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Fantastic Photos of Katrina Damage

Repost from the old site.

Of course, the entire Internet was full of incredible photos from Hurricane Katrina after the storm. One thing I have not seen much of, though, are overhead pics of the damage. Sometimes, to get a “bird’s eye view” of a situation, an overhead pic is capable of showing us tumultuous scenes in an entirely new way, a whole new perspective, so to speak – one which we can rarely grasp from the ground as non-flying mammals 5-6 feet off the ground.

The fantastic photos above were taken by a forensic dentist who was down in NOLA after the flood helping to identify bodies (in keeping with the Katrina death toll theme of this increasingly morbid blog). One of the things I found stunning about the photos above is how much water is still in NOLA, and how NOLA seems to have taken on some aspects of what we radical treehuggers call “re-wilding”.

In case you don’t know, re-wilding is a deep ecological concept that holds, rather quixotically, that mankind should begin “re-wilding” areas that had been previously seriously altered by human activities. Since re-wilding doesn’t have a positive effect on anyone’s bottom line, it hasn’t been implemented much. But we see signs of it anyway, though it is inadvertent.

For instance, I am told that some US inner cities are decaying so badly and consequently being abandoned by their human populations, that certain lots are heading back towards native vegetation.

Detroit comes to mind. About 20 years ago, I read that there were parts of Detroit where so many structures had been torn down that vacant lots outnumber developed ones. Purportedly, these lots were going back to something like native vegetation. At the same time, wildlife was supposedly returning.

Now, I figure if a US city is going to fall apart, it’s better to have vacant lots re-vegetate and have the real wildlife come back, as opposed to such “wildlife” as heroin addicts, criminals, crack dealers and addicts, homeless folks pushing shopping carts, etc. The non-human animals cause very little harm, cost society very little, and in general, have a positive impact on society, while the human wildlife above does the opposite.

With that in mind, take at look at the photos* above.

In the first photo, an entire street is devastated and is now surrounded by what looks like native forest. A vast green area, dotted with homes, lies in the distance. Through this verdant grassy plain flows a totally improbable river (Or is it an elongated lake?) which probably never existed before. The plain is spotted with equally improbable smaller lakes, sloughs, backwaters, etc.

In the second photo, what looks like riverfront homes have been devastated, Hiroshima-like. There really is nothing left. All that is left is the remains of a woodland, combined with sand where homes once stood.

The third picture has not really re-wilded, since this was a densely settled area of probably expensive riverfront homes. Yet possibly 70-80% of the homes are pretty much totaled. Trees seem to dominate the as houses seem to recede into the background. The effect is to transform a densely settled city riverfront district into something like a rural tract with homes on large lots.

A street winds through the homes that no longer exist – a street that can no longer be called a “residential” street. I can just picture a deer or coyote wending down that street. It wouldn’t seem out of place at all.

With that, I leave you, and I hope you all had a very nice Thanksgiving.

*These photos were originally huge – each about 2 to 3 MB in size. The photos themselves would have been about 12 inches across in actual size. It was rather messy, but the inimitable Photoshop was able to shrink them down to about 50-70 KB (a 97% reduction) with very little loss of quality, which I consider to be an amazing feat. We also enhanced the photos quite a bit, also with Photoshop.

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Fifty-five Years from Little Rock

Repost from the old site.

The Volkh Conspiracy, quoting Shelby Steele, noted that fifty years ago from the date the article was published, on September 26, 1957, (just over 55 years ago) nine brave young Black boys and girls braved a blizzard of seething White racist hate in order to attend segregated, all-White, Little Rock’s Central High School in Arkansas.

The foul fog of vicious White racism was so thick in the air that they had to be escorted by armed National Guard troops past hissing, jeering Whites, faces contorted and twisted with irrational hatred for their fellow man.

I fear to say that these daring young Blacks have more guts that I do. A shout out to them, for all time!

This was the beginning of the end for institutionalized White Supremacy in America, notes Steele. Sure it was. Fighting like a cornered, doomed animal, it flared for a decade or so, fighting for its life. Its dying heaves were drawn out, and they continue to this day as we see in the last gasps and lunges of Jena. There is some life left in the beast, but not much.

And we may thank those gallant young Blacks, the Little Rock Nine, for risking their lives for the liberation of their people, and for the advancement of the American vision itself, temporarily stuck as it was in the mud of virulent segregation and White racism. They liberated not only themselves, but they lit the way to liberation for all of the rest of us, if only we chanced it.

Looking at these fine upstanding looking Black kids, who could not let them into your school, and welcome them with open arms?

What cold heart would not swell with pride to share a classroom with these bright-eyed, well-dressed, well-behaved youngsters?

Looking at the Little Rock Nine today, do they not represent the very assimilated Black middle class that they hacked a trail for?

The Little Rock Nine today. They led lives of decency, hard work and respectability, like so many Blacks you meet in their 50’s and 60’s.

What would a Little Rock Nine look like nowadays?

They would probably look something like this:

The Little Rock Nine would probably look something like this today – the Crips Nine. I wouldn’t let them integrate a doghouse, much less a learning institution full of fully modern Homo Sapiens. How far have we fallen! These are the sort of animals the race-hustlers, the Jesses and Als, champion today.

If, today, the Crips Nine tried to integrate a school that had sensibly kept them out, 60,000 Black college kids would descend on the town and order the school to self-mutilate by letting them in.

Would you let them in your high school? Would you let them walk down your street? Would you let them set one foot in city limits? Hell no!

Angela Owanuchi, a Black intellectual writing on the Blackprof site, complains that US schools are as segregated now as they were in the early 1970’s. But that segregation is largely voluntary.

Whites and Blacks have voluntarily chosen to go to separate schools, Whites mostly to preserve their boys and girls from the depredations that many feral Black boys will surely wreak on them. Blacks, in many cases, because they simply prefer the company of their own race; as one young Black man told me, “Robert, I wouldn’t want to live with all those White people anyway!”

She feels it is a tragedy that Whites are in schools that are at least 80% White. That’s not racism, Angela, it’s self-preservation. The fewer Blacks in a school, the less likely your White son is going to get get taunted, hunted, bullied and beaten with mind-numbing continuity by Black boys.

White parents are running from the many predatory, stronger, aggressive Black boys who prey on the weaker and less aggressive non-White boys as wolves prey on sheep.

One commenter notes:

One of the ancillary benefits of the sub-prime mortgage lending and artificially low interest rates may indeed have been to integrate more communities.

Well, that’s all coming to an end, now, commenter, with the sub-prime crash.

A few or a moderate number of assimilated Blacks in any mostly-White town, or even a decent mixed neighborhood in a city, is no major hassle. I have lived in such towns and neighborhoods for years of my life. We have 4% Blacks in Madera, California, and that’s not yet a critical mass large enough to wreck the town, so things are relatively tolerable. The 70% Hispanics are the real issue.

But once the Black underclass population gets beyond a certain percentage, the result seems to be dramatically increasing crime, daily beatings of White and Asian boys in school, and a slow descent into Ghetto Hell as the Whites that are able to take off hightail it out of town. The Black underclass is so sick nowadays that even the Blacks with enough money and sense are fleeing the pathology and danger.

From the Little Rock Nine to the Crips Nine, such a journey.

Journey to Hell.


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A Thought Experiment Regarding Detroit

People say economics ruined the city. The remaining Blacks (keep in mind that Detroit is 90% Black) are seen as victims, stuck there and abandoned by a ruined economy, which they did nothing to cause.

Others say like commenter Ishmael that Detroit has a Black problem. Many of Detroit’s problems flow directly from the fact that it is now a 90% Black city.

Keep in mind that in the US, whenever any huge US city gets around 90% Black, it’s effectively ruined. In fact, most large US cities that are over 50% Black are pretty much thrashed in one way or another. Sure, there are plenty of suburbs, small cities and towns of various sizes that are heavily Black and seem to do ok. But once a large US city goes majority Black, something terrible seems to happen to it.

Let’s try a thought experiment: Suppose we had a Stalinist or Stalin-like dictator in the US dedicated to the common good and the greatest good for the greatest number. He would also be, like Stalin, utterly dedicated to the concept of what the right derisively calls “social engineering” on a mass scale.

Detroit now is the same under this Stalin-type dictator. US Stalin has had it with Detroit as nothing seems to work. He decides to transform Detroit. Whereas now it’s 90% Black and ~10% White, he decides to switch the figures around and make Detroit 90% White and 10% Black. Nothing else will change about Detroit. Everything else will remain the same, finances, economics, government, the whole mess. Those Whites will be effectively abandoned in the same ruined and wrecked city.

You still think it would be the same city? Would the 90% White Detroit act the same as the present day 90% Black Detroit?

I do not think so.


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The Death of Johannesburg

Although of course I opposed apartheid, supported the ANC and the transition to democracy, let’s face it. It hasn’t all been peaches and roses, now has it? On balance though, I would say that it was the right thing to do. One man one vote is the only way to go. Apartheid, racist rule by a tiny minority, was just wrong, period, whatever benefits it may have had for whoever.

Sometimes doing the right thing causes more problems than doing the wrong thing. In that case, as a Western Christian, I would still say that we should do the right thing anyway for no other reason than to do the right thing. Doing the right thing is proper and correct in and of itself, regardless of whatever consequences flow from that decision.

Besides, the notion that Blacks lived in paradise under apartheid is highly dubious!

Reading through the comments, many of which are racist, one point keeps getting hammered home over and over. The nonracist side of me cringes when I hear it, but nevertheless, all arguments should be entertained in the quest for truth. Just because an argument is racist doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Sadly, racist arguments may indeed be correct even if the people making them are bad people.

The argument is that Blacks not only cannot create higher civilization in the first place on their own, but when handed a higher civilization created by another group (typically Whites) in a matter of time, a few decades or less, they pretty much unravel that advanced civilization and turn the place into a dirty, dangerous, chaotic, polluted, unhealthy slum. Those pictures in that video could be of Detroit, East St. Louis, Camden, Newark, Chicago’s South Side or Oakland.

Whether or not Blacks are civilization destroyers once they become a majority is an interesting question, but once one accepts the premise just for the purposes of argument, one still wonders at the reason.

One argument is IQ. However, the US Black IQ is ~87. That’s certainly high enough to create stable civilization. The African IQ is controversial. One paper says it is only ~69. In that case, civilization wrecking would seem to be par for the course. Yet a new study puts the African IQ at ~80.

I am not sure if that is correct, but if it is, that should be high enough to create a functional society. After all, the Moroccan IQ is 82, the Indonesian IQ is 79 and the Qatari IQ is 78. All of these peoples have produced more or less functional societies with ~80 IQ’s, so an 80 IQ should be plenty enough to create a working society.

Another argument is high testosterone. High testosterone may explain higher Black crime rates until age 33. Would Black crime alone in and of itself be enough to completely unravel civilization in that way we see in Detroit and in the video? Isn’t there more going on there than just crime? At any rate, Black women commit little crime, and after age 33, Black men’s testosterone is lower than that of Whites. Surely Black women and older Black males ought to be able to create functional societies as they don’t have testosterone to blame.

At the end of the day, the arguments just don’t seem to be make sense. The, yes, racist argument that Blacks are civilization wreckers in at least quite a few cases stings, but even non-racists must wonder painfully if it’s true. Yet that arguments put forward for why Blacks dismantle civilization seem to lack explanatory adequacy.

Even more painfully, let us suppose that Blacks have civilization dismantling properties. Are they doomed to do this forever and ever? Is there any hope for Blacks? Are admixed Blacks (mulattos, zambos, etc.) also likely to do this? If so, do they do it at the same rate or a lesser rate?

I’m sure that quite a few Black people like to live in chaotic, filthy, disordered, and dangerous places. On the other hand, we have Black commenters and authors on this site who are as repulsed by these places as I am.

Before attacking Blacks wholesale for dismantling civilization, let us keep in mind that the primary victims of Black civilization dismantling are Blacks themselves. Other races suffer from the downside of this unraveling at a dramatically reduced rate. As Blacks dismantle civilizations, they inflict an unbelievably horrific cost of suffering, pain, illness and death on their very own kind. That right there is as sad as a bottomless well. That Blacks are the primary victims of this entropic impulse makes it even more imperative that we get to the bottom of it.


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Problems With the US Black IQ

The problem with the US Black IQ? In a nutshell, it seems too high compared to their achievement levels. To put it painfully, US Blacks act way dumber than they apparently are. I explain below.

A commenter writes:

I live in Georgia, and I don’t believe for a second that our local Negroes have an average IQ of 91.3. For one thing, that would make them smarter than the “Hispanics” (IQ: 87). Observation would indicate that the reverse is true.Furthermore, an IQ of 91 would make the American Negro only a couple points below the average Greek (93). A comparison of the accomplishments of the ethnic groups in question shows how unlikely this is.

Hell, I even doubt the more accepted estimate of 85, since it is difficult to believe that Arabs (83-87) and Persians (84), two groups which I respect a great deal, and which have contributed much to civilization, are in the same IQ range as the African-American.

Several months ago, I read two studies. One claimed that the average IQ of 85 for American Negroes had been an overestimate, and that the real IQ was around 78 or so. The other claimed that the Negroes here in Georgia, who evidently have significantly less Caucasoid admixture than Blacks in other areas of the country, have an IQ of only 71. These numbers seem quite likely to me.

As noted in the piece, the Black US IQ of 91 is for 13 year old’s only. It is not the correct score for adults. The correct score for adults is 85. I think it has risen lately to ~87. Let us be generous and say that US Blacks have IQ’s of 86.

The commenter says that a new study shows that US Black IQ is only 78. I do not believe that. The 85 score is quite robust over decades, though individual studies vary. The same study also found that Georgian Blacks have IQ’s of 71. It’s possible that Georgian Blacks have IQ’s 7 points below the Black average. That would give them IQ’s of 78, not 71. 71 is in African territory.

I have a friend who moved from Michigan (Detroit suburbs) to Georgia (Atlanta). She insists that Georgian Blacks at much worse than even Detroit Blacks, which is hard to believe. She also implied that they are stupider. Actually, the study linked here shows Georgian Blacks to have average IQ’s at age 13. Extrapolating out, Georgian Blacks have IQ’s of ~86.3. Michigan Blacks seem to have IQ’s of ~86.1. So you can see where impressionistic analysis gets you.

US Blacks display marked failures, lagging, inability to thrive, etc. which have been noted by many people for many years now. Even the Left talks about it, but they blame racism. There is no need to go over the details of these problems once again.

The commenter’s inability to believe that US Blacks have even IQ’s of 85 makes sense. Does it make sense intuitively that US Black 13 year olds are nearly as intelligent as Greek 13 year olds? Or even Hispanic 13 year olds? Not really.

The commenter incorrectly states the US Hispanic IQ as 87. Instead, it is ~90, and the second generation scores as high as 95.

The reason that the US Black IQ seems too high is that their failures seem to be great for a group with an IQ of 86.

Do Arabs, Persians, mestizos, Filipinos, Polynesians, Melanesians and Micronesians display the same kind of total societal collapse and failure to create any kind of livable society that see in the seemingly postwar burned out fall of the Roman Empire dystopias of Oakland, Detroit, East St. Louis, Newark, Camden and New Orleans. These are worse than slums. Most places that look like that have just been through a war. These places have the look of the collapsed societies of science fiction or history. We are looking at ruins, not civilization.

Most of the above groups tend to create livable cities and societies, though the slums of the Philippines and Latin America are pretty horrible, in general, these societies still function.

In other words, US Blacks seem to function at a much lower level than would be expected by their IQ’s. Compared to other world populations with similar IQ’s, US Blacks surely seem to have a sufficient IQ to create functional societies. That they cannot seems mysterious, so people start straw grasping to explain the unexplainable. Such as that the scores must be wrong.

The scores are not wrong, but there is something wrong with US Blacks. Compared to their IQ’s, they seem to be grotesque underachievers to say the least. Perhaps there are other biological reasons for US Black failure compared to groups with similar IQ’s, but I’m at a loss to find them. Without that, we are left with the conclusion that US Blacks are simply screwing up, and there are non-IQ and non-biological reasons for their hollowed out cities and societies.

A couple of points here. HBD types and racists like to point to the ghostly ruins of US Black cities and place all the blame on that famous 86 IQ. I hope I have demonstrated in this post that IQ score can’t possibly be the reason for such wrecks. There’s no reason that humans with an 86 IQ would inevitably lay waste to a city like that. That IQ ought to be sufficient to build a city as nice as Tripoli, Riyadh or Tehran.

Since no one can figure out other US Black biological factors to explain such things, we are left with sociological or cultural explanations. One explanation is that US Blacks are simply screwing up, and that these urban wrecks are by and large their own fault and doing. Not the fault of their genes, but the fault of their own poor choices. Unfortunately, this leads to rightwing “cut em off” thinking that as a socialist I find abhorrent.

Either that or we can blame society, but I’m getting a little tired of that.


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The Reversion of Detroit

There are plenty of internet sites out there that show you the burned out Hellish wreckage that is Detroit, Michigan. Most cities that look like Detroit have just been through a war.

In the last decade, Detroit lost 25% of its population. It’s population is now as low as it was in 1910.

This video, Detroit Wildlife, by a French filmmaker, is very interesting. It shows a hopeful side to the terrifying human and structural wreckage of Detroit. For Detroit is reverting. In the early days, it went from an agricultural to an industrial center. Now it’s going back to its rural origins. Outside of downtown and between the tall buildings and the first ring of exurbs, much of the landscape is going back to nature. People are making urban gardens and starting to raise farm animals.

Forests are coming back, and so are the wild animals. The city of Detroit is now home to opossums, raccoons, rabbits, pheasants, foxes, deer and even coyotes. And I though the only animals in Detroit were the people!


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Neoclassical Silliness on the Minimum Wage Again

Chuck is the latest proponent of neoclassical nonsense to grace our blog:

How much worse off would people in those countries be if their children couldn’t work? You can’t apply U.S. ideals to countries that aren’t as far along the economic life cycle as the U.S.

His first paragraph attempts to justify the total failure of the lack of minimum wage laws in the 3rd World to deal with the problems of unemployment or poor pay. He deals with this by not answering the question.

Meanwhile, Cuba has a minimum wage law and has full employment. In the US, there are indeed states in the US South that have no minimum wage laws. I’m not sure what the means in terms of what employers can do, but those states have the worst pay and working conditions in the US.

In fact, you will see an excellent correlation in the US and around the world: Everywhere there is no minimum wage law, you have terrible pay and working conditions, and in many places, you also have mass unemployment. The working man is getting fucked. Countries that have minimum wage laws, on average, tend to have better treatment of workers and better pay.

Lack of minimum wage laws is bad for workers!

Once again, we see the enemies of the workers, the neoclassicals, claiming that they are out to help their worker buddies. It’s a lie. Why would our enemies want to help us? The neoclassicals are the agents of Capital and the rich. They want to get rid of minimum wage laws because that’s good for capitalists. It’s good for capitalists and bad for workers. Workers in the developed world won’t work at a shit job that doesn’t even pay enough to survive. Indeed, the minimum wage itself is barely even enough to survive on. Some say it’s low that you can’t survive on it. I’m not sure if that’s true, but if you can barely survive on a minimum wage, how could you survive on a sub-minimum wage?

Thomas Sowell, a Black neoclassical economist, says that we should get rid of minimum wage laws so ghetto Blacks could have jobs. But the jobs did not leave the ghettos because of minimum wage laws! They left because the ghetto Blacks destroyed the neighborhood, mostly through crime, and all of the businesses fled. There are jobs in those areas, but many young Blacks do not want to work for them. They barely want to work for minimum wage. They consider that chump change. They make a Hell of a lot more money selling dope, which is why they do it.


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Conservative Lie #1,482, 091: The Public Schools Are Failing to Educate Our Children

This lie is very widely believed, even across the political spectrum.

A lot of Blacks even fall for this one. They believe it because public schools suck in Black areas. But public schools are just fine in White areas, so there’s nothing wrong with public schools per se. Public schools are screwed up in Black areas because they seem to be broke and falling apart. I’m not sure why they are falling apart, and I’m uncertain why they are broke.

The kids know that there are hardly any books, and the books that they have are 10-20 years out of date, so the smarter ones are pissed off and disgusted about this. There’s no money for anything in these schools, so increasingly, we teachers are supposed to pay for school supplies out of our own pockets. But why the Hell should we do that? I used to do it, but I resented it, and I would charge the kids for the pencils and pens.

In part, the Black schools are ruined by the Black kids themselves. They destroy the schools. They take the books and fling them across the room, cackling wildly. I could scream and yell and did, but nothing will happen. I could call the Administration, but they won’t come. Bottom line is there are a lot of shithead punks, mostly males, in Black schools who simply do not belong in regular classrooms. Where do they belong? I have no idea, maybe a Continuation School. They destroy things for the rest of them.

There is a trope going around that the Black schools are full of incompetent teachers. I sure didn’t see it when I worked there, and I worked in the heart of the ghetto for years. I saw maybe one incompetent teacher the whole time. Those are some of the most competent and dedicated teachers of all, and they deserve a shoutout.

Sure, private schools are better for Black kids. You know why that is? Because they throw out all the knuckeheads, that’s why! You get three strikes in those schools if you are lucky. What people don’t understand about public schools is that we have to take everyone, special ed, really dumb kids and the worst behavioral cases around.

Sure, we can suspend or even expel the real knotheads, but then the Blacks and anti-racists screech. There’s a lot of talk that Black kids are suspended or expelled on a far higher percentage basis than other groups. Black and anti-racist leaders constantly say what a racist outrage this is.

As someone who spent years on the ground in heart of the mess, I assure you there is no discrimination going on. The hardest thing to do in a Black school, other than teach, is to get a Black kid expelled or suspended. Or even sent to the office.

The Administration doesn’t want to deal with the knotheads, and they figure you ought to be able to control the class. Further, the Admins are heavily Black, and they are not wild about disciplining their own kind, which is logical. I can say with a clear conscience that the only reason Blacks (almost all males, by the way) are suspended or expelled more is because they are dramatically more likely to act bad. If anything, they are not getting expelled or suspended enough! Is there racism? Maybe, but I never saw any in Los Angeles at least.

Charter schools are another fake diversion. I don’t see they are needed. Why do we need charter schools? Because they wipe out the teachers’ unions! Yay! You know, those evil teachers’ unions. Let me tell you something, if you’re a schoolteacher and you don’t have your head up your ass, you want to be in the union.

There’s an argument that the union protects incompetent teachers. First of all, it’s hard to be a fuckup teacher. When I taught school, they rode on my ass 24-7.

It’s true, the riding is way worse in the White areas, and there’s little riding in the ghetto, but there’s little expectations in the ghetto because the students are so awful. Yet even in the ghetto, I tried my hardest. And most other teachers did too. Why? I dunno. Inner city teaching pretty much sucks, and the only people there are pretty dedicated. Anyone else just isn’t even there in the first place, or they leave real fast.

What’s the real reason for the endless conservative attacks on the public schools? In the US, conservatives are so insane and evil that they actually hate public education. I believe that they are ideologically opposed to it. I’m not sure if they want to wipe it out all together, but I think they want to defund it like 3rd World elites do.

Let’s take a look at a graph at how the public schools are failing our kids.

As you can see, public education is totally failing our kids. Snark.


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“Crowds and the People Inside Them,” by Alpha Unit

New Alpha Unit. This post is about the anti-Jewish Crown Heights riots in New York when mobs of Blacks rampaged through the streets, sometimes yelling, “Heil Hitler” and attacking the Orthodox Jews who lived there. There is a lot of resentment towards Orthodox Jews in New York.

As a Dominican friend of mine who lived there once said, “They’re tight and they treat non-Jews like shit.”Unfortunately, that’s a pretty accurate portrayal of Orthodox Jews in New York.

Orthodox Jews were the landlords of his building and the other buildings around there.

He spent a lot of time investigating the auctions that the city of New York had every year to lease out city property. After intensely studying the issue for a long time, he finally came away convinced that the auctions were rigged. During the tenure of Mike Bloomberg, my friend said that 70% of the auctions were closed bids, and all went to Jewish bidders. Bloomberg was waging ethnic warfare for the Jews against the non-Jews on New York in a fraudulent and corrupt bidding process.

When a Catholic, Rudy Giuliani, came in, the situation reversed. Now 70% of the bids were closed bids going to Catholics, typically Italians, but also Dominicans and others. The Jews and Catholics of New York were waging a totally corrupt, Third World style ethnic warfare on each other all the way from the very top down.

He said the Orthodox Jewish landlords were well known as slumlords. They never fixed anything and they, in general, treated non-Jews like crap. That’s not necessarily a slam at Jews in general, but it’s a slam at the Orthodox. The classic anti-Semitic stereotypes are most prominently displayed in the often racist behavior of the Orthodox. In my experience, the more assimilated and less religious the Jew, the less these classic stereotypes and racist behaviors are evident.

During the Crown Heights riots, the Blacks were said to be angry about the Orthodox Jews buying up property in their neighborhood. Black anti-Semitism is a new thing, and it’s very complex. I don’t pretend to understand it well, and an analysis of it goes beyond the scope of this post. A lot of this stems from Jews running stores in the ghettos where they charged high prices and were often overtly suspicious of Black customers or treated them poorly.

The high prices are possibly due to the costs of running a ghetto store. Due to high crime, security needs and large-scale theft of merchandise probably add to the cost of doing business. Blacks are treated suspiciously in ghetto stores frankly because so many of them steal, act bad and sometimes do even worse things.

High levels of ghetto-TNB (Typical Negro Behavior)* lead to ghetto store owners treating all, most or many Black customers poorly. The treatment is probably reciprocated. It’s important to note that not just Jews have been guilty of this behavior. First Jews, then Koreans, Arabs, East Indians and other ethnics have run ghetto stores. Many have packed up and left due to high theft or violent crime.

The Jewish behavior above has been mirrored precisely by all of the other groups running these stores.

It was against this background that the lamentable and tragic Crown Heights riots occurred. Many Jews still smart when they think of these riots.

*A sarcastic, humorous, and not altogether true, expression for the worst stereotypical Black behaviors. The word “nigger” is usually substituted for “Negro,” but I’m trying to avoid being offensive here. I don’t think that “TNB” really is typical Black behavior, or at least I hope not. It’s mostly just a snide synonym for “ghetto” behaviors.

When in crowds, people do things that they wouldn’t do if alone. A crowd is a kind of organism with a life and death of its own.

The saying goes that there is safety in numbers. There’s also danger sometimes.

I’ve never cared for being in crowds myself. Once when I was eighteen, back in the late seventies, I went to a concert with some friends – it may have been my first time going to a concert. They were two friends I had made my first semester in the dorm.

I liked the concert – I think it was Bruce Springsteen – but I remember being separated from them afterward for some reason. Being in large crowds is overstimulating as it is for me, so I was trying not to be too frustrated while trying to get past all these people and scanning the entire place for their faces.

And then I saw one of them. She saw me, too. I was still finding my way down from my seat, and she was standing in the middle of the arena floor. She raised one of her arms high so I wouldn’t lose sight of her. And she kept her arm raised the entire time I made my way down.

When I finally got to her, she smiled, like it had been no big thing. She really was one of the nicest people I ever met, although I think another reason she was so mellow is that she was high. I just know that if she hadn’t done what she did, it might have taken forever to find her. Or I might have given up trying to.

My instinct is to get the hell out of a crowd as soon as I can. And this is why I don’t understand why people will mill around in a crowd even when it’s obvious that something really bad is either about to happen or has just happened.

People who study crowd psychology note that one of the things that happens to you in a crowd is a loss of individuality. This may sound obvious, but it can have serious ramifications. Once something bad starts to go down in a crowd, who you actually are ceases to matter, in a way. You are essentially anonymous.

If two sides, for example, are going at it in a crowd, there is a strong likelihood that you are going to be seen as “one of them.” It might not matter that you are just an innocent bystander. If you’re perceived to be “one of them,” you might get hurt. Or, in your sudden anonymity, no one will really care who you are. You could get hurt just being in the way. Once a crowd is in this state of arousal, you are in danger.

Some of the people who’ve been tear-gassed or beaten by police during riots weren’t rioters. They were innocent people caught up in that situation. They were reporters, some of them, there to record the event. Once police batons start flailing, it doesn’t matter what your intentions were if you are perceived to be a part of some unruly mass.

Some of those hurt or killed during the student protest at Kent State University in 1970 weren’t protesting. They were kids going to or from class. The bullets flying that day didn’t make any distinctions.

Back in 1992, Reginald Denny was an innocent guy driving a truck when he pulled up to an intersection in Los Angeles, where, unbeknownst to him, there was a riot in progress. The rioters attacked the truck, then dragged him out of it and beat him nearly to death. It didn’t matter who he was to his assailants. He was “one of them.”

Something else working against you in a situation like this is “diffusion of responsibility.” If people are inclined to engage in antisocial acts and are surrounded by like-minded individuals, the odds are in favor of antisocial behavior. Everybody is familiar with this; it happens in lynch mobs and other kinds of spontaneous groupings.

The flip side of diffusion of responsibility is that if you do get hurt in a crowd, there is a very good chance that those who witnessed it won’t come to your aid. Not because they’re just cold-blooded human beings, but because they’re actually going to be unsure if they should! They’re going to be checking everybody else’s reactions to tell them whether or not it’s a good idea for them to get involved.

Two little black kids were accidentally struck by an out-of-control car back in August of 1991, in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Crown Heights. One of them was killed. The car, part of a motorcade, had been driven by a young Jewish man.

So now we’ve got the Blacks and the Jews. In a predominantly Black neighborhood where resentment toward Jews is reportedly on the rise.

What followed was entirely predictable. The driver of the out-of-control vehicle was dragged out of his car and beaten. An angry crowd gathered. Stuff was thrown, and other stuff was vandalized.

Things escalated over the next several days. More vandalism and looting. People got injured, many of them police. An innocent bystander, Yankel Rosenbaum, was beaten and killed.

Is there anything that could have happened after those children were struck that might have caused all of this to turn out differently?


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Why Are All Racists and Sexists Reactionaries?

This is something I don’t really understand.

Lots of Black people act bad. Before you say Whites do too, there’s way more bad Blacks actors than bad White actors, percentage-wise. Living in a poor all-White town was instructive, as was moving to a poor Hispanic town. It finally made me realize that this fucked-up behavior doesn’t have much to do with economics. Sure, there were idiots in the White town. But it seemed like in the Hispanic town there were 3 times more of them per capita, and the bad actors acted about 3 times worse than the White bad actors. Of course I’m guessing here, but that’s my perception.

I figure in a poor Black town, there will be 8-9 times more bad actors per capita, and I figure they will act 8-9 times worse than White bad actors.

So really it’s not a case of bad actors. Kids of every race act like shits. But to us Whites, it seems like the Hispanic and Black bad actors are way worse than our own and there’s way more of them to boot.

It’s pretty clear that once a White city turns Hispanic or Black, there’s a decline in all sorts of variables. It’s much worse in the case of a White city turning Black, and this process has been viewed in realtime by millions of Americans. As a general rule, the city turns into a crime and squalor ridden Hellhole.

Given these obvious facts, I really don’t understand why the only White racists are reactionaries. Aren’t there any White liberals who are tired of Blacks and Hispanics too?

And why are racists so reactionary in every other way, too? They usually hate all of modernity – modern art, modern literature, modern music, modern culture, recreational drugs, the Sexual Revolution, the works. I don’t get it. If you’re a racist, you don’t like to rock out, get high and fuck your brains out? Why not? Aren’t there White dopers, rockers and sex freaks that are tired of minorities too? Aren’t there any Whites who dig David Bowie, Thomas Pynchon, Marcel Duchamp and Picasso, yet can’t stand Blacks? If not, why not?

Why do most White racists support Israel? Because, Arabniggers being an inferior race and all, it was cool of the superior White Jews to steal their land, kill them and ruin their lives? Why was that an ok thing to do? Because one is a superior race and the other is an inferior race? Really? So the superior races just get to kill the inferior races, ruin their lives and steal their land, everywhere on Earth, simply due to their superiority? Is there anything that is not ok for the superior to do to the inferior?

Anyway, why, just based on religion or test scores of whatever, does one race get to deliberately fuck over another one anyway? On what basis? Superiority? If so, wow, what an appalling mindset!

I’ve noticed something else. Sexists are all reactionaries too. There are plenty of woman-hating sites all over the Net. They’re pretty entertaining, but they’re all reactionary. I don’t get it. Women are a pain in the ass, and lots of normal humans end up having had quite enough of them. Hell, I know women who don’t like women. Aren’t there any liberals who’ve had it up to here with female shenanigans too?

Racist and sexist ideology aside, the more you learn about racists and sexists, the less appealing racism and sexism is based, if not on ideology, then at least on the reactionary assholes who are attracted to it.


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