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New Book Chapter Coming Out

I will be publishing my first work in book form soon. I will author a chapter in the forthcoming Handbook of Endangered Turkic Languages which will be published by a university in, of all places, Kazakhstan. The chapter should be titled Mutual Intelligibility among the Turkic Languages. Last time I checked, it ran ~80 pages. I am told that my chapter will be one of the most important ones in the book. Among other things, I expand the number of Turkic languages from the current 40 to 53,

It should be coming out in May-June. I will be paid but probably not a whole lot. I have no idea what folks get paid for such things. If I get $300 I would consider myself lucky.

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I Am Now a Peer Reviewer

I cannot believe it, but I have been chosen to be a peer reviewer for a chapter from an upcoming book. The chapter may also appear in a peer reviewed academic journal. Well, I have never been a peer reviewer before!

The chapter will be a chapter in a book to be published soon on Turkic Linguistics.

Peer reviewers do not get paid. Almost all of them are academics, so the fact that I am not an academic and am doing peer reviews is a bit odd. Authors of journal articles do not get paid either. Publishing in journals and peer reviewing are considered to be part of your job as an academic and frankly all of that is factored into your salary as a professor, so in a way, academics are actually getting paid to do peer review and write journal pieces.

The journal publishing business has become so sleazy and ugly these days since a bunch of capitalist scums took it over and are ruining everything. The capitalist takeover of journal publishing and especially reselling of articles has caused a huge amount on controversy in academia. I am not able to go into it at this time, but hopefully I will talk about this in another post.

There has recently been some debate about whether or not peer reviewers should be paid. I know that Lancet pays peer reviewers because physicians are so busy that they were having a hard time getting physicians to do peer review for free. A few other journals have started paying reviewers. There are calls to broaden that. Recommended fees for peer reviewing are ~$100, so no one is going to get rich off of it.

Problems with unpaid peer review are many. Many academics get multiple requests for peer review every month or even every week. It is quite common for academics to turn down requests for peer review saying that they do not have the time. As a result, quite a few journals have to fish around a bit to find reviewers. In addition, many reviews come in late. On top of that, poor reviews are quite common, possibly because no one gets paid. As a result of all of this, publication of journal pieces is often delayed. It is worst of all in Economics, as wait times for publications in journals can stretch to 3-4 years, which is absurd.

Worries about paying reviewers include limited funds and a fear that paying reviewers would corrupt the process. I do not understand how paying reviewers would corrupt the process. Can someone explain to me how it might do that?

There are other problems. Suppose a review comes in late. Should the reviewer be punished monetarily? What about poor reviews? Should they get hit monetarily also?

Anyway, being a peer reviewer is a highly prestigious position. Peer reviewers receive accolades and bonus points in their fields, are often invited to conferences or asked to deliver an opening speech or are offered paid positions on editorial boards, so there are benefits.

I am honored that I have been chosen to do this.

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More Lame Hater Charges


Let us go through these.

  • Hank was not real. Dumbass claimed numerous times that there was absolutely no way that Hank was a fake. Of course near the end his confidence started dwindling and he plateaued at around the 50% mark of believing in Hank.

In my opinion, it could not have been a faked, but I was wrong about that, I agree. I now believe that its accuracy was due to it being modeled on the body of a real dead Bigfoot. Photos and drawings of this dead Bigfoot were provided by Dyer to the special effects man.

Never before has a Bigfoot prop been created that replicated certain aspects of known Bigfoot features this well. In other words, this model was best likeness of a real Bigfoot ever created, feature-wise. Sure it looks fake, but all the other models look fake too. The problem is that the other models do not replicate Bigfoot features as accurately as this one does. However, I was wrong about Hank being real. I will admit to that. Rick fooled a lot of us.

  • There is no hotel billionaire from Vegas funding Rick’s fake teddy in a box.

I never said that the billionaire from Vegas paid for Rick’s prop. The man is not a hotel magnate, and he is not even from Las Vegas. I continue to believe there is a real body, and this man owns it. This has not yet been disproven so I am not wrong.

  • There is no curator from the Museum of Natural History speaking at the press conference.

That is because there has not yet been a press conference. I am confident that one was scheduled with this person to speak at it at one time. I continue to believe that a press conference may well occur. This has not yet been disproven so I am not wrong.

  • There was and will never be a press conference.

I said there would be one at some point in the future. This has not yet been disproven so I am not wrong.

  • There were no MD’s that analyzed the body. Even Dumbass changed his story in his last post to say it was a couple of friends that saw the body.

Not true. Jeff and Jack stated that they brought 2 MD’s with them to view some sort of a Hank figure. The MD’s stated that they thought it was real according to Jeff and Jack. If the Hank prop fooled them, those are two more people who got fooled by Rick’s prop. I am not wrong in this case as the charge is not true. The MD’s were indeed there.

  • Hank is not the epitome of special effects. Okay, this is just an opinion but c’mon Dumbass, do you really think that Hank is the BEST that mankind can produce for a fake body. Bloody moronic logic on your part.

I never said it was the best we can do. However, this prop represented actual Bigfoot features more accurately than any other Bigfoot prop I have ever seen. The other Bigfoot props are not exactly masterpieces either if you have noticed, and they all look fake.

  • There was no additional video shown at the Alamo.

Jeff and Jack were originally supposed to show a 40 minute video of them verifying Hank. However, I found out that this was cancelled at the last minute and I did report that.

  • There were no investors at the Alamo. Jeff and Jack (the investors) were supposed to speak at the Alamo, but about a week before, plans were changed and they pulled out. I reported that.

1 for 8! Pretty pitiful!

The rest mentions something about me being supported by my mother and my aunt. My aunt never gives me one single nickel for anything. Not that she should, but that is just the way it is. My mother doesn’t “support” me. I live on my own and pay my own bills every month and have lived this way for a very long time.

However, I come from a very generous extended family. People are always loaning and giving other family members money for this and that. My family is very close-knit, and that is just the way we are. Further, most people I know are getting money from their parents. These people are aged 40-52, and their incomes range from 12-30,000/yr. Yes, their parents do help them out, mostly for large expenses in the $2,000-3,000 range, although one friend had a wealthy father who was helping the family survive while the son was out of business. Further the father had given out large gifts for various things, such as $10,000 to start a business.

In fact, most of the wealthy people I know continue to get quite a bit of money from their parents. That is, while these people are wealthy ($200-300,000/yr), their parents are stinking filthy rich. Most every person I ever knew who came from a wealthy family continued to receive a lot of money from their parents far off into adulthood.

Can someone explain to me why this is some gigantic problem? Is there something wrong with close-knit families who help each other out? If wealthy parents continue to shower money on their children far off into adulthood (as is the norm) why is it so horrible that non-wealthy families might do this too.

Personally, I also have very generous friends who help me out financially in various ways, and for most of my life, I have had many very generous girlfriends who have spent a lot of money on me.

I fail to see why this is such a problem!

The rest of the post goes off in the usual direction, but I will say that one thing I have noticed is that 100% of my haters are Republican conservatives. I haven’t seen a single progressive person among the haters yet. So apparently a lot of this beef is political.

Anyway here is a personal message to the folks who put up this site, especially Laura, along with the idiots at this site.

GG Allin RIP forever!

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Spreading the Truth About India

A commenter writes:

I stumbled upon this website when I typed “India is” and Google’s instant search gave “India is a shithole” as a first suggestion. Boy, is this blog being read by people now!


Did you see that? If you type in “India is” in Google, Google immediately offers you as first choice “a shithole.” “India is a shithole” comes up first on Google! Then when you search, this article is #1 on the results list! Yaaay!

Just doing my small part to make the world a better place.

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Hate Site Taken Down


I figured it would go down. The last activity there was on April 6, 9 days ago. I would love to comply with this idiot’s directives so he won’t make fun of me anymore, but how do I go about doing it? It’s obvious that he thinks just about everything I write about everything is ridiculous and stupid. Therefore, I really do not see how someone like this can be accommodated. Really, all of this comes from lunatic Bigfooters, and they all hate me because I believe that Rick Dyer killed a Bigfoot. That is really all it is about.

There is not a lot of activity at this stupid site either, also run by insane moronic Bigfooters. They too hate me because I believe Rick and for no other reason. They were stealing a lot of my copy so I filed a DMCA takedown order against them and got most of the copyright-infringing material removed.

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More Answers to Confused People

From Heartiste:

Bit of a thread jack…

What do you make of this moron?

He claims to be a PUA race realist but maintains he’s an anti racist feminist who hates the GOP.

Is he a parody? Or is this twat for real?

More people who don’t get me.

A race realist can certainly be a nonracist or an antiracist. In fact, that is one contradiction I was trying to end with Liberal Race Realism. Race realism simply says that race is real. One can believe that race is real without being a racist and hating other races. The fact that 99% of race realists are racist scumbags is unfortunate, but it doesn’t have to be that way. That race realist has come to = racist is sad, and it plays into the hands of the antiracist nuts who say the same thing – that all race realists are vicious Nazis.

One can certainly be a PUA/Game, MRA/Manosphere type and still be a feminist. A person like this would probably be an equity feminist as opposed to a gender feminist, since gender feminism is opposed to everything the Manosphere and MRA movement is all about.

I come out of a Left movement called Men’s Liberation. This was a movement that started in the 1970’s in tandem with the Women’s Liberation movement which later molted into feminism. The Women’s Lib and Men’s Lib movements used to work together quite a bit, but fractures were already beginning early on. Warren Farrel also came out of this movement, and this MRA hero continues to identify as a feminist.

The Men’s Lib movement got a little nutty, of course, as all such movements do – there was always a homosexual trend in the movement, and some fools were ranting about how a true Men’s Libber had to get over his inhibitions about loving and getting close to other men – in other words, you were not a truly liberated male until you got over your inhibitions about homosexuality and started screwing guys. Crazy.

The movement pretty much petered out at the end of the 1970’s.

I see no contradiction whatsoever in MRA/Manosphere types being Equity Feminists. That nearly the entire movement has been taken over the worst misogynists – reactionaries – idiots, who of course hold feminism as the greatest evil of all, is sad but to be expected.

Face it, the liberation of women was one of the great liberation movements of the 20th Century. It is one of the progressive movements greatest achievements. The fact that feminism has gone too far, beyond actual liberation and into simple puritanism, misandry, matriarchy and women waging war on men is sad but it doesn’t have to be that way. Most sane women want equal rights and all decent men should support them in that goal.

Similarly, most PUA/Game types going back a ways were always feminists. After all, players truly love women. And playboys have been liberals, progressives or even socialists for a very long time now. In the 1970’s, it was automatically assumed that a playboy was a liberal. Playboy and Penthouse Magazines were liberal publications. The porn industry is full of liberal to leftwing types.

This modern thing of player as ultra-reactionary, feminist hater, white racist is a whole new ballgame. I do not know what to make of it, but it was not always that way I assure you.

Yep, I hate the GOP. Why must all MRA/Manosphere types be reactionaries? I don’t get it. If you are a man, you should be for men. If you are for men, why must you be a reactionary kook? Why can’t progressive men be for men too? The Men’s Liberation movement was made up of progressive men who were for the men. It’s not a contradiction.

Why must all race realists be Republicans? What have the Republicans done for you lately, White boy? Are they keeping the niggers down well enough for you, cracker? It’s never made sense that White racists vote GOP and the Republicans never do the slightest damn thing for White people. Sure they sock it to Blacks, but how does that help you as a White man?

And the modern notion that all playboys are Republicans or worse, ultra-reactionaries, is simply bizarre. Historically, it doesn’t make a lot of sense. Casanova was a progressive fellow. So was Rasputin. And Ted Kennedy. Not to mention Bill Clinton.

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Answering Hater Lies

I suppose I ought to answer some of this nonsense that the Bigfooter haters peddle about me. Truth is that just about everything they say about me is a lie.

I am a sexist. No. I am a Leftist, and I support the Equity Feminist movement. In fact, I am on some feminist mailing lists. There is no sexism on this site. I am a former member of the National Organization of Women. However, as an MRA, a member of the Manosphere and the PUA/Game part of the Net, I would point out that 100% of the guys writing on that part of the Net are constantly accused of sexism, misogyny, etc. And everyone accusing me of this is a Republican!

I am a racist. I do not see any racist posts on this site. If you find a racist post, please point it out to me. I try very hard not to write any racist posts on here and I watch my language very carefully. I am a Leftist and I support the Civil Rights movement and voted for Obama twice. I support most of the goals of the Congressional Black Caucus, that is, I support Blacks politically. I very much oppose the overtly racist agenda of the Republican Party.

One of the reasons I vote Democrat is because they are for the Blacks. I am also on the mailing list of some Black and antiracist organizations so I support minority political causes. However, I am a race realist, and all race realists are constantly attacked for being racists. Keep in mind that the idiots calling me racist are all Republicans!

I am a pedophile. This is the weirdest one of the all. I have no more interest in girls 12-under than any other man. They really are nothing to me. I am a teliophile like most men – I am mostly strongly attracted to mature females.  I have no idea where this nonsense started.

I believe that it is normal for a man to want to have sex with girls 12-16. I never said that. However, it is true that I believe it is normal for men to be sexually attracted to girls of that age. As a therapist, I have teenage boys and young men coming to me all the time worried that they are turned on by teenage girls and that this means that they are pedophiles. I tell them, “Congratulations! Teenage girls turn you on. That means you are normal!”

Is it normal to want to have sex with them? I suppose it is…but most normal adults move past that stage and focus on older women. Thoughts are not important. The people making this accusation are puritanical filth. They are reactionary worms. These people would actually like to put you in jail for the stuff you think about! If you believe in freedom of thought, these scums need to be fought to the death with every ounce of your energy.

I live with my mother! This is the craziest one of them all. I have never lived with my mother in my entire life. However, some folks my age are moving back in with elderly parents to take care of them. I have thought of that, but the stigma of living with my mother really keeps me away from doing that. My mother lives 33 miles from me. I do eat dinner with her once a week or so. Often other relatives are there too. On rare occasions, I spend 1-3 nights over there for a visit, but that is quite rare actually. I have lived with my mother and father before (lived with my parents). But that was a very long time ago. I have been living on my own forever now.

My mother makes my dinner. Well, I suppose once a week she does? Is that ok with everyone?

My mother pays my bills. My mother certainly does not pay my bills. I pay my own bills every month.

I don’t have a car. True, right now, I do not have a car. However, I have owned a vehicle since I was 16 years old. This is the first time in 40 years I will be without a vehicle. But I should have a vehicle in a few weeks or so. Anyway, why is it a crime to not own a vehicle?

I panhandle for donations. People deserve for be enumerated or paid for the work that they do. I do a lot of work on this website, and I feel that I deserve to be paid for that work. It is not panhandling to ask to be paid a fair wage for hard work. And I do receive  some income from that – around $500/month so far.

I am unemployed. Not true. I do not have to work as I have a trust fund, but I also work at all sorts of jobs and I have a variety of sources of income.

I do not have a regular job. True, but I have a hard time understanding why this is so terrible?

I am a shut-in. It’s not true. In fact, I travel to stay with friends and stay with them for weeks at a time and I have friends come here to stay with me on a regular basis. Friends have stayed with me here for up to one week at a time. I have lunch and dinner out with friends and dates regularly. I also travel with and take vacations with friends and lovers.

I say the only way you can get HIV is from anal sex. I never said that. Many cases are transmitted via vaginal sex male to female.

I can’t get laid. Truly hilarious. Ask anyone who knows me.

This website “spews hate.” That is news to me. Can someone point out to me how this site “spews hate?”

I am a bigot. I doubt it. Most Leftists are not like that. We are not supposed to be that way, so we try hard not to be that way. And everyone calling me bigot is a Republican!

Believe I am a genius because I say so. A genius IQ is 140+. My IQ is 147. It was measured in high school. The counselor’s name was Mr. Stanford. He showed me the score. I retook the test at age 29 and got a score of 140+ (he did not break it down further). If you have a genius IQ, you’re a genius. Not that it’s anything to brag about. Trust me.

Believe my sources cannot be lying to me. As a general rule, most of them have not deliberately lied to me. The only ones that lied to me were sent by the haters themselves!

I call Dyer skeptics evil, sociopathic and Satanic because they go after Rick Dyer. I never said that. Of course I do not believe that. The haters, who go after not only Rick but everyone who believes him like me, are indeed Satanic, sociopathic and evil, and they can hurry up and die for all I care. However, there are Dyer skeptics who simply focus on Dyer and leave the rest of us out of it like Randy Filipovic who I have no hard feelings toward at all. In fact, the Dyer skeptics have done a great job in helping to untangle this mystery.

Claims to be an academic. I never said that. I am an independent scholar. One of my articles just made it through peer review at a peer reviewed academic journal. Just wondering if any of you scums can claim to have done anything that important?

Claims to be a journalist. I am a journalist. I have a BA in Journalism from California State University Long Beach. Do any of you scums possess such a degree?

Claims to be a journalist, but is not working in the field. Right. Many of us journalists are not presently employed in the field. If you have a degree in Journalism, you get to call yourself journalist for the rest of your life. Anyway, my blogging is journalism, and at the moment, I am actually making money as a journalist!

Claims to have worked as an editor of a magazine, but is lying. I did indeed work as an editor of a magazine. It was a well known and widely read computer magazine that was out in the 1980’s (similar to Byte).

Uses computers at my Mom’s house. Well, when I visit over there, I do use the computer at times as I do not have a laptop. I fail to see why this is a crime.

Eats food at my mother’s house. Indeed, when I visit once in a while, I definitely eat food there! Can someone tell me why it is a crime to visit your Mom and eat food at her place? I am having a hard time understanding these garbage people.

Thinks teenage girls still want him. At my age, most teenage girls are not interested in me anymore. They were after me for most of my life, but that really started to peter out around age 47. At the moment, definitely 99% of teenage girls do not seem to be interested in me. However, there is the rare one now and then.

My glasses are grannies glasses from the 1980’s. Fail to see why this is important, but I have a new pair now anyway.

I creep out women. Not really, but at my age, you “creep out” most young women if you so much as try to talk to them, so it’s not much of a charge. I do great with women and have for most of my life.

I “creeped out” a young female bank teller. Not true. She was very friendly the whole time I saw her at the bank, and she also would not stop looking at me. I just think she didn’t want to go out with me is all, maybe due to age difference. I suppose she just liked to look at me but doesn’t want to actually go out with me.

Talks about how women give him “that look:” Women have been giving me come-on looks most of my life. Granted, it doesn’t happen so much anymore, but it still happens sometimes. This has been happening less and less as I have gotten older.

I am a Commie. Sort of.

I am a socialist. Damn right.

Can’t afford to buy another car. Pretty much. Is this a crime or something?

Can’t afford $2,500 to fix his car. True, but why is this a crime? I hardly know anyone who has $2,500 lying around. Anyway, the car is going to be fixed.

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One Man’s View of Me

From the IMDb page, an analysis:

…It seems that blog author has anger issues and comes across as an ass hole, especially when he writes stuff like this:

I generally say, “None of your goddamned business, bitch.” And then I start calling them lots of names and tell them to shut the *beep* up.

That may explain why women are acting so hostile towards him.

EDIT: Because I was bored I decided to take a look at this guy’s blog, and I have to say he is all over the map. He appears to have some blogs that read more like research papers that are well thought out, well written with lots of research going into them and all his references cited. On the other hand, he has crazy opinion blogs where he praises communism and Stalinist Russia, even going so far as to deny the Holodomor, and seems to ban everyone who disagrees with him in the comments. He sorta reminds me of a bizarro version of Hardliner. An intelligent man who over time lost it and started writing hateful nonsense and ignores anyone who calls him out on it (remember when Hardliner put the entire forum on ignore?). Only that Hardliner was a rightwinger while this guy is a commie, and Hardliner was a virgin while this guy appears to have been successful with women at one point in his life.

Well that is interesting.

I have not lost it over time. I do not write hateful nonsense. I do not ignore anyone who calls me out on my stuff.

Always interesting to see what people think of you.

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Comments on an Article of Mine

Here. This is the IMDB site which discusses movies. In this case, they talk about The 40 Year Old Virgin movie. They are referencing this article of mine – Women Hate Guys Who Aren’t Getting Any. The commenters are saying that I am full of it – that women do not hate guys who aren’t getting any. However, I still hold to the basic premise of my piece.

Just to give you a personal example, when I first moved to Madera, I moved into this apartment. I lived by myself for some time here and I really didn’t have any friends, nor was I dating. I will not say how long this period lasted, but I will say it was months rather than years. Then this woman I know drove up to see me from where she lived a few hundred miles away. She stayed here with me for a couple of weeks. She was quite good looking and we went everywhere together.

Before that, a lot of the people in the complex supposedly hated me. I never figured out why, but one kid said, “It’s because you don’t have a wife and you don’t have kids, so they think you must be weird and dangerous.” I live with a bunch of stupid people, mostly Hispanics but some Blacks. These types all marry early and have kids. In those cultures, no one does the never marrying, no kids, live alone thing. If they see someone doing that, they think it is extremely weird and that person must be crazy, dangerous or a criminal.

Anyway, after that cutie stayed with me for a couple of weeks, a lot of those people who supposedly hated me before now apparently treated me like I was worth a million bucks. My worth in the community went up by about 1,000,000%

I have been single my whole life. There have been periods when I had girlfriends and periods when I did not. I even had some incel periods. I have dated a couple hundred females, true, but there have also been some dry spells. So I know all about this.

People say that sex is a private matter, and maybe that is true. But I think it is more of a public matter than one might think. Adults are expected to be having sex if not regularly, at least from time to time. Adults who do not appear to be having sex are treated like freaks and regarded with contempt. This shows that adult society places a high value on the sex act and feels that normal adults should be engaging in sex from time to time at least.

If you are not having sex, you could at least be living with someone of the opposite sex. There are quite a few sexless marriages out there, and after a certain age, most couples even stop doing it. These people are given a break because they are cohabiting with a member of the opposite sex. No one knows what is going on the bedroom, so they get a break as far as that goes.

If you’re not having sex, at least live with someone of the opposite sex.

I stand by the premise of my article. I do not think you need to be having sex all the time, but you should at least be seen with a woman who is hopefully your lover from time to time. People have a lot of respect for the bachelor who lives through downpours and dry spells. I think quite a few people might even respect a bachelor who hates maybe 3 weeks out of a year. I am not sure if people care how often you are doing it, at least past a certain age. They just want to make sure that you are normal in  the sexual realm.

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The Latest Robert Lindsay Hater Games

This is all coming from the crazy Bigfoot world, but I have to admit it has had me pretty upset for the past few days.

There are now some Internet sites that have gone up for the sole purpose of trashing me. Here is one, called Robert Lindsay Is a Joke. Here is another one, this one called Beyond Dumb.

All of these people have come from Randy Filipovic’s site here. Randy himself has been pretty fair to me, but his commenters have been quite horrible. He did create the environment in which these toxic bacteria grew, but I suppose I should not blame him for that either. Neither should I blame him for his commenters, I suppose.

The WordPress site is stealing all of my copyrighted material without my permission, and it is also stealing all the copyrighted material of my commenters. That is a violation of WordPress’ TOS and it also a violation of the DMCA. I filed a complaint with WordPress for copyright infringement and I also filed a DMCA take-down order. In addition, I filed a complaint with WordPress for abuse, as that blog is solely set up for the purpose of abusing, libeling, defaming, stalking and harassing me. That’s not a very good reason for a blog to exist. In addition to the copyright theft, that blog has no reason to exist.

In addition, some of these same Bigfooter lunatics got into my Facebook page somehow and posted some stuff there. I thought they got into my WordPress site too, but they may not have after all.

In short, I am being Net harassed by a bunch of insane maniacs.

However a friend told me that no publicity is bad publicity. That is the Hollywood way of thinking, “I do not care what they say about me as long as they are talking about me.” I will have to think about that one.

That is why I have not been writing much the past few days. I have been trying to digest all of this harassment stuff.

Any advice would be appreciated. Commiserations graciously accepted also.

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