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No, Guys, Your Best Male Guy Friend Is Not Secretly Gay

Matt wrote:

As you note, the likelihood that any of one’s lifelong, presumably straight, friends being gay is slim to none.

Exactly. Let me tell you something. I have known 100’s of guys, boys and men, who were my friends. We hung out together. I was over at their place. They were over at my place. We went out and did stuff together. We double-dated. We went on trips together, even overnighters. They would sleep in one bed, and I would sleep in another, or they could have the couch or the floor.

Pretty quickly would always I decide whether these new friends were gay or not because frankly I do not associate with gay guys. But honestly there is nothing to worry about because some secretly gay guy isn’t going to try to befriend you in the first place.

After a very brief period, I made a determination that all of these guys were straight and just left it at that and never thought about it again. Not even one of these guys ever turned out to be a “secret homosexual.” Not even one. Not ever.

Gay men simply do not befriend straight men and have typical straight guy type friendships, with some exceptions.* Also my friendships with males are all wrapped up in women. We would get together and go chase women or try to get some women. It was always, “Hey let’s you and me go the bar and get some chicks.” We spent a lot of time talking about women and sex. I would not say the whole friendship revolved around that, but that was a big aspect of it. No way is some secret gay guy going to be your friend and pretend to be a pussyhound. Forget it.

Your best friend is not a secret queer!

It is true that I have befriended some guys who turned out to be bisexuals. However, most of them made their gay trip known very quickly if they were already out and active. Fact is a guy like that is going to try to suck your dick almost immediately, and that is exactly what all of them more or less did. And even if he doesn’t actively proposition you, he is going to start acting very weird very fast with a lot of queery insinuation, especially in conversation. Unless you are an idiot, you catch onto the weird gay misdirection of the conversation real quick.

I had another friend who later got into bisexuality, but I knew him very well for years before and he was not into that stuff as we used to talk about that quite often.

I think he had some potential there but he just chose not to act on it which is very common and normal. I almost never even got gay vibes off him except once when we were going swimming in the pool, and we were all changing into our swimsuits and we were getting naked. He looked at me naked and yelled, “Woo woo! Look at Bob!” when I was naked. I thought, “What the fuck dude? Are you a fag or what? Shut up idiot.” Then I thought, “You know what? I didn’t hear that,” and I just brushed that off and figured he had some potential there in his head because actually a lot of straight guys make the occasional weird faggoty remark.

He moved up to Hollywood and drifted into bisexuality or rather was blackmailed and forced into it by some gay predator. But he got into it quite willingly. He still had an extremely strong drive towards women as he always had that, and by the time he started screwing guys, he had already fucked a battalion or so of females. Despite his weird bi trip, I must say the guy was one of the biggest studs I have ever known.

After he got into that lifestyle, he changed quite a bit, and at times, he gave off heavy duty gay vibes around me.

Once was over at this place in Hollywood where he was living with this queer. I had spent the night on the couch and woke up realizing that my best friend was apparently now into getting fucked in the ass, which is a pretty damn weird realization!

I lost a contact lens that morning after I woke up. They both made up this silly gay game called “Looking for the Lost Contact Lens” and used that as an excuse to put their hands all over my face and upper body. My attitude was, “Sigh. Ok boys, have your fun. Just don’t go too far.” He was totally into this game, first time I had ever seen him act that way towards me. I guess at that point, he had acted on his potential and more or less flipped on the light switch. Prior to that, apparently potential was there but a 100 watt bulb gives off no light at all until you switch it on.

*I did have one friend who later turned out to be gay, but he was not out at the time. This was a case of a gay man who surrounded himself with straight guys. However, this 19-20 year old guy had not come to terms with his sexual orientation yet, was still struggling, did not even know he was gay, and was not active.

His apartment downstairs from mine was a party house. There were a lot of women and drugs around back then. We were using a lot of cocaine and weed at his place and and he acted like the women were not there. We would give some chick the money, she would go get us the cocaine, and come back and deliver it to us, and we would be doing lines and one of us would say about the chick who got us the dope, “Damn what I would give to fuck that chick!” He got really offended at remarks like that and acted like it was a gross or horrible thing to say. I thought that was pretty weird. I didn’t get it at the time. I thought he was just an altar boy.

Also a high school friend of mine was later found to be gay. He moved to Hollywood, got AIDS and died very fast.

At the time we knew him, I really do not think he was out at all because we got no gay vibes from him. He was just a stoner friend, and we used his room at his parents’ house as a sort of a hashish den. Now that I think back, he didn’t have a girlfriend, but most of us didn’t. But he also never talked about chicks, and that was weird.

Note that neither of these guys were out, presumably neither one had actually come to terms with his sexuality yet and neither one was actively gay, so calling them gay is a bit of a misnomer.

Bottom line is worrying that your best guy friend is a “secret queer” is about the stupidest thing that any man could ever worry about. Getting hit by lightning is probably more likely.


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Masculinity Studies


It’s a new field in academia. As you might have guessed, it’s been taken over by a bunch of queers! Gay men and lesbians apparently, emphasis on gay men. What exactly do gay men know about masculinity, except that they hate it? Granted lesbians know something about it, but they do not seem active in this field probably because they hate dick too much.

This is so stupid. Sure, it’s a great field for research. Of course it is. I really feel that masculinity is of profound importance in society. Nevertheless, it is a banned subject. If you bring it up, everyone gets weird and uncomfortable and they start asking you if you have issues with the subject. Straight men ask you to change the subject. Women look puzzled and ask why do you guys have such issues with this stuff anyway.

But none of this makes sense. Because although straight men consider this a banned subject, it’s not at all banned in their heads or even in their lives. It is just not up for discussion probably because thinking about it makes them too uncomfortable. It is one of those “do it, don’t talk about it,” subject. In my opinion, much of straight men’s lives are structured around masculinity.

With men who are heavily invested in this stuff, masculinity is informing their behavior and even thinking every minute of every day. How they move, walk, talk, hold a can of beer or a cigarette, stand, sit, make mannerisms, every body action they do is all wrapped up in this stuff. And I believe it effects how they think too. Certainly it effects how they feel.

It is not so much that masculinity is guiding all of this stuff but that these men have set up a framework of masculinity some time ago, maybe in childhood and probably in adolescence. This serves as a framework or structure through which all of their motor behaviors and even most thoughts and feelings are run through before they are engaged. After a while, this process becomes more or less unconscious, which is perhaps why straight men refuse to talk about it.

Nevertheless, punishments are quite serious for men who do not toe the line in this regard. It is extremely bad at junior high and high school level, and after that, it declines but it never goes away. Unmasculine behaviors are regarded with annoyance and puzzlement and males displaying those behaviors make masculine men uncomfortable, nervous and paranoid. Men not toeing the line are probably ostracized on some level or another.

Certainly masculine men do not really want to associate with them or want them as friends. A lot of their behaviors are viewed by masculine men as suspicious and possible indicators of hidden homosexuality. A lot of noncomforming men fall into a sort of wall of suspicion that never quite clears up.

Probably more important is that masculinity seems to be so much of the glue that sticks a straight man’s life all together. Why does he vote Republican? Masculinity? Why does he never go to the doctor? Masculinity? Why won’t he pick his underwear off the floor? Same thing. Why won’t he help around the house? Why does he abuse his wife verbally? Why does he beat her up? All that stuff is all wrapped up in masculinity. Even a lot of homicides committed by males are all wrapped up in masculinity stuff. You would think that a concept that may drive much male homicidal behavior is up for discussion but no it isn’t.

There is an old saw that if you are confident about your masculinity, you can handle all sort of stuff. You can wear pink. You can take insults to your masculinity, even from women. This is a great big lie. The more a male is invested in masculinity, the more likely he is freaked out to wear pink. The more offended he gets from attacks to his manhood, especially by women. The men who can wear pink and shrug off manhood assaults usually do not have a lot invested in masculinity. Often they are not particularly masculine guys.

So the more masculine you are, the more of an insult it is to say you’re not a man, or call you a pussy or a fag. In many machista societies, those are fighting words. Not only fighting words but killing words. South of border, an attack on a man’s masculinity is seen as proper grounds for a homicidal assault to protect honor.

Women are unbelievably wrapped up in masculinity too even though they never admit it and act puzzled when it’s brought up. Truth is that a lot of women’s relationships with men are all wrapped up in masculinity but women are too much into solipsism and denial and Fantasyland stuff to figure this out. If you want to be successful with women, you really need to figure out that masculinity is a huge part of their relationships with men, if you get involved with this chick, your masculinity is going to be a pretty big deal in your involvement with her. Straight men blow this off at their peril.

Let me give you an example of the all-compassing nature of masculinity. You know that Alpha -Beta – Omega, etc. Game stuff? Guess what? It’s all about masculinity. Duh.

Alpha – the most masculine men of all. Duh.

Beta – Most men. Not really unmasculine but not measuring up to Alphas so seen as unmasculine by women and mercilessly punished by women for that failure.

Omega – Utter zeroes in terms of masculinity. At any rate, women see them as zeroes on the masculinity scale. Not coincidentally, Omegas get no pussy whatsoever.

I could go on here but you get the point.


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Femininity and Masculinity As Orientation Markers

Queers in general are not aggressive, violent, scary or menacing. They just aren’t. I used to live in LA and I have met about a trillion queers. No such thing as a scary queer. They do not exist, not really.Sure, there are leather queens. I met lots of them. They look really tough and hard-ass, and you walk up to them and ask them what time it is, and they answer with this really effeminate or at least very soft voice. It’s really jarring.

If a guy looks violent and scary, he’s generally automatically straight or at least he has a strong straight component. In fact, aggression and scariness is correlated with heterosexuality. The more aggressive and scary the guy is, the more heterosexually oriented he is. You can almost plot it on a linear curve.

I have heard of some scary or even violent gays, especially in crime cases, and some punkers were somewhat gay, but in general, the scarier and more violent a gay man looks, the more he fucks chicks too. The so-called gay punkers all screwed chicks. Like I said, it’s a marker for heterosexuality. And the more femmy and effeminate a gay man is, the more likely he would vomit at the day of doing it with a woman. Femininity is a marker for sex with men or homosexuality in men to some extent. Masculinity is a marker for sex with women or heterosexuality in men to a very strong extent.

Femininity means = I want to have sex with a man. Women act feminine = they want cock. Gay men act feminine = they want cock.

Masculinity means = I want to have sex with a woman. Men act masculine = they want pussy. Lesbians act masculine = they want pussy.


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Weird Gay Bashing Story


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The Lie of Declining Homophobia in America

Probably because schools are so homophobic. Seems like all schools, and including colleges are hate laboratories. I mean there has always been fighting at school, and some kind of caste system, that’s just part of growing up. Nowadays, though, it’s gotten really on the edge.

I will tell you one thing that has gotten way worse is homophobia*. In the 1970’s, no one cared. The assumption was all guys were straight until proven otherwise and no one really worried about this stuff. The gays were mostly closeted and there was not a lot of fagging around by straight guys.

Let me tell you, men had a lot more behavioral freedom in those days because standards of masculinity were so relaxed. This was the era of David Bowie, the New York Dolls, Aerosmith, Mick Jagger, T Rex, Iggy Pop, Mott the Hoople and all sorts of seriously androgynous mostly straight rockstars. It was hip to be a straight androgyne. We do not have that freedom at all anymore, and people are vastly more homophobic now than they were then.

Let us put it this way. If I walk, talk, move, sit, stand, dress, or have mannerisms like I did in the 1970’s, I would be being called a faggot all day long nowadays. Back then, I didn’t hear it much, and most people just assumed I was straight even on first meeting me. Guys would meet me as total strangers and right away start talking about women. It was sort of like, “Well I see you like to fuck chicks, dude. Me too. Let’s you and me go get some chicks, stud.”

Because we have so much less space now, I have started acting a lot more conspicuously masculine. Maybe even macho, I have no idea. And even then I hear that I must be gay now and again. Because, you know, I sit with my legs crossed, so I must be a faggot. I do not mind acting this way, as there is part of me that is like that anyway so I can just plug into that part of myself, but it’s not like I am free to be myself.

If you look at male porn stars from the 1970’s, they were much more androgynous than they are now. Nowadays male porn starts are covered with tattoos, jacked up and hypermasculine looking. They look like they want to kill you. I cannot remember the last time I saw a 70’s style male porn star in a recent porn film.

All this gay rights stuff is a smokescreen. Most straight people are wildly homophobic. Straight men are a disaster, especially Black and Hispanic men who are basically psychotic on the subject. And most straight women are outrageously homophobic too, but only in a strange way. They spend a Hell of a lot of time accusing various straight men around them of being gay!

The gays came out of the closet all right, but I do not think people got any saner as a result. It seems like Gay Lib just made people even nuttier on this subject. I think we were much saner about male homosexuality in the 1970’s than we are now.

We have really gone downhill. Sex roles have totally regressed and we are back into stupid rigid traditional crap.

I would like to close by pointing out that the vast majority of who are gay baited or victims of anti-gay harassment or even gay-bashing are actually straight men. I figure 85% of men who are gay-bashed, gay baited or gay bullied are actually straight. Gay men probably only make up maybe 15% of that total.

I do not think the Gay Lobby has been helpful for these straight men at all. In fact, I think they have just made things even worse for them. Gay Lib was a great idea, but I don’t think many people got liberated.

*When I refer to homophobia, I mean male homosexuality. I do not think anyone cares about female homosexuality. I mean how many women get told, “Well obviously you are a lez. Hey, you act like a dyke.” I never hear anyone saying that to any woman. Women can act any way they want to.


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I Am Proud to Be a Gender Essentialist

And I really do hate Amanda Marcotte. I always wondered why the Manosphere hated her so much, and now I get it. She is a stereotypical feminist lunatic crazy bitch on steroids. Here is one of her latest insipid tirades.

Honestly I dislike all Identity Politics types.

According to Marcotte, gender essentialism is where you think there are inherent biological differences between men and women. Gender essentialism is sexism. In that case, I am absolutely a sexist 100%, and I am very proud to be one. Not only that, but I am certain I will be a proud sexist for the rest of my life.

Marcotte says that if you believe that men are more aggressive or violent then women, then you are a sexist. I certainly believe that men are more aggressive and violent then women, and not only that, but it is inborn in men and women to be this way.

Marcotte says if you believe that men are less nurturing then women, you are a sexist. Of course men are far less nurturing than women, and this is inborn.

Much of the post is about whether men have better critical thinking skills than women. I think I will pass on that one, but my only comment would be that although women can be excellent at critical thinking, they do not like to do the sort of critical thinking that involves the abstract word of ideas and concepts. However, I believe that women are excellent at critical thinking when it comes to relationships, children, the sexes and other things that they value. Its not that they cannot do that pure intellectual type thinking, but it’s more that they think it is boring.

That is why the female pure intellectual is not so common as the male pure intellectual. I have met some very smart women, some with IQ’s of 140+. However, many of them could not be described as pure intellectuals. They are just as smart as men with the same IQ, but these women found that intellectual world to be a snooze-fest. They were simply not interested in things like that.

Their interests were more along the lines of people, the sexes, the emotions, sexuality, human personality, relationships and whatnot. This is the sort of thing women really get off on, and when it comes to intuitive thinking along those lines, no one does it better than a woman. So it’s not that one gender is inferior and the other is superior, it is more that their brains are different and their intelligences are more geared to certain areas as opposed to others. It’s a matter of interests, not ability.

Marcotte says if you think men can handle rough and tumble criticism and women tend to shy away from such things, then you are a sexist. But this is probably true. Women can be catty as Hell, but they dislike raw verbal aggression. They probably think it is ugly, scary or ridiculous, and often it is.

Let us ask my Mother, the smartest woman in the world about this. I told her that they are many people on line who absolutely love to fight with other people.

They get into wild fights with other posters and commenters that go on forever. In many cases, they insult and threaten each other, try to get each other fired from jobs, threaten to turn each other into authorities for some sort of violation, try to get each other kicked off websites of ISP’s, dig up personal dirt on each other and air it on the web, set up whole webpages just to smear other people, post under a never-ending array of fake names and handles (morphing), etc. I told her that a lot of them seem to actually enjoy this sort of ugliness, and they often spend hours a day attacking each other. Some of them were high-ranking people with good jobs such as university professors.

She nodded her head like she had heard it a million times.

“They’re mostly men, right?” She asked.

“Yes! They are almost all men!”

“Of course,” she said, shrugging her shoulders.

So going by that, it seems men love to fight just for the sake of fighting, and women do not. Who can take criticism better? All I know is that my girlfriends keep complaining that I have insulted them even when I didn’t intend to. They get horribly offended and angry, call me names, threaten me in various ways, try to hit me, break down into tears, refuse to talk to me for days on end. A lot of them seem to find fault in all sorts of petty things. So going by that, I would say that women don’t take criticism very well. In fact, they tend to break down.

Marcotte says that if you agree with or make statements like this, you are a misogynist:

Listen, honey. I go to strip clubs every week. I love women — especially when they’re covered in oil.

I do love women, especially when they are covered in oil. And I used to love to go to strip clubs. In that case, I am very proud to be a misogynist.

Marcotte says that if you believe that gendered violence in men (that is, men beating, raping, and killing women) is inborn, then you are a sexist. I do believe this. I do not believe that men are born to be violent towards women. Men are biologically more violent period, to both sexes. And yes, they are biologically more prone to rape. This sort of gendered violence will always be with us. You can reduce it, but it will never go away.

Bottom line is according to this women and countless other feminist nuts, I am a sexist and a misogynist. I agree with her, and I am very proud to be these things.


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Robert Stark Interviews Luke Ford

Interview here.

Robert Stark interviews returning guest, journalist, and blogger Luke Ford.

Topics include:

  • Why Luke does not view racism as a legitimate concept
  • How writings on topics such as white activism is associated with a low social status
  • How writings on topics such as white activism is associated with a low social status
  • How Luke is unique in the sense that he has ties to both ethnopolitics as well as entertainment culture
  • Luke’s interview with comic Rachel Bloom
  • Luke’s appearance at Tom Sunic’s upcoming speech in Beverly Hills on September 21st
  • Why not every group is compatible with Western Civilization
  • Robin Williams’ suicide and struggle with addiction
  • How the root cause of addiction is lack of attachment and insecurity
  • How paranoia is also caused by lack of attachment and insecurity
  • More on the Santa Barbara killer and how open displays of sexuality highlight sexual differences
  • Luke tells a story from his high school years where he was rejected from a party
  • More on Luke’s one man play Eroticized Rage
  • Why men are attracted to teenage girls
  • Masters of Sex TV Show
  • Is It Anti-Semitic to Say Jews Are Good with Money?
  • Why Is Los Angeles Falling Apart?
  • Jewish Women Are Hot
  • Men who are attracted to intelligent women


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Men – Ignore Masculinity at Your Own Peril

Homer Simpson writes:

If anything, it’s the women whom are the true gender enforcers, for what they find sexy in men is among the things that keep men behaving as they are. If you step out of line, then you won’t get any, or even get into the friend zone.

I was never really into hardcore masculinity. I was always a soft-spoken, rather androgynous type guy in the good sense of androgyny. After many years of that, I finally figured out that it doesn’t work. I got tired of getting called gay and bi and gay and having bi guys hitting on me. Incredibly enough, I even got gay-bashed a few times! I lost jobs when queer bosses fired me for not sucking their dicks. I got tired of my very own girlfriends accusing me of being gay or bi or neverendingly questioning me about whether I was gay or bi.

I got tired of girlfriends mocking me, laughing in my face, humiliating me, openly cuckolding me and trying to wear the pants. I got tired of being a pussy-whipped idiot.

I always had a deep masculine core, but it was sort of hidden. But anyone with half a brain could always see it pretty fast.

I decided to get a lot more into that masculine core. I actually enjoyed it, because that had always been an important part of my self, even if it wasn’t always out front.

I also got a lot more dominant with my girlfriends in bed and also out of bed. I started cussing out my girlfriends when they misbehaved, and even threatening them sometimes when they attacked my Achilles Heels with “attacks that I never allow anyone to make.”

I started making a lot more decisions. We are going to use this car rental agency. We are going to stay in this motel. We are going to eat at this restaurant. Instead of getting angry, my girlfriends looked relieved.

I figured out that most if not all women and girls want to be dominated in bed and even out of bed to some extent. My girlfriends started acting openly submissive in and even out of bed. Some started calling me Daddy and wanting to play Daddy – teenage daughter sexual age play games with me. They started asking me to play out rape fantasies, which in a couple of cases involved me “breaking into the house,” accosting them and having sex with them “against their will.” After I “raped” them, they would tell me that the sex was incredible.

The sex got a lot wilder and way more more perverted. My girlfriends would get these little girl voices with scared eyes in bed as we wrapped up in each other to go to sleep.

I started fighting with girlfriends a lot more, and the fights got extremely wild and even crazy. My girlfriends fought me harder and dirtier than they ever had. Some started physically assaulting me for the first time, something I had to figure out how to deal with.

My relationships also got a lot more intense and lasted a lot longer. Women fell more deeply and wildly in love with me than they ever had before. Girlfriends started fighting over me and actually threatening each other. I would meet a new woman, tell her I was dating two other women, and immediately she would give me her phone number. Girlfriends started spending a lot of money on me and showering me with gifts. They became insanely jealous of other women and demanded that I be with them only. They acted like guard dogs around me, defending me against the depredations of other women.

For the first time in a while, women started asking me to marry them. This grew more common. There also a lot of requests to move in with women. Women hopped on airplanes to come see me from very long distances. They bought plane tickets for me to some see them thousands of miles away.

Girlfriend A would be over at my house and Girlfriend B would call on the phone. Instead of getting furious Woman A would pick it up, laugh and say, “It’s your wife,” and hand the phone to me. I would be lying in bed Woman A at 11 PM when Woman C would call me on the phone. I would get out of bed and take the call outdoors. When C asked me what I was doing, I would tell her that Woman A was visiting me now and I was in bed with A when C called. Woman C would get visibly excited and start talking dirty to me. I would go back to bed, and A would ask who it was. I would tell her it was Woman C and instead of getting angry, she would start laughing.

I started reading Game blogs and realized that these idiots who I had castigated before were actually right. They were still narcissistic misogynistic shits, but they had actually managed to figure out women.

I started realizing that there was something to this masculinity stuff after all. I got a much more Gender Realist and biological idea of gender, which was endlessly confirmed to me by women in my life.

I realized that all the leftwingers and feminists who had castigated masculinity and played a role in me downplaying it while playing the role of a “modern feminist man” were simply dead wrong, so I trashed the Left and feminist view of sex and gender.

I started realizing that most of us are slaves to Mother Nature and that Mother Nature always bats last.

And once I figured that out for real, as you can see above, my life got a whole lot better.

Men, I do not care how leftwing or feminist you are, you ignore and downplay masculinity at your own risk.

I am warning you.


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Older Men and Younger Women

I could easily attract young women as a young man. It was not a problem. I could even do so up until my early 40’s. After age 47, it is barely possible. I get the strong impression that most young women really want nothing to do with me, at least in a sexual sense. And of course it makes sense, at this point, I am not only Dad but just about Grandpa.

I really do not understand why everyone is so flipped out by middle aged men chasing after legal teenage girls and young women. Everyone acts like this is a real problem, a social evil, and that any man of this age can easily get a young woman. I tell these people that I couldn’t get one if I tried, and they always look at me like I am speaking Greek. But of course it is true if you think about it. The upper age range for a female would be a man about 25 years older than she is. Beyond that, you heading towards Gramps territory. And it is true, at my age, I can still get a woman aged ~27-29 at the lower end. Not that it’s easy, but it’s possible, and I have dated a few recently. Young women from other cultures like Arab or NE Asian women are your best bets for this sort of thing as they are used to liking older men.

When I deal with young women out in public, I start off by assuming they are not interested and then go from there. Sure, I look at them sometimes, but that’s like looking at a waterfall or a forest. There is nothing wrong with admiring the beauty of God’s natural creations, and a young woman is truly a thing of beauty as great as a Redwood tree. Once you assume they want nothing to do with you, you can more or less converse with and get along with them. If you try to steer the conversation in any sort of sexual way though, it’s going to head south pretty quickly.


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New Interview with Me Up

I just did a new interview with Robert Stark. I think you will like it. It goes over a lot of pretty important subjects. The sound quality should be much better on this one. Stark now does interviews straight over the phone. The sound quality is much better than it was with Skype. The poor sound quality of previous interviews was entirely the fault of Skype.

Here are the topics:

  • Why Robert stands with Putin
  • Why much of the Hard Left Is with Putin
  • Why Robert does not view Putin as an imperialist
  • Russia as a bulwark against American imperialism
  • How the US is selective in its support for separatist movements
  • Oligarchs and how income inequality has reduced under Putin
  • How Robert views Putin as being in between a Russian Nationalist and an Atlantic Integrationist
  • Some Ridiculous Anti-Russian Arguments
  • The lie that Russia has no allies in the former East Bloc or in the former USSR
  • The Jewish view toward Russia
  • The geographical history of the Ukraine
  • The Ukrainian Regime’s Nazi Policies
  • Russia’s alliance with Syria and Iran
  • The Project for a New American Century
  • How Robert views America and Israel as one monolithic country
  • Robert’s assistance to the Israeli organization DEBKA
  • How Robert’s Beyond Highbrow leaked the picture of the dead Israeli soldier
  • The recent Israeli conflict in Gaza and why Robert basically takes a neutral stance
  • Sunni vs. Shia Islam
  • The Lebanese Civil War
  • The Arab Baathist Party
  • Why Robert is willing to ally himself with fascists against American imperialism
  • Why the Progressive Project is the assimilation of the Jews from the ghetto
  • Patrilineality and the tribal instinct to sleep with women of other groups while safeguarding your own
  • Roissy’s Stupid PUA Site and how unregulated sexuality mirrors right wing economics

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