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A Short Primer on US Party Politics of the Past 25 Years

Ronnie writes:

Ok, just another insight upon how non US people find US politics so obscure. There are the Democrats, who obviously want to instigate a democracy, hmm, that doesn’t equate they have one of those already. Oh well, then there are the Republicans, who obviously want to get rid of the Monarchy, hmm, that doesn’t work either. Ok, so is it obvious to anyone outside of the US which party is the one left of center and which is to the right of center. Well no not really.

There are the predictable arguments about specific issues which arise, and who has made the most mistakes on budget spending, but specifically what differentiates one lot from the other. Which are to the left, and which to he right? The vast majority of those outside of the US are baffled by it. What does not help the image on an international basis, is the game show host type presentation of political speeches when on election campaigns, complete with trumpet music and the like. All very, very obscure to non US people.

Well of course as a general rule, the Democrats are more to the Left and obviously the Republicans are way to the Right. That’s pretty much noncontroversial. However, the Democrats are not a very leftwing party! On a worldwide scale, probably both parties would be on the Right, and the population in general is probably one of the most rightwing populations on Earth. In fact, when people talk about what makes America so great, they usually rattle off a list of a bunch of rightwing attributes. The super patriotards are almost always rightwingers, and the America that they love is a very rightwing country. To them, that’s the real America.

There really is no large leftwing party in the US. There are the Greens, but they do not get any votes.

The base of the Democratic Party is called the left wing of the Democratic Party. These are Democratic Party liberals. This is probably one of the most leftwing groups in the US. However, even here, on a worldwide scale, they are not all that leftwing. For instance, most of these folks would not call themselves European style socialists or social democrats. The problem is that the Democrats elected to office are usually to the right of the base, because if you run on the base’s agenda, it’s often thought that you are going to lose because the base of the party is too leftwing for America as a whole.

Democrats like Obama are either in the center of the party or on the rightwing of the party. The rightwing of the party is called the DNC Democrats, or Democratic National Committee Democrats. They took over in 1990 and decided that the party is just too liberal to keep winning elections and that if the party wanted to keep on winning elections, it would have to move to the right. They also decided that it costs a lot of money to run for office these days, and the only way to get that money is to suck up to the rich and the corporations to get the money.

So the party started becoming pro-upper class and pro-corporate and moving away from supporting working class people and unions. There was also this idea that the party was “too hostile to business,” which has never been true as the party has never been anything close to even a European style socialist party. And I doubt if Democrats lose elections because they are “too anti-business.” Corporations have among the lowest favorable ratings in the US at ~22%, lower than the media or government. Nobody likes them.

The two wings of the party pretty much hate each other’s guts. The base thinks the DNC Obama Democrats are nothing but a bunch of Republicans in Democratic clothing. Any real leftwing people keep peeling off the Democratic Base to leave the party, vote Third Party or maybe quit voting. For the last 25 years, lefties have been continually leaving the party every year. This has accelerated in recent years since Obama came in. The problem is that in the US voting 3rd party is crazy because all you are doing is voting for the other side or at best throwing your vote away. Unlike in Europe, no 3rd party candidate can ever win national election.

The DNC wing is governing now under Obama. These people actually hate the base of the party as they feel that if they cater to them, they are going to lose elections. So the DNC types play to the base in elections to get their votes, and then give them the finger once they are in office. Obama and his advisors refer to the Base as “those fucking hippies,” the professional Left” and other epithets.

DNC Dems govern by now and then doing something leftwing for their base and then sticking it to the base by doing something rightwing. So the project is Feed the Base -> Feed the Right, Feed the Base -> Feed the Right, Feed the Base -> Feed the Right. This nonsense is also called triangulating. It’s a crazy way to govern, but that is how they do it. When DNC Dems are feeding the Right, they look much like Republicans. Of course the base hates this governing style because the party is pushing rightwing stuff half the time.

Anyway, this was the DNC thinking: if we don’t move to the right and fast, we are going to become a dinosaur party. So for the last 25 years, the party has been moving further to the right. The Republican Party has been doing the same thing. Ronald Reagan seems like a liberal Democrat nowadays.

Every year, the Republicans move further to the right, they move the goalposts and shift the Overton Window to the Right, and call the Democrats socialists and Communists. The Democrats are stung by being called Commies, so they follow by chasing the Republicans to the right to try not to be called Commies. Then they steal some of their rightwing ideas, water them down and pass them.

Welfare reform was a Republican idea passed by Democrats. Obamacare was a hard right health care proposal from the Heritage Foundation and the Republican National Committee in 1992. Now either the Republican Party has moved so far to the right that 1992 Republicans seem like socialists or else the Republicans hate it because the Democrats are pushing it. The Republican agenda is simply to oppose everything that the Democrats promote. So the Democrats steal a Republican idea, water it down and try to pass it, and the Republican go apoplectic and scream, “They are stealing out ideas!” and call the Democrats Communists.

The Republican Base is extremely rightwing, almost fanatically so. It is probably one of the most reactionary movements on Earth in many ways. The Tea Party is the Republican Base. The Base is very White and very much openly racist. The Republicans appeal to them with coded racist “dog whistle” stuff which is more or less a rhetoric of “stick it to the niggers” or “fuck the niggers.”

A vast number of Whites vote Republican because it’s seen as the party of the Whites, and the Democratic Party is seen as “the party of the niggers and the Mexicans,” as a friend of mine bluntly put it once. Nevertheless, the Republican Party doesn’t really benefit Whites in any way, so it’s irrational to vote Republican because it’s the White party, but that’s what people do. Once Republicans get in power, they don’t do anything for average White people except screw them over as the Republican Party is a Tory like party of the very rich and the corporations that thinks everyone else can basically go the Hell.

Recently there has been a mass rebellion as the Republican Base has flipped out and turned on the RNC group as RINO’s (Republicans in Name Only). They have tried to throw out a lot of RNC Republicans, saying they are nothing more than Democrats. Of course that is stupid, but that is how these people think.

The Republican Base represents about 20% of the population. Their politics is bizarre, irrational, fevered, conspiratorial, aristocratic, anti-democratic, anti-government, anti-liberal, militaristic, anti-environment, anti-woman, anti-gay, fundamentalist Christian, pro-traditional values, racist, xenophobic, anti-immigrant, Islamophobic, anti-social spending, anti-regulation, atomistic, radical individualist, economically Libertarian and fanatically partisan. They actually celebrate inequality as some sort of a virtue!

The RNC Republicans are not as rightwing as their base, but they do play to them, and the differences are not great. Whereas the DNC Democrats hate their base, the RNC Republicans fear their base. They are terrified of being replaced by the Base, so the RNC types are always trying to cater to the Base’s positions without having to actually vote for them. The end result of all of this is a race to see how far rightwing you can go without falling off the cliff.


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The US Republican Party, 1854-2014


28% support. How bad can you get? Then again, 27% of US population is politically psychotic.

28% support. How bad can you get? Then again, 27% of US population is politically psychotic.


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Short Primer on the Foreign Policy of the West

Who controls the foreign policy of the West, or certainly the Anglosphere? In a broad sense, the United States.

Who controls US foreign policy? The Foreign Policy Elite.

What is the US Foreign Policy Elite? Let us call it the Deep State.

Does the Deep State control American politics? Yes.

What happens when a President defies the Deep State? He is killed. They give him the “Kennedy Treatment.” The “Kennedy Treatment” is a warning to any Presidents who defy the Deep State.

How does the US media figure into this? The media is controlled by the Deep State. Many US reporters actually work for the CIA. The foreign policy views of the US media are the views of the Deep State.

Is the US media a controlled propaganda system? In terms of foreign policy, it is. The US media is not that different from the Soviet Union when you had many papers, magazines, TV and radio stations all saying the same thing.

Is there is a dissident or opposition press in the US? Since all major US media is controlled by the Deep State, the answer is no. An opposition press exists, but they do not control any large US papers or newsmagazines and they do not run any large US TV or radio news shows. US opposition press is relegated to the margins. One has to actively seek it out and often spend money to partake of it, and most folks don’t bother. For all intents and purposes, the US opposition is worthless since it is impotent and irrelevant.

Who controls the foreign policy of both the Democratic and Republican Parties? The Deep State.

Is there divergence of opinion in the Deep State? Not really. The goals are same among all factions; they only differ on the means. They range from somewhat hawkish to extremely hawkish. Two factions are the Neocons and the Realists (the Old School). They do not differ as much as you think, mostly in means, not ends.

Are the owners of large US media part of the Deep State? Yes.

Are most Washington DC stink tanks part of the Deep State? Yes, and their ideological differences are not large.

How does corporate American fit into all of this? In a sense, the Deep State works for the US rich and large corporations. US foreign policy is the foreign policy of the US rich and huge corporations.

What is the Pentagon? The Pentagon is simply the military force of huge corporations, banks and the rich. Those are only people they fight for? Any working class person who signs up for this mercenary army is a fool.

Is the Pentagon part of the Deep State? Yes. Believe it or not, the military is actually one of the saner members of this group. The real crazies in the Deep State are the civilians, not the brass. The neocon chickenhawks are the worst.

How does the US 1% fit into all of this? The 1% actually control the Deep State. US foreign policy is simply the foreign policy of the 1%. The Pentagon is the armed force of the 1%. US foreign policy really boils down to what the 1% want. If the 1% want it, it gets done. In a sense, the Deep State itself is just following orders.


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American Inertia: A Comparison of the Bush and Obama Administrations

A superb comment from a commenter named Eric:

If anything, the US is largely the same imperialistic entity it was during Bush’s tenure as President. In some ways America has gone further left. I recall one thing Americans still had a right to do during Bush’s presidency is regularly protest and publicly insult Bush.

Doing the same to Obama has different results. Particularly whites who criticize Obama are often accused of racism, and many think that whites who criticize Obama really have a problem with his race rather than his mediocre Presidency.

If you meet people in the Arab world, they clearly think Obama is no different than Bush. Just look at the carnage in the Middle East with thousands of Palestinians dead, and Obama just wrote another check to Israel, providing them with even more weapons.

Interestingly, most Israelis do not like Obama as he is perceived to be more sympathetic to the Palestinians. However many Palestinians hate him as well because they thought a man with his middle name, Hussein, would change US foreign policy considerably.

The difference though between now and then was when Bush was in office, is that under Bush, the US had considerable leverage over the rest of the planet. The global financial crisis has changed things to where we now see a gradual power shift moving from the West to the East. Today we see Russia regularly making the powers in Washington DC look like a bunch of fools. Putin has made Obama look completely impotent with regards to Ukraine. The strange thing is that Putin is actually quite well respected by some conservative Americans; in fact, he is a wet dream for them.

That being said, we seem to now be living in a post-American world, a world where America is still a player but does not have the level of influence that it had just a few years ago. I think US influence will continue to decline as the years and decades pass.

Superb comment! I would say that not all Whites who attack Obama are accused of racism. Maybe conservative Whites are. But as a liberal to leftwing White, no one ever accuses me of racism for not liking Obama. Instead I am just considered to be a complete traitor to the Left and the Democratic Party. I am a “leftwing nutcase.”

Feel free to chime in on this theme of Bush vs. Obama.


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Is Barack Obama the First Nazi President?

Referencing Zeusse’s piece again…

Consider this:

I left the Democratic Party yesterday, because I cannot support the first American President who ever installed anywhere in the world a nazi regime — it has never happened before, not even under a Republican President; and, until Obama, I had always assumed that if it ever would happen, it could come only under a Republican President, never under any Democratic one. But I was wrong — mortifyingly wrong — because Barack Obama did this in Ukraine (see here and here for the evidence); he is the first-ever U.S. President to install a nazi regime anywhere…

Nobody could call me biased against him, but he is the first-ever U.S. President to install a nazi government in any country, and he supports them in their vile ethnic-cleansing campaign to get rid of the ethnic Russians in the southeastern regions of Ukraine; and, so, he has crossed over a line into the ‘racist’ (actually ethnic-hating) far-right, nazism, that is so abhorrent to me so that I cannot remain a Democrat…

So there you have it. No US President has ever installed a Nazi government anywhere on Earth. One would think that the fascist-supporting Republican Party would be the first party to do such a thing, but instead, unbelievably, it is the so-called liberal or progressive party that did the deed. Of course the Republican Party supports this act completely.

Unbelievably, Ukrainian Nazism now has the full support of both US political parties and the entire US mass media, including that media which is heavily Jewish in either ownership or top executive staff.

The woman who installed this Nazi regime is Victoria Nuland, a neoconservative Jew. Her husband, neoconservative theorist Donald Kagan, obviously had a hand in all of this. The first Ukrainian Prime Minister was Jewish, and there are claims that Porochenko himself is Jewish.

Igor Kolomoisky is one of the richest Ukrainian oligarchs. He is Jewish. He sponsors the Azov Battalion, an openly fascist and Nazi paramilitary. It is thought that Kolomoisky and his militia planned and executed the false flag shootdown of the Malaysian airliner.

Here we have the bizarre and appalling spectacle of Jews supporting a fascist or even Nazi regime.

I must say that I do not get it, but perhaps Zionism has damaged the Jews beyond repair. Zionism is after all a classic fascist or even racist fascist (Nazi) movement. I always wondered about those Lenni Brenner books about the links between the Nazis and the early Zionists. Now it is all starting to add up. They were both racist fascist movements. Granted, one wanted to save the Jews and the other wanted to kill them, but in terms of radical ethnic nationalism, Nazism and Zionism have a lot in common, all the way down to the concept of Lebensraum and the use of false flag attacks, wars of aggression or pre-emptive wars, and The Big Lie.


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Computer Software Capitalists Are Some of the Worst Capitalists of All

There is the mistaken belief, promoted by dishonest magazines like Wired, that there is something cool or hip about these new corporations, the IT corporations. This goes along with a reverent portrayal of the coders in the software industry as some sort of ultra-hipster type workers. I got fooled by this for a long time until I did a lot of reading, especially of the horrible Wired Magazine, and I came to realize that there was nothing cool or hip about these folks at all, and in fact they were just capitalists like any other.

They hate the working class, low income and poor people…They are really just Republicans with groovy clothes, cool haircuts, tattoos, piercings and other neato hipster attire. In fact they are actually much worse than your average US capitalist because many American capitalists, especially the Old Money types like George Bush Sr., always believe in a sort of noblesse oblige towards the rest of society. They were not ostentatious, and it was considered rude to flaunt money or even to talk about it. I have met millionaires from this group who had complete respect for working class and even poor people and had no sense of snobbery or elitism at all.

When the New Money folks came in, all that went out the door. Gratuitous waste of and flaunting of money is in. Light your cigar with a burning 100 bill, the one you just sniffed a line of cocaine with. Bragging is cool. Showing off is cool. Contempt towards working class, poor and low income people is hip ever since Ronald Reagan decreed it was when he created the new and more monstrous Republican Party. This new party is not your father’s Republican Party.

As an example of the callousness of these new software capitalists, we can note that many of them are engineering or STEM types. STEM type males do not show their feelings much and some are almost on the autistic spectrum. Engineer types have always been conservative, and STEM males are overly male and typically highly lacking in empathy as excessively male phenotypes seem to be. Hence the correlation between STEM types, the software industry and Libertarianism, probably one of the most evil, cruel, callous and non-empathetic forms of socioeconomic systems ever designed by man.

The God of these phony hipsters is a man named Bill Gates. Let us examine him.

Bill Gates is probably one of the evil businessmen in the US today. Microsoft tore up the contract of every company they partnered with, and then they stole their stuff. Almost all of their products are made of stolen tech. They backstabbed and betrayed everyone they ever did business with. Most Microsoft partners have sued Microsoft at one point or another.

And the whole time Microsoft has existed, they were always an illegal monopoly. I believe they are probably still an illegal monopoly, but I would need to check on that. The government’s lawsuit against Microsoft was settled on terms ridiculously favorable to the company. Illegal monopolies are illegal in the USA.

Microsoft destroyed the computer industry by forcing everyone to use their crap products when we could have had a choice of using the best product available like with any other product.

The software industry operates on the monopoly model, and the software scum are the only capitalists who actually force you to use their products. There is no other product that I can think of where you are actually forced to use the product of one particular company, and you don’t have a choice of a number of competing products to choose from. That is an evil that I will hold against them until the day I die

The US software capitalists are some of the worst capitalists in the US. The Internet capitalists (the dotcommers) are not far behind.

What have the software capitalists given us?

1. Forced upgrade. You are actually forced to buy the newer model and get rid of the old one. Can you think of one other product for which this is true?

2. Forced product use. These are some of the only capitalists who actually force you to use their products because of the natural monopoly nature of the industry.

3. Refusal to cooperate with other products. Software products refuse to work with each other and often try to sabotage each other’s products when installed on the same computer. One application will try to sabotage another application, or an OS will try to sabotage an application. If you put competing applications on your system, they will often attack each other.

Imagine if Ford cars would only go on “Ford roads.” If you wanted to drive “Ford roads,” you had to buy a Ford. If you drove any other car on the road, the road would attack your tires and try to destroy them or the car would not be able to drive on the road at all without causing damage or a very unpleasant drive. This is what the world would look like if other capitalists were as wicked as the software capitalists.

4. The total destruction of the concept of customer service and help lines. Most other industries still have various help lines, and most brick and mortar businesses have excellent customer service. Software customer service is often nonexistent. When it exists at all, they often charge you per incident, and it’s crap anyway even when you buy it. When the customer service is not nonexistent or crap, then it’s often downright evil. For software customer service, you have a choice between nonexistent, crap and evil products. Some choice.

5. Destruction of human jobs. The software industry has tried to destroy as many human jobs as possible. The notion of automated service where you call a company and instead of talking to a human being, you talk to a stupid robot that can’t understand you was an actual creation of the software industry. Now this lousy “no human beings” model of “customer service” has been adopted by a number of other crappy corporations.

I personally have all sorts of tricks up my sleeve to use in order to talk to an actual human being when I deal with these automated systems. The only way to get any sort of service is to deal with a human because the robots are still too stupid. It is also very insulting to call an enterprise on the phone and be rudely forced to speak to a robot instead of a human being. It is as if they are saying that you are not good enough to speak to a human, instead you are so unworthy that you deserve only to speak with a machine.

Computer software companies are so evil that I want all computer software to go open source. That way you will not be forced to use anyone’s product, and everything will be easily fixed. In addition, open source in general will destroy the software industry profit model. They can still make money – I understand that Open Office and Firefox are profitable – but they will have to be forced to make money by being decent companies instead of the equivalent of corporate serial killers.

The software companies had their chance to be good businesspeople, and they blew it. Instead they turned into one of the most evil industries in recent memory.

Death to the Software industry!

With Open Source, we can destroy this evil industry once and for all!


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Is Wikipedia a CIA/Deep State Project?

Nominay writes:

If the truth is blotted out, how do you come by it Robert? Have you tried editing the wiki entry with irrefutable sources, as to not have the revisions reversed so quickly? Is there independent media you can reach out to more to spread the word?

Editing Wikipedia is hopeless. Wikipedia is basically a project of the US Deep State and US imperialism. Whether Deep State entities control Wikipedia or not is not important. What is important is that the editors of Wikipedia are deeply aligned ideologically to the US Deep State, the US Foreign Policy elite and especially to US imperialism. That doesn’t mean that Wikipedia is a project of the CIA, but it might as well be. If the CIA owned Wikipedia outright, the articles would not look 1% different from what they are now, since Wikipedia’s editors support the CIA view of society. Wikipedia has been a fanatically reactionary from the very starts. My friends who were early editors said that almost all of the top Wikipedians are “Libertarians.” The Libertarian bias is extremely strong on any article having anything to do with economics. Jimmy Wales is an extreme Libertarian, a diabolical monster of a man as all Libertarians are. After Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, this millionaire Hannibal fulminated about how the government should not have spent one penny or moved one man to help save people or clean up the mess in New O themrleans. Everyone was just supposed to fend for themselves. Of course this was pretty much the response of the somewhat Libertarian Bush Administration. So you see Wikipedia has been a fanatically reactionary institution since its earliest days. Wales also, like all reactionaries, has deep ties to Zionism and ultra-wealthy Zionist circles in America. He has appeared at pro-Israel fundraisers where he helps raise money alongside his uber-rich Jewish pals.

I am pretty good at analyzing a lot of different sources and figuring out what it truth and what is lies. The truth is not that hard to come by. Just assume that the US and allied world media is lying to you a good part of the time, especially about certain things, and go on from there. Mostly just quit reading the paper. Quit reading newsmagazines. Turn off the news on TV or the radio. Get all your information from Truth sites on the Net in the Alternative Media.

There are lots of writers out there who write stuff along my lines. Quite a few have more hits than I do. It’s just that all of that is tiny compared to the MSM and the voices of the two big political parties. Most Americans are lined up either with the stupid Democrats or with the stupider Republicans. They simply parrot whatever lie the Democrats say or the bigger lie the Republicans say, depending on which side of the toast they spread their butter. The MSM more or less parrots the views of both of the parties in one way or another.

Since WW2, there has been a “bipartisan consensus” on foreign policy. The two parties agreed to the same basic contours of an imperialist, wicked foreign policy. The Democrats chose a somewhat milder version of imperialism while the Republicans chose a more extreme, hyper-militaristic version. Democrats are always being pushed into militaristic positions because Republicans always scream that Democrats are weak because they hesitate when the Republican order them to slaughter thousands to hundreds of thousands of people. Not wanting to massacre tens of thousands of people for any no good reason means you are weak. The % of Americans who believe in this sociopathic “whoever murders the most is strongest; whoever hesitates to slaughter tens of thousands of humans is weak” is very high – tens of thousands of mostly conservative Americans believe in this “the biggest murderers and the best people” philosophy.

Bottom line is most Americans really don’t care about foreign policy, but what little they do know is generally a repetition of extreme brainwashing by the Deep State. Persons deeply interested in US foreign policy are usually hopelessly brainwashed by the Deep State as the more US media you partake in, the crazier and more brainwashed you get and the fewer facts you know and the more lies you believe to be true.


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America’s Nazi War on the Humans of Novorussia

From the Saker.

This really is an existential war. All of the West are supporting the Nazis against the Novorussian people. Of all the nations of the world, the only antifa nation is Russia. Only Russia is standing up against the Western-backed Nazi plague which is ethnically cleansing the humans of Novorussia.

Where do you stand?

Are you with the US, the Democratic and Republican parties, the Pentagon, the corporate media, the West and the Nazis?

Or are you with the only nation proud enough to stand up against Nazism, brave antifa Russia?

The vast majority of the American people are supporting the Nazis 100%. Why be a sheep and follow the crowd. Follow your heart.

Panikhida – A Panikhida is a memorial service which is a liturgical solemn service for the repose of the departed in the Eastern Orthodox Church. Dedicated to all those killed in Eastern Ukraine (Novorossiya): children, women, old people, men, militia and soldiers.

On July 2nd 2014, Ukrainian planes attacked the Lugansk Cossack village and Kondrashovka village. The city of Lugansk also was attacked with mortars and by Ukrainian soldiers.

On May 2nd 2014, 114 people were killed by Pravy Sektor in the House of Trade Unions, Odessa. They were shot, burnt to death, and a near-term pregnant woman was raped and strangled.


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A Statesman Appears

VV Putin, statesman.

It is not to be expected at all that a US President, or any President for that matter, be a statesman. However, those Presidents who are statesmen are the best of the Presidents.

I am not sure which US Presidents were statesmen. JFK certainly was, as Roosevelt. Beyond that, I am just not sure. Of course George Bush Jr. was not a statesman. Are you kidding?

A statesman can also be a diplomat or an administration official, particularly a high ranking one. Henry Kissinger, as much as I feel he is The Evil One himself, was indeed a statesman.

One thing I will agree with Obama’s critics is that Barack is not a statesman. But he doesn’t have to be. A President is only as good as his advisors. And Barack’s advisors are simply awful. When a monster like Kissinger and Brezhinski make more sense than you do, that is really saying something bad. That’s like being worse than the Devil Himself. If Barack is worse than the Devil Himself, it is not because he is evil. It is because he is incompetent. Many Presidents are fairly incompetent, but if a President is like that, he should at least have some excellent advisors and a good relationship with the Pentagon and the intelligence branch. Barack has neither.

VV Putin, whatever you think of him, is definitely a statesman. And he proves that once again in this great interview.

I love the part where the reporter says, “The EU just put increased sanctions on Russia today!”

Putin cocks his head, looks confused, and says, “Really?”

Classic stuff.


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Obama on the Ukraine: Stumbling from One Crisis to the Next


Listen to Steven Cohen. He is one of maybe two policy experts remaining who is sane on the subject of the Ukraine. Cohen says he has never seen such hawkish uniformity in his life. Even the Iraq War was not nearly this bad. In the run-up to that war, there were many experts arguing that it was a bad thing to do. Now there is unanimity across the entire media spectrum, from right to left, the left being represented by MSNBC (not really the Left, more like the voice of the Democratic Party, which is not a liberal or progressive political party). Further, all foreign policy experts are very hawkish on the Ukraine.

Obama has isolated himself, exactly as Bush did and is only listening to his yes-men, who do not know what they are doing. Most of Obama’s advisors are out of academia and few of them have actual diplomatic street smarts from years in service to the state. Although I despise the man, Obama also refuses to listen to Henry Kissinger, who is actually saner on the Ukraine than the Obama Administration. Even the horrifying Brezhinski makes more sense than Obama’s aides. Sure there are brains in the Administration such as the CIA (but considering how much they lie, how can they be trusted?) but the smart folks and the intelligence guys are locked out by a huge firewall at the State Department.

Obama appears to have outsourced most of this crisis to Joe Biden and John Kerry, both of whom have behaved horribly. In the past few days, I have seen photos of John Kerry where he looks pure evil. This is his alter coming out, the one  that set fire to villages in the Mekong Delta and shot civilians as they ran out of their burning grass huts.

The Republican nutcase Congress has just introduced a bill that would force Obama’s hand on the Ukraine. It would make Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova “NATO-associated US allies” thus triggers arms aid to them in addition to an alliance. The alliance is dangerous because an attack on one is an attack on any other. A Russian attack on the Ukraine (which would be a great idea) would be an attack on the US. The US would be obligated to help Georgia and Moldova “get back their stolen lands” in Abkhazia, South Ossetia, and Transdniester. The bill would give Putin a short period of time to vacate the Crimea before massive sanctions would kick in all but severing trade between the US and Russia.

It is hard to say how many DINO’s there are in the Senate whose votes would be needed in order for this bill to pass. If it passed, Obama might be forced to sign it by the principle of expediency and political necessity.

I hate to agree with Republicans for once but I think they are right when they say that the Obama Administration simply does not know what it is doing a lot of the time. Not knowing what you are doing is not necessarily the worst thing. Bush knew what he was doing but what he was doing was pure evil. Incompetence is better than malign intent.








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