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Muslims Show Kindness To Iraqi Homosexuals

This is pretty much par for the course in parts of Arabia.

In Palestine, male homosexuals are routinely murdered by the both the secular PLO and the Islamist Hamas. They actually flee to Israel to save their lives.

In Lebanon, they get off easy. All Hezbollah does is beat them up (gay bash them).

In Egypt, they go to prison when they catch them on a gay boat out on the Nile, but if you keep it under wraps, Egypt is actually a lot better, and all across North Africa, there is tons of homosexuality going on. Young males will play the male role in sex with guys, and as long as they play the guy, they don’t consider themselves gay. There’s a tremendous amount of this sort of thing going on in Morocco.

In Arabia, it’s pretty much wide open so to speak. There is an incredible amount of at least male homosexuality going on in Saudi Arabia, but they are supposed to be discreet about it. Gay lovers can walk down the street arm in arm, but if a male and female do it, the religious police are right there on top of them. It’s almost like the worst paranoid fears of gay-hating Western religious right being played out. Homosexuality is legal, but heterosexuals are beaten and hauled off to prison.

There is also lots of homosexuality in Kuwait.

This is all male homosexuality, by the way. However, in the Kingdom, a lot of the Princesses (there are 1000’s of them) miserable under the weight of horrible misogyny, drink, take pills, suffer psychosomatic illnesses and depression and in particular take to lesbian affairs with each other. We don’t like first four too much, but as far as the last one goes, they need to make internet videos of them and email them to me right now.

It is in Iraq where Muslim kindness towards homosexuals reaches its pinnacle. Iran is close. There they just hang young male gays who they catch while an audience watches and I guess eats popcorn and cheers or something.

The Shiite militias in East Baghdad have recently shown the way by leading the world in Islamic tolerance and kindness towards gays. Male gays are kidnapped, stripped naked, tied up, and have a special glue applied to their anuses that can only be removed by surgery. I think it’s called Super Asshole Sealer or something. They make it in Iran, probably especially for this purpose. I’ve heard of covering your ass, but this is just ridiculous.

Then they force feed the guys laxatives, which causes diarrhea. Since their butts are glued shut, the diarrhea has no escape route and it eventually somehow kills the poor guy. Cause of death: I have no idea. I guess a blown-up asshole or something.


Good God, what a Hell of a way to go.

Best of all, the kind and loving Muslims then distribute videos of the gruesome murders on cell phones to other Muslim sickos, who gleefully watch them for entertainment.

The Socialist Worker Party Trots are right, Islam is a de facto progressive religion. All us Western Lefties need to get behind it right now. Better yet, convert.


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That’s Funny, He Even Looks Like a Pig

Some people resemble animals. Joseph Luter, retired CEO of Smithfield Foods, the Creator of the Swine Flu and the man responsible for turning pig farming into a factory assembly line seems to physically resemble the very swine he so mistreats.

Some people resemble animals. Joseph Luter, the man responsible for turning pig farming into a factory assembly line, seems to physically resemble the very swine he so mistreats.

Joseph Luter, the King of Pig, the King of Pig Shit, the King of the Pig Shit Great Lakes, the King of Swine Flu, oh, how his honoraria do go on and on, even looks like a pig.

That he acts like one too is not debatable. He says that a life without enemies is not worth living. Personally, having experienced the full and ecstatic wonderfulness of a life swarming with lots of enemies, I can’t have few enough enemies, thank you very much.

Congrats, Joe, lover of enemies, you just got one more.

Print this post out and read on your next personal Lear Jet flight, Joe baby.



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Photos of the Smithfield Foods Facility in Veracruz That Caused the Swine Flu

Follow the link to a translation of a Spanish language Veracruz paper with lots of photos of the wonderful Great Pig Shit Lakes, dead pigs floating in the glorious Great Pig Shit Lakes, dead pigs lying around everywhere decomposing in plain sight, carts loaded with rotting dead pigs, a winery with walls turned black due to being covered with flies, dead pig carcasses tossed in a biodigester to create energy (!). Whoa! That last one is almost like something out of Soylent Green.

I would grab the photos and put them up here, but they are copyrighted, and I don’t steal stuff.

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Swine Flu Is From Pigs Only, Not Birds and Humans

Although initial reports said the Swine Flu was a bizarre mixture of human, bird and swine flu strains, a mix that has never occurred before and gave rise to conspiracy theories about a bioengineered virus, new research shows that it is only a mix of two different swine flu strains. One strain is North American Swine Flu, first described in the 1930’s, and the other is the Eurasian Swine Flu, first described in 1979. Neither one has ever been contagious in humans before.

What makes the flu odd is that like AIDS, it seems to have jumped species. Viruses do that sometimes, but not often. They are more likely to do that in cases of extreme environmental disruption, such as the pig shit lakes of La Gloria, Veracruz, where the virus originated. Swine and bird flu previously were in general found only in humans that had been in very close contact with either chickens or pigs. They got the virus from the animals. But this one jumped species and is now going human to human, like HIV. That’s what makes it alarming.

The virus also contains a gene that has never been seen before in any human flu strain. Since no one has immunity to at least that gene, this flu has pandemic potential.

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National Socialists For Israel

This is a pretty outrageous document, but ultimately it makes a lot of sense. He’s trying to get his fellow fascists off the Jew Thang by arguing that Muslims are a way greater threat to Europe than Jews will ever be. He also argues that Jews are at least culturally European, unlike Muslims. In addition, he supports the European cultured Israel in its war against the Palestinian Muslims. Israel, of course, is a National Socialist, or fascist state. I’ve been saying this for years now.

Thus fascists and National Socialists everywhere should support their fellow National Socialists and fascists in Israel. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. National Socialism and fascism is potentially for everyone or its for no one. A principled fascist ought to allow that each and every state be able to set up their own fascist regime, oppress their own internal minorities, create their own BS nationalist myths, and whatnot.

Of course blaming Jews for Europe’s idiot race replacement immigration policies is retarded. There are only a few Jews in Europe anymore. WW2 changed that situation in a huge way. Sure, a lot of Euro Jews push mass immigration to Europe, but they could never have done without the support of tens of millions of Gentile allies.

And if Gentiles are so stupid as to be led around by the nose by a silly little insignificant pissant tribe like the Jews, they pretty much deserve what they get. Geez. If the Jews are so bad for their fellow Whites, just don’t listen to them. It should be easy enough.

He is correct on Islam. Muslims in Europe are eventually bent on taking over Europe at some point and turning it into Eurabia. They do this everywhere they become a majority. It is a supremacist religion, possibly worse than Judaism, that has domination as its goal and oppression of non-Muslims as its means.

They play the minority rights card as long as they are a minority, then as soon as they get majority status, minorities rights go out the window. In short, the Muslim project everywhere Muslims are a minority is a great big fat lie, dishonest at its core.

Of course German Nazis supporting Zionism. Fascist parties and projects tend to support one another.


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Corporate Pig Factories Produce Massive MRSA Outbreaks

One more reason these sickening pig factories suck. They’re leading the charge for the MRSA brigades. And the pig factory killed the main doctor who was complaining about it. From Nicholas Kristof, the take-home quote:

The larger question is whether we as a nation have moved to a model of agriculture that produces cheap bacon but risks the health of all of us. And the evidence, while far from conclusive, is growing that the answer is yes.


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First US Death From Swine Flu

23 month old kid in Texas, a resident of Mexico visiting the US.

There have been two deaths in California so far, one in Long Beach and another in La Mirada. I’m very familiar with both cities. The dead were two males, one 33 years old and the other 45. I’m guessing that they were Hispanics and possibly even Mexican citizens. The deaths are suspicious and the symptoms resembled Swine Flu, but there a dozen other diseases with similar symptoms.

As of today, there are 91 confirmed cases in the US and many more suspected cases, including most of a school in New York where the students just came back from Mexico. I am afraid this thing is really going to take off. A friend of the family is a physician, smart as a whip, and he is stone worried about this Swine Flu. When the docs are worried sick, you know it’s not just paranoia.

10 more cases have just shown up in Spain, and 53 more are under investigation. Many Spaniards travel to Mexico.

The WHO is debating whether to move the pandemic alert level from Stage 4 to Stage 5. There are six stages. Moving from 4 to 5 is a significant step up.

United States, Canada, New Zealand, Israel, Britain, Spain and Germany have all confirmed cases of the flu. Germany is the latest, with two cases reported today.

Naysayers are saying that 36,000 Americans die of the flu every year. Yes, but almost all of them are old or in poor health. It almost never kills young and healthy people. That’s what makes this flu so much different. Furthermore, even if it doesn’t kill you, this is one kickass flu. It’s likely you might be in bed for a week. What I mean is you pretty much cannot get out of bed period for a whole week. Now that’s one badass flu.

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Word of the Day

CAFO – confined animal feeding operation – is what caused the Swine Flu and is what has been causing Hellacious problems since the project was initialized. It is possible for socialism to moderate the capitalist drive towards industrial livestock production. Scandinavia has made some strides.

No matter what you think of these things, the animals are confined in such small quarters (according to the glorious free hand of the market!) that their immune systems are pretty much shot. Upshot being that the continuously sick animals are pumped full of antibiotics day and night, result being worsening antibiotic resisntance in humans.

If the animals were spaced far enough apart, there would be no need to prophylactically pump them with antibiotics 24-7. But the dictates of the market (Keep in mind – this is the only system that WORKS) mandate that the animals must be squeezed tighter than sardines with the result being mass sickness, shot immune systems, continuous antibiotic pumping, and, and the end of the day, meat-eaters like you and me and eating a dead-sick animal with a shot immune system that’s been pumped til bursting with antibiotics.

In a capitalist outhouse called India, some of the worst industrial chicken farms on Earth are being nursed to ill health. It’s a perfect storm waiting to happen, and the sane Indians (not the capitalists!) have been warning about this for years to deaf ears. Money talks and bullshit walks. Money, and death, is capitalism. Sanity, and life, is socialism. It’s not even a contest. Capitalist death beats socialist life hands down every time.

The whole thing is nuts. In any sane (not capitalist) world, there would be no such thing as CAFO’s. CAFO’s have been around for nearly 20 years, but no one seems to be able to stop them. The power of the dollar tends to get in the way of sanity.

In Mexico, there are the worst pig shit lakes ever made by man or pig, clouds of flies turning the blue sky black as far as you can see, pig carcasses, too many to count, littering the outskirts of the CAFO’s, but no one cares! The cash is flooding in, so damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead. Capitalism ultimately makes about as much sense as a 1950’s Chicken Contest with hot rods.

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US Corporation Smithfield Foods Caused Swine Flu

Look no further than Smithfield Foods Corporation, the world’s largest pork producer. Since US environmental laws are too severe (shocking if one goes to any US town ruined by a nearby pig factory) Smithfield set up shop in Mexico, a 3rd World capitalist country that only the Heritage Foundation could love where anything goes and it’s Profits Uber Alles.

Pan to La Gloria, a town in Veracruz, near Oaxaca, in a region where due to NAFTA Smithfield has set up shop. La Gloria is where this latest super swine flu originated. Five miles north and upwind, in Xaltepec, there are 15,000 pigs crammed into 18 warehouses. Nearby is Perote, Veracruz, where Smithfield, via its Mexican outfit Granjas Carroll (website) raises an unbelievable 950,000 pigs.

Sane people have been warning for decades that the industrial and capitalist superexploitation of pigs for the international pork market was making swine flu virus evolution go into overdrive, with unforeseen consequences.

In capitalist societies, anyone saying anything that hurts profits gets shut down or ignored, so these folks have been ignored for decades. Now the proverbial caca has hit the fan. A new virus, a combination of swine, bird and human flu viruses, is on the loose. It’s dangerous, and it kills about 6% of those infected. Worse, it spreads human to human and hits the young and healthy while sparing the elderly. Pandemics in particular have hit the young  and healthy the hardest while sparing the old and less healthy.

This is a mystery. It is peculiar and makes no intuitive sense. One suggestion is that the elderly have already been exposed to many such viruses and already have immunity. Another theory is that a healthy immune system is more deadly in a flu pandemic, where it’s advantageous to have an aging and more decrepit immune system. A young and healthy immune system overreacts to the pandemic flu, producing far too many white blood cells that flood the lungs, and more or less overwhelm and drown them. Pretty much pneumonia in a word.

In La Gloria, Veracruz, where the ultracapitalist pig factory is, over half of the 3,000 population have symptoms of swine flu. Edgar Hernandez Hernandez, age 5, is Patient Zero. Two more kids are dead. Over half the population there works most of the week in Mexico City. This is how the virus could have gotten to the capital.

A perfect storm has been created with the ultracapitalist pig factories, similar to the gay bathhouses and mad promiscuity of US gay culture that spread AIDS like mad in the 1980’s. Problem is that Swine Flu is easily contagious to anyone, while HIV is mostly transmitted in the West only to IV drug users and gay males.

Under “liberal” Bill Clinton, NAFTA was shoved through Congress in 1992. Soon after, thousands of farmers were shoved off their lands in Veracruz and had their lands stolen from under them. The land was to be given to huge US corporations like Smithfield. This is the true genesis of the Swine Flu Pandemic. It was caused by neoliberal capitalism! There is no way to avoid that conclusion.

When you thought that the horrible pig manure lagoons of North Carolina could not possibly be surpassed, Smithfield’s super caca lakes in Veracruz seem to have taken the gold. These were some of the worst pig poop lakes ever created by modern capitalism. Swarms of flies, blocking the sun and the sky, hovered over these ponds, feasting on the oceans of pig manure.

It appears that from these flies came the Swine Flu, as the Black Plague came from fleas biting rats feasting on human waste tossed from second floor chamberpots all over Europe. These flies appear to be the vector for Swine Flu. So, while capitalism claims to advance us into the modern world, instead it merely transports us to Europe circa 1350.

Over half the town is sick. The residents, like villagers with pitchforks and torches, are demanding an investigation. The ultra-capitalist Mexican government has refused to even begin one.

Excellent overview of Smithfield’s corporate crime career from Rolling Stone.

From the UK Independent comments section. “Luter” below refers to Joseph W. Luter, III,  owner of Smithfield Farms, a particularly repellent fellow even by US corporate standards who regularly rails against vegetarians. Luter is one of the masterminds of the modern pig superfactory.

So… once again the epitome of Western Capitalism (the US), and their “Pig Barons”, steal land, evicting those who live on and work the land. They then, through factory farming and shoddy treatment of their livestock, cause half a town, perhaps more, to contract a contagious and potentially fatal disease (I say ‘potentially’, but remembering that many people have already died).

So… of course, they are handsomely compensating these people? And they are providing and paying for the necessary medical care..? They are changing their farming methods?


It strikes me that the people who live in these places need to take back their land, by force if necessary. And we should all support them. “Legal” means will not work, since the law is designed to protect capitalism, and its conceptions of property, even in the face of clear facts demonstrating the extent of harm caused by these pig-people.

For all of you who are too caught up in the spectacle to engage in revolutionary activities: at least employ your pathetic “consumer ethics” and boycott Luter products.

Solidarity with the people of La Gloria.


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Who Were the Most Advanced Amerindians?

Your choices:

1. Incas

2. Aztecs

3. Maya

I’m going to rule out the Aztecs right away because though they built some really awesome pyramids, that’s pretty much about all they did. I believe that they did not reach the mathematical and astronomical advances of the Mayas. Some even say that the pyramids were built by the Olmecs who were there previously.

Why build a pyramid? Note pyramids are the first huge buildings ever built by primitive folks. Start piling rocks, dirt, sand, whatever on a flat surface. After a while, what you do you have? Wa-la! A pyramid. It’s the most simple, basic and reasonable architechtural building. Building those straight up and down things like those 9-11 towers is way harder, plus they have much more tendency to fall over.

So to me it’s down to the Mayas and the Incas. I want to say Incas, with their amazing cities, incredible irrigation systems, and advanced crop breeding. Further, the Incas made it out of the Stone Age 4000 years ago, when they started making stuff of gold, silver and copper and the Mayas stayed in the Stone Age through their entire classic period that ended in 900 or so.

The Mayas are an incredible tale of an extremely advanced Stone Age society! They almost don’t make sense and seem like something out of science fiction. All that great stuff they made was built with stone tools! Why didn’t they work metals? If there were any nearby, maybe they would have, but the nearest iron deposits were 1,500 miles away.

By the time the Spaniards showed up in 1500’s though, the Mayas were out of the Stone Age and were making stuff, most ornaments, out of gold, silver and copper (It’s not true that the Mayan civilization completely collapsed – this is myth).

Some argue that to be really out of the Stone Age, you need to make tools of metal, but I think that’s a bit silly. If you’re working metal at all, you’re beyond Stone Age. Stone Age is rocks, sticks and bone. That’s your working material. True, gold and silver are fairly easy to smelt, but so what? Working metal remains a stupendous cultural advance for any group anywhere, and many never got there. Think the Aborigines.

So it’s down to the Incas and the Mayas. The Mayas had great achievements in mathematics, written language and astronomy and built some pretty amazing structures. They also built roads of stone through the rainforest, yet they had no beasts of burden nor wheels to have the animals pull behind them.

So why the fancy roads? No one knows. Although they never got the wheel, the Mayas did make children’s toys with wheels on them. One could argue, so why not take the next step and make a wagon? A wagon is not much use without beasts of burden to pull it. Humans don’t really want to pull wagons. That’s donkey, camel, cow, and elephant work.

The Incas were the only one to come out of the Stone Age, and they did so long ago. Once again though, they mostly made gaudy stuff and not tools with the metals. In all their achievements, they never figured out how to write down anything about what they were doing, leaving their whole civilization a gigantic question mark. They did not seem to achieve as much in the way of mathematical or astronomical advances as the Maya did.

Roll the dice and see what comes up? Heads it’s Mayas. I take the Mayas barely over the Incas.


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