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Disputing Rightwing Lies about “Welfare”

Ricks1977 wrote:

Over +30% of our taxes go on some form of welfare (that’s why so many illegals come in), I have no problems with Some Socialism I am a Moderate, BUT Free IOU’s/Handout no thanks!! I takes away the inbuilt human ability to work and be self-sufficient (Its turns some of us in to parasites)!

Illegals are not eligible for any welfare programs that I am aware of. However, they are on some programs. Of course they use emergency health services, and they can get WIC for their kids, but the kid is a citizen.

It is not true that 30% of our taxes go to welfare. That’s just not the case. It doesn’t inhibit people’s desire to work. I know a lot of people on these programs, and most of them work. In fact, I know people who are on disability. You would think someone could kick back on disability, but most people on disability work. I knew some women on welfare, and they worked. We have some Section 8 people in this complex, and they all work. Most people on Medicaid work. So there’s not that many people surviving getting free money. Anyway, you won’t get any free money.

If you’re not working, there’s no welfare program to survive on. If you are a woman with a kid, you can get welfare, but it is only ~$300/month. Try living off that. Sure you can get Section 8, but Sec 8 is just reduced rents. The people on it still have to come up with ~50% of the normal rent price. Medicaid is nice but it doesn’t buy food or pay your bills.

Yes you can get food stamps to help you eat. I have no problem giving folks some food to eat. The only support you can get if you don’t work is disability and welfare. We showed how welfare doesn’t pay the bills, but disability doesn’t either. You simply cannot live off it. So most people on disability work as much as they can under the table. If you report your income, they take 1/2 of it, and if it goes on a long time, they may throw you off disability.

Bottom line is there just are not that many people kicking back and refusing to work and living off handouts. You can’t even really do it. I know a few who do it, but they are on disability and it’s arguable whether they can really work or not.

Since you can’t kick back on handouts, nobody’s doing it. If nobody’s doing it, nobody’s being turned into a parasite.

The fact that even folks on disability work shows you that these programs do not sap your will to work. In fact you can’t survive, so you have to work. If you can’t survive, you can’t kick back. Also most everyone I know on these programs is miserable, chronically depressed and often suicidal. They are not having fun and it’s all because they don’t have any money. They don’t seem like parasites living high off the hog to me.

Europe has long had extensive welfare programs that you could even survive off. The rate of parasitism is low, and there are not mass cases of the will to work being sapped. They have one of the most productive workforces on Earth. In the USSR, studies showed that “chronic parasites” – the folks that conservatives love to rant about being the “lazy kick back get stuff without working” types – were only 6% of the population. So it is only a very small % of the population that is inclined to parasitism anyway.


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Noble Savages

In honor of Thanksgiving, I would like to make this post in honor of the Native Americans whose lands were stolen from them by European invaders:

“The surrender terms, however, gave nothing to the Native Americans who had fought alongside the French, some of whom had traveled from as far away as present day Wisconsin. Native American warriors would have expected scalps, captives, and booty in the wake of victory.

And so on the afternoon of the surrender, the French-allied Native Americans began to seize what they believed they were owed: entering the fort’s hospital, they killed the sick and wounded, taking scalps and possessions, and they dug up the recently buried and took their scalps, too, along with whatever clothing and blankets had been buried with the corpses. The next day they launched an attack on the departing evacuees, taking captives, more scalps, and more goods.”

- Fred Anderson. 2000. Crucible of War: The Seven Years War and the Fate of Empire in British North America, 1754-1766, pp. 187-189. New York.

“But some of those who had lain ill in Fort William Henry’s hospital and some of those whose corpses had been scalped had had smallpox. Consequently, the warriors carried more than scalps, captives, and booty with them; they also carried the deadly smallpox virus. Some warriors became ill en route, and halted to die at Fort Niagara; others reached their villages only to spread it to kin and neighbors.”

- R. Peter MacLeod. 1992. “Microbes and Muskets: Smallpox and the Participation of the Amerindian Allies of New France in the Seven Years War,” Ethnohistory 39: 42-64.

And don’t forget my own very popular and widely linked piece on the smallpox-infected blankets bullshit.

The real reason is alluded to above, among other things:

The real spread of smallpox was caused by the French invention of paying for scalps of English and Dutch colonists. Seems the Indians in the employ of the French were so eager to feast on French trade goods that they would dig up the recent graves of smallpox victims to scalp them. A scalp was treated like cash (which it was) and as cash crossed many hands before being retired by the French paymaster.

Smallpox-infected blankets, my ass.


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US, Canada, Europe Vote in Favor of Nazism at the UN

The UN had an absolutely amazing vote the other day. The Assembly voted on a measure condemning the heroization and veneration of Nazis by member countries. Most countries of course supported this reasonable measure, but the US, Canada and the Ukraine voted against it. In other words, the US, Canada and Ukraine voted in favor of Nazism at the UN. That the Nazi government in the Ukraine would against it is not surprising; after all, they are Nazis – what do you expect? However, the US and Canada vote is shocking. Think of the implications of this – the US and Canada just voted in favor of Nazism at the United Nations General Assembly. Why? Are the US and Canada becoming Nazi countries or do they just support Nazis. It is a known fact that the US and Canada are supplying military supplies to Nazi governments involved in wars against their own people. The US has also sent advisors, apparently to assist the Nazis with their genocidal project.

People wonder why I’m an America-hater. I would answer that if you’re a decent person no matter where you live on Earth, how could you not be an America-hater. I mean, come on – this is a government that is arming and advising Nazis as they commit genocide against their own people.

I must say I have never been more disgusted to be an American. Looking around the Net, I see a lot of Canadians saying the same thing. The Harper government just voted in favor of Nazism at the General Assembly.

Is the EU really the Nazi EU? The entire EU voted to abstain on the resolution. In other words, they didn’t want to take a position on whether Nazis were good or bad. Amazing! One wonders if the EU is becoming a Nazi organization.

Other nations that voted pro-Nazi by abstaining are Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, Japan, Libya, Mali, South Sudan, Chad, Democratic Republic of Congo, Belize, South Korea, Samoa, and Yemen.

The Libyan government is nothing but a NATO colony right now. Australia and New Zealand are part of the Anglosphere, and the Anglosphere is leading the way with pro-Nazi sentiment these days. The votes of Turkey, Japan and South Korea are understandable, as all have long histories of being fascist countries. Samoa is a colony of the US. The votes of Chad, Mali, South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo and Yemen are hard to figure.

This is truly a dark day in history. The West creeps onward towards fascism, slowly but surely.

The US, Canada and the Ukraine Refuse to Condemn the Heroization of Nazism

It is often argued whether the Ukrainian junta is Nazi or not. I would strongly argue that even though Poroshenko did not come out, make a Nazi salute and declare “I am a Nazi” all the signs point to the conclusion that the regime in Kiev has its ideological roots in the Nazi past. The latest example of that “filiation” can be found in this absolutely amazing event last week: only three countries – the US, Canada and the Ukraine voted against a UN Resolution condemning the heroization of Nazism. The EU was not much better: it abstained. This development is so crazy, so insane, that it is important to have access to the original document which was voted on.

Here is the full text of the Resolution:

You can also get this text from here:

Here is the official voting record:

To me, this is disgusting beyond belief. Here we have two countries who try to positions themselves as the most pro-Israeli on the planet (the US and Canada) and the EU which has even passed laws making not only Nazi propaganda illegal but jailing those who would dare investigate the mass murder of Jews by the Nazis in the Holocaust.

And yet these putatively anti-Nazi and “democratic” countries are now refusing to condemn the heroization of Nazism not so much because they particularly like Nazis, but because they want to “protect” the Ukrainian junta.

As for the Ukrainians themselves, they have suffered more from Nazis then any other country or ethnic group, and yet they also refused to condemn the heroization of Nazism. This makes a mockery not only of all their so-called principles and values, it also is an act of obscene disrespect for the millions of Ukrainian murdered by the Nazis. There is one good thing about all this: it shows clearly and unequivocally how much the western elites truly hate Russia and that this hate clearly trumps any other considerations or values.

Russian disgust

For the past few days, or weeks, really, I have seen more and more signs of total Russian disgust with the West. If, in the past, Russian diplomats and politicians were mostly trying to sound polite, now they are openly expressing their disgust. For example, they are now openly saying the Europe does not have a foreign policy or an opinion, that Europe is just a subservient colony of the US.

As for the US, the Russians are now openly saying that this entire Ukrainian crisis was just a pretext and that the US are really out there to submit Russia. Putin said that openly last week, adding that nobody had every succeeded in subduing Russia and neither would the USA. This goes further than words, Russia has already announced that she was going to boycott the 2016 Summit on Nuclear Security. This became known when the Russian informed the other members of this Summit that Russia would not participate in its preparatory work.

Sergei Lavrov also made a remarkable speech today, but since the pathetic website of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not even bother providing a translation on the same day, we will have to wait before I can post it here.


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The Doctor Diagnoses the Bard

Dr. Samuel Johnson weighs in his verdict on Shakespeare’s flaws. Now to be fair I should note that in this same essay, Johnson also praises him to the skies, and I believe he says he is the greatest of all writers. But any criticism of Shakespeare is interesting. There is one point we need to note. How many people have written essays or books extolling the greatness of Shakespeare in one way or another? Can we even count them. The cynic might say that if you write a piece praising Shakespeare, nobody is going to read it as it’s old hat. But criticizing Shakespeare? That’s not something that’s often done! So many some of these critics were just trying to get eye mileage out of novelty.

Anyway, this is a gorgeous piece of writing from England before the American Revolution by one of the finest writers of our time.

I changed some of the archaic English, but I left in most of the British spelling.

Shakespeare with his excellencies has likewise faults, and faults sufficient to obscure and overwhelm any other merit. I shall show them in the proportion in which they appear to me, without envious malignity or superstitious veneration. No question can be more innocently discussed than a dead poet’s pretensions to renown; and little regard is due to that bigotry which sets candour higher than truth.

His first defect is that to which may be imputed most of the evil in books or in men. He sacrifices virtue to convenience, and is so much more careful to please than to instruct, that he seems to write without any moral purpose.

From his writings indeed a system of social duty may be selected, for he that thinks reasonably must think morally; but his precepts and axioms drop casually from him; he makes no just distribution of good or evil, nor is always careful to shew in the virtuous a disapprobation of the wicked; he carries his persons indifferently through right and wrong, and at the close dismisses them without further care, and leaves their examples to operate by chance. This fault the barbarity of his age cannot extenuate; for it is always a writer’s duty to make the world better, and justice is a virtue independent on time or place.

The plots are often so loosely formed, that a very slight
consideration may improve them, and so carelessly pursued, that he seems not always fully to comprehend his own design. He omits opportunities of instructing or delighting which the train of his story seems to force upon him, and apparently rejects those exhibitions which would be more affecting, for the sake of those which are more easy.

It may be observed, that in many of his plays the latter part is evidently neglected. When he found himself near the end of his work, and, in view of his reward, he shortened the labour to snatch the profit. He therefore remits his efforts where he should most vigorously exert them, and his catastrophe is improbably produced or imperfectly represented.

He had no regard to distinction of time or place, but gives to one age or nation, without scruple, the customs, institutions, and opinions of another, at the expense not only of likelihood, but of possibility. These faults  Pope has endeavoured, with more zeal than judgment, to transfer to his imagined interpolators. We need not wonder to find Hector quoting Aristotle, when we see the loves of  Theseus and  Hippolyta combined with the Gothic mythology of fairies.

Shakespeare, indeed, was not the only violator of chronology, for in the same age Sidney, who wanted not the advantages of learning, has, in his Arcadia, confounded the pastoral with the feudal times, the days of innocence, quiet and security, with those of turbulence, violence, and adventure.

In his comic scenes he is seldom very successful, when he engages his characters in reciprocations of smartness and contests of sarcasm; their jests are commonly gross, and their pleasantry licentious; neither his gentlemen nor his ladies have much delicacy, nor are sufficiently distinguished from his clowns by any appearance of refined manners.

Whether he represented the real conversation of his time is not easy to determine; the reign of Elizabeth is commonly supposed to have been a time of stateliness, formality and reserve; yet perhaps the relaxations of that severity were not very elegant. There must, however, have been always some modes of gayety preferable to others, and a writer ought to choose the best.

In tragedy his performance seems constantly to be worse, as his labour is more. The effusions of passion which exigence forces out are for the most part striking and energetic; but whenever he solicits his invention, or strains his faculties, the offspring of his throes is tumor, meanness, tediousness, and obscurity.

In narration he affects a disproportionate pomp of diction, and a wearisome train of circumlocution, and tells the incident imperfectly in many words, which might have been more plainly delivered in few. Narration in dramatic poetry is naturally tedious, as it is unanimated and inactive, and obstructs the progress of the action; it should therefore always be rapid, and enlivened by frequent interruption. Shakespeare found it an encumbrance, and instead of lightening it by brevity, endeavoured to recommend it by dignity and splendour.

His declamations or set speeches are commonly cold and weak, for his power was the power of nature; when he endeavoured, like other tragic writers, to catch opportunities of amplification, and instead of inquiring what the occasion demanded, to show how much his stores of knowledge could supply, he seldom escapes without the pity or resentment of his reader.

It is incident to him to be now and then entangled with an unwieldy sentiment, which he cannot well express, and will not reject; he struggles with it a while, and if it continues stubborn, comprises it in words such as occur, and leaves it to be disentangled and evolved by those who have more leisure to bestow upon it.

Not that always where the language is intricate the thought is subtle, or the image always great where the line is bulky; the equality of words to things is very often neglected, and trivial sentiments and vulgar ideas disappoint the attention, to which they are recommended by sonorous epithets and swelling figures.

But the admirers of this great poet have never less reason to indulge their hopes of supreme excellence, than when he seems fully resolved to sink them in dejection, and mollify them with tender emotions by the fall of greatness, the danger of innocence, or the crosses of love. He is not long soft and pathetic without some idle conceit, or contemptible equivocation. He no sooner begins to move, than he counteracts himself; and terror and pity, as they are rising in the mind, are checked and blasted by sudden frigidity.

A quibble is to Shakespeare, what luminous vapours are to the traveller; he follows it at all adventures; it is sure to lead him out of his way, and sure to engulf him in the mire. It has some malignant power over his mind, and its fascinations are irresistible. Whatever be the dignity or profundity of his disquisition, whether he be enlarging knowledge or exalting affection, whether he be amusing attention with incidents, or enchaining it in suspense, let but a quibble spring up before him, and he leaves his work unfinished.

A quibble is the golden apple for which he will always turn aside from his career, or stoop from his elevation. A quibble, poor and barren as it is, gave him such delight, that he was content to purchase it, by the sacrifice of reason, propriety and truth. A quibble was to him the fatal Cleopatra for which he lost the world, and was content to lose it.

It will be thought strange, that, in enumerating the defects of this writer, I have not yet mentioned his neglect of the unities: his violation of those laws which have been instituted and established by the joint authority of poets and critics.

For his other deviations from the art of writing I resign him to critical justice, without making any other demand in his favour, than that which must be indulged to all human excellence: that his virtues be rated with his failings: But, from the censure which this irregularity may bring upon him, I shall, with due reverence to that learning which I must oppose, adventure to try how I can defend him.

His histories, being neither tragedies nor comedies are not subject to any of their laws; nothing more is necessary to all the praise which they expect, than that the changes of action be so prepared as to be understood, that the incidents be various and affecting, and the characters consistent, natural, and distinct. No other unity is intended, and therefore none is to be sought.

In his other works he has well enough preserved the unity of action. He has not, indeed, an intrigue regularly perplexed and regularly unraveled: he does not endeavour to hide his design only to discover it, for this is seldom the order of real events, and Shakespeare is the poet of nature: But his plan has commonly what Aristotle requires, a beginning, a middle, and an end; one event is concatenated with another, and the conclusion follows by easy consequence.

There are perhaps some incidents that might be spared, as in other poets there is much talk that only fills up time upon the stage; but the general system makes gradual advances, and the end of the play is the end of expectation.

- Samuel Johnson, Preface to The Plays of William Shakespeare, 1765.

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Polls Show Strong Support for Nazis among Americans


Detailed results here.

Background: There is a war in the Ukraine. The Nazi government of the Ukraine has invaded Eastern Ukraine, where partisan bands began forming in opposition to the Nazis. The partisans at one point voted to secede from the Ukraine because they did not want to be part of a Nazi state. Consequently the Nazis invaded Eastern Ukraine to put destroy the partisan bands and restore Nazi rule.

The Nazis have been waging genocide against the partisans and their supporters, shelling their neighborhoods and trying to force them off their land in an ethnic cleansing project. The objective is to drive all of the partisans off their land in the East, annex the East as a Lebensraum for the Nazis and then settle the East with Nazi civilians from Western Ukraine. This has already happened in Slovyansk, where most of the partisan supporters have fled and the Nazis have settled Nazi civilians from Western Ukraine into the partisans’ apartments.

Half of the East has now been liberated from Nazi rule by the partisans, who are called the Anti-Fascist Resistance (AFR). The other half is still under Nazi rule.

The Nazis are ruling as hostile occupiers of a restive citizenry. Nazis kidnap AFR supporters off the streets and put them in prisons where they are badly beaten. The Nazis have engaged in mass rapes of teenage girls who are seen as part of the AFR support base. Many have been raped by the Nazis. In many cases, the gang rapes were so violent that these girls have damage to their internal organs. Nazis steal people’s cars all the time, walk into stores and take whatever they want, shoot people on the streets and just in general are hostile occupiers. All of this, including the mass violent rapes of teenage girls, is occurring with the full support of the United States.

Obviously the partisan supporters do not wish to live under Nazi occupation.

The entire West has supported the genocidal Nazi campaign. The only nation helping the partisans resist the Nazis is Russia. Just like in WW2, once again Russia is fighting Nazi invaders from the west. For the crime of helping the anti-Nazi resistance, the West has imposed devastating sanctions on Russia and has repeatedly threatened them with war. The West has sent advisors and supplies to assist the Nazi conquest. The US in particular has sent many military advisors who are working closely with the Nazis to help them plan attacks.

A ceasefire was negotiated between the Nazis and the AFR forces. The Russians were not a party to the conflict so they had nothing to do with the ceasefire.

Poll: Nevertheless, the lying CNN poll asked Americans if the Russians could be counted on to uphold their end of the ceasefire. However, the Russians have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the ceasefire. The AFR decides if they will attack or fight back against Nazi ceasefire violations, which have been continuous.

The Russians have nothing to do with that whatsoever as the AFR do not take orders from the Russians. The Western media lies and says that the AFR takes orders from the Russians but that is nonsense. The AFR does whatever the Hell it wants to and doesn’t care what Russia thinks. However, if the AFR wanted to launch an offensive, for example, they would have to get Russian approval because Russia supplies the partisans with money, supplies and weaponry. So if the AFR launched an offensive without Russian support, it would soon run out of steam. Understand?

So the Russians had nothing to do with “holding up their end of the ceasefire.” The question itself is a lie. The Russians are not a party to the conflict,. They are not a belligerent. They were not a part of the ceasefire. So there is no ceasefire for them to uphold. However, the answers showed that Americans strongly support the Nazis and are strongly opposed to the anti-Nazi partisans. So the Americans are rooting for the Nazis in this war.

The second question asked whether Americans supported sanctions on Russia. The West has opposed devastating sanctions on Russia for supplying the anti-fascist partisans. The poll showed that Americans strongly support punishing Russia for their support for the antifas. That means that Americans support the Nazis again on this question.

67-73% of Americans support the Nazis in this conflict, while only 23-29% support the anti-Nazi partisans.

Nazi support among Americans is strong across the board, but Whites support the Nazis much more than non-Whites. The youngest people showed the lowest level of support for Nazis, while pro-Nazi sentiment gradually increased in the older age brackets. Nazi support was highest among the elderly. Wealthier Americans were much more pro-Nazi than lower income Americans.

There was no significant difference in Nazi support by region in the US as support was high across the board. Support was also high across the board among Republicans, Democrats and independents and among conservatives, liberals and moderates. Republicans were somewhat more pro-Nazi than Democrats, but incredibly, liberals were significantly more pro-Nazi than conservatives. The important point here is that pro-Nazi sentiment in the US is strong across the political spectrum from right to left.

It is extremely depressing that we have become such a pro-Nazi country. Apparently our memories are short. Didn’t we fight a war against these guys?



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M17 Shootdown: Anatomy of a False Flag Attack

Great article from Pravda tells the truth about the downing of M-17 by a Ukrainian jet.

I do not believe the theories of Gordon Duff. Duff is an extreme kook who believes every nutty conspiracy theory that comes down the pike. He has a lot of interesting sources and articles, but the bottom line is much of what he says has no good, solid evidence to support it and furthermore, it seems quite unlikely.

Douglas Barrie is also wrong. The jet was not hit by a missile. The holes from the inside pointing out are the machine gun cannot fire which went in the cabin on one side and exited on the other side of the plane. Where they exited, yes, the holes were pushed from the inside out. Vasilescu makes it quite clear that there was no attack by an air to air missile. I always wondered about that theory as there seemed to be little evidence to support that idea that a missile was used in the takedown. Vasilescu makes the case that the jet was shot down simply with cannon fire to the cabin. That sounds about right.

Romanian military expert, pilot and former deputy commander of Otopeni military airport, Valentin Vasilescu, presented his version of the tragedy of the Malaysian Boeing in the sky over Ukraine. According to the expert, the plane was shot down by Ukrainian MiG-29, possibly piloted by Polish pilot.

Valentin Vasilescu refutes the theory, according to which the plane had been shot down by surface-to-air missile, which, according to American and Ukrainian versions, the militia launched from Buk-1M mobile unit:

“A surface-to-air missile, with a warhead weighing from 40 to 70 kilos, explodes not inside the object of destruction, but near it, at a distance of 50-100 meters. The detonation of the warhead produces a shock wave that disperses fragments with high velocities. They can puncture the fuselage of an aircraft, but given the size of the Boeing-777 (73 meters long, with a large wingspan), they can not lead to the destruction of the aircraft in separate smaller parts, as it happens with the aircraft that are 7-10 times smaller. Such fragments, when hitting a Boeing-777, can rupture the fuel system of the aircraft. The fuel can spread on the fuselage and wings, setting the whole plane on fire,” said the expert.

“Similarly, if the hydraulic system had been damaged, the Boeing 777 would have lost control of the flight. Thus, if such a large aircraft like Boeing 777 of Malaysia Airlines had been hit by surface-to-air missile, the crew would have been able to warn traffic control services of the situation on board. But we do not see anything like that in registers,” Valentin Vasilescu said.

The plane, as shown by black boxes, collapsed in the air, but this is only possible in case of a horizontal nosedive from the height of ten thousand feet, when the maximum speed limit is exceeded. “If the plane spins, the crew is very often unable to control the aircraft. Instantaneous depressurization of the cockpit may also occur,” the expert said.

Douglas Barrie, a researcher of the International Institute for Strategic Studies, said that the edges of a fragment of the cockpit fuselage on the right side were bent from the inside to the outside. This indicates an explosion that occurred inside the plane, which is impossible if the Boeing MH-17 had been shot down by missile equipped with a proximity fuse.

The plane could not be shot down by Buk-M1 as there was no electromagnetic radiation from the missile complex registered. There was no thick plume or white condensation of 10-35 kilometers from the earth, which appears and lasts for several minutes after launch.

The expert notes that he is not alone in his opinion. For example, Gordon Duff, a veteran of the Vietnam War, currently a security consultant, believes that the Malaysian Boeing could not be shot down by surface-to-air or air-to-air missile. According to him, it was either a bomb explosion on board, or “a gun of a Ukrainian fighter jet.” “It was a diabolical brain that planned the attack, as flight MH-17 was shot down from an on-board gun. The gun left traces that make one believe that it was a small bomb that exploded inside,” he said.

Canadian expert Michael Bociurkiw wrote in his report that part of the aircraft fuselage was dotted with “shrapnel-like, almost machine gun-like holes.” He said the damage was inspected by Malaysian aviation-security officials. Bociurkiw believes that Boeing MH-17 was shot down from small arms or artillery weapons of a fighter aircraft that had a high fire rate.

The expert referred to the report from BBC correspondent Olga Ivzina from July 23, 2014, which was later censored by the company management. The report provided testimony from residents of the Donetsk region, who confirmed the presence of another aircraft in the sky over the area, where the catastrophe occurred.

According to Valentin Vasilescu, evidence from Russian military experts about the participation of a Ukrainian fighter aircraft in the destruction of the Boeing were quite convincing.

He recalled that at the press conference of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation on July 21, 2014, Chief of Air Staff, Lieutenant-General Igor Makushev and Head of the Main Operations Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, Lieutenant-General Andrei Kartopolov, noted that at the time when the airliner disappeared from radar screens, radar stations of the Russian Defense Ministry registered another aircraft, supposedly a Su-25.

The aircraft is capable of gaining altitude of up to ten kilometers and can be equipped with air-to-air missiles with a range of 12 kilometers, capable of striking targets at a distance of five kilometers. The unidentified aircraft was approaching the liner at a distance of three to five kilometers and then continued to patrol the crash site.

However, the Romanian expert believes that it was not a Ukrainian Su-25, as the plane could not reach the altitude of 10,300 meters and strike the Boeing due to the poor level of training of Ukrainian flight personnel and technical imperfection of old Su-25.

Vasilescu indicates that radars show Su-25 identically to MiG-29 fighter jet, as the planes have identical reflective surface area.

“The altitude limit for MiG-29 is 18,013 meters, so the height, at which the Malaysian plane was flying – 10,300 meters – was easy to achieve. The Su-25 does not have enough acceleration due to its maximum speed of 975 kilometers per hour, so it can not catch up with a Boeing-777, and follow it at a distance of 58 kilometers at a speed of 900 kilometers per hour and at an altitude of ten thousand meters, keeping the velocity of about 200-300 meters per second, to attack it from on-board weapons.

“A Mig-29 has two high thrust engines, allowing it to develop the speed of 2000 kilometers per hour. The fleet of the Ukrainian Air Force has fighter aircraft MiG-29 that are capable of intercepting Boeing-777. The fighters are based near Kiev and in Ivano-Frankivsk,” the expert concludes.

Vasilescu added that MiG-29 of the Ukrainian army are armed with GSh-301, 30 millimeter gun, with a rate of 1,500 rounds per minute. The gun was loaded with 150 shells containing tungsten alloy. “These shells go through targets, leaving traces of perfectly circular shape. They do not explode inside the cockpit, they are not incendiary, but can kill the crew and destroy the cockpit, which can be seen in the presence of holes with their edges opening outside on the opposite wall.

Thus, the Malaysian Boeing MH-17, according to the Romanian expert, was shot down from a gun of a MiG-29 aircraft, rather than a missile. Even air-to-air missiles, the expert says, R-60, for example, have a proximity fuse. In this case, fragments would fly 360 degrees around and strike the entire fuselage of the aircraft, not just the cockpit. In addition, air-to-air missiles are equipped with heat seekers that target the most heated part of the aircraft, i.e. the engines. The crashed Boeing had the cockpit destroyed. The death of the crew and the depressurization of the cockpit made the Boeing spin instantly, and the plane fell apart at an altitude of two thousand meters. In the air, there was neither fire, nor bomb explosion.

The Romanian expert noted that Polish military pilots are best trained in south-eastern Europe and have many hours of flight time (180-200 hours per year). “They are familiar with the airspace of Ukraine, they took part in all exercises that Ukrainian Air Force has organized in the last four or five years. Polish Air Force has 31 MiG-29 jets, 16 of which were re-equipped by specialists of Israel Aerospace Industries. The planes received new avionics (multifunction color displays (MFCD), GPS-guided weapons, data-link support, UHF/VHF RT-8200 Rockwell Collins radio station and MDP video technology, etc.). Polish pilots were trained by Israeli instructors who have extensive experience in destroying a variety of air targets, concluded Valentin Vasilescu.

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Crimes of US-backed Nazis in Mariupol

Here is the latest from ANNA News. In the reports below from Nazi-occupied Mariupol, the Nazis are the Ukrainian National Guard (Nazi Guard) and the various Nazi militias such as the Dneiper Battalion, the Azov Battalion, etc. The West has thrown its full support behind these Nazis. The people under Nazi occupation have formed anti-Nazi bands of partisans just like in World War 2.

Russia alone is supporting the partisans against the Nazi beasts. For the crime of resisting Western Nazism, Russia has been repeatedly sanctioned, threatened, vilified and is constantly menaced by the threat of attack and invasion.

Putin just went to the G20 Summit, where the Nazi supporting nations were having a meeting. He was repeatedly snubbed by the biggest supporters of the Nazis, including the US, Canada and Australia. Barack Obama, probably the biggest Nazi supporter at the summit, gave an angry pro-Nazi speech in which he threatened the anti-fascist forces and cheered the Nazis to victory. He also specifically threatened Russia for arming the partisan bands.

Putin was so disgusted by this pro-Nazi gathering that he left to go home early. The pro-Nazi Western media claimed that the Nazi supporters at the summit had humiliated Putin for his strong antifa stand. As he was leaving, Putin gave a fierce statement stating that the Nazis, backed by the West, were trying to commit genocide against the partisans in the East and that Russia will stand steadfast against the Western backed Nazi horde and will not let this stand.

Details on life in Mariupol from ANNA News

Eyewitness Accounts, Genocide in Ukraine, Ukrainian War Crimes, Ukrainian Crimes Against Humanity, Ukrainian Punitive Battalions

Eyewitness: Murder, Robbery and Rape in Mariupol

Preamble: This video below documents a telephone conversation between the editor of ANNA News, an independent news agency, and a resident of Mariupol, a port city in the south of Ukraine, which is currently occupied and terrorized by fascist National Guards. It documents heinous crimes being perpetrated against the civilian population, especially against women and girls.

Video: Eyewitness report: murder and rape in Mariupol (08.11.2014)

REPORTER: This is the Voice of Novorossiya, the program In Reality. We are going to talk about what is going on in Novorossiya. First we will speak about the Donetsk and the Lugansk Peoples’ Republics. First we take a look at the Donetsk Republic, an area that is occupied by the “glorious” and “fine” Ukrainian Army. We are connected with the City of Mariupol. Our interlocutor, Olga, comes from this wonderful city. Hello, Olga!

OLGA: Hello!

REPORTER: Olga, tell me, what’s going on there, because one only gets sporadic and inconsistent information from Mariupol. Usually someone has blown up something or killed someone. After that they say: “That’s not true, here all is quiet and well.” Some say that the officials have fled the city and that the “PrivatBank” has shifted its assets and branches. Tell us, what do things look like in Mariupol in reality?

OLGA: The mood in the city is, of course, far from the best. There are actually people here who describe themselves as Ukrainian patriots. They are in favor of the Ukrainian authorities. But the vast majority of people are hiding their true views on the People’s Republic of Donetsk. After the referendum on May 11, everyone saw how many people came and stood for four hours in line to cast their votes for an independent People’s Republic of Donetsk.

As for the PrivatBank — yes, there are rumors that Kolomoisky withdrew his assets. But the branches are still open.

Regarding the killings and abductions of people — it is all true. This is very carefully concealed. There is no one talking about it. The Police work very closely with the criminal battalions, Azov, Dnepr, Shakhtarsk and Holy Mary. That name is, of course, a terrible one — if you ask me — for people who murder their fellow citizens. It is also somehow very stupid, if one can say so.

Recently an incident occurred not far from my home. It was at a bus stop in broad daylight, in the presence of fifteen people. A car full of Nazis pulled up. They chose two girls who looked the youngest, they just threw them in the car and disappeared. We have heard nothing from the girls for four days. One can only guess what has happened to them and whether or not they will ever come back home and in what condition.

Very often one hears about girls, mostly young, fourteen- to sixteen-year-olds, being brought to hospitals, girls who’ve been raped in a bestial manner. In a very cruel manner. I won’t describe it. Their physical condition — mental, at any rate — is terrible. It looks really bad for them. Everything on them has been torn apart. Sometimes to one big pulp. I shudder when I talk about it.

REPORTER: Olya, I’ll tell you something: after this video is uploaded and put online, thousands of Ukrainian “patriots” from across the country will again begin to bark, according to the mantra “Again that old tart told lies on the phone. Where are the facts? Where is the evidence? Where are the medical certificates?” What do you say to these people? To go to Mariupol and go to a particular hospital at a specific address? To check whether these girls are there or not? Should we perhaps send the stations, Channel 1+1 or ICTV there? Which one of our “patriotic” TV channels can still get emails? They should see them, conduct interviews with the parents of these poor little girls and the doctors who treat them.

OLGA: Yes, they should look into it. But the question is whether our doctors are prepared to tell the truth. You know that those who do not agree with the regime are simply destroyed [killed].

Kidnappings have become common, even in broad daylight. The Nazis, armed with machine-guns randomly stop cars, buses or taxis. Those who they do not like, or the ones they suspect of co-operation with either the DPR or the troops of Novorossiya, get singled out. Near the airport, on the Volodarskaya Highway, there are warehouses with large cellars. I heard the story from a man I know personally. And he is not alone. They were detained there. And girls. The girls were also young. They don’t grab any women over thirty, they prefer “young meat”, as they say.

I know the story of a prostitute. She was a real prostitute who is now dead. She worked the bars and was a whore. I do not condemn her because everyone can live the way they want. She spent a week with the Nazi Guards. Within that week she was forced to have sex with a hundred men. The hundred men treated her so brutally, she was beaten black and blue, she had to crawl back home. She’d been beaten so badly that she had to crawl back home on her hands and knees.

After three days, she died due to ruptured internal organs and internal bleeding. Well, she was HIV positive. When she was picked up at the bus stop, she said: “Guys, let’s at least use condoms. I understand what you want, I’m not refusing…” She was told “What’s that, you Donbass scum? You don’t want a child from us normal guys?” And that was that…

The people, the men who were in captivity, they made it out only because they had savings. Many of them spent a month in the hospital after their release. They have damaged kidneys from being beaten and tortured. Women are not released. A friend of mine has now been missing for four months. It’s like she doesn’t exist. Of course, I cherish the hope that she may still be alive, but, as you surely understand, it’s not very likely.

And the “comrades” who do not believe all this should go there and see by themselves what their sons and husbands are doing. They take things, steal, plunder, beat, harass. They barge into shops and schools with machine-guns.

In the school number 62 of Mariupol — a sports school — they have established their headquarters. At the center of the “Left Bank” district is a checkpoint. In Taganrogskaya Street — a residential area — there is another checkpoint. Also in the Vostochniy District, which has been through a lot, there is a huge checkpoint.

And this is how it looks all over the city — the whole city! They don’t care that people are protesting against the construction of checkpoints in residential neighborhoods. The don’t care, they don’t give a damn! They say they “defend” us? As they said to my sister: “All of you, you Moskals, we’re going to exterminate you one way or another. You’re not humans, you’re scum…”

REPORTER: I understand: “Mariupol is either Ukrainian or depopulated.” I know that, we’re getting used to it. What do you think, when is the Army of Novorossiya expected to enter Mariupol? What do your feelings tell you?

OLGA: One can discuss this question a lot. I want to say only one thing: we believe and we are waiting for them and we will support them. Not only men but also women, teenagers, young and old. Many believe, wait and hope for the liberators. These are the real liberators who will save us from the yoke of the fascist Junta.

There is so much lawlessness, it is too much to bear.

Prices are so inflated! Pensioners, who rarely receive their pension, nowadays can’t even afford a loaf of bread. Parents with babies cannot afford to buy milk or food for their children, let alone nappies, which now cost hundreds of gryvnia. A bus ride now costs four gryvnia [0.23 Euro -ed.]. Bread costs six gryvnia [0.35 Eur -ed.], sugar eleven gryvnia [0.63 Eur -ed.]. What else can I say?

They [Nazi Guards] claim to fight against Russia. What Russia? I was born in the Novoazovsk District. I’ve lived for seven years in Mariupol, but I go to my home town for visits. How can there be talk of Russia? My God, when I hear the bullshit they say, I have only one wish, to issue each of them a gun and say: “Shoot yourself, you asshole, just shoot yourself!” It’s terrible!

REPORTER: I thank you, Olga, that you had the courage to be part of our mission and for being live with us to tell us from occupied Mariupol about what’s really happening there. I wish you patience and the faith that very soon we shall liberate the city, and then the people will be able to live a normal life again and won’t any longer be treated like cattle, won’t any longer be robbed or raped. Thank you again! Good luck and many greetings to my fellow countrymen!

OLGA: I thank you!

REPORTER: Dear friends, that was Olga from Mariupol. You heard it yourselves.

And now I suggest to Ukrainian journalists that they get up, grab their jackets, get into a car, take along their cameras and drive down to Mariupol! If you aren’t shitting your pants, record everything and show it to the whole of Ukraine, how the “Liberators” behave, “Liberators” for whom the entire country now collects money, money for this “Army”. You, Ukrainians, are now raising money for murderers. You collect money to help them fight in comfort and warmth, while they’re killing their fellow citizens, robbing, and behaving like animals. At least you should try not to be animals! Show the Ukrainian Army the middle finger. Say: “We will not help rapists and murderers!”


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1944-2014: The German Reconquest of Europe

See here.

What’s going on? I thought we won that war.


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Analysis of the Reasons for the Crash of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17: Report of the Russian Union of Engineers

From here.


We bring to the attention of our readers the complete report of the Russian Union of Engineers (RUE) pertaining to the downing of Malaysian airlines MH17. The report was coordinated by the First Vice-President of the Russian Union of Engineers Ivan A. Andrievskii 

This detailed study with corroborating evidence invalidates Western mainstream media interpretations as well the accusations of the Obama administration directed against Russia.  

The RUE report in pdf can be consulted here

1. The event

Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 (Amsterdam —Kuala Lumpur) departed from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol at 10:14 UTC (14:14 Moscow Time) and was scheduled to arrive at its destination at 18:10 local time (22:10 UTC/2:10 Moscow time).

Echelon 330, including the 10 kilometers altitude that the crashed Boeing was flying at, was open for international transit flights over the territory of Ukraine. According to the data provided by the airline, contact with the airplane was lost at 14:15 GMT, approximately 50km away from the Russian-Ukrainian border. However, according to internet portal Flightradar24, the airplane stopped transmission of ADS-B over Snezhnoe (the last reported coordinates — 48.0403° northern latitude 38.7728° east longitude (G) (O)) after 13:21:28 UTC (17:21:28 Moscow time, 16:21:28 local time) at an echelon of 33 thousand feet (a bit over 10 kilometers).

Later on, the wreckage of the airplane was found burning on the ground on the territory of Ukraine. The plane crashed in the area of village Hrabove (not far from Torez). No one from the passengers and aircrew members survived.

2. Investigated questions

Under what circumstances did the airplane crash?

Who could be responsible for the crash?

3. Analyst group

A group of experts from the Russian Union of Engineers was gathered to analyze the situation. The expert group included retired AA officers, who had combat experience with surface-to-air missile systems, as well as pilots experienced in using air-to-air weapons. The problem was also discussed at the meeting of the Academy of Geopolitical Affairs, where many different versions were tested and discussed once again. In the course of the analysis, the experts used materials received from open sources published in mass media. The situation was also analyzed with the help of the Su-25 aircraft flight simulator.

Concluding the conducted research work, the following analytical materials are presented.

4. General source data for the purposes of analysis

4.1. Overall aerial situation in the area around Donetsk.

The overall aerial situation in the area around Donetsk was presented at a Special briefing of the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense regarding the crash of MH-17 in the airspace of Ukraine, on 21.07.2014.

The objective control data, registered from 17.10 pm to 17.30 pm Moscow time, were presented at the briefing, during the speech of head of the Main Operations Directorate, deputy of the Russian Air Force Chief of Defence, Lieutenant General Andrey Kartapolov.

During the time period in question, there were three civil airplanes in the sky, all of which were on their scheduled flights:

• Flight from Copenhagen to Singapore at 17:17;
• Flight from Paris to Taipei at 17:24;
• Flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur Apart from these, Russian civil airspace control facilities recorded an altitude gain by a Ukrainian Air Force aircraft, supposedly Su-25, towards the Malaysian Boeing-777. The distance between the Su-25 and the Boeing-777 was 3-5 km.

JPEG - 39.8 kb

The aerial situation in the area of the crash of Boeing 777 (according to the data of the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense)

4.2. Meteorological conditions in the area of the crash of the Boeing 777

Record of weather conditions in Topez, Donetsk Oblast, Thursday, 17 July, 2014.

Time Weather conditions Air temperature Wind speed m/s Atmospheric pressure Relative humidity %
15:00 Overcast sky +31°C 4.0 730 29
15:00 Overcast sky +31°C 4.0 730 29

4.3. Source data from the Boeing 777 crash site

A more complete picture of the reasons for the crash of Boeing 777 can be achieved through the analysis of its wreckage. Examining the pictures of the fragments, published on the Internet, one can notice various damage on its fuselage – disruptions and breaks, holes with edges from the internal and external sides of the fuselage, which speak of a powerful external pressure against the airplane.

JPEG - 87.9 kbA fragment from the wing of the Boeing 777

JPEG - 50.2 kbA fragment from the fuselage of the Boeing 777

JPEG - 27.2 kbA wing fragment from the aircraft

JPEG - 40.6 kbA wing fragment from the aircraft

JPEG - 23.9 kbA fuselage fragment from the aircraft

JPEG - 70.5 kb

A cabin fragment from the aircraft

Holes with inward edges catch the eye. These are round-shaped holes, which are normally grouped. Such holes could only have round shapes in the case of being cut with metallic elements, possibly with bars or aviation cannon projectiles. This brings up the question: by whom and how could such elements be delivered to the airplane and what could these elements actually be?

4.4. Characterization of the Boeing 777 aircraft as an air target

The source data for the analysis of the given situation are technical specifications of the Boeing 777 aircraft; its flight path; the altitude and speed of the flight; heading alteration compared to the initial flight plan; site of the crash; photo and video materials of the plane wreckage; description of the range and the nature of wreckage dispersion.

JPEG - 33.1 kb

Boeing 777

The most significant parameters of Boeing 777 serving for the purposes of the current analysis

Wing span, m 60.93
Length of the airplane, m 63.73
Height of the airplane, m 18.52
Wing area, m2 427.80
Maximum airspeed, km/h 965
Cruise airspeed, km/h 905
Operational range, km 8910
Service ceiling, m 13100

The Boeing 777 aircraft is not considered to be a difficult aerial target for AA systems. It is a high altitude aerial target (4000—12000 m) with a very large RCS (Radar Cross Section) – no less than 10m (the RCS for an airplane of the Su-25 type is 0.5—0.6m), it has limited maneuverability, and it has no capacity for anti-AA counteraction (active and passive jammers, false targets, etc). It can be effectively targeted both by military aircraft (interceptors or other types of aircraft acting in the same altitude and speed range) as well as by AA systems of object (S-200, S-300 type) or tactical (BUK-M1) types.

5. Technical aspects of the problem

In the present day practice of using anti-air systems engagement of aerial targets is classified according to the following types:

A. type – termination of controlled flight
B. type – restricted continuation of controlled flight without possibility of landing
C. type – restricted continuation of controlled flight with possibility of landing and a subsequent repair of the aircraft

In this case, according to the available data, there is enough ground to claim that we deal with (A) type target engagement – termination of controlled flight.

We examined all major versions which had already been published by experts from different countries. Turning to the technical aspect of the problem, it can be claimed that the Boeing 777 was destroyed by anti-air defense systems – either by using a surface-to-air missile, launched from the ground, or by another aircraft employing its missile or aircraft cannon.

Applying engineering methods and technical analysis, the experts of the Russian Union of Engineers discussed both of these versions, which represent almost the unanimous spectrum of opinions by experts and specialists.

6. Version I. Boeing 777 was shot down as a result of using a surface-to-air missile, for example BUK-М1

JPEG - 122.8 kb

AA missile 9K37M1 BUK-М1

Technical characteristics of the AA missile 9K37M1 BUK-М1

The start of mass-production 1983
Targeting range, km
—F-15 airplane types 3..32—35
Targeting altitude, km
—F-15 airplane types 0,015..22
Number of simultaneously engaged targets 18
Single shot kill probability SAM
• Of a fighter 0,8..0,95
• Of a helicopter 0,3..0,6
• Of a cruiser 0,4..0,6
Maximum velocity of engaged targets, m/s 800

6.1. Evidence supporting the first version

6.1.1. The probability for the effective shooting down of an aerial target of the Boeing 777 type by an AA missile 9K37M1 BUK-М1 is high, as the plane was moving at a 10100 echelon, at the speed of 900 km/h. Such parameters could make it an aerial target for BUK-M1. The probability for successfully hitting such a target by a BUK-M1 AA system is 0.8-0.95, as a consequence, it is technically possible to hit an air target of this type.

JPEG - 129.4 kb

A group of Ukrainian AA missile systems

The Ukrainian troops group around the site of the crash site included 3—4 systems of the BUK-M1 type. This information was published by the Russian Ministry of Defense. Head of the main Operation Directorate of General Stuff, Lieutenant General Andrey Kartapolov, emphasized the fact that the Russian military possesses photos of separate Ukrainian troop locations, made from space, including photos of Ukrainian army divisions in the southeast of Ukraine, particularly, BUK systems 8 km from Lugansk.

In the morning following the crash of the Malaysian airliner, Russian control facilities discovered a BUK-M1 AA missile system around the Zaroshenskoe village. On that same day that system was redeployed towards the Donetsk area – towards the area where the militia troops were positioned. We consider these data to be objective and reliable.

6.1.2. Also, the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense stated that Russian military officers recorded the operation of a radar of a Ukrainian BUK-M1 AA missile system on the day of the crash of the Malaysian liner Boeing 777. The target location and guidance system Kupol 9С18 is a three-axis coherent-impulse target locator performing the transmission of information about the aerial environment to the command observation post of the 9С470 AA missile system 9K37 BUK. The 9С18 radar is capable of detecting and identifying aerial targets at a distance of 110-160km, with an identification range for low-altitude targets (under 30m) of up to 45km. Such a radar could be used for the detection and tracking of a Boeing 777.

JPEG - 26.3 kb

Radar 9С18М1 «Kupol»

Radar 9С18М1 Kupol

Coverage area:
In azimuth, degrees 360
In elevation angle, degree 0-40
Instrumented range, km 10-160
Resolving power: In range, м 400
In azimuth, degrees 3-4,5
In elevation angle, degrees 3-4,5
Continuous operation time, h 48
The set up and clotting time, min. 5

Maximum velocity, km /h 65

6.1.3. However, experts of the Russian Union of Engineers find it important to note that the launch of a BUK-M1 missile is accompanied by the following significant audio-visual factors:

• Significant noise effect, both at missile launch time and during its flight, especially at altitudes between 100 and 3000m.
• A powerful flash at the launch site (Photo 10).
• A condensation trail, formed by the missile as a result of missile fuel burning on its flight trajectory (Photo 11).
• A flash and a characteristic picture in midair at the point of convergence of the missile with the target. (Photo 12).

6.1.4. The version that a BUK-M1 AA missile was used in this incident, according to the experts, has a number of vulnerable aspects, making it questionable:

а) Up to now no one has provided reliable evidence of the a “surface-to-air” missile launch, which is known to be accompanied by significant noise and visual effects. Its condensation trail goes into the clouds and stays in the air for up to 10 minutes. The sound wave produced during the launch of the missile can be heard within a radius of 7-10 km around the launch site.

JPEG - 48.5 kb

Launch of a BUK-M1 AA missile

b) The flight of a surface-to-air missile is accompanied by a very loud noise. Its flight can be visually traced due to the trail formed as a result of the missile fuel burning (condensation trail).

In this case, there is no record of a trail in the form of a dense white condensation from the burning of fuel, as well as of a vapor path, which appears and stays for a few minutes after the launch and is well visible within a radius of no less than 10km from the launch site.

JPEG - 12.8 kb

BUK-M1 AA missile during flight

c) The detonation of the warhead has a characteristic configuration, which can be seen from the ground under clear weather conditions.

JPEG - 31 kb

Air target shot down by a BUK-M1 AA missile

The surface-to-air missile 9М38 is equipped with a dual-mode solid-fuel engine (general operation time about 15 seconds).

JPEG - 11.9 kb

AA missile 9М38 BUK-M1

Surface-to-air missile 9М38

Missile length 5,5 m
Diameter 400 mm
Flaps width 860 mm
Missile weight 685 kg
Warhead weight 70 kg

The surface-to-air missile, with 40-70kg of warhead payload, explodes not inside of the target, but in its proximity, at a distance of 50-100 meters.

The warhead detonation causes an aerial shockwave, which results in a high-speed fragment distribution. The fragments are capable of breaking an airplane fuselage, but taking into account the dimensions of a Boeing 777 (63.7m length, with a large wingspan of over 60 m), they still cannot destroy the airplane, causing its fragmentation into several smaller parts, as is the case with aircraft that are 7-10 times smaller in size. When hitting a Boeing 777 such fragments may cause disruptions of fuel flow and lead to the leakage of fuel over the fuselage and wings and its subsequent ignition leading to a fire.

d) Similarly, in the case that the hydraulic system had been damaged, the Boeing-777 would have lost control, or control would have become extremely difficult (shooting down type «В»). If an aircraft as big as the Malaysia Airlines Boeing-777 had been hit by a surface-to-air missile, the crew might have been able to warn flight services of the situation created on board the aircraft. However, according to the information presented by mass media, nothing of the kind has been registered in the decoded data of the aircraft recorders.

e) The crash of the airplane took place during daytime, in a highly populated area, where there were not only numerous military observers monitoring the air environment, but also many reporters equipped with video cameras, as well as local residents, having digital cameras and cellphones with cameras. It is also worth noting that the launch of a BUK-M1 surface-to-air missile requires the participation of at least a combat crew, which makes a stealthy launch rather difficult.

It would be logical to assume that pictures and video recordings depicting the situation from various angles and displaying several stages of the flight of the missile, would have instantly appeared on the internet (the numerous amateur video recordings of the meteor impact near Chelyabinsk are a good example of that). However, local residents recorded only the fact of an explosion in the air and the falling of body fragments near their houses.

f) During the crash of the Boeing-777 airplane, an American satellite was overflying the territory of Ukraine. Because of this, Russian military officers believe that the American side should publish satellite images made at the moment of its crash, if Washington possesses any such images.

Conclusions from the first version:

The data and considerations above pose very significant challenges to the version according to which the Malaysian Boeing 777 airliner was shot down by a BUK-M1 surface-to-air missile system.

7. Version II. Boeing 777 was shot down as a result of another aircraft (one or multiple) using its missile and/or aircraft cannon equipment.

7.1. Evidence in favor of this version:

7.1.1. In the airspace around the area where the Boeing has crashed, numerous witnesses claim to have seen a military aircraft (some people say there were two), supposedly an air superiority fighter, as they derived from its characteristic features and speed (the flight altitude of an air superiority fighter is 5000-7000m, and the velocity is around 950km/h or more).

They also heard the sound of an airplane in the clouds. Presumably, these could have been airplanes of MiG-29 or Su-25 type.

JPEG - 46.7 kb



Maximum velocity –high altitude \on the deck 2450 km/h (М=2,3)\1300 km/h
Maximum rate of climb, m/s 330
Acceleration time from 600 to 1100 km/h, from1100 to1300 km/h, s 13,5\8,7
Takeoff airspeed, km/h 220
Service ceiling, m 18000
Operational range (without a drop tank\with one drop tank tank\with 3 drop tanks), km 1500\2100\2900
Maximum turning rate, °/s 23,5
Operational acceleration, g units +9

MiG-29 armament includes a single-barrel cannon GSh-301 (30 mm, 150 rounds of ammunition, firing rate of 1500 shots/minute) in the left wing root extension. For engaging air targets 6 short range R-60М or short range R-73 guided missiles with IR Seekers can be installed on the 6 below-wing stations of the MiG-29; 4 medium range guided missiles R-27RE with radar location or with R-27TE IR navigation system Р-77.

Also, according to the data of the Ministry of Defense, on 17 July, Russian air control means registered altitude gain by an airplane of Ukrainian Air Forces, presumably, a Su-25, moving towards the Malaysian Boeing 777. The distance between the two airplanes did not exceed 3-4 km.

JPEG - 41.1 kb


Armament: One 30-mm 2-barrelled autocannon GSh-30-2 in the lower forebody with 250 rounds of ammunition. GM: air-to-air R-3 (АА-2) or R-60 (АА-8)air-to-surface Kh-25ML, Kh-29L or S-25L.Containers SPPU-22 with a 2-barrel 23-mm utocannon GSh-23L with 260 ammunition rounds.


Wing span, m 14.36
Weight, kg
Maximum takeoff weight 17600
Maximum airspeed, km/h
At cruise altitude 975
High altitude М=0.82
Operation range, km 1850
Mission radius, km
High altitude 1250
At cruise altitude 750
Service ceiling, m 7000—10000

It should be noted that Su-25 specifications allow it to gain an altitude of 10.000m and above for a short period of time. Its standard armament includes air-to-air missiles R-60, which are capable of engaging and hitting targets at a distance of 10km, of which 8km is a guaranteed range. Moreover, it does not even need to come close to the target, but only to reduce the distance down to the required engagement range.

7.1.2. The Russian Federation Ministry of Defense stated that Russian military officers fixed the operation of a Kupol radar, belonging to an Ukrainian AA missile BUK-M1 battery, on the day of the crash of the Malaysian liner Boeing 777.

JPEG - 38 kb

Statistics of Ukrainian radar activity in the area of the Malaysian Boeing 777 crash

Operation of this radar can indirectly point to a military deployment of aircraft, as radars are regularly used for airspace reconnaissance and for transferring information to aircraft direction centers, i.e. they provide source data for flight officers’ work in the course of an interceptor’s or and interceptor group flight during “combat air patrol” missions or during ambush activities. Usually, attacks are performed according to target guidance from the ground, both head-on and in pursuit.

7.1.3. On radars, the Su-25 is displayed in the same way as the MiG-29, as their radar cross sections are similar. The operational service ceiling of the MiG-29 is 18013m, so the altitude at which the Malaysian airliner was moving, 10100m, could easily be reached by a MiG-29. The MiG-29 has two high thrust engines, allowing it to attain a speed of 2000km/h.

7.1.4. The data on meteorological conditions can also count in favor of the version that the Boeing 777 was attacked by another aircraft. Meteorological conditions from 15:00 to 18:00, 17.07.2014 in and around the city of Donetsk, were marked by rain and an overcast sky. Flight paths of passenger airplanes lie above the lower border of high-echelon clouds. At this altitude, only cirrus cloud can form.

Those are separate white-colored fibrous clouds, which are thin and transparent, and rarely contain dense or flaky formations. They are arranged in the form of bundles and stripes, passing all along the sky and meeting at the horizon. They show perfectly well through the sky. The average height of the lower border is 7-10km, while the width can be from hundred meters up to several kilometers.

An attack by a fighter aircraft with a rapid ascent, from below the cloud layer could be quite unexpected for the crew of the Boeing 777. Such an attack could not have been discovered visually from the earth either due to the dense layer of clouds in the medium and lower cloud echelons.

Thus, it can be claimed with a certain degree of certainty, that the Boeing 777, conducting a horizontal flight at the altitude of 10000m, could actually be in the lethal range of aircraft cannon or missile armament of a fighter aircraft, be it MiG-29 or Su-25.

7.1.5. Thus the logical question arises: which particular weapon was the cause of the shooting down of Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777?

Missile armament

In terms of missile armament, MiG-29 as well as Su-25 can carry short range guided missiles R-60M

JPEG - 11.5 kb

R-60M missiles on the external sling of the airplane


Length, m 2,14
Diameter, m 0,12
Wingspan, m 0,39
Weight, kg 45
Warhead weight, kg 3,5
Speed 2,5M
Target kill altitude range 0,03…20
Maximum launch range, Front/Rear hemisphere 10/8 km
Minimal launch range Rear hemisphere, km 0,3 – 0,25

MiG-29 is equipped with a 30mm GSh-301 cannon, with a fire rate of 1500 rounds per minute. The cannon is armed with 150 rounds, which contain a tungsten alloy. The effective range of firing at air targets is 200-800m, and 1200-1800m for ground targets. Such type of rounds exit cleanly, leaving holes of a perfectly circular shape. They do not explode inside the cabin, are not incendiary-based, but are able to kill the crew and cause the destruction of the cabin, which is typical for the entrance and exit holes configuration: entry holes – with edges bent inwards, exit holes – on the opposite wall – with edges bent outwards.

JPEG - 6.1 kb

Aircraft Cannon GSh-301

The Su-25 is equipped with a GSh-2-30 aircraft cannon.

JPEG - 10.6 kb

Aircraft cannon GSh-2-30

GSh-2-30 (GSH-2-30K)

Delivery vehicles Су-25, Су-39, (Ми-24П)
Shot weight 390 г
Ammunition weight 832 г
Cannon weight 105 (126) кг
Caliber 30 мм
Number of barrels 2
Allotment of rounds 250 (750) патронов
Rate of fire (300—2600) выст/мин
Effective range for air targets 200—800 м.

Apart from that, the Su-25 can carry SPPU-22 containers with the 2-barrelled 23-mm cannon GSh-23L.

During combat usage, both types of cannon ammunition can cause fuselage damage similar to that visible on the wreckage of the Boeing 777.

Conclusions for the second version:

Thus, based on the opinion of the analysts of the Russian Union of Engineers, a complex shooting down of the Boeing 777 airplane has taken place, both by a short-range air-to-air guided missile and a 30-mm aircraft cannon or a SPPU-22 container with the 2-barreled Gsh23-L cannon.

Furthermore, a laser rangefinder or a laser aiming device could have been used when firing the target, which allowed to significantly increase the shooting accuracy. This conclusion can be made from the nature of damage and the fragment distribution: there are both circular holes, which are usually caused by cannon fire, and explosive damage, which indicates a missile with arrow-type submunition.

8. Wreckage analysis

If we examine the first version of the crash, the location of holes in the wreckage surfaces and the fuselage clearly shows that there is no typical picture of a plane being affected by the missile system BUK-M1 submunition, which would otherwise leave highly remarkable and typical evidence of damage. In this case we see that there is no such evidence on the wreckage fragments.

According to experts, in the case of a BUK-M1 AA missile system hit, there should have been traces of numerous specific holes caused by the submunition elements from the missile warhead. However, there is no such evidence present in the photos taken at the crash site.

As to the possibility of such damage being inflicted by the usage of short range “air-to-air” missiles, it should be noted that the R-60 (Su-27) and R-73 (MiG-29) missiles are short range low-duty missiles with infrared homing. Their lethal range only 3-5m, with a guaranteed kill only in case of a direct hit. The warhead of the prior weighs 3.5kg, while the latter carries a 5kg warhead. They have thinly chopped tungsten wire in their warheads. These are rather low-power missiles, meant exclusively for small-sized targets. Such missiles follow thermal wake and are mainly meant to destroy the engine of the targeted aircraft.

It would be more logical to assume that the damage presented in Photo 19 is more indicative for an aircraft cannon round of GSh or SPPU type.

Boeing777 wing damage is not indicative for submunition elements of a BUK-M1 AA missile system.

JPEG - 163.2 kb

Boeing 777 wing surface damage

JPEG - 88.6 kb

Boeing 777 cabin damage

The picture of entry and exit holes in the cockpit area (control cabin) of the Boeing 777 fully corresponds to the assumption that it was caused by being shot through by approximately 20-30mm rounds from a fighter cannon. This supports the second version of the crash. The same can be said about the nature of fragment distribution over the fuselage of the plane. From the left side the edges of fragments of the control cabin fuselage are rolled up from inside to outside, which points at significant damage inside the cabin as a result of dynamic pressure of missiles over its right side.

There are characteristic entrance holes and several exit holes visible on the fuselage. The edges of the holes are bent inwards, they are much smaller and are round-shaped. Exit holes are less precisely shaped, and their edges are bent outwards. Additionally, it is visible that the exit holes pierced the aluminum covering twice and bent it outwards. I.e., the striking elements (judging by the impact type, aircraft missile rounds) broke through the cockpit. Open rivets were also bent outwards.

Boeing 777 fragment Fuselage damage is clearly visible – break through holes, caused by a 20- to 30-mm cannon.

Distinctive inward bends of the fuselage indicate a cannon round impact.

JPEG - 50.2 kb

Boeing 777 cover damage nature

JPEG - 35.8 kb

Boeing 777 fuselage damage nature

Destruction of the fuselage with edges bent outwards due to an internal dynamic impact, either caused by an explosion inside the plane, or a sudden and rapid change of internal pressure at high altitude.

The general typology of the holes and their location lead us to the conclusion that, most probably, the Boeing 777 was attacked by an aircraft cannon GSh-2-30, or an SPPU-22 container with a two-barreled 23mm cannon GSh-23L. The target zone was the control cabin, and the rounds, breaking through the cockpit, affected the wing surface as well. (see Photo. 20).

Both types of cannon rounds during combat usage cause damage to aerial targets similar to that which can be seen on the fragments of the Boeing 777.

The nature of the holes on the fragments of the plane fuselage, present in the currently available information sources, allows claiming that the airplane was shot down by aircraft cannon and missile armament of a combat aircraft.

9. Re-enactment of the event

Based on the considerations stated above, the following conclusions can be made:

9.1. Regarding to the circumstances of the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 crash.

Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 was conducting the flight Amsterdam-Kuala Lumpur, on 17.07.2014, according to the tunnel set by the air traffic controllers. It is most probable that manual steering was offline and the airplane was flying in autopilot mode, performing horizontal flight following the route which was laid out on the ground and adjusted by Ukrainian air traffic controllers.

At 17.17–17.20 the Boeing 777 was in Ukrainian airspace, in Donetsk area, at the altitude of 10100m. An unidentified fighter aircraft (presumably Su-25 or MiG-29), which was previously at a lower echelon, on a head-on course in a layer of clouds, ascended rapidly, unexpectedly emerging in front of the passenger plane out of the clouds and opened fire at the control cabin (cockpit), using 30mm or smaller cannon armament. The targeting could have been performed not only by the pilot of a fighter aircraft in “free hunt” conditions (using the aircraft radar), but also by a navigation officer on the ground, using the airspace data received from ground-based radars.

The cockpit of the airliner was damaged in the result of numerous rounds hitting the aircraft fuselage. The control cabin was depressurized, which caused the instant death of the crew, due to mechanical influences and decompression. The attack was quite unexpected and lasted only a fraction of a second. Due to the surprise situation, the crew was unable to give any alarm signals intended for such situations, as the flight was following its scheduled route and the attack was unexpected for everyone.

As neither the engines, nor the hydraulic system, nor other devices crucial to the continuation of the flight, were set out of operation, the Boeing 777 continued its horizontal flight in autopilot mode (which is a standard situation), perhaps gradually losing altitude.

After that, the pilot of the unidentified fighter aircraft maneuvered and repositioned himself into the rear hemisphere of the Boeing 777. He entered an engagement course, performed the targeting using onboard target tracking equipment, and launched a R-60 or R-73 air-to-air missile (one or multiple).

As a result of the missile impact, the entire cabin was depressurized, the flight control system was incapacitated, the autopilot was switched off, the plane ceased its horizontal flight and went into a tail-spin. The created g-forces caused a mechanical disruption of the airframe at high altitude.

As indicated by the available flight recorder data, the plane fell apart in the air, but this is possible mainly in the case of vertical falling from a 10000m altitude, which can typically happen only in a case of exceeding the maximum allowed g-force. As a rule, such a tail-spin can be explained by the inability of the crew to control the airplane as a result of some emergency case in the cabin and subsequent instant depressurization of the cockpit and passenger compartment. The destruction of the airplane took place at a high altitude, which explains the fact that the wreckage of the plane was dissimulated over a territory over 15 km².

9.2. Regarding the party responsible for the death of 283 passengers and 15 crew members.

On 17.07.2014 the armed forces of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic possessed neither appropriate fighter aircraft capable of engaging an air target similar to the Boeing 777, nor an airfield network, nor radar detection devices, targeting and guidance equipment.

Fighter aircraft of the Russian Federation Armed Forces did not violate the airspace of Ukraine, which is confirmed by both the Ukrainian side and by third parties performing space-based reconnaissance over the territory of Ukraine and its airspace.

To ascertain the truth, it is required to objectively and impartially investigate all the circumstances of the Malaysian Boeing 777 crash, to question thousands of residents in the area who might have seen anything. Naturally, the surveys must be conducted by highly experienced specialists. Asking relevant questions is both a strict science and a sophisticated art of coming close to the truth.

Crucial information is hidden in the wreckage and fragments of the crashed airplane, but this very information can easily be eliminated, distorted and concealed. It should not be forgotten that there are always people involved who seek to conceal each and every real fact. An indirect confirmation of this is the fact that on August 8th Ukraine, The Netherlands, Belgium and Australia signed an agreement allowing the disclosure of information regarding the investigation of the crash only at the consent of all parties involved.

“The investigation proceeds with inspections and other investigatory activities – declared the Speaker of Ukrainian General Prosecutor’s Office, Yuri Boychenko, – their results will be announced upon the end of the investigation and at the consent of all the parties, who have signed the relevant agreement”.

Delays and deviation from carrying out a comprehensive objective investigation with the participation of reputable international organizations, raise doubts that the involved parties will actually present the real circumstances of the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 crash.


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Traitors, Race, National and Otherwise

Jason writes:

That article of yours seems to imply betraying White people is the way to go (as most Whites are supporting reactionary politics). I don’t understand. No offense to Robert, but needing clarification.

Voting progressive is not betraying the Whites because Whites are not a persecuted class in the US, so it is not possible to betray them. I do not think voting for either party, Democrats or Republicans, is supporting or opposing the Whites because neither party is attacking White people. There is no need to support the Whites in the US as no one is oppressing, harming or discriminating against us unjustly.

  1. What I mean about supporting your people is:
  2. Oppose those who try to harm your people.
  3. Oppose those who discriminate against and persecute your people unjustly
  4. Defend the homeland against the foreign enemy invaders.

However, if one’s people or nation is objectively wrong or behaving unjustly, it is right and proper to betray your own land and people.

One should always oppose persecutions on your people. Those Blacks who support Jim Crow restrictions at the voting booth to the keep the niggers from voting are simply race traitors. By being Republicans, they are race traitors because they support a party that disenfranchises their people.

In the Indian Wars, the Indians were being persecuted by the White imperialist invaders. The  invaders had many Indian scouts who were fighting with enemy against the Indian people. That was some very serious treason.

In WW2 in the Ukraine, there were two types of Jews. One type was called Karaim and the other were called Krymchak. The Nazis came in and with their Ukrainian pals killed some Jews. Then they figured out that there were two types of Jews here, and the Karaim were saying that they were not really Jewish. So the Nazis called in some actual university anthropologists to determine who was Jewish and who was not. They studied the issue for a bit and then decided that the Karaim were not truly Jewish because they practice a different form of Judaism but the Krymchak were.

Some of the Karaim actually helped the Nazis round up Krymchaks for the slaughter. That is the utmost in treason.

The Palestinians are being badly persecuted. For various reasons, some Palestinians are spies and informers for Israel, even during wartime. Those are pretty bad traitors.

When your country is wrong or your people are wrong, you need to go against them. In fact, in these cases, it is noble to be a turncoat and fight for the enemy. I do not think it would be treason for a German or a Jap to support the Allies during WW2. The Germans and Japs were not being persecuted. They were persecuting others.

However, I will respect any man who fights to defend his homeland and his people from the foreign invaders. So I had a lot of sympathy for those Iraqis that fought us in the early days of the last Gulf War. Even the initial resistance was probably right and proper for a number of years as it was trying to drive the American foreign enemy invaders out of their homeland. I would even respect a Nazi who fought on German soil to defend the Homeland against the Allies or the Soviets. Really it is never really wrong to defend your homeland against the enemy invaders. I would not mind the ones who surrendered either. I think both options were noble.

There really is no way to be a White race traitor in the US, despite the blatherings of White nationalist idiots. The only way to be a White race traitor today is to go to South Africa and cheer on or assist the oppression of Whites there. White are simply not a persecuted race in the US.

But sometimes I think that these Whites ally with non-Whites and go on and on about how Whites are the worst race on Earth are pretty near race traitors. There are some Whites like that. We have had them on the blog here. Whites are not the worst race on Earth and to say we are is to state a vicious lie. It is pretty much treason against your people.


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