A Little Black In All of Us

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Well, not quite, but sort of.

At least in many Mediterranean types and other Europeans, White Americans, North Africans and Arabs.

Let’s take a look.

The link is dead now, but from this dead link:

Middle Eastern/Arab Group Black %

Iraq (Jews)                 0.0%
Iran (Jews)                 0.0%
Sephardic Jews              0.0%
Yemen (Jews)               *4.0%
Bedouin                     4.3%
Iraqis                     *4.5%
Syrians                     5.0%
Jordanians                 *7.0%
Palestinians                8.8%
UAE                        11.1%
Saudis                    *13.5%
Omanis                     16.0%                    
Qataris                   *16.0%
Yemenis (Sana)            *17.5%
Yemenis (Hadramawt)        19.0%

* I had to recalculate the % because my Yemeni #’s were wrong. It appeared that all of my #’s were for the mother’s side only, and the father’s side seems to have been only 4%. We add them together and divide by two, or obtain a medium between the larger mtDNA # and the smaller Y-chromosome #, which I put at 4% for Yemenis, 1% for Iraqis and 0% for everyone else.

Another study showed Black Y-DNA: Palestinians, 10.3%, UAE, 7.3% and Bedouins, 3.6%. Those figures were averaged into the above.

Jordanian Bedouins. These people are 4.3% Black. The fellow on the left seems to have some Black features, but the man on the right has very Caucasian features. Dark skin, as with the Syrian woman below, may just be a melanin adaptation to a hot clime as opposed to a legacy of Black genes.

This group, the Bedouins, appears to be a very ancient Caucasian group, though I can’t seem to prove it – it’s just a hunch of mine. They are on the borders genetically between Blacks and Caucasians, along with Yemenis, Arabians, Berbers, Algerians, the Beja, and Nubians.

Ethiopians are in there too somewhere, but they are clearly into the Black category, although they are best thought of as an intermediate group between Blacks and Caucasians. Bedouins are one of the most divergent genetic groups in the Caucasian race. Bedouins are the original Jordanians, and they still run the state. 70% of Jordan is Palestinian, but they don’t control the state, probably by Zionist-imperialist design.

In the Arab World, or at least in the Gulf, most of the Black genes seem to have come in on the mother’s side. This implies that Arab men were having sex with Black slave girls, given the normative Black-Arab relationship of slave-master in the Gulf for far too long. There is much less Black paternal DNA, which means that Black slaves were not having sex with that many Arab women.

A very dark-skinned, yet nevertheless very Caucasian-looking Syrian woman. Syrians are about 5% Black, but as we can see in the case of Sicilians (5.5% Black), that’s usually not enough to effect the phenotype much. Some of these dark-skinned Arabs may have just layered on a lot of melanin due to evolving in a hot climate.

All of the links to the relevant journal articles are dead too, but if anyone wants to track them down, here they are: link, link and link.

A Yemeni man. We have Yemenis near where I live; they run the local stores. They are clearly a mostly-Caucasian people, but they do have about 19% Black admixture. This fellow looks sort of Greek or Berber or possibly like someone from the Caucasus.

This is a very ancient region, and Yemen is probably where the first people came out of Africa. It is surely where the first proto-Caucasians left Africa also. There are still some Negritos here in the Mahra region who are probably the remnants of the original humans that left Africa 70,000 years ago. They are called Black Yemenis, and are treated horribly by the Arabs.

There is a high value put on whiteness in Yemen. A young man who works at the local market tells me that he hates summer because he turns so dark from the sun. In Yemen, dark is bad, White is good. I try to tell him that he lives in Mexifornia now and Brown is the new White, but I’m not sure if he believes me.

These guys forbid their women from working and their Mom chooses a future wife for them. Mixing between the sexes outside of marriage is strictly forbidden. Some of the young women have abandoned the hijab, but they’re hardly liberated.

There’s no trouble at all from these Yemenis or from the sizable Palestinian population nearby. In fact, they are a Hell of a lot better behaved than the local Hispanics, and the IQ’s of Iraq and Palestine are quite a bit below US Hispanics.

Surely there is more to acting civilized and having good morals and manners than IQ. I really like these Yemeni guys; they are a lot of fun. Good people all around.

Since the links are dead, I’m open to anyone who wants to research this issue further.

Abir Aramin, a Palestinian. I assume this is a girl? Anyway, Palestinians are 8.8% Black. As you can see, they vary widely, and many look as Whites as any European. This phenotype could easily be Italian or Turkish, but actually, I am thinking that a better description is the people of the Caucasus such as Dagestanis and Chechens. That White nationalists insist that people like Abir are “non-Whites” is utterly insane.

Spaniards and Portuguese are about 4% Black on average. This is horribly upsetting to White nationalists, but right now, I wish to trade about 20,000 Mesoamericans in my town for 20,000 Iberians, thank you very much. How bad could they be? We already have them here in this town – they are called the White Mexicans, and they are a profoundly well-behaved elite. These people are bad just why now, oh big White Man?

Arabs are in serious denial about their Black heritage, and this is a real sore issue with them, so don’t try to bring it up. Some Arabs take great pride in being White and many others could care less. In Yemen, lighter skin is much prized and darker skin is not good.

I looked an older Yemeni man I know straight in the eye recently and said, “You guys are White, just like me,” and watch his smile light up the heavens (We were discussing the Negritos that supposedly live in the Mahra region of Yemen).

Check out Rashida Jones – 35% Black. Even at 1/3 Black, a lot of people hardly show any Black phenotype. This woman is 65% White and 35% Black. If you are going to classify folks by race, you may as well do it on a phenotypical basis, if nothing else.Her phenotype is White Caucasian, even though she is a mixed-race person. What’s hilarious is that every White nationalist around would say she’s White until they were told of her actual ancestry, at which point, they would insist that she’s “non-White”.

She look “non-White” to you?

US Blacks are virtually another race apart from Africans, so it is about time we quit conflating the two of them. US Blacks are 3% Amerindian and 17.5% White, or 20.5% non-Black, and that is on average. Almost all US Blacks have some White in them.

A group was found recently in the Deep South who were lumberjacks in a logging town. Some of these Blacks had a reputation for being very Black. The study found that they were only 5% White on average. The Gullas on the SE Coast are another very Black group that is only about 3.5% White.

Pure Black US Blacks who did not recently come from Africa are probably quite rare to nonexistent.

Some US Blacks are actually proud of their White heritage. A Black woman who is over here a lot sure is. She is a Cajun, and takes great pains to let me know. “These Blacks around here are too…niggerish!” she exclaims as we ride in the car. I am shocked but not surprised.

Some US Blacks are Whiter than others: Louisianans (the Cajuns above) are 22% White, and West Coast Blacks are 26% White. Southern Blacks are 12% White.

There was no epidemic of slave masters have sex with slaves. Only a few White Southerners mated with Black females. Instead, through US history, about 3% of Black women each generation (that means about 1 Black woman out of 33 ) bore part-White babies over a period of 300 years, at about the same rate. The miscegenation occurred over a very long period.

There was probably very little Black male – White female mating until recently.

Prior data suggested that US Blacks were 30% White, but those studies were poorly done. Shriver’s study is much better.

North Africa is definitely part-Black. From a dead link once again:

North African Group       Black %

Algerian Kabilyes          1.5%
Moroccan Berbers           5%
Algerian Berbers          10%
Moroccan Arabs            13%
North African average     13%
Mauritanians              44%
Sahelians                 44%
Tauregs                   82%

The first six are mostly-White (the next two only barely) but the last, Tauregs, are mostly Black, looking similar to US Blacks.

Mauritanians and Sahelians are similar to Ethiopians, who are 56% Black and 44% Black on average,

The figures for Black admixture are possibly discouraging to White nationalists, but considering that 90% of them are Nordicists anyway, maybe not:

European/Eurasian Group            Black %

Georgia (Jews)                     0%
Kurdish Jews                       0%
Ashkenazi Jews                     0%
Azerbaijan                         0%
Armenia                            0%
Georgia                            0%
Nogay                             .2%
Russia                          *0.2%
Poland                          *0.2%
Slovakia                        *0.2%
Czechoslovakia                  *0.2%
Corsica                          0.4%
Northern Italy                   0.5%
Austria                          0.5%
Turkey                           0.5%
Britain                          0.7%
Central Italy                    0.8%
Italy (Tuscany)                  1.2%
Turkey (Istanbul)                1.4%
Italy (Calabria)                 1.5%
Germany                          1.7%
Italy (Apulia)                   1.9%
France                           2.0%
Spain (Cantabrian Pasiegos)      2.0%
Kurds                            2.0%
Italy average                    2.1%
Albania                          2.1%
Cyprus (Turk)                    2.1%
Spain average                    2.2%
Corsica                          2.3%
Spain (Galicia)                  2.5%
Iberian average                  2.7%
Central Portugal                 3.6%
Sicily (Ragusa)                  3.7%
Italy (Sardinia)                 3.9%
Italy (Calabrian Albanians)      4.1%
Southern Spain                   4.1%
Southern Italy                   4.2%
Sicily (Castelammare)            4.2%
Northern Portugal                4.3%
Portugal average                 4.4%
Central Portugal                 4.5%
Greece                           5.0%
Italy (Sicily)                   5.3%
S. Portugal (Alentejo-Algarve)   5.8%
Portugal (Madeira Islands)       6.5%
Southern Portugal average        7.4%
Sicily (Sciacca)                 8.7%

*These figures include mtDNA only and no Y-DNA, so I set Y-DNA at 0. No doubt the Y-DNA is miniscule to nonexistent.

The Greek figure is very controversial. However, going by autosomal markers that typically show 5% Black DNA in Greeks, I went with that figure. It is true that Y-DNA and mtDNA show much less, but in this post, I am going by the findings that show the largest quantity. I still do not how much Black genes Greeks have in them.

I am confident that Greeks do have quite a bit of Berber, Arab and Phoenician blood in them though, and I am very suspicious of Pontikos Dienekes’ (Greek nationalist) work. The other argument, that Greeks have significant Black blood, is here.

These are some classic Greek types – a classic Greek phenotype. Autosomal studies show that Greeks have ~5% Black genes. That compares well with 5.5% Black genes in Sicilians and 7.4% Black genes in Southern Portuguese and seems about right, however, if you look at the usual stuff, Y-DNA and mtDNA, there is almost nothing there. None of this makes sense.At that level, we often don’t see much Black phenotype, and indeed, in your average Greek and Sicilian, we don’t see any Black in them. There is a swarthiness, but keep in mind that all of these three groups also have lots of Berber, Arab and Phoenicians genes too. Further, they probably layered on some melanin in the hot clime.

A Greek nationalist named Dienekes Pontikos, along with a Southern Italian nationalist who runs the Racial Reality site, both of whom I formerly respected, are apparently behind some Net anthro fraud in which they are trying to pass off Greeks and Southern Italians off as some sort of “pure Whites”, I guess as a sop to White nationalists, or so they can be White too. They have laid into the Kemp paper and an Internet jihad against it has unfolded.

Unfortunately, there is far more evidence for Black genes in Greeks than a single paper by a guy named Kemp. Indeed, the evidence is quite overwhelming.

Both Racial Reality and Dienekes are generally fine sites, but when it comes to their own ethnic group, the insanity rule of ethnic nationalism applies: ethnic nationalism drives the sanest people completely nuts.

The whole enterprise is absurd. Greeks and Italians are clearly Caucasians and, if you will, Whites. Yes, they have a bit of Black blood in them, but not much. Is this really the end of the world, guys?

An Azeri man from Azerbaijan. The US is trying to foment an Azeri separatist movement in Iran, but it’s not going to go anywhere.

The Iranian regime is disgusting and bans all languages other than Persian from school, but other than that, most Azeris don’t want to leave. For one thing, they run the country. Ahmadinejad, Khomeini, Khatami, Khameini, and most of the top leadership have long been Azeris. It was actually Iranian Azeris who created the Safavid Shia state that modern Iran is based on back around 1600 and they have been running the show ever since. Why secede? What for?

These people do not have any Black in them that I am aware of. Maybe future studies will find some.

As you can see, Black admixture in Europeans is concentrated in the Iberian peninsula, and even there, the levels are quite low. At levels like this, we often see no observable Black phenotype at all. I think it is funny that those big, tough German White nationalists have more Black in them than those greasy Calabrians (Southern Italians just to the north of the Sicilian boot) that they despise so much. That’s rich!

The truth is that Italians and especially Greeks have quite a bit of Berber, Arab and Phoenician in them, and this for the most part accounts for their darker features. There’s not a whole lot of evidence that either group has much Black genes in them.

Note that the European Black %’s are averages. Similarly, we can come up with an average Black admixture for US Whites, but only 30% of Whites have discernible Black admixture. In these Whites, it averages about 1.7%. Hey, White nationalists! Got a little Black in you? Hey, it’s not the end of the world.

The father of Ardent, a blogger who runs the interesting Ardent Observations blog and is also an acquaintance of mine. She is of Turkish-Cypriot ancestry and lives in Australia. This is a photo of her father, who left Cyprus as a single young man and hopped a ship to Australia barely knowing a word of English. Some local Turks grabbed him when he landed, got him a job and a place to stay and eventually he raised a family there.

I think it is interesting that he looks as White as any White American around. Actually, he looks like my own father did when he was young. My father is German-French. Ardent notes in the comments section at the end of this post that people used to tell her father that he looked Slavic, but he did not appreciate that, as he was a Muslim, and the Ottomans and Slavs were enemies for centuries.

It’s interesting that Turks seem to have one of the lowest Black gene %’s in Europe. Turks are only 1% Black, and furthermore, it is possible that Black genes may only be present in a small percentage of Turks – perhaps as low as 10%. This is notable since Turkey is fairly close to Africa.

But it looks like the whole Anatolian/Caucasus region has received very few Black genes. Black genes made it to Syria and Iraq in the south and to Greece in the West, but seem to have halted there. Germans have 70% more Black genes that Turks have.

Turks are a very interesting people genetically. They are Caucasians, at least according to me anyway, and they can easily be classed as the same European White subrace as Europeans.

Turks don’t seem to give a damn if people think they are White or not though, probably due to long-standing hostility between the Muslim Ottomans and Christian Europe. In other words, to be a White Turk is to be the same person as a Christian European, and not only do Turks like to think of themselves as different, but Christian Europe was an enemy for centuries.

Some White nationalists say that 30-50% of Turks are “White Turks” (like Ardent’s father) and the other 50-70% are the more Asiatic Turks. I figure your average Turk could care less about a distinction like that, but certainly the fact that almost all White nationalists say that Turks are “non-Whites” is totally insane. Look at Ardent’s father and say with a straight face that he’s “non-White”. Come on. Anyway, genetically, Turks are a most interesting group of people.

There is extensive commentary from Ardent and a light-skinned US Black woman who has spent a lot of time in Turkey about Blacks and Turkey. The Black woman says that Turkey is one of the most Black-friendly countries she has ever lived in. Turks don’t seem to have much racism towards Blacks, for whatever reason. She also met an Iranian man who told her that Iran was a quite Black-friendly country too.

Apparently many Turks had Black servants in recent times and in Ottoman times there were many Black slaves in addition to the famous White Circassian Beauties. The female Black slaves were often encouraged to abort when they were made pregnant by a Turk, and the male slaves were often castrated.

She also said some Iraqis were very friendly to her, so prejudice against Blacks is surely not universal in Iraq, and there are Iraqis with obvious Black ancestry in the Shia South. White nationalists like to say that most ethic groups despise Blacks as if it is some sort of a universalism. That’s apparently not true in the case of Arabs, Iranians and Turks anyway.

Here is the data that I used to arrive at these conclusions. You’re free to go through it if you wish and see if you come up with something similar:

mtDNA data:

Wikipedia mtDNAPortugal (Madeira Islands) – 13%, Sicily (Sciacca), 11.9%, Southern Italy, 8.1%, Southern Spain, 6.5%, Central Portugal, 6%, Sicily, 5.1%, Southern Portugal, 4.6%, Sardinia, 4.4%, Sicily (Castelammare), 4%, Italy (Apulia), 3.4%, France, 2.9%, Northern Portugal, 2.6%, Rome, 2.2%, Spain, 2.2%, Central Italy, 2%, Tuscany, 2%, Sicily (Ragusa), 2%, Albania, 1.4%, Germans, 1.3%, Slavs (Czechs, Poles, Slovaks, Russians) .4%, Austria, .3%, Britain, .3%.

Most North Africans are 13% Black.

A study by Gonzalez et al. 2003
found L haplogroups at rates of 0.1% in Scotland, 0.4% in England, 0.7% in North Germany, 1.4% in France, 2.9% in Galicia, 2.2% in Northern Portugal, 4.3% in Central Portugal, and 8.6% in Southern Portugal (Alentejo and Algarve)

Note that these figures do not count the L3 lineage, which may be of ancient introduction and so remains ambiguous.

For comparison, sub-Saharan mtDNA runs 21.8% in North Africa.

According to another study by Pereira et al. 2005 sub-Saharan mtDNA L haplogroups were found at rates of 0.62% in a German-Danish sample, 0.94% in Sicilians, 1% in the British/Irish, 2.38% in Albanians, 2.86% in Sardinians. This paper which provides a deeper and more global insight into the African female influence in Iberia shows that the mean frequency reaches 3.83% in Iberians.

The frequency is clearly higher in Portugal (32 sequences in 549 individuals; 5.83% with a high frequency of 11% in southern Portugal) than in Spain (8 out of 496; 1.61% with a higher frequency of 3.26% in Galicia) and without parallel in the rest of Europe.

Y-DNA data: Y-DNA Sub-Saharan African Y-chromosomes are much less common in Europe, for the reasons discussed above. However, Haplogroups E(xE3b) and Haplogroup A spread to Europe due to migrations from Northeast Africa, rather than the slave trade. In some of the data below, E-M35 is included.

The haplotypes have been detected in Northern Portugal, 6%, Sicilians, 5.5%, Albanians in Calabria, 4.4%,Turkish Cypriot, 4.3%, Sardinia, 3.4%, Portugal, 3%, Istanbul Turks, 2.9%, Italy (Calabria), 2.6%, France, 2.5% (in a very small sample), Germany, 2%, Spain (Cantabrian Pasiegos), 1.8%, Southern Spain, 1.6%, Turks, 1%, Corsica, .7%, Austria, .78%, Italy, .45%, Spain, .42% and Greece, .27%.

By contrast, North Africans have about 5% paternal black admixture.

James Schipper comments in the comments section:

If only 1 out of 33 black women per generation was impregnated by a white male, then only about 1 out 33 x 7 = 231 white males per generation impregnated a black woman. So much for the argument that lots of white men were having sex with black females.

You know that it is the dose that makes the poison. To paraphrase that, it is the admixture that determines the classification. Let’s take 5 mixtures of beer and wine. A is 96% wine and 4% beer, B is 70% wine and 30% beer, C is 50/50, D is 30% wine and 70% beer and E is 4% wine and 96% beer. There should be no harm in calling A wine and E beer.

Likewise, calling the Portuguese Whites despite their black admixture of about 4% makes perfect sense. The one drop of blood rule is good only for homeopaths.

Let’s use an analogy. We don’t call German a Latin language even though maybe 5% of German vocabulary is of Latin origin. Some of these words may look German. For instance, schreiben = write comes from the Latin scribere. Conversely, Spanish is called a Latin language although certainly less than 100% of its vocabulary is of Latin origin.

He is surely correct. One of the main reasons that any kind of White nationalist movement is doomed to fail in the US is due to the WN’s insane failure to include Iberians, Italians, Serbs, etc.

The number of WN’s who insist that Spaniards, Portuguese, Italians, Greeks and Serbs are not White is very large, and it usually seems like a large majority on most forums. WN deserves to fail anyway because it’s nothing but racist bullshit, but this will just insure its grave for sure.

Now, the sort of race realism that Fred on Everything is pushing is usually completely sane and is likely to go over well. Further, it’s possible that his POV is largely devoid of anything that can meaningfully be called racism. He used to ride along with big city cops a lot, so he knows the inner city very well. He’s got some very interesting arguments about what do about the public schools.

He lives in Mexico and apparently loves Mexicans just fine. He thinks it’s really stupid to let them swarm in here by the millions. Fred notes that in Mexico, the illegals are considered the least desirable elements of that society. I am not sure what Fred means by that, but you can use your imagination.

The whole idea of immigration is to pick the cream of the crop. There’s a possibility that we are doing the opposite with regard to Mesoamerican mass illegal immigration.

WN’s have turned their back on Fred, apparently because he married a Mexican woman! That makes him a race traitor in their lunatic eyes. So you can see right now that with built-in faults like that, this is a doomed movement.

This research takes a lot of time, and I do not get paid anything for it. If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a a contribution to support more of this valuable research.


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  2. Although International Mother Language Day is now over, you may be interested in the contribution, made by the World Esperanto Association, to UNESCO’s campaign for the protection of endangered languages.

    The following declaration was made in favour of Esperanto, by UNESCO at its Paris HQ in December 2008. http://portal.unesco.org/culture/en/ev.php-URL_ID=38420&URL_DO=DO_PRINTPAGE&URL_SECTION=201.html

    The commitment to the campaign to save endangered languages was made, by the World Esperanto Association at the United Nations’ Geneva HQ in September.
    http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=eR7vD9kChBA&feature=related or http://www.lernu.net

    I hope that you do not mind me passing on this information

    Brian Barker

  3. Thank you very much for your very civil and reasonable contribution, Silver. If you want to avoid deletions, just continue in this tone.

    Personally, I think that if WN does not get at very minimum the Southern Europeans on board, it is utterly doomed. I’m not one to praise Stormfront, but that is one thing they have done very well.

    I am absolutely certain that Dienekes, Racial Reality and another very good anthro blogger I will not name are out to get the Afrocentrists. They hide it very well, but yes, their game, pure and simple, is to prove that they are no more “nigger” than anyone else in Europe. It’s hard to read through all the denunciations of WN’s but it’s there through and through. Racial Reality also seriously hates Padanianists for their hatred of Southern Europeans, and he has my sympathy on that score.

    Their agenda is really all about extreme rage that they might have more than a trivial amount of Black in them. The whole idea that they have some Black in them really pisses them off, and they have resorted to all of these garbage arguments to prove it.

    Get this! It’s well-known that Southern Meds have considerable Ethiopian DNA (3-10% – often ~5%). Ok, look, to me that is Black DNA, pure and simple, right? No matter that Ethiopians are extremely different from the rest of Blacks, but they are still in Macro-African, no? Ok, this Med crowd insists that, yes, we do have Ethiopian DNA in us, but it is the White part of the Ethiopians, and not the Black part. LOL! Come on, man, that’s too stupid to contemplate.

    I actually admire Fred a lot, mostly because I don’t think he hates any non-Whites (he just loves his own) but he’s dead wrong on this.

    It’s possible that the majority of Turks are Kemalist secularists like Ardent, you know. I’ve run into many of them. Any civilized Muslim is a good thing! Muslims have serious issues with acting civilized, and I support all efforts in this direction.

    You may be interested to note that Ardent and her commenters are very Jewish-critical and they hate Israel to the max, so maybe you like them more than you think. But like most Turks, they have no interest in race whatsoever.

    All you WN’s always say all these folks hate each other, and especially they hate us. I just don’t see it. We have Muslims here, and they don’t seem to hate non-Muslims one bit. If they do, they hide it! The ones around here are Yemenis, Palestinians and Pakistani Punjabis, and they don’t seem to have a hint of racism in them, nor do they seem to dislike non-Muslims. Is it that I don’t see it?

    I’m sorry, but I could not read that White-History link. I can’t put into words the extreme hatred I feel for all Nordicists. I really love Meds and it’s obvious to me that they are part of my White family. Am I weird?

    You know, I see these Yemenis and a lot of them look like part of my White family too. They look like Greeks. Palestinians, Jews, Lebanese, Kurds, Chechens, White Turks and Armenians are so obviously White like me it’s not even funny. We even have a lot of Punjabis around here, and when I deal with them, I can’t help but think they are part of my White family. Maybe not first-degree, but for sure distant cousins.

    I’m an Asiaphile and I think they are superior to us Whites, but nevertheless, they are not part of the family. It’s the difference between friends and family. Blood’s thicker than water, you know.

    • I have found the link for this blog on a forum and after reading a more informed opinion it made me wonder what was the purpose behind it. I have read lots of bias and racism on some comments here. Why feeding this type of behavior is beyond my knowledge.
      Anyway, I hope that you are aware that your publication is from 2009, since then lots of things were discovered.

      First thing is that human races are considered biologically real (unlike some people say here on the comments): http://people.oregonstate.edu/~kaplanj/2003-PhilSc-race.pdf

      Second, there weren´t only Negroid types in Africa, but right the opposite, humans were very diversed back then:

      «Before they left Africa, early modern humans were diverse»


      Third: African admixture doesn´t mean Negroid admixture at all. Negroids are relatively recent on the fossil record and many (if not most) of the supposed african admixture in some European regions (like Southwest Europe) is not that recent. Most of it seems to be from around the Upper Paleolithic period.
      European specific subclades were even found (Cerezo et al).

      Fourth: I have found this post about ancient non caucasoid admixture in Europeans (at least, it tries to separate caucasoid from non caucasoid and doesn´t imply that everything in Africa is Negroid…) : http://s1.zetaboards.com/anthroscape/topic/5354640/1/

      It´s still an open subject and let´s see what will be found on the next years. Seemingly Mongoloid types surely had a contribution in some regions of Europe, mostly in Central, East and North Europe. I just don´t know about entry dates.

      Fifth: Even if those percentages were truly representing Negroid admixture, it wouldn´t mean that everyone in those regions have a drop of «Black» blood but rather that (let´s suppose) 3% of all the people that were sampled, had that influence.

      Sixth: Turkish population, for example, doesn´t seem to be that pure anyway, having in mind the important Turkic/Mongoloid influence on locals and the way that previous populations were destroyed, pushed and confined…
      Recent genetic studies don´t even put Turks close to the first farmers, which appeared close to Turkey (actually some communities were in Turkey). Some Kurd populations however, may be somewhat related with ancient Turkey populations. But so are some Berbers related with ancient North African populations as well (the so-called Negroid input in many of them, was found to be very ancient as well (therefore very likely not Negroid at all), with the presence detected of European specific subclades). And they have been treated as some sort of mutts by many people, when that´s not true. I actually see many of them as more Caucasoid than many Turks.

      Seventh: Autosomal DNA data on Europeans tells us this:

      «Spain and Portugal showing very few common ancestors with other populations over the last 2,500 years.»

      From all the populations used on the study only Italians got similar results:


      These results don´t support any significant admixture process. It´s even somewhat stupid to imagine that happening.

      Eighth: You wrote that you think that Asians are superior (which Asians by the way?). That´s not good to read on place like this and there´s nothing scientific on that. Probably you didn´t pretended to be scientific on that anyway, but if you still think like that, it would be curious to understand in what you think that Asians are superior.
      I don´t find any race superior, but rather that each race is a result of reproduction, mutation, adaptation, etc… All have advantages and disadvantages.

      Ninth: I also don´t like many of Dienekes theories and publications, but I would like to stay out from personal issues when posting subjects like this one.

  4. Sleep

    Lots of Greek Americans still don’t like to consider themselves white because they think it is an insult to their heritage. Genetics aside, Greeks and possibly some other southern European peoples are not fully culturally white.

  5. Obvious

    Think in broader terms – splinter groups can be cooperative and amiable amongst each other within an overall movement.

    I think Mediterraneans-Southern Euros (who are predominately White but with a decent smattering of non-White blood) should start their own splinter White nationalist movement to preserve their ethno-racial background and cultural heritage just like the Norern Euro Nordicists – thus they would work to preserve the White which they already have and prevent it from further dilution.

    You could have a separate but equal movement of racialists and ethnic nationalists – Nordicists who stand beside the Southern Euro/Med without either one being superior but with each simply trying to preserve their ethnicity and culture – ALL White groups standing under the banner of White nationalism, with separate but equal movements within the overall White nationalist movement.

    White nationalism (European racialism) doesn’t have to be dominated or led by either Northern Euros (Nordic side) or the Southern Euros (Meds like Iberians, Italians, etc) – like I said, they can exist under two (or more) separate movements who work to preserve each group’s unique ethnic and cultural makeup – all the while standing together to protect and preserve the overall White gene pool as a whole and actively prevent the slow creep of non-White blood in to the White gene pool which has been occurring for too long now.

  6. Ken Hoop

    Re Ardent’s father objection to Slav-what about Muslim Slavs like Bosnians?

    I might have missed it-got anything on Macedonian (Christian) Slavs? The nationalists hate Greece and Greek claims about ancient
    Macedonians being Greeks. Greeks are wont to claim Tito invented Macedonian national identity for his own selfish reasons. Ultra-nationalist Macedonians sometimes even claim they are directly related to ancient Macedonians and aren’t chiefly Slavic. Some Bulgarians lay claim to much of Macedonia and say many Macedonians there have been indoctrinated to deny their own Bulgarianism. Some Macedonians say many Bulgarians are really Macedonian Slavs, victims of Bulgarization. Any modern findings on these subjects?

  7. Ken Hoop

    BTW Sailer has more on the mortgage debacle today on Vdare. You might wish to delete this but ultimately comment.
    I mailed him asking why are his facts not an argument for regulation, but of a different kind–protective of the founding ethnic core?

  8. I guess the “founding ethnic core” means Nordics, right?

  9. Hi Ken, I’m familiar with the strange situation in Macedonia that you describe.

    “Yugoslavs” as a subrace, are extremely divergent, diverse enough to be a separate race in their own right away from the rest of Europeans. I’m going to split them away when I get around to it.

    Greeks as a subrace are also quite diverse, but I don’t think they are as much of an outlier as Yugoslavs. Greeks are the one subrace of Europeans that links Europeans to Arabs. Arabs are not close to Europeans and vice versa, but both are close to Greeks.

    Do you follow?

    I don’t have the faintest idea of what racial stock the Macedonians are. Most Europeans are very closely related, and they are obviously one very tight-knit race. When you get into these little subraces of Europeans, it gets really to get good data on them or to sort one from the other.

    Those Yugoslavs, going by racial phenotype theory, are indeed Slavs ethnically and linguistically. However, racially, they have a lot of Med in them, hence they are different from the Slavs over in Poland and Russia.

    BTW, the Russian Slavs are a completely separate race from Europeans altogether. They are that different. However, the European Slavs appear to be together with Europeans.

  10. Ken Hoop

    I didn’t even get into the Vlachs. Recently met a guy half-Macedonian Slav and half-Vlach, anti-Greek (of course), who was however prouder of his Vlach heritage than of his Slavic. Seemed even to be attempting to convince me Vlachs, not the traditionally regarded Alabanians (Illyrians)
    were the original Europeans. In fact left to settle family disputes in Skopje a fee months ago-just before the border crossing with Greece was closed. Got to ask him to expand on his outlook if I meet him again.

  11. Ken Hoop

    Samuel Francis imo originated “founding ethnic core.” He has a wiki

  12. Ken Hoop

    I am aware some Macedonian Slavs insist the modern Greek is a recent
    (by history’s standards) Muslim import. Also that many non-Bulgarians consider the modern Bulgarian a late arrivign and converting Tartar, or
    other Moslem stock. I gather Bulgarians consider this supreme insult and insist they are hard core Slavs.

  13. Hi Ken, I do a bit about Bulgaria. Bulgarians really really hate Gypsies and they maximally hate Turks and Muslims in general. They are part of the Orthodox anti-Muslim trend in that region (Serbs, Macedonians, Russians, Greeks). Yes, the Macedonians really hate the Greeks, but I doubt if they have designs on any Greek territory. That’s what the Greeks are so paranoid about. I hardly know anything about these Vlach people.

  14. Though you might be right about Khatami, Khamanie and Amdadinajad being Azeri (Amadinajad probably is part Persian, Kurd or Dravidian by the looks), I think you’re wrong about Khomenie. I believe Khomenie is of British and Kashmiri descent. Though a repected international spritual Shia leader like the Pope, he was not from any Iranian ethnic group as far as I know.
    I also don’t agree with Turks being the same as Europeans wheather in appearance or race.
    I’ll detail you on this in an email, but fairly interesting post I like it.

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  17. Pahdri

    When you say that Jewish people aren’t Black – what does that mean? I have met many Black Jewish people in several continents – in including in Ethiopia and in New York City – well they look very dark Black to me. Are they actually 0% White as you say? How can that be?

    I also went to the oldest Christian church in the world In Egypt and saw the oldest paintings of Jesus and his disciples. They look like African people too – very dark.

    Did you know that the oldest and most pure Jewish DNA lineage found (from the Cohen priest tribe) is from a black (blue black) African tribe in Africa? They are still practicing the oldest form of Jewish religion to this day. Their DNA was more “pure” Jewish than any other DNA tested of general Jewish people around the world. A lot of Ethiopians are also Jewish with almost identical DNA to the Jewish folks in Israel. How can that be if Jewish people are 0% Black?

    This is what the DNA proved:

    “In the African Lembe Tribe,….. there was the extraordinary finding of the Cohen modal haplotype. This is the element in the Y chromosome that appears to be a signature element, if you like, for the Cohanim or Jewish priesthood. The fact that we found this marker in such high concentrations in one of the Lemba subclans, the Buba—much higher, incidentally, than the general Jewish population—seemed finally to provide a real, useable link between the Lemba and Jews. ”

    from: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/israel/parfitt2.html

    I think you left these fellow Jews out of your statistics.


    • Tests on indigenous Ashkenazi Jews in Europe, not converts, show no Black admixture. Tests on indigenous Mizrahi Jews also show no Black admixture, the exception being Yemeni Jews. Ethiopian Jews, Lemba Jews, etc., were not tested.

      Jesus Christ and his disciples probably looked like Palestinians or like the Mizrahi Jews indigenous to the region (Palestinian, Syrian and Lebanese Jews), before they moved to Europe, Whitened up, and turned into Ashkenazim.

      In fact, the DNA of the Ethiopian Jews does not resemble that of other Jews much at all. Their DNA looks like that of other Ethiopians.

  18. Pahdri

    Oh, that explains it – thank you.

  19. Don’t Indians from India have black in them? Some Indians I have seen are darker than me ..

    Here are some pics:

    Black looking Indian lady: http://bollywoodbuzz.in/wp-content/uploads/2008/04/bips.jpg

    Black looking Indian guy: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3143/2819008792_ff50e7fd27.jpg

    Black looking Indian guy: http://s324.photobucket.com/albums/k329/prijunatalie/?action=view&current=4619_563762508504_25310747_33794408.jpg

    • Not at all, George. No Black whatsoever. They are all Caucasians genetically. Phenotypically, some are Caucasians, but some others down South are Australoids. Germans have more Black in them than Indians do. Indian Black % = 0%.

      First pic is just an Indian Caucasian related to Europeans, but with some dark skin due to melanin adaptation.

      Second pic is rather Dravidian like. However, these folks are still Caucasians!

      I don’t know what to make of the 3rd pic. Just a typical indigenous Indian Caucasoid. Some of these folks may have a part Australoid phenotype, but it’s hard to say.

      • Hey robert could you please do a post on australoid admixture in south asians? Its kind of confusing me. I dont understand how some dna tests mistake their australoid for east asian.
        Thank You,
        Akhil Tummala

  20. No way, I thought Indians were Black people with white features. They have small lips, very large eyes, straight/curly hair, skinny noses just like you white people. Some have very long noses.

    How come some Indians have very dark skin? Is it because India is located near to the equator or something?

    I would love to know more about Indians/Bengalis/Pakistanis. They are practically the same.

    How did you find out they were caucasians? Moreover, Where do Indians really come from? Indian people look very different.. They range from very pale to dark skin. Their culture and history are very intriguing.

    Oh and one more question. How come the U.S doesn’t classify Indians/Bengalis/Pakistanis as caucasians? They are classified as asians.. right?

  21. No way, I thought Indians were Black people with white features. They have small lips, very large eyes, straight/curly hair, skinny noses just like you white people. Some have very long noses.

    No, there two types, a more ancient type that is like some kind of very early proto-Caucasian, and a more recent type with more recent European-type genes from 4-5,000 years ago. They’ve been evolving over there more or less in situ for 17,000 years or so. Before that, the proto-Indians came from the Middle East. They don’t look so much like Europeans probably because they are such an ancient type of Caucasian. They’re like the ancestors of the Whites.

    How come some Indians have very dark skin? Is it because India is located near to the equator or something?

    Yes, closer to the equator, humans need melanin protection for their skin from UV radiation.

    Oh and one more question. How come the U.S doesn’t classify Indians/Bengalis/Pakistanis as Caucasians?

    The classification is not very scientific. It’s more regionally based than anything. They are NOT Asians, except for some in the far Northeast and the far Northwest. However, they are Caucasians that are right on the border with Asians.

    How did you find out they were Caucasians?

    See here and here on this blog for in depth answer to the question.

    Briefly, they group with Caucasians on genetic charts. However, they are one of the most diverse and different groups of Caucasians of all. They are headed way over towards Asians on the charts.

    Furthermore, most of them also group with Caucasians phenotypically (skulls). But some are phenotypically Australoid.

    Not all Caucasians are White!

  22. sasha

    interesting stuff! I like that part about the black genes in germans ;P lol, I wonder what a noridicst would do if they found out they had black genes…
    I was recently thinking of taking a DNA test to see what all I had in me since I come form a mixed white/central american family. would older african geens still come up on the test? I’m not so sure if I have some african in me, but since my mother’s father is half spanish/italian, I could… but it would likly be berber. should I test my brother since has the Y gene? which test do you recommend? I found this site:
    they look good.

    • You’re probably 1% Black at most.

      Southern Italians are around 5% Black and Spaniards are around 3% Black. So your Mom’s Dad was 1/2 of 4% Black, or 2% Black. Then your Mom at most was 1% Black. You at most are maybe .5% Black.

      Nordicists are idiots. They don’t make any sense at all.

      I don’t know about those products. Some people say they don’t work that great, but who knows?


  23. sasha

    I belive only half of them are really nordic at all, the rest might be just northern european or have a nordic ancestor.

  24. tulio

    How much does Ashkenazi DNA differ from the DNA of gentile Europeans?

    Just how distinct are European Jews as a race? Because I think of Jews as simply being whites. But many WNs swear up and down that Jews who sure look very white to me are “not really white”. What am I missing here? How is Ben Bernanke not as white as David Duke?

    • tulio

      Oops, meant to say “How much does…” in that first sentence.

    • Well, the Jews are different all right, but they’re definitely White people. If you want to say that Jews are not White, you are going to have to say that Finns, Russians, Sardinians, Basques Yugoslavs and Lapps are not White. Anyone willing to do that.

      On some charts, they are indeed divergent, but they are quite closely related to Turks, Armenians and Kurds. If you think that that those folks are White, then Jews are White too. Most WN’s would say that those three are not White, but then for sure you have to say that Sardinians are not White.

      The whole debate is stupid and it just goes to show what a bunch of fucking assholes White nationalists really are. The truth is that they hate Jews and that’s the ONLY reason why they say that Jews are not White. The ONLY one.

      My position, which follows Jared Taylor’s, is that Jews are White. If you look White and you act White, you’re White, real simple. This simple criterion is lost on WN’s due to ideology trumping any science or logic in their platform.

      In another post here I say that the Jews are a White tribe. However, they are a very strange White tribe that denies it is White and is hostile to all of the other White tribes! So they are sort of like this treasonous White tribe that hates all the others and works with the enemies of the White tribes in general to screw over their White tribal enemies. I would also argue that the Jewish White tribe not only can’t get along with any other White tribe, but they can’t even get along with themselves.

      I read an article a while back about the last two Jews in Afghanistan, both in Kabul. They had survived the whole Taliban period. Oh those evil Taliban anti-Semites! How amazing they allowed those two Jews to survive! Well, these two Jews, the last two Jews in Kabul, they both totally despised each other. LOL.

      I have the material to do a post on Jewish genetics and update by Races of Man post, I just need to put it together. It’s backlogged in notes along with tons of other stuff.

    • tulio

      “If you look White and you act White, you’re White, real simple.”

      Hmm, well I guess to the WNs, the Jews wouldn’t pass the second criteria as they feel that Jews are the puppet masters behind everything that’s wrong in the West.

    • Jews act White. Acting White means “acting like a person of European stock and culture. Jews do that, broadly speaking. Let’s face it, Jews are culturally European, that’s all there is to it. Racially, they are Near Easterners who have been in Europe for 1,500 years, but they look very European. Jews are as much a racially European type as Iranians.

    • Jews act White. Acting White means “acting like a person of European stock and culture.” Jews do that, broadly speaking. Let’s face it, Jews are culturally European, that’s all there is to it. Racially, they are Near Easterners who have been in Europe for 1,500 years, but they look very European. Jews are as much a racially European type as Iranians.

      • robert

        Jews are come from Pure Caucasian people not because they came from Europe; it because they came from Southeast Asia and Oceania from the Kombai tribe in Paupau New Guinea, where they got K-M9, 16192 Haplogroup HTLV-I, APOBEC3 gene all from Oceania and Australian Aboriginal people who have the like Amerindians have the CDe or Southeast haplotype. These are the Proto-Caucasians, and you need to separated word White from Caucasian, because there are plenty of White who are not real Caucasians. Caucasian have the f;b0b1b3b4b5stcde Rh Factor, these are from the Middle East not Europe among Dravidians, Pakistani, Ethiopians, Basque, Sumerians, Jews and Gypsies all who originally have Rh Factors from the Middle East not Europe. The Basque do not have the Highest Rh negative frequency that is a Lie! It is the Ethiopians who are 95% Rh negative and the Basque like all Rh negative people came from Ethiopia, and they Basque only 50% Rh negative. I think they are 43% O-, 25% B- and 27% A- and they don’t have AB- which happen in Yemen later.

    • Nah, Jews act White. Let’s see:

      Do Jews act Black? Nope.
      Do Jews act like Indians? No
      Do Jews act Hispanic? Not the ones in the US.
      Do Jews act like Asians? Sure don’t.
      Do Jews act like Oceanians, Aborigines or Papuans? Nope.

      How about non-White Caucasians?

      Do Jews act like East Indians? Nope.
      Do Jews act like North Africans (Berbers)? Ashkenazi don’t, not in the US?
      Do Jews act like Arabs? Not as much as they say they do.

      So what do Jews act like (and even look like)? They act like Europeans. They have a European culture from 1,500 years in Europe. I don’t see how anyone could deny this. Jews are White people.

      • robert lee jackson jr

        Jews pratice Circumcism which from the Kumbai and Australia Aboriginals. The K Haplogroup originate from Austro-Melanesia, mtDNA 16420, 16311, 16192 all originate from Austro-Melanesian people, APOBEC3 originate from Marsupials 180 millions ago and it found mostly in Austro-Melanesian people and their descendants like Jews, Kurd, Saami, Niger Congo ect…HTLV-Ic originate from Austro-Melanesian people more 60,000 years ago. The Jewish Sumeria Goddess Belita who the Sun God and Cannibal is the same The Australia Sun Goddess Bila who is also Sun Goddess and Cannibal or Vampire. Berber tribe have alot of Jewish blood because my descendant who are from Africa the Mandenka have both African and Libyan Tuareg blood who were originally Berber Jews before Islam. My mtDNA 16322, which is Africans, 16192 which is Jewish Libyan Berbers but originate from the Australian Aborigines with 16192 and K haplogroup K2-16192 came from Sumerian Jews like Belita family who Jews who worship the Sun Goddess Belita we are called Belites (Aryan or Neolithic famers)(Socialist)are opposite to Elites or Jews that worship El or Elihom the Moon God. (Herdsmen)(Capitalist) Neolithic farming originated in Papau New Guinea 12,000 years ago, it to the Middle East about 8000 years in Indus Valley then the rest of the Middle East. You have a mis-understanding between White and Caucausian. White people originated from Africans not blacks but Africans. Jews originated from Caucasian. Cavalli Sforza show me a long time ago that Caucasian not white originate from Southeast Asians, Southeast Asian carry the fa;b0b1b3b4b5bstCDe or Southeast Asian haplotype and the Caucasian Haplotype is f;b0b1b3b4b5bstcde or r’r or pure Rh negative and Pure Rh negative people carry the pure Caucasian haplotype like me my family and this haplotype doesn’t originate in Europe but the Middle East in Jews and Parsis in India, Pakistan, and Iran who 98% genetically similar to Iraqi Jews. Because Iraqi Jews like ancestor Daniel is the forefather Parsis Preisthood. Celtic, Viking including German, Slavic, Berber, Niger-Congo, Central and South American Indian and Meztiso, Shia, Kurds, Afghan and all Pakistani Tribes, and Tamil people in Southern India, Chinese, Japanese other Southeast People including Filippinos and Oceania and Australians Aboriginals are all Aryans or carry Aryans genes, and that Blonde Hair blues or hazeal eyes came from Austro-Melanesian like Solomon Islands and Aboriginal kids who is naturally blonde when they are kids. The so called Caucasian nose and feature came Papau New Guinea tribes like Dani, Asmat, Kumbai and real ancestors of Saami or Viking people, Jews and Niger Congo tribe like the Efe pygmies infact Pygmies the Efe don’t originate from Africa the originate from Southeast Asia and they brought HTLV-I from Southeast Asia 25,000 years ago.

      • robert lee jackson jr

        Caucasians are oppress minority like Kurds, Iranian , Iraqi Shia, Pakistani tribes, Tamil in India and the Caucasus Caucasian people, in Europe, it is the Viking, Celtic, Slavic people, in Africa it is the Berber, Niger-Congo, in Asia it is Pacific Rim Countries, like China, Japan, Korea, Philippines, and Southeast Asian people the Veitnamese, Laos and Cambodians, in Oceania it the Melanesians, Micronesian and Polynesians, in America is the Amerindians and there Mextizos descendants. they are all Aryans or Caucasian or Proto-Caucasian people or Pure Asian people who ancestor originally originated from Australian Marsupials in Australian which included the Rhesus Monkey, or Old World Ape not New World Ape from Africa. They are Nenoteneous or have Neoteny or Child-like Charatheristics or age less slow and are more resistant to cancers and HIV then those who descend from African Apes. There is a difference from White, Blacks, and Asian who descend from African Apes in Africa, and those who are White, Black and Asian who descend from Southeast Asian Rhesus Monkeys who originally came form Marsupials from Australia.

  25. tulio

    Another question Robert, since you seem to have done quite a bit of homework regarding racial mixtures across the world and history, including the Ethiopians.

    Do you believe that the Ancient Nubians were of the same mixture as the current day Ethiopians? From depictions I’ve seen of them in Egyptian artwork, they certainly look negroid to me: http://mathildasanthropologyblog.files.wordpress.com/2008/11/nubian-tribute.jpg

    What is your take on the racial makeup of ancient Nubia/Kush?

    • Oh those are…same people as now I think. They’ve only turned Black very recently. Prior, they were these earlier forms. I’m not sure what, I think maybe a Khoisan or Pygmoid type. The Negroids only came to that region in the last 3000-4000 yrs.

    • Anyway, Nubians now, I think, are only about 50% Black anyway. 50% Black, 50% White, something like that. Not exactly pure Black people.

      • robert lee jackson jr

        It very had to get complete data or Ethiopians because they are 95% Rh negative supposely which the highest in the World, which the Caucasian was born in Ethiopia, the where already White African in Europe and they were not Rh negative. Berber are 30% who came from Eursia , Bediouns who are Jews and Kurdish people originate from Indus Valley Dravidians. and Pakistan Dravidian tribe who are about 20% Rh negative. Ethiopian I have 25% B- blood type and I am not quite sure how much O- blood it might be 27% and I not sure of A- Blood but I don’t have any AB- Blood at all. That was created in the Middle East later.

  26. Robert Lee Jackson Jr.

    Khoisan are the oldest African people and The Efe or Mubti Pygmies came from Southeast Asia carrying the HTLV-I with them 25,000 years and they are Niger Congo people who are not native to Africa. The Efe Share the same kind of genetic diverity as their Melanesian and Australian Aboriginal ancestors with blonde, red, hair and so-Called Caucasian features prior to mixing Negro in Africa. Genes like CCL3L1, HTLV-I, GHRH-R are all Southeast Asian Origins found in descended of Southeast Asian people the the Amerindans in Central and South America, Indus Valley tribes mainly from Pakistan and also Jews and Palestinian people or Levant people migrated from the Indus Valley maybe 4000 years ago. Most the really Aryan race, which pure Caucasian came from the Indus Valley not India or Europe and they originally came the Na-Dene Native America tribe between 7,000 to 14,000 ago from from the Berning Straits. The Na-Dene ancestors came the Pacific Rim and the Pacific Rim Asian came from Melanesian and Australia maybe about 14,000 to 20,000 year ago.

  27. Kate

    Haplogroups and the like mean zilch [1% of your ancestry], autosomal dna at a long range of informative markers [1/2 million] is all that matters.

    According to my 1/2 million snps i’m 34% african on decodeme and 15% on 23andme and I look like a turk to put it plainly.

    I’ve been called greek,italian,turkish,leb et al all my life. I dont mind if southern euros et al deny foreign input, caucasians are just depigmented east africans crossed with siberian kets to me anyway. No offence to europeans intended I think the combination was very successful.

    An east african at 1/2 million autosomal markers is 90% euro on 23andme.The company does not have an east african sample population to refer too btw.Make of it what you will.

    Is the east african an overpigmented european or is the european a depigmented east african?who knows

    • I think you are correct. Caucasians are proto-East Africans married to Kets (or proto-Kets) or possibly proto-Ainu (I’m not sure), at a rate of 1/3 proto-East African and 2/3 proto-“Chinese” (probably some Ainuid type).

      The problem is that this marriage occurred in the Caucasus 45,000 YBP and we don’t really know what East Africans and Chinese or Kets types looked like back then. Anyway, 1/3 E. African and 2/3 Kets is about as close as we can get to describing them.

      Keep in mind that some very early Europeans don’t even look like White people. There was the “Old Man” with half his face eaten away by fungus. His skull on reconstruction is closest to NW American Amerindians. He was found in Europe 30-40,000 YBP.

      By about 12,000 YBP, for sure they look Caucasoid, but they look more like Arabs than anything else! The depigmentation starts only about 10,000 YBP or so with the receding of the glaciers and movement into very cold places.

      If you’re 1/3 Black and look like a Turk or an Italian that’s great. That phenotype is very attractive to a lot of people. I think the Caucasian phenotype expressed more in you than the Negroid, otherwise you would look Blacker and less Caucasoid.

      I can’t think of any 1/3 Black ethnic groups to make a comparison! But Yemenis are about 21% Black or so. Most don’t exactly look like Black folks.

    • FG

      I’ve heard Ancestry by DNA is the most accurate of the autosomal tests.

  28. El conquistador

    Hey you retarded folks here an español speaken. we don’t give a fuck about we are white or not. We are españoles son of the roman empire the vigilantes of latin lenguage with our italians and portuguese brothers. We as our roman brothers had an empire, Spain a few centuries ago has the half of the world under her crown. Romans and greek were the original builders of culture having the gratest artists, cientifics and army man fo history ad you are talking about nordic barbaric?!?!?! hahahaha when Roma was the creadle of everything good in Europe in the north in places like Norway or Sweden, people were incivilizated, dresesd with filthy furrs and hunting with stones. There’s no Picassos, or Dalis, or Dante or Miguel Angels or Leonardos, or Homers or Aristoteles in the nordic culture theres only…IKea?hahahahaahaha fuck you all. Viva España!!!!

  29. MBA

    I have studied the African and so-called white. African with Euro-Asian Ychromosome, even though you maybe surprised, because they all looked African.
    They could be classified as mixed race, but they weren’t, because result came out of perception they didn’t look any different from other Africans.
    With the introduction of Y chromosome into the African population, after many generations, they all would look like Africans which is the dominant. If an African woman with Euro-Asian mtDNA has children with a African man with a Euro-Asian Y chromosome, they are white by classification, but only to someone who thinks halpogroups define race. To some so-called whites they are still African.
    To put it another way… The so-called white can deny his or her *African DNA
    some 15,000 to 20,000 thousand years ago, even thou it’s evident today.
    The basic tribal concept, we are all still Africans, weather we are lack of color or have color. We are still hard-wired to tribes and use facial identity to foster that belief. Becoming so-called white has nothing to do with biology, but instead a
    political category of people we like and people we dislike for various reasons.
    Either a race is to be defined based on genetic information or race is a social construct that doesn’t exist. The motivating factor, promoting the idea that race is nothing more than a political classification. The word “Mixed-race” is moot.
    It’s a word that do not have any real meaning. What do you compare it to.
    “White is not a race”, and race is not pure…never was and never will be.
    The racist puerile are using fuzzy logic trying to put a square peg into a round hole.
    The word “Cauc-Asian” is a name of location or a place of origin, not skin color.
    The word “Aryan” people of the Indo-Iranian languages (Indo-Euro-Asian).
    It was idealized by un-scientic racist beliefs. DNA can prove a different concept,
    that we all are the same with small variations. There are people who prefer to be
    more of tradition than genetics to be classified as so-called white. Catering to a
    desire to be like a tribe or extended family, by using an age old facial and language identification. (also skulls classification).

    E-M2 / Loa /(Afro-Amer-Euro-Asian-Ashkenazi)

    • Bradley E. Goff

      Thats th most intelligent thing I’ve heard in a LONG time. Thank you. Thats what I needed. Now I can turn this thing off and go to sleep. And know there’s at least one other person out there that understands. Sweet dreams MBA. I think I love you. lol

  30. uhm

    you talk bullshit everything you say is lack of evidence algerian berbers 13 procent black blood omg are u crazy those people have fucking blond or red hair and blue eyes when i went on vacation to algeria it wasnt hard to find blonds or fair people go educate your self and moroccan berbers are the same whites as algerian ones like the riffians

  31. fpy3p

    Rob, if Berbers and Bedouins fall on the Caucasoid-Negroid border and Jews, Kurds, Central Asians fall on the Caucasoid-Mongoloid border, is there a Mongoloid-Negroid border? Or does it not exist?

  32. Everybody want’s to claim us horners now. Why is that? Is it because the women are so nice to look at?

  33. So would you say it breaks down as Caucasoid/Negroid macro-race, Mongoloid/Australoid macro-race?

    Not really, Blacks are way further than anyone else, and Papuans and Aborigines are extremely far from the rest of the non-Blacks.

    • fpy3p

      Would you say SE Asians in general are near the Australoid border? And why is that Papuans and other Australoids are so distant from blacks yet they look so similar?

    • tulio

      What race is the most different from all the other races? Blacks or Aborigines?

      • Bay Area Guy

        I was once told by a professor that it was discovered that negritos (and other aboriginal peoples in that region) are most closely related to modern day Norwegians!

        Contrary to popular belief, they’re not actually that closely related to blacks.

        • No way! Negritos are closest not to Norwegians (WTF) but to whoever they are living with. So Thai Negritos are closest to Thais. Filipino Negritos are closest to Filipinos. Etc.

          One group that is close to Norwegians on some charts is Iranians! Weird or what? I am telling you, Iranians are White! I tell them, too? When I meet them, I say, “You guys are White, right? Just like me?” They usually say, “Yes!” right away. Iranians are White Priders LOL. A lot of them are really into it too. Some of them said they were basically “Europeans outside of Europe.”

        • Bay Area Guy

          Not my opinion. That’s just what I heard. I too had to suppress a snort when told that they’re related to Norwegians.

          Although, in spite of sharing some features, Negritos don’t really look black to me.

        • FG

          The “race realist” position seems to be that groups distinguished by phenotype (“races”) also differ significantly with respect to genes to that code for attributes and behaviors related to economic productivity, criminality, etc. I’m not sure if the evidence is really there for this. But if the “race realist” perspective is correct, I am curious how the process of racial mixture would affect social outcomes.

      • Blacks! By a long shot bro.

        Racists, usually White racists, use this info to say that “niggers aren’t even human LOL.” That’s not true, but they are very different from us. It’s also not true that they “stopped evolving” and we “kept on evolving after we left Africa.” They say this a lot on American Renaissance. Of course Blacks kept evolving! For Chrissake man God. Their race has been evolving for much longer than ours has.

        Supposedly there is more genetic difference between two Nigerian tribes 25 miles apart than between a Scotsman and an Aborigine. Not sure if that is so, though.

  34. me

    Robert, how come you never mention the black blood in white Americans despite the fact that you implied you would in the beginning of this article? You should add that part to this article?

  35. me

    But hey, were you being sarcastic when you put a picture of the blackest Yemeni I’ve ever seen and say he looks Greek or whatever? Also, I doubt US whites have so little black blood. Is their any studies on the subject?

    • Yes he looks Greek. 40% of Yemenis actually are Black. I mean they are Black people.

      Yes, there are studies. The one I quoted in the post was widely written up. Very widely. Go look it up.

      • me

        40%? Where did you get this information? I think that those black Yemenis must be of mixed race since the neighboring African countries (Ethiopia, Somalia, Djibouti, Eritea) are. Also, since you told me you read a graph wrong and Turks are actually 93% Caucasian, you should probably delete the section that talks about Turks, Caucasus, Koreans, etc. being on the Asian-Caucasian border or whatever. If you are so kind, I ask one thing, since their is black blood in all these Caucasians near sub-Saharan Africa, then shouldn’t there be some Caucasian blood in the sub-Saharan black countries (Mali, Kenya, Senegal, Chad, Sudan, etc.) close to Caucasian lands? Do you already have an article on it?

        • Where did I write that about Turks, etc being on the border of Asian and White?

          Yes a lot of those folks may well by up to 40-50% White. Expecially Ethiopians, Eritreans, Malians. Chadeans, Northern Sudanese, etc. The White is ancient Caucasian. Senegal and Kenya they are pure Black.

        • me

          It’s in italics, below the picture of the Turk, and it starts like this: “Genetically, Turks are on the border between Asians and Caucasians, along with Jews, Georgians…”

      • me

        You should also remove the part that talks about the Turkish population being divided into “30-50% white” and “50-70% prototypical Asian”. It’s also below the picture of the Turk. It’s sheer madness to think that 50-70% of Turks look like East Asians/Mongoloids. It’s like calling Hungarians or Finns “prototypical Asian”.

  36. me

    I unfortunately don’t have the free time required to research such things, this is why I ask you, since you seem to have a lot of time and your articles are simple (at least for me). I wonder if you can make an article about the amount of black, Amerindian, Caucasian (Euro or not), and even East Asia. blood in different Latin Americans (especially the little talked about ones like the Ecuadorians, Peruvians, Colombians, Venezuelans, etc.).

  37. Wade in MO

    What I think is odd is that people even want to apply the idea of the ‘one-drop rule’ in places like Greece of Turkey. (Or even (*white nationalist gasp*) Brazil.) The USA has never controlled these areas and there was no one – drop rules indigenous to these areas (to my knowledge) so apply the standard to them is unhistorical. It just seems like an extension of what americans always seem to do… try to make the rest of the world exactly like their country. I don’t think countries like greece of turkey had a concept of blackness anything like the US and Brazil’s is definitely different that ours. (I’m not saying that race does not exist, but I am saying that many american ideas about race seem down right silly.)

    On another topic about the whiteness of the turks…who gives a fuck. I don’t give a shit how white they are. They destroyed one of history’s greatest empires and a bastion of christian civilization. They’re shit. I don’t give a damn about their genotype or pheotype. They’ll always be garbage to me. Fuck those people.

    • me

      lol Where are you from? I don’t think we can judge people by their ancestors. It’s like a Mexican saying that “I don’t care how white the Americans are, they took over half of Mexico. They’re shit. I don’t give a damn about their genotype or pheotype. They’ll always be garbage to me. Fuck those people.”

      • Wade in MO

        Actually, I wouldn’t mind Mexicans saying that about me…my main problem is WHEN MY OWN KIND SAY THAT ABOUT ME. Tensions and hatred between different groups is natural. Everyone has to take their own side or they will lose. I like christianity and the civilizations that is produces. They destroyed a great christian civilizaton. To be fair the crusaders (fourth) helped and they’re bastards too.

        Frankly I don’t mind if mexicans or native americans hate me. In fact, I would find those who didn’t extremely suspect. Ultimately most people try to find intellectual covers that will justify supporting the things or people they like against things or people who they don’t like. I’m just being more honest be saying it outright.

        • me

          lol are we getting racial now? btw Mexican isn’t a race in case you were wondering. And as far as Mexicans are concerned, they wouldn’t hate you because of religion because they’re Christians too.

    • If I said “I don’t give a shit how white Germans are. They massacred millions of Jews. They’re shit. I don’t give a damn about their genotype or pheotype. They’ll always be garbage to me. Fuck those people.”, how would you react?

  38. Wade in MO

    ” are we getting racial now?”

    What’s your point?

    “btw Mexican isn’t a race in case you were wondering. ”

    Tell that to the National Council por La Raza.

    • me

      When they say “La Raza” it means more of a cultural term than a racial one. I mean, Latin Americans celebrate “El Dia De La Raza” which is also known as Dia de la Hispanidad” (Day of Hispanicity) aka Columbus Day. And since Americans typically think Hispanic/Mexican/Latino is a race, then that ignorance is transferred to many Mexican Americans who live in US culture. If National Council por La Raza says Mexican is a race, then that’s U.S. bred ignorance (tell anyone in Mexico if Mexican is a race and you’ll get the same look from them as if you would have asked an American that American (USA) is a race). You don’t have to be part of that ignorance.

  39. Paul

    If I’ve got the gene, then I am Proud to Be Negro American, Ya ya!!

  40. I am a Poly-Racial person, which make up one percent of the US population. The anthropologists have struggled to categorize people like me. But as modern genetics has shown, I am to be an extreme rare mixure of Eurasian, Iberian Peninsula, Sub-Saharia Africa, Asia, North and South Americas, South Africa/European/Cape Town . Also Sephardi/Ashkenazi Jewish, Arab/Morocco/Dubi/ Yemeni/Berber/Egpytian/Kuwait/Saudi Arabia, Iceland, Spain/Basque, Portugal, France/lille, Italian/Sicily, German, Austria, Belarusian/ E. Poland, Switzerland, Ireland, Scotland/Dunde, Poland/Russian, Czech Republic, Belgian/Flanders,Turky, Australia/East Timor, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Cape Verde, Azores, and Native American. Many Melungeon ..revisionist.. historians claim that they are not a mix, but actually just ” who migrated to the US”. This, however, seems mostly to be an attempt to distance the Melungeons from African blood. The Y DNA is primarily E1, with A and Q, and smaller amounts of J2 and I. The DNA does not have a color line to determined who is who only to support more.. outlandish theories? Such as …
    E1b1a is not in Europe, my DNA hits are in Europe all the way to Iceland.
    The schizophrenic behavior of the Melungeon revisionist, is the results of the contstaint pressure from the raceist KKK and the Jim Crow Laws in the past. Using the former British tactics to seperate ethic groups and pit them against one another. It work quite well with the Native Americans and African Americans. most Native Americans and African Americans are mixed, but socitey treat these groups like they are pure, and for them to play on that premise. Only to make the raceist remarks of others to be more effective. But when you are a “Poly-Racial/Ethnic” it’s
    almost impossible to find a racist remark because it will incompass all of humanity on this planet. But to look at me and try to classified me would be like trying to
    call a glass of water a different name, only to know it’s water in a glass.
    People have this uncontrollable desire to paint a person and put them in a box,
    it make them happy. Never judge a book by it’s cover, because a cover is only a cover. Usally the finger pointer is the one who have issues with him or her self.
    And I bet you if that person undergo a DNA test that person would shut their
    trap for good. By the way I am E1b1a/Lo1a and if you want to know what I look like
    I look like a “First Indigenous European, 35,000 year ago” (Google that)

  41. Pingback: All Non-Africans Part Neanderthal, Genetics Confirm - Page 9 - US Message Board - Political Discussion Forum

  42. Ameera

    I wanted to know where in Africa my ancestors came from and I ended up having to do two separate DNA tests done since the results were a little strange.

    mother: Portuguese, some random Chinese ancestry (which we cannot figure out where it came), Afro-Amerindian mixture, (a lot of this), Khoisan (mostly this). The family on my mom’s mother’s side looks like this Black/Asian and so do I. and then random bits of other European ancestry. Haplotype H

    father: G. Bissau, Native American, Mexican American (it said Hispanic American), Arab something or another random bits of European ancestry
    Haplotype E (unclassified)

    I am confused as to why my mother had so much S. African ancestry if the slave trade supposedly focused on W. Africa.

  43. Steve

    30% of US whites have some black in them but most or all European whites do?

    • Steve

      that would mean that the black dna spread around Europe in the last few hundred years, right?

    • No, most Euro populations have some Black in them. The Black in Europe goes way way back, to Roman and Greek times.

      • Rafa

        I thought the Black in Europe goes thousands of years before Roman and Greek times…all the way back to 60,000 years ago when the first Africans started moving out of their continent and evolving into other races. Robert, are you familiar with National Geographic’s Genographic project? If so, what’s your take on it?

  44. Iñaki

    Please make an article called “A Little White In All of Us” please!

  45. Yemaya

    With all of the new DNA testing and research since the writing of this article, we know that in fact 30% of African-American men who are genetically tested have Y-DNA that goes back to European/Caucasian ancestry. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genealogical_DNA_test#United_States_-_African_ancestry) While it may be true that it wasn’t always the slave master who impregnated an enslaved African woman, it was for sure a European/Caucasian male. In some places in the West/New World, this procreation between European men and African women was encouraged for profits, sexual relief and government tax breaks.
    There are books written about this subject before the highly advanced genetic testing that we have today was done that there’s a good number of homo sapiens who have some homo sapien sapien (African) genetics in all of us. Dr. Cheik Anta Diop and Ivan Van Sertima come to mind.


    Good study – race has no objective, impartial or scientific definition that can stand up as definite biological differences between human beings. Race is national and political – not biological; we need to grow up.

  47. Samuel

    Robert Lindsay, I’m curious about how you can claim “There’s no trouble at all from these Yemenis or from the sizable Palestinian population nearby. In fact, they are a Hell of a lot better behaved than the local Hispanics, and the IQ’s of Iraq and Palestine are quite a bit below US Hispanics.” I am sure you must not realize there isn’t and has never been a Hispanic race, although Palestinians could almost be considered a race due to constant recurrences in our DNA such as Palestinian Jewish (classified by Europeans as the Cohen gene), European (including Greek), and Black African. Some also share Arab, Turkish, and Mongolian, we are considered an ethnicity not a race. Just as the Hispanics are a classification of various ethnicities the same concept applies to Arabs. The Arabs who are thought of more as a race are people like the Yemenis or Saudis, they by the way have very different ancestry than most Palestinians. Iraqi’s are less of a mixture than we are, they have also immigrated to Palestine before the creation of Israel by the Europeans and Palestinian Jews. How can you make such an idiotic claim that you are certain the IQ’s of Iraq and Palestine are quite below Hispanics residing in the USA? In case if you try to defend your prejudice and ignorance by claiming that you didn’t since you never technically wrote “I am certain” you implied this stupidity stating what you have as a claim rather than your personal estimate, nor a conclusion you’ve drawn from your contact experiences. If I immigrate to any Latin American country marry a fellow immigrant originally from any continent other than the Americas, produce offspring with her and decide to send my children to a University in the USA my children would be classified as Hispanic once in the USA. In case if you have trouble comprehending my statements I will simplify to you that I am Palestinian. I have relatives in Chile who would have the same treatment were they to come to the USA. Also you fail to realize that Palestinians are a major ethnic part of Chilean, Honduran, as well as the Salvadorian community and nationality. The difference between us and you is that we hope our ethnicity will be able to return to our homeland while you could have easily returned to Europe in the long life you have lived which is clearly seen through your photo. Return to your homeland and the decision to stop being a colonist is obviously something you don’t favor. The Iraqi people are very intelligent just as the Palestinians. My judgement holds much respect for the Hispanic people just as I have for groups of people who differ greatly in all aspects and feel sympathy towards the American Indians who have been brainwashed into a Hispanic culture but were able to preserve their race only to lose the remnants of their true cultural heritage. People with your mentality who believe they can make claims to things they know nothing about delay the progress of humanity. If the Iraqi and Palestinian people have IQ’s much lower than Latinos living in the USA why is it that both groups (in the USA, your example) have a much higher rate of becoming doctors and successful business entrepreneurs than Latinos? To reinstate what I have said before many Palestinians have become refugees in Latin America. Also various Palestinian men who immigrate or become refugees in the USA marry Hispanic women, I have noticed primarily Puerto Rican and Mexican. You used Wikipedia as a reference to your claims. How about finding credible sources, anyone can write or edit anything that the administrators of Wikipedia choose to approve or not.

    • Listen dammit, the Iraqi and Palestinian IQ is indeed below the US Hispanic IQ.

      And I am banning you, bye.

      • The IQ of Middle Eastern Americans hasn’t been tested. Why would you assume the IQ of Middle Easterners and the IQ of Middle Eastern American would be the same if you have said a Western environment can bring up the IQ?

        Also a lot of the Christians from the Levant were far more educated and urban than the Muslims and this has been historically true. This is why Middle Eastern Americans and Middle Eastern Latin Americans outperform the Middle Easterners in Europe. Why would you assume families such as the Naders or the Sununus would have a low IQ? Do they seem like less intelligent people to you? You can’t go based on “averages” for religious minorities.

  48. Ziad

    Just wondering what is your reference for this claim “IQ’s of Iraq and Palestine are quite a bit below US Hispanics”

  49. Iñaki

    Robert, I think you made a mistake. Below the picture of the Azeri old man, you said Azeris were running the show since the “Sassanid Shia state”, but it’s actually the Safavids, not the Sassanids. The Sassanids were the last pre-Islamic empire of Persia. Also, I think genetic studies have shown that Iranian Azeris might be Turkified Iranians, while Azeris from Azerbaijan are Turkified southern Caucasians (Caucasus) – most likely descendants from Caucasian Albania (despite name, no relation to Balkans Albania) .

  50. coward

    Woah hold up, so i am 17% white and3% Native amrcn? My dad is going to shit his pants when i tell him this shit. I feel a whole lot intelligent now. I was reading the comments in the otheer posts about haplogroups and anthropology. How the fuck do you ppl know all this shit. I a
    m going to call my jizz donor up right now and tell him this shit.

  51. Naim

    This stuff is fake the Yemeni must have average of 35% sub-Saharan admixture and north African(especially moroccan) d after wikipedia have on average 15-20% sub-saharan admixture

  52. Yassine

    Robert Lindsay you have read thread ?

  53. Yassine

    Robert Lindsay you have all read ?

  54. Yassine

    Robert Lindsay you are Eurocentrist ?

  55. Yassine

    I’m white like you ?

  56. Yassine

    Robert Lindsay these Moroccans are white for you ?

  57. Yassine

    For you how many ssa for each of them ?

    1 how many ?
    2 how many ?
    3 how many ?

  58. Yassine

    1 ssa = ?
    2 ssa = ?
    3 ssa = ?

  59. Yassine

    how do you know that I live in France ?

  60. Yassine

    “I know all sorts of stuff about you guys”

    Like what ?

  61. Yassine

    You can see what I do on the internet ?

  62. mixedraced

    Where am i posting from then, if you do know?

  63. DestroytheNiggers

    Fuck off, you stupid nigger-loving liberal cunt. I just hope you end up murdered by the coons you so dearly love.

  64. Clairvaux

    I don’t think that there is a pure race anymore (except probably nomads, tribes, and bushmen), nor am I even sure that race is even a real thing, except maybe pigmentation like gingiva melanin pigmentation.

  65. Bradley E. Goff

    i just saw a news story on fox4kc.com out of Kansas City at the same moment I was reading all these stupid blogs. It was about a contraversial T-shirt logo… “WHITE IS THE NEW BLACK” hahaha. strange timing huh? Go to the history on that site and you’ll see this is true. Can anyone explain THAT. (th timing that is) hehe.

    • big g

      There are no such things as race. There are only haploid groups. No way to tell haploid group by someone’s skin color or religion.

  66. DestroyNiggers

    Palestinians 11 percent Y-DNA nigger? Seriously? The Arabs who didn’t consider children fathered by non-Arabs as Arab, and routinely raped negresses would allow so many dumb nigger males to intermix with the local Arab population in Palestine? Top lel, nope.

    • Big G

      that’s funny. I’ve heard so much about the human genome , hair color , eye color, enzyme switching. ive never heard once that they isolated the nigger gene. so your saying that arabs allowed the nigger gene in and now eleven percent of the population of Palestine has the nigger gene.
      Since Palestine is bordering Egypt and Egypt is in Africa. And your nigger gene is from Africa, doesn’t it make sense that there would be more percentage of the nigger gene in the area around the pathways out of Africa in Eurasia . Lets say that the honkie gene from northern Europe were found in Palestinian. given the time it took ancient man to travel wouldn’t it be more prudent to expect there to be more nigger genes in a country bordering Africa in an area where the sun darkened skin. also is the nigger gene directly related or next to the skin color gene. Because I see many areas around the world with dark skin color or as you put it the nigger gene. those that don’t have curly hair couldn’t possible have the nigger gene. those with dark skin but small lips couldn’t have the nigger gene. Unless of course they had white mothers and all the nigger gene where dormant in that generation. wait did I say nigger genes. it appears that we can’t just have specific traits for the nigger gene we would have to call a grouping of genes the nigger gene group. dark skin, big lips, pushed in nose, dark curly hair, brown eyes, big ass, large cock, great running speed. this group of genes would be called the nigger gene grouping. Anyhow why would you expect there to be a honkie grouping in Palestine. The honkie grouping( light skin, light hair,light eyes, small cocks) would be from 1000 miles to the north with no transformational means other than walking. I think you’ll be surprised to find that there is a much higher percentage of nigger gene groupings in those human populations around the equator . 11 percent is just nigger gene grouping denial. Once again our ancestors mixed more than anyone could imagine. Given the recent findings that 5 homo groups wandered Eurasia 30,000 ybp. 99.99999 percent of all humans on the planet are closely related. If a human genome is 3 billion pairs we all differ by just a few genes. And there is no such thing as the nigger or honkie gene. Or even nigger gene groupings.
      There are no races, there are only haploid groups and that grouping cannot be determined by skin color or any other physical trait. period.

  67. David

    Mr. Lindsay, your exposé only proves just how subjective ‘race’ truly is and that it is actually a social construct than having any real biological or scientific basis. For example, in your writings you speak of ‘Caucasian’ features. Are you aware that there are many black Africans with such features in Sub-Sahara as far south as Kenya and Tanzania and even parts of South Africa. It didn’t matter how black their skin was. Their complexions were ebony as dark as ‘True Negroes’ yet their features automatically made them ‘Caucasian’ instead. In fact, the very term of ‘True Negro’ but never ‘True Caucasian’ as if all Caucasians are true but some ‘negroes’ are fake exposes the whole farce that is racial classification. By the way, I myself am of Southeast Asian ancestry and even my people were once considered ‘brown Mediterraneans’!!

    What’s more is that much of this African genetic ancestry in the Middle East or Europe for that matter from both paternal (Y-chromosomal) and maternal (mitochondrial) predates any historical slave trades, with many lineages dating to neolithic times so I question why you are quick to attribute these African lineages to slave ancestry only. I also find it funny how black ancestry in North Africans is so surprising considering that North Africa IS part of Africa and that the Sahara desert as we know it today did not always exist with extensive gene flow.

  68. Josef

    Why is this issue depicted as the sole motivator for any separatist movement? Perhaps a people is seeking freedom for their people “just because” it’s pragmatic or of their preference. Why does anyone need special permission to have a preference? This article is proof that “might is right.” Historically speaking, if someone will not grant you what you wish or even mere respect.. well, what’s wrong with using violence? Mr. Lindsay, like so many WASPs, you have a pronounced “Black fetish.” I find everything about Blacks to be utterly boring, and am simply more entirely “uninterested” in them than malevolent. I’ve always found it odd that the Scots (and Scots-Irish), who are often identical to the English, have historically been so prone to racism… as opposed to the much more aristocratic and principally flawed English. Every time I’ve ever met a person that I liked whom had an English surname, I later found out that they were partly Scot, German, etc.

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