The Purest Whites of Them All

Repost from the old blog. Indicates that, contrary to White nationalist dumbasses, the purest Whites of all are not Nordics but the Whites of the Caucasus and, of all folks, those nasty Jews! Holy Semites, Batman! What now?

This very term itself is a little bit absurd, but as long as White nationalists like to talk about pure Whites versus non-pure Whites, let’s evaluate the matter.

On a board I think to frequent called Human Biodiversity (mostly non-racists interested in race, genetics, anthropology, etc.), someone said that the purest Whites are from the Caucasus anyway, and the White Power types don’t even consider them White. Recall that hundreds of Armenian White Power types were tossed off Stormfront recently for being “non-Whites”. So I decided to look into the matter. From my research:

Group          % Black
Iraqi Jews     0%
Iranian Jews   0%
Sephardic Jews 0%
Georgian Jews  0%
Kurdish Jews   0%
Ashkenazi Jews 0%*
Azerbaijan     0%
Armenia        0%
Georgia        0%

*Note that these are just averages. Some studies have claimed to show that individual Ashkenazim have some Black in them.

Figures from my post A Little Black in All Of Us.

The only Whites that I know that don’t have any Black blood are those those Mizrachi (Eastern) and Mountain Jews and those Whites from the Caucasus above. All other White groups have some Black in them. Horrors! I’m not sure if Sephardic refers to Mizrachi or actual Sephardics from Iberia. I suspect Mizrachis from the Arab World.

On the board where I posted this, I got some hostile responses. One asked me why Jews should have avoided this presumably terrible situation (having a few drops of Black).

I suggested that in part it was due to the purity of the bloodline in the Jews and their long-term hostility to mixing with non-Jews. Ashkenazim came to Europe in 500 or so and moved into the Continent over the next 500 years, taking in some non-Jewish genes. Typically, Jewish men would move to a new area, marry a non-Jewish woman who would convert and then stay pure after that.

After 1000, Talmudic rules kicked in with very heavy penalties for Jews, especially Jewish women, having sex with non-Jews, and only 1 in 200 matings in Ashkenazim were with non-Jews. I suspect that there were few Blacks in Europe from 500-1000. What few there were were in far Southern Europe.

After 1000, there seems to have been a few more Blacks moving into Europe as part of colonial armies, freed slaves and whatnot. The Mizrachi Jews have no Black in them because they were not Muslim. Black went into Arab blood due to slaves and freed slaves coming via Islam. I would suspect that Christian Arabs also have little Black.

The slavery of Blacks in the Arab World was very much associated with Islam. Jews probably just did not keep slaves, and in the rare event that they did, they probably almost never had sex with them. In the Arab World, the Black genes came from Arab men having children with the Black slave women. Black slaves hardly had sex with Arab women at all, although there was some of this in Yemen.

The Yemeni Jews are the only Jews outside Africa to have some Black blood, and they have a fair amount. I’m not sure how this came about, but Blacks have probably been a more important part of Yemen than any other Arab country.

The Caucasus has no Black blood because there were probably few to no Black slaves in the region. Most of the region is Christian, and the Muslims there did not keep slaves. If anything, the region’s Christians were raided by the Turks for White slaves. See Circassian Beauties for more.

Interestingly, the reason that the women of the Caucasus were so prized by the Turks was because they were considered to be the “purest” Whites of all (see above). The same pure Whites who get tossed out of White Power forums on the net. Go figure.

This research takes a lot of time, and I do not get paid anything for it. If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a a contribution to support more of this valuable research.


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36 responses to “The Purest Whites of Them All

  1. Shawn

    You are conflating groups of Whites with individual Whites. For example, a White from Great Briton, for example, will on average be further apart genetically from a Negro than say an Iraqi Jew. However, since there are some octoroons & quanroons in GB, it distorts the average.

    To give a more accurate analysis, you would want to reference the median & not the mean.

  2. Dienekes had a good article showing that Arabs are often as Caucasoid as Europeans and North Russians are not.

    • I would like to see that article, Metal Gear. It’s totally clear to me that Arabids, at least the Whiter ones, are of Mediterranean stock, as are Berberids. That’s the third branch of the White race, the Meds.

  3. White Preservationist

    Yet more proof that non-Whites don’t care about the protection, preservation, and beautification of the environment nearly as much as Whites do –

    That’s what ALL cities will look like once non-Whites take over America, Australia, the UK, and other White countries.

    Don’t say you weren’t warned.

    • I don’t really agree with that, WP. The cities in Iran, Syria, Lebanon, the Gulf, and North Africa are pretty clean. Cuba is pretty clean and the water is pure; Cuba probably has the cleanest water in Latin America. SE Asian cities are pretty clean, as are Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese cities.

    • NonKoolAidDrinker

      Have you ever been to an industrial city in the North of Britain, WP? They’re just about the ugliest, filthiest urban areas you’ve ever seen. They’e often crime ridden as well.

  4. pahdri

    Well actually,

    Jews (and I am one) have always been far more enterprising than they currently advertise – expressly because it has put them in disfavor of many countries they were chased out of.

    noted by Jewish scholars Lee Soltow and Ira Rosenwaike, 75% of Jewish households surveyed in the American South owned slaves, more than double the average 36% for all southern households. [ROSENWAIKE, in SEC. LIFE, p. 180] And Jews, as we will continue to witness, have always been “disproportionately” represented in virtually any field where there is serious money to be made. (In Port Royal, Jamaica, in 1680, about 16% of Jewish households had no slaves; in the non-Jewish community, this figure was over 47%. Likewise 73.7 % of Jewish households had between one and four slaves; in the non-Jewish community the figure was 41.8 %.) [SCHORSCH, J., 2000]

    This is well documented by Jewish Scholars worldwide.

    Also see this book:

    The Role of the Jews in the Transatlantic Slave Trade

    The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews (TSR) presents a multitude of compelling facts describing first hand accounts with paperwork, Jewish testimony and verified slaveship documents showing the extensive involvement of Jews in the African slave trade.

    Jewish historians and scholars are extensively quoted in this easy to read and fascinating 334 page volume. Not since the release of W.E.B. DuBois’ The Suppression of the African Slave Trade in 1896 has a more riveting discussion of the topic of slavery been offered for public inspection.

    “The facts, as established by highly respected scholars of the Jewish community, are here stated.”

    There are gobs of data supporting this – even in the Jewish museums in Germany and in the U.S. – check it out. It would be so weird if it weren’t true anyways because Jews have always been the “merchant/money” group of any culture they adhere to. Blacks owned slaves in North America as well. They owned black and white slaves.


    • tulio

      “Blacks owned slaves in North America as well. They owned black and white slaves.”

      It’s a bit difficult for me to believe that blacks owned white slaves in America. We’re talking about a time when a black man could be killed just for leering at a white woman.

  5. Archie Kohmover

    Please show evidence for Black ancestry of the Irish. I have seen none.

  6. They may not have black blood or whatever but could have ancestors and bloodlines coming from other groups

  7. Robert Denis

    You are so, so wrong about the so-called Jews being white. They originate from Africa, from black Egypt almost four thousand years ago, at a time when everyone from that region was black. This one single article you wrote shows that your website is based on garbage and not facts! Shame on you!!

  8. Robert Denis

    Now there are converts to Judaism from Europe (Khazar, Ashkenazim) that are now claiming to be Jews and are not from the bloodline of the original true Jews. They should not be lumped together with the real Jews that are all from Africa with Moses bringing them out of Egypt.
    Sir, I am sure you already know this, but it is obvious that your purpose is to deceive people and confuse them so that you can promote more darkness and lies in the world. Shame on you! That is so foolish, evil, and dishonorable. Is this how your parents raised you???

  9. NonKoolAidDrinker

    “Interestingly, the reason that the women of the Caucasus were so prized by the Turks was because they were considered to be the “purest” Whites of all (see above). The same pure Whites who get tossed out of White Power forums on the net. Go figure”.

    The Turks didn’t care about racial purity!. They thought Circassian women were hot, that’s all.

  10. NonKoolAidDrinker

    There were more white slaves in early colonial America than anything else. No one wants to talk about that.

  11. Rafa

    Robert, I’m still having trouble posting a comment. I have no idea what’s going on???

  12. Your comments are not going to spam, so I am not sure what is going on.

    • Rafa

      The last time it happened I copied my text to a Word File. Then I pasted it back here and it worked fine. I try to do the same on this article, but once I paste my text and hit Post Comment, nothing happens.

  13. Robert, this sounds idiotic to me. have you ever SEEN jews with kinky hair and thick lips, yet they have no black in them? – but icelanders and scandinavians do? I am in full agreement with you about having a wider and more inclusive perspective about race – but the idea of jews being pure is a ridiculous. they are the most mixed people on earth.

  14. jayjay

    The term caucasian/Caucasoid itself came from German anthro who found the “perfect’ skull in Caucasus

  15. Shiri

    You know nowadays, when filipinos is becoming a mixed blood, they don’t look like a filipino anymore. Like my mom her appearance is like a spaniard and a filipino because of her parent, like me i look like a chinese and if you see me in person i don’t look like I’m half filipino and my sister she’s a half japanese but she looks like a pure japanese. Idk what happen to filipinos these days. I think our genes are very low because once there’s a foreigner who will marry a filipina and when they’ll have a child, the child looks like the foreigner an not the filipina…

  16. Yun Bak Ho

    mr lindsay, I am as far as I know 100% South Korean, but I have a lot of Caucasian features, such as a chin, a long and thin nose, and receeding, narrow cheeks. I also dont rock the slanted eyes. Any idea on hiw or why? Is it Ainu or Australian? Like from Hokkaido, Japs do have these features

  17. Davit Karagulyan

    What does it mean “Armenia: Invaded and conquered part of Azerbaijan called Nagorno-Karabagh on an uncertain moral basis”. You think Nagorno-Karabagh was annexed to Azerbaijan on a very certain moral basis? Have you ever heard about armenian massacres in Sumgait and Baku? Please don’t judge and don’t write about things that you don’t know about.

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