Australoid Genes in Southeast Asians

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As we noted in a previous post, many amateur Internet anthropologists, NE Asians, White Supremacists and other folks argue that SE Asians have substantial Australoid influence which influences their phenotype. This harkens back to an earlier era in anthropology when this view held wide currency.

Australoid, a term which has fallen out of favor but still deserves to be used, refers properly to Papuans and Australian Aborigines in the genetic sense. Used anthropologically, it can refer to Negritos, Senoi, Tamils and Ainu.

Australoids definitely refers to Papuans, who can be characterized that way both anthropologically and genetically. The Yali are a tribe in Western New Guinea, presently being colonized by Indonesian settler-colonist criminals with the assistance of US imperialism as “Irian Jaya”. This Yali tribesman has an interesting phenotype that actually, in this case, resembles many regular Javan Austronesian Indonesians. Love the bone through the nose.

Afrocentrists also claim the Papuans, but the Papuans, like the Negritos and Melanesians, are among the people on Earth most distant from Blacks. Papuans are even more distant from Africans than Melanesians and Negritos are.

Melanesians and Negritos are anthropometrically Australoids. Genetically, most Negritos are just Asians, related to whichever people they happen to be living close to. However, the Semang of Thailand and Malaysia are also genetically related to Papuans. The Melanesians are anthropometrically Australoids but genetically Asians with significant Australoid (Papuan) base.

Australoid may also refer to Veddoids. Tamils, a group thought to be related to Veddoids, have skulls that look like those of the Andaman Islands Negritos, the Semang (Malay Negritos) and coastal New Guineans (Melanesians), but genetically, Tamils and other Veddoids tend to look like nearby groups. In general, Southeast Asian Veddoids look like SE Asians, and South Indian Veddoids look like South Indians.

A beautiful Fijian woman. The Fijians are actually a mix between Polynesians and Melanesians, but most say that they are Melanesians. They are classified as members of the Melanesian Race genetically. Note the frizzy hair. The Melanesians themselves are a creation of migrating Austronesian tribes who moved into coastal New Guinea and significantly elevated the culture of the area.

They intermarried heavily with the Papuans and then spread out to populate Melanesia. Subsequent waves of Austronesians moved into Melanesia, intermarried with Melanesians and moved on to Polynesia to become the Polynesians. But how the Polynesians got so large is not known. There are lots of theories about this. So, Melanesians = Papuans + Taiwanese aborigines and Polynesians = Melanesians + Taiwanese aborigines.Melanesians in Papua New Guinea. Not all New Guineans are Papuans – some are Melanesians, especially along the coast. Melanesians, as noted above, are a mix between Papuans and Taiwanese aborigines. Though Afrocentrists love to claim them, they really one of the most distant groups from Africans on Earth.

The truth is that for most SE Asians, there is not much Australoid influence anymore. And anyway, NE Asians are also related to Australoids, since prior to 10,000 years ago, Australoid populations characterized the human settlements of all of NE and SE Asia, all of the Americas and even India.

For instance, the Ainu of Japan and their ancestors, the Jomon, are related to Negritos, Aborigines and the Veddoids of India. Many groups in Indonesia are also related to Veddoids and Negritos. Yet most Filipinos have little if any Negrito genes (see towards the end of the post for an analysis of this interesting situation), and the vast majority of Indonesians do not either.

Instead, Filipinos and most Indonesians are mostly related to Taiwanese Aborigines, an ancient Chinese group that came out of China and went to Taiwan 11,000-26,000 years ago. A group of these Aborigines set out from Taiwan 8,000 years ago as the Austronesians and populated much of Island SE Asia. The Austronesians were no more Australoid than a Chinese from Guangdong is.

However, it should be noted that some Malays and Filipinos do have strong Negrito features. There has been a certain amount of interbreeding between Filipinos and the local Negritos, and the result has been that the Negritos are close to Filipinos genetically because they have a lot of Filipino genes, but your average Filipino does not have many Negrito ancestors.

Aeta kids in the Philippines. Although they look like Blacks, this group is also probably very distantly related to Africans. I believe they are over by Polynesians on this chart, though they are not shown on the chart itself. Aetas are members of the Philippines Negrito Race and are somewhat close to Filipinos, though in global terms they are actually quite distant. The Micronesian Yapese are also a part of this race, which is interesting and unexplained.

Aeta languages seem to be dying out and Filipino settlers have been moving in and stealing their lands for decades now, sometimes killing the Aeta in the process, a crime which is often not prosecuted. The Aetas are starting to show the “defeated race” syndrome of culture and language loss along with heavy intermarriage at the very least.

Whereas they formerly owned their own lands, Filipinos have now stolen most of those lands, and Aetas now work as day labor on Filipino farms, a deterioration. There is heavy drinking in their settlements and pornography is popular entertainment.

The reason that Filipino Negritos can have lots of Filipino genes but most Filipinos do not have many Negrito genes is because there is such a dramatic difference in the populations of the groups.

Negrito populations in the Philippines are small – I calculated 102,572 speakers of Negrito languages – and non-Negrito population is 86.2 million. So there are 860 X more non-Negrito Filipinos than Negritos. If even 1 out of 1000 Filipinos breeds with a Negrito, you will have lots of Filipino genes in the Negritos and almost no Negrito genes in Filipinos. The two groups will also appear somewhat close on genetics charts.

Another Philippines Negrito, this one from the Batak group in Palawan at the southern end of the Philippines. About 10% of the Batak still speak Batak, a language with about 200 speakers. Palawan is heavily Muslim and is close to Indonesia. The title of this article seems to imply that they are in pretty bad shape and on the road to extinction, at least linguistically and culturally.

Another reason these people are different from Blacks is that their hair is different. Negrito hair is naturally “woolly” like that above. Black hair is “kinky”. If that woman above was Black, her hair would not look like that – would be going out in an Afro like the hair of the Fijian woman above.

While it is true that the original people of Thailand and Malaysia were Negritos, Australoids have had little input into the present-day Thai people and Thais are considered to be Mongoloids. For the Malays, the situation is a bit different, as they do retain traces of Papuan genes, but only in very small numbers.

A Papuan man in front of some Indonesian onlookers in the fake province called Irian Jaya, stolen from the Papuans by Indonesia and then colonized by Indonesian invaders. What happened was that the Dutch left the area, where West Papua had been a part of their colonial holdings, in 1965. The Dutch specifically stated that West Papua was not part of Indonesia and was to be joined with Papua New Guinea.

The Indonesians, cheered on by their US imperial masters, simply invaded and stole the place. The result has been a huge number of Papuans killed in a vicious and brutal insurgency that has lasted decades and has been supported to the hilt by US imperialism. US imperialism was involved in the original theft of Western Papua because they wanted to split up some of the stolen loot with their Indonesian criminal buddies.

This story has hardly been reported on in the press, but John Pilger has done some excellent work on it. This blog supports the armed Papuan separatists 100%. First Timor Leste, next West Papua.

By the way, that is a penis bone, I think, on his penis. A lot of Papuan men wear these things. I guess the idea is to make it look like you have a huge permanent erection. This guy also looks sort of Caucasian to me. I find a lot of Papuans do for some reason.

The original people of Malaysia were the Semang, a Negrito group that still exists there on the border of Southern Thailand and Northern Malaysia, where they live deep in the forests. Afrocentrists also claim the Semang as Black, but they are probably among the groups on Earth that are genetically furthest from Blacks.

Between 4,000-8,000 years ago, the Senoi, an Austroasiatic group, came down from Southern China. They were an early split from the Zhuang group, a proto-Tai group in Southern China. The Zhuang themselves probably split off about 5,000 years ago. The Senoi apparently married into the Semang once they got to Malaysia.

The Senoi of Thailand and Malaysia are Veddoids. The Senoi cluster with Andaman Islanders, coastal New Guinea ( Melanesians) and Tamils in skull shape.

The Veddoid Senoi are related to the Zhuang of China, as the Veddoids of India are related to various Indian races. Many think that Veddoids are related to the Negritos as one of the first populations in Asia – some say they were a second wave out of Africa after the Negritos. The largest number of Veddoids are found in India.

The Senoi are very interesting due to a false theory that has been spread about them regarding the way in which they incorporate dreams into their daily life. This false story has spawned a movement known as Senoi Dream Theory, which suggests that you can control your dreams in order to improve your life (which is supposedly what the Senoi do).

This story was concocted by an amateur anthropologist named Kilton Stewart.

The entirety of Senoi Dream Theory, upon which an entire sub-school of Western psychology has been founded in such New Age havens as Berkeley, is nonsense. The Senoi do use dreams in a way that most Westerners do not, but not in the way that Senoi Dream Theory suggests, and furthermore, there is little evidence that one can control one’s dreams much, which is unfortunate to those like me who have such lousy dreams.

These are the Veddoids. As the text notes, they are found in India, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. The text seems to be in Croatian, but I am not sure. Some think that the Veddoids were the second wave out of Africa after the Negritos, but no one is really sure what they are or where they came from. They remain a mystery. One characteristic of the Veddoids is wavy hair.

The Semang, the Negritos of Thailand, are despised by all other groups in the country, as is the case with many Negrito populations. The Semang came there 8-20,000+ years ago.

Previously, the residents of Thailand and Malaysia looked like Aborigines. A 25,800 year old skeleton from Thailand looks like Aborigines, and so does a 44,000 year old skull from Malaysia. The genes from the 25,800 year old bones look like the Semang. One theory is that Negritos were the first wave in SE Asia and Veddoids were the second.

For the Malays proper, there were two waves coming to Malaysia – proto-Malays and Malays. Proto-Malays are classed as Mongoloids, not Australoids.

It is thought that the proto-Malays moved down into the area from China 3000 years ago and are a result of the first Austronesian wave via Taiwan that then bred in heavily with the Senoi, creating the proto-Malays. It is thought that the line tracing the Malays back to northwestern Yunnan 4,500 years ago is following a Senoi line.

3,500 yrs ago, Veddoids moved into Indochina from India after the Aryan invasion.

The Malays proper were a later wave of Austronesians from Taiwan to Philippines to Borneo to Sumatra and then up into Malaysia 2,300 yrs ago. The Austronesians lack Australoid genes. Some say Malays are mixed with Negrito, Veddoid, Proto-Malay and Malay, but there is little good evidence for that, especially since, in recent years anyway, the Negritos do not seem to have bred in much with the others.

However, present-day Malays do say that the Negritos, or Orang Asli, are their ancestors. Southern Thais, close to Malaysia, may also have some Negrito genes.

A beautiful Malay woman. The Malays, members of the Malay Race, which includes Java, Sarawak and Malaysia, are mostly Muslim, but there are large Chinese and Indian minorities there. The Malays are probably a result of waves of Taiwanese aborigine Austronesians marrying in with Veddoids from India and the Senoi Veddoids from Southern China. At the base may be the Semang Negritos, the original settlers of the land.

At the moment, there are only traces of Papuan genes in the Malays, and genetically, they resemble Filipinos and Western Indonesians.

More Papuan guys. I love the one guy with the bone through his nose. I hope this turns into a new urban fad along the lines of tattoos and piercings. I long for the day I can walk into a Starbucks and see a young kid with a bone through his nose. Then I will know I have arrived at the multicultural wonderland.

Some of these guys seem to look sort of like Amerindians in their phenotypes.

The Papuans seem to have an amazing amount of phenotypes. Papuans were probably one of the very first groups out of Africa. The Negritos moved out of Africa down the Indian Ocean coast to SE Asia, then to New Guinea and then to Australia.

Humans may have been in New Guinea up to 60,000 years ago. They must have arrived there by boats, because even at the highest water point, there was still a deep 30-mile channel near Timor that never got covered by land.

Another major group in SE Asia is the Mon-Khmer Austroasiatic group, who came from Yunnan in China 4500-7000 yrs ago and populated parts of SE Asia, Burma and SE India. The Thais came only 1000 yrs ago from Yunnan and subsequently spread out through much of Indochina. Both groups came from Southern China and have no Australoid genes in them.

Further evidence shows that Filipinos, most Indonesians and Malays are closest to Taiwan and China and each other, and very far from Melanesians, a prototypical Australoid population that they are purportedly related to. Filipinos have a particularly close relationship with the Taiwanese aborigines, especially the Ami. They are closer to the Ami than Chinese, Malays and Indonesians are.

Two beautiful young Ami women, Taiwanese aborigines from Taiwan. This tribe, more than the other Taiwanese tribes, seems to be the source of the Austronesians that over a period of 8,000 years left the island and populated much of SE Asia. The Austronesians form the core group of Philippines and parts of Indonesia and make up a significant part of the Malays, Polynesians, Micronesians and Melanesians. The Ami are one of the largest of the Taiwanese aborigine groups.

These tribes probably moved to the island in waves over 20,000 years or more. The Tai also seem to go back to Taiwan, but theory is that they left over 5,000 years ago, went to Southwest China, where the proto-Tai homeland is, then went to Central China where they met up with the proto-Zhuang heading south from central China.

The Zhuang and Tai then split into two major groupings, with the Zhuang going on to form an Austroasiatic group. The Zhuang are also related to the Senoi discussed in this post. Both the Zhuang and the Senoi probably go back to northwest Yunnan.

An exhaustive overview of the Taiwanese aborigines is here. The Taiwanese aborigines had long traditions of continuous warfare, and were especially enamored of headhunting. This sort of thing continued up until the 1930’s.When the Japanese raided one village, Mahebo, in 1930, 108 women committed suicide en masse so that the men would fight to the last man without worrying about the women.

The Taiwanese aborigines do not have any Australoid genes that we can see anymore. But they came from Southwest China and Northern Vietnam (interestingly, this is also the Asian Homeland) up to 26,000 years ago, and Southwestern Chinese do have traces of Papuan genes. The Ami are members of the South China Sea Race, which also includes the Han Chinese from around Guangdong and Hong Kong.

The Aboriginal Taiwanese are an interesting group. Genetically and linguistically, they are very distant even from each other, as compared to other SE Asians, probably as a consequence of having been in Taiwan for up to 26,000 years. The link between Taiwanese Aborigines and Northern Vietnam and Southwestern China is deep.

An ancient type of artifacts in Taiwan called Corded Ware Culture came from Northern Indochina and Southern China long ago – 9000 yrs ago. Corded Ware is linked to Austronesians described above. Another artifact type in Taiwan – Lungshanoid pottery – also comes from southwestern China 4500 yrs ago.

It is true that there is some Australoid influence on Indonesians, especially those in the eastern part of the archipelago. The Mulaccans, the Nusa Tangarrans and others have some affinity for Australoids (Melanesians), but other Indonesians, Filipinos, Chinese and Taiwanese do not. For one possible Australoid influence on Indonesians, there are links between the Veddas of Sri Lanka to the Toala of South Sulawesi in Indonesia.

Indonesians on Sumatra fighting for supplies after the deadly tidal wave a while back. Indonesians do look quite a bit different. The Sumatrans are members of the Island SE Asian Race, which includes the Paiwan Taiwanese Aborigines and the Sea Dayak, Sumatrans and Balinese in Indonesia. However, this group is almost all Acehnese, since the tidal wave almost exclusively effected Aceh Province. The Acehnese have, in addition to Austronesian characteristics, influences from China, India and the Arab World. You can even see it in the name – (A)rabia, (C)hina, (E)urope, (H)indu India. Some Acehnese even have blue eyes, said to be from Persian influences.

Although West Indonesians like these are mostly Austronesian, the Indonesians in the center and especially towards to the East do have a lot of Melanesian (Australoid) in them. This seems to be from a backwards movement from New Guinea or Melanesia of Melanesians after the Melanesians were created on New Guinea back into the eastern Indonesian islands.

Here is a good overview of the “Australoids” of India, Papua and Australia, along with the Melanesians, Negritos, their names and their history. It includes such interesting groups thought to be related to Negritos as the Tamils of Sri Lanka and the Mahra of Saudi Arabia. An excellent overview of the Negritos of the Philippines is here. A reprint of an old book describing the Mafulu, a Negrito group in New Guinea, is here.


Domhoff, G. W. 2003. Senoi Dream Theory: Myth, Scientific Method, and the Dreamwork Movement.

Headland, Thomas N. 2003. Thirty Endangered Languages in the Philippines. Work Papers of the Summer Institute of Linguistics, University of North Dakota, Volume 47.

This research takes a lot of time, and I do not get paid anything for it. If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a a contribution to support more of this valuable research.


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  2. Kefas

    It’s very strange that Westerners are keen on using the criterion ‘difference’ to determine the borderlines of countries. This is something an Indonesian wouldn’t understand. If I just go a few hours south of Jakarta, I can already hear people speaking in a different language I don’t understand. Similarly, if I go slightly north from Makassar (Makassar is at the southern tip of Sulawesi), I can hear the Buginese language, which is very different from the Makassarese language. The culture between the two ethnic groups are similar, but the Buginese have ‘bissu’ (transvestite priests who are the tradition holders and leaders in traditional ceremonies), women who pray in the mosques on Friday and they have Caqdoleng-doleng (young women singing naked and performing erotic movements in front the whole village with an audience ranging from little kids to grandparents). These among other things are UNHEARD of in the Makassarese Land. Forget the Buginese, the Makassarese themselves have huge differences between them between They speak three mutually unintelligible languages. Look at the three different ways of saying “I can’t see it” in different parts of Makassar:

    In Gowa – ‘tena kuciniki’
    In Konjo – ‘anre kuittei’
    In Selayar – ‘gele kujanjang
    And Buginese (Soppeng dialect I think) – ‘degaga uitai’

    And I’m still only talking about the southern part of Sulawesi Island. Spanish, Italian and Portuguese even has less differences IMO:

    Italian – non lo vedo
    Spanish – no lo veo
    Portuguese – nao o vejo

    If we Indonesians follow the Western idea that ‘difference’ a reasonable criterion to form a separate country, then Indonesia would collapse into tiny regions. West Papua would too. W Papua has around 10 unrelated language families, including the Austronesian language family spoken in some parts in the north which is of ASIAN origin, not Papuan. Go check out Wikipedia ‘Austronesian’ if you don’t believe me.

    Hi, I really like your thorough explanation about all these things, but I think I need to try to digest it all a second time, because I had thought that Negritos, Melanesians and Veddoid were all the same. I have several things to say though.

    The Yali tribesman whose picture you posted above looks like any other old Indonesian men I see in Java. That is without the bone going through the nose and with a shirt and a peci on his head. He doesn’t seem like the ‘typical’ Papuans I usually see like the child in front of his mother on your third pic. I also read once that Papuan low-landers and highlanders have very different physique. It was from Guns, Germs and Steel with pictures portraying high-landers as more built and rugged-looking than lowlanders.

    I’m a Makassarese from South Sulawesi. It’s very striking though how people from North and Central Sulawesi have such bright skins compared to us. Interestingly also, my fourth cousin (who is 20 years older than me) has frizzy hair exactly like that Batak woman on your 5th pic. But she doesn’t look as dark as her, she looks as dark as the Fijian woman on your 2nd pic. I made fun of her hair once and she said, “What are you laughing at, this is how the original Makassarese look like”. I thought to myself, ‘oh really?’ I really don’t know because I grew up mostly outside of Makassar and most Makassarese women wear head scarves, but the ones that I usually see are straight haired, not like the Batak woman. How do you explain that?

    I have here a music video from youtube from the Kaili ethnic group of Central Sulawesi. One of the two singers have features that strongly resembles the woman Melanesian mother with two children, although to a lesser extent and with a very light skin. She also seems to have an afro and not just a frizzy hair and looks like a different race compared to the other singer.

    Concerning your post-Tsunami from Sumatra. The Sumatra that got hit by the Tsunami was almost completely the Aceh region. The people’s features there are not reliable to be used for generalizing about Sumatra, because usually they have much of Middle Eastern, Indian and Chinese influences. The name says itself (A)rab (C)ina (E)ropa (H)india. In Wikipedia, it even says that some of them have blue eyes, probably from Persian influence.

    I don’t know why, but in Indonesia, most people think that the Batak ethnic groups from North Sumatra, the Dayak tribes of Borneo and the Torajans of Sulawesi to be related to each other and to be the original peoples in the region. Their cultures resemble each other in some ways more than they resemble to the people around them. They have much lighter skin and (except for the Dayaks) very typical face structures distinguishable from other Indonesians. Both the Bataks and Torajans do not marry people outside of their communities. Sorry if I write too long. It’s just very interesting…

    • Lucian*

      Actually, you could say that Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian and even French are actually quite similar because all of them have the same root: Latin language of the Roman Empire, because all these countries were actually part of the Roman Empire. Beside these countries, you may also find minorities without a country who speak Latin languages as well: macedo-romanian, istro-romanian, vlacho-romanian, retoroman, etc.
      I did not included the Moldavian language because this is basically Romanian with a slightly different accent.
      Same thing you can say about the other two majoritary groups of languages in Europe.
      German family: german (of course :)), swedish, norvegian, dutch. Austrians and some part of Swiss are speaking actualy german.
      Slavic family: russian, bulgarian, slovenian, serbian, czech, slovakian, croatian, polish, ukrainian.
      So if you can speak 3 European languages: polish, german and italian you may have great chances to be able to understand almost everything in Europe.
      Of course are some exceptions as well:hungarian, finland and estonian who speak unique languages.

      • olbodala

        Excepted than French and romanians are not latins by dna.French are mostly kelts and germans(excepted some parts of the south),while romanians are daco-slavic folks.

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  4. Tshusukoi

    hallo, i think se asian isnt australoid. They r full blooded mongoloids.

    Kefas said”If we Indonesians follow the Western idea that ‘difference’ a reasonable criterion to form a separate country, then Indonesia would collapse into tiny regions.”

    Yes it will be happenning if Indonesians always do racism to the Papuans. not just racism to the Papuans but to the ethnics like Chinese and native mongloids(as Dayax, Minahasa, and Mentawai).

  5. sasha

    again, wonderful article. do you think you could write on NE asians as well? something to this extent about their geentics and ancestry. I like how you your post do not seem to have a hidden agenda like so many “internet anthropologists” (as you put it) do. my husband is korean, so I would just like to see some insightful topics on their history and peoples that isn’t from an NE asian suprimicist, white nationalist, or afrocentrist veiw point. I’ve seen it a millions times on asian pride sites that koreans are the most pure race on earth (closly followed by japanese and chinese), and I wonder if this is true. there is this wedsite from an afrocentrist: which tells of africans (maybe negritos?) in south china but not not much on korea/japan. just would love to hear your te=ake on these things.
    again, great blog, I’ll be back.

    • Yes I have some stuff on NE Asians.

      Japanese are not so pure! All a Japanese is is a cross between a Korean and an Ainu. That’s it!

      The Koreans came to Korea from Mongolia about 5,000 years ago. There were earlier people living there but they were wiped out. Nothing is known about them. They may have been Ainu types, no one knows.

      When the Ainu came to Japan 16,000 YBP, there were already Negrito types living there. The Ainu apparently wiped them out.

      Koreans, Japanese and NE Asians are closely related to Caucasians, but they don’t have any Caucasian in them.

      9,000 YBP, all NE Asians looked like Ainu types. After 9,000 YBP, NE Asians started transitioning from Ainu types to the type we know them as now.

      The Negritos are Southern China are NOT Black people! They are about as distantly related genetically to Blacks of anyone on Earth. Just cuz someone looks Black does not mean they are Black. The Negritos are very ancient, the remains of the first people out of Africa.

      Chinese are a mish-mash of all sorts of different ethnic groups, and Northern Chinese are further from Southern Chinese than Whites are from Asians! Doesn’t seem like such a pure race to me!

      I love Korean people. Especially Korean women, haha.

      • moks

        hahah i love too bro…

      • You sound like an anti Black fool, who only speaks about “this isn’t Black, that isn’t Black, This isn’t Black and That isn’t Black, and BECAUSE THEY LOOK BLACK DOES NOT MEAN THAT THEY ARE BLACK……..OH BY THE WAY, IF THEY LOOK WHITE THAN THEY ARE WHITE, AND ANYTHING THAT LOOKS WHITE AND 4% NEANDERTHAL SUB HUMAN IS WHITE, BECAUSE THEY LOOK WHITE, HE HE HE HE HE HE. Stupid racist idiotic article by an anti Black “Negrobobic” lunatic.

    • Might you have a yellow fever, Robert? You like Korean women — what about Chinese, Japanese and Southeast Asian women?

    • I like Chinese and Japanese women. And Filipinas, Hmong, Cambodian, Indonesian, Burmese, Vietnamese and Thais are ok. Those are the only ones I have any experience with. They are hard to get though, at least the Hmong. They don’t date non-Hmong that much.

    • But you seem to have a preference for Korean women, not that I blame you or anything. Do you like East Asian women more than other groups of women (i.e. European, Latino, African)?

  6. sasha

    interesting, I’d love to see more gentic testing on those populations… most of the test seem to be concentrated on european/caucasian groups.

    • What are your sources for this statement “the Ainu of Japan and their ancestors, the Jomon, are related to Negritos, Aborigines and the Veddoids of India” and ” When the Ainu came to Japan 16,000 YBP, there were already Negrito types living there. The Ainu apparently wiped them out”? Also, your picture of what constitutes the Japanese (“All a Japanese is is a cross between a Korean and an Ainu. That’s it!) seems simplistic and askew. The Ainu and the Ryukyuans are so far apart genetically despite their ancestors once having come from the same Baikal region that they are further related to each other than to Honshu types and continental types. Also Japanese genes are more diverse than you make them out to be – they vary according to regionality, along the length and breadth of the entire archipelago, and that diversity can be seen on ear wax maps as well as genetic or blood group maps. What of the deeper Austronesian connections – traceable to possibly East Indonesia/Borneo/perhaps even Luzon, Philippines. Recent studies also begin to reveal more of earliest Australoid contributions and those of deep in time Palaeolithic migrants whose traces have been marginalised but whose genes can still be detected. Japanese are more diverse than the Koreans, but even the Korean populations can be divided into those of northern and southern Austroasiatic origins, and not just Mongolians as you have stated.

  7. the malay girl is so beautiful…

  8. Listen up you Chinese punk. You’ve been banned. You violated the comments rules. I know you came from Asiasfinest too. You’re another one of the nationalist chumps over there. I’ve been following your weenie discussion. Looks like the Chinese nationalists are some of the worst nationalists of them all. And I’m not a geneticist. I’m just an author and a dilettante.

    BTW, send some more of your Chinese nationalist weenieboy friends over here so I can ban them too, ok?

    Bye Chinaman.

  9. Peter Garn

    Hi Robert – I agree with you in many respects. Since some years we found out the genetic connections and ancestors of all human tribes and races by the mt DNA. Most surprised I was, as scientists found negroid skeletons in Brazil, Peru…..these oldest skeletons are around 10.000-14.000 years old.
    During the last glacial period races lived on different places as today. The mongolian people for instant, appeared in northern Asia 40.000 years ago. Their typically face was an adaption against the cold climate. At the end of the ice age they left northern Asia and walked to east-Asia and some crossed the landbridge to Alaska. The black hunters from the east asian coast followed the coastline by watercrafts to the north – along the Aleut island to the coast of Alaska and to the American westcoast, they came to S-America 15.000 years ago. 10 years ago most of the archeologists didn`t agreed. But since we have the proof by the mtDNA, we know it for sure. Black hunters came along the Westcoast to S-America, they had the same ancestors like the melansian-australoid race and like the Drawidas in India.
    As they left Eastern Africa some 80.000 years ago, they followed the southasian coastline till to SE Asia and some arrived in Australia 60.000 years ago. Pretty early!!
    During the ice age these black hunters and gatherer were widespreaded all over Eastern and Southern Asia plus Australia and the Melanesian islands.
    You mentioned, the first people in Japan and Korea were black, related to the SE-Asian negroid race. Japan and Taiwan were connected by landbridges in the ice age.
    Since I know more about the black hunters I can imagine much better, why they were the first humans in S-America. Scientists found out, if black people live in colder condtions some thousends of years, they loose their color and become white. This happend in Europe. First H.sapiens came to Europe 45.000 years ago and lived with the Neandertals around 15.000 years. After 300-400 generations they became white people with blond or brown hair.
    The H.sapiens was a small population 80.000 years ago, because our ancestors had troubles with the climate in East Africa. Firstly rain became uncommon cause the ice age. Secondly the volcanic eruption by “Toba” on Java changed the world climate dramatically as well. Eastern Africa dried out and life disappeared. This small H.sapiens population had no chance to survive in this dry environment. Our ancestors were just a couple of thousend individuals. They left East Africa, some of them went along the southcoast of Asia, some followed the Nile-River to the Mediterranean Sea and populated Europe and some found some better places in West and South Africa.
    Some of the early human races, subspecies of Homo erectus and Homo heidelbergensis still existed 70.000 years ago. It was the Neandertal man, the Peking Man, the Java Man and some more populations of the H.erecuts in Asia and Africa.
    It looks like, the dramatically climate 70.000 years ago and the H.erectus were responsible for the extinction of all Homo erectus groups. All died out – the last was the Java man, they died out 10.000 years ago. Scientists found H.erectus bones in Australia and the last died out at the end of the ice age……..Peter Vienna

  10. waldace

    It’s highly misleading to assert that Tamils have skulls like the Andamese Negritos, the Semang (Malay) Negritos and the coastal New Guineans (Melanesians). Only certain castes (the minority) do. The rest have Caucasian skulls.

  11. waldace

    Peter Garn is a little confused. The Australoid and Proto-Australoid races could not have been ancestors of the black race. The mtDNA does not link other races as a whole with the black race, i.e., the black race is not necessarily every race’s ancestor.

  12. waldace

    Peter Garn is mistaken. The Dravidians of India and the melanesian/australoids are not black. The mtdna shows various races.

  13. Joi

    Wow, what a whole lot of speculating…rubbish.

    Japanese researchers have done DNA sequencing to find the origins of the Japanese. What they found was that Ainus are related to the natives of the Andes. But more importantly it also pertains to the Koreans and Chinese, where it appears the Han Chinese with their 60% unique gene sequence are even more homogeneous than the Koreans at a lower 40%. There is recent write up that also supports this along the paternal lineage of the Chinese. So what does that mean?

    Professor Horai found..”only 4.8% if the Japanese genetic sequence is unique.
    Comparatively, similarities with koreans were 24.2% and Chinese 25.2%
    Ainu and Okinawan genetic sequences were at 25%
    It has proven that the Japanese are a mixture of many ethnicities. On the other hand, Koreans have a 40% unique genetic sequence. Chinese had an even higher 60%
    We have found that the Japanese do not have many distinctive characteristics. We have many similarities with the Asian mainland including Korea and China.”

    The video can be found here:

  14. poobathy

    Veddas are not Tamil at all..
    They are very microscopic minority in that part of the world..

    There are 9 million Tamil all over South India, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Malaysia..

    Where as Veddites are virtually unknown to the common people of India.. They are like the any other tribal ppl of Andaman and Nicobar Islands…living in secluded area..

    There are some Negroid ppl around the coastal Goa and some interior parts of Western Gates.. as well.. They were brought into India by the Portuguese and other Europeans during 17 cent..


  15. cristobal

    Yet again, I see so many mistakes in your blog.It completely destroys your theory with go with genetics. The tamils are not Veddoids and Malaysians are not mixed with veddoids.Malaysians are mostly Taiwanese aborigines,Daic with some who has indian and papuan genes.

    • Look, I am banning you. You’ve been doing this ever since you showed up. You don’t get to talk to me like this on here. You don’t get to take a hostile and confrontational attitude towards me like this.

      You already got warned, and now you are banned.

      PS. Your critiques are completely incorrect.

  16. cristobal

    Actually it’s more accurate to say Malaysians are mostly Taiwanese aborigines austronesian,Daic(tai), austro asiatic with some who has indian ,negrito,papuan genes.

    Genetic shows that indonesians and malaysians paternal genes is most similar to daic or tai of southern china,who carries O2a and O1 and maternally with lots taiwanese aborigines, with some negrito,papuan.
    There is also an generally few percent to some percent of paternal indian genes in malaysians.

  17. Carmen pilar

    Robert lindsay is a racist .

    he thinks light skin is beautiful. how can he I wonder ?
    when he is light but looks like nature’s blunder

  18. Kevin Thompson

    Good information on the theory of black hunters exploring the west of coast of S. America. That explains the Luzia fossil in Brazil. But then you say the dark-skinned peoples of asia “look like blacks” but are “not blacks.” What is color if not a matter of appearance? It would have been more accurate to say the dark-skinned Asians are “dark but not closely related to subSaharan Africans”.

  19. Money2012

    Who is Robert LInsay??? I don’t see any creditability to anything he wrote. It is based solely on his thinkings. Everything I read from him sound very stupid and seems like he pulled it out of his rear end. Being Chinese, korean, Japanese is a nationality, but within that there is different ethnic groups living in any of those countries. People in ancient time migrate to different places. How can a northern chinese, korean, or japanese be related more to whites than southern chinese make no sense. In fact these people look very mongoloid with slanted slit eyes, flat faces, and just very super mongoloid looking so that makes them closer to whites cuz of their skin color?? Skin color does not make a person more caucsasian. You make your stupid mistakes too many times in any of your articles. You are so stupid you post all rubbish on the internet. Where is your creditability in anything you say??? I don’t see any real experts backing you up.
    By the way South korean women are very plastic. Without plastic surgery they look horrible.

  20. What I find interesting is that historically and etymologically terms like “Negro”, negroid, negrito, Melanesian, Ethiopian, and especially “Black” all originally referenced “race” by way of color and appearance first and foremost all over the world. Anthropometrics or Craniometrics came much later, and were not the most reliable science and were debated all the time within the scientific community, because subtle changes on one part of the skull amongst different people dismissed any previous concept or theory that attempted to establish one immutable conclusion about a particular people’s racial classification.

    Regardless of how the science of DNA is being interpreted, or the millenniums of separation, or how each group that is either being viewed as “Blacks” or define themselves as “Blacks” identify themselves uniquely, the bottom line is that the geopolitical and domestic concerns, treatment, and plight of all of these people because of similar hue and phenotypical attributes have been literally identical, and all else is just merely semantics, and so far, genetic science has had very little relevance to these people life-experiences from the cradle to the grave relative to their interactions with “White” Caucasians or Indo-Europeans.

    Ironically, I just reviewed a YouTube posted documentary focused on the historical and present-day willful, persistent, and derogatory us of the word “nigger” by white Australians directed at Black Aborigines in Australia! So what difference does it make to these people well-being, if some white Western geneticist, anthropologist, blogger, or internet pundit deem them as being truly very Dark-skinned Caucasians or Australoid?

    Why is there a driving need to divide and define the Papuan, Negrito, Veddoid , Australoid, Dravidian, Malaysian, Cambodian, Vietnamese, or Filipino in neatly definable separate breeds of people, regardless of any indisputable phenotypic or cultural similarities, when we know there is one thing for sure, if you’re indisputably “white”, than you’re deemed to be part of the supposedly indivisible and uniquely exclusive “white” Caucasian race and history without any further scrutiny or debate.

    This is not about science, this is more so about “Whites” orchestrating and reinforcing a semblance of dominance, power, and control.

  21. Ew. .. Don’t trust this info guys.. It is all wrong , and I don’t think this guy is a geneticist or an anthropologist…

    I think a better place to go would be


  22. sulistyo

    Dear Robert Lindsay
    I thank to your comment about our Country Indonesia.
    I do understand your story sometimes cannot be understood by us the native of Indonesia cause of your lack of Information and lack of your understanding about our history, blood connections, language connections within our great country Indonesia.
    Dear Robert Lindsay,
    I think you several times visited Indonesia and we welcome you well here but I can understand why you have a very white supremacy’s point of view from your angle of perception.
    What you do think as glory for Europeans like you sacrificed and wiped out hundred million native Americans, Native Australians , Asians because of conquesta for Glory , Gospel and Greed by nozzle of guns , famine or desease Thousand tribes extinct by human will.
    Dear Robert Lindsay,
    For thousands year our ancestors taught us the way to lead Nusantara. We have local wisdoms whereas all Nusantara Kingdoms connected one to another by marriage, One as patriarch kingdoms which share the blood to the other kingdom by offering daughter to the neighboring King. If the king have no male offspring he can pick the other kingdoms offspring as the king of his own .
    The loyality of the other kingdoms because of inter marriage among the nobles.
    Even we have very strong connection in our languages.
    You will say inang for calling mother in batak language , Inaq in Sumbawa tongue , Inan in Tetum ( Timor Leste language ), Ina in Key , Ambon , Fak-fak ,Kaimana and Raja ampat languages ( In Papua ).
    If you hardly to find differences among Indonesians and you call us colonize Papua. What do you think Americans , Australians , now ? Their history in the new land is just a blink of eyes. Those are different with our bonds and histories.
    My dear Robert Lindsay.
    Our Nusantara ( Indonesia ) connections in South East Asia are strong , solid and deep Include Papua.
    Please don’t meddling in and messed up our on going process to be a solid country.
    I welcome you to discuss everything including your own country ? Is it fair enough ?
    I also welcome you to stay in my home for free during your quest of humanity in Indonesia.

  23. gogo

    LOL “they look black but they are NOT black” i hope these Melanesian are not buying into that bull shit cause if they come to a country like America no one is going to give them a DNA test before they call them a nigger, i love how white folk are always trying to divide up people of color where ever they go. i think that they should just let these people deiced who they are and just stay out of it.

    • We already done surveyed them my nigga. They got back to us and said, “Thank you very much, but we are NOT Black people.”

      I met a Melanesian chick on the Web once. She was NOT a Black chick. She looked sort of Asiatic, something like a Polynesian maybe.

      • Alex Linder is insane, and yes he wants to preserve the Ainu because he thinks they are White folks.

        Black people are just idiots. They think that if someone looks Black, then they must be Black, but that ain’t the way it works kiddo!

      • Robert Lindsay only fuels the ignorance and stupidity of inferior white people who would like to believe that they are some how superior to all races of humans, especially Black people who they fear the most. Whites are the most inferior people on God’s earth, always trying to steal other people history and culture.. Yes, there is no such race as “Australoid” and Ausronesian he he he. Yes if they look Black, and not only referring to skin color, but facial features and body structure, then they are indeed Black people. If these people had resembled white 4% Neanderthal sub humans in any way of a lesser form, this lunatic Robert Lindsay would be HOOPING and HOLLERING out loud, “They white yall, They white yall, and why s would they look white if they wasn’t white, he he, damn “LUNATIC” I wonder who refer to this lunatic as “doctor” hehe, If he have a doctorate, he most likely bought it “ONLINE” from one of those paper mills, such as “University Of Phoenix”, or “University W/O Walls”. All of this crap is just that, CRAP, CRAP CRAP.

  24. I think,this article is exibit ,many more conceived e.senguttuvan.

    • This idiot says that just because someone looks Black, then they are not Black, HOWEVER, if someone look 4% Neanderthal sub human, white skin, freckles, long straight Orangutan hair, then they are white. WOW, what a “Hypocrite.

      • If you look Black, why would you be something else? How many times does white racist idiots look at Black pharaohs, and say they are reddish brown, and their skin is not black, as if most Black people don’t have dark and reddish brown skin color, more than they do black skin color. After all, black skin color is not the race, since Black people come in many skkin colors and have many types of texture hair. Ancient Ainu’s, Jomon, Thai Mani’s, Malay Orang Aslis, Philippine Aetes, Australian Aborigines, Ancient American Olmec’s were/and are still Black people, no matter how much white idiots tend to write.

      • Don’t you have a blunt and a 40 to attend to back in the hood, nigga?

        • Andy Capp

          i agree Robert im mixed papua new guinean /caucasian and melanesians are not black like u said, something about african diaspora is strange to me they just can’t accept people of dark complexions are not always one of them, they always want to claim another brown or darker person as 1 of them, some just feel inferior to everyone and if they gotta be black so do we, were not allowed to be different in their eyes and have our own culture, they need to wake up and stop claiming every dark skin on the planet, not to mention its offensive im not racist just stating facts melanesians negritoes papuans r not black, on that note we papuans r also melanesians notice u divided us from other melas anyway just cause u look black is not always so.

        • You want to send me a photo? You sound very interesting, White-Papuan mix. Maybe I will even use your photo in a post.

          I do not agree that Papuans and Melanesians are the same or even that they are very close. On skulls, yes, very close. On genes, very far apart, but “Melanesian” includes an incredibly diverse group of people.

        • Andy

          Yes but are u sure u want the photo? while i am mixed race my appearance is Papuan in nature u wouldn’t know im half white unless i mention even my village forgets sometimes i won’t look what u expect since u might use it

        • Go ahead and send it to me. I want to see it.

        • Kaiviti K.V.T

          After reading various comments i have 2 say im glad u Robert understand the difference between Melanesians and blacks dats wat I was looking 4 someone to discuss, i also understand where Andy is coming from with blacks of african descent claiming, fijians, solomon islanders PNGians etc as there own, i dont think they feel inferior they jus dunno who we r. I myself am half fijian and half white and have a predominant fijian appearance and don’t resemble white just like Andy, though my hair type is mixed, on that note i live in USA and am often assumed to be black but not specified most people black or not in this region know little of Oceania so wen i say im fijian they like wats dat? i explain about melanesians but they don understand either cus they don’t want to or just simply don’t understand. Our islands r so far away from the Americas, Caribbean and Africa, our cultures r unheard of 2 dem not all r unaware but a lot r, so we can’t expect dem 2 know but ignorance plays a part as well Also Mr Robert i was aware Papuans were a subgroup of melanesians r they not ?

        • Papuans are absolutely NOT a subgroup of Melanesians on genes in any way, shape or form. Papuan genes look like Aborigines, if anything. Melanesian genes look Oceanic like Polynesians and Micronesians.

  25. Genetic distance/haplogroup/subclade doesn’t determine race. Blacks carry the most genetic variation and genetic diversity on the planet. This means then we have the genetic capability to produce various haplogroups/subcldes and still be of the same race; this also means we can produce any and every feature, hair type, eye shape, eye color, hair color, skin color etc without admixture. Black Australians and Black Melanesians are just that, people of the Black race/diaspora and that’s what many will tell you.

  26. You have many mixed Polynesians and Melanesians who are no longer Black and you have pure Melanesians with no admixture that will tell you the truth:

    In a 1976 interview, Foreign Minister Ben Tanggahma of Papua New Guinea insisted that:
    “Africa is our motherland. All of the Black populations which settled in Asia over the hundreds of thousands of years, came undoubtedly from the African continent. In fact, the entire world was populated from Africa. Hence, we the Blacks in Asia and the Pacific today descend from proto-African peoples. We were linked to Africa in the past. We are linked to Africa in the present. We will be linked to Africa in the future.”

  27. Cam

    You clearly are white. These people are black. There is no evidence that they are no black or furthest away from Africans. These people tell legends that say their ancestors come from East Africa. Just because they are islander doesn’t mean they aren’t black. There are two black races. Negroids and Australoids and Melanesians.

  28. John

    So are you saying that most Filipinos have SOME even if it is little, negrito/australoid genes in them? Or are you saying that most Filipinos have practically no negrito/australoid genes in them in he same way the North East Asians and come Europeans don’t, while obviously SOME Filipinos interbred with australoids resulting in the negritos/australoids you see today.

    • JOHN

      Filipinos have more Aztec or Arab blood in them than Aeta. Malaysians did not like them and evidently they settled Philippines as boat-faring communities with their own women.

      They are unmixed and isolated.

  29. JOHN

    Indonesians and Malaysians and then Chinese are surprisingly unmixed with them. I’ve seen them in Baguio and Central Philippines.

    I once asked why they were an unmixed and a Filipino said rudely that some races of women are so ugly “you’d rather jerk off”.

    Malays and Polynesians and Indonesians are quite callous towards them. They are very primitive.

    They are way black and a different race. Malays and Indonesians who constitute the basic predominate population base are racist against them.

    Modern-day Filipinos are Malays, Hispanic Mestizos (To various degrees) and sometimes have Chinese blood.

  30. JOHN

    I once asked a Luzon Filipino why after waves of Indonesians, Malaysians, Spanish, Mexicans, Americans having sex to create today’s Filipinos the Aeta are so unmixed.

    “Sometimes you’re rather jerk off if a woman is that ugly” was his response.

  31. Khan

    Are Filipinos part of the Australoid race? Or are they more like other asians are part of the Mongoloid race and the reason for being brown is simply because of the living conditions just like the native americans

    • They are absolutely Mongoloids. They do have some Australoid mix I believe. They are basically Australoids transitioning to Mongoloids, but because they are turning into Mongoloids, we call them Mongoloids. I would call them Paleomongoloids.

      • John

        so if Filipinos are part australoid that means other south east asians like Indonesians, malaysians and even Vietnamese are also part australoid.

  32. james

    “sometimes killing the Aeta in the process, a crime which is often not prosecuted.” Kindly cite your source? Do we have a law stating how we can kill the AETAS and get away with it?

    “formerly owned their own lands, Filipinos have now stolen most of those lands, and Aetas now work as day labor on Filipino farms, a deterioration. There is heavy drinking in their settlements and pornography is popular entertainment.” Stolen their lands? What are we, the Spaniards? I don’t know what your agenda is but it’s clear that you’re doing your best to demonize the Austronesian people in the Philippines. The Austronesian-Filipinos doesn’t have a history of invading other countries unlike the American-Italian-Spanish and other Europeans. If they tend to live in the mountains and forest, It’s because they choose to live that way. There are Aetas in streets of Pampanga and they are free to rent a house in the city if they want to. The thing is, Most of them would rather group up in their own community in the mountains and forests. That’s fine. Nobody’s forcing them to do nothing. In fact, They have special benefits from the PH government if they want to resettle since they are considered endangered since there’s only a few of them left. PH government is doing what they can to preserve their culture even if the PH government doesn’t have that much budget.

    • jason voorhees


      The Malaysian and Polynesian migration to the Philippines was thousands of years ago so we do not know the extent to which Malays or Indonesians who built the rice terraces in Luzon interacted with the Aeta when they first showed up in the Philippines.

      I’d add that in former Spanish cities like Cebu, where I lived for three years, there are not many pure Filipinos left. Anybody who owns land is 1/8 Spanish and descended from whichever Spanish settler was allotted the land from the Spanish crown. So Filipinos are now a mixture of Malay, Polynesian and Hispanic (Spanish as well as Mexican).

      I’d say the Aeta are economically and politically marginalized from the predominate Mestizo/Malayan-Polynesian population base. Chinese-Filipinos themselves marginalize the common-or-garden Filipinos because they own the businesses (Though some Spanish Mestizos are land-rich).

      Currently, the dynamic is a struggle between the Fuji Chinese merchants and the old Spanish Mestizo families. Filipino and Aeta alike has been cut out of the profits.

      Additionally, a great many Filipinos have Aeta blood. There was less intermingling between Aeta and later waves of ancient Malayan migration from Indonesia or Malaysia than between those folks and the Spanish or Chinese, but intermingling did occur.

      • james

        “there are not many pure Filipinos left.” Austronesian people are considered NATIVES too. They were the group of people who were enslaved and who were murdered by the Spaniards in front of the public eye like Dr. Jose Rizal. Aetas and the 100% pure Australoid people or what you’d like to call “PURE FILIPINO” were always hiding in the mountains.
        They didn’t care about registering their identities under the Spanish PH documents. They didn’t care about school or whatnot. They ate, they slept, they had children, they died, living in the mountains. They didn’t want to associate or even talk with the Spaniards. The group of people who mingled with the colonizers and were directly tortured and raped by them were the Austronesian people like Dr. Jose Rizal. That’s why Dr. Jose Rizal became rebellious against the Catholic Spanish church and the Spanish government. He saw the atrocities with his own eyes and he was intelligent enough to write it down through his novels. Dr. Jose Rizal was already rich and he was educated but he was not spared. Therefore, Think about what the ordinary Austronesian civilians had experienced at that time. The ethnic group who were enslaved for more than 300 years by the Spaniards were the descendants of Lapu-Lapu. It was not the Aetas. The Spaniards would not rape an Aeta. The Spaniards would not even go near the Aetas because the Aetas did not even want to talk with them. Therefore, If the Austronesian Filipinos carried the same attitude as the Aetas. The Spaniards would not have a chance to even step inside the beaches of the Philippines. They would all share the same fate as Magellan. The Austronesian Filipinos trusted the Spaniards. They befriended them before they completely colonized them.

        Don’t take away the credit from the people who directly felt the atrocities because I can provide you links/evidence anytime.

        • jason voorhees



          ROCK BOTTOM

          Aeta. Non-Catholic and live up in the mountains. Completely different culture from Malays. Not even sure if they speak the same language


          Descended from the original migrants all over the Austronesian map. Wari in the Southwest are possibly Polynesian and have a reputation as warlike. Visayans are from Malaysia and sailed up the Sulu in the 5th century. Luzon claim descent from Indonesians who built the rice terraces and speak a different language from Cebuano people. In Palawan there was an influx of ancient Vietnamese seafaring people across the South Chinese sea.

          More or less pure Malays although some are part-American or Western from some relationship between a sailor or tourist who abandoned his kids. Squatters form the service-sector/labor and are actually the majority. They have neither Aeta blood nor Spanish or Chinese blood to any great degree.


          These are folks own a little land from being the 10th generation descendants of some friar or Spanish plantation owner who had a Filipino mistress. They are usually 1/12 to 1/8 Spanish and can pass for a Mexican.

          Or, conversely, they are descended from Mexicans who were imported as overseers by the Spanish during the Galleon trade.

          They are relatively poor but not as poor as squatters. Some own cars and work in the service-sector up to the managerial level. They are LESS LIKELY to leave the Philippines than squatters who form the bulk of overseas Filipinos.


          Small-time merchants. Own minor businesses but not franchises.


          These folks often grew up in the US and have dual citizenship.


          These folks are like Henry Sy. They have less interaction with the Chinese Mestizos than one might imagine and belong to family cartels.


          Fifty percent Spanish from the old Colonial families. Wealth comes from agriculture although they have diversified. Speak Spanish. Prevalent in politics and the media. Filipinos still equate Mestizo looks with wealth and nobility.

          This is the racial social class system of the Philippines, more or less. Exceptions abound, but as a rule of thumb a darker Filipino is going to be a squatter who is poorer than a Hispanic-looking Filipino and nearly all pure Chinese are rich.

          Magellan might have been killed but the Spanish descendants or “Hacienderos” still have the power in the Philippines while Magellan’s ancestors live in a squat in Lapu Lapu so ultimately Magellan won.

          Chinese Mestizos and later waves of recent Chinese immigrants did not really seize the economy until the late 20th century. Even up to Ramos’s era in the 1990’s, Spanish Mestizos ruled the Philippines. He himself actually destabilized the Mestizos by removing tariffs on the rice imports from China that undermined the agriculture industry that Spanish Filipinos dominated through land ownership.

          At the time that Spanish really began intermarrying with Filipino women the Aeta were already driven up into the mountains by waves of Malaysians, Indonesians and Arabs forming the Muslim fiefdoms before Magellan showed up.

          But basically Spanish and Mexicans and Chinese found the Aeta unattractive so they never screwed them. That is why the modern Filipino is the product of a white Spanish man having sex with a Malaysian woman and Aeta have nothing to do with this composite of genes.

          If you visit Malaysia you will differentiate a Filipino immediately. The average “Malay” Filipino is about 12% Caucasian with some Chinese admixture and looks little like his ancestors who actually sailed up the Sulu island chains or from Indonesia to Luzon. Even BEFORE the Spanish arrived Filipinos were already a hodgepodge of Indonesians in Luzon, Malaysians in the Central Philippines and some Taiwanese races in the extreme North.

          Jose Rizal, like most Filipinos, was a mixed-race product of Chinese merchants, Japanese Christians fleeing the Shogun circa the 16th century and Spanish landowners. This is why he WENT TO SPAIN FOR COLLEGE. If some Aeta slipped into the mix it was a tiny component of his heritage. He was, more or less, a “Chinoy” but was educated in Spain (Benefiting from the privileges of the land-owning mestizo class at that time).

          Chinese merchants in the last 30 years have kind of taken over from the Spanish Mestizos except for really rich families like the Ayala folks who own so much land. There is still a great deal of tension between the Haciendero Mestizos and the Chinese merchants rooted in the uprising of Chinese that Rizal spearheaded.

        • jason voorhees

          Spanish might have committed atrocities against the Malays (Less against Aeta who were running around Bagio in the deepest jungle) but the Filipino women intermarried with Spanish so much that the average Filipino is 1/12 Spanish.

          Rizal WAS PART SPANISH HIMSELF (And educated in Spain) through his father-though he was more Chinese than anything else. His official records begin with the arrival of a Chinese immigrant and on his father’s side a marriage between a Spanish man and Chinese-Mestizo woman. There was also some Japanese Christian in him.

          Despite the atrocities Spanish committed (Though Filipinos are generally more pissed off at Americans for some reason) they are coveted and all the entertainers are Mestizos from old Hacienda families like the Ayalas (Whom I knew personally).

          Alas China seems geared up to own the Philippines economy in the 21st century but all the way up to Ramos in the 1990’s the Spanish still controlled politics-this Spanish Mestizo himself undermined this by lifting tariffs on imports which really affected the Spanish Mestizo agricultural profits (Though many of the Spanish Mestizos went into property development or other fields).

          At any rate any Filipino with 25% Spanish considers themselves royalty.

          You can gauge how wealthy a Filipino is by their Spanish blood. If they have zero Spanish blood they are a squatter or own a tiny bit of land and belong to the labor class. If they are 1/8 Spanish maybe they have a few connections through their name (Like Ramos) but the actual descendants of the legal wife of this Spanish guy will write the others off as distant relatives through a concubine or mistress who maybe got a tiny bit of property 8 generations ago that her 500 descendants have to share.

          Once you get up to 25% Spanish blood, generally the family has some money and education and social influence. Ramos, for example.

          At the half-Spanish bloodline mark you are really talking about Hacienderos. They speak Spanish, often hold dual-citizenship with Spain.

          However, in the Muslim South the Indians and Arabs did most of the intermarrying with the Filipinos. This occurred prior to the Spanish Colonial era long ago when Arabs were spreading Islam across the Indian Ocean and Hindu traders were already sailing up from Malaysia.

        • james

          “Filipino women intermarried with Spanish so much that the average Filipino is 1/12 Spanish.”

          “13.33% of the population is confirmed to have the Y-DNA haplogroup R1b, which originates from Spain.” 13% is not half. American blacks have more European DNA than the average modern Filipino.

          It’s not surprising that in other cases, Filipinos have 0% European DNA.


          Point out a country where this doesn’t happen? Money makes the world go round and the store employers wouldn’t care if you are black, white, brown, blue, gay, straight, or an alien. If you have the money, They will entertain the heck out of you and accommodate you more than the average walk in customer.

      • james

        This is how the people lived in the Philippines before the colonization

        This is during the colonization

        “Spanish colonizers brought with them medieval Europe’s penal system, including executions. Capital punishment during the early Spanish Period took various forms including burning, decapitation, drowning, flaying, garrote, hanging, shooting, stabbing and others. Capital punishment was enshrined in the 1848 Spanish Codigo Penal and was only imposed on locals who challenged the established authority of the colonizers.

        Between 1840-1857, recorded death sentences totaled 1,703 with 46 actual executions. Filipinos who were meted the death penalty include Magat Salamat (1587); the native clergies Gomez, Burgos and Zamora who were garroted in 1872; and Dr. Jose Rizal, executed on December 30, 1896. All of them are now enshrined.”

        “1,703” Seems very small. You believe the number? It’s very easy to cover up the real data when the murderers were the ones who validated and documented the murders, Isn’t it?

        “In a separate incident, she was forced to walked for fifty miles as punishment for not using her Spanish surname.”

        Take note, she was an elderly at this time. She is no longer in her 30’s.

        “Rizal, the true forefather of our telenovelas, kept the best proof of forced sex for last. After Crisostomo Ibarra’s conviction because of vaguely reformist passages in a letter he had written Maria Clara, and his escape with the help of the formidable Elias, he confronts her in her own house.

        Only too glad for the unexpected chance to explain how his letter ended up with the prosecutor, she tells him something she had only recently found out herself: ‘Two letters of my mother, two letters written in the midst of her remorse when she was carrying me in her womb! Take and read them and you will see how she cursed me and wished my death … my death that my father vainly tried with medicines!’

        It is possible that Damaso, that man of God, tried to abort the pregnancy only because he did not want to shame Doña Pia; it is also possible that Pia’s remorse was for finding a lover’s solace in the first place. But the social circumstances, the novel’s own purposes, even the character of Damaso himself, all tell us otherwise. Pia Alba de los Santos was suffering the classic symptoms of pregnancy by rape.”

        Now I ask you, How many more children in the Philippines were a product of rape? More than 300 years of colonization. Take note, The Spaniards raped and impregnated the females in the Americas too. What makes you believe that it was any different in the Philippines? The Spanish DNA is not as prevalent in comparison to Mexico or Puerto Rico but what makes you believe it was a different scenario for the Austronesian Filipino women?

        You think they all wanted their last names? You think they all wanted to interbreed out of free will with the Friars/Spaniards at that time? It’s very hard to really say “she loved you” when you kidnapped her in her own house and raped her until she got pregnant.

        If everybody suffered under the Spanish and American colonization, What’s up with the Aetas? Where is their Spanish or American DNA? Where are the images and documentaries where the Spaniards and Americans was abusing them and raping them in the same way the Spaniards and Americans raped and abused the Austronesian Filipinos?

        These are much clearer since it’s newer:

        “…which flourished in the United States in this period, led American soldiers to repeatedly assert their desire ‘to get at the niggers.’”

        F. A. Blake, of California, in charge of the Red Cross:

        “I never saw such execution in my life, and hope never to see such sights as met me on all sides as our little corps passed over the field, dressing wounded. Legs and arms nearly demolished; total decapitation; horrible wounds in chests and abdomens, showing the determination of our soldiers to kill every native in sight. The Filipinos did stand their ground heroically, contesting every inch, but proved themselves unable to stand the deadly fire of our well-trained and eager boys in blue. I counted seventy-nine dead natives in one small field, and learn that on the other side of the river their bodies were stacked up for breastworks.”

        Anthony Michea, of the Third Artillery:

        “We bombarded a place called Malabon, and then we went in and killed every native we met, men, women, and children. It was a dreadful sight, the killing of the poor creatures. The natives captured some of the Americans and literally hacked them to pieces, so we got orders to spare no one.”

        The Austronesian-Filipinos butchered the Americans but it was just the American soldiers. Not the American children or women.

        “The major said that General Smith instructed him to kill and burn, and said that the more he killed and burned the better pleased he would be; that it was no time to take prisoners, and that he was to make Samar a howling wilderness. Major Waller asked General Smith to define the age limit for killing, and he replied, ‘Everything over ten.’”

        “U.S. soldiers in the Philippines raped “gook” women, threw “******” infants in the air and bayoneted them, summarily executed “monkey” prisoners and “goo-goo” elders on bridges and let their corpses float downriver to terrorize the population,”

        Kindly point out. Where are the Aetas or the PURE FILIPINOS in these documentaries? Kindly tell me, How did the Aetas participate? They were the first group who migrated before the Taiwanese Aborigines/Austronesians. So we give them an Award solely for that? If the Aetas were the only ethnic group in this island during the Spanish and American colonization.

        The Philippines would have looked like Australia where the demographics are 99% white. That’s the alternate scenario if the Austronesian-Filipinos didn’t exist in the island. The Aetas would have just hid in the caves and isolated themselves until they become extinct. Today the PH government would even give them free classes outside of school and it’s exclusive for them just so they can learn how to read and write because many of them wouldn’t step inside the school. There’s no law that forbids them, They simply don’t like it. That’s the end of discussion for them.

        • jason voorhees


          Aetas live up in Bagio and other mountainous places that no American or Spaniard or even the Chinoys tend to go. They congregate in the coastal cities where there was trade or in the case of the Spanish Mestizos, in sugar agricultural areas.

          I lived in your country for three years in my thirties and I can attest that a good many Filipinas will intermarry with a white male (Though not a black one) simply to go to another country or simply in order to get resources for her extended family-though in the case of Spanish there were some strategic marriages with the daughters of chieftains which was a strategy they picked up in Mexico.

          Actually Philippines like Mexico, has a similar caste system. The difference is that Chinese cartel families from the Fuji province entered the mix and off-set the traditional land ownership system by creating a business class.

          Your problem in the present is the Chinese family cartels and not white people who might have fought guerrillas or some chieftain on a beach 500 years ago in Lapu Lapu.

          Chinese-Filipinos got Pinoys hooked on Shabu (Because they are silly and rather irresponsible with an addictive personality) and gambling and pay people 200 PHP a day while they make millions of dollars from the stores. You have been screwed by the Chinoys but are still obsessed with Americans or Spanish whose current population do not even remember that you were a colony (And America did not want Filipinos as a colony, I should add). Somehow, because Pinoys are just kind of soft and gullible, Chinese immigrants are able to convince you that they too are Filipinos who love you when in fact they rape you economically and socially every day.

          Your President is not executing the Chinese-Filipino who operated the Shabu Lab for 20 years, he is executing the street addict who is 19 years old and got hooked in high school and smokes a little with his friends.

          Spanish-Filipinos are not really powerful anymore: Ramos kind of ended this when he lifted import tariffs like the corrupt moron he was (Probably because some Chinese-Filipinos convinced him to for their profit) and agriculture was affected. Even rice is imported from China.

        • jason voorhees

          Japanese CHOPPED OFF PRESIDENT OSMENA’S HEAD DURING THE OCCUPATION for refusing to bow to them. Look that up on Wikipedia. I knew the Osmena family a bit and they told me about it personally. Japanese executed everybody in sight in the Philippines.

          LAPU LAPU CHOPPED OFF MAGELLAN’S HEAD! And I doubt he was the first, either.

          Please, Pinoy, don’t try to convince me that the Godless Americans and Arrogant Spanish were the first people to commit an atrocity in the Philippines.

          As I stated, Chinese-Filipinos are really the ones who got your population hooked on Shabu and took over your economy. If Chinese-Filipinos left the Philippines to Malays then probably the wages would go up for Filipinos and corruption would go down and Shabu wars would end for lack of a source of supply.

        • jason voorhees


          The Aeta were to unattractive to make a White man aroused. Spanish really never colonized the interior of Bagio or wherever the remaining Aetas lived. For that matter, Aetas never really intermarried with the Malaysians or Indonesians who migrated before the Spanish. Or the Chinese, though Dr. Rizal boasted of some Aeta heritage (Sure don’t see it, he looks like a mixture of Spanish and Chinese to me).

          We do not know how the Aeta were treated by the original Malay migrants but I doubt they went up into the hills and lived in caves freely so that Indonesians could build rice terraces. Mostly likely they were simply marginalized over centuries at the dawn of recorded time by wave after wave of seafaring Austronesian settlers who were technologically advanced.

          Most Spanish Mestizos I spoke to in the Philippines told me that it was less a matter of rape than of strategic marriage between Spanish nobleman and the daughters of tribal chieftains.

  33. jason voorhees


    In my opinion the Americans actually managed to shift the focus of Filipinos anti-Imperialism from Spain to the United States.

    The Americans were not in the Philippines for very long. About fifty years. They also fought alongside the Filipinos against the Japanese Occupation.

    But it is the Americans and not the Spanish for whom the Filipino harbors the true resentments.

    To some degree, despite the alleged atrocities, Spanish have been romanticized by Filipinos. Every Filipino boasts of Spanish blood, even if it is one great-great-great-great-great grandfather.

    • james

      “In my opinion the Americans actually managed to shift the focus of Filipinos anti-Imperialism from Spain to the United States.” Why do we speak English? Why do we fantasize and dream about Leonardo DiCaprio and other American celebrities? Why do we migrate in the US more than Europe/Spain? Why do we sing American songs more than European/Spanish songs? Why do we dance in Hip-Hop more than we dance in Fandango?

      We obviously like the American culture more than the Spaniard culture but truth is, They both murdered and raped this country. Austronesian-Filipinos are actually too forgiving and are always willing to understand the other side.

      “Every Filipino boasts of Spanish blood,” Same way how they boast about having fair skin which is still part of colonization mentality. Same way how the American teenagers would imitate the Kardashians because they are seen as wealthy sexy hot popular group of people. If they are smart and have smaller boobs. They will imitate Kim and Kylie’s body shape because it’s the image of “sexy hot” in the American pop culture.

      • jason voorhees

        I once passed for a “Haciendero” when out with the Ayala family with whom I was renting a property. I’m brown-haired and short for an American and could pass for a Spaniard. All of the sudden the Filipinos, who generally treat Americans with resentment, were behaving as if I was royalty when ordinarily they would scream “Hey Joe” or even once or twice try to start a fight if they had drunk too much Tanduay. Americans have come and gone but the Spanish are still worshiped.

        Actually Filipinos have been courting Japanese lately who committed the worst atrocities against the Filipinos in modern history. The Japanese EVEN BUILT A SHRINE IN CEBU (Where they beheaded that Osmena president for refusing to bow to Japanese soldiers).

        Americans committed atrocities AGAINST Spanish more than any other group in the Philippines although Muslim Mindanao guerrilla fighters were massacred. And that was microscopic compared to the Japanese, whom the Filipinos love as tourists.

        The fact that 33% of Filipinos have Spanish blood (Probably 1/12 through a great-great grandfather on average) is quite a bit for an Asian country.

        • james

          “The fact that 33% of Filipinos have Spanish blood”

          Entirely made up. 33% of Filipinos have Spanish blood data is fake. No reliable source for that claim. Most of the Filipinos who are getting their DNA tested online have 0% European DNA. Native American is showing up, but it’s less than 5%, and it’s not showing up every time.

          “…Japanese lately who committed the worst atrocities against the Filipinos in modern history.”

          1930’s to 1940’s is modern history? Can I remind you about the ATOMIC BOMB in Japan? After decades, some of their children still feel the effect of the chemicals from it. Some of their children were at high risk for mental retardation because of the atomic bomb. Japan paid for their atrocities. Germany paid for theirs too. From my research, German and Japan are still sending billions of dollars to their previous victims through donations in their countries.


          Magellan have a shrine in Cebu for hundreds of years now. What did he ever do for us? What did he do to deserve a shrine in Cebu?

          “Americans committed atrocities AGAINST Spanish more than any other group in the Philippines.”

          You really believe the American-Spanish war? Let’s recap. Columbus (Italian) was a hired goon/explorer by the Spaniards. Magellan (Portuguese) was a hired goon/explorer by the Spaniards. X and Y = Z. What am I trying to tell you? Americans were another group of hired goons/explorers by the Spaniards. The Spaniards were finally satisfied with the money/resources after more than 300 years, and they want to retire in Spain. They hired the newborn Americans to clean up their crumbs. End of story.

          …“Haciendero” when out with the Ayala family with whom I was renting a property. I’m brown-haired and short for an American and could pass for a Spaniard. All of the sudden the Filipinos, who generally treat Americans with resentment, were behaving as if I was royalty when ordinarily they would scream “Hey Joe”.

          K. Cute personal story, but anybody can make up a story online. You were walking with the Ayala family (and they are one of the richest in PH). Very normal to have that reaction. It’s like if Steve Jobs and his friends would show up in some elementary school in the Bronx. It’s normal to react that way. I’ll just point out. Even the Chinese like Kris Aquino would still have that reaction whenever she goes out. Even if she is already considered in the media as “LAOS/washed up.”

      • jason voorhees


        If I see a Filipino with a name like Ayala or Garcia who looks like Tony Soprano or some other Italian-America with a big long nose I know right away the guy is a millionaire. You won’t see them very often in public, the Hacienderos keep a very low profile but the so-called “Conios” look really white sometimes.

        If you thought a white was an Haciendero you would behave as if he was a God but if you then discovered he was an American out for dinner with the Ayala or Osmena family as a guest you would start calling him “Joe” again.

        I’ve been to a few Haciendas (Spanish Mestizos harboring a certain kinship for other whites) especially in Negros sugar country where there are still some PURE SPANISH WHITE HACIENDEROS in places like Bios and they more or less treat the Filipinos as if it is 1880.

        Very few Pinoys or even Chinoys are in Filipino film. By and large they are Mestizos. Even your so-called Miss Universe or Derek Ramsey are all the children of some German or English businessman and hold dual citizenship.

        You might boast of your victory over Magellan but the Mestizo is ingrained in your cultural conscience as a status symbol.

        Jose Rizal and Independence did not really change the status of Spanish Filipinos.

        • james

          “Aetas live up in Bagio and other mountainous places that no American or Spaniard or even the Chinoys tend to go”

          Correction. The IGOROTS are the group of Filipino-Austronesians who are mostly living up in there. If you review the images, the IGOROTS under the name IGOROTTES were enslaved and most probably mass-murdered along with the Austronesian-Filipinos.

          The AETAS are mostly known in the Pampanga area and most of them speak fluently in Kapangpangan only. They even struggle to talk in Tagalog because Tagalog is a new language for them. Bisaya along with Kapangpangan and other native dialects is what the mountain people like them are used to.

          “I lived in your country for three years in my thirties and I can attest that a good many Filipinas will intermarry with a white male.”

          I lived in the Philippines my whole life and I don’t tolerate teenagers marrying/dating middle-aged white men. Even if they are prostitutes in Angeles City, I still cringe whenever I see it happen.

          This has nothing to do with race because I cringe just the same when I see it in Netherlands or in American reality TV shows. Although I see no problem with interracial marriages/dating. I see no problem with a person dating/marrying a poorer person. We all just want somebody to share our life with. Age is the only thing that bothers me.

          Fair skin is the epitome of beauty in the Philippines because fair-skinned people don’t work in the rice fields in their minds. Fair-skinned people are seen as royalty. They can afford to have air conditioning systems in their households. They have lighter skin than the average “magsasaka/farmer,” so in Filipino society’s mind, they can afford a wealthier life, and most of us are aiming to have a wealthier economy, so they worship the people who are wealthy.

          Same with the American society and the Kardashians. Why is that show/family so popular? Is it because of the weirdness? Somewhat, but it’s most definitely because of the excessive amount of luxury and money. Give me the names of some A-list celebrities who are poor and famous? You won’t find anybody. Even the ghetto rappers who are supposedly rapping about poverty have bling-bling and diamonds around their neck.

          Doesn’t matter what race you’re from, people worship wealth. If you speak French or some other European language wearing your tuxedo in NYC, you’d be going home with some numbers or a Manhattan girl by the end of the night. Even if the Manhattan girls are already wealthy, they are still impressed by people who are wealthier than them. It’s the truth.

          Even with your friends. Will your friends be impressed if you are dating someone who is poorer than you? Your friends will probably be asking you questions and doubt you and the person whom you are dating/marrying. If you go out with someone who is much richer than you, your friends will immediately applaud your decision. In America, the richness comes in different ways, and the people know it. In the Philippines, the richness comes exclusively in fair skin. Even our neighboring countries who are richer than us have fair skin (Koreans and Japanese). Can you somehow understand where this mentality is coming from?

          “…in the case of Spanish there were some strategic marriages with the daughters of chieftains which was a strategy they picked up in Mexico.”

          Are you really going to go there? Am I allowed to be completely honest? Fine. There are tons of FIL-AM children in PH. Their American fathers never met them because in their father’s mind, they were just a part of a mission. American soldier meets a native/local woman in the foreign area, dates her, impregnates her, sometimes even marries her. Why? It’s a POLITICAL PLAN.

          This is why the Chinese condemn their own people once they marry or have children outside of their ethnic group because the Chinese saw what happened in the Americas and the Philippines. They saw how romance was used to invade and colonize the other countries.

          Same with religion. This is also why the Chinese remain an ATHEIST country, and they have the largest demographic of atheism in the world. They knew that if they let religion take over, the brainwashing at that point would be endless. Just observe the Hispanic/Latino countries. PH is also considered to be the most religious/Catholic in Asia and observe: we have a high crime rate for an Asian country, and in the Americas, the crimes are the highest in the world.

          “Your problem in the present is the Chinese family cartels and not white people”

          China never invaded us and enslaved our people the way the Spaniards and the Americans did. The Chinese in PH were segregated in Binondo just like the rest of the country. They were classified by the Spaniards as second-class citizen just like the Austronesian-Filipinos. The Filipinos along with the Polynesians have always had TAIWANESE ABORIGINE DNA. China and Ph are having problems with the Spratlys as of today, but that’s another subject, and it will take us 3-4 weeks to discuss.

          “…he is executing the street addict who is 19 years old and got hooked in high school and smokes a little with his friends.”

          Normal homicide rate for this country. Look it up. That’s all I have to say about that subject.

          “Godless Americans and Arrogant Spanish were the first people to commit an atrocity in the Philippines.”

          When did I say they were the first and only? If we’re going back half a million years, everybody killed each other for resources and survival. Now, how is that a justification for the atrocities that were committed by the Americans and the Spaniards in PH? If this is how all police investigations are going to be, there would be no justice for anybody ever. The perpetrator will justify it with something like this, “That boy was molested when he was 11, so I felt in my heart that it was okay for me to sexually abuse him now that he’s 17. It happened to him before and other people abused him too so…” That is how it sounds.

          “The Aeta were to unattractive to make a White man aroused.”

          Somewhat true, but why do the American Blacks have 15% European DNA? Who impregnated them and raped them and gave them the European DNA? Are the Aetas the most unattractive human beings in this world so the Europeans didn’t dare touched them? Europeans would touch the American Blacks, but they wouldn’t touch the Aetas.

          Was it really by choice? Or was it because they had no opportunity to go near them because Aetas would not even talk to them? American Blacks were enslaved, and they were working inside the house or on farms. The Europeans had the opportunity to rape them because they are near them all the time. Same with the natives in the Americas and Austronesian-Filipinos.

          “Most Spanish Mestizos I spoke to in the Philippines told me that it was less a matter of rape.”

          Most of the mestizos in PH would tell you they have Spanish blood and end up not having any. (My own estimate) 8 out of 10 Filipinos would tell you they have Spanish blood, but the fact of the matter is it’s only 13% of the population according to data gathered by the 21st century researchers. Majority of modern Filipinos have 0% European DNA. Debunks your “1/2” claim. There are numerous online testing sites right now, and they are pretty popular. Observe the results because the Filipinos don’t have European DNA.

          What they’ll get is “native American” DNA, and it probably came from the Mexicans. Although it’s not much. It’ll show up about 1% to 5% at the most, and it doesn’t show up on every Filipino result. Only a few would get it. Therefore, majority of modern Filipino DNA from Taiwan, which they share with the Polynesians, is intact.

          “We do not know how the Aeta were treated by the original Malay migrants, but I doubt they went up into the hills and lived in caves freely so that Indonesians could build rice terraces.”

          Assume all you want but you don’t know how the negotiations went between them. I feel like you are trying so hard to criminalize the Austronesian-Filipinos, but what did we ever do to the other nations? What did we steal? Who did we massacre? Who did we invade? Me and some other Filipinos would have these questions, and we ask them to the foreigners.

          They don’t have answers because deep within they know how forgiving we are as an ethnic group. We are not like the American Blacks who randomly beat up white folks in the streets of DC because they still feel aggravated about JIM CROW. I talk about this now, but I don’t want to punch an American/Spaniard randomly. I just want to remember it, and it’s the reason I talk about it. I don’t want to forget about Gabriela Silang and Dr. Jose Rizal and Lapu-Lapu. I want to remember them always. It’s all there is. I don’t want your reparations as a white man. I can work for my own money.

      • jason voorhees

        “We” do not worship Americans. Chinese-Filipinos-I was in a relationship with one-are entirely focused on mainland Chinese culture and films even if their family has been in the Philippines for 200 years. Chinoys do not care at all about the West and in fact they perceive Americans as being competition for control of the economy though sometimes they co-operate to get a casino or restaurant franchise. Spanish Filipinos are dual citizens of Spain (Like Paco Osmena who fled there after the rape) and speak the language and do not really care about the United States either.

        Even Chinese-Filipino women married to foreigners do not care about anything but China, China, China.

        It is only the Malay, Indio or whatever the average Jeepney-riding Filipino considers himself that is obsessed with Americans through proximity-working in bars, driving taxis or lately call centers.

        Disagree that Filipinos “like” Americans more than Spanish because I once did business with the Ayala family and at first I was assumed by their Filipino staff to be another Haciendero. When they found out I was an American, not Spanish, they started referring to me as Joe.

        There is a special worship for Spanish in the Philippines. My personal experience is that Chinese are actually detested by Malays but they have money and by extension power so they are feared by Filipinos.

        Japanese probably committed the most atrocities in the shortest period of time in the Philippines. A few old-timers despise Japanese tourists but the current population of Filipinos do not really remember WWII. There is even a SHRINE in Lahug, Cebu despite the fact that the Japanese chopped off the Osmena’s head for refusing to bow-I knew the Osmena family as well in Cebu.
        Mestizos are probably more aesthetic appearing than a pure Filipino OR a pure white for that matter. If I took an ugly blonde Spanish woman with bad skin and managed to get some squatter male to screw her, the child would be an improvement. In my opinion, this is why Spanish left all their land to their Mestizo kids. They were attractive.
        Filipinos are have cultural traits that make them an easy target. To begin with, they have too many children too young. The Chinese-Filipino usually goes to college and does not marry until 28. The Filipino woman has 2-3 kids by 25. Filipino males often do not support their children, or have children by a mistress they do not support. In this way, Pinoys are like blacks. Secondly, Filipinos are unambitious. They would rather “Chismus” (Gossip) than think about making money all day long like the Chinese. They are obsessed with the lives of others even when they are poor in a squat. Finally, Filipinos have stupid addictive tendencies which the Chinese recognized way back in 1983 when they started pumping Shabu into the Philippines and a generation of addicts came up. They are also gambling addicts and alcoholics.
        Spain has high unemployment and this is why Filipinos do not go there. They go to America for the same reason they go to Dubai. Someone will pay them to do something. The Filipinos who do go to America are generally poor, with the exception of a few mega-rich Chinese-Filipinos who actually buy property in the United States. Most are are from the squat. Same with Mexicans. It is the Indians who go to the United States, not the wealthy Spanish.
        The only truly American thing Filipinos love is basketball. Otherwise, they have their own television shows and stars (Mostly half-whites of course).

        • james

          “Filipinos have stupid addictive tendencies which the Chinese recognized way back in 1983 when they started pumping Shabu into the Philippines and a generation of addicts came up. They are also gambling addicts and alcoholics.”

          Anybody has the capability to be addicted to METH. It has nothing to do with race and ethnic group. Have you tried shabu or meth? Main purpose of the chemical is to make someone addicted to it. Americans are no different. They even have a higher addiction rate which can come from street drugs (meth) or prescriptions (pills).

          “They have money and by extension power so they are feared by Filipinos.”

          Money makes the world go round, and it has nothing to do with race. If you have the money, you can be gay or straight or violet or brown or a clown, it won’t matter. The money is good, and it can be used everywhere.

          “If I took an ugly blonde Spanish woman with bad skin and managed to get some squatter male to screw her, the child would be an improvement.”

          Improvement in looks? Maybe. Depending on who is talking and looking. Beauty is a very personal perspective. But it’s not an improvement in the I.Q department according to the data. The Hispanics/Latinos have the lowest grades in the West. The police data have stated how high the crimes are in the Hispanic/Latino areas and countries. Beauty? Hmm, Yes. Manners and I.Q? Hmm, No.

          “Pinoys are like Blacks.”

          You sure? Check out the teenage pregnancies with the Filipinos in the US and the PH. Check out the crimes too. Compare the numbers to Blacks and even Whites. Break it down according to the population. Get back to me when you are finished calculating.

          “Japanese probably committed the most atrocities in the shortest period of time in the Philippines.”

          Mentioning it again because you mentioned it too. ATOMIC BOMB. That’s all I have to say about this subject. ATOMIC BOMB.

          “Disagree that Filipinos “like” Americans more than Spanish because I once did business with the Ayala family, and at first I was assumed by their Filipino staff to be another Haciendero.”

          I’ll add something to this since you mentioned it again. American men have this reputation of going directly to the strip clubs or beerhouses so “Hey Joe” is something based on that reputation. The Spaniards like the Ayala family are mostly here for business, so the reaction can be a little different. Although Kris Aquino and wealthy Filipino fair-skinned families like hers will get the same reaction.

    • james

      “Spanish have been romanticized by Filipinos.” Same with the US. Up until today, Italian-Americans are seen as Mafia/Mobsters/Gangsters while the Spaniards are romanticized. Americans tend to forget how the Italian guy (Columbus) was just a hired goon. The main suspects were the Spaniards.

      • jason voorhees

        There were never many Spanish in the United States so this minimal.

        Italian-Americans are a larger component of the population.

  34. jason voorhees

    Mexican Aztec blood would be MINISCULE in Filipinos compared to Spanish. There are a few Mexicans who settled in Mindanao but the foreign blood in Filipinos is Gallegos Spanish-Garcia, Ramos and Ayala are from Northern Spain.

    But I agree, many Filipinos have little Spanish blood. More in places like Lapu Lapu or Cebu however and especially in Negros cities like Bios however.

    I’d add that Spanish Filipinos might have some power and control even though Spain left 100 years ago but there is no trace of Americans in the Philippines.

    Foreigners who are robbed by Filipinos generally are the absolute fools who think it is fun to go into a cheap hotel in a bad area with some prostitute. Big surprise he is robbed by her and her addict boyfriend. You are stupid to walk around any Filipino city at night if you are white and yes, you will be robbed.

    “Mexican Indian?” There were very few Mexicans that intermarried with Filipinos compared to Spaniards although there’s a few in Mindanao. Spanish Mestizos trace their roots to Gallegos Spaniards-Garcia, Ayala, Ramos-not Aztecs. In any event, having distant Mexican blood means nothing in the Philippines. You have to claim descent from one of the Colonial Spanish families, all of whom were Andalusian or Gallegos.

    If Japan had not been bombed the Philippines would not have been liberated. I beg to differ that they probably killed more Filipinos than anyone else.

    Crime is high with poor Filipinos for the following reasons. A) shabu and the fearless aggression it instills in users (One Filipino rushed me outside the gate of my bungalow in plain view of the guard for my laptop) B) police who do not care C) single-parent families or parents who work overseas and leave children to be raised by grandparents and extended family D) being poor squatters with no money. Most crimes against foreigners are for profit, not passion. Burglary, robbery, maybe raping some Norwegian stewardess. Nothing really personal. With Filipino themselves its usually about a cheating partner or some perceived insult under the influence of GSM Blue.

    You won’t meet many Chinese-Filipino women with Pil-Am kids who were abandoned by the father. Its usually squatters who were selling sex around red-light districts where dirtbag foreign alcoholics hang around. Sure, these guys might make them pregnant if they have sex with enough of them and chances are they won’t even be in the country when the prostitute finds out.

    “Cute personal story” I rented from an Ayala couple. Nice people and well-off but not Henry Sy rich. There are lot’s of Ayalas in Cebu.

    If somebody is 50% -25% Spanish it is obvious because they look more Caucasian. Also, without exception, they have Old Money. No Spanish Mestizo will live in a squat. He’ll be at a minor politician, own a business, etc.

    “Beating up Spaniards”. No way would a Pinoy attack an Osmena or Ayala or any other Mestizo in the Philippines. They know instinctively that these people are well-connected and would burn down an entire squat. Philippines MIGHT AS STILL BE A SPANISH COLONY because of the power that Hacienderos retain. Whites in America do not have that sort of power over blacks.

    Filipinos are more likely to victimize Chinese-Filipinos. If you are going to draw a comparison that would be it. Filipinos privately detest Chinese-Filipinos as an alien group that wants nothing to do with, harbors racist views towards “Malays” and control the economy so entirely that Filipinos have no choice but to work for them. In fact, YOU probably work for a Chinoy.

    “Chinese never invaded us or committed atrocities”…Well except for the drug war they kicked off by turning 10% of your population into Shabu junkies for the last 30 years. Though China is starting to co-operate in busting smugglers but an entire generation has been wiped out.

    • james

      “Mexican Aztec blood would be MINISCULE in Filipinos compared to Spanish.”

      Your comments are based on PERSONAL VIEWS. Mine are based on DATA in the 21st century based on what the scientific research and current genetics are stating today. You are no different than the Filipinos claiming they have the so-so Spanish DNA, but they would end up not having any.

      Take the popular Youtuber “DOMICS” for example. His father was telling a story about his Spanish ancestor before the results, but after the results was revealed, they all became speechless. It’s pitiful to keep claiming to be something you are not. American Blacks are proven to have more European DNA. Filipinos have TAIWANESE ABORIGINE DNA, and they share that DNA with the neighboring Asian countries and the Polynesians.

      “Agree, many Filipinos have little Spanish blood.”

      13% of the population only. Not 13% for every Filipino. It’s 13% for the entire population. What does it mean? 87% of the population’s TAIWANESE ABORIGINE DNA remains to be untouched.

      “ trace of Americans in the Philippines.”

      I’m starting to notice how your knowledge about the PH is limited because you only take your personal experience as the legitimate data. You can bring that type of attitude if you want to stereotype, but you can’t use it in the analytical sense the way you bragged about hanging out with the Ayala family and stuff. Anyhow, here’s the data.

      Up to 600,000 Americans living in the PH. There it is.

      “…stupid to walk around any Filipino city at night if you are White, and yes, you will be robbed.”

      If you go to the beer house/strip clubs, you will be at risk. If you act like a normal foreigner walking in the mall and walking back to your hotel in Makati, you would have no problem. Since we are talking about crime, I’ll just post some data here and I’ll let the data do the talking.

      “There were very few Mexicans that intermarried with Filipinos compared to Spaniards, although there’s a few in Mindanao. ”

      We can all make personal claims all we want but the scientific research and DNA results in the 21st century speaks for itself.

      “Foreigners who are robbed by Filipinos generally are the absolute fools who think it is fun to go into a cheap hotel in a bad area with some prostitute.”

      They want the easy way, so that is the result. I see some men leaving their wives in the US for some Las Vegas strippers. I guess some of the strippers are that good. Whatever. It’s their lives, but it makes me cringe. This has nothing to do with race and country. I won’t look for a future wife/girlfriend in the strip clubs/beer houses. End of discussion.

      “Crime is high with poor Filipinos for the following reasons…”

      The most hideous crimes in the PH like the death of ELSA CASTILLO and the VIZCONDE MASSACRE were conducted by wealthy people. Poor people would always get the bad reputation which I don’t completely disagree with, but it’s not always the case. I know more Filipinos who are poor, and they are determined to be a good citizens like these children for example.

      “If Japan had not been bombed the Philippines would not have been liberated.”

      The Japanese left the Philippines in July 1945. The ATOMIC BOMB hit Japan in August 1945.

      “Chinese-Filipino women with Pil-Am kids who were abandoned by the father.”

      Why do you keep saying we’re Chinese? We have TAIWANESE ABORIGINES like the Polynesians and Malaysians and Indonesians, but we are not Chinese. Would you like me to call the Muslims in UAE as Europeans? Would you like me to call the Indians Europeans? It’s not accurate, is it?

      “…squatters who were selling sex around red-light districts where dirtbag foreign alcoholics hang around.”

      Not always the case. Sometimes, it was part of a military mission to pursue a local/native in the area to gather information because of politics.

      “…except for the drug war they kicked off by turning 10% of your population into Shabu junkies”

      What is the difference with the US government? Check the addiction rates with the US and compare them because many Americans are highly addicted to something. It’s either street drugs (meth) or prescriptions (pills). The 100% pure Chinese parents and family in Binondo hate the meth epidemic too. They don’t tolerate it. If there are horrible Chinese out there, it does not outweigh the good. China’s crime data is lower in comparison to PH and the US.

      “No Spanish Mestizo will live in a squat.”

      German Moreno worked as a JANITOR, and he was not rich at all. He worked his way up. Same with Isko Moreno. Look it up.

      “No way would a Pinoy attack an Osmena or Ayala or any other Mestizo in the Philippines.”

      I was not necessarily just talking about the PH. I was talking about the US too. The crime data. Look it up and compare.

      “There were never many Spanish in the United States so this minimal. Italian-Americans are a larger component of the population.”

      Not the point. We are talking about who has taken the backlash, and the Italians have felt it. Spaniards have always been romanticized everywhere despite their atrocities, so don’t make it sound like the stereotype is exclusive to the PH.

      • jason voorhees


        Beginning to suspect you are an Insik.

        “Why do you keep saying we are Chinese?” I’m saying your family is from Amoy and YOU ARE CHINESE, not the Malay squatter who buys your junk from you family business.

        Fearing an Indonesian or Malaysian backlash by Filipino Malays whom you are exploiting you will always play up being “Filipino”. All Insik do this.

        “Up to 600,000 Americans”. Rubbish, I lived in Cebu and there were less than 300 Americans living there. NO WAY are there 600,000 Americans in the Philippines. There are not 1,000 Americans permanently living in the Philippines. The lease on the base in Luzon terminated 26 years ago anyhow.

        American “Missions”. No doubt some small-unit “penetration jobs” on provincial girls. Sounds like a bad porn film. Nope, Insik, it is a bunch of Aussies getting drunk and having sex with street prostitutes. I doubt that the majority of mothers of mixed-race kids KNOW who the customer/father was.

        Now I agree that sex tourism is a bit of a disgrace. But my own experience as a friend of many foreign bar owners is that the women involved are 25-35 year old alcoholics and shabu addicts who chose to make 2,000 PHP a night in a bar. After 5 years, they usually save enough to open a Sari-Sari store.

        But when a Filipino sees a white, he is so ignorant that he assumes the white is American and calls a German “Joe”.

        “Legitimate Data” Well, I believe what I saw and not some “fake news” or dubious links on the internet for DYI DNA tests. I do indeed believe what I experienced living and sometimes working in Cebu, as oppose to Filipino like you who gleams all of his info from television shows. It is doubtful that you were ever in Vegas or any other part of the U.S.

        “If there are bad Chinese out there it does not outweigh the good” Yeah, you’re an Insik yourself. Still talking about China too, when you’re family probably left Amoy 200 years ago. Typical Insik of uncertain loyalty.

        “I see some American men leaving their wives for strippers” You saw this in Vegas? You have been in the West. More likely you are an Insik who worked in your Dad’s pharmacy or other family business and if you ever went anywhere it was Amoy.

        Chinese crime rates lower than American? Not their pollution or poverty or human rights, that is for sure.

        “ATOM BOMB” which Atom Bomb did Americans drop on Filipinos? What does that have to do with Americans in the Philippines? This is your typical Chinese obsession with American world dominance (And YOU ARE AN INSIK I am sure) not their actions in the Philippines.

        “Japanese left in July” Yes, because the Americans defeated them
        and Chinese Filipinos would have been killed off because Japanese would see them as bigger competitors in the Philippines than Malays, whom they might have tolerated as slaves. Japanese, if they owned the Philippines, would never tolerate Chinese running business.

        Chinese shabu labs are not bubbling away in D.C. or Chicago like they did in Arroyo-Aquino era in the Philippines and American police are not involved in selling drugs. This is the scourge of the Philippines and the reason why you are the only country in the world where people shoot other helpless human beings they never met because they are addicts.

        “Walking to the mall and back to the hotel” is a pretty typical Chinoy way of viewing what you’d LIKE Westerners to do-buy junk at your Dad’s business in the Chinese-owned mall and then return to their country.

        Foreigners who are victims of crimes in the Philippines have been living there for some time, often year. The squatters usually scope out their subdivision house or villa and know that neither the police or public care if some German pensioner is robbed. He does not know anybody.

        Westerners do not come to your country to visit malls filled with junk from China. Who would fly to the Philippines just eat at your awful Orange Julius fast food restaurants in some SM and then deadbolt themselves in their hotel room at night like an episode of the Walking Dead? That is not much of a vacation.

        I have lived in the Philippines and you yourself only know the United States from old television series you watched on ABS-CBN. So when we discuss the Western World-which to you is represented by a single country because you have never traveled except to Hong Kong or Amoy-

        In so far as drugs are concerned, your police are involved (Or were) whereas in the United States they are not. Plus more miserable poor whom greedy Chinese see a way of making money from because Insiks are essentially parasites.

        Like most Chinese-Filipinos, your antipathy towards Americans is really based upon their relationship with your mother country as a Superpower and not what Americans do in the Philippines. But also, you see Americans as interfering in the capacity of Chinese-Filipinos to run the Philippines.

        Like most Chinoys you will play up the ancient links between your countries when in fact Filipinos are Malays that have nothing to do with your own Fuji Province ancestors. In fact they hate you for stealing their economy, paying them nothing and dumping drugs on their squats so that all their money goes back to your Chinese drug laboratories.

        “Binondo” I lived in Cebu. Have no idea where you are talking about. But because I know Chinese-Filipinos and even worked with a few of them I know their Fuji peasant greedy-mindless DNA well. They’d sell heroin to a 5 years old or burn a squat full of poor kids to get the land.

        “DNA tests” The rich Spanish Filipinos 5% do not need a DNA test to know they are Spanish. I’m sure Aboitiz know their ancestry and keep in contact with their distant relatives in Spain. Every Pinoy like you riding a Jeepney to Jollibees knows who the local Spanish business families or landowners are.

        Webb turned out to be innocent of the Visconde Killings. All were acquitted of the crime and the ACTUAL KILLER (Probably some squatter friend/boyfriend of the maid) has never been caught. Typical of how police corruption/incompetence in your country prevents justice. Feel sorry for Webb in fact. Best years of his life wasted in prison and the real killer is out there your country now.

        Poor Squatters commit 99% of the crime in the Philippines. Once every 20 years some foreigner who already has psychological problems marries the wrong Filipina (Always some poor bar girl) and she scams him until he goes crazy. Yeah, it happens. But on a nightly basis the robberies, killings, burglaries are all committed by Shabu and alcohol addicted squatter males with the same old sad story: single-mother, grew up in a squat with little money, got addicted to drugs in their early teens, were criminals by the age of 16, no education etc.

        In general, foreigners are too afraid to commit a crime. Your prisons are awful places.

        “Crimes against foreigners” They are easy targets: older, don’t know anybody, police don’t really care. So obviously if you are a drug addict who wants money it is easy to burglarize some German pensioner living alone in villa down the street from your squat. Or the foreigner is drunk and looking for prostitutes. These guys are usually to ashamed to admit they were robbed with their pants down.

        “Military Mission” Gathering intelligence by having sex with the prostitutes who hung around Angeles City bars? What was the strategy there? Many prostitutes around Angeles City have children with foreign customers. I’ll agree. But Americans on sex missions deep in the province? Nonsense.

        “Japanese left Philippines in July, but the bomb was in August” Because they were losing the war at that point. Otherwise you would be speaking Japanese now.

        Your obsession with Americans is pretty typical of Filipinos. Americans are LONG-GONE from the Philippines as an occupying force. That is history. South Koreans are the biggest number of foreigners in the Philippines now.

        “Taiwanese Aboriginals” There are very few Taiwanese in Philippines and Chinese-Filipinos running your economy are from the Fuji Province.

        “More American Indian blood in Filipinos than Spanish”

        • james

          “Beginning to suspect you are an Insik.”

          It’s inTsik with a T or Chinoy. I am not from China. Although, You feel that Taiwanese Aborigines who migrated thousands of years ago are Chinese so in your opinion, I’m from China and I’m inTsik/Chinoy. Not surprising. You already made previous laughable assumptions earlier.

          “Fearing an Indonesian or Malaysian backlash by Filipino Malays whom you are exploiting you will always play up being “Filipino”. All Insik do this.”

          Sounds like I hit your nerve with my comments which I have backed up with data.

          “1,000 Americans permanently living in the Philippines.” Kindly cite your source?

          “majority of mothers of mixed-race kids KNOW who the customer/father was.”

          Majority? I’m guessing you have a data for all of the mixed-race kids in the PH. Kindly cite your source?

          I expect source with 100% data. I don’t expect the source with 100% assumptions.

          “my own experience as a friend of many foreign bar owners is that the women involved are 25-35.”

          “This normally consists of girls in the 17 to 19 years age bracket. 34 percent of them explained their choice of work as necessary to support poor parents, 8% to support siblings, and 28% to support husbands or boyfriends”

          “he is so ignorant that he assumes the white is American and calls a German “Joe”.”

          You said I am from China and I am an Austronesian-Filipino born and raised in PH. This complain of yours is like pot calling the kettle black.

          “dubious links on the internet for DYI DNA tests.”

          Where did you get the 1/2 or 33% European DNA that is supposedly the DNA results for the Austronesian-Filipinos? The Spaniards wrote we do have that much of their DNA so it’s automatically true? Ugh… Assumptions……

          “like you who gleams all of his info from television shows.”

          Police data are not television shows. DNA documents are not television shows. American soldiers who documented their atrocities in PH are not television shows.

          “It is doubtful that you were ever in Vegas or any other part of the U.S.”

          I don’t have to be in Vegas to know that. I can use the interweb and read some data. I don’t have to go to the US to know about the BLM. I can see it and I can read their sentiments online. I don’t have to go to the US to know that American blacks and Latino/Hispanics are committing crimes in the highest rates. It’s the beauty of technology. Somebody who is living in a different country can gather data about a different country.

          Although, Assumptions are not legit data.

          I’m talking about the kind of data with numbers in them.

          “Yeah, you’re an Insik yourself. Still talking about China too”

          You talked about them first. You want me to feel aggravated when I am talking about China because you want us to go to war against China. Typical.

          “Typical Insik of uncertain loyalty.”

          Pure Chinese are very loyal to their country and ethnic group. They are so loyal, They don’t want non-Chinese impregnating their women. I give credit to those who deserve it. I’m that type of person. When I look at the crime data and economy in China, They deserve to be credited for it. When they migrate to different countries, They always avoid committing atrocities and crimes. Check out the Chinese-American for example, Are they disturbing you like the BLM?

          “Chinese crime rates lower than American?”

          I showed you the data. If you want to refute them? Refute them using another data with numbers in them. No assumptions. Thank you.

          “What does that have to do with Americans in the Philippines?”

          I only answered you. You brought up Japan just like you brought up the Chinese. Japan committed hideous crimes. The revenge against them was hideous too. Up until today, Japan have continued to give billions of dollars to the world war 2 victims. They don’t have to anymore but they continued to do it.

          No bomb in Germany was dropped but the Germans have continued to do the pay their victims. The real perpetrators had already died but their children’s children continued to show remorse. How is that not honorable on their part? I give credit to those who deserve it and they deserve credit. After world war 2, Japan did not enter a war or initiate it anymore. They kept quiet. Can you say that about the US military? Now, Practice what you preach.

          “Americans defeated them and Chinese Filipinos would have been killed off”

          Death March. You ordered the soldiers to surrender. They were willing to die. They were deeply tortured after surrendering in Bataan. Many died during captivity and many of the soldiers did not live a long period of time after being freed even with all the American medicines and benefits. If you are not so uneducated to think about it, The option to surrender had no use after all. The soldiers would have died in another way. Better to die from a bullet than to let the Japs take you as a prisoner.

          “you are the only country in the world where people shoot other helpless human beings they never met because they are addicts.”

          Normal homicide rate. Look it up.

          “American police are not involved in selling drugs.”

          “Chinoy way of viewing what you’d LIKE Westerners to do-buy junk”

          50% of your comments will always result to Chinese Chinese Chinese Chinese and when I answer you back, You accuse me of initiating the word “Chinese/China.” Practice what you preach. That particular comment had no connection with Chinese/China but you brought it up again. You hate China/Chinese. Fine.

          You are free to feel what you feel but try to keep your personal views on a minimal. I don’t care about your bigoted assumptions. I care about data and if you can’t back up your claims using data, This discussion is over. I rather talk to my younger sister in the crib. She will be a better conversationalist.

          “Chinese see a way of making money from because Insiks are essentially parasites.”

          They make their money using blood, sweat, and tears They did not steal the $1 trillion. They worked for it. Is this the reason you are so angry at them? Grow up, Child. Business is business. Mexico offers a lower fee. Hire them instead.

          “you see Americans as interfering in the capacity of Chinese-Filipinos to run the Philippines.”

          Practice what you preach. You say you love us and respect us and protect us but why didn’t you help us with the Spratly Island when it was still repairable? Now, You want us to go to war against China? It’s the only way we can take back Spratly. We have to go to war against them. You like that? Are you waiting for that?

          “stealing their economy, paying them nothing and dumping drugs on their squats”

          Who robbed us? I rather not answer this one because you might get triggered again.

          “They’d sell heroin to a 5 years old or burn a squat full of poor kids to get the land.”

          Literally laughing in my sit. Heroin….. Oh Heroin…. Who are the farmers/protectors of the largest supply of poppies today? September 11, 2001. That’s all I have to say.

          “rich Spanish Filipinos 5% do not need a DNA test to know”

          From 1/2 to 33% to 5%. Make up your mind. What is it for real? What do you really want to claim? I told you, TAIWANESE ABORIGINES. That is our DNA.

          “Probably some squatter friend/boyfriend of the maid) has never been caught.”

          Where you there? 99% of your comments are based on assumptions.

          “Feel sorry for Webb in fact. Best years of his life wasted in prison”

          You think they are innocent? They were proven to be guilty but they were released after only two decades. Okay. Jessica Alfaro probably put her life at risk because she only wanted to get her 15 minutes of fame. Christ…..

          “Poor Squatters commit 99% of the crime in the Philippines.” Cite your source?

          5% are rich so if you consider the 95% as poor squatters, There is the answer right there. By population, The number makes sense. Poor people commits more crimes because there are more poor people.

          “she scams him until he goes crazy. Yeah, it happens”

          It’s always the female victims fault. If a local woman dies, The foreign man who killed her had a good reason. Alright. Nida Blanca probably scammed her foreign white husband too.

          “Your prisons are awful places.”

          if you are richer than the average Jeepney driver.

          “These guys are usually to ashamed to admit they were robbed with their pants down.”

          Check that out! It happens in your first world democratic wealthy country too.

          “Americans on sex missions deep in the province? Nonsense.”

          “they were losing the war at that point. Otherwise you would be speaking Japanese now.”

          You admit they already lost when they went back to Japan? But you claimed you dropped an atomic bomb on them so they would stop hurting other people. How can they keep hurting other people if they are physically not in the area anymore? Christ oh Christ….. Please don’t play with me, I am not a 14 year old little kid online. You wanted to test the bombs on real people. It didn’t matter if they were already defeated or signed a treaty. The atomic bomb was going to hit Japan because you wanted to play Gods.

          “Taiwanese Aboriginals”

  35. jason voorhees

    “Tried Shabu?”

    I think every foreigner under 50 in the Philippines during the Arroyo and Aquino era when nobody cared about drugs tried “Shabs” to see why Filipinos were so enamored by it because it only cost 600 pesos. A Chinese-Filipino co-worker shared some with me.

    It is a damned unpleasant high of sweats, shakes, sleeplessness. Hangover is fatigue, nausea, dehydration. Most foreigners never try it twice.

    I knew only knew three foreign addicts-a German woman who’d come to Lapu Lapu because she was already hooked on Meth and it was cheap in the Philippines; a South Korean guy and an Indian money lender who were stone addicts (Both introduced to it by bar girls) but a 3000 Peso a week Shabu habit is not going to bankrupt a foreigner.

    Mostly foreigners prefer marijuana.

    Foreign addicts generally sit in a villa and various Filipino hanger-on types rotate through their life until their money runs out. Then fly home.

    “Atom Bomb” That was in Japan, not the Philippines. And the victims were not Filipinos. How do factor that into the various occupations of the Philippines by foreign powers?

    “Hispanics” True, Hispanics only run the Philippines. Hacienderos are really too indolent and unambitious to take over the United States or England. Its only in the Philippines that Hispanic-blooded people run things. Badly, I might add. If I were a pure Pinoy and some Mestizo moron like Ramos or Estrada had totally run my country into the ground I’d be resentful of the Spanish too.

    • james

      “I think every foreigner under 50”

      Another personal claim. No data available. Very hard to judge something if there’s no documents. Let’s try and keep the personal views minimal. You can only speak for yourself. You can’t speak for all foreigners.

      “unpleasant high”

      If it was unpleasant, nobody would get addicted to it. I’ll give you background on methamphetamine. No matter how methamphetamine is used, it eventually ends up in the bloodstream where it is circulated through the brain. methamphetamine can affect lots of brain structures, but the ones it affects the most are the ones that contain a chemical called dopamine. The reason for this is that the shape, size, and chemical structure of methamphetamine and dopamine are similar.

      Before I tell you more about dopamine and methamphetamine, I’d better tell you how nerve cells work. Your brain is made up of billions of nerve cells (or neurons). Neurons come in all shapes and sizes, but most have three important parts: a cell body that contains the nucleus and directs the activities of the neuron; dendrites, short fibers that receive messages from other neurons and relay them to the cell body; and an axon, a long single fiber that carries messages from the cell body to dendrites of other neurons.

      Axons of one neuron and the dendrites of a neighboring neuron are located very close to each other, but they don’t actually touch. Therefore, to communicate with each other they use chemical messengers known as neurotransmitters. When one neuron wants to send a message to another neuron, it releases a neurotransmitter from its axon into the small space that separates the two neurons.

      This space is called a synapse. The neurotransmitter crosses the synapse and attaches to specific places on the dendrites of the neighboring neuron called receptors. Once the neurotransmitter has relayed its message, it is either destroyed or taken back up into the first neuron where it is recycled for use again.

      There are many different neurotransmitters, but the one that is most affected by methamphetamine is dopamine. Dopamine is sometimes called the pleasure neurotransmitter because it helps you feel good from things like playing soccer, eating a big piece of chocolate cake, or riding a roller coaster.

      When something pleasurable happens, certain axons release lots of dopamine. Dopamine attaches to receptors on dendrites of neighboring neurons and passes on the pleasure message. This process is stopped when dopamine is released from the receptors and pumped back into the neuron that released it where it is stored for later use.

      Methamphetamine changes the brain. Usually neurons recycle dopamine. But methamphetamine is able to fool neurons into taking it up just like they would dopamine. Once inside a neuron:

      “Methamphetamine causes that neuron to release lots of dopamine. All this dopamine causes the person to feel an extra sense of pleasure that can last all day.”

      But eventually these pleasurable effects stop. They are followed by unpleasant feelings called a “crash” that often lead a person to use more of the drug.

      “Most foreigners never try it twice.”

      You can only speak for yourself. One more time. Keep the PERSONAL views on a minimal. Thanks.

      “How do factor that into the various occupations of the Philippines by foreign powers”

      I basically just answered your question. You were questioning why I was pointing out the American/Spanish atrocities when Japan was more cruel. I answered you. Japan were bombed, and their children/grandchildren who had nothing to do with the atrocities in the world war 2 were affected by the bomb too. Germany were not bombed for their atrocities, but up until today, They have continued to pay world war 2 victims. Japan is doing that too. Up until today, Japan has continued to give billion of dollars every year to world war 2 victims.

      “Hacienderos are really too indolent and unambitious to take over the United States or England. Its only in the Philippines that Hispanic-blooded people run things.”

      Because the Austronesian-Filipinos never wanted to disturb other nations with or without the 13% Spaniard DNA. As a nation and ethnic group, it was never our style. It’s hypocritical to keep talking about humanity and God bless this and that, but your intention is to invade other people.

      It’s very sad to watch some of the most powerful countries act this way. It’s very sad. When you check their obesity rate, suicides and addiction, It’s even more sad because the stolen wealth never made them better as human beings. Love is really important. Money can be earned, but if there is no genuine love and inspiration in your heart, it will be a sad life for you. I’ve seen this with the richest countries. If a poor person decides to end his life, the reasons are blatant. If a rich person decides to end his life, you will be scratching your head.

      “Mestizo morons like Ramos or Estrada had totally run my country into the ground.”

      Mestizo and I.Q? Hmm…I will let the data speak for itself…

      “they were restricted in movement. Those were prostitutes selling sex, not girls in Jollibee who were impregnated.”

      No data available. Assumptions are not the most reliable data, Isn’t it? Take John Wayne Sace for example. His father is an American soldier. You can assume his mother was selling sex, but you don’t really know.

      “Generally, the Filipino woman wants to get out of the Philippines and marries the guy before they go to the West. She’d marry any foreigner.”

      ANY FOREIGNER? ANY? Have you spoken with most of the Filipino women in PH like the group of women in the La Salle University? Easy to generalize when you are posting a random comment online, and nobody can verify if you are accurate or making up your own data.

      “I’ve spoken to Filipino women who meet and marry white guys.”

      50 million Filipino women in PH. Where’s your data? In regards to white guys. I thoroughly described why the WHITENESS/FAIR SKIN is seen as the epitome of beauty in this country. Reread my comments. Thank you.

      “Many of them just never want to return to the Philippines again.”

      Billions of OFW remittances, and you tell me they never want to return?

      If they don’t love their country, Why help the economy? If they don’t love their family back home, Why work for the whole month just to end up sending your salary back to the family in PH? Why sacrifice for a country and people you apparently don’t care for?

      “Chinese-Filipino women are not going to be selling their bodies in Angeles City so of course they will not be pregnant by some Australian drunk.”

      If there are Chinese in PH or in China selling their bodies to a non-Chinese, especially if it’s a white man, It will be their last resort, and by that time, Suicide will be a better choice. It’s a shame for them to sleep with a non-Chinese, especially if it’s a white man. They don’t want their gene pool to have non-Chinese people in it. Judging by China’s crime data and economy, I see why even if I don’t completely agree with their mentality.

      “He was invited to dinner and then had his head chopped off as he raced down the beach to get back on his ship.”

      Sugarcoated history, but go on if it’ll help you sleep better.

      “Why are Chinese-Filipinos more successful than Filipinos?”

      Why are the average Immigrant Chinese-Americans more successful than the average white Americans regarding everything? Regarding the I.Q, The income, Divorce, Teenage pregnancy, Number of crimes, Number of HIV/STD, etc.

      “What is the problem with Filipinos that so few of them can organize business cartels like Chinese do in the Philippines.”

      Same question I have for you. What is the problem with the average white man in America that so few of them can organize business cartels like the average Chinese-American? Yes, I am aware the white Americans are the majority, but per capita, The numbers are lacking. Yes, You have Trump, but Trump is not the representative for the average white American man.

      “Why have Hispanics become so powerful and important in the Philippines?”

      Have your ancestors and yourself been kidnapped in your own house for more than 300 years? Stockholm Syndrome, Look it up.

      “Why do you blame Americans for the fact that prostitutes become pregnant by customers?”

      Because it’s sad to see the half American children in PH. I guess their Filipino mothers are stupid for not choosing abortion but we don’t really have the abortion mentality even if we do have abortion in the PH too. I’m saying it’s not a legal option for the Filipino women, and many of the women here would rather keep the baby even if they are already poor.

  36. jason voorhees


    “Romance” Filipino women selling their bodies in prostitution zones run the risk of getting pregnant. Most of them are country girls who came to the city for that very purpose and not some nice girl who met an American GI in Jolibees who took advantage of them.

    “Tons of Pil-Ams” American GI’s have not been in the Philippines since the lease ran out in 1991. Even then, they were restricted in movement. Those were prostitutes selling sex, not girls in Jollibee who were impregnated.

    Generally, the Filipino woman wants to get out of the Philippines and marries the guy before they go to the West. She’d marry any foreigner in order to have a toilet in a nice house in Norway or Chicago.

    I’ve spoken to Filipino women who meet and marry white guys. Many of them just never want to return to the Philippines again.

    Chinese-Filipino women are not going to be selling their bodies in Angeles City so of course they will not be pregnant by some Australian drunk. I’m not sure that this is because their fathers want to protect them but rather that they are able to get a job at the management level.

    Magellan was killed to quickly to do anything one way or the other for Filipinos. He was invited to dinner and then had his head chopped off as he raced down the beach to get back on his ship.

  37. jason voorhees


    Why are Chinese-Filipinos more successful than Filipinos? What is the problem with Filipinos that so few of them can organize business cartels like Chinese do in the Philippines.

    Why have Hispanics become so powerful and important in the Philippines?

    Why do you blame Americans for the fact that prostitutes become pregnant by customers?

  38. jason voorhees

    “Chinese business cartels in America”

    No such thing. Jews, maybe. Italians in some pockets of America. Mormons in Utah. But Chinese family cartels? Not in North America. However, there are many Hong Kong business people who buy property.

    Chinese had the advantage of coming to the Philippines when it was undeveloped and brought a little money with them to open shoe stores or pharmacies. But when Chinese got to the U.S. it was already a Superpower whose banks, franchises, institutions, government were owned by whites.


    The United States rebuilt the place after the war, to begin with. Same with Germany (I’m German-American).

    “No Data Available”

    I was briefly in the U.S. army as a young man. You most certainly are restricted to less than a mile from the base even on a weekend pass so the interactions between GI’s and Filipinos usually involve prostitutes selling services. I assure you that U.S. military are not going on “missions” into the province to penetrate and impregnate local women. If YOU ARE a prostitute and get pregnant, you should know better.

    White women from the depths of poverty sell their bodies to Filipino merchant seaman around San Diego and Vancouver. It is not strictly a Philippine phenomenon. Goes on everywhere there are transient males with money in their pocket around sea ports. Invariably uneducated women of every color will be selling sex.


    Magellan had his head chopped off 3 days after he showed up. If Lapu the chieftain could envision that someday the ancestors of Spanish would be sitting around Haciendas while his own ancestors suffered in squats, he probably would have sent the Spanish an even stronger message.

    “Non-Chinese in their gene pool”

    Hate to break it to you Insik but Chinese are a bunch of mutts since Siberians called Manchus invaded and became the dynasty, for example. Western Chinese are camel riders whose ancestors married Turks that converted them. Hans actually tried to exterminate Hakkan people within China borders during that race war which is why your own Fuji ancestors sailed to Philippines.

    “Personal claim”

    Yep, tales of a foreigner who misspent some of his years living in the Philippines.

    “Per Capita” the Chinese are less successful than other Asian-American minorities such as the Indians or even recent Filipino emigres and Chinatown has its share of social pathology: heroin and its attendant needle-sharing/disease-spreading, loan-sharking to gambling addicts, violent gangs like Hip Tongs or Triads, human trafficking and prostitution, corner-cutting business activities and bribery, Soprano-style kidnapping and extortion. Chinese have not been the “model” Asian minority that Indians or Japanese have been although most are law-abiding decent citizens.

    • james

      “But Chinese family cartels? Not in North America.”

      Haven’t I explained it thoroughly? I know Trump but Trump is not a representative of the average white American man.

      “United States rebuilt the place after the war, to begin with.”

      Not the point. Would you allow a gang of men to destroy your house and murder half of your family if they promise to build your house after they commit the crimes?

      “I was briefly in the U.S. army as a young man”

      I still need data for your claims. I’m not claiming it does not happen but it is very easy for you to generalize all/most of the Filipino women. I want data for your generalization and stereotypes. It’s 21st century. These scenarios did not happen 500 years ago. If your generalization is accurate, You will not have a problem giving me a data with numbers in them.

      “Magellan had his head chopped off 3 days after he showed up.”

      Cite your source? I know that this hogwash is written by a Spaniard. Are you gonna allow your greatest enemy to tell your grandchildren things about you? Is your greatest enemy the best narrator for your history?

      “Chinese are a bunch of mutts”

      Thousands of years ago but not today. In regards with the mutt comment, It’s the same with American blacks and Latinos/Hispanics. They have whiteness in them. Check their crimes because it is as colorful as their DNA.

      “a foreigner who misspent some of his years living in the Philippines.”

      Not the point. Personal views are not legit data. Give me data with numbers in them. If you can.

      “Per Capita” the Chinese are less successful than other Asian-American”

      • jason voorhees


        “Data” off the internet is a load of garbage which I am not going to bother to post. Anybody can upload anything on the internet and its not legit. Show me an actual encyclopedia of facts and I’ll believe it like the CIA handbook. Wikipedia? That is a blog anybody can edit.

        Indeed Lapu Lapu killed Magellan. But in the end of the day Lapu Lapu’s ancestors are now probably squatters and the descendants of Aboitiz and other Spanish are still in power.

        I shudder at what would happened if Fuji Chinese DID run finance and industry in the U.S. and it looked like Cebu: Meth labs with Chinese mad scientists bubbling away in every warehouse like they did for 20 years in Mandaue; Hispanics and Chinese raping one another’s sisters out of retaliation like Paco Larranga and those Chinoys that raped that Spanish girl; starvation wages; corruption.

        Americans who complain about Jewish influence can visit Cebu to see what a Chinese/Hispanic run country actually looks like for the natives. Although Los Angeles might get there someday.

        “No Data” Alas, no, this is a blog.

        You have the opinion of that most whites in the Philippines share, in case you wondered what we think.

        Chinese-Filipinos are tricky to deal with in business and every white who does business in the Philippines has to deal with you (You pretty much give yourself away as a Chinoy with your Confucianism instincts and defensiveness of the mother country I KNOW an Insik when I talk to one). You’re no Aeta or Austronesian, you’re a lower to middle-tier Chinese-Filipino for sure. I’d bet that.

        Now I must say your own statements about the United States are also subjective. Since I doubt that you have ever been there, your impressions are probably from watching American films on television.


        • james

          “Data” off the internet is a load of garbage which I am not going to bother to post.”

          But your comments are 100% reliable? I showed you police data and you say “it’s not true” so should I believe your assumptions over them? I showed you DNA data with specified Haplogroups and you say “it’s not true” so should I believe your assumptions over them? Fact – You can’t refute them with another data. You just want to continue making up your own version of the story and you back it up with nothing.

          “Wikipedia? That is a blog anybody can edit.”

          Data in Wikipedia would mostly come from books and legit documents. In the bottom of the page, They cite the source. I challenge you to edit the Philippines. Make up your own data in Wikipedia and get back to me.

          “But in the end of the day Lapu Lapu’s ancestors are now probably squatters”

          Happens to every native. US. Canada. Cuba. Mexico. Etc. So it’s never a good thing to be colonized. The atrocities outweighs the benefits. It’s not like Lapu-Lapu and the Filipino natives had no money or bargaining power. They were already trading with the Indians and Chinese before the colonization.

          “I shudder at what would happened if Fuji Chinese DID run finance and industry in the U.S.”

          Less world wars. Less crimes per capita. Higher I.Q. per capita. September 11, 2001 probably would never had happened.

          “Americans who complain about Jewish influence can visit Cebu to see what a Chinese/Hispanic run country…”

          Except for murder which is double the amount in PH and the economy which is much lower in PH. The US are worst than us regarding everything else. Regarding the broken homes, Obesity, Rape, Suicides, STD’s, Teenage pregnancies, Addiction, Wars, Level of I.Q, Etc. Filipinos have a thick English accent but when it comes to answering the exams, The Filipino student who migrated in the US can answer the exams better than the American student who has lived his whole life in DC.

          The immigrant Filipino student will be able to comprehend the documents written in English more than the American student who speaks English fluently. Canada’s I.Q is much higher than yours and you are neighbors. The economy is equal but the I.Q per student is not. Just a quick reality check for you.

          “Alas, no, this is a blog.”

          Alas, No, You just can’t find something to refute the hard evidence. Assumptions are your rebuttal.

          “Chinese-Filipinos are tricky to deal with”

          Hire the Mexicans and stop profiting from China’s blood, sweat, and tears.

          “You pretty much give yourself away as a Chinoy with your Confucianism instincts”

          Did you expect me to quote the bible instead of quoting the legit data? Christianity was the main tool for the colonization. You threat us with “Islam is going to get you” so better to let us colonize you now. Check out your beloved Europe because it’s infested with Islam. Will you speak to me in your native language – Arabic? Is your daughter wearing her Hijab today? 😉

          “United States are also subjective.”

          American Police Data are subjective? You mean to tell me those crimes never happened?

      • jason voorhees

        Thank goodness Chinese do not run the businesses or banks or industry in America like Cebu. I shudder at that thought: the corruption of Cebu, the meth labs filled with Taiwanese mad scientists bubbling like they did in Mandaue, starvation wages and Endo contracts, the retaliatory rapes of Hispanics and Chinese like the Larranga case set off…Los Angeles might get that way though.

        People who complain about Jewish influence can see what happens when Chinese get another country to play with like they have in Southeast Asia. It is a scary thought.

        So now, at least, though this is all personal opinion, you get a clearer idea of what Americans who live in the Philippines actually think of you. And I am pretty sure you are not an Austronesian or Aeta but some Chinoy whose grandparents sailed out of Amoy. Maybe 3rd tier.

        By the way, I am married to Chinese woman. Though not Chinese-Filipino. We have two children who attend a Chinese school. So I actually do know Chinese quite well.

        • james

          “Thank goodness Chinese do not run the businesses or banks or industry in America like Cebu. I shudder at that thought: the corruption”

          “the retaliatory rapes of Hispanics and Chinese like the Larranga case set off”

          Same with American blacks and the Hispanics/Latinos in America. American blacks still hate the whites for slavery and Jim Crow, and they are taking it to action. They just don’t feel the hurt inside their hearts. They make you feel it too by physically attacking you back. Latinos/Hispanics in America are feeling the same way about you.

          Latino/Hispanic babies loves you very much.

          “you get a clearer idea of what Americans who live in the Philippines actually think of you.”

          You don’t speak for the 600,000 Americans living in PH. You don’t speak for other white foreigners like KYLE JENNERMANN.

          “I am married to Chinese woman. Though not Chinese-Filipino. We have two children who attend a Chinese school.”

          Bollocks. Even if this personal story is true, it will be a very hard life for your half Chinese babies because they have you as their father. Check out how you talk about China/Chinese. What do you think your babies are made out of? These half-Chinese, half-White American babies of yours will end up like the Latinos/Hispanics with a very high crime rate and lower I.Q.

          I learned nothing talking to you. It was not even a good exchange of conversations, since I was the only one giving hard facts, while your comments are 99% assumptions. I feel sleepy reading your comments.

  39. jason voorhees


    Shabu and the foreigner.

    In point of fact, the effects of Shabu are really unpleasant form my own experience. The high is sweaty, agitated, paranoid, sleepless. The “comedown” is horrendous. I was unable to eat for a day, dehydrated, vaguely nauseous, fatigued. It took two days to feel normal. It is amazing to me, with all the after effects, that Filipinos can use Shabu for 20 or 30 years non-stop. You’d think it would kill them.

    All foreign undesirables basically run out of money for their vice of choice and leave the Philippines. This could take two weeks, six months or even five years but eventually they will be gone.

    Foreigners in Cebu who become addicted to “Shabs” are invariably a low breed of foreign cattle of the type that hang around bar girls, street people, tricycle drivers and so on.

    Few that I knew were white, in fact. The worst was a South Korean who’d been into hard drugs his entire life before marrying a bar girl with relatives in the squat. He made his money in Korea owning taxis and was relatively well-off with a pension to boot.

    I’d say his habit ran him $100 a week. I suppose for a Filipino this would lead to crime but he basically sat around in his villa all the time incapacitated. Once he was arrested for assaulting his wife.

    Finally, because every local PNP knew he was a total drug addict, he was arrested at a checkpoint and went to jail for a long time. This was in Consulacion, Cebu. I read about in the Philstar.

    The other foreigner that I knew was an Indian money lender (Big time, not 5/6) who eventually lost his business as a result of constantly being high and left.

    I’ve known a few foreigners married to Filipinos (Again bar girls from the squats or lower-class) whose wives became such Shabu addicts that they divorced them.

    But in general Filipinos seem to take to Meth like Italians to Spaghetti. Don’t ask me why.

  40. jason voorhees

    “The girl’s fault” Nope, it is the Philippine governments fault for letting unstable foreigners into the country who already had a police record back or psychiatric problems on record and should be deemed undesirable by Immigration. Like that Australian who spent his entire life in prison for raping children before he arrived in the Philippines and committed those murders. If your Immigration had run his record (He was ON THE RUN FROM AUSTRALIA) and sent him back to the Australian authorities you’d have saved lives.

    NB It DOES seem however like a Filipina woman is always an accomplice to these crimes of her own free will however.

    “Showing Data” I’m dubious about links off the internet.

    “I don’t have to go somewhere to know what I see on the net” You should. Internet is a dubious place to form your opinions about the rest of the world while sitting in your parent’s house. Americans form their opinions about the Philippines from living there, not surfing the net. I want to add that visiting the Philippines for one week is not sufficient. You have to live and work in the country as a foreigner.

    “Hispanics and blacks” You probably spoke never to one from the United States but no quarrel that Los Angeles would look like the Philippines if Hispanics could run it. That is why Trump was elected. The deep-seated fear that parts of the U.S. would come to resemble Philippines or other former Spanish colonies.

    “Jessica Alfalfo” That is police corruption in the Philippines for you. Pay a Shabu Addict to be an “asset” and they will say anything.

    Webb was on a skiing trip in the United States (Pil-Am) when the crime occurred and the FBI verified this. He was a spoiled drug addict and college dropout loser but he was not the culprit.

    “17-34” I co-owned a bar and managed it. No bar will touch 17 year old girls. Minimum age is 19 and most are in their early twenties and have a kid by the time they work in a bar, the rest are alcoholics or addicts who like making 1000 PHP a night plus free drinks. A German was busted for hiring underage girls with fake ID in Cebu and was jailed.

    “Prison” I once bailed a Korean neighbor out of a Lapu Lapu jail. Foreigners who would do anything in their own countries will behave like priests in the Philippines because your jails are so awful. If Western prisons were as bad as yours the crime rate would go down instantly.

    “Federal Officers arrested” Sure, you always get some bad ones and that is why the U.S. monitors the police so diligently. Corrupt officers are caught soon enough and end up in prison for the rest of the life.

    “Blood, sweat and tears” Your Phil-Chinese employer must love you unless you are fortunate enough to work for an American company which most Filipinos will choose if given any choice.

    Chinese-Filipinos own Malays by about 20 IQ points and come from an ancient civilization of bribery and corruption. It is more about the Filipino crab mentality and the Confucian help-thy-family philosophy (I’m married to a Chinese woman, though not a Chinese-Filipino) that has allowed Chinese-Filipinos to grab 90% of your economy than sheer hard work.

    “Japan and Germany paid their victims” If you divided the number of victims in the Philippines of the Japanese occupation by the cost of building the Lapu Lapu bridge I think it would come to 100 pesos per victim.

    • james

      “Philippine governments fault for letting unstable foreigners into the country who already had a police record” And the US is not doing that? I can post more data about this but you will just deny it and make your own assumptions.

      “Filipina woman is always an accomplice to these crimes of her own free will however.” Point out a country where there is no traitor?

      “dubious about links off the internet.” Assumptions are better. Gotcha.

      “Americans form their opinions about the Philippines from living there, not surfing the net.” Americans like you will try Balut one time and will generalize the entire Filipino cuisine as duck fetuses.


      He is 100x better at documenting than you.

      “deep-seated fear that parts of the U.S. would come to resemble Philippines or other former Spanish colonies.” Irrelevant to the topic. American black and Latino/Hispanics have whiteness in them. Refute it?

      “Pay a Shabu Addict to be an “asset” and they will say anything.” They are all addicts. Main reason she was hanging out with them. Main reason why she knew the insides. She didn’t became a police asset BEFORE the Vizconde massacre. She went under the protection of the NBI because she knew something and she had other data about the drug lords. Why not use that too? If you are the police, You won’t do the same? The police department was only doing their jobs. Out of all the men in the Philippines, Why choose the one of the most powerful and wealthiest men? Webb and his friends are loaded. His father was a TV/Basketball superstar and a politician. The police department was risking their lives too.

      “I co-owned a bar and managed it.” Explains a lot. Main reason you are so defensive about the American/Spaniard atrocities and you are always ready to make your own fabricated version of the story.

      “I once bailed a Korean neighbor out of a Lapu Lapu jail.” Personal views that will never have a citation.

      “If Western prisons were as bad as yours the crime rate would go down instantly.” That’s your excuse? Reason why you commit more crimes is because the western jail is a 5 star hotel?

      Asians in the US have a crime rate that is fully more than 4 times lower than the White crime rate, which itself is already quite low.

      Therefore, as the percentage of population that is Asian increases, the US crime rate will decrease, even if the increased population creates new victims as a consequence of sheer numbers. As the percentage of the US population that is Asian decreases, the US crime rate will increase, even with fewer people in the country.

      Refute the data from this same website?

      As for the rest of your comment, It’s like trying to talk with a sweaty fidgety

      • Hi James. There is a new policy on this site that all regular commenters have to donate. $10 minimum and you can comment here for life! If that is a hardship to you, let me know and we will see what we can work out. You have one week to do this.

        Thanks in advance.

        • james

          Hi Rob, I will have no problem giving you $10 in person but I don’t have a mastercard or a bank account. I work on the weekends as a caretaker of my distant relative who is now 82 years old and I pay my bills in cash. If you don’t know, Many average Filipinos like me uses CASH everywhere. Sorry to disappoint you man.

      • jason voorhees

        “Talking to a crackhead”

        I’m talking to a pretty typical Pinoy like 1000 I met in three years in Cebu. You are 25, 30, 35 but still live at home with mum and Dad and have to borrow change to drink a Red Horse at night at your Community Rec Center. Never traveled in your life. Parents not as poor as squatters and probably get money from some Auntie who works as a nurse in New Jersey or maybe your father was an Overseas Worker or Merchant Marine so they own the house you live in. You might have graduated from a local Filipino university and maybe held a job at a Call Center or Chinese business for awhile but the owner went “Endo” on you and now you are between jobs, as always.

        You’re obsessed with Americans because of watching basketball games and crime films even though no American your age even remembers when the Philippines was briefly a U.S. colony and America was more than glad to step aside and let Marcos run the place into the ground before having to airlift him to Hawaii because like most Filipinos he was a Kleptomaniac and a compulsive liar married to a former prostitute.

        If you met a Spanish-Filipino like an Aboitiz or Osmena in public you would behave as if he were the Pope, despite “Spanish atrocities”.

        Known a thousand common-or-garden Filipino malcontents like you.

        “Citation” Internet links are not a “citation”. Show me something in newspaper print, I’ll believe it. That’s Gen Y for you, never opened a book in their life and believe anything they read on the net.

        “Traitors” No, most of the Filipino women who get mixed up with bad foreigners are the usual squatters: single mother, history of Shabu abuse, dabbled in sex tourism already, foreigner’s rental unit is better than a room in their parents shanty so they move in with the foreigner who makes vague promises to marry them and get them into a decent country with a clean toilet, make more money just hanging around the foreign low-life than being unemployed, sometimes the foreigner is doing some crime that earns a great deal of money.

        “Co-owned a bar” At least I had a job in the Philippines (Several) and was not living with my parents at 30, 35 like so many of the Filipinos I knew then were-living with Mum and Dad and asking to borrow change to buy Red Horse and never traveled anywhere. This is the actual reason Filipino women will marry some foreigner. Pinoys are pitiful, for the most part.

        “Fabricated a story” Fact one, many student-age girls work in bars because there are no student loans from your lousy and corrupt government (All the fault of Spanish or American atrocities 100 years ago I am sure). Fact two, is that no foreigner or the few Chinese Filipinos who own bars are going to be intentionally hiring 17 year old girls and risk going to jail. Bar owners have to have business permits from the City Hall and no “fixer” is going to rescue them from an underage pimping charge. Fact three is that plenty of Filipino young women will sleep with anyone for 2,000-4000 Pesos per night. Sad but true.

        “Assumptions” are better than being “misled” by unverifiable links uploaded to the net. Photocopy the same information from the Encyclopedia or some published book in print and I’ll believe it.

        But a Pinoy like yourself who never came closer to other countries than the call center job where they talked to Westerners on the phone and (probably) lives with his parents at the age of 30 is not going to have many real-life experiences.

        “American atrocities” Current crimes committed by foreigners have mostly been Norwegians, Germans, Australians, Koreans not Americans. This is because Philippines is near to Australian and Korea so dirt-bags with no money on the run from crimes in their own country can enter the Philippines easily. Americans run to Mexico.

        “Webb” was on a ski trip in the United States at the time of the crime. Because he was a U.S. citizen as well, the FBI stepped in and verified the stamps on his passport. To no avail.

        “Jessica” really summed up the typical I’ll-do-anything-for-money squatter shabu whore look. The mole on her face that Filipino Jologs always seem to have, the blotchy skin, dull eyes. Again they proved she was not at the scene of the crime.

        “Fully 4 times lower” Filipinos are more inclined to behave like Mexicans and their own street gangs like the “Santanas” have both Mexican and Filipino members. You tend to behave more like Hispanics in the United States than like other Asian groups-culturally, your more similar to Mexicans. Mixed-race, former Spanish colony etc.

        “Crime decreases” We’d see the same Filipino behavior that you see in Dubai or other Gulf countries if we got a mass immigration: street prostitution (often ladyboys who brought AIDS to Dubai), stealing, scams, the occasional stabbing. Go visit a Gulf Arab jail and most of the foreign prisoners will be Filipinos. Worse yet is the mutual dislike between blacks and Asians like that of Koreans and Blacks in Los Angeles-riots, shopkeepers on trial for shooting a black customer, gang violence.

        • james

          As expected, Bollocks.

          “25, 30, 35 but still live at home with mum and Dad”

          It’s the Filipino tradition, and it has nothing to do with how much money you have. Rich Filipino families like the SOTTO clan from Eat Bulaga and others like them would do the same thing. They won’t allow their children to move out until they are married. In spite of being married actually, newlyweds will have the choice to get their own apartment or a house, but their own living space will be nearby. Not far away from the parents of the bride or the groom.

          It’s a known fact worldwide that Asians are a close-knit family. Main reason why the parents can count on the children/grandchildren to take care of them. I took care of my grandparents before they died. I check them out in the morning and take out their “ARINOLA” before I went to school everyday. I’ve cooked their requested food if there was no food in the table yet. Those gestures are NORMAL for us. We don’t see it as a burden.

          I’m sure there are some evil children/grandchildren who wouldn’t take care of their parents in PH, but it’s not the typical scene. The elderly whom I serve today is my grandfather’s best friend. He never had a child, and he had a nurse for 10 years, but the nurse migrated abroad. He doesn’t trust just about anybody. I’m definitely cheaper than a nurse. I graduated in Tesda for culinary, but taking care of old people is normal for us, so I don’t need to go to school for that. It comes naturally in my DNA, and I treat him as my own grandfather too.

          If you say, why take the money if you treat him as your grandfather? Answer is I got bills to pay too, and it’s not like I’m robbing him. He paid his old nurse P 15,000 a month. He is paying me 200 per day. I only have to take care of him on the weekends because his nephew is available on the weekdays, and his nephew is taking care of him for free. Main reason why is because the nephew would not have graduated if he didn’t help him out when he was in college. He worked in Saudi when he was young, and he was sending money back home to his parents in PH.

          The nephew was obviously one of the beneficiaries even if the money was only accepted by their parents. It’s something called “NAAMBUNAN,” and it means the nephew felt the blessings/profits from him too. Now that he is old and the one needing the attention, the nephew willingly gives that attention for free. I know it’s very different from the west and particularly in the US. Retired Americans would typically just die in an empty bedroom inside a nursing home with other strangers.

          “You’re obsessed with Americans”

          Not in the creepy way like you. Just look at the way you talk about PH and the people living in it. You have a set of bigoted criteria and you already stereotyped the people in it based on your own assumptions. Elitist type attitude. It’s not the typical attitude you see from the American backpacker. It’s the typical attitude you will see from a full-blooded Spaniard in PH or a snobbish depressed angry heiress/heir from the Hamptons.

          When I said the half-white breeds like the Hispanics/Latinos and the American blacks (20% white) have committed the highest crimes in the US and in the world, I gave you some data. I was not stereotyping off of my assumptions. I don’t believe all of the Hispanics/Latinos or American blacks are criminals. I’m just saying the data with the numbers are right there. I even posted something from this website, but did you refute it with a different data? No.

          “Marcos run the place into the ground before having to airlift him to Hawaii because like most Filipinos he was a Kleptomaniac and a compulsive liar married to a former prostitute.”

          Under Marcos, the exchange rate of our money is almost in the same equivalent. P 1.50 for $1. How much is it now?

          “Spanish-Filipino like an Aboitiz or Osmena in public you would behave as if he were the Pope, despite “Spanish atrocities”.”

          Filipinos are gracious to the elders like neighboring Asian countries. The “Ma’am/Sir” is not only in Jollibee. The OPO and PO is always used in a verbal sentence by the Filipinos. You continue to make it look like the respect is isolated with the Aboitiz family or Osmena family, but everybody knows you are lying. What do you think you’ll gain out of this? You are trying your hardest to criminalize Lapu-Lapu and his descendants and insult Austronesian-Filipinos for being poor.

          “Show me something in newspaper print, I’ll believe it.”

          Because the newspapers will never cover up the atrocities, and they will never exaggerate? lol. Hilarious.

          “believe anything they read on the net.”

          I refuse to believe your assumptions and generalization, so I’m good.

          “most of the Filipino women who get mixed up with bad foreigners”

          Not the point. I told you to give me a country where there are no traitors. I need to give you an example again, don’t I?

          Her own adopted American mother who works as a supervisor in the adoption center tolerated the abuse. This woman is not a squatter or hungry. She has formal education if she was hired as a supervisor. What’s up with that? Blame it on poverty? Blame it on poor grades in academics? What’s up? You know what she is? A traitor. She betrayed her own adopted child.

          “not living with my parents at 30, 35 like so many of the Filipinos I knew then were-living with Mum and Dad and asking to borrow change to buy Red Horse.”

          One more time. It’s a Filipino/Asian tradition to live in our parent’s house, and we will take care of them in the future. It’s our way of life, and we like it, and our parents like it too. In regards with the red horse comment, how is that a crime or a sin? The dad or the Lolo probably said “Buy me 2 bottles too, Son.” The son would return the favor too if the dad or the Lolo asked him later on.

          Filipino parents/grandparents are strict, and they would hit us with slippers and slap us if we talk back in a bad way. If we ask them for some spare coins and they gave it to us, it means we did something extra nice because you can never force Filipino parents/grandparents to give you money. It was probably a reward system for the extra nice thing he did last week, something like that.

          “Pinoys are pitiful, for the most part.”

          Pinoys would know how to court the lady for the most part. Pinoys won’t expect to have sex with the woman on the second date for the most part. Pinoys would not ask the lady for BDSM or insane sexual fantasies for the most part. Pinoys would work in Saudi as a construction worker and in the most hideous part of the world so he can send money to his family for the most part.

          “many student-age girls work in bars because there are no student loans from your lousy and corrupt government”

          Many students work in the bars? I posted something from RISA HONTIVEROS yesterday, but you disregarded it. The data with the numbers are there and the reason why they do it, but you still take your own assumption and make it look like it’s the most legit. Poor female students in the PH would not work outside of the bars in Angeles city. They work at Mcdo, Jollibee, KFC for their tuition fees.

          If you know some students working in the bars? They don’t make up the majority because other students would stigmatize them. Gossip PH is prevalent, you said it yourself. You think it’ll be fun for the bar-student girl to go to a classroom and other students are looking at her weird, and they might even tease her because of her job.

          Inside a regular classroom with 40 students, how many girls in there are working as a bar girl? 10 perhaps? 15 perhaps? If that is true, you think the teachers and other students won’t react? You think everybody will be calm about it? Christ…You know so little about PH. Your assumptions and generalization are based on a very limited scale.

          “Fact two”

          Prostitution is illegal in PH. Main reason why these sexual transactions are discreet. Main reason why it’s not done in the daylight. “Assumptions” are better than being “misled by unverifiable links.” Assumptions are better for a fool. Claiming you are friends and associated with the Ayalas and the billionaires in PH and you talk to them and other delusional stories…Oh it’s sad…You are trying too hard to impress the readers with your fabricated stories, while I am just posting data all the time.

          “Photocopy the same information from the Encyclopedia”

          Because police data and prostitute data will be in the Encyclopedia.

          “Filipino young women will sleep with anyone for 2,000-4000 Pesos per night. Sad but true.”

          Young women all over the world are doing it.

      • jason voorhees

        “Gained nothing from talking to you” I can already sum up your life because Pinoys like you are cookie-cutter:

        (Please correct me if I am wrong, by the way)

        You are 25-35 years old but still live at home and always have.

        Your parents are not squatters and own their house so maybe Dad was Overseas Worker for a while. But you do not live in a subdivision. A dingy barangay, more likely. You’ve lived at home/with family all your life and do so now at 30-35. Never met you but all Pinoys are the same.

        You yourself may be a biological father to a child but like most Pinoy men you do not (Cannot) support your child and leave to be raised by a single-mother and rarely see your child. Never married, but you may have a kid.

        You were educated at a local college and held a call-center or customer relations position for a while but you have been unemployed for ages now.

        Partly because you perceived foreign customers as arrogant and had a bad attitude your contract was “Endo”. Your employer/company owner was probably not American, but a Chinese-Filipino.

        What money you have comes from your parents and you have to borrow change to drink a Red Horse at night on the steps of your local Community Center.

        You resent Filipino women who run off with a foreigner partly because having a vagina allows them to access to a lifestyle that is not living at home in between jobs like Pinoy males as yourself have to do with no hope of escaping their neighborhood.

        You treat Spanish-Filipinos-if you know any, which is unlikely in your social
        class-with the usual worshipful movie star idolization even though you resent Spain’s “atrocities”. If you met an Aboitiz, you’d kiss their ass.

        The resentment of Americans is a by-product of being treated like a serf by whichever Americans you interacted with in your job at a call-center, mall, or hotel. Their apparent, wealth, arrogance, confidence, physical attractiveness is the source of your resentment and not historical atrocities. In fact, given a chance, you’d move to the U.S. tomorrow.

  41. jason voorhees

    Starting to DERAIL a thread here but “Phil-logic” always fascinates me:

    “If Fuji Chinese ran the U.S. it would be higher IQ”

    They have not raised the Malay Filipino IQ at all. Filipino Malays are dim to begin with (I think your IQ is 87 on average down there with Zimbabwe) but Chinese-Filipinos have managed to further sink the predominant Filipino Malay population into poverty and ignorance by depressing wages, selling/making shabu, bribing politicians, monopolizing the economy.

    HOWEVER, if Chinese-Filipinos left tomorrow I am not sure things would improve because Filipino Malays are so dim and silly-acting. I’m not even sure YOU COULD RUN AN ECONOMY WITHOUT PHIL-CHINESE.

    Jews and Anglo-Saxons run a Superpower economy just fine without Chinese peasants from the Fuji province, thx.

    NB Chinoys (Or Insects or Phil-Chi or whatever name you choose) are not terribly bright either. Less than Mainland Chinese or they would have stayed in China. So it is a testament to how dim Filipino Malays are that these folks became Billionaires by opening shoe marts.

    “Less wars, no 9/11”

    You have a war in Muslim Mindanao RIGHT NOW no “Phil-logical” Pinoy that is so dangerous for non-Muslims that half of Cebu are displaced refugees from the South…9/11 was a terrible blow but preferable to a war on US soil that the government cannot win.

    Also the “No Permanent Address” (NPA) Communists, a group ironically begun by the son of Chinese merchant. They kind of faded away outside some rural areas though.

    “Higher standard of living”

    Yeah, the Philippines has a higher standard of living than the U.S. This is the peril of trusting what you surf on the net, Generation Y.

    “Canada has a Higher IQ”

    I’ve lived and attended college in Canada. Dubious statement that. French-Canadians in Canada do not have a higher IQ than Jews and English in the United States. Yes, America has more non-white minorities. But a Canadian Inuit does not test higher on a psychometric scale than Black American even though Inuit are from Asia (And some still live in Northern China).

    “Bad being a Native”

    Aeta and Igorot had it worse when Malay Filipinos showed up from Taiwan or Vietnam or Indonesia as FAMILIES in canoes instead Single White Males like the Spanish with whom the Malay Filipinos could at least sell their women too.

    I’ll add something about Indian, Arab and Chinese traders before the Spanish. They added NOTHING. Built no roads (Though the Arabs brought their religion) and introduced no technology and unified no small chieftains. Chinese and Indians are always in it only for the money.

  42. jason voorhees


    Every wonder what the reality of foreigners who open girly bars is. I’ll share it with you.

    I arrived in the Philippines at 33 or 34 and left at 37. An American I knew invited me to live with him and invest.

    It requires an investment of $10,000-$20,000 minimum to open a bar.

    Of the 22 girls who applied to work in my bar their biography was as follows: the older ones (25-30) had been in the business for years up in Manila and “retired” to their native province of Negros but still wanted money. They were past their earning prime (4,000 Pesos a customer) in Manila but saved up enough money to return home and just worked 3 days a week. I have to say these girls were the most professional.

    The worst girls, though some of the prettiest, were hard-drinking party girls with bad boyfriends and bad reputations in the area who were not going to be hired in ANY day job. These girls were minimum of early twenties. Really badly socialized alley cats. A few had been in jail once or twice. Some were just violent and crazy. Eventually, all of them would get into a cat-fight or quarrel with the customer and we fire them.

    NB The British man I sold the bar to was stabbed nearly to death by one.

    The students going to nursing school or more often, studying to be care-givers are the third type. Age is 20-23. One that I was friendly with became a care-giver in Kuwait and still e-mails me from time to time. They are in the bar business for the shortest period. Make their money, pay their student bills, leave the Philippines.

    Fourth group are the unintelligent young women. Not bad people, just really slow. Maybe borderline-retarded. Some were ex sugar workers. Their parents expect them to contribute somehow and they are so dim that the morality of performing sex acts for money does not bother/disgust them: it is an abstract concept. Mom and Dad know what they are doing but they are grown women (20-23) expected to do some sort of job. In the end of the day, they do earn 3,000 pesos a night. These girls live at home.

    Fifth group are the stone criminals of the Jessica Alaffo type. They are Shabu addicts/petty dealers and scammers and small-time thieves. These types usually flee in the middle of the night for some other city after scamming some other criminal who wants to kill them.

    “Elsa” was a case in point. She’d been a prostitute since the age of 16 and a Shabu user all of her life. When I knew her she was 24 and hanging around a retired Air Force officer from the United States but then he paid her to go away. She did not show up one day at the bar and another girl said that she’d burglarized some mid-level drug dealers of their cash/drugs and fled up to Manila. Never saw her again.

    Tales of young underage girls tricked into prostitution in bars by foreign child molesters is really rare. They have to have medical checkups and these require a valid ID and if they were under 19 the doctor would report the bar owner to the police. I’d put the average age of a bar girl at about 22-23 with some outliers as old as 26 or 28 max.

    Most bar girls do not make a career of prostitution. The smart ones use their earnings to become nurses or caregivers (One woman went into Human Resources for a Japanese company). The criminal types end up in jail anyhow and their looks go so fast they are not working in a bar past 25. The dumb ones and the plain crazy unsocialized bad girls end up working the Piers or worse, as “Carton Girls”.

    One or two will marry a foreign customer they meet in the bar. One girl I employed who was a single mother met an Australian named Phil and within a month he’d married her and because he owned an automotive dealership in Sydney I assume she is probably much richer than I am.

    PNP come down REALLY hard on foreigners who employ underage girls, even unknowingly. A German man had some 17 year old girl in his bar doing cyber-sex shows with a fake ID (And I am sure she knew what she was doing by that tender age) but he was jailed for 1 year before being deported.

    • james

      “Every wonder what the reality of foreigners who open girly bars is. I’ll share it with you.”

      Zzzzzzz…KYLE JENNERMANN is 100X better than you at narrating a story… Zzzzzzz….

      • jason voorhees

        If I worked for ABS-CBN and they paid me to say nice things about Cebu I might be able to make something up.

        Not sure though, Cebu (Consulacion was where I lived) really left a bad taste in my mouth.

        But I was there during the anarchic Arroyo-Aquino era and perhaps it is different now.

        I’ll say this much. Spanish Mestizos are a little easier on the eyes and tactful than your usual Red Horse drinking, sleeveless-wearing, Hey Joe-shouting, America-obsessed Pinoy.

        Chinese-Filipinos were cool and reserved (rude even) but they were smarter and better-educated than Pinoys for the most part. Nobody can take that away from them.

        As for knowing Filipinos you might think were important, no foreigner is impressed by them. They are not important to us.

        • james

          “I might be able to make something up.”

          Assumptions is your forte so I have no doubt that you can.

          “really left a bad taste in my mouth.”

          You lose some you win some. Based on your numerous bar-story-owner-prostitute fascination. You are one of those overweight divorced several times prescription addicted foreign men who comes here and they have an underage girl in their arm and they parade around the centro (local markets). I will be enthusiastic and more than willing to get rid of 100 more foreign men like you in exchange for another foreign man like KYLE JENNERMANN. Get your Chinese-Mongoloid multiracial children and make them read our messages. They will be very happy to know what their father really thinks of their ethnic group and race.

          As for the rest of your comment. It’s repetitive and cowardly. Zzzzzz……. I feel very sleepy every time I read it….. Zzzzzzz………. Boring….. Assumptions….. Boring…… Hypocritical……….. Boring……. Uninteresting personal views with no data to back it up………….. Boring………… Zzzzzz………

          I can troll at you right back all day every day and every night but I want to respect this website because for one, I didn’t not give the owner $10, and two, I don’t want to stoop down to your level even if my country is financially poorer than yours. Although we are not really poor because we do have or HAD one of the largest amount of gold in the world before the colonizers stole it from us. We will just have to move on with our current situation even if it’s harder. Based on the other data regarding the suicides and even the addiction, We are doing good for a third world.

      • jason voorhees

        “Narrating a Story”

        Kyle and I walked the streets of your country. You have only repeated some dubious tales about blacks and Hispanics you saw on television or read on the internet. There’s a difference.

        And every foreigner tells a different story in the Philippines.

        Mine…was not so sweet.

        Perhaps you enjoyed an account of my three years in Consulacion, Cebu during the anarchic Arroyo/Aquino era when anything went. I suspect that things are different now under the current President. I have no desire to return to your country and find out.

        I was glad to leave. Pinoys won’t miss me either, probably.

  43. jason voorhees

    “Associated with major families” Stories

    Also I knew one of the Aquino family-a professional photographer. Big Deal. Do you think your important Filipinos mean anything to a foreigner?

    I rented from an Ayala woman married to the Aboitiz guy who owned my subdivision. Big deal. Went out and had dinner with them once. Again, so what?

    Rich Filipinos are not important to foreigners and they know this. They do not act snobbish to whites. Maybe they do to other Filipinos, I don’t know.

    The impression I got of Spanish Hacienderos is that they are kind of lost in time and space. They still think that it is 1880 and Spain rules the Philippines. They still speak Spanish.

  44. jason voorhees


    No I did not insult Filipinos in Cebu. It’s THEIR country. Not only is this stupid and might get you seriously injured but also against the law.

    You don’t insult a country when you are a guest. I’m not anymore so I can tell you what I feel like.

    But here is the good news: Most foreigners who detest the Philippines leave. So do the undesirables who like prostitutes, or are drunks or addicts. Our money runs out, our businesses fail, we pack our bags and vanish.

    How we feel about you does not really matter. You still got our money or if we owned a business, we still employed Filipinos.

    “Insulting Chinese Filipinos”

    That is the worst type of Filipino to insult. They are cold, ruthless, calculating, smarter than common Filipinos and above all wealthy/powerful.

    However, Chinese-Filipinos are usually more polite and tactful that Austronesian Filipinos. They do not shout out “Hey Joe” to whites on the street. They are not warm and friendly but they are well-behaved.

    “Married to a Chinese”

    Married to a Thai woman of Yunnan Chinese descent from Chang Mai. I should have clarified that. Chinese in Thailand come from a different part of China than the Chinese in the Philippines who sailed out Amoy. Thai-Chinese trekked across the Laos border or sailed down the Mekong river.

    Apart from Hong Kong, I’ve never been to China.


    It has been fun too, releasing all this old resentment towards a Filipino. I’m surprised how much resentment I have after 6 years.

    But you have to remember that A) I lived and worked in the Philippines so it was not like I was a tourist living in the Shangra La Hotel. My bar was in the seedy area near Colon Street at that time. So of course, foreigners meet some disreputable people and B) this was in the Arroyo and Aquino years when of anarchy when crime and corruption were at the height. I think things would be different now.

  45. jason voorhees

    “You would not dare insult Chinese-Filipinos”

    No, not in the Philippines. But neither would you and you are a Filipino. They are too powerful and wealthy there to mess around with.

    Now I have insulted several Filipinos I hated in Cebu of which one was a powerful local businessman.

    But that was after I was gone from the Philippines.

    One of them wrote back to say “you’d better not come back here.”

    Which of course I probably never will.

    Would they come to where I am now? No way.

    Outside the Philippines the Filipino or Chinoy is a quiet and timid mouse.

  46. jason voorhees

    Dealing with Chinese-Filipinos Pros/Cons

    If you marry a Chinese-Filipino woman-and they really only want to marry a foreigner who has a fair amount of money-they won’t bother you to support their extended family.
    Chinese-Filipinos are not as stupid and silly as Austronesian Filipinos. They are cold and reserved to the point of rudeness. But they are not loud and idiotic in public to Americans. Generally they are educated, sometimes overseas.
    They don’t bother Americans in public in the Philippines. They don’t express outright hatred either. They are neutral to foreigners. Money is the only thing they obsess about, not what America did back in 1898.
    If you work with them they can accomplish complex tasks. The average Austronesian Filipino lacks the capacity for abstract thought or complicated tasks although a few are intelligent. But this would be 15%.
    They won’t rob you or rape you. There are Chinese-Filipino Shabu users but they won’t get a gun and try to rob a foreigner to get money to buy more. Genetically-speaking I do not know why Pinoys become totally hopeless addicts of meth who have to be shot to stop smoking it, but Chinoys seem to be able to keep it under some control. Suspect it comes down to IQ.
    Chinese Filipinos do not gossip like Pinoys. When around Pinoys they will soon make up crazy stories about others. Chinese-Filipinos are the opposite. They won’t talk about other people. Partly because the only thing on their mind is getting more money and they have little interest in other people at all. They are very solipsistic.
    Chinese-Filipinos can sometimes warn a foreigner about the dangers of Pinoys.
    Chinese-Filipinos can have deported or dismembered. They are powerful and know it. Cross one and you should go directly to your nearest airport. Leave your stuff behind.

    Just tips for fellow foreigners who might visit the Philippines.

  47. jason voorhees

    Actually, I think I am talking to a Filipina and not a Pinoy male. I had sex with so many of you that my gender instincts are quite acute.

    I’m 75% sure you are female. A Byote (Gay) maybe, but probably you are a woman.

    My penis has been in the vaginas and anuses and mouths of so many Austronesian women that I know how they speak and think.

    You are not male. Male Pinoys are even less clear-thinking than you.

    You’re a Filipina. I’d put money on that.

    So now you know what a white man in Cebu who has become Barangay-hardened thinks.

    It ain’t Kyle on ABS-CBN.

    It’s real.

    When you see another American you can be sure that in addition to our colonial crimes back in 1898, they have the same bias-Chinese-Filipinos are smarter and colder; Spanish-Mestizos are the Filipinos you need to know; Austronesian are not relevant-as I do.

    So this was NOT TROLLING.

    This was education for you. I’m not making assumptions-for three years I walked your streets of Consulacion, Cebu and Negros.

    And many more like me do, thinking the same way I do.

    In your country.

    • james

      Zzzzzz…….. Trolling……… Zzzzzz………

      “I had sex with so many of you”

      The prostitutes in Angeles city slept with plenty of customers before having sex with you. Claiming you had the money to rent in an Ayala condominium/subdivision. Have you read the building’s name before you entered the door because I’m pretty sure it was just a SOGO hotel. 🙂

      “The US ranked third with per capita spending of P 55,808.05.”

      Only P 55,000 for the entire stay and you can afford to rent in the Ayala properties. Where did you rent? BellaVita is the cheapest, and it’s the closest to your budget. Story you are trying to sell is you are a high roller. The Ayala family won’t talk with you if you only have P 55,000. Very hard to fabricate lies when the person you are talking with continues to slam the hard facts right in your face, and they have the data to back it up. 😉 Overweight, washed up, addicted to prescription, divorcee foreign men will never end up with a local Asian woman from a prestigious university. It will only always be with a bar girl, and the bar girl whom you will end up with is passable as your great granddaughter. You are like him >

      and him >

      Your options are limited to the stinky dive bars. The Chinese-Thai-HongKong-Mongoloid wife you married was a teenage prostitute somewhere in Bangkok when you petitioned her and brought her to the US.

      “This was education for you.”

      Numerous data I posted was the education for you and others like you. It’s an eyeopener.

      “I’m not making assumptions – for three years” Data? Citation? Numbers? Something other than your bigoted assumptions. Make it fast. Show it to us?

      Zzzzz……. Zzzzzzz…….

      • jason voorhees

        PINAI (Or Byote because I don’t think you are male for some reason)

        My education came from LIVING in your country, not surfing the net.

        SOGO Hotel costs more by the month (1,000 PHP per day) than renting in a Subdivision ($200 per month). No foreigner in living in the Philippines LIVES in SOGO. Foreigners who visit Cebu won’t stay in a cheap short-time hotel like SOGO either. That is for local lovers and prostitutes. American tourists will stay at Shangra La or Plantation Bay.

        I lived on Nangka Street, Consulacion, Cebu. Later in Bios, Negros.

        My age was 34 to 37 when I lived in Cebu. I was a young man, not a retiree like those boys.

        Filipino women generally are not interested in a younger foreigner if they are the gold digger Austronesian peasant types pictured there. They want cash, a steady pension, an older man who will buy property in their name.

        You are correct about the “Dive Bars”. Most foreigners doing business in the Philippines are engaged in something legal but sleazy. Owning bars. Loaning money.

        For a few American, Korean and Russian women high-class prostitution.

        But Magellan was a sleazebag too. So were the Spanish women who let Austronesian men make them pregnant.

        Your country attracts real lowlife dregs of the white race.

        This MIGHT have changed. Once Davao was “locked down” by your President, sleazy foreigners moved on.

      • jason voorhees

        “bragging that I knew Ayala”

        Whites admire the Spanish Mestizo families whose brave white male ancestor came over on a ship with a land grant in his hand and slowly made his way in the Philippines. Magellan is a HERO TO US.


        You’ve made a few: I was in my thirties in Cebu. Born in 1974. I’m not divorced. Don’t use prescription pills.

        “Important families”

        You must be quite low on the social class scale. I “assume” you are female or gay, parents own a house and not squatters, Dad probably was an OFW who made enough money to educate you through high school, you are now 25-30, probably a former Shabu user yourself and onetime borderline addict whose life went off the rails badly enough for you to be marginally employed outside of a company regardless or your qualification…So predictable.

        “SOGO Hotel”

        No foreigner stays there. That’s a short-time hotel for Pinoy students to screw in. Foreigners stay in the Shang or Plantation Bay. What are you talking about?

        “Data” Nothing on the internet is data. It is something somebody uploaded. CNN is data. Philstar print news is data. What you send me is crap. What I have told you is based on three years of my life.

        “55,000” That was per month net after bar overhead. No, I did not make a fortune in Cebu so I left. As I said you are in a lower social class (Though above a squatter, as I am sure your parents owned your house and probably Dad was a merchant OFW). My guess is that you are urban, female or gay, 25-30 years old.

        A subdivision rental is $200 a month. I lived in Cebu, I did not visit for a week. Nangka Street, Consulacion, Cebu. Later Bios, Negros (A real Spanish place).

        “Mongoloid” Chinese-Filipinos run 90% of your economy. They are cold and rude and not lovely in behavior but not as silly and dim as Austronesian Filipinos (I’d call you Malay).


        This is a subjective definition. I’d call myself an average American who was not in the employ as a mouthpiece for ABS-CBN who is “ventilating” (Funny word) to a Filipino, now that I am seven years gone from your country and can do so. I’m certainly not going to tell you who I am or “prove” that I lived in Cebu.

      • jason voorhees

        “Brought her to the US”

        I don’t live in the US. I live in her house in Chang Mai, Thailand in the Chinatown. Thai Chinese are not Hakkan, they are mostly from the Yunnan province.

        “Always a bar girl”

        Most gold diggers go after retirees who have a pension and are going to by them a house and hang around. They know that foreigners under 40 (as I was then) are here today, gone tomorrow in the Philippines.

        ONCE IN A WHILE an American will be married to a Chinese-Filipino girl his own age. I knew one or two. First owned a call center and the second was from a rich family in New York.

        “Where did you rent”

        I earned $500 a month running the bar (Sometimes a little more) and rented a subdivision unit for $200 month.

        Bellavista in Lapu Lapu? The cheapest hotels are in Colon Street in Cebu.


        Most Americans in the Philippines are the dregs. All of them. The ones of working age like I was are in sleazy barely legal professions like loaning money, owning bars, making porno films.

        “Options are limited”

        I don’t share a house with my parents as a grown man. At 34 years old in the Philippines I could at least afford the $200 to rent a one bedroom subdivision unit.

        “Data, Citation, Numbers”

        Nothing on an internet Weblog is vetted through Reuters or CNN. Its unverifiable crab. Like your figures “proving” that the same square mile in America has more crime than a night in a Manila squat.

        I don’t need to see a number to repeat my experiences in Cebu. I was there, mostly to my regret.

        If I state that most Chinese-Filipinos are more successful than you are, it is because I saw this.

        “Numerous Data”

        You’re links off some Weblog uploaded from by who knows who are shit. Like the Wikipedia figure of 600,000 Americans currently living in the Philippines. Impossible.

      • jason voorhees

        “Show it to us”

        Online data is shit. It’s uploaded by unreliable sources. Gen Y gets all their information from links to weblogs on the internet.

        Send me PHILSTAR articles. I’ll believe it.


        Something reliable.

        Buy an encyclopedia. Read a book.

        • james

          “Online data is shit. It’s uploaded by unreliable sources.”

          Assumptions are 100% more reliable based on you. Yo Joe! It’s your pills talking. 🙂

          “American tourists will stay at Shangra La or Plantation Bay.”

          P 55,000 budget for Americans and you stayed for 3 years. In regards to the SOGO comment, I meant you stayed for 1 week tops and you rented a small old but not as old as you apartment near the squatters area in Angeles city for the rest of your stay just like the others.

          You are like him

          and him

          and him

          Limited options for the usual foreign sex tourist whom has been tested for HIV in the past.

          You will never be him

          You will never be him

          You will never be him. Married to a Filipina for 30 years (In the least).

          If it’s still not obvious to you, I don’t believe your fabricated stories. When you said many students in the PH works in the bar. I did not disregard your opinion. I only asked you “HOW MANY” do you think are there and kindly back it up with a data other than your assumptions. I know your stories are 99.9% fake because you already revealed how fake you are when you said the Aetas lives in Baguio. You won’t survive in a classroom full of 40 gossipy students if you work as a prostitute. If this scenery exist in the most religious country in Asia, It’s not the usual. I’m posting the data for a second time.

          “34 percent of them explained their choice of work as necessary to support poor parents, 8% to support siblings, and 28% to support husbands or boyfriends.”

          Citation for this particular info


          “More than 20 per cent said the job was well paid, but only 2 per cent said it was easy work, and only 2 per cent claimed to enjoy the work.”

          Only 2% enjoys the work. Therefore, To the customers of the prostitution industry, They don’t enjoy your overweight full of hair foreign body on their tiny little poor hungry body. The smiles they have for you and echoes of endearment in your ears are all fake.

          Hmm… Wikipedia is always lying. Global workers taking surveys are not reliable. Hmm…”Personal Story” 100% of your comments are from a personal view. No data available. 🙂

          “I tried Shabu to see why Filipinos were so obsessed with the stuff.”

          Traveling abroad just to try meth because meth is never heard of in the US.

          “In 2012, approximately 1.2 million Americans reported using methamphetamine in the past year; 440,000 reported using the drug in the past month.”

          Citation for this particular info

          Hmm…Wikipedia is always lying. This National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) report was prepared by the Center for Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality (CBHSQ), Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), and by RTI International (a trade name of Research Triangle Institute), Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. Work by RTI was performed under Contract No. HHSS283201000003C. are not reliable. Hmm……

  48. libertine81

    @jason voorhees

    Duterte has a big mouth and his mouth alone garners a large swath of international media attention deriving from my country.

    However, the salient aspects of the drug war have been overlooked, such as:

    a national reduction in crime of 28.57%
    1.3 million drug addicts/dealers/manufacturers that have surrendered to authorities.
    48 rehab centers (including 3 mega rehab facilities under construction) have been setup nationwide in order to absorb the addicts that have given themselves up authorities

    While the number of suspects killed so far (5,141) is lamentable, this is nowhere near the exaggerated figures stated in some news sources (Which show no methodology as to how they came up with the figures).

    Just take a look at the site page – – The figures are verified by multiple agencies.

    So this drug war isn’t just about killings (again, I find this lamentable). It’s a multi-pronged strategy that, apart from police operations, encompasses anti-drug education for all age groups (especially youth) and rehab for addicts. These two aspects barely get a mention in various news networks.

    • jason voorhees

      “SHABU” Personal Story

      Having said that there are Filipinos who use Shabu every single day and it does not affect them at all. I’ve known a few of these middle-class Filipinos from my subdivision. Chinese-Filipinos for example, rarely seem to bottom out from a Shabu habit as badly as Pinoys do. In my experience it is squatters on Shabu who really end up deep in life of vicious crime or prostitution or both.

      Like most foreigners living in Cebu, I tried Shabu to see why Filipinos were so obsessed with the stuff.

      In the late twilight of the Arroyo era/Aquino era Shabu was nearly-legal in Cebu. A female cop who worked part-time as security at my bar once approached me to front her $300 start-up to sell some. User figures are lower than they actually were at the time. Shabu was the hip thing to do. Everybody under 40 tried it at least once in Cebu.

      Pat Lim was a Chinese-Filipino co-worker and daily user for 20 years whom I approached with 1200 Pesos and we smoked it his apartment. Most users “reverse” on foil but the wealthier Chinese-Filipinos will use a glass pipe. He was also a mid-level dealer with a few “runners” who more or less used his IT day job as a cover. I later heard that Pat was busted and fled up to Makati on bail.

      Pat explained that it is not Shabu was not just “meth” but also had some heroin residue added in the Taiwan labs to level off the effect.

      There’s a ten or twenty minute rush (Maybe 4x the rush you’d get from a Red Bull) and then four or five hours of sweating, agitation, itching, sleeplessness, wide-eyed paranoia, diarrhea at least once, constant thirst. Your body starts to stink (I could always smell a Cebuano who’d used Shabu a mile away in a mall) from the chemicals coming out of your pores. Finally there is the wretched comedown that I would describe as the worst kind of flue-headache, fatigue, exhaustion, nausea, painful urination and puking if you look at cracker. By the time I felt normal on a Monday, I was 3 pounds lighter.

      NB The Chinese-Filipino girl using with us, named Jennie like most Chinai girls, started to “go werewolf” as the Cebuano slang goes for coming down and began to get very irritable and foul-mouthed. Pat gave her a Valium to ease her down. I can understand how Shabu users go crazy.

      To this day I am sorry I ever tried Shabu. Perhaps whites, who tend to like marijuana much more than Pinoys, have some sort adverse genetic reaction.

      Frankly its amazing that people could use the stuff day in and day out and not die. How do they eat? I looked at a bowl of soup the next day and almost puked. I would think the user who started at age 15 would be dead of natural causes by the time they were 35, if only malnutrition.

      My scariest experience was on a trip to the Busai Tops to take some photographs. While up there, a Filipino Chinese Mestizo was approached by a local and she told me that we were near a shabu lab hidden in the woods and that we should leave immediately. Our entire party, five Americans, skidded away when she relayed the warning. In those anarchic Arroyo years if you ACCIDENTALLY stumbled on a kingpin’s lab you might get killed.

      Ninety percent of the street prostitution in Cebu was because addiction and not poverty. This is the most common crime against the foreigner, simply lifting his cell or his money while he is in the shower. I once saw a German male with his pants down chasing a prostitute down the MacAurthur Blvd out of a hotel room soaking wet from the shower. If you are a foreigner and you pick up a prostitute loitering around a short-time hotel you are crazy.

      Most crimes committed against foreigners are usually by squatters or addicts on shabu at the time that they commit the offense as it gives them a sense of energetic fearlessness.

      Enner for example was a Norwegian homosexual retired seaman whose former teenage lover entered his subdivision house down the street and beat him up and took his passport and money.

      Outside this same Consulacion subdivision I was waiting for a Taxi at 8 PM and I was rushed by some locals on Shabu who tried to snatch my laptop. In that instance I stepped back inside the gate but one addict was still trying to unlock it to get in as the guard came up and pulled him off. This particular user was identified by the guard as a neighborhood addict.

      Down the street in another subdivision a South Korean was killed in his own house by some addicts.

      Another time I was purchasing some food from an adobe pork stand at night from a woman in Mandaue and a man stepped out of the darkness and hurtled a rock which struck me in the thigh. The woman screamed something and I asked why this stranger had done this and she told me he was her husband and a “dragon” (Hardcore addict) who became irrationally jealous under the influence of Shabu even of customers at his own food stand.

      A third time I was simply scammed by a Marine engineer who lived down the street named Kim. He had worked in Taiwan and was professional enough so when he came to me to borrow 4,000 Pesos I said sure, why not. He simply never paid me back and then a few months later when he disappeared from the complex his boss dropped by and told me he’d been fired for being a drug addict.

      Of the three foreign addicts I knew, the worst and longest-term one was a South Korean who lived in my subdivision. He had a pension from the army and at the end of every month he would have run through it and would try and borrow money from other foreigners. Some Korean or another would float him. One time I paid him to tune up my old Toyota Coralla 4,000 Pesos. He disappeared with the money into the squat down the block from our subdivision and later mentioned that he had spent the whole $100 in a single Shabu session with some prostitutes whom he complained he did not have enough money to pay for sex.

      The OTHER South Koreans came to hate him so much-he was sometimes aggressive and scuffled with one-that THEY reported him to their Embassy Lawyer who in turn informed the Consulacion police and I saw on the ANS-CBN news that he was picked up at a police checkpoint with Shabu on him.

      The second addict was an Indian money lender who’d been introduced to Shabu by his bar girl partner. He went downhill fast and when I saw him 3 months later he was lighter and ragged. He’d pulled a runner on rent he owed to a British landlord and word went out that he was an addict. The last time I saw him was looking at handguns in SM. He’d gone seriously paranoid and was ducking some Australian who wanted to beat him over some money he’d borrowed. In any event, he left town as his business fell apart and he owed money to everyone.

      The third addict was a German woman named Helga or Heidi or something who was in her thirties and had been a meth addict in Germany all of her life who came to Cebu simply because it was cheap and plentiful there. She worked in a call center. Once more, she was busted because she was dealing, which is the stupidest thing a foreigner could possibly do in the Philippines.

      Filipinos would have no idea HOW DANGEROUS life was for a foreigner (White, Korean, Indian, Arab no matter) during the anarchic Arroyo and Aquino years when cops were totally corrupt and would not fill out a police form unless you paid them off (I had to when my passport was stolen).

    • jason voorhees


      I see Duterte’s point. America should mind its own business. The whole world should mind its own business.

      China is involved because ultimately the Chinese in the mainland are making it there or in Taiwan. The labs are in China so they are part of the problem.

      Also, the Spratley Islands should not be America’s concern. One week your president is calling our president a son of a prostitute and the next week he wants Americans to sacrifice their lives in case China invades the Philippines.

      Truth be told China already owns your economy except for a few Spanish landowners. They’ve already won.

    • james


      I can back you up bro.

      Never cite a source for your data when talking to the other guy. Assumptions is what he believes in. Hold on. Hmm. On second thought. Do just that to make the other readers see what a piece of crap he is. Cheers, bro. Cite a source for your data every time you respond.

      • jason voorhees

        You’re not a Pinoy, you’re a Pinai…I’m sure of it “T-Bur maybe” but a Pinai

        “55,000 for 3 Years”

        Learn to read, T Bur Pinai. I wrote that I lived PER MONTH on $500 for 37 months from 2006 to early 2010. Not that I lived for three years on 55,000,000 Pesos. I SAID NO SUCH THING.

        “Gossipy students”

        Caregivers are the most common ex-bar girl profession. Maybe a nursing student or two. 22, 23 year old woman from poor backgrounds who are not attending university with “Conios” but some trade school program. All they want to do is get the piece of paper and wipe elderly asses in Kuwait ASAP. This is a bit different from 19 year old San Carlos University students from better-off backgrounds.

        “Traveling abroad just to use meth”

        Austronesian Filipinos got devastated by meth (Not Chinese-Filipino or Spanish Mestizos) because they ARE STUPID.

        This is not to say Shabu is not a dangerous and awful drug that can ruin anybody’s life (Like Hubert Webb, who was innocent of the crime but had dropped out of college and was a loser at 23)

        1989 to 2009 Meth was a trendy thing to do in the Philippines. Sure, I tried it once.

        “Chilling Picture” of “Never be Him”

        I hope not. Chick is PURE MALAY and not attractive to my way of thinking.

        Guys who want to date Filipinas should go to Bios where the chicks have more Spanish in them.

        Goatee dude is not young. He looks 40. He is older than I was when I was in Cebu in my mid-thirties. Not that handsome either. I don’t know

        Yes, poverty is appalling. But why do the parents of squatters have 13 kids? Philippines has remained mired in poverty long after Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore have managed to evolve.

        The Spanish Mestizos and Chinese Merchant class are not without blame: they are cruelly indifferent to the plight of Austronesian Filipinos and I suspect they wish to keep them stupid in order to have a vast dim population pyramid to exploit as both consumers and cheap labor whose desperation keeps wages down. Nor have these billionaires put much back into the economy.

        “Overweight body full hair”

        The Filipino male has a 2 inch penis. This is why some Pinai women watch porno films. Just to see a normal-sized male organ.

        I knew some crude white female sailors who went to a “Macho Bar” and they were laughing at how small the Pinoy organ is. Of course to the Filipino man, the white woman’s vagina is a huge cavern so they are a negative and a negative. This, more than anything else, is why most Filipino and Caucasian relationships involve a Malay female and a White male.

        “Personal stories”

        No “Malay” Filipino (Austronesian) has any personal stories because you lived with your parents in the dingy Barangay all your life and never went anywhere. In your case though, I have the feeling that Dad was an OFW laborer who made SOME money. You are not a rock-bottom squatter.

        I want to add that Chinese-Filipinos and Spanish Mestizos are a different matter. They are more worldly.

        “Other pics”

        I was born in 1974. I was a full 25-30 years younger than the retirees in the crap your posting off the net. As I said, I left Cebu at 37.

        “Insane sexual fantasies”

        Pinai women get this idea, including you, from their own viewing of American pornography.

        “Assumptions are what he believes” I believe what I experienced living in Cebu, Philippines. Yes.

        In fact I KNOW YOU (Though I may be wrong about your gender I am almost certain you are a woman).

        Your house is in a dingy Barangay with narrow paved streets near a concrete and metal cage that functions as a church etc. etc. No Chinese-Filipino or Foreigner lives there. Nothing but other Austronesian Filipino like you.

        The night is filled with the drunken Kareoke of Malays singing cheesy rock ballads from 1985 by Air Supply or The Cranberries.

        I do not need a link to get a perfect mental picture of your Barangay, your house, the narrow paved streets, the old tires against dirty concrete walls…

        This is how an American actually feels about your country who has been there.

        • james

          T-Bur? WTH is a T-Bur? Anyhow, You failed miserably. No data for your assumptions. I won this battle. A pedo fatzo foreigner might believe your stories because he wants to criminalize the locals to try and take away some of the bad cred under his profile, you will have the same agenda, but a nice decent foreigner/backpacker like KYLE JENNERMANN reading this won’t believe your crap.

          “I wrote that I lived PER MONTH on $500 for 37 months from 2006 to early 2010.”

          Only P 25,000 budget and the Ayala family talked with you and made friends with you? 🙂 Con-artist is your middle name… A frustrated con-artist and a pedo walking around with a teenage prostitute under his arm in the Centro (local markets). The teenage prostitute left you because she had a boyfriend whom she was giving her money to and you can’t stop ranting about your experience online. Read the survey. 28% of them supports their boyfriends/husbands. I did not read 50% or 1/3 of them saying they do it because of tuition fees. It was just one of your many assumptions. Main reason I keep calling you out because you are the fakest poster in this website.

          “Caregivers are the most common ex-bar girl profession. Maybe a nursing student or two. 22, 23 year old woman from poor backgrounds”

          488,000 nurses. How many of them are ex-bargirl/prostitutes? Data?

          “was innocent of the crime”

          “Austronesian Filipinos got devastated by meth (Not Chinese-Filipino or Spanish Mestizos) because they ARE STUPID.” Hmm…. Spanish and Chinese-Filipino are immune from meth. One more study.

          “Benzedrine, an amphetamine introduced in the United States as an over the counter nasal spray in 1932, was widely used in pill form by all military forces in World War II and was included in soldiers’ field kits. In recent years Modafinil (Provigil), a similar stimulant approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 1998, was used by US military personnel in Iraq. Drug was marketed to US women in the 1950’s and 1960’s as an antidepressant and weight loss agent, and women now make up 42% of admissions to emergency care for its use.”

          Hey Joes are Immune…Hmm…

          “Chick is PURE MALAY and not attractive to my way of thinking.”

          But you married a Chinese-Thai-Hong Kong-Mongoloid with Pinay features?

          Will you now say she’s only a quarter Chinese-Thai and the rest of her ethnicity is British-German-White and she has a face like Bianca King but you forgot to tell me that she is not carrying the typical Asian-Malay-Mongoloid-features? Hilarious. Add, Edit, Change, Post the story, Add, Edit, Change, Post the story. Stories coming from you are repetitive but inconsistent.

          “Guys who want to date Filipinas should go to Bios where the chicks have more Spanish in them.”

          Marian Rivera perhaps…Will a Spanish-Filipino like her go on a date with a washed up overweight divorcee addicted to pills foreign man such as you? 🙂

          “poverty is appalling. But why do the parents of squatters have 13 kids?”

          Poverty is not an isolated case in the squatters areas with 13 kids.

          Human beings should never be insulted for being poor.

          “He looks 40. He is older than I was when I was in Cebu in my mid-thirties. Not that handsome”

          Post your pic if you are more handsome than him. Pretty sure you are not who you say you are and you are like….


          and Him

          Check his face. He believes the endearment. Hilarious. She can’t wait for it to be over. She will be running home and she will give the money to her much younger boyfriend/husband waiting to have sex with her. Local men are losers but the women are willing to work for the boyfriend/husband. Can your American wives/girlfriends do that? Nope. Your American wives/girlfriends are busy marching in the streets yelling and advocating for Planned Parenthood. American women wants you to pay for their abortion.

          “Filipino male has a 2 inch penis.”

          “personal stories because you lived with your parents”

          Everybody can tell you a story there and there but the stories are limited to fiction. USAPANG-BARBERO/FOLK TALE/BIBLE. The bible is fake. 0% scientific factual proof for the bible. It’s popular but no data available. 1% to 2% might be based on true events but the 98% to 99% is bull. If you can’t provide data and numbers, That’s how it’s going to be. You can spend the entire year making assumptions. You say this and back and forth and back and forth but you will never have the data for them which is the weakest tool for an argument.

          “Insane sexual fantasies”

          My penis has been in the vaginas and anuses and mouths of so many Austronesian women that I know how they speak and think.

          Mouth and Vagina are natural but ANUSes? You gay? Hmm…. Might be one of your fetishes.

          “38.2 percent of men between 20 and 39 and 32.6 percent of women ages 18 to 44 engage in heterosexual anal sex. Compare that with the CDC’s 1992 National Health and Social Life survey, which found that only 25.6 percent of men 18 to 59 and 20.4 percent of women 18 to 59 indulged in it.”

          1/3 of your population. Hmm…Main reason you have


          Check out your Hispanic-white babies.

          “I may be wrong about your gender I am almost certain you are a woman.”

          Called me a “woman” but you are not sure about my gender. Bruce Jenner, Is this you? Uh, Christ…Christ…You think like this and you want the readers to believe you are sane and everything you say is reliable?

          “This is how an American actually feels about your country who has been there.”

          Who cares? I don’t want your infected genitals inside our country. I need to say it again because you can’t hear me. I will be enthusiastic and more than willing to get rid of 100 more foreign men like you in exchange for another foreign man like KYLE JENNERMANN. Kyle cares about the people and the children. Only thing you care about is how to make your fetishes come true.

        • Hive

          “Check his face” Looks like Bill Murray is stone cold drunk. Check the silver foxes hand placement, he owns that part of the Philippines.

  49. jason voorhees


    My argument against the killing.

    It is one thing to shoot a Chinese-Filipino businessman who is involved not only in selling drugs but money laundering, killing competitors, police corruption, poisoning the environment with his lab, arson and everything going along with being a drug kingpin.

    But shooting some poor squatter who never sold a single gram in his life who is 22 (Most street users are young and stupid) and got hooked in high school is a little harsh. It is sort of a war against the poor who are trying to alleviate the boredom of their life.

    The problem too is that according to the mid-level Chinese-Filipino dealer I knew at work (Who was busted) the actual Shabu is often manufactured in Taiwan or China. Now more than ever since you cannot just openly pay off cops to ignore your Shabu lab in downtown Mandaue.

  50. jason voorhees

    Note to Philippine Posters

    Life on the streets of Cebu for the foreigner is no Kyle experience.

    The young white man is “Barangay-hardened” fast.

    “Hacienderos” who feel a semi-kinship to other whites step in and “school us” with their own views (Somewhat contemptuous) of “Malays” and inculcate us into their philosophy behind their walls.

    We are robbed without remorse, our own women are gang-raped if squatters have the opportunity and we are petrified of your jails which make ours look like a hotel.

    Most of us in the Arroyo/Aquino era knew we would be held-up at least once. I was burglarized, pick-pocketed on a Jeepney of my passport, attempted robbery.

    Would I shoot those culprits if I had a gun in my hand and a legal right to? Personally, no. Though I personally found Shabu to be unpleasant and not worth trying twice I can understand why young males get hooked with nothing to look forward to in a squat but boredom, poverty, frustration, meaninglessness.

    It would be difficult to convey how dangerous it was for foreigners in the pre-Duterte era when police were so corrupt that filling out a stolen passport form required a bribe. Criminals knew this too and targeted foreigners.

    Cebu from 2006-2010 was no Kyle Jennerman tale.

    Of course most foreigners are mixed up in shady, though legal businesses. We own the girly bars. Loan money out. Own casinos. A Filipino would argue that any foreigner who travels to the Philippines to make money doing sleazy, if legal things, is asking for it.

  51. jason voorhees

    “Ranting about your experience online”

    I was never in a relationship with a Cebuana and never would be. To start with they want the foreigner to “feed their entire Barangay” (As the foreign slang goes). Secondly they can own the property in their name so you are at their mercy. Third Malay Filipinos are gossiping liars and thieves.

    And YOU ARE RIGHT in that Austronesian squatters who constitute most of the gold-diggers wisely want a pension, a lifetime of savings, a property in her name from an old retiree and not a relationship with a foreigner under 40 who is here this week and gone the next.

    “I don’t want your infected genitals in my country”

    You’re a powerless Malay from the lower social class (A step above a squatter because I suspect your parents own your house) so nobody cares what you were want.

    Truthfully you DON’T MEET many foreigners. Your Barangay is dingy and your house is in the center of it. Probably your neighborhood is mixture of squatters and small-owners.

    “She will be running home to give the money to her husband /boyfriend to eager to have sex with her”

    Many Filipino women are amoral “borocats”. No quarrel. Sometimes for Shabu and sometimes for profit.

    Chinese-Filipino women are not AS amoral as common-or-garden Pinoys generally, because Dad is supporting them.

    “Nice decent foreigner/backpacker”

    Philippines is not appealing to backpackers. Foreigners will either be a) Retirees or b) foreigners of working age running businesses or c) a few call center managers or boat builders. Backpackers like “Kyle” might visit Makati but VERY FEW. I MET 2 backpackers in Cebu.

    “Con Artist”

    Good luck trying to make money as a con artist in the Philippines, a Third World country. Even if you could con some Chinoy you’d probably get shot the usual way by two guys on a shitty old 250 cc motorcycle hired by your victim.

    “Post your picture”

    I know ENOUGH about a Pinoy LIKE YOU. The boasts of links to the “NPA” (New People’s Army) and the fixation with Americans (Even though Chinese born businessmen like Sy run your country) and the shabu habit that derailed your life and the sleeveless you where as you sit on the steps of the church across the narrow dingy street from your house where you drink Red Horse.

    Besides, how would you know the picture WAS ME?

    “Engage in anal sex”

    Yeah who wants to really marry a Filipino woman and have sex in a dark room missionary style. Filipino women are kind of inflexible.

    Unless of course they are “Shabu whores” who stand outside short-time hotels like the “Amihan” who will do anything short of screwing your family dog for money.


    She is not from an old-rich Haciendero family. Her Dad is a foreigner. A Mestizo has to be from the original 17th century Basque settler families (So-called Haciendero families) to have any importance politically/economically.

  52. jason voorhees

    “Believing my stories”

    Life on the streets for the foreigner “on the make” in Cebu and I am simplly stating how it was (during the Arroyo and Aquino years).

    Kyle gets paid as a mouthpiece by ABS-CBN to tell fairy tales. A job is a job, I suppose.

    But Americans are irrelevant to the Philippines and Westerners overall. Chinese and Spanish have the power in the Philippines, not Americans.

    I’ll never understand the fixation Pinoys have with the United States. There are not even any American companies investing in the Philippines because of the 1987 law-implemented by Chinese-Filipinos no doubt wanting to bribe politicians into keeping the Philippines as their sweatshop.

    Austronesian Filipinos are low IQ enough to have believed that this was probably some protectionism effort. You’ll believe anything your media tell you and of course Chinese and Spanish own it.

    Dovie Beams was the last American to have any effect on the Philippines and she was just a petty prostitute Marcos had an affair with 45 years ago.

    Americans have had nothing to do with the Philippines since World War II. Your country is irrelevant to us and we are irrelevant to you.

    “Kyle cares about the people”

    Chinese-Filipinos and Spanish-Mestizos DON’T CARE (Even though they are billionaires) and that is your country’s problem. How Kyle feels does not matter. IThey possess all your quarta.

    But because your IQ is low and you live in the Barangay the Chinoys and Mestizos in the media can bamboozle you.

  53. jason voorhees

    “Vizconde” Case

    Dude was in the United States skiing when the family was massacred. Passports stamps and tickets to prove it.

    So he was a spoiled brat on drugs. Plenty of those around. But he was not IN THE PHILIPPINES when the crime occurred. That is WHY he was ACQUITTED.

    Typical “Phil-logic”.

    Psychopathic rapist killers come out of every social class but that case really smacks of squatter or low-class depravity. The maid had a boyfriend, the guy got in, he wanted to rob the place anyhow and killed everybody.

  54. jason voorhees

    “I will be enthusiastic to remove 100 men like you”

    The most Barangay Tenod is the most influential Filipino someone of your social class knows.

    In fact, though you write about foreigners a great deal you don’t live in the upmarket areas-Makati, Lahug, subdivisions-where foreigners live or stay.

    No American walks through the narrow streets of your Barangay with its combination of squatters and small house owners far from the centers of power or money.

    You live in a Hacienda. No? You cannot do anything then. You’d leave tomorrow for any country that would have you just because the Spanish and Chinese have made such a mess of the Philippines.

  55. jason voorhees

    “Removing” foreigners

    Pinoys like you don’t know any Filipino more powerful than the Barangay Tenod.

  56. jason voorhees

    “inserting the anus when we are talking about vagina”

    Actually your sex industry has probably taking a nose dive since the drug war started. Shabu was the driving force of prostitution in my opinion.

    “Hispanic-whites are the most murderous”

    You saw this on television, right? Where are Hispanics-whites murderous? An Al Pacino film?

    “35 year old Foreigners won’t own a dive-prostitute bar, it is the furthest thing from their mind”

    You would not know. You cannot afford to live in Makati where most foreigners are concentrated of subdivisions in Cebu where the rest of us are scattered. Americans do not come into your dingy barangay. If you met 10 Americans in the PH in your life I would be amazed.

    Unless you were a shop girl. Which maybe you have been. Your facility with English and your unemployment and your somewhat antipathetic feelings lend me to believe you interacted with foreigners as employee of some company.

    “Manipulate other readers into believing that East Asian and Filipino facial features in the PH are different”

    Any white can spot a Chinoy in a mall. Skin is lighter, yellower, faces rounder, hair straighter, eyes narrower and of course their clothes/jewelry scream of money.

    Filipino Malays look much more prehistoric and primitive-small round eyes, wide flaring nostrils, bow legs, block shaped head with a heavy brow-ridge and usually more pock-marks. They look stone-age and primitive. Always with big teeth and a stupid empty grin on their face. Real neolithic stone-age tribe.

    Urban Filipinos have a bit more Spanish and many look like Mexicans.

    This is the interesting thing-get on a Jeepney and you will notice that no two Filipinos are of the same racial appearance.


    I’m more likely to believe a US passport stamp than your links. Not to mention Americans whom he did business with in the U.S. during his visit.

    Foreigners take note that the “frame-ups” by corrupt officials are blatant lies in the Philippines.

    “35 year old men won’t own bars”

    Foreigners of all ages will try anything in the Philippines from net cafes to making porno films with local women to running call centers.

    “Kyle is supporting his stay with Canadian money”

    That is his mistake. Welcome to the Philippines, where the game is to suck all the money out of foreigners until they leave broke. Like he probably will.

    I will state however that I did not LOSE money in the Philippines. Just did not earn enough to make staying worth my while.

    “Data of my stay”

    Filipino Malays are like vultures with any scrap of information on a foreigner they can get-I know this from being around squatters surrounding my subdivision-and will use anything they know about anyone to their advantage if only for “Chismus”.

    No WAY would you ever know my name, what subdivision I lived in, what I looked like, who I knew, where I worked.

    …Because you see, I must return to Cebu for another business transaction one of these days.

    • james

      “Shabu was the driving force of prostitution in my opinion.”

      True in every country. Once the person gets hooked, She and even HE will do anything to get another fix. American soldiers who are now living in the streets will probably give you a BJ in a dark alley too so he can have $20 to buy some drugs.

      “Where are Hispanics-whites murderous”

      What is the Hispanics/Mestizos made out of?

      Numerical order – Honduras, Venezuela, Swaziland, Guatemala, Jamaica, El Salvador, Colombia, Brazil, Panama, Uruguay.

      Demographics –

      Honduras – 90% Mestizo, 7% Amerindian, 2% Black, 1% White.
      Venezuela – 51.6% Mestizo, 43.6% White, 2.9% Black, 1.2% others, 0.7% Afrodescendant.
      Swaziland – Swaziland’s population is ethnically Swazi mixed with a small number of Zulu and White Africans, mostly people of British and Afrikaner descent.
      Guatemala – 41.5% mestizo, 41% indigenous peoples (9.1% K’iche’ 8.4% Kaqchikel 7.9% Mam 6.3% Q’eqchi’ 8.6% other Maya 0.2% non-Maya indigenous 0.1% others), 18% white.
      Jamaica – 92.1% Black, 6.1% Mixed, 0.8% Asian, 0.4% Other, 0.7% Unspecified.
      El Salvador – 86.3% Mestizo, 12.7% White, 0.23% Indigenous, 0.13% Black, 0.64% Other.
      Colombia – 86% Mestizo and White; 10.6% Black (includes Mulatto); 3.4% Amerindian; 0.01% Roma.
      Brazil – 47.73% White, 43.13% Pardo (mixed race), 7.61% Black, 1.09% Asian, 0.43% Amerindian.
      Panama – 65% Mestizo, 12.3% Native Panamanians, 9.2% Afro-Panamanian, 6.8% Mulatto, 6.7% White.
      Uruguay – 88% White, 8% Mestizo, 4% Black.

      Migrating and living up to the reputation.

      “Latino gangs” appeared in Catalonia and in Barcelona around 2002, explained Santi Herrero Blanco of the Catalan Ministry of the Interior. “The Latin Kings” and “The Ñetas” were the most famous of these gangs composed mainly of South-Americans but which also included young people from North Africa, Eastern Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa. These Spain-based gangs were set up following the model of the Latin American “traditional gangs”

      “You would not know.”

      The data knows and it’s more informative than you will ever be.

      “your somewhat antipathetic feelings”

      Review our comments. You bash people for poverty while I bash people for their atrocities. You can’t control it if you are born poor but you can control your crimes.

      “Filipino Malays look”

      Nuff said.

      “Foreigners take note that the “frame-ups” by corrupt officials are blatant lies in the Philippines.”

      Pinky Webb (sister) works for ABS- CBN. Nuff said.

      I am posting them for the second and third time because you can’t read in a normal pace. Hmm….. Old people’s problems. I don’t blame you but try and read like a normal person with an average I.Q.

      “where the game is to suck all the money out of foreigners until they leave broke. Like he probably will.”

      P 55,000 spending budget for the US foreigners. Exaggerations and Assumptions are your forte.

      “I did not LOSE money in the Philippines. Just did not earn enough to make staying worth my while.”

      Hey Joe is ranting online everyday like his life depends on it but Hey Joe did not lose money to the teenage prostitute who had a local Malay boyfriend at home.

      “Filipino Malays are like vultures with any scrap of information on a foreigner they can get”

      Review our comments. Your assumptions about the PH and about us are based on a very opinionated scale. You made it look like you have thousands of stolen candid Filipino pictures in your bedroom and you psychotically obsess over them everyday. My comments are based on data and it’s printed with numbers in them. I am cogent and you are an emotional trainwreck.

  57. jason voorhees

    I cannot tell you who I am because you see….I must return to Cebu sometime.

    Sometime in 2019, early.

  58. jason voorhees


    If you become involved with a woman or marry her you will feed a Barangay. You are essentially a white sugar cube with ants on it. If this is your choice you should have the amount you intend to spend in the Philippines in a different bank than your life savings or you will return homeless and penniless to your own country.

    If you buy property in the Philippines it cannot be in your name and at any point the Filipina female can get bored or angry with you…and the PNP will escort you off. One American from New York I knew named Ken was a Jewish architect who spent $1,000,000 building a condominium complex and it was owned in the name of a 23 year old wife (He was 60) and she quarreled with him so he was kicked off the property. In moved her boyfriend. Life savings gone over some 23 year old slut who hated lying next to him and could not wait for the property to be in her name.

    You should not associate with poor Filipinos at all. At the very least they will “Chismus” about you-a local word for ugly gossip. This can be destructive. Somebody says you said something about somebody sort of thing. Also it is not uncommon for the Filipino who befriends the foreigner to rob him. Most home invasions or burglaries or killings of foreigners are committed by acquaintances.

    Live in a subdivision. If you have to live in the Philippines you should live in a subdivision. This reduces your interactions with squatters or Barangay Filipinos.

  59. jason voorhees

    J the Malay

    I can picture you with no photo and you don’t look Chinese. You have small round eyes and the big round dome and the round-jawed look of the Malay.

    “You are not who you say you are” Why not? I said I was born in 1974. Nobody over 45 uses the expressions or idioms that I do. Other posters will attest to this. Also, older foreigners 50-70 in the Philippines won’t have the insights into street life that I do because they are living on much more money than $500 a month.

    “Think you own the place” Chinese people own the Philippines. The ones who own the biggest part of it like Henry Sy were born in China. Maybe a few Hispanics, for which the name Haciendero is fancy description of, own some. No, Americans do not own the Philippines which is why Pinoys who are so fixated on Americans are so stupid.

  60. jason voorhees

    Question for Pinoy Posters

    Americans “Think they own” the Philippines

    It is obvious that Chinese-Filipinos own the Philippines. A few, but not many, Spanish Filipinos own a great deal.

    Why would Americans believe they “owned” the Philippines?

  61. John

    DNA proves they’re not “black” (neither their phenotype or, more importantly, their genotype). Now go find someone to explain to you what those words mean. LOL The Y-Chromosome Haplogroup O-M175 evolved about 30,000 years ago is shared by East Asians (Chinese, Koreans, Japanese) and Southeast Asians (including Filipinos) — meaning it had to evolve on the Asian mainland. Look it up yourself.

    • Look I have no idea why you are attacking me so much. I agree with your first statement. We agree, so why fight me over it. I do not know your point about O-M175 evolving on the mainland. So what?

      And just for being a contrary, incomprehensible asshole, I am going to ban you right now, Johnny Boy.


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