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Sykes-Picot: The Reason for the Chaos in Arabia

Arab nationalists are still mad about this one.

Not so much Bush invading Iraq or whatever the Hell Obama has done. All Obama has done is support bipartisan US foreign policy consensus that the Republicans themselves support, with the only variation being that Republicans want to double down on Barack’s machination. But all of this was just accelerating the inevitable.

Interesting how the British double-crossed the Emir of Arabia by promising support for an independent Arabia in the former Ottoman lands in 1915 and then going back on it later after they defeated Turkey. They backstabbed the Emir in typical British fashion. Recall US imperialism is very much like British imperialism as Americans are first and foremost a British people in genes and culture. After the war, they dissolved the Ottoman lands and instead of giving the Arabs freedom as they promised, they simply stole their lands from the Ottomans. The British, out of sheer coincidence, happened to donate to themselves exactly those lands where oil had just been found (Mesopotamia) and the Emir got a worthless (at that time) hunk of desert in the middle of the Arabian peninsula.

Syria and Lebanon were donated to the French for no particular reason, while the British stole Palestine (including Transjordan) and then promptly donated it to Lord Rothschild’s Jews who had demanded it as a bribe for financial support to help the British win the war.

The Kurds were screwed worst of all. There were many proposals to give them a state, but they were all ignored. The Kurds were chopped up into four countries – Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria, with a bit in Armenia (cool map at the link). They have been stateless ever since – the Kurds, who have existed as a nation in one form or another for possibly 3,000 years. Now, at long last, the West seems to be keen on giving the Kurds a new nation in northern Iraq, something they have been deathly opposed to for a century. Why the sudden change of heart? Color me suspicious! Imperialism never does anything decent out of the goodness of its heart. Never, ever.

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If You Love Jesus, You Must Be a Republican!

Jesus raids the Republican Convention.

Jesus raids the Republican Convention. Click to enlarge.

There is nothing on Earth more preposterous than a US Republican or conservative “Christian.” There really is nothing Christian about them. Instead, they are the antithesis of Christianity. Rather than serving Jesus, a good case can be made that instead they are the servants of the Evil One himself, Baal.


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US Foreign Policy: Nation State Destruction

Under folks like “Democrat” Anne-Marie “Humanitarian Bomber” Slaughter and “Republican” George “Mission Accomplished” Bush, US foreign policy really boils down to the removal of nation-states either by invasion, mercenary insurgency or armed coup. What’s left over is a failed state with little authority in most of its territory which is then ruled by various US proxy forces such as Nazis, fascists, warlords, tribal chiefs and Islamist fundamentalist idiots.

In Libya, we destroyed a brutal yet stable nation-state and replaced it with anarchy, a failed state apparatus and rule by tribes, warlords and radical Al Qaeda types with a continuous low level of violence.

In Syria, we destroyed a brutal yet stable nation-state and replaced with utter chaos, a mad civil war that left 180,000 dead and 9 million refugees and most of the nation in utter ruins outside of the state’s rule. Radical Islamists control vast swathes of land and atrocities occur continuously. The truth is that Syria has been destroyed.

In Iraq, the US removed a very brutal yet stable nation-state and replaced it with utter chaos, and a continuous insurgency followed by a savage civil war that has left 1.4 million Iraqis dead. Al Qaeda types control vast swathes of land, and Ayatollah types hold sway in the south. Iraq lies in ruins.

In Afghanistan, the US removed an evil yet fairly stable state under the Taliban and replaced it with military occupation and a failed state which barely has jurisdiction or control outside of Kabul city limits. Most of the land lies in ruins and a vast number of died for no particularly good reason. Afghanistan basically lies in ruins.

In Ukraine, the US replaced a stable but corrupt leader who refused to bow to IMF debt slavery and be a nation-seller. A man who got cold feet when it came down to the nitty-gritty of selling out his people bailed on the devastating deal being shoved down his throat. The US then funded some of its pet Nazis to riot in the streets, kill cops and put snipers on buildings shooting dozens in false flag operations.

An insane Nazi regime soon took over and immediately declared war on every minority in the country, especially the Russians. They also for all intents and purposes declared war on Russia. The Russians in the East, naturally alarmed at the rise of this new Nazi power in Europe, logically decided they wanted no part of this mess and voted to secede. A huge military operation was then launched on the people of the East resulting in hundreds dead and entire cities in ruins while America cheered on the slaughter and called for more killing and destruction. Much of Eastern Ukraine now lies in ruins.

In Yemen, a weak government has lost control of much of the countryside where tribal militias and Al Qaeda type Islamists control giant swathes of territory. I am not sure what it was like before 9-11, but I do not think it was this bad.

Tunisia, previously a very stable state, is now destabilized by invading Al Qaeda types from Libya flooded with weapons from the overthrown Libyan government.

Mubarak was removed in Egypt, and in the resulting protests, many died. Elections were held, and Muslim Brotherhood Islamists won. Quite a bit of protest and some violence then ensued. The MB started enacting a lot of anti-democratic laws, and al-Sisi, a Nasserite style general in the Egyptian Army, seized power along with other officers. The MB protested, and many MB protesters were massacred in cold blood. Death sentences were levied against 600 protestors for a protest in which one cop was killed. Attacks against Egyptian Coptic Christians increased dramatically. The result is a chaotic Egypt that was much more stable under Mubarak.


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The Foreign Policy Apparatus of the Democratic Party

The deeply depressing foreign policy of the “liberal” Democratic Party is pretty much summed up by this monstrous woman, the appropriately named Anne-Marie Slaughter. Mrs. Slaughter is often seen in the editorial pages of US papers, usually urging that the US military go drop some bombs on some people’s heads. If Mrs. Slaughter and her diabolical ilk had her way, the US military would be dropping bombs on someone’s head somewhere on Earth every day or at least every week. We would march in and destroy a nation state, leaving horrific anarchic mass slaughters in failed states behind. See Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Ukraine.

In her latest mad diatribe she echoes the ghost of Curtis Le May. Have you seen all the chaos in Syria and Iraq, much of it caused directly by the United States? What exactly should the exceptional nation, the City on a Hill, do about this genocidal anarchy it has unleashed, where vicious governments battle bloodthirsty Al Qaeda types.

Why, opines Mrs. Massacre, the proper response is to massively bomb both Syria and Iraq! In Syria we bomb the government because they don’t like our Israeli pals, and in Iraq we bomb the Al Qaeda Frankenstein some mad scientist CIA cooked up in one of their Destabilization Labs. Bomb, bomb, bomb! Bombing is fun.

Bomb bomb bomb we go
Gently through the air
Merrily merrily merrily merrily
Life is yet a bomb!

What is terrifying is that this maniacal woman represents the foreign policy of the supposedly liberal party in the US, the Democrats. She was also, outrageously, head of the American chapter of the Institute for International Law, something she supposedly specializes in. How can Mrs. Slaughter specialize in something she obviously doesn’t even believe in?

Mrs. Massacre served in a very high position in the State Department under Hilary Clinton where she was always plotting to drop a bomb on someone or other’s head. She is a former dean of Princeton University, where she got into a lot of trouble during the Bush years because she kept inviting the worst reactionary Bush Administration members and their supporters to speak at the university. The students rose up in protest. Massacre countered that, among other things, the Bush Administration was now in power, and, you know, foreign policy folks simply support whichever administration is in power.

She makes an excellent point. The Foreign Policy Apparatus of the US State in the State Department, the Pentagon, the National Security Council, the CIA and the DIA never really change as new administrations move in and out. These people, collectively, and their co-conspirators in the media and academia such as Mrs. Massacre, constitute what is best known as “The Deep State.”

The Deep State and its goals never really change. The word is that every President is afraid to go against them because they run the government, and if you go against them, you supposedly end up with a bullet in your head like JFK. JFK absolutely hated the CIA for some very good reasons and he was dying to clip their wings and curtail their power any way he could. The argument is that if you fuck with the CIA, the CIA will kill you.

Hence from Democrats to Republicans, US foreign policy, which is really just US imperialism or the policy of the US Empire, never changes all that much. The basic goals are the same, the friends and enemies are all the same. The only differences is the tactics. The Republicans are utterly over the top, wild warmongering scary kook imperialists always screaming to bomb or attack this or that enemy du jour.

The Democrats, on the other hand, prefer softer power such as the use of proxies armies like Baby Al Qaedas, Nazis, fascists, death squads, separatist insurgencies, warlords and tribal militias against the enemies of America. Sanctions, threats and economic warfare replace full-throttle screaming, yelling, shooting and bombing. But there’s not a lot of difference. The Republicans are just the Democrats in a manic psychosis and the Democrats are just the Republicans on lithium, still evil to the core but at least subdued so they seem somewhat civilized.

To sum up:

Anne-Marie Slaughter is the poster child for the foreign policy of the “liberal” Democratic Party.

Anne-Marie Slaughter is a warmongering imperial maniac.

The foreign policy of the Democratic Party is one of warmongering imperial maniacs.

There’s “liberalism” for ya!

PS, I am sure Louis Proyect and other Trotskyites have a special place in their hearts for folks like Anne-Marie “Humanitarian Bomber” Slaughter.


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No, Eric Cantor Is Not Gay

Lots of folks have been tossing around the rumor that Eric “Tea Party Jew” Cantor is gay. There is no evidence whatsoever that he is gay and a whole lot of evidence that he is not. Cantor comes from the aristocratic class of the White South. It is not widely known that more than a few of these highfalutin fellows, though heterosexual, can be somewhat effeminate. Cantor’s somewhat effeminate and more properly effete behavior is the impetus for these rumors.

There is one more thing to consider here. Cantor is Jewish. Jewish guys are not exactly known for their machismo. They’re no gayer than any other male ethnic group in the US, but nerdy, wimpy or effete heterosexual Jewish are not uncommon. So this is apparently yet another case of mistaken identity along the lines of, “He’s not gay, he’s Jewish!”

If you are interested in who’s gay or bi and who’s not in US politics, with focus on the US Senate and House, governors and political operatives of both parties, most of them tightly closeted, check out this earlier piece of mine.

A lot of people say, “So what!” when you bring up this subject. But I think it is important.

Why, you ask. Well, the fact that apparently Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Chris Cristie and Karl Rove are queer or bi is definitely something the public ought to know about. So here I am, Paul Revere-like, spreading the word on who’s queer.

What! Did someone just say George Stephanopoulos? Shhh.


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Solid Evidence That the US Trained ISIS

It was done in Jordan 2 years ago. Turkey has been helping these guys and training them and their ilk all along, playing a double game. I think Turkey really stepped in it this time. Turkey in these wars is playing the same role that Pakistan played in the mujahedin wars in Afghanistan – a rear base for supplies and fighters to filter into the war zone. Fighters come out of Turkey and refugees and the wounded go back in. This is all going to blow back on these idiot Turks just like it did to the Pakistanis. At some point, these ISIS idiots will be defeated in one way or another. They will sulk back into Turkey and after a while, they will stir up a lot of trouble in Turkey just like they did in Pakistan.

The comments section is very interesting. WND is Loony Tune Central, the crazed rightwing base of the Republican Party. However there is an amazing amount of sanity and common sense in the comments which is at odds with this group of people. What is odd is that many of the folks in the comments sound exactly like anti-imperialist liberals and Leftists. Maybe the Republican base is tiring of Empire too. And what’s even more odd is maybe we can make an alliance with these folks on a few things like foreign policy. I will ally with just about anyone, with maybe only a few exceptions.


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Typical American

Some rightwing moron wrote:

only republcians are good, communism is shit socialsims is not possible so only republcans can ensure a strong government capitalism and right wing economics only succeeds all the left wing is useless even china has improved only eafter embracing republican right wing capitalistic policy left wing will leave countries stranded like cuba bolivia with out any progress.

Basically a typical American. Surely a typical Republican. He can’t spell, can’t punctuate and doesn’t know jack about politics or economics. Wait. He knows just a little bit…and a little bit of knowledge…can be dangerous.

He knows something about politics and economics but really everything about political economy he wrote up there doesn’t even make sense.

Almost all Republicans are basically right on this guy’s insipid level and an extremely large number of political independents are just like this too.

Take away the partisan crap about Republicans and unfortunately a Hell of a lot of Democrats talk like this too.

This is why I basically hardly talk to Americans anymore. Anytime I start talking about politics, I either get a completely dumbfounded expression, or if they know anything about politics at all, almost all of them sound something like this guy.

I guess America is just hopeless.


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Americans and Ukraine: Portrait of a Brainwashed People

I would also like to complain about how sickeningly brainwashed Americans are. 90% of Americans support sanctions on Russia for the annexation of what has always been Russian land, the Crimea. That’s a pretty incredible figure. But I suppose it makes sense in that in the US media, generally from the Right to the Left, you will hear one and only one story about Russia and Ukraine – the pro-government “bipartisan foreign policy consensus.” You will never see, in any major media, anything from the Russian side. I had hopes that the Internet would change all of that, but apparently most of them are just as brainwashed as ever.

The truth is that most Democrats are diehard Democrats and they simply every single that the Democratic Party is for. Right wing, left wing, centrist, atrocity, no matter. Democrats who claim to be liberals and progressives willingly support the most insanely reactionary foreign policy of all. They have for decades and there is no end to this in sight. These same liberals will typically support any rightwing crap a Democratic President does these. And looking back at the Clinton and Obama Presidencies, that’s a lot of rightwing crap. When a Democrat is in office, most Democrats simply support every single thing he does, period.

I figure most Republicans are just as dumb. Whatever the Republican Party line is, that’s their line. When a Republican President is in, he can literally do no wrong. Of the Republicans I know, you will never hear a peep out of them in protest to anything they do. Republicans are always right. If a Republican wants to know what to think about something, he just turns on Fox News or goes to his favorite rightwing website. The websites and the station are all saying the same thing anyway and never disagree, so no matter. The Republican simply believes whatever Fox and the websites tell him to believe. No further thought is required.

If a Democrat wants to know how to think on some particular issue, he turns on “liberal” news stations like MSNBC or CNN. CNN is not a progressive or liberal station by any means, and best I can tell, CNN is pretty much the same thing as Fox. MSNBC indeed is different, but how different are they on Russia and Ukraine.

If the TV’s not on, the Democrat opens up a rightwing “liberal” newsmagazine like Time or Newsweek (many liberals will proudly tell you that they subscribe to “liberal” Time or “liberal” Newsweek), and Timesweek tells them what to believe. Usually about the same as CNN, or actually more to the Right than that. If the magazine hasn’t come yet, you can always look at the daily paper. Your daily paper editorializes all through its “news” pages, and on foreign policy, Fox, MSNBC, CNN, Timesweek, your local paper and both political parties (due to the “bipartisan foreign policy consensus”) are saying the same thing.

I suppose that it is understandable that in a USA with media about as controlled as that of the Soviet Union it might be hard to find folks who don’t tow the government line or fall in line behind the “foreign policy consensus.”

Some more Left publications have lined up behind the US and against Russia: The Nation and Rolling Stone. In addition, almost all Trotskyites are against Russia and are urging neutrality on this issue – the Trots’ attitude is – you guessed it – both sides are “fascists.” The always execrable Trot Louis Proyect has been supporting Ukraine from the start.


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House Republican Leader Defeated in Primary!

One of the most stunning primary upsets in history.

Eric Cantor, Tea Party Jew! Huh? WTH? What the heck is a Tea Party Jew, anyway? That is so weird. I can’t even wrap my mind around such a concept.

A real super Tea Partier beat him, running solely on opposition to amnesty for illegal aliens, oh excuse me, I mean immigration reform. He said Cantor was for amnesty. I have no idea how Cantor stands on that. Now all the Republicans will double down on opposition to amnesty, which is fine by me.


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Do Rightwingers Actually Believe All Their Rightwing Crap?

Jason Y writes:

RL:  “Rightwingers say that private charities and families can replace all the social programs they are going to wipe out. They are either ignorant or lying when they say this because they must know it’s not true. These guys are pretty smart, so I think most of them must know it’s a lie.”

I don’t know. They might really believe it. Who knows what the brainwashed, even smart ones, will believe.

Face it, just about everything a Republican says is a lie or is bullshit in some way or another. It’s a party that is based on corruption of facts and abuse of the truth, hypocritical to the core.

Since a lot of these lies are so easy to prove wrong with facts and figures, that leaves me wonder how an intelligent person can believe such a bunch of obvious lies.

However I believe that Jason is right. I have talked to a lot of rightwingers who believe this crap about private parties filling in for the social programs they wipe out, and in general, most of them seem like they truly believe it. I point out how they are wrong, and they get flustered and try to end the conversation. I think maybe these people are immune to things like facts and truths. Remember, they don’t live in “the reality based community,” they “make up their own reality as they go along.” In other words, there is no truth, there are no facts, and everything in the world is simply “politics,” for lack of a better word.

I sort of respect a lot of Libertarians. You tell them that wiping out social programs will hurt a lot of poor people, and they say, “Well tough shit. Who cares. Too bad. Big deal. Haha! They should have saved money. It’s not my problem. I am not paying taxes to support them.” It’s an ugly ideology, but they are being 100% truthful. They’re bad guys who are openly proud of being bad guys.

These Republican liars are pushing Dickensian economics while claiming at the same time to be some sort of social liberals. They’re bad guys masquerading as good guys. They are imposters wearing masks.


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