Correlations Between Reaction Time, Brain Size and IQ by Race

Swank writes:

Reaction time also has a low correlation with g, so….

Reaction time correlates well with IQ. .42 correlation

Let’s look:


Asians: First
Whites: Second
Blacks: Third

Reaction time:

Asians: First
Whites: Second
Blacks: Third

Brain size:

Asians: First
Whites: Second
Blacks: Third

Look at how they all line up. One, two, three. First, second, third. Highest, next, lowest. Over and over, it’s the same lineup. Perfect match!

There’s obviously something going on here. What is it? To me it looks like intelligence.


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What Liberal Race Realism Is and What It Is Not

alan2102 writes:

An appeal:I call upon you, Bob Lindsay, to recognize that “race realism” is a crumbling edifice, never highly convincing, and now rapidly descending into clear cut falsehood and irrelevance. And, to top it off, it never had anything really to recommend it, no desirable practical utility or application, even if technically correct. The only “desirable” (ha) utility it ever had was to justify the animosity of racist assholes. That’s it. That’s the sum of the contribution of “race realism”.

And, a LEFT “race realism”?! Forget it! Contradiction in terms. It will NEVER attract any support from left-minded people — as well it should not! Leftish people immediately identify it as shit. It does not and never has passed the smell test.

I call upon you, Bob Lindsay, to renounce this “race realism” nonsense, to admit that you were (as was I! past tense) taken in by it, for a time… seduced into thinking that it had SOMETHING of importance or value… or so it SEEMED. But no. We were wrong. It has no importance, and no value.

Whatever slight genetics-dependent differences might exist are of little or no practical significance, nothing can be done about them, and — regardless of all the foregoing — further discussion of them does NOTHING but energize the worst kinds of reptiloid right-wing scumbaggery. (Just witness some of the discussants that you’ve attracted, here on your blog!) The whole thing is a fetid piece of shit, overdue now for flushing down the crapper.

Come out of her, Bob Lindsay, that ye not further partake of her sins!

No I am going to continue promoting it, but Liberal Race Realism isn’t really hard HBD. It is probably somewhere in between hard HBD and the radical environmentalists like you, swank and Anti-Hereditarian. So you misunderstand Liberal Race Realism.

It doesn’t say that any groups are doomed or anything like that.

My opinion is more that some groups, due to their genetic set are going to require some pretty extreme environments in order to even match other groups. And that’s just for intelligence. While other groups like NE Asians will probably flourish even in lousy impoverished environment.

So Black native IQ is set at a low level. That’s what they bring to the table genetically. Then native Black personality doesn’t exactly create the best environment for furthering intelligence. More the opposite.

However, some of the information coming out of the UK may indicate that UK Blacks, including 3rd generation Jamaicans, may be coming close to matching Whites on some tests. For instance, Jamaican Black GCSE scores at age 17 may now match Whites. It’s not IQ, but it predicts job performance as well as IQ. I need to look into this a lot more, as it is very interesting. Anyway, I have been hoping for a long time that Blacks and others could close some of these gaps and I never said they could not, so the fact that they are is right in line with Liberal Race Realist theory.

I figure what has gone on here is that the UK is the ultimate PC society. Perhaps they have completely maximized the environment for Blacks in a way that no other society has done. So yes, Blacks can be lifted up, but most of the time, in most countries, they are not, and they just fall back on genetic IQ of ~70-90. You can raise them above that level, but you are going to have to create some super-environments, and most societies are not so good at that.

Modification of basic racial personality and proclivity to crime and violence seems nearly impossible.

I would also point out that this site is wildly successful. As it is considered the part of the HBDsphere, this site is in the Top 10 of HBD sites. It gets far more traffic than even the most famous HBD sites: 6,500/day. This site goes like gangbusters. Liberal Race Realism seems to be a pretty good sell, along with all the other stuff that gets talked about on here.


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Do Schoolteachers Believe in HBD?

Anti-Hereditarian writes:

Stupidity is rarely a cause of school failure, poor achievement deals more with deficient executive functions, one’s hardships with focusing and persevering with their schoolwork. If teachers are not really fond of HBD, it’s not because they are blind leftists but because they see students that have attitudes that are not compatible with academic excellence.

I do not know. I taught school in the Los Angeles area for 6 years. I started out as a somewhat blind environmentalist with some HBD leanings.

After 6 years teaching all sorts of different ethnic groups, I could practically predict the behavior and the intelligence of a classroom as it filed in the door merely by observing the ethnic makeup of the group. Interestingly, the intelligence of the groups lined up almost perfectly with IQ scores. Further, behavior conformed to stereotypes.

The Japanese and Jews were smartest and best behaved, then the Whites, then the Filipinos, then the Hispanics, then maybe the Polynesians (close call) and then the Blacks. Perfect lineup. As as the intelligence of a group went down, the group become more disorderly, loud, confrontational, lazy, combative, destructive, menacing and even violent. As the intelligence of a group rose, they became a lot more calmed down and sedated. You would think a classroom full of Japanese kids has been sedated with Valium.

Now apparently my observations are not scientifically proven. That’s fine. Science has hardly proven anything we believe in in our day to day lives. If we had to operate our day to day lives only on things proven by science, we wouldn’t even be able to get out of bed. I assure you that 95% of the things I believe are not proven by science, and I could care less about that.

I simply make observations. Where I see the same pattern repeating over and over, which I do all the time, I make a generalization type of opinion about what is “basically” going on here. Now 98% of the time, that generalization is not proven by science, but so what?

Personally, I did feel that stupidity was a cause of school failure. Of course it gets complicated because as the group gets dumber, they try less in school, and you end up with whole classes full of kids who do nothing but screw off all class.

I did have some Black male students who I felt very sorry for though. We were studying Shakespeare once with some Black sophomores in Compton, and some Black girls were really getting into it. I forget what we were discussing, but this 15 year old Black boy was getting involved, and he really wanted to learn whatever we were learning. But it was painfully obvious that he simply was not very intelligent at all. I even think he realized it on some level and was depressed about it. Seeing that boy like that almost broke my heart, it was so sad. I felt so sorry for him.


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Who Says Life in Poverty Is Always Terrible?

Swank says:

Everyday life for a poor person in concentrated poverty doesn’t leave a lot of time for abstracting anything. Your life is concrete and in the moment. You are worried about surviving. You are worried about getting attacked. You are worried about being accosted. One false move can send your life careening down a path of horrible consequences.A child living in even slight affluence has the luxury of taking an approach to life that involves planning, long-term ideas, talking about abstract concepts, etc. “mastering the fundamentals.”

Who says this is true? I live in a town where 30% of the population lives below the poverty line. My neighborhood is quite typical of the city. This is not the wealthy part of town, and there is indeed a wealthy part of this town. A lot of folks around here are on Section 8, WIC and Food Stamps at the very least. Arrests are pretty common around here, and there is said to be a gang element. It’s not extremely dangerous to go walking about in day or especially at night, but bad things do happen. Someone might accost you and try to rob you. There are a few muggings that occur around here late at night. A few years back, gunshots were fired in my complex 50 yards away.

I was living close to the poverty line myself a while back, and I still do not have much money. My income is ~$14,000/yr. I barely pay bills, and that’s it. It certainly is not true that I have no time to be abstract because I am so concerned about day to day survival ,and of course I do not live a concrete, in the moment life like most of these morons around here. I am not very worried about surviving, but I might not go walking at 3 AM. I am not very worried at all about being attacked, though once again, when I used to go out for late night walks, I carried a knife in my pocket. I have lived here for 6 years, and I have never been accosted, assaulted or robbed. I am not particularly worried about being accosted.

It’s always the case that one false move can send your life careening down the path to dire consequences. That’s the case even if you live in Beverly Hills. That’s why you have to think carefully about everything you do.

I engage in continuous planning, longterm goals, and I live in abstraction. I am all about mastering the fundamentals. And I live in a poor area.

…Taking an approach to life that involves planning, long-term ideas, talking about abstract concepts, etc. “mastering the fundamentals.”

I agree that most of these idiots around here do not think this way. Maybe some do, I have no idea. But a lot of folks around here seem like they can’t even plan 24 or 48 hours in advance. I say that’s because they are stupid. It’s well known that dumb people can hardly plan forward. They can hardly plan a trip to the bathroom, much less into next month.

I have talked to a lot of these people around here about non-concrete things, abstract stuff, etc. and most of them are immediately lost. In my opinion, that is because they are too dumb to think abstractly and can only think in a concrete sense. It’s not that they can’t think this way because they live in a poor area. They can’t think this because they are really dumb.


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Letter From the UK

JackiLB writes:

The Mirror is leftwing tabloid. The Guardian was very pro-Greens in the run-up to the election (who are far Left) and i personally feel the Guardian is the most leftwing of our broadsheets. Remember that it was the Guardian who printed all the Wikileaks info originally. They are also pro-Jeremy Corbyn too, so I do feel the newspaper is more to the Left rather than Centralist. Owen Jones is a regular writer and he is definitely socialist, but then Mark Steel writes for the Independent and he is also a socialist.

The rightwing newspapers to avoid are:

The Sun (Murdoch)
The Daily Mail (has fascist roots)
The Express
The Telegraph (Murdoch)
The Times (Murdoch)

Unfortunately here in the UK so many people are influenced and dumbed down by our horrible right wing tabloid press. Only 24% of the country voted for the Tories in the last election, but as with all corrupt countries, the most powerful, wealthy and corrupt people always get their ways and screw democracy by cheating (the Tories changed the constituencies to suit them). So even though it would appear that most people in the UK have gone to the right, it’s actually not the case at all. Most people awoke the next day of the election in total shock, and there has been a huge increase in people moving abroad in response to more years with a Tory government. I want to go to Spain.

As far as UKIP goes, ‘kippers’ are a mix of far Right fascists (defected from the Tories or the BNP) but there are also solid working class leftwing union people too who joined UKIP as they became disaffected from Labour. Not because these people became rightwing, but rather than they felt UKIP spoke to the ordinary man when it came to protecting jobs from cheaper foreigner workers. When UKIP was first formed, it was purely anti-EU, but it got hijacked by the Tories (most UKIP MP’s are Ex-Tories, and they receive a lot if funds from the Tories). I honestly think this hijacking was engineered by the Tories to screw over Labour, and if the Tories hadn’t won a majority, then THE only party they could have formed a coalition with would have been UKIP.

Our Tory government here is truly terrifying. They are literally tearing apart the welfare state and all the progress that the Liberals and Labour put into place over the years. They won’t stop until the poor are literally being kicked in the street. They want to change our Human Rights Act, and they have discriminated against the disabled so badly that we are the very first country to be investigated by the UN for human rights abuses. I don’t know my country anymore. It’s truly terrifying. I wish Guy Fawkes would reappear and destroy Westminster. Its sick, corrupt and very, very, very nasty.

With the events unfolding in Greece, the Left too is now becoming anti-Europe. We have been terrified of the start of the TTIP with Europe and America, but seeing the eradication of democracy by the power of the banks and big business, we have very rapidly see our European life being twisted into a form no one recognizes.

Unless Labour can regroup to the Left and win the next election, then we are well and truly doomed.

I saw some leftwing UKIP guy speaking the other day and I was really impressed. He was great! He was everything Labour ought to be. Supposedly there is this Left tendency in UKIP which you allude to here and he was representative of that. But commenters said that the Left tendency was completely at odds with the official positions of the party. However, UKIP is apparently a multitendency party which believes in complete democracy within the party so that is why a Left UKIP exists at all. I do like the idea of a multitendency party with internal democracy though.

I did not know that these modern Tories were so horrible. Someone told me that the new Tories were “the moderate Tories” and that the party had completely abandoned Thatcherism. According to the above, this is not the case.


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Political Parties and Newspapers in the UK

From the UK wrote:

The Mirror is to the left of The Guardian but is a tabloid. The Independent, while ostensibly supporting no party, does seem to have more left-wing sympathies than The Guardian.

The Lib Dems are an odd mixture – partly to the left of Labour and partly to the right – however in the last election they were pretty much wiped out and are hence an irrelevance at the moment!

Would you say that The Guardian represents the left wing of Labor, the center of Labor, or the right wing of Labor? I am sort of thinking it is like the rightwing of Labor and maybe the leftwing of the Lib Dems.

Personally, the Lib Dems struck me as in between Labor and the Tories, sort in the center of the two, which would make them to the right of Labor.

UKIP is the to the right of the Tories, correct? Or they are the rightwing of the Tory Party. They remind me a lot of the US Republican Party.

I liked The Mirror a lot, but some of my UK friends flipped out when I said that. They said that all of the tabloids were rightwing. They were all like the US Republican Party. But then I would go and read The Mirror and it sure didn’t seem so. They also said that no decent person would be caught reading a tabloid, as they were just crap papers for idiots. But I found a lot of wheat among the chaff on The Mirror anyway.

The Independent seems good. They run Robert Fisk right? I could never see The Guardian running Fisk. He’s pretty brutal on US foreign policy, and The Guardian reads like it’s headquartered in the Washington DC White House.


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Link Between Amazonian Indians and Australoids

From my Facebook page.

Will Hyres writes:

Did you see the recent DNA research that links Amazonian Amerindians to Australian Aboriginals? I wonder how extensive that link really is? I’m assuming the majority of Amerinds are mostly related to the Siberian migration.

It’s not as crazy as it sounds. The very first people to the Americas were Australoids. On skulls, they would resemble Aborigines, as Aborigines are Australoids. The early Amerind skulls look Australoid. Some look like Melanesians or Ainu. Melanesian and Ainu skulls are Australoid. As the early Amerinds came from the north, perhaps the early Amerinds were linked to the Ainuids. We know that skulls from NE Asia before 9,000 YBP look like Aborigines.

I am not sure what the link between Amazonian Indians and Aborigines is. Is it on genes or on skulls? Can someone link me to this stuff?

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Conundrums about the UK Black IQ in Minors and Adults

swank writes:

UK African blacks according to Lynn had an IQ of 86. Recent scores on the CAT for the children of UK Africans put them at ~94.

How old were these children who scored 94, and what is the CAT?

My information is that yes, some groups of UK Blacks are doing very well on IQ as children. In fact, one recent study found that very young UK Blacks (age 6) were scoring as high as 106 on IQ tests. However, testing of adult UK Blacks shows them at 86, so apparently these children are crashing down from 106 to 86. Scores following British children by age shows them slowly crashing back down from 106 or wherever down to 86 by age 24. I do not know what is going on here, but early gains do not seem to be sustained for some reason. Does anybody have any idea how a Black child in the UK scores 106 (!) on an IQ test but then crashes all the way back down to 86 by age 24. That’s seems so odd.

Also the 86 score is only for UK Blacks born in the UK. Their parents or grandparents who were born in Jamaica continue to score 71, the same as they did in Jamaica.

However, somehow their children got a 15 point IQ gain simply by being born in the UK. Does anyone have any idea how that could be possible?


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There Is No Left in the UK

I am starting to get a very bad feeling about the UK. Correct me if I am wrong here, but the Left in the UK is essentially the Labor Party, right? The Labor Party is the equivalent of the US Democratic Party. And correct me if I am wrong once again, but the house organ of the Labor Party is basically The Guardian, correct? The Guardian tends to represent the views of the Labor Party of the UK, I imagine most of its readers are Labor supporters, and if you want to know what Labor thinks about anything, read The Guardian.

Problem is that on foreign policy, The Guardian is utterly reactionary. It might as well be the New York Times. Guardian foreign policy is exactly the same as US foreign policy. No matter how crazy US foreign policy is, The Guardian simply supports and goes along with it.

This has been going on for some time now with the Labor Party. The foreign policy of the Labor Party in government is simply US government foreign policy. Even when a crazy Republican US government is in, Labor simply follows and supports every nutty and reactionary thing that the US does.

This monkey see, monkey do, poodle behavior has been referred to as “Atlanticism” for some time. Atlanticism is simply the pro-US foreign policy of many northern European states such as Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands and the UK. What it means in effect is that these Northern Europeans see themselves somehow ethnically, culturally or otherwise in alliance with the US to the point where they are nearly states of the US like California and New York. Everyone thinks that those countries are leftwing socialist countries, but the truth is that on foreign policy, most of those countries are reactionary and crazy. They simply support US foreign policy no matter how rightwing or imperialist it might be.

If The Guardian is the voice the UK Left, all I have to say is that the Left in the UK can go straight to Hell. And furthermore, they should quit calling themselves the Left. Labor is about as “left” as the US Democratic Party which it increasingly resembles.

Add the UK to the list of Western countries with utterly useless and worthless national politics.


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Some Thoughts on MRA Movements

All the MRA’s suck,  and all the MRA movements suck. There’s nothing there for a progressive man. They’re all reactionaries. Now, I do like some of the ideas of MRA’s and I think progressive men could theoretically get involved in some form of MRA especially against the lunacy of radical and gender feminism, the misandry or popular culture and the fact that in some ways, the state has become a Radical Feminist Matriarchy set up to attack men.

But the fact that all these guys are Neandertals really turns all progressive men off. We want nothing to do with them.

Most MRA celebrities are nuts. Warren Farrell is one of the biggest of all, and he is a lunatic like all the rest of them. Even Paul Elam seems pretty unhinged.

We used to have something called Men’s Liberation which was like MRA for progressive men. It was pretty crazy in a lot of ways too, but at least it wasn’t reactionary. That’s history now. There will never be one slight hint of Men’s Liberation on the Left ever again. All politically active Left men are faggots, pussies and cuckolds now. They’re all gone over to radical and gender feminism in the worst ways. These “men” are basically women with dicks. They should just get a sex change and be done with it.

To be on the Left as a man now, you have to swallow the strap-on dildo of radical feminism down your throat hard. I guess you are supposed to deep throat it til you puke. You would not believe how these retarded men talk. Anytime a Left man talks about “losing his male privilege” head for the door. He’s gelded already.


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