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Beauties from Around the Globe

A beauty, Paromita Mitra. She was Miss Bangladesh. She could easily be a Med European White.

Paromita Mitra, apparently from Macedonia.

Paromita Mitra, Miss Bangladesh.

Next up, we have a Macedonian, Miss Macedonia. A Mediterranid type.

Stefani Borsova, Macedonia.

Stefani Borsova, Macedonia. Med European White.

Next up, some sort of a Miss France and its colonies competition held in the Maldive Islands.

Competitors for the title of Miss Maldives.

From France and its colonies. Left to right at top:Miss Martinique, exotic mixed race type from a Caribbean Island. Miss Limousin, from the mid-south of France. Miss French Guyana, another exotic mixed race type from South America. Miss Cote D’Azur, from the beaches of the French Riviera. L to R, bottom, Miss Franche Compte, from the region in Central France near northwestern Switzerland. Miss Languedoc, from southwest France near the border with Catalonia. Miss Lorraine, from northeastern France, near Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. Miss Guadelupe, Black woman from the Caribbean.

Extremely exotic woman from Bashkortia.

Extremely exotic woman from Bashkortia, Russia.

Bashkortia is a Russian republic near Tatarstan. The people there are Turkic and speak a Turkic language. The area is located near the south end of the Ural Mountains. The Bashkirs and Tatars are mixed race Asian-Caucasoid types like many Turkic peoples. They have a very exotic beauty to them. Really much of Central Asia is made up of mixed Caucasoid-Asian types.


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World War 2 Rebooted

Two visions of the Donbass - the Ukie one on the left, and the Novorussian one on the right.

Two visions of the Donbass – the Ukie one on the left, and the Novorussian one on the right.

See that Nazi looking symbol at the upper left? That is one of the favorite symbols of the Ukie fascists, as is the fascist-like shield symbol at the lower left. While the Ukies are not precisely Nazis, they are fascists indeed. They are Russiaphobic fascists, to be precise, and they are just as dangerous as any ultranationalists anywhere on Earth.


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Jews Lie, Part 1,530,961

Yes, Jews lie. They do it a lot. I don’t necessarily hate Jews. They have a good side and a down side. The down side is the lying, among other things. A lot of times, I think the good side outweighs the bad side, and a recent long-term girlfriend was Jewish. I do not think being a liar per se makes you a bad person. It has to be weighed against the good side of the person to see how it all balances out.

Jews mostly lie about themselves. They are not capable of being objective about themselves, hence, anytime Jews are saying anything relating to themselves as a group, you need to be careful, because they lie constantly about this sort of thing. This is unfortunate as a lot of our sources about the Jewish people and especially their conflicts with others were written by Jews, hence they are very suspect.

For instance, most work on “anti-Semitism” is written by Jews. A lot of this work is complete garbage. In fact there is a whole institute set up in Israel that does nothing more than study anti-Semitism. I think it is called the Steven Roth Institute. Almost nothing they write can be trusted. Anti-Semitism is a complex phenomenon and it would be better if disinterested parties wrote about it.

The biggest Jewish liars of all are Jewish nationalists – Zionists. The problem with Jews is that almost all Jews are Jewish nationalists or Jewish ultranationalists. Nationalist lie. Ultranationalists lie. Not just Jewish nationalists and ultranationalists, but all of them.

Jews have a great deal of power in US media. This is not necessarily a horrible problem except that having one ethnic group have so much power over one’s media is always troubling, whether they are Jewish-Americans, Swedish-Americans or whatever. It is not exactly democratic to have one ethnic control so much of a nation’s propaganda network.

Jewish media power is not as important as most make it out to be. Jewish media barons are simply US imperialists who work in tandem with large corporations, the Pentagon and the State Department exactly as their Gentile colleagues do.

If anything, Jewish media barons are a better class of the 1% as they tend to be fairly progressive for rich people. If we tossed out all the media Jews and replaced them with media Gentile moguls, the media would not be much better. In fact, it might be worse because Gentile 1%ers are very reactionary and they are not nearly as progressive as Jewish 1%’ers. Furthermore, Gentile 1%’ers might not differ much from Jewish 1%’ers on the Israel Question.

However, on the subject of Israel and US support for Israel, Jewish media power is a very bad thing for America and this is where the lying comes in.

Jewish nationalists have been very active lately screaming and yelling about “growing anti-Semitism” in Europe and the West. There really isn’t any growing anti-Semitism in the West. There is growing sentiment against Jewish nationalism – Zionism and Israel – but beyond that, anti-Semitism is not very high. Jewish nationalists need to do this because they have an extreme hatred for White Christians and especially White European Christians.

Lamentably, White European Christians do have a long tradition of anti-Semitism. The subject is extremely complex and the reasons for it go beyond the scope of this essay. This phenomenon culminated in the Holocaust, in which the Germans received a lot of assistance in the Jew-killing from European Christians, primarily in Eastern Europe. On the other hand, many European Christians saved Jews and many others effectively laid down their lives to save the Jews by fighting the Nazis. Tarring all European Christians with the Nazi brush is ridiculous, but Jews, especially Jewish nationalists, have been doing this ever since the 1940′s.

Jewish nationalists need to do this since Zionism is predicated on the notion that Gentile (especially European Christian Gentile) anti-Semitism is perennial and eternal in that it will never go away.

This can be seen in the preposterous Jewish nationalist saying that begins, “Every generation they rise up to kill us all…” The Zionists need to see the Gentile World as full of raving, genocidal anti-Semites, and they are always working on this propaganda meme. All nations in the Diaspora must be seen as savagely anti-Semitic and not safe for Jews. In order to be safe, all Jews must go to Israel (except don’t hitchhike and watch out for missiles landing on your head). Hence every anti-Semitic incident in the Diaspora receives breathtaking coverage in the Israeli media. Leading Israeli politicians then go on TV and urge the Jews of the nation where the incident occurred to high-tail it to Israel right this minute.

In the Jewish nationalist media in both Israel and in the US (including huge media networks like CNN that have been effectively taken over by Jewish nationalists) a recent meme is that the Jews of Europe are no longer safe due to rising anti-Semitism in Europe. They single out Sweden, France and the UK for particular abuse. This is a clever lie since like most propaganda, it’s not completely false. In fact, there is rising anti-Semitism in Europe, including the three nations listed above.

However, the problem is in how the story is told. Jewish nationalists tell the story as if Sweden, France and the UK have been raving Nazi countries full of White Christian Nazis ready to kill all the Jews at any moment. All of these reports also conflate the anti-Israel movement in Europe (often a project of the Left) with the rising anti-Semitism. In fact, the Left anti-Israel groups are committing few if any anti-Semitic acts. Beyond that, White Christians are committing few if any of the grotesque anti-Semitic attacks in Western Europe. Nevertheless, Jews are in danger in these nations, but it’s not from Nazi Whites.

Who are they in danger from? Simple. Arabs. Arabs and other Muslims, such as Pakistanis and Iranians. There are indeed quite a few very ugly anti-Semitic attacks occurring in France. Jews are assaulted on the streets, synagogues are attacked and there was recently an anti-Semitic murder at a Jewish Museum.

The US media cleverly lies about all of these attacks to make it look like evil, Nazi anti-Zionist leftwing French Whites are doing this vile things. But it’s not true. Almost 100% of the anti-Semitic attacks in France are being done by North African Muslim Frenchmen, immigrants and sons of immigrants. These people come from Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. The recent homicide at the Jewish Museum was by an Arab member of the ISIS group in Mesopotamia.

There are some anti-Semitic attacks in the UK, but not many. Almost all of these are being done by Pakistani Muslims. None or almost none are being done by White Britons.

Sweden is becoming a dangerous place to be Jewish due to an increasing number of frightening anti-Semitic attacks. All or almost all of these assaults and threats are being committed by Arab and Iranian Muslims, particularly in Malmo, where many of them reside. White Swedes are committing few to no anti-Semitic attacks.

In conflating European White Left anti-Zionism with White neo-Nazis and Muslim anti-Semites, Jewish nationalist liars create an effective yet devious propaganda piece.

In suggesting that White European countries are “turning Nazi” by suggesting that Muslim anti-Semitic attacks are actually being by White Nazis, Jewish nationalists get to lie about ancient enemies (White Christians) and modern ones (Left anti-Zionists), resurrect the hoary image of the Holocaust as an eternal part of White Europe’s personality, and bash innocent White European nations as Nazi countries (such as “Nazi France”).

The most troublesome part of the equation is the notion of anti-Semitism itself.

  1. Jews (especially Jewish nationalists) act terrible.
  2. Good people notice Jews acting horrible, get upset at their bad behavior and protest it.
  3. Good people protesting bad behavior are called evil. They become evil people – anti-Semites, Nazis, etc. – merely by being good people protesting bad behavior.

It seems there is no way out of the rigged anti-Semitism game that the Jewish nationalists have set up.


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Ukraine War Update July 14, 2014

Everything you see in this video is 100% true. Ukraine (the Nazis) and the US (Babylon) along with the West(the whores of Babylon), have been trying to provoke Russia into invading Ukraine from Day One. So far Russia hasn’t taken the bait. It would probably be a bad idea if they do.

Why do Babylon, the Nazis, and the whores – all together the Three Horsemen – want to draw Russia into a war? Once Russia invades Ukraine, the Three Horsemen will blame all of Ukraine’s massive problems on the Russian invasion. The Nazis also want to actually go to war with Russia because they hate the Russians that much. They want to see Russia destroyed, badly wounded, or broken into pieces. The Three Horsemen, ferocious haters of Mother Russia for many years, all share this flinty-eyed goal.

If Russia imposes a no-fly zone, which they should do, the West will probably impose its own no-fly zone. Soon the planes will be shooting each other down which is that the Three Horsemen want. Then the Three Horseman can have the war with Russia that they so crave.

In addition, once Russia attacks, Babylon will fall over itself screaming and yelling that Russia is the new Third Reich and Putin is the new Hitler. They will call for more sanctions. Also Babylon will use that to say that Russia is a violent, aggressive, expansionist state that is a menace to Europe and is too irrational to do business with. The goal of Babylon is to destroy the growing commercial and diplomatic cooperation between the whores and Russia.

The first blow here was stricken by the new Nazi regime. Russia has a gas pipeline running through the Ukraine that goes to Europe. Europe gets 30% of its gas from Russia at below market prices. One of the first things the Nazis did was cut off the flow of this pipeline, which is virtually an act of war. Then the Nazis started siphoning off a lot of gas from the pipeline, basically stealing Russian gas. They have been stealing Russian gas for months now. Russia retaliated by cutting off the flow of gas for 2 weeks. Babylon screamed and yelled about this, ordering Russia to turn the gas flow back on.

The Nazis have attacked Russia many times in the past two months. About every week, they attack Russia again, usually firing on or shelling border posts, or sometimes shelling inland. Those attacks are no mistake. The Nazis are doing it on purpose. Of course, these deliberate attacks on Russia are legally a cause for war, and Russia would be fully within its rights to attack the Nazis for the repeated deliberate attacks on its territory. In the most recent attack, the Nazis deliberately shelled a Russian village near the border. 1 Russian was killed and 2 were wounded. This is obviously a casus bellus for war.

You are hearing nothing about all of these deliberate attacks on Russia because the Free Press (TM) is a state propaganda machine and is refusing to report on them.

However, Russia may have fired a missile at a Nazi plane yesterday, downing it,  or perhaps the Donbass Army downed the plane. No one knows for sure who shot it down. The media of the whores, including the biggest whore of all, the UK, has gone crazy over this, almost threatening Russia with war by saying that they downed this plane.

There are more lies. The media of Babylon and its whores have been insisting for a while that there are Russian troops fighting alongside the rebels in the east, and that the Russian state is providing weaponry and troops to the Donbass Army. This is not true at all, and they have never presented any evidence.

However, many Russian volunteers (and that is exactly what they are – volunteers) are flooding across the border to fight the Ukies. These people are mostly Russian nationalists, but there are also Communists, nonprofits, Orthodox religious organizations, etc. that are sending forces. They are acquiring their own uniforms and weapons somehow. They are also acquiring a lot of military hardware. It is uncertain where this hardware is coming from.

Babylon and the whores’ media keep saying that Russia is sending armored vehicles and weaponry to the rebels. However no evidence has yet been presented. One accusation was that three tanks were sent in. One problem with this is that three tanks is not nearly enough to do anything. If Russia were going to send in weapons and armor, wouldn’t it be sending more than something useless and meager? It makes no sense.

Russia is providing food, medical care and humanitarian aid to the 160,000 refugees now in Russia and also to the civilians in the Donbass.

A charge has been made that Russia is fomenting this rebellion.

Obviously Russia is not happy with a psychotic Russiaphobic Nazi state on its borders. The Nazis will also probably align with NATO, in which case a virulently hostile enemy state will be swarming with NATO bases, menacing Russia right on its borders. Obviously, Russia cannot tolerate the existence of this regime, and I do not blame them. However, Russia wants regime change more than anything else in Ukraine.

Russia had to grab the Crimea because it was about to lose its only southern naval base as the Nazis ended the contract with Russia and ordered the Russians to close the base. The Nazis also said that they were going to put a NATO naval base in Crimea where the Russian base was. This could not be tolerated at all, hence, Putin took back the Crimea which was always a part of Russia anyway. It is was 100% right and proper for him to do that, and I cheer him on.

The accusation is that Russia is behind the unrest in the East, supported the secession vote, and cheered on the arming of the East and the fighting of the Nazis so Russia can annex the east. None of this is true. Russia did not particularly like the East arming themselves. And Russia was not happy at all when Donbass declared its independence. Russia definitely does not want to annex the east, however, if the Donbass insists on independence, Russia will back them on that. The independence vote was the rebels’ idea, and they are the ones who want to join Russia.

What Russia wants for the East is a federalized Ukraine with autonomy for the East. That’s all they have ever wanted, and it is very reasonable. Saying that Russia wanted anything more than that is nothing but a lie.

It is true that Russia is building up its forces on the border, which is a good idea. At some point, they are going to need to go in there to stop this stupid slaughter.

If you read the media of Babylon and the whores, you see that the Western media have been cheering on this sickening slaughter all the way.

Much of the Nazi activity in terms of shelling and bombing has been directed at infrastructure of the East. The first thing they destroy is the water plant, then the electricity plant, then the sewage treatment plant. Then they attack the factories and the enterprises. The idea is to destroy the entire economy of the Donbass. No doubt the Nazis are following the orders of Babylon when they do this.

After that, the Nazis target residential areas, especially high rise apartments. They put snipers in and on the edges of cities. These snipers simply attack random people who are walking around. They idea is to terrorize people. The Nazis also target random vehicles, shooting them up and killing everyone inside. The purpose here is also to terrorize.

The citizens of the East hate the Nazis, and they do not want to live under their rule. When the Nazis took over Slavyansk, people came out into the streets and shouted, “Nazis! Fascists!” at the Ukie Nazis. The Nazis are absolutely hated here, and it will be hard to govern a region that hates you.

A supposed Rand Corporation (CIA) memo to the Nazis surfaced the other day. It had many recommendations for the Nazis. It recommended concentration camps or “filtration camps” for all able bodied Eastern males. All males in every conquered town should be put in these camps. For anyone suspected of fighting for or helping the rebels, the memo recommends immediate execution.

This memo is said to be a fake, but soon after it appeared, the Nazis took over Slavyansk. They rounded up all males aged 18-65 and put them in concentration camps (filtration camps). They arrested a number of men and took them away, apparently on suspicion of being rebels or fighting with the rebels. Residents of Slavyansk said that these men are being executed. So you see, whether the memo was real or not, the Nazis are doing exactly what the memo recommends, which suggests it might have been real.


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More on the Swiss Gun Control Argument

Frank B writes:

According to TIME, dateline Geneva, there is more to it than what the recent comments above say:

“The biggest change to the firearms legislation was made in 2007, requiring soldiers to store their bullets in an arsenal rather than in the households, but they were allowed to continue to keep their firearms at home. However, people who own private guns can purchase ammunition freely, as long as their weapon is registered.”

So the implied argument that all Swiss have guns but no ammo is false, according to TIME. As you see here, many many many guns and mucho mucho mucho ammo, but very low gun crimes:

“Because of these traditions, gun ownership in Switzerland is among the highest in the world, trailing behind only the U.S. and Yemen. Between 2.3 million and 4.5 million are estimated to be in circulation in a country of only 8 million people. But while the gun-suicide rate is fairly high — about 300 cases a year — the number of violent crimes is relatively low: government figures show about 0.5 gun homicides per 100,000 inhabitants in 2010. By comparison, the U.S. rate in the same year was about five firearm killings per 100,000 people, according to a 2011 U.N. report.”

So yes, the “Switzerland Argument” has merit in support of private gun and ammo ownership.

“Shooting is also a popular pastime. The Swiss learn to shoot from an early age, master safety techniques and develop a sense of responsibility toward their firearms. It is not unusual to see entire families — kids as young as 12 and their grandparents — participating in target practice or sharpshooting competitions that are held in towns and villages across the country.”

Safety with firearms is learned from a young age.

The article references two mass shootings in Switzerland. One was very recent, April 2013. The overall rate of gun violence though is low, statistically low.

Nope, actually the Swiss example has absolutely no merit whatsoever in terms of private possession of guns.

So what’s your point? In Switzerland, there may or may not be a lot loaded weapons in homes – the article did not state how many Swiss actually bought ammo and then loaded it into their guns and kept loaded guns around the home. Perhaps most Swiss who have these guns do not purchase ammo on the private market, and anyway, the home gun loaded or not must be locked away at home. Also those guns must be locked away when they are in the home. It’s really going to do a lot of good defending your home against an invader with a locked away gun, huh?

I suppose they can take their guns out of their locked cases where they are stored at home in order to go to the shooting competition in town, but then they have to bring the guns back to the home and lock them up again. How many are going to leave the shooting competition and go on a shooting spree?

Even if it is true that somehow Switzerland has lots of loaded guns lying around in homes all over the land and somehow manages a low crime rate nevertheless, it is utterly irrelevant to the US. Because here, in spite of the possible Swiss experience, a locked and loaded society deluged with guns is in fact causing a tsunami of gun crimes. Yeah, if we were like Switzerland, that might not be so. But we are not like Switzerland. So what is the point of bringing up the irrelevant example in the first place?

The point about gun safety is also irrelevant. Whenever we discuss accidents, which by the way, kill 1,000 Americans every year or three every day, the gun nuts say, “Well those people are idiots who do not know any good gun safety. If they knew gun safety, this would never have happened.”

This argument is also irrelevant. How long have the gun nuts been yelling about gun safety and how people are supposed to learn it and then we will not have any more gun issues. 40 years? 50 years? So what has happened in the interim period? Have Americans learned any better gun safety than they had 40-50 years ago? Of course not. Will they learn it well before I die? Probably not. We seem doomed to have a nation of gun safety morons into the forseeable future.

Also this argument is horribly hypocritical in that many times we gun controllers have passed laws mandating gun safety courses before one can purchase a firearm. Guess how the NRA reacted to each and every attempt to do that? They oppose and continue to oppose all of our efforts to mandate passing a gun safety course before you buy a gun.

Those gun safety courses are not that great either. A gun safety instructor recently committed suicide with the gun he was demonstrating in front of his horror-striken class.

Gun nuts are just like all conservatives. Most of their arguments are just wrong.


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Why the Switzerland Example Is a Lousy Pro-Gun Argument

Steven writes:

Switzerland does show that isn’t NECESSARILY the case. I do not really want more guns in Britain though and you may be in general right. It would be good if you could show us a graph or a map comparing gun ownership and homicide rates.

The guns in Switzerland are stored at the armory, and I would bet that they are all longarms. I doubt if possession of handguns is as liberal as in the US, and I am almost certain that they do not allow semiautomatics. The Swiss government officially owns all of those guns that the Swiss supposedly own themselves.

The Switzerland argument is insipid. When we say we need gun control in the US, the gun nuts whip out the Switzerland example to show that gun control would not work in the US. The argument is senseless.

Yes, the Swiss example appears to show that you can have a society with high gun ownership that has little crime.

But so what?

If you go the way of liberalization, you are playing with fire. Nations tighten up their gun laws all the time. Every heard of one single country anywhere on Earth loosening up their gun laws to make them along US lines? Of course not. Obviously it’s a bad idea since nobody wants to do it, and every country thinks it is a crazy thing to do.

Yep, high gun ownership is not causing much crime in Switzerland.

But here is why that argument is nonsensical.

High gun ownership is causing a ton of gun crime and gun homicide in the US, unlike Switzerland. The US will probably never be like Switzerland. If we were like the Swiss, there would be no need to ban guns. Considering that an incredible amount of crime in the US is gun crime, and gun homicide rates here are very high, it stands to reason that making guns less available would cut into some of those homicide rates.


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Indian Supreme Court Rules That Sharia Courts Have No Legal Authority in India


This is a good, reasonable decision. The petitioner filed suit nine years ago (See how long it takes for a case to wind its way through India’s broken legal system) asking to dismantle India’s Sharia courts since they set up a parallel legal system next to the official one. He said that people in Muslim areas often felt powerless to go against the decisions of the Sharia court even if they opposed those decisions. The court ruled that since no one had to obey the Sharia courts’ ruling, there was no reason to shut down the courts, and an individual was always free to seek a ruling from the courts if he so wished.

Of course, India’s Muslim leaders denounced the decision.

These stupid Sharia courts are now spreading in the UK. I do not believe that the UK should give these courts the sanction of legal authority in the UK.


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Check Out Upper Sorbian

Upper Sorbian is a Slavic language spoken in Eastern Germany in Lusatia. Upper Sorbian is in pretty good shape and may have as many as 40,000 speakers, but Lower Sorbian is not in good shape and has only ~8,000 speakers, most of them elderly. I would expect Upper Sorbian to live at least until 2100 since children are being brought up speaking it. However, the outlook for Lower Sorbian seems to be quite poor.

East Germany always supported the Sorbian language, and the Sorbs had their own schools set up for them. However, upon German reunification, most of the Sorb schools were shut down for some dumb reason. This was just wrong.

Stanislaw Tillich is a major German politician with the Christian Democratic Party in Germany and he is also a Sorbian native speaker. It appears that children are still being brought up speaking Upper Sorbian.

Sorbian has a close relationship with both Czech and Polish. Its roots were in a movement of Slavic speakers into Lusatia in the 500′s, so it seems to have been split from the rest of Slavic for possibly 1,500 years. Lower Sorbian at least has undergone heavy German influence. Czechs say that they cannot understand a single word of Sorbian, but Poles say they can understand it quite well. I think the Poles are exaggerating though,and Sorbian-Polish intelligibility must not be complete. In fact, I doubt if even Lower and Upper Sorbian have full intelligibility.

I must say that this language sounds rather odd. To my untrained ears, it sounds something like a mixture of Polish and German. Anyone else have any impressions?



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Moon of Alabama

This is a superb blog, widely despised by the Lunatic Western (Trot) Left, so you figure it must be good for something. When I saw Louis Proyect, poster boy for the dysfunctional Western (pro-US imperialist Trot) Left, bashing away at Moon of Alabama that seemed like a pretty good recommendation to me.

The author of MOA is a fine author and the site has been around for some time. He is actually quite reasonable, which surprised me. His basic position is anti-US imperialism. He opposes the imperialism of both the Liberal Interventionist Left and Neoconservative Right (What’s the difference!?), which is after what I would call “the bipartisan foreign policy consensus.” Vietnam threatened to upset this hoary relic of the Truman Era, so the Vietnam Syndrome had to be destroyed. This was actually cited by monsters like Rumsfeld and Cheney as a major reason to invade Iraq in 2003 – to overcome the Vietnam Syndrome! What the Hell kind of reason is that to stage a Nazi-like war of aggression against a sovereign state?

On Ukraine, he supports the self-defense forces in the East and Russia and opposes the Ukrainian Nazis and the Western scum backing them.

On Syria, he supports Assad against the diabolical Sunni Islamists. On Iraq, he supports non-intervention.

He supports the Palestinians versus the Israeli criminal regime, and for this apparently he gets constantly bashed as an anti-Semite. I have been to his comment section and it is just straight up clean Left anti-imperialists in there with few if any confused or depraved anti-Semites. Sounds like a false charge.

The comments are even better than the short posts. The commenters are extremely knowledgeable and very smart. Fascinating stuff, better than anything you get in the Lie Machine called the US MSM media.

1 Comment

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Kiev to Create ‘Filtration Camps’ for East Ukrainians?

Pretty incredible video. Russia Today is much-maligned, but the facts are that RT is more truthful than all US, UK and German TV news combined. RT is not at all owned by the state and until recently they were criticizing Putin a lot from the Left – they did not want Russia to get involved in the Ukraine and they refused to parrot Putin’s line on the Ukraine. So in a way, RT is frequently an opposition TV station that opposes Putin, albeit in moderate terms.

As you can see, the Ukrainian Nazis are setting up concentration camps (euphemistically called filtration camps) for Eastern Ukrainians. All young to middle aged adult males (all males aged 18-65) in the cities conquered by the Nazis are rounded up and sent to these concentration camps. No one knows what is happening to them there, if they will be kept in the camps or executed.

One might think that this Nazi regime had gone too far by setting up these concentration camps, but the Nazis are only following orders from their American masters. A document recently surfaced in the Ukraine that was written by the Rand Corporation (CIA front). The document cheered on the massacre in East Ukraine and further added that the Nazis needed to set up concentration camps for the Russians also to start executing people.

So large numbers of executions and masses of men sent to concentration camps, instead of alienating the US, are instead exactly what Uncle Sam ordered!

The Western news has been utterly silent on the slaughter taking place in East Ukraine. There has not been a peep out of the US or German news, and the British news is also mostly silent with the exception of the Daily Mail. That is because the US, German, and British media are all cooperating with the Nazis in the Ukraine. They are accomplices as it were.

The Obama Administation has been contemptuous of the plight of the Eastern Ukrainians. Last week Obama called Poroshenko and urged him to continue the slaughter in the Ukraine. To reward the Nazis for their massacres, the pro-Nazi EU rewarded the Nazis by signing an association agreement between the Ukraine and the EU. This means that Ukraine’s impoverished workers can go to the EU nations and become the wetbacks of Europe, replacing highly paid European workers with cheap labor Ukrainians who work for peanuts.

Obama refused to grant the besieged civilians of East Ukraine a humanitarian corridor so they can evacuate to Russia. Told that there were 150,000 refugees who came to Russia, an Obama official said that they were not refugees but instead they were people who were just visiting their families!

What is really happening here is ethnic cleansing, which the US and EU supported in the former Yugoslavia when they turned their pet Croatian Nazis loose on the Serbian population in the Krajina of Croatia. These Nazis had been nurtured in Germany, namely Munich, for decades. Munich is a sort of Nazi Central for Germany. This was nearly a Nazi headquarters during the war, and after the war, most of the Nazi structure was simply rolled intact into existing institutions. The Ukrainian Nazis waging a war against the USSR had their post-war headquarters in Munich.

It is even worse than that. I suspect that Merkel supports the Ukrainian Nazis out of shared ideology. In fact, the rightwing German Christian Democratic Party has deep Nazi roots that go back decades.

Three Russian journalists have been murdered by the Nazis, two of them after they were detained by the Nazi troops.

Most of the offensive is being waged by Right Sector, Svoboda, and private oligarch militia forces who have been rolled into the radical National Guard as most of the Ukrainian Army has shown little will to fight. I suspect that most of the Ukrainian Army has been relegated to rearguard positions. Large sections of the Ukrainian Army have already gone over to the self-defense forces.

Earlier, the US news reported an incident where 13 Ukrainian troops were killed. The US propaganda networks said they were killed by the self-defense forces. In fact, they were assassinated by Right Sector forces who rode up to their position and gunned them down. Why did they shoot their own people? Because like many Ukrainian troops, they were defying orders and refusing to attack the self-defense forces. So to punish them for not attacking, the Nazis gunned them down.

Recently the self-defense forces retreated from Kramatorsk and Slavyansk, giving the cities up to the Nazis. Slavyansk was completely encircled, and the self-defense forces had to break through enemy lines. However, they did this with minimal casualties. Some platoons were left behind in the city to harass the Nazis occupying the town. They are armed with automatic weapons and RPG’s.

The Nazis have not been warmly welcomed in Slavyansk. Residents have poured out of their homes, lining the streets and shouting, “Fascists!” at the Nazi forces as they move through town. The Nazis are reportedly going house to house looking for anyone with ties to the self-defense forces or who helped them. People are being taken away and residents report that at least some of them are being executed.

One can spin the Slavyansk tactical retreat any way you want to. But look at this way. The self-defense forces first appeared in Slavyansk two months with a ragged group of 150 with few uniforms and fewer weapons. Two months later, 2,000 highly equipped troops looking for all intents and purposes like a regular army retreated from the city. Among them were 100 armored vehicles and 20 tanks! So in the last two months, the numbers and armament of the self-defense forces have grown exponentially.

There are reports that large numbers of fascists from all over Europe are converging on the Ukraine to volunteer to fight alongside the Ukrainian Nazis. This was uncovered in an Al Jazeera report.

The self-defense forces have retreated to the large city of Donetsk which is much easier to defend.

The are few if any Russian soldiers among the self-defense forces. This is a Western media lie. However, there are many volunteers from Russia among them. The Russian government is supplying the self-defense forces with uniforms, food, humanitarian and medical aid. There is no good evidence that the Russian state is supplying the self-defense forces with weaponry. However, they seem to be somehow acquiring a lot of weaponry.

Outside of the Russian state, there are many Russian organizations who are helping the self-defense forces in any way they can. This includes political parties such as the Zyuganov’s Russian Communist Party (who have sent their militia or armed wing), private, nonprofit and Orthodox religious organizations. In other words, the self-defense forces are being supplied by a number of Russian nongovernmental organizations. They are supplying them with nonlethal aid, money, food and men. I am not sure if they are also supplying them with weapons.

Although the Russian government has not committed any men or arms to the conflict, the stone truth is that it is looking the other way while these non-state actors are supplying self-defense forces. That is the best way to describe it. Anything else you hear is a lie.

ISIS rampaging across the Levant, Nazis marching east towards Russia. It is an ugly era we are living in.


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