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Huge Gay Sex Orgies at the CPAC Convention


CPAC is the Conservative Political Action Committee. It the hard right base of the Republican Party. Turns out that as soon as CPAC showed up in town, Craigslist exploded with ads for Republicans looking for hot gay sex!

Republicans are faggots!

LOL I always thought so.

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The War Between Russians and Jews

The Jews and Russian people never liked each other much. However, I think there was a truce in the USSR. I do not think the USSR was an anti-Jewish nation any way, shape or form. In fact, an Israeli leader said it was an “anti-anti-Semitic country.” He described the USSR as one of the most Jew-friendly countries that ever existed.

However, after 1948, this relationship got very complicated. The new criminal Israeli state quickly aligned with the West and became a sworn enemy of the USSR and the Russian people. Most Soviet Jews remained patriotic, but a new class of Jewish nationalists (Zionists) were seen as traitors by Stalin, who killed some of them. Some of these Jewish nationalists may well have murdered Com. Stalin.

After, the USSR was still very good to the Jews, but they did not allow Jewish nationalists to leave for Israel (personally they should have let the traitors go IMHO). Then the US, Israel and International Zionism launched a massive campaign against the USSR and the Russian people accusing them of “anti-Semitism” for not letting the traitors leave the country to migrate to the enemy state. Soon the USSR was forced to allow a controlled number of Jewish traitors to emigrate to the enemy land in Palestine.

During this period, many Jews became agents of International Zionism, an internationalist reactionary/ fascist internationalist and militaristic movement. Many American Jews recruited Jewish traitors in the USSR and East Bloc to spy for the US enemy against their homelands. There were a very large number of these Jewish spies, truly enemies of the people. At the same time, many Jews continued to be patriotic supporters of the East Bloc nations.

Post 1948, the East Bloc/USSR could be described as pro-Jewish but anti-Zionist and anti-Israel. They supported the Jewish people in a racial sense but armed the enemies of the Jewish nationalists squatting on stolen land in Palestine. Arab guns and arms which killed many Jewish nationalists often came from the East Bloc.

From 1948-1990, many Russian Zionists moved to Israel. Many of these people were highly damaged human beings due to the turmoil deriving from centuries in the Pale. A huge number of them were some of the most vicious and genocidal anti-Christians the world has ever seen. For instance, many Russian Jews to this day say their favorite drink is a Bloody Mary. They say this Bloody Mary is made of Vodka mixed with the blood of the Russian Christian people.

Many Russians have reacted to the wild anti-Russian hatred of many Russian Jews with reactive anti-Semitism.

Since 1990, Russia can no longer be described as a pro-Jewish country. Russian Jews, relishing a chance to destroy their hated enemy, looted the Russian homelands in the 1990′s with the help of US neoclassical capitalists (Chicago School type), International Zionism mostly headquarted in the USA, and the Israeli state. The assets of the Russian people were stolen by huge gangs which were ~1/3 Jewish (note that 2/3 of these gangs were non-Jews).

However, Jews being only 3% of the population were wildly overrepresented in the looters. Much of the Russian people’s stolen treasure was moved out of the homeland to other International Zionist  agents in Israel, the US and the UK (the Rothschild IZ agents. The neoconservative movement was formed in the US mostly by Jewish nationalists in the US and Israel. These people had a profound hatred for the Russian people based on vengeance due to the post-1948 scenario above. Wolfowitz, Richard Perle and other Jewish monsters were deeply involved in the mass theft and even mass murder of the Russian people in the 1990′s.

I do not use the term mass murder lightly. The team of Milton Friedman Chicago School Libertarians and International Zionist criminals not only stole nearly everything in the USSR not tied down to give it to their Jewish buddies, but even more tragically, they killed a total of 15 million Russians. That is correct. Life expectancy collapsed when the USSR fell apart. The entire economy died and the poverty was worse than the Great Depression. By the end of the decade, 15 million Russians had been genocided by the United States under Bill Clinton and led by the Chicago School and the agents of International Zionism, principally the Russian Jewish Mafioso in Russia.

Since 1990, there is a lot of bad blood on both sides. Anit-Semitism is very high in Russia and it is not a pleasant place to be Jewish. A lot of Russian Jews are goodhearted people and they are harmed by this racist hatred. At the same time, the US, Israel, International Zionism and increasingly the EU have declared war on the Russian people. The upshot of this war is the neo-Nazi/neoliberal coup against the democratically elected government of Ukraine by armed bands of fascist thugs.

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Repeat After Me: “Capitalism Causes Crime”

Lokalkosmopolit writes:

It is probably that high income inequality ”encourages” violent crime, however: I just read an article about crime rates in the USSR (and Soviet bloc). It was noted that in 1980s the crime rate in Bulgaria was considerably lower than in Sweden. And Sweden is a rather equal society and people as a whole were considerably better off than in Bulgaria (which was also equal, but ”equal in poverty” like it’s usual in communism – I was born in the USSR ;)).

The author of this study suggested that crime rates tend to be low in totalitarian/authoritarian regimes of surveillance and limited freedom. I find this argument convincing.Also, as far as the USSR is concerned, in the Baltic states.crime rates were consistently higher than in poorer republics such as Central Asia, with one explanation being that the the former were more modernized and latter were more ”traditional” societies (in the grassroots level so to say).

After China moved towards capitalism, the crime rate exploded. After 1990, the crime rate went through the roof in Eastern Europe and the former USSR. The reasons are obvious – as these nations abandoned socialism for capitalism, the crime rate skyrocketed, as is always the case.

This makes no sense at all. Capitalism causes crime, period. The more capitalism, the more crime. The less capitalism, the less crime. The more socialism, the less crime. The less socialism, the more crime.

Studies have proved this so many times over that it is stunning that we even bother to keep studying it again. But we are forced to study it over and over because the rightwing SCUM refuses to accept the obvious facts about capitalism and crime.

Granted there are many positive things about capitalism, but the increased crime that goes along with it is certainly not one of them.

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US Foreign Policy, Democratic or Republican, Is Always Reactionary

Al McLellan writes:

Do you think Obama’s foreign policy makes sense? What is the logic? He always sides with the bad guys (super fascists).

The commenter is some sort of a Tea Partier. Can someone please inform me why Tea Partiers think the Obama’s foreign policy is bad because “he supports super fascists” while presumably Republican foreign policy does not support super fascists? Tea Partiers or Republicans in general never make any sense, but it is always interesting to see the reasoning behind whatever loony theory they are pushing now.

I do not like Obama’s foreign policy either, but US foreign policy is always evil since the US is an evil country. Only under Republicans it is a lot more evil and belligerent. It’s just sheer, raw naked, belligerent and often violent imperialism under both Republicans and Democrats. It’s really amazing that the Moronican people go along with a viciously imperialist foreign policy. Makes you wonder what kind of people we are.

US foreign policy under Democrats: reactionary imperialism.

US foreign policy under Republicans: ultra-rightwing, highly militaristic and belligerent imperialism.

Both parties are committed to the US imperial project.

The Democrats are generally less belligerent about it (but they can still be pretty nasty) and they in recent years, they are also less militaristic (though participate in a lot of wars). In recent years, the Democrats’ job has been cleaning up and slowly ending stupid wars that Republican radicals started. The Democrats threaten foreign countries a lot too, but the Republicans usually threaten a lot more, and are scarier with their threats.

Other than that, there is not a whole lot of difference between the two parties.

I agree that the Democratic Party domestic project is more progressive than the ultra-right wing Republican domestic project, which seems to be to wipe out government at all levels. Actually the Democrats are not really very progressive, but they just seem so compared to Republican mouth-breathers. In recent years, Democratic domestic policy seems to involve chasing the Republicans to the right (but always ending up significantly to the Left of the Republicans) and splitting the difference between the Democratic base and the Republican Party. This insanity is called triangulation, bipartisanship, splitting the difference, etc. I call it treason. On a world scale, there is nothing very liberal or progressive about the US Democratic Party. In fact, most European rightwing parties are to the Left of the US Democratic Party. The Democrats only seem liberal or progressive compared to the Republicans who are so far right that they are in danger of falling off the cliff into the dark and deadly ultra-right chasm below.

But on foreign policy, the Democrats just suck. It never fails to amaze me how good, decent, progressive, liberal Democrats line up behind whatever foreign policy atrocity is committed by a Democratic President. Actually Democratic “liberals” usually support Republican Presidents’ reactionary shenanigans too. I am not sure why that is, but in the US, to oppose US foreign policy is generally seen as some form of treason. To oppose US foreign policy is to spit on the flag, rip it to shreds and set it on fire. It is to side with the evil nations of the world against the World Beacon of Light and Good called America. It is to oppose the troops. You start opposing US foreign policy, and most liberals I know start yelling, “America love it or leave it!” US Democratic Party liberals are extremely weird on US foreign policy. I still don’t get it. I guess most US Democratic Party liberals are just as patriotarded as the rest of the country.

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America, Fascism’s Greatest Friend

Al McLellan writes from Facebook:

Do you think Obama’s foreign policy makes sense? What is the logic? He always sides with the bad guys (super fascists).

US foreign policy always supports rightwing regimes the world over. We support all rightwing regimes and we oppose all left regimes. In a nutshell, that is vile US foreign policy forever now. Fascists are just rightwingers, and US foreign policy has always supported fascist states and movements in their various forms.

In fact, one of the most bizarre things about WW2 is that it was one of the first times in US history that US foreign policy not only opposed fascism but we actually went to war with the fascists. Americans actually fought and died fighting their best buddies, the fascists. I am quite happy with the US role in WW2, but it was very much an aberration.

Of course as soon as WW2 was over and the fascist states were defeated, the US went right back to palling up with their fascist buddies. Former Nazis were enrolled in the CIA, and US intelligence helped countless Nazis escape to foreign lands, usually Latin America. A very heavily armed network called the GLADIO stay behind network consisting mostly of hardcore West European fascists was set up in all of Western Europe. The purpose was in case of a Soviet invasion and conquest of Western Europe, the GLADIO forces would form guerrilla armies to fight the new Communist regimes that the Soviets set up.

GLADIO forces caused much damage from 1945-1990. In Italy they committed a lot of violence, setting off bombs in train stations, assassinating people, etc. Apparently the CIA was deeply involved in this rightwing terrorism in Italy.

Recently GLADIO fascist forces with deep support from the CIA committed a violent coup and overthrew the democratically elected government of Ukraine.

US alliances with fascists in the Taiwan, South Korea, Fiji, Brunei, Morocco, Philippines, Indonesia, Latin America, Spain, Portugal and Greece (the generals’ junta) are or were very long-standing.

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Someone Understands Me

Repost from the old site.

Well, not completely, but good enough, anyway. At least the author of Entitled to an Opinion, TGGP, has a general idea, instead of driving on the wrong highway for hundreds of miles at night with no map, insisting all along that they are headed in the right direction, when the truth is they are driving fast as can be in the opposite direction, which is what most people do when they read me.

He understands about Stalin and Nazism, the Old Left and the New Left, Cultural Marxism and Identity Politics and the Frankfurt School and that whole journey on the wrong turnoff. In other words, he understands history.

The Soviet-Chinese split, the Holodomor, the new socialist man, the Soviet war against Islamic fundamentalism in the Caucasus and Central Asia, the Trotsky-Stalin split, the links between Trotskyites and neocons, etc.

Best of all, TGGP seems to have figured out the obvious – that I am neither a fascist, nor a Rightist, nor a reactionary, nor a racist, nor an anti-Semite, no, none of these things. Of course not! No more than Trotsky or Mao were. How could anyone be so foolish? I am a pan-humanist anti-racist universalist. Is that not clear as air? It’s amazing that people can’t seem to figure this out.

Do we attack the racism, ultranationalism and even backwards, barbaric cultures of many ethnic groups? Do we engage in cultural critique in the finest tradition of the Left? Sure we do! But so did Marx, Stalin and Mao.

TGGP is smart, and he knows more history that 95% of the population. Not only that, but he is a libertarian who is a generally nice guy and doesn’t have his head up his ass. Rare.

TGGP’s also a genuine intellectual blogger; I have been feasting at his site for the past few days now, always learning new things. And so is everyone he links to.

Unfortunately, many of them are libertarians, but these days, I mostly read rightwing sites anyway. Why read the Left? I already know most of those arguments. It’s like reading a book over and over. Why not read the ideological enemy?

Plus it’s always fascinating to, thespian-like, try to put yourself into a totally alien mindset, to see what it feels like to think like a fascist, a Nazi, a racist, a libertarian, or whatever. TGGP is a hell of a good writer. Which is scary, since, like most insecure authors, I hate competition.

He’s totally wrong about Communism and Nazism being similar (but it’s understandable how people get led into that wrong turn), and he can’t understand why I link to and quote far right and even fascist sites.

Communism and fascism are both totalitarian; they both kill people, use lots of propaganda, love speeches and rallies, and can be expansionist, but for entirely different reasons. It’s easy to see people mixing them up. I often wonder why fascists hate us myself.

I must say it is insulting to be called a fascist and or lumped in with them. Bear in mind that these people hate us, threaten us, attack us, and often kill us. To declare that I am the same as, and have the same ideology as, an enemy that wishes me dead. for purely ideological reasons no less, disgusts me.

If we are the same, why do they hate us so much? Are fascists stupid? They can’t be, so there must be some logical reason why they hate us. Spend a lot of time studying fascism or hanging out on fascist forums and you should be able to figure it out after a while (you will get a sort of a “Gestalt” “I know it when I see it” feeling about what fascism is).

Bottom line: fascism is just extreme nationalism. What they hate most about us Commies is that we are the most anti-nationalist (internationalist) element in society. For that, we must die.

As far as linking to rightwing sites, well, sometimes they have great information. And sometimes I agree with them! Is that illegal yet? Must I wear an ideological straight jacket? What if I don’t like the way it fits? And if a fascist or racist site has good information (which they often do), why not link to it (with a warning, which I do)? And what’s wrong with studying the enemy anyway?

Regarding his confusion about fascism, that is understandable, but TGGP needs to read this link, Two Ways of Looking at Fascism, by Matthew Lyons, from anarchist blog Three Way Fight. It’s one of the best things I’ve read about fascism, and there are not many other subjects about which more nonsense is written.

The piece is too long to describe in full, but Matthew makes a good case for including the Taliban, Al Qaeda, Indian Hindu nationalism, some US Christian fundamentalism and the US militia movement as forms of fascism, along with totally confusing movements like Third Positionism and Strasserism, which aims to marry fascism and Communism by promoting fascist and racist nationalism along with socialist economics.

More authors are working the fascist puzzle nowadays, linking the confusing dots better than ever. We are finally getting somewhere in understanding this confusing phenomenon. More stuff by Lyons here. Definitely worth a look if you’ve got the time and you can get your mind around it.

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What Would a Progressive Immigration Policy Look Like?

Repost from the old site.

Let’s take a look at what a progressive Immigration Sanity (IS) project might look like, along with some possible principles:

1. Junk internationalism. Obviously, an IS project has to be nationalist, not internationalist. This in spite of the fact that all Communist regimes in history locked down their border and were very careful about who they left in.

Not one Communist or even progressive government anywhere engaged in a project to allow unfettered immigration of cheap labor into the state so that national workers could be fired and replaced by cheap labor immigrants.

Not one progressive regime ever subscribed to a policy of allowing massively exploitable immigrant labor into the nation, to be worked under horrible, sweatshop-like, abusive conditions, untaxed and unregulated, with the Sword of Deportation hanging over their heads, as a preference for brassy and sometimes defiant national workers who stood up for their rights, unlike submissive immigrants.

2. A clear condemnation of cheap labor immigration. Low wage, submissive, exploitable immigration is antithetical to every progressive value and must be condemned across the board. The fact that the Western Left is lining up with the most crooked capitalist interests on this labor-crushing issue is frankly despicable.

3. A notion that revolution begins at home. Read Marx and Lenin and tell me where they say that the way to wage revolution in a backwards country is go invade some developed country and then work as a submissive, ultra-exploited, captive worker. What a joke! If your country is the suffering from the typical wreckage of failed Third World capitalism, you need to fix up your own country, not invade mine.

We have our own hands full dealing with our own rightwigners, who are in power and progressively ruining America. We don’t need the added problem of a peasant invasion on top of that.

4. A recognition that unfettered immigration is contrary to all environmental values. As a radical environmentalist, it is clear to me that population growth is driving the present extinction crisis.

To pretend that population growth is not an issue and open the borders to 50% of Mexico (50% of Mexicans want to live in the US) and 1/3 to 1/2 of the world (polls show that 1/3 to 1/2 of the world wants to come to America) is environmental insanity.

With half of Mexico in the US, not to mention 2 to 3 billion new Americans, we can kiss the natural environment goodbye.

5. A principled opposition to H-1B and all other forms of cheap labor immigration, legal and illegal. There is no sense in automatically opposing all forms of immigration as “taking jobs from Americans”. There are all sorts of immigrant physicians working in the US; this is not a problem since they work for prevailing wage and do not drive down salaries of US physicians.

Immigrants willing to work for prevailing US wages should not be automatically opposed, and they do not “take jobs from Americans”. The only time immigrants “take jobs from Americans” is when they work for lower wages, tolerate worse working conditions, are more likely to work under the table, and display more submissive behavior than US workers.

If they work for prevailing wage and are as unwilling as US workers to tolerate abuse, they don’t take a job from a soul. They add one more worker and consumer, which helps create more jobs.

The H-1B program is completely insane. Begun in 1990, it allows into the US about 250,000 foreigners as some kind of “non-immigrant guest workers”. The nonsense began 17 years ago due to a so-called shortage of computer techs and programmers in the US. The vast majority of the workers brought in on H-1B have been from India.

Few, if any, of these Indian workers are actually needed in the US! We have more than enough programmers and engineers in the US; in fact, H-1B has put many US tech workers out of work. What is H-1B all about? It’s all about replacing high-paid US workers with low-paid, typically poorly-skilled scabs from India!

Every year, the tech companies conjure up a nonexistent desperate tech worker shortage out of thin air. Every year, all of the US media report wide-eyed on this fake shortage. Every year, Congress reinstates the program, or increases it even more.

I assume until shown otherwise that the Left in the US supports this charade. Why? Because the Left seems to support anything involving foreigners who come to the US, even to work as scabs. End H-1B!

6. A recognition that the mass importation of poor Mexican workers to the US as illegal immigrants is part of the elite project of reactionary capitalist elites in both the US and Mexico. Obviously, there is no reason that any progressive should get in bed with these scoundrels or support them in their backwards game.

Mexico needs to feed and house its poor, not create more Carlos Slims (Slim just passed Bill Gates as the world’s richest man).

7. A hardheaded recognition of the anarchy, crime, disease and elevated costs than millions of poorly educated peasants and urban poor bring to America. The children of Mexican immigrants have a higher illegitimacy rate than either Americans or Mexicans. Hispanics in the US already have a 42% illegitimacy rate.

The link between illegitimacy and fatherless upbringing and a variety of ills, including sociopathy and criminal behavior in the offspring, is scientifically proven. Almost 1/3 of young Hispanic males have been arrested and 25% have been imprisoned. I’ve been arrested a few times myself, but these are serious figures.

The children of the illegal immigrants are forming Hispanic street gangs in large numbers. There is no progressive reason to apologize for, make alliance with, or defend a bunch of criminals.

No Communist state fetishized or coddled its street criminals, and no progressive state ever allowed them to run loose Clockwork Orange-style to destroy the fabric of the land. No sucking up to crooks! No sucking up to sociopathic street gangs!

By virtue of their poverty and the fact that they frequently work under the table, illegal immigrants contribute very few taxes.

At the same time, they flood various social services such as schooling and correctional facilities. They get emergency treatment at hospitals for free. This itself is not a problem, except that the federal government demands this emergency room treatment and then refuses to reimburse local governments for the costs of it.

We demand that the federal government reimburse the states for the costs of treating illegal immigrants in the emergency room.

Fully 60% of Hispanics in Los Angeles are failing to graduate from high school. Of those that do graduate, only 20% are qualified to go right into college. These facts are partly responsible for the explosive growth of remedial classes at our universities.

For a variety of reasons, Hispanic illegal immigrants ad their children are not performing well in education, have a high crime rate, and contribute little in taxes while taxing government funds. The upshot is crumbling government services for all, including poor and working class American citizens.

It is not important, nor is it our place to inquire or understand why Hispanic illegal immigrants and their offspring are performing rather poorly, but there is evidence that it is based more on class than race. Poor workers and peasants in many societies have tended to have high crime rates and to be poorly educated.

It is dubious we would be having these problems with our recent Hispanic arrivals if, say, 40% of Hispanic immigrants, legal or illegal, had, say, advanced degrees. Hence we reject racialized explanations for poor Hispanic performance. Poor performance by Hispanics on various matrices is not a racial inevitability.

Sadly, for a variety of reasons, it may be unlikely that new illegal Hispanic arrivals follow in the footsteps of, say, the Italian immigrants of a century ago. The reasons for this are likely complex and ultimately not as important as recognizing that importing an army of impoverished unschooled peasants is not a good bargain for America.

8. The progressive project is based on development. Aside from some strange movements like the Khmer Rogue, all progressive movements have been based on the transition of society from underdevelopment to development. Control over population growth was essential to these movements.

China’s huge population was one of the near-impossible tasks that Mao faced in feeding the Chinese people and bringing them out of feudal serfdom. Mao could not have accomplished many of his great accomplishments with a continuous invasion of vast numbers of poor, uneducated peasants. He had his hands full with the Chinese.

Allowing continuous unfettered immigration is antithetical to our goals of sheltering, employing, feeding and providing medical care for our citizens, especially our poor citizens. It makes a difficult job downright impossible. The open borders movement is a movement to take a First World country, the US, and “underdevelop it” back to Third World status.

There are too many 3rd World countries as it is. The trajectory of the world should be forward towards progress, not backwards towards underdevelopment. We are committed to moving the 3rd World forward towards the developed model, not the reverse.

9. A rejection of anti-Hispanic racism. Recognizing that US Hispanics have various shortcomings and problems as a group is not racism. Nevertheless, the IS movement is shot through from top to bottom with racism, typically of the White Nativist variety at least. It is populated largely by the some of the most ignorant and backwards segments of the US White population, the Yahoos of H.L. Mencken fame.

While this does not mean that the movement is immoral, we need to recognize that the racists in the movement exist and somehow keep our distance from them. One step is banning any semblance of actual (not imagined) racism from our fora. At the same time, we recognize that cultural critique is in the finest progressive tradition, one we continue to uphold.

10. Kindness towards illegals. I do not feel that illegal immigrants or low wage legal immigrants are bad people. I socialize with Mexican immigrants almost every day, hang out in Mexican bars and restaurants where scarcely a word of English is heard, shop in Mexican corner markets, buy food off their taco trucks and sit down and joke with drunken farmworkers relaxing after work. Many of those folks are illegal aliens.

I also speak passable Spanish. I like Mexicans on a personal level, even illegal immigrants. In many ways, I like them better than my own Whites. The principle of love the sinner, hate the sin, should be operative here. As a Christian, I believe in showing compassion towards immigrants, legal and illegal, as a general rule.

Of course they are just trying to get ahead economically. Of course their home countries are a wreck. Nevertheless, it is logical that as illegals or low-wage legal immigrants, there is a good argument to be made, or at least debated, that they should not be in this country.

We may need to firmly and lovingly convince them to go home and wish them all the best on their journey. Others are going to need to be told that the door to America is closed to them. It’s not a problem; millions of potential immigrants every year get this message from many countries the world over.

Hatred and contempt for immigrants of all kinds should be discouraged in our fora. They are in general not bad people; it is the system that is broken.

11. As noted, the anti-immigrant movement is largely the hardest rightwing sector of the US conservative movement. It shares many similarities with the Patriot, militia and Black helicopters nutjobs. Christian fundamentalism to the point of sheer lunacy is quite common. Ignorance is high; many activists can neither spell nor use proper syntax, and you wonder when they last read a book.

This anti-intellectual, redneck aspect of the movement is a reality that will not change. Most movement members are ready to march off and vote for Republicans. These Republicans are antithetical to us most every way but immigration. Ideally, it would be better to convert Democratic candidates to immigration sanity than to get into bed with these rightwingers and wake up with fleas.

On the other hand, we should be willing to make coalitions with any and all friendly rightwingers who share at least some of our views on IS. In these cases, it is best for both Right and Left IS Movement members to look for commonalities on the immigration question, instead of getting wrapped up in pointless sparring over Right vs Left politics, in which case our fora will be littered with endless infighting.

We need to be very careful about making coalitions with White Supremacists, Patriot and militia types and the racists in the movement. It is probably better to simply keep them at arms length and focus on growing an anti-racist IS progressive movement. If we let them into our fora, they will litter it with racist-type language – then our enemies will use this to say we are “friends with the fascists and racists”.

On the other hand, many of the Minutemen are married to Mexican women. Many others regularly go to Mexico and many speak Spanish well. Just because someone is a Minuteman does not mean he is some anti-Mexican racist.

The rightwing of the IS movement is a mixed bag. Some are quite sensible and decent, while others are backwards, racist and need to be avoided. Judicious choice of friends applies here, as elsewhere in life.

12. This movement is very much a work in progress. It is hardly the work of one man or one blog. This blog welcomes your intellectual and theoretical contributions, from the Right to the Left, on the issues I have probed in this essay.

One of the main areas we should focus on is how we can possibly wean Democrats and liberals off the open borders movement and towards some sort of sanity on this issue. Let’s not let the Right own this issue – it’s too important to leave it to the one side of the spectrum.

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Great US Left Site

Campaign for America’s Future.

This is the real Left, not the fake or bullshit Left and not the insipid Cultural Left. In fact, these real Lefties consider the Cultural Left to be at best a cop out, distraction and waste of time and at worst to be utterly ridiculous and the sign of a failed movement. Their view is:

Economic Left > Cultural Left Bullshit.

In other words, for these folks, it is pretty much all about economics. The deride the current US “Left” (which is really a fake Left and not a real Left at all) for surrendering to neoliberalism on economics and devoting all of their energy to ridiculous token victories like highlighting some individual lucky female who broke the corporate ceiling or whatever. Great, so some lucky female member of the 1% broke the glass ceiling and now gets to dine and golf with the country club boys. Sure, that’s nice and all, but how about the millions of American women (and men) who are really, wounded and dying from the blows of vicious neoliberalism.

I guess they aren’t important. Who’s important? I dunno, Carly Fiorina, I guess. It’s feels so much better to be exploited by a corporate female than a corporate male! You know, those corporate female CEO’s are so much more nurturing and all that. Get real.

I am not exactly sure if they are Leftist or liberal. They have nothing at all against US liberals, so I doubt if they are Leftists. Further, they advocating engaging Obama instead of saying, “There is no difference between Obama and a Republican,” as Leftists do.

Adolf Reed and Van Jones (the guy Obama wimped out and sacrificed) are two of my heroes, both great Black men of the Left. Both of them are definitely Leftists and not liberals. Thom Hartmann is basically a Leftist.

Robert Borosage seems to run the organization. I know the name but I am not sure if he is a liberal or a Leftist. Digby the blogger is apparently a liberal. I have heard of Richard Eskow, but I am not sure if he is a liberal or a Leftist.

The best way to describe the site I suppose would be to say that this is the Left wing of the Democratic Party, and a bit more to the Left than most of that wing. It is made up of real liberals who do not hate Leftists and pragmatic Leftists who do not hate liberals. So it looks like some of liberal-Left coalition of sane people who want to work within the system rather than dropping out, going 3rd party, or endlessly slamming Democrats.

I am not sure if US Leftists even matter anymore, as what the ones on this page are arguing for is hardly radical at all. It’s certainly not Communism or Marxism or anything like that.

Here is their About page:

We live in a remarkable political moment: precarious, yet potentially transforming. At the Campaign for America’s Future, our daily work is to bring about the progressive transformation.

After three decades of conservative dominance in American politics, we Americans are threatened with economic disintegration, environmental devastation and international isolation.

The list of failure is simply exhausting: a disastrous Iraq occupation, a destabilized Middle East and Asia, the persistent threat of terrorism, a menacing climate crisis, an insecure and dwindling energy supply, unprecedented trade deficits, unchecked global corporate power, our broken health care system, a weakened pension system and an increasingly inaccessible higher education system.

But out of the ashes of this era of conservative failure comes an historic opportunity for progressives to salvage the American Ideal and shape this young century.

That’s where we come in.

The Campaign for America’s Future is the strategy center for the progressive movement. Our goal is to forge the enduring progressive majority needed to realize the America of shared prosperity and equal opportunity that our country was meant to be.

To attain our ultimate goal, we spearhead a compelling progressive agenda that addresses the kitchen-table issues working families face. We regularly convene and educate progressive thinkers, organizers and community activists so our voices will be coordinated, cogent and potent. And we incubate national campaigns on the critical issues that will define America for generations to come.

Americans have had it with tired conservative politics that divide us, an economy that squeezes us, a foreign policy that weakens us and a government that serves few of us.

But while conservatism may be exhausted, progressives are just getting started. The Campaign for America’s Future is driving our progressive movement and offering the new vision, bright ideas and bold leadership Americans rightly demand.

We are showing the way toward accessible education, affordable health care and secure retirements for all. Toward a clean energy future and away from Middle East occupation. Toward the representative, responsive and responsible government needed for all of us to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

We cannot let the conservative failure that brought us to this precarious moment tip America into another Gilded Age and leave the world at the mercy of unaccountable multinationals, oil-drenched autocrats and merchants of terrorism.

It’s our job to turn this precarious moment into a prosperous progressive era. Together, we can.

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The Decline of the Liberal West


Good article.

Can you believe that almost all Republicans think that Obama is a socialist, Communist, Marxist, Maoist or Leftist? Is that asinine or what? This is why we on the Left say that not only are American conservatives idiotic fucktards; in addition to that, they are completely, utterly and totally insane.

I could handle them if they were just fucktards. I mean fucktards are everywhere. One of the main challenges in life is winnowing through the wheat to find the smart kernel people among all the fucktarded human chaff.

One of the reasons that US conservatism is frankly a psychotic movement is that they think that Clinton and Obama are socialists, Communists, Marxists, Maoists (in Obama’s case), leftists, or even liberals for that matter.

I mean, if you want to know if Clinton or Obama fall into any of the above categories, why not ask members of those movements how they feel about Clinton and Obama?

I know or have known plenty of socialists, Communists, Marxists, leftists and liberals. Don’t know any Maoists, but I read Maoist blogs on the web and I get a Maoist newsletter regularly.

I have not met or even heard of one single socialist, Communist, Marxist, Leftist or Maoist who thinks that Clinton or Obama is one of them. The overwhelming response from those movements is, “He is not one of us!” In other words, I have never heard of one single socialist who thought Clinton or Obama were a socialist. Ditto for all the other movements, just replace the word socialist with the words, Leftist, Marxist, Maoist, and Communist.

Now really, let’s think for a minute. If Obama or Clinton were really socialists, Communists, Marxists, Maoists or Leftists, don’t you think the people in those movements would admit it? Why would they cover it up? It makes no sense. And the opinion is unanimous. It is not like 1% of socialists, Communists, Marxists, Maoists or Leftists think Clinton/Obama are one of them, and 99% say they aren’t, it is 0% say he is one of us, and 100% say he sure ain’t one of us.

If Obama/Clinton were really a part of these movements, wouldn’t these people like them? One would think so. However, Clinton and now Obama are both heavily despised on the Left. The general idea is, “Clinton and Obama are just Republicans (especially Obama as he is even worse than Clinton)  and they are both somewhere between douchebags and Hellspawn.” Now if Clinton or Obama were really on the Left, why would 100% of the Left say they are nothing but Republicans?

See, the US Right makes no sense. We are dealing with insane people here. Crazed, lunatic, whacked out, psychotic nutcases who probably need to be committed and should not be out roaming the streets.

The possibly exists that a majority of Moronicans are actively psychotic and should not be allowed near heavy machinery of motor vehicles.

For instance, in response to the question, “Is Barack Obama a socialist?” fully 53% of utterly worthless deranged Moronican fucktards answered, “Yes.”

Is that stupid or what? Of course he’s not a socialist. The only sensible debate one can have about Obama is whether he is a Republican or not.

Whether or not Obama is a liberal is a more interesting question. Obama has had a very rocky relationship with the Left wing of the Democratic Party. Yes, the Democratic Party is split into Left, Center and Right wings, you idiotic Republican fucks, and really only the Left wing is truly liberal.

However, the Left wing of the party (the liberals) is pretty much the party’s base, just as hardline conservatives or the Right wing of the Republican Party is probably the Republican base (the Republican base is probably the Tea Party/Fox News/WND crowd).

Granted, there is also a Center of  the Republican Party (the RNC) who are increasingly at odds with the Tea Party bomb-throwers to their Right. These are the corporatists and 1% types who are more concerned about winning elections than being revolutionaries. I actually have a certain amount of respect for the RNC crowd as they seem to be at least somewhat sane. Also we on the Left are increasingly pushing the RNC to the Left, as in left away from the Tea Party.

Whether the Republican Party even has a Left wing anymore is a good question. That would be a Nixon Republican. I suppose there are a few left, but they have increasingly been driven out of the party as RINO’s. I do not really mind the Left wing of the Republican Party; it is a sane opposition I could live with.

There is indeed a Center and even a Rightwing of the Democratic Party, and both are very active. Obama is probably in the center of the party. There is a very strong movement to his Right, consisting of Mayor Bloomberg, the Third Way and other corporatist pinheads who say that Obama has gone too far to the Left, and the solution is for him to be even more of a Republican than he already is.

I hang out on liberal/Left websites a lot, in particular, the big websites of the Left wing of the Democratic Party like Democratic Underground and Daily Kos. Despite what Republican loons say, those sites are not Leftist or socialist or anything like that. They are just ordinary everyday liberals.

The Left wing or base of the Democratic Party has a very tough relationship with Obama. They spend about half their time hating him and the other half the time cheering him on. And they put an incredible amount of pressure on him. Given enough pressure, Obama sometimes caves and gives in to the base and acts like a real liberal. But that is only because he is forced to.

Within the Administration are the Left, Center and Right wings of the Democratic Party. As Obama is an empty suit with no real ideology, all of these wings are always trying to pull him this way and that. Sometimes the Left wing wins and sometimes the Right wing wins. It all depends on how much pressure they put on him and which advisers he happens to be listening to. Obama doesn’t even make many decisions himself as he is a follower and not a leader. He gets influenced by whichever aide is pulling on his ear at this moment.

Getting more towards the Hard Left of the Democratic Party, a very large number of them have simply decided that Obama is nothing but a Republican, and they say they won’t vote for him anymore. A lot of them are talking about abandoning the Party and voting Third Party such as Green Party. On Left websites, the attitude towards the Obama Democrats is:

  1. Don’t vote!
  2. Vote Third Party!
  3. Obama is a Republican!

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US Democrats and Republicans Agree: Empire Is the Way to Go

But then almost all Americans are rightwing on foreign policy. Democratic administrations are about as rightwing on foreign policy as Republican administrations. It’s all pro-Zionist, pro-multinational corporations, pro-neoliberalism, pro-”free trade”, pro-corporate, and pro-Empire. Both parties do not waver much from any of these solid principles.

The Democrats do tend to be more progressive than the Republicans on domestic policy (though lately their version of “liberalism” is so rightwing that it is almost pitiful. Nevertheless, even as the Democrats endlessly chase the Republicans to the Right on domestic policy, the Democrats always represent a much superior choice from a progressive POV than the Republicans, who are truly terrifying.

I figure that on foreign policy, the average American is probably completely brainwashed and utterly reactionary. I am always shocked at how even rightwing even solid “Democratic Party liberals” are on US foreign policy. Going against US foreign policy is still seen as treason, even by US liberals. I can’t count how many US liberals who said, “America, love it or leave it” when I attacked US foreign policy.

Republicans and Democrats usually only differ on the stuff that’s close to home. On foreign affairs, the US power elite has us all pretty well hopelessly brainwashed.

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