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Great US Left Site

Campaign for America’s Future.

This is the real Left, not the fake or bullshit Left and not the insipid Cultural Left. In fact, these real Lefties consider the Cultural Left to be at best a cop out, distraction and waste of time and at worst to be utterly ridiculous and the sign of a failed movement. Their view is:

Economic Left > Cultural Left Bullshit.

In other words, for these folks, it is pretty much all about economics. The deride the current US “Left” (which is really a fake Left and not a real Left at all) for surrendering to neoliberalism on economics and devoting all of their energy to ridiculous token victories like highlighting some individual lucky female who broke the corporate ceiling or whatever. Great, so some lucky female member of the 1% broke the glass ceiling and now gets to dine and golf with the country club boys. Sure, that’s nice and all, but how about the millions of American women (and men) who are really, wounded and dying from the blows of vicious neoliberalism.

I guess they aren’t important. Who’s important? I dunno, Carly Fiorina, I guess. It’s feels so much better to be exploited by a corporate female than a corporate male! You know, those corporate female CEO’s are so much more nurturing and all that. Get real.

I am not exactly sure if they are Leftist or liberal. They have nothing at all against US liberals, so I doubt if they are Leftists. Further, they advocating engaging Obama instead of saying, “There is no difference between Obama and a Republican,” as Leftists do.

Adolf Reed and Van Jones (the guy Obama wimped out and sacrificed) are two of my heroes, both great Black men of the Left. Both of them are definitely Leftists and not liberals. Thom Hartmann is basically a Leftist.

Robert Borosage seems to run the organization. I know the name but I am not sure if he is a liberal or a Leftist. Digby the blogger is apparently a liberal. I have heard of Richard Eskow, but I am not sure if he is a liberal or a Leftist.

The best way to describe the site I suppose would be to say that this is the Left wing of the Democratic Party, and a bit more to the Left than most of that wing. It is made up of real liberals who do not hate Leftists and pragmatic Leftists who do not hate liberals. So it looks like some of liberal-Left coalition of sane people who want to work within the system rather than dropping out, going 3rd party, or endlessly slamming Democrats.

I am not sure if US Leftists even matter anymore, as what the ones on this page are arguing for is hardly radical at all. It’s certainly not Communism or Marxism or anything like that.

Here is their About page:

We live in a remarkable political moment: precarious, yet potentially transforming. At the Campaign for America’s Future, our daily work is to bring about the progressive transformation.

After three decades of conservative dominance in American politics, we Americans are threatened with economic disintegration, environmental devastation and international isolation.

The list of failure is simply exhausting: a disastrous Iraq occupation, a destabilized Middle East and Asia, the persistent threat of terrorism, a menacing climate crisis, an insecure and dwindling energy supply, unprecedented trade deficits, unchecked global corporate power, our broken health care system, a weakened pension system and an increasingly inaccessible higher education system.

But out of the ashes of this era of conservative failure comes an historic opportunity for progressives to salvage the American Ideal and shape this young century.

That’s where we come in.

The Campaign for America’s Future is the strategy center for the progressive movement. Our goal is to forge the enduring progressive majority needed to realize the America of shared prosperity and equal opportunity that our country was meant to be.

To attain our ultimate goal, we spearhead a compelling progressive agenda that addresses the kitchen-table issues working families face. We regularly convene and educate progressive thinkers, organizers and community activists so our voices will be coordinated, cogent and potent. And we incubate national campaigns on the critical issues that will define America for generations to come.

Americans have had it with tired conservative politics that divide us, an economy that squeezes us, a foreign policy that weakens us and a government that serves few of us.

But while conservatism may be exhausted, progressives are just getting started. The Campaign for America’s Future is driving our progressive movement and offering the new vision, bright ideas and bold leadership Americans rightly demand.

We are showing the way toward accessible education, affordable health care and secure retirements for all. Toward a clean energy future and away from Middle East occupation. Toward the representative, responsive and responsible government needed for all of us to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

We cannot let the conservative failure that brought us to this precarious moment tip America into another Gilded Age and leave the world at the mercy of unaccountable multinationals, oil-drenched autocrats and merchants of terrorism.

It’s our job to turn this precarious moment into a prosperous progressive era. Together, we can.

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The Decline of the Liberal West


Good article.

Can you believe that almost all Republicans think that Obama is a socialist, Communist, Marxist, Maoist or Leftist? Is that asinine or what? This is why we on the Left say that not only are American conservatives idiotic fucktards; in addition to that, they are completely, utterly and totally insane.

I could handle them if they were just fucktards. I mean fucktards are everywhere. One of the main challenges in life is winnowing through the wheat to find the smart kernel people among all the fucktarded human chaff.

One of the reasons that US conservatism is frankly a psychotic movement is that they think that Clinton and Obama are socialists, Communists, Marxists, Maoists (in Obama’s case), leftists, or even liberals for that matter.

I mean, if you want to know if Clinton or Obama fall into any of the above categories, why not ask members of those movements how they feel about Clinton and Obama?

I know or have known plenty of socialists, Communists, Marxists, leftists and liberals. Don’t know any Maoists, but I read Maoist blogs on the web and I get a Maoist newsletter regularly.

I have not met or even heard of one single socialist, Communist, Marxist, Leftist or Maoist who thinks that Clinton or Obama is one of them. The overwhelming response from those movements is, “He is not one of us!” In other words, I have never heard of one single socialist who thought Clinton or Obama were a socialist. Ditto for all the other movements, just replace the word socialist with the words, Leftist, Marxist, Maoist, and Communist.

Now really, let’s think for a minute. If Obama or Clinton were really socialists, Communists, Marxists, Maoists or Leftists, don’t you think the people in those movements would admit it? Why would they cover it up? It makes no sense. And the opinion is unanimous. It is not like 1% of socialists, Communists, Marxists, Maoists or Leftists think Clinton/Obama are one of them, and 99% say they aren’t, it is 0% say he is one of us, and 100% say he sure ain’t one of us.

If Obama/Clinton were really a part of these movements, wouldn’t these people like them? One would think so. However, Clinton and now Obama are both heavily despised on the Left. The general idea is, “Clinton and Obama are just Republicans (especially Obama as he is even worse than Clinton)  and they are both somewhere between douchebags and Hellspawn.” Now if Clinton or Obama were really on the Left, why would 100% of the Left say they are nothing but Republicans?

See, the US Right makes no sense. We are dealing with insane people here. Crazed, lunatic, whacked out, psychotic nutcases who probably need to be committed and should not be out roaming the streets.

The possibly exists that a majority of Moronicans are actively psychotic and should not be allowed near heavy machinery of motor vehicles.

For instance, in response to the question, “Is Barack Obama a socialist?” fully 53% of utterly worthless deranged Moronican fucktards answered, “Yes.”

Is that stupid or what? Of course he’s not a socialist. The only sensible debate one can have about Obama is whether he is a Republican or not.

Whether or not Obama is a liberal is a more interesting question. Obama has had a very rocky relationship with the Left wing of the Democratic Party. Yes, the Democratic Party is split into Left, Center and Right wings, you idiotic Republican fucks, and really only the Left wing is truly liberal.

However, the Left wing of the party (the liberals) is pretty much the party’s base, just as hardline conservatives or the Right wing of the Republican Party is probably the Republican base (the Republican base is probably the Tea Party/Fox News/WND crowd).

Granted, there is also a Center of  the Republican Party (the RNC) who are increasingly at odds with the Tea Party bomb-throwers to their Right. These are the corporatists and 1% types who are more concerned about winning elections than being revolutionaries. I actually have a certain amount of respect for the RNC crowd as they seem to be at least somewhat sane. Also we on the Left are increasingly pushing the RNC to the Left, as in left away from the Tea Party.

Whether the Republican Party even has a Left wing anymore is a good question. That would be a Nixon Republican. I suppose there are a few left, but they have increasingly been driven out of the party as RINO’s. I do not really mind the Left wing of the Republican Party; it is a sane opposition I could live with.

There is indeed a Center and even a Rightwing of the Democratic Party, and both are very active. Obama is probably in the center of the party. There is a very strong movement to his Right, consisting of Mayor Bloomberg, the Third Way and other corporatist pinheads who say that Obama has gone too far to the Left, and the solution is for him to be even more of a Republican than he already is.

I hang out on liberal/Left websites a lot, in particular, the big websites of the Left wing of the Democratic Party like Democratic Underground and Daily Kos. Despite what Republican loons say, those sites are not Leftist or socialist or anything like that. They are just ordinary everyday liberals.

The Left wing or base of the Democratic Party has a very tough relationship with Obama. They spend about half their time hating him and the other half the time cheering him on. And they put an incredible amount of pressure on him. Given enough pressure, Obama sometimes caves and gives in to the base and acts like a real liberal. But that is only because he is forced to.

Within the Administration are the Left, Center and Right wings of the Democratic Party. As Obama is an empty suit with no real ideology, all of these wings are always trying to pull him this way and that. Sometimes the Left wing wins and sometimes the Right wing wins. It all depends on how much pressure they put on him and which advisers he happens to be listening to. Obama doesn’t even make many decisions himself as he is a follower and not a leader. He gets influenced by whichever aide is pulling on his ear at this moment.

Getting more towards the Hard Left of the Democratic Party, a very large number of them have simply decided that Obama is nothing but a Republican, and they say they won’t vote for him anymore. A lot of them are talking about abandoning the Party and voting Third Party such as Green Party. On Left websites, the attitude towards the Obama Democrats is:

  1. Don’t vote!
  2. Vote Third Party!
  3. Obama is a Republican!

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US Democrats and Republicans Agree: Empire Is the Way to Go

But then almost all Americans are rightwing on foreign policy. Democratic administrations are about as rightwing on foreign policy as Republican administrations. It’s all pro-Zionist, pro-multinational corporations, pro-neoliberalism, pro-”free trade”, pro-corporate, and pro-Empire. Both parties do not waver much from any of these solid principles.

The Democrats do tend to be more progressive than the Republicans on domestic policy (though lately their version of “liberalism” is so rightwing that it is almost pitiful. Nevertheless, even as the Democrats endlessly chase the Republicans to the Right on domestic policy, the Democrats always represent a much superior choice from a progressive POV than the Republicans, who are truly terrifying.

I figure that on foreign policy, the average American is probably completely brainwashed and utterly reactionary. I am always shocked at how even rightwing even solid “Democratic Party liberals” are on US foreign policy. Going against US foreign policy is still seen as treason, even by US liberals. I can’t count how many US liberals who said, “America, love it or leave it” when I attacked US foreign policy.

Republicans and Democrats usually only differ on the stuff that’s close to home. On foreign affairs, the US power elite has us all pretty well hopelessly brainwashed.

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The Conservative Project: The Strong Must Rule the Weak

Conservatism means rule by aristocracy. Everything for the aristocrats (monarchs, royals, feudal lords, oligarchs, rich people) and nothing for anyone else! That’s the conservative project. Obviously most sane non-rich people would not support such a project that obviously opposes their interests and supports their enemies. This is why conservatism is always dishonest and has always been dishonest. An honest conservatism is probably not possible, but some neo-reactionaries, fascists and Libertarians are pretty unapologetic and come pretty close.

Recall that Edmund Burke, the father of modern conservatism, was an aristocrat who supported the Ancien Regime in the French Revolution. Burke believed that the strong ought to rule the weak, and that this was virtually a divine law. Many conservatives have set up religions that basically state that God ordains that the strong or rich should rule over the weak or poor.

If you believe that the strong should rule the weak and the rich should rule the poor, then you are a conservative. Nothing to be ashamed of really, but it’s not exactly a majority or democratic project now is it?

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Why the Right Must Lie About Venezuela

Gottlied wrote:

Venezuela until the 70 at least it was one of the richest in South America had a smaller population than it has today, and probably they were whiter. Equal to Mexico and Cuba. I do not really believe that 90% of Venezuelans were poor in the 90s, set poor, which is the poverty line for you ? I do believe that this reality may be true in countries like Bolivia and Haiti, but in Venezuela?

Well then if that is what being the “richest” is all about, they can take their riches and stick them you know where.

Venezuela was probably no different ethnically then then it is now. It may possibly be a bit darker since Chavismo because many of the Whites have fled the country. Also some darker Colombians have moved to Venezuela and they say that they lead a much better life in Venezuela than they did in Colombia.

It is 100% true, I heard that in 1989, 90% of the population could only afford one meal per day and on that basis, yes, they were living in poverty.

The Venezuelan elite blew it. They are only 10-20% of the population, and they stole every nickel that place ever produced and didn’t leave one dime for anyone else. 20% of the people screwed over 80% of the people something awful and for many decades. This is the sole reason for the popularity of Chavismo.

The truth about Venezuela is that this is a Left project that is working out quite well. They are doing most everything quite well, and they are failing in few if any ways. It is basically a workable Left project.

On the other hand, Chavismo has been a disaster for the Venezuelan elite, the oligarchy, the rich and the upper middle class.

This is why there is so much lying coming from the Right and the West about Venezuela. In order to tell the truth about Venezuela, you would have to say, “Well it’s been great for the 80% of Venezuelans who were poor or low income, but it has been quite bad for the 20% that were rich and the upper middle class.”

Ok, so what happens if you say that (the truth)? Most people all around the world will laugh in your face. I suppose many Americans would be outraged because Americans love the rich and hate everyone who has little money. Many Americans would probably demand that the US Army invade to protect all those poor, suffering rich people.

But really, that argument is just not likely to succeed. People will laugh in your face: “Oh! Poor babies! Those poor rich people! Did they have to sell one of their yachts? I bet they had to rent out one of their mansions! I weep for them, poor things!”

Since you cannot oppose Venezuela and tell the truth without looking like a rich suck-up, it is necessary to lie like crazy to convince regular people that Chavismo is not just bad for well to do folks, but it is bad for everyone else too.

Really this is the project of conservatism all down through time. Conservatism has always and forever more been dishonest, and really it has to be if it is going to succeed.

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Endless Lies About Venezuela

Liars love to lie and boy do they love to lie about Venezuela! Just about everything you read about Venezuela in the US media is simply a flat-out lie.The truth is that Chavez has dramatically improved the lives of the poor majority of Venezuelans.

In 1991, 90% of Venezuelans were poor and could afford only one meal a day. It’s not like that anymore. For decades, Venezuela had been run as a fiefdom by a small light-skinned elite who stole every dime the economy ever produced. The rest had nothing. No medical care, no schooling, no dentistry, no running water, no sewage treatment, no regular work, no electricity, no regular meals, nothing. The rich had everything and then some.

Granted the new Venezuela has not been too great for the business class and the elite. I do not know why the business class is screaming, but they are. That things have gotten better for the poor majority but worse for the rich elite is the sole reason for all of the lies and hatred about Venezuela you see peddled in the West. This is because the Western media only supports the rich of the world and hates all of the workers and poor over the world. This is their class bias as members of a ruling class.

Chicago Boyz is one of the worst reactionary blogs out there, cheering for the Chicago School of Economics crowd that ruined Chile and really destroyed the whole Third World in the past 30 years. This group was led by neoliberal libertarian Milton Friedman, the Godhead of the US “liberal” media. Time Magazine, a “liberal” magazine, has virtually hailed Friedman as the returning messiah. He gets similar hurrahs all across the US MSM where you will never find a single word against this awful man.

All neoliberals are liars. All Libertarians are liars. Neoliberalism and Libertarianism are only good for rich people, so those pushing it can’t tell the truth about their systems (that they are only good for the rich and bad for everyone else) because if they do, hardly anyone will support them. So they have to lie in the same way that conservative elites always lie to get the masses to support a project that enriches the elites and harms the masses. You can’t be honest and sell conservatism. If you’re honest about conservatism, no conservative would ever win an election. So lie they must and lie they do.

Let us look at the nonsense at this idiotic blog about Venezuela:

Is Venezuela Collapsing?

That’s the headline, so we are off to a lying start. Of course it’s not collapsing, but the headline puts this lying notion into your head so you think it is really collapsing. What is happening?

Right-wing hooligans, fascists and terrorists are rampaging through the streets of Venezuela, rioting everywhere in an effort to overthrow the government by force. They are armed with rocks, slingshots and firearms. They attack cars, make people leave their vehicles at gunpoint, shut down streets and roads with roadblocks and burning tires, attack government buildings and set them on fire, burn police cars to the ground, open fire on the opposition and even on their own people, attack the police, partly destroy government  buildings, etc.

Why are they doing this? Because they lost an election and they can’t get their own way. This is the only way they can get into power, by violent overthrow of the government. So Venezuela is not collapsing, instead, fascists are trying to overthrow the government with violence.

Toyota Motor Co. said it would shut down its assembly operations in Venezuela due to the government’s foreign exchange controls that have crippled imports and made it impossible to bring in parts needed to build its vehicles.

The country’s other car manufacturers, including General Motors and Ford, haven’t even started operations this year, while waiting for needed parts to arrive.

This is true, but it’s not the government’s fault. Capital controls were put in to control capital flight because the rich and the business class were taking all of their money and moving it out of the country. That would be fatal for an economy so capital controls were put in. The government gives the private sector dollars so they can import products to sell on the market.

However, the capitalists lie and take the money and do not use it to import goods for human use. Instead, they use it for speculation or sink it into the black market. Instead of buying goods abroad and importing them to Venezuela, they buy Venezuelan oil and smuggle it to Colombia where they can sell it at a huge markup. They buy products cheaply on the open market and sell them for huge markups on the black market.

All of this has caused a horrible mess so the government has been limiting the access to dollars that it loans or gives to the private sector. That is why the car plant is shutting down. Sure, capital controls are a problem, but the capitalists caused it in the first place by not using the dollars like they said they would.

The oil field workers left years ago when the Chavez government cut oil workers’ pay.

Like Hell they left. All jobs in that sector are filled, and there are waiting lists for those cherished jobs.

Workers’ protests continue at Venezuela’s Puerto La Cruz refinery, in the northeastern state of Anzoátegui. The oil workers are requesting the payment of their contractual benefits. Workers gathered and had some meetings in the refinery and handed out fliers. These actions will continue until the authorities of state-run oil company Petróleos de Venezuela (Pdvsa) meet each of their requests. Oil workers complained that the oil industry has violated 80% of the current collective bargaining agreement.

This problem is a sad one. The truth is that the Venezuelan state which claims to be for the workers is not necessarily all that pro-worker. In other words, this socialist state all too often treats workers as lousy as the capitalists do. So the complaint here apparently is that the Left government abuses workers in the same fashion that capitalists do. Why this is a pro-opposition argument, I have no idea. They are basically arguing that this Left government is too rightwing!

[They] got a 40 % raise last year. So let’s see, they get a 40 % raise in 2010, and a 50 % raise in 2011, and meanwhile oil field workers, the ones who create the wealth the government uses to give these obscene pay raises to the military, are protesting low pay and lack of legal payments they are supposed to get.

Yeah, and the capitalists would treat these oil workers really great! They wouldn’t cut the workers’ pay to give more money to already rich people, now would they? Once again, the argument is that Venezuela sucks because the government is rightwing.

‘Brazil is becoming Argentina, Argentina is becoming Venezuela, and Venezuela is becoming Zimbabwe’

These are all lies. All of these countries are doing great under left-wing regimes. First of all, they have it backwards. Venezuela is the richest of the three, then Argentina, then Brazil. Brazil is rising, not falling. Argentina is improving, not failing. And Venezuela, one of the richest countries in Latin America, turning into the collapsed state of Zimbabwe? What a lie!

The oil workers who could, all left for Canada. That was about the time that the Alberta oil sands fields were coming on line. Those workers, and especially the engineers, are not going back to Venezuela any time soon.

That is not true, though surely one could make more in Alberta than in Venezuela. Nevertheless, oil workers jobs in Venezuela are filled beyond capacity.

Welcome to Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela, a country with the fifth largest oil reserves in the world and absolutely broke. It’s a remarkable achievement for Chavismo. A just-wow moment. Socialism is useless at everything except for smashing things in record time. There it excels. It’s hard to imagine that as late as the 1980s Venezuela had the highest standard of living in Latin America. But then in 1960 Detroit was the richest city in the world in per capita income. Now it’s well … Detroit.

More lies. First of all, Venezuela is not broke by any means. The government is flush with cash and the economy is booming right along as it has been since Chavez took over.

Venezuela has not destroyed or smashed anything other than maybe the outrageous wealth of the oligarchy.

Venezuela did not have the highest standard of living in Latin America in the 1980′s, and anyway, even if it did, 90% of the population lived in poverty and could only afford to eat one meal a day. 10% of the population was hoarding all the wealth. The model was not sustainable, and this is what led to Chavez taking over in the first place.

Cuba is helping the post-Chavez government to cope.

Another lie. It’s actually the other way around, kiddo. Venezuela helps keep Cuba afloat with cheap oil. Sad but true.

The violence against unarmed citizens is reminiscent of the April 11, 2002, bloodletting, when 17 individuals who were part of a peaceful opposition march in the streets of Caracas were similarly gunned down by snipers. That was the day the head of the military told Hugo Chávez that he would not move against the crowd and that he was removing Chávez from office. Chávez prevailed, in part due to U.S. dogma against “a coup” and in part because the opposition bungled what ought to have been a transition to democracy.

The only violence against unarmed people that is occurring is the fascist rioters throwing rocks and firing guns and slingshots at people. The fascist snipers have opened fire on crowds, killing two and wounding many others.

In 2002, a similar outrage occurred. The opposition fascists opened fire on Chavistas, killing many of them and wounding others, then they blamed it on the Chavistas!

Remember when Hitler burned down the Reichstag and then blamed the Communists? Same thing. The opposition press all went along with these lies and ran endless news broadcasts calling the Chavistas murderers for shooting their own people. All of the rightwing media outlets participated in a violent coup against the government and I am amazed that Chavez did not pull all of their broadcast licenses as traitors and put the owners in prison. Yet not one single paper or media broadcast outlet was closed down and the traitors were still allowed to peddle their lies. Then they all accused Chavez of being a dictator!

There was no transition to democracy because the opposition represents conservatives and conservatives always hate democracy. After the coup, the Congress was dissolved and the Supreme Court was shut down. The new coup government was a 100% dictatorship.

True, there were some military traitors in 2002, but Chavez has since removed almost all of the dirty traitors from the army. The sick US MSM has used this to scream that Chavez is “politicizing the military.” So show me one military on Earth that has no politics.

Obama is a friend of Venezuela and will oppose any attempt to overturn the tyranny.

Another lie. Actually, Obama has been very hostile to the Chavistas.

What we see today in El Salvador is a government heading in the opposite direction from those core principles. In 2000, El Salvador was ranked as the 11th-freest economy in the world, according to the annual Index of Economic Freedom co-published by The Heritage Foundation and The Wall Street Journal. Today, it is 53rd and has registered declining scores in six of the 10 economic freedoms, including investment freedom, the management of public spending, labor freedom, and freedom from corruption. El Salvador’s performance in other world economic indices has also plummeted.

Society was a wreck in El Salvador in 2000. 2% of the population owns almost all of the wealth in the country. 90% are dirt poor and often do not have enough to eat and live in slums and shacks and there is a small beat down middle class of 8%. That’s what your “economic freedom” will get you.

Investment freedom is crap. It means investors’ rights are above those of all other members of society. Screw that.

Management of public spending is a lying metric. If public spending is very high, Heritage, that is against economic freedom somehow and Heritage gives you an F. If the government barely exists and hardly spends a nickel, Heritage calls that economic freedom and gives you an A. It makes no sense.

Labor freedom is another lie. It means that workers have the freedom to not to join labor unions. If almost all of the workforce is unionized, you get an F on labor freedom for some insane reason. If unions and striking are illegal, you get an A on labor freedom. It’s crazy.

El Salvador was corrupt then and it’s corrupt now. As a rule, rightwing governments are always more corrupt than Left regimes.

The deterioration in central and south America continues apace . There is an interesting pattern.

‘There are two Latin Americas right now. The first is a bloc of countries—including Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela—that faces the Atlantic Ocean, mistrusts globalization and gives the state a large role in the economy. The second—made up of countries that face the Pacific such as Mexico, Peru, Chile and Colombia — embraces free trade and free markets.’

Yep, Mexico, Peru and Colombia are violent states with mass poverty, hunger, insurgency and vast gaps between the rich and poor, many without sewage treatment or running water. Chile is better, but it’s a mess. Chile is good for the top 1/3 of the population and terrible for the bottom 2/3 of the population. What’s so good about that? Why should I support that?

Further, Chile just elected a Left socialist so that statement isn’t even true. Also Peru just elected a Left-winger too, but his hands are pretty much tied. Mexico has a vast state sector and does not allow one penny of foreign investment in its energy sector. In other words, the group embracing free trade and free markets doesn’t exactly do that.

Globalization has been a catastrophe for the Third World. It was just a scam to by the First World to screw the Third World, steal their stuff, beggar and put them in debt forever, while screwing First World workers and replacing them with peons for pennies an hour in the Third World. To be against globalization simply means you have a brain.

Also, Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela are doing extremely well under various types of Left regimes. The state does not play a large role in the economy of either Brazil or Argentina.

Stifling bureaucracy, protectionist trade barriers, widespread corruption, lack of investment in infrastructure and the limited scope of economic reforms have been piling up like wood on a bonfire for a number of years. Inflation and weak government finances have provided the starter fluid and it maybe that lower demand for commodities will be the spark.

The divide has been developing for years. As Luhnow reports, ‘ A key moment in creating the two Latin Americas came in 2005, when Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela (then led by Mr. Chávez) lined up to kill the proposed Free Trade Area of the Americas—a free-trade zone stretching from Alaska to Patagonia and promoted by President George W. Bush. Troubled by the FTAA’s demise, the Pacific Alliance set out to create its own free-trade area, eliminating tariffs on 90% of goods and setting a timetable to eliminate the rest.’

Bureaucracy and corruption are problems throughout the continent regardless of regime.

Protectionism is great for poor countries and bad for rich ones, so of course rich countries want to get rid of it.

Lack of investment in infrastructure is a horrible problem in the more rightwing Latin American countries where the state doesn’t believe in spending a nickel on anything. The Left regimes do a much better job on public infrastructure.

Inflation is a problem in Venezuela, but it was much worse before Chavez, and it’s the capitalists who are causing most of the inflation anyway in that country.

Lower demand for commodities is wishful thinking. What they mean is that the price of oil will go down because demand for oil will plummet. This will hurt Venezuela badly. Anyway, you think oil demand or prices are dropping anytime soon? Another wishful thinking lie.

The free trade agreements that Colombia, Chile, Peru, etc. have agreed in have been great for the US and terrible for those countries. The agreements were catastrophes for labor and the environment.

The genius of the Left — Chavez’s for example — is that it destroys things from the inside out. They pervert religion, collapse the mores, abolish the family, shred the constitution and gradually expropriate the property. The differences from one day to the next are apparently imperceptible, but it is harder and harder to go back until finally there is no reversal of ‘progressive gains’ possible at all. The public is finally faced with the stark choice between chaos or authoritarianism. And most people will chose the Boss over the Mob.

More endless lies from the insane anti-Communist Right. Chavistas have not perverted religion, in fact, Chavez was a believing Christian. However, Chavez preached Liberation Theology, which is a Catholic movement for the poor whereas the Catholic Church has always been for the rich down there. Switching Catholicism from advocacy for the rich to advocacy for the poor I guess counts as perversion of religion?

Collapse the mores is a typical lie about the Left and Communism. Supposedly the Left opposes traditional morality and preaches decadence and degeneracy. It was never true anywhere, and all Communist regimes were actually rather conservative and puritanical. Abolish the family. This is another crazy anti-Communist lie from fanatics.

In general, even most Communists have not opposed the family unit, though there was some movement that way in the USSR in the 1920′s which Stalin quickly got rid of anyway.

Chavez has not shredded the Constitution. The old Constitution was everything for the rich and nothing for the poor. Chavez had the Constitution rewritten by a series of votes before the people to turn that equation around. Making the Constitution serve the poor instead of the rich apparently is shredding the document.

The Chavistas have not taken over much property. Some crooked businessmen were ordered to play fair or else. When they kept on lying, cheating and stealing, yes, they got expropriated. Some businesses that abused their workers were expropriated the enterprise was given to the workers to run for themselves.

Large landowners were sitting on vast swathes of land that lay fallow and was not under production. Venezuela needs to quit importing so much food and grow more of its own. The government told them to start cultivating their lands or else. Most of them gave the state the finger and refused to till their lands or use them productively. So the state expropriated their agricultural lands, but they were paid market value for them. The lands were then turned over to poor small farmers to grow crops on.

The chaos versus authoritarianism is what the Right is doing. They are creating chaos in the streets in hopes of terrorizing Chavista supporters into throwing the Chavistas out of office. In their place would be an opposition regime, which of course would be authoritarian. But it is the opposition that is causing this very chaos. If the people want the Chavistas to become authoritarian and crack down, whose fault is that? Who started the rioting anyway?

Most people are spurred into resistance by a crisis. But they remain lulled into complacency while the crisis remains imperceptible. Progressive tyranny benefits from image management, and takes great pains to keep crisis from view.

The most insidious thing about a secret police is its very secrecy, because the mayhem it wreaks is upon the intangibles, among things we call legitimacy. So it goes until only a facade is left. Until the day of death the victim is largely asymptomatic, except for a gradual weakening. When the onset comes he discovers that his immune system is completely gone and the end is sudden.

There are no secret police in Venezuela. In fact, there is the opposite – total freedom for the opposition, or too much freedom for them. The opposition is allowed to roam the streets in armed mobs, rioting everywhere, and the government barely even tries to stop them.

Sound like “progressive tyranny” to you? And what’s “progressive tyranny” anyway? It doesn’t even exist. Most progressive people are civil libertarians.

And Iran is allying itself with Venezuela.

Yep. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. They both hate the US, so they are allying with each other. Why is that surprising?

That told me how bad things are when Cuba is supporting Venezuela. The Soviets did the same thing with mining – Herbert Hoover had built this very profitable and efficient facility in the Ukraine, and the Bolsheviks ruined it.

Hoover was in power in the 1920′s when the Bolsheviks were in power so how could he have built anything? Anyway, mining was a disaster under the Czar and the mining sector actually worked extremely well in the USSR.

“Cuba is helping the post-Chavez government to cope.” A glimmer of gallows humour in a grim piece. Why do people keep trying socialism when its failure is entirely predictable?

Um, maybe because “socialist failure” is nothing but a gigantic lie?

So, Venezuela is thriving. That’s what I asked. Communism works! All those stories about the Gulag were not true.

Venezuela is doing very well. When people who lived under Communism are polled, most do say it works, or at least that it works better than capitalism. At worst, neither Communism nor capitalism really work. What do Gulags have to do with Venezuela?

Ken is right. Any day now the Glorious Revolution will succeed in Venezuela & Cuba. They’ll have meat and grain and good beer, and efficient cars and comfortable homes, short work weeks, and peaceful cities, and they’ll be exporting shiploads of goods throughout the world! You’ll see. You just have to Believe. And follow what Dear Leader tells you. You’ll see. Any day now…

Meanwhile, in The Real World, you’ll be shot in Cuba if you’re caught eating meat, that’s reserved for the Ruling Class. It’s a Workers Paradise.

Venezuelans already have plenty of meat, grain, and good beer. There are a vast number of cars in Venezuela. Chavez has dramatically improved the housing situation in that country.

I do not know about short work weeks, but when do capitalists ever give workers a short work week?

And yes, Cuba is a very peaceful country with a low crime rate.

And Venezuela indeed exports vast amounts of oil products to the world at large.

Nobody is shot in Cuba for stealing meat. Chicken is in good supply, as is fish. Pork is commonly eaten. Beef is in short supply, and people commonly kill farmers cows to eat the beef. This problem became so serious that now you have to show where you got that side of beef in your trunk. Meat is not reserved for the ruling class – all Cubans eat meat. And beef is not reserved for the ruling class either, and there is no ruling class in Cuba anyway.

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Communism Doesn’t Work; Socialism Doesn’t Work

How many times has this crap been drummed into your head? It has been drummed into our heads so many times that most of us accept it as established fact without needing any backing evidence. The problem with this argument is:

Capitalism, especially conservative free market capitalism, doesn’t work very well either. In fact, if you say Communism doesn’t work, you would have to say that conservative laissez faire capitalism doesn’t work either. Neither of them work. Both are failed systems.

A reasonable argument to make could be that even as horrible as conservative capitalism is, Communism works ever worse than that horrible model. I would not be averse to such an argument. Indeed, some progressive liberals argue just that.

It is a much, much harder case to make that “socialism doesn’t work.” The conservative capitalists have been screaming this forever, but the arguments in support of their theory are very poor. A good argument could be made that social liberalism or social democracy or democratic socialism works better than either conservative capitalism or Communism. One could amass quite a bit of evidence in favor of this judgement.

Who says Communism doesn’t work? Who proved that? Name the scientists who proved this scientifically. They don’t exist.

One way we could determine whether a given system works is to ask the people who live under it or have lived under it.

By that measure, Communism does not appear to be a failed system at all.

Take note:

81% of Serbs say that life was better under Tito’s socialism than it is now under Serbian capitalism. You mean the wars of the 1990′s, 40% unemployment, rampant crime and drug addiction and a collapsing infrastructure are not superior to failed Communism?

63% of Romanians say that life was better under Communism than it is today. Many stupid arguments are given at the link for why the majority of Romanians are obviously mistaken about this opinion of theirs.

72% of Hungarians say life was better under Communism than it is under capitalism.

57% of East Germans say that life was better under the GDR than it is in Eastern Germany today.

66% of Slovaks say that life was better under Communism than it is today.

66% of Armenians, 61% of Kyrgyz, and 56% of Ukrainians say that the fall of the USSR was a bad thing and only small numbers say it was a good thing.

60% of Russians said Communism is a good system that works well as opposed to a bad system that works poorly.

So you see, if we ask people who have lived under Communism whether Communism doesn’t work and capitalism does work, they don’t agree with us. Most of them say that Communism at the very least works better than capitalism.

Which is really why there are still socialists and Communists in the world today. We know how these systems measure up against capitalism very well.

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Indian Programmers Destroying UK Software Industry


Same thing as in the US. Fake H-1B scabs being imported en masse. White workers fired by the legion and replaced with cheap crappy Indian programmers. A huge volume of work outsourced to garbage coders in India.

The days of the White software programmer are over forever.

Project Middle Class Death continues apace!

David Cameron, a worthless right wing criminal from the Tory Party (the equivalent of the US Republican Party) wants to relax immigration quotas in order to flood the UK with shitty Indian programmers so the few remaining White IT workers can be fired and their livelihoods destroyed.

Listen to Cameron: “We need to relax the immigration quota in order attract the best talent from around the world,”Cameron lied.

It’s the same lie they used in the US. “There are no US workers to fill these jobs so we need to import slaves from India. It’s never been true. There has never been a shortage of US programmers. There has never been a case where no American workers could be found for the jobs. They’re lying. They’re all lying. All of your scummy heroes, all of those software kings like Bill Gates all you worship so much, all of your capitalist Gods, they are all liars. They all lie. Lie, lie, lie, lie, all they do is lie. Your secular God, Bill Gates, the idiot all of you worship, probably destroyed more US jobs than any man alive by firing White American programmers and replacing them with flunkies from India.

All of the software corporations lied. Every single one of them. In order to file for H-1B workers, the capitalist criminals first must certify that no American workers could be found for that position. In every case, there are more than enough American workers for the job, but the capitalist criminals all lied, every single one of them lied, and said that no US workers could be found.

And all of the politicians lied too. Almost all politicians of both parties, the Democrats and Republicans, have participated in this lie-fest, fraudathon. All politicians have lied and said that there are not enough IT workers in the US, we have to import scabs from India. Liberals, conservatives, right and left, they are all lying for Big Business since Big Business and the rich own the asses of every corrupt whore politician in the US. Further, the entire US news media has been lying right along with the politicians and the capitalists. As the news media is run by the capitalists, it makes sense that everything Big Business lies about, the MSM capitalist media recites the lie word for word.

They’re all lying. Everyone is lying. It’s all lies. From the time you get up in the morning to the time we go to bed at time, it’s nothing but a tsunami of lies from the capitalists, the rich and their bought whore politicians and professional lie peddlers in the media. It’s sick. There’s no escaping the lies.

To live in a modern capitalist society is to be surrounded by a cacophony of lies every waking hour of the day. No wonder no one can think straight.

I call this phenomenon World O’ Lies. It is beyond me how can possibly have a democracy if the population is plowed under by an avalanche of lies all the time. How can they possibly formulate a rational decision about anything if all they hear is lies. A society full of lies can never be a democracy. A society of lies is always and ever nothing but a totalitarian dictatorship of propaganda.

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Getting Rid of Left and Right

Stealth writes:

Being a socialist is not nutty. I endorse plenty of left-wing economic ideas, even if I’m not a full-fledged socialist. Viva la public assistance! When I talk about the crazy wing of the left, I’m talking about the (mostly academic) originators of socially corrosive stuff. Maybe we should develop a more precise naming system for ourselves, so there’s not as much confusion.

I’m sure I wouldn’t agree with all of his positions, but I’m sure Noam Chomsky has some good insights.

I really think we need to get rid of this Left and Right thing.

Although I am frightened to say that because that language is often used by the enemy. I think it is a good idea. When I say the enemy, I mean the Libertarians and the fascists. Fascists often talk about “getting rid of left and right.” They also say they are “neither on the left nor the right.” It from here that the notion of a Third Positionist movement flows (A third pole between the left and right). Nowadays, the Libertarians are also saying that they are a mixture of right and left – left on social stuff and right on economics. I don’t like it when they say that, but unfortunately, it is true!

However to be fair, the Greens also used to say that they were “neither left nor right.” I used to bother me when they said that because I supported them and I could not understand why they were embarrassed to be on the left, but now I don’t mind that they said that.

At this point, both the Mainstream Left and the Mainstream Right are sufficiently insane, wrong and even evil that it makes sense to distance yourself from either one. Why do you have to say you are on the Right or on the Left. These are pigeonholes they force us into. Be creative! Be yourself! Be your own man! Decide for your yourself.

If I present you with a list of sociopolitical issues, you should be able to go down the list and check Left, Right or Center on any combination of them.

The way it is set up now, for me to be on the Left, I have to take this checklist of Left Issues or really Left Orders. These are the standard Left issues on a variety of things. I MUST endorse the Left position on every one of these things, and if I check Right on even one box, I am thrown out of the Left and called a reactionary, fascist, conservative or Rightist.

So I say ok I am on the Right. I head on over to rightwing sites assuming that’s my new domicile, and pretty soon they let me know loud and clear that I am a Leftist moonbat. I get beaten up really bad and I typically get banned.

Instead of saying you are on the Left or the Right, you should avoid the question. Answer, “Well, I am leftwing on some things and rightwing on other things.”

What is wrong with that?

“Politics will be heterodox or it will be nothing!”

Really that should be our motto.

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Types of Genderqueer

From the famous feminist scholar Judith Butler’s website, The Social Construction of Gender.

1. Both man and woman (example: androgyne)

2. Neither man nor woman (agender, neutrois, non-gendered).

3. Moving between two or more genders (gender fluid).

4. Third gendered or other-gendered (includes those who prefer “genderqueer” or “non-binary” to describe their gender without labeling it otherwise).

5. Having an overlap or blur of gender and orientation and/or sex…(girlfags and guydykes)

6. Those who “queer” gender, in presentation or otherwise, who may or may not see themselves as non-binary or having a gender that is queer; this category may also include those who are consciously political or radical in their understanding of being genderqueer.

Excuse me, but this is sheer batshittery. The Cultural Left, in particular the Gay Lobby, has only started their Long March. Their demands will become increasingly offensive and bizarre and will probably be interminable. Society is giving way to a lot of the Gay Lobby’s demands (and some of this is correct as in gay marriage) but believe me, you haven’t seen the end of this. This is only the beginning.

I do not know Judith Butler well, but in researching a lot of famous radical feminists, I came to the conclusion that many of these women appear to be mentally ill in some way. The hatred of men is so bizarre, over the top and insane that it really seems like psychopathology. A few famous radical feminists have actually called for reducing the number of males in society through various means. How they propose to go about this, I have no idea. “Lesbian separatists” are definitely bigots and may be mentally ill. If you hate men so much that you want to live in a world that has no men in it, that seems like psychopathology to me.

I know it is a cliche, but you would be surprised how many radical feminists have praised Valerie Solanis’ SCUM Manifesto as a brilliant radical feminist classic. The Hell it is. The woman had paranoid schizophrenia, and she shot and almost killed Andy Warhol for no reason. Warhol had serious health problems for the rest of his life due to this loon. Her insane manifesto logically flows right out of her mental illness

I would go so far as to say that most “political lesbians” or “lesbian feminists” are not mentally healthy. What is really going on here is a case of women who hate men so much that they simply turn into lesbians. Nope, they weren’t born that way. They used to be straight and they turned lesbian out of fear and hatred of men, and they could turn straight again anytime they want to. They could even use the falsely discredited conversion therapy to help them become heterosexual again. After all, conversion therapy can work in motivated women.

I do not like the Religious Right very much, but they often tell the truth about homosexuality and the Gay Lobby. What is sad is that the only people who are telling the truth about homosexuality and the Gay Lobby are themselves a bunch of nuts. Once again American society is polarized between two nutty poles, the kooky Gay Lobby and the offensive Religious Right. As with race, there is no middle ground for the sane people.

Looking at the list, how can you be both a man and a woman at the same time? Forget it. You’re one or the other.

How can you be neither a man nor a woman? You mean there are males, females and “others?” What sense does that make?

How can you move between male and female? If this is Sunday, then I must be a man. If it’s Tuesday, then I must be a woman. If it’s Thursday, this must be Paris. Come on! You’re either a man or a woman. You can’t change from man to woman every other day like you change your underwear.

What the Hell is a third gender? You mean there are males, females and genderqueers? Screw that.

What in God’s name is a girlfag or a guydyke? That’s so weird.

How in the Hell can you “queer” gender? “Hi, my name is Bob and I queer gender.” What does that mean?

You know, back when I was growing up, we called these people “freaks” and “weirdos.” That’s exactly what they are.

I also suspect that many of these genderqueer “things” or “its” are actually dealing with some sort of mental illness. If you can’t figure out if you’re male or female, in a lot of cases, I would suspect that there’s something wrong with your head. Why? Because normal people know whether they are males or females. It’s not something we go round and round about. It’s as clear as air.

All of these people are insane.

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