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They Work for $1/hour so We Can Drive BMW’s

Steve said:

I think he means nobody below the international poverty like, which isn’t really the same as no poor people because just over the poverty line is still very poor really.

I don’t really see why poor countries can’t develop like China is or S Korea did, with incomes per capita eventually approaching western levels. I don’t think that is impossible. Of course, under capitalism there will be rich people with a great deal of the wealth but I don’t see why there has to be very poor countries for developed countries to exist. Why?

For one thing, once all countries are “rich” you have socialism. Do you see that. There would be no more capitalism when all countries are “rich” countries.

Don’t you understand how capitalism works? The only reason there are rich people is because there are poor people. You need poor people to create rich people. The rich get rich by paying very low wages and prices to poor people and countries and then marking up the finished products to tremendous degrees, resulting in huge profits. The only reason we drive around in BMW’s is because they make $1 a day. Can’t you see or understand that? This is basic Marxist economics and it is 100% true.

Anyway, once every country is “rich” do you realize that no country will be “rich”? Are you aware that everyone can’t get rich? The idea that all countries can be “rich” or all people can be rich is madness. Wealth is relative. Life is like a footrace. The winners are maybe the Top 5 (those are the rich), everyone else loses. How could you have a footrace with 100 runners where everyone wins?

The rich countries are rich and got rich mainly by exploiting the low wages of Third World labor and their own poor and the low prices they pay to the Third World for their raw materials. Furthermore, the rich countries often force the poor countries to destroy all of their import substitution markets that might make them sufficient and then the force these 3rd world countries to import expensive 1st world products, especially food.

For instance, 3rd World countries are not allowed to grow enough food to feed themselves because we want to export overpriced Western food to them. If they can’t grow their own food, they have to buy it from us (especially canned foods). We force them to grow crops for export only (no crops to feed their own people). This causes mass hunger in their society since they are not growing enough of their own food and the export ag industries in these countries barely pay their workers anything.

In El Salvador, there was typically only work for maybe 6 weeks out of the year. This situation causes huge numbers of landless peasants which is great for capitalists and profits but terrible for the landless people. The capitalists hate it when people grown their own food because now they are self-sufficient without being dependent on the capitalists for survival via wage labor or eating imported overpriced food. If everyone is out growing their own food, there is no surplus supply of labor that is necessary to work in the export ag fields or the factories.

This is why the Commons was fenced off in England – to force the farmers off the land and create a reserve army of poor and starving potential workers for the new factories and shops in the cities. The fencing of the Commons and mass immiseration of vast numbers of formerly self-sufficient Englishmen was often described as necessary for the growth of capitalism in England. The historical literature contains many quotes along these lines.

Similar things are happening in the 3rd World where peasant farmers are always being forced off their lands especially at gunpoint by large landowners often with paramilitary death squads working for them. When all of the peasants’ land has been stolen, all of the peasants now move to cities where they form a huge reserve army of labor.

They no longer grow their own food so now they must buy food from the capitalists. Also they are vulnerable since they have no way of making of living so they must labor for the capitalists in the cities and fields for extremely low wages. The conversion of small farmers into field workers on huge estates and impoverished proletariat in the cities is great for the accumulation of capital. Do you understand why the Commons had to be fenced off in order for the accumulation of capital to proceed?

When everyone is a millionaire, a million bucks will not be worth jack. When everyone is a millionaire, a million bucks and $1.79 will get you a Slurpee and a 7-11. Do you realize this?

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Libertarian Lie: Education and Health Care Are Best Run by the Private Sector

Self-hating Indian wrote, referencing this post:

For one, the US ranks higher in your table than even Netherlands (which I regard as a very successful country with high social net and economic competitiveness) and much higher than France and Spain (struggling with unemployment problems) or even model countries like Austria, Belgium and Liechtenstein.

Australia is surprisingly similar to the US when it comes to running their economy: private corporations run the show and laissez faire capitalism is the order of the day. While Australia has medicare (the same as the UK’s NHS), it’s mostly availed for emergency situations and if you’re seeking treatment for something non-urgent, you’re screwed as they’ll make you wait longer. Most Australians go for private medical insurance the same as the US. I for one am a strong advocate of buying health insurance privately as it really gives me FIRST CLASS medical care; even in a country like India, government hospitals offer free or highly subsidized treatment and the doctors are competent enough. It might be OK if you have cold, fever, cough, ulcers or require dental filling but for more serious care like say, kidney stones removal or heart operations, I would trust a private doctor. Having a good medical insurance avails you of BEST QUALITY treatment and not just BEST AVAILABLE treatment.

Some of the private hospitals in India have such a nice reputation that more than 850,000 westerners come here every year for low-priced surgeries and treatment – there’s a whole wikipedia article that shows medical tourism in India is now a 2 billion dollar industry and it’s not just costs, it’s also the high quality of treatment available which accounts for these extraordinary figures ( The most popular treatments sought in India by medical tourists are alternative medicine, bone-marrow transplant, cardiac bypass, eye surgery and hip replacement. India is known in particular for heart surgery, hip resurfacing and other areas of advanced medicine.

I’ve covered only one aspect of how governments can ruin people’s life: viz. medical care and some of the best things should be left to private corporations as they have a much better handle at things. Again, who could argue that private schools do not give the same quality of education as public schools: to give my own example, I did my own schooling (age 11-17 years) in highly subsidized government-run schools and I always used to envy private school students: they had better uniforms, guaranteed bus transportation, better facilities like swimming pools and tennis courts. Surely there parents loved them more than mine did so spent more money. And yes, when I look back, all of them are way more successful than me today in their careers. Private schools have an incentive to run things in a more organized manner: in government schools here, I see time and again the same problems: the teachers don’t like to stay long, many classes have no teachers at all, the books are not fresh and there’s hardly any computer education even in 2014 as they can’t afford PCs; teachers have no incentive to teach as they don’t get paid enough and students have no incentive to learn as they’re getting shitty facilities and a broken environment to spend their lives. Again the education industry should be left in private hands and free from government control.

My response:

No way.

Australia is not a laissez faire, neoliberal, neoclassical Libertarian society along US lines. In fact, it is an extremely socialist country compared to the United Snakes and it has been for a very long time. Most of that time it has been run by the Labor Party, which is an openly socialist party, and I believe it is even a member of the Socialist International. To state that Australia is a radical capitalist neoliberal country like the United Snakes is a horrific lie, and I will not let you make it. Private corporations do not run the show in Australia, not by a long shot. Australia has been a functioning social democracy for a very long time now and has been far to the left of the US for decades.

I know nothing about Australia, but I do know about the UK. Yes, you can buy private insurance in the UK to supplement the NHS, but it is very expensive, and almost nobody buys it. Only rich people buy it, and everyone else blows it off. I believe it is the same in much of Europe, private insurance is available but very expensive, and almost no one buys it; instead everyone just uses public health care which is very good in Europe.

You say that public health care in Australia “makes you wait.” In other words, health care is rationed. Guess what happens when medical care is privatized? Medical care is rationed! Only the rich can afford to get sick and pay cash for insurance or the hospital. Everyone who can’t afford hospital bills or insurance gets no medical care whatsoever. That is called rationing, you fool. You either wait in line (social medicine) or you get denied care altogether (capitalist medicine). Under capitalist medicine, for ordinary, non-rich people The illness or injury just runs its course and you get better, stabilize or you die.

There have been countless studies done on public health care vs private for-profit health care and public health care always wins every time and private for-profit medicine always fails all the time.

Do you know medical insurance criminals make money? By treating you less. The less the treat you, the more money they make.  The more they deny care, the more money they make. The more care they give you, the less money they make. That is exactly the way it is here in the US, where lack of or inadequate health care kills 250,000 Americans a year.

Everyone should buy private insurance from capitalist criminals? Why is that? Do you realize that in most of the world, only the rich and upper middle class can even afford this overpriced crap?

There is no reason to do any more studies on national health care vs private garbage health care because we have studied it to death. The conclusion: capitalism is bad for your health.

One example: Nicaragua. Nicaragua had horrible health figures on a par with the rest of the clusterfucked US colonies called “Central America.” 12 years after the Sandinistas took power and put in public health care and started spending a lot of health care, Nicaragua had was beating most of the other countries in the region (the exception being Costa Rica, which has long been a socialist country since social democracy was instituted in 1947 after 5,000 Communists were murdered).

Cuba beats almost every country in Latin America on health statistics. They live almost as long as we Americans do, and their infant mortality rate is lower than ours. In other words, 3rd world Cuba is kicking the United Snakes’ ass on infant mortality.

You have an extremely bizarre method of analysis of that chart I posted.  The overwhelming majorty of high ranking countries on that list are socialist countries (over 80%). A few nations on there are capitalist (less than 20%) Neoliberal capitalism basically fails on human development everywhere on Earth. For some odd reason, it has worked in a few places, but those are clearly outliers. You point out these weird outliers as if they prove that capitalism provides better human development than socialism! You make your conclusion based on the exceptions and not the majority. Clearly your mind does not work properly.

Yes, public health care is quite bad in India. That is because the upper castes who run India do not want to spend one nickel on public health care because they don’t use it. The upper castes all use private hospitals and private insurance because only they can afford it. Probably 80% of India’s population cannot afford private hospitals or insurance, so what good are these things to them?

The debate about public education versus private education ended long ago. The truth is, in one sentence, private education is 100% shit and public education is very good. Private education fails all over the world, even here in the US. There is not one decent private educational institution on the planet. They are all just ripoff schemes run by capitalist criminals.

I agree that nonprofit institutions can compete very well with public education, but they are both pretty much doing the same thing. Public education is nonprofit, and private nonprofit universities are also not for profit. All nonprofit organizations are objectively socialist or anti-capitalist because capitalist liars lie that once you remove the profit motive, you have “socialism” and everything falls apart. Obviously that’s a lie. Stanford, Harvard, Yale and USC are nonprofits. Get it?

There are certain things that the state must do: it must run public health care and it must run public education. Both should be cheap to free.

Further, the US profit medicine model makes no sense. Other nations with public health care spend much less money on health care and have the same or better figures than the US. The US spends vastly more than other nations but has worse figures to show for it. It makes no sense at all.

Governments do not “ruin people’s lives via medical care.” Compare India and China. China went the socialist path, and India chose capitalism and fake socialism. There were 200 million excess deaths from 1949-1979 in India compared to China due to India not pursuing the Chinese model. The truth is that socialist medicine saves lives and capitalism continues to kill.

Sure, you go to the front of the line with overpriced private health insurance that makes their profit by denying you as much care as possible. So what? In the UK, most folks think it’s a waste of money and don’t buy it. Only a few rich people can afford it and buy it. If it’s so great, why do  95% of the British blow it off?

Do you realize that there is a huge medical tourism industry in Cuba? Those hospitals are run by the state, and wealthy elite oligarchs from all over Latin America fly there every year to have specialized operations that are not available in their capitalist paradises.

People are going to India for operations because it’s cheap, not because the care is any good. They go to Thailand for the same reason. Furthermore, only rich Americans can even go there in the first place. Those operations typically cost $5-10,000. You know how many Americans have $5-10,000 lying around? Basically almost none. Only rich people have that kind of cash on hand. Everyone else lives paycheck to paycheck. So Indian private health care is cool because rich Americans avail themselves of it. So what? Who cares about the US rich? Since when is what’s good for them good for the rest of us?

If Indian health care is so boss, then why does preventable disease and starvation kill 14 million people a year, mostly in South Asia (read: India). Indian health care isn’t a good system – it’s a killer system.

Do you know how those for-profit hospitals make money? By treating you less. The less they treat you, the more they make. The more they treat you, the less they make. Here in the US, they routinely discharge very sick elderly folks and pregnant women far before they are well enough to get out of the hospital. Reason: bottom line, increased profits. They discharged my father when he was sick with pneumonia so they could make an extra buck. Within 3 weeks, he was dead.

The upper castes who run India also do not want to spend one nickel on public education because they do not use it. They all send their kids to private schools, which I suspect in many cases are nonprofits anyway. Those schools run by religious orders in India are almost certainly nonprofits, I assure you of that.

Private schools have no incentive whatsoever to teach people better, in fact, the incentive is to teach people worse. The private school my father taught at would not update schoolbooks, and teachers had to supply all of their own materials like chalk, erasers and paper. The capitalist scum who ran the place ripped off the teachers on their crap salaries, provided zero benefits, and shafted the kids with crappy materials or no materials. Not only that but they were fraudulent. They passed along all the kids whether they were passing or not. Everyone got A’s and B’s, including those who should have gotten D’s and F’s. This is typical of private education. The classes are a joke and everyone passes with a great grade? You know why? You are paying a lot of money for your education, so they reward you with an A or B in return for all that cash you gave them. It is nothing more than the buying and selling of grades. They don’t give bad grades because they want to keep their customers happy. They don’t fail or flunk out anyone because then they lose all that money you gave them. See?

Why did the people at my Dad’s private school sell grades, pass everyone and scrimp on everything important? So the capitalist worms who ran the school could fly around in a Lear Jet!

Private schools: The less you pay teachers, the fewer benefits you give them, the less you spend on books and supplies, in other words, the worse the quality of education, the more money you make. In private schools, if you pay teachers well, buy new books and pay for all supplies, you make less money. Which option do you think they choose?

You compare a shit 3rd World country that doesn’t spend a nickel on public health care and education and then claim that “socialism fails” and health care and education “are best run by the private sector,” a lie that has been disproven in more studies than I can count.

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Check Out Coldwave


That is an album called Love and Betrayal by a band called The Opposition. Never heard of the band before nor had I heard of the term Cold Wave before. However, looking it up on Wikipedia, it becomes quite clear that this is what I was into for a long time there. I must say I rather like this music.

The term was coined in 1977 to refer to the Sioux and the Banshees and Kraftwerk. The term later became applied to a genre out of far northern France (Normandy) and southern Belgium in the late 1970′s. Most of the original bands sung in French. The term was also applied to Martin Hannett’s Joy Division productions. Now I love Joy Division, one of my favorite bands of all time. The Cure around the time of 1981′s Faith album was also considered coldwave. I love Cure around that time. The Opposition is a French band that formed in the late 1070′s. Pretty amazing that they are still around.

Some of the early European bands included Marquis de Sade, KaS Product, Siglo XX, Asylum Party, Twilight Ritual, Norma Loy, Pavillon, Résistance, Clair Obscur, Richard Pinhas, Artefact, Opera Multi Steel, Trisomie 21, Lizzy Mercier Descloux and Die Form. In the late 1980s, groups like Little Nemo, Museum of Devotion and The Breath of Life were formed. Most of this music was not distributed in the US. I have never heard of even one of those bands.

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Communism Doesn’t Work; Socialism Doesn’t Work

How many times has this crap been drummed into your head? It has been drummed into our heads so many times that most of us accept it as established fact without needing any backing evidence. The problem with this argument is:

Capitalism, especially conservative free market capitalism, doesn’t work very well either. In fact, if you say Communism doesn’t work, you would have to say that conservative laissez faire capitalism doesn’t work either. Neither of them work. Both are failed systems.

A reasonable argument to make could be that even as horrible as conservative capitalism is, Communism works ever worse than that horrible model. I would not be averse to such an argument. Indeed, some progressive liberals argue just that.

It is a much, much harder case to make that “socialism doesn’t work.” The conservative capitalists have been screaming this forever, but the arguments in support of their theory are very poor. A good argument could be made that social liberalism or social democracy or democratic socialism works better than either conservative capitalism or Communism. One could amass quite a bit of evidence in favor of this judgement.

Who says Communism doesn’t work? Who proved that? Name the scientists who proved this scientifically. They don’t exist.

One way we could determine whether a given system works is to ask the people who live under it or have lived under it.

By that measure, Communism does not appear to be a failed system at all.

Take note:

81% of Serbs say that life was better under Tito’s socialism than it is now under Serbian capitalism. You mean the wars of the 1990′s, 40% unemployment, rampant crime and drug addiction and a collapsing infrastructure are not superior to failed Communism?

63% of Romanians say that life was better under Communism than it is today. Many stupid arguments are given at the link for why the majority of Romanians are obviously mistaken about this opinion of theirs.

72% of Hungarians say life was better under Communism than it is under capitalism.

57% of East Germans say that life was better under the GDR than it is in Eastern Germany today.

66% of Slovaks say that life was better under Communism than it is today.

66% of Armenians, 61% of Kyrgyz, and 56% of Ukrainians say that the fall of the USSR was a bad thing and only small numbers say it was a good thing.

60% of Russians said Communism is a good system that works well as opposed to a bad system that works poorly.

So you see, if we ask people who have lived under Communism whether Communism doesn’t work and capitalism does work, they don’t agree with us. Most of them say that Communism at the very least works better than capitalism.

Which is really why there are still socialists and Communists in the world today. We know how these systems measure up against capitalism very well.

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Indian Programmers Destroying UK Software Industry


Same thing as in the US. Fake H-1B scabs being imported en masse. White workers fired by the legion and replaced with cheap crappy Indian programmers. A huge volume of work outsourced to garbage coders in India.

The days of the White software programmer are over forever.

Project Middle Class Death continues apace!

David Cameron, a worthless right wing criminal from the Tory Party (the equivalent of the US Republican Party) wants to relax immigration quotas in order to flood the UK with shitty Indian programmers so the few remaining White IT workers can be fired and their livelihoods destroyed.

Listen to Cameron: “We need to relax the immigration quota in order attract the best talent from around the world,”Cameron lied.

It’s the same lie they used in the US. “There are no US workers to fill these jobs so we need to import slaves from India. It’s never been true. There has never been a shortage of US programmers. There has never been a case where no American workers could be found for the jobs. They’re lying. They’re all lying. All of your scummy heroes, all of those software kings like Bill Gates all you worship so much, all of your capitalist Gods, they are all liars. They all lie. Lie, lie, lie, lie, all they do is lie. Your secular God, Bill Gates, the idiot all of you worship, probably destroyed more US jobs than any man alive by firing White American programmers and replacing them with flunkies from India.

All of the software corporations lied. Every single one of them. In order to file for H-1B workers, the capitalist criminals first must certify that no American workers could be found for that position. In every case, there are more than enough American workers for the job, but the capitalist criminals all lied, every single one of them lied, and said that no US workers could be found.

And all of the politicians lied too. Almost all politicians of both parties, the Democrats and Republicans, have participated in this lie-fest, fraudathon. All politicians have lied and said that there are not enough IT workers in the US, we have to import scabs from India. Liberals, conservatives, right and left, they are all lying for Big Business since Big Business and the rich own the asses of every corrupt whore politician in the US. Further, the entire US news media has been lying right along with the politicians and the capitalists. As the news media is run by the capitalists, it makes sense that everything Big Business lies about, the MSM capitalist media recites the lie word for word.

They’re all lying. Everyone is lying. It’s all lies. From the time you get up in the morning to the time we go to bed at time, it’s nothing but a tsunami of lies from the capitalists, the rich and their bought whore politicians and professional lie peddlers in the media. It’s sick. There’s no escaping the lies.

To live in a modern capitalist society is to be surrounded by a cacophony of lies every waking hour of the day. No wonder no one can think straight.

I call this phenomenon World O’ Lies. It is beyond me how can possibly have a democracy if the population is plowed under by an avalanche of lies all the time. How can they possibly formulate a rational decision about anything if all they hear is lies. A society full of lies can never be a democracy. A society of lies is always and ever nothing but a totalitarian dictatorship of propaganda.

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How to Troll Yourself



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“Auto Unions Moving Forward in Tennessee,” by Alpha Unit

Industriegewerkschaft Metall was the largest labor union in Germany, and the largest union in any democratic country in the world, between 1950 and 2001. It represents workers in the motor vehicle industry. Half of the 20 seats on Volkswagen’s supervisory board are occupied by members of IG Metall.

Blue-collar and white-collar workers are represented in a works council. This is an integral part of Volkswagen’s corporate structure and gives workers a say in plant and company operations. This system of joint decision-making among employer, workers, and works council – known as Mitbestimmung – is accompanied by the usual negotiations between IG Metall and management over wages and benefits.

Berthold Huber, the former head of IG Metall, says Mitbestimmung keeps an eye on the system as a whole – the health of industrial employers as well as workers. “If you give people rights, they take on responsibility – that’s what Mitbestimmung has taught us,” he says.

IG Metall wants to establish a works council at the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and has joined with the United Auto Workers to bring this about. The hurdle for the unions is that US labor law does not allow for company-sponsored unions. In order to have anything like a works council in the United States the company has to operate in conjunction with a labor union. Hence the push to organize workers at the plant in Chattanooga.

The UAW says that a majority of the workers at Chattanooga have signed cards supporting unionization. Some of the workers have said that the UAW and Volkswagen acted unlawfully in the solicitation and handling of authorization cards and filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board. The NLRB just determined, however, that neither organization violated US labor laws in their unionization push.

Volkswagen said in a statement that the decision by the NLRB confirms its legal position. It also stated:

Furthermore, we wish to reiterate that as a general principle, Volkswagen supports the right of employees to representation at all its plants and is in favor of good cooperation with the trade union or unions represented at its plants….For this reason, Volkswagen is currently working on an innovative model for the representation of employees’ interests which will be suitable for the USA. This model will be based on positive experience in Germany and other countries where the Volkswagen Group is active.

Naturally not everyone is happy with what’s going on in Chattanooga. Business interests, Republican politicians, and anti-union organizations have been doing everything they can to stop unionization at the plant. Politicians say that if the UAW prevails it would hurt the state’s business climate. They want Volkswagen to disregard the card signings and insist on a secret ballot election instead.

If the UAW is successful, it would be the union’s first victory at organizing a foreign-owned assembly plant in the South in 30 years of trying.

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Can You Be Convicted of Homicide When There Is No Body?

Actually, you can, believe it or not.

These cases are typically hard to prove, but a number of folks have gone down on homicide even where no body was ever found. What is odd is how do they conclude that the person is even dead? Perhaps they are hiding out in Costa Rica or Timbuktu. Maybe they have amnesia and are wandering the highways. Maybe they paid an agency $90,000 to make themselves “disappear.”

Sometimes the murdered are even resurrected, Yeshua-style.

In Australia, Leonard Fraser confessed to killing a teenage girl, Natasha Ryan. He was either lying or he did a lousy job of killing her. As he was on trial for her homicide, she suddenly disappeared after having been missing for several years.

Murder convictions without a body were ruled legal in the UK in 1954 and in the US in 1960, but a man had already been convicted of homicide in the UK in 1949.

No body, no murder was established in England in the 1660′s. It persisted far into the 20th Century.

Corpus delicti does not really have a literal meaning after all. The noun corpus really refers to the body of evidence and not to a physical body.

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America, Dictator of the World?

Where does the United Snakes get off anyway? How the Hell can Uncle Satan fine a British company under US laws? What sense does that make? Is the US the dictator of the world? (Obviously we think we are). Does US law apply overseas too? Where? US law applies in every state on Earth? How does that figure? Then why don’t the laws of every foreign land apply in the US too? Shouldn’t Iranian law apply here in the US? Why not?

Can someone please explain to me where the US gets off fining a British bank $200 million for violating US laws? I don’t get it.

A lot of idiots on this blog have asked how the Cuban embargo even hurts Cuba at all. Well, for one thing, apparently foreign banks are not allowed to engage in any trade whatsoever with Cuba. If they engage in transactions with Cuba, this is what happens to them – $200 million fine. So obviously that tends to discourage a lot of foreign banks from trading with Cuba! Does this happen to every foreign bank that trades with Cuba? No, but apparently it happens to some of them.

The Royal Bank of Scotland has agreed to pay $100m (£61m) after US investigations into illegal transactions with Iran, Sudan, Burma and Cuba. The bank has entered into agreements with the US Federal Reserve, the US Treasury Department and the New York State Department of Financial Services. Earlier on Wednesday it emerged that Lloyds Banking Group has been fined £28m over a new mis-selling scandal. In a statement, RBS said it “acknowledges and deeply regrets” the failings. The bank also said it has committed almost $490m (£300m) since 2010 to improve its sanctions controls.

Several UK banks have entered into settlements in recent years over continuing financial transactions with Iran despite US laws against them, and for removing information from payments to get them processed. Former City Minister Lord Myners told Sky’s Jeff Randall Live that the breaches made by RBS and other UK banks were an embarrassment. “It’ s embarrassing, to put it at its mildest, that the UK seems to be at the heart of so many of these failures,” he said. “It’ s not good that these problems arise in the UK, and reading this RBS statement it sounds very willful and intentional. What was going on in these banks? How was this allowed to happen?”

Lord Myners said there are likely to be more fines to come for RBS. “This isn’t closure for RBS with the US regulators. This isn’t the end of the story. There’s a lot more that’s going to come over the next year or so.” RBS said criminal authorities at the US Justice Department and the District Attorney of New York have closed their related investigations and will not bring charges. From 2005 to 2009, the bank removed references to sanctioned locations from payment messages to US financial institutions, the Treasury Department said. RBS instructed employees to list the name of the Iranian financial institution rather than its identifying
codes on wire transfers, the department said.

This prevented the bank’s payment system from automatically including references to Iran in the cover messages sent to US clearing banks. Lloyds TSB Bank Plc became the first bank to settle in the US, forfeiting $350m (£213m) in 2009. Others to pay penalties include Credit Suisse, Barclays, Standard Chartered, and ABN Amro, now part of RBS.

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Bigfoot News December 14, 2013

Interesting news – Jeff Meldrum reportedly had his first Bigfoot encounter in Canada earlier this year. The rumor is that John Bindernagel was with him on this trip. The location is somewhere in Alberta, Canada, and it is said to be one of the hottest research spots in North America right now. The news I got said that Meldrum had at the very least one Class B encounter and possibly more than one. She also stated that it was at the very least a Class B encounter, and it may in fact have been a Class A encounter.

Although Meldrum has not spoken about it publicly, he has definitely spoken about it privately. I understand that he is under some sort of an NDA about this incident though, so he may not talk about it much. The encounter must have occurred earlier this year because that area is now under many feet of snow, and it’s colder than a meat locker up there. Specifically, I believe the incident may have occurred in the fall. The source also told me that the full story of their encounter(s) would go public in a while anyway. There is apparently a lot more to this story, and I am digging into it right now.

This would apparently be Meldrum’s second Bigfoot encounter. His first was in the Siskiyou Mountains of Northern California when a Bigfoot repeatedly walked through their camp late at night. The Bigfoot apparently put its hand on Meldrum’s tent, and Meldrum could see the outline of its hand.

I really do like Jeff Meldrum a lot, even he has some detractors, or worse – enemies – in the community for sure. To be more specific, there are those in the community who absolutely despise him. Having spoken to him on the phone, I do think that Meldrum is a good man though. He comes across as very sane and very warm. He is amiable and even charming, which is interesting for a scientist as a lot of these fellows are pretty cold fish. Jeff is like your best friend.

I also felt that he was very careful in all of his statements to me. It seemed he was hedging himself like a true scientist should. He does has a public image to manage, and he doesn’t like things that mess up his media persona. After a bit of time in front of the TV camera, he is turning into a bit of an “actor type,” but that goes with the territory, and he plays the actor role well. He has a very interesting personality and mind, and that is clear if you watch him on TV.

I also like John Bindernagel a lot. He has a very good heart, and that comes through if you see his speeches or listen to his shows.

John Green is also a great guy, though sadly he is dying of prostate cancer.

I actually like all of these academic types. They are some of the finest people in our field.

Bigfootery is so sleazy that it tends to taint if not ruin the best of human beings due to the nature of the game – a race to the bottom where the biggest sleazeball wins and the nice guys are all left mugged, holding the bag and wondering what hit them. It’s nice to see that the academic types have not been dragged down by the “Bigfoot undertow.”

Bow hunting Bigfoot in Idaho. I actually like this video a lot, and it has at least one feature in it that hoaxers never seem to get right – actually they do not even try to replicate this feature. I won’t mention it, but the Facebook Find Bigfoot guys used to talk about it a lot. There is not a whole lot to see here, but I could not help notice that when it walked away, it looked a lot like some of those Bigfoots walking in the forest in the Erickson Project video. The general feeling out there is that this is a hoax, but I say not so fast now.

Mississippi skunk ape video. This is an extremely interesting video shot near Tupelo, Mississippi. The Bigfoot is apparently grubbing a rotten log and eating bugs (maybe grubs) out of the log. We are apparently looking at it from the back end as it grubs the log. There are at least four features about this Bigfoot that hoaxers never get right (they never even try to replicate these features), and that is why I think this is real. From the rear this looks like a lot of Bigfoot videos – the Poland video of the Bigfoots in the rocks, the end of the Patty video when we see her from behind, the Georgia Bigfoot video when the boy sees the Bigfoot. This one is also being called a hoax, but I doubt if it is.

Mass Bigfoot sighting in British Colombia recently. One of the largest mass sightings in history occurred in BC recently. 26 people, all men, reportedly saw a Bigfoot at a location that I believe is called Wheeler Ridge. I believe they were all loggers or forest workers. I do not think there is video available. I am looking into this right now.

Rick Dyer story. Apparently Dyer is still going to reveal his Bigfoot to the world on or about December 31, 2013. He has scheduled a pay per view video on Youtube, but there is no date on it yet.

Rick Dyer’s home broken into by haters. Haters apparently broke into Dyer’s apartment and completely trashed the place. Apparently either these folks or other haters were also caught stalking Rick and his wife. This is why Rick moved out of his apartment very quickly afterwards. This is also the reason why Rick issued his “Quitting Bigfootery” video that everyone took to be an acknowledgement of a hoax. This incident freaked him out and made him want to step back from the scene to say the least.

Man invades Dyer’s apartment, fight ensues. A hater apparently invaded Rick’s apartment some time back. Rick was home at the time and confronted him. A fistfight then ensued. I do not any more have details on this incident. As you can see, Rick’s haters have been getting pretty out of control.

Frank Cali quits Team Tracker, says he is spilling the beans. Cali quit and reportedly spilled the beans on Rick, calling the whole Dyer affair a great big hoax. However, he offered no evidence to prove this. Frank and Rick had had a huge falling out a little while beforehand, and that is what spurred this incident. Frank’s story has changed over and over and does not seem to make sense.

Frank Cali and Craig Phillips never saw Dyer’s Bigfoot. But they both lied and said they did. Phillips even made a video detailing his viewing, which fooled some people who stated that it seemed very credible.Well, it wasn’t. Remember how his eyes never looked at the camera and always looked down? There you go. Why did these men lie and say they say a Bigfoot that they never saw? Rick states that both men desperately wanted to see the Bigfoot, so Rick said they could make videos saying they saw it even though they never did. Sleazy, huh? Well, Rick Dyer is the king of sleaze, you know?

Dyer makes fake video claiming that the Men In Black stole his Bigfoot. Apparently this was all another gigantic hoax “to fool the haters.” A few people were kicked out of Team Tracker due to this video. More of Rick’s sleazy hoaxing and nonsense. Whether or not Rick actually shot a Bigfoot, and especially whether or not he has possession of one, Rick has definitely been hoaxing and lying like crazy all through this Dead Bigfoot affair.

Really nothing new on the Dyer front. Some time has passed since I last wrote about Dyer, but the main thing you need to know is that there really is nothing new to report here. In the interim, no new evidence has been offered up to prove that his story is true. On the other hand, his detractors have not yet proven the case is a hoax either. So there it lies, in stasis. We can’t prove it’s true, and we can’t prove it’s false. And there you have it.

Date fast approaching for Dyer’s reveal. Dyer was originally going to reveal on December 15, but after the break-in, he changed his mind and postponed it indefinitely. Later he said the reveal would happen on December 31.

Melba Ketchum, teen book author. From the comments section of Over the Line, Smokey, a hardcore Ketchum-hating blog.

December 15, 2013 at 2:57

Melanie F Reed is actually “The Ketchum” and I have some information on what the Ketchum lady is up to these days. She is starting or has started a new publishing company.

Her new alias/name is Melanie F. Reed. She will be writing books and publishing more-  but with an all new identity. She is going to great lengths to make “Melanie” an entirely new person so people don’t make the connection back to “Melba Ketchum.” A new saga begins (or, according to Ketchum, The Lost Saga). Supposedly the book comes out in December…Anyone seen it yet? Good times-  good times. Hope y’all can get down to the bottom of all this…more to come I am sure.

The site is here. The webpage is horribly done, so that right there is a clue that this may indeed be one of Melba’s webpages, as her sites are always horrific for some odd reason (Won’t pay for a web designer?). Looking around a bit, we can see that Melba is writing a 3-part teen book series called The Lost Saga. The first book in the series is called Strange World, and it is billed as a supernatural teen fantasy.

From the site, a book description:

Gracie McKay felt both excited and sad. Her family was trading its Manhattan highrise apartment for the sprawling suburbs of Seattle, Washington. Little did she know that as a shy girl soon to be 16, she was about to embark on a supernatural journey that would change her life forever–and lead her headlong into her destiny—a destiny intertwined with an unknown, unseen world.

Very disappointing Bigfoot series out of Channel 4 in the UK. This series, The Bigfoot Files, was billed as the greatest thing since sliced bread by Bigfooters for some time before it aired. Sadly, it was a massive bomb. It featured Dr. Bryan Sykes, who is admittedly a world class geneticist. The purpose of the series was apparently to use Sykes to prove conclusively, once and for all, that there is no such thing to the Bigfoot, Yeti or Almas legends. The show achieved its aims very well.

The first show dealt with the Yeti in the Himalayas. Although no Yeti was found, what was found was that at least some Yeti samples pointed to a brand new bear completely unknown to science (So much for no new large mammals being discovered, eh skeptards?) Most of the hairs were duds, but a few of the samples did match to a bone from an extinct polar bear from 40,000 years ago. This was at the time of the original brown bear (grizzly bear) – polar bear split.

The polar bear is a new species. It split off from the brown bear ~40,000 YBP. So this bear is really a sort of a brown bear-polar bear cross. Polar bears and grizzly bears are very closely related, and in the wild, they can actually interbreed. Somehow this early polar bear/brown bear got stranded up in the Himalayas (possibly in the Ice Age with the retreating glaciers). It lives at a very high altitude where there is snow and ice much of the year, so it is adapted to a polar bear-like environment.

The show also tried to prove that Yeti tracks are really just bear tracks that have partly melted or have been stepped in twice by the bear. This is transparently false, as Yeti tracks look nothing like bear tracks. Skeptics have been saying this about Bigfoot tracks for a long time (They are really just bear tracks that have been stepped in twice), and we shot that argument full of holes way back when.

The discovery of a brand new bear unknown to science is indeed startling news!

But the idea that the Yeti = weird polar bear does not seem to be true. The natives say that there are several different kinds of Yeti. Yeti after all just means ferocious thing or fierce thing in Tibetan. One of the Yetis is indeed said to be a very large bear. There are references to this huge Yeti-bear in Tibetan writings going back centuries.

However, natives are adamant that there is another Yeti that is some sort of a primitive relative hominid. Josh Gates recently cast some excellent footprints in Bhutan. Jeff Meldrum looked at the prints and decided that they were indeed genuine and appeared to be of a hominid. In addition, Dr. Melba Ketchum tested some purported Yeti hair, also from Gates, on a quick and dirty male/female peaks genetic test. The test came out preliminarily that Yetis were relict hominids related to Bigfoots but not the same species.

I am not very familiar with Yeti sightings, and I will have to go back over the historical record again. However, I believe that at least one sighting observed a group of Yeti hominids over a period of 2 hours or more. The Yeti hominid is said to live at a somewhat lower elevation that the Yeti Polar Bear does.

I still believe that there is an unknown hominid in the Himalayas.

The second episode involved Bigfoots in North America. Sykes received ~30 Bigfoot samples from North America but only revealed the results for eight of them. All eight were said to be known animals. A Derek Randles sample from eight feet up in a blueberry bush was said to be a canine. Tell me how a dog gets eight feet up a blueberry bush? Why all of these samples came back as known animals is beyond me. Could Sykes not have examined the hairs via a hair expert to quickly weed out the horses, dogs, opossums and whatnot? I do not understand why this was not done.

Justin Smeja’s sample from the Sierra Kills was tested and came back “black bear.” It has tested “black bear” now repeatedly – this is the fourth time it got this result. The producer challenged Justin and implied that he was making up the whole story, and Justin got angry, defensive and almost started crying. You really had to feel sorry for him.

The episode ended with the producer and Sykes in a philosophical conversation about how the Bigfoot phenomenon is obviously just Americans imagining things, and then went off into an abstract discussion of the human need to believe in monsters or beasts as some sort of  Jungian unconscious archetype common to the human race, possibly going back to our Cave Man days or our time on the African Savannah. Perhaps the recurring bogeyman theme is a leftover trauma from our genocidal wars with the Neandertals.

In other words, put a fork in the Bigfoot myth, it’s done for all time now.

Moving right along…

The final show dealt with Zana, the purported Almas in Abkhazia. She was supposedly captured in the 1870′s by residents of a small village in this remote mountain region. She was very wild at first but was eventually tamed. She never learned language, and it was clear that she was not a Homo Sapiens sapiens in the same sense that we are. The men used to get her drunk and bet each other to have sex with her, and several offspring were produced in this rather sleazy fashion. The offspring also looked very odd and had some characteristics that were simply not human. One of her sons, Kwit, could reportedly pick up a chair with his teeth!

The show gathered together some of Zana’s descendants, most of whom now just look like normal humans. Genetic testing on her bones revealed that Zana was 100% Sub-Saharan African. In other words, she was a Black woman!

Well, what is a Black woman doing running around in the forests of the Caucasus completely wild and living off the land, sleeping the open, lacking in all language and unable to learn language either? How is it that that a Black woman is completely covered in hair from head to toe? Because most Black people look like creatures from the Planet of the Apes, right? How is it that a Black woman is extremely strong, with strength far beyond that of a human? How is that the offspring of a Black woman and a White man (a mulatto) looks extremely primitive and is so strong that he can pick up chairs with his teeth? Most mulattos can do that, right?

On further examination, Sykes did note that Zana’s skull had certain features that were outside the realm of Homo Sapiens sapiens and were suggestive of possibly a more ancient or relict form of Homo. Sykes said that maybe Zana went back not to the Out of Africa people from 70,000 YBP from whom we all derive but actually to an earlier wave of Homo moving out of Africa. In other words, she was possibly a relict hominid. Exactly! What we have been saying all along.

So to wrap it all up, Yetis are really Polar Bears, Bigfoots are all hoaxes, lies or hallucinations, and Almastys are hair covered Black folks who run around wild in the remotest Caucasus.

Three legends killed with one stone, er, one show.

The truth is that most British people simply do not believe in any of this relict hominid stuff. They probably do not have relict hominids in their land, so to them, these creatures simply do not exist. British people who come to my site are far more likely to be Bigfoot skeptics than Americans are. They think we Americans are hillbilly morons for believing in these Bigfoot boogeymen.

You gotta love those pommies!

All in all, this show was an extreme disappointment. Either Sykes himself does not believe that any of these things exist, and that was what he set out to prove, or Sykes was used by the producers to further their skeptical view.

Monster slayers!


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