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Why I Dislike the Word “Terrorism”

I do not like the words terror, terrorists and terrorism.

Those are stupid words that are only used by rightwingers. A terrorist is any guerrilla that the US and Israel do not like.

However, the word terrorist does have a definition. A terrorist is someone who wantonly kills civilians in order to sow terror, or for any other reason honestly. Setting off bombs in a market. The bombings of Dresden and Tokyo. My Lai. Etc.

An attack on a military target or anything that can be construed as a military target is never terrorism, ever.

Do you who invented that lousy word? The Jews. Those sickening, repulsive Israeli maggots invented that word in the mid-1970′s to characterize their opponents. Their opponents were in fact engaging in a lot of terrorism, but still…

The US-Israeli Deep State characterizes all non-state armed forces that are opposed to the US-Israeli World Dictatorship as terrorists.

Non-state armed forces supported by the US, in contrast (Syrian and Libyan rebels) are never terrorists. It’s a garbage, term, abused to Hell by the Right.

Are FARC, NPA and ELN terrorists? Are the rebels in East Ukraine terrorists?


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Want to Work in US Journalism? Try on Your Straightjacket First

I have a question.

If you are Communist and a Green Party member, are you of the Marxist-Leninist school of thought or the Trotskyite school of thought?

I myself am a centerish-rightwinger with a lot of far-left influence. Well actually I may not be a rightwinger at all, but the current bipartisan infestation of both parties by imperialism, Washingtonian federalism, political correctness, and economic irresponsibility makes me repulsed by both parties. The Dems and the G.O.P are merely polarized extremities of the same spectrum, and originated as a single party anyways.

I guess when I was about 7 or 8 I was a classical Objectivist Libertarian. My dad was a high level executive for Toyota and made a lot of money, so I was naturally greedy, following the immaturity of my prepubescent brain. When I moved to the United States in 2011, my dad began working as a stockbroker dealing in microstocks. I saw how he fucked people over daily and ruined a lot of lives.

By the time I was 12 I became sort of a hardcore communal Christianity type commie. I guess I was reviled by the actions of my father and started to feel sympathetic to the plight of the proletariat masses. I felt more in common with the ideologies of Mao Zedong rather than my former hero Chiang Kai-Shek. I also used to be enthralled at the prospect of ruling with an iron fist, and disposing of those who question your methods with a McCarthyism like demagogic appeal to the stereotypes the common people have of communism.

Well I guess now that I am not decided one way or another. I guess I still have a lot of time to think about it. I do wish to become a journalist when I grow up, but as a correspondent for what? Fox or CNN? Lib or Con?

You have had an interesting political evolution.

Really I am just a socialist as opposed to a real hardcore Commie. But I think the people the Trots call Stalinists a lot better than the Western Trots themselves, who are insane and represent everything wrong about the Western Left in general. Most of the Western Left is Trot or Trot inspired.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a conservative journo or a liberal one. There are plenty of jobs for both. But the liberal journos in the US are not very liberal. They are less liberal than Democratic Party liberals, who aren’t very liberal anyway.

You have to support the bipartisan foreign policy consensus and the bipartisan neoliberal economic consensus and it would help to support the PC Cultural Marxism which is all the rage (see the bipartisan support for amnesty). You must support US exceptionalism and US imperialism. If you do not support these things, you will be told very quickly to shape up or ship out and if you do not, you will be rapidly fired.

All US journalists have very strict limits on what they can report without being fired by their corporate masters and their attack dogs, the editors. The US press is a controlled propaganda institution that speaks with a single voice on the big questions of the day.

Look at the Iraq War. Name on large newspaper, newsmagazine, TV news or radio news station that opposed that war either in the run-up or in the months afterwards. Name one, one.

Name one large MSM outlet, right or left, that is taking Russia’s side on the Ukraine matter. Name one. See?

It is a state-controlled propaganda institution, like Pravda in the USSR.


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If You Love Jesus, You Must Be a Republican!

Jesus raids the Republican Convention.

Jesus raids the Republican Convention. Click to enlarge.

There is nothing on Earth more preposterous than a US Republican or conservative “Christian.” There really is nothing Christian about them. Instead, they are the antithesis of Christianity. Rather than serving Jesus, a good case can be made that instead they are the servants of the Evil One himself, Baal.


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The Devious American Project to Colonize the Entire EU

The latest from The Saker. All of these insane free trade treaties are like this. They are all always negotiated in completely secrecy, and the votes themselves are often secret, unexpected, and done without any warning.

Fast-track is insanity. Fast-track says you cannot add any amendments to the Free Trade Crap. The only reason the US Government Scum put this is in is because all of the amendments would be coming from the Left: these amendments are to protect US workers, consumers, the environment, and the rights of the US government to stand up to corporations.

As it is, this lunatic agreements elevate corporations to the status of sovereign states and allow corporations to sue actual states for such horrors as having worker and consumer protection laws, environmental laws, etc. If any corporation is limited in its profits by these laws, the laws are considered to be a “trade barrier” and the corporation can sue the actual state for forbidding its God-given and above-all right to the maximum profits it can possibly obtain.

It is hard to understand why any decent citizen of any state would support such an insane agreement. Of course, if you are a corporate whore, you would support these anti-people, anti-democracy corporate totalitarian agreements, but corporate whores aren’t even human beings in my opinion. I don’t know what they are, but they sure aren’t people!

It is a fact that almost 100% of conservatives support these insane anti-patriotic agreements that allow foreign powers, not even state powers, but the corporations of rival states and competitors of US corporations to push the US government around. Why any conservative “patriot” would support such anti-patriotic and treasonous madness is beyond me. There is a section of the Right that I might call the “Populist Right” that opposes these agreements. I don’t like these people very much, but they are superior to corporate dogs. If we can make alliance with them to oppose these treasonous agreements, let’s do it.

In addition, all negotiations about all free trade agreements have been done in secret with severe penalties for anyone leaking data. The sick corporate media (which has supported every free trade agreement ever done and supports fast track) does its part by simply refusing to report on these free trade agreements until they have already passed.

The reason the US Free Press (TM) does not report on them is they figure if news about these agreements gets out, the majority of the US public will be so horrified that they will turn against the agreements. So they do it in secret, vote on it in secret, won’t allow us to amend it and then present it as a wonderful fait accompli.

The only deviations from this censorship (refusal to cover) is when countries sensibly enough back out of these deals. The corporate media is then filled with all sorts of crap about how this nation will suffer horrifying economic effects from their patriotic refusal to support the nation-selling agreement. And any nation that ratifies the treaty is treated to many a stupid article saying how their economy is going to boom now that the country-selling agreement has been signed.

The propaganda is so intense that it is amazing that anyone opposes these agreements at all. This is a rightwing country – the most rightwing nation on Earth – so any real opposition must come from the Right. And to this I must thank the Ross Perot Populist Right, though I don’t like them very much – for opposing these country-selling deals. There has been enough opposition on the Populist Right that now a large % of Americans oppose all free trade agreements the US has with anyone.

Fast-track also means that the deal must be voted on without any debate. This is an incredible provision. Why on Earth would anyone support Congress voting on something without even debating it? The truth is that it is the same reason as above. The Political Scum are afraid that if they debate the deal, the American people, when hearing about it, will be horrified (and logically so) and they will oppose it. So it must be done in secret and shoved down our throats.

Conservatives support this? If conservatives support this, then most conservatives are simply traitors and hate democracy. One of the main pillars of conservatism (which by definition supports aristocratic rule over popular rule) is hatred of democracy. Show me one conservative anywhere who supports democracy.

The reason is because conservatives have always known that the masses oppose most of the conservative project, as the masses oppose aristocratic rule and support popular rule. So conservatives never like to put their project to a real vote of the people as they know how it would turn out. Hence voter suppression laws, fast-track bills, mass corporate media propaganda brainwash, marriage of the corporate and state sectors, death squads, military and Nazi coups, rightwing dictatorships, on and on.

The fact that the corporate media always supports these blatantly anti-democratic deals shows what all of us have known: every major paper, newsmagazine and TV or radio news station hates democracy and favors aristocratic rule over popular rule. Your favorite media outlet is your enemy. You need to turn it off.

It is interesting that both political parties have always supported every anti-democratic, nation-selling free trade act. This shows that both parties are treasonous traitors to the homeland and both parties absolutely hate democracy and support aristocratic (corporate aristocrats in this case) rule and oppose popular rule.

The fact that both Clinton and Obama supported these deals shows that neither man can possibly be a liberal. They are both rightwingers, albeit less rightwing than Republicans. They both support aristocratic rule and oppose popular rule or democracy. And Democratic Party liberals are just as traitorous as the conservatives.

The horrifying Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership or TTIP which no doubt you have never heard of as the Free Press (TM) has for some odd reason refuse to report on it in order to deliberately keep you in the dark, is a free trade pact between the US and Europe. It is a catastrophe for all of the sovereign European peoples. This is simply a project to allow the US, especially the Wall Street banksters, to colonize all of Europe. Many European firms and even industries will be completely destroyed only to be replaced by US firms. It’s a suicide pact for every European nation that signs it.

So why are all the European states behind it? Because there are no more nationalist states in Europe. Every European state now is a colony of the US. And as you know, colonial regimes always acquiesce in the further rape and ruin of the homeland by the colonizer. All colonial administrations are made up of traitors and country-sellers. So it is that every EU nation is controlled by a treasonous, nation-selling elite.

The nationalist upsurge in the lastest EU elections, much lamented by the liberal/Left as the victor of “racists,” was probably a good thing in the long run. The only non-country-sellers, the only real lovers of the homeland, the only true patriots left in Europe, are in the form of these rightwing nationalist parties. The Left has gone over to internationalist country-selling and treason when they are not whoring for corporate capital. The ruling parties of these nations are parties that support the US colonization of the sacred homelands.

On to the Saker!

A Telling Illustration About the Real Nature of the US-EU Relationship

Dear friends,

Very little is really know about the inner workings of the US-EU relationship and the corporate media only serves us the official and completely meaningless propaganda line. During the war in Korea, General MacArthur’s insane threats to use nuclear weapons did trigger something of an European revolt (unlike the US, Europe was well within reach of Soviet bombers, including those with nuclear weapons). Could the absolute insanity of what is taking place in the Ukraine also trigger a European awakening? Could the European elites ever find it in themselves to stand up to the almighty Uncle Sam?

Check out the short article below which, I think, is an amazing illustration of the real nature of the US-EU relationship.

This article was translated from French into English by the same wonderful people who are the editors of, the French-language “mirror+” (“plus” because it has more than just translations of what is posted here). To them, yet again, I owe a big “merci les amis!”.

Kind regards,

The Saker
The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership: negotiations between Brussels and Washington

The following information refers to the way in which the TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) is being negotiated between Brussels and Washington. We use the term “Brussels” because indeed, it is being negotiated between the European Commission and the United States, not between the member states and the United States. The latter is currently imposing a non-disclosure of the proposition negotiations to the member states, under the pretense that the federal government of the United States does not disclose the European propositions to the individual governments of its federated states.

The only way by which the European Commission has shared these propositions with its member states has been unacceptable: through “documents reserve rooms” where individuals can consult the American files, on the payment of a fee and within a strict set of regulations: no copying, photography, or writing instruments are allowed in the room. Only two individuals are allowed in the reserve room at once, and for a limited time.

Under these conditions, the administrative services of the member states will not have the capacity to analyze the American proposition: despite a maximum capacity to “screen” the information made available, one administration at a time, too many of the weak links will remain overlooked: no one is immune from missing the important lines, placed where they are least expected it or purposefully hidden, which may produce serious risks for either our exportation practices, or in terms of importation.

Up to now it was assumed that, even if individual citizens could not participate in the negotiation processes, the interests of each member state would be defended through the analytical work of each ministry on their particular register of issues. The rigidity of the US on the question of confidentiality leaves all decision taking to the European Commission; when one looks upon the results on display in Canada, it’s very concerning.

Besides, the operative argument shows that the United States have not understood the structure of the European Union: how can we negotiate under such conditions, when they are projecting their institutional reality upon us?

We need to alert the general public about these procedures of negotiations, which are much more serious than the non-communication of the mandate (which was negotiated by the member states after an analysis by the services of each state).

Europeans have no idea to what extent they are being colonized, in the strict sense of the word, by the United States. This information should be disseminated as broadly as possible, as it is eye-opening. Even if it is probably already too late…

Jean-Paul Baquiast


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The American Sheeple

They are so easy to manipulate!

They are so easy to manipulate!

Wow, manipulating the American sheeple is almost as easy as turning on a light-switch. All they have to do is get the US Free Press (TM) on the side of the latest imperial adventure. That’s never hard to do when 100% of the American media (thank God for “freedom of the press”) lines up with the imperial conspiracy du jour.

Of course, the US Left is pretty much dead. Not only that, but it’s barely even Left anymore. Whenever US imperialism is hatching its latest plot against humanity, it always to get the US “Left” on board. You can always round up folks like this horrifying “anti-fascist” Anton Shekhovtsov and Louis Proyect.

Shekhovtsov is a pro-US imperialist, pro-Ukrainian Nazi, Ukrainian nationalist. What the heck is an antifa Ukrainian nationalist anyway? Isn’t that a contradiction in terms?

Proyect is the awful leader of the Marxmail list, which itself is full of many a “Marxist” useful idiot cheerleading for US imperialism.

Because, you know, the Ukrainian Nazi revolution was a revolution (according to the Trots on Proyect’s blog), and Trots need to support “revolution” everywhere! Even Nazi revolutions, fascist revolutions, fake color revolution conspiracies run by US imperialism, revolutions staged by the CIA using local rightwing proxies of this or that type, no matter – they’re all revolutionaries!

When the US Left starts cheerleading for the machinations of US imperialism in the name of “anti-fascism” or “revolution” or the Bullshit Cause of the Day, the “Left” itself is pretty much of a joke, and it isn’t even Left anymore either. What is it? Who knows? A bunch of irrelevant insane people?

With a Left like that, we may as well say screw it and make alliance with the Right. If rightwing nationalist parties in Europe are supporting the Russian people fighting resisting Nazi exterminationists in East Ukraine, so be it. Rightwing nationalists aren’t exactly optimal, but at least they are fighting US imperialism and opposing the EU/IMF road to serfdom.

We’ll take all the allies we can get. And frankly, I would rather sit down and have a cup of coffee with a rightwing nationalist than some “Leftist” or “antifa” down on the front-lines amid the tracer bullets, fighting the good fight for US imperialism, the EU, the IMF and the neoliberal project in general. In wartime, you don’t make your volunteers take ideology tests. They show up at the recruiting station with a gun, fine, you send them to the front. War is no time for ideological purity tests.


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Political Views Are Absorbed by the Young Via Culture

Jason Y writes:

All of right-wingers will claim your liberal or socialist ideas came from college indoctrination. I’ve not seen any proof of that. Most college kids are only interested in making high grades or passing. They don’t really soak in any so called indoctrination.

Generally ,extremists of any sort develop from experiences in childhood or interaction with society. For instance, considering Lenin’s brother was executed, then it’s no wonder Lenin chose his path. Similarly, your typical right wing extremist often holds grudges from the Vietnam era, or maybe some black kid stole his lunch money.

It is possible that some may be radicalized in college, if not by professors then by fellow students. But I have been at universities in the past 35 years, and they were hardly places of radical indoctrination nor were most of the students particularly Leftist. Most of them had no politics at all. Those who encountered the Economics Department often ended up being brainwashed badly into reactionary Friedmanite Chicago School Economics. There are also some real reactionaries in Political Science Departments.

Most stuff comes from childhood though, or from parents. People simply absorb the politics of their family or of the community they grow up in. If you grow up in a rightwing place, you’re a rightwinger. If you grow up in a more liberal place, you might be more liberal. People don’t even make up their own minds. Their cultures make up their minds for them and people simply unthinkingly adopt the beliefs of their families or cultures.

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Americans and Ukraine: Portrait of a Brainwashed People

I would also like to complain about how sickeningly brainwashed Americans are. 90% of Americans support sanctions on Russia for the annexation of what has always been Russian land, the Crimea. That’s a pretty incredible figure. But I suppose it makes sense in that in the US media, generally from the Right to the Left, you will hear one and only one story about Russia and Ukraine – the pro-government “bipartisan foreign policy consensus.” You will never see, in any major media, anything from the Russian side. I had hopes that the Internet would change all of that, but apparently most of them are just as brainwashed as ever.

The truth is that most Democrats are diehard Democrats and they simply every single that the Democratic Party is for. Right wing, left wing, centrist, atrocity, no matter. Democrats who claim to be liberals and progressives willingly support the most insanely reactionary foreign policy of all. They have for decades and there is no end to this in sight. These same liberals will typically support any rightwing crap a Democratic President does these. And looking back at the Clinton and Obama Presidencies, that’s a lot of rightwing crap. When a Democrat is in office, most Democrats simply support every single thing he does, period.

I figure most Republicans are just as dumb. Whatever the Republican Party line is, that’s their line. When a Republican President is in, he can literally do no wrong. Of the Republicans I know, you will never hear a peep out of them in protest to anything they do. Republicans are always right. If a Republican wants to know what to think about something, he just turns on Fox News or goes to his favorite rightwing website. The websites and the station are all saying the same thing anyway and never disagree, so no matter. The Republican simply believes whatever Fox and the websites tell him to believe. No further thought is required.

If a Democrat wants to know how to think on some particular issue, he turns on “liberal” news stations like MSNBC or CNN. CNN is not a progressive or liberal station by any means, and best I can tell, CNN is pretty much the same thing as Fox. MSNBC indeed is different, but how different are they on Russia and Ukraine.

If the TV’s not on, the Democrat opens up a rightwing “liberal” newsmagazine like Time or Newsweek (many liberals will proudly tell you that they subscribe to “liberal” Time or “liberal” Newsweek), and Timesweek tells them what to believe. Usually about the same as CNN, or actually more to the Right than that. If the magazine hasn’t come yet, you can always look at the daily paper. Your daily paper editorializes all through its “news” pages, and on foreign policy, Fox, MSNBC, CNN, Timesweek, your local paper and both political parties (due to the “bipartisan foreign policy consensus”) are saying the same thing.

I suppose that it is understandable that in a USA with media about as controlled as that of the Soviet Union it might be hard to find folks who don’t tow the government line or fall in line behind the “foreign policy consensus.”

Some more Left publications have lined up behind the US and against Russia: The Nation and Rolling Stone. In addition, almost all Trotskyites are against Russia and are urging neutrality on this issue – the Trots’ attitude is – you guessed it – both sides are “fascists.” The always execrable Trot Louis Proyect has been supporting Ukraine from the start.


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Rightwing Lie: China Is a Free Market Capitalist Country

I’m not a libertarian, my politics is best described as social democrat. I’m just a realist that understands what a spectacular failure the communist project has been.

“Mao built up and industrialized China.”

In 1988, average wages in China were about 3,00 Yuan, now it is 47,00 Yuan. Today’s China owes more to Deng Xiaoping than it does to that maniac Mao. China liberalized its economy but didn’t liberalize its politics. It’s a state capitalist economy, not communist by any means. I have first hand experience; I’m part-owner of a mid-size factory that produces goods for my company here. And have you ever been to Shanghai? The closest thing to capitalist paradise.

45% of the economy is still in public ownership. The government still owns all the land in China. You can only lease the land. You cannot buy it.

The system is set up so that the market is a tool which can be manipulated by the state any way they wish. They can even shut down whole industries if they want to. The market serves society and operates at the behest of the state in contrast to capitalist countries were society serves the market and the state is beholden to the capitalists, not the other way around. In China the market is a tool for the development for the productive forces only, not a form of politics as it is in most capitalist countries. In China the state runs the country and the market just makes stuff, as opposed to capitalist countries were the market not only makes stuff but also runs the state.

I know a number of Communists and Marxists who approve of what the CCP is doing in China. Even on Maoist boards, the CCP has a lot of supporters. That right there implies that there is something other than radical free market capitalism going on.

Almost all of the banking is done by large state banks. The government spends a tremendous amount of money on society in general and lately on developing the rural areas. I believe that all schooling continues to be free. The Chinese state is completely non-imperialist overseas. In fact it has extremely fraternal relations with North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Laos and Vietnam. No purely capitalist state would ever have friendly relations with those countries. If China were a pure capitalist state, they would be attacking all of those countries like the US does.

Much of the growth in the Chinese economy has actually taken place in enterprises that are actually formally run by labor collectives and small municipalities. Cities run enterprises within their boundaries and compete with other cities for workers. The better the enterprise does, the more money the workers get. Not exactly the sort of exploitation Marx discussed in the Labor Theory of Value.

All state firms are formally owned by their workers due to a Mao era law. All of the income from the firm goes to the workers themselves, but they are generally required to hand back 95% of it to reinvest it in the plant. Still, when the enterprise does better, their paycheck goes up. The #3 largest producer of TV’s in the world is a Chinese state factory. I thought public enterprises could not compete with private ones.

Capitalists in the West are yelling all the time that they are at an unfair advantage with their Chinese competitors due massive state subsidy of their Chinese competitors. But wait, I thought state subsidy made firms less competitive? How much superior are the capitalist firms when state-subsidized firms regularly kick their asses?

Although much of the collective system was dismantled in countryside when they got rid of the village communes (an action that has caused severe problems) they still have local irrigation boards that control much of the farmland infrastructure. Those small farmers do not make enough money to fund irrigation projects and they won’t cooperate on them anyway. So the state moved in, and the state spends a lot of money running all of the irrigation in agricultural China and it does a great job of it. You can see that the state plays a large role in Chinese agriculture.

There are homeless in much of the capitalist world, but there are no homeless in China. It is illegal to be homeless. If you are homeless, the cops will pick you up and put you into a shelter right away. If you are not from the city, then they send you back to your home in the countryside. Obviously the state plays a huge role in preventing homelessness. Most housing is state housing.

Due to the many rural people leaving to go the cities (which is causing a lot of problems) the state is spending a vast amount of money to improve the rural areas to keep the people on the farm. Does that sound like something a capitalist government would do? No capitalist government would ever spend a vast amount of money on its rural poor.

There have been 200 million excess deaths in India because India chose the capitalist road as opposed to the various socialist roads the Chinese have taken.

Malnutrition in India is 50% and in China it is 7%. The numbers were equal in 1949.

Chinese life expectancy was the same as India’s in 1949 and since then, Chinese live much longer than Indians. Those extra years add up to 3-4 million excess deaths occurring in India every year, purely due to India’s economic system.

60% of Indians shit out of doors, while only ~6% of Chinese have no toilet. The numbers were equal in 1949.

That China surpasses India in all of these regards is not the result of Chinese capitalism. It is the pure result of Chinese socialism.

Without the tremendous buildup of agricultural, educational and industrial bases of the economy, none of this growth could have taken place.


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Do Rightwingers Actually Believe All Their Rightwing Crap?

Jason Y writes:

RL:  “Rightwingers say that private charities and families can replace all the social programs they are going to wipe out. They are either ignorant or lying when they say this because they must know it’s not true. These guys are pretty smart, so I think most of them must know it’s a lie.”

I don’t know. They might really believe it. Who knows what the brainwashed, even smart ones, will believe.

Face it, just about everything a Republican says is a lie or is bullshit in some way or another. It’s a party that is based on corruption of facts and abuse of the truth, hypocritical to the core.

Since a lot of these lies are so easy to prove wrong with facts and figures, that leaves me wonder how an intelligent person can believe such a bunch of obvious lies.

However I believe that Jason is right. I have talked to a lot of rightwingers who believe this crap about private parties filling in for the social programs they wipe out, and in general, most of them seem like they truly believe it. I point out how they are wrong, and they get flustered and try to end the conversation. I think maybe these people are immune to things like facts and truths. Remember, they don’t live in “the reality based community,” they “make up their own reality as they go along.” In other words, there is no truth, there are no facts, and everything in the world is simply “politics,” for lack of a better word.

I sort of respect a lot of Libertarians. You tell them that wiping out social programs will hurt a lot of poor people, and they say, “Well tough shit. Who cares. Too bad. Big deal. Haha! They should have saved money. It’s not my problem. I am not paying taxes to support them.” It’s an ugly ideology, but they are being 100% truthful. They’re bad guys who are openly proud of being bad guys.

These Republican liars are pushing Dickensian economics while claiming at the same time to be some sort of social liberals. They’re bad guys masquerading as good guys. They are imposters wearing masks.


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Rightwing Lie: Families and Charities Can Take Over for Social Programs

Jason Y writes:

It’s funny when the right wing bring up churches (They bring up this topic on Fox News.). They say the church does the social service in a libertarian society. Really? I’ve not seen it.

Another laughable right wing argument, is that charity from private individuals, would make up for any deficits caused by the end of socialism.

The rightwingers say we should wipe out all social programs for various reasons.

First they do not like their tax dollars going to poor people.

Second, they do not like the very idea of these programs because they are government social programs so in some sense they are a form of socialism. Rightwingers are automatically opposed to all forms of socialism no matter what as part of their ideology. They don’t care if these programs work or not. They don’t believe in them for ideological reasons.

Another reason is that in the US, the Republican Party wants to get rid of the idea that the government can help you in any way whatsoever. They hate the idea that some of these programs may actually work because they want everyone to hate government and think it does nothing good for you. If government doesn’t help you, you will want a minimal government on an ideological basis. Once good working government programs start making people happy and giving them what they want and need, people will start thinking that government is a good thing and that it helps me. They will come to like Big Government and government social programs and they do not people to like those things.

Rightwingers say that private charities and families can replace all the social programs they are going to wipe out. They are either ignorant or lying when they say this because they must know it’s not true. These guys are pretty smart, so I think most of them must know it’s a lie.

Wouldn’t it be cool if private charities and families could just cover all this stuff? We could wipe out a lot of stupid programs that just make White people vote Republican, save a lot of government money and lower our taxes.

Yes sure private charities, families and whatnot can bridge the gap somewhat. They are correct on that. But they already do that anyway to a great extent. And the fact that charities and families are not always able to step up to the plate and help everyone is the reason why we need government programs. I can’t pay for all my medical care, and my family can’t either. You think some private charity is going to step in and pay for my medical needs? Forget it.

So many people get no health care because they have no insurance. So many don’t get enough food. So many cannot afford a place to rent. So many are unable to work due to disabilities. Charities and families are not able to provide monthly living support cash, rent, food and health care to a lot of these folks, so that is why we have government medical aid (Medicaid), government housing (Section 8) and government food assistance (food stamps).


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