The Maduro Election and the Riotous Aftermath

The Opposition got so inflamed by the media whipping up a frenzy that they went berserk and rioted all over the country. About 20 Chavistas were murdered. They burned down a number of the Free Clinics that the Chavistas had built in the poor neighborhoods and staffed with Cuban doctors. The Opposition hates those clinics more than anything else. A number of medical workers including nurses and physicians were murdered by the Opposition.

There were shots fired at the homes of a number of prominent Chavistas. It turned out that all of those inflammatory photos were fake. The ballot boxes in the ravine photo was from an election five years ago when the ballot boxes were simply discarded after the ballots were all counted. There were other logical explanations for all of the other fake stories and photos. The US press ran articles about the fake stolen election and the Opposition rioting because Maduro “stole the election.”

The Chavistas decided to do a recount to appease the Opposition and the US. The recount was counted by unbiased judges, and it was completely fair. Fully 60% of the votes were recounted. The recount vote matched the official vote tally perfectly. There was not even one single excess or subtracted vote. The judges stopped at 60% because they figured that if 60% of the votes were immaculate, obviously the election was fair, and there was no point counting anymore. The Opposition and the US then went on a huge campaign screaming that the recount had been unfair because they only counted 60% of the ballots. Ridiculous, huh?

The media and the Opposition had gotten their supporters so riled up with the endless lies about the fake stolen election that the Opposition rank and file went crazy and stated staging riots all over the country. The US said nothing other than that people were protesting the fake stolen elections.

The riots were very violent from Day One. The rioters were armed with guns, bombs, grenades and other arms. They set a number of fires. They destroyed a great deal of property. They put wires up at a lot of the intersections in the middle and upper class areas, effectively freezing traffic and causing huge traffic jams. A number of motorcyclists were killed when driving through the barriers by running into the wires that they could not see.

The Chavista police got involved, and while there were some excesses as there always are, any other police force on Earth would have been much more brutal about putting down the riots. The Chavista cops’ approach was almost dainty, very cautious, restrained and by the book. This is because the Chavistas knew that if there was any police brutality, the US would scream that the “brutal thug police of Chavista dictatorship” is brutalizing “poor innocent protestors.”

The US press uniformly falsely characterized the riots as peaceful demonstrations that were only made violent when brutal Chavista police tried to break them up. But as I noted, the Chavista cops were more restrained than any other police force on Earth would have been and the riots started out violent and stayed violent the whole time.

When it was all over, 42 people were dead. The US screamed about that figure for a long time, saying that Chavista police had “murdered 42 peaceful protestors.” Actually the majority of people killed were Chavista counter-protestors. A few police were also killed. A fair number of innocent bystanders were killed by the wires or stray bullets. Some of the Opposition protestors were killed but not a lot. Fatalities were pretty equally distributed among all participants in the rioting, including demonstrators on both sides, police and innocent bystanders. The Opposition rioters got off easy because they suffered a relatively lesser number of fatalities.

Due to the “horrible police violence that murdered 42 peaceful protestors,” Obama gave a lying speech where he said comically that Venezuela was one of the major military threats to the United States, up there with North Korea, Russia and Iran. This is stupid because the Chavistas have no military desires towards the US. Obama also slapped a number of sanctions on Venezuela for the “horrible police brutality” and “murders of the innocent.” That was a bum move because those police were more restrained than anyone else on Earth would have been, but no matter, to the US, they were still jackbooted murdering thugs.

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The Shameful Behavior of the Venezuelan Opposition During the Elections of the Past 25 Years

The Opposition has tried to unseat the Chavistas in every election for over 25 years now. Until the most recent election, the Opposition lost every single time except once when they defeated a rewrite of the Constitution by 51-49%. The Opposition simply does not have the support of the majority and never has. Since they do not have majority support for their agenda, they have been trying extra-democratic means to unseat the Chavistas. When it comes to getting rid of the Chavistas, anything goes.

The Opposition tried to unseat Chavez himself many times, and he won 18 consecutive elections. They also had a recall vote that failed. The opposition periodically boycotted the elections, in fact, they boycotted the majority of the elections.

If the Opposition thought they were going to lose, they would start up a lying narrative that the elections were going to unfair and riddled with fraud. Good trick! If you are going to lose, accuse the winning side of electoral fraud! There is no electoral fraud, and the elections have all been free and fair as certified by many international observers. However, the US has screamed fraud and unfair election every time Chavez won. The US trick is that if Chavez wins, it’s always automatically fraud. The only time the US would say there was no fraud is if the Opposition ever won.

The election systems got better and better due to pressure on the Chavistas from the US. The Chavista electoral system is now the fairest election system on the face of the Earth. In the recent election that was won by Maduro, once again the Opposition screamed unfair and fraud all the way leading up to the election. The US also yelled fraud and unfair elections in the whole run-up to the elections. There was nothing unfair. Venezuela’s elections are the fairest on Earth. The US and the Opposition are just lying like they always do.

Finally Maduro won by a close vote, and the Opposition immediately screamed fraud. They made up all sort of lies about being intimidated as polling places and other nonsense. Then the entire Opposition press the next day ran many big stories screaming that the election had been a fraud. They used many dramatic photos, including a number of photos of Venezuelan ballot boxes discarded in ravines. The US also screamed that the elections were unfair and that Maduro cheated. The US began demanding that since Maduro won by such a close margin, that there needed to be a bicameral government with the Chavistas giving half the government to the Opposition. Bullshit or what?

All of this profoundly immoral and dishonest reporting, which amounted to entire papers written from front page to back with nothing but lies, false charges and made up stuff created an explosive situation in the country.

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Two New Attacks by Muslims in Germany Today!


The first one occurred when a suicide bomber blew himself up outside a restaurant at Ansbach Music Festival in Ansbach, a city in Bavaria. The bomber was killed and 12 others were wounded. This definitely looks like a global jihad attack. The attacker was a Syrian refugee whose request for asylum had been turned down last year, but he had a temporary permit to stay. He had been treated twice at a psychiatric hospital for two prior suicide attempts. Police are calling it a potential terror attack for now.

Earlier today, another Syrian refugee attacked people with a machete in Reutlingen. That attack was preceded by some sort of an argument and police ruled out Islamic terrorism. A pregnant woman was killed and two others were wounded in that attack.

Refugees welcome!


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More on Venezuelan Economy

TJF writes:

If it’s not economic warfare, then what the Hell is causing the shortages?

When a country’s inflation rate exceeds certain levels, especially in Venezuela’s case where they have to import food and a substantial number of goods, economic systems start breaking down. The country went from 50% inflation in early 2014 to 180% last year with expectations of 500% this year, indicating that prices double every 2 months. With such high inflation no one wants to accept the currency for any sort of goods, services, or wages. Of course one could easily argue that economic warfare is the cause of the inflation, I know little of Venezuela beyond what I have read in the conventional press.

1.The mass shortages are causing a lot of the inflation obviously. Supply and demand.

2. But most of the inflation is being caused by the unequal exchange rate. 1 government dollar = 40 black market dollars.

3. Lots of people are making plenty of money in Venezuela. The business sector is not going out of business or anything like that. When they sell products on the black market and smuggle them to Colombia, they make huge profits. Also a lot of them are playing the currency markets where they get a government dollar for 1$ that is worth at least $40 on the black market. The wildly inflated dollars on the black market are causing a lot of the inflation right there. The inflation is coming right out of that black market in dollars.

The stores in the rich areas are stocked to the rafters. They have no shortages of anything. All of the shortages are in the poorer or working class areas. The rich are not suffering at all. They can buy anything they want.

There is still a huge amount of capital flight going on. ~$50 billion dollars goes out of the country every year due to capital flight.

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Various Schemes That the Opposition Has Tried to Get Rid of the Chavistas

Bottom line is the Opposition has tried everything in the book to get rid of the Chavistas, so why wouldn’t they try economic war? They already tried economic war twice before, once with a lockout strike and another time with the oil company strike/sabotage, both of which brought the economy to its knees. The Opposition has shown no qualms about using ruining the economy if it means getting rid of the Chavistas.

Further, serious shortages have appeared before every election for over 20 years now. ~1-2 months before every election, serious shortages of all sorts of things occur and many products become unavailable. So the Opposition has already shown that the4y are willing to create artificial shortages to try to get rid of the Chavistas. If they’ve created artificial shortages 18 times before, why wouldn’t they be doing it now?

Capital flight: Capital flight has been a problem from Day One of the Chavistas, and the currency controls were originally put in to stop the capital flight. You have to get a handle on capital flight, or your economy will collapse. So currency controls were put in limiting how many dollars you could take out of the country. This was a good idea, and it had to be done anyway. The business sector never cooperated with the Chavistas.

Military coup and oil company strike: The capital flight started from Day One, then a military coup, then the oil company strike, then a business lockout of workers strike where most of the businesses in the country simply closed up shop and locked out the workers.

Lockout strike: It is called a lockout strike because the workers show up every day wanting to work but they are locked out of the building. And there is no reason to shutter the enterprise because it is going fine. The businesses are not going out of business. They are just going on strike. The lockout strike lasted a year and caused huge damage to the economy.

Constant rioting for over a decade: After that, they tried all sorts of things including continuous rioting in the upper class and middle class areas that has been going on for almost 10-15 years now. For a long time, the Chavista police just stood off the side and let them riot because they knew that if they tried to arrest the rioters, the US would start screaming human rights violations of the brutal police thugs, and they would put sanctions on the country.

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Omar Mateen and Displacement

Erik Sieven writes:

When he hated gays, or maybe gays from Puerto Rico why didn´t he just attack one single gay person, e.g. the man from Puerto Rico he was angry about in the first place? Or why didn´t he just swallow his anger like 99% of humanity do it day after day? No, it had to be such a big thing, with hostages, shooting the police etc. etc.

Because he is a lunatic mass shooter, that’s why.

Mass shooters do this displacement stuff all the time. The one school shooter was mad at his Mom, so he shot up the school where she worked and murdered a bunch of children. James Holmes was mad at humanity, so he shot up a theater and murdered innocent moviegoers. Serial killers hate their mothers, but instead of killing their Moms, they run around murdering women who are standin’s for Mom. People do this all the time, and if this guy is just another mass shooter nutcase, which I now think, we can’t expect him to act rationally.


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Why Straight Men Get Angry When Gay Men Hit on Them

The question was asked on Qujora: How do straight men feel when gay men hit on them? The answers that followed were typical Cultural Left Quora types. They were all along the lines of, “Oh no, I would be perfectly ok with it. It would be flattering. But I would tell him thanks but no thanks.” One thing I found shocking was how many straight men have been hit on by gay men.  A number of the straight men commenting said they had been hit on by gay men many times. I guess this goes to show a couple of things that I have always suspected:

  1. Gay men don’t have the faintest idea who is gay and who isn’t.
  2. Gaydar may work sometimes, but the false positive rate seems incredibly high.
  3. Gay men probably just go after any goodlooking man. I had some friends who were (straight) male models, and they told me that they had gay men after them constantly such that it was almost like swatting mosquitoes.

Here is my answer:

It makes me extremely uncomfortable.

Do I get angry at the gay man for hitting on me? No, I would not get angry at the man because that’s rude and mean, and I am not a mean person. Would I get angry afterwards? Quite possibly. Or disgusted. Or frightened and worried.

First of all, this has happened to me so many times I cannot even count them. For a long time, it just made me feel extremely uncomfortable.

Once as a teenage boy, I was hitchhiking, and a very nervous man gave me a ride and then asked if I would give him a blowjob. I got very offended and angry, said no, and demanded to be let out of the car right then. He got very upset and started crying and said he wanted to take me home. All the way home he was crying and saying, “I’m not a bad person.” This was 1973 before things got so liberal. I must say that this is a very sad story and I did feel rather sorry for this tragic man.

It is generally not true that gay men who get angry when gay men hit on them have “issues.” Issues implies that these straight men are secretly gay themselves or some other idiocy.

This goes back to the stupid but very popular notion that homophobes are all gay themselves. They’re not. Yes, there are some men who are engaging in some reaction formation. Instead of being gay, these men are basically straight with a small amount of homosexual interest. I suppose they can’t handle having that bit of interest, so they assault gay men or men perceived to be gay.

I have found instead that the more masculine and aggressively heterosexual a man is, the more he reacts negatively towards gay men. So most homophobes are not gay at all. Instead they are extremely macho and aggressively heterosexual men who simply hate and despise gay men.

Gay men need to get over this crap that all homophobes are gay. Maybe a few are a bit gay, but most of them just hate your guts. Yes, gay men, there are a lot of men who just out and out hate you for whatever reason. This is a bitter pill to swallow, so maybe that is where the homophobes are gay nonsense came from.

People want to know why straight men hit gay men who hit on them. Well, here is the reason, and I have quite a bit of experience with this.

As I said, I have gotten hit on by gay men more times than I can count, mostly when I was a young man in my 20’s. I was often told that I was very handsome back then, so maybe that was it. Also a fair number of people used to think I was gay myself, so maybe that was part of it too.

Now, when I told people that gay men hit on me, I got this aggressive, violent reaction that typically boiled down to the person calling me a faggot. The reasoning goes like this: to a lot of homophobic men, a man should be so aggressively macho or hypermasculine such that it would be dead obvious to anyone, including a gay man, that he was not gay. So a real man would never get hit on by a gay because all gay men would figure out he was straight and leave him alone.

You follow?

Ok, now following on from that, these same homophobes say that if a gay man hits on you, that means you’re gay. Yes they actually believe this and quite a few times, when I related how gay men wouldn’t leave me alone, that was the response I got: “That’s because you’re gay, Bob.”

Get it?

Along the same lines, a lot of homophobes think that if a gay man hits on you, then that is because you give off a gay vibe. In other words, if they hit on you, it’s because they think you’re gay. And why do they think you’re gay? Because you act gay obviously. So when you admit that a gay man hit on you, you are admitting that you act gay.

I admit that I often worried this. When a gay man hit on me, I used to get quite worried. “Why did he hit on me? Does he think I’m gay? Why does he think I’m gay? Do I act gay? Do I look gay? What am I doing wrong here?”

Now most straight men find it very insulting if you tell them that they act gay. It’s such an insult that if you say it, you might just get hit.

One more thing: masculinity. Masculinity is a huge deal to most men, though none of them will ever admit it. It’s also a vast deal to most women, and none of them will ever admit it either. Masculinity is sort of the elephant in the room that no one talks about.

Now when a gay man hits on a straight man, he has just given the straight man the message: I think you’re gay. Other possible messages are: You’re gay. You act gay. You seem like you are gay, etc. etc.

Now many men perceive messages like that to be attacks on their masculinity. And in a way it is. So a gay man who hits on a straight man is committing a serious assault on that man’s masculinity. You’re telling him he’s not a man. You’re calling him a faggot.

One thing I never do is attack a man’s masculinity. I also never call any man gay ever for any reason, even if he is flaming. I know my gender very well and I know that many straight men will defend their masculinity aggressively. If you seriously attack a man’s masculinity in any way, you are likely to get an angry response. You might even get hit. You might even get killed. So what it boils down to is that I consider all men to be potential killers (sadly that’s what they are), and I am so frightened of men that I would never insult a man’s masculinity for fear he might kill me.

So there you have some of the reasons why straight men react angrily or violently if a gay man hits on them. It’s not a bafflingly irrational act. There’s a logic behind it. You may not agree with the logic, but it’s there all right.



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More on Omar Mateen

Erik Sieven writes:

It might be right to say that the Orlando attack was no Islamist attack. But I don´t buy into the argument, that it can´t be so because Maheen supported different groups like Hezbollah and IS which fight each other.

For example when a Russian with a swastika tattoo yells “Heil Hitler” and “Russia first” and attacks a foreigner in Russia, do you say “no he can´t be a Nazi because he both supports Russian nationalism and Nazis, and those were enemies”. No, of course you say he is Nazi, a dumb one on top, because Nazis hated Russia (well there aren’t really non-dumb Nazis).

Maheen might have been a Islamist, and only because he is too dumb to at least tell apart different Islamist groups he says he supports does´t change anything.

He wasn’t an Islamist. He was barely even a Muslim, and everyone says he was not a practicing Muslim anyway.

Look, global jihadists hate homosexuals and feel that they need to be killed. When you say that Mateen was a global jihadist, then you say that he believed that homosexuals were so evil that they needed to be killed. But this is not what he believed. Why? Because Mr. Mateen was quite gay himself!

Mateen also liked to drink. He spent most of his time in nightclubs and gay bars. That’s not what a global jihadist does. Global jihadists think drinking is a serious crime and think that nightclubs and bars, especially gay bars, ought to be attacked. Or at least those in Muslim countries should be attacked. Now if you say Mateen was a global jihadist, then you say that he attacked this place because it was a nightclub that served alcohol and he believed that those things are evil. But that’s not what he believed at all. Mateen loved to drink and he spent most of his time in nightclubs and bars.

The idea that this boozing, barhopping gay man was some sort of an Islamist is madness. He was not an Islamist. He was barely even a Muslim. That is, he was a Muslim in name only, as secular as they come.

I would say that this was gay on gay crime. Or maybe an extreme case of gay panic on Mateen’s part. I think he was just another mass shooter like James Holmes or Cho.


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Orlando Attack Was Not Islamic Terrorism

The more I think about this attack, the less it makes sense  that it was an act of Islamic terrorism or global jihad, and it certainly had nothing to do with ISIS, as the shooter had never been in contact with ISIS. This was a man who at various times said he supported Hezbollah, the Al-Nusra Front and ISIS. He said these things when he got into fights with co-workers. I think he just said those as a way of threatening the co-workers he was arguing with. Sort of like if you are an Italian guy who fights with co-workers all the time and you start threatening to send your cousin Vinnie in Detroit out pay your co-workers a visit.

You can’t support Al Nusra and ISIS and also Hezbollah. ISIS and Nusra hate Hezbollah and consider them deadly enemies. You can’t even support both Nusra and ISIS, as they fight each other.

It was reported that when he was with his father once, he saw two men kissing and became very upset and agitated. Supposedly, this meant he had an extreme hatred of homosexuals as global jihad types do, and this was what motivated the shooting – a global jihad attack on homosexuals, a hated group that global jihad types often kill.

The problem is that this guy did not have any Islamist hatred of gays at all, and that’s because he was gay himself! Yes, Omar Mateen was a practicing homosexual. He was a regular at the bar that got shot up where he often went home with men. He regularly dated men and met up with them on dating applications. The press interviewed one man who said that he had been Mateen’s boyfriend at one point. At one point, Mateen’s father yelled at Mateen and called him a homosexual.

Reports from the gay community indicated that Mateen had recently had sex with a Puerto Rican gay man. The man was HIV positive, but Mateen only learned that after he had sex with the man. So as a result, this guy had major hatred towards Puerto Rican gays. So, in order to vent his hatred at Puerto Rican gay men for an undisclosed HIV positive Puerto Rican gay man having had sex with him, he picked the Latin night at a local gay bar when he knew it would be full of Puerto Rican gay men and shot the place up.

Why Puerto Ricans? Because most Latins in Orlando are Puerto Rican, so when the local gay bar has a Latin night, it’s mostly Puerto Rican Latins who will show up. So Orlando Mateen shot up a bar full of Puerto Rican gays for the reason stated above.

Yes, he pledged allegiance to ISIS, but so what? With the advent of ISIS, any and all nuts have a guaranteed reason for shooting up schools, malls, theaters or wherever. We may well see non-Muslims pledging allegiance to ISIS during their sprees and claiming that they recently converted. All accounts indicate that Mateen was not religious at all and liked to drink and hang out in bars. Also he was a practicing homosexual. He was as un-Islamic as they come. Although he wasn’t much of a Muslim, he had a mean streak and beat up his wife on a regular basis.

He got upset at seeing two men kissing because he was an extreme case of a self-hating gay using reaction formation as a defense. He freaked out when he saw those two men kissing because he hated the gay man in himself. Gay self-hatred, denial of homosexuality and reaction formation are all very common in closeted gay men, so much so that they are almost cliches.

Self-hating gay men can commit violence against other gay men. Some of these serial killers running around picking up gay men in bars and committing sexual murders of them are actually repressed gays themselves. They are killing the hated gay in themselves. This may well have been what was going on here. Mateen, by killing 40+ gay men, was also killing the hated gay man in himself.

Sure, ISIS claimed responsibility, but so what? No evidence emerged that Mateen was ever in contact with ISIS in any way, shape or form. ISIS claims responsibility every time a Muslim stages a mass attack on infidels, no matter the motivation. They also call these killers “ISIS soldiers,” even though in many cases, the attackers had no connection with ISIS whatsoever. In other words, ISIS is claiming all sorts of attacks that they had nothing to do with other than egging people on. No planning, no training, no communication, no nothing.

Just because ISIS claims a mass killing by some Muslim in some non-Muslim country somewhere doesn’t necessarily mean that they had anything to do with it at all.


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Munich Shooting Not Terrorism and Had Nothing To Do With Islam

Cyrus writes:

Mr. Lindsay, an update on certain aspects of this article might just be in order, perhaps? It appears to be much more interesting from a psychological standpoint than we had originally been led on to believe.

“The teen gunman who killed nine people in a shooting rampage in Munich on Friday was a mentally troubled individual who had extensively researched spree killings and had no apparent links to ISIS, police said.”

Yes this had nothing to do with Islam. It has about as much to do with Islam as the Cho and James Holmes shootings did. This is like the Aurora shooting. Was that about Islam? Neither was this.

Also he was a Shia Iranian. Iranians are not involved in the global jihad “kill the infidels” thing. That is exclusively Sunni. At least at this moment, the Shia do not believe in aggressive jihad to conquer non-Muslim lands and make them Muslim. Also the Shia have no connection to ISIS or Al Qaeda or any of these groups carrying out terror attacks on the infidels. In fact, the Shia are the victims of the global jihad types, as these types kill and persecute the Shia everywhere they find them.

Furthermore, he wasn’t even 1% religious. He chose the anniversary of and the Anders Brevik mass shooting in Norway and regarded Brevik as some sort of hero. He wanted to redo the Brevik shooting and indeed, like Brevik, he went after mostly young people. His room was full of books about mass shooters as he had been researching the subject extensively.

He’s just another “school shooter” type.


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