On Paul Stanley

I watched a video of Paul Stanley the KISS singer the other day because people keep saying he acts like a flaming faggot. In truth, I feel he is basically a heterosexual who has fucked more chicks than your average army but on the other hand, there is some solid evidence for some lesser bisexual interest which probably isn’t very important in his sexual life.

One of the first things I noticed about him was that hard, cold masculine face that he has. Stanley is my age now and by the 50’s, men’s faces are pretty well carved up by decades of emoting such that we hardly have to emote at all anymore as it’s already carved into our faces anyway. I did notice some funny mannerisms at the same time such as a dainty way of holding his hands together in his lap and a slight oddness to his speech.

On the whole, I did not feel he was particularly effeminate. Maybe just slightly. But honestly, if you want to analyze the 1000’s of microbehaviors that all men engage in, you will find a Hell of a lot of men who have some few effeminate microbehaviors in their somewhere. The way the guy holds his coffee cup or his cigarette, or how he fidgets with his nails, how he sits or stands, on and on.

But that face carved by 50 years of emotion was the most interesting. That and reading his history made me conclude that he has a hard core masculine aspect to his psyche and he is mostly oriented towards women as masculinity = heterosexuality more or less. I suppose the best way to describe him would be to say that he is an androgyne.


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Different Archaic Asian Racial Types

Mikhail8151994 writes:

Are Filipinos Paleomongoloid or Neomongoloid?

I am not completely sure. I am not sure if they are more Southeast Asian or Indonesian.

Southeast Asian types have only recently made a full transition from Australoid to Mongoloid in the past 2,300 years (at least in Vietnam).
Vietnamese are Neomongoloids with some Australoid traces.

Indonesians are Melanesian Paleoaustraloid with Paleomongoloid mix. The Australoid is an old Melanesian type called proto-Dai that dates back 15,000 years. The Mongoloids are recent Taiwanese aborigine Paleomongoloid arrivals from Taiwan. In the east, Indonesians are 80% Australoid, 20% Paleomongoloid.

Indonesians resemble the Malay quite a bit, but the Malay seem to have less Mongoloid in them. A Malay is like an Indonesian minus the Mongoloid. Also the Australoid component of the Malay is indigenous and is very ancient, going back all the way to 72,000 YBP. The Malay have evolved in situ for 10’s of 1000’s of years.

The male half of Filipinos is from a Taiwanese aborigine tribe called the Ami. This is Paleomongoloid and they are recent arrivals to the Philippines. The female side resembles the Proto-Dai in Indonesia but dates back even further to 20-30,000 YBP. This side is Paleoaustraloid. So Filipinos are probably 1/2 Australoid and 1/2 Paleomongoloid.

There is also some Negrito in there but it seems to be mostly washed out although you can see some Negrito characteristics in Manila slums.

There is also a significant Neomongoloid mix via Chinese arrivals from Guangdong. These Guangdong Chinese are close to the Taiwanese aborigines except that they are a more evolved type. Guangdong Chinese are simply the Taiwanese Aborigine Paleomongoloid type evolved into full Neomongoloid – they are merely a more progressive version of the Taiwanese aborigines.

Are Amerindians and Polynesians Paleo-Mongoloid?

I believe that Amerindians are Paleomongoloids. Going back 9-12,000 YBP, Amerindians were Australoid. Kennewick Man is an Australoid. He looks like an Ainu.

Polynesians are made of up 1/2 Melanesian Australoid and 1/2 Taiwanese aborigine Paleomongoloid. So Polynesians are an Australoid-Paleomongoloid cross.

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Netanyahu’s Disgusting Speech

I note that Netanyahu the leader of the Jewish National Socialist state of Israel received 20 standing ovations by the US Congress. That seems unprecedented. Why didn’t they all just take off their clothes and start masturbating in the isles if they were that in love with him? I almost would have expected something like that.
Bottom line is Netanyahu is lying through his teeth. Iran has no nuclear weapons program that I am aware of. They have a nuclear energy program. The problem is that a nuclear energy program and a nuclear weapons program both look the same and both involve the same tech. So these idiots are saying that Iran cannot have a nuclear energy program.

Beyond that, Netanyahu is playing into some very deep seated Sunni racism and bigotry against the Shia which is almost genocidal in nature. He is playing into the “Sunni-Nazis” and supporting them against the “Shia-Jews.” Like his mentor Adolf Hitler, the Jewish National Socialist Netanyahu is accusing the Shia victims of aggressing against the Sunni aggressors. He paints victims as aggressors and aggressors as victims and he promotes genocidal thinking against a persecuted religious group. He’s a Jewish fascist more or less.

Israel owns Congress. We don’t even have two countries. We have one country called “USreal.” According to one view, the US is a colony of Israel. I support a decolonization project.

Actually, that is only one view. Another view is that Israel is not colonizing the US at all and instead there is one Jewish country called “USreal.” There is a small Jewish National Socialist country in the Levant called “Israel” which is the homeland of the Jews. However, there is also a very large nation called America that is also a Jewish country. There are over 300 million people living here and almost all of them are Jews in spirit if not in name. A Judaized Gentile is just a Jew with his sideburns shaved off.

Looking at it this way, it makes more sense. Most members of Congress are clearly Jewish in spirit. In fact, I would gather that US Congressmen are some of the biggest Jews in this entire Jewish country. So that the leader of the Jewish state was treated to an unprecedented welcome by 500 Jewish members of a Jewish Congress should hardly be surprising. After all, Netanyahu is the leader of their people. I am certain that 95% of US Congressmen see Netanyahu as their leader instead of Obama.

This country went Jewish long ago. I don’t see much hope anymore. We might as well all just convert already.

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Gay Husband Checklist


There are all sorts of websites like this. The sad truth is that a lot of gay men marry women. In addition, a lot of men who are not really gay marry women and have sex with both men and women. These men probably fall into the heterosexual and bisexual categories.

No gay man should ever marry a straight woman for any reason. It is sad that this continues, and it should not. There are many websites out there promoting this sort of thing, and that is pitiful right there. No one should promote this nonsense. These marriages have an 85% failure rate. You will waste years of your life and ruin many years of the woman’s life.

As far as bisexual men go, I see why they marry. It makes sense. I also see why they lie. I actually think they should lie to women about their gay stuff, but that’s more for another post.

The most frequently asked question I receive as a counselor is this: “Is there any way to definitely know if my husband is gay before or during the marriage?”

There isn’t really.

There is only one sure way — if the man is honest! Since this rarely happens, this list provides the behavior patterns that can be clear indicators in determining whether your man might be gay. Some of these behaviors include:

She’s right. They’re not honest. Gay married men are the biggest liars on the planet.

There is a decline of sexual activity early in your marriage that never picks up again. He tries to convince you that all relationships have a decline in sex even when you’ve only been together for a few years.

He is turned-off by normal sexual activity and accuses you of being oversexed, aggressive, or a nymphomaniac when you have normal sexual needs.

His sexual performance is more mechanical than passionate with a lack of satisfying foreplay.

He claims he is “depressed” and will blame his depression or medication for depression for his lack of sexual desire for you.

All of this is just stupid, and I am sorry this nonsense is catching on. I know three women who think they were married to gay men. In one case, I think she is right.

In the two other cases, I really believe they are wrong. Both cases are cases of long-term sexual dysfunction on the part of the man.

In one case, the man had chronic low sexual desire and wanted sex maybe every six months. He also had long-term delayed ejaculation – he simply could not orgasm with his girlfriend. Although the case is very odd, I looked into it and I am convinced that he is not gay. She put him in therapy to “find out that he is really gay” because she is convinced that he is gay and if he only comes out, everything will be fine. Problem is I do not think this man is gay at all. Granted, he has a lot of issues such as transvestic fetishism (which may be causing his sexual dysfunction right there). He himself thinks that deep down inside he is a “straight man with a lot of issues.” There’s your answer.

I know another woman whose husband had long-term impotence stretching over 10-20 years. Apparently it was not chronic as he fathered two children with her. He would get a good erection and then lose it, which is actually quite common. They divorced and she is convinced that he is really gay, but I do not think so.

I am hearing this nonsense more and more these days. I know of women who have sexual dysfunctions, in particular pain during sex. They were also inhibited during sex and didn’t want to do a lot of things. I told people about this and was instantly informed with 100% certainty that she was a lesbian. The thing was in this case, she was my girlfriend for a while, and I assure you that she was not a lesbian as I can tell if a woman is a lesbian or not and I have never dated a single lesbian in my entire life.

The insane idea seems to be that all humans are naturally sex maniacs with no hangups. If a woman is not a sex maniac with men, well obviously she is a lesbian. If a man is not a sex maniac with women, well clearly he must be gay.

The truth is that sexual dysfunctions among pure heterosexuals are incredibly common, and it is not rare that they go on for decades or are even lifelong.

Homosexuality is actually a relatively uncommon reason for male sexual dysfunction with women. Other reasons are much more common, such as performance anxiety.

The idea that all persons experiencing sexual dysfunctions in heterosexual sex are really homosexuals is absolutely insane. I do not know what is wrong with people anymore. Why do they believe all this stupid bullshit?

You find sexual enhancers such as Viagra or Cialis hidden in his private hiding places, but you know he hasn’t made any attempt to have sex with you.

All right, that is a bit weird I must say.

He tells you that he wants you to use sex toys on him because he needs his prostate stimulated or because he likes kinky sex.

Bullshit. A lot of straight men like anal play and like to have their asses stimulated. Of course it does not indicate homosexuality.

He erases the computer history on a regular basis.

That is pretty weird, unless she won’t let him look at porn and he is hiding his porn history.

You find pop-ups of gay pornography on the computer while he claims they are not his.

That is pretty bad. I have surfed a million porn sites, but I do not typically go to gay porn sites. It is exceedingly unlikely that you will get gay porn popups from straight porn sites.

He spends excessive time texting people at irregular hours.

That is odd. Or else he is having an affair. I know that when I have love affairs, I am often nonstop texting with the woman.

He starts to spend more time at the gym and works on changing his appearance.

A bit strange for a married man to do that, but what if he suddenly decides he wants to start looking good?

He claims that he feels “trapped” in the marriage and won’t explain why.

Not so sure about this one. Supposedly a lot of men say they are trapped in their marriages for various reasons.

He travels a lot for business and you can’t track his activities.

That’s pretty shady, but he might also be having affairs with women.

He says he is having a “mid-life crisis” and becomes moody and depressed.

This is a symptom of homosexuality? Since when?

He tells you about sexual abuse in his childhood/adolescence.

I really doubt this. I assume that she means he was abused by a man? A lot of boys were abused by men during childhood or adolescence. I have known some of them. They were certainly not gay. Getting abused homosexually when a boy does not a homosexual make. Many heterosexual men have experienced such things.

He admits to having a homosexual encounter in the past.

Completely stupid. The number of completely heterosexual men who have had at least some gay sex (often experimentally) is very high. Excellent studies show that ~25% of men have had sex with another man by age 18, and that’s only in adolescence. Surely there are others who begin experimenting in adulthood. Homosexual experimentation by straight men is very common and is not proof of anything.

He uses the word “bisexual.”

Well it is a word you know. Hell, I use it myself.

He visits gay bars claiming he’s there only to hang out with his gay friend(s).

Well this is pretty sketchy. I have certainly never visited a gay bar to meet up with my gay friends and have only been in such a place once in my entire life, and it was more traumatic then fun. I went there on a dare with two idiot friends at age 18 so we could “act like fags” as a joke. It was a very stupid idea.

He watches porno movies with gay male scenes.

Well yes that is getting pretty bad. I have a vast collection of porn on this box, and you won’t find a single gay porn video in there. If a man is regularly looking at gay porn, that is quite a telling symptom.

He makes continual homophobic comments or he makes too many gay comments in conversations.

Not really. Some men are just homophobes. Believe it or not, a lot of homophobes are not gay at all and they simply hate homosexuals. I know it is so hard to believe in this bullshit PC world. There could be other reasons for this. Straight men who are accused of being gay a lot might act this way too, and men with Homosexual Obsessive Compulsive Disorder could very well act that way. Both types would be doing it to try to show other people that they are not gay.

His ego appears to be boosted by compliments from gay men.

I do not know. They have been telling me how good-looking I am my whole life and now that I am deep in middle age and hardly any human anywhere tells me things like this, I must admit that the rare attention from gay and bi men feels good in a way, even though it is creepy and disturbing if not traumatic.

These are the obvious “red flags” that most of our women have found in their relationships.

However, some men don’t exhibit any of this behavior, but they are still gay.

Let’s all get paranoid now.

Some men have sexual activity with their wives for many years because of their emotional need to prove they are straight and they do love their wives.

Men do all sorts of things to prove their masculinity or their heterosexuality. I have known 15-20 straight men who were continuously accused of being gay their whole lives. None of them were even 1% effeminate. The strange thing was that half of them reacted to that by trying to screw half the women in LA in order to prove they weren’t gay. So I suppose some psychological complexes can have an upside. See all the crazy macho nonsense that men are constantly doing for no apparent reason at all? Do you realize how many of them are doing that to prove that they are masculine or heterosexual? A lot.

But some of those men also fantasize about other men in order to perform with their wives.

Well yes, this is how most gay married men are able to have sex with their wives. They pretend they are with a guy.

Some men allow their wives to handle the financial affairs and their wives get all of their obvious bills. In fact, there are some gay husbands who are truly great guys and nice men. They are kind to their wives and don’t resent them.

Nevertheless, this whole gay men marrying straight women nonsense is stupid, and it’s got to end. There is no justification for it.

I always tell women to follow their instincts.

Maybe, but instincts are often wrong. Look at how pitiful “gaydar” works. Gaydar fails more often than it works.

Women who have straight husbands don’t come to me thinking that their husbands are gay.

That is not true. It is common for wives to suspect 100% straight husbands of being gay. In fact, this idiocy happens all the time. Go on the Net and read up on it.

Women can sense when something is off or wrong in a relationship. Some are misled into thinking that it could be infidelity with another woman at first because the idea of a man is inconceivable.

Maybe, but instinct is junk. Why does gaydar fail so often if instinct is so great?

By the time a woman suspects that the issue is homosexuality, her sixth sense has surfaced and she just KNOWS.

Not necessarily. See the two cases above where I am convinced these women are falsely accusing their men of being gay due to sexual dysfunction.

Statistics say that over 50% of gay husbands will never be honest with their wives or tell them the truth about why the marriage isn’t working even after they leave the marriage.

Oh I believe that all right.

They often turn the tables and make you think that you are crazy or imagining things even when you have proof. Or when they leave, they name a dozen faults that you have that made the marriage fail even if they aren’t true.

People do this.

Don’t spend a lifetime waiting for confirmation.

Ok and if she is wrong?

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What Is a Hardass?

A recent thankfully permanently departed girlfriend called me a hardass. I was staying with her for a few weeks and she looked over and me one night and shrugged and said, “You’re just an old hardass. That’s all you are. You don’t care. You act like you don’t care.” Other than the “don’t care” part, which is disturbing but I guess is part and parcel of FTW, I am wondering about this hardass word.

I didn’t really know what to say to that because my personal self-image is that I am a great big gigantic pussy (at best – you really do not know what my self-image is at my worst). I could not believe my ears. Me? The pussiest of pussies? A hardass? WTH.

What the Hell does this word mean anyway? I have never heard it used that much before, especially in a positive light. I have only heard it used in a negative light, like, “That Drill Sergeant sure is a hardass. That cop was just a hardass. My boss is a hardass!” It seems to be a euphemism for “asshole.”

But there must be more to it than that.

Does it have any relationship to masculinity? The definitions I am reading seem to imply that being a hardass is on the far end of ultramasculinity or hypermasculinity. Which is fine by me. I don’t see why anything masculine is bad, as long as it doesn’t kill me. I’d rather be a hardass than a wuss or a faggot. There are worse things in life you know.

Everything masculine is good, everything pussy and wussy is shit. Masculine gets you everywhere, wussy leads you only to an eternal world of shit.

That’s pretty much what I have learned in 57 years. Actually that is a pretty damn sad statement, isn’t it? Especially considering that I actually like some wussy stuff.


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Motorhead, “Ace of Spades”

Exactly, this is precisely my mindset, my philosophy about life, everything, all wrapped up in one band. I am immersed in everything this band represents. Hardly anybody gets this about me because everybody gets me wrong and almost no one figures me out or even comes close. But until you understand that about me, you will never even come close to figuring out kind of a person, and especially a man, I really am.

I don’t just want to be a bad boy. I think I am one. I think I have been one since adolescence. Not only that, but I want to be one of the worst bad boys of all. A very, very, very, very, very bad boy. I don’t know if I am one or not, but I would like to be.


A lot of people never seem to figure that out either, but until you can even begin to wrap your head around that, you will never come within a thousand miles of even beginning to understanding me.

Which is ok because generally almost no one figures me out and most people seem to be about a million miles off in their evaluations of me. Which is depressing. Which also makes me think almost all people are retarded. I mean, if you can’t figure me out, you’re fucking retarded, right? How hard could it be?


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Motorhead, “Killed by Death”

This is a nice new video.

This is the famous old video.

Truth is, this is just me. I am Motorhead. Through and through, inside and out, up and down, back and forth, this way and that, left to right, north to south and six ways from Sunday. The entire mindset you see displayed in these videos is me through and through, and I’ve been like this since adolescence.

FTW is my motto and I will be saying it on my deathbed.


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Why Linguistics Is an Idiotic Field

From the Internet:

However, I certainly think it’s worth challenging the linguistic orthodoxy that no language is more complex than another.

Yeah. Linguists actually believe this. They actually believe that no language is any more complex than any other language. Dumb or what? They also believe that children learn all languages at the same rate. There is a lot of experimental evidence that this is not true at all. Also some languages are so infernally complex that few even native speakers learn to speak them with 100% competence. Yes, linguists actually hate that idea too. They hate the idea that there is such a thing as “bad grammar” or “grammatical errors.” According to these idiots, there is no such thing as bad grammar and there are no such things as grammatical errors.

As far as the idea that some languages were more psychologically costly than others (for instance, they required more of your brain to use them effectively) no less a figure than Roman Jacobsen himself believed that.

No language is any more inherently difficult to learn than any other language.


Malay is just as hard to learn as Tsez.

Here are some samples of this idiotic attitude from linguists on the web.

I don’t think relative “complexity” among languages exists, or would be measurable or yield any useful conclusions even if you could measure it.

Yeah, Tsez is just as complex as Malay. Idiots.

No language is “harder” than another.

Right, it’s just as easy to learn Tsez as it is to learn Malay.

In my opinion, when people no longer ask questions like yours, which assume or suggest there is (perhaps) some inherent mental difference in people with another maternal language, that will be the day that racism as a concept has disappeared…

…I know the concept is tainted by colonialism and racism and that all languages are equal is the conventional wisdom.

As you can see, the reason they fight all of these ideas is PC. They think that making value judgements comparing one language to another in terms of complexity or difficulty is racism. Linguists are fanatically, preposterously, absurdly PC. They are some of the most PC wackos out there.

Your premise is flawed. All languages are equally complex. Hungarian is no more “complex and difficult” than other languages, even if it seems difficult to you. Polynesian languages are not simpler. A simplification in one aspect of a language will be made up by complexity in another.

How stupid.

The evidence for this is that no matter the language, you won’t find that it consistently takes children a measurably longer or shorter time to learn than other languages.


Then again, there are some linguists going against the grain and fighting this PC BS:

I’ve seen enough anecdotal and some experimental evidence that all children do not learn the full extent of their native language with the same speed and fluency — especially given fluency has not been well defined, a pet peeve of mine — that there may be interesting differences worth exploring.

Right, some languages are intrinsically more difficult to learn than others.

I keep hearing and reading examples of Native American children not reaching “fluency’ until puberty, for example, and so I have to believe they are more complex languages, in some sense…

..We know that Danish children have been studied and have shown that they are rather old by relative standards (I think 7 or 8 years old) before they can be considered to have a Danish accent because of the complex vowel rules…

Exactly. And there are many more examples out there.

Third, it is impossible to leave the frame of one’s native language in terms of judging what is hard and easy.

This is the typical boneheaded answer. Sure, maybe if you speak Hinukh, you can pick up Tsez easier than I can. However, I understand that Tsez is so complex that even native speakers regularly make errors in it.

One way around this absurdity would be to take a native speaker of Language A where Language A is extremely different from both Language B and Language C. For instance, a Vietnamese speaker could try to learn both English and Arabic. Both Arabic and English are surely equally different from Vietnamese, so there should be no home language benefit with either of them. However, from what I have heard, Vietnamese speakers say that learning Arabic was vastly harder than learning English. This suggests to me that Arabic is intrinsically more difficult to learn than English.

From the Net:

This is purely anecdotal, but I find Arabic harder by orders of magnitude. My first language is Vietnamese, which is vastly different from both English and Arabic, so hopefully the comparison is reasonably fair.

With English, I could become decently conversant with less than two years of passive effort (made to take classes in school; didn’t actually enjoy them) and a couple more to nail the SAT Verbal/Writing. I started learning Arabic last year, loved it to bits, spent some time on it every day, stayed in Morocco for 1.5 month this summer, and still my essays are atrocious (i.e. they sound like they are written by a clueless first grader, without the cuteness). Granted that I started learning English at a younger age, but the drive and motivation to learn Arabic are much greater. There are a million reasons why Arabic is so hard.


Here is another one:

My mom knows Arabic, Armenian, Turkish and English, and of all the languages she knows, she begins cringing when she talks about the days she was learning Arabic growing up in the Middle East. She cannot begin to explain how difficult of a language Arabic is to grasp. From the pronunciation(crazy ghkk, blender type noises from your throat to say some words), to the alphabet, to the grammar, to the right to left writing.

She mentions countless times that English is unbelievably easy compared to Arabic…….mind you she grew up learning and speaking Arabic and English was the last language she began learning. She always says learning English was a piece of cake compared to Arabic.

This woman probably grew up in the area where Iran, Turkey and Iraq all come together. The “Turkish” she learned was probably Azeri.

From a Czech speaker:

Yes, English is so much easier than Arabic, I’m learning both, while I learned English as a self learner, I can’t imagine that with Arabic.. It’s a nice language, but.. kind of difficult if you want to speak it well.

Spanish speaker who has tried many languages:

Arabic is an incredibly hard language to learn. I’m a Spanish speaker and I’ve found English to be pretty easy but I can’t even begin to describe how difficult Arabic is. Just trying to understand how it works is pretty mind-boggling.

It’s as difficult as languages get. I’ve tried to learn a few languages and even if I didn’t became fluent in most (mostly to lack of time or drive, not because of difficulty), Arabic was the only one with which most of the time I felt like I couldn’t get my mind around it. At first recognizing the roots is terribly confusing and since vowels are not written, until you have a decent grasp of the language and the vocabulary it’s really hard to know how to read a word



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Russell Brand


This guy comes up in a lot of discussions of  “effeminate straight men.” I had never seen the guy on video before and this was my first exposure to him. You go on a lot of forums and you see these endless comments like, “Who is this fag?!”

I checked him out because I am interested in the phenomenon of so called effeminate straight men although I think they hardly exist.

From right off the get-go from when he walked towards the stage, I knew this guy was straight. First of all, I could tell by his face. Straight men have a certain something about their face a lot of times. Their face has a “masculine” wear about it or their face somehow “looks masculine.” Now by this I do not mean how they were born. But the fact is that there are all sorts of different ways of “carrying your face” so to speak.

Gay men often exude effeminacy and it shows up all through their face. A masculine man simply “carries his face” in a masculine way. It is hard to describe but the only way I can describe it is that such things as masculinity, femininity and effeminacy are expressed in our faces somehow via our emotions, thoughts and vibes.

What is interesting about this is that over time, these ways of “carrying the face” actually tend to carve the face into particular shapes. It has been argued that many gay men have expressed certain effeminate emotions facially so many times that the effeminacy is by now actually carved into their faces naturally.

About two minutes into the video, and I had this Brand guy all figured out. First of all, he’s not effeminate at all. Back in the 1970’s, this is how you were supposed to act. If you wanted to drown in pussy, you put on this act X 10 and no one thought a thing about it. You would be assumed to be straight until proven otherwise with good solid evidence and you would not be called gay very often.

The behavior that he is doing is simply 1970’s rock star androgyne. This guy is just Mick Jagger born too late. The clothes are just some glam androgyne get up that he is doing for some funny reason and they don’t have much to do with him as a person. I think he might be wearing those clothes just to get a rise out of people and piss people off.

I also noticed how he was interacting with the four females on the board. I could tell immediately that he is attracted to females simply by the way he was acting around these women. He said, “It’s so nice to be with a group of women.” This type is “the player.” There are two kinds of men who like to hang around women all the time:

  1. Gay men.
  2. Players, womanizers, manwhores, etc.

This guy is in the second category. When he interacts with these women, you can see his sexual energy almost radiating out of his body in all of their directions. It’s like he wants to fuck every woman on the panel.

I would agree that he has a feminine aspect but all androgynes do. But I get a very strong masculine vibe off this guy. A man with a strong masculine vibe who also has a visible feminine aspect is the very definition of a strong androgyne. That both of these aspects are quite strong and often going at the same time is why true androgynes are so confusing. Nobody knows what to make of them.

Bottom line is I do not think this Russel Brand is effeminate at all. That behavior you see as effeminate is actually his feminine aspect settling into its natural role as he is surrounded by his own kind (women). Another thing that is mistaken for effeminacy is his strong sexual energy towards these women. This sexual energy is extremely sexy (indeed he exudes sex from every pore as many androgynes do) and men who are acting very sexy often seem to be mimicking a female sort of sexiness – soft, fluid, flowing, insinuating, intimate.

All in all, he comes across sort of like Paul Stanley.

PS, this Brand character also clowns around a lot. You notice his main mode is simply clowning. Look at all the funny faces he makes.


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Robert Stark Interviews Luke Ford Again


Interesting interview covers the following topics:

How Luke was diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (from Luke’s Bio).

Maladaptive daydreaming and the fantasy world.

How Luke’s sexual fantasies were mostly about power.

How narcissist are dependent on constant attention or narcissistic supply.

How narcissism affects Luke’s blogging and the topics he writes about.

How attention is a substitute for connection, intensity for intimacy.

How Luke’s narcissistic symptoms are subdued when he connects with other people.

How if you don’t have an identity with a group, you are forced to create one as an individual.

Luke Ford’s Dennis Prager Story.

The Narcissist and His Addiction to Excitement.

How Luke Grew Up with All the Signs of Becoming a Serial Killer.

Love at First Sight and the love map.


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