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Lots of Black Gay Men

I had heard that the rate of HIV is very high among Blacks and it is especially high among Black gay men. Some reports are saying that it is higher among Black gays or bisexuals than among some AIDS-wrecked African countries. I never really knew there were lots of Black gays. I used to hang around Hollywood all the time when I lived in LA because I was into the music and club scene. There is a huge gay community there, and it’s true, it was rather surprising how many Black gays you ran across.

It seems odd because the Black community is said to be very homophobic, and they especially hate homosexuality among males. So you get this phenomenon called the down-low where lots of Black guys who would otherwise be out and gay or bi have girlfriends or are even married and then have sex with guys on the “down low” or on the secret. Then they go home and give HIV to their women. This is apparently the source of the high HIV rates in the Black community, plus probably some IV drug use too.

I just got an incoming hit to the old site from Thugsforsex.com. Well, most of you probably do not want to go that site, but I decided to go it anyway, though I sort of figured what it was. The whole site is done up in gangster. There’s gangster talk all over the site, gangster graphics, gangster everything. You can search or browse and a lot of the categories are in gangster talk too. I browsed around and saw a profile or two, with tons of comments after them, then I left; after all, it’s not my thing.

The site’s pornographic and it’s gay pornography, so you’ve been warned. Most Black guys showing off their big Black dicks, which to me is about as sexy as a trip to the zoo looking at the elephant trunks.* Anyway, you look down at all the comments and a lot of these guys don’t even look or seem gay at all. Their photos look exactly like gangsta style Blacks from the ghetto, or Blacks who are trying to look that way. There were also some gangster looking Latinos on there too.

I started wondering…how many of these guys are really gay? How many of them are real ghetto types, except they will just screw anything that moves? And how much gay sex is there really in the Black community? It’s well known that there is tons of gay sex in prison, and the Black guys go in for it in a big way. The truth is that prison sex is mostly Black males raping White males, but you can’t say that because if you do, you’re an evil racist.

Seems like there might be a Hell of a lot more gay sex in the Black community than we think, no?

I’m also wondering if this is some kind of a gay trend? Some kind of “thug sex” thing, like the leather boys and drag queens and whatnot? Weird trend; gay guys are so effeminate and gangsters are so macho.

In case you type in thugsex.com by accident (More porn, warning!), don’t worry, that’s a straight porn site of White women taking on groups of Black guys. Let the fun begin! I put that link in there especially for you White nationalists. You guys just love seeing White women exploring their darker sides like that, huh? Teehee.

*Robert Lindsay is straight


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Mountain Ewww To Compete With Peepsi and Coke

Thirsty anyone? This drink really hits the spot.

Sort of an Indian version of Red Bull, I guess.

Seriously, I really doubt if this stuff is good for you.

Hat tip to commenter Scott for the link.


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Get Raped, Blow Yourself Up

This is fundamentalist Islam. Ansar Al-Sunna, fundamentalist Sunni, Iraq, to be specific. Wow, such depravity.


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Go Maoists Go

Well-armed Maoist rebels are rapidly expanding their insurgency in India. It has to be stopped now, or in two years, it will get out of hand, says the state. 22,000 fighters under arms. They mostly operate in the East, especially Chattisargh and Jharkand, but they are expanding all over. They are even starting to form cells in big cities. Good for them. Indian capitalism has failed. Time to try something new.

The Indian Maoists have deep links to the Nepalese Maoists, a very forward-looking group of Leftists who are now pretty much running the Nepalese government. Would be great to see a similar-looking group running India. The Indian Left makes sense on Kashmir and even supports separatism in India’s Northeast. I think they could make peace with Pakistan too.


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