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How To Drive In Rain, Snow and Sleet

I visit and used to live in a part of California that gets lots of all three. For the past several days up here, it has been raining (mostly), sleeting (a lot less) and snowing (just some). Go up the hill a bit, and it starts sleeting and then snowing a lot more. I have front wheel drive (really necessary for driving in that crap) but I hate putting on chains. Here, we don’t salt the roads and no one has snow tires.

People put on snow chains or snow cables instead. I think that’s a royal PITA, so generally I refuse to do it. I’ll just stay home and wait until the snow melts. At this elevation, the snow never lasts long anyway.

I had to drive a bit in the snow on Friday in order to get home. They had a sign saying “Chains Required” at around 1,900 feet, but there were no cops around, so I kept going. The snow was very wet and slushy, you could pretty much drive in it, and there were road tracks cleared in the snow by car tires. I drove very slowly though, and I was pretty scared.

Later, driving into the housing development, you were driving on pure snow, and that was more of a mess. One thing I noticed was that 15 mph was about the proper speed for driving in pure snow with no chains. When I slowed down to 10 mph, I started to bog down in the snow. Heading up more towards 15 mph was better because then I could sort of smash through the stuff. So it looks like it is possible to drive too slow in the snow.

A similar theory must hold for driving in mud, which I do as little of as possible, as it is very easy to get stuck in mud. Drive too slow, and you may just get mud-stuck. You may need to speed up a bit in the mud to smash right through it.

I’ve already run my car off the road three times in the snow in Oakhurst over 15 years. You get hit with a sudden snowstorm out of the blue and you are just stuck in the mess. Or it starts snowing and you think you can make it to where you want to go but you can’t. Both times caused me some monetary damage to my vehicle.

I meet folks down in the Central Valley who say, “Wow, you were up in the snow! That must be so cool!” The Hell it’s cool. I lived in the snow for 16 years. I’ve had enough of the snow for a lifetime. Snow means I can’t drive my car. Snow means I have to be careful walking around or I might slip and fall on my ass. And around here, snow usually means the power goes out, over and over. Snow has caused me $100’s in car repairs. Who needs the snow? What’s so good about it?

Around here, sleet is nothing. You just drive slower than in the rain but not as slow as in the snow. I haven’t crashed yet in sleet. It’s scary, but it’s drivable.

I also drove in some hail the other day. That was pretty weird. After it hails for a while, the road and scenery starts looking white like it just snowed. I slid on a hail-slicked road once, but I didn’t crash. I’ve never crashed in hail either. Hail means really slow down. On Monday, I was driving about 35-40 mph in that messy hail, and the speed limit was 55 mph. Still I got idiot after idiot piling up behind me.

What about ice? Ice is truly horrible. I crashed once on ice, in January 1976 in Snoqualmie Pass in the state of Washington. You couldn’t even see it, and there wasn’t any snow along the road. I guess the road looked sort of shiny, but it wasn’t obvious. The car just turned into an amusement park ride, and next thing I knew, my buddy and I were in a ditch. We were really stoned on Thai weed, so we thought it was hilarious.

Truthfully, it wasn’t all that funny. On the other side of the road, there wasn’t any ditch. There was a mountain slope. We would have headed down that thing and probably run into a tree. Ever run into a tree in a car? You don’t want to do that. No matter how fast you’re going, you’re going zero miles an hour after you hit that tree. No fun.

Rain is interesting. A friend of mine said the other day, “It’s really not possible to drive too slow in the (hard) rain.” That was one of the smartest things I’ve heard in a while! How can you drive too slow in the rain? You can’t. If it’s raining, slow down, idiots!

Here in California, no one knows how to drive in the rain. Californians always speed in the rain. If you drive slow and sensibly in the hard rain (that means driving about 35-40 mph), you get endless trains of clowns piling up behind you, and you have to keep pulling over to let them pass.

I’ve never crashed a car in the rain, and I’ve been driving in the rain my whole life. How do you crash a car in the rain? By being an idiot. Almost everyone who crashes in the rain is driving too fast. That’s all there is to it.

What if there is a puddle or a pool in the road? Shouldn’t you speed up to go through the water so you won’t get stuck in it? If it’s not that deep, probably not. Why not? Because if you drive fast through puddles, the water can splash all over your windshield,  blinding you. Much worse, it can splash all over your engine and get in your distributor cap, stalling your car. And if it’s not that deep, you won’t get stuck anyway.

What if the pool is really deep? Hey, if it’s that deep, you probably shouldn’t even try to drive through it!

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Neo-Naziste Decapitare Video

The video has been removed following discussions with WordPress staff. Try here instead.

Note: Repost from the old blog.

This is a Romanian translation of the Neo-Nazi Beheading Video post that was so popular on the old blog. This excellent translation was done by Loghin Alexandru from Romania. This post has been translated into other languages. Italian version (traduzione in italiano). French version (en Frances). Bulgarian version (Българска версия). Spanish version (en Espanol).

I am looking for translators to translate this post into Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, German, Finnish, Russian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Slovenian, Serbo-Croatian, Portuguese, Greek, Turkish, Japanese, Mongolian and Bahasa Indonesia. If you are interested, email me via the Contact page at the top.

Regular readers, you really do not want to watch this video. It’s really horrible.

ATENŢIE! Acest video conţine imagini foarte oribile!! Dacă esti minor, nu te uita la acest video! Daca sunteti un parinte preocupat de vizualizarea acestui post de catre copilul dumneavoastra va rugam sa-l supravegheati sau sa-i restrictionati accesul la internet.

Reactii adverse au fost semnalate de catre cei care au vizualizat acest video.

Acestea sunt: vărsături, pierderea poftei de mâncare, furie, tristeţe, greaţă, dureri de stomac, cosmaruri, sentiment de sinucidere, tremuraturi, ameţeli, frisoane, dureri de cap, incapacitatea de a se misca ,insomnie, plâns, râs şi plâns în acelaşi timp, agorafobie (teama de se afla in spatii aglomerate, de a se afla departe de casa,), anxietate, depresie, pierderea conştienţei (lesina), incapacitatea de a se opri gandindu-se la acest video.

Un numar mare de spectatori au spus ca le pare rau ca au vizionat acest video de la inceput si ca-i avertizeaza pe ceilalti sa nu-l vizioneze.

Alte temeri: unii se temeau ca vizionand acest clip le va schimba viata definitiv. Majoritatea oamenilor au spus ca nu vor uita acest video cat timp vor trai. O persoana a spus ca nu va mai fi acelasi om dupa ce a vizionat acest video.

Aceste reactii adverse dureaza in mod normal ore, dar unele au durat si zile. Doua persoane au spus ca aveau cosmaruri saptamani intregi, alta persoana lesinase de la vizualiazarea acestui video dar in afara de acestea reactii nu a fost nimic serios sau de lunga durata.

Daca crezi ca ai putea reactiona in aceste feluri te rog sa te gandesti inaintea de a vizualiza acest video. Acest video a fost interzis in multe dintre site-uri de pe internet.

Postul a fost tradus si in alte limbi. Versiunea Italiana (traduzione in italiano). Versiuna franceza (en Frances).

Acest video oribil pare sa fie o reactie a nazistilor rusi catre filmarile groaznice facute recent de catre rebelii ceceni in care decapitau soldati rusi.

Una dintre cele mai oribile inregistrari facute vreodata Six Russian Conscripts poate fi vazut aici.In opinia mea e mult mai grav decat acest video.

Noi informatii tocmai au fost au iesit la iveala demonstrand ca acest video este REAL si nu un fals.

Kistaman Odamanov un Dagestan a vazut acest video pe Internet si l-a identificat pe acel om care a fost deapitat, ca fiind fratele ei, Shamil Odamanov, 23. Mai mult , restul familiei si multe cunostinte din sat l-au recunoscut in aceasta inregistrare.

Shamil a plecat in Moscova pentru a gasi ceva de munca si posibil o sotie in 2005. A disparut in aprilie 2007 si nu a mai fost vazut de atunci. Acest lucru implica faptul ca a fost tinut undeva timp de 3 luni inainte de a fi omorat in milocul lunii august.

Kistman l-a recunoscut pe Shamil dupa faţa si dupa imbracamintea pe care o purta. Politia rusa a descoperit locul in care s-a filmat scena , dar nu a aflat locul unde s-au desfasurat executiile si nici nu a gasit sange, trupurile barbatilor sau alte dovezi.

Cu toate acestea autoritatile trateaza acest caz ca homicid. Politia germana este de asemena incurcata in acest caz, implicand o legatura neo-Nazista. Barbatul persan din acest video, care a fost executat prin impuscare inca nu a fost identificat.

Numele melodiei din acest video este “Rus” si este compusa de grupul de muzica metal folk Arkona.

Acesta este video-ul neo-Nazist rus al executiei ce a luat cu asalt Internetul rusesc. Acest video este intitulat The Execution of a Tajik and a Dagestani. Este un video in care sunt executati doi “negri” adica doi oameni albi unul din Dagestan si unul din Tajikistan.

Pentru mai multe detalii despre etniile din Dagestan si Tajikistan click aici.

Acest video a starnit controverse enorme pe net pentru o scurta perioada de timp dupa ce a aparut. Un grup numit fie National Socialism/White Power fie National Socialists of Rus au revendicat responsabilitatea pentru acest video, dar autoritatile au spus ca nu au auzit niciodata de aceste grupari.

Rus este numele vechiului stat viking localizat in jurul Kievului – Rusia Kieveană. Acesta a fost primul stat rus si numele Rus este utilizat pe scara larga de catre nationalisti in loc de Rusia. Un grup neo-Nasist similar “Russian Nationalist Party ” poate fi vazut pe Youtube aici si aici.

Video-ul a fost postat prima data pe un website rus (gen Live Journal) de un user numit vik23. Rapoartele de stiri din vest spun ca initial video-ul a fost postat de un user numit “anti-Gipsy” dar el era doar unul din cei care au repostat mai tarziu. Ulterior a aparut pe mai multe site-uri in limba rusa neo-Naziste.

A fost repede eliminat de pe site-urile unde a fost postat initial, si site-ul grupului National Socialism/White Power (cei care au comis crimele) a fost destul de vizitat.

Video-ul incepe cu un steag nazist si un sunet de mitraliera pe fundal, apoi un strigat in rusă “Glory to Rus!”. Apoi arata o portiune de tara dintr-un oras rus. Camera schimba unghiul de vedere si arata doi oameni legati la picioare si la maini . Un barbat este in mod clar ingrozit , apoi ii arata pe amandoi speriati ce spun aparent cu un accent rus : “Socialistii Nationali Rusi ne-au arestat”, unde sunt ingenuncheati si legati la picioare si la maini. In fundal se vede un steag mare nazist.

Video-ul arata apoi un “călău” extrem de prost calificat – un om mascat in haine de lupta – venind din spatele unui prizonier, apucandu-l si in acelasi timp urland : “Glory to Rus”. Apoi incepe taierea capului saracului om, dar face o treaba destul de proasta. Bietul om tipa un pic la inceput. Cu toate acestea călăul incompetent petrece prea mult timp – 90 seconds – pentru ai taia capul omului.

In cele din urma reuseste sa-i taie capul si incearca sa-l puna pe corpul decapitat. Dar capul cade in repetate randuri de pe corp nefind fixat intr-un fel. Ar trebui sa ia lectii de la Al Qaeda din Peninsula Arabica care au facut o treaba excelenta in decapitarea lui Paul Johnson , un inginer de elicopter.

In cele din urma ne este aratat celalalt ostatic legat . Acelasi salut “Glory to Rus” apoi este impuscat din spate si aruncat intr-o groapa proaspat sapata. Video-ul ii arata apoi pe cei doi nazisti salutand in fata unui steag nazist.

Initial autoritatile ruse nu stiau daca acest video era real sau nu, apoi au decis ca este fals, dar recent exista dovezi ca este foarte real. N-am crezut niciodata ca acest video este fals pt ca nu poti falsifica asa ceva poate in exceptia cazului in care esti o companie de filme cu buget mare.

Un om a fost arestat pentru distribuirea acestui material. Pentru mai multe detalii aici.

Unii s-ar intreba cum ar putea rusii sai suporte pe nazisti, dat fiind faptul ca au invadata Uniunea Sovietica, o actiune ce a dus la 27 de milioane decese, mai multi decat in Holocaustul Evreiesc.

Incearca sa studiezi istoria sec. al 20-lea de la un adevarat istoric, nu de la un nestiutor, si o sa vezi ca nazistii si comunistii au avut una din cele mai sangeroase lupte din ultimul secol.

Acei 27 de milioane de sovietici nu au murit in Al Doilea Razboi Mondial pt ca URSS îi iubea asa mult pe nazisti incat le-au dat 27 de milioane de oameni. Acelasi exemplu a fost folosit in Europa in timpul celui De Al Doilea Razboi Mondial , de fiecare data cand comunistii si nazistii se confruntau pe terenul de lupta, cadavrele erau infinite si atrocitatile-din ambele tabere- erau prea numeroase pt a fi numarate.

Invazia nebuna a nazistilor din Rusia a fost necrutatoare in special fata de slavi, pe care Hitler îi considera a fi untermenschen (oameni inferiori).

Ei erau vazuti ca o rasa inferioara, o rasa slaba de sclavi care nu se putea apara singura. In special, Hitler în a sa lupta nebuna nebuneasca impotriva evreilor, a fost de parere ca slavi rusi si-au permis singuri sa fie inrobiti de evrei. El s-a referit la evreii comunisti bolşevici.

Proiectul nazist era clar : ca birocrati, ei l-au scris pe hartie. Slavii ( caucazieni, cazaci, turci, uzbekistani, tătari, arabi, armeni, georgieni) erau inferiori, si aveau sa fie inlocuiti de germani prin infometare, ucideri, deportari; pamanturile depopulate urmand sa fie cedate Germaniei pt lebensraum (in germana inseamnă habitat sau spatiu de locuit).

In timpul celui De Al Doilea Razboi Mondial, 6 milioane de polonezi (50% fiind evrei) sau 30% din populatie, au fost ucisi. Similar in Belarusia 25% din populatie era ucisa la sfarsitul razboiului. In Rusia , 27 mil. de oameni erau morti, 15% din populatie. Toate acestea erau natiuni slave pentru nazisti.

Inlaturarile nebune ale lui Stalin din anii 1930 erau la un anumit grad incercari salbatice de a intarzia amenintarea nazista prin inlaturarea su chiar executarea lui Trotskyites and Bukharinites care nu numai simpatizau cu nazistii dar si sustineau o invaziei a URSS.

Asa ca inlaturarile lui Stalin, criminale si nebune cum sunt ele, trebuie vazute in contextul procesului de aparitie a invaziei naziste.Totusi cele mai multe victime ale acestor inlaturari au fost oameni nevinovati.

Fara Stalin este nesigur daca am fi putut sau nu invinge Germania. De exemplu 89% din accidentele Germaniei din Al Doilea Razboi Mondial au fost la mâna sovieticilor.

Retragerile lui Stalin erau destul de sensibile. In spatele linilor ruse ocupate in Letonia, Lituania, Estonia, Ucraina si Rusia Alba nazismul a fost sprijinit de un numar mare de oameni. Ei s-au alaturat cu bucurie in uciderea comunistilor si a evreilor si au luptat alaturi de nazisti. Toate unitatile sovietice au napustit asupra nazistilor, in special in timpul asediului din Stalingrad, unde 50.000 de voluntari rusi au luptat alaturi de Germania.

Soarta natiunii si a multor din rezidentii ei era in joc. Nu era timpul pt o conversatie lacrimogena despre drepturile omului. Justitia a fost rapida pentru sovietici care s-au alaturat nazistilor, asa cum a fost si pentru colaboratori din alte tari. Si cum sovietici îi alungau pe criminalii nazisti inapoi in est, multi dintre tradatori au fost impuscati.

Cand Armata Rosie a sosit in Polonia de Est, erau primit cu bratele deschise de catre evreii polonezi, o actiune in care nationalistii polonezi au fost condamnati mereu. Dar evreii nu erau prosti. Ei isi stiau inamicul. URSS era un potential salvator pt ei si stiau asta.

Fiecare evreu stie acum cat de indatorat îi este lui Napoleon. Pacat ca nu simt asta si pentru Stalin.

Joseph Stalin probabil i-a salvat pe evreii de azi de nazism.

Inapoi la rusi neo-nazisti. Odata cu caderea comunismului miscarea neo-nazista a intrat in forta odata ce economia s-a prabusit si cautarea caprelor ratacite a inceput.

“Negrii” sau oamenii caucazieni sunt detestati in Rusia si exista crime regulate. Mai recent au fost atacuri asupra negrilor africani, asiatici. Autoritatile fac nimic sau deloc pentru a oprii aceste asasinate.

Neo nazismul rusesc este asa de mare in Rusia incat este greu de inteles intr-un context american. In august 2007 au fost peste 50 de crime rasiste , 25% mai multe ca anul trecut.

Iti poti imagina o miscare nazista asa de mare si asa de multe crime in SUA?

Fascistii rusi servesc ca trupe de soc pentru Vladimir Putin, ideea fiind ca el e un neocommunist, si demonstreaza ca el este doar o specie de fascist rus.

Alaturi de video era si un manifest ce facea apel la expulzarea tuturor “asiaticilor” si “negrilor” din Rusia si independenta tuturor republicilor rusesti din Caucaz precum: Ingushetia, Dagestan, Chechnya, North Ossetia, Cherkyo-Kabardino. Acesta este intreg manifestul (de la centrul rebel cecen Kavkaz):

Declaratia de la Partidul National Socialist din Rus

Suntem parte a unei factiuni armate a partidului

  1. Partidul nostru anunta inceperea unei lupte impotriva colonistilor negri si a tuturor oficialilor rusi care îi suporta.
  2. Consideram ca este necesara expulzarea caucazienilor si asiaticilor de pe teritoriul rus.
  3. Credem ca e o necesitate sa acordam independenta tuturor republicilor din Caucaz (incluzand si Chechnya) si expulzarea intregii populatii din Caucaz.
  4. Cerem eliberarea tuturor natinalistilor socialisti din inchisori si oprirea executiei lui Maksim Martsinevich.
  5. Cerem ca presedintele Putin sa demisioneze si sa cedeze toata puterea guvernului national socialist care ar trebui condus de Dmitry Germanovich Rumyantsev liderul Societatii Nationale Socialiste din Rusia.
  6. Recunoastem conducerea politica a Societatii Nationale Socialiste.Suntem o putere armata ce opereaza independent.
  7. Nu ne vom opri pana ce puterea nu va fi preluata de guvernul National Socialist.

Martsinevich este liderul grupului numit Format 18 (18 este o prescurtare nazista a initialelor lui Hitler).A fost inchis din iulie pentru incurajarea uri etnice si pentru amenintari cu violenta.

Violenta neo nazista in Rusia este scapata de sub control. De asemenea este foarte mare si in Polonia, Anglia, Republica Ceha, Slovacia, Germania, Ungaria, Estonia. Este mai multa violenta neo nazista pe capitala decat in SUA.

Violenta neo nazista care creste este o amenintare pentru unele parti din Europa. Ceva trebuie facut si repede.


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Is This Galician?

I assume this is Galician? Here it is, from a Maoist list that I am a member of:

Ben-queridos camaradas:

Co motivo da celebracion do decimo tercer aniversario do Inicio da Guerra Popular no Nepal queremos felicitar ao PCN (m) ao heroico Exercito Popular de Liberación e ao povo do Nepal.

A Guerra Popular e o proceso revolucionario no Nepal son fonte de inspiración para os povos do mundo e centro dun importante debate para o desenrrolo da ideoloxia proletria.

A aplicación das teses da Guerra Popular do camarada Mao Tse-Tung a revolución no Nepal permitiu derrubar unha monarquia feudal e avanzar a actual fase da Revolución Democratica e suas tarefas. Tarefas que teñen que ser levadas adiante baixo a dirección do proletariado e seu Partido en alianza co campesiñado e as capas da pequena burguesia patriotica. Apartarse do maoísmo seria avandoar o vermello sendeiro da revolucion e adentrarse no negro pantano do revisionismo e do reformismo burgues.

Avanzar decididamente en prol da Republica Popular e do Socialismo coidandose das balas almibaradas da burguesia e do imperialsimo, que tratara de mercar a dirixentes e cadros con dadivas, sorrisos e prevendas tal é a grande tarefa que enfretan os comunistas no Nepal.

Estamos seguros que seguindo polo mesmo senderio vermello da guerra popular o PCN-U (m) lograra a victoria definitiva sobre as forzas que oprimen a os povos do Nepal.

Dende Galiza, unha nacionalidade sen estado que forma parte do Estado español os comunistas maoístas les desexamos os millores exitos pois a vosa revolución forma parte tamen da nosa.






Galiza Febreiro do 2009.




Obviously this is a Romance language, but it looked really weird to me. I ran some of it through Google but I wasn’t getting any hits for Portuguese sites. Plus, though I’m not an expert on Portuguese, that does not look like Portuguese to me. I got hits for sites in Spain, but no way is that Spanish. At first I thought it was Catalan, but the “Comite Galego” line strongly implies that this is in the Galician language.


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Mao Messed Up

I think an assessment of Mao ought to be made on a scientific basis, beyond politics. Anti-Communists and rightwingers have an extremely poor record as far documenting this sort of thing, so I almost want to dismiss everything they say.

Probably the best sources would be leftwingers or even Communists who also happen to be some sort of China scholars. To the detriment of Mao, a number of Leftists, socialists and Communists who are also China scholars are starting to contribute some very negative things about Mao.

The good side is quite clear. Life expectancy doubled under Mao, from 35 to 70, from 1949 to 1976, in only 27 years. Supporters of fascism and Hitler are challenged to provide evidence that Hitler’s rule benefited anyone. Nazism was at core a death cult. Life expectancy collapsed in Germany under Hitler and in all of the regions that were occupied by Nazis. Nazism wasn’t about improving life for the common man at all; it was about war and endless war and endless extermination of the less fit.

Communism, with the exception of Pol Pot’s rule, where life expectancy collapsed in Cambodia and 1.7 million died, has been quite a bit different. Most Communist regimes have killed people, but at the same time seem to have saved many lives, often millions of lives. So it gets hard to tally things up.

I suppose pro-Communists would say that the many deaths were necessary in order to save so many lives. That’s an interesting argument and ought to be taken up. Was there a way to save so many lives without killing millions of people? I hope there would be, but I’m not sure.

Pre-China Mao was vastly deadlier than China under Mao. The life expectancy figures make this clear. Czarist Russia was 3 times deadlier than the USSR under Lenin and Stalin. This is where this “greatest killers of all time” crap runs into the mud. If the death rate was 3 times higher per year under the Czar than under Stalin, just how was Stalin the worst killer of all time?

Same with Mao. I don’t have good figures, but once again, it looks like Nationalist China in the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s was 3 times deadlier per year, or maybe more, than Maoist China. If the death rate collapsed under Mao, how was he the worst killer ever?

The truth is there are plenty of ways to kill a man. You can kill him with a bullet or by sending him to a camp, or you can kill him by disease and lack of food, the silent and uncounted method that the capitalists prefer.

Nevertheless, an accounting of deaths under Mao needs to be done. Just glancing at the data here, it’s already looking like Mao was way worse than Stalin. Way worse.

The initial consolidation of power in China was brutal. Whether the landlords were killed by the party or by the peasants is not that relevant. Mao said that 700,000 landlords were killed, and even he thought that was too many. China scholars think it is higher, from 1-4 million. I would dismiss the 4 million figure, but anywhere from 700,000-3 million is possible. Further research is needed here.

The Anti-Counterrevolutionary Drive of 1950 followed, an attempt to uncover supporters of the Nationalists and counterrevolutionaries. Tens of thousands were killed, or possibly up to a million, let’s call it 20,000-1 million. Further research is needed.

Anti-Christian Campaigns of the 1950’s. These were launched against mostly Christians, but also other religions. “Many thousands” are said to have died. Definitely some further work is necessary here.

Anti-Counterrevolutionary Campaign of 1953. Mao said, “95% of the people are good.” The Party assumed that this meant 5% were bad. Hundreds of thousands died.

The Great Leap Forward Famine happened between 1959-1961. Unlike the fake Holodomor of 1932-33, it’s looking more and more like most of the blame for this horrible catastrophe can be laid at the feet of Mao himself. The man was a fanatic. He was told that there was a famine, and in early 1959, he backtracked on some of his crazy ideas, while he blamed subordinates for the famine.

Then there was the Lushan Conference in May 1959. Mao accused Peng Dehuai, a critic of the Great Leap, of conspiring against him. Peng was purged, and the Great Leap went was ordered to go ahead full speed. If there had been no Lushan Conference, there would have been no famine. There followed two years of catastrophe, in which there was overprovisioning of grain from the peasants which was then stored in warehouses in cities, where it rotted or was exported for scarce foreign currency.

Much of the problem was that local officials were wildly exaggerating harvests, hence the overprovisioning at the state level. They thought that with bumper harvests, they could take grain from the countryside to the cities without problems. But there were no bumper harvests. Harvests had collapsed.

Finally in 1961, the state figured out that it had screwed up royally and started mass importing grain. Caravans of grain trucks flowed to the countryside, and the famine was over. But many were too weak to even walk to the trucks to get the food.

Mao is blamed for an atmosphere of terror that led underlings to fake bumper crops where none had occurred. With no democracy in the party, no one wanted to contradict Mao. Mao himself had some utterly idiotic ideas, which he was allowed to implement due to lack of party democracy. After the Great Leap, the party realized it had screwed up bad. Even Mao knew that. The Cultural Revolution was in a lot of ways Mao’s attempt to regain face after getting egg on his face in the Great Leap.

As far as deaths during the Great Leap, this is still up in the air. Even Maoists admit that there were 15 million excess deaths in the period. Some of the higher figures use preposterous accounting techniques whereby people who had never even been born were counted as “deaths.” Tell me how that works. Nevertheless, the figure may be higher than 15 million. At any rate, it’s the worst famine in modern world history, and it’s a permanent blot on Mao’s record.

The Cultural Revolution was sheer insanity. Many received poor educations as schools were shut down. Many cultural relics and buildings were destroyed, and a good part of China’s cultural heritage was smashed up.

People were killed and hounded all over China for little or no reason. Red Guards rampaged all over China, torturing, humiliating, imprisoning and murdering all sorts of people, including local party officials, teachers and even university professors. When someone was hounded, the humiliation went on every day and there was no escape. No one would dare to come to your side, not even your spouse. Deng Xiaoping’s son was tossed out of a window and paralyzed from the waist down.

Red Guard factions battled each other in cities across China with weapons looted from local Army depots. Sometimes Army units joined in. Red Guards in one city would attack Red Guards in another city. Women and children were murdered and kids were even buried alive. Enemies were cannibalized in one area. Ridiculous, insane and anarchic, right? Sure.

In some parts of China, victims of the Red Guards are still angry. The Red Guards are still around, older now, but still living in the villages alongside their victims. Their former victims hate them. Lawsuits have been brought against former Red Guards, but the courts have thrown them out.

From a Communist POV, one of the most tragic things about all of these persecutions and killings, when one reads the details of the individual cases, is that many of the victims were not even counterrevolutionaries. Many were dedicated, hard-working Communists and revolutionaries, often devoted Maoists. Lord knows why they were purged and victimized.

The insanity and anarchy of the Cultural Revolution is one reason why the Party wants to keep a tight reign on power. China descends pretty quickly into wild and deadly anarchy.

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of Chinese Communist Party publications and the theses and dissertations by students at Chinese universities, which tend to toe the party line. As a rule, the Cultural Revolution is regarded as a big mistake by ultra-Left forces, and the Party definitely wants to avoid such messes in the future. I’ve even some some Party critiques of the Great Leap, though not much is said about that. It’s clear that the high ranks of the Party regard the Great Leap as a disaster.

There continue to be some very serious human rights abuses in China, as this 89 page report from Human Rights Watch reports. Even from the POV of a Communist, some of the abuses of these petitioners seem just flat out wrong. There doesn’t seem to be any legitimate Communist reason to be attacking a lot of these poor petitioners.

Surely in a Communist system, petitioners should have the right to protest uranium pollution of rivers, corrupt officials abusing their posts and stealing land, etc. In what way are these folks counterrevolutionaries?

But it’s not true that everyone who protests in China goes to jail. There are around 100 public protests every single day in China, often involving large groups. Only a few of them get arrested, harassed, beaten, tortured or jailed. But I guess you never know when your card will come up.

The fact that some of the harshest critiques of Mao’s crimes, excesses and stupidities are coming out of the Chinese Communist Party itself shows that slamming Mao can be done within a socialist, Leftist or Communist framework.

Can it be done in a Maoist framework? This I’m not so sure of.

The Party will not come out and make public its findings on Mao as the USSR did with Stalin because the party continues to wave the banner of Mao and practically rules under his name and visage. It’s possible that slamming Mao would so delegitimize the party that it might be fatal for the CCP. It’s a tough call.

For the anti-Semites, I have a homework assignment for you. Since Mao was a Communist and Communism is Jewish, obviously Mao was a Jew. Please uncover the secret Jewish connections of Mao and his closest supporters in the CCP.


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Hitler’s Vienna Years

Was Young Hitler An Anti-Semite?* is the 5th chapter in a great book, Hitler’s Vienna: A Dictator’s Apprenticeship, by Brigette Harmon. Hitler arrived in Vienna at age 17 in 1906. He became homeless and lived in men’s shelters, trying to sell his paintings.

This fascinating chapter reveals that despite the virulently anti-Semitic character of much of Viennese society at the time, Hitler seems to have successfully resisted the prevalent anti-Semitism of the era. In fact, he had many Jewish friends, and Jewish art merchants sold most of his work. His worst enemy was a virulent anti-Semite, and one of Hitler’s Jewish friends had the man arrested for cheating Hitler. Hitler’s only statements on the Jews were ones of admiration. However, he already hated the Social Democrats.

In Mein Kampf, Hitler rewrites his Vienna years as a time of his anti-Semitic awakening. But many autobiographies are dishonest. No one who knew Hitler at the time noticed the slightest anti-Semitism in him. Those who knew him at the time and then recognized him later as an anti-Semitic politician in the 1930’s were flabbergasted – they could not believe their eyes.

There have been many silly theories of the genesis Hitler’s anti-Semitism – the Vienna years, an encounter with a syphilitic Jewish prostitute, run-ins with Jewish professors at the Arts Academy, a Jewish grandfather, a Jewish junk dealer who cheated him in Munich, but none of it makes much sense. People are just grasping at straws.

Harmon logically decides that Hitler’s anti-Semitism developed during the war and then afterward. Lying in the hospital for three months, nearly blinded from a gas attack, he read about the November Revolution that brought the hated Social Democrats to power. In Russia, the Bolsheviks had seized power in their October revolution. At Versailles, the Allies were were setting about to destroy Germany once and for all – in league with the Jews, the anti-Semitic press charged.

Hitler had an epiphany – it was all the Jews’ fault! And he resolved to get into politics. One sure-fire road to political success in those days was to promote anti-Semitism as a politician, because it was very popular with voters. So Hitler’s anti-Semitism was based both on his experiences during and after the war and on the cynicism of a political animal.

Later, his anti-Semitism became more and more crazed and rabid to where even his fellow Nazi authors worried that it was his sole, driving and gnawing passion. Towards the end of the war, he sacrificed the war effort to kill more Jews. His suicide note warns of the Jewish peril to mankind.

*From the website of the Porges family, a Viennese Jewish family who lost many members in the Holocaust.


Harmon, Brigette. 1999. Hitler’s Vienna: A Dictator’s Apprenticeship. New York: Oxford University Press.


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