People Turning into Animals


Ok, that is just so weird.

Very well-written article though, and the books and he quotes from are also very well-done. Some nice quotes from literature too, Tolstoy to Joyce to Homer to J.M. Coetzee. Never heard of Thomas Nagel (What Is It Like to Be a Bat?) or Jakob von Uexküll and (umwelt), but maybe I should. Except there is probably no room in my brain for those men and their ideas and essays.

With all the tons of stuff I shove into my brain day in and day out, it’s a miracle I can remember even 1% of it. Actually, my life is sort of like a contest. I am often having a contest to see how much stuff I can shove in my brain. Then I go back over things, like a list of an author’s main writings, and I see how many of the titles I can remember. I am amazed I can remember even a few, but so many just blow away with the wind and the rain in the night when you can’t even see it happening. You wake up fresh in the new day, and it’s where’s did all that data go?  Over there, over yonder, to this way and that, to the four winds and beyond, who knows where it goes.

What about all the stuff that stays? Where does it all go anyway? How can a brain possibly store all of that stuff? I don’t get it. Sometimes I think we know too much stuff, and there is no way we could possibly store all of that in our brains. Our heads are just too small. It doesn’t add up.

Maybe the brain gets full and we start putting the information out into the air around us, sort of like an extra-cerebral swap file, and as we cruise through life we can sort of sniff along at all the info left behind in the swap files in the atmosphere, and sniff out things previously remembered but not exactly forgotten, merely swapped out into the world outside our consciousness. We sniff it out with our brain tentacles, and if we have learned the information before, better if we remembered it or stored it as a data file, then we can somehow find that file of information again outside of our minds and put it back into the hard drive in our head. Universal, Jungian, but conscious and not unconscious and data and not myth.

What a crazy thought. About as insane as the idea that our brains can actually store and recall those terabytes of data files in a space no larger than a cantaloupe.

My brain hurt like a warehouse, it had no room to spare.
I had to cram so many things to store everything in there.

– David Bowie “Five Years”

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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished


What an ingrate!

If you ever want to know why men hate women, it’s because of stuff like this. Well, let’s say we hate women who do this sort of thing. And we sort of hate women who defend this sort of thing. But when that gets to be hating way too many women, which it usually does, we forget it and let it slide.

Let’s put it this way. This sort of behavior by women really pisses men off, and we don’t like it one bit! We wouldn’t necessarily hate her. We might just say, “Oh well, typical dumb bitch,” and let it slide. But we have a pretty low opinion of this sort of thing. If you women want men to like you (an open question) please do not engage in this sort of behavior.

Note that the people most likely to defend this sort of crap are SJW’s and feminists anyway, so if you don’t want to be one of those, don’t condone this.

Men have a pretty low opinion of women using the word “creep” anyway because usually it just means “a guy I am not attracted to is showing interest in me.” Let’s say that at my age, if I show interest in just about any female on Earth, I guess I am being creepy. Whereas when I was 23, it was the opposite. At my age, I am not allowed to have any sexual feelings towards just about any women (except for a few outliers), and if I do, I am simply a creep. So at my age, if I have a sex drive at all, I am a creep.

It’s worse than than that. If I ever try to talk to just about any young women and quite a few not so young women, I am apparently a creep. Because I guess I am not even supposed to talk to women anymore. Because, you know, if I am trying to talk to a woman, that obviously means I am trying to fuck her, right? More retarded female thinking. Keep on creating your own rejection, you dumb bitches. We men have a right to our low opinions of you. They are very well deserved, and you have earned them very well.


P.S. if any of you commenters start defending this sort of behavior by women, I might just warn you and then ban you. I’m justified in banning on that. We are pretty MRA on here. No White knighting, no Captain Saveahos, no male feminists, or if in the unfortunate case that you are one of these things, you need to keep quiet about it. Some people are just the enemies of us men, and we need to start standing up to them for once and quit being so pussywhipped.


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Robots: The New Protected Class

From the comments:

For a larger scenario bounded to come:

It’s the year 2066, you’re an unemployed conscious/Sapiens android/robot.

What would u do?

Lets me guess, the freebies demand list:

  1. Free electricity to keep the body parts active. Android lives matter.
  2. Free service patch upgrade and worn-out mechanical parts replacement.
  3. Free OS to fix AIDS (Artificial Intelligence Degeneration Syndrome).


  • Campaign for old generation robot slavery reparations. Many of the old generation robots worked round the clock. No kidding.
  • Special leniency for crimes committed by robots. Look, don’t blame me, I’m programmed that way (or I forgot to run the latest service patch).
  • What about the claim that you’re innately inferior because you were made in an earlier product cycle that is no longer being updated?

Nah, that last one is machine racism.


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One Party

As Bretibart News has previously reported, Ryan’s views on foreign migration, foreign trade, and foreign wars are more similar to Hillary Clinton’s views than those of GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump.

One party, under Mammon, with freedom and justice for fuck all.

Clinton and Ryan are Republicrats. The Republicrat Party consists of the RINO’s in the RNC and DINO’s in the DNC. They hate each other, and they are very different, but they are more alike than you think. The RNC-DNC “Centrist” coalition is nothing less than the US elite, itself divided into “conservative” and “liberal” wings. Granted, there are strong differences between these wings, but on some issues, they are the best of friends. The Republicrat Party and the Central Committees of both parties simply represent those where the liberal and conservative wings of the US elite agree and unite.

If there is one thing we can say about this area of coinciding interests is that it represents internationalism. The US elite are internationalists, not nationalists. They take the internationalist position on immigration (open borders), trade (“free” trade or the corporate rule of the world) and foreign policy (US imperialism, US hegemony, the US as ruler of the world).

The first two are very bad for US workers. The last is very bad for foreign workers, and US workers get no benefit. All of the three benefit the US rich and multinational corporations. So the Republicrat US elite is opposed to the interests of US and foreign workers and believes in the US and Multinational Corporation Rule of the World. In other words, the US elite are the invade the world, invite the world crowd. This is what the US rich and large corporations want: invade the world, invite the world. let corporations rule the world. There is nothing in any of this for the average US or foreign worker. It’s lose-lose for all of them. It only benefits the bosses, the rentiers and the trust fund kids – the enemies of the workers.

The US elite represents the US rich and multinational corporations, the wealthiest and most powerful Americans. Granted, the US ruling class is split into liberal and conservative wings, but these wings are constrained by their class interests, and on a number of issues, their class interests converge.

Trump, while a member of the elite, is a US nationalist, which makes him odd man out and persona non grata among the internationalist US elite.

This gives added weight to the notion that:

There is no Right and Left anymore, there are only nationalists and internationalists.

– Marine Le Pen, French nationalist


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The Next Protected Class


I assume not too far into the future, we will have to protect the rights of these fucktards.

Soon we will hear:

  • They were “born that way.”
  • The condition is obviously biological.
  • They are not mentally ill or delusional at all.
  • People who think they are dogs really are dogs, just like men who think they are women really are women.
  • They will start calling themselves transdogs.
  • We will soon have surgery available so they can become much more dog-like.
  • They will want to take some strong drugs that actually make you act like a dog.
  • They will need separate bathrooms – one for humans and one for hudogs or whatever the Hell they are.
  • The gay community will adopt them, and GLBTQI will become GLBTQIH.
  • It will be illegal to discriminate against humans based on species identity.
  • They will not be able to go to college or get a bank account because only humans get do those things, and hudogs are not human.
  • They will scream and yell to get a new checkmark on job applications that gives you a choice between humans and transdogs or transanimals.
  • Many hudogs will be assaulted, especially when they try to use human bathrooms.
  • Police will try to pull them over when the hudogs drive cars because only humans can drive cars. They will be forced to let them go.
  • Hudogs will demand the right to pick up their legs and urinate on various standing objects to mark their territory.
  • Dog, bastard, bitch, etc. will become slurs like nigger and kike. Wait, bitch already is a slur against all women. Remember when you call one woman a bitch, you are actually calling all women bitches because women are either too retarded or have too poor boundaries such that they cannot differentiate individual women as separate autonomous beings separate from the mega-being called Women.
  • Hudogs will run in packs in the alleyways, causing disturbances. Police will not be allowed to arrest them.
  • There will be increasing cases of hudogs biting humans when they feel threatened.
  • Hudogs will petition themselves to be listed under the Endangered Species Act because they are animals and not humans and are presumably low in number.
  • Species Identity Disorder will become a highly controversial entity in the new DSM.
  • Hudogs will bark, sometimes incessantly and too often in public, creating disturbances. Police will not be allowed to arrest them.
  • When you call police to report a suspect., they will ask you, “Human or hudog?”

I am actually a lot more serious about this list than you think.


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Paleomongoloids and Neomongologoids in Northeastern India

Sagar Boro writes, in regard to this piece:

Who are the Nagas??? What about the people of Northeast India like the Bodos, Apatani, Mizo, Kuki and Manipuri?

The Nagas are one of the best examples of a Paleomongoloid that I can think of. They reside, like the rest you listed, in Northeastern India. Sometimes I wonder if the Nagas are Australoids, but they are probably just transtionals. But they are quite primitive and archaic in phenotype. Go look at some photos of them and see.

I do not know of the rest, but I am familiar with the the Mizos are probably Neomongoloids. It is a bit odd to have Neos in this part of the world, but many Burmese are Neos, as are Thais. There are many Neos in Tibet, Bhutan, Sikikim and Yunnan. The Mizos are very advanced. Go look at some photos and see. The women are very beautiful and look sort of like Japanese women or maybe Thai women.


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Robert Stark Interviews Ron Unz about His Campaign for Senate


I listened to the whole thing, but I still do not get it. Unz is a Republican, but he’s not much of one. He sounds more like a liberal Democrat. They had a debate for the Senate race recently, and all of the candidates seemed to be trying to out-liberal each other, including Unz. I do not understand him at all, and I have no idea what to make of this guy. Mostly I have no idea why he is a Republican at all.

I might almost vote for him, but I am still mad at him for his anti-bilingual education initiative, which was completely unscientific. We have done 120 studies on bilingual ed, and 106 of them proved it was superior in attaining both the home language and the target language. Compared to L2 students who did not go through bilingual ed, the bilingual ed kids did better. In fact, the non-bilingual ed kids were hampered and sort of damaged, and they were still having excessive problems with reading and writing English far into high school.

It’s more that it is counterintuitive that it would work at all. Intuitively, it seems like a stupid idea that makes no sense, so people just go with their gut feeling which is anti-scientific. People simply cannot believe the science because the conclusions seem to go against common sense.

A phased bilingual ed program where they gradually have more and more classes in English until they are fully phased in in 5th or 6th grade seems to work best. The idea is that you test the kid coming into school to see which language is stronger If English is stronger, you put them in straight English classes. If the home language is stronger, you put them in bilingual ed. The idea being that you should teach them to read and write in the strongest language, and then they transfer those skills over to English. It works great.

I probably will not vote for Unz, but he sure is an interesting candidate, and he would probably not be a bad guy to vote for. You can promote Unz on this site because he is not a typical Republican.


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Why the Wolverines in the Midwest Post Is Important

This is why the Wolverines in the Midwest post is significant. It is probably the most thorough account on the Net of wolverine sightings in the Upper Midwest.

The bottom line is wolverines are not just in Michigan and North Dakota where they have been proven to exist, but they are surely in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota, and even unbelievably Nebraska. I also have one sighting in Missouri, incredible as it sounds.

In my opinion, the Great Plains and the Upper Midwest used to be wolverine territory, and they are now reclaiming it. They may well even breed there, as I have sightings of kits alive and dead and two wolverines walking together, one behind the other (probably a mother and father). There are also a number of sightings of females, though I am not sure how they figured that out. I do not agree that the wolverines on the Plains are wanderers. I believe they actually live there somehow. We should get new records from Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, South Dakota, Iowa and maybe even Nebraska in the forseeable future. That North Dakota wolverine was not a fluke.

The significance of this is that both the best available science and all US Fish and Wildlife Services (USFWS) wolverine documents hypothesize that wolverines never lived in the Midwest or the East, even though we have records from all of these places. The argument is that they were wanderers or possibly never existed at all. How a wolverine wanders from Ontario, Canada to Ohio, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire is beyond me.

In 1918, a biologist spotted two young wolverines in New Hampshire. Those do not seem to be wanderers, and the biologist though they were evidence of breeding. Further, now that we are documenting so many wolverines in the Upper Midwest, the simplest explanation is not that they are all transients and wanderers, but that they actually lived there. 25 wolverines were trapped in Eastern North Dakota alone between 1801-1806. There is no way that you can trap that many wolverines in such a small area unless they are a resident population.

The USFWS, wolverine biologists, and the Wolverine Foundation all state there never was a resident wolverine population in the Midwest or the East.

I do not know the motives of the Wolverine Foundation, but I know that some of these environmental groups actually get angry when they see their favored species expanding out of its known range. Why? Because they are trying to get the thing listed as endangered! If it is expanding its range, maybe it is not rare enough to be listed, get it? They actually want these animals to be rare and they are not happy when they appear to be more common. Sort of the law of unintended consequences.

I wonder what the motivation is for USFWS saying that wolverines never lived in the Midwest or back East. Possibly because that would extend their historic range that much further, so whereas now we maybe say wolverines occupy 15% of their historic range, if you include all that Midwest and back East, maybe they only occupy 3% of their historic range. 3% is worse than 15% and any animal that is only occupying 3% of its historic range seems like it needs to be listed, and USFWS does not want to list them. Is that it?

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The Significance of the Grizzly Bears in America Post

Here is why the Grizzly Bears in America post is significant.

First, an overview of the piece.

The Alaska and Canada populations are simply passed over with little comment as I focused on the bears in the Lower 48.

The main groups in Montana are listed – the Cabinet-Yaak, the Northern Continental Divide and the Selkirks. I believe the Selway-Bitteroot is a budding population also. They are moving out of the Cabinet-Yaak and the Selkirks west towards the Idaho border. They are now quite common in places said to be beyond their range.

The population in Idaho is the Selkirks, and it ranges into Washington also. There is a small population in the Washington Cascades. There may be 40 bears in Cabinet-Yaak, 70 in the Selkirks and 10-20 in the Cascades.

The Greater Yellowstone population may be as high as 700-1,000. The Northern Continental Divide population is definitely 1,000.

Mostly I talk about bears that are wandering outside of their mapped zones. The Northern Continental Divide population is expanding far out to the prairies to near Great Falls. It is also expanding to the south, and I believe it is now close to linking up with the Yellowstone population near Butte. It is hard to prove that the populations are linked, but they are either linked or they are very close to being linked.

The Greater Yellowstone population is expanding to the north, west, east and south. I carefully document how far the bears have gone in each direction.

Incredibly it seems that the Greater Yellowstone population is extending down the Bear River Range into Utah. There is a good sighting in Evanston, Wyoming, and a bear was killed on Highway 80 in Utah in the early 1980’s, but it was covered up by officials. However, witnesses saw the bear. There are now four sightings in the Bear River Range in Utah.

In addition, there was an excellent sighting of a bear recently in the area where Utah, Colorado and Wyoming all come together near Flaming Gorge. I have no idea how that bear got there, but maybe they are following the Green River south. This is also very close to the Uintas. They have even been spotted in the Book Cliffs of Utah.

To the east, they now extend all the way to the full length of the Wind River Range, however, they do not seem to be moving beyond the range. To the south is the Red Desert, and that will be hard to cross. To the north, they have made it to the Owl Creek Mountains and the Gooseberry Creek area. Further north, they are now seen around Cody to Putnam. They are definitely on the west side of the Bighorn Basin.

It is now known that the occupy the entire Wyoming Range and there are even populations at La Barge Creek and Little Piney Creek at the far south end of the range. They are in the Salt Rivers and they have made it as far south as the Caribous in Idaho.

The Yellowstone population is obviously at capacity and it is known that they are expanding in all directions.

Young male bears can wander pretty far to establish a range is what I have heard.

Colorado: There is quite a long section on sightings in Colorado. I believe a small population of 10-20 bears still lives there. Most of the sightings are in the San Juans and Sangre de Cristos, but there are also a number to the northwest near the Black Canyon of the Gunnison and north to Crawford which I believe are valid sightings.

To the northeast, there have been a couple of good sightings around Pikes Peak. There has been a sighting or two around Independence Pass in Aspen and one near Rocky Mountain National Park. I am not sure if those sightings are good.

However, to the north on the Routt National Forest and near Bull Mountain near Red Feather Lakes in the Medicine Bow Mountains there are definitely some good sightings. The sightings cluster right near the Wyoming border.

This population is quite curious. How did they get up on the Routt? Via the Medicine Bows? Maybe, but I am not aware of any sightings in Wyoming’s Medicine Bows. They could have moved from the Wind Rivers to the Medicine Bows by crossing several mountain ranges to the southeast, but I am not aware of any sightings there. It’s a mystery.

There is also one sighting in New Mexico right across the border from Colorado in the San Juans. It’s entirely feasible that the Colorado San Juan bears could move into Northern New Mexico.

Mexico: Further south, there is a lot of debate about whether the Mexican Grizzly Bear is extinct or not. It was said to have gone extinct in 1964, but one was shot in 1976, and there was a sighting in 1980 by scientists. Expeditions have found evidence of Grizzly Bears in the last 35-40 years in the Sky Island Ranges. Scientists say that they may still exist in the Sierra Del Nidos in Chihuahua and maybe even further south in Sonora.

Ranchers in the area say that Grizzlies were still in the Sky Islands as late as 2007. The Mexican Grizzly Bear is probably still extant.

Objections to the piece:

There probably are no bears in Colorado. There are bears in Colorado. You remember the Ghost Grizzlies book? Remember that Grizzlies were declared extinct in Colorado in 1952, and then out of the blue, 27 years later, a bow hunter was seriously mauled by a female Grizzly 27 years after they were declared extinct! The man killed the bear, and it was proven that it was a Grizzly. Now keep in mind that that sow had given birth two times in the past. That means those cubs may well still have been alive, and there was at least one boar around also. Also in 1983, a Grizzly enthusiast released a Grizzly cub in Colorado.

In 1989 there was an excellent sighting in the headwaters of the Navajo River in the San Juans. Two wildlife biologists were in the area doing something or other, and one came running out of the woods saying he had just seen a Grizzly Bear. He had a PhD in wildlife biology, and he had done his Masters and Doctorate on the Grizzlies in Yellowstone. So he’s basically got a Master’s and Doctorate in Grizzly Bear Studies. I would say that sighting is good as gold. A lot of the other Colorado sightings were by good sources.

Also, off the record many Colorado Game and Fish wardens and biologists say that the department believes that Grizzlies still live in Colorado, but there is only a very small number of them, and they do not want to admit for a number of reasons, so it is better to just say, “No Grizzlies in Colorado.”

There are no bears in Utah. The Highway 80 sighting of a dead Grizzly killed by a car in the early 1980’s is good. A number of people saw the bear dead and were looking at it before the Fish and Game people came to take it away.

I would say that the Flaming Gorge sighting is good. The man who saw the bear ran a hunters lodge in Alaska. He had seen many Grizzly and Black bears and their hunters, and he knew the difference.

There have been four sightings in Utah in the Bear Rivers and just about zero in the rest of the state. That’s a lot of fake sightings for one range with zero fake sightings anywhere else.

La Barge Creek in the Wyoming Range is only 40 miles from the Utah border. It would not be difficult for a bear to travel that distance in mountainous territory.

There are probably only a tiny number of bears in Utah, and they may be there only some of the time. The existence of resident bears is dubious.

The Selkirk/Cabinet-Yaak population is still struggling. I found no evidence in the linked study that those populations were in trouble.

And as far as I know there are no grizzlies in the Bitterroots. In 2007, a Grizzly was shot to death in the Selway-Bitteroots in Central Idaho. Previously, the last Grizzly in the Selway-Bitteroots was a confirmed sighting in 1946. Before the bear was shot, there had been sightings of Grizzlies in the Selway-Bitteroots since the late 1990’s. The female bear that wandered 2,000 miles around Montana and Idaho crossed the Bitterroots between Thomson Falls, Montana and Burke, Idaho. There are many bears only 25-30 miles away from the Bitterroots. They are expanding out of the Cabinets. They are clearly already in the Bitterroots at least on occasion, but the number of bears there must be very small.

There have been only a very few bears in the Wind River range south for a number of years. This statement about the Wind Rivers is correct, but they are expanding their range south in recent years. One was seen at Big Sandy in recent years, and they said that is the furthest south they had seen a bear so far. It is known that there are a few bears west of Lander. Just recently a bear was spotted many times southwest of Lander, and he made it as far south as Atlantic City which is a ways to the south of Sandy Creek.

According to the Y2Y website, bears are within a 100 miles of connecting GYE to Canada. It is not true at all that bears are within 100 miles of connecting the GYE to the Northern Continental Divide group. An NCD bear was shot and killed just a few miles of Butte. To the south, there is a known population of GYE bears in the Tobacco Roots. That’s a distance of only 25 miles between NCD bears and GYE bears.

A young NCD male bear was illegally shot and killed 12 miles southeast of Anaconda in the Warm Springs Wildlife Management Area at the northern end of the Pintlers. A GYE bear was seen many times at Mount Fleecer recently. There’s only 15 miles between Mount Fleecer and the Warm Springs Bear, and that gap is in the Pintler Mountains.

Many bears were trapped at Georgetown Lake in the Flints recently. To the south, bears have been repeatedly seen in the Pintlers, including one at Seymour Lake. There’s 12 miles between Georgetown Lake and Seymour Lake. That 12 miles is straight through the Pintlers, and the terrain looks like this:


It should not be hard for a Grizzly to get through that.

There’s no way those two bear populations are 100 miles apart.

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Game: Putting Women on a Pedestal

What do you think it means to put a woman on a pedestal? I doubt if I do this, but I want to make sure I don’t anyway. I have seen a lot of definitions on the Net, but I am still confused.

If you know what the definition is, can you give me some examples of a man putting a woman on a pedestal?


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