Russian Neo-Nazi Beheading Video

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Bad reactions have been reported by those watching this video.

They are:

Vomiting, loss of appetite, rage, sadness, nausea, dry heaves, stomach pains, nightmares, feeling suicidal, fear, shaking, trembling, rapid heartbeat, dizziness, chills, headaches , inability to move, spinal chills, churning stomach, anorexia (weight loss due to not eating), flashbacks, insomnia, crying, laughing and crying simultaneously, agoraphobia (inability to go outside), anxiety, depression , loss of consciousness (passing out), urinating on oneself or feeling one is about to urinate on oneself and inability to stop thinking of the video.

Many viewers have said that they were sorry they watched it in the first place and are warning everyone else not to watch it. Be careful if you email the video link to others – people have reported angering their friends by sending this to them.

Other fears were more spiritual: some feared that watching this had permanently harmed their souls. More commonly, people said that they would never be able to forget this video as long as they lived. One person has said that they will never be the same after watching this video. Another said they will be frightened for the rest of their life. Others are saying that they will be scarred for life.

A few long-lasting reactions, including reactions that look like anxiety, depression or a combination, lasting rarely for months but generally for a much shorter duration.

One hospitalization has occurred due to this video. A worker watched the video in his office, was so upset that he went outside to have a cigarette, and was shaking so hard, he could hardly smoke it. He then fainted and hit his head on the sidewalk, knocking out some teeth. If you faint easily, do not watch this video!

If you think you may react in any of these ways, please reconsider whether you really want to watch the video.

This horrible video seems to be a Russian Nazi reaction, in part, to horrible videos made by Chechen rebels recently in which they behead Russian soldiers.

One of the worst of those videos ever made is Six Russian ConscriptsItalian translation (E’ disponibile la traduzione italiana di questo articolo, intitolato Nessuna Pietà per i Russi!). French translation (en Français). Portuguese translation (em Português). In my opinion, it is much worse than this video.

New information has just come out proving that this video is real and not a fake. Kistaman Odamanov, a Dagestani, saw the video on the Internet and identified the man who was beheaded as her brother, Shamil Odamanov, 23. Furthermore, the rest of Shamil’s family and many acquaintances in his village also recognized him in the video.

Shamil went to Moscow to find work and possibly a wife in 2005. He disappeared in mid-April 2007 and has not been seen since. This implies that he was kept alive for three months somewhere before he was killed in mid-August.

Kistaman recognized Shamil by his face and the clothes he was wearing. Russian law enforcement has found where the opening scenes of the video were shot, but they have not found where the executions took place, nor have they found any bodies, blood or other forensic evidence.

Nevertheless, authorities are now treating this case as a homicide. German law enforcement is also involved, implying a German neo-Nazi angle. The Tajik in the video, who appears to have been executed by shooting, has yet to be identified.

Much more on the story that the video is real and not fake on my blog here.

Many have asked the name of the song in the video. The song is “Rus” by the Russian folk-pagan metal band Arkona.

This is the Russian neo-Nazi decapitation execution video that took the Russian Internet by storm in early August 2007 (the video topped search engine and blog hits for Russian sites). The video is titled The Execution of a Tajik and a Dagestani. It’s a video of Russian neo-Nazis executing two “Blacks” – that is, two White men – one from Dagestan and one from Tajikistan .

For an inquiry into whether or not reasonable people would consider Dagestanis and Tajiks to be White, see my meditation on the subject here.

This video aroused tremendous controversy on the Net for a short while after it appeared. A group called either National Socialism/White Power or National Socialists of Rus claimed responsibility for the video, but authorities said they had never heard of either group.

Rus is the name of the ancient Viking state centered around Kiev – the Kievan Rus. This was the first Russian state, and the name Rus is widely used by nationalists instead of Russia.

A similar neo-Nazi group, the Russian Nationalist Party, can be seen in Youtube videos here and here . The latter video at least has some great music.

This video is well done at least, with some great heavy metal music playing in the background. It was shot in early August 2007, soon before it was released on the Internet.

The video was originally posted on the Russian version of the Live Journal website by a user named vik23. Western news reports say it was originally posted there by a user named “anti-Gypsy,” but he was just one of the ones who reposted it later. It subsequently appeared on many Russian-language neo-Nazi internet sites.

It was quickly removed from most of the sites where it was found, and the National Socialism/White Power site (the name of the group that committed the murders) was overwhelmed with hits.

The video opens first with a Nazi flag and a machine gun sound in the background, then a shout in Russian of “Glory to Rus!”. Then it shows a pan of a Russian town in the countryside. Next it shows a lake surrounded by a forest.

The camera zooms in on the forest and shows two men bound, gagged and hogtied on the ground.

One man is clearly terrified. Next it shows the two frightened men apparently saying, unprompted, in heavily accented Russian, through their gags, “Russian National Socialists arrested us,” as they are bound by hands and legs, kneeling, in the forest. There is a large Nazi flag in the background.

The video then shows an extremely unskilled executioner – a masked man in combat fatigues – coming up behind one of the captives and grabbing him to the same shout of “Glory to Rus!” He then starts sawing the poor guy’s head off, but does a lousy job of it.

The poor guy screams a bit at first. Yet the incompetent executioner spends far too long – 90 seconds – sawing the guy’s head off.

There is controversy about the grunting and gasping sounds you hear as the guy’s head is being sawed off. Some say it is the executioner panting in frustration as he tries to saw off the poor guy’s head. Others say it is the victim himself inhaling blood through his throat or lungs. I’m not competent to judge who is making those horrible sounds.

Finally he chops the poor sod’s head off and then tries to put the head on the decapitated body, but the head keeps rolling off the body. He needs to take lessons from Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, who did an excellent job of balancing US Apache helicopter engineer Paul Johnson’s decapitated head on the rest of his body.

Finally, we are shown the other hostage bound and gagged. There is the same shout, “Glory to Rus!,” and he is quickly dispatched from behind with a shot to the head, whereupon he topples into a freshly-dug grave. The video then shows two Nazi bastards, completely covered from head to toe, giving the obvious salute in front of a Nazi flag.

Originally, Russian law enforcement was divided on whether or not this video was real, then they decided it was fake, but recently there is proof that it is real, and Russian LE is now treating the video as evidence in a homicide case.

I never thought it was fake because you can’t fake a video like this unless perhaps you are a major motion picture company with a large budget.

One man was arrested for distributing this video. For more on him, see my post here.

Some wonder how any Russian could possibly support Nazis, given that they invaded the Soviet Union, an action that resulted in 27 million Soviet deaths, 4½ times more than were killed in the Jewish Holocaust© that gets drilled into our heads day and night.

To understand how a Russian could be a Nazi, one needs to understand the nature of the bloody fascist-Communist struggle in the 20th Century, a history covered up by anti-Communist cant for the simple reason that the fact that no one fought fascism like the Communists would make Commies look good.

Study the history of the 20th Century from a real historian, not a professional hack like so many nowadays, and you will see that Communists and Nazis had one of the worst hate-fests of the past century.

Those 27 million Soviets did not die in WW2 because the USSR so loved the Nazis that they gave the world 27 million of their only sons and daughters. The same tapestry was played out everywhere in Europe during WW2 – every time the Communists and Nazis faced on the war-field, the bodies piled to the sky and the atrocities – on both sides – were too numerous to count. This was no lovers’ quarrel.

The mad, lunatic Nazi invasion of Russia was genocidal in intent and praxis, especially towards the Slavs, whom Hitler considered to be untermenschen.

They were seen as an inferior race, a weak “slave race” unable to defend themselves. In particular, Hitler, in his manic and crazed anti-Semitism, felt that (Russian) Slavs had allowed themselves to be enslaved by Jews. He meant the “Communist Bolshevik Jews” who Hitler felt ran the USSR.

Since only a bunch of no-good Commie human beings were being genocided during the Nazi invasion of the USSR, this episode has been widely ignored by Western history books. Would Stalin have lost, probably 10’s of millions more people would have died in the USSR and elsewhere, Nazism would have been much more successful, would have menaced the world, and may well have conquered it.

The Nazi project was clear; as bureaucrats, they wrote it down. The Slavs (yet not the Estonians, the Caucasians, Cossacks, various types of Turks, Uzbeks, Kazakhs, Turkmen, Azeris, Tatars, Kalmyks, Karachays, Arabs, Armenians and Georgians) were inferior, to be replaced by Germans through starvation, murder, enslavement and deportation, with the resulting depopulated lands to be given to the Germans for their lebensraum.

During World War 2, 6 million dead Poles (only 50% of whom were Jewish), or 30% of the population, were killed. Similarly, in Belorussia, 25% of the population was dead by the end of the war. In Russia, 27 million were dead, 15% of the population. All of these were “Slav” nations to the Nazis.

Stalin’s mad purges of the late 1930’s were to some degree wild attempts to stave off the emerging Nazi threat by purging and even executing Trotskyites and Bukharinites who were not only openly sympathizing with the Nazis but were also advocating a Nazi invasion of the USSR, if you can believe that.

So the Stalinist purges, criminal and insane as they were, must be seen in the context of the looming Nazi invasion. Yet most of the victims of these purges were innocent people.

Without Stalin, it is dubious whether or not we could have defeated Germany. For instance, 89% of Germany’s casualties in WW2 were at the hands of the Soviets.

Stalin’s initial retreats were completely sensible.

Behind Russian lines, in occupied Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine and White Russia, a good number of people supported the Nazis. They gleefully joined in the Jew-killing and Commie-killing and fought alongside the Nazi beast. Entire Soviet units went over to the Nazis, especially during the Stalingrad siege, where 50,000 Soviet volunteers fought alongside the German monster.

The fate of the nation and many of its residents was at stake. This was no time for namby-pamby talk of human rights. Justice was swift for Soviets who defected to the Nazi enemy, just as it was for the collaborators from other lands, and as the Soviets pushed the Nazi criminals back in the East, many a traitor and collaborator got a swift bullet to the head. Wail about human rights all you want. This was a war. A war to the death.

Yet never had the Soviet people supported the regime in greater numbers and with greater passion than during WW2.

The notion that Stalin during WW2 was an anti-Semite (parroted mostly by paranoid ultranationalist Jews and crazed anti-Communists) may be laid to rest. As one Soviet author put it bluntly at this time, “You are either an anti-Nazi or an anti-Semite.” The line was drawn.

When the Red Army came into Eastern Poland early in the war, they were wildly embraced by the Polish Jews, an action that Polish nationalists have forever condemned them for. But these Jews were not stupid. They knew their enemy, and he was not named Uncle Joe. He had a little mustache, a jerky walk and an outstretched right arm. The USSR was a potential savior of these Jews, and they knew it.

Every educated Jew nowadays knows how indebted he is to Napoleon. It’s too bad they don’t feel that way about Joseph Stalin too.

Joseph Stalin may have saved all of today’s Jews from Nazism.

Joseph Stalin may have saved all of today’s world from Nazism.

On to Russian neo-Nazis. With the fall of Communism, the Russian neo-Nazi movement came into full bloom as the economy collapsed, and the search for scapegoats began.

The Chechen War made this worse, and the cruelties of the madder Chechen rebels probably drove this incident – they have beheaded some Russians on and off-camera. And Muslim terrorist attacks continue in Russia.

“Blacks,” or people from the Caucasus, are hated throughout Russia, and there are regular murders of them. More recently, there have been attacks on African Blacks, Asians and mixed-race people. The authorities do little or nothing to stop the killings, since they support the mindset behind them.

Neo-Nazi racism is so big in Russia that it is hard to comprehend in a US context. Already by August 2007, the time of the video above, in Russia there were over 50 racist murders of Caucasians – people from the Central Asian Republics , anti-fascist activists and foreigners – 25% more than the previous year’s – which was already way too high.

Can you imagine such a huge Nazi movement and attendant crimes in the US?

The Russian fascists serve as shock troops for Vladimir Putin, giving the lie to the notion that he is a neo-Communist, and proving, as we Leftists long suspected, that he is just some species of Russian fascist.

Distributed along with the video was a manifesto calling for the expulsion of all “Asians” and “Blacks” (people from the Caucasus) from Russia, and then, curiously, for the independence of all of the Russian republics in the Caucasus such as Ingushetia, Dagestan, Chechnya, North Ossetia, Cherkyo-Kabardino, etc. Here is the full text of the manifesto (from the Chechen rebel Kavkaz Center):

Statement of the National Socialist Party of Rus

We Are Part of an Armed Faction of the Party

1. Our party announces the beginning of armed struggle against the Black colonists and those Russian officials who support them.

2. We consider the expulsion of Caucasians and Asians from the territory of Russia to be a necessity.

3. We feel it is a necessity to grant independence to all the republics of the Caucasus (including Chechnya), along with the expulsion of the entire Caucasian population there.

4. We demand the release of all National Socialists from Russian prisons and a halt to the persecution of Maksim Martsinevich.

5. We demand that President putin (in the statement the name was written with lowercase – KC) resign and hand over all power to the National Socialist government, which should be led by Dmitry Germanovich Rumyantsev, the leader of the National Socialist Society of Russia.

6. We recognize the political leadership of a National Socialist Society (NSS). We are the armed wing, operating independently.

7. We will not stop struggling until power is handed over to the National Socialist government.

Martsinevich is the head of a group called Format 18. He has been jailed since July on charges of fomenting ethnic hatred and threatening violence.

Neo-Nazi violence in Russia is out of control. It’s also very high in Poland, the UK, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Hungary and Estonia. There is much more neo-Nazi violence per capita in these places than in the US.

Growing neo-Nazi violence is a menace to parts of Europe, and especially to Russia.

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    • Liz

      I find it funny that neo-nazis think they have shock value. Hitler’s Nazi regimen has been dead for more then a half a century now and if the current day Nazis had any creativity what-so-every they would come up with a different identity to murder people under. Frankly I find people who follow this regimen to have the intellect of chimpanzee because the only thing they are capable of doing is mimicking the past.

      • American Neo Nazi

        This is a little out of hand sure we dont like them but we dont execute them and try to take over a government not to mention but ther nazis were founded by caucasions! for instance Hitler was caucasion in nature and so was all the nazis since then or untill this.

        • Mescalito

          Hitler wasnt a pure Aryan. And firsthand, American neo nazi jargon is bullshit. I watched Aryans deal dope from mexicans and blacks to their own people for 4 years in prison. You, son, dont know what the fuck your talking about.

        • Daniil Kanieli

          ‘Mescalito’ doesn’t understand that after watching the movie ‘American History X’ and replacing his own story with the films storyline, and saying that it was his life, makes him look like an utter tool.

    • i really thought this kinda peeps died years ago

      but i was wrong still mental disorderd people life on this earth

      • this is bad, but it is only a response from all the evil things that muslims do, terrorism, child abuse etc

        • ..

          Then you think is fair to kill innocent people?

        • greg cavazzini

          Islam is evil? You are evil for judging an entire religion based on the actions of a small number of terrorists. Don’t be a fool.

        • Hans

          yea Youre right.the Fools are ,extreme Right thinking
          disturb people.who say that the holocaust never was happen
          and the sik thinking.used as a excusse ,and had something to say
          too murdered just people ,for what ???
          just only for a sik mind

        • Eric

          Yes muslims are mostly evil, it is the only religion i can think of that in modern day cheer when someone gets beheaded, they have a mentality that goes strait back to the stone age

    • Liz

      I didn’t find it disturbing at all. Like, yeah it’s terrible that THAT still goes on, but the showing of it didn’t bother me.
      Maybe I’m a bad person for it, but that’s just my opinion.

      • Tazz

        I agree i didnt find it disturbing but dont agree with what their doing

        • bill wesleman

          So it’s okay for anyone to view this harmless video then, as long as they are told why it’s wrong beforehand?

          Imo, you both need psychiatric help. It’s a video of a man having his head sawed off by another man with a dull knife, fgs.

          What is the matter with some people that a thing like this doesn’t or can’t affect them?

    • Belmont

      hahah you think that video is bad? that was peanuts… this is where it’s at. better angle.

      • James

        How was that bad? That was funny as hell lmao.

        • james

          this kinda shit sickins me ok i understand people kill and all that but why not a bullet to the dome WTF u have to go and saw the dudes head off and record it really pisses me off and iv been locked up for 8 months so stop trying to talk like your insane cuz you havent been through shit

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  3. cursed

    I did not watch the video. I can understand the impulse of Russian nationals wanting to run foreigners out of their country, but it beggars the imagination that they would rally under the swastika. Along the same vein Israel’s Yisrael Beiteinu party has Russian neo Nazis as well. Amazing!

    Whites who are opposed to immigration really need to create as much distance as possible with all Nazi symbolisms. It’s counter productive in that it nuts up all potential victims, and more importantly too many good men from all sides died under that banner.

    • wesleman

      I won’t watch it either and am grateful for Mr. Lindsay’s painstaking disclaimers. Just watching other people’s reactions to seeing this blue wicked evil on youtube was enough for me to know that I didn’t need to see it for myself.

      Came to this site out of curiosity mainly and am glad that it didn’t kill this cat.

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  6. Israel’s Yisrael Beiteinu party has Russian neo Nazis as well

    Are you kidding? My God! I guess it makes sense in some sick way. We always called them Zionazis anyway.

  7. Mort Goldman

    “Israel’s Yisrael Beiteinu party has Russian neo Nazis as well”

    Are you sure? Can you prove it? Not that the YBs are not bastards, it’s just that antisemitism is one of the major reasons Russian neonazism exists. I wouldn’t be totally surprise; I have it on decent authority that Israeli military personnel trained South African neonazis, who are also antisemitic, but not as their major obsession, I guess.

  8. He means “Russian (‘Jewish’) neo-Nazis in Israel.” That’s a lot more likely. A lot of the Russian Jews hurried off to Israel are barely even Jewish, or not even Jewish, by Jewish law. Why they are in Israel and said to be Jews is beyond me. And a fair number of them are anti-Semites themselves (they don’t feel that they are Jewish) and some of them are even neo-Nazis! Yes, neo-Nazi “Jews” in Israel. OTOH, I believe that they are also fanatically anti-Arab, so it’s possible they might be in YB.

    South African neo-Nazis mostly just hate Blacks. They’re more like White Supremacists. Their beef against Jews is that Jews are all Communists and part of the Communist plot to dismantle apartheid. Charming people.

  9. How about recreating the INDIAN BEHEADING. After all decapitation is those most effective method of shutting someone up.

  10. That’s really you I guess, Tom. Well, what the heck, welcome aboard. It’s not every day we get a celebrity on the blog.

  11. HeadNtheClouds

    What a complicated life all of those countries lead. I myself came from a family of Polish holocaust survivors, but was raised as a reform jewish person in America. Peace & love of the earth & all creatures great & small , were basically the foundation of my upbringing in a reform jewish congregation. It was always about giving more of yourself to help others, called a Mitzvah. My family went to Israel 2 summers ago, & my eyes were opened or beginning to open, to how different these people are from us. I have never heard of a zionist before & what I saw over there was so disturbing & so far from the person I am. I felt so sorry for the children we worked with in orphanages & how their country treated them, all of them. They didn’t know anything any different than what they were living in, & to me, that was really sad !! & also they aren’t allowed to leave Israel (slaves?) you tell me?

  12. Yeah, Zionism really is a contradiction to great secular liberal and leftwing Judaism and Jews in the US.

  13. erik

    this may sound stupid to everything else that happened in the video and what all neonazis are doing but does anyone know the heavymetal song at the beggining?

  14. Arkana “Rus.” That’s the song.

  15. Dylan

    White mutha f****n POWA!

  16. omfg

    shit… i cant believe i watched that.

    Anyone else think he looks like steve coogan? haha.

    The 2nd guy certainly had the better deal.

  17. Samuel

    I could translate it to Danish for you, im practical Danish i’ve been living here since i was 8, you can/may contact me on my mail

  18. hahaahahahmuahahahahahahamuahahauhuahuahu maiuhauhauhuhauhuaha oh shit i peed:D my pants again. gosh dammit underwear i need diapers!

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    • THIS IS DONE TO HUNDREDS OF COWS EVERYDAY. I could just imagine doing this to butchers at the meat packing plants… How would the butchers feel to be in the cows shoes or should i say hoofs? DOWN WITH THE MEAT EATING EMPIRE!!

      • FUCKnazis

        fuck you meats delicious but taking a human beings life is just plain and wrong

      • jv

        Cows are at least killed quick and painless, unlike this guy who was killed with a dull knife…

      • Summer

        I am a vegan, no cows are not killed quick and painlessly, there’s proof of that, but this article has nothing to do with that subject. You’re just making vegetarians look like a bunch of psychotic freaks…

  21. seonaid

    sick fucks,
    who could do taht to another human being over something like polotics?
    i don’t understand why neo-nazis even exsist.

    • the sword of the beheaders

      if u look what chechens did to 4 young russians u’lll now why neonazis exist… the beheading video of 4 russians can be watched on w w w .truthtube. t v

  22. Tom

    I’m praying for the people who were killed in this video. It saddens me to see that people would actually do this kind of thing.

  23. I think they say something about my nation? Can anyone tell me why they kill them so brutal’ ?

  24. Blair

    I’m german, but still
    even this takes things to far. i like to think people like that where gone, but in today’s era no one is safe.

    Sorrow swells for the two unlucky men.
    People like this should be shot. no one should need to go through that.


  25. Hermit

    Apparently i can handle these kind of videos, but after watching it i have decided i could have done with out it i think.

  26. henrique

    man it´s crazy.

    i wont go to russia no way. oh may god

  27. aj

    it was brutal but it didn’t give me the reactions they listed i didn’t know human beings could do that to their own kind not race wise theres only one race in the world and its human race but seriously i was kinda angry at the people who did it

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  29. chuck s

    This is just further proof that man spawned from a shallow puddle. (the big bang) The ideal that we came from a image of God look around every corner and see the same thing i live around 25 miles from Detroit here in Michigan and that video is everyday thing but with out the statement and cuss. As we watched the video did ur blood boil did you feel like you hoped you or someone would do the same to them did you feel your inner animal come alive ask yourself would you like to see these people family have their own revenge.Man once said that in war there should be no rule’s rape and kill all the women and children and leave no else alive burn the town’s and city;s. So that one day the whisper’s of war would be heard no more.

  30. Gengis Khan

    BEL DA MAT !!!

  31. scarlett

    omg i almost watched it i got to the part where they were just about to start and i chickened plz never make me watch it ive already watched 2 girls 1 cup and im scared for life damn it!

  32. I am amazed at people who go along with the murder of over a million Iraqis and hundreds of thousands of Afgans. Not to mention all the other mass killings in corporate wars.
    But go berzerk over one alleged killing.

    • wesleman

      Possibly, seeing such brutal carnage with one’s own eyes is enough to make a person want to project a little about it. Also, it’s not so much the killings depicted (here) in and of themselves which affect people so strongly, but the political motivations and intolerance being practiced by those killings.

      Most people can’t imagine ever behaving so basely and murderously to another human being at all, so that is why their reactions are so strong to witnessing carnage like this, no matter where it was filmed or who committed the atrocity.

    • Larry

      Fuck all towelheads. We go along with it because some of us have lost our own loved to the sand dwellers. Let them rot in hell in my book

  33. When is any killing not intolerant. A criminal act is a criminal act. Getting into the motivation for the act is just a slippery slope.

  34. nicoole

    theyre not nazi.
    They have no idea of what being a national socialist means. Thats completely sick.

    In the beggining I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Lol, but its not that bad…

    Watch it if u have the guts

  35. Jake

    what the fuck mannnnnnnnnnnnn

    how could anyone do that let alone record it

    i feel physically sick now :/

  36. Michael S.

    This was a gruesome video, never saw a beheading before but it was to prove a point. This kind of stuff happens all the time in the Middle East to American soldiers, people should be used to this by now.

  37. ishan

    This was cruel if its true and funny if it was not !!
    Actually it did not make any impact on me !

  38. Roy Ortega

    El ser humano no tiene sentido, esta perdido, buscará y encontrará razones para fustificar la causa que quiera, unos la tranquilidad, igualdad, empatía, amor, dios y del modo que pueda intentará fijarlo como una veradad para todos, otros intentaran aplastar al más debil tan solo por sus distorsionadas convicciones e intentaran fijarlo como una verdad para todos. Homofobos, racistas, sexistas, clasistas, ultraizquierda, ultraderecha, no importa el lugar del mundo, ni clase social, ni raza, ni el periodo de tiempo que nos toque vivir; El ser humano tiene una falla ontológica, en su estructura linguistica más profunda; Crece la ignoracia, aumenta la soledad.
    “El sentido de humor de la vida es oscuro”.

  39. dam

    Its 2 am in Argentina and i saw the video. Its amazing, but I offer myself to do that with animal hunters, poachers, pedofilia lovers, animal trafficants. I wouldnt mind killing all that garbage. Can anybody translate that into English or Spanish?

  40. Ebaumsworld

    i lol’d

  41. butt fart

    whos killing who?

  42. butt fart

    who iskilling who?

  43. butt fart


  44. manne

    nice vid, really liked it, i really get a kick from watching this, very very nice!

  45. Niall

    That really affected me. I don’t think I’ll sleep, I won’t forget that.

  46. Aries

    This is not the first time I watched a beheading video. The first time was on 2007 (different site). First I felt so sick and vomited 2 times. I felt everything around me spinning. Felt sad for a week. But till I watch more of it, then I got used to it. It changed me a lot. I became more vigilant, more observant, more prayerful. Pray for world peace.

  47. Andrew

    I have seen loads of these types of beheading videos and although it doesn’t really bother me to watch it, I still think it’s a barbaric way to kill someone – why on earth can’t they get themselves a serrated knife or something? I’m sure it would get through the bones much quicker.

    The poor souls.

  48. Yess

    That is the way to deal with criminals ! The murdered men are not innocent …

    • wesleman

      Where does it end?

      As long as there are people who will judge their fellow people and administer vulgar justice like this, the human race as a whole must suffer, including you.

  49. comprimised insanity

    I’m pretty sure everyone here can agree…STAY IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY. DO NOT SEEK A HOME IN FORIEGN LAND.You’ll just end up like those two.


  50. didde

    FUCKERS!!! fucking murder!

  51. Ali =D

    Tbh i dont find this video as bad as 3 guys 1 hammer, but i still this this it just stupid. 2 guys following hitlers beleifs they need to wake up and realise that world war 2 ended over 60 years ago.

  52. SomeoneSpecial

    This is terrible..its like the people beheading that guy arent really doesnt even phase them. they dont care.

  53. C

    dude, this was fucking sick, how can any one watch this, bit hypocritical seeming as i watched this, but… hey

    that last one looked a bit fake though, and the nazi saluting bullshit

  54. seska

    Why tape the mouth… i want to hear them scream!

  55. Nomad

    In Russia lives a lot nation ( saha, buryat, chechen, tatar, kalmyk & more) & all oil, gaz there where that nations lives. Russian using they oil, gaz but doesnt wants see them in big citis.

  56. Kyle

    To me this is a action from weak minded individuals who are too scared to show themselves and face what they did with out being embarrassed and caught for doing something this morbid.
    They knew this was wrong and cruel yet due to either

  57. Kyle

    peer pressure or stupidity from others around. Rapist do deserve a death like that maybe even worse but i do not believe you could trust someone who follows the nazi flag in such a cult like way

  58. Erik

    Only watched part of it and toggled the mute. I heard the .. nevermind. I came down to read the comments. I hope they catch the homicidal animals responsible. Because that is what they are. Animals. Then again, even animals have more compassion for each other than this. Beheading is disgusting.

  59. Watch it Johnny Boy. One more like that, and I ban your White ass.

  60. nicole

    can someone please explain to me who these killers are, and why exactly they did this?

    • Hi Nicole. It’s in the post. They are Russian neo Nazis, and they hate everyone who’s not White. These two are non-Russian immigrants and Muslims, so they executed them. They’re fascists who hate immigrants.

  61. ktotheb

    that was fucking amazing…this is what i live for..i wish i could do that to a dirty Jew

  62. ALy

    Haha, this was okay, ive seen better but after seeing this and 2 guys 1 hammer, it just proves that the russian murders are gruesom as fuck. haha funny thing i watch this shit when im only 15 haha, anyways anyone else want to send me anything else post it in here and ill check that shit lolz.

  63. kaus22

    bahaha that shit is funny

  64. david

    this made my day terrible like i feel like crying or throwing up or both how can someone be filled with so much hate? i love and pray for each and everyone of you to just show some love cause seriously thats what we need the most no hippie bullcrap just some hope for abrighter tommorow

    • Eric

      I most certainly feel sorry for these 2 kids (mostly the one beheaded).
      now if they were DEA agents the scum who arrest innocent people for nothing more than taking a drug in the privacy of their home which hurts no one, so if they were DEA agents I would have laugh and love it as anyone who jails the innocent deserve worse than this, i would love nothing more than to behead some scummy DEA agents as they deserve anything they get…

  65. jebrail

    i feel sick, how could they do this!!?
    im scared .i think im goinna have nightmares now.

  66. Listen, you’re banned ok asshole. I have a trust fund and I don’t need to work. Now fuck off away.

  67. Berticlez T. Goat

    FUCKING brooootal!!! Hahahaha

    Whoop Whoop!

  68. ragozzi

    If you are an aryan, you have nothing to be afraid of. These guys won’t touch you. If you are not an aryan, stay away from Russia, you are not wanted there. It’s elementary.

    • Eric

      I’m aryan, and i don’t condone this, as i said before if it were a narcotics task force or DEA, it would have been soooo funny.
      how come we never see any people beheaded that actualy deserve it in these videos, i want to see a DEA agent of someone in a narcotics task force beheaded. it would be justice for all who’s lifes were ruined by these big headed power hungry animals, that make your private life and what you spend your money on in your free time their busness.
      “the country will never be free as long as a DEA agency exsists”

  69. Mike

    I find reading others comments more interesting than the clip. It amazes me that so many people get upset at this.
    Call me a cold blooded basterd but people die every day, the only way I would get upset if this was a family member. Hopefully the cops there will be able to get the guys that did it, murder is murder no matter how done.
    Sometimes more brutal than others.

    • ibrahimbegovic Akram

      The cops can’t do shit, neither can the forensics. These people are brutal, but they are probably intelligent people. They’re smart. They are ALWAYS gonna be one step ahead of some stupid Coppers. They leave no evidence, no blood. Only way you could catch’ em would be while they’re doing the act. And for that to happen you would have to surveil Russia Entirely. then you would have to watch the entire border. Too complicated. Russia is to big.

      • Eric

        True and you can’t expect the pigs to do anything unless someone was abusing drugs in the video then they might try to capture them, because we all know that drugs are a more serious crime than something of this nature. i mean there were only 2 people killed in this video it’s not like they were doing some heiron or cocaine in this video then it might be taken seriously.(FUCK THE DEAD AND ALL WHO SUPPORT THEIR CAUSE”

  70. Rob

    I doubt that this is real. Even if it is “confirmed” to be real by the russian government. Yeah, you can take the government’s word for it, eh? Even if it is real, does it really matter? I’m not saying that they should’ve killed the guy like that. I mean, have a little bit more honour in it and just painlessly shoot him the back of the head. But that’s just how “terror” works. they had to do it in a gruesome way to get their point across. However, they could’ve just shot them, and their point would have still gotten through. but that is only IF the video is real, which I still doubt. I don’t condone nor support beheadings, but this video should not be taken very seriously. Forget what you’ve heard about the video. It is seriously up to you to believe if it is even real or not. Use your instinct, not grapevine gossip.

  71. Rob

    Like that matters if its real or not. all of the internet sympathy for the poor guy means nothing for his family and relatives. It won’t undo what has happened already. Bad stuff happens. we can’t keep it from happening any more than trying to keep the sun from rising. Life’s a bitch, and then you die. I apologize to anybody that reads this and believes me to be a heartless monster. But that’s just the truth.

    • wesleman

      Weighing in once more on this — apologies in advance to the site monitor.

      I do believe that the point of this blog is to point out the reason why this atrocity happened in the first place, and I think that he’s done a fine job of trying to explain that much. If people just can’t get it, it’s their loss really.

      It’s a highest quality blog and most of the comments here (to this post particularly) are fascinating to me, in a sociological kind of way.

    • Thx Weselman. That is surely the purpose of the site and this post. We are not trying to pander at all, honestly. However, this was a famous and topical even and therefore it has a right to be documented and especially explained.

    • ibrahimbegovic Akram

      People in this threat isn’t affected by the fact they’re killing people. They’re affected by the fact that is done in such horrible way. people gives just as much of a fuck if anyone dies just like you. Fuckers are selfish; they’re affected because it affects THEM

  72. S!LVER

    cowards …. pure cowards … are the trash of humanity .. NAZI SUCKS !!!!!!! do not show the faces??? cowards ….
    NAZI = garbage rubbish waste cowards…

    • Yes you are right,fucking Nazi,s
      when they show there faces,s
      ”sTANDING fORWARTS”like a hunter whit A
      Elefant ,show the flag whit a face
      not anoniem .its cost unfortual two .or more lives
      but no face .no regonition .for why ,or standing for ,standing for.for nothing.must whe believe that there are standing for nazi,s.they are even no what thats is.dont even heard about history
      copy only something .what a historic writing can do .for spygriatic mother fuckers
      they only let see.what a sick mind ,lives in a world.whe live in .kind off people is a maybe neigbor. God Lives,they are be punischd
      or someday they gona be grazy,of there own things .and hopely lose there mind .and died alone
      my great respect for the family .who must live whit this Loss off there son,and i will pray for the unknown Guy.

  73. Anti nazi

    En todo el mundo la escoria nazi es igual
    Mueranse nazis culiaos

  74. Syazel

    I can translate your post in spanish,

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  76. Pingback: No Mercy For Russians Video « Robert Lindsay

    I wish we were more innocent, its so sad to see what we have become. I feel so impotent watching this and even more reading some people who enjoy this.
    There is a big part of me that regrets having seen this.

  78. F*CK WhitePPL

    man i thougth this stupid revolution ended with the death of that deformed-mustache guy hitler. what are they trying to prove, they’re not oging to take over teh world HAHA. stupid white people these days. tell em to keep themselves locked inside their trailers.

    • Perez Christina

      wow, you really hate white people.

      Don’t you?

    • Grace

      I don’t know if you’re a colored or a little Hispanic person, but if your nasty Mother didn’t put you in 3rd grade, you would know that Russian people aren’t “white.” No one is “white.”
      Whites are indentified as ‘white” in America due to mixed races and possibly fair skin. Not trailer parks.

      PS, if you got dark like black or turd brown Hispanic, you might want to keep your little ass out of Russia. We should behead these mexicans coming in from Mexico.

      No disrespect to the victims, I feel for them.

      • UR MUM


    • Eric

      So you hate white people??? sounds like you do, i was never a racist but people like you make me wanna be, how about you go back to mexico or africa seeing as i don’t know what you are black of mexican either way i hate to break it to you but we are more evolved than you people are, your just mad because while we evolved you were left swinging from trees while we started making something of ourselves and you people didn’t cause you lack the brain power to do even the most minimal tasks so you had to just use the stuff we invented as you could not think of anything other than the taco with the flat bottom (WOW A TACO THAT IS FLAT ON THE BOTTOM!!! DID YOU COME UP WITH THAT ALL ON YOUR OWN???)

  79. fuckin nazis




  81. Experience




  82. Dustin

    Am I the only one who realizes that there’s still no real evidence this is real or not?

    Sure, the one family claims their son was on the video. But the Russian Foreign Ministry claims the video was faked.

    Who are we going to trust here? At best, the official Government agency wins. At worst, it’s a stalemate. You can’t ignore alternate theories just because they don’t fit your sensationalist story.

    See here:

    • Dude, listen. That link is old. Originally Russian LE said the video was fake. Now they say it’s real. It’s not only the victim’s whole family who says it’s him, it’s everyone in his village and everyone who’s ever known him. Russian LE now says the video is the scene of a homicide and Shamil is a homicide victim.

      Now go away and leave me alone and don’t come back until you get your facts straight.

  83. Esteban

    La peor escoria social una vez vista
    son los Neo-nazi, yo creo que ignorantes
    los peores ignorantes de nuestra historia

    Como copiar actos tan fatales , los cuales han marcado nuestra sociedad.

    son una mierda

  84., listen up, you’ve been banned asshole, ok? Bye.

  85. DRAGNN

    is very very impactant this video, omg

  86. Tuesday Morn

    LOL @ Russian neo-Nazis. Poor confused Slavs thinking they’re white. That is like a nigger joining the KKK.

  87. nazi man

    im nazi from country dis iz not true we swich body when camear turn zee other way yes the mans in this video is laughing at ypu guys hahaha stupid americans

  88. ooo wea hermanos son cecos ctm kls bkns

  89. sad_russian

    i’m russian and i can’t understand how people can kill another people because of their race. i’m very sad because of that video and things like that. ok i know that some chechens beheaded russians soldiers. this is ugly and they have to be punished. kill them but why to kill some innocent dark-skin people? i’m asking why you fucking stupid nazi shits?! that people are citizants of russian federation too. they are people like we and they are better then all that neonazists. i really would like to shot that nazi-bestards. fuckin freaks. fight with me not with unprotected young men. russian federation and ALL CITIZENTS of russian HAVE TO FIGHT WITH NATIONALISTS.
    people please don’t be passive. fight for better russia and better world. please…

  90. U FUcker

    I this is so gay.
    this is a shit video.
    Its so gay as the person that made it

  91. ??

    fuckin cunts , the nazis are from fucking ages ago and the two twats in this video think they are nazis, in fact i make a personal hobbie that when i see a nazi support anywere i i beat them to near death and bag there fucking head up. or i will give them a shower 😉 ……. fuckin nobheads

  92. FUN?

    This was a very interesting video it didnt seem to faze me one bit I ve seen much worse life goes on i guess except for those “Nazi bitch” but any way this video was kinda lame

  93. Really?

    Is this what we have all come down to? Killing each each other over silly beliefs and prejudices? There is never a reason good enough to justify the taking of a life. Ignorant, misguided and uneducated fools we are to believe that problems can be solved by violence.
    Every life is intricately connected and interwoven with so many other lives. Just imagine the pain caused to the families and friends, something those homocidal maniacs are obviously ignorant off. I cringe to imagine the final moments of the man whose head got sawed off. The pain, the inhumanity.. bloody bastards.

  94. loveallkinds

    You are sick. We are all humans, and you are sick motherfucker. If they where here i would kill em. fuckin racist’s

  95. chicabee

    Were only human… but this just goes to show how inhumane we all can grow.

    Fxcking douche bags!
    Hope karma takes you’s by the shoulder and throws you into the devils butthole. I cant believe they could take peoples lives because of a skin difference, and how hypocritical can they be.. they are sooo stupid!

    Nah thats fxcked up.

    Karma will do the rest.

  96. steph

    why the fuck are beheading videos even on the internet?
    i feel so sick from watching the first guy get tackled to the ground and then seeing someone try and saw his head off like that.

  97. Look man, I’m going to have to ban you, ok? You’re violating the comments rules. You should have read them before you commented. Bye.

    I have a degree in journalism, BA. I worked extensively for my school paper and school magazine. I also did some freelance work during school, unpaid. Afterward, I worked as an editor of a magazine. After that, I did more freelance work, for some money, writing various things for magazines and small papers.

  98. well, i just watched this and thought hmmm ive seen videos like this a few times. i knew it was wrong, yet i carried on watching doesnt make sense i know, i would never do this to someone, im not sick in the head its just..i dont know. k xxx

  99. Yes of course you are banned. We get more than 2,000 hits a day here. On the combined blogs, we get 66,000 hits a day. I can take criticism just fine. My regular commenters dish it out all the time, but you stepped over the line. I do use constructive criticism to my advantage in improving my work, in fact, in attempted to incorporate some of your criticisms and I modified a couple of posts somewhat in response to it.

    But your defensive attack on neo-Nazism in Europe vs USA makes no sense. Everyone knows that neo-Nazis are huge in Germany, and that 80% of the neo-Nazis on Earth are in Russia. Of course the scene over there is much more vast and open than it is in the US – one can glean that simply with an impressionistic view without having to resort to statistics.

    Please do post your analysis on your blog. Would be great to see it.


    • russian natzi’s a bunch of pussies , they hide behind their boarder lines acting tough! but if they were to ever come to the ghetto with that nazi shit the’ll get smoked quick faggots.. i hate racism.

      • Larry

        Who’d wanna come to the ghetto to look at some porch monkeys? Not me. Racism is a way of life that will never go away. I’m a racist and I’m proud of it. So fuck u and your ghetto. YOU won’t do nothing because everyone knows ONE coon can’t do it him self he’s gotta have the whole ghetto to help.

        • ryansilverideas

          you are disgusting, Larry. It is your way of life, and people like you. Being proud of being racist is like being proud you have cancer.

  100. tucker giberson

    go watch 3 guys one hammer, the neo nazi vid is dwarfed in comparison. you will not sleep alone ever again.

  101. ....

    Holy fuck those guys are fucking barbarians..

  102. gghhg

    Where is the video??

  103. Weed Man

    I’m very disturbed by this video. Just smoke some weed and love your brothers and sisters, no matter what ethnic background they are. Neo-Nazis need to mellow out and stop killing people.

  104. Zomorrod

    I am a Tajik girl living in the USA. I am really happy that i left the fucking country where I spent almost 3 years.
    I hate any form of extremism. The video disturbed me a lot.
    Dirty pigs, may your families be killed by russian maniacs!

  105. Geir

    I reported the video to the police in my country. My hope is that no children gets to watch this. I believe it can make people sick in many ways. So if there are any parents out there, be sure there is no possibility for your children getting to watch it..

  106. Thomas

    That is disturbing. When you first came across this video why did you not just move on and forget you even saw this? What made you start blogging about it day after day? I am by no means trying to trash you for the choices you have made, its just odd to me that you created yet another way to access this kind of trash that should be erased and never posted or hosted again. I would never waste a second of my time trying to make yet another link to this kind of trash that a child could stumble across and click on. I would never have been curious enough to see what the video was everyone was talking about if I didnt come across a link to this blog to begin with. I really wish I never witnessed that video and I will have a hard time getting that image out of my head over the next while. Thank you also for the education on neo nazis, i had no idea that 80% of them are Russians, that blew my mind… Well good luck in the future and I hope I never stumble across junk like that again, Im going to go attempt to sleep. Wish me luck.

    • Purely a traffic thing. At first, it is very, very hard to get a hold of, and I had one of the only copies on the web. Also, I had the best writeup around. So I decided to make an antiracist message out of it. Quite a few antifa sites are linking this thing too, you know.

      It was all about the traffic. Still is, sort of. I’m a PT Barnum kind of guy, sorry.

      Sorry you can’t sleep. Be lucky you didn’t faint like a couple of guys…That’s why I put all those warnings on there.

  107. wesleman

    “Sorry you can’t sleep. Be lucky you didn’t faint like a couple of guys…That’s why I put all those warnings on there.”

    Which again, I have to say I appreciated. Still haven’t watched the video and don’t ever intend to.

    It makes me laugh how many people will drink the sour milk when it’s offered to them and then go ape on the person who offered and also warned them not to drink it in the first place. Your warning couldn’t be clearer:

    “If you think you are going to get upset or worse by this video, DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT watch it!”

    • Yeah, I got lots of furious letters from people upset about the video, so that’s why I put all those warnings on there. I keep changing the warnings, trying to make them more prominent, etc.

  108. Roberto

    Fellow Green from CA, former field organizer for new unions. Eye-opening analysis on Stalin in WWII, especially on the use of the state as a bulwark against an encroaching entity so focused as Nazi Germany. Stalin is what went wrong with CP – but maybe some of that was done out of necessity. This was a tragedy all around.

  109. Madi)

    Wow …this vid is something else. Ive seen it before maybe 5 or 6 months ago with a cousin of mine , until now i haven’t been able to find it. Not that I was looking hard,,just had an unbelieving friend…This video is very real as well as graphic. I almost threw up while watching and Ive already seen it before!!! The song is cool though

  110. white power..keep those scums out of our land and everything will be ok

  111. jacob

    tht made me hungry

  112. SilentWeeks

    Why are people so racist these days, this video is to show you how segregation and hate crimes involving stupid groups can turn out really fucking bad. Robert, I feel how you feel. Dealing with wiggers and fake nazi’s and ignorant people saying some awful things. People, I’m going to laugh when you get abducted by some Rebels and pirates. And when your in the position of a beheading. Your going to wish you had not been so ignorant. It’s 2010 people, grow a sack and stop with the racist shit. Like really.

    • Right on SilentWeeks. Fuck racism! Racism is shit!

      Now what I mean by racism is being unfriendly towards ppl just because of their parents and for no other reason. If you treat them even 1% less because of *who their parents were*, then that sucks. And I’m afraid I might be guilty of it too. It’s something we all need to work on. Racism is not telling jokes or making stereotypes or not wanting to live in a high crime neighborhood due to a preponderance of certain ethnicities. It’s not being afraid of certain young Black men. That’s just being sensible.

      Real racism is about treating people shitty just because and only because of who their damned parents were!

    • SilentWeeks

      Yeah I do agree, I need to work on some inside jokes and random crap like that. It just disgust me like people who throw out ugly words on an anti-racism blog. And I know, we need to stop ALL racism. Appearance, status, and race racism. Once we all stop that, we will live in light. Just as John Lennon said. Although what did the government do about him, trying to deport him for telling the truth.
      Look at Kennedy, look at all the leaders who were going to actually change the world. Look at the world today, we sit hear, hearing ALL sorts of stuff. The Burma war, Chechen War, Beheading’s.
      Iran, Iraq. All the world is shit right now. All the poposterous baffle in the . And yes, it’s not our fault being who we are. Not our fault our skin is this, who our parents love. It’s a privilege being able to walk across the street and buy a soda. Robert FUCK RACISM!!!!!!

  113. SilentWeeks

    Yeah, sorry about my grammar, it’s a little edgy right now.

  114. Michael Porter

    “Look at the world today, we sit hear, hearing ALL sorts of stuff. The Burma war, Chechen War, Beheading’s. Iran, Iraq. All the world is shit right now.”

    I can’t argue with that, SilentWeeks, but here’s a poem to cheer you up:

    And Death Shall Have No Dominion

    And death shall have no dominion.
    Dead mean naked they shall be one
    With the man in the wind and the west moon;
    When their bones are picked clean and the clean bones gone,
    They shall have stars at elbow and foot;
    Though they go mad they shall be sane,
    Though they sink through the sea they shall rise again;
    Though lovers be lost love shall not;
    And death shall have no dominion.

    And death shall have no dominion.
    Under the windings of the sea
    They lying long shall not die windily;
    Twisting on racks when sinews give way,
    Strapped to a wheel, yet they shall not break;
    Faith in their hands shall snap in two,
    And the unicorn evils run them through;
    Split all ends up they shan’t crack;
    And death shall have no dominion.

    And death shall have no dominion.
    No more may gulls cry at their ears
    Or waves break loud on the seashores;
    Where blew a flower may a flower no more
    Lift its head to the blows of the rain;
    Though they be mad and dead as nails,
    Heads of the characters hammer through daisies;
    Break in the sun till the sun breaks down,
    And death shall have no dominion.

    Dylan Thomas

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  116. paul perkinhow

    awesome video!!!!!!!!!!!

  117. Kieran O'Brien

    Please consider:

    While i am not condoning the actions of these Russian neo-nazi slav scum (people who ironically would be exterminated under the old Nazi doctrines of Aryanism and Nordicism), the fact remains that not only were the victims Muslims, but one was a predatory paedophile while the other was a drug trafficker- the paedophile was the beheaded guy, while the drug trafficker got a bullet to the brain.

    Before you feel too sorry for the victims, remember that they reaped what they had sewn- the paedophile would have traumatised many young lives with his actions while the drug trafficker was contributing to the downfall of a society to which he did not belong. In my opinion, this was a revenge execution of two ne’er-do-wells for the beheading of the Russian soldiers by Chechen rebels. However, the Russian soldiers weren’t parasites like these assholes, they were young guys, probably with little choice of where they served and those of you who saw the beheading of the Russian soldiers will probably agree they were even more cruel than those depicted in the link video here- at least these Russian executioners didn’t laugh and taunt the victims while killing them.

  118. Kieran O'Brien

    By the way, i saw a similar video at 16 years of age and it didn’t bother me. I’m 19 years old now, and am living in the United Kingdom, which is a REAL shithole thanks to multiculturalism, immigrants taking highly-skilled jobs and university places, and above all else, a truly left-wing pandering goverment that has caused untold damage and social devolution to my nation thanks to its nanny state policies.

    Before i am stereotyped as a stupid right-wing redneck or whatever the PC asswipes want to call me, i have an I.Q. of 147 (recently assessed), am not lowly-educated, and have suffered no end in the U.K as many White British nationals have due to this sinister New World Order that Governments across the world are enacting through Fascist policies that are masked as socialist ideals.

    Increasingly in my country, whites are becoming second-class citizens to immigrants, who seem increasingly to share the money and power with the white toff fuckstains at the top, while the white working and lower-middle classes get shafted. How is that right?

    I can see big racially and religiously-related problems coming, and i fail to see why i shouldn’t support the far-right in the upcoming struggle.

    Any Stormfront guys on here?

    BTW: I am English but of Celtic Irish descent (my dad still has the accent!)

    • Olivier

      Kieran, having a high IQ doesn’t make someone smart or sensible. There are plenty of predatory paedophiles with very high IQ’s, a little damage to the pre-frontal cortex can make geniuses act like murderous monsters without losing any of their rational thinking skills (on the contrary even). If you’re not the least bothered by videos like this an MRI scan might provide you with valuable insight in the workings of your brain.

      BTW: I am Dutch of Germanic descent and i would surely marry a dark-skinned girl, we’d have beautiful kids!

    • That’s not true what Kieran says about the victims. They were just innocent people. They were killed due to their race. The Nazis made up these lies afterward about them being drug dealers, rapists, pedophiles, etc. after they got heavily criticized for killing these guys.

    • Ibrisagic Ekrem

      There is absolutely nothing i repeat NOTHING worse then people bragging about being intelligent. If your an intelligent guy don’t go bragging about it – Prove it instead of talking about it on the net. I could as easily say right now that i have an IQ of 180 and claim that it’s recently assessed, but that don’t make me smart does it? If you’d told me that you’re a smart white boy to prove a point i wouldn’t mind, but you did it just so that everyone would know that you’re intelligent.

  119. Ginger

    i think the neo nazis are a discrace to the human race bunch of wimps

  120. Kieran O'Brien

    Olivier: ‘having a high I.Q. doesn’t make someone smart or sensible’.

    Actually, i’m pretty sure that in I.Q. testing (generally comprised of verbal, non-verbal, working memory and general performance tests) a higher general I.Q. would indicate both higher general intelligence (‘smart’) and higher verbal reasoning skills (‘sensible’). If you are saying that holding morally controversial viewpoints automatically invalidates someones’ proven intelligence, i’d say you are some way of the mark. Mixing morality and intelligence, may be your subtle way of dismissing what you deem as ‘undesirable’ viewpoints by vindicating their sources as somehow foolish or irrational.

    I only included my I.Q. to stop instant dismissal of myself as some sort of moronic neo-nazi redneck with no education and a family history of inbreeding. I wasn’t attempting to brag or compare penis size with anyone else on here.

    • alpha unit

      Compare penis size? Gracious.

    • Robbie

      Kieran, I too am from the UK. Yes, i do agree that immigration was becomming a problem here but if anything I believe most jobs you believe belong to fellow ‘Britons’ have gone to Polish immigrants. Ironic isnt it? Seeing as Poland is also having a crisis with wide spread racial attacks. Also not that its of any importance but I find it hard to believe your IQ is 147. If so why are you not part of the Ludomind Society? Even so Hermann Goering had a fairly high IQ (placing him in the 99.5th percentile) but it still didnt stop him from getting hung for his actions. Just because on paper you may be clever doesnt mean your views should be respected. Its not having intelligence. Its knowing how to use it.

  121. Kieran O'Brien

    For those of you doing the ‘SHOCK-HORROR’ dramatic thing in your responses to this, you clearly don’t realise that in some parts of the world extreme violence is part of daily life. Women are raped, tortured and mutilated, children are shot dead like dogs, it’s nothing new.

    The fact of it is that western society was developed through terrible violence; Christopher Columbus and associates wiped out approx. 95 percent of Native Americans that were living in the ‘New World’ at that time. That dwarfs the Holocaust it terms of tens of millions killed. The slave trade resulted in unbelievable human suffering, yet contributed to the wealth of western nations today. People are dying as we discuss this video, directly as a result of the global wealth inequality that the West has caused. How many of us lose sleep over all of those people…exactly. This video was a comparatively mild example of what truly goes on/has gone on out there. Ultimately, even if violence isn’t the only way to instigate change, just remember that our lives of comparative western extravagance were built and still are built on violence and the suffering of millions of others. And grown adults are ‘fainting’, having ‘suicidal thoughts’ and losing sleep over these two men. Kinda puts this vid into perspective, doesn’t it?

  122. Hey look Kieran, Alpha’s an author on the site, and you don’t get to insult her, ok? Do it again and I ban you.

  123. Uncle Milton

    To Alpha-Unit:

    Compare penis size? Gracious.

    Sounds kind of gay…or is it Ghei..? (As in the bad form of gay…)

  124. vuestra puta madre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  125. John

    Stop banning people for completely rational and thoughtful posts, Robert.

  126. John

    Why did you ban Kieran? He was making many valid points in a Devil’s Advocate kind of way. Just because he retaliated towards alpha unit for a frankly pathetic reply to his post, you banned him. For a so-called left-winger you sure seem to ban everyone you don’t agree with. How about people read the entirety of his posts and comment on the bulk of the content sensibly. And the comparing penis size thing was OBVIOUSLY metaphorical- the similar phrase ‘dick measuring contest’ refers to constant one-upmanship- are you that retarded that you took that in a literal way? Maybe Kieran should be an author on this site, his points are as valid as anyone else’s (if not more so IMO).

    • We allow freedom of speech here, but Kieran insulted Alpha, and you can’t do that. You can’t insult Alpha and you can’t insult me. Other than that, there’s not a whole lot of rules here.

      • Robert that’s just silly. Kieran wasn’t even really insulting anyone, just making a point (if you read the comment properly). And it’s not the first example i’ve seen of you banning random people for un-logical reasons.
        For your own sake i think you should stop banning people for not agreeing with you… And whats, all that “there’s no video on this blog” stuff about? To me it seems pretty silly that people can’t speak out what they want without you breathing them down their necks every second, and (i know you will probably consider this an insult, but with your thinking in mind, i have probably already insulted you several times, so i don’t really care) that whole, i’ve done this on journalistics, i’ve done that on journalistics brag further up on the page seems quite off-topic. You should start maturing, because from my point of view, it looks like you just want to reassure your authority over some random internet walkers, and ban a few people so you can appear to be “in control”, which has nothing to do with left leaning ideological thinking either, which you claim to support, but oppose in what you say. Thank you, you can ban me now, i just wanted to get it out of my head 🙂

        • Alpha Unit requested the ban, not me. I wasn’t too happy about it, but he did violate the Comments rules, and Alpha has ban rights. Kieran has the right to petition his ban anytime he wants to. He just has to write me and ask.

          I’m not banning you. This comment doesn’t violate anything. If you read the comments, regular commenters disagree with me all the time. It’s allowed!

      • However… i completely agree that Kieran was talking bullshit most of the time, i was just pointing out, that i didn’t see where the insult thing came from.

      • tram planson

        thats exactly what i would expect from the left. “freedom of speech but you cant insult A, or B, or C…..or Z” and then you have nothing left. freedom of speech is exactly that, and i will realize my rights prescribed by the constitution.

        On another note, this video is sick. It makes me wonder how humanity is still alive today.

  127. John

    Sorry, i was very drunk.

    • wesleman

      Your post was still offensive, even by my normally drunken standards. If it was up to me, I’d ban your racist ass.

  128. John

    I’m sure the ‘suck my unit’ thing was a reference to the movie ‘Tropic Thunder’.

  129. wtf

    Wow pretty gruesome video.
    I’m 15, wasn’t affected by it whatsoever.
    At first I thought it was fake but what can I say?
    There will always be sick people in the world. Not too much we can do about it

  130. vladdracula

    I am from Romania,and along time ago there was a king that ruled a part of my country 1448 -1476 his name was Vlad Tepes (Vlad the Impaler),i hope that in hell where shortly they will go no matter what religion they have ,they will experience the same thing that the criminals of that age experienced in my country from his majesty Vlad .I hope they get impaled and burn for a eternity in hell for doing those bad thing do those 2 people.May the 2 people how died ,live a eternity in Paradise.

  131. Michael Porter

    wtf, you say you weren’t affected by the video whatsoever, but your use of the words “pretty gruesome” persuades me that deep down you realized that what you were watching was bad – you were just mentally resilient enough not to get upset about it. I’m very glad you weren’t distressed by the experience.

    Could I say though, without wanting to patronize you, you’re a bit young to be watching such stuff, don’t you think? Don’t you have adults to guide you? You’re at some risk of becoming brutalized by the cruel things you choose to watch, and if that happens you’ll stop caring about people and grow up to be a second-rate sort of person, and even a bad parent. Think long and hard about your viewing habits, maybe, before you do yourself some damage?

    Me, I haven’t watched the video under discussion, and I never will. But about three months ago I was reckless enough to watch the killing of the Russian conscripts in Dagestan (so really, wtf, I have no right to be lecturing you about what you watch, have I?) I was so freaked by what I saw that for about twenty-four hours I was in danger of a serious psychological breakdown. The worst day of my life, without question! Fortunately I decided to appeal for advice to a guy connected with this blog, and he responded with generous words of encouragement and some very sound observations. His kindness and wisdom rescued me from the worst consequences of my own stupidity, but I will be haunted by the Dagestan video till the day I die.

    My response to the merciless crime I witnessed is straightforward. If God told me to harm another human being, then I would reject God, it’s as simple as that. I would rather lose my chance of paradise than hurt one of my own kind. Jihadists and Crusaders everywhere take note: it is wrong to kill, even if you believe that God himself ordains it. We mortals need to stick together. “We must love one another or die!” (W H Auden)

    Take care, wtf. Sorry for being a drag. Have a good life.

  132. Michael Porter

    To American readers of this blog:

    Kieran O’Brien claims that over here (UK) we have “a truly left-wing pandering government”. I only wish this were the case! In point of fact we haven’t had a left-wing government worthy of the name since Harold Wilson left office in 1976 and James Callaghan promptly set in motion a shift to the right that culminated with his picking a fight with the lowest-paid workers in the country, during the so-called “winter of discontent”. The Obama Administration is WAY to the left of our present lot, though perhaps I do your awesome President no favours by saying this?
    As for Kevin O’Brien’s whining about immigrants lording it over the mass of the British population, don’t be misled. The majority of immigrants here live in the poorer London boroughs, or in depressed areas of the North like my home town of Burnley. Those of Pakistani extraction feel increasingly alienated by our foreign policy adventures against their co-religionists. Their position in British society is not enviable – politically and economically they don’t exert the influence they deserve by virtue of their numbers. When they try to stage protests about civilian casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan the whole country is shaken by howls of outrage, people saying openly, in direct contravention of our race-relations laws, that they’re traitors who want to see British troops brought home in body-bags, that they should be sent back where they came from for not supporting the Army, that their high birth-rate means they’re trying to “out-breed” the whites, and so on. They simply have no freedom of speech here any longer. To suggest that they’re running the show would be laughable, if it weren’t so offensive.

    • Michael Porter

      “Kieran” or “Mr” O’Brien – not “Kevin”! Bad mistake!

    • John

      You’ve angered me with such a ridiculous post full of the same old multicultural lies as the Zionist-Jew controlled media constantly throws at us in an attempt to cover up the fact they are bent on destroying the white race.

      I’m from the U.K, and what YOU’VE said is laughable. So laughable in fact, i can barely be bothered to reply to the points you have made, you pathetic little prat. However, i’ll give it a try, despite the fact that people like you rarely understand having been blinded by a Zionist-Jew controlled education system, Government and media.

      Immigrants who DO NOT belong in the crowded British Isles in the first place are responsible for an extremely burdened NHS, education system, welfare system and unemployment of White Britons. They are responsible for the bulk of the crime on these Isles, as well.

      I could counter everything you’ve said, but people like you never listen. The way you’ve (in typical leftist fashion) adopted an arrogant superior tone despite making so many incorrect observations of life here leads me to believe you’re either an immigrant despite the name you’ve given, or you’re a bitter old leftie who is wealthy enough to live in a rich white bubble with no idea of the reality of life in the U.K. If you were living in Peckham or Birmingham as a young white guy, there is no way you would’ve written what you have.

      By the way, the birth rates of ethnic ‘minorities’ are far above those of the native white British inhabitants here. Five minutes worth of Googling proves that. Coupled with race-mixing, there is a very real risk of the white race becoming extinct in Britain within a hundred years (if not sooner).

      As i’ve said, if i could be bothered explaining to you why you are wrong in everything you say, i would. But you’ll have to make do with this, as i can’t be arsed to attempt to intellectually explain what is really going on here in the U.K to a bunch of stubborn, blind tools who, it seems, cannot even grasp basic vocabulary, spelling, and grammar rules, let alone the concepts involved in explaining why the U.K, and the white race, is on the decline.

      Have fun lying to yourself until it’s too late, you ignorant prick. Just understand that we aren’t all going to be taken in by the ZOG machine.

      • Spoonface

        “…lie lie lie Jew-Zionist lie lie lie insult insult ZOG lie lie urban myth lie lie would correct you but can’t be bothered lie lie lie insult Zionist-Jew would correct you but haven’t got time lie lie lie insult …”

      • ryansilverideas

        you realise there would not be any pakistani’s or whomever if the british didn’t rape their countries of resources in the first place…thats WHY the British left Britain…cuz it sucked and they had to steal to get by again. Europe was in shambles. It is your own faults.

  133. Horible, but,as I’m a catholic,I was brought up with horror stories like the beheading of ‘John the Babtist” or for that matter, the crusifiction of Christ,which for young children were horror stories.and it’s no surprise for me there are ‘people’like that around ,that can kill so easely.
    So luckely I didn’t have a hard time with it.
    Earth looks so beautiful from out of space, and yes…it is,but it’s also a hellish place.
    Good/Evil- Beautiful/ugly- plus/minus….they’re all part of the same coin.

  134. He was in a lot of pain and it must have also been very traumatic. What goes through the mind of a man during such a gruesome and protracted vivisection? Gut Gut

  135. your mother

    See if it were me doing it……… would go something like this………he would be strapped to a table and i would cut all of his toes off one by one with a pair of boltcutters, then give him an ijection of adrenaline to keep him from passing out and begin to strip the skin off his inner thighs with a potato pealer and then pack the woulds full of rock salt. After that set in for a minute i would then flip him over, stuff a funnel in his ass hole and pure muriotic acid strait into his colon. Not done yet, I would at that point drill a small hole inbetween two of his lower vertebrae and slowly insert a red hot pair of channel locks with witch I then grab his spinal coulum and twist 360 degrees. If he was still alive at that point I would jam an explosive charge in his mouth and blow his fucking head off.

  136. ha, the worlds is ending soon anuf anyways so why not go around killing people?

  137. this is senseless act , and will never be the act of
    normal human .

    The killers is hiding their identities behind
    Nazy wear cause they are not having any courage to show themselves .

    the Muslims is strong,tough and not merciful against kafers (disbelievers) … and in same time they are merciful ‘between’ them self .

    this is their true description!

    don’t even try next time to imitate Chechen heroism as its brave and yours is simply coward delivering shameful to your origin !

    the example in this video shows the russian horribleness toward humanity !

    they are cowards and nothing needed to proof that!

    these both martyr are innocent civilians
    while the old original video showing beheading Russian soldier who are stubborn was kafeir and an enemy .!

    i am sure those criminals will never feel safe anymore after this act and they will face their
    death soon or later .

    there is no sorry about the two martyrs ,
    i just feel sorry on those two worthless cold-blooded criminals .

    this video will extend Chechen heroism even more!

    i wish i respected the two martyr more than this .

    our souls with their families , may Allah respect them all .

    i want to add that in truth i cried on them but its not a sorry tears or sad , its out of control tears ., and can’t be described , the first martyr executed is appearing manifesting anger while the second
    sensing with him .

    everyone just “proud” of them !!
    everyone just “proud” of them !!
    everyone just “proud” of them !!
    they Never Died …
    they Never Died …
    They Are happy
    we will never equalize them …… Never …

  138. Richard


  139. Norman, you’ve been banned. Bye.

  140. Levi

    Well I would like to see the fuckin video but since the mutherfucker is this hard to find fuck it and fuck the faggets that say “oooo I watched the beheading from some natzis ” fuckin faggets !!!!!

    it’s just a fuckin wild goose chase

  141. Alex Boranowitch

    those two assholes dont deserve any better.
    I watched this video together with my friends over and over again. we laughed.

    • Michael

      Alex…. RUSSIA SUCKS. You fucking swine. YOUR the one that should die… Those poor innocent people didn’t do nothing wrong. Shamil was just looking for a job in Moscow, trying to get a better life, and ended up being arrested by mentally-retarded people who thinks its cool to kill people. Yeah that’s right, people who does things like this has no INTELLIGENCE whatsoever, and are pure evil.

  142. Jaime

    I don’t quite understand why this video was made?

    Is it real?

    Why are these people killing?

  143. Siegfried

    These People aren’t the Neo-Nazis that Rockwell created, or Hitler’s Nazis. These are just people who are racist and enjoy killing muslims and blacks and etc… The only point of the Holocaust was to kill Jews and Non-Aryans/Whites. This would have been a seldom occurance, as the Nazis just shot them or used gas chambers. I highly dought if these people are even Aryan.

  144. Michael

    Robert, i’m currently translating it for you 😉

  145. patrick

    where can i watch this video at?

  146. Анонимус

    Хахаха, щенки, сритесь больше и так же бойтесь.

  147. samuel welsh

    Neo Nazis
    are racist scum an offence to russia
    should be locked up or shot.
    Africans are beaut folks

  148. Lil' Tommy

    In my experience, the Eastern Europeans generally are not nice people. They are usually very aggressive, they tend to lack empathy, and, for the most part, they are not very pleasant folks to be around. I’ve met a few civilized ones, but I’ve also met a disproportionate amount of Eastern Europeans that have really managed to arouse my contempt.

    I guess the long, dark, freezing-cold months living in bland, uniform gulags drinking vodka don’t do wonders for social development and a charismatic personality…

    • Lil' Tommy

      Isn’t it embarrassing and frustrating when, immediately after you post, you notice a mistake? LOL at myself.

      • I fixed it. I enjoyed this comment. Good one, a cut above.

        • Lil' Tommy

          Thank you very much Robert. This seems a very informative and educational site, and you seem an intelligent, thoughtful, reflective guy.

          I am not prejudiced in any way, and came from a background that taught me to treat everyone as an individual. My life experiences have furthered this- i’ve had White friends, Black friends, South American friends, and Arab friends. It’s just that it seems to me that Eastern Europeans tend to be a bit more hardened and rough than most due to their environment and experiences in the Motherland.

          Has anyone else noticed this?

        • Not sure my friend. See Open Topic up there on top? You might want to throw your idea up there to see what people think of it.

          Russia has always sucked. Russia sucks. It’s really fuckin cold, people are depressed, everything is frozen all the time, including roads, railroads, everything you can think of, it fucks up everything. Read Dostoevsky. Russia sucked even back then, it fact it really bad back then! I mean really bad.

  149. Lil' Tommy


    I mean, to be honest, environment does play a big part in the determination of human behaviour and psychology (for example, SAD-Seasonal Affective Disorder which is a form of depression caused by seasonal climate changes). Even when people such as these Eastern Europeans relocate to the ‘West’, the environmentally-shaped behaviours and personality they grew up learning means that there will be a marked difference in their personalities and disposition.

  150. daz

    fuckin nazi cunts!!!

  151. mistivir

    En Russie je connais pas donc je peu pas trop parlé. J’ai déja discuté avec des russes nationalistes.C’est pareil quand je lis ton article a te lire,tous les nationalistes russes son des skins alors que c’est faux,Russki obraz et puis y a des sites internet nationalistes russes ils ce déclare pas comme skins.Russki obraz ce son pas des néo nazies pourtant il prone une russie homogène maintenant a ce qu’on ma dit ça existe mais ses très minoritaire au niveaux des nationalistes en génétale,toi dans ton article tu dis c’est la très grande majorité des nationalistes alors que c’est faux je nie pas existance.Ce qui de la Pologne c’est invisible comme en France 2010 ça existe mais si y aurait pas des gens comme toi malsain pour essayé de nasifié on serait pas que ça existe.Car meme dans les attaques raciste labas ses pas de néo nazis pratiquement jamais.Donc on serait pas que ça existe si y avaient pas des types comme toi.Vue que y en quelque centaine a traver 1millions de nationalistes pure et dure.Je peus dire que il représente que eu memes ses pas mentir.

  152. bruce

    u bloody basterds,may u rot in hell

  153. This is a messed up world we live in

  154. Disgusted

    I feel disgusted not only that the video is easy to access but also that human life is taken with no regard to teachings or just plain senceful ethics. I Hope the bastards that kill in such a manner or even have the guts to take a human life should suffer with the eternal life of staring satan in the eyes pleeing for him not to torture you anymore. May you die in great pain.

  155. Pussians suck my GEORGIAN dick u motherfuckers..

    U r pussyholes . women bitch, every single black, pakistani, arab, indian fuckin russian girls in UK u cunts .

    russian men pussies .. fuck all of ya racist cunts

  156. Da KiD

    Im 13 Sorry robert…! =] but i felt horible when i saw this video.. You could imagine the familys who had to go threw that loss…! But i read the comments and find out that cheychna i beleive… waz also tortured by russians… that russians do the same… so i would understand why they are doing it I can feel there pain.. my father waz killed fighting for his country… so he did wat he had to do to win this war…! that iz wat chachans are doing.. But they are doing it in the most horrible way they can… But the reason they are is because they kno russians do the same…! If i had a chance to kill the man who killed my father, the same for u if u had a bad loss like a murder you wouldnt kill him? u wouldnt torture him? thats wat cheychan iz feeling…. I no longer feel bad…. Im only 13 and i can understand… Russians do they same they just dont record it… these people record it because they proably want to show there familys wat Horrible things they did so there family knows ThaT They have gotten revenge..!
    Robert thanks for posting this UP I have learned alot…! =)

  157. YCH




  158. Anonymous

    I didn’t realise there was still such strong sectarianism in Russia. While the video only phased me due to the length of time it took (stretched-out stuff is what gets to me), I don’t think it was as bad as made out to be. It’s a shame that instead of lobbying (I don’t know if that’s even practical in Russia, though) there has to be this brutal violence. At least those two obviously died quickly – you could hear the first guy scream for a second or two then nothing. This kind of thing makes it difficult having a buzzcut/”skinhead” because even though it’s just a hairstyle choice, I get labelled as a violent racist. It’s pretty ironic since I’m pro-peace and anti-race. It’s a shame there are irresponsible immigrants to places like the UK who take advantage of social security systems and cause trouble – they make the hard-working ones look bad, and end up stirring racial hatred which ultimately culminates in problems as seen here.

  159. Anonymous

    Some people talking about tolerance don’t seem to understand it…

    “This is done to cows every day.”
    Whilst it’s not particularly pretty slaughtering animals, remember that they are killed for the purpose of survival. That is on a completely different spectrum to murders like this, which are not done out of necessity.

    “These guys are messed up.”
    It’s all about perspective.”These guys” might think you’re the messed up ones for letting foreigners into your country – it’s all about the views of the individual. Now don’t get me wrong – I don’t support murder, nationalism or anything these guys advocate – but everyone thinks differently.

    “If watching this didn’t affect you, you’re mentally ill.”
    Some people cope better with shocking images, like me, or are used to such content. Just because you didn’t handle it well, doesn’t mean that everyone else is mentally “ill”.

    Again, I’ll reiterate: I in no way support what the men in the videos did, nor am I in favour of unnecessary violence or extreme right-wing ideals. I was just saying that we need to avoid being narrow-sighted.

  160. Dave

    I do not recommend this video to anyone!

  161. Atheos

    Don’t you think it is a bit unethical to put this video up and at the same time put up advertising bids?

  162. hey

    im from sweden……..

  163. dutch nazi

    keep up the good work russians!
    me and my friends of holland support you 😉

  164. Hans

    Dutch Nazi ,GO back to school or to a mental klinik .where they can reprogram your brain
    whit some chemical help you getting off, your mental illnis

    • Anti muslim

      I got ur message in my email account but I ain’t dutch nazi i’m Islam is Evil and I named myself dat coz its a vile religion, hateful and intolerant religion, more intolerant than Hilter

      • Hello Anti Moslim,Youre not a Nazi,Applause.i,am Realy Proud off You.why is it a vile religion,can you answer that ,hatefull and intolerant
        is only in your head,more intolerant than can not compair whit that ,whit/National socialisme,are different
        so what is intolerant/tolerance ,just to kill people because they are white.or black or had A anouther religion
        Best regards from The Netherlands

  165. Pietro

    Alright, that is seriously fucked up!!

    I must say that the worst consequence of this video – besides the beheading itself – is the counterpropaganda effect on National movements in general imprinted in peoples’ minds.

    I’m a Nationalist myself (*not a nazi) and I absolutely do not believe in violence as a fair, healthy mean of solving problems. Yet, I am unable to hurt a cockroach without feeling guilty. In fact, this video was really shocking for me.

    I am quite concerned that people may interpret these facts and scenes as being “nationalist stuff” or eventually “a product of nationalist ideologies”. This is not true!
    Try to be more critical and rational instead of labelling whole currents of thought as ‘brutal’ or ‘stupid’ without really knowing them; Try to judge different people and ideas separately; Make an effort not to be so manicheist!

    These guys are disturbing psychopaths. They deserve life imprisonment, psychiatric assistance and maybe a visit to the nearest electric chair.
    Please, do not judge the whole by the part.

  166. "Obvious" "Nazi"

    The killings aside this is totally biased commie crap. Commies where just as bad as nazis, to say it mildly. The dfact that they also where winners of the war doesn’t make them any better. They where performing holocausts of their own in ukraine and the baltic country’s to better induce their doctrine. But as we all know, jews are better that everyone else so it’s ok.

  167. history repeats itself, one day it will happen to them

  168. carlos

    never again in my life will i watch that

  169. Kuski

    what is the name of the second song starting about 1:17 ??????

  170. FuherANDVOLK

    Good job comerades, Long live Hitler, no rest for the demented, unintelligent red pigs

  171. Wade in MO

    “4. We demand the release of all National Socialists from Russian prisons and a halt to the persecution of Maksim Martsinevich.”

    I think that this is the guy who goes by the name Tesak, which I believe means hatchet. Whats funny is that Martsinevich is said by many to be a jewish last name.

    Apparently Tesak has been freed.

  172. ANONIMO

    to see if they are very ,LITTLE MAN as they say around here are welcome !……AND COWARDS……MALE BUT NOT TOO MUCH!

  173. WhiteH8

    Heared a few times that the one beheaded was a child raper and the guy shot was a drug dealer… if thats right they just got what they deserverd… AND DONT FUCKING CRY ABOUT THAT NS KILLING… on ull see the same stuff from nice muslim scum beheading white people and there is more than one video!!!

  174. hal

    I really hate people who are not bothered by this video. i watched the video more than a year ago, it made me hyper ventilate and sick, and i still think about it, and it still make me sick. I think everyone should watch it so that we are all aware of the evil in this world.
    for the people who arnt bothered by it, i would really like to cut your fucking heads, i wouldn’t even blink.

  175. Wade in MO

    Robert, this YouTube video claims that both of the dead guys have been identified.

    The beheaded one is apparently named Shamil Odamanov.

    The one who got shot was named Salakhetdin Azizovand.

    I search the net to see if I can find a more reliable source.

  176. Wade in MO

    Robert, I don’t feel that it is right to post this video in isolation. You need to give people the who picture.

    Below is a link that I have run through the translato BabelFish. It is a book by a russian journalist about violence against ethnic Russians by non-russians. If you keep advancing, I believe that it wll translate each new page. If you go back it seems to leave it. I’ve heard this book talked aobut but have only read part of it so far. It is a rough translation, but it’s understandable.

    “March 2004. Moscow

    Three guest workers from Uzbekistan beat up to [polusmerti] the legless invalid (“MK”)

    The gang of robber- Uzbeks, into which entered father even his two sons, knew how to render harmless recently the detectives [OVD] “Of [khoroshevo]-[Mnevniki]”. Three descendants from Uzbekistan, that earned in the capital by particular carriers trade, attacked the 66- summer legless invalid, they cruelly beat up him, selected 500 dollars. Together with the old man the robbers crippled and intimidated the random witness, in xwho was removed the apartment.

    As it became known “MK”, which suffered involuntarily itself it directed to itself robbers. One of the familiar of pensioner described to it that pass room to those arrived two weeks ago to the capital to the earnings to father and to sons [Ibragimovym]. Entire family dealt with particular carriers trade. Invalid recalled about the taxi driver- Uzbeks, when by it was required to go into another city district in order to obtain money for the apartment, which it passed. In the machine of elder [Ibragimova] talkative pensioner bragged, which obtains 800 dollars monthly from the tenant. The father of family satisfactorily brought together invalid back and forth, and after several days he unexpectedly came unexpectedly to it home together with sons 25 and 27 year olds. Trio severely beat up pensioner and, after rummaging his dwelling, it found in the utility cabinet 500 dollars. Unexpectedly into the apartment to the hackneyed invalid that familiar himself, whom [prisovetoval] to man to hire taxi driver- Uzbeks, glanced to the flame. Robbers at the same time beat witness, after threatening it with death, if the owner of room will not keep silent about that happening. For criminals it was possible to intimidate old men. The woman from the social service reported in the police about robbery and slaughter of invalid. She is alien to visit her under wardship and terrified, after seeing with its half-dead from the beatings. [Ibragimovykh] they detained on the detachable apartment”

    They attacked a legless man….and I thought that they perpetrators of this video were cowardly.

    “July 2005. Nal’chik

    The son of the President of Chechnya arranged fight in the supermarket (“the newspaper of the south”)

    On this they reported in MVD Of [kabardino]-[Balkarii]. Incident occurred already on July 9 in the department store “Nal’chik”, far the 24- summer son of the President of Chechnya appeared in tracking of two people. All three were armed by pistols. When the protection of department store asked them to produce documents to the right of the carrying of weapon, [Alkhanov] and its satellites answered by failure, after stating that they have right to the carrying of weapon and no one has a right to ask documents in them. Then protection asked them to leave commercial bay as a result it arose brawl. The protection of department store reported this in MVD Of [kabardino]-[Balkarii]. Ended incident by the fact that all participants in the fight were delivered into local [UBOP]. On this fact by the procuratorship of Nal’chik is conducted the investigation. [Alkhanov]- young and its protection they were tempered immediately after the explanation of their personalities. The colleagues of the protection of department store “Nal’chik” at the given moment they actively question.”

    The one below really got me.

    ““If this is tolerance, then I it hate!”

    Vladislav [Nelyubin], father of Olympic champion, in this year smoke two times more than in the past, and he will sleep two times less. For its husbands the life completely became nightmare. Them torments not only pain for the son, hatred for the killers, but also offence to the society, in which they live.

    – I always thought that at least communication about death in the Russian press my son deserved, bites lips Vladislav [Viktorovich]. – It in reality came out that the press ignored this event, and only because dimu killed the Caucasians. When its friends turned themselves in the editorial staff, journalists directly told them: “We do not want to kindle national hatred”. And I now do not understand, in what country I live. When in the month to the murder Of [dimy] over the same area they killed Vietnamese student, no one feared to kindle hatred. When they year ago killed Tadzhik girl To [khurshedu] To [sultanovu], hatred for “Russian fascists” harmoniously kindled all media outlets, although now the consequence established that these were simply young [otmorozki], which refer no to skinheads. These crimes acquired such significance, that the murder of Vietnamese investigates special division [GUVD], the matter Of [khurshedy] Of [sultanovoy] takes under the personal control the interior minister, entire St. Petersburg police stands on the ears. But with the murder of my son, Olympic champion, deals usual district division under the control of usual district procuratorship. Because public opinion did not give to this crime of value. No one wants to pass for nationalist. I do not know, those six killed my son or not according to the national sign. But I am confident, that the country, whose honor it so many once protected in all sport arenas of peace, ignored the murder Of [dimy] only because it Russian, and his killer – representatives of the ethnic minority. And if this is called tolerance, then I hate it!”

    Vladislav [Viktorovich] is badly informed. The murder Of [nelyubina] already became more than it is simple by murder. Only occurs this not in Peter, but in Moscow. In the capital metro appeared the nameless leaflets, in which is compared the reaction of authorities to the murder Of [dimy] and the murder Of [khurshedy] Of [sultanovoy] and it is done the conclusion: “For our authorities tolerance is more important than the validity”. Recently public organization “motion against the illegal immigration” arranged the sanctioned picket opposite the building of the Attorney General’s Office. The murder Of [nelyubina] was the basic theme of their turning to Vladimir Ustinov. “Effective investigation and exponential court trial must affirm the [bezuslovnyy] priority of the vested rights of the citizens of Russia before the notorious ideology “of tolerance”, which in reality attends the interests of ethnic criminal associations and illegal immigrants”, it is said in the rotation.

    – You will forgive, and the killers Of [nelyubina] were illegal migrants? – inquired in picket one of the journalists.

    – Legal or illegal, migrants or [nemigranty] – we this do not know, but this is unimportant for us, answered the leader of motion Alexander Belov. – We consider that in any event a change of the ethnic balance in Russia does damage to the interests of indigenous population. Murder Of [nelyubina] not first and not last. If yesterday we could simply quietly live in our country, then today already it is necessary to fight for this right.

    – As?

    – We thus far attempt to make this more or less civilized. But if situation does not change to the best side, rougher forces can study this.

    – You do threaten? – inquired journalist.

    Is not, we is forecast, answered Belov.”

    “As a person in general this story got to me, but even more so as a white american in particular.

    At least, unlike many moron white americans, this man seems to come to the reasonable conclusion:
    “If this is tolerance, then I it hate!”
    At least there are people in Russia who have common sense (unlike the USA).


    The man was not panting out of frustration, you fools. He was clearly breathing heavily from sexual arousal at what he was doing to this kid.

  178. John Doe

    The assertion that the man did not know how to carry out a professional beheading misses the point: If the killer wanted a quick, painless death for this kid, he would have shot him. The reason he chose the method he chose was because he got off killing the kid that way. Also, in response to suggestions that the heavy breathing heard in the video is the killer’s frustrated pants is ridiculous. The killer’s heavy breathing is clearly intense sexual arousal from what he is doing to this kid. He is getting off on cutting this kid’s head off. Watch the video again and listen; it is not the victim’s breathing, as some guessed, and it’s clearly sexual breathing we are hearing.

  179. yourmom

    Great video! I want more like this! The only problems are that the grainy footage kinda makes it look fake, he initial cutting isnt slow enough, and the camera should have been at an angle to better capture their facial expression.

    • hans

      great video when you and your mom
      being in the hole cutting off your insane head
      camera should have been at an angle to better capture their facial expression,great video is it ,sik fool you are

    • sono

      @ your mom
      You are one luciferian psychopath and total idiot on top of that. sick, sick man

  180. John

    I watched the Dagistan video, where the Chechen’s cut the six soldiers heads off and yes that is worse. I am a police officer in a very dangerous country and I have seen it all, even such brutality towards children.
    HOWEVER I have never understood what people get out of cruelty. My work does not afford me the luxury of believing that there is never a time to kill, there is, but by God, a bullet in the head does the job. I think that is when you have lost your humanity, when you enjoy inflicting pain on your enemies.

  181. Pete

    I read it was a reaction of the Muslims doing the same to Russian soldiers?

    • éric

      Effectivement cela serait une réponse a la vidéo diffusé par les tchétchènes musulmans se filment entrain de décapités des soldats Russes.
      N’oublions pas que ces memes tchétchènes n’hésitent pas a tuer des centaines d’enfants pris en otages dans les écoles……mais comme ce sont des enfants blancs cela heurte moins votre sensibilité pro-humaniste non blanc!
      Cela meme qui trouve choquent cette vidéo ce sont en général les memes qui soutiennent bien au chaud chez eux, le massacre des Serbes du kosovo par les musulmans et le dépouillement de la Serbie pour l’unique intèret de l’axe sioniste USA/Israel.
      Si les décapitations vous choques tellement rien ne vous empèchent d’aller manifester devant les mosquées pour condamner les centaines de décapitations commis par vos amis musulmans sur les enfants de votre propre race!!!

  182. Sad and Worried

    Last night, well, really this morning, on the Current channel, they ran a 30 minute documentary on this – through their Vanguard component. To say that I was horrified is to mildly describe my reaction. Thank you for the warnings not to view the video. I have heeded them. I can not help these poor young men, their deaths have already occurred. However, I can protect my own mental state by not viewing this. I have told everyone I have come into contact with, today, about this program. All expressed shock as it is a well known fact that the Russian populace suffered the most under Hitler’s eastern campaign. Any way, thank you for the warning. Just thought you might be aware that it has finally reached mainstream television.

  183. sono

    I’m not surprised by that. During the WWII Ukrainina Insurgent party

    murdered in the most awful, imaginable way about 200,000 Polish people . Many woman, pregnant woman, children, older people. They were being tortured in an awful , awful way. I hope Hell does exist and those who did the crimes wind up there forever.

  184. sono

    I can not comprehend the cruelty of some people. There must be some justice “on the other side”, otherwise nothing makes sense.

  185. noorie

    that was fun to watch! yeaaaah

  186. Murphy

    Not a nice video, at all. If that was my family I’d be deeply horrified. Although this hasn’t fazed me one bit, it is still inhumane.

  187. I could only watch a little way into the video before turning it off, and going to listen to some death metal while I pondered why people could be so inhuman as to do such a thing. And all over race? Honestly, these people deserve a fate worse than death, for doing such inhumane things to innocent people.

  188. “Behind Russian lines, in occupied Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine and White Russia, a good number of people supported the Nazis. They gleefully joined in the Jew-killing and Commie-killing and fought alongside the Nazi beast. Entire Soviet units went over to the Nazis, especially during the Stalingrad siege, where 50,000 Soviet volunteers fought alongside the German monster.”

    I have a problem with this paragraph. First of all, there is no such country named “White Russia”. Secondly, there were not 27mln people killed in Russia, but in the USSR. How come Ukraine is not mentioned? Secondly, part of Ukraine not only fought with the Nazis but actually considered them to be the saviors, who would help them to get away from Russia, which at that time was much worse for Ukraine than Germany. Don’t forget the henocide of Ukrainians in 1933 when more people died because of the policy of the “great” stalin then there were Jews who died during the Holocaust. Same applies to the Baltic states. Too much of an important fact to forget, ha? I mean Nazis were bad, but PLEASE don’t make Russia the good one, it’s ridiculous.

  189. Lescencibia

    Hi, your content is so helpful in my opinion. I will, no doubt keep a close eye on your website. Please do update.

  190. Stoic

    I have seen many terrible things but that was one that will stay with me for life. I can understand how hate can drive people to such acts, but I will never understand the nature and irrationality of ‘race hate’. How can anyone hate someone they don’t know with such passion? Because they have labelled themselves as a nazi and therefore feel honour bound? Because their Mummy didn’t show them enough love as a child? Because they have the one brain cell missing that tells them not to be a homicidal maniac? To be honest, I think it is fear that drives people to such actions. In my opinion, the men who committed these murders were afraid and behaved like cowards. This is clear by the hidden identities. If they truly believed in the Nazi regime, they would not have hidden their identities as they would fundamentally believe that they were right to commit the murders and therefore beyond reproach. They acted due to fear, hid their identities due to fear and preyed on easy targets. These muderers aren’t nazis, they are men who are afraid of the world around them and that they have lost their places in a world that they no longer understand. I pity these murderers almost as much as I pity the victims and their families.

    Having said that, I wouldn’t hesitate to bury a nazi given the opportunity. I’m only human after all…

  191. Wow! Now this was a post which I can agree with 100%.

  192. Bystander

    Go Russia! Only hardened peoples have future
    Slavs are the hope

    Migrants go home, for your own good.

    • Well, there’s the kind of progressive thinking which will help to move the human race into the enlightened age, no doubt!

      Come to think of it, Russia has always been a very progressive country, hasn’t it?

  193. kingjared11

    Most sickest,brutal, inhumane, videos I have ever watched in my life.

  194. Art

    I was very disturbed, but I think people in well to do countries like the US need To see this. I’m sure people in general acknowledge the evils that are taking place in this world. but reading about and talking about it in a Starbucks isn’t enough. Although it was sick and I regret it, this video made me feel more grateful for living Rees free and peaceful society. My heart goes out to that brave man who had to endure that painful death…just terrible

  195. Hassan

    thanks for this article. i can see you’re more than aware of the people who watch this videos’ safety so well done with the warnings. i could only look 50% of the time, the song emotionally appealing to me (which i knew of before the video) is what hurt me most. arkona are a wonderful band they didn’t need such a nice song portrayed this way

  196. In all honesty, this video is NOTHING compared to the 1000+ other beheading/torture videos posted to the internet. Some of you people have your head lodged so far up your own asses that you think the world is just a ray of sunshine — well get a load of reality people; THIS SHIT HAPPENS EVERY MINUTE OF THE DAY. Wake the fuck up, people! This is really what the world is like outside of your safe little home. God does not exist; if he did, why would he allow such barbaric things to happen? Why would he allow innocent children to be raped, tortured, and horrendously murdered. every day? Fuck your god — religion is a virus, and causes humans to mercilessly kill in the name of their god. You don’t see us atheists committing such atrocious acts.

  197. X

    People who say, “people like this should be shot” are just perpetuating the cycle. Retaliation and punishment are stupid ideas. What’s the goal? Stop the problem or get even?

  198. B

    What happened to the original version? I thought there was more to this.

  199. SMDA

    that is like the most horrible thing ever, i became nauseous then again im sure there are worse shit in this world thats how it has become nowadays in a way i agree terrorism is bad thing but unless you havnt seen someone kill someone else then it shouldnt fuckin die this way, for god´s sake he was a fuckin tourist then again who knows what if he was a terrosrist? didnt seem like it though hes not wearing like a fuckin robe or turbant or something like that idk if people learned to love one another and to genuinely care about others, this kinda shit wouldnt happen all the time all im saying is the only people who deserve to die this way are people who have done real bad in the world,

  200. AlanJ

    Its the Braave Brahmins of North India who fell to the Barbarian Sword rather convert to an evil Religion, it is the Coward Lower Castes who converted to Islam to save their filthy lives.

    How about some waking up images to Americans…3755.16494.0.17036.…0.0…1ac.G8ZENuVz1AY#hl=en&site=imghp&tbm=isch&sa=1&q=Negro+Slaves+being+lynched+in+Public+in+the+USA&oq=Negro+Slaves+being+lynched+in+Public+in+the+USA&gs_l=img.3…7042.24800.0.25314.…0.0…1c.CmEtI2LCDLY&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=efcb261a7331a653&biw=1024&bih=645

  201. AlanJ

    The sad fact is after sinning you are lost forever. There is actually no redemption, God forgives only elite beings.

    Once you murder you are linked to the dark worlds, and start sourcing beings from the dark worlds.

  202. vanessa

    That was the most horrific video I’ve EVER WATCHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLZ DO NOTTTTTT WATCH IT!!!!!!!

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