What Are These Things?


Well, ok, they are humans, I grant you that. But beyond that, what are they? I mean, it’s a bird, it’s a plane…it’s a male, it’s a female…

We have no idea what the vast majority of these things are. At least with gay men, we do know that they are men, only with a different sexual orientation. With lesbians, yes, they are females, but they only like girls. Ok, I am ok with all of this so far. Now we get to the transsexuals, a very disturbing topic. But at least we know the M-F trannies now consider themselves women, so I will too I suppose. And these bizarre F-M tranny things with their tits hacked off call themselves men. Ok, you’re a man, I agree. At least we know what people are.

But these genderqueer things, and indeed they are things, its, whatsits, heshes, oddbodies or whatever, are screwing up the whole thing. These humans actually refuse to identify as either male or female. Ok, so what do we put on the driver’s license. Which bathroom can they use? What do you write on the chart at the doctor’s office? You can see where this is heading. Lots of problems, to say the least.

I have some extremely serious issues with things that refuse to tell me if they are male or female or what. I am not sure I want these obviously hopelessly confused, mentally ill or biologically broken things around me. They’re just too weird. The world is weird enough without this stuff.

Looking through the photos, it is really hard to tell what gender any of these things are.

I have no idea what the Sasha thing is, but I guess male who thinks it’s a female?

The Finley thing is a female that thinks it’s a male. Ok.

I have no idea what the Sarah thing is except it looks female.

The Rain thing is a male who thinks it’s a female.

Edie is a biologically broken male who thinks it’s a female.

Ammo is probably a hopelessly confused male who thinks it’s a female, but who knows?

Micah is obviously a female who thinks it’s a male.

I believe Marilyn is a female who thinks it’s a male, but I’m confused myself.

I am not understanding Mark at all. This is obviously a biological male. Why does it think it’s a female. Color me befuddled.

This stuff is harder than it looks. A lot of these things change their first names or ask to go by a different first name. So a male name could be a male who thinks it’s a female or a female who thinks it’s a male. A female name could be a female who thinks it’s a male or a male who thinks it’s a female.

Pronouns don’t tell us much either. An article might call Sasha “she” fooling you into thinking it’s a double X, while Sasha is actually a guy who thinks he’s a chick. A description might refer to Finley as “he,” fooling you into thinking it’s all man, but really it’s a chick who thinks she’s a guy.

By definition, genderqueer things are not transsexuals and have not had any sort of gender reassignment surgery.

I did a bit of research on genderqueer and after wading through all the lies and garbage from the genderqueer propagandists, I finally figured out the truth about these things.

All, or nearly all, genderqueer things are simply homosexuals. They’re just gay people. The males who think they are females are gay men. The females who think they are males are lesbians. But these are not just ordinary gay people. A genderqueer male is simply a male who is so queered out that he is practically a woman, though not quite a transsexual. A genderqueer female is simply a lesbian who is so wildly dyked out that she is nearly a man now, but she has not moved into transsexualism.

That’s all they are. Genderqueer is simply an extreme form of homosexuality. Move along now folks, nothing to see here.


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CNN Reporter Removed for Telling the Truth

CNN reporter Diana Magnay has been removed from her position as a foreign correspondent in Israel covering the latest conflict. Magnay videotaped Israelis having a party in Sderot, cheering as they watched bombs and shells fall on Gaza. A lot of people have bashed Israelis over this, but the Palestinians do the same thing, and in fact they are even worse, throwing wild celebrations in support of wanton terrorist acts like suicide bombings of civilians. However, these Sderot residents were Israeli Jews, and those are some particularly nasty, ugly and crazy human beings. In a word, they are fascists. Jewish fascists to be precise.

And this group of fascists did what all fascists do everywhere on Earth – they threatened someone. When they noticed that she was videotaping the event, they said if they heard one wrong word out of her, they would destroy her car.

Magnay was upset at the fascists for acting like fascists, so she soon tweeted that the Sderot partiers were “scum,” which is the truth, as that is precisely what they are, and I think I could even prove it scientifically. Nevertheless, the truth always hurts. This tweet got out, and CNN felt some heat, so they removed Magnay for the crime of being a reporter who tells the truth.


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Special Summer Camp for Little Boys Who Think They Are Girls


I don’t know how I feel about this. Am I supposed to feel good about this or something? I don’t feel good about this at all. In fact, I feel horrified. They’re all little boys, but some of them are very little boys. Like, 5 years old or younger. This camp shows them how to put on makeup, dress up like girls, walk like a girl, etc.

I suppose VV Putin simply thinks this sort of thing has gone too far. Who says he’s not right. Why is it that, in order to be on the Left, I have to be ok with something that seems frighteningly creepy and weird? Forget that. Social conservatism, here I come.


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Red Cross – Israel War

For 50 years, the Magen David, the Israeli version of the Red Cross (who do superb work by the way) were banned from international Red Cross conferences under pressure from the Red Crescent, the Arab version of the Red Cross (who also do fine work). Jewish nationalists still fulminate about this, screaming that the Red Cross was “anti-Semitic” for doing this. I doubt if they were.

They probably just caved under pressure from the Arabs. Every other word out of a Jewish nationalist’s mouth is “anti-Semite.” Everyone and their aunt is an anti-Semite. You are, I am, he is, they are, oh look, over there, there’s more of them, under the bed, oh noes, more anti-Semites darn these damn critters are everywhere!

When a Jewish nationalist utters the word anti-Semite, just stop listening to them. The word has a meaning of course as true anti-Semites do exist and they are definitely not good for the Jews, but the term has long been ruined by Jews themselves through sickening, gratuitous and dishonest abuse. At this point, it’s just another cuss word. It’s about as truthful as calling someone an asshole, in other words, it’s simply a matter of opinion.

All of you Christian Zionists out there think that the Jews are your best buddies. And you would be wrong in thinking that.

And I have some news for all you Christian Zionists out there. Guess what? Jews don’t like Christians! If you don’t believe that’s true, then you obviously haven’t been around many Jewish people. And the Jewier the Jew, the more they hate Christians and Christianity. And of course the Jewiest Jews of all are in the land of Israel.

With super-Jews and hardline Jewish nationalists, you can’t win. If you’re doing anything but severely kissing their ass 24-7,  you’re an anti-Semite. You’re just like those people who put them in the ovens.

Do I hate Jews?


I hate some of them!

Hardcore Jewish nationalists and super-Jews (many, though by no means all, of these types are in Israel) really rub me the wrong way. And I hate Jews who always running around screaming anti-Semite all the time (pretty much the same idiots). Basically what these people are doing is creating their own rejection. They act horrible, you complain about their awful behavior, they label you a Nazi, and that’s that.

And I think you Christian Zionists ought to maybe think twice about those best friends of yours. As in, do they even like you or what?


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Hamas Tunnels Into Israel, Stays Six Hours Behind Enemy Lines


Impressive move by Hamas. 12 Hamas fighters entered Israel via a tunnel near the town of Ein Hashlosha. Hamas claims that they stayed six hours behind enemy lines. At one point, they encountered an IDF jeep and opened fire, killing two IDF soldiers. Soldiers fired back, killing one Hamas fighter. The rest of the militants ran back into the tunnel where they tried to make it back to Israel. They were then attacked by an IDF bomber.

The soldiers had a variety of weapons, knives, plastic handcuffs, needles and sedatives (photo). They were apparently trying to take an IDF soldier POW or else abduct an Israeli civilian. They want to do this to trade them for Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

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America, a Gangster State

Boreionotios, a Russian, writes:

Don’t sanctions mean that the US government forbid US companies (how democratic!) to sell their production to the countries listed in sanctions? Why couldn’t Iran buy electronics for their transponders from other than the US countries? Why does everybody fear the US sanctions? Why do the US threaten everybody with sanctions? The US do not want trade with somebody, then it is the US problems and losses.

Probably the transponders were all US made or they all at least have US parts in them. Cuba has to deal with this shit all the time. It’s a huge hassle.

If you go against the sanctions, the US fines the Hell out of you. Actually, they just steal money and call it a “fine.”

A large bank in France was recently fined $8 billion by the US on some made-up phony charge basically because we are furious that France is not playing along with the Russian sanctions game. France is going ahead with the sale of a $3 billion aircraft carrier to Russia, much to America’s fury, hence the fine against the French bank. The French government ordered the bank to pay up, probably because France is very afraid of the US. What essentially happened here is that the US government just stole $8 billion from a French bank due to politics.

You may not realize this, but the US does this all the time. We always steal money from other countries.

After the fake regime change in Ukraine, all of Ukraine’s gold reserves were transferred out of the Ukraine to the US Federal Reserve for “safekeeping.” Actually they will be used to pay off Ukraine’s $18 billion bill to the banksters, many of whom are US banksters.

While we ran Iraq, $8 billion of Iraqi oil money went missing. No one knows where it went. I will tell you where it went. The US stole it.

During the “liberation” of Libya, all of Libya’s foreign reserves were confiscated by the US and possibly also by some European allies while Gaddafi was still in office. After Gaddafi was overthrown, we didn’t give the money back. We just kept it.

So by the Ukie, Iraqi and Libyan examples, when the US comes to liberate you with humanitarian bombers or stage a violent liberating coup to replace one corrupt regime with another, one thing you can always look forward to is that the US liberators will try to steal as much of your country’s money as possible. Isn’t US liberation wonderful?

I am serious. America is a gangster state.

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Allahu Akbar!

Palestinians in Hebron celebrating the false news that Hamas captured an IDF POW. Hamas apparently lied about this. That’s not surprising as Hamas lies a lot. Between Hamas and the Israeli Jews, it’s quite the Liar’s Duel.

The first half of the video shows religious Muslim women from Hebron, all veiled, chanting ‘Allahu Akbar!” Pretty much the Muslim war cry.

I don’t necessarily hate these Arabs. I mostly just find them frightening. Very frightening. Good God, even their women chant, “Allahu Akbar!” Scary people. What a bunch of fanatics.


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Michelle Is Pissed

Michelle is not a happy camper.

Michelle is not a happy camper.

Barak is flirting with the hottie Danish Prime Minister right in front of his wife. That expression on Michelle’s face says, “Barak, you ain’t gettin no pussy tonight!”

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Live War Footage out of Gaza

Via the IDF, shows IDF in action in Gaza, probably in Shejaiya. Impressive! I have been waiting for some live footage. This is real urban warfare, like Stalingrad or the Battle of Berlin. Urban warfare is nasty! You are often fighting an invisible yet deadly enemy. The Israelis have commandeered buildings. Also they are manning some sort of heavy machine guns out of those apartment windows.

See those buildings on fire? Buildings catch fire all the time in urban warfare. That’s one of the risks of the game.

In less than 8 hours, 13 Israeli soldiers were killed.

1:05 a.m.: An armored personnel carrier caught fire after an explosive device was set off under it. Seven soldiers were killed.

1:30 a.m.: A soldier was killed when two soldiers got into a firefight with terrorists.

5:45 a.m.: Another Golani force got into a firefight with terrorists. Two soldiers were killed.

8:50 a.m.: Three soldiers were killed when a Golani squad was caught inside a burning building.

Note the burning building in the last incident. The seven soldiers in the APC also burned to death. That’s a Hell of a way to go. I’ll take a bullet to the heart any day of week. Instant death, no suffering.

The commander of the Golani Brigade himself, Colonel Raslan Alian, a Druze, was seriously wounded. The Golani Brigade is one of the IDF’s crack divisions. Pro-Israelis say he was only slightly hurt, but this is not true. He was evacuated to Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer, a hospital that would only treat seriously wounded soldiers.

There are 44 other wounded soldiers at that hospital and a number of others at other nearby hospitals. The commander was hit near or in the eye with a bullet. Hardly a minor wound. He has retained his sight, but he is going to need some plastic surgery, probably from damage to his face near the eye. He is a very brave man, and he has been agitating to get back into the fight while he has been in the hospital, but the doctors will not let him go back.

There is also a possible report from no less than Debka that the Israeli Defense Minister himself may have been wounded in an exploding tunnel trap that wounded four other troops. No confirmation on this yet.

Hamas is reporting that they have taken an IDF soldier POW, and they are displaying his ID cards. The IDF says they are looking into the claim, which implies there may be something to it. However, a soldier with a very similar name has a Facebook page that is now flooded with messages because he was supposedly killed in action. Hamas has released a photo of the soldier being taken prisoner, but it appears to be fake. The situation is very confused.

When the IDF advanced into the Shejaiya area, they were faced with landmines, IED’s, RPG’s, anti-tank guns and a torrent of automatic weapons fire. Most of the fighters seemed to be hidden in homes in the area.

A truce was briefly called in the fighting to let civilians flee the area.

The purpose of this mission is to destroy the many tunnels that Hamas has dug under the Gaza fence going into Israel. These tunnels are highly sophisticated, and some even have pop-up windows where fighters can pop out of the tunnel, fire and duck back in. The tunnels caught the Israelis by surprise. They had no idea such an extensive network existed. Hamas has taken a lesson from Hezbollah with the creation of a large tunnel network. I suspect that they had Hezbollah assistance in creating it also.

In addition, Hamas has created a gigantic underground city which is situated in the middle of Gaza City. This also is highly sophisticated and is where most of the Hamas military and political leadership has been hiding out during the fighting. This is also where their best missiles are stored.

The smuggling tunnels under Rafah to Egypt are still working. Both the Israelis and the Egyptians shut them down from time to time, but they just go right back up again.

Hamas also has drones! Hamas has so far flown three drones over Israel, including one which they claim flew over the Defense Ministry in Tel Aviv!

IDF Headquarters in Central Tel Aviv. A Hamas drone may have flown over this building.

IDF Headquarters in Central Tel Aviv. A Hamas drone may have flown over this building.

This claim may be correct.

Photograph from a camera placed on a Hamas drone as it flies over Israel. Photo authenticated by Israelis.

Photograph from a camera placed on a Hamas drone as it flies over Israel. Photo authenticated by Israelis. Extremely cool photo!

One of the drones vanished, and another one was shot down over Ashdod.

Hamas drone blown out of the sky by a Patriot missile over Ashdod.

Hamas drone blown out of the sky by a Patriot missile over Ashdod. Wow.

Hezbollah may have helped them acquire those drones as Hezbollah knows how to make these things.

Israeli Arab towns in the north of Israel and Bedouin settlements in the South of the state in general get no bomb shelters. Those are only for Jews you know. Wink, wink. Furthermore, most of the IDF bases in northern Israel have been deliberately planted very close to Arab settlements. The idea being that if you attack the bases, you may just kill some of your fellow Arabs too.

Debka claims that Hamas has 110,000 men under arms. That is a very high figure, but I imagine they may be correct. Hamas is now threatening to give teenage boys hand grenades and have them rush tanks in suicide missions. That’s typical Arab callousness and brutality, but it would also be bad PR for Israel.

ISIS, the Abdullah Azzam Brigades and the major Salafist organization in the Sinai all state that they are now operating in Gaza. The latter two released videos showing them shooting rockets at Israel. There are videos on Youtube showing young Gaza men pledging allegiance to ISIS. They claim that Hamas has let them down, and they are calling on ISIS to come save them.

Obama recently called Netanyahu and expressed concern about civilian casualties in the Gaza operation. Israel is probably trying to minimize civilian casualties as they are a PR nightmare. Previously, the US government had backed the Gaza invasion 100%. The Jewish-controlled US Senate voted 100-0 the other day to unequivocally support the Gaza invasion. Barack’s call can only mean one thing: This invasion is starting to turn into a PR mess for Israel.

The IDF is clearly one of the world’s crack militaries, but Hamas and its allies have been fighting very well during this battle. I have been quite surprised at their fighting capabilities. Very impressive!

What we are witnessing here is really a battle between two armies – one rather poorly equipped, granted – but an army nevertheless. The Palestinians are guerrillas and terrorists no more. Hamas now takes its place among the world’s military forces.

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David Kaiser’s Blog


A progressive fellow and historian for 37 years, he is the author of a number of books. This is a case of a liberal who actually makes sense and is not nuts like so many of them are. Kaiser breaks it all down, and nearly everything he writes is pure gold. Check him out!

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