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Gilad Atzmon On Robert Lindsay

It’s not very often that we get celebrity commenters on the blog, but Gilad Atzmon stopped by the other day to comment on the Fuck Off Israel thread, which seems to be breaking all records with 182 comments so far.

If you do not know who Atzmon is, he is an author and a jazz musician. This Wikipedia article should sum him up well. He is Jewish and is a former resident of Israel, now an expat living in the UK. He is quite controversial, and there has been a big fight about him on the British Left concerning whether or not he is a Jewish anti-Semite.

It’s clear that he is not an anti-Semite at all on a personal level as he has Jewish members in his band. This alone sets him apart from most anti-Semites, most of whom simply dislike most to all Jews period on a personal level. This is one of the lies of the Super Jews – that there are all these horrible anti-Semitic neo-Nazis running around saying, “Some of my best friends are…” Forget it. I know these people. They don’t like Jews – any Jews.

I think that primarily Atzmon is just an anti-Zionist Jew who is trying to figure out why Jewish Zionists act like they do, and his analysis has taken him into some funny places.

I would suggest that if Atzmon wants to find out what motivates his fellow Israelis, he should consult anthropology texts. There is nothing unique about Zionist behavior. It’s simply normal tribal behavior for human beings. This is the way that human tribes act, the way they have acted for thousands of years and the way they will continue to act until we detribalize mankind.

The more ethnocentric the tribe, the more likely it will display these typical tribal behaviors. There is nothing uniquely evil about the Jews only in that there is something uniquely evil about mankind. This is a major flaw of anti-Semitic critique.

For those unfamiliar, the Bund was one of the original Jewish trade union political formations in Russia. It was very leftwing. I always liked them, but I knew an Arab Communist member of the PFLP who really hated the Bund.

Terminology wise, ….Rather than being an anti Semite, which is a very misleading title, I am anti Jewish (ness), I oppose Jewish ideology right left and centre.I do not have a problem with Jewish people and I tend to agree that a Jewish cab driver or my Jewish band members have nothing to do with the crime committed in the name of the Jews.

I refrain from criticising Judaism, though I expose some inhuman narratives within the biblical context. It is actually the current implementation of these thoughts that is so devastating.

It is the transformation of the Bible from a spiritual text into a land registry which I oppose.

Jewish nationalists in the Left and in the Right are complicit in a similar racially orientated tribal activism.

This applies to Zionists and to the Bund!!!

The crime of Zionism is well established. The problem with the Bund had been explored by Lenin in 1903.

The relevant text are available on line.

I am actually far from being an opponent of Marxism or Bolshevism. I do differentiate between ideology and praxis.

I can live in peace with Marxism as long as it promotes brotherhood and universal thought.

I believe that materialism and class politics are far too restricting. Both are failing to explore the complexity of humanity and human landscape.

The danger with left ideology is the product of some dogmatic tendencies.

I believe in humanity, I believe in the spirit of freedom, I believe in philosophy as in love of wisdom.

I do not find much of it in the institutional left discourse.

Thus, I operate alone, and I am rather happy.


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Israel Has No Right To Exist

This is an interesting comment about Israel from a recent post. The commenter is a Macedonian.

We had a fundraising meal for Gaza last night in my home city in Macedonia…I brought a very big dish of onion bhajis containing Jordanian spices as well as the usual cumin, fresh root ginger and fresh chillies, but most of the food was done by local Muslim women…and we raised many thousands of denars, maybe over ten thousand.

Betty Hunter of the PSC (she sounds like a Geordie) was down to give the keynote speech.
She’d made the trip specially by air to see us, and we provided an interpreter. Good speech, but personally (although I do it myself at times) I don’t think we should fuck around anymore calling for a Palestinian state as she did, since that is clearly not going to happen in the country of the blind.

At least the first generation of Zionists were brutally honest. Israel was all about conquest. Now Lieberman is here and expressing the inner essence of Zionism once more: no compromise with the Palestinians, making a Hiroshima of Gaza is conceivable (Betty alluded to it last night), and a Palestinian state is absolutely out of the question.

We should really thank Lieberman for being so clear. A Palestinian state is a nemesis for Israel, since it represents an end to expansionism and the expropriation of Palestinian land.

It would be more realistic in these circumstances to make no bones about calling for the fall of the Israeli state, since it is clear, to me at least, that that way lies the only hope of justice for the Palestinians.

This view comes up against “Israel’s right to exist” and fear of offending Jews. It is up to Jews if they want to support the genocide their Torah so clearly advocates. I think it would be more honest, rather than cowardly and politically expedient, to say that Israel does not have a right to exist.

Not only does it not have the right, but demography, the lack of enthusiasm of Israeli Jews themselves for their Mediterranean stetl, and the world awakening in favour of the Palestinians do not make its survival longer than a generation likely or tenable…

I have always thought that the 2 state solution was pretty ridiculous. It made about as much sense as giving the South African Whites 82% of South Africa and leaving the Blacks with their horrible little unconnected Bantustans.

No state anywhere has any kind of permanent right to exist. Maybe nations have a right to exist, but states? Why? Did Nazi Germany have a right to exist, Tojo’s Japan, Mussolini’s Italy? I say no.

Israel has about as much right to exist as Apartheid South Africa, and we all know what happened to that place. The whole argument about “right to exist” is a fake argument. Why does any crappy, apartheid, racist state anywhere on Earth have some permanent right to exist? I’d be happy to see every one of them toppled.

His points about the early Zionists at least being honest hit right on the head. Of course they were. There is something to be said about clearing the air, getting all the crap out of the way and being honest about one’s position.

The current generations of serial liars, obfuscators and prevaricators is particularly disturbing, but it’s a good scam, because they’re fooled millions all over the world. The Palestinians and other Arabs have seen through this bullshit ideological saran wrap from Day One. In that sense, the Lieberman’s et al are a breath of fresh air. They’re merely exposing the true (and logical) face of Zionism for all to see. Hear hear.


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Is Intelligence Important to Humans?

In the comments section, Patrick comments:

The notion that there is an evolutionary ladder is incorrect. There is no superior or inferior life-form. It is impossible for any particular race to be more evolved than any other race because there is no degree which to measure evolution and any measuring system someone could invent would be flawed.

And Lafayette Sennacherib responds:

I wonder if Patrick is making the point Noam Chomsky made in the opening pages of ‘ Hegemony or Survival’: that there is little evidence that ‘intelligence’ is an advantage by the evolutionary criteria of survival and increase of the species. Chomsky points out that, by these criteria, the cockroach is the most successful product of evolution.

Well, I would certainly agree with that, but that argument strikes me as senseless. Having dealt with smart humans and idiots and lots of humans in between, I am absolutely certain that intelligence is very important for humans.

I don’t even like to hang around with people who have fairly low IQ’s very much. I often do it and I’ve been doing it all my life, but I usually regret it and it has not been very satisfying over a lifetime. Not only are they boring, but the dumber someone is, typically the lower their morals are.

Dumb people cheat you, use you, rip you off, get you in trouble, start fights with you, vandalize your property, go through your stuff, damage your property, involve you in crimes, go to jail, beat their SO’s, drink and take dope to excess, eat worse than any wild mammal alive, refuse to exercise, and just generally act like retarded barn animals. When you challenge them on the damage or ripoffs they are doing to you and your stuff, they refuse to clean up their messes, pay you back, or even learn.

This last is so important. Dumb people just seem to be unable to learn too many things. I think it is probably because they do not want to, because they can definitely learn stuff they think is important. On the moral level, as far as I am concerned, way too many dumb people are just scumbags. Smarter people are generally way more morally evolved, at least in terms of having a personal relationship with them.

When you have whole neighborhoods full of dumbasses like this, there is a noticeable decline in many areas. Not only in the finer areas of life such as love of learning, art, culture, and whatnot, but in other areas.

Dumb people are ill-mannered and rude. They don’t keep promises. They borrow money and never pay it back. They have poor emotional control, scream and yell, fight, throw property around and get the cops called on them. They are always getting involved in retarded physical accidents due to their heedlessness.

Whole communities of dummies show a decline that is clear to anyone with open eyes to see. Prostitution, pimping, petty crime, gangs, graffiti, drugs, drug dealing, alcoholism and drug addiction, domestic violence, trash, trashed-out cars, homes and neighborhoods, wrecked schools, these are just some of the obvious evidences of decline.

If you could gauge the mean IQ of a city and watch its IQ decline, you would see all of these negative things increase. If you could raise the IQ of the city, you would see all of these things decrease and the more refined and civilized aspects of existence increase in tandem.

The notion that intelligence is irrelevant to the human species, either in micro or macro form, is seriously absurd.

In contrast to the racialists, I do not believe that IQ is fixed by our genes. Otherwise, our IQ’s would not have increased 22 points since 1930. Because IQ can be increased, I have hope that the ill effects on civilizational style of human low intelligence can be ameliorated. The fact that I am so convinced of the ill effects on our species of low IQ is one of the reasons that I am so serious about raising human IQ.


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