filipino is just a nationality and not a race even Chinese is just a nationality and not a race as well so what’s the difference. All people of the Philippines are just immigrants just to tell you!

      “I believe that most Filipinos are Ami people and not Chinese. Filipino genes are closest to Ami only than to Han Chinese or Southern Chinese. So it means that Philippines are populated mostly by Ami people of Taiwan. To tell you Filipino is just a nationality and not a race. People of the Philippines are just immigrants mostly came from Taiwan. Here is a chart that shows you how Filipino genes are closest to Ami of Taiwan via this link: https://robertlindsay.files.wordpress.com/2010/07/ami-filipino-relationship.jpg.”

  108. Asians = Indian, Chinease, Japanese, and koreans are high academic achievers

    Majority of Indians came into United States to work in high tech through agencies. Agencies get them cheap. However, the agencies are getting high rate for them. In 1998 contract Java programmers from India was being paid 150 an hour to the agencies. The indians told me they get paid $30 an hour. I know of the $150 an hour cuz a white lady whom is very jealous of indians went into her managers office and saw the document of what they were being paid. I think she went into the manager’s office to search for it when he was out that day. I think they should have fire her. I believe in the truth!!!!!!!! I have only met like maybe 2 smart filipinos in my life. I know many cuz i grew up in a very diversified city and school district.
    So if any of you can name a high tech companies that have abundance of FIlipinos wokring there, then I would like to contact the company to seek the truth. Maybe you fillies are talking about technical support jobs which aren’t the high paid jobs in the silicon valley.

    • Shazam

      We got another Hindu bullshitter here stinking up the joint. The Phillipines looks like a developed country compared to India. The Filipinos look light skinned compared to Indians. They don’t look half starved like most Hindus.

      The Chinese, Japanese and Koreans would never include Indians in their group. That proves you are a typical lying Hindu trying to make himself feel good.

      • Indian

        shameless asskissing porki shazam., you cant even compare a dark country like philippines with a country like India which is known for its rich culture and heritage through out the world. There is no need for Indians to mix with those degenerate beings from china and vietnam. We are of a much superior race and we look down on those chinks anytime.

        Inbetween you shit meal and orgy you can also pick up a book and read so that you develop some mind to participate in blogs like these…

  109. Asians = Indian, Chinease, Japanese, and koreans are high academic achievers

    Can someone name a high tech company in siliconvalley that has lots of Filipino people working there?? I am taking about the filipinos of either Maly and/or negrito blood????
    MIcrosoft (mountain veiw)
    HP,,,,,………… too many to name
    I see indians and east asian making up at least 65% of high tech jobs and the rest is caucasian people that are mostly in management positions, project leaders (paper pushers) .

    • Shazam

      Caucasians are mere paper pushers in Silicon Valley says this stupid Hindu bastard. Lol. Caucasians built Silicon Valley you white-hating racist slumdog.

    • I’ll write to my Congressman and tell him to stop recruiting Asian Indians into our country, the US. As someone previously said. they get the Indians at a Cut rate. By the way here’s a typical filipino family.Eat your heart out. We are not all dark, flat nose people.

      I’ll have to copy the above address for it to work. By the way, I was a computer engineer for HP and I am a filipino-america..

      • mary mary

        There are a few in high tech jobs and usually are not pure filipino. They are mixed blood. What is a filipino? someone that is born in the filipines or a citizen of the filipines. Lastly people can claim to be a filipino/filipina if they have indigeous blood from those islands. Many call themselves that because that is what their parents identified themselves as. However, they do not look like those short stature ugly southeast asians. Average filipino short stature, short limbs, small eyes, wide flat face, big flat noses, and are brown skin to dark brown skin. ex President Aquino is chinese with no native blood of negritos, malay, indonesian, etc. She traced her ancestry to a village in China. Who really runs the filipines????? ha, ha,ha, ha.
        Koreans as a minority group is doing the best in U.S.A. by population size, then the chinese and indians are second. Where is the filipinos at???? ha, ha, ha, ha. I cannot tell a Cambodian, Thai, Loatians, South Viet, apart. They all look the same. The filipinos without mixed blood is fugly. They have very small eyes and look more like a mongoloid negrito without no east asian blood. Your Indonesian & malay ancestors are dark skin looking mongoloid, so the small eyes are from your ancestors and nothing to do with east asian blood. Take a look at the Javanese people. Damn they are dark skin with mongoloid faces. Indigeous people of the filipines are very ugly!!!!!!!!

  110. Asians = Indian, Chinease, Japanese, and koreans are high academic achievers

    Weak countries often dislike strong nations. Anyone of you know how much Mongolians hate every other asian country, but the fact is Mongolia was once a very strong nation.

    I don’t think people hate chinese and that is why chinese were killed. The weak people hate the people of China for being strong and built a nation that has the world 2nd largest economy today. FIlipines like most of the Southeast Asian country are dirt poor. Filipines continue to get welfare from the United States and that is nothing to be proud of. China is a country made up of 1000 of triba groups which they in term called ethnicities. In United States it was once made up of over 1000 indian nations = tribes.
    I really look up to eastern euroepan jews and indians. I am not jewish or inidian, but I do admire them and pitty the southeast asians.

    • Ed

      Keep your pity to yourself, Filipinos are the most happiest people on earth. IF they are poor let them be. wealth is different for everyone. You people think your country is going to be like that forever…

  111. Southeast Asians are negrito offsprings

    I do agreed that the Philipines is a melting pot of people. Even the name “Philipines” is name to honor King “Philip” of Spain. Most of the people that live on the Philipine islands do not have Spanish blood in them. It’s been proven by DNA. They are negritos and austronesians with super dark skin to light brown skin. Austronesians do have the oriental looking faces with brown skin. Majority of the people in Philipines do not look even close to their celebrities. The Filipino culture adore european looking faces, so many Filipinos love to claim they have Spanish blood. However I do not believe that the filipino people came from Guaugdong, China either. I read storeis that Cantonese migrated to the Philipines and became very sucessful merchants. Average philipinas have very wide faces, flat wide noses, and small oriental eyes, and yellow , brown skin, and dark brown skin. Europeans thought of Filipinos as the dark asians. Have you ever read any articles that claim Philipines as the best place to live in the world or even have wealth???? The Philipines is forever known as super poor with high population of uneducated people. They are pretty much in control by the United States government. They are puppets.

    • Filipinos came from Guangdong very, very long ago.

      First the Guangdong people probably went to Taiwan and formed part of the Ami people. This must have happened very long ago, over 6000 YBP. Then the Ami people began going to the Philippines beginning 6000 YBP.

      6000 YBP, the Guangdong people were probably not fully Oriental and may have looked more Australoid, Negrito or Melanesian.

      • Southeast Asians are negrito offsprings

        Robert you are wrong. The cantonese = Guangdon people are not austronesians, negirtos or melanesians at at. The DNA across the whole sourthern China to northern vietnam is very similar, so this prove you wrong.

        • Southeast Asians are negrito offsprings

          If there is negritos in China from a long time ago, it would be very small amount and the blood is too much diluted by now . I know there were Arabs and Portugeses in Southern CHina near the Ports. They intermixed with the locals in China. There are no proof that people of Canton = Guangdong have nerito, melanesian or even much austronesian genes. The negritos migrated into INdo-CHina only. They didn’t cross the dangerous mountains more than 6 thousands years ago to come into what is called modern day China. The negritos, and mlanesians blood is in Cambodians, THais, VIetnamese, and Laotian people. This has been proven by doing DNA test of those people. Canton = Guangdong has high Han chinese. I read that when the Mongolians invaded China many han chinese keep moving further and further South to get away from them. ALso the king of Canton at the time was a northern han general. Where did you get your wacky story about people of Guangdong are negirtos, Melanesians, and austronesians?????? Taiwanese came from Southern China from what I read, then some did migrate into the FIlipines giving those dark skin people lighter skin and diluted their negroid looking faces.

        • Wrong. All Asians were Australoids until 2-9,000 YBP. The transition from Australoid to Mongoloid occurred first in the north and later in the south. 6000 YBP, for sure Guangdong people were Melanesian/Negrito types.

        • Southeast Asians are negrito offsprings

          Then you have just changed the migration path out of East Africa. Check out what National Geographic mag. article about migration out of east africa.
          If you say majority of Philipinos don’t have negrito blood, but Guangdong people ahve it makes no sense. Go and read back what you wrote to me today. You make no sense.!!!!!!!!!!!!! Southern Chinese look nothing like negritos. Majority of non mix philipinos have the negrito looking faces that is posted on your other article on negritos. The guangdong people thta I mentioned about earlier than migrated to the filipines is no more than 250 years ago. Most did it within about 130 years ago. So why would it be all the guangdong people are filipino people makes absoultely no sense. You are telling people that filipines is populated with guangdong people when it is negritos and austronesians like malay, negritos & polynesians. So if Mongoloids came from Austronesians, then why the mongolians eyes and the northeast asians such as koreans have very small slanted slant eyes???
          I don not see all austronesians have both very small and slanted eyes. in their population. I do see small philipino eyes alot, but I do not see the high percentage of small and slanted eyes as you see in the North asians = mongoians, koreans and northern japanese.

        • No, the Taiwanese people who came to the Philippines starting 6000 YBP were a Melanesian/Australoid/Negrito type people, probably more Melanesian. Over time, they changed over to a Mongoloid type.

        • The transition occurred much later in Southern Chinese and fully completed.

          Filipinos are in part based on Austronesians (Taiwanese) who came to the islands between 2-6,000 YBP. These people were Australoids (Austronesians) transitioning to Mongoloids.

          Philippines relationship to Guangdong goes back a long time, over 6000 YBP, back when Guangdong people were Austronesian – Melanesian – Australoid people.

          The transition Australoid – Mongoloid occurred much later in SE Asia, hence you see more retention of such traits.

        • Southeast Asians are negrito offsprings

          Where is the fact about what you are saying. I been reading a lot of stuff from the internet and I don’t find what you are saying on the internet. Are you making all these stuff up to entertain people????????????

  112. Ed

    There are many stupid comments here! There are Many tribes in the philippines and many shades. If you look in the northern part tribes they look much more closer to the taiwanese aborigines and if you look at the southern tribe in the philippines they tribe are much more closer to indonesian and malaysian. GO and travel the philippines hear their language see their native dress and look at their faces. Most northern tribes came from TAIWAN ancestry!….. you can call them chinese or whatever but genes dont lie! they came from there!

  113. Ed

    Jesus Christ there is so much wanna be expert anthropoligst here with so DUMB comments! The article is very good and is close to what i observe. I have been around the philippines Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao and heard many languages. Some native dialects have words that are similar with each other even similar words from malaysian language and native phonpei dialects. Some other native filipino language are so much different, I might as well be in a different country. As what i observe in Northern philippines they look much more similar to taiwanese native people, southern philippines looks closely to malaysian or indonesian native people. Now all this crap saying your country is better than the philippines you go out and eat shit!.

    • Chinese The Best

      Indonesians face especially in the west are not similiar like the “Filipinos” have a bad black face. they “Indonesian west ” look like vietnamase , even some people much like our _chinese Indonesian_, you similiar the people who live in eastern Indonesia

    • Ed Clone

      All of the Southeast asians look alike, but the FIlipinos/Flipinas have these super wide flat huge noses. This is their trademark from wht the white people say. .

  114. Chinese The Best

    HI Robert I’m Chinese Indonesia n( Canton), you want to make all Chinese feel ashamed to see post your False. you do not see the physical differences between China and filipinos, it is very much different, the Philippines is the poorest country in Asia, Do you are paid by the Philipines. every post you FAKE, do not make sense! morons like you are very fit live in Hell. Our china was never close to the Philippines, Papua new guinea,, Taiwan Aborigine, Micronesia and several countries in Southeast Asia. Our only close to Manchu, Korean, Japan, Mongolian .. China Life – from bad people like blacks filipinos

    • All right you Chinese Nazi, I am banning your yellow ass.

      You guys simply converted from Australoids -> Mongoloids much earlier than the other groups, you dimwit. The other groups converted later on and some like the Indonesians did not even fully convert all the way to Mongoloid, retaining some Australoid traits. As you yellows converted earlier, hence you lost most if not all of your prior Australoid traits. Groups that converted later retained more traits. That’s all there is to it, you Chink Nazi!

      • Mongoloids did not come from Australoids.

        Hey Robert,

        There is no proof that mongoloids came from Australoid. Where is the proof??? THe peopleing of North and Northeast Asia did not come from Southeast Asia. This is a fantasy of yours and not fact. Majority of people will laugh at you. The Southeast asians came out of East Africa using a different path than the North and Northeast Asians and that is why they became MOngoloids. The path that the negritos took is totally different and that is why they became negritos, then some negritos become austronesians. There were no negrito bones or much of any austronesians bones found anywhere in Southern China. Maybe you are talking about the vietnamese people that have austronesian and negrito blood???? The DNA is the fact and you are 100% wrong. The ones that have very strong negrito & austronesian blood lives in Central and Southern Vietnam. Southern Vietnam was Cambodia land before the Viets stole it from them. The whole Indo-CHina is where you negritos (proto-austronesians) and austronesians are at. The name Guangdong is more of a modern name. The terriitory more than 1,000 years ago was different. I don’t know why you keep saying Guangdong people is filipino people makes no sense. Many migrated there to open their business like no more than 130 years ago. The other wave that went there was in 1750’s and their descendants do know who they are. The filipinos and people from Guangdong don’t look anything similar. We don’t all have yellow skin. We have from light skin (even lightern than you with no pink undertones), to light brown skin). There are some dark cantonese people but that is from working out in the fields daily. Majority of the cantonese are fair skin, medium light brown skin (light olive. I don’t know where you get the idea of calling us yellow skin???? I see people middle east causcasians and jews with yellow skin. I don’t have yellow skin and I do not look like a filipino. Our culture is so different than Filipino culture. I think other FIlipinos will agreed with me on this. Cantonese and Filipinos are totally different. I think you are going to get a lot of people (both chinese and filipinos) thinking you are crazy!!!!!!! In fact, my friend is chinese and her husband is filiipino and they are laughing at your theory = fantasies., Oh, and in Southern China in Guangxi, and Hannoi (spelling = big island off southern china close to vietnam side) is where there are bunch of viets living there. They have dark skin and you can tell they have negrito blood or austronesian blood in them. They can speak a variety of asian languages.

  115. Chinese The Best

    chinese was disgusted when in connecting with people in Southeast Asia specifically for Filipinos, thais hate when people connect with khemer, Indonesia was disgusted when people connect with aboriginal taiwan, philipines, and islands of the Pacific, the other thing most plausible Japanese people always believe they have a strong relationship with peoples in Indonesia.

    • Mongoloids did not come from Australoids.

      Japanese and Koreans hates southeast asians more than the Chinese. The koreans believe they have the purest blood which was prove wrong and their nationalists got very embarrass. Some koreans look like they came from southeast asia with dark skin and some even have those southeast asian faces too. Japan use to be the most arrogant nation in Asia. They prefer white over other Asians. They discriminate against other Asians. Japan have people that looks very dark and some looks very southeast asian cuz the story is some southeast asians migrated there and some stories even say the original inhabbitant of certain parts of Japan is Southeast asians. But this doesn’t mean all Koreans and Japanese are southeast asian. DNA is the definite proof of rather a person has negrito or austronesian blood. According to the DNAs that was conducted by scientists in the whole Southern China to Northern VIetnam, the DNA of all those people are very similar and closely related. Northern Vietnam has a high population of people from Yunnan, China. Yunnan is right above North Vietnam. I heard stories that many Chinese moved there and back then it wasn’t called North Vietnam. There was no country called VIetnam until like approx 150 years ago. That area along with other land was called “The big south”. by the Chinese national. That vast area had so many names throughout history. The original people of INdo-China was negritos, then the people of modern day CHina migrated further South and eventually took the land from them. MOdern day vietnamese people have negrito blood or austronesian blood. These southeast asian didn’t go into CHina cuz back then, it was considered to dangerous to climb the mountain to get into modern day China. I think the weather/environment must have been very different. Read “Wikipedia on VIetnamese people”. When the author of that article refer to vietnamese have dual origin from Thai morph and east asian, which I think Thai morph is the negrito/austronesian blood DNAs. My dad told me this too and now scientist prove it. Vietnamese people do have dual origin cuz the story that the chinese people told from generation to generation is proven to be true.

    • Mongoloids did not come from Australoids.

      This is far fetch. It is just Robert LInsay’s theory. I haven’t found any scientists on the web that believe in what he is saying. The migration path out of Afriica is the proof that Robert is wrong . We became mongoloids cuz we went upward to the North and eventually go even further North. Mongolians never go into Indonesians, Filipnios, New Guinea, Australia, Oceania area. This is the places where the negritos homeland is after they left East Africa. IF you like to see the article on National Geographic let me know. This article came out like about 2 years ago in the summer time. It is quite interesting and will blow a big hole into this Robert LInsay’s theory that Mongolians came from Australoid. There is someone else on this blog that also mention about this too. So I assume this person disagree with this Robert Linsay. My brother in law told me National Geographic has a very good reputation and they do not print anything without peer reviews worldwide. So you can trust national geographic’s story than listening to some of these crazy people’s theory = wild fantasies

      • Ed

        Go watch Nat Geo… again we all came from africa, and people in africa are originaly black in color dimwit!

        • Sunshine

          We are all black , but I think this person is saying mongoloids didn’t come from austroloid. HOwever, everyone came from negroids. There are 4 races in the world: caucasoid, Mongoloid, Australoid, and negroid. With Robert Linsday’s logic do you thik caucasians will like him say causasian came from australoid, then become caucasoid?? I also have a big problem with his logic. I have no issues with any Southeast Asians, but most people would to hear facts & not Robert Linsay’s assumption.

    • Ed

      IM disgusted about you… i hope you wont pass your genes to the next generation.

  116. Chinese The Best

    philipines in demography, race, food,religion, language is more related to the Taiwan aborigine, Pacific & east Indonesia, timorese .but not with people like singaporean southeast asia, thailand, Indonesia, because it has about the same overall.

    • Ed

      SHut the fuck up.. ashole

      • Huh?

        Dude just dont reply lol this thread keeps flooding my email. Clearly this post is flooded by chinks who are probably straight fobs and commies living in china. Lol all of you speak broken English and clearly wish you were white its so sad. All of the chinks here spewing ignorant comments have clearly never been outside comrade Mao’s backyard, they’re brainwashed. And when did filipinos ever want to be included in the East Asian umbrella? If anything they’re prejudiced against East Asians. Oh and by the way you dumb chinks negroid doesn’t equal australoid. Get your heads out of your asses.

        • Sunshine

          How do you know for sure any of these people are chinese nationals??? This makes you sound dumb. The guy that pretend to be ethnic chinese but indonesian national is mostly like not ethnic chinese at all. I suspect he is someone that just hate filipinos. I don’t believe he is chinese at all. He made many stupid errors. Most Chinese in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore all from Southern part of China. They are Hokka, Hokkien, & Cantonese people. These people’s gene is very different than the ami genes or any of the people that claim to be indigeous filipinos. He mentioned manchu in Indonesian is far fetch. If there is any, it would be a tiny percent like less than 1% out of the total chinese population.

          We all came out of East Africa, but it is the migration path that our ancestors took that make us look different.

          My problem with this Robert Linsay is where is the proof that Mongoloids come from Australoids. I never heard that before and there are some people putting this on the web, but where is the proof???? If there is proof, I am willing to accept . No need to be ashame. Let’s just stop insulting one another.

        • I will be cooking that up for you, ok?

  117. Chinese the Best

    @Sunshine fuck you!!!!!!! What if I am not a china I can explain all about Things related to china. you know our population in Indonesia has reached 9000000-100000 million. now we are mastering Indonesia, and the deputy governor of Jakarta are ethnic descent Canton china, you come to the Jakarta central / southern / western china are all assets. we will dominate Indonesia. will “we Chinese Indonesian” even be president of Indonesia ..! regards to black people philippines & pacific islander

  118. Chinese the Best

    I like reading Robert argument, but I do not like it if he took the chinese and connect with people southeast asian. Vietnamese we hate what the other southeast asian. This painful thing for us chinese

    • Huh?

      I told you guys there were retarded Chinese communists in here

      • Chinese the best

        Filipino come from taiwan aborigines then to tribes tribes in the Pacific. please see them dance costumes made ​​from the root of the root and leaves of the leaves, and they sing while dancing hu hu haw haw, slapping their arms and thighs. This tradition of nativ Taiwan , polynesian, the Philippines,Maori, Papua, and Micronesia.then Nativ taiwan you see the natives who lived in the foothills “hua lien”and so on, they are very similar physical polynesian and filipino people, but if you look on youtube or geogle most they have blood mainland china. My brother had visited there, the original taiwan not often considered as the population of Taiwan because they are different people

        • I hate Crazy journalist

          NO, Filipinos come from Negritos, Malay, and modern day Indonesians. Papuans are negritos. Oceanians are negritos and austronesians.
          Later groups of people in the Filipinos came from Taiwan aboriginals.

          The chinese was there before the spanish, then the Japanese, and lastly the Koreans.

        • chinese the best

          NO, it is a stupid study!!!! you do not may be descendants of Malay , you are the descendants of the indigenous people of Taiwan with them all people is Polynesian Pacific, Maori, Micronesia and even Hawaii is one family and relatives.

    • Halal Butcher of Lhasa

      “Chinese the Best” is not chinese.Likely an idiotic flamer
      One thing for sure, the average ‘chinese indonesians’ can’t speak chinese and they’re aware of the precarious race relation in indonesia nor they’re considered real chinese by people of china. Just like the american ambassador to china, Gary locke, is not considered chinese by people in china

      • Sunshine

        “Chinese the best” can be anyone. I know for sure he hates Filipino people. Most of you people are speaking for yourself, so stop speaking for the whole country of China to hate on other overseas chinese. The very North part of China near Mongolia are people with MOngolian, koreanic and Japonic blood. Gary Locke is cantonese and he does not have those North or Northeast slanted eye look & flat faces (super mongoloid look of the North).

        • Halal Butcher of Lhasa

          “Most of you people are speaking for yourself”
          You are the one who spoke for your idiocy.
          Southern china historically has large influx of northern chinese.
          The original aborgines before the migration had either mixed with northerners or moved to SE asia.
          Here in HK, I can hardly tell a northern chinese from a local until he/she speaks(in mardarin). Gary locke pledged loyality to US and acts in US interest and u told me it has to do with facial feature?
          Go look into a mirroe and tell me who u are

  119. Chinese the best

    What if I am an Indonesian,you idiooot!!! you know the people of Indonesia are very resentful and racist to we chinese are here, just as they hate brown people and black people living in the eastern Indonesia, as you people of Timor, and Papua moluccan. but we are here because of the china has a smart brain .. they do not look down on us. I’m pure china, can speak Cantonese from clan lee, We do not care what you say, china is great and respected nation. but not for low lick and just like the philippines

    • I hate Crazy journalist

      Do you know that the indigeous people of Filipine island , Indonesia, New Guinea = Papuan, & Oceanic people are all the same people??? So how can indigeous Indonesians be better than the indgeous Philipinos???
      I think it is all about culture and how each nation’s culture embrace.
      It is known that East Asian culture is yin/yen &, education is super important, The Southeast Asian culture is very different with the exception of Vietnam. They used chinese culture, but not the whole culutre is like that. The Southern Vietnam people do not embrace education as much as the one in the North. Why? The south are the same race of people as Indonesian, PHilipinos, Thais, and Cambodians. I don’t know the status of INdonesia when it comes to wealth, but I know the FIlipines and Cambodia are both dirt poor. Thailand maybe just slight above Cambodia and Filipines.

      The reason why chinese are sucessful is because they are willing to travel anywhere and everywhere in the world. I read they are merchants anywhere in the world . IT is a big risk to take. Chinese are even in Africa. No risk no gain. I think this is why Chinese are so sucessful.

      Lastly, I am very ashame of you. I do not believe you are chinese. You are a very nasty person. You are insulting philipino people all the time. IF you don’t like this crazy Robert LIndsay writing nonsense, just call him an As*hole, The person who wrote all this nonsense is a loner and most likely a single midldle age guy that hasn’t gotten lay for a real long time.

    • Halal Butcher of Lhasa

      If u’re real chinese and indonesians as bad as u claimed, u should start a jihad there just like the saudi royal house was said to be originally jewish

  120. chinese the best

    I was china, why do you hate and not accept reality??? huhuh!!!! how our ancestors the Han people and established they made Indonesia very thriving economy. . you will see the beauty of Indonesian women and to compare with filipina women . My recommendation to you or this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AArHmevHZFE&list=PLAB5FD7599CA77449 or this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Te8ry0pyRjw&list=PLCDD8D6D7112FE74C&index=61

    • Ed

      I never remember seeing Indonesian in Miss Universe.. probably coz its only your little village who find them beautiful..

      • Ocean Breeze

        Ed, you are wrong. The Indonesian of mixed blood are very pretty. To me they look even prettier than the Filipinos with foreign blood. All of Southeast Asians are same race of Proto-austronesian and austronesians. Micronesia, Indonesia, New Guinea (Papuans), Cambodians, Southern Vietnam, Thailand, Loatians, Oceanians, Polynesians, Hawaiians are all the same DNA pool. This is why Caucasians cannot tell them apart except for some of the idiots of site.

        • Ed

          thats what i said, only you find them beautiful.. INDONESIAN GENE IS BULLSHIT.. look at TREE MAN.. only INDONESIANS TURNS INTO TREE MAN coz their genes are shit!..

      • Ed Clone

        I remember seeing lots of extremely diluted Philipinas in beauty contest. Their blood is so diluted that their negrito blood and austronesian blood is like less than 20% . Majoirty of Filipinas/Philipino population fugly with wide faces, yellowish skin, brown skin to dark brown skin and don’t forget about those negrito noses to make them stand out as Filipinos/Filipinos. Even their heavily diulated celebriteis had plastic surgery. They need nose jobs. OVer 70% of Philies have small eyes.

  121. chinese the best

    Hohoho … You will see eruasian Indonesia, this vidio of women and men who have blood dutch Indonesia or Europe, they are very sempuran and more beautiful than the artist or actor korea.one example of this, I recommendation for you : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6v_eorFolHQ or this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSsVuUUD18w. many women Indonesia especially Javanese here they are looking for white men only need money and descendants

  122. chinese the best

    I did not notice beautiful women in the contest, they still skin have black wavy hair. but I saw them perform for the beauty contest as they could to speak. not pretty all the beauty queens from philipines,because of the high blood of the original “negrito”,

    • Ed

      just admit it, you never won any beauty contest… coz chinese face are the same.. -_- zzZZZZ, why are you sleeping all the time? need coffee? o.0

    • Forgotten Mercury

      Hahahaha…… If you think that Filipina beauty queens are Negritos because they have Negrito blood as what you’ve said then these Filipina beauty queens put your Chinese beauty queens into ashamed for losing to them for countless of time. What so funny, you think that Chinese beauties are superior to them then why they lost to Filipina beauties. Philippine beauty queens are not that pretty according to you then why they won most of the title in 2013 Beauty Pageant compared to China as follows:

      Miss World 2013: Megan Lynne Young (Won)
      Miss International 2013: Bea Rose Santiago (Won)
      Miss Supranational 2013: Mutya Johanna Datul (Won)
      Miss Tourism International 2013: Angeli Dione Gomez (Won)
      Miss Campus World 2013: Marisse Mendoza (Won)


      Score: Philippines (5) VS China (0)!

      “I believe that most Filipinos are Ami people and not Chinese. Filipino genes are closest to Ami only than to Han Chinese or Southern Chinese. So it means that Philippines are populated mostly by Ami people of Taiwan. To tell you Filipino is just a nationality and not a race. People of the Philippines are just immigrants mostly came from Taiwan. Here is a chart that shows you how Filipino genes are closest to Ami of Taiwan via this link: https://robertlindsay.files.wordpress.com/2010/07/ami-filipino-relationship.jpg. Just copy and paste the link into the Browser Address Bar if not working when clicked!”

      • Ahmed

        Gee, in case you don’t get it. Are you sure these women have negrito blood in them??? Looking at the surname looks like they are mix race people. Filipinos love to get nose jobs. . That is their worst feature besides big faces and big heads. Philipinos that do not have those ugly features are ussually mix race and not really ethnic ugly dark skin short stature monkeys. Vannessa Millano is 1/2 Italian and half pacific islander, but she her mom was born in the filipines you dumb asses classified her as a 1/2 filipina and 1/2 italian. Look it up dumb ass. Learn the difference between nationality and ethnicity. Anyone can be called an American , but most of you dumb ass Flips thought it mean white or european. American just mean you are a citizen by birth or by naturalization. Why do you think I am Chinese????? I think Philipinos hate Chinese, Japanese, qne vietname people because they are better in everyway. . They don’t have to cheat to get ahead because they are born smart. Filipinas have to fuck grandpas and losers. This is truth that most people in the world know. Filipinas don’t want their own kind and want better genes and this is why they fuck like bunnies all the time to please all these white losers. I don’t recall seeing any of them have any brains, but many had nose jobs. So sad the truth hurts because Filipinos are bottom class Asians. Hee hee. Oh, come to think of it why Filipinos maybe so jealous of Chinese people is because they run their country for them. No culture, no nothing. Everything from other countries. That is sad!!! where is your culture, your real food, and history. Hee, hee. Stupid dumb asses’s 1000+ islands (Philipine) name after Spain King Philip and continue to be rule by foreiigners. How many of your president or actually chinese people or people with chinese blood???
        President aquino actually is chinese. She helped all your sorry asses and you never think her people for it??? Hee hee. . Dumb asses never learn and that is why Filipinos are forever negroes of Asia.

        • Forgotten Mercury

          Hey, I am not talking to you my reply above is for “chinese the best” as he said that our Beauty Queens have Negrito blood in them which is mostly not true. And most of all I will not mistaken you as Chinese since you don’t have Chinese name. I think you came from muslim country since your name is Ahmed, but I don’t know your nationality.

          About Filipino surnames, Philippines was colonized by Spain that why most Filipinos have Spanish surnames. Here’s the source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Filipino_name

          Our Beauty Queens who won in 2013 are all pure Filipino since their parents are both “Filipino nationals” except for Megan Lynne Young since she is half American and half Filipino. Mutya Johanna whose surname is Datul is very Filipino surname which means a native Filipino surnames.

          About Vanessa Minnillo, shit! You cannot even spell her name correctly you spelled her name Vannessa Millano. Do you have any source to prove that she is a half Pacific Islander as you said her mom is Pacific Islander born in the Philippines? According to wiki she’s a half Filipina and her mother Helen Bercero, is Filipina, here is the link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vanessa_Minnillo

          You are crazy as shit talking about nationality or ethnicity! Filipino is just a nationality and not ethnicity or race. As long as you have Filipino citizenship you are a Filipino. Here is our Philippine Nationality law: “Philippine nationality law is currently based upon the principles of one’s place of birth or origin, and therefore descent from a parent who is a citizen of the Republic of the Philippines is the primary method of acquiring national citizenship. Birth in the Philippines to foreign parents does not in itself confer Philippine citizenship.” So it’s not easy to get Philippine citizenship, either of your parent must be a Filipino National to Acquire Filipino citizenship. Vanessa Minnillo is half Filipino since her mother is Filipino national.

          For me, I don’t hate Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese people. I only hate those racist people!

          For your information, not only Philippines do nose job. Many countries perform nose job even Caucasians do it also to fix their nose! Like this one via this link: https://www.google.com.ph/search?q=crooked+nose&client=firefox-a&hs=Eqo&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&channel=sb&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=zle5U7bsMZC9oQTjyIC4DQ&ved=0CAYQ_AUoAQ&biw=1280&bih=890#imgdii=_

          Furthermore, East Asians perform double eyelid surgery most of the time and some nose job also. Philippines are not famous in plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is not common in the Philippines.

          Our current president is Filipino-Chinese and he is more Filipino than Chinese. And Filipinos are not Negroes of Asia. And the first people who call themselves Filipinos are the White Spaniards that born in the Philippines during the Spanish colonization in the Philippines. Checkout our history to learn about Filipinos and why Filipinos are open for interracial marriage and multiculturalism via this link: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Filipino_peoples

        • Chi Borealis

          Great points! I’m a Filipina and honestly I think it’s time to stop proving to people where Filipinos come from and who we are. I think the people who make it look like our race is inferior to theirs are insecure and have something to prove about their own race. Lol I’m very proud to be Filipino and would not change to be any other Asian. We are who we are and if you don’t like our race why passionately talk about us? Lol Do you people not have anything better to do? Hilarious.

        • Ahmed

          One site is http://www.webworkwiz.com/stars/24-movies-tv/82-vanessa-minnillo and you can goodgle for more. Vanessa Hudgren does not have any native blood of the negritos, Indonesian, Mallaysian in her. There is a video out on the Internet where you can actually see and hear her telling Tyra banks what mixture she is. And yet you Fillies can continue to insist she is what of your kind. Austronesians came from Negritoes mix with other asian and or european blood. The Filipines is a melting pot for a long time. They have no culture. Your women are mostly whores and brainless and I love t e bang them. They love my big “p*nis”. They love to swallow too. Oh, I bang the mix ones and not the native ones because the pure Filipinas are ugly as hell . I pick the ones with lighter skin and I don’t want dark areolas. I don’t like black colored pussies, so the mix ones usually don’t have that negrito smell to them.
          Filipinas are fucking machines and most are very tiny. Do you know all the positions I can do with these fucking machines??? You can hear them fill with joy when I bang them. Do you know in Arab countries, Filipinas aren’t just maids but their other duties include fucking and sucking us?? We get the really young ones and you envy us for taken all your super young virgins?? We played with all your better looking women’s pussies and when we are done making it loose we give them back to you guys. This is why Filipinos have extreme inferior complex because their women freely open their legs and welcome our large tool without hesitation.

        • Chi Borealis

          Those filipinas must of been really desperate and did it for me because here in North America you people stink and totally unattractive. I am definitely not attracted to Arabs, Indian, Pakistan or Chinks lol

        • Ahmed

          Ha ha ha I know you are one of the most inferior complex negrito gooks of those tiny islands. Filipinos stick like negros. They are really Asians. Filipinos are descendants of negritos without with Southeast Asians. You guys have very small penis and lady like figure. . hee hee.

        • Chi Borealis

          And? you are either a Negrito Arab, Packy or Indian – you know you people are darker than Filipinos lol. Look at yourself in the mirror. And the worst part is you people stink and have bad body odour. OR Ahmed could be an insecure, inferior ugly chink from Hong Kong – yellow because they are afraid to go under the sun lol. Why don’t you go brush your teeth and stop drinking soya milk. you people have bad breath. Have you noticed you are repeating the same thing over and over again. Filipinos are dark blah blah but the funny thing is Ahmed if you are a packy that you are darker lol but if you are a chink – no big deal what you think because in my eyes you are the inferior one. We don’t like you people in North American or in the Philippines. lol. You people are yellow, skinny, no ass, bland faces with slitty eyes – at least Filipinos have different looks – much better looking than you people lol – When was the last time Chinks won Miss Universe? lol
          The new generation of Filipinos are much better looking than you – I am confident of that lol

        • Ahmed

          Hi retard. Have you notice you been repeating the same thing over an over again. You gooks are bunch of thugs because of your inferior genes and low IQs. Hee hee, You gooks are dark skin, short stature, small penis, and lady like figures. Hee ,hee, hee. Are you angry at fact that your women are whores and other non gooks had stretched their pussies before you get your turn???? Hee , hee, hee. Your small penis gets lost in their stretched out pussies caused by my super large penis??? She cannot feel yours???? Hee, hee, hee, hee

        • Chi Borealis

          And? Lol – speak for yourself you are the one repeating yourself you insecure ugly chink or packy. What’s wrong ? You have a small penis and dumped by a Filipina? Lol

        • Chi Borealis

          Lol inferior complex? Lol speak for youself. You are either a chink or a smelly, dark Arab. You are the people who have an inferiority complex – always trying to prove their better haha so sad. It’s not like you people are good looking you don’t even make the beauty pageant. Lol

        • Forgotten Mercury

          To Ahmed!

          What a sore loser! Your source even claimed that Vanessa Minnillo mother is Filipino. Maybe she is ashamed of her Filipino lineage that’s why she mentioned that her mother is Polynesian. This is common to some Filipino-Americans (but not all) who denied their Filipino lineage. Not only that! They also believe that they are Pacific Islanders and not Asians while it is very obvious that the Philippines is located in Southeast Asia that makes them Asians.

          And there are many sources you can find in the internet that claimed Vanessa Minnillo’s mother is Filipino as follows:


          The video below shows some Filipino-Americans believe that they were Pacific Islanders and not Asians:

          Vanessa Hudgens is also Filipino since her mother is Filipino national that makes her Filipino. Her mother is Gina Guangco who has Hispanized surname composed of three syllables which is very common to Chinese Filipino families.

          Read it for yourself!

          “The arrival of the Spaniards to the Philippines attracted new waves of immigrants from China, and maritime trade flourished during the Spanish period. The Spanish recruited thousands of Chinese migrant workers called sangleys to build the colonial infrastructure in the islands. Most Chinese immigrants converted to Christianity, intermarried with the locals, and adopted Hispanized names and customs and became fully assimilated. The children of unions between Filipinos and Chinese that became fully assimilated were designated in official records as mestizos de sangley but viewed themselves as Filipinos. The Chinese mestizos were largely confined to the Binondo area until the 19th century. However, they eventually spread all over the islands, and became traders, moneylenders and landowners.”

          Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Filipino_peoples

          Read it for more:

          “Many modern-day Chinese Filipinos have traditional last names with one syllable like Lim, Tan, and Sy. However, early Chinese Filipino families took on the complete name of their patriarch, thus their names had three syllables. These were adopted into the mainstream Filipino surnames and don’t exist anywhere else in the world. Their names were transcribed using the Spanish orthography in effect during the 19th century.”

          Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Filipino_name

          Gina Guangco’s Photo: http://static.tumblr.com/tkcdkbq/PdKm5vqze/1stell.jpg

          Looks so Filipino than Chinese!

          You also mentioned this: “Vanessa Hudgren does not have any native blood of the negritos, Indonesian, Malaysian in her.” What the heck are you talking about? Filipinos are not Indonesian or Malaysian. Filipino genes are closest to Ami of Taiwan than to Indonesian or Malaysian. Source: https://robertlindsay.files.wordpress.com/2010/07/ami-filipino-relationship.jpg. And, how do you know that her mother doesn’t have Filipino blood in her while she has Hispanized surname composed of three syllables which is very common to Chinese Filipino families. Moreover, most of early Chinese immigrants intermarried with the locals, and adopted Hispanized names as mentioned above.

          The Negritos (30,000 population) are just a minority in Philippine population we even have more pure Chinese (1,146,250 population) and Koreans (96,632 population) in the Philippines than Negritos.

          Negrito population source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethnic_groups_in_the_Philippines
          Chinese population source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_Filipino
          Korean population source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koreans_in_the_Philippines

          Majority of Filipinos are Austronesian and their genes pointing back to Ami people of Taiwan. There are many Taiwanese aborigines like Atayal, Bunum, Paiwan, Ami, and Yami but Filipino genes are the closest to the Ami people of Taiwan. This proves that the Majority of Filipino ancestors came from Ami people of Taiwan. Source: https://robertlindsay.files.wordpress.com/2010/07/ami-filipino-relationship.jpg

          Our genes are not even closer to other Southeast Asian groups. Our genes are closest to Ami people of Taiwan. Source: https://robertlindsay.files.wordpress.com/2010/07/ami-filipino-relationship.jpg. Many people say foolish things about Filipino people but Genes don’t lie!

          You know what? You’re such a bad mouthed person. You always talk shit about Filipinos and I don’t want to put myself down to your level! I don’t want to say any bad things against other nationalities. I am here just to defend our people!

        • Ahmed

          OH, gee who is repeating themselves on this site??? I did tell you guys being called a philipino is not an ethnicity, but a nationality and you dumb asses keep on bah, bah, bah. And now you are repeating back to me what I told those ugly flat and big wide negrito looking filipinos. Philipino men are super hideous (super fugly looking if they don’t mix with other people’s blood. Vanessa’s mom is pacific islander and her name may sound spanishize to you, but it is not an hispanic surname. Pacific Islanders do have surnames that sound spanish. Gee, you people are so ashame of your herriitge that you imported your culture, foods, and nothing is original to you flips.

        • Chi Borealis

          Lol you are the one repeating yourself. Filipinos are proud to be Filipino so I am not sure why you keep justifying something that is not true. You are obviously not very intelligent. It’s time to look at yourself in the mirror – it is you who is ashamed of who you. Small penis? Ugly? You can’t get a Filipina girlfriend? Lol don’t take out your inferiority and insecurity on us. You are the problem.

        • Forgotten Mercury

          LOL! Ahmed, you’re the one who keep repeating here. I just agreed to you that Filipino is just a nationality even Chinese, Indonesian or Japanese is just a nationality and not ethnicity. So, what’s the difference now? Hahahahaha!!!!

          Ethnicity = Ethnic Group!

          Source for ethnic groups in the:
          Philippines: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethnic_groups_in_the_Philippines
          China: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ethnic_groups_in_China
          Indonesia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethnic_groups_in_Indonesia
          Japan: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethnic_Japanese

          I found many ethnic groups in china and it composed about 56 ethnic groups which include Han, Uyghur, Mongol, Korean, Kazakh, Uzbek, Russian, etc. just to list some! But they call themselves Chinese because that is their nationality. That’s why you can hear to some Chinese people saying that I am Han Chinese or Uyghur Chinese they always include the word Chinese there when they mention their ethnic group because Chinese is their nationality. This is a proof that Chinese is just a nationality and not ethnicity and Chinese composed of many ethnic groups. So, what’s the difference now? Chinese, Indonesian or Japanese is just a nationality same as Filipino. That’s why you will hear most of the time, when people go abroad they will not call themselves by their ethnic group but call themselves by their nationality when asked.

          Vanessa Minnillo is a Filipino pride because her mother is a Filipino national. So, what’s the problem if her mother calls herself a Filipino if that is her nationality? Her mother belongs to the Philippines since she is a Filipino national. Her pride belongs to the Filipino people because she is Filipino National. Just to remind you Chinese, Indonesian or Japanese is just nationality same as Filipino.

  123. Caucasians came from negritos and austronesians

    To Ed,
    Dravidians are among the numerous high tech employees here in the Silicon Valley. I don’t know why u say their IQ is lower than the Filipinos. If you are comparing to IQs of people living in India and those living in the FIlipinos I would say know for sure that Indians are smarter than those Filipinos. There isn’t that many very light to lighter skin Indians working at high tech companies. I would say maybe the non Dravidian looking ones make up about 10% of the 40% Indians wokring at High Tech jobs. Where are the FIlipinos working at¿???? I see them at places like Costco, Walmart, Target, tire centers, low paid nurses, and working as maids. I haven’t known any that are high achievers, but very love to leech of friends with money. In medical schools in California, it is mostly caucasians, east asians, and indians medical students. Philipinos are classified more like negroids of the African continent when it comes to intelligence level. Southeast asians are considered dirt poor due to their very relax life style and getting plenty of foreign aid. The old saying is when you marry one of those southeast asians , you marry the whole family. The whole family moves into your house and you have to support them all. The filipinos are famous for this………………………………..

  124. Brutus

    So dark? What kind of Filipino are you looking at? You some kind of retard or something?

  125. Maria

    first people in the philippines were the negritoes. when the malays and indonesieans came, they drove off negritoes that’s why they live isolated to the mountains. The ancient filipino didnt have intermarriages with the negritoes that explains why majority of our ethnicity is malay. Later they began trading with indians, arabs and chinese and some of these traders prefer to stay and had intermarriages with ancient filipinos. That’s the beginning of racial mixture but still majority were Mala ancestry. That’s what we learned from our history teacher. I am a Filipino and has brown color, I dont look chinese. But I saw some few filipinoes look chinese because one of their parents/grandparents is chinese.

    • Jenna

      Malay people in general look like Javaneses of Indonesia. Indonesians, Malaysians did come from Negritos (proto-austronesians). Malay, Indonesians, Polynesians, natives of Hawaii, malanesians are all austronesians came from the negrito people (proto-austronesians). The funny thing is austronesians like Malays do have oriental faces with brown to dark brown skin. Cambodians ancestors are also negritos and that is why I have a hard time tell any of the Southeast asians apart.

  126. cherrymomay

    uhm..well im a pure filipina.but some say that i look like a chinese because of my eyes..

    ano connect?haha

    • Amy

      There is no such thing as chinese eyes. It is called asian eyes. But this excludes Indians (India). In human ancestors of Africians you can find some of them having those mongoloid looking eyes. Koreans, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Cambodians, Indoneisans, Malaysians, Polynesians, Hawaiians, Filipinos, Mongolians, Southern Siberians (not russians), other southeast asians, central asians, north asians, and even some Caucasians in Britian, other parts of Europe can have those kinds of eyes. Stereotyping is the worst thing anyone can do.

      I also noticed some non mixed blood FIlipinos have very small eyes and some with a slant to their eyes. They are dark to medium skin. Go to Indonesia, Polynesian islands, Hawaii, etc. You will find indigeous people with small eyes. Some of them have slants to their eyes too. But to my knowledge the Mongolians, S. Siberians, parts of Japan, Koreans, and parts of China (very northern parts) have higher % of slanted and small eye people. I read it has something to do with colder weather making them have thicker eyelid skin and the smaller eye openings is to protect their eyeballs.

  127. Mary

    I’m a pure-blooded Filipino but honestly my skin is even lighter than many Latinos I see here in the United States. I’m not sure if the asker has actually visited the Philippines, for the reality is, there are more Filipinos with medium-brown skin than with so-dark skin. Darker-skinned Filipinos are usually those who live near the coastal areas due to regular exposure to a strong heat from the sun and the breeze from the salty ocean. Type of works is also a factor. Farmers, construction workers, laborers, or vendors tend to have darker skin because they mostly stay under the sun, whereas office-employed Filipinos tend to have lighter skin. Whether working indoor or outdoor, the truth is, majority of Filipinos have medium-brown color, not so dark.

    • Murra

      Indigeous people of the Filipines are dark skin &, big wide flat noses. A lot of the filipinos have diluted blood. Indigeous people of Filipines, Indonesia and Malaysia are dark skin people. Then other people came and mixed in to give you people lighter skin. If u don’t believe it, just have different types of DNA testing and you find I speak the truth. There are many different types of DNA testing and the price varies depending of which one you are getting . If you want to be sure, take all the test.

  128. Tiye

    I believe that they are dark skinned because some produce more melanin than other cultures. Also, there are some filipino’s that look very dark and this is because they carry an African blood line like the Aeta tribes. There found in the high mountains of the Aeta villages and they do not mix with the other communities. It’s not only due to the temperature of the sun but there is proof and traces of African roots through the findings of ancient artifacts.

  129. Tiffany

    Filipinos without Spanish blood, Chinese blood, Japanese blood have very typical Australoid look. At least Javanese tend to be more slender in build, slightly lighter skin, slightly thinner lips, almond eyes, and less broad nose. Javanese people are actually Austronesian (Australoids mixed with Mongoloids). That is why they are bit fairer than Filipinos who are mostly pure Australoids.
    But Filipinos with no mixed bloods have very dark skin, very broad nose, very short stature, stocky build, large eyes, and very thick lips. I am not trying to be racist, but those are just the features that I saw at Philippines. I live in Indonesia, I have pure Chinese blood and most of my friends are Javanese.

    • Ian Garcia

      Javaneses are very mongoloid looking with small eyes, and many have very mongoloid looking faces and dark skin. The light skin have mixed blood from the North of them which is Mongoloid genes and not austroloid genes. Javaneses aren’t pretty at all. They look like the typical Filipino people with flat noses, flat big wide noses, very oriental looking for eyes very wide apart.

    • You sure it was’nt Africa that you visited?

  130. Tiffany

    The original Filipino is Australoid Negritos, who lived in the Pacific Islands like the Ainus of Japan too. Filipinos with the mixed blood are the attractive ones, but pure Filipinos are hideous (no insulting, that’s the harsh truth). Even Javanese (I mean the pure ones) look much better than pure Filipinos in every ways. Filipinos are the ugliest bunch of the Southeast Asians that I have ever seen. Indonesians (pure or mixed ancestry) are the most attractive in my opinion, along with Thais and Vietnamese.

    • Mr. halo

      Hola many “tiong hoa Indonesia” is here, giving positive comments here, I see a lot of comments that were very dirty from the philippines hate people of Indonesia. I was shocked when he opened the author’s blog ” robert lindslay” .look he really hate very hate to Indonesia, whether you open vidio and see the face of the fililipina? their many distinctive features khas mix from Austroloid! Indonesian still look more Asian than in the filipino . I think Javanese have ancestors chinese from yunan, when you go to the museum and see the vidio and pictures Javanese people in the past, they are similar to the East Asian people with very slanted eyes. yeah filipina many overlapping DNA with a mixture of negro.;)))) yeah …Javanese most beautiful and handsome in my opinion is the people of western Java (Sundanese bandung)

  131. Patricia

    I’m Chi & I SORT OF believe in the theory that Filipinos & Chi are both Chi. Hmm… so Fil & Chi are the same race… what now?

    • Filipinos are only in a small race with:

      Ami Taiwanese aborigines
      Guangdong Han

      Not with the rest of Chinese.

      • tarqinius

        Phillipino,dravidian, ainu. What the hell? Likethe british, japanese, native americans and every other human on the planet including myself, the phillipinos are a shit mix as we all are. Does it really matter if a person is part celtic , 3/4sioux,93percent eastern jew, mostly indonesian, one quarter sasquatch or half scandinavian. And yet some people still can’t accept that humans are all part of one species. Not race, not colour, not cranium type type, but species, homo sapiens.

  132. Dark Filipino

    Filipino people are physically very different from the asian, filipino genetically different from other Asian people, they are very close to the Pacific. many say they are the descendants of the Pacific.
    Disgusted saw this post, ugly dark filipino wanted compared to the “yellow skin Indonesianss”

  133. Buhawi

    Filipinos, negroids? That’s a stupid generalization really. LOL 😀

    I’m a filipino. Well, in Philippine history, there were the negritos; the indonesians drove them out; then there came the malays who drove out the indonesians. The early natives traded and interbred with the chinese and the arabs and that explains why some filipinos today has their facial features.

    Before the spanish came, the Philippines is not a country but a group of island kingdoms. Hence, there was really no unity that’s why the spanish conquered us easily, & that brought us under spanish rule for 300 years; that explain again why some filipinos has spanish features.

    Ruy Lopez Villalobos, a 15th century spanish explorer came to the Philippines & named the islands Las Islas Filipinas in honor of King Philip II of Spain.

    & Filipinos doesn’t have super dark skinned. We generally are brown-skinned people. Those who are dark skinned are usually people who are more exposed to sunlight because of the nature of their jobs like farmers. It also depends on what region they came from; people in the northern part tend to be darker because the north is the hottest part of the Philippines.

    Also, filipinos are not stupid; again, that’s a stupid generalization.

  134. morena

    im a pure filipino have a brown skin a short but a well shape body and have a pointed nose..most of people recognize me as an indian..never mind the ethnicity or race the important is im pretty lol ..

  135. morena

    proud to say im a filipina beauty

  136. robert lindsay you are an embarassement to whites and live with your mother

    you have no idea what you are talking about you picked up some article and now think youre an expert you are a want to be cop this is my first time on this site and my last and if you ban me who cares you obviously have some mental issues and btw if you were to ban me and if i really wanted to come back here i can change ip address in under a minute so lmao guy you are a nut case please get out your moms basement and into some sort of therapy

  137. The Warrior

    Filipinas are the most beautiful of the Asians and have won the most Beauty constest of all asian women. Can anyone dispute that? anyone who disputes that is speaking throough their A hole. check this out. A Filipina won the 2013 Miss World.

  138. Ashazam

    Like this theory… double like

  139. Luise

    I wouldn’t believe it either but I have seen many Filipinos on Internet who say they are 100% Fil but look 100% Chinese. No other cultural group bares more resemblance. Tenth president of the Philippines Ferdinand Marcos: http://philnews.ph/2011/06/19/president-aquino-rejects-marcos-burial-at-the-libingan-ng-mga-bayani/philippine_president_marcos/ There are also many Fils mistaken for C. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLvXpd3a0GI http://news.nationalpost.com/2013/06/09/filipinos-find-a-home-in-winnipeg-as-family-ties-drive-immigration-in-manitoba/ ‘Filipino Immigrants in Winnipeg, Canada’ First photo: The father looks exactly the same as a Chinese man. This. Should. Be. Enough. Proof.

  140. Damsi

    Filipinos are damn ugly and so are you punk

  141. Molybdenum Studios

    Reblogged this on Anything in Random, by MSP and commented:
    Same thoughts here. The original Filipino race originated from Taiwan (no wonder, if you see some Taiwanese people who look Filipino, those are mixed with Attayal/Amis/aborigine ancestry), but there are arguments claiming that the Negritos are the original inhabitants of the Philippines. We cannot tell, actually. :/ It seems that everybody is mixed-raced except for a few homogenous societies.

  142. JoenLeyson

    Oh crap… Filipinos are like Brazilians… some look chinese and the rest of southeast asians there… others look like spanish or caucasians.. it merely depends on their ancestry.. Im a filipino and I look like mexican.. tan-skinned boy but the only difference is my eyes with which i inherit from my korean grandmother… yep… it’s true that a vast number of people here have flat noses and squared face but those who have mixed ancestry on the other way around tend to have a different facial features than a mere pure filipino blood.. Because of modern invasion nowadays, it’s qute hard to differentiate caucasians from filipinos here unless he/she speaks or either way you see his/her nose.. but majority here looks like some chinese/vietnamese,others are natives and a small number are spanish-looking.. Therefore I conclude that all people here are mixed blood that is why there’s a slight confusion in determining them.

  143. kalibang

    I am pure Filipino and I have brown skin not dark skin. I have oval face, not so pointed nose and big eyes. Some people thought I am Mexican or Indian. I am proud to be a pure Filipino, be it negritos or malay descendant.

  144. Exactly how dark are Filipinos in your opinion Robert?

    • I met a lot of Filipina women, and most of them were pretty light, a lot lighter than the men for some reason. For whatever reason, a lot of them looked like Chinese people somewhat, especially the lighter ones.

  145. A post which is very enriching knowledge, thank you for sharing it 🙂

  146. andre

    Damn, I’m Filipino and my skin is “moreno” not “negro” you moronic Chinese commenters think. And why would we want having Chinese blood? You may drink all of your yellow and polluted blood and who the hell cares?

    • John

      Chinese people are not yellow dumb ass. They come in different shades. Some are very pale and even lighter than white people, but whites usually have red tones in their skin. The people of filipines are from all over the place. The indigeous people are negritos. The light skin ones are not indigeous to the filipine islands. Filipinos have very wide and flat noses. The ones that don’t have blodd from other races and other asian ethnic grous. Filipines is the dirtest in southeast asia.

  147. Jal

    I am a Filipino, but I am not ashamed of how I looked, if I have Negrito blood in my veins as most people here claims all Filipinos to have, then so be it, I will embrace it wholeheartedly because it is something that I don’t have a choice about. Preoccupation with physical beauty is plain vanity. After all, when we die, our body will all just go back to dusts. Life is like a vapor that is here for awhile and then vanishes away. The condition of our soul is all that matters, because it is what remains after we die to meet our Creator. The Negritoes people maybe are the “ugliest” people to some people posting here, but to me they are one of the most beautiful because they are examples of pure, uncorrupted souls in the world. I have a lot of respect to all the indigenous people in the world because they are the true stewards of this Earth (they don’t abuse and plunder their land). Our modern society is corrupting and perverting everything it touches. Soon, our collective unnatural activities will have catastrophic consequences. We have a choice to make individually, that is, not to conform to this corrupt world and cease to be lovers of pleasures and selves. Be a true steward of the Earth. Love God with all your heart, soul and mind. And, Love your neighbors as you love yourselves. Again, a pure or purified soul is all that matters.

  148. sleuthfoot

    I was into this blog until I saw the host bullying the respondents and using the word “flip”. God what arrogance. I’ve lived in Taiwan and Asia for years and still live on the “beautiful island” of Taiwan. I”ve seen Hakka, Aboriginal, and Han elements reside peacefully on the island but as stated before: all came during different historical and evoluationary epochs. Defining race falls under the shadows of anthropology and sometimes armchair rascists who paint with broad strokes a canvas that is pretty complex. Though largely Han, the Taiwanese are a mixture of many elements, though the aboriginal component does bare the results of migration patterns during the last Ice age, all the way to Okinawa, (Japan). In any discussion of ethnic migrations, emotion and politics should be discarded at the door, along with a closed mind. The Phil. islands and her peoples are a polygot of ethnicity for sure, let us agree on that. I just returned from my 5th trip to the islands and can state that most of the poorer folk, of which there are many, seem to look homogenous, but represent a rich mixture of migration and colonial influences. Just my .02 cents, but Linsday, keep it light and informative.

    • Why is “Flip” a bad word? My brother used to date a Filipina who lived in LA, and she and her friends always used the word “Flip” to describe Filipinas.

      • Historia Nerd

        Flip is offensive, since it refers to the Filipino’s behavior; like a dog, they perform flips or tricks. The Filipinos that I know in the Cali area are known to adopt different personas. One Filipino was trying to pass off as a knowledgeable Theravadin Buddhist. Another tried to act “black.” This also extends to the Vietnamese, Burmese and even Thailanders in the US who try too hard to assimilate.

        • Chi Borealis

          Another jealous immature ignoramus. “Flip” is not offensive and where did you get this idea that Filipinos are offended by the word FLIP. You seem to know a lot about Filipinos it’s either you are jealous or got rejected by one lol if you don’t like Filipinos stop learning about who we are because we don’t need your acceptance lol
          I think you are going way beyond yourself lol

  149. Claive Alvin P. Acedilla

    It is because Filipinos live in a very humid and hot country. Filipinos also like to go outside walking under the tropical heat. Filipinos like to go outside. Filipinos do not like to wear long sleeves, wide brim hats and sunscreen for protection. Filipinos become dark while they are young because they always swim and play on the beach because they live on islands where the sea/ocean is everywhere.

  150. They are just dark skin F*cking machinese

    Indigeous people of the over 1000 islands called the Filipines are very dark skin, short starue, big wide flat nose people. Other people from East Asia, and Spanish people had inter mix with the population giving them better appearances and lighter skin. There is no way that you go into the sun and remain that dark all year long. I know some that are super dark like those africians of the zulu tribe. Filipinos with pure native blood have super small eyes, big wide flat noses, and short and dark skin.
    This is the reason why many of them are marrying other races and ethnic groups to dilute their not so desirable genes. Many of them are very uneducatated and that is why when you marry one you marry into the whole family. I know too many guys east asians, whites, etc ended up with a very messed up marraige due to the fact that filipinos are bunch of leeches.

  151. PhStuDy

    It’s quite entertaining reading the comments left on this article. So much hatred and ignorance thrown about. Everyone is so fixated with the genetic data correlating with their own ethnic and cultural world view and they throw tantrums when it doesn’t match. Good science will always stand on it’s own and it doesn’t give a damn about whose feelings get hurt. Fight the good fight Lindsay.

  152. mack

    Filipino,s are so dark because they were part of the great coastal migration they left Africa and migrated to the island’s when the region was connect ed with land bridges with mainland Asia they mix with the Asian,s along the way they often traded with then Spain ruled them for 400 the USA paid Spain 20 million to annex the entire region so that’s how they got some of the European DNA along with Japanese and American mix during ww2 the original people of the Philippines are the Ati from Africa they been there for 15,000 year’s and are still there! Just like the original people from Mexico was the OLMEC from west Africa! And the original people from China was the Li Min black headed people they civilized china theywre from AFRICA and silk worm farmers in china over 5,000 year’s ago that’s why Chinese people have African DNA only!!! I’m Choctaw Native American and African a super hybrid warrior and love it it’s time to stop believing his-story and embrace true history like the great Hannabal barca from north Africa! Myself I’m nothing more than Nat Turner mix with Sitting bull ha, ha, ha imagine that!!!!

    • It's all about me

      You sound very dumb!!! Chinese have African DNA only???? You make no sense. As far as I know everyone crawled out of East Africa and migrated in different path. The Southeast Asians which includes the Philipinos , Thai, Cambodians, etc. can have negrito genes because they are the original inhabitants of Southeast Asia. This is very Indonesians are super dark and the light ones are mixed with other races and or Asian ethnic groups. The original people of Mexico are native iindians. They look very Asian because they are Asian people. They look like the ones you find in Southeast Asia. Philipino people are just a big metling pot of people. Some natives have very small eyes, flat big faces, and big wide flat noses. The ones that are not like that have foreign genes. The ones I know that aren’t ugly have any of the following genes in them: Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and other European genes. Pure Filipinos are as ugly as hell. Go to Filipines and you see most aren’t looking close to their celebrities. 80% of them are very ugly. They are super dark and they are considered not so bright. There are however maybe 2% that have brains. It is their culture that done this to them.

  153. I myself come from a Filipino family. I’m half and half(Filipino and white) or mestizo as Filipinos would call it. I have to agree and disagree with all of this. My great grandparents on my Filipino side had 8 children; all different skin tones and body types. They themselves were darker and more “Indonesian” in appearance, but my grandmother and 3 of her sisters are noticeably fair skinned and look more of a typical Asian most people imagine. The other 4 siblings are darker skinned. The only thing I know is that some people in my family are dark, while some are light. Some of my cousins look Japanese and not Filipino at all. But that’s the beauty of everything! You don’t always know what you’re gonna get! Light kids, dark kids, short ones, fat, skinny…none of it really matters. A lot of countries want to be light skinned because of their obsession for the western world, while people in the west all wish they could tan. We all want what we can’t have.

    Betsey, I don’t know who you are, but you’re a racist piece of shit and I hope your babies look like monkeys.

  154. Ahmed

    Calling yourself a Filipino or Filipina is just a nationality and not an ethnicity. Why people keep thinking Vannesa Hudgren’s is Filipino and she is not. Her mother is Chinese and Spanish and born and raised in the FIlipines, so she is a proud Filipina which is a nationality and not her ethnicity. The same goes with Pheobe Cates. Her mother is Chinese and half Spanish and her dad is Russian jewish, so why is people calling her a Filipina??? Her mother can be call one, but not Pheobe Cates because she was born in the United States and she has no Malay, negritos, Indonesian, polynesisan, or Ami blood in her. Why Filipinos are so in denial of their short stature, big wide flat noses, big faces and score lower academically than Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans???? Philipinos, Thai, Loatians, Cambodians, and other Southeast Asians are in the same category = poor and stupid. They often are very jealous of other Asians success and beauty which they wish they have.

    • Chi Borealis

      Another insecure one lol if you hate Filipinos so much how did you know Vanessa and Phoebe Cates are half Filipino lol – did you go on google and research Haha. What you say doesn’t matter. I am very proud to be Filipino and truly happy to be one despite of all your nasty beliefs. So insecure lol

    • Chi Borealis

      Oh by the way, please get educated and learn to spell Filipino. I bet you are from Hong Kong? Lol you people have this delusional pride – it always boggles my mind especially in Canada. I look around and you people think you are beautiful because of your yellow ghost like skin but yet your round, slit eyes and, bad breath, bad teeth don’t exude beauty lol. To be honest I really don’t care what you think of Filipinos – we are the most liked of all Asians, come from different Colors and ethnicity. If you don’t like Filipinos stop looking us up and get a life lol. The truth is we don’t like you too. AMEN

      • Ahmed

        Oh, please, oh please. you Filipinos are so stupid and too bad you will always be maids and slaves for the rest of the world. Too bad your genes are to be blame for being inferior in everyway.

        • Chi Borealis

          I’m glad you spelled “Filipino” correct this time. Lol Slaves? You should see all
          The Chinese slaves working in Canada working under the table and illegally. They can’t even speak Or understand English. At least domestic work and being a caregiver is a JOB unlike what you unclassy, uncivilized Chinese take on here in Canada. Disgusting lol

        • Ahmed

          why so many Filipinas are cock suckers??? Is that all your women know how to do??? Filipinos are best like????? Ha ha ha. Your opinion must be. Americans don’t like you short stature monkeys because your government had leeched billionaires of dollars from American tax payer. Oh, don’t be so jealous because your kind is ugly and stupid in every way. Filipinos don’t even have a name for their country. Spain gave them the name of Philipines when it should be called PoopLand. Filipinos have nothing original to them. Everything taken from Japan, China, Spain, Polynesia, Indonesia, and Malaysia. See your kind really have nothing of your own. You don’t want to claim your ancestors of the negritos people. They are your kind and why be so ashame of them. Many of you carry their blood. Why do you guys miss treat your ancestors and chased them to the forrest???? Your flat wide noses are very much from their genes. Don’t be ashame that you idiots were rule by foreigners for centuries. Most Filipinos marry other race and asian ethnic groups because they want to diluate their ugly genes. Most Filipinos have very oriental faces (mongoloid faces) with spanish names which is very funny to me. You usually will expect a non oriental face with those spanish surname, but it is always someone that has big wide flat noses, small eyes. Many non mixed natives of the Philipines have small eyes. THe ones with large round eyes have very strong negrito genes…………….. Negritos have kinky hair, large flat wide noses, big lips and round eyes.
          I cannot tell a cambodian, Laotian, or a Thai person apart. THey all look the same, but except I think cambodians and Loatian are much better because they don’t have to pretend they have white blood in them. .Filipinos think having white blood make them feel superior which is laughable. Most filipinos with white blood still look very Asian. Why Filipinos hate to look Asian with they are Asian to began with???? THey are austronesians which are modern day negrito people.

          Ha, ha, ha I am glad Filipinos are kept out of the better neighborhoods.
          I don’t want high crime.

        • Chi Borealis

          LOL no wonder you were dumped. You sound so uneducated, poor English, can’t spell. Your thought patterns are delusional. You sound like you need to serious help. Please see a Psychiatrist – it’s a shame to be ugly isn’t it – double whammy for you. Ugly with no petsonality. You are also probably single, lonely with no friends. You are rotting inside LOL seek help now. Honestly, say all you want about Filipinos – what is important is that people where you are from are not well liked in Canada. Lol

    • Forgotten Mercury

      Who said Filipino is a race or ethnicity. Filipino is just nationality same goes to Chinese, Korean, Japanese, or Spanish.

      These are the list of races I found online:


      Source: http://www.buzzle.com/articles/list-of-human-races.html

      So, what’s wrong if people call themselves Filipino if that is their nationality?

      Filipino, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, or Spanish = Nationality!

      Vannesa Hudgen’s mother is Filipino with some Chinese in here. Her mother is Gina Guangco who has Hispanized surname composed of three syllables which is very common to Chinese Filipino families. Also Phoebe Cates has Filipino blood since her maternal grandfather is Chinese-Filipino. Most Early Chinese immigrants in the Philippines mixed with Austronesian people of the Philippines and form Chinese-Filipino community.

      Read it for yourself!

      “The arrival of the Spaniards to the Philippines attracted new waves of immigrants from China, and maritime trade flourished during the Spanish period. The Spanish recruited thousands of Chinese migrant workers called sangleys to build the colonial infrastructure in the islands. Most Chinese immigrants converted to Christianity, intermarried with the locals, and adopted Hispanized names and customs and became fully assimilated. The children of unions between Filipinos and Chinese that became fully assimilated were designated in official records as mestizos de sangley but viewed themselves as Filipinos. The Chinese mestizos were largely confined to the Binondo area until the 19th century. However, they eventually spread all over the islands, and became traders, moneylenders and landowners.”

      Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Filipino_peoples

      Read it for more:

      “Many modern-day Chinese Filipinos have traditional last names with one syllable like Lim, Tan, and Sy. However, early Chinese Filipino families took on the complete name of their patriarch, thus their names had three syllables. These were adopted into the mainstream Filipino surnames and don’t exist anywhere else in the world. Their names were transcribed using the Spanish orthography in effect during the 19th century.”

      Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Filipino_name

      Most of early Chinese immigrants intermarried with the locals, and adopted Hispanized names as mentioned above.

  155. Historia Nerd

    Chi Borealis I’m not hating the Filipino. I was just mentioning the definition commonly mentioned regarding Filipinos. Besides, who would date a Filipino. There’s a reason why their called the “niggers of Asia” lol. You fools have no culture; all of it was imported, from the Chinese, Arabs and even the Indians and Cambodians. You will always be hated, especially by the Chinese. Hell even the average American thinks you guys are Pacific Islanders. (Besides I’m not a Chinese commenter, I’m Greek 🙂 )

    • Chi Borealis

      Wow! You are really sad and pathetic. LOL. You seriously must be a Slanted eye mongoloid faced chink with yellow skin who has soya breath with really nasty rotting teeth. You people are rude, crude, uncivilized – and your responses justify exactly what I just said. Why don’t you take a chopstick and stick it up your flat chinky ass lol

    • Chi Borealis

      Wow! If a black person can just read this lol they would woop your ugly ass lol the funny thing is I bet Black people are much better looking than you! You are seriously delusional to think you are the best looking haha I am shitting myself laughing . Filipinos may be darker skinned but hey who cares ??? There are dark skinned filipinos that are much better looking than you no sex appeal flat ass, no eyelid, yellow people. You sound so insecure always trying to prove yourself lol

    • Chi Borealis

      This will be my last response to you – no matter what you say your race is not well liked here in Canada and in the Philippined. A chink whether you are from Hong Kong or mainland China are all the same to me. I never liked you people and never will even if I was born in Canada. We don’t need your acceptance understand? We don’t like Chinese people so what you think or say means nothing LOL please go to see a Psychiatrist lol

      • Ahmed

        A Canadian negrito??? Ha, ha, ha. Canadians even hate Filipinos even more than other people. Canadians don’t like dummies. Go back to your 1000+ useless islands = Philipines or it should really be called Negritoland.. Ha, ha, ha you short stature and low IQ monkeys will forever be that. Filipinos are known as leeches.

        • Kye-Yoonh

          Shame to your sht. We have 7,100 islands airhead !Stop talking trash talk and nonsense shts! And we’re not negritos. You look darker than us and I bet a 12 year old Filipino is smarten than you. Leeches? Hah. Look who’s talking. and I met a lot of Canadians and no one seem to hate Philippines nor Filipinos. Go to hell shthead for insulting us

      • Ahmed

        Ha ha ha you are a sorry loser. Your gooks are poor and stupid and this is why your women are all sluts. I can buy a dozen of Flips for a dime don’t you know that. I can have them lick my asshole all day long for hardly anything. They love to lick poop. They behave very monkey like.
        You must be piss most female flips dont even want to have sex with another flip. It must hurt that all your females want other people than a flip. I guess they want better genes.

        • Kye-Yoonh

          Women here aren’t sluts. cut it out, d’you understand? Oh, wait, how can you understand if you’re brainless or maybe you have a brain but it only contains air? You ugly shthead stinky and eeewy uncivilized rude pedoperv chink ! Shut up, get lost or go to hell !

    • Ahmed

      Filipinos really are shameless. They have no identity and yes the Chinese runs them. Most of their presidents are actually Chinese people, so no wonder they hate Chinese people. Philipinos cannot run their own country is the reason why other people have to run it for them.

      • Chi Borealis

        Ahmed why don’t you stop hiding behind a Packy name lol – you are a chink. a Chink will always be a chink. mainland china and hong kong the same people in everyone’s eyes yet the Hong Kong keep justyfing lol. I am not surprised by your comments – A Chink will always be Chink LOL Did you brush your teeth today? Rude, Crude, Uncivilized smelly breath chink

        • Ahmed

          Oh, I almost forgot to mention Filipines is the dirtiest shit place on planet earth. Educational standard is very poor and popluation & polution is high.
          And don’t forget extremely poor health care because Your Marcos’ government kept all the billions that Americans gave to used your shit land as a spy station in Asia. Arabs are rich dumbo. That is why you are so angry because we stretched your women pussies and you get them second hand. You kiss them when their mouths and tongues sucked and licked our penis and anal holes. Hee, hee heee. Don’t you know we imported mostly virgin mestizo filipinas to be maids and sex slaves????? It is cheap.
          Don’t be jealous that Filipinas’s dream is to marry a non gook..

        • Chi Borealis

          Lol so angry – small penis and cannot get a Filipina girlfriend. Face it they are NOT attracted to you stinky people.
          There’s too many of you I’m Canada – chinks and packies. PHEW!

        • Ahmed

          Flips or gooks seem to hate people that are better than them. .Pakistanis’ are beautiful and handsome. They are highly intelligent and is that why you don’t like them??? Poor austronesians of negrito kind probably get step on by everyone else in the world. Everybody know the Philipines is the scum land of he world where people live in paper boxes all over the place. Manilla is like a toxic dump. I never been there and will never go there. Flips will envy me so much because all the wormen there will be all over me.

        • Chi Borealis

          Lol that’s your opinion. Packies are not well liked here they are all seen as terrorists, curry smelling with bad body odour. Handsome? Omg you just made me shit my pants. Not even close. You packies, middle eastern, indian smell and have this dirty looking dark skin. Handsome to your own kind lol Highly intelligent? Lol. You people put on this public persona that you are smart but you are not. Again, your opinion of your own stinky race. You people have dirty homes and have 5 families living in the house. Women are not attracted to you people – it’s 100% true. You stinky people always try to pick me up and it’s incredibly irritating. Eww!!! Same goes for the chinks … The Chinese and the packies in North America are over populated. You people need to stop breeding. Who cares what you think of Filipinos lol we are well liked people unlike people where you are from. And who said we are ashamed to be Filipino? I’m very proud dude but seriously and I’m being very honest here – I’m not just saying the above because of what you are saying about Filipino. The above is TRUE. Not once in my life have I dated, or even attracted to chink, packy, middle eastern, indian. Gross and no sex appeal lol

        • Forgotten Mercury

          We do not even hate other people. Ahmed! You are the one who hated Filipinos that much! All of your comments are very nasty towards Filipinos. You belittle us that much and talk nasty words to our people. Comment section is populated by Filipino haters. We do not hate on other people races or nationalities here. You are the one who always talk shit against Filipinos and your company. Talking bad things to other nationalities or races will not make you a better person than to other people. If you review the comments here you will see that most comments are very racist towards Filipinos came from those Filipino haters. All those trash-talk you throw on us will not make us less Filipino.

        • Ahmed

          The ones without east Asian blood and the ugly pure natives are the ones that think so great of themselves. I heard nastry stuff coming out of you people thinking you people are high class and bah, bah, bah. YOu people love to talk about east Asian eyes and I see over 60% of flips have the description of those eyes they hate so much. IT is funny that FLIPS don’t look into the mirror. Not all flips have large round eyes. Many have small eyes and there is at leat 30% without eyelid creases. This goes for Indonesians with dark skin and very oriental looking faces. Flips are arrogant and this is very their country got country by Europeans. They thought those Europeans like or love them so much, but the truth you already know. They came to take over and make you guys slaves.

          Hee hee, heee Maybe you aren’t hateful of other people, but most Flips are. You sound like you may have Chinese blood in you. I found Japaneses, Chinese, and Pacific islander people very friendly

        • Chi Borealis

          Are you unemployed? Lol Do you not have anything better to do? You sound like a broken record. Please don’t take it out on Filipinos just because you were rejected by one or many lol. Honestly, what you think of Filipinos doesn’t matter because the reality is we Filipinos are proud to be who we are. This inferiority complex issue is created by insecure people like you. Get a life loser! You sound so pathetic. I work at home by the way and all your emails are flooding my inbox lol

        • Ahmed

          Hey panhandler you are reviewing to us that you are jobless?? Hee hee hee. I run my own buisiness dumbo and I wouldn’t hire any of you because of your inferior complex and low IQs.

        • Chi Borealis

          That is hilarious? Lol your shitty unsuccessful business must be a reflection of your stinky personality.
          As I said stop taking out your insecurities and failures on us Filipinos.
          I doubt a person like you will ever be successful let alone get married lol
          Single, lonely, unattractive – ugly, insecure and a rotten person inside. Yuk!!! Who would go out with you? Get a life dude.

      • All womens are beautiful even the sidis in India and Pakistan are pretty.

    • Forgotten Mercury

      Historia Nerd! If you don’t hate Filipinos then why you talked nasty words against Filipinos?

      You are a denial king and a certified Filipino hater!

      • Historia Nerd

        My thoughts of Filipinos are mixed. I have tremendous respect for Filipino women, but hate the men. The men try too hard to impress, try to make advances on me and even discriminate their own women, in pursuit of fairer, whiter women.

        • Kye-Yoonh

          Hey! You shouldn’t say that! Not all of our guys have those attributes you mentioned because a lot are respectful to women and they’re even gentlemen. Don’t hate Filipinos. If you get to know us better, you’ll love us like what other foreigners do. They keep on visiting or even staying in the Philippines for good not just because of the sceneries but also because of the warm heartfelt welcoming of the Filipinos to the foreigners. We tend to be hospitable and we care a lot to everyone even those who aren’t blood related to us. And ! Another thing, that “they discriminate their own women in pursuit of fairer women” thingy insults me much because a lot of Filipinos have whiter skin than usual. I myself has fair and whiter skin that I actually look like an American if I only have blonde hair and blue eyes. Don’t trash talk!

  156. Kye-Yoonh

    A lot of Filipinos living in the Philippines nowadays are not pure Filipinos. A lot of us have foreign bloodline because of being a colony of many countries such as Spain, America, Japan and others. You see, Philippines was colonized by Spain for 333 years so it’s obvious that some Spanish people would marry Filipinos and have children of course. And another thing, Filipinos aren’t SO dark. Our skin’s color is not dark brown but kayumanggi or in English light brown and not all Filipinos have this color of skin because a lot of us have fair or whiter skin than the usual color of a pure Filipino’s skin. Try going to the Philippines, you’ll see a lot of Filipino who looks like Americans, Spanish, Mexicans, or even Japanese and Chinese. A lot of us has chinky eyes because we’re Asians and Asians tend to have a bit smaller eyes than those who are Americans. It’s a bit rare to see a person with pure Filipino blood in the Philippines nowadays and I guess it’s because of some Filipinos who chose to marry foreigners than their fellow countrymen.

  157. Bradley E. Goff

    Why do people make something thats SO simple, SO complicated? I’m an American living in the Philippines for many years. (so I KNOW)… The more exposure to the sun, the darker a Filipino gets.(just like anyone else). They’re NOT black. They’re reddish brown. I can see the Spanish genes in them, (lower cheek bone and lighter skin). They don’t stink at all. They smell more WHITE than BLACK.(this I know too, cause I’m from Kansas City and delt with blacks, whites, mexicans and everyone else for that matter). The more pure blooded ones are’nt that smart…but they’re the most sweet, loving people I’ve ever known.(and Iv’e been everywhere). I came here to get away from white people, (who mostly SUCK), and I’ve never been happier. Yes it’s hot, and yes it stinks…((cause the gvmt is SO currupt, and steals all these wonderful peoples money,(which could have been used for some waist water treatment)). These people originally came from Malaysia. If their genes show otherwise, thats based on the DOMINANCE of a particular gene. And obviously thier genes are quite mixed up. Like most of you peoples brain. And about the ‘ugly’ thing….I’m pure white (1/3 german, 1/3 english, and 1/3 irish. IF there is such a thing as ‘pure white’, and I think not), and I think Filipinos are the MOST beutiful people in the world. Thats natures way to mix genes cause MOST white people are inbread. Not in the sense that most of you could ever understand. (but please try) But still, us ‘ANGLOS’, are inbread on a deep, scientific level. So lets put away the mouse, turn off the misinforming information, and go out into the world and look around and use our OWN BRAINS to figure out WHAT th FUK is REALLY goin on.Thats why you have a brain. You know,.. that thing in your skull. BY TH WAY…. THIS is the FIRST time Iv’e ‘replied/commented/posted ANYthing about ANYthing. Cause I was SO completely blown away by the ignorance of the online community. ALSO, I’m VERY excited and interested about anything anyone has to say to me about the Philippines and the people who live here. But would prefer to here from someone who actually knows what it’s REALLY like here..;.BRAD (in BACOOR, CAVITE, PH)

    • Bradley E. Goff

      OOOPS, I think it’s ‘INBRED’… I’m sure someone is willing to correct my spelling. as long as it’s not that BOREALIS thing.

  158. Bradley E. Goff

    Wow… i CHANGED MY MIND. I don’t wanna hear any comments after all. They’ll just make me sad, like most of you are. I’m a happy guy, and plan to stay that way. Right here in th Ppines. Good luck and God bless everyone. Even and ESPECIALLY th haters. Cause you’re gonna need it.

  159. Please smart people never argue to bonehead R L

  160. mark baculna

    Hi.. i think you misplaced and disregarded a lot of details. Language wise malayo polynesians which includes you taiwanese belong to the same language family but genetic wise its a lot more complicated. Filipino hustory cannot be separated from the bustory of the rest of the region. The majority of filipinos are visaya speakers. Visaya is a language continuum… the oldest is southern visaya from sulu and butuan (tausug and butuanon) both in mindanao, the western visayan (karay.a and akeanon) and lastly the latest but largest in terms of speaker are central visayan languages of hiligaynon, cebuano, bicolano, waray and tagalog (yes tGalog is variant or member of the visayan language family) im kiniray.a. our oral history tells us that 1. We were exiles from borneo… our origin was barunay.. modern brunei. Barunay and solot (sulu) were part of madjapahit and sri vijaya. Under threat of war of succession upon the fall of these empire.. our leaders instead opted for exile into modern day panay by buying land from the negrito or in the case of the southern tagalog region… by going to war with the native kingdoms. The luzon had established kingdoms of tondo and sapa which were alies of medang (indonesia) a document from that era the laguna copperplate is a great example of a language in old malay (which is to become javanese and tagalog etc)… so genetic wise.. majority of tribes in the philippines such as tagalog (from seludong modern day manila and outpost if the bruneian empire), ilonggo, akeanon, kiniray.a and capiznon which are descendants of bruneian exiles.. and the tausuug.. are bruniean/bornean in origin.. they conquered or displaced the native pampangeno, ilokano, maranao etc.. these borneans spoke malay.. the lingua franca of the sri vijayan empire.. the bruneian aristocracy and sri vijaya were themselves exiles from funan which is in modern day vietnam and southern china. They are not han… they were actually forced out and south by han expansion. Sri vijaya became a powerful trading empire ehich spread its language to all its territories. So its funan to borneo.. from borneo to the philippines. So. 1. There is no certainty that we came from taiwan. Taiwanese aborigines are actually isolated until the 18 century when china conquered it. They are not ancestors but more akin to cousin tribes. Our language didnt originate from them. They have an older more varied language becuase of isolation. Our languages dont have much variation because they are new.. they are new becuase they actually originate from just one tribe forced out which in time became dominant and imposed its language which in time diverged. 2. Language does not necessarily imply genetic lineage. As stated. Some filipino ethnic groups were here first and some just recently. To simply conclude all filipinos are descended from taiwanese is a fallacy of oversimplification.

    • BIg and Beautiful

      What the heck. Philipino food is delicious and their culture and food is a mixture of many other countries. Human race all came out of East Africa so why people are always so stuck up about who they are???? Why aren’t their people more open to learning about other cultures??? I a, womdering why people like to belittle other ethnicities and/or races?????

      If it was just one kind of people in the world, I be super bore and them they fight among themselves???

  161. No. This is not entirely true. So this research took a lot of time for you.. One reference? Oh well 🙂

  162. maria luz

    na whats wrong with wide flat noses anyway?..some of the most famous celebrity in hollywood have wide flat noses..as for me im pure filipino,i have big deep set of eyes, a wide flat nose and a high prominent cheekbones,.people always ask if i have an african blood in me and i was always teased by my classmates calling me Whitney houston or Tyra banks or negra during my school days back then..but i didn’t feel bad about it.in fact i love it because that means i don’t look like a typical asian who looks all the same..and i whorshipped black beauties anyway..I’M PROUD for who i am..those chinese who discriminate filipinos are just insecure i’ve seen lots of chinese with small flat noses too..and as for the skin i prefer tan or dark because it looks clean than yellow skin tone..they’re prone to allergies and other skin diseases because of sensitivity..some even have fleclkes..beauty pageant industry is dominated with either tanned or dark brown or black beauties..and that’s a FACT for sure..PEACE..

    • popopopo

      what are you talking about?!? flat nose is characteristic of chinese or asians…

    • popopopo

      and black people are ugly…there is no such thing as black beauty….it’s asian beauty…but I notice many black people look asians….you think black people that looks asian has black facial features thus asian characteristic looks black?!? are you kidding me?!? filipinos don’t look different from other asians…wake up from your inferiority complex…

    • jerakkk

      I agree. I am pure Filipino. I am dark, flat nosed, 5 foot tall so what? I am happy with who I am and I pity those ignorant people who thinks I am a lesser person just because I am darker, shorter and ugly to the worlds standard.
      I also dont know why its so big deal that some Filipinos claims they have spanish blood in them. Of course, we were colonized by Spain for over 300 years, intermarriages had happened, some are products of rapes. It does not mean we are proud we have spanish blood, well maybe to some idiots but mostly are just stating a fact. The lives of the previous people during colonization are being taught in school so we know what happened okay.
      My point is we are who are and we are proud of what we’ve become because thats what make us a filipino not because we have mixes of foreign blood on us.

      Again, I apologize for the wrong grammars if there is any and that ia because of the fact that I am a Filipino, I have my own language and English is not my first so I wont pretend I am excellent in speaking and writing it.

  163. tisoy

    To tell you the truth I found the article curious and comments rather useless but I suddenly realized there has been an upsurge of articles on the subject- about alleged Austronesian origin of what are known as Malayo-Polynesian ppl , etc- even in the various local languages online. It seems there’s a hand in pushing this narrative- I have my own theories but I just wish somebody should realize many falsified narratives have been confirmed to have contaminated Western-directed contemporary history and I just wish we be spared with this mercenary kind especially now that world civilization is shifting towards Asia..
    While at it, I might as well leave my 5 cents worth. I guess the European component in the Filipino bloodline irks the other Asians. During WWII, half of the population of Manila were European-Filipinos but they were mostly massacred by the retreating Japanese during the Battle of Manila (not mentioned in Western history books but this has a memorial in Manila- Memorare Monument). Spain has a policy of hydridization of the natives in all its colonies thats why 100 soldiers were responsible for making the whole Antioquia of Columbia mestizos. Same in the Philippines, by the time the Spaniards left, official documents stated that 1/3 of lowland Luzon ( the main island) were Spanish mestizos (the highlanders, Igorots, are still Mongoloids, they were not colonized by the Spaniards but there is a book in Japan that claimed the Igorots were Japanese warriors fleeing from a ninja war in Japan). These Filipino mestizos became the middle-upper classes of the Philippines. The Chinese migrants were mostly male, they married an indigenous female then when they advanced economically, their sons would marry a beautiful Spanish mestiza for the prestige & the beauty, because there lies the Filipino preoccupation with beauty- as you go higher in the social classes, you tend to enter a more beautiful class (the ugly Spanish mestizas are deselected so only the beautiful ones move up the ladder, preserving the beauty). The Chinese-Malay-Spanish mixing produced what they call Tornatra phenotype, which I think is the most beautiful among the phenotypes in the Philippines & in the whole East Asia (no matter the bad mouths here, the Philippines is acknowledged as having the most beautiful people in this part of the world). It’s obvious that the sampling for the genetic studies for the European component of the Filipino bloodline is erronous: the distribution of European blood is localized not only in geography but in classes. When I was in school, 70% of us had mixed bloods but when I went out into the streets, it’s another story. These campaigns to force Filipinos realize about alleged “true” phenotype makeup of the Filipinos is useless if its directly opposite to the actual experience of Filipinos: most Filipinos would encounter, even interact, with Filipinos of various phenotypes, some even European-looking with blue-eye. So genetic studies of ancient ages will not change the actual experience of Filipinos. BTW I know Filipinos with Chinese surnames who look Spanish (google Cuisia, Syquia).
    I guess Filipinos should just smile when other Asians hate Filipinos for their preference for the wide variety of phenotypes in the Philippines. That’s our experience, and we can’t condemn one phenotype just because it makes our neighbors insecure. I don’t think there’s a wide consensus that the pure Asian look is beautiful but if somebody loves it, let them be. Each to his own standard.

    • Mele

      I don’t know why Filipinos are very in denial of their true ethnic featuers. Indigeous filipinios are dark skin and looks like aboriginal of Australia and the negritoes of Fiji islands , New Guinea, etc. Even when Filipinos mixed wth European blood they still look very oriental looking. It takes a lot of European blood in offpsrings to get more refined features. Filipinios in general do look very oriental looking, but with dark to brown skin. I cannot tell Cambodians, Filipinos, and some of the Thai people apart. Anyone that is born or naturalized cititzen of the Filipines can call themselves Filipino or Filipina. With that there are too many ethnic groups and mixed people. There are Spanish people livng there calling themselves Filipinos, etc. The pretty ones usually do have foreign blood in them.

      From what I know, most of the Chinese people will not marry indigenous people. They married more of the Maylo (Malaysian looking people) of the pacific islanders. The light skin people migrated from Taiwan. And they originated from Mainland China. Mainland China is super huge and made up of many Asian ethnic groups lumped into one big country. Former president Aquino’s ancestor is from there. You can find a youtue video of her going to her ancestors’ province in China. Look at her beautiful daughters with big eyes and they don’t look anything like some of the Filipinos saying mixing with Chinese give small eyes. The Filipinos I know that have large round eyes are very dark skin and probably are mixed with indigenous people. Most Filipinos look very oriental . The 20% that aren’t and are pretty have mixed blood. There are 10% FIlipinos that are super gorgeous looking, but none are pure though.

  164. Mele

    Indigeous people looks like negritos there. Chinese do not marry indigous people. They marry the ones orginiated from Taiwan (these people’s ancestors came from the mainland or they marry the Maylo- pacific islander type. Pacific islands are Asian people and are Austronesians whereas the Asians in Korea, Japan,mongolia, Siberia are of mongoloid type, but I do believe some of the Asians in Siberia have mixed Caucasian genes due to the Russians being so near, China have mixed people too. Japanese have gene flows from southeast asia. Javanese are Austronesians people with very mongoloid features and most Asians have these faces in southeast asia and if they have natve genes they may inherited the dark skin genes.,

  165. musician

    LOL, what an outdated issue. You have a choice not to be dark. Take note: one 500-1000 mg capsule of Glutathione per day and you’ll note your skin will be Caucasian-fair on the third week. Glutathione is just a vitamin so you’ll become fairer while becoming healthier. Just take spf30 sunblock when you go out. But don’t forget, skin color is not the issue, beauty is the issue. Ugly people try to whiten themselves hoping they will become beautiful but they are still ugly.
    BTW, enjoy this blog, it’s about the most beautiful people in East Asia & their pop music

  166. Anthropology1994

    Are those filipinos with significant chinese genes considered neomongoloid?

    • I do not know, those Chinese Filipinos are pretty much just Chinese people.

      • Anthropology1994

        What about the thai people and other mainland southeast asian people? Are they neomongoloid?

        • Those are called “Southeast Asian” types. They only transitioned to Mongoloid in the last 2,000 years. They are Neomongoloid with some remaining Australoid elements.

        • All Asians are Awsome

          The orginal inhabitants of Thailand, Vietnam, PHilipines, Indonesia are all negrito people and modern day inhabitants are mixture of different Asian ethnicities and some have European blood in them. You have to check what European countries have invade them to find the type of possible misture they may have. Philipinos that have refined features usually are very heavily European blood mixture with way less indigenous people’s blood. Look at Robin Willaims’ ex friend’s kids. The daughter I can still see an Asian face with a caucasion nose. Her Filipina mother has strong Caucasian blood and it shows. Enrique Iglesias has very diluted philipino blood, but hardly anyone know. His mother is already diluted with heavily Spanish blood, but some Filipino people doesn’t know that. HIs mother is not even 1/2 Filipino . She is only less than 1/4 of native people’s blood and the other 1/4 is either Ami people or could be malay people from what some reseachers told me about her. Then Enique father Julio is not 100% spaniish, but 1/2 jewish which can mean anything. Jewish people originate from Hebrew people and most in Europe are very diluted jewish people with tiny drop of jewish blood. And about Spanish people they can carry the dark skin genes of bass(spelling people). That is why you see very European looking people of spain as well as people with darker skin and very dark eyes and hair that sometims pass as more of a Mexican or south American.
          The original Vietnamese people came from Yunnan China and several other provinces of China. Viet is a generic term meaning people south of the Northern Chinese people. Viet is a collective term to group over 100 tribal groups in Southern China. It is kind of like the terms the Yankees and the confederates, but Viet has nothing to do with politics like it does in in civil war days of United states.

          Modern day viets are a mixtures of people’s blood from southern china and the dark skin people = negritos. DNA tests doesn’t lie. If you get into Cambodian and Burma and those tiny countries close to India, then you get indian blood into the melting pot of people. Also some Mongolians had moved southward, but they didn’t come in a huge wave of people. There is mongoloid genes in Indo-China too (Vietnam, laos, Burma, Thailand, and those tiny coutnries which I tend not to know their names without looking it up).
          There is always a flow of people from other places move into new areas and put their genes into the new population.

          Why are some Vietnamese, thai, Laotians, etc so freaking short???? I don’t have the answer. Most of the men in Indochina are super short. Southern Chinese men average to be between 5’6″ to 5″ 7″. Men in Indochina are average to be 5′. Southeast Asians in general are shorter than Chinese, Koreans, and Japanese people. Mongolians, shangdong people are the tallest among Asians. Average height there is 6′ with some women you can find being from 6′ to 7′. This population is related to the tall Korean population, but no means this mean they are Korean people. They are an ethnic group that is called the mountain people. If you see super tall Korean people you can see these share similar facial featuers with the shangdong Chinese people which is really considered to be nomadic tribal people with Mongolians and muchu people.

        • What the Heck

          Have anyone seen how Javanese people look like. They have very mongoloid looking faces and brown to dark skin coloring?? I do believe some of these people had migrated into the filipines given Filipinos’ population their mongoloid looking faces with dark skin. I can see some Filipinos look like Javanese people with very small eyes and no eyelid creases and dark skin. Gorgeous Filipinas and Filipinos less than 5% of the population. Petty ones = 15% of the population . Average looking Filipinos/Filipinas = 30% of the population. So I don’t want to list what the other 50% is considered. These are the people that have eyes that are wide apart, big heads, or/and big faces, small eyes that are not proportion to the rest of the face, big lips, etc.

          I don’t know what it is , but most Filipinos keep claiming to have Spanish blood. I know some 1/2 Filipinos and white and they look very Asians. It is about time that the Filipinos stop worshipping foreign invaders and proud to be Asians because we are Awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is in reality about 20% of Filipino people that carry Spanish blood. Some very tiny bit of it.

          Filipinos/Filipinas need to stop worshipping European invaders that keep making them weaker and weaker and this makes them needing foreign aids. Filipinos need to wake up and smell the coffee and be independent and get rid of these phony European people that uses them for political reasons and financial gains. Do you not see filipines have super high proverty????????????????????/ why??? They get mutti-billion dollars from other countries, and their people live like super poor people. Let’ s just get rid of all the corruptions and have a true democratic society. Let’s get rid of the Filipino ass kissers first, then this is a start to cleaning up the beautiful land of the Philipines.

  167. popopopo

    If you see them in real life, you can notice that Cambodians are a little darker than Filipinos….

    • Filipino Cuisine

      Filipino cuisine is influenced principally by China, Spain, and the United States, integrated into the pre-colonial indigenous Filipino cooking practices.[1] When restaurants were established in the 19th century, Chinese food became a staple of the pansiterias, with the food given Spanish names. The “comida China” (Chinese food) includes arroz caldo (rice and chicken gruel), and morisqueta tostada (fried rice). When the Spaniards came, the food influences they brought were from both Spain and Mexico, as it was through the vice-royalty of Mexico that the Philippines were governed.

      In the Philippines, trade with China started in the 11th century, as documents show, but it is conjectured that undocumented trade may have started even two centuries earlier. Trade pottery excavated in Laguna, for example, includes pieces dating to the Tang Dynasty (AD 618 – 907). The Chinese trader supplied the silks sent to Mexico and Spain in the galleon trade. In return they took back products of field, forest – beeswax, rattan – and sea, such as beche de mer. While they waited for goods and for payment, they lived here, and sometimes settled and took Filipino wives, a development that resulted in many Filipinos having Chinese origins, bloodlines and the culture now called “Chinoy” (Chinese – Pinoy). It was a development that resulted in major Chinese inputs into Philippine cuisine.

      Evidence of Chinese influence in Philippine food is easy to find, since the names are an obvious clue. Pansit, the dish of noodles flavored with seafood and/or meat and/or vegetables, for example, comes from the Hokkien piān-ê-si̍t meaning something that is conveniently cooked: usually fried,” however, pansit now names only noodle dishes, and not only stir fried or sauteed, but shaken in hot water and flavored with a sauce (pansit luglog), served with broth (mami, lomi) even a pasta form that is not noodle shaped, but is of the same flour-water formuation, such as pansit molo (pork filled wontons in a soup). One can conjecture without fear that the early Chinese traders, wishing for the food of their homelands, made noodles in their temporary Philippine homes. Since they had to use the ingredients locally available, a sea change occurred in their dishes. If they took Filipino wives, as they often did, and these learned or ventured to cook the noodles for them, then their Filipino tastebuds came into play as well, transforming the local ingredients into a variant dish into an adapted, indigenized Filipino pansit.

      Further adaptation and indigenization would occur in the different towns and regions. Thus Malabon, Rizal, a fishing village, has developed pansit Malabon, which features oyster, shrimp and squid. While in Lucban, Quezon which is deeply inland and nowhere near the sea has pansit habhab, which flavored only with a little meat and vegetables, and is so called because it is market food eat off the leaf (habhab).

      The same thing has happened to lumpia, the Chinese eggroll which now has been incorporated into Philippine cuisine, even when it was still called lumpia Shanghai (indicating frying and a pork filling). Serving meat and/or vegetable in an edible wrapper is a Chinese technique now to be found in all of Southeast Asia in variations peculiar to each culture. The Filipino version has meat, fish, vegetables, heart of palm and combinations thereof, served fresh or fried or even bare.

      The Chinese influence goes deep into Philippine cooking, and way beyond food names and restaurant fare. The use of soy sauce and other soybean products (tokwa, tahuri, miso, tausi, taho) is Chinese, as is the use of such vegetables as petsay, toge (mung bean sprout), pickled mustard greens (mustasa). Many cooking implements still bear their Chinese name, like sianse or turner. The Filipino carajay, spelled the Spanish way is actually a Chinese wok.

      Cooking process, also derive from Chinese methods. Pesa is Hokkien for “plain boiled” (Chinese: 白煠; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: pe̍h-sa̍h) and it is used only in reference to the cooking of fish, the complete term being peq+sa+hi, the last morpheme meaning fish. In Tagalog it can mean both fish and chicken (pesang dalag, pesang manok). As well, foods such as patatim and patotim refer to the braising technique (Chinese: 燉 or 燖; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: tīm) used in Chinese cooking.

      Since most of the early Chinese traders and settlers in the country were from Fukien, it is Hokkien food that is most widespread in influence. Since, however, restaurant food is often Cantonese, most of the numerous Chinese restaurant in the country serve both types. Other style of Chinese cuisine are available though in the minority.

  168. hime

    In our book , filipinos came from malay people

  169. iamris

    ..Remember that there is a twin son of Isaac, who are Jacob and Esau, with a hairy and warlike person..People who live nearby Philippines, Taiwan, Brunei etc is less hair, therefore line with Jacob, those whoa re in Pakistan, Persia, etc are from Esau..Now tell me, in which bloodline the European came from?

  170. iamris

    …In fact if we trace the books of human knowledge, nearly all will just mislead..According to the Old Testament, some angels do some tricky rebellion against the High God, and one of their leader told that they will come to earth and mingled with humans, So the High God was deceived and he hated the results…So the the fallen makes the confusion of language and races…The tower of Babel.

    Imagine why such make-ups of ancient Egypt who are the Sons of Gods are merely adopting the Asian eyes, originally created and bloodline, originally Israelite’s…Even until now, slavery and discrimination still…

    …Nothing is different under the sun, people!

  171. iamris

    ..superlatively speaking, only the Portuguese baptized the name Philippines, as King Philip, and become adopted name of the people living of this country “Philippines” which is my country..The only record is not with the books but with our blood and subconscious..we are the small one, the David against Goliath.

  172. question. Why do so many Filipinos on 23andme have the Mtdna haplogroup P (almost exclusive to Australians, Papuans, and Filipinos) if Filipinos are supposedly not mixed with Negrito?

  173. Emilia

    I have an essay that might explain the notion that all or most Filipinos are mestizos (i.e. part European and part Asian):

    Who’s Hispanic? Who’s Filipino?
    A few years ago, I wrote an essay called ‘Who’s White?’ I asked this question about several individuals, both famous (controversial shooter George Zimmerman) and not-so-famous (two boyfriends of mine). I ended the piece by discussing whether my daughter, who is part American Indian on her father’s side (he’s from Nicaragua), would be considered White or not. Conclusion: maybe, maybe not.
    Since then, a few new developments have occurred. Members of a Scandinavian club whose events I occasionally attend seem to think that my daughter looks Italian – which doesn’t surprise me because both her father and I have some ancestry from Italy. I wasn’t so prepared, though, when at least two people asked me if my daughter was part-Filipino (both were Filipino themselves, incidentally). In one case, the question came after I mentioned that my daughter had a Spanish last name from her father: having been under Spain’s rule for more than 300 years, most surnames in the Philippines are Spanish. One of my daughter’s surnames is Ramos, the name of the Philippines’ 12th president. In the other instance, a man working at my daughter’s school thought she might be Filipino because of her eyes.
    I’ll concede that my daughter could probably ‘pass’ as a Filipino mestiza (Spanish word used in Latin America and the Philippines for a woman of mixed racial origins). These exchanges also got me asking my own questions: How Spanish are Filipinos? Are they an Asian people who just happen to have Spanish names? Or are they, like most of the inhabitants of Spanish America, all mestizo?
    Several schools of thought exist on the subject. The first is that the majority of Filipinos do have a Spanish ancestor somewhere down the line, evidenced, they say, by the fact they have a Spanish last name. For example, my father’s housekeeper informed him that she was indeed part-Spanish because her family name was Narvaez (my father was sceptical, by the way). One Spanish-language book on the history of the Philippines says that millions of Spaniards fathered mestizo children in their East Asian colony.
    In contrast, others deny that Spaniards or Europeans in general had much genetic impact on the Philippines and its people. A website run by a Filipino Canadian humorously states, ‘Dear Filipinos, Stop Claiming that You’re Spanish! You (probably) aren’t.’ He goes on to say, ‘Mating was not a prerequisite to adopt the Spanish name – merely converting to Christianity and swearing allegiance to Spain was enough.’ Some sources explain that Filipino natives were assigned Spanish names for census purposes (of interest, some native surnames, such as ‘Bondoc,’ remain; as well, Chinese family names are found among individuals descended from immigrants from China to the Philippines).
    Without taking either school of thought as gospel, I decided to investigate their claims myself. My semi-educated guess was that Filipinos would have more European ancestry than other Asians but less than Latin Americans, for example. My research bore my predictions out. One study in the American Journal of Human Genetics from the early 2000s found that 3.6% of Filipino males possessed a Y chromosome (a chromosome passed from father to son) of European origin. (This figure would not cover people like my Filipino mestizo ex-boyfriend, who could ‘pass’ for Hispanic or even Italian but probably didn’t have a European Y chromosome because his Spanish ancestry came from his mother’s rather than father’s side.) According to a more recent study from the journal Genetics, Filipinos demonstrated a ‘modest amount of European genetic ancestry,’ while another report by one of the authors estimated that at least 5% of Filipinos’ genetic background came from Europe. Both those studies showed that Filipinos were more European than were other East Asians.
    In contrast, Latin Americans’ genetic ancestry is believed to be about 50% European1, with the rest being mainly Native American and African. A study from Colombia similarly found that about 94% of Y chromosomes in men there came from Europe, even if most of these men’s mtDNA (which is passed from women to children of both sexes) was Native. Hence, it appears that Hispanics have approximately 10 times more European ancestry than do Filipinos, despite their homelands both being under Spanish control at one point or another.
    The reason for this discrepancy lies in the fact that far fewer Spaniards ventured to the Philippines than to the Americas; thus a large mestizo population did not have the chance to emerge in the former. The result of this discrepancy is that Latin America (other than Brazil, which was conquered by Portugal) basically became a cultural outpost of Spain whereas the Philippines did not. To provide one example, although indigenous Filipino languages contain a considerable number of Spanish words, Castilian Spanish as a whole did not take hold in the Philippines as a mother tongue other than in the small mestizo community – and not even among all of them; my ex-boyfriend, for instance, only learned (some) Spanish in school. Nor was Spanish particularly used as a lingua franca, a role filled to some extent by the English brought by the Americans who took over the Philippines from Spain in the late 1800s.
    What has the outcome been of Spain’s general lack of influence in the Philippines? On the positive side, had the Spanish language become widespread there, Filipinos might not have learned English so well – well enough that many of them are able to find work as nurses, nannies and other positions in much of the Anglo-Saxon world, including Canada. Of interest, Puerto Rico, another former Spanish colony that was eventually ceded to the United States, never adopted English widely even as a second language, as surveys on bilingualism among Puerto Ricans have shown. On the negative side, some Filipinos feel somewhat disconnected from the –albeit limited – role Spain and its heritage have played in their country. There is a demand, for instance, to reinstate the Spanish language as a compulsory subject in Philippine schools and universities. In my opinion, this might not be a bad idea: while perhaps of lesser utility than English, Spanish is still a useful language to know.
    So in the end, I’ll hand it to the ‘Stop claiming that you’re Spanish’ website author that most Filipinos do not have Spanish or other European ancestry. But to say that Spain had no influence, either genetic or cultural, on the Philippines does not give the full picture either.

    1 ‘Admixture, Cultural and Biological,’ Razib Khan (http://www.unz.com/gnxp/admixture-cultural-and-biological/).

  174. Emilia

    I didn’t think the White nationalists were so concerned about Filipinos. Their main targets seem to be Blacks and, to a lesser extent, Muslims. They seem to have a kind of ambivalent attitude towards Asians in general.

    • Emilia, Good essay. Yes, all Pinoys DNA REPORT SHOULD COVER THE MOTHER & FATHER SIDE, not just the former. Central & South American Native & S. Asian genes in Pinoys should be tested too. Or a full test, not just those groups. There was not many Spanish people in the first hundred or so years in Spanish conquest of the Americas & Philippines. Philippines took a few thousand Spanish & ended in 1898. Thing is in the last 200-300 years or so the “WHITENING OF THE LATIN AMERICAS” happened – they took 10’s of millions people all over Europe, promising them lands. In the Philippines – they took millions of Chinese to this day, in 2010, 61,000 Chinese settled in Philippines – a country that is 3x densier in population per area than China. & keeps on going.

      • Emilia

        Thank you so much for your compliment, Shas. I usually don’t check what I’ve posted because I presume no one would be interested, so this is a very pleasant surprise.

        There apparently was a study by a Spanish geneticist that examined Filipinos for any European (presumably Spanish) mtDNA and found none. I’m not surprised: almost all of the Spaniards who went to the Philippines were men. Even in the study I mentioned from Colombia, only 1% of the men examined had mtDNA of European origin. So I wasn’t surprised to find no European mtDNA in Filipino men. Now hopefully the Spanish scientist will do a study of Filipino men’s Y chromosomes; if any Spanish genes entered the Filipino population, it would be through the male rather than female line.

        As for Native American DNA in Filipinos, I would suppose it would come through some of the Mexican men who went to the Philippines when both countries were under Spain’s rule. If any pure Amerindians went, you might find the odd Native American Y chromosome, but since most Mexicans in the Philippines were probably at least mestizos, I would say Amerindian ancestry in the Philippines would best be detected in the nuclear DNA.

        Unfortunately, it seems that there have been a number of genetic studies performed on Latin American populations (perhaps because they’re so mixed) but far fewer on Filipinos.

      • Emilia

        A follow-up to my previous essay:

        Who’s Hispanic? Who’s Filipino? #2
        This article is a follow-up to “Who’s Hispanic? Who’s Filipino.” The gist of my original article: the Philippines and Latin America1 were both conquered and ruled by Spain for a period of roughly three centuries. However, Latin America came out of Spanish domination with a primarily Western culture, whereas the Philippines did not. The majority of Latin Americans speak Spanish as their native language. On the contrary, relatively few Filipinos speak Spanish as a mother tongue. While thanks to American rule English has eclipsed Spanish as a lingua franca in the Philippines, most Filipinos use one of the country’s many native languages (the most widespread one being Tagalog) in their everyday lives. Neither the US’ nor Spain’s rule appears to have usurped the Philippines’ original character.
        The Philippines, in my view, serves as a powerful counterweight to the argument that Latin America is not Western but Indian (or a few might say, in the case of those countries with a large Black component, African) at heart. Interestingly, the two factions who subscribe to the view of Latin America as non-Western appear at first glance to be diametrically opposed to one another: White racists on one hand and left-wing romantics of all racial backgrounds on the other. White racists argue that because most Latin Americans are not 100% European genetically they can never be “like us.” Left-wing romantics dismiss Latin America’s “Europeanness” because they hate to think of an “oppressed” group having anything in common with the “oppressor” (that is, White Europeans and their descendants in places like the United States and Australia). Despite their differences, though, these two factions both tend to use vague, slightly undefinable terms like “heart” and “soul” to refer to what they claim is Latin America’s true nature.
        The example of the Philippines seriously challenges the notion of Latin America as a pre-Columbian holdover. Some commentators on both the left and right try to get around this challenge. For instance, Chiqui Ramírez, a self-described “Mayan priestess,” describes Castilian Spanish as an “imposed lingua franca” resulting from exploitation by Spain. For the vast majority of Latin Americans, though, Spanish is not a lingua franca. A lingua franca would be English in India or in some former British colonies in Africa: a language that a certain percentage of the population knows but that is not their mother tongue. For most Latin Americans, Spanish is their mother tongue, so it is not a lingua franca.
        As for Spanish being an “imposed” language in Latin America, one might ask why Spain never managed to impose Castilian in the same way on the Philippines, despite ruling over those islands for roughly the same time as the Spanish Americas (300 years). Obviously, the Spanish would have wanted to – and did – exploit the Philippines, but the fact that Spanish never established itself as a mother tongue there suggests something else besides exploitation or imposition was going on in Latin America.

        Ironically, in a right-wing publication called, incidentally, View from the Right, commentator Howard Sutherland writes about Mexico, “The racial mixing that produced the mestizo happened a long time ago, and did not create a new breed of Westerner.” He also states, “The culture of rural Mexico… is more like the Philippines than Spain.” Then why, one might wonder, do most – not all, but most – Mexicans speak Spanish rather than a native language as their mother tongue while a majority of Filipinos do not?
        I doubt very much that Ms. Ramírez and Mr. Sutherland share much in common politically or philosophically other than the view that Latin America is not Western. It is also worth mentioning that not all other right- or left-wing commentators share this view. For example, in The Pan-american Dream: Do Latin America’s Cultural Values Discourage True Partnership with the United States and Canada?, conservative writer Lawrence E. Harrison asserts, unlike Howard Sutherland, that Mexico’s culture today is in the main Spanish, not Native American.
        All this evidence can lead to one conclusion: Latin America is Western. Perhaps the best evidence for this is the fact that another Spanish ex-colony, which was under Spain’s rule for the same amount of time, is not.
        1 For the purpose of this article, I’ll refer to “Latin America” as those countries that were colonized by Spain as opposed to Portugal in the case of Brazil and non-Iberian European powers for some of the Caribbean islands.

  175. Te Pi'

    Um, I didn’t see the food eaten taken into account, generally tropical foods like mangos encourage dark melanin production within the limitations of your genes etc this is true for the English people I know also in some races testosterone, certain medications and collegenitis produce darker tones or greenish-yellow tones that can be mistaken for dark tan …

  176. S.D.

    Filipinos have more Mexican (Native American) in their genes than Spanish via galleon trade and because Filipino women are biological birthing machines that fornicate more freely than members of patriarchal Northeast Asian societies like Korea or Japan (Chinese-Filipino families insistence on arranging marriages for their daughters demonstrates the extent of this trait).

    Filipino women are effectively “semen sinks” and so the average modern-day Filipino would have Indian, Spanish, Chinese, American and just about anything else in their gene pool.

    Hacienderos are actually Northern Spanish Basque/Celtic people who often have the brown hair and green eyes/brown eyes one associates with Irish people. They do not have broad cheekbones or curved noses of American Indian mestizos responsible for the vast majority of race-mixing in the Philippines (And would have only been 50% European to begin with)

    Foreign DNA is almost entirely a male contribution because few foreign women desire being inseminated by Filipinos males who have no money AND relatively smaller penises are less masculine in appearance than most Caucasians or East Asians.

    Filipinos who refer to themselves are Mestizo and have little or no money are mostly descended from Mexicans who emigrated to Pampanga or Cebu.

    In the Deep South there is some Indian and a tiny amount of Arab in the gene pool of Muslim Mindanao Filipinos but virtually none in most of the Philippines.

    Cantonese Chinese tend to look down on Hakkan Chinese in the Philippines as dumb hicks from the Fujian Province and do not intermarry even between sub-cultural ethnic groups.

    Spanish Filipinos and Chinese-Filipinos battling for control of the economy harbor a great deal of animosity between one another. Particularly in Cebu and Central Philippines.

    Filipinos are not descended from Negritos for the most part because they are not attracted to them and mostly trace their roots to Indonesia and Malaysia with some Polynesian admixture.

    The above information is true and cannot be debated.

    The only FOREIGN WOMEN who allowed themselves to be inseminated on a minor scale of note by “Indios” in the Philippines were from Sephardic and Lebanese Jewish families in and around Cebu.