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A Statesman Appears

VV Putin, statesman.

It is not to be expected at all that a US President, or any President for that matter, be a statesman. However, those Presidents who are statesmen are the best of the Presidents.

I am not sure which US Presidents were statesmen. JFK certainly was, as Roosevelt. Beyond that, I am just not sure. Of course George Bush Jr. was not a statesman. Are you kidding?

A statesman can also be a diplomat or an administration official, particularly a high ranking one. Henry Kissinger, as much as I feel he is The Evil One himself, was indeed a statesman.

One thing I will agree with Obama’s critics is that Barack is not a statesman. But he doesn’t have to be. A President is only as good as his advisors. And Barack’s advisors are simply awful. When a monster like Kissinger and Brezhinski make more sense than you do, that is really saying something bad. That’s like being worse than the Devil Himself. If Barack is worse than the Devil Himself, it is not because he is evil. It is because he is incompetent. Many Presidents are fairly incompetent, but if a President is like that, he should at least have some excellent advisors and a good relationship with the Pentagon and the intelligence branch. Barack has neither.

VV Putin, whatever you think of him, is definitely a statesman. And he proves that once again in this great interview.

I love the part where the reporter says, “The EU just put increased sanctions on Russia today!”

Putin cocks his head, looks confused, and says, “Really?”

Classic stuff.


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Obama on the Ukraine: Stumbling from One Crisis to the Next


Listen to Steven Cohen. He is one of maybe two policy experts remaining who is sane on the subject of the Ukraine. Cohen says he has never seen such hawkish uniformity in his life. Even the Iraq War was not nearly this bad. In the run-up to that war, there were many experts arguing that it was a bad thing to do. Now there is unanimity across the entire media spectrum, from right to left, the left being represented by MSNBC (not really the Left, more like the voice of the Democratic Party, which is not a liberal or progressive political party). Further, all foreign policy experts are very hawkish on the Ukraine.

Obama has isolated himself, exactly as Bush did and is only listening to his yes-men, who do not know what they are doing. Most of Obama’s advisors are out of academia and few of them have actual diplomatic street smarts from years in service to the state. Although I despise the man, Obama also refuses to listen to Henry Kissinger, who is actually saner on the Ukraine than the Obama Administration. Even the horrifying Brezhinski makes more sense than Obama’s aides. Sure there are brains in the Administration such as the CIA (but considering how much they lie, how can they be trusted?) but the smart folks and the intelligence guys are locked out by a huge firewall at the State Department.

Obama appears to have outsourced most of this crisis to Joe Biden and John Kerry, both of whom have behaved horribly. In the past few days, I have seen photos of John Kerry where he looks pure evil. This is his alter coming out, the one  that set fire to villages in the Mekong Delta and shot civilians as they ran out of their burning grass huts.

The Republican nutcase Congress has just introduced a bill that would force Obama’s hand on the Ukraine. It would make Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova “NATO-associated US allies” thus triggers arms aid to them in addition to an alliance. The alliance is dangerous because an attack on one is an attack on any other. A Russian attack on the Ukraine (which would be a great idea) would be an attack on the US. The US would be obligated to help Georgia and Moldova “get back their stolen lands” in Abkhazia, South Ossetia, and Transdniester. The bill would give Putin a short period of time to vacate the Crimea before massive sanctions would kick in all but severing trade between the US and Russia.

It is hard to say how many DINO’s there are in the Senate whose votes would be needed in order for this bill to pass. If it passed, Obama might be forced to sign it by the principle of expediency and political necessity.

I hate to agree with Republicans for once but I think they are right when they say that the Obama Administration simply does not know what it is doing a lot of the time. Not knowing what you are doing is not necessarily the worst thing. Bush knew what he was doing but what he was doing was pure evil. Incompetence is better than malign intent.








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Yankee Go Home!

How can anyone read this and say there is no such thing as US imperialism. Yet that is what most Americans will tell you.

How can anyone read this and say there is no such thing as US imperialism. Yet that is what most Americans will tell you.

Yes, Latin Americans have ruined Latin America, but they haven’t done so alone. They had a lot of help. One of the principal problems in Latin America now for a very long time has been the presence of the United States. Working in tandem with Latin American elites, the US has, over the last 100 years, probably done more to destroy that continent than any other factor.

Others have not been so innocent. As you can see, Britain ruined Guyana. All Guyana wanted was a social democracy like the UK had at the time, but the imperialist scum in the UK ruined that. Social democracy is good enough for the British, but we can’t let our neo-colonies (our slave states) have it.

The US mentality is similar. A typical reason for overthrowing a government in Latin America is that the President raised the minimum wage. Presidents both Democratic and Republican alike have overthrown Latin American governments for the simple crime of raising the minimum wage.

Barack Obama “liberal,” overthrew the government of Honduras. The main reason was because Zelaya raised the minimum wage. Barack Obama supports raising the minimum wage in the US, but in our neo-colonies, they don’t get that option because those are our slave states. Barack is no socialist, Communist, Maoist, Third Worldist or even anti-colonialist. What sort of socialist overthrows a government for the crime of raising the minimum wage?

Reactionary US foreign policy is a bipartisan project the world over, but this is especially true in Latin America. Democrats only pursue relatively liberal politics in the USA. Overseas, our foreign policy has always been far rightwing reaction. US Presidents never work for the people of the world. All US Presidents are the employees of the large US corporations and the rich, the 1%. The 1% call the shots in the US. The President listens, takes notes, stands up, salutes, and says, “Yes, sir.” That’s called “democracy.” LOL.


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Obama May Be Set for Massive Amnesty


The horrifying Senate bill, a bipartisan adventure passed with both Republican and Democratic support, promises to do as bad or even worse. Up to 8 million illegal alien criminal invaders of our land could be granted work permits to obtain jobs in order to steal from from Native Born American People (NBAP) and up the unemployment rate about the NBAP’s.

This lunatic bill actually doubles are already insane numbers of legal immigrants allowed to flood our shore.

It also doubles the usually fake guest worker immigrants, who are mostly fraudulent cases, most notably Hindu 1-B job thieves who have utterly destroyed NBAP (mostly White) programmer labor market in the US. We Americans have ruined one of our finest talent pools – the White computer programmers – and replaced them with largely inferior and incompetent Hindu 1-B’s from fake, lying, cheating, fraudulent diploma mill “universities” in India.

A very large percentage of Hindu 1-B’s have completely fake resumes, which employers never bother to check as they assume that if it’s a Hindu 1-B, they are obviously using a fraudulent resume. Usually these elephant jockeys say they have a Master’s Degree in Computer Programming. In most all cases, they certainly do not. For instance, at the largest Indian organized crime diploma mills, a “Master’s Degree in Computer Science” can be obtained in a mere six months of study out of high school. Fake! Generally these are for-profit colleges, and for-profit universities are pretty much garbage everywhere on Earth. This is such a hard and fast rule of education that it is nearly on the level of a mathematical corollary.

The Hindu 1-B criminals form ethnic gangs at all of the places where they work. Soon a Hindu 1-B ethnic gangster is put in charge of Human Resources of Management. He quickly fires all White programmers under him and replaces them with his countrymen. Nepotism at an extreme level. Further, the Indians are engaging in blatant job discrimination that is nearly on a Jim Crow level. Yet such is the hatred for NBAP, especially Native Born American White Men, among our elites, that our elites gladly sell out their own people and their own homeland by siding with a group of vicious, bigoted, discriminatory and incompetent invaders of our shores.

This war isn’t really natives versus immigrants, it’s Americans versus Americans. On one side, we have the country-sellers, the traitors. The higher echelons and nearly all elected officials of both parties, Republican and Democrat, are largely made up of extremely unpatriotic Americans. These are the country-sellers, the sellers of the homeland, the traitors to their own people and their own land.

It’s often said that I am a traitor, but that is not true. I simply want the best for my country, which makes me much more of a patriot than any elected official in this country. Mass immigration is a catastrophe for my homeland and my people, so I oppose it with every fiber of my being. I am an American nationalist. What we hate more than anything are the country-sellers, the traitors to our great NBAP who built this fine land.

Our elites are now citizens of the world. They long ago revoked their right to citizenship by their treasonous behavior. They have no loyalty to the homeland, and they would sell it down the river in a New York minute, as they prove every day of the year.

If this law passes, or worse if Obama makes an executive action legalizing 8 billion illegal alien criminals who invaded our sovereign land, he will surely go down in history as one of the most treasonous Presidents who ever blighted our great land. Let’s hope, for the sake of all of us, that he doesn’t do it.

I must say that on the issue of illegal immigration, I am with the hardline members of the Republican Party and especially with the Tea Party. Of course I dislike them on most other things, but I will ally with Tea Party folks on this issue, the defense of the homeland against the country-selling traitors.


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VV Putin, Conservative

Many Euro-Atlantic countries have moved away from their roots, including Christian values. Policies are being pursued that place on the same level a multi-child family and a same-sex partnership, a faith in God and a belief in Satan. This is the path to degradation.

— President Vladimir V. Putin

I am having a really hard time understanding why the Republican Party and 99% of US conservatives hate this guy so much. He sounds like he’s right up their alley. I don’t get it.

I think I would take a social conservative like Putin who objects to a war against normality over a humanitarian bomber liberal any day.

Typical American, leader of the Free World (TM):

“Assassinate Putin! And after that, let’s go to the gay pride parade!”


What a way to lead the planet. USA! USA! USA!


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Who Controls America?

The Deep State is what controls America. Here is all you need to know about the Deep State:

  • The Deep State controls America.
  • The Deep State controls the US state at all levels.
  • All US media is controlled by the Deep State.
  • The Deep State and its imperial goals change little from Democrat to Republican Administrations. The vast majority of top US government officials of both the Democratic and Republican Parties are simply agents of the Deep State.
  • Most US foreign policy “stink tanks” are controlled by the Deep State.
  • Almost all US foreign policy journals are controlled by the Deep State, with a few exceptions such as the National Interest.
  • The President and the Executive Branch are probably helpless against the Deep State and must follow orders.
  • The reason the Executive Branch follows Deep State orders is probably due to fear. The Kennedy Assassination is always brought up as an example of what happens if you go against the Deep State. Kennedy felt that the CIA was an out of control agency and he was trying desperately to reign them in when he was killed. Many observers cite the Kennedy Effect for why no one dares go against the orders of the Deep State.
  • The people who really run the Deep State, or operate in tandem with it, are the 1%, the billionaires, the large corporations and especially the banksters. All wars are bankster wars. These are the people who truly run US society, and if you go against them, well…look what happened to Kennedy.


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The Fake Public Education Crisis

Politicians, the media, educators, academics and everyone and their cousin have been screaming about the crisis in public education for a very long time now, at least 35 years. But the truth is that there is no crisis at all.

The truth is that US kids are better educated than they’ve ever been since they started giving these tests. They talk about how hard high school was in 1900, but that was when 1% of the population went to high school. The scores have been going down since 1960-1970 simply because more Blacks and Browns have been taking the test. They are driving the scores down.

If you look at White kids alone, they are better educated than they have ever been. This lie was started by Reagan after he came in in 1980. They issued a report called A Nation at Risk that raised alarm with a lot of folks about the declining test scores boogeyman. This was all part of a concerted attack on the public schools. US conservatives have always hated public schools ever since we put them in and they have been trying to get rid of them ever since. All of this charter schools, school choice, etc. nonsense is all part of a project to kill of the public schools in the US.

Private schools do not in fact get better results than public schools. Private schools are nearly always inferior to public schools. The only private schools that are any good are all nonprofits.

Why would private schools be better?

  • They pay the teachers much worse
  • The teachers have poor benefits.
  • They scrimp horribly on supplies in order to fatten their bottom line
  • They make outrageous profits, often fly around in private helicopters or jets and care nothing whatsoever about their students.
  • There is massive and ridiculous grade inflation at private schools since its run as a business and bad grades are bad for business as they drive customers away. The way these schools keep their customers happy and coming back for more is by doling out the inflated grades.
  • There are no teacher unions, but there is no evidence that a unionized teacher force is worse than a non-unionized one, and what evidence does exist shows that the unionized force works better. If you are a working class person, why do you think destruction of teacher unions is a good idea? Wouldn’t you rather be in a union?

Charter schools

There is nothing different or special about these schools except that they have no teachers’ unions. Once again it is hard to see how eliminating the organizations of the workers is going to make workers work harder or better. One might think it would be the opposite.

Both charter and private kids get to pick and choose their students. They turn down many students, especially special ed or special needs kids, and they throw lots of kids out if they act bad. The public schools are required by law to take all students no matter how many problems they have and they cannot kick kids out.

School choice deprives the public schools of dollars and good students, destroys the workers organizations for no reason, and floods the public schools with the worst students behavior-wise and talent-wise. Further, all of the expensive special ed and special needs kids are flooded into the public schools while the good kids that balance them out are pulled out.

Result: Public schools end up having a very bad and expensive student body at the same time that they are drained of money to operate. It’s a way to slowly kill the public schools.


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US Liberal-Left Switching Sides on the Ukraine Issue

The nonstop corporate media propaganda vilifying Russia and supporting the Ukrainian Nazis has had a profound effect. Large numbers of the US and British publics now support the Nazis, even as they slaughter Eastern Ukrainians and level cities in the heart of Europe. As I have reported before, US support for the Nazis has been across the board, from the Hard Left all the way to the Hard Right.

However, that seems to be falling apart.

I did an impressionistic survey of comments on articles dealing with the Ukraine on Daily Kos and Alternet. Daily Kos is the website of the base of the Democratic Party, which is really the left wing of the Democratic Party. Although some in this group are critical of Obama, most of them pretty much support all Democrats against all Republicans in a partisan manner. A man named Markos runs the site, and he is a big Democratic Party insider.

Alternet is to the left of the Democratic Party base. These are folks who are attacking Obama from the left and saying they will vote 3rd party.

Results were that on Daily Kos:

55% pro-Russian

45% pro-Ukrainian

In other words, the base of the Democratic Party is now evenly split, 50-50 on Ukraine. That’s not good news for Obama. I feel that this 50-50 split will widen in the coming days and more of the base goes over to the pro-Russian side.

The Alternet results were:

77% pro-Russian

23% pro-Ukrainian

So the US Left now strongly supports Russia and opposes the Ukraine. It took them a while to come around, but come around they did.

What is fascinating is that huge numbers of Americans on the liberal-Left have managed to avoid being brainwashed by the constant anti-Russia, pro-Ukraine propaganda flooding out of the entire US corporate media with no exception.

These people also had knowledge of many events that were never reported or reported falsely by the US media. Probably the only way they could have gotten those facts was via the Internet. So it turns out that many folks are getting their news from the Internet via non-MSM corporate sites (like this one)!

This bodes very ill for the US Deep State, both parties, the US corporate media and the US corporate-imperialist elite. This elite stays in power in part via continuous brainwashing propaganda using the corporate media that they control. However, this media monopoly is now gone and Americans are no longer subject to brainwash and only brainwash. They have a media source that is completely out of the control of the US elite, running wild and exposing these American scums for exactly what they are.

In other words, the elite is losing their control over us.

Good news.

However, expect to see some major initiatives by the US corporate-imperialist elite to deal with this problem by somehow taking over the Internet or censoring it somehow. We may even see arrests and harassment of journalists and DOS attacks on non-MSM news sites.


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Types in the Manosphere Part 2

A very nice site called Gunlord lists the various components of the Manosphere. In this piece, we will examine five of the sub-movements – Aspies, Men’s Rights, PUA’s, Child Custody Advocates and TFL’s or Incels.

Aspies: Supposedly think even non-Aspie men are women-lite. Not sure what this means, but apparently women are just too emo for Spock-type Aspies, and even non-Aspie men are way too emo for these stoic and rational STEM types. Never heard of one of these sites, but it has no appeal to me. I have no idea of their politics.

Men’s rights: The MRA guys. The Men’s Rights groups are fighting for equal rights for men, which on the surface seems pretty weird. A lot of these guys, like Paul Elam at A Voice for Men, are pretty misogynistic. His comments section is even worse.

One wonders why men even need equal rights, and the notion that we live in a Matriarchy instead of a Patriarchy is a bit bizarre. Sure, feminists are pushing women way past their demands for equality, and they are making some pretty lunatic demands that are starting to impinge on the type of world we men want to live in. But at the end of the day, MRA guys just strike me as silly. They are fighting for something that doesn’t need to be fought for (men’s equal rights) because it already exists. Politically, they are mostly Libertarian.

PUA’s: These are the much-maligned pickup artists. PUA’s  try to teach men “Game” in order to help them get women. At first this seems reasonable, and men have been doing this forever. I remember the How to Pick Up Girls books on sale in the 1970’s. There is a famous classic Latin book by a Roman author called On Love that is really How to Pick Up Girls 2000 years ago. Some of my friends bought these books and said they had good advice that worked pretty well in real life.

Obviously there are tricks of the trade. The wildest womanizers are not just regular guys. They have a whole fancy bag of tricks that they regularly use to seduce and bed woman after woman. If you want to be a playboy, “being yourself” won’t cut it. You’re going to need a toolset, and many of these tools straddle the fence of morality.

The problem is that what they teach you in Game is how to be a tool and an asshole. How to treat women like crap. How to more or less date rape women. How to fight against a “bitch shield” which seems rude. When I get a bitch shield, I walk away from the cunt. These guys hammer away at it with a battering ram like cops at a locked door.

A lot of the tricks are sleazy, disgusting and downright dishonest. I would not use these immoral methods no matter how many women they got me. A gentlemen, even an aging roue, should set some limits on his degeneracy. At some point, your behavior is so low that you are a scumbag. I am not interested in being a scumbag. PUA guys think being a scumbag is man’s highest calling.

These sites also engage in hypermasculinity where they all try to be more “Alpha” than everyone else. The PUA message is, “All guys need to become Alphas.” Except that will not work because in most societies, only maybe 15% of the males are true Alphas. Also real Alphas don’t go around yelling how Alpha they are and constantly starting fights for no reason with other men.

These sites have a very aggressive, super-macho air to them with a heavy atmosphere of misogyny, homophobia, aggression, hostility and even menace. When you read the comments sections, you might think you are at a Rapists Convention. They are full of contempt for male pussies, wussies, wimps, manginas and “Betas.” Hating Betas is particularly dumb as probably 70% of men are Betas by default anyway.

The biggest PUA guys come off like super jackasses, and reading them is very cringe-inducing.

PUA politics is not discussed a lot, but when it is, they tend to be Libertarians, although one of their biggest leaders, Roosh, is a fairly progressive guy.

Child custody rights advocates: These guys want to reform divorce and custody laws. As you might guess, they are all divorced and have kids. They lost a lot of money in the divorce, and the bitches won’t let them see the kid(s). These guys are often middle-aged and they are some of the angriest men in the whole Manosphere. They are on a jihad against their Wicked Witch of the West wives who really do represent all women.

These men like to go to jail voluntarily instead of paying child support and litigate endlessly in the courts. A few of them have staged events such as public suicides on courthouse steps. Such pathetic idiots, lauded as martyrs, are the heroes of the movement. This group of men is so angry at women that it is actually frightening to be on one of their forums. Threats of violence are common, and a lot of them collect weapons. This is a community of very angry older, often middle-aged, men who are two steps away from going postal. Politically, Republican Party to Libertarian.

Incels or TFL’s (True Forced Loneliness): I have already been over these types before in previous pieces. These poor sods are probably too upset to have any sort of politics at all. Eliot Rodger, famous incel mass shooter, was apparently a liberal Democrat, not that that means much except that their politics is probably all over the place and not very important anyway.


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Types in the Manosphere Part 1

From a comment on a very interesting blog called Gunlord. I like this guy a lot. He’s basically a MGTOW type (perfectly happy being a total bachelor, not really wild about women anyway), but he doesn’t like to talk about it, doesn’t hang out on the MGTOW forums and thinks the whole movement is stupid.

Some of his ideas I seriously don’t agree with, but others make a lot of sense.

From the comments page:

You have the standard male supremacists who want women back in the kitchen, the MGTOWs who think women in the kitchen are “parasites,” the transhumanists who think some combination of artificial wombs, sexbots, and buttsex will liberate men from women, the “Human Bio-Diversity” enthusiasts who are called “white knight nationalists” by everyone else, the Christians who want to establish a theocracy, the atheists who think religion is a sneaky plot by women to enslave men, the Aspies who think even men without autism are just “women lite,” and so on and so forth…

In this post, I will go over the male supremacists, the MGTOW’s, the transhumanists, the Christians, the atheists and the HBD’ers.

Male supremacists: Very common on the Manosphere. They want to go back to the old days, which means, I dunno, before 1920. Take away all women’s rights because they are too crazy and emo to deserve them anyway. I never could get down with these guys. I’ve long been an equity feminist, and at one point I was actually a member of NOW (The National Organization for Women). This is so retrograde and reactionary that it’s simply bizarre.

MGTOW’s: These are a light version of female separatists, but they are not a corollary of lesbian separatists. They are into living the bachelor life and putting off marriage for as long as possible. They have a very dim view of women to say the least and advocate replacing them with dolls, fleshlights, porn, masturbation and at the very most prostitutes. They wish to avoid relationships with women and even advocate not dating them. They think men should even limit their friendships with women. In other words, they think women are a plague to be avoided at all costs.

They have a somewhat rocky relationship with the rest of the Manosphere, especially the PUA types who they call “pussy beggars.” In return, the PUA’s refer to MGTOW’s as “Omega losers.” Politically, they are almost all Libertarians.

They have a very open view of what is available to men lifestyle-wise: live at home, live with roommates, move around the country, take off and go live in foreign countries, change careers, make as much or as little money as you like, and especially, quit caring about what society demands of you and start embracing nonconformism. Do it your own way, and don’t let women, kids or society get in the way. Guys, do whatever the Hell you want and quit caring what anyone thinks about your choices. There are supposedly a few MGTOW’s who are married or in relationships, but I have not met them.

I like these guys in a way. I like their open-ended view of the possibilities for males. They don’t care if an adult male lives at home! Wow. Face it, societal demands and restrictions trap a lot of men into this or that job, location or lifestyle. When you have a wife and kids to support, you can’t exactly be a free-spirited vagabond.

I also love that they are reclaiming bachelorhood. Yay! For too long bachelorhood has been seen as a bizarre pathology, and at some point, all men are required to marry and hopefully have kids. At my age, it’s not that I need to get married but more that it’s seen as way weird that I never got married even once. If I would have tied the knot for a year, I would be in much better shape.

Bachelors are seen as possible homosexuals, incel losers, antisocial loners or out and out bizarre and possibly/probably dangerous weirdos. In other words, if you never got married, well obviously it is because something is wrong with you. At some point in your bachelor life, you will reach a point where pretty much all society is rejecting you, and it does not feel good.

I am not down with the living without women and avoiding sex out of preference, as I have never been that way. Sure, there have been periods with no girlfriend in my life, maybe even years, and there have been periods of incel living ranging from months to a year or possibly more. I never cared about marriage as long as there was one or more women in life and hopefully I was getting some sex. As long as I have women and sex somewhere floating about my life, even on the horizon, I am happy as a clam and see no need or reason to marry.

I don’t regard women as parasites to be avoided at all costs. I’d just as spend most of my socializing with women and blow men off. Why would I prefer to be around women all the time? Because I like to live dangerously!

Transhumanists: Ok, this is insane. These are the male version of lesbian separatists. Replace sex with women with sexbots and mix in a lot of fagging off with other guys while you’re at it. For babies, we will grow them in artificial wombs. No need for women and those yucky ovaries. I have no idea what their politics is like. Sorry, this is way too weird for me.

HBD’ers: I had no idea they were part of the Manosphere. Apparently they are a very wussy part of the Manosphere because they spend most of their time white-knighting. These guys don’t care about women or men. All they care about is genes, IQ tests and eugenics. They love those wonderful White and Asian races, and they have nothing but utter contempt for those disgusting, inferior Black and Brown races. Politics is conservative to Libertarian. Many are strong supporters of the Republican Party and spend much of their time Democrat-bashing.

Christians: Supposedly want to establish a theocracy. I haven’t heard of any of these sites. There is one good Christian Manosphere blog by a guy named Dalrock who isn’t even a misogynist. Extreme hypergamy is even effecting these hardcore Protestant fundamentalists. Politics is probably Republican Party.

Atheists: They supposedly blame women for the plague called religion and think women set up religion as a plot to enslave men. That’s pretty crazy, and thankfully I have never been to such a site. Politics? No idea.


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