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Republican Party Base White Racism

The focus of this essay is a particular type of White racism known as Republican Base White racism. An excellent example of its milder and more partisan flavor is here.

There are various types of White racism (mostly directed at Blacks) in the US. One type is out and out White nationalism. Although all of these people vote Republican, the party wants nothing to do with them as they are too toxic.

There is another type of White racism that is prevalent in the base of the party. The Republican Party Base is actually wildly racist. Not necessarily in the WN sense, but they are pretty bad.

On the other hand, the party itself at the very least does not speak the same language that the base does. Statements of the RNC and Republican officeholders on race are generally quite mild, that is when they discuss race at all. The attitude of the party hierarchy seems to be the less we talk about race, the better.

Nevertheless, the party leadership has gone to great lengths to disenfranchise Black voters to the extent that they are now more or less resurrecting Jim Crow type voting restrictions against Blacks. But party officeholders in general have not had much to say bout the Trayvon Martin affair or the recent mess in Ferguson. They simply do not want to talk about it. So accusing Republican officeholders of having openly White racist views would not be correct. It would be better to say that they simply do not want to talk about race at all. However, some of their actions are very racist.

The sheer insanity of Republican hatred for the very conservative Democrat Barack Obama is of course linked to racism in some way or another, but party officials are not outspoken about this. Instead they use a lot of coded language, dog whistles, and secret coded messages to send racist signals to their base.

However, the anti-Black racism of the Republican base has a certain flavor about it that sets it apart from many other types of White racism.

First of all, it is more civilized.

It often involves a lot of prefacing that the author harbors no racial animus towards Blacks in general. Perhaps this is so. What he is mad about though is certain types of Blacks. And especially White liberals and Black rabblerousers who stir up Blacks to hate Whites. Unfortunately there is a certain amount of truth to this charge Black people are angry and violent enough without stirring them up to hate all White people. Further, such action encourages Black racism, which a serious problem in the US. In fact, Black racism against Whites in the US is much more virulent than the other way around.

Republican Base White racism is also very partisan. The whole problem with Black people is that they vote Democrat. I would say that’s the least of their problems, and in fact, it’s not a problem at all. Worse would be if they voted Republican because voting for your enemies never makes sense.

Supposedly the Democratic Party uses Blacks, keeps them on the Democratic plantation and mires them in a state of dependency. This state of dependency is called “people have a right to survive” and it’s correct that most of us liberals believe in it. Republicans do not believe that human beings have a right to survive. They want to “free you from dependency” so you no longer have a right to survive. Black people, who are always accused of being stupid, look at the Republican offer, see right through it immediately, and say, “Screw that.” Black people refuse to vote against their self-interests no matter how much they are brainwashed into doing so. I would say that maybe Black folks are a lot smarter than we give them credit for!

Focus on high profile race conflict cases. Republican Party Base racism also focuses as lot of on the Trayvon and Ferguson cases, and there are many references to the O.J. Simpson case. No doubt Blacks behaved idiotically in all of these cases. As did my liberal and Leftist brethren.

Black crime against Whites. This is one of their favorite subjects, and they discuss it in a variety of ways. This blogger does so in a mild way, pointing out that Blacks slaughter Whites constantly and no one cares, but one White kills a Black, usually for a damn good reason, and all Hell breaks loose. He logically points out the idiocy and obvious bias in media reporting of interracial crime.

The Black War on Whites. This fellow is pretty mild about it, but at the more extreme end of the Base, for instance at WorldNet Daily, they are starting to run a lot of articles about the Black “War on Whites” which I am not sure is even happening.

Supposedly since the election of Obama, Blacks have become emboldened and decided to war total war on White America. Various interracial crimes are held up as evidence of this such as flash mobs and race riots at various fairs and festivals. While this behavior is disturbing, I do not think there is any Black War on Whites. We have quite a few Blacks where I live, and they do not appear to be on a war footing since Obama got in. Actually, after he got elected, they seemed to get a whole lot happier.

Do Black criminals deliberately target Whites? Whether Blacks ever deliberately target Whites is another matter. I am sure that some Black crime is simply motivated by racial animus against Whites, and furthermore, hate crime charges are rarely filed against these Blacks, which is just wrong.

But in the main I see Black criminals are nothing more than animals. If there were wild lions and tigers running around our land killing people, do you think they would distinguish between Blacks or Whites? Of course not. So it is with Black criminals, who I see as animals on the same level as wild man-eating tigers. Black criminals do not particularly care what race you are. They prey on everyone. They attack Blacks, they attack Asians, they attack Hispanics, they attack Whites, Hell, they attack everyone. They are animals who attack anything that moves.

In fact, their fellow Blacks take the full blunt of the wrath of Black criminals. Blacks are only 13% of the population, yet Blacks are 90% of Black homicide victims. Obviously Blacks select Black victims far in excess of their % in the population. If anything, it appears that they selectively target their own people. While White victims of Black crime are lamentable, the truth is that we Whites probably get off easy in terms of Black crime.

Anyway, if you want to familiarize yourself with this rather mild but also insidious, sneaky and coded form of particularly partisan White racism known as Republican Base White racism, head on over to this fellow’s site. He has quite a few other articles on there that give you a broader attitude of his mindset. If you want to know where he is coming from, he is a Tea Partier. The Tea Party is simply the base of the Republican Party. Sure, it is a pretty ugly and insane segment of the base, but part of the base it is.


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All Hail Richard Nixon!

Jason Y writes:

He was probably the last “moderate Republican.” At heart, probably a good man, but a “tough love” believer. For instance, civil rights for blacks, yet still negative views about them, among other things.

He wasn’t totally against business (as the far left is), and thought he could work with them to promote pro-worker policies. However, slowly business, ultimately, showed they wanted profit, at the “total” expense of the workers. This was in full show under Reagan.

I respond:

At heart, probably a good man, but a “tough love” believer.

American culture is a “tough love” culture. Always has been. Goes along with rugged individualism and radical individualism.

He wasn’t that much of a tough love type. Anyway, the whole society has gone tough love now ever since Clinton got rid of AFDC. Even Democrats are tough-lovers.

Nixon was absolutely outraged when Clinton wiped out AFDC. He said he would never have done such a thing. He had nothing but contempt for both parties. “Look at them,” he said. “How pitiful are they? Going after the single Moms!”

All hail Richard Nixon!

For instance, civil rights for blacks, yet still negative views about them, among other things.

Big deal. Most sane people have negative views about Black people because Black people act bad. I mean way too many Black people act way too bad. That’s the cause of 90% of anti-Black racism right there. Black people acting terrible.

Nixon told the truth. Nixon was crucified for telling the truth.

He also told the truth about Jews.

He made some comment about the Jew York Times editorial board saying they all wore yarmulkes. The stupid Jews flipped out like they always do and screamed that Nixon was an “anti-Semite,” the favorite bullshit epithet of the Jews. I do not think Nixon was anti-Semitic in the slightest. And about the Jew York Times, he was correct. At the time he made that statement, the whole editorial board was nothing but a bunch of Jews. Not that there is anything necessarily wrong with that – I am not philosophically opposed to papers stuffing their editorial boards with Jews though it does smack anti-Gentile discrimination – but Nixon was simply stating an obvious empirical fact. How stating obvious scientific facts is anti-Semitism is news to me.

Show me one Far Left politician in the US who is “totally opposed to business.” Name one Far Left US political party that is. I don’t think even the Communist Party USA can be seen as anti-business anymore.

I keep hearing this from DNC nuts that the DNC was needed because liberal Democrats had turned “anti-business” and the party was unpopular because of this “anti-business” attitude. Show me a case of when the Democratic Party was ever against business, even for one second.


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The CIA Spiderweb

Its tentacles extend through all of US society. Even if it is not the CIA itself, there are 60 other intelligence agencies working for the federal government. You might think this is an indictment of the federal government, but most folks in state governments work very closely with the Deep State and the entire National Security apparatus.

I also believe that the CIA is very deeply embedded in corporate America and in the nation’s elite, the 1%. If you hang around a lot of very wealthy types, you will suddenly be amazed at how many of them have CIA connections. Go to a dinner party of multimillionaires, and it will seem like every other person has some sort of an Agency connection.

It is also my opinion, though I cannot prove it, that the CIA is deeply embedded in corporate America. It would not surprise me if many high-ranking executives have Agency connections. I have known quite a few MBA types who told me that they wanted to go work for the Agency in some way or another. Furthermore, almost all of the shenanigans that the CIA engages in overseas is for the benefit of US corporations and the US 1%. Since the CIA is basically the roving death squad/revolutionary force of the US ultra-rich individuals and corporations, it would surprise me if US corporations had no links to them. Why would they have no links to their very own personal revolutionary army/death squad/hit team.

So as you can see in the Daily Kos case, the Agency is also deeply embedded in the Democratic Party. The way I see is that the Democratic Party is CIA from top to bottom. They have been forever now. The Republican Party is also CIA, and ideologically they are much closer, but the truth is that on foreign policy, both parties follow the CIA agenda which is called “the bipartisan foreign policy consensus.” This is why the parties show little difference on major foreign policy questions. The Democratic Party wants to implement the CIA agenda in a more sedate and moderate way and the Republicans want to implement it in a much more aggressive, belligerent and militaristic way. Really I am not sure if they Agency cares.

I am told that the Agency doesn’t even really care who is President. Their attitude is that they just do whatever the Hell they want to no matter what the President or Congress wants. Government oversight of the CIA ended in the mid-1970’s with the Church hearings which set up a number of CIA oversight laws which have been violated ever since. In this climate, there is no way we could ever have a re-run of the Church Committee.

The CIA’s attitude is that Presidents come and go, but the Agency and its Deep State pals are the ones who really run the government in connection with corporate and 1% elites (the US oligarchy), so who cares who is President anyway.

It is also true that the CIA does not care who runs the CIA. CIA heads are appointed, and the CIA has no say in who they are. They reportedly did not like Pannetta from the moment he came in, and they thwarted him and ordered him around the whole time he was in. This is because the people who really run the CIA are the career people, not those flunkies that are appointed by this President or that. A new book just came out stating that Pannetta while had of the CIA was terrified of the CIA career people who ordered him around and violated his directives every step of the way. The same book also said that Obama was very afraid of the CIA too for much the same reason.

The problem is that anyone who really takes on the CIA and the Deep State gets “the Kennedy treatment.” Most politicians know this, and they do not want to die so they go along.

Another factor is converging beliefs. The 1% and the US corporations share the same foreign policy agenda as the CIA. Both political parties share the CIA’s foreign policy, and if you do not go along, you will be run out of the party very quickly, especially if you are an underling. At the state level, almost all state politicians share the CIA agenda and furthermore, the CIA has infiltrated all state governments and spies on them constantly. The CIA interrogates all newly elected governors to see if they pass CIA approval. They also terrorize them by telling them that they will be under constant surveillance. See Jesse Ventura’s videos about that.

At the media level, it is now clear that the entire US media is CIA, from the “right” to the “left.” Operation Mockingbird was a CIA program designed to take control of the US media.

The Church Committee hearings showed that almost all of the top US journalists and editors were CIA employees or assets, including some very famous people.

Washington Post executive editor Ben Bradlee was CIA for decades. In fact, to this day, the scuttlebutt is that not only has the Washington Post been CIA forever, but the WP is still one of the most CIA-controlled papers in the US. Other papers including the Los Angeles Times and New York Times area also CIA connected but not to the same degree that the WP is. The WP is more or less a CIA house organ.

The Church Committee halted Operation Mockingbird but I am told that like COINTELPRO, it was reinstated under new names and continues to this day as intensely as it did in the past.

You wonder how the CIA gets all these editors and writers to toe their line? They pay them. Yes, the CIA pays out vast sums to US editors and other presstitutes to be agency assets and write what the Agency wants them to write.

In addition, the CIA buys off many foreign leaders. We know this because John Paul Roberts once asked a CIA agent how the US gets so many countries to agree with the US. The agent answered, “That’s simple. We pay them.”

If one wonders why so many European leaders reflexively toe the US line, it is because many of them are bought off by the CIA. With cash. After Tony Blair left as Prime Minister of the UK, he very quickly moved into an extremely high paid position in the private sector. That reeks of CIA. See how this works? I would not be surprised if Angela Merkel (head of the US colony called “Germany”) and the rest of the heads of the US colonies in Europe are paid off by the CIA.


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Bring Back Tricky Dicky

From the comments.

Every president after Nixon was to the right of Nixon, overall.

Richard Nixon, the last liberal president, RIP.


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America, RIP

This country is getting worse and worse since 2000. More corrupt and dysfunctional, and more like a corrupt, dysfunctional country like Italy. American exceptionism is dead and gone.

And 100% of it is the fault of Republicans.

Personally, I would say America is history.


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Freedom of Choice in American Democracy

When I go into the voting booth, I am presented with two rightwing parties.

The choice is between:

Terrible (Democrats)


Way Worse (Republicans)

People keep telling me to vote for Way Worse, but for the life of me, I do not see why I should or why that even makes sense.

If you had choice between getting the flu or getting cancer, why would anyone choose cancer? Republicans are cancer.

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Resolved: The Republican Party Is a Fascist Political Party

mt wrote:

Hi Robert,

In your post, you say “reinstating Jim Crow voting restrictions on Black people and a Republican Supreme Court threw out a landmark civil rights law called the Voting Rights Act of 1965.”

Can you cite cases where Jim Crow like voting restrictions have been put in place? Also, The Voting Rights Act was not thrown out. Only one or two sections were considered unconstitutional. These deal with certain states and municipalities being required to get pre-approval for certain voting changes, e.g. moving poling locations, redistricting.

In your comments, you refer to the “racist war on US Blacks.” Can you add some detail to this phrase? I assume the Supreme Court’s decision to find certain parts of the 1965 Voting Rights Act as part of the war. What else?

Thanks for the response.

Your first charge is false. Those states were still under Voting Rights Act restrictions and they were being monitored by the Civil Rights branch of the federal government. Many other states were also being monitored, but they stopped violating the Voting Rights Act by suppressing Black votes, so they were freed from supervision. The only reason that those states were still under the supervision of the DOJ Civil Rights Department is because they keep incessantly violating the Voting Rights Act by suppressing the Black vote. We have been spanking them over and over about this since 1965, but they just cannot help themselves. These states are the equivalent of incorrigible career criminals.

The Supreme Court said that they need to be freed from supervision because such supervision was unfair. It was not unfair. It was proper oversight for incorrigible voting rights violators. The Supreme Court basically set these voting rights career criminals free.

All the voter ID bullshit is about suppressing the Black vote. That’s all it is. It is all about keeping Black people from voting. Also, they are purging voting rolls in many places of suspected “illegal voters.” Almost all of the “illegal voters” are Black. Katharine Harris threw 60,000 Blacks off the rolls in 2000 saying they were illegal voters. Not one of them was. This has been going on in every state where the Republicans win and get a Republican Secretary of State. They immediately set about trying to suppress the Black vote.

The Supreme Court already threw out the Voting Rights Act by allowing Texas’ voter ID law to stay in place. There is no need for voter ID laws as voter fraud in the form of people voting twice in national elections simply does not exist. Nor does people voting once in one state and again in another state.

Furthermore, once you are denied because you have no ID, it is very hard to get back on the rolls. People are placed in the Kafkaesque position of trying to prove that they actually are who they are. They present former state voter ID’s student ID’s, former state ID cards, gas bills, electric bills, etc. and all of these are turned down. In other words, none of these are acceptable as voter ID’s. Presumably all of these are faked, including the utility bills.

So as you can see here when many forms of ID’s are refused on the grounds that a human being is pretending to be someone else, this stuff isn’t even about fighting nonexistent voter fraud in national elections. It’s about suppressing the Black vote. This ought to be illegal as it is similar to Jim Crow era poll taxes, but the Supreme Court said it is legal.

Furthermore, in many locales, early voting rights have been restricted. Voting hours have been severely restricted, weekend voting cut off and the number of days you can vote early has been restricted. There is no reason for this other than to suppress Black and democratic votes. This is voter suppression and it ought to be illegal. And anyone putting these policies in place should go to jail.

7 million people are on Republican database of suspected illegal voters. They are suspected of voting once in one state and another time in another state. The list is insane and probably not one person did this. Almost all of these people are Black, Hispanic or Asian.

The Republican racist war on Blacks is the attempt to keep Black people from voting, which was exactly what they were doing under Jim Crow.

A rightwing government that refuses to let people vote, suppresses the vote or steals the vote is by definition a fascist government. Fascists are far rightwing governments who reject democracy in favor of authoritarian rule. Therefore, the Republicans have been fascists since 2000 when they stole that election. A characteristic of fascism is a corrupt judiciary that legitimizes the rightwing authoritarian anti-democratic nature of the state. As you can see, the Supreme Court has done this over and over since 2000. Therefore we have a fascist Supreme Court.

Far rightwing governments are not necessarily fascist as long as they are democratic. However, any antidemocratic authoritarian regime is automatically a fascist state.


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US Foreign Policy

Brilliant, just brilliant.

Brilliant, just brilliant.

This brilliant idea is fanatically supported by both political parties – the Democrats are all humanitarian bombers and the Republicans are all neoconservatives.

Whose bright idea was this, anyway?

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What Americans Want

As we can see, Americans just voted for a bunch of Republicans. We can conclude the following then:

Americans no longer want social security, nor do they want a living wage.

This is correct. Republicans have been on record for many years now affirming their commitment to destroying Social Security completely. That’s right. They are going to end up. Wipe it out. Zero it out. Get rid of it. So I guess most Americans want to zero out Social Security?

Republicans oppose a living wage. Not only that, but they oppose raising the minimum wage. Republicans are always hostile to labor and working people. In fact, conservatives are always against workers. Conservatives have always been opposed to workers and labor, and they are against workers and labor everywhere on Earth. That is one of the definitions of a conservative – one who opposes labor and the working classes. So apparently Americans are opposed to labor and working class people and oppose raising the minimum wage. What a bunch of idiots.

In this Christian nation, the majority of voting age women wish to rescind (lose) all reproductive rights.

This is correct. The Republicans are on record for wiping out all abortion rights in the US. If you support abortion rights, why in the Hell are you voting Republican? Are you mad? So what we can tell by this election is that most Americans want to completely wipe out abortion rights in the US. Incredible.

The majority of voting age citizens wish to rescind (lose) the right to vote.

This is somewhat correct. What is true that the majority of Americans want to impose severe restrictions on the right to vote. They especially want to make it hard for Blacks and Hispanics to vote. So in other words, we do not live in a democracy. We live country that systematically restricts the right to vote and revokes voting rights for many Americans in a fascist-like manner. Americans also wish to destroy the Voting Rights Act, a hallmark Civil Rights law.

So apparently Americans are opposed to the civil rights movement that allowed Blacks to vote. Further, Americans wish to revert to Jim Crow type voting restrictions that make it very easy for Whites to vote but make it very hard for Blacks to vote. Apparently then American Whites are an incredibly racist people who do not believe that Black people should have the right to vote and wish to revoke the right to vote from many Blacks.

A plurality wishes to elevate billionaires into feudal (fascist) lords, while the rest of us live in squalor, while we toil for basic sustenance.

This is odd. The serfs believe that the feudal lords should get all the money while we serfs should wallow in misery. American serfs love their feudal masters and wish to perpetuate the system that makes them serfs. They support their feudal masters, who are actually their deadly enemies.

I don’t get it. What’s wrong with Americans? Are we masochists?

No matter how bad things are under a Democrat, all you will ever do is make everything worse by voting Republican. It makes no sense.


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Black Republicans, Race Traitors

I am a bit mystified at why these silly Toms and House Negroes even exist in the first place now that the Republicans are reinstating Jim Crow voting restrictions on Black people and a Republican Supreme Court threw out a landmark civil rights law called the Voting Rights Act of 1965. This seems to be part of a concerted Republican offensive to gut our nation’s civil rights laws altogether and turn the clock back to before 1964. Now how any Black person in their right mind could associate themselves with such a virulently anti-Black racist political party is just beyond me.

I remember once I had a conversation with my late father about Black Republicans.

“Oh well,” he said, shrugging his shoulders. “Every race has its traitors.”

A Black Republican is the very definition of a race traitor.

And I don’t like race traitors too much. No matter if it’s Noel Ignatiev or Herman Cain, they are all the same to me. To be a traitor to your people is one of the worst forms of treason. It is like someone who guns down their own nuclear family. You are killing the mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers of your people.

Everyone should support their people.

Down with race traitors of all hues.


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