The Three Percenters.

Basically the militia movement. They are “preppers.”

Apparently these fucktards think there is going to be some sort of a revolution in the US. The US government, apparently led by Democrats or liberals, is going to institute martial law in the US and a state of emergency.

People, I guess conservatives, will be arrested and detained with no charges. Warrantless searches will be conducted everywhere, apparently only on Tea Partiers though. Detention camps will be set up, I guess for conservatards. Cities, I guess Republican cities, will be blockaded by Liberal Government armed forces. Food will be prevented from entering and water and power will be shut off in an attempt to shut down the Tea Party guerrillas. Foreign troops will be called in (Apparently because the Liberal US military can’t do the job!) to keep the order. Proud, conservatarded states will secede from the unholy Union, prompting Liberal Government forces to attack.

Looking through their news releases, these people are just ordinary Republicans or more specifically Tea Party types. Their hero is Ronald Reagan. They hate the federal government. On their Facebook page, it may as well be Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz or Newt Gingrich talking. In fact, they love Paul Ryan. That page simply looks like Republican Party Central.

The only thing I can gather is that increasingly this type of lunacy is becoming normal on the Republican Right. On the US right, radical is normal. All the moderates left the party long ago. The people we used to consider jokes and laughingstocks are now in the dead center of the party. This is not your father’s Republican Party. Looking at how nuts the GOP has gone lately, you really wonder why any sane conservatives are even with the party anymore. You would think they would have taken off by now. To where? Who knows? But if I were a sane conservative, I would try to get as far away from the RNC as possible.

I work in mental health and in my opinion, the people who follow this organization appear to be mentally ill in some way. I am not sure if they actually are nuts, but they appear that way. They also look somewhat psychotic. Once again, not saying they are psychotic, but they look psychotic.

A friend of mine from the US was talking to me about US politics. He kept shaking his head in disbelief. “I don’t understand American politics,” he said. “It’s so irrational.”


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Yet Another School Shooting


Shooting was at a high school. Shooter was a freshman who had been bullied. Those shot were his own friends. Gunman and one victim were killed. 4-5 others wounded, 2 of them in critical condition.

Every time I turn around, there is another mass shooting here in the US. These are definitely on the increase. What’s weird is that no matter how many mass shootings there, there is absolutely no trend whatsoever towards any reasonable even beginnings at gun control. For instance, for starters, how about banning large ammo clips? Next ban all semi-automatic weapons? Start with the rifles. Make everyone who has a gun have to carry a permit similar to a driver’s license revokable at any time just as a drivers’ license is.

I swear we could be having a mass shooting a day in this lunatic country and there would not be 1% movement in the polls on these issues. Americans are some of the world’s biggest nutcases.


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Is the CIA Running a Defamation Campaign Against Putin?

Via the Saker. Excellent piece. I agree with every single thing he says in this interview. That’s actually pretty amazing isn’t it? I mean in a typical Western news piece about Putin, Russia and the Ukraine, it starts out, “Once upon a time…” and after that, it’s just one lie and distortion after another. What Saker is telling is simply the truth. These are the facts. No spin, no lies, no crap, the real deal.

Of course this is an organized campaign.

I started really worrying about the US news media only recently. During this Ukraine mess I noticed that 100% of the US media was in total lockstep with every single story along the way. That didn’t seem to make sense. I thought we had freedom of speech? I thought we had freedom of the press? Apparently not. The stories and storylines were so similar to the point of nearly being carbon copies of each other that it really got me thinking. How could there possibly be such stunning uniformity in all of the stories coming out about Ukraine and Russia?

Really that is only possible if all of the media is on the same team so to speak. And so apparently they are. I do not know how exactly all of this works out. I read a while back that the CIA actually owns a lot of the US media outright. And Operation Mockingbird is old news. Some of the most famous US journalists of the last 70 years were on the CIA payroll. In fact, looking through the list of top US journalists who were CIA assets, I was starting to wonder which top US journalists were not on the CIA payroll!

And what I have heard is that Operation Mockingbird was shut down, but it was then continued under a variety of new names, sort of like COINTELPRO with the FBI.

A number of the largest US papers have been regarded as CIA assets for a long time now. The Washington Post is notorious. The LA Times and the New York Times are also mentioned a lot. We hear repeatedly about US reporters calling their CIA contacts to run stories by them first to see if they get the go-ahead.

The Agency and the Deep State run the press in other ways. First of all, the people who run the media are Establishment types in the worst 1960’s sense. They are part of the system. The same system that maintains US imperialism, the CIA, the Pentagon, the corporate state, the national security establishment and the whole mess. In other words, they are all part of the same system. All of the editors and owners of these media outlets are part of the same US elites that run the whole imperial project.

And the US corporations and the US ruling class rich are all part of the US imperial project. In fact, most of that project is simply run for their benefit. Corporate interests and the interests of the 1% are the raison d’ etre for the whole National Security State. What’s it all about? It’s all about the money. Most world politics has typically all been about the loot, at least in recent years. Most wars are all about money. At the end of the day, most wars are bankers’ wars.

Looking at the shocking sameness of the stories, it seems pretty clear that the Deep State or the CIA simply plants stories in the media. The media then simply runs with them. Whether or not the media is knowingly running lies as stories is uncertain, but corporate journalism is a very dirty game where you start lying when you get out of bed and you’re still fibbing away when you tuck yourself in at night.

Perhaps they just run the stories and believe they are true without really checking them out. It is quite possible that they believe their own lies. They actually think that they are telling the truth. I have no idea. I do not that almost zero real investigative journalism is going on in the corporate media anymore. When you constantly run planted stories without even bothering to figure out if they are true or not and then squash any attempts to discover the actual truth behind events, at that point, there is no Fourth Estate anymore. You’re a PR firm for the US Deep State.

I would also like to point out that the Deep State has deep ties to US capitalism. In fact, US corporate capitalism and the ruling class are the same thing as the Deep State. The Deep State is simply the foreign policy and statist branch of the US ruling class and US corporations. In the US, the market and the state are blurred. The corporations and the rich run the state and populate it with their agents. The state exists solely for the benefit of the ruling class and corporations and in order to attack and wage class war on everyone else.

So the state is the problem as the Libertarians are always screaming, but the private sector is the problem too. The state is run by the private sector elites to fulfill their domestic and foreign policy objectives. The state and the market are one. The capitalists are the state and the state is the capitalists. They’re all the same thing.

I am not sure if you all can wrap your heads around that or not.

Is the CIA Running a Defamation Campaign Against Putin?


Russia Insider interviews The Saker


The latest hot topic in the Russian media. Russian politicians are talking about it. Historical precedent and behavior of Western media suggests that they are.

A major topic in the Russian media is mystification with how Putin is portrayed in the Western media.

Wildly popular at home, and seen as a decent, modest, an admirable person, and Russians don’t understand how there can be such a disconnect with Western impressions.

Recently, leading Russian commentators and politicians have been suggesting that this can only be explained by a deliberate campaign to defame Putin, by governments or other groups.

Yesterday, at a briefing to foreign journalists, Sergey Ivanov, Putin’s chief of staff, arguably the 2nd most powerful man in Russia, spoke of an “information war” consisting of “personal attacks” on Putin.

The western media hit a new low…


The day before another member of Putin’s inner circle, Vyasheslav Volodin, made similar remarks, telling foreign journalists “an attack on Putin is an attack on Russia.”

The logic, they argue, is that by defaming the leader of a country, you weaken his power domestically by undermining popular support for him, and internationally, by rallying popular opinion to support policies against that country. The ultimate goal, they argue, is to weaken the country itself. They also talk about regime change.

They argue that if one looks at the facts, that there is evidence of ongoing character assassination which cannot be explained by a vague popular zeitgeist in the West, but is more likely the result of a dedicated effort to introduce this defamation into the news flow.


Newsweek has been one of the most virulent Putin-bashers for years.


The issue of manipulation of news by intelligence services has been in the news recently with revelations that the CIA and German Secret Service (GSS) have long-running programs to influence how media executives and top journalists convey and interpret the news, including direct cash payments.

Here are some examples they point to:

  • Portraying him as a scheming dictator trying to rebuild a repressive empire.
  • Claiming he personally ordered the murder of a number of journalists, and personally ordered a KGB defector to be murdered with radiation poisoning.
  • Frequently citing unsubstantiated rumors he is having an affair with a famous gymnast.
  • Allegations that he has stashed away billions for his personal benefit, without providing evidence.
  • Recent article in Newsweek claiming he leads a luxurious and lazy lifestyle, sleeping late.
  • Recent article in NYT focusing on a supposed personal arrogance.
  • Hillary Clinton mentioning in speech after speech that he is a bad guy, a bully, that one must confront him forcefully.
  • Frequently using pejoratives to describe his person – “a jerk and a thug” (Thomas Friedman this week in the NYT)
  • Misquoting him on his regret about the collapse of the Soviet Union.
  • Articles about a supposed super-luxury villa built for him in southern Russia.
  • The over-the top headlines in the western media (they were worst of all in Germany) portraying him personally responsible for murdering the victims of MH17.
  • And soft stuff – magazine covers making him look sinister, monstrous, etc.

RI sat down with The Saker, a leading analyst of Russia in international affairs, and asked him what he thinks:

So, is there any credence to this line of thinking, or is this conspiracy theorists running wild?

There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that the US is waging a major psyop war against Russia, although not a shooting war, for now, and that what we are seeing is a targeted campaign to discredit Putin and achieve “regime change” in Russia or, should that fail, at the very least “regime weakening” and “Russia weakening”.

And the Economist has been the very worst of them all…


So this is a US government program?

Yes, Putin is absolutely hated by certain factions in the US government two main reasons:

1. He partially, but not fully, restored Russia’s sovereignty which under Gorbachev and Yeltsin had been totally lost … Russia then was a US colony like Ukraine is today … and,

2. He dared to openly defy the USA and its civilizational model.

… a free and sovereign Russia is perceived by the US “deep state” as an existential threat which has to be crushed. … this is a full-scale political assault on Russia and Putin personally.

So what the Russians are saying, that the constant personal attacks against Putin in the global media are partly the result of deliberate efforts by US intelligence services, … basically, planted stories…

Yes, absolutely

It seems like “Operation Mockingbird” all over again… Are you aware of other instances aimed at Putin?

(Editors Note: Operation Mockingbird was a CIA program started in the 1950s to influence the US media, which was gradually exposed by investigative journalists starting in the late 60s, culminating in sensational televised congressional hearings in 1975 which shocked the nation, forcing the program’s termination. Critics maintain that the same tactics have continued since, under different programs. Wikipedia)

Yes, of course. Since this defamation has very little traction with the Russian public … Putin’s popularity is higher than ever before .., there is an organized campaign to convince them that Putin is “selling out” Novorussia, that he is a puppet of oligarchs who are making deals with Ukrainian oligarchs to back-stab the Novorussian resistance…

… So far, Putin’s policies in the Ukraine have enjoyed very strong support from the Russian people who still oppose an overt military intervention…

… but if Kiev attacks Novorussia again – which appears very likely – and if such an attack is successful – which is less likely but always possible – then Putin will be blamed for having given the Ukrainians the time to regroup and reorganize.


Warm and fuzzy…


So you are saying that if the Ukrainian military strengthens its position enough to deliver a serious blow to the East Ukrainians, the US can use this as a method to strike at Putin’s support base…

Yes, that’s right … there are a lot of “fake patriots” in Russia and abroad who will reject any negotiated solution and who will present any compromise as a “betrayal”. They are the “useful idiots” used by western special services to smear and undermine Putin.

Is it limited to government special ops, or are there other groups who might have an interest in doing this?

Yes, well here is something that most people in the west don’t appreciate… there is a major behind-the scenes struggle among Russian elites between what I call the “Eurasian Sovereignists” (basically, those who support Putin) and what I call the “Atlantic Integrationists” (those whom Putin refers to as the “5th column).

The western media talks about this as the struggle between Russian liberals and conservatives, reformers and reactionaries, right?

Well its sort of like that, but not exactly…

The former see Russia’s future in the Russian North and East and want to turn Russia towards Asia, Latin America and the rest of the world, while the latter want Russia to become part of the “North Atlantic” power configuration.

The Atlantic Integrationists are now too weak to openly challenge Putin – whose real power base is his immense popular support – but they are quietly sabotaging his efforts to reform Russia while supporting anti-Putin campaigns.

Regarding the revelations of CIA activities in Germany, do you think this is going on in other countries, in the US?

I am sure that this is happening in most countries worldwide. The very nature of the modern corporate media is such that it makes journalists corrupt.

As the French philosopher Alain Soral says “nowadays a reporter is either unemployed or a prostitute“. There are, of course, a few exceptions, but by and large this is true.

This is not to say that most journalists are on the take. In the West this is mostly done in a more subtle way – by making it clear which ideas do or do not pass the editorial control, by lavishly rewarding those journalists who ‘get it’ and by quietly turning away those who don’t.

If a journalist or reporter commits the crime of “crimethink” he or she will be sidelined and soon out of work.

There is no real pluralism in the West where the boundaries of what can be said or not are very strictly fixed.

Ok, but is it like what has been revealed in Germany, …similar specific operational programs in France, the UK, Italy, Latin America, etc.

Yes, one has to assume so – it is in their interests to have them and there is no reason for them not to.

As for the CIA, it de facto controls enough of the corporate media to “set the tone”. As somebody who in the past used to read the Soviet press for a living, I can sincerely say that it was far more honest and more pluralistic than the press in the USA or EU today.

Joseph Goebbels or Edward Bernays could not have imagined the degree of sophistication of modern propaganda machines.

If the US is doing it, can’t one assume other governments are too? Are the Russians doing it against western leaders?

I think that all governments try to do that kind of stuff. However, what makes the US so unique it a combination of truly phenomenal arrogance and multi-billion dollar budgets.

The US “deep state” owns the western corporate media which is by far the most powerful media on the planet. Most governments can only do that inside their own country … to smear a political opponent or discredit a public figure, but they simply do not have the resources to mount an international strategic psyop campaign. This is something only the US can do.

So foreign governments are at a great disadvantage in this arena vis-a-vis the US?


Saker commentary:

I want to add here a totally shameless plug for Russia Insider. Guys – keep an eye on what RI is doing. Not only has the editor and publisher, Charles Bausman, assembled a first-rate team of contributors (including several I consider as friends), but the format used by RI is an ideal complement to what I try to do here: whereas I tend to privilege long detailed analyses and a few shorter news items here and there, RI offers a steady stream of news items covering a very wide variety of related topics interspersed with always interesting opinion pieces.

Frankly, I consider this very good and very needed stuff, and a very effective way to debunk the lies of the Empire’s main stream media.  Good guys, doing good things, in a good format.  In other words – I consider checking the RI site at least once a day a “must”.

Kind regards to all,

The Saker


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Romance Languages and Latin

A linguist named Mario Pei undertook a study of Romance languages to determine how far they had deviated from Latin. This is what he came up with. Lower scores means closer to Latin and higher scores means further from Latin:

Sardinian  8% 
Italian    12% 
Spanish    20% 
Romanian   23.5% 
Occitan    25% 
Portuguese 31% 
French     44%

I had always heard that Sardo was like Latin frozen in time. Italian is also said to be quite close to Latin still. In fact, it is from this land that Latin emerged in the first place. Spanish has deviated quite a bit, but I am not certain why that is. For one thing, quite a bit of Arabic has gone into Spanish. As far as other influences, I am not sure. There are influences from pre-Latin languages, but I am not sure how significant they are. The impact of Basque (which would be included under pre-Latin influences, is also not known, but it has effected Aragonese and Aranese.

Romanian has obviously been flooded with Slavic words.

Occitan is also different, but this is probably due to the French influence as Occitan is sort of a Spanish-French hybrid language like Catalan.

Portuguese is also very different, but I am not sure why that is. Clearly the Portuguese vowels have gone crazy, but why is that? Brazilian Portuguese had influence from Indian languages, but that did not affect European Portuguese.

French is the most different of all. The odd vowels appear to originate from a Celtic base (Gaulish). In addition, quite a bit of Germanic has gone in via the Franks and there was a strong Norse influence in the far north. Basque and Breton influences are not known. It is due to this strong differentiation that other Romance language speakers say that no one can understand the French.


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Alain Sorel on Journalism in the West

Nowadays a reporter is either unemployed or a prostitute.

- French philosopher Alain Soral

As you can see, I am not employed in this field.

More or less by choice. I have worked in the field before. I was a proofreader at an academic journal publishing house for a year and then I was assistant editor at a major computer magazine for another year. I also freelanced a bit. I really do not like the field very much though, and I have no desire to get a 9-5 in such a disgusting line of work, and my health more or less prevents it anyway. I haven’t even been looking for work in the field for many, many years. I think the last time I was looking for journalism work was around 1987.

From the Saker:

The very nature of the modern corporate media is such that it makes journalists corrupt. This is not to say that most journalists are on the take. In the West this is mostly done in a more subtle way – by making it clear which ideas do or do not pass the editorial control, by lavishly rewarding those journalists who ‘get it’ and by quietly turning away those who don’t.

If a journalist or reporter commits the crime of “crimethink” he or she will be sidelined and soon out of work.

There is no real pluralism in the West where the boundaries of what can be said or not are very strictly fixed.

I have worked and been around this field for some time now, and let me assure you that this is true. If you go to work for a major paper, newsmagazine or TV or radio news channel and refuse to tow the party line on every story that is political, you are going to be fired. That’s all there is to it. If you do not get it immediately and start writing party line style from the day you show up, they will give you a bit of a chance. You will write a few stories that deviate from the party line and your editor, who frankly is a CIA asset, will hand them back to you angrily full of red marks crossing every other sentence out with lots of exclamation points and comments more or less calling you a freak, a nut or an idiot. The editor will give it back to you, and he will have a very angry, even menacing look on his face. All of the other reporters that you work with will be party line guys. All of your political conversations will be party line. If you have views that go outside the party line, the other reporters will first look at you like you are nuts, and then they will simply shun you from their cliques. Soon they will begin to actively sabotage your work and there will be a conspiracy on the part of your coworkers to get you fired. The editors of course will go along with this.

With those first few stories handed back full of red ink and angry comments, you are supposed to “get it.” If you are stupid and you don’t figure out the game, soon you will be sidelined or even very quickly and viciously fired.

The field of Journalism in the US is as corrupt as they come. It is said that 89% of US reporters are “liberals,” but don’t let that fool you. That may be true, but I assure you that there is nothing whatsoever liberal about these people, except maybe on PC Identity Politics lifestyle issue garbage. Another thing to note that is that many journalists are quite highly paid. Salaries o9f 75-100,000/year are not uncommon. Folks like that have class interests that align with the upper middle class, the bourgeois and the ruling class. I assure you that on economic issues, they are not liberal in any way, shape or form.

As far as rewarding disgusting pussy suck-up girlie men, that is the same as in any stupid corporate environment. Sure, the reporters that get it quickly and start towing the party line are favored and get rewarded. I cannot tell you what those rewards are except an assurance that you will not be fired. I also believe that they will tend to be promoted. Other than that, I have no knowledge of what sort of rewards they might get.

Oh, one more thing I might add for you straight men. The field of Journalism is absolutely swarming with male homosexuals. Yes, there are also a lot of often attractive women, but you are also negotiating in a sea full of gay sharks. I was once fired from a journalism position by a fag editor for refusing to suck his dick. No lie.


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Ukraine Mini-SITREP: Very Ominous Developments

The latest from the Saker. It really looks like the Ukie Nazis are getting ready to attack. There’s never been any cease-fire. There’s been fighting all along the ceasefire lines for some time now. From what I can tell, both sides seem to be equally guilty of breaking the ceasefire. A major US figure just arrived in Kiev for consultations with Poroshenko.

Every time a major US figure goes to Kiev for consultations with the president, the Nazis launch a serious attack soon afterwards. It’s obvious that the Kiev is owned lock, stock and barrel by Washington. There are 1,000 CIA agents in Kiev right at this moment, and they have been there for some time. At one time, there were 1,000 FBI agents there too. From what I can tell, the CIA station in Kiev seems to be running the Nazi government there.

The voentorg is the illicit Russian supply line to the rebels. Don’t believe Russian denials. Russia has been supplying these rebels with large amounts of material for some time now. After the ceasefire, Russia cut off the military aid supply. The rebels were furious over this, which shows that the rebels are not just Russian puppets. The rebels want one thing, and the Russians want another. On the other hand, if the rebels wish to say launch a huge offensive, they will have to get Russia to agree to it because Russia holds the purse strings.

Saying that the rebels are puppets of Russia is like saying that the Viet Cong and the NVA didn’t really exist except that they were puppet forces of the USSR and China. It’s stupid Cold War talk for idiots. 78% of Americans believe this crap, so apparently 78% of the population are straight up retarded.

Anyway, the voentorg has started up again recently in a very big way. The implication here is that Russia thinks that the Nazis are getting ready for a huge offensive.

This short post is just to inform you of the latest developments in the war in the Ukraine.

Following the use of a tactical ballistic missile against Donetsk by the Ukies, Zakharchenko has declared that the ceasefire was basically over.

Strelkov has made an official appeal warning that according to this information the Ukies were massing troops in preparation for an attack.  According to Strelkov, the Ukie plan is for a very short and very rapid “push” towards Donestk and the Russian border to make any Novorussian state non-viable and thus to negotiate from a position of force.  True, Strelkov does have a record of exaggerating threats in order to minimize them, but this time there are some strong signs that his analysis is shared by the Russian military, and these signs are the most ominous signs of all.

Russian sources – including the excellent Colonel Cassad blog – report that the voentorg aid-spigot has been fully re-opened including for some major deliveries.  While, of course, I am very happy that the Novorussian resistance is getting much needed equipment (and specialists), this kind of full reopening of the voentorg also indicates to me that the Russian intelligence services have concluded that an attack is very likely, possibly very soon.

I have been following the situation in Banderastan pretty closely and I can only say that the cracks in the regime are visible all over the place.  Whether Poroshenko and his US master’s really believe that an attack can succeed (I doubt it) or whether they really want to force Russia into openly intervening (which I see as almost inevitable), the fact is that starting a major war might well be the only way to save the Poroshenko regime which currently is in free fall.

It is quite possible that Strelkov’s blunt warning and, even more so, the reopening of the voentorg will convince the Ukies that Russia is ready to intervene and that their attack will not be allowed to succeed.  What concerns me is that the Poroshenko regime (and his CIA patrons) might decide that even a defeat at the hand of the Russian military is preferable to the current death spiral: not only can a war save the regime, a Russian intervention would finally make the AngloZionist dream come true.  Putin will try his utmost to avoid falling into this trap, and that means that Russia will have to provide massive covert support and aid to Novorussia.  As for the Novorussians, they have to be strong enough to stop the initial assault.  If they succeed, then the offensive will be effectively dead. But Strelkov is right, if the Ukie break through the Novorussian lines, then Russia will have to intervene.

This is an extremely dangerous situation.

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ATT Internet Is Shit

This thing goes offline every single day multiple times a day. This is something new. They used to almost never go offline even for one second. It’s like their service has completely gone down the toilet. Anyone else experiencing the same crap?

Thing is, this is what is called a market failure. There’s really nowhere to go. There are no alternatives around here. You can go to Comcast cable, but then you have to spend a fortune on new equipment and I have heard nothing but horrible things about Comcast.

So your choice is Shit Phone Company or Diabolical Cable Company from Hell. Yeah that’s some choice.

I am thinking that the phone companies and the cable companies are both acting like they have monopolies. Once a company turns into a monopoly its service goes into the toilet. Why fix things? Why speed up the Net? Why fix our Net so it doesn’t go offline anymore? Give us a reason why we should fix it? We don’t feel like fixing it because our customers have nowhere to go.

I think these phone and cable companies both ought to be run as publicly regulated monopolies the same way PG & E power is here in California. Phone and cable are natural monopolies. Natural monopolies must be regulated by the people or they will run berserk and abuse everyone.



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The Roots of English

Here is a little quiz for you.

1. Looking at the 2,000 most commonly used words in English, what language represents the greatest percentage of that total? Extra points if you come close to telling us what the percentage is.

Language A:

2. Looking at a dictionary, name the three languages that have contributed the most words to the English language as a whole. Extra points for roundabout percentages, but honestly, all three have contributed close to the same % of words.

Language B:

Language C:

Language D:

Note that Language A may also be one of the languages in Languages B-D.


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What Is a Lect?

This is an interesting word that is apparently used in Linguistics sometimes. The first time I heard it was when I writing to Ethnologue to try to get them try break up some of the Mansi languages in Siberia. Ethnologue says there are two languages, but really there are more like six. She wrote back that I hadn’t told her enough about the Mansi “lects” to justify a split. I thought that was a pretty cool term, so I started using it a lot. Some of my colleagues are famous linguists and I communicate with them from time to time. A few even have their own Wikipedia pages. One of these guys told me that he really liked my use of the word “lect.”

Other than that woman at Ethnologue and me, I am not sure if anyone else is using the word.

But anyway, what does the word mean? Give me a definition. And also tell me what it is and what it is not.


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Why Would Anyone Be a Patriotard in the First Place?

I honestly cannot understand patriotards. They make no sense at all to me. In order to be a patriotard, you have to believe that your government never does anything bad or evil. How could anyone believe that?

What I am people like me are doing is pointing out the evil stuff that my country is doing. I am not doing to say how much I hate the country, which is a dumb argument anyway. For the record anyway, I hate almost all of the West. All of the Western governments are pretty much evil. I do not think any of them are any good. And I do not like most other governments either.

I hate to sound like a Libertarian, but it seems like almost all governments do some really slimy, sleazy and evil stuff. I realize the solution to that is the Libertarian one, to get rid of the state, but that won’t fix anything. First of all, one of the main reasons that states act so evil is because their foreign policy is to act in benefit of the capitalists who run the economy. So the capitalists are pretty much ordering these states to do all this evil stuff. Because at the end of the day, the capitalists and the state are the same under capitalism. Just read Marx or Lenin, and this is absolutely clear.

The CIA is the armed to the teeth intelligence force of the US corporations. The Pentagon is the ultra armed-to the-teeth militia of the US corporations and the US rich. The US military is their private army. The task of the US military and the CIA is to run around the world doing all sorts of ugly and nasty things for the sole benefit of the 1% of the US and the US corporations.

If you are not a wealthy elitist or you don’t run a corporation, why would you support such a thing? It’s not like what they are doing is to benefit you. Come to think of it, if you are not rich and don’t own a corporation, why would you support the US military? After all, it’s just the private militia of George Soros, Mitt Romney, the Carlyle Group, Halliburton, Chevron and ATT. Why would anyone put on a uniform and go risk their ass to fight for a bunch of slimeballs and nasty corporations like that. You are going to go overseas and kill people for Goldman Sachs? You will fight, get hurt or be killed for Bank of America? Why would anyone do that? Come to think of it, why would anyone “support the troops”? What’s go good about “the troops?”

So anyway people like me are simply pointing out that our government does some really evil stuff. That makes us mad, probably because we love our country and do not want to see it doing bad stuff. So we are rubbing the American dog’s face in the mess it shit on the floor so to speak. What do we want? We want our country to knock it off! We request that we stop doing this evil things. How does that make us America-haters?

Furthermore, why do I have to leave? Anyone who points out that their government does evil shit has to leave? Why? How bout we take this line around the world. Anyone, in any country, who points out that their government does evil shit has to leave the country? Because the only people who are allowed to stay in any country are those who say the government never does any evil shit?

Why does everyone have to be happy with their country? Honestly, I doubt if I would be happy with any country I lived in. I would probably hate the government because I really dislike most governments. As far as the country itself, I am not sure. I might like some of the populations. But for a lot of countries in the world, if I were living there, I would look around at the citizens of my land and say, “You know what? These people suck.”

Looking around the world from a First World Country, it is obvious that most countries in the world blow. You would think most people who live in these countries would have figured that out by now. So, everyone who isn’t wild about their government or their country has to take off? You realize we are talking about maybe 4 billion people here? Why do they have to leave? Where are they supposed to go?

What is the mindset of the patriotard? My country never does anything bad? Everything we do is sweetness, good and light? Is that honestly what they think?

Patriotards always think they live in a great country. American patriotards are rather unique because I believe 80-85% of them believe that they actually live in the greatest country in the world, which seems like a weird thing to believe. I have even met US Marxists who firmly believe this. Why do we have to be a great country? What would happen if we were not a great country?


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