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More on the Swiss Gun Control Argument

Frank B writes:

According to TIME, dateline Geneva, there is more to it than what the recent comments above say:

“The biggest change to the firearms legislation was made in 2007, requiring soldiers to store their bullets in an arsenal rather than in the households, but they were allowed to continue to keep their firearms at home. However, people who own private guns can purchase ammunition freely, as long as their weapon is registered.”

So the implied argument that all Swiss have guns but no ammo is false, according to TIME. As you see here, many many many guns and mucho mucho mucho ammo, but very low gun crimes:

“Because of these traditions, gun ownership in Switzerland is among the highest in the world, trailing behind only the U.S. and Yemen. Between 2.3 million and 4.5 million are estimated to be in circulation in a country of only 8 million people. But while the gun-suicide rate is fairly high — about 300 cases a year — the number of violent crimes is relatively low: government figures show about 0.5 gun homicides per 100,000 inhabitants in 2010. By comparison, the U.S. rate in the same year was about five firearm killings per 100,000 people, according to a 2011 U.N. report.”

So yes, the “Switzerland Argument” has merit in support of private gun and ammo ownership.

“Shooting is also a popular pastime. The Swiss learn to shoot from an early age, master safety techniques and develop a sense of responsibility toward their firearms. It is not unusual to see entire families — kids as young as 12 and their grandparents — participating in target practice or sharpshooting competitions that are held in towns and villages across the country.”

Safety with firearms is learned from a young age.

The article references two mass shootings in Switzerland. One was very recent, April 2013. The overall rate of gun violence though is low, statistically low.

Nope, actually the Swiss example has absolutely no merit whatsoever in terms of private possession of guns.

So what’s your point? In Switzerland, there may or may not be a lot loaded weapons in homes – the article did not state how many Swiss actually bought ammo and then loaded it into their guns and kept loaded guns around the home. Perhaps most Swiss who have these guns do not purchase ammo on the private market, and anyway, the home gun loaded or not must be locked away at home. Also those guns must be locked away when they are in the home. It’s really going to do a lot of good defending your home against an invader with a locked away gun, huh?

I suppose they can take their guns out of their locked cases where they are stored at home in order to go to the shooting competition in town, but then they have to bring the guns back to the home and lock them up again. How many are going to leave the shooting competition and go on a shooting spree?

Even if it is true that somehow Switzerland has lots of loaded guns lying around in homes all over the land and somehow manages a low crime rate nevertheless, it is utterly irrelevant to the US. Because here, in spite of the possible Swiss experience, a locked and loaded society deluged with guns is in fact causing a tsunami of gun crimes. Yeah, if we were like Switzerland, that might not be so. But we are not like Switzerland. So what is the point of bringing up the irrelevant example in the first place?

The point about gun safety is also irrelevant. Whenever we discuss accidents, which by the way, kill 1,000 Americans every year or three every day, the gun nuts say, “Well those people are idiots who do not know any good gun safety. If they knew gun safety, this would never have happened.”

This argument is also irrelevant. How long have the gun nuts been yelling about gun safety and how people are supposed to learn it and then we will not have any more gun issues. 40 years? 50 years? So what has happened in the interim period? Have Americans learned any better gun safety than they had 40-50 years ago? Of course not. Will they learn it well before I die? Probably not. We seem doomed to have a nation of gun safety morons into the forseeable future.

Also this argument is horribly hypocritical in that many times we gun controllers have passed laws mandating gun safety courses before one can purchase a firearm. Guess how the NRA reacted to each and every attempt to do that? They oppose and continue to oppose all of our efforts to mandate passing a gun safety course before you buy a gun.

Those gun safety courses are not that great either. A gun safety instructor recently committed suicide with the gun he was demonstrating in front of his horror-striken class.

Gun nuts are just like all conservatives. Most of their arguments are just wrong.


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The Fake Public Education Crisis

Politicians, the media, educators, academics and everyone and their cousin have been screaming about the crisis in public education for a very long time now, at least 35 years. But the truth is that there is no crisis at all.

The truth is that US kids are better educated than they’ve ever been since they started giving these tests. They talk about how hard high school was in 1900, but that was when 1% of the population went to high school. The scores have been going down since 1960-1970 simply because more Blacks and Browns have been taking the test. They are driving the scores down.

If you look at White kids alone, they are better educated than they have ever been. This lie was started by Reagan after he came in in 1980. They issued a report called A Nation at Risk that raised alarm with a lot of folks about the declining test scores boogeyman. This was all part of a concerted attack on the public schools. US conservatives have always hated public schools ever since we put them in and they have been trying to get rid of them ever since. All of this charter schools, school choice, etc. nonsense is all part of a project to kill of the public schools in the US.

Private schools do not in fact get better results than public schools. Private schools are nearly always inferior to public schools. The only private schools that are any good are all nonprofits.

Why would private schools be better?

  • They pay the teachers much worse
  • The teachers have poor benefits.
  • They scrimp horribly on supplies in order to fatten their bottom line
  • They make outrageous profits, often fly around in private helicopters or jets and care nothing whatsoever about their students.
  • There is massive and ridiculous grade inflation at private schools since its run as a business and bad grades are bad for business as they drive customers away. The way these schools keep their customers happy and coming back for more is by doling out the inflated grades.
  • There are no teacher unions, but there is no evidence that a unionized teacher force is worse than a non-unionized one, and what evidence does exist shows that the unionized force works better. If you are a working class person, why do you think destruction of teacher unions is a good idea? Wouldn’t you rather be in a union?

Charter schools

There is nothing different or special about these schools except that they have no teachers’ unions. Once again it is hard to see how eliminating the organizations of the workers is going to make workers work harder or better. One might think it would be the opposite.

Both charter and private kids get to pick and choose their students. They turn down many students, especially special ed or special needs kids, and they throw lots of kids out if they act bad. The public schools are required by law to take all students no matter how many problems they have and they cannot kick kids out.

School choice deprives the public schools of dollars and good students, destroys the workers organizations for no reason, and floods the public schools with the worst students behavior-wise and talent-wise. Further, all of the expensive special ed and special needs kids are flooded into the public schools while the good kids that balance them out are pulled out.

Result: Public schools end up having a very bad and expensive student body at the same time that they are drained of money to operate. It’s a way to slowly kill the public schools.


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Moon of Alabama

This is a superb blog, widely despised by the Lunatic Western (Trot) Left, so you figure it must be good for something. When I saw Louis Proyect, poster boy for the dysfunctional Western (pro-US imperialist Trot) Left, bashing away at Moon of Alabama that seemed like a pretty good recommendation to me.

The author of MOA is a fine author and the site has been around for some time. He is actually quite reasonable, which surprised me. His basic position is anti-US imperialism. He opposes the imperialism of both the Liberal Interventionist Left and Neoconservative Right (What’s the difference!?), which is after what I would call “the bipartisan foreign policy consensus.” Vietnam threatened to upset this hoary relic of the Truman Era, so the Vietnam Syndrome had to be destroyed. This was actually cited by monsters like Rumsfeld and Cheney as a major reason to invade Iraq in 2003 – to overcome the Vietnam Syndrome! What the Hell kind of reason is that to stage a Nazi-like war of aggression against a sovereign state?

On Ukraine, he supports the self-defense forces in the East and Russia and opposes the Ukrainian Nazis and the Western scum backing them.

On Syria, he supports Assad against the diabolical Sunni Islamists. On Iraq, he supports non-intervention.

He supports the Palestinians versus the Israeli criminal regime, and for this apparently he gets constantly bashed as an anti-Semite. I have been to his comment section and it is just straight up clean Left anti-imperialists in there with few if any confused or depraved anti-Semites. Sounds like a false charge.

The comments are even better than the short posts. The commenters are extremely knowledgeable and very smart. Fascinating stuff, better than anything you get in the Lie Machine called the US MSM media.

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The Latest Stupid Idea from Lunatic American Gun Culture


That’s stupid. Now all those idiots getting wounded in gun accidents are going to die instead. Brilliant.

The gun nuts are really like any other conservative. Every single thing a gun nut says is a lie in some way or another, or is at least irrelevant. They have no good arguments about anything, and they never have.


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Types in the Manosphere Part 1

From a comment on a very interesting blog called Gunlord. I like this guy a lot. He’s basically a MGTOW type (perfectly happy being a total bachelor, not really wild about women anyway), but he doesn’t like to talk about it, doesn’t hang out on the MGTOW forums and thinks the whole movement is stupid.

Some of his ideas I seriously don’t agree with, but others make a lot of sense.

From the comments page:

You have the standard male supremacists who want women back in the kitchen, the MGTOWs who think women in the kitchen are “parasites,” the transhumanists who think some combination of artificial wombs, sexbots, and buttsex will liberate men from women, the “Human Bio-Diversity” enthusiasts who are called “white knight nationalists” by everyone else, the Christians who want to establish a theocracy, the atheists who think religion is a sneaky plot by women to enslave men, the Aspies who think even men without autism are just “women lite,” and so on and so forth…

In this post, I will go over the male supremacists, the MGTOW’s, the transhumanists, the Christians, the atheists and the HBD’ers.

Male supremacists: Very common on the Manosphere. They want to go back to the old days, which means, I dunno, before 1920. Take away all women’s rights because they are too crazy and emo to deserve them anyway. I never could get down with these guys. I’ve long been an equity feminist, and at one point I was actually a member of NOW (The National Organization for Women). This is so retrograde and reactionary that it’s simply bizarre.

MGTOW’s: These are a light version of female separatists, but they are not a corollary of lesbian separatists. They are into living the bachelor life and putting off marriage for as long as possible. They have a very dim view of women to say the least and advocate replacing them with dolls, fleshlights, porn, masturbation and at the very most prostitutes. They wish to avoid relationships with women and even advocate not dating them. They think men should even limit their friendships with women. In other words, they think women are a plague to be avoided at all costs.

They have a somewhat rocky relationship with the rest of the Manosphere, especially the PUA types who they call “pussy beggars.” In return, the PUA’s refer to MGTOW’s as “Omega losers.” Politically, they are almost all Libertarians.

They have a very open view of what is available to men lifestyle-wise: live at home, live with roommates, move around the country, take off and go live in foreign countries, change careers, make as much or as little money as you like, and especially, quit caring about what society demands of you and start embracing nonconformism. Do it your own way, and don’t let women, kids or society get in the way. Guys, do whatever the Hell you want and quit caring what anyone thinks about your choices. There are supposedly a few MGTOW’s who are married or in relationships, but I have not met them.

I like these guys in a way. I like their open-ended view of the possibilities for males. They don’t care if an adult male lives at home! Wow. Face it, societal demands and restrictions trap a lot of men into this or that job, location or lifestyle. When you have a wife and kids to support, you can’t exactly be a free-spirited vagabond.

I also love that they are reclaiming bachelorhood. Yay! For too long bachelorhood has been seen as a bizarre pathology, and at some point, all men are required to marry and hopefully have kids. At my age, it’s not that I need to get married but more that it’s seen as way weird that I never got married even once. If I would have tied the knot for a year, I would be in much better shape.

Bachelors are seen as possible homosexuals, incel losers, antisocial loners or out and out bizarre and possibly/probably dangerous weirdos. In other words, if you never got married, well obviously it is because something is wrong with you. At some point in your bachelor life, you will reach a point where pretty much all society is rejecting you, and it does not feel good.

I am not down with the living without women and avoiding sex out of preference, as I have never been that way. Sure, there have been periods with no girlfriend in my life, maybe even years, and there have been periods of incel living ranging from months to a year or possibly more. I never cared about marriage as long as there was one or more women in life and hopefully I was getting some sex. As long as I have women and sex somewhere floating about my life, even on the horizon, I am happy as a clam and see no need or reason to marry.

I don’t regard women as parasites to be avoided at all costs. I’d just as spend most of my socializing with women and blow men off. Why would I prefer to be around women all the time? Because I like to live dangerously!

Transhumanists: Ok, this is insane. These are the male version of lesbian separatists. Replace sex with women with sexbots and mix in a lot of fagging off with other guys while you’re at it. For babies, we will grow them in artificial wombs. No need for women and those yucky ovaries. I have no idea what their politics is like. Sorry, this is way too weird for me.

HBD’ers: I had no idea they were part of the Manosphere. Apparently they are a very wussy part of the Manosphere because they spend most of their time white-knighting. These guys don’t care about women or men. All they care about is genes, IQ tests and eugenics. They love those wonderful White and Asian races, and they have nothing but utter contempt for those disgusting, inferior Black and Brown races. Politics is conservative to Libertarian. Many are strong supporters of the Republican Party and spend much of their time Democrat-bashing.

Christians: Supposedly want to establish a theocracy. I haven’t heard of any of these sites. There is one good Christian Manosphere blog by a guy named Dalrock who isn’t even a misogynist. Extreme hypergamy is even effecting these hardcore Protestant fundamentalists. Politics is probably Republican Party.

Atheists: They supposedly blame women for the plague called religion and think women set up religion as a plot to enslave men. That’s pretty crazy, and thankfully I have never been to such a site. Politics? No idea.


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Why I Dislike the Word “Terrorism”

I do not like the words terror, terrorists and terrorism.

Those are stupid words that are only used by rightwingers. A terrorist is any guerrilla that the US and Israel do not like.

However, the word terrorist does have a definition. A terrorist is someone who wantonly kills civilians in order to sow terror, or for any other reason honestly. Setting off bombs in a market. The bombings of Dresden and Tokyo. My Lai. Etc.

An attack on a military target or anything that can be construed as a military target is never terrorism, ever.

Do you who invented that lousy word? The Jews. Those sickening, repulsive Israeli maggots invented that word in the mid-1970’s to characterize their opponents. Their opponents were in fact engaging in a lot of terrorism, but still…

The US-Israeli Deep State characterizes all non-state armed forces that are opposed to the US-Israeli World Dictatorship as terrorists.

Non-state armed forces supported by the US, in contrast (Syrian and Libyan rebels) are never terrorists. It’s a garbage, term, abused to Hell by the Right.

Are FARC, NPA and ELN terrorists? Are the rebels in East Ukraine terrorists?


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Want to Work in US Journalism? Try on Your Straightjacket First

I have a question.

If you are Communist and a Green Party member, are you of the Marxist-Leninist school of thought or the Trotskyite school of thought?

I myself am a centerish-rightwinger with a lot of far-left influence. Well actually I may not be a rightwinger at all, but the current bipartisan infestation of both parties by imperialism, Washingtonian federalism, political correctness, and economic irresponsibility makes me repulsed by both parties. The Dems and the G.O.P are merely polarized extremities of the same spectrum, and originated as a single party anyways.

I guess when I was about 7 or 8 I was a classical Objectivist Libertarian. My dad was a high level executive for Toyota and made a lot of money, so I was naturally greedy, following the immaturity of my prepubescent brain. When I moved to the United States in 2011, my dad began working as a stockbroker dealing in microstocks. I saw how he fucked people over daily and ruined a lot of lives.

By the time I was 12 I became sort of a hardcore communal Christianity type commie. I guess I was reviled by the actions of my father and started to feel sympathetic to the plight of the proletariat masses. I felt more in common with the ideologies of Mao Zedong rather than my former hero Chiang Kai-Shek. I also used to be enthralled at the prospect of ruling with an iron fist, and disposing of those who question your methods with a McCarthyism like demagogic appeal to the stereotypes the common people have of communism.

Well I guess now that I am not decided one way or another. I guess I still have a lot of time to think about it. I do wish to become a journalist when I grow up, but as a correspondent for what? Fox or CNN? Lib or Con?

You have had an interesting political evolution.

Really I am just a socialist as opposed to a real hardcore Commie. But I think the people the Trots call Stalinists a lot better than the Western Trots themselves, who are insane and represent everything wrong about the Western Left in general. Most of the Western Left is Trot or Trot inspired.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a conservative journo or a liberal one. There are plenty of jobs for both. But the liberal journos in the US are not very liberal. They are less liberal than Democratic Party liberals, who aren’t very liberal anyway.

You have to support the bipartisan foreign policy consensus and the bipartisan neoliberal economic consensus and it would help to support the PC Cultural Marxism which is all the rage (see the bipartisan support for amnesty). You must support US exceptionalism and US imperialism. If you do not support these things, you will be told very quickly to shape up or ship out and if you do not, you will be rapidly fired.

All US journalists have very strict limits on what they can report without being fired by their corporate masters and their attack dogs, the editors. The US press is a controlled propaganda institution that speaks with a single voice on the big questions of the day.

Look at the Iraq War. Name on large newspaper, newsmagazine, TV news or radio news station that opposed that war either in the run-up or in the months afterwards. Name one, one.

Name one large MSM outlet, right or left, that is taking Russia’s side on the Ukraine matter. Name one. See?

It is a state-controlled propaganda institution, like Pravda in the USSR.


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If You Love Jesus, You Must Be a Republican!

Jesus raids the Republican Convention.

Jesus raids the Republican Convention. Click to enlarge.

There is nothing on Earth more preposterous than a US Republican or conservative “Christian.” There really is nothing Christian about them. Instead, they are the antithesis of Christianity. Rather than serving Jesus, a good case can be made that instead they are the servants of the Evil One himself, Baal.


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The Devious American Project to Colonize the Entire EU

The latest from The Saker. All of these insane free trade treaties are like this. They are all always negotiated in completely secrecy, and the votes themselves are often secret, unexpected, and done without any warning.

Fast-track is insanity. Fast-track says you cannot add any amendments to the Free Trade Crap. The only reason the US Government Scum put this is in is because all of the amendments would be coming from the Left: these amendments are to protect US workers, consumers, the environment, and the rights of the US government to stand up to corporations.

As it is, this lunatic agreements elevate corporations to the status of sovereign states and allow corporations to sue actual states for such horrors as having worker and consumer protection laws, environmental laws, etc. If any corporation is limited in its profits by these laws, the laws are considered to be a “trade barrier” and the corporation can sue the actual state for forbidding its God-given and above-all right to the maximum profits it can possibly obtain.

It is hard to understand why any decent citizen of any state would support such an insane agreement. Of course, if you are a corporate whore, you would support these anti-people, anti-democracy corporate totalitarian agreements, but corporate whores aren’t even human beings in my opinion. I don’t know what they are, but they sure aren’t people!

It is a fact that almost 100% of conservatives support these insane anti-patriotic agreements that allow foreign powers, not even state powers, but the corporations of rival states and competitors of US corporations to push the US government around. Why any conservative “patriot” would support such anti-patriotic and treasonous madness is beyond me. There is a section of the Right that I might call the “Populist Right” that opposes these agreements. I don’t like these people very much, but they are superior to corporate dogs. If we can make alliance with them to oppose these treasonous agreements, let’s do it.

In addition, all negotiations about all free trade agreements have been done in secret with severe penalties for anyone leaking data. The sick corporate media (which has supported every free trade agreement ever done and supports fast track) does its part by simply refusing to report on these free trade agreements until they have already passed.

The reason the US Free Press (TM) does not report on them is they figure if news about these agreements gets out, the majority of the US public will be so horrified that they will turn against the agreements. So they do it in secret, vote on it in secret, won’t allow us to amend it and then present it as a wonderful fait accompli.

The only deviations from this censorship (refusal to cover) is when countries sensibly enough back out of these deals. The corporate media is then filled with all sorts of crap about how this nation will suffer horrifying economic effects from their patriotic refusal to support the nation-selling agreement. And any nation that ratifies the treaty is treated to many a stupid article saying how their economy is going to boom now that the country-selling agreement has been signed.

The propaganda is so intense that it is amazing that anyone opposes these agreements at all. This is a rightwing country – the most rightwing nation on Earth – so any real opposition must come from the Right. And to this I must thank the Ross Perot Populist Right, though I don’t like them very much – for opposing these country-selling deals. There has been enough opposition on the Populist Right that now a large % of Americans oppose all free trade agreements the US has with anyone.

Fast-track also means that the deal must be voted on without any debate. This is an incredible provision. Why on Earth would anyone support Congress voting on something without even debating it? The truth is that it is the same reason as above. The Political Scum are afraid that if they debate the deal, the American people, when hearing about it, will be horrified (and logically so) and they will oppose it. So it must be done in secret and shoved down our throats.

Conservatives support this? If conservatives support this, then most conservatives are simply traitors and hate democracy. One of the main pillars of conservatism (which by definition supports aristocratic rule over popular rule) is hatred of democracy. Show me one conservative anywhere who supports democracy.

The reason is because conservatives have always known that the masses oppose most of the conservative project, as the masses oppose aristocratic rule and support popular rule. So conservatives never like to put their project to a real vote of the people as they know how it would turn out. Hence voter suppression laws, fast-track bills, mass corporate media propaganda brainwash, marriage of the corporate and state sectors, death squads, military and Nazi coups, rightwing dictatorships, on and on.

The fact that the corporate media always supports these blatantly anti-democratic deals shows what all of us have known: every major paper, newsmagazine and TV or radio news station hates democracy and favors aristocratic rule over popular rule. Your favorite media outlet is your enemy. You need to turn it off.

It is interesting that both political parties have always supported every anti-democratic, nation-selling free trade act. This shows that both parties are treasonous traitors to the homeland and both parties absolutely hate democracy and support aristocratic (corporate aristocrats in this case) rule and oppose popular rule.

The fact that both Clinton and Obama supported these deals shows that neither man can possibly be a liberal. They are both rightwingers, albeit less rightwing than Republicans. They both support aristocratic rule and oppose popular rule or democracy. And Democratic Party liberals are just as traitorous as the conservatives.

The horrifying Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership or TTIP which no doubt you have never heard of as the Free Press (TM) has for some odd reason refuse to report on it in order to deliberately keep you in the dark, is a free trade pact between the US and Europe. It is a catastrophe for all of the sovereign European peoples. This is simply a project to allow the US, especially the Wall Street banksters, to colonize all of Europe. Many European firms and even industries will be completely destroyed only to be replaced by US firms. It’s a suicide pact for every European nation that signs it.

So why are all the European states behind it? Because there are no more nationalist states in Europe. Every European state now is a colony of the US. And as you know, colonial regimes always acquiesce in the further rape and ruin of the homeland by the colonizer. All colonial administrations are made up of traitors and country-sellers. So it is that every EU nation is controlled by a treasonous, nation-selling elite.

The nationalist upsurge in the lastest EU elections, much lamented by the liberal/Left as the victor of “racists,” was probably a good thing in the long run. The only non-country-sellers, the only real lovers of the homeland, the only true patriots left in Europe, are in the form of these rightwing nationalist parties. The Left has gone over to internationalist country-selling and treason when they are not whoring for corporate capital. The ruling parties of these nations are parties that support the US colonization of the sacred homelands.

On to the Saker!

A Telling Illustration About the Real Nature of the US-EU Relationship

Dear friends,

Very little is really know about the inner workings of the US-EU relationship and the corporate media only serves us the official and completely meaningless propaganda line. During the war in Korea, General MacArthur’s insane threats to use nuclear weapons did trigger something of an European revolt (unlike the US, Europe was well within reach of Soviet bombers, including those with nuclear weapons). Could the absolute insanity of what is taking place in the Ukraine also trigger a European awakening? Could the European elites ever find it in themselves to stand up to the almighty Uncle Sam?

Check out the short article below which, I think, is an amazing illustration of the real nature of the US-EU relationship.

This article was translated from French into English by the same wonderful people who are the editors of, the French-language “mirror+” (“plus” because it has more than just translations of what is posted here). To them, yet again, I owe a big “merci les amis!”.

Kind regards,

The Saker
The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership: negotiations between Brussels and Washington

The following information refers to the way in which the TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) is being negotiated between Brussels and Washington. We use the term “Brussels” because indeed, it is being negotiated between the European Commission and the United States, not between the member states and the United States. The latter is currently imposing a non-disclosure of the proposition negotiations to the member states, under the pretense that the federal government of the United States does not disclose the European propositions to the individual governments of its federated states.

The only way by which the European Commission has shared these propositions with its member states has been unacceptable: through “documents reserve rooms” where individuals can consult the American files, on the payment of a fee and within a strict set of regulations: no copying, photography, or writing instruments are allowed in the room. Only two individuals are allowed in the reserve room at once, and for a limited time.

Under these conditions, the administrative services of the member states will not have the capacity to analyze the American proposition: despite a maximum capacity to “screen” the information made available, one administration at a time, too many of the weak links will remain overlooked: no one is immune from missing the important lines, placed where they are least expected it or purposefully hidden, which may produce serious risks for either our exportation practices, or in terms of importation.

Up to now it was assumed that, even if individual citizens could not participate in the negotiation processes, the interests of each member state would be defended through the analytical work of each ministry on their particular register of issues. The rigidity of the US on the question of confidentiality leaves all decision taking to the European Commission; when one looks upon the results on display in Canada, it’s very concerning.

Besides, the operative argument shows that the United States have not understood the structure of the European Union: how can we negotiate under such conditions, when they are projecting their institutional reality upon us?

We need to alert the general public about these procedures of negotiations, which are much more serious than the non-communication of the mandate (which was negotiated by the member states after an analysis by the services of each state).

Europeans have no idea to what extent they are being colonized, in the strict sense of the word, by the United States. This information should be disseminated as broadly as possible, as it is eye-opening. Even if it is probably already too late…

Jean-Paul Baquiast


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The American Sheeple

They are so easy to manipulate!

They are so easy to manipulate!

Wow, manipulating the American sheeple is almost as easy as turning on a light-switch. All they have to do is get the US Free Press (TM) on the side of the latest imperial adventure. That’s never hard to do when 100% of the American media (thank God for “freedom of the press”) lines up with the imperial conspiracy du jour.

Of course, the US Left is pretty much dead. Not only that, but it’s barely even Left anymore. Whenever US imperialism is hatching its latest plot against humanity, it always to get the US “Left” on board. You can always round up folks like this horrifying “anti-fascist” Anton Shekhovtsov and Louis Proyect.

Shekhovtsov is a pro-US imperialist, pro-Ukrainian Nazi, Ukrainian nationalist. What the heck is an antifa Ukrainian nationalist anyway? Isn’t that a contradiction in terms?

Proyect is the awful leader of the Marxmail list, which itself is full of many a “Marxist” useful idiot cheerleading for US imperialism.

Because, you know, the Ukrainian Nazi revolution was a revolution (according to the Trots on Proyect’s blog), and Trots need to support “revolution” everywhere! Even Nazi revolutions, fascist revolutions, fake color revolution conspiracies run by US imperialism, revolutions staged by the CIA using local rightwing proxies of this or that type, no matter – they’re all revolutionaries!

When the US Left starts cheerleading for the machinations of US imperialism in the name of “anti-fascism” or “revolution” or the Bullshit Cause of the Day, the “Left” itself is pretty much of a joke, and it isn’t even Left anymore either. What is it? Who knows? A bunch of irrelevant insane people?

With a Left like that, we may as well say screw it and make alliance with the Right. If rightwing nationalist parties in Europe are supporting the Russian people fighting resisting Nazi exterminationists in East Ukraine, so be it. Rightwing nationalists aren’t exactly optimal, but at least they are fighting US imperialism and opposing the EU/IMF road to serfdom.

We’ll take all the allies we can get. And frankly, I would rather sit down and have a cup of coffee with a rightwing nationalist than some “Leftist” or “antifa” down on the front-lines amid the tracer bullets, fighting the good fight for US imperialism, the EU, the IMF and the neoliberal project in general. In wartime, you don’t make your volunteers take ideology tests. They show up at the recruiting station with a gun, fine, you send them to the front. War is no time for ideological purity tests.


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