New Record For Number of Hits in a Day Set

Yesterday, Sunday, May 31, a new record for number of hits in a day to this site was set – 1,275 hits.

I’m also starting to get some pretty heavy criticism around the Internet, which is guess is inevitable with wide readership.

Thanks to all my readers.


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6 responses to “New Record For Number of Hits in a Day Set

  1. Uncle Milton

    You need to repost your hot chicks of the globe series.. oops ahem – your examination of various phenotypes around the world represented with an abundance of photos of young women.

  2. Shawn

    Can I take some credit, I mean, I did provide a link over at H.S.

  3. Yes, I am getting slammed a lot. Mostly by racists and anti-Semites, but still…also by some Marxists who are accusing me of saying racist things or something.

    I also have a Yahoo group that I own that has 1,300 members and I am getting pounded on there a lot too. So much that some members are leaving. They are saying that I insulted them. That bugs me because I want to be a nice person, believe it or not.

    I guess as you get more micro-famous, the slams start coming in. Just think if you were Jared Taylor or someone like that? He must get blasted all the time.

    People tell me that if I stick my neck out like this I can expect to get blasted, but I still have a hard time handling it. I guess because I’m an introvert.

  4. White Preservationist

    Those were excellent retorts against the people on that forum, Silver.

    You are a great writer and a deep thinker – and I thank you for your expanding contribution to the spreading of racial-reality in general as well as to the wider White preservationist and pro-Nord cause.

    Once we pro-White Northern Euros manage to re-take control of the levers of power in our countries from the Jewish liars/illusionists and their suicidal White allies/sellouts you’ll surely be welcome and lauded in the racialist/pro-White think-tanks we’ll set up.

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