The Birth of the Caucasian Race

An early European, possibly of the M173 line. He may somewhat resemble a Khoisan or Bushman.

An early European, possibly of the M173 line. He may somewhat resemble a Khoisan or Bushman.

A reconstruction of a very early European, based on fragments found in caves in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania from 2002 on, offers a tantalizing glimpse at what early Europeans must have looked like.

He actually looks a bit like Richard Steele, boxing referee and possible throwback.

Previously, the oldest European skull was 30,000 years ago and was said to look like a modern European, with closest affinities to Finns.

As you can see, the White nationalists are furious about this. White nationalism has always opposed the Out of Africa theory, now accepted as the Gold Standard by nearly all of anthropology. It’s just too offensive to imagine that Grandpa may have been a nigger*.

Yet obviously he was.

The “White European” phenotype as we know it today did not come into existence until after 12,000 years ago, or maybe sooner.

Before that, European Caucasians resemble Arabs. For instance, A 24,000 year old Cro-Magnon European shows DNA similarities to Near East (Arabs or the Caucasus). A 23,000 year old Italian Cro-Magnon sample genetically resembles modern Middle Easterners from Palestine, Syria, Yemen and Iran.

It’s time for WN’s to quit claiming Cro-Magnon as The Original White Man. Forget it! He was a Middle Easterner – an Arab – Iranian type. As almost all WN’s say that Arabs are not White, and many, even more bizarrely, state that Iranians are not White (genetically, Iranians look like British, Danes and Norwegians), WN’s need to quit claiming Cro-Magnon as some Super White Cave Man.

The original proto-Asians came out of Africa 65,000 years ago, probably descendants of the M168 line, although NE Asians are probably partly M89.

The original Caucasians did indeed come out of Africa about 40-45,000 years ago, probably descendants of the M89 line. Whites and Caucasians in general are probably a legacy of M89 and not M168.

M89 birthed M45, which are the proto-Amerindians of 35,000 years ago on the steppes and in the Mongolia-Siberia region. A child of M45, M173, were the first Europeans, and may be represented by this fellow. Later, M343, the real Cro-Magnon, appeared. It is a bit confusing whether Cro-Magnon is M173 or M343 or both.

The early genesis of the Caucasoid race involved a large injection of Asian genes from Mongolia, Siberia and East Turkestan. This occurred about 40-45,000 years and represents about 2/3 of the proto-Caucasian genetic line (Bowcock 1991). These proto-East Asians probably looked something like Aborigines or possibly Ainu. Modern NE Asians do not appear until about 9,000 years ago.

Before that, all Asians looked like Aborigines, Melanesians, or Ainus. As noted above, the modern European phenotype also only appears 10,000 years ago. So both modern Whites and modern East Asians only go back 10,000 years, to the Last Glacial Maximum. All humans had dark skin until 10,000 years ago. What birthed light skin? The glaciers.

For an analysis of this early process, which injected a lot of proto-Asian genes into the Northern European Cro-Magnon line, see this early discussion on my now-banned blog:

Based on y-chromosome lineages, Atlantic and north European men (Cro-Magnon descendants) are related to N.E Asian men.

They all descend from haplogroup Q which arose in the north Himalayas and south Siberia 45,000 years ago, with one group branching off west eventually ending up in the Pyrenees, the Caspian sea and northern Scandinavia. The other group would go across east Asia and even to the Americas.

Indeed, there were movements in the other direction too – from Northern Europe back to Siberia. An ancient line of Europeans called Orcadians (named after barren islands in the north of Scotland) went back to Siberia at some point and contributed significantly to the genetic line of the Yakut, a Siberian grouping that is now only 6% Caucasian. The Yakut as ancient Scotlanders? Incredible.

The other 1/3 of the line was an early African  (Bowcock 1991), possibly a Khoisan or Bushman type, but maybe a proto-Caucasian African out of South Africa (see below). Out of the proto-African and proto-Asian mixture was birthed the proto-Caucasian.

The African phenotype was Bushman or Hottentot or S African proto-Caucasoid, not Bantuoid, because modern Blacks do not appear in Africa until about 12,000 years ago. Before that, all African look like Pygmies or Bushmen.

I have always wondered what these folks looked like, and this is an interesting part of our heritage.

In the Amren article linked above, commenter JPT is not correct that Whites are on our way to being a different species. Caucasians are closer to Blacks than any other group since we were the last to split from them. Ouch! That’s painful, huh WN’s? Caucasians and NE Asians are also quite close, but not nearly as close as Caucasians and Africans.

The furthest apart are Blacks and Aborigines. If anyone is evolutionarily on their way to becoming a separate species or subspecies, it is the Aborigines and the Papuans of New Guinea. The distance between them and Africans is greater than the distance between any two human groups.

It might be interesting to see what happens if they mate. I am pretty sure that they can mate successfully, but it might be interesting to see if their couples are less fertile than others. As genetic distance increases, infertility does too, because you are moving closer and closer to separate species. I know that Europeans and Aborigines can mate successfully, as there has been a ton of this going on since the first White invaders attacked (I mean landed on) Australia several hundred years ago.

Speaking of Aborigines, yes, they are very different, but they are not Homo Erectus as many say. They are fully human. Homo Erectus lives to this day in large numbers in San Fransisco. Whoa! Sorry, that was a joke!

What follows is reconstruction of the genesis of the early Caucasians.

First of all, a line descended from the original M1 line out of Africa arose in Southwest Asia, frankly in the Levant (Israel, Palestine, Lebanon and Syria). This line had come out of Africa via Somalia to Yemen and Arabia 40-45,000 years ago.

It’s known that they went back to Africa, but it was always thought that they went back the same way that they came, via the Red Sea. Instead, they moved out through the Sinai and into North Africa to become the proto-Berbers. This same line moved into Europe via the same Mediterranean route, this time along the Northern Mediterranean. These folks indeed may have been related to the fellow pictured above.

The most succinct summary of the proto-Caucasians is found here.The actual birthplace of the Proto-Caucasians was in the Caucasus, as one may expect. A figurine has been found in the Don River area of southern Russia dating from 45,000 years ago. It is thought that this is a remnant of this earliest Proto-Caucasian culture.

Proto-Caucasian Man came out of the Caucasus 39-52,000 years ago. One went west to Europe (possibly resulting in the fellow above) and N Africa (this is the line out of the Levant described above) and other east to NE Asia (probably the M89 line described above, and this in part explains Caucasian affinities of Koreans, North Chinese, Mongolians, etc.

There were also further returns to North Africa from Caucasus and India 30,000 years ago. It appears that the birthing grounds of the Caucasian Race were in the Caucasus, the Middle East, India and North Africa. The highly modern East Indian and North African Berbers – both diverse groups of Caucasians – may be the remains of the earliest proto-Caucasians.

It is interesting to postulate on what the proto-Caucasians who moved out of Africa via the Red Sea 42,000 years ago looked like. No one knows. However, curiously, 36,000 years ago a new line arose in South Africa that did not look like the Khoisan types prevalent at the time. Instead, it looks like a Caucasian, specifically like Cro-Magnon and other Late Pleistocene cave man types in Europe.

No one knows what happened to this line, but this proto-Caucasian in South Africa 36,000 years ago could have moved up to the Rift Valley area and then to Arabia to give rise to the Caucasians. Keep in mind that by the time that Africans moved out of Africa, only 2 lines left.

At 65,000 YBP (years before present) an incredible 40 different lines had already evolved separately in Africa, and they were all quite different. Only two of these 40 diverse lines left Africa. The rest stayed and birthed the tremendously diverse African race of today.

It’s often said that the Khoisan-Bushmen of Southwest Africa are the most ancient living people. However, recent research shows that this is wrong. The most ancient humans are from East Africa, specifically from around Kenya and Tanzania.

This includes the Masai (thought to be originally from the Sudan), the Sandawe (a Khoisan type in northern Kenya), the Datog (similar to the Masai, and probably also originally from the Sudan), and the Burunge and Gorowaa, both of whom came from Ethiopia recently.

The African Eve, the first human, was probably a Northeast African or East African. Man probably originated in Ethiopia or Sudan, close to the Rift Valley that transformed the first men from apes and watered the fields of the long line of Homo that ended in ourselves.

From a dead link discussing Tishkoff’s findings:

Sarah Tishkoff of the University of Maryland and a team of coworkers reported genetic analyses of more than 600 living Tanzanians from 14 different tribes and four linguistic groups. They analyzed mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) the tool of choice for tracing ancestry because it is inherited only through the mother as part of the ovum.

The number of mutations that have accumulated in mtDNA is a rough measure of the time that has passed since that lineage first appeared.

The owner of the first modern human mtDNA (by definition, a woman) is often referred to as “Eve,” although many women of that time are likely to have shared similar mtDNA.

Genetic diversity

Tishkoff and her colleagues chose to investigate East African peoples for specific reasons. The number of linguistic and cultural differences is unusually high in the region, as is the variation in physical appearance – East Africans are tall or short, darker-skinned or lighter-skinned, round-faced or narrow-faced, and so on.

This observation suggested that the genetic composition of the population is highly diverse, and as expected, the team found substantial variation in the mtDNA.

In fact, members of five of the lineages showed an exceptionally high number of mutations compared with other populations, indicating that these East African lineages are of great antiquity.

Identified by tribal affiliation, these are: the Sandawe, who speak a “click” language related to that of the Bushmen of the Kalahari desert; the Burunge and Gorowaa, who migrated to Tanzania from Ethiopia within the last five thousand years; and the Maasai and the Datog, who probably originated in the Sudan.

The efforts of the University of Maryland group reflect a substantially larger database and more certain geographic origins for its subjects than earlier mtDNA studies.

Further, the work by Tishkoff’s team reveals that these five East African populations have even older origins than the !Kung San of southern Africa, who previously had the oldest known mtDNA.

“These samples showed really deep, old lineages with lots of genetic diversity,” Tishkoff says. “They are the oldest lineages identified to date. And that fact makes it highly likely that ‘Eve’ was an East or Northeast African. My guess is that the region of Ethiopia or the Sudan is where modern humans originated.”

For more links between the Tutsi – Masai types and the original Europeans, see the following early discussions (here, here, here) from my previous (now shut down) blog. It’s a bit hard to get your head around, but if you think hard, you can start to understand it.

I spent months trying to figure out exactly what this guy was saying, and I think I have it now. His intriguing comments strongly suggest that the earliest Cro-Magnon ancestors were derived from populations that are now the East African Masai, Tutsi, etc:

Masai and Tutsi are doliocephalic and orthaganus. Tutsi and Masai Central African types are quite low skulled, like the original Cro-Magnons were. Also MtDNA retrieved from a Cro-Magnon in Europe was found to belong to haplogroup *N, which directly and immediately descends from L3, which originated in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Some of its clades went south and then east onto Australasia, while the northern clade went to the Middle East and gave birth to *N, and other clades went to West Africa and south.

It’s the northern subclades of L3 that gave birth to *N (like l3a1) that are the most closely related L3 members, and Sub Saharan Africans are closest to *N bearing Cro-Magnons, as they are their most immediate and closest ancestors.

It would be interesting to see if the Tutsi and Masai have any of these northern subclades of L3, as they are more closely related to Cro-Magnon *N than any other MTDNA lineage in the world.

What I cant get my head around is the overlap in identical SNP clusters (Caucasoid) between populations of predominantly different patrilineal and matrilineal ancestry. e.g. e3b Ethiopians (also predominantly indigenous African on mtDNA) and r1a/I1a Norwegians.

R1a and Ia descend from K, which arose in the Middle East, and e3b descends from YAP, which arose in Uganda. The nearest ancestor of R* and I* and J* Europeans/Middle Easterners with E3b Ethiopians is the M168 male, which is the ancestor of all other modern humans, so they share as little as possible recent ancestry.

On mtDNA East Africans are predominantly L3, which is the direct ancestor of mtDNA N*, which is the original Middle Eastern Caucasoid mtDNA marker, which has been retrieved from 2 European Cro-Magnon specimens too. I wonder if East Africans have northern subclades of L3, as they would be the most closely related L3 subclades to N*.

See below. They do look like White people, don’t they?

An example of a Dinka, an example of what I call a West Sudan Elongated Desert Adapated African. This man is a negotiator for the SPLA, the Sudanese People's Liberation Army.

An example of a Dinka, an example of what I call a West Sudan Elongated Desert Adapted African. This man is a negotiator for the SPLA, the Sudanese People’s Liberation Army.

A Masai man. The more I look at this guy, the more I think he looks like our 36,000 year old Caucasian guy reconstructed at the start of the post. Or am I hallucinating?

A Masai man. The more I look at this guy, the more I think he looks like our 36,000 year old Caucasian guy reconstructed at the start of the post. Or am I hallucinating?

More Dinka West Sudan Elongated Desert African phenotypes.

More Dinka West Sudan Elongated Desert African phenotypes.

Another West Sudanic type, from an old anthropological textbook, back in the days when race still existed and we could still discuss phenotypes and whatnot. You know, before the Cultural Marxist dickwads took over?

Another West Sudanic type, from an old anthropological textbook, back in the days when race still existed and we could still discuss phenotypes and whatnot. You know, before the Cultural Marxist lunatics took over?

A Tutsi, possible ancestors of the original proto-Caucasians. Note the Caucasoid appearance.

A Tutsi, possible ancestors of the original proto-Caucasians. Note the Caucasoid appearance.

Another Tutsi. I must say they are handsome folks. Hey WN's, say hello to Grandpa!

Another Tutsi. I must say they are handsome folks. Hey WN’s, say hello to Grandpa!

Yet another Tutsi. I can't get over how much these Africans look like Caucasians or Whites in facial structure.

Yet another Tutsi. I can’t get over how much these Africans look like Caucasians or Whites in facial structure.

Eastern Desert Elongated Africans, possible progenitors of the Caucasoids, look like Caucasians. One argument is that this is due to inbreeding with Caucasoids. In fact, they are pure Africans. See the chart.

Eastern Desert Elongated Africans, possible progenitors of the Caucasoids, look like Caucasians. One argument is that this is due to inbreeding with Caucasoids. In fact, they are pure Africans. See the chart.

Another chart showing the African purity of the possible proto-Caucasoids of Africa. Take home point: Caucasian appearance is not due to Caucasoid interbreeding; it's de novo.

Another chart showing the African purity of the possible proto-Caucasoids of Africa. Take home point: Caucasian appearance is not due to Caucasoid interbreeding; it’s de novo.

*Used sardonically.


Bowcock, AM, Kidd, JR, Mountain, JL, Hebert, JM, Carotenuto, L, Cavalli-Sforza, LL and Kid, KK. 1991. Drift, Admixture, and Selection in Human Evolution: a Study With DNA Polymorphisms. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1991 February 1; 88(3): 839–843.

Cabrera, Vicente M, Maca-Meyer, Nicole, González, Ana M, Larruga, José M, Flores, Carlos. 2001. Major Genomic Mitochondrial Lineages Delineate Early Human Expansions. BMC Genetics 2:13

Hellenthal G, Auton A, Falush D. 2008. Inferring Human Colonization History Using a Copying Model. PLoS Genetics 4(5).

Wade, Nicholas. 2006. Before the Dawn: Recovering the Lost History of Our Ancestors. East Rutherford, New Jersey, USA: Penguin Group.

This research takes a lot of time, and I do not get paid anything for it. If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a a contribution to support more of this valuable research.


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  1. Lafayette Sennacherib

    Very interesting. Sort of on topic, I came upon a book recently, by Felice Vinci: ‘the Baltic Origins of Homer’s Epic Tales’. My first reaction was ” oh, another one of these…” but he seems to have impressed a few serious people with it, and it sounds like a very interesting thing to explore further. Read the blurb and especially the customer reviews ( particularly the 2 long ones) here:

    In short, his theory is that the reason that Homer’s place descriptions can’t be tallied with anywhere in the Mediterranean is that the stories were (obviously) actually located in the Baltic ( he’s found Baltic locations that match the descriptions and journey) , before a drastic drop in temperature led these people to move South to the Aegean shores, bringing their tales with them.

    It was talk of ‘Orcadian’ man that seemed to make this slightly relevant; there are underground villages in Orkney and Shetland, made of stone, which had running water systems, from earlier than 3000 years ago (I think). Nothing (last time I looked) seems to be known about who lived there. Felice’s theory, if proven, would start to draw this mysterious early Baltic and North Sea culture ( including Stonehenge possibly) into the historical picture.

  2. Yeah, I do not know what to say about that, LS. There is a lot of talk lately about Scandinavians and Iranians – Azerbaijanis being related. On some gene charts, they line right up. Now they have found artifacts that look the same from both regions. One theory is that the Iranian types got on boats and went up rivers to settle up in Scandinavia.

    There is a new group that moves into the region about 4000 years ago, and there are way too many blonde and blue eyed Azeris to make sense. There are also quite a few “Black Swedes” and no one knows where they came from. I dated one once. She could have been an Iranian.

    The WN’s who get all hung up on N Europeans versus S Europeans (As if this were the worst problem facing Whites these days!) are idiots. Real researchers, even the racists and Nazis, long noted that there was a lot of early movement between the two groups. Nordics themselves are part-Med, Meds having gone north at some point, and apparently vice versa.

    So many of these mysteries may never be solved since folks were not writing stuff down.

    I believe that the Orcadians may have been around even longer than 3000 yrs ago, but I may have to ask my brother. They were clearly one of the most advanced civilizations on Earth at the time in some ways anyway. My bro is taking a History of Britain course right now.

    He needs an antidote to the Anti-White Studies curriculum, which is what he calls the PC “multicultural” crap being shoved down his, and all beginning students’ throats. Anti-White Studies curricula is a requirement for graduation!

  3. Tad

    I’m thinking of taking that “multicultural” crap this summer along with sociology. Then all the WNs had better watch out. I’m new here. Does WN stand for “White nigger?”

  4. WN stands for White nationalist, but you can call them White niggers if you like. They really really love to be called that. LOL.

    • kwad

      did you eventually find that haplogroup E is asian the gene found in black people that means that blacks are not native in comparision to capoid and pygmy they are the only true africans. but the gene relocated to africa.

  5. Tad

    So anyway Robert, that was an impressive article you wrote on genetics. How long did it take you to write it? Do you take notes or do you just keep all that information in your mind?

  6. mathilda37

    The skin is way too dark. Any sane recon would have had him at a near Eastern tan colour, and red and fair hair variant also date to well prior to this age. Modern humans were out of Africa and in the near East for about 60k before they moved into Europe- there would be no reason to have such a melanin protected skin.

    • Mathilda your to sharp to really be saying that..,, the middle east is hot & dry. The environmental factors that are needed to push for adaptation of Caucasoid & White phenotypical traits didnt exist when Africans entered in Arabia & the middle east ie: ice age temperatures making it necassary to warm up air before it hits the lungs causing noses to elongate ..dark ice age skies & adapting a diet high in low vitamin D cereal grains causing the skin to lighten in order to process vitamin D. I think your familiar with this data arent you?

  7. Sleep

    I agree with Mathilda. You say early Caucasians looked like Arabs … that guy looks nothing like any Arabs I’ve ever met. I also doubt that skin color suddenly became uniformly light only 10,000 years ago in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

  8. Lafayette Sennacherib

    That face they reconstructed – can they find evidence for skin pigmentation? I mean, there’s no particular reason for that guy looking negroid. No, it’s not an Arab face, but there are a lot of Scottish and Irish faces that have some resonance, a particular type of face. Those are the faces I know best of course; maybe it crops up in other nationalities too. The nose is too flat and wide, but the slightly Mongolian cheekbones and eyes crop up a lot. There’s a type of Irish face that has that flat wide nose too, but I’ve never seen it in combination with those cheekbones. Have a look at these pictures of boxer Barry McGuigan and try to imagine him without eyebrows or hair (easier in the later photos). Or Robert Carlyle, the psycho in Trainspotting – he’s sort of got that face too.

  9. Mort Goldman

    Interesting how both WNs and Afrocentrists want to see anyone who isn’t clearly white or East Asian as Negroid. This must say something…

  10. Yeah but what does it mean? They both want to see Blacks everywhere, even where they are not. This means…? They are both obsessed with Blacks. Yeah, that’s it.

  11. GenX in Oz

    M343 power!

  12. GenX in Oz

    And on Australian Aborigines, us evil whites here have known for almost 100 years that they have recessive genes.
    It only takes two generations of breeding with whites to almost completely remove their distinct physical characteristics.
    I’m sure that was the goal of ‘the Stolen Generation’.
    After committing genocide on their people, legally hunting them until the 1950’s, trying to bred them out of existense they still have trouble assimulating.
    Even our HRC focus up until recently was on the 1950’s< immigration.
    Go figure.
    I used to visit with a Taiwanese spiritualist, who told me that every race has it’s own karmic bill to pay, maybe we’re paying ours now.

  13. Wow, pretty amazing comments, Gen X. It would be weird if the Stolen Generation thing was actually an officially approved Eugenics program.

  14. GenX in Oz

    ‘Us evil whites here have known for almost 100 years that they have recessive genes’.

    Typical to myself, I make a speculative comment, now I have to back it up (and quickly research my assertion, after the fact).
    I should qualify what I’ve said further by saying it’s a much debated and contentious ‘theory’.
    Known here as part of the ‘history wars’ .

    Thanks to good old Wikipedia on…
    the ‘Stolen Generations’

    Dr. Cecil Cook, perceived the continuing rise in numbers of “half-caste” children as a problem. His proposed solution was:
    “ Generally by the fifth and invariably by the sixth generation, all native characteristics of the Australian Aborigine are eradicated. The problem of our half-castes will quickly be eliminated by the complete disappearance of the black race, and the swift submergence of their progeny in the white. ”
    Similarly, the Chief Protector of Aborigines in Western Australia, AO Neville, wrote in an article for The West Australian in 1930:
    “ Eliminate the full-blood and permit the white admixture to half-castes and eventually the race will become white. ”
    Or from a interesting document

    From this document….
    “The crossbreed. This type alone presents
    several different classes, each requiring
    special treatment—
    1. Those with a preponderance of
    aboriginal blood and entirely
    aboriginal in character and
    2. The cross with lower types of alien
    races such as Pacific Islanders,
    Malays, Africans.
    ;>. The European-aboriginal cross or
    those with higher Asiatic types.
    4. The quadroon and octoroon with
    preponderance of European
    I think it is generally recognized that the care
    of the aboriginal, no matter what the breed, is, to
    a large degree, a health problem.”

    Also …
    (I love those old textbook pictures).
    It seems the offical rational for removing the children was that it was “for their own protection”.
    It’s kind of confusing, there is talk in these old documents about wanting to perserve full bloodied Aborigines as they are more desirible than the various ‘half-castes’.
    But I believe that we weren’t stupid back then, and that we knew what we were doing.

    Anecdotally I’ve had friends myself who I’ve found out to have a full blood Aboriginal grandparent, but the friend themselves have vitually no visual sign of that ancestory at all.

    And I dated a girl whose background was Chinese/Aboriginal/Irish (a firey combination) and you could see the Chinese Irish elements in her quite clearly, but the Aboriginal I could only see in the shape of her forehead.

    And to be honest the genocide I was referring to in my prior post was more so about various shooting massacres that had occurred.

    I just thought you may have found the recessive gene observation interesting with your background.
    Though I do have some prejudices, being someone who frequents Amren.
    I do fear that by highlighting this issue I’m just adding more bricks to the already heavy ‘white guilt’ load. Though the perpetrators of our collective crimes are long gone.

    I sincerely feel nothing but sympathy for the Aborigines, as they are a broken people and it gives me no pleasure to see them on their knees (or with a bottle of meths in their hands).

    My mother shared a story with me about her travelling with my big, loud, brash African American (6’2, 300 pound ex USN Bosen) ex-stepfather. Who was on a train with my mother on a trip to Perth (Western Australia).
    Compared to (some) American’s, Australian’s are a quiet people who don’t like a scene.
    Aparentally my ex-stepfather walked through this train swearing loudly, greeting and complaining as he and my mother boarded. They found their seat across from a Aborigine father with his two children.
    My mother described the kids as having eyes and mouths wide open in shock and awe at seeing this very large, loud black man who was very happily throwing his weight around and letting his presence be known with no fear.
    Whilst at the same time their father, could only keep his head down and could not bare to look my stepfather in his face out of shame.
    That story though fairly eventless, for some reason haunts me. Maybe more so now that I am a father too.

  15. Katie

    perfect post,you timelined this beautifully,a coherant sweep of pre-history.

  16. Katie

    the m173 recon reminds me greatly of the skulls they found on crete and reconstructed,I believe the guy doing them called them ‘thugs’.

    here’s a female –

  17. Thank you very much, Katie. From what era is that Minoan reconstruction?

  18. Maira

    There are many problems with this reconstruction, which others have already pointed out—modern man was out of Africa for millenia before colonizing Europe. Moreover, since the first Europeans came directly from the Middle East/Central Asia—not Africa—then the reconstructions of Middle Easterners circa 35,000 ya must look like this one from Romania. If they do not, then some serious explaining is in order. Europeans and Middle Easterners share phenotypical (“Caucasoid”) features in common precisely because the first Europeans were Middle Easterners. But according to this Romanian reconstruction, we have to accept that Caucasian features only developed later in Europe and the Middle East AFTER they had already split off from one another. How is this possible? How can we believe that Caucasian features would develop separately in two different places? That’s quite a coincidence, particularly since it also begs the question of how the Indian subcontinent figures into all of this, for Indians are also phenotypically Caucasoid. What of them? So Caucasian features developed in Europe long after 35,000 years ago, but somehow the same recipe came about in the Middle East and India too? Finally, Europe was first colonized approx. 45,000 ya, and the idea that Europeans 35,000 would still be this dark-skinned is more than just imaginative—it’s absolutely ludicrous.

  19. Gustav

    Maira, “Caucasian features” don’t exist how unity. It is the product of West european features, east european features and middle east features of neolithic migrations middle east=>europe. Ancient middle easterners came to Europe 55.000-20.000BP and that people mutated to two biotypes: “West europeans” and “east-europeans” (nothing similar with actual mixed types of this regions). The first middle easterners before mutations were similar to neolithic middle easterners and similar to the less mixeds of actual middle easterners. Examples:

    However we cant discard any pygmy migrations and mixture in Europe

  20. Mary

    Watch these videos to the end, you will see the similiarities!. These are Nuer and the Dinka tribes.

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  22. Aaron

    It’s a not a “he” if the sex hasn’t been determined yet. Yet the person who recreated this is decidedly pro-male. Yeah. I agree. If they can’t determine a sex, then they shouldn’t expect the world to take them seriously on a color either. I wanna know more about this person’s political beliefs, religious background and everything that may have influenced his/her worldview.

  23. Hey, there is this video on youtube that says North Europeans are formed from East Indians.. Basically, it says that Northern Europeans are East Indian albinos.

    Here is the video. Its very intriguing.. Is there any truth to it?

    • I do not agree with that theory. White skin, blue eyes, blond hair, etc., only goes back 10,000 years. Before that, Europeans looked like Arabs. The Proto Indo Europeans moved into Europe 8000 years ago, but their homeland was really in Southern Russia, not in India.

    • Taylor

      It doesn’t even matter where someone came from. Every race came from the same African woman. When her offspring split up to different parts of the world, the isolation changed their features. Humans adapt to surroundings. White people have jutting noses. Perhaps the ancestors in Europe had to develops a keener sense of smell; accentuating the nasal passages. Now do you see why its so unnecessary to argue whether or not whites came from Africa or India? When Indians came from Africa

    • lord

      Thats pretty neat.

    • boyer

      That’s a very interesting piece.. Learn new things everyday.

  24. Mizz_X

    Interesting post. And yeah in that first picture the guy really did look white. But um…I’m not trying to start anything but you guys shouldn’t be throwing the ‘nigger’ word around like that. It’s really offensive.

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  26. bob

    Cro-mags left art, some which shows a woman’s face. They were White.

  27. Baltic

    After reading Origin of the Races by Carlton S. Coon some years ago, I came to the conclusion that the “White” skin coloration trait was an adaptation to a crushing vitamin deficiency condition that forced the abandonment of all normal solar protective skin coloration to maximize photo-nutrition.

    I believe this was caused by an abundant cereal grain diet lacking in essential nutrition and the use of cold-climate clothing that shielded ninety percent of the body from the sun.

    Just below the Arctic Cereal Limit, there is a region consisting of Central Sweden, Central Norway, and Southern Finland often called ‘Blondland’ where this adaptation reaches its extreme. This area might be the wellspring of this racial characteristic.

    I believe any person of color who tries to live clothed like a ‘Blondlander’ on a primary diet of non-vitamin enriched cereal grain will be at risk of serious vitamin deficiency diseases — perhaps this is why Negro-slavery was confined to the South in the U.S.A.

    I have read that a person of dark color cannot generate as much vitamin D by exposing their whole body to the sun as a ‘Blondlander’ can with only their forehead exposed to sunlight.

    On the other hand, I also believe that any ‘Blondlander’ who tries to live like a native of the tropics will risk suffering severe solar radiation burns, long-term skin damage, and skin cancer. This is not a good prognosis for Tarzan.

    If this conjecture is correct, the ‘White’ race as we know it did not exist before the adoption of cereal grain agriculture in northern Europe.

    • Thx, this is really excellent information. White skin only goes back maybe 9000 YBP in Europe. Blond hair and blue eyes about the same.

    • Dave Mowers

      In the story of Zoroaster it is explained that the Aryans went underground to survive an Ice Age. After thousands of years of living that way you would get deficiencies causing light skin, hair loss, hair and eye color shift. In fact, a new eye surgery is available that cuts away the top layers of the iris to reveal the natural color of all eyes; blue.

      It is claimed that blue eyes are a result of lack of sun exposure as-in living in caves or underground for very long periods of time.

    • blast

      You really think “Negro-slavery was confined to the South in the USA”? LOL. Get the Google. NY kept census reports of slaves. Idiot.

  28. rahob

    ya i see what you mean,the pictures you posted could be for people have Ethiopian ancestry regard any expansion but i think their look happened to modified

    look at this picture

    any way this good reference which give idea of how some people see things

  29. Ponto

    Europeans are not derived from East Indians. It is more likely that East Indians are partly Caucasoid. Not the “Aryan” bull type Caucasoid but from normal Caucasoids that had dark hair and eyes with a olive or brown complexion. They are also part Australoid and part Mongoloid. In a sense they are triracial in origin.

    Your synoptis of the development of Caucasoids of Europe is satisfactory according to what most people believe, mostly putative and not based on real data. Paleolithic specimens of AMH are often exaggerately said to look like us i.e modern Europeans of the historic era. They didn’t and they don’t. Cro Magnons, at least the Old Man who had half his face eaten away in his lifetime by pathogenic fungus, had an elongated body like most desert dwelling sub Saharan Africans, oddly shaped hands and other odd features not found in Europeans. Facially the Old Man would have looked like a Pacific coast Amerindian. The head shape is unmatched by any European even Finns, the Old Man has an extremely long and large head, combined with a very small broad face. Finns look like what they are, a mix of NW European, East European and West Siberians like Mansi. The European predominates in Finns. They consequently have big heads and large cheekbones like Cro Magnon did in life, but they is where the resemblance finishes.

    I personally do not accept that any European is descended from any of the Paleolithic specimens. Europeans derive from the many migrants from the Middle East, and Central Asia from the Mesolithic period through to the Neolithic with minor additions from historically known peoples like Etruscans, Phoenicians, Moors, Jews and Gypsies.

    The so called exemplar of Whiteness, the blue eyes and blond hair, was most likely introduced into Europe by I.E speaking peoples in the Bronze Age, having developed the language and the phenotype in Asia about 10 kya among Caucasoids who were R1a, and R1b Y chromosome haplogroups. In Europe, blondness is not that old, and can be found in Asia among other descendants of those I.E speakers. Red hair is another matter, and it is usually found in higher percentages in the areas which were colonised by dark haired Caucasoids later in the Neolithic period. It is possible to find red haired people in more ethnic groups and races than blond hair and blue eyes. Green eyes are found in all races.

    So I consider Europeans to be the result of result immigration events to Europe, way after the LGM, and their ties to the Old Europeans of the Paleolithic to be specious. Putting flesh on those old fragments of bones from Romania is interesting, highly imaginative and fantastic, but has nothing to do with any living peoples let alone Europeans.

    • Xera

      What about the Aryanization of North India including Bangladesh, and the various Turkic, Iranian invasions in the same parts?

      • Xera

        Just to be more precise, Bengal is counted as East, however it went through it’s own Aryanization period and faced multiple invasions from Turkic/Indo-Aryan tribes due to the place being in similar latitudes to North Indian parts that were attracked, and its near the Himalayas.

        • Dave Mowers

          The Rig Veda describes Kurgans coming through India. Kurgans were from Turkey near the area of Lake Van. Lake Van is also where Norse peoples came from as the lake is named after their god, “Van,” who is the Phoenician, “Phanes,” the progenitor of the Vanir.

          Kurgans are modern-day Kurds in Northern Iraq. 100 years ago pictures show them as distinctly Caucasoid resembling British peoples today.

    • Dave Mowers

      Red hair is an exclusively Neanderthal trait. The word Russian is founded on the root word Rus meaning red as-in red-haired peoples. The Tribe of Dan is described as red-haired, Phoenicians were said to have red hair in Libya, red-haired Caucasian mummies have been found in China and the Canary Islands. African blacks that have red hair or any other race for that matter have it due to admixture with Neanderthal.

  30. Alex

    I found this article so much patronizing and very prejudicial. Being an ethnic Tutsi myself, I have no doubt that if we did mix with other blacks we would look the same but we kept originality. Whites have mixed and form now a homogeneous group but they don’t have the same genetic makeups. As a result they have reduced prejudice among themselves but have also lost some of their traditions and languages. Everyone loves to hear that they look beautiful n’est-ce pas WN’s? well done

  31. Shawn

    Look under the fur of a monkey with brown hair; the skin is white. When monkeys evolved and lost their hair, they moved out of Africa. It took a long time for the skin to turn black. The liberals who wrote the article betray themselves with their skin color speculation: there is no evidence to say the first European was black in coloration; if anything, he or she was White.

    • White skin only shows up 12,000 YBP in Europe. Before that, Europeans skin was brown.

      • kwad

        its still doesnt pass for black anyways the first humans are yellow skinned or copper brown with pepper corn hair it was very thick they were a separate race called capoid they hate black because the colonized africa and got abused by them. blacks are not native to africa there genes developed in asia so there relocated asians remember they are haplogroup E its ancesters D and C are asian and the pretty much nearly extinguish the true africans.

        • louis

          you sound like a total idiot. kwad. lmao. all these debates just prove we are all the same species who adapts to survive . We have many genes that aren’t even being used. Im pretty sure you can come up with different ways to separate siblings by genetic phenotypes and genotypes. We are all sisters and brothers . just quit the self righteous bull of wanting to feel special.

      • Dave Mowers

        Then explain the Caucasian girl’s bones found in a cave in Spain that also had Neanderthal and Denisovan DNA?

        Her bones are 400,000 years old.

    • L.A.M

      You lack even the basic understanding of evolution in the first place. They’re hair didn’t just fall out one day, it was gradual. As “apes” (not monkeys) lost their body hair, they’re skin had to get darker to compensate for the radiation. They’re hair didn’t just fall out an they left Africa. They had darker skin, and as the left Africa and migrated toward colder areas with less radiation, they’re skin got lighter. The way the Europid facial structure came to be took a lot of mixing with older groups. But the lack of pigmentation came with it. When have you seen a blonde or blue eyed ape recently… Or ever?

  32. Shawn

    Watch 40 seconds into it. The first Europeans were “lightly” pigmented. I give you the benefit of the doubt that your liberalism isn’t coloring your scientific views regarding this; but science agrees with conservatives on this one.

  33. White people surely like to speculate that they are so unique and original. Who cares about when the first humans arrived to Europe, it does not make my life longer nor gives me the key to heaven. I’m from Ethiopia and believe that Africans glibalised the world with humans and Europeans brought diseases, hatred, racism and destruction to this world. Well there you have something to speculate about. We Africans do not care of your pointless manipulation through history, we are superior than you thats why we don’t need to speculate nor manipulate. Useless genetic default that’s what you are.

    • Whitey

      Your people accomplished nothing except living in houses made out of cow shit and flys buzzing.around your faces oh and also coming up with the idea to rape babies to get rid of aids . Whites are the onl y race that evolved . We have Albert Einstein , newton Darwin etc . The only reason you blacks are even educated is because we educated you with knowledge our brothers passed down to each other for our people .your people lived thousands of years before we were even born and in all that time your biggest accomplishment was fire , peanut butter and the super soaker..look at black run countrys haite south Africa etc they are the poorest most third world countrys on this planet look at predominantly white countrys like Canada ,german ,USA 100 years ago there the most evolved and peaceful. Your people cant even live with each without fighting and killing each other .you don’t have to believe my views look at the whole world, that’s the proof and I will look in the history books there written by whites because your people didn’t have anything to put in them because they accomplished nothing not ever except putting hand and whining for a hand out because there to stupid to do anything for themselves let alone there own people.

      • L.A.M

        Hah! Redneck. You are obviously very ignorant, to African culture pre-slavery, and you own history. Pick up a history book, and you’ll find two world wars, with millions of deaths. And tons of genocides. Not that I hate White people just because people they shared skin color with, did a bunch of evil acts. But if you’re going to be ignorant and judge a whole group of people based on nothing but stereotypes, than you need to take a look at you own race. Not in a close minded way.

    • WA

      I sure don’t like to associate with Black people like yourself who still can’t see all the filth come from you Black side.

    • Dave Mowers

      The first person ever to suggest humans came from Africa did so based on the continent’s shape appearing to be a human skull. Ever since, it has been taken as a fact that homo sapiens first appeared in Africa and every research team for hundreds of years now has focused solely on Africa yet now that people are looking on other continents and in Asia they are constantly finding older remains showing that, “Out of Africa” hypotheses is just that; an opinion.

      Across Europe they have found old buried forts with archaeological remains and wood dated 20-40,000 years old. Now explain to me how this hypothesis still stands?

      How can you even begin to claim humans came from Africa when the long-standing, well-written about, funerary policy of Aryans has always been to burn the bodies of the dead? Frequency of remains cannot prove anything when the Caucasian race practice cremation for as long as anyone has ever known.

      The Tsunami that hit Sumatra pulled back waves in India several miles and exposed ancient cities that have been under water for at least 8-10,000 years but the geologic history suggests even longer. How can Africans just be coming out of Africa and there are cities along the coast of India and Pakistan?

  34. Abiezer Coppe

    A black racist! I’ve met your type before! Welcome to the blog and and try to work on your grammar and your spelling! Your last sentence does not contain a main verb and the use of the word default renders it meaningless. However, with a little help from us the Europeans you may improve over time. We’ll always help a black sister.

    • The Black racists come here all the time. I think a lot of them come from Abagond’s blog. Abagond is a Black racist, and almost all of his commenters are Black racists. One is a Filipino racist. A few are weird self-hating Whites. They all hate Whites, the Blacks, the Filipino and the White self-haters.

      This really is modern SWPL liberalism here in California. It’s such shit I can’t even put it into words.

      • LaFleur

        The Abagond/Restructure! people are too fucking funny. If it weren’t for white people, they wouldn’t know what to do with themselves.

        The thing is, it’s obvious from the fancy academic language they use that most of them have spent a lot of time in expensive schools. People like that Restructure! chick obviously come from privileged backgrounds and aren’t dumb, just laughably neurotic. They have a good deal of money and brains they could pool together to help their own people out. They could be building communities and structures of their own but can’t think of anything better to do than bitch about whitey on the internet.

        In contrast, I read some survivalist forums and there are people on extremely low incomes who are building communities and are at least shooting for self-sufficiency. They at least have a chance of making it should the system collapse. You don’t have to be rich, white, male or right wing to drop out of useless bourgeois society.

        • I made some comments on Abagond. Very very very bad idea. I tried hard to be nice, but pretty quickly I was attacked and then put on moderation. I didn’t even say anything all that radical either. I was criticizing an article by a White racist saying that Blacks were not human. You can’t do right by these people. Even when you agree with them, you’re not radical enough.

          The latest comment is by some insane White person who told me that biology is getting of the whole idea of species and subspecies, I guess because those words are RACIST or something. They are chucking them in favor of the cline approach to biological description.

          It’s not true at all. I read biological journals and papers all the time. Many deal with endangered species listings. The species and subspecies question is a huge deal in those listings, it’s what the listing is all about sort of. NO WAY has science chucked species and subspecies in favor of some weird spectrum continuum thingie.

    • Abecedarian Coach

      “A black racist! I’ve met your type before! Welcome to the blog and and try to work on your grammar and your spelling! Your last sentence does not contain a main verb and the use of the word default renders it meaningless. However, with a little help from us the Europeans you may improve over time. We’ll always help a black sister.”

      Ahh… A white racist! We ALL have met YOUR type before!

      Now permit me to help YOU genius. You should really work on YOUR grammar before criticizing anyone else’s.

      #1) You should have put “default” in quotations to better clarify your meaning and intent.

      #2) Also “…with a little help from us the Europeans you may improve over time.”

      should have been
      “…with a little help from us, the Europeans, you may improve over time.”

      Comma after US and after EUROPEANS to clarify that “the Europeans” is who you are referring to as “US”. LOL.

      People like you are just so very comical when they attempt to appear as intelligent in their condescension.

      So again, work on ‘your’ grammar and spelling sir, it needs work. However, with a little help from US, the negroes, YOU may improve over time. WE are here to help YOU Junior. LOL

  35. locoloco

    Now that’s what I’m talking about.Why do whites think that just because they brought reading, racism, rape, hatred, disease and atomic bombs to the world that they are the”lords of this world”. I am NOT racist and I have white friends but that superiority stuff is S***! By the way Abiezer Coppe, try some grammar in amharic or kinyarwanda and we’ll see how well you do!

  36. locoloco

    Now that’s what I’m talking about.Why do whites think that just because they brought reading, racism, rape, hatred, disease and atomic bombs to the world that they are the”lords of this world”? I am NOT racist and I have white friends but that superiority stuff is S***! By the way Abiezer Coppe, try some grammar in amharic or kinyarwanda and we’ll see how well you do!

  37. mallorca

    lol at that fool sayin cromagnon man looked like arabs..pathetic glory hunter the mohamed

  38. RussianHouse

    Relax, soon enough there will be no reason to fight about white paople at all. Today the correlation between white and the rest of the population is 1 to 7. We are getting extinct. By the way, we also carry 4.7% of Neardenthal’ genes that Africans do not have. I wonder what the earth would look like without whites… Songs, RAP and lots of dancing…

    • L.A.M

      First off, you do realize Hip Hop culture is not the only culture besides your culture right? Or did you not know that? Well honestly I feel bad for your poor parents, if you though Anglo African American was the only one beside Western culture. And if I’m not mistaken, every single culture has song and dance. Seriously, it’s not even the only Black culture. Granted, most of the other ones are extinct, because Black people weren’t allowed to have their own culture during slavery, but hey, they still exist. And honestly, you might have forgot about Arabs, East Asians, American Indians (who are about gone, but hey, they’re culture still exist). And just because White people are going to supposedly not exist, because everyone will be mixed, does not mean Western culture won’t exist. If everyone is mixed, they are probably still going to possess their ancestors (European) culture.

    • Dave Mowers

      What do African nations and Latin American countries look like without functioning governments?

      Yeah, that’s the future of the planet.

  39. The Negro is the most inept,incompetent and least accomplished of all human races.Without the scientific and entrepreneurial accomplishments of the White Race ,Humanity in general would still be living in caves.Whites are far superior to Blacks intellectually and to Mongoloids as well.This liberal muck raking,specious and malevolent,is trying to wreak havoc with the truth.O.K. You liberal fu”#s show me one shitskin country in Sub Saharan Africa that is self supporting and able to survive on it`s own without usurious Chinese manipulation or White liberal intervention.The Black “race” is beyond pathetic…in fact it has as much relevance as smeared donkey feces.The Negro is stupid,callous and superfluous and there is nothing you wigger white liberal fu”ks can say or do to alter that basic irrefutable truth.As far as you Black idiots are concerned…Kill yourselves because you are totally USELESS and redundant!



      • History Lover

        The ancient Egyptians were white. The earliest mummies had red and blonde hair. The earliest statues of the pharaohs have white features. There was a time when the Pharaohs became concerned with race mixing and would not allow the black Nubians to enter the city. Bound Semtic and Black prisoners were featured on King Tut’s footstool so that he could rest his feet on his foes. King Tut’s walking stick featured bound Semitic and Black prisoners decorating the curved end. His sandals have bound Black and Semitic prisoners inlaid into the soles: when the king walked in these shoes, he would crush the enemies of Egypt underfoot.

        The Aztecs and Olmecs both claim they were given knowledge by their white bearded god. Caucasian mummies were found in Peru. Peru has many pyramids. Caucasian mummies were also found in China. The are step pyramids near the city of Xian in Qui Chan province. These pyramids are without precedent in China but which were common to White civilizations. I don’t believe it would be any great stretch of the imagination to say that the Great Pyramid of Egypt was also built by caucasians.

        Here is a picture of King Tut’s sandals.

        You can also search and find pictures of his footstool and walking stick.

        • Nic

          let me tell u something….i’m a Tutsi and we dwelt in Egypt thousands of years before Assyrians took over..we moved south wards an Cush empire started we took over Egypt for some time.. but not for long and migrated southwards..ancient times…..when u didn’t have color….. u were considered an albino..not accepted by society and was throw into the European plate to go and wander in the north where it’s cold… and about development…people have always progressed more when they are together for thousands of years
          we have more defined features and not exagurated and we have more color..because we’ve lived in the tropics for a longer time…
          in other words ..every species living near the tropics is darker than the one living near the it plants..the have more chlorophyll and people can be evidenced by south Asian and south Americans..the animals …everything cause the sun hits the tropics at 90degrees throughout the year
          I laugh at how uninformed, uneducated and untraveled
          Just yesterday not even 400 years when some African Kings benefited from the business of selling there people..not Tutsi Kings participated in this kind of trade because they knew the power of human energy to a society..they never served they selfish interest like so African kings…u go to Africa…u’ll find dark Chinese ,Arabs,Caucasian,everything…that is where u come from my dear friend..fro now on be informed

        • Dave Mowers

          The reason the Aztecs were destroyed was because they believed in a prophecy left to them by their white god when he was forced out of the country claiming that in a certain number of years he would come back and on the same year Cortes landed, that was the year!

          The superstitious natives could not rally a unified front because the coincidence was so great and Cortes was Caucasian, was white, just like their god Quetzalcoatl.

        • Dave Mowers


    • lisa

      Wish I said it!

    • kwad

      i havent seen african cavemen. egypt began 31000 bc.caucasians haplogroup R began in asia at 34,000bc came to africa 27,000 bc. negroids are haplogroup E began in 55,000 bc in asia came to africa around 50,000bc or 45,000bc no caucasians where in africa at early dynastic period .blacks are afro-asiatic. no blonds existed no caucasians yet existed in europe in early dynastic period so no nordics or blonds. later ancient egyptians did get some caucasian blood but people from cameroon have the most caucasian dna in africa and are still black so white egypt is false. moors had Haplogroup E dna invaded spain mixed raced or if you follow one drop rule black leader reinterduced schools architecture hygiene science and maths bonus got rid of black death invented table manners and knife and fork. nearly most africans have caucasian in a small amount just as whites have a small amount of black. hence blacks and whites share similarity in civilazation wise. blacks and whites are therefore more genetically related than any other race. why africa is poor is stupid a question the answer is due to colonization by us whites africans forgot the traditions the colonials left civil wars began effects bad schooling bad way of life. for example congo had pre-colonial kongo kingdom its capital m’banza kongo or the city of loango look at its pictures of the painting of them by europeans it looked like europe in the middle ages and it was drawn in 1400’s in the middle ages. the songhai empire nigerian empire. the mali empire the richest in the world at its time. meroe in sudan and ancient eygpt noone yet can replicate the pyramids. now look at africa after its colonization its backwards. blacks have a reason to be angry they are like why wont europe leave us alone? answer is that africa would be the richest because of its resources gold, ivory mercury, phosphat, diamonds, precious rocks, and fruits. if africa equaled europe and america wouldnt the markets be in favour of the africans? europe need africa to be poor. in the 18th century lots of injustices falses theories bible twisting truths uneducated evolution theories Were all attacked on blacks.i and many future generations of whites find this suspicious. why they did everything so blacks could be slaves the needed all the reason. but it can all be proven wrong today. wake up people we are the human race i didnt state what whites contributed to humanity because its more acknowledged than what blacks did. we are the human race we accomplished what no other being did together. we look different because we adapted to our surroundings physically. why do people ignore this? I was a racist before i researched the truth about african in wikipedia and stopped listening to people that just hated black people for no reason.Another reason i stopped hating blacks was when i went to europe when i realized it was very rare to see black children (from africa) not doing a higher degree or getting higher grades than whites. then i read in the wikipedia about africans in usa and it said the same thing. then in british television boasting about two british twins just to find out they are black i went to ireland and irish thieves aim for blacks because they believe they have more money i realized that blacks in europe are different from american ones. i came to conclude why black africans and black europeans are smarter than black americans because euro and afro n’ blacks dont face systematic racial problems as blacks in usa.but then i wanted to know why black europeans in europe and black africans in usa are smarter than whites and asian and alot smarter than black americans. why? they came from poor backgrounds and their parents wanted them to be the best in class similar to what asian parents do. so people are smart because the ywant to get the best of things not because of race. blacks and whites are more related so theres no point in racism. i have black friends in college and their good friends. racism it has to end who agrees?

    • L.A.M

      Um… You do know that Africans build homes a lot right? They didn’t have homes like the Europeans, because they didn’t need shelter as much to protect themselves from the sun. You do realize that no Homo Sapiens were living in caves right? And that only Neanderthals (which Black people have little to no relation to) live in caves. Once again, to protect themselves from radiation. You do realize that Asiatic people, are like Anglo America’s main trading partner right? You do realize that we are all humans beings, and no one is genetically smarter than people because of skin color right? You do realize the reason why Sub-Saharan Africa is so down in the dumps, is a direct product of Slavery and Racism right? You do realize that the Middle East is also extremely down in the dumps right? And those people are supposedly White right? At least the ones you see now.

      Nah, of course you didn’t know any of that stuff. You’re completely dumb and insane. As are all of you White Supremacists.

  40. chelley01

    hey!! The only thing i don’t quite understand is how the hair changed over time from the original afro hair to the thin straight hair! Obviously african hair is much different than any other race so how or why has that evolved into more straight thin hair?

    • I do not know. No one knows what the hair of the original OOA folks looked like. That kinky or woolly hair is really only useful where it is extremely hot. Where it’s not very, very hot, it’s more or less useless. That hair just keeps you cool in hot weather. That is all it is good for.

    • Barney Stinson

      The ‘out of Africa’ fact states that the first humans came from east africa which as you know have caucasian facial features and most of east africans do have that thin hair (I’m originally from east africa and my hair is almost exactly like earopean hair, just a little bit thicker but still straight). So I suppose over time the hair probably thinned out due to the sun not being as harmful as it would be in africa.

  41. mulattoflavortime

    Looked like whites? The guy who wrote this must be stupid because they’re dark as hell. not only that but they all still got booga booga lips and tightly curled hair and etc. Looking at their skull they don’t look white at all.
    My only surprise is the fact that retards can post things on the internet.
    I know what White skulls/faces and Black skulls/faces look like because I’m mixed white/black and I grew up around both sides of my family for my entire life. This guy is a quack.

  42. I’m glad GOD, has no color, and man can’t get to HIM only by being born again in the spirit!!! God will be judging you by your deeds here on earth!! No matter what or who you are, God will have the final say! Not any man, woman, boy or girl! Your color won’t be a factor, the life you live, the service you give and if you choose Christ as you Lord and Savior. Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess, that Jesus Christ is Lord!! Now chew on that awhile and prepare to meet your maker! Heaven or Hell???

  43. huaxia

    well…. i thought that E is a brother clade of D…. they both descend from YAP…. the andamanese… Also are you sure that this is a picture of a man who carries marker R1-M173??? i pretty much doubt it. because as far as i know all modern humans (especially the out-of-africa ones) have some roots shared with the neanderterals… simply the picture you posted here do not correspond to this scientific fact.
    in fact, human are of mixed origin. (hybrids).

  44. Objectivity

    The furthest apart are Blacks and Aborigines. If anyone is evolutionarily on their way to becoming a separate species or subspecies, it is the Aborigines and the Papuans of New Guinea. The distance between them and Africans is greater than the distance between any two human groups.

    The CHRONOLOGICAL genetic distance between sub-saharoids and australoids is great but the FUNCTIONAL genetic distance is arguabley relatively small. Both are the only 2 groups to preserve the ancestral black phenotype of all humans, so perhaps they should both be considered separate branches of a single Negroid race.

    • kwad

      remember the gene for black people is i find hilarios haplogroup E is asian check on the wikipedia haplogroup E.

    • coward

      GEnetic distance is determined by the frequencies of functional alleles in two populations., not repeating sequence, that would be genetic DIFFERENCE. Aborigines dont have the same phenotype as blacks, their skulls, brains, and everything is different. And they arent the most genetically distant from us, Negritos are. Aborigines are 2nd or 3rd.

  45. jason

    Actually “out of Africa” is less believe able these days. Did you know king Tut was proven to be “white”? You’re an idiotic nigger lover. Whites and blacks are SO different its ridiculous. Only an idiot who lies to himself denies that.

    • All right, you’re banned, you racist asshole.

    • King Tut was NOT WHITE! The Caucasian race came from the original black man.

      • coward

        King tut was white, he has the R1b Atlantic Model Haplotype of western europeans.

        • Thats not true. The company that published the “white” Tut dna results didn’t even have a sample from Tut. They used a clip from a Discovery Channel documentary & filled in the missing info, stated they discovered Tut had dna incommon with 50 to 70% of north west Europeans (not even Mediterranean Europeans but NW Euros…riiiiiight smdh) then proceeded to bilk 1000’s of rubes out of even more 1000’s of $ because they hoped to find genetic links between them & Tut. That research has long been debunked. A company that actually used Tuts dna found that he was primarily African with some Eurasian dna. Just google Tut African dna or Tut familytree dna results

        • Oh the company with the true results is called DNATribes not Family Tree & the company with the debunked “white” Tut results is iGenea

    • L.A.M

      What is you actual point? So what if King Tut appears White to you? Even though he has a peanut head, which I only see on Black people, and he looks exactly like my aunt (who is Black like me). Seriously, she could claim to be a descendant of him or something. But even if you do consider him White, why does that make the Out of Africa theory any less credible? Tell me why please, because I fail to see the correlation, to someone born less than 2000 years B.C to an event that happened tens of thousands of year ago. Seriously, where’s the correlation?

  46. cm

    First of all, how do they get a skin color from a skull? Because even if you gave genetic similarities to someone it doesn’t mean you’d have the same skin color. Second, there was an article in the news recently that they’ve discovered that humanity actually originated in Asia. Which actually makes more sense since they’re always black skin revolved to suit environment.

  47. cm

    There was an article in the news recently that stated that humanity actually came from Asia, which would actually make more since if you consider that they’re always saying that black skin evolved as an adaptation.

  48. coward

    My grandpa was literally a nigger.

  49. coward

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  50. coward

    Oh god this website is really bad for my GPA. I stay up till 2 or 3 reading old posts. This is WAY more addicting than coke or pot, or fried chicken and purple drank.

  51. satanists run the vatican

    “The Irish Book of Fenagh records the Basques settling in Ireland. The book also documents the descendants of Noah settling in the Basque region” Watch the video “eleanor of aquitaine was basque/catalan(origin of royalty)NOT french” The franks of old were racially basque/catalan.We are the merovingians/milesians but imposters who rule the world conceal this. The Book of Fenagh was completed at the monastery in 1516, and a copy is now kept at the Royal Irish Academy. Pass it on,please

  52. brinxster

    Multi-Regional Theory has replaced the “out of Africa theory” to a large degree. Meaning humans came from multiple evolving apes around the world. We have DNA evidence that Caucasians & Asians both share European Neanderthal DNA, unlike black Africans who do not have this DNA. It’s unknown right now if the Homoerectus of Asia mixed at all with modern humans, but it’s certainly a possibility. The African homosapien was only one source of evolved apes. Human beings today likely are comprised of all 3 humanoid groups.

    As for white supremacists, everything in the universe is related… why wouldn’t they be related to black people when they are related to the dirt they walk on and the stars in the sky?

    There is nothing in existence that you are not related to. Everything came from the Big Bang… if there was only one that is, there could be many out there in infinite space.

    • Matt

      Brinxster, you’re simply wrong. The Out of Africa theory is the only game in town now. Polygenism might come back at about the same time cosmologists take another look at geocentrism. The best they’ve got is Mungo Man 3, and even if valid, it merely proves that polygenism is possible in a limited sense, not widespread or probable.

      • Matt

        Yes, but all anatomically modern humans originated in Africa at about the same time. This includes Australoids. The Neanderthals, Denisovans, etc. originate from an earlier OOA scenario… But the idea of all anatomically modern humans originating from separate instances of descent from homo erectus, etc. is ridiculous. The populations that would emerge from these distinct instances would indeed be separate species or at least subspecies, and would probably not be able to have fertile offspring together.

        It boggles my mind that trained scientists of the last century or so could ever entertain this absurd scenario. They must have had an agenda like Carleton Coon or the Azn nationalists who insist on the Extra Special Snowflakeness of the Chinese people.

      • Steve

        @Cablasian its not necessarily that they want to prove it. They might just have scientific integrity and a commitment to the truth and think that is the truth. If you want to be a bit more cynical, their main concern might be to prove blacks as less intelligent and the genetic hierarchy where NE Asians are at the top supports that. Plus there is a smaller gap between Asians and whites and those white scientists are secure enough in light of western achievements to not mind the Asians being a bit more intelligent on average. People are quite comfortable to think of Asians as bright, its a common stereotype, plus we respect that and we can respect their countries and cultures.

        Besides, its not like all Asians are brighter than all whites. There’s a huge overlap. The average Asian is like a quite bright white person. Nothing too threatening about that, especially for high iq white person.

  53. Tophonk

    based on your picture Are they have doubble eyelid like asian too? lol

  54. Manny

    But the whites are pretty barbaric still.. They have not evolved to become vegetarians for like many Hindu Indians for e.g.

    • Manny

      You have to be pretty civilized to be a vegetarian. That is civilizational progress.

      I have lived in Western Africa and I have seen Gorilla Paws being sold in the grocery stores.

      Then you have the Asians who eat Dogs and Cats

      The you have the primitive Europeans of Denmark who beat and club seals and wales and eat them

      Pretty grotesque

      On the other hand you have Brahmins of India who are so civilizationally advanced that they were vegetarians for like 3000 years.. Amazing.

    • Manny

      Would white Europeans look down at Africans eating Gorilla paws? Would they look at them as inferior and or not evolved? What about Asians who eat dogs and cats and other stuff that crawls on the floor?

      So would not the vegatrian Brahmins look down at the whites as worse than untouchables at the meat eaters of the world.

      Actually they do.. Upper caste Brahmins of India actually put the whites in the same category as the outcastes for precisely the same reason.

      White are capable of extreme cruelty which actually speaks of their inferiority of their race. White travelling and ethnically cleansing locals and taking over their land is as superor as a thief who thinks he is very clever.

    • Manny

      The fact that white christian Germans can drink cocktail champagne listening to Wagner when there were 6 million dead bodies in their basement speaks well about the barbaric nature of the white Caucasian race. Mentally and emotionally how they are stunted.

      Most Africans and other aboriginals are much more sophisticated than the Caucasians in my book.

      • Manny

        This is one of the reason they are drawn to Yoga and Meditation etc….they are now becoming aware how inferior their christian influenced culture is and trying to evolve in their thoughts and spirituality and move away from their barbaric ways.

      • Beatrix

        And yet even today 3,000 Indian children die daily due to nutrition related illnesses.
        300,000 Indian newborns still die annually on the day of their birth.
        An Indian mother still dies in pregnancy or childbirth every 10 minutes daily.
        All while Manny sits on his fat ass in a Texas tract house shoving $2 Kroger chickens & cheap bourbon in his face.
        Who is barbaric, mentally & emotionally stunted Mr Hindooo?
        How Hindus can deal with their own depravity is beyond me.
        Geez seems like Hindus can’t even stand themselves.

        • Manny

          Ah..BeatleJuice is Tamasha! Ha Ha!

        • Manny

          Yes..thanks to the Anti Hindu “Intellectuals” of India from West Bengal and JNU and Kerala and Delhi Univ and the congressie Nehru dynasty..they have managed to kill so many Indian children.

        • issac

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        • Manny

          Most Asian women have small it fits snugly the small penis… however if a woman has a Barn door size vagina, then you need a big penis.

          Obviously someone hasn’t read the Kamastura..Its all explained in there.. In fact they even have an interesting topic on how a small penis can pleasure a woman with a barn door size vagina.

        • Manny


          Talking about small Penis. Thought this might interest you.

          A White Woman Explains Why She Prefers Black Men

        • issac

          Yeah MannY, that woman is an exception. There are even attractive white women with fetishes for Asian men! But those women are the exception, not the norm. Most white women want a white man, and black and Asian features such as flat noses and wide broad faces are unattractive to them. And most Asian women want white men as well, as do black women, although they will never admit it. A white women’s first choice is a white man, and then a black man, and then an Indian or East Asian man.

        • issac

          Asian women have sideways vaginas, not small vaginas. Even so, most Asian women desperately crave a white man.

        • Manny


          For your edification.

          ENJOY! :P

        • issac

          Rare. Exception does not disprove the rule. Fact; Indians are the 2nd most disliked male race by women. East Asians are #1 most hated male race. Look it up man, there have been numerous studies done on this, and East Asians and Indians have small penises and extremely low amounts of testosterone. They are short, wimpy, and not all that attractive. Some women have a fetish for them, but some women have a fetish for dogs and horses as well.

        • issac

          Manny, from your writings, it seems you have not inherited the Indian IQ average of 82. Are you one of the Brahmins, Kshatiyra, or Vaish? You seem to be fairly educated for an Indian, seems you belong to the 4 Aryan castes.

    • WA

      I sure don’t feel like eating anything after seeing all the filth in big or little India. Some nasty Hindus that I know of are only vegetarian on a certain day. Furthermore, they are not vegan. For your information, in this day and age, it is the Whites that are promoting vegan.
      Hindus like many blacks/asians/non-whites are still very uncivilised, very primitive and very unreliable.

  55. Dora Diaspora

    Here is another theory that will just blow all the white peoples mind away. When you read the Bible in the very beginning, you read that God created first the world, and last of all He created Adam and Eve. We all know that God is perfect and all that He does is good. As Adam and Eve were created in God’s own image, just imagine the huge shock they will receive on judgement day when face with an African God? That is why I always say, you better be nice to people throughout your life and see every man and woman as your brother and sister. As you mistreat each other, you mistreat God. And finally the judgement day will come. Where do you want to be standing?

    • Manny

      The Babel is mythology dude.. There was no Jesus and no he did not come back.. thats for children. As thinking adults we all know this is bullshit.

      Christians have been lying and killing for Jesus for over 2000 years

      Anyway from Thomas Paine..the father of the American Revolution:


      “No one will deny or dispute the power of the Almighty to make such a communication, if he pleases. But admitting, for the sake of a case, that something has been revealed to a certain person, and not revealed to any other person, it is revelation to that person only. When he tells it to a second person, a second to a third, a third to a fourth, and so on, it ceases to be a revelation to all those persons. It is revelation to the first person only, and hearsay to every other, and consequently they are not obliged to believe it.

      It is a contradiction in terms and ideas, to call anything a revelation that comes to us at second-hand, either verbally or in writing. Revelation is necessarily limited to the first communication — after this, it is only an account of something which that person says was a revelation made to him; and though he may find himself obliged to believe it, it cannot be incumbent on me to believe it in the same manner; for it was not a revelation made to me, and I have only his word for it that it was made to him.”

      • issac

        Dude can you please go troll somewhere else? No one wants you here, not one friggin person. You are the outcast, the one the owner of this blog keeps around for shits and giggles and nothing else. Why can’t you just kill yourself already….why can’t all 1 billion of you off yourself already boy? I blame the British for not ethnically cleansing you while they were in India.

      • Alan

        Paine is presuming that faith is an act essentially proportionate to natural evidence. But it is not: it is a mode of assenting to a reality that is disproportionate to the natural evidence, possible only because of a divine act. If God essentially transcends finite beings, then affirming any truth regarding the inner life of God will be possible only insofar as the created intellect is elevated by grace to affirm it, enabling the intellect to affirm a truth that it cannot reduce to natural first principles. Don’t know quite why this is a question in a conversation about ethnicity, but there it is anyway.

  56. Josh

    Tribes of dark people who moved into Europe would die
    of a condition known as Rickets. They simply cannot survive
    because the women cannot give birth with the condition.

    White nationalists knew this 10,000 years ago.

    Now if only the UN would recognize white natural Europeans as the indigenous people of Europe maybe we could get some parity.

  57. I knew it!
    We are all actually Angus. The discoloration on my coat is due to my ancestors getting high up there on the Alpine Glaciers.

  58. lord

    I am not sure why people are so hung up on race… Race is nothing…its all about culture.

    I can understand many Indians…Hindu in particular who are more ethnocentric not by race but by culture.

    Its understandable… how one behaves under certain circumstances always trumps race.

    Someone posted here.. Now I can’t recall who….about the German christians drinking cocktail while listening to Wagner when they had so many dead bodies under their basement is pretty low culture. The same as someone eating Gorilla Paws (Another statement made here).

    So the sense of superiority felt by upper class/caste Indians has some logic…. not that I totally agree. But its an interesting view.

  59. I must be honest with you my caucasoid brothers. I hate you with every atom of my body. If I could annihilate every caucasoid and mongoloid on earth in one night, I would do so without loss of sleep. I have come to the realization that there is no God and that there is no hope. The Pinks, Browns and The Yellows are superior……..and I hate you for it. You committed the world’s greatest atrocities and then were blessed with not having to pay. If there is some kind of Omnipotent being out there in the universe, it is evil and only loves you.

  60. Chris

    Caucasians didn’t directly come from Africa. The humanoids who left Africa around 100,000 years ago settled in Asia for about 70,000 years, they were only a small group, about 1,000… then grew and only 30,000 years ago people who left this group moved into Europe to become Caucasians and the people who stayed became modern day Asians.

    This is why there are over 4 billion Asians today as they’ve existed there for a very long time and only a little over 1 billion Caucasians. We’re the youngest race on Earth.

    If we came directly from Africans however, that means our ancestors would have had the same amount of time populate as Asians… so we likewise would be around 4 billion Caucasians today. But we’ve only had 30,000 years because we came from Asians… hence why Koreans, many Chinese and Japanese often look a little like Caucasians.

  61. roger Smith

    This all is pure bull by Lindsay. This is not really a serious research.
    Black people have FLAT noses and very curly hair, sticken out buttocks and froggy eyes. Very peculiar features not found in any other races.
    Even after mixing with other races through generations, their offspring still show those features. One example we can find is on the african americans who have mixed through generations with whites. The result is an offspring that keeps all the physical features of the black race, but with a sligthly fairer, freckled White skin.
    The White race have mostly aquiline noses, blonde hair and blue eyes. they didn’t take those features by being albinos.
    What a ridiculous assertion by taking the albino pigmentation as a basic research on the evolution of the White race.
    Lindsay, go and take a shower and clean your brain before you ever make some fallacious claims !

  62. Pingback: The Birth of the Caucasian Race | Beyond Highbrow – Robert Lindsay | AdrianBilba's Blog

  63. Im still digesting most of your article but I must say I am some what suprised to discover the caucasoid phenotype is so young not to mention the NE Asian Han Chinese phenotype.

  64. I have a blog addressing the Austroloid/Austronesian creators of the Shang dynasty who would be the early NE Asian type you allude to.
    Your research on the early inhabitants of NE Asia will help me to slightly retool & add to it.
    I am correct in assuming “haplotype” does not necessarily designate “phenotype”? Or is the consesus still out on this? You also seem to point out remains previously said to be Caucasoid are actually an Africoid type in flux or as you say proto Caucasian. It seems from your research the remains long regared as proto Mongoloid may be Africoids or Austroloids also. Is there no sure way of determining phenotype via dna?

    • Shang Dynasty types may have been Negritos.

      Proto-Mongoloids were Ainuids, Melanesians and Negritos, all Australoids.

      35,000 YBP, the very first Caucasoids do not look like much of anything else, but they probably looked more like African Bushmen or Khoisanids than anything else.

      Proto-Caucasoids in South India (Dravidians) or North Africa (Mozabites) look awful dark, and the Mozabites look very odd – a Caucasoid-African mix is what they resemble.

      DNA is no clue to phenotype. For phenotype, you need skulls.

  65. Obviously a extreme ploitical cllege academian politically correct liberal…with all his ‘smart ass’ comments…, we caucasians aren’t surprised………we know we evolved from apes, and then early primitive black africans…..all that does is reenforces what all ‘non-politically correct- non-bias scholars know, is that whites are evaolutionary more advanced than blacks….you basically support that argument………logic would indicate thos humans less academic & more physically endowed, would be closer in evolution to lower mammals. By the way, having common DNA means little, as we share about 99% with Chimpanzees..all that means is an amixture…but in true bias political correct college professors (remember those he can achieve do…the others teach)…they will twist the truth to achieve their bias outlooks, and try so hard ‘to rub it in the whites face’ childish & non-scientific

    • All right Mr. White racist, I am banning you.


    • and your comment isn’t childish and non scientific. Do you understand genetics? Do you understand nature would not make something that is inferior genetically dominant? Do you understand actual Caucasian and human history? the fact this fact disturbs you so much illustrates how ingrained racism is in our culture and society. This article simply states a simple fact. No one’s rubbing anything in anyone’s face. Its simple science and by the way chimps and humans share 98% dna and that whole 2 % points are huge. All Humans are 99.9% the same and 94% of that variation is between people from the same so called “race” and 6% is between the so called races ie: an West African has more in common genetically with a Western European than with a New Guinean although the African and New Guinean may look similar on the surface.

      You only feel something has been rubbed in your face because you fancy yourself inherently superior than other darker skinned peoples. Your superiority stops at economic and educational privileged access. We turn the clock back 2000 years and all your advanced civilizations are in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. And parts of Europe close to Africa and the middle east ie: Greece, Macedonia and Rome. This points to a sharing and exchange of ideas. If Europeans were inherently intellectually superior you’d be digging up 3k yr old pyramids in Berlin. Europe wouldn’t have had to wait for Chinese gun powder & compasses, Islamic alchemy, boat technology and mapping skills and East Indian Mathematics to rise to the power they are today. The dawn of civilization would be in north western Europe not in East Africa and South Asia

      • Thank you very much hucipher my good friend.

        • You are most definitely welcome Robert. One of the keys to ending racism is educating each other about the truth of each others history & cultures. This & the fact we all have the same great grand parents 500 generations or more ago hopefully will become common accepted knowledge. Keep up the great research.

      • Yet another libtard.

        Right, Europeans did not invent anything. They all got by negroids and mongoloids.

        Who invented computers, cars, aeroplanes?

        Race is more than skin colour.

        “West African has more in common genetically with a Western European

        Proof or GTFO. By West African, do you mean negroid (black) or Arabid (caucasoid)?

        “so called “race””

        Dog breeds are social construct. German Shepherd and Chihuahua are same.

        • Here we go with another smart idiot infering some who actually understands genetics, evolution & the human history is some how less intelligent because the truths are “uncomfortable” for them. You prove your idiocy by infering some how or some where I stated north western Europeans invented nothing-far from the truth their bloody brilliant inventors & innovaters but invented none of the rudiments of todays technology such as – that wheel racist like to brag about -not a European invention.
          Gun powder- no
          Advanced mathematics
          -no even the Greeks studied higher maths in Kemet then it diffussed through out Greco-Roman civilization while they apparently made innovations or used concepts like the arch more widely.
          North Western Europe didn’t get a higher mathematics until the Moorish conquest & their contact with Islam during the crusades
          Advance sails -no another islamic contribution
          The compass-no a Chinese contribution
          This is simply the truth not a derisive attack.

          Then you prove your a “conserver-tard” by asking if I mean negroes or Arabs when I say “West” African. ..ctfu ok let me breathe-im not even answering this one

          Then you compare human engineered dog breeds with homo sapiens sapiens
          Again proof you know little to nil about human evolution or genetics
          You blurt “Dog breeds are social contructs” like this tip of your rapier wit even challenges the belief that race is a social construction ? you gtfoh
          Im not arguing it is or is not anyway but the dog “breed” comparison is far from accurate-perhaps if humans had been genetically force breed by a guided hand for centuries this might be true but the fact the human brain is far more complex,containing an extra region for higher cognitive function which no mamal has-not our closest evolutionary cousins the Chimps or our best “Canidae” friends the dogs.

          Here is an interesting analysis of the “dog breed/human race comparison”

          It in part states the genetic variation of dogs is:
          ”  65.1% of genetic variance was within dog breeds, 31.1% between breeds, and 3.8% between breed groups (they defined 10 different groups:  Spaniels, Retrievers, etc.)”

          For humans:
          ” humans shows that approximately 85% of variance is between individuals, 5% is between populations in the same racial group, and 10% is interracial (btw, this number is also close to the updated Fst measurement of Xing et al.).  The average FST distance between human races is approximately 0.15.”

          So we see in humans higher amounts of variation between individuals in the same group & far less between the so called races of man thus you have a Nigerian potentialy genetically closer to an Englishmen than a Khoisan tribesmen in South Africa

          The dog breed comparison is ill fitted for human population variation

          Before you attempt to insult some ones intelligence do some actual study of actual facts

          You want more proof that a West African has more in common with a Northwest European than he/she does than say an Aboriginal or other dark skinned people you like to think your more evolutionary advanced than then simply google it & “study” truth not what comforts your racistly miseducated cultural view.

          I usually don’t rake “conserver-tards” over coals like this but im just not in the mood to have those of clearly lesser understanding than me attack my intellect today

      • Fiona

        “If Europeans were inherently intellectually superior you’d be digging up 3k yr old pyramids in Berlin”
        Well, there is Newgrange in Ireland plus the dolmens and then of course the British Isles have numerous stone circles. I’m not getting into any childish *superiority* arguments here…just thought I’d contribute this information.

        • True their are some old artifacts but im actually talking about complex stone structures not mound Pyrimids that can be found in China, North America & elsewhere. In fact the oldest astronomically orientated monolithic structure is found in Napata-an area south of Nubia. Its far older than any Egyptian Pyrimid but i dont include it because just as the structures you mention they are not true Pyrimids. The stone astronomically aligned stone circles found in south Africa (so called adams calanders) are estimated to be at least 25k yrs old but again not pyramids. Im not actually pointing out an “im superior to you” argument by alluding to these archeological facts. I am defending the intellectuallb prowess of my ethnic group & challenging the assumption Europeans are innately intellectually superior by pointing these things out. I for one fully understand that if you place baby Einstein in a war torn urban gang turf he wont become a brilliant physicist but more than likely a brilliant Myers Lansky type gangster. This is simply the gist of my argument. Heridity plays a part in all things but i feel environment is the decisive molder of intelligence, culture & cognition. This is why im smarter than Justin Beiber but he dances & sings circles around me. According to genetic heratibility proponents this is an oxymoron. According to those of us with common sence this is a logical development of an orginism raised in a specific environment

    • louis

      you dont read much do you.lmao

  66. al

    Robert, much of what you say and how you say it is flat wrong.

    1. The Africans in your photos above do not have Caucasian features. Rather, Caucasians have the features of those particular type of Africans.

    2. You say that the first Caucasians looked like Arabs. WRONG. What we think of as Arab today are really a “mulattoe” people. Originally Black and later whites/Turks-Asiatic intermixing. True Arabs – like the type seen in Yemen for example or in South Saudi or “Marsh Arabs” in Iraq are BLACK. – and often indistinguishable from many African populations.

    3. You believe that Whites “became” white from blacks. Wrong. White in animals is always a form of albinism (of which there are 4 different forms). Albino gorilla has pink skin and light eyes, albinos chimp has pink skin and light eyes, albino mice (lab mice) have pin skin and red eyes, etc……the original animals being dark/black. Thus, Whites are a variant of albino Black. You can’t provide proof of any intermediate stage of skin color, hair color, etc which would prove your theory. (the Ice Age vitamin D theory has been debunked and doesn’t make any logical sense).

    To see what whites are think: Dravidian “Black” Indian afflicted with albinism. Apparently a group of such people formed their own group, broke off and started intermarrying among themselves only. This took place somewhere in Northern India/ Middle Asia. This is where whites are from.

    see – – for a decent breakdown.

  67. la

    “No you are wrong. 13,000 YBP, Europeans looked like Arabs genetically and phenotypically. True Arabs of course are not Black people. European Whites did not come from albinism. That theory is just wrong.”

    Proofs ????

    The original inhabitants of the Arabian Penninsula were Black because they came directly from East Africa both from the North through the Levant/Gaza and the South – Across the Red Sea where narrow – (Somalia,Ethiopia, etc).

    Thus, the first Arabians were Black. They have never disappeared and are still there. See Yemen. The brown/tawny/yellow Arabs of which were are familiar by the media – are a mixture of the original inhabitants and later Caucasian tribes/Turks. But the Black ones have always been there (and coincidentally never/rarely shown in the media. See Libya for example. Quadaffi and his Sons are “mixed” Arabs. A base Black African Ancestry mixed with “white/whiter” infusions.

    Recent testing shows that Indians are Caucasian. (you discuss this). This is a Eurocentric view of things. The better way to phrase it is that Caucasians are a type of Indian. This is more accurate since Whites are the youngest of the races/groups. The first Indians are the extremely black Dravidians. Thus if Caucasians come from Indians – the only difference is that of pigmentation and melanin. In fact, Albino Dravidians and Pakistanis are indistinguishable from “White” people.

    In the animal kingdom, Nature appears to prefer dark (UV protection and better to hide and hunt) and lack of color is ALWAYS a form of Albinism or dergrees of Albinism.There are at least 4 forms of it – not only the customary one we see in media.

    (think: white lions, white mice, white alligators, white snakes, white chimps, gorillas – forms of albinism.)

    (ps: please don’t ban- I am not hostile – just overly eager some times
    I have proofs for my viewpoint, but you don’t provide proof for yours)

    • Everyone was Black at first. Big deal. The Arabs stopped being Black a long time ago. Ancient Caucasoids arose in the Middle East region (Red Sea) 42,000 years ago. In the last 15,000 years at least, Arabia was all Caucasoid. The Blacks in Yemen and the Gulf were imported only recently, mostly as slaves. The Yemen Blacks came across recently in boats.

      Indians are Caucasoid on skulls and on some genetic tests.

      There is no evidence whatsoever that Caucasoids arose due to albinism.

  68. sara

    Arabs are the earliest Caucasian, North middle eastern Arabs (Syria, Lebanon, Palestine) are fair skin and blonde hair with blue or green eyes, Arabs in south middle east look tanned skin with hazel eyes oe brown, hair brown or black.

  69. Omega

    It has been proven thru DNA that all races other than Africans are mixed with Neanderthal. And that skin color adaption for better vitamin D production in low sunlight contitions was taken from the Neanderthal via interspecies mating and that hair type genes came along for the ride (real or full reason not yet know). This is the reason why the biological & anthropological books are being rewritten so that the Neanderthal is now to be viewed as a better looking more intelligent human cousin and not the sub human creature we were taught! Makes you wonder if the Neanderthal would of gotten a makeover if his genes were found in the Negroid race alone and not the others!?!? The exact opposite!

  70. junebug

    It is just my honest opinion that
    & I’m just being honest here people.
    The Caucasian race resembles a cancerous plague that has infected the planet.
    The have festered on the European continent perfecting the art of war on each other & then set out across the waters to infect other cultures.y
    By invading & killing healthy cultures
    & replacing with mutated sick non pure people.
    In all of trans continental travel never have African history have such a conquest of worlds have been done …
    From what i have learned is yes you are a evil race & the European European union Must be destroyed!!!

    • Tchortik

      Erm , right…okay.
      So if there were no Europeans in existence then the people of Asia, Africa, South America and Australia would have been and would still be all lovey-dovey, peaceful, touchy-feely folks, never tw*tting eachother senseless; murdering; enslaving; invading; having their wee skirmishes and so on… right?
      Thought so :)
      I for one am very happy that Europeans exist as I love music that uses synthesisers (Kraftwerk, electro, etc…there would be no House music without the humble European synthesiser :) ; hot and cold running water in the house: ballet; classical music; radio; telephones; homoeopathy; functioning infrastructures; rights for women, gays, etc; air travel; the list goes on.
      I wouldn’t say that Europeans are “an evil race” as that is a very bigoted and racist assertion. However, you are entitled to your beliefs, erroneous as they may be.

  71. jdot

    Robert Lindsey, hmmm the name sounded very familiar then I realized I had read another article by you. The first one I ever read by you was about what its like to be a ‘genius’. I had recently taken an IQ test and decided to look up writers who are in my same IQ range and of course found you. And upon looking through my browsing history, I’ve found I’ve actually read quite a few of your articles. Anyways I thought that was strange because it seems like I often find myself on your site when Google searching things that pop into my mind. Maybe 147’s give off some kind of vibe? Lol anyways keep up the great work. I always enjoy reading your insights, sir.

    • Always nice to meet a fellow genius LOL. Glad you love the site. Stick around if you wish. The comments sections are great.

      and if you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a <a href=”>contribution to support the continuation of the site. Donations are the only thing that keep the site operating.

  72. Zulu Lesbian Construction Company

    I doubt if educating people will stop racism. Racism is a kind of folk ideology which can be constructed with a few sentences and few experiences that back it up.

    It is not a deep understanding of life. A theologian writing a paper on theodicy or a moral philosopher urging people to be kind to animals is a very different mind set to that of most people in their every day lives; as they go about busily from one thing to another and hence ending up being being quite heedless with regards to any depth involved in questions which talk about the the suffering of life such as racism etc.

  73. I understand you point but racism is a thing that has been taught to humans for centuries. European and Arab racism is easy to trace because they’re both tied into slavery. Psychologically you have to justify doing such a brutal thing to some one else so 1st religious stories are twisted into racist tales then later we see pseudo & partially empirical science spout racist explanations for poverty and academic success. From my research the 1st color based racist writings come from the Hindu Vedas and the Jewish Talmud. The Vedas are the source of the class conflicts and color prejudice in India but the Talmudic writings further corrupted by the Islamic writings and the Hadith are the root of the color based racism we deal with in the Americas, Africa, the Middle East and Europe.
    I go deeper on my blog here:

    The point im making is that these are racist teachings that after centuries of being taught have become part of western culture. We have to teach that these racist notions are false and we have to do soon all levels including folk ideology. Comic books such as the X-Men emphasize the evil of treating those who are different than you wrong while also showing that different people can be awesome. The Harry Potter books and movies do the same by highlighting the muggle, mud blood, full blood conflicts with in the series.
    So I believe education with the right methods has helped and will continue to help end racism and all other forms of bigotry

  74. Sam

    Thank God for Zulu Lesbian Construction Company and their “deep understanding of life”. To bad you’re not a Jin of some sort as you could have whispered in the ear of this girl, Autumn Pasquale.

    You could have told her “…It is not a deep understanding of life…”, “…Racism is a kind of folk ideology…”, as two Blacks murdered her for bicycle parts. Or maybe the eight year old girl who was raped and murdered a few miles from my house. Think of what comfort you would have given her telling her,”…Racism is a kind of folk ideology…”, as her vagina was ripped open by Blacks raping her before she was murdered. Your “deep understanding of life” would have surely comforted her in her final moments. Of course these are just a “…few sentences and few experiences that back it up…” as you said. Your Jin comfort skills would be sorely stretched to whisper sweet nothings into the ears of the more than 30,000 White women raped by Blacks every year. We don’t actually know the real number they quit keeping statistics because they were so bad. I’ll bet it’s much more now.

    Of course you’re right that these people deserve no sympathy. After all they are,”…quite heedless with regards to any depth involved in questions which talk about the the suffering of life such as racism…”.

  75. Sam

    “…So I believe education with the right methods has helped and will continue to help end racism and all other forms of bigotry…”

    No the Zulu Lesbian had it right,”…I doubt if educating people will stop racism…”, because no matter how much you educate people that Blacks are just like you and I when they rape and kill your little girls then all that education goes right out the door.

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