America Leads the War Against Terrorism

The War on Terror is a test of our resolve.

The War on Terror is a test of our resolve.

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America Brings Freedom and Democracy to the World

Republicans are neoconservatives and Democrats are humanitarian bombers and liberal interventionists. In America, you have a real choice: you choose which group of militarist psychos to vote for!

Republicans are neoconservatives and Democrats are humanitarian bombers and liberal interventionists. In America, you have a real choice: you choose which group of militarist psychos to vote for!

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Scots Texts

Here are some texts in the Scots language. I am getting really tired of people who keep insisting that this is just a dialect of English. And I bet if you heard it spoken you would understand even less than you do when it is written. Written down, you can make sense of some of it by figuring out the words. Good looking doing that when it’s spoken.

Embro to the Ploy (Robert Garioch 1909 – 1981)

The tartan tred wad gar ye lauch;
nae problem is owre teuch.
Your surname needna end in –och;
they’ll cleik ye up the cleuch.
A puckle dollar bill will aye
preive Hiram Teufelsdröckh
a septary of Clan McKay
it’s maybe richt eneuch,


In Embro to the ploy.

The Auld High Schule, whaur mony a skelp
of triple-tonguit tawse
has gien a heist-up and a help
towards Doctorates of Laws,
nou hears, for Ramsay’s cantie rhyme,
loud pawmies of applause
frae folk that pey a pund a time
to sit on wudden raws,

gey hard

in Embro to the ploy.

The haly kirk’s Assembly-haa
nou fairly coups the creel
wi Lindsay’s Three Estatis, braw
devices of the Deil.
About our heids the satire stots
like hailstanes till we reel;
the bawrs are in auld-farrant Scots,
it’s maybe jist as weill,


in Embro to the ploy.

From Hannlin Rede [yearly report] 2012–2013 (the Männystèr o Fairms an Kintra Fordèrin, 2012)

We hae cum guid speed wi fettlin tae brucellosis, an A’m mintin at bein haleheidit tae wun tae tha stannin o bein redd o brucellosis aathegither. Forbye, A’m leukkin tae see an ettlin in core at fettlin tae tha TB o Kye, takkin in complutherin anent a screengin ontak, tha wye we’ll can pit owre an inlaik in ootlay sillert wi resydentèrs. Mair betoken, but, we’ll be leukkin forbye tae uphaud an ingang airtit wi tha hannlins furtae redd ootcum disayses. An we’r fur stairtin in tae leukk bodes agane fur oor baste kenmairk gate, ‘at owre tha nixt wheen o yeirs wull be tha ootcum o sillerin tae aboot £60m frae resydentèrs furtae uphaud tha hale hannlin adae wi beef an tha mïlk-hoose.


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Intelligibility Figures for Romance Languages

Here is some new work I did on mutual intelligibility in the Romance family. If you speak any of these languages, feel free to chime in. The one figure I am worried about is 0% of Italian understanding of Romanian. One informant said that, but I have a feeling it is higher than that.

Intelligibility Figures for Romance Languages

Intelligibility for Spanish speakers, oral: 80% of Asturian, Aragonese and and Extremaduran, 78% of Galician, 62% of Catalan, 50% of Portuguese, 25% of Italian, 6% of Romanian, 1% of French, and 0% of Sicilian.

Spanish has 95% written intelligibility of Ladino, 93% of Galician, 87% of Catalan, 78% of Portuguese, 50% of Italian and Romanian, and 16% of French.

Catalan has 94% oral intelligibility of Valencian, 63% intelligibility of Belearic, 27% of Italian, 5% of French.

Catalan has 27% written intelligibility of Italian.

Asturian has 82% oral intelligibility of Mirandese and 71% of Portuguese.

Mirandese has 82% oral intelligibility of Asturian and 71% of Portuguese.

Portuguese has 95% oral intelligibility of Almedilha dialect, 86% of Galician, 71% of Mirandese and Asturian, 58% of Spanish, 40% of Hermisende dialect, 55% of Catalan, 25% of Leonese and Italian, 17% of French, and 5% of Romanian.

Portuguese has 90% written intelligibility of Italian.

Galician has 58% intelligibility of Catalan, and 0% of Extremaduran and Andalucian Spanish.

French has 30% oral intelligibility of Catalan, 27% of Portuguese, 16% of Italian, 13% of Spanish, 7% intelligibility of Romanian, and 0% of Sicilian.

French has 90% written intelligibility of Catalan and 70% of Portuguese.

Romanian has 70% oral intelligibility of Istroromanian, 40% of Italian, 25% of Spanish, and 15% of French and Portuguese.

Romanian has 60% written intelligibility of French, 45% of Galician and Piedmontese and 33% of Italian.

Italian has 40% oral intelligibility of Catalan, 16% of Portuguese, 11% of French, and 0% of Romanian, Arpitan and Sicilian.

Italian has 75% written intelligibility of French and Spanish, 25% of Portuguese, and 20% of Catalan.

Piedmontese has 0% intelligibility of Arpitan.


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Germanic Influence on French

I knew that French had some Germanic influence, but I did not know where it was from. I thought maybe it was from the Gauls. But it turns out it was from a Germanic group called the Franks who apparently ruled France for many years. There are a number of German languages called variations of the word Franconian in Germany, mostly right over the border from France – Moselle Franconian, Rhine Franconian, etc.

The piece is correct that northern France is more Germanic. Southern France or the Occitan region is more like Spanish or Catalan.

As a result of over 500 years of Germano-Latin bilingualism, many Germanic words became ingrafted into the Gallo-Romance speech by the time it emerged as Old French in AD 900. And after the Franks abandoned Frankish, the Old French they spoke tended to be heavily Frankish influenced, with a distinctively Frankish accent, which introduced new phonemes, stress-timing, Germanic grammatical and syntactical elements, and contained many more Germanic loans not found in the Old French spoken by the native Gallo-Romans.

Even though the Franks were largely outnumbered by the Gallo-Roman population, the position of the Franks as leaders and landholders lent their version of Old French a greater power of influence over that of the Gallo-Romans; it thereby became the basis of later versions of the French language, including Modern French (see Francien language).

It is for this reason that Modern French pronunciation has a rather distinct and undeniably “Germanic” sound when compared to other Romance languages, such as Italian and Spanish, and is a major contributing factor in why there exists a distinction between Northern French varieties spoken in regions where Frankish settlement was heavy (langue d’oïl) vs. those where Frankish settlement was relatively slight (langue d’oc).


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Why All The Language Posts?

If you want to know where all the language interest is coming from:

I have a Master’s Degree in Linguistics, I sit on the Peer Review board of a linguistics academic journal, and I will also soon begin publishing linguistics articles in peer reviewed outlets. A 20-page article is forthcoming in a journal, to be published in both English and Turkish, and a much longer 111-page piece will be published as a book chapter as part of a book series to be published in the 1st Quarter 2015.

Linguistics is my gig.

Also when I am absolutely disgusted with the world around, politics, and maybe even the state of my own life, I often tend to fall back on the Linguistics because it always makes me happy no matter what part of life or the world is going to Hell in a hand basket.


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What Romance Languages Do You Know?

If you are interested, tell us in the comments what Romance languages you have knowledge of. As you can see, I am into Romance languages.

Spanish: I had four years in school and then another 1 1/2 years at university, so I can speak it fairly well. I often use it with Spanish speakers around town. However, I am not fluent like a native speaker by any means. I can also read it fairly well to the point where I can actually do research in it. But I certainly do not know every word, and it is not like doing research in English. I can write Spanish fairly well. When I meet South Americans on the Net, they ask me if I was born in Latin America. However, some of them catch on that I am not a native speaker. I can understand it pretty well when spoken but I have a lot of problems with radio, TV and any video or audio in Spanish. I can understand it better if I read it.

I was talking to this Guatemalan woman, and after a while, she said, “You know…You don’t really speak Spanish, do you? But boy do you try!”

This is the only Romance language I can write.

Portuguese: Well I studied it a bit because I was dating a Brazilian woman. I started to learn the language within 24 hours after meeting her. I spoke to her in English and Spanish and she spoke to me in Portuguese, English and Spanish. She spoke some English and Spanish. This arrangement actually worked out pretty well!

I used to get emails a lot from another Brazilian woman I know. I tried to read them, but it was pretty slow going. I still study Portuguese and I try to read it sometimes. I even try to do research in Portuguese, but research in Portuguese is so much harder than doing it in Spanish. To tell the truth, reading Portuguese is a pain. I do know some words of Portuguese but not a lot. I can’t really speak it at all at the moment. When it is spoken, I can understand some of it, but that is mostly due to Spanish resemblance. All in all, I consider Portuguese to be a pain in the ass.

Galician: Cannot speak it but can understand it pretty well when spoken in the standard dialect. I understand it a lot better than I understand Portuguese because it sounds a lot more like Spanish. I have quite a hard time reading Galician. It really isn’t fun at all. Galician is a pain to read. I know a few words, hardly any really.

Asturian/Leonese: Cannot speak it. Cannot understand a word of it when spoken. I have tried to read it and even do research in it, but that is just awful. One of the worst languages in Iberia to read. I do know a few words here and there.

Mirandese: Cannot speak it. Haven’t listened to it in a while. Surprisingly, I find this language fairly easy to read. It looks a lot like Spanish. It is much easier to read than Portuguese or Galician. Don’t really know any words though.

Aragonese: Can understand some of it when spoken. It is very hard to read and I cannot speak it. Do not know any words.

Extremaduran: Reading this language is a complete pain, more or less like reading Asturian-Leonese if not worse. Do not know any words.

Fala: I have heard Fala spoken on videos and I can understand some of it, but honestly, this language is quite a mess, and Galician is a lot easier to understand. I don’t know any words. I have never seen it written down, and I am not even sure if it is a written language.

Catalan: I cannot understand a word of it when spoken, and I cannot speak it. Reading Catalan is quite difficult and very slow-going. It is not pleasant at all. This language is very different from the rest of the Iberian languages. I do not think I know any Catalan words.

Occitan: Cannot speak it. Can understand Aranese fairly well when spoken. I have tried to read Occitan many times but it is a complete nightmare to read. I do not know one word of Occitan.

French: I did take a semester of French at university. I also had a French girlfriend for a while. Not that it did me any good. I cannot understand one word of spoken French. I have tried to speak it a bit, but French speakers kept laughing at me (including the girlfriend) so that inhibited me. I have tried to write French to French speakers on the Net but I can hardly write it at all. French is very hard to read, much worse than Spanish. I have even tried to do research in French, but it was extremely slow-going. French is very different from Iberian languages. I continue to study French off and on. I do know quite a few French words.

Arpitan: Never seen it written, cannot speak it. When listening to it, I can only get occasional words. Very hard to understand. I do not know any words.

Italian: I have studied Italian somewhat but it is very different from Spanish or French and many words do not have obvious connections to Spanish or French. I can read a bit of Italian, but it is very slow-going. I do know some words. I cannot speak Italian at all, and I have never even tried to write it. Italian varies when listening to it on video. With some slow TV-type announcers, I can get some of it. With regular speech, I often will not get one word in a 5 minute broadcast. Italian is extremely hard to understand.

Romansch: I can hardly understand this at all when spoken on TV broadcasts. Interviews with native speakers are easier to understand if they speak slowly. Intelligibility is about like Italian. I do not know any words.

Romanian: Simply awful. I have listened to 8 minute broadcasts of this language and I could not understand one word. Romanian is very hard to read. It is much worse than Italian when it comes to not having obvious connections to other Romance languages I know. This is one of the worst ones of all in terms of reading. I do not know any words. Cannot speak it.

I do not think I have ever heard any of these languages spoken or even seen them written down: Arumanian, Barranquian, Cajun French, Campidanese, Corsican, Emilian, Romagnol, Friulian, Gallurese, Istriot, Istro-Rumanian, Italkian, Ladin, Ladino, Ligurian, Logudorian, Lombard, Megleno-Rumanian, Neapolitan, Picard, Piedmontese,  Sardinian, Sassarese, Sicilian, Venetian, or Walloon.


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Spanish-Italian Mutual Intelligibility

See this video here.

This is an interview with the director of a documentary called Rio De Onor which I would really like to see, except that it is in Italian. Rio de Onor is a town on the border of Spain and Portugal where an odd Senabrian Leonese with Galician influences lect full of Portuguese words is spoken. It is probably similar to Mirandese, but I think it is in a different branch of Leonese than Mirandese is. Rihonores-Mirandese mutual intelligibility (MI) is not known. The town is split. Half of the town is in Portugal, and the other half is in Spain! The residents typically spoke Rihonores, but they also all spoke both Portuguese and Spanish. They spoke Spanish and Portuguese indifferently, mixing them together along with Rihonores.

It is said that Rihonores is extinct or nearly extinct, but that does not seem to be the case. The writeup for this movie says that all of the town’s residents spoke “Mirandese” often during the filming, which took place in 1996. Rio de Onor does not speak Mirandese, but it does speak Rihonores, so the writeup must be referring to Rihonores.

I doubt if Rihonores has gone extinct since then. In addition, a recent paper was written on the grammar of Rihonores. The paper was authored in the mid-1990’s and was written in Portuguese, but I was able to read it in part anyway, especially with the help of a translator. The paper stated that residents of the town now spoke Spanish and Portuguese most of the time. They all knew Rihonores, but its use seemed to be more reserved for special occasions as if it were some sort of ceremonial language.

The town is located in a binational national park and it has a Medieval appearance about it. Rio de Onor has been losing population for some time now and there are not many people left in the town.

At any rate, I continue to see comments that Spanish and Italian are mutually intelligible. Well, I just watched 5 1/2 minutes of an interview with this Italian director, and I can tell you right now that I did not understand one single word he said. That’s a Spanish-Italian MI rate of 0%.

If you don’t know Italian but have knowledge of another Romance language, watch this video and tell me how much Italian you can understand.

I think the MI of Spanish and Italian is much exaggerated.

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A Scots Lexicon

Here is a brief lexicon of some common words in the Scots language. The notion that Scots is a separate language from English frequently evokes howls of rage for all sorts of ignorant quarters. Whereas we calm linguists rarely get worked up about such things.

Look at that list below. Does that look like the English language? If someone came into your house and started talking to you using a lot of words like those, would you be able to understand them? How could you?

Obviously Scots and English are two separate languages. They split apart about 1500 for some reason. Anyone know why they might have split apart around that time? I do not.

a'thing      everything
ablo         lowest
adee         wrong
ae           one
ahint        behind
aiblins      perhaps
airselins    backwards
aisedom      leisure
anent        about, concerning
aneth        beneath
athort       across
atweesh      between
awfu         bursting
awgates      always
ay           always
ayont        beyond
bairnag      little
bairn        child
bann         curse
beard        bread
below        lower
ben          in
bide         live
birling      spinning
bittock      little bit
bosie        hug
bouat        lantern
boun         ready
bowk         retch
brae         slope
braw         fine, handsome
brawlies     splendidly
breeks       britches
brulzie      broil
buiner       upper
buinmaist    topmost
bummer       foggy
burnie       small
burn         stream
byken        wasps' nest
cast         drop
caumie       calm
caur         calves
chap         knock
Cheordag     Geordie
chield       fellow
claik        gossip
cludgie      toilet
clum         climbed
cowp         overturn
cuit         ankle
darg         work
daunter      saunter
dicht        wipe
dous         pigeons
dowp, dock   butt
dree         endure
dreich       dreary
dunch        push
een          eyes
endweys      straight ahead
evyte        avoid
Fa?          Who?
fair         very
Fan?         When?
fauchelt     tired
fauch        fallow
Faur?        Where?
feartie      coward
fell         kill
feth         faith
Filk?        Which?
fillie       long time
Fit?         What?
fly          cup of tea
fon          folly
forenicht    evening
forenuin     morning
forfochten   tired
fowkgates    culture
fuishen      fetched
futrat       weasel
Fy?          Why?
gaberlunzie  a beggar
gaed         went
gamie        gamekeeper
gate         street
gealt        cold
geylies      pretty well
girse        grass
gloamin      early morning
gnegum       tricky nature
grieve       overseer
gulsochs     sweets, cream cakes, donuts, caramels
haingles     influenza
hauflins     partly
hause        neck
heuch        cliff
hidlins      secretly
hooseockie   small house
hypothec     shebang
ilkagate     everywhere
ilkawey      everywhere
ingangin     reception
kent         knew
knapdarloch  dung knots in wool on a sheep's bottom
kye          cows
lavvy        toilet
ligaun       dusk, day
louns        boys
lown         calm
luif         palm
luitten      let
maistlins    almost
maunna       mustn't
maw          seagull
mayat        meat, food
Menzies      Mackenzie
muith        sultry
nether       lower
ngan         onion
onygate      anyhow
oo           wool
pad          path
piece        food
playock      toy
pooshun      poison
qoho         for whom
queans       girls
rax          stretch
raxt         reached
ream         cream
reive        steal
rhodie       rhododendron
ruise        praise
sark         shirt
scaith       damage
sheuch       ditch
skelpit      smacked
skelp        smack
sour rock    sorrel
spae         foretell
spate        flood
speir        inquire
speirt       asked
stank        a drain
steek        shut
stoursucker  vacuum cleaner
stroup       spout
sybae        onion
the hairst   autumn
the nou      at the moment
thir         these
thrang       busy
tint         lost
twaloors     midday
twalt        twelfth 
weeoors      twilight
wey          at times
whit wey     how
wifeockie    little woman
wyte         blame
yett         gate


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Bigfoot News October 19, 2014

Additional evidence in favor of the Stacy Brown story. As you remember, I broke a story a while back about Stacy Brown being offered $500K for a supposed Bigfoot arm he dug up, selling it to a man from Ohio, then buying an alligator arm from a taxidermist and pitching it around to everyone as the Bigfoot arm to the point of even having it DNA tested to prove it was an alligator arm.

Most people have rejected this story, in particular, Randy did over at his blog. His idiot supporters claim that Randy proved that I was wrong. He did no such thing. He simply laid out the evidence and made his case that the story was not true. That’s all he did. He didn’t prove one single thing. As it stands now, no one has proven that the story is either true or false.

But I recently got corroboration from a second party about this story. This man is widely known in the community and has a good reputation. He is not a researcher so much as he is a reporter. Keep in mind that this man, though we are acquaintances, does not necessarily agree with me. In fact, he is dubious of a lot of my breaking stories because he thinks too many of them lack good supporting evidence. However, he did think there was something to this one. This is what he told me on October 1:

Hi…I was told by a reader and Bigfooter (who I believe to be honest) approx two weeks ago (on September 16) that Stacy Brown and an associate had a scheme in order to sell an actual Bigfoot arm (he said ‘body part’) to an enthusiast. I hadn’t heard or read anything else…but when I read your information, it seemed to be on the same wavelength.

Well at least the story has been corroborated coming from an independent source. That doesn’t mean it is true. But it does mean that it is not just coming from me – it is coming from independent sources also.

The nonsense about Rick Dyer. While there are some sites that milk the Dyer rumor mill for all it is worth, I have given up on it entirely. I must be honest and tell you that I and many of my friends and colleagues feel burned by Rick. He ripped off a lot of people, including us. That’s what he does. He rips people off. He’s a con artist. He doesn’t know how to do anything other than con.

About whether or not Rick shot a Bigfoot, whether he shot at it and missed, whether he shot at it, hit it and wounded it, whether he shot it and killed it, we will simply never know. However, I feel that it is quite clear that Rick was shooting at real Bigfoots that night. That is also a real Bigfoot in the Tent Video. And in Shooting Bigfoot, there are two real Bigfoots in the night scene – the first one that Rick is shooting at (maybe he misses it, maybe he hits it and wounds it, and maybe he kills it), and the second one that knocks Morgan Matthews down. There may also be a baby Bigfoot there. You can hear audio that sounds like one.

To me it is simply obvious that those are real Bigfoots in the Tent Video and in Shooting Bigfoot. The Dyer-haters have gone into conniptions trying to prove that this footage is faked, and they have failed utterly and completely. They have never produced the mask, costume or stunt man for the Tent Video. They have never produced anyone confessing it is fake. They have never produced the stunt men (two of them), masks, and costumes used by the stunt men in Shooting Bigfoot either, and they have had a lot of time. They have never produced one statement from anyone around the film stating that the scene was faked.

If those are obviously real Bigfoots in the night scenes, we know that Rick is shooting real bullets at them. How do we know this? Because Morgan Matthews stated that Rick was shooting real bullets that night. But after that, we know little. We do not know if the bullets missed the Bigfoot or hit it. And if they hit it, did they wound it or kill it? No one knows. Not only that, but we will probably never know, so there is not much point fighting about it. The anti-Dyer case is profoundly weak and truly preposterous. It rests on many absurd assumptions that defy all logic and common sense. Nevertheless, 99% of our community believes them totally.

Morgan Matthews was in on a hoax to hoax Bigfoot footage in a documentary movie. That is truly ridiculous. Anyway, documentaries must be truthful and cannot include faked or hoaxed footage.

The Bigfoots were produced with stunt men, masks, costumes or CGI. There are no credits for costume designers, special effects studios, stunt men or CGI in the final credits. There would have to be if any of those were used in the footage. The notion that Matthews would use any of these and not give credit for them is insane.

The entire scene was hoaxed by the film crew: You would think that with all the people in on this hoaxed movie, someone would have come forward now. That no one has come forward blowing the whistle is truly bizarre.

Masks, stunt men, and costumes were used. The problem is where are these masks? Where are these costumes? Which special effects studio produced them, if any? Matthews was operating on a tight budget and so was Rick. They could not afford to hire a fancy special effects studio. Then Rick would have had to have made them himself. How could Rick Dyer have made two of the greatest Bigfoot masks and costumes ever produced? Makes no sense at all.

The Bigfoot that hit Morgan is holding up a mask. They never proved that.

The Bigfoot that hits Morgan has a face that does not move. I do not believe this is important, nor does it prove that it is not a mask. Anyway, I am told that the face does move.

Morgan was slapped down and beat up by a stunt man: Matthews was beat up fairly bad after his encounter. Apparently all the Bigfoot/stunt man did was slap him down with its bare hand. Can you show me how any stunt man on Earth can slap another human being onto the ground with a bare palm, leaving them badly beat up by being slapped? Not possible. No way.

Morgan Matthews lied and said those were real bullets when they were really blanks. Come on. Get real now.

Rick was shooting real bullets, but he was shooting them at his stunt man, and he was deliberately missing. I do not think even Rick is nuts or evil enough to do so.

Matthews admitted that a stunt man in a costume knocked him over. The quote below is typical of this attitude. Yet it is 100% untrue. Nevertheless, probably 99% of our community believes this:

MM did end this. At the film showing in Edinburgh, when asked what had attacked him, he said he knew it was someone in a costume.

Yes, and that is not what he said in Edinburgh at all. In fact, I do not think he even addressed the question in Edinburgh.

Matthews admitted that the body was a fake. He did no such thing. Here is an example of this line:

Matthews admitted privately to someone closely connected to the movie that the so called “tent” video never happened and the alleged Bigfoot seen in Shooting Bigfoot was a guy in a suit.

Totally fake story. Apparently this is a deliberate lie put out by the Dyer haters. The Dyer haters put out and endless series of deliberate lies, passed out fake info and lies as truth to all sorts of good people, and just in general behaved with horrifying depravity all through this episode. The worst lie manufacturer of all was a scumbag named Don Boucher.

This man invented an endless series of lies and tall tales all proving that this was a scam. If I am not mistaken, the execrable Mr. Boucher made up this lie too and then passed it out as truth. I might add that liars like this guy make it all harder for us to do our job. I am sure that even Dyer haters like Randy do not appreciate being fed lies and crap from his own team. After all, Randy appears interested in uncovering the truth as many of us are.

Now we get to the meat of the story. The body. Rick has so massively and totally bungled this end of the story with his lying, cheating, stealing and general horrific criminal and sociopathic behavior that even if there is a body (still a possibility) I am quite certain that it will never see the light of day. Why? Because Rick Dyer destroyed this story so badly that any body that might exist can never be allowed to turn up. If you think this is odd, check out my past stories about Bigfoot shootings and killings.

There are over 100 documented Bigfoot shootings and 43 documented Bigfoot killings. Now we do not know if any of these are real. Those are just stories. But there are nearly 200 shooting stories and 43 killing stories. What do we have to show from all of that? We have jack. Nothing. F-all. Were there any real Bigfoots shot  or killed in those 250-odd cases? Really no one knows. Not only that, but no one will ever know. Maybe they were, maybe they weren’t. Maybe there have been bodies in the past, maybe there haven’t. Maybe the stories are true, and maybe they aren’t. No one knows.

It’s all a big mystery. I would like to suggest that the Rick Dyer shooting and killing go down in history along with these other 250-odd tales of Bigfoots being shot and/or killed. I suppose it’s about as likely to be true as any of those other stories, and it has about as much evidence for truth as any of those other stories, which is zip, jack all, nada, nothing, none.

I think this is a good place to leave the Rick Dyer story. What could have been a great story, possibly even including a body, was utterly destroyed via the incompetence, sinister behavior, criminality and sociopathy of a two-bit con man and crook named Rick Dyer. Rick has now poisoned the well so badly that nothing truthful or provable can ever come out of this story. And we may as well just leave it at that.

The main problem here is that the finest Bigfoot footage since the Patterson film, the Tent Video and the Shooting Bigfoot footage, is now also tainted for all of time. The finest Bigfoot footage ever shot is now regarded by 99% of our community as a pitiful hoax. And the sole reason for that is because this killer footage is associated with Rick Dyer. Because it is associated with Dyer, it is hoaxed, goes the obvious logical fallacy. If we can get over the unproductive and probably unprovable argument over a body which will in all probability never turn up anyway, we ought to be talking about the movie footage. But we aren’t. And we never will. And that is a tragedy.

Charges never answered. Rick-haters have posted these questions a long time ago. It is very interesting that none of these questions have been answered, even partially. These questions revolve around the idea that the San Antonio footage was a hoax:

1. Whose idea it was.
2. How the whole thing was developed.
3. Who was in on it: Dyer, Musky, FBFB, Matthews, some of them, all of them?
4. When Musky came into it.
5. What role FBFB played in funding, whether it was as collaborators or supporters.
6. How and when the Tent Video was made.
7. Who was in on it during the doc filming, and what costume was used.
8. Whether Matthews was in on it altogether, and if not then why he agreed to keep quiet and play along rather than expose Dyer’s outrageous assault, which arguably would have been a more devastating conclusion to a film about desperate men
9. Whether Dyer will ultimately escape the wrath of those with grievances against him

It is stunning that skeptics are no closer to answering any of these questions than they were when those questions were published. The problem is that none of those questions can be answered because they are all based on a false premise that the San Antonio footage was hoaxed.

Other players. The problem with the nutty conspiracy line is that it has to include all sorts of people. We can’t just agree that Rick is a scumbag who took a lot of good folks, for a ride, nope! His victims have to be in on it!

Here is something of the idiocy being tossed about attempting to implicate FB/FB and Musky Allen in “the hoax,” which incidentally they have never proven to be a hoax. If they mean the fake body, then clearly FB/FB were badly burned victims here, and Musky, instead of being in on it, was the hoax-buster who uncovered it and pulled the plug!

There is not one single word of truth in any of the following:

Matthews must have at least planned the end scenes with Dyer. If Matthews was attacked by a real Bigfoot (which he wasn’t), then Dyer’s story about shooting one would most likely stand up. (which it didn’t) If there was a dead Bigfoot body then a professional cameraman would have conclusive, in-focus 100% undeniable footage (Which there isn’t any).

Plainly Matthews movie set out to take the piss out of redneck Bigfoot hunters, He got all the redneck stuff but needed a big finale, what better than “I was attacked by a Bigfoot…believe it or not.” Then he went home and kept his mouth shut so he could air his movie, mission accomplished. He used Dyer as a the egotistical fool he is, then pissed on him, so good on MM.

FB/FB were coming out with a book and needed promotion, when they heard dyer was in a BF movie = they paid dyer thousands to help promote the book. Lynk and Clancy said someone gave him thousands$.

Of course MM was in on it you fools. If he didn’t agree to keep his mouth shut in some form of agreement with Dyer he would have blabbed about Dyer lying.

Mathews needed a ending for his movie, otherwise that movie was just another yawn fest BF documentary.

FB/FB wanted to push sales on their sorry book which wouldn’t of sold any with out the hype of this hoax.

Rug Boy paid Musky Allen = as soon Allen gets paid he does interview with FB/FB on Youtube about viewing the body.

There’s no way Matthews wasn’t in on it. Come on…they’re out in the woods together, just the two of them? How does Dyer coordinate a hoax on Matthews out there? Matthews may be a sissy but he didn’t become a successful director by being oblivious to what’s going on around him.

I just moseyed over to for the first time in a while and there’s a pretty interesting discussion that’s been going on in the comments among Larry Perkins and some others. We have to remember that this has to go deeper than Dyer to have gone so far, and we need to be as enraged at his accessories (or handlers) as much as him. In my mind that includes Matthews and Issleb, but I’ve been back-and-forth about “Jack Barnes.”

The recent comments over there, including some long ones from Perkins, actually have put me back onto thinking FBFB was in on it…you just can’t look past their claims that seven people and two MD’s examined the body and thought it was real, or at least couldn’t say it wasn’t. That is absolutely laughable.

Was it a psychological experiment? A scam to sell books? Both? They and Musky have been tied together so closely from the beginning, culminating in their trip to see Musky after the premiere to get him to verify the creature when the movie didn’t cause a stir.

They actually claimed to show him many frames from the film which “Musky” absolutely verified as the same creature he saw, and which they then claimed they deleted because of “copyright concerns” without showing anyone else…no other researchers or anyone saw it but Musky. Why not show someone with real credibility if it was truly better than PGF??? Even in private???? That was the big clue right there that they had to make up a quick scenario to keep things going, and it worked.

I’ve been back and forth but now I’m back. Consider that “Jack Barnes” is a successful businessman with a lot of money to blow…these kinds of men are not wishy-washy doormats such as the profile that’s been created to support the theory that he was not in on it. Being calculating and devious is one way to build a fortune, but being a starry-eyed fool is decidedly not.

I strongly disagree that Dyer should be held totally separate from Matthews and Musky and FBFB. It’s a matter of degree.

Dyer may be the ugly face of the thing, and he may regularly go rogue with horrible actions that they wouldn’t condone, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t responsible for creating the monster and constantly nourishing it.

If Matthews and Dyer cooked this up, then Dyer is the instrument, but Matthews is just as culpable and should be held equally accountable for all of Dyer’s misdeeds. Even if Dyer pulled the hoax on Matthews and he simply “went with it,” its really no different. That’s true in any court of law and should be true in this case.

Surely Musky is equally accountable. Whether he planned it with Dyer or came in as an “accessory after the fact” is strictly a matter for the sentencing judge.

As for Barnes and the FBFB gang, they either helped plan and finance it; came in after the incident to promote their agenda; or were duped and just ran with it. Again, it’s a matter of degree.

Dyer could not have done this without Matthews, Musky, and Barnes. Barnes is the only one who could be completely innocent (except of being a fool), but that is looking less likely day by day.

The idea that Matthews or Musky should be applauded for sticking it to Dyer after collaborating with him is giving Dyer too much credit and giving them too much benefit of the doubt. Whatever Matthews and Musky may have done “to” Dyer (lessening the impact of the movie’s BF footage and exposing the fake tour body, respectively), it’s not the same as them totally going “state’s evidence” with clear confessions that publicly hang Dyer out to dry.

And the “Matthews is just a filmmaker” arguments ring hollow to me. He didn’t make Citizen Kane. If anything, exposing Dyer in the film or at any point afterward would have heightened the profile of a film that’s turned out to be just another one of a million documentaries no one cares about anymore. As as Dyer started pulling his shenanigans like accusing Liam Gray of bestiality, Matthews was the only one who could have shut him down, and he didn’t.

Documentary be damned…but Matthews was in too deep I think, and would have exposed his own complicity. At the very least he would have to admit that his “documentary” hedged on telling the whole story, which could affect his reputation. He wasn’t “hyping” a movie like it was some Hollywood blockbuster, he was keeping his ass covered.

That’s my belief at least.

Musky Allen. The argument is that Musky was in on the “hoax” from the very start. They have never proven this. In fact, they have never presented the tiniest bit of evidence that he was in on any sort of a hoax at any time. In fact, the best evidence indicates that he actually uncovered the part of this even that was hoaxed – the fake body taken on tour. So instead of being a hoaxer, Musky instead is the opposite. He is just like the folks at Randy’s blog – a hoax-buster!

The report with resulting audio of Musky’s visit to look at the body of Hank in some government facility has never been disproven, despite tremendous effort expended to do so. I find the report to be very convincing, but then that means that there had to be a body, for which there is not a lot of evidence. In fact, some of the only evidence in favor of a body is Musky’s testimony.

The problem is that Musky’s testimony has not been proven true either. Did he go see a real body at this facility? Was he shown a fake body? Was the physician there at the time a stunt man placed there by Rick? Was this a real government facility? Where was it located? Which branch of the government had the body? Why did the body smell like formaldehyde and embalming fluid?

The truth is that just as skeptics can not and will probably never prove that the Musky body-viewing was made up and never occurred, those of us who find it convincing in spite of the fact that it implies a body will probably never be able to prove that the Musky episode occurred at all. Perhaps it happened. Perhaps he was shown a fake with stunt men. Perhaps he made up the whole thing and is such a great actor that he ought to move to Hollywood.

In Bigfoot history, once again there is nothing new here. If you look at my past body reports, you will see that there have been a number of cases of witnesses reporting that bodies were taken by government officials or were taken to government labs or research hospitals to be studied. The stories have never been proven, but they have never been shown to be lies either. They are just unsolved mysteries which will remain so for all of time. And so it is with the Musky Allen body viewing story – another mystery that will never be solved.

Even more dubious is that Musky was in on “the hoax” from the very start. All  accounts suggest that Musky was a particularly belligerent loudmouthed skeptic who dared Rick to prove his body claim. Rick then took him up on the offer. He later produced a Paul on the road to Damascus audio in which he seemed, stunned, shocked, emotional and newly converted to an unwanted but necessary belief that these creatures were real.

He then reluctantly takes up with Rick based on his conversion experience. Much nonsense follows, including an episode in which he taints all prior testimony by admitting to lying a few times, first about the location of the body and then about feeling me wrong information (which he never did). Sorry this story also has a sorry and sleazy ending, but the skeptics have still never proven that Musky was “in on the hoax.” In fact, other than the fake body, there have never proven that the rest of the story was a hoax at all, try as they might.

Facebook Find Bigfoot. These guys are some of the true losers in this event. They got taken for a ride badly with Rick’s fake body, investing $50,000 in what turned out to be an elaborate hoax that even fooled two physicians. Their reputation in the community is very poor, which is sad because they are very good people. They are regarded as hoaxers and of course they are not. Both are furious at Rick and are considering taking legal action against him, which I can now report for the first time.

What about Andrew Clacy? Just another guy who got played. Andrew is a rather sleazy person, as you can see in the report below someone who knew this scammer back when he was in high school. But then again, this is Late Capitalism we are living in now, and just how many successful folks are not scammers in one way or another anyway? You scam, you win, you play fair, you lose. Late Capitalism is a pond where the scum rises to the top. Virgins and altar boys live hand to mouth when they are not homeless and living out of their cars.

I went to school with Andrew Clacy and now live in the same town. He was full of it at school, and many of his Internet sites prey on the gullible & lonely ( funny that’s how I would describe Clacy). I only got interested in this when Clacy went on local TV saying he was going on tour with a dead Bigfoot.

Straight away I new it would be a hoax. Then I researched Dyer and it all fitted together. I listened to Clacy’s interview and it sounded just like school days. “It wasn’t me miss, I didn’t do it, he made me”. Strangely though he is dumb enough to have been sucked in. But he did say at the start he knew for sure it was real, and he did take part in fleecing money from people. Seems all involved are full-time losers. Glad people are waking up to Clacy. He got blood (if not from a Bigfoot) on his hands.

I do not believe that this is accurate. As we can see, back in school days, Clacy saw the economic writing on the wall and decided to be a successful scammer, er, I mean capitalist! He got involved in the Internet “industry,” surely one of the slimiest, dirtiest and filthiest scam-filled capitalist cesspools, er, I mean industries, on Earth. It’s utterly unregulated, so it’s crawling with liars, cheaters and thieves. In fact you will probably run across 50 people trying to rip you off on the Internet for every one you find in real life. That’s because fraud in real life is illegal (except in India) except on the Internet, where fraud is apparently perfectly legal, thanks to the “don’t regulate the Internet” scum screaming at the top of their lungs every time we try to do something about it.

I figure Clacy figured this was another one of his barely legal Net type scams from the start. He wasn’t sure if the thing was real or not. He didn’t say it was real from the start. I have an inside quote from him from inside TT where he says he is 70% sure it is real. As the tour went on, I have no idea what he thought, but I am certain that he was not certain it was a fraud. We are told that he was getting more and more angry and suspicious as the tour went on.

After Musky and Jeff Barnes uncovered the fake body, Clacy immediately packed up shop and left disgustedly, which was the proper and decent thing to do. I doubt if he did this because his scam was now uncovered. He probably did it because it was the respectable thing to do, and because he was angry at being one more victim of Rick’s scams.

And here is the latest nutty news about Rick. Quote:

Big news on the Rick Dyer front.

Bigfoot press conference will be in Atlanta on Jan 15 2015, Dyer says Hank has been in Georgia since Sept 12, 2012. There will be 26 experts who worked on Hank speaking at the presser. Hank is frozen in a large case and will eventually go to a museum. Dyer invited David Durrett and Pinkfoot to come back if they want. Press conference will be in a 400 plus venue, 100 seats for press. Dyer to release photo of freezer truck and photo of Hank dead. Yikes.

Well, this is most interesting, but Rick has promised us this press conference for some time now, and over and over, it has proven to be a false alarm. It is time to yawn at all of these claims and say put up or shut up. If and when Rick has a body, he needs to show it to us, fake or not. Then we will evaluate if it is even real, as this scumbag has already presented us with two fake bodies. If he has a real body, great. He will go down in history, though this honor could not happen to a less deserving person. Until then, we should not put much stake in this boy who cried wolf announcements.

Update: Rick has recently stated that this press conference may be delayed again and there is a good possibility that it will not even occur. So here we go again, with the endless delays. Really this guy needs to be ignored until once again he shows us something we can examine.

Great Wild Bigfoot Tales. Some great stories about close human Bigfoot encounters, including Bigfoots being hit by trains and trucks, being shot at by teams of humans and a man who was attacked and kill by a Bigfoot. The man even has a name! Note, about the man killed in Alaska, should we not try to track down his relatives or ancestors?

Bigfoots Hit by Vehicles

Unknown City, Hwy 101 location, January 1973. A truck driver hit a 7 foot Bigfoot on US 101. The front of the logging truck was badly damaged, but there was no report on the condition of the Bigfoot.”

Powers, Oregon. One Bigfoot was hit by a train, and a farmer kept it in a barn until it was better.

Portland, Oregon. A Bigfoot was hit and was on the side of the road.

The Apes Among Us, by John Green

Nulato, Alaska: Albert Petka of Nulato, AK was attacked by a reported Bigfoot on his boat. His dogs drove the creature off, but Mr. Petka later died of his injuries.

The Historical Bigfoot, by Chard Arment

Meadville, Mississippi: In 1868, a hair-covered, bipedal creature was pursued by hunters with hounds after terrorizing people in Meadville, MS. The hounds chased the creature westward to the banks of the Mississippi River where they bayed it. When the hunters got there, they urged the dogs onward, and the dogs tried to catch it (dogs are commonly used to catch wild hogs, etc.).

The creature killed one of the dogs, and the men began to fire at it, at which time it leaped into the river and swam for the other side. It should be noted that the river is very wide at this point.


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