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More on the Fake “Holodomor”

This just never ends.

Ukraine is considering filing genocide charges against Russia for the fake Holodomor that never happened in 1932. The Holodomor is a Ukrainian word for a man-made famine, the hallucinatory man-made famine of 1932 that was supposedly directed at the Ukrainian nation for their resistance to collectivization. But there was no Holodomor. It never happened. There was no man-made famine. There was a famine, but no Holodomor.

Lies, lies, lies, lies, lies.

There was a famine harvest in the USSR in 1932. Famine harvest means the crop failed. That’s what happened. Now, we can argue about why the crop failed, but the truth is that it failed. One of the reasons was a wheat rust epidemic that spread through the area all the way to Bulgaria.

The crop failed all over the country, and people starved all over, including 1 million in Siberia. The USSR took less grain from the Ukraine than they have ever taken before or since. The state faced a terrible choice of whether to feed the cities of the villages.

It’s true that there was more starvation in the Ukraine than in most other places, but that is because the crop failed worse there than anywhere else. Anyway, there was just as much starvation in the Lower Volga. The starving there were Russian peasants, and they had not been resisting collectivization. Do the Holodomor liars wish to say that the evil Communists deliberately starved Russian peasants in the Volga. What on Earth for?

Further, the Ukrainians killed 50% of the livestock in the USSR. This made the famine much worse because they lacked horses to work the fields. Also, the Ukrainians tried to starve the whole country by destroying the grain crop. They set it on fire and left it to rot in the fields. In addition, a lot was being diverted to the black market. This is why the state went in and grabbed the crop.

Most people died of disease, not starvation. They were weakened by lack of food. People started fleeing the famine zones, and it is true that after a while, the state tried to stop them from fleeing, because they needed people to stick around to harvest the grain crop the next year. If they would have let everyone flee the famine zones, there would have been no one around to harvest the crop in the next year. It was damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

The next year, the crop was good.

Figures of 7-10 million dead in the Ukraine alone are routinely tossed around by the Ukrainian liars. It was a terrible time to be a Soviet citizen. As noted, many people died, mostly of disease, not starvation, but they died nevertheless.

The 7 million figure was invented after World War 2 by Ukrainian nationalists, many of whom had fought with the Nazis and killed many Jews by participating in the Holocaust. The 7 million figure was invented by these people to be higher than the 6 million Jews killed by Hitler in the Holocaust. In other words, Stalin was worse than Hitler, and Hitler was right to go to war against Judeo-Bolshevism. Get it?

Also, the Ukrainian Nazis (Excuse me, Ukrainian nationalists!) to some extent wash their hands of their own evil. Ukrainian Nazis (Oh, I mean Ukrainian nationalists, why do I keep confusing them!) especially the exiles, are notorious for their rank anti-Semitism and pro-Nazi sentiment.

The correct figure may never be known, but 5.5 million may have died across the USSR of the famine and its effects. 1 million died in Siberia. There even many deaths in Moscow. I guess this is because evil Commies were trying to kill urban workers or something. Whatever. The death toll was very high in the Lower Volga. I don’t know how many died in the Ukraine. Possibly 3.5 million?

With the opening of the Soviet archives, tens of thousands of pages have been diligently sifted through. Nowhere, not even a footnote on a single page, is there any mention of any orders given for a man-made famine in the Ukraine. These were people who wrote everything down, crossed every i and dotted every t.

The Ukrainian liars and their buddies keep searching the documents for the evidence they can never find, and they keep coming up empty handed, even though they pull up fake evidence all the time and wave it around, assuming we are idiots. That’s because there’s nothing to find. The Holodomor never even happened. You can’t find evidence for an even that never occurred.

Compare to the Nazi archives, where huge piles of evidence documenting the Holocaust have been uncovered, despite the Nazis’ determined efforts to cover it up. One would think that if a deliberate famine was ordered in the Ukraine, evidence would be available in the archives.

It is true that there was a Civil War going on in the Ukraine at the time over collectivization. At one point, Ukrainians were carrying out up to 20 armed attacks a day. They raided collective farms, destroyed crops, killed livestock and killed collective farmers. They also raped a lot of women.

The counterinsurgency was ferocious and horrible, some would say downright evil. Millions of Ukrainians were deported to Siberia, and there were many executions. When it was all over, 390,000 Ukrainians were killed by the state. If you want to argue that’s a genocide, be my guest. But there was no artificial famine.

I’m really getting tired of writing about this, but the Ukrainian liars and their buddies the anti-Semite liars just won’t shut up about this. One man, Robert Conquest, probably did more than anyone else to popularize the Holodomor lie. Conquest now says that there was no Holodomor, no intentional famine. He still tries to blame the state for causing the famine by screwing up, but he admits there was no intention to starve people.

Here is a good source of material on the latest, most up to date scholarship on the fake Holodomor.

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