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National Cliteracy Campaign

Ad campaign for cliteracy.

Ad campaign for cliteracy.

Please support everyone. It’s a great cause. Everyone should learn how to read a love map. Let’s make this a national campaign.

Here is a sample of some of the cliteracy materials we are using in our cliteracy classes.

Some fun facts about the clit.

  • The clitoris contains at least 8,000 sensory nerve endings. To put that into perspective, the penis has about 4,000.
  • Only one quarter of the clitoris is visible. The rest of it is inside the body.
  • The clitoris and penis are the same materials put together in a different way. The clitoris has a glans, a foreskin (also known as the hood), erectile tissue and a teeny-tiny shaft. It even swells when it’s aroused!
  • By the time a woman is 32 years old, the clitoris will be almost four times as big as it was at the onset of puberty.


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A Possible Explanation for Gendered Differences in the Black IQ

It was established in a previous post that Black females have higher average IQ’s (+2.4 points) than Black males. At the higher end, the difference is much more dramatic. There are twice as Black females as males with IQ’s over 120. There are five times as many Black females as males with IQ’s over 140.

One thing I am looking at is that maybe Black females were brighter than Black males fresh off the boat.

In Africa, there were gender differentials in sexual selection.

Black males were selecting for high testosterone. A side effect of this was lowered intelligence.

Black females were not under any particular selection pressure for intelligence at al. African males did not care if the females they mated with were intelligent or not. It didn’t matter. Hence the females’ intelligence was simply “average” for the or what would be expected for the race where there no negative pressure on the males.

The differences were there from the moment they stepped off the boat, an African legacy, and are still with us.

Just a hypothesis.


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Black Females Have Higher IQ’s Than Black Males

Steve Sailer reports that Black females have IQ’s 2.4 points higher than Black males. He discovered this after analyzing Charles Murray’s Armed Forces Qualification Test data for 1997. The same data also showed that White women scored 0.8 points higher than White men.

Assuming this is correct then, if we put US Black IQ at 86 (somewhat controversial):

                     IQ score
Black males          85.75
Black females        87.25
Black total          86

Black M-F difference 2.4 

This finding has been known for some time. Thomas Sowell reports that among Blacks with an IQ over 140, females outnumber males 5-1. Richard Nisbett reports that Black females are twice as likely to have IQ’s over 120 than Black males are.

It is hard to fathom a genetic reason why this gender difference might exist or even an environmental one for that matter.


Nisbett, Richard E. 2009. Intelligence and How to Get It: Why Schools and Cultures Count. W.W. Norton


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Patsy Cline, “I Fall to Pieces”

Patsy Cline was one of the greatest female country singer-songwriters of all time. Cline and greatness go hand in hand. Just think of her as the female Hank Williams. She really was the queen of what I would call country-pop in the 1950’s.

This song has a very creepy sound to it, as does a lot of her haunting music. Why does this song always remind me of a creepy David Lynch movie?

Two years after she wrote this song, fate played its hand. For months prior to the incident, Cline had been plagued with premonitions of doom. She started to give away her possessions to her friends. On March 3, 1963, Patsy  performed three shows in Kansas City for a memorial tribute for a man who recently died. Her final song for the 8 PM third and final show was I’ll Sail My Ship Alone. She wore a white chiffon dress and walked off to a thundering ovation. She stayed the night in a motel. Her friends urged her to go back to her home in Nashville (‘natch) with them in their car. She turned them down, saying, “When it’s my time to go, it’s my time.”

Two days later, she flew out of Fairfax Airport in a Piper A-24 Comanche private plane, after first phoning her mother and telling her of her plans. Around dinnertime, the plane landed at the Dyersburg, Tennessee airport. The airport owner advised them not to fly after telling them of wind and rain ahead, even offering them free room and board to spend the night. The pilot turned him down, saying, “We’ve already come this far. We’ll be there before you know it.” 13 minutes later, amid driving rain and howling winds, the plane crashed into a still-remote forested hillshide in Camden, Tennessee.

This time, Patty literally fell to pieces. All aboard were killed instantly. The bodies were quickly removed and then mobs of looters cleaned out the site, making off with many of her personal belongings.

Now here she is in this video, a haunted, tinny, remote voice amid the buried debris in the crowded trees, singing to us from beyond the grave.

Forever and for all of time.

Patsy Cline.


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What Weird or Gross Things Would You Confess To?


This is off of a teenage girl and young woman site. I will probably never date another young woman again, and underage teens are illegal and nowadays they are immature and silly as Hell and sadly they all look like little girls now too. But due to all the fun I had with them when I was younger, there will always be a tiny place in my heart for the God-created being known as the teenage girl. The teenage girl is certainly a very interesting creature. If you don’t realize this, you either don’t like females or you never had female children.

List of gross or weird confessions:

-          I used to pee the bed
–          I also used to pee my pants
–          I’ve peed outside multiple times(probably pooped too I don’t remember)
–          I still pee in the shower, pools, ocean etc.
–          I always used to pick my nose and eat my boogers
–          I still sometimes eat my boogers haha
–          I used to have bad habits of grinding my teeth and crossing my eyes
–          I rarely used to shower (it is more frequent now but still not like everyday)
–          I never wash my hands after I use the bathroom at home (sometimes even in public)
–          I sometimes sleep with tampons in
–          I used to always wear a panty liner until recently (mostly cause I would sometimes wear the same underwear for days, but change the liner)
–          I used to wear dirty clothes pretty frequently (still sometimes but rarely)
–          When I first started shaving I tried to shave my arms because I thought everyone did
–          I shave between my eyebrows
–          I used to be so paranoid of getting raped I wore everything to bed including shirt, bra, panties, jeans, belt etc. (even though we live in the country and it wasn’t likely)
–          I’ve seen all kinds of real messed up videos (animal abuse, police brutality, murder, necrophilia, bestiality etc)
–          I’ve done other drugs besides just pot
–          I never had my first kiss or anything until I was almost 18
–          I’ve been watching porn and masturbating since I was 13 or 14
–          I’ve cammed with random strangers on the internet
–          I even sent one guy pictures and videos even though I never saw him
–          I put naked pictures of myself on the internet
–          My first “paycheck” was 100 bucks from a cam girl website that I did for 3 days
–          I’ve never had an actual job, and I’m 20 years old
–          I went to pre-1st (a grade in between kindergarten and 1st grade) because I wasn’t quite ready with my reading and writing etc (I still hold a pencil unlike most people because of the way they taught us)
–          I’m dropping out of college
–          I’ve never got in trouble at school or with the law
–          I probably stole a few things but normally just candy when I was little lol
–          I once drew a yiff picture of a tiger and lion but got embarrassed and threw it away
–          I like the taste of blood (like little amounts of my own)
–          Bad habit of picking stuff my nails, scabs, cysts etc
–          I rarely brush or floss my teeth (maybe once a week, normally just before I go to my boyfriends or a job interview or something like that)
–          I have a horrible gag reflex (it is getting better), but I still don’t take any medicine besides my birth control
–          I unprotected sex for 14 months before I got on birth control
–          I’m submissive (and I hate 50 Shades of Gray)
–          My favorite porn star is James Deen
–          My only other celebrity crush is Machine Gun Kelly
–          I have a tube in my body that runs from my head to somewhere inside me (I had hydrocephalus when I was little because I have Basal Cell Nevus Syndrome)
–          I normally masturbate with all my clothes on and just use my heel against my crotch
–          I’ve never had an orgasm
–          I don’t like touching my clit when masturbating or having sex because it makes me feel like I have to pee (probably because I linger to long down there when I go to the bathroom)
–          My showers are always really long generally 30-50 minutes most of the time just spent standing the in the water or fingering myself (this is a guilty pleasure as I am all for conserving water and such but as I said early I don’t take showers everyday or anything either so it evens out I guess)
–          I’ve had anal sex
–          The first time I had anal sex we didn’t use lube and I ended up with an anal fissure for 6 months afterwards (ow)
–          I’m the pickiest eater ever (no lie haha) and a vegetarian (want to be vegan) on top of that
–          The saddest deaths I’ve went through in my life were my two dogs (even though I have gone through deaths of people and other animals too)
–         I burp and fart like a man

Let’s go through these here with a reference to my own life. Some won’t apply as I am not a female. If I don’t list something, that means I have never done it.

  1. I have peed outside many times, of course. I often do it when I am driving. When I lived in LA, I even used to go in alleyways at night.
  2. Of course I always pee in the shower. I used to pee in pools a lot but haven’t been in one for a while, and I always pee in the ocean.
  3. I still pick my nose but hopefully only when I am alone and most hopefully when I am not in public. There is not much in there anymore anyway.
  4. In the wintertime, I have to wear a fancy bandage on my foot due to a foot condition. If I shower, I have to take the bandage off every time I do it and put a new one on. Great big expensive hassle. Bottom line is I do not shower a lot in the winter, but I don’t sweat much either so no big. In winter, I do the smell test and when I start to smell, I jump in the shower. No smell, no shower, no problem. In the summer, I wear sandals so no need for bandages (bandage is to protect shoe from holes), and I shower every day or nearly every day. I also sweat a lot.
  5. I wash my hands after the bathroom (only after shitting) the majority of the time (usually 15 seconds with soap and hot water), but I would not say every single solitary time.
  6. I often do not change shirts, pants, etc. for quite some time. Just keep wearing them over and over. I wait until they start to smell or get dirty, and then I change them. I do change underwear and socks very regularly though.
  7. I have seen a lot of messed up videos, but I have not seen any necrophilia, thank God. I hardly watch this stuff anymore as I have seen enough.
  8. I have done most of the major drug types, and I do not feel guilty for one second.
  9. Been jerking off and reading porn since age 13 or so, but all boys do that.
  10. I haven’t had much of a real, day to day type regular or as the haters on Randy’s site say, “real” job in 16 years. I do not feel the tiniest bit bad about this.
  11. Got in trouble at school (somewhat, not too much) and have been in trouble with the law. I am somewhat proud about getting in trouble as that makes me a “bad boy.” Three arrests on my record and six hours in jail total. Two convictions, one period of one year probation. I don’t feel bad about any of this, and I still don’t think I did anything wrong. Considering how many times I have broken the law, I got away with it 99.999% of the time. I also talked or pleaded my way out of a few arrests. In addition, in one case, a cop friend of mine stepped in and prevented the cops from arresting me for a crime I did. They really wanted to arrest me, but he talked them out of it. I do not feel bad about committing this crime at all which a lot of people thought was a serious and violent offense.
  12. I have stolen a few things here and there, mostly shoplifting and mostly when I was younger. A few times, I “accidentally” shoplifted. I got out of the store and into my car, and wa-la, there’s an item in my pocket that I had no idea was there. Most of the time I just figure I got away with it and go ahead and rip it off. I have stolen from a few of my enemies and a couple of employers who I totally hated. All of this was for revenge. I do not feel bad about this one bit, and if those employers treated me right, I would not have ripped them. They got what they deserved. But I am not much of a thief, and for the most part, I am a lousy thief. I do not enjoy stealing (Although it is an incredible rush!), and I am mostly too scared to do it. I started stealing very early in life as a boy of 10 or 11 when we used to steal from the construction workers in the back of my home.
  13. Pick at things on my body a bit but try to not to do it too much. Bad habit.
  14. Sometimes I go a while without brushing or flossing, but I don’t eat much so I don’t worry too much. I should do it more often, but I am too lazy.
  15. I continue to have unprotected heterosexual sex and could care less about it.
  16. I have rubbed my dick through my clothes before but hopefully not in public. Now that I am older and my drive is down, it’s not necessary.
  17. I have taken a few very long showers, but I hate to do it as it is against my environmentalist ethics. Showers are 10-15 minutes or so and are pretty thorough.
  18. Have had anal sex but not much of it.
  19. I hate to say it, but I have felt worse after one of my pets died than after some humans I know died.
  20. I burp and fart a lot but usually when I am alone. I also sometimes do it around girlfriends as a joke. I had a girlfriend a while back, and we used to have fart contests to see who could do the best ones. She also used to call me up on the phone, say nothing, fart into the phone, and then hang up. Even though that is totally juvenile, I thought it was hilarious. I also really love to smell my own farts. When I fart under the covers of my bed, I always stick my head under to smell the fart. I hate the smell, but I like to smell it anyway for some weird reason.


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Libfems Versus Radfems

Interview with Gail Dines, radfem, about her anti-porn book Pornland. The interview was written up on the site of the New Left Project, so apparently both libfems (such as the author, Sarah Ditum) and radfems like Dines are both part of the Left.

I do not think men should blanketly oppose feminism as much of the reactionary Manosphere wants us to. However, choosing to support libfems and to oppose radfems seems to be a rational thing to do. In opposing radfems, we avoid the trap saying, “We oppose feminism,” or a cryptic, “We oppose some feminism.” We lay out exactly which feminism we oppose (radfems) and which we support critically (libfems).

Radfems strike me as mentally ill people. As someone who works in mental health, I do not see why I should support a movement full of mentally disturbed people who seek to impose their mental illnesses on society.

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Another Female Singer Killed in Pakistan’s Northwest


Via the despicable Radio Free Liars (I mean Radio Free Liberty), we get news that another female singer has been murdered in Pakistan’s northwest, this time in Peshawar. Most of them have been murdered by husbands or other male relatives who opposed their singing careers. However, a few have been killed by the Pakistani Taliban.

The Pakistani Taliban recently outlawed fun in Peshawar. All singing and dancing has been outlawed as anti-Islamic. Anti-Islamic means “fun.” If it’s fun, it’s anti-Islamic.

I am not sure what the Quranic basis is for outlawing singing and dancing. I thought this was an innovation that came from the austere Wahhabi movement that arose in the equally austere (and frankly no fun) deserts of Saudi Arabia in the 1800’s. I know that the Wahhabis consider singing and dancing to be haram, but I would like to see an official Islamic ruling on this, preferably out of Al-Azhar in Egypt or some other venerable institution.

A classic photo of a typical Pakistani music band.

A classic photo of a typical Pakistani music band.

As you can see, Pakistani music has a distinct Sufi feel about it. See those costumes, even on the woman? That screams Sufi. The headgear on the men broadcasts Sufism loud and clear also. I have also listened to this music and watched their performances and the whole thing from the sound of the music to the moves of the people on stage has a very Sufi feel about it.

I didn’t know that Sufism was so popular in Pakistan. However, Sufism has traditionally been very popular in Afghanistan and I think it has also long been popular in Shia Iran. It is also very big among Iraqi Sunnis, especially the more moderate type. Kurds are also deep into Sufism.


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Interesting South Asian Phenotypes

This young woman or teenage girl is named Amoolya. She is a South Indian.

This young woman or teenage girl is named Amoolya. She is a South Indian.

As you can see, Amoolya is very much a Caucasoid, although her rather Indian looks would prevent most from thinking she is a European Caucasoid. Clearly there are a lot of Caucasoid genes in South India; not all of South India is Australoid.

A South Indian bride all dolled out in her bridal garb.

A South Indian bride all dolled out in her bridal garb.

She is extremely beautiful. Her features remind me of Raquel Welch. She also has a very exotic phenotype. She could be a Latin American or certainly an Arab. She is probably out of the range of most European women due to her exotic features, but there are definitely some Italian women who look like this. Her genes and phenotype are also primarily Caucasoid.


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Beauties from Around the Globe

A beauty, Paromita Mitra. She was Miss Bangladesh. She could easily be a Med European White.

Paromita Mitra, apparently from Macedonia.

Paromita Mitra, Miss Bangladesh.

Next up, we have a Macedonian, Miss Macedonia. A Mediterranid type.

Stefani Borsova, Macedonia.

Stefani Borsova, Macedonia. Med European White.

Next up, some sort of a Miss France and its colonies competition held in the Maldive Islands.

Competitors for the title of Miss Maldives.

From France and its colonies. Left to right at top:Miss Martinique, exotic mixed race type from a Caribbean Island. Miss Limousin, from the mid-south of France. Miss French Guyana, another exotic mixed race type from South America. Miss Cote D’Azur, from the beaches of the French Riviera. L to R, bottom, Miss Franche Compte, from the region in Central France near northwestern Switzerland. Miss Languedoc, from southwest France near the border with Catalonia. Miss Lorraine, from northeastern France, near Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. Miss Guadelupe, Black woman from the Caribbean.

Extremely exotic woman from Bashkortia.

Extremely exotic woman from Bashkortia, Russia.

Bashkortia is a Russian republic near Tatarstan. The people there are Turkic and speak a Turkic language. The area is located near the south end of the Ural Mountains. The Bashkirs and Tatars are mixed race Asian-Caucasoid types like many Turkic peoples. They have a very exotic beauty to them. Really much of Central Asia is made up of mixed Caucasoid-Asian types.


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Which War Forward, Western Woman?

Your choice ladies, the Qatar Model or the Brazil Model. Which will it be?

Your choice ladies, the Qatar Model or the Brazil Model. Which will it be?

You radfems don’t like the sexual objectification of females? Fine, I present you with…drum roll…Qatar! You happy now?


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