How Many Men Have Had Sex with Another Man?

Steve asks:

25% full sex with a man!? :-O What, in jail?

That figure is from a Playboy Magazine study from the 1970’s. I suspect that it is correct.

Another figure is the Kinsey Report number of 37% of men having sex with another man, but that figure is probably too high.

It is very hard to poll such things because men lie about it so much.

The number of non-gay men who have had sex with another man is higher than you would ever think. Most of these contacts appear to be experimental or exploratory among young men. These men are basically straight but have had a minor amount of trivial or minor sexual experience in their histories.


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7 responses to “How Many Men Have Had Sex with Another Man?

  1. Adam

    Any man that has sex with another man, or does anything sexual with another man is GAY. pure and simple. Their is no in between their. Their is no experimentation, that is just absurd to me. If you do anything sexual with another man, then you are gay. Their is nothing wrong with being gay, but to a heterosexual man, the thought of doing anything with another man is repulsive. Maybe in the seventies if people were on drugs so much that they thought the guy was a girl, that might explain it, but other than that, that study sounds like it has as much credibility as Tim Fatsano.
    I think every guy in history at times gets so damn horny they will have sex with a head of lettuce, but regardless of how horny someone gets, a heterosexual man is never going to get turned on by a man. Not only that but is completely repulsive. I know others will disagree sharply, but that is my two cents. If you do anything with a man sexually, you are in fact a Gay man.

  2. ishmael

    The main reason why there is such a stigma to being gay is the ‘bottoms’. Their characteristics are feminine and will quickly isolate a man from social circles of other straight men. Looking good is fine, but bottom homosexuals overemphasize their looks in a prissy, overdone way – like how a woman attracts a man. I have known straight men that didn’t have a lisp, talked professionally and displayed dominance. I could have a beer with him after work. Hell, in fact, many mentally and physically weak straight men are intimidated by much larger gays the same way a woman may be with a man.

    Just an observation. I know many gay couples are both top and bottom.

    As for me, I’m repulsed by anal sex in all forms and that’s the bread and butter for homosexual men.


    But I am attracted to submissiveness. Kind of like how I view small Asian women as fun sex toys, even though I am not fully attracted to them. If a man is pretty to the point of being a girl in facial features, smaller in height/size and mannerisms, and don’t have masculine features, I wouldn’t mind them balking at my tall frame and chocking on my cock and forcing them to kiss my feet. But the job would be done with his shorts on for I have no attraction to another man’s genitalia or ass for the matter. I also wouldn’t touch him in a sexual way, he is pleasuring me. I just get turned on by being ‘served’.

    Bottom gays just irk me. Same with butch Maddow-like females.

    • ishmael

      “Hell, in fact, physically weak straight men are intimidated by much larger gays the same way a woman may be with a man.”

      removed mentally*. Lets be honest, if there was no laws and no weapons and there was this huge 400 pound black guy looking around town for man ass, men would shit their pants.

  3. Steve

    I’d only take that as a loose estimate, given the sources and times. I don’t know whether to believe it but it has raised the possibility in my mind that a significant minority might have done it. Very surprising if its true.

  4. Kent

    Let me speak for the “straight “man who enjoys sex with a man once in a while…

    For me it is about two things: taboo and the physical feeling of getting boned. Nobody would guess I’m “gay “… Lead carpenter, a wife and kids, GF on the side, VERY active sex life with both wife and GF… But being penetrated by a big **** in the bum FEELS GOOD! Thats all there is to it for me.

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