Repost: The Moriori and the Dangers of Pacifism

Repost from the old site. This is a popular post for some time on this site. I like this post a lot, as it shows the sheer folly and suicidal insanity of a philosophy of pure pacifism. At some point, you either wait for the enemy to come out and murder you, or you pick up a weapon so you can at least take some of them out in the process. It’s better than being murdered with your hands in the air. At least fighting back offers a dignified death.

The saga of Moriori is instructive.

The Maori have long been known as ferocious headhunters and cannibals who had one of the cruelest and evillest cultures on Earth. The Moriori seem to be a Maori split dating back to about 1500 or so when they left New Zealand and colonized the Chatham Islands. The Chatham Islands are small, very cold and isolated, and there is not a lot of food other than from the sea.

Moriori legend has it that initially, widespread tribal warfare, headhunting and cannibalism was practiced as the normative cruel Moriori culture. On such a small island, this savagery was disastrous, and soon the population plummeted to near-extinction. A leader arose among the Moriori, Nunuku-whenua, who preached a new doctrine of extreme pacifism, Nunuku’s Law. Nunuku’s Law was strictly adhered to 300 years.

Fighting was allowed between males, but it had to be conducted with each armed with a stick the width of a finger. At the first sign of blood, the duel was called off, and the dispute was considered settled. Homicide, rape and other crimes were reportedly rare to absent among the Moriori for centuries.

In 1835, the Chatham Islands were invaded by Maori warriors, who promptly proceeded to slaughter, cannibalize and enslave the Moriori. When the fighting began, the Moriori gathered for a meeting to decide whether or not to fight the invaders. Many young men argued for fighting back, but the elders decided that Nunuku’s Law could not be violated for any reason. The Moriori ran away and hid and were found and dealt with by the Maori.

From 1835-1862, the population declined from 1,600 to 100. Those not murdered and eaten were enslaved. Moriori slaves were forbidden to marry each other, and Moriori women were forced to marry Maori men. It was a true genocide.  Tommy Solomon, the last pure Moriori, died in 1933.

Tommy Solomon on his yearly visit to Christchurch. He was definitely a big fellow! He married a Maori woman, so his descendants are technically not pure Moriori.


Although popular myth says the Moriori were exterminated by the Maori, several thousand mixed-race Moriori still exist today. The Moriori language is extinct, but efforts are being made to raise it from the dead.

Rightwingers have used this episode to exemplify the folly of pacifism.

The saga of the Moriori gives the lie to the notion that race is destiny, at least among Polynesians.

It is commonly thought that Polynesians selected for extreme aggression on their long sea voyages to colonize distant islands. Food may have run low on these voyages, and the survivors may have killed others and cannibalized them to survive. Perhaps the biggest and strongest were the ones most likely to survive the voyages, and this explains the huge size of Polynesians, probably the largest race on Earth, and possibly their high levels aggression and outrageous cruelty.

In modern Westernized societies, Polynesians characteristically become an Underclass with high crime, violence, gang membership and general pathology. In traditional societies, they often do well.

Whatever Polynesian genes look like, the saga of the Moriori shows that they are not doomed to high crime rates or Underclass pathology.

Genetics is the clay, culture is the sculptor.


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Alt Left in the National News!

Well I am copying this from Rabbit’s fantastic blog. Rabbit of course is one of the pioneers of the Alt Left. Rabbit says his traffic has gone through the roof today apparently with folks searching for Alt Left. I do not think that the Alt Left really got mentioned in the news today. Instead what happened was that Hitlery gave a speech denouncing the Alt-Right and tying Trump to it. Now the national news is all abuzz with “What the Hell is the Alt Right?” stories, which of course will probably give these guys a huge shot in the arm.

So what is happening is that everyone is writing about the Alt Right today and no one is writing about the Alt Left. But that’s ok! In fact, Trump did mention the Alt-Left briefly when he said, “There is no Alt-Right or Alt-Left…we are just spreading love.”

Rabbit sort of has his own little wing or tendency in the movement. I see this as a multi-tendency movement with some general lines to be drawn around the tent that you have to fit into before you can be let in. Rabbit’s wing is much more racially oriented than I am. Rabbit is almost a Left White nationalist, or at least he hobnobs with them a lot. Anyway, he is quite unabashedly pro-White.

Whereas I would like to bring non-Whites into my wing of the Alt Left. My wing would be for anyone who is basically progressive or liberal especially on economics who has been driven up to here with the idiot antics of the Cultural Left Freakshow. So we are sort of the Old Left before all the Identity Politics insanity came in in the 1960’s. I would say though that non-Whites in my wing cannot hate White people. They have to like White people.

If I am against anything, I am against the constant demonization and bashing of Whites. I like Whites. I like my people. I like White culture. I like my culture. We are not bad people. Actually I think we are good people. I also think that White culture is worth saving. Even if White people go out, I would like to see non-Whites carrying on with the best of White culture.

Alternative Left! Alternative Left! Alternative Left! Alternative Left! Alternative Left! Alternative Left! Alternative Left! Alternative Left!

W e w lads!

Well, traffic to this site is booming after Hillary’s speech and the subsequent media coverage. I’ve noticed lately that a lot of oblivious idiots have started using the term “altleft” recently without bothering to google it or do any research as to how it emerged. It’s like they just wake up one day and start identifying as something without even checking to see if it already exists. The AltLeft originated with those of us race realists who rejected the anti-white social justice prioritization of the postmodern left and also understand that racial differences are real and acknowledge that multiculturalism transforms society in undesirable ways.

People like Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein are not “altleft” because they represent the dominant ethos. They parrot all the same social justice crap about “black lives matter” and promote mass immigration from the third world(which makes social programs, population control and resource conservation that much more unworkable.) Identity politics aren’t going away, and only whites think in terms of “colorblindness.” Other groups(with rare exceptions) simply work in their own ethnic interests unapologetically. Demographics matter for the future. That’s reality, though we don’t all agree on solutions.

So before you go on Twitter and change your twitter bio to “AltLeft” or create another misinformed altleft Facebook group, maybe read a few blog posts/manifestos here and on Robert Lindsay’s blog to get an idea if you really want to be associated with this label.


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California: How Illegal Aliens Ruin Everything

TRASH writes:

ROBERT I’m lower-middle class myself and no genius (I did graduate from college but not a good one) but how can Inca primitives from the jungles of South America steal the job of any able-bodied American who can read and write in English?

This is not a rhetorical question.

What is an Inca with 2nd grade education and no ability to speak English able to do better than a person born in the United States that somebody might actually hire them for?

They can’t do anything better except pick crops and yes they are better at that. They’re not better at anything else and in fact, in general, they are inferior workers. Illegal roofers do poor work. Illegal construction workers do notoriously poor work. A lot of the contracting work done here in California in recent decades is shoddy and has to be redone pretty quickly whereas before it lasted a long time. It’s not lasting long and falling apart because it’s done by illegals.

Low wage labor – you pay the illegals way less than you would pay the Whites.

Illegals do not complain. They put up with any shit and abuse you dole out to them.

Illegals are working in a lot of good-paying jobs now like roofing, painting, construction, carpentry, welding, drywalling. Who cares if a Mexican could take it over? These jobs paid working class Whites very good money.

The contractors who hire Whites all go out of business because they cannot compete with all the contractors hiring illegals. Most of the people who hire illegals are rich. Landlords hire illegals. My landlord hired illegals to do the roofing on my apartment complex. He was rich. The people who own contracting jobs as painters, construction or landscaping make damn good money. Many live in nice two story houses.

The dirty little secret here in California is that if you want to get rich, go into contracting and hire all illegals. That’s the way to get rich. I had friends who businesses like painting and they could not compete with the guys who hired illegals. My friend paid his painters $25/hour. The competition was all hiring illegals at $7/hour. This whole scam is just a way for White men to get rich hiring low wage labor and getting rid of all the high paid Whites. That’s all it is.

Most jobs do not require a whole lot of brains or skill and sure they could be replaced by some wetback.

I worked in a White town where Whites were janitors, trash collectors, landscapers, construction workers, painters, drywallers, roofers, dishwashers, waiters, maids, on and on. There is no job that was too lousy for a White person.

Now when the illegals come in somehow they tend to fill up all of those jobs that were formerly filled by White Americans. Whether this is because they work under the table or are more docile I have no idea. I know they do not work any harder than Whites.

It doesn’t really matter if a Mexican took your job. That’s one less job for a White person. A lot of White people work at low-paying, low-skilled jobs but that is just fine. Mexicans come in and wipe out all of those jobs and now all those Whites are out of work. Mexicans do way more than work in the fields. They have taken over a lot of fields, especially construction.

Construction used to be all White and all union and you made very good money in a union. The illegals came in and all of the unions were wiped out and all of the Whites were replaced by illegals. I know drywallers who would be making $45/hour in constant dollars today. Now that same job is done by an illegal for $10/hour with no benefits, no union and you can abuse him as much as you like.

There is a lot of unemployment around here. Just think if we got rid of all these illegal alien scums in my town. Just think how many jobs that would open up for Americans of all colors – Whites, Hispanic Americans, Asians, Blacks. All of those real Americans could move in and take all of those jobs that the illegals had. Think how many jobs would open up! Wouldn’t it be great?


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The “They All Need to Get a Degree or Learn a Trade” Lie

Jason writes:

However, then again, you have the whole, “Well they should get an education or more job training” thing…Actually it isn’t hard to learn a trade.

Jason, you can’t say everyone has to go to college and get a degree or learn a trade. How many jobs are good-paying jobs. Would you not say that maybe 50% of the jobs in the US are pretty much low-paying jobs? Would that be about right to you? I mean after all, 45% of the population now is either poor or low income.

So look. Let’s follow your crazy ideas to their resolution. Let’s say 45% of jobs in the US are pretty low-paying jobs.

Now in JasonWorld, everyone miraculously goes to college and gets a degree or learns a trade somehow. Guess what?

45% of those people can’t get the good-paying job that that degree they got or trade they learned should have gotten them.

JasonWorld operates on the crazy notion that there can be a nation where all jobs are good-paying jobs. JasonWorld is sort of like Lake Woebegon where everyone is above average. Life is like a footrace. There’s 1,000 guys running in that footrace. Say a good finish is to finish in the top 50%. A bad finish is to finish in the bottom 50%. In JasonWorld, the Jasons would continue to insist that those finishing in the bottom 50% could finish in the top 50% if only they trained harder. They’re finishing poorly because they don’t try hard enough.

Bottom line is that JasonWorld is a place where if everyone just tries hard enough and gets the degree or skill, somehow everyone can become a winner. How can you have a society where everyone is a winner? How can you have a society where everyone has a good-paying job? You can’t.

That’s not possible. There will always be many low-paying jobs in the country no matter how educated or trained anyone gets.


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The Saga of a Cuck

I got this in the comments on the White Women and BBC post. This comment is pornographic, so if pornographic prose bothers you, don’t read. And if you are under 18, please don’t read. Now that we are done with the warnings, we may proceed.

In college all the guys I knew surfed online for hot pussy. I was totally into small breasted skinny girls like my high school cheer leader gf. After a while i started looking for spread legs.  I have also had fetishes for short skirts and used panties. As a young 11 year old, our divorced neighbor wore miniskirts, heels, & tight white blouses.

I spent years fantasizing about her while jerking off. I saw her hanging laundry, stole her panties and while sniffing/sucking them, had a blast. I met my gf when I was 18 and still a virgin who masturbated 4-5/day. She as a cheerleader was experienced, and I was embarrassed to let her know I had never seen tits or pussy.

The first time we went to the movies and made out, she unbuttoned her top buttons, and as I played with her tits and she kissed me, I shot my load so hard, I blacked out for a second.

As I was coming around, she was buttoning her shirt, grabbed my hand, said let’s go, and led me to her car quickly.

She took my keys and drove to a secluded park. She said why didn’t you tell me, now let’s do this right. She took my pants down smiling at my huge stain in the front while she cleaned me off with my cum-filled jockeys. Off came her top and her bra, and my flaccid penis got hard again looking at her 33C tits. I reached by habit to jerk, but she grabbed my hand and said my boyfriend only needs me, or else I am gone. I got my first handjob she did it slowly, with stops, starts and punching low on my penis to stop my instant orgasm. I lasted 5 minutes this way, and fell head over heels in love. I was pussy whipped without ever seeing her pussy.

I worked as a handyman. This was early April. By Christmas I had saved and purchased a diamond. I had also been taught to eat her out by doing as she told me. She said I was very good by Halloween, and I got my first bj on Christmas after she said yes to my proposal. I didn’t know then, but I do now that I was entering a female-led relationship and have never regretted it. I make my lover happy with pussy worship, waiting on her every need, and being house husband/co-breadwinner.

We separated during college years for a 1 1/2 year. I spent that time with cyber-porn jerking off. When Paula showed up that winter break in a red miniskirt and heels, came to my room and said it was now or never, I begged her to marry me. She sat on my lap dressed like that while squirming and reached down under her skirt then stuck her finger in my mouth I passed out on orgasm from the taste of her hot pussy. As the glow was passing, I realized she was shaving my privates. She then sent me into the shower told me to shave all my body hair to please her and rub a lotion on that would finish it.

When I was done and I had pleased her, she told me if she married me, I would need to sign an agreement that would spell out our relationship, my duties, her rights, and penalties including divorce with nothing if I failed. I was ready to sign, but she made me read it. She explained it. Some shocked me but she said this was mainly because she was disgusted by my jerking  off, and we can revisit this every 6 months. We spent the night together, got it notarized the next day, had a quick private wedding then went back where she took my virginity, and I was a one pump chump.

I was told I needed to please her, and I went down on her. I ate my creampie which she made sure I consumed. As we were laying down later, she put on my chastity device so I would behave until she returned. I was then given movies she wanted me to watch and think about. I found them all to be interracial cuckold porn where the husband eats creampies. I have to admit, this made me curious, and from then on, I have noticed black men in a different way. Next time I saw Paula, she brought a black yoga instructor with her. She has had me eat his creampie many times. He can fuck her and last, and I cannot. Then she made me blow him and swallow.

I have talked with many of her friends. Most of their husbands first saw BBC on interracial porn and got hooked. All of us now do it, and Tony lives with us.

I hope this guy is not reading this because I don’t want to embarrass him or make him look bad, but I think this cuckold lifestyle stuff is bull. For the life of me, I cannot understand why any real White man would want to get into this and be humiliated, degraded and cuckolded, by Black men no less, in this manner.

I told you that the media is promoting perverted stuff. Well, the Cultural Left media has been promoting this cuckold stuff in a huge way.

And it’s all about White men having their wives have sex with Black “bulls” who humiliate the White man and insult his masculinity and his sexual prowess, while he cowers in the corner, delighting in having his race and manhood abused by a studly Black man.

And the White man often has to eat the Black men’s semen oozing out of the wife’s vagina at the end. Worse, the Black man humiliates the White man by forcing the White man to suck the Black man’s penis, all while laughing at him and calling him a faggot and a queer. So these straight men also get sort of “homosexualized” in this kink. It doesn’t change their sexual orientation of course, but it goes to show you, as I keep saying on here, that straight men have a huge capacity for recreational homosexuality even if men’s bodies don’t turn them on 1%.

Bottom line is that polymorphous perversity is simply the human condition. It makes us uncomfortable that we are such a bunch of morally debases monkeys, so we create religions and laws and whatnot to attempt to put a civilizing veneer over all of the tendency towards debauchery. This doesn’t cure humans of course. The only cure for human debauchery is a bullet. But these things do a pretty good job of repressing the basic degeneracy in our souls, which is all these palliatives are supposed to do anyway. A repressed society is a civilized society. An uninhibited society tends towards anarchy, chaos, violence, crime, drug and alcohol abuse, mental illness, STD epidemics and general mass dysfunction.

I assume this cuck stuff would be an Alt Righter or White nationalist’s worst nightmare and a sure sign that our society has fallen completely apart. Blacks are now in charge and Whites are an abused minority, at least in this scenario. White men are not even men. They are wimpy cuckolded pussies who even consent to having their penises locked in cages so they cannot even masturbate. Their wives cruelly deny them even self-pleasure, and these guys like it this way!

This whole thing is ridiculous, and I am being kind when I say that.


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Avoidant Vs. Schizoid Personality Disorder

A commenter who I will call MWD wrote this. He actually wrote his whole name in the comments, but I am not going to use it here as I am not sure he wants me to use his name in a post so I will just refer to him with his initials. He wrote this on the Schizoid Personality Disorder post and he wants to know whether he has it or not. His is an interesting case.

MWD writes:

Could you judge me? I’m told that I was quiet, too quiet when I was a baby. At childhood my guardians, which include immediate and extended family, gave me enough attention (I can see myself smiling from old photos, strange I remember close to nothing about any of those stiff moments except one where I was comically having a dump, that was embarrassing), but I can’t remember much of the time due to being hospitalized a lot for lung problems. I remember when my grandfather died and myself not feeling anything, despite having been close to him and done lots of fun activities like exploring farms earlier in my childhood.

I remember in the last year of primary school some girl with her friend told me she liked me, I just froze, couldn’t say anything back because I wasn’t used to things like crushes. They probably were just joking around, but my complete non-response must must’ve made me a jerk in their eyes. I made no attempt to explain myself, and to be fair, they never asked.

Come puberty I didn’t develop much, resulting in me being socially ostracized and made fun of. I didn’t take it very well, and it made me oversensitive to insults, and now the slightest hints of hostility against me are thoroughly scrutinized in my head. Hidden in privacy, my eyes would tear out of frustration, anger, fear and anxiety and lash out against the wall or anything I could break, including my knuckle. That time I learned that people can beyond cruel. My childhood friends too dropped me for visibly no reason, so that adds to my misery at the time.

I did poorly in school, and in college I couldn’t manage to study properly, as my anxiety, fear and feelings of desperation and wanting to escape and hide were stronger than my need for accomplishment. Around 10 yrs ago, I noticed myself mentally slow. I have a feeling where I was floating, which isn’t new, as even in childhood I used to feel like I was just floating around, but this time I was more non-present. My head was almost entirely wrapped in paranoia and made me lose some sense of reality.

One time I decided to run away from home and seek death in a dangerous place I could find. I don’t remember much how it happened. Suddenly I found myself at the back of my aunt’s car. I was living with her and my cousins at the time. I dropped out thrice from college and hid away at the confines of my parent’s house. That was the only time I considered suicide, since then, my thoughts shifted from suicidal to homicidal without actually acting upon those urges. But I would fantasize about and sometimes verbally discuss it.

8yrs later, and still no life, but some things have changed. Insults no longer made me as sad like before, I expect, and it no longer surprise me. I shift from being amused about my pessimistic prophecies and the tiredness and annoyance of being subjected to the same shit all over again. Sometimes I hide because I’m sick of it, no longer due to fear. I lost the ability to make friends, as I no longer tolerate other people’s quirks (like they don’t mine, so receive and give is the rule here). I switched the word friend to acquaintance, as it makes more sense. I have developed a snarky attitude as if a right, and people don’t like it.

Wow, this is long enough, reading it I think I display more avoidant traits from what is written above. Thing is as a student all I wanted was to be left alone and progress and study in peace, not subjected to social torture and snide insults like I experienced. Living in an oversexed and densely populated location, this is almost impossible for a non-attractive guy. I could’ve done better, but help was not available for me at the time. Not even my parents understand my condition. I could’ve done better, instead I just wasted school funds thrice.

I am not an expert on personality disorders and I am not allowed to give legal DSM diagnoses anyway. Further, one is not supposed to diagnose over the Internet.

Nevertheless, looking at everything he has written here, this looks more like Avoidant Personality Disorder than Schizoid Personality Disorder. I have read a lot of case histories of both, and they can be hard to tell apart at times. Avoidant Personality in particular is hard to diagnose because it is sometimes hard to tell if the person wants to be around others or not. This is important, as the main differential diagnosis between SPD and APD is that SPD’s have no desire at all to be around others and APD’s do.

However, the APD desire to be around others is often masked and hard to figure out. Also, APD looks more like extreme shyness. They avoid others because they get very nervous around other people, worry about saying the wrong thing and especially worry about getting criticized or made fun of.

SPD’s on the other hand avoid humans because they are pretty much indifferent to them and also because they find them draining. They are also rather indifferent to criticism or even praise for that matter. They simply have no use for other humans, and are often perfectly happy to live this way.

I would also urge this man to get some help. He lives in the Philippines, so I am not sure what help is available or how good it is, but the way he is living his life is making him very happy, and it isn’t very adaptive either.


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IQ’s of Commenters on Beyond Highbrow

TRASH writes:

Minorities cannot even construct a cerebral blog like Robert Lindsay’s and while most of his contributors probably have an IQ lower than his I would say most of us contributors are in the 120 range.

Surely there are some minorities who could write a blog like this or could at least write a brainy blog. Socially Extinct is a Mexican-American, a pretty full mestizo, and he is incredibly smart. I actually worry that he is a better writer than I am. And I also worry that he’s smarter than I am.

Jayman is Black and has a very brainy blog. I dislike Abagond the antiracist Black, but that man is smart as Hell. There are some damn smart NAM’s out there, make no mistake about it. I believe there are 500,000 US Blacks with IQ’s above 125. With Hispanics, the number must be even higher. I am thinking 1.2 million? There may be 6 million Whites with IQ’s that high, but there are more White people. Keep that in mind.

There are a lot of smart fuckers on here all right. I don’t know what their IQ’s are, but I know they are smart as Hell. The few IQ scores we have of frequent recent commenters:


So the median IQ is 118, or let’s call it 120. That is the top 10% of the population of the 90th percentile.

Some of you slackers have not turned in your scores yet, so you need to get to it. Alpha hates the idea of IQ, and I believe, like Tulio, she doesn’t think hers is all that high, but Alpha is wicked smart. I know this because I have access to her locked personal blog. Every time I go over there, I almost get knocked on my ass by her brains or genius or whatever it is.

Some others are insecure about their scores. Matt with IQ of apparently 115 seems to worry that it is too low, but the funny thing is that Matt seems like one of the most wickedly smart commenters on here. Tulio has confessed that he feels stupid and thinks he has a low IQ at 124, but he’s in the 93nd percentile for Chrissake, and right now, Tulio has probably the highest IQ of any of the regular commenters.

The performance of Matt shows us that we should not place too much faith in a simple number or score. Matt’s performance shows us that if you have an IQ in the 80th percentile, you can probably do all sorts of things, and further you can seem wickedly smart. I am wondering if guys like Matt and Tulio are high verbal and lower in mathematics, which might explain their “performance above IQ.”

Jim Flynn wrote a whole book on “Performance Above IQ” where he showed that Chinese-Americans and Japanese-Americans were performing at jobs and showed a job performance that was 10-20 points above their actual IQ’s. So maybe it is not just IQ, but it is also what you do with it and what else (extra-IQ factors) that you can bring to the table that will “raise” your IQ effectively or de facto if not in realis. Realis is your number. De facto is your actual performance in the real world. At the end of the day, only de facto is what matters, let’s face it. Performance is everything, potential is nice, but it’s talking the talk whereas performance is walking the walk.

So it looks like the average commenter is in the 118, which means they are in the top 16% of the population or in the upper 84th percentile. If you are beating 8 out of 10 of the competition, you are doing great. If you are beating over 9 out of 10 of the population, you are kicking ass.

We do have some higher IQ commenters on here, but they don’t comment all that much.

I used to have some lower IQ commenters on here, and some of them were damn good. One has a 94 IQ, but he understood well and made some damn good comments, however lately he says that he can’t understand what I am talking about.

I am actually trying to write this stuff so that the majority of the population can understand it.

Yes, there is all sorts of higher level stuff running all through my posts, but it’s not necessary to know all of that stuff. Those are references to movies, TV shows, famous remarks, nicknames, music lyrics, books, lines from books, famous people of all sorts, on and on. I litter my stuff with all sorts of winking references.

I don’t expect you to get all of them because that’s not my intent, but I expect if you find some of that stuff, you may enjoy a bit of a slow, nodding, knowing and loving smile. Sort of like a secret language. Those references are scattered through there more as a big game than anything else. I am just playing games with words and screwing around, and if anyone gets it, great, but if they don’t, so what? Sort of like those Easter eggs that some software used to have in them.

I am not trying to show that I am smarter than anyone or especially my commenters, more like how I said, it is all sort of a big game where I am playing around with words and ideas, sort of like a big subtle brainy joke.


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Serves Him Right



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LBJ on Blacks

I’ll have these niggers voting for me for the next 200 years.

– Lyndon Baines Johnson.

Yeah, he actually said that. That’s actually pretty funny. I laughed when I read that.

Oh, LBJ. He certainly had a way with words, didn’t he? He did pass the Civil Rights Act though, right? Oh well, God bless him. Nobody’s perfect.


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Privilege Theory and Trigger Warnings

Privilege theory. I am well aware that my race (White, you’re welcome), gender (male, you’re welcome again, and please call me sir next time, thanks), sexual orientation (you’re very welcome, ladies, thank you very much), and gender identity (Homo Superior cis, sorry trannies) offer me certain privileges, thank you. And I am quite all right with that, knowwhatImsayin?

Trigger warnings. I don’t do trigger warnings on here. I would, but I can’t keep track of everyone’s triggers. You all are just going to have to tough it out, sorry folks! Actually it is worse than that.r warnings, I am actually trying to trigger you guys. Sucks or what?

Nigger warnings. I don’t do those either. Yep, I refuse to use the n-word here, but then I never use the word nigger in a racist sense anyway. All you tough-minded, hardened cynics who almost have a heart attack every time you read the word nigger, remember help is just an ambulance away.

Safe spaces. I don’t do safe spaces. This is most definitely not a safe space. Actually it is sort of the opposite, an anti-safe space. But that is the general idea. This space isn’t safe for anyone. Hell it’s not even safe for me. It’s probably not safe for work, and it might not even be safe for life. Abandon all hope, ye who enter here!



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