Cops Get Tired of Shooting Black Men, Shoot Hispanic Man Instead

Here and here.

Gotta mix things up a bit. Can’t be shooting just Blacks all the time, you know?

Cops are saying he had a knife in his hand. They responded to a call of a man with a knife. He cut his wife in the head with the knife. Dispatchers said the man trying to do a “suicide by cop.” Looks like he got his wish.

Cops apparently did not know they were being filmed. Filmers claim the footage shows that the was shot while surrendering with his arms up in the air.

The two cops who shot him have been placed on leave while an investigation takes place. Standard procedure after a police shooting is that the officer(s) involved are suspected with pay while the investigation proceeds. With pay. Free vacation. Hell, that’s probably why they shoot people right there.

Things are pretty much up in the air right now regarding what really happened.


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White California RIP

The past is never dead. It's not even past. Except for maybe this scene here.

The end of an era. The past is never dead. It’s not even past. Except for maybe this scene here.

I was born three years after this photo was taken, but the California of my youth was not a lot different from this. Everybody likes to ridicule this era as being too White or too conservative or too racist or too homophobic or too this or that, but it sure was a nice place to grow up.

I hung with this rockabilly crowd 35 years ago. They were ok, but their motto seemed to be, “Yeah! Let’s all go back in the 1950’s!” I laughed about it then and I laughed about it now. It was better in some ways but worse in a lot of others, and anyway, you can never go home again.

Nevertheless, we now have an overcrowded, poverty-infested, drought-striken, politically bizarre, UN Freakshow with Banana Republic demographics and collapsing ecosystems.

The rich on the hills above with their military base-like guarded perimeters. Spreading out down below are the festering slums, often as far as the eye can see.

In the morning, you see the dark-skinned California poor marching up the hills to work as low-skilled laborers in the white-skinned California lands of the rich. At the end of the, the dark poor march back down the hill in the growing darkness to their homes in the slums.

It could be San Salvador. It could be Lima. It could be take your pick. It’s Latin America Reprised. Extreme wealth next to serious poverty and a shrinking middle class in between. Yep, California, the grooviest, hippest most leftwing progressive state in the Union, has decided to copy banana republics as its development model.

What does this mean? How about this? California at least has finally de facto separated from North America to become a part of the Americas, just another Latin American country. Got to wonder when the caudillos, the death squads and the guerilla priests are going to show up. It can only be a matter of time.

Sure from our perspective, the 50’s blew, at least to the extent that we don’t want to go back there.

But there’s a strong popular suggestion today that the California of 2015, this surreal Banana Republic Circus, is better than those uptight Wonder Bread Eisenhower years we all love to ridicule. Of course it’s different. As different as two different planets. But better? Really?

I don’t know man, I just don’t know.

One thing’s for sure. See that White California 1954 in that photo? It’s gone. And it ain’t never coming back.

RIP White California.


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Women Having Sex with Gay Men is a Very Bad Idea

Juno writes:

So Robert, according to you, girls have to be out of their mind when they have sex with a gay guy. To some extent I agree with you. And that goes for the gay guys in fact too, in my opinion. But the reason you give, namely that it’s a health hazard for those girls because of the ‘infection rates’ among gays, is quite outrageous. You obviously have no idea how homophobic that remark is.

Why do so many gay men have sex with women? Why in God’s name would they even want to? They’re gay, for Chrissake! And if you ask one of these guys, he will say, “Oh no, I am not bisexual! I am 100% gay! But I want to have sex with that woman.” What the heck? How many straight men run around having sex with guys all the time? Not that many. A very common complaint among fag hags is that completely gay men are often trying to have sex with them. I don’t understand gay men. You’re gay, right? So go have sex with men, ok? Knock yourselves out. But leave women alone – it’s ridiculous.

Women having sex with gay men has to be up there on the list of high risk behaviors for women.

HIV+ rates for gay and bisexual men in the US:

Gay and bisexual men in the US: 20%.

Gay and bisexual men in Baltimore: 38%!

Gay and bisexual men in New York: 29%!

Gay and bisexual Black men: 28%.

Gay and bisexual men in their 40’s: 28%.

Gay and bisexual men in the 5 largest metropolitan gay areas in the US: 27%.

Gay and bisexual men in Dallas: 26%.

Gay and bisexual men in Houston: 26%.

Gay and bisexual men in Miami: 25%.

Gay and bisexual men aged 30+: 25%.

Gay and bisexual men in San Fransisco: 23%.

Gay and bisexual men in New Orleans: 21%.

Many of the women getting infected with HIV nowadays are getting it from bisexual men, especially Black men on the downlow. Straight men have a very low HIV rate. Gay and bisexual men have an HIV+ rate 44 times higher than straight men. A woman who has sex with a gay or bisexual man has a fully 44 times greater risk of getting HIV than she does from a straight man. It’s almost Russian roulette.

At least in the past, gay men had very high rates of Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis A epidemics periodically flared through various gay communities. Hepatitis B is not common among straight men, and Hepatitis A is almost unheard of.

Gay men also have very high rates of syphilis. In fact, 2/3 of syphilis cases are among gay men. Syphilis has very low rates among straight men. Most who have it are illegal aliens screwing illegal alien whores from Mexico who go to a house of 20 illegals and do them all.

Gay men also have much more gonorrhea than straight men. Outside of the group sex and porn scenes and picking up skanky, often Black, street hos, it is quite hard for a straight man to get gonorrhea.

Ameabiasis, giardiasis, shigellosis and salmonellosis are parasites, and straight men have very low rates of infections with these parasites. Gay men have sky high rates of infection of all four of these parasites.

Any woman who has sex with a gay man is insane.


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Must Seducers be Hypermasculine?

Jason Y writes:

If you want to be a player, then being hyper-masculine is the way to go. Otherwise, it really isn’t necessary. Some masculinity is needed though.

I think Tata is right. After all, she is a woman. She said you only need to be just “masculine enough,” and that is all that matters. Beyond that, Alpha is all about being Chad and not much more. And I was shocked at some of the men she thought were “masculine enough” because it seemed the bar was rather low.

I honestly do not think hypermasculinity has much to do with it although there are various types of Hypermasculinity Game you can run – Thug Game, Rapper Game, Dealer Game, Delinquent Game, Bad Boy Game. I think there are also some types of non-criminal minded hypermasculine Game styles out there. But I think hypermasculinity is very much overrated.

The craziest players I ever knew were practically androgynes. They had a very strong masculine essence, but they also had this sort of feminine thing going at the same time. And some of the most notorious players I have ever known got called gay almost constantly. They weren’t effeminate or faggoty at all. They were more like “soft men.” Actually I think “soft men” are way more notorious than super-masculine hard men. A lot of women go nuts over “soft men” as long as they are Chad, have great Game and are really sexy.

Some players hate women, and most are cynical of them because these guys have figured out what females are really like, and the truth about females is pretty ugly, just like the truth about males is nasty too. Once you strip aside all the PC lies and Society bullshit and illusions, both genders are pretty damn ugly.

The truth is ugly. Lies are pretty. People want pretty lies. Problem is people figure out that the pretty lies they believed are just that, lies, and a lot of times they start hating – Jews, Blacks, women, men, whatever. People learn the ugly truth about some group, and it’s so at odds with the PC Dream World Lie about the group that they react with contempt. “You mean these precious female snowflakes I have been worshiping my whole life are really that awful? Ugh! That stinks! I hate women!”

In fact, I think hypermasculinity is a hindrance to being a good seducer. The hypermasculine man usually does not understand females very well, and he often doesn’t really like them too much either. He doesn’t understand them because he has too little Feminine Essence. Unfortunately, you can’t understand women very well unless you have some Feminine Essence yourself. That way you can connect with them on a very basic level.

Also hypermasculinity is the complete opposite of femininity, and hypermasculinity is all about, frankly, the hatred of the feminine. Ok, macho guys hate the feminine. They sure aren’t fags, no siree sir! Well, how are they supposed to feel about women then? See? If you hate the feminine in men, you tend to hate it in women too. Women are feminine. You hate femininity, you hate women on some level – there’s no way around it.

When I watch TV, I often watch all-female TV (not soaps, those are gay), even stupid stuff like women’s talk shows, cooking shows and fashion shows where women act about as stupid and inane as the stereotype says. Thing is though, I like to see women like that. I like to see women sitting around being insipid, catty, gossiping, giggling and talking about clothes or makeup or whatever. That’s because I like to watch women no matter what they are doing. I even love to watch them when they are being completely empty-headed and moronic because to me they are delightful even then.


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Statement on MRA’s

Frizzled writes:

The whole tranny thing of forcing women to accept you’re one of them, blackmailing them into fucking you as a “lesbian” and declaring Jihad on any dissent seems to be close to Men’s Rights Activism, another cause dear to Robert’s heart.

Are you male or female, frizzled?

I don’t like almost all MRA assholes. However, men are in need of equal rights these days because they are systematically oppressed by feminists. I would say that women are also in need of equal rights too. Equal rights feminism is still a great idea which I support very much. Just not real keen on man-hating bitches who hate heterosexual sex, eh? The more you think about it, they are the enemies of all of us men. However, if a woman told me that MRA’s are the enemies of all of us women so she hated them, I would not argue with her. I think if I were a woman, I would hate MRA’s myself and consider them my enemies.

I support pro-women MRA.
I support pro-male feminism.

Both genders need equal rights and hating the opposite sex is just wrong.


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Latest from the Feminist Enemy: 8 Year Old Boy Charged with Molesting 14 Year Old Girl Babysitter


The 14 year old girl babysitter initiated the sexual conduct with the 8 year old boy. Yeah, he went along with it. What do you expect?

It just gets more and more insane all the time, doesn’t it?


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Tranny Chaos


This is too much. You just knew this was coming, didn’t you? How could you not. That said, I think this thing is onto something. I hope it is heterosexual.

Actually I am would almost go tranny myself fraudulently just to do this. That would be such a kick.

I hate to confess that one of my biggest fantasies all through high school was finding a peephole to spy into the girls’ locker room or else turning invisible (Invisible Man style) so I could sneak into the girls’ locker room undetected. When you invisible, can people still hear you? If so, you have to be quiet. When you are invisible, can people still bump into you if you are in their way? Then you need to get out of the way all the time.

I have been wondering about these things my whole life.


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French Woman Searching for Slayer Who Impregnated Her

Help! Someone please help Natalie Amyot!

Natalie Amyot, from Paris, has returned to the Mooloolaba on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast where she said she spent ‘a beautiful night’ with a man she fell instantly in love with. He was 183cm tall, with blue eyes, blond hair and a tan.

The following morning she flew back to Paris, lost her phone and then discovered she was pregnant

“Fell instantly in love.” Chad strikes again.

I met a guy and not only had a one-night-stand with him, I let him go in me RAW. Now I’m about to be a single mother. And by the way – don’t judge me.

“Don’t judge me.” What a dumb bitch.

LOL at women. They are so stupid.

She is roaming around the Gold Coast right now, going to all the bars, looking for Chad.

I hope she never finds him.

If I was this guy, I would so hide. No way would I be part of this idiotic circus. Run, Chad, run!

P.S. She doesn’t even remember his name. What a silly woman.


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Alternative Left Getting Some Airplay

Hunter Wallace mentions me and the Alternative Left.

Wallace is a White nationalist. I am not exactly pro-White nationalism, but I would rather ally with those folks than these neoliberal Cultural Left Freakshow types on the so-called “Left”.

Neoliberal corporate globalist economics and the Cultural Left combines the worst of both the Left and the Right. This is today’s DNC Democratic Party. There literally is nothing here for any progressive person in my opinion.

The Left is about economics, or it is about nothing. Basing Left politics on culture is absurd. At best the Cultural Left is a sideshow, a distraction. At worst it is deculturalization as bad the McDonaldization of the globalists. There is nothing “progressive” about man-hating women, promotion of homosexuality, 31 flavors of sexual weirdness and gender-destroyers. What is even slightly progressive about any of this celebration of freakiness?

The Republicans are the same thing minus the Freakshow.

Marie Le Pen said, “There is no more Left and Right. Instead, there are globalists and nationalists.”

Chalk me up with the nationalists, in my case, leftwing nationalists (I know how nuts that sounds). What’s weird is Wallace et al on the Right are nationalists too, so they and I are now in some weird alliance against the Globalist Corporate Right, DNC Left and the Cultural Left. All three of these  are in bed with each other. They are all pushing deculturalization, deracination and what boils down to the dismantling of nation-states.

In this odd alliance, hopefully Wallace’s folks and I are for de-emphasis if not outright hostility to the Cultural Left, preservation of the wisdom or ages (your grandma was right), anti-gender feminism, anti-Gay Politics, anti-laissez faire capitalism, pro-men’s rights, pro-equity feminism, pro-tolerance but anti-celebration on sexual orientation, gender orientation and sexual freakism, pro-worker, pro-consumer, pro-environment, pro-people and most of all pro-community. And for me of course, the preservation of the nation my motto is distinct national cultures and traditions, of course national economies and welfare states. My motto is “Without the Homeland, there is nothing.”


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How to Get Females: My Story

I am not going to debate whether I was good-looking or not as a young man. Obviously I have my own opinion, but my opinion of my looks is worthless. The only thing that matters looks-wise is how others see you.

It’s not something to be endlessly debated with yourself and others: “Am I good-looking or not?” It is not something for you to decide. It is something for others to decide. If you are, lots of females, gay and bisexual men and even straight men will let you know right to your face, trust me.

I was told at the time that I looked like Tom Hanks and Rick Springfield.

As far as slaying or being a PUA, I started to get a pretty big ego with regard to females when I was about 18. And then I started having a lot of success somehow. I am not even sure how it happened.

We would be sitting at a table in the library studying at junior college, and women at the table would look at me, sort of freeze, put down their work, get up from their seat, walk right over to me, give me a big smile and sit right down in my lap! Guys at the table would freeze in shock, look at me, shake their heads and say, “How do you do it? “How do you do it? I will never understand this.”

Thing is I don’t even know how I did it myself! I am not sure why women were always sitting on my lap, but possibly I was “approachable” and “open.” If you want advice, I would just say, “Be approachable.” I would also say “open yourself up” to females. You can either “close your  body off” or “open your body up” to other humans, and I am not even sure how that is done! It is almost metaphysical. You just have to try to do it and see what happens.

More good advice would be: “make females feel comfortable around you.”

I have had women say, “You make me feel so comfortable to be around you! You make me relax so much. And you are open too. I just want to grab you every time I see you.”

Well, with increased success came more success. It was like every new female I slayed just made this Stud or Slayer or whatever persona even greater.

I haven’t the faintest idea if I am Alpha or not, and I could care less if I am or was at any time. Whether or not you are Alpha is best seen as “not an important question.”

I never use the word Alpha to refer to myself, and I think most men in general should not call themselves Alphas. I think it is tacky. Alpha is like good-looking. You’re only good-looking if others think you are. If people think you are Alpha, then you’re Alpha.

I think most real true Alphas would rarely if ever say, “I’m an Alpha!” Someone might ask them, “Are you Alpha?” and the real pure Alpha would shrug his shoulders and ask back, “I dunno. Do you think I’m Alpha?” The questioner says, “Hell yeah, Chad! You are the Alphamost of the Alphiest of the Alpha Alpha Alphas!”

And then the pure Alpha would laugh and shrug his shoulders and say, “Ok, well I guess I am an Alpha then. If you say so.”

All these guys running around on PUA forums yelling, “I am Alpha!” are the biggest dickwads. I have no idea if they are Alphas or not, but if they are, they are not very good ones.

I reiterate that the real pure Alpha would rarely if ever say something stupid like, “I am Alpha.” He might just figure it was obvious and need not be said. Some things are best demonstrated by showing, not telling.

Anyway, it was like an expanding head. And with each new female, as that head expands a bit more, you start attracting a few more females.

There are Slayer levels like levels in videogames, ok? I know that sounds nuts, but I am serious. For instance say your head is at Slayer +5. Ok, you are attracting some women. So then you slay some more, now you are at Slayer +10. And now you attract even more females than you did at Slayer +5. And with each new step from +5 to +10, you attract a few more females. Well, this process just builds and builds, and I am not even sure there is any end to it. It is almost frightening the way it just keeps expanding with no end in sight.

Pretty soon your head or Slayer Persona is so huge it almost has its own orbit, and now you are attracting females almost everywhere you go. I mean the gas station, the liquor store, driving down the street, at school, at work – everywhere – you literally cannot escape them. It is like you are walking honey, and females are bees or like you are a giving off some magic scent that attracts them. You become actually a literal chick magnet. It almost gets scary or annoying sometimes, and sometimes you want to hide inside just to avoid females.

As you get a Slayer reputation, of course you accumulate a lot of exes saying you’re the scum of the Earth and despising you, but even they usually do not hate you 100%, and when they tear you apart, you can often see this odd  little smile on their face.

But also you get a good reputation, and now you have these new females who incredibly enough want to get in on the action with the Slayer dude, even though he’s not boyfriend material, it’s obvious that it won’t lead anywhere, and he’s totally unreliable. They don’t even really care if they get pump and dumped! They could care less! It never got to the point where they were lining up and literally taking numbers to have sex with me, but it was like that for some of my friends.

Let us take one guy named SP. I mean they were practically lining up and taking numbers just to get pump and dumped by SP. And after getting pump and dumped, they would walk out with this huge smile on their face like, “Wow I just had sex with the Biggest Slayer in Town, SP!” Like they got a medal or something. You had to see it to believe it, it was incredible.

So I guess all this boils down to Game. The Game idiots are complete tards because they think they have invented some new thing.

Game has been around forever. There is a famous book in Latin called On Love, and really it should be called How to Pick up Girls n Rome AD 100. Men have been perfecting this stuff forever.

We were all running Game in the 1970’s and 1980’s even though we did not call it that or realize it. I idolized some Ultra-Slayers and became best friends with them. These dudes like SP would literally date like 3-4 females every day. A morning date, an afternoon date, an evening date and then a midnight date. And SP would have sex with every single one of them! He was simply incredible.

So I made these guys like SP my gurus, and I actually become very good friends with SP, and when you hang out with SP, the pussy literally drops in your lap. I studied these guys very carefully.

All of these guys had systems. For instance, SP had the craziest, most elaborate Game systems I have ever seen in my entire life. He probably had like 100 different Game systems, they were all quite complex, and frequently he seemed to be running multiple systems at once almost like it was a big game to him, which I suppose it was.

This SP guy was literally the most calculating fucker I have ever known. He calculated every single thing he said and did. He was not spontaneous at all. I think spontaneity is idiocy, personally. If you are spontaneous, and you are just going to say and do the wrong thing too many times. It’s not worth it to be “free.”

All these guys have systems. Casanova and Don Juan had systems. You can’t even slay unless you have a system. So really all slayers are running Game because you have to run Game to slay.

Well, with SP, I studied him so carefully that I would try to literally become SP. I would go into “SP mode,” and I would seem to turn into him and channel his personality. I had his voice down pat, and I would use it on females. I would call up some chick I just met using my SP voice, and she would say, “Hey, my roommate says you have a sexy voice…”

The voice I used was usually pretty soft. A lot of people could hardly hear me, and I had to repeat stuff a lot. You do not need a strong, masculine, powerful voice at all.

Also you do not have to be built. I was never built. I was always pretty skinny. Women say they hate skinny guys, but if you are Skinny Chad, they could care less. Women would complain or ever ridicule me for being skinny, but those same ones would usually have sex with me anyway. So this whole “you can’t be skinny” or “you have to have a great built body” thing is nonsense.

So I ran Game. We had different systems of Game.

I ran Surfer Game, Skiier Game, Doper Game, Drug Dealer Game (this one is really good), Delinquent Game (Thug Game?), Criminal Game, Cool Guy Game, Rocker Game, Writer (Artist) Game, Punker Game, Hippie Game, on and on. There is even Slayer Game itself where you simply sit back and let your slayer reputation drive more and more females to you.

I still run Game to this very day. I probably run maybe 5-10 different kinds of Game and often different types at once. It gets to be entertainment after a while, and you can create these new Game types and invent these new personas just for shits and giggles, and then you really have to become almost a method actor and literally turn into that persona, and now you are running the Game of that persona. If you don’t melt completely into the new role like an actor, lose yourself and turn into a new person, you are not really running that particular Game optimally. A skilled guy who has 15 different types of Game he runs is literally becoming 15 completely new human beings with each new Game type he runs.

Unfortunately my Game is worthless now as I am -Looks or Minus Looks. My looks are pretty much gone, and young women in general want nothing to do with me, and probably a lot of older ones do too. But I run Game anyway because now it is just the natural and normal way to be. Even when I am alone, I am off into some other Game persona playing a role like an actor. So I run Game even when I am all alone. In fact, Alone Time is a good time to really work on perfecting whatever Game system you have like an actor practicing a new role.

My basic opinion on this sort of thing?

Looks is worthless without Game, and Game is worthless without Looks. Anyone who says PUA (Game) doesn’t work is a complete tool and moron.

All Slayers run Game! The best Slayers run the finest Game of them all!

I don’t see how you can slay at all without Game. How are you going to slay -Game? I have known guys who had MM looks but zero Game, and they would go years with sex. MM looks -Game is almost worthless.


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