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What Are These Things?


Well, ok, they are humans, I grant you that. But beyond that, what are they? I mean, it’s a bird, it’s a plane…it’s a male, it’s a female…

We have no idea what the vast majority of these things are. At least with gay men, we do know that they are men, only with a different sexual orientation. With lesbians, yes, they are females, but they only like girls. Ok, I am ok with all of this so far. Now we get to the transsexuals, a very disturbing topic. But at least we know the M-F trannies now consider themselves women, so I will too I suppose. And these bizarre F-M tranny things with their tits hacked off call themselves men. Ok, you’re a man, I agree. At least we know what people are.

But these genderqueer things, and indeed they are things, its, whatsits, heshes, oddbodies or whatever, are screwing up the whole thing. These humans actually refuse to identify as either male or female. Ok, so what do we put on the driver’s license. Which bathroom can they use? What do you write on the chart at the doctor’s office? You can see where this is heading. Lots of problems, to say the least.

I have some extremely serious issues with things that refuse to tell me if they are male or female or what. I am not sure I want these obviously hopelessly confused, mentally ill or biologically broken things around me. They’re just too weird. The world is weird enough without this stuff.

Looking through the photos, it is really hard to tell what gender any of these things are.

I have no idea what the Sasha thing is, but I guess male who thinks it’s a female?

The Finley thing is a female that thinks it’s a male. Ok.

I have no idea what the Sarah thing is except it looks female.

The Rain thing is a male who thinks it’s a female.

Edie is a biologically broken male who thinks it’s a female.

Ammo is probably a hopelessly confused male who thinks it’s a female, but who knows?

Micah is obviously a female who thinks it’s a male.

I believe Marilyn is a female who thinks it’s a male, but I’m confused myself.

I am not understanding Mark at all. This is obviously a biological male. Why does it think it’s a female. Color me befuddled.

This stuff is harder than it looks. A lot of these things change their first names or ask to go by a different first name. So a male name could be a male who thinks it’s a female or a female who thinks it’s a male. A female name could be a female who thinks it’s a male or a male who thinks it’s a female.

Pronouns don’t tell us much either. An article might call Sasha “she” fooling you into thinking it’s a double X, while Sasha is actually a guy who thinks he’s a chick. A description might refer to Finley as “he,” fooling you into thinking it’s all man, but really it’s a chick who thinks she’s a guy.

By definition, genderqueer things are not transsexuals and have not had any sort of gender reassignment surgery.

I did a bit of research on genderqueer and after wading through all the lies and garbage from the genderqueer propagandists, I finally figured out the truth about these things.

All, or nearly all, genderqueer things are simply homosexuals. They’re just gay people. The males who think they are females are gay men. The females who think they are males are lesbians. But these are not just ordinary gay people. A genderqueer male is simply a male who is so queered out that he is practically a woman, though not quite a transsexual. A genderqueer female is simply a lesbian who is so wildly dyked out that she is nearly a man now, but she has not moved into transsexualism.

That’s all they are. Genderqueer is simply an extreme form of homosexuality. Move along now folks, nothing to see here.


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Special Summer Camp for Little Boys Who Think They Are Girls


I don’t know how I feel about this. Am I supposed to feel good about this or something? I don’t feel good about this at all. In fact, I feel horrified. They’re all little boys, but some of them are very little boys. Like, 5 years old or younger. This camp shows them how to put on makeup, dress up like girls, walk like a girl, etc.

I suppose VV Putin simply thinks this sort of thing has gone too far. Who says he’s not right. Why is it that, in order to be on the Left, I have to be ok with something that seems frighteningly creepy and weird? Forget that. Social conservatism, here I come.


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Libfems Versus Radfems

Interview with Gail Dines, radfem, about her anti-porn book Pornland. The interview was written up on the site of the New Left Project, so apparently both libfems (such as the author, Sarah Ditum) and radfems like Dines are both part of the Left.

I do not think men should blanketly oppose feminism as much of the reactionary Manosphere wants us to. However, choosing to support libfems and to oppose radfems seems to be a rational thing to do. In opposing radfems, we avoid the trap saying, “We oppose feminism,” or a cryptic, “We oppose some feminism.” We lay out exactly which feminism we oppose (radfems) and which we support critically (libfems).

Radfems strike me as mentally ill people. As someone who works in mental health, I do not see why I should support a movement full of mentally disturbed people who seek to impose their mental illnesses on society.

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Which War Forward, Western Woman?

Your choice ladies, the Qatar Model or the Brazil Model. Which will it be?

Your choice ladies, the Qatar Model or the Brazil Model. Which will it be?

You radfems don’t like the sexual objectification of females? Fine, I present you with…drum roll…Qatar! You happy now?


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Two Basic Cluster B Personality Types

Third Eye writes:

I suspect that there’s some significant gender bias as to who gets diagnosed sociopathic and who gets diagnosed borderline. Both types are manipulative, and a calculated display of emotional instability often provides a ready-made excuse for sociopathic behavior. Some “borderlines” (particularly female ones) seem to be sociopaths with a superficial emotional veneer for manipulating others and avoiding accountability.

Really what it seems is that Narcissistic Personality Disorder is the male component to Borderline Personality Disorder. The females get Borderline; the males get Narcissistic.

On the other hand, Borderlines and narcissists do tend to act quite a bit differently. I think narcissists are a lot more functional. Quite a few borderlines are so nuts that they are pretty much disabled and can hardly even work. I have never heard of a narcissist disabled like that.

Calculated emotional displays seem more in line with the sociopath and the narcissist. Borderlines can be calculating and wicked, but their emotional stuff mostly seems genuine and not faked. They truly are emotionally out of control, and this is the way they like to be.

I think borderlines and narcissists are one condition that simply manifests differently in the two genders due to gender differences, some of them biological.

That said, there are female narcissists (very annoying and some are even evil), and there are definitely male borderlines. Male borderlines are very bad. Many are in jail or prison. They have a high rate of homosexuality and bisexuality, drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, etc. They can be quite violent and out of control. You really do not want to meet a male borderline. They are no good.

Yes, there are more male sociopaths than female sociopaths. I am not sure what a female sociopath even looks like, but I have seen some online, and they seem pretty evil. They are probably not as dangerous as the males.

The true component of male sociopathy would be Histrionic Personality Disorder. HPD is the female version of the sociopath. It is pretty common, but I am not sure if I ever met one. They are very abusive. The classic HPD personality is “the whore.” Prostitutes, porn stars, strippers, etc. have high rates of HPD. The HPD archetype is the “femme fatale.” The spy Mata Hari was the classic femme fatale and a possible HPD.

Male histrionics are not common, but as you might guess, they have very high rates of homosexuality and bisexuality. This is the dramatic, flamboyant, manipulative, crafty, shallow, promiscuous, gaudy, showy, greedy homosexual type we all know well. Not that all gay men are like this; of course they are not, but most of us would recognize the “type” above as a well-known gay male “type” along the gay male personality spectrum.

Histrionics and narcissists are quite common in the acting profession as you might guess, especially narcissists. Hollywood probably has more narcissists per capita than anywhere else on Earth. In fact, I think most actors and rock star types (especially lead singers) tend to be narcissistic. Their narcissism is often the reason for their oft-noted screwed up lives. A Hollywood marriage is often two narcissistic actors. Narcissists love themselves only. These marriages do not have a long life expectancy.

There is a joke where the journalist is interviewing an actor, and the actor says, “Well! Enough about me. Let’s talk about you. What did you think of my last movie?”


What you have here is two basic personality types:

A Borderline/Narcissistic type which will manifest as borderline in the female and narcissist in the male.

A Sociopath/Histrionic type which will manifest as sociopath in the male and histrionic in the female.


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Female Prisoner Too Violent to Ever Be Let Out


She obviously gets some sort of a DSM diagnosis.

So what do we give her? Antisocial Personality Disorder (sociopath)? I am not so sure about that due to all the self-harm, although she is vicious. Since when do sociopaths display all this self harm? Sociopaths hurt others, not themselves, and they only kill themselves when the jig is up. They commit suicide to avoid arrest or in prison to avoid the pain of imprisonment, but only rarely in other cases, though some get alcoholic, depressed and suicidal in middle age as the sociopathy starts to burn itself out. I think she has some psychopathic traits though and would score fairly high on Hare PC-L test.

She mostly looks like a Borderline. Borderlines can be quite violent, even female borderlines. And borderlines are notorious for horrific self-harm, suicide threats and suicide attempts. They are not usually this violent though. This crazy bitch has murdered a fellow inmate and attacked guards several times, carving up one’s cheek.

Is there a syndrome called Borderline-Sociopath or Sociopathic Borderline? If there is, she might be something like that.

Whatever she is, she sure is awful evil for a female. Females are not usually this bad. Females can be evil, but their evil is more annoying and infuriating than dangerous. Male evil is much worse because it is menacing, violent, dangerous and homicidal. I have dealt with some evil females in my life and while I wanted to kill most of them at the time, obviously I never did it or even tried or plotted. On the other hand, none of them were really dangerous to me. They were just trying to be as infuriating as possible to provoke the maximum possible violent and crazed reaction from me. I call it “trying to get murdered.”

I will take female evil over male evil any day though. Evil men are terrifying. Evil men have tried to kill me, and I say that with all seriousness. I have had scenes with evil males where it was literally kill or be killed. “I either try to kill these guys, or do nothing and let them kill me.” Others have not tried to kill me but instead beat me very badly, even with heavy objects.

As long as humans are not physically dangerous, they can sort of be tolerated no matter how wicked they are. But violence and the threat of injury or death via attack is a whole other matter.



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Gay Paranoia By Straight Men is Idiotic

Jason Y writes:

Seems like gay guys would go after clean cut sporty types (maybe some with muscles or not). I’ve met at least two sporty homophobes (one tries to deny it). I’m assuming they have this attitude because they are sick of gay guys coming on to them. Anyhow, they are overly paranoid. I mean I could see if they felt uneasy around Elton John, but they seem to be paranoid of a lot of men, some straight.

There is no reason whatsoever to be paranoid around other guys because it is pretty simple to figure out if a man is gay or bi or not. If he doesn’t seem obviously gay, just start spending a little time with him, and his orientation will become completely obvious.

I have never befriended a gay man not knowing he was gay. Any guy you are being friendly with who is gay is probably going to make that very clear to you very fast. Most of the gay men that I got even a little bit close to let me know very quickly that they were gay either by flirting with me, their behavior or by giving off a vibe like they were attracted to me. And you ever do get quite friendly with a gay or bi guy to the point where you are spending a bit of time together, any gay or strongly bi man is going to hit on you right away, often immediately. They aren’t going to hide their orientation, become your best friend and suddenly hit on your a month later.

If you are hanging out with a guy at all and he is not trying anything on you, he is basically or mostly straight, period.

Also there is a way that straight guys relate to other straight guys. I can’t put it into words, but it is like this, “One straight guy to another straight guy” way or relating. It’s a gestalt thing, and I can’t describe it, but I know it when I see it. No gay man is ever going to relate to you in this “one straight guy to another straight guy” way. They just don’t do it.

Your best “straight” friend is not secretly gay. I do not believe that this ever happens.

On the other hand, a very large number of basically straight guys will do it with other guys, especially when they are in their 20′s. I have made friends with some guys, spent a lot of time with them, and then months or years into the relationship, they proposition me one night. I usually act like, “Whoa! I didn’t hear that!” and then continue the relationship. Usually they don’t try it again.

Anyway there is no need to be paranoid about men as it is trivial to figure out if your friend is basically straight just by spending a bit of time with him.

Gay paranoia is asinine and gets in the way of a lot really good friendships between straight guys.


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Why I Am Wary Around Gay Men

Robinium writes:

Robert, that’s fine by me.

I come from a leftist background and had to abandon leftist movements because I could not stand any more that you are requested to adopt a specific opinion on a gazillion different topics to be considered leftist, and that you are considered right-wing, fascist etc. if you disagree on even one single topic. The pressure of conformity and of adherence to dogma in these movements is almost as high as in a cult.

So I’m happy whenever I see other leftist “heretics” / free-thinkers. So no problem for me if certain gay behaviors, gays and/or the gay scene (which is a bad scene anyway) seem dubious to you, I prefer different opinions being expressed than suppressed and I don’t think you’ll treat me bad or anything.

I would definitely not treat this guy poorly.

Yes I know some gay guys.

The main problem with them was that they would never stop trying to fuck me. That is still going to be a problem if I try to make friends with quite a few gay guys.

Also they laid a lot of weird trips on me, telling me I was really gay, that I was just like them, that I was a fraud, in the closet, a fake, needed to come out, that I didn’t really like women, etc. That’s a hell of a thing to say to a young single man in his early 20′s. I have no idea why they said that shit, if they really believed it or if that was some devious way to try to pick me up.

Back when I was younger, I had to keep quite a few of them at arms length and adopt a somewhat hostile, “Back Off! Keep your distance dammit!” type scary attitude to get them to be cool enough to converse with. If I tried to get close to them, they would start coming onto me again, and that felt creepy.

I live in a city of 50,000. No doubt there are some gays here. In fact, I think I know a few. But there are no gay bars, gay neighborhoods and any of that bullshit. They just blend in with everyone else and seem just regular ordinary folks.

I did not like living in huge cities with massive gay neighborhoods. I found it very unnerving and distressing. I mean you walk into a restaurant, 75% of the people in there are gay men, and all of them look up immediately and look at me like I am a sirloin steak. And then the waiter is way too friendly. I really do not enjoy experiences like that. I can do without it honestly.

The whole phenomenon of massive gay neighborhoods strikes me as bizarre for some reason.


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10 Similarities Between Conservatives and Radical Feminists

10 Similarities Between Conservatives and Radical Feminists


The Horseshoe Theory states simply that, as you get more and more extreme with respect to a political view (ex: more and more left-wing), you “horseshoe” back around and your actions become similar to that of your philosophical opposite (ex: begin acting more right-wing).

Generalizations of common beliefs between radfems and conservatives.

  1. Generally tend to be middle class+ and white.

  2. They believe women have no sexual agency — conservatives believe the man should make the decisions, and radical feminists believe that the patriarchy makes women straight, and they couldn’t possibly like having sex with men.

  3. Furthermore, both oppose any amount of kink and claim BDSM is harmful.

  4. Both believe in compulsory sexuality — conservatives believe everyone should be straight, and radfems believe all women should be gay.

  5. Both believe that anyone who doesn’t agree with them on topics regarding rape are lying about it happening and should have vulgar acts done to them.

  6. Both groups are racist as hell, and often resort to the “I have a black friend!” excuse. Both will vehemently deny being racist, too. Conservatives will talk about how the Republican party is the party of Lincoln, and radical feminists will talk about how the first radical feminists were black.

  7. Both hate trans* people with a burning passion and think they’re a fake man/woman who is trying to “invade” or take over.

  8. Both think porn is evil and a scourge on society.

  9. Both believe consent doesn’t exist and that, even if two adults consent, a sexual act can be immoral and harmful to other parties.

  10. Both hate, hate, hate, hate gay men. Conservatives view them…well, we know how they view them. Radical feminists believe they are…

Sadly, there is a lot of truth to this. Radical feminists are frankly insane, and much of the feminist movement has been taken over by radfems. Many feminist heroes and icons are or were radfems. Many of these icons also strike me as possibly being mentally ill in some way.

Let us go through the charges.

1. True.

2. Pretty much true. At the very least radfems say that women are going to be a lot more fulfilled having sex with women than having sex with men due to inherent differences and power differentials existing between men and women. Other than that, they all believe that there are not enough lesbians, and we really need to increase the number of lesbians. The % of lesbians in the radfem movement is very high.

A number of others are deliberately raising their kids alone without fathers. Quite a few of them state that they hate raising their boys, and if they had their way, they would only raise girls. Some radfems have advocated that mothers kill their sons. Others adopt political lesbianism and lesbian separatism. The hatred for men (misandry) is extremely high among radfems, and in general, they do not believe that there are any good men at all. Nevertheless, quite a few radfems have boyfriends or husbands.

3. True, and I hate to say it, but the radfems may actually be onto something here. More on this later.

4. I went over radfems’ beliefs about lesbianism earlier. In fact, quite a few radfems actually believe that all women should be lesbians.

5. Radfems are pretty insane on the subject of rape. Rape paranoia is epidemic among radfems and is a continual redefining of the definition of rape downwards more and more away from the traditional legal definition and into some very murky area. Radfems to not have a high opinion of their critics – the general attitude is, “Go to Hell!”

6. Conservatives are racist. Well, most of them are anyway. I think there are a few conservatives who are not all that racist. At least they seem to be able to have Black friends or lovers without problems. The charge seems false against radfems; they are radical antiracists.

7. I do not know about this one, but I think there is some truth to it. Some of them say that transsexualism is harmful to women because radfems have a mission to get rid of gender. The other belief mentioned – that radfems believe that some transwomen are men invading women’s space, or that transmen are no longer women and should be thrown out of, say, women’s colleges, are widespread. Now whether they hate them like conservatives do, I am not sure.

8. This is absolutely true, at least of radfems. They want to wipe porn and prostitution off the face of the Earth.

9. This is absolutely true, at least of radfems, who have an utterly insane notion of consent, often saying that there is no such thing.

10. True about conservatives, not sure what they are getting at with regard to radfems. I always thought radfems were gay male-friendly.

The truth is that radical feminism is an insane ideology and most of the women in it are in my opinion mentally ill in some way or another. I have known some men who got into radical feminism, and their behavior was pretty ridiculous and pathetic, not to mention wimpy to the extreme. No sane male, even a liberal or Leftist man, should support this lunatic, ferociously antimale or misandrist ideology. Any male who does is essentially a gender traitor who has gone over to the enemy.

Radfems often counterpoint the feminists that they hate as what they call liberal feminists or libfems. Libfems are often described as sex-positive and have believe that prostitution should be legal and females in porn should be supported. Both occupations may be fulfilling and liberating. Libfems also often support BD/SM.

I believe that liberal feminism is something that a lot of us men, even masculinists, members of the Manosphere or liberal and progressive men, could get behind. What’s wrong with liberation, after all? Isn’t liberation what the Left is all about?

Sane males can reasonably say that they support liberal feminism while staunchly opposing radical feminism. That seems a lot better than out and out feminist-hating, which feels reactionary.


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Robert Stark Interviews Matt Forney on Bowden & Sade


Topics include:

  • Jonathan Bowden’s Mad
  • The theme of teenage angst and alienation with modern society
  • Jonathan Bowden’s Sade
  • How the Marquis de Sade symbolizes the dark side of the Enlightenment
  • Sade’s honest nihilism versus the politically correct moralistic degeneracy of modern liberal society
  • How human nature becomes animalistic once it is stripped of morality
  • How Bowden labeled Andrea Dworkin a female de Sade
  • Parallels between Dworkin, Sade, and Elliot Rodger’s manifesto
  • Camille Paglia as a dissident feminist

Should prove to be pretty interesting. I am a friend of Matt’s from back when he was running his In Mala Fide blog. Should be interesting to hear his take on the Marquis de Sade.

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