Korean Kpop, “Ring Ding Dong”

Interesting Kpop video by SHINee, a Korean Kpop group. I am wondering why these Korean Kpop bands all look and act so faggy. What’s the point? They are all trying to be David Bowie 1972? Is this androgyny or just sheer fagginess? They are kind of sexy, like Bowie was back in the day, but what’s the point of all this queeriness? Is all Korean Kpop so queery and faggy like this?

A guy called Taemin shows up at :08. The Asian girls in the comments are all raving about him. He’s a very nice looking guy, and he isn’t as faggy as the rest of them. Tell the truth, I used to look something like that myself when I was a young man. I had the same hair.

Warning for males on the site. Viewing this video may turn you into a homosexual!


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  1. Brengunn

    I thought our boybands were a bit gay, but these are something else. I’ll admit it though, they are good looking boys but I don’t know whether western pre-teen girls could get so enraptured with an Asian boyband as they do with say, Justin Bieber etc.

    As generic pop music goes it’s competent but doesn’t have that killer hook that the Psy song had. As far as I can tell, there doesn’t seem to be any indigenous influence at all, which is a shame. Borrow ideas from the West, yes, but send them back with something new and Asian attached, that’s how music grows.

    Perfect copies are still copies.

  2. Guy from Montréal

    Jesus Christ these guys make ‘N SYNC and the Backstreet Boys look like testoserone charged Marlon Brandos! I had to stop watching at 2:15, it was more than I could bare, fuck I hate pop music!!!!!

    • Dota

      I couldn’t make it past 51 seconds. This is very painful to watch. I loved gangnam style because Psy could laugh at himself, rare thing in celebs.

    • narut00

      the americans shocked about them… what reaction u will have if all of u take a look about how the niche japanese trend of VISUAL KEI looks like…

  3. narut00

    i also loose interest in the song about half it,however this was a bad example of kpop (i dont mind their fashion,the song was particularly bad) Psy and Girls Generation are the first asian stars that hopefully will conquer America; both in the most anticipated 2013 albums


  4. Hacienda

    It’s a great song from greatest boy group in the history of mankind.

    Beatles don’t count because crackers are sub-sapien. And John married a retarded reject sub Jap throwaway.

    RING DING DONG. Fucking genius. No cracker could have come up with that. And This is ESL, dumbfucks.

    • Brengunn

      You’ve been unfairly maligned, Hacienda. You’re clearly a man of taste and wit!

      I’ve just bought they’re greatest hits online, it’s got all my favourites:
      LOVE ME SCHLONG TIME (ecstasy remix)
      COMPUTER LOVE (Kraftwerk cover)
      BANG COCK KNIGHTS (We’re Tuff!)

      Greatest band in the WORLD!!!!!!EVER!!!!!!!!!

      • Brengunn

        He’s taking the mickey!

        • I hope by that you mean he’s going to drink something that will get rid of him and his hair-boys. I must say, when I see a young male with trimmed and colored eyebrows,like those little kids in that band, I do not think, “Now there is a future man!’ I think, “Wow, look at that! That dude’s actually a chick.” It’s like fucking Flock of Seagulls time. No thank you.

      • Xera

        rofl huax you go on internet forums pretending to be a white women going out with an asian? Roflmao!!!

        Btw you sure thats me? You realize that the misc is far more cruel towards asians then me and the denizens of this blog combined?

  5. narut00

    no, i will restore the asian pride here, this song created by a korean producer was insipid,however i really liked the song i posted from Girls Generation in another thread,however that song was produced mainly by norwegians with some additions by a korean producer,is not prideful at all this=
    It’s interesting to pick out and analyze the elements that SM incorporated to mold a track from a Norwegian production team into a multi-dimensional K-Pop track. Some fans have revealed their displeasure on SM for buying tracks from foreign producers rather than relying on their in-house production team
    i will post now a mix of 2 catchy japanese anime songs,made totally by japanese people

    • Bad news for you, dull-normal, minus the “normal,”The Who is by far the greatest,which is probably why they are known as a rock band, not a “boy band” that appeals to freaks who are card-carrying members of NAMBLA. This shit is just pathetic tripe. At least “crackers” do not pull people’s cats off the sidewalk to section, fry and eat. And don’t try to pretend that you don’t do that, as it’s pretty much an established fact that Asian restaurants do that. In fact, several have been shut down over the years by the department of health for doing that very thing.Yeah, no can do in “Amelica.” Some of you fuckers will eat pretty much any damn disgusting thing. Makes me feel sick. If your idea of genius is the phrase “Ring Ding Dong,” you’ve told everybody all they need to know about your mentality, which, to recap, is that :1) You are an idiot; 2) you are a 10-year-old; and 3) even your parents are embarrassed to admit they have produced the likes of you. I pity them, they must want to die of embarrassment.

      • Brengunn

        I’d gladly lose me to find you
        I’d gladly give up all I got
        To catch you I’m gonna run and never stop

        I’d pay any price just to win you
        Surrender my good life for bad
        To find you I’m gonna drown an unsung man

        I’d call that a bargain
        The best I ever had

        • Hacienda

          The Who created a generation of rock geeks. People live inside their own heads thinking they are the shit because they are really INTO The Who.
          They are a pestilence. Like people who hold on to rock and roll too dearly for too long.

          Brengunn, you are not only a dumbfuck Irishman, you are a transparent dumbfuck Irishmen. I CAN SEE FOR MILES, AND MILES. Loser.

        • Irish is good, and at least he’s not some jaundiced “yerrow” flatface (err, I mean “fratface,” as you would say.) by the way, your little band of hair-queers is truly horrible. Why do you insist on embarrassing yourself with such shit?You’re actually the loser here, Chorry, um, I mean, “roser,” now go kill and section a cat for dinner, you freak (I mean, fleak). You’ve managed to ruin my appetite with your horrible band and your even-more-appalling presence here.Mr. Brengunn rocks (or as you would say, “locks.”)Oh, you’d best hurry along before you’re late for your NAMBLA meeting. I understand you get to be tonight’s keynote speaker on appreciating the asses of very young boys.Youl famiry must be soo ploud of you!

        • Brengunn


          Your mother’s a toothless peasant who fedexed you to nice white parents in America. Your father was the village idiot’s assistant. In short, if it weren’t for the compassion of Caucasians you would have been left to die on a windy hill.

        • Mr. Brengunn, you do paint a picture, especially one that leaves little doubt as to the veracity of your story of “Harucienda.” Harucienda’s denial of the debt he owes to caucasians for saving him from a life of hell living with a humpbacked, toothless mother who smells of cat food and ass is interesting when you take into consideration his hatred for “whitey.” But somehow, his ingratitude is not surprising to me. I expect no better from him.He would be toiling in a sweatshop for 11 cents an hour if he hadn’t been shipped off to caucasians.I suppose he’d prefer to be checking seams on size labels for Nike rather than acknowledge why he ought to be grateful to the whiteys who saved his ass.Anyway, I’m “lilly, lilly” sick of Harucienda. He and his shit music bore me. he’s incredibly dumb and barely articulate, so no, I’m not too into dealing with him. Idiots bore me, and I prefer not to be bored.

        • Huax

          Who is Rachele? Sounds like an angry dyke cunt.

          Korea didn’t produce this:

          Not only do white people eat dogs, they eat maggot infested shit-cheese, boiled lamb heads, rotten shark and worst of all the foul orifices of their female relatives.

        • Hu-ass,congratulations on your massive display of stupidity here today. You see, I do not “sound like” anything to you because you cannot hear me, I’m not speaking, I’m actually only writing these words. You cannot hear them, you can only read them– if in fact somebody else does not have to read them to you — but as long as we’re on the topic of perceptions, here are mine of you: You are most likely a goat-buggerer with penis breath, and whatever you are, I thank God I’m not a social scab of your fur-toothed ilk. By the way, you might find it helpful to brush your teeth once in awhile. You might feel so much better, and at least I will not have to smell you from here. A decent toothbrush that has not turned brown with age and use on your bathroom grout (assuming you have an actual bathroom)will almost certainly remove all that green mossy stuff from your teeth, fur-teeth.

        • Brengunn

          China men will eat cats till the cows come home but they never get a whiff of pussy.

          Just watched the video, I take it all back, white people are the worst people on the planet. Fuck ups like her are pretty much exclusive to Europeans, we hang our heads in shame.

        • Hacienda


          That’s cruel. I was gonna post something like this, but damn. That’s cruel.
          Cut right to the heart of whitey. Rips their pathetic hearts out. I couldn’t do it. Because I’m decent. Even whites should be spared and shown some mercy.

        • Good Lord, what the Hell is that thing in Huax’s video!? Is it a man? Is it a woman? What in God’s name is it!? It’s so hideous and weird that I want to beat it with a stick every time I see it to make it go away.

          Is that a woman who is trying to be a man?! Sick!

        • Huax

          Brengunn, he is far better than most white trash which form a considerable part of your population (30-70%). That’s how godforsaken you are, lol.

          Robert, I think it’s a guy.

        • Brengunn


          The same percentage as chinks that are toothless, weather beaten peasants.

        • Bay Area Guy

          And courtesy of Huax, the racial pissing contest begins once more…

        • Dota

          To be fair, it began before his arrival. But this white/asian bashing is getting very tiring and reflects poorly on this place.

        • No, no male has a voice like that. It’s a chick!

        • Bay Area Guy

          But this white/asian bashing is getting very tiring and reflects poorly on this place.


        • Bay Area Guy

          It just seems that wherever Huax goes, a disruptive flame war follows.

        • Hacienda

          But this white/asian bashing is getting very tiring and reflects poorly on this place.


          Disagree. It reflects very well on this place.

        • Huax

          Nope, not even 1% of Chinese are toothless hicks – and even when they are, they’re smarter and better looking than 75% of your population.

          But my description of the overwhelming majority of your race being subhuman trash is very accurate. The typical Chinese peasant has a higher net worth than a full 70% of whites in America.


          and lol, Xera has gone to another forum. I laughed when the boob avatar told him he was a hook-nosed furburger, seeing his rep deep in the red, bandying about “PUA” shit like a retard.

          Someone should bend Xera over and smash his head in with a rock, as would have been done to his sand nigger mother if they knew his daddy was a honkey meth head.

        • Xera

          Huax the misc is far more racist and cruel towards asians then anybody on here.

        • Huax

          I don’t even know what “the misc” is. I’m sure it’s lots of subhuman microdick white retards who need to lift weights for 8 hours a day to get rid of their bitchtits. Easy for them think they’re big when they can’t even see their dicks.

        • Bay Area Guy

          And yet again, the word “dicks” accompanies Huax’s return to this blog.

          Why am I not surprised?

        • Bay Area Guy

          I’m not Robert, and I’m not going to dictate to him how he should run his blog, but he should implement some verbal diarrhea control.

          Let anyone think I’m playing favorites and simply targeting those oh so maligned East Asians, I think this should apply to both Huax and Xera alike.

          This blog turns into a freak show whenever the two of them go at it.

        • Bay Area Guy

          Oops, kind of phrased that last comment wrong.

          I’m not going to say Robert “should” do anything (since that would contradict my previous statement).

          I just think that it would help enhance the quality of his blog, and while he hesitates to ban or censor out of fear of scaring away commenters, I feel that he would gain more than lose, since more people would feel free to comment if not for the pissing contest currently going on.

          I would say that this also applies to our Hindutva spanner friends as well.

          (they know who they are)

        • Bay Area Guy


        • Hacienda


          Credit Salior for this link.


          Yeah, Huax is a racist. But he deserves to be. WTF does Xera have to be proud of?

        • Bay Area Guy

          @ Hacienda

          Sure, he can justifiably be proud of his peoples’ accomplishments. I just wish he would do so in a manner that isn’t always so disruptive to this blog.

        • Bay Area Guy

          And I wish Xera would also tone it down.

    • You’re such a sweetie, Narutoo, with your attempt to restore pride to all things Asian. You don’t have to worry about whether Hallucienda has a problem with his pride, because as you can tell by his frequent anti-white rants, he’s pretty proud of himself. Why? I do not know. I cannot imagine why he is. He is senseless, you see.Narutoo, perhaps you can answer this for me: Why is “Ring Ding Dong” supposedly “genius”? Am I missing something here? What is that? You are the expert on things that are Asian, so I figure you might have some insight into this puzzle.

      • narut00

        i dont know korean language,i barely know korean stuff,i am not that fond of korean stuff,japanese stuff is my speciality,in reality korean stuff is huge between asians and is a little niche between hispanics,but between westerners is mostly unkwnown (except for Psy’s gangnam style) ,as far as i know japanese stuff in comparison to korean or any other non western stuff is bigger in the west,i am one of the followers of that trend,as all of u can see in this video,another western person with japanese interest,i have posted many of them,is far more common than westerners with a strong korean interest

        • Brookewaters

          Narutoo, you are absolutely right. We have an admiration for Japan, and consider them honorary Aryans. That same status isn’t given to other Asian countries like Korea nor will it be given to the Middle Eastern nations. Not now and not ever.

        • Xera

          Middle countries are where the original Aryans were and were they originated from dumbshit, and none of them seem to propensity towards chingooks!!!

        • Xera

          middle eastern countries*, also Japanese were never considered true Aryans, all Asiantics were below in the bottom. He only praised the Japanese out of convenience.

        • narut00

          “That same status isn’t given to other Asian countries like Korea ”
          hehe, that was according to Hitler in the times of the world war; however the apartheid south africa, one of the most racist pro white societies ever, recognized the whole east asians as honorary whites, since they knew east asians were the only ones close to the white level, read and learn this=
          Honorary whites was used by the apartheid regime of South Africa to grant almost all of the rights and privileges of whites to certain favored non-white groups, The designation was applied to Japanese people in the 1960s, it would be tactless and disadvantageous to their trade arrangements to subject the Japanese people to the same restrictions as other non-white ethnicities, since trade delegations from Japan would now regularly visit South Africa for business, The designation gave Japanese almost all of the same rights and privileges as whites (except for the right to vote, as well as being exempt from conscription).
          In 1984, Chinese, finally obtained the same official rights as the Japanese in South Africa, that is, to be treated as whites in terms of the Group Areas Act, Up until the abolition of apartheid, the “honorary white” status was eventually extended to people of other East-Asian nationalities, including those from Korea; however people from the middle east effectively never achieved that status of respect ;) even the most racist white societies recognized east asians and not people from the middle east

      • Narutoo, can you please put ONE SPACE after every comma, otherwise I can hardly even read you stuff. Reads like a gigantic run-on sentence, like a sentence that caught Montezuma’s revenge and never got cured. Last time I heard, Mexican Spanish still had periods and capital letters for new sentences and stuff!

        • Dota

          I get a migraine every time I look at any of his posts.

        • I have faith in Narutoo. He’ll figure it out. He’s so super-polite he’ll probably thank you for pointing it out to him. I wonder how somebody can be so polite all the time. It amazes me. Somebody will come around every once in a great while and say something really rude to or about him and he’ll just politely ignore it and remain very good-natured about the whole thing. If he weren’t a dude living very far away, I’m think he’d gone to The Chapin School or Miss Porter’s for finishing school. I admire that about him. He does not lose his temper, unlike some people I could name who read this blog. I won’t name names, but I will give you a very small hint: Her name begins with an R and ends with an achele. Am I saying I’m a hot head? Ooooh, no! Not I! But I know somebody else who lurks around here a bit who once told me I’m a hot head. I am not going to name this person, either,simply because this persaon, whom I will call X, has at least two molecules of hot-headedness in X’s body.

  6. narut00

    this true good asian music,asian music at its best and of good quality

  7. militantagnostic

    All this makes me wonder if most East Asians are just aesexuals but they just don’t know it.

    Most little girls in America that have crushes on super effeminate little boys eventually loose that association when they start having actual sexual relations and dating experience (and pornography) as they reach adulthood.

    They eventually figure out that their early fascination with the super cutesy was from a pre sexual childhood need for an emotionaly aproachable and unintimidating friend to comfort them.

    But then you get older and you also get stronger and you realize what actual sex and relationships are like and the super cutesy androgonon suddently seems like having a serious relationship with a stuffed animal.

    • narut00

      lol americans, you call this androgynous? i critized hardly this song cause in my opinion it was horrible ,however their fashion is ok to me,maybe all u americans are toooo close to moderate metrosexual guys, is not like this guys are dressed as girls like travesties,if you want to see something really effeminate and androgynous to the extreme watch this japanese video (by the way that trend is niche in japan,most japanese men dont dress like that, and i dont like that fashion is extreme to the max,however in this case i approve the song)

  8. newbreed7

    I have a present for you Robert!!!!

    • awww, a gift for Robert! What a kind soul!

      • Brookewaters

        I concur. What’s even better is that he gave Robert a gift that we can all enjoy. Remember what you said about sharing?

        • Yes, Brookewaters, I do remember what I said about sharing, as I just wrote it av few minutes ago. I agree that it is most considerate that a “gift” was shared that we can all enjoy.This is really the epitome of thoughtful gift-giving.

        • Brookewaters

          Sharing is caring. I’d share my love and goodies to all of you if only I knew how to save. Too much spending on the unnecessary. I’m afraid passing that around would be horrifying, mortifying even.

  9. Xera

    Narutoo is seriously getting annoying because of his constant spam of Asian faggotry BS.Even on topics that have nothing to do with this topic at all.

    • Mr. Xera,it might be helpful if you look at it this way: It’s okay, and anyway, so? just don’t read it if you don’t want to. Fortunately, there is not a test at the end of every post covering everything that appeared there, so the good news is that you don’t have to read everything. Naruto just really likes his anime and he’s enjoying sharing it, perhaps with the idea that perhaps somebody else posting here is into it, too. I think it’s charming. So he likes to share, it’s okay. I don’t know about you, but growing up, we had an outlet for sharing in scho called “Show and Tell.” My theory is that not everybody necessarily had such an outlet, and perhaps they need one. I know a couple who are 50 years old and I’ll be damned if they aren’t still constantly “sharing.” There is always some new story, some new medical malady, some new thing they bought that prompts them to share. This has gone on for the 16 years I’ve known them, but the people who know them just sort of shrug and laugh it off, because we all already know this is what’s going to happen every single time we see either one of them.So, if it helps, just remember that you can always skip over the comments you don’t want to read, I mean, it’s just an occasional comment. At least it isn’t a longterm friend of yours who insists on pressing whatever their thing is into your face every time you see them.It’s a lot easier to avoid reading something than it is to be held hostage by friends who all but force you to be their audience when they want to brag about something. THAT shit gets old.

      • Brookewaters

        Rachele, you don’t have to be so hard on yourself, sweetie. You’ve been apologetic. More than enough already and a mean, old bastard never admits they are mean and old. The only person who’ve you justifiably lost your temper to was a nipple wank. And what do we know about nipple wanks?

        Sandy on the other hand needs to worrying about what Narutoo adores. People with passion are very rare these days. Very rare indeed.

        Heeding your advice would be a good start.

      • Xera

        I wouldn’t care what he says except it fills up the screen and most of it is incomprehensible.and gives migraines. However Mr.Narutoo is still an annoying little pseudo-spanish disgraced faggot who is a socially ostracized and will continue to to be unless he goes to a mirror society (Japan) of his pseudo-pathetic Asian faggotry. He is a disgrace to his alpha Spanish ancestors but then he could just be a mix. There I said it first again!

        Also East Asians will never rule the world, because they don’t have the testosterone to do so and they come up with nothing original except ripp off the West! What Asians were doing before they got aid from the West (Japan). was having sex with sea animals and being backwards twats! All these anime fans are the equivalent of wiggers and are a social anomaly and disgrace to overlook LOL!

        • Brengunn

          All these anime fans are the equivalent of wiggers

          Middle class wiggers!

          Na, there’s no way Narutoo is mixed. Brown people don’t like anime, do they?

          East Asians will never rule the world

          They’re gonna try their best, but they should know “You come at the King, you best not miss.” The West ain’t dead yet.

        • Xera

          Well why would he have to copulate with the idea of being a weebo faggot social anomaly? If that is what the West aspires to psychologically then my hats off to you Mr.Brengunn!

      • Brookewaters

        Rachele, a nipple wank is basically a flat-faced yellow clown trying to convince us he’s some sort of sex god. That action of tugging and playing with one’s own nipples and thinking it belongs to some hot babe. One that is obviously unattainable to the ching chong chang.

        Pervy I know. But hardly surprising coming from the likes of ass sniffer Horsecienda.

        • Thank you, Brookewaters, I appreciate the explanation.I especially loved the ching-chong-chang flourish at the end. Harucienda is being joined tonight by another Asian Hitler, you may have noticed. Its a ching-chang “fratface yerrow man” called Hu-ass. He’s a tiny-eye too, but not “Kolean,” just your standard-issue “Yerrow Suplemacist,” so be careful where you set your beverage, because, lemembel, He Chinese, he pray joke, he go pee-pee in youl Coke!” [insert big, booming “bwuoaaang” sound of gong here]

    • narut00

      i understand it, thank you for pointing it out to me, i didnt write capital letters cause comfort, i didnt have problem understanding them so i didnt have idea other people had problems, my eyes and vision are at its best at my 21 years old, i was lazy to write and change from capital letters to normal letters, about the one space i tried to save space here with shorter posts but i will change it
      about Xera= after all this time i learned to not take him seriously at all, he is in troll mode about Asia and takes pleasure attacking them, no matter what we say he never will get that Asia is better than his country Egypt, he lives in that delusion, but the rest of us know the truth, he is the only annoyed cause my posts show him and make him aware how Asia specially Japan have all this attention and praise from people of all the world so it hurts his egyptian pride,but whatever, let him be frustrated about it, plus effectively i did certain conscious promotion of japanese stuff in this blog, cause i want all of u newbies to contemplate better the awesomeness of japan and its culture and stuff

  10. It’s not just asian girls that find them attractive, they get sold out concerts whenever they go to Europe and the USA. Shinee is popular amongst white girls.

    From my experience, wealthy girls in metropolitan areas prefer guys that are feminine looking and beautiful. I don’t agree with this notion that women prefer manly men, the greatest playboys in history like Casanova and adonis were metrosexuals compared to the general population during their times.

    • Interesting. But I’m sure that you are aware that Adonis was not “metrosexual,”as he in fact was not human and did not exist. He was a Greek god and therefore about as real as Santa Claus,who is not a metrosexual either.However, I am amused by the idea of Santa Claus as a metrosexual.

      • I am a God. I am a sex God. :P

        • Yes, mr. Lindsay, so I have read on the bathroom wall. It was written there with a Sharpie: Robert Lindsay is a Sex God and I want to see him naked. Except what I read had been written in all caps, with the words Sex God and naked underlined thrice. I just read it in the bathroom of Sevananda, which is an overpriced healthfood co-op in Atlanta. I had to go buy sage, which I like to burn, and when I went into the bathroom, that is what I read. How your reputation as such extended from California to Atlanta is beyond me.

        • How your reputation as such extended from California to Atlanta is beyond me.

          Word gets around, hey.

        • Brengunn

          Robert, you must have loads of frequent flier miles!

      • Adonis was supposed to be the most desirable man/god in the world, women would purported to have fallen in love with him after one look. He is always portrayed as a metrosexual looking feminine man and not a buff dude like Hercules/Atlas.

        The point of my post was that the two images of historical figures who were known for getting a lot of ass have always been portrayed as feminine looking pretty boys.

        • Yes, Kotakoti-san. I did get that point. I have seen maybe one portrayal of Adonis recently, and what I saw was definitely not a buff, hairy guy. In fact, what I saw was the opposite of Santa Claus: hairless and skinny. Even his limbs were posed in an effeminate way. So no, he’s not Hercules, even though he and Casanova are equally about as real as Santa Claus. I just learned today that Santa Claus is not real. My mother told me that and I burst into tears.My dreams of becoming Mrs. Claus have been shattered foreever.

        • Brengunn

          So why do Asian men get no pussy then? I mean, that’s what they’re famous for!

          I’m trying to think of Rock stars that were famous for chasing pussy, though their fame might confuse it somewhat.

          George Harrison was famous for shagging everything that moved. Eh…. I think Roger Daltrey was famous for it, too. I can’t think of any others but those two aren’t lady boys.

        • Mr. Brengunn, Jimmy Page was another one, as were David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix, Sylvain Sylvain and Jim Morrison. Actually, you can pretty much just throw a dart at any stage and hit one. Somehow, even Sid Vicious managed to dip his wick a whole lot. I read a lot of biographies. I did not actually knock boots with any of these guys, I would have been way, way too young, and besides, I was incredibly sheltered in my littleplaid Pendleton kilts, knee socks and Bass Weejuns while living with my my nice little Ward Cleaver-like family. Little girls in miniscule towns in Michigan did not get a lot of rock star action, unless it was the late 1960s and they made their way into Detroit to fuck Alice Cooper, who is from there and got his start in rock there in the late 60s. And no doubt, plenty of girls did not mind making their way to Detroit to bang a dude who wears more makeup than they do, regardless of how freaky he acts onstage.I have a friend from New York who was 14 when she had sex with Gene Simmons, which, while we’re on the subject, is yet another one! Yes, I know: blech! Gene Simmons, yech.I asked her if he was any good and she shuddered and replied,” Oh my God, no! He was awful!” Imagine a 14-year-old girl having a point of reference already.I can’t imagine it. I was just a skinny little spider-legged private-school brat at age 14.I didn’t even kiss a boy until I was 16 and in my parents’ swimming pool with him. I’ve since heard that same boy grew up to become a priest. I hope I didn’t cause that, but I would not be surprised, Mr. Brengunn, as my kindergarten boyfriend is gay. So look how that turned out. But to be fair, I was not kissing boys in kindergarten, not that I recall. I was pretty much just picking on them and throwing rocks at them, as per my “technique.” Is it still my technique? Well yes, sometimes it is.

        • Because most asian men don’t look like Shinee

          They look like this

          They are nerdy, socially awkward, most of them still get their hair cut by their moms, unfashionable clothes, don’t bother to lose weight or get fit.

          Few of them live the metrosexual lifestyle which requires a lot of spare time, getting facials, eyebrows waxed, expensive high maintenance haircuts, expensive fashionable clothes, watching diet and exercising to get a toned body.

          You won’t see metrosexuals anywhere else other than major cities and most of them have some sort of income high enough to afford the metrosexual lifestyle.

          In fact most of the aristocratic men in the past, the most highly desirable males were all metrosexual and spent a lot of time excessively grooming and following fashion trends.

        • Xera

          That White girl looks bottom of the barrel, and could have some sort of Chingook blood creeping in. I have gotten interest from higher caliber White girls then the one in the videos or on the videos above me. Sorry Narutoo, even if you ignore me and everyone ignores you back with your headache inducing incomprehensible paragraph after paragraph filling unnecessarily all over.

          In real life, I could probably steal the girl in the video, and spit in that Asian’s face while laughing at him and he wouldn’t be able to do anything to me. I mean they are Asians after all, the bottom of the barrel least attractive male race. Kotaki, do not give me that bullshit that Shinee or Asian boy bands are ACTUALLY attractive. WE all know how ugly some rockstars were back in the day and how they pulled by basing their art on stolen black music.

          Likewise, all of East Asian pop is just stolen black and white music originally and they riding on the wave of work that were created by male races that had more balls and creativity then them. How funny that Asians are further pushing stereotypes about themselves through their pop music by proving they are uncreative robotic Caucasian wannabe’s! Nice try there chingook!

        • Xera

          ROFL are you fucking serious you dumbass chingook? Adonis was a Greek god and looks nothing AT ALL like a metrosexual, there is absolutely no proof that the Aristrocracy of old societies were metrosexuals! The Greek Spartans, Vikings, Normans etc were anything but metrosexual, they were highly testosterone fueled men that basically used women.

          Shinee is attractive because of that musician effect where women are attracted to even the ugliest musicians. Dressing like a metro WILL NOT increase your attractiveness or override the fact that you people have small dicks and the least masculinity of any race ROFL!!! Even then, he is even getting the attention of the higher caliber other race women, he is getting young pre-teen underdeveloped slop!! Nice try again but chingooky is not a forumula!!!

        • narut00

          Kotakoti is a white american woman youtuber who works at a model agency in Japan o.O i knew her and her videos since longgg time ago and i am still shocked that she was here in the blog, amazing
          Besides Xera, i understand ur mechanism of defense, u live in a world of denial and delusion and dont want to accept the truth that ur country is not in the level of east asia, u look ridiculous and i know as long as Egypt is a third world country (i am sure it always will be) u still will live in denial, so i give up dear,u are a lost case, that white youtuber with an asian boyfriend, gosh she is gorgeous and a cutie,she is in the top, everyone call her beautiful in her videos
          sad that many asians are nerdy, i hope the metrosexual trend takes over asia, they need to look at their best potential
          i am sure the starving egyptians are so poor that they dont even take a bath, i am sure they stink and that makes them unattractive

        • Xera

          If Ms.Kotaki or whatever is actually a women, then she is a pretty much a sad case that is a good example of how far the general West is falling. If anything all this proves that women will literally fuck anything provided they actually get a good impression of it. I don’t have a defense mechanism because I don’t need one, I have gotten interest from far more attractive girls then the girl in the video so I don’t have to probe anything. I have seen metrosexual Asians get shot down easily so obviously it won’t work or overrride the fact that they look like fucking aliens.

          It’s funny how everything Asian is just ripped from somewhere else or the West in the general and are generally just Caucasian wannabe. Everything historical in Egypt far outweighs, has more originality and has more relevance then anything Chinakanna Caucasian wannabe East Asians have ever produced. That is to anyone with an actual brain and not the demaenor of a three year old. There are lot of people in the West with myself included, that see girls like the in the video or women like Ms.Kotaki, we generally make fun of them, ostracize them and make comments about the social anomaly’s that they are. They are called weebos and they are like wiggers completely but in a different way.

          It must be hard to accept the fact that you are a Mexican sub-human mestizo with no real identity except a gay faggot weebo one, and you live in a fantasy world to ignore the real world/ You are like a kid that plays world of warcraft who thinks his life is actually that of a warlock or paladin. Ouch that’s harsh I shouldn’t go on but oh well!

        • narut00

          Xera u are crazy, so i dont take seriously what u have to say about me however …sshhh Xera u dont idea how many followers have Kotakoti, shhh dont mess up with her, give respects to a youtube beauty guru!
          she is white and works in Japan!

        • Huax

          Most sandnigger subhuman whores would drop the camel they’re fucking in a heart beat, sell their souls and eat a pound of bacon to have features as seen in the last video.

          Pathetic sandniggers LOL

        • Xera

          I just messed with Ms.Kotaki and nothing ever happened

          Also that girl looks creepy as hell!! Models are everywhere! Everyone is a model today! Models are everywhere and work for everyone, even pedo white-wannabe Japanese men!

          SPEAKING ABOUT ASIANS, does anyone here remember the story about the sexually frustrated Japanese cannibal that killed several White women in France and had his dad pay off the judges there so he could get away with it? Robert you should do a post on Mr.Isaac Segweei, this is what happens when Mr.Asian small penis ring rong ding dong goes haywire and cannot acquire white wannabes!!

        • Xera

          What’s funny is that it’s such a big deal that a bunch of Western weebo rejects are being wierdo’s and East Asians are making such a big deal out of it like its such an accomplishment!! Even the sub-human sand niggers have fucked enough white girls in the West and don’t have social trouble to not make a video about out castes!! Good to see that you haven’t stepped up your game Hu-ass!! Also thanks for freudian slipping your preference and imagined superiority of pale creepy white features you genius! ROFLMAO!!

        • narut00

          nah, KOTAKOTI U ARE THE BEST! <3 ;)

        • Brookewaters

          It’s alright narutoo. All good. I have every reason to believe you are one hundred percent White. A pure blooded, aristocratic Spanish young man with a heart of gold. One of us, so chin up, son. So be proud and content that you belong to the greatest civilization, the greatest culture and the greatest race on Earth. Don’t ever feel second place, not to the Japanese, the Koreans or the Chinese. Because, truth be told, East Asians look up to as us divine deities. I’ve personally know many East Asians and most know who is boss and admire, nay, envy us.

          Don’t let mean ol’ sandy put you down. He’s a miserable tool and a bad loser.

          I don’t know about the rest of you, but I take more offense to the disrespectful way he talks about “our girls” then the Asian chaps dating them. They seem nice enough, and look to be a great couple. But remember, we still get the hotties.

          As for the suave Arab, let’s just be blunt. The only way he can get any girl to even look at his long, thick beard is through rape. Gang rape.

        • Issei Sagawa is his name. Very weird and sick story.

        • Xera

          Ironically, most of the girls I have gotten was not through rape at all but through making fun of the Asian in my school along with the girls I befriended!

        • Brengunn

          They were turned on by your anti-Asian sentiment? Weird!

        • Brengunn

          sell their souls and eat a pound of bacon

          Any Egyptian girls looking for meat won’t ever go to a Chinee.

        • Brengunn

          Gene Simmons, yech

          What a deluded fool Gene Simmons is. Any man that interested in his own merchandise has to have a screw loose.

          You know, one of my favourite ‘reality’ TV shows was called ‘School of Rock’, Gene Simmons was the star. The premise of the show was that Gene would start teaching a music class in a small English town and turn the students into a metal group. On his first day, having a tea break in the teachers lounge, he told the male teachers that if their wives met him they would instantly want to elope, as his charisma was so powerful to females. I nearly choked laughing.

        • Mr. Brengunn, Gene Simmons is pretty much a hideous old perv with a penchant for girls so young they are virtual fetuses. Imagine any self-respecting woman thinking he is really some charismatic Svengali. He is a puker, a nasty old lech who screwed an endless parade of underage chicks. My friend Rennie confessed she just thought that at age 14, it would be interesting on her “resume.” Resume of what? Beat up old bags of venereal dsiseases? Yech. what sort of position in life would such a “resume” lead to? I know, the 69 position. But really, Rennie really is a beauty, and why she went for him staggers my imagination.She’s certainly not desperate or anything, but a14-year-old is a kid and kids are sort of stupid anyway.Dumb enough toget it on with a lumpy old has-been who subsists on a steady diet of Valtrex and Viagra. No thanks to that.

        • Rachele, when did she have sex with Gene Simmons. What year was it?

        • Mr. Lindsay, to answer your question about the year when my friend Rennie had sex with Gene Simmons, well, let’s have fun with math! She is probably 40 now, and she had sex with him when she was 14.

    • Brengunn

      Those girls are fetishists.

      • Hacienda

        Call them whatever you want dumbfuck. The nigs will take the skanks. We’ll take the soulful beauties. You get the fat middle.

        • Xera

          Halucienda!! You are not getting any soulful beauties!!!!!! Blow-up dolls and left over wierdo weebo rejects are really not anything at all!!!

        • Mr./Mrs. Xera, you are hilarious. I love the “you aren’t getting any soulful beauties” and the whole reference to blow-up dolls and webos. I don’t believe “Harucienda” has ever in its life had any kind of any “beauty”– man, woman or goat– anywhere near him. Nobody is going to get near that person, not even if Hurucienda tried to force them to do so
          at gunpoint.

        • Hacienda


          Thanks for showing such concern about the sex life of your god on the net. I’ll tell you that I’ve had an amazing sex life and will die not regretting that part of my life. The equal of, if not better than Penthouse forum stories. Which I aspired to as a boy, then accomplished and went beyond.
          I’m very settled now. You reach Everest, there’s no reason to reclime.

        • Nobody really wants to read about your imaginnary sex life, Harucienda. No matter what you pretend is the truth, the fact remains that you probably have about as much dick as a Ken doll, and I’m certain you’re more than familiar with what Barbie’s boyfriend’s crotch looks like, having spent your entire cat-eating childhood gazing longingly at Ken’s crotch while aspiring to sprout a “randy male member” of that size for yourself, as, having seen your father’s penis during many a buggering, you are more than aware that you yellow little boys will never have enough to fill even half a thimble. Harucienda, having a gentleman’s wrist adventure while feeling up Ken’s crotch does not count as actual “sex,” nor does your collection of semen-smeared blow-up dolls constitute a harem of girlfriends. You fool nobody.Fucking a blow-up doll is not “getting laid,” but it probably is the best you will ever do.You are tragic, Huge-ass is tragic, and neither of you uglies likely have a penis, being ching-changs, so why don’t you two gooksters just fuck each other? I’m sure your Ken doll will understand and will welcome the much-needed break friom getting his crotch felt up by a very tiny yellow man.

        • Brengunn


          Masturbating with your left hand does not count as an amazing sex life!

        • Hacienda

          Thanks Rachele. But I’m not arguing goth. I’m arguing from reality. I’m dismissing you until you stop playing World of Warcraft with me.

        • Oh, boo hoo hoo, Harucienda, I’m so hurt! Go play with your Ken doll’s crotch and fuck your mother in her huge gaping asshole some more. I cannot help but laugh at your alleged “dismissal’ of me, because every time one of the people who despises you leaves but makes a comment about something else,you come back and start in with your unmitigated horseshit again. Harucienda, you are obsessed. You are obsessed with K-pop bullshit, you are obsessed with black people and white people, you are obsessed with Ken dolls, you are obsessed with Brengunn.Why are you so obsessed with all of us white people?Stop being in love with us. We are not interested in making out with you, TYM (Tiny Yellow Man).

        • Brengunn

          Though you could have been talking about taking it up the arse!!

        • Hacienda


          I’ve posted about my sex life in previous posts. Look it up. Instant crackerville cred. These were the hottest bitches going on planet Earth. I’m not lying. No regrets.

      • Hahaaa, Mr. Brengunn, yes, they are.

    • Hacienda

      These girls show some outstanding taste. Especially the one at the top and the third down on the left.

      • Brookewaters

        Ho-cien-der, shush. These girls have no taste for a basement dwelling gook creeper. Drool and toss all you like though. Just remember that fantasy does not equate with reality.

        • Hilarious comment, Brookewaters. I love the “basement-dwelling gook creeper” bit. I might add that the basement in which Doughboy there dwells and grows (like mushrooms in shit) is not its own basement, it is its mother’s basement.By the way, how do you get a “Harucienda” off your porch? Pay him for the pizza. Also, What do you call a Harucienda without a mother? Homeless.(Or as he would say, “homeress.”)

        • Hacienda

          It’s whites that fantasize about Asian pussy and nigger dick 24/7.

          One of the core flaws of crackerville. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  11. Xera

    Time for a refreshing change!!!

  12. The racist comments here are funny but really sad at the same time. I know this is the interwebz so we can say whatever da fuck we want but still. As a fan of K-Pop I feel like this article was set up to make fun of Asians rather than learn about music from a different culture that has… interesting fashion fopas. But I can see how allot of westerns would look at Korean men as emasculated and puny when they push that image in the mainstream. But the funny thing is, is that allot of Koreans also find the pretty boy image to be vomit inducing. They have a term used for older mature men called ajusshi. These are the guys that Korea really praises as real men. The idols are pretty much the Justin Beiber’s of Korean Pop music. IMO if you ever get into Korean or Japanese music try out their Hip-Hop. You would prob think Japanese Hip-Hop sounds like utter tripe but it’s actually very high quality . With the slump that African Americans are having with mainstream rap (Bands A Make Her Dance) it’s nice to see that Asians are still pushing out dope content that spans various styles.

    I’m sure some of you will roll your eyes at that this post “hur dur that faggot weeabo—>insert the rest” but I really think people don’t give Asian’s credit for turning out legit music that competes with their western contemporaries. I’m not saying Japan or Korea are these mystical Asian lands that are superior. I just think it’s a little unfair when people make assumptions about Japan/Korea like it’s the land filled with mathematical, fags who can’t get laid because they’re too busy eating our cats for breakfast lunch and dinner.

    You may carry on lol

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