America’s Best Friends in Syria

Say hello to America's best friends in Syria - Al Qaeda!

Say hello to America’s best friends in Syria – Al Qaeda!

This photo shows Al Qaeda gunmen after they took a number of Armenian Christians hostage in a town in northwestern Syria near the Turkish border. This child is the youngest of their hostages.

Some Armenians were killed during the assault. At least one was beheaded and others were given a choice to convert to Islam or be killed.

The attack on the Armenian town was backed by Turkish artillery fire! Turkey is a NATO member! Incredible! NATO supported an Al Qaeda attack on a Christian town in Syria!

It appears that the Turks just can’t seem to stop killing Armenians. You think they would have learned their lesson after they genocided them 100 years ago, but old habits die hard.

Please pray for the poor Armenian Orthodox Christians of Syria!

Go America! Go Al Qaeda! Go America! Go Al Qaeda! Go America! Go Al Qaeda! Go America! Go Al Qaeda! Go America! Go Al Qaeda! Go America! Go Al Qaeda! Go America! Go Al Qaeda! Go America! Go Al Qaeda! Go America! Go Al Qaeda! Go America! Go Al Qaeda!

We’re Number 1! We’re Number 1! We’re Number 1! We’re Number 1! We’re Number 1! We’re Number 1! We’re Number 1! We’re Number 1! We’re Number 1! We’re Number 1! We’re Number 1! We’re Number 1!


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The Banksters, Enemies of Democracy, Friends of Fascism

Banksters complain about excessive democracy in Europe.

Banksters complain about excessive democracy in Europe.

The rich and the corporations and especially the banksters have always hated democracy. Democracy of course mean popular rule or rule by the people. The banksters, the rich and the corporations believe that society should be ruled by an aristocracy. In fact, all conservatives believe in aristocratic rule and not democratic rule.

The banksters such as JP Morgan are the best friends of both political parties in the US. Both the Democrats and the Republicans are very much pro-bankster. Banksters provide much of the campaign funding for both parties for the preposterous money-based elections in our fake democracy. America is a fake democracy, not a real democracy, in part because its elections are money-based. Whoever has the most money wins the elections.

Politicians work only for those who give them lots of money and do nothing for those of us who do not give them any money. So politicians only serve the wealthy interests that fund their elections and they flip off everyone else. That’s not a democracy. Real democracy is never possible in the face of money-based elections.

Although both parties are deeply in bed with the banksters, the Republicans are worse. At least the Democrats tried to put Elizabeth Warren in as a watchdog for the banksters. She tried to push through many new rules that would have regulated the banksters and their asinine casinos in the sky that create nothing so that they don’t blow up the economy of the whole world like they did a few years ago.

The Republican Party has ferociously opposed any efforts to reasonably regulate the banksters to prevent horrific crashes like that of 2008. They do this because this is what the banksters want. The banksters want, nay demand, the right to blow up the economy of the whole damn world anytime they feel like it. And the Republican Party wants to give them that very God-given right to go ahead and do it all over again.


The takeaway point from the graphic though is, “Banksters hate democracy!”

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Why All Men Are “Pedophiles” Redux

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

This was a study showing female faces. I am not sure how it was done, but the men rated the faces somehow or other on the basis of attractiveness or not. I am not sure if devices were placed on their penises or not.

As you can see, at least as far as faces are considered, normal adult males find females aged 13-18 to be the most attractive of all females. Those are basically teenage girls. But due to Pedophile Mass Hysteria, any adult man who says he finds a 13-17 year old girl attractive is accused by Puritans, conservatives and other stupid worthless scums of being a “pedophile.” But as you can see, if that is true, then clearly 100% of all adult males are pedophiles!

It is also interesting that once you get down below age 10, there is very little attraction. Attraction to girls aged 1-9 was effectively zero, which would seem to be normal. Although there are some beautiful little girls, most of them have those little girl faces as opposed to a more “womanly” face. A normal male finds a “womanly” face, not a “girly” face attractive. The attractiveness of teenage girls lies in the fact that they are at the height of youth and health while at the same time they are moving out of those girly faces and into the more womanly faces. At the same time of course they are developing the body of a woman.

By age 16-17, a girl has the body of a full grown woman in addition to being blessed with youth and health. And indeed studies have shown that men react to all 16-17 year old girls’ naked bodies in the lab at a maximum rate (study used penile devices). They also reacted to adult females at the maximum rate. So all normal males react to 16-17 year old girls just as intensely as they do towards adult females. Yet society says that any man attracted to a 16-17 year old girl is a “pedophile.” In other words, according to these lunatic fucks, all men are basically pedophiles! What Comstockian scums!

It is also very interesting that the maximum reaction of all was for the faces of girls aged 13-15. That seems a little young for my tastes these days, but girls that age (especially 14-15) can indeed be very beautiful no matter how young they seem.

On the lower end, the reaction to 12 year old girls was as higher than for 16 year old girls, a truly incredible finding. 12 year old girls are very interesting creatures and some of them are quite beautiful. Their minds are fascinating and they are not stupid little kids anymore in any way, shape or form. It is at this age when the girl begins her transition towards womanhood and you can see it in their minds if you watch them closely. However, to me that really seems like a little girl.

Reaction to 11 year old girls was also very high, as high as to 23 year old women. This one baffles me as an 11 year old girl is basically still a kid to me. Reaction to 10 year old girls was as high as to 29 year old women, another baffling finding. Aside from their faces though, at age ~10-11, girls do start to become somewhat interesting to men as far as their bodies go. Their bodies still look like sticks or boys’ bodies and that is a turnoff to any normal guy, but at this age, you will notice that girls start growing very long and beautiful legs. Those are the long shapely legs of a woman that men find so attractive. As far as the rest of them goes though, I cannot see it. They have boys’ stick bodies and little girl faces.

The finding that girls aged 1-9 are not interesting to normal men at all makes sense. They are interesting to some men, of course and some men prefer girls in this age range to mature females. We call men with such a preference pedophiles and it is considered to be an abnormal attaction. As you can see from the study, attraction to girls in that age range is indeed outside of the norm, or not normal and a preferential attraction to them is very much abnormal, which is why we pathologize pedophilic attraction as most attractions outside the norm are pathologized.

I find it sad that by age 40, virtually no women were seen as attractive. I have developed a taste for women aged 40-55 and I now find a number of them quite beautiful. Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.

This study shows just how lunatic society has become on this ridiculous issue of “pedophilia.” What you are seeing is mass hysteria. Mass hysteria occurs when an entire society effectively goes completely out of its mind and becomes for all intents and purposes psychotic.

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Taxation and the Economy

Higher taxes are good for the economy and lower taxes are bad for the economy, to a point.

Higher taxes are good for the economy and lower taxes are bad for the economy, to a point.

The main thing here is to maintain relatively high taxes, or a high tax bracket, on the very rich. The very rich usually have all sorts of loopholes anyway, so they almost never pay the top rate, whatever it may be. High taxes on the rich discourage speculation and promote a more equal economy. When taxes on the rich are too low, too much money concentrates at the top and too little towards the bottom.

The result is that you do not have enough customers to buy your stuff and the market dies from lack of demand. This is the problem in the 3rd World and also in the US at the moment. There is also too much money concentrated in corporations and as a result, corporations are sitting on huge stockpiles of cash that they do not know what to do with. They do not want to invest the money in their businesses since consumer demand is dead and investment only makes sense when demand picks up.

Hence, getting rid of regulations and lower corporate taxes will do nothing to jump start the economy since the increased income will simply go into the already overflowing corporate coffers and will not be invested. And it will not be invested until demand picks up. Since reducing regulations and cutting business taxes does nothing to jump start demand, it is completely worthless as an economic stimulus.

Yet this is what the insane conservatives keep demanding as a way to jump start the economy. It’s never worked, it won’t work and it will never work, but neoliberalism is more of a religion than anything else and free marketeers are somewhat like fundamentalist religious people who go by faith and not logic or science.

In addition, cutting the highest taxes on the rich usually fuels a wild speculative boom which inevitably in capitalism ends up in some sort of a horrific crash. The truth is that speculative booms are bad for the economy. Only a few rich people make out like bandits and everyone else is left holding the bag when the whole stupid thing crashes down once again.

The boom and bust cycle, so revered by conservatives, is actually one of the more idiotic and irrational things about capitalist economics. If aliens came to the Earth and you told them that your economic model was predicated on wild run-ups followed by horrific crashes (a manic-depressive economy) they would tell you that you were insane. Would it not be better to have the economic equivalent of a Mediterranean climate where you had relatively low but steady growth consistently across the board that lifted all classes, without wild run-ups and monstrous plunges? Would that not be the sane way to run an economy?

In addition to preventing speculative excess which is not even real economic growth, speculation is not real growth. This is because speculators produce nothing but gambling casinos in the sky. Real growth occurs when real goods are produced in some way or another (products or widgets if you will).

Higher taxes on the rich redistribute wealth downwards which increases demand by equalizing the economy. Instead of all of the gains going to the top 1%, economic growth is distributed to all classes including the lower classes who drive the real economy via their purchases.

So there you see one instance of how higher taxation leads to a booming economy whereas lower taxation leads to recessions and depressions.

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Turks Are Not White People?

Take a look at the photos below and tell me these people not White people.

According to a lot of folks, this girl is not a White person.

According to a lot of folks, this girl is not a White person.

Now check out this boy.

This boy is not White either. Could have fooled me.

This boy is not White either. Could have fooled me.

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Human Butcher Shop

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

Good chart for any of you cannibals out there.

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Raquel Welch

The great Raquel Welch!

The great Raquel Welch!

This is apparently a recent photo, taken in her 70′s. I believe she is ~74 years old now. Doesn’t she look great?

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The Ukrainian Junta, Heroes of the US Left

The Ukrainian junta, putschists who overthrew a democratically elected government with the help of the US, NATO and the CIA, is made up of three parties. One party is an openly fascist Banderist neo-Nazi party. The other parties are two neoliberal parties, akin to the US Republican Party. This is the government that the Democratic Party, US liberals and the US Left are swooning over! A rightwing government!

One of the first things that the new government did was to cut social spending by 50% while cutting wages by 50%. Wow! They’re really great for workers and regular folks, eh. Furthermore there were huge rises in heating oil costs to be paid by citizens to heat their homes. This winter, a lot of people are going to die.

The reason that the US, the EU and NATO pulled off this armed Nazi coup in the Ukraine is so they could force a ridiculously one-sided free trade pact on the Ukraine. This free trade pact would have opened up Ukraine’s economy to EU goods while severely restricting the amount of exports to the EU that the Ukraine could make. In other words it was a project for the colonization of the Ukrainian economy by EU capital.

The Ukraine would have been flooded with EU goods and Ukraine could hardly export anything to compensate. The EU imports would have driven many Ukrainian businesses out of business. This was a catastrophic country-selling sellout plan that would have been great for the EU but terrible for the Ukraine. Only 40% of the population supported this country-selling plan.

They also wanted to force a loan package on them along with the horrific austerity described above. The pro-Russian president who was overthrown opposed these measures (sold in the West as “getting close to Europe and away from Russia) because he did not want to visit such privation on his citizens and he did not want to harm Ukraine’s economy.

Many Ukrainian workers and ordinary citizens are looking east to Russia. Russia is raising wages for its workers and increasing social spending for its citizens – socialist measures that the Left should be supporting. Instead, the US Left is opposing the patriotic socialist country, Russia and is supporting the reactionary neoliberal country-sellers in the Ukraine – the Ukrainian equivalent of the Republican Party.

Make sense?

Of course not!

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Putin Is a Radical Neoliberal?

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

As you can see, Putin and his party are not radical neoliberals in any way, shape or form. Instead, Putin is a fairly progressive fellow in a lot of ways. Let us compare what Putin has done with the US Republican Party, the penultimate neoliberal party.

Putin increased the minimum wage by 6%. Pro worker. The Republican Party opposes all minimum wage increases on principle.

Increased maternity capital by 5%. Social program. I am not sure what that is? Is that money you get every year for being a mother. The Republican Party opposes all such schemes as “welfare.” In fact, this was the very ADC welfare program that the Republicans and Clinton destroyed in 1996. And here the Russians are proudly increasing it. The UK has a similar welfare type program for mothers for children.

Transition of Russian drug production to international standards. Regulation of business. The Republicans would probably not oppose this, but neoliberalism opposes all minimum regulations on business on principle.

New federal contract system. State will restrict public procurement of contracts from abroad. Anti-corruption. I am not sure what that means, but it sounds patriotic and progressive. Sounds like he is trying to reform a corrupt federal contract system. The Republican Party has completely corrupted the federal contract system. Look at all of those fake contracts during the Iraq War.

New law banning draft dodgers from entering civil service. Patriotic. Republicans would no doubt support this.

Indexed rates of excise duties on gasoline, alcohol and tobacco. Tax . Excise duties are a form of taxation, considered to be an indirect tax because it is not levied specifically by the state. The Republican Party no doubt opposes all excise taxes on principle as they seem to be opposed to taxation period.

Increased taxes on cars costing over $82,000. This could be considered a wealth tax. Tax. The Republican Party would obviously oppose this. Amazing. Putin raises taxes and it sails right through the Duma with little or no debate!

Russian auto manufacturers would pay a disposal fee. Tax. Not sure what that means, but it is definitely a new tax. Surely the Republican Party would be for it.

New law on multiple insurance of liability for construction enterprises. Builders cannot raise funds from the public without insuring responsibility to creditors. Apparently an anti-corruption measure. Not sure how the Republican Party would react to this, but neoliberalism opposes most regulation of business on principle.

Russian enterprises will have to obtain a permit to discharge waste into a waste treatment plant. Pro environment. Otherwise, they must pay a fine for the environmental damage that they cause. Republicans have always opposed all efforts to control US water pollution, especially fines on polluters. I suppose they think pollution controls should be voluntary.

New bans on privatization of public land for improper use. Pro public. The Republicans are always trying to sell off our public lands to private interests so they can profit off of them.

Ban on the sale of SIM cards by unauthorized persons. I am not sure why they are doing this, but this may be an anti-crime measure. Republican stance uncertain.

Declaration of goods at customs using electronic forms. Apparently a modernization process. Republicans would probably support this, but they are always cutting government budgets so much that the state might not have the money to upgrade.

Credit card reform. Banks must notify all clients of all card transactions and clients may now recover charges for unauthorized transactions. Pro consumer. Apparently a banking reform to prevent fraudulent use of cards by enabling chargebacks. Not sure how Republicans stand on this. Whatever the banks’ stance is, that would be the Republicans stance. Republicans generally oppose all pro consumer measures.

Federal standards for preschool education. Apparently public preschool ed is mandatory in Russia? Social spending, pro public education. The Republicans have always opposed public funding of preschool. That is what all the fuss over Head Start is about. Head Start is simply a public preschool program so poor kids can go to preschool too just like kids with money.

Electronic queue in kindergarten launched. Not sure what this. Looks like a modernization process. Pro public education. Republicans might support it, but with incessant education budget cuts, the state might not have enough funds to do this.

Reorganization of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Public funding for the sciences. The Republican Party has been slashing away at public spending on science forever now. Apparently they do not believe in it.

New public transport card introduced for the Moscow area. Mass transit. Republicans oppose all mass transit spending on principle. Apparently they do not believe in state mass transit programs.

Increased fares slightly on public transit in Moscow. Mass transit. Not exactly progressive, but Republicans would oppose this as they oppose all mass transit programs.

Russian travelers to South Korea no longer need visas and vice versa. Pro tourism. They can now stay for up to 60 days. Republicans might support such a thing, but who knows?

As you can see, the notion that Putin is a reactionary is just wrong. In fact, Russian Communists say that Putin has brought back most of the best things about the USSR. How is that reactionary, rightwing or neoliberal. As you can see above, Putin is not a neoliberal. He would not be at home in the US Republican Party. In fact, to Republicans, Putin would be a socialist.

Taxes on manufacturers and luxury goods, social programs, minimum wage increases, business regulation, education spending, mandatory public preschool, public education spending, state spending on science, mass transit programs, pro consumer measures, pollution controls, protection of public lands from privatization are all socialist measures. That’s what socialists do.

A good definition of socialism is anything that limits the profits of capital. By that measure, all pro-environment, pro-public lands, pro worker and pro consumer projects are objectively socialist. And all social spending and state spending on science is socialist. All regulation of business is also socialist, and taxation itself, especially of large business and the rich, is clearly socialist.

By these measures, Putin is doing many socialist things in Russia. The allegation that Putin is a reactionary neoliberal is simply false.

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Putin for President

From Libertarian Nationalist's blog.

From Libertarian Nationalist’s blog.

Let us look at this.

He guards his country’s borders. Check. Does Obama do that? Not exactly. Sure, we have Border Patrol, but once you are over the border, you are pretty much home free. Even if you get arrested for a crime, you are typically not deported. I was in traffic court a while back, and there was one illegal alien after another coming up on driving without a license. Only a few of them were being remanded to the INS. So even if you get arrested as an illegal alien in the US, you typically do not even get arrested! Further, Obama supports amnesty, which is of course really just Open Borders.

He protects his citizens abroad. Does Obama do that? Well I suppose he does, but he certainly does not allow Putin the right to protect his own Russian people outside of Russia.

He keeps gay propaganda out of the schools. I am not sure that is such a great thing, but on the other hand, some gay propaganda at US universities has simply gone way too far.

He prosecutes financial criminals. Does Obama do that? Hell no. He let them all go, every single one of them. The FBI stated after the crash of 2008 that they would have had to arrest all of Wall Street due to the mass criminality that went on there. In other words, everyone on Wall Street is for all intents and purposes a criminal. Obama is totally in bed with these banksters, who form the bedrock of his support.

He jails those who desecrate churches. This is a reference to the jailing of Pussy Riot, and I simply do not support that at all, sorry. Obama would not have jailed them, thank God.

He puts his country’s interest first. It is hard to say whether Obama does this or not. US imperialism has a logic, and Obama’s foreign policy is 100% US imperialism. US imperialism is said to further the interests of the US, or at least of the US rich and corporations, so I suppose you could say that Obama is also putting his country’s interest first, or at least the interests of the US rich and corporations. However, I think Putin is for all the Russians, not just the 1% and the corporations.

He has managed to acquire the cutest girlfriend in the galaxy. True. Google Putin’s girlfriend. She is beautiful!

I rather like this Putin fellow, I must say. Better than any US president, that’s for sure!


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