Black Males and Testosterone: Evolution and Perspectives

Development of agriculture in modern Blacks also seems to have led to high testosterone levels. Groups with the highest testosterone in the world today are primitive agriculturalists.

Hunter-gatherers tend to have lower testosterone. This is because in hunter-gatherer society, women need men to survive. So they grab one pretty quickly and get married.

In primitive agricultural societies, women do not need men, since they can farm on their own. So they can afford to be choosy. These societies have tended to develop in a polygynous way, where a few high-ranking males monopolize most of the females, and the rest of the men get few or none.

Sub-Saharan Blacks are highly polygynous, and this resulted in intense competition for fewer women and selection for very robust male body types. SS Blacks are more robust than Whites on all variables. In Namibia, the polygynous Kavango have much higher testosterone than the much less polygynous !Kung.

Broadly speaking, lifetime exposure to testosterone is reflected in the incidence of prostate cancer, with the world’s highest incidences being among African-American men (Brawley & Kramer, 1996). It was once thought that lower incidences prevail among Black West Indians and sub-Saharan Africans, but this apparent exception is now ascribed to underreporting (Glover et al., 1998; Ogunbiyi & Shittu, 1999; Osegbe, 1997).

This picture has been confirmed by a recent American study:

From the 1970’s to the current statistical analysis of the National Cancer Institute Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results program African-American men have continued to have a significant higher incidence and mortality rate than European-American men. Autopsy studies show a similar prevalence of early small subclinical prostate cancers but a higher prevalence of high grade prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia.

Clinical studies show a similarity in prostate cancer outcome when pathological stage is organ confined but a worse outcome when disease is locally advanced and metastatic in African-American vs European-American men. There is increasing genetic evidence that suggest that prostate cancer in African-American vs European-American men may be more aggressive, especially in young men.

It was also confirmed by a recent British study (prostate cancer rates are somewhat lower in Black British men because a higher proportion of them have one White parent):

Black men in the United Kingdom have substantially greater risk of developing prostate cancer compared with White men, although this risk is lower than that of Black men in the United States. The similar rates in Black Caribbean and Black African men suggest a common genetic etiology, although migration may be associated with an increased risk attributable to a gene–environment interaction” (Ben-Shlomo et al 2008).

We are only just beginning to identify the actual genes that account for the White/Black difference in prostate cancer risk. The most recent study was Benson 2014.

The 2:1 black-to-white ratio in prostate cancer rates is already apparent at age 45 years, the age at which the earliest prostate cancer cases occur.

This finding suggests that the factor(s) responsible for the difference in rates occurs, or first occurs, early in life. Black males are exposed to higher testosterone levels from the very start.

In a study of women in early pregnancy, Ross found that testosterone levels were 50% higher in Black women than in White women (MacIntosh 1997). Ross speculates that exposure to such high levels in utero might reset the “gonadostat feedback loop” which regulates testosterone secretion to a higher level. According to Ross, his findings are “very consistent with the role of androgens in prostate carcinogenesis and in explaining the racial/ethnic variations in risk” (MacIntosh 1997).

Testosterone has been hypothesized to play a role in the etiology of prostate cancer, because testosterone and its metabolite, dihydrotestosterone, are the principal trophic hormones that regulate growth and function of epithelial prostate tissue.

Many studies have shown that young Black men have higher testosterone than young White men (Ellis & Nyborg 1992; Ross et al. 1992; Tsai et al. 2006).

With respect to the Black/White difference in testosterone level, African Americans have a clear testosterone advantage over Euro-Americans only from puberty to about 24 years of age (Abdelrahaman et al., 2005; Ross et al., 1986; Winters et al., 2001). This advantage then shrinks and eventually disappears at some point during the 30s (Gapstur et al., 2002). The pattern then seems to reverse at older ages. In later years, White men have higher testosterone than Black men (Nyborg, 1994, p. 111-113).

This makes it very difficult if not impossible to explain differing behavioral variables, including higher rates of crime and aggression, in Black males over the age of 33 on the basis of elevated testosterone levels.

Critics say that more recent studies done since the early 2000’s have shown no differences between Black and White testosterone levels. Perhaps they are referring to recent studies that show lower testosterone levels in adult Blacks than in adult Whites. This was the conclusion of one recent study (Alvergne et al. 2009) which found lower T levels in Senegalese men than in Western men. But these Senegalese men were 38.3 years old on average.

These critics may also be referring to various studies by Sabine Rohrmann which show no significance difference in T levels between Black and White Americans. Age is poorly controlled for in her studies.

More seriously however, she used serum samples that the National Center for Health Statistics had earlier collected as part of its Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES III). Only 1,479 samples were still available out of an initial total of 1,998, i.e., one quarter were missing. An earlier study had used the same serum bank for research on a sexually transmitted disease: Herpes Simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2).

That study found that more than 25% of the samples for adults between 30 and 39 years were positive for HSV-2. It is likely that those positive samples had been set aside, thus depleting the serum bank of male donors who were not only more polygamous but also more likely to have high T levels. This sample bias was probably worse for African American participants than for Euro-American participants.

Young Black males have higher levels of active testosterone than European and Asian males. Asian levels are about the same as Whites, but a study in Japan with young Japanese men suggested that the Japanese had lower activity of 5-alpha reductase than did U.S. Whites and Blacks (Ross et al 1992). This enzyme metabolizes testosterone into dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, which is at least eight to 10 times more potent than testosterone. So effectively, Asians have the lower testosterone levels than Blacks and Whites. In addition, androgen receptor sensitivity is highest in Black men, intermediate in Whites and lowest in Asians.

Let us look at one study (Ross et al 1986) to see what the findings of a typical study looking for testosterone differences between races shows us. This study gives the results of assays of circulating steroid hormone levels in white and black college students in Los Angeles, CA. Mean testosterone levels in Blacks were 19% higher than in Whites, and free testosterone levels were 21% higher. Both these differences were statistically significant.

Adjustment by analysis of covariance for time of sampling, age, weight, alcohol use, cigarette smoking, and use of prescription drugs somewhat reduced the differences. After these adjustments were made, Blacks had a 15% higher testosterone level and a 13% higher free testosterone level. A 15% difference in circulating testosterone levels could readily explain a twofold difference in prostate cancer risk.

Higher testosterone levels are linked to violent behavior.

James Dabbs, Jr., studied 4,462 men in 1990 and found that “the overall picture among the high-testosterone men is one of delinquency, substance abuse and a tendency toward excess.” These men, he added, “have more trouble with people like teachers while they are growing up, have more sexual partners, are more likely to have gone AWOL in the service and to have used hard drugs,” particularly if they had poor educations and low incomes.

A separate study by Dabbs of young male prison inmates found that high testosterone levels were associated with more violent crimes, parole board decisions against release, and more prison rule violations. Even in women, Dabbs found, high testosterone levels were related to crimes of unprovoked violence, increased numbers of prior charges, and decisions against parole.

The latest study by Dabbs et al., which pooled data from two groups of prisoners, measured testosterone levels in the saliva of 692 adult male prisoners. The researchers found that inmates who committed crimes of sex and violence had higher testosterone levels than inmates who were incarcerated for property crimes or drug abuse. In addition, they say, “inmates with higher testosterone levels… violated more rules in prison, especially rules involving overt confrontation.”

Studies suggest that high testosterone lowers IQ (Ostatnikova et al 2007). Other findings suggest that increased androgen receptor sensitivity and higher sperm counts (markers for increased testosterone) are negatively correlated with intelligence when measured by speed of neuronal transmission and hence general intelligence (g) in a trade-off fashion (Manning 2007).

Black females have higher IQ’s than Black males. Black female IQ is 2.4 points higher than Black male IQ. There are twice as many Black females as males with IQ’s over 120 and five times as many females as males with IQ’s over 140.

Acknowledgements: I would like to thank Dr. Peter Frost for his invaluable help in writing this paper.


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This research takes a lot of time, and I do not get paid anything for it. If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support more of this valuable research.


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    • Why should blacks be given a pill to reduce testosterone levels?

      It would be optional.

      Why not whites be given a pill to raise theirs?

      Bad idea. Then Whites would just act more violent than they are, and Blacks would be just as violent as they are. End result: more violent crime.

      That would raise white male feelings of adequacy and thus lower rates of racial hostility and superiority complexes which have tarnished race relations wherever in the world the white man has traveled, no?

      White males don’t have inadequacy issues around Blacks. This is Black fantasy. White male superiority vis a vis Blacks is not due to compensated inferiority feelings. A lot of White guys are simply disgusted by Black behavior.

      Or better yet, come to a compromise. Breed out both the whites and blacks and have a world full of superhybrid browns.

      Probably going to happen anyway, but not such a good idea. Mulattos may end up have violence rates 1/2 between Whites and Blacks. End result would probably be a lot more violent crime, but I would need to do the math to figure that out. Also mean intelligence would decline from present 98 for US society to about 94.5, but once again I would need to do the math.

      Presently, White males are 1/8 as violent as Black males. You are pretty safe around them. The mulattos you just bred are now 4 times as violent as your average White guy. Society is not so safe anymore.

      Assuming all this stuff is heavily genetic, which is problematic.

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        • Genes have little to do with an individuals intelligence, aside from possible mutation or damage from drug abuse. Just like IQ has little to do with one’s actual intelligence.

          What’s especially funny about you all is that you think IQ is static. IQ isn’t static. It can raise or lower depending on a great many factors you have control over. Want to know why a lot of the African Americans in America may have lower IQs? THEY ARE RAISED IN TERRIBLE CONDITIONS WITH GARBAGE SCHOOLING AND EDUCATION!

          If I was raised in some dilapidated city school where a teacher is paid to call his students dumbasses and half-assedly try to show them basic functions, I would feel inferior and not learn anything either.

          But you guys can keep spewing falsities. Have fun.

      • P-NUTT

        This belief about Black women having more testosterone than non- Black women is absolute rubbish. I see more masculine looking and acting White women than Black women. It smells of Nazi science to me.

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      • David Gibson

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        I’ve been doing research for the repression mechanism that causes violence and rape or molestation in males. It has to do with testosterone, but I think the answer is to use our Super Ego and Ego to make most of the decisions instead of the violent snake or the sex snake. But if the sex snake is fed, it is less likely to be violent or rape or molest. I think having more sex is the answer. Look at how married men get more calm once they find a mate. It lowers their testosterone count naturally because they’re well fed.

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        How do you tame that Beast? I say by finding a mate and Using your Moral fiber to choose the right path.

        Does that make any sense?

        • Anonymous

          Having more sex increases testosterone. You idiot.

        • David Gibson

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        • Yes, maybe the answer is to watch porn everyday for 5 to 6 hours – that should really lower the sex drive.

      • David Gibson

        All I’m saying is, is that a man is less likely to get violent after he’s had sex. If he has sex, the last thing on his mind is fighting because he’s already secured a mate. Once he has secured a mate, his testosterone levels will go down (testosterone does rise during sex but it goes back down after awhile) because he’s not in competition with other males for a mate.
        If a man goes without sex for a long time his testosterone levels will increase and he will get more agitated and aggressive. Just like a Tiger will get hungrier and hungrier the longer it isn’t fed and it can become dangerous to people.
        Look at the testosterone induced fights we’ve had here. It wasn’t for a mate, but somehow people felt threatened and started to attack. It was males fighting males for dominance. To be on top, it’s a male thing.

      • David Gibson

        Don’t go Ape Shit, just hear me out.
        The twin snakes, one represents Aphrodite Sex Animal (It’s what combines males and females) or it can be called the Sex snake, and the other represents Ares the God of War Beast, the vicious venomous Violent snake. It’s in all men to a degree or another based upon their snakes size or testosterone levels. If the Super Ego or Morals are corrupted or something stressing it causes it to bend the moral Super Ego slips and lets the one of the coiled snakes strike. So it’s through environmental stress factors, is when the Super Ego and Ego (Moral fiber) will be tested and strained. But we also have to realize we put added burden on ourselves in how we respond to situations. There is free will because you always got 2 choices. Either straighten up and fly right or find yourself wearing a orange jump suit worried about if you have to stab someone or end up getting fucked like a bitch if you’re pretty.
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        So basically, I’m half way agreeing with people that say Blacks have a higher testosterone count and are therefore more dangerous, but it’s all males in general that are dangerous because we all have testosterone. And therefore if the snake isn’t handled right it will bite. I’m looking to lower aggressive behavior even among myself. And yes I am an Idiot because I’m talking about the Id.

      • Cordrin

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      • David Gibson

        These guys say that higher testosterone levels in the womb cause higher IQ and brain development ( .

      • Adam

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    • Sean

      There have been many scientific studies that show that black males…
      1) Have lower IQ’s that white males
      2) are more aggressive.
      3) are more impulsive
      4) are more criminal…

      What studies have ever proved that white men are more cold and arrogant or paranoid?

      • Wade in MO

        “What studies have ever proved that white men are more cold and arrogant or paranoid?”

        Dale Gribble. That’s all the studies we need.

    • Jack

      It is called a superiority complex for a reason. More like superiority reality in most cases sans certain positions in football and I would say basketball but Dirk Nivinsky showed Lebron James there is an exception to that rule.

    • David Gibson

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        Whip out your dick and put it next to mine mother fucker. Lets do a petermeter test cuz you obviously don’t like being the one on the bottom, so let me mind fuck you some more shit head. Blacks by 2050 will be the majority over whites so you better start realizing the balance of white power is shifting to more equality.

        Now I don’t believe whites should lose their rights but whites are still higher up on the economic ladder so there will be less crime among whites. If people are poor they turn to a life of crime more often, so get down off your high horse and think a minute about what I’m saying.

        Yes, IQ is important, but it’s obvious Obama has a high IQ, so stop hating on Blacks because your pissed off a black guy could overcome adversity. Working with whatever IQ or Penis size you have is what you have to work with so use it right. I got a bigger dick and IQ than you so stfu.

        • Sam

          “…White people will become darker skinned either through evolution or interbreeding and it’s going to happen whether you like it or not because dark skin protects from UV rays and the Heat…”

          No you’re wrong. White people are smart so they just invented sun tan lotion .

      • David Gibson

        Skin cancer is more likely to occur in lighter skinned people. Africans evolved darker skin to counter act the sun’s rays because they were closer to the equator. Google it and look for yourself. Yes they can get skin cancer but it’s less likely, its a fact.

      • Dick is in dat ass

        You do know that the color black absorbs more heat than say white right, look at asphalt on a hot day, and then look at snow, so kiss your black ass goodbye

    • Mo

      Mac, not sure how much smarter you could be, considering that if you read and understood the article, you would have concluded there was a correlation between high test levels, lower IQ and higher crime rates…. So obviously, exposing other races to higher test would be counterproductive.

    • John Cool

      I know I am late to the party, but I can’t get over how many stupid racist black trolls you get Robert. Blacks are just as cold-hearted as whites and testestrong he has nothing to do with superioirty complexes.

      • John Cool

        Oh and you don’t super breed or best genes by breeding 2 races you dolt. Mulattos stil have lower iqs than whites.

        • Which would you rather deal with in the US? A population of 13% Blacks as we have now, or a population of 13% half and half Black mulattos instead. I think I might rather have the half-Whites. Do you think they would act any better. I know they would be smarter. A mulatto should have an IQ of 92-93. That’s high enough to create a productive Western society.

  4. alpha unit

    This snippet is interesting to me: “…White racism is minor in the US against black females…”

    Of course, Black women have suffered and still do suffer from racism. But I see the “race problem” in the US as primarily a conflict between White males and Black males.

    White males imported into their midst the males of a decidedly different race and then had to contend with the “threat” these males imposed regarding White women.

    • Yeah, great observation, AU. I never even thought about that. White people don’t care about Black women all that much, as long as they are not too ghetto. Even if they are fairly ghetto, they are pretty easy to ignore. The main thing is that we are just not frightened of Black women. Maybe we should be. But in general we just are not.

      The whole problem with Black males is one of fear. We are afraid of them. Really afraid of them. Even I am. I admit it. I’m a White liberal and I’ve always been scared of Black guys. I still am, actually. What is a Black woman going to do to you? Rip you off? Dubious. Commit a violent crime against you? Extremely dubious.

      I’ve also been seeing in the past few years young White female university students befriending and hanging around with young Black female university students at the local uni. I guess that’s where it starts. Women can be pretty friendly with other women, and they are unlikely to victimize each other. And a lot of Black women in college are pretty well behaved.

      Young White women are increasingly losing their racism. They look at the Black women at the university, and it’s like, Hey, why not make friends with her? Indeed. I find it kind of touching to see this.

      • Jen

        I can now dub you a neo-racist.

      • Bill

        Robert, you really on a pathetic piece of work.

        Oh, am I banned too?

      • Canttell Yu

        I just recently saw a study where it was found that most racist in the US are blood type A white men. Blood type A’s tend to have very thick blood.
        This causes very low blood flow to the heart, to the muscles and to the penis. This is the reason viagra is big business now. Blood type A white men tend to have very low self esteem. They are found to be totally inadequate sexually and therefore angry and hateful.

        This study also found that in almost all cases where the woman was cheating on the man he was a blood type A. These men will sit at a desk all day and work diligently to earn money to make up for what they are lacking sexually….a working penis… Women,,,,white women….will marry them ….have the two kids because she knows he will be a good provider.
        Once she is secure financially she will always find another man she can have sex with…Often times that is with a black man or another man of color. While Asian men tend to have very small penis they are at least hard.

        This inadequacy is the source of a lot of anger and hatred by white men.
        this jealousy has driven them into racist insanity. I did a study of the men on the internet dating sites what I have found is that out of 25 men one will be a blood type B and One blood type O. The other 23 are A. When neakly have the world is A and the other half O the internet should be devided evenly between the two groups. “A” men can not maintain relationships with women because of their focus on money and their inability To satisfy women sexually. Only white men were used in the study .

        I bet you are a blood type A…right?

        • You’re banned, Black man. Head on back to your street corner now. Customers are waiting.

        • Canttell Yu

          Robert…I am a black female with a law degree. I don’t stand on a corner.

        • Ok, sorry I got your gender wrong. But you’re banned anyway, honey. You can always sue me if you don’t like it.

        • Mo

          You clearly have a chip on your shoulder. The article simply presents that there is a correlation between higher test levels, lower IQs and violent behavior. Why is this so hard to comprehend without getting angry? Also, just because you have a law degree, does not infer that he’s wrong. You’re 1 person with a law degree. That hardly entertains a reasonable same size worth mentioning. In addition, you theory on blood types, money and inability to satisfy women is purely anecdotal. There is no scientific evidence to back it up, let alone prove any correlation and causality. You, out of all people should know that, with your law background. Your response only proves that your disdain for facts that aren’t pleasing to you; is all it takes to make you irrational and devastatingly thick with cognitive dissonance. Under that influence makes you unfit to actually have any educated and constructive contributions to conversations like this.

      • Jack

        To say a white person fears a black male as a threat , ie theft, assault, is on every level ignorant. I am a white male and would view a confrontation with a black male no different than I would another white male. Comments like that are for those who are scared by their presence. Ridiculous….
        I happen to find white females incredibly attractive on all levels. Mind you I have found plenty of black females attractive but for whatever reason they do not appeal to be like a cauacasion white girl.
        Take Brazillian women for example. The women who are considered the most beautiful in there society all have anglo-saxon genes present. They all have a strong european influence and it is mixed with the robust build of ss african genes.

      • eskimo

        Robert – I agree with everything you say!!!!

      • David Gibson

        You don’t have to be afraid of Black Males at all because they have a bigger dick. Black guys are real nice when you’re nice to them. I even turn Ghetto myself when I’m around them. I’m still a Ghetto Honky. And I love a Black woman’s ass fo’ sho’. Beautiful people.

        But that being said I think hardship in America leads black males to a life of crime. Yeah they do have a bigger dick and more testosterone, but if we work with them culturally and meld together it will stop a lot of these problems because we’ll be one race.

        Holding my Niggas down in the Penal System is not the answer. I can say nigga because I want to be one, at least half-way. I am an intellectual but I love black people’s athletic ability.

        If I wasn’t already settled down with a girlfriend and kids, I would honestly go for a black girl with a sweet ass.

        But something needs to be done for Black Males being locked up in the Penal system…they got them by the dick for being black and thus having more testosterone and it’s nothing more than discrimination.

        The answer to a strong Id is a strong Super Ego or Ego. Black males can be rehabilitated through spiritual or Super Ego training to be more tame if they are violent…but their usually violent due to the circumstances and stressors they are put in, namely Poverty.

        • David Gibson

          Listen here you fucking Nazi, I will rip your head off and shit down your neck. All you do is whine about how little your dick is cuz your white. I’m a Dick Head not an asshole like you so let me bend you over and fuck you like the little bitch you are. I don’t care if you think I’m gay, I’ll still figuratively fuck you. You have so much hate in your heart for Black People the original Homo Sapiens that you hate yourself.

          Yes you hate yourself and you project your internal problems onto Black People. You have anger, violence, and sexual repression going on that’s making you sick and nasty. You can’t get laid. I was trying to show the way of love then the Devil himself shows up and fucks with me.

          Be honest with me when’s the last time you had some pussy?

          Because you wouldn’t be this aggressive if you were getting laid. I didn’t start shit with you.

      • A white boy definitely has to worry about black females in a black-majority school. A white boy is more likely to face violence from a black female student than a black male. In adulthood, things changes.

        • David Gibson

          This is a reply to “niggerloverwithnocommonsense”. He’s pissing me off with all his homophobic comments. You have repressed gay tendencies. But I understand why you’re homophobic. You still like women for the most part but you have a fear that women will reject you if it’s found out males turn you on too.

          The more you say faggot and other homophobic comments, the more I know you’re secretly gay. Don’t worry, I know you still like women because the peter-meter test showed that homophobes spring wood for heterosexual porn too, but what’s so shocking is that the more homophobic the individual is the more aroused they are by gay porn. A faggot says faggot a lot.

    • Paula C

      Interesting prospective however; I do not rate the validity or source.

      Of course, pc ness is now a part of our culture to a pathetic extent. If you can view such information in such a black or white fashion, why not look at the contribution of the media (predominately white), the upper hand of authority in society (predominately white) and the influence of how we as a society perceive race and colour; still (a predominately white influence).
      Okay, look at it this way, lets face it, black people are not quite there in regards to having control over particular aspects in the world (with the exception of an intelligent Obama). They still maintain authority and the minority are hypnotised (a subconsciously controlled. The greatest influence is being controlled and not down to the levels of testosterone a person has.
      Futhermore, I take your viewpoint: It just doesn’t go that far with me.

      Crime and violence is created by those who mantain superior authority above others. If you enable opportunity and magically create an equal system, you watch your statistics change.

      (A black female teacher with an IQ which is definitely higher than 3 but much greater than the 80s)

      • Ydnar

        NRF, first of all you are an absolute moron. The original meaning of the word faggot is either a cigarette or a wooden log, Second where do you get your information? Neo or white By the way Racist shouldn’t be the right word either, the way I see it, it should be BREEDIST as Racist should mean hating the HUMAN RACE. We ALL are Humans just different Breeds of Humans. Damn I feel so so sorry for people like you, living with so much hate and stupidity inside of you. What happened to you when you were young? did your Daddy play with your tiny little wee wee?

      • Blind Boy Grunt

        @ Black Men are Homosexuals
        You still haven’t replied to any of my points in any substantial way. I guess you have nothing to say. I know Obama’s an empty corporate suit. Who did you vote for, Santorum? Lesser of two evils is less evil. I would’ve voted for Jill Stein. Just give it up. You have nothing to say. Go shoot up your high school kid. It will feel nice and relieving.

      • Blind Boy Grunt

        NRF Blah Blah Blah. You don’t state a thesis. You just rant. I’d be happy to debate you if you had anything to debate.

      • David Gibson

        Amen sister. Its about being held down in the Penal System for Black Males by the whites who are afraid of them. Black people came from slavery here so there is a long way to go before we all have equal rights.

      • David Gibson

        You are the Wolf of Hitler. You have a thirst for black people’s blood. You know what made Hitler so crazy…He never got laid. All his maids never found any come stains on the sheets even with Eva Browne around….no come stained sheets. He saw fucking as a sin, so he ended up becoming a Man Molester or sorts. He exterminated the Jews, Slavs, Homosexuals and much much more. That’s what made the man sick.

        The man was sick just like you are. Hate all you want to on me for I see your wolf but I have a bigger animal inside called the bear. You might win in the beginning but I’ll keep coming back and coming back until I get you.

      • David Gibson

        This guy has so much hate in him it’s disgusting. How can he be so homophobic and not deep down be gay?
        Copy and paste the link below:

        You have more hate in your Heart and Hitler would be proud of you. But that’s exactly what you feed off of is Hatred. You LOVE TO HATE.

      • You seem obsessed with sex.

  5. max3a

    You say: Sub-Saharan Blacks are highly polygynous, and this resulted in intense competition for fewer women and selection for very robust male body types.

    That being the case do we know what the reaction of white and Asian females is to them. For example at a high school. Can white or Asian females sense a difference between them and other white or Asian boys. Are they attracted? Are they repelled?
    Does anyone even know?

    • Well, I think clearly Black males seem more masculine than White males. At all ages, practically, but especially with younger males. This is why so many White women go for Black guys and why these White women are always screaming at White men and calling us wimps. Compared to Black guys, I guess we are wimps. We can’t compare to Blacks as far as being masculine goes.

      So many Blacks act uncivilized that I think that sort of low behavior simply repels a lot of Asian females. Asians are highly civilized people and place great emphasis on politeness, proper behavior, etc. Also supposedly Asians think we Caucasians smell bad (I can’t vouch for this). Well, if that is true, obviously Blacks must smell worse (I never thought that Blacks smelled bad).

      In short, Blacks males probably seem so hypermasculine and uncivilized to most Asian females that I would gather they are simply repulsed by them. It’s White guys that Asian women are into. More masculine than Asian guys, but still quite civilized.

      • Richard Damian Fitzgerald

        Your fear has done quite a job on you Mr. Lindsay. Generalization are never healthy coming from any position. To have such a limited perspective on life and to continually place people in boxes sounds like an overactive ego striking out in protection of self. For some people there is no such thing as race. You speak of those people who have jumped into that box that has been so readily defined for them and live up to the definition at every given chance. This may be your truth, but it seems to be a very limited one indeed. Perhaps if you weren’t so fearful, your perspective would change and you’d see things a bit clearer. For instance, who can really think that a race that continually sells its soul through throwing away people (wars, feeding people to death, sending jobs overseas) for profit, who continually treat even their own people like lemmings with all the propaganda and lies would ever be considered civilized? I assume slavery and using another race to build a nation upon should be considered civilized as well? My friend this is the downfall of the human race as a whole. No compassion for our fellow man. None of those statics matter at the end of the day when no one cares to help anyone in a box other than their own. “They’re black” “She’s gay” “He’s old” “Females are inferior” “The Rich don’t care” “The poor don’t matter” “Kill the Americans” “Muslims are terrorist” “Blondes are dumb”. Ok, that last one might be true, but you see this can go on forever. When will we move past fear and just enjoy life for what it is? When will you?

        • If only more of those who disagreed with Mr. Lindsay could do so in this way where they make a case for their argument. A lack of civilized discourse is perhaps the foundation of America’s erosion. That most lack the capacity for intellectual debate is a clear sign of this, and result in a reliance of viewpoints on fear, not strength.

      • Canttell Yu

        They want your money Mr. A.

      • Jack

        You could not be more incorrect. Halle Berry , Paula Patton. They could have any man in the world and they date and marry white males….What is the first thing athletes and singers, rappers do when they hit it big? Date and court white females….How many famous rock stars do you see dating black females? Just being honest.
        The difference between whites and blacks comes down to one thing: culture. Completely different in every aspect.
        Do you think it is the Anglo Saxon aspects of Obama that appeal to so many or the African aspects?
        White females yelling at white males for being whimps? Neve seen or heard that . I have heard of black females complaining that black males are not responsibel and need to act more like a man….That I have heard before….Navy Seals are comprised of 85% white men and you call them wimps…Get real…Name a black race car driver….I am too good to argue with…
        Let me guess it is there penis. You must now watch pornos with white males in it.
        Why not discuss the truth of how braziallian women, most amazing bodies God has created, love anglo saxon men. Go ahead ask them yourself

        • P-NUTT

          Brazillian women’s bodies were not created by God. They were created by plastic surgeons via butt and breast implants.

        • Lesley


          Re: “Name a black race car driver”

          Lewis Hamilton… 😉

      • P-NUTT

        All people stink when they don’t bathe, wear anti-perspirant, or put on clean clothes. I’ve heard some of my fellow Blacks say that White people smell like wet dogs. I have never encountered a White person who smelled like a wet dog, and I have been around a lot of White people. This is Black racism, pure and simple. These same racist Blacks hate it when non- Black people say disgusting, racist things about us. SMDH

        • Nicole

          I remember when I was in the fourth grade I always would smell the aroma of a wet dog, bologna, or hot dogs wreaking off of white people all the way until i graduated high school of course they were to young to know how to rid that body odor some things we can’t help this is how god created us see we all are special in our own way. Lol

      • jayjay

        Darker peoples also have more sweat glands- so do hirsuite peoples

      • Regina

        Robert, look at your white history. Look which race is more violent. Whites = KKK, Neo Nazi, and Hitler. What blacks do blacks do to each other, on the other hand, look at your race and see what your race has done to other races including your own race.

        Let me list the crimes whites have committed against blacks.

        1. Segregation
        2. Jim Crow laws
        3. Lynchings
        4. Christianity
        Stop with the racist and ignorant generalizations and while you are at it look in the mirror and clean up your act.

        • Elston Gunn

          Hey Robert, I’m sorry, but I don’t understand at all why she is being banned for this comment. Do you just ban people who disagree with you? It seems like a pretty intuitively obvious position to take, that historically, white societies/leaders have been resultant in a lot more genocide and war than black societies. Much of the genocide/war in Africa in the last hundred years was arguably the result of European colonialism destroying the African societies: South Africa and Rwanda being prime examples. I also just have an extremely hard time buying the idea of racial innate intelligence for a few reasons: Under fairly adverse conditions, black men and women have created or contributed to some of the most incredible, complex, hard to master, and culturally valuable music and art forms, just in America in the past 100-200 years. Coming from the perspective of someone who’s tried to play/understand/transcribe the music of Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and Charlie Parker, the idea of any of these men being of lower intelligence than their white counterparts seems laughable to me. I’ve also seen a lot of info that comes to the conclusion that I.Q. tests are a limited measure of creativity and intelligence and are also culturally biased. So even if that I.Q. data is entirely valid, I think that the conclusion that black males are less intelligent than white males is absurd. If you look at innovative culture and art in the United States, about the only movement that was mainly “white” was punk rock/new wave. However, if you look at the fact that the Velvet Underground drew heavily on black rhythm and blues and Chuck Berry, as well as the MC5, that Robert Quine from the voidoids learned guitar licks off electric Miles records, that the Clash drew from ska and reggae heavily, or just the debt that the Ramone’s stripped down rock and roll owes to Chuck Berry, it all begins to seem not so black and white.

        • Elston Gunn

          @ BlackmenareHomosexuals (doesn’t seem very scientific, does it) below–So, what are you saying? First, you are offering no cogent responses to my topic, which is the complexity of Black American diaspora-derived music. I take it you don’t know anything about this topic, so you’re content to shout some more racial slurs and repeat yourself over and over. You basically have no logical response to anything I have stated. I’m happy to debate, but you need to present some kind of thesis, rather than whining like a whipped puppy.

        • Elston Gunn

          @ BlackMenAreHomosexuals
          So, who invented the banjo? Who invented polyphony? Who played six-eight over four swing first? Who envied black american spirituals when they visited the United States (Dvorak)-“” the blues (Ravel). Take it you don’t do much research before you spout.

        • Elston Gunn

          @ black men are homosexuals
          Who was the first influential electric guitar player? Who did Les Paul idolize?

        • Dick is in dat ass

          Look at your black history. Blacks selling their own into slavery, the blank panthers aka a black kkk group, high crime rates caused by crazy blacks.

      • David Gibson

        I’m a very masculine athletic type with a small belly due to my age. But I am a fierce Homo Sapien when it comes down to it. So I identify with Black males. I wrestled many black males and they are natural athletes, but I beat most of them, so that debunks the stereo type of all white males being less masculine

        • David Gibson

          Really is this the “I HATE NIGGERS CLUB”. There are differences between races but we don’t have to go APE SHIT AND START THROWING SHIT EVERYWHERE LIKE A BUNCH OF CHIMPANZEES.

      • Dick is in dat ass

        You kidding whites weaker, look at hulk hogan

      • AryanIndian

        No lindsay fucking small dicked pig., The asian females you refer are sluts from china and korea and monkey looking shui like feautures who are horribly looking .,who came there for just money tired of relentless cheating for money these bitches want to marry some white trailer trash for money alone and get settled there which the percentage is relatively small than niggers banging white women. pure and cultured white men do not marry these sluts with horrible looking features only vermins like you go for these ugly trashes,. . Only Indian and Japanese women living in america still go for men from their race. White race has always have cheated looted raped other people’s culture and niggers are also bad since they engage in criminal actiities asians like chinese and korean are scum of the earth.only good race is the HIndu aryan race and some japanese to some extent and white people some one like nazi
        You worm., you know that your 1 inch dick and your 0.1grams brain should do a proper research before posting a link

  6. alpha unit

    The Old Devil Dog (a white male) tells me that when he served in Vietnam, the people there could recognize them by their smell.

    • Could recognize whom? The non-Asian US soldiers?

    • alpha unit

      Yes, the non-Asian US soldiers. By their smell, the Americans evidently announced their presence. Not a good thing, from the American perspective!

    • White Preservationist

      Yeah, various ethnic/racial groups around the world certainly smell different.

      Asians often report that White people commonly smell like red/raw beef. Many Blacks often say that Whites smell like wet dogs.

    • alpha unit

      He told me that they would run ambushes at night, and that they had to make sure not only that they were not seen or heard, but that their scent could not be detected.

  7. Fred

    What a lot of meaningless twaddle.

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  9. Hi LDW, Asian man. Your comment was deleted. Read the comments policy. You violated it. Do it again and I’ll ban you, rice boy.

  10. Logain

    Mr. Lindsay said:

    “This is why so many White women go for Black guys and why they are always screaming at White men and calling us wimps.”

    I know that the above comment was merely mentioned in passing and isn’t really the subject of the post. However, it annoys me at how insecure so many race realists are when it comes to black men and white women. Especially since there is no reason to be insecure. White women aren’t attracted to black men. Only about a half a percent of white women are married to black men, with only a few more cohabitating with them. More white women are married to “other” men than to black men. Here’s a link to some statistics on this (see the data table):

    Also, I have never witnessed a black man scream at a white man and call him a wimp.

    • Hi, I meant this is why White women scream at us and call us wimps.

      The number of White women having sex with Black men is very high. I have a Yahoo group that fights the romance scammers from Nigeria and the percentage of middle aged women in that group who have sex with Black men is very very high. These same middle aged women really, really hate White men. They are furious at them. What they hate most of all are macho White guys. They’re into “ball-busting” and emasculating White men. They claim they want these sort of soft and gentle guys, but then once they get one, they kick his balls all the time. I think these White women are going for Black guys to get back at White men. It’s the ultimate payback against the White guy. I’m also convinced that they are attracted to the extreme masculinity of Black men. I had a gf who was dating a Black man while I was dating her and she used to wave it in my face and dare me to do something about it, like daring me to beat her up or kill her. She was trying to humiliate me, and what better way to do it than with a Black guy. My last Jewish gf left me for a Black guy.

      In my experience, the number of single White women, especially middle aged women, dating Black men is quite high. I have known a number of them who *only date Black men* and will not touch a White men. These same women are usually real bitches to White guys too. And the Black guys almost without exception treat them pretty bad.

      I guess you are right. They are not marrying them too much.

      I’m not your standard race realist. I could care less about miscegenation. In fact, I’ve done quite a bit of it myself.

      • MakeInChina

        Regarding the interracial sex part , in today’s society we do see a lotta white females going for black males. Most people assume better sex is the reason but I have different opinions. I believe its all about hunting BRAVENESS. In the 1st place I also thought it was about the masculinity, muscularity and sex appeals but things I saw and experienced changed my viewpoint.

        I lived in Oakland for years, its a blacks town, I saw a lotta black male and white female couples, yes some of those black males are macho and muscular very much but a not so small amount of them are skinny and not even related to macho. The huge difference between blacks and white male when comes to approaching women is that blacks are bold, shameless and TAKING IT EZ, they are all so called stalkers, they never feel shy, nervous when they try to pick up females.

        Physical appearance can be changed by lifting weight. I myself am Asian, originally from China, I have been lifting weight for years, not bragging about myself but even black males refer to me as big guy. I am sexually attracted to white females and I thought muscles can get me laid easier which is not true. I was shocked by one of my asian friend who always hang out with brothas. He is very athletic like a sprinter but I am much more muscular than him, but he got more girls than I do. I questioned it why, I mean you have no idea about how many white girls he slept with, hes not good looking at all, he got girls anywhere, bus, metro, club even in the street, all hot white girls. I figured its about the braveness and boldness. He flirt with girls whereever he go and he never fear rejections.

        After seeing black males picking up girls in Oakland and this asian dude. I think it got nothing to do with ethinic or body shape. Girl are stereotype indeed but as asian, you know asian are the least desired male in U.S. my friend still got white girls ez and he never seriously dating one, he just toot it and boot it. So its not about the race, its about the BOLDNESS and FLIRTING. The black way is a working way to pick up women. I am not saying its good or bad, but it works. The key of black pick up art is, not fear of rejection plus always flirting. if u pay attention to it when u see black males approach white females u will see they never go friendly, they always start off the convo flirtly and romanticly

        These are my opinions

      • Richard Damian Fitzgerald

        It seems all of your statistics are garnered from your personal experience, which means you have about a billion different ways to interpret that information because each individual has their own. By your words, you’ve been scarred by your experience and now have a personal issue with a certain group. And through your intellect you’ve now come to justify a perspective of separation through race. Perhaps you’re justifying your anger through statistics, some gathered through reliable sources, others through your life experience, that back your view and give you strength in that area. But in reality, it’s a mixed bag that can’t stand under any true scrutiny.

        • Look dammit, none of this is true. My co-blogger is Black, and I have nothing against Blacks whatsoever really. I don’t really have any important issues with Blacks, I have not been scarred by my experiences with them, and I don’t even care much about them one way or the other. I don’t even think about Black people very much. They are simply not important to me.

          You don’t get to call me an anti-Black racist on here. You’re violating the Comments Policy, and if you don’t knock it off, I am going to ban you.

    • P-NUTT

      You hit the nail on the head. Non- Black women who “like” Black men value them for their penises and their sexual prowess. The overwhelming majority of these women soon learn what we Black women have always known and that is that the overwhelming majority of Black men have nothing to offer but their penises and sexual prowess. These Black men treat non- Black women the same way they treat Black women. They end up with a slew of bastard children to raise on their own and an STD or two and HIV, to boot. They actually believed that Black men would treat them better, only to find out the hard way that it ain’t so. I am one of the precious few Black women who escaped such a fate. I knew better than to limit my self to Black men and I vet all men, regardless of their color. Contrary to the lies that are put out there by the racist, drama loving media, Black women are as desireable as any other group of women. Most of us are trapped in that ghetto “Black community” mindset.If that weren’t the case, than I would not be dating non- Black men. Undesireable Black women are that way by choice.

  11. max3a

    You two, Robert and Logain, might want to take a look at this article by Susan Crain Bakos from the New York Press of December 14 2005. I will cut and past a little bit for you and provide a link which I hope this window will allow. Logain, I think this is sort of what Robert is talking about:

    …Halfway through the first glass of wine in my last date with a white man, I realized that little clouds of sadness and self-pity were regularly fluffing off his psyche like the dust clouds kicked up by that dirt-smudged “Peanuts” character as he walks through Charlie Brown’s life. This guy was at least mildly depressed, and I wanted to tell him to exercise, lose weight, trim the combover and get interested in something outside yourself. I would have walked out on him immediately, but he seemed to expect that. I couldn’t deliver the blow to his ego proffered like the naked neck of a martyr to the ax. My Southern cousins would describe his general demeanor as a “hangdog air.” Into the second glass of wine and glancing longingly at the exit, I wanted to hang that dog myself when he mentioned that his face was flushedI hadn’t noticedbecause he’d taken a Viagra “just in case.”

    • Fantastic post, max3a. You know exactly what I was talking about.

    • Sean

      I read the article you posted by Susan Crain Bakos (… and felt a little disgusted by her lavishing praise onto black men for how wonderful they are and insulting white men, until I read her only other article on the site ( to which I had to laugh my arse off:

      “Harlem: It’s A Hard-Knock Life
      After years of living in the neighborhood, SUSAN CRAIN BAKOS’ Ha
      By Susan Crain Bakos
      A thug named Mykul [LOL!!!]—all 6-foot-5-inches and 250 pounds of him—knocked me, a 5-foot-2, 120-pound “grammy” to three, down to the concrete. I was in front of St. Nick’s Pub, at 10:30 on a Monday night this past May, when he stole my handbag, a beautiful green snakeskin bag and all its contents, including more cash than I’d carried in Harlem—ever. People I knew from the pub stood and watched.

      Mykul was so sure of his protected status as a thug in the ‘hood that he ambled away cradling my bag in his arm like a football. Amused that he didn’t even have to run, he grinned back at me lying on the pavement. My romance with the ghetto was over; and like every ill-conceived romance built at least partially on illusion, it was destined to end with a bang. I wasn’t expecting a head bang.”

      A group of white men would have never allowed one white man to get away with something so egregious. This is all too common amongst these black men “wonder-lusts”!!

      White men of the world, when you read Ms. Bakos insult you as being too “low self esteem” to be her man, just remember that white men, who except the lion-share of the adult responsibilities expected of men in this country, refuse welfare, support their families without running away from fatherhood, remember how easy it must be for that young black-buck to seem all-so-confident and manly when he his culture bestows no responsibility on him to accept full financial responsibility for his mating choices (by enabling him to cohabitate without being married, thereby enabling his family to receive government aid for lodging and food stamps) . Whenever black men step up to the plate and take on full responsibility in life that white men do, they begin to experience all the self-doubt, mental fatigue, emotional challenges that white men do. Susan Crain Bakos’s analysis is so self-serving and shortsighted! But at least she was honest when the down-side to her choices were finally manifest by her getting mugged (and no black man in the hood ran to her defense!)

      • jayjay

        black men are great athletes because they dont have baggage. Their levels of instinct are very highly developed- because they dont have baggage to clutter up that instinct.

  12. Quite a contro subject. As a man;s man with 10 times the level of testosterone of most men. I din this an interestoroning subject.

  13. Bee

    Racism cannot exist as there is no such thing as race, just simply constant modifications of humans along a 50,000 year scale.

    We are all Africans now, so I don’t believe any of the above testosterone discussion. If you guys get hung up about black, white and Asian, then you really view the world only over a short historical period instead of going back 50,000 years when homo sapiens left Africa into the Middle East, and ultimately settled in South America (South American Indians are according to archaeo-genetics the latest human developments – settling only 10,000 years ago in the jungles of the Amazon etc) the rest of us is pretty damn old.

    The black and white thing in the US is a temporary problem, which in 100 years will be deemed ridiculous. I don’t believe your IQ figures on black people either. Obviously American blacks have had their sense of family trashed by the raping of black women by WHITE slave masters and forcing black women to be together with black men who they did not want. Visualise that this would happen to your mothers and sisters.

    If you look at the features of black Americans in comparison to black Africans, you can see the raping activities of your own forefathers in almost every single face. The criminiality and vileness of slavery is nothing in comparison to your current issues with your black population, you brought it upon yourself. God forbid that the criminal genes of your white American forefathers might have something to do with your current problems with inner-city blacks.

    The current uncouthness of a large part of the black population in the States can of course be attributed to extreme press propaganda. Just ask Iraqis or anyone outside the US how uncouth Americans are perceived, having killed 100s upon thousands of innocent people in Iraq. I wonder how you could even convince yourself that white Americans have manners in comparison to any other cultural group? You have the least.

    Last but not least, Asians are mixing very easily with blacks here in the UK. Indians don’t mix with Chinese, this is what I have noted here in London, but black and white, black and Chinese mix easily. Only Indians stick mostly to their own people. I hope that this will change soon.

    • we are all africans now? Isn’t african a race, you fucking dumb afrocentrist bitch?

      • mike

        u call someone dumb..first of all african is not a race…u ignorant twad…african is a continent and yes there is more than one race in africa..arabs, blacks, and even white (esp in southern africa)….so do ure research and yes i am a white south african

      • Barefootboy

        (And WHY, Dear Blogist, wasn’t THAT comment ‘banned’?? Bit of a double standard dontcha think… Hardly empirical or objective)

        But in response, bear in mind your data is old-school and anti-intellectual. Might as well insist the earth is flat. There is now a new science regarding the Human Genome. Indeed your concept of ‘race’ is obsolete. The entire homonid species was almost wiped out, we are all descendants of a very small population of survivors, all Africans.

        Skin color had ONLY to do with vitamin D deficiency, as Homo Sapiens migrated north. Perhaps as a result of their constrained diversity, all humans carry a unique mutation which prevents them from manufacturing their own vitamin D.

        Those too dark (melanin protects against UV rays, hence the pandemic of skin cancer among ‘white’ people, so jealously craving to be black by ‘tanning’) would die out from the excruciating disease of Rickets as they followed game out of the desertified Africa north.

        Asians are likely the result of earlier migrations, becoming lighter then darker again as they migrated from Eurasia south.

        Another tidbit from the Genome, Eurasians are the ones containing the interbred DNA of Cromagnions (i.e. cavemen, troglodytes, supposedly inferior homonids. Africans were spared this ‘primitive’ interbreeding, so who’s the inferior brain strain? & Who’s the more aggressive, hostile colonial invaders, those who stayed behind in Africa, or those who invaded, raped & whiped out the ‘Cavemen’ & went on to invade, rape & whipe out the rest of the world in due course?)

        As to the prowess that so terrifies you, look not to sub-Saharan Africa, many Africans don’t have this kind of strength. Slaves were BRED, like animals, for physical strength, hence the super-athelete phenomenon.

        Also bear in mind that the Middle Passage, in which large numbers of captured Africans died off, effectively culled the weak, leaving the strong.

        Consider also the effect of poverty, nutrition & environment on IQ.

        This concept of racialism is obsolete, a socialized, learned behavior born of some artifact in our survivalistic evolutionary psychology: Distrust the other tribe, i.e. the biggest A-Hole wins, i.e. yet another entirely obsolete Eugenecist ideology to be buried along with the Bell Curve.

        As to aggressiveness, who is the bigger warmonger, Botch or Obomba? Both pretty violent people IMO.

        Traditionally it is the white colonialists who were the cult-killers, and their racialistic dominionism is responsible for much of the violence in the Afro-world today, from Rwanda to South Central.

        And what of Latinos? Are you blaming Africans for the violence in Mexico brought about by deranged US drug laws, white cocaine consumption & the Aztecs? Are Latinos Big Black men?

        How about those little Vietnamese who kicked our arses, less aggressive you say??

        How about the other violent ethnicities, where are your stats on Islam, are arabs natural-born cult-killers, or did the cold-blooded cult of monotheism have something to do with it?

        Before Blacks were the badasses, we had the Irish & the Italians everyone was afraid of. And for most of this nation’s history, it was Blacks who were terrified of the Lynch-mob-Jim-Crow violence of mobs of whites. Where was your ethno-science about that?

        And how now do you explain the mutation of we formerly ‘nebishy’ jews into the bloodthirsty robo-cop goon-squad of Universal Soldiers that subsumes the conscripted Israelis?

        There is much missing in your somewhat crazed convictions here, from your science to your assumptions. I suggest you’ve fallen victim to your fears, as you admit, and failed to engage your supposed higher faculties.

        • Nikephoros

          First that all, Cro Magnon is modern sapiens, caveman or otherwise. Get your facts straight before engaging in any critique.

        • Barefootboy

          Indeed, correct my terminology to read ‘Neanderthals’.
          Also my spelling on ‘Wiped’. Now your point please?

        • Nikephoros

          My point is that you seem to be falling on what you’re criticizing. I agree with most of what you just wrote. But still, replacing Cromagnon with Neanderthal ain’t gonna cut it. Do you have any evidence that there weren’t “primitive” types in Africa with which the original Sapiens could have interbred and which could constitute part of the ancestry of modern Africans? If not, just drop that argument. It doesn’t help your case in the least and just makes you look like one more racist.

        • Barefootboy

          Indeed there is definitive evidence that Neanderthals was a different species, left Africa tens of thousands of years earlier, lived in Europe, and disappeared, were extinguished and/or were assimilated by Homo Sapiens. Why would I drop the argument if it’s archeological fact?

          There were other types of homonids in Africa as well over the millions of years since our divergence from chimps, but the genome shows that only those who migrated to Europe interbred with Neanderthals.

          Why would that offend you? It’s thought that the diversity of their genes may have actually been beneficial in ameliorating the stunted, inbred genepool of the small group of ‘expats’ vs. those who turned back to Africa.

          I point out this in part because of the irony, there really was a more ‘primitive’ species of hominid, which really did differ from later humans, but this difference wasn’t anything like the sort of malicious ethno-bigotry tribes of the same species of modern humans levy at eachother.

          Fact is, there simply wasn’t enough time for tribes of Homo Sapiens to differentiate beyond superficial adaptations to environment for the sort of speciation that racists seem convinced occurred between humans in various geographic regions.

          Racism is obsolete, it’s been disproved.
          We should be celebrating, not retrenching!

        • Big G

          While you were correct about nearly everything the veitnamese didn’t kick our ass. we certainly left with our tail between our legs and there wasn’t any good to come from our involvement . But by shear numbers 10 times more asians died during that conflict then young americans.

      • Jen

        I think “anonymous” is clearly an idiot and so are you Robert for feeding into such stupidity. It seems Bee was trying to make an intelligent argument that was not accepted by “anonymous” who responded with ignorant backlash. Everyone has an opinion, we should respect it. Ignorance and “low IQ’s” abound on this comment board.

      • Your commentaries seem to bring out the worst in people. That is not a goal worth acknowledging.They seem to attract people who hate others and can’t wait to write hateful, un educated, attacking words to one another, most of whom have very singular opinions about what they write of. I was following some of your articles, but unfortunately, this type of thinking invites, mainly, a very mistrusting and angry audience with illusions of grandeur coupled with a lack of anything else worth reading. Attack attack attack.
        I was hoping that the information/attention you seem to need and share at any cost, might change slightly and educate others instead of replicating the same mis informed, overly self opinionated and arrogant comments
        of name callers. Certainly you have enough intelligence to gather your information and share it in a more effectual way, since you seem to have made a part time career of it..why not do it right?

        • There is no way to write about something like this in an effective way or a sensitive way. I tried to write about this is the kindest, most sensitive and most pro Black way as possible, but look where it got me? I don’t see how I could have written about this subject in a more sensitive way. People are not attacking me for the way I write about things but for the substance of the posts, which are incendiary.

          What you said is not true anyway. Many of the people who come here are liberals, Hispanics and Black people (are these the virulent racists who you say populate these posts?). There are about as many antis as racists responding to this stuff.

        • Big G

          dont you get it greendick. this blog is an ongoing example of the human condition. Robert studies this and uses these responses to further an international opion on various subjects. he is learning and we are all subjects that he analyse

    • Al

      “If you look at the features of black Americans in comparison to black Africans, you can see the raping activities of your own forefathers ” Er, if they raped your ancestors and you are descended from them then they are YOUR forefathers.

  14. Joe

    You say that blacks are naturally more violent because of their genetics, but your argument is stupid because it is white violence that has wiped out millions of people of certain races. White people are less violent now, but they are always willing to forget their violent past and say that vilonece amoung blacks has to be attributed to genetics instead of poverty.

    • There is a difference between organized violence and disorganized violence. Disorganized violence is what we think of as crime and whatnot.

      Organized violence is what you are talking about here.

      BTW, Blacks have also wiped out millions of people due to Organized Violence, recently in Central Africa.

      For your average person looking for a place to live, the fact that Whites committed lots of organized violence in the past or present is irrelevant as none of that White violence is going to effect them, living here in their American city. So really, it’s irrelevant.

      What is relevant though is Black disorganized violence. That has a direct effect on Whites (and everyone, really) who has to live with Blacks, including other Blacks. That really hits where it counts.

      I don’t believe that Blacks are violent due to poverty. I think that’s ridiculous. US Blacks are the richest on Earth and they are violent as all Hell. Poverty might make you steal, but it doesn’t make you violent.

      • I don’t believe that Blacks are violent due to poverty

        I don’t either. the breakdown of the family plays a bigger role as well as chaning cultural norms via TV. spend less money on programs and more money on birthcontrol.

        There is a difference between organized violence and disorganized violence. Disorganized violence is what we think of as crime and whatnot

        What difference does it make when being are being killed. Lining up people nicely to go the ovens or randomly shooting whoever comes around the corner.

        • Uncle Milton

          To Chic Noir:

          I don’t either. the breakdown of the family plays a bigger role as well as chaning cultural norms via TV. spend less money on programs and more money on birth control.

          Probably mostly correct….

          What difference does it make when being are being killed. Lining up people nicely to go the ovens or randomly shooting whoever comes around the corner.

          Well the short answer would be that the horrible events in Eastern and Central Europe in the late 30s through 1945 and Nanjing China in 1937: have no bearing on one’s likelihood of being assaulted in present day Germany or Japan.

        • mike

          No one has ever in history been lined to go to the ovens. Ever.

      • mike

        the Nazi’s (white), most war of the worlds are caused by white..WW1, WW2, Cold war…..even the wars in Africa and Asia..can u tell me who supply the weapons (white)….war in the middle east (white), oil greed (white), slave trade (white), first ppl to use the nuclear weapon on asians (white), imperialism and colonization (white) …so plz sir explain to me how u can say blacks are more violent…the difference is the white man’s crime is on a high basis and can affect a whole nation even the continent..but the black mans crime is a petty one but yet gets the attention..BIAS??? its clear so i don’t know how you intend to brainwash ppl….. the worst ppl in the world are all white..hitler, George bush..etc..go on youtube and type the most evil men and women in the world and you’ll see 98 percent are all WHITE…while the remaining 2 percent are among orientals, arabs, blacks..etc….stop the LIES sir…

        • Bay Area Guy

          Ah, typical ignorance of the “all evil people in the history of the world are white” proponents.

          You’re not even worthy my breath.

          I’ll let Wade have you.

        • I’m not brainwashing anyone. I’m not lying to anyone. I’d like to see what Blacks would do if they had the same power and weapons that Whites had. Blacks have always run shitty and weak societies so their ability to commit a lot of organized violence has been rather limited. However, as you can see in Africa, Blacks can commit quite a bit of organized violence.

          We are getting into Organized versus Unorganized Violence. Blacks are higher in Unorganized Violence (crime, domestic violence, etc.) Whites are higher in Organized Violence, I suppose, going by body counts anyway. The recent war in Congo killed at least 3 million, with excess deaths more than that. 1 million died in Biafra. 1 million died in Rwanda. Etc etc. Blacks are getting pretty damn good at mass slaughter.

        • Wade in MO

          Wow, where to start on the moronic “masterpiece”?

          “the Nazi’s (white), most war of the worlds are caused by white..WW1, WW2, Cold war”

          Most of these wars affected mostly other whites outside of the pacific front in WWII which was caused by japanese(yellow). And…LOL…the cold war. Yeah, we really went and sluigged it out with the russians, oh yeah. Them most violent thing that happened directly between the US and the SU during the Cold War was Khruschev beating his shoe on the podium at the UN.

          “…..even the wars in Africa and Asia.”

          Yeah, the africans and asians have nothing to do with them, sure. The whites just created animosity. There wasn’t already hatred and previous fighting between groups of people in many of these regions. The world was the garden of Eden writ large until whitey came along, sure.

          “.can u tell me who supply the weapons (white)….”

          The industrialized countries supplied the weapons. China and South Korea sell arms too.

          “war in the middle east (white)”

          LOL War is nothing new to the middle east. Tons of non whites (otttomans, arabs, babylonians, mongols, tamerlane) have sacked that place. Also, the idea that whites are all powerful there nowadays is nonsense too. Iran and Turkey are certainly not impotent in the region.

          ” , oil greed (white)”

          Yeah, I guess that’s why most of the worlds oil is controlled by state companies who then unload it by giving it to small groups of rich arabs.

          “, slave trade (white)”

          Oh yes, there was no slavery in the world in till the 1500s. Slavery did not exist in forms everywhere on earth. Of course not. Think otherwise would make you a racist. Oh lawdy no! And of course africans had absolutely nothing to do with selling africans to european slave traders. Besides, we all know that not all whites were in the slave trade equally, especially a certain small group of whites.

          ” first ppl to use the nuclear weapon on asians (white),”

          Big fucking deal. The would have used it on us if they got it first. They sent other weapons, like ballon bombs, over here that killed people regardless of whether or not they were in the military. Also, they were willing to use similar weapons against others. Ever heard of this:

          ” imperialism and colonization (white) ”

          Oh yes, there were no empires before the whites. The persian empire wasn’t really an empire, whitey just lied and called it that. The turks never conquered anyone. They were always in Anatolia, whitey just covered it up. Japan never annexed korea. Whitey just made that up.

          “the difference is the white man’s crime is on a high basis and can affect a whole nation even the continent..but the black mans crime is a petty one but yet gets the attention”

          That does not have anything to do with being white, but rather it is caused by being in power. When blacks were in power in the Mali empire they enslaved people too. Weakness is not virtue.

          ” the worst ppl in the world are all white..hitler, George bush..etc..”

          Yeah, I guess people like Tamerlane and Idi Amin were just whities in cognito.

          “..go on youtube and type the most evil men and women in the world and you’ll see 98 percent are all WHITE”

          Oh god no. The debate’s over!!! He’s is backed up the uber-scholars on youtube!!! We can’t survive such and onslaught!!!

          “stop the LIES sir”

          Stop the bullshit, moron. And learn how to compose a paragraph. You type like you are thirteen years old.

        • Bay Area Guy

          Ah Wade, you pawned his pathetic self-hating white ass!

        • Wade in MO

          “Ah Wade, you pawned his pathetic self-hating white ass”

          Yeah, i hope a bunch of black guys with AIDS try to cure themselves by raping his bitch white ass. He reminds me of that dumb women who went down to Haiti and got raped and then blamed white people for it.

        • mike

          hahahah..robert lindsay and bay area guy are so funny and so wrong..u talk about how some black were able to participate in organized violence…u talkjed about congo, biafra..etc..those were civil war..and mind you what happened in KOSOVO, Georgia??..have u lived in europe esp nations like serbia, Montenegro, poland… riots, hooliganism are a usually occurrent….takes a lotta testosterone to start one…humm?? talk about the crime rate in finland, georgia, serbia, ukraine and latvia??? the email scams from nigeria ..who are their main victims?? WHITES esp Americans…and it takes someone with a low IQ to fall for that..i mean for godsake’s an american senator fell for it…and when u talk about low IQ no need to look futher from ure back yard..yes Americans esp in the south..this is a vid to prove ….

        • Wade in MO

          Wow. Your dipshittery is now legendary!

          “…u talkjed about congo, biafra..etc..those were civil war..and mind you what happened in KOSOVO, Georgia??”

          No moron, they don’t have to talk aboout Kosovo. They were not saying that only blacks have civil wars, but rather you were implying that only whites do.

          “talk about the crime rate in finland”

          LOL crime rate in Finland? Yeah, the had a crime wave. It’s called muslim immigrants, many of whom are Somali. Your beloved Pakistanis have managed to perform so many criminal acts in Oslo, Norway that the city actually has a higher crime rate than NYC. It would be wise to cite evidence that does NOT support my side of the argument if you’re trying to win.

          “the email scams from nigeria ..who are their main victims??”

          So whites are greedy for oil, but some black who scams old women out of their money is not?

          ” WHITES esp Americans”

          A lot of americans who have been targeted by nigerian scams are black. They had a big scam a couple of decades ago spceifically targeting black business owners.

          “and when u talk about low IQ no need to look futher from ure back yard”

          So we’re dumb but we need to look FURTHER from our own back yard for low IQ people? Do you even think about things before you type them?

          “..yes Americans esp in the south”

          The irony here is that the american south has traditionally been the most racially mixed part of the country. Many of those southern whites actually have black and indian ancestors.

          Morons like you are what created people like the Stormfront crowd. I will give you credit though, you have dealt a blow to white supremacists…..with your horrible grammar, almost incoherent sentences, and general idiocy. Obviously if you’re white, then not all whites can be that smart.

      • Barefootboy

        Again you make a wild assumption, unsubstantiated claim and fundamentally-flawed grave error in your entire line of logic.

        You are saying acts of war are ‘organized’ violence & acts of crime ‘disorganized’??

        Where is the line between ‘war’ & ‘warcrime’, or for that matter between streetcrime & ‘gang war’. Blackwater & the Bloods v Crips might dislodge your logic.

        Suggest you actually look into the extensive etiology of violence (and, for that matter, non-violence, our greatest proponent having been ‘black’).

        • John

          I do wonder sometimes if anyone actually reads history or just finds samples that back up their cause. Look at some of the roughest parts of the word where genocide is a regular occurrance… Africa, Sri Lanka, Middle East… Also look at your history, the Huns enialated thousands the Arabs slaughtered thousands in Europe and The Holy Land and yet white bashing is all we seem to be able to do in this society. All nations have built empires all have had slaves, get off your high horses…

          I am British, i can trace my lineage to Agincourt and we are all surfs… How many of my lineage benefitted from two world wars, the Boar War and Victorian imperialism… My family didn’t, they worked in factories and tilled the land… But who is paying for our history now, not the rich, the middle classes who pay their taxes and watch their gene pool disintegrate because our daughters were not brought up to any standards.

          If these stats are true, it answers the reason why there is so much black crime in the uk and why so many white ghetto kids are being drawn into it. If testosterone is the factor that is driving this, maybe you should look at the medias genetic engineering by advertising the glories of white women black men relationships whilst never doing the same for black women and white men… Remove the negative elements from society by breeding the testosterone out of the system… Make black men more like us whites… Seems logical in a country so bent on making all children brown.

          I don’t care if we all came out of the same womb 50,000 years ago, there are cultural and physical differences between us that have been created in our genes to accommodate for our environment. We also came out of the primeval sludge with lizards and birds, does this mean we should be gender mixing here too…?

      • Elston Gunn

        I know people in “bad areas” of cities such as LA that have entered gangs not because philosophically they believed in violence, but because they felt it would be safer to be in a gang than not in a gang. One friend in particular eventually got out of this and went to arts school, but I can’t really argue with that logic.
        Also, it’s virtually impossible to separate the economic aspect from the violent crime. You realize that one of the only ways for a poor person in the ghetto to actually realize the “american dream” and go from rags to riches is to deal drugs? Those dealers are often making a sound economic decision, however morally repugnant it may be. Obviously, drug dealers have to utilize violence (at varying levels) to run their operation, protect themselves, and exert control and fear over the populace. I would imagine that many of them aren’t psychopaths, but manage to justify/rationalize their decisions and desensitize themselves to violence.
        To quote a U.N. report on the Gaza Strip economy: “If young people and others who are able and willing to work cannot claim their rights in a peaceful and legitimate manner, it should not come as a surprise if they seek to do so through more radical means.”

    • Al

      But how many millions would blacks have wiped out had their societies evolved to the advanced level of white societies?

      • Elston Gunn

        Well, music simply an area from which I could bring a depth of knowledge–I’m sure someone who’s a painter could tackle this from their perspective, ditto an engineer/inventor, writer, etc… I choose to approach it from the perspective of a musician. I’m not going to try and prove the relative cultural value of diasporic/harmolodic music to you, as it appears that that might make your linear blockhead mind explode. Also, cultural value is entirely subjective. You’d be hardpressed to find a fulfilled or satisfied person who doesn’t have an intake of some form of art, music, or other expressionist culture, that’s why I think the achievements of black American musicians are relevant.
        On the other hand, what is fairly objective and easy to discuss, is the difficulty and complexity of these musics, conceptually, technically, physically, spiritually and intellectually. Do you really dispute that? do you have a thesis? Do you have anything to say? Are you angry that a black male is making love to your wife, and she prefers it?
        On the technological side, I guess you’d like to bend over for the Asians–Chinese science, engineering, etc… was far more developed than European feats in these fields, for a long stretch of time. This is common knowledge. I hope for your sake you don’t try and dispute it. Here are some African inventions: Chess, paper, mummification/embalming, mining, soap, domestication of animals,
        Arguably writing was invented in Africa, as well as mathematics (well a system such as mathematics obviously can’t be invented, but they have a significant claim to the oldest mathematical objects and the birthplace of arithmetic).

      • Elston Gunn

        1st off–assume I’m “hiding in an ivory tower” from the hood? What stupidity. Much of my life I’ve lived in middle-to lower class areas. I don’t have enough money to go to college. I don’t know what “hood” you’re talking about. If you mean Dorchester or Roxbury, I go there often, and I’m thinking about renting a cheap apt there this summer if I save up enough. I go to foreclosure auction protests and actions to keep those communities strong and prevent people being forced out by immoral banksters and gentrified. Why would I adopt a child? I’m too young. I don’t want a child. This is a non-sequitur. I did actually apply for a program to help inner-city children in schools, but was rejected (they’re pretty selective.) This is all more of a socio-economic problem than a race problem. Historically, rich whites have induced race fears in poor, uneducated whites, using blacks as a scapegoat. The plantation-owner wins. The Waltons win. The 1% win. You lose. I lose. When you’re done with the personal attacks and slurs, did you actually dispute any of the points I made satisfactorily?

      • Elston Gunn

        You really haven’t addressed anything I said regarding jazz or afro-caribbean music conceptually… Too hard for you? No shit, the first black musicians didn’t invent a lot of instruments, maybe because it’s tough to do so when you’re a slave! They did however, invent the most deep and complex music. They made do with what they had, often mixing the african/afro-caribbean elements with European instruments. The first trumpet most likely came from Africa. The first drums as well, and the ngoni, ancestor of the banjo. Countless more….

      • Elston Gunn

        The consensus seems to be that chess originated in India–however Ethiopian Senterej seems to be a good candidate.
        Yes, I was referring to papyrus. And besides white nationalist websites I don’t think you’ll find much of a consensus on there being a meaningful racial difference (even if you consider racial differences statistically meaningful) between Egyptians and other North Africans: “There has been scholarly interest in the biological variation and genealogical relationship of the ancient Egyptians to other populations outside of the Egyptian Nile Valley. There is no scientific reason to believe that the primary ancestors of the Egyptian population emerged and evolved outside of northeast Africa. Skeletal analyses have figured prominently in research. When comparisons to non-Egyptians are made, depending on which samples and methods are used, the craniofacial patterns of ancient Egyptian show a range of similarities to other African populations, Near Easterners, and Europeans. Overall, these studies can be interpreted as suggesting that the Egyptian Nile Valley’s indigenous population had a craniofacial pattern that evolved and emerged in northeastern Africa, whose geography in relationship to climate largely explains the variation. Dental affinity studies generally agree with the craniofacial results, though they differ in the details. The body proportions of ancient Egyptians generally are similar to those of tropical (more southern) Africans.”
        cite: Human Biology
        By GeoPedia Expertver. 5 – Tue, Sep 16, 2008 at 12:22:49 PM
        By S. O. Y. Keita, Senior Research Associate, National Human Genome Center, Howard University; Research Associate, Anthropology, Smithsonian Institute
        Your theory holds no water.

        As far as King Tut, there are probably just as many questions about his sexuality as his race–but he appears typical north African:

      • Elston Gunn

        Ah the Bell Curve, what fun–you do know that that the flimsy premises of that book were absolutely destroyed in reviews by Stephen Jay Gould and William J. Matthews:
        I don’t watch Jersey shore and I think your arguments and your rage are based off of narrow mental schemas–i.e. you know some wiggers or wanksters who appropriate elements of black culture in shallow ways, and you dislike them. Not an excuse for the lack of depth in your arguments. Calm down and think. I didn’t even have TV growing up! I shit in a compostable toilet. I bet that makes you uncomfortable, but it is actually an intelligent thing to do. Humanure is great fertilizer!

  15. alpha unit

    I know what Robert is saying. No one knows Black violence better than Black people. And poverty does not make someone violent.

    What many of us would ask, though, is, “Why is it that only the violence of Black people is described as innate?”

    This is something I tried to address in the post “Human by Nature.” Violence is a human tendency, and every group engages in it. It is only the violence of Blacks that people seem to think comes naturally.

    Throughout history Whites have been telling us that violence comes naturally to us, that lust comes naturally to us–while distancing themselves from these tendencies.

    Well, I don’t intend to have other groups heap everything that is wrong or troublesome about the human race on me and make me carry it. To those who are upset by the “true nature” of Blacks, I would say: I’m supposed to own up to what’s wrong with me, but you don’t need to own up to anything that’s wrong with you?

    Or maybe you don’t think there’s anything wrong with you. Is that it?

    • What sensible people are saying that maybe Blacks are innately more inclined to violence than other groups. This seems to apply mostly to the males, especially the younger males. Sure, we are all predisposed to violence, but Blacks, especially young Black males, seem to be extraordinarily violent compared to many other groups of humans. This seems to be the case in general wherever they reside on Earth.

      Sensible people want to know why this is, and I think we can reject poverty and racism right off the bat. You can’t deal with a problem unless you know what’s causing it. If indeed young Black males are innately predisposed to a tendency towards much greater violence than other groups, what can we do about this? What interventions can we engage in that lowers the rates of this violence.

      I already have a few posts on some Black socieites that experienced low rates of violence. Innate doesn’t mean “doomed to be that way.” It’s just a tendency. Obviously, certain environments to a great degree dampen down this tendency.

      If we don’t even have the right ideas about what’s causing the problem, how can we even begin to tackle it. Saying Black violence is due to poverty and racism seems to be wrong on its face. Seeing as we are starting from a false premise, how can we make any headway with this issue?

      Whites are violent and lustful too, just not as much. Under certain conditions, Whites can commit tremendous levels of unorganized violence – i.e. crime, but that’s not typical anymore.

      I don’t know what to say if someone asks if I think there’s nothing wrong with Whites. Obviously, as an ethnocentric person, I think that White appearance and behavior is normal, ok, all right, just fine, nothing wrong with it. That’s what I’m used to. That’s how ethnocentrism works. Everyone thinks that their people and their culture is normal, ok, all right, just fine, nothing wrong with it. Other peoples and cultures are seen as aberrant or strange.

      One thing I will say is that Whites are cold. Plus they are way too uptight. White culture is just kind of unfriendly compared to a lot of other cultures. Plus Whites here in the US are *really* into money and status and are quite conservative.

      If you put some Whites in a NE Asian neighborhood, you will be interested to note that the Whites will probably commit 4-5 times more crime than the Asians. So I would not blame the Asians for seeing us as crime-prone primitives, though to me we just seem normal.

      • Elston Gunn

        Have you read “Guns, Germs and Steel” by Jared Diamond? He makes a convincing point that modern “stone age” peoples are generally more innately intelligent than industrialized societies, and that the conditions that allowed these industrialized societies to triumph were environmental largely, with an emphasis on disease resistance—so not exactly survival of the most intelligent. That’s not how natural selection works.

    • alpha unit

      I am not anti-science. I fully accept that there are differences among racial groups. These differences are clearly physical, but I know that groups differ cognitively as well, on average.

      People are rarely nuanced in their pronouncements about other groups. And so what you constantly have to listen to is “Blacks are violent.”

      What people mean is, “Violence is a black trait. It comes up in other people from time to time, but it is an inseparable part of being black.”

      Are there any bad tendencies that are an inseparable part of being white, I wonder?

    • You are asking the wrong person. Violence is not an inseparable part of being Black. You yourself are evidence of that. It’s an inseparable part of being human. But it comes out MORE in Blacks than in others, that’s all. That’s what we are trying to deal with here.

      Since there are no inseparable aspects of being Black other than the obvious, the answer to your question is there are none about Whites either.

    • Prole

      If I may, respectfully, proffer an observation on this question, I would have to say that there is a tendency for younger-to-middle-aged Black men to more easily ‘lose their cool’ faster than other ethnic groups might. I saw this tendancy myself (in the Army, in college, at work) among a wide stratum of Blacks, and of various socio-economic strata.

      Testosterone and neural chemistry may be a factor; or it could be a cultural factor where the broader society, with its heavily-entrenched PC Cultural Marxist narrative, certainly tolerates — if not outright encourages, aggressive behavior on the part of ‘oppressed victims’, essentially encouraging hypersensitivity on their part.

      Being that I must say that many Black people that I have met and interacted with are overall rather gregarious and friendly people, my conclusion would rest more with the latter theory, especially since this hypersensitivity is definitively absent on the part of foreign-born Blacks (unless they or their kids have assimilated to American pop-cultural standards 😦 ).

      *Good essay here.

    • alpha unit

      I think the essay is very good.

      I differ with Joe in some ways, but I want to let him know that I get the gist of what he’s saying.

      • Elston Gunn

        Due to slavery and due to the racial diversity in Africans (it’s a goddamn continent), who were the ancestors of all of us, I’d say that “African-americans” are a diverse race biologically. Probably one of the most diverse. So how are you going to get meaningful data, even if you think that race is more than a cultural construct?

  16. Nathan

    I remember reading about a Native American, a few hundred years ago, who visited London. Witnessing the extremes of riches and poverty, he was astonished. “Why,” he asked his hosts, “do these poor people not rise up and scalp the rich?”

    The anomaly is not Black Violence, but White Passivity, bred into the White after centuries of taming.

    Elsewhere on this site the opinion is expressed that blacks could dissapear from America and it would make no difference. But what would American culture be then? Would you be dancing the polka? I don’t know if it’s testosterone, but it’s hard to deny that blacks have more improvisational and creative ability.

    • I said Whites would be able to carry on, not that it would make no difference. Clearly, if all the Blacks left, art, music, dance, acting, comedy, etc. (entertainment) would take a hit. But looking at the horrors of the pathology of Black music these days (gangsta rap) I think even Black music is way overrated. Sure, there would be no rock and roll without the blues, without gospel, which were created by Blacks. All rock musicians owe a debt to the Black man.

      But Black music has degenerated. Gospel, the blues, R and B, all the way to doo wop, funk, disco, and jazz, this was pro-social music. Gangsta rap is just evil. Presently, Black contribution to musical culture is overrated and may even be net negative.

      Anyway, despite the hit to the arts, Whites would carry on anyway, or muddle through, as the British say.

      If all the Whites left tomorrow (and all the other non-Blacks too) what would Blacks do with the US. Most of the place would become a cross between the Black Belt and Detroit. Blacks need Whites. That’s why integration is so important for civil rights.

      I realize it’s insulting to Blacks to admit that though.

      • Barefootboy

        ‘Insulting…’ Ya THINK??

        ‘Gangsta rap’, that which glorifies violence is born of a drug & ghetto-culture. What is the origin of this culture? Why were sharecroppers of the south driven north for the promise of jobs only to be disenfranchised there?

        You’re not looking at the intentional racialised victimization of African Americans since the beginning. You’re not looking at the disparity in drug laws, crack vs. cocaine, for example, which split the crime stats along racial lines. You’re not looking at the NRA gun lobby which made these weapons available to anyone with a turf.

        Again you’re not looking at the Mexican drug violence which is not African, and also supplied by white gun-mongers.

        As to artforms that glorify violence, you’re not looking at Hollywood, who invented the cowboy/indian flick on up to the thrasher films white people flock to & idolize.

        But mostly you’re not looking. There is no credible science behind your insinuations, it seems you’re gleefully glaring through a genuinely ethnocentric lens.

        This may give you satisfaction by asuaging irrational fears with the veneer of rational science, but bear in mind this is exactly what Nazism tried to do, & they were clearly wrong, proven wrong.

        You are also clearly wrong.

        The amount of genome devoted to the ethnic characteristics are miniscule, irrelevant to psychology or endocrinology. The differences you describe are largely cultural & learned, & born of environment. Nurture, NOT nature.

        Sadly your views, and those like you who fall into this addictive trap of ethnic bigotry are likely irreversible.

        Racism is a peculiarly compelling disease and almost never cureable. We are responsible for our destructive addictions, mental & physical. This particular one is particularly toxic and virulent, as history so tragically shows.

        I suggest you read lees of antiquated, disproved thinking that corroborates your obsolete notions, and instead focus on newer thinking based in genome science.

        You are, of course, wrong, but unfortunately it looks like you’ve gone too far down the rabbit-hole of hate. And don’t be fooled, as much as you try to sound fair, the very fact that you promote these unfounded ideas is, indeed, hate.

        Remember, they used to hate the Irish, called them criminals, trash Catholics, whatever bad thay could find, till one became president. Hatred of African Americans has now become similarly obsolete.

        You are on the wrong side of history, sadly history has passed you by.

        That’s all for you, friend.

        Ah Humanity…

        • Hi my friend. You don’t get to call me racist on here, ok? I ban for that.

          Maybe I will have a reg email you about the Comments Rules.

        • barefootboy

          But indeed fear begets hate, hate begets tribalism. Tribalism is racism. Does that soften the blow?

          I don’t blame you, you are not alone, it’s an easy trap, likely born of some evolutionary psychology, long obsolete. But if we didn’t control obsolete impulses, we’d rape & pillage at will. Society & cooperation depends on intelligently favoring compassionate impulses over limbic./violent ones. Socialization must trump sociopathy for society to survive. Antisocial impulses are old, we must strive to evolve if society is to survive.

          Would you be more comfortable if I termed your diatribe ‘fear’ (as you admit), and therefore hate? You are not so much at fault for fear, but for failing to work to transcend such an obsolete impulse.

          Why are you deferring to ‘rules’ you’ve invented here, but not to the ideology that would enable you to insinuate such far-fetched psuedoscience?

          Remember they also said Jews were genetically deranged, after driving them to moneylending by depriving all other trades.

          Why only comments about the ‘rules’ and no comment regarding the genetic dissolution of your entire premise?

      • Regina

        You need to read “The Iceman Inheritance.” It was written by a white man.

      • Dick is in dat ass

        Rock and roll, the blues, and the gospel definitely were not created by black, stop sucking up to black

    • alpha unit

      According to Nathan, “The anomaly is not Black Violence, but White Passivity, bred into the White after centuries of taming.”

      This is interesting to me. Who, or what, tamed Whites?

    • WP

      “White Passivity”

      Yes, there is far too much White passivity. After so much success in the last few centuries too many Whites have let themselves become far too passive and DOMESTICATED – that’s the key word right there…DOMESTICATED. Too many Whites are just riding the laurels of our brilliant and hardworking White ancestors nowadays and thus letting our nations go to shit because of our modern hedonism and preference for easy living which is leading to the degeneration of our White nations.

      “blacks have more improvisational and creative ability.”

      Some Blacks might be better in terms of “improvisational skills,” but they are definitely not more creative in general. How much truly great artistic or creative works has Africa or African Blacks in the Americas given the world? Not very much at all. In comparison with Whites, Blacks have contributed virtually nothing creatively. Modern hip-hop songs about mayhem, thievery, rape, violence, and so on hardly count as truly creative works…it’s all gutter-trash and anyone with half-a brain can see that. That isn’t ‘culture’ — that’s anti-culture.

      A major tragedy of modern USA is that, through the rampant influence of the anti-White sewage spewed forth constantly by the Jew-owned mass-media, many young Whites in the USA are becoming ‘Africanized’ or ‘Negrified’ — this has been happening for quite a while now, since the 1990s at least. They do this because they think it makes them seem more ‘tough’ or whatever. Thus they are rejecting the healthy, creative, exploratory, and overall positive legacy of their White ancestors and stooping down the low level of primitive African savages. It’s such a pitiful sight, and this sickening trend must be prevented from doing any more damage to young Whites.

    • tulio

      “How much truly great artistic or creative works has Africa or African Blacks in the Americas given the world? Not very much at all.”

      Now that’s crap. I’d certainly call Jazz a great artistic work, as well as all the other classic forms of black music. There have been great works of art in Africa as well. The bronze sculptures of the Yoruba demonstrated a people with quite sophisticated artistic tastes and a high level of craftsmanship. They had a realism sculpture movement that rivaled that of neo-classical sculpture in realism.

    • I agree with you that Black music is a great cultural achievement. All forms of it. Including the Blues, Rhythm and Blues, Gospel and Jazz. And Rock and Roll, because it comes from Black music. The Benin masks were quite good too.

      • Barefootboy

        In fact our entire concept of modern art & design was influenced by African Art. White nationalists would be interested to know that Banjo is an African-originate instrument & likely an African word.

        • seedofjapheth

          Can you elaborate on this a bit? How is our entire concept of modern art African influenced? First of all could you define modern art and also mention some African art forms and then could you explain to us the connections between the two?

        • He can’t answer you, seedofjapheth. Barefoot Black Boy just got banned for accusing me of hating Black people and calling me a tribalist.

          What’s with these damned Blacks anyway? They can’t seem to even come to this site without getting their Black asses banned faster than a knife fight in a phone booth. LOL.

  17. WP

    Me:”Modern hip-hop songs about mayhem, thievery, rape, violence, and so on hardly count as truly creative works…it’s all gutter-trash and anyone with half-a brain can see that. That isn’t ‘culture’ — that’s anti-culture.”

    Also note that behind a lot of the ‘gangsta rap’ or hardcore hip-hop trend you can often find putrid little Jewish maggots in the Jew-dominated American music industry who are pushing this anti-cultural sewage on to the supple minds of young Americans of all races. Many Black rappers have actually spoken about this, how Jewish record producers and so on started promoting this horrible musical shit in the 1980s and early 1990s over more positive and life-affirming Black musical styles.

    • alpha unit

      I’ve heard this sort of thing coming from some rappers.

      But complaints about Jews have been going on forever. And I don’t quite get it. Do people hold Jews to a particularly high standard when it comes to conduct?

  18. Prole

    “–Do people hold Jews to a particularly high standard when it comes to conduct?–”

    No, but Jews certainly hold everyone else, especially Anglo-Honks, up to a particularly high standard.

    Robert sums this seeming enigma and irony up rather nicely –

    … “Similarly, Jews scream racism constantly at other Whites, and are usually incredible hypocrites at the same time. I am starting to think a reasonable mathematical equation is Jew = hypocrite.” …

  19. GOD

    “DR” Robert Lindsay I have a few questions for you, and the LINDSAYITES. Do you consider the creation and manufacturing of nuclear weapons, tanks, biological and chemical weapons “CIVILIZED” behavior?

    • These antisocial weapons can only be produced by a highly developed civilization, yes.

      There is a difference between Organized Violence and Disorganized Violence. Highly evolved societies, while having little disorganized violence, have tremendous potential for disorganized violence.

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  21. Nathan

    The mistake Lindsay makes is that he assumes that White testosterone levels are the norm, and that Negroes should ‘take pills to reduce their testosterone’. But would Lindsay be prepared to take a pill to reduce his testosterone each time he goes to Chinatown? I doubt it.

    Lindsay envisions his ideal world – a community of shop window dummies with no passions or emotions – where everything is rigid, uniform and in it’s place. But that’s not human life to me.

    “This is interesting to me. Who, or what, tamed Whites?”
    Millenia of agriculture followed by decades of industrialization has deracinated the White from his humanity. Calling a White a human being is like calling a poodle a wolf.

    “How much truly great artistic or creative works has Africa or African Blacks in the Americas given the world? Not very much at all. In comparison with Whites, Blacks have contributed virtually nothing creatively. ”
    Virtually all forward looking music of the 20th century has Black American roots. Kids all over the world want to imitate black American culture because of that. Do you think Japanese kids imitate blacks because Japan is full of Jews pushing Negro music onto them? No, it’s because they like it. Sure you could say that Mr Black makes the music, Mr White buys it and Mr Gold makes the money, but that’s just because the Black is creative, the White is passive and the Jew is mercantile. And to be frank, the Black is too thick to profit off his own talent.

    Don’t mind me, I’m only telling it how it is. It’s good that there is mixed black/white in charge right now. It would be terrible to have another limp White in charge (or indeed an incompetent Negro). Shame he doesn’t have a bit of Asian in him so he rebuild the manufacturing industries, or a bit of Jew so he can give the Zionists a Bruno Kreisky-style slap.

    • Uncle Milton

      Kids all over the world want to imitate black American culture because of that.

      Kids all over the world imitate American culture.. at the moment, a good portion of it’s music influenced by Blacks. (but not TV nor Movies)
      And actually Asian is creating it’s own entertainment with the Korean pop and movies supplanting American films and music in many areas.

      The reason that such culture has been disseminated so well is because of inventions that were wholly or predominantly invented by Whites such as he storage and transmission of electricity, radio, television, photography, motion pictures, vinyl records, compact disks, the concept and much of the “guts” of the internet, etc.

    • Regina

      What Lindsey fails to take in is that whites need fertility drugs to breed more than blacks. What does that say about him and his racist rants?

  22. alpha unit

    I think Nathan has touched on something that many Black people would point to and be critical of: the idea that we are not “normal.”

    • Once again though, this does even begin to deal with the problem. It’s purely an emotional reaction with roots in classic psychological defenses that are obvious to anyone willing to look.

      Nathan simply states that Black aggression, crime and violence is not a problem at all, in fact, it’s a good thing, because apparently it is some sign of a healthy and vital life force. The Whites who are much lower in crime, aggression and violence are seen as automatons, poodles, nonhumans, robots, mannequins, boring, uniform, predictable.

      Without all that wonderful Black crime and chaos, we may as well just commit suicide from all that Sartrean ennui, eh Nathan?

      Whites don’t need to take a testosterone lowering pill because White aggression, crime and violence are not an issue or a problem, regardless of whether it’s higher than Asian rates or not.

      Whether or not Blacks are “normal” or not is beside the point. Who cares? Maybe the Black crime, aggression and violence is what’s really normal and the White domestication is abnormal. In that case, to me, the domesticated White nature is better.

      Once again there is a refusal to answer the question or even begin to deal with the issue. To solve a problem, one must first acknowledge that it even exists in the first place. Nathan refuses to do this. Hence in Nathanworld Black crime, aggression and violence goes on unabated.

  23. alpha unit

    I am no good at explaining why Black people are so offended by this kind of article.

    I can accept that young Black males have a good deal more testosterone than other males. And that this can mean higher levels of aggression and, hence, crime.

    I can acknowledge ALL of that. But at the same time I am angered by the idea that if Black people could be “fixed” in some way, life would be better for everyone–Blacks included.

    Maybe I should take up meditation.

    Is there really any ethical solution to high testosterone levels in young Black males? I don’t know.

    • It would be strictly voluntary. Young Black women who are pregnant and worried that the male fetus may grow up to go to prison could take the pill to reduce testosterone in the newborn. Maybe Mothers could have the option to give the pills to their very young Black male children if they are worried they are going to end up in San Quintin. It’s possible that there are young Black males who are upset by their crime and violence and the way it has screwed up their lives. They feel out of control. If they wanted to, they could take the pills to get some control back so they could stay out of prison and live a more rewarding life.

      Their testosterone would only be reduced by maybe 20% or so, I guess to the White level, so they would still be plenty horny. Young White guys are horny as Hell.

      Further, there is suggestive evidence that high Black testosterone is implicated in the very high prostate cancer rate of Black males. In this case, Black guy afraid of cancer may wish to take the pill. No one has to take anything.

    • tulio

      I don’t think the problem is testosterone. Sure, it may be one factor, but I think the biggest factor is parental investment. When I see some kid walking around looking like a wannabe gangsta, my first thought is why the hell do his parents allow this shit?? Even if testosterone levels are higher, I think that’s only one component of human behavior. Otherwise, who could get mad at blacks for crime then? We don’t get mad at pit bulls for their violence? Why would we? They are born that way. They don’t have a choice. If we truly believed blacks had no choice, then it would make no sense to be angry about black crime.

      I think people get angry because they truly believe there is choice. And that there are too many black kids raised with no fathers, and not enough parental investment. From what I’ve heard, crime rates amongst black youths raised with both an active mother and a father raising them are pretty low, or at least dramatically lower than blacks raised by single mothers.

      If all black kids were raised by both a mother and a father, black crime rates would plummet. If the anti-civilization gangsta rap culture were to go around, crime rates would probably plummet even further. I think the synergy between gangsta culture and lack of fathers is responsible for 90% of these problems.

      I have a long time friend who was a sports coach and spend a lot of time coaching black kids. He had to visit their homes and speak to parents and things and his conclusions were pretty similar to mine. He sees first hand how the gangsta rap mindset has poisoned many black youths and made their behavior pathological. Of course it’s not limited to blacks. You have many Hispanics and even whites and Asians emulating it because to them it’s exotic, hyper-macho and hip. These gangstas have money, ride in nice cars, get laid and have pretty girls all around them. Why wouldn’t they want to emulate these guys?

    • If we truly believed blacks had no choice, then it would make no sense to be angry about black crime.

      This is what I don’t get about White nationalists. They say Blacks have no choice and then they hate them for what they do. I guess this is my POV in a sense. I think the Black crime rate will always be elevated. We should just try to ameliorate things, not make things perfect. We should try to lower it. Forget making it as low as the White rate. It’s probably always going to be higher.

      From what I’ve heard, crime rates amongst black youths raised with both an active mother and a father raising them are pretty low, or at least dramatically lower than blacks raised by single mothers.

      That is very interesting. I would love to see those figures.

      The Black crime rate is about 8X higher than the White crime rate. But if you equalize IQ, Black crime is only 2.3X the White rate. That’s why I would like to see if we can raise the Black IQ. It may well have something to do with Black crime. It sure looks that way. The smarter Blacks are much less likely to commit crimes.

      I’d glad you think the gangsta rap is a toxic model. I remember growing up listening to White rock music. Our parents made it out to be the most evil music on Earth, but the truth is that those guys were not going around singing about how cool it was to be criminals and go to prison. Furthermore, they were not running around murdering each other! Could you imagine if some guy from Led Zeppelin killed some guy from Black Sabbath?

      • Ian

        What on Earth are you talking about?
        You might want to start with correct English. “I’d glad” doesn’t cut it.
        M is a ways away from D on the keyboard, so it probably wasn’t just a slip.

      • Elston Gunn

        Gangsta rap is so entwined with capitalism, and low quality pop/r and b as to make it difficult to critique as an art form. Rap in general has a lot of artistic validity. However morally repugnant you find it, NWA’s first record was fairly innovative–especially Dr. Dre’s work on it.

        • Elston Gunn

          ditto–the notorious B.I.G.–his rhythmic phrasing, improvisation, and his ability to tell a compelling story–also give credit to the producer on his first album. Suicidal Thoughts–beautiful miles davis sample on that
          ditto–Tupac Shakur
          does Nas count as a “gangsta” rapper? If he does I like gangsta rap

    • tulio

      Well the funny thing is that you have old school rappers complaining about the new rappers, the way your parents complained about Sabbath.

      There seems to be a categorical hatred of rap music and everything associated with it by race realists and white nationalists, which is unfortunate. Many of them don’t realize that rap is quite a diverse music in itself with many sub-genres, just like you have with rock or jazz. Some sounding nothing like the other. I’m not sure many people realize that most rap was pretty innocent stuff up until about 1993 or so. Just a bunch of guys talking about partying, girls telling funny stories, and having fun, and maybe some of the more serious stuff dealt with social issues with the whole pro-black genre headlined by Public Enemy. Only one segment is gangsta, and the “glory days” of gangsta rap were the 90s. It still exist but it’s nowhere what it used to be. A guy like 50 cent, people think he is this big gangster or something, but he’s just a charlatan. That dude isn’t gangbanging, he’s just making money off an image because it sells. Guys like him spend their free time sipping champagne in Monaco, not on a street corner with a gun in his hand.

      Unfortunately, a lot of the quality rap music that appeals to a more sophisticated consumer is pushed to the back burner and has little public visibility. The big thing right now is this utterly mindless rap music that comes out of the south with very simple beats where they chant braindead slogans as the chorus. Typical topics are making fast money(I’ll let you guess how), screwing women, self-worship, and acting like an idiot. Arrogance and bragging about how great you are is the biggest thing in rap now, Kanye West being the worst of them all. These are hits at all the clubs. And I don’t mean just black clubs, I mean all clubs.

      Also, someone in here said blacks are too “thick” to profit off their own creativity. Hmm, well that person would have to explain Motown Records.

      • JulianusII

        I’m not a huge rap fan but I’d have to agree . Huge difference between KRS-1 and 50 cent. I will watch gangsta rap videos for the dancing girls, though I have to mute the sound ( I do the same for Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter, nice to look at but hearing them talk is like nails on a chalkboard).
        gangsta rap really came into it’s own with NWA and the Getto boys, before that came Run DMC (humorous) and Public Enemy (Militant NOI guys). Yeah alot of that Gangsta stuff is an act, Suge Knight himself said that.

  24. Uncle Milton

    I can acknowledge ALL of that. But at the same time I am angered by the idea that if Black people could be “fixed” in some way, life would be better for everyone–Blacks included.

    I can’t imagine a chemical solution ever being adopted.. at least not in this country. Apparently in some places that Rob has mentioned there are effective societal feedback mechanisms that curb aberrant behavior. One of the issues we have in the US is that we are multi-racial and multi-cultural such that any such solution applied to only one group would be widely condemned.

    • If it were voluntary? Why not?

      I think you are right though.

    • alpha unit

      Can you imagine anyone volunteering?

    • Why not?

      Especially if it was proven to lower your risk of prostate cancer and going to prison.

      We could try and see…

      • Regina

        Robert, I remember a white female televangelist saying this several years ago. Prior to the integration of the military in WWII black men had a very slim to nothing occurrence of prostate cancer. It was the introduction of the white man’s diet during WWII created the emergence of prostate cancer in black men.

        Another strike against integration.

    • Thing is, no one seems to have any solutions to this problem, or even have any ways of reasonably tackling it.

      The Left and liberals (and most Blacks I guess) just scream racism, racism, racism, poverty, poverty. Ok, so is racism going away? I’ll be dead in 30 years. I predict that when I die in 30 years, the world will be full of racism and there will be tons of racism in the US too. So this whole Left thing of, End Racism Now! is just insane. It ain’t never going away. You can reduce it. Racism has dropped dramatically since 1960. What happened to Black crime?

      What about poverty. When I die in 30 years, we will still have tons of poverty in the US, I predict. It ain’t going away.

      Blacks also yell about aftereffects of slavery. All the crime is due to lingering effects of slavery. This explanation has the bizarre effect of being intractable. I guess the effects of slavery linger forever?

      The rightwing says lock em all up. So we’ve got what, 1/4 or 1/3 of Black males under 30 in jail, prison or on parole or probation. Well that’s a great way to reduce crime. Lock up the population.

      The White racist types, such as White nationalists, recognize a serious Black crime problem. They advocate the following:

      1. A White ethnostate to split off from the US. No Blacks allowed here.


      2. And end to all civil rights laws, anti-discrimination laws, etc. This is called “freedom of association.” Obviously this is bad for Blacks. It’s just segregation.

      I’m suggesting a pill, among other things. Why is this so much worse than the projects above, most of which haven’t worked, or worked with devastating consequences, or would be terrible for Blacks if implemented.

    • alpha unit

      Well, I can agree with you that the “Racism, Poverty, Slavery” mantra is starting to fall on deaf ears. There are Black people who aren’t listening to that anymore.

      I don’t know if there’s a proposal to solve the problem of Black crime that doesn’t have a serious downside.

    • I prefer the word “ameliorate” over solve. Ameliorate just means to make better. It seems silly to try to “solve” any crime problem anywhere. There’s always going to be crime. All you can do is reduce the rate, that’s all.

      I think your last sentence is correct.

  25. Prole

    Great points Robert and Alpha Unit.

    Let us not overlook, however, the lack of fathers and positive male role-models that have significantly contributed to the problems among many Black American men.

    (This following story is from a Black man) –

    Myth of the ghetto alpha male —

    “But even though they are doing their best to be supernigga, they still do things in a feminine way because feminine influences are most of what they know.

    “Most of their role models and involved family members are women, and the few men in their lives were likely raised by only women too.

    “And it shows in how they handle conflict: grudges are held forever, they never know how to let anything slide, they think primarily with emotion and are prone to outbursts, drama and confrontation and most importantly, they don’t know how to choose their battles.

    “True male behavior isn’t being a drama queen, being highly prone to emotional outbursts and holding onto grudges; true male behavior is picking your battles, knowing when to fight and when to let things slide, analyzing things calmly and logically and having discipline over your moods and emotions and exercising emotional restraint.

    “These are things that a true alpha male influence teaches you, and such influences have almost disappeared completely from the hood.”

  26. Uncle Milton

    To Robert Lindsay:

    If it were voluntary? Why not?

    I can think of multiple reasons.

    1) Lack of scientific support for dosing pregnant woman and infants with a pill to reduce testosterone: I can’t imagine hardly any obstetricians backing this let alone the politicized FDA. For FDA approval you would have to have a life long study involving thousands of children and monitoring them through adulthood.

    2) You are basically saying there are biological differences among Whites and Blacks and these differences lead to higher crime. Look at the reaction when James Watson, a man a Nobel prize uttered a few offhand phrases about Africans and academic performance.

    3) Even if you were to get past all of these hurdles, I suspect the most likely Blacks to take this pill would probably be the ones least likely to need it. IE people who are already assimilated and well read. It’s the bottom 1/4 of the Black population that Whites (and middle class Blacks) fear not the W.E.B. Dubois talented tenth.

    4) Since this pill would reduce testosterone I can already hear the words of some Black ministers (and no shortage of PC Whites..) railing against people trying to emasculate the Black man.

    In your article above you even contradict yourself:
    This makes it very difficult if not impossible to explain differing behavioral variables, including higher rates of crime and aggression, in Black males over the age of 33 on the basis of elevated testosterone levels.

  27. Pingback: More on the Biology of Crime « Robert Lindsay

  28. tulio

    I forgot to ask earlier, is there an IQ gap between white males and white females like there is between black males and black females?

    • Yes but it is 3-4 pts in favor of males. The 4 pt advantage of Black females over Black males makes absolutely no sense whatsoever genetically, IMO. There must be some other factor at work. At IQ over 140, I think there are something like 7-8 Black females for every Black male. That’s kind of strange. I don’t understand that at all.

  29. Neil Samuelson

    Blacks are extremely violent,thats a fact.. Testosterone when accompanied with low IQ,can cause extremely violent behavior..I don’t believe that high testosterone lowers IQ,I believe that most blacks have low IQs due to poor mental genetics..

    Blacks have much larger genitals when compared to whites,the reason is high testosterone levels during puberty cause the penis/clitoris to grow at a much faster rate..

    • tulio

      Blacks are extremely violent,thats a fact..

      The majority of blacks are not violent nor go around committing acts of violence. The black violence rate is substantially higher than the white rate, but your sloppy phraseology is incapable of conveying such crucial yet subtle distinctions in language. It’s tiresome.

      Testosterone when accompanied with low IQ,can cause extremely violent behavior

      There could very well be a statistical connection. Though once again, most people with both high testosterone and low IQ(regardless of race) are not committing acts of violence.

      Blacks have much larger genitals when compared to whites,the reason is high testosterone levels during puberty cause the penis/clitoris to grow at a much faster rate..”

      Penis size between blacks and whites does not differ much. That’s been debunked. I know black guys like to beat their chests about that, but studies of worldwide penis sizes confirm no such thing. The porn industry is largely responsible for perpetuating that stereotype by selecting black men with unusually large members.

    • Jen

      What study prove that Blacks have poor mental genetics? Is this type of racist comment allowed on this website?

    • Yes Jen, racist comments are allowed on the website. I don’t think that’s a racist comment though. We don’t like racist comments here, but we allow them due a free speech policy.

  30. alpha unit

    It was only a matter of time, I suppose. This whole question was bound to end up on the subject of genitals.

  31. Nathan

    “Hmm, well that person would have to explain Motown Records.”
    If that’s the crowning achievement of the American black, then they have got more problems than I imagined. What next – RTLM or BET as proud media achievements?

    You humans will have to get uses to the idiosyncracies of your various breeds. The creative but unintelligent black. The white with his exhausted ideas, made by and for the middle-aged. The Asian with his relentless industry and mindless conformity. Get used to it!

    • tulio

      If that’s the crowning achievement of the American black, then they have got more problems than I imagined.

      You seem to have issues with reading comprehension, or at least understanding a point within the context it was made. When I mentioned Motown, it was in response to you specifically claiming that blacks were incapable of profiting off their own musical talent. I mentioned Motown Records, a black owned label responsible for some of the best music America every produced as evidence to the contrary, then you come back with some nonsense mocking what I said as “the crowning achievement” of black people. A claim I never even made. Why don’t you learn to think before you respond. Got it?

      • Elston Gunn

        ^^ ditto
        Also Stax records I believe had a reputation for consistent artistic quality and equitability. Nathan, do you know anything about great jazz, funk, blues and how complex and difficult that shit is to master, to understand and to play? If you knew even a tiny bit about the achievements of George Russell, polyphony and collective improvisation, the harmonic vocabulary of bebop, the polyrhythmic aspect of African and Afro-caribbean music, and how that aspect can be transposed over four four swing a la Elvin Jones, you wouldn’t be making unintelligent and boring statements equating creativity with a lack of intelligence.

  32. elley

    I am surprised with the racist remarks, black and white men, both going back and forth in the race for a superiority complex. I must be the only woman on this cite. And how convenient it is to make a distinction between organized violence and untamed violence. White violence is organized because whites own most of the superstructure. I am sure that given the opportunity black men will be just as organized and violent and white men will be just as tamed and violent. It seems that testosterone is the only identifying factor as a male. Hum, well what about homosexual men, which spans across all races? Blacks in the US are more likely to be in poverty because of historical oppression. Poverty presents poor schools and other social inequalities. The fact that blacks in the US live better than people in the Ivory Coast or some other place around the world is not a fair comparison. If you are poor and everyone else around you is poor, you work together. If you are poor and everyone else is driving fancy cars, promoting competition(capitalism), and critiquing you as being unintelligent and incapable all of your life, I am sure you would develop some mental abnormalities which perpetuates the cycle.

    • You’re certainly welcome to comment here, Elley. Actually, my guest poster is a Black woman, but there are not many females in the comments threads. Blacks have committed quite a bit of organized violence, mostly in Africa. Zaire is presently a horrific example of that, as was Rwanda and Biafra. White men can certainly degenerate, this is clear, but they don’t do it that much anymore. The Gold Rush is a good example. Also, in the 1300’s, the homicide rate in England was 50X the US rate. I doubt our genes have changed all that much. So White genes are not necessarily nonviolent. I have a feeling though that White genes may be “civilizable” whereas other genes may have a hard time getting civilized.

    • RandyB

      The suggestion that white oppression (domestic discrimination or international colonialism) is the explanation for black underdevelopment is not adequate to explain some worldwide anomalies.

      The Human Development Index was created by the UN as a kind of universal measure of the human condition across cultures:

      Every sub-Sahara African nation is poorly developed with the minor exception of Gabon, which is sparsely-populated and mineral rich. Haiti has been black-ruled for 200 years and has the added advantage of being a Caribbean weather paradise, and is still the only African-like underdeveloped country in the Western Hemisphere. Ethiopia and Liberia have been almost continuously black-ruled through their history and are close to the least developed nations on earth.

    • alpha unit

      The environment that Whites evolved in could explain some of the differences between Whites and Blacks, with regards to who is more “civilizable.”

      I don’t know if White genes are innately more civilizable, but environment could have played an important role in how Whites learned to approach certain problems.

  33. Hi

    If possible could you post your sources? I’d like to read them for myself.

    • All of the links should be right there in the article itself. Just click on em.

    • Caares

      All I hear from this Robert fella is speculation and his two cents, not facts.

      His opinions are perfect example of passive white liberal racism.

      And, please answer the question, Robert. Would you take a pill to lower your testosterone in an Asian society?

      And, what about those violent Russians? Or, the middle eastern Arabs you’ve classified as white?

      Let me guess, there is a difference btwn organized and disorganized violence? So, how about suicide bombers? Is that organized, since it’s planned?

      Remember, according to you, these people are white.

      • barefootboy

        Remember that Asians have a heavy diet of soy, bean-curd/tofu, etc.
        This actually aromatizes testosterone into estrogen. So lowered ‘free’ testosterone in Asians may be environmental, not genetic.

        Monks are said to eat soy to lower their libido, menopausal women take soy isoflavones to boost estrogen to decrease hot flashes.

        If you are going to quote endocrinology in order to substantiate ethnic behavior, it would be important to understand the entire hormone cascade, which is quite complex, rather than abusing science in order to substantiate fears of black people.

  34. Hmm, yes I do agree that the africans are the most testosteroned people on the planet. As somebody who has had plenty of the stuff at puberty, I know what it’s like. It’s a good thing, but it does have a downside.

    However, the idea of medicating people to alter their nature before they can be born to consent or not, or the potential side effects of such intervention, I can’t say I approve. That’s way over the mark. Disgusting.

    I have to say, I kinda dig the testosterone vibe, I reckon black people are great. I have to say, they’ve got their flavour which can be a bit pushy/edgy in places, but there’s loads of good stuff that comes with that. I’d suggest that the idea of emasculating all men to reduce violence is the ultimate extreme of what’s being suggested, and I think that’s absolutely farcical.

    Also, when you might consider USA’s culture, and its european cultural “standard” and some idea of enforcing that norm, I would remind you that nobody has traditional rights to any cultural standard over any other in the USA apart from the native americans, who have been utterly marginalised & abused.

    Get cosmopolitan, get everybody in the same boat. Mix it up.

    Sure, be aware of the objective realities, knowing that when you’re dealing with a pubescent gang of black guys that you’d better not be overly aggressive to them, ‘cos they’ll flip on you. I’d say that anybody who lives in a cosmopolitan city knows about that without needing stats to back it up. I have to say, in terms of aggro, caucasians are easily up there in a similar league though, but the africans are the champs of testosterone for sure.


    I’d also say that how you think, your language & education, the structure of your society, what you eat, etc etc etc. If those things are got right for all people, then whatever differences people find on an individual or subgroup level are simply for the appreciation of the peoples as a whole and their diversity of character. Which is a good thing.

  35. Tom

    What was it during Evaluation that caused white peoples testosterone levels to be lowed?

    • Caares

      Colder climate helps. Devlopming an agricultural society as opposed to a hunting one.

      Not having to hunt their food or defend against hostile enemies, after they started establishing societies.

  36. Caares

    “How much truly great artistic or creative works has Africa or African Blacks in the Americas given the world? Not very much at all.”

    Reggae–perhaps you’ve heard of Bob Marley. Reggae can be heard in the music of The Police, The Clash, Boy George, Blondie, etc.

    Salsa, Merengue, Tango, Sambo, Calypso and every other music/dance form in Latin America IS African.

    • Tom

      “Colder climate helps. Developing an agricultural society as opposed to a hunting one.

      Not having to hunt their food or defend against hostile enemies, after they started establishing societies.”

      Black cultures have agriculture. You see women doing it all the time in Africa. Men in White cultures hunt. White people years ago had wars all the time. I don’t see what weather has to do with testosterone.

      So what lowered the white mans Testosterone?

      The only thing I can figure is that years and years ago when we had wars we sent the strongest men to fight. (higher testosterone)
      The weaker smarter ones (lower testosterone) stayed behind to run things and take the strong man widows.

    • Nothing lowered the testosterone of Whites. Theirs is just at a regular level. Blacks (Negros) have excessively high testosterone. This developed about 12,000 years ago in the context of the development of primitive agriculture in Africa. In general, hunter-gatherers have lower testosterone than than primitive agriculturalists. Papuans also have high testosterone.

      In primitive agriculture, women do not need men any more, so they are choosy. Men respond to this by competing aggressively for women. In primitive agricultural societies, you have Big Man rule, where one guy or a few guys gets most all the chicks, and a lot of the other guys don’t get crap.

      It’s a harem society. In Africa, the biggest, strongest Black man in an agricultural society got most of the women. His super badass genes get passed on, and this is the genesis of high testosterone in Blacks. In hunter-gatherer societies, women need men so they marry right away, real young. Little or no male competition for women, hence nothing driving higher testosterone.

      High testosterone is only found in Negroes. Khoisan and Pygmies, totally different races, have testosterone levels that are quite low.

      • barefootboy

        So then explain the biology of why the Jews are all banksters running the world via the Rothschilds & Wall Street, and manipulating public opinion via Hollywood? That proclivity to control all the money must be genetic as well, by your logic, no?

        Here’s a secret: You can dramatically raise your own testosterone, decrease your aromatized estrogen with T-Gel & Fempro. Try this, and see if you attract a harem & terrify white people. I suspect that given your particular demeanor displayed here, you’d not even be a proper biker, let alone a properly juiced Arnold-type.

        Perhaps you might accept that you, like many black & Latino men, are simply not macho, and that this might have its assets. You needn’t be intimidated by dominant males of any ethnicity.

        I suspect you’ll find that all your suspicion, quasi-science & fear of a black planet is based in fantasy & latent tribalistic fear.

        You too could have been a Mac-Daddy if you were socialized to be one !

    • Michael Porter

      “How much truly great artistic or creative works has Africa or African Blacks in the Americas given the world? Not very much at all.”

      I don’t know who made this much-quoted statement, but they had obviously never seen the Benin bronzes. Truly great, truly creative, truly black. And they must never have heard the work of Duke Ellington either. Ellington’s suite “Such Sweet Thunder” without a doubt rivals the best Shakespearean pieces of Berlioz, Mendelssohn and all the rest, and yet he is only one of countless black musical geniuses. I could go on ad nauseam about Howling Wolf and Bob Marley and Stevie Wonder, about William Grant Still and Le Chevalier de Saint-Georges, about African influence on Modigliani and Picasso, about Great Zimbabwe and the Pyramids of Nubia, about Pharaoh Taharqa and George Augustus Polgreen Bridgetower (Beethoven’s black violinist) and Mary Seacole (the heroine of the Crimea), about moral titans like Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela… (pheww!). But I think I’ve made my point. And I’m just a sad-assed white guy. It’s not my heritage.

    • tulio

      And that’s without even getting into all the beautiful Brazilian music influenced by samba and jazz.

  37. Tom

    “It’s a harem society. In Africa, the biggest, strongest Black man in an agricultural society got most of the women. His super badass genes get passed on, and this is the genesis of high testosterone in Blacks”

    Women are attracted to the males that they feel will make the best provider for their kids. Thus they are attracted to the size of a mans wallet not their testosterone producing confidence and manliness.

  38. The high testosterone levels probably contribute to the phenomenon of black males having gay lovers on the side. It’s something that I’ve noticed quite a bit of, not firsthand, but yeah…I think there’s a lot of that going on. On the DL.

  39. Ja

    Michael Porter,

    I have found African art grotesque and ugly and not that good. Except Ethiopia and the region around nothing about African culture and the modern culture which has it’s origins in blacks of the Americas sound very creative or civilised to me. There is far more creativity in a single Cathedral in England than in all of Sub-Saharan Africa combined. If at all Europe faced competition in creativity, it is from Asia and up to some extent the Americas. Not that cultural dryland of Africa (unless you have the Berbers and Ethiopians in mind).

  40. Jim

    Fuck niggers being racist against whites on this site. Fuck you niggers go back to africa and eat gorilla shit.

  41. Ok Black man, you’re banned. BTW, learn to spell and write a proper sentence. If you ever get a free minute or two free when you’re not measuring your dick, pick up a dictionary or a grammar book. Assuming you can read. Bye.

  42. Ann

    White men have normal levels? BS.

    If blacks are more prone to violence, crime rate should be much higher. There are more blacks today in America than every before, but the crime rate has been cut in half. We are as safe as it was in the late 60s and early 70s.

    • Freud

      You have the worst grasp of statistics of anyone I’ve encountered on the web.
      All you do is embarrass yourself with your silly pronouncements.

    • Uncle Milton

      To Ann:

      There are more blacks today in America than every before, but the crime rate has been cut in half. We are as safe as it was in the late 60s and early 70s…

      Safer actually.. but that’s likely because of dramatically higher incarceration rate. (5 times higher than .. 1980, which has affected all racial groups but especially Blacks…) The root of your fallacy is that you only looked at one variable.

  43. dsc

    Interesting discussion. A lot of bull, but still interesting.

  44. Uncle Milton

    To Rob:

    Bad idea. Then Whites would just act more violent than they are….

    I am actually undergoing hormone (Testosterone..) replacement therapy… well known for women who hit menopause (Estrogen..) but less well known (and utilized) for men. My testosterone levels are about that of a 25 year White male. Before the treatment they were that of a 70 year old male.
    Although I fell slightly more aggressive..(I would say more confident in reality..also more alert… heal faster.. and have lost body fat) I am not hitting on every hot woman I see or starting fights in bars.

    Of course there are examples of “droid” rage where weight lifters go haywire by injecting themselves with Androgens… but their serum levels (when they receive or give themselves injections it causes marked peaks and valleys in the serum levels….I have a very slow release implant so I don’t have these ill effects) tend to be much higher (2x to 5x) times the normal male. There may be some men who have markedly however testosterone levels who are more prone to crime… (I suppose the way to analyze that would be to measure prisoners when they are fist incarcerated..) but I tend to think with socially adjusted adults somewhat higher than normal testosterone levels are not that conducive to higher crime. However, I suspect higher levels of testosterone, could may affect children and/or fetuses (and brain development..).

  45. Contradiction

    I want to first address the pill. I would not take something to change my God given biological makeup. True enough, I ingest food with chemicals on a daily basis but changing my testosterone level definetley sounds like adverse affects may occur as common with most drugs. Why should I have to change? And who would be willing to test a pill that has such a dramatic effect on the body? And how can you define intelligent in terms of IQ and testosterone? Yes the majority of whites are smarter in schools. They started the technology and industrial revolution. But can these same people intelligently survive in a jungle? Will their IQ’s and low testosterone levels account for anything when faced with life or death situations stranded along a river? Im not saying the average African American could. My point is simply be careful how you use the word intelligent. I couldnt intelligently describe the wilderness to you. But certain tribes in africa have made hundreds of medicines proven to aid illnesses. How they make them I have no clue. They have lived years in these hostile environments thanks to their unique ways of thinking and their unusually high testosterone levels. Why would you change something so God given and perfect?

    So why do blacks in America need this testerone? Can you hear the cries of a mute baby? Like a desperate cry is to a neglected child, you recieve violence, crime, anger from a neglected, poor people. Child is to People. A much larger scale. Testosterone is the fuel they kept civil rights leaders to keep pressing for better living in the face of danger and death. Testosterone for the others is fuel to create trouble because they cant do anything else. Their school isnt financially able to provide them with an education adequate enough for college. They have no local recreational centers to occupy their time and blow off steam. What is a boy to do? Get a job! A repetitive, meaningless job flipping patties. How fulfilling. They act not, because they have not. Black males do not act as we do because they dont have the blessings we have.

    I agree with you totally that “gangster rap” music is crap. To say it is the major problem of aggressive black males, however, I disagree. It is the fuel, but more like crude unrefined oil is to a car. The factor and I hate to be cliche is MONEY. Picture blacks having control over America. Having financial oppurtunity and status as whites do today. Do you think they would still be the same violent individuals you fear even with the high testosterone levels? I do not agree money brings happiness but it sure does make life alot easier. Rap is all about money. Blacks dream about it because they never had it and whites say it is the best thing ever. Even Mr. Lindsey agrees whites lust over it, “Plus Whites here in the US are *really* into money …” Here is another cliche. Spread the wealth!!! I dont mean give every black person you see 20 bucks and call it a day. Im saying put money into these inner city ghettos. Fund these “hood” schools properly. Seperate-but-equal was outlawed years ago on paper but it is still prevelant. Why is it that a dominantly black school hasnt recieved renovations since the 80’s but a dominantly white school gets 500,000 dollar turf football fields and new textbooks every year? I would call that mixed-but-at-a-cost.

    On a lighter note, we all have to work together. We have to stop ignoring the obvious issues. We have poverty in America. Thats freakin ridiculous!!! If you told a foreigner that, they would look at you as if you were telling a bad joke and they should. With as many wealthy people we have in America, the poverty level should in the negatives. Blacks need their brothers in faith to help them make a stand. In God we all trust, but we all dont recieve as others. Will the rich give back to the poor? Will they have the faith that if they give back everything will be better?

    In closing I believe the world is filled with contradicitons. I myself am a contradiction. Born to teen aged unwed parents in a country town in Mississippi, you automatically know there wasnt much hope for me. Being black, I was to continue the cycle set before me. But now that im 19 and in the prime of my high testosterone levels, I notice I have never gotten into a fight. I hate to argue. My sex drive is rampant but Im a virgin. I attend a university. Over the years i have lived in ghettos but now i reside in a dominantly white urban city of lawyers and doctors. None of my black male friends have ever commited any serious crimes to harm others but they have committed crimes of smoking with their white friends. We all get along quite well. I believe this goes to show in this case NURTURE over NATURE. Naturally testosterone filled black males will behave in a manner similar to that of white males if only given the same chance.

    I hope and pray Mr. Lindsey my views will not be deleted from this blog for I believe it is imperative that this contradiction be known to the world and to believers. Thank You

  46. Ms. Melby

    Mr. Lindsay-

    With all due respect, for a man who is not “racist” you certainly sound that way. I find it interesting that white men (primarily) are always studying the african culture or the history of the “black race” as a clue to finding out what’s what’s wrong with the black man today. Your european ansestors are to blame.

    When the europeans “found” the African and Caribbean inhabitants in their native lands, they did not find all men and women running around in loin clothes with bones in thier noses, but well established and thriving nations of people versed in mathamatics, the arts, medicine, and written languages. As they did when they raped the land of its resourses and people in North America, the europeans lied to everyone–promising them a better life if they would “trade” with them but instead they made them sick with disease, drunk with alcohol and used brute force to take what and whom they wanted.

    White men have always wanted women of color and for you not to address this in your post is misleading. Every culture the europeans pillage comes with the raping of its women and beating and emasculation of its men. Yet you need to study why blacks are violent? You would display a voilent nature too if you had no idea of your past, as so many blacks do not. The slave masters made sure of that! Why? Fear. Fear because they realized that to loose control of the people they “F’ed Over” would cost them their lives. The black men were seperated from their familes and one another because the slavemaster knew how strong they were, they had seen their skill in building things, hunting and fishing, rasing children and defending their families.

    White people talk a good game but consider this:

    Black people are the minority in the US so how did rap music become so popular? Because white people love it! Half the time they have no idea what they are listening to but look at the mega stars they have creatd.

    Black women have huge lips and huge butts! But whose going to the doctor now to try and get them? Long live Botox.

    Why do white people lay out in the sun all day? Aren’t they happy looking like Ghosts? Do they really think turning thier skin orange is a good thing? Yet thy will risk contracting skin cancer for a bronzed look like the mulattos thier great grandaddys fathered and the north african women their great-great grandaddys raped again, and again and again.

    The white man will make fun of the black man and his large penis but look at what lengths they will go to to get one. Extenze, the white man applauds you because he’s learned from his women that one they have it–they know–size does matter!

    You are aware, I am sure, educated man that you are, that most black crime is not committed against white people. But as usual, to cover for you own crimes, you blame it on the black man because it feeds on the fear of him. Willie Lynch taught you well. You also know that most black men do not get the same justice afforded to white men for any crime and this is why so many of them are in prison.

    Africans are behind the europeans in art and language? Egyptians, sorry to burst your bubbles are north african–not lilly white like in the movies. Their language, skill and knowledge, even by european standards is to be awed. They were writing, building and healing when the white man was drawing deer on the cave wall.

    You only want to give black men a pill because as you have admitted you are afraid of them. As usual, the white man want to give the black man drugs to control him. If he’s so stupid, what are you afraid of?

    Lastly, please continue to underestimate the black woman–we thrive on it.

    My IQ–oh, i was educated at the same private school as are children of past, present and future presidents. My degree is from a small affluent college in Lewisburg PA, I’m sure you know who the Bison are–it’s probably only an 8.

    • Indian guy

      Ms Melby

      your arguement contains many fallacies

      “Your european ansestors are to blame.”

      Blacks are not the only race subjegated by caucasians, Indians, Chinese are two examples. In each country they have entered have excelled and are both thriving domestically and internationally no African country despite gaining independence at roughly the same time can claim as many professionals as these with the possible exception of Nigeria. Whilst all three ethnic groups began in the same ghettos 30 years later hard work and not blaming your history has allowed two groups to excel.

      Rap music is fantastic, thank you for giving it to the world, unfortunately it DOES incite violence in many cases. Also it is a cultural phase in years to come rap will infuse with another genre and evolve into something else in which case rap will not be black anymore. Have you read nudge? Do you honestly think rap isn’t in some way only as popular as it is because of the hype? If country and western was always on MTV maybe leanne rhymes would be as rich as 50 cent.

      Huge lips and butts well that’s personal preference, for me no thanks, again though for the vast vast working class masses it is what the media exposes the population to, blame jlo, you never know in a few years the Japanese archetype of skinny might come in.

      The egyptions were not just black and White they had every shade of brown you can imagine. Don’t believe it? Check out the pictures in the pyramids.

      The pill thing might just be a good idea, ethically if it can reduce crime and prostate cancer then what is the harm? sure we won’t have as good athletes, but for every usain bolt there are quite a number of bad African carribean people.

  47. Ms. Melby

    One more thing sir-

    White crime is not an issue? Have you looked at the stats on pedophilia? Who are primary the victims and who are the primary perpetrators?

    Can’t blame the black man for this one. Seems to me you should find a “pill” to cure your own before you decide you need to cure ours.

    • Miss Marple

      Sorry Ms. Melby talking of pedophilia, you should try the stats in South Africa where its a cure to Aids to rape even a 9 month old infant, and happens all the time. Or the FACT that a woman in Africa has more chance of being raped (mosty by black men) than she has of learning to read. Check the stats out there and see if you can find any white input (if at all) of significance there. It’s all black. Black on black, black on white, black on anything. By far blacks have to lead the stats as far as a nation that is most harmful to itself. I am just curious why black people who live in the ghettos don’t take the drug money and upgrade their schools? Make a better place for themselves? Or are they waiting for the white man to come and do it for them while they produce rap music referring to their woman as bitches and hoes, with their pants hanging off their asses, and this is the example they are setting for their youth to step into? There are very poor white communities that make 110% effort towards improving their children’s education. They try to keep their parks clean and their suburbs a safe environment for their children. First and foremost I think the black community would be the biggest winner in the trend of lowering testosterone (as we don’t hunt anymore) and keeping up with the times where IQ and the ability to resolve problems without violence counts.

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  49. popopopo

    You should know that according to scientific research, Latin white people(mediterian) have the highest testosterone level in the world and african comes second after latin white people in testosterone level. You should know that latin white people are too white, but white people in the US are mostly anglo type, so they may have lower testosterone than african people.

  50. doma

    Funny Article. Testosterone reduces IQ? What the heck is IQ anyway. Its a white created oddity if you ask me. Whites like to talk about it like it matters. Advancements in technology is a cultural thing not IQ.

    Is the low testosterone in whites and Asians related to the albinism in them. As we all know by now all Europeans are inbred albinos.


  51. doma

    whites are albinos.

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  53. africanblackmilitant


    Was George W. Bush stupid ? The strict answer is no. Bush’s IQ score is estimated to be above 120, which suggests an intelligence in the top 10 per cent of the population. Even though as a thinker and decision-maker he was seen as not all there but according to your fanaticism with IQ he’s in the top 10%. A high IQ is like height in a basketball player, it’s very important, all other things being equal. But all other things aren’t equal. There’s a lot more to being a good basketball player than being tall, and there’s a lot more to being a good thinker than having a high IQ. The human mind is like a searchlight. IQ measures the brightness of the searchlight, but where you point it also matters

    The problem with IQ tests is not that they fail to measure intelligence, but that the current IQ tests only measure two types of intelligence-linguistic and mathematical-while there are many other types of intelligence. The two standard ones (Mathematical and linguistic), and seven others: naturalistic, musical, physical, intra-personal, interpersonal, spatial, and existential. IQ tests for the latter seven types of intelligence do not exist. Hence, there are seven types of intelligence that are excluded from the domain of intelligence. No one can master or be superior in all nine domains; most people are good in one or two, at best. Since our schools recognize only two types of intelligence, that means that our schools neglect and ignore students with seven types of intelligence.

    Furthermore, since intelligence is circular the more knowledgeable you are in one subject the closer you are to being an idiot in others (the idiot savant). You equate having a higher IQ with just being smarter, all together–not necessarily the case. IQ defiantly has nothing to do with knowing how to survive in the world, especially depending on where you are in the world. If you were to give a simple IQ test to some tribesman in the African rainforest, would they score high ? Highly doubtful. Are they dumb ? Highly doubtful. Yet many of these tribes have very intelligent people. They have people in their tribe in Kenya building a bridge over a deep canyon river. The bridge was about 50 feet across, they had no tools, and had to make their own rope to tie it all together. In the end the bridge was fantastic and supported up to 10 grown men in the middle of it. Remember, they had no tools at all to do this.

    IQs have historically been used to devalue large groups of people. So whites say “I’m white and your black, that means generally speaking I will most likely be smarter than you”

    How much more of a leg up do white people want ? You that insecure ? That you don’t feel you can compete with me at the same start line ?

    What IQ fanatics are saying smart people matter, and everyone else is expendable. Now if you convince everyone that the smart people are white and the expendables are black ? Then whats the result ? Whites can just sit back as they feel they have scientific evidence for racism, as black people are not as good as them.

    See – How it works ?

    As far as disparities in White/Black achievement, one thing most studies have taken into account are stereotype threat and culture-free tests. Stereotype threat is when an individual experiences anxiety in a testing situation because he believes that his performance will be judged as a member of a larger group. So, a Black student taking a math test might think “If I do badly, this will confirm the opinion that Blacks are bad at math” or if your in a running race next to black men you may think “Oooh these blacks are just naturally faster…arent they ? Whites aren’t good runners. I have no chance” Environmental factors, including environmental toxins. Black people have higher exposure to toxins like lead that not only impact brain structure/function but also ability to learn in schools (hyperactivity etc).

    I think mankind spread over the earth far too quickly for there to be the kind of inborn differences in intelligence that whites like you imagine. But you will most likely argue that humans were bred for intelligence by the hard and cruel conditions of the far north, in places like Britain, Germany, Japan, Korea, etc. This is a rather strange idea since so few whites have settled in the supposedly easy and kind conditions of the tropics even though they once ruled those places. The modern IQ test illuminates only part of the man, yet it attempts to place the entire being somewhere within a hierarchy, as either superior or inferior to others, all of whom were equally improperly assessed. Considering man’s intricate depths and complex dynamics, the IQ test merely scrapes the crust, yet claims it reached the core

    Tell me where on this totem pole of the so called brilliance of white supremacy do you think you stand ? All these rich white people you bleat on about don’t give a dam about you. How can you be at the bottom of your own race but feel you have something in common with the white people at the top ? You don’t have the power to be a white supremacist.

    The ones who have the power are the whites who own international companies, so they have the most wealth and trade, owns huge armies, so they can go over to all black brown countries and kill darkies, those are the whites who have power and you are not a part of that. You don’t have the power to move and create nations.

    • IQ tests are an excellent measure of intelligence, period. IQ has a good correlation with brain size and the speed and efficiency at which one’s brain works, as measured by glucose use. Let us take a group of Blacks. A few Blacks in that group will have IQ’s of over 130. I assure you that those Blacks will seem markedly more intelligent that the Blacks with IQ’s of around 85-90. So IQ predicts intelligence even within Black culture.

      IQ certainly measures the type of intelligence necessary to succeed in modern industrial societies. I am quite convinced that a lot of the problems in our modern industrial world are due to the fact that their IQ’s are lower. I’m still agnostic about whether these differences are genetic or environmental.

      You bring up a lot of factual notions about the implications of IQ test score results on Blacks: in short, these results do not look good for Blacks, do not contribute to their liberation or freedom from whatever oppression they suffer, and certainly confirm and strenghten the worst and most reactionary elements of White society.

      If you read this blog further, I am trying to come up with a liberal and pro-Black response to the realities of IQ. One notion that I am toying with is that if White have more stuff and better lives and Blacks less stuff and worse lives merely due to IQ, then this is an injustice. Whites have neared earned their stuff and Blacks do not deserve to be punished for shortcomings no fault of their own.

      If you want to explore this notion, you are welcome to join the board. But if you want to go on about the irrelevancy of IQ tests, the discussion will go nowhere, but we don’t agree with you here.

  54. africanblackmilitant

    Originally Posted By Robert Lindsay

    IQ tests are an excellent measure of intelligence, period.

    In your opinion amd the fact white people have managed to foist itself on the rest as an expert on what is and isn’t intelligence.

    Originally Posted By Robert Lindsay

    IQ has a good correlation with brain size and the speed and efficiency at which one’s brain works.

    A robot can have an high IQ. I’m sure it would be possible to program a robot to ace an IQ test. Indeed a robot or a computer can solve incredibly complex mathematical problems, solve verbal, logical tests, beat grand masters in chess. So robots are more intelligence than humans ? So let’s live in a world ruled by machines just like the terminator movies ? No robot can accomplish even that which bees accomplish everyday: pollinating plants that bring forth fruit, nuts and berries, and thereby keep the chain of life trotting along.

    Originally Posted By Robert Lindsay

    A few Blacks in that group will have IQ’s of over 130. I assure you that those Blacks will seem markedly more intelligent that the Blacks with IQ’s of around 85-90. So IQ predicts intelligence even within Black culture. IQ certainly measures the type of intelligence necessary to succeed in modern industrial societies.

    Again you equate high IQ with intelligence plus even if I was going to go down that road then again you are shooting yourself in the foot here because it was black people who were the first build modern industrial societies, first to study the sciences, first to learn to mine, to extract ores from rock, first to have hospitals, governments, build modern cities, build libraries. I could spend several thousand words referring you to the evidence on this subject, compiled by African and European scholars alike, but if you are truly interested in this material you would be better served to seek out the information yourself.
    Secondly it’s blood, sweat and tears that create civilizations not high IQs

    Originally Posted By Robert Lindsay

    You bring up a lot of factual notions about the implications of IQ test score results on Blacks: in short, these results do not look good for Blacks.

    Of course they don’t, that’s why they are published !! If whites can justify that black people are just not as good or as smart as whites then that justfies racism, by the way, this is not new. It used to be argued that black people were three/fifths of man. Whites will make up any evidence to suit there own needs.

    The first thing I look at in the IQ debate is : Who is starting this ? Whether it’s Hernestein & Murray or Margaret Sanger all have a EUGENICS AGENDA. For instance in Herrnstein and Murrays book “The Bell Curve” Nearly all the research that Murray and Herrnstein relied on for their central claims about race and IQ was funded by the Pioneer Fund which is neo-Nazi organization closely integrated with the far right in American politics. The fund’s mission is to promote EUGENICS, a philosophy that maintains that “genetically unfit” individuals or races are a threat to society. The Pioneer Fund was set up in 1937 by Wickliffe Draper, a millionaire who advocated sending blacks back to Africa.


    So I REPEAT.

    Asking these IQ fundamentalists who produce these IQ differences between the races is a bit like asking Ronald McDonalds opinion on vegetarians

    The funny thing is that eugenics also threatens specific sectors of the white community as well, Irish for one. The eugenics agenda hates “poor white people” as well. These people who promote this are only concerned venerating their own family and closest associates as superior to any other racial group. Plus I can guarantee you that the *supposed* people with high IQ’s aren’t adhering to the lies that they spread in public about IQ. All the Asians and rich White parents have their kids being tutored and going to classes on the weekends. They aren’t relying on genetic predetermination to ensure their children’s academic success.

    Plus what is intelligence ? Possibly the dumbest thing all these so called smart high IQ white people ever did was create nukes and other advanced weaponry designed to kill large numbers of people. The 2nd dumbest thing they have done is allow massive pollution of the environment. In your world we should praise dow for giving the world Napalm, and view them as more worthy of historical praise than the Vietnamese civilians who merely survived the trenches burned into their backs. We should spend more time in class ruminating on the technological aptitude of the folks who create torture devices — think shock batons or genital clamps hooked up to car batteries — than we should to the victims of their torture. So instead of viewing the creation of these things as evidence of a fundamentally pathological and destructive tendency among the whites who brought it forth, we are expected to praise the white male high IQ genius behind it.

    There is a difference between intelligence and judgment even a farmer with an IQ of 80 knows you don’t piss in your own well. This is why common sense trumps a high verbal, logical and math IQ every time. Finally if IQ is just so important why do you not drive your argument to their logical conclusions : If IQ is so important and so trustworthy, then why not aristocracy ? Why not give all the top positions to those with the highest IQ ? Why have elections ? Why have job interviews or resumes ? Why not have birth licences or sterilization based on IQ ? Your knowledge is limited only to what the people who your respect have told you. Find you own understanding outside the books, or even other people. So if you call me radical, well that’s the ultimate compliment, cause that means I’m blazing my own path, long as I keep moving, its all good.

    • Standard array of anti-IQ arguments here, ladled with, appallingly, some anti-intelligence arguments which you should be ashamed to have written.

      I don’t agree with any of these various arguments of yours, and I’m familiar with all of them.

      No one is promoting mandatory eugenics in the US or anywhere on Earth ATM, so it’s a silly mental indulgence. Let’s cross that bridge when we come to it.

      it was black people who were the first build modern industrial societies, first to study the sciences, first to learn to mine, to extract ores from rock, first to have hospitals, governments, build modern cities, build libraries.

      I would be overjoyed if Blacks were the first to do any or all of these things, but sadly, it’s just not true.

      Secondly it’s blood, sweat and tears that create civilizations not high IQs

      Sadly not true.

      All the Asians and rich White parents have their kids being tutored and going to classes on the weekends. They aren’t relying on genetic predetermination to ensure their children’s academic success.

      Indeed biological intelligence must be built on. You won’t get through med school without cracking a book. And you won’t make it with a 100 IQ either, sorry.

      This is why common sense trumps a high verbal, logical and math IQ every time.

      The old “we have common sense, brainiacs do not” argument trotted out by inferior minds when presented with their intellectual humiliation by a superior mind. Yet it’s not so. Common sense is highly correlated with IQ. The higher your IQ, the better decisions you make, the fewer accidents you have, the better your health decisions, the fewer diseases you get, the less time you spend in jail, in short, the fewer stupid things you do. As IQ descends, people do more and more stupid shit, all through life. Sad but true.

      Finally if IQ is just so important why do you not drive your argument to their logical conclusions : If IQ is so important and so trustworthy, then why not aristocracy ? Why not give all the top positions to those with the highest IQ ? Why have elections ? Why have job interviews or resumes ? Why not have birth licenses or sterilization based on IQ ?

      Indeed such troubling questions do logically ensue from the IQ facts. Thx for bringing them up. I don’t have answers to these painful questions. I guess the best answer is to say that IQ is not everything.

  55. africanblackmilitant

    Originally Posted By Robert Lindsay

    Standard array of anti-IQ arguments here, ladled with, appallingly, some anti-intelligence arguments which you should be ashamed to have written. I don’t agree with any of these various arguments of yours, and I’m familiar with all of them

    If you are going to disagree with me, then you need to learn to do it well. Name-calling is irrelevant all that matters is whether what I said was true

    Originally Posted By Robert Lindsay

    I would be overjoyed if Blacks were the first to do any or all of these things, but sadly, it’s just not true.

    Most of Western European scientific discoveries were copies of the original discoveries of Africans and Chinese. These discoveries and inventions were and are merely improvements on ancient discoveries made by Africans Blacks. Therefore, even if people of European origins have made improvements in ancient technologies and ancient inventions, such as rocketry, computer technology, aerodynamics and others, the basic mathematical formulas and ancient prototypes were invented by Africans and Chinese.

    Serious white historians know these facts very well they also know that to tell the truth would reveal the dominate position of the blackman in the bronze-age. SERIOUS white historians know they were barbarians when the foundation of world civilization was built by black men. Few western historians will tell the full story of man’s racial history to do so would challenge the Aryan model of history so deeply ingrained in western culture. One fact I will emphasize again and again is that SERIOUS White historians are not ignorant of the truth about black history and in many cases they confirm it themselves.

    White people’s claim to superiority is only based on recent developments. If it was because white people are born with more brains, then white people would have been on top throughout human history – instead of just a fifth of it. Anglo power – British and American – is fresh in our minds, but it is merely the latest chapter in the book of history. And that is the historical context that whites like you forget.

    Originally Posted By Robert Lindsay

    Indeed biological intelligence must be built on. You won’t get through med school without cracking a book. And you won’t make it with a 100 IQ either, sorry.

    But your logic says that Asians are smart then surely there genetic predetermination will ensure their success

    Originally Posted By Robert Lindsay

    The old “we have common sense, brainiacs do not” argument trotted out by inferior minds when presented with their intellectual humiliation by a superior mind. Yet it’s not so. Common sense is highly correlated with IQ. The higher your IQ, the better decisions you make, the fewer accidents you have, the better your health decisions, the fewer diseases you get, the less time you spend in jail, in short, the fewer stupid things you do.

    Well if that’s the case then I refer you back to what I said previously. Even a farmer knows you don’t piss in your own well.

    Originally Posted By Robert Lindsay

    As IQ descends, people do more and more stupid shit, all through life. Sad but true.

    Stupid shit ? Well let’s see it isn’t the black people who start wars, incinerate cities, or pollute the environment with toxic waste, weapons of mass destruction, or impose deadly sanctions on countries they don’t like. It also isn’t black people creating computer viruses that have caused over $65 billion in damages worldwide. It is those with white people with power, you know all those white male high IQ genius you love so much . You name the problem, the war, the hunger, the disease and I’ll bet you as much money as you want I can put a white face on it faster than you can name the members of the spice girls.

    Want even more stupid shit ? How about stress ? See you’d think that dealing with poverty, racism, crumbling schools and dilapidated housing as is common for black people would be pretty stressful. Yet, all data indicates it is whites and those with money who are more likely to do what you call *stupid shit* like drink alcohol, use drugs, or smoke cigarettes. So what’s going on here ? It must be the relative inability whites to deal with their stress that is to blame. Perhaps it is the lack of coping skills which gets whites into trouble.
    Whereas those who face oppressive conditions must, as a matter of survival, learn to deal with these conditions from an early age. Not to romanticize suffering or oppression, of course, but what studies have shown the folks you have been taught to fear and loathe often have more self control than those in your own families. None of this is to say that I shall cry tears for the racially-privileged but as the old saying goes, the fish tends to rot from the head down.

    But of course yours is just a standard blame-shifting argument is where you accuse whites of doing something and they immediately shift the blame on to someone else. Children do it: “Tommy did it too!” Wife beaters do it: “You made me do it.” And so on. The argument is moved from what whites do to what other people do, mainly blacks. At one level it is just a cheap attempt to change the subject, to draw attention away from what whites do. But at a deeper level it is also a moral argument – directed not at me, but at YOURSELF.

    See – whites know they live in an unequal society where whites benefit and blacks get screwed. Since you want to believe you are a good person you either fight against that inequality – or make up excuses. Making up excuses is way easier.
    So if you can blame blacks for their troubles, then you have no reason to feel guilty at all. And then you can still see yourself as a good person. Case closed.

    Otherwise, if that does not work, whites try to make blacks seem just as bad if not worse. It becomes the everyone-does-it argument. Whites, then, turn out not to be so bad after all – and again there is little reason to change.

    The following are everyone-does-it arguments, which do not so much shift the blame as spread it to others, which is almost as good:

    1.It has always been done this way.
    2.Blacks have it better in America than in Africa.
    3.All human societies are racist.
    4.The Arabs traded slaves too.

    These are moral arguments but they are at the level of everyone-beats-his-wife or I-only-beat-my-wife-on-Tuesdays-and-Thursdays. As if that makes it all right.

    So in the end we know all about what is wrong with blacks, because that makes white people feel better about themselves, but very little is said about what is wrong with white people and the white racism built into society.

    Originally Posted By AfricanBlackMilitant

    Finally if IQ is just so important why do you not drive your argument to their logical conclusions : If IQ is so important and so trustworthy, then why not aristocracy ? Why not give all the top positions to those with the highest IQ ? Why have elections ? Why have job interviews or resumes ? Why not have birth licenses or sterilization based on IQ ?

    Originally Posted By Robert Lindsay

    Indeed such troubling questions do logically ensue from the IQ facts. Thx for bringing them up. I don’t have answers to these painful questions. I guess the best answer is to say that IQ is not everything

    You’re the person who thinks that white skin gives white people superior intellect. You’d think that all that white male high IQ genius that you claim your people have would easily makes sense of my primitive low IQ ramblings that you claim blacks have. You see, truly amazing talents never need to tell others how truly amazing or superior they are. They just go out, do the work, and demonstrate their excellence silently. They need no cheerleaders. Those who publicly proclaim how great or how smart they are, on the other hand, are almost always trying to convince themselves. And apparently, given your persistence, you are finding the job harder than you imagined.

    • Bay Area Guy

      Well let’s see it isn’t the black people who start wars, incinerate cities, or pollute the environment with toxic waste, weapons of mass destruction, or impose deadly sanctions on countries they don’t like. It also isn’t black people creating computer viruses that have caused over $65 billion in damages worldwide. It is those with white people with power, you know all those white male high IQ genius you love so much . You name the problem, the war, the hunger, the disease and I’ll bet you as much money as you want I can put a white face on it faster than you can name the members of the spice girls.

      Want even more stupid shit ? How about stress ? See you’d think that dealing with poverty, racism, crumbling schools and dilapidated housing as is common for black people would be pretty stressful. Yet, all data indicates it is whites and those with money who are more likely to do what you call *stupid shit* like drink alcohol, use drugs, or smoke cigarettes. So what’s going on here ? It must be the relative inability whites to deal with their stress that is to blame. Perhaps it is the lack of coping skills which gets whites into trouble.
      Whereas those who face oppressive conditions must, as a matter of survival, learn to deal with these conditions from an early age. Not to romanticize suffering or oppression, of course, but what studies have shown the folks you have been taught to fear and loathe often have more self control than those in your own families. None of this is to say that I shall cry tears for the racially-privileged but as the old saying goes, the fish tends to rot from the head down.

      I see you like to plagiarize Tim Wise. You see, unfortunately for you, I’ve read many of Timmy’s article, and I know for a fact that your quote that I bolded comes straight from him.

      Hey, Mr. black superiority and black genius, Mr. black pride.

      You cannot even come up with your own original white bashing quote, and must instead plagiarize a white/Jewish anti-racist!

      I love it!

      Robert, ban this clown already.

      He plagiarized and he has a rude tone.

      • Bay Area Guy

        He shifts a few sentences and words, but what he just said comes straight from Timmy’s article, to which I have kindly linked.

        • LaFleur

          And boredom too is more common among those in sterile, uninspiring suburbs, at least if one believes what an awful lot of youth say about their own lives.

          An “awful lot?” Baffle them with bullshit and maybe they won’t notice when you throw in purely anecdotal “data”.

          How many movies and TV shows have reinforced the meme of “lily-white suburbs bad, vibrant cities good” over the past 45 years? Unfortunately most of them aren’t as good as Over The Edge.

          LOL. I’ve lived in “inspiring” neighborhoods where you hear sirens and car alarms 24-7, and people think a car horn makes a good doorbell at 4 am. I’ll take my “sterile, uninspiring” suburb, thanks.

          Yet, all data indicates it is whites and those with money who are more likely to drink alcohol, use drugs, or smoke cigarettes. So what’s going on, and what really explains the findings of the Columbia study?

          Because smoking and drinking are pleasurable? Ever go to a Polish wedding?

          Even though persons who are in marginal economic conditions would have every reason to anesthetize themselves with alcohol, persons at the bottom of the economic pyramid are half as likely to drink as those with annual incomes above $75,000 and more than twice as likely to completely abstain.

          75% of the population makes less than $75,000, so whoopee.

          And hooch costs money. Don’t I know it.

          Timmy’s dad was a drunk. His anger issues really come out when intoxicants are involved.

        • Bay Area Guy

          Yeah, I notice that Timmy especially loves to attack whites for drinking and other alcohol related pathologies.

          Timmy also loves to say that any whites who subscribe to non-anti-racist beliefs or who harbor prejudice against blacks are really just “projecting” their own failures onto blacks.

          Well, I’ve analyzed Timmy’s pathologies, and I’ve concluded that he projects his own shortcomings and fucked up childhood onto other whites.

          Let’s see. By Tim’s own admission, he was a poor student, he drank and did drugs, and engaged in other pathological behaviors. His father was also an alcoholic.

          You read Timmy’s articles and you frequently hear about how white students are incompetent and pampered, drug using, alcoholic, and overall failures in life.

          Timmy’s got a lot of skeletons in his closet that reveal themselves in his writing.

          His confused Jewish identity, his fucked up family life, and his own personal malfeasance.

          He’s got issues, to put it mildly.

    • LaFleur

      These are moral arguments but they are at the level of everyone-beats-his-wife or I-only-beat-my-wife-on-Tuesdays-and-Thursdays. As if that makes it all right.

      No. The point isn’t that it’s right, the point is that the idea that there is something uniquely bad about whitey doesn’t hold water when you study world history as a whole.

      And the whole CRT/whiteness studies field is based on the assumption that white people are uniquely evil. From Ank Mie to Nezua, they have nothing in their quivers but arrows of psychic revenge. And from Susan Sontag to Tim Wise, their enablers are just jockeying for position over other white people.

      Even a farmer knows you don’t piss in your own well.

      You seem to have a mystical belief in the wisdom of non-white peoples.

      The Chinese aren’t white but they’re rapidly turning their country into a radioactive toilet. They couldn’t wait to ditch Maoism for Dengism.

      Oh, I’m sorry. That falls under the “the other guy’s doing it too” argument. My bad.

      • Alpha Unit

        I agree with you. “There is something uniquely bad about White people” is nonsense. I also think that “There’s something uniquely bad about Black people” is nonsense, but some people are very resistant to this.

        • LaFleur

          Agreed. There are POC who write sanely about race and class. There’s just a lot of nonsense afoot in academia since the collapse of the left in the early 70s.

        • Bay Area Guy

          It’s just interesting how those on the left frequently chastise working class whites for “going against their interests” by being conservative.

          And yet what does the left have to offer them?

          The left has not been able to stop outsourcing, end wars and imperialism, and yet at the same time it sucks up to radical blacks and browns such as Ank Mie and Nezua.

          Now why the hell would ANY white person wan to support THAT?

          The left is so pathetic these days. Not leftist where it really counts, such as on economics and education. But leftist on racial/cultural issues. The worst possible combination.

          The right is also pathetic, but that’s another issue.

      • Bay Area Guy

        Exactly, Lafleur.

        On the one hand, they claim that whites are uniquely evil and that there’s something uniquely hateful and pathological about Western civilization.

        At the same time, when some white soul has the audacity to point out that, um, various other groups have enslaved, slaughtered, and exploited other peoples, then all of a sudden you’re using the “Arab Trader Argument” (as Abagond likes to say) and “derailing.”

        Pan-Africanism/Critical Race Theory really crumbles when actually scrutinized.

        Of course, many elements of white nationalism are also unsound (mostly their biological determinism), but they make more sense than CRT’s.

        • LaFleur

          At the same time, when some white soul has the audacity to point out that, um, various other groups have enslaved, slaughtered, and exploited other peoples, then all of a sudden you’re using the “Arab Trader Argument” (as Abagond likes to say) and “derailing.”

          Um, I think we have an audience:

        • Bay Area Guy

          Wow, Thad absolutely hands it to Ank Mie!

          I kinda feel bad for her now! 🙂

        • Bay Area Guy

          I just love that whole BS, “sure, there were other forms of slavery, but unlike white slavery, it wasn’t racist, and thus not as bad.”

          Yeah, so all the people who were whipped, dehumanized, exploited, etc, as slaves in the past took great comfort in the fact that they at least weren’t being exploited on account of skin color.

          Seriously, I’m not even going to take these blacks seriously anymore.

        • LaFleur

          Most African countries did not sell slaves and some even fought against it. But because Europeans back then could control the supply of guns there was little Africans could do to stop it.

          I like how Africa is a continent of separate nations, and Europeans are a monolithic group.

          Most white people in the US and Europe did not participate in the Transatlantic slave trade. Some even fought against it. Many of them were indentured servants themselves. Yet in Abagond’s eyes all white people then, now and forever are guilty. Collective guilt is only applicable to white people.

          I am not questioning the heinousness of the slave trade or white racism in America. I think, though, that the decision of CRT advocates to single out the Transatlantic slave trade and the “invention of whiteness” as the root of all evil in the world has been a disaster. The day Noel Ignatiev wrote the words “Abolish the white race” any chance for a sane discussion of race in America was shot.

          It uses what I call the Arab Trader argument: it excuses an evil of one’s own past by finding the same sort of evil done by others.

          Conversely, by focusing exclusively on American slavery, Abagond gets to ignore every evil done by POC since then because there simply is no comparison. Perhaps we should call it the Zionist argument.

          What about an evil that is currently being done, mostly by POC to POC, to more people RIGHT NOW than in the 400 years of the slave trade combined?

          Abagond: The Transatlantic slave trade was on a much greater scale than anything the Africans or anyone else ever did in the history of slavery. Countries were destroyed and millions died. Over 12 million were sold in less than 400 years, something so huge that it changed the genetic map of the world.

          There are more people in slavery now than at any time in human history. It may be as high as 27 million. The greatest concentrations are in Southeast Asia and parts of Latin America. There may be more slaves in India than the rest of the world combined.

          If I bring this up, what would Abagond call it? The Scale Argument?

          The Transatlantic slave trade was racist. The African slave trade, for all of its other ills, was not that. Neither was the Greek and Roman slave trade. So slavery in places like Haiti, Barbados and America was much more cruel.

          I’m not sure if I buy the significance of this. Arabs, like many other people, did and do like them young.

          I need to study this more. I think there is a bit of academic ass-covering going on right now. There are few books dedicated to the Arab slave trade. I wonder why? I’ve read that a former ANC member wrote a book that is something of an apologia for Arab slavery. I haven’t read it, though.

          Regarding today’s slavery, do you think a slave who was smuggled here from South America gives a shit if her owner is a POC?

          Why not just face up to it? Because part of their sense of self worth is built on being white and how whites are better than everyone else, particularly blacks.

          On the contrary, I did not have a positive white identity when I started studying this stuff. But thanks to people like Abagond, I now have one. Their silly arguments and some intensive study have actually made me feel better about being European-American and Western than I ever have before. Thank you, Abagond.

          Just like Thaddeus told Ank Mie: his arguments are tautological bullshit. His whole world revolves around his belief in the unique evil of white people.

          As Thaddeus answered him:

          It uses what I call the Arab Trader argument: it excuses an evil of one’s own past by finding the same sort of evil done by others.

          But isn’t that what this whole attempt to recover African slavery as somehow “not as bad” as other forms of slavery is PRECISELY doing, Abagond?

      • Bay Area Guy

        Yeah, these types do seem to believe in the mystical wisdom of non-white peoples.

        To echo Thad a bit here, there’s this belief among these circles that being the member of an oppressed class means your shit doesn’t stink, and that you’re somehow omniscient and wonderful.

  56. Bay Area Guy

    Hey African militant, back to Abagond or Ankhesen Mie you go!

  57. Bay Area Guy

    Future warning to all potential white bashing commenters out there: If you plagiarize/lift sources from Tim Wise, I WILL CATCH YOU, because I’ve read virtually all of his articles.

  58. africanblackmilitant

    Yes of course, whites are NEVER violent and aggresive. After all, it was us black people who kidnapped, enslaved, beat, raped and terrorized whites for hundreds of years. It was us blacks who, stole land in the Americas and Australia from the native folks and nearly wiped them out in the process.

    White folks weren’t the aggressors and participants of the two most violent wars in the history of mankind thanks to modern technologies. YES !! It is us blacks who tried to wipe out an entire ethnic-religious group and murdered 6 million of them in concentration camps and another 5 million who we didn’t like for various reasons. We black folks invented guns, the nuclear bomb, the hydrogen bomb, fighter jets, and all sorts of other weapons of mass destruction. OH WAIT, I’m sorry, I have that backwards ! Now who is more violent and destructive ?

  59. africanblackmilitant


    Oh right. I bomb your city which blows your family apart. But not to worry I’m sure you will feel happier when you bury your mom, dad or kids knowing that they died in an organized way.

    Listen to yourself. Your trying claim that there is hierarchy in death, in killing someone.

  60. africanblackmilitant


    Deep down whites know that if a black man bashed in their brains it would not be completely undeserved. Hence the fear you have of blacks. We all know a white man will kidnap you, your child and your pets and rape then murder and mutilate you and film it all.

    We know white men like making that easy money by kidnapping children and selling them to the child pornograpers. White people do things to people, that we black people cant even IMAGINE let alone actually do them. The main difference between black violence and white violence is that whites get away with it and write the history books and news stories.

    • Bay Area Guy

      Deep down whites know that if a black man bashed in their brains it would not be completely undeserved.

      More Cultural Marxism and BS. Look, if I’ve PERSONALLY done anything wrong to a black person and he beats my brains in, then sure. But if a black person is going to randomly attack me just for being white, then no, that shit is not deserved

      Let’s just say that if a black man even TRIES to bash in my brains, I’d kill that black motherfucker.

      We all know a white man will kidnap you, your child and your pets and rape then murder and mutilate you and film it all.

      We know white men like making that easy money by kidnapping children and selling them to the child pornograpers. White people do things to people, that we black people cant even IMAGINE let alone actually do them.

      Yawn, more BS.

      Hey, does Eddie Long ring a bell? Or how about that 7 year old who was gang raped by a bunch of black thugs.

      Believe me, African Militant, your people do plenty of sick and pathological shit, including sexual perversion and serial killing.

      I know that you like to live in fantasy world where black people are wonderful and perfect souls who do little wrong, where whites are the only pathological ones, etc.

      Well, welcome to reality. You negroes are no kinder or more soulful than anyone else.

      And by the way, when you can actually say something original rather than just plagiarizing Tim Wise or regurgitating what Abagond and virtually every black Critical Race Theorist has already said, then I’ll be impressed.

      Nothing you say is unique or creative, African guy. You’re just a shallow thinker with the ability to regurgitate.


    • Bay Area Guy

      Robert, this black doesn’t contribute anything to the discussion.

      All he does is plagiarize Tim Wise or regurgitate what other black radicals have to say.

      You know what? Let’s not even respond to him. He’s beneath our contempt, and we shouldn’t waste precious breath dealing with this clown.

      • LaFleur

        Actually, I think it’s interesting to consider his arguments, because they’re extremely common throughout the blogosphere.

  61. JB

    Even though there’s continual associations between testosterone and aggression, the exact mechanisms are still largely unknown. How do all the other androgens fit in?

    You mentioned that Asians have intermediate levels of T, but have a lower level of a chemical ( 5α-reductase ) needed to convert it to “it’s active agent” …you mean DHT? DHT is an entirely different androgen, not the “active form” of testosterone. But still, I find this very interesting if it is true. Could I see the original study showing that asians have “intermediate” levels? Which asians were represented? The mongolians living in the arctic siberea, the crowds of shibuya, or the poverty in Laos, cambodia, etc.?
    Before we come to ultimate conclusions about what is causing what, you have to make sure the building blocks are well established… And the exact mechanisms of violence are far from established. For all we know, aggression and violence causes high testosterone, and not the other way around. For all we know, there’s a few unknown hormones out there that also facilitate “violence”. Heck, there’s studies that show that monkeys fed soy become more aggressive and antisocial, even though there’s studies that show soy decreases testosterone.

    Read as much as possible on scientific literature, and develop your own conclusions. I think it’s interesting how testosterone has the effect of reducing facial fat, (thus sculpting your face and looking more masculine) how studies out there show that high testosterone men prefer female faces that show high femeninity (meaning less chisseled face, less physical signs of testosterone, etc.) and especially, the studies that show music LOWERS testosterone in men and INCREASES it in women. (and in some cases, music percieved as “undesirable” or “bad” raised T in men.)

  62. Gavin Thompson

    Brother I’m a white man age 23 and an ex convict,violent criminal and drug dealer. I’m now studying engineering at one of the best universities in our country. I have to admit my sexual ambitions have change a lot. I still find myself sleeping with girls from time to time but i don,t pursue anymore. I love the chase but I’ll often leave it there whereas before i wanted to fuck em.

    Could my testosterone levels of dropped? and would you say thats the cause of my now achieving more and wanting sex less?

    You see I wanted to kill a guy as I was afraid he would get me first and for one reason or another I kept getting refused release from jail and eventually I prayed to god and said “O.K. God. I’ll drop those plans and I’ll do things your way. 100% your way. I’m trusting you to keep me safe and I’ll try with all the other stuff”

    After this i was let out early good things happened, without help i got to this uni and life’s good. Am I naive to think its god when it could simply be a drop in tes?

    I’ve never been aggressive but when in a position where bye
    I feared for my safety I would turn into a fearce man and it wasnt show. I was always fully aware of everything and if I was faced off with ten average men I knew Id come off fine. i still have that now and having recently been faced by a blade in the town my old fearce, brave nature came back. If I’ve a drop in tes wouldn’t i of been afraid and possibly froze?

    what your saying about giving people pills is sick though! You realy need to think hard on that one. your not perfect. I mean can you fight? The perfect man would be intelligent and fearce. but with tes we cant be both. so a little more tes in you and a little less in me would make o.k. Guys that can do just about everything yer. Then who’s gonna fight our wars and who’s gonna lead them?

    I’d rather have the odd nutter and the odd genious and all the other casts in natural quantities. I beleive that god made us this way for a reason and what you said about messing with fetus’s is all a bit “Brave new world” for me

    some interesting ideas though freind.

  63. Gavin Thompson


    Whites and black do exactly the same bad shit to each other. That is bad whites and bad blacks.
    Theres only big problems in the u.s. with bad black people cos you bring up too many bad black men and make wimps of too many of your white men.
    Its all in the upbringing.

    “It takes a village to bring up a child.” Your village may be a load of puffs if your a white guy in the u.s. and a load of criminals and thugs if your a black man yer. so if your the black man you soak up a lot of masculine stuff. You experience fighting which is awfull as a young child and then you learn that your not made of glass. sooner or later you learn that actually your fuckin tough. us humans are very tough. we repair quickly and pain is only short felt. Maybe you see a few freinds die and god doesnt let you deal with that stuff on your own. and you now know there is a god and your ass is fine! 🙂
    Thats how I feel. I’ll give any man of any colour a good fight and unless its my time i’ll have a laugh about it in the future. Now if your a white man your probably richer and thus from a safer and less violent place yer. You wont get the same lessons when growing up and when your faced with a bad situation you will shit yourself! just like we all did, black or white, when it first happend.

    White women arn’t attracted to black guys either. They want real men! so a white pussy is no good and nor is a black pussy. A women wants a pair of arms that can hold her. she wants to be looked after. she wants a protector. A charactor she can love actually comes second to this. If you think about survival what matters most? that your alive or that your loved? Its a dyer shame cos im a nice guy. I beleive a man can be chivalrous and tough. I dont like to show my angry side to a girl as i know sooner or later it will come out for our sakes but i have what is a puzzling confidence to girls. Maybe thats why I’m single? lol Do women want their gladiator to prove themselves? I think so. Even if its on them in many cases. thus if you dont get an opportunity to defend them soon then treat em mean to keep em keen! haha

    go watch Green street. its a film where a white pussy from harvard that had been bullied comes to the u.k. gets dragged into football rioting (which is an alternative to war over here. kinda like gang banging) and then becomes a real man. He goes back to the usa a man whose scared of nothing like your blacks and clever like your whites and its because he has lived with a fighting class for a while.

    its not race its class!

    • Gavin Thompson

      i think i need to add that im from a reiving family heritage. reivers where all warriors when the english where fighting the scottish and so any weak men where obliged to fight with whatever they had and duly died. I’ve as many fighting genes in me as any black man would.

      Class can prepare you for different situations. but will power can control your aggression and increase your I.Q. a sad thing to note is class can break your will power.

  64. beans

    its obviuose what your problem is all your girlfriends left you for black men.
    and what gives you the right to talk for all white men and call them wimps.
    the best fighter in the world is russian ,boxer is ukrainian,
    im russian and its obviuose your problem is a persoanl one of low testosterone small gentials and being effimante deal with this instead of being a little moany american fag,
    i bet you will delete this cus you allow only other geeks who agree with you

  65. So Being a dumb, oversexed, hyper-testosterone, criminal minded black male, as you would say – I’d like to see your medical and genetic research to back up your so called intelligent claims.

    There is evidence that diet, chemicals and region play a role in hormone production – as with age. The levels vary greatly amongst different races and age groups depending on where you’re from —

    “In the new study, published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, researchers measured sex hormones in more than 5,000 elderly men from five countries across the globe.

    They found average testosterone levels varied by 18 percent, landing twice as many white Americans (6 percent) in the low range compared with men from Hong Kong and Japan.”

    So based on your logic are old Asian males from HK and Japan more sex crazed and violent than old white men in Missouri? You ever heard of correlation vs. causality? You should read a thing or two about that concept.

    What you are saying is just incorrect man. You can’t make blanket statements when you don’t have facts buddy. why not go to grad school and do some real research on this subject since you are so fascinated with Black men’s balls. Better yet if you’re really so concerned with Black males , why not start dating one and find out first hand.

  66. Marleny Kery

    You are racist. Your “science” is unfounded and your claims are based off of assumptions and false ideas..People are people. Nature and nurture fused together. People are 99.9 percent alike so just get over it and try not to bash African Americans like you do so often in this article. I am disgusted by your behavior, and your not so subtle attempts to justify your superiority complex.

  67. All right, Mike, that does it. You’re banned. I actually thought you were Black at first, since you can’t spell, write or punctuate. Our Black critics would slither over here usually can’t write, spell or punctuate, and our White commenters usually do those things a lot better. So you’re basically a wigger is what it boils down to, Mike.


    • Wade in MO

      ” I actually thought you were Black at first, since you can’t spell, write or punctuate”


      I would have thought he was black too if he did not state he was white. People like him are the ultimate proof against white supremacy.

  68. Lindsayrobisamisanthrope

    1. Have you ever considered the Neanderthal gene in your theories?
    You know this pretty violent and primitive Neanderthal gene which is carried by between 3% and 20% of the Western population .
    2. Have you ever asked yourself why black men should act politely around someone like you?
    You are so young and so full of hate, tis regrettable. You have honed your insulting skills to such an extent and spent an inordinate amount of time responding to replies on this blog that I can only conclude that you are a misanthrope without much of a life outside your computer screen.
    To top it off you are banning people who probably never returned to your blog as it’s so pathetic.
    Take a DNA test mate, you’ll find that you’re suffering from autoaggressive behavioiur as a result of having black or mixed ancestory and you’re probably passing. I know a passer when I see one, but you have to face it boy. Good luck and lots of love on your journey of genetic self discovery.

  69. Lindsayrobisamisanthrope

    You are pretty black looking Robert boy, with your fly glasses and your curly hair, your nose is round. Welcome to the hood brother.

  70. Matt

    While we’re at it, here’s a shout out to the Japanese, who are actually dealing with one of the nastiest natural disasters in the modern age without looting, raping, or doing anything much worse than panic buying of ramen noodles. It’s almost enough to make one forget the Nanking unpleasantness.

  71. Anthony P

    Interesting topic.
    Perhaps the immense amount of testosterone does predisposes some to unorganized violence.
    However, to dube white hormones as optimal or even “normal” is not a good argument.
    Even if the “window” for young black males is smaller with regard to their chances of being “civil,” in some environments their chemical balance would allow them to excel better than whites.
    Just like not every business structure in every industry should not have the same leverage ratio. If perhaps we could consider the excess testosterone as “leverage” maybe in a lot of cases a black male is more likely to grow up and be a LEADER. But perhaps most would fail and become bums or deviants. The select few would be predisposed to lead more effectively. Why cut the pool of potential “leaders”?
    Why make clones? People need to learn to work together. Pluraralism and technology will help to make people more sensitve, more emotionally intelligent, and better overall citizens.
    How could you dispute this?

  72. Anthony P

    And just as glasses help human civilization with sight because we tend to be genetically weak with regard to sight. Technology and embracing pluralism will give negros the “crutch” they need to excel to be even better than whites. Maybe we are coming into a new environment in which black people will be more disposed to succeed than white people… with concise and operative technology…

  73. Anthony P

    For the record, black people should read my posts with pride. As long as you are emotionally sensitive. I HIGHLY suggest the TED video if ever you are to watch a ted video. The black subculture is to blame for their deviations. And for that matter the white and black subculture is to blame for our “unoptimal white society”. As Joakim Noah said to Kevin Garnett. Be sensitive, be sweet.

  74. WeHaveToHelpTheWorld

    THIS is a perfect EXAMPLE of why it is *not*
    a moral wrong to STERILIZE BLACK MALES
    (and then move on the sterilize the females).

    They are the ONLY group in history to contribute
    nearly NOTHING to society — other than violence,
    low brain-functioning offspring (who they, in their
    arrogance and ignorance, then force society to raise),
    leeching off of others, disease, sexual irresponsibility
    demands for preferential-treatment; constant-whining;
    and (as evidenced in case-after-case) double-standards.

    Even though there is the occasional, anomalous black
    who has honestly ‘bootstrapped their way to the success’
    — everyone know that 99% of all of the black people, in
    general and all over the world, should simply be sterilized

    The procedure is cheap and painless AND it helps prevent
    the arrival of innocent offspring being brought into a world
    where those who sired them care nothing about them and
    where they are forced to live as mental and moral inferiors.

    It’s a win-win for everyone involved and for the entire planet.

    • 1/2 White, 1/2 Black, All Man

      So Robert, will you ban this obviously racist post considering that you have claimed not to be a racist yourself? Somehow I doubt that you will…

      • Hi, check the comments rules. We don’t ban on racism here. You can be as racist as you want to be and we won’t ban you. We don’t like it or encourage it, but we don’t ban on it. There’s not many things we ban on here.

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  76. bxjam85

    While I do not automatically discount any genetic factors that can contribute to human behavior, I also do not discount environment/culture as factors that influence behavior. Studies have shown that IQ is highly subject to environmental influence. The same goes for aggressive/violent behavior. African Americans, especially urbanized ones, have adopted destructive cultural norms due to the breakdown of the nuclear family, which was induced by the welfare state and feminism. These social trends effected blacks and latinos disproportionally but European-Americans have also been negatively effected by these changes. Studies have shown that children who are born out of wedlock or raised in fatherless homes have a much higher risk of committing crime, doing drugs, etc. etc.

    Testosterone, also, doesn’t need to manifest itself with violence and aggression. The way in which testosterone displays its neurochemical effects is highly subject to environmental influences. This becomes more interesting when you consider the fact that European civilization has been one of the most aggressive civilizations on earth! In fact, that’s one of the very reasons why Europe has been so successful. Aggressive cultures are better able to spread their genes and memes by means of assimilation. Greece influenced Rome and Rome influenced the rest of Europe which was mostly occupied by barbarian cultures to the North. The modern culture of the barbarian Europeans who were once subjugated by the Romans barely resembles the culture of their ancestors now. My point is that when it comes to human behavior ideas matter, public policies matter, racism matters, stereotypes matter and culture matters. With that in mind, not factoring in these variables isn’t very intelligent.

  77. Kevin

    What a load of complete rubbish. Robert you are the worst kind of idiot. The arrogant kind of idiot. I think the best word for you is ‘fool’. Robert the fool.

  78. This is ALL BULLno offense

    im sorry but this is all bull. what does testosterone have to do with fighting ability? I look like an average white american guy (im slavic) i live in a big city, i beat up three black guys, why you ask?? because i had to. and if you don’t understand that, you are stupid beyond redemption. i believe that the only reason blacks have more testosterone is the way they were raised and environment. they believe they need to be “tough” to be considered a “man.” its sad actually.

  79. Colorblind

    Let’s be honest MR LINDSAY your a racist without the white cloth over your head

    • Head on back to your crack house now, my Black friend. 🙂

      • Blind Boy Grunt

        You can run, but you can’t hide. Have you substantially refuted any of my points, my friend, or are you just ranting and hoping people won’t call your bluff?

      • Elston Gunn

        I use Elston gunn. I mean the posts on the complexity depth and pervasiveness of African diasporic music.

      • Elston Gunn

        I presented many substantial arguments that you didn’t refute, or try to refute. One of them was on Egyptians being biologically near identical with other Africans.

      • Charles

        WOW! I am going to pray for you. I pray that you understand that life is not about hate. Your just so angry and disgusted at black people, why don’t you go live in another country where there are no blacks. Blacks aren’t going anywhere. Slavery didn’t kill them. You can lock em up, get em on drugs and the whole nine; their not going anywhere. Matter fact it seems like with the races mixing, your great- great granddaughter will probably be brown or married to one. Don’t like it leave.

      • Hi there Charles. Welcome to the site my Black friend, and thank you for your comments. I hope you find yourself at home here.

    • larrylamb


  80. Jay

    This is probably the most retarded thing I’ve ever read. Ever.

  81. Look barefootboy, I assume you are Black, right? Well, anyway, it doesn’t matter, as you are banned. You just accused me of hating Blacks, not only once but several times. Not true, I don’t hate Blacks at all. I don’t even care that much about you enough to even hate you! You also accused me of being a tribalist, which is not true either.

  82. dom

    Its is a perfectly plausible theory to theorize that white people are albinos. We know that albinos are persecuted through out history and in modern times. Its logical to think then the original group of people who went to the caucus mts are albinos. There, via inbreeding, albinism was set to be a dominant genetic trait making the tribe members be all albinos. Lab tests on rats have proven that inbreeding in mammals can actually set albinism to be a dominant trait via inbreeding. No one has refuted this theory so far except accusing it to be racist. White people not only look albino, that the molecular level that make up human genes they are ineed identical to albinos. Therefore white people are albinos.

  83. lilac!

    your reaction to people disagreeing and criticising you has not made me respect you. You should expect dissent with an article like this. go ahead and ban me seeing as I’m not giving you a glowing review you pansy.

  84. Bruce

    Despite your over-weening sense of your own self-importance, the things you write about do not amount to research, kid. You source none of your statements; therefore they are opinion. And bald racist opinion at that.

    You’ve resurrected one of the oldest myths first promulgated by Euro-Americans in the early twentieth century: The Eugenics movement. Your “discussions” about race amount to little more than slightly more wordy rehashes of the basic eugenicist “argument:” Blacks are inferior to Whites. Who in their right mind buys such drivel any longer?

    Have you studied the compositions and the improvisations of Herbie Hancock? How about those of Anthony Braxton? Was Bobby Seale a thug because he carried a rifle or a hero who demanded respect for the members of his community? (Seale, by the way, was an engineer and a math prodigy.) Are these things the products of individuals possessed of “inferior minds”? I think not.

    Everyone with an IP address today thinks they’re fucking God. Go ahead and ban me from your precious blog. As if anyone gives a rat’s gonad if you do. As if anyone notices whom you ban.


  85. Soviet Guy

    The current heavyweight boxing champions of the world are the Klitschko brothers, who are white. Also other Eastern European boxers dominate the heavyweight division if you do some research.

    How do you comment on that in regards of the stated “fear white guys have for black guys” or “black masculinity and athletic ability”.

    Do you admit it can be more of a lifestyle thing? With american whites living in their comfort zone, not exercising, teaming-up or risking, and living a more of an isolated computer-based life, rather than genetic? Also the color black always provoked fear, but if you know to ignore the color (say you imagine the same guy as being of white color), he does seem very regular and not scary at all.

    Just some thoughts from a Russian guy. Sorry for any mistakes, English is not my native language. Great article, I enjoyed reading it. It has interesting insights. You get many bad comments because Americans can’t be impartial and neutral when reading this.

  86. Jane

    Hahahaha…. Umm this so called “study” smells strongly of B*** S***. IQ test of how many poeople? Where are they from, what are there economic standings? What quality of education were they afforded??? Saying that black women have higher testosterone levels without stating that they also have higher estrogen levels tells me that the author want readers to believe that blacks are some how inferior beings.

    It’s BS like this that prevents us from moving ahead in life.

  87. Eli

    Robert, Like many people I’ve always wondered why violent crime is such a bigger problem with blacks (and it bugs me that any white person who says so is labeled a racist). No one in the world (of any race) can deny that blacks committing violent crime is a much bigger problem than with any other race, it’s not racist to say so it’s simply a FACT (and look around you, no one with any experience is surprised by the stats). Now you can’t discount environmental factors but you also can’t discount genetic factors if you want to be taken seriously.

    I believe a big reason why men are more violent than women is because of higher testosterone levels so the higher testosterone theory makes a lot of sense to me (I’ve used testosterone and definitely see how it could cause more impulsive/violent behavior, especially in younger males) and I would like to use it whenever I get into this debate with others so do you have a link to a scientific study where the testosterone levels of different races were studied? As much as it makes sense to me I can’t really use it in a debate very effectively unless I can site a scientific source.

    Thanks either way, I don’t agree with everything you say but a lot of what you say does make sense.

  88. Eli

    And I find it funny how most people who completely discount IQ as any measure of intelligence appear to have a very low IQ!! So even though they’re arguing against it they’re actually having the opposite effect on the reader. IQ isn’t everything but the test is good at determining problem solving skills and how sharp your mind is.

  89. I suppose this comes down to how we all view the world. I think a lot of the criticisms lobbied at blacks tend to reflect Social Darwinist views that have and continue to persist in America about blacks. It would seem to me, historically speaking, that immigrant groups were more prone to violence upon entering the U.S but why? Was it something innate about their genetics or was something else possibly happening? I understand that blacks are not recent immigrants but maybe it goes in hand with a feeling of being helpless to overcome their problems in the world. Also, people don’t take into account culture and obviously many have no idea what epigenetics is. Someone’s genetic makeup is not necessarily a predetermined thing, it is affected by past generations and by what that person is doing, eating or whatever whilst that person is living. I’m not saying it accounts for everything but if a woman is passing down past stresses of life from generation to subsequent generation this might have some affect on the child. If genetics are not necessarily set in stone we might have to accept the fact that this can play some role in what we might see. I’ve spent a lot of time around blacks, even graduated from a mostly black high school and I can say that I’ve never encountered any kind of violence from them. This is purely anecdotal but it seems like people are using anecdotal reasoning so I will do the same. Also, the only truly violent act that happened at my high school was committed by a white male who apparently possessed a high IQ. This male stabbed one of the students in the arm with a pencil making him bleed profusely. I would also like to note that this male received little or no punishment from authorities and was allowed to stay at school, something unheard of if he were black. I’ll also like to mirror an argument about organized vs. disorganized violence, maybe violence is carried out it ways that are socially acceptable to certain groups of people. So, burning down an Indian village or shooting someone in the “hood” might very well be ways different populations carry out violent acts. I also don’t understand why this argument seems to persist among blacks, should I conclude that those from the Middle East are more prone to violence considering terrorist attacks and also violence in their own countries? I guess I should also conclude that South Asians are genetically inferior due to the high infectious disease rate in their country? I think what we have are a lot of armchair psychologist and geneticist trying to condemn entire populations of people whilst not using proper scientific reason.

  90. dennis

    Robert, I read the comment policy and you dictate that republicans are on thin ice and usually not allowed. how can you get a range of views when you are making these policies. Anyway, you hear only those opinion that you wish, anyone who disagrees is banned. Well why even post. You are afraid of criticism and will probably ban me too.
    Open your eyes. If your a liberal, than how can you think the way you do? oh yeah, cause liberals like you are highly uneducated and you fear everything and want the government to take care of every faucit of your life. Well its true, so ban me too!

  91. F. Wilson, P. HD

    Ok OK. The age of ignorance is long gone. Robert you need Rehab. I know you and i know the motive(s) of these nonsense you’ve written. Your daughter likes rap music and black men. Cut the bullshit, it’s 2011 nobody but depressed jealous twats will believe you. I must say your daughter dont really give a shit about your theory by the way. She loves me regardless. And i know you fancy black dudes too Rob.

    • Ok, black man, you’re banned. Remember, today’s a work day, so head on out to the front porch to keep guard over the hood with your homies. And don’t forget the 40’s. Shift runs from 9-5. After that, you’re off work, but you can stay on the porch regardless. We’re real easy on the help here.

      • Trying2brational

        Ok Robert Lindsay, you’re real original in your putdowns and you seem to suffer from xenophobia. One minute you say your not a racist and the other u make stupid statements and ban people for calling you racist. It seems to me that you are like the old proverb that says a hit dog hollers the loudest…….Oh and white people, or shall i say caucasian people became barbarians once you all decided that being cavemen was not hip any more. You all even contributed a word to society that means to destroy things, are you ready for it, ok your a big boy u can handle it, that word is vandalize it comes from the name Vandal a uhhum another white barbarian tribe. It always amuses me to see so many scared whitemen, so scared of us blackmen that u would go so far as to try to come up with a pill to lower testosterone in other men that u see a threat in……very sad on your part. It reeks of insecurity which is just not attractive to women of all races. Insecurity is a feminine trait my friend. If you are not concerned about black men then why do u go into so much depth about us? Is it an old violent barbarian custom of studying your enemy well, find his weaknesses. I hate to disappoint u Rob, may i call you that, but blackmen don’t have very many weaknesses other than the problems white society has put on us, sure we have regular vices like every other race of man, but white men tend to outshine us in those also. Pedophiles, serial killers, arsonist, rapist you white guys are tops at that, i take my hat off to you all on that. Your sexual perversions never cease to amaze me either, cuckoldry, who in their right mind would really want to see his wife getting fucked by someone else? come on now. You want to know what makes it so funny it is usually a black man that you are watching fuck your wife sad, sad ,sad, sad, sad. It seems to me that whitemen like you are in a love hate situation with us black men. The true opposite of either emotion is apathy. Black men do not see racist white men as a real threat we only see you as a hinderance. I know you and your little fanclub is going to try to pick apart things in this reply, such as any grammatical errors and misspellings have at it that only shows how petty a person you insecure people can be. Oh let me make more statements. Egypt or Kemet is in Africa, North Africa, not in the middle east, neighbors yes but not in the same house. Their culture originated in lower Nubia they were a great civilization but not the only great civilization in Africa can u say Timbuktu, Songhay, Mali, Nok, the Moors etc. The contributions that African people and their descendants have made is to numerous to try and document hear, Ceaserian section named after Julius Ceaser and performed by an African midwife on his mother in Africa, Africans were also doing smallpox inoculations also all this done way before white people knew they existed. All american music is black music, country music descended from the blues, rock and roll descended from the blues etc. Picasso, Gaughin and other white artists looked to Africa for inspiration when western art got stale, Cubism, Abstract art even caricatures and cartoons can trace their roots back to Africa if not directly indirectly. Melanin something us black people possess so much of but u white people possess so little of …. melanin makes u more creative, more intuitive, makes your rhythm and balance better, protects us form the uv rays of the sun it also helps us to get the helpful rays that produce Vitamin D for strong bones and teeth, the only other way you can get vitamin d is though the consumption of fish. Melanin makes you more empathetic and less prone to neurosises. Melanin makes you more intelligent……Intelligence the one strong hold that a white man feels like he lords over us in tsskkk, tsskkk, tsskkk. Ok, you all are mad at us for being able to make a little money also.Let’s address entertainment. Entertainment is easy to make money in because white people feel less threatened by a comedian or an actor etc. but what about the rich money making blacks in medicine, engineering, science etc. now u feel more threatened by those blacks because money equal power. Intelligence, intelligence equals the most extreme and most deadly of the 3 powers, why because a man with intelligence can make things happen he can make money, he can not only become rich he can become wealthy. White men try to hinder black men by coming up with I.Q. tests but the tests are biased culturally. If i told u that u were sick as hell when it came to getting your scratch would u A. think that i was talking about u being physically sick and that u couldn’t scratch or B. think that i was giving u a compliment on being excellent in your business endeavors to get money or C. none of the above, your know in multiple choice tests they always say pick C. lol. We have to be smart to live in two different cultures and strive. our problem is not a lack of intelligence but a lack of fully understanding white culture, why because we just really ain’t that concerned with white folks culture or customs at least most of us aren’t. Ok, i’ve covered small portions of intelligence and being financially secure 2 of the 3 powers discussed briefly so far, ok what is the 3rd can u guess it are u in suspense do u feel butterflys in your stomach are you on pins and needles are YOU?? well are You?….Oh let me mention that these are not only powers that a white man gives that he fears in black men but also deep rooted fears that he fears will be his decline his downfall what he hates the most and fears is a white woman with a black man……Gasp!!!!!!! I said it white men fear white women with black men that is the main reason for this discussion about testosterone isn’t it Rob and other insecure white men. Do not blame us , I repeat do not blame us blackmen blame your slave driving forefathers. Your forefathers’ plans backfired horribly i mean blew up in their lily white faces who started the so called myth about the big black penis, who told white women that black men were lustful highly sexed creatures not black men and u want to know what u all are doing it now making yourself look bad, pills to make black men more tractable LOL hilarious. You all are driving your women away from you. In your attempts to make us look bad and uncivilized, you are making your self look bad 1. It makes u seem scared of us something that u have already admitted to and it makes u seem weaker in your womens eyes 2. Don’t you know women love badboys women love strong, aggressive, brave, untameable men. I know what i’m talking about because i have dealt with and chatted with numerous women black white asian indian latino middle eastern and they all want a strong masculine man. Sorry to burst your bubble Rob and your fanclub but maybe white men should be taking a pill to up their testosterone seems like you have the problem not blackmen. Oh yes feel free to quiz me on anything dealing with black american culture as well as african culture and our history. Oh yeah slavery has been around for a long time but the transatlantic slave trade and slavery in the americas was the most brutal. I don’t want to hear no bullshit about black people needing to get over it, It didnt happen to your family it happened to mines. That’s like telling a mouse that it has nothing to fear from the cat and the mouse can smell mouse on the cat’s breath. I look forward to the uncivlized racist comments i am going to get.

  92. M Wickham

    Hi R.L., I have to say I just discovered your somewhat infamous blog, and I’m really enjoying it (although you may want to invest in some “social marketing” that inserts your name into the top hits lists on Google, as Lindsay Lohan is much easier to find information on that you). That is to say, I find your anecdotal writing style, off-topic tangents, and curiously racist-yet-not-racist commentary to be highly entertaining literature. I mean that in the most PC and inoffensive way possible – I’ve never encountered a self-proclaimed post-modern (or is it post-post modern these days? I’m a bit out of the philosophical crowd atm) Leftist with such an obsession with race. It is actually somewhat refreshing to see such an open, no-holds-barred attitude toward a taboo subject. As a student of several fields (meaning, I studied them as an undergraduate and retain some passing amateur interest in them), including Ethnic Studies (which, in its own way, is a hotly contested issue in and of itself), mathematics, chemistry, psychology, and film studies (to name a very few), I have some little training in identifying ideological puzzles/struggles such as the one you present. What may be so interesting about you and your writings or “research” is the lack of any way to encapsulate and define what exactly you are about. I’m looking forward to reading some of the blurbs you provide here (I can’t exactly afford to pay more than a passing glance at your updates, I am sad to say, as I’ve rediscovered my ADD-esque obsession with modular polyhedra origami and 3-D puzzles and am bound to get distracted from your blog at a moments notice, as you may guess if you’ve delved into the literature on ADD) and the attendant trolling and commentary from your regular guests. My thanks your thought-provoking blog and honest assessment of what you think of as “race”.
    P.S. – I tend to subscribe to the idea that race is a social construction, and that we live in a nation-state predicated upon the (rapidly) evolving concept and historical reality of race, and I view your blog through that lens. I believe the scientists who claim that there is no genetic basis for phenotypical/physical racial classifications. I am willing to acknowledge my bias, and I continue to be fascinated by the myriad ways in which prejudice, bigotry, and racism manifest themselves in this globalized society.
    P.P.S. I am what current censuses would call “Hispanic” or “Mexican-American” (depending on the publisher) and “female”. I’m half wondering if you are arithmetically trying to determine my approximate brain capacity based on what currently passes as statistical data from physical anthropologists these days. Let me know your calculation, I can add it to my growing accoutrement of self-identifying characteristics.

    • Wait, I thought you were a French speaking Picard?

      • M Wickham

        OMG I really can’t emphasize how funny your posts are, and I, again, mean that in an inoffensive way. Remarkably, I used have a bit of a crush on Picard, and to this day I must admit to have a bit of the Trekkie within my deepest of selves. I hope you don’t mind my commenting on the Chicana intellect treatise you just produced, or rather, excreted. And now don’t get huffy-puffy on me, I say all my scathing comments with the greatest amount of respect. I respect your opinions, and continue to anticipate your comments and replies with the utmost of trepidation/excitement. I really must do something useful rather than reply to your replies…I feel guilty for reading your blog! It’s not a very useful endeavor… I will add your blog to my expanding list of guilty pleasures. 🙂

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  94. tiorian

    Very low testosterone, black male with an above average IQ score (i.e. despite having severe malnutrition and getting exceptionally fucked over to the point of being given virtually all of the stress induced mental disorders throughout my formative years, having my schooling only act as a hellish detriment to both my education and sanity, my only true education being autodidactic with limited resources, and facing absorption into that degenerate culture that I could never really take to due to my own temperament) here and I must say, I nearly wholehearted agree with the OP. I don’t know why Robert Lindsay is receiving such opposition … except that the point made in the OP is likely applicable to so many of its most vitriolic dissenters. With the exception of e.g. an espousal of the actually refuted cranial capacity theory mentioned somewhere in the comments of his blog, he’s dead on.

    As much as people want to argue the culpability of socio-economics, memetics and the fact that there is, yes, no such thing as race outside of the colloquial (to clarify, not that it’s a social construct per se so much as cline, ethnicity or strain comprise the official terminology), high testosterone is found to adversely effect IQ, and what do West and Sub-Saharan African populations have a particular trait for? High endocrinal serum testosterone.

    No, IQ isn’t the end all be all but in lieu of autistic and religious people being able to score high, it must still at least somewhat correlate with actual intelligence on account of the relationship between aggression and IQ, aggression being the antithesis of what has been at times widely accepted as the defining characteristic of man; the capacity for reason, a characteristic the breeder demographic must already be lacking due to the statistical reproductive success of stupidity in the species, by contrast, smart people being found to not be reproductively successful. The world is doomed as it is obvious who would be quickest to impose the human condition onto another generation, especially in hellish condition such as those in Africa, India or Mexico et al but maybe we should consider trying an anti-androgen to resolve one of the (maybe even epigenetic from the higher testosterone administered in utero) issues in the world … or not since it may backfire and just result in people with the the wrong genes breeding with unsuspecting people who otherwise wouldn’t have selected for them had the expression not been suppressed.

    PS: maybe I shouldn’t bring this up but I noticed some mention of the least interracial coupling i.e. between Asian women and black men, someone said Asian women dislike the smell of white men, another followed up that must mean they especially find black men to smell bad since they are together less, I wonder if testosterone makes people smell worse because I oddly receive the most romantic attention from Asian females of all, not that I’m dumb enough to care about the ethnicity of a soul-mate.

  95. The research is intrinsically flawed. It assumes that in agricultural societies, women do the choosing, when the reality is anything but. In traditional agrarian societies, the men work in farms, the women stay at home taking care of the kids. Daughters are given away by the fathers to the most ‘worthy’ male they could find. A man’s worth in such a society is based on how much he could provide for the woman and his kids, not on his testosterone related traits (which can actually come in the way of being productive as a farmer).
    In a hunter gatherer societies, the men who survive were the ones with more strength and aggression levels (~testosterone). The betas would usually die out or submit to the powerful alphas. The women won’t grab just any man, since they aren’t looking for someone to get impregnated, but someone who is going to stick around for longer (survive) so that he could protect her and the kids. In such societies, it is the tribal chief to gets to harbour the largest number of progenies.

    • Problem is that men in primitive hunter gatherer societies have lower testosterone than men in primitive agricultural societies like Papua and Africa.

      • Do they? From what I have observed my the real world, it seems that it is people of agricultural/merchant classes that have a behaviour system and cultural values that are indicative of lower testosterone than otherwise. Agrarian societies go for stability, high testosterone behaviours are rarely ever tolerated.

  96. Trying2brational

    Back to the cave with you your banned.

  97. Louie jacuzzi

    Paragraph 8 reminds of a line by Ice Cube, “just goin through a phase, but before they turn 18, they on the front page”

  98. Nes

    Surface analysis is never the right method to understanding deeper causes for certain behaviors. I could be like the rest of everyone else and call the author ignorant, but name calling doesn’t get us anywhere.

    In a society where blacks have never been given an “equal starting position” to whites, I don’t understand how you can legitimately say their behavioral statistics (i.e. crime) are solely determined by their genetic characteristics. I see many whites claim “slavery ended 150 years ago, they don’t have to deal with it today!”, but they fail to realize that blacks entered society on the bottom of the totem pole (both economically and socially) and thus had far more limited resources for education and survival (not to mention the social inequalities they faced along the way).

    When one racial group consistently starts at a disadvantaged position, they will consistently lose in things such as crime rate, literacy etc. Unless you completely wiped everything out, and took a group of newborns of different races to an isolated environment with equivalent conditions, THEN you could possibly conduct a proper analysis on whether testosterone levels are correlated with the behaviors you listed.

    I am neither black nor white by the way. It’s just frustrating to see anyone write a story like this, taking one side from a biased point of view.

  99. Joe's Garage

    To Nes:

    When one racial group consistently starts at a disadvantaged position, they will consistently lose in things such as crime rate, literacy etc…..I don’t understand how you can legitimately say their behavioral statistics (i.e. crime) are solely determined by their genetic characteristics.

    Rob doesn’t argue that violence in the Black community is solely due to biological causes…at the same time he doesn’t run away from the possibility that it is a significant contribution. Do you think the differences in violence exhibited between men and women is all due to environment…? The violent crime rate for Asians in the US is 1/4 that of Whites. I doubt any one would argue that Asians in US enjoy substantial privileges over Whites. Black women are less violent than White men. Again I doubt anyone would argue that Black women start out on average with greater advantages in the US than White men.

    Personally I would be against any hormonal therapy during pregnancy. The long term effects would simply be unknown and impossible to test for ethically. That said I don’t think we should totally discount a biological cause for some violence. However instead of using chemistry… perhaps we should examine African, White, and Asian societies which are violent versus those which are peaceful and learn what form of social feedback may be successful in reducing violence in all communities. A one size fits all approach across disparate races and cultures in the US seems to be failing.

  100. DevilMayhem666

    Blacks in the US are kinda raised to dislike whites. I’m black, btw.

  101. enlightenment isn't always pleasant

    I think your blog has struck a nerve with many people. People do not like the truth when it shows them to be wrong or less than they thought they were, but statistics nor scientific evidence doesn’t lie. Keep up the good work.

    • This isn’t scientific evidence nor is it proper statistics. It’s just blanket-formulated correlations that hold very little merit to the plentiful of other factors that also exist amongst and beyond.

      Testosterone doesn’t cause violence and aggression – it’s the other way around. Also, low IQ and high testosterone isn’t linked to crime. That’s something the OP made up.

      The article is filled with an array of flaws.

  102. daeve

    wow a racist circle jerk guys should be proud

  103. Robert Lindsay is a racist cunt. Death to him =]

  104. Bob Nietzsche

    Sigh, where to even begin…

    • Correlation does not equal causation.

    • Human interaction does not occur in a socio-economic vacuum.

    • “IQ” is not any kind of biological constant, but rather a blanket term for the statistic results from a wide number of different standardized tests; in ANY given age group that take an IQ test, the mean score is ALWAYS 100, regardless of the actual cognitive abilities of the test group as a whole. It follows from this that an individual IQ score only is scientifically useful when compared against other individuals who have taken the exact same test.

    Either Robert Lindsay is aware of the above basic facts, but chooses to ignore them and distort the truth because he really, really wants to do an “experimental intervention” in a black woman’s womb, OR he’s just a very sad, laughable little individual trying to inflate his personal ego with words and concepts way above his actual comprehension.

    Anyway Robert, since you put it on the table; the best “intervention” would most probably have been made in your own mother’s womb, regardless of your hormone levels.
    If pointless, racist (yes, the correct term is ‘racist’ even if you’re too chicken to admit it) drivel like this blog is all that you contribute to the human race, then I truly pity you.

    • NO. 100 is not the average score in any given group no matter their abilities. It’s not true. 100 was traditionally the average of White Americans. Now it’s the average of all Americans. That’s all it means. If Nigerians or Botswanans or whoever gets a 100 on their test somehow, it certainly doesn’t mean the same 100 as what you get from an average group of Americans. You need to compare the two scores to come up with a proper score for the Africans.

      As far as experimental intervention in a Black woman’s womb, it might be interesting, but first we should try these experiments of mature Black males, preferably adults, then work our way down to teens, then down to the lower kids, etc.

    • You are also banned, idiot. Haven’t I banned you before, jackass?

  105. Jonathan Tyr

    Ban everyone who has a differing opinion than yours and decides to challenge you… Race has nothing to do with it, but it’s obvious you have inferiority issues. You try and hide simple prejudice behind numbers and alleged scientific facts yet, when someone from the other side uses the same strategy, you just ban them from your site.

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  107. Half-Caste boy

    Hey, I’m a 14 year old half black, half white boy. In this post you make me feel like I’m not worth anything because of my colour, I haven’t even done anything. When you say that black people have a higher rate of crime, i consider that as wrong, because I have never commited a crime throughout my 14 year old life. And I’m not aggressive either. And how do you know that this stuff is true? This must be straight up bullshit.

  108. Raskolnikov

    “two pills – first one pill to lower testosterone to Black fetus’s brains by 20%, and possibly another pill to lower Black infant testosterone by 20% – could be beneficial. Such an intervention could possibly raise Black male IQ and decrease Black male crime.

    Of course, in our insane PC anti-racist society, such interventions are banned now and forevermore as “racist.”

    That’s because it’s a ridiculous, insane, egomaniacal idea that no parent or democratic government would ever allow. Only a mentally ill person would advocate such a vile idea. Would anyone here liked to have been given drugs as a baby that would lower their testosterone? I think not.

    All racists should be wiped out, they are not harmless, they’re dividing humanity.

    • kzimon

      Most white people nowadays that you call racist are simply hostile to the
      behavior displayed by the average black person. And they are inhibited by their bourgeois and politically correct upbringing. The problem is not testosterone or that Blacks are stronger. We simply don’t have the guts to say “back off” to strangers who come here and don’t respect our laws and society. And Blacks are indeed far more aggressive than White people nowadays, they know that Whites are scared of them, won’t react and are completely divided so they continue displaying their generally aggressive behavior. Simple as that, and Arabs are far worst, we all know it.
      I know Blacks and have African friends and there are many good things we should learn from them, such as group pride, group help, and generally having more guts than the average 2012 European guy. I wouldn’t know if that is due to testosterone or simply to imitation of their peers, or a generally more primitive and instinctive culture.
      I have never heard since 1945 of White Pride or White Solidarity outside some paranoid folks. And after having lived in Africa for some years, I really have to say it’s time for the White man to strengthen up.
      It’s just a matter of defending your own group in front of a more aggressive one.
      In any case, I don’t agree with all of Robert, because genetics is always matched evolutionary behavior. But I think it’s very positive that White people talk about the discrimination and violence we face in our society that is due mostly to an immigration problem, among which, Black people.

      If I wasn’t clear enough it may be because I am Spanish.

  109. shawn

    Why should anyone receive a pill? Your talking about eugenics, artificially changing human beings for the apparent better. Leave blacks how they are leave whites how they are. If you want to raise a black mans iq give him a positive environment and get him to study learn and explore the world positively. Articles like this may be the truth but are negative. Iq is raised with effort not a pill to alter their hormones.

  110. Tomas

    Thank you Robert for this interesting article.

    (sorry for my english i’m swedish)

    Sadly most people are not ready to read articles like this and not get upset.
    One theory is that after the secong world war all scientific research about human races and human evolution is considered VERY wrong and “hitler-like”. Another theory is that you yourself need to have an IQ above avarage to think “outside the box” to get that you Sir are only writing what science is taking you and trying to make the best of it and actually trying to help black people.

    It’s a nice thought that all people in the world are on avarage equally as intelligent. And i believe everyone would like that to be true. But if that was true societies would be pretty similiar all across the world.

    But I do understand why people get upset when reading articles like this. First of a lot of people dont know what on avarage means. Secondly its not easy being told that your own race is “inferior” in different areas even if is true. it’s just much easier to call you a racist couse the “truth” is to negative, to hurtfull to even consider.

    Inconvinient Scientific thruths are really harmless. It’s what you do later on with the thruths thats imortant.

    anywho about your study:

    1) what kind of pills (substanance) would you give to black mothers?

    2) It’s it really safe?

    3) Have you had any succes using your pills for example on chimpanseas or other animals?

    4) have you considered going to other countries to try your pills where there is no ban?

    5) If the pills worked as promised what kind of increase in IQ points do you think it would generate?

    6) It’s it really that simple: you lower the hormone levels and IQlevels increse? What about the brain size differences?

    7) what would happen if you gave your pills to white women? would “we” be more like asians hormone and IQ wise?

    Thanks again and Good luck with your work!

    best wishes:
    Tomas from Stockholm

    • Hi Tomas. I have no actual plans to give these pills to anyone or to design any study to do so. I am just throwing the idea out there as a thought experiment. Rise in IQ, if any? I would expect maybe a 4 pt rise to occur in the males given the pill. The rest of your questions I cannot answer.

  111. Steve

    If whites had super high homicide rates in the past, then the present high homicide rate of blacks could be equally circumstantial and cultural and improvable.

    Not all studies have found a positive correlation between testosterone and aggression but a meta analysis of 54 studies came up with a mean positive correlation of 0.14, weak.

    The question of whether or not living in an aggressive environment actually increases testosterone levels is unresolved.

    Also, a study showed that woman who believed they had taken testosterone acted more selfishly in a bargaining game, whether they had taken it or not, and the ones who actually had taken it acted more fair as long as they didn’t know. They were acting according to popular beliefs about testosterone when in fact cooperating was a better way to success and that seems to have been boosted by the testosterone.,8599,1946632,00.html

    • Steve

      I think there are presently a few black countries with lower murder rates than Russia. Certainly there are some with lower rates than Russia had in the 90’s. There are also big differences between different black countries. Some are super high like Jamaica and South Africa; others are moderate and probably a bit lower than a few white countries (Latvia, Estonia, Russia).

  112. Steve

    Call me crazy if you will but I actually believe that blacks are likely as intelligent as whites and could have a modern society with quite low crime rates.

    Historically, Eurasia (from France to Japan) developed ahead of sub Saharan Africa, Australia and the Americas. Development had to happen somewhere first, after 100,000 years of no one developing much. Then Eurasians (Europeans) spread to the Americas and Australia. That just left sub-Saharan Africa. But on the time scale of humanity, an extra 100 or 200 years to develop is hardly worth mentioning.

    • Steve

      well by Eurasia developed, I don’t mean modern industrial development..I mean more generally the development of civilizations.

  113. Joe

    To make a long story short. Robert Lindsay sounds like an arrogant bitch who is a total douche bag.

  114. Phil

    Just think Robert, if you had just a tad more testosterone your girlfriend would have never left you for a black man. Honestly though, I have never had a positive experience with black males in my life. They have all been beggars, drug addicts, con artists, violent towards women, lazy, smelly and feel our society owes them something. I’m not a racist. I’m just a person who has had many bad experiences with people who skin happens to be black. Blacks do well in Africa because evolution dictates it. Whites wouldn’t have a chance surviving in Africa. Why does everyone ignore evolution in these silly politically correct arguments.

    • Steve

      If you are wondering whether you are correct in saying that ‘Whites wouldn’t have a chance surviving in Africa’, why don’t you ask the ones who live there?

  115. Steve

    If black men over thirty have lower levels of testosterone and higher crime rates, then how do we know the higher crime rate of young black men has anything to do with higher testosterone? Maybe it does, maybe it has nothing to do with it.

    Black woman probably have a few IQ points more because they are more studious. Many more black woman go to college than black men, more than a few IQ points would explain.

    Maybe testosterone leads to more disruptive behaviour in school and less interest in sitting still and behaving which leads to lower iq. I doubt its a straightforward more testosterone leads to lower IQ. If that was the case, woman would be smarter everywhere but they aren’t.

  116. GeekNoir

    I’m with Steve in saying that time will probably heal everything. The Chinese were once seen as being pretty backward by western standards, move forward a few hundred years and who’d-a-thunk it?

    Yes, in 2012, people of African descent are, generally, behind the societal achievement curve of other ‘peoples’, but that doesn’t preclude them coming to a more median level of existence, sometime in the next several hundred years (which isn’t that long, as human existence goes). Believe it or not (I’m inclined to think that you’d rather not believe this), some African nations, such as Nigeria and Uganda, are already moving forward on an economic level (Uganda, with 33 million people, has an unemployment level lower than the USA and the UK, as the Spanish President recently found out, to his displeasure).

    Is it at all possible that, the reason so much time and effort is being spent attempting to continually attribute wrong doing to the ‘African’ is, simply, because the ego-struggle which promotes that ‘my forefathers were divine beings, unable to do wrong’ would be at odds with a ‘look at the mess my ancestors left me with’? Couldn’t this need to apportion blame back onto the descendants of the enslaved and colonialised be likened to the friends of a suspected rapist suggesting that ‘the victim was weak and unable to defend themselves, therefore they may have deserved it’?

    I’ll understand if you don’t agree with any of the above, in fact, I already understand that….

    BTW, the future’s bright, have a look, here

  117. SimSuper

    Firstly, thanks to GeekNoir and others who have clearly have shown that education and social conditioning are the main factors that influence social behaviour.
    Next I’d like to remind what we all already know and that is due to natural selection (and un-natural selection), Black Americans are no longer the same as Africans. No offence meant by that of course and both are capable of achieving great success.
    And now I have a question…. I’m athletic, I was a good sprinter and played receiver in my younger days. I’m also considered very intelligent although my testosterone is high (measured in a university research project). I’m not agressive and will happily help anyone (but don’t dare cross me! haha!). Furthermore I have a high sperm count (I was a donor) and fathered five kids from four women (that’s apart from donoring)….. So what color am i??

    • Phil

      I’m going to go out on a limb and guess you are a half breed. The fact that you are willingly propagating your flawed genes is proof that you are a mental midget of the highest order.

  118. Jack

    Is it possible that the higher average in “black” in early age and higher average higher count in older “white” men could be explained by enviromental causes, and not genetic predetermined ones? That maybe this could explain itself as an alternative?

    “black” culture in america atleast has a definitive ‘maschismo’ streak to it, that often values and commands certain traits where you could say testosterone friendly traits are often exponded more. I wouldn’t say changing their culture would lowers these levels, perhaps they are more likely shaped in teenage years, far more hypersocial and leaving “black” individuals vulnerable to cultural and environmental traits. I know atleast our urge to take risks has been shown by neurologists to shape hormonal levels in men’s teenage years that determine our ability to take risks for the rest of men’s lives.

    while white culture often is more forgivening of anti-competitive males, infact itself arguably the source of concepts like transgenderism and feminism. Feminism itself could be argued to be still in a process of osmosis in american culture. i think of psychologists like steven pinker who describe the ‘feminisation’ of modern males when I think of such things, and how this allows for greater (or “effeminating”) social organisation and success, something ideologically’ eurocentric’ in origin. Whenever we talk generally about this ‘modern male’, one should further consider, measuring this from norms and averages, we are de facto talking about “white” men, who are representing the vast majority.

    testostorone I would also say has been shown to be effecting by environment by some way or another, stress is known to reduce it for example, as is stamina related exercise. I guess I’m saying whatever factor it might be might be inherent to a “black” teenagers testoterone and hence future young adult level, might be as inherent as is his increased propensity to be from a lower economic status, or listen to hip hop music and watch BET.

    my explanation would be some cause and effect exhaustion of the male capacity to produce testosterone, perhaps some aging effect on the “black mans” thyroid, or some other such physiological explanation.

    while my explanation may not be correct, what has to be considered moreover is that nevertheless there be some other ‘secondary explanation’. And to implement such measures as a pill for “blacks” could have arbitrary effect, misinformation about things that determine their whole physical existence is touchy stuff, where mistaken belief can leave to acts such as the holocaust (not to go hitler ad reductium on you, you are far from hitler!), or even the unnecessary sterilisation of criminals, disabled and such individuals in the western world during the earlier half of the last century.

    whether you are right or not, you have to consider the ‘what if’ of such suggestions, our own aporia, the what if i’m wrong would there be any consequences in any case. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong in acting on assumptions like yours, but the consequences you have to consider.

  119. kzimon

    I don’t know Robert. I’ve worked around Africa for quite some time and I know an African language. Africans have a problem with violence and aggression, that’s for sure. I am not sure it is due to testosterone, perhaps more with culture. In any case, even if I don’t agree with some of your ideas, I am happy to see that finally someone talks about White discrimination. But one thing for sure we have to learn from black people: cooperation in front of a third party. In an African society members are always show cohesion in front of a stranger. We should do the same, these arguments of pills and testosterone are definitely not scientific…

  120. Phil

    Blacks should be sent back to Africa or kept in Zoo’s. It’s not right to dress animals up in clothing and expect them to function in modern society. It’s cruel. We should keep these lesser evolved creatures in their natural domain and study them from afar. I don’t believe testosterone reduction is going to make up for thousands of years of evolution. Robert, thanks for the refreshing honesty. It’s great to here people speak the truth in the face of lame illogical political correctness.

  121. Phil

    oh….and I purposely misspelled “here” as a trap for you simpletons who focus on correct grammar when backed into a corner with beautiful sublime truth and logic.

  122. ian

    one cannot discuss race without people going nuts. robert, please realize that 95% of the human race are still basically cave-men

  123. artriculous

    This is a really poor interpretation of the science. Most of your inferences and conclusions are either wrong or poorly interpreted. If you’d like me to explain in detail why you’re wrong then e-mail me and i’d be more than happy to do so. I’m a junior doctor with a BSc (hons) MSc (Lond) MBBS and a PhD. I’m also what you would probably describe as a big strong black guy.

    • Lord Baltimore

      There is nothing worse than a black pseudo intellectual. Wasn’t there a black surgeon in the news recently that went berserk and killed his ex girlfriend? Your easily acquired degrees won’t change thousands of years of evolution.

  124. WilliamJ

    I’m black and I agree with the fact that my race is genetically inferior. Negroids are lower than the average humans. I hate the fact that I was born black. Maybe I should just kill myself? There’s no way I could be as capable as everyone else. I’m just inferior in every way and it is causing me to suffer. I can’t change my genetics, but I hate everything about myself. This thread made me realize that it’s just hopeless trying to live. I’ve planned on suicide for a long time now. I guess I should just kill myself to get away from this nightmare that is reality.

    Thank you all for your enlightment.

  125. Bhabiji

    I’ve dated internationally, interracially, and interculturally and I have to say that most of the black men I’ve dated were sexier than all the others. While the others were of course good looking with many other great qualities, they lacked that certain something that the black ones possessed. Maybe they have a unique pheromone that works its magic on a subconscious level?

  126. Jam87

    Wow, gues the op (original poster) is really regretting opening this can of worms…

    End of the day, we’ve all got strengths and weaknesses, in my experience living in a mainly black area I’ve not experienced any bullshit stereotypes. End of the day, people are people, the personality, will, drive and stamina are what really counts. All the rest is environmental influence, and if we are to believe that we are sentient. this is no longer relevant.

    What drives the world? Science.


  127. Proud White Male

    Look at the polices: No republicans allowed. They say we are the intolerant ones. Liberal fags are hypocrites too.

  128. elias

    Excuse me sir but I believe your research is testosterone level is above 1000 and yet my iq is about 128 I dont see how this article is accurate when you are generalizing an entire racial group, which actually is invalid race is a social structure just like our laws and society, there is nothing genetic besides pigmentation that makes us different your so called research seems as if its pseudo science and more about your opinion about my people, maybe you should look at white extreme violence before looking at ours say the holocaust the crusades and the inquisition.Hope you take those into consideration before you say African Americans not blacks or Negros might not be as violent or extreme as you say.

  129. elias

    Aso I would just like to say what the heck do you Mormons know of black culture and being African American obviously nothing, I think that it is easy to infer something about a different culture when you have no knowledge of it. Lets face it this article has been a chance for you to base your opinions on your “research”and you have the right to free speech to do it, but lets face cold hard facts we are all created equals and there obviously should not be any generalizing about any racial group, of any kind. I think we are at a stage when we are slowly moving away from racism and these theories but there are stragglers who insist that one race is inferior. Also sir I honestly hope that one man was joking about his suicide not only could you be in serious legal trouble if they find out that it was because of this article it also might be a bate crime as well as an enormous weight on your soul.

    • Look Black man, I am banning you. Hostile tone. Now go buy a 40 oz and sit on your front porch and think about that for the rest of the night.

    • Phil

      Super aggressive and judgmental statement elias. Try to open your mind and broaden your horizons. Even though nature didn’t bless you with wisdom and intelligence, you can make up for it to a certain extent by hard work, humility and a deep understanding of your shortcomings. Please stay away from 40 ouncers, porches and obese white women with blonde hair. Sure you can knock them up and collect welfare but it is much more fulfilling to actually have some pride and attempt to better yourself.

  130. you lose madame

    Wow that was quite a racist comment Robert for somebody who is so called civlized, I emplore you to take a look at yourself because this little article of yours sounds a little like the tuskegee experiments and Nazi science. Now I’m not sure if you’re racist or not just look at the effect its having your theory which in fact you say makes Africans more violent, also makes them physically superior. If you are suggesting they naturally have higher testosterone then you are also stating they have more muscle mass, higher bone density and a higher sex drive. The people on here who are casting their votes for white supremacy are mistaken he literally put down in this article that Africans are superior. By the way don’t tell me to get a 40 like the other guy who obviously saw your argument was flawed I’m white but maybe you should not call yourself liberal if you say things like that. Maybe try out for the far right neon Nazi gangs I hear they are looking for pesudo scientists

    • Antonio Zapata

      “The people on here who are casting their votes for white supremacy are mistaken he literally put down in this article that Africans are superior.”

      since when did bigger muscles make one superior. Has that not been dis proven through the years that brute strength has always been shown to be inferior to superior intellect.
      Darwin even showed that in the animal kingdom, the beasts with the least intelligence, seemed to always be equipped with the most strength, or higher levels of poison, or larger size, to make up for what they lacked in intelligence.
      No we are not all the same, there are physiological differences between the races, other than test. levels another difference comes to mind. Here’s a little trivia for everyone, the reason the chokehold, which was used by LAPD for many years, and shown to be very effective in restraining violent subjects, without having to injure them with nightsticks, was banned after black males were dying after having a chokehold applied to them. Now of course what was the first thing said, the cops were intentionally applying more pressure to the blacks than whites (when looked at this reasoning one has to wonder why in the hell would a cop not want to kill a dumbass white guy trying to hurt him, if he was killing blacks for doing the same? Does anyone really think the cop would be thinking oh ok, this guy is white, its ok if he kills me, but none of these black guys better try.)
      Anyway an officer was brought up on charges, and it was shown in court, that the Cartilage in the front neck area is only 25% as thick as white males, so the reason behind the disproportional deaths of black males was due to anatomical differences not racism, the cartilage was breaking fairly easy on black males, causing their throats to swell up and they would suffocate. So after this was brought to light, the chokehold was banned, and the outcome of the court proceedings was swept under the rug and kept quiet. One other point which is not very pc, there are still blacks living in grass villages, wearing loin clothes and carrying spears in the year 2012, why? You have to go all the way back to 300 AD, to find any white people living in a fashion even close to that, and even then full sets of clothes were made by the women. How do you explain that in the 900+ years of evolution that brought the white male to landing robotic vehicles on other planets, and yet some blacks remain the same as they were 600 years ago, why? Of all the semi-civilized country’s run by blacks, everyone of them was set up by whites, and as soon as the whites left and turned it over to blacks, blacks would pick up guns and have civil war after civil war, or run by dictators, why? How come of all these country’s run by blacks, the upper middle class in those country’s living standard is below blacks in the US who are on welfare, why?Whenever I see a white person make a statement like blacks still suffer racism in the US, I wanta give that white person a vacation to the congo, let them see what a black person suffering looks like. I have lived in Africa, and the biggest cry babies in the world is American blacks. Yea the US which elected a black to the most powerful spot in the world. How is it, that the richest black woman and richest black male were both born and raised in the US, that they have more money than the black dictators of whole countries in Africa.
      If I was black and born in the US, I would be thanking my ancestor from Africa for being slow enough to get caught by the slave traders, saying thank you thank you, that I didn’t get born in Rwanda. there, I have just committed a crime punishable by death, for asking questions that some may think, but don’t dare say. I could go on and on, but this is enough for a firing squad. One more thing why is it ok for a black man, eric holder to insult black people by saying it would be to hard for black people to get a picture ID, and to some how say it’s racist against blacks to make “everyone” show picture id to vote?
      something tells me if the nra demanded that blacks be allowed to buy a gun without ID, eric holder would no longer feel getting a picture ID as being racist.

  131. you lose madame

    Listen man, I think by now we’ve all seen that you are highly racist, I mean every person that disagrees with you you assume is a different race. But maybe do you think there’s a reason that in the modern world that all races are equal. Its because its already been Provence that race is a social structure and that Africans are no different from caucasians I think that you have been mislead by your ignorance of this I hope that mentally you get better someday.

  132. Bhabiji

    The high T levels are what make Black men the most sexually attractive men on the planet. Their physiques, muscular tone, aroma, and pheromones stop us red blooded women in our tracks. Does it mean we want to husband them up? No. Its a primal, visceral attraction. Now, if after getting to know one and he has the right character, right values and personality – sure, we’ll husband him up. But biological sexual attraction does not depend on husband qualities. Husband is cultural while pure sexual attraction is primal.

  133. Steve

    What is your source for the assertion that black men have higher t from 7-24. That’s a specific claim. Is it from a particular study?

    I can find two studies and they say different things.

    “Higher testosterone in black compared with white men has been postulated to explain their higher prostate cancer incidence. Previous studies comparing hormone levels by race might have been limited by size, restricted age variation, or lack of representation of the general population.

    Objective: Our objective was to compare serum testosterone, estradiol, and SHBG concentrations among non-Hispanic black, non-Hispanic white, and Mexican-American men.

    Participants, Design, and Setting: A total of 1413 men aged 20+ yr and who attended the morning examination session of the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES III) in 1988–1991 were included in this cross-sectional study.

    After applying sampling weights and adjusting for age, percent body fat, alcohol, smoking, and activity, testosterone concentrations were not different between non-Hispanic blacks (n = 363; geometric mean, 5.29 ng/ml) and non-Hispanic whites (n = 674; 5.11 ng/ml; P > 0.05) but were higher in Mexican-Americans (n = 376; 5.48 ng/ml; P < 0.05)."

    "blacks had a 15% higher testosterone level and a 13% higher free testosterone level."

  134. Harold

    I just went to an open mic night where every person gets 20 minutes to perform their songs. Three black guys got on stage to play their boring two chord songs that went on forever. After playing twenty minutes they were asked to leave the stage so others who signed up could perform. Of course the reaction was some kind of hostile jive turkey exclamations and posturings and they refused to get off. So they kept playing and basically cleared the bar. Everyone who had signed up to perform just left. This is a perfect example of high testosterone behavior. The three of them basically intimidated and bullied the white guy that was running the show in classic monkey herd mentality. Pathetic.

    • Huax

      That’s just retard behavior. I can see black women doing that as well and they definitely do not have higher testosterone than men.

  135. Huax

    Young Black males have higher levels of active testosterone than European and Asian males. Asian levels are intermediate to Blacks and Whites, but Asians have lower levels of a chemical needed to convert testosterone to its active agent, so effectively they have lower levels. Androgen receptor sensitivity is highest in Black men, intermediate in Whites and lowest in Asians.

    Where do you get this information? East Asians have higher levels than the blacks tested in every study I’ve seen. By “chemical” do you mean 5-alpha-reductase? They do not have lower levels, but they have higher SHBG due to diet. In America the difference goes away with East Asian men still having higher levels of DHT, T, and lower E.

    Blacks have higher estrogen. I simply do not understand the widespread delusion here that black men are athletic muscle gods. I see tons of black people every day and the vast majority of black men are obese.

    Second, whites are not more masculine than East Asians, maybe if don’t count all the most feminine/fat white men (at least 50% of the population) and ignore all of the most masculine East Asians, or lump Southeast Asians in with the rest.

    • Xera

      No East Asian men are not the most masculine, they get slaughtered by Blacks and Middle Eastern people in most almost every MMA match they go againts each other. Asian males have the most feminine and alien like features of all race of males. Accept it, Asians are the least masculine, least tester one ridden, and bottom of attractiveness by other race females.

      • Huax

        Japanese men are the smallest of East Asians and they don’t even care about any sports, not to mention MMA. Unlike blacks and sand niggers, Japanese people are predominantly occupied with intellectual and creative jobs.

        If the North Chinese were to seriously consider MMA they’d utterly destroy you. East Asians simply produce the most genetically masculine males and most feminine females due to evolution, and all scientific journals (not sand nigger rambling) support this fact.

        • Hacienda

          Hey Y’All!

          Been here in Korea this summer. Hot as fuck. Thank you, WASPs, kikes, and Industrial Revolution for seriously fucking up the planet. Go kill yourselves, or at least have the decency to stop reproducing. Which you are kindly doing, thanks much.

          Back on point. I agree with Huax that average NE Asian IQ is possibly north of 120. I have good reasons for believing this. Just remember NE Asians are ESL, and they are still seriously kicking your asses in school.

          In fhe future, the differences will only show up more.

          Sorry Sand Nigger, one standard deviation is too strong. Game’s over.
          As for Egypt, it is done. Cooked. 2 SD with nigger population swamp.
          Just shut the fuck up, already. And BAG, arithmetic boy, don’t confuse hard reality with trolling. LOL.

        • Huax

          120 would be Cattell, which is a joke – not that it doesn’t stop whites from trying to claim a 107-108 Germanic IQ.

          But cancerous bitchtits are the hallmark of masculinity, and the sand niggers have us beat here.

        • Been here in Korea this summer.

          Sounds fun. How are the hot dogs in Korea?

          Just remember NE Asians are ESL, and they are still seriously kicking your asses in school.

          This is not true. Asians are ESR, not ESL.

        • Bay Area Guy

          Welcome back, Halucienda!

        • Xera

          No all the NE Asians were demolished every time they went up againt’s foreign fighters, this includes the North Chinese and Koreans we well. Egypt produces some of the strongest men in the world, just go on you tube or any mainstream bodybuilding forum. Greco-Roman+African+Arab+Assyrian+Persian+Kurdish+Turkish+North African+Phoenician+Slavic genetics=instant win>any goddamn chink or wannabe master race chink ramblings.

          The Japanese really took Pride seriously but stopped giving a fuck once all the Brazillians, Eastern Europeans and Middle Eastern people started demolishing the superior NE Asian race in record numbers.

        • Xera


          I believe the correct term is sand niggers*

        • Xera

          HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

          East Asian males the most masculine?? HA HA HA HA, even the most masculine of them look like small dogs. Dude, stop citing bullshit studies with East Asian male researchers or professors with yellow fever, we all know it’s a fact that East Asians are NOWHERE near the most masculine race of males.

        • Hacienda

          “Sounds fun. How are the hot dogs in Korea?”

          LOL. I miss the hot dogs. American cuisine- at its peak. You can get an inferior dog, worse than Oscar Meyer, at some of the trendier areas here for $3.00. I need to get to Target or Cosco for a real hot dog.

          It’s been a bitching hot summer here. Same in America, I see. It’s an omen, I tell you all. This means God favors the nigger. And Obama gets re-elected.

        • Huax

          Riiight Sand nigger, I’m sure there are just so many North Chinese in MMA, and Egyptians are lanky monkeys with hook noses.

        • Huax

          And LOL white guys with yellow fever want to desperately prove how small their dicks are? You really are a subhuman race of retards.

        • Xera

          Yeah, all the North Chinese in pride got demolished so their pussy genetics kept them out of it.

        • jayjay

          if one looks at the male and female of East Asians you will find that the difference between the genders are the least among of all the races.

      • ichigo kurosaki

        some asian traits are desired by other races=
        whites like to tan their skin, most of them in america, they reject their super extreme pale skin ,however most of them dont tan to turn their skin super extreme dark like the black skin, they choose a middle skin, like the asian skin
        another proof come from blacks, since is a trend that black women make their hair straight ,just like the asian hair
        people from other races love the medium skin color and straight hair from asians

      • Huax

        Yep – she covers 5ar as I mentioned before. She does not mention that 5ar is highly variable depending on diet – both a high gluten and high saturated fat diet increase 5ar activity. Saturated fat suppresses SHBG which is a 5ar antagonist. DHT levels even in (presumably) Cantonese-American men fed a “Western-like” diet are slightly higher than in white American males.

        The incidence of prostate cancer tells us little about average levels of T. Twice the ratio of prostate cancer does not imply twice the level of DHT, but it speaks volumes about the distribution of hormone levels – which I made mention of before.

        White men also have double the prevalence of breast cancer as East Asians. Does that mean they’re twice as feminine?

        I get the feeling that you (and many other HBD types) simply stop looking once a cursory glance at the data confirms personal bias. Even within East Asian groups there is wild variation in serum sex steroid levels.

        Likewise the bit on receptor sensitivity sounds implausible and I think you might be confounding the results with something else. Androgen receptors at each site are all different and there is a unique and complex interaction of aromatase, estrogen, T and DHT for each. On top of that, few medical researchers have the wherewithal to split “Asians” into the proper genotypic groupings.

        • jayjay

          east asian women got very small breasts which is probably why they have very little incidence of breast cancer.

      • Xera

        In other word:

        blah blah blah! Asian don’t have small dicks, blah blah blah blah chink rambling blah blah!!!

  136. Bay Area Guy

    The battle of the trolls continues!

  137. Huax


    We analyzed data from 1759 California males whose diagnosis of breast cancer was made between 1988 and 2000 and reported to the population-based California Cancer Registry. Cases were primary, microscopically confirmed in situ and invasive breast cancer. Age-adjusted incidence rates per 100,000 men were highest in Blacks (1.65), intermediate in whites (1.31) and lowest in Hispanics and Asian/Pacific Islanders (0.68, 0.66, respectively).

    There is far stronger link between female sex hormones and male breast cancer than there is with testosterone and prostate cancer.

    MBC is also strongly linked to gynecomastia, which in turn is linked to hypogonadism, which in turn is linked to poor musculature and micropenis. Take that for what it’s worth.

  138. Grant

    Why are you fruits blithering about penis size?

    • ichigo kurosaki

      why would someone be insulted by being called gay? there is nothing wrong with being gay, being gay is okay, if I thought there was something wrong with being gay, being called a faggot should insult someone, but seeing as how I know that being gay is okay, being called gay is not an insult
      in conclusion, if you think faggot is a bad word, then maybe you should look inside yourself to see that inner bigot that lives inside of you, that bigot who thinks being gay is wrong

  139. Rocket 88

    I’m an over 60 white male with large penis, basically in gerth and slightly above average length, perhaps 9 inches erect, 4 inches norm. But I found that black women and white women reacted to making love the same way. They both felt that , while uncomfotable, they enjoyed the sensation and expected “more time in the saddle”, which I could not accomplish after a fair game in the sack. The point is that black or white, they are all lovely WOMEN, nothing more nothing less. No color, no nationality, nothing makes them diffenent , to me anyway.
    But Asian women makes me melt. I have a real passion for them but I have found that because of my size, I have to break them in slowly and gently until they can “flutter” to my satisfaction. Having a large one has it’s problems.

  140. Jm8

    In large areas of Sub saharan West Africa, much of the farming was traditionally done by men (including Most of Nigeria, Ghana, large parts of Mali, Senegal and the general Western Sahel/Savannah region.) This area was ascribed to what some early scholars like Hermann Baumann called the “higher hoe culture” and Stephen K. Sanderson calls “intensive horticulture”, intermediate in cultural complexity between primitive hoe cultures/horticulture and advanced plough cultures. In Advanced horticulture, fallow peroids tended to be shorter than in certain other hoe farming regions because of the land’s greater fertility and men have a greater role in farming. Most of Polynesia, parts of Micronesia(and perhaps parts of Papua) had Advanced horticulture as well

    The so-called female farming area in Africa, was mainly in Central Africa south from the Congo region. Even there men often had important subsistance roles which varied by ethnic group and location(See the work of the ethno linguist Jan Vansina on early Central African cultures, such as his book, “Paths in the Rainforests” which covers early subsistence), usually clearing the land for planting(clearing is more frequent in places with longer fallow periods), planting seeds/yams, and building and maintaining field fences (also houses and most other structures). They also hunted and fished, which supplied most of the protein. They were usually responsible for tending the oil palm whose oil and palm-wine (and sometime other products) were part of the general diet.
    Jane Guyer’s work on the precolonial farming systems of various Central and some and West African tribes showed sex roles were fairly complex often with several tasks performed by each sex, and the roles of men in farming usually greater in earlier times.
    “Female Farming in Anthropology and African History” by Jane Guyer

  141. Jm8

    According to Guyer and others, the role of men sometimes in farming in some areas decreased somewhat in more recent times with the introduction of new crops like cassava, because among other reasons it was considered a womens’ crop, being easier to grow than older crops. Wage labor in the colonial period also caused men to be away for long stretches in some places.

  142. murphy

    Well the original question was whether or not blacks had higher testosterone. Naturally people of all races digress as we scroll down the comments. Studies may show different T levels in certain racial groups, one particular group – according to this website, have higher T levels, this is of course blacks. First off whoever led this study is qualified I’m sure, but severely blinded by racism. Yes, a Boston bred Irishman is calling you the racist. Lets take a look at how evolution works before I continue: We as human beings adapt to our surroundings through natural selection. Africans, (EVERY HUMAN BEING’S ANCESTOR) started off in Africa. As beautiful as it can be, it’s geography does NOT encourage high IQ or bulging muscles, to survive in Africa our ancestors needed to be fast, agile, strong, quick minded and dark (seeing as we don’t have fur our skin needs to adapt to exposure.) Now I could write a book about this BS if I felt it necessary. I don’t by the way and chances are none of you care to hear my extensive opinion on this matter. Yes, Blacks statistically are more violent than whites. Lets ask ourselves, Who treated Blacks with violence and aggression for CENTURIES? White men. Well, Robert Lindsay did you ever for a moment consider that? I cringed when I read your comments, look at the way you abuse your power on the internet banning anyone who speaks out because your sitting safely behind a screen. I bet you hold the door for black people and act extra nice and polite when their physically present but I also bet your the racist dipshit that calls the cops on harmless people who make you feel inferior. (when their not looking of course). now i don’t think any group is BETTER than another because of their race, I believe in regarding people as individuals. Now in our world, where individuals aren’t held as accountable as they should be, I’m sure you’ll never get what you deserve, but if that ever changes I’m sure your enemy won’t be the black people who your so deathly afraid of, it’ll be a white person who is fed-up with cowardly trash like you, who grapple onto skin color to feel strong. Yea you can say and think whatever you want, but when someone as despicable as you tries to group themselves in with ANY set of people, a shit storm heads their way. Don’t bother glorifying your whiteness and seriously consider the thought that you may not be human in every sense. Please ban me for this, I’d really appreciate it. And don’t forget to keep your miserable thoughts and theories to yourself because in case you were wondering, your not on anyones good side. If there ever was a “White man’s burden” your it pal, time to back off. Your very existence feeds the social disease that has caused confusion and hatred among’st people. Your words have little effect on most (I hope) but parasites are indeed bottom feeders so I’m sure you’ve already convinced a few half-baked morons to be like you. Either quit the sneaky racism or go out and preach your beliefs, I can almost promise that nobody will care enough to hurt you and endanger their freedom, but maybe you’ll realize that you have nothing to fear, except for the fact that your existence is counterproductive and pointless.

  143. Syd

    I don’t understand what is wrong with racism. If 30 purple and pink striped people brutalize me, over time I will become very wary of purple and pink striped people. It’s logic and survival. Deal with it.

    • Thats xenophobia. It is racism when you start to harass, discriminate against or attack purple and pink striped people who didn’t brutalise you, just because they happen to be pink and purple.
      As politically incorrect it might me, I think xenophobia is ingrained in human nature. Racism on the other hand, is socio-cultural conditioning. Some people act on their xenophobia, others don’t.

  144. Martin from Belgium

    Well I had several black girls and studied psychology and I can confirm these findings. I also would add these findings: black women get sexually satisfied much faster and easier than whites, because of their high T. But after 35 they are ‘dry’, what I cannot say of white women. However T makes one very self confident, happy, self assured. Depression is inexistant in Africa. I can assure this is true because I asked my doctor to prescribe me some T for some months and it was great (I dont do anymore because your body then stops producing T and it takes a long time before it produces T normally again). I also went to asia and I can confirm peoples low self esteem there, also a consequence of low T. Indeed whites are in between. But as a black I would not agitate agains these findings, every disadvantage has an advantage too, that high self esteem is a precious thing to care and keep. That feeling good in ones body, that uncomplexed feeling for dance, music ,sports is a great gift too. So why not just admit these findings we all know but we are afraid to talk about in this self-censoring society. Now that we have freedom of speech, we are just self-censoring our scientists and reporters to reveal the truth in the name of ant-racism. How silly is that. Differences exist between races and then what is the problem. That crime is the only problem, and we could try that solution of pills, why not, on a free basis ? But then all moods should first calm down and stop feelings of one race being better than the other. We are just different we d better say.

  145. White male in Europe who never were able to recognize White Pride, or white proud heritage. Only was left to feel shame for being white.

    Im a white man of age 23. I lost my virginity very late (19). I have very intellectual and always been considered smart. However, after visiting the poorer area for reason regarding the job I did. I noticed the inner city kids lost their virginity at age 13-14 (black ones) and I always saw the white girls hang after them. Also amongst olders i notice blacks slept and have children with white women who never date white men, they even dispise whites, the black man sleeps with the white women and they have children, but as soon as they walk out the door going to party or similiar they have another younger white girl waiting for them. They also have sex all the time, alot with whites. This compared to my upbringing and people from my part of the city, is not normal as we are more passive, but also more considirate in relationship. The blacks also fight more and often have been jail-sentenced, yet their unintelligent behaviour still benifits them regarding sleeping with women without even having a job, compared to many of us who does, and simply do not get as much sex or respect as them(intimidation/cool)

    Adding to the fact the media hides all black related crimes, where blacks even commit murders on white and it never get seen, but when white person does something its all over the news, preferably plastered as “WHITE RACIST DOES THIS”, the immegrants has been proven by statistic to get much less time in jail and penelty, where some murders amongst youth has only landed them in 2-3 years. Adding to the fact with the new liberal (i suspect jews, and no i am not antisemite, its just proven our media is owned by jewish families) push interracial relationship, and any critizise against immegrants commiting violence is dissmissed as “racism”, and our youth (just like me) was brainwashed into accepting “diversity” and all that. (read the comments and you will white hating whites respond in defense, much like the woman who went to haiti to help blacks but end up raped)

    The point im trying to reach is that I am now effectivly a cuckold sissy, i have realized how i become this way, but I dont feel I can/will change, considering society will just fall in moral degenecy where all this will be normal with the liberal and socialistic way, having teenage boys wearing panties, schools promoting young girls to be manly, and boys accept femine roles (brainwashing) i just see it as going worse and i might just succomb to it. I have used panties and done sodomy (the conservative way is the right way, even if its hard) to myself, it doesnt make me happy, it only fills me with sick pleasure. And I am dating a white woman who after 2 years of relationship expressed interest in blacks, me, unable to handle the situation properly lead to jelousy and

  146. White male in Europe who never were able to recognize White Pride, or white proud heritage. Only was left to feel shame for being white.

    *jelous and wrong directed aggression, which only drove her further from me. She cheated on me multiple times with a blacks. In one sense i was really angy, hateful and didnt understand how this could be, later time just made me feel emascualited, impotent and weak. This was turned into sexual perversion further from what i felt my entire life. I am still together with her, and she has the black guy who comes in regurly and sleeps with her, i know him personally now and he did intimidate me in my own house with made things worse. After longer time i fell into this perversion and I have given the consent for her to sleep with him, even myself participating in different means, by watching, perform oral on her or leave the house while they record and im watching it after he has left together with my girlfriend. We still have sex and we love each other but leaving her and trying to find another woman who might eventually end up thinking blacks are sexually superior is something I dont think i can escape and I came to terms of what part of society looks like and I do take pleasure in this sickness. If I was attracted to asian women I would probably date them as well, but there is no denying new generation of asians throw away their heritage, responsibility, moral values into becoming more “westernized” which is a big problem in asia as it derives from hedonistic pleasure and behaviour. In same sense its easy for a white man to take an asian girl, I understand how inaduaqete the civilized, eduacted asian male feels, when the white drop out degenerate steals their educated, virgin beautiful flower from asian males(that have sought over that perticular girl for years, showered her with flowers and loving letters and displays of affection) with big edaucation just to see their girl get taken by whites, we inherit a more rude, dominant behaviour and thus we attract them more easily. I recognize we are all individuals, but speaking on general terms this is reality and whats happening. Japanese crossdressers are by a great number, and feel great inaduquesy compared to whites. Not to mention blacks dating asian ARE, and will continue to RISE, leaving white dominance potentially lowered in asian image.

  147. Cara

    Ok, I have had the misfortune of growing up around blacks…living somewhat near to them and having to go to school with them. RL is correct. He is not being racist. Just face the truth. I am also a minority. I don’t think he is trying to belittle black men. No other race acts the way they do. My sister had to testify in court after a girl who was raped by one ran into our house for help. A friend and I were almost raped by two of them when we stayed too late at a train station once. Family members have been mugged by them. We left a building we used to live in because they started to fill it up and again rape occurred. Black men, in large part, cannot control themselves the way other races can. I wish I could live in a world without them.

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  149. savanna has been long since i saw an interesting topic like this one. i will say something here. im black, but african ok. it seems we are different from the african americans assuming Mr. Lindsay (is Lindsay not a girl’s name, just wondering)used the american blacks for his project. we are not violent, and trust me lindasay we are smart. i speak 5 languages fluently (english, french, arabic, hausa, and spanish) i also understand 2 more (japanese, german). i graduated from my town university where i read particle physics. i currently work with a media firm where i do computer graphics. im a freelancer with 3 magazine companies. how smart could it get ( i didnt mean to be proud). yet im still not the smartest kid in town. i must say if what you are saying about the american blacks is true, then somewhere somehow the american soil and the proximity of you white sort turned them in to what they are now, which totally different from what we (africans) are.
    dont mind my grammatical sins. queen forgive me

    • Princess

      African darkies are cool….it’s just the lazy yard apes in America I can’t tolerate. It’s wrong to dress monkeys up like humans and expect them to function in a civilized society. It’s cruel and inhumane. Evolution shapes all animals by environment. If I was black I would desperately want to return by to my African home and get in touch with my culture….not knock up a fat white chick, collect welfare checks, sit on the porch drinking 40 ounce malt liquor and eat fried chicken.

      • It’s wrong to dress monkeys up like humans and expect them to function in a civilized society. It’s cruel and inhumane.

        +1 for racist humor.

      • savanna


      • Regina

        Tell me Princess, what species of animal are you? Shake your family tree and see how many blacks fall out. More American whites are on welfare than blacks and latinos combined.

    • jayjay

      Conditions in Africa now are almost exactly what they were in the European dark ages. And yet the white folks seem to have out that messy soup and dominated the world. DO you think same will happen to Africans

      • nicolas

        european and american imperialists killed off the good african leaders and replaced them with dictators. economically, they steal africa s resources. that is why africa is in the dark ages

  150. jj

    THE PREY THAT SMART EARLY HUNTERS CAPTURED-not only provided FATS and PROTEINS to enlarge their brains-but also provided also provided SKINS/PELTS to further protect themselves from the HARSH NORTHERN LATITUDES. . .OR PERISH TRYING . .

    CONTRAST THIS WITH FOLKS FROM THE SOUTHERN HEMISPHERES-where the fruit falls from the trees-and in some climates, folks could even survive NAKED. . .



  151. Blue

    So, based on your explanation, which race do you consider to be the most “advanced”?? Hispanics?? Hispanics from the Caribbean are a mix of European and African Americans.

    • Other than making the best soft tacos on Earth, Hispanics are not all that superior.

      NE Asians are the most advanced humans of all. Those slopes, gooks and slants are far better than all the rest of us. Embarrassing or what?

      Praise the Rord and pass the kimchi!

  152. Objectivity

    Agriculture has nothing to do with black testosterone. Blacks never had agriculture until the proto-Arabs gave it to them. Blacks have the most testosterone because they’re the most r selected race (see Rushton).

    • This is WRONG.

      Blacks were one of the first races to develop agriculture. Blacks developed proto-agriculture by 12,000 YBP, and they had full agriculture by 9,000 YBP. By 3-4,000 YBP, they had full animal husbandry and even plantation agriculture, especially in the East.

      Yep. Niggers are smart enough to grow food! Believe it or not.

      • objectivity

        Agriculture spread to black Africa through Egypt from the middle East. It’s not at all indigenous to sub-Sahara. However you are correct that black Africans may have innovated husbandry on their own.

        • Apparently that is not true. They invented it on their own in the Sahel about 8-12,000 YBP.

        • Objectivity

          Sahel is in Caucasoid North Africa not Negroid Sub-Saharan Africa. Most scholars say agriculture came to Africa through Egypt and perhaps a lot more recently than you think.

          Humans were simply not smart enough to think up agriculture until they endured the natural selection of the last ice age, which is why it emerged immediately after the ice age ended and only among caucasoids/mongoloids (the races who felt the ice age)

      • BANNED. Now go back to your hood and make sure you keep it covered over your mouth…your mind, well…that’s been out of air forever it appears. But you are definitely Banned….so stop showing up here.

  153. Martin from Belgium

    Mr Lindsay, I live in Brussels and we have plenty of african and arab immigrants. How would you explain that African immigrants adapt quite well here and are nearly not involved in crime, while north-africans ( especially Maroccans) steal, beat, attack women and older people, smoke marihuany frequently etc…, Why is that so different than in the US , their testosterone is same here, but does not lead to crime.

  154. Mom

    I am compelled to respond to this blog, my first 🙂 I was searching for information on testosterone levels in black males because I see so much sexual aggression from them in our community. For those defensive readers, aggression does not mean violence. I was curious for an explanation. There would be obvious cultural influences, but outside of that I just couldn’t explain it. My community is an above- average socio-economic suburban environment. We are a diversified collection of all races doing pretty well in the world. Lots of folks are religious in their own brand and our children are well educated. BTW, I am a white, middle-aged, liberal progressive, mother of a teenaged daughter. When my daughter entered high school I understood that boys would be noticing and approaching her. I talked to her about these things and tried to teach her how to handle the attention she was getting. The most attention comes from black boys. It is Relentless. They are all smooth talking. They, mostly, are buff, very athletic, and have lots of swag. I can tell you that, here at least, black high school boys only date white girls and the occasional hispanic. The high school girls are attracted to the black boys because they are physically more developed and therefore seem more like men than the skinny white boys. (these are not my words, but the words I have heard from teen girls). These black boys, as one post said, have unbounded confidence and no shame whatsoever. Often, white girls will only date black guys…..they call it Jungle Fever. yes, it has a name. And, yes, the white girls do make fun of the white guys and “yell”at the white guys for being whimps. At least behind their backs which might be why Jack has never heard that before. And, no, they don’t treat the white women any better than their history suggests that they have treated black women.
    I was looking for something to help me understand the sexdrive of the black teen male….other than he’s a teen male. It just seems that their sexdrive is so much higher than the other boys and they are more aggressive and they have no respect for women. They are so crude and vulgar that it boggles my mind. Regardless of the reason, it manifests itself in our society as a male that has no respect for women and only views them as a sex object. Women have no value to them outside of a place for them to put their penis. For our young women, that makes me very sad. I can only hope that today’s young girls can learn to require more respect from all boys/men. Maybe tthis change in our culture would be a positive influence on the “nature vs. “nuture” aspect of this issue.

    • Randomdude

      If your talking about dht, that’s not the same as t. In fact, Asians can be very masculine becuase their t doesnt converts to dht. Liberals spoiled blacks all the way, whites and Asians, they have class issue first before race issue. People who haven’t made it to successful becomes isolated, will despise the rich and will feel empathy for people just like them and they are liberals.

      • Randomdude

        I do not feel emasculated when white men are seeing our women, I’m Korean. Here is one thing, human wants different genetic makeup in their sex partners, not long term dates. Only masculine blacks are west African types, not others. Women wants providers/feminene types in same race but masculine/bold types in interracial.

    • NiggersRfaggots

      WtF are you still a progressive liberal? you seem to have a firm grasp on reality.

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  156. Korean

    Asian men have less 5 alpha reductese among all races that disables them to produce DHT. DHT is different from regular T if that’s what your talking about. Yes, I’ve noticed a lot of ww dating bm in the US. a lot of them were obesed or old or both but some were fine. Liberals spoiled blacks all the way. Their relentless confidence comes from that they know that liberals will protect them no matter what. The rightists should take actions I think

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  158. Randomdude

    Androgen sensitivity of cag repeats, their same from 18 to 24. Almost all blacks, whites and Asians are in this range.

  159. Randomdude

    I’m sorry, 16 to 28.

  160. Violet

    Why do porch chuckers always get in trouble for gang rapes? What is the appeal of gang rape? Why do these simple animals cluster in groups and get excited?

  161. Sounds about right

    All blacks should go vegan.


    first of all – wtf does “testosterone” have anything to do with “sexual prowess” thats the most tiny d*cked self hating sissy racist remark ever.

    blacks arent any “better” at jack SH*T. and it doesnt necessarily mean theyre “worse” at anything either.

    also testosterone doesnt effect penis size or anything retarded like that. the receptors in human growth hormone are almost exclusively to do with that.

    also – hunter/gatherers vs. agriculturalists. LOL. so what n*ggers are the only godamn “agriculturalists” on the planet? last time i checked asians are exclusively that for IONS, same with south americans, and PLENTY of americans today (farmers).

    anyway this site is stupid and self-depracating and racist at the same time. as a big d*cked white guy whose plenty “good” at sex, whose intelligent, i think my “testosterone” is fine.

    it doesnt necessarily make me any better worse or different than anyone else idiot….


    oh & while testosterone can lead to slightly less body fat, and more aggressive behavior, TONS of things can lead to that.

    diet, exercise, skin texture, genetics, hgh, muscle fiber, bone density and structure, endrocine systems, and general habits effect EVERYTHING.

    every race is different, even subsets in each race. oh and that whole “black chicks mated only with the best male mates” thing is so f*ckin stupid i cant stand it lmfao.

    yea small tiny TRIBES might’ve done that. not whole freakin populations. why is it then that they have higher rates of diabetes, heart disease, etc.

    anyways i wont be back ya lil d*cked b*tches so shove it up you ass lmfao

  164. Jimmy Carter

    Is this proven that blacks have higher testosterone levels? If so it certainly goes a long way towards explaining the lopsided crime rate. I can understand why liberals are so threatened by it, it destroys their PC fantasies.

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  166. Charles

    A yard ape just killed a baby in a stroller. I’m getting sick and tired of these monkeys being allowed to be part of the human race.

  167. Raymond

    I’m a black guy who was bullied and labeld an “oreo” all my life. I went to a mostly white school but the small demographics of blacks laughed adn me and called me “fag” and “oreo” for no reason. I never understood why they would hang out against the wall being loud and oogling everyone who walkd by, (some not all blacks) and I would get sngled out because I wasn’t aggressive like them or have the monolithic way of thinking. I was already going through some mental shitso it didn’t help at all. I’m really fucked over this into my adult years but I’m working on foregivess and understanding. race is a subject that’s too politicaly correct to be honest about but maybe it’s time to have an hoenst discourse, (done in a respectful way). All demographics have both strengths adn weaknesses, beauty and ugly and this must be discussed too instead of making excuses. But I understand in today’s competitive society these honest differences will pave the way for some to be abusive or racist so this must be avoided also. I don’t have the answers but people like me really have fallen through the cracks.

  168. Raymond

    Sorry for the misspellings I’m really upset right now.

  169. Charles

    It’s so funny how African Americans were the one’s enslaved, yet so many non black racist have nothing but hatred to spew out of their mouth against blacks. I rarely if ever go on these message boards and see anything negative written about whites by so called “racist blacks”, and if so it doesn’t come close to out numbering the amount with negative things to say about blacks. All it leads me to believe is that there is some form of underlying resentment. You always hear that is not the case, but for God’s sake why does it always come up. To me by experience if I don’t care for someone, I don’t bring them up at all. If you find yourself always talking about someone you don’t like, you’ve allowed yours self to become obsessed by that person. Ask your self “Are they thinking of you that much”, have they allowed THIER life to become a constant obsession about what YOU ARE/ARE NOT? It’s so funny how most of these idiots that allow that garbage to come out of their mouth just sound mad and angry at their own life. Guess things didn’t turn out good for you and you want someone to blame it on. Very immature, and it’s clear to anybody with any considerable amount of intelligence that their just mad. If whites are just so much more superior than blacks, why does it have to be said? I will say this however, there is a reason why blacks are in the higher percentage of those that go to prison, lack of education and things of that nature. First there was the institution of slavery. Rights and liberties were taken away, if it was found that you could read or even reasonably intelligent you were killed or castrated. That period transitioned to slaves being free, but Jim Crow law prevailed. It was meant to be separate but equal, however it was anything but equal. After Jim Crow laws were abolished, we still were living with the people that perpetuated those laws. I’m 30, so those were as close as my grandparents. That’s how close slavery is removed from daily life, your great-great grandparents. I give this analogy, if life is a race and you start your race before you allow anyone else to start, isn’t realistic that halfway through the race your nearing the finish line and the group that you made start late is back near the starting point? In terms of violence it’s just a result of generational oppression and poverty that they were forced to live in, unless a strong individual came along in that family to break that bondage. Someone who wanted to be more than just a “dumb nigger”. The pioneers that went to those schools even though they were getting letters of killing and harming them and their families. That type of strength and courage to me is what makes African Americans such a strong race, not physicality or speed. I can’t help but think of how I would have responded if I received hundreads of letters saying I was going to die if I chose to attend a particular school. Wow! That’s true strength!

  170. Robert,

    Thoughts on this brand new study?

    It claims that young black men do not have higher testosterone levels in comparison to young white men.

  171. wolf

    Just replying to your post and not the comment ( 538 ouch!).
    You wonder why whites above 33 have not shown equal eager for crime as blacks do under 33. Well, they do, but you should add in the IQ factor. Higher IQ makes you LESS agressive (or perpetrate white collar crime).
    What makes you aggressive is low IQ and high testosterone.
    For all current studies : all major cities are flooded with oestrogene from the Pill (peed in our toilets then unrecycled in your drinkwater). This has whities feminizing big scale, this making studies irrelevant.

    • You don’t know what you’re talking about? Testosterone permanently forges the brain e.g. in the womb to begin with, black mothers typically have the highest testosterone uteri i.e. your IQ / testosterone point is redundant. Please, don’t just start making stuff up when you don’t understand neurological development.

      • Omit the question mark in that statement, that was a typo, and sorry, Wolf, it’s just difficult to sit by while someone spouts nonsense, I mean, the very topic is the testosterone level’s effect on IQ to start with after all, yet you worded that as though to take the stigma away from high testosterone individuals or as though it were a completely separate issue despite what the scientists have said and the blatantly high testosterone prison demographic.

        Oh, and hello again, Lindsay. Sorry, I never got the chance to contact the co-blogger, something strange happened.

        While I do not know what’s going on with India (low athleticism, smallest penises and the same low IQs as the African American average), maybe this blog should be expanded to regard Hispanics since their issue is apparently the same one pointed out by emeritus professor Steve Jones. Also, as I stated, I wonder what’s going on with India, we know what the biological component is elsewhere but India is a mystery to me.

  172. Harold

    Just a quick glance at the news…two darkies butcher an innocent soldier in Britain. A black women arrested for severely biting her young daughter. That is just the tip of the iceberg..but let’s just ignore it, they just happen to be black right?

  173. *some* Black Males and *some* Italian White Males have high testosterone, DHT conversion and Dopamine D4 receptors. Specifically black males and some Italian families have a D4 receptor mutation. It is Black Males AND Italian White Males that are most aggressive and more prone to violent crime. That doesn’t mean they HAVE to give in to their emotions or impulses, it just means the instincts are stronger within them. The Italian Mob was one of the most sadistic crime organizations, but they also had standards of loyalty and respect for a while at least.
    Black Gangs (generally, but not always), tend to be less organized and often less loyal, say an argument erupts over someone’s girl or some “wrong move”.

    So you can put Italians and Blacks to the same level as far as all that goes. But not all Italians have that mutation, just some families descended from the Italian Mob. Same with Blacks, not all blacks are like this and have the D4 mutation. It’s just a tendency in the families that do.

    Russian men and women also tend to have more callous, and cold-blooded nature, in *some* families again. Some Russian families have a genetic cortisol deficiency which leads to higher testosterone and less estrogen (which has an effect on empathy and emotions.).

    • The Italian crime rate is far below the US Black crime rate and far below the crime rate of Blacks the world over. The explanation cannot possibly make sense.

      • Why wouldn’t that make sense? Considering Dan AMxReborn specified the Italian crime demographic and not Italians, I am very confused by how this could not possibly make sense.

        • Attempting to equate Italians and Blacks on crime makes no sense. Italians have a very low crime rate and Blacks have an extremely high crime rate. How can we possibly equate the two groups? Blacks as a group tend to have higher testosterone than others. Not just a few of them.

      • ErectusWalksAmongUs

        Sicilians were spawned by niggers.

  174. ErectusWalksAmongUs

    They also very closely resemble apes, monkeys, etc. It cannot be denied. Just take one good look at them…then do some research. The facts are all there. It really should be what makes someone who doesn’t believe in evolution, believe in evolution. They are also not nearly as intelligent as whites on average, and the blacks with college degrees mostly come from black colleges where it’s much easier to get a degree or benefitted from some other form of affirmative action. I’m not overstating anything. It sounds bad because it is bad…you might not wanna hear it, but you’re gonna read about it.

  175. John

    While some of what you say may be true. There is alot of quality among all races, I am a little racist myself, but smart enough to recognize achievements among all races. Remember, there is a fine line between dislike and hate, however, you should note that all of society that you have today in the USA has been contributed alot by blacks in general. You cannot group all of that black people in the category ‘nigger’. There is plenty of proof that some of them even achieve more things in life than some whites. Thinking that superiority is purely genetics, is white wash at it’s finest. Remember, since birth blacks are programmed to think they’re “oppressed” and this holds true thoughout most their life, they will feel alot of hate, or prejudice at some point in their life, and I believe this just ruins their perception of the whole races in general.

    You might think things such as this blog, are here to fuel opinions, and create more divide, however you need more proof in your content. You should link actual scientific noted studies to back up your claims with alot less racial innuendo.

  176. A liberal "tell it like it is"

    If blacks are the super violent ones then why have whites been the ones who invade the rest of the planet? The Crusades, both World Wars, Belgians in the Congo, Spanish in Mexico, pox blankets, the Mexican-American War, Opium Wars in China, Scramble for Africa, Iraq, Vietnam, etc. If you want to get rid of the problems in the world gassing and mass killing all the white people seems to be the real answer. Kill whitey, then the rest of humanity (rest of NATURE, really) can have some peace.

  177. Robert Lindsay,

    You really are a piece of shit! If this is how you feel about things then do real research and publish the data. You are only expressing to the world that you are worthless and inferior to any species.

    I really like that you respond to each post with a racial name and heading. You don’t think everyone who has read this knows that you are the one leaving the responses? This whole thread seems to be you talking and responding to each post. Is this your whole life? No fucking wonder you are so pissed off. Whats more, if that is your picture in the avatar then there is not a living soul that gives a fuck of how you feel because you are the typical guy that you talk about. It’s called projection.

    There is no problem other than people like you. Jealous and inferior. If this were Sparta, as you say it will be in a matter of time, then someone like me will end your whole fucking genetic strain. I would love to kick you and your offspring off a cliff so we can be sure to weed out wastes of life like you.

    Now we have opened up the real topic of discussion which is why preserve a bloodline that has no use? We already know what blood is worthy of breathing this precious air and yours is not it. Suicide should be on your mind at all times. Do us all a favor!

    • Well, I respond to all posts using my real name. I don’t normally use racially offensive terms on here.

      PS you are banned and you are probably not even Black.

      • Leif

        I agree, you can usually tell by the writing style whether it’s a chimp or not. This is an extremely angry and insecure metro sexual pseudo intellectual clown. It’s amazing how speaking the truth usually results in getting physically threatened. Violence…the most primitive form of control.
        I’m afraid the whole human race is devolving at this point.

  178. Not sure about Papuans and Bantus. Not sure about which White group either.

  179. Melanin=Carbone=Life

    Hi guys my name is Tyrek and I just want to say something. This Robert Lindsay cracker doesnt know what he is talking about. To all you brother and fellow Colored ones out there, you have been deceived. Life is spawned by the element Carbone, which makes up amino acids, which makes up melanin. The Black Man has an abundant supply of melanin, which means they live longer, they have more spirit and life energy. White devils like this faggot Robert has small melanin, that is why white devils wrinkle faster. The white devil has enslaved us to drink our blood and absorb our life force, that is where the vampire legend comes from. Notice how vampires are pale and burn in the sun? Sounds like white devils to me. My fellow Colored men, protest against this devil Robert Lindsay, for he is evil like the rest of his filthy kind. And I bet Robert; a pussy white boy with a small dick will ban me because I am too smart for him to argue against.

    • Sup nigga?

      Guess what Black man? Today is your day! I am banning you today, as a special gift for you and only for you! Happy Kwanzaa!

      • Shui Man

        I am a Asian with fairly dark skin from Fo-Shan region and I say that no Chinese like black niggers. During my conscript I was in Uganda for 3 years and my fellow soldier used to abuse the local niggers there. All “Colored” people are not the same, you nigger idiot Melanin=Carbone=Life. We Colored Asians hate you Colored niggers and we look up to and respect white people. Go eat shit and disappear off the Earth all “Colored” niggers.

  180. British Sewer Majesty

    The dark skins black man was the oreginul man of africka, and he build the first humans societys. Egipt, Mesuputamus, Greeks, as far as the Olmeks. I am Jamaican living in UK. I have good historikal edication from self teeching. I tink many white mans is jealous of sexual potentual of black man.

    • Ambrose D. Roger

      We are not scared of your sexual potential nigger, we are the ill type; you piss us off enough and we will rip your big black dicks (which you are so proud of) off of your pelvis and lynch you with it. Look at our history, us crackers are crazy! We genocided 95% of Native Americans within the first 100 years of contact, 300 Englishmen rolled into Africa and genocided 4,000 Zulu, and we kicked the shit out of the Chinese in the Opium Wars. We dropped 2 nukes on Japan just to scare Russia, we financed terrorists in the Middle East and Latin America just to get more drug money. Us crackers be crazy ass mothafuckas, do not fuck with us.

  181. Chetnik666

    blacks are the lowest form of humanity on earth. every other race, even Asian have their good points. Africans have very little. You liberal garbage can go visit your African gods and enjoy their ‘hospitality’ of racism, rape and murder. Every normal human knows the black race is degenerate in all its ‘glory’. why do you think the arabs enslaved them so easily and sold them to Europeans…

    • Bennik

      Arabs are degenerates and always been so. Of all their primitiveness, they’ve done nothing as far as the advancement of civilization goes ecept giving the world a dreaded religion. You seem like a degenerate practicioner urself. You uneducated bufoon. WOnder how primitive savage like you whose family is the absolute dregs of the society can get to talk bad about any other race. Take your racism elsewhere you illiterate scum.

  182. Roger Lee

    I am trying to compare black female testosterone levels with white male levels. If they are close, or overlap, why are black females not permitted to play on white male sports teams?

    • Ambrose D. Roger

      Nigger females have even more testosterone than white males, ever seen a sheboon? The thing looks like a goddamn Hulk/Godzilla hybrid, not like a female at all.

  183. Seth

    White men have higher levels of testosterone than black men:

    If nothing else, the white man’s predisposition to excessive body hair should have given you a clue. And the white man’s historical record of mass murder and mayhem should have given you another clue.

    • Ambrose D. Roger

      Damn right nigger, Whites have the highest test. That means don’t fuck with us, or we’ll murder you and rape all your women like we did before. Now shut up, you are a nigger, you don’t have rights; back to picking cotton. I am reporting you to your master, you’re bound to get whipped tonight boy.

      • Jason Y

        I wonder if that’s that dude’s real name “Ambrose D. Roger”? People are pretty bold on here. Some black bucks might surely find this guy out, if that’s his real name. 😆

    • That’s True for some, but the study doesn’t take into account dietary differences. If a white man eats a shitty diet and a black man eats super high protein and gets all essential minerals; then OF COURSE he is going to have higher T levels…this is still all besides the point – there is no such superiority in Testosterone-dominance unless it co-occurs with intellectual brilliance. Who do you think has more power and influence overall? The black’s might have hollywood almost by it’s balls…but the Russians, the Calabrian MAFIA (‘Ndrangheta) and those associates between Puerto Rico , Italy and The Cartel’s – Italian Crime Families in the southern parts of Italy have sprung up compared to years ago – outshadowing the older ‘Cosa Nostra’ and now developing ties with the Cartel’s and perhaps some other organizations such as Irish mob etc.
      The JAPANESE MAFIA (Yakuza) remains one of the most powerful ; both in international esteem and in economical spirit.
      Quite simply; it’s not the alpha-male’s with the lowest Quartile intelligence that have the most Power.

  184. Seth


    Whites were more easily enslaved than blacks. In Africa slavers had to deal or trade with kings and chieftains. They couldn’t take slaves by force, unlike in Europe where they could. Muslims, mann of them black, raided Europe for slaves with impunity. They also captured European slaves at sea.

    White slaves in North Africa had black masters and black overseers who whipped them daily. Here’s a passage from White Gold by Giles Milton:

    The black slave drivers were extremely cruel to the men under their charge. “They immediately punish the least stop or inadvertancy,” wrote Thomas Pellow, “and often will not allow the poor creatures time to eat their bread.” The slave drivers worked in shifts and, at the end of each shift, would tell their replacement which of the slaves had been slack in their work. The new driver would then raise his cudgel and beat the hapless slaves, “which he always took care to bestow on those parts where he thought they would do most hurt.” Mouette said that most of the slave-drivers would strike at the head, “and, when he had broke it, counterfeited the charitable surgeon, applying some unslacked lime to stanch the bleeding.” If any slave was beaten so badly that he was no longer able to work, the slave driver “had a dreadful way of enabling him, by redoubling the stripes, so that the new ones made him forget the old.”

    I know you’re an uneducated buffoon in addition to being a dumb white racist, so this is likely the first time you’ve heard about white slaves in North Africa and their black masters.

    • Ambrose D. Roger

      North Africans are Arabs=SAND NIGGERS, not BLACK NIGGERS you sub-Saharan low IQ dumb fuck gorilla. You are slaves by nature, now go back to picking cotton before I thrash you boy.

      • Seth

        Cute trolling you apish Neanderthal. Dumb white racists always resort to trolling and slurs in lieu of credible arguments.

        Not only did whites have black masters in North Africa, slavery in North Africa was remarkable for its brutality. White slaves were considered worthless and therefore could be worked to death, starved or killed on a whim. Besides, there was always a plentiful and easy supply in Europe. The only whites who had it somewhat easier were the women, who were used as primarily as sex slaves and servants.

        Again from White Gold by Giles Milton:

        “The Negroes kept them at hard slavery,” wrote the British captive Francis Brooks, “beating and whipping them all day long; and at night they were to lodge underground; allowing them such bread as his other poor captives have, and water to sustain them alive.”

        • Ambrose D. Roger

          Again, from common sense, North Africans are Caucasians. Niggers are called sub (human) Saharan Apefricans for a reason; they are not indigenous to North Africa; because 12,000 years ago, when they were indigenous to NA, a couple of poorly armed white guys came down from the Levant and kicked the everloving shit out of you coons. Same reason why Egyptians were not niggers. You niggers were in Madagascar and then the chinks kicked your ass, the sand niggers (Arabs) regularly came into the Congo and kicked your asses all over, the Native Americans even kicked your ass and enslaved you before the Civil War. Every race in history, not just us crazy azz crackas, have put the almighty ass-whooping on you niggers, and even today we are kicking your ass on IQ tests and schoolwork, as is every other race. Niggers get thrir asses kicked wherever they go, by whomever they meet, a bunch of skinny pussy malnourished outnumbered group of chinks from Indonesia sailed into Madagascar and genocided the native niggers. You niggers lost North Africa to ill-equipped outnumbered whites and Arabs. Even today Russians and Chinese are slowly colonizing Africa, so whites and chinks are STILL kicking your ass. The only time niggers can kick ass is when they have a 20-1 advantage against an unarmed white guy.

  185. Flipper

    I love this page. I feel sad when politically correct parents let their daughters date these rabid monkeys. It usually ends up with their daughter being raped and/or killed. Isn’t it strange how they all cluster in big cities…I mean Atlanta is basically a giant zoo. These creatures need to be herded back to their natural habitat and the inbreeding outlawed.


    You ban anyone who disagree with you. I’m pretty sure you’re really insecure.

  187. Philbert

    Robert, you mentioned you once had a black girlfriend. I was wondering what it was like since I’ve never had brown sugar. I think I might be intimidated a bit. Were you ever threatened physically by your chocolate girlfriend? How do you handle them?…do you need a cow prod or other equipment?

    • No I only had sex with a few Black women. Maybe 7-8?

      I had one Black gf, and she was really cold that’s all. Her meanness was just sheer cold, evil, stone hate. That was all it was, nothing physical. She was too proper to get physical.

  188. haag

    you are biggest racist in north Africa whites slaves in Africa own black masters well know berbers are black same ydna Somalis in east Africa
    came from berbers berbers took over one million white slaves from europian in raid from their home most slaves took from uk and irrish
    Denmark and Iceland Italy spain and france many books amozan
    just google it white media never talk white slaves

  189. oldladyfartedpiss666

    you guys are fucking great! i just came across this site and i have to admit, it’s fucking nutty on here. i love how its ok to come on here and bash the folks that are true to these beliefs, but god-fucking-forbid that one of us go anywhere near some nigger-bullshit website and say a word about anything. im a white guy that grew up in a shit black neighborhood and i got my ass beat every fucking day because i was white and i promise you, they let me know every fucking day, the reason why we are fucking you up…its because your white and you dont belong here, like i had a fucking choice. as for the nigger dick thing, who gives a fuck? i fucked way more fine ass white women than some blackard has fucked fat ugly smelly nigger-loving white bitch. you can have those motherfuckers. feel free. colored “ego”+dumb bitch=useless children, government-milking, hippie-loving bullshit. fuck off. all of you fuck face pieces of dickshit.

  190. oldladyfartedpiss666

    btw, im not the sharpest motherfucker in the world. i just know what i know from experience. so fucking attack my intelligence…while you conjuring up something to say, ill be fucking your pictures in the mouth.

  191. Alfie

    A lot of hate anger on this feed. I would like to say that the person who started this thread is a child of God. I have no place to judge him. But I will meet him with love and compassion because his feelings are from a place of self hate. Love and compassion is the only thing that will heal him or anyone else.

    Spread love with your social influence and not hate. Make the choice brother.

    Peace & Love

    -some half black guy who loves you as much as I love myself 🙂