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Rejoinders to the Gays Recruit Theory

Das Racist: I find it hard to impossible for a gay man to convert a genuinely straight man. If a gay man is successful at doing this, then, in my opinion, that straight man was never strictly heterosexual.

Now, on to something a bit more controversial. Are people born gay? I’d like to hear your thoughts on this Mr. Lindsay and If I disagree with you, then let the debates begin.

Cisco: I agree with The Racist. No truly straight man could ever turn gay, nor would any straight man put up with the advances/attempted brainwashing for any significant length of time.

Does being gay make your voice higher pitched or are some gays born that way?

These arguments are often made by the lying gays, and they make no sense. Why is that? Because biologically, there is no such thing as a straight man. We know that there have been cultures in the past such as Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece where close to 100% of the males practiced homosexuality (really bisexuality). You see similar stuff in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Males are very flexible when it comes to sex, and they are very experimental.

I agree that you can’t turn a straight man gay, but obviously you can brainwash straight men into engaging in homosexual sex.

In addition, a very large number of males (~37% in the studies that I have seen) have some non-trivial attraction to males. The vast majority of these are heterosexuals, as predominately gay attracted men make up only ~7% of the male population. So up to 37% of men have enough attraction to guys to be convertible. Most of them at the moment are not engaging in homosexuality. But if our culture became like Afghanistan or Pakistan’s, which is precisely what the Gay Lobby longs for, you could see very large numbers of American males engaging in a fair amount at least of homosexuality. Is that really the society you wish to live in?


1. Are people born gay? It is obvious to me that at least male homosexuality is pretty much a developmental disorder. Whether that means they are born that way or not, I am not sure. It is also possible that boys who get molested as children may be turned gay by this experience. However, male sexual orientation is set in stone by age 15 and cannot be changed.

2. Why do some gay men have high pitched voices. More effeminate men have more markers of a developmental process gone wrong, so they appear to be more abnormal biologically, so those high pitched voices and whatnot may not be something they are just choosing to do.

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Do Gays Recruit and Convert?

Gays recruit? Yep.

Gays recruit? Yep.

It has always been obvious that at least some gays recruit straits or underage people. Prior to the ridiculous ruling in the 1970′s when it was declared that there was nothing wrong with homosexuality, homosexuality was said to be a mental disorder. There is a tremendous amount of psychological literature out there detailing homosexuality. This literature often describes it very well. I have been over a lot of this as I work in mental health and it is very interesting. One thing you see over and over is that homosexuals, mostly gay men, have a strange, passionate, almost compulsive, proselytizing tendency. That is, they passionately try to recruit non-gays into homosexuality. Obviously some of these attempts are successful.

However, since writing about this, a number of gay men with excellent moral values have commented on my site telling me that neither they or any of their many gay friends never try to pick up straight men. Straight men are strictly off-limits. I would like to think these moral gays for upholding strong moral values. Morals, after all, are still important even in this modern degenerate era.

So the answer to the question, “Do gays recruit?” is Yes, they sure do all right, some of them anyway. However, quite a number of them do not recruit straights and think that is awful and sleazy. So, some do, some don’t. Don’t generalize.

What percentage of gay men recruit and what percentage do not? No one knows. Further research into this very interesting question would be nice to see. In the meantime, the anti-gay charge that “gays recruit” implying this is a universal or near-universal phenomenon involving all gay men (basically they are saying that all gay men recruit) must surely be condemned as a homophobic lie. On the other hand, the Gay Lobby lie that gay men never recruit straight men or boys must also be rejected as an obvious lie coming out of the propagandistic lie factory called the Gay Lobby.

As usual in life, things are complicated. Black and white thinking is for morons (note black and white thinking is typical of conservatives so obviously it must be lame) and “everything is a grey area” thinking is to be lauded as the proper approach (note that grey area thinking is typical of progressive people so one would think it is rational.

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New Bugchasing Movie

I have written about the bugchasing phenomenon in the gay male community before on this site. Now there is new (fictional) movie coming out about bugchasing called Chaser. The director is Sal Bardo and the lead actor is Max Rhyser.

Looking first at the director, who is being interviewed by a woman, it is was not obvious to me whether he was gay or not. Maybe he was, maybe he wasn’t. I Googled him a bit and it turns out that almost all of the movies that he makes have gay subjects. What straight man would make nothing but gay movies? It’s not remotely possible. I found nowhere where he flat out admitted to being gay, though he says as much towards the end of the interview, referring to the gay community as “our community.”

What I found fascinating was how straight acting or normal acting the director was. I suppose some might find his behavior vaguely effeminate, but the percentage of modern straight men who act almost exactly like this director on the masculinity-femininity scale is extremely large, especially in the younger generations of men. So it’s obvious to me that not all gay men are obviously effeminate. Many of them act more or less the same as a huge percentage of us straight men are acting.

Either gay men are acting straight or straight men are acting gay or both types of men are converging on some sort of a metrosexual androgyny that is mystifying in its opacity. You really can’t tell if many men are gay or straight anymore unless you ask.

I actually like that a lot of gay men are acting just like us because I am not real fond of sissies, straight or gay. Interestingly, a lot of gay men, when asked, will say, “Oh I only like straight acting men or even straight men. I hate sissies.” So you see that effeminate gay men are not even very well liked amongst gays. Hardly anyone other than fag hags likes them. Another interesting thing about gay men is that the more effeminate they are, the more pathology they display (see previous posts for pathologies among gay men). It is as if whatever is causing the effeminate behavior is indicative of something that went wrong somehow, and when something goes wrong, there is often more than one result.

The main actor is obviously effeminate and he must be gay.  However, it seems like he is a very good actor as he did some method acting to get into this role, and I respect all method actors because that must be so hard to do.

Watching both of these men here, I felt that we straight men need to get over gay men. It was clear to me that other than liking to screw guys, these two fellows are not only fellow human beings and therefore share many things with the rest of us, but also curiously enough, they are fellow men, and we straight men may well be able to relate better to them as men than we think we do. I would imagine that we have more in common with these guys than we think we do.

Curiously, I made a few friends on the Net and I got to know these guys very well. Both were excellent writers. After I had known them for some while, it came out that they were gay. It wasn’t obvious at all before. They are still as good of guys before they told me that than they were before. Both of them keep their homosexuality very private and hardly ever discuss it with me. I actually like private gay men like this much better than the loudmouths that go around advertising their homosexuality all the time. Straight men can relate a lot better to privately gay men than we can to the screamers who seem to be all about their homosexuality and not about very much else.

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1970′s Androgyny Explained

Homer Simpson writes:

As someone who was a metalhead back in the late 80s-early 90s, I’ve always wondered what was the whole point in glam metal, in which glam band members went out of their way in wearing flashy multi-color spandex, teased hair, women’s make-up, frilly clothes, but @ the same time often had misogynistic/sexist attitudes about women & even could be somewhat homophobic as well. (Then again, most people were homophobes back then, even sometimes the homosexuals themselves,) & to what audience they were playing too?

It seems like the majority of female metalheads back in my day were into glam metal, even if those bands lyrics were always seemingly addressed to adolescent male hormonal urges. Now with ‘classic’ metal bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest or AC/DC, they were a lot more logical in regards what heavy metal was supposed to be,& much more blatant in regards to whom they were playing & singing about to what audience (white,alienated males).

Then came ‘glam metal’,especially the bands that came out after the likes of Motley Crue, Dokken, Twisted Sister (aka Poison, Bon Jovi, White Lion) , all of a sudden, I was all bewildered from it. Maybe that’s partly why I listened to bands such as Megadeth, Metallica, in which I’ve always understood where they were coming from, & also I could relate to far more than the likes, also I enjoyed their music a lot more too.

As you can see, a lot of the female metalheads were glammers. So that would be a great reason to get into glam oneself – the Hell with the music, just get into it for the women!

Well I can relate to glam metal. I am an androgyne myself, 1970′s style. See back than anyone could be an androgyne and most of the androgynes were not the slightest bit homosexual. It was just normal to be an androgyne, and chicks went nuts over androgynous guys. Then the gays came along and ruined 1970′s androgyny. Nowadays androgyny means homosexual and nothing else. Thanks a lot gays!

Back then it was just about being a full human being and also doing sort of what we used to call a “gender fuck.” I am pretty homophobic myself do not much like homosexuals, and I really do not want them around me. If you call me a fag, I might hit you. I am pretty untamed and incorrigible about females. Even my Mom considers me to be a hopeless case; she just shakes her head and laughs. On the other hand, I wear my girlfriends’ clothes in the house and out of it (a lot of women’s clothes fit guys just fine), help them with their makeup and let them put makeup on me.

Personally, I would love to wear spandex, tease out my hair real wild if I had enough of it to do that, wear makeup, wear frilly clothes and all of that, but at the same time, I am basically a typical macho pig I suppose at the end of the day. Most 70′s rocker androgynes were like that – they were actually really macho guys. The New York Dolls were practically street gang members.

Women love androgynes. David Bowie got more pussy than your average army. Iggy Pop lived with him in Berlin for a while and he said he had never seen any man get as many women as David Bowie did. “From heiresses to stewardesses, he got them all,” Iggy said. When I wear my girlfriends’ clothes out in public, I know it sounds vain, but a lot of women drool over me. That would be especially young women aged maybe 25-30 or so. Those are the ones who really like that sort of thing. And I am 56 years old!

As an aside, most of the most notorious and insane, out of control womanizers that I knew were basically androgynes. They were about half female themselves, and that  helps you to relate to females. Most of those guys related to and understood females pretty well. Most of their friends were females, even females they were not dating. They just preferred to be around females.

They could hang out with guys just fine too though and when you have females around you all the time, trust me, a lot of guys will suddenly become your friends one way or another anyway. Bottom line is if you have a lot of females around you, you suddenly get all sorts of new male friends. I guess they are hoping for some of the by-catch or overflow.

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The Benefits of Bad Behavior

A while back, a woman came up to me with a snarky smile on her face and said, “Look at you! You think you are soooo hot! When I see you, you look so arrogant that I just want to walk right up to you and slap your face! Then I realize, ‘Hey, I like that in a man.’”

After a while, she asks me for my phone number.

Being an asshole has an upside.

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Modern Pornography

I like porn like any healthy normal male past a certain age. It’s always been sort of nasty and evil, but it’s never quite been so popular. The misogyny is often blatant and the women are going with that enthusiastically (women are inferior and we love that). Misogyny is disturbing, leads to many problems and even serious crimes, and is basically a lousy way to walk in the universe, as it’s illogical and no fun.

I’ve checked out some recent porn on Tumblr and this stuff is really getting down and dirty and just all out nasty.

A lot of this porn is insanely misogynistic and really goes beyond ok.

These guys out and out treat women like total shit, say that men are superior and women are inferior, hate feminism, abuse the living Hell out of them, and it gets worse than than that. Granted this is a sad sexual current in humans, but still. 40 years of feminism and we get Pissmops and Meatholes. Yeah, equality baby.

If you click around the links, it gets even more disturbing as it goes off into B/D, S/M, D/S, which are not healthy. Your typical rapist and serial killer, you know what kind of porn he likes? This stuff.

If you get into the S/M sex scene, women will meet quite a few men who are just dangerous. Many of the men in the scene are more or less psychopaths and they can be terrifying to deal with. People in the scene commit homicide, rape, kidnapping and other charming offenses pretty regularly such that B/D, S/M porn and participation in that scene is a risk factor for this sort of violent crime in my opinion.

If you are a sexual sadist, that means you like to hurt people. What does that say about what kind of human being you are? You want to hang around people who like to hurt people? Go to prison. There are plenty there. Many sexual sadists don’t just like to hurt in bed, but they also are sadists outside of bed too. If you like to hurt people, you like to hurt people, not just in bed. Sexual sadism and misogyny go together like bees and honey. We have had thousands of years of this wonderful misogyny. Isn’t that enough?

I went to one link where a woman was talking about women were inferior and should only be slaves and how men should rule women. She ought to head over to an MRA site. There was a lot of profoundly disturbing content and one photo had to be removed because it was an actual crime scene photo of two teenage girls, who were abducted, raped, tortured and then killed horribly. The female blogger removed it and said, “That’s horrible,” but to tell the truth, she was promoting the mindset of the guys who did that crime. Makes no sense to me.

I had a girlfriend once who demanded I inflict all this pain on her. I take requests of course so I complied but it wasn’t very pleasurable. Mostly it was just stupid as I don’t enjoy feeling like a maniac.

Race play – calling your Black girlfriend a nigger while you smash her in bed.

Choking – the latest insane fad where would-be serial killers try out their strangulation skills with willing females, who all need to get their heads examined. No one puts their hands around my neck. Are you kidding.

This is rape sex, serial killer sex. If you like to strangle women, you will love choking. There are reports that women are having TIA’s which are like mini-strokes from this choking insanity. If I put my hands around any woman’s neck, I hope she tries to kill me as I will deserve it.

Spitting in women’s faces? That’s “play”? “Harmless fun? I dunno. I don’t know any women who want me to spit in their faces, and I don’t think I want to spit in anyone’s face. And I know a lot of women who want to do a lot of fun things with me.

Tying people up is crazy. I offered to do that to a girlfriend once for kicks, but she acted terrified. “You need a lot of trust for that,” she said. I thought about it. Ok, she’s tied up on the bed, now what? What it is is I can kill her no problem. I practically can anyway, but now she’s really vulnerable as the poor thing can’t even fight back.

Face fucking women until they vomit on your cock or on the ground. No women has puked on my dick yet, and plenty have had opportunities. One woman almost puked in my bed, but that was the eight beers. She got rushed to the bathroom real quick.

A woman just puked all over my dick. I love the smell of vomit. It makes me want to puke. Vomit turns me on so much, not. A woman is puking on my floor, and I made her do that. Well, that was thoughtful of me. Boy that vomit sure is getting me off. Next time could you vomit on me baby?

Name calling is ok but at some point, it’s just out of hand. You want to tell your girlfriend she is a piece of shit, even if she agrees? Not sure I want to do that. People get treated like shit enough in life as it is, why add to the mess? If you treat people like shit in bed, generally you can’t confine yourself, and you treat people like shit outside the bed too. Screw treating people like shit. There’s too much of that in the world anyway.

Slapping a woman’s face really hard and knocking her to the ground? Wow. Next time just punch her, and don’t be a pussy. Slapping is for girls. Better yet, why mess around? If you going to knock them around like that, why don’t you just go ahead and kill them as that’s what you want to do anyway, and it’s all leading up to that. We dick around with this sissy stuff.

Gor. There is porn where the women miserable and depressed all the time and live lives of despair. Men rule the world, they are all assholes and psychos, and spend most of  their lives engaged in domestic abuse, which is called “play.” In some of this porn, the men even kill the women. That’s an uplifting sentiment. The whole thing is depressing and hard to take. The whole “Gor” scene is all about this sort of porn. Gor followers and practitioners regularly get arrested for kidnapping and rape of women. It’s a matter of time before homicide is next.

I have seen porn where psychos in hoods are holding knives to terrified women’s throats. Sure, if you’re Ted Bundy, this is where it’s at, but what about the rest of us? And what sort of a man likes that sort of porn anyway? Guess what? It’s not normal! I have seen porn where women are tied up on racks and covered with blood with hooded male executioners all around them with huge knives. Apparently this is supposed to give me an erection or something. I saw a gif that said, “I want a boyfriend who is a homicidal maniac” while a terrified woman was held captive by a maniac with a gun.

A lot of this stuff is traumatizing to downright disturbing. Trigger warnings are everywhere. I actually feel traumatized after looking at this stuff, and I even get PTSD like symptoms.

Pornography doesn’t cause rape but violent porn does.

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Margaret Atwood Again

Here we go again with why the sexes are afraid of each other. And you know that fear and hate go hand in hand, so…..misogyny, misandry, crowds of women in Sweden chanting, “Kill de min! Kill de min!” That means, “Kill the men! Kill the men!” for you non-Swedes. What else? Feminism, domestic abuse, wife beaters, wife beater funny jokes and hilarious jackets, the Republican Party, sexual psychopaths, serial killers, serial rapists, Ted Bundy and Max Hardcore’s charming pornographic movies.

Everyone hates everyone. We all hate each other. Welcome to Planet Earth, homeboy! You really do not need to know where I got this, and honestly, it’s not important at all anyway.

Woman’s worst nightmare? That’s pretty easy. Novelist Margaret Atwood writes that when she asked a male friend why men feel threatened by women, he answered, “They are afraid women will laugh at them.” When she asked a group of women why they feel threatened by men, they said, “We’re afraid of being killed.”

That sums it up

This reminds me of a discussion we had in school, and one girl was talking about living in fear of her safety because she is a girl, and this guy chimed in and was all “It’s hard for guys too! I’m so awkward around girls! It’s embarrassing!” Yeah, not the same thing, exactly?


This reminds me of an article about online (heterosexual) dating that I read a while ago. It listed men’s and women’s worst fears about meeting someone from online. The highest ranked fear that men had was that their date would be fat, whereas the highest ranked fear that women had was that their date would turn out to be violent and kill them.

I think that says a lot.

Its interesting also that these fears sit subconsciously until woman are asked to exams their responses to men. We women will operate with this fear in mind, the way we protect ourselves, make sure our friends know where we are when we go on a date, words that we use while interacting with men, all in hopes they will not kill us, but simultaneously love us.

I think bell hooks made a point about this in her series on love. something along the lines of how can women hope to love and receive love from men when at the foundation of our relationships there is this strong fear of men. you can’t build true trust when your foundation is crumbling under you.

the scariest part is, once you recognize this fear, and face it, how do you address it when there is evidence of “good” men abusing, hurting, and killing women everyday?

I was in my early 20’s when one of my homegirls broke this down for me.

I was in a broken relationship, and one of the things was that bugged me at the time was that the girlfriend at the time would freak out whenever I got angry – I never yelled, never throw or hit things, mostly, I just needed some time to cool out.

“Why does she get scared when I’m angry? I’d never hit her!”

“But she doesn’t KNOW that. She can’t assume that. Look at how many dudes are out there pulling shit.”

And that stuck with me for a hot minute. The relationship was broken on so many levels anyway, but that fact still remains, as a man, I can’t fault women for assuming the worst in order to protect themselves, especially how the world’s patriarchy and misogyny rolls.

My brain knows that my husband won’t hit me. Really, the logical part of me totally gets that. But when we’re arguing he has to stay on the other side of the room & not yell too loud because my fight or flight instincts have 25+ years of being hard wired that loud = violent & our 11 year relationship isn’t long enough to undo that.

I’ve had continual discussions with Tchy about this, and I don’t expect to stop. It’s fair to say that there’s no one in the world that I trust more, and he has been extremely careful with me, but… the fact remains that he leans quite a bit towards the masculine, and this means that that fear is always there. The news of transmasculine folks abusing/raping people doesn’t help that fear any. :(

I’m learning not to apologize for it. It’s not my fault (nor, really, is it his) that I’m scared of dude-type people. But it’s always there. Which is another reason why I get so pissed off when trans men try to make transmisogyny about them.

men, read all of this please. including the commentary. esp if you consider yourself a Nice Guy.

This is an incredible thread of responses. I’ve seen this quote before, but not the dialogue that built up around it. The part about loud=violent hits home particularly hard for me. I am terrified of getting into irl arguments with men, especially when they get loud. It’s always going to sit in the pit of my stomach.

That part resonates for me too, although from a completely different angle. Despite being more terrified of sexual violence than I am of anything other than my own brain, I do not hesitate to yell, confront, get up in the face of, threaten, even hit men twice my size and many times my strength. Faced with a threat of violence from men, I will either imply or state “I dare you to.”

I also, as previously established on this blog, have a death wish.

To me, that encapsulates everything about the violence, especially sexual violence, coded into relationships between men and women in our society: for a woman to assert herself in the face of maleness may require the woman in question (such as me) to be perpetually suicidal.

Reblogging for commentary. I have been frightened and scared by men being loud with me, even if I don’t think they’ll be violent. Like people have said above, it’s just a latent response in your brain to fear violence from men.

I went out to dinner with someone a couple of weeks ago (LONG story, was supposed to be a group dinner but it ended up just being me & a strange man) and I told him I blogged about feminism and politics, and he went off on me. He told me feelings were bullshit and women just wanted special privileges, and then he said, “Women don’t give men enough credit for not being violent psychopaths. That’s what we are, deep down. We want to rape and pillage, and we don’t, and women don’t give us enough credit for that.” I burst into tears. That shit was terrifying.

I’ll always reblog this when it comes across my blog with different commentary! It’s all important!

I referenced this quote in a discussion I was having with a teacher a few weeks ago. He shifted uncomfortably and didn’t say anything for a few minutes, then told me “I couldn’t write like that in an essay.”

The truth hurts, huh.

14K and I are twins because I will not hesitate to answer a physical threat from a man. It’s a built-in response from years of watching my mother get hurt that I WOULD NOT go down so gently.

And even with non-physical responses. I don’t let anyone in, I don’t lean on anyone, I don’t trust anyone because dammit I will not let myself go through what she did. And I’m definitely a “I’ll hurt you before you hurt me” kinda person.

Therapy’s making it better, but these ingrained fight or flight defensive mechanism aren’t uncommon.

I too am reblogging this for the amazing commentary.

When supposed feminist ally men deny this very basic, simple truth – that’s how you know they are an ally to no one.

This all gets taught to women at a very young age, how dangerous the world is when you’re in it being a woman. I’ve been struggling to write about something that happened with my daughter a few weeks ago, how to form the words, but this is possibly the best context.

We were in the wine shop, in line to pay, and she was so excited to get her lollipop (in the time honored tradition of wine stores everywhere). A man two people ahead of us started fighting with the woman behind the counter about how much money he’d given her. As I was moving her behind my body, my daughter froze, and when I say froze, I mean wasn’t moving a muscle except to shake.

It sorted itself out pretty quickly. We paid and left.

Once we got back into the car, she started crying. I asked her what was the matter, and she said, “Mama, I was so scared. When men get angry they shoot people.”

That’s a direct quote. When men get angry, they shoot people.

I asked her, “baby, why do you think that?” She replied, “on NPR, that’s what happens. When men get really mad they kill people. That guy was really mad, what if he had a gun? What would you do?”

The talk we had afterwards was difficult; no one said parenting was easy. But this is the life we live as women. If my 9 year old understands it, then men of the world, alleged feminist allies, Nice Guys, random douches on the street, and even actual non-dangerous men: so can you.

I cant take men posturing me. Or getting loud with me. Fight or flight kicks in. And, like karny, ima be as far away as possible while talking if im feelin some kinna way. I have every reason to respond that way. We all do. Its the norm for us to incur the wrath of men.

Reblogging for the truth in this thread. There are two men in my life who I know will never hit me. One is my dad, the other is a guy I’ve come to consider my brother. Everyone else, if you do anything that implies any sort of threat to my person, fight or flight will kick in because that’s what I’ve been taught. And, if I feel like I can take you in a fight, I will not stop until you’re immobile on the ground because then you can’t come after me when I run away.

Sorry, dudebros, but that’s how it is. I’ve seen some fucked-up shit happen to my female friends at the hands of Nice Guys(tm) and I refuse to let that happen to me.

As a man, I think the best thing I can do here is repost this for all of my followers to see and learn from.

You know, this makes me think that this is partly the reason why I always tense up and/or dissociate when my dad talks to me. Because I’ve absorbed this message too. Well, besides that my dad is emotionally abusive. Even once when I annoyed my boyfriend-who would never hurt me in any way-I freaked out when he said he was annoyed at me and it took me awhile to figure why I was so unsettled before I could talk to him about it. Ugh, I hate the world.

every time i see this post, i see so much more commentary that resonates with me. all these thoughts and feelings from so many people is really… well, it’s validating, because for so long i thought i was crazy for being afraid.

i had to have a hard conversation with someone i’m (sorta) dating recently, and i was scared to death. i was literally afraid for my safety and for my life. same thing as karn — stood on the other side of the room, though that wasn’t far, and up next to the door jamb with my hand on the knob, because even though i didn’t want to believe anything bad would happen… well, you know.

loud men scare me, angry men scare me, physically intimidating-looking men scare me shitless — all of these things make me feel like there is an imminent threat that i have to escape from, and that is so messed up, so very fucked up, and knowing i’m not the only one makes me feel—

it makes me feel human.

(and you know, i can’t help thinking about all the MRA’s and dudebros reading this and missing the entire fucking point of how frightening this shit is for us, and how fucked up is it that that is all i can think about when responding to thoughts like these, and when voicing my own fear of hostility, perceived or otherwise, because deep in my neural net, it’s all the same fucking thing. most of y’all scare the shit out of me, and i feel like so many of the people reading this aren’t even going to give a second thought as to why that might be, and that shit is scary too.)

Wow so basically you all have men in your life that you know will never hit you but you get scared of them anyways. Meanwhile, being an actual man, I’m more likely to get into a fight with these stereotypical macho manly guys that like to go on a rampage. You have a choice, to live in fear for the rest of your life, or not.

What you are not getting is that a man could kill me with his bare hands if he wants too. If a man just decides “I want to kill her” he most likely can. Which makes me feel like I am in danger around any angry man. Hell, a man could kill me on accident. That is a lot of power. To just ignore that would be stupid.

A man can kill another man with his bare hands too, he can kill another man on accident. Many men have killed other men. If anyone should be worried about getting killed by a man it should be men.

I think you’re missing the point entirely, dude.

Reblogging this because it needs to be shared, as I think other men like me need to understand this.

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Why Men and Women Fear Each Other


Woman’s worst nightmare? That’s pretty easy. Novelist Margaret Atwood writes that when she asked a male friend why men feel threatened by women, he answered, “They are afraid women will laugh at them.” When she asked a group of women why they feel threatened by men, they said, “We’re afraid of being killed.”

Unfortunately, this is probably true, though I am no longer so much afraid of women laughing at me. They don’t do it much anyway, but if they did, I would not appreciate it. I would much rather have a woman furious at me, cursing me out, bitching at me, even threatening to hit me or even hitting or trying to hit me in that wimpy way they have than have her laughing at me. Of course I don’t much like men laughing at me either. I don’t like anyone laughing at me. I would much rather men hate me, ignore me or think I am weird than have them laugh at me.

When you go into the World of Women for awhile you realize that they really are terrified of us, and well they ought to be. A woman is no match for a man, and men, most if not all men, have a pretty serious violence potential, even if only in their violently feverish minds. It’s been quite some time since I committed a serious violent act. Another man hit me, so I had to hit him back and a fistfight ensued. Clothes were ripped and my glasses were knocked off. May well have been over ten years ago.

In the World of Men that I live in, I actually do fear most men if not males. I accept that most males have the right to get angry at me or even hit me if I an cruel or disrespectful to them. I also acknowledge that many men may well kill me or seriously damage me if I am too hostile to them. So basically negotiating in the world of Men is all about kissing everyone’s ass, being wimpy or at least avoiding other guys, and trying to suck up to and be as friendly to other guys as possible. Because if I act hostile to another man, his violence potential may well come out, and I have been on the receiving end of lethal male violence a few times in my life. Really now, it is not a place you want to be in, a truly life or death situation.

Now if I am this terrified of other men, my God, how much women feel about us. It must be orders of magnitude worse. And even though I have not committed a serious violent act in maybe a decade, the potential, the brewing and steaming potentially homicidal or assaultive possibilities, have sadly been there nearly every day of that decade.

So I can see why women fear us. I can see why they fear me. They should fear men and they should fear me. Even if the volcano has not erupted in a very long time, it’s usually steaming and sending off ash showers on a regular basis.

We kill women. We try to kill them. We beat them badly. I have already known several women who have had men try to kill them. They are all around 50 years old. I figure if you are 50 and a female, you may well have had a man try to kill you so by now. A few of these women are lucky to be alive.

Beware the volcano!

And sympathy if not empathy at the fragile sex that trembles before it, unknowing, gazing into the steaming cone, trying to read a signal that can scarcely be read amid the noise.

Put yourself in a woman’s shoes for once. They are right to fear us. Become the woman yourself in your mind and teeter in your heels before the glowering, steaming Vesuvius of Man.


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Why All Normal Men Are “Pedophiles”

We are currently in the midst of a moral panic or mass hysteria about “pedophiles” and “pedophilia.” The definition of a pedophile is a man who is exclusively or preferentially attracted to minors age 12-under. The ages vary – some put the age at 11 or less and others all the way up to 13. If you don’t fit that definition, you are not a pedophile. The definition of pedophilia is the condition whereby a person’s sexual orientation is that they are exclusively or preferentially attracted to minors age 12-under. If one doesn’t fit that definition, one is not a pedophile. If one’s condition doesn’t match the definition above, then one does have pedophilia.

One thing is for certain, attraction to or sex with minors aged 14-17 is never pedophilia under any definition of the word.

There are actually several conditions, which are really sexual orientations:

Pedophilia: Exclusive or primary attraction to minors age 12-under. Can be either homosexual or heterosexual. Exclusive and nonexclusive forms exist, but the exclusive form seems more common.

Hebephilia: A controversial diagnosis whereby one has an exclusive or primary attraction to pubertal individuals around age 12-14 (note the age overlap at age 12 with pedophilia above.) Can be either homosexual or heterosexual. The truth is that many pedophiles are actually hebephiles. Michael Jackson was actually a homosexual hebephile. I think he had an attraction to boys aged 12-14. There was a recent proposal to include hebephilia in the DSM book of mental disorders used by clinicians, but it was voted down by the committee on the basis that:

  1. It is not a mental disorder for adults to be attracted to minors aged 12-14.
  2. It is not even abnormal for adults to be attracted to minors aged 12-14.

There was also a worry that the state would use this diagnosis to lock up sexual offenders forever, even after they finished their sentences, with a fake diagnosis of hebephilia.

However, some do think that this is an actual disorder, and the debate goes on. Actually, I think it probably is a valid condition in that there does seem to be a subset of men who are in fact hebephiles (they score in between pedophiles and normals in the lab), but many men who are arrested for sex with 12-14 year olds are probably not even hebephiles. They are just men with a normal orientation who are committing what boils down to the crime of statutory rape.

Nowadays hebephilic behavior is referred to as pedophilia, but it isn’t. And as far the attraction goes, it isn’t even abnormal.

I probably should not talk about this, but I have known a few men who were hebephiles.

One of them was a single man who got a good job making a lot of money. Then he roamed the world presumably looking for opportunities to have sex with teenage girls, including ones 12-14. He was also attracted to older females and he had sex with adult females in these places too. Apparently in a lot of Third World countries it is fairly easy to have sex with girls this young with little risk of arrest. He told me that in his travels he had met quite a few other men who were also in the Third World looking for not only women, but also for teenage girls.

He told me, “You know, you have no idea how many guys will pay good money to have sex with a Lolita, a girl aged 12-14.”

I don’t know what to think about that, but I assume he is telling the truth. I do not believe he has ever been arrested, and I do not consider him to be pedophile.

I know more, but I really shouldn’t write about it right now. Let’s just say that this man isn’t the only hebephile that I have known!

I always thought it was a odd to be all wrapped up in little Lolitas and to prefer a little Lolita to a real grown woman, but it takes all types to fill the freeways. I suppose I just don’t get it.

Ephebephilia: This is the latest in the Orientation Wars. Ephebephilia involves exclusive or preferential attraction to teenagers aged 15-19. This obviously isn’t a disorder, and of course it’s not even abnormal. Indeed, studies of gay men have showed that the age group that they respond to most are males aged 16-20. For straight men, maximal attraction was for females age 20-25. So in effect, most homosexual men are de facto ephebephiles.

I knew a man who may have been an ephebephile. He was an investment banker in Switzerland aged 35, with a wife and young children. He periodically took off for Thailand where he indulged in his taste for teenage girls. I think he liked Thai girls around age 15 or so. He also liked  to film his exploits and put photos of his dirty deeds up on the Internet. I didn’t know what to think of the guy, but he wasn’t a pedophile. He was never arrested.

I don’t really understand why a grown man would preferentially want teenage girls to the exclusion of grown women. Why? What will you do when she gets older? I’m not sure if I get it.

Unbelievably, ephebephilia, which is 100% normal in all males in terms of attraction, is now insanely conflated with pedophilia. So if you get a woody by looking at a 15-17 year old hottie, you’re a short eyes who belongs in the Pen. Logically this makes no sense whatsoever, but that is the nature of moral panics.

Teleophilia: I believe that teleophilia means an attraction to mature persons, aged 16 and up. Probably the vast majority of males are really teleophiles, and repeated lab studies have proved this endlessly. I suppose I am a teleophile.

We have studied male heterosexual attraction by age in the lab for quite some time now, and we keep getting the same results. They look something like this:

Attraction to females

16+            Maximal
15             90% of max
14             80% of max
13             70% of max
12             60% of max
11             50% of max
10             40% of max
9              30% of max
8              20% of max
7              10% of max

A number of other studies have also been done along these lines, but those look even worse from the Pedophile Moral Panic point of view.

The two that I am aware lumped all females into a category called 12 and up, and found that all males reacted maximally in the lab to this category of females. Unfortunately, they did not break it down by age, but you get the impression. They also had some very shocking findings about females aged 2-12, but I won’t even go into those now, and they look terrible from the Moral Panic POV.

The research shows that all normal males have a significant sexual attraction towards females aged 13-17. For the younger teens, it is not as strong, but it is still high. So if being attracted to girls aged 13-17 is pedophilia as the dominant lunatic notion in society says, then there are only two types of men who are not pedophiles:

  1. Gay men
  2. Dead men

How do most normal males deal with this attraction? Most men past a certain age probably regard teenage girls as “dangerous.” This is where the expression jailbait comes from. They bait you, and if you take the bait, you go to jail. Our society is in the midst of a moral panic about men having sex with teenage girls, so past a certain age, only insane men will mess with them. I have no problem with men aged 18-21 being with teenage girls, but the law is starting to hammer some of these young men too, so you might want to watch it.

Of course, normal and natural urges can be suppressed. If all normal males are attracted to teenage girls but society does not approve of that, the natural reaction would be to suppress that urge. I suppose most men out in public try not to look excessively at girls who look too young. Most of us probably try to look the other way! Most men definitely try to avoid talking to them, since nowadays, any man over age 18 is apparently not allowed to talk to any underage teenage girl.

I have discussed the studies above a few times with folks, and they sometimes get very upset. Females, particularly older ones, often react violently, screaming and yelling and trying to shut down the conversation. Many times I have been told that they simply did not believe the studies.

“Who did they study? Pedophiles? Well if they only studied pedophiles, of course that’s what they came up with!…Where did you read that study? The American Journal of Pedophilia?” and on and on. You get the picture.

This is interesting because normal liberal folks simply refuse to accept actual scientific facts because they conflict with the Moral Panic that they have set up in their head.

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Gay Lobby Lie: Gays Can’t Recruit Someone Who Isn’t Already Gay

A crazy homosexual writes:

…(If someone is truly straight, you can’t just talk them into taking part in gay sex!)…

Then we have the nonsense that you can’t convert or recruit someone who isn’t already gay in the first place.

But we have societies like Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome where male homosexuality (really bisexuality) was so common that close to 100% of males participated in it for many years.

According to the insane PC line, the 95% of men in Antiquity who engaged in homosexuality would not have done it unless they were already gay to start with. So in Antiquity, we had bizarre societies in which nearly 100% of males were gay, presumably biologically gay! The reason that nearly all men engaged in homosexuality was because they were already gay to start with (presumably born that way).

Wow! How did that happen? Was there some mass genetic defect that ran through the population later to die out?

If Antiquity is any example, theoretically, mass male homosexuality can potentially unfold in any society if the circumstances are right. We know this because the men in Antiquity were no biologically or genetically different from us.

And even if the Gay Lobby line is correct that only men who are already gay can be pressured, tricked or seduced into this behavior, then going on the basis of Antiquity and the fact this population is biologically like any other, according to Gay Lobby theory, the truth is that nearly 100% of the male population of the world is already gay and can potentially be recruited or converted.

And if nearly 100% of the male population of the world is already basically gay, then what is the sense of the argument in the title that says you can’t recruit someone who isn’t already gay? Of course you can’t seduce a man who isn’t already gay to start with, but as almost 100% of men are already gay anyway, why even make or use the argument as it’s already a given?

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