No Mercy For Russians!

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This post has been translated into other languages. French version, Pas de Pitié Pour Les Russes: Les Tchétchènes Sont Des Coupeurs de Tête! (en Frances). Portuguese translation, Piedade Zero Para Os Russos! (em Portugues). Italian version, Video Shock: Nessuna Pieta Per I Russi – I Ceceni Sono Tagliatori Di Teste! (traduzione in italiano).

This is one of the sickest, most messed up videos I’ve ever seen. I watched it once all the way through and I’ve seen bits of it since, but I don’t think I can watch it clear through again. I really advise my regular readers to think twice before watching this video – it is so fucked up you won’t even believe it.

Originally titled Six Russian Conscripts Beheading, I renamed this post No Mercy For Russians! after the name of the Italian translation.

WARNING! This video has very gruesome content! Extreme viewer discretion is advised! If you think you are going to get upset or worse by this video, DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT watch it!

If you are underage, do NOT watch this video! If you are a parent and are concerned about your kids viewing this post, please either supervise and/or restrict your children’s Internet use or invest in a blocking program.

Bad reactions have been reported by those watching this video. So far, nausea (lasting up to an entire day), fear, rage, feeling disturbed and upset (in one case for months), inability to stop thinking about the video, flashbacks, facial flushing, shivering, chills, vomiting, nearly fainting, neck pains, crying, and depression (lasting up to a few days) have been reported. One person said they will never be the same after watching this. Another was so traumatized by this video that they nearly had to go see a therapist.

Hospitalizations have occurred due to this video. When it was first shown on Dagestani TV, several people were admitted to the hospital with heart problems after watching the video. All were apparently released later.

If you think you are going to have a bad reaction, please reconsider whether you really want to watch this.

I am posting this video because it is related to the neo-Nazi beheading video that created such a storm on the Internets.

A lot of people, even some who have seen the worst videos on the Net, are not able to watch this video.

A much more important question is why the Russian neo-Nazis chose to execute the first man by (an admittedly botched) beheading. The answer lies in this video. Although most Americans know nothing of these videos, they were widely released in Russia, probably around the time they were shot.

One very famous video, chechclear, was shot in 1996 at the end of the first Chechen War.

The video above was shot on September 5, 1999, when a Chechen rebel group of 200 men raided from Chechnya across the border into Dagestan. A contingent of this group, numbering about 40, found a village, Tuhchar, or Tuhcharom, that was guarded by 13 poorly-trained Russian conscripts. Various sites on the Web claim that this group was led by named Salautdin Temirbulatov (photo), but that does not appear to be the case.

Instead, Temirbulatov is the man who beheaded the unknown Russian conscript in the famous chechclear clip.

This group was actually led by Emir Umar Karpinski, associated with the Basayev and Khattab factions.

Clearly outnumbered, seven of the 13 managed to run away and hid in the village, but another six were captured.

Five of them were beheaded*; a sixth got up and tried to run away but he was shot dead. The sixth one was a 17 year old, and the rebels offered him the charming choice of converting to Islam or being killed. He refused to convert and was then shot.

Here is the audio, translated from the Russian and Chechen dialogue, from the section of the tape dealing with one victim, Aleksey Lipatov, who pled for his life, and was then murdered:

Russian prisoner, just a kid, is lying on the grass….

Chechen with knife: “Turn around.”

Kid moves a bit sideways…

Chechen off-camera: “LIE DOWN!”

Chechen takes the knife out and bends towards the kid…

Lipatov: “You don’t have to cut me…I’ll tell you everything…”

Chechen with knife: “What are you gonna tell me?”

Chechen off-camera: “Go ahead, talk…”

Lipatov: “I’ll tell you where it’s located.”

Chechen off-camera: “Where is it located?”

Lipatov points towards a hill with houses: “There, in that house.”

Chechen with knife: “What?”

Chechen off-camera: “What is in that house?”

Lipatov: “Weapons and ammo.”

Chechen with knife: “Where? In that house?” Points.

Lipatov: “Yes from there.”

Chechen with knife looks at his comrade.

Chechen off-camera: “Hes lying…”

Chechen off-camera: “Lie on the ground.”

Chechen with knife: “What else can you tell us?”

Chechen off-camera: “Where are the weapons?”

Lipatov: “What?”

Chechen off-camera: “The weapons and the ammo.”

Lipatov: “On the top of the mountain.”

Chechen with knife: “Where?”

Lipatov: “There on top.” Points.

Chechen with knife: “Are you sure?”

Lipatov: “Yes, yes.”

AK shots fired…Chechen with knife backs off and doesn’t want to cut him…feels sorry for the kid:

“What do you want me to do?” in Chechen.

Chechen off-camera: “Just cut him.”

Lipatov: “There, it’s right there.” Points.

Chechens yell: “Leave him alone and come back!”

A bunch of them yell at once. Gunshots fired from AK.

Chechens keep yelling: “Leave him alone…come back already.” (They are referring to the other kid that ran.)

Chechen with the knife: “Turn around.”

Chechen: “Take off your belt.”

Chechens off-camera: “Come on, cut him up.”

Lipatov: “You don’t have to.”

Chechen off-camera: “Just cut ‘im up already.”

Lipatov: “You don’t have to, please…”

Chechen scum hits him with the belt.

Chechen: “All right, come on!”

Chechen with Adidas jacket: “Hands back!”

Lipatov: “Please don’t.”

Chechen (Adidas): “Hands back!”

Chechen (Adidas) hits Lipatov in the face: “I said hands back!!”

Lipatov gets hit with an AK.

Chechen off-camera: “Quickly, quickly.”

Lipatov: “Please, let’s talk…”

Chechen with camera: “HANDS BACK! You fuck.”

Chechen: “Fuck the belt.”

Rifle hits the kid.

Chechen off-camera: “Just fucking cut him already!”

Lipatov: “Please, I don’t want to.”

They wrestle.

Lipatov screams: “I DON’T WANT TO DIE! PLEASE!”

Chechens: “Cut him.”

Lipatov cries.

Lipatov: “I DON’T WANT TO DIE, PLEASE!! You are very good people, please!”

Cameraman: “Yes, we are very, very good people…THE BEST.”

Chechen: “Get the knife.”

Chechen punches the kid in the head a few times.

Chechen with the knife: “Stop fucking hitting him.”

Cameraman: “You’re gonna live in Grave City.”

Lipatov: “MOMMY! MOMMY!”

Cameraman: “Torture him.”

Lipatov: “I WANT TO LIVE!”

Cameraman, sarcastically: “He wants to live!”

Lipatov screams…3 on 1, the Chechens attack him.

Lipatov: “Come on fellows…I just want to live.”

Chechen: “CUT HIM NOW.”

Lipatov: “Leave me alone!”

A Knife goes through Lipatov’s throat. Lipatov kneels while getting butted in the head with an AK.

Chechen with knife to the guy with the AK: “What the fuck are you doing? Fuck off.”

Chechen with knife: “I’ll do this myself!”

A Chechen cuts Lipatov’s neck, stabs him in the neck…over and over and over…Lipatov is dead.

A few months later, the group was decimated in a Russian-Chechen operation. Two Special Forces groups took place in the operation, the recently disbanded Chechen Vostok Brigades from the puppet Chechen government, and Russian Spetznatz special forces. The video released by the Chechens was used as evidence against those who committed the crime in order to track them down. Some say they were killed in Russian aerial bombings.

All of the Chechens seen in this video were killed sooner or later, so everyone you see in this video is dead.

This video is in four or five parts, and this is apparently part four or five. This video goes by various names around the Net, and it is usually found on a Russian forum, but all the commentary is in Russian. It goes by names like Dagestan, Dagestan Massacre, Execution of 6 Russian Conscripts in Dagestan, Rebels Brutally Execute Soldiers in Eastern Europe, Chechnian Beasts, etc.

This particular video, though shot in 1999, seems to have only made it onto the web in a significant way about July 2007, a year ago.

Anyway, these videos were released on the Net and widely viewed by the Russian public. This served to arouse even more rage against the Chechens, especially due to the fact that these guys were conscripts. Chechen apologists argue that Russian conscripts have done all sorts of terrible things to Chechens, both fighters and civilians.

They also say that this was just one commander and doesn’t reflect the views of others.

That’s probably true, but none of that avoids the conclusion that these wars, which started out being relatively fairly fought, are now descending into unspeakable brutality on both sides. Chechen apologists say that this is what happens to you when you lose your whole family, or at least some members, to the Russian military.

There’s probably hardly a Chechen family that has not had a relative killed or brutalized by the Russians. The logical consequence is a bunch of guys with mountains of rage and nothing to lose, combined with an increasing emphasis on radical Islam. The horrible Beslan School Siege was also an expected outcome of this Hellish war.

The Chechens have also blown up some airliners full of civilians. Prior to the school siege, some Chechen women in suicide vests, all war widows and clearly distraught, staged a hostage crisis in a Moscow movie theater. It ended with Russian agents storming the place and spraying knockout gas into the theater, killing a number of hostages.

Tony Ward’s The Case For Chechnya, from the New Left Review, is highly recommended and sums up my position. Despite the horrible descent into terrorism (to be honest, on both sides) the Chechen cause of national liberation should still be supported.

Sadly, the Russians have killed most of the more moderate leaders, most recently Aslan Maskhadov, who was actually a reasonable fellow. But even Maskhadov had been getting more militant as the horrific war dragged on.

The Russians never had a right to conquer Chechnya in the first place, and it took them about 60 years to conquer the place – they started around 1805 and finally defeated the Chechens around 1863. During this period, Shamil was the legendary Chechen commander. Even then, Chechens never accepted Russian rule (which was originally mostly just nominal) and there were repeated rebellions, even during the Soviet Era.

When the Nazis invaded Russia, many Chechens, along with most of the other people of the Caucasus, went over to the Nazis, not due to a love of Nazism, but because Hitler cynically promised them independence, although we should also note that many people of the Caucasus did fight for the USSR.

Whether Hitler was really going to give them independence is much in doubt, as Hitler used this same ruse with the Ukrainians, and they were clearly intended to be genocided in Generalplan Ost, not given independence at all.

In 1944, Stalin reacted to this with fury, deporting whole ethnic communities on trains away from the front near the Caucasus. Conditions on the trains were horrible, with little food or water available. Whether this was intentional or not is not known, but many Chechens – men, women and kids – died en route to Siberia.

When the Chechens were finally allowed to come back over a decade later from the labor camps (where they were reportedly the most rebellious spirits of them all) they found that much of their property had been taken over by their Christian neighbors.

This is part of the homicidal backdrop to the seizure of the North Ossetian Beslan School by Chechen and Ingush terrorists. Christian North Ossetians had seized much of the Ingush’s property during the decade in which they were deported along with the Chechens. Memories are long in this part of the world.

Although the war has tapered off considerably with the installation of a new pro-Moscow government in Chechnya, it continues to sputter on. There are only about 8,000 Russian troops in Chechnya, down from 60,000 as late as 2005. There are probably about 2,000 guerrillas still running around in the mountains.

Most Chechens are probably still pro-independence. In recent years, fighting has spread across the whole of the North Caucasus to Dagestan, Ingushetia, North Ossetia, Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachay-Cherkessia. There have also been many attacks in Southern Russia just north of the Caucasus.

What does all this have to do with the neo-Nazi beheading? As I said, those beheading videos aroused immense nationalist rage in a wide spectrum of Russian society (The Russian peace movement to end the Second Chechen War is very small, unpopular and often persecuted) and clearly it drove the ultranationalists into a frenzy.

The videos and the war itself probably drove the whole ultranationalist movement, giving them fire and legions of new members. In the communique attached to the Russian neo-Nazi video, the group demanded that all Caucasian natives be thrown out of the Caucasus and that the Caucasus then be granted independence. They also demand that all people of the Caucasus and “Asians” be thrown out of Russia proper.

Seeing how whipped up and crazy Russian Slavs got over these videotaped beheadings, I’m sure that the Russian neo-Nazis in their famous video beheaded Shamil Odamanov, a Muslim and a Dagestani (from the Caucasus) as retaliation for the beheadings of Russian conscripts by Chechen Muslim Caucasian guerrillas.

Otherwise, I’m not aware that Nazis had much a thing for beheadings. It’s pretty much a Muslim thing, and their preference for it goes all the way back to Mohammad (It was his favorite way to kill people).

It’s kind of sad that people are so worked up at the Chechens for chopping POW’s heads off. To the dead person, it really doesn’t matter how he died.

The Russians regularly murdered all sorts of Chechens in cold blood – 12 year old boys, relatives of rebels, on and on. They did sweeps through whole parts of the country, rounded up every male of fighting age and sent them to camps where they were tortured, often to death. There are mass graves all over the country, and some estimates are that Russia has killed 20% of the population.

For this reason, many young Chechen males joined the rebels because they figured the Russians were going to come after them sooner or later anyway.

This is an interesting discussion of these beheading videos, comparing them to child porn and asking why child porn is illegal to so much as look at it, but this stuff is not, considering that brutal homicide is arguably worse than child sex abuse.

*In this video, the Chechens are laughing, carrying on and yelling “Allahu Akbar!” the whole time. They slowly slit the soldiers’ throats halfway, so the victims remain alive and suffering for some time.

Even with their throats partway cut, some are still moving around, trying to crawl, flopping around on the ground, moving their heads around, wiping their eyes and making weird noises out of what’s left of their vocal tracts. The victims’ are screaming, “Stop! Let me go!” in Russian.

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  1. White Preservationist (formerly Eman)

    Others have likely remarked on this phenomenon before, but I just realized that in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and some of the other Slavic areas of Eastern Europe there seems to have definitely been survival of the fittest via natural selection during the murderous horrors of the early decades of the Judaeo-Soviet regime as well as the utter bloodbath known as WWII (the “Great Patriotic War” in Soviet parlance). These extreme hardships, combined with the general roughness/rawness of living in Eastern Europe (it’s always been a tough place to live), certainly served to ‘weed out’ the Russian gene pool of many of the weakest/unfit members of Russian/Slavic society and thus only the toughest, meanest, devious, and intelligent (?) survive today because their very tough recent ancestors were able to survive all of those extreme hardships using whatever measures necessary.

    Others have also theorized that the disproportionate beauty found amongst modern Russian women (as well as some other EE Slavic populations) is due to so many tens of millions men getting murdered by the early (non-Slavic/Jewish-dominated) Soviet Union as well as dying in HUGE numbers during WWII – this obviously served to drastically lower the number of available men left in the general Soviet population, and thus the men that managed to survive Judaeo-Soviet persecution as well as WWII naturally gravitated toward and impregnated the most beautiful Slavic women that they could find which resulted in ‘beauty genes’ being passed along at a highly disproportionate rate. In a curious twist of gender relations, the Slavic MEN were the ones who could afford to be sexually choosy regarding women post-WWII because there was such an incredible shortage of men at that time; under normal conditions women are of course the choosy gender because they are instinctually/genetically-driven to be much more selective when selecting a breeding partner as opposed to men.

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  5. heg

    heg: This is what the jews did to at least 15 million russians 1917 to 1991.

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  11. that just fuckin sick… what the fuck. i hope god never forgives them

  12. i love this because im evil.i like adolf hitler and the nazis.


      Why would you even say something like that.It just shows your ignorance I guess.I would almost guarantee that you are a follower and have been nothing but a fucking coward your whole life.Every race,religion,country has brutalized and killed others in one way or another!Keep that in mind when jumping to conclusions and coming up with an extreme point of view.Fuck anyone who wishes death and destruction upon anyone!What the fuck is wrong with the world?If a “god” truly does exist, I hope he wipes the entire fucking human race off the face of the earth because it is obvious we we’re truly never meant to be.Sad, just plain sad:(

    • vlad

      if you like adolf hitler and the nazis i wish you to die just like those soldiers. you are a piece of shit…….you know that ,right?

  13. worst thing i’ve ever seen. god bless them poor kids. fucking evil scum twats who did it rot in hell you cunts.

  14. Dos

    пидары американские, хули вы здесь распизделись???

  15. Chechen

    Lord, forgive us… if it possible…
    real war it’s not a computer game.
    Real War it’s a terrible, horror, suffering, tears, blood…

    Lord, forgive us…

    • Jarman

      This shit was partially due to religion and youre asking god to forgive us? Maybe that cunt can fucking fix this, if he even exists.

  16. Dos

    Это видео называется “Тухчарская казнь” в Дагестане, а не “No Mercy For Russians”…

    • Dos

      я б, понаблюдал бы, как тебя резали.
      А потом, мило прокоментировал: ух, свинью зарезали.

  17. russi

    После просмотра этого видео остаётся только одно – “Хорошой англосакс, мёртвый англосакс” ибо чеченские проститутки без поддержки пендостана такое не творилибы.

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  19. Frank

    Muslim butchers. Barbarians.

    • Dos

      Завали ебало! унылое говно.
      Прежде чем пиздеть, подумай хорошенько,
      ублюдок несчастный.

      • Bevery

        Это ты замолчи позорник..человек сказал что мусульмане мясники и варвары..А ты такой праведный мусульманин и решил заступиться и матом обложил человека ?..любой нормальный мусульманин не стал бы так как ты матом и в злости скрипя зубами обзывать ,а сказал бы что эти нелюди к исламу отношения не имеют а ты еще один урка возомнивший себя правоверным

        • DOS

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          Зы: ишь, ты блядь, за пендосов заступился. Подумай, имбецил, не без помощи американцев чеченцы и дагестанцы развязали войну за независимость против нас.

  20. evil scum who did this.. may the wankers rot in hell.. pure evil sum twats.. may the dead of this terrible day rest in peace..

  21. украинец

    Ёбаные чурки! Я б эту Чечню смешал бы с гавном вместе с Палестиной.

    • Dos

      иди хуй соси украинская шлюха

      • :-)

        во Первых причем тут уркаинец, не украинец???Мне вообще то кажется Он жид!!!В Палестине Такого никогда не было!!это сами евреи еще палестинцев режут!а тут Ублюдки-Ваххабиты, которые действительно не имеют никакого оношения к исламу!а фактом этому есть даже то, что когда истинный мусульманин режит барана, то при этом говорит Бисмиллах, Ррахман Ар-рахим!что означет слава Господу Богу, самому милостывиму!ну как бы спасибо за посланную еду!!а эти ублюдки орут Аллах-Акбар-ни к чему ето вообще!!а в Палестине никогда в жизни пленному не резали головы, хотя Они (евреи) етого заслуживают!!делают то что с ними нацисты делали-поэтому еще над ними всеми суд будет!если не тут то у Бога точно!!!

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        • vlad

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        • Dos

          whahaha, моя твоя не понимать 🙂
          А по серьёзному: скотина румынская, выучи русский язык, потом мне отвечай, а то твой язык уж больно мерзок. Кстати жопа не болит, а турецких хуйов? 🙂

  22. aussi347

    that video makes me hate muslim scum the russians should of just nuked that shithole

  23. Mickey Dodds

    Don’t blame the Chechens.
    Blame Mikhail Gorbachev and particularly Boris Yeltsin.
    Yeltsin – a hideous looking human monster of a man, incompetent, drunk, corrupt, galactically stupid, treacherous, basically a man unfit to sweep the floor of the brothel his mother came from.
    Yeltsin sold out his own people to enrich the Jewish oligarchs, the Americans, the Germans and to fatten his own pocket.
    Black Africa produces better leaders than Boris Yeltsin.That untermensch was quite simply a disaster, a catastrophe, the very worst political leader in modern history.
    The cold-blooded way he sold out his own people to appease others was simple psycopathy.
    Now I know why Germans have such a low opinion of Russians and why the Germans acted with such brutality in WW2.
    Shit like Yeltsin is, alas, too common in Russia.

    • Did you actually watch that linked video, Mickey?

      Good Lord, it’s one of the most horrible things you will ever see in your life. Hell, even though it’s been on my blog for 2 years, I’ve really only fully watched it once, bits and pieces a few other times. Bottom line: except for that one dive off the deep end, I refuse to watch it! It’s just too horrible. I can’t handle that video at all. It conjures up a million different emotions I can’t even begin to categorize.

  24. denis

    please translate the text from the Russian, and you will know the truth about this video
    Утром 5 сентября 1999 года боевики одного из бандформирований под предводительством некоего эмира Умара заняли несколько сел Новолакского района Дагестана. Село Тухчар, расположенное на дагестано-чеченской границе, защищали всего 12 солдат внутренних войск во главе со старшим лейтенантом Василием Ташкиным и 18 дагестанских милиционеров. 5 сентября село атаковали более 200 боевиков. С помощью огня из БМП защитникам удалось отбить несколько атак, однако силы были явно неравны. БМП подбили, и солдаты были вынуждены оставить позиции.
    Шестеро военнослужащих внутренних войск, прикрывавших милицейский блокпост у селения Тухчар и дорогу на Чечню, оказались в плену у боевиков. Израсходовав почти все боеприпасы, они укрылись в домах местных жителей, но спустя некоторое время вынуждены были сдаться. Дома, в которых укрылись солдаты и милиционеры, местные чеченцы-акинцы пометили буквой “М”, а затем указали на них боевикам. Тем не менее местным жителям дагестанцам удалось вывести и спасти семерых солдат и нескольких милиционеров. Дом же, в котором находился офицер Ташкин и четверо солдат, боевики пытались взять штурмом в течение нескольких часов. Солдаты прекратили сопротивляться только после того, как у них кончились патроны. К этим пяти пленным потом добавился еще один – его выдали местные чеченцы. Дагестанцы просили чеченцев не убивать военных, однако эмир Умар, командовавший нападением на село, сказал: “Их БМП убила много наших” – и приказал казнить пленников. Ближе к полудню их собрали на поляну, расположенную у блокпоста, и устроили публичную казнь. Всем солдатам и офицеру перерезали горло, после чего кровью из их ран наполнили трехлитровую банку, записав все это на видеокамеру. Одним из палачей, которым Умар приказал резать русских, был Тамерлан Хасаев. Правда, он не до конца справился с поставленной “задачей”. Рядовой Алексей Липатов вырвался из рук палачей и попытался бежать, но его добили автоматной очередью. В наказание за плохо сделанную работу Умар отправил Хасаева домой без обещанного гранатомета (В боевой поход его потянуло за трофеями, в расчете на то, что потом можно будет выгодно продать захваченное оружие)..
    Родители погибших долгое время не знали ужасных подробностей гибели детей. Сергей Михайлович Полагаев узнал обо всем из письма сослуживца сына: “Ваш сын погиб не из-за трусости, а из-за халатности наших офицеров. Командир роты три раза к нам приезжал, но ни разу не привез боеприпасы. Он только привез ночной бинокль с посаженными батарейками. А мы там оборонялись, а у каждого было по 4 магазина…”
    Верховный суд Дагестана 25 октября 2002 г. приговорил к пожизненному заключению Тамерлана Хасаева, который лично участвовал в публичном убийстве российских военнослужащих во время вторжения боевиков в Дагестан в 1999 г. Вскоре сдох в колонии.

    А вот поподробнее:
    На войне командиры боятся нескольких вещей. Во-первых, быть “приданными”. Приданные подразделения обычно не берегут, бросают в самое пекло. Еще военные опасаются быть забытыми. В этом случае можно попасть в окружение или под огонь своих же войск.
    Пока бригада харкала кровью на капустных грядках селения Карамахи, в Новолакский район перебросили тринадцать солдат во главе со взводным старшим лейтенантом Василием Ташкиным. Это происходило в то время, когда генералы заявляли, что чечено-дагестанская граница прикрыта так, что мышь не проскочит. На деле, сквозь жиденькие заставы боевики проходили, словно нож сквозь масло. Взвод Ташкина был брошен на самую границу под селение Тухчар и был обречен. Рассчитывать солдаты могли только на свои силы и помощь двух КПП дагестанской милиции. По “гениальному” плану руководства 13 солдат и офицер прикрывали огромную площадь на границе. Больше того, отправив заставу на границу, с ней поступили привычно. Случилось то, чего боятся офицеры на любой войне – взвод Ташкина просто забыли в Дагестане. А вспомнили про солдат и офицера только после страшного известия.
    Они простояли у южной окраины Тухчара всего пять суток. Ребята отрыли в земле капонир для боевой машины пехоты, укрепились, как могли. По ночам занимали круговую оборону. Всего в двух километрах от их высоты находилось чеченское село Ишхой-Юрт, где готовились к бою сотни боевиков. В соседнем селении Галайты располагалась еще одна группа боевиков. Достаточно сказать, что часто бывающий под Ишхой-Юртом Масхадов устроил здесь свой наблюдательный пункт. Пограничная речушка Аксай никогда не была серьезным препятствием для диверсионных групп, пробирающихся из Ичкерии. Боевики обычно переходили через реку, даже не замочив колен.
    Василий Ташкин видел в бинокль, как перемещаются на технике боевики. Подчиненные не раз докладывали, что видят наблюдателей противника.
    5 сентября ваххабиты, как на параде, перешли Аксай и напали на взвод Ташкина. Боевики окружили высоту и открыли огонь с тыла – со стороны дагестанского селения Гамиях. С первых же выстрелов Ташкин приказал вывести машину из капонира. Развернувшись, БМП стала косить боевиков. Противник пытался сбить бойцов с высоты. Василий Ташкин непрерывно вызывал помощь по рации. Но радиочастоты оказались забиты чеченцами. Рядом дрались в кольце дагестанские милиционеры. Ташкин не мог предположить, что помощь так и не придет.
    Штаб напавших на Тухчар боевиков располагался в Ишхой-Юрте. Здесь за боем наблюдал полевой командир, которого называли Амиром. Он был раздражен, поскольку с каждой минутой боя терял людей. Какая-то горстка солдат-срочников во главе с “зеленым” старлеем раз за разом отбивала все атаки.
    В той ситуации окруженный взвод и дагестанских милиционеров, оборонявших КПП, могла выручить только мощная бронегруппа из нескольких десятков танков и машин. Все остальное стало бы добычей боевиков, устроивших засады на подступах к Тухчару. Солдаты, зажатые со всех сторон и экономящие патроны, еще верили, что в небе появятся спасительные “вертушки”. Но надежда таяла с каждой минутой.
    Боевики захватили поселковый отдел милиции и КПП на въезде в Тухчар. Местные чеченцы пометили ворота домов милиционеров буквой “м”. Боевики грабили в первую очередь эти жилища, искали ценности, перебили посуду. В школе ваххабиты зачем-то расстреляли все ученические парты.
    На третьем часу боя боевую машину пехоты подбил чеченский гранатометчик. В корпус пылающей машины вошли еще две гранаты. Экипаж успел выбраться из огня. Взрыв машины отвлек внимание боевиков. Ташкин принял решение отходить. Тринадцать человек, унося с собой оружие, раненых и обожженных, пробились к КПП, оборонявшему дорогу к чеченскому селу Галайты.
    Боевики прислали старейшин села Тухчар и предложили сдаться. В противном случае пообещали сжечь из “Шмелей” КПП вместе с солдатами и милиционерами. Защитники решили принять бой в селе. Первым в аварской части Тухчара был убит старший КПП, лейтенант милиции Ахмед Давдиев. Он пошел в разведку, застрелил двух боевиков, но пулеметная очередь перерезала его пополам.
    Восемнадцать милиционеров и тринадцать военных рассеялись по селу. Везде звучали автоматные и пулеметные очереди. В этом хаосе около двухсот боевиков вывозили из Тухчара муку и зерно на тракторах.
    Лакец Шамиль Алхулаев вывел из-под огня солдата, который назвал себя Федором, и нескольких милиционеров. Федора спрятали в подвале и только через неделю – а именно столько времени в селе хозяйничали боевики – Шамиль вывел солдата под видом пастуха, погоняющего баранов, к Герзельскому мосту. Солдат оказался фельдшером взвода Володей. Из предосторожности он сначала назвался именем своего отца. Всего семь солдат были спасены в селе местными жителями.
    Василия Ташкина и четырех солдат боевики отсекли пулеметами и окружили в сарае. Выстрел из гранатомета разворотил крышу времянки. Тут же во дворе, отстреливаясь, погиб милиционер Абдул Магомедов. Боевики опять предложили сдаться. Они кричали солдату и офицеру: “Мы поджарим вас. Впереди только плен. Мы уважаем храбрых”. Старлей не верил ни одному слову, но хотел спасти жизни солдат. Он спрятал в сарае фотографии жены и маленькой дочки.
    Офицер и четыре солдата вышли к боевикам. Их обезоружили и повели по селу. Вскоре пленников стало шестеро – еще одного из солдат выдали местные чеченцы.
    Пленников сначала продержали в разрушенном КПП. Потом полевой командир приказал казнить русаков. Местные жители просили не убивать солдат. Амир по рации ответил так: “Хватит болтать. Их БМП убила много моих людей”.
    К бетонному парапету пленных выводили поодиночке. Первым к месту казни подвели упирающегося солдата-мусульманина. Его опрокинули на бетонную сваю и перерезали горло. Василий Ташкин вел себя дерзко, сопротивлялся. За несколько минут все шестеро были казнены.
    Потом местные рассказывали, что палачами выступали боевики-малолетки. Так прошло посвящение молодежи в “воинов ислама”.
    Кровь казненных боевики зачем-то собирали в трехлитровую стеклянную банку. Через некоторое время посмотреть на тела солдат приехал полевой командир боевиков. Новенький “Ниссан” притормозил прямо у бетонного парапета. Амир недолго походил вокруг тел, периодически гаркая “Аллах акбар!”, а затем укатил в Чечню.
    Через сутки местные жители погрузили окровавленные тела на машину и повезли их к Герзельскому мосту. Там стояла застава милиционеров. Первым машину с телами встретил старший прапорщик милиции Султан Акубаев. Только тогда о забытой заставе вспомнили.
    У казненного Василия Ташкина осталась жена Светлана и маленькая дочка Наташа, которая так и не поняла, почему папа никогда не вернется домой. Светлана Ташкина получила деньги после смерти мужа, но до сих пор не знает подробностей его гибели.
    Можно сказать, что казнь шести военнослужащих 22-й бригады осталась незамеченной в стране. Командование группировки постаралось не особо распространяться об этом убийстве. По крайней мере, до сих пор ничего не слышно о расследовании этого ужасного случая. Разумеется, никто из высоких чинов, бросивших горстку людей на растерзание боевикам, не понес наказания

  25. Dos

    This article is false …

  26. Osman

    Chechen is animal, kill them all! Russians build on them buildings, roads, schools and many more.But after the crush of communism they follow radical Islamic doctrine. Have radical Islam, have problem….

  27. jamie

    ive watched it and i really feel for the russian conscripts they look so scared nd unable to do anything. If i was a Chechen rebel i would have let them go not because i wanted to but because of the humanity of it. I feel so sorry for them may god forgive us for we know not what we do.

  28. Hello, nice forum here.

  29. Concerned Russian

    These Chechen monsters do this 24/7 in Chechnya to Russian soldiers. These animals even kill children in schools, and innocent people in subways, airplanes and apartments. They must be given justice for these actions! No forgiveness!

  30. sara

    I can only hope that the chechens would suffer the same fate and ROT IN HELL!!!!!!!! The most evil men I have ever seen…this has made me nausious…..I could not watch the full film..and this film has made me shudder and CRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    May these Russian boys be Blessed in Heaven for their senseless suffering. A true waste and loss of good Russian boys.

    • Dos

      If Russia recognized the independence of Chechnya and Dagestan, there would be no such executions.

      • Trololko

        Islam is a religion of piece))))

      • johnUK


        What BS!

        After the fall of Communism Chechnya was given wide autonomy where Russia had little authority in the Republic whose leader with the help of foreign intelligence lead by Great Britain started training, providing false passports and organised crime networks from Russian cities to Grozny.

        The largest foreign element of fighters in the Balkans in 91 came from Chechnya according to the Wall Street Journal.

        After their engineered proxy war in 94 under the new regime who were given virtual independence including an embassy in Moscow they immediately travelled to London and signed deals with British oil companies and further establish covert training militants like the establishment of Princess Diana’s front charity Halo Trust that served as a cover for British intelligence to train militants how to lay mines as well as allowing Islamic terrorist organisations to recruit from Universities and Mosques to fight in Chechnya showing videos like the one and far, far worst soldiers being skinned alive, beheadings, etc through Azzam Publications who also secured financing including terrorist attacks like the Nord Ost theatre siege and travel of militants through a series of jihadist websites hosted in the US.

        Also in 97 established terrorist training camps in Afghanistan fighting with the Taliban, connections to the KLA in Kosovo, training in military camps in Turkey and further establishing drug traffic routes among other things into Russia and terrorist training camps in Chechnya and neighbouring Dagestan all during there de-facto independence period between 97-2000.

        As for Dagestan they do not want independence from Russia and rebuked Basayev and Khattabs invasion twice in 99 funded by the regime in Qatar through state charity organisation Qatar Charitable Organization.

        • DOS

          Living in the UK, you know everything??? No need to lie. Stop reading Agatha Christie.

          Ишь, бля умный нашёлся…Катись колбаской по Малой Спасской, вонючий Джон Булль.

  31. sara

    The film made me sick to my stomache. I couldn’t watch the whole film because it made me shake with anger. The site of these russian boys suffering made me cry and I feel helpless because I can’t save them. It made crazy and sick with rage! The Chechens are pigs! Subhuman monsters!
    May the Russian conscripts rest in peace. They are in my prayers.

  32. VMK

    You wont find the truth about this, in all the infos(even russian) there are many differences, guy who survived told me how it happened, and it is not scary, this is war,but young guys 18 years old were sent to fight and died for nothing, anyway we will remember them, and i hate that one who described in some videos, that these soldiers were poorly trained, there were 12 soldiers and leutenant and a few policemen in that village against 200 rebels, and anyway rebels lost more people, soldiers ran out of ammo and surrended because chechens were threatening to burn them alive in the house and said thet they will exchange them into their people…
    other group of soldiers and my friend were lying all day till the night on the wet grass to escpae the village, cause chechens were hunting them, and they found 5 of them, leutenant and 4 privates..last guy from the video was injured(he was bmp driver) and one woman from village tried to hide him, but someone told chechens where he is, and brought him into execution the way this is not Lipatovs translation, his name was Vladimir Kaufman, Lipatov was the guy who tried to run away…
    this is a long story..

  33. ruslankin

    your translation have wrong sense it means no mercy for them..kill the russians/Its wrong please change it to Tuhcharsky tragedy, video of chechen insurgents.Also you are wrong when you say one of them feel sorry..

  34. VMK

    to DOS
    E bliadina, you bitch, please tell me, where are you from, where are you now?
    If you are in uk, so you know, some people are watching what you are writing here

    • DOS

      whawhawhawha xD
      Какие у тебя ебанутные английские понятия, сначала обзываться “блядиной”, больше чем уверен, что не знаешь значения этого слова (да и латинизация тоже не правильная. Кретин, не bliadina, а blyadina – так правильно), то потом “please tell me” – whawhawha…

      иди хуй моржовый, подрочи, и не позорь русский язык своим невежественным английским комментарием. Если выучил слово, то реже вставляй его. Лох, понял меня?

  35. Trololko

    Тухчарская трагедия дело России и Кавказа. Мне очень не приятно что собрались тут люди и что-то умное чешут. Никто названия этой “темы” не поменяет так как им более привлекательнее “no mercy” и “Russians”. Не нада тут сопли пускать мол “пожалуйста поменяйте название темы” и надеяться на поддержку что будут тут писать “мы сожалеем о случившемься событии” и прочая вранье. Слава России! Слава всем Братским Народам! Слава МИРНОМУ Кавказу. Всем вам мира и любви.

  36. selevantv

    Первый раз на форуме, отличный форум.

  37. selevantv

    Первый раз на форуме, отличный форум.

  38. to DOS

    Da ty sam sebia pozorish, i nenada drugix uchit, menia liudi umnyje ponemajut,vydna shto mozg kak u maloletki

    • DOS

      Имбицил, на кой хуй мне кретинов учить, вроде тебя учить? Не позорься, лучше затухни и не воняй, щеглёнок… 🙂

  39. Jim

    слава богу хоть жиды мочат этих исламских свиней. Дос с таких как ты нужно сдирать заживо кожу и быстро зашивать в дохлую полу-гнилую тушу свиньи.

    • DOS

      🙂 какие прелести…твою мамашу не так ли содрали кожу заживо исламские душманы? Но перед этим её жёстко отебали в жопу…а после, перерезали горло и оставили гнидь на афганской земле?
      Отсоси, наши еврейские хуи, не для вас свиней и не за христа ради, мочим мусульман.

  40. 3642

    ты знаешь что ты дебил ? такая хуета, как ты и тебе подобные умеют только так общатся

    • DOS

      Оо, дебильная хуита, что-то у меня спрашивает… xD
      как аукнется, так и откликнется, намёк мой понял, кретин?
      бери пример с Trololko, а то сука не умеешь общаться с интеллигентом, куда твои родители смотрели? выросли, блядь, тупорылого ублюдка. Иди книжки по этике почитай, глядишь по-умнеешь.

  41. vlad

    i will never be the same…….that is just fucking sick……man….. can anybody understand the pain and suffering that those soldiers were put in ? i hope God will forgive those killers…….God help us all!

  42. John

    I dont want to comment on the politics and who is to blame in this conflict Mr. Lindsey, I just want to comment on you explaining such cruelty, by referring to the cruelties of the Russians in Chechnya. This is obviously true, but those six men were beheaded in 1999, peace time, when a group Islamic militants invaded Dagestan, promised the soldiers prisoners of war status if they surrendered, and then preceded to behead them so cruelly.
    It did not help their cause, things like this galvanised Russian public support for the second Chechen war and gave Putin carte blanche to really kick the shit out of Chechnya.
    Unnecessarily cruel is just that, unnecessarily cruel.


    you crooked eye mother fucker

  44. Всем хорошего времени суток! Кто знает где находится село дебесы?.

  45. Cyrus

    Wow…This thread was a trip to read through.

  46. Sean

    well written piece with a good explanation, thanks robert

  47. guest

    Men who talk in a degrading way about women, really deserve low death. I’d honestly watch you burned alive with a smile. Well the times of discrimination and male domination are coming to an end. I’ll see your oppression destroyed during my lifetime. You have no idea of hatred I feel–sorry for any of you, males, coming across me and getting in my way anywhere, I really go a long way to destroy you in all kinds of creative ways.

  48. Chuck

    i think…. correct me if im wrong… but i think…. by mere observation ‘is all…. that degradating violence and islam tend to go hand in hand?

  49. Oh, I’d say the Russkies did there “fair share” in Afghanistan and Chechnya, as well.

    Just Google “Russian war crimes.”

  50. Baz

    You’re all too fucking soft and been living in your plastic bubble for too long. I was a soldier in the Australian 2nd Commando Regiment, served in Bosnia, Kosovo, East Timor, was in Iraq twice, Afghanistan 3 times, on my way over there now for the 4th. Much worse has happened to non-combatants. It’s only because you’ve seen it for the first time and unaware that such things happen. Those Chechens aren’t bad people, just misunderstood. They did that in retaliation to things the Russians did to their families which were much worse. Seen much worse or evidence thereof. At least they went straight for their throats. The Serbs made their captives line up with the females undressing then if anyone got an erection then the girl would be forced to bite off the guys dick. Family members were made to rape one another. Fathers with young daughters, mothers with sons, brothers with sisters. People were burned and buried alive. Children too. Limbs cut off. People disembowelled long before they meet their end. These Russians were lucky in my opinion. I’ve seen pretty young girls with their breasts cut off, disembowelled before getting their head cut off. By the way, the people that committed such crimes…….they weren’t Muslim.

    • johnUK


      “The Serbs made their captives line up with the females undressing then if anyone got an erection then the girl would be forced to bite off the guys dick.”

      Lol! You are one weird fucker for coming up with such obvious bullshit.

      Family members were made to rape one another. Fathers with young daughters, mothers with sons, brothers with sisters. People were burned and buried alive. Children too. Limbs cut off. People disembowelled long before they meet their end. These Russians were lucky in my opinion. I’ve seen pretty young girls with their breasts cut off, disembowelled before getting their head cut off. By the way, the people that committed such crimes…….they weren’t Muslim.”

      That is the worst bullshit propaganda I have ever heard which you have just stolen from atrocity stories of the Japanese Rape of Nanking.

  51. Gerth

    I don’t doubt you Baz, but how do you know for a fact women bit cocks off..?

  52. European Christian

    Only Muslims r capeble of such brutallity and they repressent the biggest danger for todays Europe. As for the Serbs they stood proudly against the islamization of they country. On day Europe will regret that they created the Trojan Horse state of Bosnia and didnt let Serbs eliminated Islam and KLA from Europe. By the way im Not a Serb!

    • Cyr

      Can not agree more, and the australian lying like bitch! ” there were not bad men ” o yea they just fucking cut the heads of 17 18 years old guys! And guess what , they were praise their god at the same time with reatrd phrase ” allah akbar” , if this is their god then fuck him and his pedophile prophet! And ” civilians” were the one who gave the kids to them, after that , i say lets nuke all the fuckers around the world!!!

      • Hauttskii

        If it were me, I’d either ask them to shoot me instead. Quicker. Or try and escape (wouldn’t be there in the first place) or sit frozen in fear until I was killed or whatever. Fear is worse than death in a sense in meaning that it can cause death. Failure to act due to fear can be just as definite for death as a bullet.

    • “BY THE WAY” The Serbs are angels compared to you, you dickhead.
      And does what you said make you any different? These rebels did nothing less than what people like you would do to them, so I hope they could get to you, too, asshole.

  53. Извините, что я Вас прерываю, есть предложение пойти по другому пути.

  54. It’s a matter of fact that Islam is not, and has never been, a religion of violence. But knowing that the Russian army has been exposing the Muslim nations throughout the whole Caucasus to indescribable atrocities including full scope genocides sometimes, turning the whole population there into rebels , that’s exactly why I’d say these rebels might just be paying back the Russian army butchers. The background information you negative commentators lack is what make you stupe, and that you a have already a grudge against Muslim is the cause you are engaging in generalizations. If any of you have seen their family members killed in front of you, your sisters raped, and you transferred to concentration camps to be tortured to death, may be you would have related to those rebels and seen they’re only being just and fair. Summing up, I suggest that you should try gain some knowledge about the background of events before handing out your shitty ready-made judgement that nobody gives a shit about, you morons.

    • johnUK

      @Sami Jamal

      It’s a matter of fact that Islam is not, and has never been, a religion of violence.

      LOL! From its inception Islam has been an expansionist genocidal ideologue of rape and conquest.

      How many conflicts around the world involve Muslims and how many of those are against every other religious faith?

      As for the Caucasus they were raiding the neighbouring Slavic regions for decades perhaps even over a hundred years before to stop Ottoman Turkish conquest of the region backed by Britain and France Russia finally conquered the region.

  55. I get pleasure from, cause I discovered just what I used to be looking for. You’ve ended my four day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye

  56. Ben

    Politics and religion aside, no one needs to die that way. No one should be allowed to get away with that. What happened to the days of a bullet to the head and away we go? This is inexcusable.

  57. Shawn

    Do not do a search for: el chapo gang beheaded with chainsaw

  58. ken

    I watched that video. not completely…i couldn’t. 2 months passed. I cannot get myself together. I suffer serious psychological trauma. something is wrong with the human race.

  59. The beheading of Kenneth Bigley was more dramatic. I don’t want to show these videos on my blog or f-b, I use them as 1:1 arguments when talking to corporatist and banker scum. They become terrified knowing that somebody may be out there to cut their heads. There is no message that is better understood by its recipients than the message brought by the blade of the knife.

    The world must be awaken. Whoever lost his home to banker scum must take a knife, enter the first bank that comes into his way and slit the throats of all banker scum.

    Whoever had lost his job because of corporations destroying and swallowing everything must grab a weapon, enter the hq of a corporation and shoot in the head as many corporatist scum as he can.

    There is no reason to live without freedom, there is no better way to die than defending a cause and sending a message. Islam is the example, Islam is the answer. Whoever still has some pride left in today’s world must fulfill his duty toward mankind. There shall be no end to the bloodshed as long as banker and corporatist scum walk on the face of the earth.

    • unknown

      No one is good enough to judge others aside from god.. no one in this earth is allowed to bestow death to someone aside from god who made us.. every religion has its common goal.. to do good to others.. on that reason alone all of us can be united even if oure religion or race differs from each other bec we have one common belief and that is to do good to others. There is no need for us to battle. This message goes to everyone, every religion.. bec we do share 1 common belief and that is to do good.. lets just stick to that.. i still hope evil in this world will end

  60. unknown

    Imagine what this poor young guys felt on that situation, those rebels may have their reasons for doing it. But why did they not felt mercy to those kids. I mean those kids didnot do something to them, maybe other russian soldiers did something, but to exert their hatred to those kids.. what are they thinking.. looks like the devil corrupted their minds.. the one that should ve eliminated is the leader of both forces. Thats the only way thaf this will end.. eliminate those 2 leaders of both forces to put and end to this.. neither of them anyways is correct.

    • HastaLuego

      For you reference, BEFORE the war in Chechnya, there was a mass genocide of non Chechen population in the territory called Chechnya.
      According to the parliament investigation report: 40 000 was killed(many met more horrible death) 90 000 raped, 300 000 refugees.
      The Capital of Chechnya, Grozny was founded by russian cossacks and is not a chechen city at all. Communists gave them it and formed their republic.
      And I have a video of a woman being decapitated by chechen freedom fighters as horrible as this.
      When R.Lindsay will ask me, I’ll drop this vid to him.

  61. Khalil Sawant

    >> Beheading. It’s pretty much a Muslim thing, and their preference for it goes all the way back to Mohammad (It was his favorite way to kill people)

    Why do you say so ?

  62. mb

    all is fair in love and war

  63. zaza

    and it is necessary to Russian pigs. they have leveled the peaceful inhabitants with the land on their own land. this Russian soldier must live burn

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