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More Lame Hater Charges


Let us go through these.

  • Hank was not real. Dumbass claimed numerous times that there was absolutely no way that Hank was a fake. Of course near the end his confidence started dwindling and he plateaued at around the 50% mark of believing in Hank.

In my opinion, it could not have been a faked, but I was wrong about that, I agree. I now believe that its accuracy was due to it being modeled on the body of a real dead Bigfoot. Photos and drawings of this dead Bigfoot were provided by Dyer to the special effects man.

Never before has a Bigfoot prop been created that replicated certain aspects of known Bigfoot features this well. In other words, this model was best likeness of a real Bigfoot ever created, feature-wise. Sure it looks fake, but all the other models look fake too. The problem is that the other models do not replicate Bigfoot features as accurately as this one does. However, I was wrong about Hank being real. I will admit to that. Rick fooled a lot of us.

  • There is no hotel billionaire from Vegas funding Rick’s fake teddy in a box.

I never said that the billionaire from Vegas paid for Rick’s prop. The man is not a hotel magnate, and he is not even from Las Vegas. I continue to believe there is a real body, and this man owns it. This has not yet been disproven so I am not wrong.

  • There is no curator from the Museum of Natural History speaking at the press conference.

That is because there has not yet been a press conference. I am confident that one was scheduled with this person to speak at it at one time. I continue to believe that a press conference may well occur. This has not yet been disproven so I am not wrong.

  • There was and will never be a press conference.

I said there would be one at some point in the future. This has not yet been disproven so I am not wrong.

  • There were no MD’s that analyzed the body. Even Dumbass changed his story in his last post to say it was a couple of friends that saw the body.

Not true. Jeff and Jack stated that they brought 2 MD’s with them to view some sort of a Hank figure. The MD’s stated that they thought it was real according to Jeff and Jack. If the Hank prop fooled them, those are two more people who got fooled by Rick’s prop. I am not wrong in this case as the charge is not true. The MD’s were indeed there.

  • Hank is not the epitome of special effects. Okay, this is just an opinion but c’mon Dumbass, do you really think that Hank is the BEST that mankind can produce for a fake body. Bloody moronic logic on your part.

I never said it was the best we can do. However, this prop represented actual Bigfoot features more accurately than any other Bigfoot prop I have ever seen. The other Bigfoot props are not exactly masterpieces either if you have noticed, and they all look fake.

  • There was no additional video shown at the Alamo.

Jeff and Jack were originally supposed to show a 40 minute video of them verifying Hank. However, I found out that this was cancelled at the last minute and I did report that.

  • There were no investors at the Alamo. Jeff and Jack (the investors) were supposed to speak at the Alamo, but about a week before, plans were changed and they pulled out. I reported that.

1 for 8! Pretty pitiful!

The rest mentions something about me being supported by my mother and my aunt. My aunt never gives me one single nickel for anything. Not that she should, but that is just the way it is. My mother doesn’t “support” me. I live on my own and pay my own bills every month and have lived this way for a very long time.

However, I come from a very generous extended family. People are always loaning and giving other family members money for this and that. My family is very close-knit, and that is just the way we are. Further, most people I know are getting money from their parents. These people are aged 40-52, and their incomes range from 12-30,000/yr. Yes, their parents do help them out, mostly for large expenses in the $2,000-3,000 range, although one friend had a wealthy father who was helping the family survive while the son was out of business. Further the father had given out large gifts for various things, such as $10,000 to start a business.

In fact, most of the wealthy people I know continue to get quite a bit of money from their parents. That is, while these people are wealthy ($200-300,000/yr), their parents are stinking filthy rich. Most every person I ever knew who came from a wealthy family continued to receive a lot of money from their parents far off into adulthood.

Can someone explain to me why this is some gigantic problem? Is there something wrong with close-knit families who help each other out? If wealthy parents continue to shower money on their children far off into adulthood (as is the norm) why is it so horrible that non-wealthy families might do this too.

Personally, I also have very generous friends who help me out financially in various ways, and for most of my life, I have had many very generous girlfriends who have spent a lot of money on me.

I fail to see why this is such a problem!

The rest of the post goes off in the usual direction, but I will say that one thing I have noticed is that 100% of my haters are Republican conservatives. I haven’t seen a single progressive person among the haters yet. So apparently a lot of this beef is political.

Anyway here is a personal message to the folks who put up this site, especially Laura, along with the idiots at this site.

GG Allin RIP forever!

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Hate Site Taken Down


I figured it would go down. The last activity there was on April 6, 9 days ago. I would love to comply with this idiot’s directives so he won’t make fun of me anymore, but how do I go about doing it? It’s obvious that he thinks just about everything I write about everything is ridiculous and stupid. Therefore, I really do not see how someone like this can be accommodated. Really, all of this comes from lunatic Bigfooters, and they all hate me because I believe that Rick Dyer killed a Bigfoot. That is really all it is about.

There is not a lot of activity at this stupid site either, also run by insane moronic Bigfooters. They too hate me because I believe Rick and for no other reason. They were stealing a lot of my copy so I filed a DMCA takedown order against them and got most of the copyright-infringing material removed.

If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site.


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Bigfoot News April 9, 2014

100 Bigfoot Nights. This very interesting video shows what are supposed to be Bigfoot vocalizations from a habituation site. I know nothing about the people making these recordings, but obviously the vast majority of idiots in our field with the hater mindset are going to insist that it is a hoax. I am not so sure. Notice how much these vocalizations sound like Sasquatch Ontario’s vocalizations? I think that is because experts say that Bigfoots vocalize on the inhale instead of on the exhale as we do. Site is here.

The pieces of the Rick Dyer mystery start to fall together. One of the strangest mysteries of the Rick Dyer story is how Rick was able to get seven different Bigfoot experts, including possibly 2 different MD’s, to verify his fake Hank prop as a real taxidermied Bigfoot. We know that Jeff and Jack came out to Las Vegas in early January to inspect Hank. They had an entourage of seven including one or maybe two MD’s. This group verified Hank as real. But if it was such an obvious fake prop, as could be determined immediately by the two men who unveiled Hank in Daytona, then how did it fool seven men including two experts.

The answer is that Rick would not allow Jeff and Jack’s entourage to touch the body! I am not sure if it was under the glass case or not – perhaps it was. But if they could not touch the body, it makes more sense that they might have confirmed it as real, especially since in my opinion it had to be modeled on a real Bigfoot specimen, and I believe the Hank prop was indeed modeled on a real Bigfoot specimen.

Hank best Bigfoot prop ever made. Despite the fact that it was cheap and fake looking, Hank looked more like a real Bigfoot than any prop that has ever been made by any of the big Hollywood blowhards like Doug Hudson. There are certain things that all Bigfoots have that these prop-makers always get wrong. I will not go into them because I do not want to help them make better props to confuse us even more!

The only way anyone could have made that prop is if they knew exactly what a real Bigfoot looks like. But even then it might be hard. It would be so much easier if you had a real dead specimen to work with. There is no evidence that Rick Dyer has extensive knowledge of what a Bigfoot looks like. Of course Chris Russell does not either. The only way they could have made this prop so accurate is if they had access to a real Bigfoot.

Now we know why Rick kept covering up the feet and hands of Hank. Hank’s hands looked pretty bad, as the skeptics kept pointing out, but a recent photo of Hank’s feet on Randy’s blog shows that the feet looked terribly fake. That’s why he kept covering them up – because they looked so fake!

Efforts to prosecute Dyer for fraud going nowhere. I did not think these would amount to much of anything, but I certainly encourage the effort. I signed the petition myself.

Haters are lunatics. See here and here for a couple of hater efforts to insult, abuse, threaten, libel, harass, defame and stalk me on the Internet, set up by haters. I have been on the Net for a long time, and I have run into lots of lunatic types for typical lunatic groups like various nationalists, Zionists, Republicans, rightwingers, gay activists, Black nationalists, and all sorts of other fanatical nutballs.

I must say that all the hassle I got from them was no more than 1% of the headaches I have gotten from these lunatic Bigfooters. The only reason these Bigfooter kooks hate me is because I believe Rick Dyer. There is no other reason. People say that my treatment is normal, but it’s not. As I said, I have been on the Net forever being as provocative as ever, and I never ran into 1% of these level of harassment and weirdness.

The only conclusion is that a large % of Bigfooters are simply insane; worse than that, they are dangerously insane. You wonder why people like Rex Dutton keep dropping out of Bigfootery, well, that’s why.

  • Bigfooter hater kooks almost gave poor old Larry Surface a heart attack.
  • Haters stalked Rick Dyer at his various residences and spied on him from work vans on lunch hour.
  • Haters broke into Rick’s apartment and completely trashed it.
  • Another hater broke into Rick’s place and confronted Rick – a great big fistfight ensued.
  • Haters killed one of Dyer’s dogs, possibly by poisoning it.

These are the type of the people the hater scums are – insane nutcases who are worse than Dyer by orders of magnitude. The haters make Rick Dyer look like Mother Theresa.

Morgan Matthews’ statements in an interview after the showing of Shooting Bigfoot. Here are the statements:

“Something quite surprising happens at the end of the film.”

“It ended up taking us somewhere quite interesting, extreme and unexpected.”

“Something very extreme happens at the end of the film which may or may not have been a close encounter (with a Bigfoot).”

An extreme incident happens at the end of the film. And that extreme incident is…Rick Dyer hoaxed Morgan!? I do not think so!

Lindsay is always wrong. The haters insist that I am always wrong and I have never been right about anything. But this is not true. I have been right many times. Consider for example when I broke the story about how Rick Dyer confronted Jeff and Jack with a warrant for $8,000 and some odd in back child support. One of the pair immediately broke out his checkbook and wrote Rick a check on the spot.

And you see this story of mine has been confirmed by Andrew Clacy:

Andrew Clacy Tuesday, April 08, 2014 8:32:00 PM

The investor already paid him $9,000 to pay off child support. The dirt bag so was do far behind in paying.

Why is Morgan Matthews speaking in riddles? One of my sources offers this:

IF a Sasquatch was shot and killed while MM was there, those in charge of the body would likely make him (= $$) sign a non-disclosure agreement, so that they (and not he) would have control over the release of information. In that case, MM would be forced to speak in riddles.

It certainly makes sense to me. If Rick simply hoaxed Morgan or if Rick and Morgan hoaxed the end of the video, why would MM be speaking in riddles all this time? It makes no sense.

Christopher Noel’s new position. This theory from one of my sources, which closes resembles where Noel is right now with this story:

However, I still don’t think Rick Killed a Bigfoot!! He may have had an encounter, that was caught on film, but I don’t think he killed one. The one in the film does look an awfully lot like the one in the tent video!! Let me lay out a possible scenario for you….

Rick has a real encounter!! He doesn’t kill it, but wants to be famous. So he creates an elaborate hoax around an actual encounter. This would make more sense to me, but just speculation!! What do you think?

In short, Noel believes that the 9-11 call was real, the Tent Video is real and that the Shooting Bigfoot sequences are real. However, he now believes that Rick did not shoot and kill a Bigfoot that night. Instead, he shot at one and missed and then he decided to construct an elaborate hoax around the idea of shooting a Bigfoot. Here is a video laying out Noel’s position:

Where most of Rick’s supporters are at now? Most of them are at about the same place I am:

1. 9-11 call was real.

2. Rick shot the Tent Video showing a real Bigfoot.

3. There are real Bigfoots running about at the end of Shooting Bigfoot, and Rick is shooting live bullets at them. A real Bigfoot knocks over Morgan.

However, beyond that, they are not sure of much of anything. Some of them still believe he killed a Bigfoot, but they acknowledge that there is little good hard evidence for that yet, which is the truth.

Lynk Paul and Andrew Clacy issue lengthy statements regarding the Hank tour. Both men have issued long statements regarding the tour. Both are absolutely furious at the way Rick treated them and both say that Rick is now lying about both of them. The statements are quite illuminating. Overviews of these statements can be found on Randy Filipovic’s blog. Lynk’s statement can be found on Ed Brown’s superb site here. Ed is one of the few standup guys in this business. Hat off to him.

Lynk Paul knew Hank was a prop early on. From his statement, we now know that Lynk discovered it was a prop early on, but Rick offered him carrots and sticks (rewards and threats) in order to shut up about it. Rick had Lynk over a barrel and was threatening to have him deported if Lynk revealed the truth. I do forgive Lynk for his involvement in this Hank tour hoax. I think Lynk and Andrew are just two more victims of a con artist named Rick Dyer.

The Rick Dyer saga is not over. In particular, the skeptics have not been able to prove

1. That the 9-11 call in San Antonio was fake. Most of these fools are now insisting that the 911 call was fake also.

2. That the Tent Video is fake. The skeptics have been trying to prove that the Tent Video was fake ever since it came out. They have been completely unsuccessful. In order to prove this, they will have to show how it was done and hopefully either find the costume or the man who was wearing it. Good luck with that one!

3. That the Shooting Bigfoot scenes were faked. They have not yet proven that Rick was chasing and shooting at a man in a costume and/or that MM was attacked by a man in a costume with a mask. In order to do that, they will need to find the costume, the mask and the man or men who wore them. In addition, a statement from MM that he was either the victim of a hoax or that he was in on a hoax would be helpful. Good luck with that one!

4. That Musky Allen’s testimony was made up. It is interesting that after all this time, Musky has not yet recanted his testimony. Most liars would have recanted by this time.

More weirdness from Jeff and Jack’s verification visit to Hank. When Jeff and Jack’s team inspected Hank, he had the following characteristics:

“The specimen has

  1. moles
  2. blemishes
  3. hair patterns
  4. open sores
  5. veins just below the skin
  6. fingerprints
  7. injuries to the hands, fingers and toes
  8. what looks like scars on the forehead from likely impact with branches and trees.”

What? Chris Russell constructed a “cheap prop” with veins visible below the skin, actual open sores, hair patterns, scars on the forehead, fingerprints (!), injuries to the hands, fingers and toes (!), moles and blemishes? What?

I have never in my life seen a prop that had any of these things. If Russell created this super-prop with all of these characteristics, #1, it is not a cheap prop, and #2, it is the greatest Bigfoot prop or really any prop I have ever heard of. Who is Chris Russell? A supergenius? Or is there something else going on here? This really doesn’t make sense.

Patterson/Gimlin footage a hoax?
A source of mine recounts the following facts about the expedition:

I think Patterson and Gimlin had been in the wild for going on 2 weeks searching, based on reports and footprints which had come out of that area. They were nearly out of supplies and ready to call it quits when they got the footage.

So…they had been searching for 2 whole weeks, were running low on supplies and were about ready to call it a day…when…one of them decided to put on a monkey suit and run across a creekbed while the other filmed it?!


The skeptic idiots (basically the hater mindset) who insist that Patterson and Gimlin hoaxed this legendary footage simply do not make any sort of sense. You might want to know that these skeptic haters nearly ruined Gimlin’s life. Gimlin went into hiding from publicity for nearly a decade due to all of the abuse and threats he was getting from skeptic hater morons.

A bit of history. This is from Facebook/Find Bigfoot’s original interview with the mysterious person (later determined to be Rick Dyer) who uploaded the Tent Video.

It was posted by a strange geeky looking guy without a name and with the following statement:

Below is FB/FB’s Q & A w/ Filmer of “#9/79 “CAMPER” video. Not an iphone after all! Better name might be “Camper films Sasquatch from tent w/ a Galaxy Note” Much more to the story…. read his statement below.

I’m very well respected in my field and wouldn’t risk my reputation. There are inconsistencies popping up on blogs all over the net.

  1. I have never communicated with anyone that hasn’t contacted me first.
  2. The first video was filmed with a Galaxy Note.
  3. The cell phone film was intentionally altered.
  4. The cell camera was the first to start filming. There are many other moving parts.
  5. People this is more than Sasquatch caught on film, This is Irrefutable Historical Evidence of the existence of Sasquatch.

Q. Is this a hoax?
A. There are many different people and organizations with unstable relationships involved to ever be a hoax.

Q. When and where will it be released?
A. There will be a full press conference TBD.

Q. Will any of your films show a detailed body?
A. Yes eating, walking, running and more!

You can tell from the terrible grammar and spelling that this is none other than Rick Dyer. Dyer is widely respected in his field? LOL. The press conference, like all of Dyer’s pressers during this story, of course never occurred.

Some important questions to ask about the Shooting Bigfoot sequence, from my comments section:

1. Is the footage real or was it staged with someone in a fake BF outfit? Does the up close still of the attacking BF resemble any other previous BF photos or match eyewitness accounts?

2. Why has Morgan Matthews been coy about that BF sequence? Is it in his character to orchestrate a “Blair Witch” type of hoax? Would Dyer be capable of staging a hoax of this magnitude?

3. Have you tried to interview Morgan Matthews about this film footage?

Excellent questions. One at a time.

1. Is the footage real or was it staged with someone in a fake BF outfit? I do not see how this footage is faked. That’s a real Sasquatch attacking MM at the end of the film or I will eat my hat.

2. Does the up close still of the attacking BF resemble any other previous BF photos or match eyewitness accounts? I am not sure. It looks like a Bigfoot to me. It also looks like no mask or costume I have ever seen in my life and the skeptics have had over a year now to find the mask/costume and stunt man, and they have utterly failed. I assume that no such mask/costume or stunt man will ever be found.

3. Why has Morgan Matthews been coy about that BF sequence? In my opinion, he has been forced to sign an NDA after Rick killed a Bigfoot. As a result, he is not allowed to discuss the killing of the Bigfoot in the movie. Hence the coyness, speaking in riddles, etc. I cannot see how any other explanation makes sense.

4. Is it in his character to orchestrate a “Blair Witch” type of hoax? It is absolutely not in his character at all to orchestrate any sort of a hoax. One of my sources told me, “MM would not be a party to any sort of a hoax in any way, shape or form.” This man starred in one of Morgan’s documentaries. During that shooting, Morgan stayed at the source’s house for 2 weeks and my source came to know MM very well. If MM was in on any sort of a hoax in any way whatsoever, I feel that his career would be shot. The skeptics are saying that that makes sense that this guy would blow his whole career by hoaxing a movie, but to me that is simply nonsense. I don’t believe it.

5. Would Dyer be capable of staging a hoax of this magnitude? I do not believe it. Where was the stunt man? Or the two stunt men? Were they there the whole time? Where were the costumes? A prime witness (Ron, who is featured in the documentary) says says that the team had no costumes whatsoever during the shooting. Further, the sequence looks completely unrehearsed. Would Rick have been able to pull all of this off in a single take? No.

6. Have you tried to interview Morgan Matthews about this film footage? No I have not, and I assume that he would not want to speak with me, hence I have not even bothered to contact him.

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Answering Hater Lies

I suppose I ought to answer some of this nonsense that the Bigfooter haters peddle about me. Truth is that just about everything they say about me is a lie.

I am a sexist. No. I am a Leftist, and I support the Equity Feminist movement. In fact, I am on some feminist mailing lists. There is no sexism on this site. I am a former member of the National Organization of Women. However, as an MRA, a member of the Manosphere and the PUA/Game part of the Net, I would point out that 100% of the guys writing on that part of the Net are constantly accused of sexism, misogyny, etc. And everyone accusing me of this is a Republican!

I am a racist. I do not see any racist posts on this site. If you find a racist post, please point it out to me. I try very hard not to write any racist posts on here and I watch my language very carefully. I am a Leftist and I support the Civil Rights movement and voted for Obama twice. I support most of the goals of the Congressional Black Caucus, that is, I support Blacks politically. I very much oppose the overtly racist agenda of the Republican Party.

One of the reasons I vote Democrat is because they are for the Blacks. I am also on the mailing list of some Black and antiracist organizations so I support minority political causes. However, I am a race realist, and all race realists are constantly attacked for being racists. Keep in mind that the idiots calling me racist are all Republicans!

I am a pedophile. This is the weirdest one of the all. I have no more interest in girls 12-under than any other man. They really are nothing to me. I am a teliophile like most men – I am mostly strongly attracted to mature females.  I have no idea where this nonsense started.

I believe that it is normal for a man to want to have sex with girls 12-16. I never said that. However, it is true that I believe it is normal for men to be sexually attracted to girls of that age. As a therapist, I have teenage boys and young men coming to me all the time worried that they are turned on by teenage girls and that this means that they are pedophiles. I tell them, “Congratulations! Teenage girls turn you on. That means you are normal!”

Is it normal to want to have sex with them? I suppose it is…but most normal adults move past that stage and focus on older women. Thoughts are not important. The people making this accusation are puritanical filth. They are reactionary worms. These people would actually like to put you in jail for the stuff you think about! If you believe in freedom of thought, these scums need to be fought to the death with every ounce of your energy.

I live with my mother! This is the craziest one of them all. I have never lived with my mother in my entire life. However, some folks my age are moving back in with elderly parents to take care of them. I have thought of that, but the stigma of living with my mother really keeps me away from doing that. My mother lives 33 miles from me. I do eat dinner with her once a week or so. Often other relatives are there too. On rare occasions, I spend 1-3 nights over there for a visit, but that is quite rare actually. I have lived with my mother and father before (lived with my parents). But that was a very long time ago. I have been living on my own forever now.

My mother makes my dinner. Well, I suppose once a week she does? Is that ok with everyone?

My mother pays my bills. My mother certainly does not pay my bills. I pay my own bills every month.

I don’t have a car. True, right now, I do not have a car. However, I have owned a vehicle since I was 16 years old. This is the first time in 40 years I will be without a vehicle. But I should have a vehicle in a few weeks or so. Anyway, why is it a crime to not own a vehicle?

I panhandle for donations. People deserve for be enumerated or paid for the work that they do. I do a lot of work on this website, and I feel that I deserve to be paid for that work. It is not panhandling to ask to be paid a fair wage for hard work. And I do receive  some income from that – around $500/month so far.

I am unemployed. Not true. I do not have to work as I have a trust fund, but I also work at all sorts of jobs and I have a variety of sources of income.

I do not have a regular job. True, but I have a hard time understanding why this is so terrible?

I am a shut-in. It’s not true. In fact, I travel to stay with friends and stay with them for weeks at a time and I have friends come here to stay with me on a regular basis. Friends have stayed with me here for up to one week at a time. I have lunch and dinner out with friends and dates regularly. I also travel with and take vacations with friends and lovers.

I say the only way you can get HIV is from anal sex. I never said that. Many cases are transmitted via vaginal sex male to female.

I can’t get laid. Truly hilarious. Ask anyone who knows me.

This website “spews hate.” That is news to me. Can someone point out to me how this site “spews hate?”

I am a bigot. I doubt it. Most Leftists are not like that. We are not supposed to be that way, so we try hard not to be that way. And everyone calling me bigot is a Republican!

Believe I am a genius because I say so. A genius IQ is 140+. My IQ is 147. It was measured in high school. The counselor’s name was Mr. Stanford. He showed me the score. I retook the test at age 29 and got a score of 140+ (he did not break it down further). If you have a genius IQ, you’re a genius. Not that it’s anything to brag about. Trust me.

Believe my sources cannot be lying to me. As a general rule, most of them have not deliberately lied to me. The only ones that lied to me were sent by the haters themselves!

I call Dyer skeptics evil, sociopathic and Satanic because they go after Rick Dyer. I never said that. Of course I do not believe that. The haters, who go after not only Rick but everyone who believes him like me, are indeed Satanic, sociopathic and evil, and they can hurry up and die for all I care. However, there are Dyer skeptics who simply focus on Dyer and leave the rest of us out of it like Randy Filipovic who I have no hard feelings toward at all. In fact, the Dyer skeptics have done a great job in helping to untangle this mystery.

Claims to be an academic. I never said that. I am an independent scholar. One of my articles just made it through peer review at a peer reviewed academic journal. Just wondering if any of you scums can claim to have done anything that important?

Claims to be a journalist. I am a journalist. I have a BA in Journalism from California State University Long Beach. Do any of you scums possess such a degree?

Claims to be a journalist, but is not working in the field. Right. Many of us journalists are not presently employed in the field. If you have a degree in Journalism, you get to call yourself journalist for the rest of your life. Anyway, my blogging is journalism, and at the moment, I am actually making money as a journalist!

Claims to have worked as an editor of a magazine, but is lying. I did indeed work as an editor of a magazine. It was a well known and widely read computer magazine that was out in the 1980′s (similar to Byte).

Uses computers at my Mom’s house. Well, when I visit over there, I do use the computer at times as I do not have a laptop. I fail to see why this is a crime.

Eats food at my mother’s house. Indeed, when I visit once in a while, I definitely eat food there! Can someone tell me why it is a crime to visit your Mom and eat food at her place? I am having a hard time understanding these garbage people.

Thinks teenage girls still want him. At my age, most teenage girls are not interested in me anymore. They were after me for most of my life, but that really started to peter out around age 47. At the moment, definitely 99% of teenage girls do not seem to be interested in me. However, there is the rare one now and then.

My glasses are grannies glasses from the 1980′s. Fail to see why this is important, but I have a new pair now anyway.

I creep out women. Not really, but at my age, you “creep out” most young women if you so much as try to talk to them, so it’s not much of a charge. I do great with women and have for most of my life.

I “creeped out” a young female bank teller. Not true. She was very friendly the whole time I saw her at the bank, and she also would not stop looking at me. I just think she didn’t want to go out with me is all, maybe due to age difference. I suppose she just liked to look at me but doesn’t want to actually go out with me.

Talks about how women give him “that look:” Women have been giving me come-on looks most of my life. Granted, it doesn’t happen so much anymore, but it still happens sometimes. This has been happening less and less as I have gotten older.

I am a Commie. Sort of.

I am a socialist. Damn right.

Can’t afford to buy another car. Pretty much. Is this a crime or something?

Can’t afford $2,500 to fix his car. True, but why is this a crime? I hardly know anyone who has $2,500 lying around. Anyway, the car is going to be fixed.

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The Latest Robert Lindsay Hater Games

This is all coming from the crazy Bigfoot world, but I have to admit it has had me pretty upset for the past few days.

There are now some Internet sites that have gone up for the sole purpose of trashing me. Here is one, called Robert Lindsay Is a Joke. Here is another one, this one called Beyond Dumb.

All of these people have come from Randy Filipovic’s site here. Randy himself has been pretty fair to me, but his commenters have been quite horrible. He did create the environment in which these toxic bacteria grew, but I suppose I should not blame him for that either. Neither should I blame him for his commenters, I suppose.

The WordPress site is stealing all of my copyrighted material without my permission, and it is also stealing all the copyrighted material of my commenters. That is a violation of WordPress’ TOS and it also a violation of the DMCA. I filed a complaint with WordPress for copyright infringement and I also filed a DMCA take-down order. In addition, I filed a complaint with WordPress for abuse, as that blog is solely set up for the purpose of abusing, libeling, defaming, stalking and harassing me. That’s not a very good reason for a blog to exist. In addition to the copyright theft, that blog has no reason to exist.

In addition, some of these same Bigfooter lunatics got into my Facebook page somehow and posted some stuff there. I thought they got into my WordPress site too, but they may not have after all.

In short, I am being Net harassed by a bunch of insane maniacs.

However a friend told me that no publicity is bad publicity. That is the Hollywood way of thinking, “I do not care what they say about me as long as they are talking about me.” I will have to think about that one.

That is why I have not been writing much the past few days. I have been trying to digest all of this harassment stuff.

Any advice would be appreciated. Commiserations graciously accepted also.

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Bigfoot News March 30, 2014

A few statements, in certainty figures, in regards to the latest wild stories about Rick Dyer and his various claims around encountering, shooting, killing and later touring with a Bigfoot are below.

Hi there!

Certainty that that is a real Bigfoot in San Antonio on 9-6-12 with footage featured in the movie Shooting Bigfoot: 100%

Certainty that Rick was shooting at a real Bigfoot in the footage: 100%

Certainty that a real Bigfoot growled at MM, attacked him and swatted him down in the footage: 100%

Certainty that that is a real Bigfoot in the Tent Video: 100%

Certainty that Morgan Matthews openly states in words in the screen in Shooting Bigfoot that he believes that there were real Bigfoot(s) running about in San Antonio on 9-16-12: 100%

Certainty that there was more than one BF running around that night as featured on the movie: 90%

Certainty that Rick Dyer shot and killed one of those Bigfoots running around that night: 50% and dropping!

Rick has sadly done ALMOST NOTHING to prove to us that he actually hit one of those Bigfoots he was shooting at that night. Sure, there are a lot of suggestions that he did, including cryptic statements by MM, but Rick’s horrific actions, continuous hoaxing and lying and his perpetrating an actual hoax in taking a fake Hank (possibly a replica of the real one) on tour with him has shot to Hell almost all evidence that Rick actually killed one of those Bigfoots.

Sure, there is some great evidence that he killed one that night which I will not repeat. However, that evidence has been vastly superseded and thus shot to Hell by the Everest of lies, sociopathy, contradictory statements, hoaxing and fraud that has occurred since 9-6-12. In other words, perhaps Rick did indeed shoot and kill a Bigfoot on 9-6-12. But Rick has given us a million reasons to believe he didn’t kill one, and he has given us almost no good reasons to support his story.

Certainty that special effects maker Chris Russell made a fake Bigfoot specimen for Rick to take on tour with him: 100%

Certainty that Rick did then take this replica on tour with him: 100%

Certainty that Rick fooled me and others into thinking that his replica was actually a real Bigfoot body: unfortunately 100%

Certainty that Rick broke the law and committed fraud when he toured with the Bigfoot replica: Unknown

Certainty that I signed the petition asking for Rick Dyer to be prosecuted for fraud for his actions on his latest Bigfoot tour: 100%.

Certainty that Musky was deliberately lying to me about Roski, Pisano and the Museum of Natural History: 0%

Certainty that Musky did not go see “Hank” and instead played cards with Rick: 0%

Certainty that Musky saw something in Vegas in February 2013: 100%

Certainty that Musky lied about everything to get back at the Bigfoot community: 0%

Certainty that Russell’s model was modeled after an actual dead Bigfoot: 50%

Certainty that RD retains possession over some dead Bigfoot somewhere: 20%.

Certainty that numerous medical tests have been done on a dead Bigfoot shot by Rick Dyer: 35%?

Certainty that Edward Roski, Jr., Joan Pisano and the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History are involved in RD’s story as was reported earlier: 20%

Sure, this is an interesting story, and these folks may well be involved the way folks say they are, but so far there is almost no proof!

Certainty that MD’s, including those sent by FB/FB, verified some “Hank” creature: 100%

Certainty that either Musky, FB/FB or MM are deliberately perpetrating any sort of a hoax surrounding the killing of a Bigfoot in Texas on 9-6-12: 0%

Certainty that there are a number of unanswered questions about this whole affair that make absolutely no sense whatsoever: 110%

Certainty that Rick Dyer is a horrifically monstrous human being: 110%.

Certainty that the vast majority of Dyer skeptics (the haters) are just as evil, Satanic and sociopathic as Rick: 120%

Certainty that not all Dyer skeptics are “haters”: 100%

That will be all for now! I am just getting caught up on all of this!

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Bigfoot Update March 28, 2014

Sorry, the transmission on my car died while I was on a road trip to Yosemite National Park. It will cost $2,100-2,500 to fix it.

If I cannot fix it, I may buy a used car. If anyone on here wants to sell me a good used car, email me.

I have no vehicle at all at the moment. A relative stopped by my apartment the other day and told me to pack a suitcase to stay at his place for a few days. Partial purpose of the stay being another tow of my car, this time to another relative’s house where a shade tree mechanic will look it over to tell me if it is worth fixing or not. Today a relative loaned me his car to go back to the Valley to take care of a lot of urgent business. Tomorrow I will be at another relative’s house taking care of her pets while she is away. Sunday I will be given a ride back to my place.

I have a computer here but it is usually being used by another person, yet another relative of mine. I hate this keyboard, and it is very hard for me to type on this thing. Therefore, I may not be able to do a new post until late Sunday.

So no new Bigfoot posts until Sunday nite at the earliest.

I am aware that a lot is going on in the Bigfoot community right now but I have not yet had time to sort it all out. One thing that is for sure is that Rick Dyer is a serial liar. One thing I find hilarious is that once Rick starts saying things that the haters want to hear, suddenly Rick Dyer is more honest than Abe Lincoln! But when Rick is saying things that the haters do not want to hear, everything Rick says is a lie.

The haters make about as much sense as Rick Dyer, and they tell nearly as many lies, but not quite. Rick Dyer is obviously a horrible human being, but most of the haters are bringing up the rear very fast. It’s a tight race for the Lousiest Human Contest! I will say that Rick and his haters probably deserve each other, as they are more or less the same type of human being, if you catch my drift.

I will need to speak with my collaborators in the Bigfoot community to sort all of this out.

My sources only told me that they inspected Hank and were 100% convinced that he was real. Perhaps they were fooled by a great prop. I am also certain that two MD’s at a minimum and probably more certified Hank as real. Perhaps Rick fooled them with a great prop too.

Yes, a prop maker has confessed to making Hank.

About one thing I am 100% certain. There are at least two real Bigfoots running about in San Antonio in the Shooting Bigfoot movie, Hank and his female partner. One or more of them was being fired on with live bullets by Rick Dyer, and one of them, apparently the female, knocked Morgan Matthews over with a hand swipe. Morgan has as much as admitted that there was a real Bigfoot in San Antonio, and in doing so, he has staked his entire reputation on that statement. The Shooting Bigfoot footage at the very least will go down in history with the Patty footage as some of the greatest Bigfoot footage ever filmed. The fact that it was filmed by a world famous film director will add gravitas to this fact.

What is less certain is whether or not Rick actually killed any of those Bigfoots he was shooting at that night. Perhaps no Bigfoots were killed that night in San Antonio. There is much less proof for Rick killing an actual Bigfoot than there is that there were real Bigfoots running about being filmed and shot at.

At any rate, it is great to have some fine new Bigfoot footage, possibly on a par with the Patty footage. For that alone, the San Antonio incident was a milestone for our community.

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Bigfoot News March 16, 2014

After the Shot footage described for the first time! Via a source, I have just heard the first description of the raw footage of the After the Shot DVD. However, this is simply a description of the raw footage that was filmed, not necessarily of the actual DVD contents. I have heard nothing more about the two men who supposedly received advance copies of the DVD, if indeed they received these copies at all as that has not been verified.

I don’t know what made the final editing cut for the video. The raw footage, as it has been described, has the events in the morning after the shooting.

Morgan Matthews is said to be missing; possibly he had already left to get medical care for his injuries.

Seen are Rick and some of his team hauling Hank’s remains out of the woods, dragging the body, which is placed on a large tarp or rectangular canvas. At one point, the team has to take the body down a fairly steep embankment, and the body rolls off the tarp, down the slope a bit.

Some of the homeless people are seen observing this activity.

Eventually the remains are loaded on to a truck, which according to some reports, is not the “reefer” truck but instead an oversize pickup of sorts.

The interaction of the wildlife investigator is also said to have been filmed – but whether it made the cut or not is uncertain, due to the need for usage permissions required from those persons being filmed.

Some footage was also filmed of the transport and reception of the remains.

So some of the holdup on the production of the final video may be due to unfavorable footage, legal red tape and/or financial restrictions.

Curious silence over Tour Hank unveiling. For some reason, no one is talking about this in Team Tracker. No one seems to know what that means.

Most After the Shot DVD’s have not been mailed out. Although supposedly two people have received theirs, they are not talking. There is no discussion of the After the Shot DVD’s going out in TT either. It has not yet been completely confirmed that anyone has received them.

Demands for proof. Idiots keep demanding that those of us who believe that Rick has a Bigfoot body put up or shut up, that is, we either need to present proof of this body or we need to shut up. There are also complaints that some of us are 100% sure that Hank is real. How dare we be 100% sure of this.

But why shouldn’t we offer no proof or say we are completely certain Hank is real? After all, the Dyer haters and skeptics have so far offered absolutely zero conclusive proof that Hank is a hoax either. In addition, they are all 100% sure that Hank is fake. 95% of the community is like this.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. If the haters can say they are 100% sure of their position then so can we. If the haters can keep pushing their position while offering zero evidence, then so can we. Fair is fair.

Tour Hank unveiling was prompted by Lynk Paul. For a long time, Lynk had been growing increasingly suspicious that the Tour Hank was a prop, a fake. In addition, Dyer strictly forbade anyone on his team from removing the glass to touch Tour Hank or even getting close enough to him to examine him closely. This odd behavior was causing worries and suspicions among other members of the troupe. At one point, Lynk left, but it was nevertheless Lynk’s suspicions that triggered the unveiling in the first place.

Andrew Clacy did not believe 100% that Hank was real. When Clacy was back in Vegas, I was told that he was ~70% sure that Hank was real. I suppose that was enough for him to go on the tour.

My belief level that Hank is real. It just dropped a bit, and I suppose it is now at 95%.

Bigfoot porn is here! You know you have really hit the big time when you are making your own porn. A female friend of mine, a fellow footer, described a movie floating around the Bigfoot scene in which a very famous (really more notorious) male footer and a fairly well known footer. The female footer is more obscure than the man, but she is still fairly well known on the scene. The two are engaging in sex on camera. Some some bizarre reason, this porno featuring two well-known footers is floating around the scene.

My female friend was contemptuous of the woman in the movie, referring to her as a slut, a whore, a tramp and “the blowjob queen of Bigfootery”.

I really should not reveal who is in this movie, nor will I reveal the contents of the movie in terms of sex acts, but I think it is pretty hilarious that Bigfooters are finally making porn flicks. Well it’s about time!

Now all we need are Bigfoot groupies and we will have finally arrived! Wait, isn’t Rick Dyer already taking care of the groupie angle?

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Narcissism and Sociopathy: Similarities and Differences

SkepticDoesNotMeanHater writes:

One of brothers-in-law is a Psychiatrist and finds Rick Dyer fascinating!

I am glad your brother is interested in personality. Unfortunately, a lot of p-docs are little more than pill-pushers these days. But if you sit down with a psychiatrist, most are still pretty well versed in personality theory even though they probably do not see a lot of Axis 2 types other than Borderlines.

Rick has Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), full blown. In fact, he has very nasty and fulminant case – but I am not sure if there are lesser or greater varieties of this disorder. I really tire of NPD’s because they are such bastards and scums. I have had to deal with NPD types almost my entire life for reasons that I cannot divulge (as in people close to me that I cannot exactly avoid), and I tire of them and do not want to deal with them anymore. NPD types have caused a tremendous amount of damage to me in life, and Dyer reminds me of this.

Rick also has quite a bit of sociopathy going on – he would get a high score on Hare’s Psychopathy Checklist (PC-L). Whether he is a “narcissistic sociopath” or a “malignant narcissist” per se, I have no idea.

NPD and sociopathy are very close to each other, and there is a overlap. Narcissists play fast and loose with morals a lot, and it is not uncommon at all for them to break the law or set up others for crimes, which is even worse.

Nevertheless, NPD’s tend to stay out of jail because they are having too much fun on the outside exploiting others. Further, a lot of NPD’s simply feel that many criminal acts are against their moral values.

Some NPD’s do commit crimes, and in at least one famous mass murder case in Europe where a man killed his whole family, the perpetrator was an NPD. And in fact, he is not the only NPD who slaughtered his whole family, mostly to escape and unbearable place in life where they may have  ended up. But your average NPD is not dangerous except to your ego and feelings.

I like to think of the sociopath as the ultimate narcissist. He is really the only thing that even exists in the universe. The other humans aren’t even really there or maybe they are like tools in your tool shed or some sort of inanimate objects.

A crucial difference is that NPD’s are painfully aware of criticism and others’ opinions of them. Criticism completely devastates them, and they react in various ways to it, often variously with towering rage, counterattack, terribly hurt feelings or rejection or avoidance of the critic. Look at how Rick goes after his critics.

Sociopaths could frankly care less what you or anyone else thinks for them for good, bad or indifferent. They don’t even care how they are coming across to others except if they are creating a lot of bad vibes, they might whip out a “Nice Guy” fake persona out to save the day and win people over.

They don’t care if you criticize them or hate them, in fact, they assume that many people will hate them, but either they don’t care, or they actually provoke hatred in order to live up to their “bad boy” or “Mr. Evil” self-image. A lot of these types actually get off on coming across as a dangerous or evil person. They like to scare and terrorize others and make themselves as hated as possible.

Also narcissists need something called narcissistic supply from other humans, and sociopaths have no need for this as they generate all of the egotistic supply needs they desire internally. They don’t need others to say they are great because they already know that they are Kings of the World, and they don’t care if you agree with them or not

I do think think that the primary issue with Rick is the narcissism – the narcissism outweighs the sociopathy in him.

As a sociopath, Rick is definitely a “controlled sociopath.” The majority of these types are never imprisoned for even one day (note that Rick has yet to spend a day in jail), and they often channel their malign energies into fields like law, medicine, politics, law enforcement, the military and especially business. All of these fields, especially politics and business, are utterly overrun with controlled sociopaths.

Why do these types generally follow the law or more commonly, dance around the edges of the law and least stay out of jail? Not due to any morals they might have. Instead the reason is simple pragmatism – they don’t want to go to prison because that’s no fun. So instead they become what I call “legal criminals” and go into one of the italicized fields above.

Dyer is obviously a classic con artist or confidence man. Studies of these types have shown that the classic personality of the confidence man is sociopath. In other words, most if not con artists are controlled sociopaths.

I have also been damaged a fair amount by the sociopaths that have sadly inhabited my life at times, so Dyer brings back bad memories there too.

Clinically speaking, Rick Dyer has what is more or less an untreatable disorder for the simple reason that he does not want to “get better.” He does not see himself as ill in any way, shape or form, and everything is everyone else’s fault.

Some narcissists can be and have been successfully treated, but it’s not easy. Nevertheless, I simply cannot see Dyer as one of the rare types who finally decides he wants out of the Narcissism Game.

Sociopaths are even harder to treat and for all intents and purposes are simply untreatable. Similar to narcissists but even worse, sociopaths see nothing wrong with themselves of course blame others for any problems. While some narcissists do voluntarily show up for treatment, often later in life when treatment may be easier, I would say that few to no sociopaths wish to be helped or cured. In fact, if you want to “get better” I would say you are not even a psychopath in the first place! Treatment for sociopaths is also worse than for narcissists because in fact it is often contraindicated. This is because the therapy of the sociopath often backfires and results in a worsening of the condition!

For a lot of these types, the optimal treatment would be admittance to a place called “prison.” They won’t get better, and in fact they will probably get even worse, but at least society is protected from their predations while they are locked up.

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Bigfoot News March 14, 2014

At least two copies of After the Shot DVD’s have been mailed out and are in the hands of people who ordered them! However, many people who ordered them did not get one yet. One person speculated that Rick may have been under pressure of prosecution for mail fraud for not mailing them out, so he mailed a few to get the cops off his back. I do not know who got the DVD’s, but I am trying to find out. I am told that I know two of the people who got the DVD’s, but I am not sure who they are.

Rick’s supporters and believers are bailing out like rats on a sinking ship. TT is hemorrhaging members. In particular, some of Rick’s biggest supporters and backers of all now have extreme doubts. One person, well known to anyone following this story, said he is now 95% certain that this is a hoax. He was described as confused and despondent.

All in all, it is looking great for the haters!

However, I still do believe that Hank is a Bigfoot.

The destruction of Rick Dyer’s Bigfoot Tour of the Century. From the comments section:

I just don’t understand how something can turn so badly so quickly. Just a few weeks ago Dyer was the toast of Texas, but in Florida he’s just toast. No more throngs, no more high-profile bookings, no more local TV, no more radio shows, no more Lynk, no more Andrew. The one who cares most is Musky? He was supposed to be an innocent bystander. It seems that this whole thing shriveled once it was exposed to the Florida sunlight.

Sadly, I must say that this is true, even though I am a believer. This tour has come to a point where it hit a total disaster zone, and it was promptly called off. Wow.

Musky Allen thinks there is a Hank 1 (real) and a Hank 2 (fake). He thinks he saw the real one in February 2013 and that the Tour Hank is a fake.

Musky furious about leak. Musky is furious about the leak of the news that two Team Tracker members took the glass lid off Hank’s case, inspected Hank and promptly determined that Hank is an obvious fake. He is desperately trying to find the leaker.

Andrew Clacy back in Australia. I reported earlier that Andrew was going to take a plane back to Australia this coming Monday. That story was not correct. In fact, at the time of this writing, Andrew is already back in Australia.

Chris Russell statement tomorrow. Russell is supposed to issue a statement tomorrow, Saturday. He was supposed to state that he did not make Hank, and he wants nothing to do with this Bigfoot mess as it is starting to effect his business and family life. However, now he is very angry with me for posting this stuff, and people are saying he will make no statement.

However, my source told me that Russell stated emphatically to him that he would be releasing a statement on Saturday, and that the statement was to be along the lines of the italicized type above. Anyway the italicized statement above – Russell did not make Hank, and he wants nothing to do with this Bigfoot mess as it is starting to effect his business and family life – definitely represents how he feels about this matter, official statement or no official statement.

Hater rumor about Morgan Matthews. The haters are pushing a rumor along these lines (see italicized type): Morgan will issue a statement in the next few weeks stating how the shooting was staged on September 6, 2012, and that it was all fake. There will be reels of footage of the takes shot at the time to back up his claim.

No idea if this is true or not, and for a long time, the haters have been issuing statements claiming that various types of “proof of the hoax,” will be revealed soon. Some of the past claims have also involved Morgan like this one. All such rumors in the past have been untrue, so the haters have a bad record on this one.

Statement about Rick having sex with a woman who he offered cocaine to in Houston may be false. I got that story from haters off Randy’s blog, and the haters are as bad as Rick when it comes to making up lies, so it figures this may be wrong info. However, I will say cryptically that if Rick is cheating on Lily on this tour, it certainly would be no surprise to me! Wink wink.

Robert, I am one of the Team Tracker guys. You can check me out and ask Musky to verify that I was in Houston with Rick. He knows that I was.

In my opinion what you reported in Part 2 about Rick sleeping with some girl in Houston is not accurate. I was there the majority of the time he was in Houston, and it did not happen! If it did, I would have heard about it from Rick or the guys or would have been close enough to know it went down. So no chance that it did!

I don’t know who said that or why, but I know we stayed in the parking lot at Walmart in Katy one night. Rick fixed the bus the next night, and we stayed at the Alamo lot in Mason Park that night. Then I went home, and they left to bring Dale home. There was no sex with a girl and no cocaine – it’s malarkey!

And believe me, I am not in a mood to defend the guy at the moment, but he should not have his marriage put in jeopardy from you reporting something that he never even did. I don’t care who said it – I was there. Ask Musky, he will tell you I was there.

So it appears that the story about Rick sleeping with a woman in Houston by offering her cocaine may not be true at all and instead is just another made-up hater lie.

New theory on the supposed proof that Tour Hank is a model. I have changed my mind about my theory that there were two Hanks and the Tour Hank is a replica. I now believe that there is one Hank, it is on the tour, and that the two men who tore off the glass and immediately determined that Hank was an obvious prop were simply mistaken. Apparently if you do not know taxidermy really well, it is easy to mistake a taxidermied model for a prop. See below from one of my sources:

Robert: RE: “fake” Hank – Rick and his saga attract delusional and very neurotic people who hook up with him, and then, being offended in various ways, turn on him. Even if they open the case and touch the remains, their assessments cannot necessarily be trusted. Squeezing the stuffed hands and feet of a silicon-preserved hide will feel soft, like foam rubber, and in fact the stuffing probably is foam rubber. There are no bones or muscles in it. The face will feel like rubber as well.

However, I have compared many of the details and micro-features of:

1. Hank before the autopsy.

2. The preserved remains of Hank.

3. The recently released hairless scan of Hank’s head.

There are match-ups on the micro-features (scars, wrinkles and hair patterns), on the macro features, and on the facial proportions as well.

Giving Meldrum credit for his call is premature at best.

There is no reason why you should take my word on any of this, but you should take a close look yourself at the existing images, and you will see the same match-ups that I am referring to.

All of this will come out eventually, but the controversy will never cease because of the egos, reputations and big money involved with all the various researchers and enthusiasts.

Well, it is a good soap opera anyway…

Report from a man who saw Hank on tour.

What I saw appear to be real skin with hair follicles and a mole. And I sort of remember seeing veins. And he had hair missing from his knee cap area like he had spent time on his knees, which makes sense if he spent a lot of time on his knees.

I never got to see his feet; they were covered up. But I did get to see the upper part of his thumb on his left hand. That freaking looked real to me.

My opinion on why I believe Hank is not a fake:

I do not agree that the scans are of a fake body. In fact, they are so shocking that it is beyond me how anyone of Dyer’s intelligence and abilities could or even would possibly even invent such an odd, bizarre model with deeply set eyes, extremely strange ears that radiate far back into the head, very weird deeply set eyes, coned head and very odd, thick (possibly 1 inch thick), rubbery skin that resembles the skin of an elephant.

No such Bigfoot model has ever been made by any human being ever, including the best Hollywood prop makers. If the finest of Hollywood have not or cannot make such a model, then surely the pitifully unintelligent, inadequate and nonintellectual Rick Dyer could never make such a thing.

Shooting Bigfoot showing in only three days. Shooting Bigfoot will have a special showing at the Frontline Club in London on March 17! Morgan Matthews will be there and will be taking questions in a Q and A session at the end. At least one commenter on my site is going to see it and will report back. He is a hater, but I assume he will give us the straight up nevertheless.
Man reports that he tried to advertise with Rick’s tour but Rick turned him down for no reason. The man, George M. Courtney, has a Facebook site here.  Here is his odd report about his failed attempt to advertise with Rick:

We set aside $50k sometime ago to advertise with rick dyer with the agreement that he would provide us with scientific evidence of his “hank”

He then turned away our $50k. I WONDER WHY??? :( :( :(

Dyer on why he did not report the name of the physician who narrates on this Hank scan video (edited for style, etc.):

I have people who really hate and despise me, and they feel the same with everyone connected with me. Not important to me to say who the doctor is and where he is or what place performed the scan. We have the original scan with the original numbers and the place where it was taken. I will never put that out so people can harass and threaten the people who did the scan.

Name of scientist and institution that studied Hank unveiled? This person and institution was given to me as the name of a man and an institution that were involved in studying Hank. I have no idea if it is true or not, as it is just a rumor. Haters, please leave this man alone and do not pester him as there is no solid evidence whatsoever that he worked on Hank, only a flimsy rumor of unknown provenance.

Randall Kyes, University of Washington, Seattle
Washington National Primate Center
Box 351525
Seattle, WA 98185
(206) 543-3025

A good reason why Dyer may not be interested in proving Hank so readily, via a source:

If Hank is proven to be real, 10 times as many people will want to see Hank.

But here’s a reason I believe he wants to delay it: with the official announcement will come protesters. PETA types, Sierra Club, Greenpeace types, I believe, will consider him a murderer and follow him around everywhere he goes, carrying signs, et al. I think that may be an even bigger motivation for him to delay. Think about it. There will be an outcry from those people. It wouldn’t be unthinkable for them to try and burn the trailer or otherwise destroy the body so it can’t be exploited.

These concerns would necessitate much greater security, which is very expensive. But the PR would be terrible, so he’d have to also pay for a publicist to do media damage control, which will also cost even more money. But again, the promotion will be enormous, more than he could ever afford, so there are huge pros and cons that would undoubtedly stem from the official press announcement.

Comments on the Hank scan.

Overall appearance. A friend comments:

There is absolutely nothing in this thing’s physiology which doesn’t make sense. This is clearly an actual, very well-adapted, living creature.

Skin: Note the extremely thick skin on the Hank scan. In the video, the MD noted that this very thick skin looked like an elephant’s skin. On one of his podcasts, Rick said that when the medical data and scans were made available to him, he was told that Bigfoots have skin that is much thicker proportionately than that of humans or apes.

This rings a bell for me. We have many stories of these things simply absorbing bullets, sometimes multiple bullets, seemingly unfazed before screaming and running away not to be seen again. On a Bigfoot forum, someone said he would not be surprised if after these things are discovered it was found that they had very thick skin possibly up to one inch thick.


  • The scan has huge ears that seem to bizarrely radiate back into the head.
  • Musky stated that Hank’s ear canals were huge – as big as quarters.
  • Relevance: Bigfoots are said to have great hearing, and Musky’s comments and the scan may affirm that.

Eyes: Dyer stated that the physiology of the extremely deep set, far apart and large eyes seem to indicate excellent vision.

Bones: Dyer stated that Bigfoot bones are much stronger than human bones by weight. In other words, if you have a human bone and a Bigfoot bone both weighing 10 pounds, the Bigfoot bone will be much stronger.

Heart: Dyer said that a Bigfoot heart is proportionately larger than a human heart.

Lungs: Similarly, Dyer said that Bigfoot lungs are proportionately larger than human lungs.

Dyer speaks about the mysterious university in Washington that is said to have studied Hank. A friend of mine met up with Dyer in Houston and asked Rick about the Washington university and if it was public knowledge yet which university it was. Dyer said:

No it is not, and the only reason why it is not public knowledge yet is because of the haters. If it were known what university and department it was, the people involved would get calls and be harassed to death.

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