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Matt Forney (In Mala Fide) on the Manosphere


Read it all. My thoughts exactly.

The takeaway line:

The manosphere today is primarily comprised of losers, weirdos and freaks. Cuckold fetishists who orbit Red Pill Women™ begging for stories of them getting fucked by their oh-so-alpha hubbies. Keyboard players who’d rather hate-masturbate to the latest Jezebel article then do something interesting with their lives. 30-year old virgins who lecture other men about “hypergamy” and “solipsism.” Plain Jane groupies who flash their panties at men in exchange for little pats on the head. And they’ll all gladly support frauds, so long as those frauds tell them what they want to hear.

I am a member of the Manosphere, but I must admit that I hate it. I suppose I am the Left “Men’s Liberation”wing, but that has about zero members other than me.

What the Hell is a Red Pill Woman? One with an Alpha fetish? Tell her to give me a call. I do not hate Jezebel. I do not hate feminists. Sure, many to most feminists are idiots, but so are Manopshere types! In fact, there are fewer idiots in the feminist space than in the Manosphere. And Jezebel is one of the more rational feminist hangouts on the web.

Yes, the incels are preposterous, but they are an important part of our movement. Tell some of those panty-flashing groupies to give me a call.

The last comment is a perfect reference to Roissy and all of the other tools out there.

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More Answers to Confused People

From Heartiste:

Bit of a thread jack…

What do you make of this moron?

He claims to be a PUA race realist but maintains he’s an anti racist feminist who hates the GOP.

Is he a parody? Or is this twat for real?

More people who don’t get me.

A race realist can certainly be a nonracist or an antiracist. In fact, that is one contradiction I was trying to end with Liberal Race Realism. Race realism simply says that race is real. One can believe that race is real without being a racist and hating other races. The fact that 99% of race realists are racist scumbags is unfortunate, but it doesn’t have to be that way. That race realist has come to = racist is sad, and it plays into the hands of the antiracist nuts who say the same thing – that all race realists are vicious Nazis.

One can certainly be a PUA/Game, MRA/Manosphere type and still be a feminist. A person like this would probably be an equity feminist as opposed to a gender feminist, since gender feminism is opposed to everything the Manosphere and MRA movement is all about.

I come out of a Left movement called Men’s Liberation. This was a movement that started in the 1970′s in tandem with the Women’s Liberation movement which later molted into feminism. The Women’s Lib and Men’s Lib movements used to work together quite a bit, but fractures were already beginning early on. Warren Farrel also came out of this movement, and this MRA hero continues to identify as a feminist.

The Men’s Lib movement got a little nutty, of course, as all such movements do – there was always a homosexual trend in the movement, and some fools were ranting about how a true Men’s Libber had to get over his inhibitions about loving and getting close to other men – in other words, you were not a truly liberated male until you got over your inhibitions about homosexuality and started screwing guys. Crazy.

The movement pretty much petered out at the end of the 1970′s.

I see no contradiction whatsoever in MRA/Manosphere types being Equity Feminists. That nearly the entire movement has been taken over the worst misogynists – reactionaries – idiots, who of course hold feminism as the greatest evil of all, is sad but to be expected.

Face it, the liberation of women was one of the great liberation movements of the 20th Century. It is one of the progressive movements greatest achievements. The fact that feminism has gone too far, beyond actual liberation and into simple puritanism, misandry, matriarchy and women waging war on men is sad but it doesn’t have to be that way. Most sane women want equal rights and all decent men should support them in that goal.

Similarly, most PUA/Game types going back a ways were always feminists. After all, players truly love women. And playboys have been liberals, progressives or even socialists for a very long time now. In the 1970′s, it was automatically assumed that a playboy was a liberal. Playboy and Penthouse Magazines were liberal publications. The porn industry is full of liberal to leftwing types.

This modern thing of player as ultra-reactionary, feminist hater, white racist is a whole new ballgame. I do not know what to make of it, but it was not always that way I assure you.

Yep, I hate the GOP. Why must all MRA/Manosphere types be reactionaries? I don’t get it. If you are a man, you should be for men. If you are for men, why must you be a reactionary kook? Why can’t progressive men be for men too? The Men’s Liberation movement was made up of progressive men who were for the men. It’s not a contradiction.

Why must all race realists be Republicans? What have the Republicans done for you lately, White boy? Are they keeping the niggers down well enough for you, cracker? It’s never made sense that White racists vote GOP and the Republicans never do the slightest damn thing for White people. Sure they sock it to Blacks, but how does that help you as a White man?

And the modern notion that all playboys are Republicans or worse, ultra-reactionaries, is simply bizarre. Historically, it doesn’t make a lot of sense. Casanova was a progressive fellow. So was Rasputin. And Ted Kennedy. Not to mention Bill Clinton.

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Game/PUA: Why I Quit Dating Black Women

I have only dated a few Black women, maybe 7? And of those, I had sex with maybe 5 of them. I haven’t touched a Black woman since ~1986, and I am through with them.

I have pretty much had it with them after that one diabolical man-hating, using, Black whore “girlfriend” who called herself “schoolteacher.”

That cunt virtually charged me just to walk in her door whether we were going to fuck or not. If I wanted to walk in her door, that cost something called “breakfast” or “lunch,” always at a nice place like Red Onion. As in ~$30. Then I was allowed to go back to her place and actually come inside her condo. More often than not, she simply refused to fuck.

Wait. That’s actually worse than a whore. At least a whore services your dick. This bitch wanted to be paid in order to have someone talk to her and look at her! You’re in pretty bad shape as a woman when whores look better than you do!

On the not frequent occasions that we did fuck, that cost something called “dinner” = $50. After a while, I just thought of saying, “Look, let’s just forget the dinner and go to your place, I hand you the $50 or put in on your bed-stand, and then we do it. Let’s toss aside all of these phony pretenses. If you’re a whore, you’re a whore. If you’re a ‘fancy dinner’ whore, you’re still a whore because you’re charging me money for every time I fuck you, bitch.”

I will say that the few actual whores that I have dealt with actually a lot nicer than this “girlfriend” and of course they were better fucks. And they didn’t charge a whole lot more than she did.

She also had a horrible habit of making dates and then breaking them at the last minute for no reason, humiliating me and making me look like a fool to my friends.

Friend: “Hey Bob! Why are you at home this Friday nite? I thought you had a date [Miss Bitch]? “

Me (humiliated and ashamed): “Yeah, I did. But she broke the date at the last minute. She called me and said she couldn’t make it.”

Friend: Does not comment but instead looks at me with disgust like I am complete loser wimp idiot.

This woman had absolute contempt for the entire Male Race. Her attitude about men was, “All men are pigs and cheating dogs, and you can’t trust em for shit. They’re worthless, and they are only good for one thing.” And even for that one thing, the general idea is that males are walking ATM’s to be milked for as much money as you can possibly rip the dogs for. In return for stealing as much as you can from them, you will have to trade the pussy, but it’s a small tradeoff.

Relationships with men are basically worthless due to the dog nature of all males. The only worthwhile relationships are with other Black females – our friends, mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts, and daughters, all of whom of course share the same attitude towards men that you see above.

After a lot of analysis, I figured out that she got this mindset from the Black women that were around her in her formative years, and I assume her Black female relatives felt the same way she did.

Then I started thinking that maybe this was the general attitude that most Black women had towards Black men, and I saw some evidence of that. So in the Black community, the sexes are basically at war and perhaps have been for a long time.

I told some sympathetic Black women about this, and they said this attitude is very common, and “it all goes back to slavery.” I have no idea when it started or why, all I know is no more chocolate for me. The rest of you guys can knock yourselves out. I am through.

I used to teach in Black schools a lot, and the students would ask me if I dated Black women. I would say yes, but then usually I would relate this story, as she and I were “together” for ~1 year.

Virtually 100% of the young Black high school girls defended this bitch’s horrific behavior.

“She was juicing you out! You deserved it!”

I thought, “Wow, what a lousy attitude these bitches have!”

After a while, I said, “No more Black women. Ever.”

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Game/PUA: Reading Women and Reading Minds

There is no way could I possibly have autism. Assburgers folks cannot read body language at all.

I am a supergenius at reading people and understanding body language, and I can even go beyond that – it seems like I can almost read minds. Not in a psychotic way you know, but I can get the feeling of whatever you are  thinking about in their heads especially if it relates to me.

In other words, if you were thinking of a number between 1 and 1 million or if you were thinking about that vacation you took to Washington state in 1998 with your friend Bill and you met your brother and his friends and their girlfriends there and you all got stoned and am in lakes, of course I could not read your mind to tell you either the number of what you were thinking about when you thought about that trip.

But then there’s other stuff:

One time a few years back, I was trying to pick up this young girl who worked at the bank. She was ~20 years old. She was always staring at me in a blatantly obvious sexual way like I was on the menu for lunch. But then I would talk to her at the window, and she would put this shield up and be weird, so I could not figure it out. I asked my young female friends and they could not figure it out either.

“I don’t know. Women are so weird sometimes. I can’t even understand them myself half the time,” my 20 yr old college girl friend told me.

So one day I got bold and took a business card and wrote on the back, “Can I have your phone number, Maria?” Not only that, but I let others go ahead of me in line so I could specifically get her as a teller.

She saw me doing that and was like, “Huh WTF?”

We did our transaction, and then I was reaching into my wallet for the card to give her, and I was thinking, “Damn I want your number baby!”

I looked up at her as I grabbed the card, and she looked right at me, and I read her mind.

Her mind said, “Dude! Don’t you even ask me for phone number! I don’t want you at all! You’re too old!”

Well it seemed like she was saying that anyway. I could not actually hear her thoughts auditorily or see them visually, but instead that was just the message I got off her somehow that I cannot explain.

I got that message and I was like “Wow!”

I just put the card back and walked away. Then I went home and tore up the card.

Later I thought about it a lot and I finally figured out that she thinks I am attractive and she likes to fantasize about me sexually or at least feast on my looks, but she doesn’t actually want to go out with me for reals, probably due to age. You know, there’s fantasy, and then there’s stuff you really want to do. Since then, I have run into a number of young women who come off at me like that. They are just enjoying me for the eye candy but they have no interest in dating me at all.

I figure it out, and I am like, “Ah another one of those look don’t touch young chicks who likes to daydream. Moving right along now.”

That is probably one of the weirdest and hardest messages to read off a woman – that she likes to fantasize about fucking you, but she doesn’t actually want to do it.

There’s a whole vibe associated with that, but surely it goes over the head of 99% of guys.

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The Sigma Male

Thylezian writes:

To be honest I’m new to this whole “game” thing. I had to look it up. (Obviously not quite the same thing as game theory in the mathematical sense, though models could be useful if there is any scientific basis to it.) I had assumed what you were talking about was a thing related to the dynamics of herd animals as applied to humans.

I am mainly going by your descriptions of the same. It just seems there is likely some sort of intermediate between Betas and Omegas on your description. (Kind of people who are not outright “losers”* Having looked it up, people seem to have come up with not only Gammas but Deltas and something called Sigmas, which is something off the scale (and possibly vaguely psychopathic sounding).

Looking over this list, I am almost certain that I am a Sigma. There is no way on Earth I could possibly be an Alpha. Even if I were an Alpha, I am not sure I would identify as one, as to me, any guy who goes around shouting, “I am an Alpha!” while he may well be an Alpha, I think he is being a pretty lousy Alpha.

The true pure Alpha would not even care if he were an Alpha or not.

If asked, he would respond, “I don’t know? Do you think I’m an Alpha? Well, if you say I am, then maybe I am, who knows? Honestly, I don’t care if I’m an Alpha or not, as those terms mean little to me.”

In addition, I am not extroverted enough, status conscious enough or a natural leader. Not only am I not status conscious, but I do not even care one whit about status rankings. I am not interested in competing with other men because in my opinion hardly any of them are really competition. I look around the crowded bar and say, “Competition? What competition?” That isn’t really a factual statement as there are definitely guys in life and even in that room who could outcompete me in my areas of life and even in Game.

But I simply choose to be irrational see the illusion that none of them are any competition for me and I can basically beat all of them anyway, not that it matters. If I do not get the hot chick, I just shrug and say to myself that there will be 5-10 others along soon enough anyway. I don’t even really care about sex or whether I have it or not. I am certainly not willing to go to outrageous extremes to get it; I would rather sit back and let it fall into my lap, and that is almost what it seems to do quite a bit.

The site says that Sigmas often infuriate Alphas because Sigmas refuse to accept the Alphas’ superiority or dominance. In fact, we often are so nervy that we laugh at them. That is exactly right. I do not acknowledge anyone’s dominance in general, and would definitely laugh at an Alpha if I were so included. Sigmas can much more introverted than Alphas also, and that’s me.

Alphas are very conscious of social rules as they are all wrapped up on popularity/networking/business personal transactions in which social rules and mores are very strictly adhered to and violation of the rules has serious consequences. But Sigmas reject all of that unnecessary socializing and they are willing to break many if not all social rules if they feel like it. They are nonconformists, and Alphas often envy them for not being enslaved to social rules.

I have always been a bit of a loner, even when I was having parties with kegs of beer, live bands and 200 people in the house, almost all of them known by me.

I am not only not a leader, I am not even a joiner. And people definitely think I am strange or weird. I have exuded a bad boy persona for a very long time; in fact, a lot of people think I might be a hidden sociopath or even a dangerous criminal. I sold drugs on the street for many years and never got caught.

Even though people think I am weird, I have always been able to get chicks since I was 18 or so, quite often cute, pretty, hot or beautiful ones. When I was younger, I sometimes had 3 gf’s at once and then whatever I could scrape up on the side.

But I am basically an outsider – outside of society.

Car Guy told me a while back that he didn’t think I was an Alpha at all; instead I was a Sigma. It was interesting at the time, but I wasn’t into Game too much because, after all, Sigmas don’t follow rulebooks like that. We prefer to make it up as we go along.

So Sigma it is, and Sigma it will be then. Sigmas FTW!

More on Sigma Males here and here (Roissy). Roissy sees them as somewhere in between high Betas and Low Alphas, or a sort of Beta-Alpha transitional type. That makes sense to me. Although in the piece Roissy refers to them as “renegade Alphas,” and others refer to them as “introverted Alphas,” I do not think that is true. Instead, Sigmas are their own category probably between a Beta and Alpha. Not that a real Sigma would give a flying fuck where he was on that list anyway.

The first link also goes over the odd categories of Deltas, Gammas and the mysterious Lambdas who make no sense to me.

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Gammas in Game Theory

Thylezian writes:

Can it perhaps be said there are some guys who fall somewhere between gamma and psi (i.e. not quite beta, not quite omega?) Not too sure where I’d fall, ’tis all.

You talking about Low Betas and High Betas, with Gammas being Low Betas/High Omegas?

There is some stuff online about Gammas, but I am not sure what they are.

Sure, Gammas or Low Betas might exist.

There may even be a hierarchy among Omegas, as insane as it sounds.

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Definitions of Alpha, Beta and Omega

There are many, many definitions of such things but this is the best definition I have ever come across:

1. Alpha: Attractive to all, most or many of the females all, most or much of the time. Or at the least is attractive to many of the females much of the time. In other words, he’s “the guy they all want,” as the saying goes. They do not only attract hotties or beauties. They will attract all sorts of females, including the homelies and fatties. But at least some of the females attracted to him with be hotties or beauties, including some of the hottest females of all.

A very poor choice as a husband since most are inveterate cheaters. Confidence and dominance comes naturally and is not forced – it is completely unconscious. Can be anywhere from very friendly to extreme assholes – no real stereotypes there. Some are very competitive but others simply consider that other men are not competition at all since they know they are better, so they don’t really compete with any other men, but they still sort of win in some way anyway.

May be anywhere to very rich to very poor. Some Alphas stay poor their whole lives, live off welfare or women, get by via crime or selling dope, or are lazy or irresponsible. Interestingly, even older Alphas continue to attract many women even far into adulthood even when they are living in poverty or near poverty. Women simply do not care if an Alpha has any money or not. The Alpha is the exception to the rule that you need to money to get women. In fact, a 40 or 50 year old Alpha can live at the poverty level and still attract some of the most striking women around.

This is because women’s attraction to Alphas is on the physical level and not the monetary level. If he has money, even better. This is the “rock star” type. He’s not only a hot stud, but he’s bucks up. Perfect.

Some Alphas are misogynists, but many others love women very much. Androgyny is common, as an open female side allows the Alpha to feel a strong kinship with females and relate easily to them. Alphas often have many female friends in addition to whatever romantic or sexual stuff is going on.

Often they simply prefer to be around females because hanging around guys seems useless, there’s no pussy around (so what’s the point?) and guys can be dangerous, start stupid fights, steal stuff and create often dangerous drama and whatnot. Females are harmless, can’t hurt you and probably won’t steal from you, and any drama created is not usually dangerous, so they are a no-risk hangout.There’s really only a few types of guys who hang around women all the time:

  • Gay men.
  • Totally feminized/Omega idiots who if not gay may as well be.
  • Alphas.

Alphas are bad boys, and they relish the bad boy game. It’s not uncommon for them to have criminal records. There are probably quite a few Alphas in jails and prisons, I would imagine.

The body language of the Alpha is one of pure, unconscious, often friendly dominance. You can even see this in the way they sit or position their arms and legs. The legs and arms are often wide apart in a show of dominance. If you see at Alpha at a table with other men, he will appear to dominate the table with the positioning of his arms and legs. However, even when dominating a table like that, they can often be very friendly.

It is wrong to see all Alphas as assholes and jerks. As Alphas are secure and not worried about other men as competition, there is no need to put them down or insult them or even compete with them, so the Alpha can afford to be very friendly with other men as they are not a competitive threat. Conflict often stems from weakness and insecurity. Often Alphas treat the other males in the room as if they are simply not present at all and only focus on the females in the room.

Supposedly when there are two Alphas in a room, they will conflict, but that is not necessarily so. Often they simply see themselves as members of the Alpha Brotherhood, sort of partners in crime in the Alpha Pussy Hunters Organized Crime Gang, Inc. They work and plot together and even divvy up the pussy loot.

Alphas do not care what sort of guys they hang out with because it doesn’t matter. Insecure guys worry about their friends and stress about having an idiot next to them turning off the chicks. Alphas are not worried. An Alpha will deliberately walk up to the biggest and most pitiful Omega in the bar and become best friends with him. This is the guy who has been insulted and humiliated by all the Betas in the room because in their insecurity, they need to put down their lessers. This guy is obviously an Omega, so the Alpha feels why belabor the point and make the guy suffer?

Besides it is a show of strength to be nice to a complete Omega idiot, as weak men will take the easy way out and degrade and laugh at him. The Alpha will stay with the Omega for the rest of the night in the bar, and the women will continue to approach the Alpha or he can approach them. The women will not care that the Alpha has an Omega moron beside him as he is not important. Besides they might admire him for being a nice guy for befriending this obvious loser.

What I am getting at is that Alphas are not hindered or hampered by their choice of wingmen or buddies. To women, it simply does not matter as the Alpha is the only attraction. On the other hand, Betas are terrified of geeky wingmen and buddies and do their best to pick studly pals to up their chances with the ladies.

Alphas are generally a minority, maybe 15% of males, although this is controversial.

2. Beta: Attractive to some of the females some of the time. They are capable of attracting females, but he’s not the “one they all want.” Can indeed get hotties or even beauties, especially if they make lots of money or are nice guys and good with kids. Some hotties and beauties will hook up with a Beta when they want to get married because he will be a good, faithful husband and father and will be great with the kids.

Often in their 30′s, women will grab a Beta to settle down, especially after they tire of a lifetime of getting fucked over by Alpha assholes and bastards. Betas make the ultimate husbands and fathers as Alphas are horrible husbands and uncertain and possibly unreliable fathers. But women sometimes bore with Beta husbands and dominate, belittle, pussy whip or cheat on them with Alpha bad boy bastards.

Betas differ a lot, ranging to very nice guys to extreme overcompensating assholes, but quite a few are nice guys. Unfortunately, you know how races turn out.

Some Betas overcompensate, insist they are Alphas, scream it to the sky, dominate, insult, and humiliate and even start fights with other men in an attempt to be Alpha. Generally speaking, men who “try” to be Alpha are not real Alphas although they can sometimes appear to be. Some might be called “synthetic Alphas” or “high Betas.” This is because true Alphas don’t even try to be Alpha. It seems to “come naturally” to them. Being Alpha is simply normal to them. It’s the only way they know how to be; it’s become second nature.

Although this is controversial, I doubt if these overcompensating Alphas guys are really Alphas. For one thing, an Alpha doesn’t need to raise himself up by putting other guys down as he’s already up in the clouds. For another, Alphas are typically not worried about the competition so there is no need to attack other guys. The Alpha looks around the room, shrugs his shoulders, and says, “Competition, what competition LOL? You call that competition LOL?”

There is nothing wrong with being a Beta as the vast majority of ordinary, everyday guys are simply Betas. The Beta is the “ordinary man,” or the “man on the street.” There is no shame in being an Alpha! What’s wrong with being a regular guy anyway? Betas may be 70% of males, but once again this is controversial.

Omegas: Omegas are wanted by none of the females, all of the time. The Omegas are the losers in the game of sex. Many incels and long-term male virgins are Omegas. When an Omega is in the room, most of the females will not necessarily disdain or attack him, instead they will simply ignore him as if he is not even there at all. Low self esteem is very common among Omegas and has typically been chronic and even lifelong. It is very hard to treat or cure long-term low self-esteem as it tends to be resistant to treatment.

Omegas are passive, shy, weak, sensitive and emotional. They avoid all conflict and are afraid to approach others or especially women.

There is a type of “active Omega” or “extroverted Omega,” who, while still quite a geek, is nevertheless quite outgoing. These men often bother or pester uninterested women and are often accused by females of sexual harassment. Some stalk, harass, hide and jump out at women, grab them inappropriately and are just generally “creepy.” These men are “cringe-worthy” as their geeky, embarrassing extrovertedness is inappropriate, offensive, pitiful and often inducing “cringing” in those around them.

Females call Omegas creeps, losers, geeks, idiots, fools, nerds, etc. Females laugh at them but also hold them in extreme contempt. Strangely, females are also often afraid of Omegas as they wrongly associate creepiness with dangerousness when in fact dangerous sociopaths are often charming ladies’ men.

Other males’ attitudes towards Omegas varies. Omegas do not necessarily lack friendships and tend to form close bonds with other males, who are typically also Omegas. They hold “pity parties” and drown their woes in booze or maybe dope. An Omega will often make an excellent loyal friend to any man. On the downside, they can be pitiful and depressing to be around.

Some Omegas start to strongly hate females as many females have typically been very cruel to them for a long time. Some long to lash out at the females who they think have hurt them. This is not really irrational since if you hit a man enough times, he might start hitting back.

A few Omegas are simply dangerous. They hoard weapons, hide themselves away from other humans, play video games all day in the basement and just generally act weird. At times, their pent up rage explodes in horrific ways and people end up dead. Quite a few of the recent notorious school shooters were this type of “dangerous Omega.”

Omegas often do form relationships with or even marry women, often later in life. These tend to be “last in line” females who feel rejected by society, men and even other women. They are shy, often have low self esteem and bond with the Omega as they see themselves as more or less Omega Women (yes females also have hierarchies).

These marriages are not necessarily as horrible as one might think as the female Omega sees the male Omega as her peer. It’s “this Omega and me against the cold, cruel world.” The Omega and his Omega girl have both been horribly beat up by life, so neither one wants to put the other down or imitate the bullies and meanies who have caused them so much pain in life.

Omega men are not necessarily terrible in bed, and once they get with an Omega woman, they can often have a lot of sex, possibly from pent-up frustration or because males of all types are capable of being sex maniacs. Omega women are often frustrated by men and lack of sex and they can be quite maniacal in bed, possibly making up for lost time.

Many Omegas are very nice guys, almost too nice. Many seem to have had all of the cruelty and meanness sucked out them. They are passive, kind, often loving, warm and frequently submissive. Many are “the ultimate nice guys.” They abhor conflict and often let people beat up on them just to have some friends since they feel they deserve it or can’t do better.

The natural submissiveness of the Omega unfortunately brings out the natural animal urge to dominate present in humans, so Omegas are frequently bullied, often all through life. Omegas are often depressed and/or anxious, trips to the therapist are not uncommon, and many are on psychiatric meds for this or that. Suicide attempts are not uncommon. Curiously, many Omegas make excellent employees as they often have very high moral values and are very conscientious.

Omegas probably make good albeit weak husbands and are probably devoted fathers.

Omegas are “too nice for their own good.” Omegas will never stand up to women are frequently end up pussy-whipped. They take any insult from women and just get horribly hurt and never fight back. Instead they feel devastated and sulk off to their room. If there is a sex attempt soon afterwards, they will often be impotent as they are still too devastated from being horribly bitched out.

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The Eternal Jailbait Question

Clubfoot Superstar wrote:

Have you red this Reddit thread?

Yes, I have read many such threads. The arguments go round and round. I think the sane answer is that of course it is normal for men of any age to be attracted to teenage girls, and it’s completely normal to experience such feelings. However, most discussions on the Web say you shouldn’t be messing with them for a variety of reasons, and I agree with that.

The typically cited reason is that you are taking advantage of them because children are brought up to obey adults, and girls are raised to obey males, especially men. Personally I think it is really cool that we socialize our females to obey us. Hopefully they retain this attractive quality far into adulthood.

Also you are taking advantage of them because their minds are not mature. The mind is not fully mature until age ~25, so therefore, it should be illegal for older people to have sex with 18-25 yr olds, right? Why don’t we raise the age of consent to age 25 because with their undeveloped brains, persons under age 25 lack the maturity to consent to sex?

Supposedly girls are brought up to obey adults, especially men. OK that means that teenage girls ought to be easy pickings for us guys, right? But it’s not really true.

Young men age 18-25 can do pretty well with underage teenage girls, but after that, it gets a lot dicier.

A friend of mine at age 29 screwed a 15 year old girl, a friend of his sisters, on her request apparently. The guy was basically an Alpha and a sociopath to boot. That was probably the only reason he got her; most guys that age she would not have been interested in. I do not think most underage teenage girls are into guys over 25 or so and as you get older and older, it is pretty much only the more Alpha guys who continue to attract the jailbait as most jailbaits find men uninteresting past a certain age. An Alpha could conceivably still be attracting jailbaits even into his 50′s, whereas most jailbaits would find 99% of men that age to be “grandpa.”

This whole discussion centers around the insane notion that jailbaits are easy pickings for any adult male of any age. What bullshit. If the age of consent were lowered to 16 or even 14 tomorrow, how many girls that age do you think I would get, even if I were inclined? Approximately zero, and I know that is true. At my age, I am “Daddy” but more like “Grandpa” to those girls. They are not interested in me. I am an old man. So getting these girls is not an easy feat at all as most of them see us as too old once we are past a certain age. If society realized that, maybe they would lighten up a bit on this issue.

Also, does a girl automagically become mature enough to have sex and lose her undeveloped jailbait brain when she hits 18? Dubious. So then really a 38 year old man with an 18 year old girl is about as bad as a older male of any age with a 16 yr old girl. He is still “using his age to his advantage,” “manipulating her,” “taking advantage of the fact that she was raised to obey men,” bla bla bla bullshit.

And what about states and countries where the AOC is 16 instead of 18? Is there any evidence that in those states 16 and 17 yr old girls suddenly become much more mature at age 16 than in states where the AOC is 18? Of course not.

I agree that you shouldn’t be messing with jailbaits at some point as an adult. What that age is where you have to watch it, I have no idea. But 20 year old men are getting nailed for doing 15 year old girls, so you might want to be very careful. Men aged 18-22 is a grey area, and you may or may not get away with it, but by 23, you best keep your hands off period. I have not touched any jailbait since age 21, and I am very happy with that. Human beings are capable of restraint you know.

I also think a lot of these guys arguing that these laws are insane and we need to get rid of them are arguing with a wall. For myself, I do not care what the age of consent is, 14, 16, 18, who cares? If they are under it, I ain’t touching them. As far as the “injustice” of it, so what? Like teenyboppers are the only available females out there. Are the laws stupid and unfair? Yes, sort of, but don’t you think we have draw the line somewhere and have some age of consent at some age? The law’s the law, just obey it (especially in this case) and don’t philosophize or agonize about it. Break the law at your peril.

Personally, I think most of the “taking advantage” and “immature” arguments are retarded, and I don’t think those are good reasons not to do such thing.

The real good reasons to keep your hands the Hell off is the Law. And nowadays the law has become increasingly insane about this area.

At my age, if I mess with a 16 yr old girl (which to me is not even immoral if she is 16 going on 30), I would probably go down for 10 hard years. I might get beat up in jail. The papers would write me up as “child molester,” “pedophile,” and other bullshit lies. When you get out, if even do you get out, you go on the stupid Sex Offender Registry for the rest of your life. You have to register everywhere you go, and you are often prevented from residing in many locales. You may find it hard or impossible to get a job. If your neighbors look up that registry and see you on it, they may vandalize your home or vehicle, and they may beat you up.

In a nutshell, unless you leave the country, your life is permanently thrashed, and you may as well just kill yourself.

All for some young nookie.

Yeah, that is so worth it. Not.

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Half Your Age Plus Seven

Tulio writes:

But alas, that day will come where no young girl mistakes me for being a 20-something and I’ll have to bump it up. What’s the rule for dating younger women? Half your age plus 7 is as low as you can go? Well I’ve broken that rule before and gladly will again, but by that rule you can be a 60 year old man and date a 37 year old. More realistically though, if you’ve taken care of yourself and have some money and status, a 60 year old man should be able to get an attractive 45 year old no problem.

That rule is not very good. A better rule would be half your age period. I am close to 60, and if I didn’t have a girlfriend, I could easily get 28-29 year olds. Well not easily, but they are certainly out there and available to me in recent years. But then again, maybe I am not an ordinary guy.

When I was 20, a 12 year old girl who I was friends with from my job as school janitor openly propositioned me. I laughed really hard, and yeah, I turned her down.

So that is half my age +2.

When I was 27, I had a 13 year old girl in my class openly proposition me in front of the whole class. The class pointed it out to me and I went up to her and asked her, “Is that true? You want me to meet you after school at the park so I can have sex with you.” She nodded her head very fast and all the other kids started clapping and cheering. At that age, I thought 13 year old girls were hot (not really anymore – that is too much of a little girl to me at age now) but I didn’t take her up on her offer.

So that was half my age again.

At age 33, I had 18 year old girls after me. I was a teacher and they were my students. A couple of them gave me their phone numbers, asked me to be their boyfriend, etc. I turned them down too. One was hard to turn down as she was the Homecoming Queen! She was a real beauty. I believe it was legal, but I was afraid of losing my job.

So that is half my age+1.

When I was 43, I was dating an 18 year old girl.

So that is half my age minus 3.

At the same age, I had a  few girls aged 15-17 openly propositioning me, offering to send me nude pics, all sorts of insane stuff. I turned them all down for sex though.

They would be half my age minus 4-6.

Once I got to age 47, all of a sudden I could not talk to or even look at not only underage teenage girls but also women about 18-23. So that as low as I could go was half my age or 24. I did in fact get a 24 year old woman at that age, and even then, there were a few hotties 18-23 who acted like they could go for me.

As I got older than age 52 or so, even those few hotties dried up, and at this point, for sure no woman age 18-23 wants me, but I would say no woman aged 18-26 wants me. I just figure those are the facts and run with it and don’t flirt with girls that age very much.

A few years ago, I met a 17 year old girl, and it was blatantly obvious to everyone what was going on. That never went anywhere.

That would be half my age -9! Whoa.

However, recently I met a 16 year old girl (!) who was like way, way, way, way too friendly. She was also 16 going on 30, extremely beautiful with a wonderful personality. Nothing happened, just talked a bit, but it was weird even talking to her as she scares the crap out of me. Basically I think she is dangerous as Hell, and I really hope I don’t see her anymore. I don’t even want chicks like that to even be around – too tempting.

That would be half my age – 12. Wow!

I can talk to underage teenage girls, especially age 16-17, but I would be much more comfortable if they had only a platonic interest in me, and we got that out of the way fast. Then maybe I could even have a platonic friendship with them. When they are really hot for you, it becomes extremely tempting.

In 2012, I had a couple of gf’s in the US who were 28-29.

That is 1/2 my age.

However, a few years ago after I joined Facebook, I got barraged by cute little Filipina spinners chasing after me. One of them would somehow friend me, and then pretty soon all of their little friends see the hot American White dude on her friends list, and they all started adding me as a friend.

One by one they would come to me, all from the same area or even from the same city (!), all pretty cute and about 19-35, with most 19-28. Every other day, there was a new one coming up to me. Every one of them was like, “Hey, you like me? You want me? I like you honey. You are so handsome! Hey baby, you come to Philippines, you stay here with me, you like me, you marry me, ok? And I give you a kid too, as many you want. And I stay with you forever and be your devoted wife.”

I told some of them that their friends were already messaging me with the same lines, and it turned out those were their cousins or sometimes their friends.

Then they would often start fighting and competing and saying, “Pick me, not her. She’s bad. I am better, and here’s why.” Most do not out and out ask for money, but some hint around about that, yet I still do not think they are scammers. Just desperately poor people.

A lot of them ask to see pics and then ask if you have any nudes. Some want to see any nude pics you have. I even had one offer to take me some nudes, but she wanted some help for a trip to Manila to get work for those choice photos. I never sent any of them any money.

They are basically all genuine as I see it. They are all desperately poor I think, and they figure marrying an American White dude is a great way to get out of poverty.

Most of the were extremely sweet, kind and loving, with little or no aggression, hate or anger in them. Basically 100% submissive females, and all of the aggression has been cultured out of them.

I was a bit tempted not so much for marriage (but they would make cool wives) but more for a kid. I never had a kid, and I would not mind making one at this point except that it requires a young woman.

So they would be mostly half my age -9 to half my age.

I also had a Peruvian woman age 27 come to me in the past several years. We got on cam a lot and one day she called me. I asked who it was and she said in Spanish, “It’s the girl who wants to marry you.” She too said, hey, you come down here, you stay with me a while, we see if we like each other, if we do, you marry me, and maybe I give you a kid.” She was a real cutie too, and really smart, a college student. Also pretty poor.

That would be half my age+1.

Then somehow I met this older Peruvian woman about 45 who married some older White guy. She found out I was single and she started turning me on to these Peruvian chick friends of hers. They were like 28-32 or so. I talked to one and she was extremely sweet. The ones I met were all pretty smart. Same deal, looking to marry an American White guy and I guess get out of the 3rd World.

That would be half my age+2.

So for the US and the West, at age 56, I would say that I could go as low as 28-29 at this point with some rare exceptions.

And for overseas, at age 56, I guess the sky is the limit. So far the youngest was 19.

The problem here is that Alphas can break most any of those formulas.

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How Do You Know If You Are Alpha or Not?

Tulio was discussing the “half your age +7 rule is as low as you can get” for men dating younger women. The rule is OK, but in my life, it has been more like half my age period to even half your age -X.

Now whether the rules are different for more Alpha types, I have no idea. For one thing, I have no idea if I am an Alpha or not. A number of people have told me that I obviously am, but I am not so sure.

I do meet one of the criteria thrown out for Alphas. Supposedly once you have fucked 100 females, you are automatically an Alpha no matter what your life has been like. Last count was 109, so I guess I qualify on that one. I told that to my current girlfriend, and she was leaning over in bed one night and asked, “So I am #109 now eh, is that what we are up to?” “I said yep, it was 108, and now you are 109 LOL.” She didn’t seem to care that she the last entry on a long list. Actually, I think it turned her on.

Tell you the truth, I do not even care if I am an Alpha or not.

I think most real Alphas, if you asked them if they were an Alpha or not, would shrug their shoulders and say, “Who the fuck cares?”

The PUA and Game Sphere is full of all of these fucktard young men running around yelling, “I am an Alpha, and fuck all the rest of you pussies I am going to kick your faggot beta asses!” I am really dubious about those guys because I doubt real Alphas shout it to the sky.

Real Alphas just know it and don’t have to brag about it. I suppose they figure it must be obvious what they are. They probably don’t care whether you think they are or not, and they probably don’t even walk around thinking, “I am an Alpha” very much.

In that same Sphere, those same guys say Alphas size up every man they meet to see if he is Alpha, Beta or Omega, and then deal with them accordingly. They dominate the Betas and disdain, humiliate or ignore the Omegas.

I wonder if these guys are really Alphas. I figure most Alphas don’t even care about what the other guys are because they simply do not see them as competition. Another Alpha is just a member of the brotherhood who you divide up the pussy loot with.

If an Alpha meets another man, I doubt if he sizes him up that way.His attitude is probably, “LOL, competition? You call that competition LOL?. Don’t think so.” They don’t see other men as competitors at all because they figure they walk on water already, so why be worried about these guys?

Alphas are focused on the women, and they are just ignoring all the guys, who are only inconsequential anyway.

And I doubt if all Alphas dominate, disdain, humiliate or ignore other men. Alpha is a position of strength, not weakness. An Alpha figures, “I can go make friends with that schmuck over there, the biggest Omega in the whole bar, and it won’t even matter.” He’s probably right because even if he is hanging out being bros with that dork, women won’t care and will just gravitate to the Alpha anyway and ignore the dork. A real Alpha is not diminished by his male company as they are inconsequential.

A lot of Alphas I have known were really nice guys,  even to idiots, fools and dorks, because, well, they could afford to be. If you are slamming down other guys all the time, you think they are competition. You are worried about them and concerned with your ranking. You are also insecure. The Alpha is secure and is not worried about his ranking because it is obvious to the whole universe that he is on top, so it’s not even controversial, and there’s nothing to be threatened by.

Also I doubt if Alphas even analyze other men that much. An Alpha is usually thinking about two things:

1. What am I doing now?

2. What am I going to do in the (near) future?

Neither of those involve comparing and ranking with some random dude hitting you up for conversation, so I don’t think they would bother with that ranking type thinking.

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