The Fake White Slavemaster Black Slave Rape Epidemic

This about sums it up. Written by a Black Caribbean man.

One of the conceits of the militant Black movement in the US (in practice, that means most US Blacks) is that they are convinced there was some evil White rape epidemic against Indians and Black women. According to this hate Whitey line, White men are the biggest rapists in the past 500 years, or I guess ever. The whole history of White men has been a history of rape of Indian and Black women.

When a Black woman looks in the mirror, she sees centuries of violence, of rape, evil rape, in her veins, in her soul, in her genes. This was a sexist campaign of extermination against Black women. We White dudes conspired to pollute their illustrious and Nobel Prize winning Black gene pool! Such a crime against humanity! And we thought we were just “mejorando la raza” as they call marrying and breeding up-White in Latin America.

What’s curious about all of this is that White dudes pretty much stopped raping Black chicks altogether in recent years. Most of you have seen the figures that drive White nationalists into conniptions. 37,000 White women raped by Blacks every year. Zero Black women raped by White men every year. So, the greatest rapists that ever lived have suddenly knocked it off for decades now.

What happened? For one thing, it’s not legal anymore. At one time, it was about legal for a White to rape a Black woman, and maybe for a Black man too. No one cared. Black female victims did not count.

An interesting figure is that by 1865, 75% of US Blacks were yet unmixed. Yeah, some rape epidemic. Any Latin American country can do better than that. Now, supposedly 75% of US Blacks got some White in dey veins. Now, how’s abouts did dats happen? I figger a lot of sexin of White guys and Black ladies afta 1865. Mostly consensual, too, I bet.

There is a phrase in the South that women cringe at. It’s called “splitting the Black Oak”. It means that young single White guys, back in the day, before sex was free and all that, would go lose their virginity and become a man by sexing a Black girl or lady. They lived on the other side of town and no doubt could be had for a price. Women and girls have never given it away for free too much, sadly.

At the time, loose White chicks were probably in short supply in the South, and most single White women were probably virgins. So you want to pop your cherry, you head over to the dark side of the tracks. Probably not much raping going on here. Black women were very poor and probably screwing White was moving up in the world, as it is to this day. White men offered money, favors, whatever men always do. Black women were happy to trade.

Much of the fake rape epidemic occurred from about 1830 on. After slavery was outlawed, it was awfully costly to go buy yourself a slave. By 1830 or so, 30% of workers in the fields were White “wage slaves” working for hourly wages alongside Black slaves. By 1860, it was 70%. Slaves by that time were largely contained to the largest plantations. No one else could afford one.

The Civil War, like Sendero’s rebellion in Peru in the 1980’s, was a race against time. Slavery was dying anyway. By the Civil War, a slave cost $60,000 in today’s dollars. Few could afford one. We have many reports of owners distressed about White workers having sex with Black female slaves, often for money or various favors. These women were slaves, and they needed every break they could get.

It’s well-known that many slave owners had mulatto mistresses, often to the wife’s consternation. She was a kept woman. For a slave, this was moving up in the world big-time. No doubt it was voluntary on the part of many female house Negroes.

The same Black women who scream that we White guys are the Greatest Rapists That Ever Lived also fume that we say Black women are “unrapeable”. The ultimate insult. Cognitive disconnect anyone? These same Black women fuming about the White male as the most evil creature that ever stalked the Earth openly admit that they want to marry and have kids with a White man.

Go figure.

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  1. Sleep

    Wow, they put you on American Renaissance tonight. Did you plan this out ahead of time, or was it a surprise?

  2. Plan it out ahead of time? I don’t submit my own stuff to those guys. Once in a blue moon I submit someone else’s piece, but they never them anyway.

    Yeah, it was a total surprise, but sometimes they run my stuff. I guess some of their readers submit my stuff sometimes.

    I don’t really mind those guys, but they are way too extreme for me. I see myself on the same continuum as they are, but I’m way more moderate than they are.

    I’m acquainted with the guy who publishes that magazine.

    Yes, I’m a subscriber, Silver. I know Jared, and he gifted me a sub.

  3. Uncle Milton

    Hello Rob,

    I though I would add this article to the discussion:

    One of the interesting things about Mary Boykin Chestnut’s resentment over barely concealed slaveowner dalliances with slaves is that it was directed at the wrongs she saw committed against white women, who were made to suffer in silence their husbands’ infidelity.

    The lingering view of slave plantations as personal harems for their owners is a relic of antebellum abolitionist rhetoric, written by upper-class New Englanders with little practical experience in the South or with blacks. Built into it is the racist assumption that black women were more promiscuous and lascivious than white women, were less inclined to resist advances, and that laboring folk of any sort — Irish peasants included — were carnal by nature.

    Nobody denies that it happened. But even if all the reports are true — and many are mere hearsay — of slaveowners having mistresses in the quarters or beloved mulatto children around the house, they amount to a few hundred in a population of millions. The question remains, were these cases the tip of an iceberg, or rare events that were much gossiped about?

    Some people seem to assume that, just because the law allowed owners to ravish slave girls, it had to be going on all over the place. This ignores the other forces (social, moral, religious, economic) that were involved. For instance, the seduction of the wife or daughter of a slave would undermine the plantation’s discipline, which the planters worked hard to maintain. It would also undermine the planter’s reputation both in the slave quarters, in his own home, and in the whole white community.

    If a man wanted an outlet to sexually exploit women, there were easier and more accepted ways to do it. Big slave-owners were rich men, who could easily afford to maintain a mistress in town or patronize high-class brothels.

    Likewise, a slave overseer who was caught abusing the boss’s property like that was basically out of a career. “Never employ an overseer who will equalize himself with the negro women,” one planter advised his children. “Besides the morality of it, there are evils too numerous to be now mentioned.”

    Another unpleasant fact of 19th century America also enters into the picture: pervasive racism. The sense of black inferiority, often to the point of inhumanity, inhibited the lust of white men for black women as sexual partners. In Nashville — the only Southern city for which data on prostitution is available — in 1860 just 4.3 percent of the prostitutes were black, although a fifth of the city was black. All the black prostitutes were free and light-skinned. The absence of slave women in brothels is in itself a telling sign about the nature of desire.

    Distribution of ages of slave mothers at the time of birth of their first surviving child also turns the myth on its head. Average age at first birth was 22.5; median age was 20.8. In a well-fed, non-contraceptive population, this doesn’t indicate a wanton pool of unmarried teen-age girls getting knocked up by their masters, or by anybody else. Quite the opposite. Sexual mores of the slaves were not promiscuous, but prudish, in spite of the lurid racist claims of abolitionists.

    Instead, the issue is one of the subjugation of women in American culture of that time. Women were chattels in the eyes of the law in most states, North and South. They were legally dependent on a father or husband, and could not control property or children. Slave women were vulnerable to their masters, but they were equally vulnerable to black sexual aggression. A slave’s rape of a black woman would be ignored by state law.

    Men North and South, black and white, satisfied their sexual desires by taking mistresses and concubines, seducing young girls, and patronizing prostitutes. Black women were not the only women so exploited. It is unlikely that black women were even more exploited than white women, despite the assumption that, just because planters had total control over slaves, they used it sexually.

    Slaves were a subject population. So were women. Sexuality can be a ladder out of that. There were slave women who maintained long-term relationships with white men that came close to common-law marriages. Others voluntarily formed shorter-term liaisons for a variety of motives. These relationships were clearly based on more than overt use of physical force by planters.

    The presence of mulattoes is supposed to support the old notion of the plantation-as-harem. Northern travellers in the South often remarked at how light-skinned the slaves were, certainly much lighter than the robust black skin of the Guinea coast Africans.

    But mulattoes were not evenly distributed through the South; they were concentrated in the cities, and especially among freemen. According to the 1860 census, 39 percent of freedmen in Southern cities were mulattoes. Among urban slaves, the proportion of mulattoes was 20 percent. One out of every four black people in a Southern city was a mulatto. The travellers who noted a high proportion of mulattoes in the South evidently had much more contact with city populations, and freedmen, which makes sense given the nature of travel. But 95 percent of the slaves did not live in the cities.

    As a legal or census definition, “mulatto” meant not just the product of a union of a white parent and a black one, but also of the union of a black and a mulatto. The child of any slave who had one white grandparent, whether by a white or black spouse, would be a mulatto.

    Other bodies of data support the conclusion from the census. In the W.P.A. survey of former slaves, of those who identified parentage, only 4.5 percent indicated a white parent. And the work of geneticists lowers the number even further: measures of DNA mutations that are identifiably African or European among modern Southern rural blacks indicate that the share of black children fathered by whites on slave plantations probably averaged between 1 and 2 percent.

    There is an intriguing discrepancy in the 1860 census publications of 1862 and 1864. In the “Preliminary Report on the Eighth Census, 1860,” published in 1862, Census Superintendent Joseph C. G. Kennedy concluded, “In a simple statement, when viewed apart from the liberations or manumission in the southern States, the aggregate free colored in this country must represent nearly what is termed ‘a stationary population,’ characterized by an equality of the current of births and deaths.” (Kennedy was a disciple of the influential Dr. Josiah Clark Nott, who wrote extensively on racial purity and posited a theory of “mulatto inferiority.” According to Nott, the mulatto population could never have equality of births and deaths and would eventually die out because of frailty and sterility.)

    In “Population of the United States in 1860,” published in 1864, Kennedy altered his previous viewpoint by stating, “These developments of the census, to a good degree, explain the slow progress of the free colored population in the northern States, and indicate, with unerring certainty, the gradual extinction of that people the more rapidly as, whether free or slave, they become diffused among the dominant race.”

    Kennedy made his 1862 statement before all of the data were tabulated; however, this is all the more significant in light of the fact that the 1862 figure for the “Free Colored” increase was 10.97% compared to a higher 12.32% in 1864. For Kennedy’s statements to be in accord with his statistics, these two figures should have been reversed.

    • stone

      Aunt Precious was my great aunt. She lived in Mississipi with her husband, Uncle Jeff. Uncle Jeff was a small black man, about 5′ 5″. Aunt Precious was probably 5′ 8 or 9″. She was a beautiful light skinned black woman. Though her mother and father were dark, I was told there was no white in our family. We were basically married into Indian tribes. We were from Louisiana and my grandmother married into Aunt Precious family. Aunt Precious did ironing for a white a family and the husband fell into lust for my aunt. He would come to their house and have sex with her. When Uncle Jeff finally found the courage to protest..this man took him out to the woods to kill him. Uncle Jeff complained after that. The white man build a room on to the house for him and my aunt. Aunt Precious and Uncle Jeff devised a plan of escape. They fled to Memphis. When he couldn’t find her he got in his truck drove down a road and blew head off with a shot gun. Now, without actually talking to people who know the events of an era it’s all specualations. I believe some women were raped, some gave in because it was a rise in station and some were prostitutes. There was p;robably attraction on both sides, in some cases. When I was younger I found that I was very attracted to some white men but I would never get involved because of the controversy it would have caused. I was also afraid that if I let myself fall in love with him he might end up hating me because of the controversy.

  4. Nat Turner

    Even if 25% of the African American population was mixed in 1865 and 75% were of pure African bloodline there is still NO need for any further mixing with Europeans to have a population of 75% mixed African Americans today.

    Let me explain – Within that first generation after the Civil War that mixed population (25%) could have mixed / married etc. with 25% of that pure Black population and with one generation 50% of African Americans have some European genes and for future generations these populations continue to overlap each other, producing today’s current population of African Americans with little continuous European mixing. Thus when examine the African American family tree and go back 8 generations (238 people in that original gene pool) you will most likely find one person or European descent and/or one person of Native American ancestry.

  5. It is a shame that white people like to minimize the torture and extremely horrific experiences of many black women during slavery. Not to mention, many of which were well below the legal age. Please try not to be so ignorant to assume that white men did not rape and force black children and women into sexual compliance. To think anything other than that is unrealistic.

    The strange thing is that the nature of a white man has not changed, only the laws that prohibit and allow certain disgraced to continue to take place.

    • Stephanie

      I can’t believe we are trivializing the horrendous atrocities committed upon the Black race by the white man. If you were a slave and a woman you were considered as mere property. The owners, overseers, and sometimes the male slaves themselves had no qualms about ravishing a slave woman. The comment about the median age of childbirth is distorted because most slave could not read, write, or count so how could they be able to tell their ages? Where did that bit of info come from? If the owner wrote it then it is presumable that he estimated the ages and rounded up so he would look like her was breeding 14 and 15 year old girls. Even after slavery, Black women were raped at will. If the owners claimed not to want to “lower” themselves to the status of Negro women, then why was it acceptable for the Black women to suckle their white children from their Black breast. I am a black woman and nobody in my family have ever married interracially, but most of us are of very light pigment with kinky hair so its not Indian. If you don’t no the hurt and tribulation of having such a dishonorable heritage then you have no right to speak on it. You just perpetuate the hatred.

  6. Mulatto slavery gaining strength throughout the South in the 1850’s, but publicly white people seemed unconcerned about white blood mixing with black and being held in slavery. On the other hand, they went into a rage against white blood mixed with black and being free. During the decade whites attacked the free mulatto population in the South with unprecedented virulence. As the lower South joined the upper South in the assault on free mulattoes, the line between the two, the line that had been formed by a Latin-like tolerance of mulattoes in the lower South, tended to dissolve.

  7. Thx for your comments on mulattos in the South around the 1850’s. That’s very interesting and I never knew that.

    I still do not think there was much rape of slaves by White slavemasters and slaveowners. Sure there was some. We know that. But nothing like the Black activists (in practice, all Blacks) say.

  8. To minimize it happening once to a black person is disgusting, but very typical of the white races logic. It should also warrant you all not creating a blog to attempt to come up with contradictory evidence that eludes to very little taking place or to rationalize any of this.

    • Sam

      Well minimize all these people killed by blacks.

      This is just a few. I could go on for a long, long, long time. You’re babbling on about something that happened over 150 years ago and can’t even be proven to be from rape. I’m talking about mass rapes and murders NOW, right now. What are you going to do about this? How will you personally stop this massacre of Whites by Blacks? If you say we deserve it then we would be fully in our rights morally to wipe you out in self defense. Is it a race war what you want? If not what are you going to do to stop it? Under the present situation of Blacks raping over 30,000 Whites a year do you think Whites are inclined to hear any whining from Blacks about something that happened over 150 years ago? As only a small amount of the White population could even be from White slave owners when will you apologize to all the other Whites who freed you?

  9. Mullato

    Firstly, Robert, I admire your racial diplomacy. Its so easy to go back and forth with logical debates on ‘factual’ and ‘statistical’ data that exists on the topic. I am well aware that my views and/or ideologies will have minimum effect, if any, on the mindset of the conventional, modern-day White man and my intentions are purely informative…

    With regards to the debate on how frequent slaves were raped, I’ll leave this true account from a personal experience. There is no teacher like experience. Would you agree?

    I have worked under a White man who seems to have had little interaction with Blacks, and seems to be very desensitized, or racially calloused. While working on a project, I was being taught an auditory mnemonic to memorize a wiring scheme; white, red, black, yellow, violet. The mnemonic was: “We rape Black young virgins…” Later, when asked by another White supervisor what mnemonic did I use to regurgitate the scheme, I repeated what I was taught. He paused and chuckled, as if surprised, and then said, “It’s supposed to be White rape…” and paused.

    Initially, I was unsure whether to feel demoralized or glad that my ‘superiors’ were so open with me..

    Please, if you can/wish, justify this experience with facts or stats that discredit the notion that the Black female was taken advantage of during slavery.

  10. There *was* rape of Black female slaves during slavery. I think just not as much as the Black nationalists and the rest say.

  11. Brandon

    I can’t believe blacks still bitch about slavery.
    Let me put it clearly.
    It’s written out in big letters and I used simple words just for you,Sharon.

    • tulio

      “What’s curious about all of this is that White dudes pretty much stopped raping Black chicks altogether in recent years.”

      Apparently not tonight as some nasty white asshole put a knife to a young black woman’s neck in my neighborhood at a bus stop, forced her in his red jeep and raped her. I was the one who took her in and called the police when I found her sobbing walking down the street.

      Guess whitey really is interested in the “Nobel Prize Winning genepool ” as you put it… right dimwit!!!!!

      Hmm, and I thought the stats claim that ZERO white men rape black women anymore. Yeah, there were some fishy things about those numbers. They weren’t based off actual police reports but came from surveys using a small sample of people and then extrapolating for the general population.

    • Um Keep the Law, watch it. Violation of comments rules. One more and I ban you. Please read carefully. Top of the page bro.

    • No, that 2005 survey was from the Department of Justice and that year, there really were 0-10 Blacks reported raped by White guys.

      However, my understanding is that in the years 2006-2008, the figures for White men raping Black women have been somewhat more elevated and believable. That one year seems to have been somewhat anomalous.

      I wonder if this article got linked somewhere today. All these hostile Blacks coming in, oh my.

    • stone

      Brandon, I don’t think anything can be said to a people whose ancestors were never demoralized as a people as the blacks are. When you don’t see behind the scenes your conclusion is to minimize when incidents of slavery activities were hidden by officials and historians. Mrs Recy Taylors’ rape, for instance. The men confessed to the crime, but the jury acquitted the white men. Though slavery was over at the time that incident happened, it still proves the mind set of the white institution. It’s true you were never a slave owner nor was I a slave. But things were related to me by people whose ancestors had related to them. We can’t forget. Do you ask the Jews to forget. Did you know White men tied down black women in shacks and had their dogs to have sex with them. The man who told me that was never a slave, but he weeped like a baby when he told this. Some of the women went crazy others killed themselves. You will never read that any where. And just because it can’t be proven does not mean it did not happened. My grandfather in the 1940’s was shot down by the Sheriff and his little posse because “they wanted to shut that n……. mouth!” He was talking about civil rights. They took my grandmother into woods . What they did to my grandmother she would never tell. They ran her out of town. My mother’s father’s shirt riddled through by multiple bullet wounds was kept for years by my father and he showed it to me. Also, the 40 acres and a mule all the black families did not get because the ‘ kkk’ went into action and killed any blacks who tried to make a claim. That too, is why so many Black Americans are angry. But I am of the belief that one day you will be slaves but not by the Black Americans, we love you. We fight in wars with you then you make up with your enemies and welcome them to America and we, therefore, have another race looking down on us. You make sure of that. A girl I know is married into another race, not white. Her husband had called in a contractor to fix something. As they struck up a friendly conversation the white guy started talking about how inferior the black race was and suddenly he looked and saw the guy’s black wife walking thru the livingroom. He nearly choked. I bet he turned red as a beet. You tell so many lies on us. All we want is to forgive and move on. Can’t you see it’s you too who won’t let us. Not all you ,but many.

      • Bay Area Guy

        Do you ask the Jews to forget?

        I most certainly do.

        More often than not, Jews just exploit the holocaust for political and economic purposes, and I for one am sick of it.

        All we want is to forgive and move on

        Really? Forgive me for being skeptical, but I can’t help but think that “forgiving and moving on” will involve demanding reparations and similar things from whites.

        • CherryBerry

          Yes…forgive and me move on…be skeptical…fine but take yourself out of your boxs for once in your life…I have met many white men who will call me n***** to my face and try to force them self on me…I live in a region where there are mostly caucasian who do not fear of not being politically correct who are set in there ways who hate me and dont know why…I was rapped by the white man more than once and I am raising the white man’s child…if I can forgive you do the most humane thing and accept it…so I can heal…so may people can heal.

      • Sam

        We should never forget the Holahoax. We should especially be upset by the degraded state of the Auschwitz Swimming Pool.

  12. Mike Walsh

    If ever there was such a display of total ignorance.
    Brandon it is the effects of slavery that are so ingrained within the american culture that leads us to discuss the origins, issues etc.
    Whites as much as blacks have talked, debated and studied all aspects of slavery since it’s inception. I am sure it would be convenient to you to just forget it. I’ m guessing history only matters to you when you talk sports.
    One thing I donot understand is that this thread references census reports from the 1860’s . As a statistician (Master’s in Statistics) I can tell you that all relevant statistics are missing to draw any real conclusion. Since when can the so called facts of any census show the desires and hidden actions of men.
    The point about brothels not housing black women only shows that they were not allowed there. Brothels were considered socially acceptable for white men to attend, it would not have been acceptable if it had black women in it. Only white women worked in the southern white brothels. A white man would never be seen entering a black establishment let alone a black brothel. Southern white men, in the days of slavery, were not all gentlemen most 95% were very poor and uneducated. The statement “Most single White women were probably virgins” are you kidding. So let’s recap- a white male slave master could do anything they wanted to a beautiful female (think Beyonce) slave with no legal ramifications but they all (sorry 99%) abstained based on moral grounds or the fact of not upsetting there wifes. “Zero Black women raped by White men every year.”??? Give your heads a shake. One second it would be below the status of a white male to be with a black woman and the next they go across town were they can be with black women. I guess slavery never happened since the majority of whites never had slaves.
    By the way I am white.

    • KeeptheLaw

      Brandon, there WERE black women in brothels..

      This is an excerpt from the book; The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews

      Jews were & are white men & played a significant role in the slave trade as well. I am sure Jews were not the only men who frequented these brothels.

      Download the book here. Its full of great info.

      Jews and the Rape of Black Women
      The female slave was a sex tool beneath the level of moral considerations. She was an economic
      good, useful, in addition to her menial labor, for breeding more slaves. To attain that purpose, the
      master mated her promiscuously according to his breeding plans. The master himself and his sons
      and other members of his household took turns with her for the increase of the family wealth, as
      well as for satisfaction of their extramarital sex desires. Guests and neighbors too were invited to
      that luxury.740
      Jews engaged in the widespread practice of the sexual exploitation of dependent fernale
      slaves. Such was the practice of jews since the Middle Ages – a practice which required
      religious legislation to abate. Slave women were employed primarily for domestic and agricultural
      service in the households of the jewish upper classes. The Jews of Spain and Portugal,
      for instance, used their house servants and slaves as concubines, and in seventeenth century
      Amsterdam they did the same even though the practice of polygamy was then against the
      law.741 Jewish marriage contracts from the Middle Ages include the condition that the husband
      promise not to buy a fernale slave without his wife’s consent, parallel to his promise not to
      take a second wife against his first wife’s will.742
      Once out of the realm of direct civil or religious authority the Black woman became
      open game. Dr. Henry L. Feingold has confirmed that:
      There are some recorded cases of illicit cohabitation between Jews and Negro slaves but this is undoubtedly
      only the tip of the iceberg. Isolated Jewish peddlers are known to have sometimes chosen
      Negro or Indian women as common-law wives. Sometimes generous bequests to Negro housekeepers
      in wills hint at deeper involvements. In one case in 1797, Moses Nunes of Savannah, acknowledged
      his concubine and the children he had with her, by willing her several of his remaining
      slaves. Similarly, land and money were willed by Isaac H. judah to his two mulatto sons. The most
      renowned product of such a union is Francis Lewis Cardozo, Jr., who … was sired by either Jacob
      N. Cardozo, a well-known Southern journalist or his brother Isaac, grandfather of the Supreme
      Court justice.743
      When Feingold refers to the “tip of the iceberg” he is undoubtedly considering the socalled
      “mulatto” Jews who were never officially recognized as Jews, but were the offspring of
      Jewish rapists of African wornen.744 Marcus asserts that some Jews,
      late in getting a good start in life, did not marry until they had made some progress on the ladder of
      success, and these late marriages very likely help account for Negro concubinage. Many of the jewish
      settlers affranchised Negro and mulatto women who were obviously their mistresses, and occasionally
      they made some provision for the children as well. One can only speculate as to the reactions
      of white wives forced to share their estates with the children of slaves but, although there is
      The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews

      little indication of their attitude toward this social condition, its very prevalence would suggest they
      tolerated it as part of the prevailing mores.745
      The Nunez brothers lived in the backwoods and were said to have “traded with the Indians
      arnong whom they lived and fathered a brood of half-breeds.”746 Abram Mordecai, who
      in 1785 carried on extensive trade with the Indians, had his house burned by Indians “because
      of an intrigue with an Indian squaw.”747 In his will, Isaac [198] Pinheiro left most of a very
      substantial estate to Vinella Pinheiro, a “free” Black woman. David Da Costa left most of his
      estate to a “free” mulatto woman on condition that she maintain Da Costa’s mother for life.748
      The first Jew living in New England, named Sollomon, is described as a “Malata Jue,” perhaps
      born of an African slave mother and a Jewish father.749
      In another case, Marcus describes a “cultured Jew” as having “a Negro concubine who
      reared their numerous children in the Dutch Reformed faith.”750 Americans in the Caribbean
      were “shocked” when Nathan Levy cohabitated with a Black woman and was frequently seen
      promenading with her, arm in arm.”751 Jacob Monsanto, son of Isaac Rodrigues Monsanto, one
      of the very first known jews to settle in New Orleans and owner of a several hundred-acre
      plantation at Manchac, reportedly “fell in love with his slave, Mamy or Maimi William. Their
      daughter Sophia, grew up to be a lovely quadroon.”752 Rabbi Korn saw a trend:
      [I]t is likely that some of these Negroes [received] their names either frorn jewish owners or jewish
      fathers. This is probably also true of Sheldon Cohen of St. Petes Parish, South Carolina, Constance
      Herschell of New Orleans, Levy Jacobs of Fayetteville, North Carolina, George and Samuel
      Kauffman of King and Queen County, Virginia, Affey Levy of Charleston, Justine Moise of New
      Orleans, Harry Mordecai of Frankfort, Kentucky, Betty Rosenberg of Charleston Neck, and Catherine
      Sasportes of Charleston.753
      The crime of rape was so widespread that significant portions of the Jewish population
      were it’s result. A jewish historian reported that in 1791, “Portuguese Jews number 834 and
      the German jews 477, besides 100 Jewish mulattoes, constituting in all more than one [199]
      third of the white population of the Colony [of Surinam].”754 It is hardly possible that any of
      these 100 could have been products of a Black African male slave and a jewess.

      The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews 143
      In Jamaica, the rape of captive Black women reached epidemic proportions. There developed
      a large free “colored” population all of whom “were deprived of almost all civil
      rights.”755 The concubinage system was considered the “norm” in Jamaican society, and Black
      women “were universally maintained by white men of all ranks and conditions as kept mistresses.”
      Even as late as 1843, an observer could find no improvement: “No one who has ever
      visited Jamaica will attempt to speak with pleasure on the morals and dornestic relations of
      the country.”756
      Jean Laffite, the Jewish pirate operating in the Caribbean, bred Black women for sexual
      purposes. Rabbi Sharfman in Jews on the Frontier:
      Most desired were the females from French Senegal. They were priced even higher than prized
      males. These possessed fine figures with silky black hair that flowed to their waists and knees.
      French and Spanish plantation owners in Santo Domingo, by selective breeding, had produced an
      exotic type they called “Les Sirenes.” These, whom Southerners called “Serpent Women,” had remarkably
      exquisite facial features, lithe bodies, small hands and feet. These above all were sought
      as mistresses… Laffite maintained a number of tantalizing “Serpent Women” at Grand Isle, across
      Barataria Pass frorn Grand Terre. He turned Grand Isle into an island of pleasure – saloons for
      drinking and gambling and bordellos lavishly outfitted. “Les Sirenes” were among as many as two
      hundred alluring females of all nations. These beauties offered guests a combination of Laffite’s Lucullan
      delights and orgies of the renowned New Orleans Swamp.757
      Dr. Feingold assumes that “Such mulatto grogeny could not have fared too well in the
      Jewish community which shared fully in the prohibition against miscegenation.”758 But in New
      Crescent City Jews blended into their environment to become morally and religiously adrift. Samuel
      Kohn[‘s]… “housekeeper” Delphine Blanchard Marchegay arrived as a slave from Santo Domingo,
      served him well by day and by night… Since interracial cohabitation was illegal though quite common,
      “housekeeper” was actually a euphernisrn for “concubine.” Some of the most prominent New
      Orleanians preferred to mate with their “housekeepers” rather than legally marry according to civil
      if not religious law.759
      Among these men was the Jew Daniel Warburg. Warburg of New Orleans had two
      “mulatto” sons named “Eugene” and “Daniel” as products of the rape of a Cuban Black
      woman named “Marie Rose.”760 Dr. Bertram Korn has speculated that Samuel Myers may
      have purchased an African woman named “Alice” as a concubine “in view of his first wife’s
      death just four rnonths before. The relevant dates are as follows: Sarah Judah Myers died on
      Oct. 12, 1795; Myers bought Alice on Jan. 4, 1796, Myers married Judith Hays on Sept. 27,
      1796; he sold Alice on Oct. 2, 1797. “761 Rabbi Sharfman acknowledges the social/racial hierarchy:
      The full-blooded Negro slave had no social status. When a white man cohabited with a black slave,
      their mulatto offspring was elevated on the social ladder. The offspring of a white and a mulatto
      was a quadroon (one-fourth Negro blood), and offspring of a white and a quadroon was an octaroon
      (one-eighth Negro blood) – the more white blood the higher the rung on the social ladder. Wealthy
      whites were therefore especially desirous to take octaroon or quadroon girls as mistresses. Under
      Louisiana law, they could never live as man and wife, nor could they cohabit. Nonetheless “Quadroon
      Balls” were openly and publicly held in New Orleans.762
      “By far the greatest profits from mulatto or quadroon girls was derived frorn their sale
      to brothels,” writes Sean O’Callaghan in his study of international prostitution. “White men
      preferred them to their white sisters in the profession, who were mainly ‘white trash,’ ignorant,
      unkempt and ugly. Many of the quadroon girls, on the other hand, were very beautiful, and
      did their best to please their customers. The hope in the breast of every quadroon prostitute
      was that one of her clients might set her up in an apartment as his mistress.”763 As legal slavery
      came to a close, Black women remained as the sexually exploited product of Jewish brothel
      owners. Jews soon thereafter moved into and, in fact, dominated the international “white slave
      trade” marketing their own and other Caucasian women to the highest bidders.764
      There are actually only five instances in which documentary evidence indicates cohabitation
      of Jews with Black women765, says Rabbi Korn, and they are indeed “only the tip
      of the iceberg.” Undocumented are the jewish Indian traders, “consorting with red women and
      begetting children by them”766 and the intensely sexual plantation life described by Freyre and
      others. It is certain that with the buying and selling of Black women, Jews raped and exploited
      them with abandon.767
      Slavery in Jewish Law
      “Both biblical and rabbinic law permitted Jews to own slaves in all ages wherever slavery was in
      general practice… [L]iving in a society where slavery was an established institution, the Jews could
      hardly be expected to eliminate it.”768
      The guardians of the holy laws of judaism have never prohibited slavery or prevented
      all of its associated crimes and abuses. Black Africans were made brutally aware of this fact
      as their relationship with Jews developed. According to jewish law, a Jew who buys an adult
      “heathen” male slave must have him circumcised. If the slave refuses after a year of attempts,
      the Jew must sell the slave to a “leathen.” In order to keep an uncircumcised slave, the slave

    • Bay Area Guy

      By the way I am white.

      A fact which doesn’t make your argument any more valid whatsoever.

    • BellaNoire

      Thank you well said and high five

    • Sam

      Mike Walsh,”…As a statistician (Master’s in Statistics) I can tell you that all relevant statistics are missing to draw any real conclusion….”.

      Your a liar or maybe you’re just a worthless statistician. Here’s a pdf of the 1860 census.

      And at the link.

      Measuring America: The Decennial Censuses from 1790 to 2000 [66.6 MB]

  13. jamitez

    If Catholic Priest cant control their sex deviance and the Church fathers denied, ignored, discounted, this abhorrent behavior until cornered by society at large. How can anyone have confidence in lazy, shiftless, and morally challenged slave owners, to tell the truth about anything, including there statistical reports.
    I will not excuse the exploitation of any people, for any reason and certainly not for economic gain. I see slavery as the highest crime. and the perpetrators will suffer the the penalties forever.

  14. Tremmy

    Are you serious? Where did you learn history? It is common knowledge that most mulatto children often became emancipated. Afterall these were the children of the slave owners. Your implication that freedmen were participating in racial miscegenation is total conjecture / opinion on your part and no correlation to historical fact. You are also completely ignoring social circumstances of the time. We are all very aware that there were strict formal and informal laws that prohibited racial miscegenation after the Emancipation of slaves. I don’t think that one can deny that there was plenty of admixture in Black Americans because of their varied hughes. You provide facts, with no context, and attempt to interpret them willy nilly to support your notion. What a joke!

  15. Pharaoh

    I am an African, and an Afro-centrist but as a person I pride myself on my ability to be absolutely objective in analysis.
    Not much has changed in the last 500 years. Blacks are free but the master slave relationship continues. And it is a natural law that the males of the stronger conquering force will alway take the females of the weaker conquered force.
    Forget about America lets go to Africa Nigeria where I reside. My country is the largest exporter of prostitutes to Europe especially Italy. They are not rag tag girls they are our middle class and are sponsored by their families, i,e get send off parties.
    For a black woman to move up the social scale even being an illegitimate wife of a white man was something.

    • Thx for your comment, I really enjoyed this.

      • BellaNoire

        I do not discount your “theory” concerning the fact that some black women may want to date white men in sexual relationships as a means to a better end; However I will say as a woman most women do not want to be raped or forced to do things of this nature unless they are into that kinky stuff. Judging by how you presented your whole write up I would go so far as to say you actually enjoy thinking of your wife as a slave girl when you screw her! Am I wrong? Which there is nothing wrong with however you have to admit this to yourself that you are one of those guys who enjoy the idea (more than you are willing to admit) that the black slave female probably did acquiesce to her slave master, and possibly in time did come to enjoy it. However this does not make it right. As any Psychologist will tell you there is an actual syndrome where kidnap/ rape/ hostage victims ( those held captive) began to identify, and admire, and perhaps even love (eventually) the person holding them captive. I think in my opinion this happened to some of the slaves for the slave master. However this again I say does not make it right. I happen to have stumbled upon your research, and your write up, and the very wording and callousness of the whole, piece was very poor in taste, and in spirit. You my friend are correct in the fact that no one really knows what may have occurred; but the fact that so many nearly 80 percent of African Americans are 18percent European are a total discredit to your theory, and in fact blows your theory to pieces like an atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Listen the fact that it was recorded again and again how deplorably “delicate” the southern ladies were in society which most plantation owners wives were means they probably weren’t that wild in the sack . In fact I will go so much further to say that when their pudgy husbands well fed and un muscular stood next to the very hard bodied black slave male he paled in comparison and in male prowess. I will go further to say this is why there is such a fascination in American society amongst the white female population with the black male ( which they will never admit). Just like there fathers grand fathers and great fathers will never admit to wanting to screw the brains out of black women. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? OF COURSE NO ONE IS GOING AROUND BACK THeN BRAGGING ON SCREWING A SLAVE HOMIE WISE UP. The fact that your wife is black makes me proud that you found your slave fantasy sex goddess, but I hope you worship the very ground she walks upon after all she saved you from being a serial Killer homie. More power to you but please consider the fact that there is a very much alive culture of black women dating white men, and white women dating black men, and we would appreciate if your write ups didn’t come off so lascivious and tasteless in nature. I will admit that I have fantasies of a horrid nature concerning white men if you will admit that you have horrid slave fantasies that you never tell your wife about while screwing her. also those militants are right white men are so repulsed by black women that they really want to screw our “Monkey” brains out and own us and blah blah blah , but realistically its sad that you can not admit you are fascinated with black women, and the fact that downplaying slavery and its rapist is a horrid horrid thing. after all had these occurrences never happened perhaps you and your wife would not be so cause it could quite possibly still be illegal even in Europe …You do however sound like you hate the militant extremist; frankly who doesn’t but; you do not have to put the black female spirit down in your conquest to negate what they say European slave owners did . You make black women sound like poor filthy wayward whores who will do anything, and this my friend reveals your true psyche. If in fact a really gorgeous white women wanted you you would not be with a black woman point blank period. you are only dating black women because no “real ” beautiful women of your own race will date you nor put up with your neediness lack of male prowess and strength nor your cowardice. So you have run to the black female hating her the whole time embarrassed by your male need to conquer and pleasure, and she accepts you!!! well you should accept her too. I hope that all white males who date black women do not think like you because this genuinely made me very sad, and very angry for a split second for this truly makes black women “the Other guys” as you so clearly point out in your reference to all the sweet southern virgins weren’t giving it away but the black bastards across the track were. Let me tell you my friend that while Thomas Jefferson was freaking Sarah his slave mistress who’s children he set free I bet Thomas Jefferson’s wife whomever she was, indeed and in fact did admire a few black male tools of her own. Your women are not beyond reproach either Negro. Those women love big black sex tools in their holes are you kidding me .Your in denial and you need to admit it guys just need to admit you love black people yet hate us all the same as we do you HELL its a love hate relationship and move the hell on. Stop trying to say this person or that person is wrong, and just look for a way to use your writing skills to find the qualities in one another *PEACE NIGGA*

        • You are violating the comments policy sweetheart. Do it again and you are banned.

          My wife is not Black. I am not even married. I don’t have Black woman slave fantasies. Not that I’m aware of anyway.

    • alpha unit

      Human nature really is the same everywhere.

      In the post-slavery South, a black woman who was sought after by a white man could find advantages for herself by accepting his advances. (And, yes, in some instances, there could be “disadvantages” for refusing.)

      I’ve heard of one case in which the white landlord of a sharecropping family approached the father of one black girl and very respectfully made an offer: permit the daughter to be with him and the family would be assured of good treatment.

      This sort of thing is just normal human behavior, really. The issue of race complicates it in some ways. But it does show–as many things do–that there are stronger forces in the world than tribal loyalty.

    • alpha unit

      I see what you’re saying, tulio. The truth is, to a lot of people, though, the idea of preserving their “blood” is as legitimate a reason as any other to discriminate against those they consider outsiders.

  16. Mr Love

    Wow ! My mother had brown hair, a straight nose and light yellow skin. My maternal grand mother’s old picture looks practically white. I wonder how ever did these “black” women get so white looking ?

    I remember seeing what a plantation wife said in a letter about many of the slaves looking exactly like the whites. She also spoke of other plantations having this phenomena. One white man said that if the current mixing went on that the black/white divide would disappear since there would be no more blacks. Another white man visiting Jefferson complained about not being provided with a mulatto to “hump” (- his word) – since this was just common courtesy and practice.

    These kind of statements (and so much more) suggest widespread rape along with the production of a large number of mixed people and a large number of white looking mixed people.

    After slavery ended, isn’t it possible that many of the “white” “mulattoes” (those who were completely white looking or very close to it) simply moved to another part of the south or the nation and became white ? Other light mulattoes (high yellows) who couldn’t pass could still marry a white and produce whiter children. Some of Sally Hemmings children have been “white” for more than a century.

    If so, this would make the rape of “black” America seem less extensive since many of the lighter “blacks” left (& continued leaving even to this day) and many of those who stayed married darker blacks. In spite of this departure, you still have a lot of clearly mixed people.

    – my two cents here –

  17. tulio

    “These same Black women fuming about the White male as the most evil creature that ever stalked the Earth openly admit that they want to marry and have kids with a White man.”

    Huh? Every study on attitudes towards interracial dating/marriage shows that black women are most opposed to it. Most black women are attracted ONLY to black men and few actively seek out white men(as well as not liking when black men date white women). I don’t think it’s based on looks or thinking white men are ugly or anything, it has more to do with black men having a certain style or flair or “flava” as they call it that they can’t be found in most white men. I’ve talked to black female relatives about whether they could ever have sex with a white man and most of them have sort of an “ewwww” reaction. Interestingly though, many are willing to make an exception for Italian men. I guess because out of white men, Italian men are probably the closest to African American men when it comes to machismo, smoothness with the ladies and style.

    • The reference was to a website (Abagond’s) full of Black women who are part of the Black Women’s Empowerment Movement. One of the aims of this movement is to be more open to White men. The females in the thread were raging against White men but then saying that they wanted to get a White man.

      You are correct, though, these women very much prefer Black men, but their attitude is there are not enough of them around, so we have to broaden our scope or be a bunch of old maids.

      My experiences with Black women have not been that great. One in particular made a big point of the fact that she thought that I was a wimp. She actually thought I was bisexual too, which is pretty common, as a lot of women think that. I’m just straight though. If guys turned me on as much as women did, I would be bi for sure, but they don’t.

      Around here we are starting to see some Hispanic guys going for the local Black chicks. The Black women are somewhat “ghetto”, and the Hispanic guys are “barrio” types. IOW, they’re both sort of Underclass, but I live in an Underclass part of town. These couples are young – early 20’s or so.

      • BellaNoire

        I understand what you are saying about black women not thinking there are enough good men to go around. I am a black woman and I think for the most part a part of me will always be attracted to black men, as I am sure you are attracted to white women. However you have to realize that for the black woman the dating pool can be very exclusionary and very sad and depressing. I think these women like most of the world look at the successful black men, such as athletes, musicians, and whatever and see them with gorgeous white women, and it directly affects the psyche because vision is triggered which tells the brain automatically through chemical release that her own image the black female image must not be beautiful because these men the ones in the media are not dating their “own” kind I hate this word. I think you are right in assuming most black women think white men are wimps but that has more to do with how white males are portrayed in the media as sensitive gentle, and their wives are always getting the upper hand effeminate but realistically these women are wrong do not take it personal. I myself have thought a guy I was dating was possibly gay but that’s because he like to watch porn with black men in the porn so possibly he was more attracted to black men than black women and only dated me because he thought I looked :manly: we all have our short comings we have to get over them and look for reasons to be happy for others.

      • CherryBerry

        Robert, I know im super late to the convo…but sweet pea…you live in a box.

    • tulio

      Yeah, some black women are opening up because of the shortage of marriageable black men. My sister is with a white man and I now have a mulatto niece. Well technically, the niece is probably about 75% white.

      I don’t have anything against it all. Though I do tend to feel a bit ticked off when I see an attractive black woman with a white man, but then white men would probably be mad if they saw me with a blonde bombshell. That’s just the way it is I guess.

    • but then white men would probably be mad if they saw me with a blonde bombshell.

      I wouldn’t. Or I hope I wouldn’t. We don’t see a lot of Black guys around here with hot White chicks. We don’t see Black guys around here with any White chicks at all. However, and old friend of my Mom’s showed up the other day with her Black bf. The woman is like 75 and the guy is like 58. He’s from the Mississippi Delta and he’s the coolest guy around! I really liked him, but then a lot of those older generation Blacks are easier to like than these younger ones. A lot of the 50-60 yr old Blacks have been working at responsible jobs their whole lives, like this guy. He was a statistician for the railroad in Detroit.

      What’s weird is that in my Mom’s white middle class suburban age cohort, dating Black guys was unheard of. I think it’s really cool though! And they went back to his hometown in Mississippi and everyone was pretty much ho-hum! Damn, we’ve come a long ways in some respects.

      Actually tulio, you seem like a cool and respectable person and I assume you look the same, so if I saw you with some White hottie I might just think you lucky dog.

      I mostly have a negative opinion of Blacks who are more or less “ghetto.” If that makes me racist, fine, I’m racist.

      The ones who act like I do? How could you hate them?

    • tulio

      Well to me, a racist isn’t about having an overall negative view towards a group, if that view is based on something real. I think Japanese immigrants are better for the country than El Salvadorean immigrants. And I have El Salvadorean friends. There’s nothing racist about that, until the Japanese start bringing their equivalent of MS-13 into the country and spreading it everywhere, I don’t think it’s irrational.

      I think what makes someone a racist is when they can’t view members of that group as individuals. If a white guy says, I don’t care to live in a black neighborhood as they currently are, but that doesn’t mean I can’t support Obama or like Bill Cosby, that seems perfectly reasonable to me. Almost everyone is at least a little prejudiced towards one group or another, I can accept a bit of that. We just need to make sure we can judge people by their merits, regardless of their background. I’d rather have a good hard working El Salvadorean guy come here than a member of the Japanese yakuza mafia, but I still think on the whole Japanese make better immigrants here than Salvadoreans.

    • jo

      “The reference was to a website (Abagond’s) full of Black women who are part of the Black Women’s Empowerment Movement. One of the aims of this movement is to be more open to White men. The females in the thread were raging against White men but then saying that they wanted to get a White man.”

      like the woman before said
      Those raging against white men on there ARE BLACK MEN/TROLLS posing as black women, i have proof

    • patrick

      of course they would tell you that.. but if you were hiding in a closet and they had channing tatum on tv you’d hear how much they’d love to be with him. you’re discounting the fact that they might be telling you what you want to hear.

      • The problem there Patrick is that Channing ISN’T the average white guy.
        That sort of like arguing against the idea that white women, statistically, actually aren’t attracted to the average black guy by saying that many swoon over Denzel Washington.

      • Oh, and to clear up any confusion, I’m a different phil that the one you commented to earlier.

  18. tulio

    “Obviously killing them isn’t any sort of long-term solution, though it’s not a bad thing if it puts the fear of God into them. The real solution is to shift them out of the city and put in place measures to prevent them re-entering it. Then start sterilizing the bastards.”

    Seriously, I think there’s a place in hell for people like you.

    I doubt you have EVER been to Brazil, I doubt you have EVER walked through a favela, or anything. I have. You have no clue what the social situation is there, what nearly half a millennia of a racial caste system has done. Just how grotesquely unequal wealth is distributed. How favela kids have no educational opportunity, no social mobility, no running water, open sewers, and the only thing they can do for housing is put up corrugated tin. Think about what you would do if you were born into such a situation. You’d probably end up stealing or selling drugs just so you can eat. Nobody chooses where they were born and unto what circumstance. It’s nothing more than random accident that I was born in the USA and they were born in a favela. It could’ve been the opposite.

    Brazil is a beautiful country in many ways, but the aristocracy of that nation and the sickening neglect of the caste system and poverty is a tragedy. You can see rich Brazilian women from families that make millions a walking around with their toy poodles along the beach and wouldn’t so much as give a favela kid a quarter so he can buy something to eat. That is Brazil for you. I was happy to meet some wealthy Brazilians in the rich district of Leblon in Rio who had a genuine concern about the grotesque concentration of wealth in that country. They gave me hope.

    Anyway, I don’t expect to change the mind of a racist as far gone as you are nor would I be naive enough to attempt to, but I get sickened when I hear people trying to talk about places and social situations they know nothing about, nor have ever even visited.

  19. Don’t worry, tulio, I finally had to ban him. You know, I don’t like how the antis go on about “hate”, as if “hate” and racism are the same, and as if “hate” is a bad thing. Hell, I hate all kinds of stuff, and all kinds of people, really. And I always wondered if racists were really evil, hateful people other than just being racists. After being around a lot of them on the Net, guess what!

    A lot of White racists anyway ARE in fact not very nice people! They’re pretty mean! And that’s aside from their racism. Either the racism is an aspect of a general meanness or it the racism itself infects the personality.

    I support the PT and Lula as a possible way out of the Brazilian mess, but I am very disappointed in this guy. He really has his damned hands tied all right. Brazil really needs a Chavez or Morales type.

    I don’t understand why violent revolution has not taken hold in such a place. There was such a movement a while back in the 60’s but they were defeated.

    It’s places like Brazil that make me a revolutionary.

  20. tulio

    Thanks for the response, Rob. You confirm some of my suspicions. I have too wondered if the downright hardcore racists are also mean in all other aspects of their life. I guess their racism is just one manifestation. These same people probably look down on cripples, albinos or anyone they see as socially undesirable. I think it’s possible that compassion may be a genetically-influence trait and their compassion gene my be inhibited just as some are inherently tone deaf. I’d love to see some psychologists study racists(I mean hard-core professional racists, not race realists per se) and see if they have a lack of compassion and empathy in all areas of their life. Would be fascinating.

  21. Cara

    I’m married to a white man and I do love him very much. I do have to say that rape of black women from white men did occur in our history…it wasn’t always some sort of trade. Its a sad fact, but it did take place.
    I am multiracial…and my entire background is this way on both sides (my mom and my dads)
    My family orginates from Louisiana, and Mississippi.
    In many other cases like in my family history, it had absolutely nothing to do with “Trade” or whatever.
    It was just plain, straight out rape. It took place.
    Someone women learned to accept it and went along with what was offered to them if they agreed to keep an arrangement…
    The ones that fought it, had a harder time dealing with it.

    Such as the case of “Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl
    by Harriet Jacobs
    (penname Linda Brent)

    which is a true story…just like the history of my family is a true story and it happened in a somewhat very similar way…
    Except in my family it was a bit more outright severe…it was legal to do back then.

    Am I angry or holding some kind of internal grudge towards White men? Blaming the White man etc…???


    I love my husband very much, we have a deep bond with each other.
    I don’t hold grudges at my husband about what happened in my family history and in some other ppls, it had nothing to do with me.
    I didn’t live back then.

    Its not true when you call it a “MYTH” or “FAKE”
    because its not fake. I am living proof that rape did exist between White men and Black women, I am in the bloodline family tree of it.

    Now in some cases, it was different. I know.
    In some families the Black woman was actually a lover of the White man. Ive heard about that happening in some families…where the woman was actually given land or some other token of gift by her White lover.

    So it depends really.
    There are different instances.

    Noone should hold a grudge or blame or be angry because there was a history of rape that took place…that was legal back then.
    Yes its awful to look back at, but people have to move forward and let things go.

    Forgive and forget…

    Just because some White men did that, does not mean all White men are awful bad men and have to pay for what some ancestors did…
    They should not be all held responsible for such things.

    Oh, and I am sorry you had a bad experience with a Black woman…
    and that you live around alot of “Ghetto” types- as you say.
    Its a shame really. Too bad.

    Some of us are very intelligent and have a great deal of common sense.
    Perhaps you should move to another location 🙂

    Some Black women DO love White men, and some love Black men…

    a woman should not be judged by who she loves and cares for…

    love is love….

  22. Dee

    A coerced sexual relationship with a powerless person is rape. My great grandmother lived to 97 years old. She spoke to us every day about the horrors of slavery but she cautioned us in the very next voice not to speak about it to white people. The fear of reprisal followed her throughout her life.
    The thought that white men did not use sexual persuasion to get black women in bed is a joke. The thought of a kind and loving slave master is a joke. You cannot be given the benefit of the doubt when you are beating, torturing, and tearing families apart for profit.
    Speaking to the assertion that white men don’t rape black women is ridiculous. Is it reported? No. Most black women are still vilified and treated as the criminal in these court cases. I worked in shelters where women were abused and the cases where the men got off most where cases where white men were abusing women of color.
    My grandparents moved their 7 girls from Mississippi to Kansas because of the rapes to were ignored by the police. My mother was a product of one of those attacks. Yet, it isn’t spoken of even in the black community.
    I was attacked in the office by a white man. A security guard walked in and looked at ME as if I was doing something wrong. I was lucky I left while I had the chance. The next day I got a call from human resources wanting to talk about the incident. To make a long story short I was terminated, for having inappropriate relations in the work place. I went to the police and an attorney and because had didn’t get the chance to rape me it was my word against his.
    Stop acting like white people didn’t and don’t turn a blind eye to these issues; but for every black woman who has been held and brutalized your blog is an insult. For the record just because you are married to a black woman does not give you insight to the entire black race. You never know she may be keeping secrets from you. It’s something black women learned how do. Call it a lesson from slavery.

    • I’m not married to a Black woman.

      In a recent year, 2005, there were so few rapes by White men against Black women that it was reported as 0-10. That means a number too low to report.

      In more recent years, there have been more, but the figures are still low. Those figures come from the FBI. You are welcome to dispute them as you wish. It seems that White men don’t rape Black women too often anymore. It also seems that they used to rape them a lot more, back in the bad old days.

      I’m not married to a Black woman.

      • In a recent year, 2005, there were so few rapes by White men against Black women that it was reported as 0-10. That means a number too low to report

        not reported doesn’t = did not happen. most women don’t report being raped robert.

      • stone

        I heard you the first time….You’re not married to a Black woman…so? What else is news? One incident turned you against all black women….Now, tell me, did any white woman ever say something that literally made you feel less than a man? They are out there, too, you know. Some women are just outspoken. She didn’t have to be Black. I worked with this White guy and we became friendly. He didn’t go into details about his life, but enough that I concluded that he was raising a daughter on his own. Then sometime later he told me he was getting married. He said the next time I meet an angel I’m going to marry her. when he did he brought the wedding pictures to show me. She was black. Now, he was a little effeminate to me. Funny, I never thought about whether he was gay or not..just never crossed my mind. I wasn’t attracted to him, but she was..and I was happy for them. I feel I’m an attracted Black woman (look better than his wife). I’m gentle, quiet, but reasonably friendly. He wasn’t attracted to me. You see he was looking for one thing and I was looking for something else in a mate. That’s life.

      • BellaNoire

        I could have sworn in your write up you referenced being married to a black woman

      • Thomas

        This guy seems to like his “statistics” more than SEVERAL real world account from the modern day and several more from older family members. Typical white guy defense. “The number’s don’t lie, so you must be!”

  23. Krista

    You’ve got to be kidding. Rape is about power. White men don’t try to serial rape black women today because they’d get their asses kicked. Rapists look for “victims.” HELLO… Black women aren’t the classic victim types; they’ve been through too much shit to care if they die trying to crunch your glasses into your eyeballs. A strong woman of any race isn’t a turnon to a rapist, PERIOD. But in chattel slavery, white men made a regular practice of raping black women and enslaving their offspring for money, because they could, and they were just selfish, powerless, ignorant men who disregarded all women’s rights. White men as nerdy and angry as you lived like this to earn a living and be called “men.” This is our shared American history. You need to accept it and stop lying to people.

    Dude, I’m here with four of my black sorority sisters, who’d never notice you walking down the street. You’d have to beg them to look your direction. You’d have to fart in an elevator. Get over yourself , everybody else is. You’re just dumb.

    • Hi Krista, your comment was deleted. Violation of comments policy. One more time and I ban you, ok? Plus I’m going ban all 4 of your Black sorority sisters while I’m at it. Promise honey.

      • Thomas

        Her comment was deleted?? LOL Then why can I read it? You seem a bit insecure. Can’t take an ad hominem or two? So that’s why you’re here in stead of youtube. The latter seems more appropriate for your brand of intellectualism. Ever thought about making videos?? Realizing your replies are from 2009, I fear you may have moved on to just that…I hope you just woke up.

  24. Pingback: “Race, Sex, and Other Dirty Things, Part 2″ by Alpha Unit « Robert Lindsay

  25. Most of those Marine rapes in Okinawa are being done by Black Marines. This has been known for a long time. Black males commit tons of rape, everywhere on Earth that they live it seems. The Black rape rate is about 9X the White rape rate. Statistics like that imply that race ought to be a meaningful term and that race denial does not make sense.

    Since there are so many more White men than Black men, it would follow that most rapists of Black women should be White men, right? But it does not work out that way, does it?

  26. Habbit

    “Most males commit tons of rape, everywhere on Earth that they live it seems.”


  27. Look man, I’m banning you, ok? You’re violating the comments rules. Read the comments rules before you post. I am also deleting this post.

    Bye, nice knowing you.

  28. Disreali

    U.S. Justice Department 2006 rape statistics URL:
    Scroll to Table 42. –> 32,443 White women raped by Negro men, zero Negro women raped by White men.

    U.S. Justice Department 2005 rape statistics URL:
    Scroll to Table 42. –> 37,460 White women raped by Negroes, zero Negro women raped by White men.

    U.S. Justice Department 2004 rape statistics URL:
    Scroll to Table 42. –> 11,611 White women raped by Negro men, zero Negro women raped by White men.

    U.S. Justice Department 2003 rape statistics URL:
    Scroll to Table 42. –> 20,309 White women raped by Negro men, zero Negro women raped by White men.

    • stone

      How are you going to know about a rape if it isn’t reported. So, those historical polls don’t mean a thing. Most women especially Blacks don’t report rapes…it does no good…..The woman is ostracized. ( Look up Recy Taylor.) They say we are always asking for it. They blame us. My roommate gave a party at our house I retired early. Her sister’s husband’s brother came into my bedroom and tried to rape me. Her sisters husband had been constantly wanting to dance with me was one reason I left the party early. His wife was looking so sad. Another time I was at a friends house party and a guy I had met once before came in the bedroom where 3 friends and I were fixing our make up and hair and he tried to rape in front of all those people. I didn’t even dress sexy like some women. I never ever flirted. I was quiet but I would talk if you talked to me first. I didn’t start conversations of try to carry it. I was raped on5 different occasions ( a span of 5 years) the 5th time I became pregnant. I kept my baby who was a girl. (if you have a baby from rape maybe it would be best to give it up for adopton). I didn’t want this baby, who was still a part of me ,growing up not knowing at least one side of her family. She was a beautiful black child with long black silky hair. My family spoiled her rotten. She hated me because she didn’t know her father and rejected my discipline at every turn. She was one of those wild, loud, arrogant and aggressive Black girls the media likes to exploit in our race. I was a virgin at 23 when I was raped the first time. And it was a black man each time. The white men I met were sweet and kind but I could not date them. I worked with a doctor who begged my friends to talk to me. But I wouldn’t budge. I ended up marrying a selfish, egotistical guy who blamed everyone but himself for his problems. Who had been married before (wife died) raising 3 girls. He refused to let them call me mama. He took away mother day cards they would make for me. He started separating his food from my food saying you buy for yours and I’ll buy for mine. Whew! Should have went with the white guy.

  29. becky

    this is good information 🙂 thankkK YOU!!!
    it really helped me complete my essay



    • Sam

      everyone rapes everyone…black, white, purple, green…whatever. thats being human.

    • Thanks for saying everything I was too enraged to say. White people.. KNOW YOUR HISTORY! Learn it. Hug close to it. Because that’s all POC see when they’re around you.

      And that’s why no one in the world likes you. And you are only 1/10th of the entire world population, but you’ve caused so much damage around the world. But go ahead.. continue to deny it. We know the truth.

    • Queen

      As a black women I double the statement it is not about a prejudice to me in so many ways white people through generations has been breed in dark, pervert ways. It was the forbidden fruit to be with a black women the butts, plump breast and hips the lust of demons. White women are mixed up today and some have these features it was rare then they could not help themselves and they still can’t. The same thing plaques both of our races, whites cant shake being better so when they cant they act out horribly serial killers, rapist, suicide, bombing. Blacks act out in the only ways we know violence and lack of good judgement because we were deprived for so long of education or care and still are some dont try or think its a lost cause. Their are a few blacks in politics however the goverment still remains in the hands of white people as it always have generations of lawmakers that make sure this race stays in the highest control. So any black women thinking she has hit a jackpot because she has a white boy is hilarious he’s curving his fetish once again or maybe you are curving yours because you werent able to be forced sexually at any time and in anyway from a child to adult everyone forgot to mention they are the leaders of pedifile!!!! because most of these blacks were girls/boys not even women/men yet. Queen

      • Blacks are much more likely to be pedophiles, rapists and serial killers than White people are.

      • Tracey

        Where did you get that information? Why put off you all’s mess on us all the time? its ridiculous!!! This sickest group of people on the face of the earth!

      • Dawn

        Err Mr Lindsay, you need to check yourself – Because it was one of your ancestors who raped my Great Grandmother in Antigua in 1901, the product of that rape was my Grandmother Lila Mae Lindsay. You need to check your stats, because rape & paedophilia, homosexuality and any other deviant behaviour has always been created and dominated by the white man. Africa is now fighting to stop gay marriage being introduced because it is not natural to the black man, but something that has been forced on us by your ancestors. As to serial killing – please read any newspaper in the UK, Australia or the US and see who the serial killers are (Charles Manson, Peter Sutcliff, Moyra Hindley) they are all white. Get your facts straight you ignoramus and learn to spell!

    • nicole

      I read the article JESUS, JESUS,JESUS! SMH Its so scary that people think this way….

  31. TheTruth

    I think you have been misled by someone along the way. Black women dating whites in not considered a step-up in the black community; rather, just the opposite. I imagine it is probably, in this day, more agreeable from a white man or woman’s family for him/her to date a black than it is from the black person’s family. In case you haven’t noticed, since you’ve been here absorbed in your own twisted blog postings, black women have surpassed white women in education and also in average income. If you don’t believe me, you’d better do your homework. These stats are a few years old now, and the gap is widening. So, I’d be confident to say that a white man would be trading up to date a black woman over a white woman. However, the bottom line is that black women really don’t care what white men think….’cus we’re about to pass you, too! Many of us already have 🙂

    In the meantime, keep spewing your ignorance to those who care and/or are ignorant enough not to understand that your musing is more of a tragic comedy than a factual narrative. Each time your supporters read your blog, it’ll set them back 5 years. Great work! You really should be on Oprah’s payroll for this….or, at least, on her list of interns.

  32. This Is Madness

    We’re supposed to believe there was a fake white rape against black women epidemic in this country, around the same time the KKK was at the height of it’s politically, social and cultural power? You have got to be kidding me. They were stringing up blacks all over the south, yet the “white rape of black women scenario” is fake? A thought process like this must have originated from a white man, and the fact that he’s married to a black woman is simply giving him the courage he needed to share such a narrative with the public.

    Then there’s this absurdity: “The same Black women who scream that we White guys are the Greatest Rapists That Ever Lived also fume that we say Black women are “unrapeable”. The ultimate insult. Cognitive disconnect anyone? These same Black women fuming about the White male as the most evil creature that ever stalked the Earth openly admit that they want to marry and have kids with a White man.”

    What black women would that be? I am a black woman and have never heard anyone say that white men were the greatest rapists to ever live. That is an ignorant fallacy. It’s not only WHITE MEN, it’s ALL MEN, PERIOD. Black, white, yellow, green. All of them have been the greatest rapists of black women and white women and all women throughout the history of humanity. Now, let’s not over exaggerate something you/he heard from a few missinformed or possibly bitter black women. I can’t even take what I’ve read seriously because it’s not very well thought out, for one.

    For a black woman to be upset that she’s unrapeable by a white man is beyond repugnant. They fume when you say black women are UNDATEABLE, perhaps, or you say that black women aren’t attractive, perhaps, or you say that black women are horrid and you’d never touch one with your 3 inch penis, which they know, emphatically, is wrong. White men have no problem paying a black femal prostitute for sex. You can go on Craigslist and find a healthy supply of white men who would literally pay money to be with a black woman, when all they want to do is be with a man, whether he be black, white, hispanic, etc. That desperate are they at times to test the waters, to have a taste of something they have been denied. Yes, denied. This article touches on many points, but some seem to be bred of a odd disconnect which presents itself as bitter jealousy. Black women for the most part adore their black men. I don’t see wheh they’d feel any sense of disconnect at the prospect of a white man not only finding them unattractive, but unrapeable, of all things. Thanks for the crazy read of the day.

    Be well.

    • Anwar Amir Isreal

      Just out of curiosity,name one other race of men who have the same track record of rape that white men possess.

  33. alpha unit

    I really should address this whole idea of black women being “unrapeable.” It’s rather confusing.

    This notion originated, I believe, in slavery, when the laws against rape didn’t really apply to female slaves, who were property and had no rights and no protection under the law.

    This is what made them “unrapeable,” so to speak; there was no such crime as the rape of a female slave. This also meant they were fair game for rapists, I suppose, and this is what some Black women have complained about.

  34. Disraeli

    alpha unit, the notion originated, in the fact that knee grow wiminz are disgusting, and no human with any self respect would touch the vile beasts.

    • alpha unit

      Now, don’t be silly. I hear that White men are quite self-respecting.

    • alpha unit

      I might add, BTW, that Whites also had this idea that Black women were naturally “wanton” and insatiable. This made it easy to disregard any claim of rape by a Black woman.

    • mimi

      disraeli the fact notion is that you are a bitter, lonely desperate man, nature wasn’t to kind to your manhood and you get flat out rejected by women of every single race as your not f**kable 🙂

    • stone

      For shame, Disraeli. Don’t you know your forefathers came out of the knee grow wiminz? (Negro women) So, that makes you part of the vile beast. ( smile.) Trace your roots. You don’t stay dark like that from sitting in the sun all day. Understand that we aren’t ashame of our coloring. Some people lighten themselves to escape so much hatred. You ever heard the old cliche : If you’re white you’re all right If you’re brown you can stick around If you’re black you better step back

  35. Anwar Amir Isreal

    To be fair to white men nowadays,I honestly believe that most average white men attempt to follow the law in regards to “rape” The exceptions to the rule almost all have abnormally high testosterone levels like the boston strangler he had sex about 18-22 times a day. His chromosones were also affected. Therefore unless a white men is sick or so virile that he can’t controll himself he will at least try not to rape a woman white or black.
    On the other hand to be fair to black men most intelligent well groomed ones don’t have to rape either,but they are more likely to be charged with rape or set up.

  36. alpha unit

    I think most men, most of the time, know that rape is wrong and wouldn’t do it. But when the environment they’re in suggests that people can pretty much act with impunity, people will give in to some of their worst impulses.

  37. Devaul

    Your facts are misconstrued. ….and base on the very few minority. …cuz majority of the rape against blacks and indian were just that ……..RAPE!

  38. mimi

    Hi im a black women from London, i am attracted to white men, have dated many and im currently in a relationship with one that i love very much.

    you said:
    “These same Black women fuming about the White male as the most evil creature that ever stalked the Earth openly admit that they want to marry and have kids with a White man.”

    I took great offense to this, in England 30% of black women are with white men, not once have i heard them mention white men and rape in the same sentence as black women, so you are delluded.

    If these black women you claim want to marry and have kids with white men but say thir the greatest rapists, those comments are coming from TROLL BLACK MEN. Many black men said they pose on interracial sites to turn black females away from white men.

    And in regards to slave rape and zero rapes of black females now is , hidden race hate crime, we all know when it’s black on white it’s rarely reported and not even seen as a racial hatred crime BUT if white on black would be a national story and always reported most likely as a racist crime!. (THERE ARE LAWS NOW, unlike back then, if white men were to rape black women, the thought of having to be punished for doing so is enough to make them not risk it)

  39. mimi

    forgot to mention if white men were to rape black women, the thought of the consequences, accused of being a racist, hounded by the naacp, Al sharpton, black nationals, BET lol etc for doing so is enough to make them not risk it)

  40. Scholar

    I believe that the majority of the offspring resulting from slave-master relations were as a result of consensual relations.

    Although I believe that cases of rape did occur, the data does not suggest that it was the norm.

    First of all, its important to remember that the slave owner did not represent the average citizen in the antebellum south.

    8 out of 10 men in the antebellum south were not slave owners. Of those that did own slaves, only 1 in 20 owned more than 2. The vast majority of those that owned any slaves only owned one.

    [One should also note that Anglos were not the only slave owners. ‘Free men of color’ owned slaves in the same percentages that ‘White’ men did, and several owned large plantations with slaves who would be considered white by today’s standards.(e.g. ‘Sang Melee’ slaves)]

    Many of the puritanical expectations of the Anglos were not extended to those of darker skin. Because of this, many Anglos considered slaves ‘promiscuous’ by nature, even although today we would consider that same behavior as normal sexual development.

    Furthermore, (aside from any increase in social status any of her children might have due to having lighter colored skin than their parents,) a slave woman had incentive to become pregnant. Pregnant slaves would be assigned less work than those that were not pregnant, and the household status of the slave (as well as estimated monetary value) increased in direct relation to the number of healthy offspring she had.

    The majority of slave owners had their slave(s) living in close proximity to their own family, usually within the same building.
    It is impossible to live with anyone for an extended period of time and not begin to feel for them as one of the family.

    Abuse (both of a sexual and nonsexual nature) continues to occur today, both towards family members, pets, and livestock. This does not mean that this behavior is the norm, only an acknowledgement that it exists.
    The same was true of the antebellum south. Some persons did abuse their slaves, but this does not mean that it was the norm.

    The problem is that Atrocities stand out in the mind, not the norm.
    In the state where I now live, there was a horrific case of animal abuse some thirty years ago–most people who have lived here since then remember vividly the stories of the mistreatment of that horse. But nobody tells any stories about the thousands of other horses or their owners that have lived here since then.
    Without the atrocity, normal or even good treatment has no memorable value.

    • Excellent comment, scholar. I think you hit it right on the nail here. Very well put, your analysis is pretty much straight up. It’s very interesting to note that free Blacks owned slaves in the same percentage as White men did.

      • DC

        Robert ur a racist dick head!

      • Amy

        I was curious about the term “sang melee”–a Google search led to this, about the complicated racial naming system that existed in Louisiana:

        “A racial naming system developed that required tracking ancestry back eight generations and totaling the racial makeup of each of your 128 great-great-great-great-great-great grandparents. No, we’re not kidding.

        If all 128 of these ancestors were white, you were considered white.

        However, if even one of them was non-white, you were considered non-white. Within that designation was an even more absurd series of graduated distinctions. For example, if 127 of your ancestors were white, you were considered sang melee.

        If 120, mamelouque. If 112, octoroon. If 96, quadroon. If 64, mulatto. And so on, all the way to negro for those who had zero white ancestors.”

        I have at least one (male) African ancestor 11 generations back–no name for that, LOL…there’s a high probability of more from the Melungeon side of the family, but that side of the family has been difficult to research. Genetic testing of present-day Melungeons consistently shows sub-Saharan African genetic markers (as well as markers indicating possible Indian/Siddhi ancestry–it’s not widely known, but people from India were also brought to early colonial Virginia as slaves).

        What records I’ve found indicate that most of my mixed-race ancestors–white/Amerind and white/black–were slave-owners.

    • alpha unit

      It is impossible to live with anyone for an extended period of time and not begin to feel for them as one of the family?

      That “family feeling” didn’t lead most slaveowners to treat their slaves like family and free them, unfortunately.

    • stone

      PLEASE Scholar! How can you say they wanted to bring their children into slavery. Think about what you are saying. The Black slaves were in fear of punishment if they did not comply. Maybe at some point, if the slavemaster, was kind and loving, (sex bring on strong intimate feelings) the slave woman may have fallen in love with him. I can see that happening. But don’t make it seem like it was always consenual just because she did it. You weren’t there. Slavery was long over but sharecroppers still had trouble with the White man’s appetite. Don’t water this mess down. You never talked to any slave. All you have is the White man’s lily white versions. And they were not there either. Nor was I but I have accountability. This is what brings fire in the Black person’s eyes when you try to water down the autrocities of the activities. My Aunt Precious, back in the 40’s didn’t want that white man who lusted after her. He was a decent white and very handsome. But back then Blacks didn’t look at White men the way they look at them now. What the White man wanted he got it they didn’t care about rules. They would kill your butt. They always referred to the White man as crazy. But Uncle Jeff was very angry. He had had enough. So he complained to that white man and he put a gun to my uncle’s head. Uncle Jeff had to beg for his life. You know what that White man did….he built a room onto Uncle Jeff’s house like that Thomas Jefferson did to his. (and that movie about Jennings was so phony I don’t believe she was the way the movie portrayed her.) My uncle and aunt ran away in the middle of the night. He looked everywhere for her ..from house to house he went. He finally just blew his brains out with a shotgun and he was a married man. And in the 50’s and 60’s White insurance men were always in the neighborhood trying to get the black women. When I was 19 a white insurance came into our neighbor trying to seduce me. He got my number at home. He got the number where I was babysitting. He followed me over my cousin’s house and was bold enough to walk up and knock on the door. My cousin let him in. I ran into the kitchen. He claimed he wanted a drink of water. Instead of giving her the glass he brought it to kitchen and smiled at me. As he passed by he rubbed against me and asked did that make me hot!!!! How insulting I was not a wanton. They don’t care how young you are. A group of white boys were going from door to door (in the 60’s) and when I opened the door The young lad stepped back and said “wow!” His friend was calling him. he smiled and said I’ll be back. I started getting calls from white boys.

  41. Simple man

    Eventually, that “family feeling” did lead to the abolition of slavery.

    • alpha unit

      Slavery was not abolished in this country because of “family feeling.” Where did you get this idea?

    • A lot of slaveowners were releasing their slaves. I believe that at least 80% and perhaps more of Whites in the South did not even own slaves. Slavery had been decreasing for some time and was headed out. By the start of the war, 40% of the people in the fields were paid help, mostly poor Whites. An in the few decades up until the war, quite a few Whites were starting to set their slaves free. An ancestor of mine freed his slaves and headed to the West. He asked his slaves if they wanted to go with him, and most of them said sure, so they went along. My ancestors lived in the border states region and fought on both sides of the war.

      Whether or not owners started to feel that slaves were part of the family and therefore were starting to free them and set the stage for the Liberation War of the 1860’s is an interesting empirical question. It’s either right or wrong, but I’m not sure it’s a bad question.

    • alpha unit

      You’re right that most Whites didn’t own slaves, and that it might have died a “natural death,” eventually. But it took a hell of a lot more than kindness for the institution of slavery to be abolished.

  42. Emmanuel Goldstein

    I simply don’t understand why blacks allowed themselves to be enslaved and now today complain about it? Why didn’t they just fight back? Why didn’t they design advanced weaponry like the Europeans did and simply drive them off?

    Must be racism…

    • Nice subtle jab implying that Blacks aren’t able to “design advanced weaponry like Europeans”. 😉

      Considering that all people (regardless of race) have been enslaved by one another at one point or another in history…why didn’t European slaves fight off their own European slave masters? For goodness sake they’re European too! Now how did they get into that situation?

      Must be racism…

    • tulio

      This takes blaming the victim to a whole new level.

    • TheAmazingAzian (Not in any way related to TheAmazingAtheist!)

      For one thing, slaveowners were incredibly oppressive of their slaves. Even if there was just the rumor of a revolt they would use it as an excuse to mistreat them and in the case of freed blacks use it as an opportunity to take their money. Guns were a no no. Knives were a no no. Shivs…? Well you might be able to take down the overseer but that wouldn’t stop you from being hunted down like a dog by the white slaveowner and his friends. With guns.

      For another thing, black slavery was relatively short as compared to European slavery. Some of the systems in Europe lasted for several hundred years longer (maybe even more, I’m not going to look it up) than the slavery system in America. And yet you are not asking why those ‘slaves’ did nothing to drive off their masters.

      Which brings me to ANOTHER point. You’re assuming that the serfs created this ‘advanced weaponry’. It was the nobles who had the funds and the experience with multiple cultures , and thus the nobles who were able to develop from things like gunpowder cannons, blunderbusses, ectcetera. Slaves didn’t have much resources to draw on, as slaveowners generally tried to only give them the basic neccessities for living.

      And finally, there were quite a few slave rebellions They just never succeeded. Ever hear of the Stono Rebellion? The Brown Rebellion? Southerners were usually able to suppress these due to the groups revolting being rather small (thanks to planters generally living apart from each other –> slaves were unable to communicate their plans adequetely) and because they lacked protection.

  43. Portland bus driver

    In this little commie dump we call the Rose City I see an increasing number of white women and black men. (By the way I have a very interesting opportunity to get a nice large population sample by driving a city bus, passengers and people walking and driving. I believe this gives me a good insight into current trends.) I over hear conversations from young white women and there does seem to be a belief among many that black men are desirable, for reasons real or imagined or drilled into them from non-stop liberal Hollywood and media negrophilia. But being a race realist I believe real differences are there, and perhaps there is something genetic to the attraction. I have heard of many Asian women expressing attraction for white men over their own kind as well.
    (All of this will lead blacks to comment I “am afraid of the black man stealing my white women.” Yeah? So what? You should not egg us on when you know what we are capable of.)
    That being said if black men are on the bus black women won’t look at me, but if there are only other whites on the bus, they often flirt heavily and aggressively.
    As for rape? If you had black women slaves you would have sex with them, period. (If I were black this would piss me off too.) But I cannot agree more there must be some genetic predisposition to rape among black men, considering you find it wherever they are. The same high testosterone that makes them so attractive to many women also makes them dangerous, which in turn may also make them attractive to some women. Maybe, that’s just a theory.

    • tulio

      I think this is just another example of confirmation bias. Whatever you view as threatening, you see it everywhere. I’ve seen similar things said on WN sites asking why white women are all over black men. I don’t see it myself. I’m a black man and I don’t have white women leaping to get at me. Neither do my black male friends. Doesn’t really happen. I’ve dated a couple, but that’s pretty far and few. For the most part, white women couldn’t care less about dating black men, though there will always be a few that have a different preference from most. That’s to be expected in any population group.

  44. BlackMan

    I believe the person who writes for this column is very creative in his attempt to get dialogue and viewpoints , even if his is backwards and or misleading , I like forums like this because it gets out a lot of surpressed feelings and emotions that would otherwise remain hidden , I am a Black Man so some stuff could seem offensive if it was to be taken seriously, yet my reason for searching this blog was to see if and when did the molestation of boys by white men begin in this country, I mean if the slave women were up for grabs , what about the slave boy , because white men did not all of a sudden start liking boys , yet there is no mention of this in the school books

  45. Ann

    It is rare for a black person to trace their European ancestry back to a white women. Tells you how bad rape was back then.

  46. Matt

    One thing that interests me about this topic is how much of the European ancestry amongst African American/Black Americans is due to differential reproductive success of their half White ancestors.

    That is, if the offspring of slavemaster rapes (and here I’m accepting a definition that Robert would probably hate whereby the extremely unequal and oppressive sexual, but not necessarily that violent, “arrangements” that most likely made up the majority of slavemaster rapes were rapes) had a lot of privilege and a lot more economic capability to raise their families, then we might overpredict the number of these rapes from their ancestry assuming equal reproductive success.

    Since it seems reasonably plausible that slavemasters had some degree of family feeling for their mulatto children and help them out or at least stay their hand, I think this might be something it’s worth considering on this question.

  47. Datruth

    It’s funny, no seriously I think this article is funny. I’m going to start a blog on why white men make up the most serial killers and boy molesters.

    Why is it that America produces the most serial killers in the world.

    But I won’t because I’m not insecure, and those facts does not affect me dating a white guy, befriending a white guy. Also these statistics do not say all white males 35-40yrs are serial killers. Just those who were arrested and still wanted were.

    Th reason why this blog exist is because our history books refused to put the whole truth and nothing but the truth. So people can create their own truth neglecting what is the obvious.

    Let’s not use common sense at all, no room for that especially in this country. Of course the white slave master and the black woman consented to have a child, don’t even think for one second the child was for profit. lets disregard You’re automatically a slave if born to a slave mother and these slave masters were business men. If it isn’t in American history books, don’t think about it.

    Yes there was brothels, but why would a slave master pay for sex when he has a slave who have to do what he says.

    Lets not mention the secrecy in raping someone, only a madman goes out boasting amount raping a woman. Did you expect to find the rape statistics of slaves in history books. Black people were despised looked at as dogs, powerless, no union to file sexual harassment cases. Raping a black man or woman was not a sin against humanity. For something must value first to be respected.

    You can’t paint slavery into a love tale and happily ever after. Go read letters of slaves, read books that was never on your book list in High school. Read books published outside the US. Read journals.

    Now if it was jews yelling about being raped by whitey ( jews are not seen as white ask the KKK ), this blog would not exist. Why don’t anyone complain about the constant reminder of the Holocaust.

    Rape is rape, I’ve never heard anyone say anything about white men raping black women today, but I’ve read of white slave masters raping women, children and also sodomizing men who tried to escape. Men and Female genitals were brutalized and disfigured. So whether not rape was in the masses, there was definitely an obsession with the sexual organs of slaves.

    Napoleon said it well…History is lies agreed upon.

    And today because of the lies and misinformation , more and more of these sugar coated slavery blogs will exist.
    I’m not a jew but I can sympathize with the holocaust and do not blame them if they talk about it forever. As a humanitarian I refuse to reject or twist the truth to make one race feel better about themselves.

    The blacks are still in mental slavery and you writing these things help them stay their. You never wonder why the United Nation does nothing for Africa or Afgan where slavery still exist. Or why white businessmen travel overseas to enjoy child prostitution.

    Your statistics were gathered in bias to prove a point…because Approximately 2/3 of rapes were committed by someone known to the victim.
    73% of sexual assaults were perpetrated by a non-stranger.1
    38% of rapists are a friend or acquaintance.
    28% are an intimate.
    7% are a relative.

    Blackmen have always been displayed as a sexual threat, look at Emmett Till ( SEARCH HIM NOW)

    Forget about raping black women, lets look at rape on a whole ( men, women, kids ). Taken from an legit site, not an anti black or white. But an anti- sexual assault site.

    The average age of a rapist is 31 years old.
    52% are white.
    22% of imprisoned rapists report that they are married.
    Juveniles accounted for 16% of forcible rape arrestees in 1995 and 17% of those arrested for other sex offenses.
    In 1 in 3 sexual assaults, the perpetrator was intoxicated — 30% with alcohol, 4% with drugs.3
    In 2001, 11% of rapes involved the use of a weapon — 3% used a gun, 6% used a knife, and 2 % used another form of weapon.
    84% of victims reported the use of physical force only.

    Society have been force feed through media and slavery to be afraid of the black man. Please find stories of slavery, of crimes of the KKK, yes women were victims of kkk. If after doing full research from descendants of slaves or eyewitnesses account you still defend your blog, you lost nothing.

    But gain more from personal experience from others…No one should try to ignore what Afro Americans suffered and still suffer today because of racism.

    You may be a good white man and know other good white men, but if you lived in those times your thinking would be different, because you to would have a slave. Please Remember slavery was no a job contract, nor family feelings, it was business, free labor nothing else.

    God bless
    Please read about, abuse and murder cases done by whites against black who never faced jail. Back in the day. Also blackmen fill up the jail today is because they don’t have money for lawyers and take the plea deal not knowing their rights.


      Black African men rape babies back in South Africa they belived it will cure AIDS .And Black men are now just comming forward about being
      moslested by their daddie and uncles family friends hip hop producter. Tyler Perry was rape i don’t saying molested because they were rape molested make sound to nice for me it was out right rape .white people are not only one that molested little boys and girls . inocest happen in all race . Remember the black man Wayne Williams that rape all them black little boys and then killed them in Atlanta Ga was a black man

  48. Datruth

    The malatoo free slaves own slaves purposely to keep family members together…

    So yeah blacks did own slaves.

  49. Ronny

    @ Silver: oh wow I seriously feel sorry for people like you. You have no idea what you are cheating yourself out of in life. I have a question for you; Can you give me one fact that makes one race, religion, or creed that makes inferior to another? How does simply the color of someones skin make that person or group of people lesser than another skin color? I just want one logical fact that supports your reasoning.

  50. Ronny

    The stats show that the vast majority of crime committed because of a mental distortion are committed by whites. Such as serial killings, necrophila, pedophilia, several sick sexual crimes and other gross crime are committed by white. And in the media and society whites are treated less harshly than any other race. The number are obviously going to be higher for whites because there are simply more whites in America.

    • This is not true.

      Serial killers: Black rate is 2X the White rate.

      Child molesting: Black rate is apparently 1.9X the White rate.

      Necrophilia: No stats, but it’s not a common crime.

  51. @Datruth, May 20, 2010 at 1:56 PM

    “The malatoo [sic] free slaves own slaves purposely to keep family members together…

    “So yeah blacks did own slaves.”

    Wrong! That is a popular black myth, put into circulation by “scholar” Carter G. Woodson. As Larry Koger made clear in Black Slaveowners: Free Black Slavemasters in South Carolina, 1790-1860, blacks bought slaves not in order to free them, but purely in order to profit from them.

    If anything, black slave owners were less sentimental than their white counterparts, who did free many slaves. Conversely, I know of no stories of black slaveowners freeing any black slaves.

  52. tony k

    Hey take a look at this. It was’nt during slavery.

    It Was like All of Us Had Been Raped”: Sexual Violence, Community Mobilization, and the African American Freedom Struggle

    Danielle L. McGuire

    On Saturday, May 2, 1959, four white men in Tallahassee, Florida, made a pact, one of their friends testified in court later, to “go out and get a nigger girl” and have an “all night party.” That evening, they armed themselves with shotguns and switchblades and crept up behind a car parked alongside a quiet road near Jake Gaither Park. At about 1:00 a.m. on May 3, Patrick Scarborough pressed a sixteen-gauge shotgun against the driver’s nose and ordered Richard Brown and his companions out of the car. Dressed in formal gowns and tuxedoes, the four African Americans—all students at Florida A&M University who had spent the evening dancing at the Green and Orange Ball—reluctantly stepped out of the car. Scarborough forced the two black men to kneel, while his friend David Beagles held the two black women at knifepoint. When Betty Jean Owens began to cry, Beagles slapped her and told her to “shut up” or she “would never get back home.” Waving his gun, Scarborough ordered Richard Brown and his friend Thomas Butterfield back in the car and told them to leave. As Brown and Butterfield began to move toward the car and then slowly drove away, Edna Richardson broke free and ran to the nearby park, leaving Betty Jean Owens alone with their attackers. Beagles pressed the switchblade to Owens’s throat and growled, “We’ll let you go if you do what we want,” then forced her to her knees, slapped her as she sobbed, and pushed her into the backseat of their blue Chevrolet; the four men drove her to the edge of town, where they raped her seven times.1

    Analyses of rape play little or no role in most histories of the civil rights movement, even as stories of violence against black and white men—from Emmett Till to Andrew Goodman, Michael Schwerner, and James Chaney—provide gripping examples of racist brutality.2 Despite a growing body of literature that focuses on the roles of black and white women and the operation of gender in the movement, sexualized violence—both as a tool of oppression and as a political spur for the movement—has yet to find its place in the story of the African American freedom struggle.3 Rape, like lynching and murder, served as a tool of psychological and physical intimidation that expressed white male domination and buttressed white supremacy. During the Jim Crow era, women’s bodies served as signposts of the social order, and white men used rape and rumors of rape not only to justify violence against black men but to remind black women that their bodies were not their own. 2
    African American women frequently retaliated by testifying about their brutal experiences. I argue that, from Harriet Jacobs to Ida B. Wells to the women of the present, the refusal of black women to remain silent about sexualized violence was part of a long-standing tradition. Black women described and denounced their sexual misuse, deploying their voices as weapons in the wars against white supremacy. Indeed, their public protests often galvanized local, national, and even international outrage and sparked campaigns for racial justice and human dignity. When Betty Jean Owens spoke out against her assailants, and when the local black community mobilized in defense of her womanhood in 1959, they joined in this tradition of testimony and protest. 3
    The arrest, trial, and conviction of Owens’s white rapists by an all-white jury marked a dramatic change in the relations between this tradition of testimony and a tradition of silence that Darlene Clark Hine has termed the “culture of dissemblance.”4 The verdict not only broke with southern tradition but fractured the philosophical and political foundations of white supremacy by challenging the relationship between sexual domination and racial inequality. For perhaps the first time since Reconstruction, southern black communities could imagine state power being deployed in defense of their respectability as men and women. As a result, the 1959 Tallahassee rape case was a watershed event that remains as revealing now as it was important then.

  53. tony k

    Here’s another one .
    White men were at their best in this one:
    On September 3, 1944, the Rock Hill Holiness Church, in Abbeville, Alabama, rocked late into the night. It was nearly midnight when the doors of the wooden, one-story church swung open releasing streams of worshippers, all African American, into the moonlight. After a night of singing and praying, Recy Taylor, Fannie Daniel and Daniel’s eighteen-year-old son, West, stepped out of the country chapel and strolled toward home alongside the peanut plantations that bounded the Abbeville-Headland highway. Taylor, a slender, copper-colored and beautiful twenty-four-year-old mother and sharecropper, noticed a rattletrap green Chevrolet pass them at least three times, young white men gawking from its windows.
    “You reckon what they are up to?” Taylor asked.

    Taylor and Daniel, a stout sixty-one year old woman, watched the car creep by one last time and roll to a stop a few feet ahead of them. Seven men, armed with knives and guns, got out of the car and walked toward the women.

    Herbert Lovett, the oldest of the crew at twenty-four and a private in the United States Army, shouted, “Halt!”

    When they ignored the order, Lovett leveled his shotgun. West tugged at his mother’s sleeve, begging her to stop. “They might shoot you,” he whispered.
    As the circle of men closed in, Lovett waved his gun at Taylor.

    “We’re looking for this girl, right there. She’s the one that cut that white boy in Clopton this evening,” Lovett said, adding that local Sheriff George H. Gamble had dispatched the group to find the alleged assailant.

    “You’re wrong,” Fannie insisted, “she’s been to my house all day.”

    The men crowded closer, nodding their heads in agreement. “Ain’t this her?” Lovett asked.

    “Yep, this the one,” Joe Culpepper said, “I know her by the clothes she got on.”
    “That’s her,” Luther Lee agreed. “Get her!”

    Lovett lurched toward Taylor and grabbed her arm. Then he turned to West and asked if Taylor was his wife.

    “No,” West replied, “she’s Willie Guy Taylor’s wife.” Undeterred, Lovett extended his hand to the teenager, ordered him to shake it, and promised not to hurt Taylor.

    “We’re going to take her up here and see if Mr. Gamble knows her,” Lovett claimed. “If she’s not the one, we’ll bring her right back.”

    As Lovett spoke, Taylor managed to wrest her arm from his grasp and bolted toward a stand of trees behind a cabin.1

    “Come back! Come back!” Fannie yelled. “They going to shoot you. Come back!”2

    “Stop,” Lovett shouted. He cocked the gun at the back of her head. “I’ll kill you if you run.”

    Lovett walked Taylor to the car and shoved her into the back seat. Three men piled in behind her, while four others squeezed into the front. The headlights switched off and the car crept away. After a few miles, the green sedan turned off the main highway, rattled down a red-clay tractor path into the woods and stopped in a grove of pecan trees. “Y’all aren’t carrying me to Mr. Gamble,” Taylor shouted.

    The men in the back seat clasped her wrists and ordered her to be quiet. Lovett grabbed his gun and waved Taylor and his companions out of the car.

    “Get them rags off,” he barked, pointing the shotgun at her, “or I’ll kill you and leave you down here in the woods.”

    Sobbing, Taylor pulled off her clothes.

    “Please,” she cried, “let me go home to my husband and my baby.”

    Lovett spread an old hunting coat on the ground, told his friends to strip down to their socks and undershirts, and ordered Taylor to lie down. Lovett passed his rifle to a friend and took off his pants. Hovering over the young mother, he snarled, “Act just like you do with your husband or I’ll cut your damn throat.”

    Lovett was the first of six men to rape Taylor that night. When they finished, someone helped her get dressed, tied a handkerchief over her eyes, and shoved her back into the car. Back on the highway, the men stopped and ordered Taylor out of the car. “Don’t move until we get away from here,” one of them yelled. Taylor heard the car disappear into the night. She pulled off the blindfold, got her bearings, and began the long walk home.3

    A few days later, a telephone rang at the NAACP branch office in Montgomery, Alabama. E. D. Nixon, the local president, promised to send his best investigator to Abbeville. That investigator would launch a movement that would ultimately change the world.
    Her name was Rosa Parks.4

    In later years, historians would paint Parks as a sweet and reticent old woman, whose tired feet caused her to defy Jim Crow on Montgomery’s city buses. Her solitary and spontaneous act, the story goes, sparked the 1955 bus boycott and gave birth to the civil rights movement. But Rosa Parks was a militant race woman, a sharp detective, and an anti-rape activist long before she became the patron saint of the bus boycott. After meeting with Recy Taylor, Rosa Parks helped form the Committee for Equal Justice. With support from local people, she helped organize what the Chicago Defender called the “strongest campaign for equal justice to be seen in a decade.” Eleven years later, this group of homegrown leaders would become better known as the Montgomery Improvement Association. The 1955 Montgomery bus boycott, often heralded as the opening scene of the civil rights movement, was in many ways, the last act of a decades-long struggle to protect black women, like Taylor, from sexualized violence and rape.

    The kidnapping and rape of Recy Taylor was not unusual in the segregated South.

    The sexual exploitation of black women by white men had its roots in slavery, but continued, often unpunished, through the better part of the twentieth century. As Reconstruction collapsed and Jim Crow arose, white men abducted and assaulted black women with alarming regularity. White men lured black women and girls away from home with promises of steady work and better wages; attacked them on the job; abducted them at gun-point while traveling to or from home, work or church; raped them as a form of retribution or to enforce rules of racial and economic hierarchy; sexually humiliated and assaulted them on streetcars and buses, in taxi cabs and trains, and other public spaces.

    Black women did not keep their stories secret.

    African American women reclaimed their bodies and their humanity by testifying about their assaults… Their testimonies spilled out in letters to the Justice Department and appeared on the front pages of the nation’s leading black newspapers. Black women regularly denounced their sexual misuse. By deploying their voices as weapons in the wars against white supremacy, whether in the church, the courtroom, or in congressional hearings, African American women loudly resisted what Martin Luther King Jr., called the “thingification” of their humanity. Decades before radical feminists in the Women’s Movement urged rape survivors to “speak out,” African American women’s public protests galvanized local, national and even international outrage and sparked larger campaigns for racial justice and human dignity. When Recy Taylor spoke out against her assailants and Rosa Parks and her allies in Montgomery mobilized in defense of her womanhood in 1944, they joined this tradition of testimony and protest.

    Montgomery, Alabama was not the only place in which attacks on black women fueled protests against white supremacy. Between 1940 and 1975, sexual violence and interracial rape became one crucial battleground upon which African Americans sought to destroy white supremacy and gain personal and political autonomy. Civil rights campaigns in Little Rock, Arkansas; Macon, Georgia, Tallahassee, Florida; Washington, North Carolina; Birmingham and Selma Alabama; Hattiesburg, Mississippi, and many other places—had roots in organized resistance to sexual violence and appeals for protection of black womanhood.

    Like the kidnapping and rape of Recy Taylor in Abbeville, Alabama in 1944, these brutal attacks almost always began at the dark end of the street. But African Americans would never let them stay there.
    • 1 “Report” and “Supplemental Report,” submitted by N.W. Kimbrough and J.V. Kitchens, December 14 and 27, 1944, folder 1, CS. See also Earl Conrad, Eugene Gordon, and Henrietta Buckmaster, “Equal Justice Under Law,” pamphlet prepared by the Committee for Equal Justice for Mrs. Recy Taylor, n.d., in folder 3, ibid. The Rockhill Holiness church is still there, but is now called the Church of God in Christ. Thanks to Robert Corbitt and Josephine Baker for a tour of the church.
    • 2 I-Corbitt 3. I-Corbitt &RTC. Corbitt, Recy’s youngest brother who was a witness to the events that followed the attack, corroborated nearly every detail in the Governor’s report.
    • 3 “Report”, 7. According to reports, seven men were in the car, but only six participated in the gang rape. Billy Howerton claims he did not have sex with her. The other assailants corroborated Howerton’s testimony. See “Report,” 9-10.
    • 4 I-RCT, I-Corbitt 8.

  54. tony k

    This is as American as apple pie, George Washington and the 4th of July. This was’nt just about slavery. 100 yrs after the Emancipation, black women were treated with disrespect by white men

  55. Pingback: White Men Raping Black Women in the South « Robert Lindsay

  56. another point….

    There were whites who weren’t “slave masters” who worked on plantations. They were called overseerers. They were poor whites, who depended upon the elites for their lively hood. . Sound familiar :/

    I bet a number of white overseers were descendants of indentured servants

    Nothing like a “has been or once was” to have hatred.
    the same group of poor whites who 150 years later are pitted against poor blks and other POC for crumbs at the table.

    If the laws against raping women of any race were struck from the books tomorrow. Watch the number of rapes climb.

    In this country, during slavery, there weren’t laws on the books to protect blk women since they were scene as property.

    If men will screw sheep and food, what’s stopping them from screwing women who they can rape without facing any sort of punishment.

  57. the hell????

    Robert, you let Sliver back in clique????

    When did this occur???

  58. Mina

    1. During the time after slavery which you state that wm/bw relations were more beneficial to both due to white women not being sexual active is UNTRUE. There were ppor white women with the same out of wed lock birth rate as black actually higher. When Black could Married they did it at a fast rate. White women were not as Virtuous as you assume.

    It’s estimated by historian Those who reas slave owners Farm books and slave sales and birth records that there were about 45% so called mulattos. The 55% of other slaves may have been a quater white or less white. In 2010 90% of black people still have large traces of euro blood, at least 10%. Most of the highter concentrations come from the early 1900’s where there were more concentual relation between bw/wm.
    Stop living in DENIAL white men are the rapist of the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Most black people hate the white rape blood in their viens all slave owners raped black and Indian women Black peopl will never be able to get this white rape blood out of our bodies….
    I hate you and every white men

  59. Uncle Milton

    To Mina:

    In 2010 90% of black people still have large traces of euro blood, at least 10%. Most of the highter concentrations come from the early 1900′s where there were more concentual relation between bw/wm.

    No.. per genetic tests, the large majority of White admixture in self identified Black Americans comes White males not White women. Rob tends to be hyperbolic… he is not saying that rape by White masters (in reality mostly the younger overseers and other White staff on large scale plantations..) didn’t happen… he is saying that the extent of it is exaggerated for political purposes. Yes of course it happened… the question is how often. Given the rather low number of African slaves brought to the US versus the number of Whites they were in contact with the rate of White admixture is rather low.

  60. Claystar

    So the vast majority of African-Americans have some European ancestry, and we’re supposed to believe that it’s largely due to voluntary reproduction with whites? Considering that black men were (for the most) part prevented from coming anywhere near white women, it means that the VAST majority of these mixed offspring were the result of white men having sex with what was considered their property. So you want to tell me that it was mostly voluntary, except for the acts of a few aberrant slaveowners? Get real…….this is just another apologist for slavery, trying to gloss over its hideous reality.

  61. laine

    funny how blacks and all nonwhites claim whites are evil, yet whites help everyone, feed the world, keep world peace, give more money to charities than all other races combine, fight others wars, and are expected to behave at a higher level than any other race….. while all the nonwhites, do nothing to help others, create chaos, wreak havoc, fill the jails/prisons, never say thank you, and are the biggest racist of them all……….. and they label the ones who are better, nicer, kinder people as evil. they try to pin labels on whites that have no relevance to them. they make up lies and stories about whites to villainize them. lies about history and statistics.
    if whites acted like any other nonwhite race we would probably all be in jail for it because whites are held to high standards and one flaw is pointed out like a dispicable evil, yet those same flaws are acceptable and tolerated in nonwhite races.
    the true evil ones are the ones doing the crimes.
    white do less crimes than any other race. the darker the race the more crimes. so it is true dark dose equal evil.

  62. laine

    the reason why blacks have white blood today (if that is true, which i frankly behind its more lies) is hidden relationship going on behind closed doors. these are not open relationships that include marriages and formal dating. these are prostitutes and booty calls…… the unsavory relationships of the loose.

  63. Sage4U

    @ laine and whoever wrote that 37,000 white women raped by black men every year. Check the numbers at fbi dot com. In the United States, whites are arrested significantly more than blacks for the following crime categories: rape, drugs, assault, burglary, larceny-theft, arson, fraud, embezzlement, vandalism, weapons carrying, driving under the influence, drunkeness, runaways. Murder, robbery, SUSPICION, and gambling are close in numbers.

    How is it that blacks are incarcerated at such a significantly higher rate then? RACISM in the courts.



  65. 1. Light-skinned mulattoes were freed, darker-skinned mulattoes were often sold to other plantations. Either way, the child in question was still half-black/half-white.

    2. Anyone who honestly doesn’t believe that there were black women willing to have sex with white men for “considerations” (a la the anecdote mentioned earlier about the white land-owner who propositioned the black sharecroppers for access to their daughter) is an idiot. Whether you want to consider them quislings or survivors, there have always been a certain amount of people who were/are willing to make the best of a bad situation. A black female slave who slept with her master to avoid the risk of him selling her children (or who looked aside when her master slept with one of her daughters) may have acquiesced due to coercion instead of violence, but it’s not equal to the idea of “evil white men” dragging “innocent, put-upon black women” into the woods by their hair for “raep-time”.

    3. The parts of Africa that are experiencing the “rape a virgin to cure AIDS” phenomenon have contributed almost nothing to the genetic make-up of African Americans. Using the “black men in Africa rape children, so it’s obvious that black men in America have the same rape genes!” argument is stupid. It’s the equivalent of hiring Polish workmen to make wine because France produces the best Beaujolais (after all, Poland and France are both in Europe amirite?)

    4. As far as rape in concerned, given the amount of rape claims that are dismissed daily due to lack of proof or claim recanting on the part of the victim, I find it difficult to take the amount too seriously. False Rape Society details multiple new cases of women claiming rape (then denying or seeing those cases thrown out in court) on a weekly basis, with the bulk of their cases involving people from the same race, cultural background and monetary class. If there are so many women in the world who are willing to throw their “own” under the bus, it becomes logical to consider the amount of rape claims levied against men who aren’t “equal” to their victims. The continued exoneration of “rapists” in the public sphere (the Central Park jogger’s “rapists” were among the most notable beneficiaries) casts further doubt as to the validity of many of those yearly claims (doubly so when you read through some of the “false claim” based websites and learn that there are plenty of women who claim rape because the man in question didn’t stay in touch with them. IOW, there are probably a lot {not a majority, mind you} of black men in jail whose sole “crime” was crossing the color line and not being courteous enough to answer a voicemail.) On top of that, most rapists (of the unambiguous type, not the “date” or “acquaintance” rapist types) are serial rapists. What that means is simple: one or a few men can and do artificially inflate rape statistics. If a (for lack of a better word to use) “dedicated” percentage of black men are acting as race-based rapists, even as low of a number as a dozen men can literally rape hundreds of women in a year’s time. If a hundred black men in a certain area of America commit that act on at least 10 women each, then 1000 women can and do come forward with a rape claim. Seeing as how there are close to 40,000,000 black people in America (with less than half of those people being men) tarring black men with the “rapist” brush is just bad math. After all, 20+ million black men in America and less than 20,000 committing the act of rape doesn’t an epidemic make (by those numbers, 0.1% of all black men are rapists. In comparison, 0.1% of all new AIDS victims in America received the virus through non-drug related heterosexual sex, yet people aren’t calling for the banning of heterosexual sex, yet.)

  66. Where did mulattoes come from. Frederick Douglass, the abolitionist and former slave, who claimed that the “slave woman is at the mercy of the fathers, sons or brothers of her master.”9 Douglass’s account is consistent with the accounts of other former slaves. Henry Bibb’s master forced a young slave to be his son’s concubine; later, Bibb and his wife were sold to a Kentucky trader who forced Bibb’s wife into prostitution.10

    Gloria J. Browne-Marshall
    excerpted from: Gloria J. Browne-Marshall, Failing Our Black Children: Statutory Rape Laws, Moral Reform and the Hypocrisy of Denial (2002) (Footnotes Omitted)
    “Powerless against a lustful husband and blind to the harsh realities of chattel slavery, the enraged wife often vented her jealous rage upon the one person whom she could control, the black woman.” English law governed the “American” English colonists.
    Colonial laws regarding statutory rape were not applied to Blacks and Indians. Indians and Blacks, as well as their children, were prohibited by law from defending themselves against abuse, sexual and otherwise, at the hands of Whites. A slave who defended herself against the attack of a White person was subject to cruel beatings by either the master or mistress. Liaisons between Whites and Blacks or Indians were illegal. The females of color received the harshest punishment if discovered in a liaison with a White male. Females of color, regardless of their young age, were viewed as seducers of White men. Pregnancy became the evidence of the illegal liaison. A mulatto baby the indicator of the race of the father – White male. The child, by statute took the status of the mother and is thus born into slavery. The full benefit of the relationship and the off-spring enured to the White male. Under English precedent, the status of children was determined by the father. The colonists changed the law to increase the wealth and domination of the White master who had eliminated certain costs of purchasing human labor by becoming “a breeder of slaves.” The Black female, woman or child, was forced into sexual relationships for the White slave master’s pleasure and profit.
    Which race commits more incest, serial killers. etc. Do you want to dance with me?

  67. Slave women were property; therefore, legally they could not be raped. Often slavers would offer gifts or promises of reduced labor if the slave women would consent to sexual relations, and there were instances where the slaver and slave shared sexual attraction; however, “the rape of a female slave was probably the most common form of interracial sex.”11 A slave woman explained, “When he make me follow him into de bush, what use me to tell him no? He have strength to make me.”12 At the same time, Black men convicted of raping White women were usually castrated, hanged, or both.13

    People make decisions based on the options they have and the options that they perceive. The objective realities of slavery and the slaves’ subjective interpretations of the institution both led female slaves to engage “voluntarily” in sexual unions with Whites, especially slavers, their sons, and their overseers. A slave who refused the sexual advances of her slaver risked being sold, beaten, raped, and having her “husband” or children sold. Many slave women conceded to sexual relations with Whites, thereby reinforcing the belief that Black women were lustful and available.

  68. Why?

    Robert Lindsay, you have made me angry enough to bother posting on your site. You are one of the worst types of racists. You believe you are liberal and “anitracist”, while at the same time spouting horrific, false remarks about Blacks and downplaying the system of oppression forced upon them. Please stop thinking of and referring to yourself as a decent person and start admitting to the fact that you are an insensitive racist that could care less about the Black race. I hope I never stumble across your horribly flawed and inaccurate comments again.

  69. Groucho Marx

    To Willie Hayes:

    >Which race commits more incest, serial killers. etc. Do you want to dance with me?

    I have never seen figures for incest, but Blacks, as a percentage of their population have the highest rate of serial killers and child molesters in the United States.

    “Eric Hickey
    Wadsworth Publishing 1996
    With a database of serial killers from the 1790s to the 1980s compiled in 1991, Hickey found 13% of known cases were African-American.
    In another study Hickey removed the decade of the 1790s and with data from the entire 1980s through 1995 included, please note the sharp upsurge in black serial killers:-
    With a database of 399 serial killers from 1800 to 1995, Hickey found:
    (1) 20% of the killers were black.
    (2) 17% were women.
    And here’s more:-
    Century of Slaughter 1992
    Michael Newton
    With a database of 800 serial killers from the 20th century, Newton found 16% of cases were African-American
    And more:-
    Extreme Killing: Understanding Serial and Mass Murder
    James Alan Fox and Jack Levin
    Crime and Justice, Vol. 23, 1998 (1998), pp. 407-455
    Sage Publications 2005
    With a database of 558 offenders operating in the United States since 1900, Fox and Levin found:
    (1) 86% of the killers are male.
    (2) 82% are white.
    (3) 15% are black.
    (4) 4% are Hispanic.”

    In the figures above.. note that Blacks are over represented as a percentage of the US population.
    Rate of child abuse by race:
    White = 51%
    African American = 25%
    Hispanic = 15%
    American Indian/Alaska Natives = 2%
    Asian/Pacific Islanders = 1%

    Same with the figures above.

    Rob did a post on child molesters:

    • Levertis Steele

      Your first two links are outdated. The last one was published in 2010. I see nothing on the latter that makes whites or blacks look good. All of the numbers are serious and deserve attention and action. What is with whites and blacks playig the “You Are Worse Than I” game? It is childish and a waste of time for either race to poke fun at the other for percentages or numbers of crimes. They both have “won” the high percentage status at times. Check this one out. It is a 2010 United States FBI list of arrests and charges by races. Which one is prettier? Not a single one.

      Each race listed has serious problems.

  70. veo99

    People don’t waste ure time on this moronic loser called Lindsay whatever his stupid girly name is!!! Why the fuck are white men on all these dating websites seeking out black women??? Hmmmm!! can not stop lusting for them can u?? the killer curves are too much Huh!! cos we all know that white women need surgery to acquire any kind of enhancements!! They are supposedly the most beautiful race in the world but will dye that horse hair of theirs blonde (we know that ain’t ure real hair color), botox for their non-existent lips and now butt and hip enhancements for their non-curvy figures!! Don’t get me started on implants!! How artificial can u be?? Beautiful race!! White men are online looking for women from other races cos they are freaks!! So I am not suprised that during slavery they could not be bother with their rigid wives!! Mistress of the house my foot – the bitch knew that the real mistress was the object her filthy husbands affection!! Why would a woman let her man have sexual relations with a black woman, who was seen of a lower race in their stupid minds at the time?? Hmmmm!! Low self esteem more like!! Flat ass, flat chest and their real hair color was probably a put off cos surgery nor science was that advance so in the white womans natural state the word FRUMP!! comes to mind. I mean BORING would have been an understatement for crying out loud!! U people make laugh!! If u are the best and u are a confident race then u don’t need to have these discussions to prove anything to any body!! Why feel the need to justify or clarify yourselves O wonderful people!! Opening so many discussion rooms to make black people look bad!! Wow!! what a lot of effort for people u claim u don’t care about!! I’m flattered actually!! U know we are the shit and its killing u!! I mean with all ure hot air u cannot touch me – I am just too cute and too confident to be brought down by a bunch of nobodies!! Ha!! When I am out or at work I see u admiring me but telling ureselves that its hate is just too cute but then once I give my teeth, the idiots wanna jump thru hoops!! DRY people!!! Go sit ure ass down with ure dryness!! I’m bored with u already!! Well enough about u – I have to have my Horlicks moment while I execute how I can oppress some of u with all this cuteness tomorrow!! Peace losers!! – All haters please feel free to respond as I am one that thrives on such attention – please type away beaus and release all that venom in u!! cuss out every black person on the planet but guess who will not care – yep!! Moi!! Cos I will still be gorgeous regardless of how u feel – Hmmm shame really!! or better yet our girlfriend Lindsay could do me the pleasure of reading it all himself and deleting it – Whatever floats ure boat honey!! Muah!!

    • Bye bye Black woman.

      You’re banned.


      Boy we sure ban a lot of Black people on here!

      • Wade in MO

        “Boy we sure ban a lot of Black people on here!”

        Rahbut linzzy! U dun beez a raciss ayn sheeit. U baynned da blaquez b-cuz u beez gelus ‘n sheeit. Da blaquez dun beez da moss byootyfool rayce….ayn we wuz ‘gypshunz.

        • Bay Area Guy

          Ever notice how angry black commenters online always use poor spelling and grammar?

          Yeah, proud black people, way to dispel these pernicious black stereotypes!

        • Bay Area Guy


          Damn Wade, your take on black english is something else!

        • Wade in MO

          “Ever notice how angry black commenters online always use poor spelling and grammar?”

          Yes. So do angry stormfront nordicists. I tend to use the same “dialect” of english to mock both of them.

      • stone

        Hi Lindsay, Don’t ban people just because you don’t like what they say. I can see you doing it if they are being really obnoxious. She was just being cute and sassy. With some Blacks it’s hard to trust Whites. Me, I don’t trust a lot of whites or blacks. But in my life span I haven’t had any Whites treat me half as bad as Blacks. Probably because I’m around Blacks more. Some of the whites make deliberate insinuation that I totally ignore. Why? Because I hate the feeling that the adrenaline gives me. Makes me feel like I’ve been working in the sun all day. (smile) Life is short enjoy it. Re-read her comment kind of demeaning you huh?

    • LaFleur

      So I am not suprised that during slavery they could not be bother with their rigid wives!!

      Yes, rigid would be a little uncomfortable. Too much starch in the draws I guess.

      DRY people!!! Go sit ure ass down with ure dryness!!

      LOL wut? Did Dr. Bronner come back as a crazy black chick?

      cuss out every black person on the planet but guess who will not care – yep!! Moi!!

      Oh hai Ankhesen! You always say “moi”.

      ayn we wuz ‘gypshunz

      Yass we wus.

  71. Nu

    GO TO HELL! You and bay area guy are two ignorant Sons of Bitches! Nothing better to do, you retards?!?

  72. stone

    Wade in MO…often people abbreviate or use slang words. I’ve seen not only horribly mis-spelled words by Whites but just as horrible grammar. So stop specking and start checking. At my second job in my teens my White manager asked me where did you get that “huhh” ( her ) from? I turned and said “from you”. But it made me self conscious and I bought a tape recorder and tried to improve my diction..pronounciation. My uncle and I (who was my age) started corresponding by tape to improve our speech. Blacks looked down on other blacks who tried to speak properly. It was trying to be like White people or you thought too much of yourself. Lynch did quite a job on the Blacks, I must say. It’s like a part of you to actually hate the person. Like it’s in your genes. We had so many things holding us back within our own race. It seems to be easing up gradually. One pilot tried to demean me by comparing me to a white woman. Of course she had to be blonde- blue eyed. I was so tired of listening to that man. If he thought he made me feel inferior he just didn’t know me. One pilot in a disgusting tone said to the other pilots ” imagine waking up to that in bed”. They all laughed. (I worked with lots of pilots and they tried to date me but I just couldn’t go that route if you can’t respect me as a decent woman.) My white co-worker was jealous at how often they came into our office and sat on my desk. As I was leaving work this pilot drove up beside me and offered me a ride to my car. I got in and said thanks when I got out. To each his own. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I’ve got problems of my own I’m not taking on anymore.

  73. Bonnie

    I’m kinda sick of hearing Black compalain about slavery, in this day and age.

    Blacks weren’t the only slaves. There were White European slaves, too. And BEFORE the Black were brought over, and ALONGSIDE the Black Slaves.

    • Jack

      Bonnie, they don’t want to hear that there were actually more white European slaves than African, at least, at first. They just want to continue whining. They need to find excuses for the failure of their entire species. Now they are saying millions were killed in Germany during the holocaust. They should be ashamed of themselves.

      • There were indeed black victims in the Holocaust (as well as Jehovah Witnesses, Gypsies, etc). More European slaves than African? Are you serious? You’re the one making excuses and trying to lessen the impact of 400 years of enslavement.

  74. AJ Sochaczewki

    Master-Slave sex is a myth. In truth if you see a mocha colored women or man today and ask were the white blood came from 9/10 will reply that one of thier grandparents or parents were white. Or that there’s American Indian blood in the family. Also. like KeeptheLAW siad black women were sold as sex workers in Louisiana (to the French-not the Jew) and some on the frontier.
    PS. KEEPtheLaw (I guess he’s Black) should know that the Conspiratorial book ‘The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews’ is a total Fake; Black Anti-semitic Anti-White Conspiriacy book written for Lazy white hating blacks

    • Wade in MO

      “Master-Slave sex is a myth”

      Yeah, but you have to admit…it’s a pretty hot one.

    • angela

      Master-Slave sex is a myth, oh boy. And bed wenches didn’t exist either, am I right? I don’t understand what relevance does having a white grand parent somehow hold/prove that slave masters years ago did not having sex with their slaves and birthed mulatto children…

      There was a white woman that traced back to her family tree and found her black cousins. They shared a common great grandparent that had a black mistress whom he had several children with her, as well as his white wife. This is not an uncommon story.

  75. As “voluntary” as any decision based on a master-slave relationship, an inherently coercive one, can be.

  76. Kelly

    You’ll never get it. Your just blinded by bigotry and anger and I don’t know what at. What have black ppl done to you? Oh right enslave you, systematically keep you impoverished, and out of suburbia, thus creating the conditions to slaughter each other and remain ignorant. Lack of your people in the media make them become disillusioned with themselves…Oh wait that’s us!! Don’t talk about things you don’t have any patience to learn.

    • Look baby, if you don’t calm down, I’ma ban your Black ass, ok? You’re violating the comments policy, and that gets you banned honey.

    • Wade in MO

      ” and out of suburbia”

      Are you kidding me? There are a lot of white people who would like to move into more densely populated urban areas but who don’t have the money to keep themsleves away from black violence and black destroyed schools. It want suburbia, you can have it. We’ll take the cities back.

      “thus creating the conditions to slaughter each other and remain ignorant.”

      Funny. East Asia is full of densely populated cities and they don’t have near the crime or ignorance problems as black ghettos.

      ” Lack of your people in the media make them become disillusioned with themselves”

      ???? Last time I checked, blacks were crawling all over the media.

      • Dan

        Are you sure about East Asia being a Utopia bullshit? Aren’t there ghetto’s in Singapore, China with poor chinese workers, hell I’m sure there were and are ghetto’s in Japan with Chinese/Korean criminals because they were considered the underclass in Japan, hell most of the Yakuza are of Korean descent and are one the biggest com miters on crime in the world, not just in Japan, except there is virtually no media coverage of them anymore, and they have gotten much more careful about paper shuffling, media exposure, legal systems, institutional coverage, trafficking, dealings. They are not blacks, but they are one of the biggest sources of crimes to this day. Talk about ghetto’s and crime in East Asia, what about the Chinese triads, the now destroyed kowloon city in Hong Kong where crime was rampant? A place where trafficking and violence, performed by Asians were the norm, hell there was even a Van Damme movie based in that very setting. Wade in MO is full of shit

  77. Cooly

    You are not married to a black woman, not a real one. No self respecting sista would stoop so low. White man and their nasty Evil, cracka ways Raped black women, millions of them. Your kind are the devils of the world.
    Don’t try to rewrite history, to make yourselves feel better.
    The world is a Boomerang, what Goes Around comes right back Around. What you’ve done to me I’m doing back. We are getting back. LOL

  78. Eliza

    I was actually intruiged by your blog at first. I thought you were reporting these things impartially. As I sat here reading the responses to your words and your reactions I was disappointed to realize that you are so beligerent. That’s sad because you do appear to have a modicum of intelligence. If you put as much time and effort into educating yourself as you do into resenting Black Americans you might actually make a difference and persuade people to question what they think they know. Black women probably weren’t raped by white men at the rate that some people would like the public to believe. White women DEFINITELY weren’t raped by black men at the ridiculously high rate that white males like yourself want the public to believe. The lily white virgin who fantasized about Mandingo was ashamed or disgraced once she gave into her lust and cried rape once her daddy found out. Much like the southern belle Susan Smith who drowned her babies and tried to blame it on the big scary black man. Where are your statistics referring to incidents where black men are falsely accused by white women? I am loathe to refer to you as ignorant because that would imply that you don’t know any better and, sadly, I believe you do. Most of the “ghetto” black people you talk about are ignorant because they lack the skills to communicate effectively and that’s why their spelling and grammar is so poor. For you, however, there is no excuse for why you sound so inane. You are very articulate and yet you still come off like a redneck Good Ol Boy. That’s sad. You make it evident through your racist rant and your unsubstantiated stats that being rejected by a Black woman has defined your existence. You should never let anyone have that kind of power over you. In spirit, that woman did fuck you because she has driven you into a bitterness so complete and overwhelming that you have made it your mission to try to discredit the opression of women by WASP males in this country. You have allowed this woman to hurt you so deeply that you are making yourself sound stupid. You really should build a bridge and get over it. I respect anyone’s opinion, no matter how bigotted, as long as it is presented intelligently. Tone down the bitterness toward black women and say what you have to say and maybe you might be able to start up your own little Aryan Nation and make some friends and discuss white separatism and maybe get some pussy or something. Stop sitting in front of your computer, go to the library and check out Mein Kampf and get some interactions that don’t involve a keyboard and a mouse. And stop banning people just because you don’t like what they say. It’s so childish. Have a pleasant evening.

    • Hello Ms. Black woman. You are banned. Have an unpleasant evening.

      • Levertis Steele

        Why are blacks and whites always in arguments about who’s cuter, who has the biggest private parts, who uses poor grammar, who kills more, who robs more, who abuses children more, and on and on! What’s wrong with you supposedly grown people? Thes kinds of arguments are for morons. Blacks and whites remind me of a bad marriage. I wonder who is playing the cheating husband. LOL! I must admit that you do add humor to the thread. What’s really funny is when a person pokes fun at someone’s gaammar and he/she has errors also. “Be carreful the ditch you dig for someone else, for you may fall into it.”

        A black lady mentioned that white women are said to be cutest of all women. News: White men are beginning to say that Asians are cutest. So, many of these two are marrying each other. So, while white women and black women continue to argue, your men are slipping away from you!
        Speaking of cute, you are cute if you think you are. If most women take of the make-up, hair colors, fake body parts and alterations, padded bras, and silicone breasts, fake butts and hips, I think we would see some plain ordinary women, and what’s wrong with that? All women wear makeup to look like something they are not, Right? Who can talk about the other?

        I have read a lot of hub pages, and one thing they all have is common is senseless arguments between blacks and whites. Someone needs to turn such comments into a television program. It is too late to rethink because people all over the world think that these two races are missing some screws. You two need to try to do beter!

        • Levertis Steele

          “better!” Because I am capable of imperfection, I do not make fun of others.

        • Joe's Garage...

          To Levertis Steele:

          News: White men are beginning to say that Asians are cutest. So, many of these two are marrying each other…

          Apparently over 90% of the US White males didn’t get the memo since they married White women.

  79. This is a little different to read… I think I am going to agree with the one person alllll the way back in 2009 that said everyone rapes everyone. I don’t think we really need to analyze it or point fingers. Let’s just keep our hands to ourselves and get along now. O and please don’t banned me haha

  80. Levertis Steele

    Some people still “bitch” about slavery, as someone said, because some whites still have that slavemaster mentality in present times.

    By law, slaves were property to slave owners. Whether a slavemaster raped a slave or asked and it was given, it still is rape. If you know that an owner has the right to punish you for refusing anything, what are you going to do to save your hide? It is easy to say what you would not do when you are not in a situation. Sex could still be pleasurable to raped victims. They are human beings with feelings. Many raped victims have testified that they felt guilty because they experienced pleasure. Nevertheless, it was still rape. If the slave women had been free and had a right to say “No,” I would see things differently. They were “between a rock and a hard place.”

    Because slaves were also human, common sense tells me that some encounters were probably consensual. No one alive were witnesses to those happenings and naturally whites and blacks presently would say what makes them look better. So, let it rest because neither of you know. You did not sleep with them and witness it. God knows and that’s all that matters.

    Slavery was a worse crime than rape. Rape lasts a short time, but slavery last a lifetime. It is ironic that you would say that slavemasters did not rape. The first word, “slavemaster” incriminated them worse. Don’t use that slavery was legal excuse because we know that man is guilty of passing as law some sinful things.

    The author said that slave women were glad to get gifts in exchange for sex. What choices did the masters give those women for getting anything they desired? Were they allowed to work for money to purchase their desires? Were they given a salary for their slave labor? Were they given a weekly or monthly allowance? Talk is cheap.

    Someone said that the slavewomen felt that sexing the slave master or overseer was considered a rise in status. That lets me know how awful conditions were for slaves. Imagine them thinking that having sex with a white man was a rise in status! Given a choice, I imagine they woud have had a better tangle with one of those Mandingo bucks! Well, I cannot be so callous as to stick to this allusion to a myth because I am intelligent enough to know that men are men regardless of race, but since some of you believe it, I thought I would play your game and say things to hurt your feelings. I just can’t do that on purpose because I do not need to throw mud to feel good.

  81. Levertis Steele

    The average man has always had a craving for women/girls too young for them, most, probably all races of men. It shows in their behaviors today. Some go to prison for it. It seems to be a statutory rape syndrome. A few generations back, during Colonial times, and as late as the early 1900’s, it was not uncommon for a grown man to marry a 14-year old girl, and it was legal and very common! An easy reference could be an old person you know.

    Now, can you imagine the slave masters waiting until slaves were 21 or 22 to breed them since humans mature slowly? Not hardly. More slaves meant more money. Many did not wait until their wives were 22. Were slaves treated better than white women? Like it or not, men married children and those who were rapists, certainly not all, raped slave children. Their white wives suffered much mental abuse because they were powerless to stop them and were forbidden to protest. So, they often blamed the slave women and called them whores. They felt the need to fight someone! Some men still have problems keeping their hands off children. Check out this link. Look at the second paragraph to get the ages of some brides:

    There are many other similar links.

  82. Levertis Steele

    Wade in M O:

    You might want to do a little research on master-slave sex. It was not a myth. It was a reality. That does not mean that every slaveowner did it, but too many did. Because of the embarrassment, many people have tried to rewrite history by twisting it. Every race has some shameful history. It is good to know that you were not a slaveowner or slave, nor I the same. We are not the blame for what our forefathers did unless we repeat it. The majority of whites did not own slaves because slaves were expensive, and some whites were against slavery and even helped them to escape. Even more, some whites lost their lives trying to help slaves to freedom. White women in the 1800’s fought for their own civil rights and advocated for the freedom of slaves as well. So, many white Christians, men and women, had a big hand in the abolishment of slavery. There were many other commendable things that whites did to further the cause of freedom for slaves. Research it on the web. Start with: “White Abolitionists.”

    Slavery thrivesd in southern states mainly because there were a high concentration of crop, and the plantation was the source of many a slaveowners wealth.. During the Civil War The North fought the south. won the war, and slavery ended. Now, when slavery is mentioned, no white need feel guilty about something that they did not do, and many of their forefathers helped to end. No doubt, some of their forefathers were slaveowners. Blacks and whites have proud and shameful history. As one author mentioned, whites hold the record of having invented some of the world’s greatest technology. That is certainly commendable. Last, if we cannot think of anything nice to say about others, we have a serious problem.

  83. Levertis Steele

    Has this post died?

  84. Levertis Steele

    Robert: You have a good topic, and many commenters said some good and weird things. You are obviously young, but you would get better responses if you would handle your thread without displaying unnecessary anger and obvious racism. Yes, some of your guest said racist things, but you had the responsibility to handle your guests in a more professional manner, instead of joining them in ugliness. Although sensitive, the topic is very interesting.

  85. Joe's Garage...

    To Levertis Steele:

    You are obviously young

    Do you consider someone in their mid-50s (as Rob is..) to be young..?

  86. Joe's Garage...

    To Levertis Steele:

    You might want to do a little research on master-slave sex. It was not a myth. It was a reality. That does not mean that every slaveowner did it, but too many did. Because of the embarrassment, many people have tried to rewrite history by twisting it

    The title of article is the Black Slave Rape Epidemic meaning that the reports of rapes have been exaggerated.. not that they did not occur.
    If you look at Rob’s figures you’ll see that the majority of Black slaves at the end of the civil war were unmixed. Considering there had multiple generations (on average about 6…) of Black female slaves available to assault.. what’s surprising is that the mixed population was actually fairly low at the end of the civil war. Yes, this does not meant assaults did not occur but the figures in the modern era have been inflated. (and by the way.. the vast majority of assaults were from overseers and White laborers.. and much less so from the owner’s of the plantations which were far less numerous and older…) Read some source materials written during that era.. and not as you say revisionist history.

    • TheAmazingAzian (Not in any way related to TheAmazingAtheist!)

      I am curious to know how they were able to find out the amount of muxing of black and white genes of slaves at the end of the civil war, actually…Did they test the bones of the slaves?

      (And yes, I do realize I’m posting in a dead topic.)

  87. Levertis Steele

    Joe’s Garage: It’s true that some things were exaggerated. Actually, I did recently read some sources written during the Colonial Era. I have read many sources for years, although I am not an authority on the subject. I have also listened to recorded commentaries of old people who were slave children or children of slaves. They were eyewitnesses to some events.

    I have not been young in many years. Robert is 50ish! Well, that’s young to me.

    • Nonsense. In my heart of hearts, I will always be 22 years old.

      Thanks so much for coming to the blog, my friend. I have a feeling that you are Black, We enjoy having Blacks on the site, and we have a few here already, though we do criticize Blacks sometimes in the manner of a “White Bill Cosby,” we are opposed to racism against Blacks (as we view it) and consider ourselves Black-friendly. For instance, I voted for Obama and had tears in my eyes when the night he was elected watching the scene in the Chicago park with a Black family next to me.

      We are Black-friendly, but critical.

      This is like a journey into the mind of the typical White liberal.

  88. Levertis Steele

    @Robert: I know many racist blacks , whites, and others. I would rather interact with a racist truth speaker than a kindhearted liar. A co-worker once asked me why I associated with another co- worker (white male) who was VERY racist. I responded, “I trust him because he is honest about his feelings. He does not pretend.” Does my reasoning make sense? Yes, I am black, a female. I am not easily offended. Racism is a people disease, not a white disease. Jobs I have held in my lifetime have conditioned me well!

  89. Levertis Steele

    Whoooo! I just read an old post or two! What bitterness! Yes, you all are having a strange party on this one, if “strange” is the best word; I’m not sure.
    Robert, I’m quoting a portion of your article at the top: “The whole history of White men has been a history of rape of Indian and Black women. When a Black woman looks in the mirror, she sees centuries of violence, of rape, evil rape, in her veins, in her soul, in her genes. This was a sexist campaign of extermination against Black women. We White dudes conspired to pollute their illustrious and Nobel Prize winning Black gene pool! Such a crime against humanity! And we thought we were just “mejorando la raza” as they call marrying and breeding up-White in Latin America.”

    Blacks have diverse views about all of the events surrounding slavery in America. If all of us got together and discussed our different views, with the intention of arriving at a consensus, we would never come to a total agreement on any one issue. I am willing to say that the majority, even a great majority, of black women do not look into the mirror and see herself as a raped victim with “centuries of violence, in her veins, in her soul….” How dramatic! I can just imagine a torn black woman, Mandinka type, violently clutching her clothes at the chest and starring into a mirror only to see a teary-eyed wretched remnant of a soul depleted of all of her dignity . . . . Let me stop that! I was amused by the article, but I do think that it was a bit exaggerated, from my perspective. You can usually judge how a black woman feels about rape during slavery by paying attention to her temperament when discussing it.

    Everything that happened during slavery, even most things, were not put “on the books.” Reading about slavery seems to be repetitious with a few new events, but mostly the same kinds of things. That in itself is an indication that many things were omitted. We have bits and pieces, but we will never know all that happened or exactly to what extent.

    It is human nature to believe or imitate something when we hear it over and over again. So, blacks and whites reiterate their knowledge, beliefs, and points over and over because they are both aware of this as a method of persuasion.

    I remember several cases of cults abducting very young white girls somewhere in the US and literally turning them into sex slaves, even “wives.”
    The girls soon learned to be submissive to the demands of the sickos. They were broken. They were raped, not only of their innocence, but also of their spirits, and their minds. They were brainwashed. Some even acted as if they did not know if they belonged to the abducters or with parents. they were so confused. Sometimes the sickos make these girls think that they are experiencing love, and it has been reported that some did not want to leave because they thought they loved their abducters. When minds are conquered, they do not think rationally. The victims submits to the will of the dominant one.

    Rape is not always violent–a man grabs the woman’s hair and drags her into the bushes and rapes her, or he forces her onto the barn floor and rapes her. That might have happened some, but it is mostly movie-type stuff. A man can request sex ever so kindly, the woman smiles and submits, even participates pleasingly, and accepts a red calico dress as a gift. It still is rape because of the condition she’s under. Her mind is not hers, she is a slave, it is against the law to disobey a master, she could be sold, her children could be sold, she could be whipped. Those are the kinds of things things that ran through her mind and helped her to be whatever she was told to be, even if it was prostitution. There was probably more of that kind of rape than forcible rape.

    A great way to understand a situation is to imagine your loved ones (daughter, mom, wife, granny) in the slave woman’s shoes. I doubt if you would clear a black master of rape even if the woman consented. You would nail him to the floor as guilty, and so would I. You wouldn’s have said, “Mama, you should have said “No” and fought him even if it meant your life or baby being sold. Mama submitted because she wanted to survive. The law was not on her side. She had no right to accuse a master.

    I do not know half of what happened back then, and I do not think that anyone else does, but I believe that more mind-controlling rapes occured than forced rape. It makes sense. I do not believe that most slaveowners raped slaves. We can also judge people by today’s behaviors. Look at the many fights that women had to, and still, undergo just to go to hundreds of thousands of job sites in the US without being sexually harrassed, groped, even raped. Look at the many rapes that are occurring everyday. Look at the many disrespectful propositions that women walking down any street get from some men. Look at the probing, intimidating stares that some men direct toward women that they find sexually appealing. Look at the many teachers and others trusted to care for children, but abused them sexually. Still, the majority of men, women also, do not rape. I believe that most of the slavemasters were not rapists.

    Sexual abuse by every race on the planet is not new and still runs circles around today’s world. Now, why should anyone believe that a man who would buy and enslave a human being like a mule would not commit something like rape? Forced to give a choice, I’d rather be raped than to submit to slavery and human ownership.

    We both know that certain experts were summoned by the slaveowners to teach them strategies to take the minds of slaves in order to keep them submissive and not be runaways. Slaves did not want to be owned and commanded. If this happened to your mama, would you defend a black slaveowner if she consensted to his advances? Because the women almost always consented, they were called loose, easy, whores, nasty. That was not fair. Those women were at a mighty disadvantage. When whites today act as if black slaves were glad to have those men sex them, it makes blacks angry because they are looking at rape of the minds, not just bodies, which caused these women to submit. If you want to go deeper, black slave men were mentally raped and castrated, even if they housed their brains and testicles in their bodies. They were owned.

    I really do believe that blacks and whites need to heal from all of this slavery mess. It should not be used today to fight battles. Many people the world over underwent slavery, but we blacks kicks up the biggest dust balls. It is hilarious. Blacks and whites overall are unrelenting and unforgiving. That’s the shameful part. We present-day blacks and whites did not undergo slavery and slave ownership. This had to end. One reason some blacks do not let go of using slavery as a weapon is HARSH, RAW RACISM that still exists. When a white person assumes that slave master mentality, the race war is on! When a black person slams a white person with slavery or HARSH RAW RACISM, it is on! So the war rages on. Black Americans and White Americans are always at loggershead, and it is getting to be embarrassing, no, past embarrassing.

    I think that I have done enough of this acting out in my lifetime. I have resigned from most of that mess. I do not want to be caught up in that war when Jesus comes. I have hung up my sword and shield. Now, I just have the mouth to conquer. LOL!

    There are hubs now that are saying that black men are, in a sense, raping certain white women because they are taking advantage of their vulnerability and ignorance in order to use and discard them, making them unfit for white men. They say that these women have been brainwashed to love black skin and worship certain body parts. (Yes, I am aware of the stats on race rapes.) When whites get a lower percentage, they laugh at us. When we get a lower percentage, we laugh at them. So silly!

    • Eliza Terryl

      Levertis you are wasting your time. You would have a much more willing audience trying to convince Al Qaeda to give up Jihad. These people are worse than the Jethro Rednecks with their white sheets and their nooses because they fancy themselves Rhodes Scholars and are so beligerent its borderline criminal. You would be better off talking drug addicts out of getting high. Let them pontificate on their perceived superiority, it only makes them seem intelligent to others like themselves.

    • Thank you very much for your comment Levertis, and welcome to the site. We are happy to have you here.

      We don’t fashion ourselves as a White racist anti-Black site or anything like that. It’s run by a White liberal-Leftist who supported the Civil Rights Movement.

      • Levertis Steele

        I follow sites, including their links, that are run by Rights and Lefts, anti-blacks or any. I like to know what and how people think. I observe their mindsets and activities, draw conclusions, and form opinions, etc.

  90. Levertis Steele

    A man! Do you think that I am a masculine-type, fingerwagging, neckcraning, cussing, Madea type, tobacco spitting black woman? LOL!! Not exactly. I love to dramatize when it is appropriate, but I do know how to behave in most settings. I only fuss and knock my husband to the floor when no one is looking. Smart woman!

    • Well, I thought your name was a male name.

      Plus I am sexist. Most of the really articulate Blacks who come here and write as well as you do are males. The Black females tend to be more like Eliza Terryl at best. They come, they screech, they leave.

      We definitely welcome Blacks to this site. We consider ourselves to be Black-friendly but also Black-critical in the Bill Cosby sense at times.

  91. Levertis Steele

    I hate discovering writing errors after posting!

    • Levertis Steele

      You probably get black female readers, with less angry attitudes, who do not comment. I do not comment on most sites I read. Also, my two daughters read over my shoulders sometimes, but they do not comment.

      I suppose Eliza Terryl is a black woman. Oh, she is angry and full of hatred.
      I am an imperfect, need-prayer-and-forgiveness-every-day, Christian. I know the dangers of harboring hatred and anger within. It is actually a miserable form of imprisonment. It hurts, causes illnesses, even kills. How do I know? I’ve been there. Sweet peace is so much better.

      Have a good day! I am out of here.

  92. Although I respect the fact that your a gentleman and articulate, perhaps because of that your guilty of a greater transgression. This article is preposterous. Even some of our Nation’s presidents have unclaimed slave children from young slaves. Yes slave rape was pervasive.

    This is just a personal blog. However, had this been released through a major periodical, this would’ve been blown to pieces by slave records and historians as completely ridiculous. You believe most precious young white girls were virgins so white men just mosied on down into black towns and found themselves a willing black chick with ease (besides the fact many white chicks were not virginal, and most black chicks were repulsed at the thought of being with a white man at the time).

    You seem like a decent person, but you’re committing an act of what’s called “new racism”. Old racism is conspicuously stupid to all of us at this point in history: Hating an entire race of people for unjustified reasons, belief in racial superiority and an adherence to marginalization and stereotypes. Most intellectuals have grown past that, leaving the toothless inbred ignorant. The new racism has morphed into denial. Trying to clean up the horrific obliteration and mistreatment of the Native Americans and stealing of their land, or the horrific, rape entailed, subjugation and violation of human rights that was slavery for hundreds of years, takes audacity. Its beyond stupid and unwittingly your stirring up racial hatred by being historical incorrect and insensitive.

    We need to move forward. Stop trying to re-‘right’ the past to make yourself feel a little better. The past is the past. No, is wasn’t good. Regardless, we can all be better people by loving one another and being the best Representative of you, you can be. And when you are, you can be more than proud of that always and ashamed of nothing. Resorting to this bullshit rhetoric however is not the path to a better world. Saying black women want to have children with white men—-umm…who said that? Oprah….Michelle Obama….Patti Labelle?? Certainly no one I know. Or did you catch an episode of Jerry Springer. All this is taking the baton from this horrible past and adding your own personal slap in the face to the offspring of the subjugated. Stop this.

  93. Validated

    Oh wow Robert, LOL! I enjoyed this captivating, controversial and irresistible racism-couched-in-intellectualism blog article of yours. I love the word “unrapeable.” Did YOU make that up? I also love how, without as many substantive, supporting facts as some of your opponents, you’ve chosen to believe that white men didn’t do as much raping during slavery as they did consensual *@#-cking of insatiable, wanton, and unfaithful black wives and mothers after what–an 18-hour day in the hot cotton fields? (oooh I hope I’m not breaking one of your high moral blog rules here but I say it this way to make my point…;): As a woman who just so happens to be black, I really dig how you don’t often refer to us as black WOMEN–which may take us up a notch on the human rung–but just plain ol’ ‘blacks.’ You are hysterical! OMG! I just had to thank you though. I don’t read many blogs because they bore me and so don’t waste much time responding to rambling, opinionated, pride-based prittle-prattle. But it’s been awhile and I guess I’m just chomping at the bit to get at your white, superior, little self. ROTF!!! Thank you for such an entertaining blog article—I’m not mad I’m flattered. I haven’t laughed this much or felt this validated by a white boy in days LOL! Apparently, if it weren’t for me Robert, my blackness, my dominant black genes, my p****y and my super powers which ward off even RAPE…you wouldn’t seem nearly as important or smart as this blog probably makes you feel LMFAO!! Once again, you racists and borderline racists (talk about FAKE) let us know we are the true Kings and Queens. Thanks again!

    In my humble opinion, African-American men ROCK. When they finally realize this…they’ll rule. 🙂

    P.S. Please feel free to block me if I offend. Wow. (Giggle)

    • You’re banned, sweetheart. Now back to the hood for you.


      Validated….. This geek was obviously emasculated by a Black Woman which is why he spends so much of his energy hating us. He would never be so bold as to talk this bs in person so he hides behind his computer with his tweezers masturbating every time he gets a Black Woman to respond to his inane diatribe. I’d spend my whole WELFARE CHECK to get him to talk this shit on 125th or in ATL or Chicago. Anywhere that Black Women are within ARM’s reach and can emasculate his add again. He’s only half a fag because he has teeny weeny balls.

    • Levertis Steele


      You said, “I also love how, without as many substantive, supporting facts as some of your opponents, you’ve chosen to believe that white men didn’t do as much raping during slavery as they did consensual *@#-cking of insatiable, wanton, and unfaithful black wives and mothers after what–an 18-hour day in the hot cotton fields? (oooh I hope I’m not breaking one of your high moral blog rules here but I say it this way to make my point…;)”

      A lot of history is bitterly twisted and unreliable. Everything in stone is not gospel. Many lies have been written, but I do not worship all documentations. Consider the many doctors who got jobs and their backgrounds were not checked because they were trusted, the many scientists who lied about research findings, the many archaeologists, people like Darwin who admitted that he made up the evolution theory. Lies have been told, documented, sold, used in research, and given the utmost respect, and most of us worship them.

      I was lucky enough to work in the cotton fields until I went to college. The fields sent me running to college . That was my motivation. It was hard work. Hard work hardly puts a woman in the mood to be sexual. Many men are cautioned to help their wives with children, especially newborns because the woman is often tired and needs rest. Husbands complain that their wives are not interested. Women need rest and relaxation., not tired aching muscles and tired backs!

      If you were owned by someone and bound by law to be submissive, you would consent to anything unless you wanted to run the risk of being sold, beaten, or your children being sold. When people are afraid, they do what they must to survive. Most people here are looking at rape as just an attack. That was probably not necessary in most cases. Slaves were obligated to obey and could not file complaints against whites.

      If you were in prison and ordered to wake up each morning at 4:00 to exercise and shower for two hours, where would you be every morning at 4:00? Are you complaining to the guard? Do you enjoy this? Why do you do it? You do everything you are told to do because you are under bondage. You do not own your freedom. You are state property. Slaves were not slaves because they bought a boat ticket to America and signed up for a check-free job. They were captured, sold, and forced to labor without a salary. They were also human.

      If you had a teenage daughter and she was captured, raped, and enjoyed it, would she be condemned as consenting? Now, the laws prosecute men who do this to girls even if the girls were in love with the men. The men took advantage of their vulnerability and inability to escape because of the men’s brainwashing them to submissiveness.

      So, even if some of the women consented, they were still under obligation to OBEY their masters. These women were flesh and blood human beings, and willing behaviors do not negate the fact that if they had a choice, they would not have chosen to be a slave and in that predicament.

  94. College Girl

    I have a question Robert how can you be professional when you talk to people as if they were nothing. The arguments that you stated in your original threads have been contradicted by your replys. This annoys me that you are being so rude to people because your past replys and comments are harsh. Please understand not all black women are “ghetto” because I know plenty of white women with “ghetto” tendancies. Expand your thoughts towards people because you make yourself sound racist. I initially liked your blog post until you came up with some of your statistics which were actually wrong. Hopefully you will not ban me because you feel uncomfortable with my comment.

  95. Not only are white men the biggest rapist in the world but they are the most disgusting creatures that ever walk this earth about 90% of the serial killers in this country are white, these freaks kill people just for the sport of it, if a black man kills you its probably because he’s taking you white peoples shit,white men are the greatest practicers of incest in the entire world, I’ve seen white women having sex with animals so you are the biggest comiters of beastiality on the planet, child molesters,no one rapes more babies than filthy ass white men. I’ve actually seen white people eating literal shit on the internet,you people actually fuck your women while their having their periods you call it earning your redwings I’ve seen you actually put your entire fists in your women’s big ass pussies. Your women drink sperm like its a vanilla shake, you people eat pussy and lick assholes, your women fuck for money more than any other race of women in this country. I could go on but I rest my case.

    • Wow! I can see you really like us a LOT! If you love us so much, why don’t you move to Iceland? Or Idaho?

      Most of what you said is not even true, but even if it was, it just goes to show that we Whites are natural born porn stars.

      • Natural born freaks and demons I’ve been to idaho could not move there can’t stand the smell

      • Levertis Steele

        TheAmazingAzian (Not in any way related to TheAmazingAtheist!) :

        They had no genetics testing at that time and did not know anything about these people. A mixed child does not always look white. Some mixed children are dark, even have kinky, dark hair. Much about American slavery is mostly hidden in the past, but known by God. especially the part on this subject. Many of the so-called reliable reports are twisted, even fabricated. How many slavers kept a journal on such behaviors?

        We have to understand that slavers were not legally guilty as most people think. They were innocent according to the law. Blacks were banned from reporting such happenings. Blacks were the slaver’s property. So, it was not legal rape. It was their right by law, as crazy as it sounds! The law was tainted. The law did not prevent it. Besides, as I have said, I doubt if most encounters were physically forced. I doubt if a great number of slavers did this, still, too many did. Obedience was expected and backed by consequences. Example: “Mind your master or get beaten or sold.” That was already planted in the slave’s mind. No discussion needed. We have to peer into these weak minds. Even though they did not commit legal crimes, they KNEW that it was wrong. It was morally WRONG. Many of them practiced Christianity, even though some twisted it to justify their wrong doings, like trying to justify slavery: “Servants, obey your masters.” In some cultures, women called their husbands, “Master” or “My lord.” Also, employers have been called “Master.” Teachers were, and still in some places, are called “Masters” or “Schoolmasters.” So, what’s the big deal about that? My masters have been my employers all of my adult life. I call Jesus “Master.” If workers do not obey their bosses, chaos, pandemonium, problems, will occur.

        Abraham of the Bible had slaves, but, judging from the scriptures’ tone, he treated them like human beings. He circumcised the slave men as he did his own kin. He had sex with his wife’s handmaid, though, at his wife’s insistence because they wanted a child. The child was born and was to be theirs legally, but that was not God’s plan, yet Abraham claimed him. It was customary for the people to do that if the wife could not conceive. God frowned upon that tradition. Man has always messed up, even the Biblical patriarchs. So, servant and master sex acceptance did not start with white men of early American history. It has been around a long time and still continues with some reported cases of men and their maids. The only time it gets reported now is when the maid gets MAD or someone finds out. Most is hidden and consentual just as some in slavery.
        No race is exempt from such behavior. There are slaves all over the world today, even in America. Slaves should have obeyed their masters for a time because, just as He did the Israelites, Jesus promised rescue, deliverance from their captors. That let’s me know that slavery is wrong. If I am imprisoned wrongfully, should I fight the guards or be still, pray, and wait for the opportunity to be delivered by God?

        There was a time when a man could force his wife to have sex with him, and he was not considered a rapist and not anything happened to him. White women had to fight white men for their rights, too! The fact that they were white, their own women and mothers of their future, and men pleasers, saved them. Otherwise, they were not many steps above the Black slaves who had no rights. I say again, is anyone to think that white men treated blacks with more dignity than their own women? NO! White men believed then, and now, that they were/are superior to all other races, their women, and especially blacks. They yet have a lot to learn about God’s ways and His plans. He is “no respector of persons.” Black people have a lot more to learn about God’s ways and plans. Human beings, overall, are ridiculous!

        I personally feel that it is time to put all of this mess behind us. No one alive is an actual slaveowner or direct victim. If I discovered that Nat Turner was my forefather, I would not share any blame because I did not kill those White people. I have had modern murderers in my family somewhere, but I did not have anything to do with it. We have enough present-day mess to solve, and we cannot. Human beings are ridiculous!

      • Levertis Steele

        There is a lot of anger here. This country, even the world, is transitioning to a modern Sodom and Gomorrah. It is true that many Black men report that their interests in White women is due to their creativeness in bed, unlike black women. There are many kinky black women, but judging from the baby getting, they do a lot of normal sex. Many black women do not give those kinky favors that men crave. So, many black men roam to get it. All kinky women do not “serve” men with the same acts, so men play the butterfly to get them. Black men make rounds a lot because many black girls were trained by the elder Black females not to do it.

        I have heard many white women who go with black men say that Black women were too lazy to please thair men, “and that is why they prefer us. We are hot.” This angered many black women, but there is some truth to it.
        The person above who angrily mentioned all of the kinky acts above was truthful according to countless videos on the internet. It is plastered all over it in certain sites. I do not care to make referrals of such shamefulness. I do not believe that there is any act under the sun that some black men and black women do not do like other people, but I do believe that black women, overall, are not doing all of these acts to please men. I applaud any woman who has the good sense to avoid such evil. There are women in all races who would not do these things.

    • Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it punk ass bitch

  96. Pingback: Why I Believe Institutionalized Rape of Black Women in Slavery/Jim Crow Still Matters « Black! Not White Dipped in Chocolate

  97. Jean Helene Peterson

    Slavery is slavery. It doesn’t matter if you are Black or White. Slavery as defined by me as forcing people by fear or abuse into situations where they are made to work without consent (through fraud, including identity theft) for little or no money while the people that are running the show make huge profits off of them IN SOME MANNER, hence using them. For example, “Here is this lady with xyz advantages, we can get this fantasy bride for you.” The victim would be working for 8.00 USD and hour, while the Owner would get 22.00 USD per hour. The John or purchaser would get the service, of course. Forced by situations that are too horrible to report, a victim is used, sometimes for years, subserviently to someone else in order to make someone else’s life easier, “to help them pay the bills” or as a fast, sociopathic way to make money for someone else. The slavemasters can barter single ladies/children to be potential wives, jobs, sex, peep shows, drug users, it doesn’t matter. I have never known anyone who has ever been charged with White Slavery. Having a company to PURPOSELY shock the victims is included in the torture, in order to keep the unequal profits going, and it reminds me of why the Rape Victim Advocates Volunteer Trainer, and a proud Latina/Chicago in the early 2000s told me that it was too soon for me to work at Rape Victims Advocates, but I didn’t understand at the time.

  98. Levertis Steele

    After spending some time researching for reliable souces with documentation, even quotes, from witnesses such as slavemasters’ wives, slave narratives, chronicles and writings of then contemporary authors, visitors to plantations, documented scandals of public officials, which include senator, governor, judge, and one who ran for US presidency. Thomas Jefferson was not the only one. Sally was 16 when the first of six children were born for the President. I believe I read that he took care of them. That’s different. I do not believe that Sally was raped as we view rape. These sources testify that slave rape or sexual exploitations of slaves women mostly, and some men, were very common. No one wants to talk about the homosexual exploitations. It happened, and it was common. Reliable sources are more believable than our resourceless comments, although many were based upon previous studies. I will provide them when I get the time.

    Not one, slave or slaveowner from that period, is alive today, and this should be viewed as what it is, a past event. I will be going to bed early, and I will sleep well. If you do not do the same, blame yourself, but sleep well. How silly it is to worry about something that happened so long ago. Anyone who is senseless enough to feel guilty has a problem. I just think that we should not try to distort the truth. Goodnight!

  99. Levertis Steele


  100. william

    well you bring up an excellent historical argument. but what this article seems to be based on is your opinion and it lacks actual historic evidence. the first thing you might look for in this instance is legal records for instances of master on slave rape. afterwards you would soon realize that that would not be reliable remembering that the law didnt report crimes such as that at the time. slaves were not protected under the law and crimes against them were rarely reported or recorded so that would not be a good source. the second place you would look was to the slave owners in there memoirs and records. then you would wonder would a slave owner write such an unflattering thing such as his rape activities in his memoir? no he wouldnt. so we understand that that is unreliable. the last perspective and in my opinion the only reputable source is the slave narrative. the slave narrative dosent portray every slaves experience during the horrible institiution but it does give an sample experience. looking into many slave narritives it shows that slave owner on slave rape was common place in the institution of slavery. in my opinion slave narratives are the only relable source for evidence in this argument. i think you should look up Harriet Jacobs she was the first African American female to write a slave narrative and was from the state of North Carolina (home state).

    heres a link for further reading:

  101. Levertis Steele

    Excellent, William.

    I found much information written by eyewitnesses at the times of slavery. Some of it came from slave narratives, overseers, plantation wives, journalists, and authors of the times. Yes, reliable sources are the most accepted in professional research. I read a great portion of THE PLANTATION MISTRESS by Catherine Clanton. She was an eyewitness to her husband’s behaviors. Also, she reported what other plantation wives grieved about. Even though many of these women were racists, I sympathized with them because they felt helpless and could not stop their husbands. Some divorced them. Some slave women confided in the mistresses who were not hostile, but many more suffered under the plantation mistresse’s hand because of jealousy. The wife-author said that this kind of behavior was common on most plantations and many of them were littered with mulattos.

    A few of these men seemingly cared about their slave mistresses, although it was adultery, and cared for the children, but most of them exploited these slaves using them for their lusts and selling them as prostitutes. Some later shackled and sold the women and the children they fathered. The Mulattos were considered more valuable because they were part White.

    The societal ranks of these men were from the elite to the common: President, a man running for President, a vice president, governors, judges, plantation owners who had more slaves, overseers, and others, including the common men. How many of such men were not discovered? Slave sexual exploitation was more common than I thought, and I have only found about 15 reliable sources.

    Many people have succeeded in distorting slave history and have buried a lot of it, but enough has survived to gather the truth.

    Thomas Foster shamed his family by publicly declaring his love for Susy, a slave. He left is wife and children never to see them again and took Susy and other slaves to his second plantation. He fathered at least one child, stayed with her for some years, fell sick and was near death. He became afraid that he would die and go to hell for his sins, so he expressed remorse, shackled and sold Susy, and later died. What love! This man was a nut case. His wife was the lucky one.

    Truthfully, a few of these slavemaster-slave woman relationships did not appear to be rape , but consentual. One slave woman was moved into the master’s bedroom after the wife left. The wife tried to come back but found the slave sitting in her room wearing her bonnet. I do not care to analyze that scene.

    James Henry Hammond, Governor of South Carolina from 1842 to 1844, and US senator from 1857-1860, craved young girls–neices, slave girls . . . . He purchased a slave girl with a baby. When the slave mother died, he took up with the 12-year old daughter. Before his wife left him, she gave him a choice, he chose the slave. This was not about love for anyone.

    This behavior is not anything that anyone can be proud of, but it happened and was common. This is not about shaming anyone, but telling the truth. What race of men have not had their shameful moments? Women are certainly not left out of scandal. Black slavery in America ended a long time ago. We should close the book, but not destroy it.

    A few sources and follow:

    SOUTHERN DAUGHTERS OF TIME, by Tonette Bond Inge

    Precedents for Governor Mark Sanford: He Wasn’t the First S.C. Governor to Go Sexually Astray | (Google this.)
    (Focus on 8th paragraph.)


    ANTEBELLUM SLVERY, by Frances Anne (Fannie) Kemble, wife of Pierce Butler, Georgia plantation owner – Butler and his overseer fathered children by slaves. The wife left him.

    Senator J. Strom Thurman, senator, circuit judge, governor, candidate for President managed to go through these offices with his secrets of slave mingling. He claimed and supported a slave child.

  102. Levertis Steele

    The number of mulatto or mixed children at the end of the civil war, even if the number was low, is no indication of how many rapes occurred. I have four children and have been married for over 30 years. Would I have a difficult time convincing you that I have had more than 4 sexual relationships? Many slave children, chattel, were sold. They were not around to be counted. Many adults, mixed and full Black, were sold. They were not around to be counted. Many slaves died, and many mixed babies were sometimes smothered at birth in order to hide the rapists activity. What is counting mulattoes after the War? If we counted whites today, would that number be equivalent to the number of Whites born in this country since the first White came to America? Not hardly.

    “RAPE” is having sex with someone whose ability to say “No” is taken away from them. Slaves were not permitted to refuse the masters and mistresses and overseers and even children, in some cases. Who would say “No” to someone who had the power backed by the laws of the state to kill, sell, beat, or sell their children. Saying “No” to sexual advances was not an option for a slave. That does not mean that the acts were violent. It does not mean that the slave disliked it. It means that the slave had no choice.

  103. tina

    Well, I think the rapings of black women were out of convenience more than anything. It’s not that we were found to be desirable…we were just available to abuse in that way. Big difference.

  104. tina

    I don’t know…those rapings were bad I’m sure but I can’t relate. All women were sexually exploited in all countries. It’s a part of being a woman.

  105. DevilMayhem666

    Between 1850 and 1860, the Mulatto slave population
    increased by 67 percent —  in contrast — the Black
    slave population increased by only 20 percent.


    Naomi Zack, Race and Mixed Race
    (Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 1993).

  106. realist

    the sheeple gonna die

  107. Levertis Steele

    Physically forced rape is not about desirability; it is a violent, now criminal, act of control. Some individuals have sex for pleasure, and some have sex for pleasure and love. Men do not always have sex with women they love or find attractive. When a man cheats with a hundred women during 25 years of his marriage, do you suppose he was in love with all of them? Do you suppose he was attracted to all? How often have you heard men laugh about ugly women that they slept with? If a man cannot have sex with an attractive woman, but an unattractive one is willing, do you suppose the average man would take what he can get or wait? When a man is caught committing bestiality, do you think that he was attracted to the beast? When a man masturbates, do you think he is attracted to whatever he used? I have asked enough thought questions.


    So true. Rape is universal, and slave rape is alive and doing well even in these United States, actually, all over the globe. Yesterday, I saw a report of two Mexican women who were enslaved by a rich woman who never paid them a salary. She threatened them, but they finally got enough nerves to go to the authorities. After the Haiti earthqquake, some people were arrested for trying to get some of the orphaned children to use as slaves. Some claimes that they wanted to adopt, but they did not go through proper procedure. They were there to pick up and leave, knowing that it was not legal. Some got away with it. There are women and children, probably men, in slavery now in the USA and other countries. Many slave holders are often uncovered, but not enough.

  108. Levertis Steele

    My error above dated March 20, 2012: “Would I have a difficult time convincing you that I have had more than 4 sexual relationships? ”

    Correction: “Would I have a difficult time convincing you that I have had more than one sexual act.

    My point was meant to be that one does not have a baby as a result of each sex act. I have four children from 31 years of marriage.

  109. Lily

    Are you dumb or just dishonest ? This whole article would make me laugh if it wasn’t believed by a lot people. but the last senstence is my favorite “These same Black women fuming about the White male as the most evil creature that ever stalked the Earth openly admit that they want to marry and have kids with a White man.”
    You really think that rape and attraction are the same ? You really need to read some documentaion on that (you’re probably not interested in). What about rape during war ? (For u to understand) Bosnie-Herzégovine, Darfour etc… Rape is not just pervert, who get a boner seeing a women. But it’s about power, torture, épuration ethnique, domination etc… But not love or just crush. But you probably won’t recognise that.
    Thanks for your article it’s force me to stay aware

  110. Wow when people disagree you insinuate that they are poor black and uneducated and block them. How about getting this published in a peer reviews journal?

  111. YO MAMA

    Finally THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!! My husband is a light skinned black man and you should see the racism we get from black hatin hoes! Thank God for keepin it real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  112. CLSteele

    Since white men “did not stretch out with black-black women during slavery,” where in the world did the mulattos come from? Someone said that it was popularly believed that they fell from the sky! Oh, I know, the common or poor white men, or the overseer, were accused of their origins, right? Why do poor people always get the brunt of practically every ill in society? If I say that High-and-Mighty Tom Bigelo fathered black children, someone would say, “But their mother was a mulatto.” What was a mulatto? Was she black or not? Why is it that half-black folk turn white when it is a convenience? During slavery, white men did not have sex with black women solely for features. If a white man chose a mulatto as a mistress, that does not mean that he did not lay with black skinned ones. Some men have sexual intercourse to ejaculate, people! Ask them. I did. Pole truthful men and ask them how many unattractive women did they lie with just for a thrill. Why do men with attractive wives leave home to lie with an ugly woman? they were not looking for beauty. That question is all over the Internet. It is not uncommon for men with trophy wives to put them in a case to trail women who are unbelievably unattractive. My point has been made. Men do not always have intercourse because they are looking for beauty. A vagina does not have a face, well, not exactly.

    Why do many white men assume that they are the finest things walking? Some are so stuck on themselves. They, like any other men, are attractive to women who think they are attractive, not all. There are ugly men among you just as are found in all races. Yes, the world is lusting after you and many from the world would take you, ugly and all. All races of women and MEN are lusting after you! I did not say “all people.” BUT, white American men, especially, have always boasted of their money and accomplishments and contributions to the world. Are you surprised that the world lusts after you and the great United States of America? What you boast of is what is drawing the world! Lose the reputation of being the possessors of the best and see how much of the world would run after you. No offense, but you know that it is true. It would be true of any race of men in the same situation. “It’s all about the Benjamins” you brag about. During slavery, you had the biggest buck and the ticket to freedom. So, yes, you represented “status” to black slave women just as you do to the world that lusts after what you jingle. All people are not the same, and most whites are not wealthy, I know. I am generalizing, of course.

    Look at the black man in general. The world is not after him because he has no reputation, overall, of being wealthy. But many women of the world are running after him. I wonder why! It is all about a certain reputation, which is silly. Do not misunderstand me; I love and respect black men dearly.

    Human beings, in general, are greedy; they always want the biggest and the best of everything. I am reminded of a story that I read many years ago in my elementary reader, “A Pie for Billy Goat.” To teach Billy Goat a lesson for being so greedy, the mother goat cooked pies and let Billy goat choose his apple pie first. He chose the biggest only to discover after the first bite that it was full of grass.

    White men jingle their big coins, and the world hears the music. When some of these immigrants land in America, they get a rude awakening unless they marry a rich jingler. Otherwise, many have to work hard to accomplish what they thought was easy. Most prosperous Americans had to work hard, too. That is certainly something to really be proud of. I am an American who has worked for many years, and I am proud of it. Any American should be very proud of hard, honest work that resulted in success and/or prosperity.

  113. Terrance. MD

    Clearly, i hope you dont have children. if you do i bet your daughter will get a black man.. we didnt ask to come here now that we are deal will it.. its people like you that bring this country to a damn stand still. Get an education.

  114. Terrance. MD

    just in case you werent aware, but slavery has been abolished for over 150 yrs for a list of reasons but most importantly we are children of God under the same sun….are all equal….man, woman, black,white,hispanic,asian,ect. I am a white female who is dating a black man and I have never in my life been loved more, treated with more respect or have felt such a conection with another individual in my life. its poison like you who contaminate young minds and keep this a segragated world. It matters none what I say, you and anyone who agrees with you, you will meet your maker, OUR MAKER, and you’ll see whats up.

    • TheTruthofSubconscious

      It’s probably because you’re obese and no self respecting man would date you otherwise. Basically, you’re white scraps no one wants. And if you say you’re some model size and weight, I’m gonna call your bluff due to your not having a photo.

  115. AKS

    Where do you get your “facts” from? Have you actually spoken to any black women? Have you read any narratives? You say 0 black women assaulted by white men, not true. The zero is the number of white menwho were prosecuted and convicted. 9 times out of 10, white men are not even charged in the sexual assault of black women. How do I know? Last month 3 white men held men down while a 4th assaulted me. Pictures and proof, still no arrest.

  116. reggie

    You said in 1865,75% of blacks were unmixed.Just because they were not first or second generation biracial does not mean they were completely pure black.And yes,there had to have been a substantial amount of rape or coersion or consensual between slave owners,sons of slave owners,overseers,slave traders,and other white men with black women for over 70% of African Americans to have European percentages on DNA tests.

  117. DevilMayhem666

    Earlier I posted:

    “Between 1850 and 1860, the Mulatto slave population
    increased by 67 percent — in contrast — the Black
    slave population increased by only 20 percent.


    Naomi Zack, Race and Mixed Race
    (Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 1993)”

    Let me add:

    Peter Fontaine said plantation owners begot so many children on their female slaves that “the country swarms with mulatto vastards.” Thomas Anburey praised the system, calling it “a pleasant method to procure slaves at a cheap rate.”

    There is way too much evidence against this blog.

  118. Adam

    Willie lynch was a white man that convinced people to rape their slaves just like they breed horses. The thought was that if the slave was half white half black then the slave would be half smart half strong. This is only one reason why so many were raped.

  119. Adam green

    and i dont understand why ur so skeptical of the rape figures… have you really forgoten how horny you were when you were a teenager? dont you have fantasies anymore? i dont think its strange at alll that boys and men where able to tell themselves that what they were doing was to feed themselves by making more slaves for farming, or maybe to teach a slave a lesson, or maybe to teach them how to be a better slave. It takes a strong willed man to fight temptation. and sadly very few men are truly strong.

  120. can u hook me up with women that love to rape-fuck mens asses

  121. Brengunn

    You link to Abagond’s blog at the top, is he a white man?

    • He isn’t. He’s Black as the night, in body and spirit.

      • adam

        and i dont understand why ur so skeptical of the rape figures… have you really forgoten how horny you were when you were a teenager? dont you have fantasies anymore? i dont think its strange at alll that boys and men where able to tell themselves that what they were doing was to feed themselves by making more slaves for farming, or maybe to teach a slave a lesson, or maybe to teach them how to be a better slave. It takes a strong willed man to fight temptation. and sadly very few men are truly strong.


  122. G wiz, maybe it just takes a willing man to properly disciplined

  123. moosebiggz

    This is thE DUMBEST shit I have ever read!

  124. Jack

    I keep reading these stupid fantasies of white men raping colored wimminz, and I have to laugh. Unless they were way better looking 200 years ago then now, I don’t see it happening. I don’t know one white guy that would come within 50 feet of sticking his dick in one of these fat, smell, loud obnoxious sherillas. I’t would be like bestiality. I don’t blame black men for wanting fat blonde white women. How do you get past the smell of a sheeboon?

    • sll

      This comment is absolutely disgusting. You belittled a degrading violent act down to ‘I can’t picture it happening because I don’t believe they looked good enough’. Slave narratives from girls and women are not “fantasies”. They’re horrifying. The white great grandfathers of African Americans didn’t just come out of no where. These women were not only sexually abused, but had to give birth to children who would also be slaves (and sometimes sold as well). You should be ashamed of yourself.

  125. johny boyanonymous

    hey. I like the info in this blog post. I like the statistic about by 1865 75% of blacks were still unmixed. Can you cite a source for that for me please? thanks.

    anyway….the rest of you are idiots…. I’m going to bed now to rape my nigger wife like I do every night. Cheers.

  126. Ashley

    Mr Linsay of course white slave masters raped black women my family is living proof of that where do you think all these high yellow and fair skinned African Americans come from? I guess In your raisin size brain a female slave walking around with 5 high yellow babies with light colored eyes were dropped down by Martians. Quit talking mr Linsay and no one will know your level of intelligence

  127. I do not understand why even today, I am still seeing articles on the internet that deny that this happened. Is it that too many white Americans are just offended and ashamed that this went on? Well, you can’t change history. I think they need to start educating students about the truth of what went on, not only during slavery, but during Jim Crow. Had it not been for the civil rights movement, white men would still be able to rape Black women with impunity.

    I actually think that it’s kinda insane that some people still deny that this happened when we literally have entire ethnicities that are mixed from European men and African slave women in the present day…we just change what we call them. If you look at diaries of white men during slavery, some will even allude to having sexual relationships with their slaves. You look at William Byrd II, Thomas Thistlewood diary and he alludes to this. Many Black women tried to resist their slave masters like Celia Newsome, Elizabeth Keckley and Harriet Jacobs. They didn’t like what was being done to them. Also the diaries of many white women of the time allude to sexual intercourse between their husbands and slaves like Ella Thomas. Not only did slave rape occur, but it occurred after slavery in the Reconstruction. Then we can’t forget all that went on in Brazil, the new world and during colonization of Africa…where did those African creoles come from? Like the rape of Rhoda Ann Childs and then continued into Jim Crow. Many Black people could tell stories of rape by white men against their grandmother’s or great grandmothers and how society turned a blind eye to their suffering.

    let me ask this: why is it so offensive or hard to believe for some white people to admit that this happened?

  128. Ishtar

    Agreed Peanut. My great great great great grandmother was a Black woman who was raped by her White Slave master on my mother’s side, and on my father’s side, my great great grandmother was a Mulatto woman who was raped by her White Slave master.

    Funny how denying works.

    I was also molested by White men when I was younger and I know many Black/Mixed females too.

    We just don’t report it.

  129. Love of people.

    Fell into this site…. to educate you all. If you look at a dark/black persons soles/ feet they are white. The only difference between white and black people is to do with the high/low Melatonin levels depending on where they live. Other than that we are all the same inside. Outisde I am white inside I am united with all of humanity… So sad people don’t get it..

  130. Rebeca

    You are 100% evidence that there is so much ignorance in this world and some people can not be helped. How can a slave give consent? The very label slave means u have no rights, no choice. Your mentality mimics the white males slave masters, that justified the mental and physical brutality of rape on my ancestors. You should be ashamed. I pray for you

    • All right Black woman, you are banned.

    • Mott

      How can a slave give consent? Good question!

      A lot of female slaves realized very quickly that they had much to be gained by consorting with white men. Not only would they attain elevated, favored status, they could increase their chances for themselves and their offspring by bearing a half-white child. Many of them did just that, as the child was likely to be treated better as a result. Mulattoes had offspring with other mulattoes, for similar reasons. Lighter skin meant better lives and maybe even freedom (like Hemmings’ children).

      Many white men were recorded as saying that they much preferred black women as sex partners. A compliment? Probably.

      The average female slave was in danger of being raped, abused and treated like shit by her fellow male slaves. For her point of view, why not take up with one of the whites? Slaves (initially) did not share language or culture initially, and did not see themselves as all belonging to the same group at all.

      A lot of “slaves” were mixed race mulattoes (like Sally Hemmings) who were “house slaves”- really more like servants, and basically had it very good compared to their “field” counterparts. A lot of them willingly consorted with white men- Hemmings is a perfect example.

      There no doubt was quite a bit of rape and coercive sex between slaves and whites- true. But there was a whole lot of sex that was not rape or truly coerced. The assumption that it was all rape, all non-consensual is part of the whole P.C. story line.

  131. Jason Y

    There is a tendency in nations to scream about rape once the people have “moved up”. While they were “down” they weren’t screaming about rape and often gladly agreed to unfair sex. But I could be wrong.

    it’s kind of like how a weaker people will cooperate with a stronger group, but once the weaker people “move up”, then they bring up stories about how they were raped, humilated whatnot.

    • Jason Y

      People who are weak do what they can to survive, so given those circumstances, how can future generations claim the former generations were raped? How could the future generations really think the former generations were supposed to be “ideally strong and resist all exploitation, especially sexual.”

      It just doesn’t happen that way. Even today, a western white man can go to the Phillippines or maybe some Eastern European nation, and marry whoever they choose like they’re at an “all you can eat buffet”, and get sexual partners in a similar fashion. Why? Cause the locals will do anything they can to survive. There is some pride, but generally speaking, money talks.

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  133. Lin

    I posted the followings at another site a few years ago.

    I long for the days when:

    1) A miracle was a real praise-the-Lord/raise-from-the-dead miracle.

    2) Arena sports were a real arena blood sport, not 7-foot Negroes throwing balls into a basket.

    3) When an apostle said something, it became a Biblical command.

    4) Virgins were real virgins and sex slaves were real sex slaves.

    5) They sold all the ISIS POW boys to gay brothels or cotton farms.

    You see, the welfare system is a heavy burden on the state and taxpayers, and in times of crisis like the present recession, the financial situation is particularly grave. Why not replace it with the good old-fashioned slavery system which Christians, Jews and Muslims (or add the groups of your choosing) were once so familiar with? A person who lost his job can render his/her body and person from 3 months to 3 years to individuals or the state for a lump sum, daily sustenance and lodging.

    So a beautiful women could serve a wealthier man with her sensuality; a strong, aggressive young man could serve the state as a slave soldier; or an anti-Semite homo idiot could comfort his Nazi master in their perverted ways. The possibilities just go on and on…Just imagine the amount of public money saved. The slave should be able to redeem himself/herself before the contracted term expires upon repaying the bondage money with an advanced notice. Just imagine, what better to put on one’s resume than saying one can work as hard as a slave? Employers will be impressed by such character, strong will and survival instinct. We all know the story of Spartacus, right?


    Well,I’m not alone holding such view:

    According to some Salafis, Islamic slavery actually is ‘liberation/purification’:

    “The origin of slavery is the capturing in Jihad against the disbelievers to correct those who were captured by isolating them from the evil environment they lived in and starting a new life in a Muslim community to guide them to the path of goodness, save them from evil, purify them from the effects of disbelief and error and make them deserve a better life in which they enjoy security and peace.

    “Slavery in Islam is like a purifying machine or sauna in which those who are captured enter to wash off their dirt, and then they come out clean, pure and safe from another door. May Allah grant us success! May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family and Companions!”

  134. Jessica Angel

    Eww gross black sheboons! And blacks are they only ones immoral enough to say their ancestors were raped! No other race is that stupid!

  135. Ella

    Robert, you forgot to mention that the mulatto population skyrocketed during reconstruction or just after the end of the civil war. Rape didn’t end with slavery. It continued after slavery. Moreover, there’s records documenting union soldiers even raping black women. You can even read the recorded incidents here.
    However, the union soldiers did prosecute men who raped black women, and were actually the first to do so. Before then, it wasn’t considered possible to rape black women, only white women.

    Although I don’t know how often black women were raped during slavery or what would constitute many, but there’s enough documents to prove that it wasn’t uncommon. For instance, the narrative, Incidents in the life of a slave girl, written by Harriet Jacobs, who escaped bondage and was sexually abused by her master, noted that it was a common practice in the south. There’s was also the fancy trade in New Orleans, which essentially sold mulatto concubines.
    The 9th vice president had a slave mistress who he openly acknowledged, which didn’t help him in the popularity polls as slave mistress were meant to kept a secret, never acknowledged.

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