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Egyptian Salafist Says Hamas and Islamic Jihad Are Shiites

The resistance in Gaza is apparently Shia (Hamas and Islamic Jihad) and Communists (DFLP, PFLP, Al Aqsa Martyr’s Brigade, Popular Resistance Committees). Al Aqsa Marty’s Brigades is an offshoot of the PLO (disowned by them) and one of its stated principles is socialism. DFLP and PFLP are Marxist organizations. The Popular Resistance Committees are actually breakaways from the breakaway Al Aqsa Martyr’s Brigades, and as such have socialism as a goal.

The DFLP, PFLP, Al Aqsa Martyr’s Brigades and the Popular Resistance Committees are all relatively secular. Hamas is radical Islamist. They are the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, but they do not talk about this much because the MB is not very popular with relatively secular Palestinians. However, Hamas is not anti-Shia and they are mainly supported by Iran, Syria and Hezbollah. Islamic Jihad was founded at the time of the Iranian Revolution and was influenced by it. They have long been supported by Iran and even have training camps in Iran. A while back, one of their leaders actually converted to Shia Islam, causing a bit of a stir among Palestinians.

This Salafist is an idiot. There is no reason to refuse to support the Gaza resistance because they are Commies and Shia, and it’s not even true anyway. The  hatred of the Shia is odd for an Egyptian. There are few to no Shia in Egypt, the rest of North Africa or anywhere in Africa for that matter. The Shia are mostly hated in places where they are a lot of them or close to places where there are a lot of them such as Arabia, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq, Yemen, Bahrain, Kuwait, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Of those nations, only Jordan lacks a significant Shia population. Outside of these places, most Sunnis do not care much about Shia Muslims, probably because there are no Shia in their countries.


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Israel Supports the Ukie Fascists


I had heard that they were sitting this one out, but I guess not. All of the West is supporting the fascists, so it makes sense that the Israelis are too since the Israelis are the whores of the West. Whatever the West does, the Israelis fall in line and follow the leader.

The Israelis are also fascists themselves. All ultranationalists are fascists, everywhere on Earth. Not all fascists are anti-Semites. You don’t need to be an anti-Semite to be a fascist. It’s certainly not a requirement.

The Israelis are simply Jewish fascists. That’s all they are, and that’s all they have ever been. As sick as it seems, it makes sense that the Israeli fascists would support their fascist brethren in other parts of the globe, especially as major parts of the Ukie fascists are not particularly anti-Semitic.

For instance, one of the top Ukie fascist leaders is a Jew. 37% of Ukraine’s oligarchs are Jews. One of the most evil Ukie fascists of all is a Jewish oligarch from Dnepropetrovsk. He controls his own private fascist militia that has been very active in the Eastern Ukraine. He recently made a statement that his goal was to kill all of the “moskals” in Eastern Ukraine. And you wonder why Novorussians want no part of the fascist Ukie state! If you were a Novorussian, and Ukie fascist leaders were making statements saying that they were going to kill all the moskals in Novorussia, would you want to be part of such a state?

However, some of the shock troops of the Ukie fascists like the Right Sector and Svoboda are indeed real, died in the wool Nazis. Apparently the Israelis are supporting these Ukie Nazis 100% too!

Although it seems odd, the Israelis have often backed their worst enemies. A number of Islamist and Al Qaeda type groups have long been backed by the Israelis in order to sow chaos and terror in Arab states and turn stable Arab nations into failed states. Also, Israel’s worst enemies in the region have always been secular such as Gaddafi, Saddam and Assad. Israel has long backed radical jihadi Islamists trying to overthrow its secular enemies. Recently in southwestern Syria near the Golan, Israeli artillery and warplanes attacked a Syrian army unit that was deep in battle with the Islamic Army, a radical Salafist jihadi group known for chopping off heads and murdering Christians and Shia.

Sometimes I wonder if there is anything more repulsive than the Israelis.


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Another Female Singer Killed in Pakistan’s Northwest


Via the despicable Radio Free Liars (I mean Radio Free Liberty), we get news that another female singer has been murdered in Pakistan’s northwest, this time in Peshawar. Most of them have been murdered by husbands or other male relatives who opposed their singing careers. However, a few have been killed by the Pakistani Taliban.

The Pakistani Taliban recently outlawed fun in Peshawar. All singing and dancing has been outlawed as anti-Islamic. Anti-Islamic means “fun.” If it’s fun, it’s anti-Islamic.

I am not sure what the Quranic basis is for outlawing singing and dancing. I thought this was an innovation that came from the austere Wahhabi movement that arose in the equally austere (and frankly no fun) deserts of Saudi Arabia in the 1800’s. I know that the Wahhabis consider singing and dancing to be haram, but I would like to see an official Islamic ruling on this, preferably out of Al-Azhar in Egypt or some other venerable institution.

A classic photo of a typical Pakistani music band.

A classic photo of a typical Pakistani music band.

As you can see, Pakistani music has a distinct Sufi feel about it. See those costumes, even on the woman? That screams Sufi. The headgear on the men broadcasts Sufism loud and clear also. I have also listened to this music and watched their performances and the whole thing from the sound of the music to the moves of the people on stage has a very Sufi feel about it.

I didn’t know that Sufism was so popular in Pakistan. However, Sufism has traditionally been very popular in Afghanistan and I think it has also long been popular in Shia Iran. It is also very big among Iraqi Sunnis, especially the more moderate type. Kurds are also deep into Sufism.


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ISIS Burns 1,800 Year Old Church


However, this did not happen today. If you recall, soon after ISIS overran Mosul, I posted this very photo and also the photos of ISIS smashing up an ancient artifact with sledgehammers. The burning of the church did not happen today; instead, my analysis is that this church was burned immediately after Mosul fell to ISIS last month.

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The Future According to ISIS

ISIS 5-year expansion plan. Parts of Europe are not included on this one.

ISIS 5-year expansion plan. Parts of Europe are not included on this one.

The map below includes parts of Europe.


This map labels the various vilayets of provinces of the future ISIS Caliphate. Yaman is Greater Yemen, Hijaz includes much of Saudi Arabia. Sham is Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Sinai and parts of Arabia. Iraq includes Iraq and parts of Arabia and Kuwait. Kordistan is Greater Kurdistan, in this case extending far down into eastern Iran. Anathol is the western half of Anatolia. The Maghreb is a well known term for northwestern Africa, usually applied to North African states such as Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria but in this case, also includes all of the Sahel and West Africa.

Andalus includes all of Spain. Khurasan is an old term for Iran and Afghanistan. On this map it also includes Tajikistan,Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kirghistan, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal at the very least. I am not familiar with the terms Alkinana (northeast Africa), Qoqzaz (apparently means the Greater Caucasus as you can see in the spelling), Orobpa (southeastern Europe) and Habasha (much of Central Africa above the Equator. There is an unnamed province in Southern Iran.

I honestly do not see how they conquer India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Armenia, Georgia, all of Eastern Europe, all of West Africa, Spain, Iran, Azerbaijan, or even Lebanon and Israel for that matter. I am just not seeing this, sorry. If I were an Indian though, I would be frightened of these maps.



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Jews Lie, Part 1,530,961

Yes, Jews lie. They do it a lot. I don’t necessarily hate Jews. They have a good side and a down side. The down side is the lying, among other things. A lot of times, I think the good side outweighs the bad side, and a recent long-term girlfriend was Jewish. I do not think being a liar per se makes you a bad person. It has to be weighed against the good side of the person to see how it all balances out.

Jews mostly lie about themselves. They are not capable of being objective about themselves, hence, anytime Jews are saying anything relating to themselves as a group, you need to be careful, because they lie constantly about this sort of thing. This is unfortunate as a lot of our sources about the Jewish people and especially their conflicts with others were written by Jews, hence they are very suspect.

For instance, most work on “anti-Semitism” is written by Jews. A lot of this work is complete garbage. In fact there is a whole institute set up in Israel that does nothing more than study anti-Semitism. I think it is called the Steven Roth Institute. Almost nothing they write can be trusted. Anti-Semitism is a complex phenomenon and it would be better if disinterested parties wrote about it.

The biggest Jewish liars of all are Jewish nationalists – Zionists. The problem with Jews is that almost all Jews are Jewish nationalists or Jewish ultranationalists. Nationalist lie. Ultranationalists lie. Not just Jewish nationalists and ultranationalists, but all of them.

Jews have a great deal of power in US media. This is not necessarily a horrible problem except that having one ethnic group have so much power over one’s media is always troubling, whether they are Jewish-Americans, Swedish-Americans or whatever. It is not exactly democratic to have one ethnic control so much of a nation’s propaganda network.

Jewish media power is not as important as most make it out to be. Jewish media barons are simply US imperialists who work in tandem with large corporations, the Pentagon and the State Department exactly as their Gentile colleagues do.

If anything, Jewish media barons are a better class of the 1% as they tend to be fairly progressive for rich people. If we tossed out all the media Jews and replaced them with media Gentile moguls, the media would not be much better. In fact, it might be worse because Gentile 1%ers are very reactionary and they are not nearly as progressive as Jewish 1%’ers. Furthermore, Gentile 1%’ers might not differ much from Jewish 1%’ers on the Israel Question.

However, on the subject of Israel and US support for Israel, Jewish media power is a very bad thing for America and this is where the lying comes in.

Jewish nationalists have been very active lately screaming and yelling about “growing anti-Semitism” in Europe and the West. There really isn’t any growing anti-Semitism in the West. There is growing sentiment against Jewish nationalism – Zionism and Israel – but beyond that, anti-Semitism is not very high. Jewish nationalists need to do this because they have an extreme hatred for White Christians and especially White European Christians.

Lamentably, White European Christians do have a long tradition of anti-Semitism. The subject is extremely complex and the reasons for it go beyond the scope of this essay. This phenomenon culminated in the Holocaust, in which the Germans received a lot of assistance in the Jew-killing from European Christians, primarily in Eastern Europe. On the other hand, many European Christians saved Jews and many others effectively laid down their lives to save the Jews by fighting the Nazis. Tarring all European Christians with the Nazi brush is ridiculous, but Jews, especially Jewish nationalists, have been doing this ever since the 1940’s.

Jewish nationalists need to do this since Zionism is predicated on the notion that Gentile (especially European Christian Gentile) anti-Semitism is perennial and eternal in that it will never go away.

This can be seen in the preposterous Jewish nationalist saying that begins, “Every generation they rise up to kill us all…” The Zionists need to see the Gentile World as full of raving, genocidal anti-Semites, and they are always working on this propaganda meme. All nations in the Diaspora must be seen as savagely anti-Semitic and not safe for Jews. In order to be safe, all Jews must go to Israel (except don’t hitchhike and watch out for missiles landing on your head). Hence every anti-Semitic incident in the Diaspora receives breathtaking coverage in the Israeli media. Leading Israeli politicians then go on TV and urge the Jews of the nation where the incident occurred to high-tail it to Israel right this minute.

In the Jewish nationalist media in both Israel and in the US (including huge media networks like CNN that have been effectively taken over by Jewish nationalists) a recent meme is that the Jews of Europe are no longer safe due to rising anti-Semitism in Europe. They single out Sweden, France and the UK for particular abuse. This is a clever lie since like most propaganda, it’s not completely false. In fact, there is rising anti-Semitism in Europe, including the three nations listed above.

However, the problem is in how the story is told. Jewish nationalists tell the story as if Sweden, France and the UK have been raving Nazi countries full of White Christian Nazis ready to kill all the Jews at any moment. All of these reports also conflate the anti-Israel movement in Europe (often a project of the Left) with the rising anti-Semitism. In fact, the Left anti-Israel groups are committing few if any anti-Semitic acts. Beyond that, White Christians are committing few if any of the grotesque anti-Semitic attacks in Western Europe. Nevertheless, Jews are in danger in these nations, but it’s not from Nazi Whites.

Who are they in danger from? Simple. Arabs. Arabs and other Muslims, such as Pakistanis and Iranians. There are indeed quite a few very ugly anti-Semitic attacks occurring in France. Jews are assaulted on the streets, synagogues are attacked and there was recently an anti-Semitic murder at a Jewish Museum.

The US media cleverly lies about all of these attacks to make it look like evil, Nazi anti-Zionist leftwing French Whites are doing this vile things. But it’s not true. Almost 100% of the anti-Semitic attacks in France are being done by North African Muslim Frenchmen, immigrants and sons of immigrants. These people come from Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. The recent homicide at the Jewish Museum was by an Arab member of the ISIS group in Mesopotamia.

There are some anti-Semitic attacks in the UK, but not many. Almost all of these are being done by Pakistani Muslims. None or almost none are being done by White Britons.

Sweden is becoming a dangerous place to be Jewish due to an increasing number of frightening anti-Semitic attacks. All or almost all of these assaults and threats are being committed by Arab and Iranian Muslims, particularly in Malmo, where many of them reside. White Swedes are committing few to no anti-Semitic attacks.

In conflating European White Left anti-Zionism with White neo-Nazis and Muslim anti-Semites, Jewish nationalist liars create an effective yet devious propaganda piece.

In suggesting that White European countries are “turning Nazi” by suggesting that Muslim anti-Semitic attacks are actually being by White Nazis, Jewish nationalists get to lie about ancient enemies (White Christians) and modern ones (Left anti-Zionists), resurrect the hoary image of the Holocaust as an eternal part of White Europe’s personality, and bash innocent White European nations as Nazi countries (such as “Nazi France”).

The most troublesome part of the equation is the notion of anti-Semitism itself.

  1. Jews (especially Jewish nationalists) act terrible.
  2. Good people notice Jews acting horrible, get upset at their bad behavior and protest it.
  3. Good people protesting bad behavior are called evil. They become evil people – anti-Semites, Nazis, etc. – merely by being good people protesting bad behavior.

It seems there is no way out of the rigged anti-Semitism game that the Jewish nationalists have set up.


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Israel-Palestinian Warfare Rages On

The war between Israel and Hamas is really hotting up. Hamas fired 100 rockets at Israel today, some of them reaching as far as Jerusalem and Caesarea, which is south of Haifa. One rocket hit a house in North Jerusalem! Wow!

Hamas has hundreds of Syrian-made M-302 Khaibar missiles. It is a pretty impressive weapon. Hezbollah was using them in the last Lebanon War. It has a very long range, but the main problem with it is it is not very accurate.

These missiles probably came from Syria to Iran and then via sea to Gaza. An Iranian ship with these smuggled aboard was found by Israel offshore Gaza, and the importation of the rockets was foiled. However some must have gotten through somehow as Hamas seems to have a large store of these things. A number of Hezbollah operatives have somehow made their way into Gaza, and they have been helping Hamas to redesign these missiles so they work better for their Gaza mission. Interesting that  Sunni Islamist Hamas works so close with Shia Iran and Hezbollah. Islamic Jihad is particularly close to Iran and one of its leaders even converted to Shiism a while back.

In addition to the sea attack, Hamas made another attempt to infiltrate Israel by tunneling in via land under the border between Gaza and Israel. Israel knew nothing of this attempt until there was a massive explosion underground in an IDF base near Gaza. This caused all Hell to break loose on the base. I don’t have any further information on this infiltration attempt.

Israel’s Iron Dome shot down a number of these rockets, but some of them got through anyway. ~250 rockets have been fired at Israel by Hamas in the past few days. That sounds pretty terrifying, but those rockets are mostly just scary; they do little damage. They have only damaged a few cars and buildings, and I can only count four Israelis wounded so far, and most of the wounds appear to be light injuries.

Israel is blasting away at Hamas facilities in Gaza, and they have also attacked and killed some top Hamas officials, including the head of Hamas Sea Reconnaissance Division. Most of the buildings hit were part of the Hamas infrastructure, and in general they were abandoned when they were hit. Several Hamas fighters were killed in an attack on a vehicle they were driving. Most IDF hits are coming from the air, but there has been some shelling from the sea too. Recently, Israel has accused Hamas of using human shields. I do not have details on that one.

In the West Bank and in the Galilee Triangle where most of Israel’s Arabs live, rioting has been going on for a few days now. Israeli Arabs are generally pretty quiescent, but now and again they do get riled up.

The incident that set off the rioting was the kidnapping and torture murder of a 16 year old Palestinian boy from Jerusalem by six Jewish freelance terrorists. The boy was forced into a car in Jerusalem, quickly knocked out with a blow to the head, and then transported to Jerusalem Forest where he was forced to drink gasoline, thrown on the ground and then set on fire.

The fire ignited the gasoline in his stomach and he ended up blowing up and igniting from the inside of his body outwards. Still alive when he was dropped off, the boy was burned alive. Initial reports said he was gay and was a victim of an Arab honor killing, but that report was in error. 3 of the Jews have confessed. Most Israelis have been very outspoken in their condemnation of this attack, and rabbis have said it is against Judaism. Top government ministers paid a visit to the home of the boy’s parents.

This does set Israeli Jews apart from their Arab enemies. The Jews condemn genuine Jewish terrorism against civilians, even giving solace to survivors, while Palestinians seem mostly to cheer on these sort of attacks when Israeli Jews are the victims. It is a difference in civilizational structures – between an Arabized one and a Europeanized one.

The riots have been brutal. An American boy with dual Palestinian-American citizenship was badly beaten by the IDF. He was throwing stones at soldiers and resisted arrest, but photos of the beating look gruesome, and it seems excessive. In Israel, gangs of Jewish terrorists formed blockades and stopped cars, looking at identity documents. Arabs were pulled out of their cars and beaten. In the Arab Triangle in Israel’s north, gangs of Arab terrorists did the same thing, forming roadblocks and stopping cars, pulling out any Jews and beating them. It is starting to look like a tribal or nationalist war.

The incident that set off this whole mess was the kidnapping of three Orthodox Jewish teenagers hitchhiking near Hebron. One had dual American-Israeli citizenship. A small two man Hamas cell picked them up and subdued them somehow. One of the teens still had his cellphone, and he managed to call 911 and say they were being kidnapped. The captors saw him do that and figured the gig was up. The teens were quickly shot dead. The phone was still on, and the killers could be heard laughing and joking after they shot the teens dead.

This was probably not the intention of the kidnapping. They were probably taken as hostages to trade for Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails. That plan was thought to have been ruined when the boy called 911, but actually the police thought it was a prank call and crucial hours were lost early in the search. The teens’ cellphones were quickly disposed of (smart move), and the kidnap car was set on fire (smart move #2). The two kidnappers, who were quickly named, were Hamas members from the seething Hebron area. They have since vanished off the face of the Earth without a trace. Later a third man was named as an accomplice.

Israel immediately took off on a mad spree of arrests all through the West Bank in order to “dismantle Hamas’ infrastructure.” ~300 people were arrested, 80% of them Hamas members. All were held without charges because honestly I doubt if they are guilty of any crime other than membership in Hamas, and I doubt if that is illegal. Prime Minister Netanyahu declared war on Hamas and vowed to destroy the organization. As part of the war on Hamas, Israel began bombing buildings in Gaza.

But these moves were not appropriate as honestly Hamas was innocent of the killing of the boys. The kidnapping was apparently the work of a small rogue group in the Hebron area, perhaps with a cell structure, and none of Hamas’ leadership knew anything about this group or its plans. So Israel declared an organization guilty of a crime they were innocent of. Israel was probably driven to do something by popular calls for revenge after the killings of the teens.

But it was a stupid move to declare war on Hamas due to a crime they knew nothing of. Sure, vengeance was sated, but look at the conflagration it has set off.

Israel has been trying to get General Sisi, the Egyptian leader, to broker a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel, but it is not working. Hamas has made excessive demands of Egypt, including a reopening of the Gaza tunnels that Egypt closed down and opening up travel between Gaza and Egypt. Hamas wants to get those tunnels working again so they can smuggle in goods, weaponry and men. They want the border open so they can connect with a powerful jihadi movement that is very active among the Bedouin tribes of the Sinai. Sisi hates the Sinai jihadis and regards the tunnels as a gigantic headache.

Much of the part of Sinai just to the east of Gaza along the coast is a population center that is now crowded with seething, radicalized Palestinians from Gaza. Another reason Sisi does not want to work with Hamas is because Gaza is the Palestinian branch of the radical Muslim Brotherhood. Sisi and his generals overthrew the MB government in Egypt, and the state has regarded the MB as the enemy dating all the way back to the Nasser days when he executed many of them.

When the radical MB was in power in Egypt, they formed a tight alliance with Hamas, and there were even plans to chop off a part of the Sinai next to Gaza about twice the size of Gaza itself and give it to the Palestinians for some sort of a state. They could either connect it with Gaza and declare the whole thing independent or they could declare the Sinai section independent.


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On Dhimmitude and the Zakat

From here:

squeezethejuice (Muslim): There is nothing wrong or immoral with Jizya, b/c those paying also get benefits that even we Muslims are not entitled to. And should always be comparable in amount to the amount of zakat that Muslims are expected to donate; same order of magnitude. Among the benefits, for example, they are exempt from joining the Muslim army and potentially fighting defensive wars against their own Christian or Jewish brethren, even those who have committed acts of violence against innocent Muslims.

What ISIS and the others don’t understand about Jizya is that we Muslims are bound to offer security & protection to those paying it, i.e. no threats or anything.

And there are more ways to pay Jizya than just money. While the Jews are rich and will never be in this situation, poor Christians can offer their young daughters in marriage to Muslims, and of course we should consider their Jizya paid for the next 5 years if they have done so.

Angemon (non-Muslim): Zakat is 2.5% of the yearly income, jizya has always been crushingly heavy with the intent of humiliating non-Muslims. Those two taxes are not “comparable” or in the “same order of magnitude”, and historically the jizya was collected through force, mafia style – it’s no coincidence that the term “mafia” comes from the Arabic and originated in a region who was once under Islamic rule.

And it’s not that non-Muslims were exempt from joining the Muslim army – the Janissaries were originally non-Muslims abducted from their families – because they had a special status. It’s that Muslims were too afraid of letting non-Muslim owning weapons (for fearing a rebellion) or letting them fight (especially when Muslims were fighting against he native trying to get their land back).

Think about it: if non-Muslims were paying the same amount of tax as Muslims and not being drafted to the army them human nature would cause Muslims to convert out of Islam and not the other way around. When Muslim conquered a new land they were in minority so they couldn’t risk letting the conquered getting their hands on weapons and starting a rebellion.

And can you imagine a Muslim leader, indoctrinated to believe that Jews and Christians are always scheming against Muslims, let’s say, Christians from a land he just conquered to fight against Christians who were trying to drive the Muslims out of their lands? Why would Christians being forced into battle against their own people side with the Muslims? No, non-Muslims were forbidden from owning weapons and fighting because Muslims feared for their safety. Would they need to fear for their safety if they treated non-Muslims fairly?

Even if we were to overlook the jizya, there are plenty of degrading conditions in the pact of Umar that make it quite clear that non-Muslims in a Muslim state don’t have the same rights as Muslims. Heck, let’s let Abu Waleed explain by his own words how “wonderful” life is for non-Muslims in a Muslim state:

Besides the barrage of lies about jizya and the status of non-Muslims in a Muslim state, poor stj makes a remark about Jews that was probably straight out of a deleted scene from Borat. What do you think it would happen to a Jew who couldn’t afford to pay the jizya in the hands of someone who seems to think all Jews are rich?

We know what happened to Kinana when he told Muhammad he had no treasure hidden. He was tortured with fire on his chest and, since he neared death without saying anything, Muhammad had him beheaded. And since Muhammad is the example Muslims are supposed to emulate…

stj also seems to believe that it’s ok for poor Christians to sell their daughters into marriage with Muslim men as payment for the jizya. So much for “security and protection”, non-Muslim women in a Muslim state are to be used as chattel for the enjoyment of Muslim men.

Notice that he said that “There is nothing wrong or immoral with Jizya” because those who pay it, even if they do so by selling their daughters into marriage, are entitled to the “benefits” explained by Abu Waleed in the above video, so he doesn’t see anything wrong or immoral with using non-Muslim women as currency. So remember, if you think it’s immoral to sell a girl into marriage to someone who will regard and treat her as subhuman trash you’re an “Islamophobe”.

Note the Youtube video above. That is exactly what dhimmitude is supposed to be under the Islamic state, and for centuries, non-Muslims probably had to live in dhimmitude. However, state-imposed dhimmitude has been dead since about 1900. Even in Iran, Sudan, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, it does not exist. I believe some form of dhimmitude was enforced when the Taliban ruled Afghanistan.

It looks like ISIS is trying to impose some sort of dhimmitude on the Christians under its rule. The Shia are faring war worse. ISIS simply kills any Shia they can get their hands on. They do the same thing to any Alawite they can get their hands on in Syria. ISIS also kills Yezidis at random and on sight. Both Yezidis, the Shia and the Alawi are considered to be heretics. When ISIS took over the Druze region of southern Syria recently, a number of Druze villages were ordered to convert to Sunni Islam or die. The villages duly converted. In truth, Druze really isn’t even Islam, although it looks a bit like it. Some Christians have also been given the “convert or die” or the “convert, leave or die” option by ISIS in Syria.

Since dhimmitude for all intents and purposes has not existed for 115 years, it seems a bit silly to rant and rave about how Muslims force all non-Muslims into dhimmitude when they are the majority because it is simply not true.

However, these Al Qaeda radicals do indeed want to bring back dhimmitude is some form or another. Jihadis have raided Christian homes in the Dora region of southern Baghdad and ordered Christians to pay the zakat or be killed. After ISIS took over a town in Syria recently, they ordered all Christians to pay a zakat. The zakat was quite a hefty amount, and most of the Christians did not have it.

As you can see in the video, the purpose of dhimmitude is to make life as a non-Muslim under Muslim rule so awful and humiliating that many non-Muslims simply convert to Islam to get out from under the oppression. All of the arguments for the zakat are false. It’s not a protection tax; instead, it is more like a Mafia protection racket. The non-Muslims are told to pay protection fees to the Muslim Mafia. If they don’t pay up, bad things are going to happen just like if you refuse the pay the Mafia’s protection tax. There is no humanitarian aspect to this tax.

The Muslims have always lied about what happened in the countries they conquered. In most lands it was the same story. Gradually, over time, more and more non-Muslims converted to Islam, although Spain, the Balkans and India were exceptions. The Muslims say that more and more infidels simply embraced Islam over time, apparently because it is so groovy. That’s clearly not what happened. They were terrorized into converting via dhimmitude.

Egypt has a large number of Coptic Christians. However, under Mubarak, they were not allowed to repair their churches when they started to fall down. This is one of the tenets of dhimmitude – Christians are not allowed to repair existing churches nor are they allowed to build new ones.

Also the periodic terror that is inflicted on non-Muslims in many to most Muslim countries can be seen a form of dhimmitude.


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Signs of Al Qaeda

Have you seen how many Salafi jihadis lately have been making the sign of one index finger pointing upwards? I have seen this in many recent ISIS photos and was starting to wonder what it meant. The Net was no use until I finally Googled it correctly. The only website that told me the truth was the Islamophobic and reactionary Front Page Magazine, a sickening, repulsive and stupid mag that is nevertheless often correct about Islam.

According to FPM, the single index finger pointing upwards (photo of a jihadi giving this sign at the link) has been seen in photos of many Al Qaeda types, including bin Laden and his deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri. Abu Musab al Zarqawi and Chechen jihadists, including leader Doku Umarav, has also been spotted making the gesture. The jihadis who attacked the US Embassy in Libya also made the sign, giving us a clue to their allegiances.

The gesture refers to one God (monotheism – an essence of Islam) and the willingness to fight and die for Islam, thereby attaining martyrdom and ascending to paradise in heaven which is skyward. A photo of “moderate” Syrian Islamists making this sign is here.

Allahu Akbar was spray-painted on the burned out US Embassy building. Jihadis often vandalize churches or war monuments with this phrase lately, so this gives us one more hint of the orientation of the attackers of Benghazi.

Another classic symbol of Al Qaeda is the black flag with the shehada and sword inscription is not really Al Qaeda’s flag – instead it is the flag of the earliest Muslims, popular during the Abbasid Caliphate in the 800’s. During this period, there was a great deal of jihad against the infidels, often operating with lightning speed and major terror similar to the recent stunning operations of ISIS. In addition, we see modern Salafi-jihadis using the phrase, “worshippers of the cross” to describe Christians. This phrase also goes way back in the history of Islam to the earliest days and strongly suggests contempt and hatred for Christians.

One more symbol is the buttless AK-47 backlit with flames. I am not sure if this is an Al Qaeda symbol or a symbol of Islamists in general.

Guerrilla groups and organizations are sort of like street gangs. They throw gang signs – see the index finger pointed upwards above – and have graffiti just like the Crips and the Bloods.


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Moon of Alabama

This is a superb blog, widely despised by the Lunatic Western (Trot) Left, so you figure it must be good for something. When I saw Louis Proyect, poster boy for the dysfunctional Western (pro-US imperialist Trot) Left, bashing away at Moon of Alabama that seemed like a pretty good recommendation to me.

The author of MOA is a fine author and the site has been around for some time. He is actually quite reasonable, which surprised me. His basic position is anti-US imperialism. He opposes the imperialism of both the Liberal Interventionist Left and Neoconservative Right (What’s the difference!?), which is after what I would call “the bipartisan foreign policy consensus.” Vietnam threatened to upset this hoary relic of the Truman Era, so the Vietnam Syndrome had to be destroyed. This was actually cited by monsters like Rumsfeld and Cheney as a major reason to invade Iraq in 2003 – to overcome the Vietnam Syndrome! What the Hell kind of reason is that to stage a Nazi-like war of aggression against a sovereign state?

On Ukraine, he supports the self-defense forces in the East and Russia and opposes the Ukrainian Nazis and the Western scum backing them.

On Syria, he supports Assad against the diabolical Sunni Islamists. On Iraq, he supports non-intervention.

He supports the Palestinians versus the Israeli criminal regime, and for this apparently he gets constantly bashed as an anti-Semite. I have been to his comment section and it is just straight up clean Left anti-imperialists in there with few if any confused or depraved anti-Semites. Sounds like a false charge.

The comments are even better than the short posts. The commenters are extremely knowledgeable and very smart. Fascinating stuff, better than anything you get in the Lie Machine called the US MSM media.

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