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Did These Guys Take Down My Blogger Site?

Keep in mind that I haven’t the faintest or tiniest idea about who reported my site for TOS violations or why it was reported. I’m only aware of one case of the site getting flagged for TOS violation, and that was by a Jewish guy in Tampa who worked for the ADL. After fighting with him for a while, the guy later sort of became my friend after I convinced him that I was just a Commie anti-Zionist and not a Nazi Holocaust Revisionist after all.

I don’t have anything against the guy right now (He is what he is) but for a while there, I wanted to strangle the guy. Slowly. Personally.

Well, that’s just one report. It takes lots of reports to bring a site down. The first shutdown resulted in an interstitial warning box, but then there was another flood of complaints and even the warning box went down, and now only I can get in, and I’m terrified they are going to delete the whole site.

So who did it and why? Who knows? There were gore videos on the site, mostly videos of beheadings released by terrorist groups or guerrillas as propaganda. That could have caused the complaints. Blogger is such a crappy platform that they take down your site and the assholes never even tell you why. You can email them a million times and they will never respond once. That’s what I call customer service!

There is an interesting group that is involved in mass reporting of TOS violations for blogs that they don’t like. They claim to have shut down many Blogger blogs, to have banned many Youtube videos and users, many Facebook groups (106 at last count) and many Wikipedia users and they have rewritten many Wikipedia articles. It was clowns like this that got me banned from Wikipedia. They work with these neocon weenies to try to get users and videos banned from Youtube. They are also going after Digg, MySpace and Google Earth. Google Earth?! Digg?!

I don’t have direct evidence that they shut down my site, but they are definitely going after Blogger sites:


Report Jew-Hating Blogs in Less Than a Minute
Click here and then click “submit”. Then come back here and do the same thing with this one. Do this many times a day. Many days a week and share it with all your friends and email lists. The blogs in question are some of the most hateful sites we have seen and clearly against Blogger’s own rules.



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On Eugenics

The post on my political resume has prompted a big comments thread on Eugenics. First of all, I would like to tackle the usual Leftist crap about Eugenics. The Left responds to not just any argument about Eugenics, but any argument about race realism or racial differentials in anything, with terrifying screams about Eugenics, usually followed by threats. They often add that Eugenics is a “pseudo-science”. One thing about Eugenics is true whether we like Eugenics or not.

Eugenics is not a pseudo-science. We breed bacteria, viruses, plants and animals. Humans are animals. If it’s possible to breed horses, dogs and cats, it’s clearly possible to breed humans for this or that. It’s solid science. Is the breeding of cats and dogs a “pseudo-science”? Of course not.

Now that that is out of the way, we can deal with the meat of the argument.

A commenter, Scott, notes that China is currently practicing Eugenics and will overtake us in a few decades if we don’t get on the Nazi breeding train too. China is not practicing any kind of real Eugenics. I defy anyone to show me how they are.

I feel that NE Asians are superior to my Whites anyway, so there’s no need to for them to improve their stock to overtake us. I’m surprised they haven’t already. I also support Whites making free choices to breed with NE Asians and even regular Asians to improve the stock. I’m even looking into it myself.

There is no nation on Earth that is presently gaining a comparative advantage over other nations due to the practice of Eugenics. Name one. When it starts to be a problem, we can start to talk about it.

How come the only people who support Eugenics are high-IQ White people who are usually very racist people? It’s not like decent, ordinary, average smarts or non-White people are promoting this. Why should I listen to them?

Embryo selection is ongoing and perfectly legal. The eggs of beautiful Ivy League women get $5000 and up.

This whole wacky Eugenics debate is based on nonsense. Mainly, that unless we act immediately, dysgenic trends are going to overtake our nation (and I guess our world, though most Eugenicists are silent about the effects on anyone other than Whites). Other nations are practicing Eugenics now (A lie!) and are going to overtake us in the future unless we act right this minute.

Eugenics hysteria is all based on the future. Guess how long Eugenics has been based on the future? Since it’s inception! They’ve been railing about future dysgenic trends for 100 years, trends that have yet to even show up anywhere!

The truth is that there are no proven dysgenic effects occurring anywhere on Earth at this moment. One might suspect that there would be, genetics being what they are, but it seems that humans still select for positive qualities and de-select for negative qualities, just as Darwinism would suggest that we do.

I assume even over in Africa mass genocides like wars and AIDS may be having eugenic and not dysgenic effects. Most Africans with 1/2 a brain would try to avoid one of their insipid wars, and it’s quite possible that in any war, the stupider soldiers die more and the smarter soldiers survive more. It’s also quite possible that in Africa, the stupider you are, the more likely you are to get AIDS.

Extremely harsh and deadly conditions anywhere tend to favor brighter folks who figure out how to survive. This probably goes for South Asia and other places with mass starvation too.

Repeat after me: Dysgenics is not occurring anywhere on Earth! Proponents of Dysgenics Theory are asked (Nay, demanded!) to name one place on Earth that is becoming stupider, more criminal or less fit due to dysgenic breeding. You can’t prove it, can you?

IQ’s are going up all over the world. From what I can tell, in the West anyway, crime rates are declining. People are getting more educated, not less. Heritable disabilities are declining. People are living longer and in general seem to be getting healthier.

All of this positive stuff flies in the face of the lies of the Dysgenics Crowd. Dysgenics is an interesting theory, but until you can show us a case of one nation on Earth getting damaged by dysgenic breeding, it’s all a bunch of talk with no examples to back it up. IOW, it’s not a problem.

Eugenics has nothing to do with my complaints about the demise of the California of my youth. The California that I grew up with was 20-30% non-White or 70-80% White. That felt good, right and normal. In California, non-Whites like Chinese, Japanese, Filipinos, Polynesians, East Indians, South Americans, Blacks, Indians and Mexicans are part of the neighborhood, and Mexicans are part of the family.

If you don’t believe me, study the Gold Rush. Except for the Japanese, all those groups have been here from the start, and the Japanese started coming as early as the 1920’s.

I object to seeing my state going from 75% White to 43% White because in a lot of ways, it’s been a negative change. Almost all of this change was due to mass immigration, not breeding.

Commenter Mort Goldman, a well-known actor, says he would support paying people with high IQ’s to have kids, and he says that Singapore does this right now. The Left, and society in general, will never get on board with even the most reasonable Eugenics that Mort supports. It will never happen.

As America becomes less White, the theory gets more and more doomed. Any US Eugenics project would reward Whites and punish Blacks and Hispanics for having kids. No way will Blacks and Hispanics ever go along with this.

I would support rewarding the college educated for having kids. AA gets you some benefits. BA gets you more, Masters even more, and Doctorate the most of all. We could possibly sell this to non-Whites by phrasing it as the rewards of getting an education. Once again, though, most rewards would go to Whites, and Blacks and Hispanics would get comparatively little. I can see the protests already.

Truth is that Nazis ruined this Eugenics stuff at least for the moment and for the foreseeable future. The fact that most Eugenicists are viciously racist Whites makes the theory not only unpalatable but even less likely to fly, much less get off the ground.

I’m fascinated by the fact that so many Eugenicists are Holocaust Deniers, Holocaust Deniers in general being neo-Nazis of one sort or another. The Holocaust, in exterminating the Jews, the best and brightest of Europe, was one of the most profoundly dysgenic acts in modern history. How so many Eugenicists support the most outrageously dysgenic act of the 20th Century is a mystery, but once again implies that the “humans” who support Eugenics, if not the theory itself, are no good.

That’s all there is to it. It doesn’t matter if Eugenics is a good idea or not. It won’t fly in a democracy. You could probably only put it in a dictatorship.


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