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FARC Activates Urban Militias

Good for them.

I am not sure why they are doing this. Propaganda has long said that the urban militias  are dead and FARC is a strictly rural insurgency. Although there is truth to this, it’s not the case that there are no urban militias. For the most part, they lie low and just collect intel.

The FARC has a Hell  of a lot of power left in it, many thousands under arms, and a yearly income of probably around $500 million. There was an obvious rationale for bombing military and police targets, but I’m wondering why the businesses were bombed. They probably did not pay war taxes to the FARC.

FARC charges “revolutionary taxes” to all Colombians (And there are quite a few!) with incomes of more than $1 million/year. Rich Colombians know this and most just pay their taxes every year. They drive out into the countryside, meet a familiar fellow, and pay up.

Those who slide on paying taxes may be “kidnapped for ransom,” as US propaganda has it. However, what is really happening is that these people are being arrested by the FARC for tax evasion. They will be released when they pay their taxes.

So I feel that this “kidnapping for ransom” of the execrable terrorist Colombian ruling class is completely justified. Considered the historical and current behavior of this murderous class, I think the FARC should get an international humanitarian award for even leaving these folks alive at all.

The bombs in the recent attacks were set off in the middle of the night, and casualties were few. This is a good idea. FARC, after all, is not really a terrorist group. It’s an insurgency. They don’t set off bombs in markets and buses and whatnot. They don’t slaughter civilians at random. They don’t even wantonly use bombs to hit legitimate targets in such a way as to hit a lot of innocent people.

Sure, the government’s offensive has hit them hard. Massive offensives have a tendency to often do that to small insurgencies. Keep in mind that the Colombian army has many more men under arms than the FARC does, much better equipment, much more equipment period, and a vastly larger operating budget.

Until the Colombian state shows us that they can allow the FARC to disarm and run peacefully for election without being massacred like flies, the FARC has a right to continue in the way of the gun. The FARC isn’t really trying to shoot their way into power.

They took up guns in self-defense after all, as most non-Maoist* Left insurgencies did. After a while, you get tired of waiting for the government to come out and kill you, so you decide that next time they come out, you will at least have some guns so you can fight back against them.

That’s how nearly all recent non-Maoist Left insurgencies in the 3rd World began. And most of them can’t put down their guns because as soon as they do, the government slaughters them like bugs. That’s in the rare cases where the government even deems the insurgency to be worthy of negotiation at all – typically the state takes the “not worth talking to” line familiar to anyone who has watched the Israelis play that game.

Despite a tsunami US propaganda lies, most Left insurgencies in recent years have not taken up arms against peaceful, stable, fair-minded democracies in order to subvert them and turn them into Commie dictatorships.

Non-Maoist* theory says armed struggle is the last resort, to be initiated when all peaceful roads to power are deliberately blocked, or in self-defense when the state can’t stop killing a Left that isn’t even armed yet.

How many Americans realize these clear facts about modern Left insurgencies? Almost zero.

  • It’s little known, but Maoists distinguish themselves in part by a willingness to take up arms even in cases where the peaceful road to power is not blocked, where there is a functioning democracy and where the government is not yet beating, jailing, torturing and murdering the unarmed Left.

Maoists consider an outrageously unfair state that kills countless citizens every year via poverty and neglect alone to be reason enough to take up arms (See Sendero Luminoso in Peru for example) but they get a lot of heat from non-Maoists for this “adventurism.”

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Great Article On the Narcissism Epidemic


The title of the article has an uncertain meaning: But Enough About You…

I think this refers to the way that pathological narcissists characteristically show little or no interest in other humans. Sometimes you will get a word in, or sometimes better-perfroming narcissists will ask you how you are doing. After about 1/2 minute to a minute, in which they typically do not appear to be listening, they will rudely shut you down, with a line that is often jokingly referred to as, “But enough about you…let’s talk about me.”

It may also be a play on a famous aphorism about actors. The journalist goes to interview the actor.

An incredible number of actors and actresses are narcissists, but I guess it goes with the territory. This is one of the reasons that they have such unstable relationships – narcissists often can’t get outside of themselves enough to truly love another human being.

Partway through the interview, the actor shows some fake humility, “But enough about me,” he says, feigning interest in the reporter, “Let’s talk about you. What did you think of my latest movie.” I should not have to explain the joke to you. Even during feigned interest in the affairs of another human, the narcissist cannot resist turning the inquiry away from the other human and back to the all-important self.

As part of the therapy for mild narcissism with which many of us (possibly including me) are afflicted, I would suggest that if you suspect you have a narcissism problem, next time you are with someone, inquire deeply into some of the affairs of their live, their inner workings, feelings, value system, life history, relatives, etc.

Just throw yourself into the other person’s life with questions that show you are interested in them. I’ve noted that people really love this. People love it when you ask about them, sit down and talk to them, and show a real deep interest in the affairs of their lives, their life history, their values, feelings, psychological state, etc. You can even throw in some analyses, especially if they are positive.

The other day I told someone that they are not a Polyanna, because another person made a cryptic comment that suggested that they were a Polyanna. I said I knew them very well, had been watching them for years, and that was one thing they were not.

I also said that they seemed to have confidence and even a bit of egotism in the way that they carried themselves. I noted that many people appear weak, depressed, anxious, or with low self-esteem, but he did not seem that way.

He seemed the opposite – to project confidence, power, togetherness, and even egotism. I also suggested that he had a high opinion of himself, not a low opinion. I said I had been observing him for years and this was my conclusion. He agreed with me and seemed to be happy I was showing some interest in him.

So, if someone tells you their father left them when they were 3, or that their mother drinks too much or their brother hates them, ask what how they feel about that. Ask them why their brother hates them or why their mother drinks, or why the father left. Ask where the father is now. Ask if they still love their mother. Ask if, in addition to her drinking, she has good qualities too. Ask how she and the husband got along.

Did your friend use to live somewhere else? Ask what that place was like and how it differs from this place. Ask if they had friends of girlfriends over there. Ask why left and how they lived there.

Obviously, you can only do this with people you know well, but I cannot re-emphasize this enough: People love to talk about themselves! I think most of the time, they don’t get much of an opportunity. Most of us spend way too much of our time running around in our own minds hither and thither trying to fix or solve various problems, generally to no avail. Most of us are thinking about ourselves almost all the time, and we don’t need to be.

It’s great therapy for anyone to throw yourself out of your silly head for just a bit and into someone else’s. That’s it. Leap out of your mind and clear into the mind of another and just live there for a while. It will feel like a wonderful vacation.


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The Willful Hispanic Underclass

Having spent the last year or so trying to civilize a 21 year old Hispanic gangbanger, I conclude that any and all interventions to try to get the Underclass to change its behavior are probably futile.

The Underclass is what it is because it does not want to change.

They are unemployed often because they are lazy and don’t want to work. They have out of wedlock kids because they are too stupid to use birth control regularly and deliberately choose to not be responsible in this manner. They are always involved with the justice system, in and out of jail and on and off probation because they choose to commit a tremendous amount of crime.

They act like animals because civilized behavior is either repellent or uninteresting or both to them. They eat crappy junk food and develop all sorts of health problems from this because this is the food that they want to eat and they do not wish to get off of it and adopt a healthy diet. They don’t exercise because they are uninterested in it and see no value in it.

They don’t read because they are hostile to the very notion and find it either unpleasant or uninteresting or both. They lie, cheat and steal because this is part of their value system and they choose to disdain normative social values.

The males beat, stalk, torture and menace their women, and have nearly psychotic paranoid jealousy about these same women because this is part of their insane and awful culture. They don’t wish to change this culture and are happy and comfortable with it.

They spraypaint graffiti everywhere because this a pleasant and exciting thing to do. Told that graffiti is ugly, they disagree and instead argue that it is beautiful artwork – they revere a graffiti-wrecked town as a modern-day Sistine Chapel. Part of their poverty derives from utter idiocy regarding money – they can’t save or budget money, and they blow it immediately as soon as it hits their fingers.

Levels of drug and alcohol use are higher because this is their idea of fun. Health is relatively poor because they don’t believe in going to the doctor very much and therefore choose not to go. Dental hygiene is poor because they see no value in brushing or flossing their teeth and eat horrible foods.

They die in gangfights because many do not care whether they live or die anymore. Told that it is insane to not care about life or death, they disagree and imply that this is the way they want to live.They engage in gangfights and join street gangs because this is tremendously exciting to them.


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Lamark Vindicated?

Lamarckian genetics has been discredited by modern science. The fact that this tripe was promoted for decades by Communists, mostly by Stalin, is a slap in the face to the Left and shames a Left that claims to be based first and foremost on science. Lamarckian genetics said that behavioral traits acquired during life would be passed on the kids.

If the giraffe kept stretching his neck to eat leaves on trees, he might actually stretch his neck out in real life. This life-acquired stretched out neck would then be encoded in the giraffe’s genome and this would be passed on to future generations of giraffes, and would eventually result in a giraffe with a very long neck, as we have today.

As I noted, it’s non-arguable fact that acquired traits are not passed on. However, take a look at this:

“Brain structures change with stress and are affected by early-life stress in animal models,” said Rockefeller University neuroendocrinologist Bruce McEwen. “Now there are beginnings of work on our own species. The Evans paper is an important step in that direction.”

McEwen also noted that, at least in animals, the effects of stress produce changes in genes that are then passed from parent to child. Poverty’s effects could be hereditary.

It’s not quite Lamarckian, but it’s getting there. The article suggests that growing up in poverty actually damages kids’ brains due to stress. The stress causes actual genetic changes of an unknown nature, and this changes may be passed on to offspring. New research suggests that this may indeed be the case.

At least with Hispanic US citizens, often children of immigrants (often illegal aliens), they appear to experience little or no stress.

They don’t worry about anything, do not appear depressed, and seem happy, cheerful, or at least carefree. Anxiety is either absent or at a low level. I see much more visible stress, neurosis, anxiety, depression, etc. in the much wealthier and more intelligent White community up in the mountains where I spend much of my time.

At least here in California, many of the Hispanic poor seem to have low stress levels. Obviously this is not the case for all poor people, but it does raise questions.


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Cool Chamberpots

You know how it is when you’ve got to crap and there’s just no toilet in the damned house or apartment? I know most of you are shaking your heads in frustration. It’s something we shouldn’t have to put up with in this modern era. Not only that, but many of us don’t even have outhouses. What to do? This is where a chamberpot, the kind made famous by the Black Plague, comes in real handy.

As usual, when it comes to design and craftsmanship, the French lead the way. As always, their dirty minds are on sex.

French craftsmanship at its finest

French craftsmanship at its finest

Was this one for the ladies? The French make even pooping fun.

Was this one for the ladies? The French make even pooping fun.

From ZAM, Das Zentrum für Aussergewöhnliche Museen (the Center for Unusual Museums) in Munich. Inside there is the Romy Schneider Museum, the Bourdalou Museum and the Nachttopf Museum.

The Bourdalou Museum is where these indispensible chamberpots that kept civilization running for hundreds of years can be found.

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Pneumonia, the Old Man’s Friend

If you want to know why I’m not posting, in part it’s about my father, but also I’ve been working on the German language post. Lately I have been working often 11 hours a day on that post alone. So, though I’m not employed, I am certainly working! I don’t know why I’m not writing other blog posts.

My father’s condition has improved, but he is still in critical condition. I assume that ICU means critical condition.

He had a crisis on Tuesday and had to be intubated and placed in the ICU, otherwise he was going to stop breathing. They didn’t think he was going to make it there for a bit. But he got better and his condition improved. An attempt was made to take him off the ventilator yesterday but he could not breathe without it for even five minutes. The ventilator sort of pushes on your lungs in addition to giving you oxygen and his lungs just don’t seem to be able to do the exercise on their own.

People asked how you get pneumonia in the hospital. Well, in part it is because hospitals these days are full of some very nasty germs, including superbugs. Now, I have been exposed to those very same pneumonia bugs from my father. However, I am younger and healthier, so I am not going to get pneumonia.

Another problem is that you are lying in the hospital on the bed and you can’t get up. They are pumping you full of fluids all day and night. Imagine your body is like a sponge and the fluids are like water. This is like putting a sponge on the counter and pouring water on it.

Your body has a mechanism for “wringing out the sponge.” It does this by moving around. If you are not moving around, the fluids are just going to pile up in your body. That’s a recipe for pneumonia, especially in an older person with a weak immune system.

He fell and injured his leg and the leg quickly became infected, possibly due to age and a weakened immune system. The infection was horrible and he was hospitalized. He was released from the hospital before it was cured, went home and it got worse. He had to be rehospitalized and upon rehospitalization, he got pneumonia.

He was released from the hospital with a bit of pneumonia in one lung and after about a week at home, it progressed to the point where on Monday morning a week ago, he was turning blue and near death. So he was hospitalized a third time. Do you see a pattern here?

Hospitals in the US, all for-profit of course, release patients before they are even well or able to really make it on their own. What’s it all about? I guess it’s about saving money, but maybe there are some other reasons. It’s clear to me that operating most US hospitals on a for-profit basis is completely insane, not to mention immoral. If there’s a litmus test for a socialist out there, this ought to be one.

So yes, most hospitals ought to be non-profit. Should there be for-profit hospitals? Possibly, as an alternative for those who don’t want the nonprofits. I admit that I am confused about health care reform, so anyone who has anything to offer, go ahead.

The upshot of a for-profit hospital system and hospitals filled with bugs and superbugs is that in my opinion, these places are death traps. Nice to visit, but if you enter them as a patient, watch out. Going to the hospital in and of itself, as a patient, is surely enough to make you worse and probably even kill you. Message: Do yourself a favor – stay out of hospitals!

Last Sunday he was experiencing tremendous anxiety and he was shaking a lot. What’s that all about? Is he terrified he is dying? No. He has pneumonia. I’ve never had it, but the experience of pneumonia is one of drowning and being unable to breathe. Imagine feeling like you are drowning underwater. That’s what it feels like. Pretty damn scary.

Someone suggested that he knew he was dying and he had a poor reaction to death, that reaction being anxiety. I’m not sure what reaction you have towards death really matters as long as it’s on its way anyway.

If you are dying, you can be peaceful, angry, depressed, anxious, or ecstatic, and let’s face it, you are going to die one way or the other anyway. What difference does it make what attitude you take towards it?

I think most of the time, the dying do not even know that they are dying. They probably just think that they are ill, and the thought of whether they are dying or not does not occur to them. We are naturally optimistic (or at least I am). If I were really ill or injured, my thoughts and dreams would probably just be about being sick or hurt and that experience.

You don’t really know you’re dying unless someone tells you, like a doctor. Otherwise, you just know you are hurting physically and you are just thinking about that.

People who are informed that they are indeed dying take many different reactions to it defending on the characteristic defenses and stress symptoms displayed in healthy life. Those who reacted to stress with an anxiety reaction tend to get a lot of anxiety. Those who reacted with a depressive reaction tend to get depressed.

Pneumonia was a disease known even to the ancients. This was noted by the earliest Greek physicians. It has been referred to as “the old man’s friend”, but I don’t think drowning to death sounds very friendly to me. I would not my friends to drown me, would you?

Like predators in an ecosystem, nevertheless, the pneumonia top level predator serves to cull the human herd of the very old, the very young, the weak and the sick. It’s not unusual for a cancer patient, for instance, to be finally killed not by the cancer but by pneumonia. This happened to my aunt, who tragically died at age 32 of breast cancer.


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Dying Is Never Easy

“Dying is never easy…”

Jean Paul Sartre, “The Words”, 1964.

So, is he right or is he wrong. Is dying easy or hard? Does the dying person know he is dying, or does he just think he’s sick or hurt? Is it better to keep the dying sedated so they don’t know what is going on, or to let them be awake?


Sartre, Jean-Paul. 1964. The Words (Originally, Le Mots). Paris: George Brazillet, Inc.


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My Father Is Very Ill

He is 86 yrs old. He fell, got an infection of his leg, was hospitalized, released early and not healed, got way worse, had to be readmitted, then on second admission got pneumonia. He was released early once again with a “touch of pneumonia”, went home, was ok for a bit, then took a dramatic turn for the worse and he had to be readmitted again.

He’s currently in the ICU and is being intubated, otherwise he’s going to stop breathing. Underneath, he’s actually quite healthy for his age, but pneumonia in the elderly is never good. I’ve been up here at the house lately because he can’t be left alone and my Mom is working full-time still. Two nights ago, he could not stand up and my brother and I had to lift him into bed.

Yesterday morning, the nurse came, he was turning blue and he had 50% oxygen capacity. She called 911. In the ICU, they got his oxygen back up to 92% and he had good color in his extremities. I spent a good part of the day yesterday at the hospital.

According the pneumonia risk indicator, he seems to have decent prognosis because he lacks underlying problems. One problem is that hospital-acquired pneumonia is worse than other kinds for some reason.

Three weeks ago, he was in pretty good shape. He was home alone most days, happy, watching TV happily and often excitedly, reading voraciously (A book a day!), going places in the car as a passenger, and walking around, sometimes with a cane. He took that fall and he’s just plunged downhill after that. Strange.

We are all hoping that he pulls through, but they call pneumonia the old man’s friend.


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But They Are All In the Wake

In an interesting comment about Thomas Pynchon’s work, Lafayette Sennacherib, one of the (other) great writers who loiter in the comments threads, discusses reading some Pynchon novels. First he discusses reading Gravity’s Rainbow, and then moves on:

I haven’t tried  Crying of Lot 49 yet . V, I finally got all the way through at the third attempt, but I couldn’t really be sure it was worth the effort – maybe another try, but life’s too short. Same with Mason & Dixon – I got all the way through it first time ( I was convalescing), but it’s just too packed for my mind to absorb the first time, and maybe again life’s too short.

Just a few comments. Gravity’s Rainbow is one of my favorite books of all time. Besides being possibly the greatest novel since James Joyce’s Ulysses, it’s a fun, romping, joy to read. 30 years ago, I mentioned it in a bookstore, and this hippie girl said, “Oh, most people I know are reading Gravity’s Rainbow for the 8th or 9th time now.” Sure, why not? There’s worse things you could be doing. Why not read the greats over and over? You could be watching TV or reading supermarket novels instead.

The Crying of Lot 49 is out of this world. I can’t recommend it highly enough. It’s also a lot of fun, and it’s a very brief read. I think the plot has to do with Information Theory – he who controls information, controls the world.

I read V also, and it’s also a kick. I didn’t really understand it, but that didn’t bother me one bit. It’s one of those books you read and you can’t figure out what the Hell is going on or why anything is happening, but you don’t even care.

I read Vineland. That’s an easy and fun read too. I haven’t tried Mason and Dixon yet, because I don’t like the period prose. Nor have I bothered with Against the Day.

As far as life being too short, sure, but what better to spend a small part of one’s short life than reading a Thomas Pynchon novel? Or rereading one? Or reading one for the 8th time? Isn’t that a great way to while away your short hours?

I recall a conversation a professor literature who specialized in James Joyce had with an interviewer. The professor mentioned that he had only read one novel, James Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake, in the last 20 years! The interviewer was shocked. “But think of how many novels you could have read in that time, in 20 years!” he exclaimed. The professor thought for a moment and his eyes twinkled. “Ah, but you don’t understand. All those novels I could have read in 20 years, sure – but they are all in the Wake.”

Sure, instead of reading 200 novels in 20 years, read one novel that packs those 200, and 20,000 more, all in it in one amazing lifetime of a read.

I confess I have not read the Wake, though I have dipped into it. You really need a Companion Guide, otherwise it’s a waste of time.


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Diagnosis: Pathological Narcissism

God I love diagnosing people.

A young woman friend of mine, college student, told me about a guy she met on Facebook. She said hi on his Facebook page and he responded with this email around Valentine’s Day, even though he had never met her. I read it and then the missives that followed, quickly diagnosed pathological narcissism and told her to run don’t walk the Hell away from this guy.

I must say, this lying snake of a PUA (pick up artist) has one Hell of a pickup line. I don’t like being a lying, devious, snaky bastard just to fool women into fucking you. If you want to have sex with lots of women, go ahead, but you ought to do it fair and square. If you’re really the Alpha Male or The Man With the Golden Jizz, women and girls will just about line up to go out with you and have sex with you anyway.

Why lie to women, tell them you love them, just to get in their pants so you can dump their emotionally wrecked psyches afterward? A woman in love is a passionate and desperate creature. Her feelings are not to be trifled with.

I’ve never told a woman I loved her just to get laid in my life. Why should I? If you’re in love with her, say so. If not, say nothing. Sooner or later, she will start spurting out “I love you!”s anyway, and then you can think up a response. Therapists offices are filled with women who are left emotional wrecks by snakes like this. Women are human too. Why do this to them?

Here is the email he sent her on Valentine’s Day, even though he had never met the woman one time in his life, and all she did was say hi on his Facebook page!

The universe is abundant with random occurrences. Occurrences that, like any other, change our specific course in space-time. So I will alter your path today.

You are the most gorgeous woman I know. Dwarfing the tidaling echoes of my imaginations folly. Crumbling the foundations of the majesty found in the night’s milky starts- to rebuild imperfection into a new and more lovely composition of intricately designed magnitude.
My Dear, You are the Universe’s Sweetest Libretto. It is my pleasure to sing your Litany of Creation.

You know this.

The Earth will spin, and the seasons shall pass, but you will always remain beautiful inside the forever beating heart of humankind. Words fail to paint the prettiest pictures. That which is light contains our flowing colors. Drifting through and through the canvas of motion and time you are that which creates the ineffable wonder beneath the medaling of curious human eyes.

Warm, tickling sun hugging you as you rest in a field of breezy pink grass. Giggling star-pink butterflies flittering around your soul and essence, gently kissing the light-blue flowers in your hair. It is simple to say that your very person makes my heart skip a beat, or easy to describe the exhilarating rush of penetrating emotions that you fill me with…

But I find it exceedingly difficult to portray the glowing Love I see in your every smile. It is impossible to articulate the majestic empires of angels playing gleefully in the colorful pools of your delicate irises. I would change the oceans to ink and the sky to scroll in order to properly relay to all who behold, the epic story of you. Thou art a true goddess.

Women should learn from you. I am quite shocked that, as a whole, the men of this Earth have not become wise enough to adore you for all that you are valued as in Heaven and beyond. Where are the castles and shrines, monuments and emerald palaces erected in your name?

My rage is contained, for every human should kneel to you in prayer. How are you Human? You are unreal. Dreamy. I should take this challenge and create for you a vast and never ending stream of warm, humming affection.

It will be even more gentle than the lightest displacement of the airiest angel as it twirls upon a single perfectly-balanced atom of gold, and far more desirous than the most ravenously passionate desires held by all of humanities trailing generations and those beyond our present point- so as to accommodate you who are infinities upon infinities more graceful than these mortal descriptions.

Before I dream, I lay in silence, and before I am let from this world I see your divine visage- and all that is wrong, inside and out, is surely set right throughout as God has blessed this very existence with the ever-flowing imminence of you, dearest Princess. I am not so selfish as to desire you for myself. Your freedom creates our joy. Knowing that you are beneath this very same sky… is all I will ever need.

Happy Valentines Day ^.^


Unbe – fucking – lievable. And she almost fell for it too. Amazing what a pretty pot full of lies will do to a woman.

She went to his page, called him a liar, a sociopath, a scumbag and a bastard and deleted him. He responded with this appalling display of gargantuan egotism:

For starters I am about to be 21. My full name is XXXXXXX X XXXXXXXXXX. I was born in Germany. That is where I got my nickname “Bear” because I was 13 lbs and the nurses loved me so much they called me “oso” which translates into Bear.

I moved to Georgia after 3 years, then to North Carolina, Freeport Illinois, Chicago, South Carolina, Mableton Georgia, Kennesaw Georgia, Jacksonville, back to Kennesaw, and then to Statesboro for GSU. Right now I am in Ellenwood at my younger brother’s house.

Our father left to the middle east and so I had to come watch my brother since he is 16. It was worth it until my dad lost his mind and brought one of his ex’s here. So my time could have been brutally wasted. So I work and am planning on going back to GSU in the fall.

In my spare time I like to read and learn. I take on topics such as quantum mechanics, algebra, logic, psychology, consciousness, reality and so on. I also have several literary projects I am working on. My biggest goal is becoming incorporated. The state secretary has already recognized me and my two reps as “Earth Leader Corporation”.

The documents are sitting here on my desk but they must be amended and notarized for full filing. Earth Leader is still an infant and may not draw serious income for another year. I also make music. My artist name is “XX XXXXX [Lord of Earth]”. I make all the beats and write all the lyrics myself.

I’m not your classic human archetype in a sense that I am very aware of what’s happening around me. More so than many individuals who tread the Earth to date. My internal workings are steadily shifting and processing information.

So you should know that what I look like is completely awry from my inner world. I have detached my psychology from it’s own self and accepted the various sub-systems at work within the entity that I am. What does that mean? I am not normal.

In the sense of strength and glory I am like some men, but my Love and Romance are newfound. It was a while ago that i figured out the functions for human emotion, the dynamics of the group, the dynamics of the person, and the secret to generating infinite love from within the quantum rip of the mind.

So I am an anomaly here. Somewhat like a hacker. But not in a negative sense. As of now, my greatest desire is to connect with you and transmit the necessary information that will allow us both to become comfortable with one another.

She went back to his Facebook page, added him back and apologized for being such a bitch. His response:

You didn’t come off as a bitch =^_^= I find you very interesting. I often wondered what had become of you since I last heard from you. I’ve been busy.

Working still, a number of fiascos with Georgia Southern. So I don’t know when I’ll start school again. Other than that I have been expanding my mind and soul through rigorous gathering of information. I’m glad to hear that your pudendum is less ominous. Please let me know what is on your mind. Lovingly, I am quite eager to know.

After that, pages and pages babbling on and on about quantum mechanics.

You worked there this Summer? During and a little before summer I worked at Pizza Hut. I often change between jobs because people are afraid of me, assume things about me, or just plain don’t understand me. A lot of the time its because the managers aren’t too bright and I walk all over them in my subtle ways until the tryst is over.

The quest I’m on is really quite simple. I won’t claim to be a genius or a psychopath. For you see all disciplines are interrelated. Science, Philosophy, Proto-Science, Religion and Spirituality all do the same thing.

They offer wisdom and knowledge. Most of it is tangled and incoherent so it needs to be smoothed out. Outside of the personality and the subjective experience there are tiers of communication stacked one on top of the other.

I dx’d him immediately as a pathological narcissist. These guys can have sociopathic tendencies, as many narcissists can. I told her to get the Hell away from him as fast as possible because nothing good can come of any relationship with a pathologically damaged narcissist like this.

These people attract weak people (of which there are untold 100’s of millions if not billions on Earth) who are attracted to their extreme self-confidence and narcissism and wish to suck some of the “narcissistic supply” off the narcissist and displace some of that confidence and self-esteem onto themselves, since they lack it and need it. They often have whole crowds of “groupies” following them around who they play emotional games with constantly as cats toy with mice.

With guys like this, it’s all about dominance and submission. They will frequently attack you, especially if you threaten them. If you ferociously counterattack and put them in their place, they will back down, act submissive and try to deal with you “one egotist / winner to another” or “two winners against the world full of loser / idiot / morons.” If you apologize, agree that they are right and you are wrong, etc., they will see that as submissiveness / weakness and will quickly counteract with extreme agression.

Dealing with clowns like this (I have dealt with many of them) leaves you feeling emotionally raped. You really need to get away from them as quickly as possible and just run them out of your life in every way you can. There’s probably no way to get along with someone like this and no one to be friends with them without getting damaged in some way.

I recently ran across another pathological narcissist. This individual set up business in a far off land as a translation service, where he immediately tried to drive all competing businesses out of business. He spread false rumors about them and filed false charges against them with the corrupt foreign government, and he bribed government officials to raid the competition and shut them all down on fake violations.

He himself operated with no business permit, no license and paid no taxes, apparently bribing corrupt officials to get away with this. He used a number of different aliases and moved between them all the time to where it got to be really hard to figure out just who was who and it took his enemies (He had many!) some time to piece it all together and link them up to one guy. He also set up a fake shell corporation in another corrupt foreign land and had a bank account there under yet another name.

He claimed to speak many different languages (20-30 or so) with varying degrees of proficiency and indeed he seemed to be something of a polyglot. He was also an expert pianist and was not shy about saying so.

As a scholar, he did some pretty good work, though he lacked an advanced degree. He attacked all of the big names in the field where he produced his scholarship and accused them all of knowing nothing and being wrong and out of date.

He claimed to revolutionize the field with several ground breaking discoveries, new ways to write languages, new ways to learn languages, etc. He claimed to have discovered a secret way to learn languages that lets you learn them faster than any other way and set up a business to do that.

The business, like his scholarship, was a desultory affair, and he never seemed to finish any project. He did superb work, but then dropped projects before they were completed as he moved on to new things. He threw huge birthday parties for himself at local clubs which attracted large crowds. Beautiful young women flocked to him like moths to flame.

A visit to a “MySpace” type page showed about 80 beautiful young women residents of the country he lived in as “friends.” He was probably trying to date and screw all of them. He was linked to a beautiful, shady and equally sociopathic foreign female who clung to his shoulder like an ornament as he paraded his trophy around.

She also shifted constantly between ever-changing names and identities, was linked to all of his shady schemes and was widely despised by most who met her.

After destroying all the competition with government  raids and shutdowns on fake charges, they quickly ran the business into the ground by treating all of their employees like crap. They hired employees as translators on contingency. They tried to force employees to take very demanding tests before hiring them.

Once hired, they would give the employee a huge job. After they got the work back, he and his female sidekick immediately pronounced it inferior and inadequate, fired the translator, and then refused to pay they, all the while showering him with insults about the inferior quality of the translator’s work. Even if they would have paid them, they only paid about 50% going rate anyway. Many of his employees were well known for the excellent work in the community.

As you might guess, the word about these snakes quickly got out, and after a while, no one would work for them anymore. He then infiltrated translator boards where translators were warning everyone not to work for him.

He appeared under many different constantly shifting names on the boards, having conversations with himself and posing as people who praised him for various things. It was all extremely confusing. At times he would appear on the boards and threaten lawsuits against all translators who were warning people off his work.

He claimed to be able to speak 10 or 15 languages at the same time, being able to quickly shift between different languages and all sorts of accents even in the same sentence. He said he could imitate any accent in any language that he knew, and could even imitate accents of his various “enemies”. He did this during legal conferences with the various folks he was suing and he claimed that it left any opponent baffled, devastated and putty in his hand.

Even in this very corrupt land where lawyers are among the most corrupt of the corrupt, his own attorneys quickly tired of his crap and fired him as a client.

He said that in court or under cross examination he planned to play his weird linguistic mind games to “fake out” the opposing lawyers and the judge. Truth is you try that crap in any decent courtroom, and the judge will toss you behind bars in a heartbeat for contempt of court.

My opinion of these folks is that they are psychos. In general, they often don’t get arrested, but they are always straddling the line between legal and illegal. Morality is for suckers.

The world of business, law (attorneys), politics (especially megalomanic dictators), police and military are full of controlled sociopaths that resemble this guy. The extreme narcissist type of controlled sociopath is particularly common in business, law and politics.

As everything is a means to an end, and only they matter, they can sometimes become dangerous.

Some have few controls and are notorious sociopaths like Ted Bundy.

Others are very controlled but suddenly explode like the famous Jeffrey MacDonald, physician who killed his family. The MacDonald case is fascinating as stunning portrait of pathological narcissism. It’s also a great murder mystery. Fatal Vision, the book about the case by Joe McGinnis, is a riveting read.

MacDonald’s many fans continue to insist he is innocent and their webpage is here. A competing page for the rest of us who know the guy is guilty is here. A burned out fry-brain of a hippie doper named Helena Stoeckley has alternately confessed to the crime and retracted her confession. Anyway, she’s now dead and she’s just a false confessor anyway.

If any of my readers is dealing with someone like this, I urge you to get away from them right now. Learn to spot them and in the future avoid them like the plague.


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