Bigfoot News February 6, 2014

Steve Kulls attempts to rebut my allegations.

Frank Cali accused of continuing to extort people. I reported earlier that a complaint had been filed with the FBI accusing Frank Cali and Rick Dyer of extorting $10,000 from a man. The complaint is sitting there and no doubt will not be acted upon.

Steve went and checked this out and said that there are no open investigations at the federal level involving Rick Dyer.

I really do not know what an open investigation is. I know the victim of this crime, which actually happened, very well. I have spoken to him on the phone for hours. He told me on more than one occasion that he filed a complaint against Rick Dyer and Frank Cali for the crime of extorting $10,000 from him. He said he filed the complaint with the local FBI office in the state of Florida. However, he said that he had called back to check on several times but each time he was told that no action had been taken on the complaint.

If the victim tells me he filed a complaint against Rick, I am going to run with that story. Also this man would not lie to me. Why Kulls was not able to confirm this complaint is not known. Maybe it refers to open investigations. Maybe this case is not even an open investigation yet.

From my site:

“First of all, a public service announcement. All you people out there who won’t listen to me are just wrong. You should listen to me. Blow me off at your peril. You have no idea who I know or what I know. Most of the stuff I believe is true is true, and most of the stuff I believe is false is false. I am pretty good at figuring out truth from lies.

Dyer skeptics will soon be eating a lot of crow. Make sure to make that pie huge!

Certainty that Hank is real and not a hoax? Now 100%…

…And Facebook/Find Bigfoot are indeed the new investors. I just verified this from a 2nd source so of course I was right again. They stayed for 2 weeks in Las Vegas and brought a whole slew of MD’s and scientists to verify Hank. One MD even brought some equipment with him but he was not able to use it.”

Kulls then did some investigating of his own:

I got off the phone this evening with “Jack Barnes” and he stated to me, in no uncertain terms, NONE of what Lindsay was written was true about trips. MD’s and funding Rick Dyer and said, “We’re just kind of laying low.”

As you can see, we have a problem. I know for 100% certain that the FB/FB guys are Rick’s new investors. I also know with 100% certainty that Jake Barnes lied to Kulls when called and denied everything that I wrote in my piece.

As far as the rest of it, here is what the truth is about Jeff and Jack of FB/FB.

The two FB/FB fellows flew to Las Vegas. They spent the next few days there with Rick Dyer and Hank. They brought with them a whole troupe of experts, MD’s and scientists. They were seen at one point escorting two of their MD friends inside to look at Hank. They spent many hours studying Hank, really the better part of a day.

They also studied CT and MRI scans of Hank and watched the video of Hank’s autopsy that the haters insist does not exist. During this time, Jeff and Jack recorded extensive video of their examination of Hank for a documentary about Hank that they will be producing. This documentary is finished and the public will be able to see it at a public venue very soon, within the next 2-3 weeks. All of the MD’s and scientists that Jeff and Jack brought with them confirmed that Hank is real.

When they were convinced to their satisfaction that Hank was real, they decided to become Rick’s new investors. They are also funding the tour.

Jeff and Jack deny that any of the events took place and that they are funding Rick or the tour. The only explanation I have for this is that apparently they are lying to Kulls and denying the truth.

Although my account differs from Kulls’, and Jeff and Jack are denying the truth of my account, I am 100% certain that it is correct. At the moment, however, there is no way to prove which of us is right.

However, in a few weeks, it will be obvious to anyone that Jeff and Jack are the investors. So everyone should just wait and see on that one.

To wrap up, Kulls’ claims above that my sources were wrong are wholly without merit.

Rick Dyer leaving Las Vegas. Very soon now, sooner than you think, nearly in a blink of an eye, Rick Dyer will be gone from Las Vegas for parts unknown.

Questions about the Hank press conference. There are many questions about the Hank press conference. Here are some of them.

Where will the press conference take place? Probably in Los Angeles, California.

When will the press conference take place? At the very least, after February 24.

What sort of venue will it be held in? Some sort of a large hall.

Will the press be invited? Apparently they will, and you may need a press pass to get in.

When will we know when the press conference takes place? I will find out this information the day before the press conference.

Why does Rick keep delaying the conference? It is not in Rick’s hands. Rick has nothing to do with the presser.

What is the reason for the delays? An event of this magnitude takes quite a bit of preparation, and furthermore, 120 people involved with Hank want to be present. Considering how huge this project is, I actually think it has been moving along pretty quickly. At the moment, the people putting on the conference want to wait until Rick’s tour starts in order to see how people react to Hank.

Who owns Hank? He is owned by a billionaire philanthropist and Las Vegas hotel owner who resides in a large city in California. The federal government allowed him to buy it and take it off the government’s hands. That is why they gave Hank back. They did not give it back to Rick; they gave it back to this man instead.

Who will lead the press conference? The press conference will be led by an older woman, a PhD, well known in the large California city in which she resides.

Who or what will ultimately be putting on the press conference? In reality, the conference will be put on by a large museum in California.

What is the name of the museum? I could also break this story, but I have been told not to.

Where is the museum located? In a large California city.

Is it not insecure for Hank’s owner to allow Rick Dyer to tour the US with Hank? Hank could easily be damaged or stolen. Rick has good security with him.

What is the name of the owner of Hank? I could well break that story now, but I have been told it will make a lot of people mad, so I am not going to do that.

Was this man present to view Hank on the same night that Musky Allen was there? Indeed he was, and the presence of this man is the only reason they were able to view the body that night. This man also brought an MD with him to verify the body.

What is the name of the woman who will be giving the press conference? I could also break this story, and people are telling me to do that, but I hear that that will make this woman very angry as she wants this thing under wraps until the last moment.

Are people emailing this woman right now? Yes they are, and this is not a good thing. She will not respond anyway, and she did not respond to a call I placed to her either.

Basically I am acceding to the wishes of the woman and man above in not breaking the story right now.

Where will Hank go after Rick Dyer’s nation tour? Hank will return and will be housed at this museum for the good of science and the public for all time.

When will we know for sure that Jeff and Jack are certainly the new investors? In a few weeks for sure.

How certain are you of your answers above? 100% certain.

More questions.

If Hank was stored at a Washington university for 15 months, how was Musky able to view the body in Las Vegas? Hank was confiscated by the government two days after Rick shot it. The government then housed it in a facility near Las Vegas.

Why was Hank released by the government? Hank was only released due to the intervention of the man who is the present owner. No doubt he assured them that studies would continue and that Hank would be housed in a proper dignified location for the benefit of science and the entire public.

Where did I go for a few days? My computer was attacked by a virus or malware that somehow got past my defenses and I could not figure out how to remove it. I suspected the haters of doing this but I am not sure how they would give me a virus. Also since the war with the haters started a couple of weeks, there have been multiple hacking attempts on my online accounts like Gmail and Facebook. And in the past year or so, my antivirus so far has caught 15 viruses. Five of those were caught in the last two weeks since the hater war started.

How could the haters give me a virus? I have no idea. Maybe they didn’t. Anyway, the virus ate my whole Windows and locked me out of it on reboot, so it killed my whole Windows partition. I had to wipe the drive and reinstall Windows, which cost me some money. That is where I have been for the last couple of days.

Honestly, I really think a lot of these haters are just as bad as Rick Dyer. Actually they are probably even worse than Rick Dyer. It’s hard to be a worse person than Rick Dyer, so that is quite an achievement. Don Boucher, certainly, is an evil man, and I am certain that he is an even worse person than Rick Dyer. I also think that a lot of these haters are as mentally unbalanced as Rick is, if not worse. The haters complain that Rick lies constantly, and he does, but a lot of the haters are also pathological liars. In other words, the haters and Mr. Dyer have an awful lot in common.

Why the argument about Rick’s moral character? Probably 90% of the people who deal with Rick Dyer end up hating him. This is apparently how he wants it as he styles himself as a bad boy. Rick himself states that he is an asshole and is apparently proud of that fact. A lot of the haters’ complaints against Rick boil down to the notion that they think Rick Dyer is an asshole. Well, it looks like everyone agrees. Since both the haters and Rick agree on Rick Dyer’s moral character, I don’t see what all the fuss is about.

Harassment of Rick Dyer. Rick says the haters have been harassing him in Las Vegas for some time now and has listed various incidents in which they were caught stalking him. In two cases, they broke into his place. One resulted in a fistfight between Rick and the hater, and in the second case, the hater trashed Rick’s apartment. The haters say that there has been no harassment of Rick Dyer and Dyer is making up all of this stuff. After careful consideration of the arguments, I believe that the haters are indeed engaging in a high level of harassment against Rick, and that Rick is not making this stuff up. How certain am I that I am correct? 100% certain.

My sources.

How good are my sources? Very good.

Have they ever provided you with deliberately false information? No.

Have they ever provided you with false information? Not really. They just told me what they knew at the time.

Who deliberately provided you with false information? The haters did this. They presented themselves as new sources. New sources are always very risky especially if they are unverified. So, yes, on two occasions they provided me with deliberately false information.

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  1. Chris

    It makes perfect sense for the fb/fb guys to lie low and deny after what they went through with internet terrorists who act like 12 year olds who don’t have healthy outlets for their anger. The energy its taken to fixate on hating Rick has only accomplished making him richer and more famous.

  2. Jase

    Yikes! You are a scary dude Robert, were you joking? or are you breaking down mentally under stress?

    • No, I have been dangerous my whole life, all the way back to teenage years. And yes I did try to kill a man once and on another occasion, I took a baseball bat and smashed in someone’s door. That was a while back, but I think I still have it in me to do things like that. I like to cultivate the public image of someone who is very dangerous, and this stuff just goes along with that.

      As long as I stay out of jail, I figure I will keep on living this way.

      Yes! I am a scary guy! Thank you very much.

      • Jase

        Haha woah your credibility is really at zero now, in your picture you kind of look like an internet nerd so I just can’t believe these crazy stories, no offense but I mean really? This is Rick Dyer territory insanity now…

      • Emmett Von Schnit

        I can relate. Thirty plus years ago I was drunk and tried killing a guy. Simply lost it. Alcohol related. I broke his head… he shot the living shit out of me. It was the one and only time I ever “lost it”.

        • He shot you? What happened to you?

          This happened 40 years ago.

        • Emmett Von Schnit

          Robert, I just threw that out there. I don’t know why. Maybe I was liberating myself in some way. It was the one and only time I literally lost it. It was out of character for sure. I was in my mid 20’s and a bit down on my luck. Drinking large quanities of alcohol daily… disatisfied with life. Not suicidal or anything in that vain… just had had it. Someone gave me “shit” and I went after him. I never thought I was capable of losing it. Once I started I couldn’t stop till the .38’s stopped me. It was surreal then and is now when I think about it (which I rarely do).

        • How much did getting shot hurt? I’ve heard it’s unimaginably painful.

        • Emmett Von Schnit

          Nominay, for me zero pain initially. Loud noise… ringing ears. Then couldn’t breathe (lung). The absolute worse pain I ever experienced was the chest tube. They cut me and shoved that thing in without a local or anything. I lost track of time … a couple of days later they removed chest tube, took xray. Lung still not good. Another tube was put in. This time with local. Still uncomfortable but no where near the pain of the first time. My arm was hit too. It looked bad but wasn’t too painful. Black and blue from shoulder to almost my wrist. “Meat” was poking out through the hole. I couldn’t believe it didn’t hurt more than it did. The lung hurt through the healing process. Or it felt like the lung as I am not familiar with what pain (nerve pain?) can or cannot be actually be felt by internal organs. Maybe it was some kind of referred pain? Difficulty breathing was the worst of my paticular injuries. Others shot might tell another or different pain story. I was never charged btw. It was so long ago and so surreal that it seems like I’m talking about someone else.

        • Wow! What a story. Did law enforcement get involved?

        • woodchucker

          Good friend had a collapsed lung years ago. Woke up in the middle of the night gasping. Took the ambulance to the hospital where they gave him the “tube”. He was a logger from northern manitoba, tough as they come. The tube made him cry. The sight of that thing hanging out of his ribs almost mabde me puke. You’re a tough mutha Emmett.

      • Vance

        This is easily the funniest shit you’ve ever written. You’re none of those things you spineless nerd. I’m ending you a virus right now tough guy. Deal with it geek you can’t do shit!

      • Emmett Von Schnit

        No law enforcement Robert. Zero. How that came aboit I will never knkw. I was in an icu with criminals though. I remember wakimg up and there was a row of beds full of men with gunshot wounds, stabbing and the like.A couple were shaxkled to their beds. I was not. Everytime a policeman or deputy came Ito the icu I thought they were comimg for me but none ever did. After a time the doctor said something about possibly removing a lobe from my right lung. Soonthereafter I signed myself out of the hospital. For years when I ran (jogged) or did anything that required deep breathes I would get a kind of “catch” (short sharp pain) in my chest. The bullet that hit my chest ricocheted some. It entered my right chest and ended up tight against the left side of my spine or backbone. Another half an inch or so and it would have exited. It would cause me some pain if I pressed my back a certain way against mainly hardbacked chairs so I had it removed a few months later. Initially, the docs thought leave well enough alone and maybe it would move away from my spine. It must have because the removal was done outpatient with a local. The hospital was Charity hosp. In New Orleans. You wouldn’t believe the amount of gunshot wounds, beatings, etc. that went through that place in the short time I was there. I understand based on reading that it is one hell of a place to gain trauma experience for m.d.’s and other medical types.

        • Emmett Von Schnit

          Woodchucker, I’m guessing the tube is about the size of a nickel in circumference. The second tube I got was easier with the local. One thing though… the doctor didn’t warn me when he opened my chest wall again that my lung was going to immediately collapse (maybe partially?) Again. The air was sucked out of my lung NOW! LOL! It scared me as much as anything. I knew I was very fortunate to have survived the whole thing. It affected me. I rarely think of it now but yeah, it changed me even if just a little bit. People get hurt as bad or worse than I did everyday in car wrecks, work related accidents, etc. I like ro say “everyone gets a turn at something negative or bad… some get more turns than others however.”

        • woodchucker

          My bud was walked into the ward from the ambulance, they sat him in what he described as a “barber chair” and they started pushing that tube up into his boiler maker. Between thoughts of dying and waves of pain, he almost passd out a couple of times. Since the colloapse was not due to any accident, he was in the hospital for quite some time, checking , tests, etc. When they removed the tube a week or so later he said it felt like getting a piece of reinforcing steel pulled through your chest. I guess the incident did change him. He split with his wife, lost several jobs, had some hard times.

        • Emmett Von Schnit

          Woodchucker, I feel for your friend. The lucky one’s are the one’s who get the tube under general anesthesia. It was the worse part of my trauma experience for sure. Having to be re-cathed because I couldn’t urinate after the first cathater was removed was no picnic. I was at Charity hospital New Orleans. I read up on, it a bit this week. The Learning channel taped a couple of episodes of “Trauma in the E.R.” and “code blue” there. Hurricane Katrina flooded the basement and first floor so after many years of operation it was closed. It was a teaching hospital. I remember my main Doctors would bring young med students on rounds, etc. By the way, woodchucker, I have chucked a few oak staves back in the day before logging got all fancy with skidders, delimbing equipment and so on. Good old school work.

        • woodchucker

          Well Emmett that explains why you are so tough then – old school logging. With all the new equipment keeping men off the forest floor to avoid the injuries, there is little left of what used to be. Plus in Canada, logging is a sunset industry. One thing about the tube as painful as it must be it does save lives. I remember the scar on my buds back where they opened him up. 400 stitches \ staples, maybe 100 more or less. In layers. He didn’t work for almost 6 months. The experience did have an impact on him. Thanks for sharing Emmett.

        • Emmett Von Schnit

          Your welcome woodchucker. Most everyone has a story or two.

  3. richard smocher

    Hey Robert, do you think everyone is taking all of this too seriously? No matter who will eventually be right? If Rick wants to run around saying he shot killed snd has a bigfoot surely that is his right and we can be interested or not but we shouldnt feel like hurting anyone over it surely? No matter what we believe. I think the whole situation is excellent proof that more people than i thought, have no lives outside of this to live.

    • Normally I am a pretty calm guy, but if someone sends me a virus that ruins my computer, well then they need to be killed.

      • Squatchy Squatcherson


        Love your site, man!

        I am not sure what the California laws are, BUT I am pretty sure that killing someone over a computer virus would make for a tough defense.

        Good luck!

    • Big G

      parentless children. the play grand theft auto and think they can be like that in the real world.

      • squatting squatch

        Big G, did you get that prolapsed taterhole pushed back in yet? Oh andyhe fb/fb guys were not at the Vegas party with a doctor. That info is not from Kulls but another source.

        • Big G

          wow I guess you think this internet stuff means a thing. your a little teenager and you certainly don’t act like that in real life. do you think your a big man. it really doesn’t take much to insult somebody over the internet. so it doesn’t mean anything. now if you want to play with baseball bats. I would consider that real. you don’t. your in your mommy’s basement. but the way you act I would say 14. but you could be 32 in your moms basement. it doesn’t matter. your attitude shows your still a virgin who thinks acting tough online makes you dominate somehow. it doesn’t. are you here to attack or do you have a message from your master. Robert has a lot of info up there do you have any debate in you or are you going to finish your ninth grade history homework. im guessing from your past you have nothing but make believe aggression. yea its not real so it means nothing.

        • squatting squatch

          By your response it seems that Taterhole is still prolapsed, Robert is being feed mis-information. The Government seizing the body still does not explain how Musky saw the body in Vegas when Dyer said it was taken straight up to Washington.

        • Big G

          I don’t know where that is coming from. we understand that the bigfoot was taken to a U.S. department of agri research facility outside vegas. dyer said a lot of things. but at the time he had no way of knowing he would get it back. no bigfoot has ever been given back once confiscated by the government. it appeared the story was over. it appears a billionaire stepped in. money talks. we don’t know if he bought the bigfoot from dyer or the government but dyer Wieseled his way into the story. maybe the billionare boughtout hank3 and took possession. maybe the government saw that dyer and Mathews had too much footage and could pose a problem to the governments credibility during hugh budget cuts. having the bigfoot stuffed and put into a museum was the only way the government would let go. dyer has been dealt out many times and still comes up hold cards. I cant imagine it would be worth all the trouble with a tour unless he is making money. of course because of the 2008 hoax it would be a difficult sell. so scintifec evidenc is a must. the fact that the government didn’t release the body until recently means not everyones research is complete. at any rate dyer isn’t the first to shoot a bigfoot. hes not the first to have one stuffed. hes not the first to have dna. so he isn’t the smoking gun to bring bigfoot into the real world. so demanding something from him doesn’t prove a thing and very little has come out to date. who knows. who cares dyer is but a small part of the bigfoot community. if he has something it will come out. it took ketchum 5 years and still mainstream doesn’t welcome her findings.

        • squatting squatch

          What the hell was all that gibberish? Oh, and Melba is a fraud too, just like Dyer. Two peas in a pod.

        • big g

          Apparently you can’t accept info from anyone except your master. I presented the going theory and you considered it gibberish. You are locked in below ninety and can’t do any of your own thinking. That’s fine except you think your voice should be heard. Your mommy told you that your voice is important. And you make comments about my ass when I show you its not. Hand

    • As far as deliberately send me false data, that is the worst thing you can do any journalist and most of us don’t even have to deal with it because it is such an evil crime. Jouranlists feel that that is the worst thing you can do to us. If you asked your average journalist what they would do to someone who deliberately sent them false data, almost all of them would say,”I would strange them with my bare hands.” You just don’t do that to us. You can’t.

      • squatting squatch

        Well Robert I would start looking at Cathiee McMillan. Cathiee started that Rumour about FB/FB being at theVegas party. I hope you’re not getting info from him.

  4. If Dyer wants to make the most money on tour why not provide independent scientific corroboration? I *might* be willing to pay $10 to see a dead bigfoot only if I know it’s scientifically confirmed. Until then I see it as a another hoax.

  5. Wayne Williams

    Quite informative Robert Lindsay , stay in control of your emotions man . People need you on the outside, not in a prison somewhere. These Haters ARE cowards and will stay anonymous behind their keyboards….

    • Never been to jail for any violent crimes and never even been arrested for any violent crimes. I have done quite a bit of violent stuff in my 56 years, but I have also stayed out of jail somehow.

  6. Big G

    wow Robert the mob is immensely capable of messing your electronic shit up. they have very little respect for other people. they certainly had no reason for giving your computer a virus. I watched this nightmare happen to melba first then dyer. internet stalking is becoming wide spread. I watched them come down on cathiee. not really sure why I didn’t get the feeling she was a problem. she didn’t harass anybody. and somebody traced the id to give an address to that persons home and place of work. and for what . what was accomplished. the abuse they have dished out is so funny when they are made because nobody believes their masters message. I feel the same as you do about the person responsible. I like baseball bats as well. the’re was a time in my softball career when I could take a mans head clean off with one. ah the good old days. of course I didn’t have little snot nosed teet suckers coming after me either.

    • How can they have given me a virus? I am trying to figure this out.

      • Big G

        your computer is attaché to you email account. the one you use for funds. its probably the only place were they can get you to go and your computer downloads the virus as its piggybacked on a data stream. its a system they used for porn. I know. most of these viruses would have to be from when your computer downloads something. they have already shown they can trace an ip address remember how the did cathiee. do you go to a web page where your ip address is picked up. the easiest route to target an individuals computer is a piggybacked data stream from an email download. you computers security doesn’t see it with the fast dowload available. what I would suggest isheap computers have one for internet porn and a separate computer that doesn’t go online. all your work can be trasnferrerd to the online computer thru a flash drive.

        • I do not know. I do not if the haters sent me a virus. Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t. I don’t have any evidence right now. Maybe I just got it browsing around. I was at some porn sites recently.

        • Big G

          you can buy older computers that can do all you online word very well and you catch a virus theres nothing there for it to ruin. I used to run 2 hard drives and view online with my windows hardrive and store everything else in the second hardrive.

      • By sending you something you shouldn’t have opened i would think. Have you been opening emails or videos lately from people?

  7. Scourer

    Yikes, when people resort to don’t mess with me I am dangerous and tough it is the last act of a loosing battle. As in there is no proof and the wiggle room out of lie upon lie is getting smaller. I can’t prove any of my claims but I can bash your skull in! Haha the other red flag is that the only place that seems to want to display the body is a jokey sideshow event at a small Cinema…

    • It is not a sign of a losing battle. All I said is if someone sent me a virus that ruined my computer and I find out who they are, well then I will kill them. Why is that a problem?

      I don’t care what these haters say about me, but don’t break into my computer, send me viruses or destroy my system. If you do that, then I am going to have to kill you, ok?

      Going to have to ban you Scourer.

      No losing battle here. On the contrary, I know I am 100% correct.

      • Robert, don’t lose it jeez. I know it sucks your computer got ruined. But, you don’t kill someone for it. Find out who it is call the police.

        • I pretty much would kill someone over that. Or at least try to. Or maybe beat the crap out of them. Or maybe punch them. Or maybe take a baseball bat and smash their front door down like last time.

          I am just telling you, this is how I have historically dealt with my enemies in life. My attitude about my enemies is that I am going to destroy them. I have been living this way my whole life, never been arrested over violent stuff, and am very happy to continue living dangerously like this into the future.

        • I do not know if someone destroyed my computer. Maybe I just got a virus from the Internet somehow, right? There’s no evidence implicating anyone right now. But if someone did that to me, I am going to fuck them good.

        • Local police do not handle internet crimes…nor viruses….

  8. Liar Liar!

    Fucking Psycho. Your as much of a liar and a fake as Dick Ryder. You look older than 56. Could be all anal you got of Ryder.

  9. RON


    Well, how do answer this question>>>
    Where are all the PHOTOS Dyer took in San Antonio right after he shot Hank and WHY hasn’t he released a single pic yet? He released the photos of HANK in the trailer…so why not the original stills of HANK on the ground and being loaded on the truck?

    • I do not know. A friend of mine saw two of those photos, so I am certain that they exist. They were not supposed to see them so they deleted them pretty quickly, but they later described them to me. Supposedly Rick shot a lot of video that night and later that morning but he hasn’t released any of it yet.

      Thank you for being cordial. You Dyer skeptics can talk to me anytime you want to, just don’t try to destroy my computer or any of that shit.

      • Lesley

        Hi Robert,

        Sorry but it all sounds a little to convenient, “an unnamed friend saw the pics” said friend then deleted them as they weren’t supposed to see them.

        It’s all just a bit much really at this point, happy to debate but all the he said she said, I just know ok accept it stuff is wearing pretty thin…


      • RON

        Ok…but don’t you think it’s a little suspicious that Dyer hasn’t released those photos taken at the scene? Why on earth would he still be holding them back after releasing the body now? Makes absolutely ZERO SENSE…unless he doesn’t have any photos to show. Can you think of a logical reason why he would be holding them back NOW…after the body has been shown publically? Keep in mind, he stated long ago that the original photos (and video) from San Antonio would be released after the body was made public.

        • Nothing Dyer says or does makes a whole lot of sense you know. It is not suspicious because I know the truth about this story.

        • Robert you do realise the FB/FB have denied your story, so the reality is you look like the bad guy not them.

          I think Rick dyer is hoaxing, and i think will come out very soon, he was hoaxing all along.

        • I do not think you understand.

          Do you realize that I know for a fact that Jeff and Jack lied when Kulls talked to them? Yes I know for a 100% fact that they lied.

          I do not look like a bad guy because everything I say is true.

      • r

        Robert, i know this is a stupid question, but if you were forced to make a substantial financial wager, would you bet that Hank is real without hesitation? Given Dyer’s history and the fact that almost two years later the scientific results are still unpublished? Btw, thanks for the great updates. I don’t believe Dyer, but i do know that Bigfoot’s are real and one day will be known to science.. I just don’t think that idiot Dyer is the one who will bring acceptance from mainstream science.. keep up the good work, love the saga this has become.

        • I have thought about this a lot, and if I had the money, I would love to make some wagers that this is true. I have one for $100 and another guy offered me $2,500. I wish I had the money. I might even take the guy up on the $2,500 one. That’s a lot of money.

  10. Steve Lane

    Let me see now. You just implicated yourself for murder, attempted Murder, premeditated murder…..uhm, ya, uhmmm, do, do, do,,,ya…uhmm, wow.

  11. Niles Runtschniefer

    Robert, regarding the virus, maybe it was someone you banned. P.S. I heard George Zimmerman is looking for people to fight? You should throw your name in

    • Jag

      The rapper DMX was chosen by Celebrity Boxing to fight Zimmerman. No deal has been reached yet though. DMX has promised to “beat his ass.”

  12. 24th should be interesting. If its wrong and nothing happens, i think it would be best for your sanity if you just revealed everything and backed away from the story and the people involved!

    • Kelly

      We know Rick will be at the Alamo Drafthouse the 24th.
      So why don’t you get one of the “mob” to go down there and see the show.
      Since the mob won’t believe anything from anyone else who goes.

      This is the best answer:

      kieran1vThursday, February 06, 2014 8:07:00 PM
      That may be true, but both guys are claiming different stories. Don’t you think it better if we heard from the FB/FB guys who’s right?

      But see the mob already thinks they are in on the hoax. So any answer from them will be invalidated by the mob

      Now lets go back and show the stalking behavior of the mob

      From Racer X blog comments.
      AnonymousThursday, February 06, 2014 10:43:00 AM
      DP is Geiger for certain. As is kelly if anyone hasn’t figured it out.
      mkgeiger geiger is his real facebook name. Funny he has a friend named ann marie kelly on his list of friends. ( He only has 40 something friends ) What was kelly’s middle name again? Oh yeah, marie. LMAO! Fucking dumbass.

      So the logic of the mob that because someone they think is me has a person on there friends list that has similar names?

      Or this one:
      AnonymousThursday, February 06, 2014 12:27:00 AM
      I sometimes wonder if Bigfeet an Mata Hari are more of Cathiee’s multiple personalities.

      Then there is this:
      nonymous Wednesday, February 05, 2014 11:19:00 PM
      I think that Natural History Museum post is a joke, albeit a great one, done with a false profile. Not likely Mr. G would include his alter ego in his Facebook profile (“Cathiee McMillan”).

      So I’m really wondering if the real Matt Geiger is truly just a lucky useful idiot for Dyer and Musky. Maybe Geiger and Musky are acquainted? I mean, how lucky could they be to have their No. 1 outside cheerleader be a random third sociopath?

      Then look at this weird “confirmation” Kelly/Cathiee said she got from the museum in L.A. over at Lindsay’s blog yesterday. That’s BS of a different stripe. Like she was trying help boost the credibility of Lindsay’s source, possibly one of the other personalities? Maybe Lindsay has a phone relationship with an inside source that’s really Geiger posing as some scientist or other? Also, Kelly was the first person to float the rumor over there that not only were Barnes and Andersen the new investors, but also that they had brought an M.D. to verify the body. She even asked Lindsay to check on it. That was odd, even for her/him/them.

      Do Geiger’s multiple personalities include Lindsay sources? Maybe he’s also the answer to the mystery behind the nutty prescient anecdotes that were fed to Bigfootology.

      Yes, Cathiee sometimes publicly gives Dyer hell when he goes off the reservation, but so has Musky when Dyer did his kill-the-Bigfoots rant and argued with him about facial hair. That might be the passive-aggressive way they send warnings to Dyer that he’s going too far, or it may be part of the show.

      How could Dyer and Musky be so lucky as to have so many diehard supporters in just one person? Maybe there are more we don’t even know about? Could Geiger be working with them? Maybe Cathiee always stayed at arm’s length from Team Tracker for more reasons than simply the fact that one Hangout would give “her” away. She was more useful on the outside.
      So again tell us about the mob not stalking people again?

      So these conspiracy theories are so much easier to believe?

      Yet again I am not Cathiee, Matt, or whom ever the insane clown posse thinks I am this week.

      I bet there energy and aura’s are so messed up.
      They need a room full of some calming crystals I think.

      My name is
      Kelly Marie

  13. Niles Runtschniefer

    Robert, are you sure you didn’t run over and kill a bigfoot? P.S. Don’t give too much away about your hit and run murder. You can narrow things down quite a bit there with what you said and remember Wayne Williams needs you on the outside, not the inside

    • It was in 1974.

      It wasn’t murder; it was justifiable homicide, that is, if he even died at all, which I am not sure about. I hope I killed him though. Some people need killing.

      Unless you think a psycho drunken maniac running at my car full speed beating and kicking my windows and trying to pull my car door open so he could kill me a Bigfoot, no this person was not a Bigfoot. Instead they were a homicidal drunken hippie who needed to be killed.

    • There is a difference between homicide and murder. This was a homicide, not a murder, if he even died. And I am almost certain that I would not have been prosecuted even if the cops got involved, simply because every time someone kills someone, it is not necessarily a crime. It is not illegal per se to kill someone. If this guy died, this would have been a case of legal homicide I am sure.

  14. Raymond Elizondo

    Robert, keep up the good work. You write a good column.

  15. woodchucker

    Bummer about your computer Robert. Good to hear you are up and running.
    A presser is not a science paper. Bashers will be wiping their backsides with his papers. I’m still 100% confident RD has fvck all. Truth is even if he did drill a BF in the back of the face by unloading a high powered rifle in the darkness of night on private property in downtown SA he has shown me enough in his behavior that he would likely fvck that up too and end up with little balls of hate rolling around him instead of making profit and a huge discovery.
    Keep the BF stuff going, but pay no mind to RD. Like you posted earlier in the year, he is detrimental to your health (PCs included).

  16. AJM

    Robert, you have 100% confidence in your sources, but is there any chance that your sources were planted by the RD camp or someone else? Have you attempted to independently verify that the sources are who they purport to be?

    Once a belief level passes a certain level, there is a risk that a person may not critically evaluate evidence “supporting” the belief. Is there any way your sources can be independently verified by you?

    If players in the story are denying what you report, you should at least start thinking about how the sources might be verified. Just because two separate sources may be saying the same thing does not mean they both were not planted by someone with an agenda. There are certainly parties at large with an interest in keeping the RD saga alive, and given that most commentators other than you have written off RD, you would be a target for anyone trying to breath life into what I believe is a dying hoax.

    I hope you are 100% right. But from the outside looking in, I just don’t see any hard evidence to believe RD has the goods. Give the RD track record, I suggest that being 100% cautious is the best way to evaluate the evidence and your sources.

    • The sources were not planted by the Dyer camp.

      I know them very well, in fact, they are friends of mine.

      Everything in my past post, I believe February 2, was just independently verified by a second source.

      The problem with Jeff and Jack’s denials is that I know for a 100% fact that they were lying. It is almost as if I were a fly on the wall when they were talking to Kulls on the phone.

      That is ok. At the end it will turn out that I was the only journalist on Earth who not only initially broke this story but also followed it faithfully until they end. Not that I will get the credit due. I never that for anything.

  17. Lesley

    Hmm thanks for response Robert but it is pretty much a conversation with yourself when you say it is all true because I say so with no proof to back up your claims. Kind of makes debate pointless? Also the fact you would literally kill someone who broke your stuff and potentially spend the rest of your life in jail is very troubling.

    Stay strong hopefully all this leads to some spiritual healing for you.

  18. Lesley

    Live Dangerously, this could be a new T-shirt slogan for a shirt on Rick’s tour, please don’t get mad at me Robert just thinking in terms of merchandising now. I would buy one if it had your pic on it and “Live Dangerously” underneath.


  19. Lesley

    If this idea takes off would it be possible to delete this blog entry so as to keep the T-shirts a surprise? Plus the possible homicide admission is a cause for concern. Thanks Robert.

  20. Vance

    Robert Lindsay is going away for a long time folks. If not prison, the funny farm for sure. Just, wow. Computer viruses are the least if your worries now Bob.

  21. Joerg Hensiek

    Interesting and stimulating like always. But this time I share Lesley`s opinion. You should name at least the museum or the name of the woman who will moderate/present the press conference. OK, it will “annoy” her, but she doesn`t – as you mentioned – respond to enquiries anyway. So what is the problem for a journalist, who wants to get credit for his research? Do you have a NDA with this woman? Probably not. No Watergate because it could annoy Nixon? ;-)

    • Jacki Leighton-Boyce

      hmm…not sure that naming the lady will achieve anything as look what has happened over the months with Morgan Matthews and his almost complete shut down of getting any informative comments from him.

      We just need to be patient..(yes yes yes I know haters, before you start reminding us all again about the forever waiting game in this saga)..but I really do believe that the end is in sight :)

      A lot has happened just since the new year at a pretty fast pace and its all unfolding pretty damn fast now compared with the past year or so.

      It makes complete sense that the FBFB guys wouldnt give a positive comment to Steve Kulls. I mean look what harrassment they had in the past for aligning themselves with Ricks claims. They had their page shut down and endless aggressive threats thrown at them. And I am pretty sure that their page will be back up and running in due course like a pheonix rising from the ashes. LOL

    • I do not think it is a good idea. My source already told me that I have told too much. They are sort of mad at me for giving out too much information. I do not want to cause any problems or make anyone mad.

    • Kelly

      Yes you gave away a lot of information.
      But the mob members are not that bright to figure it out.
      The only thing the seem to be able to do is try to stalk people who really are only giving there opinions on the subject.
      If anyone of them had a brain cell for any critical investigation they would be able to connect the dots very easily.
      As my daughter said to me one day
      “Mom it doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure it out”

      People obviously don’t get what will happen Feb 24th and 25th.
      Rick will be at the Alamo Drafthouse this is all setup he will be there with the bigfoot body.
      There will be a movie shown, it will not be an old bigfoot movie. Something new from what I understand. But on this date we will see if fb/fb is involved or not.
      But of course anyone of the mob, Kulls or Randy can try to contact the Fb/Fb people at anytime between then and see if they get any information.

      Robert I understand the frustration you must have with the mob.
      They have admitted over on Randy’s blog to trolling the blog. Seems interesting that they knew you were not around doesn’t it? That they just happened to know you were down.
      So the question is did they really send you a virus?
      I suspect that the biggest idiot in the mob Don B. sent you another anonymous thing pretending to be a news person or something.
      You know he likes to do that.
      If you have the e-mail you can see where the e-mail came from and see if it matches any others you got from Don. You can also forward it to the e-mail provider and ask them is this a virus if so this person sent it.

      I also suspect Don B. is the one who called that fx person and pretended to be Rick and ask for a bigfoot body to be made.
      But Randy is to gullible or to much of a coward to call Don out on it.
      Since we know Don has done this several times but the mob doesn’t call the sad sorry excuse for a cockroach that he is on it.

      Kelly Marie

      • Chris P.

        “The only thing the seem to be able to do is try to stalk people who really are only giving there opinions on the subject.”

        Kind of like stalking Doug Hudson and harassing him on a FB page for only giving his opinion on Rick’s bigfoot, right Kelly?

        • Kelly

          I don’t stalk Doug Hudson.
          Again you seem to have me confused with someone else don’t you?
          Oh I forgot you must be one from the mob who believes the likes of Don B.

      • “Kelly”, I find it very amusing that you call me gullible or a coward because of something you suspect. It’s a ludicrous statement to make.
        You have no evidence he called the sfx guy and neither do I. If I did, I would have called out Don.
        By your rationale, Don called an sfx person then we sat on it for 7 months or so and decided to post it recently.
        Seriously illogical.

        • Kelly

          Randy ,
          No it is very logical.
          you know Don has tried to fool Steve Kulls, Robert and you as well.
          Steve Kulls even had posted about it.
          Yes 7 months ago sounds about the time Don was doing all these things.
          You can defend Don all you want. But the fact is you don’t know that he didn’t call and try to make it up.
          Just as he has told people he had friends in the FBI who were investigating Rick or that he was the costume maker who didn’t get paid.
          Sorry it is a very logical leap to say that Don B did this.
          Maybe use your so called investigation skills to find out.
          You won’t because Don is your buddy and you won’t speak bad about him.

        • Steve Lane

          Dear funny you are Sherlock.
          There is absolutely no logic to any of your Diatribes about nothing. Logic tells me Rick has a piss poor body and special effects experts tell you the same thing.

        • Kelly

          Special FX experts?
          You have seen there idea of what a good bigfoot body is right?
          Sorry not one of these people have seen the body up close.
          They are basing there so called expert opinion on a picture.
          That is what your using as proof it is fake?
          Come back here when one of those experts sees the actual body in person.

      • Do you need to buy tickets to get to the drafthouse that night? If so, how much, and can I buy them at the booth or will the event be sold out by then?

      • Yeah I cannot prove that the haters gave me a virus. Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t. Nothing will happen unless and until I can prove that they did it and beyond that prove who did it. Maybe I just got it on my own somehow.

  22. Roger

    Huh. So Robert is a freelance blogger who counsels pedophiles, is a porn fanatic, will kill somebody if his computer gets a virus (wonder where THOSE come from!), and believes everything Rick Dyer says?

    I can’t imagine why this 56-year-old guy has to resort to cyber-begging his way to $11,000 a year.

    And, yeah, I know: HAND BANNED ETC.


    P.S.: There are rumors going around that the haters’ next attacks will come in the form of stained sheets and sticky keyboards. Be on the alert, Robert!

  23. Scott Vandeloo

    Robert: I killed a man in Reno.
    Me: Why?
    Robert: Just to watch him die!

  24. Jacki Leighton-Boyce

    Well anyway Robert, glad to see you back up and running again. The ‘mob’ didnt last long here whilst you were away. With their limited vocabulary of ‘scam’, ‘hoax, and ‘idiots’ they were kind of outnumbered here ;)

    • big g

      I felt at times I was supervising a class if kindergardners that hadn’t spent much time away from there mommies. I just went else where I wasn’t harassed.

      • Jacki Leighton-Boyce

        Yeah you were awesome Big G!

        • tertius

          Yeah, Awesome, that really describes him. Your problem Big G is youre very insecure and have to see insults in those who disagree with you, then you try to be sarcastic, hateful and insulting to others here but you dont have the intellect for it. You bring it on yourself. You BEG for it, in fact. Youre really really out of your league.

        • big g

          Tertius you couldnt hold my jock strap on intellect. And you don’t know anything about me. All of your assumptions are wrong. Skeptards are misinformed. There is a mountain of evidence out there. Dyer is but a small part. If you don’t except that as fact. Than your an idiot too. Insulting me doesn’t change any of that. Insecure , no I don’t see it. So your wrong again.

    • Lol. It’s not at all logical. I never defended Don at all. It’s interesting watching you twist people’s words Cathiee.
      Your circular chatter doesn’t work on me. You can run aling now and pretend you know what’s “really” going on.

      Robert: Sorry to hear about your computer.

      • Kelly

        Again I am not Cathiee.
        I do know what is going on unlike you.
        When you find out that all your year of trashing Rick and calling it a hoax you will not be able to remove all those posts of saying it is a hoax.
        You will be laughed at.
        The fact that the Alamo Drafthouse is laughing at you and the mob already should give you a clue that you don’t know anything that is really going on.

        • Steve Lane

          Dear Cathiee
          Question? Whats one thing the haters and Rick laugh at together?

          Answer: Your complete stupidity and twisted made up logic. Fact

        • Kelly

          Steve Lane, or is it (Don B who is Steve Lane today)

          Again you all are sounding like a broken 45 with your I am this person or that person.
          Don B. has lied to people in past and tried to pass himself off as a costume prop maker that is fact
          Don B. claimed he knew people in the FBI just like Frank Cali.
          now on Frank Cali’s claim seems Pamela found out that there is no FBI case on Rick never was one. That all the mob said was going on.
          What was the one person posted on Randy’s site. “They are watching Rick”
          That the Federal Government wouldn’t give Frank Cali a wire with out a warrant. They wouldn’t let him go on Kulls radio show and say he will get revenge on Rick and spill the case.

          So a logical conclusion on the Rick Deer is that Don B. is could have pretended to be Rick Deer to try to see how much it was to get a bigfoot prop made as well as to try to make up things to show it was faked.
          If this is a hoax why do so many of you spend time making things up?

          Its not really brain surgery to figure that logic conclusion.

  25. Don Draggo

    How do I know I can believe you Robert?

    • You do not know. You probably should not trust me unless you choose to. But I am usually right about most things. Sometimes I am wrong, but not usually. But I agree with you that the safe position would be not to believe me unless and until some real evidence comes up.

      At this point though, if I had the $2,500, I would definitely take that guy up on his bet. Or at least I think I would. Betting like that is always scary if you seem to be certain of the truth.

  26. 208champ

    I would be willing to go but to the Drafthouse event just to let everyone on here know what the deal is but alas I am banned

  27. Squatchy Squatcherson

    A trip to the icehouse would be an easy one for me, BUT I am not giving Dyer a red cent of my money until he offers some INCONTROVERTIBLE proof. The big problem with this, is that Dyer is going to make money off a bunch of poor saps who will accept everything he shows them that night as true.

    First the proof, then the road trip.

    (I would love to pay the admission just to report back to all of you on what I saw).

    • Kelly

      Wow you know how much like a crybaby you sound like?
      You can’t go because OMG you have to spend i think a whole 10 dollars and that some of that may go to Rick.
      So you would rather come on here and bitch about proof and evidence that Robert and I are telling the truth when you can spend a whole 10 dollars to find out for your self.

      The proof will be shown that night. But you don’t want to know.
      whats the saying
      “you can’t handle the truth”

      • Squatchy Squatcherson

        I have kept my tone civil with you, Kelly. I haven’t called you names or used any foul language. I was raised to be a gentleman – you should extend me the same courtesy and mind your tone with me.

        Most Texans were raised to have manners and be civil…Rick is an obvious exception to that rule.

        • Kelly

          Wow you can tell a person’s tone from text?
          but there you are below attacking me.
          You are a passive aggressive.
          You are full of it.
          You just don’t want to go the drafthouse because you know you will be proven wrong and you can’t accept it.

      • squatting squatch

        You know Cathiee with all this whining you do about all these imaginary stalkers, I’m thinking you’re the biggest crybaby on this blog. Now get back to SL and start crying over there about being stalked again.

  28. Squatchy Squatcherson


    As far as the content of your post…

    My folks always told me not to judge a book by it’s cover, so I am really trying to give you the benefit of the doubt. You might be a very intelligent person, but your posts are horrendous. Most of your posts are hard to read. To put it bluntly, they are non-sensical and chock-full of logical fallacies. The spelling and grammatical errors are hard to parse through. Furthermore, I usually don’t respond with people who use “OMG,” or any other texting shorthand, in posts – it’s annoying.

    You have spent a lot of time here telling us all that you know something we don’t, and that if we did, we’d “understand.” I doubt it. Something tells me that your standards for truth and fact are probably not as thorough as the average person. I’m not saying that you seem like you would be easily fooled, but…

    So why won’t I give Rick $10 dollars? Well, because he has admitted to fraud before. There are little sayings, universal truths if you will, that we have all heard. Here are a few:

    “A leopard never changes his spots.”
    “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.”
    “A fool and his money are soon parted.”

    There is a reason why these are considered universal truths. Think about these for a moment…

    Why would anyone in the world accept anything he says as fact? If Rick wants anyone to take him seriously, then he has a burden to put all of his cards on the table. No more missed deadlines, no more stalling, no more lying. Show us what you have. Give us something incontrovertible. If I were Rick I would do anything in the world I could to regain my integrity – if for nothing else to make more money. As detestable as he is (and he freely admits this), do you know how many people would be willing to shell out the $10 for admission to see something that has been proven to be true? I would. Hell, I’d pay five times that if it were a real bigfoot.

    If, and this is a giant IF at this point, Rick Dyer did indeed kill a bigfoot then he deserves all the credit he will get. He will have a place in history and he can enjoy everything that he has coming to him.

    Finally, I want to make this clear. I don’t hate Rick Dyer. I don’t know the man. I don’t like was he has done or how he has conducted himself, but I was not put on this earth to judge him or anyone else. He will have to account for his life just like everyone else.

    Thank you and Good Luck.

    • Comment of the week right there. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

      • Kelly

        Go back to your mob. Blog
        We all know your going to hide in shame once it all comes out.
        Cause your a coward.

        • Kelly

          LOL you don’t hide?
          Really Racer X? SasquaiNation?
          Seems you use too what happen?

          I am not who your mob thinks I am. As much as they want to say I am those people doesn’t make it true.

          Seems you need to stop drinking that Kool-aid its messing up your brain.

        • Kelly

          You know,

          The fact you were re-tweeting your own posts of racer-x was very funny Randy.

          steamwhistle1 as well another name of yours no?

        • Kelly

          So please don’t act like you don’t hide and have multiple accounts.
          You really have no clue if this is a hoax or not.
          You are hoping it is because all your posts all over the internet will show you as a fool if your wrong.
          Let me tell you something Randy, you are wrong.
          Robert here has given all the information you need to figure things out. If you are so good at investigating you can easily find it all out.

        • Steve Lane

          Your Cathiee or Matt

          To funny you are. Yes all great Discoveries by pass leading DNA experts, Mainstream press, anything resembling evidence, anything like press conferences, anything normal. Yes, twittle dee, they show up at Cinemas shows, so you can enjoy a beer while Rick spews his known lies and scams a few more people, while at the same time no proof can be had.

          You are a special kind of the special stupid.

        • Kelly

          Steve Lane,
          Again Robert has given you so much information that you could easily find out. But you seem to not be able to actually do the leg work do you?
          Unless you are using it to stalk people.
          Look you have till Monday then Rick’s tour starts in Flagstaff then the 24th 25th he is at the Drafthouse go look it up. Go to it and prove me wrong. Because I will tell you it won’t prove me or Robert wrong it will prove you have wasted a year saying it was all a hoax.

          I see now I am either Cathiee or Matt
          But the mob keeps saying they are the same person?
          Seriously do you all have a clue what your doing? Or just squatting in the wind hoping something will hit and stick.

        • Chris P.

          Are you sure you want to go down the road of fake profiles Cathiee McMillan/Daisy McBigfoot/Kelly Marie?

      • Squatchy Squatcherson

        Thank, Randy. I really don’t know why this is so hard for people in Dyer’s camp to understand. It’s like we are supposed to just forget everything that happened in 2008, and accept everything Rick and his associates say as truth. Rick Dyer, by his own admission, isn’t exactly the standard bearer for truth and he certainly isn’t a beacon of integrity.

        If Rick Dyer shot a bigfoot, that’s great (well not for the bigfoot) – prove it (real proof). I will gladly fork over the $10 to see it.

        This soap opera is mind-numbing.

        • Kelly

          Squatchy Squatcherson

          You seem to not understand people who know what Rick has.
          We all understand that the evidence needs to be proven to everyone.
          Many of us keep telling him to release this or that. But he is correct the when he says the mob won’t believe it.
          Ron here is begging for photos from the shooting. Well if Rick posted those Ron wouldn’t believe them. He would make an excuse.

          We who do know some of the truth of the situation are still waiting for the evidence to be shown to everyone. So we can back up what we say as verifiable.
          You have a chance to spend 10 dollars to find out for your self.
          But you don’t want to. Yes you can think of it as a gamble but have you ever paid to go into a freak show or to see the biggest rodent in the world at a county fair? At least with that 10 dollars you will get a movie and to see the body and to listen to the small Q&A session.

          Right now it is a he said she said situation. We all get that.
          Randy is over there saying “it is a HOAX 100%” but he has no verifiable proof. A phone call from an unknown person saying they were Rick Dear doesn’t count as proof. Nor does the videos of Rick saying he will hoax again since they all admit that Rick lies and Rick does as well. So how do you know when he is telling the truth and when he isn’t?
          All anyone of us can do at this time is wait and see.
          While I sit and wait. I am not out Staking or making stuff up and pretending to be Rick or other people to try to prove it is all a hoax.

          We only have a few weeks left.

      • woodchucker

        Randy, just a little thank you for stopping by and commenting. I visit your blog now and again. Its funny as hell. That “My little Hank and Friend” picture caused a caffiene eruption through my nostrils. Saved the keyboard but my shirt and carpet needed some attending to. I dont read the comments areas. As far as I am concerned the blog posts are as good as it gets. Stop by more often, maybe we can talk Nordegg and Cadomin sometimes.

  29. Jacki Leighton-Boyce

    I think Robert should get rid of his car and replace it with a bull-dozer LOL

  30. Squatchy Squatcherson


    You couldn’t be more wrong about me. I genuinely hope that Rick Dyer’s bigfoot is real, not for Dyer’s sake, but for the sake of bigfoot research.

    If you read my post, which seems doubtful, I said that if “Rick Dyer did indeed kill a bigfoot, then he deserves all of the credit he will get.”

    Here’s universal truth for Rick…

    “To the victor belongs the spoils”


    This is the last time I will say this to you – I would really like for you to try understand this – you saying that you have proof, doesn’t really do much for me. I have no idea who you are, what your motives are or whether you are telling the truth, and I have no reason to take some random person’s (you, in this case) declaration as 100% fact. What sane person with any lick of common sense would? If I told you that “I have a space alien, just you wait and see,” what would you say? Would you not at least be a little doubtful?

    It’s really simple, Kelly. If Rick Dyer wants to get one red cent of any THINKING person’s money, then he needs to offer up some incontrovertible (look up that word) proof. Asking “us” to believe you, Rick, Musky, Frank, Robert or anyone else, doesn’t exactly count as proof. Rick brought every single bit of doubt he deserves upon himself. He deserves scrutiny. Duh.

    Here is another universal truth for Rick…

    “You made your bed, now you have to lie in it.”

    I don’t really no what else to say to you right now. Our conversations have turned into a circuitous argument and it’s not benefitting either one of us.

    Good luck and I hope you are right.

  31. Did it feel good to possibly murder or seriously injure someone? Please provide more details. Don’t worry the statute of limitations has passed I’m sure. Thanks.

  32. Martin

    Robert, with all due respect I feel like you should consider that you’re being played by Musky.

    For one thing, he’s shown a hypersensitivity to comments here about his past indiscretions, watching your blog closely and asking you to remove them within an hour of their having appeared. That seems like someone who is micromanaging an outcome.

    For another thing, we all know how convincing he sounded when he was interviewed by Barnes, and so his ability to create fanciful scenarios is exceptional. He also may be playing Kelly et al. at the same time…feeding “rumors” to her for the both of you to investigate, knowing she is a guaranteed bulldog for the cause.

    By all accounts Barnes is demoralized, and it would be just like Musky to continue needling him by saying he had seen two “old friends” in Vegas, and to feed false information to you just to dare them to respond, knowing that the ensuing confusion is perfect cover for their crimes.

    Of course, that’s looking at it from the “hoax” point of view, but I do wish you would consider it.

  33. Joerg Hensiek

    hahahahaha, real or comedy – does not matter, it is brilliant: After the Underwear – An Apology to Rick Dyer:

    • Squatchy Squatcherson


      Jesus H. Christ. This clip should be a drinking game. Every time he says “Rick Dyer,” take two drinks. Every time he says “Rick” or “Dyer,” take one drink. I promise you, after 6 minutes and 46 seconds you will be smashed! I think Rick made him say all of this. I wonder if he is off-camera pointing a gun at him? The guy looks terrified.

      I also like how he says “go against Rick” a few times. It kind of gives the video a pro-wrestling feel. I was waiting for someone to come up behind him and smash a folder chair across his back.

      Here are 5 things I saw.

      1) There is a shadow of a plant, a familiar looking plant, on the wall behind this guy’s right shoulder – by the AC unit. Anyone know what this leaf/plant shadow could be? lol.

      2) I was waiting with baited breath to see the back cover. Underwhelmed. Again, no real proof. Just a picture of an ebay logo with some “scrilla,” some stained underwear, and some dudes in lab coats looking at test tubes – it has stock photograph written ALL over it.

      3) The DVD box is green. It looks like a PS4 box.

      4) The guy needs to seal up his window unit. He is losing money.

      5) He’s a Sixers fan. And he still has a tag on his hat. Ugh.

      What can you find???

  34. Caz

    Robert – ask your sources when the DNA sequences will be uploaded into GenBank, and under what species name.

  35. Caz

    Robert – the reason I ask the question above, is because someone made a submission to GenBank on Feb 4th, 2014 under the name homo Heidelbergensis. Checkout this link:

    • I think submissions to GenBank represents one of the most promising ways to determine if Hank is real or hoax.

      If this is real like Rob claims then there should be a submission to GenBank under primates sometime between 2012 and now.

  36. Caz

    I think this might be a Spanish team with fossils from the Pyrenees, but if RD has folks submitting something, then they will have to pick a taxa.

  37. Joerg Hensiek

    Caz: The submitters are from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology here in Germany. Therefore I think it has nothing to do with Hank. However, it sounds really exciting, like most research coming out of this institute.

  38. Chris

    Glad you are back Robert and in Clint Eastwood mode. You have reported more accurately on this story than anyone which clearly annoys Rick’s detractors. The scientists have what is most important to them and it has nothing to do with Hank’s skin/outer shell—blood, organs, fluids, bones, etc.

  39. Yes I am in Clint Eastwood mode LOL exactly.

  40. RON

    Kelley says the same refrain OVER AND OVER>>
    “Randy is over there saying “it is a HOAX 100%” but he has no verifiable proof.”
    It’s NOT UP TO Randy and the *MOB* to prove ANYTHING! It’s up to DYER to prove he has an UKNOWN PRIMATE HERETOFORE NEVER CLASSIFIED BY SCIENCE. There, wasn’t that easy to understand?
    BTW, as I stated earlier>>>One can not prove this is a hoax until one or more of the following conditions are met>>>1)We get DNA data 2) A scientist examines the body and determine it’s a fake 3) Dyer admits it’s a hoax. Notice here that this would take COOPERATION BY DYER TO ACCOMPLISH THIS! If he doesn’t do so, we will NEVER HAVE PROOF IT’S A HOAX. One caveat to this (and it will never happen)>>>DNA DATA COMES OUT INDEPENDENTLY AND REFUTES OR SUPPORTS DYER. Again. this will never happen and those like Kelley will wait FOREVER…hoping for *confirmation*.

  41. Robert – I have been reading your bigfoot stuff because I love this topic. I am in no camp. (Incidentally I have ventured on to your other topics.)
    Your virus came from porn – not the knuckleheads you call “haters”. I absorb most bigfoot. The internet, books, video… You name it -I’ve read and watched it – but stake no claim in this pathetic war of witless wimps. There is no way anyone in any of these groups has the knowledge to place a virus in your computer… Believe me -I work in IT. These ppl have a hard enough time putting a sentence together, let alone crafting a way to bring your computer down.
    Real nerds absolutely can attach virus’ to sites you choose to browse – and porn has far more enemies than Bigfoot or Robert Lindsay. Trust me… you got that virus from porn.
    I don’t believe Dyer is telling the truth. But I would pay $20 in a New York minute to see his sideshow. To me – it adds to the lore. If anything, Dyer has cemented himself in this Lore forever, regardless of it’s authenticity.
    I believe that bigfoot is alot like you – bigfoot would take a tree (see baseball bat) and absolutely destroy anyone who shot it. A protective female bigfoot wouldn’t knock over a camera man… She would rip his head clean off, take the body and smash down upon Rick Dyer, grab some WalMart pork ribs, and shove it straight up his… you get the point.

    Best Regards,


    • Thanks a lot. I was trying to figure out how they could have given me a virus and it never made any sense. I was surfing a lot of porn right around that time so that may well be where I got it from. It was a Trojan if that has any meaning to you.

      • It does… and I have dealt with them my entire career… and on a personal level! LOL! :)

        Keep up the great work.

      • RON

        If you have a decent anti virus program, surfing Porn shouldn’t be a problem. Also, I would advise that if you have a WEB CAM, disable it (or tape it), since there are ways to VIEW YOU THROUGH IT when you don’t expect to be. Just a heads up.

        • I had an excellent antivirus program, Computer Associates. But somehow the damned Trojan got past the antivirus and I have no idea how it did that. Maybe it was malware instead of a virus. Anyway I ran the antivirus and it would find the virus on the real time scanner but it would not clean the file and delete or quarantine the virus. I scanned the folder the virus was in and the AV could not find anything. Then I scanned the individual files and it could not find anything. The virus got worse and worse and it killed both of my browsers. I tried to do system restore thinking that would get rid of the virus but on reboot, the virus killed my Windows. It killed my whole Windows partition and I had to wipe the whole partition.

  42. RON

    Well. I’m not familiar with that anti virus. BTW, I don’t go along with the Porn scenario, although certainly possible. You are a potential target, having this popular Blog and now with this BF stuff, you never know.

    • You’re giving far too much credit to either camp.

      I’ve been in IT since 92. I’ve been dealing with virus the entire time. The number one way someone becomes infected?


      Not online jealous, mean spirited bigfoot enthusiast… Sure you can find out anything about anybody… but pushing a virus on someone?

      I highly doubt it.

      Theory: Cleaning up virus’ on computers is a multi million dollar business… These software companies with brilliant coders that provide protection need virus… why not create them and attach them to the most popular sites?

      But you can believe that online bigfoot enthusiasts who are mad at Dyer have somehow, overnight, decided to infect Robert.

      • Scott Johnson

        I too work in IT and would argue that the #1 infection source is NOT porn but rather unsafe attachments. If RL was sent an email with an attachment such as a pic, video, doc, flash file, etc. it could very easily be infected and thus infect his computer.

        With most Trojan viruses the infection won’t appear immediately. It can take days or weeks before it infects a file that actually disrupts the user’s experience (ie. crashing the browser in RL’s case) and by that time it’s too late.

        I suspect that RL probably received an email with an attachment (could have even been a new Rick Dyer photo) that triggered the virus when he clicked on it.

        • Impartial Observer

          I understand your need to outsmart everyone on this thread. It’s been interesting to watch you waste your valuable time doing so… but your rebuttle only supports my theory, son.

          Robert can look at his resent activities and pin point when this occurred.

          Anyone in IT who doesn’t understand the inherent risks of surfing porn must be responsible for making coffee for everyone in the office as well. You are the Rick Dyer of IT.

          Ask Robert if he’s down loaded more porn or more Dyer.

          And please… make us some more coffee.

        • big g

          Wow I could use a cup as well.

        • Scott Johnson

          Right…because viruses are never transmitted via email attachments. Good one Impartial Observer…you make me laugh.

          I would love to see your conversation with your VP of Finance or VP of Sales when they come in and claim they have a virus.

          IO: “Well sir, you will need to let up on the porn as this is the ONLY way to transmit viruses”

          VP: “Hmmm….I think I would remember visiting some porn sites…are you certain this is the only way to get a virus?”

          IO: “Absolutely! This is the only way that your computer can get infected. From my experience the dirtier the more riskier. Hell, I can’t tell you how many times I have to clean my PC because of some dirty shit.”

          VP: “Well that’s great you sick bastard but it doesn’t help my situation…so there’s nothing you can do?”

          IO: “Well I’ll re-image it but I’ll need to get that name of the porn site you were visiting…for “research purposes”. What’s that…still no admission of visiting porn? Well, i guess I’ll have to go look at some myself to see if I can find any that infect me with the same virus. Sheesh, the sacrifices I make for this company”

          VP (and the rest of us in unison): “DUMB ASS!!”

        • md


          I am the vp of everything round here. And obviously nailed your coffee duties sending you into this land of make believe tirade. Stay on topic IT guy.
          You contend that RL got his virus from RD. So this blog contends that Rick Dyer has a real bigfoot. 100% real. And according to you Rick has the ability to attach a virus to an email to corrupt the computer of a guy that supports his claims 100%. Why would he do this?

          Rick Dyer has a bigfoot named Hank and Robert Lindsay has a troll named Scott.

          You are the vp of dumbass. This is why you work at the grunt level of IT.

          My cup is low. Please make some more. I stand by my opinion as to where RL caught his virus. Thinking that anyone on either side of this internet war has the ability to bring down a computer with antivirus on it via email only goes to show your own inabilities as an “IT” guy.
          Trolls who explain laughter expose their insecurities. Yer a twirp who is only interested in argument. The liklihood of a Rick Dyer photo having an attached virus compared to a porn photo is well… let’s just say… the only dumbass in this exchange is you, Scott. Stick to the bigfoot topic. You are clearly too much of an idiot for the likes of me.

        • Scott Johnson

          Well md/IO why don’t you give me your email address and we’ll see what we can do. Obviously you are too smart for the likes of me…and Wiki…oh yeah and Harvard…because we all agree that email attachments are the #1 method to transfer viruses.

          But again, your personal experience has obviously been heavily influenced by porn, and couple that with the fact that you obviously do not have any friends (and hence no emails in your inbox) you have probably never encountered a virus via email.

          So go back to your basement IT shop and jerk another one out. Meanwhile I will sit here being thankful that your lotion ladened hands have never attempted to “repair” anything of mine.

          In between your spank breaks why don’t you hit a few dictionary sites as well so that you can follow along with the big words. Any moron with a Grade 4 level in English should be able to understand from my comment that I never once said that RL contracted the virus from Dyer. I said that based on every other intelligent person on the planet that the number one source of virus infections is from email attachments. I then hypothesized on the types of attachments that RL could have opened recently. It could very well have been the latest “Sexy Grandmother Gymnasts” slideshow that you sent him from your personal email address…or the most recent bigfoot Flash video from one of his “many sources”.

          Anyway, this was fun. Your idiotic responses are just about about as entertaining as Big G’s. I’m really loving the number of moronic people that are on this site…it definitely makes me understand how Rick Dyer has been able to keep this shit going for the past 15 months with ZERO evidence. Keep up the good work!

        • O-kay – Send away.

          Scott – I love beating up trolls who site internet resources. So let me get this straight. You’re the guy who is running around the internet, researching his opinion and then using it as proof of his assertions? I mean – you, Wiki and Harvard – right? Yer brilliant. And I’m supposed to be the guy locked up in momma’s basement jerking off? Stop insulting me with your copy and pasted material that has been over-used to the point it’s plain stupid instead of funny. I mean – it’s obvious that your goal is to be just that… funny.

          Too funny. But in a sad and pathetic way, chump.

          It’s easy to upset ppl who run around the internet trolling… and even easier to upset those who sign there name. I’m positive you have a twitter account. How many times do you tweet a day? How often do you reread your posts? Ppl who talk to hear themselves speak have been trumped by those who type to read their self write. Yer a classic web based sociopath.

          Also… how is your Apple brand computer?

          Pretend away, Scott Johnson the Almighty. You know very little about anything. You educate yourself through the internet instead of real world experience and then type as if you know. Transparent as well as pathetic. Nothing but truth on the internet, right? Oh wait, you are here to argue against Rick Dyer’s bigfoot authenticity. Wow! Way to spend your time. LOL! Dyer has you hot and bothered. Your soaked panties have you typing frantically.

          If I was Robert Lindsay – I would question the one guy who claims he can send off virus e-mails and files and ban his arse just to make sure… Scott Johnson.

          Congratulations on the fact momma has never moved you to the basement, and you sleep safe and sound right next to her’s… You and Norman Bates… love your mommy. See… stupid chit, huh?

          Rick Dyer’s claim and my “hey, Robert – I think you got your virus from porn” claim have you all torn up inside. It shows the depth of your soul, you shallow, little dweeb. It’s obvious you need to step outside and breathe some fresh air. Or are you waiting for Dyer’s bigfoot to be exposed as a hoax so you can scream at all 20 ppl on the Dyer side and all 20 ppl on the “Hater” side that YOU KNEW ALL ALONG!

          What a glorious day that will be for you. Sigh… Do yourself a favor -send yourself that virus.

  43. woodchucker

    Robert, how much of this has RD provided for you to claim 100%?

    MRI scans of Hank
    CT scans of Hank
    3D imaging of Hank
    Full genetic sequencing of Hank’s DNA, preferably both nuclear and mitochondrial.
    Signed affidavits by scientists who worked on Hank testifying that this is a real non-Homo sapiens hominid of some sort.
    A full autopsy report by the pathologists who examined the body.
    Statement of some sort by Morgan Matthews or other representatives of Minnow Films confirming the kill took place while filming the movie Shooting Bigfoot.
    Photographs of the kill at San Antonio after Hank was killed. Preferably photos of Hank on the ground and then later photos of the body being moved.
    A full timeline by Rick stating which university the body was verified at, where the body was stored near Las Vegas, where it was moved to afterwards, and where it was in Washington state where the taxidermists worked on it.
    Names of the government official at the university who verified the body, the taxidermist who worked on the body, all of the scientists who studied the body and what exactly they did.
    Some sort of a statement from the US government confirming in some way that this is actually the body of a relict hominid.

    I got to know.

    • He has confirmed none of those things for me.

      • woodchucker

        I’m 100% no way.

        Any news from the AHS?

        • It is under a number of feet of snow right now.

        • woodchucker

          LOL. Well sure. Some break ins occuring around the Mercoal areas. My friends found long black hairs on their pillows in their cabin. No BF though, well unless they learned how to hotwire snowmobiles and chug whiskey. Logging is active right now, as well as oilfield. Just takes on BF to cross a road…..

    • RON

      “I got to know”…
      But Dyer doesn’t think so..

      Dyer will never produce any of those things, In the mean time the *SHOW* has hit the road and someone is giving Dyer $$$.
      Where is getting all the $$ for the Trailer updates//Porsche family moved……paying the crew and gas?

      • woodchucker

        I did have to know. Robert suggested in a prior post these would be minimums to accept RD’s story, many posters agreed, some with exceptions / added items. It’s confirmed above RD hasnt done that so I’m still at 100% no way. I would rather wipe my ass with a $10 bill than give it to RD, but I cant stop others from giving in to his ploy. Its actually sickeneing how many posters believe the swath of victims RD will leave behind. Is everyone in the US a victim FFS? I doubt RD has paid many of his bills in full if his income is strictly Hank. Oh I’m sure some will say different but I could care less what comes from that camp. Complete BS is all we hear. Remember shit like the chimerism talk RON? The delusions get more grand the further Bigfool travels down the Interstate. None of it is believable at all. If someone wants to pay out on that junk, fill your boots. I refuse to.

        • Squatchy Squatcherson

          I agree, woodchucker.

          Without further proof, it seems ridiculous to give Rick Dyer any money.

          People will though. There’s a sucker born every minute.

        • woodchucker

          Everyone has to make their own choices and $ will go in his pocket, but he wont be getting rich off this joke. Its not even that funny.

  44. Mr. Jingles

    Justin and Roe went home tonight. I guess Lindsay’s source was wrong on that one.

  45. Tim Ballentine

    Those who call themselves scientists and who are in control of the info that gets approved,determine what “gets in”.Many scientists,archaeologists ect.have made many discoveries that we never hear about on a grand scale simply because they go against “what science” has deemed acceptable,it happens all the time.So if you aren’t finding things and doing work that backs the statis quo,you’re just out of luck.People who rock the boat will lose funding for their projects and in many cases their jobs.

    • RON

      Mr Ballintine..
      Are you saying the scientific data is being withheld?
      That’s BULL SHIT.

      • Tim Ballentine

        Think what you want,but with just a little investigation you will see that I’m right.There are out of place fossils,cities under the ocean,and much evidence that humans have always been human,no monkeys in the mix.

  46. woodchucker

    Like how many here have stated what they feel is the % probablity of RD being legit ( I’m at 100% no way ), I would love to know in all honesty how many sent $ to RD for vids, memberships, did the hangout, any support, etc. After the last BF board of how many hundred posts of vitriol while Robert was down with a computer snag, I bet theres some egg on the faces in that crowd. There was even a board where some were not commited to a full purchase but were canvasing to get a group buy if I remember correctly. Is that not supporting a known hoaxer to get a RV, trailer, trips to Texas and Washington State? I’m not judging, I just want to know if anyone is still inclined to chuck hard earned $ that way even knowing that RD didnt deliver on any of the other stuff.

  47. Emmett Von Schnit

    Whether Dyer’s bigfoot is real or not… can you imagine a 3 car pileup with HANK sprawled out on the highway? Can you imagine the rubbernecking?

  48. Pingback: Bigfoot Lives! - Page 93 - SLUniverse Forums

  49. anyone watch the $10 million bigfoot bounty last night? i did. I’m surprised they show 2 episodes i thought it was going to be 1 episode spread out over a longer time period. i wonder the ratings. anyhow the preview for next weeks final shows they bring back all the contestants for drama. so it’s like a reality tv show like survivor or the apprentice.

    during the episode the team that found the tracks and nest you heard sounds that could be bigfoot and i’m surprised that wasnt presented during evidence review.

    at the last second that driscoli dna guy announced they found “primate” dna. there are no primates indigenous to the US, except humans. i’d be disappointing if that primate dna is human dna.

    having seen finding bigfoot for several seasons i’m rather disappointed matt renee bobo et al, don’t attempt to find and collect dna/hair samples like bigfoot bounty.

    at the end of the day it takes that discroli guy only hours to identify dna, so i feel if rick dyer wants to make the most money from his tour, all he has to do is submit a sample to discroli and in a few hours confirms scientifically its a real bigfoot with species.

    • woodchucker

      There is no DNA in carpet.

      • i think despite RobL claim to the contrary, that Rick Dyer does NOT have a genuine bigfoot as scientific validation would greatly increase the draw. That NY primatology DNA expert Tom Driscoll guy can verify in hours. Even CAT/MRI/Xray autopsy reports + DNA would prove it.

        The sneak peak preview of the final episode has Tom Driscoll say that one of the samples is primate DNA. I wonder though if it is human dna as humans are primates.

        • Todd Disotell is a stupid weenie. He was given Bigfoot samples multiple times and he said they were “human” and he threw them away!

        • big g

          Disotel’s DNA findings aren’t all done within hours and not all done in his cabin lab. The ones he can’t identify go to a lab better adapted for determining what primate instead of primate. In any event he has done very little sasquatch research and thinks sasquatch is quadrapedal ape and not a bipedal human. Melbas best research was done on state of the art machinery and not in a cabin lab.

  50. Todd Garret

    What time is the press conference today? I’m assuming it’s going to be on the major news channels and not just online, right?

      • Todd Garret

        Canceled? Why? Has it been rescheduled?

        • Postponed. It will occur after February 24 at the earliest. I imagine it might happen in March. It has been really hard to arrange all of this. There are 120 people who want to be part of the presser. There has been so much to arrange that I actually think things are going pretty smoothly and rapidly all things considered. Also they want the tour to start first to see what the reaction will be to the tour.

          The press conference will be led by a female PhD who is well known in the large California city in which she resides. She is associated with the museum below.

          The conference will be put on by a large California museum. The museum is in a large city in California.

        • Todd Garret

          Thanks for the information Robert but how can he start the tour BEFORE he has the press conference. Nobody is going to believe it’s a real Bigfoot without that scientific proof. He’s doing things backwards. Is he going to charge people money to see it before it’s confirmed as the real deal? This is starting to sound very fishy. And it’s definitely not the first time Dyer has been involved in something like ths.

        • Scott Johnson

          Hmmm…based on your comments RL it would appear as if you are suggesting that the museum in question is the California Academy of Sciences. One could also argue that it could be the Getty, however there are no women listed as senior staff for the Getty:

          All the other major museums focus primarily as art museums, so unless Dicky Dyer is positioning Hank as an artful throw rug I would assume it is not one of these.

          So, focusing on the Cal Academy they do have some women listed in their management team:

          Based on your description I would guess that you are alluding to Elizabeth Babcock,

          So this should be pretty easy for everyone to verify by emailing her at

          The problem is that the museum does not have ANY special events listed for the final week of February:

          On Feb.26th there is an evening event titled “Wildlife Conservation: A Photographer’s Life” which doesn’t really sound like the unveiling of a bigfoot.

          Anyway, we should be able to find an answer by emailing Elizabeth and make reference to this blog suggesting that she will be unveiling a bigfoot on Feb.24th.

        • Yes I will not confirm or deny any of your hypotheses, but you may well be on the right trail, don’t you think?

          The woman who will be presenting the press conference wants to keep this under wraps until right before it starts and she will get really mad if it blows before. I know the name of the woman and museum, but I am not running those names because I was told not to by the people who are putting on the conference. I will screw up everything for them if I do that, so I do not want to go there.

          The woman who will be putting it on is already getting emails asking about the Bigfoot. AFAICT, she is not responding to any of those emails and she is probably not taking any phone calls on the subject either. I called her and left a message and she never returned my call.

        • You have a very intuitive mind.

        • Well, you know Rick. He is not very good at delaying gratification, right? He got really tired of waiting around and all the delays and he said Screw it, and I am starting the tour press conference or no. Also this way he makes more money than if he waits until the press conference.

        • RON

          I respectfully disagree with Robert on this *PRESS CONFERENCE*.
          There won’t be any *PRESS CONFERENCE* that includes scientific validation of Dyers BAWDY. At the very least, the information would have been released PRIOR to any unveiling of the creature! BTW>>>> There’s simply NO WAY ON EARTH, a find of this potential significance would be released to Dyer so he could burn the hair off it’s BAWDY for smelling and schlepping around carnival style. Let’s get real folks.

        • woodchucker

          Even in California its difficult to find 120 actors, well ones that work for free anyways. “Hey MGM, I did some volunteer work for RD and the rug”, got any lead roles for me?” LOL.

        • Todd Garret

          Another thing I can’t understand about this is the “tour.” Something like this would have to be insured for millions, maybe even as much as 100 million dollars, yet the insurance company is going to allow it to be transported across the country in a wooden box inside a trailer? That makes absolutely no sense whatsover. This thing would have to have armed gurards guarding it 24 hours a day. It’s literally priceless. Someone other than Dyer has to be managing the day to day security and upkeep of something this historical and valuable.

        • woodchucker

          Feb 9. Groundhog Day for RDs followers. Just like the movie starring Bill Murray, tomorrow they will wake up and again hear of the next battery of excuses for no deliverables. Why dont these same gullible people visit Roberts Contribution Page? The amount of garbage they post should be worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars for such a service.

  51. woodchucker

    Also found these descriptions of Les’ BF episodes…
    Burdened by heavy camera equipment, with no food, no shelter, no water, and no safety gear or camera crew, Les Stroud makes his way into the remote and desolate boreal forests of Northern Alberta for an intense expedition in his classic Survivorman style. Trekking solo into renowned Bigfoot territory would be foolhardy for anyone other than Les; so remote and isolated is this region north of Edmonton, there may yet exist animals that have never seen a human being. Teeming with wildlife such as caribou, moose and grizzly bears, Les’s hunting skills will be put to the ultimate test as he scrounges for wild edibles. Catching rabbit, fish and even reptiles could mean the difference between starvation and survival. Rattlesnakes, bull snakes or even the mountain short-horned lizard could all end up on Les’s plate. Sourcing and purifying drinking water will be of paramount importance. Building shelter near a water-source is ideal, but can often prove impossible. The weather can be inclement and cold late in the season as the North’s icy fingers begin to stretch south, making the risk of hypothermia a real danger. Les will have to rely on his wits and survival expertise if he’s to succeed in the wilds of Northern Alberta.
    Episode 8: MONTANA, US
    Montana is the America that inspired Lewis and Clark to continue their westward trek. Framed by the majestic Rocky Mountains, the state is home to more than 70 species of mammals, 260 species of birds and is one of the last remaining habitats for Grizzly Bears and wolves in the USA. Wild rivers and streams crisscross the ecologically diverse state creating a web of wetlands and mountain lakes teeming with life. Mountain lions hunt herds of elk in the low-lying valleys and mountain goats in the glacial backcountry. Remote mountain areas covered by thick forest and steep cliffs are rumored to be “habituation sites” for the elusive and mythical Sasquatch. Trekking fearlessly into Big Foot territory, Les goes to the most remote areas in Montana to survive in the classic Survivorman style with no food, no water, no shelter, and no safety gear or camera crew. Montana’s panoramic beauty and fierce wilderness will push Les further than he’s ever gone before.

    Sounds interesting but there are no rattlesnakes or bullsnakes as far north as the AHS.

  52. Chris

    The tour begins Tuesday in Phoenix Az. The DVDs for the 23 who didn’t cancel their orders of After The Shot or Autopsy will be mailed this week according to Rick’s latest youtube videos.

    • Mr. Jingles

      That’s not what he said. He said that Chris Sands has the job of shipping them out and he will be receiving them from Dyer this Friday.

    • RON


  53. J

    Can you give us more info or a link on the Tour re: first display in Phoenix. I have a great family and professional resource that may be able to attend this showing and provide an exeptional and professional analytical assessment.

    • J

      This would be a great opportunity to get an unbiased professional opinion from the first (actual Tour) showing.

      • Scott Johnson

        He hasn’t found any venues yet:

        Getting down to the wire for kicking off the biggest scientific tour in the last 100 years and still no takers on hosting the body. Funny stuff… Maybe the TT camp should take a look at the following site for some ideas:

        I must admit that I am kinda looking forward to the gong show that Dicky has planned for the next few weeks. Should be awesome!

      • Squatchy Squatcherson

        If you think Rick Dyer is going to let anyone go near or have any physical contact with the body, then you are mistaken, J.

        Just for fun I went to Rick’s YouTube channel last night – call it morbid curiosity. I watched a few of his videos – wow. This guy is full of it.

        (Robert…you seem like an intelligent guy. You are also a journalist, so I would expect that you are holding your sources to an extremely high standard. Are you sure that you want to be 100% sure about anything Rick Dyer or any of his associates have to say? In my honest opinion I think you are going to get burned, sir.)

        • J

          Ya, im certain “Fozzy Hank” will remain behind glass, but It would be good to get an opinion from an expert even if its just visual analysis.

  54. Bob

    Hey Robert, didn’t one of your sources say that Justin Smegma won 100K on the Bigfoot bounty show?
    You better vet your sources better he got booted off Friday’s show.

    • Looks like I am going to have to ban you, scumface.

      Justin may still have won a $100,000 secondary prize of some sort, which is all the source ever told me. The source is excellent, is a very good friend of mine and has been right many many times. Nevertheless, he was simply repeating a rumor, and you know how rumors go, sometimes they are right and sometimes they are wrong.

  55. Tim D.

    @ Robert Lindsay
    February 9, 2014 at 2:14 PM
    So that means either: the woman organizing/hosting the press conference has told absolutely no one about it, meaning anyone from any radio/tv/cable station will have to scramble to get someone there to cover it, or, she has told at least some members of the media, and 100% have been able to keep this quiet, from everyone, colleagues, friends, family, people in the office, museum, anyone who could have overheard the information etc.

    • She is not telling anyone, correct, AFAICT. Well, there are definitely some folks who know her name and know she is associated with this conference. They are talking and they are also emailing her, which is not good. So I would not say no one knows about it.

      • Tim D.

        I guess time will tell. Makes this dreary winter weather more bearable waiting for the next excuse/fiasco to happen, and yes, I am a skeptic. I do enjoy reading all the posts between “the mob” and “the believers”. That’s 100% enjoyable.

    • RON

      Yes…ZERO LEAKS not only on this particular *press conference* but since the *BAWDY* was handed over to the *University* over a year ago.
      In fact ,this is the best kept secret in this history of mankind. NO leaks or corroboration from ANY OUTSIDE SOURCE involved in the saga. That means ALL scientists and their friends and families…all the homeless who were at the scene in SanAntonio and their friends and family….the *Lady Government Agent* who first *inspected* the BAWDY and her friends and family..all the *INVESTORS* and their friends and family…Morgan Mathews and his friends and family…The *REPORTERS* Dyer invited out last summer to see the BAWDY and their friends and family…..
      DEAD SILENCE…ZERO…ZIP..NADA…BUPKIS from ALL those who peripherally involved in this TALL TALE and had an opportunity to see the BAWDY.

      • RON
        February 9, 2014 at 9:51 PM
        ……all the homeless who were at the scene in SanAntonio and their friends and family…
        Some of the homeless people at the site did speak…actually there are several YT videos of them …one guy even thinks RD killed his dog when they were there.
        Come to think of it….that’s really the only thing that is actually confirmed about all this.

        • RON

          Yes, there were several interviews of a homeless guy, JEFF, who says he was there and all this was a STAGED event..not real. Having said this, I was referring to about 8-10 homeless at the scene who>>>HELPED DYER MOVE AND SUBSEQUENTLY LOAD THE BF ON THE TRUCK! We have ZERO confirmation/leaks from those people.
          To sum up, there are NUMEROUS people that have been implicated….. by DYER HIMSELF…. in dealing with the BAWDY and having viewed it first hand. In spite of all this time having passed since>>>>>WE HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO *CHATTER*….LEAKS…CORROBORATION of their involvement. This is patently ABSURD and it’s pure FOLLY to assume, as KELLY SUGGESTS, ALL these individuals kept this a complete and total secret. Keep in mind, this isn’t a matter of NATIONAL SECURITY!!! The BAWDY HAS ALREADY BEEN RELEASED AND IS BEING KARTED AROUND AS WE SPEAK!! SO>>>>KELLEY>>>>WHY ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE STILL REMAINING SILENT NOW? Why are the *REPORTERS* whom Dyer invited to see the BAWDY last summer still silent?? Why hasn’t the LADY GOVERNMENT AGENT SPOKEN UP AT THIS POINT IN TIME?? KELLEY>>>WAKE UP!

      • Kelly

        See the issue you have is that your clueless about professionalism in the scientific community or in any other research field.
        You expect that professionals should be leaking things all over the place or confirming things just because you want it or you would.
        So Ron explain to me why we have not seen any of the images of the dead children from the Sandy Hook massacre? Look how long it took to get the 911 calls posted. Certain people have these things yet they never leaked them out why Ron? Why don’t they show those pictures?
        Seems everyone here is saying that these professionals should be leaking or coming out by now and exposing things.
        People with respectable positions in the scientific community involved in this know how to keep silent until they are expected to. They obviously have jobs they would like to keep.
        You have zero evidence of Rick being a scam artist he has refunded people the money they gave for the DVD if they wanted. You can say he is a liar sure since he has admitted to that. But scamming people he hasn’t yet this has not been proven yet. He has a body, at one time you and others didn’t think he even have a body.
        Question for you Ron if I go to a county fair and I pay 2 dollars for one of those carny games am i being scammed? Or am i giving the money knowing how difficult it is to win at those games that they are designed for the midway to win? Am i being scammed when I go to a casino and put money in a slot machine? People are responsible for what they do.
        People who sent Rick money did it because they wanted to.

        So has anyone heard if Steve Kulls has tried to re-verify his fb/fb conversation yet?

        • woodchucker

          “So Ron explain to me why we have not seen any of the images of the dead children from the Sandy Hook massacre? Look how long it took to get the 911 calls posted.”

          Keep it classy. Towing a rug along backwoods USA and clipping peoples wallets can’t even be compared to those events. You owe the victims of those events and these readers an apology or go fvck yourself.

        • Todd Garret

          Why in the world would you bring something like Sandy Hook into this? Why? What kind of sick person would do that? I really have to question where your mind and values are to bring something so horrific into a discussion like this. Holy crap. You should be ashamed.

    • woodchucker

      That’s right Ron. All the mystery actors who have been working on this for 2 years apparently do not use any social media. No one knows nothing. Story is locked up until the 28th, no wait after the tour starts…ahh well…no, wait…..

      • RON

        Exactly Woodchucker…right on the money.
        To Kelley>>>>
        Good god! You’re going to bring in the specter of making PUBLIC crime scene photos of those innocent children in death and COMPARE THIS SITUATION? I now see how you *think* and it’s pretty sad indeed.

      • woodchucker

        RON, Kellys words above really show how batshit crazy and / or desperate he/she is to want to believe RD. Using that analogy is the most digusting thing I have read on these BF posts. Brutal.

  56. Lightfoot

    Hmmm Rick says no press conference in the foreseeable future so someone is lying, but my best guess is everyone is lying because it is obvious to anyone with half a brain cell that the known scam artist doesn’t have a freakin Bigfoot!
    He is taking the find of the century around in a trailer rigged with neon disco lights for gods sake!

  57. Lilmiss

    Yes, Hank the find of the Century is in a disco lit trailer headed to a cinema sideshow event… No matter all the talk and all the “inside knowledge” nothing can atone for this fact, it is the most ridiculous thing ever.

    Anyone who believes it is a real Bigfoot is either in on the scam or an imbecile.

  58. Scott Johnson

    For prosperity purposes I think it’s good for everyone to take a look at the following video that Dyer and Marc Whitton released two weeks prior to admitting that it was all a hoax:

    Damn it’s like deja vu with what Rick is doing this time around…except now we’re called haters and not stalkers. Back then they kept delaying the DNA results as well…they posted this video on August 8th and had a deadline of Sept.1st, 2008 when everything would make sense to all of us doubters. Well the hoax was busted around August 20th so we never got a chance to delay the September deadline. Damn freezer broke and people could actually touch the plastic…I guess the glass will help this time around.

    My theory is that Marc Whitton and Tom Biscardi were the main faces of the hoax back in 2008. Rick was a little more camera shy back then, so I think he has concocted this new hoax so that he gets all of the media attention this time around.

    Anyway, all you Rick lovers take a look at that video and tell me that you don’t see the remarkable resemblance to his latest shenanigans.

    • Scott Johnson

      Sorry that should read Matt Whitton aka Gary Whitton

    • Scott Johnson

      Here’s another great blast from the past published on July 20th, 2008, around one month before they admitted to the hoax:

    • Scott Johnson
      February 10, 2014 at 12:14 AM
      ….Damn it’s like deja vu with what Rick is doing this time around…

      That is because RD can only mimmick and not come up with anything original…kinda like your average chimpanzee :)

      Scott Johnson
      February 10, 2014 at 12:14 AM
      …except now we’re called haters and not stalkers….

      That’s the ‘ole’ ….”if you are not for me…than you are against me”…
      either “you are an allie or an enemy”
      either “you love me or you hate me”….
      it’s that kind of mentality RD has.
      You have to remember he suffered brain damage as a kid.
      That’s the only logical reasoning I can come up whit this guy and his antics. I mean look at it….his father didn’t care about him, he failed the army, failed being a correction officer even, couldn’t even be a decent car salesmen…it’s not hard to see that this guy lives in a ‘TV’ fictional world and sees himself as some soft of ‘knight rider’ crusader.
      Poor chump is delusional :)

  59. Joerg Hensiek

    “it’s not hard to see that this guy lives in a ‘TV’ fictional world and sees himself as some sort of ‘knight rider’ crusader.”
    so what is the difference then between Rick Dyer and you, Scott Johnson, myself and many other people taking part in this debate, Lucas? Think about it… ;-)

    • Squatchy Squatcherson

      The difference, Joerg, is that Scott (myself and anyone else who are “haters”) is not perpetuating a fraud. Surely you can see the difference? People like Rick, take advantage of people. He’s not some innocuous, affable character – he’s a con man and a liar – by his own admission. He bilks people out of money.

      I would love to see the show in Houston, BUT there is no way I would go. It’s not a matter of the admission fee, it’s a matter of lending Rick Dyer any credibility by attending.

      • Kelly

        But you all say he lies.
        So when do you decide he is telling the truth?

        • mike b

          When he is dead

        • J

          No one can verify any Truth yet. But based on all that has transpired, it appears it will be something like “The POS & Fozzy Hank SHOW”!!

        • Squatchy Squatcherson

          When he stops screwing around and gets serious. Given his history, I have a hard time understanding why anyone would believe him. Including you. You are either challenged or a relative or an associate. I don’t know which and frankly I don’t care.

          I watched some videos on his YouTube channel last night. His videos are amateur and telling. He doesn’t have any proof – other than his fake doll – if he did he would show it.

          More universal truth for you…

          “Actions speak louder than words”

          So far it’s more blown deadlines and more empty promises. He is going to go ahead with the road show anyway though. I guess he might as well make a buck or two from the least among us – the low hanging fruit, if you will.

          You can stop trying to convince me that Rick is doing this for the people, Kelly. I don’t buy it – he’s lying. I know, I know…I am going to be eating a LOT of crow.

          What are you going to be eating???

      • Joerg Hensiek

        Squatchy: I wanted to put emphasis on “fictional world”. So, what is the real world then?
        I have to admit that believing that a known hoaxer has shot a bigfoot near San Antonio, Texas, and will now present to the world the greatest discovery in the history of biology (science in general?) is a little bit strange. It is certainly not the “real world”. But what is real about a creature like bigfoot anyway?
        However, I have even more difficulties with the “real world” of “haters”. Do you really believe that Dyer can go on the road for one year in order to take people for a ride – and even will make lots of money with it? In 1714 perhaps, but not in 2014. As if there are no police departments, no countless regulatory authorities and many, many bureaucratic hurdles to overcome if you want to show an exhibit in a public place in town?!!
        You know, I have great difficulties in believing that a conversation between the permit office and Dyer, could go like this:
        “So, Mr. Dyer, you want to show us a giant hairy beast. Is there no danger to public health and safety?”
        “No, sir, it is just a plastic doll – no risk to the general public.”
        “OK, then you just cheat our citizens and take their money for nothing at all?! This sounds great to us, the proud city of Phoenix, please come as soon as possible…”
        Is this the real world? That the regulatory authorities are not checking everything about RD`s request??!!….I really dunno…Here it could not happen like this, but perhaps Phoenix, Arizona, is a different world…..
        Somebody here wrote today: people do not know anything about anything at all – believers and haters alike. And this is – until now – the only truth so far…

        • People are paying for RD ‘entertainment’…that’s all this was and is ….the RD ‘reality show’…it’s all made up fiction, just copying those before him and keeping the ‘working formula’ going….I just lost track of what ‘season’ we are currently in. Last ‘season’s’ cliff hanger was a big one tho’……
          2 DVD’s to be released. the ‘Have your picture taken with Hank contest(there is a ticket hidden in one of the DVDs), the Dec unveiling, PPV event, Las Vegas party for members(have to get your own accommodations), the 28 day ‘loose fat’ Bigfoot expedition…..and the ‘Season Finale’ when all the above got mysteriously cancelled and changed after FC did a radio interview in Nov 2013(exact date I’m not sure).
          The new ‘Season’ we have RD & Hank ‘live in person(s)’….traveling around the US in their ‘reality show on wheels’…
          Entertainment folks……just entertainment
          it’s not meant to be ‘real’ unless you choose to believe it is :)

        • woodchucker

          One problem with Joerg’s “permitting office” authority keeping things legit is these are usually the same civic offices that issue licences to fundamental religous groups, prostitutes and deadbeat contractors, cab drivers and door to door salesmen. And how has that worked to keep the scams from no longer continuing? No Jorge, RD travells the backroads and has no schedule to avoid the eyes on the street. Just like every other con man that plied his trade before him. Thats what is true and what we know so far.

        • Joerg Hensiek

          Lucas: there still is his claim that this is REAL. And that`s why, sooner than later, the pressure by the public, the media and the authorities will be too great. Then the bubble will burst or he delivers final proof. People will come just for the first or may be second tour date to watch a doll, that could be a potential bigfoot. Then public and media excitement and attention will be over. If he cannot bring evidence (or better: proof) the show is finished before it has started.

        • Scott Johnson

          Lucas hit the nail on the head. Dyer is positioning this show as a sideshow event for entertainment purposes only. So there is no “cheating of citizens”. Nobody has disputed the fact that he has a fake rag doll for people to see. It’s kind of like a wax museum…people pay to see fake crap all the time.

          Even back in 2008 when the hoax was busted he went on “tour” to show people the rubber suit. He even thanks the Horrordome for providing a second body. Of course this material is only available on Google’s Way Back archives so some of the images are lost but you can see a timeline here:

          Below are some of the key comments from back then:

          Sept. 8/2008 – Mexico later this month. Coleman is at it again trying to lie about us. This is a ploy to get us to talk shit about him on Youtube. We made the bigfoot world come alive. BFRO and Craptomucho owe us – we gave them more hits than they’we ever had. We would like to thank all of our supporters and, not to forget, our non-supporters too.

          Sept.9/2008 – THANKS!!
          Thanks for all the donations, We have enough to fight Biscardi. Our new order of Bigfoot shirts are in. We also picked up a new sponsor GRAFIC IDEAS of Atlanta..Bigfoot will be with us on the 13th…Oct 31, 2008 will be the next big date and CNN will be covering it.

          Sept.17/2008 – BULL BULL BULL
          Can you say bull-shit?? Well we can!!
          Mr Biscardi is now telling his supporters on his BS radio show (in our opinion), He has film of all transactions. LOL… What he failed to say was that we were filming for the movie “Bigfoot LivesII” and we were told to make a good show. I’m sure old Tom will cut and paste to trying and make himself look good. This is his 4th hoax so he knows what to do. As far as Steve Kulls goes he is trying to lay low and hope we get arrested, so he can come back and say “LOOK SEE” to all his fans. But Steve, WE BROKE NO LAWS… We did nothing wrong. Yes, we only did what you and Tom did…LIE. But we can admit that and the funny thing is come the 31st of October, the real deal will be on the table.

          Oct.16/2008- COLMAN ALLEGED PAST
          We will be on CNN’s NEWS TO ME
          the week of October 29th,,lol a must see. Hawaii here we come, watch out dukeof74. New videos are on youtube now !!!! We uncover the truth behind Loren Colman, and it will shock you…We are now working on our radio show and still on our movie “Bigfoot Doesn’t Live” Still alot more to come.

          Oct.17/2008 – BODY SOLD ON EBAY
          Body sold on ebay for $250,000, Now will the buyer pay up. He has only 30 feedbacks. Who knows??? We will keep you in the loop.,.,The f-u awards page will be up soon,,thanks 10,000 shirts sold!!

          Nov.6/2008 – OBAMA 08, THANK GOD

          Nov.7/2008 – NOVEMBER 7, 2008

          And here’s a link to his store back then:
          Where you could buy his DVD which was going to be released on Oct.15, 2008 (this never shipped by the way…sound familiar) and t-shirts for $15.99 (which he claims he sold 10,000 of)…all of these items were under the heading “the best hoax ever!!!”

          As soon as the hoax was busted, Dyer and Whitton changed gears and tried to make money from the skeptics saying “Look we did it again…we fooled that dumb ass Bigfoot community. Come buy our shirts or see the body that fooled them all. Or buy our DVD aptly titled “Bigfoot Doesn’t Live”

          He’s doing it again people, and once again Dyer is going to have the last laugh because of a few morons out there buying into his shit and begging him to come to their hometown.

          The good news is that aside from Houston, no other reputable location has stepped forward to host the viewing. The tour “kicks off” in Flagstaff on Thursday (or Phoenix on Tuesday depending on sources) and he has yet to announce the location. Nobody else thinks this is kind of strange?

          It should be a good few weeks of classic Dyerisms and excuses.

        • Scott Johnson

          Damn Inbred, your insurance comment was stupid the first time and it’s even more lame the sixth and seventh time you mentioned it. Think of some new material cuz that shit aint working bro!

          I suspect that you are likely and Insurance Salesman based on the way you have been fixated on this whole policy thing, which is cool. I would never judge a person on their job title because the world needs people at all walks of life to keep it spinning. I do imagine it likely gets a little boring talking policies all day, but keep your chin up. You’re only 5 hours away from your next spank session. Keep up the good fight brother.

  60. Todd Garret

    So no press conference yesterday, postponed or canceled just like Robert said. A google search of Dyer Bigfoot press conference postponed shows nothing of consequence whatsoever. Not a single major news source or media source with a word about it. Nothing about when it will (if ever) occur. The major news sources either don’t car or don’t know anything about his whatseover. Kind of strange for what would be the biggest news story of the century.

    I did a little digging this morning and found a couple of Dyer videos. In one he says the press conference is postponed because he wants to tour and make some money and “get his glory.” Does he really think anyone is dumb enough to believe this? The day he has a press conference with legitimate scientific proof he will be able to sign a 7 figure book advance before the press conference is even over. Millions of dollars right into his bank account THAT DAY. He will also receive all the “glory” he could ever hope for by being seen by BILLIONS of people on every single major news source in the WORLD that night. CNN, FOX, MSNBC, BBC will kill each other trying to get him on first. He will have major power brokers THROWING money at him THAT DAY to be a part of this. But rather than do that, he wants to put the Bigfoot into a trailer and tow it around the country nicke and dimeing people for a peek at it. Do that rather than cash in BIG and become world famous all with a simple LEGIT press conference. Rick himself must be dumber than a box of rocks to think anyone with a brain thinks that makes sense. How stupid must he be to not realize that the profit to be made off of a Bigfoot with absolutely ZERO legit proof it is real is miniscule. He might get a few people to take a peek and get a chuckle for a few bucks, but getting rich off of a scheme like that just isn’t going to happen. And the risk for attracting some legal ramifications if the proper laws aren’t followed is high. I also viewed a video of Dyer screaming the word cunt over and over into a microphone with a child literally three feet away. Dyer better hope CPS doesn’t see him carrying on like that or his Bigfoot tour’s first stop might be the county jail.

    Dyer needs to give this up and get a real job.

    • Squatchy Squatcherson

      I saw the same video…what a nice guy. As a parent, I just have to feel sorry for the kid.

    • Scott Johnson

      You don’t have a bigfoot…he does…so you can’t comment on how you would handle this situation. Ha, Ha…sorry about that Todd, I had to throw in that classic Dyeria response.

      Take a look at some of his videos from 2008 and it’s the same story…”I have a body and you don’t so you can’t comment on how best to handle it”. “It will all be clear on September 1st when we finally release all of the scientific evidence”

      If Dyer is dumber than a box of rocks, what does that make those that believe him?

        • Scott Johnson

          Are you still upset that I beat your ass on that stupid virus rant? Go spank another one and leave us be. Let the adults talk now.

        • Impartial Observer

          Wow Scott… still not attending to your child rearing obligations? Have you forgotten your child’s name? You just calling him Rick, now?

          I’ve reduced you to fly by, gutless posts… name calling… and hurried, heartless responses… IE: online tap out.

          Good on you. Now maybe yer baby can get some food in it’s gut.

          Entertaining is watching you, watching Rick. Who the phuck cares if it’s a hoax. Oh… you do… And then what? Back to child rearing? Or will you find some other meaningless internet fad to obsess over why your child runs around crying for daddy to push reset on your babysitter – ie: that Wiggles thing you’ve dwelved your daddy duties on… I mean, you admitted that he’s watched this no less than 73 times. Telling, Scott.

          Yeah… I’m the loser… and so is your child. He/she lost alright. In the lottery of fatherhood – he drew you… Phuck an A…

          I’ve drooped the virus thing… I’ve moved onto your inability to parent -which is far more concerning than your inability to use anything but wen based programs and then have the audacity to call yourself IT.

          Do you claim to be a good father, too?

          ooooooooooo – ouch. And yer all mad at Dyer’s false claims.

        • Scott Johnson

          Awww….you never asked me to put in the DVD. I thought we had a deal.

          You need to calm down a little and think rationally…your anger is starting to show in your posts. For example this sentence makes no sense. It’s almost like your lover wrote it for you…maybe Big G was the only one that could reach the keyboard from the spooning embrace.

          “You picture whatever you want, child. You need to when getting battered by a stranger on the internet”

          Again, thanks for the entertainment. You are awesome…I mean that. “Google ma pa shop”…classic!

          Keep up the good work dumb ass!

          Oh yeah, I am glad to see you took the time to visit your new blog:

          We’re getting some good hits on that site. Love Ya Bro!

        • Impartial Observer

          Reading comprehension suffers when angrily posting, Scott.

          Like I said, buddy… Projecting. But I can sense you calming down and finally understanding you in over yer head on this… the length it took you to respond makes me think you did take time away from the internet and feed your offspring. Good on you. It can’t all be Rick Dyer, bigfoot and the hours of research you put into staking him. Your wife/mom can thank me for steering her douchebag of a husband in the right direction.

          I’m proud of you.

          It’ll always be a ma and pa, because your focus is nary. You spend time chasing strangers on the internet. Silly Scott.

          Chase your dreams. Not Rick Dyer’s. Or is that what has you so pissed. That backwards ass con artist has more internet attention than Scott Johnson so we all get to be a part of your internet tantrum. Oh… I get it.

          And stop with the “we’re” nonsense… The last thing yer gonna do is point out a thread to your co-workers where yer getting your cyber ass handed to you on a stick…

          You got game… I’ll give that to you… but you ain’t got my game… and that’s why you logged off for an hour and pretended to car for that child you claim… Is his name Hank? Is that why yer pissed?

        • Scott Johnson

          I never logged off for an hour…I went and read your blog and shed a tear at the emotions you display in your Ode to Big G.

          Then I spent some time re-reading your posts, trying to envision what kind of poor soul gets so worked up over alternate theories on how computer viruses are transmitted. These visions were horribly skewed when we insert the defending logic that this poor soul admittedly spends countless hours surfing the net for porn.

          I came up with these top 3 candidates:
          1) – My money is on this one
          2) – could be this one but I think you have a bit more of an angry edge
          3) – Now here’s a guy with pent up anger over virus transmission that also LOVES to surf porn

          I suspect that this next one is probably a pretty good representation of Big G:

          Oh yeah…plus I have a life. I know that irks you because we all know that all you have is your right hand…oh yeah and Big G…but it’s true. As much as you would love to hear that I wait here with bated breath hoping that some dumb ass that has a love for porn and a hate on for Apple products responds to my postings, unfortunately it is simply not the case. I like to pop in on my smart phone (yes also an Apple product) every now and then and toy with the dumb asses. You and Big G offer up a good laugh every now and then, and fill the commercial breaks. You’re kind of like my cerebral version of Angry Birds (can you squeal like a pig?).

          Big G is not so cerebral…he’s more like Fruit Ninja…just a fun excuse to tear his illiterate rants apart.

          It’s too bad that you don’t like Apple products because I was going to suggest that you should market this shit as an App on iTunes. You guys could make a killing. You could call it iRant – The Ravings of a Dumbass.

          Hell I’d buy that for $0.99


        • Impartial Observer

          “Plus I have a life.”

          LOL. The irony in that last post is beautiful.

          Time consuming… but beautiful.

          We obviously define life differently.

          I only skimmed it. I’ll read the rest tomorrow. It was a tad bit long winded. It reads as if you have something to prove.

          Insurance policy Scott. Think about it.

        • Scott Johnson

          Yep…it’s 9:00pm PST…time for your snuggles with Big G…go to bed sleepy head and we can resume this in the morning. I hope you left some love juice in your pipe for him. You know he gets upset when you waste it all over your keyboard.

          Be sure to keep practice your pig squeal. It just makes my Angry Birds analogy that much better. “Suey!”

        • big g

          Wrong again Scott. 9pm PST. The real world uses eastern standard. At 10 here its time for my to go to sleep. For that would be 7. Wrong about my gay love affair. ( of course you know that is from high school have you graduated). You are also wrong about masturbation. Its healthy for older adults. Your to stupid to know this.I usually do it in the morning. Your wrong about my illiteracy. I can mispell words in Spanish too. So while your telling me I’m an idiot your showing the rest of us you are. Oh and since your wrong about all these things we now that your wrong about dyer. You can waiste your time with insults but it hasn’t yet proven any of your retarded theory’s. Pindahoe.

        • Impartial Observer

          Now that’s funny. Yer not waiting with “bated breath” for my next post but openly admit that you read my last one immediately.

          9pm… huh? You also exposed your 12 minute post creation time on a rather simple couple of sentences. This illustrates how much you struggle with your creative process. And then the end result is more Scott Johnson juvenile rant. Which isn’t nearly as good as my juvenile rant… you know… how you boned her mom and had that screaming little brat… bound for food stamps… if you seriously don’t consider insurance.

          Is your only legacy for your child going to be archived Rick Dyer posts insisting Hank isn’t real?. What if RL closes shop? Never mind… there is no doubt you copy and paste everything you write and save it on your Mac fortress.

          Insurance Scott… give that kid a better life than you. Make sure he leaves the computer console.

        • Impartial Observer

          Oh one more thing Scott… does it really surprise you that your offspring is running around the living room crying and carrying on about the same chit every day?

          Apple (not yer computer dumbfuk) doesn’t fall far from the tree.

          Really enjoying the exchange, Scott.

        • Scott Johnson

          Oh goodie, Kelly has jumped into the dumbass pool with Inbred Observer and Big G. Did you even read the links you sent me Kelly? The Harvard link states pretty clearly under Method of Transmission that email is a primary source of transmission. Next time take a second and break down the big words so that you can understand what the page is actually saying. I love how you think it’s the Exchange Server that is providing the security layer for virus transmission…it’s best you keep your dumbass out of this conversation and leave it with the adults. Go back to the kiddie table and finish up your Dino Nuggets.

          Look, I don’t want to waste anymore time on this pointless discussion. I have conceded in an earlier post that you guys are all correct…Online porn is absolutely the only method to transmit viruses. There I have gone and said it again.

          Now can we move on to more interesting topics? Like how is it possible that people with such minuscule IQs such as yourself and Big G have made it to adulthood (I actually think that Inbred Observer is intelligent just a little misguided).

          I’m sure Inbred Observer is SOOO happy that the likes of you two have jumped to his defense. It really adds credibility to his posts. So, let’s move on and go back to tearing your logic apart. Let’s finally put this virus talk to bed, okay?

          Oh yeah…and bitch…go grab me a beer!

        • Scott Johnson

          Big G…where to bloody start. Below is what you wrote in all its glory

          “Wrong again Scott. 9pm PST. The real world uses eastern standard. At 10 here its time for my to go to sleep. For that would be 7. Wrong about my gay love affair. ( of course you know that is from high school have you graduated). You are also wrong about masturbation. Its healthy for older adults. Your to stupid to know this.I usually do it in the morning. Your wrong about my illiteracy. I can mispell words in Spanish too. So while your telling me I’m an idiot your showing the rest of us you are. Oh and since your wrong about all these things we now that your wrong about dyer. You can waiste your time with insults but it hasn’t yet proven any of your retarded theory’s. Pindahoe.”

          So, let’s begin shall we?

          EST vs. PST vs. CST vs. GMT…who gives a shit really? I am glad that you think the EST is the center of the universe and who am I to argue with this? I can tell by your illiterate rants that it is definitely not the center of the educational system. My apologies to all those intelligent (or even those with an IQ higher than a sea sponge) from the east coast but really Big G isn’t doing you guys any favors.

          As for your gay love affair, I was actually just making a guess there. I had no idea that you actually had one in high school. I apologize if I hit a nerve with that one.

          Onto the masturbation section of your post. Geez what to say here. This is almost too easy. I suppose I am happy for you that you are able to get some much needed alone time with yourself every morning. I know English is difficult for you but I wasn’t actually passing judgement on your masturbation requirements, but rather commenting on your porn consumption and its resulting virus transmission. Did you know that if you wear a condom while jerking off to Internet porn you can’t catch a computer virus? True story…give it a try.

          Finally your spelling and grammar. I thought it was ironically humorous that you misspelled the word “misspell”…awesome stuff. Keep that shit up.

          Also, you do know that there is more than one version of “your” right? There is also “you’re” which is a contraction for “you are”. If you can replace the word with “you are” then you should use “you’re” which was the case for 6 of the 8 times you used “your”. So give this tip a try next time.

          Next post we will go over the difference between to and too, so stay tuned.

        • Impartial Observer

          Group us together Scott… I would also make that move if I was getting smacked all over the internet. I think… it’s never happened.

          I also have noticed no one has even come close to siding with you or challenging me after watching me dismantle you. Your isolated little island of make believe.

          Tend to your child, Scott… buy a policy… wait 2 years… and then do everyone a favor… catch my drift?

          I’ll grave dig and put your body in a trailer and tour you around. $20 to see the great Scott Johnson. I’ll get Rick Dyer to market this… he’s obviously a superior marketer. Wouldn’t you agree?

          Hell – you need to call him up… ask him some advice.

          Think about it… but get your policy first.

        • Scott Johnson

          Inbred Observer, I guess it’s your turn now. You have a stellar posse growing with the likes of Kelly and Big G. Have you guys come up with a name for your little group yet. If I may suggest a few names for you to consider:

          1) The Three Spunketeers
          2) The 3 Boners (ala the 3 Tenors)
          3) Inbred and the Jizmunks
          4) Gooey, Spewey and Blowme
          5) The Three Stooges – we don’t really need to change this one. It’s quite accurate as it is….although The Three Fucktards may be slightly more apt.
          6) Finally Lindsay’s Taintholes (ala Charlie’s Angels)…I know it’s a little bit of a stretch but I wanted to give you lots of choices.

          Personally I think I like the Three Spunketeers or Inbred and the Jizmunks the best but at the end of the day it’s up to the three of you to come up with what you feel captures your ineptitude best.

          Have fun with this little project. It should be fun. Please take the time to report back to the rest of the group with what you guys have come up with. It will make our life a lot easier when referring to the morons that your group is comprised of.

        • Impartial Observer

          I’ll take that last post as completely tapping out. Nice work Scott. It’s been fun… BORING.

          Avoid me in the future. And good luck on proving Rick Dyer’s Bigfoot is a fake. As if it needed anyone to do that as inevitably this truth will reveal itself either way… (eye roll)

          Scoot Johnson Breaks Rick Dyer Hoax Story!!!

          All 43 ppl following this story are SHOCKED!

      • Impartial Observer

        What’s your next big challenge? Proving the Earth is round?

        Yeah… I noticed you tapped out. As you should.

        This topic is a little easier for you. Rick Dyer – Hoax or not! Riveting chit. But I have to wonder… are you throwing this tantrum because you don’t have the 20 bucks to view the body?

        Maybe if you empty the trash twice this week, yer mom will throw you a bone… instead of “the usual” – other way around, inbred.

        So easy…

        • big g

          Ohh snap. That’s funny there impartial.

        • Scott Johnson

          Yep, I tapped out. Much like I do when my 4 year old starts screaming and crying about watching the Wiggles for the 73rd time….sometimes it is easier to just give in to their illogical demands.

          I will go on record now as saying that you are correct you can ONLY get a virus from porn sites. So all you chaste individuals are safe…don’t waste your money on an AV program because you won’t need it if you’re not spanking one out every 10 minutes like Impartial here.

          As for my systems, I have the standard Google outfit with an Ubuntu desktop and a MacBook Pro…so yes we use Apple products, but then again we are just a small ma and pa shop so we don’t know any better.

          Be proud that the ONLY person on this entire blog that has given you the proverbial “pat on the back” for your posts is the illiterate Big G. This should be a clear indicator of the intelligence level that your remarks are resonating with.

          Shoo now….no one gives a shit about the amount of viruses you have contacted via porn…that was SO last week.

          Dumb ass!

        • big g

          Scott to stupid to know that intelligence isn’t based on spelling. And shitheads like you that discount statements because if spelling should never comment on anyone’s intelligence. This isn’t English class. Its the real world. Spelling doesn’t count. You are a dumbass to discount anybodys statement on the grounds of spelling. That fact that you chose to say illiterate rather than debate a statement I made means Mensa won’t be calling anytime soon. Oh and since your an it expert. You should know I’ be received many viruses from pornsites over the last 15 years while never getting one in email. I can do what you do for a living. You can’t do what I do. Its a joke for a dumbass like you to call me illiterate as if your smarter. Your not and your statements prove it.

        • Impartial Observer

          You have a 4 year old?

          Maybe spend some time with your child instead of cataloging ever last move Rick Dyer has made since 2008. I can clearly see that you aren’t winning any Parent of the Year awards… Please close all of your windows and protect any outlets… Remove any poisons from under sink.

          Child neglect is ugly, even on the great Scott “I wish I had a” Johnson.

          I called the Apple brand… didn’t I… Yer all smarmy… but it further illustrates how little you know about true IT. If you can’t upkeep a MAC… You truly are abysmal at your job… but I bet you make a mean coffee judging from how charged you are… The MAC is a good move because you need to focus on your child… or, I mean, resume focus on your child after the great Rick Dyer Hoax mystery is solved… Scooby.

          Wow… procreation… from a guy who is hell bent on Rick Dyer.

          Are you sure your child isn’t crying from hunger?
          :) No match, witless.

        • Scott Johnson

          Damn…two morons with one reply… this should be fun.

          First, Big G…I have no clue what you said…albeit there were only a handful of grammatical and spelling errors it still made zero sense. I did enjoy the part where you said that you have received many viruses from porn over the past 15 years but none from email. This is most likely because you need to have friends first in order to receive emails. Maybe if you’re lucky, you and Inbred Observer can become friends and you guys can break away from your porn long enough to email one another. You were right about one thing though…I could never do what you do! Good one!

          As for Inbred Observer…can we drop this whole virus discussion….seriously? It is getting very boring…for me and everyone but you and Big G. You guys should grab a room and console one another…I’ll let you guys decide who gets to be the outside spoon. You totally got me on my MAC (it’s actually a Mac you dumbass). I am such a loser…oh wait…nope that’s you.

          Anyway, I stumbled across your blog some pretty interesting shit on there. It’s probably a good idea for the two of you to have your own support group of sorts to vent.

          Thanks again for the entertainment. Keep up the good work!

        • Scott Johnson

          Nope…I leave the child rearing to the wife…that’s right, I live with a person of the opposite sex. I know that the thought of sharing the bed with a woman is probably as foreign to you as a dictionary is to Big G, but there are a few of us out there that take our hands off our dicks just long enough to engage in outside relationships.

          So you can add that to your list…I’m a crappy father AND a crappy husband, but at least I am not a dumbass like you.

          Damn this is fun. I can just picture your face going purple with anger every time you read my posts. You try your best to be funny or to get under my skin but it’s a complete fail. Just like your attempts at hygiene.

          I just sit here laughing…

          If you could do me a favor it would be classic…in your reply can you ask me in your best 4-year old voice to put on the Hoop Dee Doo – It’s a Wiggly Party DVD? That would be awesome!

          By the way, did you pull your hand off your dick long enough to check out your blog? Some good shit there, nice work.

        • Impartial Observer

          I love the projecting with each venomous post.

          We’ve already established you live with mom. I assumed you were male. I was shocked you two have a baby. Her disappointment in you should have been enough to make you pull out, or in her case – abortion.

          You picture whatever you want, child. You need to when getting battered by a stranger on the internet. So eager to tell everyone about yourself. Hi, I’m Scott… I have a child… with my mom… I have a Mac, google ma pa shop… See. I was right. You also have Twitter. For phuck sake -your name is Scott Johnson… Is your middle name Generic?

          You are so meaningless in real life (especially to your child apparently) that you run around the internet seeking validation from other ppl who don’t believe Rick Dyer has a Bigfoot. Have I explained you in a nutshell?

          Do your child a favor… Take a million dollar insurance policy out on yourself… wait two years for the suicide clause to terminate… dress up as Bigfoot and run in front of a shirtless Rick Dyer toting his rifle.

          Oh… and stay off your mom. Just because she lets you live under her roof doesn’t mean you need to force yourself upon her, impregnate her and then leave all the child rearing to her white trash ass…

          This IS fun.

        • big g

          Scott no wonder your a dyer fan. Your reading skills are 1st grade level. Its clear English . I wrote it for even the stupidest dyer fan. You still didn’t understand. Its clear. Your over your head. Have you not learned. Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight. Your brain isn’t up to the task of debating anything. Why do you continue to post. Your not making a point to me as all I read is blah blah blah I’m a dumbass. Oh by the way dyer has a stuffed bigfoot. You have nothing. And insults don’t prove you case. Have your 4 year old read this to you if its too difficult to understand.

        • Kelly

          Richard -Scott Johnson wrote “Nope…I leave the child rearing to the wife…that’s right, I live with a person of the opposite sex.”
          That is very amusing statement so what are you living in the 50’s?
          I guess you tell your “woman” to grab you a beer as you sit on your computer and rage at all the people on here. Very Manley of you to do that.

          Now Scott you in “IT” should also know that on the virus side of things. If your using exchange or any other real office environment a good IT person which you seem to not be. They would have virus protection on the exchange server to cut down on the Virus activity via e-mail. So very unlikely you would get an actual virus via an e-mail attachment.
          Obviously you don’t even use your cable providers e-mail system at home since they have a virus checking system on the front end as well.
          Yahoo and G-mail have the same system checked up. That files downloaded will be run through a virus checker.
          Now the most likely way you get a virus on your computer is if you click on a link in the e-mail to open something up.
          Now if your smart you never click on the link until you view the source to see were that link is actually taking you.
          People will hide a nasty link to a virus in what would seem as a harmless hyperlink.
          Now this is even high level IT its basic Internet safety every person should be aware of.
          Seems like you fail on that as well.
          Scott you can check this out it may help you:

          Or all about and these aren’t the girl scout cookies we are talking about Scott.

          Or even Harvard University can help you

          See you don’t need to claim to be a IT expert to understand or know how to protect yourself.

        • Kelly

          Your 4 year old still watches the Wiggles?
          Maybe if you were a father she wouldn’t have to watch the Wiggles at 4 years old anymore.

  61. Todd Garret

    Good one Scott! I’ve learned quite a few Dyerisms today from viewing his videos. The man sure loves to speak of himself in the third He also seems to have quite the criminal record for trying to make money in illegal ways. I want Bigfoot to be proven real as much as anyone but stunts like this are devastating to the community. It’s not like most of the world doesn’t look at us a little funny to begin with. Now they have something like this to throw in our faces too.

    Can you imagine actually believing something as incredible as Bigfoot would be presented to the world in this manner? What are those people smoking?

    Oh, another interesting Dyer fact…..he appears to have once been a Chupacabra hunter…….you just can’t make this stuff up.

  62. BRIAN

    ” If Dyer is dumber than a box of rocks, what does that make those that believe him? ”

    It makes them about as smart as Robert Lindsay ! 100% real Bigfoot, haha

  63. yesterday i saw finding bigfoot. 3 or 4 seasons of FB and no results to show for it. i think they should consider new methods.

    say what you want about $10 million bigfoot bounty, the methods they used is what i’d like to see FB employ.

    a new show where bigfooters who are also awesome world class campers try to get DNA and submit it and next episode they tell us if they find anything.

    learn camping and places to go camping and bigfooting at the same time. my camping skills is 2 days in a tent then back to civilization and hot showers and good food.

  64. Joerg Hensiek

    Scott: On the one hand you say:
    “The good news is that aside from Houston, no other reputable location has stepped forward to host the viewing. The tour “kicks off” in Flagstaff on Thursday (or Phoenix on Tuesday depending on sources) and he has yet to announce the location. Nobody else thinks this is kind of strange?”
    But then you say:
    “Dyer is positioning this show as a sideshow event for entertainment purposes only. So there is no “cheating of citizens”. Nobody has disputed the fact that he has a fake rag doll for people to see. It’s kind of like a wax museum…people pay to see fake crap all the time.”
    So, where is the logic? If Dyer is just staging a normal “entertainment sideshow event” like it is done all over the world every day of the year, and town administrations, police departments and organizers could not care less if this is just a plastic, a wax or a real bigfoot, why would Dyer have any problems to confirm dates and locations? Right?
    There a just two answers: Dyer has a real bigfoot and therefore it takes more preparations than usual to stage such a scientific sensation. Or he has no bigfoot and therefore city administrations and organizers hesitate to give him a venue to stage such a cheap hoax. But forget about the theory that this “is just entertainment”. If it would just be like that Dyer would have confirmed dates and locations long ago – like it is common for any other “entertainment sideshow event”.

    • big g

      Maybe dyer isn’t involved with the organization of the event. He is merely the celebrity that the mob has created. Since the mob isn’t the fan base and merely used for publicity maybe they won’t get anything but lies. Besides security has told dyer not to telegraph his passes. The mob is stupid enought to something and the least amount of time they need to plan something the better. Lots of extreme behavior in the past will have these folks guessing the path of the tour more than a week out.

      • mike

        Big G Spot,do you sniff a lot of taterholes?

        • Big G

          i was wondering when another retarded teenager was going to come on and debate dyer using somehting that dyer said. oh no your just going to take the iq test i see. only a little dick coward would do a drive by insult. anyone with a finger can do that. factor in the sexual nature i’d have to say 16 years old. does your mother know about the stuff you write using the same keyboardthat she and your grandmother uses.

        • mike

          Big G Spot,I asked you a legitimate question. Did you sniff a lot of taterholes when you were young.

        • big g

          You didn’t ask me if I did it when I was young. So your reference point is young. So would young be 16. Is it significant to you at your age to ask someone about this. Is this the hot insult for a sophomore in highschool. Not really sure what your asking. Have you had sex. Have you had sex with a girl. Have you had anal sex with a girl. I’m going to guess not. Any girl that knows you is fucking an older guy because of your mindset. You question is childish. And yes I have sniffed many a tater holes. When you stop acting like a child you will get to 69 a women and sniff a taterhole or 2. Then everything I’m saying will make sense son. What the fuck does this have to do with bigfoot investigation. One minute some retard is posting a dyer video and the next mike is asking me about sex.

      • Squatchy Squatcherson

        Dyer is a douche who got caught in a lie in 2008 – no matter how he tried to spin the events after the fact. He’s not a celebrity or a rock star. He’s not smart or creative. Outside of the “bigfoot community” no one really knows or cares about Rick Dyer. You are making him out to be some kind of legendary figure and he’s not. Not even close.

        He didn’t kill a bigfoot. He’s lying.

        Those of us who believe in the possibility of a bigfoot don’t like him because he is con man and a liar. It’s hard enough to tell people that you believe in the possibility of the existence of bigfoot (and I have a degree in Animal Science with a minor in microbiology) without getting looks.

        Dyer’s tour will dry up after the first stop or two. Word will travel fast about what a hokey rip off it is and any upcoming shows will have to be cancelled. I guarantee you that no serious-minded person wants any part of his dumb circus.

        • Big G

          your wrong on your have been wrong on all the other predictions. you dont have enough info to make a call like that.

        • Scott Johnson

          Really Big G? Take a read as to why your hero REALLY canceled his trip to Phoenix:

        • big g

          What did something happen that makes any of the 1000 theories from the mob half right. No , your just shooting your empty load. Why comment on dyer as if he means anything to the bigfoot community. We have a wait and see approach and you want to post about dyer 10 times a day here. Even doing the same 100’s of times on the internet everyday. I’m guessing that you have single handedly kept his name in lights. Do you think a preemptive strike is nessisary. What are you afraid of. Till dyer posts some science we don’t care. You haven’t presented anything but insults. Inbred is a word to describe inter reading of European monarchy to control blood lines. There are however idiots that use it to describe hill people for the looks they had as a result of drinking tainted water from coal mine poisoning. It appears you investigative skill of dyer are lacking as well. You have used 1000’s of words here and you’ve brought nothing to the table except highschool insults. Why, we know what you are. You have only served dyer by keeping his name in lights. We don’t care dyer is but a small part of what’s going on in the bigfoot community. Nothing yet has come out. And you have brought us nothing. So why do you come here and cry like a baby that needs something from his mommy. Why.

    • Joerg Hensiek

      “Dyer’s tour will dry up after the first stop or two. Word will travel fast about what a hokey rip off it is and any upcoming shows will have to be cancelled. I guarantee you that no serious-minded person wants any part of his dumb circus.”
      Thanks god – for Dyer – there are so many stupid people in Arizona. Or is this “cheating of decent citizens”?! Oh wait: their opinion does not count because they are just stupid blacks and Hispanics! Dyer is such a bastard!!! ;-)

      • Squatchy Squatcherson

        What is your problem, Joerg?

        How about 1 (one) scientist or 1 (one) medical doctor or 1 (one) taxidermist give us their opinion? I guess that would be too much to ask? I guess we should just wait for the press conference?

        Look if you want to believe that Rick Dyer killed a bigfoot, go ahead. If this video of seemingly average folks, who are convinced it’s “real”, is enough proof for you, fine.

        Nice race-baiting by the way…

        “stupid is as stupid does.”

    • Scott Johnson

      It felt like real skin…that’s been covered in resin! Well I am convinced folks! That is WAY better than a press conference. Thank you Rick for once again proving us wrong with your expert witnesses.

    • squatting squatch

      Cathiee, is that how you react when you rub one out while banging your taterhole with the click clack keys? By the way where are the keys? I thought the Keys had to stay with the Body?

    • LB

      What’s that? Proof? Which one of those fine people confirm new species?? Furthermore why was your FB post to the museum removed and unanswered matt?

  65. Scott Johnson

    So Dicky posted the following YouTube video explaining why they had to cancel their Phoenix location:

    Of course posted the REAL reason here:

    They can’t seem to get any takers to let them show the body…even for FREE! Classic shit. My favorite snippet from the article is when Clacy shows his total incompetence with CBS 5 News

    “The pair pulled into Albuquerque Tuesday morning, but still had no location there to exhibit. “We’re not sure where we can pull over in a public place,” Clacy told CBS 5 News.”

    You can’t make this stuff up.

    • Squatchy Squatcherson

      Wal-Mart will allow overnight parking. That might be Dyer’s best bet for the “Find of the Century.”

      • Scott Johnson

        He can BBQ up some Hank-style ribs (deer urine and all) as an added bonus! You know they are thinking of that exact idea right now…you should try and get a cut Squatchy of the millions they will make from this tour. :-)

    • Mr. E2me

      ‘So Dicky posted …You can’t make this stuff up.’

      Hey Scott,

      I think you are being too harsh on Dick Ryder and his plans. After all everybody knows Bill Gates did the same thing. Toured from carnival to carnival with his magic boxes of the future and made billions of dollars.

      It could be that you have not drunk enough cough syrup/soda/jolly rancher potion for this to make enough sense. Once you do, you will see that it is the perfectly logical thing to do.

      Sizzurp ftw !

      • Scott Johnson

        I need to get my hands on shit strong enough to make this crap make sense. Dyer should give up this Hank shit and start selling the ganja they are all smoking. Maybe that’s what is happening when he keeps burning the hair…it’s laced with some strong hallucinogens that “fills in all the holes” in this dumbass hoax.

  66. Todd Garret

    My favorite part of that article is when they say not even the UFO conference wants anything to do with Dyer and his fake Bigfoot.

  67. Squatchy Squatcherson

    I watched another Dyer Productions video. This one feature Andrew “Dice” Clacy – Marketing Guru Extraordinaire. Apparently he is responsible for forward booking the “I told you so” tour. So far, so bad…sorry Phoenix.

    At this rate I think they should just cut their losses and scale down things a bit…maybe start smaller and make Hank available for weddings, birthdays, bar-mitzvahs and funerals.

  68. Scott Johnson

    Finally! The first stop of the tour has been announced! Dyer and Hank will be at the Black Angus in Albuquerque, New Mexico until 6pm. Not sure what happened to Flagstaff but the Black Angus is the place to be. Here is the post from Dyer’s Facebook page:

    2290 Wyomi Blvd., Albuquerque, NM at the Black Angus steakhouse…

    Any fans in Albuquerque wishing to see the big but let us know we will be here until 6 PM.. This is not the official stop buddy stop for the fans

    Even avid supporters like Christopher Noel had to question this decision, as he posted the following comment shortly after Dyer’s post:

    CN:How are they supposed to let you know? What’s a “stop buddy stop”?

    This is how it’s done folks. For all those marketing experts out there, take note on Andrew Clacy’s unique use of Social Media to spread the word and give this scientific find the attention it deserves.

    The funniest part…even Black Angus doesn’t want them to be there during their dinner rush. Dyer gets the geriatrics out for the senior’s deal and that’s it. Man this is just too good!

  69. Impartial Observer

    Rick Dyer has a captive audience. I appreciate the updates. This is clearly the place to come to watch this unfold.

    I am officially in the Dyer camp until the bitter end. I fear his believers will fold as the days go by… and then the HATERS will disappear – along with the minute by minute play by play of Rick Dyer that can only be found on this blog provided by this excellent team of investigators. Well… internet junkies anyway…

    I need a place that I can get the latest updates on this tour and am far too busy to cruise the internet all day. This is that place.

    I expect to be updated by you HATERS – every day from this point on until Hank is for sale on e-bay… (my ultimate goal is to buy Hank) which hopefully the reserve is low, comes with the trailer and there are eye witnesses during the exchange of any monies for fear of being mugged in a Walmart parking lot. I don’t want to Team Tracker logos… You guys can have them.

    I say Long Live Hank! Long Live Rick Dyer! and Long Live the Haters…

    this is some good interwebs…

  70. Impartial Observer

    “Oh yeah…plus I have a life.”

    Scott Johnson

    I see you created a facebook account for the soul purpose of invading Rick Dyer’s page with your awesomeness.

    What a life! I envy you. Rick Dyer

    What a twirp…

    • Scott Johnson

      Wow, I am flattered that you follow my posts so religiously. For a guy that doesn’t give a shit, you sure do a lot of searching for me. I thought we all agreed that you weren’t funny last night and you were moving on…what happened with that? Oh well, be my guest and keep following in my wake. I am glad to have a groupie. :-)

      But please lay off on the harsh name calling. The twirp comment almost brought me to tears….NOT!!


      • Impartial Observer

        Follow your posts? I can’t miss them… I go to Rick Dyer’s facebook and you’ve shat all over it… I noticed you deleted your Scott Johnson facebook… why? You love having your name everywhere.

        But your other facebook was glaringly easy to spot… Britney. Your skills are tired.

        Dear Britney Starr

        In a head to head contest on who is more pathetic – between you and Rick…

        You win hands down. At least he’s traveling around in a big motor home pulling around one helluva circus show… He has something tangible… even if it’s a hoax.

        What do you got??? Your fat ass sitting in chair creating countless accounts, blogs, posts and tirades about the obvious.

        LOSER METER = Scott Johnson > Rick Dyer

        Although I genuinely thank you for your wasted work days – providing me an easy map to this ridiculous circus’ demise… I will buy Hank.

        • dp

          his name is scott peanut butter lick dick johnson!!!

        • Britney Starr

          Sorry to burst your bubble there Impartial but I am Britney Starr, so you messed that one up buddy. But are you Rick Dyer, Andrew Clacy, Lynk or Musky is the big question!

          Actually no not Rick you type too well for that.

        • dp

          You know how rick really killed hank don’t you? Well I’ll tell you! Rick new that if he followed the elusive Scott peanut butter lick dick Johnson, that sooner or later he would find hank and try to lick peanut butter off his penis. on that faithful night outside the homeless camp, their Scott was, licking hanks dick and rick fired three shots, and almost killed Scott not with the shots of his rifle, but with hanks penis!

        • Scott Johnson

          Oh, now I see why you’re upset…you still have to work. I get to waste my days trolling dickheads like Dyer because I don’t have to work anymore. Everyday is Saturday for me. I wake up, grab my coffee, and then spend an hour or so fucking with dumb asses like yourself. I then hit the course for 9 holes or so and come and lay down another ass kicking. Now, I know from Big G that you guys have a different start to your morning, and I respect any person that takes care of their bodies…even if it is in the form of manual stimulation.

          Now what is even more pathetic is that you waste your lunch hour and break time searching for my posts. Now that’s funny! I’m sorry man…I didn’t expect people to put so much weight on my posts that they feel the need to be entertained by every word I write. I will try harder knowing now that you are giving up so much of your time to see what I am up to.

          I am beginning to feel sorry for you. Maybe I will let you fix my computer after all. It sounds like you could use the work.

          Take care brother and let me know if you need some help.

        • Impartial Observer

          I work so I do spend entire days obsessing over Rick Dyer…

          Well… that’s a stretch… there isn’t a version of me in any universe that would feel the need to convince others (see strangers) on the internet that a guy like Rick Dyer is lying about his bigfoot.

          That’s pretty much like playing golf… I always laugh at ppl who act as if golf is some pinnacle (pun intended) of society. They act as if everyone wishes they could play golf. Sorry slappy… that game is for ppl who aren’t athletic. You forgot to spit out your handicap… minus 10 strokes.

          Again… I was right. You grab your coffee… I knew it.

          Amazing how you work in IT and know yer retired… playing golf all day. I exposed you, and now, all of a sudden, yer a wild success… Most successful ppl run around caring about Bigfoot and Rick Dyer. Why not?

          Scott please… you try harder than anyone on the internet. It’s why you sign your name. If you really didn’t care… you’d probably try a little less.

          It’s o-kay that you are completely caught up in the world of Rick Dyer. It’s obvious you ain’t got shit goin on… Why not spend your day dissecting every last move Rick Dyer makes… some one has to…

          Why not you?

          Pathetic… Aren’t you.

          If your Mac is broke all I can say is this… it isn’t broke… They just don’t make that software for it. Sorry.

        • Scott Johnson

          DP…where you been man? Is it Tuesday already? I guess you’re still in that weekend incarceration program for that public indecency act back in September. I thought you said they were going to let you off with a warning but I guess getting caught banging the blue ribbon pig at the local fair is taken quite seriously in Kentucky.

          Hey man, I’m not here to judge you. To each their own I say.

          Anyway, to catch you up on things a bit. We have moved on from the peanut butter comments and are now teasing Big G, Kelly and Inbred Observer about their spooning activities and porn addictions. The latter apparently leads to a significant amount of virus contractions, however I explained to Big G that wearing prophylactics while jerking off to internet porn will protect his computer. (Shhh…don’t ruin the joke)…and we haven’t heard from him since, so I suspect he has been doing his best putting this theory to the test.

          So, do tell…did Bubba pummel your ass again this weekend?

        • Scott Johnson

          Really Inbred, really….you’re trolling Dyer’s Facebook page and this blog but yet you can’t EVER imagine a UNIVERSE where you would spend effort trying to blah, blah, blah.

          All you did for the last 4 days was trying to convince “strangers” how you can only contract a computer virus via internet porn.

          You’re just upset because the ONLY people that have shown even an ounce of attention to you are the biggest morons on this page. Hey man, it’s not my fault that you’re a dickhead and your posts fall flat. I can’t make you cool. Hell man, based on what I already know of you I’m afraid you wouldn’t be cool even if you were banging Scarlett Johansson.

          Some people are just destined to live and die as a dickhead and I’m afraid you fall into that category. The best thing you can do is go to that happy place and imagine yourself on top of the world…doing whatever you want. I suspect at this exact point in your life you probably imagine yourself flailing your puny stick arms at my face doing unrealistic damage (obviously) and me begging for mercy. Again, I am honoured to be the sole thought consuming object of your existence. If it takes you imaging yourself kicking my ass…so be it…I am willing to help the less fortunate.

          I’m like the Playboy bunny for your manliness. Unattainable but still dominates your fantasies. It’s the cross I bear.

          Well, Inbred I can’t promise to ALWAYS respond to your posts and at least acknowledge your existence…but I will do my best to throw you a bone every now and then. Don’t worry though you will always have Kelly and Big G…oh yeah and apparently dp now. You must be so proud!

          Dumb ass!

  71. Britney Starr

    It’s crow eating time pilgrims! Rick is on his way to next event and I think it will be huge!

  72. md

    “You’re just upset that the ONLY people that have shown even an ounce of attention to you are the biggest morons on this page. ”
    Scott Johnson ie the biggest moron on this page.

    Hey man… you said it. I didn’t. Self recognition at its finest. Only correction? ONLY person. That would be you, Scott. LOL

    You really are stupid. Classic. Outside of RL, name one other person who has addressed me on this thread. Yes buddy… you.

    Now kindly go look in the mirror and ask yourself how you could possibly be so phuckin stupid. I’m sure you have the answer… but be honest with yourself. Don’t create chit like you do out here to make yourself feel better. Attack your stupidity head on.

    Idiot Meter = Scott Johnson > Rick Dyer

    • Britney Starr

      Nice one md! Team tracker Baby!!

    • Scott Johnson

      Idiot Meter = Scott Johnson > Rick Dyer …classic nerd move right there buddy. It sounds better when you say it in a robot voice:

      For example, take the following text:
      “Idiot Meter Equals Scott Johnson Greater Than Rick Dyer”

      and paste it in the text box here:

      then change the Effect to Old Robot and you’ll get what I am after.

      Have you spent your time in your happy place yet? Go ahead and flail those twigs. I’ll even add some sound effects to make the image more vivid. “Ouch, that hurts, stop Inbred. You’re too strong. I am sorry I called you a dickhead. Your the king of the world. Scarlett deserves better.”

      There you go, my community service for the evening. Now go back to bed fucktard I think Big G is getting cold in there whilst you sneak away to fulfill your Scott Johnson fantasy.

      Don’t worry, I’ll still be here tomorrow for you. TTFN

      • You are a warrior, Scott! lol I commend you on your tenacity and amazing ability to tackle so many missions at once. Excellent work and I’m glad you’re part of the hater mob.

        • Scott Johnson

          Thanks Al, but don’t let md/Inbred read this otherwise you’re bound to set him off. I think we finally got the little guy to bed and I would hate to wake him up now right in the middle of Dyer’s implosion.

          Shhhh Inbred….back to bed with Big G now. Off you go…there’s a good lad.

        • Scott Johnson

          Oh no Al…he read it. I told you he would get all pissy. I’ll see if I can dig up his num num so at least he stops his whining.

          It is for people like you that I carry on Inbred…and people like Big G and Kelly as well…although you are really in different categories.

          You see Big G and Kelly are just idiots, pure and simple. Their simpleton brains are unable to grasp even the most obvious proof points that this is a hoax. These are the dumb asses that we live for on this blog and Racer X’s blog because it is just too damn funny. I liken it to an episode of World’s Dumbest Crook or World’s Dumbest Stunts…or whatever. These guys are the story behind these 30 second snippets we see on those shows. Here we get a chance to “hear them speak” and hell if it doesn’t bring all those shows into a new light. I’m beginning to realize that these gene pool rejects are not just one offs, there’s a shit load of them out there and shit they are funny…as in laughing AT not laughing WITH.

          But you’re a different breed. I don’t think you’re stupid. Nope, not at all. I actually think you’re quite smart. Your problem is a social one…you strive to be accepted, to be appreciated, to be seen as the “life of the party”, but it just doesn’t happen. Not in REAL life and definitely not in your VIRTUAL life. You sit there trolling for 18 months watching the story unfold, sucking on your num num, waiting for the opportunity to jump in with both feet and FINALLY get recognized for your contribution to society. So you decide to test the water and reply to an off-topic post demonstrating your vast wisdom by declaring that internet porn is the ONLY way to transmit a computer virus. This is it…finally you can be recognized as a contributor to society…but wait…what’s this…an alternate option is presented. I never even disagreed with you, but rather suggested that there are other ways to transmit computer viruses. Still, this is seen as an affront to you and your existence. Your “limelight” was being challenged by some asshole behind a keyboard. This enrages you…bringing back memories of the time those girl guides beat the crap out of you when you tried to sell your homemade profiteroles door-to-door. You weren’t going to let this go on without a fight…and so you did…for FOUR goddamn boring days, you argued about computer viruses on a bigfoot blog.

          Read that last sentence aloud as it defines you perfectly.

          It is not my fault that you are a loser. It’s not my fault that you have failed at life, both your REAL life and your VIRTUAL life and it definitely is not my fault that you can’t get laid…sometimes genetics just trumps plastic surgery.

          But all is not lost…you have found me now…and you have made some new friends in Big G and Kelly. I’m glad that I have once again added meaning to your life. That you wake up with a new kick in your step and a reinvigorated existence. You sit there with bated breath waiting for me to respond (finally someone is reading your posts). You dream at night about what nerdy repartee we will have the next day. You spend every waking moment searching the internet for my posts, wondering when I will come back here and acknowledge your existence.

          Frankly, I am flattered, really I am…but it’s time to move on now little fella. You took a chance and it failed. This is not you Inbred, this is not your game. You do much better sitting in the shadows, watching the story unfold from the outside. You do not have the social awareness to be in the middle of this all…so take a step back.

          Don’t worry, I will throw you a shout out every once in a while for old times sake and you can nod to your cats and say “See there, he’s talking about me.” I will keep your legacy of ineptitude alive as long as Dyer is still around scamming the weak minded…much like I do with Big G and Kelly.

          I think we can both agree that play time is over for you now. Peace brother! TTFN

        • Impartial Observer

          OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO – you are in an official camp. This explains everything. Racer X dweeb… So when I claimed that no one in either camp was smart enough to infect RL with a virus, you took it personally.

          No doubt – you are the smartest in that camp… by a mile… which is a lot like winning a medal in the Special Olympics. Congrats bro… King of the Idiots is not a title to be taken likely. It also explains your current obsession with everything Rick Dyer. Furthermore it supports my theory of you having no life. Team Tracker… Racer X… are you guys phuckin serious?

          Do you also have a t-shirt with your logo? Good God… call me anything you want… I will gladly fall in any category but the Team Tracker or Racer X clan. What a bunch of hillbillies.

          As for carrying on for ppl like me… It’s what I want, Scott. I enjoy watching this mess. It’s hilarious.

          1.) TEAM TRACKER: First you have Rick Dyer claiming he has a bigfoot. The guy is a complete and total tool. He nailed some Walmart pork ribs to a tree??? LOL. His facebook videos are more entertaining than your posts… DAMN! Once again… outdone by Rick Dyer, Scott. This is officially 4 ppl. Unofficially 6? 8?

          2.) Racer X: Wow… what are there… 10 of you? Some of you have actually gone to Rick’s house? But yer all over there stroking each other in one of the internet’s most active circle jerks. Again… anyone who knows ANYTHING about bigfoot knows this was a hoax from the story that was told. Unfortunately – neither camp knows shit about Sasquatch. Enter: Racer X – chasing the Rick Dyer story daily. And yer their leader???…

          Forgive me, Scott… Scott Johnson = Rick Dyer

          Project away Racer X Leader. Your intelligence is far beyond most, if not all, in both camps. I recognize why you hang out. To feel smart. It’s the same reason white guys play basketball on 8 foot rims.

          But remember… I’m just here to gawk at the car crash. This is pure rubbernecking… involving an epic clash/crash between two of the lamest entities ever born on the internet: Team Tracker and Racer X.

          I’m in complete awe of Rick Dyer and his need to con, lie and propagate an obvious prop… the guy is self destructive. I’m in awe of anyone who believe this guy.

          I’m also in awe of a group of internet hacks running around attacking anything Rick Dyer… it’s as if there is some % in each of you that actually believe Rick Dyer has a body… otherwise… what is the point. You are genuinely afraid he has a body: ie – you believe him.

          That’s the psychology behind it, Scott. And really… you see how Rick acts… he’s won. Because unlike you… he really could give a shit less what anyone thinks… which leans towards a hoax.

          Anywho… let me put your mind at rest. He doesn’t have a real bigfoot body…

          AND… I would pay $20 to see Hank… why? Cause this is some funny arse chit… and worth the $20 to see his display…

      • Impartial Observer

        Scott – again – stop projecting because I called you out on ignoring your child , trying to establish some sort of proof that Rick Dyer is once again hoaxing. Unlike Martin, I personally think your time would be better spent nurturing your child.

        Once Dyer said he killed a Sasquatch by nailing WalMart pork ribs to a tree located behind a Home Depot – my “investigation” into this matter was finished. Certainly not my fascination…

        I admit my fascination has changed hands. I can’t believe a grown adult named Scott Peterson would spend ALL of his time over-posting, cataloging, creating fake blogs, accounts, personas and self importance over something that was so obvious from the moment it was announced.

        Anyone that knows anything about Bigfoot knew this was not just unlikely, it was impossible. But the problem with the topic of Bigfoot is that it brings out all the loons… Dyer, Smeja and Scott Johnson. At least Smeja ventures into the woods. You obviously have a tough time getting off your fat ass because of your separation anxiety you would surely suffer if you left your computer. Have you named it? Not your child, your computer. I’m sure your wife/mother has named this crying creature.

        Unlike Martin – I do not congratulate you on your immense waste of time. I simply sit in awe of how pathetic one person can be. I thank you for providing me proof of someone that absolutely trumps Rick Dyer’s embarrassing antics. Hint: that’s you Scott… and yes I used a Robot voice when writing that… as a gesture of good faith. The difference between you two: Rick Dyer will go down in the history of Bigfoot. His time spent hoaxing will make the timeline when Sasquatch is actually proven to exist. You on the other hand, will not. But I’m sure you will comment in the comment section on the article showing this timeline – with a big SCOTT JOHNSON! Right, buddy?

        Lastly – I love that, in our exchange, I called you inbred first – and you’ve ran with it – imitation is the truest form of flattery. That was early recognition that you knew I was going to lay the beatdown that this entire thread has become for you.

        Now kindly get back to work and provide us today’s Rick Dyer catalog so we don’t have to go browsing the internet all day long like a phuckin loser… That’s your job, beatch.

        Oh wait… you have 9 holes of golf in front of you… LOL!

        PS – HANK IS REAL!!!!!!

        • Impartial Observer

          Disclaimer – in my hasty exit to actually provide for my family – I wrote Martin when I meant Al Carter. I apologize to both persons. Clearly my intent is to slam internet sensation Scott Johnson, Rick Dyer Hunter.

          He’s the very best Rick Dyer hunter in the world, you know…

          LONG LIVE HANK!

  73. Antonamouse

    There’s just too many comments here to wade through. I’m sure there must be a link in here but I can’t find it. Would someone please repost the news item about Rick Dyer being thrown out of the Westminster Dog Show for trying to show Hank Jr. in the mixed breed house pet category.

    • Mr. E2me

      ‘There’s just too many comments here to wade through….. Show for trying to show Hank Jr. in the mixed breed house pet category’

      I did just hear that as well. The buzz now is that the TeamTardedmobile is headed to the Des Moines Comic-Con. They are going to stand in the back parking lot at the Holiday Inn and use some cardboard to make him
      and Igor, I mean Clacy, look like IMPERIAL STORMTROOPERS !
      They think they can clean up charging people to..
      ‘ Cuddle with Chewie’
      Word has it there is a Princess Leia cosplay society wanting
      ‘Chewie’ for a private event.

      • big g

        Mr e you shouldn’t be giving dyer ideas. It would be a whole lot easier to convince the public that hank was a real chubacca then a bigfoot.

  74. woodcucker

    Smeja’s movie retails for $3.99 and he lives in California. RD wants $199.00 for his and he lives in a motorhome with Lynk and Clacy. How about a confirmation of who sold the most vidoes Robert? And it would be interesting to know if all this hater stuff costs more than the hoaxing brings in wouldn’t it?

  75. Martin

    If ever there was a smoking gun this photo is it…it’s a screenshot from a TV news report tonight. The nostrils are nowhere near symmetrical, the nasal passages just “stop,” and neither God nor evolution would claim the unholy shape of the thing. Can we pack it up now?? Please?

    • Scott Johnson

      Damn…I bet it glows red on Christmas. I feel a meltdown coming from the Team Tracker camp….time for another VP to get laid to waste…sorry Mr. Clacy but you’re the #1 candidate for being tossed under the Team Tardedmobile (Thank you E2me). This should be fun

      • Martin

        Alamo took that post down FAST but left all our other stuff up…hmmm, embarrassed much?

        • Martin

          My mistake…for some reason I can’t see it, but I understand that “nose” post is still up on the Alamo page. I do not mean to call them out for a wrong offense. Kudos to them if they leave the anti-Dyer posts up on their page.

  76. The Albuquerque KRQE News video(2-11-14)

    Have to post my home area again:
    The Chicago WGN Morning News video(1-22-14)

    Hilarious stuff folks…
    original links:

  77. Danny Haddad

    Hi Robert,

    You have not posted anything on bigfoot or hank. I actually love to read your updates. And I also reading the comments,both believers and non believers.
    I am have always found the topic of bigfoot, very interesting. My conclusion has always been,that bullshit dies eventually. There has to be some truth to existence of the bigfoot as they have long history all over the globe.
    But my question still is the same as everyone’s . Is Hank REAL?
    Would love new updates and some sort of confirmation..

    • Joerg Hensiek

      Is Hank real? Some folks in Arizona, who already have seen and touched Hank (video on Youtube), believe he is real. I am pretty sure they were not paid to say this. Yes, haters, I know… Anyway: Some “haters” (meaning: non-believers) here thought that Dyer will find enough idiots to make his tour commercially successful – even without any proof (“sideshow for entertainment purposes”). They are wrong: This tour will not be regarded as a flying circus or flying wax cabinet by the general public/mainstream media, it lives or dies with the truth behind the claim “I have a REAL bigfoot”. Example after just one day on tour: the rejection by the Ufologist congress (the UFOLOGISTS of all people!!!). This shows that Dyer`s slow, step-by-step policy to save the best for last will not work. This tour will as long be commercially unsuccessful and will never really take off UNLESS he decides (as he has announced already) to release his ALLEGED evidence or proof in the next two weeks at the showings at the Alamo cinema chain. Only when the audiences at the Alamo theatre(s) will give him a standing ovation AFTER his presentation, there is real chance that he can captivate the imagination of the public and mass media alike. Only in this case – and should the alleged mass media, that have a contract with Dyer to break the story first , will really publish/show what they know – his tour could become a success story. If he cannot deliver at the Alamo, the tour is over before it has even started…and only in this case there will be still people who wait for the alleged press conference in March (?)…

  78. Kelly

    So was over on Randy’s blog like usual Scott (Richard) Johnson is stalking people on FB and internet. He seems to have no life except to do that.
    So someone is using an internet porn girls picture for there FB account.
    How many people don’t use there own pictures?
    I guess people like Hank Foot is really Hank Bigfoot?

    But its funny how Randy picks that comment but not this one from the fellow police officer New Mexico.

    “Valarie Baldonado I happen to know this is a real police officer not a paid actor.. And he thought hank was pretty neat to see!! they were traveling through New Mexico ”

    Quick Scott contact the New Mexico police dig up everything you can on these two people. You need to invalidate them soon.

    • Joerg Hensiek

      What will Scott do when Dyer has to give up at the end of the month after Ricky boy has realized that his tour is not the success he wanted it to be? That`s why Scott supports the “entertainment” theory – in the hope that this potential hoax, in the form of a “freak sideshow event” visited by the usual suspects of undereducated, naive douchebags, will go on forever, so that he will have fun until at least the end of the year. So what will he do when everything is over in March? No more Dyer on Robert`s blog, no Dyer on any blog apart from RacerX`s blog (who – like Scott – has nothing to do apart from living for the Dyer hoax). Nobody in the world will care about the issue anymore, poor old Scottie has to go back to his boring life – and no one will say: “Thank you so very much, Scott, for warning us about this hoax…you are sooo smart!!!” The only thing I am not yet sure about is: what will he do when Dyer has a REAL bigfoot??? I do not know, but I have a probably know what I mean: This blog will suddenly have a new “member”, let`s call him Scott Marciano, who, of course, knew it all along…;-)

      • big g

        I’m guessing that for many they will move the goal posts again. They will want there own DNA expert. They will want there own doctor. They will want there own taxidermist. And if anybody doesn’t give them what they want they will say hoax. Some will commit suicide as they can’t accept anything new. Let’s face it if you look at dyers podcasts everyday you have a problem. If you feel dyers bigfoot is significant to the community you have a problem. If you feel that you spending hours here insulting people for believing Roberts credibility is accomplishing anything, then you have a problem. What say we wait and see. This is gonna be fun. There are still people who believe the world is flat.

      • Hazlett

        Yet and all of us are still hear posting, go figure!

    • woodchucker

      I knew it wouldnt be too long before you returned to pissing in the lead pot again Sandy Hook Kelly. You forgot to clean up that post above. It’s getting tiresome reading your garbage rants, but that was a totally classless comparison you did. Do the right thing, apologize or GTFO.

      • Chris P.

        What comparison is that, woodchucker? Did I miss something?

        • woodchucker

          Head north of Scott Johsons whack off shoot out on this board where in a discussion with RON, Kelly compares RD holding back info on Hank to the authorities holding back info on Sandy Hook. Brutal.

        • Chris P.

          Thank you Woodchucker. I found it. Makes me want to vomit. Interestingly, Cathiee McMillian/Matt Geiger has also used Sandy Hook to defend Rick in the past. Utterly despicable!!! Kelly = DP = Manthiee/Matt Geiger

  79. Todd Garret

    Man, this thing reached the pathetic stage in record time. The new video of the doll really puts this into perspective. I never thought I’d say this but the new doll actually looks worse than the thing he sold to Biscardi in 08. The closeup of the face just kills absolutely anyone from thinking that thing could possibly be real. It looks like it’s made of play-doh. And he’s covering the feet now? I guess that’s in response to how badly they looked with that obvious bubble from a casting mold error.

    Completly shut out of the Phoenix area, so he opens up shop in a steakhouse parking lot? Seriously?
    Rejected by even the UFO crowd? You know things are bad when that happens.
    It must cost s fortune just to drive that thing around, plus feeding everyone. And it sure looks like Dyer hasn’t missed any meals lately.

    This thing is just becoming a comedy of errors. It’s funny to watch but I just hope it does no lasting harm to the community. The sooner it all ends the better

  80. tertius

    This has become more than surrealistic. I remember the times when we talked about things like the nature of bigfoot and what its verification would mean to civilization. They say Osama Bin Laden wanted to bankrupt the US and bring us down by having us chase terrorists and jump at our own shadows. This is similar to what RD has done to bigfooting. And to a casual skeptic, this must all look like insanity. More and more, it does to me, I must say. Unfortunately the level of discourse is even worse at other sites and blogs. I predicted this would be the effect RD would have on this field of study.

  81. Joerg Hensiek
    February 12, 2014 at 3:38 AM

    Is Hank real? Some folks in Arizona, who already have seen and touched Hank (video on Youtube), believe he is real. I am pretty sure they were not paid to say this. Yes, haters, I know… Anyway: Some “haters” (meaning: non-believers) here thought that Dyer will find enough idiots to make his tour commercially successful – even without any proof (“sideshow for entertainment purposes”).

    Just a response to part of your post:
    I think there are still people that actually think this RD ‘Hank’ is/was a living Bigfoot/Sasquatch) at one time and they are surely not paid…
    RD is too cheap to pay someone anyway
    This tour/traveling circus/sideshow exhibit/fiasco is not being ‘promoted’ as
    ‘entertainment’, but the RD team is promoting it as the REAL DEAL(tho’ I did notice that the word REAL has been removed from their vehicles and posters…they used to say ‘see a/the real dead bigfoot” )…the entertainment is a nice way out should there be any legal charges or consequences… would be their defense….people wanted to pay to be entertained, and they got it….
    I don’t know if you saw it or not, but back in November when someone grabbed a screenshot of the back of the DVD they were selling(there was only one at that time;after the shot’, ‘bigfoot autopsy’ came a little later) it clearly shows a gorilla hand readily available on the web….when this was posted…all of a sudden the DVD image has ‘for education purposes only’ on it….
    it’s a disclaimer, for a ‘way out’. tho’ you need to look for it…..kinda like the ‘fine print’ in a legal document…

    someone posted the quote ‘actions speak louder than words’….
    match the words spoken…to the actions taken and it shows what this RD ‘thing’ is all about.
    Biggest mistake RD made with this tour thing was attaching his name to it….

    damn….I didn’t mean to type so long….sorry

  82. “Some folks in Arizona” believe it is real – well, that’s ALL I need to hear. Case closed! Sorry for being such a pain. My bad.

  83. we’ve seen all sizzle. no steak. until then. no dice.

  84. RD and crew explain the current status of tour, DVDs, Press Conference, and any Bigfoot related info.

  85. Uh oh!

    You are correct but he clearly implies it several times along with the news anchors. Pretty damning stuff right?

    • Uh oh!

      The video link on their site is labeled big bunch of bull tour? hahahahahahahahaha!!

      No way to confuse the intent of that!

      • Uh oh!

        as in bullshit!!!

      • Uh oh!
        February 12, 2014 at 7:47 PM

        The video link on their site is labeled big bunch of bull tour? hahahahahahahahaha!!
        No way to confuse the intent of that!

        No….that’s the name I gave it…lol…I D/L’d a few videos and just re-uploaded them to youtube so they can be streamed directly here to this blog.
        I did think the name was appropriate tho’ :)

        also I don’t want to give RD anymore ‘clicks; on his YT videos, if I re-up them people can view it here without giving RD anymore ‘hits’ on his page.
        RD also has a thing about pulling down videos he posts…..some of them are just ‘classic’…
        sorry about the misunderstanding

    • Well no. He seems dubious, but he is not out and out saying it is a hoax. The entire media is taking the line that this is some sort of a joke and that they are very dubious about it. They are also rubbing in the humiliation that no one wants to display his body and that even the UFO people did not want it.

      I don’t get it. You guys believe in Bigfoot. When has the media ever been right about Bigfoot. The media has only been wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong about Bigfoot forever and always.

      And now all of a sudden they are right for once?

      Nope. The media doesn’t believe in Bigfoot, so it follows that apparently they are dubious that Dyer has one.

      They are wrong, but the media is often wrong.

      • Uh oh!

        Robert, that thing could not possibly breath from that nose to nowhere. It’s time to give up on Rick’s bullshit my man!

        • marksman

          Hmmm looks like the jig is up! Abandon ship while you can!

        • Uh oh!

          By the way they never say they don’t believe in Bigfoot, but, they clearly imply numerous times they don’t believe Rick!

        • marksman

          The nose does look like it is from a bad Disney character… And why he all of a sudden hiding hands and feet? The HD cam really shows the shoddy job done.

        • No US media outlet has ever said that Bigfoots are real. They have always said that they are nothing but a fairy tale.

          These news stations are all wrong. Rick really does have a body. Why should I be concerned that a few news stations are getting it all wrong? Why would I worry about that?

      • Scott Johnson

        Why do you think Rick has covered Hank’s feet and hands with plastic bags? Wouldn’t be want to see Bigfoot’s feet? One would think so. You don’t think it could have anything to do with all the bubbles that people were pointing out in the closeup of the feet. Seems suspicious to me.

        Also, the face has been repainted. Rosacea Hank is nowhere to be seen…now we have Gray Hank…he’s kind of like Gandalf. This is probably part of Hank’s amazing healing abilities, changing colors like that. Or maybe he’s a mood ring that reflects Dyer’s mood.

        WAY too suspicious. The evidence is mounting and I think it’s time to jump ship.

  86. Definitely not the actions of a man who has in his possession the body of a new species and wants to show the world. Turn down the fire, this turkey is done.
    Hoax Fail. There always remains the hope that someone someday will provide credible evidence of Bigfoot’s existence but it surely will not be Rick Dyer.

    • marksman

      Hmmm its more that the more we see the body Robert the faker it looks, plus the news people would be all over it if it was real what an exclusive! That’s why they checked it out in the first place but alas obvious fake…

      • No they wouldn’t. Anyway some of the media who ran stories on this already sent MD’s out beforehand to check out Hank to see if he was real or not. The MD’s reported back that he was real and then the media outlets ran the story.


        They get everything wrong, always and all of the time. It’s all politics, playing it safe, going along with the crowd and not sticking your neck out. I have a degree in Journalism and I have worked in the field before as a magazine editor. I know this field very well. Whatever it is, a search for the truth it is not!

        The media is blowing a huge story. Why is this news? They do it all the time. What is amazing is when for some miracle they actually get a story right for once.

        • While I do agree with your comments about the media and their less than enthusiastic reporting of sasquatch, as far as Rick Dyer is concerned, they are just calling it as they see it. Once a hoaxer always a hoaxer and Rick Dyer will always be a hoaxer.

        • Scott Johnson

          Can you share a link to ONE media source that had an MD check out the body? I can’t find any.

        • The source who told me that would not reveal any of the names of those media outlets. However, I would assume that they were among the early outlets who reported on it – the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Mexican news channel, etc.

        • But no media source has come forward with an expert witness. Why would they keep it under wraps? It seems suspicious that your source would keep this pertinent piece of information from you. It really has no relevance to the story as the media outlets that you suggest have already done their reports. So for your source to keep the name secret makes no sense.

        • When this is all over you, a lot of you guys are going to discover that reality itself “does not make sense” because so many of things you say “don’t make sense” will end up being true.

          Perhaps my source did not know the names of the media outlets who brought along MD’s to verify it.

        • Mr. E2me


          Whoa. Easy it up there Senor Bob.
          At times like this it is best we remember
          ( What Would Geraldo Do ?)

    • Great comments and LOL again. Yep, turn down the fire, this turkey is COOKED! ;-)

      And yes, hopefully someday, someone – will provide the necessary evidence proving bigfoot exists because contrary to popular belief on this blog, many of us over on Randy’s site DO believe that the creature is real.

  87. Uh oh!

    Robert, from a purely logical standpoint;

    A man who presumably makes his living reporting the news had an opportunity to break the biggest story of his life and the century wide open and instead chose to mock Rick after seeing the body up close!!! This hoax is way over my man! Because you are still defending something so ridiculous is why you should worry dude!

    The end is nigh my man!!! Embrace it!

    • marksman

      Yeah not buying that one! If this thing was real there wouldn’t be some anti Bigfoot media conspiracy to cover it up! Rick let the media in but I bet my life he wouldn’t of let them bring an MD! Why not let that news company bring an MD so they wouldn’t release a negative story on him… Its called logic he doesn’t have a body that’s why not some giant conspiracy Occam’s razor etc

      • Not true. Some of the media stations that run stories on this did in fact bring MD’s to verify it before they ran the stories.

        There is no anti-Bigfoot conspiracy. These newstards simply do not believe in Bigfoot, #1, and #2, they all really think that Rick is hoaxing. This is in part due to a mass media campaign by the haters to convince everyone that Rick is hoaxing. That particular hater campaign is working quite well.

    • Yeah a man who makes his living as a reporter is basically a worthless political cowardly fucktard. The media always blows all the big stories, and they will blow this one too.

      Look, these guys are just follow the leader types. They look around at how the other stations are playing this thing up and they go along with them. Anyway, saying it is a hoax is the easy, no risk way out. If you say it is real, you stick your neck out, and no media pussies do that anymore. Furthermore there is tremendous pressure from advertisers not to look like an ass.

      Yep the media certainly would fumble the story of the century. They have been fumbling this Bigfoot story from Day One, why would they change now. You put too much faith in these fucking idiots.

  88. Uh oh!

    Please follow this further logic:

    From a purely economical standpoint, wouldn’t the reporter and the station keep this thing going to milk as many adds if they could? – Further signs that this is OVER…

    Robert, are you saying the Enquirer type rags at the supermarket checkout are more valid than mainstream news? You know the ones that say alien butt babies were born by a mating aliens and Sasquatch. Would you work for one of them?

    • So… Dyer did an interview in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and the cameraman caught the underside of the dummy’s nose. There are no nostrils.

      You can easily see it.

      Confirms a fake beyond any reasonable doubt.

      Hoax Over.

      • Uh oh!

        So is it possible Hank is real?

        Yes. And it is also possible The surviving Monkeys might spontaneously emerge from my ass and perform in 3 part harmony.

        Logic at this point dictates that they both share the same likelihood.

    • In some cases, yes. The Enquirier type rags are correct about a lot of their gossip. The MSM will not touch that gossip stuff.

      Nope, these reporters are not God. They have just gotten it in their heads that this thing is a fake, and that is the way they are playing it. That’s safe. If they come out and say it’s real and it turns out not to be, they will look awful and their advertisers will be furious. It’s all about the advertisers and playing it safe.

      These idiots don’t take any chances about anything ever.

  89. Mr. Jingles

    I really don’t care if this is real or fake anymore, I just want it to be over. BTW why has Randles STILL not inspected the body? Not a single reputable person has come out and said that they’ve seen the body. They’ve all been random people or shady characters like Musky.

    • No one knows if Randles has seen the body or not. I know of seven people who have seen it but they do not want to be identified, #1, they do not want to be associated with Rick Dyer, #2, they do not want to bear the wrath of the haters if they come out and say they saw the body and it looks convincing.

      • Squatchy Squatcherson

        Yes, Robert, BUT convincing and real (as in formerly alive) are two different things.

      • Chris P.

        I know for a fact Derek hasn’t seen the body and has no intention of going to see it. Isn’t it strange that someone who has dedicated his life to searching for sasquatch hasn’t any interest in going to see Rick’s “sasquatch”?

  90. Instead of constantly burning hair samples Rick Dyer could have given Dr. Sykes a sample to test for free. He refuses to do so because why?????? He’s presented what scientific proof for evaluation???? Wouldn’t additional expert testing validate his story??? Again all the wrong actions and decisions to prove you have a real Bigfoot. When presented with the facts collected so far, even a moist preteen would conclude this is a hoax.

  91. Martin

    Hi Robert,

    Can you comment on the photo of the nostrils?

    The one on the left is shaped somewhat realistically, but the one on the right bears no resemblance to any natural form whatsoever, even for a “mythical” or unknown creature. The nose would at least be somewhat symmetrical. You can practically see the thumbprints of the guy who shaped them in a heavy-handed way. And as the Mike above remarked, they lack nasal passages…the nostrils are just soft impressions in the surface, not “holes.” Also, the tip of the nose is separated from the nostrils and there’s even a gap between the meaty end of the nose and the nostril on the right. This is not how any kind of nose is shaped…the nostril borders the middle of the nose, it doesn’t have a “gap.” The sculptor seems to have understood this on the left side to some degree but on the right side the outer edge of the nostril doesn’t even form around the “hole.” Even if Bigfoots had weird noses, they wouldn’t be so completely asymmetrical.

    I feel this photo is extremely damning. All Dyer can possibly say now is that this was an amateurish, rushed replica to take the place of a body that either was compromised by scientists or withheld by authorities. What do you think?

  92. Bigfeet


    Hey Robert, (don’t bother banning me for the 5th time, I can easily get around it as you can see) I will try to be ‘good’ on your site.

    My friendly and constructive argument is as such:

    In a recent video taken of an HD close-up of Hanks nose, it has been shown that Hank does not actually have any nostril holes. In fact from a normal viewing distance of even 2 feet or more Hanks nostrils appear normal.

    However, when you look up and into Hanks nose holes we clearly (in HD) can see he has false nose holes because they only go about 1/4″ deep before both holes come to a dead end. This tells me that Hank is fake and manufactured. In a fake Hank the sculptor would not create an entire sinus system as it’s too much work.

    Robert, this is clear PHYSICAL proof that Hank is fake:

    Do no let your emotions on this matter blind you here. This is pure 100% proof. With this proof now, no one will look down on those ready to see the truth here. What say you now?


    • I know nothing whatsoever about Hank’s nose and I have no comments on it at all at the moment.

      • I think it’s time to admit it is a fake.

        After all, aren’t they all pink inside?

      • Bigfeet

        Greetings again Robert,

        I might suggest that you click the link on my post above to take a look. With proper proof presented to you in this polite and legit manner I don’t see how anyone could be held accountable for believing Dyer if they never had the proper evidence to review. We finallp

        • i do believe it’s fake,for the simple reason that he hasn’t had one reputable doctor/scientist come forward with correlating proof,and try and start showing it before he had said proof,in other words you never put the cart before the horse.he should have at least shown documents to the places he was trying to show it.
          But the nostrils don’t prove it,in taxidermy it is common to do that with the nostrils.At the end of the day,Dyer AKA:freezerboy, AKA:Dipshit, AKA: asshole, story has more holes in it than a busted screen door.
          R.I.P. To freezer boy and his never ending gargle of bullshit :)

  93. Donny B.

    Robert, I’ve not posted on your blog out of respect for your wishes, but were the above threats meant for me? I honored that you consider me such a threat. I’m going to have to contest your claim that I am an evil man.

    I haven’t scammed anyone with the promise of seeing a Bigfoot body, and I haven’t assisted such a scam by claiming that reliable sources say Dyer’s Dummy is real. Those are actually evil acts. I thought you said that you are a moralist.

    By the way, yes, I know your secrets, but you can keep them. I won’t blackmail you like Rick has.

    • My attitude is that all of my enemies are going to die. I always threaten all of my enemies, in response to your questions. And obviously I am perfectly capable of trying to kill another human being if the past is any guide.

      PS I am banning you.


  94. Bigfeet

    Alrighty Robert this is the last of the physical proof photos I have assembled for your benefit. It did take some hours putting all this together (if we include my top post with photo link also). You will now gave everything that I have that helped me make up my mind, so take your time tomorrow morning or whenever, pour a java sit back and take a good look:

    Bags on Hands + Resin Air Bubble Proof Portfolio:

    The popped air bubbles on the hands an feet were fairly damning evidence themselves in my opinion. Enough so that Dyer has permanently wrapped Hanks feet and hands in garbage bags! Now that does look silly.
    In an effort to hide the imperfect feet from the multitude of prying spectator eyes Dyer has put bags on them here (cut and paste link below to view HD photo:

    This is also proof that is physical. I should get the popped resin bubble photos that are supposed to be Hanks skin. You may find that photo clear and physical proof here of skin that is popped resin moulding bubbles. This is the reason for the bags to hide them:

    This is 100% clear physical hard proof. Pulling all this proof together has not been easy, it was time consuming but hopefully beneficial.

    • I do not know why Rick has put bags over Hank’s hands and feet, but I do know that Jeff and Jack of FB/FB studied those hands and feet for hours. I also am privy to information that proves that those hands and feet have been verified as 100% authentic by an expert. I have no answers to the resin stuff.

  95. Bigfeet

    Here is part 2 to keep the together. Part 2 Hank Proof of Hoax Portfolio

    Hank Nostrils

    Hey Robert, (don’t bother banning me for the 5th time, I can easily get around it as you can see) I will try to be ‘good’ on your site.

    My friendly and constructive argument is as such:

    In a recent video taken of an HD close-up of Hanks nose, it has been shown that Hank does not actually have any nostril holes. In fact from a normal viewing distance of even 2 feet or more Hanks nostrils appear normal.

    However, when you look up and into Hanks nose holes we clearly (in HD) can see he has false nose holes because they only go about 1/4″ deep before both holes come to a dead end. This tells me that Hank is fake and manufactured. In a fake Hank the sculptor would not create an entire sinus system as it’s too much work.

    Robert, this is clear PHYSICAL proof that Hank is fake:

    Do no let your emotions on this matter blind you here. This is pure 100% proof. With this proof now, no one will look down on those ready to see the truth here. What say you now?

    • tertius

      Yup, proof. The Hank sculptor must have been some kid RD knows, cause it looks like a prop in a high school play or video project. Hopefully this fraud has enough of a money trail so this asshole will finally go to jail where he belongs.

    • Hank is DEAD. Apparently the nose has collapsed. Big deal.

      • Travis

        The nose didn’t collapse after death. You are a Fucking retard. Why don’t you go suck Ricky’s dick some more. Let me guess you are going to threaten me with death then give me the hand, right? Well here is a finger for you you Fucking pedophile.

        • All right Travis. I am going to have to ban you.

          I only kill my enemies in answer to your question.

          HAVE A NICE DAY!

          What is this pedophile shit anyway? Where are these idiots dredging this nonsense up from?

      • tertius

        The stuffed male gorilla at the zoo is dead too but all of its parts still look like they were once a part of a real, living thing, not molded out of play doh by a kid. When something dies it doesn’t turn into a cartoon version of itself. That’s what I’m saying.

      • Martin

        “Collapsed”? Please, Robert! A better answer than that! Have you looked at the photos? All Dyer’s people can do is show an antique mount being restored by a teenager, and even that appears to have the normal smaller nasal hole under the upper part of the skin flap. The Hank nose has a ridiculous nostril shape to the right, and no depth at all in the hole. It’s a human-style nose, there should be depth there. If it “collapsed” then the sides would be pushed in. And the Team Tracker “proof” photo even makes Hank look worse in a way, as the high school student is being particularly meticulous. Why would older student taxidermists be so sloppy?

      • Chris P.

        Big deal?? This is supposed to be the type specimen. Having it look like the real thing is kinda important!

        • Big G

          nobody in the bigfoot community has said this would be a type specimen. it is a stuffed animal for those who need to see a body.

      • Squatchy Squatcherson

        Pretty compelling piece on bigfoot evidence about taxidermy, Robert. It is hard to accept that the “find of the century” couldn’t have gotten a better (the best available) taxidermy job – especially given the fact that the owner is a Las Vegas billionaire. Modern taxidermy would include nasal passages as well as the sinuses and veins. The “taxidermy” job on Hank is pathetic and arguably ruined a “real” bigfoot specimen.

        Nothing in this story passes the smell test (pun intended).

    • big g

      No taxidermied animal has nostril cavities. They important parts about hank have been removed. Nothing but skin and hair that can’t be tested . The process has ruined any DNA possibilities. They only taxidermist to confirm is the original. The same for any samples taken for DNA. Its not a body it is a mount. With the processed skin and hair covering it. I guess we will wait and see. Nobody in the community cares about dyer. His fans a few and far between. The mob has made his celebrity by continuing to bring non proof here and keeping his name in lights. Dyers situation isn’t significant in Bigfoot history. He is a nobody that the mob has made up. If the mob stopped it would take the wind out of dyers sails. There is no reason to take a mount on tour except to energize the mob. He still hasn’t let any evidence out. So let it go. And let the tour die a natural death without mob promotion. That is what the community wants.

      • Hazlett

        This is a legit question because I truly do not know, why do taxidermy animals have no nostril cavities?

      • Squatchy Squatcherson

        Big G…Fail. I shot a deer and had it taxidermied (shoulder mount). Yes, the nasal passages are complete. Educate yourself.

        • Big G

          did you shoot it from behind in the back of the head and expload the face , no, then you failed unless you shot a bigfoot and the professional taxidermist had to recreate the face.educate yourself. its amazing how i wont take all the bs. when students mount a sasquatch( they had never mounted anything) and they had to create the face. its just skin pulled over a mount . educate yourself.its like i insult the lot of you for trying to prove its a mount. yes its a mount. the skin and hair have epoxy on them. you cant do any science on what dyer has. educate yourself. it doesnt matter what it looks like. it only matters that some science was done to original body. educate yourself.

  96. Hazlett

    Robert, come on man!! I read your Blog and it is entertaining but why are you holding on so tight?

    It is obvious that your sources have played you, this is coming to an end now, it sucks, the Bigfoot community is once again slammed with a hoax, surprise!!

    Somehow Rick Dyer needs to be forgotten and removed from the Bigfoot community, the biggest buzz is always about a hoax and unfortunately Rick Dyer has been the focal point of the two biggest ones.

    Now I know why any reputable blog/forums bans Rick Dyers name, he is CANCER. People wasted a lot of time, albeit, entertainment but still a lot of wasted time on this knuckle head…..he needs to be completely removed from the community.

    Now is the time for someone to hit up Morgan Mathews, lets get the real story since, the 20 or 30 short stories Rick has been telling us can go in the recycle bin now.

    Haters – 2
    Dyer Supporters – 0

    • big g

      The bigfoot community is slammed by hoaxes everyday. It has made most of us develops the ability to spot a hoax. The difference with dyers situation is nothing has come out yet to make a call. The mob has turn the dyer situation into one big show when it is no more significant then any of the new videos we see daily that we can’t make a call on as there isn’t enough info. Let it go. When the mob stops projecting their anger and realizes they have promoted dyers moves and he plays them everyday they will stop. The mob works for dyer and the have insulted many to promote his show. That’s the real truth.

    • Joerg Hensiek

      “People wasted a lot of time, albeit, entertainment but still a lot of wasted time on this knuckle head…..he needs to be completely removed from the community.”
      So that`s why you talk about him again?!! ;-)

      In my opinion It is time for Robert to mention some names (of course not of the sources), but of former investor, OR of museum OR of scientists involved OR of presenter of press conference OR of a medium that will break the whole story. I am sure Robert knows but sadly he will not say a word. If he would, he would be one of the most visited blogs on the internet.
      Robert and I have the same opinion why MM does not say a word until now, but let´s forget about this, because it becomes boring after discussing this issue now for over one year.
      Although I am a “believer”, I subscribe to the view that we should forget about Dyer until he brings final proof (or at least very convincing first evidence). Or until Robert will TELL IT ALL…but sadly he won`t….

      • big g

        It will all come out when his celebrity dies a little. Right now he doesn’t need to bring anything out to maintain the status quo. There are too many things going on in the community to worry about dyer. He is a small part. Only those who watch him everyday make him what he is. Who made Paris Hilton or the kardashians celebrities.

        • Squatchy Squatcherson

          When’s his celebrity dies???

          ***Newsflash. He parked the hank mobile at a Black Angus the other night “for the fans.”

          This clown has “jumped the shark” before he even got started.

        • Squatchy Squatcherson

          Oh…and it’s not “who” made Paris Hilton and Kim K. celebrities, but rather “what.” The what in this case are sex tapes.

          Maybe dyer should make a sex tape with Hank?

        • Big G

          if its died then why has the mob came here today with more links to prove dyer is hoaxing. if its over at least we can stop talking about him. do you get it yet smart guy. can we stop talking about dyer. if he has jumped the shark then stop posting about him and prove your point. pass that on to ron hes just starting another thread proving the taxidermy job was poor.

      • Hazlett

        I agree but its like a damn train wreck, I cant help but come here and see what the latest is, I use other sources and forums for the REAL Bigfoot talk, I use this one for pure entertainment factor.

        I like to drop in and comment every now and again, some of you have very good heads on there shoulders and others, well….

        I will keep my eyes on this Blog and I will do my best to not mention “The Name”

        • tertius

          Right you are Hazlett, serious discourse is elsewhere, but not here, at least not now. Big G I don’t know who made Paris Hilton and the Kardashians celebrities. Wish they were reduced to dummies being carted around the country in a trailer.

    • Nobody is playing me, least of all my sources, who are all excellent. In fact, they are all good friends of mine.

      Good luck supporting your hoax theory with quotes from Morgan Matthews.

  97. big g

    That’s right so let’s put dyer on a shelf till he gives us something substantial.

  98. Rick Dyer Brings Supposed Bigfoot Corpse To Amarillo
    By Tommy The Hacker February 12, 2014 11:03 PM

    Reads like they might be expecting a riot or something….lol
    here’s part of their disclaimer.. :)


  99. 2/8 Sasquatch
    Genome Project
    Dr. Melba Ketchum

    • Big G

      good link lucas. some of you skeptics that have strange ideas as to melbas work should give a listen to melbas’ interview with steve bradshaw. especially those who live , eat and breathe dyer. the find of the century is melbas dna work and dyer represents very little to the cause.

  100. that will never happen,why would you try and tour something that was never proven to be real? Because he is trying to get the money he put into it back before the plug is pulled,witch will be rick saying the goverment took it off of him. :)

  101. Scott Johnson

    Rick Dyer is being interviewed LIVE on KISS FM here:

    The DJs are outside looking at the body right now….should be good.

  102. Rudyray

    What’s the DJ’s verdict??

  103. RON

    Image of a proper taxidermy of a Gorilla>>

    This *taxidermy* of HANK is a disaster is NOT what would have done to the ONLY BF specimen in existence. WAKE UP!!!

  104. RON

    Taxidermy of the ONE AND ONLY BF SPECIMEN would NOT BE LYING DOWN!
    Here’s the same Gorilla on display…hands and feet very observable .

    • Big G

      these are all very nice mounts. dare i say that the eyes are glass and prabably the same ones used for bears. bigfoot doesnt have any glass eye manufactures yet. and yes a professional taxidermist can do a great job especially with millions of closeup pictures from zoos around the world. you have proven that dyer had a poor job done on the bigfoot mount. this doesn’t prove he didnt shoot one. but keep trying . i would put another million man hours into showing us that dyer doesnt have a real body. we know its stuffed. even the nostrils are stuffed. you should bring in an expert to tell us again that its a mount. he can also tell us that nothing of the original animal is usable for science. including dna.

      • Ron

        “you have proven that dyer had a poor job done on the bigfoot mount. this doesn’t prove he didnt shoot one. but keep trying “

        • Ron

          Oh..and I’ll add>>>>
          Dyer wasn’t in control of Taxidermy was he? Who in the worls would leave it up to DYER to screw this up big time? It would have been the *investors* whom, having realized they had the ONE AND ONLY BF SPECIMEN IN EXISTANCE, would have spared no effort in insuring THIS SPECIMEN got a TOP NOTCH taxidermy to display.

        • Big G

          its not the only in exsistence. now thats denial on your part. one owner sells out and somebody at a university puts it back together for art class. all the bones and organs have been taken. what your mob is commenting on is the stuffed skin. its not a body. all the science that can be done is back where they took the organs and bones. none of the mob has given us any info about that stuff. now we have to hear about the fucking stuff skin again. who is in denial. who gives a fuck about dyer and the stuff bigfoot. why do the lot of you continue to comment and keep his celebrity high. your fucking morons doing exactly what dyer want s you to do. you work for dyer. your dyer obsession isnt healthy. You and scott need to look and more internet porn at least its healthy.

  105. Mr. Jingles

    How is Dyer going to deal with Craig, Lynk and Clacy if this comes out as a hoax? They’re gonna be pissed as fuck. They’ve put so much time and work into this and for all of it to be fake should enrage them.

  106. Kiss FM 96.9 Amarillo
    comments on the
    ‘Sasquatch Viewing Party’ 2-13-2014

  107. DP

    After looking at the alleged Bigfoot body…we decided that it is in the best interest to not be involved in something we’re not certain of. However, they’re in Amarillo, this is what their bus looks like, they told us they may go check out the Cadillac Ranch… THIS DOESN’T SOUND LIKE SOMEBODY WHO’S SURE WHAT THEY SAW WAS FAKE!!!!!!

    • LB

      Dp- I already answered this post on Randy’s blog. Thot u were slick ? This isn’t a contest between hankies and haters. Please lay off the caps , no need to yell and curse.

  108. DP

    THEY MADE FUN OF HIM, ON THE RADIO, AND THIS IS ALL THEY COULD COME UP WITH? “After looking at the alleged Bigfoot body…we decided that it is in the best interest to not be involved in something we’re not certain of.” THEY DON’T SOUND TO SURE!!!!! ABOUT WHAT THEY SAW!!!!!

    • Chris P.

      Calm the fuck down Manthiee. Getting kicked off the property says it loud and clear. If they thought it was real, they would have kept them at the station and slapped their logo all over the trailer. Their lawyer told them to be nice otherwise Rick would accuse them of being rapists and fucking dogs.

      • marksman

        So the latest fail is a radio station that wanted publicity turned them away for an obvious fake. How will they spin this? Part of the anti Bigfoot media conspiracy no doubt, god how low can this go?

        • marksman

          He promised a new vid of Hank the tank today too my guess is they are to busy with damage control to make that.

        • marksman

          Uh oh Robert Ricks latest video states no press conference etc what happened to 24th, 25th! Sources let you down again?

        • Marksman, I NEVER said there would be a press conference on Feb. 24. I said there would be a press conference no earlier than Feb. 24. Somehow this got disorted either deliberately or accidentally by the idiot haters into the lie that you just recited.

          So it’s not true. I never said there would be a press conference on Feb. 24. I have a feeling it might come sooner than you might think though. I would not be surprised if it happened before the middle of March, but I am not sure.

          Also you need to watch it as I am about ready to ban you.

    • Joerg Hensiek

      That`s what the Kiss FM radio people wrote BEFORE they went to Dyer:

      “Yes! A few weeks ago I blogged this story on this guy who claims he shot and killed a Bigfoot in Texas. His name is Rick Dyer the “Bigfoot Tracker” he says that he killed Bigfoot back in 2012 near San Antonio! Now I believe the whole Bigfoot story, but I really don’t believe Rick’s story!

      The Bigfoot Tracker called in on the show and said that he is willing to SHUT MY BIG MOUTH UP by bringing the Sasquatch corpse to Amarillo to prove to everyone that he killed BIGFOOT!

      The guy is a known scam artist, and known for pulling off hoaxes, so this could just be another one…”

      Therefore the statement after their showing up at Dyer`s bigfoot is almost diplomatic (“After looking at the alleged Bigfoot body…we decided that it is in the best interest to not be involved in something we’re not certain of.”)

      But yes, You are ALL right: the tour until now is FAR from convincing..we talk after the Alamo Houston show…as I wrote before: after that event the tour will be over (as a commercial success story) or just begin to really take off …


      Matt Geiger ( AKA DP, Kelly Marie, Daisy Mcmillan, Cathiee Mcmillan ) Just how many fake profiles do you have man? You have the audacity to try and call people out for using anon/fake names. You are the queen of alts and the queen of CAPS. lmao You also have got to be one of the biggest idiots on the face of the planet. Right along with Jackie L. Boyce and Big G. I suspect your unwavering belief in Rick Dyer is more because of psychological issues you all have. However, you still must all be complete dumb asses to believe that bigfoot “doll” rick is dragging around the country is real. Grow a brain.

  109. DP

    WHO THE FUCK IS Manthiee??

  110. Dyer is lying….BIG SURPRISE THERE RIGHT? LOL In all his new interviews including the one today on KISS FM, he keeps stating that the government took the body from 2008. This is bullshit and all he’s trying to do is get back some of his credibility since he has no choice but to admit to the 2008 hoax. Dyer did an interview in 2008 on UFOPhil’s show and he told him flat out: “IT WAS A HOAX FROM THE BEGINNING”!!! He said it himself!

  111. woodchucker

    I’m calling the shot – next round of photos Hanks nose is covered up.

  112. Mr. Jingles

    Dyer said no DNA results until end of tour. It’s OVER. I don’t like the haters, but they are right. 1000% hoax.

  113. video #1(2-13-14)
    KISS FM viewing ‘Hank’ prior to interview

  114. video #2(2-13-14)
    KISS FM interview after viewing ‘Hank’

  115. Scott Johnson

    Very quiet on here lately about the Dyer drama. Does anyone else see the irony in Rick canceling the Feb.9th press conference to make accommodations for other people to attend…and then he just flippantly announces that there will be no DNA study released. So absolutely no date is booked…so he just screwed over those 120 people that have been working so hard for the past 18 months. HA!HA!

    Either that or he expects them to be able to jump at the drop of a hat as he won’t announce a date. Well we all know that THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE!

    RL are you still sticking to your 100% guarantee? Are you willing to make a similar bet that FB/FB did last year? Close up shop if it’s proven to be unreal by a certain date? This would definitely throw a lot more commitment behind your assurances above.

    • Drew

      I do remember robert saying 100% there would be a press conference on the 24th of February.

      • This is going around among all of the haters and it is NOT true. I NEVER said there would be a press conference on Feb. 24. I said there would be press conference no earlier than Feb. 24. I get tired of my words being constantly distorted.

      • LB

        I just had to re watch RD’s video (ugh) to make sure I repeat correctly. 3/4 through RD says the press confrence will be on the last day of the tour in San Antonio. He says he will go to Japan and come back to San Antonio for the last day of the tour. Straight from his mouth. As RL says it could maybe not be in RDs hands. But if correct he just changed the location of the presser!! And he does another vid saying Guy Cannon is his investor? What’s up with that?

    • FB/FB did not close because Hank was proven to be fake. They mostly closed due to endless abuse by the haters.

      Rick did not cancel that Feb 9 press conference. Rick has no control over the dates of such things.

      IMHO, Rick does not control the release of the DNA data earlier, so I do not know what he is talking about. I think he is just trying to stick it to the haters: “You say I am hoaxing, fine! Then I will act like I am hoaxing!”

      Rick can’t screw over 120 as he has no control over such things.

      I will not shut down this site no matter how this story turns out. Why should I?

  116. Su

    Thank you Lucas for sharing Rick’s interview.

  117. RON


    “Don’t expect the DNA results for a while! After seeing the wonder and amazement in peoples eyes! All that would vanish if everyone knew it was100%! So call me P.T Barnum, Call this A carnival side show and If you think this is some kind of scam just don’t come no ones forcing you! “

  118. Mr. Jingles

    Rick is now saying the press conference won’t be until the very END of the tour! No, not the end of the first leg of the tour, but the very very last stop in San Antonio. Does this lower your percentage at all, Robert?

    • Jacki Leighton-Boyce

      …but I think he means the very end of the FIRST tour and you dont actually know when the FIRST tour will finish do you ;)

      • tertius

        If I remember correctly, the DNA from his first hoax turned out to be an opossum….maybe this one will be a gerbil.

      • Mr. Jingles

        No, that is not what he said. Listen again. .

      • RON

        Not up to Dyer to determine WHEN scientific data is released..that’s preposterous. He would NOT be able to call the shots on such a decision.
        Besides there is absolutely ZERO reason to release a *BAWDY* and hold back all the significant findings that go along with it. Simply unheard of. If they wanted to hold back information, then the BAWDY would have never been *revealed* in the first place.

        • The body was given back to Dyer for one year on Jan. 1. He could have sat around and waited for data release to show his hand, but he was too impatient so he whipped the body out right away and then started touring right away to make money as quickly as possible.

      • Big G

        jacki who’s on first? what is on second and I don’t know who’s on third. but dyer is hauling around a bigfoot. is it real ? we don’t know. has he brought out anything in the way of evidence? no. so what is the discussion about? oh dyer lied again. are we really going to bring dyer videos over here daily to keep his name in lights? really? did anybody notice that lucas posted a link of melba in a radio interview explain how there could have been no contamination. killing sykes and disotel’s theory that it was contaminated. this interview is full of real discussion and you jerkoffs want to talk about dyer. there is a reason that dyer discussions are banned on all the other sites. its because you shit heads think that dyer has something. ive told all of you that dyer has nothing for the bigfoot community unless he has some science to back melba. that’s it. a small support role at best. and it has been since for ever you retards have shut the fuck up about dyer. stop working for dyer. stop making him into a celebrity. jesus Christ the minisota iceman was by far the first to tour a bigfoot body 100 years ago . get over it. dyer means nothing and your discussion about him only serves him.

        • squatting squatch

          Big Gen wart, you mad bro?

        • Ron

          Robert Lindsay

          February 14, 2014 at 4:52 PM

          “The body was given back to Dyer for one year on Jan. 1. He could have sat around and waited for data release to show his hand, but he was too impatient so he whipped the body out right away and then started touring right away to make money as quickly as possible.”

          Those in custody of this body..and who purportedly *studied* it for over a YEAR, would NEVER turn it over to anyone unless they were going to release what they had found. Besides…they would no longer have the body to *study* once turned over to Dyer ( to perform a BUTCHERED TAXIDERMY) so they were DONE! This holding back of any scientific results simply doesn’t fly. Besides, Dyer now claims he KNOWS when the press conference will take place and it will AFTER the tour? You mean they going to wait for Dyer to *do his thing*? LOL.

    • Nope, he means the first leg of the tour, which is going on now. This first tour is not supposed to last for very long.

      Still 100% of course.

      • squatting squatch

        He was talking about going to Germany and Japan then coming back to San Antonio to finish the tour and release the DNA results. That doesn’t sound like a short, first leg tour to me

        • Mr. Jingles

          EXACTLY. Enough with this 1st leg of tour bullshit. It’s clear that Dyer meant it as the FINAL STOP of the 2014 tour.

  119. Dyer blatantly lied, not only to Dallas’s face on KISS 96.9 FM, but also to everyone listening to the radio show. There was NO real bigfoot found and/or killed in 2008 and the government didn’t seize it either. Dyer is a non believer and he wants to discredit the bigfoot community as stated BY HIMSELF. If you don’t listen, learn and understand what he’s all about from the very words uttered from his mouth, then you are completely ignorant and flat out stupid.

    • woodchucker

      Unfortunately it takes more than an IQ of 70 or less to believe RD. His simple and brief messages appeal to some peoples pre existing beliefs, which are very difficult to change. Posting his vids repeatedly are not helping to correct his mis-informations. Nothing you will say will likely change their beliefs because it over rides their ability to think, but using your own words is certainly a better alternative than RD’s.

      • marksman

        Excellent quotes from ex-FBI agent in the HuffPost article.

        “History is very important when trying to decide if someone is currently telling the truth,” said ex-FBI Special Agent Ben Hansen. “Rick Dyer has admittedly hoaxed a Bigfoot event in the past. This current event follows the pattern of what I call legendizing. Hoaxers who legendize will add new information when the story starts to fade out of view. This whole idea that he shot a second Bigfoot has been part of his story previously; however, he never mentioned that he had this body and that it was going to be part of this tour.

        “It only appears when suddenly, it looks like the whole tour is collapsing.”

        “Rick talks more about himself and about how he’s disproving everybody else than he does about his creature and the facts of the case,” Hansen told HuffPost. “He’s more concerned about aggrandizing who he is and how he’s the greatest Bigfoot hunter than he is about actual facts that could validate his claim.

        “When it comes to substantiating physical evidence in these types of claims, it’s quite simple, but Rick fits the profile of a hoaxer in that we’re seeing a lot of delays, vagueness in the details of who’s researching the evidence and ultimately, the evidence is never produced,” Hansen said.

        • Ron

          Nothing new as far as I’m concerned.

        • woodchucker

          How long before a believer strikes this down as unintelligent. They are so entrenched in their belief they think it impossible they believe a hoaxer. The argument will continue, just a matter of time before one posts here.

  120. Ron

    Care to explain why Dyer has hands and feet covered?
    Please don’t regurgitate his answer to this.

    • marksman

      Surely the believers can’t knock an ex-fbi profiler! Oh wait they hate professionals, experts and any one with logic or reason they must be haters then!

      • That ex-FBI profiler is simply wrong. However, Rick has given us a million reasons not to believe him. I know he is not hoaxing, but in many ways, he has ACTED like he is hoaxing. Since Rick acts like he is hoaxing and gives hardly any reasons to be believed, it is understandable that there are so many haters who don’t believe him. To be a hater is to be rational and logical. Those of us believers are the ones who are being counterintuitive and taking the faith leap.

      • We do not hate professionals at all. In fact, I know for a fact that at least three different MD’s and one scientist verified Hank as a real body. Those are all professionals, so you see that we do not hate professionals at all.

        PS the word on the three MD’s and the scientist does not come from Rick. A friend of mine met all three of those MD’s. He’s not Rick, and he’s not lying.

    • He is covering them because he wants to leave something as a surprise for the people viewing it at the Alamo Drafthouse. Dumb idea but Rick is full of nothing but harebrained ideas.

  121. Joerg Hensiek

    The two shows at the Drafthouse cinema in Houston will be decisive. IF he really presents – as mentioned in the Kiss FM interview – convincing 3 D scans and perhaps even the skeleton, this issue, in my opinion, is scientifically solved. No matter if the press conference will be in March or much later. Of course a skeleton can be faked, and I do not know how he will present the skeleton on stage. Are medical experts in the audience allowed on stage and be able to check it?
    The 3 D scans are a TOTALLY different matter. I asked a medical doctor at the local university clinical center about it, and she said: A 3 D scan can be faked (but this is difficult), but for any real expert – and I expext some of them in the audiences – it would be clear to see if this is a real scan and what it shows. There is NO way to fool medical experts with this – especially not radiologists. Just a two minutes check for each scan would be enough to be sure that it is no fake, she said.
    Therefore: If he cannot deliver convincing 3 D scans in Houston, the tour for us believers is over (and also for Dyer himself) and then it is not worth waiting for an alleged press conference.
    But if Dyer can show convincing scans, the skeptics suddenly will have lots of explaining to do. Then the tour – especailly regarding media coverage – will really take off and Dyer will be on his way to become (as the Alamo cinema puts it) an “American hero” :-)…Period.

    • Did Dyer really say he would unveil the skeleton and the CT scans at the Alamo Drafthouse?

      • Joerg Hensiek

        Yes, he did so…see the Kiss FM video that Lucas has sent in yesterday. Just see the last three minutes of it…and he promised to show hands and feet for the first time…

        • marksman

          Let’s face it the Alamo is going to be another disaster and hopefully the end of this farce! The way Rick is talking about how its all been worth it just to see the joy on a few kids faces is his way of saying it was fun while it lasted and placing himself as a “good guy” he’s going to get way more blowback on this one than 2008 and he knows it!

        • He did say the 3D scans would be there(in a video he gave the impression that is what the covered black thing on the wall of the inside of the trailer…on the right as you go in)
          Skeleton probably won’t be ‘ready’ he says…said something about it needs to be ‘earthquake proof’….which coincides with what I was thinking about the hands and feet being covered…..I believe the molds are breaking and are damaged from all the ‘bouncing’ around in the trailer….when he mentioned traveling in a motor home is like living in an earthquake…it made sense to me. I don’t think he took in account of the ‘dry’ southern weather drying out the mold so quickly(remember it was made in Washington…very rainy moist state).
          So he’s got a week or so to repair the feet, watch how they will differ from the previous images when they get posted.
          So no skeleton…just a $20 tee shirts. $25 hats or the RD special of all 3 for $50…oh yeah…add another $20 for you(Yes…it’s normally $10 but they have to split 50/50 the take with the Alamo so they doubled it…the hats and shirts are all theirs tho’) to go see it in the parking lot outside the Alamo(believe me, those guys are not going to carry that inside…too much work and one of those guys are bound to drop it) after RD and group give their ‘presentation and exclusive video’ for the audience.

  122. new video from M.K.Davis
    Published on Feb 13, 2014
    The movement of the neck and the profile
    of the face becomes more obvious in this
    oscillating file from the Patterson film.

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