Kids Lie About Child Molestation

Repost from the old blog. I pretty much wrote this one just to make people mad too. This should be seen as a companion to my All The Young Girls Loved Teacher post, and together, they make quite a diabolical pair of nasty posts.

I mean, what kind of a maniac would actually title a post Kids Lie About Child Molesting? Except that they do, and I am now convinced that they do it all the time. I now know two guys who got accused of this, obviously falsely, both schoolteachers, both times by 10-13 yr old girl-brats.

They are also tons of molesters out there too, so the whole situation is a gigantic mess and it’s really hard to figure out what happened in any given case. Which would not be such a problem if we did not have whole armies of little lying brats (especially little girls) out there lying about adult men just to get back at them for this or that.

Like so many lousy things, I blame Radical Western Feminism for this by demonizing men as a bunch of barely controlled potential child molesters and rapists and for handing a bunch of a little brats one of the deadliest weapons one could think of to use as they please. The result, as I see it, has been an avalanche of false charges against poor innocent guys.

Way to go feminists.

Due to the Child Molester Hysteria that has taken over our society in the past 10-15 years, an awful lot of lies are flying around about child molestation. This hysteria has arguably not helped kids one bit, has turned an entire nation into an hysterical, witch-hunting bunch of crazies, and has possibly thrown a bunch of innocent men in jail or at least under suspicion on false charges of child abuse.

Malicious females now regularly make up child porn and child molesting charges against husbands they are divorcing. An older man who admits to being interested in teenage girls – science has shown us that this is an absolutely normal desire – is now accused of being a child molester or a pedophile.

First of all, it is quite impossible for a girl aged 15-17 to be “sexually abused” or “molested.” She can have sex. If the man is a certain number of years older, this is a crime on his part called statutory. I am confident that in the overwhelming majority of cases, girls aged 15-17 who have sex with older men do so quite willingly and suffer absolutely no harm whatsoever from these encounters.

Second, it is said that kids almost never make up sex abuse allegations – the number of false allegations is said to be on the order of 2% or less. This is one of the most pernicious lies that feminists are peddling these days, and probably many completely innocent men have gone down on child molestation charges as a result of some kid’s lies.

I know a 78-year-old male teacher who was accused of molesting a 13-yr-old Black girl (In the middle of class?!) when he tried to break up a fight between her and another girl. Yeah, he had to pull ’em apart. Nowadays, that’s called “molesting”.

A good friend, a teacher, was accused by an entire classroom full of 10-yr-old girls of molesting them during class in full view of all the other students. Tell me how that is even possible? The girls tried to break out of class one day and raided the door. He barred the door, because if he let them break out, he’s in big trouble. 15 girls mobbed him and tried to get the door open. He had to fight them off by pushing them away.

He showed up the next day and there was a lynch mob atmosphere in the hall full of enraged parents. Every one of those little diabolical lying bitches had accused him of molesting them. They said he was grabbing their breasts as he pushed them away from the door. He said that the thought that they had breasts had never even occurred to him as he was pushing them away – in his opinion, they didn’t even have breasts.

I assume that all of these little girls got tons of useless therapy for their hallucinated episode, and I bet some are “suffering” to this very day.

After these two episodes of kids lying about child molesting to get an adult male in trouble, if I am on a jury in a child molesting case, I will probably vote to acquit any male without priors who is accused of molestation, if the evidence is only some kid’s accusation, unless there is some other evidence.

AFAICT, kids nowadays are just little lying machines when it comes to child molestation charges. I figure possibly up to 50% of the child molesting charges out there could be totally made up lies.

I do not mean to say that there are not cases of real child molestation.

Obviously, it is a serious problem, and new evidence seems to indicate that kids are often harmed by adults doing this to them, and that the harm may be long-term. But how can we possibly tell whether a kid is lying or not? Sure, maybe they are telling the truth, but maybe they are lying too.

So, if there is no other evidence against a man (eyewitness, forensic, confession, priors), why convict him strictly on the testimony of some little brat? I’m aware that this attitude may cause some really bad guys to go free, but the other way around seems to end up sentencing a lot of innocent guys on one of the worst charges you can go down on. It’s not a pretty picture either way.

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218 responses to “Kids Lie About Child Molestation

  1. Lindsay

    Okay I totally agree with you on this with some minor differences. I really do dislike people taking untruthful things against someone else because they can’t get over their own feelings. I know that this makes me angry, and you too. But anyone can be molested, even sixteen or older can be molested if they do not want to be touched like that. Believe it or not but there can be rape even in marriage. If someone doesn’t want those things done to them it’s not allowed. I’m sorry, It just seemed like because they could have sex meant that people can do what they want with them regardless of their wishes. Besides that I do see your point, and it is a BIG point as a female I tend to stay out of the whole this gender did this, this gender did that.

    I feel targeting a certain gender or gender group (feminists or higher male power) just kind of promotes the whole thing. It is really terrible when anyone gets raped, but lying to get what you want is a whole different story. Personally if you lie about something like that I think you should receive a big punishment. I don’t think that half the charges are lies. That’s a little crazy. Recently at the high school I graduated last year a girl made a lie about someone molesting her, and when it came down to it the stories didn’t match up and the picture she described looked a lot like this male art teacher. He is a really great guy, and I really admired him. He would never do that, he loves his daughter and wife too much to do anything that could hurt them. Well duh she finally admitted she lied about the whole thing.

    The whole time the teacher just avoided her. I hate it when people lie, but the situation really just needs looking into to see what is going on. You don’t want to let a molester/rapist do what they want, but you also want to make sure that no one is lying and incriminating someone.

    Molestation, and lying are a big problem. Also keep in mind that anyone can be a molester regardless of gender, or be accused (I’ve heard about female molester’s o_o;;). I feel really sad for the people falsy accused by people who don’t even know how to treat them like they are human beings. For lying about such a grave matter, people should receive grave consequences that way it would discourage lying about this kind of thing. That would probably be the best bet to get rid of this problem. I enjoyed reading your post.


    • Hi Lindsay, I don’t agree that a 16-17 yr old girl can be molested. Sexually assaulted? Yes. Raped? Indeed. Molested? No way.

      It’s sad there is so much lying going around because there ARE cases where kids are getting molested and now no one is going to believe them.

      • nattie

        kids never lie abouit serious stuff yuur a liar yuur just trying to cover yourself of yuu hurting a innocent child whats wrong with you yuu should take down this website it just makes parents think their kids lyring when acually their not, i was a victum, now im a survivor now shut-up plz stop saying all this fales stuff.

        • d

          They do lie.say what you want. I know a young girl that lied just because she was mad.she won’t fess up because the only thing that matters to her is herself.she is mean spirited manipulating self indulgent brat.her siblings always come last.It has been that way since birth haven’t you ever heard of mental illness?

        • sarah

          Girls do lie. Not all the time but my 13 year old accused my son of rape and stuck to her story swearing it was true even after an exam proved that she had never been touched!!!

        • Mach

          I’m an uncle who is now going through this and I can say yes kids do lye and it is scarring the hell out of me. This is her moms doing though and I hope she is varry proud of what she is doing to her kid Yes kids do lye

        • I was a victim too but I do believe this. Kids mindsets are more advanced but yet not. There some kids who do lie about this kind of stuff and it upsets me that you think that all children don’t lie about this. The fact is some use it to their advantage and it’s hard to pinpoint the liars from the true victims.

        • smh at ignorance

          Your so wrong its crazy! Though I dont agree with the manner in which this artical is written I do agree with the writer! I have seen teenager lie about this due to mental illness and due to her lack of compassion for others and her own selfishness! This happens way more than you can imagine. Its very sad to say but this is what our world has come to. Teenagers lie because it works, and they can get what they want by doing it, and they know if they make this claim people will believe them because of people like you!

        • Natasha

          Your an idiot Nattie, your probably just putting up such a post cause your busy trying to get an innocent person convicted. Kids can manipulate their parents and in this case its probably
          what is happening to you. Kids lie better than adults, why…. Cause adults think their babies are angels. Wake up!

        • chris

          Excuse me, Nattie. You are wrong as hell. My good friend is good friends with a couple who were raising their 13 year old niece. The 13 year old was mad because she was grounded. The 13 year old told friends that her uncle had molested her. The so called friend not knowing the truth or checking on the truth. called the cops who came to take this poor uncle to jail. As he was being taken to jail this punk finally admitted she had lied. I have a family member being accussed of this crap right now and there is no way he did this. You need to look at the website for attorney Lauren Baldwin in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She explains why kids like like thi sometimes.Also if you look at the website of The Innocense Project you will find loads of cases all over the usa where people went to ptison for ten twenty, thirty years and sometimes died there over child molestation, ect they did not commit. I am a victim of molestation myself so i have no reason to defend a molestor. Kids damned sure do lie about being molested sometimes for a number of reasons. If you dont believe this you need an education badly.

        • chris

          Excuse me, Nattie. You are wrong as hell. My good friend is good friends with a couple who were raising their 13 year old niece. The 13 year old was mad because she was grounded. The 13 year old told friends that her uncle had molested her. The so called friend not knowing the truth or checking on the truth. called the cops who came to take this poor uncle to jail. As he was being taken to jail this punk finally admitted she had lied. I have a family member being accussed of this crap right now and there is no way he did this. You need to look at the website for attorney Lauren Baldwin in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She explains why kids like like thi sometimes.Also if you look at the website of The Innocense Project you will find loads of cases all over the usa where people went to ptison for ten twenty, thirty years and sometimes died there over child molestation, ect they did not commit. I am a victim of molestation myself so i have no reason to defend a molestor. Kids damned sure do lie about being molested sometimes for a number of reasons. If you dont believe this you need an education badly.Just because this happened to you dont ever be unfair and say kids dont make up molestation accusations and it is true no matter what. Wrong you are, wrong.

    • DH

      I am facing this myself right now, and it scares the shit out of me. I am accused of molesting my ex girlfriends 10 year old daughter, and I am told that there are pictures on my phone of her breasts. I haven’t seen this so called evidence, and the daughter knows how to get in my phone, but if those pictures are really in there, I feel my life is screwed and there is no way out. I have never, nor would I ever, do such a thing to a child. I yelled at her a lot, and I got onto her more often than I should’ve, but I am not a child predator. It’s the worst thing I can think of.

      Now, I don’t want to be around, or hardly be alive anymore. I have an 11 year old son that I am not allowed to see, and I’m on house arrest because this little girl swears that I touched her chest. It should get thrown out on the grounds that the day I am accused of it, I was out of state at a family reunion, but if she somehow used my phone and took pictures of herself, I do not see a jury voting in my innocence. I know I probably would vote against me if I saw the case I am facing. Maybe I am not looking for advice, but just a place to vent. I’ve been deployed twice, and I have plenty of issues, but anything sexual with kids is not an issue, and I think it is one of the most horrible things that a person could do. Last time I saw my son, I was scared of being around other kids because I thought that they might just point at me and say I tried to touch them. Anytime I hear a school bus pull up outside, I cringe. This is really messed up my head, and my life.

      Maybe I was too mean to her sometimes. Maybe I took her mom away from her too much to go out drinking with me. I am no saint, but I do not believe I should be going through this. I’m angry. I’m scared. I feel lonely and that there is no hope. I am trying to find the strength to fight this, but it is difficult. This is the most horrible thing I could imagine, and it is happening to me.

      I’ve always thought that anyone who was ever accused of child molestation was guilty, and nobody that I’ve ever known personally has gone through this. Now that I am on the other side of it, I see that I was wrong in the way I thought before. I fear that other people on the jury will feel as I have always felt, and I’ll be put in prison for a horrible crime that I did not commit.

      • DH

        Also, I believe this is a real problem, but I never wanted to believe a kid would make this up about someone until I have had to face it myself.

      • Mr. E2me

        Wow DH.
        There was a story here on the radio(internet) that I heard a few months ago. Sounds like yours. Guy was accused by his own daughter -10 at the time- of molesting her. The daughter just wanted to live with mommy after the divorce , so she made something up. Guy was thrown in jail for 10 years ( I don’t remember how long the sentence was) before his daughter confessed she lied. She made her confession to get him out of jail , then immediately split the country on some kind of religious expedition.
        I had discussed with a friend of mine with stepkids. He said he would seek retribution at that point. I agree.
        Too bad there is no way to let the little girl in yur situation to realize the gravity of her actions. It’s not something I would forget about and you would probably get out of jail at some point. I would make that perfectly clear to her ….. somehow.
        Best of luck DH, truly shitty situation.

      • p

        I was accoused for molesting my cousin when I was 16. I was not guilty and the court also belived in my inosence, but the damage this dit to me last me for many years I’m nnw 34 and even today I still veel that some of my family don’t trust me, I don’t like children and I wil never have my own. They got the guy who really molest my cousin byt I carry the scars.

      • Mike

        I to am facing the same thing venting dose help but not realy I now don’t feel so alone

      • robert

        I am gong through the same thing only mine is my b real daughter and shes 18 plz let me know the outcome..

      • Subliminal Star

        Shoot, DH! You’ve really been unjustly raked over the coals. And I thought that being investigated for a false insurance fraud accusation was a nightmare.

      • Sam

        I’m seeing you posted this 3 years ago.

        Has everything been resolved?

        I’d be interested in talking to you, as I am shamefully facing the same bullshit from a bitter ex.

      • chris

        DH my brother is acing this same problem as you. There is no way in hell he molested this stupid girl at 11 years old in a 800 square foot house, one bedroom with no door on the bedroom. Even his wife and ignorant daughter in law were there. Both say they heard nothing. There is no DNA evidence, nothing. There is no way my family member did this.I am a victim of sexual molestation so there is no reason for me to defend a creep who actually did this. Sometimes someone else may have done this to a kid and the child has the wrong person. The kid may see someone in public who looks like or reminds them of the offender, numerous reasons. I pray you get out of this trauma if you are innocent. Kids do lie about sexual molestation sometimes.

    • pure country

      How do I tell if my niece is lying saying my husband molested her? I was always around her when she would come visit or my daughter or son would be around either her or my husband so she was never left alone with him! She has never had any problems with him and would come out to visit..I can not get my brother or his family to talk to me about it and it is hurting a lot of the family for what she is saying! So about 7 yrs ago her older sister was raped, May 23, 2013 her mom and dad was fighting really bad and her mom told her dad that she is not in love with him anymore, she also has a brother and another girl that lives with them with her baby and the baby always get attention. Could she be doing and saying all this for attention because she is craving it! To me her story does not match up and I wanna talk to her and the won’t talk to me or my husband! I would like to get my husband and my niece face to face and go from there! My husband knows what I went thru when I was a kid and he would never ever do this to anyone’s kids. We are so sick to our stomach and don’t wanna eat and it is just breaking our hearts for our niece to say this stuff. Please help me! We need advice!!!! Let me add, my husband offered to do a lie detector test and when I told my brother I want her to do one as well he said “you not telling my daughter what to do” I think it’s only fair if he does one she should also!

      Thank you
      Pure Country

      • Probably lying, but why I have no idea.

      • pure country

        What are some signs of lying? Do you know?

        • lisa

          Hi Pure,
          It pains me to give you a response because I have been through this and still do, each day. How do you know? That was your question. Let me tell you this: My daughter accused her stepfather of touching her, but she had a smirk on her face. She was grounded because of bad grades and lying in school. I will never know and have been angst about her accusations, but to be honest I am still 50/50 on the verdict. My daughter has lied before about other things, but that smirk on her face that day led me to believe that she wanted drama and attention. My marriage is trashed now, thanks to her.

        • Not sure, but I believe your husband. As you said, he had no opportunity to molest her.

          One thing is for sure, these are some really SAD stories! So much destruction, pitiful.

        • If she is smirking, she is probably lying.

        • g

          Check out the book Spy The Lie: Former CIA Officers Teach You How to Detect Deception. Dean Tong has a book about false allegations also and the legal aspects if your husband has been charged. A “friend” has spent over 2 years suffering from a false allegation. I had no idea that this could happen in America. The cops will want you to take a lie detector test which you can fail from false positive, but they have no interest in testing the accuser or mother of the accuser. Don’t take a lie detector test unless your attorney tells you to and its done independently.

      • Kd

        My granddaughter has just done the same thing to my husband and I believe in him she has lied on several occasion and he has been gone for almost a year am now because he is hopefully able to comeback now this I had a very gut wrenching feeling about her being at our house sometimes that might be bad to say but kids do lie to get attention

    • Being accused of sexual assault by a 10 year old Daughter of Ex girlfriend. mental problems – marijuana / cocaine addict who stalked me and harassed me for almost a year after i got away from the crazy woman. She even gave “weed” to her kids (Muffins) to calm them down and justified it as a natural sedative. It was a nightmare and then it got worse than a nightmare. 1 year and 3 months later after i moved away and moved on with my life – her daughter was in to social services / police office.

      The kid lied in a video interview and clearly is making up stuff as she went along … and the two young ladies from social services egg her on. Even the actual statements from different people do not match up. Its really blows my mind.

      DO NOT KID YOURSELVES. the Police will not read between the lines and use common sense. Forget it. Expect to drop 50K to fight off the lie and the “political train” that will rail road you into the ground. And have fun when your name gets in the newspaper while your figuring out what the heck is going on.

      You are the easy target.

      My recommendation to all men, Takes steps in your life to protect yourselves. Be very careful around girls and women (coaching/ Teaching / Volunteering etc). And watch who you associate with. Avoid single moms – Why? (before you jump down my throat) Do the research about the forensics of child sexual abuse and get an idea what they look for.

      Your exposing yourself to risk.

      “No but i am a great guy – no one would ever believe i would do such a think”

      Denial – Time to get real – Time to Educate

    • When you are the victim of this there is no 100% support to the victim. A family is instantly destroyed. more people will swear the accused is innocent without actually seeing wtf happened that this girl or teen feel violated. something happened dont mean it was molesting but i say 9 times out of 10 theres a story to why a person says this. if you have a child / teen so spoiled that they will put the label of the worst thing ever on someone then you fail as a parent. if you without a lie dector choose sides your a piece of one knows except those two and believe me a person who is going to violate a person is good at flpping the guilt. its not easy being questioned over and over about this i will say its not fun and people tell because they dont want to get in trouble lies are quick fixes to our screw ups. this is not a fix to anything this is major & the hell your life becomes after some step dad or dad got out of line and good ole mom has his back

      • Lynn

        I’ve been a victim, but now as an adult, I have been around kids who have lied about it. I have worked with kids for the last 11 years, and things have definitely changed where kids are concerned. Shoot! When my son was 4, he turned around right in front of me and told my mother I hit him. I had never hit him. Kids have learned to lie even at a young age. That is why you have to watch for physical and emotional signs. Kids who have been hurt will show signs of trauma even if it is just in their behavior. I have had to report abuse even if I didn’t believe the accuser. I have reported abuse even when the kids didn’t say a thing. Some times, the kids did suffer traumatic experiences when they were younger and that has manifested itself into different behaviors including lying about the current situation. It doesn’t mean the child wasn’t harmed, just that the damage isn’t from what they are saying it is from. Don’t be fooled, I have actually caught children as young as 10 having sex or committing sex acts. They are exposed to way too much now. Parents are not being careful enough about monitoring what children are seeing on TV or YouTube videos. Some real predators are even contacting kids through their video game consoles. But these kids know that their statements get attention and that they will be believed over the adults, unfortunately, not just in situations like these.

        Now I don’t agree with the author’s stance that this is a feminist movement result. No, these women that are falsely accusing their ex’s of such atrocities are the opposite of feminist. They can’t survive on their own. They are searching for drama and attention. They are looking for payback. They are desperate and petty and immature. That is not the behavior of someone just looking for equal rights and the right to prove to everyone what they can accomplish. A feminist will give you the message “I don’t need a man to survive” that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like men, just that she can be accomplished on her own.

    • debi post

      Yes they lie my grandaughter is lying to get attention. No dna just her say what is his chances of being free she got mad and was punished and next morning she was gone she took her ipod and she remembered her charger and went next door neighbor said she was hysterical. The day before she told neighborhood girls and they said if he sexual assults you again you better tell or we will. My grandaughter said time girlfriends it happened on 6 9 and then when she went to neighbors she said it happened again which it meant it happened on the 6 10 right but thy concentrated on the 9 why. The more they asked the more she made up

  2. kiki

    I would like to say thank you so much for this post its sad people are not aware of what’s going on into they are in the situation my brother is going threw this right now he is only 18 and just turned 18 and my father ex girfriend daughter now for somehwere reason saying he molested her and I’m not saying he didn’t cause he’s my brother is class clown he’s not that type of person and its sad because there’s no eveidence the girl said he had sex with her and forensics shows nothing but because she said it he’s in jail and it has changed my views so much on cases like this like u said I believe there is ppl out there like that but to have no evidence except word I can not prosecute somebody Without evidence I jus wanna say thank it this has changed my life in such a way

    • nattie

      im sorry for that Kiki but my 6 year old sister was a victum nd so was i and its very sad shes not lying. but thnnx i understand kiki but not every kid lies about tht i see year 14 and up but not under that age.

      • d

        You can be younger than 10
        Kids lie who are you trying to fool.some kids have mental illnesses

        • Mach

          Kids lie thay lie because thay may be in trouble for somthing els thay lie to pleas a parrent thay lie to get out of somthing. Kids do lie and thay do it quite well and some times quite believably. And yes thay will lie about sexual abuse as well as the spilt milk if it will keep ther bum from being spanked and I do think parents should go back a few steps and years and actual punishment for wrong doings wold be expected as now kids will lie for a minor reprand that will no dought just get a quick and fleeting acnolagement maby and most Pepole should belave that a kid will lie about sexual abuse to retaliate or just for a little attention or to pleas eny authority that leads the answers thay want to here. Please believe that yes kids will lie even about sexual abuse.

      • Oh thay do my niece just turned 8 and I have never even thought about being inapropreate and here we go

  3. Confused Female

    It appears that whenever an accusation is made it is guilty until proven innocent.
    I feel so sorry for real victims of this crime however I also feel as much sympathy for those wrongly accused. Not only does the falsely accused man go through hell but also all of his family suffer greatly. Families are split up, homes, friends, and jobs lost. Innocent children of the accused also suffer for the rest of their lives….they become the real victims. There is never the same trust afforded to a man who has been accused of sexual crimes. There is always that lingering doubt, no matter how small. Things like friends not allowing their children to have sleep-overs with the accused’s children. Teachers always watching for tell tale signs, wives loosing that complete trust.
    Life will never be the same for the innocent man and his family for a very long time, if ever.
    The damage done to these families is not afforded adequate compensation.
    Victims of sexual crimes are usually able to get some assistance and support to get on with their lives be it from government or NGO organizations…..maybe it is not always adequate or enough….but at least there is something. A wrongly accused man gets nothing.
    I believe that the punishment for false accusations should equal the potential punishment of those accused. They not only destroy their victim but also make it even more difficult for those who have suffered from sexual abuse.
    Also adequate financial compensation should be forthcoming for the wrongly accused and then deducted from any potential earnings of the person who has lied.

    • d

      That’s right its just how I feel, but they are.never punished for lying. The wrongly accused don’t even get as much as an apology.

    • jme

      My bf is being accused of molesting 2 little girls. hes in jail now and I have no idea what the truth is. Ive also been involved with a case where an 8 yr old lied about being molested and thankfully they pretty much knew right away that sge was lying. That has nothing to do with whatsit happening now. Not even the same people, but since I do know that kids lie. Idk what to believe with the present situation. I have 3 daughters of my own who were questioned and examined and nothing was ever found. I have no idea at this point if there is any evidence or nything.. My bf refuses to take a guilty plea and getting ready to take a lie detector test soon. I can only pray that this is another case of children lying cuz the thought of knowing ive been with a child molester for the last 10 months makes me want to rip my insides out. 😦

    • Mach

      Here here all for this

  4. Jenn

    I have to agree on several of these points. I know someone going through this and it does ruin their life. It doesn’t ruin the accuser just the one one being accused. I was very close to the little girl making the accusations and she has no thought to how it is changing the lives of the people around her, her sibblings, just her. I also know the one that she has accused very well. I have extreme doubts that that person would ever do anything to harm her. After learning about this more I am now more aware of how the schools and others are treating the family and I feel for them. I don’t think the little girl is aware of that part. They teach you in schools about the bad things but they don’t teach you about the concequences of lying.

  5. Mike

    I agree with a lot of what you said. For anyone to be convicted of any crime, there should be solid, irrefutable evidence.

  6. this aeticle is good. My 16 yr old brother just had charges pressed against him because a 10 yr old said he wanted to put his hands dowm her pants. She was heard conversing with a little girl that if she makes up a lie she won’t have to go to my moms daycare anymore. It worked now my brother faces humiliation. Being 16 is hard enough 😦

  7. Cynthya Spears

    I agree with Kiki, My family is going through this right now some 12 yr. old girl is trying to accuse my husband of molesting her,(the 12 yr. old is his niece). My husband and i have been married for 2 1/2 years and together 5, we have 2 beautiful children, 1 girl 1 boy, both under the age of 3. Why would he do something like that when there is way too much to risk loosing over her. I believe 100% she is lying. My husband would NEVER touch another woman let alone a little girl… Her story makes no sense, but the most confusing part is, we dont know why she would make up a lie about it? She knew my husband and i were having some problems in the marriage nothing big, but did she lie about it on my part? We dont know what to do. he has not been charged with it or anything, but if he does what are we going to do? I cant let my children go without their father! We love him so much but we could possibly loose him over a lying little bitch? WTF life is messed up these days!

    • ma

      i understand what u going threw completely… it was my neice sayn it about my husband. i also hve a son that is 3. Its over now and the charges were dropped bc she said it didnt happen after all. But how is it a 10 yr old kid can say this and that and thats what makes a case…

      • Social? workers have jobs they want to keep. Status that goes with it of ‘good guy’. Sure, espec in these hard times. Everyone is scared of them. Cops, psychcologist, detective, even judges. They steal our most precious, our children. Control freaks on power trips is what they are. And some of them have done sexual harm to the kids in their charge too. EVIL^ from the get go. So much misery from such small minds as they.

    • Ash

      You sound like every other wife who won’t believe there husband could do that. Why is a little kid saying that? How well do you know your husband?

      • Mach

        Wow some People like really to believe that this won’t or can’t happen to them. Can’t say I thought eny different, relay have to question eny statement made by a child alleging abuse but it cold be eny kid shopping even where there is no acquaintance I know this is realy reaching but it can happen. The kid down the street might be a little more plausible, but it relay can and has happened . Kids do lie about sexual abuse, But the problem is so do the perpetrators but where there is no evidence or cowobberation let it go and it you realy think there is a problem pay attention to your child and the person that you suspect. Could be the safest just to realy try to get a trooth even if it means cha longing the child’s storey a little. But still kids do lie.

        • Subliminal Star

          Mach? It’s probably more challenging for a man to work as a security officer in a store now than it was 20 or 30 years ago. Nowadays if a security officer sees a young girl, say 10 or 11 years old, shoplifting and he stops her in her tracks from leaving the store with the stolen merchandise, all she has to do to avoid criminal charges is start screaming from the top of her lungs that the security officer fondled her and then it’s the security officer who will end up in the hot seat of the law instead of her. It’s because these little hellions would rather ruin a store security officer’s life than have to contend with all the bullies at a juvenile detention center. Moreover, these poor security officers at stores never see something like this coming when it finally does happen, If the security officer is a big, burly guy, people will usually believe the young girl over him. These poor guys are just trying to do their jobs, and this is the thanks they get for protecting a store from getting ripped off.

    • Lisa

      @Cynthia –

      I hope you still read this post because your story is like mine. My daughter was getting such purposely poor grades and being such an A-hole, that my husband and I wouldn’t let her go trick or treating with her friends that year. The next morning, she sits down, has a bowl of cereal and says, Oh, Ryan touched me here and here last night, with smirk on her face. I crumpled and called the police to have them investigate and haul him off if need be, and the police we like: “That kid wasn’t molested”. But, there is still that doubt in the back of my mind. because we, as mothers, are trained to put our children first. If we don’t believe our kids, we feel like we fail them and that is how I have felt for the pat 15 years. She ruined my marriage and my life. Now, finally putting this in writing for the first time, I know that I shouldn’t give her that dignity. Time to let go.

      Then, she went on to lie about a fake pregnancy in school for a $75 bet. She would lie about homework being turned in. She would steal things and hide them just to drive me crazy (like my tweezers or scissors or something I had laid out to wear to work the next morning). I have tried to repair my relationship with my daughter and she is unwilling. She seems to believe her lie and will not come clean. For a while there, she would say that she regretted saying anything, now she will not address it. I offered lie detector tests for both because I just needed to know who I could trust. So, thanks to her, I am still married but very alone.

      • d

        I k.ow an evil girl just like that

      • Michelle

        Maybe she was telling the TRUTH. Child molesters purposefully set children up not to be believed from the non-offending parent. My suggestion is suspend your emotions. Kick the claimed offender out.

        Listen to your child, let them talk, let them trust you, and you will learn if they are lying are not. You will learn motivations, dreams. Then seriously pray or contemplate and ask God (power, etc.) about it before bed and sleep. The answer will come to you. There is a very good reason your child is saying this, and you need to know why. They will naturally talk. Definitely your child don’t want them there. Kids do lie but by mistake, errors, could be illness, but ALSO molestation. One may not know the truth and be very confused, but your child is MORE confused whether truth or not and obviously needs attention from the non-offending parent.

        You have to pick between your husband and child. Your husband is an adult and can live without you, your child is a child and needs your support to grow into an adult. Please pick your child irrespective of whether your husband did it or not. You can tell your husband this is your choice, and hopefully he is understanding.

    • sanggumay sensa

      Cynthia, my family and I are going through hell right now because my brother is being accused of molestation by his step-daughter who just turned 18 this month. My brother has never been accused of anything in his 45 years, I practically raised him as I am the oldest among 10. Her mother has never been there for her, but my brother raised her like his own from age 5. Biological father never provided child support. Step-daughter was born when my brother’s wife was 17 years old. This step-daughter is very active on online social networking, spending hours and hours, thus her grades are f’s and c’s. Her mother practically did not spend quality time with her since mother worked partime and attended schools full time at the same time, but did not finish any of those courses. On the other hand, my brother works shift since their marriage, did everything that his wife’s should be doing at home, but she left no tme to do anything for her daughter and the rest of the family; mother always sleeping when she was home. There were frequent fights between mother and daughter even in my brother’s presence. Reportedly, from age 14 she has been sexually active, smoking, and now, finally, got caught shoplifting in a local mall and on police probation.

    • liea

      Oh come one he’s a grown man you have two small children, you have marriage problems – he turned to a little child! trust me children are innocent he did it! Do you think a man will tell you he did it? Alot of men rape and molest – the reality is they lie! your in deniel think about your daughter – how funny will it be when she comes to you at 7 and says daddy had sex with me – you will lie then? the damage you cause this little 12 year old she has nothing to lie about, she lives with her own parents not you! If it happened do you not think she has a right to speak up?

      • Mach

        The children may be innocent the parrents may not be and an impreshinae kid will say as suggested depending on the household thay come from, and the other children thay hang around with can’t realy be to fast to assume a kid dose not know a lot more about sexuality then thay let on. Look at tv the net toys and games that most kids are looking at these days the clothing styles can’t see why thees kids wold not know enything about sex. Or it’s implications so you realy have to be cairfull and it sucks that it is comming to the point that thay are. Ow being used as wepons in disputes now days. Finding my self as photter and hopping that a lye be found to be just that. However the damage has been dun all exept the. Verdict. So when and if you find your self targeted pleas read your post.

    • M. Fannon

      I’m all for being loyal to your husband, but you can’t know what someone’s capable of to the degree of certainty you’ve expressed here. Yes, if she’s lying, I agree some name calling feels justified. On the off chance this actually occurred, you would have to live with the fact that you sided against an innocent victim. This is so sad, and does not help the real victims of child abuse. He should offer to clear his name, while there is a chance of a false positive, it would be something I would personally like my significant other to do just to ease my mind. The whole situation is messed up, and it would be nearly impossible to believe him capable of something like this, but stranger things have happened. I would die a little, or maybe a lot, but my children would be served best if I live in a world where dangers lurk even where I wouldn’t suspect them. A truly diligent mom should assume nothing. I think where my children are concerned, open mindedness is the best way to keep them truly safe. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Hope everything worked out for the best.

  8. Cynthya Spears

    And the worst part is, is there is NO EVIDENCE, just her “word”

    • Karyn Vincent

      Ppl just get ruined from being accused, we have daughters and grew up 3-4 neices and my sister’s son of mine from my brothers marraige break ups. A sister of mine who is a Drug addict and a compulsive Liar! married my husbands brother for years, cheated on him with his best friends and had a child to his best friend, and every other man. She couldn’t sleep straight with her poor husband, now poor brother in=law has now deceased, only 2 weeks ago, and because my husband knows everything about her, she is making accusations about him, because of her guilt and liars. This accusations makes me so angry, and confused which is putting pressure on me also with doubts, but I know my sister who is a Liar! who makes me thinks she has serious problems of being a Sociopath, and has very little social life and only has links with ppl who are a liar and druggy! Here’s a saying for you to pass onto other ppl in the same situation. “THE BEST ADDICTS ARE THE BEST LIARS, THE SMARTER THEY ARE, AND THE OLDER THEY GET, THE BETTER THEY BECOMES a VERY BETTER LIARS! THEY DONT GET TO BE OLD IF THEY’RE NOT GOOD LIARS, THEY DIE FIRST.” ! I am standing by my husband until proven Guilty!!, I have filed a Show-call Court order for my Sister on the grounds of Malious Slander, as she has Text (SMS) to my phone, myself being the third party of the accusation against my husband. Her accusation is full of liars, because I know her very well. She says one thing and when you ask her about what she has said the day before she turns around and contradicts herself of not saying what she had said. There should be a serious charge for these ppl who makes these accusations, ppl lifes are turned upside down and wrecks marraiges also family fueds.

  9. Kelly

    Are you out of your mind? Put it to the test. Create an online profile pretending to be a 10 year old girl and see how many adult men solicit you for sex. Bet you won’t even have to wait 10 minutes.
    Just because you know these men and they are your friends or acquaintances doesn’t mean they are innocent. You have not heard all the facts in the case – just the select parts they told you and want you to know. So many things are weird about the story of the teacher who’s classroom full of female students all tried to run out the door all at once. What the hell was he doing to those girls that they all FREAKED the fuck out at once and ran screaming for the door? I’m guessing he dropped his pants. Remember that the people who take these jobs in the first place put themselves in a position where they can be around young girls. Predators go to where they can find their prey. The fox can be found in the henhouse.

    • You don’t know these girls these days, espec if it is in a interracial classroom. That is all the excuse some would need. People are being taught to be/do evil because that’s what “trickle down” means to do in order to make more control over all of us necessary. and the kids fall into the trap. Guess what? The job of social worker and Foster parent attracts the very type of person you love to hate – pedophiles. Yeah. my kids were in foster care and years later they told me. Oh. my mom a druggie wanted me out of the way so she made up false stories which these so called social workers took her word, not my kids who said I was a good mom. There ought to be special free govt. attorneys for those accused by idiots who don’t have any sense. I was put in a insane asylum and given shock treatment while pregnant, my youngest still suffers from that, they all suffer from the trauma. 80% of foster kids wind up in prison, over 12% suffer more abuse in foster care than in original home.
      I research this and it is endemic in English speaking nations. There is where your money goes That and wars falsely started to keep you from getting wise to who’s really stealing from you.

      • Subliminal Star

        Barbara Jarvis? You make a lot of interesting points in your post. One thing that I find particularly disturbing is that want-ads used to appear in the jobs section of my local newspaper looking for foster parents. How does that make any sense? Social services agencies are advertising for foster parents to people who are likely unemployed and looking for work. Such a want-ad will be read by two different types of people. The first type of people will be people who have no interest in becoming foster parents, because they are barely scraping by and just need a real job, which makes such a want-ad futile in the jobs section of the newspaper. The second type of people are ones who are only looking to make money and couldn’t care less about the kids they’ll be taking in under their roof so long as they get their paycheck each month from the government for doing so. That alone is a recipe for child abuse and child neglect. How stupid can these government agencies get?

  10. A molestation case happened to me but it was a boy who was 15. I, a man of 53,no record at all, except for DWI and Pot charges,was helping him get to narcotic annonymous meetings and the boy was at a mens halfway house.HIs parent-mother was pushed backwards on a stairway by him and could not control him so she put him in a rehab. The boy confided in me and said he was gay. The boy was punished one day and to get out of trouble he said I molested him. He had ratted out other guys in the rehab house when he got in trouble and the manager would not punish him anymore. This boy was using drugs and was not being tested, and also on heavy medication. I was accussed and charge with 9 counts and he said it only happened once. My bail was 100000.00
    I spent $22,000 in lawyer fees was slandered attack , beat up twice and my life was shattered for 9 months before the courts decided to drop all charges since they had absolutely no evidence anything occurred.Nothing was ever written about me in the local paper after I was acquitted. The boy could not even keep his lies straight but police still charged me. Well kids lie and they do it alot, this boy continued using drugs and is 18 now and has been arrested 5 times but still has never apologized to me or ever said it never happened. This happens alot I found out, and I pity the teachers and priests and everyone else who looks after our teens.

    • nominay

      You’re a better man than I am. Had it been me, upon acquittal I would’ve shot everyone to death I was upset with for my ordeal and committed suicide.

      • Subliminal Star

        nominay? What makes no sense is that men get falsely accused of child molestation and the likes all the time. When they don’t have money to defend themselves in court, they don’t get adequate legal representation from the public defender and they could go to prison for a lengthy period of time for something they didn’t do. Meanwhile, you can find video news clips all over YouTube of homosexual prison rapists bragging about all the other men they have raped in prison. Yet nothing is legally done to them. Each and every state should treat prison rape as a capital offense, and such video news clips should be used as evidence to convict these pigs and send them to the electric chair. I don’t care what their skin color is. They need to die!

  11. Al

    I’ll disagree to the extent of saying that consent can appear to be given when the child is under the authority or superiority of the adult, even at 18 if still in school where there is the aura of authority. There was a case here where the Impression taught by the teacher was that the way society worked one could get better grades, jobs, and other benefits by “putting out.” Offer, consent, but wrong by an authority figure.

    I do support you on the lying. Kids do lie and can be quite conniving – any teacher can tell you that one how many do cheat. It is hard to know when they tell the truth – but in molestation matters we always believe that what they say is true. It sounds like out of a trashy novel but I am also aware of a couple’s niece who often stayed over babysitting. She also helped staying with the at home parent on weekends or in summer when the other traveled. The husband was a very straight laced guy but she trapped him well one time by crawling in with him one time and starting the process. He awoke, realized it was the niece and not his wife and got angry. He started to telephone his brother-in-law. The niece told him they were going to continue then and any time she came or she would turn him in to police. She knew from school and TV about DNA evidence and he knew he wouldn’t be believed – even if he made an immediate call to police himself. Subsequently I advised him to suggest to his wife they reduce use of her and concentrate on a more nearby babysitter they also used so they would not have to drive so far and because the niece was supposedly not doing so well in school anymore. That did not last long. The niece telephoned him threatening to out him saying she had condoms saved. This ended with him trying to kill himself at which point he told everything and at which point everyone including authorities and psychologists assumed he, not she, was guilty, which was why he tried suicide. Kids do lie and are clever.

    I just don’t know how to tell when it is true- because adult molestation has to far exceed the reverse. I just don’t want to convict someone who is really innocent in the process.

    • I wonder what sort of psycho problems these kids have or turn out to be later on. Just knowing and telling authorities to be on the lookout for that could be useful. Warning the brats could be too. It’s a long way from 70 years ago when I was violently raped by my uncle and mom blamed me. I was sick with diarrea for months as long as mom had him stay with us, which saved me from further attacks as I had to wear diapers and he knew why. Getting pooped on was not his idea of fun.

    • Mach

      That is the thing only the accuser and the accused know and as long as the acuser sees some gain in the acusation and is under the age of 16 or in my case under the age of 14 and to be precise 8 with her mom giding the acusation can’t realy say to much but the fellow that has been snaird is prety much toast there seems to be no whay to show eny thing different moms guidance though is going to backfire and the kid gets hert eny how that dose not seem fair but realy not fair to the man. Are you a witch if you sink you are not if you float you are and the fire is right there. Whair is the justice there realy think lye detector needs to be used to test the accuser and the accused

    • Subliminal Star

      Al? That situation you just described comes in many shapes and forms. Here are two online articles that I think you will find interesting.>>>>>>Click onto

      Also click onto

  12. hoochychick

    my partner of nearly 2 years as just been convicted on 8 out of 12 counts of sexual abuse of his wives 13 year old daughter.The rape got dropped cos there was no evidence and she was intact down below. But she convinced the court some how that he made her do things although we proved she lied about the rape. it ruins everyones live including mine and my own children. he got 8 years and prob serve 4 years. we are currently waiting for a re-trial as a lot of supporting evidence was withdrawn by the police. my partner is ex army and has no criminal record what so ever. He is a good man as i have 3 children 2 of which have special needs. I met him after he had split from his wive due to this alligation and got to know about quite early into our relationship. His ex-wive also did’nt believe her daughter and ried her best to get back with him and slept with him on 2 occasions after her daughters allegation. Has he refused to get back into a relationship with her she as backed her daughter all the way now and i can see why her daughter is like she is cos her mother is also bitter and twisted that her marrige is now over. she as sent social services to my door and i’ve now got them on my back. my partner has now lost his good job, his freedom and his life. EVEN if he wins his re-trial the damage has been done as my doctor told me today the social services will still be on my back if he gets out and they could threaten me with losing my yougest son of 10 if i continue my relationship with him. He is a lovely man and is 13 years younger than me but i’ve lost my soul mate and is has caused so much stress cos a young girl wanted him out of the house and her mothers attention all on her. she’s certainly done that big time but ruined so many lives in the process/ I just hope the re-trial can see the injustice.

  13. Debbie

    I know someone that has been arrested and charged with 3 counts of predatory criminal sexual assault and 1 agg criminal sexual abuse. Our special needs 7 yr old had gotten into trouble from his dad before he left with his counselor and then he said a bunch of stuff all of which is a complete lie. My husbands niece had shown him pornography amd his 9 yr old brother which is documented and they are believing our special needs son because they say he wouldn’t know what he does without having been assaulted. They have very vivid imaginations and can’t make up stories that really do seem real. Besides that my husband and I are both home. They took our boys into protective custody because I said I know nothing about it cuz it never happened so they are trying to indicate me for risk of harm cuz it “happened” under my watch. Now I have lost my husband and our sons. WE don’t have money for a “real” attorney and a public defender cant take the time my husband needs for his case. Anyone have any ideas? IN desperate help.

    • There should be a place like Adult Children of Alcoholic(druggie) Parents which I went to for awhile. But other than finding a group of like persons, your lives and those of your kids as well, are screwed as was mine. And the authorities do not care. My Dad went to a congressman to help me get my kids back, but the CPS smugly told me there would be hell to pay and that once the family ties were broken you can never repair them. It has been mostly true too. They know they are an evil bunch.VP
      Walter Mondale who promoted this in ’63 and revised it in ’67 sail he’d rather 99 innocent people would be falsly accused/imprisoned than let one child molester go free. off. There is a real mystery that goes with this, missing undersecretary and files at a plane transfer in Chicago
      Return to DC and missing files, blacked out sentences from the original documents, really weird stuff – scary.
      I prefer researching Sasquatch. You can believe in them

  14. Educated opinion

    You obviously did write this just to piss people off and unfortunately everyone IS entitled to their own opinion. If you really do believe that 50% of accusations are false then you are far beyond help. Your ignorance is almost humorous, to blame molestation on feminists and to speak of children, young girls to be specific, as little bitches, speaks of your mentality. You are no further advanced then the 10 year old making the accusation. Have you even attempted to educate yourself on this topic? If so, then I believe you would know that a large amount of molestation accusations come from young boys. Remember the Catholic church scandals? More recently, a famous coach? You have an overwhelming hatred of the female persuasion and it leads me to wonder what terrible thing happened to you? Maybe the story is in fact about you and not about your “friend”. I don’t even have to ask whether you are married or if you have children, the answer was boldly printed in your uneducated post.

  15. I remember reading a comment a year ago in NYT, by a University of California feminist, about men who are tried on false rape/child abuse charges and have their lives and reputation tainted forever. According the the said feminist, in the greater quest for justice for wronged women, an innocent man’s reputation and life is irrelevant.

    It was pretty much the end of my former pro-feminist leanings. I realised feminism isn’t about liberating women, but a socially and legally engineered terrorism of men. It is just the mirror image of misognism.

  16. When I joined the Socialist Feminists it was about equal pay for equal work and equal opportunity as well as equality for all and fair pay. Well we have been sold down the river by the lies the lying theiving banks and big corporations who think only of money and power and that people are theirs to do with as they choose. It is this attitude that encourages abuse of all sorts as the 1% are allowed to get away with it. This is an abusive addictive society and it will only get worse untill we recognise and deal with it. Getting sidetracked by issues, womens bodies being under men’s control, gays getting married (I’m for it as commited relationships are more disease free). All this diverts us from what’s really going on. We are being manipulated so that we can be robbed and abused and blamed – all of us. Those doing it are the sickest of all. Those who chime in are sick and stupid.

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  18. Jay

    A year ago I was told from my best friend that my 13yr old sister was being touched by my boyfriend 3 yrs before and it stopped after my daughter was born in 2007. Of course I went crazy and broke his car windows and was going to kill him with a golf club, then after speaking to my sister about pressing chargers her attitude was different.So it got me doing my own investigation.I questioned her myself, like when was the first time? where? and all she do was cry… But i did get only a handful of answers.Then my older sister also questioned her because we all live together.The answers we got didnt match the timeline she said it happened…I want to believe her but since then all she does is lie and disrespect my parents…Could she possilbly be lying about my boyfriend?

  19. Jay

    But now she is starting to cut herself and blames the family.Since the time the allegation was made all she wants is to be with her boyfriend who is 17yrs old. He was the first that she told the story to. And he and his family believes her.Everytime I try to talk her she shuts down.My boyfriend passed the lie detector and the detective closed the case.She also called CPS on my father while she was in school, saying that she was scared to go home because he was going to beat her up.They put her in a shelter for the weekend.She asked the worker if they could place her in foster care with her friends aunty…And was trying to use the phone to call her boyfriend while she was there. Why would any child say something to split up a family for there own selfish reasons? All this came out after my parents told her that she couldnt be with the boyfriend anymore(Apirl of last year) Then early June is when my ex-bestfriend told me the story..Im very protective of my 4yr old daughter now.

    • Angel

      I understand exactly what you are going through. My boyfriend’s 15 year old accused him of molesting her. I have had issues with her lieing about everything the 4 years she lived with me. She always wanted attention from peers, but especially boys and she was malicious and sneaky. I always tried to help her be a better person, but her grandparents always said that she was just like her mom (whom she was taken from and rights terminated by the state). She wanted to see her mother, but her dad always said no. Now that she is in foster care we got word that she planned to go meet her mom. Makes me think her lieing mother put her up to it in the story in the first place. She said a couple of years ago that her uncle molested her and that was investigated and closed with no finding. My daughter is also 15 and says my boyfriend has never touched her and she is not afraid to be around or alone with him. So what does all of that tell you? This girl is none other than a liar and now we are stuck trying to appeal a decision by children and families because they believe her and substantiated her claim of sexual abuse on only her word! She just keeps telling more people that she was molested and it is getting her an enormous amount of attention. I feel completely helpless!

      • protect the family

        98% of foster children are molested. A social worker said, “It must be 100%, as long as I’ve worked it’s been my experience.”

      • Mach

        I’m here that sounds most exactly the same only mine just turned 8 and says Ben happining for three years and I know it’s the ling mother just how do you prove it

  20. Tanya yeater

    I have a fiance in jail who is bein accused of molesting his now 7 year old son but was between the ages of 2 and 3 when is supposedly happened. Now why after 4 years would you come out with a story especially when you were that young? I tell you why because his vindictive ex wife put her son up to this i know she did and thats what they are holding him on is just the kids word. He has not seen his son in 4 years and last year he comes out with this story. Please help in tellin me what i should do so another innocent man doesnt get ruined. Helpless is Indiana.

    • lisa

      What exactly did your son say? I have concerns that it was 4 years later; as my daughter accused my husband the next day which is abnormal. Do you have insurance? As in, can you take him to a counselor? When our case was investigated, it was the therapists, the sheriff’s department and our own investigation that gave us some answers. Though, I still have ‘iffy days’. If this did happen, I HATE my husband because this is not how my life/family was supposed to turn out. Some days I hate my daughter. Her selfish lie has ruined my life and our family. Now she wants back in and we are all like: Whoa! Nellie!

      I guess the bottom line, is to get some proof from professionals so that you can present them in court. Best of luck to you. This is really hard. We are trained to always believe our kids first, but then they can be real jerks and know what buttons to push. Then we feel guilty when, in the back of our minds, we know what is true, but we can’t bring ourselves to put our spouse over our children. Somedays I have thought: What good did this do for our family by sticking by her? What good has it done by having her go on her own? When someone is wrongfully accused of molestation, there are no answers. I still hurt every day and it has made me very paranoid.


      • Mach

        As an acused, the parionoia you are feeling is also felt in the way that Pepole you know and love become, thay will tell you all is good, and maby I’m the one that is paronoied, but I don’t think there is enything els that carries the stigma that this type of alligation. And even where there is no reason to feel this way as I am truly not gilty of the alegid acts, but I can also I think see the other side of the dellema. Reading all the retorec there is there to find. Where I know this dose happen the only thing is to realy try and find the troth not just a troth, there is the fact that the child has spoken, the accused has denied and I hope the accused is truly innocent. How ever walking in the shoos in now, even being innocent dose not feel all that good as there is no assurance that all will see that . I have found that the Pepole who meen the most will not shun you and those that will well you are probibly better off, it is one hell of a way to find out who your frinds are. But even at that the dought is palpable. Most of those whom have stude with me so Farr I think will even if the thing goes sideways just because of what it is, and it will be an err, there is nothing I can do ither way, exept take solous in the fact that the deeds aleged have not occored , and that there are some realy good Pepole that will all be it with dought as this kind of accusation is horable, and will even at times make the accused wary of there own thoughts. Keep vigilant try if you realy think innocent to stand strong in that, the innocent accused I’m Shure know that there lives will for ever be different and maby even a little safer, as those that stood with them will help gard that the accusations should not happen again.

  21. DC

    Where is the statistics fro 50% being false? I’m not saying it doesn’t surprise me. There is a culture in our society especially when it comes to sex crimes where people allways believe the word of the victim and the accused is guilty until proven innocent.

  22. Tanya

    This was not my son but my fiance son. It also concerns me that four year later he decides to come up with this story. I do believe the boys mother put him up to this without a doubt. The boys words were my daddy humped me at the trailer and put his wee wee in my mouth and then later referred to the penis as a kiwi later on in the story. None of it makes sense and i dont believe that a two or three year old would remember he lived specifically in a trailer. I know i sure dont remember where i lived at 2 years old. Thank you for your reply back and sorry this has happened to you as well. I hope the jury can see through all the bs and see that she is just a crazy bitter ex.

  23. Objectivity

    Personally I’m a little suspicious of men who go into the teaching profession. What is their motivation to be around kids? I think there is a lot of molestation that goes unreported.

  24. sc

    I watched my husband get sentenced to 14yrs because his niece said he raped her. I have known him since we were 15 and I believe him to be innocent without a doubt. I never thought he would be convicted on no evidence and yet he was. And now our three kids have to grow up without their father who went from Marine to inmate. I encourage everyone to be careful when sitting on a jury to think of the lives they might destroy based on no evidence.

    • Yvonne

      My son has been accused of molesting his daughter. He has continually denied any of this , his daughter has no physical evidence , no scaring , no tearing. She stated that it happened since she was 9. Her Mother had threatened a month or two prior to accusation , that if he didn’t sign over all rights she would find something to where he would have to. My son is facing 25 years to life if convicted , since the accusations are in 2 counties , there would be 2 trials… the Grandjury believed her , and I guess the judges do too. He and his present wife are thinking of plea bargin which is drop accusations in one county and serve 15 years/go through programs in jail etc. and he could get off in 13 yrs 10 months. It is so scary. why do people believe kids , lives are ruined. my heart is breaking , his baby will be 15 when he gets out. so so sad. no lie detecter tests were taken. they say it cant be evidence. I just wish we could face the daughter at least once and ask questions ( without her mother who had also accused her ex. husband of abusing their older daughter ).. I am just just heart pain…sad…. we just dont know what to do , trial in one with 50 50 chance then trial in another 50 50 chance.

      • Yvonne

        Oh and how do I face my Grandchildren without feeling mad/like how could you say all that ? my son and our family need a miracle

  25. Bobbi

    My nephew accused one of his father’s friends that he didn’t like, of molesting him. My sister, his mother, called the police and had him investigated. He took a lie detector test and passed. My nephew 14years old, got nervous and i guess figured it had gone far enough, admitted he made the entire story up! His parents are divorced and his father is a deadbeat, but where some might see reasons to excuse this behavior, I’m furious! He could’ve ruined someone’s life! He’s old enough to know better and he needs his ass beat. I’m hoping my sister and her husband punish him to the fullest extent they can. She’s going to make him apologize to the man he accused and to the detectives, and make him use the money he’s saved to buy a car, to repay the states fees, but i don’t think it’s enough! Yes, kids do lie! I’m so angry with my nephew, I could spit nails!

    • Mel

      I feel you on this one. When I asked the parents that our children talk with a psychologist, they didn’t want to. Either they don’t want to know the truth because they’re not fully convinced on their daughter’s lie or they just want to keep accusing my son. Even calling him a maniac over the phone. At least the parents didn’t believe their son one hundred per cent. It’s much more difficult when the parents of the 15 yr old lying child think that their daughter is still innocent as they want to believe she is. They were not even aware that she had a boyfriend already. These kids are not just bitches, they’re evil.

      • The spycologest and a lye detector test should be manditory for those kids that say somthing has happend to them aspesely involving enybody close to them never minde just taking them at there word. Ither show evedance that can be seen smeld touched herd or take polygraph and spycologest can’t be just the word. We can all find ouwer selfs in jail just on the word of a kid realy realy wrong I my self will do those things but won’t meen a thing as I’m the accused tarable thing to know as well as the accuser that she is lying

    • Subliminal Star

      Bobbi? 14 years old can be a really diabolical age for boys. Take the example of Philip Chism. He was 14 years old when he raped and murdered his 24-year-old teacher, Colleen Ritzer, in Massachusetts. I say that if a 14-year-old boy is capable of raping and murdering an adult woman in this day and age, then he is just as capable of RAILROADING an adult man on a bogus molestation accusation. Perhaps it wasn’t like that back in 1957, but it hasn’t been 1957 for nearly sixty years. Never mind what all these conversatards say about wanting to bring our society back to the old days. Time travel is an impossibility.

      • Subliminal Star

        Bobbi? I meant to say “conservatards” in my reply. Sorry for any confusion that my misspelling of the word may have caused.

  26. charlene


  27. charlene

    email me for further commuication, Iam still with my boyfriend and we ve seen some pretty devilish things from my daughter, we have been together for five months and it hasnt been easy to be together because of her actions, the only rocky part in our relationship has been her and her actions, and I have no doubt she will betray me sometime down the road too, prepared for anything. But all I can tell you is this time, Im siding with my boyfriend, soon to be husband, if anybody decides to lie or betray, then noone gets the benefit of the doubt, Iam my own person and whether that means leaving people behind whether a mother or not I will. If a child holds a steak knife to you, do you just take it??? No you call the cops on them and if they decide to do it again,, there out, children need to be taught like an adult, because they are little people too, not angels that save your life.

  28. Mel

    I could never believe that a girl would lie about being abused until my own 17yr old son got accused of his own cousin who is a 15yr old cousin. She claims that he had inserted his finger on her genitals when she was 8yrs old and he was the 11yrs old. My son has been studying in a Catholic since pre-school up to this day that he is in college, and she studying in a public school. The environment of her school, needless to say, is involved in cutting classes, alcohol, smoking, drugs and are sexually active. Tho I’m not saying that everyone must be doing so, to be exposed with other kids who do those things is another aspect to be looked into.
    I have asked my son about it and he cannot completely remember anything. Between those years, I remember the girl going to our house and chatting with my son every time they will come to visit my mother-in-law, whose house is adjacent to ours. She would be going to his room with his brother and talk with all my other children. During family get-together, I have seen her remained jolly with all her other cousins as well including my own children. She’s often the one going to my son to talk as he is closest to her age. My son, on his part is closer to his older male cousin who is two yrs older than he is. Her parents have not talked about any change of behavior in between those years.
    Until recently, my son have told me that she had a boyfriend already when she hit 15. She had told him before that “claiming incident.”
    She had also that claimed four months after I left our house with my youngest son, because my husband had physically hurt me in front of my two smaller children. My daughter is not yet decided whether to come with me or not, as he is my husband’s favorite child, so I asked my oldest son to stay with her sister. She’s only 10 yrs old, so he has to be there to look after her. They have stayed with me on several occasions after that separation.
    I still am not convinced whom to believe until recently, my daughter had discovered of her lying about some books that she lost that she had borrowed from my son several months ago. Those books recently showed up at her instagram, so my daughter confronted her on her comments but instead of answering back, she made up stories to her mother that my daughter had been doing that for several weeks already. Mother claims that her daughter had been depressed because of that.
    I have read my daughter’s instagram comments, 1st was a question if those were her brother’s supposed lost books and two other comments of quotations about imitation, honesty, integrity and reputation. These so-called comments shamed her and devastated her to the point of depression, so claims her mother.
    Now these got me into thinking, she’s an evil liar bitch who knows how to be a drama queen and knows how to play with her own mother’s feelings and love for her to a point of making lies to cover up her own misdeeds. Her mother had cursed me over the phone and stalked me in sms messages with hurtful comments, even telling that I deserved what I got of having been physically abused because she thought that I was the one who did those comments simply because they were in perfect English, even after my daughter had told then that she was the one who commented on her daughter’s instagram. (I just can’t make her understand that my daughter is an achiever and a straight A student in a reputable school, so how come can she not make those comments).
    I am ashamed that I have questioned my own son’s integrity and honesty because of her lies. But I know better, my son have been a shoulder to cry on during our family’s most difficult situation. He had taken care of her sister well and had been a “man” more than his own father could be.
    But one thing’s for sure, girls can do make up such horrible stories to seek attention or to get what they want from their parents or to cover up what she might be doing with her own boyfriend.
    It’s true that being abused is a devastating experience to women but it is just as devastating to men who are abused wrongly.
    Media have put up such a big hype on the drama of the abused that some bitchy girls have learned to use it to their advantage.
    The claimant of the abuse and the supposed perpetrator should both be given a chance to go thru lie detector tests and psychological tests for the truth to come out.
    These bitchy girl’s evil deeds will eventually show up on her future. I pity her parents for believing that she’s as innocent as she pretends to be, but then it’s still up to them to think intelligently for their children. Not because you’re the parent, you would believe everything that your child tells you. After all, a lie is just the tip of the iceberg. That one statement can be supported or unsupported by other facts and signs surrounding that lie. Being a loving parent is always good to a child but be a smarter parent. Don’t take their word for it, THINK before REACTING.

  29. jane

    my husband is currently in a situation where he is facing rape charges of my now 9 year old daughter. my husband is retired military and done alot of tours and sacrificed for our family. we have been married 6 1/2 years and have 2 beautiful boys together 5 year old and 4 month old. i have seen the evidence and i believe that my daughter is lying as she now lives with her biological father. on 2/14 we got a visit from cps saying that my husband had stood in the bathroom while my daughter was in the shower and “masturbated” and she said that this was false. in the 2/14 report it also says that on 2/15 the cps investigator had phoned my ex and he admitted that he blew up and also says to her that there is fixing to be a custody dispute. on 2/22 my ex and his current wife got mad that we made them meet us at the police station which is in the order and while there my ex’s current wife said “your going to pay”. then the next day we are greeted yet again by cps only this time saying that my husband had molested my daughter. on 2/27 they did a interview with my daughter and she says it happened but on the video she is happy and smiling in talking about it. but it was said that i had gone to the store angry (i have never left my house angry or upset). in the report that the cops did the step-mom says “she must have left to go to the store.” she said it happened during the 9 months i was pregnant but yet she says she couldnt remeber if she was 8 or 9 at the time bu makes it a point to say it was during the 9 months (i had recently given birth the first part of feb.) when the cops from the town that my ex currently lives in questioned my daughter the step-mother was present and said it must have happened during the 9 months i was pregnant.also while the cops were questioning alesa the step-mother was asking questions and it was asked for a time frame and she couldnt give one while talking to them. she also goes on to say that she is happy to be living with her dad now and that her step-mother is her new soon to be real mom. She says that her brothers at our house are mean to her but yet the youngest is only a week old at this time. our other son is 5 years old at this time. she goes on to say that she enjoys playing dolls with her sisters at her dads house. her story changed in details from the first time she told the cops and when she did the interview.
    my ex had asked me previously in txt messages of names and addresses of anyone who had watched her and he knew that i stayed home and took care of my kids. he had asked me while my husband was on deployments if he could have custody this year and i take custody next year and i said no because of the schools. then he asked me if he could have custody for 6 months and then i have her for 6 months and i said no again because of the schools.
    i know that my husband is innocent this has torn our family apart as he hasnt gotten to see our sons in 4 months and our youngest is 4 months old. my 5 year old constantly asks mommy when is daddy coming home as i have not told him what is going on.

    • jane

      also on the sexual assault exam they found no evidence so it is my daughters word against my husbands. i have had issues with her lying to me before about stuff also she has lied to my husbands family and my family about things in the past.

      • liea

        Ever thing that he wants your daughter out of the home? she is not his kid all kids lie, even 2 year olds, but its your job as a mother to believe your child when something big like this happens. What you want is sex, you couldn’t have sex in your last month of pregnancy or the first few months of it – so he turned to your baby girl of only 9 years old…probably not even started puberty yet! your a sick lady – i hope your punished with karma – oh and your 2 sons will grow up to be a abuser, child molester and rapist like their father! you will defend them too! Most men molest its only 1 or 2 % it could be false but generally – the man is always guilty its the man with the sex drive not the 8 year old girl!

        • I’m sitting as a man being accused of abusing an 8 yo neice. I wold never even think of such a thing but this is happining and the recanting is happining and wow this is a real shit show. But yes thay do lie aspesely when mom has a say. I realy hope that thay have a wonderfull time with there life as there daughter rebels wen she can understand what thay put her upto

        • I’m sitting as a man being accused of abusing an 8 yo neice. I wold never even think of such a thing but this is happining and the recanting is happining and wow this is a real shit show. But yes thay do lie aspesely when mom has a say. I realy hope that thay have a wonderfull time with there life as there daughter rebels wen she can understand what thay put her upto

    • liea

      OMG woman – she is 9 years old! Trust me men have their ways you just had a baby – he was looking for sex from a little girl. She is your baby protect her – not him! throw him away! You are very ignorant! She’s a little girl 9 years old – he is a grown man that is horney at least 3 times a day! she’s new to the world he isn’t! hello? It doesn’t matter if she was smiling maybe she was nerved. Is he worth it? you lost your child for life! All for some cock!

      • Mach

        How about the child that says what mom needs to here just to pleas the authority figure in her life. This dose happen. I know this forest hand. Going through this now. And only the accuser and the accused know the real trouth of the matter , Not saying that all kids lie but this one is I feel for thouse that are faulsly accused and as there may not be eny evedance of an actual abuse there has to be somthing more then just the word of the accuser, so to say that a child will never lie about such things is totally wrong thay do and have, this little girl will now have to remember for the demander of her life the education she got from her mom and then the authority’s that validated her words being the othority probing for answers. Again I know that there are children that do need to be saved from all kinds of abuses and that help needs to be there however I also think that the real boneifyed abuse victim will be able to show some proof of assalt, the only assaults I’m awair of concerning the child of witch I speek are verbal and emotional provided by the parents, I did not want to be there when both were together and I’m not a child, so now there is a child that knows that I did not ever do what she has seid. So your comment about men having ther ways, yes there are sick Pepole out there there are also Pepole that don’t deserve the hell I’m going through as i tap this text, and the child protection agency’s just don’t Cair the kid says that somthing happend it must be true. No not all the time.

  30. Christine

    My fiancé is currently going thru this as well. He was accused by his sister of touching her daughter, age 5, because she wanted money to buy drugs and he wouldn’t give it to her. He is currently awaiting trial in a Florida jail. myself and our 4 children are in Pennsylvania. We cannot visit him and even if we could, it would be from behind glass. She got her 5 yr old child to say that he did this to her. Their stories don’t match up and thelittlegirl even used hand expressed quotation marks when she was explaining to her older cousin that her uncle had touched her. Children at age 5 don’t do that and in her story, she used words a grown up would use, not a child. Something needs to be done about these people that abuse the system and suffer no consequence for lying. My fiancé would never do that. We have been together 15 yrs and he has not ever touched one of our kids nor had he touched any of their friends. He’s never been accused before but yet he sits in jail facing a 25 to life if convicted. I am not blind nor am i stupid. I know him better than he knows himself at times. I Assn standing behind him 100% and i hope he gets to come home soon. We all miss him so much.

    • Christine

      Oh and i forgot to mention……..there is no evidence at all. Just the junkie mothers word and a coerced video of the child who appears to be absolutely fine while telling her mothers made up bullshit.

  31. Mike

    Robert thank you for doing as i asked my buddy is facing a life sentence if convicted here and he didnt do anything wrong at all, the police are over zealous in these matters they dont care about your innocence in these matters and that is why someone can fool them so easily, i hope my buddy can crush this like he says cause the evidence against him was created by a certain family member hence fabricated otherwise he will go to prison for life on a lie..

  32. I agree with you 100% on this article. There are liars out there who are more than willing to put a good man away for the rest of his life, and have no concept of the horrible crime they themselves are committing by doing so. The problem is that we have given the state too much power, too much “teeth” to deal with these situations, and the reason we gave them that is pure hysteria. A few well-written but misleading articles, and the next thing you know everyone is at risk.

    I myself have been a victim of the system’s overzealous attacks, and the torture that is now an automatic part of the system, and I was never even found guilty of a crime. For years I have fought the stigma and the courts and they continue to drag out my cases without letting them go. In my case I had a sworn statement from the alleged victim that said nothing happened, a forensic interview video with her saying the same, and a successful polygraph test result, and absolutely no medical evidence or DNA at all. Despite this, the parents tortured the girl into giving a statement against me, and the state has not let up since. When I thought I was finally going to get a trial, a week before the district attorney told my lawyer they wanted me to take a probation deal and sex offender registration or they would file two additional charges for the same alleged incident. They use coercion and threats to force people to take these deals, and the “deal” is that you go on probation, and if you screw up in any way at all the judge can sentence you to the maximum punishment of 20 years per charge. That’s a life sentence for a false claim. Later I found out the girl apparently had a birth defect that would have made her claimed sexual contact physically impossible in the first place, but I was unsuccessful in getting her medical records from the hospital where she had the corrective surgery.

    Even without being a registered sex offender or being convicted of a crime, I fail criminal background checks when I apply for jobs. My earning potential to support my children is nullified by this without a finding of guilt. The system punishes us immediately on accusation alone. I was repeatedly arrested, assaulted, tortured, and humiliated as part of the criminal justice system itself.

    The state has too much power, and no wisdom to wield that power. We must take the power away from the state. It’s the only answer.

      • mommy89

        Robert Lindsay ur a fuckn retard! Why would u call any female a bitch especially little girls! Obviously u have done something that ur ashamed of and go on here to see how many more idiots follow u! U ppl are ignorants especially u dumb mothers!
        Own family members rape and molest children so why wouldn’t step fathers or family friends do it??? You disgust me! And by the look of ur picture u look like a nasty man!

        • Of course family friends and stepfathers molest kids. I haven’t done anything that I am ashamed of with regard to kids under the age of 14. Nope. Teenage girls is another matter, but I ain’t ashamed of that honey.

        • Balram

          Robert why have you not gone for her jugular?? If a guy writes even half of the abuse that she wrote then you authoritatively say BANNED FOOL…… why not this woman then??? gender bias???

        • I did ban her, just did not say so.

    • Subliminal Star

      George? You need to write a letter to the governor of your state to seek a full pardon. If everything you said happened, then I think you would have a good case to get a full pardon from your state’s governor. Heck. I’d rather see an innocent man like you get pardoned by a governor than some serial killer lunatic. The former governor of Mississippi, Hayley Barbour, overlooked real miscarriages of justice like your situation, and he pardoned a bunch of violent criminals instead and had them released from prison. Would you actually believe that Mitt Romney used him as his spokesperson when he ran for president back in 2012? Hmmm. I wonder why Mitt Romney lost the election that year.

  33. robbyn

    True little girls do lie. They lie to get attention. People who do the acussing should be required to take polygraphs. However, they are not. So innocent victim’s go to prison because of young 9 to 13 yr olds wanting attention. The majority of cases could be easily resolved if they demanded more testing from all partied involved.
    My son sits in prison right now for sexually assaulting a minor. Yet he passed 3 poly’s.. there was no medical evidence that the girls had been touched. Yet it was their word against his. Each situation is unique and should be handled uniquely. This case my son is innocent and the girls just wanted attention. However, some girls dont lie and those kids need to be protected.
    Its too bad that the system doesnt do everything possible to find out the truth. Its all about putting someone away and making them pay. Guilty or not guilty.

    • Subliminal Star

      Robbyn? The fact that girls become sexually promiscuous at earlier ages than they did 20 or 30 years ago doesn’t help the situation either. Further back on this blog page, I posted links to two online articles regarding Alisha Dean. You should read them sometime. They’re interesting.

  34. Allison

    50% of accusations are lies? Seems you just made that number up and then bolded it like its a fact people should remember for later.

    I’m sure that plenty of people are falsely accused. But I bet that number is still way lower than the number of cases that go unreported.

    The reality is, there is often just not any evidence. My sister and I were both molested by our uncle. I never told anyone until I found out, years later that it happened to her aslo ten years after it happened to me. I now see that he is a pedophile that should be stopped.

    But, he’s a likeable guy and adimitely denies it. I’m sure his wife will end up believing him and my sister and I will be accused of lying.

    It sucks. I never said anything because I was so young when it happened that I didn’t realize how wrong it was until much later and then didn’t want to break up the family. I rationalized it because he was a teen. Now that I know that at 26 he molested my sister who was 4 at the time I feel guilty that I didn’t say anything.

    But really, does it matter. Nothing is going to happen. I’m sure he will just go on being a good guy and secretly molesting children.

  35. Adult females do not often molest small children of either sex. Most kids who are molested are girls. There are not that many gay men out there; most men are straight.

  36. Tiffany

    Love this because my fiancee is being accused of molesting his exgirlfriends daughter and the mother of the eleven year old daughter is a feminist and annoying as hell she has done nothing but ruined his life by causing him to lose his two sons three jobs and on the verge of our home because this wicked bitch is on a power trip… my fiancee has thought of suicide at one point after spending 3 damn weeks in jail to find his home destroyed and robbed because people thought he done it over this shit… I was molested and almost raped by a real pervert and what gets me is there’s real cases our law enforcement could be working on but they focus on accusations and not by evidence anymore

    • Mach

      Whell that to is what I’m finding the acusation makes it easy to get charges and possible conviction as there is no real evadance just the word spoken wish it worked that easy for monny. Just to say I had and whair is it and have it given. Just the word is evedance enough and where that can’t be given by the accuser whell there is a Vidio we should all be behind bars the hole dam world for the word of another dose not make sence

    • Subliminal Star

      Tiffany? A word of advice for your fiancee. He needs to get himself a big, vicious Rottweiler so that nobody will break into his residence again. I used to live in New York City, and my residence was broken into twice because of the massive crime in my neighborhood; so I know that a home invasion is nothing to take lightly. In my situation, I had believed that someone was stalking me and watching me, because one night I came back to my residence and found that someone had carved an upside down cross in my front door. The thought of there being Satanic cults in the Big Apple never even crossed my mind until then, but that’s what appeared to be the threat in my situation. After I watched the movie “Rosemary’s Baby” again for the one hundredth time, I realized that such things were not to be laughed at. I got out of that place shortly thereafter and moved to the West Coast. I didn’t have any problems with break-ins after I moved out to Los Angeles, but I was always putting safeguards in place to keep unwanted people out of my apartment. Whenever a vagrant was sitting out in front of my apartment building staring into space, I always made sure that my burglar alarm in my apartment was on. Whoever broke into your fiancee’s residence was looking for an excuse to steal from him. Those people couldn’t care less about the children of the world. They’re thieves, and some of them are into some really sinister stuff.

  37. Tracy frank

    First I want to ask who you are and where you get your info from. (The person who wrote the original comment) It is very interesting. Someone very close to me has been accused and charged with molesting his daughter. It is all false. I have been trying to do some research on the matter but keep coming up with the same info “2% lie. I think that is baloney.

    • Mach

      Yes me to just a few short mounths ago I’d have not been looking at all whell he lye of an 8 yo has had me reading things that would and I’m Shure as you have as well become varry twisted at the crap on the net. Lawer told me that it is nothing like wHat is on the net but on the las visit it Shure sounds like it is. Being acused my self I think it is much hier then reported on the net. As I know the accuser and the lips that worded the acusation I know she knows what she seid is a lye but she wanted to please mom and now yes I can see that kids lye and not just about who ate the last cookie. And from reading thay lie for all sorts of reasons So there base to be a why to stop men from going through this mind twisting Experiance the ones who do the awful stuff to kids should feel this stress and absolutely go down for it but to be inocent and accused this is just not right I realy now think the numbers are a lot higher then seen

  38. Kd

    Kids lie to get attention I am going through the same thing my granddaughter accused her grandfather and I stand behind him 100 percent and will go to my grave because I had a gut wrenching suspicious when she was ther at our house now he is not here to defend hisself this happens when they know he will be coming home soon he had been gone for a year they are vindictive people and try to start trouble for any one they don’t like and I M the one they don’t like they don’t want me happy obvious when they say things like your going to miserable the rest of your life like you are now this is crazy and society is not right

  39. First of all I would like to say that I absolutely believe some girls/boys do lie about being molestated/raped for attention. However, we also know that molestation/rape does happen. We all have to agree that every allegation is either a lie or the truth and I don’t believe anyone would want to believe that their child could make up such a lie, but yet we know it happens. On the other hand nobody would want to believe that their husband/wife or their boyfriend/girlfriend or any loved family member could or would molest or rape a child, but we know this happens.
    I like many of you have a similar situation going on in my life. But having a broad spectrum view of either side in my opinion is not the solution. Yes, I believe the accuser in my situation is lying. And yes, this accusation is damaging the person accused and it breaks my heart.
    What I would like you to think about is the possibility of mental illness on the part of the accuser. If there has been past issues and problems that you feel are extreme then please do whatever you can to try and get that person/ child evaluated for the possibility of a mental illness.
    This situation has been extremely difficult on my marriage. So we sought out professional counseling. It was a psychologist who brought it to our attention after hearing many details about the accusers past and present behavior in situations throughout the years before and after the first mention of abuse. Although this information about the possibility of mental illness doesn’t change or diminish the damage this accusation has caused to the accused and their family. Please hear me when I say this again.
    I am in No Way making light of the situation that the accused and family members of the accused go through during everything they have endured, are now enduring, and will endure in the future. However, learning about the possibility of mental illness on behalf of the child/accuser does shed light on how a child/accuser can conjure up such a heinous accusation against someone else with no remorse and continue relentlessly to get others to believe them no matter who gets hurt in the process. Their lie becoming our truth is all they care about and in my opinion from what I understand, most will carry it to their grave. And unfortunately there is nothing we can do to stop them.
    We can however try to reduce the tension in our world caused by the accuser. My advise and I’m not an expert, this is just from my own experience:
    1) Don’t argue with the accuser about this it at all.
    That’s what they want so they can continue to persuade/manipulate you into believing them. If ANYTHING at all is mentioned leave, walk away, hang up, whatever you need to do to NOT participate in their dillusion.
    2) Block them from social media. You’ve heard the saying, “Out of sight out of mind” so don’t give the accuser the ability to see your name, thoughts, comments, or pictures.
    3) Conduct yourself with grace and kindness. Becoming bitter is an easy trap to fall into but it will destroy you and your family. Go about your life as best as you can and love those who love you.
    4) If you can find it in your heart to forgive the accuser you will be better off for it. Remember, forgiving isn’t saying that it’s ok that they offended you, forgiving is for YOU so YOU can move on with your life without harboring bitterness and hatred in YOUR heart. Until you forgive your accuser for falsely accusing you they have power over you…….they still can call, text, whatever and ruin your day or week but once you find a way to forgive maybe the way you react to that phone call or text will be different and your accuser will no longer be able to steal your joy. Then guess what… have your life back and your family can start to heal.
    5) If your going through this, I’m so sorry and I hope everything will work out for the innocent.

    I had no idea this would be so long but thank you for reading and I hope this makes sense. Somewhere in here I hope you can find something that helps you or maybe just gives you something to think about.

    Thank you!!

    • Offends me I can only forgive the accuser as she dose not at this moment I hope realize what it is she is saying only that what she is saying is not true trying to stay in the context of your artical. And I realy feel sorry that I know that this is going to eat at her for the rest of her life that has only just realy begun, but that is not helping me eny there are sick Pepole out there and my bro has maried one dew to what has happend in my life so fare I can’t ever forgive him or his wife she has turned him against his frends and family over the last few years and at this point I don’t want to ever let him back in and won’t he is ded. His wife well I was there for him and the kids I did not marry her, but she is herting her kid and will likly put me down doing it. How dose one forgive that. I can’t. Sorry for going on a reant can’t explain to much but wow this is killing me there is all kinda help for the supposed Vic and the accused well,

    • Mach

      Bitterness and hatred oh yes this will never end for the real accuser in my story, and it is not the coached 8yo as she has enough to cope with just living in the home with parents that argue and bicker, and now she will have the added presser at some point when she understands what it is that she agreed to her mom the sick minded person in her life that gave her an education that she has no need to have. No my hatred and bitterness lyes where it belongs the inlaw for programming her child my niece with some pretty twisted thoughts and then having her repeat those thoughts to other othoraty , as far as I cans see the real abuse of this child is psychological and now sexual non occourance that will have some vary real consequence later in her life. I vary much want to be an uncle if and when she and my nephews come to find me and I hope when thay figure out that the things that were seid were all to pleas mom as there was no understanding of the actions described. No forgiveness is for those that make honest mistakes not those that have sick minds that need some sort of validation even if it means the distraction of ther child’s life and innocent thought. And a brother who has no balls to stand up when he should know with out Doughty that thees things did not happen deserves the same forgiveness. Absolutely nothing, as for the neice she deserves forgiveness and needs help to deal with the true abuse in her life psychological abuse of her home life. So now I have simbolicly barried another brother who I guess was not to begin with, what a hell of a way to find out who your family and Friends are. And come to think of it there are good things that come out of thees things, as I can still look in the merrier clear conchence , and all the better off without those that showed deceit where els were thay deceitful no mater thay will not get a second chance. So no forgiveness in the event of a totally factious allocation there are some good things to learn but there is vary little forgiveness to be afforded.

  40. Jakes

    You are right. I am a 23 yr old guy and I don’t do much in life except chill @ home and listen music smoke some weed and just let things burn itself out. The problem is I have All these girl family members from Nieves girl cousins and girl children from relatives and the worst worst age for them to be is from 7-14 because that is when they start self exploring and being curious about their body . All of them living with me now and it really screws up my whole style. These girls Are all up on me running jumping climbing and the worst thing is that they are like 2-3-4th grade yet soooo damn smart. How the hell do these girls know about kissing boyfriends and sex and even better, we was talking about the word swag right. These girls Are like range 6-9 and told me that the word swag means secretly we are gay and they are making mature jokes and it is soo weIrd because idk these girls never met them but yet they really out in the open with me and they get all princess good girl when parents around… 1 of the little girls texts her mom and tell her about me and the mother gets kookoo calls my aunt to find about this mystery guy…

    Long story short. These little girls are problematic because I always end up in shituations where I have to babysit these kids and these kids would do things like fart and put their butt around me and fart or like if I am sitting down, they stand on my lap and their foot would always find a way to my penis and stepping on my penis and it would seriously hurt and they giggle @ these stupid cartoons that express suggestive acts of sexual implications… How do these kids have so much knowledge about this ? I Never knew what a vagina was until I lost my virginity @ damn near 18.. So these little ass girls will put guys like me in some serious trouble because I am not a babysitter nor do I spend time running behind no kid and it sure do pIss me off because that is not my style @ all…

    • Mach

      Those and most kids will get the information from there parents, school, tv, tv is the worst for this now there is nothing that a kid watches that dose not pass some kind of sexual Ora, and if not the programming specifically it’ll be the cometchels.

      • Sorry , the games kids play now also, all the dolls and exessorys are geared to teach a child a way to look at them selfs and the environment around them, my case it wold be one parent in particular telling the child that only the good looking girls wold be stolen, or that the boys she should be looking at should come from affluent family’s and have nice bumbs like that should be important to a 6 to, the internet once thay begin reading I cold go on. I was told where baby’s come from by the same kid at 7 as one of her little school mates was telling her. I think she already knew this though she was just seeing if I wold elaborate a bit I did not instead telling her that she was 7 and should not be wording about such things I left that with an education so for one to assume that a child at 6 or 7 dose not have some Ida about sexuality not so much about sex and the mechanics of it . And if thay don’t have that then certainly a sick minded parent with a theory will soon fix that. Even if it was a well meaning question. But by the time the questions are being asked and the attention is being payed the story grows and the child will get more of an education then the police interrogation more questions by authority now this child has more information than she or he should have on the subject of sex but the child still knows that the words she spoke were a lie so now you have a real abuse where there was non to begin with only the abuse caused by a sick parent and authority’s digging with a preconception that the child was sexually abused promptly begin educating the child more, so now you have a child that starts out being questions at home with a preconceived Ida of a sick parent and the tee forcemeat of the education by well meaning authority again with preconception that needs some help to prove, Now you realy have a child that will have problems later the child has Learned from a parent a class mate almost every media he or she watches reads or here’s you have just created an abused child and sombody that is going to go down by a false statement that will only hert the child once she begins to learn the meaning of what she has Sid. I feel sorry for the child, I don’t feel sorry for the parents that created the child’s story as she knows it’s not true but it did get attention she however dose not know that it is going to haunt her for ever

        • Truly hope she has not or will ever Experience the reality of what the charge states. At least until she meats somebody that she can have those Experience a with with the full understanding of what it is and enjoys a mutual experience with her choice of partner and not trying to kid anybody thinking she will wate till she is married.

  41. Kids do lie, but as a child that was abused I can understand. I was abused by a family member and when brought to the principal I was too scared to admit what was going on and blamed it on someone I knew couldn’t hurt me because they never would. A wonderful teacher…I did come clean when I found out he was getting in trouble and no one believed me again. I’m convinced that kids would have to be exposed to abuse to report it but you’re right that it is not always the right person getting accused. Male teachers are in a tough spot but they can teach girls that not every male in authority will hurt them. I feel you are right about teenagers. Just because the person they are having sex with is of age doesn’t mean they were not a willing participant. Rape, molestation, or any sexual assault is against a person’s will. Dumb choices are not the same nor should be classified as such.

    • Ok so in your case there was an aleged abuse. Sorry to hear that. I know it happens I know quie a few Pepole now that have been through this two of witch there was good phisi al evedance to support the storry and one was Caught in the act. But when there is no evedance and I’m speek ing now for me, and could never be evadance as there was no crime ever take place. Looking at the charge sheet, mine I feel sorry for the man you faulcly accused and hope my neice has the same balls to come cleen this is a horrae situation and I will never. E the same. You see even though there is no gilt in my mind just being accused and charged is a real mind twisting Experiance. I also think and hope that Pepole that have done what you have done live with the Experiance of the lye for the rest of your life, I think I know what transpired in my case can’t prove a word ov it so for the moment I’m scrowed and stand to loos all, just on the choherst word of my. Neice holly shit I feel sorry for her as she is 8 and will more than likly remember this for the rest of her life the thought when I read the charges against me were that she may have been abused but knowing what goes on in that house I’m realy not thinking so just her moms over active sick mind but that is not helping me much. One of the retractions I’m hopping will. Holly shit what kind a parent wold do this to there one child

      • God that did not make much sense but I agree that a child when making this type of allegation need be challenged on their statement or in my case moms statement but I’m the one that has to try prove that it is moms statement unless this kids has the conscience I think she has and comes Cleen but then there are those that will see even that as being a lie on the part of the child. Dam the accused are cooked as thay are in denial for denying the allegation and the child is ling even when trying to come Cleen. How is this wright

  42. Kingz

    Yea. Feel some of your pains. I just found out that my ex 11 year old daughter is claiming that I touched her, made her do some sick shit to me and that I had sex with her. And was way to detail about the shit. Something a 11 year old should not know.. Cops said the only reason I’m not in jail is because they interview my 3, 4, 5, 13 and 14 year old (two of which are girls) and found no signs of abuse what so ever.. This all took place the day before she was suppose to come home after nearly 4 months with her best friend over the summer. So now she has to stay with these ppl till this is resolved. This is not her first run in with CPS. There been a least 4 other lies that was not sexual in nature from her over the years. And one other sexual from her. They have all been tossed out by CPS after investigation. But this time is something off the freaking chart. She has always had a story problem and my x and I had her seeing a shrink since her story telling was interfering with school and making friends. Just can’t figure this girl out but it’s destroying my kids and my life.. She was sent for a physical today so that will prove that I have not had sex with her, but I live in Florida and they just have to say you did something and you spend the rest of your life in jail. My x and I want her to take a lie test.. But they act like that won’t prove shit.. So her words means everything but not the truth.

    • No it wold seem that the only interest is to fill the courts and jails with the accused. How though do you prove a negitive. When the accuser can say as thay pleas. Shocking what can be seid and that what is seid is for the most taken at face value. The police and the courts do t know ither the accused or the accuser but when a scaried 8 yo makes up a storry wow. Wonder what she was realy I troble for and how her mom cooked up the crap.

    • Mach

      Who in your and the kids life would stand to gain by destroying your and the kids life by setting this in motion kids do know a lot more then in years past about sex but to use it as a whepon that takes some out use help hope you did not do the sic shit and realy if you did not good luck this is what I’m looking at and trying how to figure out to. But yes kids lye but for whit reason about this.

    • Mach

      Ya it wold seem that way every wair as soon as there is something said wether true or not you might as well brace as there is nothing that can be done I’m finding that even when there is a major recant as there wold be evidence that wold be seen there is still no question that you are guilty of something, I agree that child sexual abuse dose happen, but it is getting a little ridiculous that no mater what happens after the child says anything no matter how much of a farce there is no cheek or real investigation as you don’t want to change a child’s statements as that will upset them. Whelk what about the accused the fellow that I hope has done nothing to deserve the hell he or she is going through, and the ever changing laws to help convict anybody that is accused. My accuser is a neice but when I think about it she is just trying to please mom for a little attention but by doing so she at 8 will not under stand the lie she told till a few years later. And when that happens and maybe she tells the trout home still can’t even sue for damages caused not that it will change a thing, the validates need to think a little about what it is that thay are looking at when deciding to charge and think of the child as that a child that will and do look to the authority questioning for approval and send innocent people to the depths of there one hell, yes kids do lie and if it is going to cause an innocent there freedom and place a wrong labile on the jar then by all means up set the child and make shure that there is something there either evidence or good cowobberation it takes to long to come to terms even when there is act to be ashamed of on the part of the accused absolutely when there is no evidence or eny other means of proof that the act took place challenge the accuser. I’m having problems trying to prove the perverbial negative

    • Subliminal Star

      Kingz? I hate to say this to you, but not all 11-year-old girls are as innocent as they want their parents to believe that they are. Take a look at this online article.>>>>Click onto

  43. Historia Nerd

    There was a similar case in Toronto. A young woman in her late teens was placed under anaesthetics, while a surgery was under way. She said she “felt” someone sexually abusing her, while she was under the anaesthetics. Pure nonsense. Majority of doctors avoid that, since they’re in a room filled with other surgeons and nurses of both genders. I’m ashamed to call myself a woman sometimes, because some females take advantage of the law’s leniency and male naivety.

    • Jason Y

      Probably she didn’t like the dentist for some reason. That’s the problem. If somebody doesn’t like you. You crossed them in someway, or you don’t belong to their “circle” or “pack”, then your open for false accusations, bullying etc..

      I don’t think anyone would make a charge like that for no reason. and it’s highly unlikely the guy did it. However, he could have. Three is a probablity of it.

      • Jason Y

        My dentist went to jail of dispensing pain pills. I thought it was funny cause I couldn’t imagine my family dentist behind bars. Anyhow, it was also sad cause he was a likeable and good dentist. I guess nobody is immune to breaking the law though. 🙄

  44. DHL

    I think it is because the Society has become very liberal, You lose your Conservative culture, First of all one must have strong Faith in God Call him anything Allah, Jesus etc. That way even some conservative Muslims may be good, not that Wahabis. Society is not evolving it is devolving. Its all the influence of Kali Yuga

    I have a ancient Hindu Scripture that is published atleast 125 years Old in the 19th Century. It details about Feminization of Humanity, the Female Hormone influence of Plastics etc. Its only going to get worse.

  45. Mach

    Did you ever think that maby this child may be under stress dew to the home life parents maby constantly on each other with the kids around some kids one I know and hope has not been realy abused was persuaded by the mother to make an acusation f

    • Mach

      Or the purpose of gaining the upper hand in a marrage by steppe rating husband from family and frends this is my favoret neice I’m talking about there was nothing I did not here from her that wold shock me like listening to her conserns about devorce twice I realy did not want to be there when brows wife was there so I cAn emajen only what it is like to be there full time. But eny how my neice I’m Shure was pushed into making this ugly alligation that has me twisting and angry not at her but her mom. This is going to stay with her the rest of her life as what she has sed wow when I seen it all fabrication and she knows it so when it hits trial I realy hope this comes out that her mom needed pleasing and bites bros wife in the ass sending her to jail for the time that hangs over my head for somthing that did not happen. Bro is ded for me now as he is realy the one who should have seen right through the lye but trying to keep marrage oh the shit eny how. Kids do see stress and may just see the prodding from othority to get attention. Say what thay wanna here and most kids are. It thT stooped

  46. Mr. E2me

    I was once accused of slapping a boss’s daughter. She obviously had lied about it. I was dragged into an office with an hostile superior while he wife was glaring daggers at me. I was completely unsuspecting. When I heard the accusation I was incredulous. I ramped my temper up to match his and told him this a complete lie and that I needed to quit. He was quiet and sat down. He told me he was having the same problem with her at school and maybe, just maybe she WAS lying about all this. I was fired a short time later. Not just because of this incident, several reasons. Mostly ,obvious loss of respect for my employer and his family.

    14 years later……

    Yesterday I am grabbing some wine and samiches at the local market. I see my former employers wife’s plasticene cat face. Tight from at least 2 facelifts. Pushing a wheelchair with the same daughter that accused me.
    I had heard stories from mutual acquaintances that she had got into the
    bad shit. Gaunt and sunken faced. A complete obliteration of the reasonably cute brat that transgressed me.

    Karma sucks.

    • Mach

      Karma dose come around it is good to here such things do happen and I’m hopping that the in law has a vary good bought of karma as my niece who did the lying will have to endure her lie, the same as I, the sick minded mother should with some bad will get a real liken of karma.

  47. jo

    I’m a person being accused now. I already had a mistrial. The judge told my attorney that it’s like burger king, you can’t have it your way. The only reason the prosecutor is even going forward is because I had a charge like this when I was younger. I since moved on in my life. I been married for almost 10 yrs, got 2 kids. But when my wife got into an argument with a family member, they called CPS on us, and when they could not find anything that was said, they dismissed the CPS case. And then a month later I was accused again by the family member that my wife got into it with. My defense is I have a tattoo some where in the lower area, and this person said that have seen it over 40 times, but when asked to describe it, she couldn’t, and when I asked for dismissal of case, they wouldn’t. I been fighting for my life for over 2 yrs. Hopefully I will win. I done nothing wrong.

    • One of Many

      I do not believe I have ever commented on a post from a random website before, I feel so strongly about what I have read. I have volunteered with organisations to prosecute sexual predators. After doing this for so long, I am certain there are predators out there and the men I come in contact with there is absolute proof of their guilt.
      I also am certain that children lie very easily, are easily coerced. I am disgusted by the ignorance of people saying kids never lie about abuse. It is frightening to me because these people are all potential jurors.
      I know these allegations ruin lives, and if someone actually is a predator I am not concerned with this but it reminds me of the supposed Satanic cults doing ritual abuse of children in the 80’s we all know now that most of those allegations were false.
      The hardest part for me as a women is my childhood was marred with sexual abuse. I have dealt with it, it was painful and has affected me. But it sickens me women who call themselves victims/survivors 30 years after the fact. Our society has become so victim based, it isn’t healthy. These false allegations make it so difficult for those poor children who are genuinely abused. They suffer in silence while attention seeking or manipulated young girls get attention for the wrong reasons.
      Children do lie constantly. They are still developing, still learning, easily influenced. I remember becoming “bulimic” at 14 after seeing it in an after school special. My parents called me out on my attention seeking behavior and I stopped and don’t nor never had an eating disorder. Parents need to use common sense, children do lie, manipulate, and can be coerced. Use the search function on any browser and look at the information out there about children being deceptive or being pulled into a mass hysteria. Please we are all potential jurors. As much as I disdain true sexual predators, children and anyone who may have manipulated them need to be held responsible for obvious false allegations. Otherwise this will never end.

      • Thank you so much for this!

        • One of Many

          You are welcome but please do not misconstrue my comment as an endorsement of what you have said, I do not think it is okay to have sexual relations with someone under 18 if you are an adult. I do not think it helps your cause to call them “bratty little bitches”. I only want the average person to understand children do lie and false allegations do happen. There needs to be proper investigation as with any crime and not a “witch trial” hysteria.

      • Subliminal Star

        One of Many? Your comment was the following: “I do not think it is okay to have sexual relations with someone under 18 if you are an adult.” If you are talking about a Levitra-consuming man who is at advanced age pursuing a sexually deviant encounter with a little girl who still has her baby teeth, I’m all with you on that. However, I also believe that our criminal justice system helps nobody whenever it wastes its time and resources on this sort of nonsense.>>>>Click onto

        It angers me that the prosecutor in that matter, Sandy Williams, is now a judge. I guess that fact could explain why our court system here in America in such chaos.

  48. Valentin

    Today I was accused by my four(4!) year old daughter for touching her in her private parts. Her mom (was molested by both of her parents and raped in college) doesn’t belive me and she is taking actions against me. I believe that my daughter wanted some special attention from her mom, because mom had to go on Friday eve to an event. I stayed with both of my children (4&6) at home that night, and next day I had to go to work in the middle of the day(straight from the family beach outing), leaving kids with their mom. Sunday came..,,and my life and the life of my family turned up side down. I am innocent in this fiasco, and my daughter and God knows that.
    Here is a helpful website on the subject:
    I am cleaning with the Ho’oponopono 12 step process on my false child molestation accusation issue and on the false child molestation issues of all who shared their experience on this site. Thank you. I love you. Let everyone be Blessed with the Peace of “I”.

    • Subliminal Star

      Valentin? After reading your post and other people’s posts, I have no regrets that I never became a parent. My mother used to whine about wanting me to give her a grandson, but I think she has gotten the message by now that I don’t want a son inasmuch as she doesn’t bring it up anymore. She has two granddaughters from my sister. That’s enough.

  49. Jason Y

    If you get on people’s bad side, male or female, young or old, they will crucify you. That’s the way society is nowadays. You can’t trust anyone except, maybe your mother. So either evolutionary adapt, or face the consequences.

    • Jason Y

      Males are some of the most gigantic bitches imaginable. Let’s not focus on females. Some males are out to target people they don’t like and make their life hell. They do it as much females.

    • Jason Y

      Note: It’s incredibly easy to get on some people’s bad side. For instance, some people, if you just come across as a wimp or something, and that’s all, then they instantly don’t like you, and then they want to crucify you.

      • Jason Y

        Others won’t like you cause you simply belong to a race or nationality they don’t like. So you have to try hard to get on their good side from the get go, but often you can’t.

        • Jason Y

          I could easily imagine a situation like on “To Kill a Mockingbird” where some southern USA bitch sexually tempts a black man, say a college or high school, and then accuses him of rape or something, cause deep the woman was still a racist, you know so many are racist cause their daddies taught them to be that way.

        • Jason Y

          The women pretend to like black people, play around with them, fuck them, and then resort to thier old racist ways once the black man slightly angers them, then cry “RAPE”.

  50. your article is true my sister is going through this right know she has 95% of custody of her daughter and moved i with her boyfriend with her daughter now a solid year goes by not one word from the ex the real kids dad not a phone call which he had the number and address not a letter nothing then out of the blue he decided he wanted to grow up and start seeing his kid again not only that but expected her to give him full custody she went to her court house to do what you need to on abandonment and get the other 5% of custody and was told there was nothing she could so he came to pick her up over the weekend and while she was gone cps showed up and said they were there because of a report of a child living in a dirty house no clean dishes dog shit in the floor etc etc she let them in and to there surprise they saw nothing that was reported apologized and left the kid comes back he was confronted about calling them denied it like the pussy that he is a week later she goes with him again and guess who showed up cps again over a report of her and her boyfriend being on drugs they openly agreed to a drug test and said the law could come in and search the home if need be test was negative this time cps was told that they knew who was doing this and that it does not take a rocket scientist to see he is telling lies they told cps about his absence for a year no contact at all nothing was done a week later he comes to get her she comes back guess who showed up again cps but they came a day late this time the kid was with her mom the report this time was supposedly her mom was beating on her and verbal abuse they talked to the child the child said then no mom dont hit me or talk mean to me and that she hated going with her real dad because he does talk mean to me and that she wanted her moms boy friend to be her new dad this time they demanded some thing to be done about this crap nothing was a week late real dad shows up again i told my sister then what was coming next i told her to take her straight to the doctor have her checked for abuse make his ass wait in the drive way while you do it but she did not and guess who shows up a day later cps this time it was told that she was being molested by her moms boy friend and her mom they demanded to see evidence of this and told cps if she told him she was being molested and he did not take her to a doctor right away how come he is not in trouble and being investigated especially after he has not been in the child life for a year any way no evidence was show they talked to the boy friends daughter who was drug in to it she told them no dad has never touched me like that and he never touched her either she went on to say that you have been here every weekend that he comes and gets her and every time you show up you find out none of what was said was true that they needed fired if they did not see this coming they talked to boyfriends moms dads ex wife even she who hates is guts told them the same thing his daughter told them they needed to quit if they did not see this coming and how can you not see the boy friend has never had a cps complaint against him the 14 years he raised his own daughter has no priors and the real dad was convicted of domestic violence with a gun cps was shown the news paper that told of him being arrested pulling a gun on his wife a year and a half before this that right at the moment he wants to play dad you guys are called a year goes bye and the child told him a stranger not a teacher or her mom or here friends how stupid are you people they took a copy of the news paper were he got arrested the phone records showing he never called and nothing was done still no proof showing the kid was molested she goes to court and gets screwed still it is not his year long absence and domestic violence with a fire arm is just ignored the judge was told and did nothing now she is on supervised visitation the judge told her to tell her boy friend to show up for the next hearing when he was in the waiting room already the judge was told he is here but would not talk to him he did not get say anything he was not even in the room after that was over the boy friend said after that this is bull shit never in his life has he seen this kind of crookedness that he is not coming back to this court house you either show me proof that i did these things and come and get me months go by and the child calls her mom and her mom records the conversation getting the kid on tape admitting it she said her dad and her girl friend said very bad things will happen to your mom if you do not tell your teacher that he did these things if you do not you will never get see mommy again this will make mommy move back in with her mother closer to us the tape goes on where the child is crying saying she is sorry that she misses mom she didnt mean to lie she will tell the truth and to tell the boy friend please dont be mad at her and that she loves him and is sorry after that she called the cps worker no answer left a message that she has a tape she needs her to hear she never comes back out never picks up her phone the boy friend also called same thing but he congratulated her for ruining this childs life and causing multiple psychological problems that is going to take a life time of medications and for letting her live with a person convicted of domestic with a fire arm also a man that did not care enough to pick up a phone and make on phone call not even on her birth day great job no proof against the mother and boy friend was ever shown that she was molested and they still have the tape that no one came to listen to no proof was ever shown against them about any thing cps came out to investigate and no one they went to see about stopping it said there is nothing they can do i told them to go to every news channel in the area and start naming names about this because this is pure shit the people in the legal system that is supposed to do some thing about these things were to concerned filling there pockets and should be thrown in prison and the stupid cps worker needs fired for not seeing the big picture and didnt even come back to finish the investigation when presented with new evidence and could not show proof of any thing they were reported for she still lost her kid not only that the failed to prove she was molested but decided it was better to let her stay with a person who was arrested for pulling a gun on his wife and threatening to kill her and his other kids and was told by his own kid that he was mean to her and she did not want to go back because she got talked to like shit and whipped all the time if any lawyers read this or any one that can help them email me because this is crap if this is the what our legal system has turned into it needs to be shut down and if cps is really this stupid and can still take kids and put them in home with some one who went to jail for threatening to kill his wife kids and him self which was proved he did it but they cant show no proof what so ever that the the kids mom and boy friend did what they reported for who both have clean back grounds and every one cps spoke to about them told them the same thing how did you not see this coming i mean what the hell this sickens me to my very soul makes me think how many other children lives were ruined over this kind of stuff to think a child in this day and age wont lie about this kind of stuff is stupid and naive

  51. Annon

    I lied about something like this but I never placed blame on a single person. I made a random description of a person up. I was 13 when I made up the lie, the consequences of this lie still haunt me today. I told my family and friend it was a lie I told. How the hell do you fix something like this? I’ve been on the internet for hours, even days. Trying to figure out why exactly does a person do this. how do I get past the fuck up I made? I’m now a very anxious and depressive person because of this. I’ve slowly started to shut myself out from every person I know. I know this happens often, many children lie for attention knowing I was one myself. I came clean of course but ever sense I have I’ve changed into this shameful person. Once this happens, how the hell do you go back to a normal life? I’m so sorry to all of the people who have been blamed for something they never did.

  52. Jason Y

    The pedophile thing seems to be the “new witch thing”. In that past, people would accuse people of being witches or Jews, now it’s pedophiles. If you don’t belong to the circle or corssed someone in some way, they can get even by accusing you of being a pedo.

    • Subliminal Star

      Jason Y? You are correct. And if you read into the American history of the 1950s, you’ll also find that back then our country was going through what was called “The Red Scare.” That is, because this one crazy Congressman named Joseph McCarthy believed that our country was being taken over by commies, people were being wrongfully blacklisted as Soviet sympathizers all over the place. This travesty was just as bad as people being put on the sex offender registry who are not really sexual predators nowadays. Here is an online article about Joseph McCarthy and the Red Scare.>>>> Click onto

      It seems as though the United States of America goes through this same nonsense every so many decades. As you said, now it is the Pedophile Panic. I’m wondering what it will be next 2 or 3 decades from now. People being falsely accused of being extraterrestrial reptilians? It’s all so mind-boggling when you think about it.

    • Subliminal Star

      Jason Y? I’m re-posting this reply, because it did not post previously. If you get the chance to read the history of the 1950s, you will find that in that time era, the “witch thing” here in America was what was called “THE RED SCARE.” People were wrongfully accused of being communists back in the 1950s and they were blacklisted, which had the same effects back then that unjust sex offender registration has on the wrongfully accused today. Here is an online article about it.>>>>Click onto

      It’s as though American society has this cycle of madness every decade or two. As you said, our country is now in a pedophile panic. I wonder what it will be two or three decades from now. People being falsely accused of being extraterrestrial reptilians? When will it ever end?

  53. Gigi

    I totally agree with article. My son a Corporal in the Marines was extradited from CA because his stepsister claims that she waa raped for the past 10 years. In a house full of people while they slept and others in the same room

  54. Clint

    Girl 1 my surrogate daughter, I have known her since she was born and have been acting as a father to her on a regular basis since she was 4.
    Girl 2 is girl 1 friend I only met her on 3 prior occasions:
    On August 19, I picked up my surrogate daughter, to give her an early birthday present. Because of my profession, I would not be home for her birthday. When I arrived to pick her up she had a friend with her. She want to bring the other girl with us. I received permission from the mother of girl 2 to take her with us. I took girl 1 and 2 to Walmart to purchase a phone case, charger and a prepaid plan girl 2 made a comment about how she wished she had someone to do things for her. It took about 45 minutes in the store parking lot to get the phone activated. Afterwards I took both girls to Starbucks and then to chipotle which both orders were “to go” in all we were gone approximately 2.5 hours including travel time to and from the store. Because of unforeseen circumstances of my job 1.5 weeks later, I was able to pickup girl 1 and her sister up for school clothes shopping. Again girl 2 wanted to go. My wife said no because my wife didn’t know girl 2. During the shopping trip girl 2 contacted both girl 1 and myself several times throughout the day. Girl 2 wanted to know when we would be returning. Immediately After we returned to girl 1 residences girl 2 came over. My wife noticed the girl 2 was jealous of what we had bought girl 1 and sister during the shopping trip.
    2 days later girl 1 and 2 were caught doing something the were prohibited from doing. I believe to avoid punishment, girl 2 accused me of touching her, sending her explicit pictures and attempting to get her to send me explicit pictures. These accusations have been investigated by children services. The sent me letters last week saying the abuse is indicated and that I’m going to be put on some list. My lawyer said to let it go and that they are baiting me to get an “interview” Since I obtained a lawyer on September 30 this is the first time I have been contacted. The police have not tried to contact my lawyer or myself. Is it over or just beginning?

  55. rick n.

    If a child is really molested, there will be symptoms as well as other abuses present.
    Investigators have a protocol to follow, interviewing adults in the life of the child, home life, history etc. The qualities or lack of will emerge if that child is valued or not.
    A molester if half way smart will try to silence a child or anyone who may take the child’s side. My reading says molesters are control freaks, they are certainly apathetic and self centered. Other abuses would be present. Like isolation, rejection, exploiting, terrorizing, ignoring and depravation.
    I shall not share how an accused innocent man would react and behave.

  56. Carrie

    I totally agree.
    I was also sexually abused as a young child (age 4-9 recurring), kept it my darkest secret for years (until I was 12, met a fried with a similar secret and she told her mom who told my parents… then the therapy began). I was also much younger so maybe I dont really count but I was embarrassed, I thought it was my fault… now I’m an adult ad accept that this happened to me and that I was manipulated. I can openly talk about it and help others come to terms and move forward.
    Back to me agreeing. Little girls these days are actually very evil, I’m 22 years old and can see things like this happening when I was in junior high.
    For example… when I was 13, one girl said the gym teacher was a perv (she was newer to the small school, telling a class of girls this who has known this same gym teacher SINCE WE WERE SIX. Guy was not a perv and we all knew this! except new chick). At first, the girls in my class all said no way! By the end of the locker room changing, she had every girl in my class except me and maybe one other classmate of mine convinced that he was creepy and “look at them weird” “looking at our boobs” “watching us when we run”… NONE OF US HAD BOOBS. I had a fairly small class I remmeber every single girl and noooone of us had tits. whats there to watch? Oh but of course someone twisted him into a pervy creep who likes little girls, told the whole class that and…. within a year the rumors curculated so much that the poor guy had to go. Spent like 20 years on that job.

    Lets not forget every 15 year old girl I’ve met who lied and said she was 18, had sex with a man who is maybe 27, gets caught by her parents and then poor dude goes to prison.

    Open your eyes people. You can tell when something is legit or just kids being well… kids, unfortunately. They can be evil..

    • Subliminal Star

      Well, you got to remember something, Carrie. The age of consent laws and the child sexual abuse laws here in the United States of America are the most Draconian of any place in the world. Fortunately, Germany and Argentina got those laws right. In Germany, once a minor reaches 14 years of age, an older sex partner can only be convicted of statutory rape with that 14- or 15-year-old youngster if sexual exploitation can be proven. The act of carnal knowledge alone will not secure a conviction. Then once the minor turns 16, that minor is fully capable of consent to anyone of any age. In Argentina, it works the same way, except that 13 years old is the age in which an adolescent can give consent to anyone of any age provided that no exploitation is taking place. 18 years old is the full age of consent in Argentina. The United States of America makes the mistake of letting its state jurisdictions impose a one-size-fits-all law for any kind of sexual conduct involving a minor. Because of it, our country now needlessly has these kinds of miscarriages of justice.>>>>Click onto

      Also, click onto

      In a nutshell, other nations have a much different perspective than the United States of America on what is age-appropriate and what isn’t concerning the sexuality of minors. It’s like the American film “Trust” that was released in 2010. That movie is similar to the Dutch film titled “Het Debuut” that came out in 1977. In both films, the female protagonist is 14 years old and she becomes sexually involved with a significantly older married man. However, “Trust” makes the relationship between its 14-year-old female protagonist and the older, married man appear as toxic and destructive, whereas “Het Debuut” tries to romanticize the relationship between the 14-year-old female protagonist and the older, married man.

  57. Joanna Haritos

    When my 7-year old daughter accuses someone she loves of sexual misconduct with her, I have no choice but to believe my daughter for the sake of her safety. The accused is old enough to take care of himself. If the predator had the opportunities to molest her and has repeatedly put himself in compromising situations with her when asked not to do so, at the least, no further contact should ever be allowed.

  58. Eddy

    My stepdaughter told her mom that I text her can I give you a bloody well how can I prove my innocence tell my wife I am deeply hurt by the situation and his cost me my relationship

  59. robert

    I myself am an almost 40 year old father, and my 18 year old daughter is saying that we have had a sexual relationship with me for three years. We recently had an argument, and she moved into her boyfriends house (whom was molested himself), and now all of a sudden she’s saying she’s been dreaming of me with her sexually, and he is telling her that she keeps waking up screaming no no no daddy stop, but at the same time he has been known to sleep rape his girlfriends. What can be done about this? It has me scared that I’m going to jail for a long time just because she’s alleging this heinous crime.

    She still contacts me through social media, and nothing seems different with her, but she also has been diagnosed as depressed, and I was told by a psychiatrist she’s seen since the age of four she is manipulative. She also just came to live with me and her real mom 3 years ago, then ended up in Foster home because her mom couldn’t deal with her. I got my own place, and she came home to live with me after being in care for 8 months. All was fine until she started living with her boyfriend. Any advice would be very helpful, and I’m sorry for the life story.

    • Subliminal Star

      No offense, Robert, but it seems as though a lot of you men who get married and start a family in your early twenties seem to go through this kind of nonsense once your kids hit their teens. I’m not saying that I believe your daughter, but what I’m saying is that kids born to younger fathers usually seem to do stuff like this to their parents. I never hear about a teenage girl accusing her 57-year-old father or her 68-year-old father of this sort of thing. It’s as though men in their thirties or early forties seem to fall victim to this sort of thing more often than older men do. I don’t understand why that is.

  60. Faith

    I am going through this awful battle right now with my own daughter feeling pressured by an ex to continue the false accusations against my fiancé. She cried out to me after the investigation started and said she had made it up to get attention at a summer church camp she was attending and they were all gathered talking about abstinence and sexual things that were wrong including being touched by anyone. She said others were saying stories and that’s when she Told her lie not know it was gonna be reported by the directors there. Next thing she knew she was being confronted by counselors and cps case workers and worst her father which was finally giving her attention she was desiring. She told me she had no idea the consequences this would be and felt too scared to admit her lying. Mind u my lil girl is a wonderful sweet loving daughter that you would NEVER think to do such a thing. But she made the mistake and now her father won’t allow her to fix , but is now using it to get full custody like he’s always wanted.. She came to me several times throughout this investigation pleading with me to help her tell the truth because her dad won’t let her talk to anyone because he thinks I’ve manipulated her to change her mind. So not true. She cried out to me each time because I was giving strict instructions to not talk about the case with her so I held my tongue no matter how hard it was. I fee so awful for her because you can tell this is tearing her up inside and I have no way to help her. Any advice would be great. Thanks and God Bless.
    *False allegation of inappropriate touching of child.

  61. Adult male on child female child abuse is an underclass phenomenon that usually goes hand in hand with early parenthood, single mothers, white trash or ghetto blacks or Hispanics.

    Freddy Krueger, an alcoholic boiler room derelict, sums up the typical abuser.

    He is white, uneducated, marginally employed.

    All sexual pathology will manifest themselves to a greater degree in poor neighborhoods.

    • Subliminal Star

      I don’t know about the Freddy Krueger thing. However, it seems as though younger fathers get accused of sexually abusing their young daughters more often than older fathers do. It’s like an unexplainable pattern in American society. How do you figure that?

  62. Pattern goes hand-in-hand with young single mothers, out-of-wedlock births, rogue males who are unmarried and drift from single woman to single woman, children by multiple partners…everything that happens in the underclass as religion and tradition and marriage fall by the wayside.

    • Jason Y

      In those type of environments, accusations of sex crimes are rampant. You cannot trust anyone. Often it could come to a situation where the mom leads an immoral lifestyle, which obviously leads perverts into her house, yet she is utterly shocked when her children are molested.

      • Jason Y

        However, obviously, kids being molested, even when the mom is a stripper or something, is something that is massively wrong. People should draw the line between legit sexual stuff for adults and the exposing of kids to that world. What kind of fucking creep would cross that line? But it seems to happen all the time.

      • JASON Y In the white-trash environment how many rogue males float around looking for a single mother to move in with?

        They may have children-3 or 4-but don’t provide for them and just drift around other women.

        If Mom IS a stripper than usually the guy is some pervert who was hanging around her club.

        OF COURSE these guys decide to bang little girls or sometimes boys.

      • NO SURPRISE Jews and Asians have left white Christians in the dust.

        All of these things are rural white poor problems and ghetto black problems.

      • JASON Y

        Textbook serial killers from Manson to Bundy will tell you Mom was a drunken local single-mother slut who brought males into their residence and one of these males touched their penis.

        Their children ARE BORN THROUGH SEXUAL DEVIANCE in the first place. A teenager girl of 17 who gets impregnated by a 20 year old punk. Single mothers, deadbeat Dads who might make decent money driving trucks but never pay a cent for their children, blood relative parents.

        Jewish, Asian-American and East Indian families have their fare share of deadbeats, thugs, idiots, addicts, sluts….but they cannot reproduce with anyone because community standards in their subculture prevent.

        But little Wanda Buford always spreads her legs for some thug whose bike makes her vagina throb and by the time her baby pops out the guy is long gone…one abusive man after another enters her trailer or rented house and one of them likes little girls or even little boys.

    • Jason Y

      One playground for molesters in the black community seems to be churches, but they only get away with it for so long. Often the molester, usually in some holiness and strict denomination, plays a double-life as very holy and puritanical, and then a demonic pervert when the Jekyll side comes out. Also, the guy is usually low IQ, massively uneducated etc..

      • Jason Y

        One was noted to say “Homosexuality, LAKE OF FIRE” Yes, indeed. lol. He’s the same guy who is doing all those things he’s condemning, usually via raping kids or mentally incompetent.

        • I-5 Killer says that the poor and incompetent are exposed to such sexual attacks to a greater degree than the mentally-challenged daughter of a millionaire industrialist.

          Strippers are usually molested and their own children are molested and become strippers whose own children are molested.

          Sexual abuse goes hand in hand with poverty, low IQ, unemployed males without enough money to pay for sex who resort to a boy’s anus (Or like it like Michael Jackson), single-parenthood, declining morality among the lower-middle-class and poor, violent streets, alcoholism.

          Here’s the upshot JASON: East Indians, Asians, Nigerian immigrants and Jews will continue to leave the poor rural whites behind. Ditto ghetto blacks and Hispanics/American Indians.

          Original Americans who have been in America for 400 years-Southern whites, Blacks, Reds and Hispanics will be in poverty while Fresh Off The Boats continue to rule the country and own the economy.


          Because they are stupid, bro.

        • Religion has lost any power over the vast white, Hispanic and black underclass males anyhow.

          When their illegitimate children are being Baptized by their forgotten fling’s tired 45 year old mother/grandmother who will once again being changing diapers and being a mother…a stripper is snorting cocaine off his erect penis at a no-tell Motel around the corner from the Glass Slipper strip joint or hangin’ wit de homies.

          Once he has gotten his penis wet, the woman is like a pay toilet you had to use badly…you run away and forget about the place.

      • All problems we can associate with the lower-class.

      • JASON Y Meanwhile the East Asians, Jews and Indian-Americans soar to new earning heights of power and influence while poor rural whites and ghetto blacks and Hispanics whose ancestors actually built the country sink into sexual perversity, dysfunction, alcoholism, poverty, ignorance…and their women suck penises on the road.

        How many Korean or Jewish or Indian-American women are sucking hogs on the street because their daddy molested them?

        How many Asians or Jews are on welfare.

        America’s founding father and Columbus’s Spanish explorers are the stupid slave peasants of the 21st century New World.

  63. Donna

    My daughter aged 11 told me her father has been molesting her. This makes no sense to me. They are very close and she follows him everywhere. She has always preferred him as her parent and lavishes him with affection all the time. If a girl was being molested and hated it then why would she be so clingy and eager to spend time alone with him? Right now I’m angry and confused. It seems to me that she’s asking to have a sexual relationship with him and when he doesn’t respond then she accuses him of things. I’m at my end but I’m afraid if she continues telling lies like this someone will believe her and he will be wrongfully charged. She often tells me he molests her when they go shopping together. If that’s true then why is she always begging him to take her to the mall?? She could ask me any time but doesn’t. It’s obvious to me she’s lying so now I’m worried about what to do next. How can I stop her from trying about something so serious??

  64. My son is 38yrs old. Has his own 15yr old daughter. Who loves him with all her heart. He’s never been in any trouble except for marijuana. He was a hard worker. Home owner. And married to a woman for eight years. Her daughters accused him of touching them. They are lying. There’s no physical or DNA evidence. The youngest one took her first steps to him. He loves these girls. Treated them like his own. Now they want to give him two 10 to life’s. In Pahrump Nevada. I need help 928-201-1619 I did hire a attorney Mr Nelson. He did such a terrible job. I fired him. Then the court appointed him as free council for my son.

  65. Jason Y

    Yeah, this certainly happened to me (not molestation, but picture taking accusations) at a local store. The girls were even going so far as to lie and say I was asking women for dates, as dorky as that sounds (a store isn’t the place really). It was just flat-out lies and why I was burning mad at the moment and also against the hick “wannabe alpha” mall cop trying to detain me.

  66. Jason Y

    A lot of these accusations are simply persecution of people the children and/or their snotty parents don’t like.

    Basically, the only people who can survive in places full of kids – ranging from supermarkets to schools are nomal-asses (normies) who are difficult to accuse of anything. So that’s the advantage of being one.

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