The “Natural Level of Unemployment” and Other Inanities of Capitalist Economics

Under Bill Clinton, unemployment dropped to a very low rate – 4%. Rightwingers and the business class, especially Wall Street, started screaming all across the land that inflation was coming. You see this insane system called capitalism is partly based on the insipid notion of a “natural level of unemployment.” In other words, capitalists oppose full employment with every fiber of their body. The more unemployment, the better for the capitalist, because unemployment “disciplines the laboring classes.”

When unemployment gets “too low” workers no longer fear losing their jobs, so they start to get bold about demands for raises, more money, better working conditions, etc. But with the huge “reserve army of labor” that the capitalists demand, the worker knows that if he quits his job, there are seven men itching to take his position. He is so terrified of losing his job that he is scared to ask for a raise or better conditions. If he does, the boss will say, “Fine if you don’t like it here, go work somewhere else. I see seven men waiting for your job right now.”

Greenspan listened to the screams of the greedhead capitalists that “inflation was coming” because unemployment was “too low.” Doesn’t that sound stupid right there. How can unemployment possibly be “too low.” What sort of a lunatic system freaks out when too many people have jobs!? It is called capitalism.

Anyway, Greenspan slowly began raising interest rates to slow down the economy. Every time he raised rates, businesses fired or laid off more and more workers. So Greenspan deliberately slowed down the whole economy and threw 100,000′s of workers out of work all because “too many Americans had jobs.” Eventually unemployment was raised high enough that the workers were cowed and threat of dread inflation waned. So the rich and the US business class flipped out because they were afraid that all across the USA, a lot of workers might just be getting a raise. Well we can’t have that!

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The Federal Reserve and the Neverending “War on Inflation”

RM Hill writes:

I know what I mean when I use those words, but I’m not sure of your definition. When a man won’t define his terms in a debate, you can be sure he is wanting to hide from the real center of the issue..

Yes, Robert, the Federal Reserve is a grand Socialist idea…and the rich just cannot stomach the fiat money system and the Fed because it eats into their wealth and elevates the poor and the middle class. Well done! You just can’t make this stuff up folks.

Interestingly enough, the Fed actually wants there to be more inflation… and our somewhat dismayed that there isn’t yet. Now think about this for a moment…. price inflation through monetary inflation amounts to a tax, a tax that effects the poor far more than the rich. Lower and fixed income folks cannot make ends meet now, and you think inflation is good?

Most rich people do not care anything about the Fed one way or the other. The Fed always works for the rich and only for the rich and nobody else. Alan Greenspan described himself as a Libertarian and was a lifelong follower of Ayn Rand. Under Greenspan, the Fed engaged in a long process that was proven to be intended to reduce the income of the US middle class by 1/3 and transfer all of that money to the rich. The Fed is usually all about class war – take from the poor and the middle class and give to the rich.

Well, anyway, that is what Libertarianism will always boil down to anyway because if you leave a relatively free market alone long enough, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer until eventually you end up like the conservative dream state of El Salvador, where 14 families owned almost all of the arable land in the country, 2% of the population was rich, 8% was middle class and beaten down and 90% was poor, usually without work, often without food, decent shelter or even shoes on their feet.

The only thing that prevents this natural state of affairs from occurring is the intervention of a state.

Some conservatives hate the Fed and they want to abolish it. These people are frankly lunatics who belong in an insane asylum. These same wingnuts also usually want to go back on the gold standard. Nearly every significant economist in the US agrees that elimination of the Fed and going back on the gold standard would be horrible ideas.

The Fed generally is paranoid about inflation, at least it was under Greenspan. This is because Greenspan ran the Fed for the rich and only for the rich. It is the rich who are truly paranoid about inflation. Working people know that giving workers a raise is somewhat inflationary but they do not care. Inflation is devastating to the idle rich (most of them are in fact idle) because the idle rich sit on their asses all day and collect rents from land, real estate, stocks, bonds and other investments.

Inflation is very low now. In fact, we are actually risking deflation. The Fed is not worried about inflation right now so it has been printing money like crazy to stimulate the economy, but the economy is so dead that even all this money printing is not causing inflation.

It has been proven that normal inflation effects the rich worst of all the workers least, as workers often get cost of living raises. Since most workers would love a raise, and giving workers raises has been proven to be inflationary, why would the average worker give too figs about inflation? Fixed income people usually get cost of living raises if inflation occurs.

Why are you worried inflation suddenly? There has been no significant inflation in the US in 20-30 years. What’s the worry?

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Which Is Better for Society As a Whole? A Strong State or a Weak State?

RM Hill writes:

The real issue to discuss here are these social ills you refer to, but you do not name nor point to a base cause. At rock bottom, all social ills are the result of people being bad. Mankind is fallen, as the patriarch would surely agree. And if you agree, then the question becomes what is the cure? Is there a cure? Is there at least symptom reducing balm in the political bag? And once we have it, is it possible for the very sickness that plagues society to corrupt the remedy as well?

I would say yes, of course. Furthermore, if society is sick because mankind is corrupt, I’m not at all sure a strong state is much help in the long run. In fact, it may make things far worse than a limited state, one which is strong in a very limited set of powers.

The argument that all social ills are the result of human sin begs the question of whether a better system or a better world can be created and it implies that life will suck under any system because bad humans will be in charge. But this is just wrong. From the point of view of the Left, we certainly feel that some systems (from the Left) are much better for workers, consumers, society and the environment than other systems (from the Right) that attack workers, consumers, society and the environment in order to wage reverse class war and transfer middle and lower class income to the rich.

The argument is similar to “they are all the same, there is nothing we can do. We are screwed any way things happen. Both or all political parties are bad and are basically interchangeable. Any one system is as bad as any other.” It leads to apathy and people dropping out voting and politics.

It is a completely hopeless, pessimistic, hand-wringing, sky is falling attitude that encourages doomsday thinking and inaction.

And it is very, very wrong. The Right certainly feels that some systems are better for them, and indeed they are. The Left also feels that some systems are better from their point of view, and they are correct.

There is no evidence, even if men area basically bad, that a weak state will help matters. Indeed a weak state would simply lead to a total Wild West state of affairs with no state to help even things out, promote equality, protect workers, consumers, the environment and society.

Only a strong state can help the poor, the struggling, the sick.

Only a strong state can look out for the interests of workers, consumers, society and the environment because those things are always attacked by the free market as obstacles to profit.

Only a strong state can promote equality in society by redistributing income from rich people who have far more money than they need to those folks who need  that money and services far more than the rich do.

Only a strong state reduces poverty.

Only a strong state promotes, encourages and sustains a strong middle class.

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Nancy Sinatra, “These Boots Were Made For Walkin”

What is this? Early feminism? Girrl power? Riot girrls?

I love it! Best song she ever did!

This song has been on the soundtracks of many fine movies, but the one I liked best was Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket.

It’s also an all-time great movie by one of the best directors of all time!

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Jimi Hendrix, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

I vaguely knew that he did that song. I also believe that he did it at Woodstock. But this seems like the first time I have actually heard this song.

It is so great!

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What Is the True Punk Rock Mindset?

Punk rock is outside of society, period. Punks are not a part of society. They bailed on society a long time. Punks give a gigantic middle finger to society, culture, nation, all that bullshit.

This precocious young punk is already society and everyone who is a part of it a massive middle finger! Good start boy! You have a great life ahead of you!

This precocious young punk is already society and everyone who is a part of it a massive middle finger! Good start boy! You have a great life ahead of you!

Patriotards aren’t punks.

If you’re keeping up with the Joneses, you’re not a punk.

If you judge people as better or worse humans based on how much money and mostly unnecessary stuff they have, you’re not a punk.

If you yell, “USA! USA! USA! We’re Number 1! We’re Number 1! We’re Number 1!”

If you hate the poor, you’re not a punk.

If you hate homeless people, you’re not a punk.

If you think society is made up of makers and takers, you’re not a punk.

If you think people who make tons of money are “successful” and people who don’t are “not successful,” you’re not a punk.

True punks could care less about any of that junk.

Punk is about giving a massive middle finger to all of that society garbage. We reject it all!

An 80 year old punker near the end shows what she thinks of you and all your stupid society BS. She has seen it all, and she knows it's all crap. Before she leaves this Earth, she has one last thing to say!

An 80 year old punker near the end shows what she thinks of you and all your stupid society BS. She has seen it all, and she knows it’s all crap. Before she leaves this Earth, she has one last thing to say!

All of us real punks dropped out society, either mentally or literally, long, long ago. And most of us will never return, even until the day we die.

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Me First and Gimme Gimmes, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”


Judy Garland’s “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”punk rock version!

I heard this as a soundtrack to some silly reality show last nite (Taxicab Confessions), and I thought it kicked ass. Never heard it before.

56 year old punk here, rockin’ til death!

Rockin the old folks home, motherfuckers!

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Milton Friedman and His Followers: What Is Important and What Is Not Important

Milton Friedman is the hero of the laissez faire free marketeer crowd, whatever his views were. There is no pure laissez faire nation anywhere on Earth, so that is a straw man.

Friedman’s disciples to this day in the Republican Party, the Heritage Foundation, the Cato Institute and the American Enterprise Institute reject most of Friedman’s views above.

For instance, the modern conservative movement opposes:

The public school system. Conservatives have always hated the public schools in the US since we put them against great conservative opposition in the 1840′s. The conservative project at least since the Reagan days has been to destroy the public schools of the US. They do this in a variety of ways via privatization, vouchers, defunding, etc.

Public universities. Recently conservatives have declared war on public universities. University costs have been skyrocketing as universities in the US are progressively defunded. It is now to the point where only rich kids can go to college, which is exactly the way that conservatives want it, as that is how it is in most of the world. “If you’re not rich, you can’t go to college.” That is the Republican motto.

Republicans hate public schools for a variety of reasons but the main reason is that they have to pay for them but they do not send their kids to them. Conservatives tend to be people who are rich enough to send their kids to expensive private schools and private universities. They want to destroy public universities because their kids don’t go to them.

There are also other things at work. Conservatives think that public schools are evil and teach radical anti-Christian dogma.

Conservatives have always hated the teachers’ unions possibly more than any other union. This is because the teachers’ unions are one of the last powerful public employee unions in the US. In addition, most conservatives hate public school teachers, especially in grades 7-12 (they seem to give those teaching the little kids a break). Conservatives think teachers are lazy and overpaid and basically bad, worthless people. Just about every conservative I ever met was contemptuous of public school teachers.

The modern conservative movement is of course dead set against a basic income (Friedman wanted $10,000/yr, which is not enough to live on, but oh well). Not only that, but conservatives are determined to destroy all social spending in the US – all government spending on health care (Medicaid and Medicare), retirement (Social Security), housing (Section 8), food (food stamps, WIC) child support (welfare), preschool (Head Start), energy assistance (CARE), and disability (SSI). The poor are already struggling, but modern conservatives want to kick their feet out from under their wobbling legs. If you use any of the programs above, conservatives are your deadly enemies.

Admittedly most conservatives are sane enough to support a Central Bank, but there is definitely a wingnut Libertarian nutcase wing that wants to “Abolish the Fed,” “go back to the gold standard,” and various other economically insane things.

When was the last time you heard a conservative calling for taxes on pollution? Conservatives have opposed every anti-pollution law the US ever passed. They even want to abolish the agency that regulates polluters, the EPA – that agency is one of their worst enemies. Conservatives apparently believe that there should be no pollution controls of any kind in the US. The oppose government efforts to regulate and fine polluting industries. If you hate polluters, conservatives should be your deadly enemies.

Modern conservatives do not believe that the government should ever put any businessmen behind bars for violating the government’s laws regulating business. The last recession was caused when an entire industry (Wall Street banksters) turned into criminals and committed mass organized crime. Predictably, none of these horrible criminals have ever done a day of jail time. At the time, the FBI said that they were not going to arrest any of the banksters who blew up the world’s economy because the FBI said that they would have to arrest all of Wall Street. Some people are “too big to jail.”

So the truth is that Friedman was not quite as insane or horrible as most of his followers. But why is this important? Why does Friedman’s position on anything matter? The man is dead. The people spouting his theories and worshiping him as a Godhead have gone far beyond what he proposed. Is Milton Friedman running the economies of any nation on Earth? Is he in any sort of advisory committee to any state on Earth? Is he even teaching or writing books anymore and manipulating minds that way?

Of course not, he is dead. Therefore his positions are important only for historical purposes, as mere footnotes in our modern saga.

What is really important is what modern day Friedmanites believe, as his disciples are major politicians who are running countries, media workers espousing free market propaganda and economics (almost all economics professors and departments in the US have now been taken over for Friedmanites and free marketeers) and business professors at universities brainwashing the next generation of economists and businessmen.

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More Lame Hater Charges


Let us go through these.

  • Hank was not real. Dumbass claimed numerous times that there was absolutely no way that Hank was a fake. Of course near the end his confidence started dwindling and he plateaued at around the 50% mark of believing in Hank.

In my opinion, it could not have been a faked, but I was wrong about that, I agree. I now believe that its accuracy was due to it being modeled on the body of a real dead Bigfoot. Photos and drawings of this dead Bigfoot were provided by Dyer to the special effects man.

Never before has a Bigfoot prop been created that replicated certain aspects of known Bigfoot features this well. In other words, this model was best likeness of a real Bigfoot ever created, feature-wise. Sure it looks fake, but all the other models look fake too. The problem is that the other models do not replicate Bigfoot features as accurately as this one does. However, I was wrong about Hank being real. I will admit to that. Rick fooled a lot of us.

  • There is no hotel billionaire from Vegas funding Rick’s fake teddy in a box.

I never said that the billionaire from Vegas paid for Rick’s prop. The man is not a hotel magnate, and he is not even from Las Vegas. I continue to believe there is a real body, and this man owns it. This has not yet been disproven so I am not wrong.

  • There is no curator from the Museum of Natural History speaking at the press conference.

That is because there has not yet been a press conference. I am confident that one was scheduled with this person to speak at it at one time. I continue to believe that a press conference may well occur. This has not yet been disproven so I am not wrong.

  • There was and will never be a press conference.

I said there would be one at some point in the future. This has not yet been disproven so I am not wrong.

  • There were no MD’s that analyzed the body. Even Dumbass changed his story in his last post to say it was a couple of friends that saw the body.

Not true. Jeff and Jack stated that they brought 2 MD’s with them to view some sort of a Hank figure. The MD’s stated that they thought it was real according to Jeff and Jack. If the Hank prop fooled them, those are two more people who got fooled by Rick’s prop. I am not wrong in this case as the charge is not true. The MD’s were indeed there.

  • Hank is not the epitome of special effects. Okay, this is just an opinion but c’mon Dumbass, do you really think that Hank is the BEST that mankind can produce for a fake body. Bloody moronic logic on your part.

I never said it was the best we can do. However, this prop represented actual Bigfoot features more accurately than any other Bigfoot prop I have ever seen. The other Bigfoot props are not exactly masterpieces either if you have noticed, and they all look fake.

  • There was no additional video shown at the Alamo.

Jeff and Jack were originally supposed to show a 40 minute video of them verifying Hank. However, I found out that this was cancelled at the last minute and I did report that.

  • There were no investors at the Alamo. Jeff and Jack (the investors) were supposed to speak at the Alamo, but about a week before, plans were changed and they pulled out. I reported that.

1 for 8! Pretty pitiful!

The rest mentions something about me being supported by my mother and my aunt. My aunt never gives me one single nickel for anything. Not that she should, but that is just the way it is. My mother doesn’t “support” me. I live on my own and pay my own bills every month and have lived this way for a very long time.

However, I come from a very generous extended family. People are always loaning and giving other family members money for this and that. My family is very close-knit, and that is just the way we are. Further, most people I know are getting money from their parents. These people are aged 40-52, and their incomes range from 12-30,000/yr. Yes, their parents do help them out, mostly for large expenses in the $2,000-3,000 range, although one friend had a wealthy father who was helping the family survive while the son was out of business. Further the father had given out large gifts for various things, such as $10,000 to start a business.

In fact, most of the wealthy people I know continue to get quite a bit of money from their parents. That is, while these people are wealthy ($200-300,000/yr), their parents are stinking filthy rich. Most every person I ever knew who came from a wealthy family continued to receive a lot of money from their parents far off into adulthood.

Can someone explain to me why this is some gigantic problem? Is there something wrong with close-knit families who help each other out? If wealthy parents continue to shower money on their children far off into adulthood (as is the norm) why is it so horrible that non-wealthy families might do this too.

Personally, I also have very generous friends who help me out financially in various ways, and for most of my life, I have had many very generous girlfriends who have spent a lot of money on me.

I fail to see why this is such a problem!

The rest of the post goes off in the usual direction, but I will say that one thing I have noticed is that 100% of my haters are Republican conservatives. I haven’t seen a single progressive person among the haters yet. So apparently a lot of this beef is political.

Anyway here is a personal message to the folks who put up this site, especially Laura, along with the idiots at this site.

GG Allin RIP forever!

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Another German Cannibal Case


Never heard of this one before.

Similar to the case of Armin Meiwes, a computer programmer who met a man online who wished to be killed and eaten. Meiwes fulfilled the man’s request, chopping off his penis first. He cooked the penis in a frying pan like a sausage while the man sat in a corner bleeding to death. Weiss then ate part of the penis, which he said was rather chewy as far as meat goes.

Meiwes met the man on a German website where self-proclaimed cannibals meet those who say that they wish to be killed and eaten. Before killing the man he hate, Meiwes had received 200 letters from other men who also desired to be killed and eaten. Some request to be barbequed slowly while they are still alive.

Now here is another case. A veteran police detective met a German businessman on the same website. The detective stabbed the man to death in the neck as per his request. Then he chopped the body into many pieces, a process which took ~5 hours. After, he buried the parts of the body in the Ore Mountains near the bed and breakfast that the detective also runs. The detective said he did not eat the man though. The cops found the grave and dug up the body, which was in many pieces.

The website were the quartet met claims to have over 3,000 members. Weiss himself estimated that there are ~800 “chefs” (killers and eaters of men) and “longpigs” (those who wish to be killed and eaten) in Germany.


It’s a whole movement!

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