Russophobia Run Amok

Via The Saker. The Saker is right. If Strobe Talbott says it looks like there is going to be a major Wahhabi offensive in Chechnya next year, what he means by that is he is going to try to get one started. The role of the US in the Chechen insurgency is hard to figure, but it has been well known for a long time that the neocons have always supported the Chechens against Russia because there is almost nothing the neocons hate more than Russia. Nevertheless, the precise role of the US, particularly the CIA, in the Chechen insurgency is very much clouded in doubt.

Oh how much they hate and fear Russia and Putin

A (well anonymized) anonymous reader sent me a very interesting link today.  It is an opinion piece by Strobe Talbott for Reuters entitled “In 2015, Vladimir Putin may witness his empire’s death knell” in which Talbott predicts that:

The year ahead could see the outbreak of the third Chechen war, which, in turn, could be the death knell of the Russian Federation in its current borders. (…) For the past five years, the situation has been more or less quiescent, though neighboring republics have been rocked by violence. The lull in Chechnya, however, ended in early December with a series of bloody incidents in the Chechen capital of Grozny.  

The group behind the resurgence of unrest is advocating a “Caucasus Caliphate,” with ties to al Qaeda and, more recently, Islamic State. There is at least an indirect tie between outside support for Islamic radicalism in the Caucasus and Putin’s sponsorship of Russian secessionism in eastern Ukraine. By proclaiming ethnicity and religion as the basis for Russian statehood and aggression against its neighbors, Putin is inadvertently stoking the forces of secessionism in those parts of Russia that are historically and culturally Islamic.

Needless to say, Talbott, himself a former Deputy Secretary of State under Bill Clinton, member of both the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral, married to Brooke Shearer, also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and a senior aide to Hillary Clinton with links to banks Commission, is the archetypal US “Deep-Stater”. He is also considered a “Russia specialist” which, in Foggy Bottom parlance means a rabid Russophobe. A person like Talbott is very much “plugging in” the US Deep State and if he says that next year there will be an insurgency in Chechnya, we can be darn sure that the US will try to create one.

Of course, this does not at all mean that they will succeed.

In fact, I am quite sure that there is zero chance of overthrowing Kadyrov, never mind of Chechnya breaking away from Russia. If only because there is overwhelming evidence that the Chechen people want nothing to do with Wahhabi terrorists and that they in fact form a very strong power base for Putin.

Not only that, but Russia truly has formidable military capabilities in and around Chechnya. They keep a low profile and do not get involved in law enforcement or counter-insurgency operations, but only because the Chechens handle these tasks superbly. But make no mistake, Russia can flush at least 100’000 highly trained, motivated and superbly equipped men into Chechnya drawn from the 58th Army of course, but also from various special forces, Internal Ministry and State Security troops.

The weak link in the Russian Caucasus is in Dagestan and the border with nearby Georgia from which attacks could come. Could the US at the very least rekindle the Wahhabi insurgency (possibly supported by Nazi units from the Ukraine)? Yes, of course. But their chances to succeed in anything more than one or several truly ugly terrorist attacks are very, very slim.

I think that Talbott probably understands that, but he just cannot help by daydream out loud being, as he no doubt is, aware that if Russia prevails in her defense against the AngloZionist Empire this will mean the end for the latter.

The US deep state is simply saturated with Russophobia, phobia in both the sense of “hate” and “fear”, and so it should. Just like all the other western invaders of Russia in the past, the AngloZionist Empire has completely cornered the Russian Bear which now has to fight for its very survival. Neither side will back down and only one will prevail. And my money is not on the US, neither is Talbott’s, at least now deep down. He must realize that the writing is on the wall. Hence the hate and the fear.

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On Aversive Racism

Sam writes:

I used to have Black friends when I was younger. Always ended bad. They just can’t help themselves. They get in a situation with other Blacks, and they abandon you or rip you off. I’m polite to them but involve myself as little as possible with them.

I would like to thank Sam for having the kindness to be polite to people he wants to get a divorce from. This is the best way to be. Take the high road. The road of cruelty, avarice and hatred means you are acting the same as the people you dislike for acting bad. You don’t react to people acting bad by acting bad. Now you’re the same as they are. You react to them by acting good.

I will not fault any White person for aversive racism. If you want to divorce yourself from Black people in a polite manner, I have no issues with this. It’s a bit sad, but Blacks brought this rejection on themselves by acting bad. I practice quite a bit of aversive racism, but not completely as I have some great Black people in my life. They’re better than most White people I know! I just don’t have it in me to get a total divorce from Blacks. It seems to cruel and mean and it’s just not me.

But in general, I am rather wary of Blacks, in particular the ghetto types of which we have high percentage around here. I am even friends with some of these more or less ghetto types, but that has generally been a very bad idea, and I really have to limit their worming their way into my life like they are always trying to do.

I do not know what is wrong with them. They almost seem mildly sociopathic. I have very strong moral values, and their lack of values offends me deeply. They routinely do things that are very frowned upon in White society, but Black culture could apparently care less about. I honestly think these two cultures have some different concepts about morality.


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The Truth about Russian Economic Problems

Excellent article from the Saker about Russia’s economic problems. Have you noticed that the disgusting Western media has been crowing over “Russia’s collapsing economy?”

The problem is that they blame this collapse 100% on Putin! Then they complain that the Russian media doesn’t say anything about the truth of the problem – all they do is blame the West. Well sure they do! Because that’s the sensible thing to do! Russia’s economic problems are 100% the fault of the West! Well the West and the Saudis, but the Saudis are in alliance with the West. The economy is in trouble due to economic sanctions and falling oil prices.

The Western enemies of the Russian people put those sanctions in and the Saudi enemies of the Russian people crashed the oil price. Both of these actions were done, in part, to destroy the Russian economy and force regime change in Russia. Of course it’s the fault of the West! Of course it isn’t Putin’s fault!

As you can see below, the so-called economic crash is wildly exaggerated. Falling oil prices will hurt the US and its flinty-eyed Anglosphere allies the UK and Canada too. Further, I understand that all of Europe is in recession at the moment. Much of Europe, especially Germany, is hesitant to put further sanctions on Russia because counter-sanctions are hurting the Germans too much.

Furthermore a devalued ruble will have the advantage of making Russian exports cheaper and the products of Russia’s competitors more expensive.

So surely there are economic issues presently and in the near future, but as usual, the lying Western media has dramatically exaggerated them at the same time they are lying about the cause of the problems.

The West is also crowing that Putin is in crisis and the Russian people are starting to turn against him. I am sure that lie is great for selling papers, except that it’s not true. Yes, Russia is going through some difficult times, but that’s been the case for the last year, and Putin’s popularity has done nothing but skyrocket the whole time. There is no evidence that the Russian people are turning on Putin in any way. They know that the economic issues are not his fault and were caused by the Western Enemy. So in order to go against him, they would have to side with the US Enemy against the Russian Homeland. The Russian people are very patriotic and they have been through all sorts of horrific crises before. What about World War 2? That was so much worse than now and the Russian people never gave one inch then, so why should they now.

The Atlantic Integrationists are the pro-Western traitors in Russia. The Russian government is full of these traitors. Presently they are working for the West against their homeland in order to sabotage the state. The opposition to Putin is largely made up of these characters. The pro-Westerners have the support of maybe 10% of Russians. Most Russians despise them and refer to them as dirty traitors. One of the problems is that these sellouts and moles are partly running the country.

Crouching Sanctions, Hidden Revenues

 by Lev Igorevich 

Dollars for Borsch

There is a lot of speculation about the economic health of Russia in the light of tougher sanctions, falling oil prices and tumbling ruble. Concerns are raised whether Russia can afford it’s existence. However, those concerns are paper thin and are presented in more of a mocking spirit, because in most prediction acrobatics, actual revenues of Russian state are not considered at all.

Many sources, in their predictions for Russian economy, are repeating the same mistake over and over again. Roughly speaking – assesments are made under the assumption that Russians pay dollars for their borsch. In reality, Russia sells borsch for dollars. This is important point to consider, because Russia pays it’s public sector expenditures (education, healthcare, pensions, police, army etc) in rubles!

As we all knew (those who didn’t got it stamped in the face this year thanks to the good will of liberal media), Russian revenues are based on natural resources. Sales are conducted in FX (except for special agreements, some of which are still pending). So let’s take a look how the purse of Russian state is being filled.

For the purpose of this article, rough numbers were taken from NASDAQ WTI chart for oil and XE USD/RUB chart for FX. Example will be based on average gas price for Germany in 2013, which was $366 (according to Bloomberg).

Oil Situation

As far as Russian Treasury is concerned, income from oil industry is just fine and is probably exceeding early 2014 estimates for next years budget. Even at tumbling oil prices, falling ruble is compensating more than enough – revenue rose roughly 12% year-over-year.

Year Month WTI Crude $ USD/RUB RUB revenue
Crisis Average
3 497

Gas situation

Let’s take a look at this years picture using the same ruble prices from the oil chart. It is easy to see that ruble revenue almost doubled by the end of the year and averaged 31% more in year-over-year income.

Year Month Gas3 $ USD/RUB RUB revenue
15 592

Surprise, n***a!

On paper, Russia will have good fiscal numbers and a solid budget for 2015. This of course is just a cover image. Russia plans major investments for 2015 and onwards (with developments in the west, Russia needs “2020” to happen much quicker) and is most likely to tap it’s floating currency mechanisms for issuing more rubles for those investments. I doubt that Russia will waste FX by selling them for rubles right off the bat if they can print the money against fresh FX holdings. The “big throw” will be reserved for later as we all know what happens to countries that dump dollar overnight.

Last thing Russia (and China, too) needs right now is another color/umbrella revolution being sped up. Equally importantly, one must not forget that Russian and Chinese financial systems combined hold trillions of US treasuries (it’s insane to hold cash as bank deposits are guaranteed up to $250K, treasuries have no limit against bankruptcy) which they wouldn’t want to deprecate before major swap and secure measures are in place. So unless the west comes in with guns, don’t hold your breath for international ruble just yet. Instead, what Russia needs right now is a weak ruble that will force to dump imports and start thinking about substitution and better yet realizing Russias natural potential.

The plan is to force Russians to think about long-term local business, not just quick-buck consumerism. Russia must give a crude awakening slap to the late and advantage to the early wakers amidst decreasing foreign profits. Make the business to step up with own goods and technologies, initiate a cross-sectoral build up and stop companies siphoning money off-shore where it gets pocketed by western “asset managers”.

Fate’s Irony or Enjoy Your Bath

Ironically, weak ruble will also punish EU for doing dirty work for the US. Now it’s for everyone to see that US waves the stick while the EU pays the price. Weak ruble will decrease tourism from Russia and exports to Russia. EU’s agricultural sector is already sensing light, but increasing pain. Tech industry shall follow if Russia is to prolong the embargo and weak ruble combo. Yes, low ruble means less purchasing power abroad. Yet it also means competitive advantage for Russian goods in foreign markets and thus increased selling power – a signal for future development. Mercedes-Benz has announced that it plans to build several plants in Russia.

Volvo, Renault-Nissan and others are already there. If this will materialize – hello jobs for Russians and goodbye long awaited economic recovery for EU! Germany will be punished for it’s ambition to monopolize the distribution of Russian gas by attempting to take Ukraine into its fold through post-coup privatization (now just a crushed dream), while actually opening Pandora’s Box for US to exploit. Get ready for a triple whammy (must be some excellent German engineering)!

Firstly – US took Ukraine over and kicked Germany over the fence with Merkel compliantly shutting up. Secondly, EU’s sales to Russia were decreasing and with tumbling ruble are guaranteed to decrease even more. South America, Turkey, India and China will be more than happy to fill the void. And thirdly, how’s prospect of Turkey becoming major regional gas hub for you? Saxon greed has met its borders within the mauling paws of the bear while oldest nations of the world are economically invited to watch the show.

Crackdown on Brokeback Mountain

During the 18.12.2014 press Q&A session, when asked if he has confidence in the elites surrounding him, Putin replied that the biggest confidence stems from the overwhelming support of the Russian people. That was after some quite dangerous fifth column definition gymnastics and attempts to break Putin’s confidence took place. Russia will use current economic situation not only to punish it’s western “partners”, but also will have the perfect excuse, once comfortable, to clean up its fifth column in the government and banking.

While low ruble will add pressure to European economy and steep central bank rate will stop predatory ruble trading, Putin will have a card up his sleeve to unleash the “wrath of Russian people” onto the traitors in the establishment responsible for “susceptibility to western sanctions”, “unexpected currency dive” and “expensive financing”.

Switching staff by popular demand will remove a lot of questions internally and give that extra legitimacy externally. “The Moor has done his work, the Moor may go” at its finest. However, lowering the funds rate at the central bank will probably not give any rise to ruble (because of foreign perception, not economic reality), but as previously laid out, that might be desirable all along – easier financing and boosted competitiveness is what the business always needs.

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Where Love Is, The Buddha Is

Buddhism is best seen as a view to the way of life; in fact it’s the path that one walks which enables one to see the light in all of its blinding hideous glory.

The Buddha based his entire teaching on the fact of human suffering and the ultimately dissatisfying character of human life. In this sense, he was in a sense the first existentialist.

Existence is painful. The conditions that make an individual are precisely those that also give rise to dissatisfaction and suffering. Individuality implies limitation; limitation gives rise to desire; and, inevitably, desire causes suffering, since what is desired is transitory. Here his philosophy sounds remarkably like Sartre’s. It appears that the Buddha was born too soon.

As the Buddha says, all of life is sadness. This is in fact a verifiable truth. But in fact at the very same time, life is the most joyous thing imaginable. In understanding that these two seemingly but not actually opposite processes are going at the same time, ones arrives, finally, via the long and winding road, at the truth of the Buddha.


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Stratfor Is CIA

Stratfor, a private intelligence forecasting casting group, is widely considered to be a CIA front. These private sector corporations are often referred to as “private CIA,” the “shadow CIA” and other such terms. Whenever you hear the word “contractor” in association with some devious US government conspiracy in some foreign land, the reference is to one of these CIA front corporations.

Stratfor is run by George Friedman (R-Tel Aviv), a neoconservative agent who infiltrated our government and inserted himself into the highest echelons of the US defense and intelligence establishment.

Another top Stratfor executive is Robert D. Kaplan (R-Tel Aviv). This dual citizen of dubious loyalty is a former soldier in the Israeli military. Like Friedman, this mole has also managed to worm his way into the highest echelons of US military and intelligence, all the way up to the Joint Chiefs.

Stratfor’s lair on the Net is here.

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Enemies of the People

This man, Robert Kagan, runs our country along with a handful of his Machiavellian allies. Meet Robert Kagan (R-Tel Aviv), founder of the Project for a New American Century. Kagan’s Dad is Donald Kagan (R-Tel Aviv). He serves as the capo of the Kagan Gang, an Organized Internationalist Crime Gang. His brother Frederick (R-Tel Aviv), an AEI fellow, is no better. Three loathsome criminals, a kingpin father and his two deputy sons, from one depraved crime family, heading up one of the world’s most powerful nations. Three Enemies of the People.

Their wives serve their men as partners in crime.

Robert’s wife is war criminal and coup-promoter State Department flunky Victoria Nuland (R-Tel Aviv) who helped install the first Nazi government in Europe since World War 2. Kagan’s nefarious duties in the State Department center around overthrowing government’s that refuse to obey America. Frederick’s wild-eyed wife Kimberly is yet another salivating warmonger who has managed to infiltrate our military up to the highest levels, the central command itself, where she has inserted herself. She heads the Institute for the Study of War, which looks to me like a CIA front.

All five of these flinty-eyed people are agents of the deepest of the Deep State of the US.

I know what you are thinking…

All of the Kagans are Jews, and Nuland is also a Jew.

Not only that, but they are archetypal Jewish neoconservatives, the very rulers of the Ninth Circle itself.

These scumbags are now running our foreign policy. They were run out at the beginning of Obama’s term in favor of some relatively sane imperialists called Realists. The neocons were kept out for the whole first time, but in the second term, they somehow wormed their way in the back door like they always do and took over the government again. So really we are living in the Bush Administration again with Cheney, Perle, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Feith and all the rest of the usual human garbage. The faces change, but the depravity remains the same.

Imagine that. The most powerful country in the world being run by a handful of psychotic Jews.


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Official Pedophile International Anthem


Official Pedobear version. LOL.


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Facts about the Holodomor and Ukrainian Nationalism

The Holodomor or Terror Famine in the Ukraine is a historical event that never even happened. That is, there was indeed a famine, and a very bad one at that. But it was not a terror famine or deliberate genocidal famine.

Instead, in one year, the harvest collapsed for a variety of reasons, resulting in a famine. Most of the people who died were felled by disease, typically cholera. There were no 6 or 8 or 10 million killed in the Ukraine. The famine killed 5.4 million, half of them in the Ukraine, so 2.7 million people died in the Ukraine. And the people who are most upset about it are Ukrainian nationalists from Western Ukraine. They were living in Poland at the time and were spared the famine. In contrast, the pro-Russian area called Novorussia presently in rebellion against Ukraine was hit very hard as was the Rostov region and the Lower Don, which was pro-USSR at the time and remained so afterwards.

People neglect to discuss the kulak’s role in the famine. They destroyed much of the grain crop in the Ukraine by setting it on fire. They also piled it in piles and left it out in the rain to rot. In addition, kulaks killed half the livestock in the USSR. Figures below:

Kulaks killed 60% of the livestock in the USSR from 1928-1933. The numbers of horses in the USSR fell from 30 to 15 million – 50% of the horses were killed by kulaks, the cattle population dropped from 70 to 38 million – the kulaks killed 46% of the cows, sheep and goats from 147 to 50 million – the kulaks killed 66% or 2/3 sheep and goats in the country.

There is a lie that all Ukrainians hated the USSR and joined hands with the Nazi invaders. It is true that many Ukrainians especially in the west welcomed the Nazis with open arms, but 500,000 Ukrainians fought as partisans, and 4.5 million Ukrainians fought in the Red Army.

It is also said that Ukrainians overwhelmingly hated the USSR. This is not true either. In fact, the majority of Ukrainian peasants and workers supported collectivization after it was finally put in. They perceived the Soviet system as offering great economic and cultural advantages. Agricultural and industrial output exploded after the “Holodomor” compared to before.


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Pierre Fitch Documentary

Interesting documentary about a famous international gay porn star (though I had never heard of him because I don’t know any of their names) on tour in Australia. For fellow straights, don’t worry, there is nothing gross or disturbing in the movie other than Fitch’s personality.

Some of you keep asking about narcissism and Narcissistic Personality Disorder. This guy’s a walking NPD, though he seems to be one of the healthier ones.

Why in God’s name to all these hot chicks go to gay dance clubs and dance parties? What’s the point? Do they love queers that much? I have heard of fag hags (in fact, I have had some fag hag girlfriends) but isn’t this taking it a bit too far? You know some of those women are screwing some of those gay guys too? Why would any woman screw a gay man? Looking at disease infection rates, you would have to be out of your head to do that. Fully 20% of American gay men are HIV-positive. 87% of new syphilis cases in the US are among gay men. I don’t get it.

All in all, interesting documentary even if you are a homophobe.


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Purported Michael Brown Thug Video

This video is called Michael Brown Criminally Assaults and Robs an Old Man. The consensus seems to be that that is not Michael Brown in the video. Instead it is some other worthless thug asshole. And yeah I am one of those White people guilty of the “They all look alike to me” thing. The comments were interesting, but it might be nice to show it to people who actually knew Brown to see if it is him or not.

The video was shot in Texas in 2012, so Brown would have been 16 in the video. Texas is not the same as St. Louis, Missouri, but one’s not real far away from the other either. All I know is that everyone other than the victim in this video is a piece of crap who needs to be removed from my society as soon as possible in any way possible, including the way Michael Brown was removed. I don’t mean they should be killed, but if they could be legally killed like Brown was, it’s fine by me. The people in this video have revoked their right to roam free in society by my thinking.


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