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What Does It Mean When Someone Says They Are Bisexual?

Cisco writes:

If a “straight guy’s” cock can get hard for a guy, he’s bisexual. Simple as that. I guess I’ll never find out if I’m bisexual though because I have no plans to be naked with another man ever.

If a guy’s cock can get hard for a cored-out melon, then that means that melons turn him on and his sexual orientation is Melonfucker? That doesn’t make sense because men will screw anything. They don’t even have to get turned on by something to fuck it. Where there’s a hole, there’s a way. A pole wants a hole and could care less what it’s attached to.

Up to 95% of the male population is capable of having sex with men. Look at ancient societies where this sort of thing was rife. All of those men were bisexual? I doubt it.

Sexual orientation refers to what turns you on. It goes like this:

100-0: Maximum heterosexual, minimum homosexual
90-10: Maximum heterosexual, incidental homosexual
80-20: Maximum heterosexual, significant homosexual
70-30: Maximum heterosexual, strong homosexual
60-40: Maximum heterosexual, very strong strong homosexual
50-50: Maximum heterosexual, maximal homosexual
40-60: Maximum homosexual, very strong heterosexual
30-70: Maximum homosexual, strong heterosexual
20-80: Maximum homosexual, significant heterosexual
10-90: Maximum homosexual, incidental heterosexual
0-100: Maximum homosexual, minimal heterosexual

The only people who are bisexual are those who identify as bisexual. 40-60 to 60-40 is pure bisexual. Many 70-30’s and 30-70’s will also identify that way. However, beyond that, it gets more dubious. I know two female 25-75’s who both identify as lesbian.

Most people from 0-100 to 20-80 will identify as gay, and most people from 100-0 to 80-20 will identify as straight. Sexual orientation refers to what turns you on, not your actual behavior.

Sexual behavior is independent of and in some cases may be completely different from sexual orientation.

I know some straight women who have had sex with women. Two of them did it twice, another did it a dozen times, and another had a torrid affair with a woman. They all decided that they didn’t like it or didn’t want to do it anymore, and concluded that they were strictly dickly. All four of these women identified as completely heterosexual. On what grounds could they possibly be considered bisexual? It makes no sense.

However, some people do lie about their orientation. This is a big problem with men. A number of gay men simply lie and say they are bisexual. We have tested them in the lab. For some time, lab studies were done where self-identified “bisexual” men tested:

  • maximum homosexual
  • minimum heterosexual

Gay men test exactly the same. They test:

  • maximum homosexual
  • minimum heterosexual

Straight men typically test like this in the lab:

  • maximum heterosexual
  • minimum homosexual

As you can see, even gay men often have some minimal response to females, and even straight men often have some minimal response to males. So orientations are continua or spectra of varying shades of grey areas instead of hard and fast, black and white, Manichean categories.

As a result of these tests, sexologists were beginning to question whether male bisexuality even existed or whether most of it was simply gay men who due to societal pressures simply did not want to fess up to their homosexuality and instead sought refuge in the somewhat more socially acceptable bisexual category. The standard line in the field was, “There’s no such thing as a bisexual man.”

However recently we managed to find a group of men who said they were bisexual and tested like this:

  • maximum heterosexual
  • maximal homosexual

Or something along those lines. Researchers concluded that on the basis of this study, it does look like there is a group of men who can be properly called bisexuals.


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What Does Gay-For-Pay Mean?

Jason Y wrote:

Would anyone (someone who doesn’t like it) have gay sex for money? What’s your price lol? $100, $1,000, $100,000, a cool million? To make it more exciting, how much to have gay sex, and have everyone know about it

Honestly I am so broke right now that it would be tempting to do that for $100,000 and certainly for $1,000,000. I still do not think I would do it though, not for any amount of money. I just couldn’t. I mean I could get through it. I would just lie back and pretend I was with a chick. But then I wouldn’t be able to look at myself in the mirror afterwards. Every time I looked at myself in the mirror for 3-4 months afterwards I would probably want to kill myself.

As far as doing it and everyone knowing about it, not for any amount of money. It is just not worth it.

A lot of young single guys who moved to New York sold their asses on the street to men. Supposedly it was to get money to survive but really it was about getting money for dope. Quite a few of the early New York punkers did that, including DeeDee Ramone.

There are guys in Hollywood who are selling their asses on the street to queers to get money. Mostly money for dope. I had a friend who did this. He wasn’t even 1% gay in my opinion. I didn’t like him too much. He had been in prison, and he was either a bit of a sociopath or one of those damaged anti-society types. Just sort of a dangerous, unhinged, easily angered type of guy.

There are also a number of gay-for-pay types in gay porn. Apparently these are basically straight guys who do gay porn simply for the money and for no other reason.


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What Does It Mean When Someone Identifies As Straight, Gay or Bi?

thelyniezian wrote:

Apart from my somewhat reactionary comment above- basically I think the problem here is we like to stick people in boxes and slap uniform labels on them. The reality is people are not so easily categorizable. Sexual behaviour can occur for different reasons, sexuality is not quantized into gay/bi/straight, and not everyone has the same sex drive, as mentioned above.

And then there are the labels themselves. Terms like “homosexual” I find ambiguous- for some it refers to the sexual orientation (regardless of actual behaviour), to others (usually of the American fundamentalist variety as seen on a certain discussion board in my experience) it only implies regularly participating in same-sex acts (if these people acknowledge orientation exists, it’s not important and I can understand why- the Bible only appears to condemn the sex acts*), and in some senses it (or gay, lesbian, bi etc.) is a sort of identity.

Really heterosexual, bisexual and homosexual ought to refer orientation only – that is, what turns you on. Like this chart:

Sexual Orientation Scale

100-0: Maximum heterosexual, minimum homosexual
90-10: Maximum heterosexual, incidental homosexual
80-20: Maximum heterosexual, significant homosexual
70-30: Maximum heterosexual, strong homosexual
60-40: Maximum heterosexual, very strong strong homosexual
50-50: Maximum heterosexual, maximal homosexual
40-60: Maximum homosexual, very strong heterosexual
30-70: Maximum homosexual, strong heterosexual
20-80: Maximum homosexual, significant heterosexual
10-90: Maximum homosexual, incidental heterosexual
0-100: Maximum homosexual, minimal heterosexual

Really heterosexual ought to mean 100-0 to 80-20 at least. 60-40 to 100-0 is on the straight end of the spectrum.

Gay ought to mean 0-100 to 20-80 at least. 0-100 to 40-60 is on the gay end of the spectrum.

Bisexuals are obviously those from 60-40 to 40-60 with 50-50 being the very interesting “pure bisexuals.”

I have no idea what to do with the 30-70 and 70-30’s. The former is on the gay end of the scale, and the latter is on the straight end, but other than that, it is confusing.

I do know a woman age 26 and a girl aged 13 who score 25-75. The woman identifies as lesbian, and the girl does too I think. The woman identifies as lesbian because she said she only falls in love with women and could never fall in love with a man. Men were good for sex, but after the sex was over, she wanted them to take off.

Many women who identify as bisexuals describe themselves as around 70-30.

I knew a woman who had sex with men and women both on a regular basis. She was also into orgies, three-ways and some other weird stuff. She told me she did not identify as bisexual because she did not have romantic relationships with women. She only had sexual relationships with them. That is because she said that relationships with women are too insane and full of endless drama and chaos. She found relationships with men to be much more stable so she only got romantically involved with men.

Sexual behavior is very confusing. It often follows orientation but not always and completely. In AIDS literature, they refer to MSM or men who have sex with men. That’s all you can really say about a lot of them except for those who openly identify as gay, of which there are many, or as male bisexual, of which there are indeed some.

The % of males in the 100-0 to 80-20 range who have had sex with another guy is shocking.

On the other hand, many men in the 0-100 to 30-70 range live with or are married to women and have sex with them on a regular basis.

I suppose 40-60’s to 60-40’s may indeed have sex with both sexes on a regular basis. There don’t seem to be a whole lot of these pure bi types though, and most humans tend to lean either towards the gay or straight ends of the spectrum.

I knew one guy who may have been a 60-40 or 50-50. He was one of my best friends. For a long time, he avoided sex with men apparently due to moral concerns. His attitude was, “No way am I doing that. Forget it, no way.” He was as turned on by chicks as any man who has ever lived, and he had an enormous sex drive. He fucked a whole brigade of women and girls while I knew him. He screwed more chicks than most guys will in 20 lifetimes.

But at one point he did get into gay sex. Actually he was blackmailed and forced into it. Afterwards, he started having regular sex with guys and doing things like going on weekend trips with a group of gay guys down to Laguna Beach (probably with a lot of gay sex included), and I ended the friendship. It is hard to stay friends with a guy who is regularly screwing other guys. I don’t recommend it.

As far as gay men who blackmail or try to force straight men into homosexuality, it happens regularly. It’s a real problem. The gay men are typically around 27-45 years old in the cases I have heard about, and the straight men were 22-24 years old. If you a single young man, especially one who is very good-looking, you may have to deal with older gay men attempting to prey on you on a regular basis.

As far as gay men tricking, conning or blackmailing straight men into having gay sex, the gay community thinks this sort of thing is hunky-dory, and they have no problems with it. If you complain about gay men seducing, tricking, recruiting, blackmailing or trying to force straight men into having gay sex with them, then you’re a homophobe.

I think this sort of thing is horrible, so I must be the biggest homophobe on Earth.


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Does Engaging in Homosexual Sex Make You Gay?

Jason Y said:

As I was saying, if you’re doing gay stuff, you’re gay. You can say you’re straight, but if your lusting after some dude and willing to have sex with him, then you’re gay. It doesn’t matter how macho you act, or the fact that otherwise, most people think you’re straight. Even if you gave into gayness in prison. Well, you’re still gay. You still “became gay”, You evolved into gayness.

This makes no sense whatsoever. Guys who do that in prison are typically heterosexual men who engage in homosexual sex in prison opportunistically. When they get out, they typically stop doing it altogether.

Do you realize how many homosexual men are married and closeted? Homosexual men have a great potential for heterosexual sex. One way is to pretend you are with a guy when you are having sex with the woman. So if a gay man has sex with a woman one time then he has turned straight? That is the logic of this theory.

I got some news for you folks. Men will fuck anything. Anything that moves. And many things that don’t move. Men will fuck little girls, Lolitas, teenyboppers, women, MILF’s, cougars and old ladies. They will fuck other guys. They will fuck animals. They will probably fuck a hole in a wall. If you took a melon and drilled a hole in it, guys would probably fuck a melon.

With men it is literally any port in a storm.

A guy wants a hole; a woman wants a pole.

Hugh Hefner fucked a guy once. Tried it, didn’t like it. You are telling me Hugh Hefner is gay? Come on.

You have sex with a guy one time, and you are gay for the rest of your life. All of your heterosexual experience? Completely negated.

It is madness.

That is how a lot of the crazy gays think. In other words, if you think like this, you’re thinking like a queer. You see folks, homophobes and queers think the same in a lot of ways, and they’re both often nuts.

The only thing that makes sense is a scale like this:

Sexual Orientation Scale

100-0: Maximum heterosexual, minimum homosexual
90-10: Maximum heterosexual, incidental homosexual
80-20: Maximum heterosexual, significant homosexual
70-30: Maximum heterosexual, strong homosexual
60-40: Maximum heterosexual, very strong strong homosexual
50-50: Maximum heterosexual, maximal homosexual
40-60: Maximum homosexual, very strong heterosexual
30-70: Maximum homosexual, strong heterosexual
20-80: Maximum homosexual, significant heterosexual
10-90: Maximum homosexual, incidental heterosexual
0-100: Maximum homosexual, minimal heterosexual

See that scale? That is a sexual orientation scale. Sexual orientation is what turns you on, what gets you off. It is fixed in males by age 15 if not younger. You can’t even move them up or down one point on the scale above. All efforts to do so have failed.

Now by this scale, 62% of all men will test 100-0.

38% will test somewhere below that. So 37% of all males are gay? Crazy.

~5% will test 0-100 to 40-60.  Many of these men are on the gay spectrum.

2-3% will test 0-100 to 10-90. These men are basically gay.

So you’re trying to tell me that a 100-0 guy who fucks some guy is gay for life. How crazy.

Sexual behavior is indeed often different than sexual orientation, but the truth is they tend to line up pretty well.

On the other hand, the potential for heterosexual males (100-0’s through 80-20’s) to engage in homosexual sex is quite high, and the percentage of these men, even 100-0’s, who have had homosexual sex is higher than you would ever believe. You would not believe how many 100-0 guys have sex with a guy at some point in their lives. Some even do so regularly. It would knock your socks off.


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Can Males and Females Be Platonic Friends?

Beatrix writes:

I have a question for all you “Manly Men” out there…..
A colleague of mine (a Jewish male psychiatrist) says that any man that is friends with a woman has either -

A) hopes to have sex with the woman


B) has had sex in the past with that woman & hopes to again
Do you think it’s true that the only reason a man would maintain a friendship with a woman is due to some potential sexual gain?

In a way, it is sort of true, I will admit it.

Have you ever known any true, pure, real womanizers, ladies men or players?

I have known some guys like this. They love women and girls. They are often very close to their mothers and female cousins and aunts. They don’t like guys very much and most of their friends are women and girls. These guys are not out to fuck all of their female friends.

Sex very much gets in the way of friendships with males and females. Even if you don’t care about having sex with them, after a while, you often end up in bed with them anyway. At least I do.

I really like to have friendships with females where the sex part is ruled out very early on. Then we can just be friends. But probably she will try to fuck me at some point I suppose because they usually do.

What you do as a man is “leave the door open.” You agree to be friends with them or don’t bug them for sex. Some of my best female friends were married women, but after a while, I usually ended up sleeping with them. You just accept that you are friends and leave them alone and let them do whatever they want to. If they want to grab you, let them. Don’t bug them or pester them.

I know some young women and we got it out of the way real fast that they only wanted to be friends. I found it very liberating because now we know what the score is and we don’t have all this uncertainty. I would very much enjoy a friendship like that with a young woman at my age, but I would always “leave the door open.”

Thing is that women are very sexual. Friendships between men and women don’t really work because women are very sexual too and find it hard to just be friends with a man, maybe especially if he is sexy. So even if you leave her alone and don’t make a play for her, after she hangs around you for a while, she often tries to seduce you.

But a lot of men are dishonest about male female friendships and they are just trying to fuck her. But most guys don’t really love women like those players do. So really the only reason a guy like that would tolerate being around a woman all the time is for the sex.

And I have known some super Omega type guys who had friendships with women who they had no desire to screw.

I have always tried to fuck all of my female friends at one point or another I think, unless they are obviously married. If they just want to be friends, they shoot me down angrily and then you just make some sort of “let’s be friends” agreement, and really should not violate that, but you “open the door,” and “leave the door open.”

I have been “opening the door” and “leaving the door open” for women and girls my whole life and a lot of them just go for it and make moves on me and start trying to have sex with me. A lot of get sort of frustrated and angry that I won’t move on them. I have heard stuff like, “Aren’t you going to kiss me or what!?” or “Well are you going to try to fuck me or not? Come on! What’s with you?” Of course once I get the green light, I just do it.

Thing is at our age, a lot of people just don’t even fuck at all anymore. Look at the statistics for sexual frequency of married couples between ages 55-60.

Guys who are not attractive in some way can have lots of female friends, but I have had some male friends who were total lady killers, the type every other woman would want to jump on, and yeah, they had a lot of female friends but they usually ended up screwing them sooner or later.

The point I was trying to make is that females do this as often as males. The problem with straight men and women is we want to fuck each other. If your platonic female friend is a Hotty, there is a sexual tension introduced into the friendship. If your platonic male friend is a Sex God, it is going to be hard for a woman to keep it platonic. He’s so sexy that she is just going to try to fuck him at some point or another. So really it works both ways. But platonic stuff between heterosexuals is problematic not only because the guy wants to screw the girl, but I have found that in many cases, the girl wants to screw the guy, especially if he is a hot, sexy type.

So really sex just gets in the way of straight male-female friendships in general.

One thing that is very nice about female friends is they usually have lots of girlfriends or female roommates or coworkers or whatever, and sooner or later, you usually fuck her roommate or best friend, usually because they try to seduce you. And your platonic female friends are usually trying to fix you up with their hottie friends. So you get dates with their friends and that often works into sex.

Not sure why they do that, but platonic stuff with women usually leads to sex in one way or another you see. You either screw the platonic female friend at some point, or you screw her friends/roommates, etc. or she starts fixing you up with her friends and you screw them. It’s just generally going to end up in pussy territory on the Platonic Yellow Chick Road sooner or later, which is why I always liked platonic friendships with females.


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The Formula

Drama + Chaos = Woman

I wish it wasn’t true, but I swear to God it is. And I have had a lot of experience too. More than a lot of guys will in 20 lifetimes. I don’t really know what advice to give other men, but I would only say that if you wish to ride the wild waters of womanhood, it is best to look at this as some sort of an extreme sport like skydiving, hang-gliding or jungle safaris. To weather the humid and treacherous wilderness of untracked womanhood is the essence of life on the edge.

Live dangerously!


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Dominate Me, Daddy

Negrofication Magnification Ratios writes:

Bondage is interesting. I never can understand it. What makes people want to be so dominated.? I want freedom. I can never understand it. It is the very opposite of what I strive for.

The female wants and needs to be dominated by a dominant male. It is part of the sex act itself, which is an act of aggression with dominant-submissive overtones.

The natural female role is submissive. Submissiveness is the essence of femininity and many women like to be women and girly girls. They enjoy being submissive and feminine. When they feel this way, they feel like they are fulfilling their natural role and the comfortable in that.

The natural male role is dominant. That is masculinity in a nutshell.  Males enjoy being dominant and masculine.

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Let Your Man Flag Fly

Males enjoy being dominant and masculine.

I really think that most men enjoy this. I have known some guys who were not very masculine. They even admitted it. I saw nothing in particular wrong with this, but to guys like that, I come off as a sort of a hypermasculine machista. And when I hung around with these guys, often they would start to mirror my mindset and get back into their own masculine role. It wasn’t so much that they were not masculine. Instead it was that their masculine nature was hidden or suppressed for some reason.

When you bring this out of a man who has repressed it, he often seems very happy in his new masculine role. I have noticed that he often starts acting better too.

I have known men who cried all the time, had horrendous anxiety issues, seemed to have all sorts of psychosomatic stuff going on, had a lot of bitter anger and rage, were very defensive about their psychopathology, did not want to change, and were always being used as doormats by others. They were holed up at home where they played video games and watched weird anime stuff all day. They were also often into feminism and went on a lot about rape culture and men treating women bad. In other words, they were manginas – great big gigantic pussies.

I encouraged them to start acting more masculine, and the psychosomatic stuff died down, the anxiety attenuated, and they got out of abusive friendships. The bitter rage went away, and the defensive anger and refusal to change vanished. They openly admitted their faults and developed a sort of reflective, rational  and philosophical “old man wisdom.” In a number of cases they met a woman soon after. These were guys who hardly dated before. They often moved in with the woman and started having lots of great sex with her.

I noticed that their behavior changed, they were into more guy things, and you could have more of a typical guy conversation with them; whereas before they would often get offended or angry at typical guy mindsets. The feminism seemed to die back and a sort of typical “male irreverent piggishness” and defiant male “fuck the world” attitude emerged. They retreated a lot less into video game and anime worlds.

Sure, they would fall apart now and again, but they seemed to put themselves together pretty quickly.

I really think even wimpy, feminine or mangina type males have a real man deep down inside just dying to break out. Instead of putting these guys down, we should encourage them to release the man tiger from his cage and let their man flag fly.

For one thing, they seem to be very happy, satisfied and fulfilled in this role, and when they act more masculine, their behavior becomes more adaptive and a lot of their psychopathology dies down. They become more rational and competent.

Act masculine, guys! It feels good!

Let your man flag fly!


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What Americans Want

As we can see, Americans just voted for a bunch of Republicans. We can conclude the following then:

Americans no longer want social security, nor do they want a living wage.

This is correct. Republicans have been on record for many years now affirming their commitment to destroying Social Security completely. That’s right. They are going to end up. Wipe it out. Zero it out. Get rid of it. So I guess most Americans want to zero out Social Security?

Republicans oppose a living wage. Not only that, but they oppose raising the minimum wage. Republicans are always hostile to labor and working people. In fact, conservatives are always against workers. Conservatives have always been opposed to workers and labor, and they are against workers and labor everywhere on Earth. That is one of the definitions of a conservative – one who opposes labor and the working classes. So apparently Americans are opposed to labor and working class people and oppose raising the minimum wage. What a bunch of idiots.

In this Christian nation, the majority of voting age women wish to rescind (lose) all reproductive rights.

This is correct. The Republicans are on record for wiping out all abortion rights in the US. If you support abortion rights, why in the Hell are you voting Republican? Are you mad? So what we can tell by this election is that most Americans want to completely wipe out abortion rights in the US. Incredible.

The majority of voting age citizens wish to rescind (lose) the right to vote.

This is somewhat correct. What is true that the majority of Americans want to impose severe restrictions on the right to vote. They especially want to make it hard for Blacks and Hispanics to vote. So in other words, we do not live in a democracy. We live country that systematically restricts the right to vote and revokes voting rights for many Americans in a fascist-like manner. Americans also wish to destroy the Voting Rights Act, a hallmark Civil Rights law.

So apparently Americans are opposed to the civil rights movement that allowed Blacks to vote. Further, Americans wish to revert to Jim Crow type voting restrictions that make it very easy for Whites to vote but make it very hard for Blacks to vote. Apparently then American Whites are an incredibly racist people who do not believe that Black people should have the right to vote and wish to revoke the right to vote from many Blacks.

A plurality wishes to elevate billionaires into feudal (fascist) lords, while the rest of us live in squalor, while we toil for basic sustenance.

This is odd. The serfs believe that the feudal lords should get all the money while we serfs should wallow in misery. American serfs love their feudal masters and wish to perpetuate the system that makes them serfs. They support their feudal masters, who are actually their deadly enemies.

I don’t get it. What’s wrong with Americans? Are we masochists?

No matter how bad things are under a Democrat, all you will ever do is make everything worse by voting Republican. It makes no sense.


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Street Harassment Video Takes Nation by Storm

This video has just gone viral. Actress videotapes herself walking through New York City for 10 hours and all of the what she calls street harassment she has to endure. There are all sorts of other videos out there responding to it and also major papers have picked it up.

Here is one of the Red Pill videos responding to it.

I have some things to say about this, but I am too tired to write about them right now. If you have anything to say about this video and rebuttal or this phenomenon, go ahead.

The Women Holla Back site is also an excellent resource. I have mixed feelings about this site. In some ways, I am mad at them and think they are full of crap, but in other ways, a lot of these guys’ behaviors are just out of line and it makes the victims feel pretty bad.

I have had a lot of street harassment from gay men when I lived in LA, so I can sort of relate to what these women are experiencing. In fact I just filled out a Holla Back survey about street harassment.

However, due to stupid PC, no one can complain about gay men harassing straight guys because gay men are now everyone’s PC pets that can do no wrong.


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