Bigfoot News March 12, 2014

Smashing news on the Rick Dyer story – the biggest news so far! The object that Rick Dyer is currently hauling around the country dubbed Hank has been proven to be 100% fake!

Very recently, two men who had been harboring suspicions that the object in the box on tour was fake pulled the lid off the box and examined the fake Hank with their own hands. Their suspicions had been building for some time, and finally they both just said, “Screw this, we’re taking the cover off!” They removed the cover and promptly busted the case. They immediately realized that it was fake. The hair is some sort of camel hair, as the haters have been saying all along. And the body is totally synthetic, except that hair may be real hair from a camel. Apparently just bending the feet is enough to tell the thing is fake. They are pliable…”like foam rubber,” in the words of one of the men who examined the fake Hank.

However, everyone around Hank was fooled until the cover came off.

The haters and even some Dyer supporters have said all along that the face/head that Musky described after his visit looks very little like the face/head of the fake tour object. For starters, we can look at the hairline.

I know the name of one of the men who opened the box, but I cannot reveal it. I do not know the name of the other man, who I will call X. Andrew was present at the box opening too and immediately left for the airport to fly home. Dyer is lying when he says the Andrew left because his Visa was up. Instead, Andrew left because he either thought that the whole thing was a hoax or at least that Rick had been lying to him and leading him along all this time. Rick definitely made Andrew look pretty bad – made him look like a cheap huckster con artist. That’s what Rick is, but is that what Andrew is too? Perhaps not.

Those who found the body to be fake yesterday are preparing a public statement to be released soon, possibly within 24 hours.

If you look at Dyer’s mysterious statement from seven hours ago on his Facebook page where he hinted that it might be a replica and then added cryptically, “Would they let me travel around with the greatest discovery of the century in back of a $12,000 trailer?”

I predict that Dyer’s damage-control strategy will be this: “Did they give me a copy of the real Bigfoot without me knowing?”

The haters were correct to identify this fake Hank as fake. They pointed out the many ways in which it was obviously fake to them, and it turns out that they were correct. That’s some great investigate reporting by them, and they were right in the end. Kudos especially to Randy Filipovic’s blog who pioneered the investigation of the fake Hank. In addition, some of the haters’ other questions are starting to make sense now. If the tour object was real, why let Rick construct that cheap box in his garage rather than have one made professionally with fool-proof security built in.

No one knows what Rick picked up in Washington at the start of the year, whether it was the real body or this fake. If he picked up the fake, then it is quite possible that Chris Russell may have made it.

Is Dyer guilty of fraud for touring with the fake object? Well, his tack on the tour has been “Believe it or not…Is it real? You be the judge,”so that may be enough to let him off the hook.

What is fascinating is that Frank Cali, who in my opinion is a huge liar, may turn out to be prophetic in this matter. Cali has stated three different times that Dyer told him that there are two bodies – there’s a real body and a fake one he is going to tour with.

A number of Dyer believers, including Christopher Noel and I, continue to believe Rick’s story that he shot and killed a Bigfoot, Hank in San Antonio 1 1/2 years ago. We now know that the thing in the trailer is a fake. We think it is just a replica. We believe that Hank is real, but Rick was not permitted to take him on tour due to his value. In fact, Noel was arguing this to me a week ago, saying that there is no way that this billionaire owner would trust this loose cannon Rick Dyer with one of the most valuable finds of the 20th Century. Noel turned out to be right, as he often does.

The big question now for we believers is whether the fake Hank was modeled on the real Hank. I believe it may well have been.

Rick Dyer announced the other day that the first leg of his tour is over and he is going back to Vegas for the next 90 days where he will work on his Bigfoot videos that he has for sale and do little else. Dyer also said that the scientists who worked on the body will be issuing some sort of a statement in that 90 day period. This is what I predicted earlier more or less. I said that a press conference would follow the first leg of the tour and precede the second leg of the tour. This scientists’ statement will apparently be released in the interim between the first and second legs of the tour.

Dyer also announced today that another big announcement would be coming in the next couple of weeks. I have no idea what that announcement is about.

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175 responses to “Bigfoot News March 12, 2014

  1. Are you sure? Oh wow!

    • Yes I am sure, but we think it is just a replica. Hank is real, but Rick was not permitted to take him on tour due to his value.

      • Sonjia Brown

        Anyone else smell the same `” Read my lips no more taxes ” B.S.

        • penelopepitstop

          Agreed…this continual “news/revelations will be released soon” will be going on in another 5 years time…that ought to be long enough for even the densest of minds to realise there is nothing to reveal…same old ,same old.

      • RON

        “Yes I am sure, but we think it is just a replica. Hank is real, but Rick was not permitted to take him on tour due to his value”

        Robert …Robert… Robert…
        So you’re going to bat for Dyer no matter what..OK…you’re entitled.
        If what you say is true…
        Why hasn’t Dyer produced the photos and video HE SAYS HE HAS that show Hank after he shot and killed him?? That would be *THE REAL HANK*…right?
        Do you get what I’m saying here?

      • Alwin

        One thing is clear you are hell bent on proving Hank is real when it is not.. You are no different from Rick…Cant believe educated believe nonsense from Dyer and you assist them by posting these BS

        • Ok jerkoff. It has not yet been confirmed that there is no dead Bigfoot called Hank. There could well be one. Hank 2 is down, but I think Hank 1 is waiting in the shadows.

          PS ass, you are banned.


      • Joey Peeps

        B.S. There is absolutely no reason for a blackout of one of the biggest discoveries in modern history.
        Where is the autopsy report and film?
        Where are the certified DNA results from a reputable lab?
        Where is the verification from known, credentialed pathologists?
        Where are the exam results from known credentialed anthropologists?
        Where is the confirmation from known University officials?
        Why haven’t we heard from anyone in the scientific community?
        The icing on the HOAX cake >>> SPIKE TV has a standing offer of 10 million dollars for definitive proof – so why the traveling sideshow?

        • Joey Peeps

          And yes, Bob – I expect to be “banned” also.

        • I do not grant your ban request sir. You have not violated the Comments Rules, so you will not be banned despite your request. As you are civilized Joey, are you certainly welcome to stay as long as you like. There are many other Dyer Skeptics here and you will be right at home.

          I do not grant ban requests, sorry.

        • Four of my friends saw Rick’s Autopsy film when they went to verify. They told me it’s real.

          None of the scientists nor their institutions wish to be identified right now because they are really afraid of the haters.

        • Joey

          Robert, you say four of your friends saw Rick’s Autopsy film and they are convinced. Well, I can’t address that because I haven’t seen it. You also say that none of the scientists nor their institutions wish to be identified right now because they are really afraid of the haters. Sure, there are those attacking Dyer – but it’s mainly for lack of scientific PROOF! Why would anybody be afraid of internet “haters” if they have proof?? For I believe that bigfoot exists, and I really want to believe this is the real thing. But so far everything points to hoax.

        • Go ask the scientists themselves that question. They and their institutions do not want to be harassed by the haters.

        • Joey

          Robert, I would love to ask the scientists why they are afraid of these so called internet “haters”. Trouble is, I don’t know who they are even if they do exist. Let’s get very real here. Do you actually think for one minute that the scientific community would voluntarily keep the find of the milenium under wraps simply because of a handful of internet “haters” – who would be forever silenced if this was verified? And don’t you think Dyer would be pounding on the door of SPIKE TV for his 10 million if there was a real Hank?

        • Well this guy is supposedly one of them:

          Randall Kyes
          Washington National Primate Center
          (206) 543-3025

          Get a hold of him and see what he says.

          Rick called Spike TV and tried to claim the award but they never got back to him.

        • Joey

          And for the record – I did not “ask” to be banned – but every time I reply to you I am immediately locked out.

        • Why are you locked out? I do not get it. I do not honor ban requests. You can self-ban if you wish. To honor a ban requests would mean to ban someone for no good reason. I generally only ban due to Comments Rules violations.

        • Joey

          Thanks for the info. Sent an email to Dr. Kyes. BTW, do you know Dyer personally?

        • Yes I know Rick, but we do not get along. I like it just fine that way. I do not want to be known as “the guy who is friends with Rick Dyer.” There are some folks that you would just rather not make friends with, right?

  2. jayman

    Surprise, surprise, surprise.

  3. Sonjia Brown

    My prediction previously was that he would announce that what he was showing was a fake, but he had killed one previously and this was a ` copy `

  4. Hazlett

    Finally!! This nightmare is going to come to an end and we can get on to talking about possible real videos, pictures and stories. I have nothing else to do, since the Redskins decided they didn’t need any help from free agency in the secondary, oh well. A good Redskin season is almost as elusive as Bigfoot. RG3s first year was like rick claiming he shot Bigfoot, looked believable, now the truth about Ricks Bigfoot being fake and the season the Skins had last year…..UGHHHH, I am gonna pick a soccer team to root for!

  5. Hazlett

    Sonja, that wouldn’t surprise me if that was the next step in his plan. Rick just needs to give it up.

    • Sonjia Brown

      Hazlett exactly, this is and always was a scam from beginning to end. If he claimed it is a real Bigfoot in the trailer display and he knew all along it was a fake, isn`t that fraud ?

    • Professional con men do not ‘give up’ as you say…they just change the game…wait and see

  6. That is the truth exactly. Hank is real, the thing in the box is a fake, correct.

    • MrChristianToYou

      What is Hank, if not the thing in the box?

    • I dont main to question you robert ‘but you say he ,,rick,,obtained possession of the body via wranling with lawyers from both sides and it was settled out of court”?how do you no ,,did someone tell you ? Have you got court documents that prove that ,to say that is almost saying the bady is real ,now being told that this guy killed a bigfoot ,and then telling all us its real guys ,,well have you any documents saying its real,,i want it to be real ,but i had a good time on face book ,youtube so i can say its been fun ,but if your saying things like that ,,and it turns out to be false”guys well say you lied ,, back up what you say or dont say it ,,i say this becouse i have alway looked at you and the guys at fb\fb as no bull sh” guys and believe anythig you guys say ,,fooling people is not stonch,,, i always felt you were stonch,back it up with facts ,,or everyone well put you in the same pit as rick if this is proving to be all fake ,,this is going down in history ,,if its fake ‘a hoax’ how would you have people remember you, can i believe you robert ? Can i ,really i want to ,but everyone says its a hoax, is it just like this [you are like the rest of us not knowing one way or the other ] and just doing your best to put it all together hoping its right and here it is now we were right see’ ther real just like we said
      I hope thats it robert
      Its good to believe, not to be fooled’ are we all been fooled ? OR is this it ?do you know or are you just like the rest of us ,,

      • As it was settled out of court, there were no court documents.

        Yes, someone told me, and they ought to know.

        I am not aware of any documents anywhere that state that the body is real that are available for examination.

        I do not care about the repercussions of being wrong in my theories. Look at the haters. 95% of Bigfootery is 100% certain that Hank is fake. Will they experience any repercussions if it turns out to be real and they were wrong? Of course not. Then why should we believers suffer if we are wrong.

        There is no shame in being wrong. All of us are wrong many times a day.

        I will not allow you to say that, and if you do it again, I will ban you. How bout the haters back up what they say or don’t say it, eh?

        Don’t believe everything I say. Bad idea. I am not God, and I am only human, and of course I am wrong all the time like all humans.

        Also I do not like the hostile tone of this post and if you do it again, I will ban you.

      • And robert i have been askiing everyong on face book about this ? Last year or so for maybe a week or so ther was this picture of what look like hank [it was said to be the real bady] it looked as if it was only just dead [fresh] but as i think back i did look like this hank rick has in a glass box ,haythis two was even in glass ,but no one remember’s it ,’ it was called bigfoo on youtube ,it was also said it was taken when someone hacked team tracker web site ? Robert if you could find it (the picture of what was said to be the vody) i would put it up on my fb page i have been looking for it for week’s ,love to see dose it look like hank ,,?

      • mrheckkles

        Holy Christ! I had a seizure reading that. Can’t spell, horrible use of punctuation, brackets, spacing etc. And what is with all the comma’s?

  7. It is a fake. I have been saying this is a hoax for well over a year. This not a replica, it’s a one off bad prop.
    Rick recently said casts were taken and replicas will be made and sold.
    Exactly how does one cast sonething covered in fake fur? When/ where was all this done while he was on tour?
    I could drive a bus through the holes in his story.
    Hank is a fake. Period.
    How did so many people manage to verify Hank as real if this is a replica? This was allegedly done while Rick had the body. He burned hair! Lol.
    The simplest answer is usually the correct one. Hoax.

    • LB

      Right on Randy, even my granny knows it’s fake. No more stretching this out please. Dyer has already lied. His tour said it was a real life bigfoot he should be made to pay back every cent, due to truth in advertising. I hope the lady that said a lawsuit was forthcoming is correct. That in itself is as low as one can go. The pictures FB/FB showed is the same stuffed bear he has in his trailer. It’s not a replica. I think no one should count on a professional, verifying this as nobody wants associated with him Nor do I think he will confess. He’s going to lay low and let it die . If I’m wrong, I’ll be back for crow. I have come to this conclusion because every time he says ‘wait for it’ it is another stall. He is hoaxing again ,and he’s never to be believed again. Something happened in this “leg” of the tour, biker week isn’t over and he said he had venues later. This wasn’t supposed to end til mid April. Count on the fact his vendors lic was pulled, because he’s shifty like that, OR the lady on his facebook slapped a suit on him. No redemption for lil dickey unless of course it was to hoax again to get back at those from the last hoaxes.

    • You turn the hide inside out, pour it full of plaster of paris, let it set, voila! That’s how you cast something covered in fur Randy. LOL

  8. Hazlett

    Serious…When are you going to post the full update Robert, this afternoon?

  9. Antonamouse

    So, is there going to still be a second tour with professional promotion and security?
    Does Rick ever get possession of the Real Hank or does it go straight to the new ownership?
    Okay, I’ll wait for the next update. Thanks.

  10. But why would I believe you now, Robert, when you were adamant that whatever was in the box was real, that your sources verified it many times over! Did you ever think maybe you’re being played, Robert? You seem about as gullible as a 3 yr. old now. I doubt I’ll put much faith in you or your sources again.

    • Ok jerkoff, I am banning you.

      I am a professional journalist. I always said that if I proved that Hank was fake I would publish immediately. Journalists have a duty to tell the truth even if it makes them look bad, so we are better than 98% of humanity in that regard.

      And you are banned.


      • Scott Johnson

        Robert you keep making this claim that you are a real journalist however you ban people and call them jerkoff (which by the way is hostile tone so perhaps a self-inflicted ban hammer is in order) when all they are doing is questioning your previous posts. Most journalists should expect that their submissions will be scrutinized and be willing to defend these remarks in a polite and respectful manner.

        You do not appear to be capable of this. All scrutiny of your sources and posts are considered to be hostile tone (again I think you should research the word “hostile”). In my opinion, a true journalist would welcome this line of questioning. They would engage it and defend their position based on the facts they know. I challenge you to go to any media outlet where the journalists respond to comments on their online posts (and there are many out there) and find one incident (just one) where the “real” journalist uses the term “Ban Hammer”, “HAND!” or whatever other childish remark you use to silence your critics. Hopefully this will be an eye opener for you. You can carry on in this fashion but you are not a journalist, you are just some guy that has a blog, nothing more and you should stop pretending it to be otherwise.

        • I get tons of criticism 24-7 about this site. If you have a storng critique, put it in an email. Randy sends me exasperated emails on a regular basis.

          Professional journalists are obligated to tell the truth even if it makes them look bad, which automatically makes us better than 98% of humanity who will not tell the truth if it makes them look bad.

          I always said if I found out this thing is a hoax, I would post it instantly. I don’t care about reputation or any of that. Journalists care about truth, not reputation and all that bull. A lot of journalists are widely hated, arrested, beaten, tortured, jailed even killed. Journalism is not a popularity contest and the truth is ugly sometimes.

      • Im starting to get you robert only now, you tell us what you hear as you hear it ,,im right ,was right you ok man ,,one of the good guys ,,yes im with you robert , and what will be will be,

    • nominay

      “But why would I believe you now, Robert, when you were adamant that whatever was in the box was real, that your sources verified it many times over!”
      What, you think it might still be a real body? If not, then you are believing Robert now.

      • They never verified that the thing in the box was real. There were shown some sort of a body and they spent up 3-4 hours poking at it and they insisted it was real. I do not believe it was the tour dummy. They would have recognized the tour dummy as fake instantly. I also know 2 guys who brought MD’s who verified a body as real. In addition, I know someone who met the MD’s and was there while they verified a body. I do not believe that MD’s verified this tour fake as real. That’s not possible. I think the MD’s were shown another body, perhaps the one that this one was modeled on.

  11. Scott Johnson

    Let me guess…the guy from the twisted toybox built it for the University…ha ha ha…what a joke. I said I would come back when this was proven to be real or fake…guess I won’t be apologizing to Rick or eating any crow…damn and I was kind of hungry too.

    RL, do yourself a favor and jump ship. Take your head out of your ass and see the light. This is Rick’s 4th hoax busted. There is way more internet traffic associated with exposing the truth than supporting a known conman.

    Admit that he may have fooled your sources and subsequently you but let it go…the hoax is busted. We don’t want to hear about models or replicas because it’s all BS. You and some of your members on this board have vehemently defended the authenticity of the stuffed Hank suggesting at times that there was no way it could be fake because you know the truth, etc. So you can’t change your story now. You now have to admit that you had the wool pulled over your eyes and your sources were wrong.

    Time to man up and start using this site to expose the hoax as opposed to protecting it.

    • You are about one inch away from being banned, Scott. You have been warned. Hostile tone.

      • Scott Johnson

        Seriously RL, ban away, it just proves that you are not man enough to admit that you have been taken for a ride.

        By the way, you seem like an intelligent man. There is a difference to hostile tone and saying something you don’t like. My comments were non-threatening and non-hostile, but go ahead and ban. Your site has become the laughing stock of the bigfoot community anyway. I introduced a self-ban on myself for the past 2 weeks and funny enough I managed to survive.

        The reality of it is that you need controversy to drive traffic here. Go back and look at your unique site traffic and I guarantee that it was at its highest before you started your childish ban hammer antics and allowed people to speak their opinion, even if it was different to yours.

        So if you really consider this your job then you should consider supporting your United States First Amendment and allow for freedom of speech, otherwise you can watch your blog crash and burn like Ricky’s tour.

        • Joerg Hensiek

          ban hammer antics? Here are about 95% “skeptics” or “haters”. I really do not know what you you are talking about. The people who were banned were just too boring and stupid, that`s all….laughing stock of the bigfoot community, as if this is not a contradiction in itself…

        • Nope, traffic is the highest it has been in some time now. Amazing as the entire Bigfoot community boycotts me and refuses to link to me LOL!

          I was taken for a ride to the extent that Rick fooled me into thinking that the replica was real. A lot of got punked on that one. But it’s ok, there is still a real Hank behind the curtain.

          A ban? My pleasure Scott!


        • Sonjia Brown

          Joerg ” laughing stock of the community, as if this is not a contradiction in itself ” you made me laugh at that one, well done Sir : )

        • Joerg Hensiek

          my pleasure, Sonjia! :-)

        • nominay

          “The reality of it is that you need controversy to drive traffic here.”
          Your premise is that Robert needs traffic. Why? Before the Justin Smeja story, bigfoot hardly had anything to do with this site. He’s been blogging for a decade. He’s still predominantly a leftist, liberal blogger … he’d be blogging about all the other subjects he’s blogged about, even if it were to just make a few friends, because this is what he’s interested in doing.

        • Sure controversy drives traffic, but I am not about to deliberately make shit up or deliberately promote known hoaxes just to drive traffic to the site. That would a violation of journalistic ethics which I take very seriously.

          The banning hasn’t hurt traffic at all. In fact, the more people I ban, the higher traffic goes LOL. I don’t get it, people like to be abused or what?

      • Robert Lindsay!!! I do NOT send you exasperated emails on a regular basis.
        I reply to emails you send me. Come on now.

        I’m absolutely fiberglasted.

        Oh, there is no “real” Hank. And Yes, there are people out there who actually believe Rick has a dead Bigfoot.

        I’ll leave it at that. Don’t need to see the hand.

        • Right but I do not mind your exasperated replies to me. I wish more haters talked to me that way. You actually criticize me in a very nice way, don’t mind it at all.

  12. Hazlett

    Randy, I really don’t think anyone out there truly believes that this is a real Bigfoot, I do think the people that claim to believe it are just playing a game, they like to keep the pot stirred…..You have proved it over and over that it is a fake, as soon as the first pictures came out, that was enough to convince the majority that may have still had hope that it was a fake.

    I just think its a game played by both sides, no one is really gullible enough to still believe this.

  13. beardie

    I sent the video of the so-called “medical scan” to two surgeon friends, one at the Mayo Clinic and one in private practice. Neither recognized the technology and said, without doubt, the “scan” was fake. Dyer won’t identify the technology either, confirming to me their expert opinions. Which means the alleged “medical doctor” in the video is either fake or an idiot. So not just the body but the medical evidence of Hank were fake. I called him out on it on his FB page in a polite fashion and asked if he cared to comment on what the surgeons told me. It seems he deleted my post. Now this happens. Done deal. I’ve followed this for more than a year just waiting for him to screw up, and he did.

    • Joerg Hensiek

      beardie: Robert`s message is “Hank is real, the bigfoot on tour is just a replica.” So, do not celebrate too early…however, if true, I wonder how Dyer will survive from a legal perspective, even if he should have a real bigfoot back home..

  14. Mr. E2me

    O.K. So If the POS has been telling folks they are seeing an authentic Bigfoot and charging them for it, only to come out now and admit that what they saw was a replica, is he NOW committing fraud? Perhaps it is an actionable offense now. Only question now is…Firing squad or noose ?

    • Sonjia Brown

      Mr. E2me Exactly what I said earlier, can I choose the garrotte for Dyer the liar ?

    • Joerg Hensiek

      I would say this is fraud…
      And could I make a guess, Robert: Are these new findings (partly) the result of Jacki`s visit to the US?

    • Todd Garret

      Dyer is going to claim that he was unknowingly given a replica rather than the actual body by the University. Problem is he has to prove that to law enforcement, which of course he can’t because everyone knows he had Chris Russell’s prop shop construct the doll for the sole purpose of claiming it was real and charging people to see a “real” Bigfoot.
      There never was any University involved. He’s done.

  15. Well, it’s a relief that TruTester was right, anyway. I admit I often had my doubts.

  16. Thanks Mr. Lindsay! Now I’m wondering if we can find a source for the camel hair? (thinking out loud) Still waiting with the rest of your followers to see how this will all resolve itself. Have to commend you for your interaction here with us, lots of blog owners just don’t care very much.

    Optimal outcome would to see Dyer get nailed for fraud, heck even Capone went down for tax fraud, at the very least I would imagine RD isn’t reporting his tour income. One can hope!!

    • RD is a ‘cash & carry’ man…..but I would check my credit card statements if any of you paid for hats/shirts or his ‘look’ at bigfoot tour with a card….don’t be surprised if they are way overcharged.
      I wouldn’t wait for the statement either, I’d call my credit card company and ask to go over any recent charges on there.
      RD will just blame it on the members that left the country with your cash.
      and Yes…..I do believe some may have paid with credit cards, I don’t think even RD had an ATM with him.

  17. Mr. E2me

    ‘Is Dyer guilty of fraud for touring with the fake object? Well, his tack on the tour has been “Believe it or not…Is it real? You be the judge,”so that may be enough to let him off the hook.’

    Slimier than a slithery snake that guy is…Wonder how long he can keep it up before IRS or legalese snags him.

    ‘What is fascinating is that Frank Cali, who in my opinion is a huge liar, may turn out to be prophetic in this matter.’

    Wonder if he reneged on his vengeance against POS. He was all lathered up with his gubbermint contacts and was set to bury Rick…then bupkis. Ah well, just another TeamTarded graduate. Can’t expect much I s’pose.

  18. Todd Garret

    Robert, this was just posted on Dyer’s Facebook page at the end of his most recent update post on the status of the tour.
    What a clusterfuck this entire thing is.

    Dyer’s words:

    I will make a confession!!

    A person directly involved with me from the start was ordred by me to give Robert Lindsay so called inside information! Just to prove a point more inside information was given today just to show he’s an idiot. LoL

    • That is not true. The person who gave me this information is not close to Dyer at all. In fact, Dyer and this person hate each other. Dyer did not tell this person to give me fake info. Dyer doesn’t give fake info or any info. The only fake info Dyer gives me is the crap he gives to everyone else too.

      • Antonamouse

        I like how Dyer claims to have fed Robert fake info, but does not reveal what information. A nice out. Muskiee Gate part 2.
        He claimed he’d be silent for three months and it lasted a few hours.

  19. Joerg Hensiek

    “They removed the cover and promptly busted the case. They immediately realized that it was fake.”

    “Andrew was present at the box opening too and immediately left for the airport to fly home.”

    Sorry, Robert, this might all be true. But do you really think it was so easy for them as described above??? Dyer and Clacy were not trying to prevent them from doing so?!! And how did they prove SCIENTIFICALLY that it was camel hair and not Bigfoot hair? Hard to believe…I will wait for more details…

    • Clacy was right there and he did not try to stop them. No idea where Rick was. No idea how they concluded it was camel hair.

      • Joerg Hensiek

        really hard to believe this time! I can imagine that Dyer was touring a fake one through Texas (irrespective of if he has a real one back home or not), but this incident seems to be a little bit far-fetched. Dyer would have called the police, because this clearly is a criminal act (they had to break up the box for doing so!!!). From a legal perspective it is irrelevant if their aim was to prove that this bigfoot is fake and that they therefore would convict a hoaxer. This does not matter to the police.

  20. Emmett Von Schnit

    I hope you continue writing about bigfoot Robert. He is real… I’d bet my house on it. The so called bigfoot community is full of crap generally speaking. Too many trolls, fakers and hoaxer types mixed in with some really good and decent people… some who have had sightings and encounters on the internet bigfoot groups. There are some interesting stories out here to be told.

    • Don’t piss off bikers nor their ‘chicks’ by ripping them off..

    • Mr. Jingles

      Yeah, and I think that Sasquatch Ontario needs to be slammed way harder than he already is. His excuse for only single footprints being photographed is because the bigfoot phased into our reality for a split second, made a single step on the ground, and then phased back into its own dimension. LOL absolute bunk.

      • Mr. E2me

        ‘His excuse for only single footprints being photographed is because the bigfoot phased into our reality for a split second, made a single step on the ground, and then phased back into its own dimension.’

        That guy is ‘off’. He ain’t right. I’ve had warning bells going off from everything he’s done. He’s a different flavor of POS.

  21. Mr. E2me

    Random thought of the day;

    Is it harder for Rick Dyer to pull off a hoax than it was in 2008
    due to increases internet availability ?

    I tend to believe that Dyer is having an uphill battle and more resistance than when he tried in 2008. Folks have access to more data than ever before , just from their telephones. Never mind the PC. I just feel that it is incredibly hard to pull off this stunt when everybody is so connected and willing to search for details.
    I think Ricky don’t have a clue. He keeps weaseling around from one city to the next … and it doesn’t seem to matter. The interwebs know where he is in days if not hours. Armchair researching has never been easier or more effective.

    • big g

      Rick shot hank in San Antonio. But he hasn’t had control of the body since. He has a digital 3d scan of the body and nothing else.

    • RD was ‘doomed’ as soon as he attached his name to it…had he stayed in the background, which of course he can’t due his NPD (narcissistic personality disorder) it may have played out for awhile and made a few bucks as a ‘resurrected side-show from the ’60’s’…come live the nostalgia.
      He’s too much in love with himself…it’s one of his ‘weakness’s’ Vanity will f*ck you up sometimes :)

      • Rick Dyer is very much an NPD, in fact, he is a classic case study! If you want to study a good classic full blown NPD, check out Rick. If you get even more extreme than this, you get into something called malignant narcissism. Personally, I think Ted Bundy may have been one of these. Also Jeffrey MacDonald. Malignant narcissism is like a narcissistic sociopath = Ted Bundy, classic case.

        According to one view, there is a continuum, with normal narcissism -> narcissistic traits -> NPD -> malignant narcissism (narcissistic sociopathy -> sociopathy.

        • Mr. E2me

          ‘If you get even more extreme than this, you get into something called malignant narcissism. Personally, I think Ted Bundy may have been one of these.’

          Wow. So you feel he’s about ye far from some Ted Bundy type activities. I could totally see it. I bet he gets a clown suit and starts doing parties next.

          ‘Also Jeffrey MacDonald.’ nee Dahmer ?

        • No Jeffrey MacDonald is the physician who murdered his family in 1970 and then blame it on acid-crazed hippies. He thought he committed the perfect crime, but 10 years later, they went after him and he was tried and convicted. He continues to insist he is innocent and try to get retrials but he never gets them. He is very convincing and he has fooled a lot of people into believing he is innocent. A book was written about him called “Fatal Vision.”

        • Yeah……I don’t know….but Ted Bundy did pop into my mind when thinking of RD disorder too….funny you mentioned Bundy also.

        • “Malignant Narcissism” is also a really cool instrumental Rush tune! :-)

  22. Thank you for this information. I for one will be glad when we are allowed to see the real bigfoot body, Internet or museum, etc. I believe, or I want to believe, that Dyer has killed at least one bigfoot. Linda Newton-Perry of the online bigfoot magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo.

    • big g

      Dyer shot one. But he doesn’t have the body. Just 3d scans for mount making. The government never give up the body.

  23. ChrisG

    Whatever happened with the East Texas habituation site? Have Craig or Lynk discussed tbeir experiences? Has the woman who lives on the property been rid of the tricksters? Is it humanly possible for Rick to create any more chaos without exploding? And while I am asking questions, how is your back Robert?

    • They are still tied to trees smelling like deer piss…

      Texas East Habitation site and Craig/Lynk are two different things…they have no involvement with it other than grabbing a free meal while listening to the woman’s stories. Sounds like the woman has enough trouble and doesn’t need to get dragged into the RD fiasco.

    • It is a chronic condition at that lady’s place.

      My back still hurts, but I am doing a lot of exercises and whatnot. But now my prostate also hurts (prostatitis) so I have new fun place on my body. The back pain is also neck pain too btw.

  24. deanna

    I don’t understand how so many people believe thus guy when he’s lied before! Also how is it that nobody has ever killed a bigfoot before and this Rick guy has supposedly killed 2 or 3? Not possible because bigfoot is just a myth that some mountain man made up. Grow up people and quit giving money to these idiots!

    • Mr. E2me

      Oh Good. Deanna is here. She’s obviously a mighty fucking know it all. Perhaps we should listen to her.
      Or not. Go ahead and fuck clean off Deanna.

  25. Brian Vargo

    I can’t believe you still think he shot one. What a dumb ass. And by the way… How’s that crow taste?

  26. Steve Lane

    Since day 1, most people have said that Dyer was lying. Where are we now? Another fake body, which obviously looked fake and Rick all by himself. There is no Bigfoot or Bigfoots, Noel! Time for you to man up for your blatant support of Dyer, with absolutely zero proof!!! and apologize to the Bigfoot Community for your actions.


    PRICE REDUCTION normally $14:95
    NOW ONLY $8.99 (while supplies last)
    We have a limited amount of Bigfoot T-shirts so don’t miss out on this special offer.

    Laura Michaels s the price reduction because Rick Dyer is now admitting his Bigfoot is a fake? He packed up and left town last night because he got caught.

    • Strange RD just reported record breaking sales yesterday(Tuesday afternoon)…then ‘packs it up back to the gypsy camp’ that very night???
      Way to go RD!

  28. Pingback: Rick Dyer Experts say he’s Finally Proven to be Fake ! > Bigfoot Buzz

  29. RON

    For all you *believers* out there >>>NEWS>>>
    Jason Judd just capitulated..his statement is on RacerX Blog.
    For the *uninitiated*>>>JJ was the archetypical TT member and Dyer supporter this entire duration of this HOAX.

    • woodchucker

      hahaha, big ‘ol slice of crow for him. I remember him brow beating posters here, but most of us just laughed at him and said he was a silly boy.

  30. Todd Garret

    So at this very moment Dyer is driving his RV and attached trailer across the country alone back to Houston or Vegas or wherever he’s calling home now.
    All alone, the one thing he hates most of all in this world—being alone.
    A fitting end to this entire debacle. He deserves a much worst ending but this one will do for now.

  31. Robert I respect you but here’s the deal. Lets say he did about one..where’s the pics, the video, the proof……he goes around with another fake and ppl still believe the lier. My suggestion to the beloved ifs this. Don’t believe everything you hear without the proof. Even on finding bigfoot they state weather they believe the ppl or not. Not everything is bigfoot. Take care

  32. At one point I said there are no winners when dealing with a sociopath, but truth is Ithink a lot of people learned some valuable lessons – thanks for your honest reporting, Robert.

  33. for someone claiming a high IQ, you sure are dumb as chalk

  34. J

    Wow, Robert, is this why comments died off for awhile, because you figured out you had been hoaxed, by a known hoaxer? You bought into dyer lock, stock, and barrel, despite the fact he hoaxed before,this whole story seemed hard to believe, etc. I would expect for you to call out ALL your sources involved in this fiasco as frauds,hucksters etc,unless you are one of them. Your reputation is on the verge of ruin because of this unless ,you were part of iit , just to publish your paper. At this point do not know what to think of you

    • I am banning you, J. Violation: hostile tone.


      There are two Hanks, fake Hank and real Hank. Journalists never get their reputations ruined for being wrong about some sort of prediction, never happens. Only for ethical violations. There is no shame in being wrong.

      • larry perkins

        You’re almost right, Mr. Lindsay – there are two TYPES of Hanks. There’s the ‘fake Hank’, which is all Ricky Dyer has ever seen or had access to for his juvenile hoax and ill-fated little carnival tour, and there are REAL ‘Hanks’, like Hank Snow, Hank Cochran, Henry ‘Hank’ Aaron, Hank Williams, his son Hank Jr., and his son ‘Hank III’ (who never has nor never would be involved with the likes of Dyer for ANY reason whatsoever – contrary to the speculation that’s often been put forth on the word of some mysterious ‘insiders’ claiming he is/was ‘Dyer’s investor’).

        On March 10, 2014 I had occasion to meet and confront Ricky Dyer face-to-face during the short time he was in Daytona Beach, Florida with his ‘exhibit’. Our visit began pleasantly enough – he inquired about the Cocker Spaniel that was with me, and I inquired of him how his business was going. (The answer to that was quite obvious, as the whole time we were in the area observing the activity around his location no one was in or around his booth but he and another man, and the signs he had on the sidewalk, at the booth, and a handwritten one taped to the box inside the trailer all read, “See a Real Dead Bigfoot Here $5.00.” On one of the signs there was a sign visible beneath the handwritten sign that read, ‘Admission $20.00′ that had been marked through to read Admission $10.00). Ricky said, ‘aw man, it’s been terrible down here – I bet we haven’t done $500.00 the whole time we’ve been down here, but man we did GREAT down in Texas! We showed to over 70,000 people in two days down there.’

        Up ’til then Ricky seemed somewhat composed – his speech was reasonably clear and articulate. Then I asked Ricky to tell me where he got the thing in the box, and he nervously told me basically the same lie he’s been telling since the fall of 2012. He said, ‘I killed it.’ I asked, ‘are you trying to tell me that YOU killed ‘Bigfoot’?’ He said, ‘Yes sir, I killed him.’
        I asked him where and when he ‘killed Bigfoot’, and he said, “I killed him down in San Antonio, Texas with a 30-06 – shot him right in the head back in 2012.’
        Even if I’d never heard of Ricky Dyer and his most recent attempt at a hoax I would have known beyond doubt he was lying due to the exaggerated change in the color of his face, the drastic changes in the pitch, timber, and speed of his voice, and his ‘body language.’ I looked him straight in the eye and said, ‘no sir, you didn’t do no such a thing.’He looked shocked, and stammered, ‘what do you mean?’ Again looking him right in the face I said, “I meant exactly what I said – you didn’t kill ‘Bigfoot’, not in Texas, not anywhere. You’ve never even seen ‘Bigfoot’, and you know it as good as I do.’ He seemed completely disoriented and started to walk away back towards his table, saying, ‘well man I don’t know what to tell you’, and I said, ‘I KNOW you don’t know what to tell me – you know that I know you’re lying. This is just another one of your silly little hoaxes. Hoaxing don’t pay as good as you want people to think it does, does it? You can’t even GIVE admissions away down here…’

        He went behind his table and picked up what looked like an ‘iPad’ and scurried off towards the rear of the trailer with the ‘box’ in it. After a bit it became evident that he didn’t care to rejoin the conversation, even though by this time several people visiting neighboring exhibits had gathered around, obviously interested in the exchange that had just taken place…

        So let’s reason here together Friends: If Ricky Dyer had in fact managed to shoot and kill a ‘Bigfoot’, and had the body of the creature on display along with ample evidence to substantiate his claims – there’s NO WAY he would have walked away from a conversation like that – especially with people/potential customers gathering around to hear how he would respond to being called a liar regarding the Truthfulness of his ‘story’ and the authenticity of the ‘thing’ in his box he was trying desperately to sell admissions to see on the premise that it is a genuine ‘Bigfoot’ – would he? If ANYTHING he had been saying was True, on being publicly challenged about it he would have produced some sort of credible evidence to make the person challenging his claims look like the uniformed idiot, rather than allowing a total stranger to walk up and expose his as a scammer in front of the very people he was trying to sell tickets to…

        We did happen to meet a couple of Daytona Beach Police Officers on our way back to the parking lot, and asked them if they were aware of a guy in the 405 Main Street area trying to sell tickets to see a purported corpse on display within 10-15 feet of where other vendors were selling food and drinks. The Officers said they hadn’t heard anything about it and would go straight over there to investigate. Evidently they weren’t impressed: respondents to threads on the Daytona Beach Bike Week Facebook Page reported that the ‘cops had come and made the phony ‘bigfoot guy’ leave’ (some ten days before Dyer was originally scheduled to leave according to the original announcement). Early the following day (March 11, 2014)
        Dyer posted “Sad day Andrew left !! Tourist visa expired.” Later that same day he began another post with, ‘Evidently Larry Perkins stop by my booth…’ Of course Ricky’s account of our visit varies wildly from the account I’ve shared: Some of you DO know Ricky. Few, if any of you here know me, so I guess you’ll decide for yourself which, if either account has a ring of Truth to it if you’re interested. (We do have some video clips of our visit that we’ll be uploading soon (-:).

        By the afternoon of March, 12, 2014 Ricky announced that the tour in Daytona had to be cut short, some cryptic, curious sounding statements that don’t seem to bode well for his ‘fans’, ‘supporters’, and ‘investors’ to the effect that,
        ‘The Bigfoot in my trailer, We’ll you know the story!’
        ‘Would they (who is ‘they’?) let me travel around the country in a $12,000 trailer with the discovery of the century? (I thought it was a $70,000 trailer?)’
        ‘Would it be up to them to decide?’ (‘them who’? FUNNY!)
        ‘Did they give me a copy of the original Bigfoot without me knowing?’ (Ridiculous!)
        ‘Was this an elaborate hoax perpetrated by a person That previously hoaxed , just to prove he could do it again?’ (ooops! Did someone in Daytona slip him some Truth serum?)
        ‘Either way I win!’ (Dyer-spout for SUCKERS!! I got a few bucks out of some of y’all!!), and then goes on to announce his retirement from this leg of ‘the tour’ by saying he ‘wont be public again for 90 days’ (OH NO!! What will we ever do without him??).
        At least he doesn’t leave us in the dark about what he’s going to be up to since Daytona’s finest invited him to go somewhere else. He’s going to ‘spend time with his family and work on the DVDs that 19 people have patiently been awaiting for.’

        It’s about time.

  35. richard smocher

    Why would RD go back to Vegas if his family is now in Texas? Could it be several thousand dumbasses he ripped off for 20 dollars a pop who are now pissed at him? Im not going to diss you Robert but lets face it, there are several items in your previous posts you need to revisit and explain why you said what you said. Even after the body rolled out on tour. Either you were in on this or all of your sources were lying to you.

    • None of my sources were lying to me. Everyone who believe Hank is real thought that Hank was in the tour trailer. Rick punked all of us!

      Also I am banning you for suggesting that I was in on this hoax.


  36. woodchucker

    Would love to hear from all the bigfootards who were clinging to RDs lies come on here and eat that crow they have coming to them. Not that the cowards they are would, but perhaps one or two of them are big enough to own up. 208champ, you knew it all along too, there’s no BFs in the scrubs behind the SA Home Depot. RD is a fuggin chronic threepeat HOAXER. OK, now lets move on……….

  37. Laura

    Robert, Please stop banning people. You’re starting to look like Dyer, any person who says something that you don’t agree with, done. Banned. “HAND” (whatever that means). Any journalist with any kind of integrity would welcome opposing points of view, I would think. I mean, if someone calls you names and isn’t trying to make a point, then I can see it, but just because someone disagrees with you shouldn’t be a reason for a ban.

    • How many times have I told you. People disagree with me all day long on here. You need to read the Comments Rules before commenting. It’s really not necessary to engage me at all. If you want to fight and argue, do it with the other commenters.

      Commenters lately are banned for insults, ad hominem and hostile tone. I have commenters who have disagreed with me countless times and they have insulted me, or used a hostile tone or ad hominem.

    • Mr. E2me

      Thanks Laura.

      Your opinion means soooo much because of the quality of YOUR contributions. Oh wait. You don’t post here do you?I’ve been posting here for maybe 2 ? years now.

      I don’t agree with Bob. I think it is a complete hoax. I’m allowed to say so because I do not harass the blog owner. It’s his spot on the internet. He is in no way obligated to be fair or even politically correct. BUT he is quite fair. It’s obvious that concept is difficult for you. Were you taught
      call people names and threaten them when you communicate? You must have had lousy parents or a horrible upbringing.

  38. RON

    You now believe that the *Hank* on tour is a replica and Dyer really shot a BF, but>>>>they don’t want to risk touring the *REAL HANK*.
    OK..assuming this, why hasn’t Dyer produced the PHOTOS and VIDEO he says he’s POSSESSION OF>>>>that show HANK DEAD ON THE GROUND IN SAN ANTONIO? This would be the REAL HANK.
    Think about this…

    • nominay

      I hate to admit it, but that’s a good question. I really think it’s time that Morgan Matthews be pressed on commenting further.

      • RON

        You won’t find Mathews entering the FRAY …he knows better. Having said this, Matthews has essentially stated that there was no BF that he saw while filming. You have to LISTEN carefully to his interviews, then you can see Mathews is NOT confirming Dyer’s story at all.

  39. RON

    Matthews has NEVER confirmed he saw a BF out there. Not denying is being coy, but that’s not implying that he saw one. The fact he has NEVER supported Dyer’s claim is huge, since that would be an EPIC EVENT.
    Again..he has NEVER confirmed he saw a BF out there…he’s a film maker and doesn’t want to negate the *mystery* element in the film.

    • woodchucker

      He is a liar and the owner of a likely shit quality movie. Every day he remains silent as to what happened he advanced the HOAX. The fact that after it was exposed the bawdy was fake he is asking to interview footers about opinions of RD just proves how desperate he is to salvage the movie. Total rubbish.

  40. it is good to believe ,,robert ,,but its not good to be fooled,,??

  41. Joey Peeps

    Why take it, or a replica on tour when SPIKE TV is offering a TEN MILLION dollar reward for definitive proof that bigfoot exists? END OF STORY – AND HOAX.

  42. Joerg Hensiek

    we could get an (final?) answer from Morgan Matthews as early as coming week..

    • Joerg Hensiek

      year of production is given as 2014. this means it is not 1:1 version of last year, but surely overworked and perhaps even extended…

  43. greenman

    Mr. Lindsay I have never added my opinion to your blog but have read it since the whole Rick Dyer thing started up again after the last hoax. I really wanted to believe this was for real but the whole story has so many holes in it that it looks like Swiss cheese and smells like Limburger. I just want to ask you about something you said a while back. Above you stated that why would they let a loose cannon like Dyer travel around with the real body? A few weeks back you told us that he went to court to get ownership of they body and told us to look it up. I did and found nothing.

    Well what is it? Did he go to court and get possession or is he traveling around with a fake? Your inconsistencies in your reports are flip flopping all over the place.

    I, like yourself wish it were true but if it were, don’t you think he would travel right to Jeff Meldrum’s home just to rub it in his face, if nothing else? If he had the backing of Meldrum, then we wouldn’t be having this conversation would we? Why all the mystery? I happen to know a number of scientists also, and each and everyone of them have stated that being associated with the biggest discovery of the century is something they would NEVER hide from the public since the whole reason for scientists being is to be noted with something as big as this.

    A real journalist would never publish anything that they personally have not verified for themselves. Have you ever seen or touched this body for yourself or are you just passing on info that mystery people are giving you? And don’t bother banning me, I am leaving your little sandbox by myself. I don’t want to play here any longer. You have wasted enough of my time already.

  44. william

    Robert, greenman made some good points and you never said it was settled out of court. Please at least try to answer some of his good points or are you going to ban me also for siding with him…

  45. James

    You are obviously very bright, but I just don’t get why in your earlier posts you said (paraphrased) “I am 99% absolutely certain that Rick Dyer has a real BF”. I just think it would serve you better is you were a little more careful in your declarations.
    Many people, like me, support you and want to believe what you tell us. Your credibility in my mind has taken a serious, if not fatal hit in the BF world. Listening to recent episodes of Mysterious Universe, by far the most popular esoteric podcast in the world, your claims that Dyer had a real BF were discussed. Although Aaron and Ben didn’t slam you personally, they wondered aloud how someone as smart a you could be taken “again” by this obvious hoaxster!

    • Why should I care that my credibility has been destroyed in the world of Bigfootery, of all places! Fuck Bigfootery, fuck Bigfooters.

      Look, I know I am right on this, ok? I am quite certain of it. I am so certain of that I am willing to take the risk that I might be wrong and whatever problems that my bring.

      There is no shame in being wrong, so I don’t see why my credibility would be destroyed by pursuing the wrong hypothesis on this Dyer matter. Scientists, detectives, even journalists are wrong all the time. That’s life.

      Can you link me to that episode?

      • RON


        I’ll ask you again>>>
        If Dyer in fact did shoot and kill *Hank* (and is now toting around a replica),
        WHERE ARE THE PHOTOS AND VIDEO HE SAYS WERE TAKEN (some on his cell phone?) AT THE SCENE IN SAN ANTONIO? He is on record as saying he has them. *After The Shot* DVD is a case in point, but there were many photos taken as well. Had he had them, he would have surely shown them on display..right?

    • James

      I wanted to add, Robert, that I had not read the previous comments before adding mine. Specifically, I had not read your claim that “there is a real BF and the one on tour is fake”.
      Ok. I, unlike others, do not believe you make this shit up to drive traffic to your site. I think you are giving us your best, educated opinion based on what your sources tell you. I certainly don’t know, can’t verify, or confirm the veracity of your sources. All I would say to you, a person whose writing I have come to enjoy immensely, is that the old adage; fool me once, etc., is certainly worth considering!

  46. Come On Robert….just give up already. Call it BULLSHIT like it really is. You are so gullible.

    • Oh Doug Hudson, you famous Hollywood special effects guy you! You’re such a silly brute!

      You have been wrong how many times about Bigfoot stuff now in some pretty big cases?

      PS I am banning you. Yay, I banned my first famous person woo hoo!


  47. LB

    Robert (or anyone that really knows) do you know who the guys are that discovered styrofoam squatch ? And if so, what’s their story?

  48. I do not know what is inside the thing, perhaps it is foam rubber.

    I know the name of one of them but I am not allowed to release it. The other guy I do not know and I just call him Mr. X.

    Both of them were immediately certain that Hank was a prop, and I believe that they continue to believe he is fake. I believe they are preparing to release a statement shortly.

  49. We set aside $50k sometime ago to advertise with rick dyer with the agreement that he would provide us with scientific evidence of his “hank”

    He then turned away our $50k. I WONDER WHY??? :( :( :(

  50. SkepticDoesNotMeanHater

    Robert Lindsay
    March 13, 2014 at 9:18 AM
    Go ask the scientists themselves that question. They and their institutions do not want to be harassed by the haters.

    Robert Lindsay
    March 12, 2014 at 8:40 AM
    That is the truth exactly. Hank is real, the thing in the box is a fake, correct.

    Robert Lindsay
    March 12, 2014 at 11:00 AM
    That is not true. Dyer doesn’t give fake info or any info. The only fake info Dyer gives me is the crap he gives to everyone else too.

    Robert- I guarantee you there is no institution studying anything from Dyer.
    There is no second Hank (that is real, not another doll), I will bet my life on this. Dyer doesn’t give fake info? The whole ‘tour’ and everything related to his fiasco was fake info.
    From the university, to the scientists and doctors, (non)press conferences, (non)announcements, taxidermist, Government taking the ‘body’, Facebook posts, website, interviews, all his video’s and statements claiming he had a genuine Sasquatch. It was all for show, and some small change. On many occasions, he stated unequivocally that he had a real one, it was in his trailer, and you could view it for the low low price of just $20….no $10….no $5… No if’s and’s or but’s, it was real. The “you decide if it’s real” came later in the tour. I don’t think he has an out here. But, I’m no lawyer.

    If I may ask. Why are you so convinced there is a second genuine “Hank” somewhere?

    And why would Dyer, after being outed, not immediately shout out to the world, “I have a real Bigfoot, somewhere!!! I swear”!

    Either way, it has been fun coming here daily to read everyone’s opinions.

    • The question is not whether or not Rick gives out fake info. Of course he does. The haters and Rick claim that Rick regularly gives me fake info and I get played all the time. Rick Dyer has never given me one sentence of information about anything.

      Rick and I do not speak to each other, which is about how I want it because honestly I would rather not be friends with the guy. If he wants friends, there are 310 million other Americans out there he can make friends with.

      Dyer doesn’t feed me crap. None of Dyer’s minions feeds me crap. Of course I have sources right in TT, right next to Rick. Heck I practically have a wiretapping bug right inside Rick’s brain my sources are so close to him. I have a great relationship with my sources, and they do not deliberately feed me any lies whatsoever in order to punk me or make me look bad.

      There is no Hank 1 (real) and Hank 2 Tour Hank (fake). I believe there is only Hank and Hank was taken on tour with Rick. The two men to took the glass off of Hank’s case to inspect him and upon inspecting were instantly convinced that he was fake are simply mistaken. If you do not understand taxidermy, you will often mistake a taxidermied model for a prop.

      • larry perkins

        Perhaps you’re right, Mr. Lindsay, but I’m of the opinion that the Daytona Beach Police Officers who went to investigate after our confrontation with
        Ricky would be qualified to know the difference between a mounted corpse of a formerly living creature stuffed with foam, rubber, or feathers – and a prop filled with foam, rubber or opossum and squirrel innards cobbled together for the purposes of conning people out of $5.00 to see it, but maybe

        The few folks we met around there who had coughed up the $5.00 for admission had no doubts whatsoever that ‘the thing was fake’. Several made comments to the effect that ‘their grade school aged children could make a better, more real looking ‘Bigfoot’ than that guy’s trying to pass off in there.’

        Here’s another thing you might deem worthy of consideration: from the beginning, Dyer and his ‘Bigfoot exhibit’ had the enthusiastic support of the committee responsible for presenting ‘Bike Week’. They advertised Dyer and his ‘Bigfoot’, provided the links to websites, articles, and TV news coverage of ‘Dyer’s Bigfoot Tour’ that he had forwarded to them to secure a spot in their vendor’s area, even went so far as to have several varieties of ‘Bigfoot at Bike Week 2014′ ‘T’ shirts made with photos of ‘Hank’s face in the middle of the shirt, and advertised the exhibit and the ‘most collectable Bike Week ‘T’ shirts of all time’ numerous times for $14.95 on their official ‘Facebook’ page.

        However, right after the Police concluded their investigation and Dyer began dismantling his ‘exhibit’ – the ‘Bike Week’ page announced a ‘big sale’ on the ‘Bigfoot ‘T’ Shirts’. Within a couple hours the shirts dropped from $14.95 to $8.99. Surely if the Police investigation determined that Dyer was credible, the exhibit genuine, and the advertising Truthful the Police wouldn’t have forced him to leave 10 days before he was scheduled to leave and stick the ‘Bike Week Committee’ with the expense of the lost revenue and boxes of ‘Bigfoot at Bike Week 2014 ‘T’ shirts that they can’t sell.

        After all – who wants a ‘T’ shirt commemorating just another one of Ricky Dyer’s ‘Bigfoot hoaxes?’

        • No one has any idea what went down in Daytona Beach at Bike Week.

          Of course police officers are not competent to determine whether Hank is a taxidermied model or a prop, and neither are fairgoers.

      • RON

        “There is no Hank 1 (real) and Hank 2 Tour Hank (fake). I believe there is only Hank and Hank was taken on tour with Rick”

        ??? So you’re saying NOW that the Hank on tour IS THE REAL HANK (taxidermy) …THE ONE DYER SHOT AND KILLED IN SAN ANTONIO?
        In any event, why hasn’t Dyer come up with PHOTOS and VIDEO he says were taken in San Antonio>>> of Hank DEAD ON THE GROUND AND SUBSEQUENTLYU BEING LOADED ON THE TRUCK????

  51. SkepticDoesNotMeanHater

    Robert Lindsay
    March 12, 2014 at 11:00 AM
    That is not true. Dyer doesn’t give fake info or any info. The only fake info Dyer gives me is the crap he gives to everyone else too. (so he doesn’t give any info, much less fake info, unless he gives info, which is fake.)

    Robert Lindsay
    March 14, 2014 at 10:46 PM
    The question is not whether or not Rick gives out fake info. Of course he does. (Huh?-see above)
    Dyer doesn’t feed me crap. None of Dyer’s minions feeds me crap. Of course I have sources right in TT, right next to Rick. Heck I practically have a wiretapping bug right inside Rick’s brain my sources are so close to him. I have a great relationship with my sources, and they do not deliberately feed me any lies whatsoever in order to punk me or make me look bad. (Musky Allen??)

    Dyer speaks about the mysterious university in Washington that is said to have studied Hank. A friend of mine met up with Dyer in Houston and asked Rick about the Washington university and if it was public knowledge yet which university it was. Dyer said:
    “No it is not, and the only reason why it is not public knowledge yet is because of the haters. If it were known what university and department it was, the people involved would get calls and be harassed to death”. (convenient).

    Sounds like he does and doesn’t give info to you and or anyone/everyone which is both true and false, or not.

    BY ROBERT LINDSAY | FEBRUARY 17, 2014 · 6:47 PM
    Bigfoot News Super Duper Ultra Edition February 17, 2014 Part 2
    What are Bigfoots? The Hank DNA lines up with Dr. Melba Ketchum’s findings, proving again that Bigfoots are an early human hybrid, one half Homo sapiens and one half an unknown relict hominid. (What Hank DNA? None has been released)

    Robert, you stated in a previous post you work as a counselor/therapist, what is your degree/certification/license and area of study/expertise? Marriage? Youth? Behavioral? Psychoanalysis? Something different? And with all you’ve learned doing this over the years, if you had an hour to sit down with Dyer, alone, and could ask him anything, and he had to answer truthfully, what kind of questions would you ask? Or, if you could only ask him ONE question, and he HAD to answer truthfully, what would that be?

    • Musky did not feed me any fake information. Lots of people lie and say they give me fake information, but no one has deliberately given me any fake stuff that I have run in quite some time.

      Sounds like he does and doesn’t give info to you and or anyone/everyone which is both true and false, or not.

      False statement. Rick Dyer gives me no information whatsoever since I have no contact with him. How can he give me stuff if we don’t talk. The only info I get from Dyer is whatever he throws out there to everyone, including you. Is Dyer feeling you fake info?

      Robert, you stated in a previous post you work as a counselor/therapist, what is your degree/certification/license and area of study/expertise? Marriage? Youth? Behavioral? Psychoanalysis? Something different? And with all you’ve learned doing this over the years, if you had an hour to sit down with Dyer, alone, and could ask him anything, and he had to answer truthfully, what kind of questions would you ask? Or, if you could only ask him ONE question, and he HAD to answer truthfully, what would that be?

      Unfortunately, that is such a difficult question to answer because Axis 2 Personality Disorders are almost impossible to treat in the first place, with narcissists and sociopaths being two of the most intractable of all. Even with the best current methods of treatment, most folks simply do not respond and fail to get better. Actually it is even worse than that as therapy with sociopaths often makes them act even worse!

      The truth is that these people simply do not want to get better, so the condition is more or less untreatable.

      So I am not sure what sort of question it would be relevant to ask a pathological liar with such a chronic condition.

      I suppose I would ask him if he really shot and killed a Bigfoot though.

  52. SkepticDoesNotMeanHater

    Robert, also, I don’t recall seeing why you changed your mind on Hank 1 and Hank 2. Meaning, you had stated unequivocally, it was proven fake, 100% And you could now understand why the “haters” were saying what they were saying. Then you changed your mind and said you believed there is no Hank 2, only the real Hank 1 and that’s been in the trailer the whole time, but never mentioned what swayed you to that conclusion. So, what has convinced you of this?

    • You should have read the post above. See this bit from the post:

      Robert: RE: “fake” Hank – Rick and his saga attract delusional and very neurotic people who hook up with him, and then, being offended in various ways, turn on him. Even if they open the case and touch the remains, their assessments cannot necessarily be trusted. Squeezing the stuffed hands and feet of a silicon-preserved hide will feel soft, like foam rubber, and in fact the stuffing probably is foam rubber. There are no bones or muscles in it. The face will feel like rubber as well.

      However, I have compared many of the details and micro-features of:

      1. Hank before the autopsy.

      2. The preserved remains of Hank.

      3. The recently released hairless scan of Hank’s head.

      There are match-ups on the micro-features (scars, wrinkles and hair patterns), on the macro features, and on the facial proportions as well.

      Giving Meldrum credit for his call is premature at best.

      There is no reason why you should take my word on any of this, but you should take a close look yourself at the existing images, and you will see the same match-ups that I am referring to.

      All of this will come out eventually, but the controversy will never cease because of the egos, reputations and big money involved with all the various researchers and enthusiasts.

      Well, it is a good soap opera anyway…

  53. SkepticDoesNotMeanHater

    Robert Lindsay
    March 15, 2014 at 2:17 PM- I suppose I would ask him if he really shot and killed a Bigfoot though. (I would ask the same question)

    Robert Lindsay
    March 15, 2014 at 2:18 PM
    You should have read the post above. See this bit from the post:
    Robert: RE: “fake” Hank – “Rick and his saga attract delusional and very neurotic…”. (Sorry, I missed that one)

    Robert, you stated in a previous post you work as a counselor/therapist, what is your degree/certification/license and area of study/expertise? Marriage? Youth? Behavioral? Psychoanalysis? Something different?
    Could you elaborate please? Training, certs, credentials, qualifications for your diagnoses/hypothesis, etc. And what is your field, therapy? counseling? hypnotherapy?

    One of brothers-in-law is a Psychiatrist and finds Dyer fascinating!

  54. Pingback: Bigfoot’s Not Dead | rokfogo

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